Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 2, 1842 Page 1
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TH Tak TU^-I*. 3M ? Wtalala. Ml* .TEW LINE OK L1V k.RPOOL PACKETS To aaUfromNtw York on the :5ili, and Liverpool cu the 13th *f tark am". & M M & lip R09C1U9, Captaiu John Cotlme. ?Sth Not. Ship 8IDDONS. CauUiu E. B. Cohb,ttth Dec. Slip SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyeter, i5th Jan. Sup UAJUUCK, CanUiu Wm. Skidiy, JStk Keb. k hou LivtaruaL. tin SHERIDAN. Captaiu k". A. Drucyeter, IJth Not. hp UARRlCK.t.apUin Wm. S kiddy, 13lh Dec. Shiu ROSC1US, Captain John Collin*, 13th Ju. Ship 91DDONS, Captain K. BCohh, IStti Feh. Theae ?lup* ere ell of III* Aral claee, upwarda of 1000 tone,built hi the city of New York, with emli improvement* ae combine groat apeed with unueual comfort for p mar intra. Every care hnabeen taken in the arran|einrntof their accommodation!. The price of paaeMt hence it fivo.for which ample etorej will be provided. Tnete ehipe are commanded by experienced milten. who will make every exertion to give general eaualac tiou. . Neither the captain* or owner* oftheM *hip* will be rrepooei W* ferny lette^i, puree In or t)??kn_-???eut by them, unleu re filler bilk ol ledum isuud inerefor. Theahipeof thialinr willhereafter go armed, aed their pecu Mar construction give* them eccurity notpoeeeaeed by ear other but reaael* of war. Far freight or imasaie ,appl r ta K. K. CtoLINS ? CO. 51 South *t.. New York, or t* WM. It JA8. UHOWN It fco, Liverpool Letter* by the per.heU will be charged is* eeete per *ii*le beet: iOcent* nerouuce. and Qewspupi r* I rent each. fay COIl NKW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NKW VORk LINE OF PACKETS deepatch aihip froan lliie port no the let, 5th, Idih.lStb, With M Mlh of each month, eouimeuciui; the loth October, and eouturning until May, when regular day* will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and dixap piatfacnta will be urereuted during (he aummer month*. The Allowing ship* will commence tlua arrangeeunt hip J AZOO.Capt. oruell, 10th Oct. 1841. Ship OCONEE, (.apt. Jackaon, 16th Oct. Ship MlSSISSIPPI-Cant. Milliard,aoihOct. Ship LOW8VILLE, Cant. Hftit.Mtti Oct. ShipStiAKSPKARE, Capt.Miner, tatNoeember. Ship GASTON. Capt. Latham, Stli Nor. Ship HUNTS VILLE. ?apt. Mumfnrd. 10th Nor. Ship OCMULOEE, C-aiil Learitt, 15th Nor. Ship NASHVILLE, Caiit. Dickrirun^Oth Nor. Ship Mfciiarms, Ship LOUISA, Caut. Mulord. l*t December. These (hip* were all built m Ihe city of New Vork, erpremIw for packet* areof a light draft of water, have recently been newlv coppered and pot in splendid order, with accommodation* Mr dfaecngere unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by eapeneuced ma?ter?, who will make every election to Rive general *ati*tactiou. They will at all time* be towed up and Sown the Mi?*i**ippiby (teamboat*. . Neither the owner* or captain* oftheee ahip* will be reiponmbl* for jewelry, bullion,preciou* etonee, silver, orplated ware, or for any letter*,parcel or package, scut by or put en board of (Hem, unleM regular hille ofUding are taken for tue name, and Hie value thereon ?v!?~?eed T?'ZlN9 k CO. I* South *t.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New OrleMM,who will promptly forward all good* to hi* addrea*. The ships of thie line are warranted to aail puoctuerly ae ad] vertieed, and great care will be takeu to have the good* correct trmeasured. Wf N?W lOKt AND HAVRE f AC RETS. (SECOND LINE) a M MM TSe*hip*of thiapn^vlir hereafter leave New York on, th* lat and H?ff on the i?th of each month a* follow*: Front New York. Front Havrt. Th* new *hip ONEIDA, f let March (Uth April Capt. < let July < litli August James Funek. 11st November ( Uth December Ship BALTIMORE, flat April t l?h May Cart. ? 1st August < Uth September Kdwaru Funk. ( Mt December f Uth January bap UTICA, (let May (Uth June "Cart. < tit September < Uth October Fr*d*kHewitt. t lrt January (Uth February New skip bT.NICOLA*, ( lrt June I Uth July Cart. < let October < lrtii November J B7TeU. ( let February f Uth March The accommodation* of the** ship* are not surpassed, com Mtiiw nil 'tw may be required fer comfort. The price of calm Mini is $100, Passenger* will be supplied with every TearSSflf CSis * a. ?b*r riber* free from any other than th* eipense* actual,yi a? ? A-uu, at t Tontine Buildinn. ' NEW FORK. AND NEWARK. fag? nmffmiffll Far* reduced In MS cent*. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sunday* excepted.) L*av< New York. Leave Newark. Alt A.M. At < P.M. At ( A.M. At U P.M. II 4* ? do t da H do 4| do tot do I it * do It do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street Leave New York. Leave Newark. _ Fare reduced. From th* foot of Liberty atreet,daily. l?? Naw Fork. Leave New Brunswick. * \ir:HL At? p. m: OMCRTILLE tUniCMiMtt with these has*each way. BiiebetwemNew York and Smncrril!*, . ?0ceut*. no 4* NdW Brunswick, TScent*. umr, i?c?nu. flSakaaitewa. ?eenta. Tm far* in the TJ A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 4| V Id.tma from New York, ha* b??o reduced betwran New York and New Bruaawtck to 10 cents. ' and Rahway to B| " ?%* FnUsdelphi* mail line pasrea through New Bi uniwickfor WowYork inrr evening at 0 o'clock. On Sunday (the Tf A.M. trip from Now Brunswick ia omit>,4 rmeawrawko procure their ticket* at the oire a ferry ticketgmua. Tickotaare recaired by thecouduetor oolv on the d?T when purchased. ftb It ^ PEOPLE'** LINE FOR ALBANY.?The dSS^a*.tcemboatp ROCHESTER. SOUTH AME ? " U'J mra end NORTll AMERICA, of the People'* Line, will be in readineaa to commence running between Now York and Albany, and intermediate place*, a* loon a* the nariralien iafrao fro n ire. Passage One Dollar. fnim ^ KoR. ftRTTEWSBURV?KALI, AHfQMSBANOEMKNT-Tht ateamboat OSIRIS, 3CaCLCa|itJ. C. Allaire, will commence running on ntnrday, Sept. 98th, u fatlow*:?lrare Fniton Market *lip. Wart Rirar, erery Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. :i o'clock AM. RatorniM. leave* Red Batik erery Mnndar morning: at 10 o'clock A.^VLj Tuesday, Wedneaday, and Friday, at halt paat The boat will run aa abora until further notice,narlgatlon and weather permitting. oStnT t. roWELL k CU.'S LINE. ^ FOR NEW3UROH. landing at CALD WELL'S, WERT POINT AND COLD 9B5B3LSPRINO?The ateamhoat HIGHLANDER Capt. Robert Wardrop, will lrare the foot of Warren atreet Row York, every Monday, Tie i ?Jey aad Saturday afternoon'* ad 4 o'clock. Retaruiag. the Huh, anwer will imu ,*ewburgli may Monday morning at o'clock, ana Tuesday end Frimy Unwon at I o'clock. For freight or paaaage,apply to the Captain on board. N. B. All baggage and freight of erery description, bank bBla orapeeie, not on board thia boat, must be at tho risk of the garnan tharoof.nalaaa a bill of lading orreeaipti* signed for tkaaama _ ______ mtu PfltW ?<)KR AND LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE OP I'AIKMS. OLD ESTABLISHED fABSAOE OFFICE, No (I South etreet, New York. frHE tubacriber, ia aan mncing hit arrangement# forth* yaar A KM, appear# bcrore hiv friend# with aentimenta of aincera reelect for the abl* lupport he ha* received for many year* He likewiee wiehee to call the attention of thoee Intending to lend for their fvenile in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Waiee, that the; can at all time* be accommodated by thie line, by weekly opyortuDiliae Ironi Liverpool, aa well aa by all the well known different lioea of packet ahii* (ailing to and from Liverpool,on the lit.7th, tlth.ltUt, andtlSth of each nth, throughout the year. Ithaa alwaya been the etudy of the inbeeriber to have the emigrant# akown civility, and dirpatched without delay; and thoee who tend for their frieuda may reet eatiaiietl that every eare and diligent attention will be given by the Liverpool Agenta to thoae tent for, a? well ae all who may embark with them; end ehould any of thoae, whoee peaiage haa been paid, net ataheek, the money will be refunded without any charge. The nbrcriberfeelaapleaaure in makine known the different ahipe by which hie paaaengen rant out duriog the laat year, which haa giren general otiafaction, and that lie haa consider wi n\rHH ana coaciuaea nil mturcwuii lur u? year "The followim* ii a lie! of ahipe^... hip Scotland Kohiaaon Ship (hctoli Childe ? Fuifield Wikot St Cloud Kmvraon Frankfort Rdfeell " New vork Niveo " Ruaavll Cover Howri " Wareaw Onffitha ** HiWrah Wilenn " Oewefo Wood All red Cheever " Ocean Wellwd Clifton Ingeraoll " Talbot Story " LouiauUe Allen * N.Hampahire Harding " SobVeehi Emerern " Pan thee Uoodwanion A Lata man Law " Hobt ieaae Tree man - Preatire Honk me - Vimioia Eaton " Trrnoe Spear " Europe Batekelder wilei Walla * 8. Jenkina Seymour " Weetcheater feme The above ehipa, and Iheir reipective captaina, are all well and favorably kanwa in the trade A free paaaagi from the different porta of Ireland and Rentlawd epn aleo he aecured, and trifle funuahed for any atnonnl. Kabie at the Naleoaal and Prnviatial Ranke of Ireland, aud r reapeetiva bcanebea, and aleo on Mcaera J. k W. Rohm oj^^retjy.Lwbieh are paid.fraeaf any chaife, Ihroufhout Foe further partirulari apply to JOHN Sonth afreet, J. fc W. ROBINSON, it Goree Piaaaaa, dM and No. I Neptone ei WeteHon Dock. Liverpool. to and passage from great britain and ireland. bt the .M. UU/ i./,* r. r I'l "Fi. * ./n. o r. # r> full wiahiog to Mod to the ol.l country for their frienda. make the aeoeaaary arranfeaieutj nth the enbecribeea, and bava them coma out in thu superior line of packets, aniline from Liverpool on the Tth *o?l Itth of every month. They will alao have aBret rate el tea of American traneient ehipa failing ovary aaath d?y. thereby affording a weekly communication from that port One of the Ann. Mr. Jam a D. BocWa. la than Mm witl remain during the year Iblt.toaae that all the persons jahoae paaaa^aa have been paid here ara forwarded with care Should the partita agreed for not roane out the money will be retained to thaai who paid it here without any deduction. IWdrtaannii iiwg thialineara: rSSfeklJL ^h* 'ro^MsffV ayhhria^ emona t. na^the Benh f jre II fbltOBot^neit door tofarTOMI E NE NE\ 4mUm lain. BY THOMAS BKLL^ (llirriifM.M Awand1 l? /WUnitrtth.) WKUNEsOAt. Large Sale of Spieadid Furniture, of all dcacriptica ,at lot o'clock, iu the aal* mw. Alan. aa euluaalaakaf new citr made warranted cabinet , furniture. FRIDAY, At >9) o'clock, at the aalra room, Drr Ooorfe. Clothin/. Jewelry, Fancy and Pledged article*, Hardware, Cutlery, Watcher, kc of alldr-criptiuba, *lr,.nka I auaerior ( lolhiuc Clock, Caaaimera*. Vration, Silkr. ttatiua lie. Ik: **' * ' ? ' Also. S be (fitU Cutlery, Gum. Satan. Wines. Groceries. 2 tua Hosiery, 4 trunks aecoad haud L lo l.iug, I'leOged Goods, kc kc. Also?The bill sue. stock of * Merchast T ail >r. Also?3 trunks superior clothing, gui a. atest. wines, groceries. 8 esses hoiaery, 4 trunks of steoud hand clothing, kr., kc. Also?The ha'lmnee stock of a Merck ant Taper. Also?About iaa ro'r splendid London books, 'drawings, engri rings, punting*, frames,^Iwau ^fu^ihaffiild cutlery. At 10) oVIoek. ia tns Sales Room. Klrgant Furnitui'e?A I ante a?4 sst-nsire ralusblr assortmeut of household luruitutu?hooakeeping articles of all descriptions. Al.o?The stock of a Cabinet Mak; r Count log house furaiure. Also?The remainder of the rounling house and upright desks writing tables,kc . by order of assiguees. T~UCTliJN HALE OK GiICKmHoUsC rL/iNl aa. The ultcniii u of the ublic is called lo a spleudid sale of Tie Green aud Hothouse Piauts. in fail bloc ui-comprising a great rsriety of elegant Pants a-d Flour err, among which are many new and raluable ranches of Moss aud Monthl- Roses, JuDouicsr, kc., kc.?to take slaee This Day, at Gu'fcic Hah. 3.6 Broadway. JOii.H B. ULUYE.R, Aueliou-er, m8 It* 171 Pearl street. 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall The ateamer STATF.N ISLANDER or SAMSON will run u followi until further notice :? I Leaves Staten Ulaao Leaves Whitehall At 11 o'clock a.m. At s o'clock a.m. "It " " II " " i i " r.M. "? " r-M. * ? " " " 5 " N. B. All goo's shipred are required to be particularly marked an I are at the risk of the owner* thereof. ot aMM M MAIL 1,1 NETFok"aLTS"ANY and IntrT " ...Htw-ieJeni'iliate Pl?cee. or as far as the ice permits X t* Z.xrith ealety?The Steamboat TELEOIt APH will leave the loot of Oourlandtslrett this (Wednesday) afternoon, March ad. at t o'clock. The steamboat I tica will leave for Albany, on Thursday aft-ruoon, ( "larch 3d ) at 6 o'clock. For pasaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. n. 9'IHULTZ, 2 It at the office on the Whwif. mm Fok M \RSE< oLES?Beyular Packet.?Toe iMffkship MINERVA, Capt. Winslow, will <<il oti the Stifclat of April. The subscribers purpose dispatching a Ship nunctua'ly on Ihe tat day of each month d iring the ye.,r tor Maraeillra. (foods scut ts the su scribersfor f rwa iling will bedispatched Irre of a. y other than the charge* actuiltr incurred up in them. The Ship! here very eomfoi tabic cabin Kcommodc ti?ne. For freight or passage. anptr I" BOYD Ic HINCKEN,. Agents. ma 9 Ton line Build ing._ FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line? Regular Packet Mfffhittt th Mare h?The vplendid packet chip R08C1US. JUllfaCaptain -oho Collins of 1100 tona, Will sail u abose, ?er regular day. Forf r? ight orpassage .havingaccommod ationa une^aaBed for Djeodoror co mfort, apply oo hoard, at Orlcaaa wharf .foot of WeUat.,orto K. K.COLLINS fc Sonthatraat Price of pa-sege $IOv. The packet ship wIODON8, Captain C. B. Cokb of 1000 tone, will aucceod the Roscius, andaail aS'b April, her regular day. Paeteofera may rely upon theahipeof tliia line sailing punctually ae advertised. m* FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louwiane and New hflVSVTork il.lor?Poaitirely Firat Regular Packet?To BWN*sail 10 March?The rplendid fait sailing perhrt thipSHAKBPBARE, Capt Mini, will poaitirely aail u above her regular day. For freight or paasage.having splendid furnished accommodations,apply on board, at Orlcaaa wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 99 South at. Great care will be takes to hare the goods by this lias correctly measured. Agent in New Orleans. Jaa. O. Woodruff, who will prompt ty forward all roods to his addrrea. The packet ship Miaaiaaippi, Cant. C Hillia-d. will succeed the Bhakepeare. and sail the 90th instant, her regular day. mS Mfc- PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?United Lin? iH^Tht splendid fast sailing packet .LIBERTY, Capt JHkWaP. P Vortoe, sails positively to-morrow. Having iplendid accommodations for cabin, aecood cabin and steerage pareengers. For passage, early applieatioa rhouid be made en board, or to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, 49 South et. or 49 Peck Slip. Persoaa wishing lo send for their friinds to come cut iu the above eplendid ihip.or any of the regular line, can alike the D.-ceesary arraigcments. on favorable terme. Those desirous of remitting money can have drafts payable on dim sod. in all the principal towns of the United Kingdom Apply ae chore. ml OA M lift I^T^STABLl'SHED^MIOirCNT PABSAGIu OFFICE?The subscriber continues to ergige passengers to come from any part ot Grot Britain and the rrgalar Commercial line of Pnckete, nailing weekly fiom Livepool. Those sending for their friends may rest assured that every satisfaction will be given and the emigrants interests attended to. Drafts for any amount can also be furnished, payable throag'nout the United Kingdom. Ap.ilj- to? VOHN HERDMAN, fis 9' South door raat of Wall at. pO VL YaRD TO leabe.? l'he Clinton Co.! kai^ So. V loo roviirvr l.T* l, W1UI vmw, nnuir. mu inc J nra I'flVfd. The adverlieer will attend daily at 11 o'clwk, A. M. al WILLIAMS fc FEBOUSON'S corner of Mad woo au<l Jefleraon tree'I. ml ccd a*' /SlTF DESPATCH roar.?Letlera deposited in lb? v varioua boxeaofth-i; eatabiiehment. are arm out from the principal office regularly for delivery through ut the city, aa far aa 9latatreet, at ?. 1 and 4 o'clock, at ihree ccota each The advaiitageaodered by it, are the ceelain and expeditioua delivery of every dracriplion of Social. Proftmionnl and Com merrial correapondence. It ia peculiarly adapted lor the tranairiaaion of InvUttio and rerliea, and it effera to the Ladira, throuththe medium of the Fiee Stampe, an rlegint and becoming mode of aendiog their notra free. 1 hia pre-payment of poetage, (although cjtiie optional) if atrengly recommended lo general adaption.aa tending lo promote private convenience andgreally expedite the delivery of lettcra The regulatione may be obtained at the Branch Oflleea and at the Principal OAce, 44 William at, at whi.h place free atamne may be purehaacd at three centa each. N B ?1 hr proprittora reapectfully aotieit imm-diate notification of any irregularity. ALEXDK. M. tiREIt), ml Tt Agent. BOOK OF MlTRDF.ItS ?Jnat Publnh?d?Contain, amougat othera, tie following? fhemurder of Mra. Collina by ba vid Frank, of Johi Bow in for the murder of a child four y rare old, of a Father and hia two Solo for the murder ol Mr. A dam a, of Wm. Or on for atabbing Kenah Slow, of laaac B. Deiha lor the murder of Mr. B .ker, of Jamea Reynold for killing Cant Wect, of the murder of Mica Cunningham, of Johnaoa the|rinterforth oliagMr. Newman,of Michael Mc(larvey for beating hie wife to death, of Joel Clongh for killing Mr. Hamilton, of John A Murel the great wee tern land pirate and maiderer JOHN B. PF.KRV, No. bSi North S-conlatreet. Philade'nhia. NAF19 h CDRNIBT, ml Ot* Tl* Pearl street, New York. A/fKDlCAL CARD?D?. Coorti, No. It Duancat. nrar J" Chatham at-still affords rtlirl to the afflicted of both sax ea. Ha max be always umsulted, with the turn oat confidence, in the worst caais of deRcate diaeaaea. m?rcurial affections, sod the Dumerioua symptoms arising from this disease. From Dr. Cs exteosiee practice for the last eight year* is this particular branch of the profession, guarantees a sate, speedy and decline cure to ail persons who apply to hitn. Resent cases Clued in a faw days without the use of mercury, or any other dangerous medineioe. No interruption from business, oe altoration in the mode of lirin*. All whon* cases hare been protracted or aggrwratrd by maltreatment, may aptiTy with the utmost confidence of being effectually cured. Terms moderats?attendance from T in the morning until 10 alaigtit. Office to Dunne el mil m* WAMTKD-a situation iu Pastry Cook. Kaquire at No. 000 William street, second fluor, left hand. ml It* EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION-LAD RSTAKK J-f NO ITCE !?Immense stock of DRY OOgDB?*11,000 worth just rrceind irom Auctiou. The brat stock of spring Goods at Retail ia the city, bought at such pricaaas must insure them a spardy sale. The public are tinted to eiamine the assortment ferthemselns for ws are suppliei with svery thing desirable ami naw for the Mpring Trade HEAD QUARTERS, 301 GRAND BT Juat opened?Fiench Prints. 4 eases French Prints, Irom Is M to 3s Sd per yard, 1 ' British " from Is 0J to 0s. 7 " Americsr. from Oil In Is. BILKS? hILKS. t rases srlendid figured Silks, el want stylre. 3 " blur,Math, striped and figured. I " blue bla'h, blsek and modecolorid.plasu and erery rarieiy IB the market. 8H AWLS - SHAWLS. Of erery description-a Urce 'otk DOMKSBICB. i cases bleached Sheetings and Shirtiugs, from Od to Is 61 lobalss unb'sschsd?erery stjle, from CJ to lod. Cloths. Cassimeres, Vestings (fsmbroons. 8a isets?rery cheap. D? t.aisee, Taclionis. Sombaxiner, Hosiery, Olores, 1 irapertea. I'Diniri, ana wnne uwi ei e*erj uiicri])iion. N. B.?Sheeting* 5 yard* wid*. J. II, DINMAN, rot la' 3M Or* nd atreet. Ar A REWARD? Fifty diil>i "Til b* punl to TS# peiaon I wto left * Inter, on Saturday evening. addreaaed to a ltdy in Broome ?t,on application to th* home . ml 3t* UROPOSACS.?Prnpnaal* will be rtceireSTuntil tbe 14th I March, liti, by the Htrriab irgd, Port* couth, Mount Joy and Laneaatrr Railroad Company at their office. No. It) Walnut etreet, Philadelphia, for time bur by eoatraet, eleven mile* of the Company'* Road. wnh T Rail, a* per epecificatiooa to be *een at theeoropany'* office The road ta traded. and prepared for lay mi the track It ia believed that iron and fixture* auffitient for the eleven mile*, eea be had by the Contractor* (by giving aeearity) on three year* credit. Tc indieiduale po*a< aaing meant or credit, an opportunity i* offered for making an advantage out contract. Other conditio** will be road* known upon application nt the Company 'a Office, a* above rrqueatrd ALKX'K R HOnODONO, Treeident H P. Mt. Joy and L. R R. Co. Philadelphia. 94th Teh . t?4l f3?tmH CI.IN I'OS HAL.T?On Wedneeday Keening, STarchid ? Keaaar Mnnnn.reepeetfnlly announce* that he will deliver a aerie* of Lectnrea. conaiating of Anecdote*, Dialogue*, Song,, end Huroerona MtoHe* EBgmrcr oaa ?... w. ?? ***,. Single ticke.aftOrrite. Children, with paraola or goardiam and I ?d jr'e tirbe.e, M mU ?? . Door, open at ?eren o'clock?performance comaeiici at eirht Ticket. to he had at IK. Matte hom, and of Robert Morria, Mo. It Siith Arcana, and at the door on the eremite of i erfnrmanee. lM St* CLIMAX.-HKNRV BCR ropetlfolly ioforon hie frieadc aad the public ia general. that ha baa rcatad of M r. Bate abort apleadffd Salem. No. i) Am afreet aad 14* Pal too it where he coIkiU (he patronage of hit friend* at all timet a* the do?. The bar ia a lech ad of the boat of wloea aad liquor*. Free Coaaar * retry retry ertiuaf .and the Pa?t ef talent eafa|ed. ?H' > W YO V YORK, WEDNESDAY PARK THRATKK, THIS EVENING, March 3 1*43-The ixrformaueM will c?nunc> c? with THE FISCAL AGENT. Wia Chriatopher Bryan, Placidc | Jutiu< Simiikina, Glark Mim Penelope, Mr* Wheatley IIAfter which, Soof?" The Lni Word* of Maranon," by Mr rear*on T? eonelujg with CHAKLLS CVSALLEY S.r Grnrge D**hwnod, Barry | Charlie O'Malley, Wheat ley Lucy Daahw od, MiuHfuakman Admiaeton?Boiee f I ; Pit SO cent* : Q*ll, rv 3' cent*. cfiVfHAM THBATKB. Thi-d appearance ?f J.'hn Sefloo. THIS EVENING, March 3d?The performance will conwscr wi'h THE WARbOCR OF THE GLEN. Malik* w, Mr Thome | Ad?la, MnThor.e Mai tan, Mr* Herbert To be followed by THE GOLkEN FAKME&. Jemmy Twitcher, John Sefton | Geldtn Farmer, Thorn* Elisabeth Mi*? Mratayer To cnnrlode with THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. Vanderdocken. Mr*. Lewi* | Peter Von Brnmmel, MeaUycr I.eatelle Vanlielm, Mr*. Thorne luct, Hlake Sot-.. ficmtiiMullJUiriNi KtlHiUiUilT 1H D urao^en at <1: Curtain rise* at Tl oreeieele m?TCuKUi'k uLinPit 1'iin.AtKia TI11S EVENING, March J?The performance will eon commence with LOAN W A LOVKR. Pekti Ppjh, Graham | DeWe, Clarke Gertrude, Mra. Tiam Ater which ASMODEUh IN NEW YORK. Or, the Deril'* Unrr. Ajmodeae. Mitchell | Albert Blank, Edwin Mra Blank, Mra Tina To be followed by For the lGth tine, a new, ori|iual. Musical Burlesque at Richard 3.1, catitLd Richard no iii. Kidurd, Mitchell?Henry Kinr. Nicken* Sally Ann, M to* Kobe rta. To conclude with THE YOUNG WIDOW. Manderil'e, Mr Edwiu | 8|4nli, Mr Graham Amelia, Mra Moasop Ainuaeioa?Dreae circle Meant*. Upper buica an own*. Pi? l*i eenta. Prirate boiee U Itoore open et half mat aix. Curtain riaea at aeran BOWlUtY ANPIIUHiCATHn, No. 87 Boierrv. Tiiird r.iahl of Mr PiirirHfe, Mra Uherwoad, Mr* Moaell R \V I'elham mii<1 Pupil, Mr J H Hall and Mr. Jam**. THIS EVENLNU March t?The eutertammenu wrtl com meuce with pony races. Mra Oullin, the Eqtiestriau Her >ine, willappc ir an horet back a the La Belle Rosirre. Corpuscular M nirurrea. by thecrmpaiy. Clown's Act., tij mnastic feate and Pynmidiral d< vices. R W and Puril in a>?eral Ne*ro Sonar and Dunce* Horsemanship on two horaee by Mi Stone, Cupid in she hoot *?? .. . India Rubber Man? Mratrr Hamiltra in hi* feat*. Mr Stone will arpear on tmrseb.r k a* the Klyma Indian. Master Diamond and Billy Whit lock will *(,(ear in *CTcral I Nigger Sena*and Breakdowns. To conclude with CROSSING THE LINE, 99-Bnxe*,5? cento?Plt9*eenu. US3t* AMERICAN MCIKI'M, Comer Broaitoay and Am i/rtet. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Baraom DARE COMBI VATIO.x OK NEW ATTRACTIONS It terry day and evening thw week ?By particular desire theModelof tkeCityof Dublin tad F alls of Niagara, with real water, will remain here a ?h< rt period laniter. The fol lowing emiuent performers hare b< en engaged at an enurmoua expe' < mi*. narowicn, tnc ceitumn vocalist. rrom ih? Nitionul tnd Park Theatres, and Niblo*a Garden: tbs Infant Melodist, only two imi hall" years old; Mr. Doltrue, the |rM( mimic ?k* will gi?e imitations of Booth, K. Kcu, Korrest, Hamblin, Daniel O'Conoell, and other*?a'so, i curious experimental Animal Magnetism; master D.B. Booth, th* celebrated contortionist; Mr. T. O. Booth, the beat comic singcr in America; La Petite Cerito, universally acknowledged the moat graceful and ?ceoin|iliahed dancer, for one of her aye, that aver appeared in thi? city; the Albino Lady, ami Fancy thlaaa Blowing. Or and Coomorvma changed every Monday. Day xiaitera admitted the name earning free. Hair a u illion of curiooitiea are collected in thia establishment, filling lit apacioua haila. eat h 1M feet in length. Admittance to the whole muacum and entertainment*, SS centa: children under 10. half pice. fit Iw GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MK8BRH HUDSON A OTTIONON respectfully in form the gentlemen of New Ytrfc, (hit they haee fitted up a GYMNASIUM at the corner oft hambera atreot and Broadway, and it is now open for the rei eM'ou of rial tor*. The iraliiu'im Is of the first order, and complete in eeery reepect for the purpose of Athletic Lxerciaes. Spoiling Leaaona gieeadaily. Term, moderate Open day and evening. ml Im* OIUNUH DK BtG.NlS has the honor to announce to hie ij friends and toe public th >t he intends to giea a eneal and iustrumental Concert on Friday, the 11th ol Mareh. at the Apollo Grand Concert Rooms, Broadway, in which he will be aa.iated amoi g other emiueot artistes, by Mademoiselle Sophia Melixet.from Philadelphia, who will on teat occasion mane her tint appearance in Naw Yurh. Signer de Regno, on that occasiou. will luve an am.>le and well (elected bane. ltd by Mr. Penaon, in order la reprearnt the (rand scenia Irom lhe favorite opera II Fanatic* pr la Music*. aa well aa to render lha performance! of the evening effecliu* and brilliant. Particular* will be ahortljr advertised. Ib( Sat TkTh. FRSf ANMVthSARf OF JbKFKKaON LOBGENo. 4?, I. O of 0 K.?To be held at the Broadway Tabernacle, oa Thuraday, Match 3d, 1143, at halfpint T o'clock. Oidii or fiKieiati. I?Voluntary on the Organ by tire. keam*i. 8?Tri i and Chorua?The Heaven* are telling? From the Creation?Mra. Morley, Mr. Thornt >n, Mr. Boulard, and Choir. 3? Prayer. 4?Ode? by a member of JeHereon Lodge. 5?Muaic. S?Opening Addrera?by Bra. B. B Hallock, of Jefferson Lodge 3 7 ? Kccnatioo and Solo?The Sariour Come*?Mrs. Mcr.-&7. 9?Oration?by the Rev J. Newland Marti-.' IS?Ode?wntten.ea reaaly for thie occaaion by Bro. J. N. Ma/fit s II?Benediction. 19?Fitea'e Grand Hallelcj th?Handel. The Muaic under the direetirn of Bro. C. W. Beamea, who will preaide at the Organ. Ticket* 25 crn a each. For ? ,!e at Hale'* N*wi Room, Wall street; Benedict fc Squ>rea, 97S Bowerv: F R.Lee.cor Bowery and Hi an torn, W B k T Smith, P haaaai ; Mil,eta Music Saloon, Broadnuy ; G Underbill. IS Greenwich lane ; AD Seaman, 377 Grand; J Burnett,209 Stauton at; Ra.nb >w oil:e 107 Fulton; J M Ttce. 9 Bowery: Bro Hib'-arJ, 94 John ; P Ki iley, 11 avenne D; or f the fallowing Committee of Ar laegimentt?J J Moffat, 117II avenue; Geo W tJillet, 47 3d aveuur, cor 11 th street; John Green. PI Walker. Thomas McDona'd, cor 34th strt et and 3d avenue; B B Hallock. 5194th street. Memoere ot l*c orM are requeatea to appear in regvta. J. J.MOi K AT, Cnairawn, Jo ut Gurry, Secretary. ml 31* \ r s i r m r p "Be perfect in thi?art, and then No word can atll Urti* your w?." VfB- TOWNDROW, Professor or Stenography, would I'i moat respectfully annruuce that he cont? mplales leasing the rtty ?{ an early prri'id, aud that it therefore became! iudiipeo'ably neceaa.ryforsuch persona as wish to trail them sclera of hi* inatruetioa in lh> art of Writitg Short Hand, to make immediate application. Mr. T . in offering hi* aerricea for the laat time for iereral yews. would particularly ineile the attention of thoae ladie* and geiitlrmrn wha may be deatroua to treaaiire up for fnlure Itudy and impraremeat the many eacelli nt aartaoaa and ralnable lecturca which th-y may hear from tin e to lime, tofht present opportunity of acquiring hia newly invented and high 1, approrad ayatem of Writing Hhort Hand, by a knowledge

of which, ihe enct worda of aay ,ub ic speaker may be re enrded nj pron runced. acd pr'arrred in t legible form to aa to be read at any future period, wi.h the utmoat degree 01 eaaa an<l fa ility. Young genthmen who are antioua to qua'ify t emaelrea to report for the pr-ea or te ,ch ihia r-luahl-- and popular science, are especially mritid torall, aa rery fl-ttrriay inducements ran be offered to thooe wh - may ke disposed to engage in ai tkrr puiauit. Terma reduced to FIVF. DOLLARS for a thorough court# of laetniettoa ,including atntionary end in elegant copy ol the autl or'a "Complete Guide to the Science," thua placing the nc quiaition within tlia pecuniary meana of every latclligen, your g person. Academy. Clarendon Honee, lot Broadway, comer of Dunne ?i. ftrfw* ~UR. FELTX G 0 (J RA UD'S POUDRES SUBTILES. FOR ERADICATING HUMAN HAIR. Op- Thui i ? a ihilt TNor mow, auo no pabthk*,? (r')urtu l'a Puudrea HuMilea enable one to command arpear aocr, an far aa tlie Hair i< coueemed. and to aay to that derelopemcnt, " Thoe far thou onow.i end no fariber." Barbera are aeeful?very useful io their placer?but their utmost efforts of akill in the dipil itor> art leave a'lll a " a'ubble land at harreat home." Thea- Powdera on tlie contrary, eradicate the " stubbl?,"oreaaioaing to him who urea them n? miagiringa on approaching his "lad)a lota,'' or, la the interroursr of heart with h?art. the fear of iuflicliag on her " rermil cheek1 (aa OeaeralG P. M has aa) unne, etaary pain. Seriously, no I toilet can hardly h# complele without this little aaaiitaut for removing Kair. It aecompliahaa the object in a few mmutea. and ieneiiherdimcu't 10 be applied nor dangerous m its operation on the akin. Fall directions accompany each bottle. I Pnce St. Tl he had at Dr. Gouraud's rtiree. 5S7 Broa.lwar. and ?1 Wa'ker etreet, I docrfrom BroMwijr, *hrrt diit >Iio be had Ootreevo'e Venarim.i Rouor, M cent* per bott'e. Oot'Uevp'e fcar pk ItiviD, or True Water of Beauty, for ( r?m"*tnf in jlmplry, freckle*, burn*, kr.. (I per bottle. ( A^riTi?New Y..rl?Albany, Alee. Ou h te. No.? Mae- , den lane?Utica. G L Brown, perfumer, Oeneeea etreet? Pouebkeepeie, J O. ey?Buffalo. I Hifdile, HT and Mi Main ( tract. Penney I raoie?Philadelphia, Mr* Beowu 7? Chrenut , ilreet. Maryland?Baltimore. Beth 8 Hance, Pratt etreet , Dietrirt of''"liieihta?Wi.ehmttoo,Mb) Parker,Peniuylrania | Areoue?Aleeandria.C C Berry. Vu| nia?Richmond, Mre , Krayeer. I' etrtet. Connecticut?MiiWletown. It. C pcrre? i New lleeen. A Law, Chapel etreet?Hartford, Welle ? Humphrey, )7? Main etreet?Norwich. William baulkee.. Yaeeachueelle?Boatnn, A 8 Jordan. 1 Milk etreet. Lowell <1 A Carlelnu k Co.Cily Hall Lynn, Dr A L Holder. Wor . reetrr. M D Phillipe Bnnley flare. 8prio|fi?M. K A Cowlee Main .treat. Lee. Bull fc Field. tSatem. WIS* Ire. Newhnryporl. ( harlee M Hod?e. New H>m .hire?"orte- 1 mouth, W R Prrntoo. Meioe-J ortlaiid, T Hajee k Co. 1 It 'ocor, Moeore Whittier k Guild Hallowell, h Bcammon Rhorlr laleud Prondeoce, Chailea Dyer, jr, Weatmiaatrr I etreet. Ohio-Columbia, Bummer Ciark. New Jeroey?T 1 eeaSroolc "'ioreion. Krery bottle of Dr. Goeraod'e Cowmeiire hee lie name with the iihmm of p'^parotoo *o4 >ew York, M WO OK the (or r Hide*. ?rH hi# fw timile rtfrovtd on the wranfwnof tb* PoWm >ublifi None other are |eoum? Pit la" 9 TO KMIUHO, I\LILlaN RK E MORNING, MARCH 2, THE NEW VflRW T.ANOET. I EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO. IX. LICTDIII. Professor Mott's Lectnrrs on Surgery, No. IX. The late Dr. Bush 131 Harelip 133 Stapby lo-raphe 133 Dr. Raimsbotham's ' Process of Parturition.' 'GraviJ Utenu' 119 Development of the Uterua 139 ' Cla*(ideation of Labors' 130 Difficult Labor 13# Insufficient Uterine Action 131 Deformity of the Pelvis 131 Descent of the Bladder 131 Rigidity of the Soft Parts 131 Travels ia Europe snd the East. By Valentine Mott, Jf. D , Professor of Surgery, kc. Roux, of Paris 134 Velpeau 134 Civiale 134 Bronssais 133 Baron Larrey 133 M. Suetin 133 Dr. Mott's 1 Waterloo Operations' 133 Hospitals in Vienna 136 Dr. Mott's Opinion of Tobacco 136 Dr. Mott as a Theologian 136 The American Medical Library and Intelligencer. By Robley Dungliion, M. D , Professor of the Inititutescf Medicine in Jetferson Mudical College of Philadelph ia 137 EDI r oalAL DhrABTMENT. Treatment of the Insane 137 The Revolution in Periodical Medical Literature.. 138 Anatomical and Pathological Drawing 138 To Publisher* 138 MEDICO-CHIBUBftlCAL BtrOBTKB Crosby street Clinique 139 Salivation from Colchicutn. By Wilson Jewell ,M D 130 Operation of rrostatetomy, accorJing to the mtthud of Celius. By Dr. Warren, of Boston 130 Case of LeucorrLira, with remark* by C< J B. Williams, M. D , F. R. 8 1?0 Use of Morphia in Strangulated Hernia. By David B*ll,M.D? Carlisle 110 Malignant-looking Ulcers of the Face, reputed cancerous, cured by Anti-syphilitic Remedies. By M. Pay an HI Iodine in Opacity of the Cornea. By Dr.Lohsse... 141 Treatment of Chorea. By Dr. Hennas Green 141 On Local Baths. By M. Mayor, of Lausanne .... 141 On Croup and its Cure. Dy Dr. Grahl.of Hamburg 1 11 ITEMS AND INTELLIGENCB. Report of tho Trustee* of the New York State Lunatio Asylum, with the Documents accompanying the rime pursuant to the Act of the Legislature passed May 20'h, 1911.... Ill New York State Mi dical Society 143 To Correspondents 144 List of Medical and 8 irgical Charges 144 Weekly Report of Interments 144 This Number contains ene sheet? Subject to Newspaper Postage only. ADitantaio Tunis*. One iquare, one insertion 9 1 60 Each additional insertion 1 00 Per annum 16 no One colamn, one insertion 10 00 Each additional insertion 6 no Per Annum 60 00 Bills stitched i.a on moderate terms.?Four thocsard coriss rehc1red. Mcertitementi intended for insertion, and Booko, fe , for notice and review, must be forwarded I# Ikt office on or before Thursday of every week. New Yobb: Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 31 Ana Street, by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. GENUINE FKMALE MONTHLY PILLS. MADAME COSTELLO'J T7KMALK MONTHLY PILL ii acknowledged by the fi at " Phyniciane in the Uni'ed Suit# an the eery belt meditin that ladiea laboring under a auiipreneion of tneir natural llataa can take, and the? ecrjr aeldom fail to re lie re when lkk?n according to the direction* Thoee who call for them will brauoplied wi h her circular, containing ampleduectiou, aid all the precaution# n ccnaaiy to beobiereed in taeir uae. Advice gratia O flic a it Linpenard alreet; ml lm* riOCCKiitlOSi.- Fhe Hubarribera will collect Nolan" v Draft*, Accept-ncen. Certificate# of Depoeite. Ac (through Meaera. Haraden A Co feom N. Y. to Albany) uyon any ol the following placet, and guarantee returna to the oity, of New York, in from tix to tight dagi. Utica, f'arand sigma, Syracuee, Roc heeler, Auburn, BnUvia, Geneva, Buffalo. Rirtirvrit* Eraemue Corning, Thomaa W Oleott. Albany. POMCROY A CO. Wall trrrt, New York, _A Corner State and Market ate. Albany. URINCE'S CATALOGUE* of the Linnae in Garden and I Nureeri-r. at Kluthinr with the reduced pi ieea,ma y be obtainedgralia_at70 Naeaau at. upateire. ml It* SELLING OTP AT COST PRICE?Ac the Spaoiah houae, now in No 109 Naeeanerreet, will remove in a few day* toSJX Biovdeay, oppoeite the City Hall, and have a f'evh and eelee'ed km rim-at of the beat Havana an I Priocije 8gnrt. of all brande; beaidet two new brande. ixclutively for the Hpaniah llouae. one from Principe (Waehmgton brand) and the other from Havam (Don Qnj >te braid?) Alio, a large I'ipcdy of the tligienic Patent#. The tallowing eegnra w,n b? eoid at eoat price Very old and auperior 11 aver ana irted Havana, m 3a per boneh (tS aegare) or $11 per tboueand: do Principe, It (J, or $13 per thoneadd. the b-at puma La Norma, 4a id per bunch, or $! per thonaand- do Noriega# <K>, eery irir n per uuucn, wr yil j*r . iiuu. ti.u; th? celebrated higirnic pateiiie, t* per bunch; St Domii go, rr|tlii lite, H crnu per bunch, tut lie,ail auhjeet to the feature, and is lott to auit purchea.ra, at |M Naaaau at. Our agentathrough-ut ihe Unit'd St.tea for patent refara, will pleaae to a?nd em If lh?ir ordera for the new brand* of Waanragion and D >n Q jijote. There ia a au;eriur article in our piivata manufaetarea ia H*e?nt and Pri.icip". and of the beat tobacco of La Vuelli de Abt je and Yara,tueh aa to pleaea the delicate Yankee taat?. i_f?5 ?f I'EIVA It CO LIKK Af?L? PHOr-ERi Y i.PKtBEKVkKB? BEUF COCKINU PISTOLS.?Thia Piatul tean be dwehargrd ail tlmea with alraott tne niiiditjr of thought. The piatol eoeka. the barrel revolfea and die ihargei merely by aullin g the trigger. the cham <er and barrel are in one piece and thetefore eaneot hlow apart lake tote repeatingpiatote. The conttruc- , lion of the putol ia perfectly aimple?they can be drawn from the pocktt aud ueed with one hand Without the lone of a no- ' menu time iaenckiag? i* aheta can be fired aa hat aa a man ean crook hia linger. They are no larger than an ordinary , porket piatol ForTrarall-ra, Houaekerpera, Ocptaina, Plantera, and oth ' ere, ihey are an IndiapraaaM* article, aa peraona. b th mule and I female,can with thia piatol protect their lieaa and properly il | at ackr I br many peraora. aa oue of them ia equal lo near a MM of the roennaon kind. ' Oentlemen are incited to call a' 'the atora of the adrertiaer I and rxauioethe lime, aa their rimplicity, perfect eafety and , non-liability lo get out of order, will cert ?-nly recommend them urrrall othera. FnraeJe wnoleeale and retail, by 1 J. O. BOLEM.iot Broadway I f 15 Imeodie* ^ between Wall aadPiui SUPERFINE DRESS CO A TS j r THR BEST QUALITY, both a1 to workmanship and material*, for TWFNTY-FOUR I DOLLARS; alto Pantaloon* Ten Doilm, at THILIf S* Cmh t Tailoring ealabtishmtut. MS Broadway. I N. B.?The ahor*garanent? art guaranteed to he equal !e rrery rcjpec'to thuie m*?le hy the moot eipeneire hone en In 1 the ?ity Tliia in no empty guarantee, bat .one that the adrer tiwr pledget himself to lulni. Garment* of necondary qualit 7 proportionable lower. nf J Vf YOU Tkz TtrQCTFTTT) TO KR.AU UIE ], ( PROMT B k Ilk.R F.ig, F. K. 8 I, Fellow of Ihe 1 Royal Scientific InftUulion. The Riyal Srienl fh lenli- I tatmn ban been feeored with a apecimea of Jonea'Oil of l.or.1 I, fur the purpoae of telling ita reeotn mended | l'ta'Miea. and report* aa follow* ? > " We iiax minately eianained and tailed Jotioea "'I of Co-al Circ -Mi*. ant find that it conaitta of eotnpouoda da-idadly fiaorahle for anuria jag. aoftauiof. cauaint growth, I 'uring daadroff. and giving a dark app-aranee to tha hair, |, or ids i be qmlitin moil rteuraiaeadoa br Mr loon wnico i hi* society 6 id piKtrtly true, nod in riitua tharaof award Mr Jones the aboaa li'imoouli " . (dgoad.) J.9BAKER, * S S. I. ti Port man street. Po. taaa s n ? V* VI , ?D TbiaL aold at ?-unlets yon ara careful of thr right "as " . .rr yoa'l ha ehc .ud-M Chatham .tr-at, ~ 'hilling* a hotile Beware ofeouaierfleita. Agent* I lion street, and i:,? niton atroa llrooalya. ,\ -p() lift fl'OLI.. -^^brDar-^*}. f 1 Kan , Praaidant of tha Am-rkaa ???' ?? Si .lata that II C Jonas' sd.erl.aemeat tfJ, ? , El~n iiXffifca SSSJr '?d g of "Id LABOR* haa beet. .he aat af A. C. g 32b 2, a 7mSt of H C Jon-a up*. the oe-afopatian leak .u uaa . h? oid Bio*. ?; Wl I H THK UOOR ontw. h. haribc I ^ n> t?? # ( < ?<" ?? ? ?h? tlMM, u U*ul?g? BO I n " "' Wr.nro.rHk.M.rH. ' ml >w a|?u #fike ammu lutil*uCo. ' IER A 1842. CUy Intelligence. The Youno Mem' 1>emochatic GiheAal Committee meel this eveiing at Tammany Hall. The old men*' to morroweveuiug. We understand that both committees will recommend a meeting of the democracy at Tammany Hall, on Thursday of next week, to express an opinion in favor of the election of School Commissioners by the people, to whom may be entrusted the disbursement of the funds devoted to public education in this city, as well as the entire control and management of the public schools. Jemmy TwrrcniBUM?'The pocket of Mr Joseph Oliver, of the corner of Elm and Pearl itreeta, was picked on the night of 24th of last month, while he was standing at the bar of Munroe Hall, corner ol Centre and Pearl streets, of three dozen gold rings, valued at $30 A man named William Linn, who entered the house soon after Oliver came in, was seen, by a female living on the premises, to commit the act, but presuming that he was performing the theft ins joke, and that they were both acquainted, he ggve no alarm. He was arrested a day or two 6ince, and committed. Sr. Mask's Church Robbed Agaih.?This church that was enterad about three years aince, and robbed of nearly all its plate and other valuable fixtures, was again entered on Monday night, by the same rogues, as is supposed. They were not, however, as lucky as before, and succeeded in hiding nothing but the minister's silk gown and a .'ilk scarf. These they carried off, and it is hoped this may lead to the detection of the sacrilegious scoundrels. Who's LcstaQuarier Box or Tea.?On Monday evening officers Sweet and Cockefair, stopped a negro, who says his name is George Waterman, on suspicion of stealing a quarter box of tea, marked " llyson, H. & A. No. 34, Ann McKira," which was found iu his possession, and the owner can pro cure it by application to either of the above named olucers, at the police oilice. Suicide bt Laudanum.?A young worfianfnam cd Mary Johnson, aged about 27 years, a native of Ireland, committed suicide on Sunday night, by taking laudanum She had been recently residing with Mrs McFarland, in the rear of 118 Orange si., and on Monday evening borrowed a quarter of a dollar from a neighbor, and purchased eight cents worth of laudanum at an apothecary store comer of Hester and Mulberry streets. She was discovered to be insensible about eight o'clock on Sundty evening, when Drs. Sweeney and Maclay were called in to relieve her, but their eA'orts were useless, as she died the next day about three o'clock. A cup was found <>n the premues in which she had purchused the Iiudanutn. The coroner held an inquest en the body, and the jury returned a verdict ol " death by administering to herself some narcotic poison, which the jurors belitve to be laudanum." No cause is known lor her conduct. Stolen Sh-veu ?The proper owner of the following silver spoons can obtain them by identification at the Police Ofiice, or application to ofiicers Sweet and McGrath. Table spoons marked W. J. B. (and M. S. Brighton Hotel, 66.?Tea spoons marked H. J. T , G. K. A., P. M. J., J. N. A. S. V. I. District Court. Before Judge Betta. March 2-?Yesteray was quite an epoh in the history of American jurisprudence, it being the day on which the first declarations in bankruptcy, under a national law, were, acted, upon. The Court roem presented a basy scene, manr persons assembling to witness the proceedings. The names of petitioners were called by the Judge ae they appeared upon the docket, and occasionally were answered by the parties in propria persoaa, but mostly by counsel. Objections in soma iatances were read and in others filed without bsing so ? Obr old friend James WnUon Webb went off rejoicing te think be bad got clear ao taiilj, wbile the poor Joteph'e looked mere blank and melaneho.y than they did the morning after their splendid bouae came topling dewn in Wall atreet. Indeed it teem-d generally quite a gay day for debtera. In Baskroptct. On the appearance of the Petitionera yeaterday morning in Court, objectiena were interposed in aereral caaer, and many inquiriee were addressed to the Court from the bar, at to pointa of practice inthiaatep ef the proceeding*. The Judge stated that the order and course ef business would be? 1. That the Court would aet each day at ten A. M. te receira motiona and hear argumenta in bankruptcy, and continuea in session until the opening of the Circuit at twelre o clock. 2. That objectiona baring been now filed to the jurisdiction of thia court?to the authority of the commiaaionere, and to the act of Congreaa aa anconatiintional?tha Court would auapend action ia all the caaea returnable to-day, until these peinta were disposed of. 3. That objections under (he first notice to show came, may be filed with the clerk at any time before a decree of bankruptcy in moved. 4. When no objections to a decree of bankruptcy are filed on or before such motion, they cannot be filed afterward*, unlet* the entry of this decree i* delayed ot the instance of a creditor. 5 But if obj?etioaa are filed on or befere the day for showing cause, or the day is enlarged by order of the Court, other* may also he filed by the same, or other parties at any time previous to a decree ot bankruptcy. 6. The party freling objections mnst, in the first instance, take the proper steps for| disposing of them?if he omits doing so, the objections will not delay a decree of bankrup cy. 7. An order of reference to a commissioner to take process will be general, and the creditor filing objection* mny accordingly give preof of facts not specified, whieb tend to.snpport his objections. 8. Any other creditor" may go before the same Commission and take process under his objections, without taking out a further order of reference, and by only noting his reference on the docket. The action to-day is on the petition Torn decree Should ihat be allowed, the parties are to petition for a discharge irom meir aeon this it to be advertited seventy days, during which creditor! thou cause why they sh< old not be to discharged. Ace. and final action it that obtained. BAKKLUPTCIES Jose ph L Joaeph, Solomon J. Joseph, and Moaea Henriquez. Objectiona were m?de to theae individuals taking ihe Bankrupt act by Lancaster, Dcnby k Co. of Richmond,on the ground that the debt to them wat created by the firm of Joseph At Co. while ther were acting in a judiciary capacity They were entrusted with 950 shares of the New Orleans Oaa Light and Banking Company, with initruetiont not to sell for less than $35 per share, and if sold, the amount was to be handed over t? them. " They sold them for less than the amount, and neglected from that time to the present to hand jver the sum [#35,762 ]" The complainant alto object to the constitutionality of the act. The site individuals were alto opposed by the Atcbafalaya Bank, New Orleans, Benjamin II. Day and Stebbins, Lock wood At Co. on the ground, that they had been |uilty ef fraud in concealing their household furnuure, stocks, mincy, and other thiugs, and tnat they had girt n ihe title of a honte owned by them in Crosby street, and alto one in Houston street, to Myer Levy, in order to keep the said property from their ersdiion. Ate. ^ i Auguta Aarvga was oojemcu ? .... be;ng largely (indebted in Antwerp and Rio Janeiro? had not filed hia petition according. to law, and waa not a citisen of the United StatesMr. Marbury atated that he waa largely indebted to th? government, but he did not know that it would present any objection to hia petition. Ohjectiooa were wade and filed to the applieaiena of Cbarleii J Gayler, Hugh M'Farlan, John < Lore joy, and Charles Tripp. The following passed without any objection be- | ng made by creditors :?James Wa'soo Webb, Si- I is Mi Still well, M. Buckmaa, John Kershaw, I lenry F. Morgan, Edward M Morgan. L Arnold i lenrv Churchill, John L Uilliland, (ieorge Hex' I ?r, Albert Kiaaball, Jeasr Hullock, Jr , Joseph B >oe, Wm. W.Jones, Albert L Decamp, Beaiamia t *-? ? '- i ? i ,1 ' i? nnuon, ??iu ij. ivirsj, ^aoici uivcn, ncai* efraan, Jane* Green, 8amue| Congden. James T. 1 I Dougal, Girard C. \j*m er, Matthew Hopper, isher Amee Fisher, James W Judd, Akel Marker, homaa B Coddington. NicholasIlaight John \V. ( 'ellowi, FraneTs II. Aiwdon, Lew,a A H lline, I olid White, Daniel K. Delavan, Win 8 Picker ig, Charles Newman, Donglaa Batteries, Joaaph 1 hannon, Bradley 8 St John, John R. Wheeler, i Id ward G Burgee, Won. if. Rossiter, Wa Os- ,, orn, Charles Bradford. The Mowing person* were called, bet did not j ppear, nor were any ohjeetieea presented Ho- I i e St. John, George W. Teeny, Jesiah Pierce. 1 Objections were mode to the following, en the " rwud of in/ermalhy, or as contesting the eoanti- t L D. PrietVwtDMU I 11# ..?>??i "f i ? * ? ? , ............>7 ui iu i?w m.oeri Malcolm, John I P Van Ejipi, Q orj? A. Ward, John Moffat. Obj-etion* matt be placed forthwith on th? dn?K?t, and the armament <> the questiona of law will be heard by the court in two day*. The question* of faet will bcrefetred to a comnaitaioner. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Kent and Aldermen Purdy aad Lei*. March 1.?Cat* of John C. Colt?Judge Keat yesterday drc.tled that the bill of exception* contained mitticu ntly ttrong pilot* a* related to queationa of law to permit ite going to the Supreme Court, lie ha* signed it to that affect. Sentence of course, is suspended, till the action of the high, er court it kuown, which will not be for tome week*. The hill in relation to William B. Wiley i* not Sat fnlly decided upon. It will,no doubt, however,, e allowed. The view* uf the Court will probably be made known thi* forenoon. Central Senators*. Before Judge* Lynch and Noah, and Aldermea Bay li* and Pollock. Wm. SiiALxa, Eiq , Acting D.ttrict Attorney. March 1.?Attempted Burglary?A colored man named William Thomas, was tried for attempting to enter the dwelling of Col James Monroe, in Varick street, a few week* aince. He wa* heard by tome of the family in endearoiine to fore. nn.? the doors by false keys, and was caught on ibe steps by one of (he servants of (be bouse. Two brass keys were found in his possession by the officer ivbo arrested bins. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Forgery in the Second Degree.?A man named Simon Frszer, was tried for attem pting to pass an altered note of the North River Banking Company, purporting to be of the North River Bank, of the denomination of $3 He entered the store of Israel M Vanhurgh, No 96 Centre street, on the evening of the 21-it of January, and pretending to be drunk, he ottered to purchase a quarter box of segars ana tendered the note in pa) meat. It was also proved that he had previously attempted to pass a similar note at the box lieketottice of the Chatham Theatre, on the same evening, which was retained by the person to whom it was ottered- The jury returned a verdict of guil y of forgery in the second degree. Grand Ijarcen? A woman named Lavinia Brand, was tried for ~r r 1. . .... -6 - ? icmeie clothing, valued at ?46 37jj, from Mm Susannah Soydam, of No. 12 Cauul street, on Christmas ('ay last. She was seen to come down the stair* at t'ie above house on the day the goods were missed with a bundle under her arm, and also sold one of the dresses te Mrs. Levy, of Orange street, the same day- The prisoner was defended by Calvin Pepper, Esq , recently from Albany, who made a very ingenious defence, 'in defianee of the Eoint blank testimony presented by prosecntion, lit the jnry reiuraed a verdict of gn:ity, and the Court seuteneed her to the states prison for two years Burglary in Second Degree?A black fellow named Lewis Van Dyke was tried for breaking open the cellar of the house No. 116 Chatham street, on the night of the 13th of January, and stealing a number ot pocket books, woollen night caps, &c , valued at $3 !Mi, from a case that belonged to John Coyle, a retail de?ler, who kept a stand in front of the house. Mr. Coyle stated'that be had locked the door of the cellar, as usual, on the ever ing previous to the burglary, and left the key in the portar bouse ab *ve it, as was his custom. In the morning ke found the lock wrenched off, and the goods taken away. When the prisoner was arrested, several of the stolen articles were found in his possession, as well as a receipt book belonging to Mr. Coyle. The prisoner was defended by Counsellor Dougherty. Judge Lyneb, in charging the jury, stated that it was necessary they should be ratisfied that the uuur uhu ui'cn upenea ny taiia Kcji, brrort the jury could render n verdict of burg'nry, if the door wa? not forced open. That the entering of n hoaae by ike meana of the key that belonged to the door, although improperly obtained, waa not a burglary, and therefore the jury meat make thia diatinction in their rerdiet Under thia charge, the jory returned a verdict of guilty of petit larceny only, and the Court ?ent hicu up for tlx aontha. The prtaoner i? an old offender, and haa previoualy been in the 8:atea' priaon 1'traded Guilty ?A black fellow named William Coraiah. who had been indicted for grand larceny, in atea'ing a bag of Pruaaia feathera, vnlned at from Messrs. Childa St Kiley, No 47 Beekujan atreet, on the 1st of Feb last, entered a plea of guilty by the advice of hia counael, M. Van Hovenberg, Eiq , and the Court aentenced him to six montha imprisonment in the Penitentiary. Grand Larceny?A colored man named Abraham Doatwick, waa tried for atealing a piece of pilot cloth containing 21^ yard*, valued at #26, from the atore of J. & J. Wiilia, No. 217 Greenwich atreet, on the 14th ol January. The cloth waa fonad in hia poaaeaaion by one of the clerka of the atore a few miautea after be had atolen it. The jury returned a verdict of guilty of petit larceny only, and the Court sentenced him to aix montha in the Penitentiary. The Court then took a reeeas until Thuraday morning, and diacharged the jury for the ba'aice of the terra. Special Si-salon*. Before Judge Noah and Aldermen Balia and Pol* lock. Mabch 1.? lamea Donnelly waa tried for stealing a atove worth $5 from Meaara. Johnaon St Lowden, No 36 Wall atreet. found gnilty and aent to the Penitentiary for 30 days. Alfred Fountain, charged with atealing aomo tobacco from hia enEplover, Mar* Kelch, No 131 Bowery, wa? found ilty, but judgment waa ausp.nded and he waa icharged. Bundle Fieher, black, for an naaault and battery on Hetty Bon, waa aerved likewise.? Joaeph Hall for aasaulting Samuel H. Wooda, ditto- William Sheridan for atealing a whip from John Carr, waa aerved in the tame way, and the Seasicna adjourned. Bankrupt Lint, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK James Cropsey, Naw York, to be declared bankrupt April I ; Albeit McNulty, do, March J8; Geo W Chambers, Tompkintville, do; Jsmea M Plumb, New Vork, April 1; John Bailey.Walkill, do; Benjamin P Hemareat. New York. April S; Edw O Van Bentkuyaeii do, April I: Henry; Alfred I.ockwood, do. Hervey McCune,do, April 9: Oeo Johnaon and Jesio Green,do, April 1; Charles H Burr, do; Pelatiah; Joseph Gordon Pike, do; AI< a Urn Tea, do. Robreri or Mn. Nirnor^of.?Th?* Governor of Maryland haa authorised if to be Mid, iliaf he will grant a nolle prosequi to **11her of the parties concerned in the late robbery of Mr Nicholson, the broker; of Baltimore, who will make Mich disclosures as will implicate hia associates. Mir.itarv I*t?lliotr(C?MbdicaL I>t partmot - A??'t Surffoaa U M Byrne, and D Heradon, ordered to report for duty in Florida, to relieve Aee't Surgeons J Byrne and J R Conrad. 3o AhTii.LCar.?l?t Lieut George Taylor, order-ii.ik.?;i,'tnre aridamv ru i"inc * J ,7 .J m , Navv OuntHf, r?b. 14?Litat Oliver Tod, (loop John Adam*; Lieut J M Lockcif, (loop Vandalia; Lieut L C Sartori, receiving (hip, New York; Aas't 8ur \V E Conle, frigate Columbia; P?( Mid C S McDunongh, acting matter brig DoU phia; Gunner J Carpenter, (loop Vandalia: 15 Lieut A Taylor, nary yard. Washington; Lieut T T Hunter, receiving vessel, Alexandria; Liaat J M Watson, detained from rend'xvous, Philadelphia; Lieut R F Pinkncy, order to Vandalia revoked, and to remain attached to receiving veasel, Baltimore. 16 Lieut AE Down*a, receiving t-hin, Boston; Lieut R B Hitchcock, dodo: Lieat S Wttodou, rendezvous Philadelphia; Master'e mate G D Decker, frigate Columbia; Iioatasraiat R Whitaker, navy yard, Philadelphia. 17 Surgeon S Jaekaoa, receiving shin, Nesv York; Surgeou L B Hunter, rendezvous, Baltimore, vice J M Folia relieved on account of ill healtn: Mid E Y MeCauley, Mediterranean squadron 18 Pareer F G McCauiey, receiving ship New Yotk, vice B J Cahoone, who ha* been attached three years; Mid W F Da long, receiving ship. New Yerfc. 21 Surgeon W .Swift, rendezvouf, Boston; Surgeon E Gilchrist, frigate Columbia, vice J M Greene, relieved on account of ill hwllh; Lieut C H Ken?edy, leave 3 month*, having returned from coeet af Braxil on tick ticket. RasiatSATioita ? Feb 15 William Craney, Past* d Midshipman. 19 Charles Wager, do ArpoinTMKnr*?Feb 16 George D Decker. J . II ~k*r< WkiSaksr H .laxia Niaoaka awp T*?o?to ?Tk? itrimet Tranait, 'apt. Hugh Riehardton, commenced her trip* on ak? Ontario yraterday. JA' KICT SHIP R'lSI IU9? from l.i??rpinl ?Coaa>f?eo? L per ttila atiip will oltiaear |4 tholr pennita on hear*, at Mraaa wharf, foot of #*ll at, iwiaaOiaUlf All fooAa no* ?rmitM ia t" tafa awl tMiaiiatly be ran I to toa pnUte lore. wl j"OR lALC-Oaraw Tapaa.theap lor aaofc, at OoM [OTT^lliCliE ETiri iTrRLnORiUt'oririC*. r" (>n~*U-H Br*T^' {ffuJT'