Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 23, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 23, 1842 Page 3
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t'VMa John UoMud ti e Department, ttuil upon the transfer of the emigration to the charge of Roc* and the other chiefs of the na'ioa, they were to rtmor* pean r.bly. General Scotland the army had been eat into thaiCherokse eountry'jmor to the return of Ross, who was referred to Scott; probably as a point of etiquette, the mere form of the negotiu tion was all that remained for S;ott 5 the conditions were uuderstood independently. Scott whs not, therefore, the great pacificator?the philan thropic iaterposer between the red man and the white, calmiut the one and shielding the other.? He was ths msre agent for giving a technical form to arrangements already concluded; and which, though brought about with extreme difficulty and by rery adroit management, were brought about by means which, soonsr or later, we may ourselves show ts the world,?for they hire never yet been proclaimed as they ought to have been When the business was over, General Scott returned to Washington, and not content with bis boiai, made a demand for extra compensation, at the rate of $8 per diem, amounting in the aggregate to the 111m of 92000 This demand was promptly and properly refased. Daring the wbc le period he had been in the receipt of his full pay and emoluments as Major General of the army, and the sir. tuts of 3d March, 1835, says, " No officer of the army shall receire any per cent, or additional pay, extra allowance, or compensation, for any service or duty whatsoever,unless authorized by law." But General Scott woald not yield to the decision of the Seeretaryof War, Mr. Poinsett, and the matter was laid before the Attorney General, Mr. Grnndy. The Attorney General gave an official opinion againet the claim. After reviewing the whole ground on which the claim rested, he concludes in the following worde:? Hss he even an equitable right to the ?8 per diem claimed by him while engaged in this service 7 I think not. When performing thia was receiving lull pay and emoluments as Major Oencral, and by virtue of the authority conferred upon him aa commissioner, he waa entitled to change his character from that of a destroying warrior to that of a kind pacificator. Upon the whole ease, I am of opinion that General Scott has no right to the money claimed by nim, either In law or equity. It is believed that there was still another decision I against Gen. Seott, bat the fnet is n?t nt this mo "??? rlsmnutrihla. Suffice lit to sav. however. that he had abandoned all [expectation and hope < f obtaining his per diem, and ^for [nearly two years prior to the accession of the'/whigs, had made no movement in the [premises. Bnt when his friend and adherent, the man who was one of the most active and influential in the Seott intrigue in Hew York in 1839, was placed at the head of the War Department, he renewed his claim; and sueh was the estimation in which his service case was held hj his coadjutor and friend, that the claim was passed without hesitation or investigation, and Gen. Scott received upwards of $2,000 extra pay for services as commissioner, in less than three weeks after the present Secretary was installed in office. And this too, in the face of the law of 1835, and the decision of the Attorney General. This may be all right?perhaps it is?perhaps too the Secretary may oe sincere wnen ne disavows all agency in, or knowledge of, the Scott movement, bnt tome people will be intrednleua. Homo of Representatives?Reaolatlon Day? Congressional Dntles and Congressional Courtesies?Elegant Extracts?Theatricals ?Lectures?Yankee Hill. In the House of Representatives this was resolatisn day,and theyjwere called for by States,commencing with Maine,'and proceeding,before the adjournment, as far as North Carolina, bat a very small amount of business was done for the aation. Amongst other resolutions which were offered, to provide business for future occasions, was one by Mr. Marshall Jof Maine, directing the Committee on Commerce to inquire into the expedieney of exeluding from eur ports British vessels, which come f.-om ports which ours are not allowed to eater. There was another submitted by .Mr. Allen, calling npen the President to communicate to the House, if aot incompatible with the public interests, the state of the negotiations between the govern* ments of the United States and Great Britain, respecting the North Eastern Boundary. Mr Eastman presented one to instruct the Committee on Elections to inquire into the expedieney of a law to fix the election throughout the United States for the same day. Mr. Tillinghast proposed to instruct the Judiciary Committee to report amendments to the Bankrupt Law. Mr. Slade offered u resolution calling for information respecting the number of slaves shipped from the District of Columbia for sale in other States, sine# the year 1S0S, distinguishing the number of each aex. Mr. J. C Clark a abmitted one calling upon the President and Heads of Departments Tto famish to the Hoato lists of the Members of Congress who have applied for appoiatments to offiee for themselves or for others, spseifying (he places applied for, with copies of all communication] on the files of the Departments ia relation thereto j and alio the names of nay Members ot Congress who have tn annrtiiitni-iit, #a aSIha Mr. MoftaAw submitted a resolution ca'liag for information respecting the number of aid instituted by Jesse Hoyt while Collector at New York, with the eoet to the United States. Mr. Charles Brows offered a resolution which, premising that whereas the expenditures of the government exceeded its, and ought to be reduced, proposed to instruct the Committee on Public Expenditures to inquire into the expediency of bringing in a bill to reduce pro rata the salaries and emoluments of all officers of the government, thus : all salaries amounting to 01000 anl not exceeding 02000, to be reduced 10 par cent; 02000 und not exceeding03000,12fc percent]; 08000 and not exceeding 010,(0,13 per cent; 01000 and not exceeding fSOOd, 20 percent; exceeding 03000, 25 per cent. The pay and mileage of meraberj of Con. grass it proposed te reduce 25 per cent, and the salaries of the officers of the IIou*, whose cmoln meat* exceed SI000 per annum, at the same rate. Mr. Wise ani Mr. Pair kit objected to the re* solution. Mr. Wits presented, a petition from the Sixteenth Coagreigioatl District of Ohio, praying Congress to adjourn. Resolutions were'presentedpa great numbsri by other gentlemen, amongst which there were resolutions to rescind the 21st rnle?to reduce the revenue eulter service force, and devolve the duties on the regular foree of the nary?to elicit a repoit from Governor Poindextcr, and from the Secretary of the Treasury aeopyof the eommitsioa under whieh ? old Poins" was appointed to investigate the affairs of the Near Yerk custom house, and the nrnooat whieh the investigation has cost the Go remanent. Mr. Stahlky proposed an alteration of the 1828 rsle, to give to a]mijirity power at any time to take a hill ont|of eomaaittee of,the whole. On this question points of order, the ayes and noes, appeals, motions for an adjournment, fee fee. consumed the rosideaofthe sittiag. 0.i one vote being taken, Mr. J. C. CLaaxt rose | to enquirs from [the Speaker if it was in erder for any geatlamaa to vote out of his proper order aotil tho question had been put by the Speaker, ? Was the 'gentleman within the bar when his name was (called V* He asked this question because he bed seen Mr. Holmes, of Sooth Carolina enter from the lobby, and his impression is that that gentleman had then jnst come into the Hall, though it was possible that ho might have been la some other part of the House. Mr. Dixon H.Lewis said that Mr. Holmes was in eon* . ?- ana in ? oar, ma naa me rigni to vote. Mr. Holaaea niidt^rmiUike obierration, and then, evidently excited, harried roand the boll to the eeat of Mr. Clarke, where, it wat understood, ofiensire language waa altered on both aide a Mr. Clarke war dietiactly heard aereaa the Hall, to attar tho following elegant though broken pay aagea : " No aaoire thaa 1 hare for you"'-" I'll kick ><?>? lor xpeuce*'?" you, you granny?jou juka??." The ton* and manner matt, of courts, be left to the imagination. Mr. Ilolmea appeared (o be much excited, but how the affray may eud cannot a* yet be conjectured- Perliapa to-morrow (i mo honorable gentleman tvillfcriie and say that the worda were uttered iu a Pickwickian acute and that the whole matter ha* been honorably at> j lated to the sitiafaction of all parties. Tbis little event ha* afforded a momentary relief to the dull monotony of the last few week*, during (which, a* Jack Ragg hat it, there ha* been " nothing stirring but ftagoatioubut it it feared it will not long aerre to keep alire any degree of excitement to chequer the routine of dullne**. The noreltie* iu'?tiie theari?.l world this week are not numerou*. Herrio Nano, " the tuoakey man," ia giving hi* wonderful (performance*. A AHilima the tn,arliin runniti* t lirmta-K kid rnnnH of character* ; Miss Reynolds i* at lancinating and attractive aa ever; and, still mere, a delnU of a lady (Madame Hervio) in the part af Virginia, his taken place She ha* sinee appeared a* Calanthe in Damon and Pythias. Lectures are frequent, and Yankee Hill, who ha* unexpectedly been detained here, takes the rostrum on > Wedae*day evening, when he will deliver his lecture on th* ri*e, pregre**, manner*, customs, and peculiarities of the New E iglander*. This lecture, which wa* highly commended in Boston and New York, is interspersed with characteristic anecdotes of the pea autry "down East," and is said to be as amusing as instructive. Baltimore. fCorrespoadsaecof the Herald.] Baltimore, Feb. 22, 18-12. M*. Editor :? To-day flag* are flying in eur harbor, and on the various public buildings in honor to the birth of Washington; A number of balls are to come cfT this evening. The military are also to turnout. Forrest appeared at the Holiday last n:ght in Richelieu, to a good house. He was well sustained and played admirably. Ail the retail dry goods dealers hive had s meeting and signed a pledge te take Railroid orders,only at the current rate of discount. This will produce UDIU?I U|u?n>u an VHI vhiivhvj A fellow ent? rsd the Cntho'ia church in Front street, a few nights since, and rabbed it of a box containing pennies for the erphan. Matters at Annapolis continue without interest. The weather has been very pleasant, with but a slim prospect for ice. Business is dull. Flour continues without change, ner hare exchanges varied much since any last. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Philadelphia. Feb. 21,1842 Washington's Birth Day?Tyler Dinner?U. S. Bank Muting?Box it coming to this city?Cliques out Cliqued This is the anniversary of the birth day of the Father of his country; and never have I aeen it more generally celebrated by the parade of our vo lunteers Our streets have presented a continned bustle and parade. Martial music and the hurra of ragged urchins have filled the air with most vil lainous discord. The friends of President Tyler, who dine ct the Assembly Building, are just now assembling in pretty strong force. Benj W. Richards, Esq , the gentleness who was once mayor of the city, and has once or twice since been the candidnte of the democrat* lor the Mine post, is to be the president or the dev. Mr. II. is and erer was a moderate man in his polities. He is a worthy and highly respectable grocer, of the tirm of Lippencott & Richards, and will probably be the candidate of the friend* of Tyler, and of the democrats united, for mayer next fall, against the Clay candidate fer that post. Tte great meeting yesterday at the U. S. Rank excites considerable interest here, and that to beheld on the second Tuesday in Aptil bids fair, at the present time, to be even a mere exciting assemblage than that held yesterday. It seems to be determined that the whole of the assetts of the institution shall bs plundered. The contest now is between the financiers and the lawyers. It's pull Dick, pull Devil. Boz is coming te Philadelphia! The "clique" which was pletting a scheme to have him all to themselves, have been handsomely counterplot!* d by three or four plain, respectable, citizen mechi nies. You know the literary clique of this city? every body does by its arrogant tone and swollen pretentions?well, some of the members of this olique, I am informed, invited Boz to this city, and were very particular to have the invitation very select. To these gentlemen, Boz returned a poli e negative How he, a stranger in the country, should have been enabled to decide so wisely, I am unable to state. The presumption is, a-j tne cor respondence has not b?en published, that he smelt them through the letter of invitation, as audibly as a monsu smells burnt cheese, it is declared by all too wise for chance Well, these xen having been refused, three or four plain eitizens sent him a letter of in vita ion, asking to meet him and boner him in a plain way, when bis convenience sl.oulj bring him hitbi r. To this he promptly returned an affirmative answer, expressed in the same fiaek and cordial terms of the invita ion. But one of the gentlemen inviting him makes no literary pretensions?a printer ana an occasional respectable writer of prose and poetry. Another is, or was a halter?a pleasant, good looking Colonel, no nr in office as Secretary 10 the Board et Control of our Public Schools. The third is a vender of newspap'-rv, magazines, &c , and the fourth is a respectable j urmyman printer Boz acied wisely in his selection of the two invita tions. These men he can me t without restraint; but with the frankness, which fro n his writings, is so evidently one of the promiact characteristics of his character. There is nothing nrw in a financial way to day. State stocks fell to ?-13 per share ia currency? lower than erer before. All stocks fell off more or less. I hare just learned from Harriabnrg that the Bank Resumption Bill in the Senate, that is, the firct section having the fire per cent proviso stiieken out, has passed a second reading. It now reads for Immediate resump ion from its passage. The Fiscal Aokst.?The following is a copy of the B.:l accompanying the report of the Select Committee ol the Senate, referred to by our Washington correspondent. The Report itself is too lengthy for publication in this day's paper A BILL Amendatory of the Several Acta lustablishing the Txatnry Department. Belt enacted by toe Sen,.'e and Houseo! Riprpscntativea cf the Unitce Rtatrs of America in Coogres* assembled, Tliat tl ero thill tie, and hereby is, crea ed and established in tLe fieasur) D' partmcnt, at the seat ot the OoTeinm.nt of the United States, a Itosrd. to be callid lbs Exchequer of the Uniud States, to he composed ot three comM'i.sionert to he appointed by the P.esident, will the advice and consent of the Senate, tnd who shall b.< r> mov.d from etlicc only with the like concurrence of the Senate, and lor some one or more of the following causes, to wit; physical iaab.lity, iucompe aacv,or neglect, or ioLtiou of duty; aid, in every such rase, it shall he the duty of the President to communicate to the Senate the particular teutons of tho proposed remois'; but, dating the tocesa of the Senate, the Presi ent m ly. for env ot the afore-aid causes, suspend any of the raid cotnmisrioni rs,and appoint a temporary substitute, and 1 Ufitllin thai firut Wl l U t\i lhc> blismr.0 usaaian ?f ?kas slut.. ate, he (ball lay before that body the reasons of such an (pension, and, if the Senate concnr with him. the com mini tier ao maix-nried abafl be removed,Hut if it do not confer with him. the aaid commissioner aball be rratored. And on the tirat organization of the board, one of the three commitaioneraahall, by the m>rab?r* tharecf, bnelectel presi<l> at, who aball bold hia office for two years, when a new election aball be Made; and in like 01 inner a new election ahull take place afterward, at the eod of each successive period of two yeara. And the Secretory of the Treatury aball baee authorUy to appoint,on the recommendation of the board, all auch inferior officer a na, in the judgment of the board, the transaction of ita business may require, the amount of their reapectire compensation', till fixed by law. to be determined by the board, who may take bonda for the (hit! ful diet barge of their duty for such auma. and in such manner, aa the Secretary of the Treasury (hall nisoet; and each of aaid comaiiaai inera (hail receive an annual salary of di. liars. Sec. X And ba it further enacted, That the aaid Board of Exoheqtiar aball have power to cattbliih agencies or oificaa in auch ol the oitiea or towns of the United States aait may judge accessary and exp- dient for the public erne*, and alio wnerev. r uongreae mar Dy law r.qiiirv the time to be eatabllahed, limiting the numb* r to aa few aa the exi*cnciea of the service w ill admit, and in no cnae exceeding two in any State orTarritnry; and an h officer# and agouti aa may by the Board of Exchequei tar thought aeeeaaary far themangenunt of inch agencies and the traniaction ol their bualneve, iholl be appointed by the fl.cretaiy of the Trearnrjr, en therecomeien 'atlo.i of the Boarit of Exchequer; an I the aa id board ah a' 1 have power to fix the amount ef the reaprctive cornpen ationaofaueU office ra till the sameakall be deiermintd by law, and te provide regulation* far the rovemmrnl of aneh agenciei, thetraniuetlon of their bnal' eaa, end th? rendering accounts of all their proceedings And In inch regalatlouathey ahallro aaaign and arrange thedutieai f tksodUrrs of the laid agen?tes,aa that one of theae efti eora ahall hr a cheek and control unen the other, and /?. that pnrpote tbny ahull require that the accounta and proc rdliigl ol e.ich aiiall be entered in proper book'And any of the rffie -n of the *aid agencies imsr he r> tov .-d by the B cr tar* of the Tre a iry.on the recOir.menda'ion of ?aid board, for (ihyrinal inutility, or ioootn prtencv. or ne.(l?ct,or violation of daty , but it shall be I tiii duty to atateeveiy removal ol my piincu*! olhc r I of wsy agency, with hia reason* therefore In hi* genatt' annual report of thw transactions of the fcxcbvquer. Sec 3. And be it further unacted, That the aaiJ I * chequer and its officer* shall be tba general sgmts ol the Government of the Uuit-d St.tles.lor receiving, aafe keeping and disbursing the |?ublic moneys, and transfer ring and transmitting me taine, nnder the direction of the (Secretary of the Treatury ; and all public money* received,from whatever source*. shall, undtrthe ?am? directioi.s,be paid into th* said Exch.quer, or it* agen cies ; and the principal othreis employed in auch agencie* *h II give bond* to Hie United State*. for auch (imount and auch form a> the tii crttaiy of the Treasury shall proscribe, for the faithful pelf.irmance of their dtiti??. And the said Boardof Exchequer end It* aevirnl ageucies shall pay ail warrants, dr?ft?, or order*, mud* tbrnon by the Treasurer of the United State*, and by all disbursing officer* and agents of the Government having authority to make, auch draft* or o:dcr*. And every tuch payment ahell lie made, at the option of the person entitled to receiveit, in gold and diver coin.or in specie note*, to be itiued in (ecu loiai a* i* hereinafter pi escribed. But such note* shall never esceed the actual amount of specie holden for their redemption. 8ec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the taid Ex ch? quer and it* officer* (hall perform the dutie* of com tnissioners of loan*, in receiving subscriptions, transfer-ling stock, and paying diridenda and interest thereon, under the directions of the Secretary ef the Treasury ; and shall render to the Treasurer of the United States all necessary facilitn for transferring and disbursing the public funds as shall bo required by him, and shall peiform all the duties of pensiou agents under tie regu tattoos presented by Iba Secretary of War, an I shall reiider and pel form all other duties and services in relation to the collecting, keeping, and disbursing of the public funds, as ys hall be prescribed by law or by the B crelary of the Treasury. Sec. 4 And be it further enacted, That it shall he law ful for thelExchequer at the seat of Oovei ument, and its several agencies, to receive on private deposits gol-1 or silver coin, or bullion,the property of individuals, to be itvld, as in other cases of drposites made by individuals for convenience and security, and to Issue specie no'.ea for the same in itachfjim os the said board shall pre cribr, which notes shall always be redeemcdon presentation at the agency wheie issued} but the tmouut so deposited sball never exceed in the whole fifteen millions of dollars, to bedistributed by the board among its several agencies according to the extent el their businera, respectively ; and for uauing such specie notes no higher premium snail be demanded than shall be sufficient to i idemnify against the hazard ef loss, and remunate for the safe keeping the deposite,and in no instance to cxoeed the sd? half of one per cent. But spacio notes issued by the board and its several agencies (hall be redeemable only at the place where issued, anient t ie board shall see t aui to order otherv. lie Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to cause to be prepared specie notes, ef denominations not less than five dollars nor exceeding one hundred dollars, which notes (hall be signed by the Treasurer of the United States, and countersigned by the President of the Board of Exchequer, and made payable to the order ef the prineipal agent at each ugency, mid shall be by him endorsed when nsued at such agency, and which notes shell be redeemable, and shall be redeemed, in gold and silver,on demand, at the agency where issued. And specie notes intended to be issued by the Board of Etchcquer at tha seat of Government shall be in like form, and shall be payable to the order of the commissioners, and shall be endorsed by some one of them when issned. ml shall be redeemable and redeemed at said board, on dtinaud,in gold and silver ; and exact and perfect lists of all notes so sigoed shall be kept at the Treasury. And all specie notes issued under the authority of this ?ct may, when redeemed, be reissued by the board and t t agencies respectively. dec. 7. And be it fuuher enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Exchequer at the seat of Government, and its several agencies,on the deuosite of gold or silver coin or bullion as a payment tnertfor, to draw bills of exchange made payable at said Exchequer, or any agency where funds are provided on which to draw, ud alto to accept bills or exchange ; the amount of which bills and acceptances shall in no case exceed the sum so deposited. And such bills of exchange and acceptances shall be signed and countersigned in aach manner ai the aaid board ahall prescribe. dec. 8. And be it further enacted, That en each bill of exchange or acceptance, the Exchequer or agency at which sueh bill or acceptance ia made shall be entitled to receive a just and reasonable premium, not exceeding the fair cost of remitting specie to the place of payment, and in no case to exceed two per centum on the amount of such bill or acceptance. Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That it ahall be law; ful fortho said Board of Exchequer, ai d each of its agencies, under regulations to be preset ibed by the B jard, to receive and take charge of, lor collection, suoh drafts or bills of exchange as may be deposited with them for that purpose, drawn on any place where an otticeofthc Exchequer msy be established ; but In no case shallany advance or pay m: nt be made on account of such draft or bill, until it shall have been actually colleoed, and advice teceived ef such collection,where upon the proceeds shall ba paid over to the person entitled to recaive th? m, at the office where the said draft or bill was originally deposited far transmission and colkc'.ion, deducting therefrom such reasonable charges and commissions as msy hava been agreed upon, which shall in no case exceed per centum ou the amount collected. Sec-10. And tie it farther enacted, That it (hall he the doty of the said Board of Exchtquer, within three month* after it* first organization, to establish such by 1* ws and rules of proceeding a* it may judge expedient and proper for the regulation of its concerns and the government of its agencies ; and copies of all existing bj -laws and regulations shall be laid before Congress every year, at its annual session. Sec. 11. And be it farther enacted, That the Secret ry of the Treasury is auihorizt-d from time to time, on tbe application of the Board of Exchequer, to furnish for its Own use, and that of its several agencies, a suitable amount of specie notes, to he used in the transaction of its business; but the amount of such notes issued either in payment to tho public creditor or on the depotitcs of tndividuals, shall never exceed the actual amount of specie on hand for their redemption. And all dues to the United State*, or any officer or department thereof, authorised to receive public dues, may be pAtd In gold or silver coin, in specie nates issued under this set, or in the notes of banks which shall be immediattly convertible into specie at the place where received. Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That the Board of Exchequer at the seat of government, and each of it* agencies, shall nettle weekly, or oftener, with all banka i . their neighborhood whose paper they may hare receiver*, ai.d pay or collect, as the case may be, all balannaa ..... ......... 1. ?.1 ..J .W.ll ba allowed, at any time, to aland aa debtor to the Exchequ t or any of it* ogeucie* in account. And it (hall t e tht duty of the asid JioarJ of Exchequer, and each oi its (everai agencies, at all time* ao to limit it* iaaue* tn at ita fold and ailrer on band ahali ha equal, dollar for dollar, to the amount of auch iaaue* outstanding. Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That the Board of Exchequer audita several agenciea ahall keep arparate *'i J distinct set* of book a, for the purpoa* of entering and recording, in one set. all transaction* respecting the collection, keeping, and disbureing of the public revenue, and transmitting the public moneys from place to place, tor the service ol Government; and in another, all transactions and account* arising tiom the opciationa in excharge hereinbefore authorised und other tranaaction* not on Government account. And all proiita accruing from mch operations in exchange en individual account und fi out private depositee, shell be applied, in the first place, to pay all aalarioa and compensations, and to defray all expenses incurred und* r the authority of this act, and tba residue thereof shall he placed semi-annually to the credit ofthe Treaaurer of the United Stale*. Sec. 14 And be it further enacted, That the necessary rooms aud vaults for the s. f > keeping ofthe public moneys. and tor the tranaaction of the business of the Board of Exchequer and its agencies, shall he piovided by the Treasury Department at the city of W. shington, aud in the custom-houses, mint, branch mints, and other public buildings belonging to the United Stati s, so far as the seme cau he furnished without detriment to the public service ; and where the same cannot be so furnished, the said boerJ ma* provide other*. See. IS. And W It further enacted, That It ahall be lawful l?r the sai l Board of Exchequer te appoint as ageut for the board any specie paying bonk in any Stat*. in cmm where it may net tie deemed expedient to tstubli.h an otttceor agency oi tU.< said board aa hereinbefore provided i but auch bank iball not b? autlioiized in a.?y event to receive d< pontes, or to accept or sell bills ur drafts on account of the Boaid oi H.xch quer. Sec. 16, And be it fuitber enacted, That full a d exact aecountaof theprocao.i ngt of the board and itascveial agences shall lie furnishes to the Secretary of tho Tree nry as often is bo ma; prescribe; and it shall be tho duly of thesaid Secretary to lay abstracts of the san before Congress at the commencement of each annual session, and to furnish full and particular accounts and a itementsol the transactions oi the board and its agents e< when required by Congress ; ami the amount ofspe cie notes outstanding at the end of eviry quarter shall, o soon thereafter aa tho same may be ascertained, be published by the Secretary of the Treasury. Sec. 17. Aad be it farther enacted, That if any mcmb t of the Exchequer Board, or any officer or clerk carployed In its bueineia or any ef its agencies, shall convert to ita o *n use, in any way, any money or security dupoeito.l with or belonging to tho sail board or any of it* agencies, or belonging to the United States,or any othrr person or parsons dealing or depositing with the sail board or any agency, he shall be deemed guilty of f- lony, and on conviction thereof before any court or the United States of competent j iii?d;ctiou, shall bo sentenced to imprisonment ror a term not let* than ? nor more than ? years, sn 1 a fine equal t) twice the sun or valuo of the property tnVulal. Sec. 19. And be it further enacted, Tint if any officer or mcraoeros me Bona 01 r,\en?qiim( or any 01 ns agencies established un>ler the [>o?i?tons of this act, shall issue any specie, note, or make, accent, or deliver any draft or till of exchange without baring received the full value thereof in specie, and caused the receipt of the same to he duly entered in the booka of tho said agency, or shell be guilty of eny other malpractice by which any responsibility of the said agency, orof the Boardof Exchequer, or of the UniwI S ates, shall he improperly created or incraas'd, he shall be J.tnnd guilty of a felon v, and on conviction thereof in any court ef tha United Slates of competent jurisdiction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for n form not leva t ian one year, nor more than seven years, and to a Ane equal to tna amount ef the epeeienote *o issued, or of the bill or draft so made, accepted,er delivered, or to tho amount of the responsibility so created or increased. Bee. 19 And he it fnrthi-r enacted. That the Secretary ef the Treasury shall have |*>srer, at his discretion, by him*-If or by un agent duly appointed by him, to ex amlnetht officers and ckrks of the Exchequer and its g< ncles. ou oath or afflrrajthn, touching all matters r<-" latingto tha Extheqtu-r or its sgancies, or either of them; which said oath the said Secretary,or said agant, is hat thy ah horned to admiiistar. And if any peiaon se examined shall will ally make any false statement, or wiitolly refuse to disclose ofdrc'sre th t whole trn'h, such person alisll ha deemed guilty of wllfiil and ooi* rupt perjury, and shall sutler the pains and penalties th.rioi. on < onaictim bsfore any court competent to try the same. And the sai I Kxch? qu. r and ^g. n*iea sholt, at alt times, be open to examination by any committee appointed bv Congress or either House thereof. Sue. 3.1 And be it further enacted. That ail acta and pars of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act, be and the state ate hereby eilc!. Infaiusu A bu>?( DMtol.Wcbdtr. It U disgraceful to hear this great and good mm belied hy kaerej drllr Wr adrise Jiues, of 91 Chatham itr.'it, to n i.d him a bottle of hi* famous Oil of Coral Circsaaiu. which is certain to present his halt falling out, make it grow, cure dandrulf, give light red or gtey hair a fine dark look ; w* hare seen, ourselves, two ivideuoes ot thi?, oil" in an ulu and one ins young perron, beside* tin respectable t< -tif.cates Mr Jones has, is enough?one from Judge Awards It is sold at 81?if you are not careful of th. right ntmVr you will be cheatod?trt Chatham. IVlre only three, uve or eight shilling1 ? three sizes. Ask for Jonis' Oil of Corul Cirraesi i : ? ... it ..,,,1.-1, t, a*. 139 Fulton street. 0(/- Tmk Fcx that lost hia tail.?Mr. George Saunders, our nllUtmi barbers in town, -squatter ol a ceutury ?iuci*,' brought from Knglaod the plan of Baking lazor strops, to w hich. somo dozen years alter,he appliedTligg't invention of the metallic hone ; anil, at that period, tb? article <vas considered good, but the Yankees, a pestilent set o( meddling f-llow s.wbo cannot be satisfied that John Bull should outdo them in asiy thing, soon set about in proving it, and if history and facta msy U? adduced aevidence,they weiequite successful. At this tho talented utist naturally felt very indignant, us well he might, the moro especially as they ''resorted to a species ol pulling at once d^usting and disreputable," and most shocking to his delicate iitrves Now, if eny man mom than another can sympathize with him in bis distressed situa tion, it it Chapinau, the inventor of the new Magic Razor Strop, the great "desideratum acknowledged by all cutlers to be the very climax ami apvx of perfection." Chap man must w rite, Maunders ; though you remind him of the labia of the tox that was caught iu the trap, and being ashamed at the lossofhiatail,triedtopersuaJe the other foxes that it waa a new laihion. The cuuning rascals would not believe him. At all events. Chcpmau must say, and write it too, if he please, that hia success has surpassed his most flattering expectations, and that he ia proud that the public (a thousand thanka to them) appreciate the Magic Razor Strop. To those who call at 103 William street Chapman will supply this truly excellent article 'just as cheaply a* though he told them ever ao fine a story. To lw entirely silent, however, he must have some better reason than the fox gavefor the loss of hia tail. Q&- Tm* WxsTHca. ? The disagreeable weather which of late prevailed, has caused crest sickmws in this city, particularly colds. Those who wish to guard against this species of complaint, should use the great remedy of the day, Sherman's Cough Lozenges, w hich is called the cure-all (or lung complaints. lUti Nassau street, 88 William street, 110 and 373 Broadway, 77 Ko*t Broadway ,183 Bowery, 10 Avtor House, all Bleecker and 327 Hudson street, New York ; 1".9 Fulton street, Bro oklyn, Sherman's Lozenges are sold. Chctiiam Theatre.?Mr. J. R. Scott, a gentleman long anil favorably known to the thoatiicul world, announce* hi* name for abrntfii this evening at the atx-vo named theatre, w-heru bo bae been flaying successfully for the last two wuekf a round of hia beat character*, to The piece* ho has selected for rt presentation consist of Knowlca' play of the Wife, and Sir E L. Bulwer's admirable comedy of Money. .Mr. C. J. Smith, the successful debutante, having kindly volunteered, appears as Saint Pierre, and a Young Lady, from Boston, said to possess considerable talent, makes her first appearance in the charactarof Mariana. Mr. Scott enacts Alfred Evelj n, in the comedy, as originally performed by him in this country?N. Johnson, Sir John Vescy - Stevens, Graves?C. Mestayer, Sir Fredrick Blount?Miss Mestayer, Clara?and Mrs. Btake, Lady Franklin. __________ BILLS of the fall iwibi Banks areRedeemed by the ALBANV CITY BANK, at i oft per cent discount. Jail 34, 1843. Oueida Bank. Ba d ef Utics, IJtin Branch Bank. Oaiario Bank, Outario Branch Bank, Yates County Bank, Tompkins County Bank, Hirkunerfouuty Bank, OtH?e County Bauk, Fort riaiu Bank. Agricultural Bank of Herkimer, Bank of Brockpor' Bank of Silver C. tk. WONKY MARKET. Tuesday, Feb. 119?OP. M. The sales at the Stock Board have been unusually small, and prices have varied in no very great degree. Delaware k Hudsen ross } -, Illinois fi's declined } ; Harlem J ; Mohawk } ; Paterton j. Bills on Philadelphia 6 a S? ; Baltimore 3' ; No. 6J. Mr. Jnuaon has of course been discharged from the charges brought against himWe yesterday published the situation of the banks of Philadelphia, a the date of their last return Nov. 1841. The following is a table ef the.leading features of the same Banks compared with the return of Nor. 1839, imrreliately after the failure of the United States Bank j? Bank* or puiladklrhia, Nov. 1 41, as compared with tub returns or Nov. i83s. 1833. 1841. Diic't Spec. Ditc'l. Spec.' Bank of Pennsylvania, $3 3?J 998 193,043 3377,440 391,-iM Philide'pbia Back, 1,831 878 369 338 1,817,378 343,707 Bank of N. America, 1,153 763 73,961 1,131,908 93,961 UtrardBank, 8,393,733 165.413 3,439.080 115,698 Commercial Bank of Pennsv Ivunit 1,389,634 117 783 1.984,804 107.893 Mechanic*' Bank, l/Tu.HIt 71,874 1,060,778 50,189 ManufaeturVlcMech's Bank, l'hilade.phia, 479 434 11,913 354.763 30,398 Western Bark of Philad Ipfn 736,0.0 18,633 (75,314 #7,413 Bank ol the Northern Liberties, 891,101 87,373 456,613 103,050 Farmers' ai d Mecha'. Ba>.k I f rtiilad. 1 894 091 110,740 1,303,418 319 693 Southwark Bank, 483 337 88.163 609,310 31.097 Moyamcnei. g Bulk, 396,641 85 968 396 133 49,780 Keisiujton C-vus^ 353,693 39,338 289,530 26/60 hip, 638,031 41,067 806,1:4 65 574 $19 403.874 1,397,017 15,6*1,310 1,464,419 Cirr. l)rpi. Circ. Ori>i. Bank rf Pennylrania, $6-15,312 74?.I33 361,151 987.1-53 t hilmdelphia Bank, 419 057 649,774 137 513 959,076 D.rnk of M. America, 168.784 363,831 64 3*2 93i,849 Oirard Bank, 365,043 340,690 768,i75 944,637 Commeial Bank of Penna; [rami. 105 794 333,430 14 479 551,340 Mechauica' llaiik, 461,480 344 393 833300 533,678 Manufaciur'ufcMedia'. Bauk Philadelphia. 141,100 139,640 119.625 3)3,615 Weitern IBank of Philadelphia 90 7)5 153.733 1,080 297,940 Bank of (ha Northern Liberties 230,933 391,471 201,013 637,090 Farm era' k Mioh'i. 8 nai k of Philad. 320 44*> 640,166 46 699 1,370.421 South*ark Bauk. 127.105 174 354 16,160 804 938 Moyamruaiuc Bunk, 67 940 49l.9ol 168,890 134,106 Keniiig'OU Bank. 123,667 106,843 8,917 169,828 Bauk of Penu Tow: hip, 277,750 3)7.431 18,330 474 550 3.191,345 4,567,6.8 9,159,524 8,396,9 0 Thr?c jgrpgatea givo the following result by comptriaon:? 1834 1841. Itcr'te. Dter'tr. Loan, 19,499 874 16,9X1 319 ? 3,838,535 Specif, 1,3)7 917 1.468.315 1 81 249 ? Note* on hand, ? 3 7-2,947 ? ? I ' ri.i.Ul.A,, o 1*i 1>? Q 1 KB C)1 ? AO J OAI Dep< sites, ' 4,3.7,9-18 8,33#,660 3 739,903 ?' Of these institutions the Bank of Pennsylvania and Ifco Oirtrd Bank, have failed. The following will (bow the comparative proportion of available mean* to immediate liabilities of thoae inatitution* at each period UiaAao Bark. Jan. 1839. Ott. 1839. Nov 1641. Immediate Liubi itieo, 1,096.330 673,63) 1.690 851 Available meana, ?M3,2M 663,331 1,778,011 Deficit, $423 991 6133*11 Su plu , $16 696 Bam of Pkivisvi.tasia. Jail 1839. Oct. 183>. AToo.lBII. Liabilities, $1 7 74,380 1,441.317 1 946,172 Meana, 810, 34 5C6 439 766,477 Deficit, $1,161,336 914.878 1,181 693 The returni of theie two Banks indicate a singular fluctuation in their standing. The operation of the 8 months of resumption, from January to October, 1830, was to reduce their liabilities to a very great extent, and they ktvs been increased In a much greater degree ince the ro-inspention. The aggregate of the above table, gives tho fact that the operation of the suspension policy is beneficial neither to the Bank* nor the public. The Bank notes held by the institutions amount to more thin their own issnes,showing conclusively that th<- cir eolation was made up 0.' bills of one or two Banks, and of the country 'Inatitution*. The bills of the Ol-ard Bank then formed the bulk of the circulation, and we And accordingly that it had iro'eaied its issues 100 per cent, while that of all the othar.institutions was decrees ed. The following is a table of the leading features of tha country bonks, comparing the aggregate* with tho return of 1839:? Cov.v rat Banks of PftrnvsvLVANH, Nov. 1811. Discounts. Sneci*. Cir. Dtps. Bank of Germantown, 178 899 14 876 38.329 8 1 290 B* k of Delaware Co. 183,981 4*378 90 049 130 205 Farmers'Balk BockaCs. 197 943 15 632 11 168 44 618 Bk of Montgomery Co. 376.5 w 96 186 SI 734 95.8M B-<nk of Chester <;o. 862,331 38,693 314 049 173.206 Dorlctawn Bunk, Boeka Conkty, 117,*10 75141 89,190 87 647 North Baak, 978,099 37 813 890.931 18 1st l.aue.alrr Bank, 413,139 110 0 9 373,931 187 680 Farmrrj' Bank of Lan??r,t,rl - 'OWIt 37,3:4 170,Ml 87,909 CnlumM* Bank ItBridft Company, 1*5.989 19 348 I81J583 98 365 B/rka County Bank. 179,037 9,119 91,880 80,748 Farmer.' Bk.of RradmR, 471 997 4 8 08 3 930,970 14 408 Ka on Bank, 4't,-33 79 981 388,190 91,971 Lebanon Bank, 153 834 13,991 91,333 31759 y"T8 Batik, 303 34 3 51,589 10* l'85 17*0.41 Mintra'Bk of Pntlati It, !?4*,18I 10SS8 383 733 171.144 Harriabti r Bank, 441,381 ooasi 3*8.679 184 mt BankofMiddleiown, 149479 91970 138310 8*, 707 Carlisle Hank, 985 949 41.115 1 80,089 8 3.797 Bank of Or'tyaborR. 11*9.51' 87,858 l-w.310 486 I Bank of Ohamberat-urg 317 803 44,888 178817 49,314 Bank of I,-wlatown. 419 891 70 48* 998,870 36,7 83 Bki.k 1 f Notthunllrrlan ', 318 389 45 881 319583 '8,411, 158 970 13 88 1 83 180 3 378 Bk of Su H'lrhanna On. 181571 H.glil 98,14.4 10 717 K'rmr??'h 11-otrera'Bk, 118 175 33 583 89,915 13,iH Towauda Bank, Weal Branch oank, 311,131 98.771 331,48# 31.808 Wyoming Bank, 114 lu7 8,973 85.413 31.113 H *akl.u ftk Wxliimtaj 1*7,CM 33^97 I0'33 n,:?j MoiwwAt1! Bank or Br<.wn??ilU, 117(7* **.*>3 71 I Sit r.h<! B mk, HI 717 11.Ml MM* 17.131 B nkof liiUbunr, *7I.3M Ml *44 4*1*4 K.vehm gf Bank. I, .?,? ? 1*1*14 117,* S **.Uj Much u(n kml M?ouf eUrara' B?uk Pitta- ,, W W *? ?!* **.4*7 IM 114 To al Nov, 1111. 10..4VM3 I IN 7M *,4*1.1*7 t.MI II. ?, ISM, l?.4(I.M? 3,1(4,031 4(1*77* *,?** 041 OrcrcMT, ?*.<* 311 4(9,m 4*7 IM 3-*,7?* Thi* etkiMt* bet rtry little ?l,*r*tioa in companion with the violent fluctuation* evmoi <1 in the city btuki' Theee bank* h?!d bat af e?rh ofhora note*. out f u circulation of $&,300,000. They obtain the wholi circulation and havegdrlren the Inllaof the i Ity bank? into their ewn vat,la. At i mm it i* iir.poitible for the bjiiH* of rtuladilpiiajto return vff|>ecie payment* ; one * two of the more prudently conducted may be enabled to de to, butfthe J ballance are^ not only Inaolven', but daily becoming more to. Omitting the Oirard and Bank of Pecnaylvauia, which have atop^ed, the capital ?i i hi* ?uer ounki an* absorbed as lullows : Capital "f eimbvnk* la i'hiuidtlphts. $8,lt2 *41 Contingent Fund itSI.342 $9 774,181 Inverted in notes of Banks, 7,107 391 u due by " 4.930,802 " moi Ig-iKi*', ?H| 07U * Stocks anil U. d. t'k post votes, 3,741.910 $?,|70,371 This description tf securities not only absorbs all tlie capital, but the contingent fund also. The deposites and Circulation are iuvested in a species of speculative paper (list exists only under the process ol constant renewals. The inrtitntions set in to have reached that polut where there is no alternative but liquidation, an 1 the sootier thit is brought about the better for all parties. t$alei at til* Stock Kirltsnss. f 10.000 N, Y. ?'s 1843 HO'. 23 do Utic* & ?ehe3. I N 7>3r00 do HOj Jo do Canton Co |C0 IS *3030tllin-ii* Bonds is; 23 d > Mohawk RE 471 i 1000 ito llliw is; 93 do do 471 itouo do tilt* uj 73 do Hu Inn RR e, *10 000 Indiana Bdt IS) 79 do do sj fv,0'0 do thw 1SI 110 do d> s JV-00 do Iflg 159 do do 7J >5 00.1 do SOW 18] 350 do do It $1,000 do l6.i\os IS 31') do L. Island Hit. 54! $1,000 do 18} 300 ill do *69 54i ti/.uoy Hi 3thw IS too ill do 169 M| j ihirn Bk Coin.full 79 20 do Patemn KR 49 lu do Manhattan 40 60 do do 47| |30 do Brauk. BkCio. SO (Mtrstiiel Boo rd. $8i00 Indiana S3 19 200 do do S3 7] >1100 do S3 19 23 do do l\ 03 -harej M irlem 3} 5? do do (3 7j 50 do do ?3 7; 73 (to P?te sou 47| 69 do do i3 71 Mech'a Bkg Ars'n e 50 Foreign Markets. Havana, Feb. 9 ?The two cargoes of Rice, referred to in our last, have aincu been sold?one at U rials, the ott eatlOJ.andU-da | h.t ofj he Catherine from Chat lei ton, at VI liala. Coffees continue easy at 7}. 8 J for fair and gooddescrip* tisns. Molasiea 1] rials?dull. The export of Molasses from this port for the month of January, amount* to I 919 hhdi. From MaWnzas, 4,(it-3 hhd?. Total 6 0 3 hbds. Exchange on Eogland had risen to 19 per cent pre. mium, but rates have settled to 11a ; New York is scarce at If a 3; Boston par a 1. Coffee,first quality, 0 4 a 11) 3d and 3d quality do 7sfl; Molasses, keg r>J gals 1}; Sugar, assorted bl. white, hf brown, 48 a Si 10>-, white alone, 6 a 10; brown, 4 a 42, ) Cijow. ot a o; Money, gal. U|; Srgars 8 a 25; Bean*, white. 7 a 0; Beef No. I 3, Prime and Mm, i a 12; Butter, Am yellow 16 a 24; Cm d *. m mid 13a 14; Sperm 44 a 44; Cheese, Am. IS a 14; Codf i. 2i; Flour. Philadi 1, hia and Baltimore, 16; Hams, Am. Eastern, 6 a 10; Herrinm, smoked.4a 6; Lard, Western,9 a II; Mackerel, No 1, 66; Pork, cargo, Eastern and Mesa. lt> a 18; do Clear, 14; Potatoea. 3 7 a 3; Rice, 5 3 a a 4; Soap, yellow, 8 4 a 9; hhds Bheoka with headings, ill}; Sugar box Shook, 7 a 84. Exchange?On England lOlallprtm., New York, 2} a 3), Boaten. 1 a 2. Freiohts?To the United States,! a 1 J per box Sugar; 4 rials per bag Colfer; 3} a 3] per hlid. Molaaaea. Married. On Monday evening, by the Rev Or. Ejatbnrn, Mr. Daniel Francis (of the firm of D. A W. Francia) to Misa VicToaivr, second daughter of Augustus Bretoniere, Esq., all ef this city. Died. After a short illness, on the'Jilh of January, at Kingston, Jamaica, Mr. Henry Havre*, of New York, in tire 87th year of hia aire. Yesterday morning after a brief, but painfal illness, Maroaret, wife of Levi D Slamm, aged 28 years. The ftiends ofthe family. and of Iter husband, are invited to attend the funeral from the residence, 64 Orch ard street.'bis (Wednesday) aftcrnoou, at 3 o'clockOn Monday evening, 31st irist. after a short and se vere illness, Catharine Eli* a Tatlor, only daughter ofOeorge and Christiana Taylor, aged 3 years and 5 months. On Monday morning, in the 36 h year of his age, Cept John II. Grim. On Monday morning, Jane Fowler,daughter of Wm Fowler, aged 17 years. At Albany, on the 18th inst,, Ebkx S. Waolet, printer, aged 30 years. I Foreign Importations. St PETERsnvRO?Ship Nicoln Sivin?20 hales felt 3 do les'licr 7 do crash Hnwland A A?pinwatl?109 coils coedage 9 bdl.s hemp SI4 do oakum 213 b.ihbies flu Otodhn* A Co?7 hf elu bristles 1 hx mdse t? I F>rnhttn?20 bales Has SO co ls yarn 04 pkgi sheet iron H N Pack A co?07 li?les diaper 10 do lu mp 249 bobbies fl 'x Hicks A ro?4 cks 7 lif do | lute S7 rs 20 pieces mdse Niwbold A 'Jrufi? *14 bags linseed 1049 in*ta 77 bales sad cloth 47 pes do to order. Messina?Brig Powast'ai?(Reported yesterday)?ISO <je cks 200 ocUv s wine Lxw renee A Robinson?24 es N Lcauig A to?20 SH Leverich A cs-28 baps aimonds no do hemp sted 05 do filberts I00d> walnuts SO to canary seed 90 bibs raits S cks Peruvian sIolc 29 es liquorice piste 1800 bxs lemens 3306 do oranges 8 Broom. MARITIME HERALD" PORT OF NEW YORK, FEBRUARY S3 un (34 1 moon S 35 ION IB.TS 5 26 ! 7 I Oaparturo of tbn Atlantic HUamm. FR"M FN0L(NO. P?OM attKRICa. Caledonia, Lott Feb. t Mar. k Acadia, Hewitt Mar. 4 April * O. Western. H"ikea ?-April 2 April 28 Columbia, Judkins Aprils May 1 Britannia, Rjrrie April la May II Caledonia,- Lott May 4 June l G.Wcatrru, Hoaken-* May 31 June 16 Acadia, Hewitt- May 1? June II Columbia, Judkins June 4 July 2 Britannia, Ryrie June II July 17 Caledonia, Lott July S Aur. l O. Wcalern. Hoakcn July I Aug. 4 Paekiu to Anrlvii Packets to Deport. LONDON. LONDON. H. Hudeon, Morgan, Jan. 10 Philadelphia, lloeer, Mar. I Ontario, Bradish, Jan. 30 Switzerland, Smith, Mar. 10 LITBBPOOL. Ltvr.arooL. N. America. Lewbrr, Jan 7 Orfnrd, Pathhone, Mar ! R ?ciuj, Collma, Jan. II P. Henry, Delano, Mar. 7 warac. Haru. Balti.nore Fo ck, Jan. II Iowa, Pell. Feb. 21 Kil.erald, Hotvi, Jan. 94 Oneida. Kunk. Mar.) To Hasten of Vessels. Commanders ef v.-seelt will confer a favor by having a list of their cargoes, pa '.sengers, and a report of vessels left at tke port whence they sailed, and the vessels si oken, ready en their arrival here for Commodore Btaster v, of our fliet of news seheoners. He will board them immediately oa their arrival. die> red. Bhi|? Normandie, Pp. If inf. Lin rpool, Tyson Ic Jmlah; John Mintorn, Static, NOrlea**, Jonnson Ic Lnwdro ? Rvrk Uceiilrotio, IVrrson. Alt xtudria, Bonrmau. Johtsoti Ic Co - Bchrs '"onstu'it, (Br) Hemeoii. An igtia via Yarmouili, N *. vi.hiIhmI, K-noedy k Co; Tiberius, (lore, Rappuhimtork, T Hilton. ArM vest, Russian ship Nicola* Bavin, llalsten. ICS J i> s from Rt Petrrsburg, l-.emp.Scc. to Hnwlsnd Ic Aspiawsll 28<h ult Ut 3$ IS, Ion 3S,spoke British btik lsabelle, for tll.iigiv; 4th itist. I it 36 t Ion 6S 8, spoke F rench ship Ksgiu, from Charleston for Havre. Ship Caiton, Otis, IS dcys from Aralarhicola, cottm.lcc. to orde r. Brig Vesper, Ho; kins, S dry* from Wilmington, NC lu.nber and n ival stores, to Nesmith It Leeds. Brig Francis r Beck. Btackpo e, a diys from Vcw Orleans, molsases. See. to Ilavexs fc Co. Srhr Chsrtes, Dodge. 9 days from Darien. O i. lumber, to D R Peck. . 6 h ii:?t. Is) 3S 90, loo 34 SO spoke brig Adeline, II ds fm NUiles's for Phil.delphia Left brig Viiginia, Unter, lor B >>t< o. ( df BrYir P-lnot, A off. 10 JuyB fr -m Jat kflonrill*. LF. lumber, to Gycljrist kCo. t r _ n |. ? ocnr nvr, ounicwr, o wiya iiviii iiammyrr, inur, lO A D Cooley. Below. One buk, two brigi. ttnrino Corre iponrtenee. St Thomu, Feb 4 In port, VVm fc John, from B >elon far Montevideo, | nt in in dutrx condemned and eold 87th; Kid.ha. Small, fin Amigun, unc wnli mi <i|uealiianc..mpaiy; Taller, Im Cap. de Verdi up fur fit; Adriatic, from Bi iton, retailing mil ice; J.m CowperthwaH. di g; IMeftmiu, for ei'e or frt; Commerce, fur Arecib , neit dap, li> load lot Baltimre; Uiipalt li, fm Trinidad, up fur Irt; New York, fm Guadaloupe, do; CJw iSlake. fur Tour" aid a one day, to load for Philadelphia; Henrietta.ffor Porto Rico, aid tame day for a mkt; Linigraut, (wh) out 14 no>, with <0 bbla oil, rut iu for supplier; Two diiieil, (a li) nut 4 i, oi, CO bull,dodo; Harab Loona. (wh) cut 17 moi, 3 0 bMi, upon Iom of tb? mailer on tliecoait of Africa; J P. trrion, fm Martinique, dug; R C, forOuayami. aid famed'); Alicia, d'lg; Vtaper, up for frt; Challenge. fm Puiladilpliia, iIiik . Fair Plav, Ply mi u n Ma do; Kin Mnerolr, Hammond, NYort, dot j trie Oak, fm Plymouth NC. try itig the mkt; ht Pierrr, for s'cwbem X'.i d lame dtv; Columbia, fm Barbsdoar, up for frt; Cairo, for Jamaica, lid lame daa, lor a mkt; Canovi, fm Tnoidid. I'rurk on Anrgida reef 31 m,t. it 4 a m, aurtey callrd.uucer am what will be doi.e; <1 'i'h >m??, Bra* atrr. fin N York, j nt irr, ltd inquirantina; Thoi Howard, far Bt I ro e, to a ail tame d.yr, Senanl Racord, St HR Hamilton.?V4'a learn from Turkirtou, NJ. that the Brighton. Kddndge, from New York, run *ah-re on Little Kgg Harbor Mtooa la on Kiniay night, and aui.k in ?b,mt 30 miuuira. The eraw took to (he riggiua.and remained there until Subday morning at nmriia. when they were take.i ot. They nil iurrired ateapt a M of about 11 yearn. Leery attempt waa made from lKe time tliey warn dieoeired wh>eb wna on Saturday at day It.lit, unlil they were taken off. with ut auecea DeipvtcH ? The new abtp Walyiole. of Ihn port, Captain Br Hi Thomaa, of 10# lone returned ti port oe tatnrd.y mimira.huring raide aroyif to New OrleatM and back, with Ail! freight# aaeh nay. laonl. g- daye. Bhemada the rtto from the Baltie in Udoya. Brig f aaiita waa elea'rd on Baturd.y lor Cofianhigen. by Meeira curin It Stem eon, lee in g the (wtnty irreuth time ahe liaa b'ea for the Baltic, bv that bottle, ttnae July, 18Jt.-|BoiU>n Democrat, Keb ?1. Bnanl. U 8 floor cf war Ontario tailed ha*ce for New OrteaniSlit inat The fallowing la a I ft of her offi er*:? VVm Radford, Lieut Coniminding; (iuatavui II Scott, lit Lieu'; Kdmutitl Jrtiklni, til Lieut; W O ttehenck *1 Lieut A g Weddertuiru, Acti. g Su.taon, H D Taliaferro, Ami tfli; A Ufrotby, Pureei; Waahiagton Held, Acting Muter; Pa ied MMiStpmeo, Joan B Retilolph, Jntl>,? D Twdd;, Andrew J DraJje. t tiarla. H H Caldwell. Kredertek P|. ?r.k:."} B Wti;ht: Caw tn'aCl-rk. Matthew Ward: Wm Wilkinenb, O miner, Chai Woodland, Uoatawaia; J Key nolde, Carpenter. Spoke*. ^ Bferriugtoti, New Orleana lor Beat, u, Krb 10, off Car; if < r Rio Orande, of Brewiter, from Apalechicoia for Boiton, Feb 10, off Oaryifort. Ohio. Lyone, 1 rum NOrleana for Lifer, Oul, Feb it, lit IT, Ion 70 SO J <c>b ^torjr, niiru,8 i!?yf rm liratid Ikyou L *. for NY-ik, Kr'i) 8, off Loo Key?wuaran at it ilajr. fonl^n Pnrts. Ilitiii. Ftb I?CM PMin?, Billon: Mol'o, 3', BaJtn-, Cardrnai; 4th. CottMi*, Portland via Matamx, bieLcMmi, C?rd??a?; Bnlln, Mob.In. "Vbt?4rr AI?id?.Boat??. _ ? I'M. Jao 98?inp-wt HiTMi.for Nnw H?? n. !>' ; Haafora, Xidih, for NYork, ilo; Balkan, JCw'T. ?? *> I ?ue halfor,', J|. ||i; i | ii |,u -|i id ,||( <i . 5; h'r nMiU, ft e?.l ? *. ?to : lanr-i McCiMi. liaekrld r el., diet: Sawil NO I '* ?' ! ?r-' nrriit>m day; V -guoiia.d i J"; ll?<i.) Geiit V? .1 I ?<c? do. United State* Ports. r*?Trcit.. I?Arr lot-iH, Kield, Neil York. loU.VV .?? tor do Y iHio?t, K<h 17?Sid Humv, U?-Ier tNcrkftfre *r an .dk . ?r of lie r?v,uu cottar, for Ellanorth, havingh?' i stitadfor d? l.a'idm. ih?- rriiQiif. ' 'icriff, |\b ii ? \rr Jul a t'?tvrr, (i e*l Predict Sid It'k. < ' nrg? r, NOrltane; Vol (air*, do. Th rta.TOk. Feb?Air Alabama. Bolton. Bum, Kfbil-lhe trale on Wrdneadav ntsht li?t, from *K Mil near day ii*!.!. awl tlwn from S W, blow in a irnra ??? r? It lb >u any gale am c lilt, *u ervxrly rli by the ?raecle inuor harbor, and r'?tt te J in c?ueidrrah|c damagr?ijiouth net ao cn'ii'S, ofi the whole. a? wain' Oral frne j. Itr p Franca# Louiaa drove upnrar iliemilwar. cirrinl away living .libbount, lolia'aj ? irirlinp d image to hull, and now lie a wwiirrl ft depth at high tide. 8chr Mirierra (<ur rJ JuaU and <h ified ar-uai llieriitf; aahore below the 'h gadtbock It'rj?kuucktd otf he*gripe mid cathead ? lie i* (tilt aahtie. Srhr A'p* p?r'ed S to iliaiberi goue.eanird away tljingjibboom and .pill her tljiup.'h sunitr atanrheont larird awav{ upset liar vindiaaa, prwi.a'b'J' hf 'k? Fr>r,<ie? Louiaa: drifted n mile op the rieerii.^d W"' a?noi? on Woe wi. h aide. Ilai rinre bemgot off with 'r-'",nSdafntga to hei bottooi. Muu Parapm, af New York, parted h?r h*'4 "n,I went 1 11 c Ml.. Slialt. tk.aa.iar atu I.'., r. ...I ka.1.1 kan ? VlthOU* Mitt lianvef, ' Stlir North Star rorted her firta?driled if to Rchai "*,fD " wharf with loar of j.bhoom. Cat>t Preble, of tbr Sta ira. "t <ir near tiy, wi n! < n baarJ and ma'e her "*ithout furlh "* damage. Bcbra Nrw Kuglard and William both pal"ed fa*!* ' ii'l went adrift, but were mm brought back with but trifling injure. Pobiuand. Feb It?Hr'urtied, Flixabeth,wliich eld Hll> for Porto Hico hivite liwi ileek load hoop polea.bott, foresail and flving i b. sight of ttih. .obt tmotjth Feb 111-8 <1 Arrrida, Norfolk. <jLoi c?.?ir.H, Feb II?Arr lnuhoe.Newburyport far Philadelphia, with ion of bowaniit. bat-Kja Feb la?Cld Sarah, lit Helena. Sid 1Kb, Fair American! Sarah. Boutin. ln bSI ? Arr Tall.yrai d. t irerpool?13th ult. lat 4? lou 2S30, fell in itith Ike wircit of b it Cry atal. of Newcastle, apparently limber loaded, full of w iter, no person on board, ma>li ai-d yardt et.ndiug. taila blown away; Norfolk. NOrImls?'Id in co with Moslem, lor Htere, and parti d 13th, lat St. Ion 74. CM Suffolk,NOrteatu; Boston, Baltimore; Lodi. Phi lad lohis; Pilgrim, Ah ziadriu; Fe.ry Nirkeraon, NYork; Cambriugt. H til, do. Telegraphed, Phargnlie, tm NOrleans.? "i-rna'a for 9 baike and 2 brige. Arr 2Uth,Win Coudard, Mobile; Letaod. Charleston; Ontar'o Miti'iizi*: Ame. ica. Niw Orients; William, Malar z is. CM Ifclli, W?ve. Hubmnod; Cottage, Frederiek?burg; Ciwpliance, Sparrow, NY'mk. Nkw ftri<r?iiD, Feb 20?Arr Kuarkee. Wilmington NC.? Slit A- 'd Commander, and Atlantic, NYork;, Shern an, do. 1-kjvidrnc-k, Feb l?? Arr Queen. Baltimore; Clmles, New York, bid Commerce, Mobile: Tlv a'-V Tlm-i and Tecumaeb. NYork. Arr20 h, Phod* Island. NewYork. Sid Kmily. Smith. ; Rebecca, Rlizibeth City; Sarah. Oeiatoke? two latier auchored below Fr in tff I'awtiii't. EbiiHnnt, Bal'unore. .... Bnnroi, Rl. Feb 12?Sailed from below, \,oro< n Or, for Havana Nztr Haven. Feb 21?Arr Tlanler, Porto Rito 8!<1 Tappa noolv.W Indira. PHlLAOELrHr.t, Feb 22?Below, Volant, Plymouth. CM C*U'M, LOf'OII. Dai.tim.ikk, Frb 40?*?I<1 Aryn. Biaiil. m IT iliTnx NS; Com Wvrriniiton, Lit IJu ijra ?'d Porto CaIrII , Millirrut, N York. Hn-MMonn, Fib 18? Arr Will am E Bird. in, Attikipa* La. Ki.i/mrni Cur, SC. Feb 15?Pld Wintlow. Writ It-dre; All Rill. d< Niwnmiv, NG. Feb 7?Aft Kiir.b?rly. St IViraa: Plzarrp, New York. CM |ith, Hear;, Boalnn; Feleetiur, do: Altliaiu, New York; Anu Hvina:.,do; Attalia, Weal Indira: Prraertranee do. CHAHi.r.iTO!e, Feb IT?CM Morgan*. Livrpool; Snlliran, Hamburg: Harriet. Frauklio L*. Hid Eliiilxth Frith, New Orleana; F.'ker. Antwerp. Arr 1Mb, Sera, NYork: Moon, do; Hmillifield. Froviilcner; Mary Pope,(luadali npe. Old Bal lis. Baton (JftonuRTOWia. Feb 15?An Drborah,Charleato* He virtfiam . Fab tt? > rr Oromo' iii.(Br) Li li loo: Anatrrlitz Havre; Andronuda, Havana; Wilaoo Fuller, I bbj NYork; Charlotte. Boa too. Hid L?urel, (Ur) Liverpool: Kobt Parker do; Wm Olen Anderaou.(Bi) Brrmud ; Ada (Br) Berbadoea; Havre., Havre; Row ulna. Boe'nn; Ann /\ Parker, Havana: AneiiAia, NYork Hid 16.h. Au<teilil*. NOH*?na. Hlil Oakland, Liverpool; O B Lamar, NYork-^ Eririua Naa?an NP. AraLACHieoLa, Feb 4?Air (. Hampton, Charlcaton; >d, Reform , Mnbde; inn 31, Win Talnian, Havana. Cld Rio Or*tide, B'a:ou:T P Hart, do; Floridian I'ralt, New York. Fejkd?In port, Tallalia'aee. NOrleace.w r; G ei 'Iur; France* Ann. Savon' h, wir; Andrew Scott, Portland, do; Marian no.; Veuoliv,(Br) for Liverpool, Id*; Ai n.dodo: III! noia, Tnealr. do; Uncaa, Im NYork fit; Lion, do,Idg; < hampion, wtg; VirRinia, Mobile, do: HtraRVd, lor Havre.Hdg; Autoleoo. Liverpool, do; Mokt Watt, fm do. TV's: AHiot.i. for Boa I on Ida; John Olden, wtR; Calialo. Cedar Kera, do; Wan Talman. Havana, do; Camilla, Providence, do; ttilaen. (Br) Santa Mar; Portland, NYork, do; Morea. ill, Ida; Saraj?.i,,. r ,!? A ,.'pi, _;.I..'.1~ j: i i-ufl: wig: J HCh-n- y, do; Re; ublic, for Nea Urlran-, ldg; Laurel. Ch*r>iton, do. Mosn.s, Fen ; J?Old Bolendid, Liverpool. Arr 3pe<d, (8r> London: Coram Thomas Nr.w Oiilkaxi. Feb ll?Tld 8hvw, Benton; Suwarrow ?|o; Virginia, do; Baml I. Bou'liard, Oinoa and a mht. Arr Tiber. Liverpool; Talma. Bordeaux; Uce an. Rotterdam; Cairo, Boston; llrvves.Gibraltar; Cocernicua, Bremen: Clrmentinr. do; Arr1 itect, 8' Thornae; Lime Rock, Charle>tun; Republic, Apalachicola. Cld 10 h, Meridian. Antwerp; Levait, Havana; Susan,do: Livius, Cadix; Eiixibelh, do. Arr Mountaineer. London: Hebe Liverpool; Renoeatir. (Brl St Thomas. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. 'T'HKHE far-fstnrd and e-lebrated pill*, from Portugal, ai? f we perceive, to be obtained in this country Bee adrerlleevoevd on th? 1a?l fourth page. f. 4 1m'is wo KM.I.ull I'lAiNU KOM'li* b'OK ?A1.F. ? A beautiful tone I I'atent Square Piano Forte, with the modern improvements, a:.d of the b-?t London make. , ' A ire nd hand toned Horiaonial Grand IT*no Forte,with net a lie tube*,harp pedal, ke. Thee- inetrun ente are well worthy the attention of profeteora and ainateura, and will b i sold on reasonable terms. App y at 785 Broadway, entrance in Clintoa place. 133 3t* TO" THE LADIES. AOAMC COSTKLLO. Female rtail oootio t?J ue? to treat with astonishing success ail disease* peculiar t* female*. suppression, irregularity. obetruetion. fce . by whatever ea iae produced, can be removed by Madame C. in a very short rime. Madame C's medical establishment having undergone thorough repair* and alterations for the better accommodation of her numerous patients, she is now prepar ul to receive ladies ea the taint of confinement or thoee who wish to be treated for obstruction of their monthly period. Madame C. can be consulted at her reside***, No. 34 Litpenard street, at all times and with the strictest reg ird to secrecy All communication* and lei let* reuet be noet mod f?3 tin* DR. FELIX GOURAUD'S POUDREvS vSUBTILES. FOR ERADICATING HUMAN HAIR. 5ty- Thus r*a shali thov nine, ai*o rro farthi.*,? Gouraul's Pimdre* Hubtile* ruablc one to command appear* ance. so far a? the Hi r is concerned, and to str to lhat drvelopement, " Tine far shalt thou (.row J rnd no farther." Barb-re an eseful?very ueerul io their place*?but their utmost efforts of skill in the depilatory art leave still a "stubble land at h'rvret home." These Powders, on the contrary, eradicate the "?lnbbl-1',oreaeiouing to him whouee* them no misgivings on appro-chirg his "l?dy* love," or, io the interronrse of hesr? witli heart, the frar of inflicting on her " rem il cheek" (aa General G P. M hi* it) unncteisary pail. Prriously, no toilet c m hardly ke complete without this little assistant lor removing hair. It accompliehes the object in a few minute*, and isu-i'herdifli u'tto he appliednor dangerous in i's operation on th: skin. Full direclii u* accompany carh bottle. To,ue'had at Dr. Gouraud's < (lice*, M7 B.-oal-.tay, "Sod 3T Wa'ker street, 1 ducrfrom Broaitwey, where may also he had Oouaavu'a Vgoaiaat-a Rot <iv., SO tenia per bo't'e. Goukaud'i dx Bfauyd, or True Water of Beauty, fer removing t ri plmpi *?.'r-cklt*. born*, kc.. Ft per bottle Aoktvta ?New rlh ? Albany, Alex. Guih t*. No. 4 Me?den laue?U'ica. <i L Brow n, p-rfumer, G arise street? Pcughbeepvie, J G ay?Buffalo, I Hinsdale, 137 and 303 Main street. Peun.-yIrani?Phi'adelphia, Mrs Brown 73 Cheeno* ?tr?et. Mary land?Baltimore, t4eth B Har.ce, Pratt streetDistrict ofCo'mibia?Washington, Btlby rarksr,Pennsylvania A Venn ? \levandria. C C Brirv. Virginia?Richmond, Mrs. Fray?er. F etr. et. Connecticut?Middlelowe. K.C Ferre? New Haven. A Law, Chapr I street?Hartford, Wells ? Humrhrey, 178 Vain strict?Norwich, William Kaulkrr. 1. '-L a,..,., a a I I,- oat *'. ...... i . ...u vUlirniiKim?u'r??"n, n n -#v? in. 'in? in- ti. uv*rn O A Csr!r?nn h Co,' ity Hall. Lynn, DrA L Holder. Wor cea'ar, M D Phillip*, Unnley 'laee. Ht.rin|fir? t K A Miin atieet. Lee. Bull It Field. Salem. IVIII !*??Newhtiryport. ( hirlee M Holje. New ll-tn'?tiirr?**ort?m 311th, w IV Preaton. M?iii?-'?rtM1 T Havre A Ce. B?n(ro', Me?ar* Wiott er It Guild H?ll??rtl, ? Beammon. Rhode l?|iind Providence, Chm In Dyer, jr Weetonaettr ctreet. Ohio?Cohnnboe, Bum ntr C.mrfc. New Jereey?T dtahrook, Princeton. k.rery bottle of Dr. Oetirnud'a CoameHr* Hue lit tuu: with the name of p ?|> ?rat n* and New Yolk, W wo on the foi raider. *n<( liis r?c limtle engraved on the wrtfiporeeif iho Pom!r?? Huh il-f. None other if r?n'iinc ftl 1 ?n* A N OPHljli UNITY iionr ofieri to any one il to enter i.ito hu'inea* iu'the ll?ady .M a !e Linen timl (Jentlrm-n* ou'liltiiu liar, the proprietor r. tiriti* oler* hie old ce'-abiiae Iconcnii for ??U, doing the hut tiadr in the aho?e line in the citv. Any p rim of I'ldmirioue haSU, w ith a cap I I of from 3 toS.'OO I >1 In re will (hid (hi* an o-jportnmt/ thataehloin ott:< The abore hai bem eaUbiiihnd for mane yearn.J 'loinR a lucra'ira buaue>a in ana of toe prlru iplo e'ree's in the ci ty. "or parlicnUre al'rui W. Mr, Loaaer Poef Office. wilh r< al nvr.e and ad Jreaa, n a"> oth cr e <m namcition will be mtttlided to. _ Peh it >.* LOOK AT THH.?Ju?t received irom i imoo, a lou>? 'aik Calieoia, at 4 cent* er varJ; a lot Lor too Bait*, at O ily 4 ren a prr rvntid ; lot double widths D? Lainea, at i < ah lot Satinet,at only 9* ?d. F.anuria, y?rd wid at only i* ad p-r y anJ; lot meii'aeooil Far Hita. at mil' iR?; lot Milk Valve;*,at S? ltd per yaid; lot of fi ?e Ion? cloth Vmlmat 'nly l?d| lot Guuimeres, tfouMe milad, at on'y *, AJ per y ard: lot twilled Jeaiiii't.i t r.olv 8J per \ aid; lo. wide Garret at on'V 1*61. lot of l'iua at only t rente pap*-. For ante at Wil'ctt Mawkiun' store, .441 (?-e?nwieh ?tre>t. fat 31' r !? '." HAi > fiHH have tRe honor to anoou i * they w ill I ye a Oraod Vocal ('iraeert,at the .dew Y.ira Sue <iy Lihia'V.on Weilricfday evetui R F?h. ?3, 1812. when several neve niece! w II he brineht out. and aome of iti ir mnel K. .... tlf?lT?rul<in\ln will be repented. They trill ap|er m their ?i lemlirl na'ionvl coetnme of the Tyrol. i rcbcti only *o rente, to be hod at the mu?i.- atoree,and it the door. T<> ot K?|-T oVni-t' ff ft* rl i ^ p i i p 5 p "Be perfect in thiearl, and lh?u No word ran w. II eaca; r ro?r pen " TV/fR* TOWNDHitW, l'r< fioior of IJteuosiajby, would era inert r?*pect(allv akacuct that he coat* iu,litr< le?rirg the city at aa early period, and that it therefore bxmrt iuon . en ably or ret* wr foranc'i perann? aa wi.h 'o urai+thein aelrc* of hla inatrociiftn ih tlir art of Wrttir j rt I1tt.d. tj make imm;di? a application. Mr. T., in offering hi* ?ervicee for the la?l t'me forirTeral yaa*a, eroold I artnoiiarly mi ite the alien i >a of thole Irdire and gentlemen who may be derirnu* to I retro re u,i for fit'tire rtu >y and impreveim nt the nnny eacell'Dt ?*r i nn? aod -alaahl? | ctnre* which ?h y tnay hear from ti i e to time, to the rrttent npfortanity c.f eei|itinrg hie newly invented ardhighI approved yatemol Writieg Mart Hand, by a koowl.Jgr of whuh, -he et iCt werd* of any tabit ? .ktr m?y he eirordi d * peon aaiced. and jar err red In a. legible form matt* be r ad t any fume perto d, wi h the nt.aoet d? gree ot eiao and ft ihty. , ,, V on: gcnllimen who are anxiout to qualify laeonflvee m report, for ihepreiw.or teieh thie v-loablr and popular eewnee. are eeuerial y ??.|mI to cull, ?? very jodoc'"ienfa r hi be olf- 'cd to th ee wh.? may he diepoeed to ragage iu tr th iV'm'rViV'rr I te FIVF POLLATtlforr tHtireogWewced fnrr?ietn?n ?f?ti'??wrv Jn'' ,B ut' or'a-OmplrtetJuide loth* Bcttace,' tfcue i?l?cii* Hie ??4 nei:i >u wit'iiit tin pecutiiory mean# of every .nUHi-eet ><Ace^myl'tilureadoa llouve . 301 Brcelwvy, eorwer of Duanea'. f?,,v Nr uTli K.?l'h oauiiul wce*iutc<?! me si'u.i..u u .. ,.| oe I Aim i fan Futent Friction Match Co.. lor the choice of otSeere. rod Ire lrao?aeti n of buetnea*. will be held at thr '"i.m.uet 'r Vt'vreho'iae, corner of Union and Hlaoketnae >>u, e lint WedneuOuy of hebm-rv reit at loVt'orh, 4. M OEO. C. flUODWIN. Secretary. K.irrm. tm-f 1**1. rt?-. 4t t >*? NK dtAHI'?htulti IWim b?, H Muiiitnkwi I jp I >J day lac i. a black leather iron hound Ttua i. with in tea icet'Bing*. ipeirg lock, kc mark d o:i each end in white, f. ) Ja . ciin'd .ihg Hinihy cloihiig, hock* Jke and a large pare 1 of letlere wrapiw d up and aea e>l with Muck, endnrred u'b* u' *il . Tuc.b vr i???d will b ti"n If ?iirp<r?m ?bo ?ar?l! <Mirrr ih* nn ?) N? ? C?4tr (I. up ??? ?. or K r * *?orrtl of 1*1 tfo n.oor, ?n<ao qn-.H.mj a k J III It* fro ? J'[ ?... r? >* II ;

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