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March 1, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?II I TH i. VIL->a. 345 5IW LINE OK LIVK.lirOOL PACKETS To nil from New York on the ?9th, Liverpool cm the lMk . * ituK WLtnUk, ? jffit Vtoe New Yoai. Skip RQSCnjS, ci|>Uiii John Collin*. tStk Not. Ship SID DOSS,Captain E. B. Cobb,*Mh Dec. Hhir SHERIDAN, CauUm K. A. Depryeter, *Mk Jn ShipOARJUCK,Captain Win. Hki<ldy,8ttk K?b. H UOM LlvKSrosl.. Ship SHERIDAN, C.'ptain K. A. Depeyiter, 1 Mb Nor. Ship OARJilCK.t sprain Win. bknifty, tstk Dec. Ship ROSCIUS, C?i>Umii John Collins, 13th Jen. Ship HID DONS, CapUin K. B.Cobb, llth Feb. Those ships are *11 of the Voteless,upwards of 1000tons, built hi the city of New York, with such improvements is combine promt (peed with unusual emnfort for pmeeonRere. Every cere lu been tmken in the arnugeun at of their accommodations. Tni price ef passage he nr.- is $|<M,for which ample stores will bo provide L TSree slue* are commended by esperienctd menterm, who Will ranks every ciertion to Kirs general entietke Neither*, captains or owners efiheee ehipe will be reepeosi I Mefnrtay tetteas.rareeleftrmak.'vieeeent by them, unites re (ulmr bills ol ledmr.: ere signed therefor. The d?|i< ol tires line will heresi'.er ro erracd, smd thesi peso Msr construction gives thein security not poeeeesed by ray other ? Son tli it.. New York, or be WM. It JAS. BROWN It fca, Liverpool. Letters by the pockets will be charged I Si cents per sicf-4* Wreot: MrtSn per ounce end newspapers 1 cent etch. Ig y KUk NfeWu ALLANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE Of PACKETS iffy jfe. m M ForXh^eiler secomnSlrtinn OMMupprra, It r^ntcouod to SaopOCch e ship from thie pert on the 1st, Mi, 10th. WMh, SOtk end ftth of each month, commencing the rath October, end somtiming until May, when regular days will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby greet delays nad dump Mntosents win he ore rented during the raramar mOWtis. The Mowing ship# will enmmence this arramremi at i? Ship YAZOO. Cm t < oru'll, 10th Oct. 1841. Ship OCONEE. Cent Jackson, 16th Oct. Slip MISSISSIPPI,Capt. Hiikmrd, WthOct. Ship LOUI9VILLE, Cspt. Hmt.'JIrti Oct. iRhipSHAKSPKARE, Capl. Miner, 1st November. Ship C1ASTON,Capt Latlium, 5th Nov. SfcpHVjNTSVaU.K, tispt. Mumfcrrd lMh Nov. Kp OCMULOEK. Cept l.eavitt, 15th Nov. Kip NASHVILLE. Capl Dickinson.?0lh Nor. Shlb MEMPH4H, Cspt. Knight, ?Sth Njt. al>? LOUISA, C?pt^ Mulford. let December. The*a (hip* weTf all built iii I he city of New York, oipronr ly Ikr packets. *re?f light drafted water. hvre recently been Mwl* wiMitiw and put iu tpleudtl order, with accommodationt lor {Meengeni unequalled for co ntort. They are commanded by experienced neuter*, who wtfl make rrrry exertion to five general eefielanTinn They wa|l at all tune* be towed up and down the Mvtmautpoi by iteauiboata. Neither the owner* or captain oftlie*re?av>* will be reeponmMe for jewelry,buMion,precioiiB atew t.ailver, or plated ware.or tw nay letter*.parcel or package, eeut by or put ?-i board of Skim, unieeeregiilar hill* oflading are taken for tnesame, and txMtlw thereon ?t.-.ueii' TrcWZ&S fcCO. II Sooth ?t.,or JAMKS E. WOOORUFF, Agent in New Orjeenmwhe will promptly forward all-voodito hie addreu. The nupa of thie hue are warranted to eail punctually at ad) yertieed.nnd great care will be taken to hare the gooda correct br measured. isiy JN?W TOKK A.NU HATRR PACkt'i a (SECOND LINE.) J ft jft jft liftffpTSf thie1E?Wherein!??; Nev^Yor^jn.the Havre on the <Mh of each month aa follow*: Frvm S'no Yrrk. Ertrm Havrt. The new chip ONEIDA, let March ( nth April Cant. <, let Inly < nth Aaguet Jamea Knock. I1 let November C lttli December W| BALTIMORE, I 1st April ( IMh May Cart. 1st August < llth September Edward Funk. I let December filth January dp UTICA, (let May (llth June CepC let September < llth October fi?A Hewitt i let January f llth February Nbw ship HT. NICOLAS, let June i llth July Cant Mt October v nth November J. BTrell. i tat February I llth March The accommodation* of these thipt are net turpetted, com *11 !* ? mmv tin PMiiiwil far pomfort. Tk? sriee of cs kin (Lwe is $1M, Paaecngert will be applied with ertry Miaiiu, with the exception of wines uid liquor*. Good* intended for theee rewel* will be forwarded Vr the onbecnbers. free I rem any other than the expense* actually! aat 8 Tontine BuDdin**. k1w vohk AM> Wjcwask: Vara reduced let M cent*. VM the foot of Courtlandt itreet. New York. . (Eeerydav-Baiidaye excepted.) Lear* New York. Lear* Newark. At* A.N. At t P.M. At 8 A.M. AtU f.M. U da * do * do H do 41 do 1(4 do 7 do T de 18 do ON BUNDAYS. fm the foot of Liberty afreet. Loare New York. Leate No weak. naeHlA. ^ Kare reduced, fm the foot of Libert yitreet.daflY. Loare New York. Loaf a New Brtmawiek. At A. M. At T) A. M. 4 I P. M. t P. M. OMXRVILLK etaceaconnect with theae lioaaaach way. laee betwe* New York and Stignrrvilla, 10 cent*. Do do N*w Bnuuwiek, Tl eonta. Kah war. 00 eonta. Ksabethtowi, OS casta. The far* in the T) A. M. train from New Brtmawiek, and 4| ? M. train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Bruaawick to fO cents. ' and Rahway t* IT! " The Pniladelphia moil tmc pa*?e* through Naw Brunawickfor "KISLJKTnTV . trip from Now Brunewickia omit- I Paaacagera who proenr* their ticket* at the ticket office, reMae* a ferry ticke t era tie. Ticketaara received by theconducto* nlv ad the day when ourekaved. feb 11 _ajri PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY-Th* ftit>?mbo?U ROCHESTER. SOUTH AME y m ?'r? and NORTH AMERICA,of the Peeota'a Line, will be in readiness to comiuencr running between New York and Albany, tad intermediate places, a* eoon a* the nvigalien ie free fro n ice. Passage Oae Dollar. f 19 lot >f?r^??0h AHHEWTBURV?I^ALL AH: ^|M3p R ANOE M K NT-The steamboat OSIRIS. 3E!3DLCa|it. J. C. Allaire, will cnuimeuee running on flatardar, Sept. asth, a? fadlowa:?leaee Kniton Market alip, net Rfrer, every Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tueeday, Wednesday, aad Friday, at 8 o'clock AM. Returning, leavea Red Bauk every Mondar morning; at 10 o^o?k>/t M^ Tuesday, Wed needay, and Friday, at halt-past The boat will ran aa above until furtlier notice,aavigatioa aad weather permittmg. ottm* T. POWELL k CO.'S LINE. jjMM * FOR NEWBUROH. landing at CALD BbUkkS*WELL'S, WERT POINT AND COLD aEZajDLBFRING-The steamboat HIGHLANDER Capt. Robert wardrop. will leave the foot of Warren atreet Plow York, every Monday. Tlvt-vdoy aad Saturday afternoon'! at 4 o'clock. Retaining, the Hwh.ander will .aewburgb every Men day morning at o'clock, anu iuceday and Friday gnuuoou at I o'clock. For freight or passage,apply to the Captain on board. N. 1. AH baggage and freight if every description, bank bRIa orepocte, put on board thia boat. aiu*tbe at the riak of tha ga-^W.anlaaa a bill of lading orreceiptiaaigned for I NEW YORK AND LIVEKPCOL COMMERCIAL LINI Ok PACKETS. AI^^to Jfc. jflL OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No ?1 South street, New York. THE subscriber, in anniunnng hie arranremmt* for the vaar -* 1*41. appear* before hi* friends with sentiments of sincere inspect for the able support ha ha* received for nan/ ycar* He likewise wi*he* tr call the attentioa of those intending to send for tbeir friends in Enclsod, Ireland, Srot'and. and Walts, that ther can at all time* be accommodated by this liiie, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different line* of packet ships (ailing to and from Liverpool,oo the lit.7th, lllh,ltlh, and rath of each month, throughout the year. It has alway* been the atudy of the inbscriber tohave ths emigrants shown civility, and dispatched without delay; and those who tend for their frieud* may rest *aiiafi??l that every car* and dilicent attention will be ciicnby the Liverpool Agent* to those aeat for, a* well a* airnhomay embark with them; aad ahould any of thoae, wboee pasnge ha* been paid, at embark, the money will be refunded without any charge. The sobreriber feelsa pieamire id raiiiw known the different hips bv which hi* paaaengen e?me out daring the last year, which has gtvsa general satisfaction, and that n* lias considerably (ileoded and concluded his arrangemi ut* for ths year _The following is a list of ships j? Ship Scotland Hobinaoo Ship Oaceols Childs Fairfield Wjlsoa " St. Cloud Emerson Frankfort Rhfkell ? New V?rk Niven " Russell Govsr Howes " Warsaw Griffiths Hibcrua Wilton " Oswego Wood 4J)fw Cheever " Ocean Welland Clifton lugrrtoll ? Talbot Story Lomrilli Allen " N. Hampshire Harding ei Emerson " fen the a Uoodwanaon . A>*bamwn Law 14 Koht. Isaac Treeman - S ?* Hopkins " Virginia Eaton _ J*pear " Europe Batehelder - WmteK?t.. ir "" 8 Jtnkiss Seymour l f t*?^f firrii __T, T? their respective captains, are all well and favorably know* in the trade ... from the digs rent ports of Ireland and Scot1 f? ' *? "..*?"*! wd drifts furnished for any amount, I W*" 'V National and Provincial Baaka of Ireland, and "''/'r ?? Memr. J. It W Robin- ? rCunite^Kingdom PW ' an' chnrge, throughout , For further particulars apply to i . ?t South street. . J- k Y- KOBINhON, is (iorss Piazzas, ?A Wo. I Neptuns si Waterloo Dork. Lreahuwil REMIT r^CMTOANB PASSAGE r ROM OREikT mm.j 1A1^ AWU uillaimu, AY THJC LI^f^&ERP fenooa ?ntiin to rend to the old country for their frienda, ' gmaue the MtMiri arrange mmita rith tha nbmbm, < hare theaa ooaaeout ia thieru'ertorliaeof peeketa. nil? 1 I Liverpool oa Iho Tlh aad 1 ttk of eeery month. They win ! hare afirat rate elui of Americas traneieat ehrpe eai Inter ' ?T turth (toy. thereby affnrdinr a weekly eonunaaicatioa i that port. On? of the firm. Mr. Jam :g D. RneWe. ia thoro wilt remain durlw the year IMJ.'eaee that all the pereoaa w paaeagaa hare keen paid here are forwarded with eare J ftheadd the partiee agreed for not come out the money will he 1 returned to Uiooa who paid it here without any deduction. ITmehirieceeipniingthi# line ere: I " < M?RJDU?. I1" co*'Mm' 3 DreAe at eight. for any amount, on the Rayal Beak of foo land, aad oa rreecotl, Oratr. Aaaea k Co., faakm, Loadaa. which will ha paid oa dtmaa^, fore of dieaaant. ui all the pm 2r~ sc-'" . JM ?rrftoaat..aeit doer te the raitoo gaah. rr.T E NE N1 AMtlM IklM. ?T THOMA# BALL. (Blercc Jinn and lit AVUetuJrocfe.) TUKBDAY, At Oli o'clock, at the aalra ro vm. AipltoJid aalc oi 14 new and eecond hand piano (ortev by vanoua mukcra Alco, with which tnc cale will commence.! magnittccn*. dinnericli olrea'Saaonv China, white and cold. A'a.?,tt n ha of ipieaiid table linen. the rich* ltd ama*k, I with b?rd*r*; tablecloth*, napkini, liat n ihctta, pillo a Had b?later Caere. he. ' Alia, a toe aeiortment of rich cut rImo wart, of all de e notion*. Same lime, a until aaeorlment ol ralaabde furniture, ha. N.I. The piano fort?a eninpriee inatrumcnta by the beat maker* ia thia and other eooatriea. CMulrg.ea of *aie on Monday. WEDNESDAY. Large Sal* of Splendid Karnitare, of aflhtacriRitioao, at 1*1 o dock, ia the tale room*. Alio, aa entire etock of new city made warranted cabinet farnitnre. FRIDAY, At tti o'clock, it the adlen room, j DrjrOeodi, Clothing. Jewelry, Finer and Pledged article*,. Hardware, Cutlery, Watche*. Vc of i'.ldetertptintw; t IriRika ulterior Clothing, Clotht, Caaatmeraa. Veiling*, Bilkf. Batina ' he. k: _ Alto, She die 1J Cutlery-, Gum, Sccar*. Wine*. Grocertei. 1 caete Hoaiery.t trauka *tco;hI ' .and <'lo hicg, Tiedged Good*, he he. . Alao?The baltanca itoeV efeti erchaat Tail or. ^MQ jR MAIL LINE y>JU ALBANY aud later mediate Placet, or aa f?r to the ice permit* SC30L?iHi eatety?Ttie Steamboat TELEGRAPH will leave the foot of Courkunlt (ireet thi* (Monday) afternoon, Merck in, at t o'clock. The ***?boat ' Uea will hurt for Alb my, on Wedncidiy afternoon. ( March til) at 3 i/Vock For ymiRt or freight, apMy on board, or to P. f?. 8CHULTZ, ml It at the office on the Whatf. _ ?fiTKSlii5?nrFZHKl7~~~~ dfiSR^^Foot of Whitehall street. l5e5555w^1,ATEN ISLANDER or SAMsON will ran as follows un'il further notice:? I Lmtn Htatan lsfciad beeves Whitehall sAt>t e'eiockaat. At t o'clock a.*. 'MS " "It " l| " "J " f.M. j U ? H | U N. . All *oole'Shipped are required to ha particularly stacked and are at the risk nj the owperr thereof. <il fOR LONDON?Regular Packet ol the 1st Sf3?V March?The luxrior fait sailing packet ship PHIJBlLaDELTHIA, Capt H irer, wik.sait as above, hi r This ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage paaaengor*. are uot surpasaed liy auy Teasel in port. Asa number of her pisseng-ri are already engaged, persons wishing to secure bertha should inak* early application to OLOVEK It Me MURRAY, 104 Pioe at. cor. South it, P. 8-?Persons wishing to send for their frieoda residing in t^ old country, cau havs them brought out in the above lavontasship. or any of the regular packets, sailing pron.ptIv|on their flay, by applying as above diiactsd, if by letter post paid FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New ||9fWTork Line?Positively First Regular Packet?To JWMheail 1st March ?To receive Iretglit till S P M, and this day at t o'clock The splendid last sailing pocket ship OCONEE, Capt Jackson, will positively sail as above, her nsalir day. For freight or passage,hsring splendid furnished aeeommodatoons,apply on board, at Orleans whirf, loot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 8? South K. Great care will be taken to hare the gooda by this line corPassengers by this ship will please be on board, at Orleans wharf foot >1 Wall street, to-morrow at S o'clock, at which than the steamboat Herruleaa will take the thip to sea. Agent in New Orteane. Jas. O. Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all goods to hit address The packet ship Shaktpea'c, Capt. Mine, will succeed the Oastan. and sail the 10th instant, her regular day. ml pO tL tARP TO LEASE.?The Clinloo Cotj Yard. No. ? m uivuruc ?re'l,?iui umcc, maoie. U1U inc *art paved The ?d?erli?er will iucviI daiiy at 11 o'clork, A. M. at WILLIAMS HKEBGUSCN'S corner ol Madison and Jefferson ltreeia. ml vd aw' VACHT FOR KALE, or will be exchanged ler a amaiker i vessel, the yacht OV-KA-HV-E.?Two year*' expert eaee in going to aea for pleaaurt haa rendered it somewhat doubtful with me whether, t thing the ro>igh with the amooth, the roiuh doea not pred iminate. Eren the pie unre of rolling abeut for two or three day a in a calm (with an appetite that at eueh tiniea ia apt to border on the equivocal) mar (in my opinion, at leant,) be questioned. Thoae who think differently, or may with to noire aurh donbtn, hare now an opportn nity to do no, at a comparmtirely cheap rale. The model of the On-ka-hy-e it entirely new, combining more buoyancy with aharaoeaa that any o'her. It wan adopted with the intention of making her tail particularly well ia a tea war, and at far at I eaa juege, a moat capital tea boat the it. la the open wd of thoae who hero sailed in her, laud who, if they ate not, ought to be, good judges.) ahe it one ct the drieat and fastest cratis that crcr floated. The On-ka-hy e ia about S4t or 350 toot, carpentera' measurement, St fret on deck, which it tluah fere and aft, t?i leet beam, 13 feet hold, and drawa it feet water, which may ba increaaed wnea on a wind t?33 feet, by a slidiog kerl She ta coppered nod copper faa'eaed. and eery ttrouplv built, kneed with bothiraekind wood, and acraw-boltid and put Ugether in a way that fewaailing eese-le eaa cqutl; at any rate, neither money nor pains ?ere ?pared to render her, in this aa well aa ia trery other reaoeet, aa perfect aa pneaible. The plank near her kec ia ft i t iachea thick, tapering to three inchea a little below the water line. The centre part of her keel,for M or to feet, laM inches wide, by tl incheideep. To this coutre part an outer keel, o' caat-iroo, of tne aatne dimeoaiona.aud weighing ft tana, ia aecurel* bolted, through blh keel and kelson. The cant-iron is ahothed wilhovk, and coppereJ She raunot upsetfor if knocked down by a squall, 40 ton*, with such n leverage, will right her again She would be admirably adapted for a diopnich veaacl, or tender to a fleet. She is stroi-g enough to tarry any arms incut, if o-ed aa a privateer or veaiel of war, and capacious enough for a large ea'go if imidoye-l in commerce. She won.d be well adapted to the Eaa: India, or any oihartrade, where the goods a e valuable, and (peed an obj :ct. From hrr peculiar construction,! suppose she would aail better (except Iarery light winds) loaded than light. I do not uelieve that ? vuinii juh.uuiii vwa mr ii mi, la a trial with the thorp and dipper-built U. 8. brig Washington, Capt. Gtdney Uw On-ka hy-e, with a good top-gallant breeze, beat her fouriboura out or t>n. If wauted aa a Yatch, ahe would be we! I adapted for a eruiae in the Mediterranean or West led ?a. The dining cabin of the On-ka-hy-e will accommodate It or 4 at able Tne panels, doe re, piliaa'cra, and eoinicee, are enamelled and pohahed white, relieved by gilded carved work. There are lour orna<ncntei caaea Icr booka, eoarte. he be , with a aofaia front of each, covered with a rich stuff of ertmaon and white.and with which the aeate for the dinner table correspond There are two aidehoaidi, ofaiz feet raeb, with Egypt tan maihle tope, end two mirrora of the teme length, I together with a handsome grate, for burnieg wood or coal. , The owner'e atate room and theeteward'e paniry (vera com- 1 pletelr fitted op) with a paaeage way betweeu them, separates , the dining ealoon from tne gent'emau'a apartment, adjoining which ia one for ladiea. furuiahed with cuahiooa and curtaiaa ofr.rhailk- In the gintlrman'a apartment there are four sofaa, and in front of them white enamelled eulumug, with gilded 1 capttala. In the rear of the oolumna. white ailk curtaina, lined | and trimmed with blue, are auapen cd, and mar be cloaed or drawn aaide, at the pleaaure of the occupant. T?<e beda. when 1 not in ate,are concealed from riew by flamet of fluted end ornemeatalailb, eo dtepoeed aa to be, when boohed up, entirely out ol the war- The carpels for aea are of the ordinary sort but those for tht harbor, or smooth water are Wilton, of the beat quality, and mar be taken up or laid down in ten minutes. There are bede for lei, four in the lediee room, four ia the gentlemen's, and ons in each atate-reom. The eeihogs are seven feet high, end the teens, and airy, and cap be easily and'borooghly ventileted. Then is n bath and wash .... The Oa-ka hy-eia very completely fitted with anchors, eables, sails, rigging, lie., all in perfect order. 8he is pilotboat or acnooncrrwged, with no yards or lop hamper. Her fore and aft aaile (exclusive ol ringtail gaff-toptail., end jib topeaii) meaiure on the foot tope 147 fret; her light weedier i main gaff-topaail ia SO fi?t oith< head, 34 feet on the foot, end has 54 ftetheitL The foot of llie j Ii ia 45 feet, wo keoo a hoam and in ordinary times requires no tending. When bi f .re the wind, he sets a equate sail of forty-fire feet head, aod iiij icnnnnu one rcquirr-s out iew nisae 10 W??rM her. t When the raictnii i?*tow?d (which i* luua'ly doue when not in company with other*,) ihe man a* the h.lm, with another >o 1 tend the fly hag-jib fheete. are nil that are required on deck. The workmanehip about her, from eiem to ateru, i* thought to be a good apecimenof the Amerie in ship carpenter'* andahip | joiner'a wont. Aa ahe i* nnneeea?arily large forthe ningation of our bay* < and river* (where there ia quite era way eunuch for my taa'e,) I would willingy diapoae uf her, or e(charge herfnr a entailer 1 are Enquire of JOHN C. 8TEVCN8. , fat 1 wd tawtf No. M Ba'tlav at'eei. New York. CELLING OFF AT COSTPHICE-A*tha Spanith hoime, ' O bow io No 10* Naaaau srreet, will remove tut few dgjg 1 to 35* Broadeay, oppoaite the City Hall, and here a f>e?h and teleeled ate rtm-nt of the beat Haeaoa and 'Principe Se- < gara, of all brand*; baoidei two new brand*. relatively for . the Hpani.h Houae. one from Principe (Waahmgton brand) and the ut be r from Hnvan> (Dun Quijite braid.) Alao a 1 large rniply of the Htgienlc Patent*. The following aegara I will be gold at coat price Very old and auperior flavor aa- l aorted Havana, at la per bunch (45 e?gar?) or Bit per thou- , utnd; do Principe, |i ad, or $13 per thounadd. the b-et puma 1 La Norma, 4* ad perbunch, or $lt per thoaaand- do Noriega* 1 do; rcry toe Victoria. 4a ad per bunch, nr $11 pcrthouaaid; i the celebrated higiemc patent*. 3* per bunch; 8l Domingo, regali i aiic, Mcenta per bunch ka Ac,nil nhjectto the venture, , and in Inta to nuit pnrehaa?ra. at |o* Naaaau at. 1 Our agrata through'ut the United Stolen for patent aegnra, . will Iilcaae to lend emir Uieir order* for the new branda of , Washington and Don Q njot*. There ia n ?uteriur article manufactured in our private manufactu'es in Havana and 1 Principe, and of the beat tobnreo of La Vuella de Abaie and I Yam.aiieh aa to pltaae the delicate Yankee. Mat*, ftt ?t' PENA k CO. / < UNION" II A l.l. -On Wrdieed.y F.reuing, March id ? 1 yj Kent a i Monaii.reepectfully announeea that he will de- 1 liver a aeriea of Lecturea. conaiatirgof Aaecdotea, Dialogue*, j Song*, and Humeroua Htories. . For programme ** email bill*. ... Price of Admi*?ion?Gentleman and two ladic*. one dollar. ' Smalt licke'aSOceuta. Children, with paraat* or guardiana ] and lady'* ti'kata. M reata e*e?. , Door* open at aevtn a'clock?performance commence at j "Vicketi to be had at the Munic Store*, and of Robert Motrin, No. 13 Siilh Avenue, and at the dooron the evening of perrormanee. ?3* *t* art- you ?re requested to read iiTE CBOM J. 8. BARER Erq . F K. 8 I. Fellow of the , r Royal ScientiAe Inatitution. The Royal Scientific liatilotion haa been fivorvd with a apecimen nf Jonea'Oil of Coral < treat eta. for the purpote of Mating ita recommended jualitiva, and report* aa follow* J "We hare minutely eiammed and Mated Johnea' Oil of Coral Cire*asia. and And that it coaai.ta of compound* detidedly favorable for nouns'.tag, aoftening. cauaiog growth, :uring dandruff, and giving a dark app*aranee to the hair, Ming the qualities moat recommended by Mr. /one*, which ha* aoaaety fiod perfectly Irtae, and in vutne thereof award Hr. Jo net the above teatiaaonial*.'' * (Signed.) J. 8. BAKER, F.R 8. I. j, Portman street, Po. tman Square, London. Thie '* aold at *3?anlaa* yoa art careful ol the right rum- 0 it yoaal ho cheated?*3 Chatham atreet. Price oat* 3. 3, or I .k.ll.n I - o c . ?-! - r . ?>- ? I r* . j .?S r.nuioiuinmil. AMBII?1*7 I'lTl- ?' jon l? Knttou "rre , Broofclro. rt? M' h to I To vf I* * colon. oflt r* i dually, .'J' '"! * k?l?*?i?*,for talc It I M Broadway. ror*?r of Frinhli*? . Zr,*,A2i'" "i****- ""1 I odiu Red, ll *?" fttaprr Purple Brews. . ?" * , Madder Lak?a, ' T?k Or*-, VwmiMios, ti ion Orwi, Chrome*. Turkey Umhrr, Oehret, lie., lie. tl To Pnular* and fcn?r*T*r.?Rr*nkfori aad Co?IUh BlaeJu. err voperler, for vale el *' f?b 97 3a* IN Irtclwftf, comer frnkka. || VV YO SW YORK. TUESDAY ft w Havana. lCunssseniisaus of the Herald.] Havana. Feb 10, ??. Spain?Her Pokey?The Italian Opera?Mrh Sutton ?Fanny EUeler?Her Speech, fye. $?. Mr D* a* ftnnnrr? I bare written yon a long letter, all about Havana. Thw are several things I might say of it, not lacking interest; and I will say them on some early neenim. There is a great deal to be written of Havana, or Cuba, rather, in a political sense, that deserves attention. Spain has at length turned her attention towards her long neglected offspring,and he is likely to make ample anendi for past neglect, by the affectionate assiduity she daily manifests. The mother country seems to apprehend that her robust offspring etfffers of a plethora of slastklAAna a?<i akn > ike nnnliesiiea A#* a treatment that will infdibly lead to an abatement of the anapected complaint. But thie will make the subject of another letter : I will eontine myself now to theatrical newa mere Ijr. The Italian opera cioeed here on the arrival of Md'lle. Fanny Klssler, tome two weeka aiaee. It kaa keen a losing coneorn the paat winter, from the dearth of any great attraction. There it only one male attached to the company,of merit, not by name Salvatore, who, to good vocal powers, adde great histrionic ability. Hia performance of Belisario is a fiae effort. Mad. Oaee, one prima donna, hat degenerated a good deal. Md'lle Elaaler said of ber last year, that she had the elements of a great artist, aud hoped she would curtail ccrtaiu extravagances of voice and action that marred all her performance*. But the baa been ill of the fever since, and lost practice. Antognoni is a good artiat, but his voice is very uncertain. Mrs. Sutton was attached to the company lately, and pleased very considerably here. The company have gone to New Orleans, and you will probably see them at New York They are headed by the indomitable Don Marty, owner and autocrat of all the theatres, operas, &c. in theaa parts, and snugly customer to have any thing to do with, as the good folks of the north will speedily discover, lie is from the proviaceof Spain called Catalonia, and is known as a Catalan?tantamount to Yankee, it re main* to be seen how they match. The Ravels are here, but not attractive this year. The circus has proved a bad speculation, and about returning to New Orleans. The low price of sugar has a great deal to do with this. The Habaneros are a prudent people ; they never spend their money on other pcupic wncn ibcj uare not eaougn iei( loriavm* aelres. Perhapi ttey are right, bat tbia ia not liberality. The Americana are thoughtless of their iatereata when a good Teeliag actuates them, and they hare spent more money in their Toluntary patronage or artiata than any other nation in the world, and upon aome rery bad onea too, for want of better. I don't know how the angar maiket will effect Elaaler? aweeta hare mrt aweet, and the end ia to come yet- She appeared for the first time Saturday laat to an orerflowi' g honae, and waa welcomed with an enthusiasm quite tropieal. It'checred herapirita and nerred her to great exertiona, for ahe nerer daaced more gracefully. She ia looking better than laat year, and will, ere long, throw theae hot aona of the Sonth into a atate of fermentation that will, buret oat into a thou-and noiay and droll demonatratiena of delight. She has made a rery apleadid engagement of twentytwo nighta?eighttat the Teatro principal, or Opera; the remaining at the Teatro Tacon, with two benefita. She will likely clear aome forty thoua and dellara and preeente. She made a narrow eacape of the euitom honae offieere, who arc uereileaa in their exactione. They charged upon cost ea and flower*, and th~n leried the modest sum of $221 upon her carriage. She memorialised the gorernment, and they hare behared more gallantly. Let that he a warning to those that cant dance as weH aa Fanny does, and yet want to nae carriage and ghorses. They may* not escape so luckily, Md'lle Kaniy lurpriied the Spaniard* into downright extravagance the (Tening of her entree by an impiomtu compliment the unexpectedly paid them. After being repeatedly ealled out, the came forward once more at the clot* and addreaaed them in theae word*? " E lano pattado no vi mat que eitrangheroi p?ro en el dia na beo todeada de amigot?y aatot ton lot Habaneret." ' "Latt year I ttood among stranger*. now 1 am tarrounded by friendt, and thoie friendt are Htbtnerot." Tou may infer thr effect. The hent ia vary great ?our auffenng ie intollerable. Consign ua a barrel or two of your cold water. More anon. Blew Orlenme. Correapondence of the Herald.] New Ohxaitb, Feb. 16,1S12. About Banks and Financiers, fyc. Data Bennett :? If you were in the Creaeent City, and could get a glimpae of thing* aa they are just now, it would furnish n banquet for your render*, and aa you are deprived of that opportunity, (notwithstanding yoar teeming ubiquity) 1 will furnish you with tome of the prominent affairs now about transpiring, and that hare already been numbered with the things done. The day* of bnnkocrata and munieipnerat* are about ending, forever and aye, in this city, and never did you see n aet of fellow* die half ao hard. Thair struggles moan through the very key hole* of the bankinc palaeea like the dirge* of the wind* in the midnight of winter. But it it all over with then, and diapair it legibly written on their fore heada. If they can only eacape now, with elear and unbroken akina, their laet wiahea will be granted ; bat I fear Judge Lynch will take juried.ctien of the matter. Well, aince the effects of the Merchants' Bank,ita palaee, and the princely reaidence of ita Peeaideat, have been aeized by the Diatrict Attorney of the United Statea, and releated by that functionary, Miaturu k Petera have been alyly offering the banking bou-e, and President's manlion for aale, on caah payments. They fir.-t offered

them to a ereole, of Jeruaalem, who baa got a good deal of the ready, but he would'nt take, and taing himtelf up to all manner of ely waya, he tould not refrain from apeak ngof the matter, and 10 the affair leaked out?and the rumor ia upon good inthority, (aaya the Advertiser of to-day) "that the Merchants' Bank pmprietora hare sold their tanking heusea, and ihe fine dwellings adjoining to Benjamin Story, (of the Louisiana Bank) for fifty thousand dollara, caah." In other times this property cost $200,100. So you see how the assets of the United States Bank of Pennsylvania are travelling, for you will reMember this concern, the Merchants' "Bank, was the property of the US B , and add to Torke, Minturn k Peters for $575,000, and at the time of the aale, there was said to be in the raulta of the tank the sum of $".133 000. specie, which thev ear la* been put away "agminat a rainy day." They [>aid the |ea?ign?r* at Philadelphia, Lippencott \ bo., from the proceed* of loan* granted to each of them oat of the other'* bank. Yorke, Mintnra & Peter* were the President* of three other concern*. >1 intern i* (till to occupy, at a (tipulated rent, the Pretident'a hou*e, and Yorke to lire orer t ha baakag home Hea?M. Hertford! f< orreepoadenee o< the Herald.I HABTronD, Feb. 18, 1S42. Tht Box Ftwr ? Trmptranet Sorutiri?Politic*? The CM Water Army. T. G. Bewsett, E*q : ? Deab Sia :? The Box ferer ha* somewhat subsided, and all itlention U new turned to the different temperance oeietiei, the moet prominent of which ia the Wa*hngten Temperance Society, which number* nearly 00. The Young Men'* Society ha* been decreeing for ton* week* beek, or rather the meeting* iar< not been in fnllv altandait fnrm..i. ri:. oeiety are about making political capital oat of tmpe ranee, and introducing politic* (whig meauraa) iato the raaka, probably for the apring eleeion. Thia, of eoarar, will never do?and thereby key have loit many of ita firm aupportera. The aeiety called the Cold Water Army, aamberiag boat 1,300 children of both aexea, between the 1 ML--.- gg RK E [ORNING, MARCH 1, 1& ages of four and sixteen years of age, is, without doubt, a good society aad conducted upon good and honest principles, udder the command of Mr. H. A. C.t a dry goods dealer, who is getting to be quite popular among the temperance advocates, and is gaining laurels daily among all classes?is a very generous, liberal, aud high minded man?has scarcely an entmy in the whole city, and is honest and upright in nil his dealings. There is another temperance society about being organised in a part of the sity called Sodom. If a reform can take place in this section of the city it would be as great a hleasing as it would be for your city to hare Wall street knocked out of existence. The prime movers in getting up this society are J. C , N. M., W P aud MAC. They are determined to purify this part of the city; it has long been a sink of corruption and degration. We wisn them God speed ia this undertaking. But of all the different societies,the Washington Temperance Society is ahead, aud doing a snug business The pressure of the timet*, the lulling off of stocks, or the breaking of banks, from the United Siates down to the shiaplaster eoncerns, has ao cmcui uu viae in , irct un too vbsh ) bicui, uiai it, if they are not well paid for keeping tober, they will tare back into their old habita again. Tkia hat beeu the eaie with two er three. They have lecturea twice a week at their head quartern, corner of Market and Temple atreeta ; aorue of them are well rttended?alwaya with orowded houaea. C. C , Esq did honor to himself and to the society with which he iaconnected. He waa received with ahouta of applause, which echoed and re-echoed through the hails- Last evening the old sailor 5readier held forth, and next week the celebrated ohn Brown, author of a popular work, ia to address them ; he ia all the talk now among them. I shall attend, and will endeavor to give you a full and accurate report of hiaaddreac?it no doubt will be very interesting, H. J. Albsuijr, I Correspondence of the Herald.] Albawt, Feb. 26, 1842. This has been a very nnpleasant day, a driving sleet falling all the time, freezing on the pavement, and rendering our streets almost impassible from (he ice. Numerous were the evolutions performed by foot passengers in their attempts to keep their fret, and still more numerous were the falls received, and they were not all windfalls either, by any ineane, judging from the limping displayed. In the AskEMBLT to-day, owing probably to this reason there was a very thia attendance of members. An application was received for the ase of the Assembly Chamber on TuesJay evening, to deliver a lecture on Polaud, which was granted. An invitation was received from the Western Hail Road Co-, to unite in a celebration of the opening of the road on the 4th March, at Springfield. Several petitions were presented in favor of the re-chartering of the Nerth River Bank. Mr. Swackhaiier presented a petition, praying for the immediate redemption of broken safety fund bank notes, &c. Mr. D 1 F. Jones, presented a bill to authorize the Supervisors ofNew York to raise money by tax, which was ordered to a third reading. The bill with amendments, in relation to the State Prisons, was reported by the committee. Mr. Towsiend reported a bill to amend the charters of theNaatilus Insurance Co., and the East River Fire Insurance Co.; also bills for the incorporation of the Atlantic, Oriental and Atlas Insurance Companies. Mr. T. reported a general law to authorize the business of insurance. Mr. Want from the standing committee, reported in favor of the bill proposing to take of! the tax on theatres. Several bills were then taken up for their final passage, when it was lound that two-thirds were not present, and a call of the House was ordered, and the doors closed. After about an hour a quorum (86) was at last found, and business was resamed. Mr Ttimrs introduced n retuilulion of innnirv ?- ? ? ? ? -"1? /? as to the salaries, ?fcc. of clerks in the Comptroller's and other offices. Mr. B. introduced another, proposing to reduce the salary of the Comptroller, and other State officers to $2000 per annum. Mr. Hathawat called for the consideration of his resolution of inquiry, in relation to tha Chemung Canal law, and this time was successful. Mr H said that near three weeks had elapsed, and he had net as yet heard, whether this money had been taised. Mr. SaTMOun said he had been aware that this resolution was to be introduced, and as he did not know but that it would be embarrassing to the State officers, and he had taken the trouble to call on the Comptroller, to ascertain whether it would or not, and he was authorized to say that that officer had no objection. Mr. Townse *n thought that there was no necessity for the adoption of this resoulution- All the information he wanted could he obtained by walking over to the Comptroller's office and have a conversation with Mr. Flagg. He wished those gentlemen who were so strenuous in favor of raising money, would unite in a measure for laying a direct tax- Mr. T. moved that the question on this resoluton be laid on the table, and the ayes were demanded on this. It was lootAfter fuither debate, in which Mr. Hatiiawat, made a very eloquent and able appeal on the subject, it was proposed to amend so as to call on the Canal Board, to ascertain what further legislation, if any, is necemary to obtain this money. It was objected, that the object would not be attained by the resolation in this form?the contractors were suffering, actually suffering for the want of the money, and it was, therefore, necessary that it should be immediately forthcoming. The present Canal Board, ncic ucw iiicu, uuauijuiiniru wiui mc uuucr, ana 11 would lake aome time before they could become acquainted with the state of things. The abject sought could be immediately obtained by a direct call upon the Comptroller, aa proposed in the original resolution. Pending this discussion,a motion was made to adjourn ana earnedIn the Skrate to-day, the further consideration of the resolutions relative to the public faith was postponed till Friday next, and the same were made the especial order for that day. The New York, Criminal Court bill was then taken up, and after a long debate in which Messrs. Root, Franklin and Scott, took part, it was ordered to a third reading, and on Monday will doubtless be passed. In the course of the debate? G.;n. Root intimated, indeed he declared that this bill would not receive the signature of the Governor. Considerable excitement was created in our city from the reception of some alarming news from the West Indies. Cave Ulciscau. Harrlsbnrg. [Correspondence of the Herald.] HahsisbUrg, Feb. 27, 1&12. Bank Bill. The House taking up the Resumption Bill yes terday morning, the motion of Mr. Deford to extend the time to the first of June, was negatived. The first five sections were then amended in various ways, bnt not materially changed. The sixth section was entirely stricken out, and another insesrted in its stead, releasing the baaks from ur obligation to receive tho note's issued under the ict of Mar 4, 1811 The remainder of the bill an it came from the Senate, was then slightly amended, and pasted. Four new sections were added to the hill, making it highly penal for the banks to discount, declare dividends, transact other business, , or even pay their officers during a period of sus- | pension, and the hill was finally passed. I The bill will be returned to the Senate to-mor- , row, when it will donbtless he referred to a com- , noittee of conference of both honses. The "? ** t tioas already made cannot meet the approbation of g the Senate; and a Senate bill coald aot be agreed j to in the House. t Erie, Pa. I I Comspondsoec of tho Hersldl ( Earn, Pa., Feb. 17, 1842. i H'*ot>ur-Ba?k?-Xm>iiotion-V* IVtM-Trad* . Jsisne Gonnoit BnnnnvT, Ese. Da a a Sin t I see you eity folks are fairly devouring " Bon," ? with feasting, balling, ate. Be kind enough not to so him entirely up before we ehaps out woet hare | IER A 12. hare a shake of hi* band, which we certainly expect to do in the coarse of next summer. Winter ie passing off with us. without developing anything, save the common routine of occar rence*. Death*, birth* and marriage*, ball*, soirees, and lectures on various subjects, interspers d *ritb sheriff sale*, bankrupts' petition*, politic*, religion, temperance, abolition, etc. etc. In the bank way, we hare a little new*; that i*, the young monster has received order* from it* mother at Philadelphia, to put it* paw upon all renewal of note*, and bring matter* to a close immediately. So we may expect business for the lawyers and sheriff ere long: however, matters and things are not so bad a* they might be ; the heaviest debt* are owed by speculators, and all those who expected to pay, (that is the trading and woiking classes) have been reducing their no'es attach renewal for the last three years; and have things in train to pay up without much sacrifice. In addition to this, Mr. Peter Benson, the cisbier and agent of the assignees, is a gentleman of the first water, an able financier, and a philanthropist; and will, at the same time he i* using all honorable and effective means to collect the debts, have due regard to a mitigation of the sacrifices he will necessarily canse to be made by those indebted to the hank. The Erie Bank has made another proposiiion to the power* at Harrisburg to issue $500,000 additional " crackee money;" the *um required to complete thia end of the Pennsylvania Canal. It ha* aot been accepted a* yet. The weather, for a few weeks past, has been as mild as May; in fact the whole winter has been so, with the exception of an oceisional puff from old ' Boreas," and a few severe nips from " Jack Frost." The lake and harbor are quite free from ice, and little or nothing to impede the navigation; as it is so unusual, the jack-tars are not disposed to venture yet awhile. In speaking of our navigation, I thought it would not be amiss to say something in regard to the de structive consequences produced by the "let alone" policy, pursued by the late administration of the General Government (and which appears to have been contagious, as, it is extending itself to the present) in not carrying out the original design of the Engineer Departaaent, in the completion of our Lake Harbors. When this chain of improvements was commenced, under the supervision of the late Maj. T. W Maurice of the U. 8 Engineer Corps, they were intended by him mostly as experiments, consequently, the work was constructed of perishable material, intending, should the development prove satisfactory,to rebuild with stone in a permanent manner But instead of this, the "Pessary appropriations have been withheld, ihe 'arial on hand, together with the implements and machinery, have been sold off, and the work* suffered to go to destruction from year to year. Why is this 1 is it owing to neglect in our members of Congress! By the bye, I fear there is something of it, for since the withdraws! of the Hon. Elisha Whittlesey, of Ohio, that able and efficient member ef Congress, and advocate of our Lake improve* merit*, from the National Council*, the appropriation* have been nearly nominal. Thi* should be looked to. Bat again, with an area of250,000 *quare mile* bordering on, and adjacent te, these lake*, containing 2,800,000 inhabitant*, who employ a capital of $40,000,000, and a commercial marine to navigate their water*, amounting to 36,000 ton* of (hipping, including aeme of the finest steamer* in the world. The vast amount of produce transported east, and a proportionate amount of merchandise in retarn. The immenie number of emigrant* who cross these water*, seeking their new home in the west, to say nothing of the rapid increase of population and business, and the thousands of passengers and luggage passing to and fro. I say, to look at all this, and cr-rtainly we might expect the fostering hand of Government in this matter?most certainly we need it, for many valuable lives, and vast amounts of property, are annually lost for the want of suitable harbors to protect our shipping?for be it abo known that the storms incident to these lakes are extremely boisterous, particularly in the fall and spring, at which times the most business is done; and the en ly alternative for shipping caught out on them ma gale, is to make for a harbor at once, as there is not sufficient sea-room. But alas! most of these harbors are inaccessible, and it is getting worse and worse every year- And yet there is another matter of full equal importance, which should not be lost sight of at this time. That is, the southern shore of Lake Erie is, from its peculiar advantages, destined era long to become one of the greatest manufacturing port,ens of the United States, it* salubrious elimate?its proximi'y to the iron and eoal region?its hundreds of never-failing water privileges?its great facilities for transporting the products of the vallies of the Ohio and Mi sissippi Hirers within its borders by means of its numerous lines of canal and railroad?its ease o| access to (he great agricultural states west; and in short, every facility and convenience fer carrying on an extensive manufacturing bnsiness, and supporting the requisite population. Then why this niggardly curtailment of a few thousand dollars to our harbors 1 as for the " scare crow" ery that the government is in debt?it is all humbug. Let Congress lay a tariff on foreigo im ports and manufactures and raise a fund sufficient te'complete all these improvements and armaments; and at the same time, it will be protecting our home manufactures, and holding out inducements to the starving manufacturing papulation of Great Britain, to emigrate to this country, where wages are good, provisions plenty, and laws liberal. The elopement of Miss Crogan has made quite a stir amongst us; as some of her estate lies in this town and connty, and her family have numerous acquaintances hare. It is the best thing that has happened for some time to arouse the minds of the "family raising community," to a sensible view of the follyof sending "Miss in her teens" far from her home, and her "mother's apron strings" to receive the gilded parapbanalia of fashionable boarding school accomplishments, at some distant institution, with far-fetshed tsaehers and far-fetched studies, and where all sorts ot fashionable animals, made up ni uucurioi, Bimtu, iNuutiiciic ana WOKRori, nilpudesce and fashionable etiquette, hare access to them, corrupting their morals and leading them astray. By the powers of rosy cheeks ! Mr. Bennett, give me the country bred girls yet; for, instead ol this fiddle-de de, they learn to be good housekeepers and cheerful companions, and are not excluded from classical qualifications either; for know yc, that much pains is taken even ont here "in the bu.?h" to educate our buxom country lasses in all the requisite refinements Why, my dear sir, they would be as coy of approach, and as unwilling to lay hand upon such a coon as Captain Ednrard Wyndham Schialey, as they would a Hiena, until they become contaminated with your eity notionsAll this trouble?all this mischief?comas of young ladies getting high city notions in their heads; desire to shiae in society and ta make a sensation is all their ambition, all their study; not bow to hecome affectionate wires, kind and exemplary mothers, and (what should be the highth of their ambition) to establish a precedent of domestic goodness, for the benefit of the rising generation, as well as themsslres. The truly pertinent remarks in the Herald of the 12 h inst. on this nbieet. are highly rken of; and, no doubt will add other* to the tady numerous adrocates of your excellent paper. Bass WeLler. Axemen Hiohwat Rosacnr n**n Lower.!.?The neighborhood of Lowell it getting as famoas for highway robberies as is Wetnsrsfield for its onions or Lynn for its shoes. We'learn from tks Low -II Adrertissr that Mr- Chauneey Ceok, of Mount Holly, Vt.was waylaid and robbed, about half a mile from Tswksbury Meeting house,on the road leading from Lowell to Tewksbary, on Thursday rrening, between nine and ten o'clock. Two men, one a ihort thick set and th* other a middlinr sized a, seized him, the tall one presenting a pistol, ind threatened to blow his brains oat, anless be | ;ave up his money. They threw him down, and ] ook his pocketbook by main force. It contained hirty-three dollars in bills whieh they took. It | oatained also a letter directed "To the City Rank, > Jos'on, Mass ," and marked, "#.100 per Channecy 1 3ook, Esq " He had also about #100 in his pocket, 1 ehick they did not discover ' After the robbery, and as the robbers were mak , g off with their plunder, Mr. Cook said to them, ( '(iive aae the letter it is no use to yon " 1'pon his the short man, who had the pocket book, took >ut the letter and threw it down, when Mr. C askid for his memorandum book, whieh was also j brown down. Out oi |423 the rohhrrs only got H*. I LD. Kisinn or the Blai u in Jamaica.?From Correspondence of the A bany Argus, dated? Havana, Feb. 10, lt!J2. Helieving you will be aaxions to hear the news at this place, I hasten to inform you of an appalling rumor prevalent here yesterday, that the blacks of Jamaica had massacred all the white inhabitant* of that island. To day, however, an express mail everland from St. Jago de Cuba, has given less startling facts. The blacks made an attack on the white inhabitants, who with the garrison were driven out, and sought refuge in a small fort. How many were killed was not stated. The governor of St. Jago hav ng received this information, has called on Gov. Valdes, Captain-General of Cuba, for a sufficient land and naval force to prevent the Jamaica negroes Iroin landing on this island, and he has immediately despatched 350 cavalry, and to-morrow the fleet? consisting of a frigate, two sloops of war, nd two war steamers, tail with 1000 troops from this placa for St. Jago. Should the free orF.nglish negroessucceed in getting on this island, it is impossible to say what will be the result, as they can ra?ily lay waste the interior, and put to death all the w hites out of the cities. 1 have been much in the interior, and visited many estates, and wonder at the insecurity of the whiten. They seem to apprehend no danger, when Ly a signal a thousand blacks could he marched within a mile, in ten minutes, and all armed with ih? Knives iiwd to cut sugar cane. Why they thould be excited to insurrection, I cannot conceive. A morehappy and contented community I have never seen ; from 250 to -100 on an estate, and really not doing halt the w<-rk of one of our farmers in harvest. In their busiest working season, a gang of hands work, one hour and lay by two hours. They have abundance to eat, and most comfortable quarters. The negroes all look happy and contented; at night, until nine o'clock, they make the welkin ring with their songs and laughter; indeed, 1 have often wished some of my fellow citizens had as many comforts. Lord Morpeth.?The Richmond Enquirer of Tuesday last,^thus speaks of Lord Morpeth,':? Lord Morpeth arrived in Richmond on Saturday evening, and left it, on last evening, in the cars fsr the South He is proceeding to Charleston, and further south, and perhaps to some of the West India Islands. He may return to Virginia in the coarse of the summer, and visit our spiings and view our mountain seeavry. But as he it spoken of as a candidate for Dublin in the House of Commons, his si journ in the United States may be cut short by the necessity of his returning home. Lord M. is one of the most liberal statesmen and popular and rising politicians in the British Empire He has a strong partiality for the Americans, and expresses the sincerest desire to preserve the harmony between the two countries. He is struck with the ?reat scale on which every thing is constructed in America?with the immense cxtsnt of our country?the extraordinary volume of oar rivers, Ice. He pronounces the Potomac to he th? noblest river he hat ever teen?and ha hat vititod a great part of Europe, France, Kuatia, &c. He it travelling in the United State*, on oar railroadt, and (tearaboati, in the tiatpleat style, without equpage, without any apeciea of atate, without even a servant. In hit manner* he is equally unaatuming. He affects no air* ; and appear* only like a plain, unpretending, hut polished gentleman, of good *ensc?taking a deep intereet in all that he aeea, apeakiag of our eauntry with great liberality, and never bonding of hi* own. Hi* Lordehip arrived at Charleston ou Wednesday week. Fheshlt in Tennessee ?The heavy rain* of Iaet week ewelled all the dream* in thia neighborhood to an unuaual height. Nearly all the bridges have been waahed away, or ao damaged, aa to reader them impassable, in conacquenee of which two mail* from Nashville are now in arreara. Wolf river lsaaidtohave been hiahor on Saturday, than it baa been at any previon* time for tenyeara. At Rulcigh, we are iafoimed by Col. Mason, the bottom land, extending from bia reaidence to the river, wna submerged to the depth of ten or twelve feet, rarryiar awny the abutment of the bridge on thia aide, hia fences, u haystack, he. The bridge crossing Wolf, two miles from Memphis on the Randolph road, we are informed.waa entirely swept away on Friday night, producing in its pasmgf down a degree oi consternation and a.loes of property among the flatboata quartered at iW june >ui? wim me niiiiuii|ipi, in quailed bj ujlbiag that ha* ever occurred at thia place. Wi hare made many iaquiriea with a view of ascertaining the probable aaioaat of damage curtained, hat without being able to arrive at anything like an accnrate conclusion. It is known that there were from thirty to foity boats lying at that point on the evening preceding, and that out six or eight of that number are now remaining at the landing, the balance having been broken loo*e and drifted down the current, or were almost instantly capsized bv the floating timbers from the bridge, and entirely destroyed with all their contents. Several are known to have suffered the latter fste, but what number we have no means of ascertaining. The loss of lifo is involved in equal uncertainty.?Mtmphit Fruj. Feb- 8. StiiPwaacx ox Sablc Island?The brigantice Isabella, Captain Ilocker, from Coracoa, got on shore on Sable Inland on the rlih of December last,, and remained there 73 days, during which no vessel visited the Island When the Isabella struck, she had been 52 days out?having encountered frequent nnd hravy gales, in which she lost,her sails and foremast? was short of provisions, and oat of water, and her seamen disabled. Capt. Hoeker and crew came passengers in the Sisters, Csptaia Darby, yesterday No other wrecks on tho Island ? Hah/ac Pott. Sad Dkath ?Drownod at Poughkeepsie, on the 25th instant, Hrniy C. Underbill, a pupil of the Collegiate School, from Pensaeola, Florida, aged 14. The body was recovered in aboat an hour, and every effort made to resuscitate it, but without effect. Ride to Alba*)*.?The Home of Representatives yesterday, voted to accept an invitation of the Directors of the Western Railroad, to visit Albany on the 4th of March next, and to meet the New YorK Legislature at Spriagfi-Id ; that the House should adj .urn over from Thandiy to .Saturday of next week, and should draw no pay for Friday,? Motion Truntn ij>l. Feb- US. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Robert Samuel Faulkrer, New York, to be declared bankrupt March 28; Warren Kimball, do, April 4; John B Fleming, do, April 2?; Levi Peck. Sing Sing, March 29; Temple Fay, Brooklyn, do; Andrew M Crawford. Ulster county; Ferdinand E Hasaler, New York, April 25; Joseph L Frame, New Voik. April 27; Isaac H Mead, do, March 28; Charles Oakley, do, Aprii26; Joreph K Beadel and Motes Beadel, Newtown, March 28; Jamee Cropaey, New York,do; Albert M; 0*otgeM Chambers, Toaipkinsville, do; David M Firman. Now York, do. MASSACHUSETTS DISTRICT. David AlJen, to be declared bankrupt in Boston on tho first Tuesday of April next; Thomas C Amory , Oeorga Austin, Swaiitey ; Chart** Aldnch. Oration; Samuel Avery, Marblehead; John Barnes, Isaac A Brewnell, J Brown, Boston; F.lbndge Battle, Dover; Jacob BlaiadeU, Carlisle: Samuel Bauoiater. Worcester; William 8 Barker, Medfotd; J B Clspp, Beaton; James Calef, Lowell; Moses Carleton, Lancaster; Albert S Carlaton. Boston; Zitteo CusUing, Scituate; Samuel W Cole, Chrises; S Cutler. Grafton, Alvin Cook, Uabridge; Zebu Ion Clapp, Lowell; Amoa Du.inrls. Job Davis, Boston; Henry Do Wolf, Utbridge; Ben J Eaton, Geo W Elmands, Boston, John B Elder, Cheater; Geo Farnaworth, Boston; Wm French,East Bridge water; Goo L Fisher,Dorchester, J Flake,Holden; Lowell Goodrich, Boston; R KGoodrow, Shrewsbury; Willard Grover, Fomboro; ThoaaaOroas, WestAeld; Isaac Hill, Jr., Granville G llaydeo, Boston; Asa Holman. Roltnn : John Hlllant From in sham MS Iloblen, Bttrre; Lharlea llaynea, Chaileetown; focnrr Holhroak. Barrr; Ham lliloy, fllrpbtn Ntyta, Jamais Johnaen. Boiton, Moeee Jelliaon, Rowley; Kami Lewie, RufnaK Ladd,OadC Lyman, Bait on; Joel Like, Topefield; Wm O Lake, do; TbomaaG l.uaaoi, Lyon; I><nl H Lombard, Rut Boiton; Aaron P Lord, Ipewich; Utah Leighton, Lowell, Albert Leach, Plymouth; William Mono, Hinover; Jonathan Morae. 3d. Methuea; Bryaa Moraa, Dighton; Jonaa Mr Ken tie Southbrldge; liaec Newton, Jacob L Nichola. Boaton; Samuel Newman, latwich; John K Palmer, Boeton; John Swift, Milbury; f> Prince,Tanl Wadaworth, Barre; Wm H Rogera, Boiton; Rnfua Lowell, Lowell; John Raymond, Wlnckendoa; fohn W Roberta, Natick; Kbeneter Ruaaell, Ipewich; Noah Robinaon, Lowell; John Seagratre.Uxbriilgr; Adi?l Btoddant, Braintreej Nahum Sibley, Oxford; Bawl S t agrare, Dougla?a; Jaaae Tapley, Dant era, Charlea Underwood, Lowell; Ckarleall White,Charlie R Walk r, Boaton; Hiram Wadiurortb, Barra; 8 kLC Water nan, Scltaete: H-*nry Wyott, Wenhnm; Simeon Wood. SToreeater; Cfaaa Wheeler, Rock port; Danl L Wilcomh, pawlck. CHH Calender?Tlale day. Cottar or Common Plui?Part I? At tOoteleek ?Noe. a. ia, 49,at, 41. as, i7s,u, ?7,a#,?i, M.iaa, ?a. i?t. Part 3?At 4 o'clock?Noa. 13. IS. 73, ISO, 108,118,113, 14, lia,113,130, 133,134,138^3*0.

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