Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 26, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 26, 1842 Page 3
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appropriate icuiartia ITjiu ?ir. j. v?. <itl4ius and ** W. Coal Johnson, and the adoption ot the asual resolutions in such case?. There wu, nevertheless, much ia this ceremonial to distinguish it from others. Ordinarily the announcement by a friend of the deceased member suffices; but " the Father" e< the House could not thus be permitted to pass to the silence of the yrave, and hence Mr. Adamsgave expression to the feelings of a heart which felt so acately the lots of so valued a colleague of a quarter ol a century, and Mr. Johnson added the expression i of his grief under a bereavement so unexpected and 0 irreparable. A deep solemnity pervaded the Hall when the House met?and many strangers and several of the heads of department* wers drswn thither by deep sympathy; but that solemnity was heightened by the delicate allusion to the painful event made by the Rev. MA Tuston, the Congressional 1 ' - * ? l:- nvewo* urKiohl was s\tfV*rs?/4 wnapiaiu, 11 nu ujnuim .. ? ?.?? with the deep pathos that characterise the breathing ot the heart of that able and pious minister of Christ's holy religion. The feeling, however, became iatense daring (he utterance of the remarks of the hon. gentlemen who took part in the proceedings, and many rugged cheeks bedewed w<th tears which the careering tempest of political strife can never blanch, and many eyes paid affection's tribute, which are uaused to dim the lustre of their fires amid the conflicts of party. The remarks of Mr- Rayner were characterized by a filial attachment. Mr. Johnson mournsd the loss of a counsellor and a friend; but Mr. Adams stood in a complex relation to the deceased, and to this nation, which jnvett his observations with an unwonted importance. ' Ma. Rav.vxb Bent to'the Clerk's table the following resolutions Resolved, That the House has heard with the live liest sensibility the annunciation of the death of the Ho*. LEWIS WILLIAMS, late a Member from the State of North Carolina, and the oldest Member in service in this House. Reeolved, That this House tenders to the relatives of tho deceased the expression of its sympathy on this afflieting event; and, as a testimony of respect for tho memory of the deceased, the Members and Officers will wear crape on the left arm for thirty days. Resolved, That the Mum;>ersandOfficersofthisHouse will attend the Funeral of the Hon. Lewis Willums, dec fated, late a Member ef thia Houae, to-morrow, at 13 o'clock meridiao. Retailed, That a committee be appointed to take order kr superintending the Funeral of deceased. The resolutions were agreed to, and the House adjourned. The Committee of Arrangements to superintend the funeral obsequies, are Mr. Rayner.N. C ; Mr. J. Q. Adams, Mas*.; Mr. W. G. Johnson, Md ; Mr. Saunders, N. C.; Mr. Pope, Ky.; Mr. Hopkins, Va; and Mr. Everett, Vt. The Pall bearers will be Mr. Saltonstall of Mass.; Mr- Habersham,Ga ; Mr. Taliaferro, Va.;Mr.T. J. Campbell, Ten.; Mr. Miller, Mo.; Mr. Granger, N. Y.j Mr. Butler, Ky.; and Mr. Mason, Ohio. The body will be removed to the House of Representatives to-morrow at 12 o'clock, and there the funeral service will be performed before the removal of the remains of the political patriarch to the Congressional burial ground. The procession will consist of the members of the two Houses of Congress and their officers; the President of th e United States; the Heads of Departments; the Chief Justice, and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, the Diplomatic Corps, the Heads of Bureaus, Jte. fits-, as is customary in such cases. Death or another Member or Congress?By an endorsement on the envelope of oar package of letters frotn Washington, received this morning, we learn that Hon. Jeremiah Morrow, a member of the House, from Ohio, and formerly Governor of that State, died at Washington on Thursday evening, after a short illness. Baltimore-,* ICorrvapondsne* of tke Herald.] Baltimore, Feb. 25,1842. Mr. Editor :? Retrenchment is becoming emphatically the or* ger of oar eity. The motto is, " every man for himself, (woman too,) and (rod for us nil." The people have suffered from the depressing evils of a hard earrsaey, until forbearance ceased to be a Virtue. E<a mass narc iney come om againsi it, ana declared, like ene of old, relative to ain, that it sheuld ao longer rale over them. Railroad order* are now taken up by almost every dealer, in ex* change for commodities, at the current rate of discount. To thia have we eome at lest, aad to it should we have come long since. City council legislation proved to be of no effect, as well as the effort* of the humbug currenoy meeting. Our merchants and small dealers are beginiag to have brighter hopes and wear more inviting countenances. Previous to this late move, they were really in a distressed state, and many talked seriously of closing their doors. A quaker wedding took place in the Friend's ekarch, yesterday. The happy personage who teek unte himself a "help-meet, was a certain doctor, craeping closely on sixty, aad a widower too, with only five ehildren to smilo upon his aaptial feast. The bride verged a little upon the wiatry side of thirty. It was considered somewhat of a novelty, and attracted many witnesses. While speaking about matrimony, I am reminded that a person named D. R. Smith,has been indieted by the grand jury for libel, in consequence of hie baring faleely announced the marriage of a c tuple of our people, Iby firing it to one of the daily papave, authorizing the publication. A splendid house was at the Holliday street Theatre last night, to witness the performance of Maebeth. Miss Clifton was majestic, and Forrest unsurpassed. Ex-President Van Buren arrived in our city yesterday, on his way to the West. Nothing of peculiar internet was done yeeterday at Annapolis. The weather is charming?becoming more moderate every day. Yours, Ropanica. Philadelphia. | Correspondent* of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Feb. 23, 1812. Anoiht r Stupendous Abstraction?Public Meeting? Professor Mnjjfct ?legislative Committee?Acquittal of Dunlap?Stocks?Theatres, (ft. I have just beeu informed of a most stupendous fraud, or rather ? abstraction," that is now the fashionable word for stealing, which has just boon discovered in one of onr largest mercantile houses in Market street. The delinquent is a clerk, highly respectably connected, and heretofore enjoying the greatest confidence of his employers, and, in fhct, of all who knew him. Strong efforts are making to keep the whole matter sec ret, by the friends of the accused covering the loss. A day or two, will determine their success in this. We expect something decidedly funny to-night, nt n meeting to be held at the county court house, of such persons as are opposed to the Senate's confirming the nomination of Judge King, as President Judge of the Court ot Common Pleas. The reason stated in the call of the meeting lor this opposition, is the Judge's abuse of his office, in aggrandising certain members of his family by bestowing upon them valuable appointments, such as auditors, he. Judge King is considered one of our best Judges,as regards capacity, hat was formerly n politic,in of Sutherland and Burden aebool, in consequence of which, ho does not enjoy thnt universal eoafidenee that a Judge shoald. Professor Maffit, alias the Rev. J. N. Maffit, it announced to lecture in this eity, at the Musical Fund Hall, on Tuesday evening next, on "the moral grandeur of the American Revolution." As the gentleman is proverbial for hie flights to the I apptr heaven*, hie anbjeot on thia occaaion will afford him ample scope for hi* faney. 1 predict a great art ay of female beauty. The wataen are deeparately fond of Maffit. Why i? it 1 The eoaaaaittee of the legislature inquiring into the fraud* of the Girard bequest, are in aeteion at tka Merchant's lintel. Mr. .Strickland has undergone a long examination, though nothing particularly flagrant haa yet beta elicited. W. i. Daaae waa the laat wines* examined. The presence of the committee create* bnt little sensation Another legislative committee ia in session at Harrisburg, inquiring in?o the fraud* charged npon previous legislatures This is a poor buaiaes*. The suspicion ef these corrupt acts ia degrading eaough without wsating money to prove them. The traeaaetiona in etoek* to-day have beea light, at pries* much tha same as yeatctday. Mechanise auk, Philadelphia Rank, and Pena Township, slightly declined. Relief notes, and other depreciated paper, are mafch aa yesterday. The Chesaut Street is doing a poor business. On t ut>u<j uigUi. Atoclor UraiMtl will wake bu hr?t appearance on its board*. On Monday ai|kt th? vocalist, Howard, take* hi* asaal aanaal benefit. Mr. Thomas Dualap. eaoaaetad with I ha alegad frauds of tha U. 8. Bank with Mr. Jaudoo.has baaa discharged on habeas eorpua. Thus two ef the ease* are disposed of. The immediate resumption Baak Bill has passed tha Senate, 'M to 11. appoiittmcnts ir the President.?Luther II. Trask, Receiver ol Public Money* at KalamazotT, Michigan, vice Thomas C Sheldon. Elijah B. Witherbee, Receiver of Public Money* at Uencssee, Michigan, rice Charles C. Has eall. Supreme Court of the United States?Feb. 24 ? No 53 E. K. Fulton et. al. v* Morgan McAfee, in error to the Hich Court of Error* and Ad peals for the State of Miftsinippi. Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of this Court, dismissing this writ of error for the want of jurisdiction. No. 47. J. Carpenter, plaintiff in error, vs. the Providence Washington Insurance Company. The argument of this cause was coutinued by Mr. Sergeant for the defendant in error. Franklin Temperance Society. (Xf- The regular monthly mooting of the Franklin Temperance Society, will take place this evening, at half pact seven o'clock, in the Consistory Jtoom of the Reformed Dutch Church, corner of Ann and Nassau streets. As business of importance will be laid before the meeting, it is requisite that there should be a full attendance of the Members. By Order, JAMES HARPER, President. THE NEW WORLD?A TALL NUMBER. raur ungrtviagi. ftp- We accoiuir.ffd to every one to bur copy of to day's New World, wbioh it certainly filled with rich and moat attractive matter. It will contain three chapter* of an Original Tale entitled'* Quintbn Metsts ; on, thic Buciimitn or Antwear," with a euperb Engraving from an original detign by a native aniet. A capital Letter from Brantz Mayer, Secretary of Legation to Mexico, giving a gtaphic deacription of the condition of that country. Several ahaptera, with tkret Muitrationi of " Ova Mess," by the author of O'Malley. Thk Ascent or Mont Blanc,from Travelling Sketche* of Duma*, translate 1 for the New frorld. Reminisoence* of the Convention of 1787, which framed the Conatitution ; together with choice, original and aelected Poetry, article* by the editor,on important aubjecta, and ahort and readable matter without end. Single copie* 81 cents?or $3 a year by mail. Office 30 Ann street. There will be a great demand for this number. Cokowxr's Iniiuktb.?The Coroner was called to the City Hospital yesterday to hold an inquest on the body of Daniel Hazzard, iormerly an officer o fthe Custom House of this city. Mr. H returned from Europe in the ship North America on Thursday last, in which he had shipped on her late voyage. A few days previous to her arrival at this port he was attacked with an acute inflammation of the brain tnat finally terminated his existence. An inquest was also held on the body of Abraham Monell, a^ed forty years, who died from epilepsy, which he nad been afflicted with Bince a child. lie had recently resided at No. 9 Doyer street. ftp- Chatham Theat*ic.?A splendid variety ef entenements are offered tonight for the benefit of the accomplished Mrs. Thorne, on which occasion a host ef talent appear in popular character*. The Warlock ef the Glen,- the Gunner, and the Foundling?The Brigand, Nature and Philosophy, and Jack Bheppard, are the pieces selected, in the production of which, the talents of J. R. Scott, C. R Thorne, C. J. Smith, (who has kindly volunteered his services) N. Johnaon, C. Mestayer, H. E. Stevana, Mr*. Thorne, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Blake, aid Miss Mestayer, are brought into requisition. The house matt be crowded with the beanty and faahion of the eastern section of the city. ft?- Amcbican Museum?Families, schools, children lie. will bear in mind that an elegant, amuiing and unobjectionable performance take* place here everv Ha. turday attenieen,commencing at three o'clock. There will be line time* for the little one* there to day. The whole establishment having been repainted, renovated and improved throughout, it ia now a delightful place of resort, and certainly no place ia better calculated to Improve the youthful mind than thia with it* half million ef curiosities, embracing every thing wonderful in nature, acience and art. The Fall* of Niagara, with real water, and the model of Dublin can be seen to day, and will remain here but a short time longer. TheAl bino Lady, Fancy Glass Blowing and Grand Coamorama exhibiting here. (Kf- Fbee Corccbts * la Mlsaid.?Mr. Bee take* this opportunity of informing hi* friend* and the public that he has fitted np the well known establishment, the Climax, at No. 1} Ann street, and 149 Fulton street, in a most splendid manner, and ia prepared to give Yocal Concerts in a style heretofore unprecedented in this country. Talent of the most superior order will be put in requisition, among which may be found some of the first vocalists of the present day. The first Grand Concert a la Musard will take place this (Saturday) evening, on which occasion Mrs. Wilson and several popular vocalists will appear. Admission free. Important?Very Important! 0(7- Wc offer to the public the following, which we f'ive with our own recommendation. We have seen nstances were the article has done ell it represented- that is. make the hair'grow, prevent it falling out, cure ll-h* - - P - , 0.." "B"> b ,e7 uur aarK loo It?read Iktot " We *ee that Judge Edward*, of Philadelphia, a man over leTontjr year* of age, the top of whose hood was a* bald at the palm of one'a band, two months since, has now fine dark hair growing fast, from the nse of Jones' Oil of Cora! Circassia."?New York Tribune, Jan. 1841. " A young gentleman, a friend of ours, living in Bleecker street, and well known in Wall street, was attacked with fever?the hair on tbe top of hi* head was dried off?the sides were covered with red, rusty, dry hair, filled with dandruff?he has now a beautiful head Df hair, from the use of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassian? New York Sun, December, 1841. This is sold at 83?(if you are not careful of the right number you will be cheated)?83 Chatham street. Price only three, five er eight shillings?three sixes. (fij- The injurious prejudice or notion which has so long prevailed in the world, that a cold it a very trifling disorder, unworthy of attention till it becomes so violent as seriously to affect the comfort of the sufferer,is rapidly dying away, and as a necessary consequence people are not dying quite to fast at formerly. Various preparations exist whereby colds, coughs, Ice. can be checked in a facile and agreeable manner, to the manifest improvement of the general health. The most noted, and in our opinion, the best of these medicine* is Dr. Sherman's Cough Lozenges, told at hi* Medicated Lozenge Warehouse, 108 Nassau street, and by bis authorised agents. Of^THK BILLS of ths following Bank* amRedssmed by the ALB AN! CITY BANK, at 1 of 1 per cent discount. Jan.34, 1843. Oneida Bank. Bank ef Utica, o ce? . Ontario Bank, Oataria Branch Bank, Yatca County Bank, Tompkin* County Bank, Hertimer Count) Bank, Otm County Bank, Fort Flaia Bank, Atricaltural Bank of Herkimer, Bank of Bmekport, Bank of Silver Creek. HONEY flARKET, Friday, Feb. iJ.1-6 P.M. At the Stock board there haa been aery email bminea* to-day, and priori have not materially altered. Delaware and Hudion roae J; Indian Fivee, |; lllinoia Sixe* J; Mohawk, I; New York Fitrea, 3 per cent. The achooner Henry Clay arrired at New Orleana on the 16th from Labacca, in Texai, with kit,981 in apecie. The Reatimptien Bill, which haa pataed the Pennayl ania Senate, haa the following feature*.? lit. An immediate r?aumption of tpecie payment*, of all inatitntioni, except where the depoaitora hare made contract! to take other fuadi than tpecie. 3d. Tboie banki which took part of the leanoflfMl, 'oJh*ve thirty dayi to accept of the law, and are to be eiouereted from loaning nny more money ta tha State?and tboea which have loaned ? per cent on their capital, are io f-j >"? ' ? on aiTiaraai, udtii turn tnz imonnt* to an indemnity for mm loaned. XI. Direatori and other officer* prohibited from loaning moner from the bank. Atanction to-day,aalea o( 10 aharea of Portage, Canal k Mining Stock aold at 71 per cent. A tea rale took place to-day, the particular* of which will be (bond under the head of "State of Trade." Indomeatic exchangee, there haa aot been^ny material alteration during the week, although rate* are little better to-day than at the cloae of laat week, aa follow*:? Craamer Karri er Bin* Norce ire Doaramc Bill*. Bank Nottt. Alxc/Umge. Bait* V und -- 1 a 11 Security Bank*- * * * ? New knifland- * ? Boaton la 1 U. S. Bank a M Pennaylvauia 18 a 85 Philadelphia 4| a I NewJereey 1 a *1 Manrlaml---- I a if Baltimore 8] a 3 Virginia a 13 Richmond 7t a *1 North Carotin*- SI a T North Carolina- I a It Georgia a 80 Savannah 1 a ? South Carolina 8 a 4 Charleston la a l| Florida so a 70 Apolachicola ii a ? Alabama it a ? Mobile 134 a 14 Loumana * a 10 New Orleaaa It a f am ? a ?t Tinim ? a 18 NaahviUe II *11 MUiihM Uai?Mi - M a ? Natrhet ? ? MiMourl R a If St. Louie ? IT Ohio- ? *17 Cincinnati If ? 11 Indiana If a IT ? If a ? UJiiMito u a If SI a ? Michigan If a If Detroit ? a ? In the different lection* of the luapended diitrict, the utmoit cowternation eeema to prevail at the approach of heneety, or, in other worda, the return to ipecia popmenu by the banke, inataod of being hailed m the dawn of better timri, i* h?ld up by the preae ai a bugbear to frighten the ignorant, la Ohio, where,by law,remap tion mmt t?U place on the 4th proximo, great confusion prevoMf in the bink OOrrtney, ami the inure of all the bank* have become talueltee out of the Immediate ephera | BBK^H9a^gnBBaaB0B> ?i MCO LuaulUUOn. 'iuu IIIkI Hum UM|leCl UUM, uwa?> suspension, all bank*, whether solvent or insolvent, stand apon the mm footing. The public have no method el making any diatincUon upon the application of the teat of specie pa; mente. It it impoeeible to tell what back* will paee the ordeal eafeljr, and what will eiuh under. Preaent appearance* are, that out of twenty to thirty bank*, but aia or seven will remain Arm under specie payments and possibly all will go down, and leave to the farmers and the people an adulterated currency of the constitution. This must necessarily force the institutions of neighboring States into liquidation. In the above table the discount on Ohio is 17 per cent, on Indiana the soma If, by ths distribution of the fictitious currency, the rate ,on Ohio retvrnato par, that on Indiana cannot exift at ta preaent rata*. The same principle! ara extending themaelvea all over the Union ; aud the numaroua failtire* in Philadelphia and New Orieane, among the firm* dependent upon bank faeilitiea, giro fearful evidence of the contraction going on. Thoae aectiona are now going through the aame ordeal that New York did in 1337. The evil day haa only been poatponed, and the diatreaa haa been increaaed by the operation. At New Orlaana, the following firae had topped at the lateat datea Ward, Moflet It Co. Peet It North. Walton It Kemp. Br van. Auatin It Co. E. Smith ft Co. P. A. Hardy It Co. Iaaac Bridge It Co. Hall, Bein It Clapp. Hawthorn It Barry. In Philadelphia the diatreaa ia unparalleled. They are now in the aaidat of a deaperate atauggle between the eonatitutional currency and depreciated paper, called, aa if in deriaion of the popular diatreaa, "relief notea." Specie vibratea between New York and that city according to the etruggle of the banka. The people will no' aell for paper,and they cannot obtain apecie. The conaequenceia that even the market! are aeantily provided with proviaiona. The atrocioua (conduct of the Senate at Harriaburg, ia alone to blame for thia horrible atate of thlnga. Had they promptly paaaed the reaumptien Kill ak& UA?e. -a ? ? * '? ' ? !> < vi mv ikvuic, iuc struggle wuuu ere uu nave ceased, aud specie hare flowed into the channels of trade. It is now beyond the power of legislative enact* ments to stay the progress of resumption; and efforts to de so are only increasing the suffering of the people, nl* ready intensethrongh the abominable misconduct of the banks. The New Orleans banks are to resume in Sep. tember next They must, therefore, immediately prepare ior the event. That they are doing so the failures in that quarter are evidence. Resumption in the two important points of Ohio and Louisiana will render specie payments in all other quar. ten imperative, and the measure will be attended by the extinguishment of at least $200,000,000 of bank capital. When that period shall have arrived, and it is not far distant, a firm and sound basis will present itself for tho ea" tablishment of the fiscal agent of the government, which vxrill nrnhahltr ho nosaa/1 nmkvaninM ? *? ~ WW If?VM, vmuituvg LUd UUIIlinoa ICS tures of both the Mouse tod Senate4billi, rejecting thoao feature* to which we have before alluded a* objection, able. Pruned of thoie excrescences, the bill presents a plan calculated to have the most beneficial effect upon the exchange* of the country, inasmuch a* it afford* a medium of exchange that will greatly facilitate the actual payment of an existltag balance between any two given points, while it discourage* a seeming settlement through the medium of credit paper. The practice ha* been heretofore that which emanated from the United Htate* Bank, vie. to settle the balance existing in one shape by giving it another form, and postponing it throngh the mediam of bank credit. The post notes issued by the United States Bank in 1837, in this city, in exchange for mercantile paper, is an instance of this system of finance. The new fiscal agent, as proposed rejects all such substitution of credit, and simply offers to those who have the means of making payment between two distant points, an opportunity of doing so at the smallest possible expense. This may be illustrated by a case in point. There are held In this city, by mercantile houses, specie certificate* of deposits in StLouis,remitted by their correspondents. These cannot be sold at a rate better than 9 or t per cent dis. at this season of the year. The reason isthis: to send specie from St. Louis to New York would cost 3 per cent in money, and 30 days of time. Money is worth 1 j a 3 pr cent pr month. At this season of the year very few person* wish to send money to that quarter, consequently there are no purchasers for remittance. The purchasers are therefore brokers for ape culation. Their funds are worth to them mora than 3 per cent in their business. If they purchase the bills and cannot sell them, they order home the specie, which will take at least 40 days, and 3 per cent expenses. They cannot, therefore, afford to giro more than 93 a 04 centa on the dollar. The operation by the Steal bill would be that on the making of the depositee in St. Louie, and the payment of 3 per cent, a bill payable at the Govermcnt agency in New York would be promptly transmitted, and paid in specie here. The actual payment of balances, on which alone consists the real exchange operations of the country, is thus effectually provided for in the cheapest manner, and the most economical in feint ot time The general business of the year between the interior and the Atlantic ports, consists in an exchange of commodities, the values of which will uniformly depend upon the constitutional currency, or its sabstitute, the Government paper, created by this bill. The ultimate balance, which consists in the excess of purchases of any one section over its sales, will alone devolve upon the Government institution for a means of liquidation. An excess of purchasers is usually the consequences of a redundant currency. The enforcement of actual payment on the principles of the bill causes a depletion of the currency, and consequently removes the eause of over purchase, and the equilibrium Jfe restored. galea sat the Stock Bxchangs. $1000 N Y. *'s. Ii83 S3 150 do L. Island RR i30 541 $6000 Illinois Bonds Ml 350 do do (4$1000 d 9 Ml 50 do _ do 4mo* 54i $1000 do ?3 191 10 do Jf. Jersey RR ?5J $3000 do *1 1*| IIS do do *5 11000 do 194 306 do do I 4raos *5 3000 do saw 191 51 do r*fc?ao? 44f 1*00 do 194 75 do Del. ft !lu4. oig 59 0.000 laoiana Bds 194 MA do do ore *91 1010 do 110 l?i 37 do do 9Odj 35 6000 d> S3 19* iV5 do do opg S.4| isoe do lis Ml ?0 do Phenii Bk CO 1000 do 1*1 100 do N. Am. Trust I| 100 ahars* Illinois Ld. Co. S 50 do do 30di 3 35 do Mohawk RR a*0 47 35 do Co 3 35 do do 671 38 do Farmer's Loan SS Seetnel Board. aiflAA ntitlAi* 1S1 XA alikna M-??l. AW si laooo do HO ltj of Trtdr, The principal featnr* in the market! to-(lav, baa been h* tale of Tea*, aa follows Htior. 00 ckesU, SO 300 do 30 30 do 50S ISlbdo 47 at do 47{ SOS do withdrawn. lOS.tlb boats 50$ Yoono Hraon. IS half ehosta, 7a as do and at half do 51 to do withdrawn. 33 do and as half do so; t7 do SS S3 half chests, SO 10 do SI 45 e; eat!, 411 30 do S3 45 do 43 IS do SSI 5*3 chrala 1445 half cheats as do 5?{ withdrawn. 131 do 5f 1| do 471 IT do SSI 1045 do withdrawn at 4u 133 do 34 in half thesta, 30 IS do 571 350 do withdrawn. SOS do withdrawn. I3S 1 Sib boats 41 144 do 87 33 do 40 ISS do 54 S5S do withdrawn. 5 chests. Si} HT?O* Sciit. _:.LJ 4<J ?? ? Ml w "i"""'* ww wi .nnriwB. Ocmwnti. t half ehaata, ? 9M do 59 10 do OS 10 do K 11 do Ml \U do II do 51 >50 lib bora, sr II do 53) 30 13lb box?i, S6 It do 33 Wo do withdraws, luraauu It half chaeta. tl 31 do IT It do withdrawn. IS do isi tl do M| 960 lib bora ST Ml do 51 St 1Mb do S3 t do lH M do withdrawn. SoccHosa. It half theaU. IS f tl do 13 34 do II) II do 111 II do II lit do it It do 11) Kiwavmru Pawcworo. It half rhnta. it a* do 11 3*1 do withdrawn. IM no 11 It do 17 Niwaronf ScircHoan, M cktita, M) It do 19) td do 15 Prorlalon Market. All iht public markets and shops appear to b? at well supplied at erer with erery luxury uf tha teaaon, but pncea are without change. Wo hare nothing now to coamnnicate, and will therefore give the quotation* for the benefit ol whom they may concern eaicKi or moriaioxi. Beef, per lb tall Venison, lb Haiti laaf iMOnT.M rirmdrpi o* ? **1 Mutton, ' 6i Woodcock,pair J7|a h Lamb, per lb I a I Cxbbaaea, 3 a I Pork, per lb. la I Breta, bunch, ? a I Blvilth, " Honey, lb ? all Flonndera," -a ? Pork, lio Iba., $4) a $6 Halibut, " -a 10 Veal ?aii Striped B aaa, lb. la? Freah Cod ? 61 Cape Cod I a ? Cellery, bunch a It* raba. doicn, 15 a ? Hickory Nat?, ? a 6 Ma, I a I* WilertreaM.qt ? a I Duck, 60 aft Potaloea,buahet 37|t SO Fpjak Mail fiweet Potaloea, k p^a? a HI Ckichaaa W|a 71 TamiMa.baahcl <6 a 60 Tarklea. f I at Apptce, buohel.. -M a ft 3 Butter,Itx_ a M CT?u, a 171 PiffO, tor HaaaUia, a #1 CyateM. too 4 7? gatnaaaa ? all Cranbrrriea. bM.- HaH Tripe, lb ? a I Kaa.aii for U| Brighton Vatti* MWKtl. ran. 91 ?At Market dM beef Cattle. 900 ikMD, and 190 iwiat-Nktcr aattla aaaald. Price*?Beef cattle?Former price* for a like quality were hardly attained. Much better cattle than uiual were at market. We noticed an extraordinary lot. f-d by Itrael Billing*, E?q , of Hatfield, aeld for about fid 60 We quote othata at fid. Fir?t quality fiS 60 a fi6 76; *e cond quality fid 76 a *6 06; third quality fill 76 a fid 60 Sheep?We noticed ealea at fi3 60, fid, fiS 76, fid 10, fid and fid 80 | Swine?A lot to peddle 4 and 6c. At retail from d{ to 6c. Married. At Metucbin, N. J., on Wednesday evening. 10th in?t. by the Rev. Holloway W. Hunt, Mr. Ellis D. Bloomsield, of New York, to Sarah 11., daughter of John H Bottwick, Esq. of Mobile, Ala. Died, On Tuesday evening. 35th inat., William, eon of Joba and Elizabeth Thorn, aged three years, fix monthf, and 34 day?. The friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock, from hi* late reaidence, York atreet, Jersey City. St On Thursday morning. B. M.,aonof C. N. and A. A. Campbell, aged six month* and fonrteon day*. Relative* and friend* of the family are invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at five o'elock, (rem 64 Firat itreet. Yesterday morning, at Weetbury, L. I., Oxoaox F. Tito*, in the C4th v?ar of hi* age. The relative* and friend* of the deceased are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on first day, the 37th in*t.,at ten o'clock, from Friend*' Meeting House, at that place. On Thursday," 34th inst. after a short but severe illness, John MuarHT, aged 60 years. The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thia afternoon, at four o'clock, from the residence of hi* son-in-law, earner of Bayard and Mulberry street*. On Thursday morning, S4th inst. after a lingering illness, Mr. J*hh Folks, aged 60 years. On Thursday afternoon, 34th inst. Charles Hckrv. second sou of Francis W. Lassck, aged 6 years, 1 month and 13 days. On Thursday, 34th Inst, of inflammation on the lungs, Behjamip, only son of Josiah Montague, ag*d 9 mouths and 13 days. Latest Adalees axe at van at the hi* tost herald omen Africa Dec. 5 Madi as Mar. it Am Caye* Jan. so Mauilta Oct. * Antigua Dee. 18 Moaterideo Dec. 38 Bombay No*. 1 Maranhaaa 'a*. 14 Bataria Nor. 8 Fb. 10 Bermuda Feb. is Mayagues, P. R Feb S Buenos Ayres Dee. 31 Maracaibo Jan. 17 Baltia Aug. 34 Matamoraa Dec. 1 Belize. Hon Jan. 37 Neuvitas Feb. 4 Barbadoes Jan. SI Oahu, 8. 1. No*. 4 Bogota Oct 10 Paris Jan. 8 Borate* Sept. 37 Portau Prims beb. 8 Curaeoa Dec. 18 Para Jan. 18 CisnAiegos Jan. 8 Pernambuco Jan. 14 Cartbagena Jan. 31 Panama June 18 Caraecas Jan. n Rio de Janeiro Jan 8 Chagrea July 1 Singapore Oct. ? Csllao No*. 4 Sydney, NSW Aug. 11 Calcutta Oct. II St. Helena Dec. 81 Ifjyal Jan. II St. Thomas Fab. 4 Gibraltar Ian. 1 St. Baits Jan. I Ouayama.P.R Feb. 7 St. Jago de Cuba Jan. 18 Ooaai*es Jan. 0 St. Johns,P. R Jan. 31 Oal*estea Feb. 15 St. Croia Jan. 87 ilavrs J <n. 0 St. Martha Dec. 3 Havana Ken. u Suriuam Dec. 14 Halifax Feb. 4 Tampieo Jan. 38 Jeremie Jan. 37 Tobaaco Pee. 93 Kingiton,Ja. Jan. 31 Turks Island Feb. 6 London - - Jau. 7 Trinidad de Cuba- Jan. 30 Liverpool Jan. |8 VeraCrut Jan. 30

La Ouayra Jan. 28 Valparaiso No*. 8 Luna Dee. 16 Yucatan Feb. 1 Macao Oci4 If Zanzibar Oct. 31 Psssengers Arrived, Niiiii?Brig Congress?Captain L T Thurbtr, late of brig Cumb' rland. ii Foreign Importations. Mataouei?Bark Condor?84 bagi coffee 86 bhdi tugar Meyer, *<iuckeii Ic ro?30 do J F ulk V sons?4 to order. (Iuavama?Brig Franklin?300 hdi sugar Duuicemb It Be:kwith?30 do moldaiei K O 1 huriton?30 Meyer. Stucken It co. Nasiau?Brig Congren?Qu uitity aid iron and copper W P Powell?185 shells J Garretl? 30 bales sponges 1 cask lamys.a quantity copper O A J Laurie. Goraitcs? SchrUenl Wayne?160 logs mahogany Dc Pey ster k Whitmanh?173 do 9 tons logwood 75 bags coffee to order. Glaioow?Brig Wanderer?3 pkgs Watt It R< aetcrantz?64 (J B Morewood?3 P A Morris?I R Cas'ot?3 J W Mitchell? 300 tons pig iron Boorman, Johnston A co?100 tons coal 10 order. Newcastle?Brig Ann Louisa?104 chaldrons coal Barclay A Livingston?80 hbds lampblack G 11 Msrewood?38 cask* 3 bxs to order. _ ntvint?Bark iixlord?144 hhd* 14 tci molasses How Mud at Aepinwall?800.000 legate Witlielliausen St Achcli*?SO 000 (J McBride?28,000 J B Laaala k eo?22,000 Lithe St Roliini?80 hhJo molaooeo Woo orange* lo matter. Oomeitlc Importations. Port Lxot?Brig R W Brown?2 bra ? bbls tobacco Hililter k Buah?71 bite* cotton Perkiae, Hopkins k White?284 Ho! brook. Nelson k co. MARITIMEliERALlT^ PORT OP HEW YORK, FEBRUARY 90. tun RISK* 30) Moon Ritrt 8 * on ?*? 5 30 I 0 10 Oipgifro of tko Atlantic Itouun. FROM T.MOLAnn. FROM AMERICA. Caledooi*. Lott fek. 4 Mar. 1 Aca<4ib. Hewitt Mar. 4 April t O. Western, Hoakea April t April >8 Columbia, Judkins April S Map 1 Britaauia, Ryrie April 10 May 18 ' 'hid?'' May ? June 1 O. Western, Hoeken->-Ma? SI - J nut l Acadia, Hewitt; May It June If i/oiuhdh, * ? July V Britannia, Hyne Jum II July it Caledonia, Lott July t Aug. 1 O. \Vcetera, Hoaken July I Aug. 4 Pulciuta AnrlT*. PackiUto Depart, LOIfDOH. LONDON H. Hudson, Morgan, Jan.10 Philadelphia, Hurry, Mar. I Ontario, Bradiah, Jan. 20 Switzerland, Umilh, Mar. 10 uvsarooL. LivcarooL. Roaciua, Collina, Jan. II Orford, Baihbone, Marl Marac. P. Henry, Delano, Mar. 7 Baltimore., Jan. II Haras. Emerald, Howe, Jan. 04 Oneida, Funk, Mar. 1 Tw Masters of Vessels. Co mm an da r? of rssstls will confer a farer by having a lilt of their carfoai, paiiengera, and a report of Teiaels left at tbe port whenea they tailed, and the veetelt spoken, ready SO their arrival hers for Commodore Batiirr, of oar fleet of newt schooners. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Cioamtf 8h;p Vickthurg, Ber?jv, NOrleana, W Nelton.?Bark Eliza, Talnot. Mobile, Poet k Phillip* ?Sctir Eagle, Claik, Halifax, T Winnett. Arrtveda T|Bark Condor, Haley,14 deya from Mayaguez. rR. eogar and cfTse. to J Labaw k Co. Left baik I'ancluta, Gray, for Newhtiryport, 4 da; brig* Hilternia Thurston,dieg; George L*yal, Idsi Esther, E.nerv, wtg cargo; schra Odeon, do;I,aae Franklin,Brown, disg; United 8tatrs,juat arr. Bark Oxford, Cutter, <3 daya from Havana, molatses. tu. to maitrr. Illh mat lat 3340. Ion 76 IS.sp' ke brig Charleston,for Baltimore; llth, lat 37, Ion 74, paaaed an American sloop of war, ihowinglier nam*, but could not make it out; 30th,lat37 14. Ion 74 10, passed bug L Baldwiu, Baaaett, hence fur savannah. <1 , L..L W..L:^,U IT rn .1 ?_ r T ? 1 nmmiurg u?i? ?? wiiiikiuii, niuRcr, vu u?)i irum lldniuurg, mdae, to Schmidt It BiltVn I! Brrm-n brig Veeta, Catterirnle, to daya from' Uuttenburg, with MO tool iron to Oelrichs It Krugcr 16th ult. Ut It, Ion 33, spoke bark Verona. of and from Burton for Antwrrp. till inrt. Ut 37, Ion 08. raw an A weir .n brig rUndiuK east, allowing a signal with a red ground a id u bluck ball in it; Itih, lat 85. Inn 04, spoke ship Keoreca, of and from Bremen for Baltimore, British brig Wanderer, f"nwra,ISda;a from Glasgow, mdae, to R It L Maitland Britiah brig Ann Louiaa. Kiell, 07 dajra from Newcastle, K. coal, to Barclay It Livingston. Brig Franklin, Gooding, from Guayama, PR. Feb 7, ingar and molaaaea, to f O Thuraton. Brig tlongreta, Pitman, from Naeeau, NP. copper, Itc to I It T B wioalow. Left brig Cumberland, of and for Pailudelpbia, from St Jago de Cuba, put in in diitrmt, baring aprung a leak in a gale, loat aaila, Itc?cargo partly damaged; achr Senator, of Portland, fm Charleetod. juat arr. Britiah brig Sylph, Prndrnt, 7 daya from Bermuda, in ballast, to J A Penning ton Left echr Sultana, Itall, from N York juet Brig Richard W Browa, Kelly, II daytfr?m Port Lena, Fla. cotton, to mater. Sailed in co. ahip Mary Frances, lor New York. 15th inat. lat 31 M, loo 81 IS spoke brig Lawrence H Adame, from Attak?paefor Portsmouth Brig St Mark, Williams, 13 daya frrm Turks Island, salt, to W W Pratt. Left no Asaentra ressels SrhrOetil Wayne, Norria, If days from Onoairet, iranogany ta De Peyster It Whitmarsh. Left, t'h inat. brigs Norman, Pratt, for New York; Rusria, Drink watrr, do; Pandora, V-rina, Boatoa. (ds; Ida, Taylor, do 3#; tchra Foiestrr Lowrv.dalO; F.llen, do It; Arcot, York, Philadelphia 30. 17th a gale from WNW, lortatrm boat and bulwarks. Srhr Warsaw, Bnrdett, todays from Attakapas. with ISOhds molaasrs 50 do sugar to Ptck It Sarre. 93d in at. lat 3f, Ion 73 SO, spoke br'g Camrcas.from Philadelphia far La Otuyra. slehr Mount Moriah, Peachy. 17 lays from NOrleans, with 80f bb's molasses to Roberts It Williams. 17th iuat. in a gilt from ,4W, lost deek load of moUeaea,split tails, kc. Selir Thorn, Barrett. Philadelphia. Schr Saml Appleton, Mdridge, Boston. Srhr Oscar, Morris, Boston Below, One ship, onebiig Wine KNK. Marino Correspondeaes. OyaTAMA. TR Feb 7. la port. New Haren, Downs, for Ntw York, 3 days; Toulon, Rich, do Feb 18tk; Rebecca C Fisher Fisher, juil arr; Jane, Stafford. NYork.sxiu. Balkan. Lmery. dn.ldo; sstrl N Outt. IV", de.Mar I; Jamiea McCobb, BarHeldcr, do aoon; Muio Iv-ToS y?; Grind Turk, Healon; NYork. I3da??; Rowland, Adame, Jo, wtg cargo: llanford, Nirlole, NHaren, Idg; Henry, uuc, dteg; Julia, PettiogUI, do, wtg fri. Rhodf. Im.aidfr Orriei, I , . . Newport. R. /.. Feb. Stlh, IMS. ( ArrSld, (lite*. Proridenre for Norfolk; C^opjr, Naniueket for Niovi. I'd, Montiao, Uoetonf,. r Richmond. Sid fnrv, Mobil*; Copy. NVork. Arr jtth, Franklin, Thnmaetnn for NYork; Cohaeeet. Boelon ordo; Pamlico, Billow. Sarah, oud Rebecca, from ProTidcece far Wilmington NC; Mechanic,do lor North I'arolina; We renn, do for Mobile. General Record. Pacirr mir Oeaait a, Hkiddy for Lirerpool, will rail toiler. Her letter bage areetillat Oilptn'* Niei Room*, in the Etching*. Sena Teeorrn, K iy, from Bel imorr, eia Vineyard, far Bool on, putiaio New Bedford 93J, with lo?e of jib and boom, forennetepriuig, and for* loprail eplit. Wlinlemen. R#?ver, Hogfrt.oi muo#od w? m w?.u i ??n, wun iko | whM*"' Spoke n. T?nne??M.k*?f?? VT. K?* 4 of IW Kojr. WtUMgtM. ttom iMtos.t <b II.UtST 4?, loan. ranlfn PwMi fr Jmiw, Nf. Fob 14?Artlolo, Wnnotor, NYork. ||?f*Mi.f?kl1rl? pof?. )?wi f'oldor, nee; John Hak, of PortUnd. for Homb'ir*. do, Ad-'tide, M.rhl*. of NYotk.J.; I Vi?k t* rtru.of Boo ion dWfi Nvhuiol Hoopor, dodo; Ham bora,of Bom,do. oibrallar, dodo; Bn<lt>.Cuflm.'yj' Vcrt.juat arr; Arigioii,of WUc*?<;-t.' ?; delphta,Idg; Nicholas Brown. M< bile )u0* ?Tr;? Rotten, di*g; Neut lua.l'm Portland. do; Velaneo,; Rapid Ward. f?r NYork, d?; IUrM, ? Portland lor Mataniee.eaine dav; Leeant. Alesander.wr New York, nest day; Roar for Providence, in 1 day*; Poland, >(? port. Idg, K.u.rline Mriaiol, do; Boiton.diegi bamoe, oo do; Atlantic. Wl.erli r.of New York, ui c; Kraarei Any Parker, fordo Id^j North Meud, of Bavannah,dirf; Botitjr* ' Bath,do; Lincoln, do do; Alernue,do do; 1'hne Tnoma*, do uo: Caroline, of Portlmd.dn; Sebago,dn do: dr; Kerlitnge, for C) brlr, ol" Portland, do; Y< rrrat. do ?'o; L'Otirtit, for Stjago.dn; Lima, of Kennrberk, do; Ada""*an', lor 8t Jobua EF do; McL>llan, of Macbias, do; Rcehamb-iu, of Georgetown do; Banner, f. r B aton, do. Arr 1th. Wm Spear. Bonaire: Carman, Mobile; ?th. Rnwif. Muriel, tac Ac. NOileaaa; Delia, Tnhaero; loth, Levant, Cardenae. PoaToCaasLLo, Feb I?in poit. Henrietta, for Philadrkhia, Idg: Kmily Kl icott.l'ilt more. wtg cargo. bid 1.1 and Bonaire, to load aalt for B' ltocMoKTaatT, California, Nov lb?la poit. A ert, for Ban Fran ri<co, I or 1 da: Maryland,from Oaliu, unc (and not at Mutt Ian. u reported.) Cavsivive, Jan w? In port, Paetolua, from Salem, dug?only Fatal, Jan 19?In por\ Arpietnet, from TotUnburg tor FaII llurr, diee. No whal're touclird eioce igtk. Bat or ielande, NX. Maich IT?Sid Gambia, (fin Sydney. NdW) Fccjce lelande. Unltrd Statea Porta. Portland Frb 23? *ld Plato, Cub*. Arr Ml, Hickory, lm Oeorgetowa; Imp-dor, do Glouclstc*. Feb 40?hid Vttulluc Richmond; Cordelia' Savannah; Meridian, R-ce NYork. Halcm. Fab n?Arr Ludwi., Lemond, NYork for Thomaaton; Homo, Cayenne; North Carolina. N-Uou, Cutler tor N York; 13d. Oregon, Hueuoe Ai rea, Dec 21. 4'Id Richmond. India; I.ubee, St Thomae. Sid Eclipse, Sumatra; Ludwig, Thorn ?eton BofToir, Feb 14?Arr Rio Grande, Apalachicola; Thome* P Hart, do;Mary Peaae, Trinid ;i!; Colombo. Joe B.'ch, and The Hooper, Baltimore; Charaiell. Wilmington NCs Brmda, Happ than nock; Lafayette, Philadelphia. Signr'e for two briar ? Cld Henry. Peruanakueo aud a mkt; Oak, Philadelphia; Marietta, NYork. Arr 13d, B-mngt ui, > Orleane; Weaeacumcoii, Cherleaton; Sarah Akigai1, Fa) al; 1 ioti,,Po-to Cabello. Naw Bedford, Febl8?Sid Euarkee, Mattapoiiett. Fdciartown, F- b 10? Arr Maria, fm Pacific for Nantucket; bark . fm NYork for Portland, aud aid eame ere. 21 J?No further arrirala. PuoTiDCNca, Feb 13?ArrOrray Taft, Charleeloii. Casket, fm Mnttniu, came up teeteiday. Sid Won Penu, Mobile; Pamlico, NCarolina. Wnir. (T.k oa_n.i. _ .. m.i FHH.4dkl.rHlA. Ftb25?Arr Ann felixi L, Bkiata. NYork. Below. Caroline, froin Trinidad d? Cuba. CM Beuj Franklin, Boat on* Baltimore, Feb 23?Cld Trinidad, Barbdoei Charleston, Feb 20? Arr Mn<e?. LoveUnd, NYork; IS'**, Anaon, Barkman. do. CM Plato, Havana; Olympia, Havre; Go Canning, (Br) Liverpool. Georok town, BC. Feb U?ArrMarjr, Htvden, New York; 18th. Wampinoke, Colaten, do for Bucks Mills. Cld Edward Kent.Mattap'ieett Ma. Savannah, Feb IS?Verse's ia port: Ships Cleoatralm, fm Greenock; Sterling, tar Liverpool Idg; Globe, do; Ht Andrew. (Br) do; Coronation. (Br) d ; Minerva (Br) do; Anthony Anderaon, (Br) do; Herculean, Havre; Arabella, NOrliaoe; Othello, Wiacaaaat; h rancee,(Br) from Liverpool dug; John Bentley.CBr) do; Helen Mar, (Br) do; Glemtarry, (Be) d i; Laurel, (Br) do; Triton, (Br) Greenock wig: Moolroee, (Br) London do; Rohinaon, (Br) Demarara; liarka G'telle, Boaton; B'ituh: Ocean (Jueen, Princeaa, Thomaa, Clu her, Leander, Nancy, and Lady Colebrook. for Liverpool; Nelson Village, , fm do, dug; , Inucao, for St John NB; Lord Godrich, London. I. wtn; Aramuc'oo. do; John Kerr, Greenock wig; Romulua, Bar- ( badoeadiag; Audromeda. Havaua wtg; Kiaelie, (Frl Martin- | ioue; biiga Mary Ann,(Br) from Weat Indite; New York,do; , Oglethorpe, for Havana; Wilson Fuller, NYork; Stirling, do; Kobt Bruce, fm Baltimore; Wm I Weteon, Phiudclohm diagi Caallda. Charleaton: erhee KranRlin O -.. tp..i n r.. Bush, do; Charlotte, Boston; Cape Fear, for do; Lcnnidas,Havana; Kdward, fm Baracoadisg. Daaicn, Feb 18?Arr Isaac Mead,8ludley, NYork. Pknsacola, Feb 13?Arr Ottrman, Boaton; F A 8' ward. Mobile. Bid Ottoman, Mae, Ceylon, and Roaalihe, Mobile; Columbia, Oa1vest?n Morili, Feb H? Cld Columbui, Liverpool; Cheater, Boston. Cld 18 h, Win Kngs, Naniz Nr.w Orleans, Feb 15?CM Panthea, Gnodmacson. NYork; (Sen Veazie. Havre; Columbia, Bremen; Omar, Boatou. Arr Maneo,Cadiz Kulalie, Kordeaux; Callao, do; Hanger, Palermo; Clarissa, Boston; -rh?mas Ballesby. Demaiara; Marihv Washington, Norfolk, lu the river, coming up, Clyde, Rubicon, John Bull, London,aad several others, uam-a unknown. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. t"PHESJ? far-famed ana c. lebrated tnll., from Portugal, an 1 we perceivs, tokhe obtained in this country Bee adver lisemenl on the last eoluwmof fourth page. fr< Im'is : 1UNOK L)F. BkG.NIS has the honor to announce to bis friends and trie public thit he intends to give s vocal aud ] iustrumental Concert on Friday, the llth ol March, at the | Apollo Grand Concert Rooms, Broadway, in which he will , be as'isled. among other eminent artistes, by Mademoiselle , Sophia Melizet, from Philadelphia, who will on tnat occasion i in.keher lirst appearance in New York. Hignor de Beguis, j un tnat occasiou, will have an ample and well selected band. icu oy ?r. rtuson,in orucr to represent the grand scentit ] I rum the favorite opera II Fauatica per la Music*. as well *s to render the performances of the evening effectiu; and bril- , liaaU 1 Particulars will be shortly advertised. fiW Sat TltTh. UIJJI^U'I'IONaRY LlCOillHns, wim ilinstriUlous, at i Ja Clinton llall. by Mr. Jehu W. 8. Hows, on Monday eve- I ning, Feb. ss, I84i ?tT| o'clock. I Mr. Hows win deliver the first lecture of the senei on Monday evening, 28lh Feb. Iuthecour,e if the lecture, the lol- J lowing selections will be presented, to illustrate the tilfertul styles of Elocution?prefaced by o< iucal results. fasti. , Biblical Reading?The Taraols of the Prodigal Son. Luke J c. XV. I Pulpit Eloquence?Extract from a Sermou " On the Necesei- | ty of a pure nalioual morality. Rev. Dr BeecUer j Senatorial?Extract from a speech " On the Neceasity of Resit lance, Patrick Henry , Oratorical, or popular?Othello's address to the Senate, Shabspcare Forensic?Character of an Informer, Curraa Past II. Poetical Heading? E tiger e Aram Hood Imitative,or Dramatic. The Bitter Bit, Colmaa Macbeth, act 3d. scene I, b hake pears < Hotspurs description of a Fop. Shake peare N.B. The second lecture of the series will be delivered it ' CliutoD Ha'l.ou Mondsy erening, March 7lh, 1812. The illasirations will be varied ineach lecture. > Ttcki ts for the course $2, admtitin t a gentleman and two ladies, to be obtained at the Lecture Room, or of Mr. Hows, at his result nee, 135 Mercer St. Siugle tickets, admitting a * gentleman and lady, 80 cente. Ywuug persons. 85 cents, ta be ' obtained at the door on the nights of the lectures. fil? 21 SAM* 'PHE uiAONET.? Pne Tr.ouoeoi, hrst p*ge,cuii1 t-ins the Prospectus of this work, in which Mr. Sunderland proposes to give en account of some most eiraordtnary discoveries, demonstrating the truth of Phrenology and Hu man Magnetism. To he united at 126 Fulton St. I2S It* pABTLETON MEDICAL COLLEGE.?The annual V./ l^e.uresin theC?e?letnn Mrdirul Collige. late Vermont Acaeemy of Medicine, will ue commenced ou the at a wihr> 6th of March, 1842, and be continued fourteen weeks. FACUl/fY. General, Special and Surgical Anatomy, by JAMES aicGLlN i OCK, M. U. . illtlCIII 1VICUIV*. IIICIKiVUUCB WW UVBICin?t DV JOSEPH PEUKINB.M.D. i Principle* and Practice of Surgery, by FRANK H. H\M.LT<>N,M. 1). I Theory and Practice of Medicine, by UAVIO M. RtESK, M. D. I Pbrsiology,Genee.| Palliolcgy. and I iperalire Obstetrics, by ' CHAUNCEY L. MI I CHELL, M. D. < Ch' miatry and Phanoac) , by J willi vm mather, m.d. Ophthalmic Anatomv and Surgery, by WILLIAM C WALLACE, >1.0. Medn al Juriarrudenee. by , WILLIAM P. RUSSELL, M.D. Drmouitrator of Anatomy, by I EUdKHT JAM1ESWN, M. D. I Keel for the Couria, $i5. Matriculating lee, $5. Graduating lee, $1*. Ftc lor those who have attauded two fell nonrenal otner regular medical antiunion!, $10. axpeaae of boardiug, lie.. $1,50 to $2 25. la the lait courae a number of eurgical operation! were perfoimed before, the clan; there ie er.ry reaeon to believe that the number of auch ctiti will be niuch greater during the neat term. JOSEPH PERKINS, Regia'rar. Caatleton, Jan 4, 1142. tit it* ?rTJOhN LOoio: or HOflo ir requited on *.d. I Lame 4 Hanover atreet, where he will hearoi aome thing lo hia advantage. pew Vorh.feb 21. 1042. fil 31* r,vnE BAKlRS 01 the cum ill Sew turn auj drvtiklyu ' X a>e requested to attend a meeting of the Baker'! Total Abeunance Socnty, Thia Evening, at Temperauce Hall, cor. of White and Ctnti e streets. 1 JOHN OlBBIXOS.Preiileat. Wm. Houitoiv, Secretary. 123 it* 1 SELLINO OFF AT COST PRICE?Aa tha Spanish home, nuw in No 100 Nassau arreet, will remove in a few da) a I tn28? 'Broulway, oppoeite the City Hall, and have a fievh i and aelrcted ava rtoi-at of the beat Havana and 'Principe Se- I gaia, of alt brands; beeidea two new branda, ixelitaivcly for ? the Spanish from Principe (Washington brand) I and the other from Havana (Don Quijote braid.) Also, a large supply of tbe Higientc Patent#. J he tallowing aegars a will be sold al coat price Very old and aopeuor flavor asported Havana, a' 3a. per bunch (SS aegars), or $|| j*r thou- t sand; do Principe, 31 (J, or $12 per thonadd. the b-st prima La Norms, 4s 3a perbunch, or $19 per thousand; do Noriegas f do; very line Victoria, 4a 3d per bunch, or $11 per Ih inlaid; t the celebrated higtenic patents, 3a per hunch; St Domingo, regalia aixe, (Scents per bunch, Ite lie, all subject to the Venture, t Aiiu in aou hi Bun I'umwsn. "? ivv imiiiu m, i Our ?|tnti throoghrnl the I'nitnJ StJtn for patent legari. will|le**eto ??n I fatly their order* for the Dew brand* of Waamngion auJ Dun Qu'jotr. 'i'hera u a euperior article < manufactured in our private in Hirtnt aid Principvend of the belt tobaeco of La Vuelta tie Abije and Yara.euch at to pltaae the delicate Yankee tait*. fW it* HWAfcCO. i 'no 1K IIH.\N LAND OWNKKS.-Taten for the year . I 1841 ire now due.and ikould be paid in that Htalebn or before the ftret day of April next, lo at to lire the etprnee of drlit.picney. inteieit, kc. In June neat, a tale for Tiaei will be held.from which there will be no redemption. Non iendent owoeri will tee the neremty of immediate attention to their taier, kr., otherwiae their I audi will be loet to them. Tatu paid, Landi redeemed from Tai Balei, Deed* record- i ed, and every deicription of Agency attended to in the btitei of Michigan, llliooii, Ohio. Mmouri. Arkamai, kc. , Nor h American Land Agency, eitabluhed in iHIT. No. 18 Wall (treat. 8. MKLVIN, c fj$ It* fueeeiior to M Mi en A NDREW'B COMBINATION LOCK.-Tbe auvertiie- ' A meat of H. 0. Jod.i, in the Courier and Kn<]uirer of the ' lid inn. ii not deemed worthy of notice, except to correct itl iniiitalrmenti. wt ire luthorixed by F. Penta, Ekj , President of the Mechamc'i Banking Aieocietion, (the uutitation to winch refe- . rence ii made) to lay the fict u to the agentiof the above 1 Lock, in incorrect; for the other circumitancei, thoie intercittd are relerrtd to the officer* of iaid Aiivciation. David Leavnt, Ki'l -Preeldent of the American Eachange Bank, will give the facte coineeted with the lock of H. C. Jonee, placed on the vault of taid Bank Tfce apprentice engaged in ooeni'ig laid lock, hai not been allowed to puraue hie 1 II bora bv II C. Joaea. It tim- enough to claim a (act when 1 it i* eatakliehVd. , WADsVoR ifl k e*ll Hi. ffli 1 w Aarente of Anonmn R>?k|l.ofk Cowtnr, LA FAYETTE BANK.?The motion relative to the ?i no ntmcnt of a Heceifer for thii Bank hat been postponed until the tecood Tuesday la March neat. In the meantime* the Bank i? authorised, and will receiv in bills. for all Jcbts due it, nnd will alao receive in th*ir btlln of toy note heretofore discounted or loan mvle by i(ism. and allow a rebate of intercut far the ua*?mrm<i ? that aaid r.ot? or loan Km t. run. ; ~T~ Keb IS l?4L n< PACKET SHIPOVHBK K, FOR LIVERPOOL. I KHtn by t. u .hi.i will p'eaae h? on board the boat Mertulea, at Whitehall,thia mcrniuft, at It o\lock, al which time the ahip will tail. Letter Baga will eloae at the urtnl placet at 111 o'clock. rw SUPERFINE DRESSCOATS or TH8 BV.8T QUALITY, both aa to worhmaaahipand material., foe TWENTT-KOU* DOLLARS', aleo Pantaloon* Tea Dollar*, at PHILIPS' tail Tailoring eetabtiatnaeot, 141 Broadway. y. B.?The ahorefana.n'. are guaranteed to be equal : every rrapeet to Umxc make by the moot eipeoeir* h????w rr the eity Thi. ia do empty luaraatm. but(ooe thai the a?l?er iwer pMfea kiauell to fn.(U. Oaraaeata oT'aeeoadary qj. lite propor*looahl* lower. POll lALl!-iJif?n 1 ape*, cneap lor e**n, <i .*?. I r atraet. _____________ |rn TO LK.T?A three aiorr Moa. .Peak ''.fy I atelyi/ r-qirei. KBBS|[^Sa9SaB9BBH9HV L'AMILV OKih k.Hlr.e? J ?J ft O ?'*?l?i, Uv lireen1 wieh cnrnrr of M*.rray. oiler lor oale freih grsen black tea, Java et.ff r loaf, cru h^, yellow and i?r?<wa 'W' *u<1 ' *??? "f all kiuda in ihe er??t??l ?an*ty, at ihe loweat market |>rire*. Con mon hroMO ?uy ?r for %* <? W t-,l'ufT llw. N.D. f auulira Will deal* n are itijorelid t" llire the* call f-tt }f Y0TIO? ?f.?tlir k?ii for Timpl, iei Moyal Moil ^ Hitimir I wtJoiii-i, frtim Hni'ot, will cloo it Hiin^rB k CJo't Office, No. 3 WiiIii cn Monday, Kcb. M it i peat S 3 o'clock, P M. N. B AM letters cnlruated to H. It Co.. as above, are emvored as b*i> ( io ample time fir the ate imcr'l mail, they beinr ber regular agents. fHtM HAR'DF.N kCO. C'LOA'I I.N'A f) ItV DOtTK ?The large and apleriiJid ISaat r India ship Zenobia, is now undergoing tepair upon ihft new Dry Dock at the foot ol Hu'grra atreet, in toe Fast Hirer. The macner in which this ship is raised, and held upon that dork any lutelti e it ebecr'er nl ita auperior nlvly, and ot the greater facility and oconumy with whicb irears can he repaired at this establnhmnit ovtr ur other , tto m? '"PO FhE PUBLiIThus. L. Nichols, late editor ol ttaa ' " Aurora" and " Dollar Weekly," announces that he wiB, on or before thr firat Monddy of March, commence the pubbCution ot' a Cail y morning paper, called THK NI?# YORK ARJCNA ; An independent Journal of Civilisation. New York. | eh.ta, Iiv'i. fa??P CRRATIIM ?II, ? I? 1 ? .... nKuumHiivim unpunw ? ?n,ri?c? M ^ somctimta ihepunisaion of ooe littl* word. In 1st*curd to the public, Doctor Carpenter endeavored In say that Willi lli' kdraalagte of a rrgu'ar medical school education, and nearly thirty tears practice and eincience n cert-jn e lass at virulent disease". tic waa not enabled to effect a perfect cure in ail caeea lu the abort partial of two or three flaya. but the important functionary of the tyi*s, deeming the word not" te be euperlluoue. in hta wisdom omited it. and strange an it might actm. the Doctor's clfice w*a literally besieged br appKcauta fer reliaf on thi* high pressure principle, and slrangor atill is the tact that many oi them were actually tured in tJeo short apace ef tima ao uttwarrvntably promised iheia. Doctor C'aepeater rea eetfuily aaaurea hia Irirnda and pa- Irons that his utmost skill and eaatdaitv will asu'ual be doroted to thrir welfare; recent caaea admit of very speedy rum. and hence the importance ol early apvlicatinate f g5 lw* DR. CAUPlhNTfcR.Nn 4 Peek slipTHfclATRK?A CARD?Mr. BAHM'jTBF.Ntff iT^Mr 1 Barry, Stage Manager. r-ipeetCnlly announces to hut frienda anil the public, that hia first benefit at thin theatre for nine rears, will take place oa Monday neat. Feb. 98th, an which or cation will be presented a new comedy, in two acts, entitled the Fiscal Agent, with new scenery and appointments. The principal characters by Messrs Placide, h islier. Bell amy, Clark, Pi arson; Mads. Whealley, Vernon. Barry. and Miss Buloid After whirh, fi-wt time, a new comedy, in S arts, callsd Charles O'Malfy. the Irish Dragoon; interspersed with at tigs, choruses, James the hum ra ofan Irish alection?con - nuiiiUK wiiii a grand ma*<iuerade? I'hr new loeue'V by Vrura. H'llyard bad A. Wheat ley. The character* by Mo? o> (liia !?t ipnearnire) Wheatley, Kiederic'i*. Kuher An. drew*. Barr-*, Clark, a. CutKmba, Mra. Vrrnou. and Mr*. i'ritrharil Its ?t dr. felix goukaud's poudres subtiles. for eradicating human hair. QtJ- Thu* ran *halr thou r.aow, and pro riaTHt.a,? Gtmraiid'a Poudrea Suhtile* friable one to command appearance, > tar a* the Hair la concerned, and to a ir to that deratiipemrnt, " Tbua far ahalt thou oaowi and no farther." Barb'ra are aaeful?very uaeful in their place*?but their utmoet effort* of (kill in the depilatory art leavea'dlla " tubhle land at hare eat home." Theaa Powder*, no the coutrary', eradicate the " atubbU,"occaaioniti( to hiin who uaea them no m giving, on apprn-chiog Ilia "l-wlje love," or, in the interv-ourwe of hear' with heart, the fear of inflicting on her " verm it cheek" (a* OeueralO P. M haa ] ) mine,eiaary pain. Perioualy, no toilet can hardly be complete without tnia little aaaiatant for removing hair. It nceompliihe* the ohj-ctin a few ininutee, and un-iilierdifficu't 'o be app'leduor danrernuf in ila operation on the aktui Full directnua accompany each bottle. Price $1. had at Dr. Gouraud'a ctficea, 5tT Broadway, and CT Walker afreet, 1 dorr from Broadway, where may alao be had (jouR tun's Vhortahi.k Hoc ok, 60 cent* per bottle. (Jounauo'i Kai" dk Bkauto, or True Water of Beauty, C*t removing tan. plnud'P/, frecklea. burn*, Ice.. Si utr kittle. AcittTi ?New York? Albany, Ait*. Outh-ie, No.4 Maiden lane?U'ica. G L Drown, perfumer, Uene*ee atreet? r. .. .Lb,,,.!. I ri.?. u. vr-l- t U...-.I .I- I"?' "-i 1/U2??c- - v., m, -.UU,|?, .. Iiuauwi, KH anil >!? ,?l*Ul trtrt. Penmyl??iiu?Philadelphia, Mr* Brown,76 Cueinut itreet. Maryland?Baltimore, Seth A Htncc, Pratt tlreet. Bittrict of Columbia?Wpihington, Sr-lby Parker,renaaylranaa Avenue?Aleiandria. C C Berry. Virgnit?Richmond, Mr*. Krnyter. K itrtet. Connecticut?Miduletown. E C f,rre? New Haven. A Law, Chapel ?tr*et?Hartford, Welti ? Humphrey, 176 Vein ?treet?Norwich, William Kaulkar.. VUi?achu*ett?? Button, A S Jordan. 'i MUk atrret. Lowell 3 A Carletou & Co, City Hall. Lynn, Dr A L Holder. Wor eater, M D Phillip*. Bnnley Place. Springfield. F A Cowltn VIrin atieet. Bull It Field. Salem. Wk R R Iran Newbury port. < harle* M Hodge. New Himethiri??ort?nouth, VV 11 Prettoo. Maine?Portland, T Have* It C'o. Rancor, Meter* Whitt'er k Guild Hallowell, h rcunmoa. Rhode laltud-Providence, Chailt* Dyer, jr, Weatminaktr itreet. Ohio?Columbua, Summer Ciark. New Jeraey?T aeabrook, Princeton. Every bottle of Dr. Geuraud'a Coametica haa hit nam* with the name of p-eparatioa. and New York. Mown on the oi riidet. and hi* fac timile ercraved on the wrapper* of Urn Pondree Subfiles None other ire eemiine. fvi im* THIS PRESIDENT UF THE UNITED STATES. [N purtuaace of the law, I JOHN TYLER, Preaident of the Ui ited State* I America, do hereby derlare and mate ntwn. that public avlea will be held at the undermentioned and office*, iu the Stale of HHaoie, at the period* hereinafter leaicnated towii: a? ,i.. i on,i rtir... .i n;.nn n_ Iln hirtietn day of May next, for the disposal of the publir. lands within the limits ol the uuaermentiened townships, to wit. VoWA [qf [the bate line, and'rait of Ibefith principal meridian. Township twenty-one,of range fix. Towcsnjp twenty-one, of range seven. Township* twenty-two, twenty-three, twisty-fire, and twm:y-*eren,M range eight. Township* tweuty-two, twenty firs, and twenty-seven, at ?ugr nine. Townehipe twenty three, twenty-five, and twenty eight,of ange ten. Xo-.-o*lii if twenty-fire and twenty-eight, of range eleven. Also, at the tame place commtnciag on Monday, the t w rail-th day of June next, for the disposal of the public lands within the limits of the undermentioned townakipe to w>t: North of the ba\e line, and eat t of the ith principal meridian. Township twenty, 01 rmgeaix. Towurh p twenty-two ol range (even. Townshi;t twenty-one, twenty-lour, and twenty-fix, of ranee eight. Townships iwentv-lh-ee and t einty-eix, of raage nine.. T-wnahipe twenty-two, twenty-lour,. aud twenty-six, of range ten. ... , x nualupe twenty-eix and twen'y-eeTen, of range e'even. Alto, the fractional lection seventeen, in lo*nihip seveutein, of range two. west of the fourth principal meridian., numbed o> e, twe, three, and four, snl part'of island number five, lying in flrcK rtrer, within the Iim'sof township fortr.ihree, north of range one, east of tbe thud principal meridian. The est hall ol the southeaxt quarter of the section seventeen. and the west half of the nouthenst quarter of sectioB thirty, in township thirty-two, of range one, west of the third prioci"al meridian. At the Lund Office at Chicago, commencing an Monday, die aixth day ol June next, for the disposal of the public lamw within the limits of the undermentioned townships and (raciou*l townships, to wit: Vorfh of tbe late line, andeait of the 3d principal meridian Township thirty-eight, wl range sis. Township thirty eight, of range ssxea. Townships thirty-right, thirty-nine, and forty: except the ast half of ihe southeast quarter, the east half and uorthwe st quarter of the northeast quarter, and the nor h half of :hr northwest quatler,in section three, in township thirtyuilie, of range eight. Township forty-fire, and township forty-six, bordering on Wiskonsan Territory, ol range ten. Townships forty-leur sad forty fire, and township forty-six, bordering on Wishouxaa Territory, of range eleven. Bfctiousone toaix, inclusive, in township forty; fractional township forty-one; the northeast quarter of section tea, in township Ibity-thrse; and fractional townships forty-fear, forty-five, and forty -six,bordering on Lake Michigan, except the north half of section seven hi fractional tawaskip fortyone, of range twelve. At the Lsnd Office at Kaskaskia, commencing on Monday, the twinlr-serenihday of June next, for the disposal of tha public land* within the limits of Ihe undermentioned islands, lituuted in the Mississippi river, rtx: South af tbe bate /inegmrf%est of tbe 3d principal meridian. Island number twenty-nine, in townai ip seventeen, o| one townships sixteen and seventeen of range two ' Island number twenty-eight, in townships sixteen xndsercaieen.o' rang, tw?. I .land numberthirtv. in township seventeen, of racer i?. leland number eighteen, in tewnalnpa nn and ilrvcn.of range* hret and four; iaiaud number nineteen, in towi ahip eleven. of ange Tour, and an (aland, nut numbered, forming |>arta of aeei?ni seven an 1 eigheeen, iu townahip eleven, of range three, n<! aectiona twelve and thirteen, in townahip eleven, ofraam our. uUnd number twenty, intownahip twtlve, of range th-ee, nd towuabip* eleven and twelve, of ran ;elbur. lelaud number .twenty-one, in townthpa twelve and thireen, of range three. laianda number tw?i,'y.tvree and twrnty-four, reepertivelyr ormii g parta of towuahipa thirteen an t fourteej, of range hr?a. I.landa number twentv-two and twritv-ali. in townahip aigeen, of range three, and leltnd iiun.b. r tweuly aeven, l town ihip aiateeu, ?f rangea two and ih ee. oumDWKt"""", auiow.wt.ip oiur, ui range lour. 1 aland number went> rut, in towjdnp fourteen, of rang* oar. Inland uumber listri a. in t?wi ? ?;> eighth.of range five. laUnd number ft ieeo, in townvhip arveu. of nng? eight. IiUnda number iwelrr aud till, teen, in towuahip aii, of range nine. . , , _ Tint part of lal ind numier four, forming partn of Mc^ioae >ue and iweire ; and ialauda number fire auil aia, in towuahip >ue, range eleven. Inland uumbcr'aeren. intownehia two, of range twelve* laiard number ighf a, in Icwiiaiupn two and three, ef range* eleven and twelve. Iiland number tight A, m towuahip two, of range eleven, jalaud number eleven, in lownahip three, of rungceleven. Itlauda uumfcer nine and ten, respectively formicg porta of townahipa three ai d four, of range eleven lalaudnumber lliiit)-tne, in lownahip lour, ol range cterelli Land* appropriate by law for the tue of aehoola, military ir other mirpoeei.will beeacludid fiomatle. The tain will each be ktpi open far two we ka.futleae Uio anda are aooner diapoeed of.) and no longer ; and n i private nlriea of land In the townahipa ao offered will be admitted* lutil afler the ea.iimlion of the two weeka. Given undi r my bam1 >t the City of WaeSineloo, thia twenty-ninth day of January, auno D **> >* l*??. JOHN TILER. Syihe Prvaidenl : K. M. H'TNTI NOTON, Comm'aaionr r of the Cap-nil Land'Offiee. NOTICE TO PRR-KmtTION CLAIMANTS. F.very per.on claiming the rght of pre-emption to land in any of the to*n?Vpi designated in line rroel wnatinn iu? irtue )f Die provis OIK I r be act of Ml Ju m, IS.IH, aa attend >d Mad modifo-d by the act of lat June, lite, or of rh?- provHi.xie the litter aet,or of the tth iep'ember, IMI, ea?li grautinr certain iidiibpii to anoihar an i diflT. rant elaaa ofae I'leva, la reqnte.eo to provt the aame to the a -tiafactioii of the Reyater aud Receiver of the prop* r Land Cffi.-e. and make payaeent therefor, ra aooa aa prar.iciible after aeiing ihia notice, and before the day a:<p ud'-rd for the rnmmniciieiiit of the puhlae enl- of lli-land, -a above deugtated ; otherwiee aueh rlnme will be for (kited. K. M. HUNTINGTON. Cominieeiooer of i he < lenerel Lend ' >mee. fll ltl?3?d WQwIlia. f' I Ft a fa u I'nyit.iii I? 7I?*"**; Li COCKING ridTOLS.-Thle rut?l <ean be jh? aia tlmee with ileal tne rawdily of thought- Th- pistol roeka. the barrel revolved and die.-harge. mereiv by njl iug the riceer the eham >rr and birrelarain one piece and therefore " . Yi_ i.ka. anir# rfMitmcmUo ? Tn? foiiatfR*. ion of the piitol 1* I*rfff?lr ?inrl??twr ean be drawn front the pocket end ?'?!> 'Th"', tht > Mmrni. time inmekirf- I* ehote ean be It'ad n? f?et U * maw ..nerook hi.??rr. They ere no liner thaw an g^Mrr ' KorV"'?'l?Tf. Hotwekarperi. CaptaiM, Flint ere. end othrre ther v u> lni!tep? arable article, u peraowa, both male female,can with ?' ?? pietof protect their liver aadpn?e?rtr if et.eeke.i br mwir peraoM. a* oa? of theaa w equal to near a doea of the common kind. (ierilleiaea ara invited toeall a' 'the (tore of the afrerfloor ?,d m i nine the eim*. u their eimplicitr, perfect nfrtj and nna-liahMfty to get em of order. wilt cerv'alr reeo-amend lien overall otnera. fc'nreile wnoleeale aad retail, njr I. O. iOUK n. im Broadway, fit Imendia* a^i-eero Welt iwt fta? ???. ATTh.vf LbMAh inun ihe iwii oieWre m >?evwan % pair of Rentlfai d well br bra he-ret?He will remain m V W York until We?a'?<tay. the tad of Marnh : pereone'WavK h reeeof thu deecriptiea, willpletee ipfly at the ofltrenC he A-aerkaaHotel. f'k*jt'