Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 15, 1842 Page 1
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TH VaL VU^>35# ?Wkai* II liWT NEW LINK OV LIVKltPOOL PACKETS To Mil (ram Sam York uo U>? ttih. ?ud Li rorpkoi oa the lltk U f tilCA BW/lUA; A # & & *IoTNiw ??5 MSbJiKs; tt'^5u^l'45* KBUM LivKBrML. SHERIDAN, F- Oeaeyattr, 1Mb March. l?A RaiCK.?i?I'l*in Win. SUiddy, ISth Apnl. his K(JSClUS,CaplH.U JolUI t.ulluu, 1..U1 Shin SIDDON8, Captain K. B.ffobb, IStii June, ftgge !ki|mi??llaf Hit ( class, upwards of I MM tone, built lh thr city of Stw York, with u>ich iiuproVMnenu u combine reel speed with unusual comfort for yimsngers. very cere I Eae brtn ukcniu the avrau^einculof ttuuraecammodalioaa. The hTcc of passage hence '? which ample etoree will be Serjitei. 'Bheae slaps ere ciiiainiuJeil bf experienced tnHabere. w jo will make every exsrtion to girt general satuiae tPOVI. Neither the captains or owners ofihese ship* will be responsi He for my letter*,pireelsorpaekagrisent by them, onteee re alar utile u< lading aresigu. d therefor. ^The ships of tliieli,.' will hereafter go armed, and their pses iarcmixtructiou giiestlitm eecurity not possessed by any other buitutll of war. For freight or p:isea*e,apply to " ? cm^,%R.wtt*gri?s5a.M Letters by the packets will be charged Lit ecu In psr single sheet McaadaperouBce.ana urwspapers I sent each. tut - KOI HfcVV OKUCANis LOUISIANA AND NEW YOJUC LINK OK PACKETS m jfifc JSt a^h^Rfter aecomm<3utioa olfCpym, it iafote^Ud to tspstrh a ship from tiua port oo the 1st, 5th, IOth, lith, loth bdtsth of each month, ecnnmeieing the 10th October, and ootinuiug until M<y, when regular ilaye will be appointed foi Km remainder of the year, whereby greet delays and dnap Boistmeata will b prevented dtiriug the summer mootlis. The blowing ehipr will ci? tiuicn'e tlui arrangement hip YAZOO,Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt. Jackson hip MISSlSSIPPLCawt. Hilliard. hip LOUfSVILLK, Cavt. Hunt. hipSHAKSPKAHE, Capt. Miner. hip GASTON. Cap*. Latham. Ship HUNTS VILLE. Capt. MumfonL Blip OCMULOBK, Cajd LmviU. hip NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson. Blip MEMPHIS,Capt. vCnight. hip LOUISA, Capt. Mo-lord. These shine were all huilt in the city of New York, expressMr far packets, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been newly coppered and put m splendid order, with accommodations for pwacngers uiu>iaalled for co nfort. They are commanded By sxpencticed masters, who will make a very exertion to gflaa sacral satisfaction. They will at all tunas be towed up and Sawn the Mississippi by steamboats. Noitlier the owner* or cinilmtie ellheicelupe win re reepoaai- j iUIor jewelry,bullionjireeioiw ?tone*,?ilr?r,orpla?ed ware.or Sr my letter?,paroel or iwckajre, (eat by or put f -board of an, unleaa re*ajar biHr of U'tiai are token for toe came, and avalIK thereon ?in-e?-eJ g|*fr*l|t ? co mS^u,.^ JAM KB E. WOODRUFF, Ageoi in New Qvtcaaa, who Will promptly forward all aoodeto hie addresc. VTheehipifof thi( fine are warraoted u> aait ponctarMy uad) ortisod, and great care will be takeu to have the |oed correct yneaiinred. m< RAIL HO D ftOTirt. MARKET AND KKILIUHT LINK. NEir BRUNSWICK ANh NEW YORK. trtHi NEW JKKSe.V Rai'rmd and Tranaportot on t ea1 piuiy have nUbli^d a Fr? iftnt Line between New Bramwick tod New York, whiefc tuey intend to ran permanent 1 jr. Le Tina New rf rum wick at I A M. dally, (Sandrrt eianted) and the foot of Libeily atieet.Ncw York, e 3 P.M. To coamry dealt re and mei c haute the above line te very <teOirable for the eptedy and cheap ewriraixe of mcrchaadiee of erery deicriptioo, and mow perllcularly lo Drorere and feaifein Lite Stock,* ho ceo hare IM head of cattle eoaTeyei between New Biatowick and New \ ork, the line day, Whem rer requii ed. The relet fur the traueportation of cattle, hertee, mult*, (octi, hoin,lu.,aad all oturr kindi of raerch ikdiee arc very law, ueret ricetd DC iU am boat pneec. Mrrchandiac aenl by thi? li ic wuot cubjrcled to any aatra hwK- in creatine the Nirtn River. . The Coacpem have fi-ud up a large atorehouie at New fWHwiek adjoining the Ruilruad Depot, whioh will alwayj wappen far the rtc-ption of BMrehaadice. rioeengen. pa'chxing ticket* at the ticket offieea. Will receive ferry ticietc grat i*. mU*m* fUIOHT AND PASS AOS TO PITfgBURG. BINGHAM'S LINK, prnnrirtora of Blncham'a Trenaportataan Line to Pittatare lire notice to the Mere), aula of New Yoik, and all other araoca aimili| to the Weat, tut their liae ta now ta active Siinloa. Oooda coaeienrd to then (or aeut to go m their m.) will be Tot-warden with deepateh. Owner* or ahipoer* of good*, deatioad fcr the Waaler a Haiti, who I ave uo agaut or aoneignee ^ Pituburg, will wiaare coaairn their g*od* to William Bingham, Pittaburg, wh* witl aUcad t* ahepptng <dt aoeh aoaaigomeata without b/nohaM'8* m'ivK* diatiaclly oa each package Bar ratea of freight, which are aa low aa an* other line. Apoly to WM. 1' k SON, Agent, No 8 Weat atrect. oi uueite Pier No. 1, N. It N B.?Paeeenger* forwarded to P.tUburg and Pot'arille, otery Jar, Bundaj a eierptrd. Refer to R. Crook*, American For Co. ; B. T. Nisoll, Front ptraet;jTietiia. Dodge it Co. K niton atrect; Buydaia, Rage It Co.; Wm. Rankin, Duryee ItCo .Newaik* ml 1m ? *VAirrN H>JtN& FlcRii*. Foot of Whitaheil 'treatThe ateamer HTATRN ISLANDER or SAMSON wUl ran aa followa until further notiea:? Lema btntcn talaao Learaa Whitehall At I o'clock UL At I o'clock A.M. -ta " " - ii " ? mlk ' f.N It - P.M. N. B. All gooda abipped art required to ba particularly marked and are at the nek of the owner* thereof. ol NEWARK AND NEW YORK: Fare Oalv 111 lent* Mgt _ The aplmdid and couimodioua ataatner Lai^mgd1 P A 8S Alt., C a plain John Gaily, being enm^Kw*9EdQLpletily elegantly re lit ted. wi'l commence her regular iripa fcr the acaaoa, ou Thureday, March 10th,? laaeing aa follower? Boot oi Barclay at .New York Centra Market, Newark. It o'clock, A.M. 7* o'clock, A. M. t o'clock, T. M. l{ o'clock. P. M. Fr?ght ofer.ry deacription earrie I at rery reducedrataa. aC-*C8LsPRINt;-The ateamboat HIGHLANDER Cact. Hobert Wardrop, wilt leave the foot of Warran atreet Kaw kark. arery Monday, l't?r *Uay and Satarday afUraooo'a a t # clock, Retitruiug.tha High, inner will lure .lewburgh -tuy Monday morning at? o'clock, too Tueadayand Friday Bwaanmm at I o'clock. ?r ??? ? .?Pn?r. W the Captain an hoard. tl. B. Al baggage aud Treight of every deacription, bank MS* oi apecM, put on board thia teat, muat be at the risk of tha yore thereof.onleaa a kH ofladiag orrcceiptiaaigned for Wf?91* __ mla aPulNfl o U U a ICi itli L' ipr fc-n ^ KOn~8H HEWdBUR Yend FED BANK. -Oi and after Saturday, March It, 1841, the SClBuL-lilntncr OhlKlt.Capum Allure. will le.are York erery Tnrnday. Thur??l*y, and Saturday, at dak.A. M. Retaraiof, lr?f? Red Bank tarry Monday at B o'clock, and Tuesday and 1 huraday at It o'clock, noon. Wm* _____ jyvrc MAIL. LI VE FOK ALBANY, and inter~^ii?d"rnr"fiTiti rlnr-r --c-- -- the ic? lwrrniU, the JEjjM3L*tniabo>i I'TICA, '"apt. A H Srhutta. will ioare Uu loot of Conrtlandt meet, THIS afternoon, at * o'clock,Friday. March ?tli. for frrhght or paoeayc, aryty on bond, or to PETER C. BCHUI.TZ, at the Omee on the wherf. TV iteamoat TELEGRAPH wil' Irare for Albany on Saturday Afternoon, Match 5th, at t o'cU-eh. "it wx'&i i vx^cr.i to and "passage ?mum great BRITAIN AND IRELAND, BY THE Aiii OLD LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS Ft room wiahiny tomnd to the old eountrr for their frinde mm make lha necaaaary arreagemente rMh tlx aubeenhora, and hart them coma out m thia tupenor lint of packeta, twins Sign Lirerpool on tht Tth and llth of erery month. They will Sd hare a fleet rate elaoo of American transient ahipe failing any rath day. thereby afforrliua a weekly communication In* that port. One of the firm, Mr. Jam e D. Rocbe. it theee M wi'l remain during the year I key, to tee that all the pertona KM oaooageo hoeo been paid beet are forwarded with care amd drrpatch. Should the par4 tea agreyd for not eomo out the mooey will be pttaiued to Uioee who paid it here withontauy deduction. WhdaMpoeoamming thiaHaeare : The OjSoUpTV The NEW YORK, Br1 : feiSnicA, " ENGLAND - NORTH AMERICA ntdl^d. for tap amoemt. on the Ravel Beak of 1? railpi? MkW ro?|Afn> HX'TMR PAOIMV , MJkJkj*. <m *nd Havre oa U* >MbJto^U^ifo^owiT **^HLJUA? | HI ( ?n3r*Jiwwftini 11 lit Norrmbt i !iih l -flfcp BALTIMORE. I* April ?;:rn^ Ktesu, i?Hb1 ?*r!I ** Ift If1? \ Jum j fc-'iUwitt i !58??" IS?!" K? '^P ST. NICOLAS,t lit IM J^r i jV*" . aaes, lisssri flssa 'n0, "7 i . Ly. ' ? .. . ' Tnnti** BlriM ni* lMKv.rk lI ^ ^*LitA)**?l.rniirtmt arvt N,w ITZ ? I?. J !;'?_*rH' fBl<f >Vk*t M ?th MurCS-ThB i aria^gx*'c*"I) J? ^?ork^VrC! -W?y o, ko?H, ,? VrW%m wh.rf, loot of W.U MfWt, | b? '**"* * lu"1 rxx?? by U?U lio? eor S& sr. -sr E NE NJ THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES AX.EXANDE* HOUSTON,fcl. D., BOBUIHKD BVBKY lAfClDiT, CONTENTS OJ.- NO. XL Limin> Or. Forty on the Law* oi Climate, and Ha Indues ee upon the Animal and Vegetable Kingdom* .... 1M Protester Molt'* Leeturea on Surgery ,Ne XL Carcinoma of tha Lips 10* * Chasms ofth* Cheek,' 10* Noli m* Tang are 10* atmm. Progress of Dental So r gory in tU# United State*. Second Announoemuut of the BlHiati* College of Dental Surgery 100 Progrea* of Dental Science la America 107 Remarka on Rhoumatiam. By Dr. Billing 187 Anew Dictionary of Medioal Scluueeand Literature. By Robley Durgliaon, M D., M A P. 3., lac 18? Valedictory Addrea*, delivered before the Oradmate* of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. By W. R. Man ly, M D , Profmao*of Aaatemy and Phy eiology 18? Twenty-fourth Annual H?port of the Fhy meian and Superintendent of the McLean Aseylum for the Insane,to the Trustees of the UawteluMUtJwto ral Hospital. By Luther V. Bell, M. D 17* KBiroataL DBrABYMSRT. Facaltyof the Medical School vf the ttuyveseut Institute 180 The Iuiane Asylum on Black well's Island 180 Dr. Ferry's Lectures 170 MBUioo-cuiauaniuaL aaroBTaa. Crosby street Clinique 171 Remarks on the Treatment of Interment Fever, By Dr. Jos. J. B. Wright, U. S. A 17* Chimney-Sweeper's Cancer. 17* On Certaia Struo.uru* in the Orbit, and-an Improved Method of Treating it* Diseases. By J. M. Ferrall, Esq., M. R. 1. A., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland,end First Medical Adviser in ardimgw te S>. Vmoent's Hospital 173 Remarks on the Treatment of the Bit*# at Venomous Serpents. By Herbert Mnyo, Esq., of Lvn ion IT* How to make Copaiba into Pills 17* items akd mraLLiaaaaa. Oa the'Phosphorescence of Zqophy tea. By Arthur Hill Ilaiaal, E?q , M. R C. 8. L., Correepondu.g Member af the Dahlia Natural Hiatary Sooioiy, 17* Calsian Operation. 170 To Cqrrespoadents 170 Weekly Report ef Interments 170 ADTBBTiiafa Taaia*. One aqaare, one inaertioa I 1 60 Each additional inacrtion. . 1 00 Per annum. 1* 00 One column, one inaertion 10 00 Eich additional inaertion 0 00 Per Annum *0 00 Bill* stitckkd 1.1 an modcbatk tbbi**.?Foaa THOtitra sons* naquiaaa. AieerHeemente intended J or ineertien, and Bee he, +t., fee netiee and review, muo t it former ded la lie effUt en or it/ere Tkwreduf ef every week. New Yoax i Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 91 Ana Street, by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PIANO FORTES AND MUSIC. A TWILL'3 MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT ?ThtrropriaR tor olibit >subl shmcn iavites the attea'lon of tie uu sieet world to the eitmsi?? Calalugue if Nsw eud Fashioaable MUSIC, constantly puh|i?hii>g. On his Utiles can b found all the standard Musical romps siUotia of the put misters < f Ei rape and America errry dtacrptii Tieititt on Tuwroutih Bees, U.nnony, Sieging ?ad Fingeriag. Miisicel Grammars aad Elementary VVoiks ol every musician ot asy dwiineiun. Every day adds lo the alrridy large ocllicti'n of M"ud popular Songs. Marilics. Wnlit?s. HeiS'S. Rmli'i, Vans tinns. Quid, i lies Sic. kc.maiivof which taunt be at The style ef j ub'i >bmg mume at thi* taUb iahmeit, ia w?ll knowu tiilttie musical (otmmuaiy to be superior to any other tore in the country, ail toe muaic being prin'rd from ilegauuy engraved metallic |i alee ; the till# payee smbvlliai eT with beautiful li hographie Mjatttee, many of uhi hare ia>te!uJy colored. The price ef Mini t ia at one hall thgold ratio, and aa low aa an be obtained eltawkere. Qty The new munv u printed on beautiful Tinted Paper, anu highly perfumed. The puce ia theaaiae aa abore. A I'WILl te constantly receiving superior J'iano Foitee, manufactured eipreealy tor ma eeiablieiuueut of rarioua patterna of Roeewood and Mahogany, with the Grand Action, Harp Stop, Metallic Plate*, lie. eworacmr the ie?et faahion of furniture, with tablet and hallow cornered fro n la, venae red leye, and Grecian aerolla ; all of which are warranted in ha made of euch material a, and ao well eetanned, aa to atand the taat of every climate, and can be returned if an* defect la found in M e inatruinenta. Priee from f ISO to $700. Piano Btoola ef varoue pattern., to torrcepoud witn Pitnoe of Roaewood and Mahogany,he Old Pianoe taken in exchange. Second h.nd Pianoa fur aale very cheap. The lubecribir havng enlarged .hie eetabli-hment. invitee a'ranecra and eilixena to give a call bcloau inrchaaing elsewhere. ..... (jr?- Catalogue given gratia, and Maaic lent te nay part of the city. ATW1LL>g Mtrnic ESTABLISHMENT. (Sign of lit OvUtn Lfrt ) ml win ia v5t U-oadwas. naar HI. Panl'a Church. YACHT FOR SALE, or will be exchanged for a entailer vteael, the yacht ON-KA-HF-E.-Two yaarf ..pen ance in going to era for pleaanre baa yandared it aomewh.t doubtful with me whether, t iking the rough with the .month, the rnuh doea hot pred unburn. Evan the pie mare of rol timr about lor two or three dayain aea'm (with an arpetite that at auch timet is apt to border ou the equivocal) may (ia my opinion, at leaat.l be ft1 ationed. Theee who think different, ly, or may with to eot.e eu.-h doubta, have now ma opportu aity to do ao, at a comparatively cheap rate. The model of the On-ltahy-e ia euiireiy new, combining more bnoyaaey with aaarpaaa than any other. It waa adopted with the ieteotioao' making her ahil particular! v well hi a tea way, and to fee aa J cti ju-ge, a moat enpitad act bent tbe ia. (a the opinion of tho.a who hew tailed in her, laud who, if they are not, might to be, good jodcea.) eheie one ci the diieet and tae'eal era'te that ivei Itoi'ed. TKj i lir m ii lLmI q4a at QSfl tnig ggmm?om' ma*. suremt lit. 24 f et en deck, which ia flush fare cud eft, it) feet bean. if feet hold and draw* It feat water. Which nay be increased wwee or. a wind to 11 fret, by a eliding liar I Mian coppered and copper feaiened. and very gtrougly built, kneed wi h b ith irno iod w >od, and aerew-baltrd and put together ia a way that f-iweeitii-g veeeels ran eijgvl; at any rata, neither money nor paint acre ?pared to render bar, ia thw an well an in rtery olh< r reaper!, an perfect an possible. The plank near her keel ii five inrliea thick, tapering ta three inehan a little balaw the water lino. The rem re part of her keel, for 3* ar 40 fart, tJ ft inehan wide, by 14 laehci deep. To thia centra part an outer keel, Of cant-iron, of tr.eaaiae dimenriona. and weighitTtO tana, U fecureir b dted. through b >th keel and keltnu. Toe cut-iron a the theii with oik, and coppareJ ?he < annot upaatfor il knocked dawn by a equafl, 4* tone. aith eueh a leverage, will right her agalu She would be ; dmira?lr adapted for a diepaieh reaeel, or tender to a ll?at. She ia atripg enough In earrr any arm* ment. ifu-ed aa a privateer or rta wl of war, and capacious enoagh fur a large en-go if employed in commerce, hhe woe id be well adaj ted to the Kit India, or ar,y other trade, where the gonda a e valuable and speed aa ol ject. From hir peculiar coostrvc'i"n,l auppooa she would ami batter (txrept invtrv light wiade) loedert than light. I do sot believe that earthing that carries a yard could catch her at sea. Ia a trial with thtsharp and el<pper-hailt V. 8. brig Washington. Capt. Oedaey the Oo-ke hy-e, witv a good topgallant bsaase. beat har four hour* out of P a. If Wanted ao Yaleh. aha would be wall adapted for a cruise in the Mediterranean or Wast ndict. The dining cabin af the On-ka-hy-e will aaeonanaoda 'e It or 4?t able The panels, doors, piliasters, and cornices, are enamelled and polithsd white, relieved by gilded carved work. There are feor ornamental eases far book*, chart*. Ike Jte , with a safata front of each, covered with a rteh staff of enmaon and white, and with which the beats for the dioaw table correspond There are two anleboerile, ofsir fact each, with Egyptian laaible I spa. end two mirrors cf the same length, together with a handsome grate, far burning wood or cool. The owae*'a atata room and tha ite ward'a pantry (verv cempittely fitted np) with a paaaaga way between them, separates the dingag aaioon from the gentleman's apartment, adjotaeng which te one for ladies, formatted with auahinna and enrtaiae of rich ilk. In the gentleman'! apartment there are four eofae, and in front of them white enamelled columns, with gilded capitals. In the rear af tha ooiomna. white silk curtains, lined S trimmed with bine, are tnepenfed, and may be tinned or wn aside, at the pleMUre of the occupant. T"e beds, when oamesial silk, so disposed nub*, whau h.ioked up, eulirety ?ui ortiM wit. Tb* cut*1* fora** *7 of lKirf.,!linrr,?li at Ihoae forth* harbor. orswocth water ar* Wiltoa, of th* but quality. uf sear ha rakaa or or laM dowa ta tea mimiles Thar* ar* bate Ibr ton. faar m tha Isdw* room, four la the icBlWmeo'a, and ooe in i eeUirfs aro serrp tear huh. erd the rooms ll|h? air. VTi and rap he eaeily and'hoi ougltly Tabulated. Thsrs is a both aad wash The Oa-kj. hy-au ssry completely fitted with anchors, eabtes, tails. ritfiuc, lie., alt ia perrft order, She Is I-ilolboot or sehnooerrUred, with ao yards ar top htmp*e. Her for* awl aft sail* (enlmn at riaartad (fff top tut/, aad i.b topasil) measure oaths foot rap* 1STIrat: bar l?hl woalher main ciff-tbpaail ii*f.?t <1* IV head,it feat an th* foot,aad has 10 f?e'hoist. The fnert of the j* is 41 feat, w* kaoa a boom *n4 in ordinary time* requires no trading. whoab-f re ih* wiad, >? itlrtiqaur sail of fortj -l?e feet hand, aad lifty feet hoist. Hhe irqiirer hut few htnde ta wink hw. When the fn-rtsi. is stowed (which is usually done whs* n*t idtomp-iny wilhothsrr,) I We ntaai the Iwlu, with another to (red the Ayisg-jib sheets, ar* all thai ar* required *a dark. The wo(km?n#hi;i ahou i her, from Stem to Hem, is thought to b* a gx*t specimen ef ! * A atari* u ship aarpaoin's aad ship toiner's work. . Ae aha u anaaees-arily large far the naaigatiaa of omr hafs and rirersj.where theretsqniwaca way erwuch for lay tool*,) ( ww.W willinfT diipr.e of otctmrweWfer a saaaHer me. Koqnire of JOI1N C. HitVINI. fhtiwdtawtr lao._|S Baeotar .traos. Now York. COLLft, f itfJflt * all parts *f the (Tutod Utataa sa?4? <as. the moat farorabl. ? , bylymt*,, I nil ft Watt st.awd m? Bruin g . | W YO EW YORK, TUESDAY M rpH ? 1'tN.NY MAOAZINb-NUW suaIA*?Vet- 1 J Ths 6r?t rolune of tliia raluebte iiliutraled work lua /lit ba< a ie ci< aJ A lacul at feature of (thia" New Seriee," toenail ia the >i| pi'utuUry number < ( each mouth which eoiiUioi ? full dettripu n of me Macufaelor" , wi*h tutnerota illDitratiooi. AUo,"'The i'eunf Meeatne,* N. B. f*r December, lltl, ccntumi g. among ininy other mterraliag euhjacta? The Tow#r of Lonouo," vtiUi a euleutlti iilualra 10a. at il aptjcitrea at ihe Great Cue, on the night of the Sb'h of Oel berluat ? " A Oar at a Coach Factory ."with vi-wftHe Coiehmakef'a Lcfi, the Work, Ac. Ac. Tina part compWba ih? volume forlMI. Hartiee uijhiag 'o receiee ihs Toluint lor 1142,11111 piece h nd ia their mmee to the nerorier. in It It'cod KDMI'ND BALDWIN. 1H trend"'*-. rpHR CIVIL KMOINRhK AND AtiCtti I ?< T'd * JOURNAL ; Beieatihc ahi lt?il-*ar l>-??lte. Volume 4, or the year letl, neatly boon I iu half call, ami ItlUr.d, witn 1 aumrroiu eoi eru r Hitre ao<l E igr-eo ge Aleo-'TUK CIVIL KNOINRKR?for Jar.uanr, r?rt 1. ol Vo'hjx* f, cotitaiaiu.', amour nwl other tilairaetiiw 1 eu-ia-C'e?' The Aioeiicao *lu.mi P'b-UririLg Macbiu-," wilk aariagraaing m.d one wrod-ct I-?* On kwoia and Ditt?:t Action Engine*. fniif ci|(ritii,:i ?' A* Aurimin Tor til ann-atling the P-adle-VVheele ol Main Yea en with lh'?? wood ei goaMnce?" lUinnam on ! K pa of Wood and laoa.,"? ' M? m?ir o! Sir Fianeie Chautre) '' HinUon Ariiailiuiural Cndc'oi Stt ke. *? A< Ihn pairt ertauieac a row eohima, partlna ?i.h us to l><-e> mt Kuhacribetl, will tlrsa-. hai'l III U.air naoat-a f lLa importer. EDMUND BALDWIN, tni-i Ma>od* I*I ? SCO I'CH lit. la ol r i/r 11 m ' To TRESSED OPEHAT1YHOK Sl-OTLAPaD?[t'oet ponad lo the tALli iiaal ] ? A bal' will be goec ia T.n iwaiij hall.oil Fri'ajr fi.-at. tl e 19th main at, in* id of i..e fit al? 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Two big.iijira will p om pad* the mom. pl.iyinn nntinndl aire preaiouitu iht eoearaeuct meat and during in* iolermir ; aim of d.n-ing I Doore etv n at 7, and iliutia- will aom-nenre prreiarlr at 9 i o'clock Tae trriniuulioa ol the ball will tw aatawU knuwa by Ik- lined playirg * <?uid night, and joy be v?i' youa'.* Ticket* $i. ti ad nit a prut la nan *nd one or more l?d:c?? ! to he load of toe managtr. at the Scott i*h Journal < ?!Ece, o* at Tammany Hall. _ 1-9 4' w I'kF' WILL UK PUBLISHED, *mni-<tny, 19 th laai , itac American ltrprin act thu trllowmg Megalinra, jilt rcoeirrd per mourner Acadia:? ? hrkw- iMd'a EdiuburghMigat'n*, St per ?nium Dnhlin Unirerai'y Magaiiae. St Ma-tmi'oUtan Mafaxiuc.- it " B title) 'i MianllaivJ . with SO IlloatraUor t $t , " lha Edinburgh Ite*i?w (No. 159) u a'i? reeeircd, and will be ru'olialuaiehorlly. J. M. M ASON, Pukli ber. oiitneoi ltoouii, coi nor ru? iv. aria Druwin*/. mlI 3teoil* __ n 'HE^iifcTii^TKrT^E^rH^Thr^s^mirrTwJTriri ?er ltd from asinile to >th to 'Wire eel, with 1.t?!e or no pain. Lmk laeth securely fastened: eanena teeth Clad; ulcerated ruta or teeth extracted! toothache mred. ami the beat artiAcitl teeth esed. by Dr. Buakey. 88 Murrey street Terms cash; merges moderate. AH operations warranted, nit aodtm* "TIMBER FOR THE U. 8. DRY DOCK. BROOKLYN. 1 healed TY-'powla wlH be received at theotfcreaf the Nary Agent, New York, until the let day af April. for tura'shingat the U. H. Nary Yard. Brookljra. the following lunbe ?laeW for the foiled* lions of trie Dry D-ck. six ttOS spruce piles of length varvinn rom St to M feet?to aver aye not lew thaa St feet; and to he not lest than 11 aad to verms at least it niches is diameter, t feet frosa the btdt, exclusive af the bark. I.MS lineal feet white pine timber, foot square for lloor timf Sm9$? II poo lineal feet white pine do, I foot by 1 foot a inches squat* lor fleer umbers. It 1 Jos feet board measure of S inch white pine plank for fleer rsjSs feet heard measure of I inch yellow pins plank for shsel pike. AU the above timber aad plank to be of perfeetfy sound tad tumble quality. The spruce piles te be as straight aeeaa be proctwed, aad in ill respects prepared for sharpening and driving. The white pine timber to be free from shakes and large Knots?to be tewed straight aad square edged te lbs damenaious Soreliven, aad of the following lengtha, vis: on# half o] mohlnt to be in sticks 98.85,8S and II feet l<uy. The remaia 114 half of each lot ia slicks 81, JT. 10 and ffl fast long,?the lumber of lineal feet of esih length to he nuarly the some. The white pine plank la he asdiraiy free from large knots? quart edged ia lengths of 31. 81.17, 30, S3 or IS feet?leave rage not leas than ST feet, and in widths frsm 10 to Id, te are rare not leee than 18. Tbs yellow pine plank to he straight aad square edged, rait, ihle for driving as sheet piling in lengths sf 13 or Si (set, anJ n wiilthfiom 10 to It inches? to average not less than 1 Sin that. All the above timber and plank to bedelivarek 00 each wharf rwharf* within the Navy Ysrdas may ba designated by the .oginrar of Ike Dry Dock, a'liquet to the bispecMoo and approral of aurh poraon as he may select. l'tie pihs to be Oelirered m such quantities and stanch times aetweea tlie lsl day of July sod the 15th day of October as my m rrqvuravi uic kimij a^cui, uv ri?ui| iffui??aa umu ? erktuotm. The whiit pin* timber to be dehrered between the let day it September aid 8l?t day of October, ano The white anj fellow pine plank between the lit October iml Jtotii November. The yr moaale wiM otate the price per etieh for the pile*? 0*r ee >ic foot for the white pioe timber, and per foet bowd eeuurt, Cor the 8 and ft pin* flank. The richt iv r? ?erved to aaaign lew than the whale quantity ?f each kind of timber to *nr one bidder?end e fie re will be received for any portiou of either In ad Proioeala to be endorsed, " Propoeala for Timber, for Vrt Deck. Brooklyn." N. Areata office, New York, fee. 3d, IMI RUBEKTC. WKTMOHE, Nary A|nL j? lUwtAlat HOBE'S PATENT MET ALIO BLlOK EXTENSION DI NINO TABLES -Theee Tablet are decidedly a?petior to all other Pzteuaien Dining Tablet that hare ever aeen made, and are therefore recommended to public alien tton. The difficulty attending I note of former construction in opening and ahnuiat, in well known, and hat d>- emueh to limit their uae: but all thoee difficultiea hare 1 s o remedied in the Patent Tablet, at the thdee herein uord uate metallic oennectioM of n particular conetruetion, and are not liable to rnnhcary on account ef the alternate twellieg andthrinhint of the wood, in damp and dry weather. Thoee tablet aiwaye rua eaty.whether they be placed in the hotteit parlour,where the wood frequently warpe, or in a damp place, and are therefore to be recommended alto for the nac of iteanaboaLi?they art betid a more ipiendid and more durable article than any before manufactured?are made m all detirable foran and pah tarna. and of any length nqinred The public ia reepectfully incited to call at the Wareroov of thetubeenber. No. 1M f>raad.corner of Elan (treat, in the new large building of the New York Public School Society where the article may beeiam-ned. mZMteod* C F. IIOBE. Patentee. PPOINlKD CITY AtiENTB.?The loilowiag eatabI ihmenla hare been appointed to aell CLI HEHUOH'fl TRICOPHEROU8, OR MEDiCATED COMPOUND, for the Human Hair ? Mrt. Hotldacb.Curl Store, Broadway. King. Bo< keel!er, b'ulton afreet. J BJBodd, Uruggiit, Broadway, corner of Blroker. Wm. Mi'ior, Diugg at, Broadway oorn-r of John at. Meoera. Field k Miller, Drugtiatt, Third Avenue turner of lOtbat. Harmon, Broadway corner oftirnnd at. J. Jouet, Hair Dretaer, Fultoni reel. Brooklyn. And of the inventor and proprietor. Profeaair Clirehugh, at hie rooma,MT Broadway,comer of Full on e?. Ttice $i per bottle. All othera are counterfeit, mlleedat A NDREtYB'COMBlNAflb.N LUCK-Theeubvcuwre il nanminail t.rtnlr an f ilia aknrn notani aaaJ k_inar faille* I.a fled. it ww put on an iron cheat, under their iftepecti-in; heme locked and unlocked both before cad after it waa put ou the cheat, with the full key, and a combination made up by oik of ua. Said cheat waf cent to tna Howard Hotel, corner of Broadway aad Mai-ten lane, on Tueeday eveninic 8th inat . and offered to It C. Joooa to eipcriment upon, and und. r the following rlauie of hiaadfertiacmeol of the 1th u t. ia the Conriar and inquirer. " Foi I p-ib icly aaacrt, that be two mi aatea'light of the fnll key, I, "r any peraon being mitu-t-d, c?b oni anyone of the Combination Loeke. or any enuibiualion that the agruta of the American Bank Lock Comfwur may ael'.wi The eight of the fall key wet offarrd to H. C. Jonea in the haude of a chairman of committee, and aleo he, H. C. Jonea. to be allowed to lock and unlock tho combiapt ion lock on the cheat. The epportunily to prore the iccurity or inaecurity of Andrewa'Combinatien Locka waa drclined, nnleae he roui-l l are iha fall key in hia pnaoaaaioo to take an impreetionlthereof. or meaaora the hiu.aad two wtofca' lima to mate hi* toola. It waa aleo admitted that the lock which ho brought to lbs Howard Hotel on a wooden rhect, had bern in hie poeaeaaiou about three month*, which lock he dnliaod allowing a committeo loetamine before a trial. New York. March tlh, IMS. w ? Bigned, N O. OODEN. C'nebier. Phonrir Bank. WILLIAM HLKKY, WILLIAM BLACK, OKOKOE CUR.NELL. Banka an1 individual* ueiuf the Combination Lock are reqaeated 10 follow the priated mat met tone inrauhed with ike L.oek, or which may be had at tbeoflee of the teener, not alio wing iadfrMuale. pretending to pick aoid lerk, to hare the kay or keya to take jmaraaciaac or meaonre Ika biita, aa at-. trmpte hare been made <0 obtain impreeaioui of keye in daily nee, thereby erprelrtg to rpta one ofaaid locka, and obtaiu a a eirtiteate. MM or inoiriouais arc at ttborty to allow a trnl no their ermbiaation look. Brat looking the door by a combination MS * " *? ? The Aiaerie.en Bank Look Co in mow to tee ten I edver tiaooicauof H. C. Jooet. would remark, that he hating mie tatod feet*, aad porrerted tha troth, they tobnit the abort, and dooiiae baring farther naaiantlH with K?, upon nay tuhjcet. at aar lime, aad therefore no nation aoed be upeottd from them or their Afcata, to oay etateoaenta which mar <H>peer hereafter. The compear Mart without the fear of coetridietioa, thit Aadrem' rt eat Cooabiaatton Look bto Borer been picked on eur beak or etore, enlett the indiridaal had eeen the key taken on i eip'eeeion or m eeen red the bita, and had the door open having hit bead oa thodetector. The Lock en the wooden cheat of H. C. Joaea I tee beea ea> amioed and u firmly btlitnd lobe mutilated. WADSWORTH k SMITH. ml I ft Agrnti of the A. B Loch Co. jV KW VoitK ?AllflfcT) MUSIC hOt'lgTY?HeadelT i.r O-aad Orelorio of the Meaeiah. will ho pe'farmed hydbit Society, on Turnlir Eveuiog, March llth, at tht Broadway Tabernacle. Principal Vocal Performed?Mra Strong. Vda?eSpohrZ?hn Mr. M.'i.olburn, the dialirguith'd Voeaiiit, from Boatoa, Mr. J. Sehwarx Mewett. Mtdaroe spehr Z>hn't fir it appearance in an Oratorio in thit country. With a lu'l Orehratn. Cnndnetor?Mr. U. O. Hill. Orcaaut?Mr. I). H Harritoo. See Programme. Tiehc't. $l, for tale at the Mutir St-irra ; at Dayloa tad Nearatnn't, eor??r rf.Pnltoti rnd Naraan tta: Hernor't, 70 Bowery; Ilvle'e Newt Room, Well it; I. A. Sparlm, See re tarr. Ill Nenmt, end it the door. Performance to com at race pretuety at half patt 7 o'clock. alt |t , __ ^y*REAHTt|tV hiOTKw. weaud oa lovamtoie inii. 1 HKhB rtBTARRRTS.aiaaail lot.for tate by % J. SYLVESTER. M a Walit, and ltd Browdwey. RK I ORNING, MARCH 15 11 Full Ltebatc on the Creole Cune In the Uou?e of l^trifi. Vcb 14th. Lord Br dohah said he had now to bring undr* the uoiiee 01 their lordshipe the motion of which he had given notice on a former evening,lor the production of any correspondence winch might have ukeu Slice between his noble friend (the Karl of Aber -eii) opp-?ite. and'h? Aimriran government,as to i he ?hip Creole Whether any soch correspondence existed he knew not; bat if there did, be was aot aware that any objection could be naade to its production If, however, his noble friend had any objection to the production of the pa era at presei.t, he would not press his motion. In bringing Ibis subject under the consideration of their lord ships, he would state that since he had mentioned I the i-ubjeet on the first night af the tnesioa, he had aga h considered it in ail ita bearings, and after having examined all the autboiities respecting it, not in the t-xp ctaiicn that ha should find any thing tha'. ci uld alter the opiuiou he had given on the iirit evening, but to see whether any thing m the rhaps of a doubt could present itself, cothiug of the hind occurred to him. On ihe contrary, the he had considerad it the more confirmed he U It in his opinion, as to the right oi oue nation to d< mand of another a subject u ho had taken ref ge m it, having committed or being charged wi h or er< a convicted of anolfuuce, in the nation claiming him la considering litis right, even supposing it to exist br treaty between two countries, yet there would still anutkr gnstiou arks, namely, ivhethi r the law of either country was a'mcd with power to carry the treaty iuto execution; for, unless such power were given by the municipal law, the treaty would be useless and i f no effect It was clear, then, that one nation could ?' fiinusk H mists si rvl' .muf hop In dvliwr tin Oiifi of its subjects nlin had taken re luge in that nation, even, mi he had (aid, whelk that tubjrci wn charpad with the c iniuissinn of a crime in his own country, tMlipn**, then, a treaty to have been signed between lw.gland and America, the ol ject of which was an admission of the light oi each to demand the surrender of auy of i;? subjects who rnipUt hare taken refuge with the o he", though ho wis nr>! aware that any sue'.i exiated, but suppose it had been apifccd to, and was to be bntdi .p reciprocally on t*>ih, it o oald still bo u-tless and inoperative until the municipal law armed the i xecutivc with the power of carrying it into ? ff. et He though', that a sullicunt dutin-won. bad teen ma e between the iwocasrs?the question of treaty, and i hat of the law. If, then, no su h inuuicipal law a* he hid refc rrcd to exinsd here, the government of this country had no pow. r to surrender up any person who had taken refuge in it, whether al iu or subject, for that mads no dilTtrenee wha ever as %o the principle. 11a might refer tn the treaties between this country and Aiue riea of 1793 and of 1902 1 ho.;e might hare bean very proper treaties, but it was impossible tbey could have beea acted ou until tha law gave lh? -I :.I. .IT..I Tk. J...,., power vu carrj ui-m mtv cucvi. i uw ?#Haj uwuui that had arisen in hit mind with respect to the case of the Creole was the allegation wade, that a case of piracy had been committed. That eettainljr would make a aerioui difference pa the case ?The case of piracy stood in two respeeta in a very different position frem any other where the charge was against an a ien to thia eouatry for crimes alleged to hare beea committed in his ana For thoagh in any anch ease this country would hurt no power to arize, er detain, or give him np, yet in the eaae of piracy it had such power, anil would bo fully warranted in its exercise. It had eren the power to try and punish the crime of piracy, though committed hy an alien in another country to that there was no riak of his escaping wilhont punishment; hut in ease of any other crime (eren murder) committed in n foreign eountry, we had ne power to seize or detain the party seeking aheitersnere, or eren to delirer him up. When he stated what was our municipal hw in this respect, as between thia eouatry and America, be was far from thinking that it was a state of law which ought to be alio wed to continue. The right* of justice, of social intercourse and good neighborhood, required,in hid opinion,that between ceumries bordering one on another, such as America and E igland with r ference to her coloniea, and in Europe, France and Eag'and, and Holland and Belginm, there ought to be law? on each aide reciprocally giving t* the other power to demand and secure gross offenders who bad committed crimes in the ene country an-i fled for Aelter into the other. He eculd hard y imagine how thi amicable intereearse b-twsca two bordering and friendly nations could be maintain d without each arming the other with snch power. That such amunicipal law ought to exist between ncighboiiogcnd friendly states no ene would deny who wished to see their Iriendly intercourse permanent; but that no such puwer exist ed by the municipal law of ibis country no lawyer whohad considered the subject could for a .noaunt entertain any doubt It was said that about 2j roars i age a municipal law was pa-scd in the Slate or .New Ynrit by which it had a right to claim from the ad. joining proriace of Canada any of its citizens who nad b?en coavictcd of felony,or against whom a bill lorfeioay naa oeeu iounu, ?ou wn<> i,ugui. rcmte there, and that a reciprocal right wua civoo to Cunada under similar circnmstancea A tiiiii'ar law hid been paced ia Belgian with reaped to Franoe, but it could a^arate only in caies where certain proceediagi had already taken place with reepeet to the paity claimed, and where the claim wai made within a fixed time. It wat, he repeated, moat de airable that aome audi law thould exist between all horderingstatea, hut aalaia in eaten where auch lawa were in force, no nation bad a right to claim ila a abject from another. Having atated tbeae grounda of hia opinion aa to onr want of auch power, be would not trespass further on their lordbut would submit hia motion. The Earl of Abardeeu beggod to state, in answer to the qneatioa of bia noble and learnt d friend, that coeamunieatioea had taken place between her Majesty's Government and the Governor of the Bahamas on the aubject to which bia motion referred; and perbnpe bia noble and learned friend would not preea hi* motion at the present stage of the transaction, whea he informed the honae what had been the eonrae panned by the Government on the aubject. Aa their lordships might wall imagine, the Gevernment had given to thncaae ita moataarioua consideration, and had availed itaelfof all the legal assistance which was desirable reepectiag it, and they eawn to the conclusion, that by the lawa of this country there waa ao machinery or authority for br.nging those persona to trial for mntiny or murder, ana still leas for delivering them up. Accordingly orders weie a cut out by the tienrctary for the Colonies for releasing those persons who had hitherto been detained. It waa paasihla that mere mifii rxm lomc ?w ? pin u? uu< ^i?na American Colonic* by which those parties might be broagbf to trial. If to, it eoald be acted on, but be matt *ay that be wa* not aware of the existence of any *ucb; and if it did aot exist, orders bad been teat to discharge the men. Lord Desman said, tbat at hi* noble and learned friend had patofftbis motion from Friday in consequence of bit absence, he felt called apoa to offer a few words on it. He.believed be might say that all Westminster-hall, including the jadieial beach, were of the tame opinion at tbat now expressed by the earl of Aberdeen, and sf bit noble and learned friend near him, that tbere wae nothing in the law of England which would aathorize tbe Government In gnriag ap persons who had been charged with eriaae in a foreign state, and sought refuge here. When tbe alien law was before Parliament, tbe same opinion had been held by men of different political opinions on other points. Amongst these there was one so strongly expressed by Sir C. Wetherell that he could net avoid reading it to their lordships " If aliefrs were tent eat of this country because they were unpopular at foreign courts, tbe powers of tbe net were nbmsed. That they should be accused of offences la foreign coantnes wns no renaonfor refuting them protect tea here. Tbe regieides of Lapis XVI. if they had sought shelter heir, ought net to have been seat away : exiles for arime ought to flad an asylum in thi* country." Thla, however, was ant a new doctrine. There was a passage in Lerd Coke to the saaae effect in principle, and which could not be read witbent interest:?"It is holdcn, and so hath been resolred, tbat kingdom in league with one another are sanctuaries lor serraats or subjects fying for safety frees oae kingdom loan* ther. and npen demand made by these are net by tbe laws and liberties of kingdoms to be delivered, and this (some hold) is grounded upon the law o! Deuteronomy. Won \irarir* novum rrrrusi domino tuo, qui ad ft ranfugrrit When <loeen hllixabeth's ambassador demanded of the French King, Morgan nod others of her suhjeets that had committed treason against her, he answered, that if they asied in Franee he would proceed against them, adding. Omasa, regno prqfugit esss Ultra, rtjum inUrtttt ni iui quit que regni libtrlait tubalur : and nppenliug to Elissbstk's own conduct in affording an asylum to the Prince doCondeand other Hngenots, who had bean in nrmi agninat ihs French crown." Thene opinion* wero not cnfined to the lnwyer> of this eonntry, bnt the same principle had been laid down by some of the meet eminent judgee in America?men distinguished by their profound erudition, and fram whose ralnabfe works on great lagal questions, the greetrit benefit bn* been derited IE R A 342. by all who had couaul.ed th.ui. Lie would road <'no c.\traei frnm the work* of one of tliiae eminent )aw>ert which here atrongly on the preaent ante " Chancellor Kent, in hi* Couarnentarie* on American Law, (1S3S), appear* to incline to the opinion of Orotic* and Vatcl, agaiast that of other eminent juriata, that peraona aecuaed of erimaa ought to be delivered up to the country where they are accuaed; and one eaae appear* to have been decided by biiuself when he held hi* office in conformity with rbat doctrine. Bat the peculiar i oo-titntion of federal government, comprehending many atatea with varioua law*, render* any decision, hewever rcapeetable, of lea* authority, till all the p rticuhur provision# t xi ting when it w<ia made, are fully eanvaaaed. liut Juatiee Story, ia hi* wore recent edition of the Confliet af Lawa, 1841, conclude* a diecaaaion ou thia aubject, Or chin* the naaaace from Lord Cohe, adding that one thief Jn?tice in America ha* adhered to iba same doctrine in a very elaborate judtment; 'hat the reasouiag of another Chief Justice, in a leading ca>?, lead* loth* tame conclusion, and t a', it tiau.J* indirectly con&rmed by a majority ol the Judge* of the Supreme Court of the United State*, in a very teeeni case of the deepast interest." The cava piincipies were held in the law* of KagUnd, vrhicn, a* be bad already itated, had no luacbi iery hy which the subject* of another atate seeking refuge here coold be given up to tbe country to which they belonged. He would, therefore, t> n'.ure r> apeetlully to warn Secretariat of Stat* not to infringe upon tbuanost important principle for thoy could not aeize or detain aliena seeking refuge here without subj. cting themselves to aetima for damage* for lalae impriaonment, and without fur tbc-r subjecting themselves to the still greater responsibility of perhaps a charge of murder; for if a man attempt! a to seize such an alien under aueh authority bo might re#i-t, and if ia resisting his di-atb ecmied, iIk ae who ordered hia arrest and detention would be liable to be tried lor murder. . lie (Lord Deninan) tally concurred with hi* noble friend (l,o.d Brougham) in thinking that it wonld he most desirable that aoune law should exist bettvei u friendly nations, by which peraoni belonging to one, and convicted ofgrievou* crime*, and taking >hel > r in the oth.-r, might he given ap ; but thi* could take place only b?tweennation.-,e?ch 1 which regarded the laws of the other in the trratmeat of criminal offender* to be founded in strict justice. For instance, America would rrluse to rive up to England an Englishman charged with foigery, bccausa America did not regard that as a capital "Hence punishable with death, as was the case until 1 t-lv in England, and could not, therefore, approve t f our system af punishment in that respect Thera ware, besides, other circumstances which would reader it ulmobt impossible tor England and America to agree to some reciprocal municipal law on the subject of criminal offenders, the snbjrets o either, reeking refuge ia the country of the other. For instance, there was slavery, which was recognised by the munieiral law af some of the States, and, still worse, the slavetrade was recognised in others. Happily both wers abolished in England and her colonies, and however desiiable such a reciprocal law as he had rofarred to might be, slavery aod the slave trade would present insurmountable obstacles toils adoption. lie hepr d, however, that we should never see the day when we snould be called upon to act as policemen or gaolers to those who sought refnge on our shores As to the persons to whose ease this motion rcferred.he would say, that ho was glad to fiad two hundred fellow men rerening themselves from the degrading state of slavery With respcot to the particular mei its of the cate of the Creole, he would not at that time in any v ay touch oa thera, because it waa pessib'e the case might yet come for trial, even in this country, on the ground of piraey. If it thould, it would no doubt bo dealt with according to justice. On the general question of this Government not having the power to deliver np those men, he repeated that lie had no doubt whatever. Lord Campbell aaid, that aflar the atatement of their opinions byfhis two nobioand learned friends, he should not have felt it neessmry to address their lordships, if it had not been stated and widely circulated, that he bad, wht-a Attorney General, advised ihat those men should be sent home lor trial; that they should be delivered up to those who had demanded them- Nothing csuld be more contrary to the fact than such a statement. He had never given any opinion of the kind. On the contrary ho had Kcldilliat nyine law* 01 nation* no si a naa a right to demand from another the surrender of any of its nutjeet* who sought shelter in that other; and that id the case of England the municipal law did notsulhariz; or enable the executive to com* ply with any such demand. It was true, that an imperfect right, or what might be called the commoneemeat of a right, to wukc such a demand, might be acquired by treaty, but that would noi justify the demand until the municipal law of a State provided the means for carrying the treaty into execution. With?ut such law theie wa? no authority forgiving up a refuge to any State. This was laid down by all the important authorities on the subject; amongst others, At. Martin, an eminent professor of the University of Geltingen, laid it down that a sovereign or State oould panish a foreigner for erime committed in bis dominions, or for an offence against hi* or its subject ia a foreign country, bjt he was net to deliver up the subj ct of another sovereign or State trie after his conviction of a crime. To si nd crirni* nals, he adds, for trial from one State to another was never sought for except on the ground of special treaty, followed up by the municipal laws; out with respect to foreign refugees, who bad escaped after convietion of come crime in their country, no 8 ate ia which they soeght refuge was bound or had authority to execute punishment en th- m As to tie claim of America, Mr. Wheaton, we believe, the American Minister at Berlin, had laid it down that no sovereign Slate wet bound, except by special t ontract, to deliver up the subj-cts of auother chu god with or convicted of erime The converse of such a principle would be subversive of all the rales of civilized States. For his (Lord Campbell's) own part, he should like to see some general law enacted and held binding on all Statrs, that each should surrender to the demand of thu other* all persons cbarged.with serious offences, except political. This, however be feared, was a rule or law which it would he difficult to get all nt'ioos to concur id. To ihow how cautious states should be in making kuch concessions ana to the other resiprocally, he would mention aaaao which occurred when lie waa Attorney General. A treaty had been agreed upon between the atate of New York and the province of Canada, by which the Gorornment of each agreed reciprocally to deliver up the citizens or e'lbject-i ef the other agiiaat whoa grand juriea had found a bill, and whe had sought refuge within the territoriea of the other. It liappened that a alare bad eacaped from hie maaier at New York and got te Canada. To facilitate hia escape? he rode a horae of hia master's for a part of the way. hut turned him bauk on hia reaching the frontier. The authorities of New York Well knew that England would not give up a runaway alare, and that aa tneh they euuld not elaiaa under the treaty; tk< y therefore had a bill of indietment agninil him before a New York grand jury for dealing the horae, though it was clear the animus/uranrff wue wanting! Thn grand jury, how ever, found n trna bill ngainat him lor the felony, and he was. claimed uncfir the treaty. The governor, under auch circumstances, refute d to give him np until ho had coaaukod the Government id England. He (Lord Campbell) waa conanlted, aud ga ve it aa hia opinion that the nana ought not to be given np, aa the true biif, where no felony had been committee, did not bring the eaae within the treaty. The men waa not given up, and there the matter rested. Thn, be repeated, shou ed the necessity of the greatest caati n where reciprocal rights ofaurrender were granted between atatea. Aa to the question about our delivering up tlavau while we refused to recognize slavery, it was out of the question. No atate had the right to meke any auch claim upon us. The slaves had sought ?!? in > uortiou of the Hriti.-h tsrritorv. and where of course slavery war not recognized ; and m for u the principle went, thoro waa no difference between the Uibuiu or Bermuda nod Portsmouth r Plymouth. The moment the slave touched either he was on ground where slavery was not reengmzed and from that moment he was free. Under these rireams.anees, he fully eencarred in (be law aa laid down hy his two noble and learned friends whe had preceded him. Lord Cottcnham said, that after the speeches of hie noble and learned hired*, it would be unnecessary for him to take up their lordships' time, by ef. fering any observations, unless he should find it necessary to reply to the remarks of any nobie and learned lord who might perhaps take a dilierent view of the question. If do objection should be made te the opinions given by his nobis aad learned friends, it would be unnecessary for him te add auy thing te what wee already so well said. The I^erd Chancellor said,that as be w as the only other "noble and learned lord" present, hi sre umed his noble end leemed friend elleded to him. ii ... .11 v.. h.,i in <it uaa that ho most ful'y eon cnrrod injwhnt had baaa adraaced by the nobla and learned lord* who had addraaaad lh?" ??'?? akiM oa thiaqn atioo. . Lord I)r*u|li(a aaid, ha had rtaioa to kaow that LD. Frle? two Oooto the noble and learned ,er?io, ene of bad brtm Cliiot Justice of tbe Common Plea*, ai d the ather, who was now the Chief J'aren of the Exchequer, entertained opinions similar to those nhi>h be and his nobis and learned friend bad expressed on thin subject. lie would now, with leers of the bows* withdraw hi, motion, SimiMS Coear or thi Usitkd Statu ? March 6.?No. 36. Thomas Wood, jr. claimant, he, pUintill in error, vs. the bulled States. This cause wai aabaitted on printed arguments IJ IVfrasm Crittenden and Meredith for the plaintiff ia error, and by Meiiri Cadwalladcr aid Attorney Central for the defendant m error. No. 101. Janes Todd, et al , appellant*, v*. Otie Darnell. The notion to dismiss this appeal was argued by Mr Da iee in eupport of the same, and by Mr. Beitk against it. Adjourned till Monday ut 11 o'clock, A.M. Match 7.?No. 25. A. S. Randolph* executors Ti. J? II. Rendolph'e administrator,in err. rto the Circuit Court of the U. Stales tor Mississippi Mr. Justice McKinley delivered the opinion of thi* Court, affirming the judgement of the said Circuit Ceuit i? this cause with eoeta and Fix per cent damages. Ne.40. Charles F. llo?ey vs \Vm. Hachanan, Ik error 10 the Circuit Court of the United states far Louisiana. Mr. Justice M'Ltan delivered the opiaion of this Ccvrt, reverting with co;t? the judgment ef the said Circuit Couit in this cause, and remanding it lor further proceedings in conformity te the opinion of this Cuurt. No. 94. John Routh r. Kianeis H. Iiooke, in error to the < ircuit Court ' of the United States f Jr Louisiana. Mr. Chief Jns! tice Taney delivered the opiaion of this Court, dieniiesing this writ of error with costs. No. 102. William J. Minor et ux., plaintiff* in error, vs. T Tilletson. On the motion of Mr. Walker, the order of the 1st instant, dismissing this writ, was roaeindodaad the case ordered to be filed aed docketed No 53. James M llosa e- ai. r* John 11. Raw.lags | et al. On the motion of Mr. Walker, stating that i the matter* in controreray in thia ease had beam . . settled, this writ of error to the District Court af ! the United State* ol Mississippi was disn isscd.? No. 106. John H. Pevton et al ra. Wm. Merriwi tber rt al. On the notion of Mr Dtrii, thin appeal from the Circuit Court of the United State* fir Kentucky wai docketed and di?mi*?ed with costa. No. 106. George Jaeksonci ml. va Gabriel Twaysa et ux On the motion of Mr. MeCandlrss. this writ of errnr to the Distiict Couit of the United States for Western Pensvlvania wa* docketed aad diinaisaed with costs. No. 57. John A. Gibson et al. plaintiff's in error, vs. Beverly Chew. Thia cause was ar^us-d by Mr. Walker for the plaint iff* in error No 69. M- Bradstreet, plaintiff in error, vs. Wa F Patter. Thir eaaso was argued by Mr. Jonee for the plain iff in erior, and by Mr. Peardaley for the defendant in error. Ne 62 D. McArthur'a heir*, eoniplainanta, va. W. Duaa'r heirs ? Thir caare war ruhmitted to tbn Crurt on printed arguments by Mr Leonard for the complainant*, il by Mr. Stanberry for 1b* respondents. If*. 6S 1 he ci y ef Mobile, plaintiff in error, ra J. Kenoody'r executor. Thir canre waa a cued by Mr. Tert for the plaintiff in error, and by Meanra. (Key and Sergeant for the defendant in arror. Adjourned till to-morrew at 11 o'clock, A. M. March 8-No. 11. T. Nixctorff r? L. Smith, j On appeal from the Circuit Court ol the United ' State* for the Dittru t of Columbia. Mr. Jneti** ' McKinlev delivered the opinion of thi* Court, reversing the decree of the raid Circuit Conrt in thia can** with eoste, and decreeing the injnnnlina dissolved and the eomplninani's bill diimitaadNo 47. J. Carpenter vs. 'Washington Insurance I Company, la error to the Circuit Conrt of the ! Unittd States for lihodc Island Mr. Justine Story dslivered the opinion of thi* Court, affirming the judgment of the said Circuit Court ia thia ! eause, with costs. No. 45. A. L. Mill* ct al. *. j Wm.G Hrowa et al. In error to the Suptome I Court of Illinois. Mr. Chief Justice Taaev deliver, ed the opinion of this Court, dismissing tbis^ cause Iior me want 01 jurisdiction. wo 40 u A- rirriiB ?i. H. W Elli* et ix. Ob appeal from theCourt of Appeals of Florida. Mr. Chief J as tie* Teney delivered the opinion of this Court, durausisg thu I appeal for irregularity. 1 Adjourned till Thursday 1 o'clock P M. March 10?Charles L. Telford and Rufas King, | Liqs of Ohio, were admitted ntti raeys and l?taj sellers of this Court. No 57. John A Gibson, et j al. vs. Beverly Chew. In eiror to the Ciieuit I Court of the United States for Mississippi Mr. I Justice Wayne delivered the opinion of this Court ' reversing the judgment of the said Ciicuit Court m | this cause fur the want of jurisdiction. No. OB. M. Mradstrect vs. Win. F. Potter. In error to thu , Distiiet Court of the United States for the northern j district of New York. Mr. Justice Wayne deli varied the opinion of this Court, reversing the jedf ! ment of the said District Court Court ia this cause ! with coats. No. 34. James Roach vs. Daairl W. i Hulngs In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Columbia. Mr. Jeaiiea Dauiel dt livtrcd the opinion of this Court, affirming the Judgment of aaid Circuit Court in thin causu with costs and damage at the rute of six per centum per annum. No 48. J. Mauran vs. EdwurdBullus. In error to the Circuit Court of the United States lor Rhode Island. Mr. Justice McLean delirared the opinion of this Court^ affirming the judgment of the aaid Circuit Court in this cause, with eosts and six percent damages. No. 36 Thomas WeesL | claimant of twenty-two pieces of cloth, fee., Tsi United States. In error to the Ciicuit Ceurt of the I Uuittd States far Maryland. Mr Juaties Story t delivered the opinion of this Ccurt, affirming thu 1 judgment of the auid Circuit Court in this cause. No 101. James Todd and others vs. Otit Daniel. Mr. Justice Story delivered the opinion of this Court, die nissing the appeal, with costs, against 1 all the defendants except Todd, and that at to him j it be docketed and retained for a hearing upon its ' merit. No 'JO. PL Carver va J A. Hyde et al. I In error to the Circuit Court of the United States j for Masiachnsetta. Mr Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of this Court, affirming thu I judgment of the said Circuit Court ia this eaeau, 1 with coats. Adjourned till Saturday 11 o'el? ek A- M. Richmond, (Correspondence of tho Herald.] RicnttonD, Va , March 3, ISA 'JUt Time* in Virginia? Bankrupt Imxc? 1 lathington'i Birthday? Frt*. Boyden?Box, 4*e. Ma. Editor,? At one of the reader* of the Herald, I frequently I obteive Icttfia from various tectiont of count#?, and tuppoaiuz that an opiatle from thete regions j might find a place in your paper, I thought I would I Ju?t drop you a ihort one. Timet are here liha they are everywhere els* at pretend " ??u*h enough," hut the Bankrupt Law has ea??d many a ptor dctil about " these ' capea," and in tp le of the clamor against thia law, ; baa been, and will eooiiane to be, beneficial in ita ?fleets Aa a aalro lor the bother and vexation in butiiieta matter*, tha Preabyteriana and Kfiteonniiana bare opened wide their mitiy tloori, hare appealed successfully, night alter night, for ; two week*, to induce the " lorera of Mammon" to be " lorera of God." So we go. The moment men find that iVtej bare not taken ad rant age of tha tide which leads on to fortune, they fall back upoa reI ligion and Godly men Let pro- pertly come, however, and the boot it on the other leg. On the 22d vlt (Washington's birth day) we had a line bell, which went oflrwell. There were about ; 275 present, and all aeemed pleaaed to their heart'a contant. By the bye, Hnyden'a arrangement for ; ihe bell gnre general satisfaction mid he ir, ae he 1 deserres to be, papular with all. 1 ate that Bos ' it coming south. If he passes through here, 1 shall meat certainly take a look at him There ia one (kl? L a il.i I. .k.. I ot din* with him, nor ehall I iiritt'kia to dine with ?*?? Pooplo here generally ibiak that the New Yorker* hare a* completely made them Ire* *, a* the Ballimorean* who attached thenuelrre to Elaeler'* carriage. | Your*, truly, M A. TV. Note ?Oar correspondent I* wrong in thi* lotj tar particular.? E?. Haa. i Tnierm to Munir ?The Legislature of Florida ! bare pataed resolution* exprtirlrt of their gratilade for the *errice* Col W J Worth ha* rendered that Territory a* l'on?m*n<;er-in Chiel of the military ferre.a ia that quarter. Tbev apeak it a manner highly complimentary of the (kill and ability with which he hen conduct) d the military ape; ration* rntraited to hi* charge, and state that he j ha* been instrumental in ridding the Teiritory of ' nearly eeeen hundred of m-ird r?u* foe*. ' TjtTTI fiird J oTeTrtt'C,(i iV.n T ns* in l *? niwir or iXormin/ in? tm.-naof New Vara. ri?*' tf euran radically. ou tn? hortaammic ayiM-n auu iu * few I ?*r*.**er> dooenpuon of ayfdittir 4i*> >**, wti-ther reeoat or I oi w:* etiiKtinc, wnkonl dongtr of rnapaa, vrhich rary of ton J ?ee?r* by Uoe uoc el nwrroiry. Th* n-uaady of Or kranns doe* not run torn a pnrtklae# morrury, ar any o'lwr corrosive or poionnoi:* amoral, and iV"T**or? eaea.'t possibly n-irnc any d?l*"nno* inflnana* <iu thr body. i* ran b* eonmooally aidiniaiatoreni lie ooon ?# ? * always naTr, and w- hod rrm?' gncnrai eon tnlloti Irani I '? We erar ao lltaal tha eircasiainiKM ugdkr whaah it ia . *.* ?. at/* Titinta wuhiM ilnco tin geaault Or. Brrnaa at bin lew, Irnanto BimfNe, aoiuer of Broadaoy awl Cnanw-ra Qhwat.??)rawo#inChamean ?lr< l,at *n? 1 ourIron If A. >4. 1 latP H.

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