Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 18, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 18, 1842 Page 2
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T-r -1 -in?mTr*Tmi r. n. - M NEW Y()RK_HERALIX Hew York, Friday, Rank IS, 1MI. Important Poperlar RoTemtnt?I<'lt?t D?" iiKMiilruliiHi of Ntvv York In favor of tke Administration of John Tyler, A very important meeting has been called, to be held at i o'clock this day, at the Merchants' Exchange, (or the purpose ol urging npon Congress the necessity of immediafe action on the great measures placed before them by the President and h 8 Cabinet. This requisition nia oeeu signea oy many hundreds ot the sm nd and substantial business rneufof the city, formerly belonging to both parties, but now throwing off all passion, prejudice and party ties, and looking oDly to the great interests of the conntry, so signally sacrificed by a Congress that has almost disgraced the nation. This meeting ia only the beginning of a great popular movement, that will roll over the country, and knock at the doors of both houses of Congress in tones of thunder,?crying?" what are you about idlers 1 What have you done for your per day ? Have you lost sll sense and patriotism 1" Perhaps the history of the republic, since the era of 1776, has never exhibited such a spectacle of imbecility, folly, absurdity, and waste ol all lime and charac Icr, aa the present Congress has done. This body ?f patriots were elected as a hard cider Congress? and they have truly proved to be the hardest set of customers that ever got together in Washington, or sucked patriotism from the barrel til) they lost all sense and shame. Three months and more have joined the past, and nothing has been done to retrieve the character of the country?or to pass necessary measures. Both houses are overawed by two desperate and designing clique* of presidentmakers, who, with their respective tails, prevent any thing from being transacted. We do not wish to "syllable men's names", but is there a man in this great city that does not know the two ultra master-spirits, one on each side?opposite in every thing, but in keeping up a war on the administration, and in disgracing the very character of the government. This terrible double party-spirit?this ultra movement.beginning in the extreme of the two parties, was organized at the extra session?exp mnded in the Manifesto of Forty?reverberated in this State under the patronage of Thnrlow Weed & Co.?and has been supported by the lowest kennel presses of the republic?such as the "Courier and Enquirer"?the "American"?the " Albany Evening Journal"?and despicable and detestible prints of that ilk. It is time that the people were roused up in their majesty and numbers. They are beginning to rouse up from a deep sleep?and we hail the meeting of the business people of New York, in the Ex change to day, bb the beginning of a series of popular movements, that will drive the dirty Presidentmakers and mere office seekers back to their nothingness A crisis in both foreign and domestic atfiirs is approaching, and the general administration of the republic will be supported in all that is right and honest. Go ahead. The New Postmaster.-? Col. Graham returned last evening from Washington, and will enter upon the duties of his ofiice on the 1st of April. A curious day it is to assume power. Though April fuel's day, there is no great foolery in being postmaster, judging from the excitement and hopes | which this office has created since the 4th of March. 1*41. First, Charles King was certain of being postmaster, through the intluence of General Scott? but, failing in that, he came out against Captain Tyler, hot and heavy, abusing him like a pickpocket, though Charles has a son or two in the Custom House. Then, Colonel Webb was sure of it, through the power of " Harry Clay of the West but the emolaaents arising from the boxes having bren abolished, the disinterested Colonel abandoned the pursuit, and, by way of employment, turned his tention to the bankrupt law, and is now busy laing the bent tit of the net, merely to keep company and cheer up the army of unfortunates. Joe lloxie ?"glorious Joe Hoxie"?was alto a candidate tor the office, and was sure of it for seven weeks and I three days- Phillip Hone had a prospect, as Moses had of Canaan?and a fair one for month. Mr Ixiughborough was equally positive for a wesk, and Mr. Rtymond for a month. So also was Mr. Bloodgood for nearly six weeks. In fact, ihe clerkships and emoluments of the Post Office have been, durintr the last venr. cat on and arrested a dozen different timet, to many differ ent cliques; but, curiously enough, Col. Grafcam, a gentleman never thought of by any body, never thinking of it himaelf, plumped into the office, and will have to execute the work which has kept this city in hot water for a year. We have no doubt lie will do the work well. Suvcolab Decisions m BasaarrTCT.?Some curieua drciaioae in Bankruptcy have been made recently by the United States Court, aflseting the jewelry and necessary ornaments that the wife of a bankrupt is authorized to retain in her po.wssion. It see me that the with of one ol the appliranta hid in her poiaession diamonds worth 910,000, which she brought with her into the marriage contract, and which were considered once suitable for h-r elation in life. This she is allowed to retain. We like this decision. It is a step in the march of civilization, when the women will pojneaa rights equal to those of the men. Why should a woman's pnperty go to pay the debts of a speculative, thoughtless husband ? DcosAovrtps or tub Pans ? The " New York American" is now charged daily with the worst apecies of blackguardism sgsinst the Chief Magistrate ol the Union, that ever defiled the lowest sheet in the country. Eastbsn Pates#.?We daily receive Hartford and Boston papers two or three hours in advaoce of the mall by Hsnsden's, Adams' and Smith's Exprrss Lanes?and by th?- steamer New.Haven. Smith's ex prrs* i? Hartlord is bow Uirly in operation. Vafo* Baths?This is the very witching time ot tiie season lor vapor baths. Nothing is a better preparative for the approaching warm weather. Cold* will asail one in the blustering month of March, and catarrh* in the deceitful month of Aprilbat a vapor bath, taken at Mrs. Carroll's, 25 Courtlandt street, will parity the blood?expel the cold? and prepare the system fur the beautiful month of May. These vapor baths are particularly potent in clearing the skin, beautifying the complexion, and brightening up the eyea. Young females, married or single, will had them excellent?and Mrs. Carroll is one of the most attentive and matronly persons, that ever conducted any sick establishment Pobk Watkb?When in the name of all that is liquid, shall we he blessed with the pure element of Crotoa in New York 1 Last year, the hope wes raised that we should have it How down Broadway on the 4th of July next. Will it be so! If so, then 1st us haves eold water celebration of the lolti'st kind. When Croion flowa patl the Park, then will New York be a cleanly mad moial city?then will honesty pervade Wall sjvat. *T?a their la*ciiaacc. Sottish Ball.?This ball comes off this evening See advertisement. G.t at pnparai-as hate been made, aad it will be a magnifies it affair. Ladies drew your bur Further Notca on the Progress ?f Medical Stir nee.-The Kcmarhnble Intcm mt the liinret. The Doctors haven't got the " cod" yet The Hoz epidemic Ins disappeared, and the Pickwick papers once more rest undisturbed on the ahelvea of the circulating libraries- Hut the excitement riots as fiercely aa ever in the veins of the Eaculapians. It eeins, indeed, as if the " faculty" were fully determined ta make up for the dreamy indolence of the past, by the superhuman exertion of the present and the future. The two rival " schools" have just terminated the winter campaign, and conferred their valedictory blessing on two of the largest classes of Medical Students ever collected in New York- It is generally supposed in the best informed circles, that the " old school" have cleared the most money, inasmuch as they held on the even jog trot tenor of their way, without running into any extraordinary expenditure, whilst the infant phenomenon at the Stuyvesant has been nurtured at an enormous cost for pep, baby-linin, and other incidental nuraery ex pence 8. " l-ittle trumpeter, as tney ratner pro fanely de?ifcp >te Proftsoor Draper, has, it appears, run up a terrible bill for printing and publishing handbills, advertisements, announcements, and " introdaetories," with which Uncle Sam's mail-bags have blen stuffed throughout the winter- But, as the sagacious old gentlemen of the Stuyvesant establishment managed to secure s great many private pupils from amongst the students, who paid enormous fees, it is beleived that they will be able to clear expences. On a careful and candid review of the operations of the two schools, during the past session, we are disposed to award to the managers of the junior con* cern, the merit of 'the greatest ingenuity and tact They have, in several instances, discovered a knowledge of human nature?a clearness of forethought ?s proficiency in manouvre?and a sense of the allimportaut duty of sdf preservation, such as may well elicit our proloundest respect and admiration. For instance, when their President, the renowned " Captain of the Deck," threatened to withdraw his round, good-humored countenance from amongst them, with what consummate art did the " Faculty" compose the "old man ionncent!" All the drynurses respectfully licked the dust in his presence, and with voices somewhat asthmatic but wonderfully harmonious, they sang :? " Cans', thou leave ua thu?, Doctor Mott I*' Cant't thou leave ua thua,Doctor Mott? Well thou know'at our aching heart*. Anu canst inou leave us inu?, i/ocior wok r And they did'nt pine; in vain,?for, fluttered by their repentant humiliation, and Dr. Patttson having cried prrari, and promised to be more obedient, to break up the clinique, and not attempt to rival hie illustrious brother?the great Maecenas of the " new school" stroked his rubicund chin, and with a bland good humor, that would have honored William Penn, sang in reply? 11 Dinnn think, bonnie lasties, I'm gaun U> lea* ye! Dinna think, bonnie lassies, I'm gann to lea' ye!" Harmony being thus happily reatored, and DrMott being kept well supplied with sugar plums, all went on comfortably. There is another point to pass over, which in silence would be unpardonable remissness?we allude to the manner in which the Stuyvesant faculty have rivalled the fame of the man who invented that grand instrument of intellectual enlightenment?the gingerbread alphabet! We believe that the name of the philosopher in whoso brain wos first originated this sublime project o( uniting in such felicitous combination mental and physical nutriment, has been lost to the world. But the Stuyvesant gentlemen have earned everlasting renown in adopting this truly rational mode of instruction, and won the enduring affection of ihe whole race of students. Where is there another " school" in which " surgery with surgical and pathological'analomy," and champagne suppers?chemistry and pickled oysters, ?are so pleasantly combinedl When will the students who have just returned to their solicitous parents in the country, forget the splendid feast provided for them by their kind preceptors at the close of the sea-ionl Never will they be so ungrateful bb to forget the jovial hour when they were helped to the breast of a goose by Dr. Bedford, quaffed the tl owing bowl with the llev. L>r- Mott, and joined in the wild " hip, hip, hurrah" of the venerable Pattison1 Hail, thrice.happy students, and hail, ye jolly Proicssors, that gratify at once the thirst for drink, and the appetite for knowledge! Meanwhile, the "schools" hare not all the fun and excitement to themselves The great mass of practitioners thioughout the city own the inspiriting influences that are now abroad, and have actually opened their eyes, and the revolution spreada wider and wider every day. Ilosta of private lecturer! are starting up?several valuable original works have just been published by physicians of I our city?the necessity of extending the term of collegiate education?the injustice of hospital and other monopolies, and many important questions in medical politics are exciting attention,?and everything promises fair for a reform of the entire medical profession. And what has affected all this! The answer ia plain?a free and independant medical press. The lAincrt has torn aside the veil of gloomy mystery which has hitherto wrapped up the practice of the healing art. and is adapting medical science to the popular mind. This explains the secret of its unprecedented success. The number to be issued to-morrow will be unusually interesting. It will contain an exceedingly valuable paper on the care of spinal curvatures, by Dr. Richard 8. Kissam, with a beautiful engraving, illustrative of this gentleman's improved mode of ueatment. Every parent should become acquainted with the information contained in thia article, and so be prepared to prevent those distressing deformities. Many other valuable papers are contain ed in thia number, and itpreaen* a concentrated record of the progress of medical s cience in general, throughout the world. The JUmerf will do more in one year to exterminate q uackery than the legislative enactments of half a century. IixHAl-STlOS OF THE E*OLI*ll COAL MllVES?It IS feared in England that thera will be, in n few years, an exhaustion of the coal mines of that country by the vast drain opened by the great increase in ateam navigation. AxoTHta Mail Steamer?There appears to be no end to the number of West India Mail Steam Ship*. On the Ith instant the Trent, Lieut. Miller, R.N, was to have left Southampton for Barbadoes and so on to N>? Orleans, and another again on the 15th. Ma. Lvkli.'s Lwrvnas ?Oreat complaint has been made that every one in expected to pay $a,(K) before they can bear any of Mr. Lyell'* Lectures Tnisis wrong. Let each one be required to pay to much?say .TO centt?for each lecture. To the Kdltor of the Herald, In the rep< rt of the case in the Marine Conrt, Ann Strapper, vs. Sophia Rode, published this morning in the Herald, many things sworn toby plaintiff s witnesses bear peculiarly hard against ine, at d are mainly untrue. Betides the improbability of inostol the charges, I hate it in my power to disprove all the aggravated aseertions sworn to by the brother of plaintiff. 1 aan also prove to the satisfaction of any one, anprejodicei, that Ann was treated well, and was perfectly satisfied with her s tuation till herbroiher returnedIrotn New (Means, and tint the prosecution ia entirely malicious on her part, instigated by her brother. I can alej prove that her friends have been fed ut my table, and clothed by my bounty. With regard to the charge reflecting dishonor on my son Charles, 1 proAniiruvd it ill fs rlv Liu# It < * nn*?.?;.Ll .... ? = ?""I'll."* 10 many who were familiar with the circumstances, that thr caw ahould go against mf, and other* learned in thr law did not expect it. It muat be attributed to the "uncertainty of the law," I think, instead of the justice of the case. If you will make this state, rut as public as the report, you will confers lastiaie obligation on a widow whose veracity has i ever been impeached, nor can be. I appeal to your sense ot justice for the favor. One thing more I would aay, that her brother wrote me from New hiean*. supplicating assistance for his mother- I 'id advance thiny doflnre, and I am not yet paid, nor do I expect ewr to be. The letter I have in my ( caseation Sorwj.t Uop?. No- 9 Division street. i1-?f ? >1 ... , . . m <mi n , B?vl?w of Books, Ac. Roococ's Liri or Loacnzo Dc Mzdici.?Cariy 4* Hart ?It ia rather late is the day for any one to commerce a criticism of Roscoe's delightful life of Lorenzo de Medici. It is one of the moat valuable standard works in the English language, and one that no library should be without. The present editioi has been got up in t most sdmirabe manner ; the paper and typography cannot be surpassed; and the portrait of the Cardinal attached to the work, has been engraved and printed in London. Lectures to Ladies nv Mrs. Gove-?BurdeU, Chamber street ?This is very valuable little work, and is peculiarly adapted for the perusal of all married and single ladies?particularly mothers and boarding school misses. The book comes to us with the following endorsement ( n the Ay leaf:? "James Oobdon Bennett With much respect for thy talents, and regret that we didor in opinion. Mart 8. Go t e ." Every one must remember Mrs. Gova who gave lectures here tome two years ago, and the reports we gave of them ; and this little work contains those lectures. Now, we entertain nil proper respect for Mrs. Gove, as a well-meaning and talented lady ; but we differ with her only in the propriety of a female going ronnd the country giving lectures on physiology, fee., to other ladies. AU lemaie scnooiing anu lewiing snouia oe acne id private?in the retirement of the domeitic circle. The public lecture roem ia no place for a lady to hold forth. This book ia of tuck a nature that we cannot quote from it, but it contain* aome very sound and valuable'.adviee that many may benefit from. Tin Coi.Lr,oi*jr.? Mar cruder Chariot It ? A very neat and well filled periodical. Ita content* are superior to moat magazine* Thicks'* French Revolution, No. 48?Post, 83 Bnwery.?Another number of this valuable work , ha* been issued by the above enterprising publish er. The book increase* ia intereat a* it draw* njar it* cloie. Works or Sir Walter Scott, No. 11.?Potl, 88 Bowtry ?This number contain* the admirable life of that extraordinary man, John Dryden, by Scott. It was the best piece of biography he ever wrote. New Moral World.?We do not know who are tho publisher* of this work. It ia a very curious production, and is devcted to the advancement of the idea* of those who believe that the millenium is close at hand. It is full of strange notions, and curious statements; some sense aud some nonsense. Tbentrlcal, Bluslval, die, A new movement is going forward for the erection of a new Theatre, by tbe friends of MissCushman, which, when erected, ia to be placed under the management of that lady. It is to be erected in the central part of Broadway, near the ridge formed by the rising ground, in the neighborhood of Leonard street; aud this will be one of the best places in the city for erecting a new theatre. It is proposed that this establishment shall be conducted on the most economical principles; it is to be of a size between the Park and Chatham Theatres; the boxes are to be 75 cents ; and the third tier is to be abolished entirely. In this establishment no stars are to be admitted ; but a most excellent permanent company, is to be procured, and always kept up.? Light local pieces will have the preference on a plan superior to that which Mitchell has made so popular, and successful. It ihiB plan be properly carried out, it will undoubtedly succeed; several respectable people have taken hold of it? and the central situation and novelty of the plan, will unquestionably make it take. Pabk Thbathe.?The management of this establishment has been preparing for the arrival of the Seguin troupe from New Orleans; and are getting up rehearsals, so as to bring out the " Bronze Horse" in flue style. That company will continue here several weeks, and then probably make way for the Italian troupe, with whom a negotiation tor an engagement is in progress to play here during the summer. Signer Nagel, the celebrated violinist, is in Havana. lie has been very well received there. It is htated in the "Noticioso y Lucero" of the 4th im-tan', that the Italian Operatic Troupe is not expected back to Havana. The reason given is that they have not been supported. Tue Haves were on the eve of leaving for Matan* Tne dramatic corps were also to leave for Vera Cruz and Mexico. The "Noticioso" lays that all theatrical enthusiasm had left Havana. City Intelligence. St. Patuicks Dav was celebrated yesterday, by thesons of Hibernia, with their usual spirit. The Shamrock was seen stuck in many a hat band and many a heart yearned back at the early recollections of the scenes in the emerald iale. The " Hibernia Universal Benevolent Society," numbering 180 persons, and the "Shamrock Society," numbering 150, marched through the principal streets of Mr city in procession, preceded by fine bands of music and decorated with all'the insignia of their orders. The "Hibernia Providence Society" also paraded through a number of the upper streets of our city and finally halted at "Green's Montgomery House" in Prince street, where they discussed the condunenUot an excellent dinner- The "Hibernia dined at Heanay's in Prince street. The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick" at the City Hotel, and the "Shamrock" at Donohue's in Orange street. Every th ng passed off with spirit, life and enthusiasm, such as the sons of Green Erin alone can inspire at the festive board. During the inerningit was ascertained that some mischievous persons had hoisted a figure intended to resemble what is technically called a "stuffed Paddy" at the head of the Liberty Pole in the Soventh Ward, near Pike street, that was ereeted at the time of the election of Joe Hoxie for County Clerk. The pole being greased it was impossible to climb up to take the effigy down, and in a few minutes several hundred Irishmen, who had membled, considering it an insult to themselves as a people and as a nation, very quietly levelled pole and all by the use of a piece of steel familiarly known as an axe Another figure had been raised on the Liberty Pole at the Centre Market, but was soon removed by order of the Mayor, without injury to the emblem of Liberty. Several others were hoisted at various pans of the city but were all destroyed without difficulty or riot. Death or a PAttraa ?The Ceroner held an inquest yesterday at Blackwell's Island, on the body of a woman named Mary Lee, who had been committed a day or two previous as a vagrant- The ju. ry returned a verdict of 'death from dropsy of die chest." A Rosy rocso ar a Lion.?A woman named Mary Ann Ruby alias Lyon, was arrested yesterday by officer Lyon?, for stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, valued at $17,50, on tbe 31?t of Jaouary last, from Patrick Ryan, of No. 52 Mulberry street. Most Extensive Robbery.?Two black boys named Thomas Jackson and Benjamin Dickinson, and two white, named Henry Bennett and Jamea Nelson, were arrested oa Wednesday night, by officer James $. Smith, of the Upper Police office, charged by George Busier, of No. 38 Carmine street, with stealing a horse, a dog, two birds, a parrot, a rabbit, a lamb, and to sum up th?ir iniquity, they also carried off a woman and a man belouging to his premises, and a house with all the kitchen furniture attached Tne rogues, strange as it may seem, carried off all these goods without aid, and upon oeing arrested, the whole of the numerous article were found in (heir pockets, in the shape of well-finished toy * that sre kept for sale by Mr. Basler. At* Irish Sampson. ?Patrick Stanley, was caught yesterday morning in the act of carrying ofi, Sampeon like, an iron gate, the property ot Messrs. Prazee and Banta, of No. 6 New street. He was shorn of his might and deposited in the Tombs, from whence he will in all probability, be sent to John Brown's jurisdiction, who Delilah like, * ill shave his locks and improve his habits. Shop Lift as Cauoht.?A boy named John McSorlsy, who in company with another, stole a piece of cassimere worth 08, front the store of J. F Coopsy, 78 Canal street.on Wednesday,was arrested yesterday by officer Ihwehee, and committed to prison. The boy in company with him escaped. A Statcmkkr Costsadictko.?It was stated in several of the 'papers yesterday, that Edward A. Inssel, of thta city, had been arrested in Phdadel phia on a charge of "suspicion of felony." We understand, that Mr. Jeseel went to Philadelphia on husmeto, and was accidentally thrown into company with a number of person* wh.> were under the an ol the police, all of whom were arrt sted. Jeeeel was immediairly discharged, there bring no evidence against him. and returned to this city on W rdoetday afernooa , postscript;' 03- For our usual Southern Cmrrtspomdenet, $c., by this morning's .Mail, see fourth pags. DUtrict Court of lite United Stoles. Before Judge Belts. March 17.?The petition of Cheater M. Ueddingi had been objected to principally on the ground that mention *a* made in the schedule of certain notes baring been assigned, hut it did not set forth the makers of said notes, nor the name or resilience of the receiver. The Court was willing to inake every allowance far imperfect paper#, but the creditors had a right to be fully and clearly informed as to the situation ofnpetitioner. T4e ob jectious were allowed. Among the petitioner*, whose term of advertising had expired, was Solon Parsons. Objections were offered, when Mr Western demurred. He said the aet required an ebjseior to throw up all his claims, whereas, in the present ease be is carrying the same matter through a local court that be bases his complaint on here, and hopes te get time whereby to is.'ue an execution. The Court observed that if there was any motion to be made, it must be placed on the docket In answer to Mr. Western, Judge B. also stated that the delay would not |?rejudiee his ease. Mr W entered his motion, whichwill be argued in course by himself and Mr. Haven, and a decision probably obtainad as to how far the Court considers itself authcrized to protect the property of a petitioner in behalf of all the creditors, on his schedule being filed. The objections against W. J Willets having beea withdrawn, and those against Otis P. Jewctt not proceeded in, they passed to the usual decree. In answer to Mr. Western, the Court stated that notice of publication could be sworn to before a Bankrupt'cnminissioner, either by the printer or by any other person who could testify te its being pub lisbed the regular number ef times. This alludes mere particularly to the uotiaa in the eocntry papers. Mr. Sayremoved that a decrre be allowed in the of Carlos P. Houghton the five days allowed for the commissioner's return having expired, and none being prodnted. The Court observed that it intended to paas very summarily on such cases, and if good caum were not skown why the return was withheld, the decree weald bu peremptory '1 be petition of James Brtdiey, stated that he hud assigned his property, and had not accumulated aoy since. This wasobiectrd to by Mr. Kimball and defended by Mr. Efmonds, who stated that it meant, in good faith, what it implied. The ease, on other points, must go before a commissioner, when this,also, could be decided. Mr. Bahbeh read an affidavit in which he stated that the opposing counsel te the petition of Allen Waddell, was willing to withdraw the objections so far as relates to the decree, but was averse te doinr so. lest it should operate avainst him in sub. sequent proceeding*. He asked for a decree The Court observed, that if no return were made from the commissioner in the eoarae of five day*, the decree could necea-arily be obtained, and that oould be arrangrd by counsel. The present mode, however, might do a* well. Decree allowed. In relation to Parsons, Mr. Havens stated that his books and papers were now under hie control, and asked an order to compel hint to bring them in, which was granted. A few petitions to whieh the term for advertising had expired, passed to the usual decree. Besides that of Parsons, objections were offered to those of George I. Wescott, Henry Sonthwiek, Samuel L. DnufieldThe first return^ from a Bankrupt commissioner, was made in the aase of George Brown.? Mr. Field appeared in behaif of Messrs. Mahler, the opposing creditors, and Mr. J. W. Edmonds for the petitioner. The case has been argued, and testimony taken before Judge Edwards, one of the commissioners, and the facts now brought in to be pa-sed upon by the court. The case involves several points, the principal of which are that he had appropriated to himself trust funds, and had also made improper preferences in his assignment. What constitute such will probably be decided in this ease The defence is raised, also, that appropriation of trust funds can only affect the immediate party, and will be no bar to a decree as respects other creditors. General Session*. Before his Honor Recorder Tallmidge, Judges Noah and Aldermen Lee and Balis. March 17 ? Wm. Shaleb, Esq. Acting District Attorney. 'IVialfor Grand Larceny ?A boy about 15 years of age, named James 8 Dumas, was tried for Ming accessory to the larceny of $100 in money ana mm pcvuipinry nuiei iron int siore 01 n eouey and Lewis, Na. 13 Jamea alip on tbe 31 of March inat. Tha prosecution proved by Mr. Beal N. Lewis, one of the above firm, that on the morning of the 3d inat. the priaoner entered their store and wiihed to purchase two sugar boxea Mr. Lewis requeated niin to walk np in the loft to examine one, and when he returned he found that the money drawer had been opened by rome perron, nnd the above amount taken therefrom. The priaoner waa then arreated and anbaeqnently it waa aaeertaiaed that two other bora named Walter Priee and George Lewis aliaa William Walter*, who had accompanied him to the store, ware guilty of the theft neeording to the eonfaaaion of priaoner. The defence waa conducted by Daniel E. Culver, Esq. but there being no evidence to ahow that prisoner t waa gailty of the larceny or eeen of a participation in (kemouey or previooa knowledge of the latent lo commit the crime, the jury returued n verdict of notguilty. Trial for Grand Larceny ?John Stnrgeon, of No. 40 North Moore atreet, and who haa recently worked in Browning'a iron foumlry, waa pnt upon hia trial for atealiag ?12(10 Irom Thomas Brown, on the night of Feb 9th, 1811. He haa been tried once before en the anme e barge, bnt the jury being unable to agree they were discharged. The money in 3ucation had been loat on the 6th of February, by ohn J. Moore, broker, No. 96| Cherry atreet, while he was passing down Catherina atreet, and was foand by Brown the sane morning. Brown boarded with Sturgeon and informed him the same afternoon that he had found tha monay. On retiring to rest on Tuesday night tha 9th of the same month, three days after he had found tha money, he counted it and found SI260, whieh ha pat in hia bait, nnd about three o clock Sturgeon awakened him and told him that he had been robbed.? The money had been removed from his belt, and Sturgeon endeavored to urge him to proaeeate n man named Wa Bishop for stealing the money. He refused, on the graund that he knew the money was in his belt when he went to bed in Sturgeon's house. Mr. Moore advertised tha loss of hia money in several of the papers, after whieh Sturgeon wailed upon him, and made several propositions to meet him to arrange the aantter. Morse charged Sturgeon with stealiog the money ha had loat.Trom BrowD, which ha did sat deny, bat replied that he had no money there. He made a preposition to Moore to send a package to him at an appointed time and place, which was never fulfilled. Through Sturgeon s movements, Brown was arreated oa a charge of larceny in appropriotiag the money found to hia own use, nad tried at the sessions and acquitted Brown stated in hia evidence ob tbe trial, that to hu knowledge no person bat Sturgeon knew that he had found tbe money, and alio that he told Sturgeon?thai he had put tna money ia hi* belt on Tuesday afternoon The prisoner was defended by David L Grabaaa, Esq , who produced several witnesses to testify to Sturgeon's previous good character, and succeeded in obtaining a verdict of acquittal. The Grand Jurors csms into Court during the morning with a number of bills and a presentments against the premises No 112 Broadway, formerly known as the National Hotel, and now occupied by a number of families Tbe building belongs to the city corporation, and has recently been leased to Wn H. Townsend, of the Express Office. Tbe persona numbering 18, who resides near and adjoining tbe building presented, and who applied to the Grand Jnry for their actien, state tnat nil the filth and rubbish produced on the premises ia thrown iutn the yards in the rear, thus rendering the place a perfect naisance. The Court stated that the premisea presented by tie Grand Jury should receive the immediate attention of the public authorities. Faom Bvtnos Ann?Auvtess have been received from BuvnosAyrea to the 4th of January. They state that another action has taken place between Admirals Brewn and Coe. No official account is published, but Brown's vessel had returned to Buenos Ayres with some damage to her hull, aad landed her dead and wounded. Coe was in Montevideo, where e court martini was talked of, because he had not raptured Brown. ?tor komi nas sent in Bis annnal iMiitgtw IM Lepilalur* Among ether topics, h? profe**c* a drsire te cn'ti vatr peace with foreign nation* ; refute* the offer* of mediation ofE inland and France ia relatioa to hi* difficulties with th* Baud a Oriental ; congratulate* Queen Victoria oa th* birth of her sua; and Louis Phillippe oa the eicap* of hi* oa*; expresses regret for th* death of Gen. Harri*on, Ite. The message clo?e* with* formal resignation ef Governor Ko**?, and an earnest request that some ether person may be chosen in hi* plaee?a request not likely to be granted, as it seem* to he generally conceded that no one hut Rota* ha* a rapacity to govern the people ?Bo$Um Timet, March 16. "Tna Sscord McL*od."? We learn that th* objection raised to the legality ef'the warrant oa which H-'gan was recently arrested at Lockport was that he was railed ia the warrant Sheldon instead of Sheridan Hogaa. Attempts were made to get a fresh warrant issued, but none of the lockport magistrates would do so, and Hcgan made good hi* ricape to Canada. Court Calendar?Tfcla da jr. Covit ir C*mni< Piiii.-Piit l.kt 10 o'clack. A. M, No.. 11,3 391. I?S, 175, 177, 179, 101, 188, 184, 187, 191, ?S, 193, 196, 197. ? Pert 3..?Not. 167, 67, 88, 138, 189, 348, 760, 967, 364, 766, 370, 48, 790 , 748. Sl h?io? Coikt?Naa. 13, 1, 7-1, 10 11, 19, 49, 53, 63, 64. 65. 47 , 68, 69. 61. 63, 63, 137, 64, 66, 66, 67, 68, 70, 176, 71,73, 186,74, 76. aifoiktmeitra uv the GovEiinoR ? Daniel Phoenix Riker, William S. Morris, Adolpheua N. Gourerneur, Isaac O. Barker, Andrew J. Roe, and Henry II. Bremner. Commiaainnera of Hrcrli: Dewia I-yon, Culler of Staves aod Heading; John Nelson, jr. John D Campbell, George W. lire Inn, and An* thonjr K ttpallo, Notariee Public, lor New York. Pare* or Bread ?Mighty lour ounces of firxt quality wheatan bread aell ia Natchez, Mum , for two enilling*. Public Meeting. The undersigned, merchant* and other*, interested la the variouibranchecof trade and commerce, respectfully invite a public meeting of citizen* at tha Meecharts' Eichange, THIS DAY, at two o'clock, r. is.| The present depressed condition of the public industry?the dishonor of the credit of the Federal Go Tern lent?the derangement and depreciation of the currency?nnd the prevailing want of confidence In the bnsines* community?call for some action at the hand* of those who are so deeply interested as the citizens of New York in the removal of eaiating evila. The measures emanating from the National A lminiatration, pending before Congress, and especially tha project of Government Exchequer, the object of which is Mo reeatablishment of a sound national currency, demand the candid consideration of all who appreciate the importance of the great interests involved. Pentz k Co Win k John Jamas Saydam, Sage k Co A G k A W Benson Gideon, HowlandkCo Saydam, Reed k Co Scott k Morrell J k J Van Noatrand k Co AsaWortblngton J KkS Herrick Banjamin Kicharda rhclna, Dodge fc Co Jat k Geo Brooks Hendricks Brothers Hoadlsy .Fnelpa k Co Van Vtiot k Wyokef Heury Suydam k Son Charles Warden k Co. Peter I Nevios NT Hubbard, Cheney k Co John Johnson's Son Heury 8 Wyckoff Gordon k Talbot Holbiook, Nelson fc Co J W Spencer k Co D k A Wsssen John Wheelwright K T Peet Hitchcock Lambert k Wolcott P H Frost k Co G U Richard* Wight. Stunceas k Shaw J P Duoi way fc Bros Pack k Say re 8 T Nicholl W g Wetmore A Howard k Sou V Everitt k Co Wra Doage k Sena K k R Stout A H ahull/ HHkUD Harding Broadhead k Storm M O Roberta EElsworth Henry Wyekoffk Co Calvin W How A Van Santvoort John T Stagg ffm Haltey k Co Cros, Buckley, Gookin Elliott, Buinap k Babcock J P Karnham kCo Creed, Bakee k Co J M Willett 4' Oravea g Hnrlburt Dow k Cary DBkW Moaea Ralph Mead k Co laeac T Storm 8 H Herrick k Co Mead, Rogera k Co Ketchum f Ten Brook Van Schaick k Adama Babcock k Co Hoffman k Baley Rich k Lootrel Bailey, Ward k Co Jamea Eagle fc Son Van Wagenen k Tucker R k H Haight k Co Hall and Barlow Barrow kPrior Richard S Willi ma Everitt k B itteile H M Nicholl* Charier T Richarda J Theodore Whit. Grant k Barton Richard ? m Park, Smith k Bruce firuah k C liam Nichola, Bergh k Palmer David A dan.. G C Higginaon Kieiterd, Warner kCo P W Eoga E k J H. rrick Butler k Jonei Bahua k Co Jamea Hurry Allen k Whittlesey Howea k Godfrey R Bartlett W C Lang ley kCo Perkins fc Hopkins J k T 8 Winelow J O Ward John T Baleh Boatwlck fc Dibble Robert C Dlaon Cutter. Cook k Co Baml W 8locum A C laham k Co Condit k Scott W W Gilmer A H Grant Loring Andrews Q Atkina Wm P Micher Richard PBuck Wm H Hoople Charles L Voce Wm K Tucker Erra Lewis Jamea Ketchum, Jun Wm Wylka Pratt John Pi ters k Co D W I agar soil Clapp k Brown K Hyatt John Elwell Hanschen k Unkhart Laffiir k Redmond Jamea L Hoyt Post k Phillips Dunham fc bison W Wilson Baal A Willoughby ? Hunry Bargee Comeliui Oakley, Jr Wm Ballard fc Co a Melvin a Co Bnlkley a Brooka T Rockwall fc Co John Ballard, Jr Wa Milea Wm Kumhel Juliua R Cogswell Henry H Munstll Vaoderroortfc Hay ward ChaaCarviUa joa W Reeve O W Pot lien Herbert fc Olaatead Comen, Hopkioa fCo Conover, Labagh fc Rankin ? D Morgan McCoun. Sherman fc Co Taylor, bond fc Co J L Harria Rodman F Wright Udolpho Wolfe Brush fc Co Skelding fc Ferria J T B Ketcham Starka W Lewie Stephen fc Oeo Storm Wilson fc Cobb Morgan fc Avery J P Harria Lewie fc Brown Thoa Woodward, Jr ?lw Oiiflith Wa C Dougherty Gerard C Lester Berry fc Palmer Joseph H /xie W B Walker Jacob Beason J W H fc E Van Kleock Piatt Brash Wa B Jenkins L fc V Kirby Thomas T Field T homes fc Black well Thoa D Moore fc Co F B Williams Wm Delano J Cheesaan fc Son 11 Winkley Seaman fc Brothers John Jackson Peter Morton Jokn M Brnen fc Son A W Sanger "* A Trumbull ? Carter Eraamns A Kutz Fred Kutz ] J Erasmus a Kutz, Jr Edw a Cook Berj D Brush J W Harwood Wm Howard M P Robbins G H Williams A B Manin O H P Brush L W C Rosa Job Chandler Lucina Cue Robt L Crooke E L Gazer J F Clark son Mi not C Morgan James L Butler Chau fc Algar Justus E Eat le ? Heppoek fc Bon CSfcrles Turner J Oibney SB H Franklin Geo B Granniaa Thoa Delano Veghta fc Bergh Reuboa Voae Jonathan T Fatten Reed fc Gay B J Danforth David Wood Robert Merrill B Brewster Samuel Pierce jonu Mcaneiu An i_en?er Alex Mtgarey Ju Haalett Joe Gilbert A Son John A Moore John Alexander Va Hurt Jae W Rnery J D logdreoll Sent Leech, Jr C baric* Smith W R Taylor RAM Dart Oiloert Cleland N B Wilbnr HSTnrboU E A Miller A B Sutton D 8 Tumor W A Darling Edward O'Reilly Baker. Crane A Co Phyfe A Brother* W|f Gill Horatio Dorr Oeorge Balk ley C F Codwioa John M Park Daniel B Gleooon Denton Feoraall A G Handford i Taylor A Hitch Jae M Waterhouae Oeorge F Barnard Sherwood A KnappWE Howell John Lowia Wm Hubbard Jamei Harkneea E M Brown John Buekaiaeter Egloeton A Rattoll John Jacobua Henry Caaaerdon 8 Valentino A Co John D Cooke A Co Henry Willetta Chorion M Tarey Nethanl Hepburn L M Codwiae Jam* a Goodman Aoguatut Oraft W S Herman General Booth - A Huhbaad A Co Charlea H Craft Holt A Owen Keelrr A Ootram John L B Max wall Wm Wall Smith A Brother* Abrm Dung)* O W Potion Oillmor AfBoaaher Juhn L Cromwell Robt 8 Place Wertloke A Co Holt A William* Rich Borneo Young A Cotter Jacob 8 Andaman H H Morrell William Allan John B Webb E Iwd J Robert* Theo Crane P M Namard Oliver Johnoon J J Daeie John Coger Molt Bedell J M Coggerahall Abm Farden A Sou* Con*! Schneck, Jr Thoma* Leggott, Jr E L Buahnoll Saml P Hobmaon Ly let A Polkemaa Baml O Colirtom J Manton J Bleakloy Goo L Meecham Bawl P Ly mm Jamei M Tobhill N Weag Tiadall A Hickman B M Krcney William Burkloy J H Fo*tor Wm Bollard John B VaU n_i- * Cu-kmtt Dwieht Footer Caswell k Bates C F Fan* Walton k Little B B *> * , Jskn k George King William Taylor B Loekweed 8 Baler King JaaiM R Rapolya Jaa D Damereon id ward D McKtaaey LA ?>kea Oilbart R Tanstt C 8 Foot tea Wkitmara fc Taff Oeor ge El monitor f Pratl k Burr Oeoiga A Thomas Danl B Alien Chas 8 Trow bridge Nehemiah Mason C Parker Lockwaad > Brown Wm L Pinkney John B Pomerey Thomas Allcoch Osn W Oroen Hy Purdy J H Taylor Basal 8 Whitney J B Huatad R >t>t B Mercy Thomas W Dick John Takemaa Jacob P Marshall Wells Lsflin Thomas F flmilhh Co Jaa H Cutler John Wright John 1) Darie J P Manow J H Hawea 07- THE BOCIETT OF FRIEND*?A highly re speciable family of this escelimt people hare recently been much afflicted with a paialnl case of Inflammatory Rheumatism, which, after no anccesa with Doctors, they hare cured to their great joy. with the Howes' Nerea and Bone Lioimeat aad Indian Vegetable Elialr fre*?7l Maiden lane, where they hare lelt their add rose, thai any persona anflhriag and doubting the power of this,may bo radar red to them by nana. If anch facta will not couriace auffarers, we are eery sorry and w# bid them to call for tha name andoaaa of this family.? AT Y C'eorirr Any. __ (n- MR. BHAW will gieabia third oonoert, on Fri day aeeniag, I k instant, at the Jtny vasoot taaUtnto. ... 1UP#HlMWHMNiHHBi#. -MM- , Xu * *... , . * . ir, ip^ K7> OAnION AOAIN3T ROBfcRT B. KENT.? RaWt B. lull hu ban fur ttrerM ytkit ia my emptoy ant, but certain KU ?f hii hi?,atf ntiralr 4?*tror?4 ay ronfiJiaec ia him, l|iiKh*r|r 1 him ?tyut tht fint ?f ft Lriury I ait. The mid Kent ha* bow in h i ix.aie.cinn t\n WHim iifi RE* U8E8 TO GIYE Ur. a PuwVr if AttJaeyw'hwh be htd Croat mc lo tntbl*him tj lianact bnaima* tad oeilect moMV on mvjaccounl. NOW THIS ia togire notice to all whom it may coaunt that I do hereby ilccla*t the aaiii POWER OK ATTORNEY REVOKED, ami 1 particularly nqueat all prrma * ho may b? at t hit tine ludebid 10 i? e, TO BKWARF. tad not p if aaid Kent tar money on my account, ai|hu receipt will bt no diaehaift for toy debt owing ine, (after ihi* pubiieation. Hoping tii a', my auraeroui agenti will generally MS thw, 1 am the public'* aervaat, B. BRANDKETH, ttl,|Broudway, N.T. ink Mm ?h, ists w CHATHAM THEATRE.?A new drama, denominated the Knight and the Wood Demon, ia performed to-night, furuiahing more proof ol the determined zeal ef the enterpriaing manager, to merit a continuance ol the libera) putionage be nightly receive*. The farce of the Unflnianed Gentleman?H.rid a* the Hon. Kriak Flammer, John Seftoiiaa Bill Douney, ?ud Mra. Thorn# a* Chintz?and the German drama ef Kauatua, which continue* to denw, are added to tb? abort drama, forming an attractive and pleating rntertuiumunt. ft?- AMERICAN MU8EUM ?Our old favorite Harrington it delighting the immenao crowd* which dailv ad nightly congregate her*. HU scenes of ventriloquism and magical lUuiiom are catremely amusing and wonderful. Yau Zoo, thu Chinese Juggler, ia alee a wonderful fellow in hia line Le Petite Cerito.'the beautiful littledaaoer,leaves forBoaton next week. Neither of theae performer*, therefore, will remain hare after to-morrow. Aa uanal on Saturday*, there will be .a plendid day performance to-morrow at thro* o'clock. We have joat learned that owing Ito the great crowd laat eight, many of whom were nnaUe to aee the model of DabUn, it will remain here till to-morrow night, bat poet tivtly no longer. fcj- THE RAINER FAMILY CONCERT?W* are happy to hear that thee* charming Minstrels of the Tyrol give another Orend Yical Concert, at the Society Library room.thla evening. We here oaly to my that they ere deserving all the praise that can possibly be bestowed on them, and advute thoae ??four rradars that have not yet listened to their rich and beautiful melodies of the Tyrol not to lose that opportunity of hearing these noble children from the mountnin land, apd be preeem early this evening,aa the house will be no doubt crowdad. ( gy- WINCHKLL tbe comic droileriat, and delineator of man and manners, i* performing in Boaton before immense audi eocer. Q(j- DAGUERREOTYPE.?The subscriber* havo iust reoeived and offer for sale a complete assortment of daguerreotype plates of excellent qualit*-, achromatic lenses, toge<her with Hypo Sulphite of Bode end the new accelerating substance*, such as Chloride oi Gold, Chloride of Iodine. Bromine, and instructions aa to the manner of usingtnem. L. B. BIN88E It CO*, 34 Maiden Lane, (up stairs.) OJ- MR. EDITOR?' walter scaldedhi*foot with boiling water, so that i 4 almost impessiiile for him to walk. One ot inj hi ,ir : ;r* brougiit home a l>nx of salve, whin! was Applied, and in 1 ss than ten minute* the pain id 0 it was ten o'clock when it waa applied, and o o'ch ' he could wait on tbe tabic, and walk with vane. li ot is now well?the Salve is Dailey'sPain Extraolc it was obtained at 71 Maiden Lane. I intend to keep a box always on hand, and recommend every family to do the time. Yours, he. MRS C. THEALL, 231 Broadway. 0&- row R OF INDUS TRY ?It was a beautiful expression \ sage, that by time and industry the sffwiberr y leaf ome* a silk shawl, to by care ana industry AAII fpAni wcouiin / An? ftf m alimkl ool Dr. Sherman'* Cough Lozenges? the gri tli If your children are troublsd witt urc in bia unrivalled Lozenges, end In it a remedy fur ell rheumatic complaint street, ii Dr. Sherman's warehouse. Ag lie street, Boston ; 3 Ledges Buildings, Philadelphia j Frank Taylor, Washington city. (K7- "CHILDREN CRT FOR 1 HEM"?And an would "men ef larger growth'' if they could net get that|hest ad all papers, the "UNIVERSAL YANKEE NATtON-"? The present number is illustrated with a fine out of the Church at Plymouth, where our forefathers first landed. It comes to us this week full of ri?h extracts from foreign files end good stories. Call et J. A. Tattle's, Agent, XI Ann atreet, and get a copy for centa cheap enough in all conecience. ftJ- BEAUTIFUL WOMEN {-French beauty ie etriliiag.Euglieh winning end happy, American partakes of both, but Italy's fair daughters' beauty ia gorge ens and magnificsat?their face clear, brilliant and deHoious?never is seen e thick or yellow skin, e blotch, a freckle, or a pimple. Nor ore they over oMiotod wish ?rheum,scuryy. he. At least such disfigure stents never Simmon wow, hot the res sou is thoy slways use the Italian Chemical Soap freely, which is a proper aties of the wild herbs ot Italy. end is a certain holm fcr any efthe above complains. Persoas whs wish s clear a am pies ton should try this?it is sold by the agsnt, T. Jonesjafthosigaof the American Eagle, S3, mind the right number, 83 Chatham street. Price St oents. Beware of Counterfeits. 0(7- THE NEW WORLD?A Remt Taeev?JSnr Worki by ike so'Aor of "Ten Thousand a Tear," "IVwer of London," 4r< ?The New Worl<! of Saturday. Merck IS, will contain the richest frasi for the lovers of popular liiernvni ion bm OTtr dock mrna w m? puuuc?wv prialnftk* choicest gemi of th' British MipiiiN for February, aa* follows Thc Nmthiiii Circuit, by the author of Ten Tbouiand a Tear?Thc Mma'i D1101tir, by W. H. Aina worth, author of The of|Tu war of London,he. Fatmir Tudein's Malroiotioi?, a capital atory from Blackwood. Towra or Lonmcck, a Romance by Aoau Hood. QuiOTaH Mktito, continued. Oema from the Poeta and Original Poetry. The Royal Christening, and all tho Forego N?wa ofin??^at. Editorial*, Literary Notice*, Domeatic New*, ho. 1'orma only $3 a year, or 9( conta a wook. Call at tho office of publico tion, SO Ann atreet, and aubacribe. 09- MAN'S RIGHTS AND WOMAN'S RIGHTS.? A man h*a a right to go bald?and *o baa a woman to go barefoot -and on# look* about aa respectable a* tho other. Now if you wiah to star bald, or get ae, if you are not, then do not uaa the Balm of Columbia, for wo do know that if you do uae the true from 71 Maiden lane, with th* aigaator* of Comatock k Co. on it, you cannot loo* your hair, ualeoa your wife pulla it out, and ilahe baa pa'led it out, tho Balm will make it grow again. Tbiaia no joke. Though we hare not had our hair pulled out. w* know who have, and hare had it reetored?and other* were losing and hare had it ato|>prd by Oldridge1* Balm, from 71 Maiden lane, and weare not afraid to aay so, and you may think wo or* paid for it, if yon ploa*e,b*cauM you would not do anything without pay. Of?- A NEW JERSEY PAPER STATES THAT" tho abolition of Imprisonment for Dtbt in that State only xtondoto debts contracted aince th* paaoog* of tho low. The Tribuno, on tho contraap, contend* that it cor era att time, tha part aa well aa the future ; and we fool convinced that tha Tribute must be right, for each of th* Members ofthaLAaaembly sad Senate had cleared and aublimod their uamilecU with three of Patera' Cordial Locoogao beforetPoy went into conaultation, and uadar anch an indaence thay could not, though thoy tafod, have made a half-finished or bungling job of it PoterT Loaongeo for coughs, colds, worms, headache. soo dak naao. he. are equally good In their way ) and hi* VigBtnbleToeth Paste goes for ahead of any thing of the suit that was aver invented, which tho reader may And oaScfoat proof of by applying at 4? Broadway, or at C. Jt Ring's, corner Fulton and Geld, or 90 North Sixth at., Philadelphia,1 Ytal, corner of Hudson and Ann street*. Hutching, corner of Broom end Bowery, and at 910 Bo wery. 09- DR. IPOHN'S REMEDY FOR SICK-HEAD- . H ACHE, either Norrooa ? lilious. An attcntire pernami of the fallowing, will, it i? Miwad, I1U7 repay all classes of readers. Hkaoachk ?This diaooaa i? one from which orieeo era misery to the huaan family than U generally any posed ; not being directly fatal, it ia often neglected, or panose resort so aaseh to the 000 of purg atieoo and other medlelnee,nsto impair tAeir geuorai health, and alien induce fatal diseases. The article new offered seems to hsrs ursrcome these dtflenltica. While its effects sreaaost powerful and immediate in onriag an at tack or harping it off, it is so perfectly mild and inno cent as to bo a sod for infsnU with the greatest safety? This has now been tooted by to msny of the highest members of this community, as to require no farther H proof I M If token n few tlasoe in so many boon, when there are indications of an approaching attack, R is son in all cases la prevent the auock. If used for a few weeks,tko premonitory ay mptcms gradually snbaide^ until they wholly disappear, and oarer, without eomo great enternel or predisposing race, retain. If the person neglects ,eaae it till the headache commences, it acme times cares instantly, but at others, the turns will hare (heir coarse far two or three times,and than wholly disappear." This ia a fair and candid statement of facts, that H might be substantiated by the sffdtrits of porhapo wo hundred persona in the city of Now Yorlk?Seiam exeffe. To bo found only at 71 Maiden lane. MONEY MARKET. Thursday, Marsh 17-df.M. H A moderate amount of transections toon piace m any atthe atock board, and prices generally Improved. DeU H wart and Hudson | per cant j Indiana ?'?. J ? Harlem l par cent ; Lang Island declined |. Sale* of bills an Fklladalphia l| ; Baltimore 1 par cent. Mobile, 90 > New Orleans H All the Wkale Oil kns been taken out of the New Beeferd market at M J eentaper gallon,for export. The great qoaatfcm of the right of search, as claiased by Oreet Britain is ens that requires the gravest confide- H ration,bath from the importance of the claim itself, aa well as from the feet that nothing but the prompt and timely interference of General Case, prevented the pew- H ere of|Curop? fiom ceoeeding that prerogative to the croon of Oreet Britain. The matter has yet to be negotiatnd with this government The letter of General Cnee H Justly remarked that thie woe the Brst time thet the claim to eater foreign veeaela in lime ef peace hod ever bete made by England. The eld claim ef the right of search extended only to e aeaaon of hoatilitie*. General Cam clearly ahowe that tha prevent claim is only n prelude te preasiag tha right ef seising British aaaman wherev?r they may be found. It ia ?et forth thet the

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