Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 1, 1842 Page 3
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^POSTSCRIPT. Washington. ICorreipoodrnce of tl.e Herald ] Waihikotok, Feb 26, 1H12. The Birth Night Assembly. There wis a surpassing display of beauty to grsce the anniversary night of Washington's birth. It chanced to fill into the regular coarse of the city assemblies, and to coincide with the last ol them? verifying the Roman adage: " Unit coronal opui it capped the climax triumphantly. It was indetd a splendid affair. But one delight waa wanting?the presence of the President. Every one enquired for him- He was the more expected, because it had been semi-oflicially announced that the levee, the fixed evening for which happened to be thia, ? -.'.no aVIaaIt Bflft I h P R 11IIOil II< C meat wu understood as signifying that the President meant to be left free to visit the assembly. But unfortunately there had been seme blunder concern, iag the invitation to his Excellency, which was not discovered until too late to atone for it by a special deputation, which was at one moment intended. The President's mansion, nevertheless, was represented,and in the most attractive form and features of Miss who is on a visit there. The namesake of our late ambassador to the Court of St' James, might be a Minister Plenipotentiary from the Court of Venus, for she is loveliness itself. Pettrich has, we hear, modelled a bust of her, and pro ounce* that a hoer original never tempted hia genius. " Peace and War!" cried a bystander. We looked, and what did we see 1 Gen. and hia lady?the lion and the lamb, moat harmoniously united ! Some of those who did not dance, devoted themselves to the gentle peacemaker, and seemed to derive quite aa much gratification from her head, aa any of the other ladies gave by their heels- And yet there waa one of them especially wh ose accomplishments in the latter respect, have gained her the stmasae of the Fanny Elssler of the world of fashion. Nor ia it in these qualities alone that the joyous northerner excels. Miss is as tpiritmtllt and amiable, they say, as she is graceful. "That" observed one "is she"? "I wish you would introduce me to her," was the reply. " She is one of the finest writers of the day." It proved that they were talking of Mrs. A. S. Stephens, who is on a visit here from our city. She is reported to be writing a novel, founded on Washington scoues and manners. Whatever she may write is sure to prove worth reading. "Upon my word, if there is not the Missouri Earthquake!" " And in high talk with Mrs. Commodore "Who ia that tall, peculiar looking gentleman on the other aide of Mrs. V' "A reman, ui rniiaueipiua, 11 is saia?un inerictn who has lived tws and twenty y rs abroad and came back with more tales about hi and his adventures, than a most magnificent three tailed Ha shirr " Nat a bean in the room seemed to be better recsived by the ladies, nor to like their society better, than Harry of the West. " It any thing could subdue a sort of prejudice I have against ladies of wealth, it would be the little goawp with which I was just indulged. I had the honor of a dance with cne of the Misses B****. I would have fallen in love with her, had I dared." And, truly, the gentleman who made the remark anemed to be quite in earnest, for he followed the agreeable object of it about with his eyes all the eveningLittle Miss A*****, little as she is, came in for a Urge share of the admiratioa of the evening. Mire }# +? * was not less lovely nor beloved thou ever ; and if she really returns the affection he inspires, it would not be hard to tell who would l.. - ?- k k. u if i? >k.. ?. IWWT IIIWV IMyyj vj t?. U II vc II uu Minv CAHCIIICa mrt', perhaps *Vf? Hampshire and Souih Carolina nay yet come together. The recently re-married beauty Irom Kentucky, Mr*. * **, kept up the character of the West for grace and fascination. " Is she not coming, then 1" " WnoT "Mrs. Calvin. Inaw her at the President's." "Indeed' I am delighted to know that she has retnnt'd among us. These are times when we are in want of the re/orinara." "A Juno, by all that's glorious! What a martial mtr~ And ihe ex tarnation tokl a truth of which TenBeanre a right to be proud. The great I'an.el also had come to judgment; and who ta jadgment aiming the women, ahall compete with I'aaiel T The " Herald*' in not vast enough in itn dimensions to contain n catalogue ei all the attraction* congregated on this occasion; so here we (paure, begging the ladies who chance to be emitted, not to believe that they are lew admired than any of the rest. By no means. The subjects of praiso are not so exhausted on this occasion aa some pre tra<J that the rubje e'? far rating and drinking wrrr. Oooc thing*, and plenty ot ihrm, ta our motto; and aa we found it amply fulfilled in the feaatera, we could have wished that it had been equally ao in the fena?, alUaatn. fCiminifcMut the H?r?l<M Burnt jar, Feb. W, Is 12. Ma Eatroa The pr<?*pect? of a more beautiful day, for the aeaaoa, were n? irr witnraaed. The aun ia up in all hta *pleador, and ia walking up the heavena- ia aubline grandeur. The airia balmy, preparing to faa the infant tpria*, which we ahall have, nettling upon ;He lap ot i . .ef n.-.t ire, to morrow. Jame-= Cordon i>nnett and lady viaited the Cathedral veaterday, aad id the afternoon departed in the cat* lot Waah:n;;:f>o,lpr the purpose of paying their reaper * to Captain TylerThe new American tragedy of "Jack Cade" 1a to he produced at lh? llol.dty Street I night Forrett and Mi?Ciftoo hare been re engaged. Iletreochment k Mill progri ag with the correnc* Even the barbers charge nine cents on Railroad Orders for n ?i?a*e, and the broker*twenty-five percent. Carrier* ot new-ps;.?re, loo, nf protesting *k'*iaM It In fact, ihe tyatrm of arIf pr? teaiion is running through all cIomto. trade* and professions ' lorernor Thomas aaJ h.? lady ore still in a state of separation(wtunandore II*.lard has almost recovered bis former health I h ok Mendoa waa mtafhken about the ?., *?*) .H'lh w.'h k- I'lOsident's < alighter Vourw, Rootai< ?.*f Pkllsdelpbis [fsnr.sysadsass W tts Herald j Pmilsps irtiti. Fab w, id|2. 1 h- news lr "?i II r r.i ; ; a bill has b?en rspoil ?! to pre?id* for the premp4 payment of tha State istarest, has kad lbs *,?( of pot nag up the pn*? of Mat* *t< ah m Jay about thro* dollar* oa a share la ?? sr reepeet* tbo tteeh asarhet is aot BiUrtalf filrmllraa hstarder, aotwilktUadit| tha pro. |wct It brighter than it thon was of a fall rnmmptioa of *pena payment* Tha pobha ie . n It -ir.f. b werrr, festered opnt thai point, aad ail ftaauaial mailers are Maommoisiise ihainaaliaa la that aad- It aa?ms toko eoaredrd thai ikrr* m lawr of t,mt ?tt|r kuki will kmak, acd tkat be ..?k> r*. d< > * a **r* claaa bamhm for ?owe time, anil rid? owl tkeir diAcaltir*. Tke kgiiltliiK 11 'iifMliftlH i into tkr departure* Ina tke will < Mtepkaa < aid, la kit b-qo-f far tk* #r atiaa ?f e- Mag* for ar> pkaa* i* Mill i* ' una, ?? a ik*agk ika *vtd*nr* addnci 4 ** <iUu * io-wi iagraal departure (raw ika de*i?a* af 'k* t**tat?r, aad akawa ikal Ika a* way an Boat wilfully aad waatrfully aafaadad, tkara ku aot y*t mat a*y okaer*atiaa aay thiag Ikat poial* la a c rractiai or a remedy of ikaaa Aagraat wroairat. ik* faikarlar* It aaaaa* a kaa paiala la all 10 kaaw la wkal utant all tkia proof i* to ka applied. Kraiy Baa rapakU of reading, aad kaa ryaataaaa, kaawa Ikal Ika kuildiag in ao raapart an*war* ikal pBBlad awl ky Mr Uirard n hi* will. Hal haw ta Ik* wrewg to h righted ftlr D.taa* tra'j rrwirkid that aay ft* poaed correction mv amc In* lata It la aa *mi aad a?che^p to reach lha aad daairad by tha taa tator by pataiag oa ta tba ead oa tha araaaat pla> a* it weuld be ta take tba back track by diaueith ing whit *** aater coataaplatad ta he arreted If lhi? be ?o the committee bad wall acre tv raoaey of tba St ? e by aa adj-iernroeat John M Head, E*4 ha* oecupied aaarly tha whole of th? day in giriog hi* eridence Some *ix or eight pertoaa haw* bt* arretted with n aday or two for at cmping ta pa** toantn fait Relief n-ue* of the deaominttiou af two doJ lara. purporting to rmiaata froa* lha Bark* Cauat* Btnk. They are liaiy iaaitatioaaThe opinion of the Court af t leaaral tvaaiea*. which w?i npi eted to-day la the waiter af the rule an Willi* H Blaney, lata high coaetabie, charg d with a connection with cartaia (real burglar*, wa* postponed ta Saturday. Tki* hue bar a oae of tha woat delightful day* af tha pnnt winter, and thera hara beaa naaay. Our streets BK?e ail aay d en nuea w 11 y?um ?? beauty, age and infirmity. All i? animation bit buiiaaaa. The transactions in stocks war* light la-day at prices much the same aa oa Saturday?except S'at? Fivea aad Reading Railroad, the latter of which was raised by a " sooner" amoag the brokers | the State mock was aflVeted by proposed legislation. Natal Covbt Martial ? A Court Martial, of which Commodore John B Niebelaoa is Freai dent, and Captains William Bolton, Francis II Clregory, E. A F Lavalleite, Daniel Turner, laaac MeKeerer, and S. 11. Stringbam, are Members, andC. H. Winder, ISiq Judge Advocate, is about to convene at Daltimere, for the trial of several of fieers of rank in the Navy. ?Nat. IntelBefore the American Public neurlyotetn ytare. Benjamin Brandreth'a fills. (Jty- This vegetable and truly innocent medicine, ruRirnci thi blood, and immediately stay the innhei progress of disrate in the bodies ef these whose powers et life are net already exhausted. Where human means can avail, there scarcely is any complaint, or form ei sickness, ,that the BrandrtlK Pille do not relieve end generally cure. Although these pills produce a anew* crrccT.that effect is net to prostrate the body, as with other medicines, but the framo is invigorated by the re movalofthecauieef weakness, the morbid, the vitistrj humors from the blood. Harmless in themselves, they merely Assist Nature To throw out the oceasion of sickness from the body, and they require no alteration in the diet or clothiny. In fact, the human body is better able to sustain with out injury, the inclemency of the weathei, while under the influence of this infecti?n dti'.roying, di irate credits ling M-Heine, than at any other time. l'he importance of Drandreth's Pills for seamen and travellers is, therefore, self evident. By the timely use of this Medicine how much anaiaty and sickness might we not prevent! Cold, Billious affections, Typhus, Scarlet and fsvera of all hinds, would be unknown ! But where sickness does exist, let no time be lost, let thetBas!'s Pills be atonceseni for, that the Remedy may be applied, without further less of time. To ac Remembered? l'hst Brandreth s Tills have stood a seven years' test in the United States. That they are a vegetable and innocent medicine, yet all powerful fer the remove Unease, whether chronic or recent infectious or othei . me. That they purify the blood, and stay the further propM of disease in the human body . That, in m , where the dreadful ravages of ulceration h laid ban mo at ond bone, and where, to all appearance, no hum. means could{save life, have patienu by tin use of then, pills, been restored to good health) the devouring diseas** having been completely eradicated. That each of the genuine has upon it thsk corvsittHT labels. That each In' has two signatures of Dr. Benjamin Brandreth upo That t nustbeupon < aeh box throe signsturas, thus:? Bn, M.D. And thr. laoaiTH. 'ITho BltA.N are sold at Dr. Brandrcth's principal office, .roadway, between Park Place and Murray street, a mo at his retail offices,370 Bowery, auJ IBS Hudson street, near Canal. (W- Cortaar.js is Quiet? All owing to a general use f Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. We would recommend all Legislative bodies to adopt their use, and then we should have less quarrelling and more work done.? Sherman's Lozenges are in the ascendant, and allshoald use them who are any way out of health: 100 Nassau street is the place to get them in New York; Frank Tayloi's, Washington, anil 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Howe's Hrotin Hoaehound Candy.?This pleasant, safe and economical article for the cure ef coughs, haarsenesa, sore throat, bronchitis, and all classes ot influenza, is kept constantly on kand by ths proprietor! wholesale and retail, at 43d Broadway, aorner of Howard afreet, anil may bo had of Kearsted, 63 Broadway; C. Driggs. 081 Broadway; of DriggsA Jay, No. 6Union Place, Palmer's, corner of Bowery and Second street; Ludlum, 134 Beekman street; Hinton, 107 Kighth avenue. proSch, they ihould be prevented by removing their causes as soon ai possible. A man taenia to be in a middling atate, between health and sickness. when he hat aome alight ailment that doea not confine him to hit bed, or from business?auch aa a alight attack of the rheumatism.or aome of the many nerveua complaints to which we are liable?and it would be the part of wisdom to atop their increase without delay, for a continuation of pain often violently affects the mind. Prisons suffering from the above complainta, in any stage of the diaeaae, can experience immediate relitf by the uaeof Howe's Nerve and Bene Liniment, and Indian Vegetable Elixir. The virtues of these articles are truly astonishing, and the agents are hourly rocciving communications testifying aato its efficacy, and speaking in term* of the warmest gratitude to the inventor of such valuable specifics.? Batten Pott To ba found only at 71 Maiden lane: corner 3d and Race and 9th and Chesnut, Philadelphia; 36 Cornhill, Boston; Dr. Wadsworth, Providence; 16 Broadway, Albany. (Kp-A Mfirtav-? Tuesday, the Uchof December, 1841 my child's clothes caught fire, burning his hands, arm, neck, ear and fsce in a most alarming manner, *o much, so, that we feared the little sufferer was blind, from the black and terrible appearance he presented. We dressed him with lime water and oil until Thursday?then used lard and the white of an egg; but his ...I... r-.r-m o?,l !... < ...Ji.. ?1, . ..,,1 .1 ? getting wone and worse till Saturday?screaming and almost leaping out o( the cradle. All our neighborstwenty families at least?considered the child past recovery, for they thought he had begun to mortify. We then, fortunately, heard of Dalley'a Magical Pain Extractor, and the moment it was applied to his body he was taken from pain. The parts we supposed mortified in a few hours grew white, and tie child became better, and in ten day s was cured without asar,exciting the wonder and astonishment of all who saw it. Other extraordinary cures of Salt Rheum, Sore Eyes, he., hare been effected among my friends, by this most useful and efficient salve, which,above all thinga, ought to be kept in every family. JOHH MAIIER, 20 Pine street, Albany. Tobe found only at 71 Maiden Lane; corner 3d and Race and 9th and Chesnut, Philadelphia; 34 Cornhill, Boston; Dr. Wadsworth, Providence; 14 Broadway, Albany. (IXF Oh! Y? Rro Hitoi tss Oarr?Phf.womicvo!* ix Cimm stst?East India Hsir Dye?Colors the Hair, and will not the Skin !!?Tbia dye it in form of a powder, whichj in plain matter of faet may be applied to 'he hair over night, the first night turning the lightest red or grey hair to a dark brown, and by repeating a second or tnird night, to a bright jet black. An) person may therefare, with the least possible trouble, keep his hair any dark shade or a perfect black, with a positive assurance that the powder, if applied to the skin, will not color it. There is no trouble in removing itfiom the hair, as in all powders before made. By an occasional application, a person turning grey will never be known to hsve a grey hair. Dirtctions complete with the article ? There is n > coloring in this statement, as ane can easily test. These facts are warranted by the gentleman who minuiactures it, who is the oelebrated chemist, I)r. bomstork. author of Comstock's Chemistry.Philosophy, nit man) other works well known are widely eelebra. ted by the public. This dya is sold only by Comstock k Co. Mtldsn lane, New York; corner 3d A Race and 9,h k Chesnut, Philad.; 34 Cornhill, Boston; Dr. Wadsworth, Providence; 14 Broadwsy, Albany. DION E Y MARKET. Monday, Feb, 118?6 P. M. A small bminess was done at the stock board, and pricea did not change much. Delaware and Hudson fell I tiwr rent InHiani .' < rn?6 1- lllinnia C'? 1 an/1 f nn# ? I" > ? ' ?* - - |1 Island Sites of bills on Philadelphia, s}; Baltimore, I; Mobile, Its I4j; New Orleans,i| a #. Notwithstanding the continued contraction of the banks, the merchants generally, with the exception of perhaps the dry goods bouses, are in very easy circumstance*. Many of them, under a prudential course of opeialien, have, as their assets fell dua, applied them to the anticipation of their paper rather than to enter into new engagements. In a number of instances this has been done, laavipg large balances on hand, which the aspect of ths time* will not allow of investing too speedily. Th* house of E Pest k Co. is on* of the strongest, notwithstanding its branch in N?w Orleans, IVet k North, ?a* erroneously reported to have suspended during ths pleasure. The krsnklin Bsnk of Columbus has petitioned the Legisletnre to discharge so awch of the bonk loan to the * ** . mi the paper of the bank, to half the amount loaned, the interest to cease as payments are made?and in raao that ia not done,* thsy ? cherish the hope that a great and magnanimous Btste will not vigorously exact prompt pey ment, whan at tha as ana time it stands Indebted to an amount mora than sufficient to discharge ail the liabilities of the bank." What contemptible bus! neaa is this ' The State waa in want of money, and applied to a bank lor a loan. The bank had no money to lend, bat agreed to loin its credit,on a tacit nnderstan-. flag that it should be allowed to rafnsa In pay its debts, Th* peepls discover the compact,"an 1 compel payment ?ad IMiUtolltiirt bank bega, is tho whining tana of ? nnkcMi,U wrong it* crediieia s little longer. Wto? ?he bank made the hu to tho State, it know both tknt 'k? Btnto could sot pay it, and tknt tho bank cash) not W ito own debtt anlooo it Bid. and yet it kad tka temerity to oadorteke th? operation. bask oo miamanaged boaid he atoygad at aaee. It Is deaerving of no credit whet root Tko foliooing io a otatrie?nt of tho rommercial Bank of Bar hooter, afro# bank, on tko 1Mb initant Cvaaiiciii Boon or RocHatTan, Kan. 15, 1542. terror c??. Liakilthtl. **an. pise.wT i.imnsiioa, p;>u,?n IU.I ? ?(? ?J?t? Morlf-grs, 8.24* tl"?.le Mai M ti ;**? 111 Mi Drpiwilri, M.OOS tiwli, * .(< 0 D'lr banks, 13JUT He?rie *774 ??? Noim ef beaks, Toll Artuil liabilities, >21311 < br bvhr I 't t ?pn?l slock mi proKn?N lorlul fits, 320,123 Albany. M MO Dws from bank*. IjW *444,744 *404,244 I* *4?rUng Bilk o fsir basinets ha* bean done, at rotr* which, M cempara-4 with the termer rites, are ti fol leva ? Ism *r riiiiaa Dun is Kaw Yone. Wen I* Ok. II. Jen.31. ?*. 98. Lie**'. I* a 1*4 m * a* *> a* ai 4'raera, t St a* It I * el 4*1 I 21] *4 *0 S ?7>*4 Wl le?url?a, **<* >| M|i 4* J?,? Ml 3f| a 40 HwekM*. Mia >| )i|i 341 3l|i 111 1 tl|> 3I( Bremen. 7*?e 2*1 27 e 77f 7*1* 77 741* 27 la Slat* stock* there he* been, einee the last packet, b?t Utile Bane. The tendency I* still downward*. The {iietatieao are new a* [allows fan is *e Littisu t? as in ini New Yosa Meaner. Wadsets JUU OSr . Iw M Mr II. Feb US failed fttatre. M IMS IMilMi Hi*17 M I l< Kl IMS ? r??Mi 17 I M ?* Y.?i Male, IM IMalMI M(??7| Ml a ?U| * i, ? iifaM 7?,?n :i|a 71 ? ? " | I Ml II IN IS aM IS N I Ml IS iM HaM IS I M " I IM7 IS all IS aM UaM - - I IkM II an II aM 71 a 7? " I IMS H a 17 7llaT7 71 a 71 * " I laM Ml tM| 7I,?77 71 I 71 " " (| IHI 71 a77 71 a7S 7| a 7S LKf I bra IUVI) 77 at! 77 a 71 ? ? I weler MjaOaf T??aT7( 77 a 71 - - "Saaia I I ?'w - alM M a?7 N|l 17 IraoklnCilr, a ?' laniit as aM MaH I'miis} I'saia, I ? 71 aM 17 aM lilOhia, I lasa ia aM 71 a7l 17 a II IM M an 71 a7s Ran - I las* M aM 71 ata inn * ? laM M aM 71 a7l !7aN * I laM aaiatl M a*u HaM Kentucky, I ? M aas 71 aTl 71 a 77 " Iboalal'a- a- ?a? ?a ? Alabama, dollar, I iaai ? a? HtN Ma ? Arkansas, IH)ranS*aM nail Mall lutiiaaa. alar He. I ? M a?7 llaM Haiti dollar, I ? nasi I stall, Ilia M Illinois, aUrllw. I l Ml ?a? ? a? ? a? Si liar, Irhloan, I less MaM| IliaM HaM " sterling. I I s7l ?a? ? a? ? a? M dollar, I 1171 HaMi IMalfi ll|a M Dal. la Hud ton. bonds. I I >?ars,lM<iMt Malts Mall Bask of Comaierre. N Y. ? aM IT ant 71 a M N. V. L. sad Trust Co. IMa IM IM alto IM alM Karatra' Loan and Trust. IS aM MiaM ISia vl Ohio Life and Trmat, 71 a77 It all II a II BaaJt of United Mutes. ? al7 lit Si l|a S ? aindaa and Anboy Railroad, ? a? ? a? ? a? Boston sod Pr<'eidt Dee. IS a Ma Mall II a 17 N. J H.U.I TsanaiiortaUoaCo. 77 i7?. 7lia7l| H a IS Mohawk aud Hudaon Hailr >ad, SI aSSi Hi Hit Wats', Iftaea and BeheuetUJy, ISS *13? ISSattli IM al]3 Syracuse and Ulies 41 IM ?i?l IMa 115 all! Auburn and H> rariwa ? alOO l? a Mi II MS " KoebetUr " 107 till Malls IS a!7 V Y.Uaa l ight Co. 117 also lllallt looalll Merchants' hiehaiigt Co. ?I 17 ss a Mi 11 a It The melancholy condition of the State credits is a matter, not only of serious rrgret, but of real injury to the prosperity of the United States collectively. The disgraceful disposition to avoid taxation in ordor to discharge debts on the part of those Statoi that arv amply able to pay their debts, such as Pennsylvania and No w York, has had perhaps more effect in destroying confidence than even the acteal delinquency of those Stotsa like Illinois and Indiana, whose ability to pay is more questionable. Indiana, Michigan, and Mississippi, have virtually repudiated their debts, because they cannot pay them. These acts have called down volumes of abuse from thoso States that continue to pay only because they continue to borrow?if not abrood they force lata* from their own insolvent banks, ud refute to tax although more able to do to than those againat which they clamor. There it no doubt but that the Western States are entirely unable now, if ever, to pay in full the principal and interest of the debts in existence.? It is, then, clear that some means must be found to get rid of them, either by repudiation or compromise. The first alternative is repugnant to every one. For the second many plans have been started. One in Illinois, which is to sell the public lands in exchange for the State bonds, at a fixed valuation. This scheme is impracticable, inasmuch as it is mere to the advantage ef the purchaser to pay money at the market price than to pay bonds at a made price. A plan has been projected, however, by an emineut merchant, who is largely interested in the State, on the basis of a settlement between a bankrupt and his creditors, to make the most of what remains for the bi ncfit of all parties. That is to say, the State owes a large debt which she is unable to to pay. Her assets are arable lands, unfinished public works, and town lota. Unless the works are finished, the whole is of but little value. If they are finished, the value of the whole will he sufficient to discharge the debt and have a surplus. If the debt is repudiated, the canal cannot be finished, and the State will lose as much as the whole debt now amounte to, and the creditors will lose all. It will require N.OOO,000 to finish the canal. Here, then, ie e door open for compromise. It is clearly to the interest of the creJitors to take the lends and finish the canal. This is the basis of the proposi tion. We will now extract the detail of the propositin* Th. j.m ?r Ik ?t - Statu Dxbt or Illinois. Recapitulation Intern-I improremrbt debt $6,715,444 90 Can il debt- ; 4J3S.S79 04 B -u t* held by bai ki 3 ?85 ooo 00 Bank debt 749,719 09 Debt due school fund B07 885 39 Stale Uoum debt 139,000 00 . , , . , , $15,389,739 23 And to cover interest and other c -nlingeneief oteraud abore the dividend due frum the k.ngli?h bauker* 900.000 00 Total debt IS 999,739 33 From the abort deduct?Jarkso-tiile Railroad, good tor $250,001 03 The oank bond* inay be ex changed for the aleck owned by the State in theae banlu - 3,(99,COO CO The school fund debt due the State 807.855 39 1,722,855 39 Total of net debt $13 395,873 83 A Urge sum truly ! Illinois, in my judgment, cannot pay the principal and inteioet of thisdebtm money,according to contract. It iaout ofthr question?it ia idle to discuss it- Nor will her resources keep pica with its increase. It i( a question of ability, not inclination. A deferred, unproductive debt, is not a desirable. though it may Visa a* naemunnnl i?vsstfar-nt Winn inanfnt-na li?> rimes* r\ 1.1 debts do not, especially when interest it not paid. The territory of lllinoit it ample in dimensions, and uniurpatted in fertility. The number of acrea of laud told and patented by the general government within the State, down to 30th September 1941, it 14,8?1,436 acre*; untold 19J73.03II aerea. Total number ot acrea in the State 33,196,07-1. If her creditora will take land in payment, at a "home valuation'' Illinoia will pay her -debt. But land it not money. Besides, land ia worthleaa w ithout labor. Labor alene creatra wealth, money. But labor mtut bo aupported out of ita own earnings. A tax ean only touch turplua. Thit ia amall, especially in a new country, where It ia aorely taxed in overcoming phy sical obataclea. Let ua look a little into atatittica. Illinoia haa a total population of soul*, 474,133 The active part are employed in agriculture, 1<>A .137 In trade and manufactures, 13,196 In mining, 79-J These comprise families but confining the number to the male population, and deducting the non-producers leavea but 30,000 persona' aa the actual producer* of the wealth, who are obliged to sustain the whole 470,193 consumers. Nor ia this all. The moment this labor enters the State nearly every dollar of acquisition if demanded to erect the log cabin, clear and fence the land, turn over the prairie so.], purchase working and other cattle, and the implements of husbandry, and, in a majority orcaica, a private debt to hia eaatern friend for pecuniary aid in starting bit improvement*, ia incurred, and, perhaps for the identical land on which his labor ia bestowed. Now, a* we are treating of the collective promise of these individuals,for such is a State bond, let us look inte their condition In the aggregate a* a community, and see how stands their fiscal ability ! We do not think we have overstated the extent of their private embarrassments, when we show that thare exists a prior lien on their industry, of acknowledged higher obligation, before the collective promise can be let In. The annuel interest at 6 per cent, on the State debtor $12 83, which I* payable semi-annually,is 742 000 We will say nothing about the rate of exchange. The expenses of the State salaries. Legislature, Judiciary, public buildings, fcc. kc.annually, 200,000 Annual State liability $<m oco There are certain suberdinate political bodies, pretty expensive members of the family. Kor example?in Illinois there are eighty-five distinct counties. Laoh county is compelled, 1st. To ley out, construct, end maintain iti roads and bridges, (remember this ia a new country we are treating of.) 2d. To eateblish and support iU schools, for tko school landa| (if the fee 1* inalienable) will be unproductive, because tenantry will not exist where rami lanit la Ia he had at fl,3* per acre. d. To (upport iti county poor and defray tha expenira of in county judiciary. 4tb. To build a court houae, jail, poor home chuichea and school bou?>?. Estimating the aggregate annual expeaara of theoe eighty-fire counties at the moderate mm of 17,640 each, and we bare 1*37.600 fttate'a annual intereat aa abore 743 000 Expenditure la^abore 900.000 , 44^7?,?fO Havtag ahown the llabiUtiM, let wa mm up Umi iwuui cm or MNto of (ho Mil* 407,000 acrea uf auaold canal landi 1? in* on both (idea of the canal, to it* margin, of great fertility, which ahould bo eaempt from taxation for 'JO r ear*, an,I would then ba worth, the canal being completed. (TO an aero, fi,140,000 The canal kw coat, w-Uen labor, including board, was worth MO. ??w $16 per month, flour being $12. now $4, pork $26, now $6, nearly fire millions,now in iti unfinished condition, worth, say 2,000.000 40,000 acre* internal improvement fuad land ?State entered it at $1,26?hard bargain at that?worth, exempted from taxation for 20 year*, including the unfinished road and materials,and iron on haud,say $6 per acre, . 240,000 The town scites on the canal route, with improvements, viz: Lassalle, Ottawa, Marseilles, Juliet, Lockport, Chicago, including balances due on canal lands already sold, and water newer on the route of the canal, 1,760,000 The State should issue a new stock beariug 6 per cent interest, payable annually 3,000.000 Assets, $12,130,000 These to be tendered to the nominee of the creditor party. The canal to be completed by them in a fixed period and in prescribed form. Tbo na w issue of $3,000000 to be applied exclusively to that purpose, and to be sanctioned by the people in convention. A permanent tax to be simultaneously lsid to pay the interest, and all the lands that the State may own, or hereafter acquire, to be pledged as a sinking fund to discharge the princi' pal. The consent of the holders of the canal bonds, who hold a prior lien upon the canal, to be first obtained. This plan appears to be feasiblo, and is absolutely neces sary for the welfare of the inhabitant; ?f lllinoit, equal, ly to aa for the creditor*, for, at it not the debt alone, bat the remaining property of the State?the value and produce of every man's farm,that depend* upon tha issue The State depends upon imigration to settle ita lan-ta, and increase its aggregate wealth. Thay cannot expect either that imigrantt will voluntarily enter a State over'oaded with taxation, or that they will incur, ilthey can avoid it, the odium of repudiation. The present and future condition of the State absolutely require a compromise, and the plan of which we have here given an outline seems to be the best that offers. dales at tha Stock Exchange. $400*NYs's S3! $1000 Indiana Bonds an taoeoIllinois Biuls *16 Iff lOOnhs Bk Amer f84 (30*0 do ao HO Bk Coin, scrip tCO 87 fieoe do 191 as d? c sri $33*0 do 19] ISO Del & Hudson tlS 871 $10*0 do 19, SO do 884 (1000 do ]9l so do 88 t-iOiO do 1*1 6* L Island RR St} *'000 Ho 191 HO >o b3* SS MM* do sthw 1*1 9(0 do s? 541 (l*oo Indiana Bond* !*| aoo do si J $1000 do 1?1 100 Mehawk RR ?30 48 (loss do *10 191 70 do bSO 49 $1*00 do HlO 19| 35 do blO 481 $3 00 do *10 191 30 do c 48 $301* do Stl.w 19} 10 do 48 f'ooo d? 19] lsollarlsm RR 8} $500* ds to 100 do MO 8j Secwnd Board. 50 Mohtwk llll b<0 481

Corn Trade. We are without anything new to communicate relativeto the corn market on this tide of the Atlantic.? Quotations are merely nominal in consequence of the small demand. Prices arerage in the principal markets about $5,7t. In this market particularly sales of Genneseo have bean made nt $6,36, and Georgetown at $6. There have been some small shipments oftour Hour hence to England. We learn from Rochester that for three days previous to the 34ih, not lesi than nine thousand bushels of wheat had been sold there. Price uniformly $1 06?that delivered on contract from $1 13 to $1 15. Flour sold at $5. Corn 44 and oats 30 cents. The present winter has beea peculiarly unfavorable for the crop of wheat now on the ground. That upon land iualined to heave has suffered materially, the moat of it nrrsmliiis n ticklv annnaranrp an.l nn mnull ihara of it having been already thrown out by the root*. Wheat upon hixh ground, however, look* a* wull a* could be expected. Cattle Market. Both the upper and lower market* remain about the ante a* they were la*t week. There appear* to be no very great animation, and we do not alter our quotation*. In market not far from nine hundred beevei; (even hue. dred theep and lamb*, and one hundred cow* and calve*. All the aheen were (old. About twenty cowa left. One lot of aheep (etched twelve dollar* a head. Married. On the tiath ultimo, by tha Rev Dr. Milner, Jacob M. Ken* to Mi*a Kravc ai H. Cochran, all of thi* city. At Swanzey, N. H , Dkitbr Brioham, Jr. E(q.,of New York, of the firm of Harnder k Co. to Mi?* Hannah, daughter ol Rev. Mr. Rockwooi of S. Died On the 37th ultimo, in the 38th year of her age, Mr*. Margarbl Hrnribtta R?v, formally of New Orleans. [New Orlenn* paper will please copy.] On the tlJ ult., at St. Croix. W. i., Chari ottb Lralik, wife of Thoma* M. Adam*,of Norwich,Conn, in the 38ih year of her age. On the 39th ultimo, Mart, wife of Win. Shelly. Her friend* and acquaintance* are respectfully invited to attend her funeral thi* day, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, Hariemoui, N. J. On the 38th ult , of coniumptiun, Jamba Chambkri, printer, aged 33 year*. i a uc ri!mii? ? nuu 111"hub 01 iua irimuy, aiso most* 01 hii brother-in-law, William Fleming, arc respectfully invited to attend hia lunerul tbia uft? moon, at 6 o'clock, from the reaidence of hia mother, 13 Foray th alreet. On the 28'h ult., after a long and severe illness, Ellen, wife of John Quinn, in the tlSth year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, foot of Joralcmon stroet, Brooklyn, without further invitation. On the 18.h ultimo, Hr.nar C., son of Henry C. and Mary E. Bowden. His funeral will take place to-morrow, (Wednesday) from 4-16 Greenwich corner of Vestry street. At Fort Lee,on the 29th ultimo, Mrs. AsinaiL H., wife of Charles H. Welkins, nnd daughter o( the late Captain Theodore Bellows, of Charleslown, N. H., in the 36th year of her age. The friends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend her funeral from the residence of her mother-inlaw, 340 Spring street, near Hudson, this afternoon at 3 o'clock. [The Eastern papers will please copy the above.) Passengers Arrived, Livrarooi ? Packet ship Hi aeiui?Miss J Reynol.'s, of Irelisd; Mrs 9. O'Neil, Win llrowr, F.ngUid; GGUuiaew.ll E I lark, of New Voik; G B Steele, of Altany?and 93 ia the eteerige. Mobile?Ship Tuikiaa? K C Ha'l sod laily, J Lee, 8 T Bird sail. SavtwniH?Brig Clloteit? Mr Bullork. lady and two children; Mrs Ode!l. Mian Krndiick, Misa KunLle, Mr Uetta, Mr Bliss?10 in the sie-r?g . New Oil tmt-So'on?Mt Hancock. Passengera Sailed. LivtaronL?Ship Gvrrick?Thoe C Harvey, Plu'adil|hia; Janes liohiiison. d.; Aleiiniler Roar. Antwerp; James J >ckaon. F.ederitk W ttrihr.nnd. K.dw Moure, ol Mali heater; k reoerirt .nn'mwi, mw uia< *> u-11. Henry a pay we, Jamea Hemming. Patrick Sliacan, of .S Vcrk. Foreign Importations, Lietnrooi.?1 kip Rofciut?IfO lAga Wm Chauaeey It en?S H N Tcu'eo?14 L J W It < cry kco?8 li t >I.I b, Bo.cemi k co?? Wnakl, Hiirtiea k Shaw?4 Lewie J Wrir?4 Ha'aled.Halnea k co?I J J M,lchell-I W ? k h Hall*?3 ? 4lilbort?loPilmer k H< mcnn h?I tiud y. Siri'hk co?a A Van Ibeai?I H IhiMun k ? *?? I a Pnholv. Ritg* k co?I (Irippa k CO? It Car k, Ati<hony l( co? 4 H flyalop V ton?I Velio* a I argill k co?| Mr> er, L*"u A to? I J k 11 liainbarlain?I (lillenpie A Btedwell?1 K ThomMoa?I h'r eliudJIoffin an A ro?Ik I < Ifia k Bradley ?3 A R * an Neat- iCJR atvela? a K T Linitierre A aoi ?? J l.efferla?a Biain?*d A Kermid?1 Wm McKer kco?I R Jrlfray h co?1 N D Hmilh?I T Balea-3J Ukldiiar -M \V ( haiaicev k Co?S50aarka aalt E K C llin* k co??1 i-kt? k'on'da, H'tibo k co?( J liihnn ?| A k L Hnwee?8' Hioiirjfui k Malaon?14 Maada.Kui k CO? i J Mortimer A co?J K P k II Hejrcr- $ Come'I ABrnthre ?1 K Corairf?I Paicn k?lewart? 1 M-eDonald A Boyd- 4 Q W Aworda?S N B Smith?I R. a?e|l, M,itu?n k 1 aylor? 14ft bar III! *0 hdla wire Phrl a. D dye A co?I jAt Haiodrr A co?T W N Seymour A c? If B !4 imar'e? I /M?y*r?I J A Sim-noor?1 J A Nawhold ? 4 C Adal.o-uJ A co?I It r*rdow-|7 A A 8 Willd'a?14 Wicfcharr, Mutchiaoon A co?f Hheldnn A iSclya?If Hion* A co?| D Oakrjr A ao ?I Lambert A Wolco.t?f \Vi it lit. Sturt" Afh i*-l Bird. Iril'ilau A co?141 B Dorr-S J Hunt?T ? Alley A too?a J tiih-?ii?J4 Hicliirda< A Walton?IJ J Wa'k'r?? Rote A flan-? O Hac.ea?' > <i W Oion?a M icDonald A Bo) d?IJ J Kdde lai.m-4 II Lefman A co?f Bird, Oill-lan A ee? 44 J Mil'all A eo?t I Rre? A am ?4 J A J Stewart?CI (I>dfrey , P^tuaon kt'-S4 H Varnliun A eo?to Neviaa A co-llbb- ru A Liltle? a T H Mraaeojer? 10 Auatiu, Wilinrrd'Dt A CO?I B I'en A Handera? 7i Tucker, Mead A co?7 Vol A to? I Hkl Tnbiae? II Oakev A on?10 W B Bead?I J A B Vamlerpuol ? f II Duon?I Rarer* A Blaff?IS Smith, Thuryirkco?7 Lallan A Redmond?7 L Palmeir i?3 D Hadden?I T Paatralh?aJ Robinaic A ce-ia BultrrfDId A Either? 1 W Bitiitmin A co? i Hunt k Br-o? 7 J Robinaon?4 Wal.h A Mallory ?10Shel/onk Pti>Ipa?7 Well A Roaencrauti?If W T (moke Aco? 41 Heiai Broe k eo?i* I rorton. Hodtea A bo?t LalTan k Hrdmou l-a Talon A Hlawart-3 Dllad 'e i?3k J (lihon?I Wi,||e A Bi.lioo?n (' || Rue ell It eo?0_W Wltileweitflil II1W ll.U^n ,<^.1.. 14. J yeakeo? 4?C H Bro ??o C'trpenler k Oireu?S Kiehardeon k Wate?a?It T k NHoniKl'i-lt In (lit k Sentt-2 I Rfn kana?84 A Mitchell?4 J Hobmren-i W W Cheater k ca I UFiint-1| 8 T Tome# k < >? t Marahall?I Wood Inhna <n k Burrttt?8 W Ki'cb?4 llughee. Ward k en?3 J Muller?I l.rmi k Keltic?I J Hancock it O.vlfreT, Pettereoa kco?ItMaitb, Thu-gar kro? lit t Oih. n ?3J Connah? 13 Birtl. Oillilf-k co? 40 H T Jotiea?7 W 0 Draper-t Bill, Clark k to?? Hill Bro.?IJ Kr.tlcr k ra-4 f> fcJW r<Olkco? I K Anil r?on?8 A ( mlt-ll Auchinrlne. k ?ob?l Via Am wrru k eo?a K Hual- 4 T Van / P k H Heyer?14 H T Chapman?t R Hfrlop?II W?u k Kottacran'x?IS W Whitewrmht-lt H Alley k eou-t Wo.d J ohm on k Burritt?4MI ban Mi Ml? iron Henry k Bleeebrr ?It pkgi E Rimih ke-rn? S Binna, ITiteted k Co?148 de Hi erte tSaavile ?8cka7 bkla 3tt bdla la order. Belize, Hond?felir iter-47 lone I cewt 37 bale# ear*'parilla I hot turtle thall hidea $4?J4 J J Lab-mure? 4 kotet ?o order. Do mettle Importation*. Nrw Oai.raea?Baik Florroee-ll* bble lA'H'nAa^ (> Bull k co-cm .In P I N-etnek. ?-?? " ?* f Bchrmerh'm-435 b 'It *4 k> |t J A r**Xka^M?Imr?a a W ,1 ray re?lit bhlt OretS k Hrydeeker-T '?* * !a iitmt? *7 B< rmxn. Minum k co?! &? \? R ftpriuf M Collomb k lirlin?ITI bW? Cru I W L,-?fr?M-IM ?k? J H.rp?r-?l balm ?7# kJ^MKobrr'JkW.I.MM-S" hM.fll.rn.Mke.-W, | tit^Brig W'm P.t??Mil |.hd? .n?M R.U..I. k Datirk M.llrr?#1 Kl.wy?! ' B'??h k ?>?1? bbU i ? r|.?? a.anrt flor keo?''M ?(*( com II Mill k Br.>?-1J .'n ? >,? t I.'hirchmm * BoV-.'*?TO Vbli ro lit r.jriUr k WMm?r?h. s blwku ? HJiip '| iukin i?134 M ' < coi'ou II Ik ?ok, N?l?? i '2~? do R lm?t?!lt Kiltam k Hofe-a?M MomIi. William, kto-ll J H Yallni?a?IM H H.miltou- ? P?'bu. li'm'S1 ^ ?ood. Jakrwa k Burnt'?loo J I.?? ? ?? 0 Maltbi# ?41 BaratoW k Pop#?100 H K I' li< ribat krn-tl H W Oram. Bur ' 'liatoa? .Sbale* cnl'oo David LfiJw-M mitn, vi,ii, to? la Omi t '? 11u*? 7a C Baratoiv k Pma?!* .'TV?' Johnana k i<i?37 H C it k co?'i7 Minor k Bern*' rf ?43 Bui k k co-M Wm Harriintu?II J B Sh?l>trr-50cl? rite V# ba? tobacco li c?kal tu J Siooiiaon kcc?M bulrt cotton InurJer CMaknciTaa-Britt Aablar-IU baleac<Hon inith. Mill* k co-Mateiiie. Vft ,> fc Durkvnir-ta M Ta> I r-35 Bngbre 7, T ii ,J J eoltou J ieaoorelta k co?B bi'ea JT.fLW.,rOOfrnch k Hejdarkrr-I u? T. %, nimrm-i uo' rnrlpi, u <)*? 01 Co? I IC M K Uallajtricr ? I In Royera k K?ith?n?? o c? to oidcr Dtllli- Brig Nr * Jrrr*y ? | co ha1'? cot*on T Phelpa?30 B 0' Koiiit kco-i7 J U Dieojaay k Brm?3oJ H Preitnn?? K S Willninl k co ? IJi Par.tow k I'm*? I 4 I) Ictrr ?Ta || 57 lihda II Coil It co?to M Karl?00 do 17 cka H 9 Williaata?0 K Owrna? 30 A I* Manir. MARITIME HKKAUJ. PORT OP NKW VOIIK, MAIOU 1. IgliT, un oo i moon urn - ? OR lira- I Itloialanii 1130 Oipaitora or tit* AUooUo Sutmort. raoii riouirt raom imbbica. Caledonia. Lett Oak. 4 Mar. 1 Aealii, Heaitt Mar. 4 April 0 O. WeaUrn, llakcu-* April I April Columbia,Jmlkina April 0 May i Britannia, Kyrie April 10 May 10 Caledonia, Loll May I June I CI. Weatern, tioikea- May U Jam 10 Acadia, Hewitt May II June 10 Columbia, Judkina-- June 4 July 0 Britannia, Kyne Juno 11 July IT CaledoDia. Lett July ? Any. I O Wcetcry Ho-ken? Jul y 0 A ny. 0 To Moataro of VesaeLa. Commander* of reaaela will coofer t faror by hariay a list of tliaii caryoea, peaaaoytri, ood a report of ecaial* left at the port wHeaca they tailrd, aod the veoeele apokoB. reai'y ek their arrival Iter* for Commodoro Baaaavr, of iu/ fleet of aewa echeooera. Ha will hoard them immadiatoly oa thaw arrirai. Olaara*. Ship* Philadelphia. HovcyLot don John OriawolJ; Olforil, Ruthbone, Lir?rpo..|. C H Marehall; 0?-id?. hunch. Havre. Boyd k Hiorkea; Edwina Waal, Mobilr, K D Hurlbut k Co.? Briya Caucaainn, Spray a, New Or'erne. J Elwell: Aufueta, Sherwood, Savannah; Manhattan. Doarc, Apalaehicola, via | Key Wml, K V llurlbut It Co; Smr.Urrsrd N'ewharn. NC; Unity,(Btiliih) Heett, Iltlifai mil Drminn. G k J Lturie? SihrsAnn 1), Brd.ll, Norfolk: J Ana. Hardy, PhilsdelpUi, Page, llallcU, Bontou; Splrndnl, Taylor, do, Antrad, Tacket thip Rnicius, Collins, from Liverpool, Jan 14, mdes to K K Colliua k Co. racket ahip Heudrick flndton. Morgan. frnm London and Portsmouth, Jan 10 mdse, to J Oris* old. Tlie II H >u off the Highlands yetterdav afternoon. ShipSamh heafe. Oray, *5 dayi front Floating. mdae. to O Gediugk Co. Sailed in en with ship* Virginia, and Kmuori um, for Neweaatle; bvrk Bohemia. for NOrleans; brig t rouatadt. for Ilaraiia?and all put bark tame dtp, on account of head winds No datr. lat 37 14. Inn tt sooke bug Maria. 4 tm NYork; lat 44 34, Ion 47, brig Hollander. 3 data fin Boston, who supplied us with provisions, for whith lis did not fail to charge a fair prict. The 8 8 has been on the co ist four weeks, and experienced eery bad weather?lart part of bulwarks, stsocheons and jolly boat, and had long boat stove. Ship Tuakina, Spencer, 14 days from Mobile, rotlon. to F. D Huilbut k Co. Sailed ia co. * ith shioS| Undid,for Lieeipool. Ship Cnrgress, fm Havre, arr d iv before. Ship Klondian, Pratt, 16 days froin Apalariiieolu. with I0M balsa eoitoi to K D Hurltiut k Co. HBark Florence. Derker. from New Orleans. Feb 7, an I the Bar ?th.pork, kr. to C Barstow k Pope. Swedish brig Juno, Wilson, from Steekh dm. and 4Sdais fm Ra-nsgate, with 340 tons iron to ruder 37ih. off Berinada. i ? perienced a gale from SK?carried away main|iail. kr and los' 3 men overboard. Brig Oeorgiaua, MeLellan, 14 days from New Orleans, flour, kc. to ordsr. Brig Solon, Crabtree, IS days from Ntw Orleans, pork, ke to Havers k Co Rrir Wilar.n C.ilUr C.?l,h L. I Scott It Morrell. Brig Cliaton, Lyon, S daya from Savannah, cotton, to Slurgea k Clearman 33t, let S3 8, Ion 78, exchanged atgnalawiUi briea L Baldwin, and Excel. Brig Star, Farnhair, 14 daya fWm St B'rti, old iron, apecie, See. to A Hubbard k Co. Left no American vraaela at St B ? L*ft at StKitia,aehr Mara Hill, of Bangor, iliag. Uailti J .hn W Cater, and Paothea, briga Indualry, ami Benjamin Swain, of New Haren, aailed aeveral daya before, bound to ihr leeward. Bremen brig Ferdinand. Hatt erdon. 31 daya from Oa'vcaton. Texaa. cotton, to Nollemue Ik Parecatedt, 43j balea do to J B rower. Britiah brig Bomeraet, Williama, 18 daya from Demerara, in ballaat, to J Barclay. Left no American vraaela. Bug William Pitt. Chaae.(of Braton.) 14 day a fin N Orleam, augar, to mailer. 30th nil. lal 31, lou 76 30, apoke achr Morning Star, fm Wilmiugton NC. Brig K.I in. Kennedy, 31 daya from NOrlcana, Willi 436 hhda molaaaea to Clark It Co. Brig New Jeraer, Browr, 8 daya from Darien, (Ja. cotton, to KM Deimll. Brig Aahley, Sherwood. 5 daya from Charlraton. coltnn. to Dunham k Uimou On Suiday evcuing, at 8 o'clock, off Barnegat, wsa run into by achr, which crricd away jibbmm, alerted head, 3tr; did liot atcerlain the damage dune to the achr ?did not learn Iter name. Si hr Star, Woo*1, to daya from Belize, Hnnd. logwood, ice. to U M Demill Left achr November, ol and tor Boa'.uu, j ill arr, to tail 18'h Feb. Schr Emeline, Davidaon. to daya from NOrleara. molaaaea. lie. to maatcr. Off the Tortugua, law ahip Caapian,bound to Schr Two Brothera, Richsrdaon, from Waahiugton, NC. naval a tore*. Schr Hetorn, Kellogg, from Williamaton, NC. naval atorre. to o' der. Schr Ann Hyman, 8 daya from Newbero, NC. naval atorea. to ordar. Scbr Millicent, Bourne, 4 daya frcm Baltimore, mdar, to J It 8chr\liry Janr, McMalh, Norfolk, mdte, to Sturgee It Clearmar. . Schr Planet, Haff, 8 daya from Cherryilone, with com. to Schr Viatu'.a, Hilbrook, 5 daya from Norfolk, iliinglra, to the maatcr. Schr Spartel, from York Rirer, oyatera. Schr Editor, from Viiginia, oyatera. Below. Two tlnpt, lour brigi. [Cry- Packet ihip Garrick, Skiddy for Liverpool, hat anchored ai the 8YV Spit. General Record. Schr Good Hope, Y'unr.l deyt from North Carolina, put Into the Hook ou Saturday f?r a liaibor, and aailed again on SuJday. Brio RowtE.of and for Prnridence. wi? apokrn by the p lot boat Sylph, on the 26th February, Fire Itlaud ah 25 mile* diatanC Shif Europe, Batcheldrr. of Bath, from Harre for NOr* leant, in bullae!, w?a taken into Naeeau on the 15th Feb. uary, in charge of wrerkera- Sheitiuck on the Gingerbread ground on the .Olh, mid the captain refuted their ntaiatance until after nearly three daye effort# of hir own crew to get the thip off, but the weather prating bad, waa obliged to arcept their tei vicer to aave the thip. The wrrrkert hare been awarded $5,600 for talvuge. On haring lier hull examined by a direr, the ipiitara net to be ao much damaged but the can proceed to her lealination after taking in tome ballatt Her I'alae keel it prii.cipnlly gone and tome ol the uiain keel, auJ perliapr 20 ehctte copper. Brio VmcrivT.?The Wallace, at Boetnn from Kolterdam, fell i>< witnon the21tlFeb, in lat 37 30, Ion 17 30. the wreck of the Vincent, Brown, of ar.d liom Nortolk for Hi Johne I'R. cargo ataree and peae, and took oir the captain and crew. The V. was totally diamaited iu the ga e of the 17lh, three daye out. and leaked rery badly. Brim Curlew, Hamilton, of and for Porlimouth. from New York, went aehore on Harding'* lietch Chatham, in the gale.of the 1611.?will be got oil'by ditch trgiug. A tinack from Nantucket went athore tame time. A large topeail ichr got eahnre on the Handkerchief blioal, morning of the 20th, but got off at night. Storm.?A letter from the Light Unite tt Bear Irland, in Mount l)eaert Haibor. detente* the ttorm of the 16th, at hating pretailed there with great violence for 20 benrt. On the following day, the window! ol the light h )Urr, US feet above the IrveFof the tea, were cov< red with tail, made by the tpray. LatiRCHEn?At Mount Peter!, brig Etrurian, 213 tone. Site it owned by Capt Wm Heath, acd it repreaeuted to be of tupcrior model and workmanthip. Spoken. Congaree.of Charlctton. no deitiuatior, 8ic. given,Feb 21 it, lol <0 30, ion 7B. Allies, Bo-ton for Mon eritl-o. Feb 3, 1st 31 30, Ion 36 30? had loet one men oreiboard third day out. Foreign Porta. ' H.vvit, Feb 11?Arr Bronlea. IJcrti., NYork. SM Prnty Oraeia. do. Arr 13 h, Mary Ik Snaan, Bo.ton: Kaetern Star Portland. Mid Uallin, Uo.tnri Sid 1 Ith, Cuba, Bmtnn; Levant Alcitnder, NYork; Po'ami, Newport. United States Porta. Lraac, Feb30?Hid Van Burrn. Richmond. Thomv.toi, Feb 30?Arr Lnlwig, and Mary Am, hating railed on the tsth for Riclimoud, Va. hut tiperienced a aetere tale I n the 18th?they run bark, hating .u.tvtir d aomc damage to .ail., lie. Brig Mary Cole w.? auok at the wharf in the late gale 8rhr Gecrge and a .loop went atliore. rreciting tome damage. Schr Mtth It William broke from her mooring3,bat received ai damage. I oa iL.ii>, Feb 34? Arr Financier. Sargrtit, NewYork. ('Id ( anjenaa, Tuba. Bid Plain, General Scott, Georgra, Larkin Snow, Red Rotar. Arr 36ih. Apnea, Malantaa; Hayinond Hi t'ltioie for 'I hamaatnn ( Id Waahington, Caba. Gi.orcr.THt, Feb38?Arr Meiicao, Surinam, with loaa of fore topmast b iwapnt. It-. ttiiToa. Feb 38?Arr Wallace, Rotte-dam?haa been a> fir louth aa lat 38. and haa hid . teey mild and plea.ant pa???ge; Muacow, Buenoe Atret: Mpbndid. Metaina; I idennl, Mayagu-g: Hntlon.NYnrk for Newhuryport. ("Id tuliro, Matanzt*; Virginia Packet, do;, Aui Cayei; Hind, Martini<|ur; I flmdoa. NDrle.i a; Wal;ml'. do; Herai ia, (.'h;irie?ton. Mary P.aae, Portland, with part of her inward cargo; Arenz.meadi, Richmond. Pi lam-TH, Feb 30?Bid Horatio, Baltimore. Xiw lltor >an. Feb 34?Arr f.'alypeo, Gottenbnrg. 8lu H Purler, Philadelphia. __ Knnt.rowa, Feb 33-Arr Und .untrd, Mille, Holme. Hole, with TO bvJencoltoa m ehip II Allen Sid 34th. F-n"*'';Jor H Hole, with crew, anchor, lie. to attempt to get off lb p Henry Allen. . . ?? Hklmii Hoi *. Feb M?No rrarel in port, wind tea.. PnueioBRcit, Fib JJ?Arr lud-pendente, Waehington, an? Mebltrrraiieaii. Work. _ . Lit Nr-weane, FebiJ-Hd I W Paige. Baltimore. hiniij her enlire e-rts o? board in goo-l order Arr Wd, *,Y" ' noeidenre forNor??lk,C.p/, NaoliKket for NYork. ltd. Mnntaan, BoaIna ft r iii > m nil. !Hd Ferry Motal;. Com .New York.Arr ??ih. F raaklir, Thorraifon for N'York; f ohaaaet. II oat on for ?'n, Pamlien, Jlrllow .H.reh, ?t d Kebeeen, from Pr< ndmee r.r WilmmjioB M . Mrchanie.du lor Piorthl arolina, Win I'rno, dolor Mobile. . \,w Hurr KrhtJ-Arr B"?lon, Virginia. Hid Oteenl>, '"fim'iio i rni l-VI. ?-Arr Dalnware, Btalop; Firderiek Pearl. Km hn.oud, J* W Ernakaon, N York, lid Plato,IMoi' ri'miriin". iikW-Arr Marion, Waterford; Alrtin-ler Heimo ol. Lire-pool: Prompt, do, Trenton, Olirrr, Sen York J k.l.ard Bulkier. do; I omiaiaaarjr. B etoo l id 'Jallioim, M v r ra NV. rB da?a*??H. k >b M?Arr Saraetiali, Chapter, NYork; Aelon, Raggett. Oo. I Id L'oaidee. Ha< an* Hill Arabella, NOrlr -n?; Lleeepoel; Aildingtoa. Wr?t Indira; Robert Drute, Bal iBtore; ' tlMero, N 1 ork, \S lleoa Fuller, do. Iter Wire Fell IT?Arr IJth, Itanhoe, Boalon; Creole M.,r,i a l.-r N > ?ik, with eome l,.? ?ge In lo r ru Mrr. fkmale pills 'IMIP.AK farlaiard ana f.letn.ied wile. from Portugal, ar 1 we oortaieo. to ho obtained to tVif rountrr B'r iwmaei.l oa tlva laat of fourth page. f. llnTia '|''i I Mb Pi' dLIC.?'w a art eult.orlead by H-indXoaritt. 1 Esq., I'reaadenl of tha Anriiic.n i,l Baagr Bank, to atria II. ai II I J. uet'ad rer 1 > lemi lit of it. la mi. mug in tho I ('.runo* aod Ent .1 rar. la ?ith-,.t hia laue'inn, ard that tha indit idual a ho ii w ba a e> g <i[ri1 111 o;^ t,in( a 1'ek plate-I n I t r eaalt o| aard Bank b) II 1 J -ore. tr-ii not /inn/ed ar to liare, aad'hat ?'ig ll 1 'f ..rate. 11 <1 or b, arid S|n idulie. or - - .1 . a U .. . Wkaa ?a...kihal.l.llP llldkn*'. 'U<1 mmrtvm in ?<? in "ir < - v . f ii f V?? .o.of till LABOIH I., i kern hcvl?l H. C. ' dThgImm* An <?*? I,-. M>cr b ?" I"""?'' ?* I* work up**..14 lack W, .r. .1.0 ?tl.tKrtyt" l<, ???*? ik* * i*f*i4 ( m 1. J.hi-. ?- t?*'ikL" *' S llTk mm Wl ril TIf* DOOH Or*N. kr h-'?* r* Uf <! #?-<?* nv ?t ? ( fl* tint* as nlfifclM b. |i?W. Wto^k.^ WO||TH * MltH ml im *i?u k ilk A?m a 2^S W.k b?. ^ 41 AJl' tLAililrt Will ?tli UiU MiUfatlMK Ml 1.) ? c'ock. ?U lh? laic* room. 304 Brood***', '>rr ?r Dm*U4 nCWfh?ifl *bd ki then furuilure, *?uoo, liq iota. ? > itr*. 1c. A lary- *w,rUn-u* of rh4 ice w?i<e?. li?|U ro, and I <*tf*ra. con*iating ^ , (lf 0|.| ?r itktta, ? ?** and oh*rry ij 'M**; Lomite auil R|. J-li* u cl?rt arci* *>?d n'h r^nc* ? and# chain j>ogti? , brandy and gin in pipes I hI' pipe*; navaaa. rxaaMi.ra, Principe. Lauor iu. P?l< n <?ud othrr a thri. A loo. Harata a (inin b ,*%?* of 10 000, aui'ed for th? Loiidou mti kct; up-nor b'rrrich choc late Al'o, household and kit(h*n furvltart, of rarium deic.i.* Uuna. croc terv.earn*tin* ,..i k. Atao. 4| pines. *?t old cup* nor rco't^ br^*iljr if IwimI. 40*1 40,0011 Principe, Havan i m il otb?t m ri, by order of a isarehall; SO brskets superior rhumptgne jU it land* *1. StOtf taeoacooonrs, and S000 ralma 1 rtla't'i segars ol superior > quality. together with Itumerons other aflie ra. A'eo, IT bble of Hamburg beet, eoutaiuiug 4,1-iglLs; whi'e wash brushes, tic. . ... At 11 n.l*k Teouessre L ?nJ?Also 4ooo arres of Tarnn*f? Lsnd, situate in Cannon county, sute title aa anulfSio il?ien?iit owners The sale will be posilivt, it ben g lu ,>l?se acouceru I Itiae H. H. 1 IMPSON, Auctioneer. LI A KI) WAIIE. CUTLrBY. FaNCV (iOODS. kC.rl JACiifl 8. PLATT'S Fouilh Spring Hardware Package and Shelf Sale. will tike place TH*S.DAY. at 10 o'clock, at the Store, No 91 Piatt street. Consisting of iSu packag.sof frr?h imported mid Uhefnrlil Hirdwart,T*bkiiid Pocket Cutlery, lie &" AUo, a l?r*? a#*"tment of Omman. Kreurh aikI American H4rdwar*t Fancy C?ood<.tkc. '1 * rmi, I mouth* tor unproved notf fof II lU'Tnerorl $100 ml IP PAt kvr SHIP RllSt.IUS? from Liverpool.?Ossigaecs per O n ship will plesaeaeod their permits on hoard, at Oitrans wharf. I'ooi of Wall it, immediately All goods not permitted in Are days must unavoidably be sen I to the public 1 lion. sal ma HOUsrs Trt l.fl IN JKRSilY CITY.?Asutab r Bin < f large and genteel modern built houses, replete Witb JMKirrrv eonveaie train *300 to 94 0 per annum, als* a few smaller at from 9115 to 9275 per annua. Likewiseapartmentoto let. Krqnir* of \M)HKW CLK.1IK, Architect and Agent, near the ferry landing ml St* KEWARli? Kiftv dollars will be pud In I he person y'jy who left s letter, on Saturday evruii g. addressed to a ltd)' in Broome st,on application In the house. nil It* T HEVItill. OK VAITH and Other l'?. ,ns. b^lTARLM * t. MOKFMAN. author of Ureysluer, fcc.. imbli.had this day. for the author, by H COI.MAN, ll ItT _ M J llDaliusI UN''AR. M.ELLF.D CHEAPNESS, at Iks Faihionable Tailoring Eelablivhment, 108 Beckinan atrett.urir (V*H. Oentleinen who are now or lormeily have h?m paying extravagant frier* for 'heir clothing, are aiaured tt they need do *0 no mora, a* the ?ub?*rib*r iwtli guarantee to all who pw trr nii* him, a handsome At. a faelnontble etyle and eietlleat mater lata, at the following in nlerate price*? Sup. Wert of Kug. Wool-dyad, black, blue, or grtcn drees co t*. , . Pant*. double milled do black, plaid, and fancy can., )t t* $8 SO. Vaatt?Fie* ca?hmrra,*atie,and all kind*, $1 lo $5. < net* made aud rimmed iu a miperior manner, Irom J7 la M.10, Veat*. ftl SO to (0; Pant*. >1,80to 91. ml l-' _ _ Jj^N MOFFAT. BOOH OFmCHDEKS-Juii Publuhcd?Contain,amongst other*. IM following? H.e murder of Mr*. Collin* by Daaid Frank, of Jrh i Bowma for the murderof a child four year* old. of a Father and hie two Soi.i for the murder of Mr. Adam* of Win Orou for ?tabbing Keiiah Stow, of leaac B. Desha lor the rtufder of M'. Biker of Jam.. Keyeeld for k.l.tug Capl We.t. of she ?urder of Mtee Cunningham, of Johuaon lite rrinterforih .d*??? Mr. Newman, of Michael Mctiarrcy for beating hie wife to dftth. ? Joel Clough for killing Mr. Hrinilloa, of John A Murdi the gCSkt f nrexr IQ* " pirate aud meidenrr JOHN B. Pt.Uli No. 81} North Stcmd street, Philadelphia. nafis It COIINIUtT mlj#t* tit Pearl ?lraei. New Vorfc. MEDICAL CAIUJ? Ua. Coon:a, Dunne it. new Chatham et. (till afford* relief lo the afflicted of both a*g ea. II* ma> be aiwav* wnaulted. with the ulmoat couAdence, ie lh? worat cae** of delicate di*ea*e?. mercurial effectioae. and the uumertou* *ym|>to*n* arieing from thi* ducate. From. Dr. Ci *iten*i?e practice for the hut eight year* la tlua partiet tar branch of the oruletamie, (<iaran>**a a ??fe, speedy and efertir* cur* to all iieraou* who apply to him. iterant eatea cured ie a f? w dayt without the ute of mercury, or any other da*?ereu* me.liurine No intcrrapiiou from bueineet, or alteratioo IU th* mode ef liring. All whoe? cat** hate been pr?treeled or aggravated by maltreatment, mar apply with the utmost cunfideac* of being effectually cured- Ttrma modirat*?at lend ane* from T in th* morning until 10 at night. Office It Duaneet. mllm* orRINO STVLE fok 1841.?The Spring ityle for Oent * ** Hat*, -Melropoli .an" model, will be introduced thi* day . (lit of Marth.) N. B ? I tie aubeerihere charge for the htit quality of Nutria MolrakiO, or Bruih Hal* i* >4,SO. O FISK, ml ir* ^ I3T Broadway. ANTED ?.V aiiuaiioe iu a hotel.asTaitry Cook Enqmra at No. 800 William itraet, iicond floor, left hand. H If pITY DESPATCH POST.-Letter* deposited in the v various boie*of th'8 establishment. are lent out from the principal office regularly lor delivery throughout the city, as far aa flat street, at 1. 1 aud 4 o'clock, at threa cents each. The advantage* offered by it, are the certain and expeditious delivery of every deieripti-Mi of Social, Prefcsstounl and Commercial correspondence. It i* peculiarly adapted lor the trans* miaiiou of Invitatio * aud replies, and it rffer* to the Ladies, throurhtb* medium of th* Free Stamp*, an elegant and breaming mod* of sending their uote* free. 1 hi* pre-payment of pottage, (although quit* optional) i* (trongly recommended to general trndibg lo promote rrivale convenience and gee-tilr expedite the delivery of letters The regulation* may b* obtained at the Branch Office* and at the Principal Office, 48 William *t. at which place free tamps mv>- be purchased at three cent* each. N B ?1 lie proprietor* rtepecttullr aolieitimmediate notificatiou of auy irregularity. ALKXDK. M. GRKIO. ml Tt Agent. F'IRST ANNIVERSARY OK JEFFKKSUN LODOE? No. M, I. O of O F ? To be held ?t the Broadway Tabernacle, on Thursday, Match 3', 1113, at hairpeat T o'ciock. Oidii or Fuiieiitt, I?Voluntary on the Orgtu. by Bru. Bratnet. 3?Tri > and Chorua?The lleartna art telling?From the Cnation?Mra. Morley, Mr. Thornton, Mr. Boulard, and Choir. 3 -rrayer. ?Ode?by a member of Jefferaon Lodge. I?Muaic. f?Opening AiMrna?by Bro B. B Hallock, of JifferN* Lodge. Recitation and Solo?The Batiour Cornea?Mr*. Mor,JZ: ??Oration?by the Rer. J. NrwtuiJ MaBit. 1??Ode?writleulta rtaaly lor thia occaaion by Bro J.N. Maffit II?Reiiedieth n. 19?Fiuala Oranl liallrli j?h?Handel The M ic u'ider the directit u of Bro. C. W. Beamci, whti wi.l prtaide at the Urnan. Tickela 33 crn'i each. For aaleat HaU'a N>wa Room.Wall atieel; Benedict It Bquirre, 879 Bowery; F K.Lee.cor Bowery Siaulctu. W B It T Smith, 3a Naaaat ; Millet'a Muate Saloon, Broadnny ; <) Underbill, IS Ureenwich lane ; A I) Seaman. 377 tlrand; J Burnett, 103 Stanton at; Kainb >W crare 107 Fulton; J M Ttce, t Bowery: Bro itibar.l, 36 John ; P Kcilcy. II arena* I); or f lb* following Committee of Ar> rang'intnla?J J M .(T*l, 117 31 arenue; (ieo W (Jit lei, 97 3d avenue, eor llth atreet, John tlretn lit Walker. Tn< man Mcltona'd, cor 2tib atriet and 3d aveujc; B B Hallock. S13 tth 'treat. Metnbcra of lite order are reqoeated to appear in rigalia. J J MOl FaY, Chairman. Jotlie (litre. Secrettejr. ml 31* LEARY & CO.'S FASHION?SPRING ?1842. FOR OKNI.KMKlVir HAT*, WILL BE INTRODUCED SATURDAY, MAR' H sTH. ml NOB, i AND ? ASTOK HOUSE PKIN'i L'S I'A T ALOtil'KH of the Lninrin liaidrn sad Nuracrrr. at Klushiug with the reduced pi isca,may be obtain"! grali? at 'j> Naaaan at. utia'aira. n It* 17*TRA?>RDIN AKY ATI RAt'TION?LAD l-.S TAKE Ea NOl It K !?Iminruee stock of UIO (IOol)?-lll,Nt worth jut reeeivid irom Auclioo. TWe brat stock of Spring Gooda at Rrtail io the city, bought at aurh pricaaaa moat ?oaura thrm a epeedy aalc. Tha public arc i-.ritad to ctaauae the aaaortmrnt fi rthcoiarlaia for wa art auppliaa with itcry thing dcairablc and new for the Spring Trade ilk AD m* aRTKHH, 3nl GKAiSD ST Juat oprncd?Preach I'rinta. ' 4 caara French Prints, Irom la M to ta (d per yard, 5 ' Biitiah " from la (d to ta 7 " Amertcsr, from Id to la. 8ILKB-MLK8. t rasea S'lendid figured Silks. el gant atylee. 3 " blue, black, atri|ied and figurad. I ** blurbla'k black and mudeeolorcd.plna uid every variety in the market. SHAWLS SHAWLS. Of every deeeriplion-a large a'otk OOMKSSICH. 8 caara bleached Sheetings and Shirtings, from 8J to le 8.1. 10 bales oiib'eeched? ?cry stjle. fr m 8<l to I ad. Clothe, Claeimerre, Vretinge. IJso l.rooua, Be nets?very cheap. De I.nines, Taglionia. Somkarinra. Hoaieiy, Gloves. Draperies. Uht'itee. and white Gm* a af etcry diaeripti'ia. N. B.?Sheetings 5 i art's wide. J. II, DINMAN. ml 1m* it'l Graod alrert. , -s 11 I ! Vi/,?n lor l.itsroro.l I.-I srhjil Wlllrlusr :h a 3 day at luo'clock A Si, at i* Mouth at. ml K K. fOI.I.I VH k l O. CAUTION " ""O ALL THOSK WHO USK THK BRA NDItKTH 1 I'lLLS?A HJLL DKSCIIM'TION <?b TIIK NfcW BHANDETMIAN LABEL-PKOrkTTION AUUNST COUNTRRk'KlTKRM.-To protaet tha public f,ata IK* machination! <>f ilir ectiiilerfe'trra "f the liraadretn'a PBIa, t hare at a eery henry eapeaditare oI monev ami time, collected from my agenta all of thrtBrandretb'a Pil'i with I lie old iti le of label! on the Ixiira; THr.naroaa ear with THK iLD l.aari.a, a! a LI. at'CH att Cpl'NTiari IT. The only (enoiue Bnmdrelh l'iIII now on la'e hare three newl-r>ela|on each boi, rmtraTid on alael,at au eapeuar of aerera| thoiiaand dollar!. 'J he label on the coter of earh boa ia i rnt ted on while paper, ' Bcujiimn Bramlrctti'e Pille," being heat rioted with ltd ink aeveral liuodted timer, roernng the whole lurface of ihe label, and over thla ii a beau'ifnl bonier in black me, and around ike out-r edge of the border are Ihe we rda, "Entered according to art oM,'or>(re?!,ia ih' .aouthern lliilrict of New Vork.'' VViihin the border will he fo<md, ia black iak; '"Uraiidreth'i Pilla?entirely Tefelable? good at a II timea?doae from 1 to SO;' and acr>ae the middle of the label from one end to the other of the apace within the border, the a (nature of "B. Brandreth. M. U and aerobe tliia eignature at an anang'eof about forty-fire degirea, ie wri:tm Benjamin Braudreth. The libelon the bottom of the boa ii alio p-iutrd on white paper, tint in r- d ink, tin iUr to the lop label. Oe?r Ihii are five dial inct bordera in black ink?witnin the inner border ii printed alao in black ink, ' Bee ihit the I ibela on tliia hoi agree with tlmae ou thr cer.iAcate, no other* ate (enuiur, k, Brandrelh;" and be|. w. acrora the border!, in a at-i i-lil lute, 'Benjamin Braudrtlh." The label, on th; aide of iach b >?. ia primed on yellow pa^er. and dirded by Mark I hea into three part < In flirt or largeat dn Irion will be found the?e wordr?* No Crandrrth fit la me genuine unlrerthehoi h*a three fkc-aiiaile?igiiaturca upon i , ikua ?B nj im>n Brandreth, n. Brandreth, M D. < lainte r < iter* will bat e a fiailrDt yuard ka toot em Inlhaneat ditiaion ia printed? "All the Itbela an theaa boyra ta he included,en! red according to a I of ongreaa.iu Ihe year lltl, by B. Brandreth, in the Clerh'a office of the til#'iiit Court, in ihe 5. inborn Lialiict of New Vork ' In the Ulird and tart dtviaioti are the wnr 'a?"Dr. Brandreth a I'linripal Office.341 Broadway. Naw York." (i E NU I N E Ph 1W AT.F. MONTHLY PILLS. M A I) A M V. COSTKLLO'd L'KMALK MONTHLY PIU. i* wkti..wleJsrd by the f.rat r.iyatri <na in Hie United Hlatea aa the eery brat mediria* lint ladie* Uborin* under a aup|>re?ai*n of (hair'tr.l illt.ea* em like, end they eery arldom fail to reliete when leltrn accordiug l? the directum* Thine who call for I hem mill lieaupplieil wi li htrcirrtilar.rontaiutnt *mi>lediire'.inu?, <'d all (lie precaution' n-r-?aiy lo be oh <er**d ia I >eir tiae. Adiire yrat < ' I fie; ?l Unpeg ard at reel; ml lm' ( 'LI MAX ?H K ^RV BE( TeapeetfuHy informa hi* Irirnile ' and the public in feoeral, that he hia rented of Mr Baanfrrd Ihe ahore eplendtd Ha loan, No. I| Ann tlr?" ao>l II* Ku Ion', where he tolirila Ihe p*troi*? of nit friend* I all limn / the <1*7. The bar hi aloekna of Ih* l?e*l I" wine. aiMliipinr*. k r-e I'ntMarta eeery trery errnlny.iml I ho <i nf t llrll ftllVfl. * fi' '** J l> KMITTANClC TO Y,g GLAND, Ilir.LANn. ml Hrjfl lv | .nd.ia rum* of ?l lo. I an I A **, to any amomu p?)ww - biRht. tn.-iy lo or t-,cn lb. ^^StVtrTKHN. f| a WUIatv.<llJl!* r.