Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 21, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 21, 1842 Page 1
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TH l. UTi^-Io. 338 ?Whole 3006 NEW LINKOT UVI^POOL PACKETS, o mil from New York no the .sth, and Liverpool n the IBth ofeocA jflS^ TIIOIIN'IW lnaa^^ Ship JtOBCIUS,'"apia n John Collin*. SCth Nor. Ship 8IDDONS, '"aut.uu E. B.Cobb.Mth Dec. , _ Ship SHKKIl) A N, CapMMi K A Orpeyeter.Mlh Jan. iiupUAHJlICk.,C?i t#iM vvm. Ski.idy,*6Ik Keb. I- HOM LlVKRreeL. . ? Ship SHERIDAN,C .plain V. A. DepeyeUr, lBlh Not. Siiip UARKICK,( uuiu Win. Skiddy, 13th Deo. Ship ROSCTlIS, Captain John Colliua, 13th Jan. Ship 81DDONS, Captain e.B.Cobb. I BOiheb. Then*ahip* are hi! <?f the lir*lclai*vupwardaof lOOOtone.bullt I the city of New York, with etirh improvement* a* combine reatepced with uuueual comfort for pa?*enK*r?. Every care wbern taken iu the . rraiigemen i .<f their aeeeinmodatio**. The riee of paeemtehcece is Jioo, for which ample etoree will be roride^L TGe*e eiiipe are commanded by experienced maeera, who will make every exertion to ?i?e general eauoi'ac rawthe eantaine nr owner* oflheee ehipe will be reepotwi W for any IcMcfh, pnrcelf or mekagrflMiit by tbem, ux&icfia rt ilar bills ol lading' are aizned than lor. Tha hipa ol thifiine will hereafter go armed, aad their peeo ar construction sireethera aecurity notpoMrwed by any other utreaaela of war. c< ^ >t Tor WM & J AH. BROWN fc CO., Liverp<N>l. Lsttsra by the packets will be charged 131 cents per eiugl* heel: 10 rent, per ounce, and newepaperej tent each. (3* FOR NEW ORLEANS ,OU1SIANA AND NEW YOiUf LINK OF PACKETS 4 4 A tit Foe the better aecommo.1 itiou nF shvpers, it it intended to Uspatch aahip from 'hit port oi the lit. 5th, loth. 15th, 30th tndi 3Slti of each mouth, eoumeciug the ItPh October, and ontinumg until May, when regular days will be appciuted foi he remainder ol' lie year, whereby greet delay* and dutp yointinroU will b* pwVeuted during the ouminer months. <Tna tollowinr ships will commence thia arrangement hip TABOO,Capt. Cornell. 10th Oct. 1811. Ship OCON EE. t apt lacksnn, 15th Oct. hip MISSISSIPPI.Caut.Hilliard, JOthOct. hipLOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt.35th Oct. Ship AHAKHPb'.ARE, Capt.Miner, IttNorember. Snip GASTON'. Cap' Latham, 6ih Nor. IlipHUNTSVILLE.SaPt. Mumford. toth Nor. Ship OCMULOEE, Capt Lravitt, 15th Nor. Ship NASHVILLE,Capt. Dickinson.30th Nor. Ship MEMPHIS. Cap'. Knight, S5.H Nor. Ship LOUISA, Capt Mulford. let December. These ehipe were Ml built in the ciljr of New York, erpreasly for packets are ol a light draft of water, hare recently been aew|y coppered and put in splcudid order, witli accommodation# far pusengera unequalled lor co nfort. They are commanded by eiperienced ma. Ura, who will make every exertiou to give rnoeral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi b* steamboats. Neither the owners or captaius of these ships will be responsible for jewelry .bunion,precious h tones, silver, or plated ware, or &nny tetters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of n, unless regular bills of hiding are taken forth* same, and valus thereon espressed. For freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 55South ?'.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Qrleeos, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctue/ly as ad] rertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correct Is measured. jll y FtVTVOia ANU HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND LINE,) m m Ml m. The snips of this Tine Will hereafter leave New York on. the 1st and Havre on the <(th of each month as follows: Krom New York. Ftom Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March ( llth April Capt. < 1st July < tath August James Fuuck. (1st November (llth December hip BALTIMORE. C 1st April filth May Cart. < 1st August < llth September Edward Funk. f 1st December f llth January hip UTICA, ( lit May f 16th Junt Capt. < lit September < llth October Frsd'k Hewitt. f 1st January / llth February New ehipnT.NICOLAS, f let June t llth July Capt. < tat October \ llth Norcmber J. B. Pell. f 1st February f llth March fh. umnnmliiiniu of these shins are not *urnamed, com billing all that may be repaired tor comfort. The price of cabin paeswe ia $10#, Paeeeugera will be supplied with every requisite, with the exception of wine# and liquor*. Good* intended for these vceeels will be forwarded Yr the subscriber*, free from any othei than the expenses actual.yi ' ""w '"r"g? at Tontine Buddings. hww y()kk and tfe wake. fare rrducett ti> 45 cents. From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York. (Enrrdir-Saiif* excepted.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. _ _ At * A.M. At* P.M. At I A.M. Atlt P.*. II It * do do ?( do M " IS ON SUNDAYS, fun the feot of Liberty street Leave New York. Lea?e Newark. evPWfc. Wl Fare reduced. rVma the foot of Liberty itreet.dailr. Leave New Yerk. Leave New Brans* ick. "Xtt AtV P. M.BOMERVILLE stages connect with these lines etch way. are between New York and Scmerville, 10 cents. Do do New Brunswick, T? cents. T ah way, (0 cents. Elixabethtown, _ U cents. The fare in the TJ A. M. train from New Brunswick, tad t| V M. train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to M cents. " and Railway te *>? " IVPhiladelphia mailt me pieces through New Br iekfor New York every evening at f o'clock. On Sundays the if A.M. trip from New Brunswick is omit' 4#^ Passengers who procure their tickets at the tieketofllce,receive a ferry tickatgralis. TicktCvarereceived by tbeeouduetor eelv ea the day whan nurckascd. nil ? _ STATKN ISLAND FEKRk. ^29f^fltTool of Whitehall street ^^TfiMtstnnr STATEN I8LANDBH Leaves Staten Island LetTes Whitehall At S o'clock am. At t o'clock AJt. "t# " " , "U " " I " I *. * S " P.M. " 4 - " H " * 4 ** " I ? " On Sunday there will be two boat* to run. The last boat leave* Staten Island at S o'clock, p.m. o* , ^S*Ta5l *or h h RCWsBlTIt y?ball A1TUiMQ1 RANOEMENT?The steamboat OSIRIS, SBv-mKeK-Cipt. J C. Alhiirc, will commence runningou Saturday, Sert. 38th, as follow*:?leave F niton Market slip. East River, every Saturday at to o'elock A.M., Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at ? o'clock A M. Retiming, leaves Red Rank every Mondtr morning: nt 10 'dock A. M.: Tacsday,Wednesday, and Friday, at half-past It o'clock P.M. The boat will run as above until further aotioe, navigation ; and weather permitting. o3 6m' T. POWELL tc CO.'S LINE. .t*M afl FOR .VhWBUKdH, landing at CALD CmQ?WELL'8, WEST POINT AND COLD 3BZ3p3K.SPRINO?The steamboat HIGHLANDER Capt. Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren street h?rw Yerk, every Monda rtTLv vJay and Saturday afternoon's gt 4 o'clock. Returning, the High,a-iuCr will ie?ve .aetvburgh vary Monday morning at ( o'elock. an u Tuesday and Friday ! afternoon at (o'clock. I For freight or passage, apply to the Captain en hoard. N. B. AH baggage and freight of every description, bank Wis orspora. pui on board this boat, must be at the risk of the aw nets thereof.unless a bill ofladmg orracciptia signed for (hnsanso nsM_ Iff OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.? kffJ^VRfeular Packet of the 19th February? l he favorite UK Vtry last sailing packet ehiy ENGLAND, Capt B. L.Walte will sail positively on Saturday, the 19th of Feb. her regular day. The accommodations of this Hae for cabin, 3d cabin and steerage passteg-rs, are we.l known to be tuperior to any othes, and those amut to embark should inaku early application on board, foot of Bee kuau aires I, > r to ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO. M Fulton st. next door to the Fulton Bank. Persons desirous of sruding to the eld country, for their i ? k... _ ? h. 1.1 Ik. L'Vlll a km I wiling from Liverp* ol on lbs 7tli of April, or in any of Um ships comprising tKe old line, *a ling Irorn there puoctnally on the 7th and Itth of every month. For paaeige apply ae aboee. NEW YORK ANB LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE ok PACKETS. A: M M M SAILTNC^rO AWThOM LTVT!RPO<)L WEEKLY. OLD ESTABLISHED fASBAUE OFFICE, No ?1 8?u'h street. New York. | rpHE subscriber.ia ?nn >unring hi* arrangements forthe year A use appear* btrorc has friend* with arnlimenla of sincere I reapeet for the able support iie haa received for many year* He likewise wisbso to call the attention of those intending ' to tend for tbsir fr end* in England, Ireland, Scotland, and I Wales, that they can at all tinea he accommodated by this fine, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool,** well as by ate the wall known different I,or* of packet ahii? tailing to ?d from Liverpool,on the it t.7th, latb.ltth, aadSStli of tach month, throughout the year. It haa always been the study of the tabwriber to have the | smigrscta shown civility, and dispatched without deity; and those who send for their friends may real satisfied that every sare and ditasnt attention will be given by the Liverpool Agents to those sent for *. w-lf as all who may embark wilh them; and should any of, whose pasisga has been paid, notembaik, the mow) will be refunded without any charge. The sabrcriber feels * pleasure in makins known the different 1 ships br which his paasrngeTs came out during fhe last year, i Which has given general s.tisfaetion,and that ne ha* consider* ably Citcndsd and cou. ludsd I,is arrsageniauts lot ins year I' *The following is a list of ships Bhip Scotland Robinson Ship Osceola Child* " Fauneld Wilson " 8t. Cloud Emerson Frankfort Ruesell " N*w vork Nirsn " Russell Cover H ,wei " Wnraaw Griffith* " Hi he ran Wilson " Oswego Wood Allred Cheeeer ** Ocean Wcllsnd Clifton logtrsoll u Talbot Story M Louisville Al'en * N. Hampshire Harding ** Sobwski Emerson M Panthsa liood wanton ** Alabaman Law " Itobt Isaac Treeman " Pisntko Hopkins M Virginia Eatoo ' " TJiana A pear " Europe Batchcldsr Wales Wilts " 8. Jenkiaa Baymour Wsstc better Feme The above ships, and their respective captains, are all well 1 tad favorably known in the trs.le I A lire# passage from th? different ports of Ireland and Bentlaad can also be secured, and Or.ft* furnished for nay smouut, C able at Ih* Natioaal and Provincial Banks of Ireland, and I ir rcspeetiva branrhca. and also on Messrs J h W.Robinspn^jrsr^ool^wkic,. ate paid, free of any ehargc, throughout For fwrtbor particular* apply to . JOHN HERBMAN, (I South street, J. k W. ROBINaON, It Goioa Pisiaas, I dW and Na. t Neptune si W?e*etoo n eg. Liverpool, t) A.'- K ETff It IP ST1 iKM'I.AHr. frim St* Orleans is X discharging at pder |4 Ess Riier. Consignees will plsase attend ts the receipt ef thcirpood* immediately, f 17 71 '! i - E N E' NEW THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITEft BV JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTONT.M. D., PVBI.ISHED EVERY SATURDAY. 1 ??? CONTENTS ! LlCTUaKIProfessor Mott'i Lectures on Surgery, VIII. Parotitl* us , 'Scleerocele'oi the Parotid lift ( Scirrhus of do lift Mclanois lift Removal of the Parotid 116 ' Dr. Stevens' Second Lecfcire on Diseases of the Rectum. Division of the Sphincter Ani 116 Secondsry Hemorrhage . . 117 Malformation of the Rectum 117 Itchy Rectum 117 Discharges of the Rectum 117 Haemorrhoids 116 Fistulous Diseases 116 aaviaws. Dr. Rimshotham's Process 'of Parturition.' The Bony Pelvis 113 Form and Dimensions of the Pelvis 114 The Foetal Skull 114 Deformed Pelvis 114 Corpus Luteum lift Mr. Liston's'I'ractical Sarg -ry' :.. 119 Dr. Walthe on Cephull lem itoma 119 Dr. Norris on Non- union after Fractures 130 editorial nvrsa rsicvr. Medical Movements in New York 131 The Coroner's'Ann"al Report' 131 ' The Suicidal Mania' 133 I fnffitrann M nrHno 1 fnllsisru lO.i I COMMUNICATION?. A Word about Pickwick Snodgrcae, M. D 123 , Legal Fees of Physicians 123 ( Mi-ptcocHintiBnicAL HrponTr.*. I Croaby-atreet Clinlque 123 i Massachusetts O'l.eral Ilospi'al. Rumoval <>( the O* Maxillttre Superius foraCi- I shalomatous Din. as* 131 Report of the M*di:al Missionary Society in , China.?(Continued.) Intermittent Fever 123 Opqpiog in the Trachea.... 123 Elephantiasis 113 i Psoras 136 I Opium Smoking 133 R. movalof the Os Caleia 123 Compound Fiacture of Humerus 123 Mortification of both Feet 126 Paralysis of Arm*... 136 Caae of Ossification of the Coronary Arteiiia, and Pieudo-mwmbranous Formation in the Heart. ... 136 Post-mortem Examination of a Thomionian Victim By Stephen W. Williams, M. D. 127 Caae of Milk Tumor Cured by Injuctiona 197 itemi and intelligence. Annual Report of the Corouer 138 Doatha in Newark 128 To Correspondents 128 Adcertitemente intended far inierlion, and Bookt, fc ,far neUee and review,miul be forwarded to the office I oner before Thurodoy of every week. New Yoax : Printed and Published for the Proprietor!, at the Lancet Office, No. 31 Ann Street, by i JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Agenu for theNew VorkLanrct. i The following is a list of the Agents for the Lancet, 1 where subscription! will be received, and (ingle num- | bcra are found lor sale regularly every week, t Boston..... George TP. Redding. 1 Philadelphia O. B. Zieber. Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber fc Co. i Buffalo . N. V T. 8. Hawka , New Haven, Cenn D.C.Mitchell. I Hartford, Conn Bcnj. New bury . Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy, N. Y Levi Willard. Lannugburgh, N.Y Thoe. P. Richards. \ Wateriord, N. Y J. R. ' Newark, N.J D. Smith. < Patemon, N-J Matthew Dougherty ] Worcester, Mass 8. Thompson. ] Norwich, Conn Morgan 8nftord. , Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. New Orleans John F. Curns ft Co. , 3t. Louis, Mo R.J.Woodward. Charleston Amos Head. Middletown 8. Dickinson. 1 Hudson, N. Y George Clare. < Savannah, B.A.Holmes. ] Mobile, Ala. John F. Cures k Co. Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Trenton J. Raunsley. Pittsburgh, Pa R O. Berford. 1 Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. Cincinnati, O C. Tobey. Wheeling. Va J. H Thompson k Co. " New London,Conn L. L. Sperry, Newport Wm. A. Fry. The Linaet is $3 per annum in advance?or 8} cents per siDgle number. Labckt Offick 91 Aug stbket. New Orleans. I Correspondence of the Herald. | New Ori.e axs , Feb 8,1842. Failures ?n New Orleans?Banks?Bankrupts?State nf Things. Mn. BIKSITT :? BEAK SIR :? The grand s ruggle is over?the financiers are ont-financiered. After a hard fought battle, in which the financiers brought to bear all their large and small army against the Legislature, they at last became discomfited, and ingloriously fled, leaving the field to the conquersrs. Yesterday the Governor signed the Bank bill, a copy of which I send you. It is an able document, and exactly suited to the oceasiou. There will be no getting around it. The Banks must resume specie payments en the 30th September, or go into liqaidation. Specie has already fallen three per cent. A number of failures have taken place?among them some of the Bank cliques. Two Bank Presidents have stopped payment, and mere are expected to go. Many other Bank Presidents must shortly fsll under the weight of the judgments recorded against them, as it will be rather difficult for them to arrange with their creditors. It is doubtful whether, in the present depressed state of the maik .t, their property would sell for one half of its worth The Merehaats' Fank will, it is believed, b the ruin of all those concerned in the purchase of it. It has been prohibited from issuing any paper until after the day fixed for resumption of specie pay ments. The Gas Bank is likewise in the same pre- u I fl lAamnnt A Kmit Ansa kmlf of D-??L - ? I ' ? ? - L bably accept the terms of the Bank bill. fl There is no sale for the stock of the weak Banks, 21 nor is it probably worth much. The best stock p here is selling at rainoas rates, and every day it is J getting worse. Some twelve or fifteen commercial hoases have is stopped payment?many of them are considered a very bad failures?it is supposed, to make money li by the operation. 01 New York creditors had better be looking after ci payment, before the wife of the insolvent comes in vi and sweeps off everything. This kind of finance is u| carried on here to a frightful extent. There have rs been some instances when the wife has,after sweeping everything, been first creditor for a large ba- tb lance due her. The supreme law of the land would si no doubt pot a stop to this wholesale system, if as timely opposition was made by creditors. But w there is a nice way uf slicking over things here, ior want of dne attention and cxuminiion into insol- 01 vent estates by the attorneys employed by foreign ar creditors The husband has an right to make over hi anything to his wife, while there is existing a ail community of goods. The law only recognizes her a claim as far as sbe brought property with her in in marriage or by inheritance. It is the opinion of the it soundest lawyers here, that the Supreme Court bs would annul all judgment* ia favor of wives for w money or property given to them by their husbands, e* while they were ta business Thousands of dot in lara could be recovered from wives, wbe sre now (t lining in luxury aud extravagance, obtained by Y their husbands More anon. O. P.Q. h< urewla* Fact ?There is, says the Hartford I Eagle, a fact of grsit interest to the people of Con- ar neetieut in connection with the Assisted negroes, di The total population ef the state, by the late cen- hi ' which fcl are represented as f f" Tbers Ot incliitj)1 Aaiiitad arirosi, who bt hors been declared by the U. S. Courts to be free- hi men If the app rtionaaest bill, allowing <ne re- at prvoeatative to every 02.000, passes, the correetien which oaght to be made, coauting these 37, not as w slaves, but as freemen, will entitle the state to an la additional representative. ft W YO r YORK, MONDAY MOR Mobile. [CotTtfpoodtnee of the Herald ] Mobile, Feb. 8th , 1812. Cotton production in the South and in India ? The Currency?Mobile ? Theali icale? Fa diione. Mr.. Jamki Gohuon Biaaltt Em. : Dm SIR :? At last tome of oar plaster* hive just began to npea their eye*, at the great increased production of cotton, in the East India possessions. Last week, a convention was held by some of the principal planters in Alabama, te take into consideration,? l?t. The cheapest manner that Cotton could be raised, and how cheap it could be afforded, and l.tnded on the wharf in Mobile. 2 J. Whether it would be good policy to tax foreign manufactured cotton goods, thereby encourageiog the northern manufacturers. 3d. How long can they expect England to consume the American cotton. In answer, to the first nnrt of the first nnestion. there was no decision, for every planter had g way of his own, and it depended somewhat upon his lan Is, whether they were wood, isinglass, or marsh lands. To the second part of the first question, it was conceded that cotton conld he a Horded,and laid down in Mobile, at eight cnts per pound, lu answer to the tiei-owl question?out of twenty-seven plasters, twenty-one spoke in lavor of taxing the foreign manufactures, and five only opposed it. It was also conceded that the manufacturers of every articl - that can be produced in the United States, must be protected at ali hazards. And in answer to the third question, it was unanimously admitted that E island would c-mu tie American cottons, until he India cotton could be raised in sufficient qH .ntitirg to supply her own mills, and no longer. The I'bairman,-a planter from Wetuiupku, in a few remarks,observed,that the India possessions,in iv hich cotton c old be raised, was twice as large as the United Sta'cs, and contained over 70,000,000 of inh..b lants First?the province < f Bt-tigul, containing. 800,000 ?quur? miles, and a population ef 50,000 0(H) of souls, and seven eights ol these could lie hired for a picayune per day. Next wjs the province of .v.adniJ, containing 150,000 square miles, and 1-1,(XXI,000 of inhabitants ; and the province of It. mi bay was not to he overlooked, for although it was small compared with the rest, it wav still iarge, for it was as large as the state of New York, anil contained 0,000,000 inhabitants. These, he observed, were large enough wi.hout mention ing the numerous islands?such as Ceylon, Sumatra, See. The importation of Iodia cotton in England, in the year 1(80, was about 75,000 bsli ; in 1885, 190,COO bales, and in 1849, '.'S^SlO bales?more than trebeled in ten years. A great many good and pertinent remarks ere made upon the subject, and the meeting concluded by resolving to hold a general state convention, during the spring, at Montgomery. Our currency is in an awful condition. Our only currency is State Bank paper, and the couatry is flooded with it. Although the banks here receive and pay it oat at par, they know full well that it is not worth ten cents on a dollar, and it only requires one of the banks in Mobile xo discredit it fotr one day, and the whole concern wonld fall to the ground and bring with it destruction and desolation to the state, worse by far than the fall of the United State* Bank did to the rotate of Pennsylvania. There are very few drawera upon New York. One of the banks draws for small sums, and when large sums are wanted they give certificates of deposite St. John Powers, & Co., is the best mercantile house drawing at present; they draw on Dy ker* & Alttyne. There are very few strangers at present in the city,- of any note. Mr. Arohibal Graeie, Mr. Augustus Salter*, Mr. John Wallace, Mr. F. W. Henderson, Mr. J. D. Doremouse, of New York, ind Mr Gray of Boston. Theatricals are in full blast. Last week we had Barrett, Brown, (who played " Robert Kaeaire" 'or his benefit,) and Mr. llackett, who of course Irew full houses. Next week the Seguins, with Manvers, open with " Norma we are also to tave La Gazza Ladra, and the Postillion, which will give a better gaiety to the place. Could you not send Knapp down here 1 He would b<> well received and is much needed. He would have a first chance?the water in the river is warm. One of oar fdshionable gentleman is ibont to give a large party. I may send you full particulars. - Creole. Mobile, Feb. 10, 1842. CoUtm and Trade in Mobile?Banks? Theatrical*? Temperance Abjugations. Fames Gordon Bsk.vett, Esq, Dear Sir :? In perusing your paper of the 31st January, my ittentien was attracted by a letter from one of your sorrespondents, that contains more blunders and nore palpable absurdities than 1 bad supposed mold have been put together iu the same number if words. Without stopping to enquire whether ' money" itself, or the " love of it," is the root cf ill evil, I will endeavor to set yi.ur correspondent igbtupon several matters, of which he displays a nott laudable ignorance. In the first place, then, the receipts of cotton this rear have not far exceeded those of last, and whethir the demmd has bean batter or not, can easily te determined, from the fact that the stock on hand iow is less by 6000 bales, than at the same period ast year. ' .One cause of cotton keeping up so (Mr. J. F, ills us) is the enormoni rates at which exchange s ruling on all points." Granted ; b it when, vithin the last twelve months, has J. F. or anyone ilse, known exchange on New York to role as high it 20 per cent?or.^40 day bills, as he calls them, to te 17 or 18 per cent?never. The highest point at vhick cheeks have been said since the 1st July, 841, is 17 per cent.; and even then this ruinous ate lasted but one day. Mr. J. F. further tells us, that the high rate of xchange is " a good and sufii lent reason for our aerchauts not meeting their liabilities " There is 1 repudiation lor you, witn a vengeance, there i? pretty cyctem to comnaence upon. What ! beause I made a mieealcnlation, because I hare not eceived enough for my good*, are you from whom lirebased these goods to suffer t Is a man's prolise nothing?is his credit nothing, that either can e laid aside at eoaveuiencp, perchance with the imsy excuse, that exchange is ruling as high as ) per cent. No, t?ir; there are few, very few srsons here profeeing the peculiar doctrines of . F. The idea of yoar banks suspending to cave onrs, 1 i really too ladicrou* to pass by without having < good hearty laugh. It is an idea worthy the pro- r fic imagination from whieh it emanated; and its riginater will certainly, at some future day, beime the Secretary of the Treasury, always pro- t ideC. that he does not in the mrantiraeuse himself !> in his efforts to cause your hanks to saspend, or 0 itherto "pull at the same end of the rope." " The fact of their su-pending, so as to relieve , ic South and West, wen't injure their standing d ly?will it 1" Oh, no, not at all, of course not, I i Mr. Dawkinaused to observe?not in the least r ith persons holding the same opinions as J F. , lam very norry that your correspondent "for 11 ie, would prefer the suspension of your banks," n id more particularly so, as he appears to have set n a heart so much upon na objeet that might ?o ea- u ly be accomplished, if a few would only deviate very little from the atriet course of honor and 1 tegrity. Why, look at it?the request is modest, ? can make but little difference. ' Let your it inks refuse to pay specie; tkat puts us on a par ith you?we won't have to pay 20 per cent for . ichsege!! It is true yon will for what foods yon " iport, hut that is no matter. Yeur citizens may * limbic and become clamorous, but that is nothing. I' our banks may bo in a perfectly sound and r althy condition, bat what of that, will not we be * nffitted thereby 1 *' Mr. J. F, is rignt ia saying that yoar monetary o: tides are looked to with a great deal of .contimee; but I am quite sure thev would not be so if d i had the compi ation of them It There appears to be very little doing here in the d isiness way, althcngh the transactions in eotten A ive been very extensive for a .few days past, and " rather better prices. ? In the gay world there is but little going on that > ould prove interacting. A large ball " came off" it st night, and, as usual, it waa amended by all the e ir oaas ef ear city. I could mcntioa ccreral, but C RK E NING, FEBRUARY 21. 1 where there were so mujr, it would appear mvui ous to particularize. Theatrical* are brightening up. London Asaurance hud a good and prcfiUbie iuo, and at it close J. S Browne took n benefit to the tune of $1000 To-night, for the fir?t time, we hare the "Grand Opera," with the Segnin*, Manrer*. &c. The opera ehocen for the ereniag ia Norma, and it will doubtless draw a crowded and fashionable audience The great temperance reform has at last reached here, end is working it* way with the greatest rapidity. Teetotalisin is all the rage, and although the reformed drunkards do not speak for i themsclrcs. still, 1 Hssure you, that a spirit has i been awakened within our goodly city, that would i do honor to Father Matthew himself. I Sinee the seeond of the month,applications for i the benefit of the " Bankrupt Law," have been nu- i merous, and from the appearances of our paper?, 1 I should suppose there was an immediate prospect of tbeireessation. On the appearance hereof one of my former com- i muuicetions to you, some person calling himself < " Quid,' became immediately possessed with a i " holy horror" that Mobile should contain a " cor- i rc.p >ndent of the Herald," and he forthwith fur I nished for an obscure print here, an article, teeming with abuse oi you in particular, and your cor- i respondents in genera', and this, too, in language that Would make a Billingsgate woman proud to i welcome such anab'e coaejdtor as " Quid,'1 For ray own part I care little tor his slander, and less for himself; and can only ?ay with Poitia?" God made him, so let him pass for a man." Exchange an your city has of late keen freely offered, and there appears to be a disposition among the drawers to sell as fast as possible at the following rates:?Sight checks 13a 131 ?30 day bill* 11?a 12^?00 dav bills 10 a 10J, Yours truly, Van. Baltimore, fCor<rs|>OBdeu^eur the HeniU'.l Baltimore, Feb 19, 18d2. '/'/? wrecked 1 ~es$*l? Currency Meeting? Ntw Thentr ical Move, d*c. Mk. Editor ? Information has been received at the Exchange Reading Room*, t1 at the barque Francis S antou, before reported ashore to the Sooth of Cape Henry, tvjs itill in the condition in which she was left by the prewousaecount The survey had recommended the cargo to be discharged; in pursuance to which, about one-third had been placed ashore, on the evening of the 15th; bat a severe rain coming on daring the night, and no means to protect them h it the ship's sails, which were then to be unbent, it was supposed the goods would receive great i-jury. Toe vessel was rolling in her bed, with two feet water in her hold, her rudder and fore foot off, and no probability (aa stated by the agent of the i under writers, from whom the above information is | derived,) of her being got off. t A large meeting of the retail dry goods m. r 1 chants was held on Thursday evening, to consider I again the depreciated currency. Mr. A. arose and stated, in a very good nnrured manner, that they < had come together in a family way, and he hoped I each one would be willing to perform hi* part of the labor. Mr L in fo.lowing out his remarks, ob served, that as they bad come together in the fa. . mily way, be hoped their labor* would not prove ' abortive, but bring forth something substantial, shaped and proportioned to meet the exigencies ot < the occasii n Chs. J. H?t, a prominent member i f all such gatherings, was also in the crowd, and afforded raanjr sharp tallica of wit, eareasm and I humour. He is good at prognostics?knows a good I deal??ays what he does know, and makes his ar- < guments plain as the nose on his face, whieh by the < way would be peculiarly striking The meeting,af* 1 ter much form, adjourned to meet again on Thu.a- J day next. Burton and Mia* Clifton, manager* of the Holli- i day Theatre, have advertised to take half price for admission each night after the first piece shall have r been performed. This is a capital, though novel > move in oar city, and will, I think, meet with gene- 1 ral lavor. f The only application for the bank.nptlaw jester- r day, was Richard J. Jackaon, manufacturer, from t the county. Nothing of material interest was done 1 at either of the courts, nor was there any thing of c moment at Annapolis. The weather has taken another thange?it it now warm and delightful.? There is no variation in exchanges. Yours, Roderick. Harrtsburg. ICorrcspoadtnce of the Herald.) HaqaisBi-Ro, Feb. 18,1342The Bank bill ia still nnder consideration, and will be perhaps for the next week if not mom Since Tueiday last, the member* of the Senate have keen very bueily eng tged defining their positions, and nearly all who have jet epoken on the subject have declared for an immediate resumption; the ' honorable Speaker, and Mr. Gibbons who reported the new bill, being as jet it* onlj advocates or defenders. The question seems from, the arguments of Senators, to resolve itself into this?a resumption now or never. Allow the banks to continue in a state of suspension sad tbej will never be will ling to resume, and the longer they thus continue, 1 and the more privileges they enjoj, the more wilt t they bring the people into subservicncj to them, ^ until at last it will be almost impossible to eompethem either to resume or wind up their affairs. Postponing the period for the resumption, csn he 1 but postponing an evil that must sooner or later 1 visit us j and the longer it is pent up the more for- t cible will it come upon us when it docs coine. There appears to be a firm and unflinching deter- ' initiation on the part of a majority of the 8 natc, to t compel the banks to resume, let the result be as t disastrous as it maj- The crisis must come, soon- t er or later, and they feel disposed to meet it now. ? The Lower House has been engaged for tbe few a past days on raiher sectional and unimportant busi- c ness. To day a resolution was offered suspending I the operation of executions upon tbe debtors to such i banks as refuse to resume, unless tkey go into li- t quid at inn. it was pretty warmly and lengthily dit- " 1 cussed on second reading, bat finally referred to a i select committee. The weather is now very cold and severe, but it a matters little only so it does not freeze our fashion- i sbles, as parties, soirees, etc etc , are cow tbe or- I der of the day. 1 Buffalo. . [Correspondence of the Herald.] f BurraLO, Ftb. 1-1, 1812- b The Weather?Effect* of the Bankrupt FMio?Finun ' fin ing and the Currency?Early Navigation and _ the Steamboat Monopoly?Religion anil Morality? f< Temperance?Ball*?Parlies, ft. 1 J asics Goudow Beswett, Eiq. ". Dkau Sin a, After an unavoidable silence of some weeks, 1 igain snatch a few moments from my basinets to *' :onverse wiih you and your numerous readers about f0 natters and things in general, as well as to give you m i glance at some of the doings iu our great and beau- m iful " city of the lakes." * The weather among our citizens appears to be ne of the leading topics of the times, and of course hould be tSie first consideration of your corresponent. We have had very little snow this winter in lutFalo, ar.d those who enjoy ihe pleasures of a mer y sleigh ride, or di light in the realities of an old ' tsbioned winter, such as I have witnessed farther orih, or even in the " beach woods" of Peonsylvaia, have been sadly disappointed. Our lake and arbor are entirely Irea from ice, and, if business ro- I'1 uired it, I have no doubt navigation might be reamed without the slightest obstruction to impede . I have been a resident of this city for six years, nd the only inconvenience I have experienced durtg that time has been occasioned by the extreme C? rventyof our winters, aad the keen cutting wiada ^ om our inland seas. Nothing of-the kind has been xperienced thia season; but on the contrary, the ma reather has been bland, mild, and salubrious, and ' ven our" oldest inhabitants" have no recollection l f ?uch a winter. For some time previous to the lit instant, a good eal of anxiety waa manif ated by our citizens, (at gin ast those who wiah to avoid poring their honest ebts,) in reference to ihe fate of the Bankrupt law. l repeal of this law was anticipated by a large po:- ID< on of the people of this city, and general gloom ali nd despondency seemed to pervade the bosoms of lost of our " rich speculators ' of '36 aad *36 Tbii i the clans of gentlemen, so far as our caty is con e*' rmed, who havs been most active in petitioning Th 'ongreaa for a law to enable them to cheat their ?h< [ERA 842. honest creditors, wnose money and property met * have squandered in all sorts of reckless speculation-, , linanciering, high living, knavery and rascality; in many instances, leaving those who have helped ' them to thouaanda of dollars without a penny in th< ' world! 1 do not say it is ao in all cases, but Iroin , iny own observation, I could point out numerous in . stances where men have been robbed of their last dollar by a set of knaves who have done nothing t< r the general prosperity of our city! I am not pre- 1 pared to say that the law is unjust, but 1 believe it | to be so. The benefits resulting from it, however, ' may overbalance its evils, and enable many honest men who have been unfortunate in business to take a new start in the world and become good aud use fit I citizens ; but after all, as 1 look upon it. I believe it will open a channel for the most magnificent sy* tem of trsud ani villany ever practised in this coun In reference to financial matters, I bnve but little to say. Our city is still infested by a miserable set nf financiers who are determined to live upon the inJustrious portion of our oitiz-ns. I allude to a certain clique who have had the management of many of the " red dog" banks. Some of these individuals, however, unless they use great care will bring up at Auburn, the beautiful residence of beiter men. As ( usual, at this season of the )ear, money is scarce, l ami hut very little business in the way of trade is { doing. Our piper currency is principally made up ( of Canada and eastern funds? little or no western money being in circulation. Ihe time is coming, I apprehend, when, if we have paper money at all, it will be worth its, previous to which, many of , the banks now in existence, will be 1111011" the ' things that were. A general revolution has oeen ( commenced in the financial world, and nothing but | a general explosion, in my humble opinion, wi 1 im- | pede its progress. We must ccme to it, and the sooner it takes place ihe sooner we may expect a J healthy state of affairs in this country. J Krom present indications an early lake and canal , navigation may be looked for. Indeed it has already j been commenced at Cleveland and some of the other | western ports. Several new steamboats will make their appearance here in the spring, and whether an efficient opposition will be commenced, I am not prepared to say. Such an arrangement, however, lias been in contemplation. The combination has been re formed, and many of the old boats, some of which, comparatively speaking, are worib nothing, have been taken in, at high valuations, for the benefit of the owners, Hnd to keep them from the apposition line should it be started. A regular opposition line started by capitalists, would pay well, 1 have no doubt, daring the comin? season, and add much to the life and business of Buffalo and all the western cities, as well as be a source of incalculable benefit to the travelling public. But to warrant success, men of wealth and enterprise should embark in it. Religion and piety at the present time in this city appears to be 00 the wane. We have had no protracted meetings during the winter, and many who " taok up the cross" a year ago, are now in the ranks of the " evil one." We have a great many moral people amongst us whom I consider our most re'pectable citiaens. I admire sincere and true piety, )ut I cannot but despise hypocrites and religious pre- l enders. tne temperance cau?e continues to 11 >uri*n nere, ^ ;ven though many who were its early advocates (| lave seceded, and come to the conclusion to ^ " Kill the gohlbt again." h however, I am happy to know that many among he "greatest and beot" of our citizens " Have thrown the bowl aside" tnd bid fair to became ornaments to society, and in P many instances, benefactors to their fellow men- C Many brilliant balls and parties have taken place tiere during the whiter, and several marriages in , High life are said to be on the ttpis. A grand mill- ,, :aty ball is to be given at the Eagle street Theatre r, >n the 22 J, which will be the most fashionable af ? air of the season- Also, on the 4th of March, at M he same place, a splendid fancy ball will come oftrhe dresses for the occasion are being prepared, a nany of which will be unique. (: Ttie Herald, for some time past, has not been very v gularly received by your aubsenbera here. Where (, s the blame 1 It ia the first and almost the only ( s'ew York paper sought for, and its non-arrival so ? frequently, is a source of tnuch regret to your numcnus patrons. Mr- Hawks, your agent, is doing T nuch for its circulation in this city, and as soon as t! he spring business commences he will doubtless tl loubfe his sales. Yours, See. S- j, a Boston- d I Correspondents of llvt Herald.] t Boston, Feb. 17, 18l2. q Monty Market?Hon- Abby Folsom, Esq., A' C. H ^ and K- C. B.?Elder Knajtp and Brother Kirk? s Theatres, fyc. i There is nothing particularly strange or wonder- I ul at present on the tapis in this city. Some are J JUtily ringing ha changes on the searcity or ligh'a t less in the money market, while others declare the < 'root of all evil," is as plenty as it ever was, and | is easy to be got on good security. But I take tround between the two, and declare money a cash I irticle, and to be had forits equivalent in labor and f merchandise as readily as at any time prerions, 1 nhtn milters and] thingi ton e in exactly the same a 'fix" as note." tl Abby Folsom is the greatest lion we now have. H SUtr Knapp is completely distanced by her. She j, las lately interrupted the fathers ef the Common- t vealth at the State House, and was forcibly eject- > >d from the halls of the hjtsic, and when out, com- * in need speaking from the steps of the Capitol? k'esterday, she made an ineffectual attempt to en- i er the galleries, and thea descended into the ves- ' ibule, delivered heiself of an indignant speech, and r ben took a" lunch" at the stand where the mem- a iers buy their " Masses candy." Abby is mltegehtr a singular woman?talented and tonquey, as p i 1 women are. She has a copious flow ol language, 2 ind quite a sprinkling of the sarcastic Very few if the members of the house eia hold a candle to n ler, and 1 think they would be of about as much f. lerviee to the Commonwealth, if they spent their oi ioas in listening to her harangues, as they are likey to be in passing camel corporations, and nutho Cl izing marriages between blacks and white. n Elder Knapp is ^till forth here to good ft ind quiet audiences, ar.d has succeeded in convert- al ng quite a number of sinners. He handles the Jniversaliits without gloves, styling them a God- g est, prdyerless, worldly people, preaching smoo h t> hings, aod crying peace when theie is no peace, rn Ls proof that they do net believe what they pro K ese, he relates an anecdote of the practice which hey adopted in your city during the prevalence of C lat dreadful mulady, the cholera. He statee that * hey dared not venture out of doors ia the morning " riihout a bottle of caiffphor in their pockets, for P Bar they should get to heaven before night. How " >ng the Elder's eonverts will "stay put," I will P ot pretend to say. There is some talk of getting fiem insured, but it is feared It will be " no go," i na responsible office will tike the risk. a' Brother Kirk is also here, doing a quiet business, nd, it is said, n safe one. Success to him Amen. . It is rumored that the Tremont Theatre closes j >n <r goodtnis ween. i no i,oru grant mat (he ru- gu or may prore true, for the pocket* of tha poor anagtra hare bled long enough It i* aiao *aid pr new theatre i* to be arreted daring the anmaier ir J. 8 Jonci, late manager of the Tremoat. loi 7___________ Ei Hartford. (Correspondence of th? Herald.1 ? Haarronn, Feb. 17, 1842. ?Jj I'hig Stale] Convention?Cminowi Fracture of the fn Liberty Pott?The Soap/ockiane?Van Zandt? q* Blighted Hopee?Women'* Froeke?Autograph Letter of Box. r, can BawjinTTan In the word* of Addison's play of Cato,? w The morning lower'd " And heavily brought en the day, Big with the fate of Ilinman .and of fratt. In other word*, 'twas a doll day for .the Whig invention, which haa ended iu the nomination of ?,'present Gorernor fer reflection, but a new in for Seeretary of State. N. rhe faet is .there has been a splitjatnrng the ligs. The present Secretary, and a few more W inhere of the eld Hire, abandoned it some time ce, bat the swarm was to feeble that they could Ki t organise into a body of any importance, and *ir pany efl <rts to establish a distinct individu- do ty of esistenee, hare only serred to make tkem iremely ridiculous, and to furnish the old whig ua, ropaigners with a ceaseless fund of amusement, in present seeretary owed his last election to ,10. ter good nature, which snppressed the indnl- Ere LD. 1 =?u Prlr.? Two C<MI !<uceol very legitimate diagual at hu uiigrtlefnl eturn for jut favor*. The preient nominee for iccretary i? Daniel P. Tyler, a lawyer ?f Rrookyne. He ii not, perhaps, like Yorick, " a fellow >f infinite humor," but he has aorne jesting about lim. and he employed hia "quipj end hi* quiddiici" in n ump oratory in behalf of General liarriaon. He went to the Baltimore Convention and tot his pocket picked ef come three or four hundred dollar*? of the mention of which he made capital at the Bunker Hill meetiug, by ahewrng hia cut packet anil charging the loaa to theraacalJy locolocos. The present treasurer resigns, and the nominee for the ( Hi c haj sustained the duties of it heretofore He was formerly a loeofoee, though not a very rabid one, and tvaa offered the support (f the wn g', (which here amount* toa gilt of the pout) if he would jain their rank*; bat a* this would have been rather too bread a piece c f apoatacy, he laid by a little; however, eonvietton of the r ght aide uppcrmoit quality of Hartford whiggery having at length posataaed hiaa, and the scales of lncof?eoi?m having fallen frooa hi* eyes, he ia to be the next treaaurer. While the Convention was held, the liberty pole which aurmounted the I'nion 1UI1 with the fla-i flying, suddenly broke, which has afforded* rich topic of a port to the democratic pre** of this uity. as you Know every thinz, can yon ,1'avor your l>atrous herewith an account of (he distinctive ottume of the different colleges of (he United States? The students (so called) ot the Washington College in this city, are distinguished by the length and fantastic arrangement of their ?< aplocks, and*soine who arc more than ordinarily amlitious of the asinine baccalaureate, court the growth of mustachois, and (as if in defiance of :orpnral presidential chastisement) they carry dubs, with one of which a man of less strength ban Hercules, might essily s'ay a Nema-an Lion iinmer wrote the llliad; Camoeas, the Lusiad; Peter Pindar, the Louaiad; Voltaire, the Henriad; Pope the Dunctad; why docs not some aspirant for >oetic fame invoke the God of Dullness to his aid, ake these young gentlemen for his heroes, and vrite the Slultiad! O >e word ubont yourself. It was buxzed about and the buz excited almost as much interest aa he Hex) that you were to be at the dinner given lere to the latter; and great 1 assure you was the iisappoiutmcnt lelt at yonr non-appearance; nor vas our chagrin diminished by the unwelcome y our ul>-rnee yy us caused by those niiictmt uu lor libel. Why do not some of your New York niantu*nakers originate an improvement in Itmale dieas, ind instead of the modern frock, bring out si mehiog on the principle of the gown oar good old ;randmothurs yvore. Those woithies could drean hemselvcs, but our women mint hare some one u button or hook their frocks behind. 1 yritnessed laughable scene the other day. Entering n room at her unexpectedly, where there were four ladies, achuttered an involuntary scream, and flrd tow ornrrofthe room, where they stood wi.h their acks to the wall, motionless horror I conld ot dirine what it meant; but ultimately one of hi m fainted, and the others ell ran to her assisince, when I found the cause of the catastrophe rasthat none of their frocks were buttoned or ior>kcd. Yours, faithfully, Nemo. IasponrANT taoss Texas.?News from the remblis to the 5th inst. has been received at New Ir.'eans It is interesting and important The new revenue law is the principal item. ^ VVe re no allusion to the resolution for snnt x?ng Texas > ths United States General Hamilton, who has i-aehed Austin by this time, is said to be bearer f projects for coloniziug the vacant lands of Texas lith thousands of emierants from Europe. The Texian, of the 25:h of Jnnnaiy, says:?" We ie gratified that the late treaty, entered into by eueral James Hamilton, on the part of this Goernment, and Lord Palmcrston, on the part of treat Britain, concerning the suppression of the lave trade, has been ratified ey our Goverwient.** A New Orleans paper siys:?We have e pr ate letter from Gen. Leslie Combs, assuring as he authenticity of the following, which we find i? he Galveston GjZ'Uc of the 1st inst.?" A letter as been received from on board ihe ship Austin t Sisal, dated January 18th, stating that Corrmoore Moore hid gone to Merida, and while there, he Lieutenant in command of the ship became acquainted with the fact of the rc-anion of Yueatae vith the Central Government. Apprehensive that Horn Moore might be detain, d as a prisoner, he leized the Mexican Ministers as they were retnvnnp, and determined to detain them as hostages anil the arrival of the Commodore. He, however,, loan after received a letter trom him (Com. Meere) liming inn ne wouin return to tie *n,JP in unay wo, and ordering the release of the Commisaiouir?, among whom, on the part of Santa Anna, were reneral* Lcmm and Anaya, hitherto supposed to >e the most honest men among the federalists " Regarding the Texian prisoners, a letter from 'resnilln. dated Dreember 5, received by Colonel thndea, Unit-d State* Consul at Galveston, nay* hat,at that place they reeeived very kind treaticnt. A subscription wii made of about #4011, and good supply of *hoe* and blanket* b.mght foe hem. The writer of the letter gave toward* the nbtcription #50, and the fame amount to Colonel look, for himseif nnd broth -r officer* Orders iad been given by the government that they he reatcd kindly. The prisoners had two day*' re*t n Zacatecas, and it was said that $1000 were suberihed for them there. Yonng Combs ha* been liberated. Santa Ana cnt for him, and gave him bis libe-fy, quite unextectcdly to everybody. He wa* cs>nd eted to the Minister's upa'tments and placed under h proection, by Sant.i An*'* order*, arid in his own ear' iage. The other prisoner* are yet in chain*, and Tf all made to work in the street* The following were among the list of resolution* aised at an immenic meeting in Houston, ea the 8th January last : ? Resolved, That this community will promptly co opeits in uny measure* adopted by the government in rercnce to our Mexican en- mies, whether they shall be ff nsive or di-fensive in their character. Resolved, That the regimental and company officers ommanding the militia of Harris county, be recomlendcd forth with to appoint nnd hold etrly drill* and rrado, far the purpose of militmy instruction-. and intthi'citi/ n*oMier*b? r. ipiei'.i f to turn ont with lacrity, to carry that purr in'oiirct Rcolved, That om a in. tliisins friends in the 17. late* bo r.siured 01'our gratttudi (or tt.e interest they avr on *11 occasions lnHoifetted in our ranse. and iore particularly in tbe i<c nt sad fate of the S.iuta e expedition. Account* fiom Austin tve-e up to the 2Mb ult. oo^ress was to have adjourned og the 31st, but it 'a* supposed that the express sent by lien Iluieilin arrived previous to that lime, nnd caused a nstponemcnt of the day, as the General and the elgian Minister arc said to hav h id impnrtAt eenniarv oilers to make to that b >dv iu behalf of ic Belgian Government. Ami>n? the arts fait d l?y the present Conereao e the following:? An Act to provide for the erection of Penitentiary An Act to n prnl an Act entitled an Act for prohibitg forced Hill" ofeljV'f. Joint resolution requiring the Secretary of State te pond the printing the laws in the Spanish lanaunge.. An Act to provide for the ramam and rctcnc of T> xta* iaonerv. An Act to repeal the law a authorizing the five million r, and for other purposes. An Act authorizing the P.u?id?nt to Imme F.vhsqner II*, and to declare what ahall be received ia pay event taiea and dutiea on imports. ,* We understand that Gen Houston, to whom tnU Anna otvti hia life and liberty, and acVnovrtIgca great obligation*, ha* written to him for a ank avowal of hi* intentions, adoring to settle th? lestion either by negociation or irmi. Gen If., ia laid, offers to meet him in the valley of the necee with one Texian for every three Mexiina. and let the remit decide the fate of Texas, id there ia not a man in the country who ia unfiling to second the proposition or he one ef the biters of the dispute. Bankrupt Met. NORTHERN DISTRICT OK NF.W VORK Philo H Perry, Auburn, Mirch If; Htory Sherman srkey. March 21; bather Marsh, flaliaa, do; Lyman nowleo, Delhi, do ; Alanson Tubhs, Watrrtown, do , eil M D Lathrop, Syracu?e. Mareh l?; Luke F Pepr, Little Kail*, Mnrch 10 ; H-nry Thomson, do, da ; nry McKay, do, do; Albert H R'ldd, Slillwaterdo , illiam O Miller. BuffMo. March 21 ; OeorgeR CIark, lea, March 10 ; Shub*l Ifnbbell, Sangeralleld, de ; hn Maaon, Utira, do; William L Cowan, tTtioa. de ; ball W Mall, do, March l?, Harlow ffrgur, do, do ; nmbull Smith, do,do ; Benjamin Not! Albany,Mareh - William O Board man, do, do ; H? Iveater T Cart, de, | George It rnaeli, do dv ; William Russell, de. <lo ; o T Clark, do, do. Henry Nichols, do. do ; Ilenrw lol-nm, do. to ; R'-nb -n M Van Sichte, do do; Wit n 8-r?i?*. Florida, do ; Samuel Kilbnum, Meets, rah IB: Thomas McMurrar, Buff'lo, March tt , inn Lowia, Black Rock, do ; Elliott Harwell, Bull ile, Abraham Poet, Alexander, Mareh 92; Boeben S sot t, Byron, do.

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