Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 28, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 28, 1842 Page 3
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one ofl, and received good money in change, which h? sent to Somes by a nun named Sebastian Pollock T;ie aext place was a clothing st?re in Broadway, where he attempted to purchase a Mackintosh coat, but the bill was pronounced bad. He then proceeded to a broker's cilice with two $10 notes of good money, which he off-red with a counterfeit $20, fend asked it discounted for safety fund notes. The $20 note was again pronounced a counterfeit, and he was therefore unable to pass it oil lie ajso attempted to get one of thpm changed, at the pit door of the Park theatre, and at a clothing store in Maiden lane, where he offered to buy a cloak, but was at each place told it was counterfeit. Finally, in offering it at Arnoux's store, he was arrested- The clerk of the stare states that at the lime of Hawkin's arrest, a man came into the store, to whom Hawkins spoke, when he gave hi in a signal with one of bis fingers, and immediately went out. Upon seeing Somes in prison, he recognises hun as the stme person Hawkins said that he acted under the direction of Somen during the whole of the above route, and Mr. John Fiahblaat and Sebastian Pollock, both testify to the intimacy between Hawkins and Somes. The fatter states that Somes told him, on the night after Hawkins was arrested, that he would be compelled to bail him out, or he might be implicated ia the same busineaj John H. Power, Eso , stated that he was engaged by Somes to defend Hawkins, and also that during last week. Somea gave him 820 in good bills, to take to Mr. Mett, on whom awkins had passed one $20 counterfeit, tor the purpose of inducing Mott to give up the note. As me c6UD6r| oi ttawKins, ne uurmpiru n, uui was unsuccessful. The circumstances combined show that Somes is a notorious scoundrel, and that Hawkins has been his mere instrument. The BuasiARiovs Watchman?Officers Hilliker and Parker, of the upper police, have recovered all the goods supposed to have been stolen by the two watchmen recently arrested for burglary and rob. bery, named John Sinclair and John Kennedy. Sir. clair, as before stated, was engaged during the day time as a car (man in the employ of Cutter, Cook Sc Co , in Pine street. He contrived to steal about $200 worth of goods from his employers at various times, by watching his opportunity and throwing one or two pieces into one of the empty boxes that laid about the store. He would then nail the top on the box, and ask one of the firm to give it to him, which being granted, he would place it on his cart and a n -t ? _ . ... Y? 1J _ drive OH Wlin HIS DOOiy. X1C BUIU a Huaumy UI iuc goods thus stolen to William Stevens, of Bleecker street, and John Stevens, of Hudson street, repre senting to them that his employers were hard pushed for money, and they had given him the .goods in payment for his services. Kennedy is a tailor by trade, but was on the watch in the neighborhood of the store of John Hays, tailor, in Hudson street, near King. He entered the store by means of false keys, ana assisted by Sinclair, they then robbed it. They stole a baker's basket from a bakery in King street, with which they carried the goods out of the store, and aided by Sinclair's horse and cart, then conveyed them to their place of depot in Oakley's market. To carry out their rascality, Kennedy hired one of the stalls in this market, over which is a loft, and where the goods were placed. This stall was formerly rented by officer Hilliker, when he was engaged in the victualling business, and although his name still remains over the shambles, it did not. it appears, remind them that they would finally fall into nis clutches for their rascality. As before stated, they were both in comfortable circumstances, ana therefore could have no inducement to commit this nefarious crime. Something to be Accounted for ?The captain of the ship Mary Francis that arrived at this port on Friday night from St. Mai ks, sent to the Alms House 01 Saturday to procure the burial of a man named David Brooks, the steward, who had died the same morning. He was referred to the coroner, who, npon going en board, found that deceased had died of *vuillpox in its most malignant form. Upon taking the affidavit of the captain as to the cause of his death he ordered the body to be buried without ex* posiaga jury to the danger of taking the disease.? There had been twojother eases on board during the passage, and Brooks had been sick with the dis?ese fourteen days. The important question is, how did this vessel pass the inspection of the officers of quarantine with such a contagious disease on board, or aiu uie captain come up wunoui giving nonce 01 lis existence 1 She lien at the foot of Wail street, acd may unread the contagion to nil the veaaela in that Tinaio What was supposed to bs a Murder?The vicinity of Suffolk and Stanton streets was the scene of much excitement on Saturday night, about 12 o'clock, and Sunday morning, ou account of a rumor that another wife had been murdered by her husband-KFroin enquiry we have ascertained ths following to be the true state of the case:?On the evening'mentioned, about one o'clock, a dispute arose between Robert (Murray and his wife Ellen, she having resorted to a tippling house opposite their dwelling, in order to induce him to come home. He threatened to /' knock h? d-?d head off" if she would not let him alone tn his dissipation, and on coming out of the shop, she hallooed " watch," once or twice, when John D Conklin c i me up, and an instant afterwards she fell down on the pavement, striking her head against the lamp poet. Cenklin raised her up, and found her dying She was then conveyed to the Fifth District watch house, over the Union Market, where the husband was also taken. The coroner was sent for in the morning, r,nd upon n post mertem examination of the bodu by Dr. Tompkins, the jury decided that her deain was caused by congestion of the brain, produced from disease of the heart and sudden excitement. Her heart was enlarged to nearly twice the ususj< size, and the brain, liver, >.Vc. much congestedShe was about twenty-three years of age. and is n r stive of this city. She has been in til health for 'several years, and complained of a dizziness in the iiead on Saturday evening, while visiting one of her aisters. Her husband was a very intemperate man, and they have lived very unhappily together, for several years, owing to his baa habits. Ah Irtempet ai e Mother causi*6 the death or her Child.?The coroner was called yestsrday to examine the body of a deceased male cnild, aged abont fivs weeks, the son of a woman named Mary Hill, who resided in Broome street. The result of the enquiry was, that he died from convulsions, produced by the excessive intemperate habits of his parent. He died on Friday nignt, and she wan in n state of beastly intoxicatioc during the whole evening. Dr. Wm.S Tompkins held n post mortem examination, from which the above .verdict was rendered. The Brooelv.v Jail Breaeers ? It was young Cnnk biiH Sutler that wer*. rAiicrhf nn Frielat' Lewis Lloyd, who was committed for forgery, is still at large. Fiar-?A fire broke out last night about two o'clock, is the grocery store corner of Bayard and Mulberry streets, but was extinguished before much injury was done. Negro t iambi ir? Cellar Broees wp.?Officers Htlliker, King, and James Smith, of the upper police, have recently broken up several of the infamous places of resort in this city, tor black gamblers. The first, was that of a cellar, No. 137 llammersly street, kept by John Murphy, a irhite man, where nine of the inmates, b'ack and white, were arrested and finally committed. The second, was a house in Founh street, kept by a man named Green, from whence eleven darkies were taken and jugged. The next thing to be done, gentlemen, is to walk Siuto the " fence" keepers, and for every one you break up, the public will give you full credit. SiroUlar Cacse or Death?The brig Ann Louisa, arrived at (his port yesterday from New Gastl?, England, with tho dead body of Andrew Adams, her first mate, on board. She experienced very severe weather, having been sixty nine days in making the passage. Or the 16in inst. about eight o'clock in the evening, while Adams and one of the hands were on deck aione, he started to go forward, and when opposite the main topmast back stay, a heavy wave struck the vessel which knocked him down With BUCh force, n.- In ftnu? k.? <i??tk ki. ?a<i. cut*ion of the brain immediately afterwards. He never apoke after the fall. Mr. Adams was a native of rtandee, Scotland, and was aged about 28 year*. The coroner held an inquest on the body, and gave a verdiei in accordance with these facta Hold The it ? Some daring rogue entered this office on Friday night, walked up into the room occupied by the compositors, took possession of a coat and hat belonging to one of our d puty foremen, and made tracks *' hack again " This lellow would make an excellent financier or a cashier of "scnae about to bust up" banking intatitution. Bankrupt Lilt. NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Henry R Aieiwortb, Adam*, day of hearing March 31; William A tiilbert, de; Eb?r Eaton, Klliaburg. do; A1 frrd 8 Mellrn. de; oiaorge W Power*, Adama,de; Chauncey Andrua, Elliahtirg, do; Stephen A Ketcham, Schenectady, March 2S; J a met Hiliick, do; Horace Dick, Cicero. March 3-2; William I) Lewia, flyracuaa, do; Timothy H Taylor, Manliua, do; William Down*, Syracuse, do; Abraham B MeOonvgal, Hounitleld, March 3d; C mrnru,n?, Urm |B IJItT, RJIlCVlf, IflBrCD I") JimW Norton, Jr. Frrrlonia, March -M; Thomaa Wairen, do; William PMrllin, do; Jamea Kelaev, Ripley, do; Jacob lorert, Auburn, March 34. To a Lady from Pennrylranla. Trunk a, and a aum of money, will ha delivered , I #i?o. important information apply in*at M Water atieet. ?00- Btabsivo a Hcmak*.?A woman in tho Boatn iltiikcd her husband in a At af passion. She should Invi used D.-. Shermau's Camphor Lozenges?they sooth the most turbulent disposition, quiet the nervous systrm generally?give immediate relit f in nervous or sick headache, and palpitation of the heart. They are said at 104 Nassau at, Sherman's only warehouse in this city. Agents : Redding, a State St., BostoA ; Burgess, 3 Ledger buildings, Philadelphia. my- Chatham Thkatak?This establishment will be crowded to night to welcome the return oi John Sefton, a ho, after three years absence returns to the New York stage, having travelled within that time, more than any ictor in the country, with the exoention of Mr. Forrest He appears in his celebrated character of Jrmmy Twitclier, his personation of which is fresh in the public recollection, as one of the most perfect comic delineations ever presented to an American audience. Mr. Thorne appears as the Golden Farmer, and Miss Mestayer ai Elizabeth, and the piece has never been so well cast, though It ruu for eighty nights at the Franklin, where Mr. Sefton's acting rendered it so popular and attractive. He has performed the part upwards of J00 nights with undiminished success, and we are confident it will now prove as attractive as when he first appeared in it. In addition to the Golden Farmer, the manager IUC j'riiu* cuiucuy ui mr otiihUK uuuiu, mrm. Thorn** enacting Claritse, and the popular ntlt drama ofthe Ruffian Boy, J. II. Scott m Giialdi Duval. (h>- American Mt-an-m?The continual ruih which has been made to thii popular eitablinhment during the laat week, hai induced the manager to engage the Model of Dublin for one week longer. The talent* d and diveraifled attractiona put forth here thi* week, exhibit an energy, peraeverancc and liberality, on the part of the manager, rarely met with. Ventriloquiam, Animal Magnetiam, Songa,Dueta, Billada, Dancea, Imitatio-i of celebrated Actoia,Oymnaatic(, lie ,ere among the attraction!, added to 100,000 curioritiea, Ml cf wbieh i? exhibited far twenty five centa. We never aaw the like. QQ~ CiRcca AurHiTHCATnc.?Additional! and Poweriui t! Attraction !!! Kirit alrht of "Croaaiag the Line," with a poweiful caat?Mra. Iiherwoed, Mr*. Monell, Mr. Dunnage Hall, and firat night af the "poney Race*" or a race courae in minature. Mr. R. W. Pelham and pupil are engaged for a few nighta onlv. Re-engagement of Diamond and Whitlock. Mr. O. R. Stone aa the Indian. Mra. Gullen aa La Belle R->aiere?negro aanga and dancea. Whitlock and the Banjo ! CQp-THtt BILLS of the following Bauk? areRedeemed by the ALBANY CITY BANK, at 1 of 1 per cent diecount., 1842. Ooeida Bank. Bank ef Utica, it*:., p i. 6??t, Ontario Bank, ?utario Branch Bank, atra Count) Bank, Tompkins County Bauk, Hcrkuncr County Bank, OetwiM Coonty Bank, Fort Ctaia Bank, Agricultural Bank of Herkimer, Bank or B rock port. Bank of vns*. MONET MARKET. Sunday, Feb. ?T?6 P,H; By the arrival of a government steamer, we have again eight day* later from England. The market* had undergone a change lor the woiae, a reduction in price* had taken place in the manufacturing districts, and cotton had become heavy at a fall ef per lb. The prospect that tha immediate resumption bill in Pennsylvania will pass, is causing a rapid curtailment in u bank facilities." The banks of Philadelphia, have almost ceased discounting, and the money market is represented as very tight. This is an indication of retnrning health. That " tightness" in the market, is the only preventive to over trading, and will ensure a decrease in the purchase* until old accounts are paid up. Throughout 1841, the banks went on with their'* relief system," as they represented, to enable the people to pay gradually. The result was, of course, that the people paid less and bought more than ever. The following table of the duties received at the port, will indicate the operation campakatirr. Statembpt op Duties om Imports itto Philadelphia, fob the Years 1810 aub 1141. 1840. 1841. Jnc Dtc. 1st nnaalAB Co IK Off AOfl KI1 OOQ *01 9(1 * 365,608 311.981 ? 11,386 84 " 194,118 567,971 131.861 ? 6th " 411.610 375,116 ? 36,661 Tot*l, $1,617,906 $1,883,681 366,175 The year commence* it wiH be rememhered in October. In the seeoud quarter, commencing January, 1811, it will be *een the dutiee were lee* then at the corresponding quarter in the previou* year. After the reaua peniion, when the bank* were again unrestricted, the import* again increaMd, and were in exce** of the pre vi u* year. The aggregate for the year, wa* $368,000 in excess of the previous year. The tame feature wa* ap. parent all over the union. Thi* bank expani'o i, enabling dealer* to buy foreign good* on credit, directly cause* an excess of import, of those article* usually denominated luxuries, and which are sold at high price* Si Ipnr ante* through the intervention of the suspended auks. Those notel are men immediately turuiaimo specie, and sent home. In illustration of this, we give the following official table of the exports from Havre, ?f the number of cases of the principle goods, for three years as follows t? A Comparativc Btatemert or the Quartitt or Caies f TH* CHIir Oo?DS 9HfPrCl> * BOABD THE Kf.OULAK Packets raoM Havre to New York, ourirg 1839, 181*, ARO 1*11. Dttifnatitn if Goodt. 1839. 181*. 1811. All Silk, 16.778 16,031 16,191 All wool, 3,160 1,17* 3,616 Bilk and wee', 1,974 9,837 3 mi AIICOtOD, 3,778 3.793 8,313 Silk and cotton, 1,878 933 1,119 Sundries goods, 18,288 10,160 14,710 Cassa, 18,710 38,225 11,822 Wines in eases or haste's, 37,790 21,279 35 879 Watchei. and value in fiance, 3,1*9*11 850 SIS 1,363185 Her* we have the practical movement of the trade et a glance. The aggregate* are nearly double thote of the previou* year, and equal to thoie of 1839. In theae fact*, we have the cause of the large export* of specie to Frtnce, during the past fell. During the present year' when the bank* will be compelled to reject largo amounts of paper, buyers must limit their 'purchases, nd importers and the agents of foreign manufactures cannot effect their sales, and will be deprived of tbe aid of the suspended banks in wringing specie from the hands of the agricultural interests. Th* indications in all quarters seem now to be, that the main features of the fiseel agent reported in both houM* ef Congress, will become law. Each bill contains some provision, tkst would go far to vitiate the epe ration of the plan; but from the food feeling at preaent maaifeit in Congrea*, and the high financial talent and ateteaman like qnalitiaa displayed by the chairmen oi both committee!, it ia highly probable that thoaefeaturea calculated to embarraaa the harmonioua action of a plan, conceived with the greateat ability, and fraught with good to the whole community, will be atrickea out, and the public be preeented with a perfect cemmeraial machine capable of firing the greateat facility to mercantile intercourae between all aectiona of the country ; at the aame time, that it will check apeculation and favor the return of capital to ita legitimate uiea, the de' elopement ef the reaourcee of the country, from which of late yeara it ha* l>een diverted by the perai cioua tendency of the banking eyatem. It i* a favorite notion with bankera an 1 apeculatore, aad haa been carefully diareminated among the people at large, that the increaie of bank capital favora the devclepement of the reaourceiof an agricultural couDtry. No greater fal lacy in political economy exiata than thia. That thia ia peculiarly an agtIcultural country, ia lufticitntly manifest in the fallowing (table of the productiena of the country, thacapital employed in each purauit, and the numtier of people employed in each *? PeeDieTion or T*ch PrmeiT in thc U. St?tv*, Can i a l Emh.otko, 4*0 .Venom or TtorLa h.vei.oTro iv Each. Prople Capital. Emptoyad V?lu? of Agricultural product* for 11139. *7fH.?i3.07l I.SO??oe,Ooa 3 7 T 734 v' u 1 .i"nr*i torn 1,1*14 out ?-ia xrm -ra. 44* Minn 5?.75<,0b* II *73 111 II.Wl Kuhrri* a, it.20a.a1i latii.t-io nmi, 17,1(5 717 .??? ?07 1,301 Miarellati'ou*. 3.1D.7M ?.l?O.OOj fx uo* Com Jtarc* ? 311 797,161 117 576 An?C?l? $1 WI.305.1JI 1.155,577,454 4.IHS.H4 Total latable property iu the Union $3,705,5M,0t5 Thia tabid preaent* u? the fact, that in point of productiona, capital ?ra ployed, and the puriuita of the inabi* tanti, the agricultural intereat ia paramount to all other*. Now a careful examination of th* oparationa of banking, go to ahow that the ayatem aa fpuraued in thia country of late year*, ia injuiioua to the intereita of the agricultural interval*, and a curae to the whole couatry. Legitimate ,commercial banking embrace* only a temporary aupply if mean* to enable atranaftrof commoditiea, which, without ruch temporary ataiatance, could not be ?fleeted. It cannot in any drgree, tend to create thoae commoditiea which are to be tranafernd. It ia noirerially allowed, that thia country ia in want Of capital to develop* ita reaourcea.and yet capi'al haa Ween diverted from that uae, and inverted in bank* where it ia employed only In (peculating in tho?e prodactiona after they are in esiatence. We will illuatrate our view, by facta that ocaurred a few year* aineo in thia State. At the time we apeak of the rage for creating l>anka waa at Ita higheat, "We want more bank capital to develope onr reaooroea," waa aery in every bod)'a mouth; con aequently the funda of every one in all claaaea of eo ciety, flowed into and were lacked up in bank atack TheaggTetate capital under thia impulae increaeed. from $100,006,000 to $Mt,OOO^MW, and yet the raaourcee of the country were leaa " developed" than ever. The paper money value#f the evporta, indeed, roae nominally under thia ayatt m, but the vu<ti?fi/y waa not increaaedt and for two reaaona. The increaae of bank cipbbl did not promote industry. It promo" ed i(.ecu tstton, people stopped " developing the resources,'" and went to speculating in product!. The de mmd for and consumption of produce increased while the quantity was diminished. Bank credits soouniuiated, while their basis, the exehangrble ealves of the country, was diminishing. At that time an industrious and skilful farmer, in the interior of New Yoik, was possessed of 4,000 acres of good land, through which ran a watercourse. The land was valued at two dollars per acre, or $10,000. The ewnar had no other capital. It struck him that, if he could build a mill upon his water course, whereby an immediate market for the grain ol the neighborhood eould be would be a profitable operation. To do thii he must borrow the maney, on a mortgage of hit farm, tie immediately applied to many farmers, who were kno wn to be rich, in his own aad neighboring counties.and who in former vears had always some ready money to invest after the sale of their crops. On applying to these people, however, he disco vared that all their funds had been absorbed in the capital of the many new banka that had been started in that past of the couutry to " develope its resources." fie then applied to the banks themselves?the Canandaigua, the Ontario, the Rochester, an J others. They could all lead the money, but at ttity days only, when it must be paid. This, of course,was of no use; he could not build a mill, make flour, and send it to New York and pay his bill in sixty days. He went to Albany for a loan ; all the capital there was, however, employed in "developing the resource* of the country," through the medium of bank capital. He came down to New Tork and found the difficulty ef obtaining money so great, that he ottered a tonal of $600 to obtain a loan of $6,090, at 7 per cent, on half his farm. At last, almost in despair, ha applied to a merchant in Wall street, eminent for hia commercial talents, general intelligence and keen foreaigkt, as well as for his wealth. He stated his case, and offered to sell half the farm at two dollars an aere if the purchaser would advance fund* to build the mill, when the (nture business should be conducted oa joint acsount. The merchant rejected the proposal, hut told him that if he would procure a certificate that the farm was what he repreaented, be would lend him the money at 7 per cent for five year*, rejecting the bonu*. The certificate wa*' procured and the loan made. Time wore on, and at the expiration of four year* the farmer returned to take up ' the ttarttffigfl " Well, hp w did tfce operation turn out ?' taid the merchant. " Beyond all expectation," waa the anawer; "noaoonerwaa my mill in operation than the neighboring farmer*, finding they could have an immediate market for their wheat, began to eultivate the land* In the vicinity?the price roie, and I have (old $00,000 worth, at twenty dollar* per acre, have a mortgage of $ 30,009 en aome more, have extended my milling to a great degree, and have now come te take up my loan." Here ia an initance of the proper application of capital in the agricultural part of the community. Not only waa thia 6,000 acre* brought under lucrative cultivation, but from 70,000 to 100,000 acre* in the neighborhood waa influenced by it, and their produeta increaaed probably $3,000,000 annually, being a real augmentation of thewealth of the country to that extent. The baaking buai neea then eomea into play, in order to facilitate tha tran* fur aad interchange of thii wealth after it ia in exiatenee. The operation waa thi*. The'.farmer drove hi* load of wheat to the mill; the miller, having no money on hand, give* hi* note at lixty day a to the fanner?the farmer takea it to the bank, geta it diicounted, and recelvea the credit of the bank in exchange, and with it diachargea the olaima open him The miller eenverta the wheat into flour, aenda it forward to market, and gat* back the proceed* in time to take.up hi* note at the bank, and the operation iacoerpletad by the cancelling of the credit* A.U:M.1I? (frtlt aonJ U? tea tk. AmmO ed his credit with the bank, became the bank 1? better known,in orderto effect the exchange. The facilitating thie exchange wai all the bank had to do ia the aaatter The exchangeable commoditie* were broaght into being by the application of capital, not only withoat the agency of the baaki, but in oppoiitionto them. From thia little history, of which we can give names and dates to the curious, we arrive at the conclusions that the demand for bank capital follows the develop moat of the soil, and does not load it. The more capital that is employed in banks, the less is applied to the cultivation of the soil; or in other words the more the trading classes are benefited the agricultural classes are injured. The increase of bank credits only increases the oril?because it inflates that credit beyond the mere re p -sanitations of the actual wealth of the country, which is its legitimate boundary, and leaves an excess, to canSU wsitu n. ? ..? ?i? Tk. Aco-I carefully excludsa the danger of the creation of suah excessive credits, and tends,by confining banks tea strictly legitimate business, to drive back the capital that has been unfortunately drawn into it, to its old useful and legitimate employment, as described in the above anecdoto. That employment, as wo have seen rapidl) increases the exchangeable values of the community, which then become a basis of legitimate banking ope' ratieus. Tkis distinction^* the employment ef capital, ia a matter ef the utmoat importance to the agricultural community, who alone are the people of the United States. We ihall pursue thia aubjsat with statistical illustration* bearing upon the operation of the proposed fiscal agent. Philadelphia Cattle Market. The offering comprised 636 beeves, including 110 from Virginia; 376 cows and calves, 476 swine, and 3,766 sheep. Beef cattle were in fair requi tf, and the offering was all taken, including 200 head for New York, at $6 a 7 60 per 100 lb*, aa in quality,being 60 rente advance. Com and calvoe -vere taken at $8 a $16 for dry cowa, $10 a *3J for apfingera, and $33 a $36 each for milch cowa.? Swiue?400 wi re di-pcaed of at $4 a $6 per 100 lha.which ia 36 centa advance Sheep?The offering waa moatly diapoeedof, in pait to go to a neighboring State,for $1 a $4 each,aa in quality. Died On the 17thinatant, in the 4th year of her age, Eliia cth Hale. On the-J6ih iartant, tn the 6th rear of her age, An* WoTHmsroo.t, daughter of Chandler R Oilman, M. D. On the 37th inatast. in the 39:h year af her age, Seariva, wife of Chandler R Oilman, M D. Her funeral will take place thia day, at 3 o'clock, from 43 Oreene atreet. On the 37th initant, with conaamption, Lucinda Pr.ocaaoiv, wife of Captain Jamea Paderaoa, and daughter of the late Jeaeph Bilvey,aged 33 yeara and 10 monthr. The relative* ana frlenda are reapectfully invited to attend the funeral on Monday forenoon, at II o'clock' from 3071 William atreet Her remaina will be taken to Jericho, L. I., for interaaent. On the 37th inatant.of coaaumption, Mabv, daughter of Donald Malcolm, aged 31 yeara. The frienda of the family are invited to attend the funeral thia afternoon at 4 e'alock, from No. 77 Chamber* atreet. On the 37th inatant, at hia refiJenoe in Oowamiv, Brooklyn. Smnn J. Bcaocn. funeral thia afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Paesengera Arrived, Charlevrow?Steam ahip Clyde?Mraara Croom. May, D"*e. Merriman. i. ?<gn en, t'aldvill. Ti umbull. F?iDeair*?TrDT,l*R?Bur Sea Kiowtr?J Adama, Mi.a A Smi.h.CUu ale?1 ia Ihe eteer ??e Foreign Import*!lone. Lierara.L?Ship Inbernia?6:* POO lUlei lO.oeu tire bricks 1000 .ticks salt KSOi-c. h?rwo>.l 70 crates Ssml 1 li mpr m?S pkga A Plater?51 do Toohe'. Me ..I Ik ro?? d > E T -1011?11 Thompson It Wiihtrd? 2 Walkrr McKetaie?I H Wiukley It co?II Mernetts k PaRr-5 I a lJnimmouit?10 Nerlus It rn?a Gorton.H< deeekin?at Smith, i l.onfer fc co?a Keaaler fc co ?1a R L. Lee at co?5 C H RusmI1?35 l? Piatt?II t .merlin It Brand?as Joe Walker It co? O W M?ir It co?10 ?l*uks rosewood Bid kea, Ironaide It co?S pkgs K*i?? Brolhert It co?0 W B Bend? 0 Godfrey k Pattiaor?II C Bill, Clark It co?? Austin, Wilirerdinu at co?It Allen It Paiu?S I Hoot*all?T It C Blackburn?a Jao C K hie?I J G Ma sden-So tone pie iron B H Downing ? 7.11na a eks earthenware ( do hollow w-re 11 do hardware 209 b-iga ua la 10 antila 301 bia fur 100 bdla shovels 10 cka chains SI i kea to order. Bosdrii'i ? Bark Hull?tohhda wine 8 It H Deluxe It Volze ? SOdonrandy Kaber It Bicrwarth?4 do wine I bbl vinegar l big A 8 I'erret? 0* hhds brandy H Led)ar-6 W Morton?10 Dortie It Castellinn?II T II Fiber? 60 hf ?o J G It E linker ? 10 rka argnl 900 bkta oil 3 cka coroa C H Schneider-0 hhda ? ca wine 4 hhda brandy Bet oden k cs-1(3 hdla trees C P Boidener?SIC bkt* nil Lapis It Bnuluauet? I hf pre hracdy A Dubai?13 do wine P Pnhl ft co I'll 11 ad-12 hf cka do I raae mdae G Bout?no hf raw brandy 100 nkuoil J Caswell?15 hf |>p? 25 |r do brand) 50 hrrka tin-gar 20 ca preaervsi St do prunes 1217 do wine J Due nd k c 40a co wiue 110 hf ppt brand) 200 bkti oil i.c? prcaerrea lo older. Swrns*?Ship Minerra? 781 caaka fruitS Broom?19 drums drugs 200# dn rtgs I do mdae 50 bales wrol 4 CI K Goueinery ? S drums Iruit P Anguelopouln?as do fi.a II I, Roulh?10ilo 8 N Rrggio?10(0 drums rauioa (J Brewer?479 Dales wool 257 tka 357 hf do raiaioa lo order. Rio Oaasnc?Brig Bueooe Ayree?10,3?0 hi.tes 1400 home P I Kari.hian?10 000 shin bonta B Richard ?234 hides (IT calf akina J Lake, Jr. ~~ MARITIME HERALD. POUT OF *KYV VORK, KKIIBPA11V !48 arts 27 i noon 35 attr I S3 ! Itaa want 50 On pat r turn of the AtlftOtln Hatmara. FROM rSdLI'D, PROM IMFJICI, Calrtlorri*.Lott Ceb. 4 Mar. I brailiii, lltoill Mar. 4 April 4 G. WraUrn, Hoiked April 1 April 26 Columbia, Ju'lkioa April 5 Mit I Hnlaniui, Hyrie April It May 1* Caledonia, Lott Mar 4 Jnne I G.WnUro, Honkea May 31 Jour 16 Acadia, Hewitt- Mar I* Jun? I* Columbia, Judkina June 4 Julr 3 Britannia, Rjrie Jum It July IT Caledonia. Lott Julr * Any. 1 O WVitera. Hofker Ju'y Any. 4 To Haatatv at Vtawu. ' 'onwnaixtem of raaarla will caw fry a farar Vy larua a lid f their earrnrr. pane-jcerr, aud a report of recede let*. at * p?*t wheucf ihey lulid, and th? vedela polwti, rc?-*i a Lhtir arnvu a?r? far ('onmiodor* bryten r r, ?f our .leei f n?w? Kliooaoi. Ha will board them ucmtdiateiy ac new irrinL drrl?'it Britith ilcain .l.iji Cij Je, V odruff, 2 Ju> t Tram L'harlttloti, in hall art. Ship Hibernia, Wilton from Liverpool. Jan IS, mdt', to Woouhull 8c Mmtura. I.elt rtiiix Koseina. for NYorb. aeit day; Tarojinla, do 2Uili Lmoviehire, do; nndothn'r Oo the 3d inal la tt SI. |nn ii :0. esprneLreii a fa'a Iroin \V to WN\V, xliitli Jun'rd ill (lie iSih?h'tt nils thgn g. alove bulwarks, and was othcrvsite damaged. 123 itaerage pattengera. Ship MiLtrta, Wimlasr, from Smyrna, withfiuit. 81*. to 8 Broom. B ikHull, f'linhtr, firm Bordcauf, Jan I. flirrr 10th. with li-andy, k - to J l)u>*n<l Sailed in ro. with ah n Klnri.n, t lar*. for Ptu'ailel.hia Left ?hipa Ohio, fulls, of 1'hilaHtlyhia, dug: Ch-rlea. of Ba'h 'rom NOrl'ana, do; bark He'en Mar. Uiildell, for d \ Idg. B. ig Oeret, of NrvvYorlc, patted un the Hirer Jm I I 9ita u't lat 4 5 to loll 30 9, lott overboard I'* ter Outlay or Ge'her. ftni'in. a native of L'ooenhaeeu ae?d 17. 2l<t insr It*. ST, lou 56, pjoik' bark II slevon, 5 d?jr? fr? N Loudon; Mill, Highland* bearing W In- N SO miles. S|m ke b'ig Cygnet, of Ba>h, steering N?bl .wing heavy, run d not under stand where l'r. in or where houii I. ?l he Hull has experienced eery severe wei'lier during the; ass He?split sails. kc. Br.g Burn's Ayres, Lake, firm Itlo O-ainle Jan 7, hides, to P I K.irnhsm k Co Left liiik Ann E'ix I. just disgd; brigs Shlein do; Bisters, disc, Sterling. just arr fin Rin Janeiro. tU'h ult. 1st 16 25 S, loo 31 W. spok- British biig Lies McLeod, il days fir Ete and for Mauritius Brig S ;a Kiow er. Northrui-. 16 days from Krederickstnlt PR with 1 SO tibia ruin 64 hhJ* 71 bids sugar tu B Lie Korea! k Co.? Left ship Emily, Crane. for N York Maris: bng Hculton. do, 8 days; scnr Bar li Jane, Brouks, do, 4. Sailed in Co. with hr g Laura, fir N York. Schr Smith I utile, Buah, It davs from Don itiioue. wit'i 701) lbs wl I cop; tr 12.000 oral ges to Henry Bush. NewlUran. Selir Star, Cowley, 6d.ys from Elizabeth City, iNC. corn, to master. Schr Elite P Horton, York River, orstrrs Steamer C Vaoderbilt. J Jays fra Wilmington, NC. Brig Star, 11 dl fin St B ?rts, to IC BnrritL Brig Sew Jersey, 8 ds fin Darien, to PDeinill. Brig William Palt, of Bcstoo, 14 da fin N Urleans, to master. Below. Packet thip Hrndrick Hudson. Morgan, from London and Ports nouth. Jan 10 mdse.toJ Qiiiwold. Also, 2 b igs. Wind W. Ueneral Hecor J. Pacnr.T sHir (vaanicK. for Liverpool, is detained till today. Her letter bags art sti'.l at Uilpiu's News Rooms, in the Exdiaage. Bute. Caspian.-*Captain Swaaey and crew of brig Caspian, arrived at the New Basin, New Orleans, on the Itih mat with rigging, sails, ke. saved from the wreck of Hie Caspian, which vessel was lost on Barrataria Ber, on the 6th inst She was front Mobile, bauud to Barrataria, with a cargo of 600 bble cement, 187 of which were saved Bate Pai-l Josss. from Cadixfor NOrlesn*,was totally hot on the Island cf St Dorniugo, about the 15th Jin. The captain and crew saved. Spoken. V Hanover, of Providence, bound north, SO mile* north of Cape Halter.a. Foreign Porta. Livcnroot,, Jan IS?Arr Ourliugton, Charleston. Off, Delia Walker, from Savannah; Wcli'r J, do sld Washington, Mob le; Eagle, Apalachicola. Ldg Metam ra, for Alexandra, Georgetown and Washington: George, Mobile: Euclid do; Acta,Chambers, NYork; fiibnia,; United States, Philadelphia; Eagle, Savauueh 10th?Arr I'zsiae. NOrleana; Echo, Hill, NYork. Stli?Arr Denmark, New Oilcans; Mary Kines and. Mobile: Admittance, do; Benj Morgan, Charleston; Westrh'vter, Ferris, Savannah Sid Lord Stanley, Harrison, NYo k; Shenandoah, Philadelphia; Queen of the Ocean, Mobile. 8th? Vrr Virginian, Allen, NYork; Napier, Sand'ord, Rotcrdim. United States Port*. rHiLADtLMiu, Feb SO? Arr Louisa, Havana, Below, Delaw?rr, Bes'on. Cld Plato, ABl*"?p; Cygnet, Marseilles. BaLUM ire. Feb Si ? Arr L L Sturces. B.lcr, NYork. Cld Kepler. Bren eu; Canton. NOrlerns; Havana, Norfolk; Atmeda. Boitoa; Thaddeus, Willis, NYork. Sid Chenango, Montevideo aud Buenos Ayres; Wankiucj, Fall Kivnr, Richmond, Ftb35?Arr Liberty, Bast-m; ?o; Marion, Salem, aud Sequel, New York. Sid lien Scott, Dtlaware, ami Aun KHia, NYork. Waihiwuiow. NC. Feb 15?Arr Ahaconda, fisskill, NYork; Orion, Oaskill da; Thos Wynns, Credlr, do; Lvceum, Boston: ISth A1 there Cornelius, Fortenourgh. N York; 18th, 8 nrotus, Suow, do. Cld ISth. Larch. Host m; 93d,Two Brothers. Ilich> ardsou, NYork; Mart* J sue, West lushes; Anaconda, Oaikill, NYork Charleston, Feb 38? Arr Marion, Waterford. In the offi'ii. Commiaaarv. Im Boston. Arr31d. Lucas. Boston: Perrr. K itidtiiu. N York; Oriauna, KingMou J?. Cld Calhoun. Myera, NYork. Sid Olympii. Havre, Kensington, Liverpool; Plato, Havana; Cadmus Apa'ii'hirota; Ashley, NYork. Sav*!?!>*h, F>-b?t-Arr Madiioi. Bulkley. NYork; Poland. Havana. CM Princess, Liverpool; Wilaou kuller, Cobb, New York; Cape Fear. Boston. Mokilc Feb it?Cld Uleaner, Liverpool; Dublin, do; Cooia, Philadelphia; Eagle.Greenock; Washington, St Jago do Cuba. * rr Primes* Victoria, London via Port Royal; New Fug I and, Boa ton. New Bedpoio, Feb 16?Cld Covenanter, Liverpool; William, do; Ten Broihcrv, Boa ton; Ohio, do; Hilah, Hammond, NYork; franklin, Bearse, do; Saladm, Baltimore; Mary P> k, Brnn-n. ArrCltde Bn*'on; John Bu'l, Liverpool; Geo 9cofield. M. bile. Cld 16th. Puwiiattan.Charleston Arr lliibicoa, Havre; London, do; St Louit, Boaton. In the river.rosi n* up, F.lia* Thornton CM 14'n, Pauthea, Goodmanaon New York; Men Veaaie. Havre; Columbia, Bremen; Omar, Boaton. Arr Macc?.Cadiz Eulalte, Bordeaux; Caliao, do; Ringer, Palermo; Clariaaa, Beaton; Themaa Balleahy. Demarara. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS THESE far-famed ana celebrated nilla, from Portugal, ar> we perceive, to be obtained in this country. Bee adverliaetnetil on the laat eolumnof fourth page. fr4 Im'ia 00- YuU /tRE KkQUfmtkD TO KFaD iHli w FO-.LOWING, Tj'BOM J. 8 Esq., F. K. 8 I , Fellow of the " Royal Rcieatific Inatitution. The Royal Scient fie 1 talitation hae been fsvored with a apeetmen of Jouee'Oil of Coral ' irca-na, for the purpose of testing ita recommended qualiliea. and re porta aa follows :? "We have minutely examined and teited Johnea' Oil of Coral Circ?sai|.ua4 fiud that it cousiits of compounda deBMiflj tev/rrtinir nouns dog, sotteuinc. causing ?r?w?l., dandrutl. ami siting a iflYu apa ?.?< to "fie hair, being the qu.lilies moat recommended bv Mr Jones. which thin aociety fud perfectly true, and in viitue thereof award Mr. Jonee the above tea'imoniaU." (S'gucl.) J. S BAKER, F.R 8.1. Port man street. Poitman Squire, London. This it sold at 63-unles* you are carelul ot the right number you'l be cheated?81 Chatham street. Price oal> 3. 5, or g hillingsa bottle B ware vfcouaterfieiU. Agents?117 Die,aion street, and 137 Fulton atrre', Broovlvu. JJ8 31' / xONCtCllf.?'1 he KaI.Ne.Kv respectfully announce to Cv their friendi end the publ'e in go.eral, that they sill give a grand Vocal Concert st the New York Society Lib -try, on Tueadav Eevenir.g, March I, I9'9, wh*n they wifl have the honor to appear, lor the arcond time, in their 'plendid new summer c? etutne of the Tvrol. Tickets 60 ccnta, to be hid at the Music Stores, and at the door. Concert to commence atTj o'clock. 'OT lis* f~iLlM AX ?HE N RY BKK respectfully inform* hie friends M and the public in geueral, that l;c has rented of Mr. Bassford the above splendid Saloon, No. it Ann street and 149 Fulton stiee', where he aoliri's the patronage ofbii friends st all times o' the dav The bar is stocked of the bestnf winei and liquors. Fr.e Concer a every every evening,md the neae 01 taicni tmufn. _ 133 3t* BOX ?Some prviug, curioui, infinitive, meddlesome Paul IV)', has made the wonde-fut di.covery thnt K. Coombs, phrenologist, is vsry like Box, the novelist ; and it is sow whispered by the knowi if oues, th it F. Coomlw accompauiea Box to Waslii gton, and o i his return will re-opes in great style,?t the saine temple of faihion, the Ameriesu Museum, wlllihia un .|ue ri\hiu< i of Meads I'i3 IIfTJTORMA'l ION WAN I It 13?Of Mr. Ca'vin Cook,' 1 respsetalile eilii'n of Hive rhead. (L. 1,1 who disap; -ed suddenly from Kullou Market, on the evening of Thtirrdiv, 34th instant. He is about fifty -three rears of sgr, five feet eight or nine inches high, ijuite grav and carries hi s head very low, inclining to the right shoulder. He hid on a Mack fur hat, blue i'r.-ss euil. krown cloth pauta'oona, and thick boots, ary p*rson wh i will give in'ormaiioo to Mr J W. He*man SI Fulton M whet, shall he reasonably rewarded. St) 3.' PA CK'fcT SineTTvlWtlCRlor urvKirPJ01. -Pa.seIIgers will please be on boaed the steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, this morning, at is o'clock, at wlii.h. time she he will sail. Letter b .gs will close at the u?aal place,at 11} o'clock fyg cpHK PACKKT SHIP OARRiCK is detained until this day 1 (February ?Slh,) at half past II o'clock Her letter bags are at GILPIN'S _ftt) . In the F.ichangr. CLINTON HALL?On Monday Kvening. Maach sd ? ItsscaT M on km. respect fully announces that he will deliver a scrirs of Lectures consisting of Anecdotes. Dialogues, Songs,and Humerous Stor es. For programmesee sma'l bills. Price of admission?Gentleman and two ladles, one dollsr. Sinsl: tickets SOceats. t'hildr u, with parents or guirdisni and lady's ti' kets 96 CO .ts esc*. Doors opeu at seven o'clock?performance commence at eight Tickets to be had at the Music Stores, and of Robert Morris, No. 13 Sixth Avenue, tod at the door on the evening of performance. f3f It* MF.CHANIC8 INSTITUTB LECTOR K. This evening, Vtondiy, Febraary 3t)ih., at the New Vnik Library. Suhj-ct, Public Schools, by Prolessor J. Orville Taylor. Commencing at 8 o dock. Tickets 3A cents, admitting a I tdy and gratlemaa, lo ht ha,I at the door, fM It* DRV COLORS?The following oolors, e.f first (jualiy, adapted either for Oil Psintio-* or Kalaotnioe, for sale at 314 Beoeewny. comer of Krtnklio? Washed Blue Blacks, Heal Indian Red. Sillier Chiueae Blue, Super Purple. Brown, K.merald Green, Madder Lukes, urunaw ca ureeo, Vermillion, fainn Green, Chrome*. T'tekey Umbre, Orhrr*, lie . Ice. To Printer* ?nd Kngraver*.? Frankfort and Yitglirh Black*, trtrr operi'ir, fjr sale at feb?T.)n* 344 Bro-dway. or ?r F'anktin. WANTKD?An enterprising man wit i a cah capital of $50.0 to $10 GO I, to go to South Ameriea, a* an agent. The Wii-ities* would be made verv pr-(Fable, without the possibility ofloM. Ad Ire** Hot 4?t.po?t office. (07 3t SELLING OFF AT COST PKICK?A* the Spaui.h home, now it No 100 Naatiuerreet, will reoiore in* tew data tojM C10id<vay, opposite the City Hall, ami h*ve a f-eah and (elected at* rtm-nt o( the beat llaram an I Principe Heeat*, of all brand*; beaider two new brand*. iielnrively for the Hpinieh llouac. ona from Principe (Washington brand) and the other from Havana (Don Onjitr braid.) Alio, a laige (itptily of the Higienic Patent*. I'he (Glowing argent will he ?o|d at coat price Very old and superior flivor a?sorted Havana, ai 3* per bunch (15 segar*) or $11 per tbouvaud, do Principe, 31 61, or $12 per tho?idt. the b-at prima La Norma, 4a *d per hnne.h, or $19 p?r thousand- do Noriegaa do; very Victoria, 4a ?d |>er bunch, or $11 per thonaard; the celebrated higienic patente, 3* per hiinctr, Ht Domingo, regalia aire, 95 cent* per hunch, ke fce.all auhj-ct to the venture, ami i i I t* to suit | urchaaer*. at tot Naea'm *t. Our agent*throiigh*ut the Un'ted* for patent segar*. will t,leave to end ea>ly tlirir order* for the new brand* of Waantngmn an I Don Qi j ite. Ther; i* a anterior atticle manufactured in our private, manufacttre* in Havena and Ptinctp* ana o( the beet tobarro of La VuelladeAb j- and Yarn,.itch a* to pleaae the d-licatt Yankee taste (25 M* PKNA It CO V" OTICK l.etter bag* for Liverpool, per f<o> al Mail m Hte-imer Caledoui'i, fcum Bo*'on, will elore at II irntlen A Co '* Office, No. 3 Wa.l at. on Monday, Feb. 24 at 1 p**l * 1 o'clock, P. M, N B All lettera entrusted to H. fc Co.,*v shore, are en lured a* being in ample lime f .r the steamer's mail, they belli* Iwr regular ag?Lt*. . __ f2M26 HARNPFV * rn TillK'.ATRK? * I Alttl-vlr It A It It V" .4 llL b Kf I 1? vlr ' Barry. Stage Manager. r apect'allv aniiouucra lo hit frienda (Oil the public, that hia fi-at baoefi. it tliia theaire for nioe veara, ?ill tike place ou Monday mi', r'eb 38th, on which oreaiion will be presented a new comedy, In Iw-i acta, entitled the Kiaral Atent. with new renter* and apnointinenti Th- principal charae'en hy Jloiri Tlacide, hiilier. Bell * ny, Clirk. !' araoii; Mad#. Wl.eatley, Vernon. Barry. aud Mini Bnlni.l AHer which, flnt lime, * n?w comedy, in 3 ae||, rilled Cli trlei O'Maliey . the Iri.h Dragoon; inler?|>r reed w nh a nga, rliortiaei, dan< ea. the hum re 01 an liiah tUcii >n?conrludirg wiih a giand maxjuerade? I'henewacene-V by Meant. Hillyrd and A. Wheatley. The < haraclera by Meeara. ao i (hia tit appearance) Wheatley, Kredericka. Knh'r. An dee wt, Barry. Mark, P. rey.Miea 8. Ciwiiaaaa, Met Vernon and Mr a. PriUhard la{ U MR JOrfN Ctjiifi or Mfiliij. la rq ieat d in e .11 on ad Da-ae 4 flaoorer atreet, w here ha will hear 01 aometliire lo h'a advantage >e w \ orb. Keh. IS. 1*4*. Jt. T,'n < HALfc-?J>.? lot caah, ?i No HhoU T atreet 133 lor" #- . a , . *r, m wv.THmnMiHvt mm - ? ' - i Awtlow Hstl?. BY THOMAS BELL. (BltrtiBgt.ll An ani 111 ttU.I MONDAY. At to' o'clock. at the i'l room. Dry (liods, CI- itu*g, Cuticiv, fancy r?H pledged articles. Jewelry, Oans Watrhrs.Ae of all drsrni tioo* AUo an ass rtmiot.f Kiinily itrocrrirs, *u uiroice el huts. Muff*. Capet, Buffalo Robe* k1. AUo. V t>uuk? superior cliti iua.lvt pur fine c sninere and cloth p tnlaln >ns, rcaiD*iit( of cloth, rasttnirrrs vextiuixi, Ac. balance of dock of * uierchaut tailor. AUo. * quantity of glass cat's, counters, shelviuc, Ac., logr< Iter with 8 beautiful jars, suitable fur dry go ids or an apothecary. Aln.l ch?st of carpi liter's taoU, contauiog a general u* ortmcntot'81 pirce. Alio,'il boles Havana sseurs. SOj lb* while Windsor ??Mn. TUE8DAY, A t 011 o'c.lo-k, at the sates ro on. A splendid aalc ol M now and second hand pi aim lortca. b> rariou* makers Also.with which tue sale will c' mroerice.V magudicent diuner sets ol real Sat on v Chin*, white and gold. AU', It a las of suit a lul table lin-n. the rich-at dam ink, Willi burdrrs; tablecloths, napkiut. floe lueeu sheets,Pillo* and bolster cases. Ae. Also, aline assortment of rich ent glass ware, of ?lld?scriptious. Bern time, arm-II aasoituieut of raliiable furm tuie, Ac. N.B. The piano fort's comprise iuitrumrnts by the test makers in this and other countries. Catal c?et of saie on Monday. WEDNESDAY. Large Bale of Splendid furniture, of all descriptions, a' to o'clock, in the sale rooms. Also, an entire stock of new city made warranted cabiuel furniture. AUC ri *-N NOTICE.?*ale of countlng-ioise disks,iron sife fistuies, Ac. This 10 o'ehu k, i-i front of the store of 31 Ann street, will be sold, without reserve, 7 falldowu desks, 8 wasirihg tables, s quantity ol fix'ures, shelving, glass show safe, Ac. AUo, in the store, crockery, glass ware, s large lot of dry goods,! trunks first rale eUth-iiv. carpenters tools, fine cutlery, large vises, suitable for apothecaries, and van u< oilier article* Aluo.ny order of the Marshall, VI boxes Havana aegart, V60 lbs white Wiidsor Soap, a splendid cold Hunting Lever Watch, Ac., be. ft b 27 TIIOvtAS BELL, Auctioneer. aflHQ yaM MAIL LINE KUK ALBANY and InterFtmmm hHi*w Jo mediate Places, or as far ft thrice iiermiU jaa w nil-airly?The Steamboat TELKOKAI'H will le-ve the foot of Courlandt Crett th* (Monday) afternoon, Feb 28th, at 5 o'clock. The ateambout I tica will' leave for Albany, on Tueaday aft-ruoou. ( March lat.) atSo'clock. For p?a?age or freight, apply on buard, or to P. C. BCHULTZ, _f28 It at theofTice on the Wbaif. ISLAND kJCKUkT ^jj^jjj^Qgja Foot of Whitehall atrret.^^^^^a The ateanaer sTATF.N ISLANDER or SAMSON ni l run h? follow* until further notice : Leavea Statcn laland Leave* Whitehall iAt t| o'clock a.m. At I o'clock a.m "U " " " It M " " il " ?.*. * 3 " r.M. It w ? u 5 ? N. B. A'l goo'a ahipped are required to be patlicularly marked an 1 arc at the riak of the owner* thereof. ol ???- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line ? Regular Packet wUk ot 2 th March?The eph i:di<t packet thip H08C. IUS. JmmiUm Captain John Collin* of 110U loua, will eail aa above, ner regular day. Forfreightorpaaaage.navingaccommodationi unt^ualled foi anlendoror comfort .apply on board, at Orleani wharf .foot ol Wall at.,or to E. K.COLLINS It CO.M Southatraat Prift of pa'eaee $1QU. The pacatt ahip UDDONS, Capt .in C. B. Cnkh of 1000 tons, will aucceed the Hoaciua, and aail 25 k April, her r.guLar day. Paeiengeramay rely upon theahipaof thia line aailmg punctually *a advertiaed. 128 FOR NEW OHLEaNS?Loutaiana ami New idRMVYork Line?Po*itively Kirat Regular Packet?To jKsMKLaail let March?Th* aplaodid fait aalling packet th'P OCONEE, Capt Jackaon, will poaitively aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage,having apleudid furniahed arcommodntiona,apply on board, at Orleau* wharf, toot of Wall atreet, orto E. K. COLLINS <c CO. M South at. Great care will be takeu to have the good* by thia line cor roetly meaaured. Paoaengera by thia ahip will pleaae be on hoard, at Orleana wharf foot i I Wall atreet. to-morrow at 2 o'clock, at which tima the eteamboit Herculraa will take the chip lo?ea Agent in New Orleana, Jaa. O. Woodruff, wno will prompt lyjorward all rood* to hu addreaa The packet hip Hhftkipea'e. ?>apt. Mini, will succeed .he Gaston, and sail the 10th Mttfcn, her regular day. f 28 m. m /^Ll^EapABLI8HEI^?Mla^tT^^, PA8SA(1ET)F A' FlCE.?The subscriber contiuues lo eng ge passengers to come from any pirt ol Ureal Britain anil Ireland,by ilie regular Commercial line of Packed, (ailing weekly from Liiepool. Those seodirg for their friend* may rest assured that erery 'olfaction will be giten and thi emigrant! intereitf atte tiled to. Drafli for any amount can alio be funiifhed, payable throughout the United Kingdom Ap.dv to? /OHN HF.RDMAN, f?? (I South ?t. one door east ?f Wall ?l. M HA8SAOEFOKLIVERP1.OL?United Lim Vgw^The splendid fast lailing packet LIBERTY, Capt jMhSlfieP. P Nortoe, laila poiititely to-morrow. Hiring ppleudid accommodations for cabin, lecoud cabin and steerage passengers. For postage, early application ihouid be made en board, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, 49 South at. or 43 Peck Slip Persons wishing lo lend for Iheir fiienda to come out in the above splendid ship, or any of the regular line, can mike the necessary nrrsigements. on favorable terms. Those desirous of remitting money cao have drifts payable on demand, in all the principal towns of Ihs Uni ?d Kingdom Apply as above. 98 It FOtt LONDON?Regular racket of the 1st March?The su wrior fist sailing packet sntp PHI- j JBQeLLaDELPHIA, Capt. Hsvey, wilijait as above, her regular day. | rbn ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and i teerasenasaengeie, art not surpaased hy any Teasel to port. Asa number or ner passengers are already engaged, prisons { wishing to secure berths should in ike early application lo OLuVEK fcMc MURRAY. I 100 Pine it. cor. South St. P. 8.?Persons wishing ts send for their friends residing in the old country, can have them brought out in the above favoriteyhip. or any of the regular packets, sailing pr it ptlyico their uay. by applying as above directed, if by teller post paid fl>S It JdFg- OLD LINE Ok LIVERPOOL PACKKTB.sJSJWy Regular Packet of the First March.? i'he favorite !? very fast sailing packet (hip OXFORD, Captain Rathbone. will sail positively on the 1st of March her rrgular day. The accommodations of thia line for cabin, 3d cabin and steerage passengers, are well known to be superior to aay othes, and thoae arout to embark should inaku eatly application on board, foot of JJeekman street, > r to ROCHE, BHOTHERS St CO. IS Fulton St. next door to the Fulton Bank Persons desirous of sendiog to the old country, for their friends, can have them brourM out in tbe OXFORD, failing from Liverpool on the II h of M.iy, or in any of the hips comprising the old line, tiding from there punctnally on the 7Ui and llth of every mouth. For passage apply u above. fat Ard TO LET?A three story house iu slip, Lear Hijn Pearl street, an eligible situation fir a boa-ding house.? JUU,Appli at 4 Peck slip Rent $335 Possession immrdi alcly i1 reu'ijred. f3< 3t* YACHT FOR BALE, or willbe iinhanged for a smaller vessel, the yacht O V-KA-HY-E.?Two years' experi. ence in going to tea for pleasure has rendered il somewhat dnuitful with me whether, t iking the roogh w ith the smooth, the rr,tn;h does not pred iminate. Even the pie uinre of rollirg about for two or thrte days in a calm (with an appetite that at audi times is apt to border on the equivocal! may (in my npinion, at least,) be questioned. Those who think different ly, or may wish to solve surh doubts, have now an opportu nity to do so, at a comparatively cheap rate. The model of the Or.-ka hy e ia entirety new, combining more buoyancy with sharpness than any o'her. It waa adopted with ihe intention o'makirg her sail particularly well in a sea way, sdiI 1 as far as I canjucge, a most capital sea boat she is. Iu the J opinion of those who have sailed in htr, (and wli\ if they u are not, ought to he, good j idges.) she is oce rI the driest and us'est cra'ts that ever floated. b The On-ka hy e is about 340 or 350 tons, earpen'eri' mei- (I suremcnt,34 fiet on deck, which is lluali fore and alt, 94) leet I) beam, 13 feet hold, and drawa IS Icet water, which may be iu- tl creased wnea on a wind to*3 feet, by a sliding keel 8he is eoptiered and copper fastened, sod very strongly built, kneed ~ wi'h both iron sail wood, M screw-belted auil put together ? in a way that few sailing vessels can equ il; at any rate, neither money nor pains were spared to reader her, in th's as well as in every other respect, as perfect as possible. The plank near her keti is five inches thick, tapering to three * inches a little be low the water line. The centre part of her s keel, Tor 3? or 40 feet, la 31 laches wide, by 24 incite* dcrp. To 1 tin* centre part an outer keel,or cast- ron, of trie aaine ilimrn loui and weighing 40 tana, is securely bolted, through keel and heliou. The cast-iron is she >tlird withotk, and cop- * percJ She < annot upsetfor if knocked down bp a squall, } 40 tons, with such a Irvcrage, will right h?r agalu She , would be admirably sdspted for a diapitch, or tender to a tl'et. 8he is strorg motion to carry any arms i uieut, il n-ed as a privateer or res'el of war, and capacious 1 enough Cor a large c?'go if employed in commerce. She won it he well adapted to the kas: in^ia. or any o her trade, where the goods a e valuable. aud s|>ee<l an object Krnm hrr p< culiar cunstPTiinn. I suppose she would sail better (evcrpt turert liaht winds) loaded than light. I do not ueliere that anvtliii g that carries a yard conhl ca'th her at sea. liiatri'l Will) ihonnrii aitd cl'pper-built U. H. brig Wa-hir gton, Capt. ] (iiduei the On-ke hv-e, with a good top-grlun' breeze, beat her fonr.houra out of l?n. If w anted aa a Va'ch, ihe would he well adapied lor a eruue in the Mediterranean or \Ve?t iBgjUi Tne dining cabin of the Oibka-hy-e wi'l aceom-noda'e II or 4 at able Tne panela, doora, iiillaateri, and cotnicea, are euatnelled and pohahed white, relieved by tileed carved work. j here arc lour ornamented carej Itr booke, charta. kc.Sic, with a aofa In front ofeich. c*mereil with a rich etoflTof crtniion and while, and with which the aeata for the dinner table corrrepnnd. There are two aideboaida, ofaia feet each, witu Kgyptian marble topa, and two mirrort of Ihe aarre lergth, together with a liHodeome grate, fur burning wood or coal The owner'i ?tate room and the atrwaid'a pantry (rerv cemI le.ely fitted up) with a naaaage wrjr between them, aeparafee ihe dining aaloon from In; gent'emak'a apartment, adjoining which ia one for ladiea, furuiihrd with cuahiuna ami run aim ofrihailk. in the gaiitleman'f apartment there are four rofai, and in front ol them while en imelled coliimna, wilhgi'ded capdala. Inllie rear ol theooluinua, white ailk curtmna, liuul nd trimmed with blur, are euapem.'ed, ai.d mav be c'oa.-d or drawn aaid.-, at the pleaauie of the occupant. T>'e heda. when not in oai-.a-e concealed from view b> flimeaof fluted and ortiarnrntala Ik, ao diapored aa to b?, when hooked up, entirely out ot the way. The carpel* for iea are of the ordinary aort but thoi? lor the harbor, or em vcth water are Wilton, of the beat quality, and mav be takea ?p or laid down in leu minutea. There .ire beda for ten. four in the ladiea room, four is the gentlemen'*, and oneia each a late-ran in. The ceilirga are ertu f?' high, a-d tlw rooe.a I', mid airy, and caD be taaily ai d'hoeoughly rentilated. There it ? bath and n aah rropi. fcc.kc. The Ou-ka-hy-iii very completely fitted with archori, cahlea, faila, rigging, fcr., all in perfect order. She la pilotboat or athwnerri, ged, with i o yardi or lop h. mper. Her fore ?w! aft aula (eatlueire of ruigta I g.ff topiail and j.b toptafl) meaiiire on the foot rote 147 fact; her light weatner main (ilt-l?|itil ia 10 f:et? n th- head, 3a leet on the foot, and >.<? Kn far hk'l'l. TKs Cunt rtf tl>? i K > d". C. .a ... L hnamatil in ordinary tlmea rrquirta no lending. iVhenbf re the wind, ?he aetaarqiirie ami uf fort)-lire feet head, and ?nty feel hnial. She uq'tirei but few to w >ik li'.r. , When the f.neraii iaatnwrd (which i? iiena ly dour when n >t in company witholherr,) the mvaa' ihr h-lm, wi'h auotSer o tei.e< t? e fly hi(r-jiti iheeta. are all that are requited on rl'fk \ The woikinaneM? about her, from item Ihr.utmio | be a f >od i-ecimenr f lie Americ n aliip earpen c.'a aLrJahip | piuei'a work. A? the la naheaeu-erily large forlhe n.i m'ioo of our haya lire ri (where there ia quite aca-way eusufth for nijr taa-e,) I would w illuiy diepcae of he', r errha- ge > ?rl'ei a em-, lie one Erq tire of JOHN C.STEVEN ?. lat I wd tawtf _ Ne.M Br clav at-eei. New Tork. UHi>l*t)SAI.H,?I'rnpaa ile will be received, until the H'h March, IA4J, by the H irrieh irg i, Por'a rnulh. vlnunr Jo> aid La caater Hailroad t'.ninpuiy at their cffire. No e?i Walnut reel Philadelphia, for ^niak r* hy aootraet, ale venmileaof the ( oaipany'a Road, wrh Y Had. ae per epri i | dad,and prrptrtrt for laying th* track it it bvltorcd thai ir^n ? lid Sttnrr* miffi icnl for Itir alarm inilra. c<? b? hart ky li* ' Contractor* (k? siting acenrity) on ihr-r jnn rr?rtit < Toiixii 'idtial* poaataaing m?aa< or er.rdil, an oprm taiity i? < offjrrd for Baking aa adraiilagrnu i contract. Otkar co. till > will h# atdt known upon application at the ?"o?p<tB) a Olflra aa above rrqoaatcii. ? ' Al.KX'R R MO"nr>ON?.P???i'ltni t H.P.Mt JojaadT.. R.K.Go. rt iladrlphia, at'li F?k , IS42 Wialt taw ? >!>, PARK THICATRK, ~ -wui* viruu... Mr Barry. I l!l i LVKMNO, Fel. us llti-^Tlit |>eif*<N111.00**. Will enuna cewiih u, n . i THK FlaGAL AGENT. W'U PU'-'Je 1 Comic (th,Hl#d Arm.)" ? .. J fr.w'"eh- *' ' "??, ( llAM.EK O MALLblY f.rGeorge Drahwuod, Burry | Charter O'Maller. Whe.i'le* Lucy Daaliw.od, ML. is CuL.wan * To cobcIu<U with B0MBA9TKS FUH10B0. General Bombaa'ea, Mr PI,side KincAMH^WM. WllLam., Dtelrliua, Mui \ 'rnoo Ailmnuioo?Bore. f I : Pit no r.r.le (i.lUrt* *! rwi|> CHArHAH THKATHU Fi'at appearance if John Selion MONDAY EVICS I SO, February is?The perfatmane. Will cumwnci with THE BAttRACK ROOM. Ijlao.l F.rrier, C .Menayer | Uernaid. IS". Joboaoa. Claiiaae, M'l. Thurne. Tube followed by TJIF. GOLDEN IAKMKR. Jemmy Twitclier, Jol.u Beftoi, | Gulden F.rmer, Thera* Eliaubcth Mm Meatajt* To rnnrliidc with 14 i\ . TUE HI fFIAN tCY CaRuurin't, K Scoti | Barcn W^.rmir Joho.c. Mceou ltd aod Mlitriil, Pit iMiihiiiVrT is Doaranpeo at ti; Curtn, rue. ?tV| \ZX2tr ' MITcnFLL'H OliYMPlC TMEam ' " MONDAY EVENING. February W-The nerf> .?~_;.ii commence with Seliai N? ino 8UPKRKLU0V8. ^""oulnare, Vck,B,on 1 S""' M- s . Oral,.. _ L L . AUcr wl.ich Ml" 9??Kletoo tor the tunc, a.Mwor^iml, B.rWeooe oa teiiw-f,, a?, """ "-'tea , ?"*? To be followed by p Q , LOAN OK A LOVKR. Peter *pyk. Graham | utlve, < |ar. Gertrude, y Tft conclude with rERFECTION. " 'sswasr 1 ??? _J)owi noeet et helf put tie. Cortam rite. at eeee* BOWJtuy AMJPUlTHKAlhi. JVo. 87 Bturrrv. Firtt nicM of Mr Duriyue, Mr? liherwoed, Mrt Monell this^jcvk"nlnt/tvl'?r4-.hhaji "' 'm' jamre * THIS hybNINU fro. 28?The eutertaiumente whitia Dience with po.nv racf.s. Mr? Clullin, the K.jurrtrian Heroine, willaj re?r aahcre. back re the La Belle Rock re. Corpiucn'ar M?H<rnvree. by the CLinpa: r . , Clow n't Act ,, ? .<-Jmntel'c frate aod I'yrainiilieal divina. H W relhemaDd Pupil io antral Ne(tro Honji arid Datieea llorteillHtikbiri mi Iwn i.of.m k.. vi. w. Cupid in 'he Hoot Hag lu.lia Rubber Man?Master Hamilton ih hi* feat*. Mr Stone will a; | ear on horseback a* toe Flying Indian. Master Dinnondand Billy Whit lock will anew in several Nigger Songt and Breakdown*. To conclude with CROSSING THE LINK; 0Qf- Bo*es,50 c?nti. (38 31* AMKKICAN AlCgkCM, Corner Broadway and Ann street. tinder the Management of Mr. P. T. Barauts DARE COMB1 VATION OK NEW ATTRACTIONS XV every day and eveniug tlua week ?By particular desire, the Model of the City of Dublin and Falls of Niagara, willt real water, w ill remain h-re a short period leuger. The following eminent performers have been engaged at an enormous rx|ie' ae Mr*. Hardwirk, the. celehrated vocalist. from the National and Park Theatre*, and Niblo'* Garden: the Infant Mrl.iditt, only two and a half year* old; Mr. Delarue the great mimic who will give imi'ation* of Booth, K. Mean, Forre*t. Hainblin. Oauiel O'Coiinell, and others?,Vm, a curious ei|ierimeut in Auinul Maguetiem; matter P. <t. Booth, the celebrated contortionist: Mr. T. (i. Booth, the beet ramie singer in America; Lt Petite Cerito, univiraally acknowledged the m et graceful aud accomplished daaeir, for one ofbrrags, that ever appeared m tliia city; the Albino Lady, and Fancy (liana Blowing. Grand Coiinorrm* changed crery Monday. Day visiter* admittec the time evening free. Half a million of curiosities are collected iu this e*talli?hu>ent, tilling fits ipaciouahall*.eath toufeetin l*ng>h. Admittance to the whole museum and entertainment*, 30 cents; children undir 10, half price. fvSlw PROF. J. N iviaFFI'1,(Chaplain la Congress,) will defT verr Course of Lecture* at Clinton Hall.on, 1 hurtdey evening, 24lh lust., at 7 o'clock, PaOCRSMMR 1. The Intellectual and Moral Power of E lura'ion. 2 The Cause* aud Effect* of the American and French Revolution. 3. The Glory of Mechanism. 4. The Moral Grand'urof the A merican Revolution. 6. The I La thru and the l.hriitian Women contrasted Ticket* can be obtained of Clement Si Packard, No. 180 Pearl it; I. S. Redlield,corner of Beckmau and Nassau *t*.*r end at the door. Tickets for the course 01: ?in>f? lecture. 2i c'?. fit 1 w* ULLE.O * iU>?.? 1 lie oubwcribers will collect~~Notea,' Draf s, Acce|>t-'iices, Certificate* of Deposite. Su-.(through Mes*r?, ltarudeu (k Co. feom N. Y. to Albany! upon any of the following place*, and guarantee return* to the sity; uf New York, to from tix to eight day. Uliea, Canandsigua, (Syracuse, Rochester, Auburn, Batavin, Genera, Buffalo.* Eraamu* Coming, Tbomu W Qleott, Albany. PGMEHOY k CO. 8 Wall street, Naw Yoeh, ft CornerjState and Market si*. Albany. {;|t HEW AMP?Stolen from No. W~5eventh it. on Thurs p I'J day Iaat,a black leather iron bound Truns, with brass aliening*, *l>ring lock, fcc mark-d on each cud in white, [. O J a., continuing sundry clothing, book*. kc. and a largo nsrrrl ol letter*, wrapped up and ses'ed with blsek, endorsed in me omsiiie. Ttie ?uoie reward will b* given to any peraon who will deliver the fame at No 20 Cedar at. up stain, or f3 Tor the parcel of letter* alone, and uo uuestiou* s?kr(|. f92 ft' _ l ^ p s i r i i r p "Be perfect ia tin*art,and then -No word can well escape your pen.** MR. TOWNDRnW, Profesjor of Stenography, would most respectfully ann<lu ce that he contemplate* tear ii.g th* ctty at an early peri id, and that it therefore become* indisiien- ably neres*-ry for such persons x* wish to avsil them eIve* of hi* instruction in thi art of Writing Sli rt Haid, to make immediate application. Mr. T., in offering hi* service*for the last time forsrTera! yea-s/wiiuld particularly iuvitr the attrn'i'>n of these ladies ai.d gentl'-meti whs may be desirous to treasure up for future itudy and improvement the many excellent sermon* nnd valuable 1' dure* which Ih y may hear from tin e to lime, to the orraect opportunity of acquinrg hi* newly itirrnlcd and high I. approved system of Writing Short Hand, by a knowledge f which, ihe rxact words of any i lib ie speaker may be ra lordeil fc? nron mnced. and nr'seered in ? r,.~ ? ?? tr read at" any futuie period, Wl.h the ut'moel degree 01 ni? uxl fa. ility. Youn< grntlemrn who are nniiou* lo <iun'ify t' rmaelvee to eprirt for the preaa.or teich tint valuable xod popular acirnce, ire eepeciar.y invited to call, at very tl?tteri?K inducement* -an be offered to thoae who may be ditpetrd to engage u. et liter pu'tuit. Tetmt minced ta FIVE DOLLARS for a tU trough courte of loatrurtion, including atationary and an rlrguut ropy ol the tut nor' "Complete Guide to the Bcience," thua placing the aeputition within the pecuniary me ana of every intelligent . on' g iwrtua. Academy. Clarendon Home , 304 Bri alway, corner of Do - - 'T' VW Lttai ?iru-n 114 i.i.aui >*i a.isci. ~u .n aim iiui.. a aiiiic Havana Poodle Dog, yellow smr ou each or. aad on thw lack and i-niwere to the nunt of Veto. The in rr will be iheraWy rewarded; by leaving it at the above place, or at thia dice. faatt* r A FAYETTE BANK.?The motion relative to the apJ po utment nf a Heceirer for thil Bank hll been postponed ntil the eecond Tuesday in March Meat. In the meantime, the Bank it authonaed. and will receive its ilia, for all debti due it, end will aim receive payment io i! ir hilla of any note heretofore discounted or loan made by tern, and allow arebiteof interval for the uneapired lime tat aaid r,nte orloa i haa 11 lun. , Feh r?. 1641. {*t 3t* SUPERFINE DRESS COATS OP THI BEST QUALITY, nth aa to workmanahipand materials,for TWENTY-FOUR IOLLARH; also Pautaloona Ten Dollar*, at I'HIUfF Cash 'ailoring eaubtiahmant. 14S Broadway. N. B.?The above garments are guaranteed to be equal to very restive' totho.e made by the moat eipenaire houses tube aity This is no empty Koarau tee. but,one ihat the adveri#er pledgee himself to fulfil. Garments of secondary quail r nr i por'iooahlr lower. jM jMYRSA WoOl. ?40 hales, ve-y la r qua ity. I r safe by * DURKEE, Tl.dDALK ft HABICHT, fat iw' JiS Water street. DR. FELIX GOUKAUD'S POUDRES SUBTILES. FOR ERADICATING HUMAN HAIR. ThIM FA* ?H\LI THOU fiiow, AWO WO FAITH**,? tourwii !' Pouilrri Subtilff rnablr on* lo rnmrrand apHur incr, " mr m? nair i* runrrriifO, anil toeiytoihat drvalipemrnt, " Ttu* far ah?lt thou mmwJ mid no farther.'' Bar> r? ?t< ??'rul?very u?r<"ul iu their plaret?hut thnr utmcet ifljrt* of rknl in the depilatory art leave a'ill a " a ubble land it har?e?t home." Three Powder*, on the contrary, eradicate he " etu'ihh ,"orcaaiOHini tohiin who usee them no tniigu ir*a ii appro chii'it hi* "ladje lore." or, in lh? interronrae ot ear* with h?*rt. the fear of inflicting on her " rerwil cheek" a? (hi rrahl P. M ha* jt) unne, eaaary pain. t4eriou*ly, no oilet r.11 hardly *e complete without thi* little aMKtant foe rinoiiiut nair. It aceompltihea the object in a few minute*, nd laori'her difficii't >o lie applied nor datireroni in ii operaion on the akin. Kull direction* accomiany each bottle, 'nee $i. To he had at Dr. flouraud'* < flier*. 517 Broadway, and *7 Valker (treet, t dia r from Broaitway. where may alio be had Vrctrani.e Rot or, 50 irnti per tottle. tlot ku h'i Kir pic Hi iuin, or True Water of Beauty, far vinoring t -n plmtdry frer k'< t. burn*. Itr . $| p?i bottle Anrwr* ?New Yor| ? Albany. Ale*. Ou'h-fe. No. 4 Marlinlaoe?U'ica (i I, Itrown, perfumer, Octieaee ?treel? I ough*er|.*ie, J Gray?Buffalo. I Htuadale 157 and 302 Main ltr?et. Prniltylvania?Philadrlpbia, Mr* Brown,75 Cheanut itrrtt. Marylaad?Baltimore. Beth H Hnce, |h?tt ?treet. Bielrctoft.dluinbra?tViahinglou.Nelb, Park'r,Pe:in?Tlvani? Avenue Meundria II C Berry Vrc nfa Ilii nmu?d, Mr* Krayrer. K *tnrt. Cutin-rtieut?Middletown, K.O Frrre ? New Haven. A Law, Chap* I atreet?Hartford, Well* ? Humphrey, 175 Main *tr?et?Norwich, Willnm Fnnlkcr .. tta?*achn*rtt*? B?*ton, A H Jordan,2 Milk atreet. Lowell II A ( arletou k ro.rjty Hall Ljim, Or A L Holi*r. W?r reater, M I) Phillip# Bnoley "lace. Brrincfiel t. F A Miin alrret. bull k KirW. Balcm. W fc S h'* Newhurytort. < harlet M Ilolye. New II m whirr ?J1*" mouth. vV R Pie.Ion. Maine-Portland, T Hdf J* * ' Bangor, Miiira W hitter k fleuild INHoweli.^Bcammco. Ilhudr Itlind - Providenrr. Charle* Dyrr. Jr. Weetmtnalor itrret. Ohio?Columba*. Vimmer C.ark. New Jrrery?I seahrook. Princeton. ? _ ,, , , y.very hot tie of Dr. O-uraud'* CoameMr* ha* I ta nam* with the name of p-eparaPoa. and New York, bl -wo on the r.i r aide*, and hi* lac a/mtle rngrmed on the w ranper* of lb* Ihindre* Bnb ilee. Nore other ?re *enuiuc fBI liw T IKV. A Nl) IKwfrVWTT Vrtt.rKh v r.KW?? OtuhPL COCKING PI?TOL?.?TM* rietol tean be dter harmed 11* tIntra With ?'m at toe rapidity of thought The pilot (..rV*. tire liairrl involve* and d-a-barge# merely by nal'Vrc the If . eer. thr cham -ee and barrel ?r? tn one piece and therefore annnt blow ep?rt like W" repeating pialol*. The eontr-uieIirnoflhe pil'/il ia per'tclly rur.ple?they can be driwn fr m ihe poekit "tad uaej with one hand w.thon' the lo?i of a em jiriiu t'.n? ricnekirg- it ?bo'i ?*u b? Tirtd ? Fiji N m*? in 'rook In* finer. Tlirjf *r? uu Inter thin an ottknary orkMjLir.t'il I or nirfll'n, Hoiiiflif?pfr?, OpUin*. Plnn'tr*. and nth r?. 'bry irr ?n Imliaprraable ariict*, < | r?nw. b 'lb m*J? and 'm?U,c?n wi h tliin pi? protre' iHor liter ?nd proprity if l arkr.l hv many prranr*. a* rti# of then in nj'ial to urarn l' f?n of tbr roimnon kind. ... 'Irntlnmen are iqrifn I In call a' thn t'wiof Ikt almliMi md eta nine the nmMi (li-ir nnpllrilV. perfect aalety Mad I'm liability to ytl out ?l or?l*r. will c?rt<;nly r'c"Bamnnd l.etn I.trrall otH?r*. F?r?d? nhnlerale ai><l r?tail, by J O Bi/I.K^ iUf Broadway fkS !an*odia* batweeo Wall atURVi

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