Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vmi- ?It.-I*. 30i) ~Wkol* 9030 NEW LtVb OFLIV ERPOOt. PACKETS To Mil from New .'arktit- 4*1 1. . U Lircrp?ti o? Ike tlta of each month, ^ ?&> jft >?Tou. C Skip R08CIU9. ('eutxm J 1 Collioe. *?<h M?k. hip SIDDO\"*.4'.ij'Uuu .I.Oobb, *?lh April. Ship HfUSUID A N,r.mtUiu V. A. Depejeter, oMh M?f$iuUARRICK.6*f.|<m vVm- 9kid3r,*th Juuo. h * >m Lirc>p?ML. %f l Ship 8HKRID \N.? lam f . A. IJriuyawr, i?n iMpUARRK-!v,' ||.| .in Win. Hkjddy, llth April. Ship ROSCIU 1 'lull John Oolluu, I*th May. Ship SIDDON3.1 apiam LB. Cobb, 1?h Juue. The*eahipaare ellof the tlr*lclu(xupwar>lsof loOOtooa.btriM i ^ ci(V of Naw York, with anch improvement* a* com bin* mat ?I*#J with uuiwual comfort for pa**enger*. Every "H t? 'u taken iu the arrangement nf their accommodation*. Th* egSc* of p***?gehruce t* *f 1 uu,ior which atiijile etorea will bo Brovvlr.I. Three tUp* are commanded by experienced maa**m-who will make every exertion to give general (alulae Neither th* capt.uua or owner* oftheae ahipa win be reapotmi Ma for my letter*, parcel*or pnekuKeeeanl by them, uoleaa ra malar hill* ot laji i-'arreiciieiltherefor. Theehitool Ih - line will hereafter go armed, and (Mir pent iar -.met ruction giv eat hem aecurity not poaaeaaed by any other bat'-xel* of wnr. ^fftVSO Stoiith *t.,N*w York,ort* ,,i, WM. V JAS. BROWN <k fco, Liverpool batten by* will be charged H| cent* paraingle gutl; a* cent* per iimce. ami newspaper* I cent each. mt eOtt Nt.W ORLEANS ~~ ^^?UISIANA AND NEW YOKE LINE OE PACKETS s Mb jm M. *or the Ih ttter art'TmmoTTlion o^hmpen, it i^nteaaed to I 4**p?'th alhip from thia po on the lat. 5th, 10th. lSth, SUth W* Jltii of each mouth, cimmieneiilg the 10th October, and continuing uutit May, when mm Iar day* will be appointed foi Me remainder of die year, whereby great delaya and dwap ,maiatm*Dt* will b- prevented durini the dimmer month*. Tn* ldloa ma thin* will eo nuirme tlua arrangement hip YAZOO. Capt. Cornell. l:*. nrnvi'l' i?,. . Ship MI9RISSIPW,<..'aj?t. Hiltiard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship 8HAK8PF.ARE, Oupt. Mianr. Ship GASTON. C*i?t L.ath..m. Ship HUNTS VI LLE, Kapt. Mumford. , Ship 0('MuL< 4K.K. < ?pt Leavilt. Ship NASIIV ILLE, Capt. Uickiusoa. Slip MEMPHIS. Cap*. Knight. Ship LOUISA. Out*. Muiford. These ahipn wew *11 huitt iu the city of Now York, irpe? to for paciuti. are of a light draft of water, have recently bans .newly coppered and put in splendid order, with accommodation* fir poeaeu*er* unequalled for Co nfort. They are commanded to experienced inaatrr", who will make every exertion to pM anird aatialactioB- They will at all timea be towed up and down tha Mississippi by ateamhoata. Neither the owni-re or captain* of these ehip* will be reepoaeiMt for iewelry, bul)iim,|>rerioii* a tones, silver, or plated ware, or fir any lot tars, parcel or package, seat by or put a "hoard of fists uulese regular hills of lading are taken fortes earns, and IS value the won for freight or uaasapc .apply to E. It. COLLINS It CO. MSontk it ,or James e. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who win promptly forward all goods to hta addreaa. The ehipa of thie line aw warranted to tail puuctueOy as ad) oartoed, ead great ear* will be taken to have the good* correct mraeueed. ml is*,* (una Afxo naWAiU.. BtirSjjfl 1*031 Fare ratiured to SS oonta. from the foot of Courtlandt street, New Torlt(Every day?Sandays excepted.) Leavea N*w York. Leave Newark At* A.M. At (P.M. All AM. At M P.M. 11 do 4 do do 3) do <| do 1*| do ? do V do 10 do ON SUNDATS. From tha leot of Liberty rtreet Leave New York. Lease Newark. At A M.aud d P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NEW lOKK Ki.IZ'ABETHTQWN, RAHWAY ANB NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From trie foot of Liberty street.dally. New York. Leave New Brunswick. At t A. M. At T| A. M. 41P.M. 1 P.M. SO d ?. H V1LLE stages connect with theea lines each way. V.u Ii?Iwmb Mew York and Snmerville. SO cents. Do do Nowfinwrimk, 7*?inte. Rati wari 60 canto Emabathtown, _ * eonta. TW lire in tha T) A. M. train from Now Brunswick, and 4| T M. train from Now York, haa been reduced between Naw York and New B mat wick to SO cants. " and Rahway fa " The Peilodelphia mail line paaaoa through NawBmnawick for Now V <<rk erery araning at o'clock. On Bandar a tha t| A.M. trip from Now Brtmnriek is omitlad i PUKtir-n who proeure their ticket* at tha air* ?fairy tick* (grata. Ticke*?ar?racairadhythen maduetoe ante no the day grhcti mtrehaeed trill tm* caa" FREIGHTS bOR TW*. WR?T" AND^BOU i'H, From PHILADELPHIA, eta THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMCfltE RAILKOAD COMPANY. Freight* for and dooth will ha forwa'dr.l daily ton the truerporlntioB < Ace of the Company, No. I Dock at Wharf thiladelpl ia Mar eh aeto are reepectfolly informed that ail soode conaignril to tha compel y w >11 be forwarded with the utmoet difpatch to any point west or iniith. Ft eiglit raaebei Baltimore the tama dry it learea Philaif all line for th? writ rud annth learea Do* V tract daUi at half-pact air o'clock A.M. by tlaambeat HUBERT MORH1B. iWnftilwill re-ch Bait-more at t o'clock, two houra arei icua to the drpai ture of the t*?it>i far the eouthwrit. W. L. ABHMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia, March ?. IMP. ml* Im "" RAILRO D NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. JMUSWSItjS NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK PpH NtWJKRWii.T Rai r?*d end Transportation '<> ?1 punr hnvn ritablnh-d Freight Line between New Rrunnuiek and New York, rhicklM} intend to ran pmma"LeAitif New Brunswick at t A M. daily, (Sundays esetple.' i the foot of Liberty afreet. New Y< rk. a: 3 P.M. To c.'Uuin* dealers and met chants the above line It very de rablr Tor the speedy end cheap cor re* ante of merehandiee of every description, and move particularly lo Drosora and Dealt'* in Live Stock.ho can hart 180 head of cattle conre y 11 bet ween New Bt uuewick and New k ork, the same day, Wht'M mr rtquir'd. Ihr retcs Tor the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, foeei. ti'.cs, lie., and alt other kind' of merchandise are very low. ntvrr exceed no steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not aobjerted to any extra ahar^ : in crosaing th? North Hirer. Tnt t.nmpeut have Acted up a large storehouse at New Brue-mck adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always beopra for ibe icctption of merchandise. Paeeencen. purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, arill reel e? Urrf tics eta gratia. nil tm* FRIIOHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBO EG. BIN ? HAM'S LINE. The procrie tors of Blnaham'a Transportatfcn Lias to Pittsburg. aiva notice to the Merchants of New York. ami all other fcravtss truing to the Wost.thot their lino to new in aetire onercu in Goods consigned to them (or sent to go in their &> ) v iH bs forwarded wlthdeopatoh. Owner# or shlpoera of goods, destined for Ibe Western Stales, who lav*no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please c.males their C-ods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, ii attend to shipping all such consignments without I A?l roodi should be marked distinctly on each package IIM.HaM'8 I.INK. For rate# of freight, which are aa low u anr other litis. Apr'i to WM. TV BON, Agent, No i Weatetreet. _ oiwooite Pier Na. 3. N. JL N Be?Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and I'ot'irille, peer; Uy.Suadejs eicepted. Reicr to K, Crooks, American Ynr Co. : B. T. Nicoll, Tron' etreet; Pheltw, Dodge A Co. Fulton street; Suydam, Sage k t o.; Wtn.Baahln. Duryee A Co .Newark* ml 3m _ STATIN ISLAND FKERK. I Voot Whitehall otrrctdS^S* K.ICK JL?H-V The ateamer BTATKN ISLAND RR or SAMSON will n*M followe on til furilt. r nolvea :? L?>? States Ulano Lcirao Whitehall At I o'clock a.m. At o'clock aJL "11 " "ll" W.u - n " P.M. * t " ? " N B. All ahippcd arc required 10 b? particularly Bart. 'I andaroat the nek of the owner? thereof. ol I ? NEWARK AND NEW YORK Fare Osle Hi Cento. I aMA jS _ The evtendid and enncntcdiow eteemer I " lob a (taffy, he tog n>?n ^s ^ -! elegantly rchlted. wl'l taeiOMte her i-mlar trip# frr the (eaoos, en Thuraday, Mart h I Oth,? teat:>. ' foil owe? I Foe > Barclay et .New York Centre Market, Newark. to o'rloA. A. M. 71 o-eloca.A . M. I (o'clock, r.M l| o'clock, P M. Frc-jttt ofeetry deeenptton rant 1 at rerjr reduced ratoo. oai 1^ I ^^^^^^^ardr^wil^leare^ttMiJ^ot^^^^n oUwti Idt .<V!oei. Ret jroinj. tlte High airier will .trwhurgh I mry Monday morainf at * o'clock, ant 1 a to day and Friday Aor"?"" ?t ? o'clock . I ~ 'stlllNO ARftANtiiCMfc.NT. Ijm--> M| FOR UIEWIICIT and WfcD BANK. C l7Lut-Oa and after SaturJay. Mart li It, l#t J. the lg ? ? OH1H1S.Captain Allaire, will Icare Sew i ik evcry Tureday. Thnreday.and Salttrdaj . at b a'. do ' M. ieiumtnf, leare Red Bank arery Monday at to, k. and Tueeday and 'Ihureday at li o'clock, noon. I ot B , M IL LINK FOR ALB NY I ST ' S^3amediate plarre. ae far aa the ice iieoaita, the I JL ' 7Jt.*"?mbod I'TICA, Capt. A II. Sehultt, will cat. , . foot oft o.irtlantli atreet. THIN AFTKRNOON, at e't .I' tiday. Marek ith. | f..r eht or lactate, apply on board, or to PF.TF.R C. (ft-1 ,'\ Z, at the Office ?o the wharf. Ti tramoei TLLKOKAPH will leare for A then y en ?tt Afternoon. March tth, aito'rlork. ? I ?*, W?1 LONPrtW-tUkd y IWtetk MWA>tC MtiVUpaatne* packet ah.p HKNDRlCK HUDSON. B ?" Loft aio Mor|an, will he dcepatrhed for tendon aa Jpv r regular day Marine anpcrlor teeommoditiono for l-? -TOC" Wm E NE n: "i ? ^ p\ANi>BUFF or loaa of} Vie c?u*cl by a 'ancnid or obJ-/ ' rucWe circulation in tht mall blood r^Uwhich nupdly the scalp and h?ir with oourti' men', iu consequence of which Ui? perspiration ber,nwi tfcick and ihmnv, and drier on the lurinr forming u crust c*l ed daiwtmtf wn?ch clou uptheiwrvaof lie ?kiu, and oy iu ^rescues the root* ofthchair p'evtuts it f~nn> receiving ruili rent nomruha entto vitality The h\ir ih~?? becomes Inwh ?nduuptea?aut, R1 cofPr yl f-IU ofT Thif u-mealtliy aflf*-c?ioo it very speedily and eft* y cu el by Java's Hair Tonic whicn revives tl?e dormant im*tri ol the rnrfaoe tesecU. removes Ihe dauurun, ?od produces a Lew and healthy a row h of hair to supn y the lost of the old: and bu I doses is prevented or removed whers u aire ?d> ?list* The following <enflftc<te is selected, which *nffk??ntly provesrat.noidtd.irv vir*u?-? Meter-. A. B k 4auds:?Gentl* men. As an act of justice to you an l)r. Jay ne, I ?e>>d you tnia certificate to inform you of the invaluable fern fit my wife has received from the use of j*1* J^yue'e Hair I odic She lost not only her eulire head of hair, but her ?ythrows also and after try ing Balin of (Vtmnbta and va'tons other remedies, with no bee*fit. ?ht sasil i)r. Jaynt's Hair Tonic, bhr used two bottles before we culd dice over the hair had started, aud comrrv n?t f with the thin! I it Started to urow out fiuelv.aii'l iua few ???i herhead aud nyrbiowe wc r run rtu with a third grn alb ot rt-e H ,ck hiir. better Ih.o eh-h .d lo*-. 1 think it enlirelr produced by the uee of the Tuuie. ?ud would re sommend it to all who uecd I ?simitarremedy. Truly yours. JOHN N J ACK 40N. Piepared oulr by U'. D. Jeyne, Sf South Metreet Trite $1 ttivd tt wrotetale ead ret il br A. B 111 <A N 1)9. druggipts 7* Folion. corM'Ol Ult etreet, end lOOrulton etreei; It Co.,No S73 Uiuadwvy, coi r of Chamber itnet; David Saudi k Co., No. 77, taet lioadinr ?lti? D R HORNJi ptONTlNUKSto be consultedconBdcntially at tue office No V 71 Murray etreet. straacereare respectfully appnmed that DrWores beinfflafnlly bred to the Medical orofeeetoa in lite city of London has ham * practical member of the raid faculty of phytic for td NHah Hie lent M in the city of .New York. HisprooHcc from being general, h? eonknrv to a purtir.nlar branch of medicme, which en- I gages his profound attentioa. Hie experience ie lery great?hi* success ashtoniahing. He cautionethe unfortunate ayainet the oeeof mercury ; thousiude are annually meicurialiaed out of hfe ; recentaffection*. are, without mercury, extinguished ia a few days* See your cases?radicated,not uutchca up. The lea-nan Dr Buchan, emphatically observes? -Married persona, aud person* about to be marricd.ihould be jmrticularly caution* of Uioae affection* ; whate dreadfuliuhentauce toiranenait to poeTereone afflicted with protracted end deplorable caeu, Med not deep air of a complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Horns. A residence of 31 year* in New York city, baa established Doctor Horae'i character an a man of sterling honor, aud baaed on real reepectability aud ekitl. Dr.H.offers to hu patrols aaureyua rant Be. Dr. Home's o dices are numrroua, and patients never come in contact. Attendance until sine o'clock ia the eveumy. NOT IL It. aj- THOMAS O. HORNE, aon of the late Dr. George T .Home, respectfully apprise! the public that he continue! hie father'a most auceeaafu) practice at hia establishment. No. 7? Murray attest, aud may be oooaulted oaily until 9 o'clock, P. M- Sundays eaeepted. mf 1st* DOCTOR BELL FNOCTOR BELL devetea bis personal attention (daily antf] LJ ? P. M.) to the removal of private diseases in every stays All suffering under protracted caaesnmrrav ated or nr StiiiwraaPd 'y treated by inennerieueed oryretewoedpractitioners; thiice la boring under the destructive effect* of mercury or quack no> trams,aad all who suspect the remains of diseasa lurking in tie its ten, may consult Dr. B. always with ayuarantsenf rtireQQK Persons contemplating marriage, who have been the S?v lasts of delicate diseases, may eonsuh Sr. Bell with himnrablc esnftdence. Posy ram letters, describing the case of persons ai adi*tanee,hav* hia prompt attention. Dr.B.'s treatment neves exposes to suspicion,and is well known to be eafe and pcraa **W- Private offlees 4 COURTLANDT STREET, two doors from Broadway- mtlm* IMPORTANT WORK. VTOW in the count of publication, a Directory of Arts, IN (Manufactures, and Mines, containing clear ei position of tneir prmciplec and praetire by Andrew Use. M. D., ,F. R. 9., eet, etc.?Illustrated wtih 1941 engraTku fi. Iin..u? Ik. ? 1? -# jiw'aindever published, andab ok most adinirar|y adapted to the wants o< all Vlassts of >he community. The foil " ing are the important objocts which the learned author endear ore to accomplish let. To mstnictthe Manufacture r, MeUllergiat.aud Trades man, w the principles of their respective processes, so as to render them, in reality, the astire, of their businese; and, to emancipate these from a slate of bono age to such as are loo commonly governed by blind prejudice ?oda vicious routine. Sd. To afford Merchants, Brsbers, Pry salters, Druggists, and Officers of the Rere me, characteristic description! *.f the commoditice winch paai through their hands. Idly. By rxhibiting come of the finest Her elopements ofChemutry and Phi lies, to lay Mien an excellent practical school to Students of three kindred sciences. Stnly. T > tenth Capitalists, who may be desirous of placing their finds in some productive branch of iuduetry, to select, mdwoaniy. among plausible cUei nanta tthly. To enable gentlemen of I the Law to bec.-me acq jainted with the nntnrc of those potent scheme* wht.k are * apt to give nee to litigation. Sthly. To preaent t Legislators such a clearet tooitiou of the staple menufacturers. as may dissuade I hem from eu acting laws, hirh obstruct industry, or cherish one branch of it, to the injury of others. | And lastly, to give the general reader, intent, chiefly on intellectual cultirauon. views of mauy of the uobb si achievements of Science, in affecting those grand transformations of matter to which Great Britain and the United States owe I their paramount we,lib, rank, and power, among the nations of the earth. Tb* latest statistics of evetr importadt object of Manufbetar* are given from ?L? beet, and usually, from official author, it*, at the end of each article. The work will be printed from the fid London edition, which sells for $11 s cop*. It will be put on good paper, in new bre Tier ty pe, and wifl make about 1400 8vo pages. It will be issued mil eemi monthly numbers, (in covers) at Masai* sash, pay a We oo detirrry. Iffy- To any person sanding us fire Hollar* at one time, in ad ranee, w* will forward the numbers, by mail,poet paid, as soon as they come from the urtu To suitable ?g-u??, this affords s ran opportunity, as ws can put the work to (hrm on terms ertraorainariiy favorable, la every manufacturing town,end every rillHge. throughout the United Stele* and Canada, subscribers may be obtained with the greatest facility. Addrees, *a>st paid, La Roy Sumter land, ISO Pulton st New Tork. To every editor who gives this advertisement entire twelve wort, provided th? papers containing this notice'be sent u"the New York Watchman. New York. fw in* MEDICAL AID. ALL those in need of medical aid of a certain description. rhonld without fui obtain a copy of a littin book entitled the Ru neon, with engravkna. Thia little work waa written and published by Dr. Utegory, in 1833; in 1841, ha published n aacond editun. with many tumble improTementa and alterations; a .d it. 184A, it h>a been etiM more improved and enlarged. The engraving* aie besutifuly done, nod arc accompanied with anitnbla explanatory remarke. I he author ia now in cntcnai'e city practice at 34 Moltatreet nearly opposite the alone church. Hia having b en ronatantly engaged in comba'tiug diecaoca of tkiacharacter lor mauy yeara past, enables him to treat hiisubjact not only theorvticaf y but practically correct. Tlic patient ia here guided iu tlie selection of remedied, aeorJira to the respective cirrumataneea and condition of the ceee. The plan of the bookie to ahow the ordinary symptom* occiirring m common coaea, wuh <he beat method ul cure It theu shows what other symptoms in.y and dolrequontly happen, with appropriate treatment and remedies to be adopted in eas* theae had symptoms ahould occur. 'J he of the book it 10 ceuta. , Dr. Gregory takeg thia opportunity to remark, that ha io eery frvqoeollr applied to aader circumstances where the patient aeetna to be itUfrring which lead him into the baliof that he ha* a< me litt e remaiua of the complaint atill left, which ahowa itaelf 'nccaaiuualiy. Much uts-i aa theae frequently prove to he attended with etrictiue ; of thia fact, aa well aa the nature of a atricture, the patient had no idea, notwithstanding the symptoms may have egieted a long time, and a etrirtnre had teen in prof reea teveral month#. Doctor Gregory goaraateee a speedy and permanent cure. The Doc to He residence i* j opt a drug rtore.but ia apnrctc dwelling home, well provided for the convenience of pntl-als. The booh may also ha had at Mr. King's store, S3 f niton (tract, corner or Cliffy at the asm* price ur. urrjorj * in d? louna at Pome at all hour* ( f the eay and iveoug , Fatiante readies any dietaace from the eitjr may comae- i uieate by letter (i.lwaye poet-paid) with Dr O, a ad hiaad- i rice b? obtained, and where a clear dcacription of the caaa la i given, corcriega emt>bl< Toe, the proper rc nedtee will be for I warned to order, and aucceaa alwa; a guaruntei d, where the | wnole ay mptoma andcireamatancee arc aet forth. it lm' LUCINA CORDIAL, i TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. fT ia now barely three yean aince the general introdoetiea 1 I of the Luciua Cordial iato the United Siatee,and in that period ithaano'. only apread ita uaefulaeaa throughout thia I hemiaphare, and auetajred the raat reputation which it had i prerionely nciiuired in Europe : but haa alao added to the n { nown of ita tlluatriooe inventor by the unrivalled powen it haa 1 bean diecoverod laraaaaaa in the cure of incipient aanaouip 1 lino. The knowledge of ita wonderful influence in renovabqi and invifoiatloa the bumtui frame, firat auggritcd the iden o a naiog it in thia way ; and the raault ia, that a medicine haa been added to the catalogue for the cure of incipient coniump tinn, which plaeee the diaeaae. with due precaution, under the control of tha patient. It io aearcaly necaooary at thia paeied to.recommend thejhoctna Cordial ao an all-auAeieat ninidy 1 in oaaea of lileet. Flour Albuo, dimruit {or painful menataue- 1 tion, Inroutineuce of Urioc, andolldiaeaoaa ariaing fromdebt- f litatiouof ihe ayitem, where an uapulae.or arratorativc ia wanted: ae throughout the United fitatea it haa taken preoe- P of all other mcdiaiooa la aucb caeca, and leawaoothimr father to be hoped foe; Ma enrre being aneedy, per Ihet, permanent. and effected without pain or trouble. ShonidtlMrmhowaver be any parpen laboring under tha above ceondmata, who are doubitui of ttf a] moat unnrereally tea lad merita, I raeom ' aaeaditto them wltt. all confidence, and on my own pnraonal reoponaibtlity, freling a?turrd it they give it the lequhaU tn- II al. that health to the afflicted partita, and grate fulnaoo to Dr. Mngnin, will be the reonit. But, aa ia aleo the ano in Em- H rope, the immewe American reputation of the Loeinn Com dial, ia principally bamdonita thoroughly ioreetigaied.iudu * bitnble, and generally admitted power <e enable famalca, who hoi been cooaidered barren, to near offering; and to reatora Hriie powrra in male*, whan red iced to niter and apparently h hopeleaa proatration, t<> perteel tiealth and activity, when 1 firat received the American agoncy of the Lueaaa Cardial. M rom Dr. Magnin, aotwilhataoding ita immence foreign oalabrity, and the great amount of reopecUble tretimooy that ae- *J companiad it, I declined ramaitting ayaolf individually, " by giving any prraooal amurunceg in theae particultao; but * ww, after the enormona aale of upward# of one hundred tn thauaand beti lee, coupled with the reeeipta ot eertificotee * and leatimonia'a innumerable, and much aaowlanga founded en per eon al obecrvalion, I can unheeitatingiy warrant U or far exeoedlagmy moat aaag< ine hope*, oravm tha ihnatrioue I ? inreatarhpremieea, in tin fulfilment of the moat important M tnda for which it ia reeowmendedTuid haa become oo juitly . and ngivoml'y popular. To bo aa crpliei: aapooaiblo, I re pool, and hold myaotf pa moo ally reeponaible for the ataumpt boa, that the LuoannCawdinl, canineig?iate the virilepowera * mmalee,and make them foenudani, where nature haa keen deficient, or whan that hare been protected be artificial U aaaana: and aim that it cm prodnca that atate of the aytlam in jj faanalea, who haS Wen moTionalr ur fruitful, and imagined r? baiip, which will enable 'dim to boar childieo. I Mnl thai I hare toapaak an pinatj, oa inch exceedingly d aha ate * aiattera, but fact called upon to daao, leat it night do gngow daretood, and aa afijlgturamtaa for the great roo onaiktliiy which 1 hare ebeerfullr aaaunad. Wit h feeling a of tineata , zrai itude for the aateuaira patronage which, aa the ageu of the " Lai-inaCordial, haa neaa hen ad unoa ne la thia country, I reoaoia ihe Publico' ear* ohedieat humble ee'vant, " JOHN WINTKR8 HOLDMtWELt,, M.D. Price $1 per b >tUe Fur aala at 46t Broad*ay. Now Yartt J and ao .North Hixth atreet. Philadelphia iflT |m* * T.'l.OHIDA rl'NDS?Uutou knag and floutVni Truet, ,( r bought at N. ?l?TAHt*B, " _ .. 11 Wall gtreet Vniled Slataa Rank notsa Illiaoia do, Michigan, Indiana, 3 MI'iioia Scrir, b light and aold. mi3* ENfiCISH" Wmt ri aTHi. for Fanedriaaar and Crljil dar Mtehiuex?manufactured Irora the parcat natal fir *1,br PF.KRBR It BWOOKB, gmiWcYLiNMk MA^H'WK S Cj interior n?a ity.and k lSwOg *r ni? tt ' ruCrtr^. W YO fw \7ADr rnmAV ur 1 VIVA, X" IV J. JL//X JL i?iV po PAJ'ttK MAX Li KACTVj KK H.8.?The aohacrtbera giv A notice that Meter* Howe & t?odd..rd,of Worcealer.MlMa anvt appointed I hem their agent*. am! are prepared to furuafc ? iMori nude*, opoo tlx meet reaaonable term*. Vourdrroier and lyieader Machine*, wiUi fire cr at earn dryer*, and anuf or Wune* to aiie paper in the webaa it learra th* dryer*. AIM, very kind ef Machinery appertaining to the manufacture of pepar. which ia point of workmanahip and Amah m not aurpeaaad by any otiaar cMabluhmeut in thia country. A iaive number an low in operation in many ?f the beet mill*, to whom re term a a will bo gfroa for all particular*. PKRR81C A BKOOK8. Paper War aha?*, AMdfcw it Liberty* tret A MADAME RESTELL, DtMALt PHY8M.1AN. Office and reaideoce ltd tinea U wiih street, (between Cortlaidt and Liberty atreaU.) where the can ba routi.lttd with tha atrtctaat rnnlhwari onan complaint* incident to the female frame Madame Keetnll'e aiiwrience and knowledge in the tree! meat of ob*tin tie case* of female irregularity, ati>|fiage or aui> praeaion, Ac, ia euch aa to require out e few daye lor ccrtatt relief and perfect recovery. Ladie* desiring proper ined teal atteadauee during coaftneuvut or other inatapocittoa will be accunmodaUit during aueh time with private and re eptetable hoard. " Preveutn'e Powder*" for married ladiei whoee delicate or precarious health forbid* a too rapid increase of family, will be aent br mail to any pan ol the L'niled 8t<itee Price AS a package All lettara (|>oet paid) tddresied to *bea HI, N. V. city,' >-a!l be received. Potion Othre No. T Ksaex at. N. ,B.?Maiaina Heatall would iiilertn ladiac reciding out oi the oily, whose health would aot admit ?f travelling, that the would devote her petrosal attendance upou them in any par1 of the Unite,I Slate* within reaaouahle dutauce, fll'tfewlm* COUNTERFEIT. m1 W A ~W T-1 rn r/A ATrni * r wn XtMAJL.lli JVIUIV' 1 ilJL y PILLS. /"\WTW(J tn the celebrity, efficacy and iiit irnbli raceme 01 " MwIum UesteH's Female Monthly Piil* u all mnol irrraulu-iiy, auppremuou, or stoppage of those functions o: nature upon which Die health of every female depeudg. siuc* their introduction into Die United States, now about four year* counterfeit* and umtaliotie are rontiuually attempted to be pointed off lor the genuine. (..heap coin.nnu | ilia are pureha led at twelve ceau a box, put up in iliffvieiit boare, and calleC 'Female Monthly Kile."with the object of belting. if poeeible at one dollar Femalea are therefore cautioned against them attempts to impose upon iiirm. it in sufficient here toetate that all Female Monthly Pills are couutrrietU, except LBoe< told at Madame Kextelis Principal tbffice, ten Greenwich st New York, and No. 7 bmt etreet, Boeton. Price $1. Mndaiaa BeeteH's signature is wcittan oa theeoveraf as at box. N B. The msrned, under some circumstances,must abstut from their use for reasons contained io thadirectioue. fid dhwlm* TO MARRIED LADIES. llif ADAME KKSTEL.L'9 PREVENTIVE POWTDEHs Ira These inraluabte Powders have been universally adoptee in Europe, but France ki particular, for upwards of thirty ysars, as well as by thousands in this couutry, as heing tts only mild, safa and efficacious remedy for married ladies whoa* health forbids a tao rapid increase of family. Madame Result, as is well know n, was for tkirthy year* Female Phyeieian in the two principal Female Hoepitale u Europe?-thuee of Vienna and Paris?where li.*orcd by hei treat experience and opportunities, she attained that ceie brity in tho*e great discoveries in medical ecieuce so spa eially adapted to the ferns * frame fur which her medicine* now aland unrivalled, as wsil in this couutry as in Europe. Hm M|mintw? Willi mi |*,i, uiuyy BUM IUIIWII} Ul U1C im?H franc, enabled her?by tracing the decline and 111 health 01 married femalea, acarce in tlx meridian of life, and the cooae quant rapid and often apparently inexplicable cauaea whict consign many a feud another to a premature trace?to theii true aourcr?to arrive at a knowledge o< the primary cauaea ot female indispositions?especially of married femalea?which, it MM, led to the diaeoeery of her celebrated "Preventive Pow dere." Tlxir adoption haa been the meaaa of preserving ooi only the health, but even the life of many an affectionate wifr ana fond mother. The advertioer f-cling the importance of thie subject, and btimatiug the vaat beaeAta reaullui| to thousands by Uxu iloptiou, would to oat respectfully arouse the attention of the tarried, by all thattney hold near and dear.t meouaidera don. la it not wiae an J eirtuoue to prevent > v 11 ato whion we are subject, by aimpieand healthy meaua within our control 1 Every dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind wtllua hesitatingly aaewer in the affirmative. Thie ia all that Ma dame Res tell recommends cr ever recommended. Price Are dollars a package, eecompeaicd with full end particular diree tiena. They can be fo. warded by mail to any part of tha United States All letters mutt be pott paid, aud addressed tc MADAME REST ELL., Female Physician. Principal office. IM Greenwich street. New Yotk. Office hours from SAM toin'cJfcPM. Boston office No. T Essex at. fil dAtwlm? A PP01NTKD CITY AGENTS.?The following e.tabTV 1 ahmenta hare been appointed to aeil CUKE HUGH'S TRIOOPHEROU3, OR MEDICATED COMPOUND, for the Human Uair.? Mrt. Hotblack, Curl Htore, Broadway. King, Hot kaeller, h'oltou ttrret. J. B.Dodd, Uruggiit, Broadway, corner of Blacker. Wm. Mi'mr. Dnia it,Broadway corn-r of John at. Messrs. Field A Miller, Druggists, Third Avenue tamer of 1Mb at. Harrison. Broadway r orner of Grand at J. Jonss.Halr Dresser. Kultcns reel. Brooklyn. And ol the inventor and proprietor. Profeeeor Clirehugb, at hia rooms. >07 Broadway, corner of Fa'ton ei. Price Si per bottle. All are counterfeit. mUeidet UAIaNA?Mho. WEST'S nuunr, ie IT removed to the Cnllc Ban Pedro, No. t " cufrente de la Miehiai.* By this latter direction the building ia known to aB boatmen, coethmea, portara the., an one of the moat conspicuous point! of the rtty. The extensive alterations and rapeira upon thie house baring Mai completed, Mrs. W. haa the aatislactioo of oBering to Rragere visiting Havana, an aatahhahmeut far superior in its location to any tiling of tlx kind evsr before known in tha city. It is situate directly won the Bay. and commands an extensive view cf the satire karoo?, with the adjacent country, villwMe 4c,' Oty- PnmcngeceJorHarwiamtMt obtain a paes^'rt from, or mm vermeony, npanitti innvui, wiucn,oo arrival. is taken by the boarding officer* In the Uotrtnmeat House, where, in conformity therewith, a permit iu laud with baggage, fcc. has to be procured by tome resident of the place. Pevoonedeeiront of going to Mre. Weet'e house, wiN please bow in mind that this temoe will be promptly rendered them by the Clerk who visits all vessels with peaseogem, aa earns m they enter the harbor. Havana. Deo. M. tkfl. otSeod em* piO\L fAHli j I'll tl.Abr..? 1 h? Climou i^oal Sard, J>o. I V1H Monroe aire t.with Office, Stable, and the Yard payed. The ad*erli*erwill attend daily at It o'clock, A. M. at W1LLIAMb kTEBOV80N'8 corner of Madison and Jrffereoo afreete. ml sod 3w* rpriB i'IVIL kN6INEek and aRcHITi?<;T4A 1 JOURNAL ; Scientific and Railway Gsxette, Volume 4, ar the yeerlMI, neatly bound io half calf, and lettered, with numerous superior Plilee end E'lir-vrgi Also?" THE CIVIL ENGINEER" for January, ISM.or Part I. of Volnrae S, eortaininv, am oof many other iotereetinc su'iec'a?' The Ameiican Itleam Pilr-Oriving Machine," with an engraving and one wood-cut?" On Deem and Direct Action Engine*, four ei graving! ?'" An Auparetus for disconnecting the Paadle-Wheele of Steam Vra-rla " wiih three wood ocgravtani ?" Kemarks on hh<pe of Wood and iron."? '' Memoir o' Sir Frame is Chaatro) ."?"Hints on Architectural Criticism Re. ke. V A* this put commence a new volume, parfiea wishing to become subscribert, will r!e??e hand in their names to the importer. EDMUND BALDWIN, mil ateod IW gtosdwar. H~ OBE'S PATENT METAL1C SLIDE EXTENSION DINING TABLES-Three Tab'ee are decidedly superior to all other kxtcnaioa Dining Tablet that have ever bee a made, and are therefore recommended to public alien tioo. JIm difficulty attending loose of former conetruclion in opening aad shutting, is well kno wn, and has d* ~.cmuch to limit their use; bet all those difficulties hive 1 remedied in the taent Tables, as the slides herein used nave metallic MMrctmno of a particular conilruetion, and are not liable to rim heavy on account of the alternate swelling and shrinking of the wood, in damp and dry waatber. Those tablet aiways run anty, whether they be placed in the hottest parlour, where the wood frequently warpe, or in a damp place, and are therefore to he reeoumended also for the uae of eteamboite?they it* besides a more apleadid and more durable article than any nfore maunfbonired?are node in all dcefrable forma and petHOt, and of any leag'k rt quired The public ia reapcctf ully mailed to call at the Ware room >f Iheaubeenber, No lit Oraud. corner of Elmitreet.inthe WW laic* buihilag of tlw New York Public School Society rhere the article may bo txamioed. 1 tot cod* a r. HOB*. Palca'e* II/ILL?J? fUtblbHCI), Saturday, llth met., the A me** ricaa Repriu a of the following Magazine*, juat receired er atramer Acadia'? llacbwod'a Edinburgh Magazine, ft per annum. Inblia Uuiaerai'y Magazine. it deuopolitau Magazine. ft " Imtlcy'a MieeelTaiir. withM llluatralioM ft " The Edinburgh Her lew (No. 150) ia aleo receirtd, and rill bo puhliahadahortly. J. M. MASON. Publi her. Baocmcnt Rooma, corner Piae at. and Broadway. HI Wood* PlMBKR FOR THE U. ?. DRY DOCK. BROORLYN, L Banladrvcpo wla wlB bo receired at theoMee of the Nalank for the fouadationo of the Dry Daek, fit ? MO aproce pi lee of length r erring rout M to at feet?to a tot . ggu not loot than ta fact; nod to be not lone than It and to , arorage at leaat It lachaa in diameter, I foot front tha b?U, exclusive ef the bark. , 1.000 Kneel feet white piue timber, foot erjeere for floor tin] I i^gMjnool foot white pino do, I foot by 1 foot t incheo oquaro J AM* foot board msaours of Hueh white piao plank for floor . Sit fool booed mcaeure of t inch yellow pine plank for ehoot a Al H&eabove timber tnd pink to be of perfectly eound and . wabte quality. j The epruee piles to bp at etraight aocan be peoeured, and in a "JS*. . tali ta be aawod etrwghl and square edged to the dimoaainui wra given, and of tlw following lengtua, viz: ano half ol ft A Tot to be m (tick* tt.ts. ta and ti feet long. The remain m g half of each lot tuttwkutf vr, Maud 11 feet long.?the imber of liaaol foot of carl (on; S to bo nearly the mo. p The white piae planb to be . nirrety free from largo kaotoga re edged ia lengths a# ti. 04 TT, 10, llorM Ibei to Ore go not lege thoatr foot, and in widths from iota It, to are . The yeSow piae plank to be etraight and square edged. t?H4s far driving aa ehoot pi Hug ia loagtho af It or tlfaot, and P width from It to It inoheo?to arorage not leoo than It in J Til the above timber and plank to hodolirarnk on aueh wharf J 'Wharfa within the Nary Yard ae may ha designated by the * agipeer of the Dry Doefc eubjeet to the iaepoctma and appro- 11 .tmannrn fko I mi A*m o# I.I no tin I Klk inn r*f Aolnlweoa II Ai-uW fiViir' m( Wa.~tin.~i jj rS^Sfi^i ?"X^o^b^*tW"' ^ w ^ S Jfcu'r&S&,,ow *"*(Mlw- ^ '* ??tok- g The pr iMttli will itate the prie? per ttick for the pit to? t< it ewbie root for the whito pint timber, end per foot bootd el leeoare, for the 3andSptae plank. a The right it referred to wifn leoe than the whole quantity I I e*eh kind ol limber to iny one bidder?tod oflere will bo r mtieod ??r tor porfieri of eitherkiorl. t, wfllSktr ^opoooU far Timber, for Dry u WE ORE, Nory A (rot j 2JT*'tf,*"'j#,**?,,J4?*rted; too*beetle rurrd.aad the boot f S^eorii!--**^' a ii^TT' * Mwr*y *7?L Terme ' JJtTJJTS* Ail ipiriiiet warranted: >RK I 1RNING, MARCH 18, 18I THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BV JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D, PUBI.I9HBD EVERY SATURDAY. The wast of a weekly Journal, devoted to the advancement of Medical and Surgical Science, irrespective of local, individual, or party interests, and established on a btoad and |<ermaueut baaia, ha* been long felt by the profeaaion in thi* country. To supply thi* JtiUtrahim ia the object of the present undertaking. The Nkw Yana Lanckt will be conducted on principles some whet simi lar to those which have been ao aucceatfully adopted in the management of several European publications,of a Kiuurru Iuincicr, ana nmnowieugvd utility. 11 Will "e entirely independent of any particular ait of men,and will uniformly endeavor ho advance, by every legitimate mean* within ita reach, tlie great intereata of the emi nently uaeful and elevated profeeeion,in wkoaeaervice it will be engaged. When the proprietor* atate that thie periodical will give permanent record to the really valuable rraulta of the accumulated experience and observation of the thousands of practitioners scattered ovarthe widely extended field of the United States, end will present to them,in the manner beat adapted forpracticol utility, brief analyse* ( of the labor* of distingaished medical writer* in Europe and this country,they conceive thattheaeconeideratione alone will be found sufficient to gain for the contemplated work all the patronage which they can dei Ire. In order to be more explicit, ho we ver,the folio wing outline of the plan of the publication is submitted. The content* of each number of the periodical will lie comprised under the foliowing,heed s:? I. Brief and piquant Rr.riswt of new Medical Booka, Periodicals, Lecture*,and current Medical Literature in genera). II. OniaiNAL Contributions from distinguished member* of the profession. III. Thv Msoico CHiRr*<iicsL Rtrasiu, including notices of the cases at the Nurgiral Ciintyurs, the Hoapi tals, and in private practice; with eelectiona from the European Journal*. IV. EdITOBIAL DrrARTMVRT. V. KobVION and DofSKSTIG I'kOI mssional ItSTSLLIO V.isce Such is the grouini'work ol the plan on whieh this National Medical Journal will be conducted; and on the carrying out ol thi> plau with faithfulness and zeal, the proprietors ii'pusi' ith, they trust. a not presumptuous confident their no;.? of future and full succese. The Lsncvt will consist of sixtoen pages, 8vo., double column ; it A ili in pnbl.-hed every Saturday, and forwarded <o nil t>er?N of the Union with the stricteat punc tualtty and if ?; itch. Tikms? Three dollars pernrnum, psiil in advnnce. Qlp* iiouks.pemphi~t?, plates, 6sc., fur reviuw,ar.d all con>niuuic.aiioi)h relative to the editonul <li pail mi m, to br addressed to the editor at the office of Iho Lanclt. Subscriptions and adv? rti?? mints to be forwarded to the punlisber. James tJji.ten It mtett, at the office ol the Lancet, J1 Ann street, New Vnk. CONTENTS OE NO. XI. UCTVkti. Or. Eorry on the Lawe of Climate, and its Influence upon the Auimal and Vegetable Kingdoms .... 101 Professor Mott's Lectures on Surgery, No XL Carcinoma of the Lips Ida ' Chasms of the Cheek,' ISA Noll me Tangere 104 nr. views. Progreaa of Dental Surgery in the United State*. Second Announcement of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery ISO Progreai of Dental Science in America 187 Remark* on Rheumatiam. By Dr. Billing 187 A new Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature. By Robley Dungliion, M. D., M. A. P. S., he 168 Valedictory Addreai, delivered before the Graduate* of the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. By W.R. llandy, M.D., Profeisor of Anatomy and Phytiology 168 Twenty-fourth Annual Report of the Phy aioian and Superintendent of the McLean Aaaylum for the Inaane,to the Truatee* of the Maataehuaetia General Hospital. By Luther V. Bell, M. D 171 editobul DirtRTMrn. Faculty of the Medical School of the Stuy veaant Inatitute 169 The Imane Aaylum on Black well'* Ialand 168 Dr. Forry1* Lent urea 170 MKBIOO-CHiaumniCAL BtroBTEB. Croaby atreet Clinique 171 Remark* on the Treatment of interment Fever, By Dr. Joa. J. B. Wright, U. 8. A 171 Chimney-Sweeper'* Cancer 173 On Certain Structure* in the Orbit, and an Improved Method of Treating it* Diaeaaea. By J. M. Ferrall, Eaq , M. R. I. A., Member of the Royal College of Surgeon* in Ireland, and Firat Medical Advlaer in ordinary to St. Vincent'* Hoapital 173 Remark* on the Treatment of the Bite* of Venom ua Serpent*. By Herbert Mayo, Etq., of London 17* How to make Copaiba into Pill* 178 ITEM* ABO IBTKLLIGKBCE. On the Phoiphorvacence of Zoophyte*. By Arthur Hill Haaaal, Eiq , M. R C. S. L., Corresponding tirniuvr 01 me i/uuua miuiui nmor j aucicijr, no CeltiiB Operation 170 To Correspondent* 170 Weekly Report of Interments 170 To Hcdlcsl Advertisers. The Lancet now presents the best medium of addressing the medical profession. Its circulation is nesrly three thousand copies weekly, and extends to every section of the Union. Publishers of medical works, surgical in strument makers, dentists, kc., cannot find a more desirable and useful vehicle for their announcements than this popular periodical. Druggists in the city cannot in any other way so effectively address country apothecaries, a great number of whom are practitioners, and subscribers to the Lancet. To physicians themselves, who wish to dispose of their practice, procure assistants, or form partnerships, the Lancet affords unequalled opportunities of extensively communicating with their professional brethren. To professional young men desirous of obtaining situations, the same facilities are offered. The various medical schools and colleges throughout the Union?conductors of private hospitals and infirmaries, kc. should site avail themselves of the advantages thus presented. The Lots cet now circulates in every considerable city and village throughout the Union. AovsBTisma Tsaeta. One square, one insertion g 1 so Each additional insertion 1 00 Per annum IS 00 One column, one insertion 10 00 Kich additional insertion 6 00 Per Annum so 00 Ntw Toax: Printed and Published fort ha Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. ii Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. rT,0 BREWER* AND DISTILLERS?The subscribed t offer foraaJe all that valuable property, situated iu Auburn, md known as Watson and Son's Brewery and Distillery ,witt i liwafliog Heuaa, outbafldinas, machinery and fixtures coo Meted therewith. Susd property coastals of about two acres sflaad, lyiag on the south side of the Oeaeeo river ia said rillatt; a bsfek dwetttag honsc, a dwelling houae. a distillery notable of dietilhag 100 bushcla nf srain per day, a large and ione?seat heavy and asalt house, with two kilns it feet oaara, anet a ? storage far SO,000 bushels nf grain, a bum finds, stable teoa ! ov SOS hogs, and an office situated thereon Consented with tie dm Hilary and brewery them is a steam agias of it horse pe war with two qy lladcJs-ample machinery ?? grasduM, and ajhgenor rectifying establishment, coatarn C one of John Wright's pet's t alcohol eoeoer stilts. JIm whole eetaNWhneet it of eupenor bind, wait Eniehoe (MiuiMt in *11 ila trmitnciu, aituit'd in rich and ijriWjf yniin growing e gantry, in now in complete order H bwin > -.owe n*i i ijpary to cell the nmin eon?^ ????? f the dee, ?ee of H We teen, it will be diapoaed of at a be i tin One third of the petthiie inouey will be required at M delivery ef Mm deed, and the bnlenoe My be laA on bend ad muiingn fee lam of yaara ifdeatred. For rtfWonca iaaniro at Wo. Lcileh'e, T? Hodaon tree) I lew York,or ef tnoeaboeriberaia Aubarn, N. Y Wl/tKT ; JBKMIUM RA^OR o fkoP-Prrm rr.mmi ... .want- < ad by the American Ineiitnte, at ike late an well aa each reeerdirg fair, to George Sannden, ICS Broadway, for the Ml Raaor Strop. Tbe Metrnie Tablet, inraatod by O, aandere. bee brenretabliaked for the loot twentr-fire years, id certificated by the ft ret (en tie wee of the coentry. It pro . eea a thia aed aaiootri ed|a on a rator with more certainty >an it can be done en a bone in a tenth part ef tbe tiaee. ithoutfhe uaeof oil or water?which any perron can proea f brine lay a doll raaor a baring It pot in order oe one)of taTabiata.lM Ire ad wit Inn* fl'cflathaai jt^aL? aifceie/eliaf to tj>pafi&et!d?fbqt).to? Ha maybe mwart apaaal ted. with the almost eonftdanor, l the wore* earn af deReate diseases. aeanaitol alhetioaa. lar breoeh of the profaaaion, a-iaranfeaa a *n,ip*W rod tern re cure to all pemaoe wbe apply to kw Baaent aaaee a red ia a few day* wittowt the nae of wertnryor any other angerons wedincine. fee mterrwpiioa from bneineea. or aha Mion ia the wode of Neteg. All wbeoa eaeee haey been pro SSSa'i.Tfers Mil DWMft. SEttllN ihON UASnwOb Lapsisrnwsffrawss^alin J and anwaaer on. amenta, of eop-nor wannfaetiire, to alane ' "T,rT oS&ALcm a KHUor.k. I ml lmm M Brow! ?tr*?t i jjAtllTjnrTtANKIT* ARD UXHi'tHH. 1 * NLRBM k BROOKS. ! M? K W LArdf M ' % IERA 42. A Wreath for the Prince. Here's a wreath for the Prince may it live evermore, With a bloom undiminish* d, a power undented Here'* the Shamrock, the glory of Erin's loved shore , And the Thistle oi Scotland?brave, trusty, and triad} Here's England's bright emblem, the Rose of tbo world ; StiU hallowed by eeds 1 hat true greatness evince , Midst the banners ut royalty proudly unfurled, Here's the wreath of Great Britain to welcome the I I May the waters af Oed,as they touch his fair brow, As they yield him a name to each Briton's heart dear, Be a covenant kept midst the angels from now. That thia son of the Church will lis spirit revere ! Then a wreath for the Prinde 1 may it live undecayed, Our loyalty, honor,and truth to evince ; 'Midst the banners of royalty proudly displayed, Here's the wreath of Great Britain to welcome the Prinoe! Teas Years Ago* Ten years ago,ten years ago, Life was to us a fairy scene ; And the keen blasts of worldly woe Had aeared not than its pathway green. Yomh and its thousand dreams wrie outs, Feelings wo ne'er can know again ; Un withered hopes, uawasted {towers, And frames unworn by mortal pain. Such was the bright aDd genial flow Of life with us?ten years ago ! Time has not blanched a single hair That clusters round thy furehead now ; Nor hath the cankering touch of care Left even one furrow on thy brow. Thtna ayes are blue as trhen we met, la love's deep truth, in esrlier years , Thy cheek of ruse is blooming ytt, . Though sometimes stained with secret tears ; But where?oh where's the spirit's glow, That shone through all?ten years ago? II, too, am changed?I icarce know whyCan feel each flagging pnlie decay ; And youth, and health, and vision* high, Melt like a wreath of mow away ; Time cannot sure have wrought the ill; Though worn in thia world'* tick'ning strife, In aoul andiorm, I linger atill In the tlrat Summer month of life ; Yet journey on my path below, Oh how unlike?ten year* ago,! But look notthua?I would not give Tne wreck of hopes that thou must share. To bid those joyous hours revive W ben all around me seemed so fair. We've wandered on in sunny weather,' When winds were low, and flower* in bloom, And hand in hand have kept together, And still will keep,'mid storm and gloom ; Endeared by ties we could not know When life was young?ten years ago ! Has Fortune frowned 1 Her frowns were vain, For hearts like ours she could not chill; Have friends proved false! Their love might wane, But sun grow fonder, firmer still. Twin bark* en this world's changing wave, 8teadfaat in calms, in tempests tried, In concert etill our fate we'll brave, Together cleave life's fitful tide, Nor mourn, whatever winds may blow, Youth'a first wild dream?ten yean ago. Have we not knelt betide his bed, And watehed our first-born blossom die 1 Hoped, till the ehades of hope had find. Then wept till feeling'a fount was dry ? Was it not sweet in that dark hour. To think, *mid mutual tears and tight, Our bud had left ilt earthly bower, And bnrtt to bloom in Faradiae : What to the thaughtathat toothed that woo, Ware heartleaajoya?tan year* ago Yea, it la tweet, whea Heaven it bright, To share ita tunny beamt with thee , But tweeter, far, 'mid clouda and blight, To hart thee near to weep with me. Then dry those teara?though something changed From wnat we were in earlii-r youth,! Time that haa hopea and frienda estranged, Hath left ut love in all its truth ; Sweet feelings we would not forego For life's beat joy?ten years ago. Bankrupt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Daniel Oreen, Now York, to be declared bankrupt April 18; George Painter, do; Jas C McGregor, ef the firm ef McGregor 4" Beekman, do; Latimer R Shaw, of the firms of Bailey, Keeler k Remten and L R Shaw k Co, do; William Hill, Brooklyn, Auril IS; Joseph B Ball, j New York, do; Jamee J Broat, do; Eoenezer Fuller, (late Belcher and Fuller, Providence,) Jo: Martin K ' Bridget, late firm of G F Bancroft k Co. Brooklyn, 18th; John J Aymar, late firm ef Patterson k A) mar, New York, do; Jacob Lawrence, Jr. Far Rockaway, do. MAINE. Thomas Nichols, Samuel B Brown, Arnold S Richmond, Daniel Mason, Tbemat Jewell, James Bicklord, Jr,James A Nickeraon, Graenleaf Bray, Daniel C Reed, John W Appleton, Daniel Hamblet, Cromwell P Hunter, Samnel Hunter, Stephen Bean, James Huntoon, John Bowell, Oaks Packard, Samuel Morrill, Rufus Hilton, Wm H Hayden, Samuel V Ames, Gorham Butler. Ersstus N Torrey, James M Torrey, Jas Dow. James Clark, Richd F Webatar, Elijah Low, Edward FOrff, Simeon Tread well, Joseph Card, Joseph Leavitt, Tboa Jennings, John Stevens, Benjamin Wade. Nehemiah Kittlidge. Geo C Fkilbroek, JaaNorria, Jr.Benj Bourne, Daniel McRner, BenjS Deaur, Joseph I Webb, Isaiah Brown, Jaa Tiuh, . E W Haaey, Tboa N Mansfield, John Snow, John McEn- ' tyre, Robert Wilaou, Wm Ellis.Thoa I Grant.AlfreoDoe, Thomas Biekford, Dudley R Miles, Ibrook E Collins, W i Sherburne, Geo H McKechine, Andrew E Craig, Atkin- i inn Dsvinia RK*rhNpn? Han ftWnrKurtio Bamn.i Th.i?. ton. Hennon O Kent,Daniel Goodwin. Oalen Hathaway, Edward Tebbets, BarnabM Bur*l?y, Move* Dennett, Ira Norten. Eliphalet Y Sabine, Nathl Cobb, Clivv Panly, Valentine Crommett, Lu?h?r Scribner, Melvin Lincoln, Lucy W Maynard, Abbot Doyen, Stephen Lovejoy, Phi neaa Rolf, Geo Fitr.gerald, Washington Woodman, David Sturgis, Newell Sullen, John Hunnnwill, Archibald Hall, Arohibald McLellan, Jr, John McKellar, Thomaa i E Wentworth, Apolios Osgood, Nathan L Warren, Ata | Thayer, Jr, Waldo Blossom, Zena* Line, BenJ Foster, Willit N Foster, Alanaon W D< ggett, Jai A Thompson, ! Edward B Coney, laaac Bailey, Daniel Ualley, Jr, Asa Edwards, Daniel Hanson. (lastavui Calbath.Jaa Gray, T ' J Hill, Wm A Rollinl, Alvin Barden, Peter ilarwood, Jr, 1 I Dexter Andrew*, Samuel Moor, Dudo Thayer, Joseph , I Staple*, Otia Hodghina, Wm E Butler, Frederick J Tar- i ker, Benj Sweet, Cyrna Maxwell, Wm Hooper, Andrew 1 Sctmman, Arthur MoCobb, Levi Willey, Oeo Brvgdon, ( David Brown, Andrew Staple, Wm P Harrington, Wm C , t Dow, Shephard Bean, 3,1, Arthur Prentiss. j Hiohlt mroiT?rr Dtcrarorr i? netan to I Vrrnr. ( ot*a Intsbbbt ?A caao was decided befoie the ^u- , preme Judicial Court in this city a day or two c aineo, which involve* a question of the highest inn- } portaace in all caae* of assignment of property and s effiaeta for the benefit of creditors. It was a bill ia , equity?Henry D. Gray vs. Joshua Bennett?and was brought to recover three fold the amount of , interest money loaned by the defendant to John C. ? Cook, on usurious interest. Cook having taken f advantage of tke insolvent law of Massachusetts, , the plaintiff was appointed bin assignee, and inatitu- , tetf this process to recover the sum of about $1300 c ?being three fold of what tha defendant had re- j eeived of Cook as usurious interest. The defence wns, that, whatever right Cook might have had to J maintain sueh a suit as the present, the plaintiff jj could met maintain it, because the Statute against R taking usurious interest vai in the nature of a ? penal Statute, and (could only be iaforced by the ^ person who borrowed ike money. Hubbard J. do- 1 ? live red the opinion of tke Court to the effect; that, ? although the laws against usury ia former days () werepenal, yet tke present laws on the subject in t( this Commonwealth were of a remedial character. tl The right which Cook had to recover fur taking |? this usurious interest was ia the natnre of a vested t| interest, which passed to the plaintiff as sssignsr with tke other assets, dec. ol Cook. The result n was, that the plaintiff must recover, and the Court a, ordered tic bill and answer to be referred to a q| Master in Chancery, and report how anncb was to ^ be paid. It ia probable that niae-tenths of those r( who ksre gone inte bankruptcy, bare paid extra Bj interest ia the same war, which, according to this u decision, is a debt absolutely dee from the receiver l( of tbe said extra-interest, and should form apart of u the assets of the bankrupt. If the matter is follow- u ad up in all eases by assignees, it will involve a treat deal of money about which no question has heretofore been raised.?Boston Daily Alail, March 16 tl I " Finn at CuvciwaaTt.?A destructive fire occur- : a red at Cincinnati, Ohio, on the morning of Thurs- 1 lay last, by which the extensive pork boose of Mr. n ft W. Lee, occupied by bimselfaad by Pugh k. Al n rord.was totally deetrnyed. The oellar and first ! o ind second steriee were almost literally filled with I tl ?orx, lard, aad baeen, most of the Utter in bulk; e ad ia tha second story alone about a.x thousand I b teg* of lard ware destroyed. A large part of tha I a >aeoa will ba aarad, partially iajnrcd There waa (I nanranea on tha stock to tha amount ef tl mii tha balldiag waa not ieaared, and it" destrae | s? ion will involves lees of 96,(NX) or K) Dar- 1 'a or the progress of tha Are oae of tha walla of the f turnieg building fell oa the adjoining frame storage to touaa of Jonea h Taylor, and demolished if. The fa ire ia charred as the work of an iaeaadiary. It Wl Naw HaasraHiaR Etacnoa?Mr. Hahhard'a la Biiority avar all other aaadidataa, ae far aa heard pi" rem, is from MQA to 4000 According to Hill a Patriot, the lagislatare, aa far aa heard from, stands has?Radicals 90; Ami radicals 00; Whig. 47; ty, Vc choice 10, Aad-radieai majority 3t I iH LD. rn?? tin C?bu CMy of Itanrvo. [Correspondence of the Herald.] The Great Modern Prophet?A Dtteriplicn of ti e .Vomica Chief*,'Jooph Smith, Sic'ney Hindoo, ffr.-C iiriou* Particular*. Cur OK NAHVOO, III. Feb. 19, A D , 1842. JAUES Gordo* HrN.fkrt, Ea?i :? It may not he uniatereetiag to job to have a few lines from your correapoadant ia Zion?the eity af | the saints?the ? nucleus of a Weatera Empire."? Ib thia communication I propose airino ?oa a d*. O" B J ~~ script ion of the ? Firet Presidency" of the Mormon hierarchy, which consists of four dignitaries ; to wit: a principal Prophet, a Patriarch, aed two Couacillors. Joseph Smith, the President of the Church, Piophet, Seer and Kerelator, is thirty-fix year* of ago, ix feet high in pumps, weighing two hnndred and twelve pound*. He if a man ot the highest ordor | of talents, and great independence of character, | firm in hi* integrity, and devoted to hi* religion : in one word he is a man per m, a* President Tyler 1 would any. A* a public speaker, he is bold, powerful, and convincing?possessing both the suavittr in modo, and the fortiler ia re ; aa a leader, wise I and prudent, yet fearless ; as a military commani der, brave and determined; and, as a citizen, worthy, affable, and kind?bland in his manners, and of noble bearing. His amiable lady, too, the Electa Syria, is n woman of superior intellect and exemplary piety?in every respect suited to ber situation in society, as tna wife of one of the most accomplished and powerful chiefe of the age. Hyrum Smith, the Patriarch of the Church, and brother of Joseph, is forty-two years of age, five t?? -u-? " T r '" " ' v? ? uu uau mtnca aign, weighing m hundred rod ninety-three pound*. He, too, ia a Prophet, Seer, end Kevefator, and i* one of the moat ciicumipeet, pioua, and dcvoat Chriatiena ia the world. He ia a man of great wiadom, and saperior excellence, pe*?es?ing great energy of char ratter, and originality of thought. Sidney Rigdon, one of the Courcillora, and a Piophet, Seer, and Revelator, ia forty nine year* of age, fire feet nine and a half inche* high, weighing one hundred and sixty-five pounds?hie former weight, until reduced by sickness produced by thn Missouri persecution*, wns two bundled ad twelrn {rounds He ia a mighty man in I-tael, of rariad earning, and extensive and lahorions research.? There i* no divine in the west more deeply learned in biblical literature, and the history ot the world, than be?an eloquent orator, chaste in his language and conclusive in kia reasonings. Any city would be proud of aneha man?by hi* proclamation thousands on thousand* have beard ins glad tidings, and obeyed the word ef God, bat he ia now in the " scar and yellow leaf," and his silvery locks fast ripearing ior the grave. William Law, the other Cauncillor, is thirty-two ytui of age, five feet eight and a half inches high, weighing one hundred and aeveniy-five pounds- Ha ia a great logician and profound reasonsr; of correct business habit* and great devotion to the service of his God No man could be batter fitted to hi* station?wise, discreet, just, prudent: a man of great suavity of manners and amiability of char racter All these men are Boanerges of th* Church? thundering in the western forssta, and barling arguments and reasons assinat ihe ui-tsiin of tk~ Hie like the thaaderboita of Jupiter. Their wives, end children, present, likewise, a pltasing epectacle of intellect, goodness, hoipiieliiy, end kindneae. seldom witnessed. 1 think you would be pleaaad to visit this " city of e day," for certainly it is, aa its name signifies?a beautiful resting piece for men. In my next I will give you en account of some of the Mormon warriors, end other matters connected with that people. VaaiTesH art ford. [ Corrrspoodeoce of the Herald. 11a rtvor d , March 5,1&J2. fftig Convention?Politic*? Temptranc*? Tkt Boundary L'ommutiontr*, $ c. Ma. Btrirarr? Assuming that easy pesition ia Time's car whiah is ever offered to him who Steele en hour from arduous professional duties, 1 here determined to Midi up" for yeur paper some of the "sayiogs[and doings" of our much prized Hartford. Few , if ever* sere the times when the citizens of this plaee had aa opportunity of being greeted with each a mild* genial end inviting day. The enow which covered the gronnd yesterday has indeed " wept itself away" at the approach of thie lovely morning. Nothing is wanting hat the singing of birds to complete the fullness ot Spring. At the close of the whig convention here, thw conservatives assembled from the various portions of the Slate, and many and various were the conjectures concerning their political course aa aa. independent party. The meetiig being organized, the President, Mr. W .formerly n United States Senator from Coeneetieut, addressed the convention at some length, tracing with eaerav the erratic c?ur*e of the two great parties since Tfe wai in political life, aad very prettily describing Mr. Tyler a* pursuing the true democrats path, from which both whig and locofoco had Boat egregiously departed Mr. W. alluded moat feel ugly to the " hoary head* around him, wboae hair had grown tray, like hi* own, in the exercise of democratic principle a." Here the audience could aearce tapprotei an outbreak of merriment, for the worthy ipeaker seems to hare forgotten that he was then rearing as red a wig as erer graced a Wiskousin ox Mr. W. closed his remark* by stating that heir proceedings would be received nt the Capitol a forty-eight hours, and recommended therefore irder and deliberation. The convention then proreeded to nominate county committees, appointing breetoeach county; all of which was done, exrept in one county, the membertbereof stating thai re was the only conservative in that part of the itate. The meeting wae well attended, and the roolations mad address well written. In pasting along Main street, an hour since, nay Mention was attracted to an unnsually large group >f persons, and on directing my steps that way T ound them disputing whether a fish before thenc, ast eaugkt ta the river, mcasuriag three feet six aches, and weighing fourteen pounds, was a nike >r a pickerel. The dispute was likely to terminate n nething dsdnite, until Mr. T , a very Walton in tiscatory lore, was called npoa, who decided, na[uestioaably. that it was a pike, fiea the extent of tt scale*. Can New York beat thisl Among the umerous lookers on at this aonpariel of the Conectieut was a pines old puritan whose thonghte ave always worked on spritnral gear, who exmined it minately. mntt-ring to hiai*eli, "a most liraculous draught, verily,'* aad so it was. The ivo very accomodating and gentlemanly proprie>rt of the United States Hotel, the readiest sairert of such articles, paid the man his three dolrs, and instantly transferred the piaeine prize to i?ir judicions and excellent eook. The entiaeers employed by the Government te in the North Eastern Boundary line, are still here 'ranging the results of their labors, which ere re i? ? luriacwai nature tae arrival oi L.ord bburtoa. They are actively engaged- The >ad* are mlmoat imnam-abaW?lecture* every ght?revival among the fiaptiat* About to tun Ir. Emery, an Epieeopal clergyman at Portland, Irift bee.iuae he refute* to join the teetotal aociety. ionderfal iatereat being got np ererr where 1 low mack Arab haa Bo* loatl Your*, fct. BlitvruTfojt tie PaiuTinn.?A late auaaber of lie London Phalanx haa the fallowing paragraph elating to a new invention connected with the rt of printing: ? " Amor get other intrrcating movement*, we may lention the fact, that the principal portion of thta unibor i>f the Phaiiax baa boon i onapoaed in type f a newly invented eompoaiag machine; and it ia he firit piaea of periodical literature which baa ver been typogrnphied ia tbi* manner. It ia tbo Briauingotfa now eraia the art of printing, wblnb, ilh a very little practical rxponaoca, wiU vender ir art of eompoaiag type ao ample aad eleguat tut ladir* may ?it down, aa to a pianoforte, aad >t up ia type their own tweet effeainea, with aa ucb caac aa they can commit them 10 writing, he kejr* are marked with the letter*, aad whan or bed with the Anger, the corresponding type IU into if* place with the rapidity of polling. will mnitiply printing, and reduce it- priee, ithrnt diminiahii'g the number of workmen, or we ring fheir wage*; for aheap production mai Lira demand " Another Tomivab*.?A n*doi?8Uir?rt tmm, OenrgM, oethe3diair. Iithrfw dowa adwall[Md killed tk? fM*

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