Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 7, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 7, 1842 Page 3
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Row Orlraai. [Correspond* noe of the Hereld.] New Oblk/hts, Feb, 22. 1842. T\emtrieal*?Banks, fc. The Italian Company, that is, one part of them, made their debut at the St. Charles' last night, and a glorious triumph it vm of the art musical. The House wa? crammed (o suffocation, there beiag $$415 in, according to the statement of the Treasurer. The utmist order prevailed. People kr * nothing of the music before head, sothat they had no time to bcstow| applause judiciously. It was difficult to restrain the enthusiasm of the audienee in the midst of the most brilliant passages, so wrought up wai every ^hody by Ober, now called Seignora Ober Ross:. Never, never before ie New Orleans was sueh a voice heard,?a voice running up to double E in alto, clear as asilver bell, true to the "evenest hair of a sound," a voct di pclto all the while, and touching, surprising, astonishing, and indeed combining very qualify that oae could imagiae as belonging to the organs of humau utterance. Did you ever see Marino Falierno! If you have ant nor vour readers, it is useless to expend mm. monition is detailing to you, Mr*. Ober Rossi's wonderful merit*, end power and skill, and influence over her hearers. But we are all moat auxinu? to hear Mr*. Sutton, of whom report ipeak* highly. aalratori, the principal bass, and the man who sang the part of Faliero, it a tplendid artist. Hi* oice i* said to bare all the power and feeling of a Lablanche, though wanting the immenie rolume which thi* con of aong poa*ea*e*. The French Theatre, for Opera, i* dead, dead.? The Engliah Opera, under the Seguin* and Manrers, gave it St Vitus' dance, and now the Italian* hare giren it a finishing stroke. The Creoles, themselres, except some half mad and prejudiced people, confess the "corn," admit the fact. For weeks and week* past, their operas hare not been amended, aad they kare lost thousands en thousands. There will be a determined effort to get the Italian Operant the St. Charles, hereafter, regularly. It ean be done aad wil be done. We are in a perfect storm here about our Banks. The institutios are cutting all kinds of strange capers before high hearen, bidding deli uce to the laws and public opinion, fuur of them hare beau run upon. Yesterday waa a holier. other notes sold at from 10 to 20 per cent discount To-day, new scenes of trouble are expect ed The purchasers of the Merchants' Bank, Yorke, Mi'iturn A, Co., got $5000 from old Ben Story, on Monday, for the banking house and the house adjoining. Thia property cost #180 000 The sale saved the house of Yorke from destruction. The bankrupts are going ahead slowly. So far the law has done good. 'lire Legislature will it / mmrlr that \ till then kanknre enkmi* 4a tko laws. If they do not accept the new law they will all be forced into liquidation?that is the determined policy of our rulers. We are now in a pat of very cold weather. Cotton has nearly all come in, but what is here goes off steadily. Other produce rery unsaleable. Mr. Mouton, the loco loco candidate for Governor, will be here in a few days- Should not be surprised if he is elected, as lie is right upon the bank question. The friends of Ireland are at work ; great meetings, great seal and great speaking. All the failures which you have heard of here have been anion? Bank Presidents. Bank Directors, and large Bank borrowers. Note that in your book of chronicles. The steam line to England has not yet got to work fairly. The packet of the 15th January is hourly expected. No news yet of Kendall, the Picayune man, who is in Mexico. S. Bankrupt List. ILLINOIS. pleasant Hart, Madison county; Man. Dickerson, Oreen county Jai iei M-Pmieli, do, Joseph Jackson, lo; S II Poiniexter, do; Johnson Smith, do; Davis i r>.. . Ck.-la. D II I, a- . .... ?n 1W6CII) 1UU1??U tVUUIJ j "schfck Hall, do ; A etei?, Scott county ; Benj. h and St. Salvador Salisbury, (surviving partner* ue lirm of Smitb, Salisbury at Co.) Scott county; unK Lowrey, Peoria county ; Matthew Taggert, do : /in Gifford, do ; G orge C Dana, Ogle county ; Fred Dutcher, Lec county ; Rusaell Pott, De Witt county ; m Dishon, do ; George Pegram. Greene county ; E H lbbard, Monroe county ; A Giidley, Mcl.ean cointy ; Thorn a* Fell, do ; Daniel Beeman, do; Jeiae W Fell,do ; John Fordice, do; J P Langford, Springfield; Clarke Cutler, Tazewell county ; Harriaon Hancock, do ; John T8cott. do; David G Holf, Brown county ; S K Lawrenoe,Adam* county; Ed A Ca*ey, Jersey county; Henry Coolidge, do; Franklin Gay, Tazewell county; Jenae* H Scott, Chicago ; William K Melville, Morgan county ; Palmer rTolmem, do , N O Reynold*, Sangamon county ; Robert A Kinzie, Will county ; Henry Tucker, Cook county; R F Seabury, Tazewell county; Levi Caffa,do ; wm Jonea, Chicago ; D Hawea, Rock Itland county ; Jame* H McLary, Brown county ; Jcdadiah Lincoln, Boon county ; Reuben Buck, do ; Charlea E Goodwin, Kane county ; E Well* Dutchar, Ogle county ; Jeremiah Briga, Chicago; Henry Barber. Morgan county ; George W Maxlleld, Scott county ; H Holliday, Morgan county ; John C Maxcy, Springfield ; El ward A Mix, Henry county :Wm Ayrea, do; Henry Mock, Springfield ; George wood, Sangamon county ; Horace F A?h, do ; John R Duryee, do ; Thomaa Con, Springfield ; Wm Ranken, Lagan county; J W Chenowith, Sangamon county ; Reuben Moore, do ; John Hammer, Springfield ; Jac Ruckel, Sangamon connty ; Daniel E Rachel, do ; Joa Torrey, Springfield ; M O Reeves, do : Joi Crowl, Sangamon county ; Edm R Wiley, do; R H Beach, do ; Tbomaa Coa, do ; C H Simouaon, De Witt county ; O W Durrett, Woodford county ; John P Beatty, do; Richard Oraham, Jersey county ; Robert M Laforce, do: John B Small ey, do ; O Wadham,Morgan county ; wm Morton, do; F E Doolittle, do : John Potter, Adama county ; Charlea Oilman, do ; John P Tennis, Jersey county; Horace F Ash, Sangamon county ; Henry Moch, Springfield ; John C Dodge, Cbok county ; K E Burhana, Tazewell county. Circuit Court, m The New York Cirenit, for thia district, (will open on Wednesday next, agreeably to adjournment, for the trial of tha Staten Inland case, spoken of a day or two since. Judge Kent exchanges with Judge Rugglei, and opens the Dutchess Cirenit thia day Judge R will preside hereon Wednesday. The March term of the Oyer and Terminer and Circuit Court, will commence oa Monday the 21st hut. Judge Rnrgles will preside, exenanging still with Judge Kent, who will take the Ulster Circuit. The U. S ship Falmouth, Commander Mcintosh, ailed from Naifolk on th? %i ?? ?. fta a artiiaa West Iwdia Royal Mail Steamers.?As it will afford important information to our numerous readers, we mention that lettera can be sent by the Clyde, which is to sail from this port on the 10thr to any of the British possessions in the West Indies. Letters should be therefore forwarded to the Postoffice Agent, No 7 Pine ttreet, on or before the 9th. Letters to all other places than the British possessions must be prrpaid in New Vork; letters also can be forwarded to the Pacific Ocean by Panama. ft?- CsinM Tsitni ?It is rarely that suck a success.uu of crowded houses has been witnessed aa those of the Chatham since the commencement of John Sefton's engagement. Ttte bill for this evening is rich In noveli) and variety, consisting of tho drama of The Two Friends, in which Hield and Scott appear as Ambrose and Herbert, supported by Mr. C. Mestayer as Valentino, Mrs. Thorne as Rose, and Misa Mestayer as Elinor ; to which i* s(!<led the still popular drama of The Oolden Farmer, w iti< the same powerful cast as before ; and the performances terminate, tor the drat time, with the drama of Mobb the O itla w,ar Jemmy Twitcher in France : in ttte two last-named pi-ceo John Sefion, of oonrae, appears aa Jemmy Twitch* r. The advantage of a good soat will be appreciated by those who go earliest this evening. !lr> iwrRirm U,iM*v?u ?tk, orn^ilarfnl Chinese JuggUr, who has been satnnishing the Bostonians. is engaged here for one week. He arrived in town yesterday?we had the pleasure of seeing him shortly after his arrival; his long bitch gnrue retcnes nearly to the ground, sod bis curiy aaustachioe hang t>e lew his ehin. Ho informed us through his interpreter that tha Barbarians (English) would soon get a drul>bing In China, as they deserved, aod that he snonl I then return heme. Whoa told that the Yankees eould beat | him in fasts of dexterity, he answeted that " Barbarians knew nothing/' We reckon he is a rearer, and w here Barn am will pat all his visiters,is a wonder,for bis Lecture Room will not hold the half of them : so go early. Mrs.Phillips, Mr Morris, Mr. Hearlly, uerito and other sdtractions,not forgetting Animal Magnetism, are engaged. See advertiscm- nt 0Q' Hsadschs oarednn lo miuutee?so Dr. Hhermen asje?and his Camphor Losengee certainly do it, as wall as allay all sense of lassitude and fatigue, prevent sea sickness, iownesa of spirits, and care all nervaas diseases. 106 Nassau street is the Doctor's warehouse in N. Y ; 3 Ledger buildings, Philadelphia; a Bute street, Boston. . In the Book of Proverbs III, 19, to lh? following passage " There are three things which are too wonderful tor me, yee, four which 1 kavw not. The way of an eagle in t^e air. the wey of a aerpent upon a rock,the way of a ahIy|iMI>e mid it of tho aea, 'and the way or a man in bia youth. Viam viri ea virgine adelearentula." If Solomon extoted at thia period, he wonld exclaim " Vea, fire things which 1 know not, the way to eradicate auperfluoui hair from the humaii akin,*' a singular chemical discovery of Or. Felis Ooariud This highly popular and efficacious prepare tton to to be had at the old established office 07 Walker door from Brsadway, 01 per bottle ; and at 047 Broadway. For list of agents see advertisement. Those who desire to possess a luxurious head of bur, we would adeiae at once obtain Dr. Orandjeam't Competition, which ii highly eflcaetoni Hi raatorli g hair which hat auy tendency to turning (ray or Ailing off, to a healthful itata. Dr. O. invite hit ftienda to give him a cell it 11 Barclay (treat, Aitor Building, where he may be gratuitonalj conaulted. I HORIT BARKST BMidajr, March 8?8 P. M. Tha condition of the currency in the auapendeddla trictt, hu been a aource of great diatreea and loaees t< the people. The immediate and only canto of the depre elation of the circulating medium, it the toleration o; the autpended banki,and allowing them daily to iaaut promiaea to pay, which they daily iiahoner. In no pan of the country hero the people auffered greater impoai tion than in Baltimore; every apeciea of juggling trick W.. ?'-J .? (Kn nMnln <h? .nril, lew aud depreciated rail road orderi aa a currency, and without aucceif ; yet, notwithstanding the experience thua acquired, the common council, with a degree ol folly acarcely credible in a legislative body, persist in mountebank tricks to make that valuable which is la it self valueless. The orders are now miserably depreciated, and it has been enacted that a premium of 36 per cent! shall be allowed to all persons who wilt fund the orders, the premium to be paid in city scrip boaring six per cant interest,and receivable for city dues; and the taith of the city has also been pledged to such banks as will receive the orders for currency, for the payment quarterly of five per cent interest on the orders unfunded. Such is the extent of folly to which currency legislation hss retched. Twenty-five per cent premium on $600,000 of orders funded,'would be an issue of $136,000 Of city scrip besriag six per oent, for which no equivtlint whatever is received, and to that extent must the citizens be taxed, and for what 7 Simply because the banks and the rail road do not choose to pay their debts, and the legislature does not choose to sompel them. If the city council undertakes to pay 35 per cent of tke debts of the rail road, why doei it not pay aa much for the banks, and allow them to resume 7 The banks may then fail every two yesrs, and throw their debta upon the oity for the " relief of the people! !* The law of 1641, for levying taxea in Pennaylvanit, waa estimated to yield $1,700,000, instead of which,however, it will prove short $700,000- The following are the resti Its from all but nine counties D.x wail aft sstvt 1 ?)i All Ileal estate, horiea and cattle 301,401,491 Office*, profession a, trade*, Sec 34,790,403 Tax ataeued in full in 1841 631,003 A meeting of the "Domeatic creditor*" of the State of Pennsylvania, wa* held on the 1st inat. at Harrisburgh, the object of which waa to get tip a new specie* of quackery .instead of raying their debts by taxation. The meeting resolved that for the State to force them to receive State stock in payment of their claims, is in it* present state of depreciation no better than repudiation. So far good. Tks memorial closes, however, by soliciting the State to pay them off in certificates of indebtedness, redeemable in State etock as if the thadawt of the stock were batter than the stock itself. This proposition was probably got up by some politicians to deceive the poor creditors *f the State. The following is a comparative statement of the Treasury notes outstanding on the 1st inst Treaivhy Note* OrriTAnnino, Jan 1. Ftk. 1, March 1. Total outltandingiold iaiuel, 1,319.663 >86,899 703 <18 l.iutl uuderactof Feb.15, 1841, 6.998 95* 6 884.086 7.5*7,068 Rtdetmedof that uiue, 777,197 1.987,966 9.038 5i9 6,591,059 5.906,196 ? VB? Iliue* of Jan. 1849. ? ? 9,977,118 Redeemed of that l**ue, 80,911 Grand total outstanding, 6.840 793 6,591,018 8/39 116 Showing an increaoe of near (9,000,000 in ana month. We have recently publithed from the cenaua returna the product* of the eattern and of the weatern State*, with the capital employed, the number of hand* in each employment, comparing the aggregate* with the bank loan* and currency of each lection. To-day we proceed with aimilar table* of the aouth weitcra aection of the Union, in which are compriaed the State* of Alabama, Louiiiana, Miaaiiaippi, Arkania* and Tenne**ee, a* follow* :? Product* or th? SoiruHWErrcnw State* with the Cafltal tMrLOVED. _ Minerals. Quantity. Value. Handi. Cmntat Bariron, 11,114 889,190 9,441 1.881 93* C**t 17,548 894,740 ? _ Gold, ? *0,931 47 1,000 Granite, he. ? 58/00 195 95 850 Total minora!*, 1,060/91 9,613 i,*o8,0M Live Stock. Horae*. 305.143 13405.730 ? ? Catt'e, 2,684 100 63,682,000 ? _ Sheep, 1,113.426 2 832,662 ? _ Hwiiie, 6,047,967 1,173 967 ? _ Poultry, 1,774,472 ? _ Total live itock, 79,666,994 Agriculture. Wheat* 5,701,218 4 275,162 ? _ Barter, 14,915 5.220 ? _ OaU, 9 407.962 1^81,592 ? _ Rye. 374 801 148.920 ? _ Buckwheat, 18,421 6,212 ? ? Corn, 89,893,973 26 968.191 ? ? Wool, 1,370 117 ?69,637 ? _ Hops, 1,944 583 ? _ Wax, 61,059 22,762 ? _ Potatoes, 6 370.775 955 61( ? _ Har, 69,419 691,190 ? _ Flax 4,404 881,800 ? _ Tobacco, 30,175,448 18.105,280 _ _ Rice, 4 538 726 1 816,890 ? _ Cotton, 502,907,578 50,290,757 ? _ Cocoons, 3,341 400 ? Sugar, 120.461,330 6.033.069 ? _ Wood, 41:6,202 2,281 010 ? _ airy ? 1,273.089 _ _ Orchard, ? 449,607 _ Family goods, ? 8,231,120 _ _ Total agriculture, 195,387,701 650 546 150.000.006 Oardeni, fcc. ? 379,880 *55 479,434 v^JPIWW^C# Commieiion a ad Foreign tra e, ? ? ? 23,138,512 P*1*? _ 83 III 009 ~ ~ - 9.111 4(4,775 Internal Traniportalion, fee. ? ? 4(8 >53154 Total Commerce, 2,734 57,500 445 Ftrtit. Luinb<r, ? 522131 ? , Tar, fcc. 5,548 20,304 ? _ Skinaaadfun, ? 17,552 ? _ Other product*, ? 12,755 545 ? Total fareet. 872 785 545 Manufacture 1. M.cliin. ry, ? (50,919 887 ? Hardware, fcc. ? 1,121,045 181 _ Other metale, ? 210,(00 175 ? Biiekl.fcc. ? 1,(55,818 2.857 2,(28,448 woollen good*, ? 14,250 45 25 500 Cotton, ? 348,810 1,(28 837,(35 *?lh, ? 737 48 2,575 Tobacco, ? 211,732 875 142 471 Hata. capa, fcc. ? ; |U8 299 231 51,4(0 Role leather, 207 (or 834 231) ... ?T..?o Upper " 233,705 (44,3(9) lt51* ?77,(82 Other " 2 783,249 1,058 363,197 Soap, 3 4(0,372 |173^19) Tallow candlee, 3,(35,7(3 4(0,043 S 111 125205 Sperm 14 41,350 14.172 S Spirit!, 1 (51.322 387,890) . Beer, fcc 4,5(7 (12 { MM s73.*?? Dmgi.fcc. ? 07,042 33 25,MO JCartheaware, ? (2,100 83 21 75u Sugar. refined cmf ctionary, ? 814,3(0 117 8M.8M Printing, fcc. ? ? 919 4(5,915 Cordaae, ? 132,(30 258 84480 Carriage!, fcc. ? 384 505 551 1(1 (31 FluW, 94,784 393 520 ) ?... . Other aulle, ? 8,770 (25 ) 5>7*1 .198.195 ghipe, - 58,154 ) .. k urmtnre, ? 178,283 ) 171 Ml * Houerf, ? ? 7.00* 1,407,441 Other miDu&eturee, ? 1,101441 ? 007,003 Total manufacture!, 13,784,408 30 308 14414,437 Total fureat, 873,780 840 ? Total com'erce, ? 3,794 57,000,440 Horticulture, 370400 030 470,480 Total Agriculture, 105481.704 (50440 150.0v0.v00 Mi u? rale, 1.(40 891 3410 1 (0?,000 131480,(80 (83,440 334,401444 The following io the table of the annuel production of each grand divioion ? . Kattrrn. Iftitern. SoiUhtrttlern. Manufecturce, 108,304479 59.431 431 13,784498 Koreet, 3488.389 3 300,137 878 788 Horticulture, 698,000 488 Uto 378480 Agriculture, I8,8?,I88 IM 048,403 108487,704 Mineral*. 4,091,114 5,4(0430 1 4004(1 Fithe riee, 0401413 ? ? Total producli. 311.303 303 170,330(10 191480.000 Population employed, 503,004 M4.100 030,440 We mop now compare tho aggregate* of exchanngeable ealuvi, with the bank capital, loan*, currency, he., of each oection Eastern U'tiltrn .WlvulTe Total product*, 811,4*3,9*1 170,300 80* |9I.MS*9( " tin porta, 914*1,111 8M04* 13,4(0,141 " riohanageab'e reluct, 833 044.418 175,(70 (4* 134,040 003 Beak capital, ?.3l9.39t 81.(40.(8* ?i.*4l,*4( loan*, 81,159,718 41,348 388 1 38.138,911 " turret ey, 94.4*8 070 40,041 187 48441.197 * (peeie, 3378.838 7,909.7*3 7 4.0,79* Total population, 34:5 tm 4.131.370 344*409 AC1ITC popUIIIIOD, OM.OM 9W9%IVW This table it will be seen, indicate* that the production of any one eection, i* an inverse ratio to the bank currency In circulation. In the aouth-weatern section there are IOC,000 more active people, than in the eaatern aoctioo?yet, with 00 per cent aaore bank accommodation, and 100 per cent more bank currency, the prodnct of their yearly industry is scarcely 60 per cent of that of the New England section. These are simple facts, that speak trumpet tongued against the baneful influence of the bank system in a producing or agricultural country. The operation of banks is simply to promote com. merer, or en interchange of commodities after they are produced. Banks are, therefore, peculiarly favorable to the commercial classes, and for the same reasons are, if pushed to excess, detriments! to the producing classes. We explained in a former number, that trade and the operations of well conducted banks,are always seconds ry to end dependant open the productions of the soil. II through tbeincreesed physical strength of the country, by meena of immigration or the natural growth of the population, a great volume of industry can be spplied to the creation of sxctannvall* values a _r i.j. fellows, 1 saving a very snail proportion to the quantity at goods produced. The census returns giro osthe /bet, that out of an active population of 4,900,000 persons, 4 400,000 are employed in producing wealth, and 340,000 in exchanging and transporting that wealth, and import ing and selling good* produced abroad. This emall nam bar of .150,000, are alone benefited by the bank* which be i cjaao in their hand*, the instrument* by which the wealth of the 4,MH>,000 if accumulated into the hand* ol ' thef-w. Thia result ia seen in the above table, and in 1 the well known fact that exchangea are alway* heavily 1 ia favor of the New England State*. In that section ol the country the active population is less than 600,000 per> sons. In the other section* of the Union there are 4.300,000 active population, who are alway* in debt to the new I Englucders, and that in exact proportion to the abun1 dance of bank currency in the indebted district*. The ^ currency of New Euglaud is to the aunual production a* 1 1 to 10; in the southwt stem State* it ia a*'1 to 8; at the west as 1 to 6. The ifleet of this redundant currency i* toiaise the value of eaitern manufacture*, while the sales of southern produce are made in the currency of England and Massachusetts. For instance, a piece of good* made in Massachusetts is sold in Mississippi, where the currency is to the production as 1 to 3. On the other hand a bale of cotton raised in Mississippi is sold in Boston, where the currency is to the production as 1 to 10 only. Hence the south western producer receives for hi* industry but one third of that which the eastern manufacturers receive. If the order of things were reversed, and the New England cum ncy became inflated, while that of the south was reduced to specie, the east would in one year become indebted to the south. The secret is, that in New England capital is employed almost altogether in the products of induitry, and no more uu 11 necessary ii employed in banking, in tne impended lectiom the reverie ii (he caie. A National Bank having the capital subscribed in thii country, would (aggravate the evil, inasmuch ai it* capital would be diverted from iti proper uiei into illegitimate channels. Capital brought in from abroad, ii not ouly not needed, because there is more capital already here employed in trade than is wanted -, but the dividends remitted abroad would be an actual lots to the country. The notion of u regulation" is preposterous. The finances of an individual, who neglects his business and spends his time in gambling, cannot be made prosperous, neither can those of a community of such individuals. Died On Friday morning, after a lingering illness, Cm ices. the son of David and Henrietta Uull, aged two months and fifteen dsj s. Outhedthand 4th inst. Joint Edward Ross and AvcusTus Masse, twin infant sonsof Benjamin and Margaret A. Hendrickson, agvd two weeks and five days. At sea, on the 24th February, while on a voyage to Sa vannah for the benefit oi his health, Thos. Cochbane, watchmaker, in the 64th year of his age,a native of Scotland and resident of this city since the year 1811. Thelriends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, without further notice, from his late residence, 288 Greenwich street, this afternoon at four o'clock. Psuwengera Arrived. Pavamhah?Brig Wm I W?t?on?Mrs Stufford and child. Foreign Importations, Malaga?Bark Naehua?686 box-a 1199 hf 1700qr do 333 ken raitiua P Harm >03 k co?138 bxa 543 h' do 400 qr do 33 kehaB Blanco?? eki coirr aerd LawreLce k Kohinaou?9410 bxa rai in* | do ir.dae T D Ryan?891 bx* 5050 hf do raitiua to orlxr. Tmx?te?Brig Pico?3pkga Bruallein, Koop It co? 1* F Cottincl?3 r Or JDtulhal?8 ckf C Voiciu?3 A Galach?3 do 1C0 btaateel 35 baba Lawrence, Morray klnga'e?1 box mineral a Bouchaud It Thebaud?3 pkc* F B Hkodea? 5 do H Banker?3 do Howlaud It Aapinwaii?5 K Dutiih?16 J Ooddard?8 caaka cream tartar ISO balea hemp A St C Cunningham?393 ba'ea raga 300 bxa ateel 34 balea 34 caata 68 bbla 33 cka rermilkou 60 balaa hemp to order. Rotterdam?Oalliot Keaainalt Oerrtuida?I ck i ca drufa W Caaaebeer?!00 a I aba tin K It W liolitho? 80 bdla Heel H Boker?3 ca 100 baga coffee 15 cka madd r Merianlt Benird?1 case ?ine 4 rkga F A llnchaa?35 ca wine P Jrnkina?7 cka do H Will?1 do 6 ca J Enalich?314 W Hobte?3 cka C F Hnyer? 60 mat, tlax 50 p.ia giu Boooen O-area It co?45 Herkenrath It Launder*?34 caaka madder O Meyer k ion-80 pipe* (in to order. (icayami?Brig Han ford?331 eke 8 bbla molaaaea 35 hhda 8 bblaatuarSbsgt coflfre N Peck,NHaren. Guayama?Brig Jane?380 caaka 18 ibla atfor Scnteyran It Perrit?83 cka it bbla moLaaea 3do augar to order. FoxAaoo-Brig Wm Crawford-lti3 hVdi augar Duntcomb k Beck with?16 lihda molaaarr F S Mean* Matarzai?Brig Adna?308 hhda 19 liercaa malasaea J J Tailor. Havana?Brig Henry Leeda?338 hhda 6 tierce* molaaaea F O Thuratoo. Havana?Bchr Rrchambeau?55 hhda molaaaea 8000 orargea Wm MeUilrery?165 hhda wear 40 do molaaaea 6bxa Howland k Aapin wall?170,010 aegart Wm A Hunter. IVlmMtl* Iniimrtitlnna Savaiynah?Brig Wm I Wataou?U4b?'ra cotton Lawrence k Co?75 H Colt k co?41 Bogart k Kueelaad?SO Bar*tow k Pope-M Smith. Mill* k co? 60 do (1 tea rice J 8 BhapUr?(4 balea cotton to order. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF IBW YORK, MARCH 7, 1843 act auca I ;8 noon Mart 4 < atm aiTa 44 I miom 6 is Packatato Arrive. Packets to Depart, LonDon. nenDon Ontario, Bradiah, Jan. 50 Switzerland, Smith, Mar. 10 Toronto, Oriawold, Feb I Hendrick Iludaou. Mar go LiriRrooL. LimarooL. Europe,Marakall, P. Henry, Delano, Mar.7 Namc. blirffi ld, Allen, Mar 13 Baltimore. Faeck, haym. Emerald, Howe, Jan. t4 Argo, Anthjny, Mar. 8 Te Haute ra of Veaaela. Cemaiandera of Yaeaela will confer a faror by ha ring a liet of their eargoea, paoaangera, and a report of reaoala left at the port whence they Bailed, and the veaaela apoken, ready aa their arrival here for Commodore Baibett, of oar fleet of newt acheonera. Ha will board tham immediately an their arrival. ArrlTtd. Ship Eutsw, Rand ill. Hat* Rocketf) from Liverpool, Jan 14, mdae, to 8 Thompson?139 stcrige passengers. Capt Rockett died yesterday morning ami o'clock, in the lower bay. There in a large number of pa'sengera tick on board?three died within the I alt few day*. The E. hie eapenenced vrry severe weather the whole pannage. Bark Nashua, Ptrrv. 98 days from Malaga, fruit, kc to P J Francis. Left ehip Georgia, for NYore, 6 da; bark Pedung, for South America 5?the only American vessels. Brig Pico, Harris, 77 days from Trieste paeeedGibraltar Jan M mate, to order. Left at T. ahip T'oga, Haidiag, for New York, Ids; brig Borndiua, Chare do. Pasted G. in co. with ship Dutburv, tor Boston; bark Marseilles. NYork. Swedish hug Fritx, Zimmerman, 43 days from Rio <le Janeiro, coffee, to Uowtey It Uemareet. Brig Heart- Leeds, Humphrey,! davs fro n Havana, sugar, fee to F O Thurston Lrft ship Zotoff. hetre, arr dry before. Sailed m co. with Drw B hie. for Portland. Off Moro Castle, passed ship Mogul, of NYork, bouodin Brig Harford, Nichol. 14 days from Guayama, PR sugar, to N Peck?bouad to New Haven Vessels left before reported. B ig Jane Hafford, IS days from Selanos. PR. sugir, kc to ordtr. Left no American vessels, lis' ult lat to loo 47, spoke et-ip Scotia, Welsh, of Baltimore, 3S days from Havre for Mobile. Brig Wm Crawford, Meaur, 17 days from Foiardo. PR moleaves, fee. to Dunscomb k Meek with. Left no American Brig Adna, Shermnn. 1? days from Matanaas, sugar, kc. to J J Taylor. Veascls l?fl not recollected. Brig Wm I Watson, Lsvy, M hours from Savannah, cotton, to k Dimon. ,. _ , _ Dutch galliot KeaainakGeertruida.Grook, 45days from R jtterdam, vr dte, to Booneo Graven k Co. Schr Odeon, Leland. 19 days from Mayaguex, PR. molasses, to R PBuck. Left brig Hideroia. wtg cargo; schra Isaac Krauklin.ldg; St Thomas, from St Thomas, j'lat arr. Schr Brazilian arr day before. Schr Kochatnbear, McOilvcry, 9 days from Havana, fruit, to master. 6snsral Record. Packet ship Fatkic a Hcirv, Tor Liverpool, fails today.? Letter bi|i at Qilpin's. Smrwaxcx and Lo i ok Lire.?The Britiih brig (rarlami. Debie, from Liverpool lor Apalach cola, with a cargo of tali, at atxut a quarter pail J o'clo k. rtt on the 10th in?t. atru k upo i the waltrnol a number of lUta off the reeT of Cape St Bias. 'I he brig drawing 1S| f-it struck in 13; at the distance of 10* NW.the depth ie7 fathotnr. Kvery thing was done to get her off by lightening her. hut in rain. The jolly boat was manned, the captain, three men and a boy going aboard te procure the neareel aaaiatance. At 300 yarda from the brig, the boat wae cipeixtd among tlie breaker!, and two men drowsed: a third aucceeded in swimming to the brig, from whence relief came after 3J houre lo the captain and boy, who had clung to theJ >hy heat Then went and remained on board the brig over night?left hermxt day; but did not leave the beach until the ISih, pm, when the brig appeand to have parted in two, the maiomaet having fallen 8 and the foremaat N. No preaible blame can be attached to the captain, who takea the mifortune much lo heart ?JipaltchicMa Feb. It. Spoken. Kenaington. from Boaton for Savannah, Fab 38, off Charleeton Bar. Tatter, of Thomaiton, from N Orleans for Halifax, Feb 33, latst, Ion 71, Nival, of Calais, from Montrge Bay for Tunidad, but h ar iogfreighu were dull, altered her couraa for Wilmington NC ?Feb 17, off Trinidad. An knglieh brig from Demarara for Boaton, March 3, off 8 Shoal. B am viable. from Boetonfor Cot*: of California, Feb II, lat MM,Ion a? 31 Marathon, M dare from Havie for Boaton, with lot of mniu yard, head of rodder tprung, waa altering with laeklee outai te In iKn enralan waaila.l tan aalaial a nrm ? V. la 1 0 1*1 41 Iriat 11 Til rcr?tgn Ports. Reran., Frb 11?I > port, Jamr. Calmer, one; John Hair, of Portland, for Hamburg, do; Adelaide, M-ikle, cf .NYork do; Villa d? Pari., of Bo.ton, ding; Nathaniel Hooper, dodo; HamKurt, of Bath, do, Uibraltar, dodo; Brontea, Lurtia, from New York, uneerln; Avignon, of Wiera ct,l at; Louiaa.for Plu'a delphh.ldg; Nichoiaa Brown, Mobile, uneerlA: Roh Roy, of Borl'D, di?g; Nant lira,I'm Ponl ind, do:; Velaoeo, Boaton, tfo; Rapid, WarJ, N York, do; Folanl, NewJ art, Idg; Etneline Brieto*, do: Jarrot, of Boaton, diag; Santo., o do; At.antic, Whaelrr.of New York, arc; F*an<eo Amy Parker,fordo S r1.; North Bend,of Savannah,digg; Be'aey, of Bath,dr; Lincoln, do do; Alernov.dodo; ?ha?Thoma?, do do; Caroline, of P?rtlnod,do; Sebngo,do do; Fraokhii.dodc; Eiehauge, for Bahu, do; Cjbele, of Portland, do; Ferree*. do do; L'Orieut.forSt J?; Lima.of Kennrhrck, do; Arlamant, for St JoknaEF d>; McL-ilan, of Machia., do; of Oeorgatown do: Banner, f r b rton. do; Wyaudot, for N York, tame day; Bo ney.Coombr, une. Maraietar, Kb a-In port, Tibcrinr, from Beaton, evtg f t; Monneo, trom Wil>n<ngton. dog; Hog an, for Portland, Idg; Taint., Bo-ton, do; Cynoaore. for B'(ton. Idg; LIio, for I'orthnd, leg; Adnn. Sherman,'for Nr w York, Jid; Toaqain.diag; Wanaw do; Hell capon t, do; Ellnwirth. wtgfit;; Alwilda, do; Augueta. do; Mary, for Boeioa, aoon; Trcmnnt, Baltimore, Idg; Arrron. tor Boaton, Idg; Kaauru nUr, fmdo, f retnrr; Atgooquti, pot iu in dirlrtra, dug, Nearport, juet nrr; Crunatadt, wait ng cargo. Sid Cordelia, for Po'Mund Taininar. Feb 17?In port, Ellen. Couplan I, for NYork. Idg; CUrinea Perkin*, Perkini, do. IU; Alpine, for Raeton, It: Ytn __ A ? re. A ' I JA f'aa. t I ... .1 T.llal I ... \i vr QO, m, Sim urns. IJU 19, Iiiinmobu, I anv^iur ^ York.*>; Oulnaic, Tinker, do do; Soieice, for Ptn'adelptiia, I; Uasclln, WnterhoiMft, from Haran?, j let trr, lor NYork; John niil, Dunhar,.NYo-k. 10; Me n n. Be it >n, I; Klin, from Win exMt,d?(. Ann Mori*, for Bolton, and Perurian, for Phi'ad"l|hil,rld 14th Ponr au rmncn.Feb II?In port, wm Nelaoa, Mr.r.Kfor ft York, 19 da; Tremont. for do, unc; ichra John, Boaton, amn; Oro B) ron, (Into Mrniane] for ft York, I da?Capt H and Dani Smith, cue of the crew of tt>? U B.died nt Tort au Prince a I ikflfff liiM nrrrimia . . fr.,m \'Oili ana Jiaf. Dirilnma. for i Tinned, ill 4d*y? btfoi'fV ~ ~ ' "" "" L* ul avia Feb 13?J ? port, Bevn, Brig i, for NYork, aix n ?d otre?i before r ported. Jaw RMo. Ji? l.-In p,rf, Abafun Wnght, for NYork,! da; wig cargo: Cameo, de; Wakulla. for Philadrlphie, 5; * !?? ? jivanta, fm Gibraltar ju*t arr. Duxtury. for B Housld 7 days before. United States Ports. fr *a!tikokt, Ftb 28?Sid Tyro, Matanzaa. AirMar 2,En.i y boaou. ? ^,,RTi;A.wV Mar 2?Arr Ontario, Matanzxa via Boaton; Mary Ptaiie. Triuidad via do; Khz t LHaiiJ, fm fropju'cl for Charles tun; Corvo. CriHkttt, Th unas'ou for NYork; Fie? man. Spear, d ? do Arr 3J, Tu. ner, Nor oik. ( Id U. ited States, rorto Itico. Sid Louisa. Washing ou. an I Car 'etur, Cuba. Portmjouth, Mar 4 ?Arr Diauthr, NOrlean*. C.r.noc Ksric?,Mar I? Arr Orion, Sarmnah, 3.', Sarah Ann, our mam. Bo?tow, Mar 5-Arr Suw arrow, NO leaos; Envoy. Tiinid id; Plutus. do; Commerce P ?r? an Prii-ce; Pi'gnm. Cieafuegot; Marv, Mttnza*; Gto W G fford,do; Cape Fear Savau* 5,#b; Majdro aod T'iuiri h. Itappnlnun ck Signal (or2 brigs. Cld Farweli, Calcu ta; C'.arlotte, N w Orleans; P'atina. -o, Z. ?i! N?? York; Time!, Soiw.du; ALawieuce i u oi ' Arr 4 h, Ano*t<>,! aUrn.o; Nonantum, Liverpool; J hii H Srepherd, New Oilcan*; Shaw, do; Clarisaa. Maianzaa; pjltfc, ChflntoD; Eliza Purge**. Cieu urgor. Tbe Grand Island, from Bonair 7th ult reyona sh:p Caacj. hence- arr prer to 3d uit. aud took in acme salt, but s. ringing a jeik, dischiuged it again, and f roce?ded to ("uracoa for exam nation [ A letts r Iroio I orto Cabello, d red 5'h ult. inentio s a report that C had ?eeo copdemtied ] poke 23d alt. lat 33. Ion 73 30, Dingo, 5 ds fin Norfolk for Jamaica. ...7.* Bkdford, Mar 3-Arr .YauiiJus, Pacific Ocean, with 25(j) bbla ?p oil. nu mr.i iiolk, Mar ??Arr and remains al 9 a m, Aiuermar, "Carolina fdr Boaton, only eiiael in peert. _ .. PRoviorNcr, Mar 4?Arr Oaspre, Mobile; Willi's P Walker do; J44 Lamphier. NVork; Midas, do; Yankee, d >; TKm w /horn do. Cl.l Casket, Matauzas Noihir.gsailed, wind 8W. Wui It James,for Mobile. U at anchor off Pawtuxel;Elba, for Havana. is at anchor off (ia?|iee Point, both wmdbouud. Brutol Mar 3?Arr Empress, New Oiltaui; Emetine, HaTin Nf.wport. Mar 4?Arr Cleepatra'e Barge, Deunis for North Carolina: 2d, Rieuzi. Providence for PhilaHe'phia; 3d. Adams, do do; I H Bordi n. Kali River for NYork; Charlea, Providenre for do. Passed up, p in. a bark, aup;a>?ed trie Mobile for Providtuce. Puilapklphi \, Mar 5?Arr Caoix, Mobile; Estb'r. Mayaguez Below, Octorara, fin Liverpool; B Mtzick, NOrleaui. ("Id J 8 Wain. Fayal; De'os, Went ladies; Gukahye, Barbadoee; Mircy Jane, 8t Joltu NB. Baltimore, Mar 4?Arr Falcon, Bermuda; Red Rover, Lubee; Effort Newburypurt; Harvest. Boaton; Canova, 8t Thomu Cld Indiana, Wells, NYork, Union, Boaton; Navarro, Portland. Alexandria, Mar 2?Arr Falkland, Falmouth Ja; Columbia, Boston. Md A B Keeler,Bermuda. Richmond, Mar i?Arr Cliztbelh. New York; Mary Ann it Caroline, Prorideuce; Marion, Boeton; Easle. do; Anu D Somere, do Sid America, NYork. Arr 2d. Ponti c, Mlrdford; Sydney, Porto Rica. Arr 3d, Tuecarora, NYork. bid Lynchburg, do. Norfolk Mar2? Arr Ware, Bne'on: F.rreline, NBedbrd; Joieah, Falmouth Mui; Richmond, Piovincctowr. lu Hampton Roads, L?ng lalaud.biund to NtwUr'eaiis. Cld Bril'iant, J itnaica. Bid Empire. Powel'. NYork. Arr 3d, Altnira. Bcituate; Conrtitution, Ba'timoie Joeeyli Marsh, and Pen, b-cot. NYorV lu Hampton Road*, t'an'nn. and Havaua,from Baltimore^ Dolphin, L i Guayra. Cld Bride, Boalon. Bid August, Jamaica. Wilm-roton, NC. Feb 25?Arr Wil.iam, Jamaica; Le Oirondln, Pt I'etre; 2*th,New Yurk.StThnrnas; 28lh,Amethyst, Jamaica; Challenge, 8t Theuiaa; Mar 2. Ounmore, Nassau N'P. Cld Feb23. Wasson, Hondo at; 24th, ka fine,Sloninglon; Waa Hart,Coreon, NYork; Rio Grande. Porto R co; 29th, Auiiujla, Jamaica; Mar 1, Vtui-lier. 8t Domingo; Lafayette, Guaduloutie; Adeline, Cuba; Michigan, Tt Petre. Wasninoton, SC. Fet> 23?Arr Myers. Fow'er, New Y< rk; Brilliu.L Williams, do; 21th. Eliz ilieth, Boston; Dray, do; let Mar, Clii-11 mil. r> ewpori; Waahiogloii, Wrat I dti. Below ,l"'? Weil Indie* Cld Feb 34, Anaconda, Gukill, NYoik; 25th, Eurotu*. Snow. d >; Crirn, < J.iekiil, do; Lyceum, Ooiton; Mar I, Myere, NYork Marcia, Smith, do; AlilieraCorueliua, do; Valiant, do; Drty, B e'oa. iHiBLiirod, Mar 1?Arr Laurel, Ap-Jachicola; Loili.New Lot dju. CldCouatitutiou Liverpiol; Biruiingh im, do; Rog-r Sherman, do; Lucae, Boaton. Arr 2d, O rroti, NLondon. In thecffi g,Chin>,and a Br bark from Liverpool. Arr Wellington, Boiton; Brilli. t, Cottou, New York. Sid Oiceola, Bordeaux; Hope, NYoik. Cld Jcatie, Copenhrgrn: AuguaU, do; Ferai, NOrleane; Anion. Barkman, N Yo k; Zuviah, Iugr*ham, do; Laurel, PrnncolaSarAawAH.Mar 1?Sid Anthony AndervD, Lirerpool; Minerva do. Cld Feb 2S, Lady Colebrooke, do; Duccan, St John NB. ArtLAOHicoLi, Feb 4?Arr Wm Taylor, Hoey. NYotk; 5th, Marian. Lindiev, ^avani'ah; 61 h Cumberland. Liverpool; Robt Burne,do: Caroline Piatt. Ri e,NYork; 7th, Ctap an. Boaton, 10tV, Jamei Edward, Howard, New York. 5tt.?Cld Strafford, Havre: Jehn Olden. Norlrani. Arr 13th, Tennea??e. Skolfirld, NYork; Pioneer, Mobile; 17th, Mary Pennell, Given, N York. Mobile, Feb 35?Cld Lady Scott, I iverono". Arr Counted of Loudeo, do; Confidence, Boetou. Cld 24th, Louiia, H?vr<; I'ahawba. Smith, NYork; Lucretia, B< a'.on Veiteli in port: Slnpa New York,, for Liveriool; Uaac Newtoa, F.apindola, Cornelia, E Denniion, Great Britain, Aleiauder, Carroll of Carroltm, and B rmingham, do; Veuiee, Louiaa, and Henry, Hav.-e, Cahawba, NVork; r Hattuck, do; J Cadn ut, Boeton; Hog trill, Athena. Chevalier, J Dunlap, Helen, Colonui, Metoka, Algonquin Rob Roy, b ranconi*. Corea. S Jeukine, Ha?macD,John Jay, Harmony, freight; P Victoria, dieg: (British:) Ocean Queen,Catharine, Lady Scott, Ben Nevia, Minburg, J Walker. Britannia. J P-?rt?r. rear!, S-mtiel, E Brj aon, K Bentley, J Denniaon, and C Huinber'eon. for Liverpool: Speed, fr4; Herculet, dieg: bark* Mearna, (Br) Liverpool; Abercrombie, (Br) do; Larmia, (Br) do; J Brower. NYork; Ta-tar, Have; Lucretia, Boeton; Gnlnare. do; Roderic Dhu, Fjo vide nee;; Salem. Julia. Geneere, Commerce,(Br) and Albion, (Br) freight; bliza Wefleabey. Bremen; Dante, Havana; Pioneer, Cohaneey, M Silebee. andChairei, NYork; N England, Boaton;; C Sc Mary, Pcrtumouth. New tbrlcane, Feb 38?Cld Sheffield, Havre; Kentucky, Boaton: Orleane, Seara,NYork; Carribean. Allen, ao; Cazenore, Philadelphia. Arr Edw Thorne, Alloa, Scotland via Cork; Congreaa, Mobile. PORTUCUESE FEMALE FLLLS~ 'TtHESK far-fnaned and e< labrated roll*. from Portugal, as A we perceive, to'be obtained in uiit country. Bee advertisement on the laat eolumuof fourth page. f?41 m*is Via J. oRTillE fAYLoK, giver liia Sccona Lecture I L" thia evaaing, in the Rutg'r'a Inentue, at half put 7 o'clock, Subject?" National Education." Admittance f ee. The Mayor, Common Council, and Board Public Schoola, are invited to attend. [Fr?mttir Richmond Enquirer, Va.] " Mr. Taylor, with a rich fancy, and with burning language, ia the rery man to awake a alutnaeriug people to the importance of an education." tr7 U' VAECffAiNlCS' IN8T1TUTK-1 .ecture on i?U'r lay even I l-"A . inc. March 8 at I he New York Society Library. Richard Adarot Locke, Kvu .will delirerhie Second Lecture au TERRESTRIAL MAGNETISM, commencirg at 8 o' cioca. i iciei>, annulling a L.acy ana ueniltman, us cent*, to be had at i hi door. mt gi? VfOTICE?Paaaovrr Bread aad Meal for the enauing faa J-v aorer fir the Elm. Henry, and White alreet congiegatiom. are now ready for delivery at No. 16g South cor. Dover atreet, entrance in Dover atreet ALSO. Caution to Ifraelilef, to be on their gu'?rd where they nurekaae, aaitveral habere have put it uo in (heir window* Cora.le, who are not erg.g'd for any of the congregation* ; and. atao, no padlara or commiaaiooere are aent out by t he a* congregatitu* forcuatomera. m7 laflwd eodtw TCE FOR SAi-E?Captain Hudaon. ofaloop Ohio, haa for 1 a?l* a cargo of lea. Apply on board, at the foot of Am?a at, North livar. m7 It* O INKS AND PKIVIEfl?The Lodi Manufacturing Co., will W7 receive ordara at their office No 11 Liberty atreet. New York. Ibr cleanaicgof Sink* and Priviea by the lieeneed Night Scavengeia. Thav will be (learned by old,experienced, and careful men, that have bean ye are employed in the luaineaa, and upon whom en'ire reliance can be placed, at the lowrat rate that can be afforded under all circumatancia, either iu the old way. or by.m'.an* of tuba with tight covers, which haa been generally approved. it7 lw* D 0 C T OR BELL. rvOCTOK BELL devotee hi* perannal attention (drnly until iJ IP. M.) to the removal of private diaeaaeaiu every am** All differing under protracted caaea^ggravated or uLauoeaaaPri y treated by iaaaoerieneeil orprrfmifrdpraetilionera ; thoa* )* boring under the deatruetive effect* of mercury or qu ick eoa truma,aad all who euapect the remain* of diaeaat lurking in the lyatem. may aoneult Da. 1. alweye widt a guarantee ol mil Perron* contemplating marriage, who have beta tfceai'.b iaetaof delicatediaeatea,may eonaiilt Br. Bell with hnnerabl* confidence. Poav raio letter*,describing the caae of ptrtuu < adiatanee.havehi* prompt attention. Dr.B.'a treatment neve, zpoaoato auapicion.and in wall known to be aafe and parma **ldh Private ofle;* 4 COUHTLANDT 8TREB r two door* from Broadway. m71m* A FOR SALE?A Farm in the village of Jamaica, con taining One Hundred acrea nfLanU.aitualed bat * nuort diatance aoulhjof Railroad Depot, aad but a lew rod* from the main atreet of the village, to which the front eatet-il* nearly parallel. The veil ia of a good quality, ^nd fully equal to any in the vi-inity. The improvement* ronaiat of a subs'.aii* till two alory Houae, and the n-ceaaary out-building*. For further information, apoly lo n.7 I.* FBANI IS 8. BROWN. 8( Na?aan atrerC jnA TO LET?A Farm of M acrea of excellent land, with MB good Buildinga all in excellent ordrr. havinr been reMHL cently re i-red and painted. The Buildirg- with tenor fifteen acre*, would be let if p'tferreJ, by the applicant. The Farm iaaituated about SO mile* from New Yira. Situation . very eiig.ble for a atore, pu'dic houie, or boih, and would be let at a great bargain to a good farmer with averyamal' family, and who wellunderataiida gardening and the culture of fruit, or the proprietor would hire by the ) ear ? man <n<< lit* w ife, acawering the above requ rementa. Apply at (7 Greenwich at.. New York city. wt7 at cod* FOR NEW ORLEANS? t.ouiaiauv and 'New JWkYork Line?Pomtively Firvt Regular Packet?To JKMbavil M March?Th* aplendid favl tailing pnrket ah'gBHAKSPK ARE, Capl Mini, will poaitively aail aa above her regular day. For freight or paiaafe.having apleudid furnished accommodation*, apply onboard, atOrlvau* wharf, foot of Wall atraet, or to }:. K. COLL4N8 A CO. ((South at. Great cart wHI be taken to have the good* by thia line correctly meaaurad. Agent in New Or!eana. Jar. O Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all rood* to hie add re at The packet ehip Miariaaippi, ('apt. CHillia'd. will aacceed th* Shakapeare. and tail th* SOih inatant, her regular day. tag pOMEtlOk at CO.'o Ai-a&civ *i?u auriii-u i n.iu,a f r?Krn ivn Antvi.v?For the Tranao>,rtation of Im eie, Bank Notre, Small Packages, Sample Good*, Valuable Farcela, he. fee., in connexion with Messrs. Harden k Co?from New York and A kanv to Buffalo, ru Schenectady, Utica, Syracuee, Auburn. Seneca Fulls, Genera, Canandaigua, IU theater, natariu lie. Messrs. l'oo,e ro> fc Co. will attend to the Collecting, or Pay jig Notea, Dram. Bille, Acceptance*, fcc., and tranaaetall and ! any inch buainet i aa ahall be committed to their charge m the bore named place*, with promptneae. lu.rKBRi?or.a : Eraetua Corning, , Preaident Albany flitr Bank Thomas W., lOeq., " Mech mice and Karmere'B A- U- Paiehm, Kaq, Cashier N. Y. State hank No-h l,ee, " Albany Exchange Bank Watt* Sherman, " 14 Albany City Bank James Taylor, 44 " Commercial Bank TnrodoreOkptt," " Canal Bank Eua P. Prentice " | J?hu Taylor, " Office Nq. a. Wall rtreet. New York. POMKROY k CO., OAe* No. I Dnotr'e Buildings, Comer State and Market etreete, Albany Albany, Not. 17th. imi nt? D R. H O R N E /CONTINUESto be coneuhedconlidentially at hia office No. V Tt Murray street, Straageraare reapectfullyappnxedthat Dr.Horn* beinglegally bred to the Medical profession in the city of London ha* been practical member or the anirl faculty of phyaic for t( year*, for UteianlMin the city of New York. Ilia practice from be itw general, he confines to a particular branch of medicine, which en gaga* hirrwofotmd attentioa. Hie experience ia eery great?hu iiKceca aehtoniahing. He eautiona the unfortunate against the use off mercury ; tltousanda are annually merciirialiied out ol til* ; recent affections, are, without mercury, extinguished in a few day*. See your eaaeaeradicated.not patehen up. Tha lea-n#d Dr Buchan,emphatically obrerree?"Marrteif perron*, and pereonaabout to be married,should be particularly eatiUoaa ol those affect too* ; what* dreadful inheritance totranemit to posPersona afflicted with protracted and deplorable * ***. need not despair of a complete recoeery, by applying to Dr. Home. A resideikeof M years in New York City,See eeUbluhed Doctor )!??.< eheeeebr > e man of alerting honor, and baaed oa real raapaetabilitjr and ikill. Dr. H offer. to hw ? ** ? ungoa ran tee. Dr. Hoeoe'a o?re. are numeroua and pottooU OCT at nmii contact. Am?<inero dock la tkc aftttmg. art- thoma? a. hoftim, or lata Dr. omi?? T.TToraa.reapeetr.lly ???" < ?'? * "?? eoat?j.'? ha rather1! moat lucenAl practice at hu eetaWiahmeot, Ho. rt Muirar atioct. and may be couanlted daily vmtri o'clock, P. M.Bondaye eaoepted at tfr? rtWVTWdJA BE A INTELLlOEMCk 4>FV fclt J H Naaaaa at. Rarraaacae?Hoo. M. H. OriootII, H. Breroorl, Kaq.. W. Irrlaf, Prof. Keawitk. JtS la* ?11 i III K * in ~rmm ?/ <U ! fiOir *n>rr* 4t*v I iwUMlaM. *t THOMAS JOU.L ~~ (lltriiffmli Jn* and 118 Pnlt ana treats.) MONDAY, At loj o'clota. -o. a.iJ Brcalwsy. Will W poM,witliout rrarrtc. Uw rate fort*" jnri oi'M American t'vitrr II >u?c. mar the American llot< 1 together with the Dilutee, bar furmturr, tablra. curt "in*, (la** war* b trpuinpe,<>y etcr bin; all "la- tli- kitchen arrangement! . ana ?e?ry thing connected with the above numed will known andeacreadly cehbreted oyater hi.uae. Ho* will aff idaoriregleM optaiAunity for any perron* to ruler in th? hunueea. I lit leave at d | rope rttra will all be ?<,Id in one lot. Tie bu.inrta i.< tl> g audthe ualrmgond. Voaeoidabit circumrt.tarr* cau*e the u*ariatr<ri to die; ouliuuc their bllKitien Term* at aale. lulotniitioncau be hai by calling at the [in mnt*. TUESDAY* At 10) o'clock, at the ton rr nl Fu'lou h Naaaau *t* Maichaot Tailcra' stock?The balance of the elegant atork tf a merchant tailop? ctb *i*t n g oi vauou* garments made up in the molt farhiouible ui inner aud of the beat material*. AI*o?Kcmuant* of vea it g, clot1 e.<-??ii nerr* hoitery.tkc WEDNESDAY Ij At 10$ o'clotk, iu the tale* room. Sale of elegant I'iauo Forlie ai.d Furniture FRIDAY. I Cabinet Kurnilurt?A lo; o'clock, will be aold iu the 1 crge atore IS* Fultoa at, which hae been takin for a fewdiyal'r entiie eiteniire and valuable etock of CaVinet Furniture, the ex lueive properly of a manutac urer aud dealer, who haa give u up the butiueaa. A UCTION NOTICE.?AUBTI WICMAttDINO. * ft Co.. willtloae at public au. luu. oa Wedairlav. March 9cti.,18?S, at lOo'clock, A. M . the entire etn. k of Freeh Imported European Dry (Jnode.?eouaictiug of 500 piek*g???received ?iuce Jan. I at., 1818. Sale at the alorc of NEVlNs It Co . 68 Ctd.'.rat. m3 6t* K'Utt KALE? A [air of Brown HOUSES, younr, .and of pood action. A brigot Bar Horee, your e. laat in tingle or double Harnear, aud beau'ilul under ti e aadule. A Phaeton, nearly new,built by Lawrence and Collin*, with hraai Har neaato match. A Waggon with ahaM* or pole wi'ha pair of i nuble and finale Harneit to match, almoat new. and made by ( ibton. Saddle* ami bridle*, lac., together with all ihe ctiuip menti of (table and coach-h iu?e?the owner beicg about to leare ihe city, and haviug n> farther uae for them. Inquire Third Stable above (irand in Mrr? er?t. mtla' TTKATE aND POUDRt.TTfc.?ITi? LikIi Mauufacluriug o Company uow i ff r too barrel* f Poudretic fur (ale, and are daily preparing both Urate and Po 'dre'te. li the weather prove* favorable, they eap'Ct to brvc a laige supply in 'he tiring Thi* company have uo connection with any other cjuorii, and the Poudretre they < ffer in warranted more than SO per cent better than w hat haa beeu u ad- in New York, and they have ihe evidence if farmer! anil practical cheiniata to prove it. Thin company alone make Urate. Tl cy have a orw and greatly improved iruc.aa in making Poudretie, although much mere cipcnaive. They do not now make uae of "Haw Ptet, Turf, or Meadow Mud," nor of atreet manure, ner moulding land from the fnuudriea, nor the aahea from hard c al, aa articlea af compound, or any other inateri'l that ia not iu it-elf a valuable mauiire The company have determined to make an article which the farmer* and gardener* can have no r,a'onable ground to complain uf, and they theicby hope to eaUbliah aurl perpe uate ila character T a a air? Caah o i delivery, lor Pudrette 40 cent* a buahrl, Urate SOceuia. Cmiof a barrel S5 cent*, and cartage. Any peraon wauling a few btrrelt, may Imve t e aarne delivered on board any vesatl >n New York at i'i a b.irri I each birrel container four bual.rl* tlrurk me taure. free ol cartnge (a barrel will net contain four bushel* heaptd meaiure a* pretended by aoinc). Out of the great beutfila in ueing tlieac maaurra ia the economy with which they can be applied : one boy will do more iu one day than two ineuwi.h a team enrtirg ut manure in threcdaya. Farmer* ?od gardener* who have tried theae maa urea aay tha. one bushel of Poudrette i*<qu..| toaload cf barn nard manure. Theae manure* may be had of Mr. Jacobui, on Ihe Hackrn ack Bridge, New Jeraey ; of Me,am. ?titwell St Dry, No. >65 fultou a'reet, Brookl) p; r at <hc oilier uf ihe company. No. 43 Liberty atreet. New York. L?ltin bt m?,i r>?ra ddressed lo "The Lodi Manufacturing Co., bna e>09, I'jst Office. New York," will be forlnwith attended to. audp-rsois wishiug to secure manures at a given time, may give aiders in advance and the company will reserve them. m6 lind&ltw* ELOCUTIONARY LECTURES, by Mr. JOHN W. 8. la HOWS, at Chin'on hall t he aecoud Lecture of the Series, will be delivered on Monday Evening net1,March 7. The Lectures will be taku from the Bible, Dr Chalmers, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, Bryai.t, aud Sh U-p' arc. Ticket* 58 cents, y ouog persons 25 cents, to be had at the door. inl at TTNIVERilTY OF THE CITY OF Nk.W YUUK.Public Com meocrment of the Medical Depart meut, on Wednesday, the (thinstant, at 12 o'clock, at the Chapel?The Chancellor delivers the address to ihr.g'ad u ing class. The eentlemea of the Medical profeasi'D, an I the Iriends of the Uuiveraity are inriled to attend. Seats reserved for the ladies. By order of the Faculty JOHN W. DRAPER, Secretary. March 1th .1842. i? 5 St freights to PirrsBvnG. BINGHAM'S LINE. The proprietor of Bingham'* Tranepo'tati* n Line to Pittsbuig. gave notice lothe Merchants of New Yoik, and all other persons s ipiiing to the West, t int their line ii lo* is active operation. Goods consigned to them (nr eent to go in their line.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who lave no agent or consignee a,t Pittsburg, will please consign their g?ods to William Birgham, Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all such consignments without delayAll roods should be marked distinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINE. For rate* offreigh', which are as low ss aur other line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent. No SWallstreet opposite Pier No. 2, N. R. N B.?rasaengers forwarded ;to r.ltaturg and Pot'sville, every day,Sundays eicepled. Refer to R, Crook', American Fur Co.; S. T. Nieoll, Front street; Phelps, Dodge It Co. Fulton street; Suydain, Sage It I'a.; Wm. Hankin. Dun ee IcCo Ncwaek- m? 3m MFWtnir a via vpw vrauir Fare Onlv li) Cent*. .MM mM The aplendel and commodious ateamer SMS PASS AIL, Captain Gaffy, being comSE^SICJ^?|>lel< Iv and elegantly re.'ittrd. wi'l commence her regular iripa for the eeaaon, on Thursday, March lOih,? leaving aa folljwa:? Fool01 Barclay at .New York Centre Maiket, Newark. 10 o'clock,A. M. 71 o'c>oca,A. M. 4 o'clock, P.M. l( o'clock, P. M. Freight ofev.ry deacription carriel at very red iced ratea. m5 aw' jg? MAIL LINK FOR ALBANY, and iater mediate ulcere, a a far aa the ice permit*. ?he jCLIJBLJC.ateamboat UTlCA. t'apt. A It. Schutlz, will leave the loot of atiect, THIS AFTERNOON, at 5 o'cloca,Friday. March 4th. For freight or paaaace, apply on board, or to PETER C. SCHULTE, at the Office on the whnrf. The atearaoat TELEGRAPH wil< leave for Albany ro Saturday Afternoon. March 8th, at g o'clock. m4 _ BTATKN ISLAND FERRY 3? Fool of Whitehall a treat The ateamer BEATEN ISLANDER or SAMSON will run ae followa until further notice Leavea Htaten lalaau Leave* Whitehall LAt f i o'clock a n. At t o'clock a.m. "ia " " "it " i| " "a " r.m. ? 4 " ? g ? N. B. All poo '? chipped are required to be particularly marked ani are at the riak of the owneri thereof oi .vvt 0jT~YHX)PLV.'i LINE FOR ALBANY?The r. uftin .^e new and coinmodioua ateamboat NORTH 9C3CK- AMERICA, Capt M. H Trutadell, leavea | the Steainhoat Piar between Courlandt and Liberty itretta on (Monday) afUruoon, March7th,at 8 o'clock. The ateamer t tiea, Capt. A. H Sihulta, will leave aa T.iMaatfftftirluvin IS.iVlncb for puiaci or Ireight, apply on bjard, or to P C. SCHULTZ, ?7 It at the office on Ihe Wharf iff PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS?Only tH fVVWgul tr Line?The rplradid fuel vailing packet ahip JIlWvfHAKiPltAltE, Capt. Minor, aaila poaitirely on lh? lOlh March, ner malar day. The ahip* of thia line a ail every fire daya. or paaaage Tree, having tplendid accommodationa for cahin. aecond cabin. and ateer-lt* naaaengera. For paaragr, early application aiiould be made on board, foot ol Wall at. 01 to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. 4? South atreet.or 43 Peck Slip. Tto park >* ahip Peal he a, will auccead the Shakapeire, and aail 011 15th Mart h m7 "SHC PASSAGE FOR LIVEHP.-OL?United Line? JWPk. Hth Vatrh.?The apleadid faat tailing packet 'ahip sHflKaHlBKRMA, CaplWilaon, will aail poaitirely aa above. Harii'g plmdid aceommodationa lor cabin, aecond cabin and ttcrmtie p:n?rig?r? For pasucr, early application ahouid be nude on board, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 South at. or 33 Peck Slip. Prraoaa wiel ii-g '? t<nd for their fihnu'a to come oul in the aborr t|lemlid ahip or toy of the w ;nlar line, can make the o.tceaaary arrargemen'a, on favorable tern Thnee deairoua of remitting money ran have deaf't payihh on demand, in all ihe principil tewna of the Vni'd Kingdom. Apply aa above. n?8 FOR MARSEILLE*?Regular Paoket.?The JWK ahip MINERVA, Capt. Window, will aail oai the jEGBalit of April The mbeer?ben purnoae diepalihinga Sh<p ounrtuaMr on the lat day of aach month d .ri.ig Ihe lor Mnrmltee. tiaoda acnt tetheau aeriberafoe f rwi dtug will bediati i cheil free of a y other than the charge* actuil'V incurred tip. n ihem. The Bhipa have very eoutloi table cab u accoininoditiona. For freight or paaaage. arolv In BOYD It HISCKRN Agent, ma 3 Toaiiue Bui'ljpg OLD LINE O* LIVERPOOL PA4 HE ! S,? M^Rttular Packet of lb h of Mairti.? the c lehra rd "IT f ' 1 l packet ahip NORTH AMERICA, cunt Alfred B. Lober, will aail poaitirely on Saturday, the iftb inatent. tier reenter dev. The accommodation* and adrantate* thia liae afford* for cabin, 8d cabin and ateerage pasting' ra, art well known to'be unequalled 07 any other. For ter.tia ef paaaage apply on board, foot of Berkman street, < r to _ ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 81 Fulton *t. neat door to the Fulton Bank N. B ?The North America will tail from Lirerpnol on the 7th of May. reraona (ending for their frienda, can hare them brought out In her or in any of the thipe eoinpiiaing the old line, gajiag from there punctnaJly on the 7th and Itth of eetry month. For paeeage apply to the *ub*criber*. ae ahoeo. __ n 4_ fcCTa FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Packet J4VWoll,th Marrh?The splendid parkttihip ROrtClUh, JBSKb Captain ohn Colliua of 1100 ton*, Will *ail an akaoae, tr regalar day. Forf r?ight orpaeeagt .naringaecommodation* una^aal'.ed fog agaodeeor comfort .apply on board, at Orlean* wharf .fool of Wall nt.,or tn COLLINS It CO. Southatraat. Price of pa'tage $t0o. TTie packet ihip rIODONS,Captain C. B. Cokb of 1000 tone, will eacceed the lloeciue, and aail aS h April, her regular day. Paaaengeramiy re.y upon the ahipa of thia line aail lag Ipunctuaily a* adrertieod. mi TS STTK klFW um.kiSigHr.. _i ,i..i the l?th iMiset.?1 he ipleiidiil fa?t Bailing packet flHtehip AMKHIOAft, CifUin Hotdcu, will tail at abote, her refular day. ( or paaraee, in cabin or ate traye, httiiii flrat rate income odalKMM and on very moderate terma, if applicitioa i< made on board chip,or to JOHN HEKDMAN, " South itreet. |#j|~TiJRTlVERRJ(5[?Regular Packet of the 71 h March ?The anterior faat railing racket ahip PAjBNMpTRICK HRN RV, burthen tiooiona, Capt. Deiano, w?i Pkeitire'y tail aa above. her regular day. I nn thip'a accommodation! for cabin, aecond cabin, and ' " Sepaaaenfera, are not aurpaaaed by any rtaael ta the trade, ana Bertha cat he tecureeou moderate terme if immediate application it made on board, foot of Maidei, lane, or to GLOVKK k McMUHKAT. 100 Pioe at. cor South at. P. S-?Pertona wiehing ta aendfor their friend* rrauling In he old country, can hart them brought out in the aborc as-leadid ahip. Ml line 'rem Lirerpoolon the Mthof April, nranref the regular parketa, catling from Uieie on the lot,Tth, 1 a k,l*th and 45th of each moth. _ ,, Tha t H. will be anceeedel by the packet ihip ShelfirlJ. f'apt Allen,to tall oa Uo 14th of Ma-ch. met OI.OVKR k WcVU'RRdV. 5J Jd *tt>A WCHJv.-eo Bale.. ?er? im.i 4 'I.Ti1 > 3 DURFIK. ilJDALEIiMABK HT. tifl WaUr ilffft - - - - ? waxnthi MWC VUAfSB. MR SI EPSON'S BENEFIT. ''KH EVENING. Mirrk 7, ISM?The perforrainoea mil Iccinme <: ??*h THE SCHOOL F?R SCANDAL. *lr r?'" X'"1*. Mr f'laci l? | Cm tree. Tt.t'r, Mire Cuehmen. Lily Sewrwtll, Mr?. WUeallej .. Alter nhteb .. THE J-HM'WHECK 9eMr Pruiou | harij lUwctr, Sir Fieher Aueelice Uutlo, MUe Buloid r Aiiuj*, Vita o Cuthmiui T> conclude with MASAN1ELLO. tjaaai.jriio. >1 r S..lnev Peareon r.lelra Mr* Kuigi.t Admuwiop? Bore* ft ; P.t 50 ctrtr : (Jall.ry 23 cent*. CHATHAM Til IC ATM E. ' Re-Engagement *f J >hn "el'tou. THIS! KVr?MNO, March 7;h??The performance will commence with THK TWO FRIKND3. H*rH?rt, J. H. Scott. | Abroee, Mr. Hield Hoae, .... Mra. Thorn*. To which w ill b? actih d . ^ , THE OOLWEN FARMER. JtrotnvT?itcher, John Seftou | Gcldrn Farmer, Thorn* Eluabeih Miaa Miatayer To conclude with , MOBB THK OUTLAWJemmy T*itcher, Jehu Seflou Mobb, Mr. Steven*. Aj?Ui?, ?j nuL. ?oi*? llctott ;id and Id ti.rati, PitlMiOalterr 1*. -i^.oDeo .t il <:urt?in ri.".VtV) wifely _ ITCHHLL'8 OLYMPIC T.'IEATK* THIS EVENING, IMatch 7-Th* performance will IrJJ*meuce with L? Prrnc* de Joint-d?-VtaL 11 E Mr w <1 Cinderella. ' Mr Horneaatle For that, To be followed by M" T,mm For the a.d Line, ? new oripu^/Muaica! Burleequ. *a RV_ MffbWf,,. a"M' s.,1,- A... "'"'-"iSi.te . _ To conclude with p Q , LOAN OK A LOVER. Peter Spyk. Graham | Delve, fl-rk. Gertrude, ^ Ti?ni ,?^'ssrKWs'^^ "", ?" ???x. ? Door* open at half part ai?. Curtain riaea at aevne ananivAn fll'ltKUM, Corner Broadway and Ann xtreet. Under the Manage meiiI of Mr. P. T. b.-uum EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK-The Manager liae. at .much < vpcii'e, # flf cted an engagement | vitii YAN-ZOJ! the'great Chiueee Juggler, who. e-nce hu receut arrival lu thil country, ha* perforuird bel'oie iinmenae iidirncta in Bo.ton, who were aetoui.hed at 'lie eurpruing drvteiilr.ekill, and ingenuity, wl ich he uirilaj ed. aud for 1 wnich the Chineae are jueii- ecltb.-ated Mr*. PHILLIPS, the accvmpliehcd vocaliet, Mr. HKARTLe.X. the Ballad einger; Mr P. MORRIS, the Coinie aiiger; audCERITQ, tlirlbrauiifVil little daa-tr arc i r greed. MODEL OF DUPLIN, and FALLS OK NIaGAK \. one week longer. rSlkUMAiIC RAILROAD. ALbINO LALY, eni. FANCY GLASS BLOWING. A novel experiment in ANIMAL MA ?NE1|9M. HnIf a million ol curioaitiea txhihiliigday and night A at>'eL<l d day |erformat.ce every Saturday afternoon Grand Cosiitoiama viewe cliaiigcd every Monday. Admittance to the whole mti.eum and eniertaimienta, 31 centa; children under 10. half price. Day vieiUri admitted the eatnc evening irte. m7 1GNOK UK UEGiM.1 liae the honor to aiiuouuce to hu frieude aud trie public Ihvt he intend# to give a vocal and luatiumental Concert on kiiday. the 11th ol March, at the Apollo Grand Concert Roon e, Broadway, in which he will be ae.ieted. aiooi g other eminent arliatea, by Mademoieelle Sophi i Meliiet.from Philadelphia, who will on that occaaion make her liret apt>earauce in New York. Mad. Oito.'Meeera. Koeaoweki Tin m. AueicL,Mayer, M aeett.tkc. Siguorde Beguia. on that occaaion will have nn ample aud well eetected baun, ltd ty Mr. Priienn, in order to represent the grand acenaa Ircin the favorite opera II Fanatic* per la Muaica. aa well aa to reuder the performance! cf the evening effective and brilliant. 'JCh The gentlemen of the ercheatra engaged for the above concert, are rii|ueated t j attend a r. heartal at the Apollo, at 10 u'olt ck, ou F riday moming, i ttli net. Paiticulars will be inortly vdvertieed. tn7 f ^O.MPLI vikMAKY BALL to COLON EL WM. VP. L TGMPKLNB?By'1 he MiLiTanr ?1To take place at lb# Apollo Salonu.en MONDAY EVENING, Marcb 7th. Tickeln, ($0 each.) can he Procured at Aiwi 1'eMuaic (tore 301 Broapway; Firth & Hall, Mueic (tore. No. 1 Franklin Buuare, and at Central Hall, No. 16o Grand alreet, or of the following Committee of Arrangemen'e, via? Colonel Wm B Moore, 335th Infantry. " Win Jauee, 37th Artillery. " Andrew Warner, 3eih Lt. Col. E-T.Backhouae. 27)b - Capt. Vincent, Capt. Eax'er. Fhumway, " Eckel, " MarwUc, " VauDerveer, " Bradley, " Cumaniag#, " Dcnike, " Waugh. " Cook, Lirnt. Thouiee, " Wall i?, " Hiuckeu, " Reinekr, " Druiker, ' Bcliwartx, W. T. Child. The Committee of Arrangement# will meet at Central Hall on Saturday Evening. Marchoth.. at 8 o'c ock. ml 4t GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. IVyrfcftBKS HUDSON h OTTIONON reipectfullv to 1Y1 form the^entlem/n of New Yuw, th it they have fitted up a uimhahui at the corner 01 t liambers street and Broadway. Had it ii now open for the mention ol' risitora. The institution iiof the first Brier, aud complete iuerery respect for the purpoee ol' Athletic Lxercise*. Spa-ring Leiaona given daily. Trrm? moderate. Open day aad evening. ail 1m* LV1N C. BhAUtY, (late ol uockport,) Office,71 Merchant*' Exchange. Buwinaaa in the Courta of title State and of the United States, including Caaea in Bankruptcy . attended to nsStw* r|'U STORK KEEPERS?The advertiser executes in aaul perior atj le aud at reaaonwble pricta, Visiting and Merchants' Address Card*, Bill Htada.*nd erery deacriptioa of Commercial Blanks?Lrbels for all kinds of cotton and woolleu gonda. patent medicines and Uruggiats' Labels, atone dollar aud upwaads per thcu-and. Leak, Consular and Society iealawilh appropriate designs, cut in a superior style. Brass ?nd double silver plated Door Plates, Knockers, Bell Pulls, kc with improved enamellrd border.htndsomely engraved. 8loin krepra'Cards, typ* printed, at |U0 and upwards per thousand ?Cards in the neatest manner and at lower prices than can be procured at any ether eatahliahinent. All persons promptly itlended to BOLEN, Engraver and Printer, f IS Imeodis* lot Broadway, between Wall ami Pino. ITtl AMU PKOrEKl* PHEBEKV EKS SELF? COCKING PISTOLS.?This Piatol can be discharged six times with almost the rapidity of thoug it. The pistol cocks, the barrel revolves and dia tharges merely by pulling the trisger, the chamver and barrel arc in one piece and therefore cannot blow apart like i??e repeatingpistols The construction oftlm pistol is perfectly simple?they can be drawn from the pocket and used with naehand withou* the loas of a momenta time incockiug? ix shots cau be tired as fast as a man ean erook hi* finger. They are co larger than an ordinary porke .pistol For Traveller*, Housekeeper*, Captains, Planter*, and others, hey are an Indispensable article, a* persons, b th male sad female, can wiih thsa pistol protect their lire* and property if at ackrd by many peraon*. ma one of them is equal to near a doxea of th* common kind. Gentlemen are mrited to call at 'the store of the adrertiser nod eta nine the tame, as their (implicit?, perfect safety ami Don-liability to yet au> of order, will certvnly trconnmil them overall othtra. Fnrsale wholeaale and retail, by J. U. BOLEN. 104 Broadway CIS Imeodie* between Wall anilPini NATIONAL BAMKOK NO BANKS?An appeal to the Common Sense of the People of the United Siatee: eeoeciall" of the Lab-ring C.laaa*t, by Johw h. Huan New York, published b? W. E. DEAN. No S Ann, 1M1. " i hti ii an eicellent and clearly reaaoned ti eat tee. showing the nature and usea of Bank*, and the advantage* and imrortance nl' a National Bank of Diacount and Depiaite, with branchea in the several States. We could deaire that men of p'ain.go.d aenae?and particularly working men, would go qoie ly to Ann atreet. procure a copy of thia wo k, and read it. It will diapC'te the prrjudicea which hare been suffered to fasten upon m mr miuda in thia day of prejudice, when lor the abuse. the us* of many good thinga ia preacribed. - Mr. Ilu-d lara the foundation of hie subject deep and at rung, and then builda up hie argument, tiar *p>n tier ofaolid inuoiiry Hiaaubject ie divided i uto parts,embracing twenty chanters, bet idee a conclusion and an appendix, (tie an admirable treatiae. designed to be of eiteneivc u- ility. " We may recur to it agaia. when our (pace may allow room for utmcla."? Hwok/yn Evening Mar. The ab>ve work ia for aale by Dean Ik Trerett, lgl Fulton afreet; H. It 8. Kaynor, 74 Bowery; Roe Lockwo'k, 411 Droadway. aud at other book alorea in the city. m4 3t* CITY DESPATCH POBT.-Letteri deposited m is, rarioua boxeaof thia ealabiiehment. are a?nt out frost the prineiral office regularly tor delivery through' ul the city, as tar aa aut street, at I. t and 4 o'clock, at ihree rente each. The advautagee oifered by it, are the certain and expeditious delivery of every deecriptinn of Social. Prufeaiionul and Commercial correspondence. It te peculiarly adapted lor the trans miction of liavitetio ( and replies, and it offers to the Ladies. thromhtUe medium of the Kree Stampa, an 1< gin! and becoming mode of aendiog their Dotre free. 1 hii p re-payment ?f postage, (although quite optioual) if atrungly rri-omaanded to general adaption,> tending to promote private convenience and g-eatly eipedite the delivery of lettera 'I ne regulation* may he obtained at the Branch Office! and at the rriocipal Offi-e, 46 William ft, at which place free alanine may be purchaavdat three cenla each. N B -1 he proprietora reaper! fully aotirit immediate notiS eati in of any irrrgiilaritr, and requaet the public to be pnrticu lar in d-poaiting ttieir lettera in the City Deapatch Poet Boaee to av li.l miatakea. ml 7t SUPERFINE DRESS COATS^ or THl BEST QUALITY, both aa to wnrkmanahin and materiala.for TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS, alro t'antaloona Ten Dollera, at PHILIPS' Caab Tailoring eatabiiahment, 145 Broadway. N. B.?The abovegarinentf are guaranteed to be equal to evert reaper lotho.e made by the moat egpenaive hauara In the oily I Ida if no i mptv guarantee, but,one that the advertui> r pM-r-a hunacl* to fuifil. Oaraienu of aacondary qnatit.' pe,.|w,e't,,u?i>U lower. j|| t> E Vll /i NI II. all imrianf Eugand, lreUn.1 .Scot land tv in n.m? ul ? , jCiIi. A* 15, ?.0 to any amouni. for aale at S J SYLVESTER'S _? S. W IJ ?i It 1M Urv.adWay, '|vO LE l"?Ti v . onven.eut uuu well -l u .ted ature. (bo. IS3 1 Broadway. A tip1) to H. J, BYLVe STMTS. m? yg Wad at. and ISO Broadway. ( 'OLLtCTlON.o, ..ii all pat la ol ineTiuitvd Slater, made on V> the moat lavoraole ii ri'.iv. TREASURY NOTES, wanted at the heal m?rtiet a I ?Vi Pk aTFii n* n Wall at. iui.I 130 Br.nHwuf. EUOUuMD, Kroul atieel, ll>9, up-iiaira. offer lor aale tl.a follow,ng SM?AK?? 150 oi o Rrftliu, Kiondao and Mulberry. 900,000 Common tile If quality Hiondu. Mulberry, nod ligeuuidad brand*. 50,000 Congretu Hionda. lon,ooii Cannula and Traburon, Norirfa. logoou, dad brand*. 3 0.000 Of oiher broad*. 50.04 o Principal, all entitled to debenture 00 Bmee Ha "ana Barrel Meal*. HA Buna Oln Chateau M-reenu Wine ml Im A GOOD HE.aD OF HAlR PI tbe great ornament of maaorwetnao?it it ungiateful to lh-giver of rood ti> neglect it. If it it fiileJ wiui dan Inff, or falling i.ul-ifi' baa ceaaed grown". or," turning grey, then you are amured tin Joare'a Oil ol Coral Cireaaei* i* Tour true n m?dr Try i'?you will not i b? diaapp no eil? Toil :aotee certificatre, fce, at the proprietor*?but, reader, it'you ir* not rerjr ciffiu't ^ w?tn a counterf-it Mind, the right number i< It?loo*, bt Cliatbam at., el the a'gn ol the American fcagle Price only 3, Sort ahilliKi a bolile-l *iw{. . . Piini 'e*. blotrhea. frethlee, and a'I i r 'l It me of the akin are rured br Jonee' Indian'd al th* aame plaee?it la a recipe of ?ir W.BIiizard, li efaraoua Kngli.h doctor _ wi< 5t* pAl K ?.T HHIF Ml"?r Ids.I PI, Iroui New tfrle*ut. it dw chi'fiuf at first ticrnbov* ih? ncr?? 1>? c'l, Pmt 40 Km! ! Hire- Co itianeee will plea** attend to the teceiptof their go da l omedia tel v. n l ^HI r iitHuLr* I A, I rum l.ivrrpuut,? l'h-< #.>.*ne-a will .11'V* ?*p- ,r petmila oa h iaid. foot of Fine atre-t. or o lb t fllee Of the ttibecribera, without d< lay, a* all t-oti* nut iwrwitted in fire day*, muet u avoidably be aenl toiTu rubtie tore. ULOVFeH k MeMI'HRAV, 1(0 tt. K'M.MJK? I'M U?r,f l?. >ui*nor art el*, now Unmrfg'from I'xnthea from New OHe?>?. for n be ma t. K '.OLL'NS It C'. M South it.

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