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February 19, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 ' # TH IT i-jBp it VW. 330 ?Whali I*. MO? _ WRW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Mil fro oi New York o? lh? tsth, nuJ Liverpool on the lltl A j&'lh ^ ?5ft'.1.a'a EiJ"Kiom Lircaroet.. . ? Mi. SHERIDAN.Captain f. A. Deaeyoter, 13th Not. 22 UARR1CK, tiapiain Wm. SkidJ,, l?th Dec. Cu hOSCIUS. Cwitun John Colhoa, 13th Jan. Bd 9IDDON8,Captain E.B.Cobb, 13th Keb. Kaoe rtiipe are all orthe firetclasexupwardeof IOOOtont,buil hweilref New York, with inch improvement* aa ceinbin Matapeeil with uausual comfort for paaaci?era. Every ear Ma bees taken in the arrantteuient of their aceoramodatioa*. Th MMSofpMsacehencc is $100,for which ample (tores will b. provided. TSeje ahipe are commanded by experienced mae teen, who will make every exertion to sire general Miiaiac Neither the captains or owner* oft Hear ehipe will be reaporui hit (or any leMew, parcels or packages sent by them, unite* re (alar bills of lading are eiuncd therefor. 15te thipa ol thiili new ill hereafter go armed, and their pre a teoMnjruction gives them esaunty notpoeeeaeed by any othe ? O. M South it.. New York, or ti WM. It JAB. BROWN k Liverpool. Latter* by the packet* will be charged Hi ceute per euigli edest: SOeents perounee. end newspapero I cent eoch. lav TOE NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORE LINE OF FACKETt M jjk &?& VoruOetlcr accomuiodaticu o^mppen. it unntendwi t< despatch aahip from thia port on the I at. Sth, loth. 15th, tot) MMthofeacK month, commencing the 10th October, uu aaaliawiy until May, when regular day a will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby greet delay* and dump nmtaaentawill be prrreoted dtiruu the rummer inoulli*. Tki ioUowiag abipa will cammeore thia arrangement Kip YAZOO,Cant Cornell, 10th Oct. 1(41. Kip OCONEE. Copt. Jacltaon, 15th Oct. film MISSISSIPPI ,Capt. Hilliard.Mth Oct. Stup LOlJISVILLEj. Capt. Hunt.Mth Oct. SMi) SHAKSPE ARE, Capt. Miner, la t November, tap GASTON, Capt. Latham, 5th Nor. SuHUNTSVILLE. 14apt. Muinford. 10th Not. Ship OCMULOEE, Capt Learitt, 15th Nor. Bun NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson.?oth Nor. Sip MEMPHIS. Capt.Knight,Mth Not. ?ip LOUISA, Cant. Mu'forH. 1st December. These anisa ware all built in the city of New York, esprea* ly for packets, are of a light draft of water, hare recently beei newly coppered Mid put in apleudul order, with accommooationi Sir Asengers unequalled for co ntort. They are eommaadet by erperienced master*, who will mako every exertion to gin general aatialaction. They will at all tirnea be towed up ant down the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owner* or eaidains of these ships will be reaponai hlafaijurrlrylmlliiin prrnr-u atonea,ailver, or plated ware, o jbr any lattera, parcel or package, sent by or put on board o Bam, unleaa regular bill* of lading are taken for the aaune, am the value thereon espreeaed. a co..a,,.lhc,? JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in Net OHmm,who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The ships of this line are warranted to aail punctually as ad tsrtmad, and great care will be taken to have the goodi correct lr measured. j3iy NEW YORE AND HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND LINE) tt m M KaaMpaof thia TETwiir hereajterUave Nev^orRn th 1st sad Havre on the '5th of each month as follows: FVom New Ytrk. fiom Havre. Th* HTship ONEIDA, (1st March ( Uth April Capt. < 1st Joly < ISth August James Punch. ( 1st November f Uth Dccembei Up BALTIMORE, ( 1st April ( i?th May Cart. J1st August < lflth Septembai Edward Tank. f 1st December f nth January hip UTTCA, (1st May (isth June _ Capt. < 1st September I Uth October Frad'k Hewitt. f 1st January r Uth February new ship ST. NICOLAS, (1st Juno (Uth July Cut < 1st October I Uth Novembe J. BTreH. f 1st February C Uth March The accommodations of these ships arc not surpassed, rom Marng aB that may b* required for comfort The price of ea lbs pOfsagr is $100, Passengers will be supplied with ever teaiimits, with the exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by thi msheeribero, (Una from nag other than the sinenses actually! ensrsd on them. For freight or passage apply to BOYD fc HXNCKEN, Agents, Tontine tfuildmft. tnW TOWt AMD NKWAIul ZKE^jSStSjCSHBL Van TMlaetd to M cent#. Una the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. w?J.A,.rM. A,. A J. A.?fj. 41 do 10t ? * do 7 do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. n-jjft.. 'u'-uw* wrtSk. M Kan reduced. 'From tha foot of Liberty itreet.dsily. Leave New York. Leare New Brunswick. ? ?>! * ? f? anMMVIl.l.r, itacaaeonooot with these lmse each war. |k do *"''llra^^riek, ricnti. |M. 00 centt. Kf^iMtkaTt A. M. train from N?wBraarrUk,C\^4; f aLtnuJroa) New York, hae been reduced between Tfew York and New Brunswick to H cento. , " and Hahwajr to R) " Th^sttadslphUmaillmc jmwiArough New Br iekfoi **Ou SaadayrtZe tJaV. trip from New Brunawick ie omit noaaaaare who procure their ticket* at the ticket offlce.rv mivc a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketaare received by th.corulueto five* tha day whan purchased. nil BTATEft ISLAND FKHR>. jQB^&Foot of Whitehall atnotd^9S^S* ^^^^Klenmer 8TATEN I8LANDBR m* Jbaana Stolen ialand Leaves Whitehall At o'clock aJf. At 0 o'clock a.m. "10 " "I " ?.*. " ? " r.M. H |1 H ?* M SI U ? 4 M ? ? | S M On Sunday there will be two boata to run. The laatboai laneei Btalan Inland at? o'clock, r. n. og *A NO E M ENjF-^nje Uate am boat 81R1S 3KSH3K>Copt. J. C. Allaire, will commence runningoi lot lay, Sept 08th, aa follow*:?leare F niton Market alip Boat Hilar, every Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tuesday WeteMdar. and Friday, at 8 o'clock A M. Baiuraiax, leave* Red Bank every Monday morning: at II n*toi:Tneeday,Wednaeday, and Friday, at half-past fbebMt will ran ae abort until further notice, navigatioi ? ft wmftcr permitting. og?m* CALL ^CjBpSnWELL'S, WEST POINT AND COLD 9BapaE.srRlN07-The eteamboat HIOHLANDKB CafCJtobert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren etreel Now Yark, every Monday. Ttr i vlay and Saturday afternoon "i ?t I o'clock. Returning. the Hwh.anJer will m.e .acwburgl OMiyMondty^nornjasat o'clock,ana Tneedayand Frimq Fprftaflht or pamage, apply to tha Captain on board. KB. All baggage and fryight ofaverv deecription, ban) Mm ii iii icm, put on boerJ thin boat, mu*t be at tha riak of th( eeCMr* thereof.onleaa a biU of lading orrecaiptiaeignad foi BWWMi . mtf SOLD LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.Regular Packet of the l*th February.?lhe favorih wry lhat eailing packet aluy ENGLAND, Capt it* will tail positively on Saturday, the 17th of Feb aommodatioos of thia lite for cabin, Sd cabin am Ttlirngl paaaengera, are well known to be auperior to an) Hie*, and those aroat to embark ahould maku early applies u. -Tin, u ? eo. M Fulton *t. neztdoor to the Fulton Bank, lbnan d?*ima* of fending to the old country, for theii fwendi, can have them brought out in the {?NOLAND filing from Liverpool on the 7th of April, or in any of tin SSeomprioing tfiTold tine, ending from there punctual!, Ofl^MTa MM 1VUI 01 ?ftiy MAW. rw I???? W|IJA raw YOU AND LIVKKTOOL COMMERCIAL UNI OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No ?1 Sooth .tract, New York. MMktfci ?Moirnort ho baa received for many yean TtWif ! ? wlthia tr> call tintattention of thooe inteadmi It Ml Jbr iMv fnufi is England, Inland, Scotland, am WOMB, not they can at all timet ha accommodated by thii %a,by weakly opoortimitie. from Liverpool, at wall at bj (tithe wtN kaowa different lioea of packet thlto ceiling U thMtLTtk, Itth.ltu, aodtsth of aaet aataaod Sal'attention will be given by the Livcrpoo i?ss%jris!i ^d "xlmlbllowias it a Hat of ahipt J? I Tfea IB ??u 4g fl ! r H'.wot Wattaw OrHStha " HiWrata wileon " Oawtgo Woo4 All rod Cheever * Ocmw Welled V ??j| : IV JCffltpio, and theirrrepective eapUiat, are all wall w m" loon iit A ; iuMi1 # E NE' NEW tattln lalM. ? ' I lilj .lA J btLu. (Store* Afo*.11 jiun and 11* RtUomlrtiit.) SM-UKUAY." Large 8*1* of Elegant Furniture. of til drreription*?At 10) o'clock. at the galea room, cominjr-g of kitchen utenaila, (1 rawing room, parlor ami bed room furni'ure iu all it* varictie*, in ha- order an J oClht ekoie ? drrciiptinu. Alao, an enure atock af aplcudtd city made cabinet Furniture Piano Forte*? At tj o'clock, ( first rate piaao forte*, mad* by- the moat celebrated maker*. TUESDAY. At loi o'clock, at 139 Fulton at, t Stock of Oroceriea?Will be continued and cloeed the eat* * of the lu.ierior *t rk of fan.ilyr grocerie*. choice old wine*. * liijtior*, bottle*; Ja?a ciffee, auger*, tea*, Havana and Frio* ct,< ?'g*r*, foieign f.uite, eweet oil. i>re?er?e?, pickle*, but e ter; Chrahire rheeer, candle*, apie a, and the u?ual variety of article* of a auperior qu ility in the line. Thi* property of Mr Hodgkiit* a, wit* ii changing hi* buaioe**. The eatabliahm?nt ha* long been noted for excellent quality of the wide*, i bi andv, he. WEDNESDAY. At 101 'clock, la th- aale* room. i Kxtenaive Furniture Sale?Without reacrve.x moot ex'enr *ireand valuable u>a >rtment of a?cnnd hand furniiu-e. in all it* rarietie* forming a auperior variety ofalmoet every article in the line . . a Piano Fortea? Mai at 1* o'clock, in the Fu'ton atreet alore, 10 valuable piano forte*. l \ UCTiONTSTwTIDE? Sale of splendid koroiturv, ul all A dracription*. Thia Day, attoj o'clock, in the large room*, 33 Ann and lit Full-mat. I All J. as euvirr. 1U?. i'i unmiiui nrniu uuuu uauiaiin l? ble clothe,uapkint, llano and table coven. diaper, ticking, fcc. <19 THQS. BRtl, Auct'r. ENORAV!NG8-TO THE"f ttAD?3liELClt ARCALAKIUS will < II this e?euinc at (} o'clock, in the large i sales ro- a, 30lBr< alw?v. corner Diane, one cm ,conI tlining ahou' 5,0(0 vplei.did English ergeavioee, i. eluding i mk'iy of the uewtal a,d moat tnroriU suij-cts (coined and p I The trade are par'iruKrly invitid to attend the calc, a* an opportunity mill be t fftred them or a favorable inriat ncnt-a fit It ina POH SALE, or eichange. or to reut?Laud in Lycoming " fount v, Penna. title good?Also, tru lota in Bergen county, N J., half a mile from Newark?Alao to rant, a Farm in Eli xabetlitovrn, N J.. couaijUug 01 4 acre*, bam, and good Mater, rent only (120 ; I linureride from New York. For part'Ciilare aoply to HENRY SMITH.3 Naasaa at. JlSlra' - ?^ FOTTsTmiOMAS. ST. 1 ROIA. and TYifM HAVANA-Paf.age onlv.-l lie I team bark /^fRnTIUllRCLARION wi'l leave for >he akove porta ca SATURDAY February ltili. Thia ' ^ ^~ *^^"wbeaHliful a ta ner ia unaurpaaeed ill her ?c1 comaodHtioiia for paa ei gera proceeding to tho'o lalande, and I h 1* great adwuilftge over all other tailing reaaela in calms | and Tight tviu la. which uiu< h prevail in fh-se latitudes. I Paaneiigva may rely ujioii ihe punctuality of ihia vessel aailicg .in ihe ab >ve day tia ned. For paacage, pleaseapply to r GLOVEK & McMUERAY, ' 100 Pine, corner of South, o to * WM. r FURM'B, f 14 18 Wall atreet. .MA Jjm MAIL LI E FOR ALBANY, and inter r - - I '|J|*mediate placet the ateamboct UTIL * , flaptai H Sriiultz. wi'l leave the loot of I 'oU'tlan , atreet, THIS AFTERNOON, at 5 a'cloca, Saturday, Feb ' 18th For freght or passage, apply on bond, or to PETER C SCHULTZ, at the Office an the wharf. fcThe ateamoKt TELF.GKAPH wil' leave for Albany on Sunday Afternoon, Feb-uarv 20th, at 5 o'clock 118 It a?BdaTiPEOFLE'V LINE FOR albanY-1 h. jl* steamboata ROCHESTER. SOUTH AME . 1 1 g-RICA and NORTH AMERICA,of the People's Line, will be in readiness to commence tunning between New York and Albany, and intermediate placet, at toon as the navigation is free from ice. Passage Oce Dollar. f 43 1 m AdEg- Fjprt LONDON?Regular Packet of Ihe 2iat r kfiwy F-hfiiarv ?The superior fait failing packet ahip JsgmKoQUEB&C, burthen 900 tooa, Hebard, muter, will r tail at above, her regular day. Thia ahip*! accommodationa for cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage paasengrra, art not surpaaaed hy any venal in port, and bertha can be eogaged on moderate terma, by applying on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to GLOVER It McMURRAY. , 100 Plot at. cor. South at. P. 8.?Persona wishing to tend for their frieoda residing In the old country, can have them brought out in the above lavorite>hip. or any of the regular packets, tailing pre>m|itlyloo r their day, by applying aa above directed, if by letter poet paid 1 PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS-Ooly He IkVVVgillvr Line?The splendid fait tailing pocket ahip Mm2bGA8TON Capt.. Latham, sails poaitively on the 20th February, ner regular day. Tlit ships of thia llut tail every five day*, or passage free, having tnlendid accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin. and steerage t pesssogera. For noavggo, early applicnflbu Mould be made on board, foot of Wall at. or to W. It J. T.TAPSCOTT, flllt 48 South atreaCor 41 Pack Slip. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Lonimana and New JI^York Lint?Regular Packet of 90th instant.?The JBQfcapleudid fast sailing packet ahip GASTON, Capt Latham, will positively nil aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage,having splendid furnished aceommoda. tions, apply on board, at Oricaas wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. M South at. . Great care will be taken to have the goods by thia line cor" rectlv measured. ... ... Shippers w ill pletae sand in tt air Bills of Lading this day ; poaitively no good* received after this evening, lt'.h inat. Agent in New Orleans. Jaa. O. Woodruff, wno will prompt [ ly lorward all mods to hie addrese > The packet ehip OCON EE, Capt Jackson, will succeed the Gaston,and sail the let March, her regular day. f 18 jkE?> FOlFLlVfcRI'OOL?i'o aaii 94th February? kjMwkThe splendid fast tailing packet ahip YAZOO, AflEC'pt. B. J. H Traak., will positively tail aa above For freight or passage, having splendid funiahed accom mod a lions, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. . * E. K. COLLINS k CO. ft* tf M South at lot PAcktt* Fdk HAVRE?4tcond Line-The I I^^^W^bij^ONElDA, Jaa. Fuock, muter, will sail on the " BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents, fl?3t 8 ronline BniMinae. I .aiAJ- FOR NEW ORLEANS ?Regular apckn ui the wS^V*l?t February?The tplend.dfaat sailing packet eliio - JBMOfeJOHN MIN 1UKN, Captain Stark, will be deapatched at above, her regular day. She baa euperior accommoda'ions for cabin,secondcabin, and *t*erate passengers, r ? JOHN HCttOMXN, fll 3t (1 South etreet. tdg- FOK COLUMBIA RlVER, Oregon Terrrttorr,' IflVy touching at Valparaieo and the Sandwich Islands. JHBBCaThe fact sailing copper fattened and coppered packet Ship VICTORIA, John H Spring, matter, will tail at abort on the 20th hVruiry. For freight or paaaage, having good accommodation!, apply to A. O. A A, W. BENSON, f 8tw* ii Old Slip, 2 doora from Soatli at. , ukxA* : m. M m,?M. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL i Psraoua withing to lend to the old country for their friends, tan make the aeeeaaary arrangement! rith the tubacnbeie, , and have them come out in thie euperior line of packet!, failing from Liverpool on the 7th and 12th of every mouth. They will > also have a first rat* elaaa of American tranaient thipt Mailing 1 every sixth day- thereby affording a weekly communication from that port. Oue of the hrtn. Mr. Jarat D. there i and will rtmain duriug the year lk?3,Utate that all the peraont Mhiee paaeagei hart been paid bete are forwarded with cart . Should the partial agreed for not come out the money will be returned to thoee who paid it here without any deduction. The ahiptcompneing thia line are: \ The OXFORD. * The NEW TOM, " CAMBRIDGE. - COLUMBU?) ' Drafts at sight, for any amount, on the Royal Bank of Ire land, and on Preicott, Grote, Anee It Co., Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand, free of discount, in all the prin; .rn,. '?g?. r (20 M door to the Fulton Bank. N. T HOTEL TO RENT?From the ftret ol May next? I The large and commodious Hotel at South Amboy it offered for rent Irom the first of May next. This location poeieatei very many adTnnlagei. It it bat four hours by Rsilraid from Philadelphia, and two Irom New York, for which steamboats leave three times a day. It hue gravelly 1 bsach and Balking houses, two or threa hundred yards from ' the house. Pleasure excursions will be made during ihe cummer tea'on around Staten Island or to Sandy Hook, for bathing in theiurf. There iefiae fiahirg, and plenty of oysters ? It IS from Philadelphia the nearest and moat accessible point to the salt water ; and Tickets for both steamboats and r?ilr road between Amboy and Naw York, and Ainboy and Phils. pbia, will be furn shed to boarder* at reduced prices, i Apply to W. H. GATZMF.n,*tthe< fllce of the C. and A, ' Railroad Co. Philadelphia, or to IRA BLISS, at their office I in New York. ftp IMPORTANT WORK?Nowgln the eouwe ol puollcation. ; 1 a Directory of Arta, Manufactures, and Mine*, containing . clear exposition of their prmciple* \nd practice by Andrew Use. M. D , F. R. S., eei, etc.?Illustrated wtth 1241 engravings. This is, unoues Jouabty, the moat popular work of the kind aver published, andabrok moat admiralty adapted to the wants ol all tiaaaca of the commuaity. The following are the importantopjocta which the learned author endeavor* to accomplish 1st. To matruetthe Manufacturer, Matallur f git l, and Trade* man, in the principles of their respective pro , cestes, so as to render them, in reality, the waiters, of their business; and, to emancipate them from petal* of bondage to lueh aa are too commonly governed by blind prejudice soda r vicious routine. Id. To afford Merchant#, Broken, Dry I faltera, Driygiatc. and Officers of the KUtoiue, characteristic deacni'tioDfl of the commoditiaa which paat throueh thair r hunda. 3dly By exhibiting aome of the ftneat derolopement* > of Cherati try and Phyaiee, to lay opan an eicallent practical , i eehool to Student* of tlieie kindred acienera. tthly. Ti teach Capiialiata. who may bo dcairouf of placing their fund* in I aoBie produMire branch of induatry, to aelect, juil-rouaiy, I among plaueible etai nanta. Ithly. To enable geaUemea of t tbo Law to become acquainted with the nature of thooe . I patent aehemef whiih are ao apt to pre rue to litigation. , I ithl*. To preaent t) Leji?U(or* aoch a clear evnoaition of the , , eta pie manufacturer, aa may diaauade them from enacting j law*, whirh obatruct induatry, orehcriah one branchof it, to , I the iaiary of other*. ^ , Ana laatty, to tire the general reader, intent, chiefly oh in- t tallectual cultivation, newa of many of the noM?rt achieve- i r mania of Science, in affecting thoae grand tranefokaationa of , matter to which Great Britain and the United State# owe | their^paramount wealth, rank, and power, among the natione | l The latent atatiatic* of erery importadt object of Maanfae- ! I turoareeiten from *ha beet, and ueuallr,from oAcial author- . | Itf, at the end of each arliele The work will ba printed from the Id London edition, which . I aella for fit a copy. It will be put on good paper, in new bre < eior typo, and will make about 1400 Iro. pogea. It will bo m- , y number*, (in eorera) at 95 cent*each, I , | 0&- A any wwa fending ua fire dollar* at me time, in ad- J ; j:'s i l/ajUd^Utm3Lufyto?*'"j* eeery rillayy, throughout the ; i N WBkllkfeB'H* ?r .tbthct Hie of p.bmary. ine priea of Urn Doily Kwld will be ie i s &W*s3%eS62r??fS J l of lore U wnadbl amliaUe wflTnot aESSVfta ImUnWutt laMprke. |S* I # ?r W YO YORK, SATURDAY MO: AMBIIMaM*. PARK THEATRE.?The public ia ireepaetluily informed that thu eetabliahment will be re-opene* for the aeaeoa on Monday. Feb Hat. on which occaaioo will be produced with sew and eplcodid acenery, drruraiiona and arpointmen'a, the laal new tragedy of NINA SPoRZV uow playiog with diaUnguubrd euoee-e at the Haymarket Theatre, Looaon. Mre. SKYMOUR, who Lragaged for a limited number of nighta,' will appear iu the character of Nina. f 19 CHATHAM TttBAfltu: THIS EVENLNG, Fe'a. II?The perform macro will com rami with THE PROVOST OF BRUGES. Bertulphe, J. R. Scott | Bouchard, Tlr rue l ouatance, Mi am Meetai or Uraula, Judah After which, Mr G. W. and Maatcr Pelham wtli appeor in their Ethiopian per form ancea. .Mr. 0*Connel will appear and perform hie wonderful Foot Kaceforabetof $<00. To conclude with EL HYDKH. El Hvder, N. Johuaon I Moloc, Smith Mat Mitxe". Slereua | Hamet, Giiodeuow Harry Clifton, Mra Thome Zada, Lewia Nina, Herbert Oriaaa; Judah Mra Ahrppard, Mra Blake Boxea lleeau ,ad and Id tiara Mi Pit 11) fpeUary lie Poareopen at >: Curtain rieeaatTl rawetaelr _ _ RITUHIOL'B UlaYJU'lC TltklATRk THIS EVENING. Feb. it?The perfnrmnoce will com meare won THE GENTLEMAN IN BLACK. Peter runciillo Edwin | Frank Forage, Homea?tie Cicely Snowden hire Watte. After which ?i For the ninth lime, a new, original, Musical Burleiaus on Rich ird 3J. entitl d KtCHAKb NO III. Richard, Mitchell?Henry King. Nichene Sally Ann, Miaa Roberta. To be followed hy THE REVOLT of the POOR HOU8E. Vaknmtl Minrtriiia C JruKtttn t Rpiilli>ra/>k IMrmin "Aiaminta, Miss Singleton. To conclude with BOB SHORT. Mr DipwteV. R<-b-r> | Bob Short, Home ?t!e . Fitz Art! ur Tot tiiahaoi ; Hoyle, Clark Kn her Dipw ck, -Miaa Randall MuTichliot, Wait* Betty, Singleton Aauimmoa?Drem circle (Scents. Upper boiei SS cents PH rtt cents. Private bosei ii. Doom oneu at hilt poet lit. Curtain riiea at ??v?r AnuuiCAm Aii'Sttlm, Corner Broailuw/ and Ann shret. Under tin Management of Mr P. T. Baroum The wonderful Exhibit'"" of The PNEUMATIC RAILROAl), th gre i est invention ol ti.e age, ia in couataut op) ration The eut- rtHineienro will com.i eure with LOVE AMONO THE RO8E8. Virpinit, Le Pe'i'e Cerito. Maig-ritn, MeilMe Roealie. Mag ciau, Moua Sylvain. Francois Matter Heury. After which, a variety of Honfri, New Duetts. and Ballads, by MLa Taylor, T. O Booth, Heaitly au<l Bruce. The Valla of Niagara will b? exhibited I mined ately after the pzrfortncncea in the N< w Halt directly under U e Lecture Room. The Albino Ladr ia here every evening. Alaoeibioiting Fancy Glaaa Working, and Grand Coxtnoram a. ??- Performance to commence at half paat 7 o'clock, at anwh time a .Bell will be rung. fit ptOMPLlMENTARY BALL TOCBL.WM W.TOMPU KINS.?At a meeting of Arhllery and Infantry officers, convened at Central Drill Rooma on Saturday evening, l2'.h iustant, Col. William B. Moore waa called to the Chair, aud Wm. T. Child <*aa apt oiated Secretary. Whereu; on the Chair atated the object of the meeting waa for the pnrroae of tendering to Col. W m tW. Tompktna a complimentary ball, aa a teatiinony of rvgi id tor hia public worth and \\jt continued aaaiduity in the adiancemeut of military di>On motion, the following preamble and rcaotutiona were uoanimoualy adopted.* Where aa we hare alwayt regarded tbe militia aa an imatitulion which haa been of aignal aerrice to the Republic in aeaaona of preaaing dinger, and whereaa we deem it proper to man if eat in aome aigual manner our aateem for thoae who have beenconatantin their effort! to elevate ita character, therefore, Resolved. That as citizen aoldiera wa have far a long time viewed with gratification the aealoua effnrta of our fellow cit taen.Colonel Wm. W. Tomikne, ia diffuaing among the miliary generally of thia city, by patient inatruction, editorial labors and lecturca, tbe principle! of correct diacipline and subordination. Resolved, That wi'.hout regard to personal inconvenience. Col Tompkins haa labored long and diligent!v and wi h good rfhctinelevating the the standard of diacipline. among cur ritiz-n corps, andia therefore entitled to our cordial esteem ?nd regard. Resolred. That a complimentary hall be given to Colonel Touipkina by the military of this city, at the Apollo Saloon, on Monday, 7th March next Onhnotioa. That a committee ha appointed' o carry the foregoing resolutions into effect^ whereupon the following gentle- I men were aypoiuted Col. W. B Moere 435th Reg't Infantry, " Wm Jonei. 47th Artillery. " Andrew Warner, 3Sth do. Lieur, Col.K. T. Backhouae,27th do. Capt Vincent, Capt. Baiter, Sbumway, *' Eckel, " Mariiott, " Vaal'erveer, " Bradley, ** 4-nmming*, " Deuike. " Waugh, " Cook, Lieut. Tkvmni, " Wat lie, Hi ne ken, u Renieke, " D nicker, M Schwartz, " W. T. Ghild, Resolved, That the priee of tickets be $4,and that the nun be be limited to five hundred. WM. B. MOORE, Chairman, W. T Cff.LD, Secretary. The above Committee are requested to meet at Central hall on Monday avning next, Slat ins taut, at 8 o clock precisely fehti at* W V nmi.D L,rrl,rr. fNOLLhoTlONb.?the Subscriber* will collect Nmtl, v Drafts, Acceptances, Certificate* of Deposit*. lie.(through Moan, Harnden It Co. fiom N. Y. to Albany) upon any ol . th? following places, aud guar ante* returns to *d New Yorh. in from tix to rinht dayt. Utica, Carandaigua, Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Batavia, 1 Genera, Buffalo. . Rimcacti: Erasmus Coming, Thomas W. Olcott. Albany. POMEKOY k CO. I Wall street. New York, ft Comer State and Market sis, Albany. I ifio sjAKamas TWO POPE WHEEL CABS, 50 CENTS PER HOUR. I 8TANB8 on the CORNER of HOD80N 4 BEACH 818 ; Residence 60 Lakght Street. 1 SECOND FLOOR. FOR SALE?A two wheal French Oab, open In fru nV . Apply as above. jftS 1m DR. MORRISON. : VfORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, 30H Fulton at. near 1 IN Greenwich. Dr. Morrison. Member of the Royal Col- , lege of Surgeons, London, aud formerly Surgeon in the Britieh Nary, continues to be consulted daily un all diseases of . a delicate nutnre, and all those distisssfflf sjT=jtCtf? gis** qnsut on injudicious treotmsnt and the imprudent use of ouaek medicines. Dr. M. has had an experience of 92 years in treat 1 ing delicate diseases in all thsir vapirm* and complicated forms, , and use* n mild, safa, and infallible substitute for mercury, 1 eradicating the renereal virus with certainty, without subjecting the patient to any risk, or restricting him in his usual diet | or pursuits, while his medicinss are agreeable in taste and ^CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY-Thousands of young ? men are suffering from the consequences of indulgence in a 2

?ucret destructive habit, and whuee nervee are further injured from the use of nostrums and pretended sprcifica, which ( stimulate only to induce greater depression Dr. M. treats on purely pathological principles, and never fails in establishing ( a cure, also the mostobaanal* yield to his plan of treatment Lattem postpaid, and cnnUiniing a suitable fee, will ensure r &? correspondent full ad'ice and medicine to any part of the nion, by his giving a history of his ease in detail. tains* tote Yultsnat. LUCINA CORDIAL. [ TO THK AMERICAN PUIILI? " IT is now barely three year* sines the general introdoctisn d 1 of tha Lucius .Cordial into the United Slates,and in tliat veriod it has not only spread it e usefulness throughout this t< irmisphare, and suelained the vast repntelioa which it had irevioasly acquired in Europe ; but has also added t# the re m >own of its illustrious iuv-ntor by the uoriva'led power* it has lean discovered to posies* in the cum of incipient consump g ion. The knowledge of its wonderful influence in reoovating ind invigorating the human frame, first suggested the idea o iting it tn this way ; and the result is, that a medicine has >een added to the catalogue for the cure of incipient consump k IOO, which places the disease, w i'li due precaution, under the loatrol of the patient. It is sevcely necessary at this pmiod _. ;o_recommend the Lucma Cordial, a* an all-aumeirnt remedy in oases of Gleet. Flour Albus, difficult |or painful menstrua- .i ion. Incontinence of Urine, and alI diseases arising from debiitation of the system, vrher* an iti pulse, or a restorative J* wanted; a* throughout the United States it hae taken prreeleiceof all other medicine* in such cases, and leaves nothing ."urfher to be hoped for; its cures being speedy, perfect, perms- 11 lent, and effected without pain or trouble. Should there how- , ever be any person laboring under the above complaints, who ire doubtful of its almost universally tested merits, I rreom , need it to them with all confidence, and on my own personal ui responsibility, feeling assured it they give it the required trill, thai health to the afflicted partis*, and grate fulness to Dr. ? Magnin, will be the resalt. But, as is also the ease in Ku- . ope, the immense American reputation of the Lucina Cor- Ot luil, is principally bas.donitf thoroughly investigated,iodu , ,,1.1.1. and sensralle i^mtetad .. L?U. r.L.I..' A. ted been eouaMteredWren, to hear offepring; and to re* to re ririla power# in malac, whan red iced to utter and apparently Ci inpeleaa proatratioa, to perfect health and activity. When ft rat received the American agency of the Lncina Cordial, rom Dr. Magmn, notwithatanding It* laanenae foreign eelebriIf, and the great amount of reapecUble tratimony that ac- th ompanied n, I declined committing myeelf indiridunjly, >y giving any per tonal aaaurancea in thene particular*; but iow, after the laormmu eel* ef upward# of on* hundred Vueand boll lea, euupled with ih# receipt# nf eartiflcatra hC ind aatuaouialainnun.en.bU, and mnch knnwteaga founded m pcraonal obaerratien, I can aahealtatiagly warrant it ac at rar nneeding my meat aaagmae liopea, er eran tha illuatrieua inrentor'apromtaat, in tw fulft'meat of the nanat important tpi inda for whiih it ia recommended, and haa become ao juetly ind nnireraal'y papular. To bu an explicit aa peeaibU, I re 0tl teat, and hold myeelf pereonally rreponmble for the antump:ttoe, that the Luetaa Cordial, can ineigorate tha ririlapowara be m malea, and make lliam focundan', where nature haa beet icAcient, or when jthex hare been prelected by artiAeiai th mraaa: and alao thet itcan produce tha* atate of the eratem in 'ernel.e, who Ind been prerionely nrfruitfiil, and imagined w barren, which will enable Kbam to hair children. I regiet that I hare toapaak an plainly, en aneh exceedingly delicate mattara, hat feel called upon te dp ae. Wat it might be miaan- ct lerutood, andfra a fyl I guarantee for the great rea oueibHily which I here ebeerfally aaaumad. Wtt h farllnga of aincere ,e iratitudefor the extaoaira patronage whith, aathe agaaiof tha . Lncina Cordial, haa been ieamd nana mam thin country, I * RK I RNING, FEBRUARY 19, Agents for the Hew York Lancet. The following ii a list of the Agent* for the Leecet, where subscriptions will be rtceived, and (ingle numbers are found lor sale regularly every week, foston George W. Redding. Philadelphia G. B. Zieber. Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber k Co. Buffalo, N.Y T. 8. Hawka Vew Haven, Conn D.C.Mitchell. Hartford, Conn Benj. Newbury Albany, N. Y G. Jones, . Troy, N.Y Levi Willard. Lansingburgh, N.Y, Thoa. P. Richard*. Waterford, N. Y J. R. Newark, N.J D. Smith. Petersen, N.J Matthew Dougherty Worcester, Maas 8. Thompson. Norwich, Conn Morgan S afford. Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. New Orleans John F. Curns k Co. St. Louis, Mo R. J. Woodward. Charleston Amos Head. Middletewn S.Dickinson. Hudson, N.Y George Clare. Savannah. 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala. John K. Curns k Co. Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Trenton J. Raunsley. Pittflhiirrk Po R fit. Rt'.rford. Louisville,' Ky W. A. Halflemtn. Cincinnati, O C. Tobey. WTjeelinjr, Va J. H. Thompaon St Co. New Lezaon, Conn... L. L. Sperry. Newport W'm. A. Fry. he Lineet is $3 per annum in advance?or 61 cents T?ingl?-< number. Lahcst Orricc 31 irattr. Position of forties In New York?Who's to be Next Governor f Now that the Boz fever is somewhat abating?the Bcz ball past and gone and the Boz dinner soon to be eaten up?the watchmen on the towers of Juduh will have leisure to look around them, to mark the progress of events?te see the developments at Washington?to muce over the movements at Albany, and be able to hud time for reflection on the present curious, confused, singular state of public affairs and future events. 1 he republic is indeed in a remarkable condition ?rich in all the natural elements of wealth?with an annual production worth, at present prices, sixteen hundred millions of dollars?a population of 17,000,000 of Chtistians, besides much cattle? and yet, by some means or other, Congress is inactive, and without money?many of the States are bankrupt?masses of the people complain, and there is such a singular mixture of blessings and bad feelings that every thing would seem to go right, and yet many things go wrong. In this great and wonderful State of New York we are on the verge of a great future, which is perfectly invisible or " dimly seea," and through which our public men are groping almost in the dark. With a population of three or four millions?a capital Btock worth eight hundred millions?we have a public debt of nearly $26,000,000, a depreciating State credit, a number of public works uncompleted, more money daily wanting, and the two great parties of democrats and whigs quarreling for the ascendancy, instead of uniting for the honor of the State. How long is this state of things to last 1 Is there no remedy 1 Let us loek at the map of the past. The great movement of the present age which bas in tweSty years, changed and revolutionized the United States, begun with De Witt Clinton, in this State. The Erie canal, projected by that wonderful man, was the first of a aeries of efforts which have covered the country with glory and shame? with orofit and repudiation?that now marks the character of the times with such varying hues. For maay years, a powerful party in this State opposed these vast improvements?and long attempted to cover with ridicule the public works that now fill the State with wealth. De Witt Clinton, in.his day, was no speculator?no theorist?no visionary statesman. He was a man of facts and items, illuminated by a ray of genius from heaven itself. He demonstrated the practicability of these internal improvements, by prudence in execution?by an accurate practical knowledge of details?and by an indomitable perseverance in carrying them out into Full vigor, and with the .nicest mathematical calculations By these me and he succeeded, against a bitter opposition,incompleting the Erie canal, and almost in revolutionizing the' age. Since that period, the whole country has followed his mighty impulses, but without his prudence, without his tact, without hia lis practical skill?without that light of true genius, which seldom leads, astray. In a particular manner ias the State of New York (or the last four years, while professing to be carrying out the policy of Clinton, actually departed more from his prudent ine of action, than his original antagonists, headed >y General Root, did in their early hostility to his ?olicy. This great and populous State is covered vith a debt of #25,000,000?her public credit sunk it) per cent.; and both parties in Albany, instead oh halking out any practical line of policy, seem >nly to be in pursuit of personal objects, and tern torary expedients. \ There must be a return to the practical good enae of former times?there must be a movement egun that will restore to New York the halcyon ays of Clinton, when prudence and economy, entrprus and practical skill marked every step, and peculation and inflated credit were properly scouted t, and put down. From 1830 to 1836, the democrats increased the inks, by passing bushels at that time?intt<iiea tne irrency?and projected speculations of all kinds, tat ended in their entire prostration, both financially id politically, in 1837. From 1838 to the present me, the whigs have only .increased the evils of ie day?wasted the public funds?increased ie public debt?doubled the number of banks , and now, between both parties, the great State i ' New York is thrown, like a good vessel, high and ( 7 on Bhore, without any insurance on ship or | irgo. j What then is to he donel We will tell. Light. ' at segar, and listen- j New men sad old principles mast be called into ? lion. The calm, philosophical, practical, good , nae that guided De Witt Clinton and bis compa- P iots^ must be revived in .the public mind sad ia ? ir public councils, by bringing forward fresh tim>r from the great forest of human nature. During o e last twelve yean, both parties, democrats sad * higs, have iajured the character of the state, sad v inducted themselves; on bad principles, that have | d te the present condition of afilain. Let as have r cfcaafo?let as have new men? let as go hack to J former age, aad get a chip of that same old block ] at laid the ftmndguoa aad corner stoae of the tl IER A 18452. glory and t "ulth of ttie Stale. With these prinui pies to guide us i.i a. choice, we at once propose, for the next Governor of New York, the name of CHARLKS A. CLINTON, the son of De Witt Clinton?the inheritor ol his name, and a large portion of his iutellset. Away with all "small potatoes" from the whiga, or "small lights" from the democrats. Let the good old republicans of all parties?the young men ol the age?from" Sandy Hook to Buffalo?rally at once, re-organize the old fashioned, sensible, practical republican party that aided De Witt Clinton in the great improve ments of this State, and carried him triumphantly through the mighty work that would have conferred immortality on any man in another age of the world. Wake up?move?stir?rise at once. Who is to be next Governor of New York 1 Charles A. i viiiuvu ; H?i*mrh, Ohio, [Correspondence of the Herald J Newark, Ohio, Feb. 14, 1842. Animal Magnetism and Professor Johnson?The Professor's Wonderful Success?Col- Parker still more Successful? Bishop Mclhaine's Opinion?The Resumption Bill, .J-c. Nothing has been talked about in cur city for the last week, but Aniinal Magnetism, and the experiments of a certain Mr. Johnson, a professor of that science. He is accompanied by his wife, his sisterin-law, and one Frederick James, whom he magnetises in turn. He tried his experiments every even lng of last week, commencing with Monday evening, with such success as to convince a large majority of tbose who witnessed them, of the truth of Animal Magnetism, and say.he has journeyed all the way from Boston, stopping at the principal cities, and convincing multitudes of the wonderful mysteries of this wondrous science, especially in Philadelphia, where several eminent physicians became believers. On Monday evening'Mr- Johnson was tolerably successful, (ailing in some experiments, and being successful in others, although he found two stubborn sceptics, who asked many curious questions, in the persons of D. Duncan, Erq , and Dr. Marble. On Tuesday evening Johnson magnetised Frederick, but the latter, having taken a quantity of strong snulf, given him by Dr. Wilson, to test his insensibility, turned out so insensible that he would not hear the magnetiser. The sister-in law was then sent for, and, having made her appearance, James Parker, Esq , our able and excellent Prosecuting Attorney, stated, befare the audience, that, as a mere matter of sport, he had endeavored to magnetise her and had proved successful. Immediately the spacious court room occupied by the Supreme Court, in ourhallsof justice, resounded with cries of " Parker! Parkerl" until that gentleman, ever obedient to a call from the people, expressed his readiness to gratify the public will. Miss Harriet was accordingly magnetized, and the experiments were conducted by Col Parker with far more t mineut success than Mr. Johnson met with in most sf his, the former thus reaping? Onori e gloria nnovo. On Wednesday, Frederick was entirely unsuccessful, and a motion was made by Squire White, that the affair be voted a humbug, but scarce a dozen puny voices were heard responding ,4Aye.'\ On Thursday Frederick recovered from his stupidity, and answered with great accuracy the questions propounded to him. Johnson having stated on Tuesday, I think, that he was authorized to use the name of Bishop McIlvaine, of Ohio, in any manner he should see fit to advance the cause of animal magnetism, the Bishop was written to in order to ascertain the truth of this story,and!his reply having been received,was ig?u iw uic awniioiru muiuiuue on o&iuraay fvrning. The Bishop denies that he ever gave Johnson any authority to use his name, but seems to admit that he believes in the physical part of animal magnetism. An angry discussion between Johnson and Duncan followed, and something of a row was kicksd up, but a great majority showed themselves firm believers, and, on being admonished by his honor the mayor, quietly dispersed. For my part, I regard the question as entirely settled, since the immortal Boz has declared in favor of animal magnetism. In the Senate of Ohio, the majority of the currency committee has reported back the Resumption Bill as it passed the House, with certain immaterial amendments,but the minority (Mr. Latham, democrat),has reported in favor of redeeming in specie five dollar notes and under, on the fist of May, tens and upward* on the first of June, and deposits on the 1st of September. To-morrow the temperance jubilee comes off, aad will doubtless endue with new energy those good citizens engaged in the glorious cause of extirpating that worst of vices, intemperance. Major Deams, Esq, the amiable corresponding secretary, anticipates a joyous occasion, even without the aid of Bacchanalian songs and carousals. L'Occidewti. Superior Court. Before Judge Tallmadge. Fib 18.?Fnderick J. L'onant vs Robert P. Bell. ?The defendant is father in law to George W. Tyeon, formerly a hardware merchant in Pearl stree#, whose exteneive forgeries in 1837 end 1888, and ab quatulation to Paris, in the early part of 1839, made so mach noiie about town. The present notion is to recover the amount of a note for ?2,500, given to the plaintiff in June, 1837, by the said George W. Tyson, for e quantity of clothing, and endoraed by the defendant, bat which eadorsement the latter conteet* oa the ground of ite being a forgery. The note wee at fifteen month*, and fell dae in September, 1838, bat protected for non-payment, aad Mr., Bell, who reside* atSteahope, N J., duly notified of the feet. Himeelfand Mr. Tyeon were engaged the whole of that winter in settling ap their business, but he said nothing about the endorsement being forged till after Tyson had gone off, in April, 1839. The planitiff eontende, in the firet place, that the note was really signed by Bell; and, secondly, the fact being notorious that Bell was in the constant habit of endorsing for Tyson, and the latter getting credit by his means, it became hie duty, when ke found his name to have been forged, to have given notice of it to the creditors, ia order that proceedings might be had against Tyson. His refusiner. or nenlectinr to do so. rendered him lia ble. Considerable testimony was offered as to whether the signature was really Bell's, or otherwise, and en which point considerable difference of opinion seemed to exist. At 3 o'clock the case was adjourned to this forenoon For plaintiff, Mr. Emerson and Mr. Anthon; for defendant, Mr. Edward Sandford and Mr. L. S. Eddy. , Before Judge Oskley. Hiram L. Mrtker vs. Thomat Be'l -The parties are shipmasters, and both skilled in the raising of sunken vessels In March, 1841, the packet echr. Wm. Roseoe, laden with a valuable ccgo from an 1 eastern port, worth nearly 8311,000, struck on a rock in coming through Hurlgate, and sunk near ' Ward's Island in water one humlred feet deep.? The plaintiff claims that he was employed to raise the vess?l, and set out to do so, but was interfered with snd injured by defendant, and now brings action for damage', which he lays at ?5,000 The plaintiff, with two immense scows, and 25 men, repaired to the spot, moored his scows, and sue- ! needed in getting a chain under the wreck, which was made fast to the scows on either side. He was ibout getting another under, when the defendant, n a large schooner, came down and anchored divetly alongside, so managing with the helm that | t every turn of the tide the vessel would swing , ouad upon the seows, and place them in great jeo* i erdy. This not haviag the desired effect, he pro- i ceded with some men to a sloop which lay at a 1 rharf near there, to windward, which they brought own upon the scows, but fortunately the alow was eceived by some planks which lay across them? therwise they would, no doubt, have been sunk, 'apt. Meeker was prevented by the hawser of the t choouer from getting another chain under the rreek, added to whieh the cable of one of the ?| cows was chafed and separated, and he lost that y ad a valuable aaehov. The veeee) was f.aally ?| aised, hut much damage had previously bcea eaoe- ? id to plaintiff, and hence the present nation. On g be part of the dsfeoee it was contended that Cent Mfhad been previeusly employed te raise the Tj 'ussi, sod set out to do but was drfvea frsm he ground by a mia named Porter, who sold out 1 LD. Frlci two ClUI to plaintiff. He also coniendn that he wan vt\ eatly instrumental ia the raising <>i the Wm. Kmcoe,. and o| saving the valuable property on boaid. The eaae wn not concluded when the Court art. turned to 10 o'clock this merninr. For plaintiff, Mr- Crist and Mr. Cowle*; Mr. Cutting and Mr. C- B- Moore for defendant. Gilbert Garret and Mary Gairrt, his siehr, and others, rs. Caleb Kir by?This was an action of ejectment, to test the right of ownership in property No 24 Mulberry street- It wa* formerly owned by Magnus Garret, who died in 13P4. There was at that time a good dwelling house on the lot, but it was burnt down in 1818, and haa not been rebuilt, owing to the litigation and uncertainty which has hung over the property. A carpenter's shop was tr< cted on it, which is now in the occupancy of the defendant. The lot is in fact held by Messre. G. andU II. Winter, who elaim to have received . it under a deed from John Garret, (son and administrator el Mac nu?) aad also as having had possession nearly 2b years. The plaintiffs are neirs at law of Ultnus assent !> ? V-- > -n;_ * j- -j ? iuwic i viii ( irniui he divided his property equally among his children , and that the pretensions of John Garret were incor? reet. The Jury gave a verdict in favor ofplaintiffs, subject to the opinion of the Court on points of law. For plaintiffs, Mr. Jainew McKeen and Mr. Marvin.?Messrs. Winter and Anlhon for defendant. General Sessions, Before HiaHonor the Recorder, Jttdg* sJXonh and Lynch,and Aldermen Pollock ar.d Balis. Feb. 18 ?Trial for AlleJgid Falte PreUncrx? The trial of Amorj & Leeds, charged with obtaining the notes of John Haggerty A Sons under falso pretences, was continued. At the opening of the court J. Phescott Hall, Esq , one of the counsel engaged by Mr Haggerty to aid the prosecution in this cause presented * printed statements of the assets of the house of Amory & Leeds as prepared after their failure, which he wished to introduce as evidence. ChaRLls O'Cor.vir, Esq , for the defence objected to the ttdmission on the ground that it was contrary to all rules of evidence, and that the defendants were indicted, as was alledged, for false pretences, and not for the crime of baring foiJtd in business. The Court very properly refused to adanit such tastimoi y, and the ctuntel for the prosecution again called William C. Haocertv, who stated that th? commission charged Amory & Leeds for the advances made by Haggerty ic Sons,on m< rchandizt-.Tvao two and a half per cent, to be entered against their I account every six months. Chables W. Foster, was sworn, who stated that he received three cases of woollen cloths froan Amory &. Leeds on the 15th of June, 1840, on storage, and deliver* d them to Francis Morley th? brother of the agent or owner. Jok.v Hazlet was again called, who stated that he wae one of the persons selected to examine th? accounts of Amory & Lacds after their failure. The counsel for defence here rested and Charlen O'Connor, Esq. opened the course for the defenc? in an eloquent and argumentative speech. He stated that the defence would show most conclusively to the miadi of the jury and the public, by the evidence that they should introduce, that the charges preferred against hit clients by the numerous body of the Haggerty's combined was without foundation ; that they were innocent and injured men, and although deprived of the former wealth by circaanstances beyond their control, yet were as boaaet and honorable men at those who apptared as their oppressors. He alluded most eloqacnt'y and tarcastically to the course persued by the Haggertys, ae alledged by the senior of that firm on the witness' stand,in first nbtaining all the real and personal estate of that firm, using them both as witnesses in their behalf, and long after all the circumstances they alledgcas fraudulent were known to them, associating and mingling with them as friends and companions. He contrasted the fal?t pretence* ol their conduct with the alledged false pretences of his clients, in a masterly manner, ana drew forth the feelings of the nudienee, court and jury i? almost an avowed expression. It is unnecessary for us to follow him through his able illustrations of the circumstances attending the prosecution of this caste, as the whole (abject will be fully pro emeu in conciiainf speccn 10 me jury, wmcn we shall endeavor to five. The first witness called by the defenre wu Bamucl K. Snow, who deposed is follow* I am bow 1b the employ of Riebard* and Watson, as salesman; 1 was with Amory and Leedi in the tame capacity from the time the house was first organized with Mr. Watson as a partner, nntil they finally failed; I was the prineipial salesman after the dissolution of the fir 11 of Amory, Leeds and Co [ The invoice, given to Haggerty and Sone, by Amory & Leeds, dated December 20, 1839, was here presented to witness.] It was made out by me at the request of Amory and Leeds; the value of goods entered upon it is $104,000: the firm directed m* to make out an invoice of efeths and threads, valued at about $100,000; Amery and Leeds directed me to take the numbers of the goods that I placed on this invoice, from the store they occupied in Pine street; I made the iavjre complete before 1 Eire it to either of the firm; I then gave it to Mr. eeds; in making out this invoice, I intended to conform to the instructions given me by Amory nnd Leeds previous to commencing it; I believe I took, all the goods placed on that invoice from the receiving book, but possibly I may have taken som* of the numbers from the sales book ; I was net aware that any of the goods entered on that invoice were in the public stores; I think my knowledge of the location of the goods in the store of Amory and Leeds was better than any other person in their employ; 1 always attended to the business of sending goods to pnblie sale ; all except the wollen goods; they were under the charge of Mr. Hazlett, and when he was absent, I attended to the delivery of them also; Mr. Van Brunt, another clerk, superintended the passing of goods throngh the custom house; Mr Amory *av* no particular attention to the selection of goods to he seat to auction; Mr. Leeds had charge of tkn correspondence of the firm; he gave very little attention to the arrangement or selection of goods for sale; there is nothing to lead me to soppoea that Amory and Leeds knew that any of the goods on that invoice were in the pnblie stores; from my knowledge of the business of Amory ft. Leeds,! cannot suppose that either of them knew the particular location of goods nnd? rtheir centre!, unless they hid ascer ainrd Irmu vrnie ot th-ir (Like; there were $3-"?0,000 worth of goods in the storm No. 6J Pine street; each of the lofts were mora than half, perhaps two thirds fall; .Mr Amory attended to the uut-d.or business of the house; the cloths seat to Adee, Timp-on it Co, in Jan. and Feb 1840, were made ap by Mr. Hazlett, the other roods by myself; the receiving and the delivery both was kept by Mr. Van Brunt; there waa a lot of goods sent to the store in New street; 1 mad* up the lot; we first betan to send in April, 18kV and concluded in May 28 h of the same year; tha amount sent was $104 129 67; Mr. Ogdea Haggerty, as also Mr. W. C Haggerty, called at the store ol Amory Sl Leeds several times soon after the failure; on the 17th of June some goods were taken by them from the Pine street store; Mr. Leeds was not in the country at that time; he had left for England; Mr Amory told me to give the Messrs. Ilaggerty* all the information thejr desired relative to their bunnest; this wa* after thr failure; I endeavored to answer all rnquiriea fsirly sad honestly; there was no book kept of the quantity of goods in the pnblie store (previous to the fail are; the paper present <1 to Mr. Haggerty, giving aa acconnt of the place of deposite and disposition of the goods on the original invoice of $104,100, was made ap by me. In preparing thin statement, Mr. Amory told me to enter opposita the eleven cases of cloths ntnrkril n in th? nnri B*l invoice, the words burnrd at the fire in tbo public store, sad insurance money received remitted, or words to that eltect, wbirn I did. The direct examination of this witness here closed by the defenoe, and the hoar 4 of having arrived, the Court adjourned till this Booming at 10 'dock. BANKRUPT LAW. Attorney at Law, TS Mmiu atrret. All <*litr ktndo ef law NMtneat also atteadeJ to t.'hintes modirtSa. fit tw C"f ATK hi;kir *ANTKD-Ke. ucy. Indiana, Mk'ha H""*4* 11 ft nUTAJUW,!! Wall Itmt. Union Bank ?a/*onU?ra Tmet, Florida, bought. 'W*S^MW *rio fcii Bead fttoek * cm Com /?'?* Rail Road D-toli m XX HoZitooit Rail Rmd flT >|? PtlESOi tit MIL DMlftCNA eahnoi makes amew 1 appropriate testimony f# their adairstioa of the author, id mepeel Ibrthe mm. then bp aubaeribiag 7<ir the bust by lr. Deit?r, of Boetoa. It waarnecuted from aittiagsav irdtB m by Mr. Die bene dnrian the laienro of Ike iret few dtys Her Me arrival in thia eonntrf. and io pranoaneod an esreileot Warns It Is moreover a spirited wo hof art, and worth Ms lot a* a plena<a| bust, if It wrra aot, as it Is an almost ggSS&SSgagS* ^ d ; ' < . ; V ; 7

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