Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 17, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 17, 1842 Page 1
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L I I TH V?L ril^-la. 301 ?WteU Ma. MS* IfltW 1INK 0? UVKUTOOi. PACKETS T? Milf(?aNiw Vorit imi t?. U ti. *oil Lir?rp->ol u? U>? 1Mb attack month. M' .?*? fc??; JCL Sfc RftSP nor _ ^kaow Maw YoTTT* |Np IOK18, Oi^wi John I 'ollius, Wtk Mtreh. Skip SIDDOVS.Otiitniii K. B. Cobb, a?th April fcSHEWDAN, Captain E. A. Oeoeyeter, *Sth May. ?upUARJLICE,Ci.i.Um Win. rtkiriay, *6th Jane. , V mom Livreroet.. Ship SHCRIDAN.Captaiu K. A. Depeyeter, ISth March. Mop OARRICK,Captain Win Kkiddy, 1 stfa Ai.rU. Stop HCJ8CIU9, Captain John Collin*, ISth May. Slap 81DDONS, Captain K. B. Cohb, 13th Jane. Theeethipe are *11 of the tiret clue, upwnrde of 1000 tone,ball! to Si* city of New York, audi improretnenta u combine I ?mlt|nil with uaueua) comfort for piMeotter*. Every cere M* beentakeu in the arrajiycniriit of theiraecemmodatioa*. The price of jaeeye hence i* >luo, for which ample It4r?? will be provided. Theee ehipe are commanded by experienced meaten, who will make every exertion to Kir* peorrei ee twice Neither the captain* or owaere oftheee ehipe will be rerpotwi Me for any U*tew, parcel* or uaekapeaacnt by tkem, unleee re alar btlle at' Lading ar* signed therefor. The ehipe el thie line will hereafter go armed, aad their peen iar construe lion (ireethem security not poaaeeeed by any other ^"^SKTIRlMfBL.. MM W.M. S JAS. BROWN k to, LlwruO. Letter* by the packet* will be charged iaj cent* per aunrie fcaat: UHOUDtroilllcr. ?ki ucweiwprra i uumn. u? r'OR NK\V ORLEANS ~ LOUISIANA AND NEW YOIU LINE OF PACKETS jjfo Jffc rSTiRel er accommodation ofenTipeS, it uiaUnifed to I atch ft (hip from thi# |>ort oa the let. Slh, lotb. 15th, Wtb Mi of each month, com me-icing the I Oth October, and ooctinuiu* until Mey, wliea reinlar (lay* will b? appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby greet delay* and duap pointmenU will be prereuted durm< (he rummer month*. Tm foDowing chip* will commence tin* arrangement Ship TAZOO,ttaiit. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Cai-t. J nekton Ship MISSISSIPPI.Caat. Hilliard. Ship LOW8VILLK, Cant. Hunt. SMpSHAKSPEARE, Cant. Miner. Ship GASTON. Capt Latham. ShipHVNTSVILLE. tJapt. Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, (apt Learnt. Ship NASHVILLE, Ca;>t. Dickinson. Skip MEMPHIS, Capt. Kuiaht. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mulfonl. flme ahipe were all huilt in the city of New York, eipiua* If for packet*, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been new It copper* d and put in aiilcndnl order, with accommodation* - far Jfcnngin aneqaalled for en nfort. They are commanded by experienced me*tr re, who will make erery exertion to grew general mtief action. They will at all time* be towed up and mail the Mi**i**ippi by tteamboata. Neither the owner* or caidain* nftheieahipa will be reaponaiblefar jewelry, bullion jrecion* (tone*, ailrer, or plated ware, or for any letter*, petrcel or package, aent by or put ? -board ef form, unleaa regular bill* of lading are taken fartaeaame, and & er el tie thereon e??ee??a^ . Far freight or paaeage. apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. II South at.,or JAMHS E. WOODRUFF, Agent ra New fVlaawg wfcwwiH nrnmritlv fnpward all snodi ts Kia htitirpu. The eriipe of thie hnr ?rr warranted to *aH punctueNy aaad| leetlaid. andpMtear* will be takeu to hove the goodk correct WiMwmed. ?4 now (Uxuv anu now&Mo. 6BBSfe?fl 5B3E:3BK:3HBL faro rortucod to OS cento. Front the foot of Courtlandtatreet, New Ycrk(Every day?Sttnday i excepted.) LnveiNtw York. Leave Newark Att A.. M. At t P.M. All A.M. At It P.M. II do 4 do t do 8? do 4) do IOi do 4 do T do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. Front the foot of Liberty etreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark At 0 A M.and 4i P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NEW KORK EMZ* BETHTOWN, RAHWAY ANS NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. Frota the foot of Liberty street.daily. loave New York. Leave New Branowiefc. At 0 A.M. At T| A. M. 41P.M. ) P.M. SO >4 KRYILLE ataaea connect with there liaeo each way. Fere between New York and SomerviMe, So ceate. Da do Now Brarwiatr, 7tarnta. "sk. Tha fare hi the Tt A. M. train front Now Brunawiek, and 4| PM-trwa frota New York, haa been reduced betwrea New York and New Brunawick to M cento. " and Rah way to rr| " Tha PwBadalphia mai lime paaaea through NtwBruaawiek for Now Yam ovaryevening atOo'cleck. OnSwadayotho T) A.M. trip front Naw Bronawiek iionitnraoaaMera who procure their tieketaat the ticketoflee.reoeive a ferry ticketyrafia. TickeUare received by thecnaductaa eady on the day when purcheaed _ frbll laa* Fr?m PHILADELPHIA, rie ^it,m^MMNC?ijNAYND baltiFreight* for the Wi at end death will be forwa-ded dvity front the traaoportatiun cfioe af tha Company, No. I Dock at FhilidclpbitMirckanli irt icep?ct/nl)y iatermed that ill gooda eocmmJ to tha tonpuy *ill be forwarded with the utmoet dmpatch to any point weat or aouth. freight rcacbei Baltimore the aame dry it learee FliilaThe mail Hoe for the weat >?d aouth laoraa Do-b atreat da fly at half-peat it? o'clock A.M. by a team beat ROBERT fMniii'n will rtitk Baltimore at o'clock, two hoora pSEXe. a. Ifciltdtlphia, March*. I Ml. mum RAILBO' D NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. .SriMUE&Bfcifi 3'B' 'I'll IW NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. ^NEWiSH^Y Rai road aad Tranoportatioa i onay hare eaUbiiehed a Knight Lute between New lrajtmrh and Now York, whichtiief intend to tuo peimaNew Bruaawiek at S A M. daily, (Sunday a et- I aftiM) aod tha foot of Liberty etreet. New York, at > P.M. To cobbut dealcra aad merehaata tha abort Hoe la rary dooaakin hf the aiwedy ami cheap coararaoee of merehaodiae of arary daaeriptioo. and mora particularly to Drorera and Dealera in Lire Sinch. who can hare ISO head of cattle conrryei between New Bi not wwk and New Y ork, the aame day, wham rer required. The rate# far the traraportation of cattle, bnraea. mulct, abetp, hope, fce., and. allott er kiodi of aaertliaadiae are rery low, ncrtr ate am boat pnrea. Marc hand ite aentbythia lioe moot aubjeeted to any extra eh arte in eroaaiog tha North Rirer. The Compear bora firtrd up a large atarebouae at Naw Bruaawiefc adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaye be opto far Ike reception of merehaodiae. Paaaengaaa. purchaeiac tlwir licked at the ticket office*. wiflrtceire ferry ticked gratia. mlt 3m* VEIIOHT BHD PASSAGE TO PIT PS ^ JSI ovnw. i. -ii <L B INGHAM'S LINE. T? proorittora of Blnaham'e Tranaportalien Um to Pitt*ban. give notice to the Merchanle of New York, end all other hmh a tipping to tiw Weal, that their lite ib no* in active amtha. 6noii onmnei to thru (or rent to go in their St.) will bo forwarded wph despatch. Owner* or ahipuert of good*. deetioed for (}ir Western Utter, who I are no ascot or consignee gl Pittsburg, will Mi (Main their (rafa to William Bingham. Pittsburg, who mil lUaal to shipping *U ?c'> eonaignmemla without ^ a|i^|oo^i (jhould ^be marked di aline tip on each package For raloa of freight, which are aa low aa ear other lino. Ago?r w WM. T* AON, Agent. No ( West street ovpoaita Pier No. t, N. R. N. B,?Paaaengera forwarded to P.ltaburg and Pottsvillc, erwr day, Snndav a enoepted. _ _ _ . .Refer to K, Crook*. American Far Co.: B. T. Nieoll, Front atreet, Phelps. Dodge A Co. Fulton atreet; guydam, Bog* ACo.; Wm.Ranhin. Duryoe It Co . Newe'lr nl Im _ HTATKN ISLAND fMlf. Foot of Whitehall atreet tinSBi!Ti'ATgW ISLAND BR or 8AMBON will ran mo follow a natal further notice Loareo Staten laiano Leave* Whitehall At 8 o'clock a w. At o'clock aM. "10 " ** II " " 11 " P.M - ?1 " P.*. i " 4 " "I * N. B. All rood* (kipped are required to ke particularly MM and are at the nek of Ibo ownaae thereof. ol NEWARMTAWT4?W VORK Fare Only 1*1 Ceou. jVQ JR. TIm splendid and onmmodiooa a learner ^SH|Qt PAMAJC, Captain John Oaffr, being coo 9hnmWHumE.pLl<ly and elegantly refitted. wi'l coanmenc* C mfoUo w a ' l,uo1' ?* Tfcwaday, March Itth,? ftiuS ?-H.t,New York Centre Market, Newark. W \ S* T1 o'cleefc, A. M. t lo'etecfc, P.M. I (o'clock P. kt Freigjit of every deacri prion came I at vary reduced ratce. J : ?pi*sXi5S35S5SSS^ : MbvvR?mr ? ?>ay and saatdor <!??? > i jKfN#'<rrui?ii.m|r uui?Cif(ii?NkMr4. < fr?. JD > bamf* andftrigM of trmrj daaeription, tank I Mb MMN, bm m Wnril tkii hilt, walta M the riik <((Im lwlwi??r??hM kill *flMM tinwiplMiimi l? ( Man rit SpKliNti AaHANOi.Mfc.NT. JKXl mk FOR SHREWSBURY and FKD BANK, j ^SMb3>-Os and after SaturJay, March it, IMt, th? zBESIQk-Steamer OSIRIS .Captain Allan*. will leara f JfawYork rrtrj Toeodoy. Thiir?day,and Saturday, at I ? dintk. A. M. HrinnMog. laar* Had Bank e**ry Monday at aViot-fc, and Tuaaday and Thnraday at it o'clock, uoon. MM' * _Xl ill .I 1 " T~- """ 1 1 AaJtMaf mediata placet. aa far at the ica nermiU, Ww r *B?3K3C.*t?aaiba^t OTlCA.Capt. A H. Srhulti, wiM v iaa/t tne loot of Conrtlandt at mat, tHIB AFTERNOON, at * aVlock,Friday. Marak ?th. " for wdM or ruwit. apply on board, or to FETCH C. t CHULTZ, at ttta Ofice on tho wharf. jSia aieamoat TEt.EOKAPH will laara for Albany on T Botardav Afternoon. Marth Mb, at o'clock. ?t J ~SE~ POR LO N nON-ra*k.r,TiKot^ tt^h^Th; J kMPkeleyaat naw packet ahip HENDRH K HUDSON, k JBWbCapiaio Morgan. will bo daatntshod fop dan aa f above, a?r regular da*. Harinciaparior aceoaamodationa for E NE NE Albany. . I Correspondence of th? Herald J AiiMf, Tuesday March 15,1842. Capital Punishment?Finances and Stale Stocks?Adjournment?Pilot Ijxw?New York and Erie Hail' road, fyc. 4*cIs the Assembly to-day, a large number of petitions were presented and referred. They mainly related to the abolition of capital punishment, New JorK and Kne Kiilroad, Hawkers and Pedlars, Redemption of broken Safety Fund Bank notes, Acc. The various standing sontmittees reported a great nnmber of bills, of no general iiu|>ortanoe however. Business is now being driven ahead in good earliest. Mr. Grout, from the Committee on Trades and Manul-ictures, reported a bill to amend theli.n law of iftttlaod ls3?, tun better to seetsre the payment of the wages an t moneys duo for materials to mechanics and others, and asked, aud obtained leave to have it ordered to a third reading. He remarked that the Committee had made the pro visions of this hill applicable to those places only that had raked for it. viz New York, Brooklyn, and Rochester, aud suggested that members from other sections rain lit move to include the respective cities and villages which ihey represented, if they desired to do so. Mr. Horrssan, Irons the Committee of Ways and Means, to whom was referred the resolution of the Senate adopted on the 10th met., to the eflVct that whereas the system ot finance and excessive is. sues of State atoek, Ate., if continued, would be disastrous to the ?tate;that, therefore, provision j should he made for the liquidation of the present | debt, and not to inere ise it unless in esse of war, insurrection, or invasion. Mr. 11. remarked that 1 the great principles involved in the resolution, 1 were so correct, th it there could be no diversity , of opinion < n the subject. The ouly way neces- . sary to maintain it, would be to show ihe disastrous ' effects to the country of a contrary course. He ' thought it somanifo.-t, however, thai it would only 1 be necesaary to take questiou on the reso.utinn. i Yet if gmilemen weie still undecided, be would j move iti reference to the same Committee of ike Whole taring in charge the tax hill. Belirr'ng j gentlemen tad made up their minds, he would ! move to take question, it they tad not, they could more to lay it on the table Mr. Waioirr, from Washington, tad rot made ! up his mind, aud moved accordingly that the reso- I lution lie on the table, which was lost. Mr. HorrnAX then stated that be was forced by the state of the country, and the sense of the House, to submit a motion for considering the bills | reported by the Committee oa Ways and Means, I at tha earliest practicable monit nt. The State debt | of $200,000, falling due to-morrow, mutt be protested, as the State would net be able to pay anytbiag more thaa the interest on it, and there existed ao provision on the statute book, ky which it mi^ht be raited Heaee the necss<ity of immediate action oa these bills. Mr H. then offered a resolution, to the effect that the Tax Bill, the resolution from the Senate, See , be made the special order of the day for Thursday next, which was agreed to. A message was received from the Senate, inforaaing the House that they had concurred in the resolatien that the Legislature will adjourn on the | 12th day of April next, at noon Mr D. 11. F. Jones submitted n reselution that tta bill in relatien to pilots by the way of Sandy 1 Hook, be printed, which was agreed to. The House then resolved itself into the Commit- J tee of the W hole, to whom had been referred the 8tatelPrison Bill, end Mr. Loomis's People's Reaolntioa. Seme discussion then oeeurred on the question as to which of the two subjects was first entitled te consideration. Tta chair decided in favor of Mr. L's resolution. Mr. Wmn appealed from tta decision of the Chair, but the decision was auatainsd. Mr. Looxis then proceeded to argue in support of the resolution in n speech, which, though long, was very able aad conclusive. He contended that had the que?tiou, whenever nay addition to the : State debt waa proj?o?ed, been submitted directly j to the people, ike financial condition of the State would Mttr hare been found in ao lamentable a 1 a it nation aa at preaent. He thought it wrong that < mere aeetional influence should hare the effect of ineuriingadebt which the whole State had to bear the burden ef. He contended that it waa for the want of some anch proriaion in tbe constitution of thia and o'her Statea, that there were ao many of them now plunged into auch a deplorable ata:e of , bankruptcy, forced to make the avowal that they , were unable even to pay the interest on tbeir debta, , &i.&e. Mr. L continued hia remarks uutil tbe i hour of two, which being tbe hour of aejeumment, I cut him off before he had concluded, and the Houae | adjourned to half-past three o'clock. The afternoon aeia.on* being act fvr tha consideration of the general orders, Mr. Loomis will not be able to conclude his speech until some other dap. ArTEBitoon Session.?Tbe House resolved itself into cemaaittea of tbe whole, Mr. Sbelton in the chair, on tbe bill in relation to coats in certain eaaes. Mr. Stuono spoke at .some length againat tka bill. A motion was made to strike oat ike enacting clause, but after some discussion the bill waa laid upoa the table, until the commmittee should rise and report The tame committee took up the bill to amend the charter of the Firemen's insurance Company of the eity of New York. Tbe bill waa agreed to. The aame committee took up the bill entitled an net to amend the act iu relation to absconding and concealed debtors- After some debate on the bill, the committee rose and reported progress on these bills. The only one gone through with, was the Firemen's Insurance Company bill. The boat leavinr at fire. I em nhii???t letter at half put four, tearing the keaae atill in session la the 8eaate to-day, Meaara. Fiarili.i and Scott, each presented a petition from the eity of New York, for the speedy completion of the New York and Erie Railroad. Mr. Scorr prcaented one for the incorporation of the New York Floating Dry Dock Company. The one day election law paeaej in the Assembly, araa reported with amendments, and ita paaaage recommended. The joint resolution from the Assembly, fixing on the 12th proximo, was then taken up and after considerable debate was passed onanist on sly. The bill ehaoging the aaanaer of appointing Bank Commissioners, was reeeired from the Assembly, with an amendment changing the day of election tor the present year from the 25th March to the 4th of April, and was eoncarred in. A communication was reeeired from the Canal Commissioners la reply to a resolution of the Senate, asking information relatire to thn Chemung Canal loan. The report is long, and in answer to tho specific inquiry, it appears that the loan has not boon , negotiated, nor is there any probability that it will be nader the present law- In some remarks on the quemion as to its reference, Mr. Drcxrirsois expressed hie confidence that eapitelists would j promplr take it, at an interut of saren per cent. , A number of bills were read a third time and passed. On thn New York unnal tax hill, Mr , Vasiis raised the question of its being a two third . , bill, it having pu.-ed tho tousou a majority hill. t It was laid on the table. ' We had ? (sag little enoer tqeell thii afternoon. The imv eeme dews in lumps a boot the sixe of a piece of chalk, right merrily for some fifteen miaatea, when it cleared off aa warn and beantifnl ae ever. Cate Ui.cik a*. iMroaTAMT Decision ?We uaderataad that the Court of Appeal* hare decided that where oae ha* the assignment of a Policy of Insurance to eeeare the payment of a jndgment, he may recover from the Cempaay hi* intereet in the poliey, although the assignor, the person insured haa effected a double insurance without giving notice of the aeeond insurance, which, by the condition* of the ntfice, ia ahaolntely required Thia qneatiou waa lettled ia the caee of William Neve, for the aae of Z- F Kohalae, against the Charleston Inauraace and Traat Co , argued at the February trnn of the Court >f Appeals,by Messrs. Moise ana Kunderdt, for the plaintiff*, and Mr. Mag rath for the Company.? Charltrto* Mercury, Mmrck 10. Stuawboat Exraosion Ann Loss or Lira ? rhe Mobile Morning Herald of tbe 4lh iaet. aeye, T *be arrival of the steamer Caaebrake, from Lo;an ? Bluff, last evening, we have received the , lonfirmatioa of the rumor brought us yesterday aoniag, of aa explosion of the boiler* of the iteem'* Star, and the fatal loss of life atteodantoo t. u???"f?ace took place at about 10 or 12 site* below Tueealousa, on her passage down, on belhlh alt. After the explosion, the boot took "" waUr'e edge and sunk. Fif ,^^ 11 aaia to hare been killed, among rbom are Col. C D. Conner, of Marengo, and a ' 1r Tannabill of Tnaealoeea county. pairMgeri ; ' nth of the engineera. ona nf Dm pilnta, the h?r. *' mm r and eereral firemen and deck hand*. The " lptain, J. Parham, ami the pilot, were both Mown * to the river, bat inccceded in reaching the ehern ') be latter at rarely iojarnd. ? VV ro W YORK, THURSDAY A The Cask or Captain ' Schuiuveb ahd Ma Harding, the Mate.?It ia well known that there are always two tides to a question ; and that one story is good till another is heard. As we have before given all the faets oa the one side in relation to the above case, we now call attention to the foliowiag details, elicited at a highly respectable meeting of shipmasters on Monday last:? At a largeand respectable meeting of Merchants, Shipmasters and others, convened pursuant to notice at the Shskspeare Hotel on Monday evening, March 14, 1812: The meeting was calledjto order by David T Williams, K>q , and on motion, Cap'ain Charles Bartling was appointed Chairman, ana Win Poole and Captain Geo. Hirtol, Jun., Secretaries. The objects of the meeting having bean brit fly stated, George WiDoa, E?q in a lucid and forcible manner, urged upon the meeting the i.ece?sity of adopting measure* of relief towards Captain Sehnevsr and Air. Harding, master and mute of the ship Henry Clay. After which several letters were rend, together with certain affidavits from Capt Juhn El well, the formert wner of the snip llenry Clay, and XV. Humphrey, Capta n Schrtever'r for mer mate, ail of w hieh spoke in the highest terms of Captain Sehiiever'a character fir mildness, lorbearsnce.and gentlemanly conduct; and al?o ol his anexceptionabl* moral cliaraetr r. After which, on motion, Captains Corne l, Smith and Stanhepe rert appo.titsd a commune 10 draft resolutions expressive i f the sense of the in etiug; and after they had retiied for that purpose, at the request of several ucntleiuea, aB article that appeared in oae of (be morning paper* explanatory of the nature of tba prosecution against Captain Sctiriever and hi* male, and their prrsent sufferings, arm* read by Mr. IVole. The committee appn.nted to draft resolutions then returned and teportea the following, which were read >>nd unauimoualy adapted. The comauttee beg h ave to r? pott, that they have reflected with much care and deliberation upon the matter connected with the bu-iness of this i meeting, and would respectlully statu that they con- | siller the present n fit and proper time to place I before our cit.zrns a etalemeut of the wrongs and grievances they have borne for several years past in silence, feeling as they do that forbearance baa ceased to be u virtue in their case, and that this public expression of tbeir feelings is due to them selves, their families, and the owners of their vessels, whose property ir daily and hourly jeopardized for want of a proper discipline on boaid their vessels : the captains and other officers being deterred from enforcing proper subordination, from the fear af ruinous and rexstious law suits awaiting theaa in this city, for in no ather part o| the United Staics arc our masters and officers subjected to such prosecutions?at least without goo a end sufficient ground of action. Your committee complain?and where is the shipmaster or mate who dees not eons plain 1 ? of the almost countless number of suits whicb hare been instituted against them in the Marine Court of this city, and that upon the most frivolous pretexts?mere particularly suits at law for assault and buttery. These cases have multiplied ia a fearful ratio} suits too, which our police magistrates would have promptly dismissed as anworthy of notice, had the matter been brought before them ; but by being taken before the Marine Conrt, and a civil actien commenced, and damages laid at a large amount, our captain*, sooner than incur the expense of a protracted smt, have compromised the matter at a severs pecuniary lose to theanaalves. *k?n thorn Ku not hnan - of proof to luliia the charge- Scarcely a day passes without an iastanca occura, where caaes of thia description arc delayed until jaat on the ere of the sailing of ihe vessel, whan the captain ta arreated withoat aay previous notice whatever, and rather than detain the veaael, or loae hia aitaation, on which he depends for a aupport for hia family, thia suit ia alao aettled ; thereby enabling some worthlea a lellew to baltoe on the hard earnings of many month's labor of the ahipmaater or hia officers^ for the truth of which statement yonr committee appeal to oar mere ban ta and othera, who arc acquaiuted with the anhject. Tour committee are satisfied from personal observation that many persona sailing from thia pott, go to sea for the express purpose of provoking an aaaaalt, which will make tne captain or his officers amenable tojgaction at law. 't hey believe these casta are tWlesnlt of eoel premeditation, nrged on by those who. were they the friends of rght and justice, would inculcate principles of subordination among seamen tewards their officers. Your committee also state, that of the numerous disgraceful mutinies whieh have of late taken place, as in the ease of Ihe ships Herald, and alse the Chicora, now lying in this port, they undoubtedly have had their origin mainly in the latitude given to seamsn to disobey orders with impunity. Indeed the perpetration of these outrages have, beyond question, caused the loss of many a fine vessel, which, from disobedience of the orders of her officers by the crew, has gone down with all on board, and none left to tell the tale. Only these who have been on board vessels when in peril by storm, or shoals, and with a mutinous crsw, can judge of the trying and responsible situation in which her officers are placed. The committee wish to ha understood, that they are the friends of good order and good laws properly administered, and that they have no desire to screen those from pnaisbmeat who are really and traly guilty of offending the majesty ef the laws They a he fully persuaded that if their fellow citizens fully understood the trying and dif fieuIt situations in which ship masters are placed they would see the absolute necessity of a promp redress of the grievanees under which they are now suffering They would respectfully solicit their fellow citizens to visit the Marine Court of our eity occasionally, when a trial is pendiog against a ship master er his effieers, and observe what fearful odds he has to contend against, and with what unerring certainty the crew are all brought up to a man to testify against him, as in the case of Captain Schrievar and Mr. Harding, the master and mate of the ski? Henry Clay. Indeed there appeeit to v?? ?? ??vj u?v|*<j ??!?? iw yuici ? c it?a rem of bitterneea ud a degree of animosity direbted against the offitere of ycssols by tkoir crews, which it is most painful to contemplate, and which has been produced by the rery causes of which they complain. Is there anv reason to wonder, then, that our ship masters should experience so much difleuhy in the performance ef their duties, when we consider the east influence of an evil tendency whieh is brought to hear upon theml In consideration ef tbe foregoing circumstances, the committee beg leave to present the following preamble and resolutions: ? Whereas, in s late suit against Captain Sehrievei and Mr. Harding, master and mate of tbe ship Henry Clay, many false and unfounded charges bare been put in circulation which, unless contradieted, will have a tendency to injure ths character and standing, not only of thoje immediately interested in the suit as defendants, but also the character ef shipmasters generally. And, whereas,of late years, the captaias aad otfieers ot this port hare been subjected to numerous vexatious and txpentive law sails whieh have bsan entirely unwarranted by the facts of the eeae, eed utterly groundless in their mature?aad originating, in many instances, not from thoso in wboae names they are instituted, but by a few hungry expectant* who are aver on tho alert to embitter the feelinra ud prrjudit* thafasiads of the laaaiea or mariaori iniut their oflieeis, in order to coma in far a share 1 ?7 the spoils. t And whereas, if this state of things is suffered to eoatiaae aaaeh longer, it will he destrnetire ilike of subordination and discipline en staip beard, ' ire rent the enforcement of orders, and thereby 1 ndaeger the safety of oar Teesels, the lires of pas- ! eagors, and of all on board entrusted to our care ad protection: Therefore ho H Resolved, That we, the ship j nasters end other offieera here assembled, have riewed with the deepest mortification the many die and exaggerated stories sirenlsted, touching . he emoHy of ship masters and their oflleers to , icemen and others nader their command ; aad t lereby beg their fellow cHisens not to suffer their t udgmeats to be misled and their minds prejadiced j igalnst us, when we assure them that in too many { nstaaces these charges are got up for effect, aad c aade to sehserve the interests of those who iiae j heir pockets at ths expense of ship suiters and f heir officers, and who impose upon the credulity , f our seamen upon imaginary wrongs. p Resolved, The.t we are in favor of having every n swfnl commaad promptly obeyed and properly p xecnted; and are at the same time entiiely oppoed to any cruel or unnecessary punishment, when b note nrocn are aiiONyca w will Ml ler noting but what It right, and tubatit to nothing that i wrong. d That iathe eate of Cap'ain Behritrrr a nd the mate, of thip Heary Clajr, wa da not bo- |V ara them to bo guilty of the crimaa imputed 10 || lot. The whole character of Captain Schriever, n obi the lettere we have heard rand this evening, d from the teoiimooy of thoee who are pereoualr aaoaointod with him, ropraaeiit him to he a per- 9 ?a of mild aad forbearing diapoaitioa, and of an y RK I CORNING, MARCH 17, J unexceptionable moral ebinct?r. And we ib?refore believe tbe assault with which he is charged, ha* been greatly exaggerated and misrepresented. Resolved, That we view with distrust and in aignawon mc moot istu tij iflopito, oi maxing me captain and hit matti parties to the samr auit,thereby preTrntinx one from being witnesa for the 01 her and depriving them in moat cases of important testimony, and showing on the part of the ptosecu ion a desire to take an unjust and ungenerous advantage, for the purpose of exacting exorbitant damages, as in the ease of Captain Schriever and his mate. Resolved, That this meeting deeply sympathize with Captain Schrieverand Mr. Harding, in their present unjust aud uncalled for impris <nment, and that we will use every lawful menus to effect their speedy liberation. Resolved, That a committee of three ship masters be appointed, (with power to add tntheirnunr b r,) to visit Captain 9 and his chief officer,daring their c n/incinciit, and to pay that attention to them which they may require ; and to assuiethem of the deep interest thai is felt for them by the sh'ji masters of the port generally. , Captains iiartol, Dayton and Cornell were then appointed a Committee of Visitation, to see that Captain Schriever and Mr Harding were mtide as eomfoitable as the nature of their i-itnation would permit. After which the name of John H- Finley, r>q , was added 10 the committee, with power to open a subsciiption list at his store, No 151 South street, and any other place they might deem advise, ble, to raise lands for the relief of Cspt. Schrie ver and his mate [For the above objeet a paper was then opened in the morning, and sixty-nine dollars collected in a few moments ] On motion of John H. Finley, the thanks of tke meeting were unanimonilv tendered to Mr. Ander sen. the proprietor of the shakspeare Hotel, for hit kiodaes* in furnishing the room ft?r the meeting free of eharce,end f<>r hie liberality in contributing towards the relief of thesufl'eters It was also Keeolred, That theee proceedings be published in the Courier dt Enquirer and the Morning Herald, and a cony [be forwarded to Captain Schiiever and Mr. Harding, by the Secietarice. The meeting then adjourned subject to the call of the Chairman and Secretariea. CHARLES BAR I LING, Chairman. Will-ana Poole, George Bartol, Jr. $ Secretaries. A subscription list is now at the ofTee of Capt. Jonathan Hillman, and another at the rffice of Goiu, Poole Sc Pentz, 39 Burling slip. Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Ulshi ffVr M.\n. 16 -Jo?eph Z)rgi?*i>,vs IIrm E. Clifford -The defendant is mastrr of the ship Maria Louisa, and the plaintiff* was first steward of the vessel. The present action is for assault aad battery, the damages laid at $2,000 In October last the ship was lying; at the pier foot of Maiden lane. 1 he plaintiff and his assistant had a quarrel, and thinkiag he lad a right to be master over his own department, plaintiff went to ''pommelling on him" The -'Captain took np a rope's end, and pumm.-lled both en Vm." The plaiutiff followed him and shook hi* first in hia face, when he got more of the rape, and now brings action. The Court charged tket the Captain baa fell centrol over bis erew, whether in port or otherwise, and hat a right, with a view of preserving order, to nse personal chastisement. The Jury found for defendant. For plaintiff, Messrs. Brooks and Daly. Mr. R. G. Dillon for defendant. Superior Court. Before Judge Tallmadge. Mar. 16Broadway Tabernacle vs. IVwi. IV. ('fuller, Vi;:*k ni~-L m.?*? ? - ? -- - biwiia ;m aaxion, ana JM. Ayree. ?This was a case in which the iwet t notes ot the defendants did not raise a sufficient number of promissory ones to pay the trustees of the Tabernacle for rent, and tbe present action is brought against thcaa, as officers ef the New York Academy of Sacred music, for $700, the amount dns for hire of the hnildtngs in giving Concerts Joe. It may be well to state that this transaction occurred before the Tabernacle was bought by the Rev. David Hale, who dont gut "come over" ia that way, cither to the tune of $700, or any smaller amount, but makes them "flourish up" on the legitimate cash principle. The defendants contended that they did net owe so such, and, moreover, that they had been much interfered with and injnrrd one night when on the eve of giving a concert. Tbe house bad been lit up?the company assembled?but, lo, in the style of lamraaay Hall on a memorable occasion, the lights were suddenly extinguished, and the company left in darkness They were not so well elf as the Tammany folks, for they did not have locofoeo matches in their pockets or mould candles nnder their costs?so in darkness they hsd to remain until the Trustees took pity upon the ladies and or. dered the gas to be turned on again. This was owing to a breach of payment. The affair was compromised, aud the Conce't proceeded. Some little charges were rectified, and the jnry gave a verdict for plaintiff" of ?489,13 In this Court, before Judge Oakley, an important action is on trial, sent from the Court of Chancery, to teat the validity of a codicil to the will of Hanry Van Cortland, of Yonkers, and which involves many thousand dollars, It will probably occupy one or two days. Murine Court. Before Judge Sherman. March 16 ?Ann Stopper* (Ay her next friend, haac Labazh) vi. Sookia Rod.#? ?*? S?-.n,v?r. mellow-eved young Dutch girl, though from her "build," fully qualified to pass in symetry with any of our splendid belief of Broadway. She cane here, a> appeared by the teetimony, when she wai IS yean of age, accompanied by ber brother, who ie a year or two older, and an aged grandmother. Ann first got a place at Harlem,' but Mrs Rode*, who keeps a corset store ia Division street, near the Bowery, induced ber brother to prevail upon her to leave and take up her residence with said Mrs. R , promising that she would not oaly learn her to do housework, but to make corsets, and would give hrr 94 a month. Tbo brother then went on to New Orleans. Ann contrived a short time with Mrs. R., when the latter continued to have ber bound, a guardian having sprung up for that purpose. Time Dew; Ana grew in grace and beauty, but she was green and stubborn (at least so stated by some lidy witnesses), and would not make corsets, nor was she, according to their testimony, worth her victuals and clothes for housework or anything else. Instead of becoming more willing, or more hardy, as they assert, she grew more perverse, and was hardly worth the keeping. The brother returned from New Orleans, alter a four years absenee, found that Ann knew nothing about sewing, was wretchedly clad, and bad been bound by a man that arrogated to himself, without right, the title of her guardian. He learned, more- < over, that Ann had experienced discontentment en I more accounts than one, for a smart young fellow, 17 years of age, named Charles Rodcs, a son of de- < fendaut, looked upon her growing charms with , an improper desire, and had repeatedly attempted , t? take liberties with her, even going into her bed- | room for that purpose; she cnmplaimrd, but with- , out efleet. Charles went off to New Orleans, , where young Steppers aeet him just before his , embarkation to return, and bad a fight with bim , for what he said about bis orphan sister. The bro- | ther induced her to leave Mrs. Rodes, when a com- . plaint was entered against her at the police office , is a runaway eppreutiee, she having been bound in > iu-K ik. .... -r.? u? :?i ."> -? 1 u??l JMWI aiilTW, till Ml wil 19. . litre it wit found that the indenture could not daLam her, and abe wat Uncharged. The pretent i iction wat brought to reeornr wage* at the rate ?f $4 per naonth daring the timn the bnd been with Mrs. Kodes. At an offset the defendant produced 1 be testimony of lertral ladiet as to how atubhorn f ind green Ann wna; and, in addition, a bill for e slothing, dee. furniabed her, amounting to #171. c r<> rebut thia, a lady who had eome orer in the 1 laaat vessel with Ann, and to whote house the * rent on leering Mra. Rodea, testified that ahe wat '] dmott aaked when ahe left Mra. R.'s, that he bad c tut two worn-out calieo gowns, twe eld ehemiaee, * wo old petticoats, one of which she brought from n Holland with her, searcely any stockings, ahoes, m be., and her brother had to furnish her with ilothee. He went, accompanied by Ann, to Mrs k lodes, to get an old bonnet ahe left there, and it ? ras thrown ent to thorn on the sidewalk. f?br ai fterwards got a place, has giren satisfaction, and fn araed and reeaired aiaca from gt to |<i per 2f oath. The Conrt reedered judgment in taror o 1' lain tiff for ttfil ' For plaint iff,Mr. Chat. Dobb?; Mr II P. liar- ? r for dafondaat. in SaTaiwaii Rack*.?Oglethorpe Courae?Tuea- m ay, second day. Regular puree atrai.ce gi IfiO Two mile heats. Tha porae waataken by ai Ir Shelton'a br h. Will-go. Hia competitor W n< [ Holme a* c h. Robert Rowtoo, wai withdrawn di n the aecond heat. Time, 3 m .V) a. il, The purae for the aecond raca, aaddla horaea, waa dt uily taken by Mr. Hackel'a I m Maria Shalton. c< He waa opposed by Mr Kmw||*ng g Achillea, and ai lr. Henderson a g. g. Ooaaojr. w IGRA 1842. Bankrupt Lilt. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Jacob Rapelve, New York, to be declared bankrupt April 16: David N Karnum, do, 15th, Eliaa Stebbhia, do, 16th; Edward Remaen, do, 28h; Daniel V Fuller. Oa- | hen, 16lh; George Wlutak.r, Now York, 16 h; Row land Hill, do, 16'.b; Simeon Bearbicur, Pougbkeepsie April 16th. I ? NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. 8 D Alverun, Wyoming Co. to be declared bankrupt April 6; Justin Alvord,do, lath: Daniel Aylaworth, Jr. Mount Morns, 7th; Levi Amory, Herkimer co. 5th; C G Austin, Binghamptun, 9th: Lyman Ack. rman,Brownville, 11th; Chaa C Allen, Chateaugay, 13th; S'.ephen Abbott, Syracuse, 9ib: Ezra Baas, do; Parley, June 6; B K Barney, / tTeraon co, Apiil 4. Matthew Burdick, Wathington co, 4'h; Ephrnian Oarnum, Plattsburg, 6th; T Burwell, BuSaJo, do; Moaea Brown, do; James L Barton,5tb; Samuel Brewster,Oswego, id; Eliab P Byram. Otsego co, 4th; E len H Buel, Ilochester, March 31; Wm W Bi t; (J A Barthalick, do; Thoa C Bales.,to; John Bee die, Eaton, April 7; Theodore Burr, Adams, 9th: Harrey Barker, Otisco, -Jd; Albert Ball, Victory, 9th; W B Btardsley, Montgomery co, do;?Murray Beecher.Marcy,4'h; Nathaniel Brooka, Norwich, March '18; Ornam Crane, Meredith, April 3; Aim' n M Cbapin, Livonia,6th; Geo W Coplin, Ira,do; Henry P Culver, Mendon, do; B Cady, Lima 7th; Collins Collamar, Saratoga co, do; Wm Cauheld, Cooiiersto wn, 4th; Wm A G Cams rou, Erie co, Uth; Rufua Church, Lockpart, do; Wm P Cobb, Jetl'er son co. 4 h: Teaddeus I. Chamberlain. do: Edward M Ca twright, Albany, JJ; Bunj C Coulter, 9 alius, do; Win H Clark, Vatlck, S'.h; J oa B Cneeseman, Auburn, 4th; E P Cotton, Wyoming, loth; Harry Cartia, Oneida co, Oth; Joaiah Caller ty, 3d, Broome co, 16th; Horace Outyeo, Wyoming co, 5th; Wm Dean, Oswego, 2d; Alba Dran, o, March 31; Jestc Denton, Malta, April 3; John Durfee, Cooperate wn, 4th; John L Dickinaou, Oswego Co,6; A latin Dickinsen, Oneiua, 11th; Francis C Deming, 8alina, June 11; Huaaell Dodge, Oxford. April 4; Hiram Ellin wood, Jefferaon CO, 4th; Henry W French, Wettern, do; O 8 French,do; A French, Belfast, rtih; B French, neida co, March 30; Joieph Fofter, do, 31*t; Samuel P Fuller, Little Falls, April 6; Orrin Foray th, Rocheater, March 31; Wm O Fry, Albany, do; Jaa B Fairmaa, Elmira, April 11: Jamei Faxon, Buffalo, let; Wm Grant, Standard, ttth; Thomas R Geld,Oneida co. March 99th; Cornelius Griffiths, do,Slat; G A Uibhs, Rocbettar, do; L G Ulaaa, Watertown, April 7; TL Greenleaf, do, 4th; 8 O Genung. Auburn, do; J Gallagher, Penn Yann, 9th; D Oai lock, Montgomery; A Hugbitt, Genoa, 6th; G Holland, Mount Morris,7th; J Holtalander, do; G W Holmes, Cooperatown, 4th; A B Hunt,; HoaeaH Huntley, Monroe co, March 31; J Hardenburgh, Tomp kins co, April 4; 9 Hall, Niagara co, 11th; T W Hormer, do; H Hawk, Brownville, 4th; P Hawk, do; R Hawks, Norwich, 11th; W R Hall, Portland, 4th; L 8 Horton, Tompkins co. 7th; J A Holcomb, Wyoming co, 16th; A A Hall, Buffalo. 4th; O Johnson, Scriht, 9 h; N King,Jr. Ithica,5th; N Kimbell, Montgomery co, 13tb; R Knowls, Ontario co, 4th; Y Kellogg, Skaneateles, 9d; W Loomis. Wettern,4:h; JH Leonard, Jefferson co, do; GLinendoll, Geneva, do; E C Larkin, Rodman, Oth; J Lewis, Little Falls. Mh; 8 Loses, Albany, 4th; D Laing, Buffalo, 11th; F Murphy, Rome, 4th: E Mannering, Oneida co, March 30; B Minior, Tempkias co. April 8; 8 W Marshal^ Jefferaon ce, 7th; WC Mack, Watertown, 4th; B Men 111, Junius,Oth; GMcDole, Lisle, 19th; R Maltoon, West Trov. 4'b; C G Mallett, Montgomery ce, Oth; H B Myer, Buffalo, 1st; J Murray, New Berlin, 4th; O Newton, Rodman,Oth; G Nichols, West Troy, 4th; R W Nrl son, Syracuse, 3d; J J Ostrander, 4fu; F Pratt, Buffalo,lith; J Peterson, Mount Morris,7th; J 8 Pixley, Lenox, 4th; T Pratt,Otsego co, 4th; Rantem W Pride, do, 4th. J Pieraon, Warsaw, 7th; T M Prendergatt, Chatauque co, Oih; R Packard, Albany, March 31; B W Powers, VrUA/.nin A?Ili. P f D ..1. 43..- I. . T\ A ft cuwuiM,npia?| c* Li ( aiKcu , ojrrtfLuac, ~r.iiy u J\ rml' ker, Scribe, do; A Pickering, Homer, 7th; O H Plainer, Montgomery co, 9th; B Peet, Guilford, March 3d: Chu Reed, Rodman. April 9; B Rider, Brow nville, 4th; Homer Ramidell, Batavia, 6th; D Robbini, Broome co, 16tb; M Rand,Onondaga, 9d; V Raadall. Buffalo, 4'h; A Robbini, Barnbridge, March2S:h; M W Reynold*, Svracuae, 8th; J Rawaon, Belfaat. April 9; C W Beaver. Cnatauque co, 11th; RB Story, Our go co, 4th; J W Sherwood, do; W H Swan, Rochester, March 31; E B Stereni, Lock port, April J; J Shaeller, do, 19th; P Smith, do, 2d; 11 PSmith. do, 9th; W R Starr, Tioga co, Mh; E Stereni, Oswego, do; ZH Shunt, Saline, 2d; J Sergeant, Jr. Browarille, 7th; J Sheldon, Watertowa,do; Wn E Syhei, Niagara co, 11th; P R Saxton, do; J Slaaon, Dewitt. 4th; John V Sharer, Lille, 12th; I Stow, Union, 23,1; R Stutpheu, Montgomery co, 9th: L Sheer, Auburn, do; E Stereni, Oiweg*,Mh; 8 Spalding, Guilford, Match 2d; Edward B Smith, Buffalo, April 2; B Tolta do, lat; G Truacott, do, 4th; M Tompkina. Wyomiag co, 6th; N 8 Tboraai, Jefferson co, 4th; D Tom Union, Oeneaee co, 6th; J Tripp, Albany,2d; DLTiUotaon, West Troy,4th; L Tanner, Pulton co, 7th; Wm Tichenor, Waterloo, 9t! ; Horace Thompaon, Guilford, March 29th; Timothy H Taylor, Manlina, April 2; Eugene Vanderwerter, Erie co, 4th; Abrem Vanderiaark, Saratoga Spa. 7th; Roilin Wheeler, Wyomiag co, 6th; Edward K W? lner, Auburn, 4th; W Wadeworth, Oneida co, March 29ih; Amah Wslradt, Cooperstown, April 4; Ezra G Weld, Manlina, Sd; Horatio 8 Williams, Corning, 6th; Samuel O Willard, Onondaga ce,2d; Ephraim Whitney, Tompkina co, 19"h; P Warn,Herkimer oo 9th; Boltwood Wright, Lockport, 2d; Calrin Wilton, Wilson, 14th; Hezekiah M Weill, Wyoming co, 16th; Charles Woodruff, do; Robert Wy, lie, Saratoga Spa,9th; Benj Ward, Ateliue. 4th; Leonard Wilron, Caatauqueco. 4th; John W Wogdhurn, Cherry Valley,2J; Chester Wood, Norwich, March 3d: Samuel Weeden. do,28'h; Roger William,GuilforJ, 28;h; J W Webb, Mount Morris, Apiil7. City Intelligence. Trial or Sombs, the Counterfeiter?Thia notorious man will be tried in the Court of Sessions this day. Exposures will take place during this in* vestig&tion calculated to open the eyes of (he public to the wholesale sjstem of dealing in counterfeit money, a* practised by men who have herefolore been considered respectable members of society. Beauty or the Stbaw Bail Ststem.?On the 21st of last month, a man named Joseph Thomas was arrested for attempting to pass a counterfeit $5 note on the Tradesman's Bank of Boston. The note was presented to Robert P. Hewlett, of this city, who succeeded in having Thomas srcured.? One of those accoinpan'soents, known about the Police as "straw bail," and who wears the name of Edward A* Jessel, was taken as security for his appearance to answer the charge. Thomas, as a matter of course, escaped, and on his name being called yesterday, in the Court of Sessions, his recognizances were forfeited. Upon referring to the Philadelphia papers of yesterday, we find that Gessel, in company with Bill Simmons alias Shorty, Jem Gale alias Gallagher, Ike Rice alias Way alias Lame Duek, were all arrested on Monday, on a charge of suspicion of intent to commit a felony, and in default of bail, weie sent to Moyamensing prison. So ends this case of straw bail. Altebatioiv or the Policc System ?After five hours monstrous labor oa the part of the Board of Assistant Aldermen last evening, they were delivered of two whole sections of the new preventive Police Bill. A movement was then mad?j to lay the whole subject eternally on the table, bat for fear they should get out of businem it waa forestalled by an adjournment. The whole bill u a perfect hum Dug. Akothiji "PaTam Funs" Diaooaor.d.?John 3row, who atanda Peter Funk A No. 1, at 106 South street, above the Fultoa Market, waa yesterday waited upon by officer Cockefair to disgorge some of lis ill gotten tains, obtained from a crow black genleman named Wm. Jobnaing Ksq. Crow had sold , i lot of aomething. for an amount that Johmon , hought waa reasonable, but when be came to settle ] ip, a number of other articles were forced upon t um, " at to much a piece," according to the j ' funk" trick. Crow waa compelled to shell back. , tnd Johnaiag pocketed the chaage. A law should >e passed by the present legislature, making these ( nock auction sales a fek?nr, as hundreds of strangers tnd ignorant citizens are fleeced daily by their ait- 0 tonesi and nnjust " tricks of trade." j Paacocious Rooono?A boy named Peter Killen, n company with three ethers, entered the store i >f Charles Cole, 148 West Seventh street, on Monlay afternoon, and while Mr. C. was in the rear part i >f the grocery, they opened the money drawer and ? ibatracted therefrom 8*7 in mdi note* and f 10 in liver coin. Mr- Colea bearing the noiae immediateIr gave chaae and caught Killon, but the othera ea- i aped. The specie waa picked np in the street i there it had been dropped by the rognea, and the r otea found behind some barrels in the atore. He raa committed to prison to answer Tna Go*t?*ts or a Tmar's Tncs?.?Officers " IcGrath and Clark, while overhauling the contenta r f the trunk ot Coroeiiua Dougherty, who was tried e id sent to the penitentiary on Tuesday for larceny, 1 mod a miniature belonging to Jamea II. French, of n II Eighteenth street, that had been stolen on the 11 it instant. He wea sentenced to six months ,< n " ueaday, and when hia time ia cut will be tried on ( lia charge, and ia all probability return for aix u ontha more. f A CoLirrr.*reiT*a Caught?(>n the 5th of last " ontb, a man named William Ward, entered the ocery atore of Patrick Healjr, WOmage at reef, a, id attempted to paan n counterfeit note of the dcrmination of 82, on the Nntionnl llank of Pn>vi- IJ(J nee, R. 1. The note waa changed, and he left >i< ie atora in great haste. CircumMancra aince in- I ?fi toed a belioi, that ha waa one of the gang ot I j, raaterfeilera who have rocently inf?Med onr city, I J >d ho waa, therefore, arrested by officer *okelry | p ? Tuesday, and committed to answer the charge, in LD. m<? Vwt G?al* I A Pouctr Urnci Kr.irm in i.imho ? A man known hy the name'ot Hiram Marsh, who ke? pa a | policy office iu Chatham strret, one door from ik? corner of Orange, wu arre. led yesterday on a charge of dealing in lottery policies cnntrory to ihe law of ihe siatr. A negro named James Webb, who has t.ecn in his employ tor some time as aa outdoor agent, stated that Marsh had refused to pay policies him, and having thus dccliued to pony up, he entered the complaint for which he was arrested and committed to prison. Officer* Cockeiairand Walker "done up" lh? business, and it is sincerely hoped that the magistrates will make an example in this case that will deter others from Idlldwina' fK.o .It i - e = mod* of obtaining a living Thousands of the poor black* and white* of tbi* city are daily induced to spend the money they should devote to their families in these petty nam* bling transactions, and if one t?f them should be lucky enough to make " a hit," aa it is called, they are then cheated of their duea by an allegation on ihe part of the policy office keepera, that they have been " pigeoned." Let them be broken up root and branch. F*tiv Thieves.?A man named George B. Prober!, waa arrested yesterday on a charge i f stealing a pair of booteea, worth $1, from J. W. Buck lousier, 223 Hudson atreet. They were found in his possession, and he was commuted to prison. A woman named Catharine Ann Braman, was arrested and locked up for stealing a i air of buskin* from the smre ofw. Ferguson, 2WJ Grand street, a few days since. Si or.* a Coat a*? Cacoht.?A man named James Dull'stole a black cloth irock coat from Geo. W. Lee, of No- 4 Bowery, and wu caught with it on hi* back. He wo* sent to prison to answer the charge. tiscux-AR and Scons* Dkath ?Mr. S. Bright, m native of England, aged 36years, who ha* resided at 36 Carmine street, came to hi* death in a sudden and singular manner, on Tuesday afternoon. Hia wile had been attacked with a fit, while in the yard, and in attempting to carry her up stairs he accidently fell and struck his head against a stove 'hat had been placed in the passage. The force of the blow wasvacb as to cause his death is a few mi wu>t ! uui tuuguiioa 01 mf brim," which wui (he verdict ofihe Coroner'*jury. General acaien. Before Judge* Lynch and Noah,and Aldermen Lea and Bulia March 16?Trial for Auault and Battery wilk latent to Kill.?A man named Robert Moffatt ?u tried for committing an aggravated aeeauit and buttery oa a woman named Alary McLaughlin, of Na. 38 sheriff ttreet, on the 20m of laat month. Ha waa in a atate of intoxication at the lime and atruck the woman with an axe on her hand aad varioaa other parte et her body. Her thumb wee broken on one hand aad two fiuger* on the other. There , being no evidence to ahow that he aetaaliy intended to kill the woman, the jury returned a verdict of aaaault and battery only, and the court ten tea cod him to fix month* la the Penitentiary. Trial for Robbing a Church?A man named John White waa tried for breaking into St. Mark* church, on the 28th of February laat, and atealiag from the robing orveeiry room a clergyman'* black ailk gown, three ecarl* and a ailk handkerchief. '1 he proaecution proved that the priaoaer ottered to tell a acarf reaeiabling ihe one that waa atolcn, to George Dawaon, who keep* a aecond hand etore corner of Dean* and Chatham atreeta, tor one dollar That Dawaon had prcviuualy bean informed by Wm- D. Diabrow, the itxton or the church,that the chnreh had been broken open and aeveral acarf* aad other articlee atoleo, and when White offered the aourf for aale be arretted him- The prieoaer when arreated stated thai a man named John Daaenbury had given him the acart to tell, for come money he wed him. The defence waa conducted by C. W. Terhune.Eiq, who produced a atep daughter of priaoner to tuatuib hie statement made when arreated. She atated that on Monday evening. February 28 a man named Johu Duaeahury came teher father'* houae and berrowed a penknile; that the next day he called again and on complaining about the low atate of the fir* in the room White told bitn he had no more wood. Deaeoberry then gave him a ailk acarf aad told hioi to sell it aad nee the money. White i* au old offmder and hue curved a term in the p?--? ,rk of hi* counsel, however, obtained a rerdui tl acquittal. Trtai for Palling Counterfeit Money.?\ woaiaa named Bridget Farley, (impleaded with Koaanaah Honey, who was tried yesterday an the snaee charge and acquitted) was put on har trial far at* templing, on the 18th of Febroary, to past a eoW* terfeit $5 note of the Tradesman's beak, of this city, oa Richard Gordon, in payment for a pair of shies at the store of John Young, 15S Houston at. The prosecution prosed the note to be a coon terfeit, and also the attempt to past the sets ; and by Lloyd iiiyant, one of the sity mars hale, an adnaissiou on toe part of the prisoner, that she had previously passed a number of these hills oa different persons. 8ne also stated that she had purchased tire of the $5 notes from a Mrs. Jorolomaa, for $1,25 each, and a number of others Irom a man named James Stone. These names are, without doubt, fictitious, as the prisoner is one of the "knowing oner," and no doubt has long boon engaged by the leaders of the counterfeit gang in thin city to exchange their notas. The number of persons connected with these nefarious transactions in this city, would seam almost incredible if published, but it is well known that persons who are holding respectable sitaations in society are in the daily habit of dealing in this kind of money. A case recently transpired at the Upper Poiiee, in which a man, heretofore respectable, was concerned, and which wo bare not hoard of before the Sessions. What has become of the charges against html Tha prisoner was ably defended by Thrron Rudd, and Henry Knasoll, Esqrs., through whoao skill the jury returned a verdict of not gsiKy. To the closing spoech of Mr. Rndd may aha oonaidor herself indebted fore discharge and relenee from long confinement in tba States* Prison. fSfcf Diiorderly lioutrkerper Convicted ?A womsn named Marv Ann Bnrns. who has r#e??n? n-?s - disorderly louse oe the 14 Hook," was put upess her trial, end pleaded guilty to the ebarge. Stealing a Copper Sugar Pan-?A man named Jaeob Abrahams, mho is impleaded with Tyler Jacoeks and Daniel Olmsted, the former of mhieh was tried yesterday and convicted, was placed cm his trial on a charge of stealing a copper sugar San from Aboer Mills, of avenue D, on the Nth of anuary last. Mr Hutchias, a eanman, stated that Abrahams was present when the copper was delivered to him to carry from the wharf, foot of Brooaao street ; that Olmsted paid him for carting the copper, and was the principal person concerned in making the bargain with him to convey it into the lower part of the city, where it was sold. The prisoner was defendta by C W. Terhuac and Calvin Pepper, Esqi, and the jury after being absent for about half aa hoar were discharged, they not being ablo to agree. The court then adjourned to this morning at 11 o'clock. Dlrtriet Court of the United States. Before Judge Betta. Mauch 10?Sixteen petitions, the notices of which had matured,passed to the usual decree. Objections were made to those of Rowland Dnvies, Fowler Bragg, Isaac M.Dimond,Wm blood, Jotbam i Fountain, and John Fisbbktt Thai of Solon ........... uw iiwutii ior eoaatry paeiisation aat being rradv. Mr. Joaebimaou offered further abjection* in the tase of Carlo* B- Heotbton. Mr. Reyeokia and Mr. Cost presented irnarM ?n the objection to potition of Contra M. Gidliags. On motion of Mr. Cook, Myor Chriatellcr woe tenaiitad to amend his sehedule. The objeetiooato the petition of |John Natrona not baring been perfected, n decree was a?t irdered. Yucatih.?It ih inserted that the Y u<a ran treaty a entirely inadmissible, and that Mexico will newer igree to any such terms with one of the Slates of the epubiic. Ira in KtttttiKc ?The joe on the Kennebec, ays the Augusta Banner, finally gave way at that ilace on Saturday morning, the Jib of Marefi, aad leared out. The Banner adds that ?toi* in the first # ime, since Augusta became the seat ol governnent, that the ice cleared out before the Lr*gulanre. "tOhL : COAL :: tr.LUXU Off AT CO?T-Tha real > I'rieh Orehwd. It?t Aehof ail iit-t. Yard IK Waehiae iu itrvet. aaar Spnn* ittlla' Tfrm "rn m lUMlilu rtJ freak Hardau ? *- am ak'i iCI 1 (Mmii n? irt and f>7 .?i?: i* qwaatltiaa l? nt pun Br..t<?urtll'? parwiaarut iMMimimil tnt rnftmlnL and Broolaajr. Aim.' T>>r Y.>nng < l?r<Wrr'? m ?'ao?," raa tawing ihu raoulia of hi* ?l raatw prartKa ia r?r Yuri. Ai thio work hao baaa honored bj the award of M<I Modal, from the Aternrea tweutn-e, which iwetila.o, tad lie New York Sta'c Aarimliuml fteeiet/, baiiat o awarded Mtrral cniiira aa pfrmlnmelor auporinraprcimeoe lard'B pro lurta. further naa< M la datwU aaan mary, mt Im* )HN MiCABk k co.'s inuu<iua>ii<a uirita

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