Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 14, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 14, 1842 Page 2
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I MEW YORK HERALD. New York, Monday, Ma?h 14, tti4S, We give to day on our first page,a very accural* representation of the christening of Queen Victoria's infant son This picture was engraved by or.e ?f the fiist artists of England, from an original drawing done on the apot, expreealy for this pa|?er The wood cut cost over $70; the f:eight by ihe Acadia, and the duly at the Boaloa Custom House cost (age. ther 87,50 Yet the representatu n with the letter press description cost each subscriber but two cents. ? - ? r?.n, rhlai??m 'I WdlH J-8tTin umym uhk. ? per or'a Proclamation al?out the Tyithuoni ?Lost lIoTtMcntt of ?l?e British?Report* of Pence. Tha ship Venice, Captain Perit, has arrived from Canton, whence she sailed on the 22J ot No*? inber. Oar la?t dates from Whampoa, state that all were quiet, and teas were regularly shipped. Ningpo, Chusan, and Amoy were also quiet. Money was very scarce, and Teas had declined. There were reports current th at the E nperor was anxious fer a settlement of the difficulties, lers. The E nperor had been sorely troubled by the overflowing of the ''incorrigible Yellow River, inundating extensive and populousdistric's "|TheEinperor has disgraced the high officers who had charge ol the embankmeu'- -ti l appointed other civil and military officers to n.ake vigorous exertions for tbe immediate r? pair ot the breaches. Imperial Edict.?Pckiig Gazette, 7 h moon, 25 b day (September 10tb). Received the following imperial edict. In ibis case Paoupang (the comprador) is the criminal, who, in a confused, disorderly manlier bought opium for others?he acted as a broker. And he intrigued with an 1 bribed the linguists to get himself recommended to the barbarian ships ; moreover, he accompanied Resben to Canton. Now, as according to the evidence before the great officers oi l he royal kindred, it is proved he was united in fnenuiy and confidential intercourse with the out.-ide nations, the law is that he be banished. I therefore order that Paoupang be sent to K-le, and be delivered over as a slave to the milita> * ry : and even on days of goal delivery, he is not to be released.* Chaou TrxeyuDg, the eheheen of Weiheen, in the province of Shantung,said that he is intimately acquainted with Paoupang, and yet, knowing that he did not rest contented in his original occupation sti:l he did not inflict on him dismissal, but till retained him in employment, and recommended him (to Kwtben) for a linguist: a fault f which he cannot relute (the allegation.) 1 order Chaou I t zeynti* to be immediately deprived of his oflicial rank, and it is not necessary again to reler him to the proper board for punisharnl : if the said dismissed otlicer has left any -unfinished or undecided matieis in his oflice, I order the fooynen to examine into and manage them. To Fnnpoo, the fooyuen of ^han!ung,havinr listened to the recommendation of Chaou 1'sr.e Tung, that Paonpang should be appointed linguist to the barbarian ship-. this is also unreasonable. I order that he be delivered over to the proper board for punishment Htsptct this. The Trmooxs.?The following imperial edict bus been received :? Yihsban and his colleagues have reported that the ocean hss been agitated by typhoons, and the public offices and landing places of the English barbarians entirely destroyed, and one ship wreaked By the report it is authenticated that on the 4th day of iha 6th moon (July 21si) between the hours of 3 and 5 P. M. a typhoon commenced which forced the waves to rnn mountains high, and at the earae time torrents of rain descended. The large and small barbarian vessels anchored iaTseeashakeo (the Typa) were sunk by the waves, and the great and smnJI flower boats belonging to native traitors were either entirely destroyed or driven out to sea ; of those that have escaped, large and small, the number exceeds forty. The masts of all the ships were carried away, and of tlie barbarian banditti and native traitors the numberdrowned exceeds calculation ; all the tents and mat sheds ware blown away by the wind?none were saved. The maw bmlt landing places were swept clean away, and nothing left but an empty rpace, and the sea was'cove red with floating corpses. Such is the Wo port. I. the Emperor, haviag turned over and looked at the rest, leel most grateful for Heaven's favor's ; but while thus rejoicing in happiness, I should also entertain a wholesome ur-ad oi Heaven's awful majeety? [rejoice with trembling ] The cup ol the ioi- \ quities of the said barbarians is full; their disorderly mad illegal conduct tins destroyed the people ; long and much have they Unveiled in unrighteous paths; hut ai lent thsv must bow their heads to Heaven's extermination. All thu ha? been accorded by secrct, ailent influence*?the intelligent God* aid and protect in cilenae- The murderoui influence* are awept clean away, and the boundaries of oceau arc established in quiet It i* proper that we should with (ineerity burn incsuse, to offer up our righte a* thought* I order Yibsban and hi* colleague* to go m person to all the temple* and reverently announce my thanksgivings ; and on the 29th day of the moon, to fast and deep within the City ; and on the Mb day to perforin all the ceremonie* in the different temple* 1 further order theTaeehangking to reverently attend to nil the preparation*. Respect this. 7ih moon?5,h day (.August 21 ) By J. S an. C *. Cacto*.?Thr Chinese are very bu?y in again foitifvinp the city; nod new forts are being erected an the hill* at the bach, from which in May laat it was commanded by British artillery. Napier's fort is also rehaildiag, and the passage of the river haa Wen most effectually choked up near Howqua's fart. There is only just space enough on sue aide f the river for Junks te pass through. The Mandaria hosts ar* still numerous near Napier's and Hosrqaa'a fort, and it is snid that a number of stone laden junks ara kept in readiness to be sunk whenever the Eogli.-k should again threaten te pass up. This meanest infraction of th* conditions of the trac* is not followed by reassumption of active hostilities oa the part of the English, as Sir Henry Pottiag-r in hi* Notice dated 11th August threatened they would be, and although trade is proceeding is earned oa naturally under tae apprehension of interraptioa at no distant parted, and hence the condition* upon which it exists are highlv unfavorable to the foreign, and particularly British murcbant The aamber ef ships now at Wkiap*t,ii will be ?f? irom nurabippmg Hat, is eoo?ider?'>le, and aonac of them we bear are already beginaiag ie lake ia the arw Tea. |Tne prieet for taaa we mentioned a fortnight aiaee are maintamed at their high ratea, namely 31 a 35 tacit for Coegnaa ai which there hare hcea buyers, and a oaaidrrahle supply haa already reached Canton, eotwithatandi g tnat the long continued drought ia Mid to render the inland navigation difficult. The transection# in Cotton which wc mentioned at the aaaae time, arena to hare been chiefly on apecmlat.oa, if we may judge from thefaet o| the delirmat hariag heoa far ah'.rt oil bo cxtenairo parohaaea thro r. ported ; tho market now ie qniet, nor eenid th? tan ol n fortnight aineo be now obtained All mhor importe, particularly British moaelae area, can only be realized at groat loae. Curiae, Caaaaaaan, Nienr.a ?Progreae of tka aoeoad apadiitou op to tho 25th iaatant, baa boon ewp?r1ed l>err, nith he taking of Chnaon on tko lat Chiohar oo ihe lilih, and Ningpo on tho l.llh. Adrrrao wioda, oanai at thia aaoaon of tko year, prereated ita more rapid progress north and kept the ahio w ad bound orrial dayethaa drlaying ita epeentaoaa After la* tag t heaaa ?a the lat, atveral day a wrre epent, waiting (er thr wmda to rat a, daring Whiah time part lea were aent net to aee that ao mi Itlary remained op-m the i-land 0,.e party went throeih the vnll>et t?.?ogkuog. where the Columbine and Newest* ?e them, and fr< m whence, ma ay ?d the aoidiera. it waa ascertained, had atoned and poe?d ante H?? u ? < ana Krjw thia laat plac#. the pertf waa Informed that tha prelect alerted, oorrymg *ff with him thia Urnaara Thia party retarded rrr tho halt#, creating the hood of tne r*harho roiloy. ?o it? way hnrk Two othor port># we it net, oooh 10 o diflemnt 'direction ? < Wo of lhe*o two no ita r turn, hrooeht in T) tie Ilocka At A et there waa i<ma difficulty in proonnng peotiatnoo; hot the people, being wall paid torn of th* oa? Ire* hogao to bring in their prodoc, and there woe at the loot datra, an uhyudaae * of eeerrth eg at Ch moo Hazarding the rotek ng < fiarhoe, nar informalino it oe yet an anonmp eta tho* wo meat refrain from laying mom thoe, thai Uw laaoa area aoeom no tho aide of tho Chinese 15 at moo ire reported to hare fallen }? atd hir Haeh taoogh himaelf, ia aaiJ to hoeo led on * he etteek t>o the a a, the weolhor hariag kae<me mild and a tward. it m aaai dap, aaii Ik? p UlMMtk' I tk f b* fir* vat ag eoaaMiaaioacr Yakwa. a-<4 <v aval Ya fMjtt, acN thtra dkf Ikl Kll?a rit tha <>44? laratag Mi ni k?a, tti?4 to kol Hiatal' bp Jroaa itf. bai ?m tab#* taitl tk? aiUr bp Hit attaad in lad riffitt of j aa i rvpart aapa, what daaktM, tint ba am aa far aa Yayaoa, aad thvrr Oilkriajomi ka aatka i, ki, birth dapa, aa Ikt ij| mr auiaa| a ? ?? dwada ta hit ratg a, aad a a a<W tarantai, cnaucaia aadar ata'vaaa a-a par dvatf tad raiaaai J died of noiton, of "f swallowing t l?i The t??f ral, doubllcte, drtig' n>K ?? fight another da*, i <mdeotlf re ireii t? N>o^p?. but net until hetouiad ku atrongbclJ ao lo-ig r ii<!i?ukl? 'I be troop* tl Cbinhae wo" una ?< #, and thr waukt of da-fa a r rtlrnutr and ? i't?a(< at the China at (iMitil it.ak thrill Here too ibr dautiacliaiu a ( lifr it til, potcd to hare brrn |f?a ; juoi g ihe killed were m n\ ollicrra, nf wbin >tr? al reaaijt hare con.wit ted IlllMl Nuujpo, a beautiful city,an 1 lul y two tin: ' tl r rise t'l Canton, \v - ocrtij-rd <<n thr 13 b Tiu tin( to Chintiar, I ? lidi ;i i? <li u, hi '? 4 l<-w nil lee oil the a.iinr tide at itir rtvr r, the 1 Inn-a |i o prepared do de!rm r t \ p , a \ ?|.t a m' n > 1. with jingalla aud matchlock a, tali ll- J aa e?ou at they ascertained that t-:e Uuti b frtrt w?r? a raacing. 'l'hic tta .nut r? did not teach th- loara 11 I near dark, w hen thrfolliua ra had n?>r J . tl Iraem* brhlnd them 111 .ha* ptlklll Irra-tny iW't ?|a l> . <*l,(Xa) Ningp - it the < huf cry of a prrfee on of the aatne aaiue, ugd.a fane a|> cua 11 aif t hm. cities; ite atreete are Compare irela wid?, tn-l 't.r place abounds w 1 h ar. hr. (paa la g), charily a>t the Ming d) natty, atli.iding aa>iua h eulilu. apoai Mtni of ornament ?s<i a ply e ,t in granite I 11 >'11 agent*, for the rare of property da tuned ?? rtpti.r cd, were appointed, and tbry had aires ly ah' it l*p. Dra. llKI.U'O 111 -p ctt or * <>da undrr ibor c^??The inhabitantr led muny of ibem w itten orar th# doore of their hotitea, '* ubiniteire peopl- ' On the'/Olh ami 2lat, me N> 11 t tie eud I ki' ti thon mored up tlie r r. r ahnut fairly u.ilra wait ward to Yuyaou, without bmdianre ompp titmo. The ecenery ullrlong thr titer at d earibcd by thote who visited it, a* being m> et Plentiful? Yuyaou is the chief city ol a distiKt <?l the ?..i\c nam*. Letters have bsrn rec< ived heiefr. in Amry t<? the 2->th All was then quiet, and the Chineee 'merchants were beginuing to cnnfl le iu th, ir tew iu is ?rt ? Supplies were abundant. file lose- of the Chinete at Amoy were de ail*d to some extent in a mein'ina' to the riupe or by In Pihtow. i/evernon f Fubkemi and ('h*hr. n?, ? lm asks for 3 000,000 e*ls of silver, cr ?b#ut 3,Xtl U 0 dollars for immediate use. K-usg Keyuu <>f Knimun (or (^ucmoy), the gov-rnorfsys fell into the water end died, t,in en<i> avoring to drire back he assailants, as they were lauding. He was tile Commander-ill-chief of the naval force*, the admiral being to the northwud and wind-bound Four other offic rs are reported, by th? ?.'Orcrn'r, as having fallen in th? action; their names are Ling Che, Flwa Knowkutg, Yung Shaitke, and Le Kerning? on-a colonel, and the other.* of the rank of ensign. Wang Shetsin, NaTanchoo i-.ud Yang Tingkeang, were among the wounded; thcfir-.ta major, the second ni.d third liententint colonels ? Among ti e soldiers, the killed and wt-unded were very many. Lin has been recalled and ordered on to the Yellow river, which has rebelled and overflowed its banks, producing great destruction at the capital of Ilnnan, laying it in ruin?. Keafung foo, the capital, is si natrd in the midst of an extensive plain, four or five miles south from he river, and quite below its sutface AfTiirs at Canton have continued undisturbed through the whole month, commercial bn?iue?s proceeding as usual, i e., as these most interested will have it?' very btdly.' Nearly all the troops from the other provinces have left Canton, and a corps of native miliiiahat been organised in its stead, numbering two or three ?h nnaand atrr.Rir. fllnni; nf ihpsp if it ctiH ore roll. bersand pirate*, and of ecu re arc no great faVi-rite* with the quiet people of the provincial Citj. The emperor ha* appointed a new c< mini**ioner. Tibet nun-pen, a Mantehou, who baa arrived at Canten; he cornea, it i* supposed, not to make war, but to find out the truth regarding what baa been done. [From the Canton Pre**, Nov.*) J H. M S. Larne from Chu an arrived here on the 13ih, and proceeded again on the 15th to Bombay, with Captain Harry Eyres. charged with de*patch ea for the Admiralty Lieutenant G bbot, Madras Artillery, charged by Sir Hugh Gough with deapatchea for the Governor General, al*o arrived bare per the Larne and proceeded to Calcutta in the Ariel. The newa received during the week from the north add little to that we ware previously in possession of thetwolaet number* of the Canton Prasa. The tbrrat of an attack on Capt Smith'* squadron by fire rafta at Amoy, ha*, aa wm to have been expected, not been carried into effect, and everything remain* quiet there aa well aa at Ningpo, Chinbae, and Lhnaan It ia aaid that Iler Majesty's Plenipotentiary haa demanded the sum of 8 million* of dollars a* ransom for the town oi Ningpo, and for the nonmolastaiioo of Hang chow foo the capital, and other towna, of that Province. Up to the last account* no reply had however been received fioaa the Chinese authorities, although a channel of communication had, after aome diilicuty, been opened with them The booty which at Chiahae and Ningpo ha* fallen into the hands of the E.igUsb, i* very considerable, and a respectable amount ef prisemoney will reward the exertions of the Army and Navy. The most valuable part of the capture is probaNly an immense quantity of ca-h, the low metal currency of the eouatry. of which no less, it ia supposed, than a million dollar* worth haa been found. Of Sycee ami Dollars, the quantity hitherto discovered has, we believe, not been very great, but it is stated at such d.flerent amount* that we may probably ha far wrong in mentioning either. A considerable quantity waa found concealed in hollow loga of wood, of which, it is supposed, a gieat prnpOition must have been carried away by the Lhiue.-e before th- discovery was niauc. i lit' it' uciv (icai in vtiuv, ii nui rtjuai tu tuc cash, is an immcaie quantity ofcupper found stored at Chinhae, ami intended to be converted into can boii. The quantity baa, by lone, been estimated at 900 tons, but improbably much greater. It warn being shipped intu the transport*, and ila quality is said to be very good. A large number ot veiy heavy pieces of brass and copper ordnance have likewise fallen into the hands of the eap.ors, ar.d are also of great valae The quantity of saltpetre is vary considerable Besides this the immense granneries at Ningpo were well filled, and we are told that the sale of this paddy brought about $12, 000 each day. It was selling to the p .or, who were allowed to fill a bag of about 2 ca t. for one dollar. That at such cheap rate the dsmand warn great, may easily be imagined. A great many naval stores have also been found, such as planks, spars, coir rope, etc , which, from their bulk, however, are of little value, and will probably have to 4>a destroyed The movements of the British forces would of course greatly depend upon the issue iif negncia tions with the provincial authorities of Chrkeang; should these ob|ect to the terms oflertd them, it is supposed lbs capital klang show foo will be taken. Instructions have been sent be the Larnc to the senior < fheer commanding on tbis station, to detain all Junks laden with valuable cargoes, and to obstruct the coasting trade at much at possible; the trade between Formosa and China mho it to be interrupted, and in fact, the Chines* trade to be barrelled a.' much as practicable Aa exception is, however, made in favor of Junks going to or coming from British sett eraenfs in the Straits, and Hongkong, and each other Chinese vessels at may be provided with passes from any of the officers commanding on the several stations We have not heard whether lanv Junks have, in cnuicaneace of (these ordeis, already been detained. The prefect it not the icason when many junk*, enpaged in foreign trade, may be found on the high iwa We are glad to ?ce that at length step* are likely to be taken to put an end to the half measure* which bave obtained to long, and it i* only when the Chinee- are made aware that war ia made in earaeit, and when they shall begin to feel the die tree* thereby occasioned, that we can hope to see them come forward, ready sincerity to treat for reaee. The tiade of Canton and Whamp >a is awe ver, lor.lhe present, not to be inte fered with, and we think it therefore not unlikely that a great proportion of the teas now there, may pe shipped off, before the Chinese antboritie* will pnt a stop te the trade, which it ia not improbable they may he inclined to do when thi-y learn of the seizure of yeasele belonging to their people, cveb in the neighborheod of Canton. The squadnti here baa bean reinforced by return from Amoy of the Nienrol . Our lateat accounts from Canton are of the lfitb. Everything remained quiet, and tea* were bring akipped off with, ut interruption Hut the high trices, which we mentioned n fortnight since aa eing paid for Congous, bare not bren maintained, and those th-n valued at 85 T , any now be bad for SI T. The scarcity of money ie very great; the circulating medium, conaiatmg of Spanish pillar dollars, and which lor some time past ha* been barely sufficient, was rendered much more scarce by the shipment of a la'ge sum to ludiu of the Canton rensora money, and is growing less every dey by the destrection of these enias by the Chincee fashion of stimuli,., ik._ _L.i..k. in loi|ft be supplied by importation of the Spa niab dollar; and those of the American Republic! bare not y> t obtained currency here From the silence of tbe Peking and maritime provincial gerernroenti, the difficulty in procuring Peking gauettas, and their barren pages, wken obtained, we are inclined to think that tbe emperor and bu magaateearc pondering whether they shall at once, offer tn compromise, or trait to the chance of war and pestilence, and the chapter of accidents tn reseue them from their present dilemma; bnt af ter the eonrse we have pursaed since last January, are mast dictate our own?or rather the world's terms of pcaee and future connexions and comae res --Canton Kfgitttr, Sov. 16. It is reported that expectations are entertained hf the high Kn^lish authorities that th? Chinest government were about to makeaome overtures Probably Keshan may be again deputed on the par f kit I ?pfiitl mi* far to ?ndcar?r^o c?j >lo the Hriftth au'hnnti** oicr more Wi have hectd Jhv a prod*mat mi from Hrr^ljeitf'l Pie nipoteni?rv in Her Vij ?ty"? mhj eit in t hina, l?r mht Sy Her ah'pa Lari e nr.d the Ari I. <n>l Ian.lid m Var*?; but beinjc add ret 'd to the deputy fon-iniif of HotigUonp, it ?*aa de|?atched t' rh?*r i hiiard.iy b.' Her M?je?ty'? hired armrd ?? ? ?! the Knilid; but yratrrdav ro rr inp 'be loyalist irat ttill m tiphi frnm Macao roaJ* -Canton /u(m'h, .Yo? l(i Carta. [Corrotpoudciicu o! the Iltauldl I'thit, Jai'aa.y 28,1612. !??*? UrawuTT? The a inter ha? 11. u > f rleen nnutually mild, and nfti n.; L t* occnrrtd to diktuib tb* peculiar crjoytiiBta ,f the season. Hall* end Cone rt? given at ( furt and by the rich inhabitants of Pari*, foreign and dive, have given female vanity ample opporII bitivato akuW oil hut* dre??c.-> and pretty aims an J feet. The rf Prussia ha* gone over to E ieland to a?ti?t at the baptism of the Little Albert Kliv.rd, Pr lire id WalrC. Atone time it tvus thi u^ht hi* Pru*>ia? ,M j'tty wo'ild enma rv>r to Pari* and < pay a visit to Letiiv Philip, he-Tore returning to Pru**ia; b it, toon bow ?r otbir, the monarch* if E irop-', by light divine, arc vpariag of paying too much pertrnal respect t?i the dynasty rf the Batitcd<? Louis Philip would have received more evidence* of personal icapcctfrom the o'd monarchic* of Europe if he had profited by any one of the hi.ndied "pportuiut.e* he has bad to make hiraae If feared. I E-parlero i* gradually biiuiing n.der out of anarchy in Spain, lie evidently the m<>?t efficient exec .tive oflicer that unhappy country bat had for a long t.uir past Acting up to the spirit of modern couktltutiunv Ekjiartr ro cnokidui a mon irchy a* the j of national sovereignty,and as be is ihe otlicial repre*< ntatirunf the r-paoit-b monarchy be ha* insisted that foreign a.nbatsndora shall present their lett< r* <?( c e. cncr to hup, in person, mid not to the i a by llueen, who i? e< iiktitutionally on|r an embryo Sovereign- I he Francbgiiveinment, I r.<n(in* it* n# n ii'Tc lutumry origin, rc ibiil lo ji?-!d ar.d has recalled itm nrnbass d?r. France is also at variance tv ilh the t out to; Russia on inhtItra i f e<iquc t?; btit (bete thing* aie only runnier clouds that do not disturb in the least the poliucal atmosphere. Another p>roxy?ra of the rail road fiver has seized the French government ; t.nt it mil probably past orer aa heretofore, in a prol.llo display of words aad ealculatioua. The ditlerrut parts if the eounlry arc like ao many dogs iu a manger.? Each section iun?t be first served or it trill resist ml attempts to b. ncfit o her sections by the construction ot rail rosde. Th s is tne reason why France ia behind the other countries of of Europe in this most valuable of all modern im pmvtmtn:*. The queen ?.f France was delighted with your accounts of the manner in which her son, the Prince de Joint i 11 w, was teceired at New York and elawhere in the United States Y< u bare reason to be proud to kuow that your paper la sometimes received in the boudoirs of royabj I wonder if Queen Victoria has ever heard ol tne thousand proify things you have said of her. But let u* pass to more teiieus matters You have heaid of the treaty recently concluded betwe< n the great Powers, with England at their bead, for the snppt esaion of the slave trade, by the rautu <1 concession of the right of search. Eugland thought to legalize her old pretentions to the right ?f search by the moral influence ef tins treaty, at whieb she has been laboring ever since the congress cf Vienna. This formidable array of moral power, with the threat bold out in the British ministerial press, that the right of seaich would be enforced upon all secondary power*, waa at fiist roinswbat alarming. But England began to boast of her managimrnl and saceeaatoo soon. Oar minister here, General Cass, represented to this government the true abject* at which England was aiming, aud declared to the minister of foreign affair* that the treaty would be immediately aad forcibly resisted by us, if, under the sanction of this treaty, Great liiitain, or any other power, or even all united, should attempt te enforce ita stipulations on us. You-will see in the Journal dec Debate, which 1 send yon, the declaration made by M. the Chamber of Deputies, in which be disclaim* all pretension to the right of compelling other nation*, not parties lo the treaty, to submit te Iberigbtof search This declaration, which virtually annul* the treaty as Great Brttain enderatoed it, ia clearly the direct consequence of Gen. Cass representations to that minister. The debates in the Chamber of Depaties were exceedingly animated, aad revealed a most hostile feeiiag f AVtrM K!ii?linfl. anil ? rilas>nalii..M f.> ai.. government for having abandoned the principle* of miritiu right* which France ban *o long and ao constantly dtfeuded. I am inclined to ibiuk that France win wheedled into tbia treaty a* an offset for the abaauonmrnt, on the part of England, of her pretensioua to the execution of the promiae made to her by Cbirles th>* Tenth, to giro up Algiera to the Emperor of Turkey. Be that aa it may, General Cas? ha* done the buaineia lor England. Gnizot aaya that every attempt to execute the treaty on u?, would be a legitimate Caen* Belli; and a* the interpretation ha* been given to it by one of the leading parties before the exchange of ratification*, the loetrument ean not he made eflieaeiou* for the purposes of the British government England ha* thought *he would throttle a* by thie treaty; hut to far from her being able to aceomplieh her design* on the United Hate*, she has ex,-o ed hersc I to the derision or he hostility of the world. If she cannot carry ont the treaty a* she intended, by enforcing it on all other nations, it amounts to nothing?if she attempts to execute it on other nations, not parties, by force, after the declnrati u of M. Guizot, the w ill unite the world iu arras against her, before the war we ahall begin, ia at an end. This ia the greatest diplomatic fanx pea England ha* evar made. General Cass has thrown together in a pamphlet, whioh I tend you, an able exposition of his views on this subject?the sentiments entertained by the American government and people. It hat had great effect, and will lure more, as it will oirrulate all over Eninpe in more languages than one. We owe the General many thanks for his promptitude and efficiency in this matter. Had the treaty been ratified without the declaration of M. Guixot, England would have attempt! d to enforce the right of search on ua, as a part of the established law of nations; bnt now the treaty, ratified or not, is only blank paper, sefar aa we are concerned; and there can be no war, on account of it, unless England ahull bnve to g* to war with France for jilting her in a critical moment. This may happen Truly your*. Tmoi'BI.x nrTwits the Spa!uaht>s ai?o Kwglish ?The mail per the steamer Solway, hence, on arriving at Havana, was not permitted by the authorities to b? transferred to another steamer, until it had undergone aa examination, which caused a detention of several days. The English Consul remonstrated in vain. Mexican Navt ? EHorls are making by Santa Ana to organic* a navy. We learn tVat the English steamship The City of Dublin, mounting six guns. was mint* port ui v rra oruz, hiiu wni nucui iq or purchased by the Mexicans. With her, Santa Ana anticipated being able to acour the Gulf. All i-or Love.?Thrmas Huchinson and J. McMellon, of Augusta, Geo. being in love with the one and name girl, became very jealoua of each other. It roae ao high on the night of the 8 h inst. a* to oause the former to draw a knife and kill the latter. Both were respectable. Navigation on the Laee*.?All the lakes are open and steamers running regularly thereon. Goiltt or Miaraa.?John Graham has been found guilty of the murder of John Jonra in Ithica H*aw Verdict.?Howard and others vs. Cincinnati Whitewater Canal Company?the plaintiffs >a tins cape recovt red over sixty thou sand dollars. Warm.?The thermometer in the sun in Savannah on tha 7th inst. was two degrees above fever host! More Nrws at the Sovtii.?Another steamer, the Medway, has carried European news to the South mnch later than had been received there by the way of Now York Accident.?On Saturday night, as the skip Hellespont, Capt. Kllis, from Havana, was passing tha Quarantine, she came in contact with tho ship Chieora, at anchor, carrying away mainmast and aprung nrsen-masf. F#rtuna:ely ne person was isjnrcd. It was very dark at the time. Cowrt Calendar?This dor. Covav or CsimoH Pleas? Parti, at IJ o'clock AM Nos. 9*, so, 990,41, #7, 0J, 3*1, 10*, 107, 100, 111, IIS, ll?, 117, 110. Psrt 3, *t 4 o'clock. ?No< 300, 1?. 4* 303, tit, *?, 1 w3. 334, 330, ms. 3so. 30, 94. I JO, 164 *"??! ? Coubt.?No?. I, }. 9 113, s, 4, ?, , 7,1,10 l to IP. inclusive. """"" ff oniiportnw of (!> hfttm. | Albany, March 12, 1*42 Th" L-srisl-itive Temperance Socie'y ;s in a thd ring condition, ai d the example thus art by thoae > Uish in station is having it moet bem filial effect The w#rk af reformls being mast active'y proaecured, and prog shops in Albany bid fare soon io be as scarce an they are now plentiful S^meofthe tirr*i men of the ci>y are engagad in the relorm, and to give greater lite to tbe proceedings the plan has b> en adopted of,having a glee club present to entertain the audience with temperance songs, &C-, after tbe l?shiou of ihe days of "Tippecanoe and Tyler too," although without the hard-cider cccompanimeats. The Abolitionists or liberty Party in this city take the in Id at the charter election this ipring w ith renewed r igor. They have nominated a eomp lete ticket in every ward in the city, and are determined to sustain it with their whole strength. In the Assembly la-day, afteraction had bpen taken on several unimportant bills, the State Printing bill was reported as having bees correctly engrossed end ordered to a third reading. A number of bills in relati >n to extending the time for the col|p/<tinn nt hVed Krultrs prtmnitnipu Are* w?ri? rasfl a third lime and psseed. The bill intended to cover the whole ground in relation to the extension of time for the ct lleclion of taxes in the various towns of the Staie, was taken up, and a motion that it be ordered to be recommitted ts the committee to report complete, was lost. The necessity of some general lor on this subject is evident, if fiom no other reaaonj li-tn to t ff-ct a saving of the time of the House. Mr. Loir, however, objected to the bill on the ground that by allowing the tax collectors to post' p >r.e their return', if they choose, would be productive of remiernrss on their part. Considerable drbaie was had, it Issiug also argued, that even if the bill passed there would be full as many applications for an extension of time as there are at present. A motion was then made that the bill be indefinite'y postponed, which was lost. Mr. Towi?e?d thought that from the course the d scuesion on this bill had taken, that with some amendment it would meet the approbation of the House, and therefore moved its releience to the Committee on the Judiciary, which was agreed to, much to the dissatisfaction ol the members ot that e imuiittec.' Ou motion of Mr. Ciumer this ord?r of business was laid on the table. Mr. Hathiwat then called up the consideration of Ins Ctieumng Canal Commissionore, so amended as to cull upon the Canal Commissioners for iuforj matioa as to w hether any legislation was necessary to em u e the opening of that Canal upon the commencement of navigation. Mr. 11 stated ihit he had learned that negotiations were in prognss to raise (he n.o.iey, end having no desire to thwart the n?goci&uous, n? would let his resolaiious lie on the table. He then introduced a bill on the subject which was laid on the table. Mr. moved that the bill in relation to the New Yi-rk Public Schools, be referred to a committee of i ae from each Senate d strict, 10 report cam. , . The Chair decided that as the bill proposed to lav a tax, such motion was not in order, and the bill uiu->t go to a committee of the whole. Mr- CsAMaa called for ihe consideration of his resolution fixing upon the 12ih day of April, as tht day npon which the House should adjourn. Mr. D R. F. Jokes, thought the time was too early, and msved the 25ih day of April, which was lest. Mr. Loomis moved the 19 h, and it was also lost. The resolution was then adopted, sad if the Senate concur, the Legislature w ill accordingly adjourn oa the 12th day of April. A resolution wasauoinited for the holding of afternoon si anions on and at ter Monday next, and the previous question being moved, the resolution was adopted On motion, the New York 1'ub'ic School bill, was made the special ordsr for Wednetdny next. The Seoste have been occupied in the discussion of billi* on tha general orders to-day, and despatched a large share et business. Taking it all in all, thin hoe emphatibally beeu a business day in both houses. Oar coming charter election bide fair to be most strongly contested. . Thers are already three tickets in the tield, and it is uaderstsod that there is to be still aasther?the Temperance Ticket, the candidate* on which are to be pledged to use their influence aitd exertions against the granting of iicencas. The city, last fall, gave a locofoco majority of some 300, ana strong hopes srs entertained by them of success in a majority of the wards. The split iag beingfso extensive, will render their chance extremely dubious- There is also a good deal of ill feeling prevailing in relation to some of the appointments, end this may possibly have some beatiog on the contest. The Repeal Association of this city are to give a grand ball on St. Patrck's night. The Irish population of this city includes a large proportion of its wealth, talent sad fas hies, and ibis repeal ball will doubtless be a mast brilliant and rtchtrchi stlair.? The gentlemen to whom have been entrusted the getting of it np, are aufail in such matters, and their arrangements have been made on the must liberal and enlarged scale. The Association is in a flourishing conditionJholds its weekly meetings which are well ltisndrd, and comprises a very numerous list of members, and has already contributed a lurge amount of funds to the great cause. The city continues very gay. Balls, parties, concerts, Ate are nightly given, and numeroush- attended by the beauty ana fashion of ihe e.ty The Amphitheatre, too, tadoing very well. Mr. J. H- Kirby, whose ptavious engagement was so successful, has been reengaged, and is to appear on Onnday evening, in his prize drama ot "the S.x Degrresof V-rinif, oo trie occasion 01 me ix-neiii 01 me manager's lady. The eause of religion ?Uo, is not in the rear guard. Protracted meetings are being held, and numbers of the unrighteous and the ungodly, are fleeing from the wrath to come. Cava Ut-cucAB. Rionoa Dn Booms' Cokcert.?Half an honr before the performance commenced,the Apollo Room was crowded with the moat fashionable ladies and gentlemen in the eity. MM. Metxiel maat have felt that her first reception by a New York audience sat a flattering one. Thia lady possesses real talent for her art?a fine voice, eambining great extent of compass with superior flexibility; she has also good expression. We eery rarely fiad all these excellent qualities united in one performer. When she entered the room, which she did with the air of an established prima donna, wo scarcely exacted that the brilliance of her voice could equal the sparkling vivacity of her eye, bnt we felt its charm increas-d;while listening to her performaase. We remarked also an unusual correctness in her pronunciation of the Italian language. She tang the grand air with variations, (which rrqnire groat power of execution,) fiwm the opera of Ipermostra.and the Djetto Buffo with Sigoor Do Begois, (one of the gems of the evening.) in a style which we feel aasured her audience will be glad to hanr repealed on Wednesday. Madam Otto, who haaa splendid soprano voice of extraordinary compass, aang the song from II Purtlani beautifully indeed, and nothing could exceed the co i ic duett by her and Signer L> - Begnis. The happy faoeoof the laughing andience testified even more strongly then their unanimous encore bow much they were pleated with his song I'ai de I'arff nt and his natural performance in the two scents fiojj II Fsv.ico, wasted but the aid ol dress and scene to render it n complete illusion Mr- Mrjtt unfortunately selected a song wh ch he is sol st present qualified, but trust he will repair his misiske bp choosing one he can execate with mora rare, when he aext prerents himself to the public Koeeowrki appeared lobe timid, perhaps owiagto his anxiety about hia coaapeaitioo ; but, at the neat concert, ha will arleet other compositions, and will, ao doubt, play them wuh hi* usual brilliaaee of style. The Mloo of Messrs. Aupieh and K yle were both effective. Wa cannot omit to notice the beautiful performance of the Overture, in which Mr. Penaon led the hand ? Kb the effective energy and tact of a skillful uouamander directing a well disciplined army In this concert we have another proof of the admirable management ol the Signer wha has given the fine*! musical enteita nment which has been offered for a long time, while there exist the greatest scarcity of vocal talent in the city which has ocourred lor many months. To the whole we , say broro, an J we hope the Sigoor'a etSsre to amuse the public will constantly mest with the patronage they dtnerve. pos rscuipr. 0y- By aooie unaocouatable accidest our South eru papeiudnd letters were not received thin morn"?* Tltem rlral*. Pa*k ?The IJev Park Benjamin, the author " of the highly successful farce," ihe Fiscal Agent, islo have a bent fi to-night. The bill iu very attractive, and we have no d ubl "Old L>rury" will present a brilliant appearance. Mr. ItanuT make* hia appearance in the " The Artist'* Wife," with Miss S ( as L-:dy Charlotte. Tho.-e sweet singers and lovely girls the Mutes Shaw, appear for the first time on die stage, and give a miscellaneous concert, that able pianist Mr. E. L Walker presiding at the piano forte. Chatham Thiatmk ?The indefatigable manager of this popular pl?ce of amu.-ement, presents a bill of unprecedented attraction this evening. The play of Fan-tut has been got up iu a style seldom witnessed Mr. Hisld takes the part of Faustus; and the inimitable Sefum, appears us Wagner?Mrs. Tliorne as Luoetia. Such a concentration of talent throws around (he mimic scene a witchery as grea as that ascribed to the hrra of the piece,when printing became aa art under the exercise of his geniua. Mr. S?fton also appears as ''Guy Goodluck," and ajain aa Tobias Shortcut, in the humorous piece of the "Spit Fire " Olymp.c.?Mitchell i?, if possible, mora succea.ful than ever ; his pleasant little theatre beirg crowded every night The new Kichard bids fair to maintain a loag and powerful reign; and Mr. Horr.cas le's exquisite burlesque of Cinderella, has been ren arltab'y well received. This is a moat laughable atlair. Th- acting and tinging of Mra Timm, ar.d Mee?rs- Horncastle, Edwin, and Nickinaen, elicit the most enthusiastic applause. Not content with encoiing ihe songs, ih? gods and the pit have every night insutrd on the repetition of sevsral of the ecenes % City Intelligence Trie Pour a?No business of public intere.t transpired at the police ofiioes duung yesterdayThe Hoipd or Asiunsr Aldchmes meet this eveniog at the usual kenr. The Coroner held an inqueet yesterday, on Ihe body of Mrr. Patty M P?-tere, who was accidentally burned to death oa Saturday night, by her clothes taking fire, the particular* of whirli was pabliahed in yesterday asnrning'* Herald. The jury returned averdict of accineatal death. lo morrow, March 10 h, in the anniversary of the birth of Gee. Andrew Jurknoa- lie was born in 1767, and is contequently 75 year-of age. Steamer Clvds?The 'steamiliip Clyde, for Chaileetor, sailed yesterday und returned last night, having broken her force pump, and will repair damages and sail agaia to-morr > w or next day. Court of Common Pleaa. Before Judge UlshoefTer. " Marco 12 ? Horace H lkty ?. Rmjomrn 8. Brook* ?This rather a grrea affair It wasan actoa for assault aad battery, tha damages big enough titimttid to keep an ordinarily modeit man in champaign? and cigars lor half a dozen yeara. Mr. Pay ia a merchant, keeping India rtbbcr goods principally, in Maiden lane Mr. Brooka a lawyer, occupying apartments in the second atory or bia building In the partition dirid ng tbe atore from ibe entry in wbiebtbe staira are pmced, ia a large door, which, when opened, adda much to tbe appearance of tbe atere, viewed from that aide, but gives a very unbusiness like air to the upper rooms. Mr. Breaks, on hiring tbe second story, agreed with Mr. Day's clerk that this should be kept abut, and subsequently complained that it sometimes was otherwise One morning, last fall, became down stairs,and attempted to s hat this doer, but was prevented by Mr Dey. A scuffle, and n mntnal grappling by the throst, ensued, but the plaintiff' finally tot defend' nnt dewn on the counter, told him he wee in his pewer, but that he did'nt want 10 hurt him. He then let him rise, and Mr. Brocks wsnt (of course rather engry end scolding) to his epartmente. Oa Dsy attempting te prevent Brooks from shutting the doer, he was shoved by latter, and fell ever or against a box that waa near. For this tha aetioa waa brought After Brooks had gone, Day (who is the heaviest man of the two) observed to hit clerks tk*t he eonld have whipped him, but he did not want to have any trouble with hire. The Jury appear to have thought, to use a vulgar mode ef expression, that Day, if he felt aggrieved by Brsskt, should have "taken it out of his hide," as they gave a verdict for plaintiff of only $18, which earriea a like amount of coats . For plaintiff, Messrs. Edmonds aad Beckham? For dafeudaat, Mr. Charles P. Dsly. Double Mail from England ?The mail brought by iheatram ship Unicorn, was the largf at ever arrived in tbe United States Th?- anmbrr of letters was about 40,000, and there were 10 bags of newspapers. The postage on the letters for New York amounted to about $0300 ; Philadelphia $ti50. Baltimore 9200 ; Albaay (citv and distribution) 95tX) The clerk* in the post odiee worked like horses Twenty-one hands were employed the whale ef last night in sorting, counting, &c. the letters and other isackasee, and by indefatigable exertions every thing was sent in one aeaaou ?Jiotton Trantcript. Natal.?The U S. war eteamer Mississippi, Capi. Salter, dropped down from Gosport yesterday morning, to the Nival Anchorage. The U. S. ship Falmouth, of the Home Squadron, went to sea yesterday morning ? Norfolk Herald, March 10. Stolxw JawsLmr ruvio w Mostubal ?Constable Clapp yesterday' received a letter from Capt. Gomeau, Inspector of the Police at Montreal, stating that the R8,0M'e worth of jewelry stolen on the night of the 4th of February, from the store of Sav. age tc Co., Montreal, had been found under a board walk in one of the back streets of that city, together with a quantity oi jewellery stolen at Kingston The letter aUo states that one of a formidable garg of counterfeiter |-adfb?en arrested,bat that his confcdeg rates, takiog with ihem about ?30 000 ot badly executed bills on the Suffolk Rank, Boston, had made their escape over the lines.?Uo?ton Pott, March 12 Cuaiooa Pbocekdinos m Viae mi a ?The Richmond Compiler of the 8 h inat is loud in its complaints of the treatment received by Captain Howell, at the hands of the Sheriff ot Norfolk, and Captain MeKtnney, commanding officer at Fort Moaree, at Old Point Comfeit. The same paper eontsiaa a card signed by the crew of Gspt Howell's veatt-1, from which wa glean the following alledged facta of the ease : ? On the lit instan't the brig I.o.-g Is'and, Captain Howell, of New York, bound from Richmond to New Orleans, wae standing off outside of Foit Calhoun, when a steamboat came alongside with the sheriff of who boarded her, and served the eaptaia with a aivil process. Without shewing any other paper* or token of hi* authority, he insisted that the Ceptain should go with him, and threatened that if he refused to comply ha would send a Revenue Cutter to take him by force. Bound to New Orleans, with a cargo of passengers and slaves, his wife and child, and aerew of whom he bed verv little knowledge, and no oaa else on board eapanle af piloting the vessel, he observed that he would not be forced irom hie vessel alive. The steamboat then left, and after a nhert time again made her appearance, having oa hoard tha Commanding Officer, Capttla McKeuney, of fort Monroe, with a force of armed men, who boarded the vessel, and conveyed Captain Howell on board the steamboat, la answer to a requast that they would taka charge of the brig, the officer taaatiagly replied " ho aid not want tho ves.-el, only her Captain " Tho aurto of tho Loag Island told the officer to remcaabor ha left the vessel nearly destitute in taking away her Captain, as he, the mate, waa no pilot, and unacquainted with tho coast. Tha officer rapliad, it made no differen;e, that he bmIA answarabls for eonscQuencee, and left the voosil, without placing a pilot oa hoard. Tha aight Mt ia dark aadhaay, but fortunately the vooaol mad* a harbor aad anchored. Qr^Loao Irtw, hiMmi Arraaatncr, he?Regard thebood, aad the head only, aa the greotett ornament of ea. It la ungrateful to nature to allow the diaeaae to killthohair oi tha head. Wo admire a good head of hair, la alder yaaag.maleor f> male. Weil then, we aa lira all that if their hair is falling oat, or turning gray, if ithaa ceaard growing, or it filled with dandruff/that fanea Oil of CerelJCiieaeaia will rettore it to a Mate tru ly beautiful. |Wa are net pulling, for thiaiareally a moit capital article.. Several person a aaaure ua that ita ef foot ia really beneficial We therefore advlae all to bay it It it aald at the roaeoaahie price of a, 6 or 8 ahillinga a bottle. To be had at the aign of the American Eagle, to, mind the right number, 81 Chatham atreet. Take care that the bottle ia aigned in hand writing, 8. you'll be cheated. OQP- What it there that adda more to the p*rtonal op* pearanca and comfort of mankind, than a good heod of haw? lo yoath it it indiapeoaable with "good look od in ago it it certainly neeeatary for comfort; and it I ia auraly aa proper to aupply the lot* of aoy of nalura'a , fifta, oa thoae that laahiou aad cnatom have forced upon ea- Out will you, for lota of hair, aubatitute a wigt? I. No; wearing a wig impair* the health, breed* humor*, aod prodocr* numberleta evils?all of which onn be aeoidt d by tho ua* of Oldridge'a bain* of Columbia,irom ?1 Maiden lane, which fully reatere* tho hair, wbetner it m loat by tick net a or by age. Never buy without the oameof Conaitook h Co. on the wrapper?all other* aro i count*# it I i THE NEW YOKK LANCET. i EDITED BT JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., PUBLISHED EVERT SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO. XI. LICTirBE*. Dr. Forry on the L ?w* of Climate, and it* Influence upon the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom* .. 161 Profeuor Motf* Lecture* on Surgery, No XI. Carcinoma of the Lip* 16* ' Chaim* of the Cheek,' 16* Noli me Tangere 16* EBTItW*. Progreaa ol Deatal Surgery in the United State*. Second Announcement of th* Baltimeie College of Dental Surgery 166 Progre** of Dental Science In America 167 Rimark* on Ilbeumatiam. By Dr. Billing 1ST A new Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature. By Robley Dungliton, M. D., M. A. P. S., Ac v lueaiciory Aaaress, at*liTurea veiorc iuo uriuu tea of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. By W.R. Handy, M.D , Proletaor af Anatomy and Phy otology Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the Physician and Superintendent of the MoLean Astylum for the Insane,to the Trustees of the Massashusetts General Hospital. By Luther V. Bell, M. D 171 BDItOBIAL ParABTMCIST. Faculty of the Medical School of the Stoyvesaut Ins'itute 1M The Insane Asylum ou Blaokwell's Island 1M Dr. Forry'a Leetures 170 MIDICO-CHlauaOICAL BSrSRTKB. Crosby street Clinique 1T1 Remarks on the Treatment of Interment Fever, By Dr. Jos. J. B. Wright, U. 8. A 17i Chimney-Sweeper's Cancer \Ti On Certain Structures in the Orbit, and an Improved Method of Treating its Diseases. By J. M. Ferrall, Esq., M. R. I. A., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and First Medical Adviser In ordinary to St. Yncent'a Hospital 179 ? Remarks on the Treatment of tha Bites of Venomous Serpents. By Herbert Mayo, Esq., of London 17* How to make Copaiba into Pills !?? ITEMS AMD IKTBLLIOK5CE. On the Phosphorescence of Zoophytes. By Arthur Hill llassa% Esq , M. R C. 8. L., Corresponding | Member of tho Dublin Natural History Society, 17? Colaiaa Operation 17* To Correspondents 17# Weekly Report of Interments 17# Abvbrtissrc Tsbms. One iqaare, one insertion $16# Each additional insertion 1 # Per annum 1# 0# One column, one insertion 10 00 Evch additional insertion 8 00 Per Annum 60 80 Bill* stitchbd ipormdiutcthim.?Foea thousand orIB* muni*. AdotrtUamtnt* intandad far imai'Han, and Boaka, ft., ft natiae and rtaiow, Biul 6tfonrardtd ta Iht ajfiaa on t l*Jort Tkwrodoy of try lock. New Ysaa : Printed end Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. SI Ana Street, by JAMES OORDOW BENNETT. 0(7- Chatham Theatbb?After many week* of huiy preparation, the manager prodaee* tonight the mele drama cf Faustua, with new scenery, machinery, he., nda atrer.gth of cart that cannot he equalled at any other (imilar establishment in the city. John Sefton, having been re-engaged for a limitnd number of night*, appear* a* Wagner, John Jonee, ui Tobu* Shortcut? Hield, a* Faustus and John Jones?Mr*. Thorne a* Locetta, and Mia* Meatayer a* Elite, Adine and Margaret. The farce* of JohaJone* and the Spitfire diversify the entertainment*. Off- There will be glorieu* time* and full houie* again thi* week at the American Mueeum. Our old friend Harrington, manager of the Boston Maseum, who la decidedly the most finished and amusing ventriloquist and old-fhshioaed magician in this country, i* engaged here for one week only. He eaa keep an audience in good humor for an keur and a half without any assist' ance, and change hi* perform an eee nightly. Van Zoo, the really woaueiful China man, remain* thi* week and no longer. LitlleCerlto,the charmingdanoer.appears; aleo that unparalleled aoene of Animal Magnetism. We are assured that Dnhlln will poiilively be removed after St. Pntriok's day, Thursday next Hereafter there will be a day performance every Wednesday end Saturday afternoon*. 0(7- The lew ef Imprisonment of debt has been abol itheu in New Jersey. Thi* event has naturally ocea aiened o greatodeal ef rejoicing, hot not half so much ai the discovsry by the renowned Or. Peters, ef 440 Broad way, of Lotrngea for the certain cure ef Coughs, Colds Worms. Headaches, Blue Devils, he., which, as ever; body acknowledges, are the meat excellent thing* in al this world for the annihilation of those complaints, li fact, the abolition movement in New Jorsey was the ei feet ef Peters' ne nine ultras, for until the Member* o Assemble had stirred up their genius by some of th Cordial Lostnges, their brain* were too muddy to se the decided advantage ef putting the bill through.Then hurrah for Peters' Lozenges, the great reformat which he* caused the abolition of imprisonment fo debt! Sold by King, 68 Pulton, and M North Sixth s rniiaaeipaia. C(?-Notice?I take pleasure in (teting that the ly I tem of Stanography, ej taught by Mr. Towndrow, t which 1 have been attending for aorae time, ia, in m; view, the moat perfect aystem ef Short Hand Writing H have ever examined, uniting ia a higher degree, eoncis H neaa, comprehension, neatness and despatch, with eai of acquisition. It is my conviction, thut the present ri pid increaae in knowledge of the arta aud aaiencea. d manda an increaaealaoin facility of repressing and con municating thought) and that before long, thia art wi become eatvnaively practiaed, and highly beneficial the clt rgy, the lawyer, the phyaician,atudent, mechan and merchant?the proceaaol acquiaition being more t amuaemcnt than a labor. WM. H. BF.ECHER. H Peraonal inatruction may bo received from Mr. Tow drow. at hie roema. No. SS Clarenden Heaae, No. I Broadway, corner Daaneatreot 0&* Mi'let Iimiel, Ktartaoa ev Moaocco.?Mul H lamerl waa one of the moot aaaguinary tyranta and la leaa trai greaaora againat humanity that ever existed. H ia related of him that ha killed with hia own hand, i H ringthetime ho reigued, 4S.S00 of hia aubjecta, yet H waa in a very particular meaner attached to jnatke Among the maay eaeedotee related of him, the folio ing ia worth reading. One of hia oflrera complained him that hia wife when ia ill hemor, had a cuetom H pullgig him by hie beard , and the Emperor waa ao p veked at the impudence of thia woman, that in order prevent her from again off? nding the majesty of hiao H, ear'a countenance, ha ceuaed the hair* ot hia beard to Blocked out,on# by theroeU. For one bottle H tr. Felim Oouraudw Teudre Subtile, which would ht permanently eradicated evtry Bbve af hair, Mulay maal would donbtlaaa have gtvau a talent of gold, I tha singular chemical discovery than been known. T fenuinr powders are to be kod at the old eatebliabed ce,0* Walker street, aae door from Broadway, SI bottle, and 647 Breadwop Far Urt af agents, see ad< tisement. __________ ^H| (kj- Bbvevolewcb is rarely disinterested All ' aaalet by money or otheeuion' do it from selfish moti Our neighbor ef 1M Naeeee street is daily diepeni hi* valuable Loaeagaa, im curing otn hi much for dolog goad aa Mki?| mmi, If* who HI ccomplUh both ia certainly worthy of commend*! ^Hl Whil? w* t*k* *h*rgo of the moral* of th* ronaon ^Hl imptoeathem, and m*k* money lor tnrwlfii, Dr. I HI au, with hi* Lozenge#, rebate* th* rick, and (< ^H| rich from hi* baneeolencr. M*> h* lung lie* to ei ^Hl it. S Ledger Building*, rniladaipbia, aad ? Biale *t ^Hl Botten, *re branch office* for th* Ml* *f Sharmin ^Hl z*oge*. HI Of?" Th* Toilkt?A* thedrttre *f diuin*ti*n I* ^Hl turai, *o al*o i* the de*ire to m*ha gore, or goo. HI p**r*nc?, while it i* baited by right r> **uo, tad * ^Hl not t* th* Tiol*ti*n of prudear* and JmIc*, i* hot ^Hl no*eat and laudable The giaan of th* pertan, u ^Hl thaie of th* Bind, *re to be raaked among the r ^Hl oat M**riaga*f boaataoaa h**t*a ; neither *ho*i HI negl*cted,*ndlt i* a pout of daty to enhellith t ^Hl both to the b?-?t adrahiog ? t* keep them fre* Iror iui) of cereltcaae**, *dj 10 grace tbrm with such ^^Hl mrnt* a* ate mod coagenial with their rt epectire | iiaritiet T* the** the*, who t>y ant cauee km ^Hl their hair, or find it prem* 11, taming gray.i c?ar* a duty a* well a* a matu. of aeeouity to HI natnre. Tbia can only he door by Oldridga a B* HI Columbia, which won raataroa to the afliated a HI head of htir. and deprive* Father Tiaie uf oa* ht HI eangnari*. It mav be had at manafaaturer'* yri* HI 8. Powell fc Co., M Cornhiil. only agent* far the HI F.nglend (trie* ; Com stock A Co , 71 Monica lane, * ^HH proprietor*. HI Facti Wobtn Kimwi**.?A poaltive ?tay f HI hair falling out?or to rtrtore It ia bald place*. HH A certain curator all rhaamatrnm and awtllad ^HH ?n* exception*. HI A certain and poeitle# enre far ntloa In all eaea*. HI A warraatad cara far all hraiaoa, acalde and tore*, and aora eye*. HI A noeitiee cara for tha aalt rhoam. ^| A beautiful Dye f>r the Hair?will not color ik ^BB ?warranted. HI A certain earn for coma. ^BB Each of tbeee to bo had at 71 Maiden la do, en. ^bb nroofa of thean facta aa will convince all who wi ^BB or tend for tbam, gratia. H The pnblic may reat aeeared there la no fancy i Bl aaeeitiena. HI 0(7- Notice.?Thia la to certify that Robert 8. haa been diacbarged from tho government ferric ^BB however, for neglect of dnty, nor for intrmperar ^BB txcatian he defeoded himaelf whoa greatly ?aiau ^BB another officer. The whole parttealera of thia ^BB eeral other tranaootiona, will bo laid before the ^BB in aahort Unto. HI ROBERT S. MAR 0(7- Da. Oaiatiuta'a Oompooalon for rai A moniff and Invigorating thr growth of the hair- ^BB a

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