Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1842 Page 1
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TH ?t. vu.-iio. 300 ?WW* aoao _ (IKW UN*. Oh LIVfcHTOOf PACKKXO. To soil from No orYork oo tn- i5(h, 4od Liverpool oo ibo 1Mb * each mm**4 _ A M A ^r7o??N?w Yo??^ up Rosciys, C%*:ua John Collin#. MlhM yah. ftui IfpDOS'flt^uiR ?. B- t-tfbb, <4th Ai*?tfiyn 8HKRII)AN, ( il l <in f. AJ De^ywer, *ih May. KbOAJUUCK, Captain w in. biho) ,? '"? " From Livraruei.. ?SHERIDAN,< optam F. A. OeeeyaUr, 1Mb March. 8c? HARkICK. ( .h)Ihiii Wm. Shiddj , 1Kb April. So RObCIUS, Captain John I olliue, lJth May. E- aiDDONft,Captain K B. Cobb, 13th Juue. TVtee(hip* are *11 of thr firet rl:uu, upwards of 1000 tone,bulk Ss,cit> of Now York, with ??eh in?i>rovemcnU u combine neat opood with unusual comfort for paaarngcrs. Krcry cut Eta been takco in tl>< ,rram:<"in<i,toftheir*ce?minoiiationi TSo Incoof paiMitahcBcc to hiothfor which ample stores will be !r?ride<f. Tnese ships ore commanded by experienced mil' MM, wha will make every esertionto |ire general sntieihe Neither the I eyteme or tout n oflheee shipe will be reopoaei for any lettces, parcels or ?;<? kagesscut by tlaeai, unless re ealar bills ol ladiiw are iiKiii e Cierefor. flu (hipe ol this line will hereafter go armed, aaJ their pee a *-~eeMtr-*:? c-?????? ? -J t^. any other Ef K. COLLTn Si to. 51 South et.,New York,or to WM h JAS. BROWN it to, Liverpool. Lett ere by thepu'.kets wi!I be charged It) cent* per aiorle I cheat: ieeente per ounce, end uewspapers I cent each. ml " FOU NEW" ORLEANS I LOUISIANA AND NEW YOKE LINE OF PACKETS m m. m. m Far tire better accommodation of shippers, it ii intended to dnmoUH aehip from tliii port on the let. 5th, loth. 13th, with andttth of each month, eomiae-u-iug the loth October, and continuing until M <y, when rer tUr day* will be appointed I'm the remninder of the year, whereby great delay* and dump najjartanenta will b- prevented during (he euiamer inontlie. The flowing ehine will commenre Hue arrangement ShipYAZOOXapt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. < apt Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPI,Capt. EMIiurd. Ship LOUISVILLE, (Taut. Hunt. KySHAKSPEARK, Capt. Miner. HHP OASTON Cap'. Latham. Sep HUNTSVILI.E, tlapt. Alum ford. Ship OCMULOKK, Capt Learnt, ffip NASHVILLE, t. Dickinaen. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mu ford. Thaw shine were all built in the ftity of New York, expressly for packeta. are of a light draft of water, hare recently bean new)* coppered and put in yilendid order, with accommodations far pSeengersi unequalled Tor co nfort. They are commanded by eipeneoood muter*. who will make every eaertion to (be general satisfaction. 1 hey will at all times be towed up and QOWQ UK mieeiisippt Dy sie?mnoer?. Nokher the or eayvtain* oftheoeohips will he reepoaeiH>farjnr?lnr *niltiri i |irc i inm stones, silver, or pi etrd ware,or far My letters,pmcrl or package, neat by or put p - board of fail aalcw regular lulls of lading are lakes fortbeeaiue, and faevafae tkereiM vwoeeeed far freight or nnn e. applj- to E. K. COLLINS * CO. If Seuth it.,or JAMWfl K. WOODRUFF, Agent in New VrlaaM, who will promptly forward all goods to hie addrcta. IbllfcipMf thia line ere warranted to tailpunctueMy aaad] fmimed, and groat care will be takcu to hare the gooih correct irwumared. V ni4_ """* HAILRO D .No'fi" E. MARKET AND KftklOHT tINE. MMMCsaBMtwQ, MS w BR VS81V1CK A SB NE W YORK. rp|t? NEWJKHAr V Rairoad end Tranaportat'on ' m1 amy here eotablirb-d * Krright Lute between New Hi anew ick and New York, which toey intend to run pcima"TStm Now Arunvwidk at 8 A 51. daily, (Sundays race pted) and the fool of Liberty street. New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealer* and me.chanta the above line ta very deehnbtl for the a needy and cheap conveyance of merchandise of every description. and more particularly to Drorera and Vtaim h Lhafitock.ahe em hire 18* head of cattle eoa-rtyel betwcea New Brauawick and New koik, tkeaameday, The ratea^or the transportation of cattle, howea, mulea, aheep, hofa.kc-.and allotner kind < of merchandise arc very low, oarer etteeod eg eUamboat price#. Morchaadue aent by thia line lauot subjected to any oitra charge in aroaaiag <h- North Hives. The Compani hare 6- ted up a largo storehouse at Now Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaya beopea for the rac-ptioa of mercbandiae. tin 11 aaii |. their tickata at tha tiiket ofllrea, WMImeeivs faery lick eta gra'ie. mlttm* VBIIWT AND PASSAGE TO PlTfg* BVAO. SMfaa jeaasafc IINOHAM'9 LINE. TVs procrtatare of Blmham'a Trnwraortalien Line to Pittebnrg. giro notice io the Merchants of New York, and all other garaoaa a lipping to tke Went, that their line la now inactive earn alt on. Goods coiui>?i > ?hem (er mat to go ia their Km) mHlboWi warden withdeapatch. ' Owaan or ahipieis of goods, dertiaed Sir the Western swim, who I are do agent -r eon?>gaee Pittsburg, will ylcaac consign their g->cdo to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all such consignments without "781 m*4i ahou'd he marked diatinctly on etch package BINGHAM'S LINK. For rate* of freight, which are ea low a* anr other line. Apoiy to WX. TkSON, Agent, No (Weettlreet. ^ oiihxiU Pier No. IN.IL JV. Bz-FuMMen forwarded to r.lleburg tad Pot'ayille, X?li1nSZ'S ? F., O., .. T. Ni.oll, fWrtlkaU helw. Dodge k Co. Fullon atrcrt; Suydam, Sage k Co.; Wm.Kankiu, Deryee fcCo Newark" m? 3m _ SYAThN ISLAND ?KBB>. Toot of Whitehall atreet.^35X?3? 9*^5^8?atkn islander or samson wiQ reo aa followe until further notice:? iattw BUI? lalanu Letrta Whitehall At I o'clock a.M. At t o'clock iJL -IB " " "II " " 1} " r.M " ik * ML K. B. All goode thipped ire required to be particularly murk ad aad are at the risk of tie owner* thereof. 04 NEWARK AND NfcW~YORK. I'ire Unlv It) Centa. j*aHk *n Th? a..|ritdid and commodious steamer PASSAIt., Captain Jihn Gaffy, br ing comJ^SpSR.plet' ly and elegantly refitted. wi-l commence her rafular tripa for the aeaaon, on Thursday, March 10th,? lea?tag aa fotlowa Fooiot Barclay at .Nrw York Centre Market, Newark. 10o'clock, A. M. 71 o'clock,A. M. 4 o'clock, P. M. l{ o'clock, P. M. Freight of every description carrie I at eery reduced ratea. " f. t0wK L L k COT'S LINK. ~~ afl FOR NKWBURUH, landing at CALD AZ,kLQpWF.I.I.'tl. WEST POINT AND COLD 9B3HE3|LsPR1NO?The ateamboet HIGHLANDER Copt. Robert Wardrap, will Irate the foot of Warren itreet now York,oeory Monday. Th aJay and Saturday afternoon^ at t a'el oca. Retoruing.tha llien.anucr will i??* ,aewburgh apfT^Maadajr moraiiic at I o'clock, an-i Tueaday and Friday For freiab' or peoaegr .apply to the Captaia en board. VLB. At * baggage and freight of trery description, bank Ma orapeeie, put on board this boat. must be at the riak of the owaara thareof.aaleaa a bill efladriag orreceipUasigned for Mao?o mat BPRINO ARRANGEMENT. dMQ ?( FOR SHREWSBURY and RED BANK. flaaJHiS'-Oi and after Saturday,Msrrh It, 1841, the SESHuE-Steamer Ohl HIS .Captain Allaire, will leare Now York ever* Turaday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 a'do k. A. M. Returning, less* Red Bank every Monday at o'clock, and Tueaday aud Thursday at It o'clock, noun. aSOm* _ _ .MR ?I MAIL LINE FOH ALBANYTand iniir ft?Tf*f TrV.** " ,h" ,ee permite, the |T? .. H IKfitwniho*! UTICA, f apt. A H. Sehulta.wi'l Movefile foot ofCourtUndt etreet, THIS AFTERNOON at ie'eioca, Friday. Mareh bth. _ For/rarivht or paa?a*e, apply on board, or to P?TEll C. CWULTZ, at the Office on the wharf. _ The iteamoat TCLEGHATM will leave for Albany on Saturday Afternoon, March 5th. at S o'clock. me REMITTANCES TO AND fAHSAUK,VhOM UKJCAT RITAIN AND IRELAND. BY THE rteeona wishinf to ?end to the old country (or their frienda, R .***. 'ternary arraiiyementa rith tire inbaenbera, yd ya Ihenecome oat in thiemiperior line of packet*, railing ^?Leraryt out berth end Ifth of erery month. Th#y W1 *** baVe^ ftrit raty elate of American tranrient ahip* failing fT.."" F? U???by affording a weekly commuuiratiou mem that port One ef the, Mr. Jam a t>. Rocke.ia there Wd will remain during the year |8?. teaaa that all the person* *"" " T* ?een paid her* are forwarded with cart Shantd the partiee agreed for not come out the money will be iho? who psid it here without any deduction. Tbaetun*iconiprutatthaline are: - PfKOgD. The NEW TORJC, - kAfir?&DOE- " ' OLUMBUS, .iga? , jOTlBKSE* jfk m ii a i """ftoMUA. liftsSr*' I "t November 12 SXSw, ! "ALTIMO". \ J-' !2 r IS! December I diOTICA. { lit May Kith June rJif}:.!?e > ! } *Ptemkw ???> Ortober PMfe Htwitt. f int January I IMh February 1 WaweWpbT.NWOLAP.C let June l?h Jtily^^ , 2W*n J * ' October 1Mb November J.S.Pan. m flit February 1Mb March ..T** of Iheee ihip* are not iwrpaeeed. eom frfrring all that^ny be retired fer rem fort. The price ef ?*Wpewwaia |ted, raaeenger* will be lupplied with every IIJ(JHM i. wvth tha exception of winee and Spore. I rxT 1,1 tended for ttieee vreerl* will be forwarded be the | ? BOVD k IflNCREN. AtrulM, . TooH?? BfMiDft J?5^ T)BLEAWi?LovMam ??l N?? P,ck?* ot Mth Viueh?Th? , sSST-TS^^i35"s??ars?t ?. uL".? w;?l??g rri t, " -?>? rsr" i - E NE NE\ THE NEW YOKK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON.M. D., PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO. XI. LICTUBIt. Dr. Forty on the Ltwi of Climate, and IU Influence open the Aniaaal and Vegetable Kingdoma .... 1*1 Pronator Motl'i Lett urea eu Surgery,Ne XL Carcinoma of the Lipa 100 ' Chaama of the Cheek,' 1G* Noli me Tangere IM aaTiawa. Progreea of Dental Surgery in the Totted 8'atea. becond Announcement of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery IM Progreaa of Dental Science ia America 107 uaniriia H Hicumiuini. oj ur. uuniig ioi new Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature. By Robley Duiiglisoo, M. D., M. A. P. 8., kc..... 1? Valedictory Address, dehveiid fcelore the Graduates oft be Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. By W.R. Handy, M D , Professor of Anatomy and Physiology )?8 Twenty-fourth Annual Report ofthe Physician and Superintendent of the McLean Assy lam for the Insane,to the Trustees of the Msscachusetts General Hospital. By Luther V. Bell, M. D 171 KDirOBUl. okfabtmewt. Faculty of the Medical School of the Stuyveaaut Institute 100 The Iutane Asylum on Blackwell's Island 109 Dr. Forry'd Lectures 170 moico-chihunmral. ri.fohthr. Croaby street CUmquo. 171 Remarks on the Treatment of Interment Fever, By Dr. Jot. J. B. Wright,V. 8. A 172 Chimney-Sweeper's Coaster 172 On Certain Structures in the Orbit, and an Improved Method of Creating its Diseases. By J. M. Forrall, Esq , M. H. 1. A., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and First Medical Advisor in ordinaay ti St. Vincent's Hospital 173 Remarks on tko Treatment of the Bites of Venomous Serpents. By Herbert Mayo, Esq , of London 17* Haw to makoCspaiba into PiUs 17* iTtui and inrmilioanocOb the Phoapkorascence of Zoophytes. By Arthur HiU HtMtl, Esq , M. K C. 'S. L., Corresponding Member ?f the Dublin Naf.iral History Society, 17* Celsiaa Operation 174 To Correspondent! - 174 Weekly ?aport of Interment* 174 ADTaareeiNB TaaiM. One (geare, one insertion f 1 AO Eaoh additional inaertion 1 00 Per anonaa 14 00 Oneoolamn.oneitnertiost 10 00 Each additional inaertioai 4 00 Per Annua 40 liuirtiTCRK it* an moeiiirt tiimi?For* thoviand eorecs nceuiaan. MvarHnm enti intrude it far intertian, end Baakt, +c., far natite and reai*w,mutt be fortamrjed ta Ike a fiat anar be/art Thursday af tatty tat tk. New Yean : Printed and Pabhahed for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 31 Ana Straet,ky JAMESeOORPON IlltWETT. PIANO FORTES AND MUSIC. A TWILL'S MUSIC ESTABLISHMRNT.?The propria/V tor of this rsubl ehinm invites the attention of tie u.u ieal world to the eateneir* Catalogue if New *ud Fashionable MUSIC, con?taatl> publicising On hi* table* can b found *11 the standard Musical Compo sitions of the great masters cf Eitopc auil Amine* every de?cr;pti n ofTseali** on Thorough Bs.t?. Hirmouy, Singing and Fingering. Musical Ummmiu and Elementary Works of every musician of any distiucii n. Ererv day add* tothe already large rolhctinn of ?e* and popular Bongs, Marches. Waltx?s, Dausrs. R ml>?. Vans tiwtis, QilMl'iilN. kc, he , many of whick caunul be found at the other stores about town Thestjrle of i ub'i diing artmie at this Estab'ishmect, is well known tofthemusical community to be lupenor to any other store in the country, ail trie music being i rioted from elegantly engraved metallic p ates ; the title pages < n, belittled with beautiful li hOfrapine vignettes, many of whi :h are tastc.'nily colored. Tne price of Mnsie is atone halt the old rates, and as low M can be obtained elsewhere. (XT" The new music is printed on beautiful Tinted Taper, and highly perfum-d. The price is the same us above. ATWIL.ii is constantly receiving superior Piano Fortes, manufactured eapreasly tor ma esiaMivuiu-^i of various patterns of Rosewood and Mahogany, with the Grand Action, Harp Stop, Metallic Plates, he. emoracuic tne latest fashion of furniture, with tablet and hallow cornered fronts, veneered legs, sad irecian scrolls ; all of which are warranted to be I made of such materials, and so well lessoned, as to stand the test of every climate, and ran be returned if anv defect is found in instruments. Price from $150 to $700. Piano Stools ef various patterns, to correspond with Fiuios of Rosewood and Mahogany, Ac OH Pianos taken in exchange. Second h-nd Pianos for sale very cheap. The subscriber havlrg enlarged ,his establishment, invites rangers and citizens to give lim a call before purchasing elsewhere. (XT* Catalogue*given gratis, and Music sent t* anv part of C,lf' ATWILL'9 MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT, (Sr'gn of the Golden Lyre ) mt wfce if zOl Brutdwe?. near St. Paul's I'hnrrh. TIMBER FOR THE U. 8. DRY DOCK.BUOtHtLY a, 1 Sealed Proposals will be received at the Office of the Nnrjr Agent, Now York, until the 1st day of April, for furnishing at the U. S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, the following tun be >hmV for the foundations of the Dry D *ck. vis 1*00 spruce piles of length varying rom It to as f.el?to avsr age not Ins than M feet; and to be not less than 11 and to avrrage at least IS nchee in diameter, t feet from the butt, exclusive of the bark. 1,000 lineal feet whits pine timber, foot square for floor timj 10,000 lineal feet white pine do, 1 foot by t foot 3 inches square for floor ties here, lit 500 footboard measure of 0 inch white pine plank for floor tjoo feel bonrd measure of S inch yellow pine plank for sheet piling. ..... All the abort timber and plank to bt of perfectly found and tarable quality. The epruee pile* U bt at etraifht at can be procured, and in til reepecte prepared for tharpenmg and ririnof. The white pent timber to be free from ehaket and large mote? to be tawed etraifht and equate edged to the di nenviom (bore aireo. and of the following lengthe, eic: one half of taoh lot to be in etiche 88,85.88 and SI feet long. The remain inghaifnf each lot in eticke 84, 17 , 40 and 43 feet long,?the aamber of lineal feet of each length to be nearly the tame. The white pine (dank to be entirely free from Urge knot*? (quart edged?ie length# of 81, 84, 87, 30, 33 or (< feet?to are .-age not lees ihaa 87 feet, and in width* frem 18 to IS, to are j age not lent than 18. The yellow ptac plank to be atraight and equare edged, euit- 1 ble for driving aa theet piling in leogtha of IS or 80 fort, and I n width from to to 18 inebae?to aeerage not leea than IS in , All the abort timber and plank to be delirarek on eueh wharf ' irwharfa within the Nary Yard ae may be designated by the I .engineer of th* Dry Doek. eubject to Ike iajpecttoo and appro- ' ml of eueh perton at he may eeieet. The pilra to be delivered m inch qtnatitlee and at eueh timea Mtween the let day of July and the istfa day of October ae i nay be required by the Nary Agent, he firing not leea than ( j eeeka notice. The white pine timber te be delirered between the let day 1 >f September and SIM day of October, and I The white and yellow pine plank between the lit Oetober j mi 30th November. The pr inoeale will etate th* price per etiek for the pile*? 1 per eahie foot for the whit* pint timber, aud per foot boaid I eteore, for th* S and I pina plank. , The right i? referred to uaign leea then the whele quantity , >1 each kind of timber to any on# bidder?and ofleta will be J merited for any portion "f eitherkiad. I ITopoeala to be eudoracd, " Propoeale for Timber, for Wry i Oock, Brooklyn." K. W-TJSJJT-. i jSltawtAlet I rpHE PENNY MAQAZINr.?NYY# MKKlEft?Vci.. I - j i- TktAret volume of thie reliable illuetreted work hie juet , beearereired A peculiar feature of (thie" New Seriee," eoneiata in I ha I urplrmtnlary number of each month, which rontaioe a full | deteripti.a ore'mo Mat ufactorv, with nnmeroue itluetra- I . tioa*. A I*" The Pfuny Magai ne," N. 8. for December, I 1841, remaining, among many other interfiling eebje-te?"The Tower *f Lamoo," with a eplcndil illuatra'ion, ae it appeared ( at the Oreat Fire, on the uight of the SO'.h *f October leet? ** A Day at a Coach Factory." with riew ef th* Coachmtker'e < Loft, the Workmen, he he. Thi# part complete lha volume ( forladl. Partiee wieking ?o rrcetve the volume for It 48, will . ploeee hand in their naaaee to the importer, ml8 8t*eod KDMOND BALDWIN, 1W Broadwar. I 'T'HE TEETH?The TEETH?The beet mineral teeth io- j -8 aerted from * tingle toeth to en entire a*t, with little or ' ao pain. Loom teeth teeurely faatrned: canon# teeth I'lrd; ( "Ifvev'ad ruteer teeth retracted: too*haehr cured and the beet artificial teeth uaed, by Dr. Bnekey. Bt Marray itreet. Term* , '" it'eoSr' moderate. All opera'iona warranted. ' H-M?Xa*LTUi:it*Tt>woS I Dl.VINO TAUI.K8 ?Thee* Table# arc dendrite en pmr uui outer Fctenetea Dicing Table* thai hare r?? >???? made, *n<* art therefore nctnmntM to ptcblic atl?a tion. The diAcaltr encoding tnoee of frramr eonetnelinn nnMtnf well ban m, and ha* d- emueh to , limit their no#, hot all t-.oee diffiruKi.e here 1 . a nrmtdied { in Um i'olent TthUo, as the *ImUo hereto uerd narr metallic ' aoanretieao of a partka'ar eonetrwotiou, and are not l.aH* to f ran Weary on aoonaot of the alienate iweJIieg aad eWiakiui < of the wood, to damp and dry wee titer Those Ub'eeeivrara raa eoar, w botherthey bo placed io the hot teat parlour, where the wood Ire* mlly warp*, or hi a damp place, end are there 1 for* to he reentnmendt d alee for the aee of ateemboeto?they tr> beotd-a a m-re a Men did end more dnmM* article thou aay ? before m**uf?riur#d-are mode m ail JMrable forme aad pat- " torM. aod "f aay Irttfh requarrd * The nubile ie reepeetfu'ly (netted to rail at the Wa-rroota of dhe nhoenb-r. No 140 t Vsod . eoraor of Dm .treat. ta the bow lam beilelap of the Now Torfc faMm Beimel Booty | -SlJy?"'?'?*-e r. uoaa. fimm a W Y O V YORK, WEDNESDAY Hop*. What it Ho pet The morning gale That heart upon it* wing The perfume af the thautand flowrrt Of Life** freth, blooming tpring. What it Hope t Lile't noontide tan, In tummer1* biuvbing prime. That, with itetinu, to brightly gilda Tha flatting wiagiof Time. nnn is nopr r i ne mellowing oream Of autumn's gentle gale, That ripest for the reaper, Death, Tha wandereri of Life's* tie. What ii Hope t Life'* waning moon. When winter? itortni arise, Thai, through the vista brightly amen, Conduct* us to the skiea. [For the New York Hcraki 1 THs Sen. 1 lore the deep, the sounding tea. That rolls its billows fur and fiee ; That pours its wild and ceaseless ?<>ng, lu accents strolling, loud and long.; 1 lore to ride the breaking wave. That onthe shore* doth lash and lave; I love to hear the cat'ract roar, Of seas, that break upon the ehore. I love to haac the night-winds sigh. The sea mew shriek in the vaulted sky, Oil, yes ! I love the tun sting foam, It is my dear, my native home. New Yobs, March lit, ltM-2. CARL FITZ. Vonnet, The pest's soul doth ever prophesy. In Its vague yearnings for the absolute, That lstadly season, when each hopv shall shoot Into-eompletiofi, and society BeTobed in beauty like a waving tree,11 Though now so b irrcu, bleak and des< iiute ; For action ia but thought matured to fruit, Whose earliest blossom flowers in Poesy. Thus is prefigured io the |>oet'> soul Man's perfect stste and no brave deed can come, I Cntinged with memoes*, generous, true and whole, | Which hath not in it the ideal bloom. Tha blossom seemed la die, but near the core 81 the sound apple it is found once more. Texas. [Corre.-poodence of the Herald ] Houstoh, Texas, Feb. LI, 1BI2. The Santa Ft Eipeilition?The 1*rixtmrr??Their i Treatment?Cwjimj- The Currency? The Herald j in Ttjcae? Relatione with France, 4"C. During the last few days much excitement h?s j prerailed hereon aceount of the new* from Mexi_- j co. It is the hrst we have had upon which any reliance could be placed, since theuai'ortuaato cap- j ture of the Santa Fe Expedition,and represents the j condition of the eaptires as much better than we had anticipated. Yon hare doubtless receired much of the news ere this at New York. As the people of the United States take neatly the same interest in those composing that expedition as we eonld onrsiires, I send a paper containing the names of all that hare arrived in Mexico. The Southern and Western States, in particular, both in popular meetings, add by resolutions of gome of ; their Legislatures,hare expressed their abhorrence of Mexican duplicity and treachery in language not to be misunderstood, and their determination to sustain Texas in any course shemey pursue regarding the matter; and their warm and generous sympathy meets with the gratitude of erery individual | of this repnblie. It in what could bare been exported from the noble and generous sons of Kentucky tsd Louisiana, who hare ever felt and expressed their admiration for free principles and abhorrence of tyranny,in wbatorer country found Gen. Combe of Kentucky, has been here, and hie influence and example hare done much toward nwa keying the country to i sense of the necessity of , prompt, energetic nod decisive action, and will do much fer the amelioration of the condition ef the | captive* in Mexico. He ha* now returned to the | United State* Hi* ion has been released from captivity, but he has nobly determined that hi* ?f- i fort* in behalf of the companions of hi* son in the ; late Expedition shall never cease, so long a* one of ' them remains in bondage. Mr. Swctt ha* just ar- i rived in town from Mexico, via New Orleans, , bringing letter* fiom some of the captire* to tbrir friend* .here, and de patches font Col. Cook and other* to Gen Houston, the purport of which ha* not yet transpired- Mt 8. itate* that the prisoner* j are clothed mod not very harshly treated, but think* tbey will be held a* prisoner* until den h or a con- i quering army release* them. We hare much i to contend with, in order to get np an invasion, and j not the least i* the general supposition that Houston will not authorise the raising of an army for that purpose, or even allow one to be raised. He is jealous of power and fear* some other person will become more popular than hi *eif, if aetiv* operations should be commenced A re olutioa passed Congress, authorizing him in case of an invasion of this country by Mexico, to take command in person, and if nothing is doneagtinst Mexico, we must come to tho conclusion that motives of cowardice govern him, not the will of the people. There are brave and noble men enoegn in this country without the aid of any other to invade and conquer, until they can dictnte terms to the degraded, cowardly and priest-ridden son* of Mexico, i and to make assurance doubly sure, we hate guar- j antees from the land of our fathers, from men with J wealth aod influence sufficient to mane their pro- I roues good for aid to any amount, in men or money. | I have seen letters from some of the prisoners in the city of Mexico They do not complain of harsh treatment: but even if they were to treated, ; they would not dare to make it known, at no pro. j speet of saeh a communication leachirg] their j friends could exiet. a knowledge or the result of our effort* re?ta only >n the future. Congress have | at length adjourned, after a aeteien of about ninety I days, unring which many bills have passed, iom? | of a goad, tone of a bad, and some of no tendency at all. The membera of Congreas, however, have ; undoubtedly, in all eaaea been influenced by good motiveo, and dono jaatice to their constuuenta. L lwa have been passed facilitating the collection of debts, by which old debts can be collected in such less time, and new debts, with as much despateh as in any other country There has been some disturbance in Eastern l exis, by a band of m-B calling themselves regulators, n ho have in leveral eases puaished supposed or real crime, under authority of Judpe Lynch More importance j has been attached to it in some parts of tha United i States than tha matter dees rves, and as nsnal, when i fexaa is concerned, tbe accounts are exaggerated. The President has issued hie proclamation requir- i mg all civil, and if need be, military officers te aid < in bringing the offenders to justice Tbe disturbinee exists only in a small part of Eastsra Texas, j knd is doubtless now over very little is thoaght of i it here Geo. Houston has also issued his re com- I mendation that the Anniversary of tbe declaration j >f our Independence (March 2d,) should be oh ! icrved throughout tbe Republic as a day of Fasting . u>d Prayar. I doubt if it will be ae observed ' loarever, as preparations are making in tavern! places for bails. The recommendation, I believe, , is the first of the kind that has been issued by the j J Executive siaee the bottle of San Jaeinto, and it | sughtto be faithfully observed, for surt-ly, if any | satiou in the world has causa to be gratclni for the peculiar ears and interposition of Divine Previ- i lenee," that nation ia Texas. "The battle is not < ilways to tha Strang," bus been peculiarly exem- ; < phfied ia Ike career cf this country. ( Our winter is now faitly over, and we have all i the pleasnree attendant oa the fiaeat spring wastk?r In ffiPt tkn wkftU winfar kaa ka#n nil/far I than aaual; many of the planter* hare commenced j putting in their crop* Double the amount of cot- | ion will he raited thi* aeneon than in anjr former | rear, and a much larger amount of produce, aa but I few can afford te pay the prevent high dntie* on j ?ny article they can poeaibly rniae or do without I rhe people hare become alire to the ncceaaity of I labor, and almoat erary prrson ia engaged in eome , ictire employment. The winter butiaeaa haa j been hotter tana in aay former year?money ia j icarer, perhapa not more ao hewercr than in the J louthern nod weaiern part of tho United Stater, j We are yet a pa red the cnrao of a bank, and God | [rant we erer may he; not all the effort* that bare j icon made for that purpoae hare a* ret auccaaded I loano of your Swartwonteri are nere liring ia 'gloomy obaearity." Wa hare no aympathy lor toy aet of men who haro long lired in oar natire and on the fruita of hank raacalitr, and they find rhea here, they aink te inoigninoitnee, and are >hliged heaeotly to earn their liring by becoming 11Ultra ?f the ground." The lew rt quiring gold and ailrer or exchequer olio In pay meat of duee to the goecrameat, wool ate op email e? the lot, emeu which time gold RK I MORNING, MARCH 16, ud lilrrr bar* atoae bm receired. The excbeuaer hill* lure now sen* into circulation. and will Imi naAil t In a an cartas** a P? In v Kuf A0() tre ?wt lav p??|rv?v. JLJV ?" ^^w,ww authorized to he isued.enly #60,000 or which a* yet have been drawn from the treasury. The amount of dutiea daring the fear will more than cover the whole amount, in consequence of which they will he taken at ear by the merchaata, or nearly so 1 have heard that if they should go below 90 cents on the dollar, General Houston eay? be will refuse to iasne more, and thw* collect the dutiea in gald or ailver. The balance of our national debt hat been " repudiated" or " to be paid at the pleasure of the government after thirty year*." The Texan* are apt teholar*, and have only anticipated mo*t of the United State* in the matter of repudiation. 1 would tend ywu money for three or four *ub cription* to the Herald, if there wa* any certainty of their eomingover regularly We receive them very irregularly from Cam* ic Co , New Orleans, aad are obliged to put up with the inconvenience. Wehivehadtwo or three arrival* from France the la*t week -or two, and our commerce i* daily increasing. The Belgian Minister ha*made a proportion to congress to loan the government seven millions, provided Texas would compel other countries to pay 100 percent more dutie# than will be revuired of Belgium. The proposition was promptly rejected. France not having complied with some of the stipulations in the agreement for a loan, the special privilege# granted to that country have ceased. The Kr-uch Minister, Saligne, after making ? fool <f himself daring the former administration, has determined to return, and doubtless the prevent executive will then make a fool of him?i|f by receiving him. Our fellow citizen, Major Kilty," ha* left as Minister te the United states, accompanied with his family, end doubles* be will m.:ke propositions for en annexation to the United : States A better appointment could not hare been made, for there is not a man in this conntry that stand* higher in the ta imatioa of his countrymen, and his many virtues will endear him to alt with whom he may associate. S. Wstertswn. Watutowx, N. Y., Feb 10, 1*42. Water lawn?lit Advantage*?Postmaster Young Men'* Association?Rtformed Drunkud*?Moral j Reform, <5*c ? Further Correspondence It has always appeared very strange, that among yourex'ensive correspondence from all parts of the world, you so seldom publish any thing from Watertown. Whether this omission arises from y? ur not having any correspondent here or whether it is because you deein us of too little consequence to occupy a portion of your valuable journal, I am unable to determine. It would scarcely seem possible that it could be the former reason, as we have in this community aLiterary and Religiout Institute,",, vuniauuu^ runic w iwcitc |?iujro'?uo, mate ouu female, and from two to three hundred student?, nil of whom, one would suppose, would be noxious to display their epistolary talents through the columns of any journal, devoted like yours, to science, literature and morals. If it be the latter eauae, above supposed, which has hitherto prevented our notice in the llerald, I trust that when you learn the advantages we pos ess, (some account of which, in this and subsequent letters, I propose to give,) and our social, political and moral importance, yon will concede to us that station which we are so peculiarly qualified to fill, and to consent to publish some of the sayings and doings of this groat community. Why, my dear sir, we have in this goodly town, all the elements of a great city, (particularly the vicious portion of them,) aod with ordinary luck, we shall m a few years, nave the city itself. Our hydraulic privileges are greater than any other town m the United States. We have seven churches, and ourcitiaens are more pious, in proportion to their morality?ni?re wealthy in proportion to their pro perty?uiore learned in proportion to their intelligence?more charitable in proportion to their benevolence?more virtuous in proportion to their chas| tity?more gay in proportion to their cheerfulness? | more s'.aid iu proportion to their gravity, than any other people on the western continent. We Pave, in addition, one of the wisett, wittiest, most intelligent, most accomplished, most virtuous, best looking, most agreeable, and most conscientious, (particularly in charging posiage on newspapers,) postmasters in the worm, unless the obscure lunctiuuary i* rr?o?t grievously mistaken Our society, too. is very agreeable, highly refined, and cultivated, balls, reus, assemblies and coiillon parlies are of frequent occurrence, mid should yua chance to drop in upon one ot these, you would find a brilliant array of native beamy and lushion, with an occasional exotic from the cities, ruratising lor-the restoration ol her health, It st m the glorious pursuit of moral relorm. We have, also, under the supervision of one of the tnoai inn lligent ana enterprising young gcunciiien in all Wateiiowu (except the P M) a "Young Men's Association for Mutual Improvement," numbering suine two hundred members, with a library of nearly one thousand volumes, and weekly lectures on all scientific subjects, from the beauties and wonders of the sciense of optics, to utilitarianism? In addition to this, we have a very flourishing " Reforfhed Drunkard's Society," embracing among lis members, in addition to all the grog bruiseis about town, some of our most respectable and moral citisens, who were never suspected of a penchant tor strong drink, until they tnu* publicly proclaimed their secret orgies. And notwithstanding they have thus publicly declared themselves drunkard*, and are generally men of truth nod veracity, I doubt the propriety cf giving their declarations implicit credence in this case, as the indunement to falsehood is so great, that a tnau musi have more than ordinary firmness to resist the temptation, inasmuch as the establishing the fact of a man's being a reformed drunkard gives turn a higher standing in society than he could ever attain by the mom moral and exemplary life. And the more intemperate and besotted he ha* been, the greater is the confidence, and the more liberal are the honors and rewaids bestowed upon him. Bnt the greatest privilege we enjoy, and the one most highly prized by our virtuous community, is our Moral Reform Society, embracing within its scope all the old women ol both sexes in our town. This society holds its weekly meetings at the houses of the members, where they discuss the character of the absent, and determine who shall be the next victim of their mncbinntions. We have many other privileges and blessings now in lull vmnr unit mxturilv. bestdrs insnv anticipated one*in embryo, arising Irom weddings, temperance reforms, icc Ate-, an account of wInula f will give you at some future period, p oviding you enlighten itie world by a publication oi those already enumerated by Yours respectfully, VsaiTAS. Anbturn. (Corroyssdm* of the Herald.] Auauaw. N. Y , Feb. 28, 1842. The Auburn iMteri?The Herald?It* Superiority? The Four BjIU?Temperance?Bankruptcy Women. Fames Goaaon Berrett, Ese.: Dear Sir : For a long time 1 have been a constant render of rour most valuable, and interesting, moral, political and religious intelligence, through the columns >f the Herald. Your numerous readers at this lace having seen two er three letters from " An>urn" and "Cato," dated at this place, have anx ously looked for more. But like Oliver Twist, hey seem teaskin vain. Should yon have an es ablished correspondent in our fair village, 1 doubt 1 tot, that it would advance the sale of the Herald j ?eyoad all calculations, (er true it is, that as soon ( is a letter from Auburn is seen in the Herald it ere- \ ites quite an ejrcitem?nt Every ene wants a He- J aid, "Mr. Agent have you any of Bennett's papers ( containing the letter 1" "No I have'nt,except the i me I get regularly frean the office." "Well, I da J vish you would take a number of them, wby don't ran 1 Mv inters >is rcrv anxious to read that let er, and I leally wiah I eould get one." But none j1 ire to be bad- Erery eoe who tikoe the Herald, j hiek too maeh af the paper, a?d it* eaterpriain* < onduetor, to lead it, aad many regret that fortoue 1 aa aet showered iu Messiago apon them eaflcieat { e easb'e them te eaheerihe for to rateable ajeumaJ. | let why go into a detail of what yoa aad erery a alee are a a are of. The Herald earpaaeos ia , rery thing, all other paper* of the preeeat day, j IER A 1843. Mid id Editor, reporter* ud all connected with it* interests, arc entitled to the gratitude aud highest esteem from alt partiee, for the straight forward course in which it is conducted. Notwithstanding the revere pressure of the money market at this season of the year, and particularly iu this quaiter, (.owing to the almost impassible roads,) we hare had more rral solid fun, moro music, paries, dancing, &c , Arc., than in any former winter for the post ten years. First came off a cotillion partv given by Gen. Wm. B. Wood, at the Araerieaa, far the fkte, which passed on T?ry pleasantly. Tbea an annual Ball given bv Fire Company No S at the Auburn Home, on the 20th January. Next oae riven w?? at the nme place, the lfith instant, by the Auburn Guards, commanded by Captain J. Segoioe, which by the way, ia composed of "spirited young men," (excepting now and then an old bachelor) and bids fair to become one of the finest military companies in the Statr. And last of all " The Second Annual Ball of the Auburn Fire Department," also given at the Auburn House, on the 22d. I will not go into a minute description of all that occurred at these parti s, or the splendor attending them. Suffice it ; to ssy, that the oldest inhabitants of Anbnrn have never hsfore witnessed such a display of beauty, fun, frolic, youth, aged and middle aged, old maids, eld bachelors, married and nnmarried, end all too ia the highth o( enjoyment,at any one or four limes in the whole course of their existence. And what added more to the comlort and happiness of the "hosts," tb?*e parties were conducted entirely npon temperance principles. Speaking of temperanee reminds me of the reform which has been color on in this county daring the winter, and which has resulted in more bnppinessthau yon can possibly conceive of. Old Rum, who has for centuries been cenrted, worshipped, and almost idolized, is now totally annihilated in this quarter, as the countless empty bottles ia the bars of Reinis and Leonard, Dierck & P rend homme,Had ail otker minor recesses and groceries, can testify. A drunken man now in our streets would indeed be a novelty. 1 think 1 am right in raying that all who have heretofore beeu drnttkards, moderate drinkers,fashionable tipplers, occasional suektrs.and " once-in-a while take-alittle for-the-stomsch's-aake" sort of people, have thrown off thn yoke, come forward, signed the pledge with a firm reliance upon an all wise Providence, aad their own strength of mind, that they will become sober and better men. The l/nited States District Court for the not theru district of New York, is open from 10 A. M to 3 P. M. (except Sundays, of course ) Although this court has been in session bat twenty-tbree days, yet the number of petitions presented number nearly six hundred. On Monday last, out of natitiana mhiek ttma ft I Ctrl that Hair thirty-two, all originating in one office, were offered by one attorney from Rochester. I imagine that with all the bragging that Rochester has done, she can boast of quite as many bankrupts as any sister ' city. As for beautiful women, Auburn is blessed with its share. There are many of them of whom I should he bappy to speak, but as the mail ia now about closing, twill defer it nntil another time, when if this should find favor in your eyes, I may write you again. Respectfully yours. Hawk. Hertford. [CerrsspoadeBee'of the Herald ] IfAuTroaD, Com*., March 3, 1842. The Legislature?Convention* ? Temperance ? Religion?Elder Knapp, J-c l Dkar Bchmett? This little city enjoys, as you are aware, a semimetropolitan importance ia conjunction with N?w Haven. The legislative wise acres of the State will put their heads together this spring at the latter city. Last year the noddle pates associated here, and did as much mischief during their session, as could have been reasonably expected from such bunglers. Hartford has been quite busy of late with temperance meetiugs, lectures, conventions of whigs, 'ocofoeo conventions, conservative conventions, Senatorial conventions, conventions for the election of a sheriff, and a prosecution for forgery, bankruptcy courts, and a good deal ef political and editorial spitcfnlness, growing out of the two la'tcr. In connection with the great and gloriout cauae of temperance, wbieh ia making auch headway every where, and promises, ere loag, to cover the land ur the watera cover the eea. A new aoeiety hua been formed here called the Naso-Gaitrointtera, whose business it ia to anifT the breath of those they meet, and report auch aa betray eyroptoma of alcoholic fondneaa. Ex-Senator Niter, late Postmaster General, lectured recently before the Washington Temperance Society, but to the surprise of all bia auditor*, refaaed to aign the pledge himself To hare done ro would, pcrhapa, have,been a atumbling block to him in bia electioneering caavaaiinge among lecofoco loafera.? There ia mere than common political bitterness here at pteaeat. Great hopea were entertained by the whig*, that a prosecution instituted againat the editor of a coaaerratire paper, would hare ended in hia conviction, and eoaaequent downfall, but , having been in jeopardy about half as long aa Jonah waa in the wbale'a belly, he came out aa unseathed aa did these three courageous people who were not careful to anawer Nebuchadnezzar, out of the firry furnace This individual haa got the aele bankruptcy advertising, by the personal favoritism of the District Judge; and aa it is really a very pretty picking, the other papers are very savage agaiaat him. The conservative party have come out for the first time, with a regular ticket of their own. They will not carry it in the coming election, but a split ia made, into which they have introduced a wedge, which, if drivea by the unittd foree of the conservative, and democratic, or iocofoco parties, would, ere lon^, prostrate the old whig power, which lias in this city, been much too long in the ascendant. Whig wealth and banking power press ob the less privileged classes in this city, like sn incubus, sad keep down the healthy action of their energies, by the superincumbent weight of their tyraunieal pressure. The body of the people here have only, like the horse to know their strength, and they could scatter tneir whig oppressors to me lour wmua, ?v? < -- ?. ., .... deed are the democrat* of thi* place mighty in trength compared with the old federal whig*, who are n very ignorant aet of fellowa. We have a new temperance hall, and a cnnataat iuece?*ion of novrliy ia offered, aa the different convert* relate their paat experience of the miaeriea of dmnkenneaa. Women go in flocka to heir the reelaimed vagaboada. Hartford i* the place lor lectures and female anditora. Verily the Hartford women h*ve itching ear*. No weather can keep them at home, if there ia a lecture going on by the Her Mr Thia orthe Rev. Mr. That, lalk about catching a weazle aaleep. Why, you might aa well keep Elder Knapp'e lip* from apeaking comfort to the anxioti* siatera of hi* Hock, a* keep a Hartford wife at home at her duty during a lecture. There ia a report that Knapp is coming to get up a revival. Some one ia here, trying it on, but he i* no go; Elder IL i* the boy for converting tl em; but hi* eonveraion* do not wear well. Some of his lamhaheve turned out blaek *heep, end ather* have experienced miracle* of whi'k they had no previou* conception. Vonra, Vioilajit. Tnaamt-x R?o* ?The Sandy Hill Herald infonora us that a riot occurred in that neighborhood on the Glen's Falls f<eder, on the let of March. A party of Iriahmen, Tippersry and Cork men, to the number of about one hundred, banded together and vilitrd (Ik dwellings ef a number of Irishmen called the Far Howna; and after giving the watchword to rnable auch ot their party as were in the dwellings to make their escape; commenced breaking ia the srindowa and door*, aod beating the inmntr* in a iniHJIlllipi 1IIOUPCI ^ Wkiu 1 WW, UlUU'i WW Uiwuai^iiik ire irmt over their heads, sod threatening them if hey remained in the vicinity another day, with mere errible vengeance. No lives were loet. Theauhorities have succeeded in arresting about thirty of he rioters, and lodged there in jail. Dmsoi.ical.?On Wednesday last a man named 'ohn Bird was examined before the Mayor of IMis>urg. and committed to prison on a charge of havng tied his wife to a chair, and then set fire to fcef tlothea The poor woman, after having been dr? ed- J rully burned, was relieved rrorn her distreaatng si s- i uion by the neighbors, whom her shrisks brospht to > ter assistance. Whiskey was the caose of thw ieadtah outrage. ] The Coaestsga Navigation, owning a water rom- * naiuieatiea between Eeaeaster. Pa . and Ctesw ., teeksfBny, will be opened this wee*. s LD. filMffMOnw Albnay. (Correapondrnee of the Herald ] Albahv, March 19, I8B. r In thf Aimsiiit to day, Mr. McM*"?"** presented a (it tition from the Washington Mitiae Inaaranea Co. of the city of New Yoik, praying fornn amendment of its clutter. Mr. Davezac presented remonstrances from h*wIters and pedlars, against the granting of the petslions of certain jewellers, Ice-, that they be compelled to pay a lax. Mr. Townaesd presented a petition from John *. \ an Vleeck. and others, merchants of tba city of New York, that the Canals might be opened on th* 1st of April The petition was read and sets forth that there m a large amount of goods, See- in New York, waning to be forwarded, and that the Pennsylvania Canal* being open, western merchants will make their pas* chases in Philadelphia. The petition can be of no avail as it is impossible that the canals can be opened before about the 2bth of April. A petition was prrsenled from the county of Orange, praying that all aid be in future withheld by tbe State from the New York and Erie Railroad, as the wotk was conceived in speculation, and prosecuted in fraud. See., and would never n?v it* ses; and concluding with the avowal that the petitioners would never content to pay taxes for such a purpose. On the other hand some half dozen petiiona were presented in favor of extending the aidl of the State to said road. A message was received from the Governor frann* milting a letter from the President of the New York and Erie Railroad, stating that unless the State emtended further aid to said company,that prosecution of the work must be stopped, laborer* discharged, and the road itself be liable to be sold at auction at the pleaeure of the State, and that the company had applied all its means for the continuing of the work, and would not be able to pay the interest om its State stocks. The Governor states his convie* lion, that the work cannot be successfully continued, unless by carrying out the policy already pursued in relation to this road, and affirms that it rests with the Company, and not with the Legislature to complete it. Mr. McMunkav expressed his surprise at teeing this doctrine of repudiation,so universally the honor of the whig party, receiving the commendation nff the Governor. If he knew what repudiation meant, this certainly was a flagrant example of it. Mr. M'M. was very severe in his strictures on the coot* pany for neglecting to provide means for paying the interest, and on the Governor for approving it- Thin interest on 3,000,000 millions of State stock fail dan ?m the first of April, and must remain unpaid un.'ean means are provided by the Stats. Mr. HorrMAM, said that the doctrine in this mea? rage did not surprise him; it contained nothing new. It wa? conceived in the same darkness ami delusion which all the light that had been emitted, had heea insufficient to dissipate from the purhens of the Executive Chamber. That the State woald eventually have to pay both interest and principal on this loan, no sensible person even at the time ol granting It could have doubted. The road would never pay the interest if coj pie ted, and if it was, would neves benefit the people?it never was com missed with intention, nor prosecuted with that design. Alter some further remarks Mr. H. moved that the men* sage be laid on the table ank printed, to be taken is the Committee of tbe Whole having in charge tha tax bill. Mr. Humphrxt defended the road from the cbar? ?;es made against it by Mr. H., and alluded to ths set of the Slate aid being exclusively extended t? the central part of t ieState tor public improvements. Mr H. alluded to the benefits to be derived by the southern tier of counties from the New York and Erie Railroad, said that 6,000,000 of acres would be rendered improved land, prices raised frt m ft to $20 per acre. The city ol New York must look out and not pride herself on her mere local Kf.vaata^es, but look to her resources, or she will find herself in a secondary situation as far as commerce was concerned, behind Philadelphia and Bosion ? Mr. 11 continued at length, m defence if (ha road. Mr. Tcwnsbwd defended the city of New Yolk i viii ui? tuiifc uinmu vui uy mi. n nai ?ij. wu hos ile to the road, aad referred to the large todividual subscriptions, made in aid of it in that city.? It was only hostile to the manner in which it had been prosecuted. The motion was agreed to- Tha committee on lands in answer to the petition praying lor an eaily opening of the canals, state that they will be opened at the earliest practicable time, &B is possible from the state of the canal, finance^ Jcc. After a review ol the various funds the report stales that there remains only $403,317 64, to pay tha interest on the canal debt, and to keep them opew until June, but no legislation further than that included in the bill recently introduced by the Committee on Ways and Means is conceived necsarary.-? The canals will be opened about tha 30th. The bill for increasing the shares of the Now '? orfc Society Library, was reported without amendment. The trustees are authorized to d-mand ?9 per -rhare. Alter action had been had on a variety ot unimportant questions, the bill changing the manner ot appointing flank Commissioners had its third reading. Pending the question on its final passage, and for no other earthly reason than to consume un?e,a whig ntov>d an adjournment, and demanded the yeaa and nays. Alter the result was declared?ia the negative?Mr. Stetson moved the previous question,uad again (he yeas and nays, on seconding the call, were called at the demand ol a whig After thecal! hall been sustained, an adjournment was movtd, and tha yeas and nays called lor, but a sufficient number did net rise, and the question whether the main ques ioa should now be put, the yeas and nays were agaia called for and sustained, and the main question erdered to be put A full hall hour was thus consumed lar no other purpose than to stave off the p it sage of the bill. To the whigs must this he chargedThe question was then taken on the hual passage of the bill by ytaa and nays, and the result was ayes nays 21. So the bill parsed and awaits but the signature of the (fsvernor to become a law. The use of the Assembly chamber was then asked fur hv lb* Central Convention ot Mechanic's. to enable the lion, lily Moore, to deliver a lectu?a. The House then adjourned to half past threw o'clock, P. M. IIalt I'akt Three, P. M.?The committee oi the Whole went through with the bills to incorporate the Curversand Gilder's Benevolent Seciety.the act to create a sinking fund in the city of TroyIn the Berate, there was nothing sf general interest transacted, mainly local sad private btUa. A great race caaae off oa the Troy road to day. between a span al marea belonging to Mr Bunker, and a apan of horses belonging to Mr. Sequo. far *1000 The race was won by Mr Barker's norsea. An immense amount of money was bet on the match, and at leant two thousand persons were present la witness it. Cave uncncau. Naval.?The Kast India Squadron, consisting a# the Frigates Constellation and Boston, was at t*mgapore, on the 23d of November laat. Mtdahipinaa Jfhn C. llichardson, of Louiavdle, Kentucky, died on board the Coastellation, an the 29th of September, of fever- Thomas Sparling, landsman, was drow tied by the upaatiingot a boat to the surf. The Uaited States schooner Flirt was at Havana on the 3d mutant for Key West, in two days ; tha United States echr. Osceola, for Key West, sailed the day previous. MirxrABr ?Licutsnsot Colonel Q. Loomie, with companies B, D, and F, ?.h infantry, 'r^ Cadsr Keys (K F.) on board the barque Nancy W. Stevens, at Nrw Orleans, on the 29th ult. List oi officers -Lieat Col G Loo mis, command, inc; James Bsdg.r, Adjutant; ?A Ogden, W-Uurt (Juirterinaster; T C Madieon, Assistant Sargeoa; Capt J D Seawright, commanding company r; Cap* Win Hoffmen, eomuiandiog companv L>; 1st Lient J B 8 Tadd. X C S; 1st dT\V HT Walker; 1st da * / l'?i-.? enmmanHtno pnmnantf K* %d do J ft Kin ory: 3d uo III Fitr^rrald; 24 do ft. BGarwttx !i?i >t Lieut AD Nrliuta Pimcbi llmmamumn jAeri*, 223 non-coninuauoned officrn, aiwicua% md pnvatti. pvAMAOCD Til?tM Inn Tu Plata. M ?anoa? M* WWo haa alaafar tala, *r?? Silrw, ?h~t Unm. Moafc M4 L!^l*nw.OU?* P*r> C???atU^aa

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