Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 25, 1842 Page 1
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.fftJPtt'J Kyi 1 '*4$ a |S ; t.. , I ! I I TH ??- *" I. Yn.?Ho. 341 ?WlMU ? . aooo KIW LINE O? LIVERPOOL PACKETS To nil froa New York .>l th* 38th. and Liverpool vn the I lib c/nch fwM? A M. M & Mb ROSCIU8, Captain JobiiColliue, 88th N?e. Su S1DDONS, O.uUin E. D. Cobb, eSlh Dee. Sup SHERTD A* Captain K. A. Depeyeter, 38th Jan. KSoARRICK, t aptam '*ir. Rkiddy, 3?lh K eb. r tan LniefHi. . ? Thae* etuu? ere ail of'the tint clan*, up ward* ol 1000 ton*,built h the city ol New York, with such improvement* a* com bin* nreatapeed with neiiaunl comfort for paaacnger*. Every car* Cm been taken in the arraugemcalof tiwir accommodation*. Th? Brie* of paaewtebeeee i*fclUO. for which ample (tore* will be btotmIm. The** *hip* are i>> mnanded by ctt'-rieuced ina?Ten, who will make every exertion to (ire general aatiafac Heather the captain* or owner* ofllo-ee ship* will be reapouai hi* for any leUew, parrel* or packageseaat by them, unlet* re Mar bill* of lading are signed tberefor. Tbe ihip* ol tliialiiw will hereafter fO armed, and theirpecu |hr construction give*them *ecunty notpo***a*e?l by any other K*r$ilgMo *n*w?*gr .apply to K. K. COLLINS L CO. M South *t~N*w York, or t* WM. h JAS. BROWN fcto? Liverpool Letter* by the packet* will be charged ia? cent* per sing Is g^*et: go cent* per ounce, and I cent each. (ay rOR Nf.'.V ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS M m m m Fo^h^oeltcr accommodation oMduppcn, It iiHnfenjS to Soopatch athip from tlii* port on the l*t,Sth, loth, 15th, 90 th aadSSth of each month, commencing the 10th October, and I?limnng until May, when orruler day* will b* appointed fot the remainder of the year, whereby great delay and duap noiutment* will be prevented during the eiimmer month*. The allowing chip* will commence tkn arrange wt< at >? Ship YAZOO,Capt. Cornell, 10th Oct. 1841. Slip OCQHEE, Capt. Jackson, 15th Oct. >9 MlSSISSIPPM'aut. Hilliard,30thOct. StepLOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. 91th Oct. Ship 9HAK9PK ARE, Capt. Miner, 1st November. Sain GASTON. Capt. Luthain.Sth Nov. _ BkjHUNTBVlLLE. ?apt. MumroM. loth not. Sup OCMULOEK, tiapt Ceavitt, ltth No*. Skip NASHVILLE, Capt- Dickinson, SOth No*. Ship MEMPHIS, Cap?. Knight,Mth No*. STip LOUISA, Capt. Miiloril. 1st December. Thme ships were all built in Ihe city of New York, express- I I* for norksU. are of a light draft of water, hate recently been newly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodation* Er dUsenger* unequalled for comfort. They are commanded ky experienced master*, who will make every exertion to give Mend satisfaction. They will at all time* be towad up and Sown the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owner* or captain* of theie thip* will be reapoamhi* lor jewelry, bulliou,precK>u* a tone*, silver, orplated ware, or jhr any letter*.parcel or package, sent by or put en board ef unlcii rcralar bills oflading are taken for tuc same, and Hie value tfyer+on CO. 5?Southor jAMK.S E. WOODRUFF, Agent in N*W Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his addres*. The snip* of thin Nne are warranted to tail punctually a* ad| 1*1 liai d and great cure will be takeuto have tha goods correct nr measured. j3ly ?M"w "WMBMIL'"**1* Jh M m ps of thia line will hereafter leave New Yorkbnth* avr* on the '6th of each month as follows: Frim JVeiv York. Ftom Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March 116th April Capt. < 1st July < 16th August James Fuuek. ( 1st November (ltth December hipBALTIMORE, (1st April (ltth May Cart. < 1st August {ltth September Edward Funk. ( 1st Decombcr f 16th January eupUTICA, < lit May \ltth June Cwt. < 1st September < ltth October FraA Hewitt. f ul January C ltth February Mew ship ?T.NICOLAS,( 1st June I ltth July Capt. < 1st October < ltth November J. BTTsII. ( 1st February ( ltth March Tha accommodatioas of these ship* are not surpassed, com lining all that may be required for comfort. The pnee of caMn passage is $100, Pas?eugers will be supplied with svsry requisite, with the eieepthm of wines and liquor*. Goods iatsndsd for these vessels will b* forwarded Ye the Subscribers, froefrosa any other than tho expense* actual.yi n=?-* *"r"feTBfNmff.Ae*., gt ? Tontine Buildings. " NEW iruttK. AND NEWAKE. eafi cassaflteji35l J1*' 'U'-**' Far* reduced to as cent*. From the foot of Courtisndt street, New York. (Evsrvdar?Saadnys eaesptsd ) Leave New York. Loart Newark. All A.M. AtaPM. At* A.M. Atli P.M. 11 do t do ? do M do Ids IN do 7 do T do M do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liborty strtit L?t?Ncm' York. Nowirtr. Kare reduced. Vnatht foot of Liberty street.daJlT. Leave New l'ork. Leave New Brunswick. At I A.M. At Tt A.M. OMErViLLE stage* connect with theee lines each war. life between New Tort end RomerriHe, 10 cents. Do do New Brunewick, T( cente. BKWUim, ???*: The fere in the TJ A. M. train from New Brunewick, vnd t| V M- train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunewick to 50 cente. " and lUhway to I7i " ThePeileielphiemailtme pomes through New Biuuewickfei "sflsssSifitf JSa n.. neeengere who procure their ticketeet the tieketoOce.reeetn i ferry ticket gratis. Ticker eare received by theeonductor oat*oa the dav when mirchiued. feb 11 1<Mn M* PEOPLE'S LINK FOR ALBANY.?'Tho A^JMLCTeetcamboate ROCHESTER. SOUTH AMK EjULRIi A and N'ORTti AMERICA, of the Poo* abb Line, will be in readiness to commence running bet wen New York and Albany, and intermediate toon ae the navigalien ie free fro.n ice. Passage One Dollar. fllim RAN OK M^'^^The^e^mboat L^8IRia^ 3E3EK.Capt. J. C. Allaire, will commence running on afawdeer, Sept asth, as follows:?leers h niton Mmket slip. East River, evrrv Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. at 8 o'clock A M. Returning. leaves Red Bank every Mondar nomine; at 10 attack A.M.: Tuesday,Wednesday, and Friday, at halt-put U o'clock P.M. The boat will run * above until further notice, navigation and weather permitting. ottoi' T. TUWKLL * CU.'BLINE. aM(| Mm POH NEWBUROH. landing at CALD WEST POINTXND COLD SCSKK-SPRINU-The steamboat HIGHLANDER peat. Robert Wardrnp, will leave the foot of Warrea street MMvYerk,every Monday. Tlri eday and Saturday afternoon's t t o'clock. Returning the Hich.aii^er will i,?< .eewburgh apey Monday mormug at* o'clock, aa-i Tuesday end Friday ertoruooe at a o'clock I For ft eight or poaoage. apply to tho Captain on board, ft. B. All baggage and freight of retry deacriptien, bank Who ortMtit, put on board thin boat, muil dc at tha riak of tba mn &*r*of,unlea* a bill of lading orracaiptiaaignad for WNM r?M NXWY-ORK A.VB ETVE kfOOL COMMERCIAL DNt Ob PACKETS. Jlfi^To ML OLD ESTAni.lfiHED PASSAGE OFFICE, | ?' No It South street, New York. THE aabaenbar.ia muiwmetag hie arrangement* forth* year IMS. appear* he'ore hi* frienda with eentimente of iinerra tanact for Uig abk Ittpwl ha Um rc?iT?d for many year* fit Ukawiaa wiahaa to call the attention of thp?e iptgading to Mil fur their fr'emii in Kugland, Ireland, Scotland. and Wales, that they can at all lirarw be accommodated by thi* Mae, bjr weekly oi'potVnitiei from Liverpool, aa wall a* by all tha well known dTflrrent litiea of packet anira aailiag to awd from Lirarpool, on the lit.Tth, nth. Ittb, andasth of each 3th, ihroughont the year. haa always baen the etudy of the eabrcriber t a have the T*nte rbown civility, and d'/patched without delay; and I Tn.i send foe their Iriepda 'nay reel (aliened that every f'eand diliyent attryition will br firm by tn* Liverpool Ageate to thoa* tent for, ae will at all who may embark with warn; and ahould any of thoea, wooer paaaaye haa been paid, Minnti. ine cmy win tie rcinitteu without any charge. . aukrcribar faale aid-oanre in making kao wo the different up* by which hi* paaaeiigrrii came out during (he last year, which ha* siren general a itiafhetinn, and that i.e ha* conaiderably extended and concluded Uia wraiigemcut* for the year "The following it a liel of ahipa Ship Scotland Rohbiaon f bip Oaceola Child* Fniilleld WtHnii " St. Cloud Eaacraon 2 - New Vork Nirea ? Ruaatll Oorar H .we* " V/artaw Griffith* Htberaaa Yfilaoti ? Oawego Wood . Cbeerer " Ocean Well and .. Ingeraoll - Talbot Story ? y*ywrflle Allen * N. flanpahire Harding ? Emwaon ? Panlhea Uoodwanaoa I a 0"? "0 La* " Rnlit. laaac Treeman m Kz^r noLkic* * Virginia Eaton m sr " Kttwpa Bateheider Truhlin .. y *"* * B. Jenkina Seymour ww?u>|Hl Perm .AJT.'i"L'jlfji' r?rU, ?r J??Und aad Scot*"d drift* furaiahed for aajr amount, W** ** *** Iflflneal and PronarlalI Sank* of Ireland, aad OMW rMpaeUTe branch**, and aleo on Meaer* J. It W, RoStnk*id' of "r charge, throughout ^Wor further particular" apt-ly t* JOHN South atreet ?? tod Neto.^af^'oo^lS^LL m s(k> OLD Lin>CnVF.iil'i>OL r?moc? wiahiug (g .cud to the old so.-Mrjr far UwiT fHetoda ?^ .**** . "? n?e?f?*rT er7eud**\eirt( nth the luWrtbe**, f* ^ _*rt1h thi- niperter fthe of packet*. mliM 3? ?? ili? 7th pad If tb of eeery ooritk. liter iH| " .?(Bf?trat# claee of A merieant raiment (hip* (ailing y*?f ereth d?y, therrby iff.irdtlf a weekly cnmmunicati.ia P0^. On# af hi# firm. Mr. Jib ?D. Kochr. to there mm *111 remaia during the yrar nn.itar that ell the pertnn# Mowtpeaeagee have Urn. p?;d :,ele are forwarded witfi eft* MMMrh. Bhwrtd tl.epartiw (freed far not rove out the mine) will fee *Ctai too** wi?wpaid it here without any deduction " CAMBBIDGE. - COLi/MBim; Ortiu ft^t fa? " J?SS1AM&r. 1 iJZjZ * "f I* the Hbyal Ban* ft Ire JW Nfiltrait .eritdeorte the ?>.ihen-Bft*.f} T E NE * NE tMNMtnii PIRK THEATRE, " THIS EYEN1NO, Keb. tl, |*n?Tnt p,rformattcea will cnnmancc ?iih lit* uew (lagery-entitled ? . J^'NA Raphael Dona, Whealli.y I U|jO >e Spioola, Ahboit Qrimatdo Bury | Sfotza, Bellamy Nina Mforaa, Mr*. Seymour BrigiUa Bloraa, Barry Giocond*, Baiold WHAT WllLTJ^VoliVD RAY Lord Norn old Barry | Cay* Tun ad d.lle Marian Mw> Buloid L-ady Norwold, Mre Whrat dy MleeJDe Ver*. HI uehman Mr^ Tirrddiddlf, Knight Admitiop?ft ; Pit so ct>U : CiaMrrv CHATHAM THRATItB. THIS EVENING, A'abramv li-Thi parforaaac wlM eon?n?uc wit*' T1IE PROVOST < V BRUGES. Bertnlphe, J. R. Scott | Bouchard, Thr rut I ouatanee, Miaa MmIij er Uraula, Judith To conclude with MONEY. Alfred Evelyn, Mr- J. R. Srolt. Greece, Mr. St-vrca Clare, -Viae Metayer. Ledy Franklin, Mr?. Bleke. UnwfiHit, _ Mr*. Herbert. Aoita ??c?u e;ti scd tdtierall. Pit ltliOallary lit Jooraopea at M: Curtain rinaeatTl rreciaelv NITCHKLL*! OLYMPIC TH1ATRB. THIS EVENING, February SS?The peiicmaace will con mn-e with THE YOUNG WIDOW. Manderil'e, Mr Edwin | Sol teh, Mr Graham Anelia, Mn Mowop To he followed by SARATOGA SPRINGS. Timothy Tapewell, Mitchell | Peter Hnaer Herncaitle Mre Tapewtll, Mre Timm. After which For the twelfth time, a new, original, Moaical Burleaou* na Richard S-l. en'irl d KlCHAtif) NO III. Richard. Mitchell-Henry King. Nickeoa Sally Ann, Miat Roberta. To conclude with A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. Sir Geo Howar<t,AMr Horloa | Chriatopher Strap, Graham Nancy Stray, MraWalt Admwaion-Ureaa circle Mcenla. Upper boiea 21 caaw Pit lit centa. Private boita It Ortora open at half raet ate. Curtain rieaa at aeree AMUHIGAH Mrairitii Corner Broadway and Ann itrut. Under I lie Management of Mr. P. T. Baroum DARK COMBI RATION OK NEW ATTRACTIONS IV everyday- and evening lliu week -?v particular deiire the Model of theCityif Dublin and Killi">f Niagara, with real water, will retrain here a ahort period lancrr. The fol lowing eminent performer! have bien ngagrd at an ctu.rmoui expet'M :?Mra. Hard wick, the celebrated voeali.t. Irom the National and Park Theatrei, and Niblo'a liarden; the lufanl Melodiat, only two ana a half yea-a eld; Mr. DeUruc. the great mimic who will Rive imitationa of Booth, K. Keau, Korreat. Hainblin, Daniel O'l'onnell, and oth*ra?al?a, a c irioue experiment in Auitaal Magnetivm; master I), d. Booth, thr celebrated contortioniet; Mr. T. O. Booth, llic beat ecmic ain?ar in America; L.I Petite Cento, univiraally acknowledged the m at graceful and accomplished daactr, for one of h-rage, that ever appeared in thie city; the Albino Lady, and Fancy Olaaa Blowing. Orand Coemorrma changed every Mcndav. Day visiter! admilte- theaame evening free. Half a million of curioettiea are collerted in thie eatai luhment, filling fire apaciouaballa, akih 108 feet in length. * * Admittance to the whole rauaeum and antertainmenta, IS eeute: children under 10. half piice. f ;j I w ptlRCUs?-AMrHlTTtfcATRE Second Night of Oh Hush?Well, well, ii'd no uae talking?nigger will be nigger, if you whitewaah him all over. Dat ii a fact, by golly. BHIy whitloek. Diamond and Boo h, beaidea twenty common niggere in Oh Huah. Splendid arena performance, auperfor to anything ever offered in the old Amphitheatre. _ Gardner in a Drinciua! act; Stone If the ludiia: Booih mm l^vi NnrtK* T~ V. Turner;'and we will bout of Little Stooe, the c tiarapioo of the world ftS tt* THE NEW VOHK HAltMUNIBTS oeg to announce their J- third Concert at the Society Library Braotd way. on Friday EreDior.Kab.SJth, ISIS,on which oecuioa thev will repeat lateral of their mo*t admired piece*?and, ling lor the first time in pnblic, a new glee?" There'* a rharm in (print," word* by Bot. arranged by C. E. Ho n. Mr. C. E. Horn ha* kindly- contented to preai I* at tha piano forte. Tieoeta?Afty-centi, to be had at the principal Muiie-itore* and at the door on the earning of perfottnaoce. Full particular* in mail bill*. Concert will commence at eight o'elocn. fei St tt* CTJMPLIVJENTARY BaLU. THE Pnpil* of Mr. J. Parker, deeiroo* of expreteing their estimation o< him in a puolic manner, respectfully beg leave to announce to hi* friend* and the public in general that they ieieod to honor him with a Complimentary Ball, to be held at Gothic (la*e Maaonic) Hall, on Friday ereuing SJth Febrnary, ll'S. The floor to be under the management ol a Committee of Young Gentlemen Mr. Wallace'a celebrated Cotillioo Band at* been engaged for the occuion. Ticket* can be procured at Mr. Alwill'a Saloon. SSI Broadway. Mr. Cotter at Gothic Hall. Mr. Parker, S*7 Bowery; Mr. A. A. Samanoi, SM Broadway, or of any of the Committee. f83 It* T O ok O. F?UNION CELEBRATION?OHATinu 1. ANI) CONCERT.?'The Firat Anniversary of Tompkins Lodge, No. A, and Hancock Lodge, No. 4?, will be celebrated at the Broadway Tabernacle, en Monday Evening, February Oral jr. F. O M. Jamea L.Ridgely, O. 8. Vocal Leader, Br. T. Pickering. Instrumental Leader, Mr. 8. Johnson Organist, Prof. Was. Alper. The Choir will coaeiat of one hundred and fifty ol Br. Pickeriaga'a frient'a, aclrcted from different choira in thia city, Wiliiameburgh, and Bro> klyn, and euatained by a fall and efficient orchestra. Onogn or F.xcaeiaaa. I?Voluntary on the Organ, by Prof, Alper. t?Ring ng, firat ode. b? Grand Overture, by the Orchestra. 4?Prayer. 5?Solo, by Mr. Bell, "Pilgrim Father." 6?Chorue, by the Choir. 7?Original Wan. Sutton, P. G. A?Suiting recoud ode. I? Addraiaby James Bingham, P.O. 10? Stngi g, third ode. II?Oration, bv P. G M Jamrs L. Ridgely, O. B. It?Solo,bv Mr. Wan. H, Oakley, 'Bound the Trumpet in JerMi.Vm." Trump* t Ooligato by Mr. Wolter. 10?Grand Hallelujth Chorus. 14 ? Benediction. 0'iore opeu at A o'clock, eeremoaiee to commence at half p/tt T o'clorlr. Membere of the order are requested to appear in regalia. Ticketa ?4 rente, for aa'e at Maty'a. 1104 Bowery; OlovdV. 3 Priueeat; Gilbert's 88A Bowery and 110 Fulton at; Rogera* 1*7 Went Broadway; Coon'e 5'J Leonard etrcet; Gilley'a 410 Grand at; Ahaff-r, 1M Canal at; Allen's Ath areune and_Jaua is BDilin, cor ABO. am rvrai: rvor a ST. Mu<Uoo .t; Tic?. faowerr t Melio fc Clark Bit Broadway; Cantrell 1MC? nal; Knapp?a 26S Hulaon; Stoddard. *?J Bowery; Owen corner Bowery iuiI Bond; Newm.n ? MS Btwery; Peek til FultMi .1; Kutt. corner Waer ?nd b niton .tatDrifg . 1M Jemei Office of the Rainbow ltVltu'too St; Wjt.oo. U4 Cliith'm it and IS * Bowery; Smith'* P, Office .1" Hale'. New. Room, Wall at; Aubery, IB Park Row, Poe.'. MT Greenwich .t; Brkubert'. JTt Division It; Btookey. bonk aland, M Nassau at: Sweeney'? bniton at; Van K'cah 32 Sill avenue, Fi.nci. S3 William ?t; Lan-58 Wall it: and J Pittpnfln corner Bank at *nd Greenwich lane. Pattenon corner VaN ANXWERP, Chairman Pr.T.n R. QiL?nm. Beeretarr. ',531 oTTFtRlOK BfcKF-UMON |M ARRET, No. It.-t on 0 eubecrib r, e?*r an.iou. to |4eaee hw cuitomera and friend., aad the public generally, will eahibit for .ale on Saturday neil to h February, at hi. Stall No It Union Market, the Beef ol twoauper.or Twin Steer., at a price according with the timee. Said Steer, were fatted by Nehemiah Brown. Erq of the town of Rye, and .aid by judge, to be .uP*CaU an tare?them^tlc'Houeton a t ree tney Allen, until Friday, ntito'cloak,when they willbi taken ta market, and ,oM o? Saturday for a low, CORNELL, Pan* Uaioa Market. OOLLECTIO.N'b.?fl>e gubecribere will collect Nntee, C Draft., Aceeptaacee, Certificates of Depoaite, lie (through Meier., Harnden k Co. from N. Y. to Albany) "P?? any ol the following place., and guarantee return, to the city, sf New York, in from tix to etgAldoy., Utica,, Syracuse, Rocbe.Ur, Auburn, Batnrln, Genera, Buffalo, lirnitcit; Erasmus Corni*. Thomu t Wall atreet. New York, H Corner State aad Marfcetiu.^Albany. ak , r HEWAHD-StbTenTrom NcTiS SerentST.ton Thu?- , $15 day last,a hlaek leather iron bound Trunk, with brace tautening., apring lock, kc marked on each end .a wh.u , 1 G Ja.. coeitaiuing aundry clothing, book.,ke. and a large narcrl of letter, wrapped op and aon'ed with alack, endorsed | on the outaide. Yhe Sore rewardwUJlb? given to any pern* , utmen* omnium im, im proprietor re tin m oiler* hi* old f?tabli?ed concern ftr n)(, doing (Im but trade la the Ime la the city Any V-rmm afiodaiirion* haMte, with a capitilof from 3 toiuoo dollar* will And Una aa opportunity that leMom odera The abort ha* beta eitablhhad tor man* rear*aid rfoiof a lucratire bneioet* la aa* of the principle treet* in the city. far particular! ad treat W,.W, Lower Poef On?c?.wnh rr al uune and adirta, aa ao oth cr c ttnmunieation will b? attended to. ftb I at* ~<n p s i ^ p i i p p "Be perfect in thiaart. and then Nowordean wtlleaeape your pea." MR. TOWNDROW, Profewor of Stenography, would moat ri'ipertfullv anocu ice that he coot< mplafe* leaning the city at an early period, aud that it therefore became* iodii/rtwably n?taaa<rr foreucb peraon* aa with to arail them . aelree of hie iaatraetioo m the art of Wrltiaf Short Haid, to mahe immediate indication. ' Mr. T., ia offering hi* eerriera for the laat time foreereral yearn,"would particularly inrile the attention of thoaa ladic* ] niut venilaman who mar Ka lUairmid In Irpmiiim tin fn* fiitnrw ' itudy and imprerraneut (tic many tiecll-nt nrmOM aud ral- ' uable li cturea which ih y may near froat (in a to lime, to the rraaeateprortuaity of acquiring hie Dearly ioremled and hifh1/ approved eyetrm ol Writing (Short Hand, by a knowledge of which,the <rict worda of any tub ic apcakcr may be re- I corded at pron wrecod, and pr-arrred in a legible form, 10 aa to * f?-,!? "f 'o""4 pariod, with the utmaat degree ot eaaa Touny gintlrmeu who are am tout to qualify t' rmaelree to \ report flbr the preaa.or leich thi* faluable'and impular acii nee, | aretapxeially inrited to call, aa <?ry flattering inducement* can be offered to thnae wh." may M niepoaed to engage in ai hrr (Mj'iuit. Terma redutedtaFlVF. DOLLARfffor a thorough eoncyeo^ 'aatruct-Qn.iaeladiae atatmnary and n elegant cop; ol tb( **}bor'a"Complete Guide to iha'Scieuca," thua placing the ae Ittatlion within th: pecuniary means of aTery iatrlligaut 'TeJ^ llouae , sot Broad ar ir, tornrr of Du- I aaaar. ftiSW ^HOrtHTV-for aaTe, on reaaooable tertna, >_ ?. Wl" *J? etehangrd for eity prepay, a new taao alary ?|trnul at P'" * oaa acreoflaod, situatea at Rahway New JUr?yhalf ami* from tha Hail r??!P" Apply to WOltilWARp fcCONNKK, _L*JJL 0>t Greenwich, cor Veeay ati. L l - r^n ^ the gtif, Inat.. a white bTeSm^t^n^TO; Tfre'to r'wTt,^ liberally rewarded; by tearing it at the abore place, or at thia ' iMat' C?OR KAL?-GerMu T?pee,e?eap lor each, Gold r ifcet. IB iat* i|&M6IM0 ilsffi d K OIt! toll# 1 'H W YO W VHDV FDT n A V MHR ww wiij\j riiii/xji j. tMtlH tal<l. ?T THO>v).\3 uiLt,. 4M111 BATURO Y, At 104 o'clock atthnaaira room. Splendid aale at eiegaut Furaiurr.nlall deacnptica"?tompriimi th* entire ?ilo?bU drawing roowt, mrlor and b.d room luraita e, from two Itouxi giriug up houae keeping, aud forming a* d>airable a rarie'y of article* in th* line of the beat dracriptioaa, aa haa been diaroted of at auetiou for aomatinaa. Alio, 4 piano fort an. MONDAY, At 10', o'clock, at toe *kl a room. Drr Owtda, Clothing, t'ulle'y. fancy aud pledged article*. Jewelry,Oune MTatehra.fcr or all dcacnttiona Alao aa aeaortineat < f Kunity lirueeriea, an infoice cf Kara, Muff*. Car*#. Buff .In Kobe* k-. Alao. a trunk* auaarior clotrinr. 94 pair ft re c artmrre and cloth pantaloon*, remnant* or elolh, caaanatrea, reatiaj i, kc. baWnc* of (loch of a uierci.aui L il.,r. Alan, a auant ty of alar* caara, couutria, thriving, &< . toMther witn fl beautiful jar*, auitable for dry go >da or au apothecary. A'?i, 1 cheat of earpantor^a toola, coata'niog a general ataortmcut ol SI piece* TUESDAY, At O'i oVIo'k, at th* aalra romi. A *pl< ndal aale ot 14 uew and accoud hud p'.ano fortei, by Tor* our mull era riIL POJTCTNUS A P AUCTIO.N -A. LLVY will aall " on Thnraday morning, at It oVImk. at the Large Sale* Room.lSl Btoadwajr, ae>t"iaerotlrciiooof Painting*. awo Rat *h ch are about 50 ptiu'iuut of cab net aizr. highly finiabed <ncopper, and haidtouirly fram't). well dcaertiug U'U'rat aitruiiou. 31 St' TWO kNuLUH IMANO Kuitrta KOK hacU-\ beautiful toned Patent Square Piano Forte, with the modarn imprevemeuU, and of Hie b at London make. A at final hand fine toned Horiaontnl Grand Piano Forte,with mela'lic lube*, harp pedal, h-. 1 he** ina'run enu are well worthy the attention of profeaaoia and amaieura, a-:d will bi anhl ou re <aou-ble termo. bp p y at 755 Broadway.entiante iu Clinton place. 133 St* .MM MA MAIL LINE FOR ALB\NY, and inter&r?Jt*-?mediate nlaeea. aa far aa th* ice per ?itf, the . .??a... UTIUA, rapt. A H Sehultz, wi'l leave the loot of" Lourtlanlt atreel, THIS AFTERNOON, at f o'clora, Fiidaf, Feb. ?51. For freight or i>hh?ip, apply on boa-d, or to PETER C. SCHUCTZ, at the Olhre on tlie whnrf. The iteamoat TELEGRAPH wil have for Albanv on gaturday Afternoon. Feb ware '18'h, at S nVh ck. *?5 It STATZN ISLAND rEKRk of Whitehall Tlie tteZnrr 8TATEN ISLAND EH org VMSON will inn m followi until further uotica Leave* gtaten lalaaa Leave* Whitehall At i} o'elock a M. At t o'clock a.m. "I? " " " II u " i " t-M. "3 " r.M. " I " " S " N. B. A'I poe-'l (hipped are required to be particularly merited an I ar? at the rirk of the owner* th.'cof o KOH NEW ONLhAMa?oimutiiii ?lei ^TTRZYora Line?Regular Packet ol firel March?The ijLaalbaplendid fatt railing packet ?h;p U'.'ON E Eapl Jackitm, will positively eail aa abora, her regular day. For freight or paraage,having pleudiii furnished r.ccommmhtioni, apply onboard, at Orleans whvrf, foot of Wall at reel orto E. K. COLLINS k CO. sa South at. Great care will be taken to have the good* by lliii line eorreetly meaaured. Agent in New Orleana,Ja?. O Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all rood* to hi* add real The packet ahip Shakapea'e. <*apt. Minn, will aucceed the Oaoton, and rail the 10th March, her regular day. f 03 NEWLTVfc'oF LlVTfRK'uL !\VCK?T8.? Tacket of the 2fth Ke.iruary ? f he aplenthd well jJMpfckoowa. faal aaili?t, racket ahip GAHKI'JK, Capt rkidayVaaiia positively a* ah ?ve, har regular day. The ahip* of thio line aail every Ave days, or paaotga free, having anlendid accommodation* lor cabin, eecoud cabin, and iteerrg* paraengrr*. For pwvage, early application aaould be made on board, foot ol Wall at. or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 40 South atreet. or 43 Peek Shp. am rtLb lINE M liVekPool fa. aaia4MVRegular Packet of the Firat March.?lite favorite WHb very faat railing packet ahip UXFOIU). Captain Rathbone, will fail positively on the let of Marah her rtgulir day. The accommodationa of thie liae for cabin, ad cabin and teeraga paaaangera, are well known to be luperior to any othea, and thone arout to embarh ahould maku early application on board, foot of Boekjaag atreet, r to ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. U Fulton it. next door to the Fulton Bank. Peteone deoirou of (ending to the eld country, for their frienda, exn hare them brought out in the OXFORD, ailiag from Lirenool on the l('h of May. or in any of the hip* eompriaing the old line, aa.ling from there punctually on the7th and lMJi of every month. For pannage apply a* above. (U mM*~ PASSAGE FOR new ORL.EA.NB?Only RetffjVWgularLine? PacketahipVICKddURQ.Capl.B rry, JBUbaaila Mth Feb.. having splendid accominodati' nj for eabin'aecoad cabin, and (teerrge panenger*. For (Huang e, apply on board foot of Wall at., or to W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT.M 8outh(treat, fht 4H Peck alip. fcd WANTED TO RENT?Thel lowor part of a rr? tii pec'able two dory houae?not pirticuUr aa to location, JUILaeaait i* ina reaoectable neighborhood. Addiri* A. M at thia office, dating tha number or-noma. r?nt. Sr. (is And TO LET-A three U?ry htiuie pi fees aii)>, udr I 111 Pearl street, an eligible eitu ition for a bc*-d:og houie.? JVa^Apfla att Peek alip Rent $3*5 PoaaeMion immrdi ately If r> quired. fit St* PACKET SHIP GAUKI) K, FOR LIVERPOOL -fas l aengora by ti.ii ahm will pleaae be on board ihe deem boat Herculea, at Whitehall, thia m.rniug, at it o'clock, at which lime the ahip will aail. Letter Bag* will closest the usual placet at 1II o'clock *l tli C AIL BOAT Z A alPA?Fur (ale. Willi (ail*. 11,giok we . I t-J complete. She i*l( fe*i long and 7 feel beam, and may be aeen by applying at 103 Weal, near M irrav at. f t II* V ACHT FOR SALE, or will be exchanged lor a smaller ? Teaael, the yacht ON-KA-H V-E.?Two year*' experi. enee in going to aea for pleaaurc ha* renderedT it somewhat doubtful with me whether,! iking the rough with the smooth, the roiuh doe* not pred iminate. Even the pie i*nre of ruling about for two or three day* io a calm (with an appe.ite that atanch limco i* apt to bonier on the equivocal! may (in my opinio-i, at least.) be qn-dioued. Thoae who think differently, or may wi?h to loive *urh doubla, have uow an opportu nity to do ac, at a comparatively cheap rate. The model of the Oc-ka-hy-a io entirely new, combining more buoyancy with diarpaeae than aay o'her. It vai adopted with the in icuuuia ui niiirf ncr sail psnicuiariy wen in a tea war, ail a at far at I CanjuCge, a moat capital tea boat the is. la the opinion of those who hare tailed io her, ia iJ who, if they are not, ought to be, tend jtdrea.) the ii oi.e rl the drieit an J lattaat era1 (a that ever floated. The Ou-kv-hy* it about ft* or 00 toot, earpenlera' measurement. St fact on deck, which it lluah fere anl aft, it) leet bean, 19 feet hold, aad draws II feet water, which mar be increated a iliJiog keel She coppered and eepperfattened, and very strongly built, kneed with both iron and wood, aid ecrew-bnlt'd and put together in a way that few tailing veanela can rquil, at any rate, neither money nor paint eere ipared to reader her, in thw ? well aa in e very other respect, at perfect at possible. The plauknear her keel ia fire iachea thick, tapering to thrte inehei a littleb<low the water line. The centre part of her keel, for 39 or 41 feet, HM iochra wide, by 91 inches deep. To thie centre part an outer keel, of caat-iron, of the tame dimeuaioua and weighiiig 10 tons, it tecurciv bolted, thraugh b,th keel and belaou. The caat-iron it the >lhed witho tk, sod coppercJ She cannot uptet;?for if knocked diwn hy a squall, to toot, with tuch a leverage, will right her again She would be admirably adapted for a die patch travel, or fender 10 a fltet. She ia atrorg enouga to carrr any arm* sent, if a. ed aaa privateer or vea el of war, and capacious enough for a large catgo if employed in commerce, she would be well adapted to the hat. India, or ai.y o'her trade, whan the goeda a e valuable and apeed aa objtcL From h<r peculiar construction,I suppose ehe would aail better (except ia very light wiadt) loaded than light. I do not oelieve that earthing that can tea a yard could catch her at aea. In a tri <1 with the sharp aad clipper-built U. S. brig Wavhiagton, Capt. Grdaey the On-ka hv-e, with a good top-gxilaot breeze beat her fourbboura out of ten. If wanted aaa Yatch, ahe would he we'l adapted for a cruise in the Mediterranean or West Indie*. The dining cabin of the On-ka-hy-e wi 1 accommodate 19 or tat'abls The panel*, doom, piltaatcra, and comieea, tre enamelled aad poliehad white, relieved by gilded carv?u Work, n here are lour oraanente J cases Icr books, c iai Is. kc. fcc , with a aofa in front of each, covered with a rich atuff of crimson and white, and with which the seats for the dinner table correspond. There are two sideboaidt, ofau feet each, with

Kgyptian maibia top*, and two mirrors of the aame length, together with n handsome grate, for burning wood or cunt. The ownsi's state room and the steward's'iy (vera comulaiely fitted up) with* passive way between them.separates the dining saloon from the gentleman'* apartment, adjoining which ia one for ladiea, furnished with cuahion* and curtains ofrchailk. In the g'ntlemau'a apartment there ire four sc. ran, aad in front of them while enamelled columns, with gilded capital!, la the rear ef theooiuian*. white silk curtvuis, lined and trimmed with bine, are sua pen ad, and may be closed or drawn aiide, nt the pleasure of tbe occupant. Tre beds, when aot la n*e,a'e concealed from view by flame* of fluted and ornamentalailk, so disposed as to be, whea hooked ur, entirely I , cut ol the way. The carpet* for aea are of the ordiuary sort but thote for tbt barber, or smooth water ars Wilton, of the beat fuklity. and may he taken up or laid down in lei miKleg. Thee* art beds for tea, four in the ladies room, four ig i tektlsmsa'e, and one in each state-room The are Keen feei high, ??" r<^,u'I'lhTdry, and airy -u.d can he laaiif tnu ijjpreughly ventilated. Tfc|f* is a batii and wash r. oin.fct.kc. , The Ou-kihr'? w wT fitted with anchor*. c?bkr. Mik. rifginf, fce., all in perfect order. She ii pilotbont erackeoaermged, with no yard* or lop hamper. Her rora and aft ?!il* (eiclu*i?e ol ringta I g-.ff fop tail.., and jib topanil) meaiure on the foot rope 167 Tret; her light weather main gaf-tr.peail to feet to th? head, U feat on the foot, and baa M fret heiit The foot of the j b ia M feet, wo ka on a boomand in ordinary timetrequire* no tcndirg. When b fire !he wind, eha leUaiqmie ami of fort)-f re fact head, and uxty feet hoiit. She require! bat few hitde to work htr. When the fateaail ieetnwrd (which ia unruly done when not in company with other*,) the menet the h.lm, with enotherto ler.d the tlyirg-jib aherii, are all that are required on deck. The workmanem? about her, from ateoi thought to be a | rod pecimen ef he A auric n ahjp carpcu.e.'* andthip liner'a work. Ab ahe ktnneeemarily large for the naergation of our hay# tad rlrera (where there la quite *ea< way enough for my tea*,) I would willing? dirpoae of, or eiehae?e"icrn<r k ?m i!!ef Keqeire of JOHN G.kTKVftNll. ft* l*d tewtf N'ti M B ireiar il'wi. New York. fjROF. J. N. MAKFI I, (Chaplain te Cnngreee.) will deli 1 xeer Cooeee of Lecture* at Clinton Hall^>o|l liuraday reeling, 24 th inet., at 7 o'clock. PnmatMMr. i 1. The Intellectual and Moral Tower of E local ion. < 2. The Caueea and Effect* of the American and French Rerolution. _ . , ?3. The Olory of Meehamnn. a. Tpe Moral Orand?tirof the AtnyrlMn Herolnlion. i. The Heathen and the ChijiMUi wniwi contraited. Ticket* can be obtained of Clement k Packard. No. im rear! ai ; J. a. muHn, corner ui oainia aoa .iumu iu , i and at lh-door. | Tichtt* for U?> enura*. >1; MQ?1? lecturt. M e'?. fit 1 w* SUPERFINE DRESS COATS BE8T?f 5 A* ITT btfh in to workmiwWp and Mttrklfl.for TWENTT-EOUII DOLLARS; alao Pantaloon. Tea Dalian, at PHILIPS' Cub Tnitarti* HUbWaMit, US Broadway, N. 1?THa nboraganaant. ara gtflkrantrrd to b? ?|u*l tc rrary reapjci l? thoM mad* by the moat tipeaairt Hoaaaa ta (He ?i(y Tnit i? no rmptjr auaran ?**, hot on* that th* adr.rtiarr pM|?f hiaiarl' to rulll. Oarmoau of eondary 4?? Htr ptotiartlaaahSr lawar. __ JtS /SoLLIKTTONS on all part* of th.lTnUrd Hlau.aiid* on ? J STLVEITEa. jm ?w?u ii iwawf RK E NING. FEBRUARY 25, 1 PhlladcIpUla. LCorretDondeace of tlx Hertdil.l Philadelphia, Feb. , 1SI2. Stale of Thing* ?n Philadelphia?Commerce?CoutIt ? Girard College? Politic*?Removal?Imvc?Deepat i? Mechanism?Xotuense? Wisdom?Fudge ? Folly. Ma. BaaaaTT? Dcah Sia? In thcea trying times, w? of tke city of brotherly lore hare much of eril to contend with, from public functionaries, with now and then n virtuous resolution which serves to light up and cheer us wiih the hope that better days are in store for us. The unsettled and precarious circulating medium, connected with the great depression of business, and lo-i of confidence, arising from overtrading for years past, caused embarrassment in our mercaatile community which from necessity must hare a crisis ; that crisis has arrived, with all its widespreading ruin and desolation, and the little remains of shattered fortunes were eaten up by the myrmidons of the law in the shape of sheriff's officers | greedy ereditors pressed the unfortunate debtor with suits, and the ravenous officers of the sheriff not having the fear of tho law before their syei, preyed upon th? unfortunate uatil patience Itnrama a nrima nknn fka Imam lamrl fivarl (ha fnu at one dollar or fifty eeats, the deputies' deputies fleeced the man of sorrows of ten and sometime* twenty dollar* ; and thi* for the performance of duties which they were bound for and every honest man would be gratified to perform ; such as taking a defendant to see a (riend to bail him, or to see his wife and children, that he could tell them of his whereabouts and attempt to sooth their sorrows. Underthese circumstances the ru'.turesthat prowled about the sheriff's office would extract the last dollar frein their victim,and, ia the absence of money, take property as a substitute ; the present sheriff is a plain honest man, and has dismissed many of these cormorants aad cautioned many that remain toshun these vi!e practices, or he will ppeek to their successors- We, through you, sir,require him, a* an honest man and faithful officer, to go on with the good work, until he shall have purified the office fram the contaminating influence of men who have for years grown rich upon unlawful exactions from thu unfortunate, and have revelled in luxvtry and langhed at the misery of those from whom they thus dishonestly obtained the means. The legal fees of the sheriff for three years, the term for which he is elee.ed, would enable him to clear at least twenty-five or thirty thousand dollars, in ad dition to the faeilitiee for purchaaing real eatate, at a sacrifice, which opportunity has not been omitted heretofore. And yet, sir, let use tell you, that as much at seventy thousand dollars has been made in that office within the three years. This calls for pea&l enactments on the part of our legislature, and that without delay, in order that the vengeance of the law may fall upon those who thus disregard their duties We believe that the present sheriff' will do his duty, but let us have security against the future, and we emnot have a greater auxiliary than your columns in the accomplishment of so deI sirsble an ebjeet. The people of Philadelphia bear patiently ail the burdens imposed upon them they ;have had many gen tlemen from the country and west sent here to All important offices, end many of them do honor to their atations and are received upon their merits But, to have all the little avenues to profit and heuor eloaed te onr ci'izens, and opened for stranger* with little or no claima, is to infer that we nave none worthy among us ; a reflection, certainly not very agreeble. Our Canal Commissioners have commenced the work of destruction in this respect; we ask them to reflec, and to remember that the policy is suicidal. Another faithful source of complaint, is the conduct of our whig city councils in relation to the Oi. rard College, which la, up to this moment,a mass ol useless marble, with its toweriag eleud-capped columns moeking the objeet of the benevolent testator, and a lasting monument of disgrace to the go aomimm* a/ tk* flit* nf Pltiltildlnkiu Ami w^# there are some mcain our city council* fit to adorn any station in life; but there are ether* who would, by their stupidity and political profligacy, disgrace any public station. In private life we could elbow these demagogue* out of our path?thair sphere of action would be harmless- Besides, there are boys in our councils, whose judgments are not matured, and yet, to hear them talk, and watch their movements, one wonld think the safety of the world de- < ponded upon their opinions and action. At the next election we shall correct these evils. The people have become disgusted with them and have resolved upon a change. The whirs never stopped to enquire about tne honesty of the means to obtain pewer, and have always abased it when acquired, till the people, borne down by their op- . pression, were aroused to indignation and drove ihem from power. la the whig administration of Governor Kitner, wc had a fine specimen of the whig character, if they are willing to be tried by their leader* h-re. During the session of the legislature of 1836 '37, the leaders, finding the party had split, did not understand following the wretched remains of a broken army, and made n desperate effort, through the medium of old Annty Masonry, ind summoned before their noble and august lody some of the bast and ablest men in the state, ind then, with a spirit worthy their far-famed predecessors, through an unholy, uncalled fi,r,*nd useless investigation, hoped to ropair their shattered fortunes, and raise .political capital. It was in rain the people knew them, and consequently huiled them from their high plaets, but ot until they had raised their feet, and trod in trealon's bloody track. But now, Sir, our Legislature lave appointed a committee to inquire into the tribery and corruption practiced by those traitors to the people, while they disgraced seats in our lalls of legislation, an-! Oiilj J??t them in time to ITQid IciuUUtc condemnation and punishment; let this committee do tbsir duty and summon before them those late members charged with the reseipt of br.bes from tho late U. M. Hank, to obtain lie Le? ekastnf fmm AI1P RlfllP and Mrpfllllv fff. ... in? vuano. . > j -( rd the amount* each admit* to hare received Irons the U 8 Hank, or any one on their account, ? i* well a* the fact of tone of them, standing a* '' they will, likeoiher felon*, upon their privilege, or n craftily evading the questions and refuting to aniwer. Let 'here be uo mode ef escape?traitor* ire dangerous and nerer to be twice trusted, and '' the sooner disposed of the better for the country. Our Court of Geaeral Sessions ate engaged in * he rule agaiatt their late officer Hlaney, whtue relignatioa was long aiaee accepted,and we *uppo*o mtiraly beyond the action of the Court, unl?ss it ! * to resolv* itself into the office of a committing nagistrate. William B. Reed, the lata whig proiceutiag attorney, i* hi* praiecutiog couniel. t Goeernnr Porter has gone home, having been j, n the city a couple ef day*, superintending , ind securing the payment ofthe state interest n lae the first of the month ; the faith of the state ^ rill be kept; she will par her debt* honestly' and g leror did roan watch with greater solicitude, or a fuard with more care and anxiety the interest* of j lis family, than ha* this David It. Porter the inte reel) or tne state. ne d empnawcauy our i rover, or. Lone may the Htate hare such ortic. r* Porter and Johnton, and toon will she emerge from ] ter difficulties, nnd occupy her once prond place a n the nation'* arch, th? Keyitone. t You May hare obeerved many harth attack) up- u >n our Court o{ General Stuiooi. They anrung t rout private pique peraoaal malice, and political t iriekerr. The Court hat extenaive turi) Hcuou, I be Judge) much labour to perform, which they do with marked ability, aa yftn may judge from their g }u hi is tied opinion) la every important public eaa)c. n 'he enemiea of the Court are of ao little import- v tnoe, that they eeold get no member, whig or jemoerat, from the eitr end eonnty of Philadel- f [>hia, to tahe action for tnem in the Hnoee ot Repre- n tentative). There waa a bill prevented ejainat it c by a gentleman from the far weet, whe certainly ean h lake no inlereat in onr county affaire. Ij I mutt hare add. in relet.on to another anbjeet, q that It is a pity that there are mea to be found in a nnr community, who, to adrance the claim* of the f Hon. Jaaea Buchanan, are ever and anon tend- ^ ing squibs to far dis'sut part* of the eonntry (which j reach ui occasionally, tone of which I now have,) and which are to bare too be inserted, and mutt be. mhrarire of the end* proponed to be accomplish < ed, to witthe deration of Mr. Buchanan, to the t injury of the Hon. George M Dallas Knowing, sir, that jrrnr paper, the mediam of truth, finds its 1 way into the remotest corner ef the republic, and , siercisss a commanding inflame*, we deaire 10 tell , these dricelling scribblers that tk? name and in i i igeagg 11 11 i IE R A 1842. tagritjr of George M. Dallas, Pennsylvania's faro* rite ion. has become part of the country's propel*, and far abore the reach of enry or malice, and he may look down upon the (tenderer and ity, "lidtery eannot add, or envy take, aught that 1 wish vo hare or fear to loae " Hamilton. Harrlibargli. (Correspondence of the Her?l<l.] Hahuifbcruh, Feb. 22,1*1.'. The Dank Bill. 6fC. Since writing ihi( morning I have lo inform ycu that the sixth section of the bill being under consideration it was proposed an to amend it aa to requi e all banks issuing notea under the relief law to rtceive each others notes in payment of dues and on depoaites. Another amendment waa also offered requiring the State Treasurer to receive nothing into the treasury but specie, notea of 4ih May, c r notes of specie paying banks. Neither of these amendments, the object of which is to preserve the issue of 4th May, ISII f;otn depreciation, have aa yet been agreed to. In the House the other day, when lite resolutions biii-penamg executions against aeDiors t?? bank-', came up, Mr. Steven? oft'eted an amendment to come inaa a new bill, requiring the banks immediately to resume, and giving them authority to ns-ue one, two and three dollar notes, payable in epecie on demand, and redeemable in Ave years, which was postponed for the present. On the first of March next, by order of the Canal Commissioners, the water is to be let into our cauala.and the spring trade will soon commence. The Murder ahd Motiky ?We hars received the following particulars of the mutiny on board the Texan tchsoner of war San Antonio The men had by some means procured liquor and were nearly all of them in a state of intoxication, early on the evening of the lltb. They were observed by the officers to be holding a consultation on the forcca* tie, which circumstance induced them to prepare for an emergency, not suspectin?, however, that a mutiny was intended, but believing that some of them might sttempt to deaert. Soon after, acting master M. H Dearborn, being then in charge of the deck, the sergeant of marines came aft with a file of men, and said that he wanted to go on shore. Mr. Dearborn rpplied it was not in his power to give hiin permission, and advised him to wait until the captain came on board, when he did not doubt that everything would be satisfactorily arranged. The sergeant was not sati.-fied, but continued urging the point, when Lieut Fuller, then in charge of the vessel, came on deck and inquired the canse nfdistarbancr, and at the game lime seeing some of the men by the hatch, orderei ihem all aft to the gangway, and told them to state their complaint. They told him that they wished to go on shore and would ga on shore. Lieut. P. then ordered the sergeant of marines to aim the marine guard, which was immediately done, and they were arranged on the starboard side of the quarter deck, the sergeant arming himself with a Colt's pistol and a tomahawk, and in all probability then famished the crew wi'.h arms. The sergeant then eame np to Lieut. Fuller, under the pretext of reporting the guard uuder arms, raised the tomahawk and struck at without hitting , him. Lieut F. then drew his pistol, and in the net < of raising it was shot by the sergeant and killed instantly, the ball passing through his right arm near the shoulder, and entering his lungs. He fell, and while on the deck was. beaten with muskets and entlasses, the officers standing around him and endeavoring to ward oiT the blows. While engaged in this, midshipmen Allen and Odell were wounded, the former by a ball through hie foot, and the latter 1 by a ball through his thigh. i The mutineers, after committing this murderous act, seemed satisfied, and told the survivors to go aft; if they did net, they would elso be killed? , some of the mutineers, at the same time, seizing them and pushing them aft, and down into the cabin, j seenring the doora. Thev then, it appears, armed themselves, lowered the Boats, and nine of them i cros-ed the river in one of them, and the remainder i landed at Algiers, in the other. < His Honor the Mayor,assisted by an efficient police,has succeeded in arresting six ofthe mutineers, and there is no doubt the remainder will soon be brought to justice. The following is a list ef those taken : Seymour Oswald, seijeant of marines ;*William Simpson, corporal of marines; Thomas D. Sheppard, sail maker's mate j Ed Keener, Benj. Poinpillt and Ed. Williams.?New Or liana Bulletin, Feb 13. Supreme Court or the Dsitid States.?Feb. 22 ? Earl Wheeler, Esq of Pennsylvania, was admitted to practice as an attorney and oounsellor of this Court. No 46 C A Pari.-b, appellant, vs. Harvey W. Ellis and wife. This cause was submitted on a printed argument by Mr. tiilpin, cf counsel for the appellees No 47. J. Carpenter, plaintiff in error, vs. the Piovidenoe Washington Insurance Company. The argument of this cause eras commenced by Mr. Whipple for the plaintiffin error. Litest raoM Mexico.? A Mexican gentleman n this city, has kindly furnished us with the folcwing paragraphs, detaehed from his letters, re:eived by an arrival at New York, dated as late as lanuary 31,1842: It appears the government had given orders to he Custom House officers at Mazatlan, to look ibarp for the brig Eagle and barque Pennsylvania, rom New York, having notice of their intention o introduce the prohibited goods they had on >oard. 1 he cotton crop in the south will be short; it so.nmanded very high prices; many had endeavorid to obtain a permit to introduce it, but the procction that the government afforded to manufacure gave little hope of succeeding. The large depreciation (65 00) of the copper luneaey, had produced considerable a'arm in scve*al parte of the country; the poor classes being the greatest sufferers.?Philu Gaz C Suit against Gov. Call decided.?A suit some ^ ime since was instituted at Tallahassee, Fa., against y noil 111. lU Hoil-.H <4>u vlio charged him with being a defaulter The case ins just been decided and a verdict rendered for " jorernor Call, of $7,000 11 STtAM Fain \ra Mi?si?*ippi ?The United Statea var-steamer Mississippi, Csntain Salter, from the ( Delaware, arrived at the Naval Anchorage at this . ilace on Sunday morning, and exchanged salutes vith the Pennsylvania ship-of*the-line. The Missis- r. ippi was nearly 22 hours under wavfrom Newastle, (Delaware,) which place she left on the 19th nstant, nt quarter before eight, and steamed against n strong -outli-easf swell until thirty-eight mile9 out- it ide the capes to clear Winter Quarter Shoal. Had he not been delayed by the pilot at Cape Henlopen nd the Norfolk pilot at Cape Henry, the tup j rould have been made in much has tune. As it ^ ras she arrived at this anchorage a quarter before * mht, 011 Sunday. Tue Mississippi left the anchorage last evening nd proceeded up to the Navy Yard? Norfolk ? trrald. , d The Freshet r* Ohio.?The late rain* swelled ' lie Muskingum and the Ohio at Marietta, to a very " ugh stage.?Sunday evening, says the Gazette, sceral of the principal streets in that city were sub- 01 served, and feara mere entertained of " a perfect * InodDuring the n^ght the waters began to sub- " ide, "and the two rivers are now flawing along K s quietly a* any well behaved mill streams in the S and " No damage was sustained by the public rorks at Marietta. J St.a*d*h o* the lloir. Daiviee Webs i*n.?The 11 Louisville Journal states that Mr. Cave Johnson, 1 member of Congress from Tennessee, was the IV terson who reported the story about Mr. Webster, V j published in tbnt pspfcr. _ It is to be presumed I hat both he and Mr May will readily do justice in ( be erne, by making the necessary retraction. f 1 More Bavk eatheezltmicir? ? On Mondav the rand jury returned two bills against Lueian Skin- ( er, formerly teller ei tnc i radcr't hhi, and ne i rat brought in and arraigned upon them. The firat indictment alleges that oa the loth af ebruury, 18-11, he ambezaled $S,fiQO, and on the 3d f December leaf, $17,000, from the bank. The eeond indictment charges a conspiracy betwee i irn and Henry B. Odiorne, late teller or the Eagle Unk, and Meters. George F. Cook and Ralph "hompton, brokers to ?<Teet the emb zxlament* llegfd It it aaid that the bank hat been teen red rom lot*, and the defendant eras only to be ht ld to >ail iathe tnm of $2000 on each of th Imlam Pont. Tim Hoi*. Mastis Vai* Bus ., ex Piatident >f the Uaited States, arrived in N<*w York on So rdey, taking room* at the American Hotel. Mr V. It. it sow on his routs to South Carolina, nbener, after a viiit to his frieodt and family eoniceiiont in that State, ha will proeeed foTenaaieee, ?ad visit the venerable hero of the Hermitage.? AiUmg Argu*. 0 J7JI3H 35IOY WaVt SS=bsbsbsbm? LD. ' lilt MM tw OWM U?iiU?UI?t LiM, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Walter Blair, Eibndgr. to be declared li?ukiuj,t MarcR XI i Wm * Back. Ira, do; Joa?|>h Calwrll. (Hw**, Miicb IS ; Jared Colt man, KocheM?r, March -J4; I Ym 1) Coleman, do do ; Allah SI Julia Fadrr, Laraii jtl-nrgfc, Vluroh Id ; Wm R Oilleept*. Otlaco, March 14 ; ?fi ^Uem H Hoy t. Uomulua, Mjrah S'i ; Bhulwtl Hubbard, fjr.gtrli-Id. March 19 ; Chauueev Ivaa. Lmh1??i>??> "?* m _ - ???? k" aiCA 18 ; Phillip I Monroe, Troy, March 21 ; Er-riah H M? 011, Balms. March 81; Seneca McNeil. Argylr. do > Henry K Mclutyre, Wolcott, March Uj Appltien H McKee.Sicketta Harbor, do ; Was Martin, Jordan, Marek 22 , John W Cottar, do do; Hart L Palton, Scheamtady, March 24 ; Wm Pi indie. Oswego. March 18; Orange Q Risley, Sallna. March 22 ; Willii Stunner, Scriba, March 18; Aaron C Wheeler, Pittsford, March 94. SOUTHERN III STRICT OF NEW YORK Jehiel K. Norton. New York, to be declared bankrryt March M; Richard Si hell, do; George Livaraaorc, da; Francis F Eddy, do; John Niblo, do; Daniel Gritfir?, do; John A Bell, do; Alfred W Wardell do; John T Klmondorf, Ulster count*, do; Hugh H Walsh, Orange roaaty, April 4j Caleb II Brigg*, Westchester county, March 24. MASSACHUSETTS. Oliver P Rhand, to show cause at Boston. April 4 J. Daniel H Horn, do; Libeus W Smith, do; John W R>dg?wsy,do; Clifton B Hildreth, do; Joseph B Lyon, do; wm H Consul, do; Shadrjrh Rahinson, do; Tho? 1 Tailor, do; JssT Fiaher, do; Jaa W Baldwin, do; James Liadsey, do; Wm Tuckertnan, do; Lemuel Shattcck. do; Newell Brackett, do; John Clark, do; John L White, do; Benedict (Ulca. do: Thomas B Vose,do; Oo i W T.j lor, do; Saml D Blood, South Boston, Jo; Jno B Chamhe-lain .; John Pear,; Erastos hi Banding, South Hampton, do; Chaa Copeland, Ruxtwrra~. ?>.n ..?ui i covering, do; Wm Hancock, do; A lton Stone, Jr, Worcester, do, Leonard 8 Jones, Greenfield, do: Edward J Hamilton, New Bedford, do. Wm P Orinnull, do; Thoe Vincent, Lynn,do; Nathaniel Holder, do; Thot J Butrcll, Weymouth, do; F.liai T Ingall*. lioverhill, do; Benj Lewis, Naticlc, do; Josiah Smith. Lexington, do; Amos P Cutter, do; Oustav A Lane, G.oncester, do; Jacob N Shaw. Lowell, do; Janas ILilcon, do; Jonathan Knowles, Leeltonk, do; Samuel Luring, Jr, Duxbury, do; Josiah Brown, Haverhill, do; Samuel P Bradley, do; Ebenezer Canuon, Jr. J as II Snow,; Horaee Bartholomew, Montgomery, do; Asa Sargent, Dracut, do; Natbl Snow, Maiden, do; Wm PMascrofc, Grafton,do; Kben Perkins, Salem, do; Edward Porter, Wenham, do; Wm Hull, Hingham. do; Harvey French, Quincy, do; Chus O Pesham,Uroton, do. MAINE. Elwin Noyer, io show caime in Bangor, March IB; Jno F Masinewell, do; Wm Bridge, do; Joel PrinO", do; Henry O Gilt t, do; Tlieo C Allen, do; Win H He men way, do; Dudley L Homes, do; 7. Washburn, Jr, do; Riclni K'Prikins, do; Chris C Carrel,do; Nethl Kfi oh, do; Saml P Lci^; Silai Allen,do; Martin Morsel,do; Jesse Norcross, Jr; Wm G Norcioss,do; Johia. Boardman, do; Samuel Leverance, Junr, do; Simon V Walker, do; John H Bojnton. do; Fred F French, do; Henry A Warren, do; John Melntyrc, do; Jas Herrin, do; Asa Sawyer,do; Bon Plummer, Jr,do; Oliver S Urals, do; Perry B Rider, do; Thoa Leary, do; Luther DwinelI,do;"WiIlis Patten, do; Moses Patter, Jr, do; Fi aa J Eider, do; Joseph W Bornion, do; Joshua Sinclair, Jr, do; Lewis Vickry, Bradford, do; Jas Robinson, Portland: Isaac Loud,do; Newell A Foster, do; Henry New . ell,do; Wm C Poland, do; Corns Brdlow. do; JonaO Bancroft, do; Geo Willis,do; Wm W Smith,do; Pavid Newbegin, do; Jonathan Sparrow, do: Jacob A Care, lo; Charles Frost, do; Abner Howard, do; Jackaon; Daniel Carr, do; Samuel Clay. Gardiner, do; James Ell well, do; Wm Ellwell, do; Saml P Plaisted, do; Constants Dickmati, do; Summer Knight, do; F'.bem B Williams, do; Benl Colby, Jr, do; Jas M Williams, do; Danl Loemau, do; Wylie Crawford, do;;; Mosra 8 Wadsworth, do; Ben J Shaw, Jr,do; Thus O Jewett/do; John Woodcock,'do; Ber j Elwell, do; Eliphalet Pray, do. MARYLAND. Walter B. Kemp, to ahow cause in Frederic eei ?y, March 31: John W Hack, Baltimore, do: P rt C -h ane, do; Richard Cochrane, do. VIRGINIA. Jaa D McCabe,to show cause in Richmoi. arch Wm Clarke, do; Henry Ball, do; Wm I alia, do; Thomas Green, do; S Cram It J F New lohu W Hinei, do; Joseph T Hughes, do; Edwin T Goochland county, do; Wade Mostly, Mathewsc:, J Shepherd, King William county, do; Wm Bmj Ricbsioud,do; TeterToweUjdo: Jacob Horo lo; Addiion J Ford, Buckingham, do. SOUTH CAROLINA. BJ Milton, to aliow cauao in Charleston, Marrh 14; laa Short, di; W J Wiley, do 1J; Geo Prhigle, (ot the irm of Jamea Short It Co) do U. MICHIOAN. T D show cauao in Detroit, March 8; Johm Drown, do 10; C L Briatol, Spring well?, do 7; C A Trowiridge, Detroit, do 10. Station Dk Beams'* Concert.?We congratulate the lovers ot music on the promised fesat of vocal and instrumental display, to come oil*for the Signsr De Brgnia's concert?to take place in the early part of next month. Exhibitions, ho called of late, have tieen but a poor apology forithat which tuch di.-p'aye ought to be. We are now promised a perfect orchestra, consisting ef the Hite of the profession, to upport the vocalist*, and to perform some of the inest productions of the day. In addition to all whicJt we have good cause to lelieve that the debut of Misn Sophia Melizet is to i" onf, Fum as is sciuoni witnessed?her rassical ducation having been carefully attended to on the 2?ntinentof Europe, Paris, &c. Madame Otto, who we also learn is much imprord during her visit to her home in Europe, will add ter valuable assistance, with others of reputation? inited to the Signor, himself a host, with Mr Prnaow is his conductor?will ensure a well filled room, and in evening's recreation unequalled as a whole bymy musical exhibition of this season. Da. Foaaev's Lkctonk o.? the Laws or Cu? iate ?Dr. Forrey delivered an admirable lecture t the Society Library last evening, on the Laws off Jlimate, and its influence on the animal and vegetwle kingdom?. This gentleman has devoted manjr ears to the philosophical investigation ofthia intersting subject, and has at present a work in tba rem which will present the valuable results of hi* iquiries and observations. Ntvii.?The TTnitert Suites enrvrtte !om. Stribblma, arrived at 11 io on the 1-tih off *cembrT, and sailed about the 20th for Valp*. isio. _ Tut 1<atw 1 itiax ?The horrible tale nb<vit as tan's putting hot lead in'o his wife's ear, at Brooks^ 1 Maine, is said to be a hoaxSamuel Ilunuinn, of Boiton, has been appointed ustice of the Supreme Judicial Court, in place of >amu< 1 Putnam, resigned. fcy-Th- steamship Solwaj wraa discovered at ncbor at the 9. W. Psta on the afternoon of the 2th in?t., where she had heen 48 hours, owing too ens* fog whieh prevailed. It ia understood ?be >ok on baard all tho mails from this city, which ad been left at the Balizeby the Eliza. Young Mr Coombs, of Kentucky, who wa? ono fthe pri.-oners captured near Santa Ke, and who ss liberated from confinement at Mexico, tn the ittrcession of the U. 8. Minister, ib now, wc am ratified to learn, in this eity, baring arrived in the olway from Vera Cruz Mr. Kendall had not arrired in Mrzico whew Ir. C left. Mr. MeRea, U. 8. Agent, eras mot wo days travel nut of Vera Crux, on his way to lexieo city. It is stated in the evening papers, that Com. dooro, on the 7th inst., captured off the haibnr off 'era ( rux the remaining armed schooner which stelv sail#d from New YYrk This news ia ron. Ided* in, as it ia e n firmed by gentlemen who came rom Vera Cm* ia the So I way.-.Veto Orkan* Duitan, Feb 14 Liit or IIahbiri on the Lakeb or the F?-?e* Ilaii -iUrbor of Plattibirrk, fake Cban>|>laiat *ierrYork; do Barlinatna, do Vermont; do Oevrgo, Lake Ontario, Near York: Genesee rirer, lo; do Hnftalo, Lake Kri?, do; do Krie, do Peansylrania; do Clcrrlaod, do Ohio; do Chicago fan Michigan, ll.ineis. fl ?nnori on the Laara or the Secoud Claoo. -Harbor of Whitehall, Laike Cbmiplain, Nov iforfc; do at Black rirar, Lake (tataria, do; do Salnan r.rer, do; do Big Sodua Hay, do; do Oak. Orchard areak, do; do Cattartngna creek, Erie, lo; do of Dankirk, do; d i Portland, <lo; do t*oe~ ieant, do Ohio; do Aahtahnla, do; do at Grand leer, dej do B'aek near, do; do Vermillion rtver? la; of Heron, da; do River Raisin, do Michigan; loSt Jnaeph, I-ake Michigan, do; do Michigan Jhy, do Indiana RaLieiotra Revival ?There in,at thin tine,* trong religio'ia excitement in several of the eoca rogations of thia city. Many have aliundj aaede pen profession of their faith, and the rent weae ? iacrceae rather thaa abate ? Rmkigh R*fitter.

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