Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1842 Page 3
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"POSTSCRIPT.81 ftj- We received no mail, this morning, south of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. ICorrrapoDdcuce of Ihc Herald J I'hil adeli'Hia, March 4,1842. GrtcU ExciUir.cnt?Flare up in FatMonaile Circlet and the Partite held to Bail on a Criminal Charge ? The Bank Bi'l?Ntw Judge? Stock*, ^r. Laat night ihe great operator on croea eyes, Dr. Crcssman, was arrested and held 10 bail by the Recorder in the aum of 910,000, on a charge of producing ubortion on a married womar, by the name of McKwen, the same person who recently charged a young man by the name of Shee, with an attempt lo violate her person At the time of this alleged attempt at violation it was ninieu inai me husband connived at it?now he is charged aa an accomplice with the Doctor in producing abortion, and held to bail in a similar 'num. These parties have heretofore moved in the most respectable circles?the lady is the daughter of Mr. Sinies, a large druggist in Market street, and McEwen is equally respectable; was a widower, his first wife being a daughter of Jacob Levering, wholesale grocer in Water street. The whole matter has created much eurprise here to-day. Some justify the Doctor, and denounce the husband and wife, while others {censure the whola party. | What is Philadelphia coming to 1 Crime, finance, and fustian, stand prominently forth. A letter tsom Harrisburg states, that the Committee of Conference would probably report the Bank bill, with the immediate resumption feature in it to day, as the Senate had instructed its portion ol the Committee to that eff-ct What would be done with the relief issues, and the " accepting Banks," as the institutions that issued them, are termed, was unknown. The feeling here is daily becoming more universal as to immediate resumption. A proposition is now before our legislature to adjourn on the 221 inn to meet again in June. The project, however, is likely to meet with much opposition, as well out as in the body. The Hon. Archibald Randal, of the Common Pleas has been appointed to the vacant Judgeship on the bench of tne Supreme Court. He is general jy esteemed t?y me oar, tnougn Dy no means a nop- j kinaoa. There is general quiet in the stock and money market to-duy, though sales were to a greater extent, and at former prices than yesterday. State fires sold at 50. Exchange on New York 4fc to 5. Specie 4? to 5. Depreciated paper as yesterday and for a week past. B. 8. District Court. Before Judge Betts. Mabch 4 ?The Court officially promulgated its views relative to the various objections raised. In respeet to the jurisdiction of the District Courts, Judge Betts remarked that Congress has full authority to designate any particular duty which it is desirous the United States Courts should perfrrm. In addition to the powers heretofore given them, carryiug out the provisions oi the bankrupt law, has been conferred, and the Court* are bound to do so in their judicial eapaoity, and not m mere commissioners, as has been suggested. In relation to the Bankrupt Law, many objections nave oeen raisea. aiooii every country dm its general law in relation to debtor and creditor. At the time when power was conferred upon Congress to pass a bankrupt law, and render it uniform throughout the United States, nearly the whole of the thirteen States had some local law in relation to the enbject; but one would not recognize the validity of the other, nor would the Supreme Court acknowledge either. A general law was considered necessary, and Congress was not limited, in any manner or farm, to the kind of regulation it should adopt- It was not compelled to legislate under the rules laid down by Elizabeth, Geoige, or William, to look abroad for precedents, but to pass something which would be uniform in its operation. Objection has been made to the power given for voluntary bankruptcy, as well as the contrary. In Russia the insolvent debtor is compelled to go iito the army- In France he is consigned to hard labor, and in England strong restrictions are imposed. The mode adopted by Congress was considered the most in accordance with our form of government. As to its intereferiog with the right of contract, so far as these .contracts are between the parties, it does not alter them; but after certain ooligations hirp h??n romnlipd urith it nrnkihat* the r.ourte a<" the United States, and also local Courta, from acting in relation to them; it thus absolved the debtor ?o far aa to prevent coercion in regard to himaelf or hia future property, and also affords every protection possible to the creditor. The Court considered the law perfectly constitutional, and auch aa Congreaa had an undoubted right to pasa. Aa to the power of the Commissioners under the act to take the testimony of petitioners, the Court thought they bad auch. Tudge Betta stated that he had received a copy of regulations adopted in some of the other States, and alluded to the mode pursued by each of them. A bankrupt, he stated, becomes a witness, and the commissioners have a right to act under the seventh section of the law. He decided that commissioners under tbe not,were authorised to administer the oaths on petitions of Benkraptcy. ' The Court then stated that the objections having been settled, it wonld proceed to act,under the law, upon all the petitions that had been brought before it, and as much business had accumulated, gentlemen had better see that their respective cases were properly placed in the hands of the assignees. The U?urt then proceeded to cell the names or petitioners where the advertisements had expired. In six cases objections were offered, and 36 passed, witheat such, on motion, to the usual decree. Isaac B- Raton was opposed by C. and.L.Denison k. Co. grocers, Fulton street, on the ground of his not having placed the names of all his creditors on his inventory; as having given an improper preference in assigning his household furniture, aud as having fraudulently disposed of, or concealed his property. He wss al?o opposed on nearly similar grounds by Abraham Guest. Ihe case of Calvin Angier was ordered to lay over, as was that of John Ely. Objections were also made to the petition of Allan Woddle. Edward Carringten was opposed by Heashen and Unkart, principally on the ground Af infAPaihlilw Rule* or Baxkrupicv, adopted March 4,1842 Ralo 78?In e**e of tb? sickness of the District Judge, or hi* ebicnce etthe time end piece appointed for showing ceeec, or for any hearing or proceeding in bankruptcy, Or if the metter thee fell* te be celled or acted on, the aatne shell be deemed continued (without other order) to the next sitting of the Court thereafter, at which time the like proceedings may he had thereupon, as if first appointed or noticed for said day. Rule 78 - Depositions and proceedings of every description in bankruptcy, required to he authenticated by oath or affirmation, may be attested in open Court or before a commissioner in bankruptcy oi idis Vjourx, or oemre any anntereand State Judge of the State in which the deposition it taken, or before any eommisaionfr appointed by tbe Cirenit Court of this Cireait to take affidavit*. and to be read or used in the Courte of the United Slate*. Seven additional Grand lurors answered to their name* and were empannelled. A true bill waa returned against Frederick Salmon, for endeavoring to create a revolt on board the akin Adirondack. [We under*iand that the Grand Jnrv baa thrown oat tbe complaint against Paymaster Herring, who waa under bond* for withholding publie money, in the sum of #30,000.] Enlargement. ft/- The Bubdav Mbbcubt of to morrow makes iteappearance cncabnao iioht coli'niu. It will now contain at least seventeen column* of reading matter,origi nal and (elect. It will be printed on fine white paper' and every means will be adopted to make it an interesting paper to all claaies, and valuable medium for advertisements. The usual if not a greater amount of humorous, pungent and fuany editorial* will be given, in addition tc much new* matter of general interest which hitherto tbe Editors have been compelled by the limit* of its column* to (hut out. Tor instance, such (porting Will be given ; alio carefully condenaed report* of tho deinga in Congreaa, and in the LeiUlature of Now York. It will air) contain tho pith or aubotaaceof every occurronceof intoreot that may tranapire during the weak, together with all tho local and general new* of Saturday. The Editor* of tho Mercury are determined to make their paper a pleaaant, inatruclire and goaaiping Sunday Morning viaitor, in which thoae who would grow (at and wiae.they hope will Snd the mean*. Tha "inimitable Dow, Jr." tha "Bo/, of America," will diacourae a* uanal.and that funny peotical geniu* Spoon*, the humorooa Ladle, the goaalpmg Charaeari and the other queer genluaoa that hire contributed to ita column* will continue to do a*. Paraona in tha country deahtra* of having a richly humoroua, original and popular paper, like tha Sunday Mercury,can inaurs ita being punctually mailed to them far eight month*, by reaUtting ft, free or poatage?which can he done through any Poatmaater?to the office, U Beekman etrcatPoatmaater* and other* obtaining anheclibera and remitting New York money, may retain ten par cent. T* morrow'* will bo a rick number. A go jdfepporta nity for ad vert iter*. Tmk Fa?r<* lin TaMreaance Society hold a Spo elal Meeting thie evening, at the Franklin Theatre, at 7 o'clock. The m rating will be ad lretied by Dm. Kirby, Beeee, and otherr. Printer*, pnbttaher* and otkoM are reapectfully invited to attend. OGf- Hum G?la D?v Thiiia a regular helidey at the Ami lean CaaUtei, achooU, children, and all penoea who wieh ta while away a few dtlightful heart. A eplendM .perfonaaoce take* place at three e'eieck, taolwdiag a Croat diveraity of eatwtainaienU. Tale la the IBM day efthe Model of Dublin. Fella of Nlafata, T. O. Booth, Mr*. Hard wick, and the iahahable Ithiapeaa tafaaaatkUfaaTDlaMMid and Wh Alack {fj* Chatham Thcatbb.?We take greet plaaaure in catling attention to tne upbuilt] variety of entertaiemrnti that are otf-nd to-night for the benefit of John Seftrn, whc, during the p?at week, kM k?iM deligkliag crowd* of admireie by hi* inimitable and original peculiar; tie*. The piecea he baa circled coaiiit of the fare < of John Jonee, and the l.*dy and the Deetl.tke draaea of the Gulden Farmer.end the roueical burlrtta of theSwiai Cottage, kiaaaelf appearing a* Ony Goedlnck, Jemmy Twitcher and Natz Twck. Mr. Hteld make* bi? aecond appearance aa John J oner, and Wildlove. and Mr*. Thorne appears a* Z-pbyriua and Liaaette. The honae will doubtleaa be filled toita utmoat capacity. Qry- The Lady in Blace?Stbamoe She might be aceu to awt-ep through Broadway with her ttately gait, her face veiled?coulJ one hut are beneath, the mijeatic fur* and the hair?oh.'.how unineakablv brilliant ! jetty, silky and clean Once, on a certain time, her hair was grey, ruaty. filled with dandruff? had ceased growing, and was falling out. Well, aha applied to physicians in rain. At last she tried honest neighbor Jones's oompound. called Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia Then was seen the change?the dandiuff was cured, the hair made to grow dark, prevented from falling out, and entirely restored. That Jones is a blessing to the are. His oil is sold at 81?mind the right number?0* Chatham street? the si i n of the American Eagle. It is sol I at the reasonable price of three, five or eight shillings a bottle?three sises. _ Of?- T. UtMrasLL, E?q , late Lard Rector of Olaagow University, alluding to the practice of stenography, observes :? " I should exhort all young men to learn that most useful art, short-hand wilting, an art which I believe will one day be stutied as universally as common writing, and wnich will abridge the labor of penmanship to a degree that will materially quicken the intercourse of human thought" Such as wish to become proficients in this pleasing and very useful accomplishment t'e recommended to call upon Mr. Towndrow, No. 304 Broadway, corner of Duane street, and examine his new and comprehensive system of writing short-hand, founded upon the most simple and unerring principles,) and which the author, with the utmeat confidence, places in fearless competition with the various methoas puisued by the first stenographers in the woild. By the-by, Mr T. gives an introductory leaaon free of charge?therefore, go and spend an hour at It is room, and see how you like it. Give him a trial, aay we. [Extract of a Letter from Mr. Dalley.] 0(7- Comparison ? Believe, oh Sitter and Dix.?A quantity of boiling water was recently spilled over the neck, face and breast of a child of Mr. Waters, of Troy, of the firm of Weed It Waters, wholesale druggists. The Pain Extractor was laid on directly,and in fifteen minutes Irom terrific screams and danger, the little sufferer was again at play, and in twenty four hours, incredible as it may seem to the uninformed, the scarlet parts had returned to their natural appearance. At the same time, a Me thodist minister's child at Union Village died, and was tcaided precisely the same. The established medical treatment was adopted, butihe little martyr struggled in agony from Saturday till the following Friday, aud then sank from nature'a pangs. The Pain Extractor may be found only at 71 Maiden lane; corner Third and Race, and Ninth and Chestnut streets, Philadelphia; Dr. Wadsworth, Providence; 10 Broadway, Albany. 0(7- New Yoas, Jan. 2.?Mrs. Costensade* has been from infancy, moat painfully ilfiicted with headache, so much so, that at times her eyes becsma fixed and colored. She had the headache at all times, but sometimes more dreadfully than at others. She has consulted many of the best physician* here and at Philadelphia, but without any permanent relief whatever, till she has now taken Dr. Spohn** Headache Remedy, and become quite well. Of this she can convince any one w ho will M.ll on k .? XT. IT Pill alKAA* 'JOHN COSTENBADER. To be found only at 71 Maiden lano, N. Y.; corner Si and Race and 9.h and Chernut, Philadelphia ; Dr. Wadsworth, Providence, R. I.; 16 Broadway, Albany. QCf- Comfortable, to euro a severe headache, cold or cough in a few minutes, which is always done by Dr. Sherman's Medicated Lozenges. Great things these Lozenges. They are used by great and small, rich and poor, high and low. 1U6 Nassau street. New York ; 3 Ledger BuildiDgs, Philadelphia, are wholesale offices for these invaluable preparations. Always see that you get Sher man's Lozenges; some persons have had other and worthless articles imposed upon them. QQ- Da. B. D. Allah's Balsam or HoaRHouhd. and Pleurisy Root ?This medicine, we understand, is obtaining high repute with the public. It is endowed with a kind of magic action that cures or alleviates almost every disease the human frame is heir to. For coughs, colds, liver complaint, consumption and soreness of the chest, it is invaluable. We know several Individuals who have been greatly benefited by it; and the proprietor, at 89 Barclay street,wi!l obligingly show certificates from the most unquestionble authority,of the efficacy of this palatable medicine in curing the above diseases.? Hartjord Courant. Look out for counterfeits.?Almost every man by the name of Allen has assumed the name of Dr. (ignorant of medicine,and the human system, as of deoency and common honesty,) and copied my advertisements, and the name of my medicine. For sale at 137 Bowery and the general dopot 88 Barclay street. * 0(7- No Charge uhtil thc Hair is Restobeo?Although Beats'Hair Restorative will not turn grey hair to black, or make hair grow where nature has net intended it should, yet the proprietors ofiVr to forfeit from two hundred to five hundred dollars, if they do not restore the hair on any person who is bald, said party to pay the like sum if successful, or to apply the article on the terms. No charge until the hair is restored, on which terms they are now applying to a large number of gentlemen to whom they can give personal reference, end as to its success have a long list of cerLfics'es, certified iv uo 5<-uuuiti uy our laie wormy viayor, Aaron uiarK. They alio ofTr the article at the office. No. 61 Cedar at., and J. Ic J. Coddington'?,317 Hudion itreet. Ladies can purchase at the Ladies' Depository, No 439 Broadway; William Pitkin, Rochester; C. W. Sc N. A. Simons, Philadelphia. 0O> The following poetical effusion was received through the post office at Philadelphia, by the agent for Oldridge's Balm of Columbia, and we recommend it to the attention of all our>eaders who value a luxuriant crop of hair CiTASTaorne. The night was dark, the wind was high, i And howled most piteoualy. High in the sky thy wig did fly, A grievous loss to me. The hair from off my head was gone, And the wind now was calm ; Of all men 1 was moat forlorn, Until I tried your Bslm ! A precious Balm it was to me, It did my hair elate. And in the glass I sometimes see, My once divested pate. Now on my head are glossy curls, In ringlets fine and brown ; I In strongest winds my hair unfurls, But does not leave my crown. B aid headed Man. I oft exclaim, When such. I chance to meet, A Balm is sold, a preciotas Balm, At Hi.iV .-J r-L 1 -.? ?? wu vuvsuuk anccv. The gentlrman ha? came to rejoice that he ha? no longer any occaaion to wear a wig. There are two agencira in Philadelphia, and only two,for thia admirable article, N. W corner of Ninth and Cheenut, and 8. E. corner of Third and Raceetreeta, and in New York at 71 Maiden lane only, and warranted to rei reduce the hair. HORIV MARKET Prtday, Kaieh 4?0, P. H. The anxiety in relation to the miaaing *t earner la very great?every day of expectation adda to the probability of her loaa, and feara are alao entertained for the fata of Lord Aahbnrton, who, it waa aaid, waa to hare aailed on the 24th January, in a Government ateamer. The Caledonia'! day waa the 4th of March; if, therefore, the Government It earner aailed within three weeka of thetlaae mentioned, ahe ran the aame danger aa did the other boat. Such a loaa would be a alngular incident in the prevent poaitien of our foreign relatione, when there ia imminent danger of a rapture. The fact ot the appointment of Lord Aahburten, ia now looked upon aa an evidence ef the determination of the Britiak Government not to yield an inch of their claima either upon the dieputed territory, the right of aearch, er any ether open queetien ; and, therefore, of their conviction that nothing but the moat atrenuoua and aubtle meaaa would aucceed in praeerving peace upon thoae grounde. The boundary queation haa been left open for half a century, and now that a aettleaent ia peremptorily demanded, the right of aearch ia aet up aa a new pivot on which the quarrel muet turn. Thia poaition of public affaire haa a great influence upon commercial and financial tranaactinna At the Board to-day Stock* fell heavily. Ohio * per cent atocka fell per cent from the 1 a at aalea ; Delaware andHudaon }; Indiana, tlliaoia Pateraon, Ij Long Ialand, I. Almoat *11 bank atecka declined heavilyState Bank 1 per cent. A* an inatanoe ol ateck opera, tiona, we will mention the fact that the laat aalea of Oreenwich Bank were made at 30 per cent for paper at 0 day a, which note* haa been ahaved attj per cent per month. The grand Jnry, in preaentiog the board of broker*, did great injuatice tothoae gentlemen collectively} that operation* auch aa deacribedin the indictment take place there la no doubt, but It atrike* oa that the perpetrator* ahould be deaignatod inateadofthe prof*aaion generally. If an InatitnUen clothed with banking power* coaM*ba found, which, although doing a loaiag burin eat legHI. mately, uaei it* almoat unlimited deal aritt gam ble in it* awi ateck, and then hava the boldaea* to boaat of Ita prortta on auch operatioaa, auch a concern would bo wall worthy of the attention of the law. Aa indlvi. dial can do comparatively bet little harm; bat an Incorporated inatitnlian having/the power to iMue it* own ateck ad lih'tmm, te porckeee, aell, and to loan Ma own cr?Jft open It* tin stock, to make the itock icareo or mako it plant 7, to suit it* own movement* ia the market, and to transfer fictitious share* to a large amount to suit it* own purpose*, I* in the highest degree dangerous and demoralising, and should be put down.' la demeeUa exchangee there is a Mr do**and, and ratooon earn* poiaU here improved. The following ma quotation*:? J mA ili'CkBHT IUtii ?r Bi.ii Noru Hf Domhtic Bill*. B mk Sot??. Eac wntcSafe* Fund--. I a U its ? " " Nnairlraoia if a si ntilwlrlrhia t| ? <: N'i? JlMf I > II Mtitlul 8 a ?j Baltimore ['" VirfiuM 8 a 9 Kirhmond ? a 8 M..-.,. i '.Milium > 1 P..k...... 41a f (Jeorjia 5 a SO Savannah ? 81 AugueU, 8 a 2i South Carolina- S) S Charlcnton It a U Florida 60 a 75 Apnlarlneola a ? Alabama a ? Mobile 16 I H Louisiana ta a 15 New Orleans 1 a 5i Keutecky 10 a 12 LeuiivilU '1 a 6} Tennessee ? a IS Nashville ? a 17 Mississippi Uaiou-- 80 a ? Natrliei ? a ? Missouri S a 10 St. Louie 18 a 1C Ohio ? a 17 Cincinnati 8 a 8 Indiana la a ? . 18 a ? IHinois 86 a 30 ? 81 a ? Michigan IS a ? Detroit ? a ? The banks in moat tactions of the Union are rapidly exploding. The following letter givus an account of the final captation of the Bank of I llinoia t? St. Lowi?, Feb. 83 ISdi. Data Bex-sett :? Yclterday, the bills of the State Bank of Illinois were refused by the Bank of Missouri anJ the brokers' offices. They fell at once to thirty percent discount. That bank has probably three millions and a half of dollars in circulation. This enormcui issue of her suspended fpaper, was procured through the agency of the Missouri Bsnk, and the brokers' offices of this city. They took these bills upon general deposit as iur? nicy, banked upon them, and received them in payment of dsbta. Confilence first failed in Cincinnati and Pittsburg. Brokers from thosecities sontus the paper for investment. It was'reperted here by the friends of the bank, that drafts on the tail would be turnished at a fair premium, to redeem ber circulation. The Illinois Bank of Shawneetown, furniahed drafts at eight on Now York at IS per cent, but the Statu Bank brought into market draftt at aixty days, waiving acceptance. Our citizen* and the banka have about one end i half millions of this paper in their handa. There i* perhapt $300,000 due from the same source* to the bank. Tho excitement ia tremendaua, and if the State Bank had an ottiee here. 1 fear we should see the second p trt of the same play which lately opened in Cincinnati. Thia I believe is but the beginning of the financial revolution. The currency now coniisti of the Minera' Bank, of Dubuque, Iowa, the Shawneetown Bank, and the City aud County Sctip. The City and County scrip iigood, but the balance ia worao than the repudiated paper of the State Bank. We have only felt the first shock of the earthquake The next explosion will prostrate the Miners' Bank, and that will he followed by the ruin of the Shawneetown Bank. Confidence is gone, and no eiforta can restare it. Specie ia '13 per ceut premium, and ia still rising. A friend of mine, who wished to make a tender of $3800, was compelled to employ three agents to obtain the sntn, and that they procurer! with difficulty, at the average premium above stated. This Is the natural end of the bolstering and suspension system of the State of Illinois, in common with the other insolvent district*. Tho aya'.em of non-reaumption is breaking down of its own weight in all pa t* of the Union. At New Orleans, on the 33d, the Eichange, the Orleana, Improvement, and tha Atchafalaya Bank* were discredited by the other twelve in operation. The con. sequence wu a great excitement, and a rush of crowd* to hare the papor redeemed for the ootea of other banki; bat were all diaappoioted. The following are quotation* fur the currency on that day Specie?par. Bankable Fund*, 4} to 6J per cent discount. Municipal Note*. 0 to 8 " Orleans Bank, is to 17 " Improvement, 15 to 17 " Atcbafalaya, 15 " Exchange, 15 to *0 " Louisiana B^nk, ppr. The bankable fund* maans the bill* of those suspended banks that yet preserre a conrentional credit. The Louisiana Bank lately resumed. All the banks now refuse to receive paper on deposite, and the Gas Bank has ceased doing business. Thus it appears the people are lost triumphing over bank corruption, which crushed beneath the weight of its own iniquities. The people have in rain appealed to the laws, to their legislators, and to Congress, but in all' cases the bank power wu paramount, and redieas waa refused. Even the bankrupt law, which was passed to benefit speculators, excluded the only feature that would benefit the masses of the people, that is, to include the banks, aud compel them to pay their debts; ^consequently the public have been driven to use the only remedy within their reach, which is to discredit the banks. This will spread from one end of tho Union to the other,'until nothing remains but the currency of the constitution. dais* at tba stock Exchange. $300* N v I'l, 82 *05 she L Island 55 S100 Y 6's, 1811, 80 *00 do b 0 55 Si000 Illinois Bds 191 180 do s*0 5* toooo do iti 300 do bet 5* $0000 do It) 350 do 551 $1000 Indiana Slg Bds lt{ 100 do ito 5*1 niwu do IS 100 do *10 55 91000 Indian* Doll 0d* HI 100 do 55) $.4000 do 1S| 850 do *3 $7000 do isj 50 Mohawk RR bOO 46 *4oa? ~ .do '?t 75 d? <51 85 *H* Del lc HuJion 85 85 do *45 45 25 do 871 15 do *30 4 5 84 do 87J 85 do bao 45| 25 do *10 66( 50 do 45 25 do 87J H*rlim RR 7 o Bankipf America 86 175 do nw 7 50 Dry Dock Bk 10 50 di 71 10 Leather Man Bk 58 280 do 71 83 d.i as 50 do nw 71 38 Amer Ex Bk 591 60 do 7j 48 Bk Com, (crip 961 50NJerecyRR 64 85 Boat St Prov 83 15 do *30 6.11 1600 L Island RR 58 100 Patereon RR 46 50 do b30 55* 50 ko 46 lecend Board. 10 ?h? Mohawk 45$ 50 *h* Harlem RR nw 7 loa Harlem HK ?nw 7 50 do *3 7 State of Trade A small catalogue of tea* wa* offered at auction thi* morning. There was rather a good attendance, and the rate* obtained *how a trifling improvement in price*. Term*?Note* at *ix month*, to he made satisfactory to sellers, and payable in this city. Yovno Hyiov. Clt. Cls 16 half chest* 70 477 half chest withdrawn. 20 do 65 80 do 34 to do etl 355 do withdrawn. SI do 18) 143 do 32) ll( do withdrawn. 60 do 31 Id do 44) 360 do withdrawn. 3SS do 44 81 do 31) HTMR. IT chests 71 31 cheats SO 6 do N 41 do 41 ? do 66 ITS hf cheats 41) Id do 45 Hyson Sain? 10 cheats,33, Inrra-al?30 chcau 66. Oiarowoia-II cheats, 61. /siNOYoao SivcHowo?6 (chit's,44). Bouchono?37 hall cheats. 40; 74 hall cheats 3d; 313 do offered at sane price, 36 cents bid Caaaia?300 mats 17 cents?1800 more offered at same price. It cents bid. Provision iff arkct All kinds of meats remain without change. The markets appear to bo pretty welt supplied with shad, but at rather high price*. A lair sized one is worth a dollar. Our citjr is full cf dried applee, which come from Ohio, and are sold Terr chesp. At 8t Louis, Missouri, the choicest of beef, retell price, is 3} cents per pound; eggs 8 cents per dozen ; geese 36 cents each ; chickens 13 cents each, and partridges 4 cents each. Married. On the 31 instant, in St. Georre't Church, by the Rev Jaan W. Cooke, Auiit R. Cmii, of the firm of Burroogh It Cooke, of 8L Lottie, Miatouri, to Fhik B. Melville, of Newport, R. I. Died. At tea, en hie paeeag* to Savannah, whither he wae going for the benefitof nie health, Thomaa Cochbank of New York, in hie 14th year. He wae a man remerkahlo (or aoclal warmth of haart and atern Integrity, and will be regretted by a large oirclo of frienda. On the fid instant,Eat-niiea McLaik, aged 14 yeare 11 montba and 8 daye. On the 31 inetaut, 1?aac Cobhwell,in the 14th year o hie age. On the 4tk inatant.of coneumption, Sabah A**, wife of Jamef B Ayree,aged 37 yeare. Thefriende of the family, and the membera of Colombia Lodge No. 1,1. O of O. F., and the Order in general, are reepoctfoily invited to attend her funeral to-morrow, (Sunday) at half-part 4 ocloch. from l98Folton atrret. On the 38th ultimo, of icarlet fever and croup, Mabt Bono, daughter of William S and Caroline Haetie, in tha 4th year of her age. On thefi l inetant, Gcoaoc wtihiitoton Vcaivo*. aged 8 yeaTa and monlhe. Alto, on the 4th January, F- lie a Vbbiaob, aged A yeare, children of Georgo H. and Eliia Vernon. Funeral thie aftemeon at 1 o'elock, P. M., from the houee of their father 41# Greenwich atreet. The remaloa to be taken to Rehway, N. J. LataK Act vice a nxtncrvKD at the mnv roe x heuald omc*. Africa- Dec. 5 Madiw Mar. #a AiieCayaa J?a. # Manilla Oct. * Anticua Dec. It Mnatcridro Dec. 33 Bombay Nov. I Mpranham Jam. 14 Etavia Nov. 3 Mataanne F-h. I# Bermuda- Feb IT MayacuAX.P.R Feb l# Brieooa Ayree Dec. at MAracaibe Jan. IT labia Aug #4 Matamoraa Dec. I ieMaa.Han J?u. 37 Neavitae Fab. 4 Barbadoea Jan. 31 Oahn, 8. J. Nov. 4 (onto Oct. 10 Paria Jan. 13 whlcc Sept. tT Port aii Pnot #eb. II Coracoa Dec. II Para- Jan. la Cicufuegoa Feb. 13 Peeaaabuco Jam. n Carthageaa Jam. 31 June It C Jam. ii Rao da Janeiro Jan. a Cliacreo July 1 Singapore Oct. Ctllao NSW Au?. II CilcvtU Oct. It It. Helena Dee. tl &2&v.::::.:"? '? ft Qua) una, (*. R Feb. IS St.JafadaCbba-...Jan. is fVlpillW * 8l. Jmins.f. R...... J?b. si pF-\\v.v.:::Ji 5 |tSStr.:r.:::?.,J Hirnt Feb. II Siartatt^ Dec. It ierrmi*. Jan. V Tobaaea >?'. n <iap?aa,Ja. Jao. SI TuHmIiImmS M>. ? LowCm- Jau. IS Triaid*4 4* Otiba-. . feb. II Lieerpael Jan. ?? TeraCrna u M i>a Maasib J?a. M fslpariMO toe. I Lraaa- Dec. IS Yueatsa '?k. 1 Matte Oet.l* gawihr Oct. ? PassMgin Sn.TMl, HPI Coot HnLL* rSr^-sssraaab^ Foreign Importations. l.irasrooL?Ship T*rolinl??31 crates 13 c?lf< Dodge.''?!?*? ning k ro?MIR bars iron <} W Shields?16 ckt Sea ''"'"f k l<n 'iiilotblli ilifct itui Ph ipl, llM?II !*?? J km ?Mm kco-ia Hird, litllt'u k v??*0 H i*cr>??i It eo-35 John F Ho t <lc?u F. Caldwtll-Tt W S It F C Melt. oah?26 n k ? WilleU-115 Ch.iutt ?> keo? IIII Ai eh n o I * sua?1? Ik*' ar 'anu k * ??<> -iwt Bua?i?*t'Hi?It Ww, lohneon k Bur ill?IS B A Momford? l? wMuirkci-t T?.k?r, Meld k cn?| Hriaa Brother* keo?10Thatcher Tucker? 1 R E Allrork?1J stun- k Co?10 Joa Walki r?56 C l'.rite right? 53 Gregory kco?71 lone pie iron I'?* well Murdoch? I2.V3 b ii< tobdl* iron Kgletton k ?100 ton* pig iron 3 K Kisdtle k eo?is pkgs Brnwii. Wi'ann kci?I Wright. Mmg a k Rh w-M'i 1M cka 1 erne* 11 bale* 70 big* mill II ?111la 29 bills to oril'r I iri r.rooL?!tbip Uiiode I* and?201 liistin J C Cr-ttr?875 tacks sa't S Thompson?S htles nolle O .dfrcy, Petl s 'n k Co ? IIIcask* tl Meyer k Sou? IO'.i sacks salt I Kayburn? 80 tors iron Durfeg.Tiadale k Co?3t ??sk? PaullnrY k Jeuhms?3t crites, O 900 slitts 130 loo* c <-.! Nan.l 'riiiiiiinaon?1 casks Burrow* Si Petie ? 31 cr.le* 3 I1I1J J M Shaw?9$ irale*,2hhd? H Witikley?48# bariirou, lca.e>,order (iunm-Hark M abate* ?10 ika 90 f a?r? Hodge, Cuuumog fc en?(9 bn 23 l> tic* lujli* Si Sell?S Watt* Si Kosioctau'.z? IU0 rke J Si cu?* pnuchroti* Wil?.in Si Brown?238 cull K W?l?h? II Wm Whitewrigbt?10 P^Un Si eteward-*l ck* t'oulda, stoho Si lo?S2 Jo 40 ton* coil A Knox, Jr? 10 packga H Turuiine Sic >?SI Stone Si c ? I I Peer*?*7 Godlriy, P tt> raou Si Co? 70 Ion* p g inn 50 il bariron Maillaud. Kenutdy Si en?lo bn K hC Yarual Si co?l J OiIh n-IOlo order. Ul'ATkM i?Br g Ja? Vlcl obb? 154 hhd* * U Ue Ko~e*t L ro?17do PilLtSi Le Laiticr? Its hlid.'fiiio'.afsi* Uuucootb k BeckwiUi. Domrsilr Importations. Nrw Oiu.*a.n??Ship Hiluti?(reported ve?trrJ-y?211 bbl* rork?Its do 1 krg lir.1 O Lrlund Si co?37 box?? utinoud* T J Krar.cia?2 hhd* >uiar 90 lihl* uio'ai.e* Krrrill Si Batlelle? IK bbl* li la.* N THuhbrrd. ( hrnnei/Si c i-S0 keg* Pollon Si Colgali?It bill* ham* S95 do porn ?i no S keg* lard Gordon Si Brow l?b hhd* fob cco Bcorinan, Johnson Si ci? 3 h d< do W Aguew li Sou?so tierce* need E \V Dunham? 1 hhd* 1 bo* tobacco I h?!f bb' indie K L Mail laud Si Co?IM krga lard HobinaonSi Ward?1501 keg" do 265 bb'? poik Ruali Slot?585 d.23bb a lard 36S bb'* ISt.hds WiUou, Butler Si Baldwin?31 bt'eacotiou W Si L l.eartret'?15 hlnle tobacco KabtrliBie-. with?lit obi* pork Tarred) Si Mca?u.Si co?99 bale* cotton NewbolJiSi Cralt?its do fi, k Si Say re? i quantity hams Achrnback Si Paul*, IM bbl* inula**'.s loordrr AraLacincoLa?Brig Morea?SI bale* cotton S W Mar# Si co?S3 J 11 Tallinaa?IS G Co.lw* ? 95 J Bul*worlh?6 uiiil tour* I bbd tobacco R Mai.laud?I hrl A II Van Neri?50 bile* cotton J H Mill* Si Sou?Ml Smith, Mill* Si ro?<1 E D Hurlbut Siro?13 E Dane?<s Erciiil li E.ttelle?72 to ordtr. MARITIMK HEKALD. pJrtT/F n tsi-W If OK K, 31 AH C H i, ISIS. un auiii - 2< . no..* S6 UN sr.r? 39 ' aiaa want 2 S7 Uspartar* of in* Atlantis SL*am*ri raoM enolanb. rnoM ameiica. Calednnie, Lett beb. * Alar. 1 | Acacia. Hewitt Mar. S April I G. We?teru, H"?kei?... April 2 April 28 Columbia, Judkin* April 3 May I

Britannia, Kyne April 19 May IS Caledonia, Loll May S June I G. Wealtro, Ho?ken- May 21 Julie IS Acadia, Hewitt May 19 June IS Columbia. JudkioA- June S July 2 Briuiiuia, Ryrie Juae 19 July 17 Caledouia, Lolt July 5 Aug. 1 G We*iern. IIo?ken July 9 Au?' ? PncktUto Arrive. I Pnck*l*toB?pari. LON I?on. I London Ontario, Bradiah. Jan. 90 I Bwitz-rlaad, dmilh, Mar. 10 Toronto, Griiwold, Kib 1 I ileudrick Hu ljcu. Mar 20 i.iTgarooL. I LivcarooL. Europe, Marshall, Jan. 19 | P. Henry, DGano, Mar. 7 airn. | Shi Hi-. Id, A lieu, Marl3 Baltimore Kaick, Jan. IS hati*k. Emerald, Howe, Jau. 2S I Argo, Anthony, Mar. 8 in ntneri u vessels. Commanders of ruiiU will confer s fsrer by hiring list of their cargoes, passengers, sod ret ort of vessels left it tie port whence they toiled, and the vessels spoken, retdy en their arrival litre for Commodore BeseiTT, of oar fleet of news schooners. He will board them immediately on their arrival. nisarsel. Ships Liberty, Norton. Liverpo 1. Post It Phillips; Auburn, Durley, New Orleauv, Ji hnsou ft Lowden?Brigs Macon, Bibbilie, Gibraltar and M ilmo, R M Demill; Fairfield, Smith, Port au Prince, Skeldi g ft Ferris: Citiz-n. Brown, Neuvitrs, Brett ft Voae; Monaro, Ootf, Belize, I loud. Neiuuth ft Leeds; Franklin, Gooding, Guayama, PR. K GThuralon ft Co; Tiber, n, Ch irlrstou.?Sclirs Hudson,Cooley, Ba'tiinore; Fancy, Howes, Boston. Arrlwed. Shin Tarolinta, Smith fron Liverpool, Ian 84. mdse, to N L ft G Griswohl. Sailed in co with ships Kutaw, for NYork ; Grace Brown. Bvltimnre; Melamora, Aiezandria; Admittance, Mobile. Ship Chain,dain returned to Liverpool IBth, having bten dismasted in a gale, in ion 12?cut awav I er mizenmist? had to disi barge to repair; she was bound to Phi'a 'clphia. On the 21th, ia the Chcnuel, pisaed ship riios P Cope, from Philadelphia, bound in. Oo the 26th, in the t'hinuel, eipenenced a very leveie gale of wind, whi h lasted 18 hours. 28ili, off Cork, saw ship Kutaw. Ships Eurune, Marshall, and Lancashire, Lyou for N York, sailed from Liverpool got The Tarolinta has 153 steerage pasacnge s. Ship Ithode Island, Burgees, from Liverpool, Jau t.mdie, to STItompeon?5U steerage uisseogrre. Ship Manhattan, Butd, from Amsterdam, Dec 30, mdse. to Pfeifcr ft Wist man. British bark Ssvereign, Rogers, from Liverp 10I, Jan t, salt and coal, to Glover ft McMuriay. British b?rk Mshaica. Jump. ?} days from Glasgow, mdse, to A Kiin* Jr?4 steerage pasteugers J in 15, in agile, carried away lore yard, ap'it sails and stove bul aaik< 2(!h tilt. I .t 31 S3, Ion (8 35, spoke French ship Pauline, fiom New Orleaut lor Havre. Brig James VcCobb, Batrhelder. 18 days from Guayama, augar, ftc to B De Forest ft Son. Left brigs Jinn J da Carthageua, Keeler, lilg; Ron land, Adama. for NYork, une; Henry, Gerls, and Lau a disg. and others be'ore reported. Brig Morea, Edgar, 8 days fro.n Apalachicola, cotton, to K D Hurl but ft Co. Brie Geo Loyal, Collin', If dajafrom Mayagii'z, PIl. wiili SOlihda 10 bbleaugar 44>li!ide 8 leu 8 bit ? moiaiart to Maaon h Thorn iwon. Left hrim Lather, i f tfoston.fur I hi a<klphia,cxt Hay; Levant,for NYork.unc. flit uL lat 21, lou 70,(puke achr Form, hencr for Jamaica. Brig Noimap, Prati, 13 dava from O.inviven,St Doa>ii<gn, mahogany, to Neainilli k Ltidi. Left briga Hna-ia, Driukwater, for New York, big; Julia, Taj lor. for Boston. unc; IVrto 'Ilag; aclira F.mery. do do; KI!?i Shannon, tor Phtla,ldg; Arcot, \ ork, do do; Forreiler.for Boston,next day.. Brie Moses, LoveKnd. 4 days from Charleston, cotton and r.ce, tod Bulk ley. Schr Frances Hallrtt,Chase, If day* from 'dap^unLla. mv hogany, to H Underw..ed. Ltft brie Comma luS^IPr Boston, If davs, only American No date. Fat ft 30, louB0,tpoke Fr hip La (J ion. I'm NOreaus fir Havre. Hchr Arab, Ku'aell, 6 day* from Newbern, NC.cora, to tha maator Bchr Hope, Gierke, 3 day a from Yoik River,com, to the maatcr. General Record. Fchr Caroli*!**, from Richmond,w ith a rargo of coal, laying alongude of Uie dock at the foot of Rivingitoo at, *u run into abaut 7 o'clock, on Wednead ?y eveninr, by ona of tha Williamsburg ferry boata, and immediately funk Brio Puit-ir Hone, Perry, which filled hence on the latiuat. for Valparaiso, haa returned in a leaky conditio*. Sena North Amkrica. of and for Philadelphia, from Tangier Sound, nu caat away in a aunwilorm, near the month of llunger'a River, taitern Shore. She had previoualy luat her aail*? veasel aud cargo loat. Waaca ?By letter we hear of Iholoaa of aehr Andrew Jackton, Capt Meldruui, which tailed from Mobile on the 'lath Jan, for Matamoraa, Teaaa, with a cargo of M,l3s feet lumber She waa loat on the Itlth. Bkio Cect sinns,?The London Shipping Gazette, of January II, eaya?'1 lie American brig Columbua, in reported to be loat on the coaat of Portugal, 3rd uli, maatcr and one man drowned." These state ments leave no donbt that the veearl it the Columbua,of Boeton, Haakell,frnm New Yoik.vla Newark, N. J., about Nov. f. for Maratillra and Sicily. Capt. Ha-ktII belonged 11 Nawburt port. The veaael Waa iaiured in Boeton f >rft,S00; the freight liat wae uniuaureil; the cargo waa probably on New York (or foreign account a... Tt. n.,.11 .Iv.-Ii..-?... ? a ui < from Amaterriaa, deted Jan. 10, received here. <)a?"Two American ahi.e w ere loot near thie place few dayi a no, one of them had a* if* ouboxd" Another letter, deled I lth, receir.d here, ??y??" Aehce. owing to the loea ol tw<ae*rgoce f <r Kotterdtm, here reached high prieea ' The laat letter aejra nothing about their being American reaiela.and heuce we donbt the fuel report, Spoken. China, of 8t John NB Kdayafm Liverpool for Charleoton with toe. of topeaile and eouraea?Jan 16, Ion is. Brad.hiw, of and Iut Liverpool for Charleaton,S3 daya out, Ion 66. Jan SS?toluol her fore topmaat and fore t.>i?ail y aid. N ip'e<. from NewYork for Coavt ?f Alri a.ioi v a out, all Weil?Feb 6. Ion 46. Mexambtuue, from Malaga fer N Yorlt .1, .55. Erho.S day* (torn Portland for Mo uo date, lat 36 M, loo 71 30. North, of New York. Maxell, It daya from Bremen for Rio Grande, Jan 6. Ion It 60. Helleaix.nt, Kiln,from New York for Hivaua, Kelt 14, lat SI 30, loo 76 30. Ida, from New London for Charletlon, Feb Slat, off Cape Halierna. Rhone, Johnatoo, from N York for Havic, Jan 6, no lat given, lout SO. Kurope.of Bath, kouLd to the weetward, Jan IS, lat 43 18, Ion S8 An American brig allowing a red burner, Ike fi-el letter of her uaine wae N, deeply loaded, with a large iqua.-e hou.r on deck?J n 54 lat 40 IS,Ion 68 Mini, t dayafrom Ktixabelh City for Trinity, Mart, no date, S7 40 lea 60. Gu!??r?, nf Baltimore,'fromRotterdam for Montevideo, Jao 6 lat 48. loe 16. Thetiv, from Chat leal ,n foifCork, no date, lat 17 30,Ion 71. Foreign Porta. Liverpool, Jan 80?Arr Kluebeth Bruce, Havana; Sir Cloud, fvew Orliaoe; Mt Lawience, Mibile: Lot hint ar, N tnrleena; Olive Bramh Savannah; Jeaiie Miller, do; It, arr Emblem.Talbot. N York; Hold r Borden, Held,do; Hrooklyo, Charleaton; 17, ar Si Id n?, NYorfc; 31, arCambru'; Ldg. Alhambra, for lleetoo;; Louiae, do: Adriai, do; Georga, Mob'la; Greenock, do; Meaeenier, New Oileane, Wolfvillr, do; Berwick, do: Hope, do: Siberia, oartlelt, ,Ml? fork. AOia, t-iiamocr?,nn; ina>-penoance, reye, no, rvaia mino.On, Diana.du^ Klard, do; Benjamin Morgan,do; WeetehrsUr, do; MempMt.d >; Biuter Johnny, Virginia; Anne, Philade phia; United "-ta'er, do; Napier, do. The Catharine, for Boa ton, which pat into L'ibon loth ult, mual diaehirga part of bar cargo. r ra, Not IT?In port, fTentoo, an I Baz ar, for Bottan, Idg (and not rat td eld aptoSOih ) CM llth, Maaaaaoit, Boaton, and aid fat Bangor I Ith Mine trout;, Sept It? Arr Jraaora. NVork (aid a'il II h fo Manilla); Oct IS, Thus Pe-klnn. (Calcutta (and aid31 h for Ma nilla). Bid Oct ?, Olol Wyk. Manilla AazantHi., Dae SI? I he Oacar,(ftw al Id) Barf from On!teubtug ftr America, (New Yoih) put in II h. Willi damage, end moot diteharge, hat inj been aaaorc near Yarmouth, aid ahifted her car*. 0(Manan*,Kab IQ-In port, H T Betton, from f hiladelpMa for Hi Thomas ami Porto Rico, s da; two teeeela from Satanuah, and a brig from Boston, just arr, namaa not known. Bt Marha. Willi-ma, f?r M Ywrfc, .Id Ith. Poncn, II ilaya since?SM Wm Hurke, N York Porto CearLLO Feng?In port, Henrietta, lor Philadelphia, Ida; Kmily Kllirull,Bal imnre 2. Bo.tAiRC, F?b7?No American easel |a |o?t. Point Perm, (Juad Feb n-ln por , John, diag; Francea EIDa.dn; Wilson, do. United Rtatea Porta. PonrnnD. Mar s?Arr Ontario, Malanza tit Boeton; Mary Praae, Trinidad til no. Kliat LeUnd, lm froeptct for too. - . Mali m, F?b ll*Arr Eliiibelh, Baltimore tU Boi'o; M*r ?, Elit b-.'A. Wiley, NYnrh. _ ? , .. Boarot, Mar J?Arr SeadrtU. Richmiod; Buaan, Norfolk? Bo'ow. Mijaaiie. NawOrloana; Lutf Ann. do; P?Ddor?, t rioided. CM John bualao. Bt Thomas ami a mkl; 8?rrn.Eto \ N Orion,.- th.nh.rj,.. V? ?O.-r.n. Bailimorr; St. ' ? ''"ft*j??~?ort\?nJI Narraaaaatlt, IJichm f j RjLki^i4'Vor* ?-- *?? i - Arr Joaeph. Ne'folk for Boator; Crr a D'l. for do; Laurel. FraH.>?ltkakun| 10r dn; <AYoik Rarer fordo; Urand |al?ad, p.rto Caballo ftr An?old,#?l?? Nl.fcrdo; Bet j Franklin.Pliladrlph a far da; Mohawk, 8t Marki ft>r do. Tha abora all raman a( atawia, Frb *?Aft Pilot,fai Philadaluhtafor Bmtoa: Forum f?j Norfolk lor PotUaad; (iellao. fa Waal ward mi ad Mat. 81J Mar I, the aknre; alao. derm, Henry Cope, I'll >a. and a fetal ethrrabuatdK. Haairoio, Mar l-rid Laara. Draeaa?, NYeah. rMU.aMii.rNia, Mar *-8ir FlartM^iarlaa?; H?rc?l?a, WjdTrjji; AM raw Kir g. Ciao/begga Late; ltd ward Blakr, Mt ''bick ???w, and Boston. B??ti u; P m, P"u<e; M?- i?. N V.i'k; Muy, Piotiilru t.l-i linir? Jewki. . Nmiju MMH llNuiDtiii, Feb 17?Arr Oeurfe Uardiier. B.llnn ?-l 1?-<1 wHh govern * rut ?ioree f >r Iht 'qutil'Or I W K?mi t n Bedell. NewVo k; Blnrk Hn -k Br.ton. Bsl * v?r?tI w-.JoaM.irom Hukmumt '?r NVuik. In Hotnp'ou K *?. .%1-fuMiit, Tnoineitan?urnichmvu?!: Aw?ric?o K- kI*, Dro^kfield, Richmond for NVork. Art ttih, JGhri rnmdrji Mt: A * , wi h militfroQ the Francis ntnut?m. Below, ftidaty. J? i Mifvgttet for RicKmord. Arr 25ih. Commoawf jlth. end Jet Bu'Icr, fm the Frencl, 8 tin I on Bid k rsoklm, W Irdiee. <*,<*?Lf now, Feb V?Arr toriittir. Havre; Arj n (Duteb Uot.erdai". 4rra?ih. Hok Hj?h. (NenftaeB"*: J ?Be>rsn>l? P r i h N'H; Caroline, Point 'elre Oued; N (J Bouroc P. it I Leon 1 la. Akin. (Brem) Bremen. Cld Hopr, Kevaus, N 1 ik, Ajioniuv, Antwerp; Ore. In, Bord'Sue _ . _ , , . Mopilk, Kebli?Cld LiuUsu, Livrrmore, NYoik; Dolphin, S J A, 0. New Obi tint. Feb 11?f*|d I,o in Mu'fnrd. NVnrk; Fin- , reure. rtiiladrlui i?; P.iidora.i'o; Urll.- u?l M.r, Ki?ic?t?m.? Arr Swt.ltn, Hsvre: Walter, Philadelphia; Wm k fclinUth, Liverpool; Buliau, Button. ( "W ? M - I PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILUS '"PHE SIC far-famed sou <: lebrated lulls. Iron. Portugal, u' k ws perceive, lo be nPlainrd m Inie rouutry B<? stiverliantnriil oo the last tolumnol fourth i?*r. ( tlm'u Amotion laiss. j | t>y THOMAS kkLL. . B*crrt*Vus.1"? Jinn and 1 Ik /AWInns tresis. I BATUltDAvT _ At 10: s'Jorki lb the S ties Kiiom. Megan' turi'Hurc?\ Urge aid eilenaive nlqiblc aaaer'meol o< kouaehold furniture? hoaektr, inn articlea of nil deacripUooa. Alao?The atotk of a Cabinet Makir. Counting houae fur. _ l i ure. 1 Alao?The remainder of Ilie court ing-hiuae .aud uptight dcaka, writing taklea, ate., by order cf n/iig icea. MONDAY. s At Ik) o'clock, at *o. 233 Brca 1 way. Wil! be gold, without reat r-e. the Iraae for two yeara of the American OyeterHouee. near the American Hot? I. together . with the fialurea, bar furuitutr, tahlra, curt"iua. glace wara. 1 barpumpe,ojratcr bin; all the the kitchen arrangeinenta, aud erery thing connected with the abovt named wi II kno ?n an l . deeervedly celebrated oyater hnuae. Thia will aff oil an ex- 1 eedleot opportunity for any perron wiahi'U to enter luthe buaiueaa. The lease and propertiea will all be a< Id in oue lot. . Tre bu-ineta i< tl miiihiiig and the uatmn good. ITnaroida- 1 blecircuuittiacea cau>e the ii-o;irietora to dia'.ontitiue their buaiuea* Trrmf at aale. Inrormetiuucan be had by calling at the pn miica. , TUESDAY? At 10) o'cloi k. at I he earner ol Fulton St Naaeiu ata. Marchant Tailor*' Stock?The hallance of the elegant atorkf f a merchant tailor, eomiiatiog ol rarioue garmeuta made up in the moit feihi uable m inner aud of the beat muteriala. Alao?Ktinnanta of rea iog, clothe.ra??i-nerea, hoeierr, fcc WEDNESDAY. At 10) o'clock, in the lalea room. Sale of elegant I'iino Forlra and Furniture. A UCTION NOTICE?KIEtC-St ABCULAKIUS will j fa aell Thi? Morning, at the aalea room. 30d Broulway,cor. Duane atreet,?watcliea, jewelry, mimical iuatrumenti. guna. 'lothine.kc. A large aaaorluient of gold and aitver levtr and lepiue watcliea. fin- gold jeweleiy, guna, clothing, aud a variety of other artie ea. r-deein-d Ironi the ditf rent pawubrokere, which will be wild w ithout reaerve. Alao?Hcunhr.ld furniture of variolic deacriptiora. Fancy Ball drctara, masonic aprout. port folioa, pocket-hooka, coal-, vote, ptntnlouna, Ice? bcaidea a vaiiety of, iniecellanoiia ar idea. m3 I* a UCTToN tfoYfcE.?AU8TI v, WILMahDINU, Ik fa. C willcloae at pnblic au. luu. oa Wedaeadav, March t'.h.,184t, at lOo'cjock.A M.. the entire alock of Freeh Im porien r-unp-m u.-y (loons.?coiui<lm( ol 500 p ekair<??rr- I reived since Jan. .(1., IB12 Sale at lh? store of NEVINs A n Co.. (8 Cedar at. tn3lt* < TJLOCUTIONARY LLCTUKES, hy Mr. JOHN W. 8. ^ WOVV8, at Chintou Hall The second Lecture of tlie ( Strict, wtll bedelivtred <>n M.uday Evening next, March 7. , The Leeterra will he uk n from the Bible, Dr. Chalmers, 1 Henry Clay, L)a itl Webster, Bryant, aud Sli'kepeare. Tickete go cent*, young persoL* as rente, to be had at the < door. mi at * T TNIVEltelI'V OF THE t-U'Y OK NEW ?U?tK.- 1 aj Public Commencement of the Medical Department, on Wednesday, the ?th iuttant, at li o'clock, at Ike Chapel?The Chancellor delirers the address to the. gradua ing class. The gentlemen of the Medical professi'n, anil the Iriendtof tl.e Uu.vrrei'y are ioiited to attend. Seals retervtd fur the Mice. By order of lite Faculty IJOHN W. DRAPER, Secretary. Mereh_Rh^JM2. o < V ft H ATS,SPRING FASH ION S,l8tf ?The spring sty Is of J*t=> Hate are now olfereJ for eale by the subscriber. He acliciteacill from three who etudy economy and taete in the eelection ol that iudiepenaable at tide of drees, believing that hie prices will he foiiinl to accordance with the timet:?Viz? Beit quality Nu'ria, $4 So; flue Caeeimrre and it rash Hate, : i ,00; Nutria. $3 So; Moleskin, '3; end Silk Hale, S3 Sv. A>eoon hand, a large aeeot tment of Cape of the newcet and i inort approved pattern!, roieietintt of gentleineu'e velvet, ?lath and glazed. Travelling and drcee cape. Children'# fancv clmh and vtlvtt cape Ac tin' WM. BANTA.I3Q rhatham ?t. J T?Rlt8H SHAD are aerrcd up everv day. a' breaklait, dm- I T ner, and tea, at PATI INSON'S, 1 mS it* Corner Natatu and Ann ?tv. TJAUTh Waldo EMEltsON'S&coud Lecture will be R drlivi red Thit Kreu ug. March Sth, at the Society Library, at half past 7 o'clock. Huhjc t-TrtK fOET. Tickete for the Couree. admitting agent'eman and lady, $2 J each; for for a eiugle Lrcturv. 5u ceuta; to be had at d. Apple , ton k Co.'e, Wiley A Put man's and C.S.Fraucu'e bookstores, and a' the Liorarian'e rteek. in tlie Society Librarv. mSll' . STRING STYClTTuR tlEN t'LEMKN'a HATS.?1 he j eubecriber offers asplendid aesoitment of HATS after the i elrj^aotand highly popular model introduced by him en the 0 "n.'b!?The 4ei/quality of Beavir and Mohtkin Hats, for { ale at $430! and warranted superior to anv at ! ! Alto - ( An assortment of eztra long nap.ed black Beaver Hals-a i, iu;>er article. u,5 it* 137 Broadway. NfiWaKSTaND NEW TottiT Fare Only It) Cents. The splendid and commodious strainer ! PASS Alt', Captain Julin Gaffy, being com ;K_wfii^SLplet' ly anil elegantly refitted, will commence her regular trips f? r tlie season, on Thureday, Mirch 10th,? ' leaving as followa:? Foot ot Barclay st .New Yoik Cea're Maiket, Newark. 10 o'clock, A. M. 74 o'clock.A. M. 4 o'clock, 1'. M. 11 o'clock, P. M. Freight ofeTrry description carne l at very red jeed rate?. 1 in 5 2w* .MM g*\ FOR SAUliBRTlrtS, RfcD hO?K; fl^3?ipSJ*KINCSTn\, PoUtiHKKKPSIK, and interIT m 1--'? , i ;.t..... t>aru?a. Theateam boatROBF.Rr L STtVKN'8, Captain K. L. Mabey. will leave the foot of Murray alreet, Saturday Afttmoou, Marili Ith., atS o'clnek. Forpactute or freight,applv on hoard, or of Crooke, Fowkf Si Oo at the coruer of Went and Liherlv atreeti. mS it frOil ALHANV The Steam Boat SWALLOW, Captain "*v.*,?da A- McLean, will leate lor Albany, to zaL^Z?lSS^SL. morrow (Sunday) Afternoon, March 6 h . at 6 o'e'ock, from the foot of Counlaud etrret. inB It PA88AOE FORUTyETtPiTOL? United Line? March?'I he aulendid faat tailing pneket'ahip AUbHIBERNIA, CaptWiUon, will aail poeititely u above. Having rplendid accommod.itioni for cabin aecond cabin and teerage patieng*rn. For paaiage, early application ahouid be mtdo on board, or to W. * J. T. TAP8COTT. t> South at. or 43 Peck Slip. Pervoee wiehing to tend for their frirnda to come out iu the above aplen lid (hip, or any of the regular line, can make the n^ceaaary arrasaemenla, on favorable terma. Thoae daeiroua of remitting money can hare draft* payable on demand, in all the principal tewne of the United Kingdom Apply at above. nl FOR MARSEILLES?Regular Packet.?The aJH^ehip MINERVA, Capt. Wnilow, will eail en the jKQhlst of Atcil. The aiibteriben puroore diapatrhing a Ship punctually on i tkn 1ml Sot* nf Oirk mrttll h A irtltcr lit* t'MO I no Mareaillea (foods (cut ts the eu *criheri Tor f rwn ding will be dispatched free of a y other than the charge* actually incurred upon them. The Ship* here very comfortable cabin accommoditione. For freifhtor pierage, anplv to BOYD It HINCKF.N. Agents. ma > Tontine Building. act- old link o* Liverpool packets.iMPWRegular Picket of It h of March.?Hie e lebraied WUflKafaat railing picket chip NORTH AMERICA, capt. Alfred B. Lober, will tail potitirely on Saturday, the ttth iuetant, her regular day. The accominodationa and advantates thia liee afford* for cabin, 2'l cabin and eteerage paaaeugera, are well known tolw unequalled by any other.. For terjnt ef pattage apply on board, foot of Bee km an treet, i r to ROCHE, BROTHERS ft co. St Fulton at. neat door to the Fulton Bank. n. B ?The North America w ill tail from Liverpool on the 71hofMay. Peraooa tending for their friendi, can have them brought nut in her or in any of the ihipa comprising the old line. taJing from there punctually on the Tih and Itth of every month. For pattage apply to (he tubtcribtrt, at above. mt .TJKm. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet iHIk ol2>th March?The splendid parketihip ROBDIUS. JUflnnCaptain John Collins of 1100 tone, will eail ?* llmre, ier regular day. Forfnigfatorpaaiage.havingaceommodationa uae^nalled for splendor or comfort .apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot*! Wall at.,or to E. K.COLLINS ft CO.MBonthatrent. Price of i>a aage Jiou. The packet ihij hIDDONS,Captain C. B. Cokb of 1000 tona. will succeed the Roeciut. and tail 23 h April, ber regular day. Pae.engers miy rely upon the ahipaof thia line aailiag punctually as advertieed. m2 f Line ?The iplendut fast sailing packet ship SRICsSAKATOGA Capt , Rusaell, tails potitirely on the ilh March, nerregular day. The ahipe or thia line a ail every five days, or peeeage free, having aplendid aerommodationa for cabin, second cabin, and steerjga pnaaengrra. For p-taesge, early application should he made on hoard, foot nl Wall .1 V.e ? W. k J T. TAPSOOTT, O 9' nth itrect. or 43 Peek Blip. The perkat ship Shikapetre will luecced the Saratoga, and ail en lo h March m< 3? A GOOD HEil) OF HAIR 19 the treat ornament of minor ?*nm?it ii uogratr folio 1 the giver of good to neglect it. If it if filled with dan In If, or falling out?if it baa ceaard gcowing, or ia turning gv*y. tlien you are aeaured the Jotira'a Oil of ''era' Clreaeata ia t our true remedy. Try it?you will not ?b? dtaappaie ei Youeauaee certifietlea. lie., at the proprietor#?but, reader, it you are not eery carer#', you will be with a cnunlerfiil Mind, the right ntrnber ia ?*?look, M Chatham at., rt the aign ot the American K agio, ttdce only 3, 5 or 8 ahil'TRmptea, blotehea, freeklea, an JI all crept! aoa of the akin, are cured uy jouea'Icdian Balm.a iid at tht eawe plaoe it la a recipe of Sir W. Btlxeard, the fawn* hnglieh doctor. ^ ^ Fhli'lTYTEltifiF <K?cll)H. Selling iff at Cue., Mr. 9CHIKMKK, from Bar in. having brought earn plea of a larar aaeortnMutof articlea c.m wtiag of fancy Silver Ware, Wirt Wrrk. Emhwideriea. tin t great variety of patterne , h'lowrra and aunierouf articlea anitable for ladiee, with a view of rating the American inarlet; having attained hia object, , ihe above eaaiplea are off red for aale at 7* Oreeawich atreet. . where the public generally, and the I idira in particular, are invite I to call and 'taw them ettt' Oars, tWEEfS and Si,UlLv.-Ciuiic< ia herciry giv e". trial I have diacontiuued the branch qar eatabliahaeut in Weet atreet, North River a da,aid do ill my huaineta at my old Oar hat?biwbfnent. 40* Water atreet,and aa I aav* all tlieeapcnaeaot on > afore. I will aril Oara, Sweep*. and Seulla eeough i beaoer to pay for com mg from any nart of the city lotthe Oar Latabliahment. 40* Water atreet, five deora above Catharine marhet. JOHN A. PKA KHALI,. 1 00 -& H.mired dollar, witt he pod In 'P ' ""the pereon who left a letter, on Saturday evening, addrvaaed to a ledy In Broome it.oa apidieniion to U. P. Merritl, Pol ee oA-.e. or ot the houae. milt' pACKCTffirTFWlJFUSTTPI,from Vew ' charging at firat Pier above the vcrew D ick, Pier lO.Caat Hitar. lOJiinwt will ^(WitRM loth* rwnpt of their t**4i immediately ? < l*IUt>llll.?l. t-mjuriumol >.?hi?a. J. >ntawf.ftn. r f Waltetreat. r?i ptrtfu ly infnriae hia frieada and Um mbMe iapHrtl that lia will intrvdoee kit Auriax Faehioa far Umlitrt Koto oa IHarfay, March ?th ll?<aad aiaet ra p*clfati> iaeitee all thaaa wtaa admire EUfaeee of Style to call, laeliaa eoadliet ta tee will ha bat to aTaa?. wl.f' n/HO WANTS A SAll4J<uN I? llw anw Im oS iMIaltartilHWr, wttlialllkrafi* HaaMM "liSotTiTStr" tuJ*"' ? ". XT ' jtea&Astaa-. \l vr."- - PARK THKATRK. I HH BVRNINU, M?reh 5 |M1?Tb? p?iforra*ne?? will WHAT WlUL'fWW^fet.T) RAT T L?ri Monro'J, barn | Him <Jii?rU? Norwok, CLrti U*>,t rur?li?d I'l.ciilc | r> H?rry Abbot MiiiUt Vtr?. Mia* * ('uahmau L-ndy Nurwold, Mn VKailhjr To conclu U with MIAlll.tS O'MALLEY S.r George D;?Iihuu<*, barry | Cti*ri<0 O'Malley. Wkralfcy Lu< y Uuliwi cd, MiitHi tubman AdmiM io?? Bnir* fl ; Pit 50 rent* : (fcall-rv M<?K. CHATHAM TI1KATH&. . , , Beaelit ?f John Bertou. run LVENINu, ,Marcn lib 1he tmiforrnauce will # cr-n\ n*y\er wi'h JOHN JONES. 3uf Goodtuck, botiu S.iiou | John Jon??, Hit Id tiii**, Mia* Mnt.ytr To be followed I y THE LADY AND THE DEVIL. WildW*. __ III.Id To which will b. ?H.!. J * T'0"* THE GOLDEN hARM Ell innnv Tw itcher, John SeClon | Ocld.u F.rmcr TKonv. Elizabeth Miti M< itater To conclude with SWISS COTTAGE. Nyll Tieck, 'ohn Fefton Luetic, Mra Thorn* Soxai iaceata;?d ib4 idtieraM. Pit it* .t? llKiraiipap ,t ?l: Curtain run at Tt irccierlY MITCIIKT.VI OLYMPIC THKATKfc WIS EVENING, March 5?Th? performaiic* will ccmluetic* with . , ? rERKECTION. ,r l* Nickiiuoa | 8am, Graham KatcOBr.ct., A!ra Mflaaop .'A'Gr which t ^AHATOtJA SPRINGS. riToUiy Tap-well. Much. II | ivtcr H.My Horneaail* Mra 1 .i.icYiell, Mf, T|min. .c i,,l To be fullnwed by or the 1?U> time, a n.w origiu?| MjoJcM Burkaqua oa Ktclmrd Jj. ejitjil d a u j Hit IIAKb NO III 8?uy A,,, .... To CODclutJf With THE WATERMAN. ?iS Bundle Mr JMW'" 1 R?b,u' Mrg & Graham ^,i"0p^^:C.,^CC"', il t>oor? open at half prut ail. Curtain ria-a st trraa AMMNIRIM IHITL-tfcn. " Conirr flroadway anil Ann rfrert. Under Ike Management of Mr. P. T. b*runm DARE COMBINATION OK NEW ATTRITIONS IV ererjr day and evening thinweek ? 1 v p-trlicular deaire, he Model of the City <T Dublin and K.,!lsuf Niagara, with eal water, w ill remain here a ehr.rt period longer. The lot owing eminent perfonner* have b e:i engaged al an enurmoii! ;*5>et < Mr?. Hardwick, the celehiawd roeallat, Ironi the National anil Park Theatree and Ntblo'e Garden; the Infant Vltlidiat, only two ant a half v?ar? eld: Mr Delanie.the ;ieat limine who will give iuii'atioii* ol Bonth. k . Kran, Koreet. Hambliu. Duel O'Couoell, anil othi re?u'hi, a eurii'ui Kierimeutiu Auimil Mtgustiam; mister D. b. Booth, the eeebrated < outortiouut; Mr. T. O Booth, the b-?t rcmic eingr in America; La Petite Cento, nuinreally atkn >wlodged lie muet graceful and accoinplUluddaacer, for 01 e of her age, hat ever appeared in thii city; tie Albino l.aily. and Kancy Van* Blowng. Grand Coemorrina changed every Monday, lay viaitrra admitted the vine evening free. Half a million f curioeitiee are collected iu thie ratal liehuicnt, fi ling five pa< iouahalle. eai h liw feet in leog'h. Admittance to the whole museum and entertainment!, 25 eota: ehildren under It), half ?iice f'J9 I w lUMI'kl ub.V t'Att k BALL to COLONEL WM. W. TOMPKINS? Bv 'I hk MiLiTanr ?To take place at th? Lpollo Saloon.on MONDAY EVENING. March Tlh. Ticket!, ($i each.) can he 1 rocured at Atwi I'a Mueic itore, 01 Broapway; Viith k Hall, Mneie elore, No. I Franklin tquare. and at Central 11*11, No. 100 Grand el reel, or of the ollowiug Cnnmittre of Arrangement, viz? Colonel Wm B Moore. 235th Infantry. " Wm Junra, 87th Artillery. " Andrew Warner, 3?ih '' Lt Col. E- T.Backhonte. 87th ' Capt. Vincent, Cipt. Baz'er. Shuinway, " Eckel, " Manet'e, " VanDervecr, " Bradley, " Cuinminga, M Drnike, " VVwukH. " Cook, Lieut. Thoniaa, ' Wallii, " Htnckeu, lleiueke, " Druckrr. . _ * Hcliwartx, W.l.CWM. The Committee ofArmngrm^nte will meet at Central Hall ?n Saturday Fretting. Mwrchftth.. at 8 n'c'ock. nil 4t gymnasium: " . PISTOL GALLERY. YfESHKS HUDSON * OTTIONON re.|*ctfnllv in ?1 form the gentlemen of New Yuri, th it they have fitted ip a GYMNASIUM at the crrnerot't bombers elreet and J road way. and it ia now open for the re? e d on of visitors. The inatituiicn it of tie firat nrdcr, and complete in every reipect for the purpoee of Atliletic Liercisea. S,ia-riug Lcatena gives daily. Trrma moderate Open day and evening. ml |m* J1GNOK IlK btG.NlS has the honor to anooonee tohia J frieuda and tnc public Ih ?t he iutesdj lo a vocal ana uatrumental Concert on Friday, the 11th ol March, at ths Apollo Grand Concert Rooms, Broadway, in which he will >eaa-iated am org other eminent artistes, by Mademoiaollo ieutii* Melizet, froin Philadelphia, who will ou tnat occasion nuke her flrnt appearance in New York. Slgnor de Bcgnis, in that occaainu, will have an ample and well aelectedMM, id by Mr. Prnaon, in order to reprearnt the grand scenas roui the favorite opera II Fanatic* per la Moaica. as well an n render the performance!of the evening rffactiuj and briliaat. I'.ii Lieulare will be shortly idvertiaed. fW Sat TfcTh. ALVIN C. BttADLY, (lat? of Loekpo-t.) Law Office.? Merchants' Exchange. Bueinees in the Courts of this ?tit- and of the Unitrd States, including Cases it Bank'uptcv. attended to. pi3 lw* "pO STORK KEEPERS ?The adyertiarrraicutei in aauI perior it) le aud at reasonable pric'a, Visiting and Mar:hants' Address Cards, Bill Heads. *nd ever) description of Lioinmercial Blanks?Lrhela for all kinds of cotton and woolleu goods, paleut medicine. and Pruggiais' L.liela, atone dollar aud upwaads per thnu-and Drak. Conrutar and Society ieala with appropriate designs, cut in a superior at vie. Braes ind double silver plaint Door Hates, Knockers. Bell Pulls, lie vith improved eaan tiled border.hiudaomely engraved. Store teeprt'i arda, typ* printed, at hi .:,u and upw erda per thousand ?Card, in the neatest manner an! at lower prices than can bs rocared at any other establishment. All persons promptly ittended to ROLEN, Engraver and Printer, f I* 1 meodis* 104 Broadway, heiwsco Wall and fine. The aNu mot'Elii i I'Kc.efcKV tKs?hELKCOOKINO PISTOLS?This fiat j| can be discharged *iiwmi aimwt the rapidity ol ihoug I. 1'lir putol cocks. the barrel revolves and dt* -barges moral) by pulling I ho trigger, the (bMNt and barrel vre in on* piece ana tlciefor* cannot Mow apart lib* looe repeating tiiituis. The couuruclion oftlie piatnl ia perfectly simple ? they can he drawn from the pocket auil need with one baud w thou' the loaf of a momenta time inonckiig? if aliola can he fi-eJ at faal aa a man eau crook hia linger. They are no larger than an ordinary pocketJ'iat' I For Traveller*, Housekeepers, OpUins, Dan'ora, and othrra, 'l.ev arr an Indiapeaaable article, aa pMMM. h >th male and frmale, cau with this pistol protect tbeir live# and property if stacked bv many peranna, aa one of then u equal to near a dotea of I ha common kind. Oenlletnen are invited to call a' 'the a'ora of the advertiser and eia nine the atine, aa their aimplicity, perfect aafety and non-liability ?o get eu' of order, will certouU recommend tliem overall others. For a tie wholesale and retail, by J. O. BOLICM.IOI Broadway ft ft l mend n* between Wall antViui TnaTIONAL BANK OR NO BANKS?A nappea ItoThe O Common Senae nf the People of the United Stale*: eaneciall? oflhe Laboring f-laaa**, ny Johw K. Hl?ao New York, published law W. K. DEAN, No S Ann etr et, lftt I. " 1 liia i* in exctllen' and cleatly reasoned tieatiae, allowing the nature and uaea ?f Bank*, and the advantages and imiortancer f a National Bank ol Discount aad Pepoaite, with braucliea in the aeveral Btatea. We could desire thitmenof p'ain.good aenae?and particularly working men, would go qnie Iv lo Aun afreet, procure a copy nf thi* wo. k. and read it. It will diape *e the prejudice* which have been auffered to faaten upon m in i tniuda in thi* day ol prejudice, when for the abuae. in* in- of many good thing* if preacribed. "Mr. Hu-d lara the foundation of hia aubiact deep and Irong, and then build* up hia argument, tier Bp>o tier olaolid miaunry Hia aubject ia divided into pana.embraciag twenty chapters, bet idee a com lusion and an appeadix 11 in an admirable treatise, designed to be of aalenait* u'llity. " We may recur toil again, when nurapact may allow room for 'ftracU."? Hrrnklyn Evtninr filar The shave work ia for sale by Dean fcTrevelt.Ut Fulton street; H. k ft Raynor, It lowtnr; Roe Lockwo'k. 411 Broadway, and at other booh alorea in the city. p.4 31' plTY DESPATCH PG8T.?Lettera deposited in lbs v various boxes of thil cstabiiahmant. are sent out from th* Kinripal otfie* regularly lor delivery through' ul the city, an r aa Slftslroat, at I. I and t o'clock, at threeeanta each. The advantages odered by it, arr the errtain and expeditious delivery of every description of Social, Profcaaiouul ?nd Commercial correspondence. It lapeeulierly ailapted lor th* transmission of Invitxtio a and replies, and it efferx to the I-xdiea, thruuxh the medium of the Free Stamp*, an > legant and becoming mode of sendiog their note* free. 1 hi* pra paycent of postage, (although quit* optional) in strongly recommended to general adaption,aa tending to promote private convenience and giaatly eapedit* the delivery of tellers The regulation* may b? obtained at the Branch 0Sice* and at the Principal OAce, 46 William at, at whi.h place free stamp* may he purchased at three cents each. N B ?The proprietors respeettully solicit immediate notification of any irregularity, and request the public to be particular in depositing their letters lo the City t'eapatch Post Boxes, to *v nd miatekea. ml Tt jUH > mc'TABF k 1,0.* INTKLLK.KX k- OKH< t RKrmicifcn? Hon. M. II- CJHdbcII, H. Brtroort, K?q., W. frviuir Prof. K#iiwi? h i2ft Im* DERLIN IKON<;AKri.NCi ol f lender*, IJ aD?lmimmrr ort?meol?,o# up^nor m?nuf?< ture, to do** a cooaignmaol, a. very low ?' ~LftCH1 KRUGFR m? Im* 41 By nod strtaL FC0t'Jt-'? Birrel*. nipertor artie'e, now landing from Penihra from New Orleans, for sa'e bv K K. COLI.iNft A C.m tu X...U. -i P ?ill elcaae mill th? ir peiniita onboard, at Orlcana whirl Oil of WMI (tract, immediately. AH gooda not permitted in tredari. mm! ui.aieidahlr b? ??Bt to public tp-fc in3 JT. UEOHOK HOTEL, No. (I bIiOADWA Y~?Keifatp 3 imi on the Eoroi*an flan ?The aubtcriber ban at under.ken it e nniii|rmin' of thie eftabliahiticnt. reepecttulljr ioi< ite the patruuige ol thcpub'ic. M. C. 0. 8 . hie ninle Voolidrrahle imi>fO?im?nti n the *M. ft-o ve Hotel, for the turpoit of addir| to ih* camvanien-e ?n<f comfort of . h:? [uertt. He hat been before the public for miny yeara u proinetorof the Arcade Balli. ks., Ac., and truati that hi* urerioua leal will he a cuflliimt (uaraot'e tint no 'IT >rt on lu? wrt will be traced to fire aatiefartion to thoie who may lonor him with their patroinff*. m3 ?i' CHAR'.Rt O BTOrPAM. IPOR BALE? hin i Tip t,cheap lor cuh, it No it (fold " itreet. IMI m' cllf TAR'iLlN I A, Ir.nn Lieerpon'.?Thio.oti*nett will ^ plena (end their pet mi ta oe bond foot of Pine atreet, or lo Ih < (lire of the rubeeriba ra, without d?l?>. aa all ?""dt not permitted in fire data. moat u .arnidably be ami to the public tore. OLOVE* ft McMl HRAY, ml I mi Pine t^ Snip U.MIuA -IImiiuI wilt ^ioee at idt ju.i i.lhce and letter* be tahrn half put II o'clock tl.ia morning. Theahip will aail at neon. mi It n I'.MlTTANcMiu all imn.of F.atflaad, iV in ii.mi of Cl, ?io, ?m, ? m anv amount, for aale at ? j i?5 ai w.n j> kr"> Hi-..?iiw?v. |'U lKI?"fa? <>u>riiMui tod ??ll ''11'1?" ''.i"1 ** 1 Brofrlwif. Apply)-* W, J. BTlTtil/H j. o,J tt W?ll ?dA 13" Br n?dw?T. f^OLLteCTIOtfO.oaiH uniofuw Umt?? mow. mm vu TIIKASU ivmisr:-u4 m >?-? 8 j. 8Y1< V KSTEK. rS ft Wjt|t, mkI tf IroWwf. ET^fccSJ'as yrwl, IX. up-ataira. olfair for aa)a 1*0 oo* ll mllwf Rioaifi ul Mtlltnty. M.W Cjyin ninfc?.X?'l"rrT. M.*M Ca^riiTllOa , IM.OM CMM^YnhieM, NorUf, oU ! *?""> MM WS^VmII. , . . . MM , *? ? ' "I <* ' t ' ?<-? 1 3 Jli ?*?)>? J"'