Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 22, 1842 Page 1
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|: TH J Tab TH.?Wo- 339 ?Wholi 9000 S?W LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ~~ I To tailfrom Naw York on th? TSth. and Liverpool m ibelSth I m. ' iraowNaw Blip R09CIU8, Captain Joliu Collins. adth Nor. Ship UPDONS, C?i>tain E. B. Cobb, *#th D?c. Ship ShEKIUAN. CupWiu K. A. Depeyetee, 9Sth Jan. WupOAREICK.Cai-Uiu vVm. Shiddy,asth bob. KlWM LlVlCltrent.. skip sheridan.C .plain *. A. Dtoey star. lSth Not. Sip OARRJCK, Captain Wm. SknUy, Up. Doc. Ship KOSCIUS, CapUtu Jol.o Collins, 13th Jan. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E.B.Cobb, 13th Feb. Tmoc ahipa arc all of the rirst claos, upwards of lOOOtoaa.ballt In the city of New York, will, inch iinprovotucnu a* ceinbiua Foatapeed wilt. uhuoukI comfort for paserngera. Erery care haabecn takcuiu Ihc arrangement of their acceuimodaUona. The prieeofpajaageheac i* $li?o,fir which ample stores will be prorrdea. Teieae ahipa are commanded by etperienced maoUra, who will make every evertion to giro general aauaiac lion Neither the captain* or ownera oftheoe ships will be respond Me lor any letters, parcel* or packages sent by them, tinleoa re I Bit bilia ol lading areaiiill'.l therrfor. he ahipa ol this line will hereafter go armed, aad their peeu construction ;iie(thtn security not poaacaeed by any other bat rc.aeU of war. For freight or iMiaage,apply to " ? /-hi i ,v?i v co.u South at.. New York.orto **" *" " \VM!*i"jA9. BROWN It COn Liverpool. I Letter* by the packet* will he chanced 13) cents per single *h??t: SOreutaperonnre. and newspapers 1 t ent eech. la y FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NKW YORK LINE OF PACKETS n n ^ 1 ForTh^Ielter accommodation of shioper*, it i< intended to despatch a ship from this port on the lit,5th, 10th,15Ui, 20th ami 23th of each month. c?utme-vein< the Itth October, and eootiouine uolil May, when regular days will be appointed fat the remainder of the ye ir. whereby (rent delays and dmnp pointmeuts will be prevented during the lumreer mouUis. The feUowing ships will commence thin arrangement hip T AEOO.Caut.Coruell, loth Oct. 1541. Ship OOONEE.Capt Jackson, 15th Oct. Ship MISSISSIPPI,< last. Milliard,20thOct. Ship LOUtSVILLE, C <pt. Hunt,35th Oct. hip SUYKSPK.ARE, Capt. Miner, IstNorember. , fcip QA9TON, C uf Latham. 5th Nor. Ship HUNTS VILLE, Sept. Mmfilord. loth Nor. Ship OCMULOEF., U ipl Leavitt, 15th Nor. Ship NASHVILLE, Capl. Dickinnon.aoih Nor. Ship MEMPHIS. Capt. Kniuht, SSth Nor. Ship LOUISA, ('not. Mn'ford. lit December. These ihip* were all huilt in the nty of New York, eiprresly for packet!, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been newly coppered and put iu splrudtd order, with accommodations for pttaengera unequalled for co nfort. They are commanded by experienced muter*, who will make every exertion to (ire Seneral latulactiuu. 1 hey will at all time* be towed up and own the Miaaiaaippi by ateamboata. Neither the owner* or captains oftheae ?hipi will be reiponaibie Cor jewelry, bullion,praciona itonea,eilrer,or plated ware, or for any letter*,parcel or package, aent by or put ? . board *f Stem, utiles! regular hills of lading are taken fortnesame, and therihie thereon I Sa? *?'1,1,, rpasiaee. apply to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. ? South!'.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in N*w Orlenaa.who will promptly forward all good* to his address. The ships of this line are warranted u> sail puncturMy as ad| rertued, and great care will be taken to bare the good, correct |V measured. j3ly NEW YOHK AND HAVRE PACAETb. (8HCQND IJXE.) ?& M. The (Vim of thiillne will hereafter leave New York on urn Ut and Havre on ths. ?tth of each month asi follow*: J\um New Fork. Ftotn Havre. The new ihip ONEIDA, ( Ul Mwch ( 16th April Capt. Jut July jUtliAnguot Jamei Kuuek. ( ut November f 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, (lot April (ISthMay Cart J Ut August J 16 th September Edward Punk. ( lot December 116th January ShipUTICA, (lot May (UthJuue ^(lept. J lot September J Itth October Fmd'k Hewitt. ( lot January ( 1Mb February NewihipeT.NICOLAS.t lot June (lfthJuly Capt. t Ut October < 16th November J. B.Pell. t lot February ( 16th March The aceommodationo or theoe ohipo are not surpassed, com hmana all that may be required lor comfort. Thr price of ew bSpaooaee ii tiw, Paeeengen will be supplied with every teoumite, with the eaeeptioc or wince and liquor*. ^ooda intended for these vessels will be forwarded / the subscriber*. free from any other than the expenses actio),yi ncurved on them. For Agents, at ? Tontine fluildmfo. NEW YORK AND NEWARK.. flMF WWtiift iHjJflJ" u IB Fare rcdured to ?S con la. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Everyday?Bnndsys excepted.) Leave hbw Yiira. Leave Newark. At (A.M. At I P.M. Ad* A.M. Atli F.Mt 11 do 4 do *, A> W do ?| do m it I do ? d? It do ON SUNDAYS. From the feet of Liberty street Leere New York. Leave Newark. mft'ok. RWi&^od^aAHvSSi* LB' Kare reduced. rFrom the foot of Liberty stroet.diOT. Leave New York. Leave New Bruarwick. At? fctt OMXRVILLE stance connect with then* linn* each wit. fin between Nnw York and BopiejviUe, . ^ latent Do do Now Brunswick, TS cento. 1 BBS*-. JfSSS Tit fan in the 7} A. M. train from Nrw Bronewiek, and l| IV train from New York, haa beta reduced between New York and New Bruaawiek to SO cent*. 44 and Hah way t# |7| 44 The Fniladelphia mailt tne paaeea through New Br iekfot New York eveiy evenine atto'edeck. On Sunday* the Ti A.M. trip from New Brunewiek n omittad. PMSSMerewho procure their tiekstsat the ticket ofltee.iw aire a wry ticket gratia. Tiekataare raceired by theeonducttw oolv on the day when purchased. nil ?STATKN ISLAND KBEt. F?x?t ?>f Whitehall TWaleanier BTATEN ISLANDEK ~~ ~' leeaaaa Buten laland Leaves Whitehall At o'clock a.m. At o'clock a.m. "It " "II - " " 1 m p.m. "8 y.m. " a* " H " M I ? " l? M On Sunday there will be two boat* to run. Tha loot boat oaree SUten hland at ( o'clock, r. u. oa geayn.. 9CIeHCK.('apt. J C. Allaira, will commence running on Saturday, Sept. SStli, ae follows:?leare kniton Market slip, Eari River, every Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tuesday, Ivedaeeday, and Friday at 8 o'clock A M. Returning, leaves Red Bank every Moodav morning: nt 10 deck aTm.: Tuesday,Wedneoday, and Friday, at half-poet ;t o'clock P.M. The boat will run to above until further notice, navigation mi weather perm it ting. o80m* T. POWELL k CO.'B LINE. ?? BtlR MIWRtlBllU run c1m3* wELL'S."w EST ' POi nt"" aNd c01.D 15BLHPRING-The steamboat HIGHLANDER lapt. Robnrt Wardrop, will lease the foot cf Warren street ??w Yerk.erery Monday. Tprt *Jay and Saturday afternoon's t 4 o'clock. Returning.the Higti.i>i>.er will i??>e .sewburgh ytry Monday morning at I o'clock, anu Tuesday and Friday for freight or passage, apply to tha Captain on board. N. B. All ban age and freight of erarr description, bank rfu orspeeie. pufon board this boat, must be at the risk of tha enters thereof, unless a bill of lading or reeeipUs signed for aisa? aegl ^nr- old line o> Liverpool fackets.Regular Packet of the l*th February ?The favorite BHUu very fast sailing packet ship ENGLAND, (.'apt. i". LWwte will sail positively on Saturday, tha l?lh of Feb. *The*eccommodatioas of thia tiee for cabin, 71 cabin and iteerage passengers, are well know a to be superior to any thee, and thnae arout to embark should maku early appltcaon on board, foot of Berkman street, r to ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. U Fulton st. neat door to the Fulton Bank. Persons desirous of sending to the old eountrv, for their tends, can heee tb?m brought out in the ENGLAND, tiling front Lrserpcol on tho Tth of April, or in any of the lips comprising the old line, sa.ling from there punctually l the 7lh and IItit of every month. For passage apply as tote f H EW TURK AND LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE Of PACKETS. Jfc mk JSl lAlETNqnro ANT^UOM LTWRFOOL WEEKLY. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, Ns 01 South street, New York. PHE inn mucins his imnMh fi?eb? ? *?* '*?.?* *r~ ? >M >GW XutT,h' ^?tTi,nr2 ^u ?& thJ ?K who wad for thnr Cod. ?5r?? ^'.Pr". fj??T i ?* nad d.iattx .???i,?iTSl STE?.?Tj"t2i^?V, ?cnU lj? tl>o- tnt for, m wall ? OlM(^ iL K^rVS??^ Tht aobrenbar fcclo a P^??iia^^ji^owii*?t H*'!?**' n? bv which hi. paracngrra came out dor'ST^TlIw 17J? hwh 1 ?? iiwb fii'ral ,'iefaetioo. and iK.ii.CT. y?ar> 1? eiteaued and concluded hia Qim uli^f^ Uao'yw ft, it a <i?t of ahipo :? *** KarMd "wfcS Child* I fcSiT ""*v" " N;w^'ork ET5jnH . Howea " Wamw riiiiiTk^ HiVrnil Wilaoo Cwe*? t tlifloo Ib^rraoll "aS fe' " iSS^iUisg ' 13? TS : s5~" . iw? . &*'Wa'ta * S. Jeokioa Seymour ' Weetcbeater Ken it rheabove Mpt, aod (heir reepeetiee r.aptiine, are all well fa?>rabljr knows lathe trade, kfne P****? f">n? the different porta of Ireland and Scot 4 im Tit^lSSES- **? *rn* furoiehed for any .mount. ,-.lue at the Natmoal aad Proelarial Bank, of Ireland, and ir reaper-tire bianchra, ami alto on Meter, J. fa W. Robin *** p* ,'roeef any chart*, throughout or further portaeolara aprlr te iSSlSUBtltettf* ml ?* tbf receipt of thfiri cwfc f|7 9t E NE1 NEW THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BYJAME3 ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., Pl'BIJSHKD EVERT SATURDAY. CONTENTS LKCTUKKI* Profeiwr VUutt'j Lecture* on Surgery, VIII. Perotilii lit 'Scleerocele'ot the Parotid lio Scirrhuf of do 116 Melsnois 116 Remuvalof the Parotid 116 Dr. Stevens' Second Lecture on Diseases of the Rectum. Division of the Sphincter Ani 116 Secondary Ha-morrhsge 117 Malformation of the R-ctum 117 Itchy Rectum 117 Discharges of the Rectum 117 Haemorrhoids US Fistulous Diseases lid Dr. Rimibotham's Process'of Parturition.' The Bony P-lvis 113 Form and Dimensions of the Pelvis lit The Foetal Skull 114 D'-formed Pelvis 114 Corpus Luteuin 116 Mr. Li>.ton'sTr;>ctiral Strg-ry' 119 Dr. Walshe on Cephalhematoma 119 Dr. Norris on Nun union after Fractures 1J0 kditorial DrrtRTHKST. Medical Movement* in New York Ml The Coroner'* 'Annual Report' Ml ' The Suicidal Mania' Mi Jefferson Medical College 132 COMMU!TtCATlo"f?. A Word about Pickwick Si.odgi ase, M. D M3 Legal Fee* of Physicians M3 ?i> nica ciiiHi:R(iiciL Rr.rOK re*. Crosby-street Clinique MS Massachurettt Qeneral Hospital. Removal of the 0? Ma.iillarr Stipeilos for a C<phalomatou* Disease 134 Second Report of the Medi:*l Missionary Society in China.?(Continued.) Intermittent Kevr.r M> Opening in the Trachea Ml Elephantiasis 131 Psoras 121 Opium Smoking 1'Jj | R? moval of thr 0< Galois l-"> Compound Fracture of Hum rus Mortification of both Feet 128 Paralysisof Arms... 120 Caae of Ouiflcation of the Coronary Arteiics, and Pseudo-membranous Formation in the Heart. ...136 Poft-mortem Examination of a Thomsonian Victim By Stephen W. Williams, M D 127 Caae of Milk Tumor Cured by Injections 137 ITKMI ?tD IKTELLIQEXCB. Annual Report of the Coroner 138 Deaths in Newark. 138 To Correspondents 138 Advertisements intended for insertion, and Books, 4'c . for notice and review, must be forwarded 't Ms office on or before Thursday of every week. New Yoau : Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 31 Ann Street, by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Agents for tlae New York Lancet. The following is a list of the Agents for the Lancet, where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers are found lor sale regularly every week, Boston George W. Redding. Philadelphia G. B. Zieber. Washington. D.C G. B. Zieber It Co. Buffalo , N. V T 8. Hawks New Haven, Conn 3. C. Mitchell. Hartford, Conn Benj. Newbury niuvuy. 11. .IWIIW, Troy. N. Y Levi Willard Lansiugburgh, N.Y Tho*. P. Richard*. Waterford, N. Y ..._J. R. Newark, N-J D. Smith. Peterson, N-J Matthew Dougherty. Worcester, Mats 8. Thompson. Norwich, Conn Morgan 8afford. Rochester, N. Y L. Moore. New Orleans John F. Curna fc Co. Jt Louis, Mo R. J. Woodward. Charleston Amos Head. Middletewn S.Dickinson. Hudson, N.Y George Clare. Savannah. 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala. John F. Cures It Co. foughkeepsie Lesi Smith. i remon j. naunsiey. Pittsburgh, Pa R O. Berford. Louisville, Kjr W. A. HalJemsn. Ctocinnatl, O C. Tobey. Wheeling, Va. J.H. Thompaon k Co. New Lemlou, Conn... L. L. Sperry. Newport Wm. A. Fry. The Lancet ia $3 per annum in advance?or 6J cent! per aingle number. Lancet Office 21 Ann ttbtct. Natal Intelligence.? List of officers ordered to the steamer Missouri at New York. Capt. John T. Newtown Lieutenants Janaea H- Ward, Simon B Biasell, J. F. Borden, William It. Renshaw. Surgeon VV F MeClenahan. Aast Sur Oscar F Baxter. Purser, Rodman M Price. Acting Master, J R M Mullaay. Paesed Mid, M (1 Peiry. Midshipmen A Deslonde, W W Low, R T Renahaw, J B Kinkhead Boatswain, R Dixon. Gnnner, J M Cooper Carpenter, Ruasell Smith. Sailmaker, Charles Harvey. Sloop Yandalia, at Norfolk. Commander, Wm Ramsay. Lieutenant*. Charles H Poor, Robert F Piaftaey, John L Ring, Richard L Tilghman, Richard S Trapier Surgeon, Daniel S Green. Aaaistaat Surgeon, E H Conway. Purser, Robert S Moore. Acting Master, Matthias C Marine. Professor of Mathematics, B McGowan Midshipmen, Charles P McGsry, John Lanrena, Thomas Flournoy, William E Hopkins, David Och ltrce, Edmund Shepherd, Copeland P Jones, Alexander ASemmra, John 11 Jennson, James L Ferguson, Wm T Burwell Carpenter, James Leekie, Sailmaker, James P Wood. Officers of the sloop of war, John Adams, at Bos tun, uuunu 10 ine coast 01 nrazii. lyounuinufr, Thomas A Couover. Lieutenant*, Henry Moor, Edward M Yard. Luther Stoddard, Henry C Flag*. Surgeon, laaac Brinckerhoff. Aaaiatant Surgeon, J Francia Tuckernaan. Pur?er, Hugh W Greene. Acting Master, Henry L Chipman Chaplain, Moses B Chase. Passed Mid, Stephen D Lavalette. Prof of Math. William Fljle. Midshipmen, J H Nones, J C Campbell, J Y McColum; J L Tillotson, E A Seldrn. A J Dallas, J B Yates, F A Roe, W V Gillies, P Spencer, R Stuart. Boatswain, W C Clark, Gunner, J C Davis. Carpenter, E. W. Barnicoat. Sailmaker, C. Frost. Orders ? Feb 7?Lient H Dareantel, rendezvous New Orleans; 8, Lieut H N Harrison, det'd from rec ship, New York: Mid H Davidson, receiving ship, Norfolk. 9?Lieuta R W Mrade and R Forrest, Navy Yard, Washington; Mids A McLaughlin and C M Morris, schr Otsego; E R Neilson, W India Squadron, Pensacola; J P McFarlsnd, receiving ship, Norfolk; H F Porter, Naval School, Philadelphia. 10?Mid Samuel Magaw, frigate Columbia, Boston. 11?Lient C F M Spotswood, receiving ship do; Mid Joseph F Day, steamer Mis oari, New York. 12?Asst Surg M Duvall, expedition under Lieut McLaughlin; Chaplain C S Stewart, leave 3 months, having returned from duty n the Mediterranean; Asat Sara EJ Ratter, ship Vandalia, Norfolk; P Mid S J Shipley, steamer Mississippi, da; Boatswain E Lyons, ship Vandalia, do ArroiirTM?xt?Feb 12th, Edward Lyona, acting Boatswain. Bkasteus at Sea, Durixu tub Fouanexx Mouth* Emdiho with Dcckmbkh, 1841.?This record has been delayed antii the present month, that a complete list of vessel* lost up to the close of tht year 1841, might be compiled. The vessels and lives known to he lost are only enumerated. Maey wrecks have been seen at sea, the fate of whose eraws it is feared will never be known. Nearly all ha** been wrecked on the ooaet of the United Stotea, and are aa followe8hipe, ? ; barques,47 ; brigs, 130; schooners,246 ; sloops,21; steamboats, 6 ; unknown, 40. Total, 667. Of this number (here were of English resscls, viz ; ?ships, 22; barques, 16; brigs ?1; schooners, 16. Total, 94 Connected with the above, the number of lives ascertained to bo lost is 6641. In addition to this melancholy list, there has been reported 28 aaissing I vessels, the whole of which, it is feared, bare gone i down to the ear a rue of the deep with all on board. How important that every opportunity should he improved to warn and eznort a class of seen, who m-if be in our midst to day, and in eteratty to-morrow It has been ascertained, froaaaa average of many years, that the nuiabei of merchantmen wreaked annually on the coast of England, amount* to upwards of five hundred ; aad the valne of property lost is three millions sterling ! IV YO YORK, TUESDAY MOl The Irjr. Oh ! a merry eld (tare far the try brare That mantle* the ruiu'd wall ; And he climhtth the ?teep ot the castle keep Till he wavea o'er the turrets talL He rooted him fait,again*t the blast, And laugh* at the cold wind'* moan ; He icoruutU to fear at the winter drear, That deckfth him then in hi* brightest gear, ho a meny old atave To the Ivy brave, Thatchaagelesaly flouritkes on 1 A vtrinlinr tree. Iust inrune had he. Kive hundred years a^one. When the young feir girl of a belted earl, Train'J hia limb* o'er the crannied atone, To abetter her bow'r in the noontiJe hour, When the summer fii-rcely tboue. But jay will share itself with care ? She died, but the true grows greenest there. So a merry old stave To the Ivy brave. That changelessly Aouriihes on'. He spreadeth the pride of hiv green, he shoots wide. O'er the chapel's roofless pile : He lovcth the haunt where the monk's grave chaunt Once roll'd through the pillar'd aisle. B iran and UmigHt, and lady bright, SI op below '.ieath the sculptur'd stone, And nothing is seen. with life I ween. But the troethat tnoumeth o'er what Hath been. So h merry old stave To the Ivy brnve, Thalchaugelesaly flourishes on. The Little Islanders. Br J iMES W. SIMWOJI. It travelling up the MisuMippi, not many years ago, I was induced to visit a little island that dots that river, trom a motive of curiosity, which, in the end, was ahuadanily oratififd- Here T found a set of people, worthy, in tinny respects, of being classed aa a ffth race ; and who. menredlv, would not have escaped the physiological nomenclature of lilurnei.bich. had he ever visited the region iu qui atioa These tieopli?(who, by the wav, were e*trein-!y hospitable)??poke a peculiar dialect? ?Inch, though not to broad as that prevailing in some parts of Knglaad. w is nevertheler# of a char acter totally di?" vet fioin that of their cor? neghbors: a:id, indeed, offered a mark by which, any one who may have conversed with them for ten minutes at u time, would as readily recognise them in ivamsuhatka aa on the sands of their own little island. They we re, moreover, as "distinguishable iu member, joint, and limb,"aa they were in other and mor- important particulars, from the reFt of the inhibitants of that vast region?where every thing seems to partake of the mmensum infimlumque of Cicero. In features these people resemble each other ao much, that at a distance it was no easy matter to distinguish them ; and, even when near, unless you were well acquainted with them, it often puzzles you to know Paul from Peter, or James from John, tor " each seemed either." This singular resemblance t xtended even to the tones of the voice, and expression of the countenance, which were precisely the same in them all, or with such slight shades of difference, that a person, meeting them severally or in different places, or hearing them speak at the sime time iu difierent rooms, would believe either that his senses grossly deceived him, or that these people were possessed of the power of ubiquity?of being here and there and every where, at one and the same moment. There was, in fact, a sort of family likeness running through the whole race?so much so, and extending so completely to alt their persoual attributes, that I often wondered how they managed to distinguish themselves, one from another, and that " the faculty of seeing thing* oiu oj rigni, as lt- juaonon vui ma lour 10 me Hebrides) gravely dtfiaes the superstition north of the Tweed, called "second eight," should not belong, of all people in the world, to these Little Inlanders, and occasion among them more terror and confusion than ever did the new step, introduced by the Empress Josephine among the ladies of Paris. A very amusing and original character was pointed oat to me among these people at the time of my visit, a sketch of whom I shall reserve for another occasion. Texna Tariff, Asr Act, supplementary to an Act, entitled " An Act to raises revenue by impost duties, approved the 5 h day of February, 1810. Fnc- 1- That there shall be levied, collected and paid, the following specific and ad valorem duties, in lien of tho?e now ptid by Ian, to wit: On flour, one dollar per barrel ; corn and corn meal, twenty cents per bushel of fifty pounds ; oats, fifteen cents per bushel nf thirty pounds ; all other grains, twenty cents per bushel of sixty pounds ; salt, ten cents per bushel of fifty pouuai; sugar, (brown,) one cent, per pound , ennVe, two cents per pound ; teas of all descriptions, fifteen cents per pound ; alsnice and black pepper, five cents per pound ; and all oiberspiees thirty-five par cent ad valorem ; sperm candles, ten cents per pound ; tallow candles, four cente per pound ; sperm oil, thirty cents per gallon ; tobaceo, manufactured, thirty per cent ad valorem ; Spanish segare, five dollars perthoutand ; American tegart, three dollars per thousand ; butter, six eents per pound ; lard, three cents per pound ; cheese, three cents per pound j chocolate, mree cents per pound ; Deet, id barrel* or othertrite, three dollar* for two hundred pound* : pork, in barrel* or otherwise, three dollar* per barrel; bacon, two cent* per pound ; pea* and bean*, fifty cent* per bushel ; rice, two cent* per pound ; pickle*, *weat meats, and all kinds of comorre*,thirty per cent ad valorem ; fruits, preservi ?, dry and green, thirty per cent ad valorem ; loaf sugar and candies, three eenia per pound ; Havana sugar, (w ite) two cents per pound ; vinegar, ten cent* per gal Ion; bar soap, three ce^ts per pound j shaving, and all perfumed soap, thirty per cent ad valorem ; porcelain and crockery ware of all kinds, thirty per eent ad valorem ; cabinet ware, and all manufactures of wood, or of which wood is the material of chief value, thirty per cent ad valorem ; all manufactures of tin, or of which tin is the material of ehief value, thirty per eent ad valorem; shoes and boots of all kinds, twenty live per cent ad valerem ; hats, of all kinds, twenty-five percent ad valorem ; lady's bonnets, of all kinds, twenty, fiva percent ad valorem ; pleasure carriages and harness of all kinds, thirty-fire percent ad valorem : read v tnide clothing and wearing apparel of all kinds, thirty per csnt ad valorem ; hardware and cutlery of all kinds{ t wentv five per cent ad valorem ; chairs of all kinds, thirty per sent ad valorem ; saddlery of all kiads, thirty per eent ad valorem ; all bouse frames, and lumber of every kind, fifteen per eent ad valorem. Sac. 2. That there shall be collected oa bagging, bale rope and twine used for peeking cotton, n duty of ten per crnt ad valorem; and fifteen per cent ad valorem on powder, lead, and fire-aims of every description; and stock of all kinds, bibles testaments, and primary school books, shall be imposed free of duty; all ether bosks and stationery, shall be subject to a duty of fifteen per cent ad valorem. Sic 3. That all the duties made payable by thn act, or anv law heretofore passed, and not repealed by this, snail be receivable in sold or silver, or Exchequer bills, any law or obligation heretofore made to the contrary notwithstanding. Sec. 5. That the counties of Paschal, Bowie, Red River, Lamsr, nnd Fannin, shall compose a collectoral district. The Collectors appointed for the distriets nf Sabine, San Augustine nnd Red River, shall be, and thry are hereby authorized to appoiat such number of deposits*, subject to the epprovnl of the Secretary of the Treasury, a* may be deemed neeeeaary for the proper collection of the revenue; and said deputies snail reeeive, for compensation, ten percent on the amount of duties collected nnd paid to tho Collector, .provided that m? am out goat not exceed nee nunarea aouari per uann The Collectors which mmj be appointed under this seetioa, or heretofore appointed, in mid districts, shall receive fire per eent on all amonata received from depntiee, aadfpaid into the Treasury, and fifteen per eent on all amonnta collected without the aid of deputing, until the comminion and feea amoant to eight hundred dollar* for eaoh Collector, in which ease, all excess of comnaisiion and fees of office shall be paid into the Treasury for the use i f the Repnblie. Should the above commission and fees fall below (he stipulated conditional salary, then, and in that case, the commissions and fees shall be in fell for salary. Sac. 9. That an additional doty of five per cant ad valorem, be collected over and above that which the law* otherwise direct, from all goods imported on foreign bottom?, with the exception of those foreign vessel* wbieh by treaty or act of Congress are permitted to enter on the payment of the domestic doty. Sac 10 That from and after the nineteenth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, there shall be laid on alf vessels which may enter ftnv nnrf nf th? Rennhlifi frnm idv ftirfiirn nort or ?~J i? "r j n- i?* ? place, a tonnage duty of sixty cent* per ton, on merchant reams, and thirty cent* on steamboats, aeeerdiag to the register tonnage. 8*0.11. That tha act shall take effect fi>sa and after the let day of Fehraary, 1942. RK E INING, FEBRUARY 22, Letter* from Small. (Corro?i>ondence of the Hcrsld.) H:o dc Janeiro, D,c. ll>, ISll. In glanci ig over the harbor from one of the surrounding heights, I hate been delighted with the proapeet which it present*. Our vessels of war forma prominent feature in the riew. The apleadid ahip Delaware, which arrived three days a ioce, i the 8ium, which came in yesterday, the Potomac, the Concord, the Decatur, and the Marion, which have been upon this station for some time, constitute a fleet which may well excite feelinga of national pride. 1 queat,on whether an equal namber of vasaela of the same grade could be telectrd from any other naval power, which" would preient ?s handsome a diaplay. They are all of them in fine order, and do'credit to their commanders. The Delaware brought out Commodore Morris and the Secretary of Legation. The feeling which has been produced upon her arrival is likely to have a very favorable influence npon government here, and to restore that friendlyintercourse which I no. ticed in one of my previons numbers hud been somewhat disturbed by the unusual course pursued by the former i Commodore. Immediately upon the arrival of the Delaware she paid the usual compliineatof saluting the fortress'and eaeh of the foreign national.vessels in port, which were promptly returned, and soon afterjtheir commanders called upon Commodore'Morris,-and expressed the highest admiration of the appearance of his ship I was gratified to see the good feeling and spirit which waa shown upon the occasion, and particularly with the courteous bearing of our Commodore, who nmi tod no attention to convince his visiles ol the gratification he experienced in their eourtesy. The next day lie retu-ned their visits respectively, and I question if another officer in onr navy could have been received with more hearty uood feeling, or produced a more favorable impression. It is but justice to Capt. Storer, who as senior officer has nad the command sine - the departure of Commodore Ridgely, to say 'hat he is qnitc a favo rite here with all with whom he has had intercourse The Delaware has b.ought out the regulations of the Nary Department, a<< established by Mr. Badger, making tome ekanges in the uniform of the officers, and other details, to -ire more character and stricter discipline to the service. I hare been omewhat amused to see the rapidity with which whiskers, raoustaehes, imperials, &c. hare disap peered, aud oar officers hare began to assume the appearance ef ciriiized beings. Some wry faces have been mde upon parting with their favorite and highly cherished ornaments, but the order being peremptory there was no alternative. Thtre is some talk of addressing a letter of remonstrance to the Department, insisting that the officers hare a right to look like babboons and savages if they choose?the opinion of the Secretary of the Navy to the contrary notwithstanding. Thisevening our American Minister will have a large and edlendid party, u on the occasion of the marriage of his fashionable daughter to a merchant of Monte Video. Great preparations have been making for a considerable time, aud for more lhan a week couriers have been posting with letters of invitation and despatches relating to the grand display. I have nodonbt it will be worthy fif the occasion and when I return, if my head is not too bewildered with the display of beauty, and the f;rasdeur of American nihility, I will try to find eisnre and brains enough to furnish you with a sketch, as it may prove interesting to some portion ?f your numerous fair readers, to whom 1 say may God bless them, and I tender to them my best wishes that the same happy lot may soon await them all. Fredericksburg, V?. Frederick-buno, Va. Fr.n 8, 1SI2. Mormonism in Virginia?Its astounding Progress? Pirsicuiion helps the Qjsptl. Mr. Benrett .? As your journal seems to be the mirror which reflects to the most distant parts of this country and the world, the maw c. intelligence collected from individual parti, mortification seizes upon me at not witnessing the moving events of our bright village chronicled therein. If you will allow one to inform you concerning the frolics of fortune, and the cabinet secrets of this place and its environs, I am the one that will do it. I will direct your gaze upon thore in the broad path oi honesty, upon those whs glide about with noiseless step to gain unholy ends, and upon the stumbling of some impatient, ambitious fools, who in a tempest are thrown to the 8uriace, bask in the sunbeam while the tempest lasts, and sink to dregs when it subsides; who, like i an exhalation, rise aud vanish. < There are some queer fish in " them digeins," J with some queer anecdotes hanging to their tails, as ever laughed dull care away, or brushed the cobweb from the brain. I can relate but one event at present, which relates to Morraonism. This is no laughing matter, as it touches upon religion, but it is our decided lion at present. Shortly after Christmas, a " latter day saint" was invited by a Camelite to lecture in the church for the purpose of giving or receiving a straitening After a dozen exhibitions of his strength, they thought he became unruly, and on motion of Thomas Jenkins, one of the co-operatiog disciples, he was " axed to quit " As is usual, persecution by a few is followed by the sympathy of many, and hit lectures afterwards were attended by crowds. f*l?a* 'til i torn to man MY. iTonpn"' i? a u[irotu/4 one, and possesses considerable knowledge of sacred hUtory, and though some were confounded, and othera were convinced, he labored some lime without inducing any to adopt his creed publicly: but a few days ago the ice was broken by the'moral courage of John H. Bunting, Esq , who openly acknowledged conviction, waa baptised before a crowd of 2000, and in coming up out of the waters poured forth an impromptu like one inspired, which shot a thrill through the bosom of all whose felicity it was to hear him.and had a tremendous effect upon the Camelites Mr. Jones has bee* for some weeks previous speakiag at the court-house. The Camelites have again lifted their mace against him, and on Saturday night, before a dense crowd, occupied the Mormons temporary pulpit; and, from docu- ( meats obtained from our " Extra Billy" in Congress, i attempted to denounce his creed. But never did a I warrior sell his life more recklessly, never did a i bull calculate so rashly when butting against a lo- < comotive, than did the Camelites in this instance j against the Mormon*. Mr. Jones did not attend, but hanJed the castle key .0 Mr. B. The mis- I take of the Camelites was, that though they were j aware of the giant intellect possessed by Mr. Reil, ; still thought they, he must tail upon such short ac- J quaintance of so defenceless a cause ; hut most la- ( minousty and ably did he defend it, and in reply to i some charge* made upon him of having denied his religion, such butpts of eloquence, boldand melting 1 rippled from his hps, aa drove some scoffers out of , the bouse ; and better would it have been for those , who made the charges to have had upen their fore- ( head a coal of fire, than to have endured his scath- | ing words, whea they tnemselves had denied the re- | ligion of their fathers, and been turn-coats of every , grade in organizing theCemelite church ( Last week, Mr. J. preached in the Universa- | list church iin Falmouth, and canard great excitement. Falmouth is a mile up the river, and is better known her# aa Hog-town, from K'a exhibi- < tion of the different breeds of hog# at Scott's corner. J It is a small village, with only one church, and ex- | cepting the various breeds of hogs, always kept on j hand by Mr. K., has little attraction. , There is no telling to what extent this Mormon J excitement will go ; if a humbug, then are we most egrrgiously humbugged, but if truth, then you must ' rejoice to see the cause prevailing. ( We have had summer days last week, and spring ] weather for weeks together, with no prospect for { ice. The gals here is very pretty. J ons S>?ITII. . t i Qrcat Robbery in Montreal ? Mr- Savage, ] the keeper of a fashionable jewelry establishment in Montreal, haa had his atare plundered of gn|d watchea and other valuable articles, to the amount \ ot ?1,600 Admission was obtained by means of false keys, daring a time when the attendants were i absent. Mr. 8. offers a reward of (tflOO for the ap. 1 prehension of the robbers. [ERA 1842. HarrWImrg, |Corrc*i>oodciice of the Herald 1 Hahmi*biru, Feb 19, 1842. The Bank* and Bank liiil ? Thadilms Sit cm*?antl Col. M'Cahtn. No action bat yet been bad upon the Retumption Bill, and will not, in all probability, (or tevt-fdl Jay*. The Senate nan Deen eneagcu ciuriiy on unimportant business, except the Hank Bill, for the patt several days. A bill was reported in the House this morning;, providing for a star of executions between the Banks and their debtors, until the banks shall resume or go into liquidation. This bill parsed a sacond rrading and will, in all probability, pass finally on Monday W e had quite a flare up in the Hnusja yesterday on this question, between Thaddeus Stevens, the great leader of the aati masonic party, and Col. M'Cihen, a democratic representative from the county of Philadelphia. Mr Stereas in the course ot his rem irks assailed the majority of the House, denominating them the federal party, and insisting that he was the representative of mid act d with the only democratic party ; and as usual, im a very cool dnd apparently pleasant manner, made some very happy bits The Coi replied to bim, und described what be believed were the principles and attributes of true democracy. He said if he knew what democracy was, it sanctioned no frauds ?its practical results was the dissemination of truth, the maimainance of virtue and patriotism, the protector of the equal rights of all ntaukind, and the security of the sacred right ef suffrage from fraud and violenee. Then, said he, if these are among the principal features of democracy, bow can he [Mr. S ] assume the name ar arrogate to himself one of its principles, in view of the ennr r -1 ? a.-- LI. - -a- ~r 1C*??> in 'Mi9 initial aTiu niocr irrn???nauic iuii ui i w, iu which he [Mr. S ] go largely participated, and which had induced the people to place upon him and those wiih whom he aet>d, ihe plain, broad, but never to be broken seal of their disapprobation Mr. Stevens replied. He bad occupied so ranch time in replying to the arguments of gentlemen,that he had not tune to hunt up vermin. [Laughterand cries of "order,* "order."'] Mr M'Cahen followed in a most bitter and sarcastic speech, ol which 1 find myself unable to give you a sketch, lie would notice the creature because he happened to be a representative here, and although ne [>lr C ] had been denominated vermin, the one ao denominating should not escape that castigation which he so ricnly deserved. The representative from Adams could not bear the thrusts of the sword of truth. He[the Col ] could bo st as pure a heart and a better name than he [Mr 8. ] could dare to do ; and the corrupted and infamous crawling reptile, [cries ef "order, order * and "go on," "go on,"] from Adams could not avoid him, although he, had [Mr. 8 left the Hall much discomfited] cowardly crept out of the Hall,knowing that truth was terrible to him, and if he tarried he would hear it. The Speaker here called to order?tho House cried "go on," "go on," and some minutes elapsed before quiet wee restored. Mr. Stevens did not return to the House for some time, but when he did every person present was satisfied that he had received the severest rebuke he had ever experienced. Philadelphia, [Correspond, nee of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Feb. 20,1842. We have nothiagyet more definite from HarrisL.... A.. enA ?4k?. fae a Da-k .a u 141 WHC ui uyu viuci piujOf I a mi a ic* sumption hare been brought forward, but all, more or less puerile, and in the remediee proposed inconsistent with the evils to be cured. Col. Roumfort, a member from the county, has introduced a illy project, eeeking a resumption through the indirect mode of prohibiting the banks from collecting their debts while inji state of suspension,unless they acknowledge themselres insolvent and make an assignment. I am one who think that legisla tares are the last bodies of men who should seek to an end in any other way, than a trank, open, direet one It should nut be afraid of speaking as openly to the banks as to individual?; and if it means that they sha'l resume it should say so. This mode of accomplishing an object?of curing one eril by creating another, is undignified,and shows a want of confidence in the justness of the object sought, wbiah should not be entertained in a great deliberative body. If pains and penalties are to be indicted, let them be applied to violations of laws which may be enacted, not to those that are past- Banks should be punished for not resuming in so many words, and not for loaning money, which under the laws they had the right to. The pursier of our Navy Yard is busily trying to negotiate a large amount of six per cest Treasury notes at par, with which to pay the workmen their wages, which hie been neglected for several weeks. This he finds a difficult task. In the meanwhile, the workmen justly complain of the delay. This comes first of dividing the contents of the Treasury among the several Stater, and next of giving the sources of rsvnnue the same direction. It is estimated that the present Congress will with s debt of seventeen millions of t oilers hanging about the necks ef the people ! This is reform ! Dnnkmipt List, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Jotham Rogers, to be declared bankrupt March, '21; Doctor Sydney Smith, do 31; Peter R WyckofT, do do; lieorge Johnson, do 21: John Mason, Brooklyn, do 28; John F Green, Cornwall, do 21; Frost Brundage, do do do; Leverett R Bradley. New York, do do; Thomus Bell Harlem,do do; Michael Connelly, do dodo. DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS. Thomas L Taylor, to show cause at Boston April 9; Albert Morgan, do do: Asa Webb, dodo; Josiah Shaw, Jr,dodo; Thos R Sewell, do do; Henry A Morrill, do no; nimeon r savior, w uv; i>cti iiiguiu, uu u<>, i uv mat M I'omroy, do do; Edw W do; Mnnuel M Cook, do da: Holdtn Ja Saunders, do Jo; Joihua 0 Carter, dodo; Benj Bruce, do do; Dwifbtrrouty, do Jo; Rufus R Cook,Chelsea, do; Elbirt Ford, Abington, do; Geo K Goodrich, Cambridge, do; David Erana, Newbury port do; Robert Ne wall, do Lynn; A Emerson,; Joes E Waters, Millbury, do; Leander S Pratt. Grafton, Jaber Hay ward, Charluatown, do; Lafayette Marahail, Rockport, do: John G Amory, Dorcheater, do; Joaepb Black. Natick, do; Johu Webh, Haverhill, do; John D \V Williams, Roxtmry, do; Hiram B Child, Webster, do; J W Greuo, Marblehead. do; S Tomlinton, Springfield, do; Thomaa Edwards, Boston, do; O'.it Newall, Jr. Lynn, do; Nathaniel Head, Fairhaven,do. DISTRICT OF NEW HAMPSHIRE. Lcond Ackerman. Portsmouth, to show cause March IS; Jacob P Boody, Dover, do; John A Brown, Exeter, do; Lory Bacon, Nashua, do; Edwin A Clark, dodo; Phiueaa Coleman, Newington, do; Ralph C Cutter,Porta mouth, do; James M Carlton, Newtown, do; Jeremiah P Davis, Nashua,da; Jacob J Demeritt, Dover, do; Nath'l Dennett, Jr, Portsmouth, do; Samual M Dockiim, do do; George C Dexter, Exeter,do; Jona W. Emerson, do do; Cha? D Emerson, do da; Geo P Edny, Greenland, do; Charles Evans, Dover, do; Oeo P Foltom, do do; John P Farrar, Derry, do; Fred A Franklin, Portsmouth, do; Stephen L Gordon,Portsmouth,do; Jas D Oiodrlch, do lo; Wm Go 1lard, do do; James Hale, Nashua, do; Nathl P Kimball, dodo; James Locke, Seabrook, do; Curtis haws, Portsmouth do; Leonard, Mansen, dodo; Parker Hanson, do do; George R Mason. Dover, do; Ivory M \'ute,dodo; John Peavy, Tuftonborough,do; Anhony 'eavey, Portsmouth, do; Joseph H Peabody, Nashua, do; lenjamin Swan, do do; Ebi-nezer Smith, Durham, do; roseph Thompson, Exeter, do; Parker Winn, Nashua, lo; Henry L Wiggin, Wakefield, do; John Wingata, I? do. IPt n/in i> TM* lima The Scinto Gazette of Feb. 14, says that the water i? ever the turnpike road, and that there vai good steamboat naviga:ion over all the dama to the Ohio. Large quantise* of com have been earritd away?the canal >anka are injared?and the guard lock near Tominson's it gone, bat the extent of the injury to tke sanal cannot be known till the water eubaidea.? 2ommunieation between Ohillicothe and Columbus iaa beea auapended. MiLitaut IrratLiomcE.?Medical Staff-A*at. Surgeon J J B Wrtght, ordered to Florida for duluty. l?t Dragoons?Brt 2d Lieut John Lore, reiered from duty atCarliale Barrack*, and ordered ,o joia hi* eompany. 2d Dragoon*?The lix com>inie* which lately left Florida, arrived at Fort leiupon the 14th Jan. under the command of Col rwiggn. Three companies would proceed to Fort row?en 4th Artillery?Resignation of lat Lieut >eo 0 Thomas, aeeepted Jan 81 31 Infantry? Resignation of 2d Lieut R D Stephen, accepted, to ake effect Feb 20. Kxtehsivi Robbery?The New O leans of the ltith says, that Thomas D Tyrer, a roiiog man employed in the coasting home or Win. Mare, 30 Camp street, abiconded yesterday, taking with him about $10,000, his employer* fund-, which had been entrusted to him to lodge ia one of the baaka ; it veae principally ia Urge net hi of the Kxchnnge and Improvement Bank*. The great absquatulated ii a Scotchmen. It ia auppeaed he took pannage na board the ateamboat Grey Kaglr for Louisville. L D. ?nap MNVWOOIMI Albany* Alias v, Feb. 19,1*42. Hintfrn and Insurance Companion ? One Day Election Dill?School (Question?Retrenchment?North !t>r*r Bank' Iu the Assembly to day, a bill was iatrodu ed to authorise the Baptist Education Society to hold real estate. A Dumber of local and private bills were then reported. A great deal of th:s description of business hat been got through with to dey, in the way ef (-fleeting a final disposition of them Mr. Coyler submitted a resolution, instructing the Committee on Banks and Insurance Companies to report a bill forthwith, requiring the Safety Fund Banks to replenish the safety fend, so tlmt the notes of the broken banks may be redeemed on the 1st of .May next. Mr. WaiRgaTc notiee of aa i iteution to introduce a bill in relation to the association for the reformation of juvenile delinquents in the sit* rS new York. Mr. W. m )Ted that when the House adjourn on Monday, it adjonrn to Wednesday morning, Tuesday being the anniversary of the birth of George Washington. Mr. Loom is rose to debate the resolution, when under the rule, it was laid on the table. Mr. Smith culled forth.- consideration of his resolutions in relation to Banks and Insurance companies, submitted by him a day or two since. The resolutions were adopted. Mr. Looms subinitteJ a resolution, that on and after Wednesday the House shall hold afternoon sessions. Some one ruing te debate it, the resolution lies on the table for one day. The House then went into Committee of the Whole on the bill in relation to one day flections. In relation to the tim? when the polls should he lu Id open, Mr. Loom is moved that it be amended, si that in cities they should be opened at sunrise, anl in the country at any lime between sunrise and 9 o'clojk, which after some debate was adopted. Several minor amendments were adopted, and u ore rejected. A 1 ng debate ensued on an amendment in that part of the bill defining the qualifications of a voter, As fares resideace wai concerned. It was a strictly legal discussion, relating almost wholly to constitutional points. It is proper to remark that the debate* that hare occurred on this bill, have tended greatly to develope the great legal talent, research and aeumsn contained in the present House. After a protracted debate, the committee roe* and reported progress. The papers and remonstrances, on the tiles of the House, in relation to the Dutchess County Bank, were, on motion of Mr. Towkbcnd, sent to the Senate, where the tuhject is now under discussion. '1 he House then adjourned. The bill i s relation to the State Printing, introduced by Mr. Tambliis, was set down as the special order for to day, but as the committee ha J net got through with toe election law, it was of conrs* postponed. The remaining subjects of prominent importance, that one likely to call their attention the present session, the legislature will speedily dispone of, provided always, that they do not lose eight of themselves, and the interests in the profundity of these frequent interminable and unprofitable debates Inus far, comparatively nothing has been done, bni talk, talk, talk, and no workThere has been during the last weak, a large attendance of Irishmen io the galleries, who are attracted by the expectation of hearing some debet* or proceeding in relation to tka New York Pablic School question, set down as a special order far Tuesday next, I think. Retrenchment and reform are the watchword* of the day, and the principle is now being put into practical application, by the present Comptroller. Mr Flagg has, it is said, reduced the ealarlea of his clerks?some of them to the tune of $100. Thn Miliar i. a ? ?--,T ?-J? mm mm ?? VV,U(1"I?II Si, >T UCIC 11C OCJ1 V CB, and in hia notions on the subject of retrenchment, in far more practical th?n theoretical. The new state officers hare generally, entered into the discharge of their duties, and appear to give general satisfaction, so far at any rate. It is amusing to notice the great suspicion and jealousy that is evinced hy the country membera of the Assembly,, towards every thing coming from the New York delegation. The New Yorkers, it must be confessed are, somewhat prove to dictation, and assumption of superiority, especially where democratic principles are considered as being involved, and are rather apt occasionally to imagine that the city of New York is the whele State. Their locefocoism is too nltra, too rabid, if you like,for the timid notioas of men who hare passed it may be the greater part of their existence, in some quiet country town, fsr removed from the sweep of the violent snJ giddy eddies of the political whirlpool. Thus it is that we often seta them astounded and even shocked at some nltra proposition from the New York delegation. Any one who has watched the dehatr s this session can bear evid< nee to the t ruth of this. Strenuous exertions are still being made on the part of the friends aod lobby agents of the North River Rank, to procure a re-charter; bnt they will inevitably be unsuccessful. In the House, Messrs. Carpenter and Hitehcock may be eoosidered as its most especial advocates. Cave Ulciscak. Court of Common Plena. lief ore Judge Inglis. Feb 21.?John Cardntr and Mary (iardntr v*. John Rravrr?Slunder ?This was an action to recover pecuniary compensation for injuries snstainod by evil words spoken, the damages laid at $2,009. The plaintiff* seen pied part of house No. 101 Eighth avenue, which they hired of defendant. There was another tenant named Doran, residing la the building. On the 5th June last, Mrs. Gardner espied Mrs Doran giving awajr the rain water, handing it over the fence to a neighbor, and alio opened her batteries upoo he', almost'frightening Mrs Doran to death. 7 he latter was as ladies sometimes wish to he, and was much affected as to require "the lord she loved" to be > cat for, who in turn, sent for Heaver. The two sallied up stairs, with th? view of calling Mrs Gardner to account, but fared no belter than the Isdy did Mrs G. gave them to understand that it they did not go away, she would give them proof positive as to the contents of a certain nameless article of crockery ware, andahe designated the matter in such a bread and vnlgar manner, as quite to shock and offendtho gentlemen A wirof words ensued, during which the defendant called hern liar, &ud accused bor of having sworn falsely in an action which he had brought a short time previous, in one of the Ward Court*, before Juiiice Shey, averring that he had the word* *he had aworn to, down in black and white? meant to carry the case to a higher court, and would *how up what *he had done, die For this charge, action i* brought The jury gave a verdict infarorof plaintiff,Tor $50damage*, which jnc'ude* co*t* of court. For plaintiff, Meter* J. Merritt and H F. Clarke. Mr. J. S. Hot worth for defendant. The Cake or Mtt* Cnoni<** ?The Pittahurg American *ayi:?14 Wo find, upen inquiry, that the eatate cf Mite Croghan i* not abaolatelyla herown right, and that tho bold and daring adventurer, who ha* carried her, a child, from her conntry and | frienda, may poaeihly be diaappointed in hi* principal hopes. Phe e*tata i* reiteki by will in fenr truateea, Jam** Rose, eaq . Ilarmer Denny,eaq , Capt. .lames R. Butler and D nm* 8 Scully, e*q., and the survivor* thereof, and it i* the dnty of the trueteea to divide the eatate of the taatator, the late General Jamet O'Ha-a, at tliey, the aaid trust***, ahnll *ee fit, tunong hi* children, to he enjoyed by them and their heira forever The teatator, <t eema, had for*eeo and provided in hia will for a poaaible caae of thia kind, a id fall and inbounded confidence in the integrity and honor of thoae ha named a* hia trustee*, clothed them with this greet power over hi* pr.ncely Owrti O'Hara leu three heir*, the mother of Miae Croghan being ana. No final dtviaion hm? yet been ma e, which remain* at the ahsolnte diet?oaal? among the heira, of the aaid tru?teea, all of whom are atil] 1 ving." We were inforeeed laat evening by en officer of the TVxien Navy, tbet the crow of the Texas eehr of wer Sen Antonla, (now Iving off Slaughter Ffon.-e Point,) motioied?killea the Second Lieatenant, Mr C- F- Fuller, wounded two nidthienen Mmars- A den and Odel-seised cetlaete* and piemlt and left the vessel. The sailing abater etc aped by jumping overboard ? S. O, Bulletin, Feb. IX Noam Rivia.?Thie river ie closed a little below Hudson.

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