Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 27, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 27, 1842 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. Bow Vwk, (tuatejr, rtknuajr *T, IMS. ??w V?k Immi, |B. 9 n? oaaber oI the Lance/ uaueU thia noraitf, contain*:? VLrriaw of Dr. Ramdretham'a Work on Midwifery. Beaiew oi Dr. Molt'a Travel*. Continuation of Motfa Surgical Leeturea?Reaaerk* aa tkalaxe Dr. Buuic?Editor'* Comment*. tutorial Article* an the Treatment of the Iniaae?the ! & evolution la Medical Periodical Literature, ko. JLeport 01 the Creaby atreet elimifm? Remarkable caae of Salivation by Celchicum?Operation by Dr. Warrea of Beaten?Interesting KitracU from the Foreign Jour aala?Report of the Truatee* of the State Luaatlc A?y lam 1 Variety of Miacellaneou* Iteaa, Ac. he. rnce f8 per aunum. Single copia*,?t ceaU each. To Med leal Advert leer*. TLc Lanctt now preaent* the beat medium of addraealng ? ... ?_1_M? !. ..?i. (h? lot'dlCSl prOie??IUU. iw imivumuvu w m?||17 t..n (ImukdJ copios weekly, and extendi to every section of the L'aion. Publithers of medical works, surgical in atrament lookers, dentists,lie., OOP not And s more desirable and useful vehicle Cor their announcements than this popular periodical. Druggists In the city cannot in nay other way so effectively address cou^ry apothecaries, a great number of whom are practitioners, and oubeoriberste tha f.oacet. To phyainions thsmsrlrss, who wish to dispose of their piwtlee, procure assistonts, or form partnerships, the Lmseel affords unequalled opportunities of extensively communicating with their professional brethren. To joofossionol young man desirous of obtaining situations, tha soma facilities ore offered. The various medical aahoala and colleges throughout the Union?conductors nf private hospitals and infirmaries, fcc. should also avail themselves of the sdrintagts thus presented. The faucet DjW circulates in every considerable city and village throughout the Union. ADftiTiima Tsa*?i?One aqunre, one insertion, hi -M; Each additional; per annum, gift. Ona column, one insertion, $10; each additional insertion, fe; per UDam, Bill> stitched in on moderate term*. Three thousand copies requited. (itssua ghlp Caledanla. At the last accounts from Boston, the Caledonia Bad not reached that city, and there were no tidiofi of her. She was then out twenty-one days, and such were the fears for her safety, that underwrites* refused to take risks on her for less than 4weuty-fire per eent. We still believe her to be safe enough. We aro the least alarmed, and are efopiaiou that if she sailed on her day, she has met with strong westerly gales,which hare kept her luck sereial days. And even if she docs not arrive at Boston till today or to-morrow, there need he no anxiety respecting her. It should be recollected that the Great Western?well known for her quick and regular trips?was oace twenty-four days is making a western passage. This is oa record, but was before the melancholy loss of the President. As that steam ship wsal dowa in n gale, every one will hereofi?r be oa the " tenter keoks" cf alarm whenever a steam ship should ha a few hours svar dne." , We shall expect to receive her aews seme time te-day. So look ont for an Exrna Herald. Tfct Kxpectcd Arrival ef Lard Ashburton? The Dispute with Kngland. At the lime draws near for the arrival of Lord Achhurton, the special envoy from England, amongst as, (who may be expected hourly) the thoughts of dimest every one are turned to the important and aempiicated questions in dispute between the government of Great Britain and this country. And wmong the very foremost of these matters, is the Bonadary Question. We have no doubt, whatever, in our own minds, that amongst his other instructions, Lord Ashburton will some charged to propose certain definite terms I f settlement in (elation to the Boundary Question; and we have as little doubt, but that these terms will be the final offer made by Ureal Britain to our 1 government on this important matter. What the antnre of those terms may be, of coarse, we can but conjecture ; but this we do know, that the legislature of Maine and Massachusetts, as well as Congress, should be prepared to take some speedy and decisive legislative action on the subject; with a view to an immediate, honorable, and amicable arrangement of the whole affair. With this view of the matter, we are delighted to ftad that Governor Davis has sent n message to the Massachusetts Legislature, calling their attention to (his important subject; in which message, we find die following clear and manly view taken of the nutter:? , We have sufficient evidence that Uroat Britain deems (he possession of a portion of the territory nest of the treaty line, ofthe greatest importance to her, to facilitate alarcoarse between her provinces we feel also, as if she could aot resist with violeaee the demonstrative psoeis contained ia the treaty, of our right te this territory. She hat, therefore, ia carrying eat her urishee. manifested hut one alternative?which ia, te enforce, if ktcto, her protenaion against right, orto propose conventional boundary. 11 fhe take* the latter course,it asust bo founded on an equivalent for any concession Made for her accommodation, and that equivalent mast be satisfactory to Maine, which holds the right of State Jurisdiction, and one moiety of the soil; to Massacha* easts, which holds the other moiety of the soil; and to the I oited States, whioh hold the power of negotiation and settlement; for we can acknowledge no eonstituUsual right to transfer territory and jurisdiction without the assent of the States interested. Without any evidence of coming events beyond probability, I have thought inch a contingency so lihely t# occur, that I could not reconcile it with my duty to leave it unprovided fer. I have therefore brought it to poor consideration, not because 1 doubt the character of war title to tne territory,or becnaee 1 would invite terms of compromise whioh wo Ud involve a voluntary surrender of what belongs to ut,er would imply any uncertainty as to our resolute determination to maintain our rights, but that provisions may be made for miking kaavs the sentiments of the commonwealth. In case tens? of compromise shall be discussed with a view to a aeKi sweat The sentiments of Maine sod the United States are unknown to me, except as disclosed to the ?i ,u ?? tiae it as an impossibility that Zmrms may be proposed which will matt the approbation f hath, and Jt i* Cor thia event I would have the com me*wealth prepared?that ahe nayuaaert and vindicate her j u>t righta, and at the aame time do whatever ia con latent with ihim to promote an amicable adjuatment of the eentroveny. This is the true view of the ca9e. The right to the disputed territory is clearly on our side ; and if ttu;Wn<J wants it. she must give us such as equivalent as will Satisfy not oulf Miine and Massachusetts, but the whole country- la this way the long disputed and troublesome Boundary Question can he set at Teat forever. And, that disposed of, we can easily nettle all ihe minor questions in dispute with the mother country. Since Lord Aberdeen lias vtrtual y abandoned the right of search in his Urn letter to Mr. Stevenson, we await the arrival of f.srJ Ashoartoa with no little interest. .aworm* QVannnt. bbtwkut tri Rival. Midia an Sohools.?It is said that a serious fracut has just occurred between the old Medical College and the Stnyvcsant School?originating in a dispute hem the division ol the skeleton of the Elephant recently deceased. The Crosby street gentlemen had. it seems, as usual, secured the Lion's share Or- Molt war much disentitled ; but the circus people settled the matter by promising to present the fxay veaaat gentry with a very beautiui mun-a spe<-in)*a of the striped donkey, which ha* also giver up lar ghost. PaariAjr or Chasccs R. Thoi<i?.-An excelled tjihogr?ph"d lilbeiie.-w of thm estimible gentleinai hw jast been got up by Ciptaia Thompson. It i, executed with great spirit, and conveys an adinira bte idea of the intellectual and good-humored Uc< of Mr. Thorne. Mass a Kjs? !?A tremendous display of intel factual glad tutorship is to come off during t,u week, between Puffer H.tpkins and Park Benjamin L?t mere b; ac'earalnge and no favor. We kaov urfio married Captain Shml-y, but who are to b< fsotile-koldets on t'ua o< canton 1 ktnvennirr* or me fix?Paaswa?T.?Mr. Vai oHurea arrived ia Bnltimare on Thursday, from I hi tadelphia, and laA paasage for Norfolk in the at eenssn host. He ? accompanied by J . h Paulding TIm Creel* Caae. Te tub Mbit** or tub Sib: You ipfear to applaud wtimUry of Mils, I* retard to hid letter of iestrwolioaa to Iks Amhuessdor at London, in regard telle naatter ef the "Cuoie " I am a aatire of this country, but bar* spent much of my day* ia atber coaotriee, aad alway* read your rateable aawapapar with maeh pleasure; your moeey remarks on stock*, baake, Ice. bar* also eared ma eoaaa money, for which I heartily ttvaak you; bat I do'say that "those who lire in glass koaiea ought not to throw stones." Look at the Assisted! Loekat the Creole ! They are both alike. Mr. Webstar aad Mr. Tyler only ad ranee the same reasoning, the same arguments, the same language, dec. dee. that hare been used by the 8psuush authorities to as, ia the essa of tba Amis tad. Well, sir, did we retard it 1 No. What did wo do 1 I will t?ll 500. VVe feasted, clothed, and fed (bo A mi* tad murderers! Wo applauded, we exhibited, we rejoieed with the Assisted aaardereri. We gave them money, education, and icnt them to their own country. Now, air, look at the Creole caae, aad yon will see en analogy, only the Colonial Government have not made sueh fools ef themselves, in educating, clothing, showing up, dtc of the Creole murderers as we have done with the Amistad murderers. 1 say, let those who live in glass houses take care not to cast stones, for our position in regard to the Creole is wrong, and we only look ridiculous to those who think; for do as you will, and say what you may, you aannot, in rsgard to the Creole aud Amistad, make " fish of the one and flesh of the other"?they are, sir, both alike. Yours, with respect, Euditt. Progress of Temperance, We have received the following from an old subscriber?a large importer of this city: Nnw Yoaa, Feb. 26,1812. J. G. BbiMYSTT, Eiq.;? Dear Sib:? Mach pleased with the general information found in your Herald, I take the liberty of encloaiug the copy of a general statement forwarded to me by my correspondent in Havre. You may depend upon its accuracy, aad if found, as I suppose, valuable as a matter of comparison of import to the mercantile community, I will be much pleased tg find it in one of your next numbers, with your remarks. One of your subscribers New Yore, Fsb. 06th, 1813. Progress of teaperancs, 1910 23179 cs. or bkts wiae, " " 1941 36 979 " Inoreaie 13,900 This does not look much like aa increase in the temperance ranks, as far as wine is concerned. Guayamst I Corn* pood met of the Herald.] Guayama, P. R., Feb. 10,1812. Our Island is flooded with sugar and molasses, and the few sales effected are at less than living prices for our poor planters, therefore those who can, are holding en for better times I send you a list of vessels in port, which may be of service to some of your friends. Baltimore. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Baltimoue, Feb. 22,1842. Great Fancy Ball it BiUimort. I. G. Bekhett, Eiq. The grand Taney bill about whieh ?o mteh pea, ink and paper, ha> been waited, ia nojr ia fall bleat; and your correspondent baa been, maeh to hia regret a partieipaat ia it, and for whieh be feel a diapeaed to abjure all bulla for the future; for nerer was there in thie city a greater humbug than the aforeeaid grand ball; the tranapareneiea are the greateat dauba mortal eye* ever beheld; no regard having been paid to eorreet drawing, or to efleot, the objeet being merely to fill the epaeee (aaid to bo intended for illuatratione of the hietory of country) with eomething whieh reaemblee eeenea ia the infernal regioaa more than any thing that ever took place on terra firina, briek duet and indigo being the component eolora of the paintinga( 1) The company waa autneroua and quite respectable, and no doubt felt as though they had paid dear for their night's amusement. Some of them certainly ware amused, as I saw them laughing inordinately at the splendid decctbtions. 1 notice# a great maay ef oar beautiful girls In the daaee, one of whom remarked to me, " 1 never waa so diaap pointed ia ail my life beiore, from what 1 had read in the papers, 1 thought the decorations were of the moat splendid characters, but instead of that, they are the meaaeat 1 ever aw ia a bell room." 1 amiled in the affirmative, and joining the promsnaders, marched round the fioor to admire the bright eyes and splendid dresses of the ladies, some ef which were of richest description. 1 have Jest heard that the Theatre is to be thrown open tomorrow, from 6 to 10, that the public may see the decorations; the admittance in only to be twenty* fire cente, with music gratis. Yours, truly, Banner. Akothks DisoHAaos.?Thomas Dunlap, ex-President of the United States Banks, has been discharged by Judge Randall on a writ of habeas ccr pus. Packet Ship Canutes, roa Livanpooi,, will not sail till Monday morning. SrAMttt Wastkd? Sailors are not rery plenty in in thia city, and several hundred men could obtain good wagea. Boz ?What has become of Mr. Dickens t Mn. BAnnr'sBaaEriT.?The benefit of this gentleman takes place at the Park on Monday evening next. Mr. Barry is a good actor and a worthy man, and deserves a good benefit. Ia addition to the other attractions mentioned in Mr. Barry's card, our readers will perceive that a new farce, the "Fiscal Agent," written by tha Rev. Park Benjamin, is to be produced. Dickens and the Plymouth Lidih. Several ladies of Plymouth, Massachusetts, receatly wrote a letter to Mr. Dickena. requesting km to eond them a leek of hie hair He wrote the following letter in reply. Hia reaaoaa for not complying with the request mnet be regarded aa abundantly satisfactory:? Trcmont Heus*, February 2d. My Dux Ladies : I wiah 1 could bring my whole head among yon, but beior prevented, (by reaaon of the arrangements I nave made forgoing elaewhere) I confess that I am afraid to send you a look of my hair, as the precedent would be oae of a mo?t dangerous and alarming kind, and likely to terminate before long In my total baldness. Tou see how very candidly I deal with von If 1 had been ofa deceitful nature, nothing would have been easier for me to do, than to have got a lock of hair from one of the waiters, and forwarded it to you by post. Bnt, as 1 have had maek pleasure in the ree&ipt of your letter, and feel that 1 may treat you with perfect confidence, 1 prefer even to refute your request, and te throw myself upen your mereiful consideration. Dear Ladies, I am ever faithfully yours, Dickers. arroiotmerts av the Cijui. Boasd rom 1842 ? ftipet uUendcnls oj Repaii $-Eric Canal ?Seetieas 1. Jamas Brady, West Troy; 2 Solomon Brown, 3ehenectadr; 3. William HeClair. Amsterdam; 4 Barney Becker, Fort Plain; 6. Warner Dygert, Frankfort; 6 George Stone, Verona; 7. Jnlias C. Kinae, Da Witu 8. Samael A- HeUleld, Port Byron; 9 James P. Bartle, Newark: 10. Adonijah Green, Rochester; 11. Orson Tousfey, Clarendon; 12 William A- Sutton, Buffalo. 1 CkampLnn Canal-See 1 Jamas Strang, |8ehuyU*^)lo ; 2^ William Colemsn, Sandy Hill. vniut? i\unma una re, unnpy. i Cayuga md Sfnrm Canal? Ed ward 3. Latham, Seaeca rail.. ' CV'nniu: Can?i-8f? i PhiloP. H abbe II. Paint ei Po#t; 2 Rlijab H. Ooodwin, Havana. Crookfd Cmkt Cnntl?KrA.ta* Paga, P?aa Yaa. Chtnango Caiw.'?See 1. Cartla Partff, Hamilton; i Hilaa Sberbarne, Sberbarne; 3. Jr..rob Uartlett, Bingbaiaton Gtn**u Valley Canal?Hue 1. SanUrd A. Hooper, Turk. a Silk Bouktt.?During the lata .eiiioa of the Legialatara, aa act waa paaaed *tbo' naiaga bounty of fifty cent, per pound upon the r production in of reeled or raw .ilk, capable of being wrought into a .nb.rantial fabne, and of tea cent, par ponnd npoa coeaoaa. Kkkak or Naroal.?In tbe debate in tbe Hou<e re-trrday aftaraoon.oa tbe hill to laeorperate tbe ttwn of i.MMrrllle, by dividing Ckarieetawa, Mr Lnaeitt, t4 Beaton, eaid be " wonld bare tbe two I? .-era* difided ae Sat art bad divided then., by a Ji iie-brt'lgr. lLMtiv Bxnucn fna Dt.Mt't Tnvili la Burwpe. Dm. Mott Arriitia Womlt ?r w Caorea W*t?? YVoaxe.?fc reflect!** ?pH thee* proud tnpkiN of thi nM* thoee i? ntmday. Ml ?" eiatioaa braafbtIP miad the at*Madoua ndrra ?t rue lure whleb laaew ia rapid promreaa of completion bp our owm ci y. Thi* of our*, aa I ahtuld jadme front tboaa I bare eeen abroad, will far ?x card la magnificence aad extant aay work of the kiad ever projected by atam. If, a* 1 believe, the r-rjatal atreaaa of the Cfrotoe ahall aa teach proat'?te the health of oar citixene aa the para water of the hille of Albaao did that of the auelaat Roaaaaa in tl* Hriiin, mmmm nf itrinb in?. of i rrintiar the mar' dees, cleansing th? sawers, and ia supplying th? celebrated ana magnificent bathe and otbar Inxnriee far which it waa employed, it will be a blcaaiag indeed. The introduction of an abundant anpply of pnreat water will eatahiieh, I haye no doabt.aa era in the aainbrity of our city, and elicit in after time* the thaake of a grateful poeterity far the eaterpriae and munificence ot the present generation. Da. Mow's BanaToi.nnT Dxsioxa u Wmtiwo thi? Boon?My intention only is, in this narrntire, to relate at times, in the various places 1 visit, the impressions produced upon my own mind by the most leading and prominent objects ia works ef art. The principal burden of asj story 1 design to be on all these snbjeeta of a professional and seientitle nature, those general views on the morel and physical condilian of society, upon whieh I may suppose that I can impart some reformation or suggestions that mar prove of serrate to tJhe welfare and happiness of my Mlowbeiagu. A " iiia-vr" VoLcawo!?The Solfatara, near Baiw, is the heat specimen that can ha found of u "used-up" or worn-out volcano. Vulcanic mattars of all kinds abound ia and around it, and among them large quantities of native sulphur, as the name imparts From a view of thia extinct enter end ite neighborhood, it ia romarkablo that ita nomKnsiihU m.inoiala ehmiU flftl kuVft h?#l? !# sited and cousumtd by external sad accidental NHM. Da. Mott VTmn oter the Fall ?r Italy. ?On benutconi Italy, diriaa in the aidd ot har tad bat glovioes moaumeatal mint, and the yet more aaoemful ruim of her moral and political grandeur, the heart lingers with sickening emotion*. We with ail her aorrow, and gaze upon her aaeient temple* and her triumphal arobee at a part of our own hereditaments, because her history is closely in*erwoven with modern times She is the last born a!nd only surviving ehild of the mysterious past; the link that biads and unites our destiny and our race 10 the entire chaia of human events, back to the ages that aie lost m the impenetrable night of time. (!!) Da. Mott Likes the Obcsabeus.?Whatever ulterior designs may be thought to have influenced some of their leaden, the history of the ernsaders presents no feature, in our opinion, to impngn the motives, or to question the enthusiasm of that holy zeal, wbieh spread with electric fire through every rash and condition of Christendom, from the undaunted Cusur dc Lion down to the most humble subaltern. Thu unspeakable sufferings thsy endu red, to recover ih ions 01 uirm irom me py?cilion of iho Saracen, and the roadineti and willingness with whioh, in ordor to affect thia hallowed obj-et, even the wealthiest and moat nohle abandoned the luxuries of home and ail the endearments of wife, children, and kindred, to shed their blood on Syria's sand?, in the holy icrrice of the Lord, are incontestable proofs of (be sincerity and purity of their intentions. What soul-absorbing devotion breathes in every line of their prayers ana vows ! Da. Morr Fa els UnconroaT>BLn!?Oa oar arrival at Syra, we found there would net bo any conveyance to Athens for seven days, as the regular boat had left the evening before. A Greek prinee who came on wittt as from Malta being as anxious as ourselves to get on to Athens, undertook to procure for that purpose a suitable conveyance for us ail. He accordingly went on shore at Syra with that intent, and what did he get 1 An open boat, which, however, he assured me was perfectly safe, and a usual conveyance. When 1 arrived by the side ef her from oar steasaer. 1 positively refused to go; but his confidence and the willingness of my companions made me yield, though contrary to my better judgment. The wind, however, being fair, all seemed to hope svr a speedy trip. In we all get with our baggage, and in a tew moments we;e under full sail oat of tne harbor of Syra. The boat was literally crammed, what with my companions and my servant Henry, the prince and his eervaat, three young Italians with their twe servants, also on their way to vieit , Greece. Together with thoee we have enumerated, there were also thirteen Greek passengers, in- ] eluding four women. Such confusion, such utter taut aI' namfart I Mtfip aav AP AXOtfisBfifid. find did not expMttt iid at my lima ?f lift. B?u, trunks, poitmamoaus, mad the eatire eiiects af aaa or twa whole Greek families oa hoard, waia rolliij aad tumbling abeut in every direction, ao that there area ao ream to sit down, aad acareely any to ataad. Da. Mott coaraaaxa himself a Rctvaiucrtiobbt i?la our rumblings through these consecrated relics, we observed oaoaoa belle, shattered bomb shells, bullets, and chains, aad human bones in incredible abundance, bemg the melanoho!y and humiliating acquisitions or contributions of modern times, whieb have been superadded to and mingled with the ruins of ancient masonry. It was la wandering among the ruins of Athens, doubtlesi, in the midst of the strata ol? crania and othor bones that floor the Acropolis, thai Byron imagined those mag* nificeat linos on the human scull itself, as offering a more speaking and impressive monument than " storied urn or animated bust." " Look on its broken aroh, its ruln'J wall, Its chamber* desolate, and portals foul; Yes, this was ones Ambition's airy hall. The dome of Thought, the palace o( the soul. Boheld through each lack-lustre, eyeless hole The gey recese of Wisdom end ef Wit, And Passion's host that never brook'd central ; Can all saint, sage, er sophist ever writ, People this lonely bower, this tenement reflt V !C,? ?* H*<t an oDDnttunitV to sratifv our nrnfea. iuiiI curiosity, by making a collection of a series of Greek and Turkish sculls, the different conformation* of which were strikingly characteristic ; that of the Turk being more spherical, Irons the early habit of bearing the turban, whereas the Greek is of full rolutne, and bold and expreasive outline, comprising in its em'rmUt those full and salient prominences that denote the highest traits of intellect. These sculls 1 caused to be carefully boxed up, and am happy to say that, after a voyage of three years through the mazes ef the ArehipelaSo, they hare arrived safely, and bow fornt a valueiepartotmy extensive collection of scUlla from various regions of the earth. DH. MOTT IB I.VTRODCCIP TO KlRG OTHO A!?D mis BzaUTirWt Qteew?Having thus cursorily glanced at tha mine of this memorable city, we next, through the politeness of ear consul, Mr. Perdtearis, were prevented to King Otbo and hia Queen. We aeeompamed Mr. P.,at the hour appointed, to the royal palace, a plain, private gentleman's residence, in the euburba of the city. In a few minutee after our arrival, we were introduced into the preeenee of hia Grecian Majesty, and were I> reseated to him and hia young and bsaulilul qUCen ly our American representative, whom we had accompanied, as already atatcd. No other formall y waa exacted et thia eonrt hat the dreeeof a private gentleman, which, 1 am moat happy to any, accorded perfectly with my own ideas oi true nobility end repebliean simplicity, which, hy-the-hy, are mack nearer neighbors than many imagine. King Otho, a tall and wall-formed Bavarian youth, of light hair and mustaches, and the face and complexion of the German cast, teCeired na with grant urbanity. He wnadreeaed in a military costume of hia native country ; though i had aecn him on a former occasion, in the midst of his people, in a splendid Grecian dress, which also wall became his fine person. He frequently walks out unattended and without any of hi ?guania ; adopting, in thia respect, the do mo, tie habits end familurity of many of the German princes. He eonraraed with us in the French language, which ho spoke but indifferently well, end which, owing to n alight stamaoor, rendered hia remarks almost unintelligible Tneie was nobody present but the queen, was is exceedingly beaut fal and affable, and spoke the French with greet floeney. Da Mott Frets Yocvo !?From the obaerva. ^ lions 1 have aaade upon myself end others in this I country, 1 am satisfied that thia carebrel tendency in fevers exists to a great ex'ent, and that tha greatest caution is necessary in the use of nil atimutating and exciting drinks and food; and that nothing it more imperatively demanded than that travellers should studiously abstain from their uaual indulgences There appears to me, indeed, Something peculiarly exciting in the air of that eoantry ; for 1 remarked in suyaelf that i coald endam a greater degree of fntigce tkaa bual, ef mind endhedy, witheate feeling of exhaustion, or withoat the neceeaUy even of the ordinary am cunt of light wise Md generoae rood which l trat scent, toman to take And 1 wee alto told thai tbe caution tone given to a t ranger*10 bo pjrticalarly abttontons and that tboee who ditregardcd thit advice freqoeotly felt viotiatt o the eoneeetive form of fever nMntionod. My friead Mr llill uld me that, in hiapaetornl ristira, ho had oocaoioa every tea ten to bury Koropeaee who had neglected to follow the prudent eooree recemaaeadcdto thorn, bat who had pareiatrd in living at Athena in the tame euuemtte moaner they hod boon aconttooted to at homo. , ? . I HonaiBLn.?"fhe Uroooii.y tUpab'iean of the >h iattant my* that an Oaeida lodtnn, named Ft tartlroen, at. hat place, a few nigbtt be fere, murdered three of hia ehitoran, the oldest tixiyonre Old -end then aetampted aeaneonoefuily to phi no end t bit own eniatenee He wo* mailed la tboeo hot rid oeta by the drank an habit* ol hi* wlfa AMkmmrI nf . I1- ??? J 1 | VwlwpnlVMKV Of UN mnvhl Ataaav.r# S4.1SA. In the Aesrmkly to-4ij, lanNU ftMtioas wen rtMir?4 BMt of (km relative ? Tkoamui practitioners, Itut prison labor, to pdNiskiag lieentionsncsi, mad that hawkers and poddlari may k* compelled to take out a license ia every town. These latter are a new class ; bat tbey begia to come ia quite numerously. Several petitions and MMMafMoaAe U uaoasJ ia tka blMffleP AllU Nfkflk Hirer Bank, were preaented. Mr. Hathawat naked tkemulaMi ? ?? ?f the House, to toko up for eoneideratiou hie rcaolatiou of inquiry, in relation to tho Chemung Caaai and Feeder. Mr. Tambliu objecting, it was refund. Thia u Mr. Hathaway'* hobby, and ho would appear to bo deteraaiaod to rido it to tho death Mr. H.ia a young, hut rery talented man?maob liked in tho Houae ; but ho dooa not aeem to he quite radical enough ia hie aentimeata to aocuro tho upport of the ultra locofoooa. What hie reaaona are for puehiag thia inquiry I am not able to aay, aa 1 waa on Monday informed, from gopd authority, that the loan of $150,000 hail been negotiated. Tho Committee of the Whole then took up the cooaideratioa of tho eadleaa election low. Oa a motion relatire to the pay of inopeetore of election, a chance waa afforded Jkoeo who are to etrea uoua in email ouattere of " retrenchment aad reform" an opportunity to diatiaguiah thamaelree, and aa tho queatipn of oatiag and drinking waa droggod into it, the email oratore wore at homo, ..a .. ik. ..a i.A:.. pmeit, they railed themselves of the windfall with ii?k good will that tho debate wae protracted two hoan. The diaeaesioa of theao email questioae invariably eost the "dear people" a beet twice as much, through time lost ia useless discussion, as is proposed to be tared. Mr. CiiMii rapped these who are proaaineat in this matter very severely over the knuckles today. The Ane weather, and the anticipation of hearing Mr. Divezac, who, by (he by, is a great favorite with the ladies, has converted the todies' gallery into a flower garden. The beau members,par excellend, from New York, the eloquent Mr. McMarray, (though rumor says that Mr. D. A. F. Jones despntee the palm) was particularly prominent, while Mr. Hathaway eenroled himself for not being able to raise the wind on the Chemung Canal question, by engaging ia a separate flirtation with a fair lady from Uiioa. Both doabtless found the employment far ssore pleas inc. indeed, if not more profitable, than engaging in the dail proceedings below- At aor rate, it wee clearly evident, from the wittlnl glances that were eait up there, that their aitnatiea waa greatly envied by their leaa lucky brethren who were in their aaata. A long debate waa drawn eat ea varioaa propositions, attempting to define what ahenld ooastitate a residence for rotera. The bili waa then gone threngh by aectiona, with variona alight amendment! of no general importance, when it waa taken ap for general amendment, and aeveral proposed, rhta, after considerable debate, the committee rose and reported progress, and the Honae adjourned. In the Senate to-day, Mr. Dic-cineo* submitted a long preamble, concluding with the Mldwiag resolution Resolved, if the Assembly concur, That in the opinion of this Legislature it is not within the power if the Legislature, or of any ottcer or officers of the gtate government, to apply the moseya collected and deposited, er invested lor the redemption of the original debt created for the construction of the Erie and Cham plain Canals,to any other purpose then the pay meat of quch debt; end that en alteration of the Constitution, or an abrogation of tho clause in the tenth section of the seventh article, herein before noted, is necessary to authorize a discussion of foe moneys, afters sum sufficient to redeem the outstanding debt has been collected and itatvsteil. The reaolntions being concurrent, of course lie on the table for one day- The consideration of the Solutions relative to the public faith were then ea up and talked about. The Senate then went into executive session, sod it is understood that several eanal appointments were made, although they hare not been made public as yetIn afternoon session, the considerntiok of the New York Registry Law repeal bill waa renamed, and waa finally passed, tkree whig aeaatora to tin* ia favor of it. It aow oaly wait* tke Governor'* ?nature to become a law, and there is ao doubt but it will receive it. It ia well known that when the law, that ia now proposed to be repealed, wa* pa* ted, he had atrong scruple* aa to it* conititation* aiity, and bad almoat refuted to sign it. The bualneta on the Boetoa and Albany Railroad continue* to be immense. Large number* of passengera, and a vaat quantity of, freight, are being daily transported over the road. Allthia muet convince the citizens of New York of the necessity of a speedy construction of ths road to thia city, aa much, if not all, that goes from here tc Boston, would be aeutto New York. If it were poesible to get it there. The Bostoniant certainly deserve great credit for the enterprise and industry they manifest in tha exertion* to seeure the trade of the west. Cave UiciKit. Mobile. I Comapsadsaes of the Herald.] Mobile, February 16,1842. Statt Bank Cotton Speculation?Chamber of Com' merct?Came qf the rite of Freights? Theatre ? AmutemenU?Bankrupt*, fc. James Gosooir Bemvitt .? DsabSir, Under date of 36th ultimo, I informed you that eur State Bank had gene iato tha eottoa .market. About a week back, eur city paper* took notice of a rumor tkat was waa about town to that offset, and on tha 11th instant, the affair itself, was laid befbra our Chamber of Commerce, who pasted a aeries of resolutions condemning tba course the Bank had taken, stating that it waa asarpiag the rights of our merchants, and that it had departed freaa its legitimate sphere of action, and by so doing, waa calsulated to injure the people of the State. So far, so good; bat the lot resolution bat one, shows that we here not nn independent man in th? place, or that no inch man wai preient at that meeting, else, they never would have 41 resolved"?. ? That the explanations of the President of the State Bank (present at this meeting) and the assurances given by him, that the fntnre coarse of that Instigation will be, with the view to contracting its circulation as rapidly as possible, should have a beneficial influence en the currency, and tend to remove apprehension fro* the public mind." The very men that passed that resolution, ought to have known at the time, that the Bauk was then holding twenty tbousend.bales cotton, wkioh it had just purchased; they knew that the Bank had just sent Ireights up 1-8 a 3 16d per lb on cotton to Liver* po I, whither the Hank is shipping what it has par* chased?that, these weak minded, (but 1 have no doubt good intent ioned) men, are made voluntarily to endorse and approve ef the policy and management of the B ink Ts me it appears, that the President of ihe Branch Bauk, holds as it were the the Chamber ef Commerce between his finger and thumb, and that a good man snouie he lound endorsing whatever lata the president telle, show* I that an influence more or less, is exercised over our mere heat* by the Bank in qneition. At present, the Bank hae aome twenty thohaeed bales of cotton at this plaoe. in shipping aboat half of it, it has earned the rite in frsightt before mentioned, and on the balance, no one will be surprised, should it have to pay three farthings. On the whole, tbia transaction of the Stele Bank, has caused a bad feeling among our aaerehaata generally 5 Ths planters of course, make no complaint, aa tier the time being) they are benefitted by it, eotton having advanced somewhat, and holders become more firm, since the Baak has been in the market. Wkataver business has fallen short se fur this season, amusements have made up. At the theetro, to James H. Caldwell, Eiq. we are Indebted for the splendid manner in which London Assurance has been brought oet. it has boon played here with a cast of characters that will defy competition, and the play itself, to judge from the alteaftioa with which it wd* received, will not soon he forgottsn. The same enterprising manager is alio bringing ont a series of operas?Norma and La Somnnm bula, bare drawn erowaea ana wjnnnime aaaieneet. Mr*. Segein, RMmHm*, Mr, Sogein, Mancer*. Arebf r, fce. trill dwWrti be well pleated with the aueeeta of their endetear* ii bringing net t? the MoMltan* (for the flrtt time) i teriea "7 popular opera*. Ererjr craning, we art all' oa the qei dire to at certain from the Regfattr, who hare applied for th< benefit of the bankrupt law*. Many hontaa an keeping a liat of thoae who apply At the hearinj of tofne of the apptiemta, potatoly aornething in (creating to roe and yoer reader*, may bo brough to light, 1a which aaao, expect to learn of it, from Tnara, J. F. FaiTwiaa* Dewaa ?Sarah A. Docaha* nb tamer from the Maryland I. n tela fere a diroreofrem he hnabend, William Data. Mr uitiiifltMt. I Cm ?r Aimt a?p Low -The jwy p? wiled ii All |MN wtiiri logfe?r|Mli)[ FrA Any ?ifM, Mpfware called into mA^wttrMy morning, ? ? up foreman >umo in?iin?r? wm? O probaMNfty e{ W?? te agree si I verdict. I One of the jirj stated to the coart that their opinions warn the saaM as when they left the jury ho*, whieh we afterwards aseertaiaed to he sight for aeqaittaland foar for conviction. The jary were thea discharged by the Coart for the remainder of the term. fc Immediately after this, Mr. (htrrtir, eaa of the oooasei for defsaos, moved -the Ceart that Monday next ha fixed for the eammnassasint of the secoad trial of the aaase. He said that hit eliadts ware prepared aad aaxioas to asset tha usee, at aaes, sad withoat delay, aad he therefore hoped that his toquest weald he granted. The Covet stated that aeat week being the last of the tens, it woald he almost impossible to set it down for trial oa Monday, as there word a large namhcr of prisoners confined ia oar city prison, whose sitaatioa demanded the attention of tha Coart. Mr. G air ran then enqaired whether the first day of seat term coald not be fixed for trial, for his clients demanded to meet the charges alleged against th^an at ika aarliaal AsaAAPinkitV. Mr. Lokd, om of the counsel for th* prosecutors, it*ted that as tho District Attorney wa? ikint, he hoped that the Court -would not entertain may ao* tioa. Ha thought that owiag to tho rasuh of thie trial, it waa very probable that the Diatriet Attorney would aot feel diapoaod to bring it before tho Court agaia, aad if a nolle prot^ui waa entered, of ceuree ail further litigation would terminate. Tho CouaL then adjourned till Monday naorniag at 11 o'ulaek. Th* public naiad, with aeaiealy aa exception, are in favor of an acquittal af th* parties that have beau a* trial, and the elear,eouaiae aad argumentative paints of th* law aad evidence bearing upon the iasue, presented in the charge of the Recorder, as published yesterday morning ia the Herald and some of the other city prints, has fully (satisfied all but the prejudiced, that no jury can ha found ia favor of eonvietioa. Aside from this, th* tax payers of this city are burtbeaed sufficiently already, with its necessary expenses, without being ecu* polled ta pay from their own pockets the mesas whereby the Haggerty's, er any other firm, can collect their debts by criminal prosecution, wben they should resort to a civil suit, and pay their own expenses- The cost of this trial to the county has not been less than ?2000, and is it to bs repeated 1 Govbt or Oram and Teaman.?The District Attorney, owing to th* nacxpectad length of the Loads aad Amory trial at th* Court of Sessions, was unnbln to answer th* Bill of Exceptions in th* OoU case yesterdsy, as had been anticipated. Th* Court has ordered that it b* brought in and acted upon to-morrow ( Moadsy)?ss mast also tho bill in relation to the trial of William B. Wiley. Th* Dkath or an EttrHAaT and Zebua. On Tnnsday last, n number of animals attached to the menagerie of Meccrc. J ant, Titui k Angevine, at the Bowery Amphitheatre, were tahen tick, the aymptomi of which gare reaaoa to ana* poet that they had beea peiaoaed. The aame even. ing,a zebra, oaa of the fiaeat ape cinema ia thia country, died, and alao one of the daaft heraea bo* longing to the Arm. During the night, the aaga* eioua elephant, *'Young Napoleon," eemmealy called " Nick," became ao weak aa to be unable to a toad, aad continued to fail until Friday night, when he died, with all the aymptoaaa of iaflamma* tion of the lunga and bowela, but whether It waa produced from peiaon or not, ia aa yet unknown. Another horaa belonging to the firm, ia atill aiek with the aame aymptoma. Dr. Drake waa called in, aa wellaa aeveral other phyaieiana, to render aid to the elephant, but, owing to the advanced rtate of dlianaa, nothing waa adnaiaietcred of any aervico. Pievioua to hia death, a large quantity of blood aad mucua matter waa thrown from hia atomeck, aad > ? ... ii.j i _ ma MIW IU)? uiugw wviv bweuow uu ill* flamed. A consultation of physicians ma held, during which a Thompsonian doctor expressed an epiaion that he could eure him if left to hia own practice. He waa offered $00 to effect it, hot declined the attempt. The akia, which la over an inch in thiekaeae, kaa been taken off for preservation, and the eoatenta of the atomach aeat to Dr. Chilton for examination, in order to diacorerifit contains any pciaon. The akeleton is to be divided between the two medical collates. The post mortem examination waa made by Dr. Drake, aided by Dr. Wood and student Brown. The elephant was rained at about ?2,000,aad waa one of the four left in thia country. A number of rnmers are in circulation as te the supposed cause of the death of these animals : and among others,we bare heard that the hay is beiiared to hare been poisoacd. Sueh cannot be the cane, as several horses in the stable hare fed from the same bay, and are yet in good order. The ! moat probable reason is, that their death has bean causae by some endemic of the menagerie. The contents of the stomach of the aebra hare been examined by Dr. Chilton, hut he has not been able yet te detect any traces of poison. Tax Exrnxsa Lisii,.-The gentleman liballad In the Express of Tlreraday morning, has engaged Charles O Conner,Esq. to proseente the case,in con* nexien with the District Attorney. There will he no getting off With the attempted apology bf, "the statement was nottrne in offofits particulars." Thx Othxe RocunCapdHT.? A few days state, as prerionsly published, a show ease, contaiaiag Sremium boon ua anm^wu noia irum mc nart oor of Panl Nea'nel, 252 Broadway, tod at tho time, oss of the k<ji, iuud John 8. Pitman, concerned in the theft, escaped. He <r?? arretted yesterday hy officer! Colvin and Prank Smith, and faliy committed for trial Him Hviiadd Aa rust* d.?Daniel Keeler, husband of Mrs. Kllea Keeler, who was arrested on Friday, on a charge of stealing seventeen sovereigns from Mrs. Anastncia Duntan, Was committed yesterday as an accomplice to the theft of his wife. The sovereigns were Mind in their possession, bat Mrs. Dnntan cannot positively swear te their identity, and thns they may both escape, and tlit-ir lawyer obtain the important matter u dispute fer bis important eervices. Vnav Sod wen Dics??*? Mrs. 8u-aa O.born, wife ef Michael, retirad tn her room in nsani health on Friday evening, and yesterday morning waa found in a dying stale. Phyeieiaus were sent for, hat she expired before they arrive i. She was bera ia Ynnksrs, m this Slate, and was about 52 years of ago. Her husband was absent at ike time of har decease, attending to his dntioe as a watchman. A post mortem examination was held by Dr. John R. Chspin, aided by the Cerenor, the inveatigatien ol which resulted m a verdiot of "death from disease of the heart." Trie wa* to Sti*l a Cow.?Oo to year neighber's yard, let her into the street, and then hire two hoya te drive her ef, telUag them that yon will pay them for their trouble, nod meet them at a certain street. Follow atnreepeelnble distneee, and when yon think all ie safe, steb np, pay the boys sad drive the cow yourself- Then, while in pursuit of joer honorable calling, meet a person who knows the owner of the cow and suspects J?* of stealing it. and finally finds lodging for yon in the tombs. This was the was that WiHum Wallace triad to steal Thomas T- Benla'e cow on Prr dsy last, and tho way ho got canght and committed. Tobacco TruerBegging tobnceo is a common practice, even in tkia say, where almost every potter hoese snppliec theironstomers " frto, gratia for nothing," bat Alfred Fountaiae, who is an apprentice to Mary Kfelch, tebaeeonist, of 121 Bowery, took if ipto his head to carry off a quantity of the aoxiono weed, on Friday nigh', that belonged to his empleyar, for which hs waa committed to the T5?:. Bckolaet.?On Friday evening Patrick Mnnkham tlAM 11 fit lifi Writ ml foot, kit tag returned at an early hour to his place of business, wkkh bad been cloned daring hia absence, disco rered light in the raoaa, and' en opening the door found two aeraons basily engaged in robbing the preniiaea. lie obtained the wrmea ef effieera | Sweet and Me Wrath, who (bead a bag filled with , tea pair of aatiaet paataloeaa and three cape, which tbey bad made preparation* ta tarry *A. Tbey were taken ta the Police effibe, and gnre the names of James Mehan ?nd John Pettiarew. i The FiatT FaoiTa or Cmaie.?Oa rridar area i iag a yean? man presented a note of the denamination ef $B to Pater C- Palaaer, Eto , trheearer oj ; the Chat Km at Theatre, in payment ford ticket, and I woe informed that it Wtm aa altered aOte, eatiral] werthleea. He wns wntnhed hjf d Ifwanfi who teilowe* him te the ^kiheatrt,}wbereh< again offered the seas# bote h Mf- Wetter 1 relt pit oAte keeper* whje nftders (loir la sac r Freeh Smith, who nl#d**W?? ??h?s opee arrcstod him and hd ^Hyde-MHtM pester kintafen ktM mmmmt?i of trim, or of aa > ?lip whw it iu dace baaa iieJ taihM ara kmwm fc> ?%r palica a? aotorieaa dcalel ia tHiterfdt W*T. Tha aata purported 10 I aft|? "Coaamafdfcl Baak, Rochester, oad ibe ! tor frvrd bar be?* ataaapad apon it unee it wai ? craved. It ia Mia a plate that kaa baaa f-r iokiI tioaa ia tbe haada of a jaa? af aaaaterfaitara, aal th? not* mot b* easily drtaated by noticing ti Mine of the pises from whence the bonk note wi liwi Wo hero MOB isosisl Ml id BO with th wards Pertswoatk," 44 Boston," ? Now Hares, gi .,ioe*rt*d. > ?f Jail Buiiiu vein* Ann Cauort.-O Friday scorning. aa the keener of thadiraokly Jail waa Mgagui ia aieaiiag the Balls of sorsral < the ariaaaars, thay asked ptfliiUa ta?st*p 1st ths ball, which was craatsa, and an the instant, a John giailar, aaada thair ssaape tkraagh a wiadoi C*jk sad U*yd was* aaagkt yeatordayat tha Wi Uaaaabm gh Ferry. Fmz ?Tha aUrta of lira at tea o'clock oa Fr day night proceeded froas tha wing af the kas< meat of Wo. 24S& Spring straat. which was aoo aztiagmishad with but lattla il?lga., At abot throe o'clock it was ascertained by tha iaatates o 24i, that the Cr* had not bacw thoroaghly quench ad, as raioka was issuing into thair SMurtasanti sad bafaro tbafiro oeald otsahdasd, tha roofs am interior of tk* buildings war* neatly destroyed.Wo. MS was oaenpicd by Mr Pot*, as a grocer store, and Jans as Veldro* and Fraaots Lcnan, as dwelling k nsaj Wo. 84S| was in posMsrian o Conrad Craft, as a basket store. 1 be building wa insured, bat ana* oa tha furniture, which wa nearly all destroyed. BMkrapt LIM. NEW RULES IN BANKRUPTCY. KP Rule 7A?After a decree ml Bankruptcy, dulj passed and deekoted, thr Bankrupt amy forthwith appli by petition to the Caurt, that aaticu ba given hia credi tors and other pereoM in interest, to appearand she* causa why a discharge and certificate be not grant* On filiate thereof, an ardor may ha catered pursuant to form NA 9. The following form of application to ba pursued i sabot aace " To Ike District Cowrt / Ike United Slatea, /or Ike iisrtsta Dietriet of Jftw Fork "AB.of .repreaents to the Court, that on th day of , by decree of tbia Court, duly passei and docketed, he waa declared a Bankrupt?That ha l.a iu all things fully complied with and observed the (? qniramanta of the act of Cassgrasa, and the orders an. regulations of the Caurt in this behalf; and is further mere ready to fulfil and obey all ether orders and direr ueai lha Court may make therein. The petitioner, therefore, prays the Court, that ai ardor may be granted, diraoting notice to be given, pur eoent to the statute and rules of this court, ta all credi tors and other persons in internet, to appear an a day t be designated be the courts,and ahow cause, (If ray the; hare) why a dlsoharga and certificate, should net b granted the petitioner as such bankrupt. Dated, Ac. A. R, Bankrupt. Rule 77.?Altar the eipiration of the day dealgnate< for showing canoe why a bankrupt should not receiv his discharge and certificate, if his right thereto be no contested, or has been decided In his favor, ha mar forth wltk araut hi* petition, therefore, puraoamt to rule 7-J OOUTHERN;DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. June* Mnru, Jr., New York, April 4 s Frederick ; Wm Young, New York, Marah 90; Michae H Brinckman, do, April N; Alfred W Ward ell, do March 90 j Nathan w Eaaton, do ; Gee Boyd, do; Freda rick RBunker, Brooklyn, do; Gee E Lawrence, Hilli dale. Colombia couaty, April 4: Joha B Lawrence, Brooklyn, late of the firm of J kA Law raWee, April 90 Arch'd T Lawrence, do; David E Dodge; Mount Hope Orange conaty, March 90. The ftrat fifty-aim petition* will ho acted upon, before Jodie Bella, at the United Statea Diatrict Coart, oi Taeaday next, at ton o'clock. Creditor* intending h make objection* moat preaent them at that time, or i Commieeion ef Bankruptcy will bo ltaued. forthwith Subeequent onaa will be acted open, after the let March from day today, aa the term required bp law for adver tiaing such ah ail expire. NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Stephen H AJnaworth, Writ Bloom AekLtb he declarei Bankrupt March 94: Henry H Boatwick, Auburn, do 39 David W Barker, Waterloo, de 99; StepheatColvin, Ro cheater, do; Daniel F Cock, Auburn, do 91; Daniel Dun bam, Kingabnry, de 98; Henry Danforth.BaUaton Spa do 99; John Fairbrother, Ve*tal,dd 90; Wftlten Force Weurlee, do 3d; Sheldon A Given*. Herperafleld, do 91 C her lea W Heoderaan, Weatfield, do 9$; Loey Halated Binghamptoa, do 90; Lyman P Hall, Syracaee do 99 Thorn aa lagereoll, Weatfield,*# Agaii 3: Nathaniel 1 Marcy,do94-, Johns Ovtrkl, l? ipAll; Wm Peaie doMerehSSi Jutw W Sibley, Rochester, do SI; Elan St John, Arcadia, So 2?> QeargnTyler.Syrectiae, do IS; JlkOWTower,do SO; Tkeeeee S Toweley, Verned de Sit Ueeee W Towaeend, BuSUe, deft: Aireh Ward, Little Fate/da S9; MeUncthon Weodfcrd, Fredonia de SB; Chtuncey Whaaton, Auraliue, de 96; John Wy chaff, Romnleo, de S3; Meore M White, Syraeuee, do SB; Henry Werialey, Elmira, do 9S; Eraaaeue DS Toons, Greenfield, do 9S. district or Massachusetts. To ahew eeaee April A Iaaac Hall, jr, Aaee Bunnell*, Seeeual Lewie, Oeergt Feraeworth, Theme* C Aneory, Stephen Noyce, Jamei S Jehnaon, June* Brewa, J Clapn uad Lowell Good ridge, of Beeten: Theme* Oreo*, of Wcatffeld ; Wm C Lake, ofTepcfteld; Charloe Wheeler, of Rddkport; Sim eon Wood, oi Worceiter; Thorn a* J Lummie, of Lynn Henry Holbrook, Oti* Prince and Pool Wadiworth, o Barre ; Joaaa McKenzie, of Southbridga; Hoiea Iitley of Cbeleoa; Aaron P Lord and Ebenetor Ruieel. o Ipewich; Char let Haynea, of Sharlootowiil Daniel 1 Lombard, of Eaat Boeton; Bryan Morae, of Dighton Jonathan Morae.9d,Methuen; Noah Robinson, Lowell Wm Sinclair Barker, Medferd; and John W Roberta Natiek. DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS. v Cau*o to bo ahown at Springfield. Daniel E Reekie, Jacob Ruckle,Jr, ana John W Sheno with, of Sangamon Co; Edward A Mia hndWm Avre* of Henry Co ; Charloe Roxoll and MeachKk Hale, o Morgan Co ; Wm Rankin, of Logan Co; JohwK Lowrie MatthewTaggart.and Wm Gilford, jr, of Peoria Co; Oeorgo C Dana, of Ogle Co, and r Dutch?r,bf Loe Co to ahow canee March 4. Oeorgo Wood, AtU) Hammer Richard H Beach, Edmund R Wiley, JaaBh Crowle Reuben Moore, Mllferd O Roaraa, and JoaoM Torrey.o tiiwinon P.a Planaent Bart.of Madiaen C*: and Rue ell Po?t tad Wet Dittos, of Du Witt OS, to thow cause March 6. John C Money, St Suiami Co, and AddUea McPtoeetert, Benjamin F Smith and St Salvador Salisbury, of Scott Cd, to thou caute March 7. Edward H Hubbard, of Monroe Co, tc how cauto March 11. Ooomo Fegram, Mantheno Die karoos, Jaa McDaniaia, Joseph Jacsseo,Stenhen H Poiadexter, aad Johnson H South, ad Urease Oh, to ahow cauae March 13. John Forty th, Jeaot W fell, Daniel Barman, The mat Fell, and Atahe) aridity, of McLean Co, to thew caste March 14, aad DavitDlrlet,of Galena to ahow caute March 14. DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA. John B Nixon, Charleston, Marsh 14; Jaatea Mack, Sarah A Mott, and PhiUp Cohen, of Charltonu. March IS, Robert S Riley ChrieUhorg, Chtrlottoa, march 17. Naval ?The tloop of war FhhsoSlh arrived at Norfolk oa Tuesday evening The Herald of the 23d iaataat aaya, that while laying toia a tremendcut gale M Wedaooday aiomimg hat, the aplil her maintopaaU, ttove ia hor forward hammock netting*, aprnag her mi sentry tail matt, and slaekoaed np tor lower rigfiag to aaok s degree, xa to render her entrance Into port a matter of urgent neceatity At one period, iadeed, tha was tornnlitely heat bed ia ice from her truaka to tor water line. We an happy, however, to atato that ahe hat pnved horaeli a flrat rata sea boat^nd that she milt aad works naaarkahly well. Daring the tevereet weather, aad while a tremendous tea waa running, the ahipped so water bat inch aa rolled in over tor loo hammock nettings. T?* Sanson in Sooth Caboliba?Thora have been bleak aad catting winds with ica. for tha last two days, aad wa observe that the Morns Malticaalit, aad other plants that ware gnon enough tc pat on their tpriag clothing too soon, kaVe suffered for it, and an doaa bnwa. Tho peach aad plan trees, which an in fall bloom, teem So pretervt their hlotaoma annfpped ; and aa tha fruit it proba blv naformod, it will not, we bope, bo destroyed w? have inmc foara for the omaara trtti fartbei Sooth. It Beaufort they wore full ?f flower* I fortnight ago, mad *t the .ame tine we **w swee' Spring Rosea fall blow* there. 0*r wood* ban for * long tin* bore rich in y tllow Jasmines, whicl Ik conn on year*, wait " tshs the wind* of March With twisty While we writ* th* inn is begiaaiag-to shine on again, to that for the raoo* we nay expect fin. weather, and qaite cold e n?a g h.?Chordsnion Met emry. ' '* 0(7- Awtaicsn Vlt.ntss.?The dot attics engaged lb thm week arc highly interestiog aod dieeraified Yen trlloquism, animal magnetism, sorgo, dentts, dances gymnastics, model of Dahlia, rails el Ktagsrs, pneuma tie railroad, grand Coonerema, and half a million of eu riosities, ino luding every thieg wonderfa Lin nstare an, I in ert. The piece will he orewded th**pghout th. weeh. r (K7- Facts wente *** for th ' hair r-iltw mt-ar to raatoi e it in held places. A eertalo euro thrall rheemalism ends welled limbs "^AeerSto essd peeMI ve eeee ferthe Mies,ie sll cases. A waitaated cars far an bruises, aoeMe, and ethe A SeaoMfal Dp* far the Hair?will eat color the akio A oettahs eere lev Cere*. Cach of theae to be had at 71 Maiden La*?, and sur proof* *[tMM ncu aa win convince au wno wui can ? f aend tor them gntia. I The pnkUc nay reat luurat thar# ia so fancy in the# [ Canrr Third and Race and Ninth and Chaatnut street' | rWUadrlphia: M Cornhill. Boaton, Dr. Wadaworti ' Prnvidenoe; Id Broadway, Albany. ' Vf" T? * Litr raaaa Perm**!.** * ?Trunk* and > nn of naney, will be delivered . *tao,a onamnnientjo ' nf Importance, hy applying at Ml Water afreet 1

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