Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1842 Page 3
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gggg-??? to the limit pi ice J upon amount ol piper whtoh o?) be leaved bp the treasury in lieu of the precioa* metal*, em the ground that the limit aheuld be Axed only bp tbe law* of trad*. The bill of Mr. Cuahiug contain*, bow eeer, a preeiiton which map permit theextenaion of the anpply of paper bepouj what the apparent reatrictien of the bill might appear to) warrant It ia contained in the aeventh auction, which givte the o the era of the mint and branchea the power to iaauc the aame deacription, which la paid on' to individual deaoaitera.ier all bullion er coin | deposited for the put poses of coinage. This power would materially uasiat the iseuc of government papm. as will be sees la the following table of the imports ?f the precious metals, and the amount coined at the United States mint since the geld bill of 1834 want into operation:? Coi*ao> awe Exroar or tiic Pacmocs Mstals ik thi Umrsn Stara*. Import. Export. Corna'r. taat. 17 in sit ltttaso 7.349474 taw. 19 13k 447 4 177.776 4.818,17* law, 401.881 4.384 358 7,(tl 700 1BST, 10.5IS.414 4 478.730 3, 04 401 1SW, 17747 110 9,444.147 3.4 5*88 ISM. 5,71.6.550 14.475.411 2,589,883 1840 . M87 818 8 349.545) ,,ai4?0 1841 , 4 908,4e8 10.140 044 1 7 104 040 Total, 81,904.877 88,74} 878 W,844,751 Avers** rath year. - 11,850 544 8,7i7 484 4.888,344 trior io KM. 7,2SI,'00 5,510,0(0 8,800,000 Frees this It appears that moat of the gold iaiported, goes, through the mint. The quantity of native gold ooined io estimated at fSOO.000 per annua. Here, then we have a aourco through which a large aaount of pnper would ioane. Io average timea,it ii rftimated that there are $3,000,00d of the preciona aetala lyiog dead iu the mint*. It in evident that by permitting the inue of I the paper, dollor for dollar, on those depositee, that thejr would becomo utilized. Thia ia a feature not contained I ia any other proposition laid before Congress, and is ore whleh will tend in a great degree to make the demands of trade regulate the quantity of government paper afloat, notwithstanding the restrictions on the depositee of individuals. That restriction is that depositee shall be received from individuals and ceitificates issued .therefor, to the extent eft git,000,006, and the iasues to the public creditors are restricted to a similar sura. This would make the issues $30,000,600, which sum would probably be taken up in the travelling and exchange operations of the country; when, if trade required a JltfU larger amount, the coin imported would have an additional inductment to And its way to the mint. Thei e is generally some profit attending the operation of coin, lag, under the present law, notwithstanding the transport and delay. This profit would be increased in the removal of the letter item by the irsue of bills on receipt of thejmetals. The same demand for government paper, if It existed beyond the limitation of the bill, would operate to prevent the return of these bills upon rne treasury ior government due*, other money would 1>o paid in and paid out, leaving the issue* of the gov* eminent paper to the publie creditor alwaya up to the limit of the bill. Still there teem* to be no good reaion for that limit ; it icemi te be a certain elog upon the free movamemt of the currency, without answering any a p. parent uaeful purpoae. However, aa appeara from the above table of coinage.and from tho powera of the bil?* a government circulation on a perfect apeaie ham' dollar for dollar, to the extent of >40,000,000, may be 'loaned in a ahort time. Thia paper currency forma no addition to that which would exiat were the circulating medium formed exclusively of the preeioua metals. It should exclude all borrowing or lending, in order that all the money afloat may represent exclusively the actual exchange of commodities, and that the measure of values may not increase faster than the commodities thsmselvea. In auch aase the prices will always depend upon the demand and supply entirely, and will never rule ao much above these of foreign countries aa to induoo imports abovo tho real wants of the community. It is a favorite argu ment with the advocates of a high tariff, that while we -purchase large quantities of English goods, England " will not" purchase our products. The fallacy af such notions is seen by reverting te the fact that in the year 1M4, when onr imports were large, onr merchants actn-ally found it to their advantage, Instead of sending American wheat to England, to Import whaat from thence te this country. Was this because England wonld not buy onr grain, or was it because the pernicious inflation of tho paper system had raised the prices of wheat sa high that it came here in exchange fur specie, while our granaries were full. For the same reason came manufactured gi?da in great abundance, the full tide of the paper currency having floated them over the bar raised by tbe tariff. In a fluctuating currency this is always the case: the tariff aots upon the specie basis and stimulate* pricoa always in advance of the import If 90 per cent tariff i* laid on, prices rise 30 per cent, and foreign goods are sold at still better profit than beforo, and (till ander-sell tbe home manufactures, because tho cost of produotioa is increased in the same proportion. The currency formed on the plan of the fiscal agent of Mr. Cashing, precludes nil such interference. Specie is its basis aa well as thet of the foreign conn'.ries, consequently the cost of manufactures et home will be meesured by the time egent as those of foroign countries, en l while producers and con sumeraat home beer the nai ratio to each other, it wilj be impossible for foreign goods to sell here at a profit! X n? uiuuiiaviuiciB wia luurcigre DO Bin pi J protected without imposing any burden upon the many for the beneit of the few. stafro at tti* Stork ichanga. (MM N YfV 18SV 77i Metis Del li Had 8?t MM Ohio ?"i. I8?8, 62 26 do do 68' UN Illinois Eon-Is 186 14 do Farm I nan atO 22} MM Indiana ? * Bonds, 18[ ( ds Illinois Bank, S BOM Indiina Dnl. Bonds Hi 14 do Mohawk 4T4 60 she Bk Com (ecri|>) 8SJ 80 do do 174 M she Del k II'd 4ei 88 8080 do Harlem RK bto 7 85 do ds 8?4 183 doLIsland RK Ml M do do 18 80 651 do do bSO S5 58 do d ) t84 SVS do do 514 M do do rnw sal 108 do do b>8 55 25 do do 80 41 do Syrac li Utioa 104 M do do al alf 18 do do 1044 Second Board. MOtlndiuia IS 60 ah* Harlem RR sIS 7j 1088 da do 18 68 i*o do ISO 71 11 ehe Jackson let 80 80 do ds t:to 71 M do Harlem RR b'.O 7 188 do L Island RR bSO 66 58 do d > 72 Married. On SunJsy evening, 13th inat. at Birmingham, Conn.. bT the Rev. Mr Scott, Thos. V. Whitncv, Eaq. to Mis8 Minor N. Fowcll, both of the former place. Mobile papers will pleats copy. Died 0% Tuesday morning, 16th inat. after a abort but ca vera illness, Bilvadobv CNirrti.1., in the 67th year of hi* age. The Italian Benevolent S sciety, and his friends and acquaintance a generally, are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, on Thursday next, 17th inst. at S P. M from his late residence, Mount V, rnon, at the coraer of 6Bth streets and the 1st avenue. Carriages will be in atCaadanco in front of HI. Paul's church, Brand way, at 7 P. M. precisely. On Tuesday morning, 15th inst in the Mth year of bis age, William Oaicic, tldett ion of the late Archibald Oracle. The relatives and friendi of tha family are respectfully invited to atl. nd laiifune ial on Wedneaday afternoon, at half past 4 o'clock, from 366 Fourth street, without farther lnvitatton. I Weekly Report of Interment* the City ?nu Couutv of New York, from the 5th day of March. 1841. to the llth day of Vtkrth, 1843. 84 Men? 40 Worn- u?,'i Uoy??M OirU. Total I7t. nSSKSra^'V 3- a-tSioa U; Aerhyiy I; Abaesnl; olccung 0; DifMiiv irwnj ftom^rh 0; fifeediux Irons IjiviO; ?woHor?c^iUeiiO;C?jiuaUieaU; Cholera InUuUin I; Choi# ft JOortiUkO; Canon i ( olu: 0; Conauinption 31, ConruUinnt it; l^rouoor Hivo? I; Debility o; Delirium trrmrna 3; Diabetc* 0, irnrSijj.ii' I Powond; Dropey I; Dnuey id heed I'VTi^ J! S" ' Drowned t; Dy*ealer* 3,T.ry*iprla* ' " |I. do. iCitrlct IV; 4o typhoiu t; do. raurpt* niuenf ,TJ? i' r?u" 1 du-'""rmm?tory ; do inter22bZakn?l1.i J,pj r"* n;iut?mperauee 1; Inttatn. i?i a r L tr #f womb U; do. of brain ti <lo. of thEST I*1 launfie? a*" K?0{ -< ?. of bowel* 4; do of ?" 'l. KilW or murdered 0; Locked Jaw Si tZlI i o l ?7 . n'0; M?lform?lioB 1; Mirumiii 1, Meade* I, uitl ngr t, Orjram, di*?a*e of heart I: Paltr * Bheiin Hfwin 0; Ho.nal <ti*t**? |i Hcirrbu*0; Sun id* i Hr> V 0; Small !'o? 7; Sardinia 11 Tei*uL7r? TmoJSr * UakrSII Cw*hT Worm* Vwioioid J.'^bonprn, 4*dt?Of 1 year and under, 40: between I and ? ti * and *4: *?<110.8 ; Id and 3d, 7; jj au.i jo 18. a* add to iiVii ?Jd Id, 18; 60 ami #?. * 00 *i.,l 7o. I, TO and do.t; Idaad id* *d a^d I Jdd. I; 10d aud upward* ?; unknown.* 1 "*" , PkacK* or Na r I ti T r?U nitcj State* i vr. r^u^i... v | I; Scotland 8;.awiWrrland 0: Trance 0; NollaiMO- inrak |5SS ammona. N. A. ?. V. ret Indi-a i; rkrtSIIel o, ttSSiFm ,, Sweden I; Wajea 0 Alnca 8; Spain 0; tUwma *; Italy 0; s} l America 0; Unknown a ? ? ??? Fanw?A!mi Hon*?, B'll'Tue, 1; HotpHal ||; Freer Hoomtnlo. Ptaiiertiny Ho ,it,| I. Blarkwetl'* I-lard I: Smafj I roi Iloapitai 3; CityH rp t*l 1; New Jrney ?; Weat Cheater*; Lone I?l*nH It eoorrd P>r?nr?o. I WILUA M A WA.LTK.II9h Citj- Inap-ctor. City Ii?r?-lor'?, March It, lift. F?M?h|tn Arrived, | ( NiiLiiTo^-B'hi Fdwatd? Vi.? MoaUfcue, Miaa M A F lakle> , Mraara FUM u.R y ?r, Clamour, e t. i,a, and Saundara ?tl in int ateernge Foreign tmp?ltallonl. Poor Ait P*i!?ct?3rig Wm ftri'aon?'vet baga er tt * 18 tnna togwoi-d tT hidaa ?t>.' imi V Fern ?Its b-iaa coffer C B e'a. keit?to M D 'iry?it J S Ftrgu-oo?t I'eai rli It Lent?tT A J Raaii'. n?10 k. u H> *rork?10HC Koad?to balaa tobacco it I HoRarli ?lit hag a c IT r to f>?d r. I Phar av I'aiara.-:* h' O-o Bjrroo-tTMt Iba lo??ocd 50 baya r' ffa* Mahland, Ke ode kfc-Ulall hiker W kll Dti lair Id-It p.auka in .uiy lii jrheiaa ft co. | Domratlc Importation*, CtlvaLtarca-Bn* F,d? aril-ltd c-tka M hairdo Viator k Dwkai a-tft b?>ao catte* R -0 Maiitaad-tM htdaa J CuirI*ya l-'.r Ui; la- ? K I'urrrli ?.| ik* I bal> a l? I. Itljr?frt Or. the,in St ?< briber?t A Fl.irc'ay-59h|.'-a Sbl'a iktria I. rrtpty H. ir a J HTitln|<-l |. ffol l.igbe-k Ki,?-l..ed?1 Maitfn d k i-o?I h iBaMc. ia v a?".4 lal*a act oa Smith, Mi l< k Co-it to order. maritime herald. PORT or KF.-W TORKi RiBCH 16, 1844 on BUM I # MM t* NIK ILTI | -4 II id U*|iirtur? of in* Atlantic twaaun. . ntoM bnolbub. raoM ihiiici Col 'mbu, Ju'lkiM 4er ? Apr* l U H Apr tprii ? April fid Caledonia, Loll April I ||v | Bnuuui. April It Mar l? ie?A?, Rjrrie May 4 p. ro. H.wkcn May ? June 14 Columbia, Julkiua May It It Caledonia. LoU June 4 j,j? a Briiauui. June It July if Ac-'.ii i, Ityrie July f auI . U. We. em. Horken July t Au?! 4 Ptcketito Arriyii PackiutoDipBrt. LO??OIV. V.OftDOJ! Onur.o, BralaK. Jan. M Hrndnck Hudeoa, Mar to Toronto, (Jrwwold, Feb 1 Ontario, Bradiah, April 1 .uraaroaat.. Livrarooi. r.uropr, nuwim, J an 19 N. America. Lawber, Mar If Virginian, Ali a. Kit I Roaeiua, Colline, Mar ts wavac. Marat, J?n.II Fraacoio 1., Ami rorth.Mar II Rhone, Johnatou, Feb 1 Burgundy. Wottao, Mar 94, To ghlp IMaiten, We aliall catrem it a favor. il ciplaUl of vaaaeli arriving here, will give to Commodate Baaaeti.of our nawr* achoouera, a report ut the ahippiug left at lb? port whauce they aatl. 4, the reatela B|<oteu oa their puatage, and a hat of their cargo. ( ommudore U laaett will board them immediately on their arriia . We will reuprocate the favor in any way. OiftMfl Shipi Francoi* tat. Ainaworth, Harre, Bel ton,Fo* It Liviatiton; Hiberma, Wileon, Liverpool, Woodtiull k Mmturn; Weetphilia, Weaetli. Biemrn, O F Uerding; fanthea, tlo>dmanion, New Orl ana, Wm Nelaon; Henry Clar. fidfenl, IticlnnoiKl K Nolleuiua?Bark* Florence. Decker. NOrleant, Baratow k Pope; Fai field. Call*. Bath, Mo?Briga Fart'taand, tB Hagadurn, Bremen, Nolleniue k paveneiedi; Eliza beth Muling ton, Ponce. I'H. B Kicharda; Hrulton. Godfrey, Not folk, H I' Buck; J-n-, Bafford, Uuayama.PJt. Thompaoo It Adroit ? Schr Coinpliunce, Sparrow, Boaton. Arrtvafl. Brig Win Nriiaon, Smith, II dava from Portau Prince, with coffee, to Sktl.'Uig It Ferri*. Hailed in co. with ac^r Marble head,for Boaeon. Left hriga Mil i?oket, HopkiLi, difg; Tr* inont. Ho.iick, for New York. 5 dnya; a. hre Jamrt Thayer, for Boaton, 10; John, do, ueit d-ty; Inirrptd.for 4th iott. in cro keil liLnd Pa.#-ye. ip k< aehr Ellen.from Bt Do mmgo for Boaton; 10 h. ofi Cape Hatteraa, apoke brig Edwmd. fm i .hrriiaton fjr NYotk. Brigrdw .nl, Bulkiey, 7 dnya fiorn Charleaton, cotton and rice, to O Bulkley. Bailed in co. with brig Perry, for Portemouth lib inn. lat S3 4I, paeatd brig Aiguata, beuce for Bavaauah H; hr GrO'ge Byron. Stauabury, IIday* from Port au Prince, coffer, to .Meitlaud,Kennedy It Co. Veaatla left reported by the Win Neileon. bchr Eiam. le, Van Name, from York River, oyitera, to the maafer Bci.r i'equot, Kelly, 2 day* from Boaton, sides, to Foatcr k Nic eraon. . BchrMaigaret, York, 10 day* from R'cknxad. en?l. lo the matter. Ou duuday evening. Barnrfat bearing B j W, diit.ut ...... n.u.,ni> uic PfH VI Mil UCIIir| OUt ol >he water; took it to ae ak-hr iunk Bchr Marion, Deunutou, 8 da/a from Richmond, coal, to th? mailer. Below. Ona bark. Wind WNW. Marine Correspondence. Optics or thi Khodb Iiliidki,) IVeioperi, March 14. 1843. ) Arr tllh, Freedom, Wellfleet for Delaware; Mtdium, do for PliUadtlphu; Watchman, Boeioa lor do; Brutna, NBedford; Nepoueet, iVarblthckn; Vetper, Boatoi%Meiamorm, do; Wan* kioco, do; Teiiuol do; Benaior, Nsntucke ?all for NYorb. 11th?Arr Kowtna, Dighton for Bay HirerNC; Time, Pr>ridenca for Suffolk; Olympus, Dartmouth for NYork. Bid Me t mom, <ham,iou, Bruiui, NtpoMet, Pcuuot, Wankinco,and Vsspcr, NYoik Arr ltib, B,llr, Pawcatuck for Noife k. Bid I tin, Fre. d?m, Oelawaie; Medium,and Watchman, Philadelphia; belle, Norfolk. C.d Olympus, N York. General Record. Fon Litkrfool ?The Hiberma aaila te-day. Her letter bagi ara at Uilpiu'*, in the Exihtug-, and will cloie thii morning at 10 o\l ,ck. For Haves.?The packet ihip Francoia tit will tail to-day. Letter at (Jilpin'a. ffayal. U Sehip Ontario, 13 days from NYork far NOricaa?,waa spokeu tin lull, iu lat 37 37, lou 74 33. Notice to Mariners, NkwCalah Light.?1The French forcramast has given nolice that ou tin V? esters Jelly Head of Calaia harbor, which hai bieu receutiy exteudtd 381 yaidi.a imall fixed light ti new exhibited and i? visibeat three milea diatance; but iu bed Wra ther it may be impoaeiole to approach the extreme cod of th'i Jetty, and in that c.we it will uot be lighted. Until ihe first if May next tma Light will be ahownaud extinguished at the sama timefci the tide li/ht ou Forte Rouge, but alter that date the new light will coutiuue all night. Wtaselemen. Valparaiso. Not 1?Arr Columbia, NL. llOO; ltth, Heary Clay, .taut, oil aot stated. Bahia. Feb a?In p?rt, Di agon, NB. to return home about lat June?had sold SOU b-Is oil ai 43c per gall. Bpokeo, aietulLoff W cud of Forto Rico, Aanawan, Mattapouett, I Ou bull. Dee 34. lat 4 38 N, Ion 38 II, a ship reported Rsaselas, from Port.iDi.ulh lor Pacific?iierliiis the lluaell. ol ??i muili Nov 21. Spoken. Bearer, Mobile for Rotterdam, Feb It, let 47 N, Ion M foreign foru. Power, Feb 28?In port, Gen Glorrr, for Philade'phia, S or 4 day*; Zoloft. ding: J H Stevenann, do; Vesper, for Baltimore, 4<la; Ponae. ditg; Eveline,I'm Wilmington, uaeer, Foiea.,do; Union Id*. BaiaTuL, Feb 1*?Sid from King'* Roads, Creole, Bangnr W, to load for Baltimore. CaaDtrr. Jsu 27?Arr Maeaachusctte, London; Feb a 10, Byro.i, H. rra Glasgow, Feb 12? Sid Huron, Boeton. Awrwxkr, Feb i? gldHrary Lecdi, Mobile. Havrk, Ftbi?old Ktiour, Johuaton, N Vork; id. Diadem, N Orleans; Lureua, Mobile; 4lb,Narrtg?naalt, S.rauu.h, ith, Arab, Havaui; 7ili, Muxsrt,bunny, heieian. and France, Ne * Orleans; lib, Viile de Lyon, Stoddard, N Vork; 15th, Tagiiutn, N Oil-am. V Bordlavx, Feb 4?Sid Helen Mar, NOrleaae; Aldrich, Philadelphia Marilii.les, F>b 4?Arr blixa It Suean, Port au Prince; Jau 27. E pbraten, NOrleaae. Caoit J .ii 28?Sid Minor, Memns Oina .ltaR. Jau 28?Arr Ad|oIa. Palermo, and eld (or Baltimoie; 30ih, li.dia. Leghorn, and eld for Philadelphia. Sid Jau 8 Ciitxin. Cape de Verd.; 23lh, Janet, fat Not folk, Meeeins;td Feb, Maid of Orleans, Palerm.. Malaga, Jan 19?Arr Glob'-, Gib. altar. Palxkwo, Jau 3-S,d Harm )Oia, Hafratrom, NTork. Madura, Occ 2)?Air lude.endeoce.Ualiiutore. , Care 'InWW, Lite II?Arr O C Raymond, Deiinuon, New Y.ik. I Mauritius, Not 4?Arr Union. Boalon, and aailed 19th for i Hi-Btar Town, Oct 1? Sid Sh?;h rdeat, India. i C'awtow, Dec 8, ao leportid?Arr Coromktdo, Boaton- I United Htatca Porta. 1 Fastport. Mar 8?Arr Teaxrr, NYnrk. FRAitaroKT, Mar 3?Arr Susan Baker, and Good Hope. E!i I a .belli Li y. 1 Cun.u Mar 6 -\rr Margirel Fry, (Br) St John NB. for j Philadelphia, an i aid. 1 Wiscsisit, Mar 12? Sid ('a ilds, Matviaa. Boo t hhat, v-ar 8?In po-1,, I in i raokfort fvr Martinique; Mary, Venill, Tltomailon lor NYork. I noaTOw, Mar 11 ?Arr Chathmn, Baltimore; Cliarle*. Bea'e, NYork. Signals lor 2 brigs. Cld Sophrenia, Alexandria; Ids, i Baltimore. Art 18th, Germany, Live.pool Jan 30?lilh lost I Cape Ann bcariRk W half N aa siiln f.n > ? ?m - L -* aachrofabont iStltona, for-tnaa gone, greca bottom, full el i water?eoultl not uiak? out hrr name.but ahe ajpeared to ba I lung to Newbury port, (probtbiy the Mechauie, before report il ) Cljwm Pen ,, l'hiti.:ci|hia; Paatl, do. llurau, Washington I NC; Tboe Hoop r, Norfolk; fpltitCid, N York I Pltmou i h. Mar to?Sid Charlet, Norfn k; Ba' \iih hroro*d, Mar 13?Air Pontile, Ric1 miad; Wat Rualell, NYoik. Hiatu Holt, March #?Arr Rapid. Finer, from* Now York fur Cau dou; liwhpeuthaee, York, Now lurk lor Port- i land; Wm Hemr. White, Tliomaaloo, lor NtwYork. I?tp. ailed, Independence.and W'ra Henry la perl, at notn, A, Met ker, N:? York for Boston; Rapid, and a ?en , Ida cotton lor Portemoutk. PnovtoKtvca. Mir 13?Arr John Jay, Philadelphia. Sltl Time, Suffolk Va, Pro? tic ace, N York, i.nkee, do. Arrlgih, i M .rta.t hirltiton; Ktnily, NYoik. Below, a full rigged brig. , S d Adelaide, Prt.led. Iphta. UiLtiMoki; Merit?Ari Cirua, Tonee. Cld Trrmoot,Boa- ' (on; Topic, NYotlt; Henry Chaae, tic. 1 ALKiaieoata, Mai 13?Arr Plauet, BaJi. 8ld Columbia,Boa- . ton; Amjiraaaor. (or) Haiifaa. NoaroLE, Vlnr li? Arr ilenry Clay. NYork. Tlia Miner* a, (Br) Irom Lin/pool, paaacd through Hampton Koeda ihia morning ~ I O.v l"Ui'i(JK8l*i KKMaLK KlLleS J tT>IUC9K lar-lamcd en a c. lehrated pilla, from Portugal, or f A we perceive, u> be obtained in tbia country Bee edverl.neenaitl on tO? l?l inli.winnf fourth pace. fetlm'ia WAN J fcU?A rot in about tight-en leet equaee, or tar 15 J by 30 feet, in the neighbernood'of the Bowery, bttween Walker end Biooineatiee a Any person havingfsueb act one may iwobably hoar of a unmt by audretai.g A L> M, office of , the Herald, stating loealiou. rent. lie. mid iSTuK viATIo"a WA>TfcJ-A yuuig man by u>< uama I 1 1 of C HF.ltNfMN, of small st'ture an* of liitkt hair, left this city ubou' the 11th or tttn of February. 1113, for the eonk, ' An} tap rnaliob .a lo where ha can be addressed by letter.hia ( prrttnt residence and ccapmon, will be auiteb.y rtwar ed . by indreaei ntt b"x *44 lower Poet Oflce. mil tl* ^ LOS I ??On ro, in Hie vic.ntly ol Wall stre-t, a 4 Watch C?a?,cou aiuing flra oraix Bread Pma, neatly ael ? ingnid, and all t f rl h gold atone, aoiaa lerga, aaitable far I a- ( illm, and I believe two email aiar oaee lur gentlemen. The i liutler will be iui eblv rewarded, or may have balf of them if 1 lie will l-vv.- Item -t th- offiee of the Hertld ml* 1i* < , Alii'Ktthi) iY? /UTAHaYUS~oI al aetcrip.ieua ? ! Daeenrteulype I'lalea ot al altee, warranted to be the ge- i nulne article, anterior pntiehing substance. Lrnaraaid Mi inure Caere of all err pti?os. Alao. Apprn'tia for lakibg I likeaaraea. wit' doer tinoe that will enables per .on of nrdi r n-ry eniacty,ai'er tb'ir tentaal, to opeiate the firat tima t with aoinplrie f lly packed for traceportatiouand a forakle by the aoahttin r. , a if irn tfl ti comer ciTuioa at'ert. Portrait i C k'n trtrr day raeept Fun.ay. mil it ENOUGH cVtiSDfu MA<"HT*>; KKLYi.NO,oi ?.r>(uiniinrqua lly, and Taiiaua ?'dth(, foraalr by fkrmi? k. broukp, : mint II. Liberty at. J OAXoWBlCE Sj4aLT8. oftha ? leal q-iailtf, ib'VX ^ bJ A Ic* nil. now ou hand, and lor ?.lr by PEIIASK m BROt'KA, > mil It " l'',,rr,v ?' e "PNGLISH W ItlK ILol'ltS. for KourJrmier aad i.yiia ! dJ c'ar Maekinta?nauu'actu.-ed Irom Ike metal for aale by r?rt*8? k BROOK I, f mil It II Lbtriy -t- 1 MAILS, TWiiNr., n.ut 1 ili<K*Li ,~k.e. ^' "><> caska Cat Naila, Br?d< and Atilira,aaeortrd. oobaea n.-i iih \? roUKhi do Hole and Clary. 1M batea Collna Seme Twine. S IM I alea Gotten Wrappta, Twine. TlbaL, k'.i.gliek Peine Twin:. f IT balaa Shoe Thread. 1 * bindl'a ? ami 3 thread India Twine. ' jOOeoile Ma I. Ha Coidaye, 110 do Coiton do. t IW coil* Bale Hope 1 :2? .Wn">" "I*" aaowrted, i S^lile' lu-.lOca... id, Whijw. 1 ahT^m ?' W.'th i* M,*r"'.flior Dearborn?a Patent Bal.nrre I 2.1 ni .'rf Cotmnml Wool tarda. Paint, White W?m. A" "T ,ml '"u^ i-inei of eeery deo crip* ion, fee lie. rorial* kf 1 CVRRA ACUMIN'O. It* Pearl at I 10 H-iKPfi.Nlfc'Hs, BUiLULKs Arc '' IU9T rem IMir.D.-lh. *^rro^iMV,% Oml con * ' uiioni richly *?vea eop|. r ilalee, with full imlin.Lm 4 (M.r.rd Lefeeir. Arch.te , ) Vhv. woVh aM^T/n'T * band* of tTery builder in the e'nnirr. K roe I .ma en .cm ,. r U.rrratlaaon II .rd and Stair Rahfe*. a braneh vrhirh ha " hrretoforr bfe:? Hfit ttip^ii^rtlr i in other work* It * vublim'i'>n h;?i b??n %\ t?uh gnat tipn.?e |t. i9 h*t,d f soonAly bound in q.r-ulc, and ?? nip dfntty > ffthd t||f ybik.wkole.alcnUrt**. A'dnUM, Pfrlriii *n?I Card Koffrnrrr, 1 l?o n o?d\*if, f hi id itorr, * Fariilr ft f*w Oil 5t, 4'ittabl: far fcrg'trert, Draft u ;ewtJ]Rri, lie, mil in.* 8 ARTIFICIAL TEETH. or th? p?i*?>n? ?r ATMOSPHERIC PRE3SURE. (Coyr.) Maeing lately I"*' tw > bieuaaidati lulk, 1 calUd OR Mr Leer tt to sap Ir ih'ir plac>a with artificial teeth, n?J ?? * ford# me much plrmure to tastily to hi* ahi'l and "hmty > ' Dwtist: iudetd, I have irsr btth Ant u' wilr more 'iictne e, and at the same tiaae with IrM painful prto surcoa the fum I. I J .t.? ?.? - ?- -- 1 . v--ci.)?.i| rtuimiaruu in?i gruuemKB 10 m? e?n?ci*' cv ti?r of thf medical profession. a* w 11 aa to the public-j afiabed from n>* own eiperitrce Ibat they may eoi.ndsutly rely on h j akill iohia probation(Signed) _ ORANVlwLE S. PATTMON. M D. P-ofteeor of Aulum)', Uaireraity of No* "tr* February isU . Ii4t. The or:c>nal rau be ?ern at Mr. Leyetl'e 1*0 Broadway. COmer of W ?rrrn gtre?t w*1* 1 ^ ! OAU I io.NI T6 YHK i^thuu " C AUTION AOAIN8T ROUERT B RENT-Robert D. Kent hit been for aevcral years in my employment, bu certain acts of hii having entirely destroyed bstcoi.ii de -e la him, I discharged him about tha first of Vclruary aat. a'i''d??* '?,?J. j* ' ''' po?ae?iioo. AND WHICH E REt" USES TO OIVK UP, V Power of Attorney which oad from me to enable him to tranaact bnsiutss end celltd menev on my account. NOW Tl! I S in to give notice to til whmn It m?r SJSfi'i' ,h? *'><t POWER OK ATT*a NEY REVOKED, end I particularly request all uerioaa ?. ho mij ba ?t thia tiwe indebted 10 i?a, TO BtW ARE, ? '?> >ot ptylaid K'nt any money on mr account, ai hi? neeipt will b* ao discharge fur any debt owing ma aAir ihu publication. Hopiig that my numaroui agents willgcoarally see this, 1 am tha public's aerTam, B BHANDRETii. .. .. Ill, Broadway, N.Y. ldth March, lilt. mil n* Ac?KHtu1 * V'*ti A .*m S KOK U LOju? T " RUP corei scroiufuus, syphilitic auicaacarona aneetioua.aada I diaeaaep occasioned by, or atttnJad with an impure state of the blood ; not by i anoyeiiphing the b'ood and waiting t'.e strei g h, but by restoring healthy action, whereby diataied growthe are (tapped and ocittered, and aorep and ulcerahealel. It it thua tint caarp ha?e been cured by itthat were pretiouily anpallii g to look upon. It cur*a pwelliLgt about the neck,, ii.iaU and inter* *] paits ; tumour -, wrua, di.-esis of the bonra, white awelling, salt rheum,ring worm tetter and eruption! on the akin from the slightest ronghrraa or disc nitration to cruckp. pimples,biles, ano aorep of the mon obstinate chiraclrr ; inflamed or eoie eyeannu eara. w in oITeuiire discharges. and particularly in chi'dren ; hoarseness, Iota of roice, enlarged tonsil*, sore throat and dLeateaof the palat* aud noar; worm* neuralgra. rhtumatiim. gout, rheumatic gout, dae.aae* of kidneys, liver complaint, plica, and a catalogue of diaeaiea it won d be prepoeteriou- to enumerate, were we not warranted by facta, and the certainty that they all rmaunle frrm an impure state of the blood. Prfi)irrd mi told by Dr. O. Acnr.RLr, at ) ia rfh;* for consults ion and advice, No. I Laight'street, corner of Caaal etrtcl. Mold aho at 4IS Broadway. an 15 l'? HAIR CUTTING AND SHAVING No.17 ParkHowP. rUsSk.UU.tron Italy.r>apcctf?lly mf.rire the public. thai he hna enlarged hia old a .d well known Emporium of F>a non, aud. ever willing to aeenmmodal* the public, Itaa, in conformity with the tinea rcduc.d to oae half the price of hair rutting centa; Hair Curling, I9| centa; Hair Catting, nl ccnte. Wiee, T upeeo. Seal, a, made in the moat tiniehed at I If, at reduced priaer. Alto any artie e of the toilette, to grr tit y the mo t fastidious tae e, at vary reaeonable rate*. Razors art lt| centa; razor* honed aua gnu-ad 95 centa. The public are invited to call an*1 indue for theme-Ire*. in 13 St* P. PUaS'.PU, 17 Park Row. DO 18HINO CUOTH for^larb'e Nfaiufactu'va for aalc * by PtRSSE k BROOKS, mt? ?t at Liberty a1. FAWCETT'S NEW AND ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT T?OR FASHIONABLE HaIR CUTTING aid Ladiia' " Hair Dreatitg. 981 Broadway, up $iaire, between Chainbrra aud Reade atrerta, ia now open for kuaiueta, where will bj found among oihrr novMica, THE INVISIBLE WIGS, or Geotlemen'e real Heada o< Hair, beinT < lie latest and greatait imnr jvt ment in the m i- ufac'ureof Wig* and Scalp.: and the auWriber it happy in bring the first to introduce (hem here. They display ihe forehead and lemplra to any height, a point in wig making never before attained. They are eon posed of ventilating or go'iamrr work Tnry fit on the head by a mechanical connivance euiirety new. They me put on in a moment?ther immcd ately adapt themaclvee to the counts nance, and at once b-come part and parcel ot Ihe liviagman* Copy the addreaa, 985 Broadway, uj atain. Pricea to tuit th? times. Dili I w* rpHOUUHTS ON TH-. PUBLIC SCHOOL QUI81 TION ?Men ia auch a creature of circumstance* that he can be made Ihe ineliu cent of mu hcood. or much harm, phy 'rally, morally, nr spiri'Ualty ; while nurtured in the Ian of r reeoom ne learne ine ies>on 01 I oierauon, and in that or Despotism the opposite d mtriuca of Tyranny and Proscription. Iii judging of mn'i professions we mutt keep In view their ?ckuow'c In a principles, *1 well as lh?ir previ >ue ptocrtdiugs, and ir ihe.c ere found at vaiaucc, still c ,oser iuves-igtiion is celled for. America is reputed lo be a free country and her eitixene free meu.wbo owe noallcgivnce to any but ihoee powers which ihey hate thrmselvrs created *, such brim: the ca>e no foreign influence Cdu i i'htr with pr< pnely or safely, b? allowd to dictate a Course of internal potior, and mure especially if that poeer be and hare ever been by principle and practice an enemy to civ i| and religious libeity. A change in the Public School at sItm is now solicited, nay drmanded-and by wh ni ? C hi-fly. il not altogether, by Catholics ; uiany of whou. are but recent importations Irnin monarchical gorernmru'/, and all of whom are 1-agued phjeiolly, morilly, and s.uritu illy, by Principle and profession to a f > reign power. The Catholic religion dmauos implicit ebedience in all matters from its followers ; the head of it the Tope, is at Heine, and there, sad wher ever else he can, unqualified temporal, as well as apirituvl in floe ce. At his comma d the crow us of kinge hare heeu da? from I heir heads, and pr nces hare been compelled to hold hie .tirrup. and hiss his toe, while whole nations hire hem a soleed from their allr-g auee to their ne ural goreroers. and their iustitutiupo. political and leligiona, r?i d to the around. When in opposition to his despotic sway, an iudiridual or a na'ion has atinnpied to claim the righta of mankind in temporal or spir.tual matters, ihe swurd and the la;got, the rack and tbr global.hare been saliat-a with their blood, an i a Te Drum sang to the glory of God Tbe hi-tories ul Germsny and Franca.of Spaiu and Portugil. and bcgiaiiu toe furnish many a black aud blood letter d page, on the practical woraiupe ol Poocry aian intederant, dspoiic, and blooo-Uursty syalem. Huee aud Wickhffr, Cracmer and Biolley, and ye aliughteied millions of W.ldeusee whose hlood w s mide to eitinguish the flame and fatten your native laud by that s stem of whu h i he I'ope is the hrad, what would your eoau.el be touching the safety of his iatcrfeience with the liberal initiations of afrrr country I Here, I'operv, like eny other system. changeable and to be changed, the bio >d written records of her erases might be buried in oblivlua, but ales! fer those who are her dupes?set we I, lor Ihe freemen i f America, the proclaims aloud thai her system i* based on ' Infallibility tnet it is unchanged and unchangeable. Ku*h thru ci-ia-ns is the character of ine eystem whoec rigid edh< reute rtek to ir.-nodei.snd cl im. r fur a revolution in ihe Pub ic School system f j our own choice. Citi sens ! Free-men ! oI every sect ami ot every parly, arouse Irom your slumbers, put on your moral armor, ana in the ma esly of your combined atreug'h. and with a voice of tl.uudcr that wdl shske the Vatican itself, proilum to the aatiooe of Ihe earth, that the rasul- and J-misaarite the igcnts and adheieoteif him whose hands reek with the > lood 4 frerinea, and *Im e already drunk with the blood ni the saints, shall not iufiioge upon, nc-r with imps .ity soil the (sir institutions of your free couutrr- The tables of the Ligislature groan under ihe prtslure oi or lit Ion i for a change in the Public Wohool system the effect if which would be lo m k? every school so established > sectarian nursery, and a hoi bed for the prolific ends of ieli [ioundi?suntion,counter petitions have beau got up, whose ob ct is tomamUU the preseut system as it is?let evrry free neu kiRU them. sou ">u. or?r*in!ni the uitraujr, aud"e ~uih r ,r r. v. r ihecoC-?tfic> in ih? egg. "11 |rHK NRW YOn.* ?A?NK WfJTK Liar, I.ouuT^T, a I L>tfC'or. Wholrrufr Price# Current, ae Thi? n.niihItl i?publitb?d femi'inou hi/. ?n?l contain# th? current rate? it which Dunk Dilli d ifomited iu Wyji atr^rt;tSe Pric?*? >f Slack*. State Scrip, Re with a con p*odiou? deecrip'ton of lh? counterfeit bill* in eirc u| tuon Af*o an accurate Wholii tie Pritu Gtirrmt, and Jiuru.l af N?w? of intrrrat lo Mcr :hant*, Rntee Cf Exchange, li leriat Tab ca, Kreigbta ami Seaman'. W gt*, c .r< fully revued and c rrte'tdTram-Tu auoacribar. fa per .lumiiii, pi; a-lc iu advance, lily and couuiry a'>b* .a ( uai pmJ) received by lite iinbliahrra. CH \RLEA, McIKTYRK k CO.. Ea hmge Br.krre. 1<3 Uraadway, ,N.Y. Olh-e of Iba New York Commercial (Jaxelle. Of/" Our aXchirgi tiarerii are rrquerted to invert lbia aditiiliiuia1 aa an iq liralent. mid li* "carpeting, carpeting T'Htt aubaer.b-ra have reciTed a new a-dirtih atorb of good* for the "Spring Trtde," eonaia'irg ol Hut-aria fb'ee Ply, aoperfine live. co-niton, hall nut a'liir Carpeting. Ruga, Ma- tin., Eug'Uh and Am?rtran Oil Cl?tl a, fiom t to It feet in width, containag the latcat aiid moit feahioaahlr allerm end colore the market afford*, which they offer to tlie hi ilic at the I iweat " Cmh Price# " Pcraooa wiabing to pure haae. would do well to call and ta unt< e ouriloek iinoinn to purchaeine. WEoB It MANNING tu Prirl at, tot j l m" H C ?rpet ytva I n?w Chatham NO! ICE?Oo and after Airil let, litt, the c'tiiniutetion fare in the can of the New Jerary Railroad and Trai.eHirtalioo Corepany, between New Vnrfc and 'he earioue I am on the line of the r ulroad, ha* bren reduted (mclud ng ferry) to $73 per annum, and $30 for aia mouth*, mid In.* PLURlUA TOSfii?Uima Back and Lite and ituat " wanted at N. SHTARE'*. 13 Wall a(. Mil h'Can. lilinnwasd In 'i nn Scrip and State 8t eke bought no eo'd United State# and lllinota Bank Note# f?r gale. DR! aLLENWAESXM. rhF H trchonnd, L.iremart and Meuiiav Knot. for Cough*. J ( olda, Conaumptiou aad Lireg Complaint ?Con umpnoo l a dieraae often ?ectetly lurfct f a 'be cvatrm for yaare be ore there ia tht le at complaint ol the lung*. And in thi# t>ge it ran be cur. d aa tff.ctually. ai.d aa e. rtamly aa any ither dinraar. Let cot p- r? mia delay t'.auee ol raed'eine ul i their 'nuga are eenatbly affected, tut iu due eeaaon retort to jt. Al eu'i Baleam of Liverwort?fhr* mediciue har proved ven the Cotqtc-or of l'h>eiriaue," f r which all mantum rill have abundant c .u e to nleM the head ol Providence ? rlorc than KO Phyaiciane ia thia city now itae line medicine n their pr. nice. LIVER COMPLAINT CURED -Dr. Alleo-Ueir Sir: have urod ) out Brlaam of Horehoun I. Liverwort ai.d Plru iay Ro tin my|r*e i>fir*one m ntha pm'. and from the vonderful t ILct it hra had, i em lolly e.L?fi?d that it p<?*e.e* very auperior ?>r uer in the cure of Liver Comp eiut a i f'oaeu option. I do ttroi gly recora wend it lo the public ad tke Faculty. reapectfully. J. I). ftlUHAHOSON, M.D Hudann Aoguet 1.IHM, WHU' 'PlMI ('(lii(id -Thii flwair ir'prrvatlig very ilen.tvely.ind i* awerpiog rffrnaiiy li'tla onra. with very t* da*a illtieoe. Tare,it* hotiM renumber that Or. At. rn't Malum of Liverwort i? the nulj infallible remedy, and u Ijr Q ibdu anci <>t |.rr? waring n fe r?. Hold by W. A. Tnt lor, wh leeali ngett*, M Enrelev ( ; ! M. tluirn. I?T Br werr eonirr< f Oi. nd itrwt ; l)r Hart, <ru?r of Broadway and Cr.arr.bert Hrect ; J. O. hay, at dilno:'. Drug S orr, eorurrof Broadway and JJio direct, ml6 Im* _ NOTICE TO RUPTUUl i) 1 KRSON8. rvlt. A. O H''LL, X) i VK^KV HTRBKT, ASTOR '-r t.OUIE, NHYv T ORK,?Ptraona ifflicted with rap nr?? may rely upon the tieat ioii rtirmnial aid the world ifforda on app'?eatl>n at hia o?c?, ? Vieey ?tr..?t,N-w York, rto either ofhi? Lum toki atteu'a in tin chief of the "nit-d Statei. Pattern a mun ho careful p. ta.niue the beet ttdnfflr Hnll'j 1 raaara, 10 aee that they art eedoried tiy Jr. Hull in writing Ni ne olhtr art genuine or to be rtItd on a> * tod Ohi'dren under twelve teatt ntiirereallv ured without further irptn** than the eo?t <1 the Truea. I*he radirvl rurc haa brut'.r the yrogrrraive practical mpro?im*n for more thau t?enty yeara pant m Dr. Hull'e I'm- a Omc, Hid u now brought to a elate of unriraltr d (x r?atio>. mis im* Cl'DTi M M??ir, N *W Vnll. t l ?lleclei'a OAre, March I. I Sit J ^OTICF..?Prip-.ala wnl be received ?t ih'a ifler imti' ' Saturday, the V h Marin inataiit. for fnrm-hHig the loti* iny quantity of oil for the uat of the Light Hoeara in th a iatrict,rutit# Ocll'oa of Spermaceti SlniniJ Oil for 8>>tamer are. ,305 OJIum Winter I I'll,from h ad matter. The laid oil lobe gauecd by ihe Uutt'd Mate* ic tim. nf delivery, and to b; delivered !., .he Awperiti'riidat of Li(M Homer, aa he mar require, ia irtn. hound eaakr a loeteaed MzallnnaeHett. The oil ia to bilri d and leaUc nfnra paymrat ia made therefor. r.DWARD CURTI*. n i tr ti 1 Indrrliir T ^ ihtliNii UbdK fTt fi a'S I i La rf !>(* , tar a * j rMlSSK k BROOKS. ? nil eat II Lrtortp ah - f v i v L !_ KKKiUHTTKitR TH* WhitARu5uUTll, From PHIMDELPHM rim THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMlX* < ON AND BALTI MOKE RAILHOAD COMPANY. Kreigbta f end Aonth will be (irwt'M diil) from Ilia traniportetion f flier of thi Company, No. I Dotk ?> Whiif Pliiladrlpl ia .Mnckauli ?rr reap?ctfully itfonred that all cooda c u aifurd to the company will be forwarded with the utmoji dia('?t<:h to any point w?*t or moth. h H igh I readier Baltimore the came dry it le?Te? PniWdelpliu. The n ail line for lh" writ ?nJ aouth letrra Do b etrrrt dailr at balf-p?ft in o'clock A.M. by aleambeat KUBEHT

M O H HI 9e I'uarngeia will reich Baltimore at t o'clock, two hour* prevtouj lo the denaiturt of ihe l-ine P?r the ?< u'hvriat. * ,W. L. ASHMEAD.fg-nt- 1 fhilade'phie. Marchf. IM7. HHm p I >K NtW OMLfc.iNs- o mil |? I t. ei> ou iJTO^lheUOth ine'ant.?1 he eplend d fa?t tailing mbt? ?hio HILaH, Captain H > amoud,will tail at above, her regular Jay for . a*??g- 111 cabin, tcennd catiu or atrerage, luring eii|:? rior accommodations, apply lo ml in Ml UN HK.HDM AN. II Smthat. aifct- OLD LINK Oh LIVKRPOOL PACKETR(Ejr^WKegular Packet of It h of March.?IV c lebrated mwttr faal mailing packet eh* NORTH AMERICA, cap! AKred B Lobrr, will nil poeitirely on BaiurJav, the 19th mutant, her regular day. The accommodation* and adranlatee thia liae afford# for cabin, td caluu aad eioerage paae< agrrs, are well known lo'be unequalled by aay other. fur trrina ef passage apply on board, foot of Berkman etreet, cr to ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. 3< Fulton at. ucudoor to the hulteu Bank. N. B ?The North America ? ill tail from Liverpool on the TthofMey. Penonaeendiug for tiietr friends, can here them brought out in her or in any ol Ihe shipa compriting the old line, eaJiug from there punctually on the 7U> and itth of every mouth. Kor psweage apply to tha aubacribeia. aa above- mt TO LET?at lio warns. (Brooklyn)?% Houae eonlaming twelve roome, two piutrica, two vaulta, iee houec and atitable outbuildings, large garden and clover field?tart of the garden it to med in terracee?ihetiiujlion ia favorable to rally culiivatioo?there ara tight or ten fine grape vines, fu.l treea, kc., aid the whole in vary excrllent order?The view from the hnu 'a aad every par of the garden it unoi t> uc|.,) a, ,1 co.t mvndiafiae view of the harbor, 8 tat en fait- d. few York.kt . and the grounda are orn mmledaodeh d d by nearly 100 fine torrat treea. Strut $350 per enuuuv I: june > f 'I MARTEN k CO. of John at, up ataira, Toll Hnuan, 1 nt of Court at,.Brooklyn, or at Greenweod Cottage. Go v." iu The diatnnce from the Irrrt it}] tnilea. Tha home will not be let f t abo'nlitig In ner. ir If It* Sthn weM known stand, e?lled the North Am?rican Hotel. situated in the Bowery, comer ? f Bayard street, which e ar di unrivalled for business, *nd i? one of the most healthy locations which can be found in I hie city or Uaewhere. Any perron or persona wishing to avail thrmerlree of a bargain. will do wtll to call >on on the present occupau'*,ae the ttock and filluree will be >ld at a bvrgaia. There can be a new lea*,-obtain!d for fi'e years from the let of Au?us> neit. at which tnn* the eternal Irate expires K< r further particular! inquire > f the present occupants Immediate poesi siiou given, if required. mil ls AteL TO MKHCHANTS AND OTHF.AH?K r sale a IN Farm t>f 60 <rres of etceUetit laud. The building! are JUIL all in ncelleut order, having t-rrn ri eerily retiaired and i aiat?d. 'I lie ailuation. eommauuu g a view of the country for id mils* around, has av iriey m fruits, and is altcgrther a rerj eliuii le ami invito g midrnce for a yrntrel family?only about fdmiV from the city; would be solo a fargain. Half c s'l and hall' mere-hand I", vr hilf c. ah and half on bondaud uortgag*. Al-o, a Farm to let of the esme descrip turn and sanr.e illaner from New York, Apply at 67 temcuwich atreet. New Yoih. ni 16 3'eod J?1 TO I. FT?The desirable targe two si ,ry house Bal No. 68 White stree', lew doore from Broadwar, JMU weat side, at present occupied y Dr Airland r T. Watson. There are vault* front and rear, bath room, Itc and a targe yard, oreseu'.irg anopea space to Walker street? altogether out of the most desirable residences far a small family in the eitr. PoeseaeioD may be had at anv time agrrsd upon before 1st May. The hoaee may be seen between the hour* of one and two o'elock in the aiternoon. mis '* jjyIp0RrANT TO MARRIED LADIES! DR HULL'S ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. rPHtS apparatus uniformly ernes falling of the womb, and re. 1 moves many weaknesses incident to the married stt'e It ie applied as an article of dress; any lady e?n fit herself without rrcuree to a tmgeou.on readii g the pxmphlet written by Dr. Hull, nccrmpaiiying < uch instrument,whicn will hesentbv mail free cf charge, to any part of the country, to persons requesting the same hy letter. Dr. Hull has. at thr nqmst of everal re pectable physicians, fitted up a room exclusively for ladies, baring separate entrance from the biuine d-partmrnt. where a lady is in cottUnt attendance, lo apply Trusses aud Supi or tees In f. male patients. AMOS U. HULL k CO. mlfilm^ _ ; No. tVeseyst Astor Ho"ce. GOOD CH kNCeC.?For sv'e the soon will and finurra of theesta'v'whed stand, known as Carl's Southern Bowling Saloon.K Broadway, luurd iors 'Ins side of Wall slreet with four first rate Ten r.n Alleys, Bar Futures, Balls, Tins, fee. Complete, with a lessa of t vears from 1st May a ext.? Pof sssatou given immediately. Iuquira up a airs in the Billiard Room ml8 it* VfCDICAT' D VAfOll B ATH ?. as Courtliudl street, e?J.vL Ishli'hed Ural ?*earlet irver rolda, ir flsmmatory and chronic rh umst?m. ke ri d in ? few -aye bv thr use of T. I f. l.vrull'i Mtdictltil Vipord thi. Open 'mmail o clock in the morning till nine o'clock at night. hu'phur Bathi requieaooe huui'e pro?iou? notice, Portable Bilh?e?nt to any part of the e ty or Brooklyn. B (thing Tuba and Hip Batlia for hire. __ m'l ia DR. OLIVE etiil con-inue? to treat acsret divert# ot -II kiu'a. with unnva'lrd e'<ilt ?n< iurpaeaiug judgment, which I a. enabled him to efT el a apeedy and perm tucnt cure, evennf thote run which have b'en ajgravated by the pernicioua and naua-ati g net of mercury, b'Uam cat av j<. ep-rila of nitre, he . and all eucli diaagreeable and uaitermii iuc inedi ri?e?, which 'en t? to enerra'r. and drelroy the eou?iitution Hie medi h ic ia mild and wilt not diaagrec with the. tnnat faa ticioua and dtlica'* conalPution?hiaKreuc< red drop ia now well hicewn for i'v riirao dinary virtue#, ij curing the meat noiion# ?nd deplorable ca?-? Term# moderate?a ill a, M Weat Bro.idway. near' nt-al at-ret. ml? lm' rivHK TRUSSES aid SUPPORTER-, of DH HULL'S 1 itiveatlon c intiuue .to receive my decid'd I ref-rene Foe twenty year# pnet I have etnplo ed the Trustee of Pr. Hull with tuccea# Tnr snpport-r w i? invented iu |S3I by the Doctor, with my atvice and awrnbatioii?and I am happy tnaay.ih titlaeitcueiiely adopted in Europe a* well a# in this country Signed. VALENTINE MOTT, M D. New Ypeg. Jti'y l.l?tl mia lm* CASH TAILORING ~ ESTAHLIS H >V( K ^ T T PHILLIPS it removal from Its Br<adway to 7 Aa'or " Hvuae whete the huinr-a will lor the future he cndrcted on the aame principle that lie# gained to large a ihare of uubliipa'ronageTor til-lut i year#. J P. deem# it uoneee"?iry to enter into turtlier detail#, presuming the general ali#(action beal mpirfine dr.?? r.oat# lorst or 2S dollar# h--i given, a d which he w-rranU equil in qinlity t0 anj thai can he furnnhed. let the price be whit it may, wi I ire a euffieient evmple of the advantage gentlr.meu ca i infure by giving! eir ordera toa? eatabliahmeiit w hoee merit# have rtn. d the teat eft mtto pnveita capability nf fulfilling iu tvery particular a. 1 it pmlej?ee Dam-lya ?avmj of so p-r rent.? econd and third aupeinne g nee>ila proportionably b>w ? Every article will be warran.ed? The pr iprictoi guarantee# a avinr of so n_er rent _ il t ri'b RfT>TA I'UKE ? VI h rElla.? I'he adveitiacr *iih-i 1 to get a good miniature taken ror a cbilJ. four year# old, for which lie wi'lpiy in licketi of admiacon to one of the moat p.; nl ir pla-s# of amu#cinc-nl ia the city. Addre-* Boa 8H PirU I'oetOffice. ir|< gliv. T* A Arr TfTNn .-* aT PM UUUlV-IVHift 'I'HR RoontanfC ?. MARSH, No. ?0 Cedar at J- ronf inuc? ?'p**n from 9 A. M t'? 9 P.M. The cou-?* of instruction puri'j'.dby Mr- M ir?h m a thorough courve ol pr*ctitft. Pr*wp'chif#? with terms, r.nd and ;.n outline of conra*. rr.ay b* nail at the room*. mil 3*i<i* PRIVATE CURE. r\OCTOR JORDAMM SPECIFIC I OURS?\No 1-For '' the[irompi r'ire of C?;> or Gaaere <ea. Old*. *rd *H othrr wathral di ch <tgea. and hi* Hpei ilie Ci.urae. No. J, tor the complete eradication a-d prma-.rnt cure of venereal Jia?:?r. without agpoaure, iacnuvenenee, or |nr? of tin e. Kaeh enwrae i* cne'o.ed in i n.?t 'in cn.r com pel. ins ri e-v medicine, waali. and req eee? requ ted either for internal or eitenial 'tee; and whether the r-n i>? recent or o d, i ru>r i* buuranleod. if uord u di ected. K?rh package aleo eon nine Or Jordan'* private Ire -tiae.e 4led the Mont'or. v?l e e in i?full direr.tiorut, with a t hin diacri|ition of the nature ?) mplnmv, eooarqaer ee* and tieatment ol aerret di<eaa.a;'o winch i< added math viluaVe information, iiiuful hinta, a id imperl-nt adeice?f ntovii u all the ilifliciil'ira of arlftieifarient. The nrire of Men tor i< fi ijr cut* ; on" doll -r aent poal paid, will i inure i'a re. ep'im. 'i'ie cuu-*.* N?. I and 4, are earh $S, and tunrtntce I? dmirah r drairned for rtai t'en'a m the country. bring complete, compact, Icnnvenirnt and rflicien* Hoot paid letter* entering tlie amount, h itc prompt altenlijn. Sold for lite i *o ri.-tor, only at Or % Store. It Marian atrret. ???! doorhetow 1' i ."e.aeeond bl >ck c>i' of Broadway. Marion alreet i* a direct eontinu 'ti-m of Centre. mid tin* PRECKLFB, 11 MP1.E9, BLOTCHBS, kC .and allerup r tinna of thrfaee or akio, are cured bv Sir VV. Citzaid, In great Krg'i.h Phyaiclnu"! rtinedr e* |. d J ne?' I ?li u H?lut. Thi* i? no qu ickr ry. but a acieoiific dot! .r'a prercnpiion ? , It hat neter hcao known to fttl ii <lc d aeteral peraona in thi* , city w >^pe face* were coterrd tnd difgua iug with pimpira, it . ' a* quite etirtd. Tliiek,'unborn'or V"ll >w akint have . fine, health), e'ear look, after mii.g Ihia S irh i* the delic cv of frr "rwo^Tp that of M ma M V. RynoliU, of Brighton, L J. , hold WH J mee, ?l '"-c uro of the Am-rion Fag e Hi mind lie ri. hi number,?? Chatham airoet. Aire Hayr, 11* Fulton i nt Rriwh". n. mrg-nl there mil 3* A" NOTHKR BIMPF.NSION ! ! A D V AN f'AOCB OK CASH i'AYMEN'TH.?The I >n? known aign of th- G d?n Fleece h e keen temoeid from the corner of Fulton ?n(| Ne'e u, and it now euepeoded orer the itw tlore of I'.HA-4. C'>X, Vo. II Nateeii at'eet, (3 d ore ehove Mai ,n |?ne.) j wilt re he w|!| be moel happy to itrtT Itirh of hit friend! aid rimtoiperi ?! m y f-iror him with e rail; hit old ttoek hue ' bren di*pn?r-l of ti anciion in order to (We piece to hm prrertil entirely 'ew. large, *n<l ??nid nemr'tneui of gooida. eelerled from Hie London end Pa-i* market 1, end rom.oiaing the ftnetl eed moit fdlii-jtial le ef Clothe, Ctttimer 1, Viet- ' inge, lie. he 1 Hie ,orrli uwa hiring been made etrluein ly f?r caeh lie ii , rnahled loeell at greatlr reduced nn the-(olden tyetem. 1 whicn hea eo long eurrliKed hiir-eetl end culture*re of the nr. ' ed'ent tee germed lh-refroni I From h-cwih p? int# c inun-tnitr he eolieitt e eontinnrnee of three fterra en kiudly bimlowid during hie I tog rareertf Oui-tn-re. N.B. Natal end Military I'eWortne, Lidice' Hiding Hebitt, he. he mad-10 eujCrioreti le. t Mr Batcock eootiiuee to aariat in tlie cutting department. ml 3 lwi?,??. * r SWAN'S ATM03PHKRI ' SODA FOUNTAIN, " U. S. Lfci'TKIlS PA t'ENT, NO/. 3d, 1131. Manufacrurkd nv mwan * well*. druo OIATR. ROCHESTER, N.Y -The aM.nliot of Drug- , g.etc. and other rei.dert if Unda Water, ie eolicit-d to th e J uaeful end e.l enbiti'iite f r he tiyen<irr, comp I- g c >tcd. and Imu'-haoiue apfe-etna heretofore in 1 it. The ailTtnt-tteeof tie A'moeihrrr Fnoa'ain ortr the old ^ o e'h<d. are the economy f i'e Apt" ? <?? *' ?t"-g u*l roattn the pu'ehae r be-ng leai than oi e querier that of h: old F< uwtitn it* timi lieity o ennetrne'ion eei- g tuch, thei any one of or-mery eapn iy enti r.-?dly und. ie' nd I'a op-rilmo ,1 and raao'g ment the tndinit tp oat < f m .itria'a fur ? ;p, I, n Iitfil In, I ther ? ill. the im .11 amount of I ibor , equired end ? it! roBipee' form. , , II It it now in i-e? in rariftn i-?il* "f !" Jyed Atet*a Cent daa end W-*t indie* a d, aa m yy (.a-,in _from cirtil .al.a in 1,? ma wa< K *r"tiJ -D'l lh? A'e.t 1 ' ^ 'V n th ? ru| r|y ^ t,,, t , ,h.jr * ^!7V-Mi ?rm*"* ir ,n ,b' p cta^asstTr*' * d,?>.?i t U C ?"?h? I ?l C"" *? ; V ? i<? J y.'lr *? I ?rl ?o ?l?V?i I. K'M.k 1,0 . <1t M4| f T Lit*ft> '{ ' t P k Cv?r<f. Ml M*id<-n L*n?; H . - "SHU * g M~ n ~K MKK."'. I?t?l? ft"m '' '''Or'. P'of-??r>r of lh? ?rt ol I r, A?m? 1.1 !i?ln*t>'-?t bf?n-h'?. CITM in?'r ctmii. |> ? r , ' ~ .nd m"* of ? " rtM'ubt c.ookd ? d T*M t. ti Hu.itin* Ktnf?, M'?k-t ?:<! B4J OMl, itl.JT, an<l . >??) irJT JI'r?T*tTilt* t'lM ftNliiml ?Ji U' Jlmuvb 111**. ~ " IT THOM ASB&LL^ (Bt*r often and I llfUltMlrNtl-) WaDNKSLiAY. Ea'anaiee fir n' il gair 11,1,4 I.uld 4 nil Cabinet Vurnitu'c of nil drecnp'ioue, at 10, o'clock, in the Site Rnonn Al o.'h? eulti* choi efumrure ia< I du g m ?pl. uilni pi mo fnrfi*, ill* property of * genllemau g i.g lu tenie. returned from lliotklj for cmtnii iw of aakr. THURSDAY. f ab'Dil 1'iiruture-At 101 u'tloch. will be told in lit* large alore, I3? Fulton ,t, winch h*a Mtiihkib fira'ow di)<i<?i 'h- I'urp ae, an ehliir, fit eaivc 4nil ?ulu^lil, al,? kif I ibi<:?t 1 uruiuirt*. the itrluatvr property at a inruul'.clurrr ,<Mil dealer, who haa itinu 11> the li aintaa Ccmprtaing tea, card, work, ami dining ub'ea; IT ariu top pier anJcentre do; wardrobea K'rtmli ami other bedateada, aideboarda plain and dria-n: lu'taua, pi Imbed and marble lop do, couch**, atifae.aole Uda. dm'a, otl, in ma. iplcodnl Frejch and (iire an rht.r', hoi kcraea. iimr'etie table*, roektug cbairi, lie fcc., all of the moat t manor dtttripiion aud inanufaclurr. Catalogura on Thurad iy an ! tlie furniture ready for raatnimitiou. Alan, mint time. 4 rati splendid .lamps, 2 large Viiea, and t Krtnclt plate 1 jolting glare**. At 12 o'clock 1 recite I/. 1 A beautiful iccwcod lijnof.rte, oiciquiaite touch and time. mil FRIDAY. Atirj o'clobk.tH I lie t.ile rooine, Kitereire *ale <Tchoice rlotrii g, dry guide. fancy articlea. utlery pun, hardware no* try and artielce pledged. Alto, 3 tplem'ifl gold patoat nver Hair he* The lutroicr cm I f the wearing apparel, * hich een?i*t* of numeroa* garment* of all dercriptlon*, tmuui* to 3J00 dollar*. TUESDAY. At 10". o'clock. at 29 Pike atreet, _ SpVndid Hau*rh?iil r'urnitaie, flat*. lie. A N'PllONY I. '1L.KH.I. KH'.K, Atrl'oueer. " WAUEHS STOt K OF WINES KH'?M PHILAw DKLPHl A -WM. rU.VIONP will *cil at auction on Wednesday, 23d met. at 12 o'clock, at the City Hotel, tlie followii gilioiee old Madeira and oilier Wine*, io glea*.heli'|l a part ol the d itrck of I'eter Wager, K?i|. of Philadelphia, and coiulgued to the auclnm er directly free* hi* heute *ii 1*'. Very inperlor old B. P. Madeira Wire, impartedI in 18.7 and bottled in I82U Tlii* Wine it will known a* ""? gcr'a Black Hi a),'* ' Hlae Hli nig," aud wn in great rrpute at ricad'a and Ruliica tijnal to any wine in the country 3J-Old L. I*. Madeira, "old ai d imtty," fmni ihe houe" of Bcott and Ciuipany, Madeira imported tu 1819, and buttled in 1828. 3d?Old L P. Madeira, imported in 1823, and bottled a* a delicate and hign tliVor'd vine, from the old aud reaper, table honee of Muidock, Yalrelle, Waedropc tr Co. 4lh?OldL P. Madeira, from Newton, GoiUnu V Murd rk, imi>orted iu 1823 and lint Lied m 1828. Thi* u a clioica. superior aud high fl it ored ?iue. 5th?Old L P. Madeira, imiior'od by March and Benao", via India, called "Wanderer," bottled tu 1834? recommend* it?elf. 6'h?Old L. P. Madeira (March brand) imported by March * Co. cxpre*ely lor Mr VYag-r'* aa n.and bottled tu 1327. 7lh?Old C, P. Madeira, im,i?rtid bv March U Co. the celebrated " Brahiniii" w ine, buttUd iu 1825. 8'h?Old L. P. Madeiri (Lynch brand) imported from the houae of Ly. cht f Madeira, in 1817, bottled in i82l,a dry and nutty wine, iu high ri pile. 9th?OldL. P. Madeira, in p ut*, aiupeib wiue, knewn a* the Roue ^'iiie boll,ed June, 1814. luih. Old L P Madr iu ouarU,uurlvillrd. . 11 Old L P Madeira, Senate Co brand, imported iul8i8. an ' bottled in 1823, a very aurerior diy and uuity Madtima pinta. '2th. Old L P Madeira, importe- in 1812,1 y J i*hua M Wallace, from the bou*r ol l.ym'h, of Madeira, aud named the Klhi eWiu-nfo.,,1 lath. Yellow r<ecl Maderia, imp rtvd bv Hubert Adamn in 1817,frim O iter* & Co., ml bottled in 1824, a choice and P|ilen<liJ wine 14th Old I. T Burgundy Madriri, importi d'rom Ihe ho'.iae of Newtiin. Gordon, Murclock k Scott, in 1832, vintage 1827. and bottled in 1837, equal to my Burcuudy Madeira imp tried for ear*. I??h- ''hniee br.nvn "berry, bottled in 1835. 18th. Very nip- rior choice Lobo Mietry. 17th. W ger'a Wiue Bittern. ilth Old Bt Croix Rum, bottled in 1820,equal to any rum ever imported T' eaale of the above wit ra will be peremj tnry to the hirh eat I iddera it being the wiah of t te owner to invite the T.rti cular attention of the New York public toaatock ettctiaively known throughout the Uui ed State". Catalogues may be obtained at the auction akre af<er the llth mat. ml2 5t* A UCTION NOTICE.?CergeTafc^of Furniture ufj all dcn aceijptiunv, thia day at toi o'ciosk, iu the roouia 32 Aun audits Fulton street. mlS TllOt. BELL .Auctioneer AU i'TlON K()TI> fc? -M'le .did i ngiith tf.ugravioga? RiEl.L St AKCU LARIU3 will nelt Thin K.veniu;, at 8) o'clock, in' their large iclee roon. 8<4 Broadway, corner Duaiie atreet. a colleciion ot aplandid Ei.gltah line aid mnua tiul Engraving*. including ma. y of Ihe luoet favorite modern ] publications, together with aome beautiful inecim-u el-easily colore^ and mounted lupoid. Al a a portfolio of nn old liue engraving* by crlehra'cd artiata after the old m ateif. Admirers of the Fine Arte, deaLrs, end gentlemeu making port folia collcetione are invited to examine a portion ot them now arranged on iht walla prtvioua to the h< urt f aale. mtljb^ _ . OPLENDID OKEKN HuUBE PLANTS at Auction.? C Purchasers are particularly iuvited to call end examine the extruaixe and beautiful collection of Plants, a'l in bloom, to be Auction, thia day, at 12 o'j.pck. at No 177 Pearl street, csmpriaiog Axeliaa, new varictira ot double Monthly Roaea; yellow lUrri.on do; Camifai, Mvrt'ea. white perpetual Mora do. Re. fcs. Alao, a valuable aaaort'neut of ornamental Shrubbery. JOHN B GLOVFR, ml8 it* Auctioneer. A LEVY will ml! ai Publ*.Auction, on We?tn<?J<y A morning, at 1"| o'clnek, at 51 Bioad ay, Alabvnt'r and Maible Oruamrnta juit r aeived from llaly. a very b >iid?oir e variety, ronaiitiug in part f Inlaid, r'ctglioU and Marble Tablea; vaaea. ol varioue nattem-, fonta, clock atand'. fcc.? A'ao Lava Ornament*; antral and other lampa; caeU, ,aintings.kc. 3de pontive. And on Thursday, a choice nollection of plant*, in flna ord* r, m 15 21 * WILKIN* k HOLlI.MB win >ell one th uaaml green a ml hot house plants,** Niblo'aO rJen.nn WedocnUy, 18 h inst. at too clock. A M . of th? following kind*.vie: roa*8, H liotrop-a; Vabrna'a; C-a'ua Callaa; # ricae; ; Ma'abar Vinra; l)ahlia<; T beroree; laahrlla aud other grape tiii"-*; Trumpet Crete a; a-w yel ow Hirriam Koara. 10 trili>r*IIh eey?r*l hend cultivator* and a I'anniug mill. 1 h<y wi I ready lor icaptction o 1 Tuesday afternoon. m!3 NEW YORK AND NEWARK.. Kara r?<fue?cf to ?5 cent*. From the foot of Courtlandt (treat. New Yerk(Every tmy?Sunday a executed.) Ltirra New Volt. Leave Newark At# a. -v At 1 km. All A.M. At i# P.M. , 11 do 4 do f do ?> do 4| do 191 do ? do 7 de 1# do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty aiieet. Leave New York. Leave Newark At A M aud 4) P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 PM NEW 1rORE Kl.tFA BKTHTOWN, RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare rtdnced. Prom the footol Liberty atreet.daOr. Leave New York. Leave New Brunewiek. At t A.M. At 71 A. M. 41 P.M. 1 P. M ROMEHv!!, 1 a-a cf h way. Fire betweea *>''* York and Somervitle, &t tenia. Do do New BrusawieV, "5 ernta Hat way, so cent a E l abetti own, OS cen'e I he (are in the 71 A. M. train from New Brunawiek, am 4j P M. train from New York, haa been rrducrd between New York and New Bmnawick to SO cente. ' and ltahway t? J7| " The Pniladelphi* maUlree |M*<ee through NawBruuavrii k for New York artry evenmr at #(i'r!?ck. OnSuodayathe 71 A.M. trip from New ilrunjwicfc ia traitted. I'aareng'ra who prer: re their titketo at the tieketoflee.receive ? terry ticket gratia. Tirknttarerectirrd by thee >cdu.- or nly oa the day when porehaaed. frb 1) fm PEOPLE'S LINE FOR AI.BANTTTI intrrm'diaie p'acra daily at five o'elork, P , fr jiii the Pier between Ccurtlandt and Liberty atrerte. " " >: .? I.?, nrrif r?Trn r..? a. f n?5 COOIIDVMIUUI miuuim ? VI. -v . IV, - .1 .. UI, J?hn. letvfP smi above, Thursday ?f tension. at five o'clock. The NORTH AMERICA. Capt M.H, lea re. a ahore, ihi* ( Are o'clo'k 'the abore boat, are Drw and aubataotia', fiiri.iihed with a'.liant Mate Rromr. and for?;>tcd and aceonurodationi ar? unr rilled ou the Hud'on. For puj.age or freight, apply on beard, or to _ m P. r. 8' HULTZ, ml?.at at the office op the Wharf. . FOK ALITa SY and Intermedialc placet", A-. "TfrJTlia ?Tl e ap eedtd. low preaaure Steamboat 2K^5CK.9W aLLOVV, Captain A McLean, willlanee ilw foot of CourtUodt atrri', thia (Wediieada?) afternoon, March l?rh, at Car o'clock. N. U ? rhii boat ha*.tern fi led up with elegant State Rooo.a. mil It .weBM NOTICE ? Oo and after Monday, the 14th the ateaoib ?! WA VK will leare Hta B 'IT*. J* ten Irl-nd at 7 and o'clock A M , returning nil) le.?e New York, Pier No 1, NoitS Hirer, al oVIoet, A M an t 4| I' M. Fa'e HI centa. until Anther notice. Haeirg Iwenfurui hed wi'ha new boiler and improved in ithrr ireprcli, the Ware will afford a aafe. ewedr. and eonreeient romtnunieation to ihe inhabitant, of Richmond C unwith New Vnik mt?3f rjaa- PASS AOL FOR LIVERPOOL?To . ail ,7~lh aJTlfW ioatant?The very f?al aailirg packet ihipSHAKifiCK RPk ARB t>ut. A Miner, will aail at antra. K?r i aeoage. hariug handaouie ,fu mahed accommodation*, ippljr on board al Orleana wharf, foot of Wall at or to E. K. COLXIVH k CO. all *4 South Street. .ICT K'?R LIVERPOOL- Packet ihe |7tn Maiet. wPRVW The auiwrior, well known racket ahip KHAK* ' -,il 1 ** I' i apt. Min >-, will be dr.palched ae bore. Cat in. irceid rabin, and ete-mge paeaergeie. ran , lie tleyantl) nccon m dated at a moderate rate. A.plv cn i ehip, at foot of Wall.treaty HKRDMAV II Mouth etreet. ] Tlie abore ehip will he inecr'ded by the epi-ndd ragu'ar packet .hip RuHCIUM,Capl. t.ol.uia to ?? on the t?th u? PC B ? Peraon.aendirg for ihe r friende melding in Oreat Britain or Ireland c.n h?re them brought out by weekly oia jcrfunitiee, ftia Lit erpo"l) and drat a ran alio be furntehrd, payable tlioug out the Uoit-d Kingda-n. Aoply aeabore. nit 'OTl LlVrRfUt'L?Po a a ,1 th i7th M.t -"The v^Wk fcl-ndid tael aatling jacket .hip MH A KM Pit ARK. A Min# r r in takp th? hultrnf Insi) KMn ,..a ^i^IoJTTirrly ?<?' "'I*)?*j h'li'l'om- I'urni h?l ?<";rm I 1"orfr?nM Ork.M ?Wf, foot ut WJ1 ,t !iw",,0U*'" K. K. COLLINS k CO. M <f|i h?t. viMAOt^OR LIVK.HPOOL?UUM*0 LIB???? ..A Mufl-llB rat nltl??P*.'W,l"? Hp <;?pl WiUon, wiM 4||UK'Hinr.n>i^. . , fl)T r,bm rihi? , mod* in b"*H, loot of r,,k?Jr * 7. T. TAPStOTT. 4f Hi.ulklt. <>' *'i I'' *."0. n-WruM nb.p or nuy of l? t Th > * A* fc-i i 0% d.M 4 ,u .1 ; [rsSBrsurftf?*?-* - ?> *'?* Vo*X.ONy'?N 'k < "'n will i r itcnirfncJ'11' " " | >?i>pri in < ** ". e,^nHN W?k6^tN.'i ? tti 0 - ^O - ' 1 ?">"<??#1111? r ' mftynVA.w 11,10, 1 ? K -lifcl't of *P"I ...n-wKloC* *>:P "Ti.m/.I ' 1,1 Vrn ^ rw?,Mf p-h^YD* " t4 S1GNOK DK BKGNIS IjF.iJS tm ?t true f i Ir to inform t'ia ffi da ? fit p d lae. tJ tlu1 in (our | euceortke j iirril dai'r a dofto-?eti ?ucet at attendant on il.e (,'n#f> r! i lieu < h Friday ?trainee i??t?. he will (i>e amlh?r Vre ! ?ad I itriioenUl CoimH on W?dh?Ut fitwiTf.lMwth K'.b, at Nililu'i Ccnceit Room, oo which ocumIou M'LLC. SOPHIp: MEL1ZET willmaka her'act ?i trenr.nce. pretiout to her return to Phil* I'e'phia, ami ? il i ting ?ntn? ? ? * i pa Air Krucau?lUuliiir V?ehe. TI.etjrard Arin.futi Din, . (rum lid iui'e cel?br?lnl Norr.e a <1 rental the faeorile Duetto, Nella Cue, wiiu hiir?"r Oe Hrynu. MADAVE OTTO Wl'leing, (by itriire.) The Br a* National Air, bjr rilum.? Acta inm, fiom ltoteri l? IliaMi- anil r. pear the celebrated Aria from i Pnritam of Hi lUrii, m>d with hiinrr <! Ueftiiie, the mml admired Duetto Buffo, called " The I, ou in bn'Rii a " SIGNOIt DE PEG NTS I 7'!!' '-'n? 'u'' h*ni'. the (arorite rung fern II fiarUcrw I ?' "i?i?'i?,' Lugo al Factotum,' alao re; eat, (bt d-rire, axnt | for ilw Ja?t tiu.e, the f-??oiite Fremh Koi do ' j'ol'aiwai ? uu yeriorm the Grand Scei a w ill. the Oreheatrn. II Vanntico per la Vln?ie?," Ami aleo repeat with V, IJk Sophie MeU, the feerrite Comic I uetto. 'Nells Cass aerre amhi r!! occhi >f more ch-iui," he.. Ml with M me. Otto,he will perform the Grand Duet'o. called *' The lissoil t> ?i?ltuic,'' from the relt braird Opnra. II Karetieo par la Mulct, aim from thesame Opera,a> <i 'he 1 ret time. Illlilri bje all the emit ent lingers ami the Orchestra, he willperfoon lb? Grand Scen t Finale. " La >ui torria aceebdi ImtAe." Moneieur KdSSOWMKl will pel form on tkn Piano a faro r I Lt Fantasia hy Dnhlcr. Moneitnr AUI ICK will perform a Giand Solo ran furttrile Air, " Tm ?e lr?i la treuluiala," from II PiraU cf Beliiui; The Orch'stra will be numerous aud on a a rand scale, ami wall ichcted ot the most nuu-iit I'rofeaeors. Led by We PENSOM, ?u which occasion they will perfi rn the Omul Orertarc called tlie Giubei and tnc celebrated Oeerlure four La Gaisa Ladia. Ac Ike. Doose < pen at 7 o docs. L oncer I to committee at a quarter before 8 precisely. Ticket* $t each, to he had at H i(inor Dc Hegins' r*s'ilencc, |tl Broadway at IN iblo'i Cornerrt hooin, and at the ptir-i- .1 Music Stores. mil t pXltK THEATRE, ' [\o Bill rbOeieeiLl UUTriA.1l THKA CHK. JOHN SEFTON8>IGHTH NIGHT. THIS EVENING, Maroh l(th Tlis psrlormanee wiM e< rant nee with MIDDEN THOUGHTS. Impulte, Mr Hield? Jack Cabbage, C Mrstsyar Sophia, .. , Mrs 1 home After which, 8 KAU8T' 8 Weener Seftou I Faust us His'd Mephistoplnles, Johuson | Couui Csssaaoea, Herbert I Luccita Mrs Tl oras To conclude with CATCHIrsG AN 1IEIKEM. Tom Twig. John A ftuu Sslly Gist's, Mrs Thorno mm Meeais.fd and Id tiers**i Pit iM;Gallery 1>| Poors open at 8t: Curtain rises at Ti prem?ly , aiTCHIkLL'll OLIHPIC THKaTHA THIS EVENING, March l? The performance wil romuience with CINDEltELLA. Prince Perseverance, " *" nmhUia. Edwin Ciulerelii, M'l Ttmia Aft'r which SARATOGA SPRINO*. Timothy Tap?well, Mitchell | Peter Hooey Horncastl* Mn Tapewell. MriTimwTo conclude wltn ALDOATK PUMP. Old Tontine, Mr Baker | Charlea Rireri, H rnc.iatle Mary Aune, Mia* Singleton. Admteaioa?Ureal circle Mcanla. Upper buiea M rant* itt eenta Private toiei H hnw' open Curtain riaaa at hair mat eevenAAlaUlUAN UUSKUa, Corner Broadway and Ann itntt. Under the Management ofMr. P. T. Itanium Every day and Evening this wekk-com mencin*Moi'diy. Maieh 14. v r. HARRINGTON, thai jutly eelr bratcd ongi' al VENTRILOQUIST aad MAGI t I AN, wh > |>- rlbrmed b loe erne d. <1 .utieueea in thiaci'JT in ism, 01 auuudrrd and aiity-five coiurcu'ive nigh'a is as caged positively 'oroue wtekonly. YANZOO, the Chinees Juggler, who performances uatauisl. all beholden, will remva this week hu-i 10 longer '1 lie aylendid untdel of the CITY OF DUBLIN,willpoaitlvely he r tn?ved St. Pa liek'a Dav, the l7ihofM rch. FaLLS OK Nl ?(MRA with ra-l water: ANIMAL M AGNETIsM ou a child three yeara old; LA pkl'l'l E CEUETO, the be .utiful dancer; ALBINO LADY; FANCY GLASS BLOWING; Grand Cosmorama; and 500100 eunoriliea. A rplendid day performance takes place every Wedip >day and ha ureev afternoon. Iw <he whnl- 9."> ctnta-children half priaa. rpHEATRE?A CARD-Mr. WHEATLEY'B bene. I FIT?Mr. WHEATLEY resi.rclfully enuonucea a* hia friends and ih* public, that his bsuefit witl take place pa. Wednesday ev, ning or *t, Mircli If, ou which occasiou wiM be performed, the Comtky of MONET. Evtljrn, Mr. WlnaU.y | Sir John, Mr. Chimindale* Sirh redtriek, Mr. Andrew a j Graves. Mr. Fisher. Clan, Miai Cuahman, Afltr which THE BOARDING SCHOOL. Mra. Grodsnsp, Mrs. WheatUy I Mita B.gki, Mn. Yeruoa* Miaa Bly the Mra Knight. | Miss Trite, Miss 8. Caahman. Jemea, Mr. Wit ism*. To Coucladc with the firat act of CHAR'. ES O'MALLEY. Mike Free, Mr. Mas'op. n>lt3t MRATHE?Mr. Abbott'* Ben- fi'.-Ur. AlRTJ moot rerp-ctfully announo*n thai hie bi-m fie will take place on Friday bcii, March 18th, ou whie i ocean..n Mr. Mitchell and Mr* 'j in in*, of the Olympic Tl catr*. ha politely roiunleered llieir icivioe*. The perlormauci* will conriat of 3 bond.n'* clactic corned* of THE KIVALH, re*,Ted with t'i? aneient ceetiimee, uear ecrnery, decoratioua, a.d .he f.llewiufc ponc.fut cad?Sir Autliouy, Mr. Chippendale ; Acr. r. Mr. rDeidt; Faulhlaud, Mr. A'bott; Captain Abanlute, Mr. Wheatley ; Sir Luciur, Mr Frederick*; liaril, Mr William*; Kay, Mr. Andrew*; i\ir*. Malayron, M; Wheat eyiLydia, Mi?a Cu?h?an; Julia. Mire 8. Cu.h an; Lucy Mri. Vernon. A Her wl.ieh Hie naw drama of A I.ADV AND OENTLEMA N in a p culiar poMtion. the two character* by Mr. Miichell and Mr*.Timin*. To conclude with the 3d act of THE l'ir|T|i ?WnlT. Mr. A hhott. uill 3a r UiNC r.o i ?All. EH.? lio llir houot to intorin I lie Ladiea ' > aud Oeutlen en ot New York, thai lui text Conoert wilt take place on Witluead.y trc hiiR, lath the Hall of the Society Library. br.iadway, opporit* the AtheuzLna, when hln dauchtrn, Man* kud Roma, will hare the honor of appearing in a sew ?*lccli?n ol M g* and Hue it*, accompanied by Mr. K L. Walkkb en the Piano Forte, who wifc perform a Solo. Door* opru at 7, aud the Concert to con mtnee t btJore 8 o'clock. | PROGRAMME.. I'm I. Dnrlt?Miaa Mary aud Roe ma?" I har* wacdartd in my J . earn*. ? Wadw Sony?Mm Mary?" She wore a wreath of ro*ee," J. r.jfuigbt Scutch B*H*d?Mi*a Horioa?" Oh, my heail in wi' u y Caddy. Oia<r aba Dwell?Mi?? Mai v and Ho>m?"Oallopon gait) " jtrahMa nolo?11miiiKo U ?Mr. E L Wtlke;?HmUimn'a celebrated Waltz La Deaire. wi h ran* Lenny I Scotch Song?\li?* Mart ?(Word* l y Kir Wa ter >cotl) ' The MrOrrKitoik' liathrriug.'' A. Law S iH?Mi** lie., ia .? ' Wt*t w. rd ho," M. Kichter I)u'ti?Mm Maiymd R. aiua?" Whan thy bo om he are* a *igh," Brahata raUT II. Duett?Mi?* M?ry md Ri *iua? 'The Mermaid Duett," C.W.Wileow Song?Mia* Mary?' Coir* to mc at man ink,"-- Wadn Deicript v* Song?Ml* tlcaini?" Th* Maniac,'' ,'i Kusreld Sroeh Ballad?Mi*' Maey?'' Mary [of Argylt,' NeUoo Solo? Piano orte?Mr. K, L. Walker. Original Fantanaon the American National Air.E.L WMker Aria Buffa? Largo a* Factoluin," Iti ,,i? Scotch Ballad? Mia* Mary?" Th* Piper o' Dundee." I t .mic Finale?" Fauny_(?rey." Ticket* 50 Cen'i. to be hud at th* door only en Iht ereninf of th'Concert For particular* *ee ainall hill*. mil It* MA.v D CONCEhT.?Mr T. MEYER ha* tn? honor tw announce to hi* friend* and the p blic, that he intend* to giee a grand Vocal aud Inelruinental Concert, on FRi D?V ? Which will. for Ihil oec*fion. be atiUnrfirflv iW?r.i.ei He will he hk i a led by Hignnr uK BKOMS end Mr. TIMM, which geall.meu have in the kindeet m*nn*r rolualerrtd thrir eervicea; al.o he w ill be a??n ed by Mr! Haag. Mra t hnipt, Mm Diernai n, flerr 8e le, H rr Kait. Mod*. K'u|el, Mr. Wieger*. Mr. o.etnwalt tie The orcliritra will bs eompo* d of at oi ihe lint artii bl fan the city. Leader. Mr. Wieg?r?. Particularj will ha('ubluh <1 hereafter. mutt GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MKHHRS HUDSON fc OTTIONON reaieetfuJIy to form Ihe arntlrtnrn of New Yi rk, thit they hay. fiiew up* OYMNAHLM at the corner 01 t littmbcre .Meet MM Broadway, and it i. uuw i.p'ii for the re. e; t os of ti.iloM. The irati'u'nii it of tie fieet enter, end complete m ?rrry re.prit for the purree of Athletic Licrtue*. Son-nun Lreiooa giiea deity. Term, moderate Open il.y md rrening. ait tin* I V t'K?1? liaferirrutpye*'coia plete. and new Pattern, t?0 Branch Plalra Aromitie Lenax So Bottle. HypnTelphile of Soda M Oottle.l h oide of Hold I hrome. < blonde o| Iodine Tiipnti, and a I kioda of Gke mieal. eooc.rniaj the 0<g""reoiypeUb? | received by Packer hip *?raO' oi* tat. and for aaie by AR TAULT It CO. in it Im* _ < Brad etree'.m etaiw. OTTOv-l morer Hired ana Meal for .he rwuiug ran over f.r the fclto, il-i.ry, and Whitr (treat ooue.egn lion*, are now rtady for deliyery nt No. IM South nor. Dove* reel, ent'jnce n Dover afreet. ALhO. C*u urn to l.tmelitee. to he on their Rtaard where lliey onreha*e, aa.evrral bakera hare p ,t it no in their waali.wi for, who are not e.g.gvd for any or the ratigregn* ; and a an, no [* lara or icntmiaefoiiere are aenl out by the., e. ?orr.atl n< l. eemtomeea m7 til" I wd codt w I >? oiijoa i nr.Art.K 1 llAtf VVEK-JK.RIuMIAII 1' LAMBKHT, No. 123 Greenwich ?tre.i* daily receiving from Auction area! ha'faina in DRY OOOIIS all of which being pur. hanea for it enabled In *eli at uno.oal low price*.-rat |ricaa to euit the timre. hit,rLIN DKLANkS. a new and be.uifu' article, for only la. It. I.HKNK PAItl CK.n K. an elegant Kr n< h article. ..'liable for Ladwn' Syi ing ^rtwev. Kleg.nt KM.L1SH PKINTi*. at per cent, law Mian Uat vear'o pii it. CLOTHS au.l I'A^blMhKKS n ft. at ra'e aaaortmrnt < f Wool Dyed Bla<k ami Blue t'loiho, 1'iel purrh?e*d at Aae'iun for fnk. Perron.- wtahlng to Pur r will no well lu r?vur liim wilh a t?li, and judge for I .m-.lT". mil Vw* ( - ''V^ K"*' leelol iron n. ihr faruw a* yy tiwM'rr Wall atreet, l*?i>r# a foimiitiM of m? r?*h?iir*v in the f*ll of l04O.iii wlm ti Wilder'- PaUmI Hnli?tn*ndcr 8?fe \w*ri%r4 iut' ri'eati during an intent# heat of eight hou a* wltile the then ?Tt clef in?> ed in the lamr heat in *Mttt i*<> h? lira, ha* cauted num^rriM mHkrro and cor'eni to m<Se nud tell a apuriaun rtielf, celling them Balm ander 9m#pp. Thm puMir are eru'ioned ?*ff-ir**-1 fruiting their faluab'e bocfrf end paper* in *nv but the real YVdder** Patent Halam^ndar Wf. which are only to be obtain'd of 9. C. flKRRlAO.f tw .Sol# Afnf. |.:0 W?>er ?fr et JiU I'iiiifliNJfi f)KKS?> or THC BI'.ST UI-ALlTV. . _ rv.lh ?? to workn>aP?J'i.'?*^ "2!"'?!" if'" r UOLI.AR"; ?U<> : ? i.taluu* leBilnllan. at THILir* f *s?S lai'onoKe,.,bli.',m.,<jw^w^ v B ?The ?Koft **rur H? are jt'iarmUeJ to be ..joai u? verv re.per (.-> t'lO'e m < Je b)rlli? moat . .fevaife K..-?eo la heciir TW- .oo.'emiAr aoorjotoo. b?t < > .e it. .11.,. <*t<wr I'fetht'. hiiooel' 10 ru.fil. 'hrauuu of ? *..?<??>? .lv,|f" r *" * ***' . V ~ r.Tiaj V A I1 I - U* A I v. I * A . II LJ !\C i'a iMiiiiui i /i 1/ M A L LESSON, 3HV?I( I INS and ?urfi*nn? fro'n I ood > wid *'?e a, a?? Im i roiia'nDt a'tnd.nrr ihrou{?? nl (tie >' |h i* nfller, f nl i !!? t > .'d-1 t! i r ft .in brnadwwr, MU r< ? ho cfltijll'd with th? africtaat cmflrtanto iu all r\?e??l r "T a m< mal or thrjicalel'irnctcr. D a S?ig"ui nil Mnl'Cton hi*r liad moa- niwi??nfp?r. initial of oM .iini>k rd [rrnrlirlt lh?r. ?*tt .. 'iMiril ?owl?l?r i f Ihr" |* ?ft"ioo. Imrin**?rn In ar i i M i icr<l )?*r? I lh in ri ni d rrj f'snf, v? wi'l -a >; n nited Vt?lra; ?l.? itKnHrd #?>r a nnmlwr of rtar* ?hr HrnU'ain t.onnonm d Pari*. nitirrt and nMain'd fh'ir di:l >?ni>? I'fT Sir ilrijnrun Credit and ilia (Hi i>hj tit ana in ?? nd M B A finfl aiaf rtire t nf ptrfunvtry, an1 th p vrd p*t*nt ui'O i?'