Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 11, 1842 Page 1
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* 41 rn TT ' I H ?JHL? aJH* r?L ru^-Rfl. 333 ?Vh?U ao*3. _ IfEW LINK Ok L1VKRTOOL PACKETS To aril front New York ou the i&ih. Mid Liverpool oa tbo 1Mb ?ftncU moiM* Jk $LS A Hs 6fflk4^wjvaRssat.,h'know LivureoL. Sun SHEKID AN, Captain f . A. Deoeyeter, 1Mb March. ?? (iAHRICK,daptain Wm. 8k,dJ?'Itlh April. Sa RQBCIUS, Captain Join Collina, l?th May. Sup 8IBDONh,C?ptaiiiE.Il.Cobb,l?th J una. *n,M?ihipa are all of the firat claae.upwarda of lOOOtona,built s Of city of New York, with each uaprovmncnte aa aonibUM great apeed with aauoual comfort for paaaencera. Every cut Raabara taken iu U? arrauaeinwituf their accoinmodatioaj. The ?i... ?r..rhear e in *100. for whifch ample atorea will be wovideif. 'iSeae snips are tommniided by eiperteueed mastfra, whe will make every ?wrUo? to give general ntwu Neither the captains or o wncra oflhese ship* will b? reapotwi U? lor any lettemi, peretUor package*seat by them, unlets re |?!w bill* Ol UdinK sceeigIie.J therefor. Tns*hip*ol this hue will In itUUr go wined, and their pecn ^r construction itivee them security not possessed by any other litutli of war. Latter* by the packet! will be charged 13} ceuU per ainele Awt; eceatapeirouncs. and newspaper* 1 cent each ait I FOR Nriw oRLRANa LOUISIANA AND NKW YORK. UN* OF PACKETS job jflsK M^h^ettor aocoininoiTtliou o^Juppem, it inutsndcd to deepilch a ship from tliie port on the 1st, 8th, 10th.15th. 30th niaMh of each mouth, eomme iciiat the lath Oetober, and continuing until Miy, wliau regular days will be appointed foi Mm aetnaiader of the year, whereby greet delays and duap Sejetmeun aril! b -prevented during the summer moDtli*. The fenowinj ships will commence this arrange mint Ship YAZOO.Capt. Cornell. Hup OOONKlC. I apt. Jackson Hup MI3318Siri'l,< 'apt. Milliard. Hup LOlHSw ILLR, l.apt. Hunt. Hup 8IIAKSPKAKJE, Capt. Miner. Kip GA3T&N. Capt Latham. Hup HBNTSVILLE, tJapt. Mum ford. Hup OCMULOKK, Tapl Leavitt. Ship NA8H V1LLK, Capt. Dickinson. These ships were *fi built ia the city of New York, expresehpbr packets. are of a liaht draft of water. Hare recently been newly coppered anil pot iu apltudid order, with accommodations fee psssengert unequalled fur cmlort. The/ are commauued iiy experienced miutri%wb<i will make try exertion to M, eenn I satisfaction. They will at all tiiae be tewed up aoa* down the Misemippi by steamboats Neither the owners or captains oftbeeeehipe will be responsible for jewelry, bul lion, precious s tones, eilrer, or plated ware, or M any letters,parcel or package, seat by or put o ' board of Hn, ueleae regular bills of lading are taken for Lue same, and theral'm thereon e*?essr?o C For freight or imssape, apply te * E. K. COLLINS k CO. M Beuth at?et JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Ajenl in New Asleana,who willprum|illy forward all goods to hi* address. ^Ste sftlpe of this line are warranted to aail punctuefly aa ad] drtieed, and great eare will be taken to hare the goods comet praseasured.. ml ' ***"'"I Uerea^9^^S Rew^^M,llii tt aad Harre on the t?H? of each month asfoUows: From Nem Fork. /Yeas /More. Ikeacwchip ONELDA, (let March tilth ApST JanSLek. I'tlSSU- J| 1Mb December EdwirdFunks < l#t December I lfth Jnwiry :K8S?u. fcflWKbicoL*aliSSj ;ffiLRSTT Capt. '>et October leth Norember _J.bTY5s11. i 1st February fieth March The accommodations of these ships %to not surpassed, com Using oil that may be required Car comfort. The price of cslin passage is $100, Passengers will be supplied with srery swutsite, with the neaption of wanes and liquors. Gooh blended for these vessels will be forwarded Yj the sMscnbeca. free from any other than the crocuses actuals.yi n ?* or Areata, t$ > Tntioe BuiMiafi. NSW YORK AMD NEWARK. , imp Tfffl Btriifl if' tar* rtdnced t* *5 mbU. fna the Toot of Courdandt atreet, New York. 4| <!o 10| 4* 7 Ho , 0 by*SUNDAYS. " ** mwHJtk,X# rn Liberty etreet. dafljr. I Lmt< New Yon. Lean New SnenrieL At # A.|f; A* T? ?M. fOMKK V IL L E a Urea connect with these linea each way. re between New York and Sotpcrrille, 00 cent*. Do do New Brawwiek, TOeenta. goli ear, OOcenta. Euaftwthtown, ? _ Wcenta. iFSL^J^KS tearless?' New York and New Bronawiek to M cents. " and Rahway te ?Tt " W Pniladelpbia matIIme paeeea through New BrunarriehfOe y.SStt.'Z'XXtflgfci New Brunswick ia omitPaaerogera who procure their tickctaat the tieketofflee.reni-ee ferry tieaetpratia. Tieketaorereoelredbytheoopdoetw yle on the dey when ourthaacd. feb 11 FREIGHTS TO PITTSBUftG. BIN U HAM'S LINE. Th* proprietor of Bingham'a Tran?portati< n Lin* to Pitta mi ?. uwi?vt iv n? iTimiimiiBui m uik, ?nu an inner ;peTsoi i a ippirg to tk* Wnl ihat their like ii bow in active aneroid. Good* consigned'to them (or sent to goto their jme.) aill be forwarded wit k despatch. Owucrsor shipDcrs of good*, destined for the Western State", who lavs no agent or consignee g/t PMtabarg, will picarc cmsiru their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, & witl attend to shipping all such eoosigmmeats without A* coodi shou'd be marked distinctly oo each package -RINGHAM'S UN*. For rates of freight, which are as low is aav other litre. Apply to WM. TY90N, Agent, No I West street. oo posits Pier N?. i, S. R. N B.?Passengers forwarded to PJtaburg and Pot'sviUe, - very day, Suadars escaped. Refer to R, Crook". American Fur Co. i I. T. Nieoll, Fron' street; Phelps, Podge It Co. Falton street; Buydam, Aagr ACo.j Wm. Hank in. Dun ce A Co . Newark ml Im Voci of Whitehall atreet^J^fl* nMnS^rATCN ISLANDER or SAMSON will run as follows natal further notice Leave* Butcn Inland Leaves Whitehall wAt Ii o'clock A.M. At o'clock 1JL -IS * "II ~ " i| " r.m. "a " p.m. ? " " ? " ff. B. AH goo's shipped are required to be particularly marked and are at the risk of the owners thereof. ol_ NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Fare Only IH Cants. sMA gH The splendid and commodious steamer PASSAIC, Captain John Gaffy, being cnev JKmJCk.plet'ly and elegantly refitted, wi'l commence Mr resnlar trips frr Die season, on Thursday, Merck 10th,? having as follows:-? Fast or Barclay it .New York Centre Market, Newark. II o'clock. A. M. 11 o'clock,A. M. 4 o'clock. P. M. if o'clock, P. M. Frr-glit of every description csrric 1 at very reduced rates. 8PRIN G?Tk e s Seam boat HIGHLANDER iwn iiniu, nui int*? uio loot 01 tt arren ?wea* Mffw Yorit.eaery Monday. ThraJay and SatardiT afternoon* ?t 4 o'clock. Returni?g, tlx Hups, amler will .aawWurgh ft Monday morning at o'clock, aau Xuooday aad Friday noon at (o'clock. fr^l tank v. ah vinift mm ?i tttfT oftorip*i#tt Wui orapacia, put on board thia boat, moatbe at tha ripbof tho f (mora thereof, ualaon a biH ofladiag ocracaipUa aijaad for #ta lima mU aM!N6 AMiNuEMC.^fT ^t'J 0m FOR SHREWSBURY and RED BANK. 1 kaAsW1 ?On and after Saturday, March it. 1(4*, tha y~ .if g-HUamar OSIRIS,Captain Allaara. will Ware IVaw V?fk atarr Tacaday. Thunday.and Saturday, at 8 o'clock. A. M. Ratnrning, taara Rad Bank crary Monday at and Tuaoday and Thoreday at It o'clock, noon. "/m. AJLIaNY, and Inter SoVI'.'Ck.I> . Match 4th. afe/af v. ? nm c The < tram rat TELEGRAPH will laaro for Altaay an^Anarr^m^Maiek^^^a^t^^^h. Faraona wiabfag to tend to STo^ooStfy^uSir frienda, oan make tha naciaaary arranconwnU .rim tha anbeenhore, and Kara them come out in thia superior lino of (achate, aoiliaa Sana Liaarnool on tha rth and I ttS of aaary nMinth. Tory will 9w Ware a that rata claaa of Americantranaiant ahtpe aailiog apery aieth daw, ttaraky aFnrdiag a weakly coinmurueotioe Jbnni that port. One of the Arm. Mr. Jam to D. Racbi.iathaat Uma wit| remain during the year lt>43, tooaa that all tho pareooe maoae paaiwtea hnau taint paid kora era forwarded with cara '4MM. dctpltch. oha'.l tha part ial agreed for nod coaaa oat tha monay will ba tad) tied to thoaa who pwd it hare withoutauy deduction. jiflr [1% Drill a at item, for any amount, on tha Royal Bank of Iro Innd.Mtd oo Pnycott, Orote. Aniei fcCo, Bank era, London, jKl I !w!u^Ftta^nfc??^J|Shrm^10 *j' the print fcrktTKipMTfsir?-m,7ro- Rewori^ 4 <v>*> iliac *t Brat PiOraboTa the k?> n?v m? C3 g.T ???* * O^TrWripiit tiZi | ' ~ immniwmr- mi * t " ' ? Jt ' ' * * , -A E NE fi THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YOKE. rHAI.ON.lHte of Chatham Square, sew of 31< Ei owl way' hu again taken the first Premium for the best specimen of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING (roof, if aoy were wauling, that native ingenuity ie apprecia'ed before foreign boasting and humbug. i? the opinion or three of the oldeat and beat judges in the profession in New York cull testify. The public can now judge from the premiums, vit. the silver medal last year, and the liret premium tine, awarded by the American Institute. Who ie or is not the beet Wig maker. K. Phalou respectfully in rites all judges and wearers to eiamme hi* premium impro red Gossamer Wig, which, for surpassing elegance, class rs semblance to nature ami beauty of monhsuicnf etructuie. may be regarded as one of tiic greatest muter pieces of art evm produced in the world. N. B.?Thin splendid wis weighs little oTsr half an euce, the lightest ever known. Manufacturer and propiietr of Phalon'seelabrated ANTI DANDRUFF, for removing tlie dander completely from the bead, and a tbor ough cleaner ?f tlie surface and hair cf the head, but leaf a* glossy and silky appearance to the HAdH. Observe, none ie genuine unless Applied so the pwliass for 8* cents. a > 1m* CARL KING. The well-Vnown and crhbmW Milliners and Ladies Straw Hat eiunufactuicr t her m j'-ly >be QUEEN OK ENGLAND, ESFec'fnlly begs Irave to announce to the Ladies that he 11 on hand a moat xp't-nditl and fashionable assortment of adiee Straw and Silk lists. The Straw Hat* are in uuifaclured to a moat fasciiuri.iv an b-coiniug ahape, called THE E' LsLKK COITAOET with Qipssy aides and a ttwlai Flare around the front. Tbt braids .here Rats are'made of is of the most elegant patterns, the Albert straw in oarlienlarvi patrooissd by , QUEEN VlCl QUIA. The silk department if conducted hy the most iogenioui and tasty nulliuers not to be equalled. The > ilfcn are of the nearest style, fresh imported. Trimming and Flowers to eorr-rI'oud, Those who wish to conrinc" < hems rives may call at No. 50 Canal ncrr Bmaiwav, and IT Division streets. N. B.?His Pn -is Ribbons and French Flowers, are of the latest stvle. and can be pu.cli.sed at ei'her of his establishmeuts, at wholesale Hndret'il on reasonab1" termi. mfl Ton* ANNATTO?"iOOO ibe. ?u| msr article, iu rolls, in bcaesjmd tin cases, for m inufaclurers acd retailing, not euuaTltd by any in the country. Indigo? I* ?a-e? Mulrn Carbonate Ammonia?275j?rs Blue Vitriol?10 casks Car tor Oil?85 barrels American Do Ho 25 tare* East Iadia Chamomile Fiowrra?3 taaka eery large Flow are, frcah and handsome for retailing. Gum bltellac?10 cases Orange Alcohol?20 harre e Spirits Turpentine?15 barrel* Glue?10 barrel* lliiUdelpoia ('um Aloei?10 ca?e*-Cape Aloe* Isinglass?iOO lh* Russia Sheet Nutmegs?sou lb a Oii Ho*, e?200 nunc* Oil VViatcrgreeu?300 Ibe Pink Root?II baler and 2 cask* **mananlla?40 hale* Bath Brick?25,001 Thorn.eon's Blacking?000 grata For aalcby WILLIAM BURGfcR, Wholesale Dniggiet, m? St* 80 Courttendt at, and las Greenwich street. TO THE LOVEKS OF FAT BEEF. "" rpHE Subscriber hu purchased two superb aii year old A Steer*, fatte I by Mr. Georee Wellen, of Oranga County, famed for itagrazing land, and fat beef. They will be slaughtered Th-e Dry, 9h mat., at No. 80S Sixth street, and remain there uaiil Friday, the 11 ih inat. '1 hey caa be aeen there until that time, after whirh ihey will be remeeed to the stall of the Subabriber, No. 3 Union Market, and expo*ed,for sale, at prices rorr<apond<ng with the time*. All old Knickerbockers, and all other* who are fond df t?r, are invited to call at either of Um abort placer, anil take an observation. FELIX QUINN, in* 41* _____ No.* Uuion Market. DOO^rON HtRALURV-T. BROWN, Stone, Seal En X> graver, hae removed to 333 Broadway, opposite the Perk. ?Coal# ol' Arm*, Creels.ciphers, emblematical aubjecta, pte. engraved 00 atone, ladiee eeale, pencil catee, signet ricre, me. engraved wi'heoale of arina. mntteee, or any ether device Ston a rut for rings, aeala, ke. forwarded in a letter wi.h coata of ar aa. Coats of a ma found and ptiu'ei for atMied glass window, or earriagea, and forwarded 10 aur part of the Vni ed State* ; price two dollari and upwarda Booka of Heraldry kept with upwarc'a <'f 100 000 unmea. tnIO 8t* T?H(?vt 8 ten to 10 0001 i>a 01 frealt Oarden Seeds, in all the " choicest epe:ier and varieties, for aala, in quantities to auit purr hwra,at Bridge.utn'a permanent <atablifhmeat. eo-nerof ltthatreet and Broadway. Also, The Young Gardner's Aaa a'aui, containing the results of bis 31 rears pnetiee in New York. Aa thie work has been honored by the award of aGold Medal, from ike American Institute, who, with He New York Stale Agricultural Society, have tlio awarded several cot-iea at premiums for auperioe rpacimcoe of garden prodacta. Further com m-n' is de-tred unneceaaarv. mtlm' TOHN HcCABE k tO.'d lNTKi<l.Hi*-,NOg. GFFtcn. J H Naaa?a at. Rcrtaaacu-non. M. H. Grinnell, H. Brevoort.Esq., W. Ire*?. Prof. Ken with. JBlw* WTATcHtb AT?U JEWELRY, VERY LOW?The Vt aubacriberis telling all descriptions of gold and allrer and ailrer ptneilt, gold chains, keys, ke, at retail,lower than at any otner place in the city. Gold Watchea as law aa it to 4t dollart each. Watches and Je 'airy erchanged or bought. All Watchre are warranted to keep good time. or the raeney returned Watches end Clocks repaired in lk? beat maimer, and warranted, at much loss than the usual prices, by one of the fineet workmen in the citr. G. C. ALLEN. Importer or Welch* and Jewelry, wholesale ?ntl retail. M Wallet. upstairs. f??lm* U HUMBUti, UUT A FAlH> , !?1 here built a Life Boat on a new plan?competent ju?g?? here eTimioed and approvd of her. I wiH bund any kind of boat to order, of any m idel?Life Boats, " reversed hot to * mm t lae'. orotherwwe. I hevse large aasortmeat oa bastd. flea is c ill beforepi-chasing elsewhere, you tan then judge of my work and prices. N. B. My boat, are buHt of oak and cedar, fastened with city made nails and Ametican iron. C. L. 1NUF.KSOLL, tod Water st. fid tm ' 7 doors East of Catherine Market. TtRV COLORS?'The folio winy colors, of tl ret aualiy, LJ adapted either for (HI Painting or Kulsomiae,for sale at Ut Broadway, corner of Franklin? Washed Blue Blacks, Keal Indian Red, Super Chineie Bine, Super Purple Brew*. " Emerald Uraea, Maddkr Lakes, Brunew ck Orreu, Vermiiiion, Baton Unecu, Chromes, Tu'key Utnhre, Ochres, ke., ke. To Printers and Engravers.?Frankfort and English Blocks, very euperior, for sale at fcb S7 3m* 3?t Broadway, comer Franklin. TO "BHEWEitS AND OtSllL,t>C.Ktt.? tna subscribe.* offer for sale all that valuable property, situated in Auburn, and known* Watson and Ron's Brewery and Distillery .with a Owelling Hen*, outbuildings, machinery and ftstureseoa nee ted therewith. Said property consists ef about two ecru of land, lying on the south side of the Oeasco river in said village; a hslek dwelling house, dwelling house, a disHHury capeble of distilling too hoebela *f gran pee day. a lane and convenient brewfy and malt hones, with two kilns fl feet Zare, ann i > etr.rag* for >0,000 bushel* of train, a bam de, stable *ii > jt (00 hogs, and an o?ce ailuMed thereon Connected with tr.e dsetillery and brewery there in a (team engmc of JO home po war witb two collude i#?ample machinery fcr grinding, and a lupenor rectifying eetaklishment, contain ipg one of John Wright's pstrat alcohol copper stills. The whole cstahiwnmsat is of a superior kind, wall Ornish* and convenient in ell 04 airsngemeuu, situated m a rich and flourishing grain growing country, is now in complete order and in full iperation. ..... It having b-iotne neecneary to_ e*H Urn saamin isai.-ueei of the dec. - * of H. Wstaou, it will be diseased of at a bar Sib One third of the purchase money will be required oa e delivery of the deed, and the balance may be left oa bond and mortgage for a term of years if desired. For yelerence inquire at Wis. LeiLchh, TO Hudson strsoi New If or*, or 01 ute tuoocriDera in auoutl n. Y. OKOROK K LETTCH, W ft M WAT8QN. TIT ANTED?A youa* men from 1* to 3? yeere old, Who coo Tf be well recon meuded, una who eta speak tWt French " """"A.r.toivsr"" febHttawaw* ITlKreet etraet 1VT OT1CE.?IMPORTANT To MblKCHAN I'M end all u-r.^1,1-35^11 UiUrf 10 bftho jftOEAL MAIL 8TEAMER8 from Doetoo. Meaera. Haradea & Go. would reapeet folly wlire notice that Ihey Jo rairaatee that all lattera receded at their office. No. 8 Wall atreet, New fork, op to *?!.?ky l?wthJ- aWrt"'*1 "> boat from BoaUm hall be placed ta the Ehgliah mail on board the atoaaaer be Pore ehe aula, evm IB caee of accident or detention to tie boat* on the Sound unleei the delay ah all be merotlum twon ty-four houra over the ordinary luoaum time. 51f," S *k^?'3p2 vZ ootice to theb friendt and the public that they do not rive the above ranee without power to fulfil the tame. J? HARM7KN ft CO. B;sK??R*oubiV-E;vv'i!aLA.K'SS atreeli. ml ead 9m' a ? A Dutch atreet.. E. W. haa juit bubli.hed l u third edition of the Preeideuta' Meaaapae, from Waahmvrou to Tyler1* laat M**e?a*?handanme rmboeMd aiuelia biadTa*. (Kb No Americae eitixen'a library la complete without Uiie valuable and eooirte volume of Eierulire Document*. Tube had of all trie Boobeellera. Cloth caeca made and tamped for the trade . ml laa Ajfle- FOR LlV(RPOf)!,-?lta Liae?Refolar Packet Jlih on th Mareh-The aplendid packet ahip ROSC lUft, r ,rtaid John Collin* of 1100 tone, will aaU I mvBoft, ear npilufar. wall it.,art* K. K.COLLINS k CO. It Soutbatreat. Friee of n mi SIM. The packet ihip f IDDONS,Captain C. B. Cokb of IMt tone. will euceeed the Roaetoa, and tall 13 h April, her reguUr day. Paeeengeni mty re'j upon thcihipaof thia line aailinglpune. toally u adrertieed. art 4HH?lat of April The nuhecribera porooec diepat'hing a Ship puqetnally oa i?!J *h m<,n,h * trio* the year lor Mareeillea. Uoodi aciit ta the in wcribera for f rwi. ding will be diepatehed free of?ry other than the enarcea actually incurred upon {?5; * ? hnre eery comfortable aaMa accommod.. F ar freight or pannage .amir to BOYD It HINCKKN. Agnate. m,; - > Tontme^mlJina. afBL m,,5R -!*E", Packet af the tfth jffltiitef FiftD"KS- 'suta? sa-Ait? anatsshx ?.? .ppl?ui.. i. s?r F. 8.?Ptreoae ariehiag ta aaad forThedT*MiS'iMMaa m the old waahy. e?n hare thea^rought outlaj.h. agTTSe" r,om ?* * * rm MLOVfc* * MtMVMUT, W YO rEW YORK, FRIDAY MC Rwrrbburg. rCorreipotdeticc oI (he Herat J-l Hahkubiho, March 9,1842. After more than a month'* legislation, our Solon* have patted a bill reqniring the bank* to remote cpeeie payment*. It we* yeaterday debated at great length in the House, and finally agreed to by a rote of 66 to 19. It i* now in the bands of the governor, and will, it i* luppoeed, be returned with hi* signature before the elo*e of the week. This is the first bill of a public character that has been used this session, although this is the tenth week. Many proposition* remain upon the file* to be acted en 1 he bill providing for the sale of th? main line ef our improvements is progressing but slowly, and is, as it well may be, regarded as a question of doubtful expediency. There ean be no doubt but that, if these works were conducted as they might be, the state would be able to realaz- nearly a million of dollar* from thmi annually; but as tney are now conducted, they hardly bear their ovu expens* s. If the proposition now before the Senate honld become a law, and the works be sold for 015 090,000 worth of state stock, which is at 50 per ceut discount, the state would only receive for them about $7,Ort;>.COO. The increasing trade upen onr lines of canal and railroads will almost warrant the assertion, that during the twenty year* for which the state proposes to dispose of this line, the comunnv would be able to realize more than $20,000,00!). If these woiks go into the hand* of a company, they will evidently he conducted with great profit to that company. Now the question arises, why c-tnnot they be so conducted by the state! For the last ten years they hire been to support ihe party in the majority in the state, and all appropriations made) to them hare been but appropriations for the support of the party. If there la a state in this broad Union where retrenchment nnd reform is necessary, that stato ia Pennsylranin Never were the taxes imposed upon our citizens more onerous than at pre&ent.and yet propositions are ulmoat daily made in our legislature for their increase. Our debt never was felt to press upon us as heavily as now; yet notwithstanding all thia, and the need Penusylvauia stands in of a revenue from her improvements, a proposition ia now made to dispose of the only work that could possibly he made to yield that revenue, and that ton for e term ofyear<>, when the increasing trade upon it ought to admonish her to keep it in her owu hands. The moiety received for thia line will pay but a small portion of the ata'.e debt; and where the money is to come from, to pay the belenee, Heaven only knows. Can you not, in thia atisis, give Pennsylvania some good advice! Most of ber legislators ere constant readers of your invaluable "Herald," and a little counsel from that quarter would, 1 doubt uot, hare a beneficial tendency. Trenton, [Corrsspendmee ot the.Hersld.l Trenton, March 9,1842. Impritomnrnt for Debt in Nno Jtney. J. G. Bbnnctt, Eaq.s? Imprisonment for debt in New Jersey ia forever abolished- The bill wiping out the foul blot, passed lust niffKt 49 In ft. Bat.beware! Tell your particular friends, the peculators, not toapproacli the Jersey shore till the 4th of July next, as the law does not take effect till that time. Your's respectfully, Tkestos. General Sessions. Before Judges Lynch and Noah, and Aldermen Lee and Balis. Thursd at, Marsh 10, 1842 ? Trial for Forgery. ?William E. Ross was put en his trial and indicted for a forgery ia the 3d degree, in forging on the 16th of September last, an order en Messrs. George Meyer 5c Son, No. 275 Pearl street, lor 10 kegs of mustard, worth $40, to he delivered to the bearer, !a cartman,) and signed William Payne 4t Co.,Ne. 8 Piatt street, on receipt of which tbe mustard was delivered. It appeared from the evidence that the accused went to Meters. Meyer's store, asd bargained for the mustard as one of a firm of William Payee k Ce , No 18, Piatt strevf, and which was delivered te the carman, and on Mr. Henry Meyers going two days afterward to colleot the money, he found the store closed, and no such persons there, and subsequently met the accused in Beekman street, and was reqaettcd by kim to go into a tailor's store, corner of that street and Pearl, over which was hung the sign of William Payns Jc Co , where the ae.uacd was requested to pay for the mustard, and who pulled out some money, but said his name was Roes,paid nothing, and escaped eut of a back door; the tailor denied that he was ona of the firm of Won. Payne 4c Ce , and no such firm of persons has ever been found, nor ha? the money for the mua:ard been obtained. There being no evidence to ehow that the order waa not a genuine order ol Win. Payne Sc. Co , the jury found a verdict of not guilty of forgery. Trial for Aitaull and Battery ?Matthew Henry waa then tried for aa ataault and battery on John McGoiick, a lad about four yean old, living with hia mother at No. 121 Ilth atret t, by knocking him down on the ISth o| October tnat.aad kicked him in auch n mnaner that the blood run oat of hia ears, and othorwiae aoverely bruiaing kiaa J no wilneasea being called for the defence, the jury found tho aeeuaed guilty. AnoVttr trial for Arnault ami BatUry ?John Hammer waa aleo tried for an aaaaalt aad battery committed on the perron of Joaeph Home, a city marabal, on the Ar-i of November laat, while in diacharge of hia official dutire. The jury found the accuaed not guilty. Fbrftiltd Htcopnizanru.?Leonard Goaliag, Waa. Forbea, Win- Anderson, Jacob Grost, Abraham Groaa, Geo. Gordon, and Littleton Hall, were acre rally called to trial indieted.for aaaaultc and hatteriea, bat not appearing, their roapeetive recognizance a were forfeited. xvouctio rernoni couriered ?me court gave no. ties that on Friday, the 18th in?t., they woald proceed to pas* Mateace oa all persona previously to this da/ convicted, in whose cases exceptions bad be<n taaen, nnlese said promised bills ef exceptions were prepared and filed prior to that day. Pkti of GttiUy ? Joseph Jewell, indicted for a petit larceny, in stealing silver coin, value $1 76, from Catherine Fiaegan, on being brought into Court to be arraigned, pleaded gailty to the charge, which plea was received and recorded, and the Court seateaeed him to be confined in the city prison for thirty daysTrial for Rapt ?Patrick 1 iynes, a pri rats soldier in the U. S. service, stationed on the 11.h of January Inst, at Fort Lafayette, in the Narrows, was then pat on his trial, indicted for having committed e rape en that day, on a child not quit# five years old, named Dorado Nieho!ai, the daughter of John Nicholsi, eae of his comrades, and which crime was committed in one ol tie bank rooms attached to tie Foit. The Court then adjourned to 11 o'clock, on Friday, (thii morning.) Texas?Advices from Galveston to the 24 h of Febiaary hare been reeeired at Naur Orleans. In the vessel that brought them came passengers James Hamilton, Esq., late financial age at of Texas In Europe, and the Hon. Mr. Daugerfield, Secretary of the Texian Treasury. The Mexican ressel, eaptured by Commodore Moore had nrrired at Galveston; she proved to be the Progress, a small schooner, with a cargo of flour, sugar and coffee, and not the schooner of war, as reported. Another aoeetiag had been bold at Galveston in reierenoe to the prisoners, at which the talk and resolutions were exceedingly valiant. Ths following paragraphs are from thePieayunet Fifty thousand dollars of the Exchequer bills have boon put in circulation. No more is 10 be paid out at present. The Austin Gacette says that " gold and silver has been paid into the Treasury For Exchequer bills of the government of Taxes. We ourselves have bern offered drafts at thirty days sight of (be first water io New Orleans at par lor Exchequer bills and yet many of our merchants turn up rate ! The British haiqae Buoyant wai lost recently off the month of the Brazos river, where the wai anchored, receivings cargo of cotton. In n gale she parted her tablet, and went ashore The captain, first tad second mates, and four men were drowned. She had 215 bales of cotton on board. A new fort has been finished at the east end of Onireeton island, and two of the six gens belonging to it monated. West Iisdia Rotai. Mail ST*am*ns.?As it will afford important information to our numerous readers, we mention that letters can be sent by the

Clyde, which ia to anil from this port on the 10th, to any of the British poaeemions in (he West Indies T .As... .1 1J L. - r f ..J.J sa L . V) a. u-urm nimiiu wr im iviorc lorwirnm u? inr rm* i ofice Agent, No. 7 Pise tteret, on or Ik fore (lie Mi I Letters to nil other places then the British posses I sions must be prepaid in New York; fetters also can I 1 bt forwarded to the Pacific Ocean bp Panama iRK I kDWIMn 4 Tinu 11 IQ/I rixiiiiiUj lUAivv^n 11, 101 Hmage from the President of the United States, and Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury on the Finances of the Country. Wrtniwr.-ro!*, Merck 8,194J. I To thb Hons or RcrRtiiMitKi*^lleelittobe my duty to invite your attention to the accompanying communication from the Secretary of the Treasury, in relation to the probable demand* which will be made spon the Treasury fur the present quaitar It will be seeu that, without arresting the requisitions which will be tnidn by the War and Suvy Ttspirtmeots for the months of March, April, and May,there will bean unprovided for deficit ol upward* oi three million*. icannot bring myself, however, to believe that it will enter into tbo view of nay department of the Government to arrest work* ot defence now in progrt** of completion, or vessels under construction or prepara'ion for sea. llaring due regard '.0 the unsettled condition ot our foreign relation*, and the exposed situation of our inland and maritime frontier, I should feel myself wanting Is my dutv to the country, if 1 could hesitate in urging upon Cusg cceasary appropriations for placing it in I an attitua . -irength and security. Such recommendation, however, baa heretofore been made,in full rtlianoe a* well on Congreas a* on the will known patriotism of the people, their high sense of national honor, and their determination to defend our soil Iroin the possibility, however remote, of a hostile invasion. The diminution in the rerenuo arising from the great diminution of dlllifl un?t?r tvtiul la nn?htnntila r?nll?al th* compromise act, ne.esnarily involves the Treaiury in Smbatraasmsnta, which have been for some yean palliated by the temporary expedient ef issuing Treaiury uot???an expedient which, a Holding no perma ent relief, ha* imposed upon Congress fiom time to time, the necessity of replacing the old by a new iaiue. The amount outstanding on the 4th of Match, 1810, varies in no great degree from the amount which will be out taaduig on the lat of January next; while in tho Interim the new iaiuta arc tendered equivalent to the redemption of the obi, and at the end of the fiscal year leave an augmented pressure on the finances by the accumulation finterest The contemplated revision of tho tariff of duties may, and doubtless will, lead in the and to a relief of the Treasury from these constantly recurring embarrassments ; but It must be obvious that timo will bo necessary to realize the full, anticipations of financial benefit from any modification of the tariff laws. In the mean time, I submit to Congress the suggestions made by the Secretary, and invite its prompt and speedy action. JOHN TYLER. Txcjisi;ry UrriiTMiEsi, March7,184J. Ta I hi Ptetidtnl of tke United State*: Sib : The duty devolved by the Constitution upon the President of the United Slates "to take csrn that the laws be faithfully executed'' renders it proper that yon should be advised of the present condition of the Trea sury, as well in regard to the claims upon it as of the means for their discharge, in order that you may decide , upon the expediency of laylug before Congresa the necessity of further provisions for meetihg the public obligations. The aggregate of demands upon the Treasury, daring the present and the two succeeding months, is estimated, as will ba seen by the statement which 1 hare the honor herewith to submit, at $9,676,040. The immediate means within the command of the Treasurer for meeting these expenditures were, at the commencement of the present month, including the unexpended power to issue Treasury notes, under the act of Slat of January laat, about throo millions of dollarn Of this turn, nearly two hundred thousand are in the Land Olticei. A pertiau of this amount hgs been paid for land since the lstof January last, and is required by law ta be paid over to the several States. The greater portion oi it is held at points not convenient for ordinary disbursements. The nett revenue from customs during the present and two succeeding months is estimated at g8,300,000. Bat, after adding this amount to the means now at the command of the Treasury, there will still remain a deficit to be provided for of upwards of three millicns for the service of the seme period. In submitting to Congress the annual report of the Department on the finances, it was suggested that an authority to issue treasury notes to the amount of fiva millions, with such an extension ol the term ofthe loan remaining to be disposed of as would render it negotiable, would, with the revenue from imports, enable the Department to meet the expenditures of the present year. At the same time, a revision of the tariff was urged as an indispensable means of sustaining publis credit. You are aware that, while the report on the finances was in the course of preparation, the plan of a Fiscal Agent or Exchequer, since submitted to Congrese, was under your consideration. No doubt was entertained that, in the event of its adoption by (Congress, it would obviate the necessity of any further piovision for redeeming the Treasury notes required for the service of the pres?nt year, sod payable in the next. The UetA y Of expending the Issue of exchequer bills to a given extent ?u expected to aifoid facili iea that would remove all apprehension of embarrassment, while the iasne of its maximum of $13,000,000, retting on 000,000 of specie, and g6 000,000 tof Government stock, to be held in reserve to meet say contingencies of such issue, and aided by the daily accruing revenue, was regarded at placing such issue on a foundation perfectly sure and stable. Should this provision, however, net he aJopted by Congress, then it is obvious that the whole amount of the Treasury notes authorized by the late act of Congiass will become a bar den upon the revenue ef 1IH3, without any adequate provision for relief. And, in view of this state of things, it becomes a question ofgrave importance, whether it would not be advisable to recommond an increase of the loan to an amount sufficient to absorb the Tressnry notes that will be outstanding attho and of the J ear, and to bo applicable in the mean time to the reemptien of such as may be offered for that purpose But whether this shall be done or not, it is obvious that the existing state of the Treasury calls for the immediate intervention of Congrers to save the good faith ef the Government. Aad no effectual expedient for this purpose is perceived, but that of enlarging the term of so much of the loan as remains to be negotiated to a period of at least twelve years, and accuriog the pay meat of principal and interest by pledging a distinct source of ravenua lor that purpose. I have taken leave to place the accompanying state ment before yea, that you may decide whether any, and, If any, what measures ought to be adopted py the Executive ander the circumstances therein exhibited. It would be wholly superfluous to add any suggestion in regard to the paramount importance of maintaining the fidelity of the Government to all its engagements. w. muwAnn licretary ot the Ti easury. Statement oj Meant in Ikt Tieaiwy an tht ltf of March, 1843. Cash subject to the drafts of the Treasurer bjr the latest returns to this date, with the several depositories and collectors, 9337,919 03 Subject to draft ia the land offices,by latest returns, 170,311 90 410,900 93 Asaount of Treasury notes authorised by act of 31 it of January last, which may be issued on 1st of March, 9,638,093 30 Total of immediate resources, 93.000,803 M Estimated reve. from customs during March 1.900,000 00 " April, 1,000,000 00 " " May, 1,000,000 00 Means for the current three months, $0,319 333 38 Probable demands during the current three months: The amount of Treasuay Motes issued in March, 19-11, at 6 per cent was about 99,900,000. Estimating that tws-thirds of these have been already redeemed thro* the custom-houaes and land offices, there remains to be paid during the month of March, $4OOjOO0 oo The Secretary of War estimates hia requisitions In March, at StffiOQ 00 < The Secretary of the Nary estimates hit 1 requisition! in March at 900,000 Of No aalariee having been paid by the Treaanry since thel9th of January on acconnt of the ciail list, and the <iuarterly payment of interest on public debt becoming due on the 1st of April, the payment on acconnt of civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous and legislative expenditure*, should the usual appropriation bill pass in the course of March, may be estimated at 1,370,000 00 $3,737 091 00 The amount of Treasury notes issued at 0 per cent, during the month of April, 1041, was about $050,000. Estimating that one-half have been redeemed through the custom houses and land offices, and tha other half hold for investment, there will remain to be paid in April, $435 000 The Secretory of War estimates his requisitions in April atfl 000,138 The Secretary of the Navy esti. mates his requisitions in April at 734,000 The civil list, foreign intercourse, and miscellaneous and loeisla live, will require about 600,000 a,u? eo The amount of Trea?ury note* at S < per cent i??ued in May, 1841, wa* I about f|. M0,000 , Kit mated, a* above, that one half ( have already been redeemed, there wiU be required in May for 1 thia item, 610,000 } The Secretary of War utimate* ' hi* requisition* for May at 1,4*1,090 I The Secretary of the N*ry aati- J ante* hi*raqui?itlon* for M*y at 640,000 ( Ciril li*t, foreign Mtarceurae, and miaeeUaaaoti* and legialatire, 1 will reoaire about 600/100 ? I 381, *10 M I Total pftiaMtmi aapanditnww for cumi (ferae month* >9,*74,WO 00 Datlciaocy ( aatiaurted mtam *,364jM0 47 Natal.?United State* tloop-of-war Jefea Adama Captain CnnoTar, failed from Bnaton oa Tanadar lor the Braail itation. Sh? relieves the Marina, Captain Beit. IERA 2. Albany. I Correspondence of the HcruM] Albaxit, March ?, 1H42. In the Assembly, to-day, there wa? quite a " fell house," rather more so thin has been the ease for any day during the last three or four weeks. All that is required is a little less talk, and a little aeore action, and business might soon be despatched, and the session still be made a short one. But the prospect, 1 Tear, is hopeless; indeed, it is the prerailing opinion that the first of May will still see our Legislature in session. The House, in Committee of the Whole, took up for consideration, the hll in relation to the pabik printing. Mr. Palme* mored to strike out the third section, and substitute one providing lor the term of office to be fixed at three instead of one year; that the reduction in price obonld be fire inslerd of ten per] cent; and that the State should contract with sL. r.-A- _ A t A. J _ Al_ l_ U ? J inc s;iie primer mone ? uo inia woi*. uear^ucu that the expense necessary to procure the nncessary Materials would not he warranted for a leer period than three years, meie especially if democratic principles should prevail He did not believe that a reduction could be made often per cenwithout infringing upon the rights of the journey men mechanics, and reducing their wages; and ho did not believe that the gnat State of New York tvouid push its measures of retrenchment so far as to take a few pence from the pockets of the journeyman. lie thought that if the last provision was not adopted grtat inconvenience and delay might arise. The State officers might fee] themselves obliged, if it could be done a little chtapcr, to contract with persons out of the city, which would certainly be productive ofgreat'inconvenienee and delay. Besides, the present incumbent, having more material, and every thing at hand, might be able suecess'ully to compete with the chosen printer. He thought that it was necessary that the work should be ob.iged to be performed in this city Mr. Wright, from Washington, made a long, rambling speech, on matters and things in gtaeral, and nothing in particular, but wholly intended for home consumption, and the special usa of the inhabitants of that well known place styled Buncombe. He did n't see why the State printer shoald be removed, because there was already a Committee on Public Printing in the House, and that was reform enough, lie was very severe upon Mr. O'Sullivan for changing his views upon this bill, merely from the representations, as he alleged, of the gentleman from Essex. He wandered otf into a discussion of Mr. O'S't bill for the abolishment of capital punishment, and said he should vote against it; he could never vote against hanging as long as a man's conscience could be so easily warped as that of the gentleman from New York. He insinuated that a man who eould deliberately violate a contract?which he argued would be the tffect of this bill?would not scruple to commit crimes deserving that punishment. Mr. O'Scluvan replied, taking but little notice of Mr. Wright's insinuation, but proceeded to reply to the charges that had been thrown out, that he was netantea, in his action on this hill, solely by Solitical considerations. He denied, most implioitr. this charge. It was always a leadiog principle With him, never to be influenced by the consideration that to the victors belong the spi ila. He had witnessed, with feelings of the deepest regret?he cared not whether it olfended friend or Toe?the application of this obnoxious principle to so great an ex entby his democratic friends, in many cases removals had been mule of the most subordinate clerks, meie ministerial officers,the dutes of which cou'd boas equally well perform-d by whi,? or de * ii- i..j ,?.j? (liuoi11c ivauuiiniBici m re* buke to some of the State officer*, for their courae in relation to removal* and appointments. Mr. 0 S. said that he placed thi* question of printing solely on the ground of economy; if a political friead tboa'.d offer to do thi* worx at ten per cent lower than the present rate*, and a whig at fifteen per cent, and the contract ahould be awarded to the democrat, hecauae he chanced 10 be a political opponent, he ahould be the firat to rise in hia plaee and denounce the tranaaction Mr. STCTkoa roae to argue the question of repeal rather than the amendment at isaue, or any particular aection of the bill. He denied that it implied nny violation of contiact, and denounced the attempt made to put gentlemen on their conscience* in regard to thia matter. It waa a mere appointment, rather than a apeeific contract. And is it claimed that the Legislature have no right to change it? He waa aware of the deciaiona of the Federal Conrta, that a contract between a Slate and an individual eeald no more be repudiated than one between individuals But, waa there eny proviaion ia the Constitution by which an individual co 1) ene a State of which he wasa citizen! He would go for the repeal, damage* or no damage*, hecauae he wished to have the business done at a fair profit. Ii waa on this principle of economy thut he ahould bnae hia vote, even supposing the roost liberal and extensive damages should be claimed. In relation to the insinuation ef gentleman from Eaaex, and others, that this repeal bill would not become n law, bnt that it would be vetoed, he did not believe that power would be exercised. The veto power had b.en so strenuously repudiated by the governor and hia friend*, and by nono more atrennonaly than tbe gentleman from Essen. Itrraa a right of the legislature that they should possess ths power to regulite the printing #if itimir rlnrnmontd ami tk* iT?r.u(ivi> ftonlfl nflt ill. tsrfere. Gentlemen underrated the efforts to repeal this law of 1810 They styled it merely the efforts of an aeeidental msjori-y produced by the natural dea.h of one President, and the moral death of another. Me regretted the melancholy erent first alluded to, asmuek as any one; it is not for him to defend the present chief magutrate^or to iay i hit he yet lircs in that state. It was a family quarrel with which the democracy had nothing to do But aeoident, or not accident, It was productive of grant results. Look nt the capital or the Federal Union, see the labors of the CLy whigs; other factions of that discordant party, keeping themselves from destructive and explicit admissions of the correctness of democratic principles, and indeed they were almost driven te take up the Independent Treasury. He went for this bill for no other reason than the great saving te be effected by it, and not for mere party. Patronage had thrown mnm parties out, than ever it had maintained in power. The whigs had found it so. Besides, he looked upon the State printer as a sort of index cf the doctrines of the State, a thermometer of the political feeling, and to continue the present officer would ba looked upon as endorsing his political principle*. The present incumbent had an aeeount to settle with the people longer than his printing account?his political one. He had been the power behind the throne?the chief adviser of the crown that then was, and < f i which there was yet a Httle left, and for this he h< Id him responsible. Let him retire, especially it the i crown was to oontinue. Look at ine tone rf his < paper in regard to the doctrines set forth in the report of the present Comptroller, and other officers.? , It was diametrically opposite, and in direct contra- i vention to a sound financial system for the Slate? ( He did not mean to charge dishonesty in this?by no means. Honesty, backed by fervor and ardor would fasten a pernicious system on the country too late te retrench. He wiuld turn him out the quicker for he was honest. Before concluding be would say a few words in reply to the gentleman from New York, in regard to political patronage ? There was, he contended, an inherent propriety in allowing heads of bureaus to select their clerks. He would not censure'them fer doing what he himself should consider his duty. They had a right to designate their clerks, who were to be their confidents aad to remove persons who might iaienlionally be spies upon their actions. Mr- Fl iolbs from Niagara, (who is also a practi cm punier/ remained inai nc wait noi a mrmoer or Ihe legal profession, and was, therefor*, diffident in tying anything upon legal points, but he thought common sense woald justify any one in contending list a parses with whom the State officer* con'ract [? <4? 'he public printing for four yeari, if he faithully discharges His contract is entitled to do it lor hat term During the progress ofthe pass-ige ofth* , aw of Ibh), strennous efforts wtrs nude by those i ippo #d to it, to incorporate in its provisions the ' principle thai a repeal of the hw, would destroy the :oatract. A gentleman from New York, not no v a Ttember, moved to add a section, giving the legine- " lure power to repeal the law, and providing that inch repeal should annul the contract This propo- ? Mtioo wsa also renewed after the bill had paaf" ? Committee of the Whole. Hence the unanimous 'xpiession of thoae in favor of the law against the nhcip'e. Ta the ? at- similar efforts met via i simi ar file In that body, after the bill had passed be Commit ee of the Whole, on the question o| W igrteiog with the committee io their report, it wu | MrnpMrd to adopt the Ith KCtio*, giving the Comp* M LD. tfiM two Cants trope r puwrr lu coulmct Willi ittr pi twirl Oy sinking out the term* of appointment, end iuseiting daring the pleasure of the Legislature. The question wee divide!, and lost. Ou ttie question of agreeing with ilie tir-t -eetinn. declaring Thurlow Weed printer to the S ate for four yeara. Mr A. ft Dickinson moved to amend by atr.king out "for andduring the teim of four yearn." itwae lost, und it was the same in imbalance an the proposition submitted in the House. It was proposed also to amend the 5th section (said Mr. F ) that the Leuis'ature might niter or repeal the act by adding, or annul, or modily the contract, which was also lost, and the bill without it wus passed, approved by the governor, and bt come a law would submittal to genlleiutn, then, il at the law standi, the ripenl of it would annul the contract- If so, why was ihie strenuous effort made at its passage to incorporate mch n provision in it. I'pon an examination ofthe would be sten that those who seek t?v tepeal the law, do not agree with th < ir friends at that time t n thta point la relation is the bill under c: nsidsration, and the amendmeui, he thought the opinion of the gentleman fruu Albany (Mr. I'almer) far more entitled to connderatton ihan thai oi the chairman on public printing. Hiinaelf (Mr. P ) h practical printer, virtually acknowledges that il ie too much to reduce the rates 10 per ct ni. Mr Flaolck then went into detail and examination of the charges of printing to show that the State had saved money under the present contract, iVcAfter he had concluded, the committee rose and reported. The Senate have done little or nothing to-day, and were obliged to adjourn at an early hour from sheer want of business. Cavk Ui'ik-ar. District Court o t the In I ted States. Before Judge Bntts Several important question* having arisen in the case of Charms P. Houghton, they were pasted upon by the Judge. One of the objections to the petitioner was on aceoaut of hit having applied trust funds to his own use?another that he hod fraudulently,in contemplation of bankruptcy, eon ?rjit*a some rcai estate10 nis utiier in trust for hi* wife?alio that he hat not givsn the date in whieh he hat sworn to the petition, to that he placet bimtelf beyond the reach of an indictment for fait* wearing. In regard to the objection that be baa fraudulently assigned, in contemplation of bankruptcy.?that, if proved, is sufficient to bar the decree. But in thia cane the assignment wet made previous to the pasting of the act, which pointi oat aome other mode if punishment, rendering it this dnty of the assignee to investigate the natnreof the complaints, and if found to be correct, cause them to be placed in bar to a final discharge. Thia remark is alsa applicable to the other objection. In respect to the date, an action for perjnry could lie againet the petitioner, if deterred, equally without, as with, his petition having auoh. The second section provides that the parttr shall be tntilled to a decree of bankruptcy. Iritis subsequently discovered that fraud, or other iasproper conduct, alluded to in the act, hat been exereatcd by him, it will operate to prevent him obtaining a certificate of discharge. The Court decided that an a petitioo for decree, it ia net auifieient in opposition, to shew that fraud had been exereiaed, because there in another remedy pointed out by the act. In the case of Horace Plympton, one tf the objections is, that he has not described his pronertj accurately. He nates that he is possessed et eartain furniture, whifch be describes?also that there it other furniture in hia house which had been mortgaged for more than its value to Mr. Carpenter, and that it ia registered according to law, at Brooklyn. Thia designation was considered by the Coart to be solficiently explieit. In the case of Cassandra Frisbee, a motion had been made to amend the petition. On thia point Judge Betta said ha waa desirous of eonsnlting with the Circuit Judge, and would give a decision in the course of the week. As the case has been adjourned by the Commissioner from day to day at an expense of $2 each, further proceedings for the preit WiM Affditppil In He atmwmA M?. Waodbll, general assignee, stated that he had a case of consideiable importance, on which he was desirous of obtaining the opinion of the covrt. He had ape elated Mr Win. D. M'Csrtv to take possession of tt e property of CheaterS. hereon, a bankiupt, at Brooklyn Mr. K. was desirous of retaining the jewellery mentir ned in his schedule, Sonneting of a gold watch and ehan he* l <nging to himself, al=o one worn by h's wife, n ehaia, five finger rings, and a bri ast pin, aoma of which had been girsn to his wife previous to her marriage, all of which he thought came under the provisions of the law permitting a bankrupt to re* tain his wearing apparel. The case was argnad, on behalf of Mr Raisi n, by Mr. Joint P. Cam bell, who considered that the framt re of the act intended men to retain such articles as they had been in the habit of wearing. He alluded to former times, when it was usna] for man to waar buckles, swords, and other auch articlas, which were considered indispensable to dress. The Court decided that the assignee was fully empowered to demand a surrender of the bankrupts effects, (saving with hlsm such as ha considered proper. If the baakrapt or the creditor felt aggrieved by the assignee in tkia respect, they were at liberty to pre>er.t the case to the notice of the Court. VV ith a view to obtain a speeial decision from the Couit on the subject, Mr. Campbell objected to the jewellery being taken by the assignee, and Judge Belts will probably give his views this forenoon. Oen. Sisnroin stated that be had a similar case, and was of opinion that jewellery owned by a wife previous to her marriage was not liabls for her husband's debts. [This la an important snbie et; several of the pe* t tioners stating in their (ehr dales a large amount nl invslrr nwuS k* tk#i. ?t? marriage. That of Mr John H Coaler, for instance* in diamond rings, &c.,ab.>nt $10,000 ] Savers! petitions passed to a decree Objection* were offered to those of Jas. Bradley. L- M. Oeddings and Calvin Aagier. Dtri.oRABi E Accid*rt.?A correspondent has furnished us with the details of the death ot Mir* Caroline Falea, need seventeen, at Lyme East village, N. II , on Sunday the 20th ultimo Miss Fales (w hose parents reside in Boston,) had been with Mr John Gould and spent the day on a visit to her si** terat Lyme. Returning, ana when near the place of her residence, on descending a steep hill, the horse fell and overturned the wagon, and ine ground being covered with ice, Mr G. and Mist Falea, together with the horse and wagon, slid nown the hill and were precipitated down a bank twelve or fitteca feet. When discovered. Miss F. was found dead* and Mr C. with a broken thi^jh, and other Injunee. BEWARE. We have fonnd upon inquiry that of late soma parson' have baen aalliag a medieaied candy daae upfiu packages similar, t' ough not eiactly" like our own aud parson* who Kava txan affliclrd with cony ha, he have purchased this counterfeit article, luppeaing u ta ba the g'pume 1'aaaa h Sou's i. oaapound Vv tract 01 Horchcmid. We tan ontyjaay* to such '^''^rAvir^RINO WITH THE HEALTH and bras ol their fellow men, lor the |>urpnae of rcaJttti C greater yroflta from lite rale or tha ipurlnua vrtiela. We INKOHM THft PUBLIC nf this fact, that theymav ha more caution* in^ future whet* v 1111Mi nmm wnn uicy who mriipuicnuM IMS ipurioue candy Ware returned it, they her* refuted to refund the money. 5C/" T ke Particular Notice. tench (nrkage ef the genuine Hoirh'>u: ,1 ( and bean up>n the printed label aa EAGLE SUPPORTING TIIE AMERICAN ELAO, tie which iaieeeribrdihe .word Peoee, rtjht end let! are (wo t*"fvft ooop BAMARITAN AND HERCULES SLAYING THE HYDRA. , The whole bean he fee eitnile of J. 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