Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1842 Page 1
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TH V?i. Vll^-Ro. 333 ?WMi MM1. -?>" ? t*v nv i ivi niYIOi. PACKETS I To Mil from New Yorkon tti- iSth, a id Liverpool on lh? llth of tack mott/k, d& M: ML -frT.VKwfsr-,., L K Ship KOBCIX'S.Captain lohn Collins. Wth March. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B.Cobb, i??h April KBltE WHAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster. Mth May. UARltlCK, Captain Win Hkuldy, tftk June. FHOM f*IVCRPtf?L. 0hk> SHERIDAN,TxiiUin K. A. Deuey iter, llth M*rch. Ship 3aSbICK,(-?P?*'ii Wm. Skiddy, 13th April. Sun RuSclUS, Captain John Collin*, llth May. Bhip SIDDuNS, Captain K. U. Cobb, ISA June. 'These siwp* are allot' the first cl*M,upwarda of lOOOtons.built fa the city of New York, with such improvements U combine Silapoed with nuiisnal comfort for passengers. Every care bccatakrniii the arrangeincntof their accommodations. The e of passage heaee ieh'03,for which ample stores will be provided. Theee ship# are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every eaertiou to kits general satisi'ac Neither the captains or owners oflhese shi|is will be responai Ma for any letters, parcels or packages sent hy them, unless re guiar bills ol la ling arc signed IherHor. The ships ol this line will hereafter go armed, aad their peen liar const ruction giveathrm security not poascMad ky any other bat vessels of war. w.M. St JA8. BROWN k CO, Liverpool. Letters by the packets will he charged 12| cents per single nhest:<t newspapers I cent each. ml " KOK NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS m. m. M IToMn^stter aeco numdah on orshHipeK, It i^otended to Aaanstch aship from this port on the l*t,6lh, loth.isth, soth SOS *5til of each moutn, commenci ng the loth October, and continuing until May, when regular days Well be appointed foi Ike remainder of the year, whereby great delays and dmap poust me lite will be ureveatril durSDffhi sMSMrSMatls. The tollowins ships will comuieute tliu arrangeinaat Ship YAZOO.Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. < apt Jackson hipMISSISSIPPI,Cart. Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, ('apt. Hunt. Ship 3HAKSPEARK, Cant. Miner. 8hip OASTON. Capt Latham. Shiu HUNTS VILLE, Capt. Mumford. Stub OCMULGEE, t.'apt Leaviu. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson. Skip MEMPHIS, Capt. Kniuhl. Skip LOUISA, Cent. Mulford. Thsse ships were all built in the city of New York, eipreeetf for packet* are of a liirht draft of water, hare recently been newly coppered and pat in epleudid order, with accommodations for pMseageri unequalled for cn nfort. They are commanded by experienced manure, who will make every exertion to give general eatielaction. Tliev wilt at all timca be towed up and down the Mifiiesippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or caidaius of these ships will be reiponii? for jewelry, bulliouprecinus stones, silver, or plated ware, or any Icttere,parcel or package, eent by or pot 'board of m. unless regular bill* of la hag are taken fortbeeamc, and the value therm* For freight or passage, apply to E. KTCOLL1N8 It CO.IIBouthit.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to hie adilreee. TJie ships of thie line am warranted to tail nunetuvNy as ad' rertaed, and great care will be taluuto hare the goodk correct hr measured. mi NEW lUHkAiSb HAY HE PACRETh. (SECOND LIXEJ illk JllS* Tn^Tup^jf thi* TTa^nThereafteMeare Nev^YorRn.ths tat and Havre on the '4 th of each month as follows: Fro*t New York. From Mavrt. The new ship ONEIDA, C lit March (l(th April Capt. < let July llfh Aagust Jamee Fuuck. I lat November i' 14th December hip BALTIMORE, 11st April i 14th May Cart. t lat August 14th Baptembcr Edward Funk. ( 1st Decembar I 14th January - hip UT1CA, 11st May l ihth June Capt < let Septembar i 14th October Fved*k Hewitt. f 1st January | 14th February Naw ship aT.NICOLAS.t lit June ,14th July Capt. < tat October 14tii November J. B. Pell. (let February 14th March Tbi accommodation* of these ahipe are net surpassed, com bjrang all that may be re<iuired for comfort. The price of caUi iun? i, tun. Pftucncpn will be suimlied with everr rsquurite, witli the eaecgtfcm of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded Vw the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actvahyi nana.*. a* Tontine Balding*. NEW YOSK AND NJCWAJUU CiMdB. ttijQ-jflfrjhSaSF Kar? reiturcd to ! eonto. From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York. At I A.M. At 1 P.M. At* A.M. At U P.M. U 4* 4 do * do *t do 41 do 10t do do T do 1* do ON SUNDAYS, torn the feot of Liberty street Leave New York. U??j Newer*. Pare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street,daily. Leave New York. Loaro Now Brunswick. "hi* "?*? SOMRBVILLK stagescoaneet with three lines each wa*. ire betwean New York and Roraerrille, . , ?0 cents. Do do NowBnsMwiok, TO cants. Kabway, ?o cents. Zhsahethtown, .. tOcenta. The fare in the Tf A. M. tram from Naw Brunswick, and 4| F M train from New York, has boen reduced between New York and New Brunswick to M cents. " and Railway to 171 " Yha Pailadelpkia mailt me passe* through Now Biunswickfoi New Yosk every evening at* o'clock. On Sundays the 71A.M. trip from NewBnmswiekisomit^sd> Passenger* who proenre their tickets at the tieketoAee.rooaire a ferry tkketgratie. Tkkotsare received by theconduetor aalvon the dav when ourekared. frb II NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Far* (July 19) Cents, lyi^ The splendid and commodious steamer f^JJjBnIj3?r.\S3AH. Captain Johu Uaffy, being com3EZ3CjK_plel' IV *-d elegantly refilled, will commence Iter regular trips for the icaion, oa T hurt day, March 10th,? leasing as follows:? Fo*tol Barclay st .New York Centre Market, Newark, 18 o'clock, A. M. 71 o'clock,A. M. 4 o'clock, P. M. l( o'clock, P. M. Fre'ght of every description enrrie 1 at very reduced rates. mS tw* X. POWELL <t CO.'? LINK. jMM FO* MlWBUROII, landing at CALD ^KQWR|.L<8, WEST POINTXND COLD 3E5H3E-SPRING-The steamboat HIGHLANDER Capt. RobertWardrop, wilt leave the foot of Warren street hew York, every Monday. Tlvi *Jay and Saturday afternoon's it 4 o'clock. Returning, the Huh,cider will leave ivewburgb every Monday morning at o'clock, ana Tuesday and Friday afternoon at o'clock. For freight or passage.apply to the Captain onboard. IV. B. All baggage and freight of every description, bank kifla orspecie, put on board this boat, must be at ths risk of the sensors thereof, unless a bill ofladiag orrsceiptis signed for tBsesasne _ nnu HEW VORK ANBTTF&ttroOL COMMERCIAL LINE Ok PACKETS. A^^^TQ lioL OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No II South street, New York. rpHE subscriber,in ann->uncing hie arrangements forthe year A 1845. appears before his friend* with sentiments of sincere respect for the able support he has received for many years Hilikawiee wishes to call the attention of those intending 4. ?r?. it ... r i. ... i_i?i a . ' 1 Salts, that they can at all tinea be accommodated by this a, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, aa well as by the well known different tiara of packet ships tailing to a4 front Liverpool,on the lit,7th, taih, llth, andmth of each oath, throughout lite year. It htw always been the study of tha subscriber to have tha Migrants shown civility, and dispatched without delay; and those who tend for lhair friends may rest satisfied that every cars and diligent attention will be girt* by tha Liverpool Agents to those scut for. as wall as all who may embark with them; and should any of those, whose passage has bean paid, BOt embark, the money will be refunded without any charge. The subrrriher fee lea pleasure in making known tar differaat ships by which his pasaengsn came out during the last year, which has siven general satisfaction, and that he hat considerably rilauded and concluded big arrangements for tha year The following is a list of ships a? hip Scotland Kohinson Ship Oacsola Childs Fail field Wilson " St. Cloud Emerson Frankfort Kufcsll ? Now Vork Niven " RmsolTbovsr Howes " Warsaw Oifilths " Hibernta Wilson " Oswego Wood Allrnd Chsersr " Ocean WeUaad Clifton Ingsnpll " Talbot Story - e. A3e" " N Hampshire Hardiag 2 Eaaeraoa " Pan then Uoodwansoa _ S^*h*e,ee _ Caw " Bobt. Isaac Treemnn mntsea Hookms Vsgiota Eaton - W^lwter r?iE ' . A.frw fTfTT ?f Kralamd and 8not I : ."affltaea. hum wiehitig to itM to tlM old country for Umu frMi, gmaka the Decenary arrangement# nth tlx aubeenheia, are them com* out in thie ttipencrlinaor peck Me, failing Liverpool on tlx 7th anil toth of every month. They wlfl hake a Brat rate clue or Americin traneimt thipa nailing I very ai*th 4mjr. thereby afford I tie a weekly cnmmwnieaboa imp that port. One af fhaftna. Mr. Jam < D. Rocke.iathara end wilt ramaia during the year tMt.teaee that all the pereone I eaaoeepaaeagea hare been paid here are forwarded with earn I iheaM thepartlee agreed for not come onl the money will he feigned tothoee who paid it hrre withoutany deduction. ^ e hapeoanrTieliigtie line an: f; : Bffa d : fett ileat light, for any amount, on the Royal Bnk of Ire and oa Preeeott, Crete, Amea It Co., BatdrrraTLeedoa. i wiU ha pmd oa dimea/, free af dienormt. in all the prut to wag af the Uaited K mndoaa. Apply, if hy letter, mi ? _ . ROCHFTKOtTlfcug I, CO,, (i FultnMt.nert door In the eniton Dink N T I 1>ACIwWg MtflMliWI, from New dMnn.; IHR i akargiug at (Irat Pier ahore the herew t>oek, Pier 10. Eaet My.. tlfffU'l will pieue at toad to the receipt of their Il ??? I ? ? E NE NEl | 1 HE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., PlBIiISHKD EVERY SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO. X. U>CTU*F?. Dr. Forry on the Laws 01 Climate, and ita Influence uj>on the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom* .... ltd Professor Molt'* Lecture* on Surgery, No X. Com|?uud Hare lip 160 Complicated Hare-Hp 166 Compound Complicated Hare-lip 1*0 ITIEW*. Dr. Rarasbothsm's' Proceii of Parturition ' Instrumental Labor 116 The Induction of Premature Labor 146 Hemorrhage during Labor 146 Puerperal Convulsion* 146 Guy'* Hoipital Report*?Dr. Bird an Electricity as a Remedial Agent in the Treatment of Disease*. Chorea 161 Paralyai* 151 A Dictionary of Arts, Manufacture*, and Mines. By Andrew Ure, M.D , F 11 S , Ac. Ac. Ac. Alipocire 161 The Retrospect of Medicine and Surgery. Edited by O W Braithwaite, Surgeon to the Leeds Oanpral V. v* an.I V. ir I a tii marv. 6lc . At ft. On Asphyxia,and on the Rescuscitationof Stillborn Children 153 Outline of a Philosophical History of the Reproductive Function 183 Woman Physiologically Considered. By Alexander Walker. With an Appendix 154 Beauty; illustrated chiefly by an Analysis and Classification of Beauty iu Woman. By Alexander Walker 154 First Principles of Medicine. By Archibald Billing,MP., A.M, Memberofthe Senate of the University of London, Ac. A; 154 r.txroaiAL DtrASTMeirr. Spring Course of Lectures 153 Albany Medical College 153 Mistake Corrected.?Dr. 1.1. Greenwood 154 Testimonial to Dr. Quackeaboss, of tho College of Physicians and Surgeons 154 Mrniuo-CHiauanicAL xsroaTsa. Crosby street Clinique 155 Cases in which the Parotid Gland was successfully Removed 155 Case of Enlarged Thymus Gland. By Dr. Mantel], L.LD.FRS 164 Dr Isaac I. Greenwood, of New York, on tke Cure of Toothache 157 Improved Pessaries 157 Case of Paralysis in connection with Hepatic Derangement 157 Treatment of Sore Throat, or Aogina,by Alum. By M. Velpeau, of Pari* 1M Colics rictoBum treated with Warm Water. By John Wilson, M.D., Physician to the Middlesex Hoapital 1M Belladonna in Cain of lieu*. By M. Becker 159 I rail* AND INTBLLIOEirCB. New York Eye Infirmary 159 Graduates at Albany 1*9 Royal Medical Society of London 169 Profeator David Don 100 Temperance Society of the College of Physician* and Surgeon* , 100 Pharmaceutical Charges .. 100 Weekly Report of Interments 100 New Yonx: Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Ofhee, No. 91 Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Agent* for the New York Lancet. The following Is a list ofthe Agents for the Lancet, where subscriptions will be received, and single nan* bur* are found for sale regularly every week, Boston George W. Redding. Baltimore W. Taylor. Philadelphia G. B. Zieber. Washington, D. C - G. B. Zieber Is Co. Buffalo . N. Y I.I. Hawks New Haven,Conn D.C. Mitchell. Hartford, Conn Benj. Newbury Albany, N. Y O. Jones, Troy, N. Y Levi Wfllard. Laniiugburgh, N. Y, Thos. P. Richard*. Waterford, N. Y J. R. Newark,N.J D. Smith. Peterson, N. J MatUsew Dougherty V....... M... a T*1 " wi wroi*i? , svaaow 9. & uvtli pwu. Norwich, Coon Morgan 8afford. Rochester, N. V L. Moore. New Orleans John F. Cum* fcCo. St. LouU, Mo R.J. Woodward. Charleston Amos Head. MidJletewn S.Dickinson. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Savannah, 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala. John P. Cares k Co. Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. Trenton J. Rauosley. Pittsburgh, Pa R O. Brrford. Louisville, Ky W. A. HaMemaa. Cincinnati, O C. Tobey. Wheeling, Vn J. H Thompson fc Co. New London,Conn L. L. Sperry. Newport Win. A. Fry. Canandagua Messrs. H. D Hoyt it Co. The Lmset is $3 per annum in advance?or 6} centa per single number. L*ncct Ornea 31 Ann stukkt. Baltimore. I Correspondence of the HeraM.] Baltimore, March 5th, 1812 The Currency?Temperance, ift. The currency it in a better situation than it has been for the Inet twe or three days, end is getting still better. The people who have been almost driven to the last extremity by these modern barbers, the brokers, have cooled down a' little aa the prospect of relief becomes brighter, but if these prospects are blasted by the acts of our legislators, it ha* been said that the presidents of tha different banks, end their loving friends, the broker?, will get saits a piece of tar and feathers, laid on thick nnd^heavy too. "Touch a man's poekel, and you touch his heart," seems to be true when applied to theee parts, but the people's pockets being very small, or at least having very little in them, will account for it readily. If they would put Judge Lynck's code in force, they would seaicely be blamed, for they have suffered from the (Tnnnv nf A mvinril n* rlinno tk? knatre ?<) krn* ker*, " till forbearance ceaeee to be a virtne." The little fellow who figured ?o largely at a couple of towa meeting*, haa closed his door*, or somebody eloaed them for him; conaeqnantly the children can't get any more worm lozenge* to core them. Poer Jemmy! they hare *ent him to Fort Dianey. The Baltimore Central Convention met laat evening. In twelve societiaa repreiewtrd, there wa* an inereaie of 280 member* within the last month, making in all o,090. The Washington Temperance Society is not represented in this Convention; they number 3000, ae the whole anuiber of teetotalers in Baltimore of (he male sex, is 8,000, exclusive of Sabbath school societies. The eause here is going ahead; it is certaiely a good way to regn late the currency. SlMOlt. Saratoga. |Correspondence of the Herald.] Saratoga Sramo*, March 4, 184'2 The Henitdia Saratoga?The Ijate Fair?The Difference between Buying and Borrowing, ft. Ma. Be*h?tt? I have noticed fer some time past, that the stores where the Herald, was taken were at time* crowded by the most intelligent and reepeotable men in this village, ell anxkme to obtain the first glance ct that Terr popular mmi. Especially was this the ease when an aecoaat of the late Preceyterion Fair, held at the Colombian Hotel ia this Tillage, appeared in its columns By the way. the persons ellnded toia that article, fed much elated at ihe pnhKeity giren to their grace, beaaty, aetiTitT, iVe. The merchants were mortified and angry at teeing their stores actually blocked up so as to present customers from entering and trading,and that, too, by men who would scorn the idea of borrowing nay thing except a newspaper. New, if ail those who wish to read the Herald woald consider the iaconrenieaee and loss they thus thoughtlessly occasion shopkeepers, I beliere most of them woald immediately direct J. Ellsworth, oar eery able sad efficient postmaster, te forward you the subscription money for the paper which, cf all others, they appear most eager to prraae. Aad this, in my opinion, appears to be a manly aad honorable course, for tkoee who now depend npoa their neighbors for a glaaec at the disseminator of tretk, and not only to the interest of those who might bseome subscribers, bat highly satisfactory and advantageous to a majority of Saratoga. Mnnei*-. w^ro W YORK, WEDNESDAY CommiaM Council. Board or Aldebmen, March S?Alderman Hatfuld, President pro tern The roll being called, the members of the Board of Assistants entered the room, when the Common Council proceeded to meeting in Joint Ballot. Assistant Aiderman Lee in the Chair, in the absence of Vlderman Pubdy. On the reading of the minutes by the elerk, it had been entered that Assistant Alderman Murphy was "arrested" in his remarks relative tothe election of Inspectors of Election, on Monday evening He rose and stated that lie believed that he was not " arrested" bat called to order, and he moved so to amend the minu'es. The ayes and nays were called, and the question was decided in th>- affirmative, by yeas 8?nays 7. The Re port of the Chief Engineer, giving the return of the election from three Assistant Engineer* to snpply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Zophar Mills, TVm- A. Freeborn and John T Rollins. The Common Council thereupon declared Samuel Waddell, Charles Forrester and Sidney B- Alley, elected as Assistaut Engineers.? The votes given were published in the Herald of yesterday morning. The Board then proceeded to the election of Inspectors for the spring (lection,in accordance with th- Repeal Registry Law. Alderman Lee then moved that the following parsons be seL-cttd at Inspectors of the venteeuth ward, which was adopted:? Sitknteesth WuD-Firtt D'ttrut?James S. HalStead, Henry K*"yser and James V. Rich. Second District?Ebcnczer Berkley, Hiram O. Smith, Peter Chamberlain. Third District?A. K. Pattinson, Uell Reynolds and W. H. Mackerall. fourth District?James T. Thompson, David Kinney and Samuel D. Jackson. Fijih District?Robert II. Ludlow. Samuel S. Wandell and William PaimiT. Alderman Pollock then (nominated the following for the eiXTrrniH ward.?r irsi utsirtct.?j lines atone, jonu 9. McKsrland and Jjme* Nicol. St&mJ Dittrict?Cornelius W. Hibbard, Jos. P. Fly nn and Walter Mead. Tit I nl Dittfct.?William J. Roome, Theodore Martine and Edward Black. Fourth DUtnc> ?Joaiah Merritt, Stewart Elder and Tb' odorr Dennia Fifth Ditirict.?Isaac Kennard, Cbarlea McD. vitt and Jame* blokes. At this vciiat Alderman Jonca or theFourth ward, requested the whig in embers of the Boaid to retire, and proceeded towards the door, when Alderman Siialer rose, and ia a abort speech, showed conclusively that it waatha incumbent duty of the Aldermen to select three inspectors.? That they were bound by their oatba of office to carry out the proviaiona of the law, and he therefore hoped that gentlemen would not vacate their aeata, and thus leave the Board without a quotum and the city without olfieera to govern ita municipal affaira, after the term of the preaent officers expi is in the ensuing month of Aptil. He concluded, in justification of hia remarks, by reading the following law repealing the registry enactment, and pointed out ita bearing upon the positions that he hud urged, in aaable and efficient manner, " The People of the State oi New York, represented in Smateand Aisrmbly,dotnactas follows ' " Sac. I.? 80much of ihe act entitled 'an act to prevent illegal voting in the city of New York, and to promote the convenience of legal voters,' passed March 30th 1340, and so much of all other acta and parts of act* amendatory thereof, as relate* to the registration of voters and the election of inspectors of elections, are hereby repealed. " Sac. 11 ?The Common Council of the city of New York shall annually,on or belorothe tenth day of March, meet and appoint three inspectors of election* for each election district in said city, who shall hold their office* for one year, and until others are appointed. " Sac." III.?This act shall sake effect immediately." Alderman Woodhbil dented that the recent law repealing the registry bill deprived the Inspectors elected last spring, of their powers to act a* Inspectors of the ensuing spring election, but that it applied to the election of inspectors for the fall election. He s'ated that the whig members would not remain in the Beard to sanction the selection cf Inspectors to preside over the ensuing election. They would be willing to elect them for the fall election, and would roteuo other way. Assistant Alderman Benedict occupied about an hour in talking upon the dead Registry Bill, which he mourned over with all the affection ol a devoted friend and adherent. Assistant A Merman Davis replied, and took the fame viowol the matter at urged by Mr. Shaler. Assistant Alderman Muuphv, of the seventh, then obtained the door, and occupied the time of the members for nearly au hour with an harrangue that waa ao irrellcvant to the question before the meeting, that he waa called to order eight aeveral tiraea by the President and the member*, and each time decided to be talking abont every thing else except the question at issue. Alderman Leo.vaiid replied in a very pungent ppeech, which drew Benedict and Murphy forth, and upon Alderman Lee calling for the main queation, Asaiatant Alderman Murphy again obtained the floor and eoamenced an argument relative to the origin of the anain question and the Democracy of Thomas Jefferson,when he was called to order by the chair, and appealing from its decision, the chair waa sustained by a vote of 8 to 16, when he finally took bia seat amid the laugh of the audience. The question being called, Aldermen Jonas, Woodhull, William* and Bali* immediately lelt the room, when it was ascertained that a quorum waa aot present. The Sergeant-at-arma was requested to inform them that their presence was desired, and on delivering the notice they peremptorily refused to r< turr, and| bus violated the laws of the State that ihey have solemnly sworn to obey. The joint meeting then adjourned. Board or AsiiiTa.vt ArnisMts?March 8.? This was a meeting adjourned from last evening for the purpose of meeting the ether Board in joint ballot with a view to choosing inspectors of election The President, Mr. Lee, in the chairAn invitation was received from the American Museum, for the members to visic that institution on Thursday afternoon next, it being the anniversary of the founding of the Museum, by John Scudder, on the 10th of Mareh. 1810. Accepted. Some petitions were pres. nted, after which, on motion of Mr. Dods-e. the Hoard took a reeeas. for the purpose of proceeding to joint ballot. On the return of the Board, the roll wa> called, and on motion of Mr. Ward, adjourned to Monday evening next. Vice Chancellor's Court. Present?Vice Chancellor M'Cown. Decisions. March 8.?Frederick Marquand vs. (renin Srott < and Adron F. Sagmz.?This was on a complaint I that Bagcez bad an interest in a work called the 1 Report of Paahioasjand asking that he be compel* I led to make it orer, but denied by Scott,who avert ( having bought him out for #7000, #1200 of which \ he paid in ca-h. Alao, that Saguez had improperly pnt his fumi. ' tore out of his hands. A motion i f exception had been made to the Master's report. Order, that the exceptions be allowed, with costs. Lnci* Curti*, tt id vs. U'diinm IJiltciw rt al.? The defendant and wife, in 1838, bad been induced r to give a bond and mortgage for $7 in payment i of North American Trust and Booking Co stock, ' to Joseph D. Beers, President, hi t successors and assigns. The mortgage was seed, and an answer put in last fall. The present is a motion on the part of defendant, asking to pnt in i supplemental an- * swer, by which he will snow that the represent*- * tions mode to bias of Mr Beers and others hiving (] put cash into the ooncern were false, and done with a view to obtain the mortgage; that tilt require- r aaeut made of him not to sell the stock sboM ot etc t mnaths, was made so as to afford time for the offi b cers and thoir friends to sell out on time nt a high d prion?that the company was not formed according " to law, and that the assig anient made to the firm ol J; Palmar, M'Kellopp,Deat & Co., of London, was not valid, and is, besides, usurious nod void- Or- ^ dered, tbat defendant bnve leave within ten days te j, file supplemental answer on payment ol costs of T the proceedings which have besn bad in the cause A since tbo first answer Wat filed, ineluJiogthe costs P on the motion, to bo taxed. f ljnait al rs, Jonathan Trotter, rt ai.~ * Thii Was nlsn n naae an wKloW ike <)i.few<lael A wife, fare in 1839, mortgages for North American Trust Co slock, being for $9,000,10,700 and 7,300 A similar motion was made, which took the same eonrse. E Sundry Claimants vs. I Voter Commissioners of u New York.?This was an application for the ap- h point meat of personato appraise damage alleged by b rariout persons, owniag mills on or near the Cro M ton river, to hare been received by them in the <i diversion of the water to this city. Messrs. Henry Jl Crosby, Henry White, and Nalhaiel J liny lee, cf u Westchester, were appointed. Pitro MaronctUi ss. Gnband IVaikrr ?The plain- g tiCis a teacher of mnsie. Being in w?nt of money ,t he sold a piano forte to defendants, and snbsequent- A ly hired it at $6 a month- D.ffieulty occurred, so D? I jLm/ jLm. JL MORNING, MARCH 9, and a law suit ha* gose in lavor of the defendants in the Common P ea i. Tht plaintifl'then brought matters in equity b lore t!u* Court. Exceptions had been taken to the Mis er's report. Order? Tbat the Matter's leport ttand confirmed, with coat*. Jaitut Mason tra Isaac Junes, tl. al.?This was a petition presented by. plainiili'aciuust defendant?, at executor of his father (John Mason's) estate, in not psyiug him the full amount of #2,500 a year, bequeathed hint by bis father, and asking certain proceedings. Petition denied, with costs. George I.angrion Storcrand William Van Hook, executors. $)-c , vs. WHlmm C Kmmet.?David Herdan died in 1821, leaving a widow and eight children, and possessing, among other property, the house and lot dl!) Uroome street. In his will he ordertd, tbat when his youngest child, who was born in Ifim. flhdlllM of'uin tli<> titrn nf tivontv.nnA hii 0h(lltA should be gold and divided. The house and lot her* spokes of were put up at auction in Febiuary last, and bought by the defendant for $10 (WO. He paid $UK.O down, agreeable to terns of sale, but refused to ratify the bargain, oh the ground that it was uncertain whether the youngest child was of age or not. He was compelled to do so; and the present motion is for costs. The Vice Chaioeilor stated that both parties were to blame; the one side in not showing, and the other in not demanding the proof of anthority, and adjudged each party to pay us own costs. General Sessions. Before Ilis Honor Recorder Tallmadge, Judges Nosh and Lynch, and Aldermen Lee and i5alis March 8.?Ww. Sua leu, Esq , acting District Attorney. Alleged Charge of Burglary and Ijirteny.?A young man named David Boy J, was put on bis trial for an alleged eniering of the house of Jane Chrystie, in the Ninth Avenue, on the 27th of January last. The complainant, an old woman, stated that her house was entered by Boyd on the above named day by cutting the string of the do rand t <king $20 in specie ihat she had placed under her pillow, 'the old woman testified strongly as to the fact of the theft, and also said she caught him in the room with two razors in his band. It was proved by defence ihat she was a notorious woman, addioted to lying and theft, and also that she had told a hall a dozen different glories relative to the lass of her monp* If was a I an nrnvpH that oho anrt bur Km*. band were in abj ct'poverty at the time the alleges the m ney was stoles, and that the wife of the father ef prisoner had supplied them with previsions on credit the day previous. The defence was conducted by Josiah Merr,tt, Esq., and the way the old woman answered his questions as to the time of day when the burglary took plaee, the cause of her absence, and business at that hour could oaly be imitated by one of the sprigs of shillelah, known to bealways ready with an answer. The Jary re. taraed a verdict of not guilty, and the Recorder discharged the prisoner, after reprimanding him for his dissipated course of life which had caused his parents so much trouble. He promised to reform, and leftthe court. Trial for Highway Robbery ?Whs. MoCullough, impleaded witti Andrew Duughmy, was tried (or highway robbery, in robbing a colored man named Gilford Johnson, on the 7th of February last, at a "touch house" in Cross street. Dougherty was tried yesterday on the same charge and.convicted. Johnson stated that he was persuaded into the house by two mulatto or Indian girls As soon as he entered, the light was extinguished, and the twe men attacked him, and tore his watch and fob from hia pantaloons, and also a pocket book, ailver pencil case, See. These articles were fount! under a door step,where they were left by Johnson. The prisoner was defended by Calvin Pepper, Esq , who presented a good argument for his client, but occu pied entirely too much time of the Court in his defence. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty, but recommended him to the mercy of the Court. He was then sentenced to imprisonment in the States' Prison for ten years. He is an old offender,although not more than 22 years of age, and as the Court adjourned when the olRce s were removing him, several of his nompanient who were in the gallery, criad ont, " Good bye, Bill, take care o| yourself" _i *_ L:. *k. ... L/uagicnj) nil a*s*jciatc m mc iuio, nnu wm ooatidtd on Monday, wn then arraigned and sentenced ta ten years and six months in sing sing prison. Ptrftclioniilt in Trouble.?A man named William Humphreys was tried lor an alleged assault and battery on the person of a man named Willard Gladding, who professes to he the leader of a society of religious fanatics called " Perfectionists/' who assemble at a house in the Eighth Arenu**, to perform their religious exercises. Gladding stated, on taking the witness stand, that be "holds a meeting iu the Eighth Arcuuefor the worshipping of God and cf the Lord Jesus Christ, in lore and in the spirit of the Lord." He said he met William Humphreys in the street near the place of meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 1st, and accosted him by saying, "The Lord wants your heart," when Humphreys struck him ia the face several times. He slated that he did not strike him back, but replied between the blows, " The Lord lore and bless you, and parify your htart He seid he had commenced the suit for an assault and battery sgsinst .Humphreys, "from the pnrs lore hs bore him alone; that he loved his soul and God eternal; and should have struck him back, bnt baring a new soul, full of lore, and not being in a state ? f natur', be could not injure him." One of hisaasociatee was called upon the stand te sustain the prosecu:ion. He stated that he was present at the time the assault was committed, and said to Humphreys, when he first struck Gladding, "The Lord bless you, yon are going to kill my brother; I thank the'Lord,.my heart is full of lore.". Aad whan he kicked Gladding, he said, " The Lord bleas you; 1 lore you all; bless your soul in Christ Jesus, the hope of^lory in ike mighty Lord; praise the Lord and Christ Jesus " The court believing that evidence sufficient had been obtained to show than an assault and battery had been committed, stopped the witness, and the jury returned a rirdiet of guilty of assault and battery. Attmill and liatlery?Timothy Casey, was tried for violently assaulting and beating Cornelius Col. tins,of No. 825 Third avenue, on the 3d o( January last. The jury found him guilty, and the c?urt sentenced him to a fine of $o. Trial for Grand /jirceny.? A colored boy named George Williams, was tried for stealing a quantity of clothing, valued at $50, (rem the steamboat New Haven, on inc Attn hi r cut u.w y 1111, Being me property of William Wright, a colored cook, belonging to the boat. The clothea were ftund in the place where they were deposited by William The jury found him guilty, and the conrt sentenced him to three year* in the states prism. Foijritrd Hropiitancet ?Albert Aihcrott, indicted for grand faieeny and forgery, in atealiag a draft from a letter directed to White 6c Sheffield of this city, for BlUO, and forging the name of aaid firm on the back df it as endorsers, not appearing, his recognizance were declared forfeited. Wm Crocker, on two indictments for grand larceny, iras also called, and his recognizances forfeited. The Court then adjourned to eleren o'clock, Wednesday morning. BailktrWpt Lilt. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NF.W YORK. Theophilns Oillender, Hyde Park, to be declared bank npt April 7; Alfred Phillips. Fishkill, Oth; Abraham B (hater. New; Wm R Hazlct, do; Horace Bacon, !o?047 in all, ae far. NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NF.W YORK. George 8 Alvord, Oswego, to be declared bankrupt L r.'1 8j Calvin 8. Brewei Bridganrater, March 31; FE Ifdient, Westmoreland, Slat; Abraham Boom, Lockport; (pril 6; Lyman firtdley, do, ad; Ira Baraard, Jr. Hamiur^h, 4th; B imuei Brawn, Mrctz, March 31st; George L BCrooker.Caoewango, Apill M; Mosca II Colby, Baatogi. ttb; John D Campbell, Oswege. 3d; Fhlneaa B oi., Rue heater, March it; Bebaatian Y Crellus, Scrl April id; Silas Davis,do; Charles De Matt, Oswego, e; John Diason, Richmond, Maich 3); Ira Davis, Pism,2dth; Warren Devour, Ira, ApiilB; Jamea Ells, Jr. 'anastota, 6th; Corneliua Griffiths, Remsen, March 31; hnbael Uallnr. Buffalo,30th; Cberlea M Green, Lafaytte,81at: David 8 Hall, 0? neva, do, Reuben M Mine, iurelius,M(b; Lyman C King, Lafayette,Blst; Joseph fecnllent. Batavia, 80th; Charles A H McOregor.frtog, April 11; John S MrDoweil, Dunkirk, do; Adam . Nestle, Mindea,4th; Beth Payn, Osteego, 3d; George hillipe, Porter, 6tb; Benah 8 Red bet. 1, Clyde, 3d; Albert Red Arid, Galen, do; James RR?yoolda. Morean, March j i; Isaac 8 Smith, Buffalo, June 3; Jabtz A Stiles,Nantx, pril 7; Lyman A Spaulding, Lockport, March W; lis 1 1 Wilkinson, do. Anril *2- WmIo? t CONNECTICUT. ' To ahow cauae at Hart ford.March l~8?Oio W K?ppel?, ' .raetua Pliolpa, Ji mi? Jr lronton Rngera.Alon- | ? Rockwell, Lorin Blodgett. and Joaeph S Cunia, of artford; flilaa P fialcock ONeer W Mariball,and Wa arnea, Windaor; Reuben H Toaner and Joaae Tattle, i liddletown; Joel Humphrey, Wincheater; John Auan. Manchester; Laariaton Cumminga and Aaron R ma, Stafford, Samuel C Carpenter, Vernon; Socra- I 1a Tarbo*. Marlboro; Philander Fielding, Bolton; Nor- j an Caae, Hartland; J R Williama Glaatenbury. Toahow eauaa at Canterbury, March I??Joaeph L ' ennett, Auatin Bliaa, Jeaae Maynard, Norwich. To * low eaoaa at do March 91 ? George Walker. ?J, Dudley Summera, Norwich; Jaaon W Fairfield, C L Tbomp- 1 n, Pomfret, W*t Letter, Jr. Woodatock; Wm H Snow, t I At I ?| II! < ?" Tin A 1842. ElWha Tiorley, Hampton; Jmin s C Tnarews, Oriswolo. Sylvester K Andrew, Plain lii-ld: Samuel I. llovgh. Can terbury; I.sac A Avery. New London: butley W K.r.yon. Sterling; Thomas Gibbons Trnrbull, Colchester To show cause st New Haven, March afl ? John B Dav ton, Fredeiick W Gilbert, Phiness F Krn/.ee, Oeoige W Lees, Ooorge Stevens, Henry H Wooding.JiiUdi&hChop man, John A Pardee, Ws Bndington. Henry A Uuntre. Charles Merris, Homer Swift, lieo W Blaketlee, Andu L Brown, Wm F Hardy, Jeremiah O ParmeKe, WiUurd L Sears, Wm C Barrows, George Edwards, Theodore Dane eke, John H Cook, Jr Joseph SiUiman, Jr. Benjamin Beecher, Jr. Samuel Woodruff", Wm (1 Wobsler Jnr K Johnson, James Eatod Zi"> j H Wa i d,Ed w A Mitchell. Now Haven; Isaac C Andrews. B<rlm; Nathan Cook. Plymouth: Edmund M Field, Guilford; George Troup Gilbert, Mlddletown; Charles 8 Day. Edward H Street, Norwtlk; Henry A 8 urria, James Dioion, M Wakrman and Chas DHoyt, Fairfield; Abel Burr, Redding, Eras tils S Ceuton, Dswis C Sevmour, Ridgelield; Chauncey Smith, Kent; Tboi Stoddard, Derby; Dsvid Tous-w, Newtown; Daniel A Hoy t, Francis Fairchild. G Wells, SylveitcrStevena. David P Ahhott, Samuel O Banks, S Osborne, Amos Bishop, Edw U Foster, Amos B Scribner. Danbury; Chas P Strong, Wm Pike. I T Rogers, Samuel C Merwin, D J Gompcrts, J L Lambert, I S Greene, Milford; Wm Hayes, Wm H 9hipmm, Geo B Smith, Everett Lewis, SatnlH Wixon, Jerry B Desn, Bridgeport; Harris Hinford, Bethany; Bernard Hartley, New Haven; This riant, North Bradford: Spencer Taylor, Hamdeu; Geo I Hale, Orange; Jot 1 Johnson, Robert Johnson, Jr. James M Grauuis, Geo S Welton.Mill* B Ford, N L Beach. Jno L Mitchell. Jr. John Bower*, Gideon O Hotchkiss, Waterbury; Floyd T Roscoe, New Ctnatn; Wm St John, North Canaan: W? E Morgan, Weston; Noah D Parmclee, Reding; Joseph Prindie, Canaan; Wm P Brown, Stamford; Hanford Stevens, Darien; Handford Mead. Greenwich; Stephen H Pay ne,Proapoct. To show cause at New Haven, April 1?Wnt Ives, Anson Smith, Calvin Woodids, Wm R Marshall, Charles B Cook, David G Northrop, Shot man W Scovill, Jno Lewi* Job Sheldon, Isaac Lanson, Nahuin Hay ward, G Lines; James B Ward, Richard Stane, Henry MBidwcll, Wm Way, Theron J Finch, Now Haven; Lewis Ailing: 8 C Kirtland; John Stephenson, Peter M Thorp, J H Whit ing, Wm Johnson, Seymour Whiting, Cha* B WfcrojcO Daniel B Oviatt, Wm L Peet, Samuel Hodge eorgeeW Olmsted, Burr Hotahkits Frederick W Parrott. Williion Lloyd, Li grand Parrott, Biidgepert; Horace Beardaley, K/.okiel N Newton, Washington; David B Sturgie, Josiah H Broas, Medad Bradley, Danbury- Chas FlHine, Jonah Parker, Lyman Carter Cyrua Botsford, N Milford; Lewia W Curtis, Sheldon P Cuitis, Stratford; M Lane, J W Harsia, Hiram J White, Waterbury ; Alpha Carrier, P Norman, Seleck 8h< man, Fan field; John Oarpenter, B Judd, Kent; Elsm Haw ley, Trumbull; O/.ro Collins, Bethany; Ransom Lock wood, Seth A Sears, David Coley, Chas Lock w ood, Westport; Jonathan Downs, Eliphalet II Bradley, Weston; Alfred Curtis, Jervmiah N Ayr?s,W II Knapp, Stamford; Chrs Morgan, Wilton, Julius lvel, Meriden; Henry Bryant, Manckeater; John E Morria, Jamea S Orton, Woodbury; Lemuel N Fdwardi,Orange; Alvin Smith, Ridge field; 'Stephen Foster, Cornwall; W Church, Oxford; John Partree, Watertown; R Tuttle, North Haven; Daniel White, Derby ; Major C Peck, Canaan; Henry 8 Rogers, Milford, SethD'Wolf, Cheshire; Geo W Holley, Salsbury. MASSACHUSETTS DISTRICT, To show cause at Boston May 3?Chprles Goddard, A A Cltment, E Grover, Jr. VEEVIl NT. Lemuel Curtii, Builineton; wm Barnea, Colchester; Moiel Atrrington, Windsor ; Edward G Babcock, do ; Martin F Pinney, do; 8) lv ester Russell, do; Fieldin Keyes, Hartford; James Mitchell, Weathersfield; Daniel Davis, Bethel; David Whitaker, jr, do ; Samuel Chadwick, do; Philander S Wilson, do ; Wm 8awyer. do; llairy BDutton, do; Stephen A Filh, Randolph; Zacharia Dutton, Woodstock ; Humphrey Miles, do; Gilbert Richmond, Jr, Barnard; Edwin Clement of Sherburne now in Woodstock; Benj Parker, Westhersfleld formerly of Plainfield, N H; Samuel D Page, Weather afield: Luke Perkint, do; Harvey Curtif,ol Randolph now in Cnelsea; JohnM Wilson, Norwich; Alvan Tucker, do; Epbraim Brewster, Woodstock; John 8 Adams, do; Apollo* Warner, Barnard; Rufus Lazell, do; Jesse W Davil, Bethel; Samuel Davis jr, do: Lewis Lillie, do; Levi Barrett, Windsor; Barnabas Thompson, Woodstock; BelaSnow, jr, Pomfret ; Oliver Perrin, do; Enoch Huse, Londonderry ; Rodney Spauldlng, do ; Philemon Holden, do; Cepna* Bailey, Andover, late of the firm of Bailey Is Aiken, at Camhridgeport, Rockingham; Oscar J Martin, Brattleboro'; Thes Case, Jr, Mlddlebury; Ezra Crane, do; Loyal Wilson, Weybridge; Hezekiah Foster,Biistol; 8 S Hooker, Ooshen; Win P Hooker, Middlebury; Lucius J Hubbatd, Rutland, late of Mount Holly; Daniel Smith, Rutland; Dan True, do; Wm F Mattison, Clarendon; Levi Sweetland, Wallingforc); Samuel Tbcmpson Barker, do: Warner Bates, Sherburne; Jeremiah Munroe, alias Rowe or Jeremiah M Rowe, now of Rutland, late of Worcester Mass ; Solomon Thayer jr, PittslordEdward L Dyer^jClarendon ; John Hall, Rutland: Joel U Gilbert, do; Thomae W Dave:-.port, Mount Hollv, Emcraon Kent, do , John B Warner, Waillingferd; Philo D Hart,do; Watren Drink water, Rutland; Thos J Swallow, 'Pawlet, late of tha firm of Wheeler St Swallow; Benajah A Webater late of Brandon new of Hubbarton; John Cooley, Pittsford ; John Steward, do; Edson H Pettee, Rutland; Aaron Hagar, Mecdon; Albert Young, Tinmeuth. NEW HAMPSHIRE. tA?;n a em T P .rlnr Oomii .1 I Hunt, Gillord; Daniel E Borne*, [sane M Parker, Cbarlea Kobinaon, Braditreet Wiggin, Meredith; rlando Power*. laaac C Harlon, Daniel Weld, jr. David Corning,Cornish; Alvab Amea, Jeremiah Lamphear, Lewi* Mattooti. Peterborough; Fuller G t ook, Joseph Wiliard, Barnard C Elliot, Leauder Lorry, Eliaha Buscomb.Luko At wood, Henry G Marshal),Abijab W Tinney,Jacob Rcddington, Newport; Virgil Woodcock, Swanzoy; Stephen Gilman, Jeremiah Keilowa, John Chaae, Joseph C Emeraon, Nathan Ballard, Henry C Gillie, Charles F Warren, Alonzo Smith, John S M Colby, Jame* A Stearna, Allen Goal, Wm Crown, Edwin A Bodwell, Manch<-et<r; Calvin Page, John C Gove, Henry I Lane, Jame* Haatinge, Sandborton; Jeremiah M Carter, Hiri-m Ladd, Andrew Lang, Oliver P Day, Benjamin Fay, D.ilton; Thomas A Ambroie, Joaeph Ladd, Henry H Robinson, John Jarvla, Chaa C Chesley, John C. Wilson, Philip B Grant, Berj H Sweet, Concotd; Moaea E Baxter, Jonathan Sergeant, Bradford; liaac P Oilman. Lory Bacon, Nashua; Oliver H Craig, Plymouth; J S Moulton, Moultonborough; Nehrmiah Low, Oreenfleld; Isaac Boyd, Stoddard: Olivia Hall, Walpole ; Lewi* Keese, Rimney ; Matthias M Moore, Sandborton; Cheater S'.one, N llompton; John Warren. Hanover; John H Mitchell kCo. end Nathaniel Mitchell, Hookeett; Jona P Sanborn. Noah L Merrill, NorthUeld; W Ruaaell, Ira Oreely.M P Ay ree, Franklin; Thoms< Fowlor, Warner: Ormond Wiliard, North Enfield. MARYLAMD. Joseph Barter, George H McDowell, Gerard J Hop kin*. George Beltzhoover, Baltimore city; Atkin Slogle RS Wilson, Baltimore county; Samuel Stump, HariorJ; Alexander W Barr, Haiford county; Moae* Starbuck, Baltimore. EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA. Robert S Bernard, Noifolk; Andrew Harris, do; Nelson Cory,do; Wm Wood ward, do; Win A; R! chard J Ciregory. Portsmouth; B?nj Wyatt Jarms Campbell, March 30; Samuel Opptnheimer, J8:h; Wm Perkins, May IX DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA. To sliowconse March '23?John F Dal lard.Tyre J Dinkins, Wm II Bowen, Alfred China, Daniel B McLamin. DISTRICT OF ALABAMA. Jonathan S Brers, John Reynolds, MrAuley Dickinson, Malachi B Kyser, J T Kyser, Isaac Know lea, Audw J Lewis, Benj Pearce, C M Fogg, Hy W Herbert, Richd A Calclougk, Jack Thoringtou. LOUISIANA. Milton W Hinklo, Ssmnel Hermann k Son,H Nengasr, Henry T Lonsdale, late Lonsdale, Walton A Co. Lonsdale A Belknap, an 3 Wm Heron A Co. of Mills Point, Ky and of Belknapp, DiggsA Co. and Wm B Belknap A Co of Vicksbiirg. Miss. OHIO. Alexander H Glen, Wm Topping, to show cause at Columbus, April I; A Lewis, J M Sykes, A O Cheaver.B Russet, D 8 Meeker, A More, R P Sleetb. D Sanders, 16; A E Olenn. Wm L Fisher, A Sellers, J U Mackey, 90th: J B Russell, D S Meeker, A Lewie, A U Chrerer, David A Sandeis, Robert PSleeth, Amos More, William Oreer, April 97. Hnrrlsburg. [Correepondenee ef the Herald .| Harrisbu . Mich 7, 1842. The Bank Bill - The Next Pruriency- The Erie Bank. After snj letter of Saturday morning, the Bank Bill, as reported from the Committee of Confer* enee^wss discussed at some length in the house, and finally postponed until to-day. In the Senate it was under consideration until the adjournment In the latter body, aa in the houae,it mat with anything bat? favorable reception, but what appears strange te me is, that nearly every one speaking of it ah , ludrd lo it aa a conglomeration of absurdities, and , indulging in a tirade of abuse against it, con- i sladnd by declaring that aaeh aa the report was? . >bj-etionable aa were ita fcaturea, and odiona aa it | night appear to them, they should ro:e for ita adop J ien. I The excitemtnt attendant upon the first appear- j ?nce of the Buchanan flag having died away, it ippeara that all are not satis Asd with him, and a A mall elique of our worn out politicians are strainng their nerves te create a feeling in favor of q ft chard M. Johnson, that they may bring him 11 ?ut aa Pennsylvania's choice for the Presidency ? ^ rhe first rally of this small clique was had en 8aorday night last. A hssd of mnsie was in the em- p, LD. y ploy "I tm?veis; unci qtioe a number were drummed np, which, together with thote that ateiidttl out of curtority and a desire to wiinese what i? looked upon here aa a nao?t ridiculous movement, wade a very respectable assemblage ? I be meeting wa? held in ilie Court iiou.e, aad fer the purpose af taking note*, I bad obtained a eery convenient position, within the bar, but upon look-* ing around me, 1 disccvered, within aims lergth. au individual whoso appearance perfectly horrified me, ai.d discoucertt d and alarmed, I seized pee* ink, ai d piper, and immediately retired. Upon inquiry, 1 found hiuto be a man from the north, who has been a standing applicant for office, for the last ten years. For a number of years he hae been stru^gliut; again it the tide of adverse fortune, until now bereltot rca?nn, he is ab< ut patting bin foot iu the stirrup, for the purpose of mounting an old Kentucky horse, who perchance may carry him to tome office door. This iudividual, whom t very one in the meeting set down as really insane ? a man without common senss or brains was nothing less than tbe master spirit, the prime mover in the meeting He baa enlisted a lew other deluded beings with him, who, like their.leader, having an sffeelion of the h. ad, know no better, and feel it sufficient glory for them to ft Uow in the Doctor'* wake Evtn wers r?t i?? -"""-ui) talented man, those fellows would rain him for ever Bat the grand object is to get a President out of Pennsylvania, and bring out David R Porter for the Vice Presidency. Of this hereafter I have just learned, that a |>rnpo-ilion baa been made by the Governor to the Erie Hank,to go on an* issue #300,000 of their notes, under act of 4th Mar last. The bank, 1 believe, has refused, until it shall be knows what action will be had oa the currency question. In Senate, en Saturday last, Mr Ewing submitted a resolution, whieb was adopted, instructing the Committee on Banks to bring in a bill to prevent any further issues by ihe banks, under the act of last year. Albany. rCorrespoadsnecof theHtrsld.] Albany, March 7, lK4t. The Legislature, after a series of vexatious detentions, have at last reached home. At one o'clock on Saiurday, the greater part of the members left Boston, in the Worcester train, mainly for the abject of visiting the Massachusetts State Lunatic Asylum. They reached Worcester about half past 3 o'clock, and after visiting the Institution they proceeded to the depot, there to await the arrival of the other trains, due about half past 4. About G o'clock the special train, whieh left Boston at 3 P. M. arrived, bringing up the rest of them. They could not proceed, however, until the arrival of the train from Springfield. The hours clipped by, and still it did not come, and fears were excited that some accident had happened. Atabout II o'clock P- M. several of the members went np tn the hotels to'lodge, while the remainder stowed themselves as best they could in the warm, comfortable cars, and in the depot. Scarcely had they done so, however, when the ringing of the bell, and the shrill whistle of the locomotive, announced the approach of the Springfield train. The cars then started for the Western Railroad depot, leaving behind them several members, who were unable to get to the depot in time. The reason of the detention was ascertained to be on account of a slide of the embankment on the track,west of Springfield,which had covered it with mud to the depth of some 3 or 4 feet. They started againj-for Springfield, which place was reached about half past 2 A. M. Upon arriving there it was found that the Westfield river had washed away a pertiou of the embankment nhnllt mill? it? ??* * J" ?: ' *L ?'? .v ?mw nio?. a uciriiuuii ok in ire hours was again the result. At aix o'clock the repair having been made the train'atarted again, and being obliged to travel slowly, did not reach Pittsfield until about 10 o'clock,when a step was made for bre|kfast. At about 1U A. M. they were motion for Greenbush, which place they reached at half past two o'clock- The heavy rains that had prevailed during Saturday and Sudsy, and previous ts that at the west, had swoolen the Hudson to such a htheig as to render it impossible for the regular ferry boata to ply, and accordingly a recourse was obliged to be had to small boats to cross the river Every attention was paid by the officers 01 the company to alleviate the inconveniences of these unavoidable detentions, and the members reached home highly satisfied with their excursion Upon a call of the House this morning, it was ascertained lhat 66j members were present, and accordingly tbey proceeded to ouainen The petitions were presented by Mr. Mac-lav. one praying for an early opening o the canals, and the other from the New York and Erie Railroad, in relation to its location, and asking for a longer time to complete such road. Mr. O'Svllivah presented two in favor of negro suffrage. Mr IlorrMAi* brought in to-day'the icport of the Committee ot Ways and Means on the finances. It is, as might be expected from us author, an able exposition and examination of the finances of the State, and its recources, and is in favor of the prosocution of all our great works of public improvement, on the certain, safe and sure basis of paying as we go. It is extremely voluminous, being accompanied by the opinions of Albeit Gallatin, Cornelius w. Lawrence, and other distinguished financiers of the StatsIt recommends as the only means to resuscitate the fallen credit of the State, the levying of a direct tax of a mill and a half on real estate and personal propeity throughout the State. It is accompanied 5, v a bill for the Duruose, which, however doee not go quite as far ns the relation to tlae amount of tax. The bill provides that a mill lax (hall be levied, the proceeda of which are to be applted to paying the State debt, and austaining its credit. The whole amount raited in 1842 to be applied to the use of the general and specific funds, and for succeeding * years, one half to the treasury and the other for land purposes. It provides for the paying of interest on ihe debts, for the redemption of stock, &c. The rate ol interest to be paid on future loans to be fixed at six per cent. The tax to cease when its proceeda shall exceed the aincuut requited for these purposes. Mr. IIorrMAS.expresBcd his opinion that to prosecute the public works as they should, the tax should be a mill and a halt, but was prebably influenced by prudential reasons, in not providing for that in the bill. It is not improbable thai when it comes up for discussion it may so be amended. Mr. Smith of Genesee, the minority of the committeefgave notice of his dissent from tha report, and of his intentioa to bring in a minority one. The report and bill were laid on the table for printing, and will be called upon at an early day. A b ill was reported in favor ef granting relief to the eye and ear infirmary of the city of New York. The Mouse were then obliged to adjourn for warn of a quorum. In the Senate, to dsy, a bare quorum was present, but theae snide such good use of their time, that they went through the wholo of the general orders by one o'clock, and then adjourned lor wtot of business. Mr- FnanxLin presented a memorial from the city bf New York, in relation to the New York and Erie Railroad. The moat of the proceedings were not of general i mj>ortance. ( TIlS :B hi; hsen to such a height as to inundate the whole of the streets along the docks, rendering thsm utterly impassable except by means of boats. *are, uuwrvrr, now unuuiuy IlinnidiOf. A number of members of the Mawachusetts legislature are in town, and were attentive observers of this day's proceedings of our Legislature. It w as not a good time to see them, as it necessarily Wa.a very thin in both Houses, pj many of them being absent. They appeared, however, to be vepr well pleased and much edified, and no doubt will bear away with them a favorable opinion. cats vi.cmejt*. H Me SaOADaos ?List of Officers attached to the U. S Frigate Cclumbia, just sailed fiorn Boston on a cruise. -Vouall A. Parker, Captain; Henry W Morris, 1st Lieutenant, lehn R. Goldsboroujh, 2d Lieu enaat; J. F. Orsen, 3d Lieutenant; Samuel Lirkin, 4th. Lieutenaat; Charles Thomas, k5th Lieutenant; Tbaedora K Harrutt, Acting Master facob Zeilin, Licetenant commanding Mariaes; 2d ward Gilchrist, Surgeon; William E Coule, Asistant Surgeon; C F Thornton, Purser; George ones, Chaplain; Mr. Steith, Captain's Clerk Midbimiinen?Johnston B. Oreigbton, Albert N. with, Jamee M. L.add, AIIred Kaaiay, wiaaare iliburr, Wil iaaa A Bridge, Sylvanu* I. Biiaa, [araaa N- Craft, Francia O. Dallaa, Joha Gala, harlea M. Mitchell, Art bar H Otia, Joha Vaataa Tbillepa, loba B. Praattaa, Nieholaa H. Vaa aarit,Joha T Walker, Joaeph T- Bertlett, Saaaue agaw, George C Clark. Beet.waia; i*a?ael Ala, Uaaaer; Jaaaa Board nan, Carpenter; Jama rrguaoa, Ball Maker.

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