Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1842 Page 3
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f e. g--.,,- ? - "i \,asBssmssmKwemsss ft la now decided bevond all controvaray, thai i theTnimiUble advantages of a speedy raaort to Compound Hoar bound Candy, baa oatmblishodthnt medicine.pre-omioemUy over ovary atbar discovery oinaa th? ' art a# heoling waa firet <1eva|.t|>ed. Whether it ia applied aa a remedy far hoarseness. aora throat, dJaeaaea oi i the lnngi, difficulty of breathing, want of respiration, loss of appetite from an accuoinlation of phlegaa?or i any of the early or more advanced symptoms of oon aumptlon; its immediate efficacy ia found in all agea aa ' I the aoat salutary and efficacious remedy of the age. 1 Te this fact, the testimony of thousands, now living monument a ef ita excellence, can be produced. Te be had wholesale and rotail at 43 Division street? Agents, Redding, No. 8 State atreet,Boston; Ziebor, 87 Dock atreet, Philadolphie; Curni k Co, (13 Exchange place, New Orleans. 0Gb Ciaci-a?AnrHiTiiCATae.?Splendid and new iftrnmion?This evening, all who ore lovera of equoetri aiam, will Bnd a rich treat hero to-night. Rock well, 'Stone.Qardner, Mri, Onllen, Master Aymer. Bterena, Billy WhitloeV, Diamond, Booth, and a boat of oihor taL lent. If yon wish to see the true character of tha Indian delineated, come and see Mr. Btane. Do yon liks de *? ' * * * ' a?;?t- nrkulnolf KIaiv att'atAflm DMjO r nen come ana nere muy " uiuuv. lid see Diamond come do science ob do heel. Booth eiaga to look out, "I hare often heard of Married Life that's it?come. _____ OCh Paamiui* Ritoi Strom.?Premium waa awarded by the American Institute, at the late aa well aa at each preceding Fair, to George Saundera, 109 Broadway, for the beat razor strop. The Metallic Tablet, invented by 0. Saundera, haa been established for the laat twentyfire yeara, and certiBcated by the Arst gentleman of the ooontrr - It prodocea a thin and amooth edge oa a razor witn more certainty than it can be done on a hone ia a tenth part of the time, without the uaeof oilot water, which any person can prove by bringing a dull razor and having it put in order on one of the tableta, 103 Broadway. 0(7" Wiistxs or '43 ?We have rarely experienced to lid a winter aa the present. But though we havo suffered bat little from severe cold, few have escaped inju ry from tho sudden atmospheric transitions. Never were pulmonary complaints more numerous or more dif cult of cure, than during the present changeable season. It behooves every person to guard against the ftrst advances of consumption. A common cold can be almost immediately cured by Sherman's Cough Lozengea. Sold at his warehouse, 199 Nassau at. JW- Ball. ! Buk ! Billi !?Cotter, of the Gothic Hail, late Washington Hotel, has been waiting only for the great hnmbug ball* to be over. New that they are 1 over, he comes out with hi* bill of fare for a ball, an ex dative fancy dreaa ball. (See the advertisement in another column.) He ha* associated himself on this occa sion with a number of gentlemen a* a committee ef arrangements, and we have no doubt, from such a ooaree, they may expect, and will have a splendid affair; the list of dresses which are attached to the committee* card,is sufficient te secure a grand and elite company It must, certainly, be very amusingstosee certain men, who we could neme, dressed in some of those splendid dresses, enjoj ing the dance with those beautiful girls. We adviee you to procure your tickets end dresses early, as the number is limited. OO-THK BILLS of the following Banks a-eRedeemed by the ALBANY CITY BANK, at i of I per cent discount. Jan. 34, >843. Oneida Bank. Bask of Utira, Ulica Branch Bank. Ontario Bank, Ontario Branch Bank, Yates County Bank, Tompkins County Bank, Herkimer Count) Bauk, Genesee County Bank, i Kort Plain Bank, Agricultural Bank of Herkimer, Bank of Breckport. Bank of Silver Creek. . nOKKY MARKET. -Wednesday, Feb. 33-0 P. H. Avery small business has been done at the Stock Board to-day, and prices havo not materially changed.? Indiana 5'a improved ^percent; llliinols 6's J ; Harlem dsclined The books of this institution have been closd preparatory to moving them up to the efiice of the Rail, toad, and the uncertainty of their re opening has injured the speculative value of the stock. Pateraon Railroad fell J. Sales of bills on Philadelphia 5{ ; Baltimore 3| a A : New Orleans fi. A tea sale took place and pricea gave way in some degree. The particulars will be found under " State of Trade." The folio wing is a statement of the funded debt of the aity and county of Philadelphia :? Kuisded Dkit or Philadelphia, Jaw. 1,1143. Jlmatmt tuisctilted and j*i<d in on tach Loan up to Dtctmbtr 31 1841 Loan of 1834, Five per ctnt,. $476,000 00 " IBM, 300 484 31 " 1837, Six per ewit, W.508 00 " 1337, k ive percent, 130.815 81 M Siw rutr rrnf *. . oti vmi r.n " 1838, Fire percent 48,233 83 " 1*31, Six per cent, 183 S33 33 " 1888, Fire per cent, (4 309 42 * 18ft#, Fire percent, 73.44T (i Funded Debt of the Counly, $1,588,953 36 This morning we published the Exchequer Bill accompanying the report of Mr. Tallmadgo, Chairman of the Select Committee of the Senate to whoa the SMhjeet a Fiscei Ag??iny ???? refhrreit. Oar reader* are, therefore, probabl/ now aware of ita general features. This report by Mr. Talmage is undoubtedly the best that has y etj been offered for the consideration of Congress, or the approbation of the people. The plan has some faelts, which we shall proceedt0 point out; but in its general feature# it is calculated to attain that great desideratum. a steady currency. It adhere* itrlclly toj the constitutional currency, whilo it offer* all the convenience and facility of a paper currency deprived of it* riak*. The expansive feature ia entirely excluded, except in one feature, which ia that authoring the employ sent of banka a* agonciua?no borrowing. no lending, and no credit are recognized ; and there ia no truit, except that in. the faith of the govern sent, which ia. pledged that there ahall alway* be an equivalent in tpecie or bonda for every dollar of it* paper iuued. Before going farther into the aubject wo will annex in a comparative view the bill reported by the heuae and that now reported in the Senate. The distincti ve features of the two billa are in italic*. CoMranATi'k Viaw or tiie two Fiscil Bill* kcpouted i.v Huutr Bill. Stnalt Bill. See. 1. The Exchequer Sec. 1. Three CommiiBoard to oontist of the Sc- doner* to be appointed by cretary of tire Treasury? the President, with consent Treasurer of the Vuitcd of the Senatr; ono of the Stater?one Commia?ioner commissioners to be chosen appointed by the President President of the Board for for four year*. Salary $3,- two years. M*. Sec. 3. To be established, Sec 3. Agencies not to not more than ten agencies exceed two in each State. ?one in each chief city. Sec. 3. For the Board, Sec. 3. The Exchequer to there shall be one clerk and be the general Agents of one rrgiater. the government in receivFor each agency one au- ing, tranaierring, disbnrsperint indent, and one re- ing, and remitting the clerk, if ncce*. lie mooie*. aery, for each superintendent and each register. Sec. 4. The Exchequer te Sec. 4. The Exchequer be the general amenta for to act as commissioner of reoeiving and distuning loans and pension agent*, transfers and transmitting the public monies, under direction of the Secretary. The Board and its agencies ahall pay all warrants drawn by the proper officer. To be also the Com dsdoners for Loans, and pension agents. Sec. 5. To eeeive 110,- Sec- 4. To receive indivi000,300 of tprcie on private dual depositee in gold and dtpatiloe, and ioiile a corrtt- silver, and issue therefore p*wd?*< amount of certificate* specie notes to the extent of of depooito. ' f 15,000,000, at a charge nut eT'ttdin/f J of 1 prr rent ? The notes to be redeemed only at the place of iaaue. Sec. 3. To issue, in'pay- Sec. 6. The Secretary of meat of claims, at the op- the Treasury to hart pittion of the public creditor, pirtd ipecir notre,'obr tigned specie, or Certificates of dc- Ay the Trtamrrr of the I'nipolite, or treasury notes.? ltd Statre, countersigned The paper so issued never by the President ol the K.xto exceed the i)iecie on chequer, snd payable to the hand order of tiie commissioners, to be redeemed on demand in cold and silver, and re imnablo by the board and agencica. Sec.7. The reveral minta Sec. 7. The. Board and U$ to U*ie iimilarcertifiCaUa. teveral agenciee may on the drpaeite at gold and ether, draw hitle of exchange on any o'htr agenry,and ale accept lille of exchange. The amount of the lille not to exceed the mm depoeited. p?c 1 The certificate to bee. 9. The charge] on he laaurd without premium each bill drawn or accepted -and of denomination# not not to exceed two per cent, leeethan %& nor ninre than $100. To be redeemed only here tstued. Bee. ?. The hoard and See. 9. The beard and ita agenriei authorised to dmw agenciea may receiae drafte and redeem on eaeh other, or bille oj ex hangefor colterand eell the drtgfle for co?A, tion at another agency, hut in etaprefi '? net eccggdnig i no eiree to moke any vaUmeni w ' lh' draft arbilfil ntlu a'ly ealUeted, whan payment way ht made at the office w here the bill wai deposited for collection, deduc tins a reasonable charge lor cob lection. Sec 10. Tht Raari tnpur Sec 10. Rules for the go Aeer ftriien end damritir Temmcnt of the board an J hlh. fin the purpme rf Irani- agencies to be adopted mMinzht puttie fundi .and Within three months after * govt's creditor*, and Jar the organization of the no sfAsr pur put i/Wrrer board. Sec II. All the payments 8. c. 11. The Secretary ol made by the exchequer to the Treasury to issue to the be made In geld and silver, board, on its applicstion. a or with the eon sent of the suitable amotsnt of specie Commissioners, In treasury no'or, to be used ia the aotee. or certificate# of do- transaction of its business posilr. The dues to the The smonntissitad either le go? rruB'. at may be paid in the public creditor or in dope*1' t spool#, iHh.mnt tm awcatdldr f<? [ y Mttti, aid bill* of bantu ef amammt tf tptcU en hand immediately convertible for (heir redcmptfea. All Into (pecla. at the place daea to tho governmenl ta where received. The board be received Tu specie octet and ita agencies to atrike itewed aoder thia aet, or in weakly balancea with all thanoteaof bank* imiaedithe banlu in their neigh- ataly convertible into apeborhood, and tattle by ac- eie at tha place where re taal payment No loJltl- ceitrrd. dual ever te be allowed to coatract a debt with the exchequer. Sac. 13 No agency to re- Sec. 13. The board and crive tha depeutea of indi- ita agenciea ta tattle at viduals without the assent leatt weekly with all the ot tha State where eatab- hanki ia the neighborhood, j lithed. Tha board and all it* agenciea at all times to limit their ioanoa to the amount of tpecie actually on hand to redeem them. Sec. IS. The principal Sec. IS. The board and ita board to provide regula- agenciea to keep separate lion* for the government of and distinct sets of books.? the agenciea, and the old- One for transaction* re cera to give bond! for the apvcting the public reve faithful performance of nue, and the other for tboae their duty. of exchange and individuala. Sec. 14. The board and Sec. 14. Similar to aec. 10 aeveral agenciea to keep of Ilouae bill, diitinct aeta of hooka, one to embrace all the tranaactioni relating to the receipt* and expenditurea of the public revenue; the other all exchange and Individ uai depoaito tranaactiona. The profile accruing from exchange dealing to be applied to the expenaea of the exchequer. Sec. 14 TV Rreheyuer may appoint at {?"' for the board any ipeciepaying bank in its neighborhood. Such lank not to receioo iepooitoo, accpt or tell hilts on account of the Kxthcqntr. Wa have omitted the laat few aectiona which refer to mattera of detail only. The primary organization of the two, it will be aeen, are different. The preference la decidedly in favor of the Senate ; hut we omit commenta on that part, aa we intend only to remark on the practical financial operation, whichpfintrinaically round, will effectually prevent any political malveraatlona. The -1.1.-1 ~m iw. v:n i. i,? f,.,nlah a |CUCI U Ul'JDVl W1 IUC UU1 |liUiciooa IV WW HV IU? h?u ? sound and uniform currency of equal value throughout the Union, and to facilitate exchanges, not to regulate them. For this purpose a government paper is to he issued to public creditors and to individual depositors,each dollar issued to be represented by a specie dollar on hand. This being the ground work of a currency supposed to be sound, the quantity of that currency should be regulated entirely by the deman Is of that trade for tb o benefit of which it is issued. Nothing is apparently clearer than this position. And yet the committee havicg created a currency which they suppose to be sound, as if losing confidence in their own creation, restrict it by two palpably useless proviaions ; the first of which is, that the amount of that sound currency shall be $16,100,000 and no more ; the second is, that individual depositors through whose agency It is to be issued, are required to pay Jal per cent for the use of it. The first provision is as absurd as it would be to fix by law the amount of specie there shall be in country at any given time, or the quantity of wheat or other produce that shall be raised. If the currency created by the fiscal agent is sound, the actual demand of trade alone should regulate the amount issued. If unsound, it should not M issued at ail. rms is so clear, ana me poucy 01 re atriction to obscure, that the inference it clearly to be drawn that it wai inierted only through the agency of bank influence, who are fearful of having their rotten circulation auppl anted. The second restriction, requiring depositors te pay for their certificates, is calculated to defeat the wholo plan. If an .individual for instance, in New York, has $10,000 to depoaite, he has his choice of the government agent, or say the Bank of New York. The former charges him | a 1 per cent, and the latter charges him nothing. With whom will he place his meney I Clearly there where it costs him nothing. Hence the government will receive no gold and emit no bills. On the contrary, if (hey receive depositee at par they will obtain all those funds possessed by individuals who never ask facilities of the banks. Through them the government would ob* tain a large circulation, the wear and tear and destruc* tion of which would amply compensate it for the trouble and expense of keeping the depositea. No possible util* ity is discovered in either of these restrictions, and it is to be (toped they will not be allowed to clog an other* wise able plan. The fifteenth section offers an excrescence on the fair body ofthe bill, which should be simply struck out. In it tS< fang** ' Wall iIfmI is clearly discernable. Its provisions are, that the board may make use of a specie paying bank or establish an agency at any (point they may think proper. The bank not to receive depositea, sell bills sr acoept draftsjon account of the exchequer ; other wise, to act as a place of deposits for the public money i and ditburaing agent. Under this provision a bank ir Wall atreet would ceutiuue to keep and use the public fundi ad libitum, and the government would immediate!) be reduced to the level ef the mere if iuei of that beak The government iuuei a paper dollar for a ipecie dollni on hand. Where ii that dollar on hand 1 In the go vernment agency. What; la that agent ' A bank ii Wall itreet. The iiauea would then become bank innei countersigned by the Board of Exchequer, precisely ai the currency ofthe general banking law of tho State ol New York are bank issues countersigned by the Comptroller. Tnis is throwing the doer wido open to the grossest abuses, and the propriety of annulling that section, we trust, will be made m inifeat. We have here entered into the most glaring defects ol the bill, which, if persisted in, would detract in a great degree from a plan which in other respects promises to be eminently useful as a grand restorative to the disjointed financial affairs of the union. Wo will to mor rew, proceed with some remarks pointing out the advantages of tho bill, illustrated with facts drawn from the late census returns, in relation to the productions and the movements of commerce in New England as s distant section. -? >h? Stnrk ir.TKkaaM tUH.t.Y.i'l.lliH 811 100 do do MO 64 $5*0 Ohio f'a I860 88 too do do bit 641 $1000 do 1858 67} 76 do ratcra*n IIR *80 47 $1000 Kentucky ?'*, 1S71 78} 150 do do b60 48 $ 000 Illinois Hondi It SO do do ;# 471 $2000 Indiana Bond* 194 60 do do 47! $1000 do 19 21 do City Bank 100 $2000 do *10 18 9 do State Bank 68 $)ioo do *10 18} ft do U. 9. Bank 2 $10000 do *10 1*1 12 do Lafcyette Bk Cia. 20 $2000 do thw 19} 10 do Illitioi* Bank 10 225 ahare* Harlem RH 7) 18 <lo Anhurn Ic Srrac. 82 30 do do b60 71 81 do MohawkRK 47 lot do L. Island RH stu 51} Btctnd Board. $1008 llinoi* 19 100 do d* b30 7 $2000 Indian* stw 194 75 do do 7 50 ihrre* Harlem 7J State of Trade. A aale of Teat took pltcn to day, which wai well at tended, and moat ol the lot* ottered were sold. Price (tore nar in *ome degree. Term*, latiffuctory note* a six month*, payable in thia city. Hrtow. (Vn/t. tVnli 49 cheiti 73 ? Toceo Hrio*. 30 half ehe*fe, 73 28] do and 167 chert a 38 21 do 7# 51 halTcheati withdrawn. IT do 17 80 d ' and 8}chest*. 37 18 do 88 185 cheat* mure offered a 18 do 88 withdrawn?ea ne 48 do 58 prir* not beinf bid. 48 do 83} 25 h*il'eh?at?. 33 80 do 5* 447 do 31 *8 do 4T 150 do 31 8? do 45 141 do 31 II do 831 UN do 84 290 do 43 ISO do 21 10 do and 83 cliert* 50} 48 do 91 52 half do end 285 1 28 do 28 ehe.t* withdrawn. 108 I3ib boxei, 35 llSeheat*, 37 898 do withdrawn, 98 halfcheat*, 38} Gonrowin. 4 half eh?ate 82} 71 do 44 46 do 68 203 e**e*2lh canister", v 121 do 53 98 lilbbot**, 67 78 dn 93} 975 do 82 221 do 46 800 8'b do 59 IS do 46 Hraow S?m. 40 chest* 34 111 do 91 Mwnnoriwa. ? >"> , , " 484 cheat* 30 ." 9'J do withdraw*. iMrMUL. 0 half chut I. 79 154 do 43 18 do M 101 ewe Tib can it Um, 7u 40 do 55 195 4lb bolt*, Si 35 do 84 143 do 44 13 d? *H 89 13!b d} 51 90 <lo 45 75 do 50 31 do 44| 875 do 41 Bivrnown. 351 cheat*. 48 97 do 34 88 more offered at tama 900 do wi'hdrtwn. price. 4*0 do offered at 39, 5 do 44 but not bid. 391 do withdrawn. rorcHo-fo. B thdti, 81 155 do more offer* ]. <J" 45 90 do 19 " 41 88 do more offered, ClDU. 17 Mort offered al eame price. Foreign Markttt. a.^VA"?i*. At'M| Pefl.- 18 ?Hidei, Oi, for Cag. and Get ?' * ? ?i!'P do. {or P"?c?. 86 a a 37do; do fo X.America, 98 a ? do-do for Spain, 80 a (Q do: do salted 48 a 50 do; do Hone, di a 99 do MCk CiUiUbi M . 64 hheep .km. common, filtpn dome* j do Sn'e.M a * [ <4oj Deer akln.,70 a Woo; Ooatakiaa,wa?gdo; Nulrit skias.SaSidapevlb; Chine tnlit ikui, Ma M? do p*. Hon# hair, start, Mitur arrat>a; da ml*" 44 48 da; 8a l*D?,?iNdo; Wool" oomSM>* washed, M^ M da;4epicked, 40 s 43 do; da shorn from skins, soson do mestizo, dirty, ISs33 do; Tallow, pars, 38 s 30 do; de r?W, IBs30do; do with grease,33 s37 do; Jerked ileef. 33 a 48 par quintal: Haras, raised,400 a 300 par mil; do Ok, 748 a 808do; Skin baoas, 100 a 170 da; Hide cuttings, M a 33 par 100 lbs; Ostrioh feathers, white,90 a 31 per lb; do black, 18 a IS do; Salted tongues, 00 a 00; Salt, on board, JO a 00 per fan. Discount, la 3 per cent per month. The highest rata of Exchange upon England daring the week, 3 peace. The lowest ditto 3 pence. Died. On Tuesday,ths 32d inst. after a short hut severe illneee, Elit.s, wife of John Marrenner, in the 38th year of her age. On the 33d inst. John D., infant tan of Thomas and Elibath Woodward. On the 22d Inst.. Mrs. Amain. Ci-rim widow of James Cl'TLCE. WMkly Report of Interments In ths City and County ?f New York, from the 12th day of Feb. 1043. tothe l*th day of K?h., 1812 M Men?H Women??l Boy??13 Girls. Total ITt i Disbajks?Apoplexy t; Asthma Is Aapbyvy : Abscess 0 Bleeding t; Bleeding from stomach 3; Bleeding from lungs 0; 6urned or scalded I; Casualties u; Cholera Infantum 0; ChoKra [erbuaO; Cancer OjColic I; Consumption24; Convulsions 11; Cronp or Hire* 4; Debility o; Delirium tremens 1; Diabetes 0; DiarrWntj Death from Poison 0; Dropsy 4; Dropsy in head I; Dropsy in the chest t; Drowned ly Dysentery 0; Erysipelas 8; Epilepsy Is Fsvsr 3; do. scarlet 12; do typhoid Is do. peurpemill do. renutteni t; do.biliouao, do.inflammatory 1; do Inter sulteat 0; Gravel 9; Hip Diseaee I; Intemperance 1; Inflammation 1; do. of lirer 0; de of womb o; do. of brain 7) do. of tomaehO; do of cheat 0; do. oftungs 13; do. of bowels 10; do of throat 1: Jaundice I; Killed or murdered 0; Cocked Jaw 0; Lues VeaeraO; Mortification 3; Malfonnntion 2; Mnraiaua 2; Measles 2; Old age 3; Organic disease of heart 2; Palsy 2; Rheumatism 1; Spinal disease 0; ScirrhusO; Suicide 1; Sprue 2; Small Pox 5; Scrofula 1: Teething 1; Tumor 1; Unknown 3: Ulceration ol throat 0; Ulcers 0; Varioloid 0; Whooping CsughS; Worms 2. 1 year and under, 40; between I and 9,18.2 and I, 28; S and 10, 7; 10 and 20,8; 90 and 30. 19 : 30 and 40,20; 40 and 10.13;Mand00,8; 00 and 70.0;70and 80,3; 10and00,1; OOand 100,1; 100 and upwardo,o; unknown.0. PtLacKS or Nativitv?United Slates 141 -.Ireland 18; England S; Scotland 1; Switzerland o; Franee I; Holland 0; British Possessions, N, A. 0; West Indies I; Portugal 0; Germany's; Sweden 0 J Wales i: Africa 0; Spain 0; Russia 0; Italy 0; S America 0; Unknown I. Faon?Alms House, Bellevue,5; Hospital S; Fever Hospital 0; PenitentisryHospital I, Blaekwell's Island 4; Small Pox Hospital 3; City Hosp t-1 I; New Jersey 1; West Chester 2; Long Island 9; colored Persons 10, WILLIAM A. WALTERS, City Inspector. Latest Aslvlnes WWVID AT TH* mtW TOUT HERALD omc* Africa Dee. 5 Madiu Mar. SO AuxCayee Jan. 39 Manilla Oct. 9 Anticua Dee. IS Moattrideo Dee. 98 Not, 1 Maranliaw .Jan. 14 Beta via Nor. 3 Matanzn K-b. 10 Bermuda- Jin. S3 Mayagutz, P. R Feb 6 Buenos Ayres Dec. 35 Maracaibo Jan. 17 Bahln>?j Aug. 94 Matamoras Dec. I Belize. Hon Jin. 27 Neuvitas Feb. 4 -Barbanoee Jan. 91 Oahn, 8. 1. Nor. 4 IJoroU Oct. is Paria - Jan. 8 Berbice Sept. 27 Pert au Print a Feb. S Curacoa Dec. 18 Para Jan. 18 Cietiniegos Jan. 8 Peruambnco Jan. 14 Carthagena Jan. 21 Panama June IS Caraccaa Jan. 11 Rio de Janeiro Jan. S Chafres July 1 Singapore Oct. 9 Cellao Nor. 4 Sydney, NSW Aug. 11 Calcutta Oct. It St. Helena Dec. SI Karal; - Jan. 16 St. Thomas Feb 4 Gibraltar . Jan. 1 St. Barts Jan. S Quay aula, P. R Feb. 6 St. Jago de Cuba Jan. 18 Qonaives .Jan. t St. Johns.P.K Jan. 31 Ualveston Feb. 6 St. Croix-" Jan. 97 Havre Jan. 9 St. Martha Dee. 3 Havana Fei?. 10 Surinam Dec. 14 Halifax'"" Feb. 4 Tampico Jan. 28 Jerenue-*" Jan. 27 Tobaico>" Dec. 22 Kingston,Ja. Jan. 31 Turkslaland Jan. 29 London-- Jan. 7 Trinidad de Cuba- Jan. 3U Liverpool -Jan. S VeraCrua-" Jan. 30 La Uuayra Jan. 26 Valparaiso Nov, 6 Luna "Dec. 16 Yucatan-"-" F?b. 1 Macao Oct. 14 Zanzibar* Oct. 96 i-uhciikcn arrived, Power? Brig Benjamin?John Blow. Foreign Importations. Post au Priuce?Sclirfiignei?495 hug* cofTe? 80,000 lb* logwood ttouchaud kThebt-ud?100 bags coflVe 8 W Lewi*. 8t Jago de Cuba?8chr Helen CJray?101 ck* 441 big* coffee 430 cits rum 30 do gu jar m Taylor. Bcjrirot ay res?Brig Oronteg?18 bale* nutria ikina W A a a m While?3000 ox and cow hid** w w d? Forest?6 bM*. 3.400 horn*. John Johnaon k Co?13 bale* wool Charles b Rcdiield?100 bale* indze, too ox and cow hide*, to order. Domestic Importations. Aral.4chicola?"ihip Canton?(Repotted yesterday)?99 h* cotton t Mnrien?319 la* Hotford?150 Doorman, Johnson k co?79 u Collins?34 w d Malthie?49 Lewi* k Waterbury. MARITIMEHERALD. PORT OF IBW YORJK, FEBRUARY 514 lutf rues | nook sets ( 8 nm sin.......... ...| ar | nsi ("8 OapartSM or tlis Atlantis Steamer*. -I from efiolawd. from america. Caledonia, Lott Feb. 4 Msr. 1 Acadia, Hewitt Mar. 4 April 9 (V Western, Hriken-?* April 3 April 38 Columbia,Judkiua April s May i Britannia, Ryrie April 19 May m Caledonia, Lott May 4 June i O. Western, Hosken- May 31 June 18 Acadia. Hewitt May 19 June If Columbia, Judkiu. jibe 4 July 3 Britanuiu, ririe June ta July 17 i^atwtoul., Loit -July 9 ? ? .. .-* *, t o. Western, Hosken July 0 Aug. 4 I To Blasters of Vessels. Commandirs of vessels will confer a favor by haying s list of their cargoes, passengers, and a report of re?**l* left at ' tb* port whence they sailed, and tire vessel* *ioksn, ready 1 tn their arrival bare for Commodore Uissktt, of our fleet ! of news schooners. Ha will board them immadiately oa ' inter arrival. Gloarof, r Shir* Iowa, Pull, Havre, Bolton, Fni k Livingaton; Metican, I'eming, Madeira. Barr-lty fc Livingaton ?Briga Freighter, Blvnchard, Out am a, F liThura'on ic t'o: Michigaa. Coleman, i Weal In-li"?, 3 W Lewia; Tecumveh peiulleioD, New London, Neimitn k Lead* ?Schra Delaware. (iraftoa, Nettvilaa, Bad1 eerfcTeck; Ecnj Bigelnw Beara-, B"?ton; Syrian. Darling, l Beaufort, NC: Sophia. Krain, do, W 8 Dcrerna; "Car* WheeT. tr. I'odekr. Philadelphia; Lucy, Mean*, New London, Net' tnilb St Lead*. Arrlwert, Swedi-li bark T.eonida, Vaatron, from Trapani, and 67 daya from Sweden, with 1375 talmca aalt to Booruaan, Johaaton k Co. Ship Thetapeake,(5 da fta Liverpool. Brig Orontea, Langumn, from Buenov Ay ret, Dec 83. and Point India 35th hider. Ac. to W W De Forrcat. Ship Emi lona, hence, via Montevideo, hid just arr. Brig Brnj-min, Lunt, Kdira from Ponce, PR. with Sihhda augar 100 t'o motaaaea to Ilowl'iid k Aapiowall. Lett brig Kliheh.for NYork, 14 da: aelira reru, for Baltimore II; Phenix, NHwen 10; Wm Burk. dag Brig I'l ra, Lock tood, 17 day* from (Jueyama. PR. wilhtni hhda augar 31 imut rum to B Ue Foreet U Co. 34 43, Ion 73 a aw a large painted port ahip under a clnae teefed ni -in toptail, the weather fine at the time? eea* four houra in tight: the made no more a*d. I Brig Ch utiaua, Ballard,92 J?yafrom NOrieana, pork, kc to matter, llth mat. 100 milea SE of the liook. in a gala from i WNW, was knocked on her beam ende. and had to heave overheard 34 ton of cargo to rght the eeatel?<plitaaila, kc. Brig Graiaitr, Cardage. 8 dava froai Wilmington. NC. w ith lumber and n.T-li'oea, to De Pcyater It Whitmaiah. Br>g <} B Lama'. 8 da Im Savannah. I Brig Proxy, 10 da fm St Domingo. I Schr Signet, Nickeiaon. 17 diya I'rtm Toit au P-ince, coffee, ke. to Bmichtnd k Thebaud. Lef.Sth ioat.hriga Wm Nailaon. Mrrrla, for NYork; Tremool. do; Commerce, wigcargo; DiI ploma.tlirg; Maria, for Philadelphia; ti.rdeu, for NYork; Oeo i Byron, do; John, of M'rhlelie^d. 'chrll Lawr;uee Wilber. 17 daya from Port an Piatt,with 444 balea tolreeo 170 sticks mating?ny 38 bbla j ami to Aymar I k Cn. Left brig Mare', lor N York, 15th Sehr Helen Grey, Barton, 37 diy* from St Jago de Cuba, coffer, to M Taylor. Left brig Clarissa ferkiua, of Sacs, for Trinidad, 38th. I Sehr Otrland, Mraerean, Salam. Sohr Henry Chaae. Cnnklin. 9 d jya from Wilmington, NC. ntralatoref, to I Williaina. ttth int. lat 41 .loa I5,?;"lc bri? Majertie, from Savannah for Boston; same lime.tchr K.orida, J do do. 1 Sehr True American, Bidell, I daya fiom Norfolk, mdie, to ma?ter. Below. Ship Adirondack, llackat iff. from Liverpool, Dec 18, mdie and iiaaaentera. to Woodhulik Mm turn. Alao,one brig. , Railed. t Bark Eugene, Biaeoe, Vera C i ux; Lewi*. Baker, [St Tloraas, and otbera. Marina Correaponrlenec. Rhodk lii.vnnra Orricg, I ' ftfeuwort, R. /.. Feb 31st., 1843.1 Arr 38'h, '.Dolphin, Yarmouth for Norfolk; Atalanla, Bna'on for NYork; Richmond. Thomaatnn lor Richmond: Essex, N York for Fall Iliver; Poaaona, NBrdford for NYork. Sid '33 I,all the vessel* pa: in form harbor, j CMglat, Rowenn, Warren HI. General Record. Pickkt .llir Uwxnrc. Hebar I f >r Condon i. tUl.iriMl until J to-day. Her letter baft ire at Gilpin'a New* Room, in the ! Exchange. B?br FiawcE! Starts*.?The cargo if Ihle re?ael, aahore l louth or Cape Henry, n aaid to be he?rily inaured both in Bal] it timore and thia city. la apprehmdrd. will be ijui'e I acrioua. Veaael injured 10 Boaton for, and the freight v for fa, 100 Mork DraraTCM ?The aliip Middl*aex, of fire hundred t?na, George Dean, mai'er, performed her royaye from tb.j po't to N-w Or'eanr an I Dark in fortj-A'tht daya ; and Ilia akin Norfolk, lire hundred and fifty ton*. One i Know, man ter, ia fifty-e-ght daya ; Ike lal;er wae detained at New Orleani t twenty-ail daya.?[Boaton Courier. l Thtaia quick work, but will not beat the Shikapeare oftlita i port. I 9cmr Ra*!om. Bacon, of and for Boaton, froan Porto CabelI lo. with coffee, liiniimritri-and indien, dragged ,her anchor! and went aahore on Hoat Bar, where ahe rrinaioa. Her foremaat had been preyienaly cut a ray, and hrr mainm>a* cut 1 about half off. She ie tight. aa yat, and will be got off alter w din'* Her earco will he eav*d with trifVag or no damage. > fCHR Wm kioHW,from Machiia for Havana, which put in to Stalrm tth. leaky, aold her cargo there, audauled lub&llaat ere of tath. for Machiaa, Notice to Harlnera, d CoLLRCTom'a Orriaa, > Haeannah. Feb. it. let] ( ' FcoaTieo Lictlr.?!n eonae juence of Uia united apolica Ca. aflk. I'nmmaiJ.e. oflh. D-..L.I. 1 il ni,-a. of <hia port, iMiruelioM hue barn rreeiredto eon inn* lite ' bloating Light at her rreeent mooringe near Marti n'a ladua'< try. The Hoa'iug l.ijfbt will therefore he continued in obcdaraci to laid Initructiona, at her prrertit mom urge , JAMES JIUNTElTXnlleetor. ' Spoken. Marr Hammot^, of Camden Me. a tending aoutb, no dote, lat W,Ion it so. Whalemen. John Well*, Rumtll.of Newark, with SO bble, w*? at Callao Not 44. Eoretgn Porta. Yaan >VTll, N9. Jan M?Arr Lady Hnnliagton, Clement* NYorfc. H w.iraa, Feb 10?Cld Napoleon. NOrleana. Maraataa, K*b ,0?In port, (Jlariaia, of Brunswick Me. To; Boston, toon; Vo-h, det.ldavs; Tibaehn,! tram do, wtg ft; Me n iront, luierrtnia: Metannra. fur Breton loading; f rnturioa, for Buaton. loading; Tr*mon>, fm St Juan de Jos Heme . elote.di-g; Harriet, from Portland. 1 -ading: Agnow from Port Nad, <l*>, Laurel, from and for Frwndenre |dg; Emerald, do, waiting cargo. namu~l, for Cortland. Idg; Monaco, from wil mlngton diagi (ten W drown, tine; llogan, from Havana, do; i Taltna.frim Bo*ton, do. Selma. Boutrlle, for NY'rk, aoon; 7 Maria J F.itell. <3->uld. do d?; Washington, from and for fh I Udrlplua, 3 or 4, Cjaoatu-, tot Boiloa, Idg; Clio, Bordeaux <da?jr,and Akwuda.uoet Aaguatn. from tlata a, I?>|, HjawBoy. from Cadia. daachf; Atgoouam, fiom tlrorgetowa SO it quar; HeMcapout, tine; Pilot. do; Thalia. old. Ufavaxa, P* I eb ??la +M, New Haven. fcr IC# Havm iJg; Hanfard, >icUoU. fog da da; Balkan. Emery. NYork. 1; J'nu. Btfford. da 1; Friaklm, Mtl day; Jimn McCohb, Bachelder da Ida; Xuuloa. (m do, ditP;9aiiu Q"tt, Hiajr; Magnolia, for Baltimore, Idg; Grand Turk, Ni'ork, da: MarAOvei.Peb 8-In pr>-t. Pettier, Bar Philadelphia, lJg; *idoty, Norfolk,eext day; Oao Loral, Mf; Hibcrata. diar; 1 Franklin. outlaid; Condor, HaUy, New Yoik, * da; Paadnia Boa ton id. fre*o? Arara.Dec It?In port, Marion, Week*, for NYnik Jan |; Sardiue.di g, Moaow. for Boeton, anon; Venla, diag; fVegen, Saiem; /vmerW, rhitada'phie; Cadet. Bcatou, h'g; KhIco. diag; Arctic. Baltimore; Forreat, NYork; Smyrna, do Brutua, do; Knaaiaa, Boaton. United RtatH Porta. Ct-Ti.ra, M?. Feb l??Arr Emetine, Clark, NYork, and all It'll for Eaatpor*. Ud 'THinr?Arrnadate, Baldaummrr. Lubec for Baltimore. Sid Abigail, . BoaTon, Feb JS?Arr Itiaraalia, NOrleane: Lucy. ["rumliaco: Komuli a. Savannah: North American, Wiiglit, NewYnrk. Below, Baeliaw. On NOrleane Sigi al for 2 liarkf. Arrllat, Humber, (Bri Mull; Elizabeth. Baltimore. C14 Carih.Qtnoa and Truillo; Harbinger, Gibraltar and a mVt; Alcicpe. St Jag"; Morea, St Domingo; Jacob Penoel, NawOrteaua; Howard.dc; Caailda, Wiaeaeect; Sena'oe. Mobile' f'hieNaaw, Baltimore. BKaiHHafc.t, KikJO?Arr Kutrkae,WilmingtonNC. NatrtuCaeT, Feb II?91d Council Baltimore. HoLiirr Moi.c, Fab 18?Air Maria P.cific Oe an for Nantucket, ttoo bbla ep?apoke lat. he. Delaware, It day a fin Philadelphia for St fhomaa. Arr Joe Baleh. Baltimore lor Ue.t.. ... : a L -f L..a I : I ak.o^U ,.tf I " ">WU. Wiin 11 M OI iicrn ww 11 uifl| "wn U'c Nland; Colombo, do for do , do; Eric, Happnhan. nock for do. Sid 20th, tin above. Sh-p H Allrn ha* been st-ipped of sails and rijijioc: about MO ba'e* cotton, mostly in a wet out*, bare been landed, and lighten are employed dirg tkereit. Her lower hold ie full of water, aud her bi ttom u pretty much broken up. Are uoth, Hideont, M-ayaguez for Bosion, with damage; Tangier. Baltimore for do, do do; A Lawrence. N York for do; Hio tirande, ApaC'cUicola for do. Arr Slit. Sultan, NYork tor Newbarr port; Meridian. Baltimore f r Boston; Thos Hooper,do do, with damage; ThnaP H?rt, Ap.lachicola via Newport; Mary Pease, Trinidad for Boaton; Lafayette, PhiladeL hia for do. Sain?All the above remain iu port, except the A Lawrruee, aid laeteve. Pko\idk>icc, Feb 21 ? Below, Casket, MaUosas; Jaa Lamphier, NYnrk; several schr* and sloops. Sid Mechanic, Billow, and Chaae PhiliDKLrHia,Feb 23?Arr Aeorh, Boaton?reports a bark at the Break walrr on Monday ALkxatxnaiA, Feb IS? SMHarveit. NYi rk. ~ PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS. rpHESE far-famed ano c. Iebrated palls, from Portugal, ar A we perceive, to bo obtained in tail country. Hee neverlinemen! on the laat colnmnof fourth page. f<4 lm*ia +~L WANTED TO HENT-Thc lower part of a two Hllf story, lituatid not more than half a m le from the HeJKaarald ?IB;e. Address J. K.. at thu olh [24 yO PHYSICIANS.?A physician who has had hre years L practice in SUROEKY, in all it* branches, and who can come well recommended as a skillful and successful operator Occu'ist. would be pleased to form a copartnership with soma catab'nhed Physician in g od practice. The advertiser is a single man, and would like a partner more advanced iu years, and whs does uot wish to attend tosergery. He will furnish hi* own surgical instruments, a cash etpital of about $30u, and uudoubted testimonials from physicians and others, as to character, capu< ity. ice. a line addressed, post paid, to THEODORE K. SWIFT, N. Y., with real nam* and partieularr, will receire immcdiite attention. (24 It* OMYKNA WOOL.?40 bales, very la-r au?iu>. for sate by DUBKlffi. TleB A t.K a Ms * It'tlT ' _ft? jw^ an"W7tlT'.ir*<.M. rjFHtt MAIMERS hare the honor to anuuuuc-.t that lliey win A give a Orand Vocal Concert, at the New Vora Society Library.on Wednesday eveniig. Feb. 93. 1*49. when several new piece* will be brought out, and aome of ih*ir moit beautiful Tyrolean Aire will be repeated. They will appear in their aplendid natioual coatuine of the Tyrol. Ticketa only 50 be had at the oniric atorea, and at the door. To commence at half raet T o'clock. 19 > 9t* GKAilA M'tl iVtAt *0 ZlMK?Uftice,8? tt Jw er y.? U r < h j in 'a Lady'a audAJrntleman's Magazine. CoHTaart oy nir. Mahcii No.?Vol. to?No.S. The Crowning of Towha'au (Illustrated.) German Writrra by H W. Longfellow. To One Departed, by Edgar A. Foe. The Young Widow, by Ab x A. Irvine (lllui'rated I The Kreehet, a Legend of the Delaware, by Allred B. Street. Marches of the Dead, by Wan. Wallace. The Two Dukes by Ann S. Stephens. To Iia in Heaven, by Thos. Holly Chtvera, M. D. May Evelyn, by France* Osgood. A11 Epistle to Fanny,by Park Benjamin. 1 he Doom of the Traitress, by the author af the" Brothers,' Ike he. The Sinoger'a Fuwril, by N. C. Brooks. The Eirat Step, by Emma C. Embury. Agatlie, a Necromauul,by L.h I*emerald Tasialro. Dreams of the Land and Sea, bv Dr Reyne.'l Coatca. Western Hm pilali'y,by O;o P. Morris. The Lady and the Page, by Mary 8. Peaie. Fancies about a Roseluid, by James Russell Lowell. Imagination. . . _ Harry C' the author of the ' Reeferof "78," Music?"A Lady beard a minstrel Sing,"a Bailed by 8. H. Bay la) ?murie by J.r. Knight. Review of New Book*. t MIIgl.LISHMI.ITTt. The Young Widow, one of the fiurat weazitiut plates ever published engraved expressly for this work, by Sadd. The Crowning of Powhatan, an si- g?nt line eutravii.g, by R. Hinshelwood. from an original American Piciure by ChnpSprug Fashions,a later and more elsgant style than the lastFour Figure* beautifully colored?bit'i sixes. Music?T wo Pagcc?' A lady htard s minstrel sing.'' Te-m*-$3 per annum, in advance or 35 cents a number. Published mouthly?delirered in any part of tin* city and Brooklyn, and aunt by mail to all parts of the Uuited States and the Caaadaa, by ISRAEL POST, f34 it* L8 Bowerr. TTAi;KHT SInF ti UtRlt-K, FOR LTVeiroooL f K Ugcrs by ti-is ah 10 will please be on board the steam boat Hcrcule*. at Whitehall, to-morrow, Stth mat at IS o'iloclt. at which Mine the ship will sail. Letter Bags w ill cloae at the usual placet at 11) o'clock. fSI Exclusive orano fa>clf dkess ball, at the Oolhic Hall ?Mr. COTTER has the pleasure of scnouncing, that he has made arrangements with a Committee of e?ntlemrn to give a splendid Fancy Dress Ball, at bis new estabMihmmt, (the llutliic.) on the 28tit February. Mr. C. has procured nl great ixjieBcr, a Mice aud w ell selected assort mentor fancy dresses, ewtnmes, ic.a list of which will be found ?i tlx il*M, aud will ne puuntied m the bunaay papete. Th? hire if each dre?s i< inc>ud<d in Hit charge for Udb.u, ?Ki?f. it VI. Anv Kentleuian finding hit own drett will be admitted for $1. Either tieTft will admit a geuttemm and two ladiea. Karly application it necessary, at itie number of tiekelt it limited. Military tailor*' and boat etnb druiri are admiitible.? Ciowaa. ore and low drrseca are prohibited. BALL COMMITTST. Jamee B Van Bum-, Jolin LoraSt, Theodore A. (Joulil, Edward K. Chapman, Jamet H. Ward, <*?orge W. Lota. ThomasMcKtan, Edward Williams, Louie I imilat, Wm. H. CcnuoTer, Deonit H. Allen. John Taylor, lleurv V Lovtll, Ji ha Inriglit, lihtrfetQ.Ounllier, Tf ratines F.Collins. John L Roti, The fol owing it a List ofCostumes now ready for impecliou aud selection. Napoleon, Aieainclcr lh" tirea', .Werner, Macbeth, Maoduff, itan<]u , Piiarro, Kolli, t/rarembo, Ihimro, Friar Law r? net. Douglat, Old Norral, Dlenalvon, Selim, Adawwnrm, Richmond, Kichird III., King Henry, Buchiugiam, Jatfi-re, Sir Peter Teazle, Sir Liwreuce Paragon, Benedict, Roland, Vine la link* Tniirhlfnill*. PrMMTft. ( WlKrin MulltrWnllfr Sir Thorn Clifford, Martin Heywood, Lord Hastirgn, e.thcllo, lago, Kodvfigo. Cneeio, Fino K[ Hydcr, 8a cho Karl, Stranger. UrimJoff, Yank-e, Quaker, Harlequin, Panta'ocn, Donuiovanni, Prince in Cinderella, Count Kriberg, Brut ua,Canine, Carwin Hamlet, The tthoit, Grave Digger, I olumus. Kobinson Crnroe Ho.atio. Guildruttem, Pirate, Damon. Pjtliiae, Mageprm, Father Luke, Beverley, Virginiua leiliut, Paul Pry. Benedict. Hnrteneio, Orumio, Primchio, Bardolnh, 8 nugylrrt. Sailott, Greeks, Indiana, Tuika, Miu'aiy Uniforms. an-' Courl Ure??>?. lit if 'I'Hr. Gr-i> owlso iwu m t .e tuni.? X Having heard that many doubled of lite walking the 43 houn whhout rest oreleep, and largo beta being offered? twenty to five, that he eoufel not repeat it, the old geu leman hai eop?ented to try again the fatiguing dnty, on a platform, three feet high, fourteen feat lung and three and a half feet ride. To comnieiic" on Wednesday evening, QJd initaut, at eia o'clock, at No. 4>t John elrert, corner of William street. Several geatleineu have been selected a* a committee to wit u ova this performance. f-b 1MI* t/AbliT Stilt n. vi. r., or win Ue eaciMliacd lor a aiualler t roirl, the yacht ON-KA-HV K.?Two years' eiperi. ence in going to an for yleasura ha? rrudered it aomewhat doubtful with me whether, t iking th : rough with Uiermorth, theroiiih doee not pred oninatr. Lven the plctsureof rolling about for two or three daye in a 'aim (with an appetite that at auth times is apt to border ou the equivocal) may (in my opinion, at least,) b- qu slioi.rd. Those who think differently, or may wish to tolve nurh double, have uow an opportu nity to do so. at a comparatively cheap rate. The m>del of the Ou-ka hy-e it entire y uevv, ronbiuing more buoyancy with tsarpnrre than vij o her. Il waa adopted wilh the iutei tion ?i mrkn g htr pail pariiri larly well in a sea way, and as far a* I e m j lege, a m "?t 1 ; iul sea boat the is. In the opinion of thoae who have railed in her, iaud who, if they aie not, ought to be, good j idget,) she ii one c I the driest auj lar'rat era'ts that ever Ho.tid. The On-ka hy.e ir aboul'ttu or 2A0 tone, carpen'eri' feet on deck, w r.icli is lhiah fore aim at), 'Hi feit bean. Id feet hold, and draw a i J feel wa'er, which may be in creaaed wt.rnou a wind toymen, ov a aligns nrel She i* i opperrd ?ud copper faeieued. and very airoiigjr hmlt, kneed wtih kjth triacad wood, aufl acrcw bciltnl and rut together in a way that few tailing ve*?'l? can ?pnl; at auy rale, netther money norpaina ?ere ?par?d to render her, in ih J ai well aa in every other rea.mct, aa perfect a* po.uble. The plank near her keel i< fi>e iachea thick, tapriing to tlirre inch' a littleb?low the water line. The cenire paitof htr keel, lor 3t or 40 feet, II S? inchfi wide, by St inch'j deep. To thie centre part aa outer keel,ot raft-iron, of tne tame rfimen ioni nud weighing 40 torn, ii aeeureiv bolted, through l> th keel nod keUou. The caet-iron if (he -thed wilhonk, and coppereJ. 8hr r ftiaot npietfor if kuoekad down by aaquall, i to tona. with fuch a' leverage, will right htr again She would bo admirably adapted for a ciipatch trttil, or leader 10 a ll-et. Hhe u vtrorg eoougu to eirrr any arma rent, if n ed a* a privateer or Tts rl of war, and r.tpaciou* enough for a large cargo if employed in eotrn-.crcc. rlis wou il ae well adapted to the tar. India, or any other, where the gooda* e valuable aid apeed an ol jert. From htr peculiar c nratmetion, I tuproae alir would aail better (except in very light wmda) loaded than light. I Jo not ntlieve that anything that e nmra a yard could catch her at ?ea. Inaliiil with tharhirp and elirpet-Lu lt U. 8. brig Wa.iungton, Capt. (trdooy thr Uo-kv hv-e.witr a good tip-gallant breez*. beat Iter fourphoura out of trn. If wauled aa a \ alch, ahe would he wo I adapted for a rruiae in the Merlt.erraueau or \Vrat Indira. The dining cabin of theOc lur-hy-e will accumraoda'.? l?*nr Mat able Tne panel*, doi ra, piluatera, and cornicea, ere enamelled and poliahod white, relicttil by gilded carved work. There are lour omanettte i ea?ea Icr hooka, chart*. Ice. he , with a aofatn front ofedch, entered with a richatuffofcrimaon and whit', and with which the acata for the dinner table eorreapond There are two aideboatdi, ofaix feet each, wita h.gyptiiui ma'ble top*, and too minora of the aane length, together wi h a hitidoome ante, for burning wood or coal. Tne owtei'a ?UU room anil the atrwtid'a pantry (very cemlle.ely flltcd up) with a paaaage way between llicni.teparatra tli'dining aaloou from the gentleman'* apartment, adjoining which ia one for lad ea, furaithcd with cuahiooa and curtain* ?r. rl, a.Ik. in the nlleroaii'a aaaitment there are four ao. fa#, ahd in front <?l them w. ur fiun elled column, with ri'if-d I capital*. lathe rear of thoooiumD*, whitaailkciirt.ini, lined tnd I'i rmed with bu'.ere tuorea rd, anil mat be cine,dor drawn aaidr, at ike pi* aeiie oftli# neciipent. The bei'a, when aot in *,%'* concialed from new b> llaaita of llu!*d ar.d oroa-neataladk, aiditpvaed at to b*, wucn h.okrd ur, entirely cut m the way, The carpcta for tea nre of ih? ordinary * rt but thoae for the harbor, or am >oth wattr are Wilton, of the brat quality, and mar te taken up or laid dowa in ten minute*. I here are buda for ten. four in tlie ladiea room, four ia the feat Irmen'a, and one in each at at*-room. The ceili'-Ki are aeren feet high, and the romaa light,dry, and airy, ird can be taaily and-horoughly ventilated. There ta a bath and waahr> om.fcc.kc. The Oo-ka-h} -a ia rery eomj lelelv filled with inshore, cable*, Mile, rifgiuy. fcr , all in perfect order. She ia inl.itboat or ichasarriiged, with no yard* or top hamper. Her f?rc and aft a -lie (eat luaire of riagta I g T toy tail*, and jilt topeail) mcaeure on lb* foot iO;c HTf et; Iter light wea.her main y iff-t peail i< Mfaet On th head, J) tret on the font, aid has 50 feet hti?t. The foot of the j b ia 43 f?et, wo kenn ? hoamand in or inaiy limeirequire* oo ten-lint. Whenbifi# thr wind, *h* acteaiqii-i* tail of lo tj Sie faet head, and eftIjr feellioia'. 8ne r?qui<ee but frw heede to work li-r. Wi.en the f re,ail iaatewed (which ia uaua ly door when not in <- cap ay there.) the i?*aa th-mien, wi.h g-iether-o e d the Hjiir jih ahee a ere all that *ie reqeirrd on derk. Ti e ? o kmauehip nbou i her, from el eat toetere, ia nought lo be a p od ?perm,tn*f th? Am?ric a ahip rarfeaier'a aLdahip j in * 'a work. , ... A* the ia uiaeeea'anly large forlhr navigation of nurbv/a I a ad r.tera (where th*f#iiqe,t?#*a-w*y eatugh far mymetr,) fMlwdtawtf No,It Barclay itreei, New York. Awtsamm -m. (H*rt * JTo** iT&w affi 11 trttH.1 Cabinet Maktr* Stock?At 10) o'clock, will be *old with out rtaenre, the entire etrck in the wart room#, the propert f Meter* Read k Roy n >ld?. Ml Hudton aireot, who are giving op the biutaer*. cooaietiog of a general aMortaient of aruc'n iu the nne, cf ttieir own minufa< ture. Includig table*. f-laii and dicMiug turaau*. ?ofa?, ottoman*, divaua, rofa bedt, mahngtuT nud fhney chair*, wardrobe*, toilet*. waUiatauda, at' kwdi ofbedetead*. Alao, a otuaticjr of good tar.ond band furniture, carpet*, lo Mingtlatiee. hdUiakeepiDg arti Irf.tU r.'?. Ilk. Alto, a quantity of lumber and mater ale for manufaetur Catalogue* ta time?every art'cle will be cold without reout rear Me. Alto, eouatiag honae dealt* of a tu verier eont tract ion. 0 SATURDAY, At 10) o'clock at the tail room, Splendid *ale ol elegant Kurni'ure.ofall deicripticnv?enmpruing the entire valuable drawing rootat, r.arlor and bid room lunula e, from two houar* giving up hoove keeping and forming a* deiirnblo a variety of article* in the line of the beat dticiiptiona, a* ha* been diij oaed of at auction for i gome time. 1 Alto, 4 piano forteg. MONDAY, At 10) o'clock, at th? aalra room. Dry Good*, Clothing, Cutlery, fancy and pledged article*. Jewelry.Guu*. WaUhra.fcr of all deacrirlion*. A!?o an aiaortmi at f Family tirocerien, an iu voice of r.iM Mil#* ('arua ll..fT>1.v Dotvoo Lv Alio, 2 trunks superior clotting, st pair fine c ssimere aud clotb pantaloons, rrianauta of clulh, cassimerea, rollings, he. balance of atock ol' i merchant U|lor. KTUTTTHPiUN. Aiidiower. AUCTION NO * ICE?HarJwir?, rutlvry, cut (la** ware, looking glass plat's. he ho?J ACOll A. l'l.AV l"'S thir.J Spiingtrace aale ol hardware, he., will lake place tliU day at 10 o'clock, at the aiore No 21 1*1 wit alrcat, consisting ol In-ahy hardware, table aad pocket rutley. gnu*, lifLs, pistols, kc? together with alaige as.ortmsnt of a lie If hardware; alao looking glasses aud platra, he he.; alao two huge and splendid chandeliers and two mantle lamps, with rich prieme. Hold on aceoautnf a forme-poechve-. for cash. Itt)'* OIL. fAiNi iiNtia At AUI ilo.M? A. i.t-v r wilt ae.i t n Thursday morning, at 11 o'clock, at the Large Sales Itoom.lSl Broadway, aehoice colli clion of Paintings, amn git which are about 50 paiulingi of cabinet aize. highly finished on copper, and handsomely framed, well desert iug gen-rat attention. '31 at* TWO KNULJaH PIANO KOIt I'fcS FOR anuK - t t beautiful toned Patent Square Piano Forte, with the modern improvement!, aad of the b< at Londou make. A arc?nd hand fine toned Horiaoutal Grand Piano Forte,with aria lie luhca, harp pedal, he. These tuatrun enu are well worthy theatteation of profci orsau.J. amateur*, a id will ha aold on reasonable tcrme. Ap p y at 733 Broadway, eutiauce in Clinton place. 123 3t* ,rm MAIL LINE FOK ALBANY and"Inu7P-. mediate Places, or as far aa the ice i?rmits jKimK!dE_with aalety?The Steaniboal TELEGR APH will le?ve the foot of Courlandt street this (Thursday )'afternoon, Feb 24th, at 5 o'clock. The steamboat ' lica will leave for Albany, ou Friday ev-niug, at 5 o'clock. 0 For passage oi freight, apply n board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, f2t tt at theofiiceon the Whatf. BXATKN ISLAND Vidian Foot of Whitehall Th?steSS'er stATEN ISLANDER or SAMSON wi.l run aa fnllnu's until Purl h?r nnlisia ? Ln*t( Btaten la land Leave* Whitehall At fj o'clock a.i?. At 9 o'clock a.m. "19 44 44 4411 44 " 44 11 44 P.M. 44 3 44 r.M. m t u 44 u g ? N. B. All coo.''J (hipped are required to be particularly mrked and tfrc at the risk of the owner* thereof ol (a PEOPLE'^ LINK. FOR ALBANY- t he A7T^t?rT3e .teamboat* ROCHESTER. SOUTH AMK SUi Ml ig. RICA and NORTH AMERICA, of the People'* Liue, will be id readinea* to commence tunning between New York and Albany, and intermediate place*, aa aoon aa the navigation ufree fro n ice. Paaeage One Dollar. 112 im "aiat- OLlT UNE Ok LIVERPOOL FScKEfs^ Regular Packet of the Firet March.? Phe favorite JEHKm vera faat tailing packet chip OXFORD, Captain Rilhbone, will aail poaitively on the let of March, iter regular day. The accommodation* of thia line for cabin, 3d cabin arid ateerage naiMngera, are well known to be euperior to acy othea, and thoae arout to embark ahould maku early application onboard, foot of Beekman (treet, <>r to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. M Fulton at. next door to the Fulton Bank. Peraona deairoua of (ending to the old country, for their frieoda, can have them brought out in the OXFORD, railing from Liveroool on the 19ih of May. or in any of the ehip* compelling the old line, lading from there punctually on the 7th and llth of every month. For paaeege apply u above. 134 PASSAGE FOR LONDON -Packet lsTMareh.irMk 1 In inlendid fait aailingipacket PHILADELPHIA, Wblhpt Hovey jaile poeitively a* ab >vc,her regular d <y. Having eulendid accommodation* for cabkt, aeeoud rabinaud eteerage Iparaengera. For paaeage, early application ahotiid W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 48 Southst. or 43 Peck Slip, reriop.i w isrii K to send for their frimtli to come on' in li.e above splendid ship, or any of the regular line, can make the n.-cesanry airargementf, on favorable term*. Those dcsir.tu of remitting money can have drafts payable on demand, in all the principal towns .'of the Uuiltd Kingdom Apply as shove. [a PASSAGE FOK NEW OMLEANB-Ualy uTgular Liue.?Packet ship VIOKBBURG.Capl.Bfrry, TT<>lflfai' 85th Feb., having splendid accommodations for cabin second cabin, and stcrrrge passengers. For passage,apply on board,font of Wall el., or tn W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT,4( Southstreet. fM 4a Peck ilip. DOG Lw# 1 ?A ainalt Btautel, white, with brown \JBO| or red.?pots?anewers te the name ot Tippoo, which. It ? with the address of the advertiser, ie written mi his collar A suitable re ward will be paid on his being returned to tt? Greenwich St. fat 3t* OAlL BOAT ZA \TPA-For sale, w ith tails, ringing. icc~, ?3 complete. She is 20 feet long and 7 feet beam, and may be scenoy applying at 103 Wist, near Murray St. foil,* T IKE aMu PROrERlV PUKt>EllVERs s?lF1J COCKING PISTOLS.?This Pistol csn be discharged sis times with almost the rapidity of ihcught. The pistol cocks, the barrel revolves snd discharges inertly by pulling the trigger, the chsmter and barrel are in one piece and therefore cannot blow apart tike no"" repeating!i,l,la The ennatmrI ton of the pistol is perfectly simple?they can be drawn from the pocket and used with one hand Without the leas of a moments time incockiog? ix shots ean tie fired as fast as a man ran crook his tisger. Tbey arc no larger than an ordinary pocket pistol For Travellers, Housekeepers, Captains, Planters, and others, they are an Indispeneable article, aa persons, both male and female, cau with this pistol protect their lives and property il st acked by nviny persons, as one of them is equal to near a dor.i-n of the common kind. Gentle men are invite) to call at 'the store of the advertiser and exa nine the satne, as their simplicity, perfect safety and , .,1, l!..kil>S<f 1st asml Oil) CV pds r 1U ill e L> s4 inl a- o a m J them overall other*. b'ort ?le wholesale axl retail, by J. G. Broadway. f|5 Imeorii** between Walt and Pine wta. <n P S I ^ f" I i P>\X~F~ "Be perfect in thin art, acd Iheu No word can wi 1! escnne your pen." MB. TOWNDROW, Prof>Mor of Stekography, would most respectfully anpou .ee that he coot' inplaics lesricg tha r.ttr at an early period, and that it thrrrfore brcamea necess-ry foraiicb person. as to avail them eelvce of hie instruction in I lis art of Wrltii g Shjrt Hard, to make immediate application. , Mr. T., in offering hi? servicesfor fhe last lime foreeTeral yea'i.'would particularly invite the attention of those ladies and gentlemen whe may be dc.iroue to treaeure up for future itinly and imprnvemiut the many excellent sermons aud valuable l.cturte which tli.-y may hear from tin e to time, to the pre.rilt opportunity of acquiring hie newly invented and highly approved system ol Writing Short Hand, by a knowledge af w Inch, the exact word* of any inli'ie spe aker may be rtcoidcd as pronounced, and pr-srrved in a legible form to as to he read at any futureperiod, wi>h the utmost degree of ease and facility. Young gentlemen who are anxious to qualify themselves to report for the press,or teach this e.liabl- aud popular scie nee, are especially invited to call, as very tlatteriag inducement, can be offered to those whe may he di.posed to engage in either pursuit". Terms reduced ta F1VC DOLLARS for a tk trough course of Instruction,including stationary cud <u elegant copy of the autl or's"Complete Guide to theJBciencc," thus placing the ac>1 licit ion within the pecuniary means of every intelligent your g person, Academy. Clarendon House , 301 Broadway, comer of Puane si. f314w*_ " DR. FELIX GOURAUD'S POUDRES SUBTILEtS. FOR ERADICATING HUMAN U AID J in.i iv. (f(J~ Tut?* r*a iNUr Tirotr caow, mo no futiii r,? Oouratid'a Puudrea Bubtilra enable one In command appe trance. i.I far i? ill* Ha-r ia concerned, end to hit to that dtttlnpemrnt, " farahslt thou uitntvj and no farther."' Barber* are Maeful?very imeful in their plurea?hut their utmoat rflorta of akill in the depilatory art feave?tj||a "alubhle laud at hrrveat home.'' There Powdere. on the contrary, eradicate the " etubble,"i?ern?ioiiiiif lohim whoueer thrrn no iniryii inga on appro-ehing liia "ladje lore,"'or, in the intcrrourae of heart with li?art. the fear of inflicting on her " vcrmil cheek" not-Ueim r.ii 11 P. M bar i?) unne, eraarv pain. Serioualy, no reilet c in hirdJy he complete without tliia little aaaialant for removing hair. It aecotnpliahea the object In a few minutea, and lanMtlier diflico't to be appliednor d ingerouj iu i'a optntmn on the akin. Kull direct!-.tu accompany each bottle. Trice $1. had at Dr. Ci uorand'a iflicer. 5t7 Broadway, and 67 Walker atreet, t doer from Broadway, where iney alao I"' had Uoiliru'a VriiKtaBi.i: Rpi iif, 50 tentaper bott'r. OotftaCD'i Ear nr. Burro, or True Water ol llea-ity, ftr removing tm. pimply, frecklt i. burna, tu-., $| per bottle A'irnTe ?New Yort?Albany, Alt*, (iuth-ie. No. t Maiden lane? Utiea. O L Brown, perfumer, Oaaetee atieet? rcughkeepaie, J (hay?Buffalo, J Hinrdalr, 157 and 103 Main atrett. reunavlvania?Philadelphia, Mr* Btowa.TC Cheinut rtreet. Maryland?Baltimore, Beth 8 Mai.rc, Pratt atreet Uittrict of Columbia?Waabiotton, Bid bj Patber.Ti r.nayhama Avenue? \letandria.C C Berry. Virginia?Richmond, Mra. Krayaer. K atreet. ( ouueeticot? Middle-town, E. C Kirrc ? New llaTen. A Law, Chtpel atreet?Hartford, Welle ? Iliimihrey, 175 Main atreet?Norwich, William Faulker . vt*aaaehu?etla-Bo<(..n. A B Jorlan.3 Milk rtrret. Lo ve II U ACarlctouk V". City Hall. Lynn, Ur A L Holder. Wor re.rler, M D Rullipa, Brrnley Place. Springfield F A < owlre Main atreat Bull Ik KieM. Salem. Wfc H R f?t? Netohtiryport. Chaxlf* M Uodge. New ort#mouth, W II Prealoo. Maine?Portland, T llajre St Co. Bangor, Me.sra Whitt e.r k Guild Hallowrll, I- Mcaininou. Rhode lilrnd-Providcuce, Charier Diir, jr WeatmiieUr atreet. Ohio-Cotumbaa, Bummer C.arV. New Jera > ?T ttenbrook, Prineelon. , Every bottle of Dr. Ghuraud a Ouamelire haa Lie name with ihe name of r-er^r-tioa and New Voik, blown ou the Id r nine*, aim nn mc iminr c,,,....... - ..... ...v i'ouJre* Suhiilf*. Nonr r lh?r >rs genuine. f*l la" CifitTSTWrnOPKftTV.?For aale, en reeaoonbie t'trro. L' or will be rjclinngrd for ri'y prr party. I new two atorj dwellag. large work ahop. ;ul barn, with one, gituitcdat Rahvriy, N< w ? tn lc from the Railroad depnt, Appiy to WOODWARD fcCO>f NKR, ? ! Oremwich.eor Veiiey at?. TV* El S IN ST 11 i;TK LkXTL'llK -Ur.f.ToT^ 1V1 Will rer**' lecture on t!?^ l.avi of Cliraair, *i.d ila ,, florae* '>" the animal .tml vegetable btiifd >me. on Tnoraday evcniur. the Lecture Rcom of the New Yeik So ciety Library, comer of Broadway an.I Leon:rJ street*, comni'-i.ciry at > o clock. 1 he antjeft will b" illuilratnl by large drawing*. TirLtla as trull each, to te had at theibor f,4 if \f Hi C. K lloRN, at tt <: rc'ineit ol numeroiii Irinida.r-1*1 apectfully ainouticea to tha public- in georral, that.he will hare th* honor of giting a Vocal fOMert, at the Hatger Iniiitnte, on Thntmi.ijr, February 71 IMt, on wt ich or a?ion ahe Will tie aaaiatod by a Young l.ady. pupil to Mra. C. I'. Horn, (her let appearance in Naw Yore,) and Mr. < . K. Horn, who ?ili aing aer.ral ol mod farorita tonga, and pir.idn at the pie no foi tc. b'ooraopeii al7?Oou<- rt to eon.inenee at T) o'clockT icketa W e n'a, to be had at I lie principal muaie atorea, ?r.d .. ll.. || WATI.MTS AMI JKW?.Lk?, VfcK* J.wW-'lhl mlueribe.r in telling nil ilcwriptjont of gold and ?ilrer Wvri.n iv Id ami ailver pencil*, fold chain*, try* *r.. at retail,|iw?r than at any otner pln'.a In th* citjr. ({"la Wat thn ai low u ! ia U Jilhnnrti. and J?"i1 each'Dyed or bon:ht. All WittU i?? WMtyl l? genii t ma,or the m#?? y returned. Watrtonnod 1 Jit. Hired in the he?t manner. O ld warranted, at ><*'1' ., ' (he ni'ial nrire*. hy on* ?f ihlittll f ' JiiLjli 0. ALl.BN. Importor of Walrhot ?4 J?w?lrr. ?*????' nd retail.3) Wa!l*t. up tlair*. ???- PARK THRATRR, ' TMH EVE.SI.VO, Keb II UM-Tm yrrfurmaicei will Icnmmei et wiih ,, , LONbON ASSURANCE. 2V*!*\. Mr Abbot I Sir H Courtly, Mvflac.4* Mr B|>??ker, W H William* | Meddle, Chippendale Lady flirjunkir, Mr* Seym mr Grace llarkaway, Ml? Uiiloid 1 *. Mr. Veri^u . To cmrluJr with . .WHAT WILL THR WORLD SAY LordNarwold Barry | l'?|4 TarraH-ddle Marian May I. y .Mir, flnlwd Lady Norwotd, Mr< Wheal.Iy win l)e Vtre. *r?.li..!. Mra 1 arradiddlr. Kn^hl A-lo .-..on? Pmn ?| ; P,| roVeM. Q^i.rv 2lr*n|a. CHATHAM THKATHK. -~ THIS EVENING, Kebrarny M-Tb. perform.* wM eom othVllo. Othello, Mr I RBeott I itgo, Mr Thome Ueademoce, Mini Meetayer Fmetia Mra Tnorne Darin* the evening, Mr O'Conoell will perfoiai hit bctutifaft Star Dance. he. To couelwle with PARIS AND LONDON ; Or, a Trip to Both Citlea. Viaeount Volalil, . Mr. Ooedeaough Hun Frederick Froth. Mre.Lewu Albert Mr Met layer Lady Volalil, M'** Kute Mae. Thome exea tlcenU ltd and ?d tierati, Fit ! ? 1M Dairaonen at O: Curtain riaoo at ft ttwhelT 1TCI1KLLT OLYMPIC THBATRB THIS EVENING, February a?-The parfomaaaoe will com ir.aaee with perfection. Sir L. Parazou, My N'ulteri< u | Chtriat Paraxon, Mr Edwia Kate O Brieu. Mra Moaaop ^ Alter which For the twelfth time, a u??, origiual, Moaieal Burieeoue MP Kit hard iJ Rl< HARD NO III. diehard, Mitchell?Henry King. NichoM Sally Ann, Mut Roberta. To he followed by MAN-FRED. Mau-Fred, Mitchell | City Ch?rley. Roberto Stuirff, Ml?? Siuglrton. To conclude with THE WATEUMAN. Torn Tug, Mr Fcwin | Robia, Mr Otahtiu Admiaaion?Dreaaeirrle Hceuta. Upper boxet u ccau fit HceuU. Private boaet Bf . . inert open at half pant an. Curtain rtaea at em BUWKRY AMPlilTHItA'l'lt*., " ato. 87 Bavnry. THIS EVENING Feb. 34?The entertainment! will cona mcuce with A grand display or Novel Jumping, by Mr A Dowuic Ruunirg Vaulting,by the whole company. A Comic Mr Booth. Master Wilier Aymtr will appear in his celebrated Eiuestriau Act. Master Diamond and Billy Whillotk will appear in several Nigger Songs -etui Breakdowns. The celebrated and wonderliil Hurgarian Brothers will ap|r\r in their graceful and classic acts of Posturing and Gymnasia Mrs Uullin, the Equestrian Heroine, will appear an horseback as the Yankee Saiior. Mr Stone will appear on horseback as the Flying Indian. To conclude with OH HUSH. The principal characters by Messrs Derr, Diamond, Booth, and Whitlock. (H7- Boies, so cnta?Pit 3it cents. f?j It* AinniRltiAn HUSKI/M, Corner Broadway and Arm tirttt. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Baratim TJ ARE COMBINATION OK NEW ATTRACTIONS TV erery day and evrniug thia week ? By particular desire, the Model or t he City of Dublin and Kails of Niagara, with real water, will remaiu here a sh. rt period lsngei. The following emiuontperrnrmera have b<cn cngagrd at an enormous rvpet se Mn. Hard wick, the celebrattd vocalist, from the National and Park Theatres, iud Niblo's Harden; Uia Infant M'l.idist, only two ami a hall* years old; Mr. Delarue.the great mimie who will give imi'ationn of Booth, K. Keau, Forrest. Hambliu. Daniel O'Connell, and othrrs?also, a curious ipernnent in Animal Magnetism; master D. d. Booth, the celebrated contortionist; Mr. T. O. Booth, the best comic singer in America; La Pelile Cerilo, univrrially acknowledged h. m.aaS ?.,s.l..l r? " that ever appeared in tliia city; the Albiuo Lady, and Fancy Olaaa Blowing. Grnud Coainervma changed every Monday. Day viaiteya admitted the rame evening Tree. Hall a million of curioiitiea are collected in thie eatabliehmeat, Alliw &vw pacioua halls, eath 10* feet in length. . Admittance to the whole mutcum and eutcrtainmeata, tt centi; children under 10, half price. fit 1 w 1 third Concert at the Society ^Library B raoad mjrl'ia Friday Kvcniny. Feb. 25th, 1812, on which accaeion they will repeat let er il ot' their in oil admired piecea?and, ting for the fir#t time in public, a new glee?" There'* a charm in print," word* by Boi, anaoged by C. K.Ho n. Mr. C. E. Horn ban kindly couaenttd to prcn )e at tlie piano lorte. Tickeu?fifty cut ta, to be had at the principal Muaic-atorea and at the door on the eTrning of perfoi maace. Full perticulari iu auiall bille. Concert will commence at eight o'clock. fek ?i it* CUMIXl.MJbMi AKY flaliL. ~ " THE Pupila of .Mr J. I'arker, deeiroui of expreretng their cilimation ol him in a puolic meaner, reepeetfuUy bear leave lo announce to h>* frienda end the public in general that they intend to honor him with a Complimentary Ball, to bw heldat Githic (la'e Maeonic) Hell on Friday evening, tsth February, 18*2. The lloor to be under the management ot a Committee of Young Gentlemen Mr. Wallaee'a celebrated Cotillion Band hua been engaged for the oeeaaion. Ticket* can be prorurcd at Mr. Atwili'a Saloon 201 Broadway. Mr. Cottrr at Gothic HhII. Mr. Parker, 207 Bowery; Mr. A. A. Somanoi, 288 Broadway, or of aay of the Committee. ft* MP p 11A1NU VUCAL AM) I.N - I KU vt".NTAL CdNtikRT vT ?Madame Spnhr Zahn and Mr. Wm. Keyier reapeclfully inform their fiieuda and the public that they willgira a Graad Yocat and inatrumental Concert, on Thuridty evening, Feb. 21. at the City',Hotel. SoLorrnroRMKM. Madame tJpohr-Zahn, Mr. Koeaowrkv, Mr. Timet. Boucher, AupacK Mr. Wm. Keyier. Mr. Timtn ttiII pretide at the Piano roue. PROGRAMME. PART I. 1 2 violma, *2 tenors and 1 violincello, Me art 2. German ng?wonla by Goth. ? Kcun'at du (la. Land, (by desire,) Mad. Spohr-Znhn. LSpobr 3. Tiano Forte ?olc?Fantasia on Oberon, Mr. Koenowakr. Thalhenr 4. Violin 9olo?Adagio,fm FpohFe celrbia'ed Mli Concerto, Mr. Keyxer. L. Spok? 5. Ana. fiom the (Cpera, " Titus;" lia! aic schlagt icUon o Vilel* lia, Mad. Hpohr-Zabn. M mt .'.Vio'nncello Solo, Mr. Boucher 7, Kngltsh Song?'' At Night"? word, by T. Mo re. Mad. Spohr-Zahn. Bshr 8. Scherzo, from a Quartett, L, eon BreUtotem PART II. I. Grand Quintett?Piano Forte Solo.with accompaniment Mr.Timm. L. Spohn 2 Song, with Obligato Violoncello accompaniment by Mr Boucher Mad.Hpohr-Zahn.L.Spohr 3. Corneta ri.tao So.o?Caatadira Mr. Aupick. iBellini 4 Violin Sol*. Mr. Keyter. De B seine 5. A ria,fromthe Opera," Figaro;" Noma pin eceaton. Mad. Spokr Zika. Mmif . Mrnuet, from D minor Quartelt Mfnit Ticket*, $1 each, to be had at (be principal muek ntnrenw and at the door on the r renin? ?f peiformanee, Doore open at 7 o'clock. Concert to commence at 8 preciiely. niM* PROF. J. N. MAFFIT,(Chaplainte Congress,) will drfircr i Course of Lecture, at Clinton Hall,on|'l)iurtday t*enihg,24th ins'., at 7 o'clock. PnooRAMMr.. 1. The Intellectual and Moral Power of Education. 2. The and Klfecta of the American and French Berolution. 3. The Glory of Mechnniem. ?. Tlie Moral Grandeur of the A meriran Rerolntion. 6. The Heathen end the Chriitian Women contrasted.Ticket, ran be obtained of Clement k Packard, No. tin Pearl at.; J. N. Redfi.lJ, comer of Be.kman and eta , and at ihe door. Ticket, for the coura?. fit; ?io? I. lecture. 88 ete. fta In* SUPERFINE DRESS COATS or TMIC BEST QUALITY, both ai to workmauahip autl material*.for TWENTY-YOUK DOLLARS; al*o Pantaloon* Ten Dollar*, at PKILIM' Cm? Tailoring taUbliahmtnt. 115 Broadwajr. N. B.?The above garment* arc guaranteed take equal t? every reaped to thote made by the inoat eapenaire hovmee I* the aity Thi* ia do empty guarantee, but,one that the tdvie ti?er pledge* lumtell to Iti.hi. Gar men* of aeeondary ago litr uroywtiotUihlT lower. ~ flm AGHKAT BARGAIN.?For tale, to rloat a concern.? To Roller* of Metal*.?Two pair* of Steel Chilled Kolb. 12 inche* by ft, with iron fram'tiga, and pimone complete,ndafc. ted for ateam power, for rollirg Rileer, Bra**, and Plated 9? ta>*, kr... nearly n>w. made by Jonea, of Birmingham, at unlimited price, and imported for particular and capecial aee? Apply at II Thame* at. _ _ ftp Iw* A YOUNG MAN of active biiiim * habit*, i* deaireua of procuring i inpk ymrnt a* book kcrper or general clerk.? Can be well recoinineuded?talary moderate 1* well n riainted with the Canada trade, Addreaa A. B., Herald office. ABU* vjLI'KRioh BEKF-ItsigN MATCTTK T, No. 12.?tnm O- aubacrih r, ever anviou* to |dea?e ht* ruitonieni ami friend*, and the puhlie generally, w ill eat,.bit for aale on 8nlurday nevt, 20 h February,at hi* Stall No II Union Market, the Berfol twoiup-rior Twin Sierra, at a price according with the lim*?. Said Steer* were fatted hr Nehemiah " p ? r '1? ?? * ? U tt? anrl a at J h V tiitifM tn ftko aim. Drown, r.ilj ui nit ?j -? -, t? ptrior in any olfertd thi? aeaaon. Cull an ! aee them at ?t>0 llouaton ilrnl nw Allan, aotil Friday, at uo'clock, whi n they will t>? taken to market, amf mild uu SalurJ ijr for a low price. HF.NRY CORNKLL, fii 51* No 1> Union Market. AIiaLI* Ok iltlll HRAb li tli? moat Hiagunting ?pin>rfagea perron r?i hire. Light rtd or grey hair, or hair that roeitair.a dat drufT, the nr.oat filthy ; to remedy thia, per oni n yd hot hi#- JiukiV Oil < irrima. There pertown certify?W. T.itnpkina rj King at reel. N Y . J- Power, gror#r, Bro al)n, nil manv othera. To per n lit the hair faffing out und make it grow it ia certain, it alao giaea it a dtlicioun ''ark look It ii ?n!d a' the reaaonible price of 3, #. or * shilhuyn .1 bottle, at ii. mark the right namh.-r or \ oo'll be cheated. J-it lirithaio e'reet. mind the (rmnoe ia aigned ia hand wn'ing T.J..n?-i Brooklyn a(e it, til Fultouatreetf mi id there arr <h'?? alter t ike rare vmi get the genuine. I It Jt* I 1Ui.l,F.t# I ivMi.? 1'ht -irilora Will eot leet Nm#a. UraOd, AerepUncaa. f>rtificatea of Depoaita. tar (through Meaara, Il miden St Co. from N. Y. to Alnanyl upon any of the |.>llowing ilacea, ami gunrtntee retuiua to the oatf. Of New York. in frvm lix to rinht itiyt. Utira, r<anaiidj>(;nat Ryaeiiaa, Rc,r.h#>ler, Auhirii, Bataem, (Jeneea, Buffalo, Hrrrnr.wrnn ' fcraamua Coining, Th man W ol.'.ott, At' any. POMKRfiY A ( O. t Wall atreet. Naw YmHk. ft rperee Rtale ai d Vtaewel at?. AInatif. ? ] 1 mow AMP?si..ieu IP.m no W nt, Clonal, oil I naiw ijp 1 11 day laat, a b'?< k leal her iron hound Trona, with hraam faatenniga, rpring lock, he mark-ii on each end in white. I. <J Jn.. eontiiurg rundry tlolhirg, booka, fcf.nnd alargw itireel of lettr.r# wrapped tip and aea'e.l with Warh, tmarrtam on the ontalde. The aDive reward will be green loany P#reotn who will deliver the anme at No JO federal, ^ for the nnrct I of lettera alone, and ao goeetaone ajhed. fgi It* AYwo.,vn^7T fflfi E5 to tttttr inin , Tt' .,n>nriftor rtliri?f ontra hi# ol# 11 tmcn* 'J* 'f?I'Jj!| doinT1 b" tr?4? ?tb* ?*? ??Uhli?m, cone"" f ;rH)n uf ,uduuri<i#? fciMU, nitkn lm?10 thecitr *$,?,(,? will ?ml tKw ?n opportunity CiinUloffrew * Th'*boT! hu bffji riUhlithtd loe IMP ps #*? " " vwgr Vf7iTlTTK.?I h? A ?nu?l Vretiu* ot the of ?? . ! ii??r*w. Jmi " **

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