Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 4, 1842 Page 3
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m,- .?| mum - ? JAI I?'* 1- t-A'- "HI I n ia ,, ^ 1 ? , i Ilaiumurc, ICorrsepoudeuce of|ih? Herultl.] Ualtimohe, March 3, 181*2. Ma. Enrrea:? Bj the Norfolk paper* which arrived here yesterday afternoon, I an informed that Ex President Martin Van Baren, arrived in that borovgh a fe ? <1x70 since on his way to the South. The Naval Court Vlartiai convened again yester day morning, at Barnum'a. Lieut. A. ti. Gordon, the accused, appeared before it aud feked until Monday next to prepare for trial, which was grant* ?d The oourt then adjourned until to-day. Our currency is atill getting worse. Railroad orders are now 80 per cent, discount. Moaey is -emphatically tight. Mr. Cohen, who is the great organ of finance ia Baltimore, and who sees with a keea eye iato money and business operations cor.firms what I stated yesterday, ia his money article iathe Evening Patriot. Thus he says :? " The banks of the city cf Baltimore have determinsd to resume specie pay meat* on thelst of August next, or in sixty days from the present time?say on the 1st May ?provided the Lrgisleturo will permit them to i*aue bills below the denomination of five dollars?a msasure which, hy the way, strongly recommends itself to public (aver under the present peculiar condition of the circulating medium. It may be reconciled even by those heretofore hostile to such an issue, under certain restrictions and as a meers of facilitating the restoration to a specie standard. We hail this movement on the part of ur beaks with much satisfaction. Stock transactions have been extremely limited since our lest report?the rates hare g:von way, and little disposition exist* to opeiate. We predict the existence of abetter foeliog in a very brief period. The resumption measure of our banks will be calculated to restore con?<tnn*n an>1 ?? in tha anli,I 555558*. Exchange on New York if affected by the proposed action of the bankt?the ruteia unsettled. 3} a 3j prcmiam ; Philadelphia, ia 3J a 3| diacount; Vvgima, <liaceanl." Another fathering of the people took place laat night in Monument Square. They met thia time without any formal call. There waa an evident diaaatiifaction running through the crowd. So grant waa it that the mayor found it neceaaary to addreat the populace and warn them of the consequences, provided they indulged in any violence. They lingered about for tone two or three hour* and dispersed without uttemping any depredation. The military will doubtleaa be ordered out to* night. The lecture delivered by Mr. Chandler laat evening waa really a airing of pearls. It gava great satisfaction and was loudly applauded. A bill directing that the session of onr legislature shall be biennial instead of annual has passed hath branches of that body and is now a law. An act restricting the colored population of Maryland has passed the House. The act as it now reads is a cariosity?a horrible specimen of nnfeeling cruelty. It has met the people's universal con demaatien. A large meeting wai held yesterday afternoon to rtmoastrate against the provisions of the aet. Floar I quote at $5,50, and wheat 110 a 120cts.? Business is rather dail. We have at this moment the prospects of a most beautiful day. Yours, Rodeuick. Philadelphia, [Correspondence of the Herald-1 Philadelphia, March 3,1812. The latest word from Harrisburg is that the Resumptioa Bill had been referred to a Committee of -Conference, composed of such man that it is feared the ' immediate" feature, sanctioned by both houses, will be stricken out, and a resumption fixed two or three months off?perhaps longer. I, however, still hope better. The rumor afloat here yesterday, that the bill bad passed, proves to have been a hoax on one of themoraiog papers?the pro prietora of which placed the newt on their bullatin. At the atock board to-day the batineaa waa very light. On the main, pricea were unchanged- State Fivea advanced slightly, and Reading Railroad also improved. Currency has come much more nearly up to par, there being but aboat 4? per cent difference between it and specie. Exchange on New Tark rated even lower, 4 to 4^ being the beat that eenld be done wiih it ; this looks a little like resumption. U S. Bank notes are 60 per cent below currency?Girard 40 -Pennsylvania 10 to 15 ? and Country Relief notes, 12 to 15. Towanda, West Branca,and Beiks County Bank notes 50 to 00 below currency. After a short sitting this morning the Committee of the Legislature, inquiring into the disposal of I the Girard Bequest to orphans, adjourned to meet on Monday,at the State Capital During the sitting to-day, Mr. Olmstead, thaCity Solicitor, presented aeveral statements called for by tha Committee,exhibiting the amount of the College Fund, description of the Real Eitatc in the city, and county lands out of the citv and county, nnd the amount expend ed for the college, for pnblie and for citv purposes was stated. The College Fund, vix, 5331 shares of U. S. Bank Stoek^ft636,05() 48; Pennsylvania5 per cent loans; $55 000 city fiva per cent loan; and am m nrt...k. i.-o s_ c?u..-iu:ii e?-vai<i acre*: in Erie county 5881 acre*; in the State of Kentucky 4775 acre*, and in the State of Louisiana 138,000 arpeni, an arpen b-ier about 1} acre Expended for College $1,239,851 75 ; for city police $258,206 42; for city purpose^ various object* ,$215,000; net amount of receiptsfor rents $362,9 0, 306, averaging from twenty to thirty d?lper annum; receipt* from residuary fund $161,253 He also submitted the pay roll, shewing the number of men employed at the College at different periods from 1834 ta 1810?copies of the contracts,&c- ware to be submitted to the committee. The committee aot desiring to examine any witnesses the investigation was closed after a sitting of Eeren or eight days- What is to come next is more than 1 am able to divine. The Committee have proved that the will has been violated, and that the Whig Councils, or rather some members of them, permitted the trust to the unholy purpose of politic* and political aggrandizement. But whence comes the remedyl SoraxMC Court or thu United States, March 2? A-Raadall. Esq ol Maryland, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of th;s Court. No. 43 Robert Miiaer et al. vs. Gesqs W. Met7. On appeal from the Circuit Court of the .United States for the District of Columbia Mr. Justice Catron delivered the opinion of this Court, affirming the decree of tho tuid Circuit Court in this came, with coin, No. 22, John Gordon vs James Longett. Id error to the Court of Appeal* for the Stata of Kentucky. Mr. Juitice McLean delivered the opinion of this Court, reverting the judgment of the *aid Cmrt of Appeal*. No 39. The United Statei t*. Win Murphy et al On a certificate of division in opinion from the Circuit Coart of the Uniti d State* tor New York. Mr- Juitice Story delivered the opinion of thi* Court, direoting an affirmative aniwcr to beggiven to each of the question* certified. No 49. J. Moran, plaintiff in error, v?. Edward Bulla*. The argument of thi* cause wa* continued hy Mr. Whipple, for the plaintiff in error, and by Meiir* Z. C Lee and Southard for the defendant in error. No. 90. D. Pronty et al. plaintiff* in error, v*. D. Rngglei et ni Thi* eanie wa* lubmitted to the Coart on printed argument! by Mr. Choate for the {ilaintiff* in error, and by Mr. Dexter for the deendanti in error. Waxen.?We learn from the Winyaw Ob*' rver of 9iturday, that CaptainS. Kibson of the schooner St. Leon, from Ocracook, N. C , arrived yeeterd iy, reports having fallen in with on the 21st, in latitude 32 80, in the edge of the gulf, the foremast, (painted while at the head) deck beams, knees and plunk, quarter deck curlings, and a maintop-mast, aim painted white, and a quantity of loose epars and timber, supposed to belong to a Northern vessel ot about 90 or 90 tone. In near the *sme latitude fell in with several mahogany p'ank about 15 feet long with copper bolie lupposecf to be part of the poop deck of a ship. The latter, we suppose, was from thefhip John, wrecked on Charleston bar a week or tws since. ?ChaiUiUtm P$t. 0(7" M* 8oLnt K. Focrica, AOs, itrant, near Sand* *tre?t, Breoklyn, w a* cured of distrexaing headache of throe day* *Unding by only three of Sherman'* Camphor Lozenge*. Mr. Handly, in High atrert, aold them to him, having engaged in their *ale, after fully tt atine the ?ir tue? ol allot Sherman"! Lozenge* in hi* own family Dr. Sherman'! article! areaold *t hi? warehome, 106 Naraan itreet. Hia I'hiladelf hia< tfi-ela No. ? Ledger Build ing ; Boiton, 9 State itreet; Waahington, Krank Taylor'* : Baltimore,-: 114 Baltimore at. Hnmlmga and Hum buggery O^-'.Ve have aeen it related in some old t>ook.that once upon a time the Kakir (a religion*'pilgrim) Bamhabef, met one of the diaciple* of (Jontuciua, and thia diiclple we bclieee, waa named Twang, or Whang Twnng. Bamb <t? f maintained that the people require to be ham bugged, and Whang Twang aaierted that we ought newer,to humbog any one. Now. we who are srcrilT, 'rata, the light* and the guide* of the people, unflinchingly and moat cordially agree with honeat Whang min|> iu.1 will proclaim from the home topi th*t hiiatbuggery ehould be heniahed from the world. We do therefore heartily rejoice at hiving it in onr power to recommend an artiela to the people that ia not a hum Pug, vi7,Dr. Felia Ootarend'a Poudrea Bobtilea, which eradicate* hairy t xcrracencea from led ire tipper lij . and anparfluoua hair from a broad and olaratad fore head, anolra, fcr , ao nicely, ao aofely, and ao quickly, that no oae who needa it 1 nae ahoald be withont a bottle Tt ia to tie had at ft? Walkor atreet, one doer from lrtfod way, unJ 547 Broadway. $1 per bottle. Kor l;rt of ageata. ace adveniacmeata. . (Xp- Chatham lh?AT?r?The Comedy ol Churn i h? Second Is j*iformed to-night with on iwim>a? trength of cut?Mr. J. R. Scott appears m Copt. Cupp: \fr. Hield as Charles the Second (his first appearance): viiaa Mestayer, as Edward the PegOj and Mr*. Thom< a Mary Copp John Sefton, whom aneceaa atthia they're has been astonishing, being greeted night after nigh* with thnaderaof applause,appear* a* Jemmy Twiteher; ind the performances terminate with the laugliabli larce of Sudden Thoughts?HielJ and C. Mestayer a* impulse am JlCl LinnaiK. ^(K7> AauiciD Miikcm The attraction! here tkitweek are undiminished. and the place if crowded day and night. That experiment in animal magnstiim nato uiahei the nativea The peiformancea of Maater Dia niond. Whitlock, Mrt. Hard wick, T. O. Booth e, and Ce rito, elicit great applan?e. The model of Dublin rem tin here but| two day a longer. The pioyrittor baaniadt arrangements with a competent artitt, who will at any hoar during tha day take Beautiful and perfect dnguer reotype likeneaaea,for the unprecedented low price of two dollar! eachA day peiformance, ai urual.on Saturday afternoon. (K^ The Rainers, or Tyroleie Minstrels, will give another of their popular Concert! thii evening, at the Stuyveiaut Institute. Their laat Concert at the Society Library waa vary full and iashienably attended. We never have heard the Raineri sing aocharming, rich and clear than that evening Mr.Simon brought aut hia deep and full basa voice like a wave of tho ocean rolling out on ahore. Miaa Margreth'a amiling face and clear aotca in the duet called the Sweetheart, was moat excellent, and many of thair piece a when enrored. Their bill for thia evening ia a very good one--let all thoae who have no particular engagement* be present an thia occasion. flOh Cairoih* Ccaxo.?Dr. D. Lvxcm. late of 84 Bay. ardatreet, New York, ha* hi* office at 150 Chatham at? bouae lower and of Broad street, Newark, N J. Hi* practice 1* ao generally known in the city and surrounding States, that ha deems it unnecessary to do more than make hi* office and residence known. Immediate attendance will be giren and letter*, post-paid, attended to Kxtrawrdlnary Case. yi'KBKC, Mil *1 IW|. UliH OIK. AN NIU?1D VNIICU Dr. Hewet' " Nerve and Bona Liniment," came to ray knowledge about two months since, through our friend Mr. Csmpbcll,and I procured a buttle, and had used it for about a week without ana material change, until one morning I found rayaelf under the exercise of verT uncommon feeling*, imagining that could I be helped up I could itand and walk. I requested my family to aid me, but they were unwilling I should trust mrself on my ieet, not haviog for the last iourteen and a half years ever even made the attempt to atand ; hut my confidence was so great that they consented te assist me from my bed. 1 found 1 could use mp legs with apparent ease, but could not bear my weight on my feet. With support, however, I could place one foot before the other with a facility that astonished me end all around me. They led me twice across the room; I sat down with feelings of happiness that 1 never before experienced ; the idea that I was onca again to be restored to the world ran through my frame like an electric shock. My family surrounded me in tears of joy, and the excitement so completely overcome me, that 1 fainted. The same day 1 walked three times across the floor, again bearing a little weight at each time on mv feet. I then used crutches for'afewdar a,when my strength had become so far re-established, that I could cross the floor without the least aid. My advancement from this time has ,been almost incredible. I csn walk two hundred yards and back with ease, and my children, (the bed-rid are often blessed, like me, with near a dozen,) have been so overjoyed that they could scarcely eat or sleep, and Mrs. Corning seems to f el half a score of years younger herself. You will recollect how much bent together I was when you were last here. I have entirely overcome this. If I looked a* odd as I felt when I began to walk, I would have been gazed at in astonishment. I have seen many of my old acquaintances, some of whom did not know me at all, and others would searccly credit their senses, and would hardly have been more astonished, though one had " risen from the,dead." I have now every confidence that I am a well man. I think this article is the most extraordinary of any I ever heard of, and if it is not extensively mide known to the nnhlir I think the nrnnri*?tari arnvArv r.nlnahl* If vou know the perron* in New York telling it, you had better tho w them thit letter, and let them refer to you, or publish thiaifyou thinkit would aiJ the distressed. Remember me to your family. yourt, very truly, ETHAN C. CORNING. To be found only at 71 Maiden lane, corner Third and Race and9th and Cheonut, Philadelphia; Dr. Wadiworth Providence; 16 Broadway, Albany. CffT* The Universal Yanueb Nation, of March Sth. it a splendid number. It contain* a Russian Tale, called Ivan, never beforepublithed in America ; alto, four other good itoriei, and an immente quantity of other matter, and only 6} cent* it charged for thit mammoth iheet. Call at 31 Ann afreet. 0(7" New World?Content* roa March 5.?a tuperb illustration of Quinten Metiya, the Blacksmith of Antwerp, with three chapter* of this capital original itory; The Rival* of Sienna, an original drama, in two acti, founded on an icident in Sitmondi't Hiitoiy of the Italian Republic*, by Wm. Young; Letter from Brantz Mayer, Esq., giving a graphic view of the condition and prospects of Moiico ; The Witch Mania, a deeply interesting hiatory of thia national delutionof the dark aget, by Mackay; Mr. Campbell't Report to the Home League against an International Copyright Law ; Review of Chas.*Mathews,Wakondah. cutting; Original and selected Poetry ; Choice Selection*; Late Lord Elgin; Scrap Book, and several column* of Literary Notices; New* from the Old World, Texas, and all part* of the United State*, lie. Term* $3 a year, 0} cent* tingle. Oitice 30 Ann street, where all who wirn to subscribe for the best and cheapest paper in America, are requested to call. BIT- How very disagreeable it most be to a gentleman or lady to have a bad head of hair; to ladies more especially, for let them talk as philosophically as they please, they do not like to be destitute of any external grace. To be sure, the ancients, who pretended to be great connoisseurs of beauty, have praised narrow foreheads, red hair, and red eye-brows that joined over the nose. And such were the charm* that once captivated Cabullns, Ovid, and Aoacreon. But ladies of the present time would feel inclined to be out of humor with their lovers should they praise them for such grace*. Let those then wnose nur uoi mis ueacripuon,or wnen it k prematurely turning grey and falling out, uie Oldridge'a Balm of Columbia, and by 10 doing, aecure to themaelvei a head of hair which would auit the uoit faitiJioua.?Boiitn Courier. To be found only at 71 Maiden lane, N\ York; corner of Third and Race, and Ninth and Cheitnut atreeta, Philadelphia; Or. Wadaworth, Providence; 16 Broadway, Albany. ' MOSEY BAIIKET. Thursday, March 3?6 P. M. The Orand Jury have prevented the Board of Brekera ai a public nuisance, auataining the charge of the Recorder. The charge will be found in another column. Tha Stock Market generally la exceedingly dull; very few real tranaactiona take place either in buying or selling. The market is kept active only by constant operations of speculators, who are always alternately depressing and cornering certain stocks. Delaware and Hudson has been borne down from 113 to 83. Several large holders on their own and other people's account, sold out their stock at high prises, and have bought it in again at prices 13 or 30 per cent lower?under this account it went up, to-day, 1) per cent. In certain Rsilroads corners have also been got up, which are about ready to burst. Transactions of this nature are nearly all that now occur. Indiana Bonds fell | per . U.n,i>V Riilrna.! 1- PiHamn 1 . T T -1 _ _ J rose ) ; Illinois, } Bills on Philadelphia,4|. The Stock Market has undergone an Immense change within four years. There are operators in the street who once thought it a fair business only to hare differences outstanding to the extent of $4,060,000, and who now shake under as many theusands. In those years the banks of the city held absolutely rery few stocks; but in 1930, when the revulsion first overtook the stock market, they became possessed of large amounts. The threatening aspect of affairs, however, cautioned them to avoid those securities ; but a large amount was forced upon them iu payment of debts. The following is a table of the Stocks held by the city banks at different periods:? Loans on Stores ev rue New Toee Oirv Banes. Jan. 1812. Jan. 18<l, Jan 1840, as cosiraaeD with Jan. 1835. I fan kg. Jan. 1818 Jan '48. Jan. 'SI. Jan. '42 Bauk oi America, seewo 478,8 .3 48S ooe 4?5,iO? Mechanics' Bank. S8.SIS 313.180 37*.00# 848 3SS lik or tStste of N. Yoik, ? 373,211 11.4(8 2-1 307 Poems Bank, ISS.TIS 774 000 807 J 0 151 500 Merchants' B.v>k. ? 210 0 0 1*0 4 00 1 75,838 I Bank el vNew fork, 218,000 281,000 3?8 SIS 3*0 l'8 S L'ni. n Baok. ? 58.707 3SS 084 ' Nai.iual ?i?Dk, so.oto 60.too so.oco so o-jo Merchant#' Ei Bank, ? ? ? ? Cily BauS. ? ? ? ? Leather Manufict., 7,84* 7,884 S.84S 3.160 Commercial Baok, ? ISooo 2S.S4I 23.8*1 LafaV ette Bank. ? ? t3.NI 23**1 butchers'li Drovers' ? ? ? ? Scrrnih Ward Bank, ? ? *.783 ? Tradein.en's Bank, 7 83* 254 5*.800 S',850 Mechanic*'It Trader*' ? ? ? ? Urarnwich Bank, !01 2,453 1 *53 1.453 Msnhaf.n Company, 108,57 * 601,838 51 *,023 830 210 Fulton Bank, ? " ? ? North Hirer Bank, ? 20.000 SO.OoO 40,400 Chemical Bank, ? ? ? ? 774,207 3,3(0,338 2 831,8*2 2,782,340 The following i* the law passed in the Louisiana Li-J gi-latore to restrain the bsnks from extending their sirculstien. .In *1ct relative to the ft ink i of the State. Section 1st. Be it enacted by the Senate and Houae of Representatives of the State of Louisiana, iu Ocneral Assembly convened, That no bank located in the city of NewOrleanaahall increase its eirculatiaiior its liabilities in any form, until it shall bava accepted the act entitled "An act to rt vive the charters of the several banks Iocs ted in the city of New Orleans, and for other purpasv*,n approved flfih of February, eighteen hundred and forty two; or, in cafe of refusal to accent (ha aame hv in* hank, and proceeding* being instituted against it for a . iVi'^ forfeiture of in charier, until Anal dcci ion of inch anit in iti favor ; and any director, ca.hier, ?rothwofllt?r,wfco ihall violate thi. act, .hall be anb iVa JtiJlVrta,n"*Bt f?r *erm which .hail not be let. thin tbiee month, nor more than two year*. ?aab? 11 '"titer enacted, Jtc , That thi* * " end alter itanaeiage. [Signed] WM C.C.CLAIbORNE, raiened 1 Houae ef Reproaentativiw. [Signed] FELIX GARCIA, Approved, Feb. 1?, IMS, ? ?? feigned] A. ROMAN. "ttnor ef the State of UajflmU. Thla ! good law, tin ier the circumstances, in It will compel a curtailment of the rtduadant current * .n,i * nr?| irui^11 fur the resumption which talMi place in Sep tember next The House of Delegate* ef Maryland, hire rejected hy large vote, the amendments made in the S nate to the bill in relation to the resumption of opecie ptjoi' nti. Theetfectof this course of the Houae maybe to defeat reiumption altogether. The bill waa returned to the Senate, and may there be rejected, er a committee of conference appointed. No law will be paooed on the oubject is the general impression. In the Pennsylvania Legislature, the amendments made by the House to the Senate Baak Bill were rejected by the latter body on Monday, and the bill was again sent to the House. It is probable, therefore, that the matter will be referred to a committeeot conference. The following are the two first sections of the bill, af it wa? amended in the Houte, on the amendment* of the Senate an Act to provide for the reeumption of ipecie pay. m?nt*bythe Bank* of thi* Commonwealth, and for otherpnrpoa?a. Sec 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of Repreaentatire* of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Oeneral Assembly met, and it i* hereby enacted by the authority of the *ame. That the bank* [cafety fund and savings inatitntion*, except the Philadelphia Saving Fund Society.] of thia Commonwealth, from and after the passage of thi* act, ahall redeem their note* and depoaite* [and other liabilities] in gold and silver coin upon a demand being made at their banking home* during banking houra ; and a refusal or failure to pay in gold and (ilver a* aforesaid, ahall be deemed and taken to be an abeolnteforfeiture of their respective charter*: Provided, That no contract previomly made a* to the payment of depoeitea ?hall be affected by the provisions of thia lectiou. Sec. J. Upon application to any court of common plea* or district court, of the proper county, or a (ingle judge thereof; in vacation, on the oath or affirmation of any penon, *etting forth that he or ahe had presented to the proper officer or officers of any banking institution [ afety fund or (avingt i&atitution, except a* before excepted.] within said county, a note or notea, or certificate* of depo*ite,[or other liabilities] iisucd by the *ame, except the note* issued by authority of the act of the fonrth of May, one thouaand eight hundred and fort yone, and demanded the pay ment thereof in gold or silver coin, which said bank had refused or failed to pay, it shall be the dnty ef the said court, if in session, or a Judge in vacation, to direct a citation to be issued by the prothonotary of said court to the said bank, in the nature of a summon*, which it shall be the duty of the sheriff or coroner of the proper county forthwith to serve, commanding the said bank to appear at the time and plaqe designated by the said court or judge, not less than five nor mere thaa ten days thereafter. And upon tha hearing of the parties, if the said court or judge shall be satisfied of the truth of said complaint, and that the provisions of the first section of this act have been violated, then the directors of any such bank of this commonwealth shall make and execute und^r their corporate seal, a general asaigament of all their estate, real and peraonal, to such person or persons as they may aelect, (subject to the approbation of the stockholder! at a general meeting) in truit for the brnefit]of all their creditors, [or. the said court shall forthwith issue an attachment, commanding the aheriif or coroner forthwith to aelre and take possession of the banking house, books, moneys, depositee papers, and effects of the said bank, a majority of said judges, in vacation, shall appoint one suitable person, the commissioners of tho county in which the bank is located one, and the stockholders of the bank, at a general meeting, one, as trustees.) Such assignment shall be approved by the court of coicmon pleasof the county of which such bank may be situated, and shall be recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds of the proper county, within thirty days from the execution thereof. The said assignees shall proceed to sell, at public sale, all the real and personal estate of said bank, and shall collect by suit at law, or otherwise, til their outstanding debts; and, for this purpose, may use the corporate name of snch bank, Provided, however, That the said assignees shall receive in payment of debts due to said bank, lis own notes and obligations,aud the checks of Its depositors, at par. Tha said assignees shall give such security at tha said court may deem sufficient, to secure the faithful execution of the aaid trust ; and shall, once in every six months, file an account of their receipts and expenditures, verified by their oaths or affirmations, in the office of the prothonotary of the aaid court. Tho aaid ataigneea shall, at least ouce in every s^x months, make a pro rata dividend of the balance in their hands, smong the several creditors of the said bank, whe shall, in pursuance of public notice, given in such manner and form as shsll be directed by the court, have mode claim, and delivered up the evidence of their claims, if such evidence be in writing, to the aaid assignees, and receive from the said assignees a cer tifteate of the amount thereof. The said assignees shall, be allowed such commission or compensation for their services, as may be agreed upon in such assignment with the approbation of the said court, and shall be subject, except as herein otherwise provided, to the several S revisions of the act of assembly, passed the fourteenth y of June, one thousand eight hundred and thirth-si x entitled " an act relating to assignees for the bene fit o creditors and other trustees." galea at the Itock Bzehan|r. (3000 N Y 3's,l86l 7H 85 tks Del It Hudson thw 83' 5loos Illinois Bds 181 85 do siiw I') itoos do 181 85 Bk Con,scrip sio (7 1080 do 810 18) 8 do 57. 1000 do sl5 18) 85 do 87 .ooo Indiana Stn Bds 18 55 Fa-men' Lotui 232 10O9 do 181 10 do 88 (300 t Indiana Doll Bds 80 50 da tlmoi 81 }17000 do 1*2 55 Mohan k RR >85 85 O'lOOS do u* III 85 do 130 14 51 ooo do stS 181 31 B i?t k 1'iov 83; $4000 do SIO 181 150 Paler?on S10 47) (8000 do S3* 181 180 dn boo 47j (1000 do . suw 18f 58 do 471 25 in* Del k Hutia in bl5 871 10 Stonmjlon >60 13) 100 do 830 841 85 do 14 75 do SDW 871 85 do 131 85 do 88 100 Harlem 71 50 do bIS 88 1 85 do 7 35 di thw mil 85 dn 130 7J 6# Ho 8*1 85 do 7) 8 do 87} 85 do 7| 35 do si 87f 408 LOSS Island 54) 100 do 13 88 300 do SlO 58. 10 So buw 8'i 100 do ?3 5d( 78 do >3 871 100 do b60 57 35 do SOsr 871 100 do 58] UO do 88 Second Board. 150 Lon* Island RR 501 f50 Lone Island It 11 *51 54> 50 ds sof Har.em 7 50 d> bus 57 SjKeliwar* iSmos 81 300 do bio SSI Brighton Cattle Market. Frn 38.?At Market, 400 beef cattle, 710 sheep, and 500 f wini-?70 beef cattle unsold. Sheep?One lot of weathers at (3 50 a (3; also lots at (3 50, (4 25, (5 and $6 60. Swinr?A lot of large hogs, 4c. for sows and 5c. for barrow*. Lot* ta peddle 4c lor low* and Sc. far barrow*. At retail from 4} to Ac. Price*? Beef cattle? Last weak'* price* for a like quality were hardly sustained. We noticed a (mail number of choice cattle taken at 6 1JJ and (A We quote lirst quality S Ada $5 74; itaon 1 quality 4 74 a 44, third quality 3 74 a $4 sq. Foreign Market*. Pr.a* smbvco, Jan. 29'.h ?In relation to bu*inet* at thi* place I hare hut little of interest to communicate. Our maiket continue* well supplied with article* usually imported from the United State*, and without any material alteration to price*. Flour may he quoted at 16 0i)0. Export!? Sugar, white 1 300a 2 000; Muscovado I SOC. Hide* 130 re. per pound. Exchange 29J. Dollar* 1640 a 1640. Married. On the evening of the 2-1 imtant, by the Rev Mr. Rirhison. Mr. Oco*ur. Cctekt, of New Ytfk. to Mil* A.** Ems PxxaixLL, of Long IilinJ. Died On the 3J imtant, Mr. Hon* Moaaison, after a short illness. Hii friends, and the member* of the Mechanics' Benefll Society, are re*i>?ctfullv invited to attend hi* luueral thi* aftrraooD, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence 334 Broadway. On ?ii' SJ inatant, John, ton or Michael and Ann Letter. aged 10 month* and A Ha) a. Her funeral will take place at 10 o'clock thil morning, from the residence of hit father 46 Mott tt. On the 31 instant, Cathabiri t. C., the wife of 0?car Irving. Hit fricndt and relatives, and thote of her father. Oen. Eliat B. Diytsn, and of her br ther-in-Uw the Rev. Dr. Berrien, are requested to attend her funeral at SO Varick street, IJudtcn Square, thia afternoon at half-past 4 o'clock. On the 3d instant Ltdia UOTiHiirr, daughter of Captain Olnuy, in the 31 at year of her age. Funeral thia afternoon, from 30 Delancey street, at 4 o'clock. i i - _ Pasaengera Arrived, New OaLCAva?Ship Fsulhes? E H Hiuas. and SI in the steerage. Nrw OaLVAva?Rrig Otes-sr?Mr Uyao N>? 'Ibleavi?Brie Franklin?E O tVsrmaa, A flaba#*, W J King. (. ilA*i.i?to?t?Brig Moon?Dr Labe, Dr Lisdermin. Messrs Lyons, White. B iraett. Behol, SitUr, Lissinan. Clark, Bedonet, L Davis, J Daviv, (I 3 in the steerage. Passengen lallcd. f.ivrsroot.?Packet shii>(7?f.rd?( has E Jacot, M I. Brsinrrd. Mr Fitzwilliam. M York , Vt M?sei and lady, C rpt Jotuiton. Dr Rolph, Can?d i; Mrs WhilfleU, South Car lica; JH Hno'er. R< otland. Foreign Importations. I"%i rimn-n?ip rnmp r rat? 318 ratittra nariila 347 ?lli hgi 140 Lit 01 bblt raiainag'JI bit prnoca ISO heat filberta Lt* rttc4 k R-braou?SObagahamparedSOO bl? abetted a'rr.oiv a So tkt pumice itooa Hat bo lea lean tot 8771 d > oraDgca 141 mall to order. P^uri?Br:g F.liubfth?70 ca augar Meyer & Stucken??8 ek( nivli'Kl T A Berry?8 U IUcUidi-t eki J Dumud .X re?3 IMi potatoea 100 cki auger 14 dot kegarum to order Port All fBixcK?Sclir Oa den?81 bag* coffee t pkg I caaka 81.COO Ibe 'of w oet (J Hogarth?80 do lignum Til* 80 uagi coffee tiro- liriu) K Xcbriber. Trixidad pa. t.'t;k??Brig Prriiaian?I47hhda 41 tc? molar ti lliaiteriaku k Puoeerl?88 hh It do Neamithk Lento. Domestic Importation*. Nrve Pantkea? 8 c? team Welmur le Brne 'i. t?3 be* ikiue J C Garthwiila?84 bbU wbiaktg V. Slee< m V I7e d i p rkilfkega lard K Pray? M hhds tobao-o 0 V? flat Reed Goodhue k co?ti bataa cotton Smith, Milla k co-3 (ha KiectrlkCamiighaai?811 bhla hama J dojd kco?to hde tob.hrC'i B rrman, Johnson kco? 410 ebla molwtee to J Woola?y k cu?I hi Doccmut, Bugdam k Niaoo?8 bbli M.lmat-l k Xanilh-8 Cmter kco?143 hides Irawbriilge k Nieh >la?8bbl tugar ' H dilen?1 Kli-I tobacco R I. MailUnd ke??7 do I rak It CO It (iroutaellfcco?04 eke 344 nalca cotton 1000 bit raiaia* 4i? tbla lurk 877 kcga lard 880 bblt flour Wolfe k Hendricks? 138 bbla flour 088 do pork l83do 414 keg*lard it ca.ka hama to 0 der. v*w Oai.r?i*a?Bhio Miaai-aippi-tR?porto 1 yesterday)? ?141 b la 78 hhda A H Center ft ton - S 0 kcga U/earoa k eo? 8t bab-t cottoa J A Garg-et kco? 3et Manning k Jo. rueay? I tlrftnM Mr I !?iiO ? I ftk? fc Ilanann?II Ukrfa I nKooco fl wta a*, a i klkilliiiM tka J k a Milb it k fcao?I hi H irpaf It miwr* ?I C Jnd??t-3 bait* I raac I. J \Vjcth-*?7 bbla A H CStfr at on?(i Kale* not too H Coil k (a-ibciM Bimi Ri< har'a k i till?an h'lla Sovdaa, da?r h no?(bain IB hhda?7bi?' O tcaway, Henrjr A co?tJ bale* L rntioi - ? Aouth, Mi'^a A * >- 11B lea 52 ..hi. m.lnare W t. t? r?.r?2* btrie < *.rtim b R'ehxrtie?I ck J D Miwn?I Mil I bi M M-.ller-O# hW?rn>r J timer It co?120 d > ?''um G Merle?II keja B fillie- iio ? bell I b J Be tie*?rj do irioa? WliiiHy k Wh??lnck?II do ^ Njrwronib-I bbte 2 hhdatt Met* H ft Pai aler?1 boaae K < Wre*k<-I ce r Mutter?It bMa R levin?ll J C H?llork-2? bat M'ver It H'tchen?21 I Wethr rb It ? >o?I bale E Fred ler?10* tkf H ifford. HaatiB-f k Cc ?II ubl? 10 I) 0 Howard?I lidr W K M'eler?213 >hla Merrill It eo?li tibda 67 b!? G Leland It co?17 brleoJ Drop- r?1110 bxa rtioioo * J N?? it ad I ?37bb!a K Ira in?71 libra liaaaa 700 keKa lard 100 baa atarch 20 bataa col'oa to < rrlar. New OHLKarra ?Brig Gleaner? ill ItHde 04 lea 247 bbli molaeara I'avctra It to? 64 do to captain Ml HILL ? Br tit Sr r .li ilri.w i?30 k ilea rot I on I iflfl? lb C k K W?Mn-j7 Urceiiiriy k Henry ? 6S J W k K l.raiitl? Tl Bcllou, Foi k Liaincatan?S? Hi k? k cn?48 Newh M k C'ruft?13 C D Lrroilch?58 Bngart k Kaeelaud?a I u*? J C Liwwr?3(kt K 9le?e?a kaoua?I trunk I t* John Heniiv?10 pk(<J S Plait?3 W K kola inn?a Brown Biotkcra? 1 bbl lhn< Mil a?17 aka cotton aee J H W-rine k nona?4 c <a?a Stuiye at Clearm-n-auudrypkza 8 Morrhouae, A Comateck.C Mile., Ha'per k Brothra. H Wilton, J llcury k to?'307 kali a cottuu 4 piiea IS a'icka to order. MARITIMEHERALD. POUT or NEW YORK, HARCII 4, 18419. wit I rt i Moon ami I 54 IBS lit 38 ! wtie 147 Uapartara of tha Atlantic Itaaaari. r>OM KNOLAKD. I'lloM .Mraica. C alednoia Lott Feb. t Mar. i A cart.a, Hewitt Mar. 4 April t O. Weetrrn, H akeaApril a April 28 Columbia, JutikiDi April S May 1 Britannia, Ryrie April 18 May 18 Caledonia, Lotl May 4 ...June I G. Wratrrn, Hoakca-. May 91 June 18 Acadia, Hewitt May 18 June 18 Cohin.bia, Jinlkiua June 4 July a Britannia, Ryrie June 18 July 17 Caiedooia, Lott July t An*, l G Weal em. Hoeken .. July 8 Aug. 4 PatkaUta Arrive PackttitoUapart. Loanoi. Lottnon Ontario, Rradiah, Jan. 90 Bwilxerlawil, "milk, Mar. 10 Toronto, Griawold, Feb I Heudnck Iludaou. Mar 20 uircaroot.. LivaarooL. e.urope, Marahall, Jan. 18 P. Henry, Dtlano, Mar.T teams. She Add, Allen, Maris Halti.nnrrKu.rk, Jen. 16 Haras. Emerald, Howe, Jan. 94 Argo, Anth >ny, Mar. I To Haatera of Vaaaela. Command*re of vsaseli will oonfer a rarer by having a list of their carc??a, p**?am*n, and a report of raaa?la lift at tb* port whence they aailcd, and the Trestle spoken, ready a their arrival her* for Commodore Basixtt, *f our fleet of new* schooner*. He will beard them immediately on their arrival. Cleared. Bark '/. Riug, Fote, N?w Orleans. Sturaei It flearman.? Brigs Hortenee, Buckman. VVeit tidies. Wrsnnih It Leeds; (J B Lama', Sannermann, Savant ah, Scott 8t Morreli; Loretla, Henlrrion. Apalarhicol4. J F.'vrrll; Timo'rou, Shinu, St Marks ami Port Leon via Key West?*chre Orozlmbo, naratnt. Attakspas, Nrsmithk Leeds: Louisiana, Marsh, Mobile. J P F.lwell;TwoBrother*. Hichardson. Washington, DC; Mercy, Kelly, Jack?oa>ille via St Marys, Ga. itrrlTea Shiti Philip Fir?t. Fnrran, from Palermo, Dee i2*. f'uit, lie. to H Havtland. Left sh'ps Areata,of Salem,from Cadiz; Duzbury.of and for Halnn. unc; bark Audubon, of Plymouth, for N York, unc; brig Wakulla, fm NT01k, just arr. No date, off Csia de Gat, passed hark Mento, of Boston, bound up. Ship Panthea.G lodmauson. from New Orleana.lelt the Bar FrblS, cotton, itc. to Wm Nelsou Sailed in co. with ship Hilah.Hammond, for NYork. Slop Ili'ah. Hammond, it days from New Orleans, cotton, to master. Ship Cordova. Lowel', from Marseilles D?c '3, and Gibe-.llarad Jan. mdse, to master. 13th 37. Ion 63 33, Thomas Jordan, team in, of New York,fell from theforeyard and waa lost Ship Louisiana. WoKe. from New Orleans, Feb 30, with 4131 bags coffee to A Faster It bona. Bark Hecla, Williams, Irom St Thomas. Feb 36, specie, to A Hubbard. Left at 8t Cioii. ship Ktnhy. Gray, for NYork, 1st init; biif B F Snow, for Porto llir.o. At St Thomas, bark J W Cater, Davia, far NYoik; brigs Despatch, Tilden, do 33J; Martha Kiusman. do noc; Mars hill, for St Kitta; William, for Georgetown; Aun,unc; scars Eliza Meserole. fvr NYoik. Vettus, Harbadoes; Sea Serpent, unc; Austin,for Jacmel; Drusilla, Boston; Thoose, Newbern; Eschange, (ash) I mos eut, 45 hbls. Bark Apthorp, Blake, from New Orleans, left the Bar Feb I*, cotton, to Dunham k Dimon. Bark Iwanowna, Dyer, 10 days from Mobile, cotton, to Badger It Peck. ajting Ha Wan, Emrry 1< days from Guayams.PR with 83 lids auffxr to Thnmiidftti hi AJ*wrm- in M?on fie Tk e? mi lot St Le Barbiei; IS cka molaaaea to order. Yeaaeli eft t>< fort reported. Brig Sarah Brown, Norton, 13 dive from Vobi'e, cotton, to Sturgee St Cleat man. 45;h ul' lal is 45. Inn 79 33, (poke eehr Armer Patten. from Jamaica for Piuladil.hK Brig Aat*rea Hunte*, (of Wahlobc ro) IB daye .from Ci-nfuego*, with 377 boxes <0 nhds tug tr It let 138 hhdemolajir* 10 tc? honey to Ct.arierlain St Poi.iert Left briga Eliza Purge**, for Bnaton, anon; Merida, S dt; Moxev, Spear, for NVork II; Electro, die?; Hone Howee, Idg for t'harlee on,8; Openan; o. Maaon, Bo,ton. 8 da. Sailed in co. with brig Aaron, Hunt. for Philadelt bin. Brig Peruvian, Walson, 11 daya from Trinidad de Cuba, molaiaea. to Neamith It Lted*. Left bark Clarisu Perkins, Perkiua, for New York, Idg; briga Oulnare,Tinker, dieg; Sciei ce, Harding for Philadelphia,aooo. Brig Elir. ,berh, Milliuglon, II days from Ponce, PR. sugar, kc. to B R chard*. B'ig Allanti-, Ward, (of New Haven) II day* from Barba doea, i* ballast, to order. Biig Gleaner, Hichardaon IS daye from New Orleana, nolaaa**, tollavea* kl'o Brig Franklin, Benrie, 19 daye from New Orleana, molaatei, to order. Brig Geo Henry, Bingham. 18 day* from Aux Cave*, coffee, lie. to order. Left pc h- Albion, Mitchell, far New York, ia 10 data: David Pratt, for New Orleans, S da?the only American rttaeli. Brig M'on, Havre, * d?ys from Charleston, cotton, to Geo Bulktey. Lat 33 10, Ion 77 M.apoke U 8 acr.r Grimpue, on a cruiae. Brig Maa*achu*etta, Brrvwntll, 17 day* from rernambuco, with TOO Dbl* sugar 5000 hide* to Kimball a 8h> Id in. Celt aliip Xnpe, une; brig* A'l'red Tavlor, f?r NYork, Uth; A re ill, B'w- I ton, unc; Joii'f N York, *oon;irhrTremoni,do, 3 werki. 18 h U't lal 35, loo 75 apoke brig Commerce, from Porto Rico lor Baltimore. Brig Emma, Tarr, 18 day* from Maracail o, coffee, to Bourhiuil It Thebaud. Left brig Mienz'. for Boat, n, 10 daya?ouly American Er g Haidee, Flitner, W daya from Trii.idad de Cuba, augar, to maetrr. Brig Cair ilia, Mandeuil, 11 day* from Apnlachicola, cnt'on, Slurgr* k'learman. Schr lud'iendence, York, from Ponce, PR. Feb H, with 40 hh la < gar 80 do 91 tea molaat** to Ho iland k Aapinwal, ? l.ell hrig Union, Mitchell, for NYork, tinr. recollec'ed. Hd ulL lat 30 31, Ion 71 tl, aaw a Mriliah ateam ahip, Iran Havana lor Bermudi. Srhr Garden, llvmon. IS davi from Port au Prince, coffee, to Maillaud, Kennedy It Co. L'ft brig* Wm Nalaon, for New Y->ik. to de Tren.ont, for do, une; achre John, Boston, svon; Geo B) roo, (late Itemaus) far I* Fork. 8 da?Capt H and Paul Smith. - ne of the crew of the G B.died at Port au Prince a abort limeprevioua Schr Mary Clark, 8w.ft, 18 daj*_(rnm.New Orleana with 80 niiM 10'i huu so tea to b r r tern. Srhr K injure, Powell, 86 houra from Norfolk, md.e, to Sturgee fcCI'aiman. Srhr Two Policy*, Fountain, 5 dira from Baltimore, mdar, J Ik N Hr ?i. Pchr 'i'liaddeua, \V illia, 8 ilaya from Baltimore, mdac, to Sturgrt k Clrarraan. Sehr Waltc-r R Jonea. Brown, from the wreck of ahip Frankfort, ?itn auchora, tigging, kc Below. Ship Powliatt in. Heat. Shipa Oiford, Liverpool; Philadelphia, London; Oconee. N Orleans; Sutton, Charleaton; Edwins. Mobile; Courier, Malaga IIoriet, Antwerp; French bark Alexandre, Havre, aud others. Wind HSW. General Record, Ttrr Wnrca ?Capt Calhoun, of the Br achr Peru at Diiladeli hia Irom Un muds. reports that an the 17th ult. an Amcr can ahip under jurr maat, arrira d at Soaneraet, Bermuda mine not ascertained, | I hia may be the ahip reported hy Captain I'rudeer, attha port, aa sunk on the l*lh,at the weal end ol the 111 and ] poken. Cruikaton Castle, 78 d lya from Oreenock fer Sat, and waa aupplied with provieton i?Ft b 91, lat 31 SO. Ion 77 St. Y?r.oo, NVo-k for Liverpool, March 1, 30 milea Kaat of Iht Hook. Suaan, Man anil's for Boatnn, Feb 36, lat 37, lot 73. Foreign Porta. Tatrvtoan, Feb 7?In rort, n>net, of Bl John NB. dise; Enterprise. fm Liverpool NS. for Beiliice, ilo; Victory, for Savannah. toon. BaMta, J*n25? In port, J R Itirdner, f n Baltimore; W (Jarfiarn.on, Philadelphia; Sarin D> eritig, N York. United ttataa Ports. Ltist.c, Feb 35?Sid 3t.h, Sophronia, Richmond; Melville, N York. Pobtla.vd, Mar I?Air Harriil, Mutsnzu. Cld Feb 28 h. Loniaa. do. NrwiiotTPOKT, Mar l ?.Arr Sultan, NYork Maihii fiikad, Feb 3S?Sid B >td Runuer, A ux I'ayea. Boatuk. Mar I?Arr Celch:?,Liverpool Jan IS?aid in ro. Porahontaa for Baltimore. Arr I'anchita, Mayaguez?left. U States, fm Wilmington NC. to sail 13tlt for SI Dotniufo and a mkt?391.1st 35 Ion 71, faaaed t hina, of Lireipto', steering WsW. Arr Colts, If nana. Cld Norfolk, NOrleana; Cowi>er, Mobile: Tark, Phi adelphia; Peru, do; Rival, Matanzas; I ask't Savannah: Nile, Wilmi- Eton O; Wyoming.Philadelphia; Wen Wl aoii. NYork. Arr 2d, Noble, N Orleans; Sophronia, M- bile; Pilot Philadelphia; (Itllit. Havana; Kale Thomson, Hay tie n ?left, Roweua, for Bait 4; Mrtamora, Matanzsa; Virginia, NrwOrleana; Henry, Newb rn NC; Allen, Norfolk; Antsree, Phil idelphi i; Pa'estiur, New turn: Lake, Plizabeth City; rer'; David A tkins, h redrrir-sburg; O Thomas, do; Abitract, Norf Ik; Homer, New York; Beni BigeloW, do; Osc -ola, do. MaTTaroncTT,Mar 1?Arr Edwird Kent, Ln Oeoieetown SC. Taarat'Lin Cose, Feb M-Arr Henry, Newbern NC. for Boston. a Hoi air s Hotr, Mar I?No reare' in port at 10 a m. PaoriDkivcE, Mar I?Arr H?uovrr, N Orleans; Hr wte,Havana; JL Long, New Yolk. Sid Ad una, Philadelphia. Win k Jamca, for Motile, anchored below on Monday evening, and remalat. Philadelphia, Mar 2?Arr Brandy wine, rtroao bieo; Oram, Trn idad; Herald, Newbu'j p .rt; Oi k-hj r, Anthony, N York Cld Acom, Bastnn; A B Cooks, NYork. BaI ? iMiir.. Mo 1?rid P. in. Win Allen So.Id. n V r <. "-Id ( hatham, Boainn. ' " ' ' Richmovb Frb3?-Arr N ipcltoa Portland; I icl.d Taylor. Thnmaatm : dlga-al. Pro'L'ence. 81d Manon. Pr,|u.|, Win E Bird, am Teaaa.NYotk. Energy, Hartford; Sarati li Mary. Dri'on. Niwnrnv, NC. Fele II? Arr Waahinftiin, Stitinim; Saiel Pierre Mart; Juluk Nancy, Antigua: Capitol, Hi Vioont. Cld Kimberly, Writ Indira; L bluver, do; ?.,uUitro<-r, Meniniqie. l.'intiiiToa.KiliU-Arr KlixabetU, Liverpool. Btloar. a harm lir p. Cld Apollo, Brrrarn; Emily. W Indira; Hop*. N lore, Automu>, Antwerp; Oeceola. U .id-nit. (ir.!i?nrTow.r,8C Pelnt-Arr Dilrjil, Andereon, NYork; B uina Cottrell. do f .r Popt'r Mill*. Ha'ivvwi Feh Id?' Id N?h .nt, Boalon. Arr rhilura. Doaue, NYork; Excel, Lirtieu, do; champion, NLondon; Hi Hitno-e, do. Cld ?Sth, Hi rcnlrap, Havre; Anthony Lir.rpool; Minerva, do; Wm I Wateon, NYork. _ Arr CaroIn e Trinidad de Cuba.'e ia port; Stupe Cleoetrelue, fm Greenock; flaring. for Livrtpo< I Idf; Globe, do; Ht Andrew. ( Br) do; Coronation. (Bi) <1 : Miner'a (Br) do; Anthony Andernon, < Br) do; Herculean. Havre; Arabella, NOrleana; Othello, Wiaeaaart; k rater. (Br) from Liverpool diaf; Jnju Reotlty.(Br) do, Helen Mar, (Br) do; Glenrarry. ( B-) do; Laurel, (Br) do; Triton, (Br) Greenock wur: Monlro, e, (Br) London da; Kobiaann, (Br) D-marara; harka O *?lle Boelon; B iti.h: Ocean Uurea, frinreee, Tlumee. Clu ha, Leander, Nancy, and Lady Colebrook. fur Livenaoal; Nelaca Village, fm do. diaf; Duncan, for S#Jobn NH; Lord Godneh, Lonrl ?a, wtf ;Oromoc'oo, do; John Kerr, (frrenoek wig; H;>mn ue BarhvdoMdiep; Andromeda. Hevaaa wrpi Kmelie (kr) Mettiai'lue: biifv Mary Aaa.(Br) iro.n Weal Jadiva; New York, do; "alethorue, f..r flartaa; C JoaepH Boatoe; Strlmr. NYorh; Kobt B'Punorn; W na I YVaieon, Philadelphia itiaa, CaoWda,for Weat lodiae: L Baldwin, from NYork dial. Modi eon. do <%: Havana H. da di f: arhrai Val-atli, Nl.on Ion dug. Only Daughter, NOrlrnw# ro: Roanoke. Charieaton do. Tallaii iivae. Feb IT?Cld Mohnwk, Boa ten. Mobile. Feb ?-Cld Atalaata, Ham, New York; St CVud Boaion; < Providence. Nrw Oiium, HonUviiU, NYork; Ubioi, Lil,*ri>; Hi w^w HI VI5T?M?. rfttKTftTOKSh FKMALK KlJLrt. ' 1E!)? d u< c. Itbr^lri mill, from Portniil, ir w? to WobUmrJ in fhm r<Hiutnr * ? ?4??riif*xru( on tho lw( tolumtiof fourth J<*fr. frllm'n ?mIuav, ? At 101 'finch. ?t tti< fir I room, .. .r O*'"'". I'Utliint. Jefelrjr, Kao< ? cud Pledged ?rtioU-?, Hardware. rultcry, W alette*, lie ofnJf?U?eriptio??; 3 irakki superior i loll ing, Cloth*, Ca*si merer, Veiling', Silk*, NABu ke kAlso. Sheffield Cutlery, Cunt. Segare, Wire*. Groceries. 3 Hosiery, 4 truuks second hand <,'lo hing. Pledged Good*, Also-Tb. killwc'iUicV of ? Merchant Tiiltr. Al|#-Jlru?k( ?U|ieiior rlnlui.y. gun. srgara, wines. froeerie*. 8 cases houery, 4 trunk* of second hand cioihirg, k'., kc. Also?The ha'lati-e stork of* Merchant Tai'er. A I*"?About itt vo'* splendid London liooW*. ai1r*t* ing*. engravings, pan,tinge, fiitrne, heau'iful -helfirld culler* . SATURDAY. ? At 18', n'rlork, in tl?e Hales Room. Megan' Furritme?A large nod ecteusive valuable assor'rnent .?d household furniture?hoeekeeying article* ot all de?crip4iu>*. Alao?Theatoik of a Cabinet Mak'r. Counting house furni'ure. Also?The remainder of the roun'ing house and upright desks, writing tables,dir.. hv nnlrr of assignees. MONDAY. At 10) o'clock, at Aii. *3.1 Bros Iwsy. Will h* sol withunt reserre, the lease for two years of the American Oyeter llouee, near the American Holt) together with the future*, bar furniture, tables, curt" ins. glass ware, birpumie,oyster bin, all the kitchen arrsngrmrnts, and er>ry thing connected with the above named w*l! ku?wu ani deservedly celebrated oyster house. T^ta will aff..rd an ** coilent opportunity for any |eieon wishiut to enter in the busioca*. The lease and iroptrties will all be auld iuonr lot. Tre business is flnuii.hiug and the us torn good. Unavoidable circumataucrs cau>* the p-nprietor* to discou'.iunc their busuiess Terms at sale. Iulormitioucan be had by calling at tlie prt niues. TUESDAY! At 10) o'clor k, at the corner of Ful'ou St Nassau stg. Msichant Tailor/ Stock?The hullance of the tlegant stork of t merchant tailor, consisting oi vartouc garmrats made up in the most faihiunable in inner aud of the beat material*. Also?Remnant* of res inf. cloths,ca'iiaicrcs, hosiery, lie WEDNESDAY. At 10) o'clock, iu the sale* room. Sale of elrgant I'niio Fortes aud Furniture BY BUTTERF1ELD k COACHMAN, Auctionoeir*. THIS DAY. Sheriff'* Ssle,?At 10 o'clock, at Thompson'* Hall, corner of Rim apd ('anal atrrrui, the enure funiitu-e, contained in aaid house. consisting of antes, hurrauf, *>de board*, ward robe*, muli pony and MM ?'at chair*, centre tablra, dining, dre?*ing and tea table*; ingrain carpet*, *tair carpet*. looking gla*?rs, clock*.d?-aka, ahow caaea; and waaKatauda, Bed* and bidding, and a laige <| lantity of kitchen furniture, crockery, kc. Alao. SO 0unary biuda, mock ing birda, and Ironical tltraahera, roluua, cagra, lie. Ike. k j d- cautera, win* ana champugne gln-ir*. lie. m.4 It* AUCfloN NoTicfc.-\t/sTN, WILVlAKblMOrsi uu- Co., will cloae at public au tun. on Wednesday. March 9.h ,ikj at lOo'cloek, A M . the entire atock of Frcah Imported Europ an Dry Good*.?conaiiting of 5i)? pirk??< a?received *iuce Jun. let., 1812. Sale at the store of NEVINS k Co.. 68 Cedar at. m3 6t* R. H.TIMP8GN, Auct, AUCTION NO TICK ?Haolware,CuilerV. Ouna, Pialola, Fancy Good*, kc?JACOB'S. PLATT'A Filtn Sprint I'ack.ige Sale of Hardware, fc:. will take place Thi* Day. ?t 10 o'elock. at the store 91 Piatt afreet, consisting of 980 pkg* of fresh imported Uiiiniugliain anil Shrltield Hardware and Cutlery, kc, Alan, an ailenaire aaaortmeut of American, German and French Hard if are. Kaury Good* Catalogue* uie ready and the good* can betiamiied to the hour of sale _ ml It" REV. PROF. MAFFIT \e111 dilifer the la*t Lee ure ?f the Courae, at the Methodist Church in Mulb?rrv atreet, llii* Friday Erenine. atT| o'clock Subject?" Tht Heaihvn and Chnatian Women conrraated." Ticket* 25 Cen!a, to lie h id at the door. n 4 11" A GOOD HErtl) UK HAIR 18 the great ornatneut of manorwemau?it i* ungiateful to ilia girer of goo J to neglect it. If it ta filled wiih Uandrilf, or fulling out?if it ha* ceaael growing, or ia turning gray, then you are assured the Jonea'a Oil of Coral Circaiaia ia your true remedy. Try it?you will not .be diaappoin ed? You can tee certificates, kc., at the proprietor*?but, reader, if you are not *erv carefu1, you will he cheated with a counterfeit. Mind, the right number i* 82?look, 82 C'hitham *f.. rt the aign oi the American Ragle. Price only 3, 8 or 8 shilling* a botile? 3 aiz?*. Pimrle*. blotches, freckle*, and alt erU|tiona of the akin are cured by Joues'Indian Balm.aold at the name place?it i* a recipe of Sir W.Blizzard, the famou* English doctor n< 5i* rtTVcV rit'.itsiN ~i;it.iTis ?w - if. F BCHI KMKH. from, having brought samples of a assortment of articles cnnsistieg of fancy Silver Ware, Win Wcrk. ICnrihr udrrirs, alio a great variety of patterns , Flowers anil auiutrous articles suitable for ladies, with a view of piting lite Ameiiuan market; havinc attained hi* object, the above (ample* are oif red for ?al? at 78 liree'iwich street, where the publie generally.aud the I idir* in ptrlicular, ere invite I to call anil view them. n 4 3t* OARC. rWKF.PS AND SOlfLLl.-Noiice I* hereby given, that I have discontinued the branch oar establishment in Wat itreet. North River cite, aid do ail my bu*ine.<* at my old Oar Establishment. 403 Water itreet, and as I ?ire all the expense* of one store, I will sell Oars, Sweep*, and Scull* eaoujh r heaiwr to piy for c uniug from any nart of the city to! the Oar Establishment, 40] Water street, five doors ahev* Catharine market. JOHN A. FEARSALL. trl tin* HATS! HATS! HATS!! BROWN It CO.'d One price Hat Store, wholesale and retail, 174 Chatham Sqiiire, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability aud economy are combined to adorn tbehea'. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recrntly improved shott uappi il hat, a usw style, the imltali n of b'aver, which to closely resemble* that of all furs the most costly aud be.u .ifu', that the difference is not easily perceivrd. I'rice three dollars. We strictly adhere toihe one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very super or hat for the urice charged. In presenting theaa hat* to the public (he proprietors think they have rtaehed the ultia* aturn ot beauty, durability, coeapnesi ard comfort. n>4 3in* ' ATAItM AN j t.OU.V1H t abVl kUK o/vLK ?Situated on the east binkof the Hu lson River, in the townof Fishk'lt, and county of Dutches*, containing ab nit siity aer?*of choice l>nd,ina high state ot cultivation. The improvement* are, an eicelleot two ?to-y frame house, wita all the necessary outbuildings, aud three tenant houses. There is an ?t-u> dvure of good water ami tine fruit O" the The river view and Picturesque scenery between New buigh and Pnughkeep-iie, fiom this place, is unrivalled betweru ilie cities of New York and Albany. This place was selected forty years ago as the country residence of the late Nicnol: s Ciuger. Esq. The 'acilitir* of getting liere a enumerous. being distant hula mile from ih-landings of Hampton aud Newbti'gh, six miiti north of Ncwhurgh, and niue south of Pough Ws:p?'e. Besides the Lumcrous line boats lauding as abore, there has recently b -en estah'islieJ g good, safe slramtuat lire between Ihc city aud Poughkeepsie, stoj ping erery morning at New Hamburgh on her way down, remaningin the citv from three to four honrs, tnd on lier raturu lands at New Hsmtmrgh dt an early hour in ilie evening. A n ore particular d sent th>u is deemed su crUmm. as those who wish to pur ghtse will rv.miie for theiuael rea. For further iuformsiioD. lpply to BLEKCKKR k VAN DYK 6] Merchants'Exchange, New Yoik.orW. COX,on the premi i. m4 Iwdy 3 xsy? a NATIONAL B4NKOII NO BANKS-Auappe.l to .he A Common Sense of the People of the United States: esueeiali" of Ihe Lab .ring Classes, hy John K ileao. New York, pubhshe I b" W. K ULAN, No 3 Aun, (843. " 1 his is as exoellen' and clearly reaaoued tieaiise, showing the nature and uses of Banks, end the advantages and imtortanceof a National Bank of Discount sad Dep< site, with branches iu the strcrai Htaifs. We could desire th it m?n of p'ain.eo d ssusc? au l pirtirul <rly working men, would go quie'ly to Aun street, pros lira a copy of this wm k, and read it. the p-rju lire* which hsve been suffered to listen upon m in> minds iu this day ol prejudice, when lor the abuse, ine use of many good things is prescribed. " Mr. Hu'd lays the foundation of his subject deep and str ing, and th>n bu his up his argument, tiar up in lier ol solid masonry His subject is dirided intolh e# parts,embrr.riag twenty chanters, bet-idrs a cons luiiou and an append'v. It is an admirable trsstisr. d sigurd t > be of extensive u ility. " We inay recur to il agaiu. when our space insj allow room for xtracU."?Bi'.oik/pn Evening Slur Hieabivewoik is for salt by Dean k Trevelt.tai Fulton ?rfet; H ai S Kaynor, 7fc Bowery; Hoe Lo-.kwo k. 411 Hio?tlw&y, and at other book ifor?> in the city. n 4 31* DR. HORN E /CONTINUES to be conaultcdcoafideotially at hi* office No. V 78 Murray etreet. Btraasert ire rcipectfully apprized that Dr.Home beinglegally bred to the Medical orofettion in the city of Loudon hat been a practical member of the aaid faculty of phytic for 41 yeara, for the laat 38 in the city of New York, liit practice from be in* general. he confinea to a particular branch of medicine, which engage! hit profound attention. Hit experience it very great?hi* uccett athtoniahing. Hecautiona the unfortunate againat the u*e of mercury ; thouaandt are annually mercurialized out of life ; recent affection*, are, without mercury, aztinguithed in a few dayt. See your caieaeradicated.notcutcheu up. The lea ned Dr Buchan,emphatically obterre*? Married person*, and Krtoat about to be married.thould be jmrticularly cantion* of oaeaffection* ; whata dreadfuliuhentance tolranamit to potterily." Per*onaaff!icte?with protracted and deplorable caae*, need not deapeir of a complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Horn*. A retideoce of 38 yeara iu New Yyk city, ha* eatnbliahed Doctor Horse'* character a* a man of aierluig honor, and baaed on renJ reapectability and tkill. Dr. H. offers to hia patron* aiurc gna rantee. Dr. Home'* office* are numerona, and patient* never comei* contact. Attendance until niae o'clock la th? treninc. N UTILE. ^ [fO- THOM \S O. HOHNE, aon of the late Dr. Oeorye T.Horne.raapeet fully appriae* the public that he coot into hit father a niiant aucceaaful practice at hi* eitablwhmei t. No. T8 Murray ftieet.and may be conaulted daily until J o'clock, P. M..Sunday* rzr?pteil. mt im? EOOIJlAhT), Front *lreel |M un-tuiira, offer lor tale the fallowing SKOARS? ISO.000 Regalia*. Kiondat and Matherry. a?u coo Cuininon aize If quality Kiondat, Matlierry, a id li gei uidad brand* 50.100 Congrcto Kinnda. l uo.oou Can unit and T rainiest, Noriega, and Ingenuidad brandt. .3 Of oilier br>ndt. 50,0(0 I'rineipet, all entitled to debenture '80 Bozet Hat aoa Sweet Meata. 100 Bo let Oln Chateau M'rreau Wine. ml tin* , .,*u?Mi.i.. ?.. ? . 7z m Uiai UWI71H M rw? i L?euera atpntiwn < ? variotia bcveaofth t e?tablinhmmf. irr t?ni out froei the principal office rtgulvrly li>r delivery through* til IS* city, * far an ?1?tatreet, at f. 1 and 4 o'cloc h. at three ctntf each The advantage* ode red by it, are the certain and Mpediiioni delivery of every description of Social. Profterioiiul end Com* it fecial correapondence. It if peculiarly adapted for th* tranamiff inn of Inritatio a and re fliea, and it onert to the L%?li<f. throuththe medium of the Free Htampi, an *bfnnt and becoming mode of ?eodi >g their notea free. 1 hi* prc-payareut of poataye, (although <iui?? optional) is strongly recommended to g?oer?l adaption,ae tending to promote private convenience ndflpoatly fvpedite the delivery of lettera Tn? regulations may be obtained at the Branch OIBe?a acd at the Principal 0?ce, Id William at. at whijh place free law|>? may be purchased at three centa each. N I) ?1 he proprietor! respect fully aotiri* immediate sntifi? aii-oi i?tat./ irregularity, and r< qua#! the public to he particular in depositing ilttir letters in ihcCily Despatch Poaf Boier, lo hi i<l m ? kea. ml 7r Ci I Of ) Bi-TWa ftl) ?()ii? It j( r.rt d d HUit w ill t>? >im in <P I VfViba perMNl wVo left % letter,on Saturday rveui ig. addressed to a I idy in Urooine at,on application to C. P. Merritt, Pol ce ? fli or at the hruae . n Mi' OA| K !CT SHfP~BlS?I ^ih'l,froia K7eUrlenni, ifdia1 rha'giiig at nrat Pier above the -screw l>ock. Pier 40, Ka?t Hirer. 4 o isMnret will please attend to the receipt cf their gods immedntely. ? | PRKMItJ *4, Kmoorttirn of Fashion, J. r tetch# r. Ao'. .J Wall| atreet. re* pec<fu ly informa hta fri?n l? eui the P*iblie in general thai be will intri dure hie Soriag Kaah.ou hr 4**atl?men's II Ms on Saturday, March 5 h. 1942! and w ?at rrvP**tfwlty invitee all ihosv who admire Kleg n eof *tyfr to tall, leelmg confident to aer will lie hut to admire. ?n4:ii* wWamTI A BtROtiN I? I'hn enter belli/ i?n ligeriI to leave the C'ilv, will ?ell for a few Hundred Dol lare, a c.vh huMnefa whir li will yield over $IO'/0 ,er ?n wm f A ldrajf O (i at thia ofR e p? J ' Jfj-\ VaHM I'ltui NKAM IMW.M -XI "> 21? Willi dwell thou.. mil ether mil htnld"i|-. ,11 VUUbConil>letr. t ? let, within mi mile* of the eitf, on L<*r* ? *mi. Ilenl $M0 ;*r annum. Alee?A nic-new itwellirpr houee, iiiited to *( at"I fiinilr. *??l on, *cr*. Kent 11 St per a,num. A I inter qiiutiiyot l??_l will be let with thie how. if fermnl ner-eeer?. TheilMeoutmuarcc of liiie notice will no' iodic,l? the lr tin,. Al>pl>-Jo the bnokkneimr ?t 'he H-'ell otHee. m< '' fl pPii'lNiTVAtirtlu*. mi'-the ?-? epr.i.? llata forth^enfnie ?e a n are u?m oSerel for jal? My m.Sec^kw. ll? . ,i^Sc? rill frrm thoe* eii ftndy ?e.? mwiv *?a *? ?? flmntetm <* }* ? ? " o ?Jr?#t, bulietir.f that hi? |tie*? will l>? found in accordant* I *'* "Vm. ?ASTA,l? vh*? .u 1 I'MIK THKATRK. It r* Hty? oui'n Be. efit. THIS EVENING, .Mtrrh 4 1841?Tfc? i?rf?<iiiaucr< wiH r uun" ce > i'h THE VILL ar. COQURTT K. i Owen Wit'ikm*. Wht.iiUy | Ev*u Pntchmd, Frederick* Gwvnueih V<i:tliu, Mm !-?T*?onr Lyddy rry?r, Mi?S Cu'kmij After which. Soo|?" The L?'t Word* ?f M*rmion " by Mrreaitn TOWIi'rhWtNb ilM-d 1 Hi; CAtTIVE. The Caplne. by Mra Seymour T<? conctni* with Cit.AhLKS (1'VIAI.LKV K.'rGcorge Daahwnod, B.irrj | Charlnti'Malley. Wbnikf Lucy D a?h w ui, Viaawrtubman Admit* ion?Bovea $1 ; P I SO cer.U . Oalt.rr 'Jlcer.ta. " CHATHAM THKATUkt. ' Fifth appearance if J ihn Sellon. Till3 EVENING. March 4 h The performance will o< mueiiae with CHARLES It. Charier II. Mr. Hield | Capt Copy, J. R. Scott Mary I'cpp, Mra Thorn To be followed by THE IMILREN FARMER. Jemmy Twiteher, Jobs Hefloa | Gulden Farmor. T ho ran Elizabeth Miaa Meatayar To conclude with SUDDEN THOUGHTS. Impultc, Mr llield?Jack Cabbage, C Mretayer Sophia, Mra Thome Savaa atcanti :?d and MtimNt ntlRBiMMT Hi Doorenncn ?t 44: Curtainriaaa ?t Tt iwrtarlr lTCIlKLL'S OLYMPIC THKAtBR. THIS EVENING,| March 4?The performance will com menee with . _ tF.RFKCTION. S'r Lawrenc-Paragon, N'ickinson | Sam, Graham Kale O'Brien. Mra Moaaop A'trr which A LADY AND A GENTLEMAN In a Peculiarly Pi rpi. lice Trenti-meat. A Lady, Mra Tiaim A Gentleman, Mr Mitchell To be foHnwed hy For the 14th time, a new, original, Musical Burhaaar em Riehenl ?l, rullll.d Hit IIAKD NO 111. Richmd, Mitchell? Henry K;ng. , Nickam Sally Ann, Miaa Hob* rta. To conclude with A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. Sir Geo Howard, Mr Horton | Chri?to|>her Strap, Grcliaai Naaey Stray, Mn Watt Admiaeion?Drnac circle tteeuta. Upper boiraiMcaM. Pa? 114 ccuta. Private boxei ? Doom open at half part an. Certain nrra at arrea AOIKUICAN MUSBUn, Comer Broadivay ami Ann itretL Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Barouia DARE COMBINATION OF NEW ATTRACTIONS XV every day and evening thiewrek?By particular deaire, the Model of iheOitycf Dublin and Fallaoi Niagara, who real water, will remain here a abort period lengei. The folio winy eminent performr-re have br en engaged at an euormoda eziwraa Mra. Hardwick, the celroialtd vocalial. from tk* National aud Park THeatrea, and Niblo'a Garden; the Infant Mtlodiat, only two aud a hall" year* aid; Mr Delanw, tbo great mimie who will give imi 'atioru of Boolh, K. Keen, For* ie?t, Haniblio, Daniel O'Connrll. and othera? ao, a curious rzperimrnt in Animal Magneliam; matter D. . Booth, the eaIrbrattd eoutortioaiat; Mr. T. O. Booth. the beat romie aiager in America; La Petite Cerito, utiiviraally acknowledged the moat graceful aud aceoinpllthed dancer, for oie of her age, t>iatvv*>r ?|'|'c?rc ? in 1*11. CUJT ; tor AIUIDO MUf, IM PUCf (i'aaa Blowing. Giand Coemorrma changed every Monday. Day vuiteri admitted (he aatne eveniug free. Half a million ofcurioaitira are collected in (hie eatat luhment, filling fir* (|>ai loin hall*. *a< h me feet iu length. Admittance to the whole mneeura and eutertaionienta, U cent*: children under 10. half |n ire. fxSlw / lOMfLl v|K.NTAUV bXlL to COLONEL WM. W. ^ TOMPKINS?By'1 hr Mii itaht ?To trke place at iha Apollo Saloon.on MONDAY EVENING, March Tth. Ticket*, {fit each.) can he procured at Alwi I'* Mure (tore, SOI Broapwny; Filth V Hall, Mn*ie atore. No. 1 Franklin Sijuare, and at Central Hall, No. 160 Grand afreet, or of the fol.owiug Ci mmitt.e of Arr*Dgemru e,vic? Colonel Win U. Moore. S35th Infantry. " Win Jitney S7th Artillery. " Andrew Warner. 3r'h *' Lt Col. K-T.ilackhouar S7|h ' Capt. Vine lit, Capt. Baiter, hhumway, " Eckel, Marietle, " Van Sereeer, " Bradley, " Cumvings, " Dcnike, " Weugh. " Cook, Lirut. Thomae, " Wallia, ** Hinckea, " Reii.eke, " D nicker, ' Schwarta, 11 W. T. Child. The Committee ofArrargrmrnt* will meet at Central Hall on Saturday b'rening. V'archS'h.. r.t 8 n'c'ock. ml it 'Pliti HAI.Nt.KH hue the honor to announce tknt they will A give a Grand Vocal Concert, at ti e StuvTenant Institute, on Friday K.vruii e, March tih , I8fj, when they will appear in their Naiinnil winter Coetume,end einss variety of Solo*. Duett* and Melodic* of their native lend. Ticket* to cent*, to be had at the door and et the Music Storrr, Concert to commence at T( o'clock. Pamphlet*, containing ihe Gorman Song*, can be bad of the doorkeeper. inia.* GYMNASIUM. _P IS TOL .GALLERY. ?*. V7i i iivnun royvcaoiiT uform the Kriiilrin'n of New York, lint they have fitted up a GYMNASIUM at the timer of ( harsher* itreet and Broadway, and it if now open for the rerept'onof viaitor*. The imti'u'inn ia of tl e firat cr-'rr. and complete ia every rarpect for the purpcae of Athletic Licrtiaea. Spa*ring Leaanna given daily. Ti rm? modernle Open d iy and evening. ml Ire* OlONOK l>K Ur.G.hlS hxethe honor to announce to hw t ' frienda and tor public th it he intenda tojgire a varal and iuatrumeutal Concert on Friday, the 11 th orMareh, at th* Apollo Grand Coucrrt Koona, Broadway, ra which ha will be aa.iated an.oi g other eminent artiatea, by Mademoiae l? Srphit Melizct, from Philadelphia, who will on that oecaaiow malteher lira! appearance iu New York. Signor de Btgnia, on that occaaiou, will h .ie an am.le and well aeUctedban*, hd by Mr. I' order In repreaent th* grand acen.aa from the favorite opera II Kanatica p?r la Muaica, aa well aa to render the performance! of the evening effactiug and brilliant. Particular* will be ahortly i dvertiaed. fM Sat TltTh. ' I MI W. AT RE-A C A K D- M R*. SEYMOUR'S BENEFIT, t .Mr. Seymour haathe honnrofiWiiioiinr hie that bee Benefit and laat n glil ef her engagement, will <aka place on FHIDA Y EVENlNi*. March d'h, oa which occaaionwill be par formed (tirat time) a new Comedy, entitled the Village Coquette, in which Mra. Stytnour will appear, aupporled by the alreugih of the company ; to conclude with other entertainmtatj aa will be expriaeed ia future atvertiatmentl. mt A LVIN C. BRADI.Y. (late of Loekport,) iLaw Oflice,74 cv bferchaiiU' Eicksnte. Buaineaa in the Courta of (lua Slite and of the United Stalea, including Caaea in Bankruptcy. attended to. m3 I w* TO STORK Kr>TKK8-Theadvertiaera?ecutea m aaurerior atj le and at rr.eaonahle pricif, Vtailing apd Merchanla'Addrr?a I arda, Bil* lleada.-nd every deaertptioa of Commercial Clank*? l.rbela for all kinda of catton and woollen gooda, patent medninea and Druggia'a' Labela, atone dol Seal* with appropriate designs, est in * superioritrle. Bra?n in.] double allrsr plated I)n?r Plates, Kuocliert, Bell Pull* he with mtpioved enanrlhd border h ujdsomely engraved Store keeprsTanla, typ* printed. at $IJO and upward* per thousand ?t arda inthr utati st soanuer and at lower (tier* than can be procured at auy ether tatahli*hri?nt. All person* promptly attended to bolkn, Engraver and Printer, f IS Imeodia* 104 Broadwav. between Wall and Pine. trK a.Nu i KorhKt ? t'ttr.ohKVr.Ka?nfcCT^ Is cock1nu pistols.?This Pistol can he d.achargsd ail'tinea with aim tat toe rapidity of thoug it. The piatol cocks, the barrel revolve* and di*:harget merely by pulling the trigger, the chamoer and barrel are in one pieee and therefore cannot blow apart tike enter repeating piatol* The eonatroetionoflhe piatol ia per'rctly rimple?they ran be deawn fr >m the pocket and n<ed with one hand without th* I on of a momenta time incoekirg- it ahota can be fi-ed aa faat an a man ran crook hi* finger. They are bo larger than aa ordinary pocketpiftnl For Travellers, Hotia-keepere, Optains, PI in'eis, and othert, 'hey are an Indispensable article, as persons, b -th male and female, can wiih Ibta piatol protee* their live* and property if at acked br many persona. as on* of them is aqual to near * doxen of toe romnaon kind. (lentlemen are invited to call a' 'the atom of the advertiser and eaa ninetne time, as their simplicity, perfbet safety and nnn-liahiliiy <o get out of order, will certainly recommend them overall others. Eorade whole?ale ard retail, by J. o. BOLK^.tot Broadway fIS Imeodia* between Wall nndPint ToHm McCAbfc iTCU. d iSYiLLiObNOkTOn it k v H N^ma at. RaricnKncie?Hon. M. H. Griuncll, H. Bievoort, Ee<j . W. Iniin. Prnf K>nwiili. ran tn?* OK KLIN I ttON riM)s-i;iinii?lin)tnt ft* he'.fniiien, I' and etimmer umimmti. of auperior manufacture, lo clap* coneignmerit, at very low pricee, by OKLKlCHS k KRUOER, m31 m* _ _ _ 41 Brjtd ilrwl. pLOl'R-IM Btrrrle. euperior article, now landing iraot " Pantheafrom New Orhane. for aa> kv ma K K. t'OLLi.NS k Ca.. 51 South at. " Ii>- FUK MA K 8 KIL CE 8?Regular Faeket.?Tha JHrPw ahip MlNKRVA, Capt. Wnelow. will aail m tha flSOfcUt of April. The auhecribere pnrno" diapal?lnn* a Hlvp punctually oa the let day of each month daring the year lor Maraeillea. (londeeeut telheeu acride-alor f rwadiag will bedie pa' chad free of * y other thin the charge* actually incurred upon theai. The Ship* here very eomfoetable cabin accomanodt" Kor freight or P-Mff^g - HIJCRMt, Aga.,., ma > Tontine Building ~ A*ur OLD LINK Oh LlVtRPuOl. f alKEts ? JSrJV Hrfiilar Parkrt of I 3 h of Much.? llie r let.riled sKii CUfaat eailinc parkrt eluy NORTH AMERICA. capt. Alfred B Loher. will aul puaitively on BeturJar, tha Itth irntirit, her regular day. The arrommodatinni and advantarei thia liae affords far radio, 111 ratlin and eteerage paaai ng're, aie wall known tofW unequalled by any other. i Kor ?f pae-i.e apply on board, foot of Beekmaa treat, i r to ROC HIS, BROTHERS ft CO 3- Fulton at. neat (k-w to the Kultnu Bank N. II ?The Nor'h America will ami from Lirerpoal oa tha Tth of May. rereona(ending for their frMuda.eva have them brouaht nut ht her or in any of the ehipe er mprieing the old line, tajing fr m there ynctnultj on the TUt end Itth of every month. Kor |aeaa(e apply to Ihe tubecnbeie aa akava. at lAk- KtMt i.l V K,?colli -New Luii? Hegular Packet th March?The rplendid pirketehip ROSt'lUff, JMNMbaCaptain .'ohn Colline of 1100 lone, will eatl ee atvnvr, ner regalarday. Forfn ightorpaeeagr hnvinyaeeommndatione^nalled kf cler^aror comfort .apply ou board, at Orleaat wharf .feat ad Wallet.,or to E. K.COLLINS ft CO.IISantkttraat. P-ica of pa etge BIOii. The peckit .Hi,. IODONS. C*pt?la C. B. Cokb f IMO tone, will auec. ed the and eatl 38 k April, her regular day. Pea. engere m?y rely upon '.he ehipe of thil liae aailiag runeInallv ata,,Tertiead. _ ( ) L^^A BI. I^B^E M M ,Ar * ' KlCK. ?1 h- eu hern here., i liuuee t" ergvge paeeeng-ra to r.ime from ?h7 p-rt ol <h' t Uiilun and Irtien ..hy the/- galar Commercial line of Peekele, emling weekly fipiaLlveponl. Thou* their frirnde may reet ateared thai very MlMfacTioa will biKiirn and U?? 'myruU .atereeta altaad Drnf'a for a y MMiw' ran alto be fnraiahed. payaMe thrua, "> U..U4 Kiagdo. ftjg <i South at. one door eatt ni ff ilI a nil uaVI" i*. Miliar. MM. 'i?? rrumtlW n< U't, ret mod l it priifawioual huaitteae at MS laoadw; y. II If* I > A' Khl Hill' MOM. 11 H? K-om l.irerp. ol Oat a enere I villal'iu toil llair iitrmtli in WA >1 Orlia > akirf fo'A ol Wall atrart, immediately. All gooda aal permit t <1 ia mtttf tiud\ ???l?V.|y )># ?fn( to public fton. m3 Ol DKOnllK Mtltkir. N^Till ftKUAftWA f-lletau ? ran* ?m the K.urop. an flan ?TN? a" bee fiber hariee made rt.kenie* management of tb'g erebliehmmt. rraiealfb'ly ar itila the pitrentfe uf the public. M. I', ft- A. baa aaatlc foatiderabte iatprofemnta in ibr St. < 1 nr?e Hotel for the imrpoe* nf addieg to ihe roaeaalenee and comfort of him Cieett. Ill hu Iwtu before ihe public for miay yc*l? M pro I i rial or of the Arcade Botta. fce . Sr.. ?rd traata that Wia pra?io"'a aca| Will be a ?ulB -icnl guarantee that i n eff rt oa hia pari will be r|ared lu tire aatufac'ioa to Ihoaa ahoaar looor K'tn with their patioaag . BW el lOfUA .CS 9. SIOlfAN'.

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