Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1842 Page 1
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" > ' ... m IT JL J1?m~ ? , l * 1 ' '<* ; nx TmL. TOv? ?, 340 ?WlwU Mm. 9017 NEW LINK or LIVERPOOL PACKETS To Mil (rooi New York on the tsth, and Lirerpool oa the llth J8L kMTA"3Ke JHv *f?V bUV JQB, ^aowNrw ToKu , 7 Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Sup UA1UUCK, (Janlain Wm. Hkiddy, *lh J one. k row LivcarueL. Shit. ROSC1US, Captain Johu Colline, lHh May. Ship SIDDONS,CaptainK.B.Cobb, ISth June. Theee ehipe are all of the liret cla?a,upwardj of 1 OOOtona,built inthecityoTNew York, with each iniproveenenta aa combiue meatepeed with uaneual comfort for paaecngera Krcry care kaebeea taken in the arnuigeuieutof llieiraceauunodatioaj. The ariee of paaeueheace ia $Tl)Ut for which ample atom will be mrided. Theae ahipl are commanded by experienced manure, who will make erery exertion U gire general aatiafac t*Neither the captaiaa or owner* oftheee ahipe will be retpoaei Ma for any letteni, parcel* or Daekagraaent by them, unleaa re gularbilUot lading are signed therefor. ftieehipeol thielioc willhetaaller go armed, and theirpecn Marcoaewuctiongivfathemeecurityiiotpoaecjeed by any other *V^h?tro^ E. K. COUXva k CO.M South at . New York, or to WM. li JAS. BROWN & fco., Lirerppol. Letter* by the packnta will be charged 1?| ceuU per auiglf aheet: tOcentaperontice. and newapapera 1 cant each. ml ! FOR-SEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NliW YORK LINK OF PACKETS J*k M M M FoMa^elter accommodation of?lu|>p?ri?, it irfotenoed to .ianwinh a?Kin from tins uort on the lit. 8th. I0th.l5tn, 30th nfiSth of each month, commencing the 10th October, and continuing until M?y, wneu regular day* will be appointed foi the remainder of the pear, whereby treat delay* and diaap ointment* will be prevented during (he auramer month*. The toUowing aliipe will commence thu arranges * at hip YAZOO. Caul. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt. Jackenn hip MISSISSIPPI^!'ant. Ililhard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Caul. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAftE, Capt. Miner. Ship OASTON. Caul. Latham. Ship HUNTSVIJLLEi ?apt. Alumford Ship OCMULOEK, Capt Leantt. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickiuaon. Ship MEMPHIS,Capt. liiiight. Ship LOUISA, Caui. Mulfurd. 1W ahip* were all built iu the eity of New York, agpreaaIt for packet*, are of a light draft of water, have recently been aawlv coppered and put iu auleudidorder, with accommodation* far pftaeagers unequalled for co nfort. They are commanded by axnencDced master*. who will make every eaertion to give general aatialaction. Tliey wilt at all timea b* towed up and Sown the Miaaiaaippi by ateamboata. . Neither the owncfa or captain* of theae ahipa will be reaponaihl* for jewelry, bullionjirecioua atone*, ailver, orplated ware, or jbr any letter*, paroel or package, cent by or put e '.board of them, unltae regular bill* of ladi^ are taken for tn* tame, and the value thereon cir?ereo' . For freight or paaaaye. apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South at.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New OriaaMbWho will promptly forward all good* to hi* add re a*. The ahipa of thi* hne are warranted to amil punctuXly aa ad; rartiaed, and great care will be taken to have the gooth correct tv meaaured. ml jMk ^ Th^SS*of thia Hn^wnTherearteMtave New^KrRnth* tat and Havre on the 'fth of each month a* follow*: FVota ATeic York. Ftom Ham*. Th* new ahip ONEIDA, let March (If th April j-stUk. kissssw, BUpBALTIMOKK, f 1.1 Ap^l Cart. lat Auguat < ifth September Edward Funk. i lat December fifth January up UTICA, lat May tlblhJun* Cant. lat September I ifth October EnfkHawilt lat January fifth February New ahip ST.NICOLAS,I lat Juue t Ifth July Cast. . let October < Ifth November J. BTPell. i let February ( Ifth March Th* accommodation* ol theae aiup* are net aurpaaeed, com j-j .i_. r?, ?r ben passage is ) 100, Passengers will'be supplied with erery TmihiU, with the exception of wine* and liquors. -Goods intended for three resseU will be forwarded Yr the v?hecribere, free from any other than the sinenses actuaJ.yi nmurrad on them. For freight or peerage apply to BOYD k HINCKEN, Amli. ? 0 Tontine Buddings. . NSW YOHK AND MWikL Fare reduced to s8 eente. From the foot of Conrtlandt street, New York. ({"^ay-Sondsys excepted.) Lean New York. Leave Newark. At I A.M. At8 P.M. At 8 A.M. Atli P.M. It do Ida a do i{ do ?l do tot do I do 7 de It do ON SUNDAYS. Fvoaa the foot of Liberty street. Kin reduced. From the foot of Liberty * trtwt.daflT. Lmt? New York. Lure New Brawwick. At A.M. At n A.M. no p INL 1 P At OMKRVILLK statesconnect with these linae each way. 1^0 between New Tort aai^owemlU^ _ ^ OQcenfo. Bahway, # M cents.' l6^re LatheTt A. M. train from New BrnnjwlS,C and!l| V. treio Mil New York, has keen redoced between New York and New Brunswick in M cents. " and liahway te ?T| " TVs PaiUdelpkia mail I ma passes throogh New Br unswickfot WewYorfc every erreaiun at I o'clock. On Sunday s the Tt ATM. trip from Now Brunswick is omit **$Msepgcre w(io procure Jheir tickets at the MjniMnrmtitifta. neaeaaarereesiTeQoyutacornoetoi nlyea the rfar when purchased. feb It Uri ^e PEOPLE'* LINK KOK ALBANY.-I K. ^^Xg^Serteainboata ROCHESTER. SOUTH AMK 3B53H3CR10A mid NORTH AMERICA,of the Pear1?'? Lis., Will he in readiness to coaimanc* running between Now York aad Albany, and intermedi a, place*, u aeon as the aariratieti ia fr?. fro a ice. Passage Oue Dollar. fuim 4^9mS* RANOEMENT?The ateunboat OSIRIS. 3EZ3M3E- Capt. J. C. Allaire, will commeoe* running on ga>miday, Sept. 44th, a* fatlowa:?leaf* FnJton Market slip, EE# SVFrlte'/o-doc'H a'*T * A M" Returning, leave* Red Rank every Moada* morning: at II O'clock aTM-i Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, gt kail pa*t **Aa boat will run as abort until farther notice,navigation ana weather permitting. otlm" * T. POWELL fc CO.'S LINK. caoAJ$L?mi*M ssbf aKSSESEsrRINO-The steamboat HIGHLANDER CapLRobert Wardrop, will leer# the foot of Warren a treat WmrTaHt.OTery Monday. Thernlay aad Saturday aAernoon'o at 4 o'adeck. Botarniag, the H?h. euuer will i.?e ,vewburgfa eaney MoncU^ ^lorruuf at I o'clock, ?n<r 1 ueoday and Friday FseTreight or passage,apply totbe Captain enboard. JLI. Xil baggage and freight of ererr deecriptien, bank kiU* or specie, put on board thiiboat, must healths risk of the esraeta thereof,unleae a bill oflamog orraceiptiaaigned for IhMMM I , mu H1W TOR* ANBT^^l^POt^crOMMKRciAL LINE AHWFVO ANlffluiM LTVERTOOL OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No 41 Sou Hi street, New York. rpHE aubaenbar.ia aanouncing hie arrangement. forthe year A 1844, appears before his friends with aentimenta of amcere respect for the able support be baa raeaimd for maay yearn He likewise wlshea to nil the attention of these intending taaand for their friends in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Walca, that they can at all times be accommodated by this as, by weekly opportunitier from Liverpool, as well aa by dike well known diffv .-ot Tinea of packet ship* ceiling to aad Rom Liverpool, on toe 1st.7th, tlth, 14th, aadSath of each yu?'? uirui^inmi HM )CU. It dm always been the study of the subscriber to hare the emigrant! ekown civility. and dispatched without delay; end those who send for their frieude may rret satisfied that every ire and diluent attantioD will be given by the Liverpool Agents to those seat for. ae will as all who may embark with l_ them; and should any of thoee, where passage has beea paid, ftbark. the money wiU be refunded without any charge, eubre riber feels a pleasure in making known the different it which his paaeengaK caipe out during the last year, has given general satisfaction, and that he has consideri tended and conolnded his arrange see nts for the year following is a list of ships Hobmoon Ship Oeoeola Childa Es't&eld )flji00 " St. Cloud Emerson 2 E'-Vfr 9.1**" " N,w vork Nlren " gueoellOorer Ho wee " Warsaw Griffiths H'bernia Wilson - Oeweg# Wood AJlrnd Cheever 14 Ocean Wetland Wtf^on Ingereoll - Talbot Story - fcSSLh,'* r Al,en ; N H.? Hardin* ? W" Emerron ? Pan thee Ooodwanaoo ?T" i/1*' _ Jtorope Batehelder " W^chester ftS " * J-"~ Uw,n land'ran lL*fr*clt *?"* 1* J!- * **ot dsiplllgga^ tlw| ?w ??t m IIMN gick?^|j^ithjj Em tVi.l po*? Om ?f tha fcrw^lWr. )%m i t. H;*Wr, u t??rc ?ki will imua dunuR the year I MS, Mace that *11 tba pcraoon cuuicc paaiya bare been paid bar* arc forwarded with car* TaSfitiwtlet tfitel far not rodie o?d tin moncr *Hll b* E NE N THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED Bt JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON.M. D., PVBUgHEO EVERY SATURDAY. The went of a weekly Journal, devoted to the a< vancemeut of Mediceland Surgical Science, irrespective of local, individual, or party intcreata, ui.d established on a bread and permanent haaia, haa been long frit by the profeaaien in thia country. To aupply Urn Jeiidrrotum ia the object of the preaent undertaking. The New Yaaa Lekcct will be conducted on principles somewhat aimilar to thoae which have been ao aucceaafully adopted in the management oi several European publicationa.of a kindred character, and acknowledged utility. It will be entirely independent of any particular set of neu, and will uniformly endeavor to advance, by every legitimate means within Ita reach,the greit interests of thocmi nently useful and elevated profeaaion,ia whose service it will be engaged. When the proprietors stnle that this periodical will give permanent record to the really valuable reaulta of the accumulated f xpeiiencu and observation ol the thousands of practitioners scattered overthc w idefy extended field of the United States, and will present to them.ia tha manner best adapted for practical utility, brief analyses of the labors of distingaished medical writer* in Europe and this country, they conceive that theso considerations alone will be found sufficient to gain fur the contemplated WOTK BlllUC^?l"UU?gc """" I wiiu Utiim. lu vmri to be more explicit, ho wever,thc folio wing outline of the plan of the-publication ia submitted. The contents of each number of the periodical will be compriied under the following beads I. Brief ann piquant Reviews of new Medical Books, Periodicals, Lectures, and current Medical Literature in general, ii. oaimxal Contributions from diatinguished member! of the profeaaioo. III. TMr Medico Chisuroical Rfforteb, including notice! of the caaea at the Surgical Cliniqutt, the Hospi tale, and in private practice} with selections from tne European Journals. IT. Editobial DaroTxisT. V. foacnsssD Domestic Professional I ntelliqencf. Such ia the ground work of the plan on which this National Medical Journal will be conducted; and ou tha currying out of thir plan with faith fulness and zeal, the prosrictors repose with, they trust, a not preaamptuoua confidence, their hopes of future and full cucceas. The L ancet will consist of sixteen pages, Ore., double columns ; it will oe published every Saturday, and forwardid to all parts of the Union with the strictest punc tuality and despatch. Tebms?Three dollars per,annum, paid in advance. (JQb- Books,pamphlets, plates, Sic., for review,and all communications relative to the editorial department, to be addressed to (he editor at the office of the Lancbt. Subscriptions and advertisements to he forwarded to the publisher, James Garden Bennett, at the otlice of the Lancet, 21 Ann street, New York. AdteBtissno Teems. One aqnare, one insertion. . 1 60 Each additional insertion. 1 00 Per annum. . 15 00 One column, one insertion 10 00 Etch additional insertion 8 00 Per Annum 50*0 cori ci ncquiccD. Mvertiooments intended for insertion, and Bookt, 4~c.,for notice and review, mutt be formfeed to the office on or before Thursday of every week. New Yocc : Printed and Published for the Proprietor*, at the Lancet Office, No. 31 Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Bark New World, Youngs, t* di fm St Maiki, with eottoa, to the master. Brig Washington, Steven*,44 da fm Malaga, wiae, itc. to F 8 Francis. Amenta for tlio Now York Lancet. The following!* a li*t of the Agent* for the Lancet, where subscriptions will be received, and tingle num. bora are found for tale regularly every week, Soaton George W. Redding. Baltimore W. Taj lor. Philadelphia. G. B. Zieber. Washington, B. C G. B. Zieber It Co. Buffalo , N. Y T. 8. Hawk* New Haven,Conn D.C. MitchelL Hartford, Conn Benj. Newbury Albany, N. Y G. June*. Troy? N. Y Levi WP'ard. Lanaiugburgh, N. Y, . .Thoi. P. ft ahard*. Watcrford, N. Y..a J. R. Pateraon, N.J ...-.-.ftMtr ueugneny. Worcester, Maaa S. Thompson. .vorwica, aiwra. Rochester, N. Y.. L. Moore. Sew Orleans. John F. Curns k Co. St. Louis, Mo. ' R. J. Woodward. Charleston....' Amos Head. Middlotown S.Dickinson. Hudson, N.Y....... George Clare Savannah, 8. A. Holmes. Mobile Ale John F. Curns fc Co. Poughkeepsie ...Levi Smith. Trenton. J. Kaunsley. Pittsburgh, Pa K O. Berford. Louisville, Ky W. A. Hkldeman. Cincinnati, O. C. Tobey. Wheeling. Va.. .J. H. Thompson k Co. Sew London,Conn... L. L. S perry. Newport Was. A. Fry. Caaandagua Messrs. H. D HoytkCe. The Lancet is $3 per annum in advance?or 6} cents per single number. Laficct Office 31 Aw* struct. _gjT~l MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, aad inter P. mediate plaeee. m far as tha ice permits, lbs M UT1CA, Ospt A H. Schullz. will leave the loot of Coortlaadt street, THIS AFTERNOON, at 5 o'cloct,Friday. March 4th. For fre-ght or pasesce, apply on board, or to PETER C. SCHULTj?, at the Oifice on the whaif. The iteamoat TELEGRAPH will leave for Albany nnr Saturday Afleruooa, MmichSth, alSo'ckch. ?l STATU* ISLAND FKKR*. Foot of Wkitahall street.^2^?3p steamer TEN ISLANDER or 8AM8CN wfe run as fblloWa until further notica i Laares Stataa laiaad Leaves Whitehall t,At tk o'ataoka*. At I o'clock "It* " " " 11 " ? 4 M '? ' M g ? *M N. B. AM |tou ahipped are rrquired to ba particularly marked and are at tha rnk of the owneri thereof. o| tO FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 7tb NlSiyV March?Tb* auncrior faat iailtni packet amp PAJKQbpTHICK HENRY,burthen 1100 ton*, Capt. Delano, wiL poaitirely Mil aa above, her regular dap. . Thta ihipt) accommodation* for Okbia, aeeond cabin, and ateerage paatengera, art not aurpaaerd by any reaael in the trade, aot^ aertba can be accured on moderate term*. if .immediate application ia made on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to GLOVER It MeMUKJtAY. 1M Ptna at. cor. South at T. S.?Pcrapna wiehing to aend for their frieoda raiding In the old country, dan hare them brought out in the above epicndidehip. lading 'ram Liverpool on the tstnol April, or any ef the regular packet*,nailing from tbaie on tha let,7th, lfh.lSth and aeth of each in itli. ^The T H. will be aucceeded by the packet rhip Sheffield, Cijil Altar,to aatl era tie 14th of Ma-ch, n 4 it GLOVER k VcMUHRAT, FOR NEW ORLEANS? Loutatan* and New tMffLYork Line?Poeitirely Kirat Key alar Packet?To JQBBBfaeail 10 March?The apiendid Fait failing packet b'pSHAKSPKARE, Cap! Mint, wail poattireiy tail at above her regular day. for freight or paeMge,having epLudid forniaked accommodations, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS ft CO. St South at. Great tar* will b* taken to have the good* by tbii line correctly measured. Agent ia New Orleoae.Jae. O. Woodruff, who will prompt Iy forward all Mode to hia addraw. The packet ahip Miaiiaaippi, Capt. CHillh'd, will succeed the Shakepoata. and rail the 90th inetant, her regular day. ma 4Akr~ FOR NEW UltLi.Ahit.a- -V aalft p>i*l|*?t> on ?JWy tha loth inatant ?The apiendid fait railing packet MHwitip AMERICAN, Captain Hotd'U, will anil a* above, bar regular day. k of paraage, in cabin or steerage, haviug firat rate ancotnerodatione and on vary moderate term*, if application ia made on board ahip.or to JOHN HEKDMAN, ml ?l South atreet. A fiktik ' ra i.^KSrA B1.1SHEDEMI GRANT PASSAGEB?G FlCE.?The aabacriber continue* to engage paaaengera to come from any part ot Great Britain and Ir' the regular Commercial line of Paefcuta, sailing wrakly fiem Live pool. Tboe* sanding for their frieada may real aaaured that evary aatmfnction will be given and the emigriaU .utereata attended to. .... Draft* for any amount can a too be farniehed, payable thronghont the United Kingdom. 199 gi South at. on* door eaat el Wall at. "dr. h o r n e /CONTINUESto he eoaeultodeonBdentiaUy at hin office No. v 71 Id array atreet. _ . T W'W Pr.7on'? prvtiral ntrraber Or Iho said fatuity of pkfiie for M )-?ara. for Uwloot Millthr ehy of Ntw York. Hippracticf from bai<*g* orol.Ko mbBwi too particular branch ofmedicine, whwto *H?? Hi?profound attention. Hit CTperiencb ii rery great?hia oecoM Mhtoiriaking. He eaiMiotetlm JbrtUMte agiiiiat the g"l awww ; Itiwuti afe annually morourialiaed oot of l,r*eo?tjdu<uiooa,ara, without v mercury, eitinguiaited in a ^^E'a^&iMEssrsz^t: FVrtOOot fifa t* d with protracted ffiwUnMt raota. Mod not w v n W f .JL 1 u >' ' U ,., \ i, . \ r EW YORK, SATURDAY England. Briton*, rejoice with heart and roice, Yon hoie may *eor expected, Time honoc'd uaniei wiiote many claim* The Whig* too lute neglected. Bat take a peep, with ayo of sheepi At those of late brcvetted, And) ou will see two more with me A* general* gazetted. There'* Oenrral Famine, (be to cramming A long, lean, fearful lallow, Hi* troop* arw iratint.hii Anit i* Want, Hi* uniform pole yellow. ' There'* Araon. ho who like* a tpree, A wicked hum'ioua varlet. Who play* droll trick* with farmer** rick*, Hi* colour** ticiy (earict. For me I'm bent (I'm Discontent) Upon a secret mission. An ugly job, to head the mob And thu* run* my cotnmi-sion :? " Fare quickly forth, rou*? Nouih and North, That nought the purpose mar may ui Urntr*l reel, with lead ana steel, Soon to em ploy the army. " To muimurs loud Invito the crowd, Sow zealously Sedition, Cry Uuil for hrean, wail children dead,? Vet waken no suspicion. The Chaitiat crew assist to brew Some caldron of commotion, That we may still their zeal with pill Of lend, or sltimb'rotto potion." In this brevet some minds msy fret That aames have twen omitted. Which they suppose Lord Johnhad chose Iiad he l>ut been pel nutted. There's General Trade, a gallant blade, And Qeuernl Education ; Both favorites with the pride and pith, Iown It,of the nation. Some, too, may blame to miss the name Of valiant General Freedom, And call Sir Bob, a sourvy snob, Who dared to supersede him. I could defend my gallant IViend, Sir Bib, with reasons twenty. And show yon, too, why enlrt nout He passed by General Plenty. And other change,all woundy strange, Is lived in Council privy : But ere the time to blab wera crime, Or tidings I would give ye. Yet your safe ear I need not fear,? Wall?'tis iu agitation . Sw?n W> gazette Peal's special pet, Old Gjneral Taxation. . None nut a loot trim tales trom scaeol, Excuse then, that I tell ye one : It make* me fret that neat Gazette That upatart Geu. Rebellion. . Ere Spring you tea, put o'er ua Three, Peef'j quondam allies famous.? . Oiief atopa my pen?Fare Well,tlll then.? ' Majora rune canamua War. What form ia that, which, like the meteor's flash, Sweeps o'er the plain ? 'Tie War? insatiate War! Wellding hit missive spesr with mighty graap, He goada hia fiery steed o'er yen bold heighta. That meet the brow of Heaven ! The truaapet'a blaat Hath diownedthe widow's shriek, the orphan's wail: Oh ! what, to him, are nature'a holy tiee I Ambition pointa to victory end fame! He treada o'erflaughtered million* to a throne. And grasps a sceptre red with human Mood '. While, baaely cowering at the. tyrant'* feet, With amilea deceitful, and obsequious phrase, Haughty Rebellion and dark Treason how, Veiling bcr rath Submission's humble guise ' The furiona Area that wildly rags within. United enly is the league of rice,, They watch in secret when, and where,to speed The bolt commissioned with their sovereign's doom. While meaner parasites, those gaudy things, That flutter round the hlaze of royalty? Vile, mercenary wretches, who, for gold, Would sell themselrea,their couatry; and their God? I ?a, wear lurkiaiiua to iu? [wwoii www, To buy life of luxury tad em, Sibniiiiw wait to aid the work of death! To Boa. 0 Boz! 1 long hare tarried To And a man like you; And now I hear you're married, Oh dear, what thai] I do ? Each day I grow* more madder, Tears down my face do ran ; O. Boz '.that wife of youra, I wiah that ahe would die ; For then I'm aure. you might A fancy take to 1. Wkcn firat I aet my eye* on You, I did love you Boz ; Then give your wife some plion, There i? " aufticient cos." Mollt. I.oulsvllle [Correapondeneelof tha Herald.] LooiiriLLE, Feb. 19,1842. Rumor*?Marriage i?Ntu>*pap*r fVar? Bu*int*s, 4-c. James UORDOX Bchxitti Esq. : Biar Sir? Many strange and startling minora bare bean currently pasting from mouth to mouth among our citizens within the laet two or three weeke. Some wore "weighed and found wanting;" others again Bare oeen rtaaiif snaicnea up wiui ugtraen ana aridity?<can*e ry 1 they promoted (caudal aid abase i'tis strange aye,'Us passing strange,' that good report should more at a snail's pace through the world, whilst that of aril dies with the rapidity of the Wind, and blatts the repatatioa of him or her (as the case may be) by its deadly aad poisonous influence, as does the sirocco of the east whatever animated thing it passes orer. Why such should bet is easier asked than answered. Do aot think me a moralist, for naught is farther from my ambition?bit according to the rhetorician* of old, bne should first delirer his peroration before opening his.speech. Of the many reports that rumor, with its thousand tongues, hss sprsad abroad, none cause so mneh talk or are more readily seized by the eager gossips than the one concerning a marriage which is on the ere of being consummated between two very celebrated personaaes in this city, the one being no other than the Ulysses of our Medieal Institute,the other n Mrs The exact day on which this event is to take place I cannot inform yon; nous verrons however. For the "Anecdote, of Dpniel Webster," which ap peered some time since in the "Louisville Jour " .1 ' . 1? L... k... ,.k.. >. H l?B cuuun " UIQl |H?PCI ? ?? Wtru miRCil iu task by the "City Cazetie" for ita publication The GrMtlte denies the charge made upon the Secretary ef State and proves it to he false. The editor of that paper haa published the affidavit* of Wehater aad the elerka of the department, stating that no eush occurrence transpired or could transpire without the knowledge of aoae, one of theaa, they being always engaged in and about the department. They else hare on oath declared that no such peraon at that mentioned in the "Journal" haa been engaged since Webster haa oeenpied the office cf secretary. A great newspaper war has been carried on between the two belligerent sheets for nearly a week. No very seriona damage hae at yet been done to either party. Very little expense has baen incurred, save that of pen, ink and paper, in carrying on this most glorious warfare? Tke war has ceased, at least for a time, aa the "Jonrnal" haa declared that It will not take any farther notice of the remarks of the "half bally, half beggar" of the "Gazette." The "Journal" bee run foet?a a aaad bar,-and is doubilesa anxious to get o# Whether the "Gazette" wili leave him to his own txertions, or give him a "strong pull," remains to he seen. Business iaalmoat at a stand still?little i< doing ?nothing is offered them to enliven their desponding moments, save the freekty arrival of tba Herald. Then do the momenta rapidly fly.the paper is eagerly grasped, a chair placed before the fire, one ma-alUj Italiinrl ntiri llsn oaetnn than takes the teat there to loxariate and pernse the Herald,?their riiion of heppinesa bom vanishes, for the coateaK are aeea devoured Despondin^ly then do ihey await the coming of the neat mtif. LottllTtt>l|. DisssTaotr* Fiax at CenaoLTOx?With 'extreme regret we record the total destruction of the CarrHwti Hotel, by Are. - The lose of Elijah King, the leeeee of the hotel, we are eorry to aay, was very eevera. He wa? enabled to rave aoany vataahloa, it ia true, hat a great variety of artreie were swept away by the dame* The hotel aad turn More beloagine'to the fUllroed CompMy, were insured for 0ii.OO? The original cost afes It boat 010,000 more than the iasararce. The leoo af the company, takiag iate coasidenuion the deertase iathe value of the property will not I" !> ? Wo JsraSaad ShW iL ia aireadv de I termiMM lowMM ba*i immUtntrlj^-Xnc I | Otjnmt JMMki, Afc tl. - ti: 4 . ' * * IRK I MORNING, MARCH 5, 1 Baltimore. lCorr*l|OOiJeuc* of the Herald.1 Baltimore, Ftb. 21,1842. IVaehington' a Birth Day in Baltimore?It* CeUhratwn?IiaJl of the City Guard* at night?Ball at the Front Street Theatre?Description of the Visitor* at each, tfC. Dear Bennett? There are aorosny subject* upon which one may exert hi* eomposital and descriptive power*, and * > tnuoli (hat could be said in relation tetbe many grand/f/r* that have lately "come off " iathi* victimised city, that 1 real.y am in a atate of hesiiaiion to know hoar to begin, or where to commence, or rather am vacillating whether to commence at ail or not, knowing, a* I do, that nothing but real new* or interesting descriptive article*, can be of use in a paper like yoar popular journal. On Tuesday la*?, the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the birth of the immortal Washington, the day was ushered in with a gentle westerly w ind, a clear uky, a bright sun. and a mild and serene atmosphere. The wholv lace of nature was unrutlied, and seemingly smiled in consciousness of its beine the nKiveriiarv of one of natnre'a f? rentes. Before the hour of business had approached, oar principal streets were thronged with a living mure of poisons, of alleges, sizes, shape-, conditions, complexions, and guniuses, all wishing to partake of their share of the refreshing fragrance and exhilarating influence of such a truly beautiful morning. During the course of the day, the ardor of oar military oom panics was Arouse j, and many of them Faradrd, which, with the dulcet sounds, brought rth from the best band in the State of Maryland, the Independent Bluee, and other*, caused a general smile of approbation at the -evivlng spirit of our volunteer corps. The Independent Light Dragoons turned out nineteen men, all told, twelve of whom were high privates At night there was a general ball-going. The Baltimore City Gaards, a newly organized, very efficient, and decidedly the strongest military company in Bal imore, held their first annual bail, at Washington Hall. The proceeds of which are , to dc very jhuuhdij appropriate to me purcnase 01 tentr, CrtCip equipage, &c. The main room at the Hall is very large, end it was very handsomely and tastefully decorated In the extreme end of it was placed, already fixed, two tenia, and urouad the room, in every direction, the apcetator'a eye rra ed upon some beautiful and well-arranged decoration. The admirable band attaebed to the United States Artillery at Port Me Henry, who paraded wiih the Gnarda through the day, waa preseat, and performed some beautiful mnaie. By the wuy, it would be well to biat that had one of tnebuglars been little more aeberhe would not probablynavefallen over while the company waa promenading by hie music. There was a great display of unifoims, though all of thy wearers were not justly entitled to be called soldiara, for some one suggested thst there was a strong suspicion afloat that many strutted in " borrowed plumes." Among the crowd eould be plainly discerned Col 8 H , late an M- C , from thiseiiyv who is said to be the best looking old bachelor ia Baltimore; Messrs. T. E. T , A. K. L , and Captain M , of tha Guards, wera rood looking soldiers Mr. H , in the Maryland CndeV' uniform, proved himself an attentive gallant. One individual ia uniform was present who Was really large enough to have swallowed another Jonah C*pt S C. O ,of the Dragoons, who is a widower, shown out in his flashy uniform. But, to (he fairer oortion of theeomnanv. which was verv nu merous. Miss E , in a dark dresa trimmed With white, wai well receired; the Misses P , of Market atreet, and Miaa J??, ol the sairje, were quite attractire; Miss R , in a dark plaid, Miss H , in white, and Mi a S , who couM not dance, on account of her lameness, all looked admirable. There waa probably tire hundred ladiea upon the floor, of whotanot lucre thaa fifty could be considered haud-omc, though I must any that a aaora reapectablc collection it rarely aaaembled. All fond ? B vvnh perfect order, and every eye aeem?o to besiui ?> Kh a placid satisfaction, at the manner in * hicu they were provided for. One word aa to the l.tlL- bJlet ma*, tar, Mr. Nl. H. GriHith, wim waa formerly of *c intend to keep biin here?for ia not to be discovered in hi* prol* aside in this etty. The awkwardness that he h?d to contend with, ia ao large a company, waa well avoideu; and all a<-e indebted for the admirable aider of th; ball to hia exertion* There was at one time lift;-seven coiilliona upon the Hoor. At the Theatre, where the laterntnager Weymn waa to give a gr^nd fancy dress bail,I had anticipated finding a heterogenous in tea of humanity, all in a chaos; though, from hie flaming ad vettiaeinanta, that heralded forth the description ia adranca of the whole affair, one would be l.kely to be unaaton. iahed, should he find not only the " President and hia Cabinet, and Boa," but all I he courtier* of Europe, Ana, and Africa, present However, though neither of tnexe attract* na favored the company with their presence, there was a crowded house full of beauty, luJicroiuutes, quati and rtal aaldiera, daadiea, una, ia abort, mort all giadea and etationa in looiety were fatly and ably represented. Aaeong othera, the niajtsiy of hia mein, and general good deportment, fully diaeloaed ia Mr. YT. E. Burton; the real ganlletnan. Mr. Wallack, oae of Mr. Burton's company at the llolliday street, waa ab-o present. M??e Lee, the pretty little dunseuit, waa preaent. Mr. Uurton, who brought her, and a lew aristocrats, monopolised her company. Mr. W. P. P- , a little lawyer of the Baltimore bar, attended with a Miaa D , a beautiful and queen-like lady, to whom be ia said to ha engaged. Mr. and Mrs. Philips, of the theatrical company, warn present. Mr. M , a very big maa, aristocratic in the extreme, with hia brother, dad the members of the clique, who are daily to be seen near the eorners in the vicinity of Barnum'a Hotel, were very eilicious in going round the room, endeavoring to attract attention- Mr. J. D a young beau, well known to moat of the ladiee of Baltimore, waa, as usual, at home in the dance? C. P???, with his uniform, danced aeveral times ?-he waa one of the managers Of the fancy character*, J miut notice ur. E , who wu dressed in a suit ef black velvet, spectacle*, aid a *i|- The Doctor was on hi* high hor*?, in n very marrv hnmor, and beco ne hi* drcis admirably?he should bare been, however, more eircumapect in hi* endeavor* to scrape an acquaintance with strangers; far in ? ne usUnce particularly, hi* feeling* n.uld bare been spared, and thfc bystanders would not have enjoyed a* hearty a laugh at hi* expense. Young Mr. it??, sustained hi* charac?i of a Yankee very well, and excited the wo.iJer and admiration ol' all, by hi* life like personation of the genuine down-easier.? He we* peculiarly happy ia hi* aniwera to question* propo>ed by iu? by stand re, and kept the crowd around b,u< in a continual re ar of laughter. Of all tb* character* i: n umed id the room, thoae of the quakerand quakero* were the mo*t admired, beet sustained, aud seeiaod the inoit real of any. 'l'ha quaker was Mr. .VJ , nnd the quakerei* ,Mi?? VV . Several tqu pped theinselre* as sailors, jockey*, &.c , but they displayed *o little taste, that they did not take at all; sv the quaker, the yaakee, and the doctor hare the palm. The tall gentleman la Scotch plaid looked well. Had ereral individuals (and among them the ballet master of the ball may be jmtly included) bare kept aometbing upon their legs, and 'natead of exhibiting them in tight*, hare obscured them a* much a* possible, more credit would hare been reflected upon the calf* or cslrei. Captain* Ringgold and Morris, and Lieutenants kidgely and Reynolds, were present, the two latter with their odious mouatachios?they were ununiformed. The ladies, a* usual, were Very numerous, and some of them extremely handsome. Miss Lee was all the rage. The two Mise J?, of FrU'ePo^nt, were as pretty as ever. Were 1 to notice all, I could not cloee to-night; therefore one word of thedeco. rations of the room,aad lata doae. The spacious pit was entirely covered, which, with the whole stage, made one of the lergeat floors, if not the largest, in the city. The design of the paintings, hanging*, fee., were grand, but the execution wa?, from the haste, neoessarily wretched The whole, in one mass, was well enough, did we'but view It at a dista w?, but the necessary adjacency of the company to them cans* ?' - - l:?l- *: -a ah l/l Kl VP a * atlll lOOK, \?niCB > lime Uliuiiin WT?> altogether obnatrd. The ball broke up hboat two 'clock, Wood otiler, and much m.rth, iwkw.?rrfnet*, iudicrnuraess, hilarity, greediness, '& , wen the prorainsat characteristic! of the atle^dera Mr- War mil hai, no doubt, made a good peculation out of the affair. As the city papers bare an all too lazy to gat ap a daaariptioa of tkaaa splendid scenes, the laser tion of this, which is correct to tha litter, as far as . it goes, will aot only abliga Me, bat all those Who want to either of the aaenmMngas. , Years, traty, AsdmrMqi K. B. 1 will (two another oaa whaa there is ear thing of the lied worthy bf yoftr notice. rr *1 ti.iH aJ rvMath?.t*?4 uL*"i 1ERA i .. . ~ y 842. Cortland. [ Correspond en :e ?!" the Herald.| C?iti.ahd Village, Feb. 20, 1SI2. Reform nettled in ti t l*o*t Office?The Trmpri awe Cause. JAMC* OORDOIV BE*?BTT, Kin : Dui Sib? My " sufferings ii intolerable." I hire been a subscriber to your valuable daily Herald, for the last two years, and have become so much accustomed to look daily for the intellectoal dish which you serve up to your numerous readers, that with out it I am completely out of sorts. 1 have had only one Herald, that of Monday, Feb. 14., Since a week ago Friday. 1 have waited from day to da}', until patience baa ceased to be a virtue. The cause of their non arrival, 1 am unable to account for ? The Herald of Saturday, which contained the speech ofconnsel in Colt's case, I have never received. It was the Saturday's Hsrald previous to the publication of Judge Kent's charge to the jury in that case. Now, sir, 1 wish your aid in ferreting ou; the delay and non-arrival of your valuable paper. There is a daily mail from New Yotk here, which eomesfrom New York to Syracuse, and from Syracuse here, by stage, and the route is so direct, that ttkpr** Km ?n lUli* irnu fiinv ikoi uf ass s> nan who direct* jour mail paper*, does not put on a proper superscription, I wish you to hare it directed daily, to Cortland Village, Cortlasd Co., New York, if this is don* without remedy ins the evil complained of, you must request our friend and President, John Tyler, to compel erery postmaster to subscribe for a daily Herald, so that thsy will not be under the necessity of stealing it from subscribers to read it. This place, and in truth the whole county, con-1 tains numerous cold watermen. The cause ofteetotslism is going it with a rush Reformed drunkards ara lecturing erery night in the different towns, and some of the hardest drinkers?in fact, the most of them?are signing the pledge, and not only signing but sticking to it. The Eagle Tarem, the best hotel, and the largest in the county, kepi by R Scouten, Esq., has banished erery thing in the shape of liquor, wine, beer, and cider from hia house. I gire you this news, so that you may know where to stop, if yon should erer risit this delightful ril sge, as I trust you will next summer. You bar* many friends in this part of the country, who would be happy to see you. The moral war which has been carried on against you, does not injure you here, and ths only ones that denounce yoh:and your paper, ar? those whonerer read it ? Remember and hare my paper directed as slated in the preceding page. Your* truly, H. R. Hartford. |Corre<poa4fBce of the Herald. | HAHTroKti, Fob. 24, ld42. The Annual Firemen > Ball?Temperance and Intemperance?The Cuetlt, Q-cDbaR Benhctt:?1 bare looked anxiously at jour two la?t papers for some accrut of our Annual Firemeu's Ball, which came ofl' on Tucadaj the 22d Instant, the birth day of the immortal Washington, The ball wae really a splendid affair, and the managers deserve much credit fox the manner in which they decorated the Hall, and for the admirable arrangements of the whole: the only thing that seemed at all wrong, was the absence of mind of some of the members of the Wa-hidgton Temperance Society, who so far forgot their pledge as to indulge rather freely in the ttse of wine and n??K, and we were miiQt, Siiered to see the General inviting some of his fellow members to " quaff the rosy," hus settins nn example that poor human nature conld not withstand ; hut we understa-id the General haa ask* ed forgiveness of his president, and made new promises to abstain from all that ean intoxicate.? God grant he may ho able to withstand temptation for the future, and we shall e.xpect to see him one of the first and foremost in thfl tanks of the cold utararms. hundred of the (air gex.nnu tue that you can imagine. The question was often asked " where did they come from V but it was as difficult to answer, at te tell "who married Captain Schinlej V The ladies seemed to be divided into little cliques about the hall, each set locking as though they would say to ths others?keep your distance- One of the cliques, and perhaps the am* ikol lit# 1a i Ud m Aal tsieemek merle tkeie I head quarter* ia the northwest corner of the hall. Among them we noticed the beautiful Mies D , of Trumbull atreet?the wore a black cotton velvet bodice, whi e thin, and tunice to match; the evident y thought herself the belle ol the evening VTe next noticed Mi** S?front Kilboum street,and he i* a "lettle the tallest critter ia the*e diggins;" *o tall, indeed, that (he has been aptly *tyled, trie Giraffe ; she wore on thia occasion a velvet bodice, brown atlk skirt, and figured lace tunic. Next came Mis* P , of Pratt atreet, the moit lovely girl in town. Mi?s P?,wot? a chrfnr colored wa*te, white skirt, and lace tunic. Mi** S-?, of Burr street, looked slick, in blue silk bodice, brown skirt and tnaic- Mies H , of Pearl street, with "long di*hellved handsome treaee*," made a sensation. She ha* a delightlul voice that you can hear above all the music and talking that generally accompany our country ball*. Mi** B , of Front street, looked exquisite, ins max uine blue silx ard white bodice. Sne has a delighful way of turning up her fine eyo*. We al?o noticed Mi** B , from Porter atreet, in a light silk and tunic, and the Misses 11 and MissS from Asylum street. Hut what surptisedut was that the Colonel was not with them; where was he 1 Among the married we saw the wife of the General, and Mrs P?. D?, B?, E?, and ho6t f ?? f ??? ? una* r.texoliiniv tlio Htrew oaa. UI Uincro. * *V aa t tij ?vui hji ?>i?^ ?? ?? ?-? ters from Suffield, modest and reimnr and woald not hare barn noticed unleae some of our would be Cent* had rendered themislvea and the ladies very conspicuoua. In my next I shall give a description of some of the e gentlemen, and of many of the ladies, with some anecdotes of both : so look ont for me doxt w?ck. One word as 10 our state polities?the whigs ate going. The last move they hare made was in senatorial convention yes*.erday, when they nominated for State Senator from this distric, "La Belle Alfrede." Your.', Damper. Loss or the Ship SaLadi*.?The ship Saladin Captain Tennv, of and frem New York, whence she sailed on the 13th instant, with a cargo of flour,corn and cotton, bound to Liverpool, was abandoned on the Iflth instant in lat 3d, Ion 6tf, having experienced a heavy gale on Thursday night preceding, in which her cargo was shifted and her pumps became choked, rendering the ship completely unmanageable. The crew were taken ofT by the brig Kmpreas. Adams, from Boston bound to this port, and arrived here oa Saturday last. Oa Friday evening bafore lh? y were taken ott', saw a bark, hoisted a signal of c.istress at tbe foretopinast bead to which they paid no attention. Captain Tenny, in behalf of himself and erew,tenders to Captain Adams their thanka for hit kind and generous treatment to them While en b >ard bis vessel ?Norfolk I It raid, Ftbru' ary 29. Important Dkcisio* or tub Bvruiu Court.? In the caae of Edward Pr igg, plaintiff in error, ei. The Commonwealth of Penney Iran la, an important 2neetion, it will be ini. hn* been decided by the f. 3. Supreme Court. Oar rnadera are acquainted with the lacta rrlatire to the arreet of Mr. Nathan Oeraia, of thia State, who went into Pennsylvania aoma yeare ago in parenit of a runaway alnra, and took poraeaaion of the aame, without regard to the local nuthoritier, wheae aaaiatnnca he found it impoeeible to procure Bemia waa demanded by the Coventor of Peanaylvaaia lor a violation of the lawa of that State. The demand waa eomplied with, ro fir aa the entry cf a reco^izauda went? and pro form* preeeedinga were instituted for the purpoae of bringing the cnae before the Supreme Court ;of the United .Statea The name oHVtr. Prigg waa introduced aa oee of the agretiea of lie. mia, who ha a left the State, we believe. It will be aeen that the deciaion of the Supreme Couit ia againat theeonatitutienality of the law in rsnasyivania upon waicn im nxiieiietni wi? founded. The i.riociple thus sstabli hed Is one of impoitenoe, end the example which the two States hare set of proceeding amiesbly ie the eettlement ot a delicate question before the stastitalsd Uibwaalnf the toad, commend* itsalf to the imitation ef other Slates that may hare unadjusted controversies e| a sianflar kind. Taa WnssT add Rva Caore -The crops ia the M^hborhood ol Philadelphia, #ere never more pf?" [ misiog than at the present time. . LD. r '**>" UOi rrieo rwtOMU Bankrupt Llit, SOUTHERN DI9TRICT OF NEW YORK. Wm K Taylor, New York, to be declared bankrupt April 4; Alexander Mount Ureig, Brooklyn, May 4. NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Jeremiah Bridge*, Avon, to be declared bankrupt Match 30, Cheater O Birgr, Cazenovia, 3Sth; Ruth Bartholemew, do; Bateman M Borden, do; Norman Bennet'. Oawego,loth; Beth W Burke, Pbctnix, 36th; Jaa Burt, Id, Scrtba, Kith; Tho* U Bradbury, Canandajgua, April 7; Sylveater Brown, Rochester, March 34; Wentiup Bennett,do; Edward W Bennett, Buffalo, 80th; Edward Cruitenden, do, 3tat ; Chriatepher Calais Ovid, April 3; Stephen R Colvin, Rocheater, March 33; Eraatua Croat, V'tica, 3uth; Franklin J Clark, do, 39ih; Hirhm Cook, Volney. 30th; Alonro B Car.field, Caxenovla, BBtkt Henry Danforth, Ballaton Spa, 39th; J a me* Duane, Dttane, April 9; Stephen Dyer, Bioadaltiin, 4th; Thomas Deck, Cicero, March 33, Samuel H Duboia, Buffalo, Slat; John Eddy, Jr Rocheater, 34th; Attraham P Failing, Canajoharie, 36th; Wnt A Goodrich. Lockport. 3Ut; Samuel Oravea, A,nbuiu. Jsth-. Alaafc n? *-?? ? ? ''iv, uviu. wo; AF" chibeld D Uilchtitt, Volney. 25th; Elihu H Grover, Rechfstrr. J4lh; John C Hugunin Oswego 2Mb; David W Utile. Ul)'irea,3Sth; George B Jones, Buffalo, 2lit; WHS J Kuiff.n, Oswego, 2ilh; Benjiami Kmften, Loekport, 3t)th; Ira A Libber, Rochisttr, 24th ; John P Lukina, Mew Fane,26th; Samuel Moody. Elmira, 23d; Caleb H Maion, Clarkson,24th; Thomai McMurray,Buffalo,Jlat j BrockhoUdt McViekar, Boonville, 31st; John Marsh, Cavugacounty, 26tb; Geo B Parker, Lysander, 3Sth; Levi Phillips, Canajoharie, 36th; Thosti Terkina, Buffalo. April 4; Wm Reynold*. Elmira, March 36; John A Rollitis, Smith lield, 2Sth; Nelfon Reed, Avon, 30th; Trumbull Smith, L'liaa, 33d; Daniel Spencer, Bcriha.S&'h; Frederick M Smith, Palmira, 26th| Thomai J Strong, Palmira, 20th; Nathaniel A Sutton, Rochester, 24iU. < ?-o Stringer, do, 26lh; Hillard Sawyer, Sangerfield, 30th; Franklin Smith. 1 Otlsco, Slat; Wm II Taylar. Manliua, 33d; John A Wiles, Canejohaiie, 26th: Wm Watson, do, 26th; Miller A Wright, Rochester, 24th; Whiting Wadsworth. do,34th; Oliver Wood, Verona, 36th; Hy Wormley, Elmira, 39d. San Antonio Mutineer!.?Tha bib* men arrested for murder aod mutiny on bpard tbo Texan war schooner San Antonio, on the night of (he llilt inet , were yeaterday brought before hft honor the Mayor for examination. The Alton.ey General whs present?so waa Lieutenant Seeger, commander of the San Antonio, i The depositions of Messrs. M- H. Dearborn. Allen 8c. Odell, all officers of the ?an Antonio, and wn<> were un gnira at inf time of ike nnlortunate occurrence, were taken down. They are in substance a recital of the facts given in this paper on the 13'h inst. They were all remanded to prison, to await their trial on the charge of murder, except Edward Keenan, the cook, who, it appeared, did not participate in the mutiny. The following are the names of such of the crew as are still at large,who were concerned in the plot,, and a party to the proceeding*. Those persons to whose name an asterisk is prefixed were among the ringleaders:? James Hodgins, 'Charles Lourence, "Mr. Wal. laee, 'John Francis, Thomas Comptea, Henry Stultz, T. E. Power, Jamea Alston, Eyeton. Wm He Roone, R. A. Neely, A. Loadois, R. Martin, and A. Mestenberrer. James Hudgine, another of the Texan mutineers, hat been arrested. He was taken at the SouthWest Pass,' on board a schooner bound for New j York-?N- O. Bulletin, Feb- HL Charleston Races?Third Day?Thxbx Mile Heats?Purse $'750.?The following horses were entered for this purse, and all came up to the stand at the appointed hour Col. Hamilton's cb. horse Santa Ana, 8 years old, by Bertraud, Jr. out of Daisy, by Kosciusko. Rider's dress, blue and white. Col. Singleton's br m. imp. Helen. years old, by Priam, Mslibrau, by Rucbens. Uidor's dress, lancy. Col. McTherson's imported bay mare Adrians, t year* old, by Mulatto dam Octavia. Ridet's dress, fancy. The racing was very spirited and animating. Santa Ana took the first heat, after * close contest with Helen, coming out rietoriouslT the lenarth of her neck- Time, 5m. 58*. At the second heat Santa Ana and Heltn only appeared, and (he former took the lead from the etart, and kept It daring tha remainder of the heat. Time, 5m 53* The aecond race was ran by Dr. Guignard's Fury and Cul. R C. Richardson s Valeiia; bothheatn were won by Fary. Time of first heat, 8m 56s ; second do. 3m 57s. The following horses hare been entered for thia day's race, twu mile heats : Col. Hampton's (Dr. O'ligaard's) b. C. Edl?to,4 years old. ty H",ry- Bider'* imp. LuL'Wpugh, out of an Eclip .# mare. Rider'e dress, fancy. . Col. Singleton's b. f. 4 yClTf Old, or no J. Non rlus, Dir ' sy, by Kosciusko. Rider's dress, fancy. The entries for the second race, two mile beat*, are as follows : R. Smith's oh. f. Christina, a years old, by Ron ton. Mr. Richardson's h.c.Buck Rabbit,8 years old, by imp. Non Plus, out of the dam Fair Ellen. Ciialcstow Races, 25ru?Fotrnm Dat?The following horses wore entered for this day's race, two miles heats?purse $500. Col. Hampton's (Dr. Ouignard's) b. e. Edisto, 4 years old. by imp. Ronton,out ol Empress, by Henry. Col. Asbe's (Mr. Shelton's) br. h. Willgo, 6 years old, i>y imp. Luzborongb, out of an Eclipse mere. Col. Singleton's b. C Kste Converse, 4 yesrs old, by imp. N'on Plus, Daisy by Kosciusko. The first heat was warmly contested by Wiilgo and Kate Converse, (he knowing ones having bet largely on Kate. Willgo was not the favorite at biarunk, oui nc lieu uacKera, who mougai mm a match fur his competitor in a two mile race, and he justified this expectation, in the first heat leaving Kate more than a length behind. Time 3 mm. 52s. The second heat was also won with ease bjr Wiliga Time 3 min. 57s. For the second Race?two mile heats?parse $ 15(1 ?the following horses were entered : ? K. Simmon*'ch. f. Chriitina, S year* old, by Row ton Mr. Richardien'a b. e. Buck Rabbit, a years eld, by Now Plus, out of the dam of Fair Ellen. This race was an exciting one, the two horses for the first heat keeping side by side the greater pen of the second mile; but Ruck Rabbit oame in ahead at the quarter stratch. Time 8 min. 50 aec. The second heat waa woe without eflort by Ruck Rabbit. Tune 4 min. 8 sec. rifii ovra the Maaiow Counts ? First day?Mils bests? Purse 3'JOO?WSTe entered, Mr. EUiotf Arksluka, by imported Leviathan, dam Sally McOeehee, I t Col. Pittman'i Arianna, by Arab, dam by Parolet, i i Mr. K. P.IAtow'i Janette, by John Richard's, dam by Kennedy's Diomede, 1 die. Time?1 33?1 3*. Serosa Day?Two mile heatt? Puree 3300?Wrre entered F. P. tie row ' Kifer, by Monmouth Eelipte, dam Mtitic, by John Richerdi, It Mr Bradfute'i Peeny, by Imported Leviathan, dam by William of Transport. ,, ? 3 * Mr. Elliotfi Sentee, by Wild Bill, dam Sally Oeebee, 3 3 Time?4?4 8. Titian Dav?Three mille haati-Pursc $S0Q?Mr. Bradfute'a Tarquin. by Imported Ceniul, dam Jenny Deans by Powhattsn. 1 1 Col. Pitman'a Mary Lucket, by Marion, dam by American Kelipae, 3 i Mr. (terow'a Clarina, by Monmouth Eclipse, dam by Oiear, 3 die. Time?6 I'J?6 10. Foi'Stm D?r?Mile heatt, beit three In five? Pune yjM. ?Mr Elliot'i Arkaluka, I I I Mr. Gerow'i Fifer, J 3 3 Time?1 33?1 37?1 3d. Kivth Dav?Sweepstakes? MUe beats?$40 rabicrip. tioni?300 added Dy the proprietor ?Mr. Oerow'i Clarina, 1 I Mr. Elliot's Santae, 3 3 Mr. Bradiate'* Buncomb, l 3 Mr. Sprowl'a Arthur Bagby, diet. Time?I 37?I 33. Fiiiuenta* on tub Dslawabb ? The Trenton (N. J.) State Gazette ot yesterday, states that the bill to prevent fuhing with two seines above Raanviii r?ak end nlan to nrevent fishinc from sun Ml or Friday uatil lua-nw on Monday, wtn prated by ih? Aneemhty, yeatrrdav afternoon It excite* naucfc intrreat, ail along the Delaware, and hat been oppoeed and advocated moot atrcnuoualy. Law* antiwar Colookd Peopi.a ? A bill bao Catted the Home of Delogatea of Maryland Legitdure, which providet that any froe negro or mala 11 a, whoehtll come into the State after the pat* age <>f the act, may bo arretted by ear perton, and hall be adjedged to be hit flare. And any free negro, who hail loner the State tad ratnra to it, ?h,ili be liable to the taato penalty?unlet?, in both eater, they are tree, iling ae aorranU of a whit* perton The fact thit they are in the State, to hd prima frieia erMenew that they hero come iato it contrary to law. Tho^ rest ol the MS, which eontaint thirty-Are teetioat to in tha tame liberal apiril. hrery delegate from Baltimore roted riattit. It paeeedi hnwerer, and It now before Senate. M tvoa or Utic a.?Horatio Seymour, one of th? mem be re of Aetemhli from Oneida eoaaty, ? at, on Tnetdny laet elected Mayor of Utie*. erer two og three eompetltort, by a majority of 1Mb ??? * ? ?. U ?/? i-< ? ? LiuO no)V?'??;j -1 i,t.- ultut,

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