Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 8, 1842 Page 1
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=^=--55H TH -t |fllleu Vtl. riL-lo. 354 ?Wtoola Km. 9020 -ww i iNif 11 k- l.lVh.HPOOi, PACKKT8 _ | To Milfroa N?w York on la* 45ili, *<ui Liverpool on Ul* Km of each aunlAi ft i| $ ft 1 tun New VST^^ _ f Ship R08CIU8, Captain JohnCollim.Wth Mirrh. Ship SIDUONA, CaiiUin E. H. Cobb, 45 th April Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpej ?ter, 45th Map. ShipOAKRICK, Captain Wm. Hkitldy, 45th Juua. H MOM LlvKBI'oaL. Him HIIERfDAN, Captain F. A Deyeyater, mh^March. Stun OARtUCK,<;apliuii " ""i, ?? Sku> RUscTUS,Captain foliu Collius, 13th May. Ship SJIDUONS, Captain K. B.Cobb, 1 BM? June. These stupe are *11 of the first class, upwards of 1000tons.bollt to the city of New York, with (itch improvement! u combine seatspecd with unusual comfort for passengers. Every rare has been tak euintliearraugemeiitoftlieiraccnmmoditions The I Hie of passage hence is $iuu, for which ample stores will be newriJoa. Thcse ships are coiru.i tnded by experienced maskers, who will make every exertion to Rive general snusiac *pfeitlier the captains or owners oflheec ships will be respoasi Wsforany letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unltw re nlarbillsol ladm! aresigunl therefor. five ships ol this line will hereafter go armed, ami theirpecu fcr construction gives thein security not possessed by any other tvessels of war. Focfwght o^.issa^e.apg ?t? ^ South ,t wewYork,orto W.M. h JA3. BROWN It to^ Liverpi^ Letters by the packets will he charged 12) cents per single chest: SO cents per ounce, snd newspapers 1 cent each. mi " It OR NKW ORLEANS LOUISIANA ANO NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 9th, loth. 15th, 2uth maMth of each mouth, comme icing the loth October, aud ? w -1 1.?;n h. foi oootmum^ unui y ?r. "j? . j--. Mm remainder ol the ve?r, whiyeuy ureal delaya and dwap fnaenU will b- prevented dunuj (he summer moutlii. Toe wing hitu will coimneuce tins arrangement ip YAZOO, Copt.Cornell. ipOCONEE. Cant. Jatkion ip MISSISSIPPI,I:apt. Milliard. htpLOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. MpBHAKSPKARE, Capt. Miner. Ship GASTON, Cant Latham. Hup HUNTS VILLE, Capt. Mumford. Ship OCMULOEK. Capt i.eaviu. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickminn. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt.Xniuht. Ship LOUISA. Capt. Mu'.ford. These thipa were all built in the city or New York, expressly tor par. it eta. are of a lieht dralt of water, hare recently been hewiy coppered aud put in iideudid order, with accommodation! for psaiengers unequalled for co nfort. They are commanded by experienced inutrn, who tyill make erery exertion to fire general satiilaction. They will at all timea be towed up and Sawn the Mieiisiippi by steamboats. Neither the ownera or captain! of their thipa will be responsible for jewelry, bullion,preciou? e to uei.iilver, or plated ware, or fpr any letten,parcel or package, aeut by or put e board of 2am, unless regular bills of lading are taken for tne a am a, end the ralue thereon er?~ieed ? For freight or i>aa?age .apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. It South at.,or JAMES E. WOOD-HUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goodi to hi? addreia. The snips of thia line are warranted to aail punctually ai ad) vertieed, aud great care will be taken to hare the gooda correct tr meaiured. ml * Hfc'w KOKa AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINEA Jh m & pa of thia line will herealler leare New York on.the Jat and Havre on the 'Ith of each month aa followa: fVom New Fork. From Ham. The new ahip ONEIDA, ( lit March ( 18th April Capt. < lit July l?tb Anguat James Fuuck. f lit November f lllh December Ship BALTIMORE, I let April l 1Mb May Cart. {let Auguat llth September Edward Funk. f let December l 18th January ShipUTICA, fiat May lfcth June Capt. < let September < , 18th October Fred'k Hewitt. flat January I 18th February Maw ahip t?T.NICOLAS,( let June 18th July Capt. < tot October < 18th November 1. B.Toll. f let February f 18th March T^a accommodation! of tbeie ihipi are not aurpaiaed, com Mumg all that may be re<}uired for comfort. The price of caAin passage ii $100, Faaaengcrs will be eupplied with erary requisite, with the exception of winea and liquors. Goods intended for thaae reaaela will be forwarded V/ the Aobacriben, free from any other than the expenses actually! nmuitd on them. For freight or passage apply to BOYD wHlNf KEN, Agents, at 8 Tontine Buildings. "nlFtU vAuif A MH IMWU/AHK V'arf reduced to *S cents. From the foot of Courtlandtatreat, New York. (Erei-Way?Sandaya excepted.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. At ? AM. Att P.M. At S A.M. At It P.M. 11 da * do a *f ?i do 4| do t?| d# do T da It do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York. Leate Newark. WML. L& Kara reduced. From the foot of Liberty (tree t.dailv. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At A.M. At T? A.M. IP. M. 1 P. M. OMERvlLLE stares connect with these line a each way. fan oetweae New York and Hngeerville, _ 10 cents. Do do New Brunswick, T* cents. Aabway. SO cents. Kkaabethtown, U oenta. The fare in the T) A. M. train from New Brnnswick, and l| fll train from New York, baa been reduced between New York aDd New Brunswick to SO cents. " and Hah way to IT) " ThePnpadelphia mail line peases through Naw Bruuiwiekfor frw York arery svenias at io'elack. __ I feBwadayatb* TJ A.M. inpirom nowBrunawiekieomit (A . Peeaengir. who procure their ticket* it tk* re a ferry ticketgratie. Tieketiare received by theconductoe St? theiw when aaiakaaid. feb 11 PEOPLED LINE FOR ALBANY.?The rtJr ^-?3".tomboatc ROCHESTER, SOUTH AMEf y fcj m mre ?i NORTH AMERICA,of the Pee? pi.*, l.tne, will be id readlneee to commeoce runuing between New York end Albany, md intermediate piece*, u eooo u the navigalieu i* free fro.n ice. Fumf< Ore Dollar. fit im Ill " -lr*"".VRV?Fall ahQmQi RANOEMKNT?The iteemboet OSIRIS, JEJ3CE>C>pL J. C. Allaire, will commence running on atarday, Sept. 15th, a* follow*:?leare Fniton Market (lip, bit Biter, every "aUirdty at 10 o'clock A.M., Tueeday, Wedneaday, and Friday, at 1 o'clock A M. Returning, leave* Red Bank every Monda" morning: nt 10 Valeck A.M.: Tueeday .Wevlneeday, and Friday, at hall -paet IB o'clock EM. Tk* boat will ma a* above until further notice,navigation ?J weather permitting. oil on" T. POWELL It CO.'B LINE. ^3DdSt^LL'^,E"^ST(PO'irfl?^fts!D C$L$ 9|C9H9Ce8PRINO?The eteamboat HIOHLANOEB Ceac Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren treat PIMe Yeeb,every Monday, Tlei 'Jay end Saturday afternoon "l nt 4 o'clock. Returning, the High. anUer will ? ** ?'etvburyb every Monday morning at (o'clock, aau Tueoday and Friday gnaraoon at a o'clock. , Tor freight or paeeage,apply to the Captain oa board, ifcl. Ail baggage a?freight of every description, beak kU* orepecie, put on board thi* boat.muatbe at the ri*k of the ewaaae thereof,unleee a bill oflading orreceiptiaeigped for Saaa?* au tHPtrI ORK ANDTTTEKPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE APACKET^^ ^ JHfc JOB; JUL JUL 0iULTN<^rO andThom Liverpool WEEKLY. OLD ESTABLISHED PA8SAOK OFFICE, No II South itrcat, New York. rpHE subscriber, in anmuncing hi* arrangement* fortha raar X l Ml. appear* before hi? friends with aentimeuta of sincere napeat lor the able support ha haa racaiead for many year* 'Tie likewiae wiahea tr call the attention of thoae intendm* In (end for their friend* in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wale*, that they can at all time* be accommodated by thi* be, by weakly opportunities from Liverpool, a* well a* by ?|| the well know n different line* of packet shim (ailing to ad from Liverpool, on the lit,7th, Ulh.llth, andSSth of each oath, throughout the year. It ha* alwaya been the atudy of the rabacriber to have the ( tyrant* ahown civility, and dispatched without delay; and bat who (end for their friends may reat aatiafied that every OH* and diligent attention will be given by the Liverpool Agent* to those sent for, a* wall a* all who m*y embark with B?ga; and ahould any of thoae, wnoae passage haa been paid, tnetrmbark, the money will be refunded without any charge. The snkrtnber fee la a pleauire intnakinc known the different by which hia passengera came out during the laat year, h haa given ganrral satisfaction, and that oe haa conaiderr a tended and concluded hi* arrangenenU for th* year following i* a li*t of ahipa Scotland Kobiaeoa Ship Osceola Child* - Fan field W||*on " St. Cloud Emereon Frankfort RuSsell " New vork Niren Ramell Cover Howe* " Wirnw Griffith* ? Hibeim* Wilion - Oswego Wood AU red Choerer " Ocean Well and Clifton litgeraoll - Talkot Story 1 _ A Hen " N. Hampahir* Harding Z tW?" Enaeiwon * Panthea (ioodwanaoa Afohamen Law " Kobt Isaac Trecman Prvntic* Hopkins Virginia Eaton " lp~v - Europe Batchelder I t^hnrte, SS 8- Jenkins tfoymm cife'issr'"" ""? nynkia nt the National and Praviseial Banke of Ireland and b&r respective branches, and afoo on Me**ra J. fc VMbS X^niOTi^W tkrengknut I | Far farther particular* apply t* dM and No. 1 Neptene at WateHoo Dock. Liverpool. I I,Bui mmfflwmm< ?* ! A ? Mb th* octernary arrantemetit* nth th* aubocnbero, M Mil them come out in thie luperior line of pocket*, railiM I fca,Ie?i P*#l n tk* Tth uri 1Mb of erery moafi. They win 1*0 bote? firet r*t? eloo* of American tranoient etiipa aoilia* W?7 ohth day. thereby affording weekly oommmrication On* *f the ftno, Mr. J*? *D. Rocbe.iothete w>" remain during the year l??d,t**e* that all the peroone 1 MM* poengee bare been pe>4 bore are forwarded with car* . ftfcopoHiof uroffftr not com* out the money will be V I W . _ E NE N1 THE NEW YORK LANCET. I EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., FIIBI.ISI1KD EVKUT SATCRDAT. CONTENTS OP NO. X. LtCTVBSS. Dr. Forry on the Law* of Climate, and its Influence upon the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom* .... 146 Pronator Mott'a Lecture* on Surgery, No X. Compound Hare-lip 160 Complicated Hare-Dp 160 Compound Complicated Hare-lip 160 tamwt. Dr. Ramfcbotham'a ' Process of Parturition ' 1 Instrumental Labor 145 The Iuduction of Premature Labor 145 Hemorrhage during Labor 145 Puerperal Convulsion* 145 Guy'a Hospital Reports-Dr. Bird en Electricity a* a Remedial Agent in the Treatment of Diseases. Chorea 161 Pjralysis 161 A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines. By Andrew Ure, M.D ,FRS, JcC. Si:. Ac. Adipocire 151 The Retrospect of Medicine and Surgery. Edited by O W- Braithwaite, Surgeon to the Leeds General Eye and Karlufiimary,Ac. Ice. On Asphyxia,and on the Koscuscitationof Stillborn Children 133 Outline of a Philosophical History of the Reproductive Function 163 Woman Physiologically Considered. By Alexander | Walker. With an Appendix 154 Beauty; illustrated chiefly by an Analysis and Classification of Beauty in Woman. By Alexander Walker 164 First Principles of Medicine. By Archibald Billing, M.D., A.M., Member of the Senate of the University of London, Ack;..., 154 EDIrOHI.IL OarABTMEXT. Spring Course of Lectures 153 Albany Medical College 153 Mistake Corrected.?Dr. 1.1. Greenwood 154 Testimonial to Dr. Quackenboss, of tho College of Physicians and Surgeons 154 MtDico-ciiiBuaniCAi. scrosTss. Crosby street Clinique 155 Cases in which thr. Parotid Gland was successfully Removed 1M Case of Enlarged Thymus Gland. By Dr. Mantell, LLD.FRS 1?? Dr Isaac I. Greenwood, of New York, on the Cure of Toothache 167 Improved Pessaries 167 Case of Paralyiis in connection with Hepatic Derangement 117 Treatment of Sore Throat, or Angina, by Alum. By M. Velpeau, of Paris Its Colica Pictonum treated with Warm Water. By John Wilson, M.D., Physician to the Middlesex Hospital 1*0 Belladonna in Cases of Ileus. By M.Becker ISO ITEMS AND lltTSLLIOERCC. New York Eye Infirmary 169 Graduates at Albany 169 Royal Medieal Society of London.. 159 Professor David Dan 160 Temperance Society of the College of Physicians and Surgeons 160 Pharmaceutical Charges 160 Weekly Report of Interments 160 The want of a weekly Journal, devoted to the advancement of Medical and Surgical Science, irrespective f local, individual, or party interests, established on a bisad and permanent basis, has been lone felt by the profession in this country. To supply thif aetidtralum la the object of the present undertaking. The New York Lancet will be conducted on principles somewhat simi lar to those which have been so successfully adbpded in the management of several European publications,of a kindred character, and acknowledged utility. It will be entirely independent of any particular set of men, and will uniformly endeavor So advance, by every legitimate means within its reach, the great interests of the ami nently useful and elevated profession,in wLose service it will be engaged. When the proprietors state that this periodical will give permanent record to the really valuable results of the ac cumulated experienc and observation of the thousands of practitioners scattered over the widely extended field of the United States, and will present to them, in the manner best adapted for practical utility, brief analyses of the labors of distinguished medical writers in Europe and this country, they conceive that these considerations alone will be found su ilicient to gain for the contemplated work all the patronage which they can desire, la order to be more explicit,however,the following outline of the plan of the publication it submitted. The contents of each number of the periodical will l>e comprised under the folio wingiiesdt I. Brief and piquant Renews of new Medical Books, Periodicals, Lectures,and current Medical Literature in general. II. OaioixAL CoNTaiBi'Tiom from distinguished members of the profession. III. The MEDico-CmsuaGicAL Rsporteb, including notices of the cases at the Surgical Clintquti, the Hospi tals. and in private practice ; with selections from the European Journal*. IV. editorial Defibtment. V. Foreign and Domestic Professional Intelligence Such i* the cround woi k of the plan on whieh thi* National Medical Journal will be conducted; and en the carrying out of thir plan with faithfulness and zeal,the proerielor* repoic with, they truit, a not presumptuous oonfldence, their hope* of future and full luccea*. The Lancet willcon?i*t of lixtaen page*, 8vo., double column* ; it will oe published every Saturday, and forwarded to all part* of the Union with the strictest punc tuality and despatch. Tumi- Three dollar* per annum, paid in advance. 0QP- Book*,pamphlet*, plate*, lie., for review, and all communication* relative to the editorial department, to be addre**ed to the editor at the office of the Lancet. Subscription* and advertisement* to be forwarded to the publisher, Jame* Oorden Bennett, at the office of the Lancet, 31 Ann street, New York. AovcBTisina Terms. One square, one insertion $160 Each additional insertion 1 00 Per annum 16 00 One column, one insertion 10 00 Each additional insertion 0 00 Per Annum 60 00 Bill* stitched in on moderate terms.?Four thousand COriES NiqUIRED. ! JfaiiTiiteWititi intended for insertion, and Books, fc , for notice and review, must be forwarded to the office on or before Thursday of every iotek. Niw Yoa* : Printed end Published for the Proprietor!, at the Lancet Office, No. 21 Ana Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Agtnuferth* New York Lancet. The following ii a lilt of the Agent! for the Lancet, where lubtcriptiona will be received, and tingle number! are found for eale regularly every week, Soiton George W. Redding. Baltimore W. Taylor. Philadelphia O. B. Zieber. Wethlngton, D C O. B. Zieber k Co. Bnflalo , N. T T 8. Hawka New Haven,Conn D.C. Mitchell. Hartford,Conn Benj. Newbury Albany, N Y G. Jonea. Troy, N.Y Levi Wllierd. Lanaingbnrgh, N.Y, Thoa. P. Rieharda. Wateriord, N. Y ....J. R. Newark, N.J D. Smith. pateraon,N.J Matthew Dougherty Worcester, Mat! 8. Thempeon. Norwich, Conn Morgan Saflbrd. Rochester, N* Y. eeooeaoaeooeoo L- Noon. New Orleana John P. Curna k Co. St. Louia, Mo R.J. Woodward. Charleaten Amoi Head. Middletown 8. Dickinson. Un/linn V V IWn r lar. Savannah, 8. A. Tlolmea. Mobil*, Ala. Joha F. Curna k Co. Fonghkeepeie Levi Smith. Trenton J. Raunelev. ftttabnigh, Fa h O. Berlord. Looirvifle, Ky W. A. Hahleaaaa. Cincinnati, O C.Tobey. Wheeling, Va J. H Thompeon k Co. Now London, Conn. L. L. Sparry. Newport. Wm. A. Fry. Ceaaadagaa. Meaara. H. D HoytkCo. The L meet la $3 per annnaa la advance?or t| oenti par ainglo number. Limit Ornee 91 Aniv ituit. rv rAufSP3F U ri?;E ?Ttw wbtenbwwuhni U ?n?n? puim?n to ?IM from tnr port ol Great Inlitt ul Ireland^tjr Um legator ipxzr?>n b? ?if? MMl U. i1.Hi ,mmh ?m D?ifu for WT *, ?? ??, * r?nilrfnl, f*r*U* tWoagboettbeUarte* '* Tc/h EKDM AN, PI it geatbeC.eaa Aoae Matafwtllat. W YO :w YORK, TUESDAY b Poor Mary, tin Maniac Maid. Cold, cold, the wind comei o'er the hill, With u n <1.1 .?.l^ tnnu - It choketh the breuth, and it sends a chill To the marrow of the bone. Who would come forth in a night like this, Save one of a lawless trade 7 Yea, there ia a form that braveth the atorm, Poor Marjr,the maniac maid Fait, fait, falleth the big thick rain, And the ileet rn ziz zag flight; It latheth the cheek w ith a tingling pain, And almoit blindeth the light. Who'a ii the ipirit that quails not now, The heart that it not afraid 7 Yea.there ia a voice doth the more rejoice Poor Mary,the maniac maid ! The CUurcli of Scotland. * Rejoice not againat me, O I mine enemy ; when I fall 1 ahall arise, when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be light unto ma." More pure tho gale where the wild thiatle rears His mountain banner on his itemy tower. Than odorous breath of cultivated bower ; More true to nature, o'er ita armed speara, The mountain rose its lonelv chalice bears, Than many folding cupa of aherish'd flower; And, traversing those wil ls with aiivery shower, K'en wintei'a moon more clear and Iree appear*! Such is thy sister of the northern hilli. Less honored, not less holy?howtd with ills. But not destroyed?pure branch of the true vine, Drinking her nurture from the barren rock, Of pitih ai elements she braves the shark, And hath less earthly beauty?more divine. Cleveland, [Corre/poodiwe of the Herat I.] Cleveland, O , Feb 2^, 1S42. Tht Banks?Currency?The IVtaihcr?The I.adits, &c. Dear Bennett:? In my last I gave you what little news there was in regard to Banks, etc. The excitement caused by their failure has somewhat subsided, but a new order of things must take place before confidence in any kind of paper will be restored. Exchange on N Y. is difficult to be obtained, nr.d at ruinous rates when found. Our two Banks have passed into the hands of the Bank Commissioners, who are at present examining into their affairs, which I am afraid will show up bad. The facilities heretofore afforded by them to dealers in produce being taken away, must seriously affect the business at this point of the State the coming year. It will, improved by the brokers, who expect a rich harvest. The farmers of the country are unwilling, at the present moment, to part with their produce, and they have had such a severe lesson in the last lew months, that they require something better than " promises to pay," to induce them to sell it. This distrust has been growing stronger every day for the la9t year, and the downfall of this unlimited credit system is somewhat anticipated. The suspended and insolvent banks will now an into limiiitatinn unit lk? font that are good, go on?and the pressure thin will occ mion must befell by all. We have suffered the evils of an irredeemable currency to such an extent t tat the energies of the people have been prostrated. God grant this may be the end of it. Our Legislature has been petitioned by th people to adjourn, as they have, and are at present doing nothing to promote their interest or welfare. Our streets present an unusual activity to-day. The weather is fine, air nuld, and the roads delightful. I attended u small party at Dr. B *s the other eve, and found it as usual all mirth and giiety. Mrs B. is a woman of Stirling worth, and is, as the proverb soys, " one in a thousand-" Miss | N has just returned from your place, where she spent part of the past winter; and I assure you we welcome her back heartily. She comes among her friends much improved in health and beauty. Can you spare any mere from your city like Miss LI 1 We hope the coming summer that we shall be honored with a visit from you?and wiih that hope and success te you &Bd yours, I remain Yeurs, P. Q. Bnftls. [Correspondence of the Herald.| Buffalo, March 1, 1842. Let the Young I Son of the IVeel Roar?Triumph of Temperance?Triumph of Integrity?Triumph of the People. Respected Sib:? The glorious shouts from a thousand enthusiastic hearts is swelling through our streets in accla maiion 01 ainumpu over fordid, selfish and narrow minded politieiam. The people have succeeded in electing a major of their own choice, who is above, and independent of all clique*, cabal*,and intrigueins; co'eries, and the debt of gratitude due from Western New York to the great pioneer of internal improvement, i? about to be paid to his noble ncien. In brief, George W. Clinton it elected major by overiOO maj irity, having sained everj ward in tne city,* circumstance unparalleled in our municipal history. Hi* opponent was Isarc VV. Harrington, who ha* held the office ore year At pieaent I wll not allude farther to this subject, or the mean* that were aboriivelj brought to bear against Mr. C-, but anaj do *o at some future day. 1 will, however, saj that a superabundant importation ot West India oratory that wa* laviahingly poured out upon the people'* candidate, aided muck to S<.is aceeaiion. The particular* of a rencounter which took plane at noon between a broker and a vender of **ed and bird cages, 1 leave tojaomeof jour other correspondent* who have got the items- All I can tav in relation to the matter i* that it grew out of an affair entirely disconnected from the question of mayoralitj, and that the broker was emphatically discounted. As the marble plajers say, he lost hi* sixer. * Niagara. Buffalo, t Corrf anondr nee nf (he Herald 1 BorrALo. March 4,18(2. XV Charter Election? Tyler Party ? Weather?But'.' nett?The Currency?AmunemtnU, fyc. James Gosdos Bbnsiti, Esq., Dear SlatImmediately after obtaining the resnlt of the late charter eleetion in this city, I addressed you a hasty line, giving the majorities for mayor as near as I could ascertain them in the several wards. My statement, however, was not accurate, as Mr. Clinton's majority over Mr Harrington, published in the returns, is 577, making nearly one hundred difference. This election, it is acknowledged by both parties, was not contested upon strict party grounds, though several gentlemen of the democratic party?who claim to ha the real S norm pure from the democratic ranks?deserted Mr. C. be cause he woold not consent to be ran as a party can" didate. He was nominated at a mass meeting called at the court house, without distinction of party, and notwithstanding the efforts of a certain few, who fain would gra.-p a'l rule, he was triumphantly elected. Truly there is magi* in the name of Clinton ! Mr. Harrington, his opponrn', is a gentleman of liberal principles, and during the past year has labored with unceasing industry and ze il for the promotion of the best interests of our c tizens and the general prosperity of the city. He came luto office, last year, under unfavorable circumstances, so far as the affairs of the city were concerned, aad he now retires with the proud sat islnetion of having done his doty to car citizen* la hi* official capacity. Indeed, all giro him cred.t for having mad* the beat mayor we ever had, and non* bat George W. Clinton could hare been elected over him. The gentlemen of the council, politically (peaking, *taad equally divided. Mr Selah Barnard waa elected jnatiee of the peace by a majority of ever 1200 vote* over Mr. Caldwell, and in Black Itoek democracy his carried every thing before it. Ala* for Grider!?he haa loat hia ward, and ia moat glorionaly defeated. The leader* o| the party?or at leaat ihoae who wiah to b* coasidered ao?are miaerabla broken dowa political hacka.and tke only men who aeenae Clinton of aiding in the organization of a Tyler party; and ibeie are the men, too, who qaettion hia democracy! But they have been defeated 4n their nnholy n>a nonvrea, and a younger and purer act of men arc coming forward, whose voieea muat and will be heard in all matter* teaching the interests and general weal of our citizen*. Away with designing demagogue* of all partiea I Let as place good men ia office, and a healthy state of affairs will again daw* anon a a The weather, for eoac day* past, has beea damp aad aapleaeaat, bat at the preeeat tiaee it ie a*?*t Tm rebbia aad tbe blae-bird have agala retained, aad every iadieatioa of aa early priaa ie rMble. Bailee**, dariag tbe wiater, baa beea aaasaally RK I r/-vr? ?tt mm i r k nnn o to lUKlXllNlij IVIAKUn O lO doll, but it ii beginning to revive, and active preparation! arc being made for tlie approaching busineciceacon. There ha? been little or no variation in the currency lincc my list. Canad i paper standi at 7 a 8, and western funds are almost entirely out of circulation here. Eastern fnndi stand fair, and specie is worth its face ! There is nothing of importance going on among our " Red Dog" financiers, and the prospect is that many who for some years htsve figured largely as bankers, will hare to take hold of some active business for support. This will be right, for I contend that no man has a right to live in idleness or filch from his neighbor, without an equi iralent, the property f?r wbicn he has toiled for years. This system of lobbery has been practiced too long already in this community, and the sooner it can be arrested tbe better. You will gotice, by our city papers, that many of the rich speculators of '35 and 36, have gone in for the benefit qi tbe general bankrupt law. Wonder if your neighbors in New York will credit this class of indiriduale hereafter? A street fight came olf on Tuesday last; betweeu H. H. Siu-rand George Bryant, which resulted very seriously to the former gentlrman Mr. S. attacked Mr. B. by striking him with a cane and wiioris* bie nose, which mv one havinu the spirit of a man would naturally resent Mr. B subsequently clinched in, an-l cither pushed or knocked his antagonist down. In falling, Mr. 8. rec< ived a severe wound on his head by striking the p.ivsinent or cu/b stone, the result of which was a concussion of the brain, which leaves him in a very precarious situation. It was an unfortunate occur rsace, though no blame is to be attached to Mr. B. for acting in self defence At present, we have nothing in the shepe of amusements, except bal's and partic-i. Our theatre will be opened about the iirst of May, under the management of Mr. Rice, a great favorite here, who, if he ctoes not receive it, will endeavor to naetit a liberal patron ige. Th house is to be repainted nod Ittcd up in a style not inferior to some of your best theatres. Sir Hart, formerly o! Hart's Garden, has effected an arrangement with Dr Johnson, and is to oceupy his pacious and beautiful park during the coming season. The cottage has been rebnilt, and ii will afford a most delightfnl place for a summer retreat. Various kinds of amusement will be presented, and Mr. H. will no donbt meet with good success. Thsre was a report in town, this morning, that Sir Allen McNab, " the most gallant of the gallant borderers," had been arrested atlLockport. Great axcitement, it is said, was manifested by the pooHe of that village 1 presume it is all gammon, and that this notorious individual is now in England, rjaping the reward of his bravery for attackingat mid-night, an unarmed steamboat, and murdering Ameriean citizens. The Herald still continues to be the first paper sought for on the arrival of the mail, and if you are not rich already, you nrnct be in spite of yourself. Mr Hawks it a faithful ^gtnt, and is doing much lor your benrm in this cnw. As soon at (be bate nets season dommences, I h 1 vo no doubt he will double hi* daily tales. You hare, aEo, I am informed, a large number of regular subscribers in this city. Persevere, and fortune will attend you. Yours,&?. S. Rochester. ! Correspondence ol' Ihe Herald. | Rochester, Feb. 27,1842. Revival'?Religion, and Theatrical*. James Gordox Berkett j? Dear 6ir, A few weeks since, a correspondent sclicted you to send us a soul-stirring revivalist. The Revs. Finney and Burcbard are here, holding forth daily and nightly,;! presume through your influence, and I am told Elder Knapp is expected. The the atre is doing a capital business with Aladdin?it has run eleven nights to crowded and fashionable houses, Ihe hoxee being filled principally with ladies; but 1 fnar should the Elder arrive, the odds will be feadplly against the drama. Now 1, for one, with to we the theatre flourish, whan properly conducted, and under Dean's management eurs is unexceptionable?the company I believe are all teetotallers. Can't you send us a star or two, just by way of offset 1 Fair Plat. Hartford, Conn. [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 Hartford, March 3, 1812. Governor EHeworth'e Temperance lecture?Captain Partridge'$ Military Lecture?Juvenile Concert for the Benefit of the It'aehinglon Temperance Society. M*. Editor i? It ii a curious fact, and doca not say much for the editorial independence of thii city, that we are obliged to go to New York to know what ia going on at our own doori, and to aearch the column* of the Herald for any comment* on the doing* of our ciric m?*ter*. But true it i*, that to " Bennett'* New York II* raid" alone, can wo look for what ii doing either her* or else where. Asa proof of it, when during your recent prosecution for libel, it was thought by some of the least enlightened here, that yon would be used up?you have no idea what an outcry and moaning there was. What hall we do without Bennett I saysone. Weehall know nothing of the rascally Wall street clique, ays a second. We shall in vain look for a aouad elew of financial policy, good police report?, or the matters and thing* in different States. The packet* will have sailed before we nave heard oi their arrival, &e. icc. All this aud more, was said by those who dreaded your enemies. It is every body's duty to send yoa what they ean of information, and therefore I tell yoa that oar Governor lectured last evening at the Temperance Hal', on that all-absorbing topic. lie cannot do any thing otherwise than sensibly, and accordingly, it was a sound, good lecture. No clap-trap, no baboonery, or buffoonery about it, as is too gensrally the case with addresses by reformed drunkards; whether they are ''fellows of the baser sort," er lawyers, senators, or what not. To look at onr Governor, you would fancy he had been an inebriate, but his well-known temperate habits, repudiate the idea. 'Tis hoped by the total abstinence advocates, that at the entertainment be gives his friends upon the evening of his re-election, he will put nothing on the table stronger than water. This would speak volumes, and have a grand effect in propelling the giod cause. He need not be a! raid 01 toe drunaara s impugning oil noipitauty. Depend upon it, eold water will aoon both* order of the day at the White Home, and all the other States mar follow the example without compromising their dignity at independent sovereign States. Captain Partridge gave a military lecture last night on the prospeet of a war with EngUnd, and the means of national defence. The subject seems stale, and the audience was meagre After the lecture was over, an interesting discussion took place between IV. J I, one of our richest citzens, and tha lectureron the subject *f Block Island, which it wastaid ought to be garrisoned in defence of the State Mr. 1. aaid it bad been reported, and he had Sood reason to believe, with too much truth, that jring the last war, Block Island had beeu the depot of stores, furnished by some traitorous American eitizen to the British army Mr. Imlay concluded by nobly offering to build one at his own expense, if the State Government approved the plan. This patrietie individual is considered worth three or four millions, and he expends vast sums in benevolent objects, but with so little ostentation, that it may be said of him " His left hand does not know what his right doeth." We had a charming Concert last Tuesday at the Temperance Hall, by the pupils of a singing master?the n eeipts to go for the benefit of the Washington Temperance Society. This was killing two birda with one stone. The society was benefited; the singing master gained notoriety. Yankee?hut fair. Anous. fii.irc Turn ?Rrtk* I.nnin.from Havana,we learn that the authoritie* of Cuba have adopt?4 the I trieteet meaanree te prevent oay farther importation of alavea from Africa. A late arrival ot negro* a had been aeized, and a aimilar fa'e await* any anbacqnent landing. The deepateh of veaaela far African effectually ?topped-and tbeeappreanica ef thia illegal and inhnoaan truffle may therefore be conaiderea a* final. Meat ef the planter* aided in obtaining thia reaalt, deeming it far their interact, it ia thought that more care will be taken of the vlavea. The produet of Cuba i* new at it* maximum, and will eoen decreeae, aa the alavea da net live long ? Pkila N'tik. Amer. cka _ ... ? IE R A 4 '2. uoiion, [Corresponds nee of the Herald 1 ThkmOut Horse, Bos-row, March 5. "Meeting of the Waters"?The Massachusetts and AVtc York State Legislatures. Here we are safe in the literary emporium, where we arrived about ten o'clock lust evening, after a moat pleasant aud charming juint. At seven o'clock yesterday, the Governor, Heads of Departments, Members of both Houses, Reporters and citizens, some 2(10 in all, left Greenbush. The morning was wet and rainy, but efter about an hour's riding it cleared off, and for the remainder of the day we had the most delightful and spring like weather. The train was very long and heavy, and for that reason, probably, we did not get along very rapidly. At about half-past one o'clock we reached Springfield, after having passed through some of the deepest cutting through solid rock, in the United States. The road is excelled for strength and durability, by none in the country, and is far superior to any of our western railroads. In one of the spacious ears a person can sit as comfortably and almost as free from any jarring motion, as if he was in a room , in his own house. The gents and conductors on the road, arc gentlemanly and obliging in their attention to passengers. Upon arriving at Springfield, we found a large concourse of citizens assembled to receive us. Upon leaving the cars, a new procession was formed, and marched to the Hampden House, where a committee of the Massachusetts Legislature, who had arrived about half an hour previous, met the New Yorkers, and the procession was again formed, and marched to the Town Hall Upon entering the hall, tbe Massachusetts Legislatute received them standing. After being seated, the Hon. Josiah Quincy, President of the Massachusetts Legislature, who was in the chair, rose snd said:? " Gentlemen of the Empire Sta'e of New York, and the Old Bay State of Mas^achusetss, being here by your representatives, is it your plcusureto be introduced to each other!" A uranimous shout f aye was the response. Mr. Quincy then proceeded. " Gea'leroen, 1 introduce his Excellency Governor Davis, of Massachusetts, and his Excellency Governor Scwaid, of New York, to each other, in tbe very heart of onr Commonwealth."? This was received with nine cheers. The company were again seated. On a raised platform were Mr. Quincy, on his right, Governor Seward, Mr Paige, Proiident pro itm. of the Senate, and Dr. Taylor, Speaker pro Urn- of the House. On his left was Gov Davis, and various officers of tha Massachusetts Legislatures. Governor Davis then rose, and addressed the New Voikers, and gave them a warm and cordial greeting. He alluded to the woiks of public improvement in the Empire Slate, and remarked install Massachusetts wanted was to hang oh to them ? He is a very slew speaker, but characterised by perfect ease of manner. He spoke but about fifteen minutes, and te the point?he was frequently interrupted by loud cheering. Gov. Seward then responded, in a speech of much eloquence, though (oolong by a great deal for the occasion. He spoke forahove half an hour. He waa highly eulogistic of Gov. D<vis and the Old Bay State, and alluded to tbe public improvement! ef the State of New York, &.c. &c. It was on the whole, a very creditable affair, end waa received with enthu.-iastie apnlauie. Mr. Quincy presided over the aasemblagc in his usual happy manner, and tended greatly to promote the harmoney and good feeling, by his perfect ease and lively vivacious sallies of wit. Upon the conclusion of Governor Seward's remarks, Mr. Q. rose and ca'led on the Court of Errors of the Sta e of New York, to give their opinions upon the con siitutionality of <?* preeidiag over four legislative bodies. (This sally was received with great laughter and cheering.) However, gentlemen, (he continued,) 1 would inform the convention, that the first business whieh demands our attention is this:?There are upon the table certain matters which require discussion. (Laughter and cheering) The question is, shall we go 4to dinner 1? (Increased laughter.) Gentlemeu, if you kuew what talking fellows we are in Massachusetts, yon would spring the previous question Gentlemen, the previous question is moved?shall it be eustainedl (A unanimous "aye ") Shall the main Question be now puit (" Aye ") Shall we go to iunt-rl ("Aye," and great laughter and cheer ing ) Down stairs they went in a body to dinner A very fine repast was prepared, puiely on temperance principles?chocolate and cold water. The nnmberef persons present?some 600 in all?was so great, that it was impossible to fnmish seats for them, and they were obliged ' stand up. Mr. Q. remarked, that this was the first lime he had ever heard of a " standing committee of the whole "? The company went info the eatables with a zeal that showed a hearty good will to despatch business. After the drink'ag of various hialihs and sentiments,addresses were made by Mr. Billings of the Railroad Ce., Hon. A. C. Paige, Dr. Taylor, General Root, and various gentlemen of the two legislatures. About half-peat three the company returned tothc cars. About half of the New York delegation came on to Boston. Gov Seward, and some of his friends aecepted an invitation from Gov. Davis, to spend a few days at his home at Worcester. The New Yorkers have been spending the day in visiting and looking at the /ions of Boston The day, however, has been very unfavorable, a drenching rain falling most of the time. At 12 o'clock, they return to Albany again. Care Ulciscar. Ilarrlsburg. (Correspondence of the Herald.) tl a lalalttln VT.F^k K lflJO Proceedings in the Pennsylvania legislature, \c. Contrary to my expectation yesterday morning, the conference committee did not report that day. Last evening a caucus was held by the members oi the dora nant party, in the Legislature, to adopt anme course to be pursued on the report when made. This morning the report was made at about II o'clock, in the II:.use, when it was attacked from all sides, and will, in all probability, be lost when the question comes to be. taken on its adoption or rejection. After so mu h time occupied on the question of the banks during this suasion, if this should be defeated, there is no hopes of the passage of a resumption bill during the regular session. A motion has just been made to postpone until Monday next, and is being discussed in a very angry and heated manner. A copy of the report I herewith transmit to you. In haste, dec. H. Navt Oudirb.?22?Mid. W. R Mercer,order to receiving ship, New York, revoked 24?Lieut VV. S Swann, leave three months, having returned by order from eoaat of Brazil; Mid. E Higgins.J 8. Taylor, naval stheol, Philadelphia- 25?8nrgeon A A. Adee, leave three month*, having returned from duty on eoaat of Brazil. 2fj~Comm'r J. Gwian det'd from navy yard, Philadelphia; Cemm'r F. Etgle, navy yard, Philadelphia; Comm'rJ. Mamton, leave three month*, having returned from duty on eoa*t of Brazil; Lieut J. w. Coeke, to join snip Ontario at New Orleans; Lieut. 8. Larkin, frigate Columbia, Boaton; Lieut. E. S Shubrick, Charleston, S. C station; Mid. J. M- Wainwright, receiving ship, New York. Mob isr Arkansas. -Madame rumor, aays the Batesville News of the 10th instant, give* ua an Recount of an outragcoua mob in Van Buren county. The circumstance*, as we have learned them, are as followsSome three or four weeka since, at the Court of Van Biuen, a young msn by the name of Kiser was engaged in a fight wi<h one of Samm?, when Butram threw a rock and broke hia skull. Butram waa arretted and committed for trial, but subsequently made his escape. A mob then of some fifty persons gathered up and attempted to commit violence npon the father of the young man who was killed. The old man then, with some friends, barricaded his house, and the mob commenced firing into it, which they riddled considerably with their balls A female child, daughter of Mr Kiecr, had her finger shot oil' Mr Riser, by some means, got a messenger off for aid to this county, to aarist him in getting ofl with his family, hut on their arrival Mr Kiser and five other o! h>s friends, who were in the house with him. were missing. What has become of them no too knows. The raoh, at the la-t account, were till in arms, and had stop.wd a nnmbsr of persons passing through the county, and examined their persons and pagers. This is about tne sabatanee of the .. l... k...j :? ur. -..?? i> ; not an icjrvii, mm we u?ve ncw? ? " c ? ?? ^ ? bad m ia repreaealed- We aliil hope that the matter may be greatly exaggerated- A naeaeeager, we undentaad, baa gone oe witb a petition ta the Ooreraor la call oat the militia of tl?a adjoining cattail ante aoppreea the mob " ( 1/! "'H AJLQY WAX LD. f.rrafc? frica Two Cull Bankrupt Llot. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. John Ebbetta, merchant, N Y.tobe declared bankrupt Apiil S ; Mosuh Hunt, agent, do, Apni 6 ; John S Bowron. ph)sician, do, do , Joseph Douglass Stantiel, milkman. do, do ; Peter Poillon, chocolate manufacturer, do. do . David U Cook, tailor, do, do ; Edward A Laming, Throg's Neck, April 30 ; Oaorge T Morris, [compulsory, on complaint oi James E Cuoley,j March 30; Daniel H Turner,clerk, N Y, A|>ril 6. Forms, or lilanka, in relation to the long notice, havn been adopted by the court, copiea of which can b? oltaimd at mott of the stationery atorea. NORTHERN DISTRICT Or NEW YORK. Chas H Andrews, to lie declared bankrupt April 4; Hy Averill, Jr. Adams, March 28; Wm NAilami, Allien/. 31st; Samuel 11 Aikins, Schtnecfady county, April It; Jutnea I' Bickfoid, Rocheater, March 81; John B Beera, do, 24:h; Alvali Beelre, llhica, do, 3l?t; Nathan Brooks, Chenango counly, do; Joseph Bowker, Elbrie'gr, do; -Vary Benedict.; 8 Butt*!Held, Washington couuty. March 28; Wm Brown, Van Buren, 31st; Abraham B Barker, Herkimer county, do; laaacher Btowo, Troy, do; Marcus Barnuir, Onondaga county, March 38; Abuei Bailey, do; Clark Bartlett. Buffalo, April 4; Ins Barnard, Jr. Hamburg, do; Smith M Uiowh, Monroe, It; John Bannister, I'helpf, March 28, Merritt Beecher,Matey, 24 h; Jacob C Breggogle, Seneca county, 26th, Edw ard Biorn<, Mentz, 29U); Joseph Corbin, Ore. ne. 30th; Matthias B Coneklin, Auburu, 26th; Jacob HChilsou. Monro* county,24tb; Daniel A Chapinsn, Madison Co. April 2; La Fayette A Cooper, Johnstown, 4th; Royal Cowell, do; Jume* Covert, Jr. Wayne, lat; John W Chapman, Albany, March 20, Joseph Curtis, do; Wm A Corbin, do, March 31; AlonroCutler, do; Sylvvrster ChamberJin, Buffalo, March 28; John Crawlord, Volney, 30'h; Daniel Cotrel), Washington county, 29th; Lipman M Duaarldorl, Albany, 23; Stillman Derby, Buffalo April 1: John N Dunbnr Brn?si? f?ii?i? atl. v i\. Arcadia, March 18; Benj M Duane, Franklin Co. April 9; Russell Dodgr, Oxford, do; Horatio A A J Evans, Biughampton, do; Votary Elliott, Kirkland, March SB? Wb N El wet, Herkimer, April 1; John W Elliott, Chenango county. March 31; Andrew C Earl, EUsliury, 31: Henry S Flower, Rochester, 31 st; Wm O Fay. Northampton, April 4; Benjamin Polet, Buffalo, lat; Oliver B Ford, Vienna, March 19; George Fraacott, Buffalo, April 4; George F<ro, Cansjoharie, do: Robert Forrat, Schenectady, March 31; John M French, Rochester,do; Isaac B Guier, Albany ,13d; Samuel W Gibbr, do, Slat; Harrjr Griswold, Buffalo, April 1; Marcellua Gilbert, Johnstown, 4'.h, Othnitl J Gilbert! West Bloom field, do; Johjt Gilbert, Onondaga county, March -14; James S Grimes, lleoaaelacr county, 31st; Scaburg 8 Gould, Seneca Falls, 38.h; StepbmBOay, Sterling, do; Leman W Garl'ek, ChenaDgo county, .Slat; James Gilson, Stockton. 39th; Joseph A Hull, Rochester, 31st; Zebuion Hubbard, do; Jacob R Holton, do; Charles Hubhell, do; Lyinaa P Hall, Syracuse, March 13d; Eli Hall, KirtUnd, 3'Hh; Silas Hopkins, Hamburg, April 1; John Horlry, Greene, 4 h; Henry H Harlbur, Ohm go, March 35; Fleming Hull, Sackett's Harbor, 38;b; Alonzo Harwood. Skancatelis,36tli; Wm V Hooker. Vienna, 38 b; Sylvester S Hawley, Wayne county. 31st; Ororge B Harmon. Ira, 30th; Cornelius Uovey, West Troy, -J4th Wm F. Hall, Wett Bloom field, April 4; John Hurst, Syracuse, March 3d; Edward 11 Hull, Onondago county, 35:h; Bevjamin Holt, Herkimer county,Slat; Edward Hubbard, Albany, 36th; Sylvester P Johnstown, Wayne county, 38th; Anson W Kirme, Scriba, 31st; Farrort Kethel, Fleming, do; Ortiu S Knapp, Otsego, April 4; Win Keck, Lockport. M .rch 30; Erick Lowenthall, Albany, 33d; James Ll| cain, do, 34th; Mecali Long. Bullalo, 1; Amon Lampkire,Weit Bloomilcld, 4'h; Thos B Leake,Norwich, do; John Lewis, Martinabureh, do; Isaac N Mason, Chenango county, March 31; Asa Munger, Auburn, 18'h; John W Munger, Delaware county, April 5; George W Mcrsereau, Broome county, 3d; Lyman Marsb,Herki mer county, March 31; Philander Malktt, do; Horace Murdock, Monroe county, 36th; Walter D Morton, Rochester,34th; Mark Miller, do, 38tk; Oliver Millar, Geneva, do; Joseph H Martin, Albany. 36th; Fredericks Moore, Oneida county, 30tb; Samuel 8 Mills, Johnstown, April 4; Henry B Matthews, do; Joseph Norris, Saline, March 3f; Samuel E Norton, Vienna, 38th; Lmtbrr B Orcott. Amtterdem, 31st; B< nj Peeti. Chenango county,do; Stephen Pcffer,do; Samuel P Pierce,; Austin Pinney, Buffalo, April 4; Harriion Park, do; GeoRPsrmelee.Cszenotia, do; Ira Parker, Palmy* ra, March SO; Jacob Price, Jr. Ceiolire, April 4; James W Pisttoii, Arcadia, March 28: Merrick Rice,Otisco,2etb: John r W Reynolds, Onondaga county, do; Jattes 1t~Reynolda, Moroatt, 28tb; Wm GRsmtdell, Buffalo.April 4; Asa Robbina,Chenango county. March 31; M Smith, do; Salomon Spalding do; Peter A Smith, Greece, do; 8 M Sherman, Rochester; Stephen V H Stewait, do, Mth; Benjamin Streeter, do, April 4th; Horace Smith, Fabius. March 34; Wm A Spooner, Warren county,28th; Daniel S .rith,Syracuse, 24th; Leonard W Smith, Watarko, 31 Geo Smith, do, 2uth; Stephen Sherwood,Albany county, 28tb; Philip Snyder, do,-J4'.b; Zschsriiu Smith, Albany, do; William P Blocum, Cambray, 31st; David Sherman, Kirkland. 30th; Lewis Seymour, Binghampton, April 4; Abel Tuttle, Batavia,6th; Wm S Turner, Buffalo, 4th; A S Tyler, do, lit; Horace Thompson. Chenango county, March 31; Daniel W Veneauimnn, Schenectady, do; T C. Wetmore,Troy,20>b; Roger Williams, Chenango Co. 3lst; Samuel Weeden, do; Chester Wood, do; Chsrlea II Williams, Monroe county, do; John 11 Winslow .Pittaford, do; Hazel White. Brownville 30th; Johu M Winalow, Rochester, 31st; Richard 8 Whitney, do; Horatio N Walker, Buffalo, April 1; Edward T Winslow, do, 4th; Kpenetus Webster, Boston, Match 30; John Watson, Vienna, 28th; Gilbert Winegsr. Wbiteitow n, 30th; Nicholas Whalen, Albany,26tb; Wm H Wickes, do, 31it; Jaa G Young, do, -'6.h. DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS. Samuel B Appleton, Abrem Anthoney, Sylvester Alliu, Nathan N Austin, John Austin. John Ayres, John II Braynard, Hiram S Beers, Ed loin Barnes, Jonathan Barrage, Jonathan P Bishop, Ira Oliver^ Henry F Bartlett, Mark Bailey, Dudley P Blake, Anion B Burnham, Freeman Baker, jr," Pemberton Brown. Arnold Bow en, Charles Bowen, Lewis Boyden, Henry II Clotigh, Andrew A Clement, Wm L Clark, Thsmas Carr, Joahua Colburn, Ezra H Corning, Levi Champion, Thomaa Child, Thomas A Clark, Henry Cobb, Charlet Cook. Enoch Currier. Georra R Dinsmoer. I Charles A Davenport. F.rastus Durgin, Oeo K Daniell, George Daniell, Lewi* Darling, George L Davenport. David Daniell, Lewi* S Kernald, Uaac Farnham, Joel Fletcher, Luther R Fuller, Charlei Uoddard, Eliphalet Orover, jr, Chri*. G Oilman, Dariu * M Gammon*, John Hobba, Wm Helen, Bewail Hardy, Samuel H Hardy, Augustine Fowler. John P Her*ey, John G Holden, Freeman M Josselyn, Wm Lathrop, Charles H Lathrop, Thoma* Lamaon, Thaddeu* M H Lyon, Ahnar B Lane. Alexander Lewi*, William C Martin, Aaron R Mcrrifield, David B Makepeace, Daniel Nichols, Vespasian Nutting. Jonathan Nayion, Aurora W Oldham, Ebenezer Oakrs, Roland Packard, ThonM* Park, John Plii-nmer, John Park, Jr, Benjamin Randall, Sherburn Rowe, Harmon Ruaiell, George B Btearn*, Alanaon Bearer, Joseph Stevens, Amos Bhumway. Nathan Thompson, Thoma* Wiawell Thompson, Eli Thayer, Mark Wadleigk, James Whittemore, Chariot Willi*, jr, Beth D Woodbury. Joseph P Woodbury, Eliphalet T Whitehouie, David Wait, Joseph Willard, Joseph M Wood. 17. 8 Circuit Court. Before Judgt Rett*. The trial of the captain and mate of the ship Henry Clay,for ernel punishment of Wm. Bonelf, was postponed till next term. Tho Grand Jury came in o court with true bills against Frederick Holmes, James Whilloek, Michael Norton, Sydney Fox, Ilervey F Hall, and George Williams, for revolt and mutiny on board the ship Hibernia, daring her recent voyage?ala-r against John Smith, Peter Durgen, and Charles A. Leighton, rent from the Cape of Good Hope by the Am ricaa Consul, for revolt and mutiny on board the ship Herald: The Jnry also stated that they had dismissed the complaints against Elbert Herring, on a charge of withoidiag public money? J ?V- H n ftMiiJ-% niv vrj |M??u miiu uiatv wi tut 11TUIJ \ j I *J 9 lor with dangerono weapon, and againat Patrick C. Morton, for piracj. Chatham Tiicathb ?The performances of Messn-. Ilield and Scott last evening, in the Two Friends were highly gratifying, and drew forth many expr< adions of pleasure from the fashionably filled dress circle, while the pit responded to the comicalities of Jemmy Twitcher. Thorne is ever on the alert to snliit all tastes io his growing popularity. What the flowery was in its best days is the Chatham now. Thit evening Jemmy Twitcher appears again in both pieces, representing bis freaks both in France and England, accompanied by the singing duck. Mr- Hield also appears as Colonel WildInve UACKKT SHIP ROSCIU8?From Li??rp"ol CoMineM i wlililcaie Mod their Mraitl on boatd, At Orlraaa wh?r( foot of W.II atrcAt, immtCiatrljr. All goyb Dot pAranttcd id tircdajri, nail u?li?idiMr be oat to public (If a? "CLOUR?140 B*rr?U, "tupenor article, now laaoiag (row r Pad the* Irom New Orlfui.f.r e?> hv Dia E K. COLLI NB a C?..w Booth * _ Now York and Aikta* to JaVila, m l1" 1 f1 ?"? < Sfracuot Auburn, 8?m< Tail*, Oanaaa. Ciantiif, iU Meaan. fiwwrraj k Co. will attand to tha CoHaart?, or Faf ? No tat, Dralta, Billa. A eaptaaaaa, *k., and trupaact all and toy tack biawN aa ahall ha eoaaitM to lhair aharfu fat tW bora nomad placet, with prmoptaaaa. lUFKllINCM a A. I). Paiehm, ILta , Caahter N. ?. Bute M?fa W^jjU'nwaa, ? * JUfa?y Cttyl?fa - Scr1-4 PfT* (*noBMW Onto ? MM mravi MW| Alfa?r. Woo, ifth. iaot. n s>TiS^M?cr-rrr - v ^^ . * *.

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