Newspaper of The New York Herald, 18 Mart 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 18 Mart 1842 Page 3
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ItUh goveruiu at uever ci?,nj?a mo rigat to taut taricau veaarW in order to aeiae aeajneo, but haviay :e legally got on board, and than Auding their own jecta,they had the tight to take them. Thia right, ally to enter, ie aought to be ebtoluad under the pret of auppre??iog the slave trade. Thia k one object mt in our view it ia the leaat important, in eompartaor. th the other, which ia to Jeatrey the trada of other na na with any particular portiona of the world, by trding, delaying, and annoying their veaeela. The iciical operation of thjt right of oearch ia clearly ait ih in the latter af (3iin. Cui. aa folio we iit again, this claim it liable to serious abuse, because, a are strong temptations, both national and induidu) pervert I be professed objecti ( the anarch iuto re, waich though not artwii, are apparent; and bee the remedy is distant, expensive and doubtful, le commerce of Africa is already important, and is miag more ad ?very day. The very suppression of rade in human beings will tenlfbvfoualy totura uiry and capital into other branches of employment.? land is now exploring the interior of that great Conit, and with hersccuttomodioraaight is poshing her coarse with the native tribes, and preparing new is of communication Who candoobt hat that Eng;i uisers, stationed upon that distant coast, with an nited right af search, and discretionary authority ice possession of all vessels frequenting those seas, seriously interrupt the trade of other nations, by ing in their vessels for trial under vary slipht prebe, and in fact under nu real pretence whatever? we must not lose sight of one of tho moot important enta in all this controversy; which is,that the mere srance of a merchant ship In those regions is ipso suspicious. This is ths very ground work of the lish pretension; the right, as her government now sods, te ascertain by actual examination ths true acter of everv vessel found in " certain ieJstedcs,*' :h are asaased to be MuyiciMi; aa the quarantine Utuns presuppose many regions to ho always peswis. Under th< se circumstances, a boarding officer, ilated by that reward, which a succeasful capture ys bringa with it, and by a determinatian which not bo uncharitably charged to him, of favoring rude of hta own couutry, and of discouraging that iother. will readily belleva, or affect to boueve, not there isjust ground to suspect the destination of a si; that her very appearance upon his cruising nd furnishes, agreeable to thsoe now Inititutu; but iha redeeming circumstances about her are not aufit to viubliili. that her cruise U a lawful one. or that the it entitled to the national character the claims, and that ahe mutt be aent to a Court of Admiralty, to one of those great Maelstroms which swallowed up so many American ships, during that period, when there was no right upon the ocean but the right oi force. The venation and interruption of voyages, the result of this system, are easily understood. A trade, carried on under such unfavorable circumstances, cannot contend with the trade of a favored nation, who herself exercises the polioe of the seas, and who may be harsh or lenient,-> a ner prejudices or interest may dictate. It must he abandoned, as some of the Paris journals of tho 8th instans announce, that the French vessel the " Sophie..' has just changed her destination, rather than subject herself te the vexations whieh another French ship, the " Marabout," had experienced from tho English cruisers upon the coast of Braiil. The truth and justice of tho remarks here made, are made sufficiently clear by a reference to the facts, in regard to tho African trade, which are within the knowledge of all commercial men. In tke first place, as to tho importance of tho trade itself, we give tho following ovidence before the Parliamentary Commentary on Import* Mr. Matthew Forster, who is engaged with the trade for tho coast of Africa, stated that tho high duty on ooffee imported direct from Africa (not bung within the territory of Sierra Leone) had pot a complete stoppage to a trans which was growing into considerable impor tance, and which would have led to a more extensive demand for British manufactures. In consequence of the moderate duties, there had boon an increased importation of palm oil. from afewtunsto 16,000 or 98,000 tuns a year. The Amcan trade, he said, was capable of large extension under a system of low duties. The policy of the English government ia, as aeon in the lets proposals of Sir Robert Peel, to keep up high staafama An tkn ntkaokaail *tim TTn.iml Ofnt.s kn.n knssm reducing their dutiea. If, then, the trade ia capable of exteniien," under a ayateni of low dutiea,n it meat be ia favor of the United Statea. To counteract thai tendency the ayatem pointed out by General Caaa, haa been ret aorted to. The following ia a table of the general directrade between the United Statea and Africa for a aeriea of year* Oiaacr Tea be Bitwiek the United Statko too Arnica. Imparts Exports. Am tonnage. For.tonnage. 1140. 373X3' 654,1103 13.480 1,071 1830 4.8*64 4*0330 11,408 1,030 1?38 ..541.031 401. *01 10,844 1,010 183T-.......-MO,077 400.406 10,050. 1,781 The following ia a table of the exporta of domeatic produce to Africa, for 1810:? Eirorra Domeitic Fbcduce to Arnica. Fiah. 3 774 Skip Oread, 6,408 Sperm cutile, 0.483 Tui.ecco, 211,oil I rx>a caatieai, 4;c. 3,880 hnuff, lie. 8 043 Wood, 10,041 Ferulture, fee. 0,737 Tar, 473 aptriu, 88.184 Provmiooe, 17 017 Sioee, 1807 Klour, 12 550 S tap, 0,080 Sugar, MSbed, 2 343 uaapowder, 47.808 Co ion 77,481 MuTfeic. not enum'd, ioobo Total valee deaeetic gpoda, 8011X15 Aa a aarkct for lebacco, Africa ranka next to France, and aa hnenian very important aa a market for our domeatic cotw ??,particularly Jthoae coareer deacriptiona in which wa aucceaaiully rivalGreatBritain. New the facta of the annoyance of the trade by the cruiaera are well known to every ene engaged in it; and it exiata in every ahape. Thera arc now before Congreaa an iaamenae number at elaima far indemnity from per Bona in thia city engaged in the trade. The nature of one of which ia aa folio waA veeeel waa fitted with the uaual cargo tor the coaet by aa eminent dealer in hidea and akina. She proceeded regularly on her voyage, waa boarded going in and waa not detained. Part of her cargo waa landed in charge of a well known merchant in common with aome French and Portuguese gooda. to be exchanged for skins, to., while the KUtl proceeded on her toyego up the cout. While ablest the crew of s Britiih cruiier landed end doetroyod ell the property. The supercargo of the American compleined to the commander of another cruiier of the outrage. He replied that it wee a herd eeae but that they hed ordera " to deetroy all depots of good* found on the eoait sot nnder the protection of the English leg." The only redrew therefore wee to memorialize Congreea on the eubject. What trade can bo carried M Where ?u?h eatragM pfe allowed 1 The minorpoware have long since had tkeiC trw?e entirely deitroyed by thia domineering ef England. At far la teat adrieeo from Brazil, American veaeeli were great* ly in deaaand for the African trade, became owing to the oppraealan of the Britieh orwioera it waa no longer practicable to aend Brazilian vessels on to the coeat. And yo, the Breaile formerly bed n lucrative trade with Africa! If Prance hed signed the late treaty, the United Statea would now bo in the aamepoaitioo ea Braail in regard to trade in the Booth Sea. The policy of Oreot Britain is not to bo miatekoa in this matter. It aheuld be loeked to only In the deer practical mercantile view. What merchant ia there who would consent to be questioned end searched every day that he went te the exchange by a rival la business, in order that that rival might monopolise the business of the day 1 Would not that be more than black slavery I To illustrate another principle of British policy in regard to the slave trade, wo copy the following from the raruameiiiary evidence Therefore, If we attempted te diacourege (lave labor near, by allowing only the importation ot free-labor sogar, should we not be liaoie to bare oar eflsrU thwarted by that principle %?Entirely. Mr. ViLLiaa*. Then yea think ear Well Mitt will ne. cxr ht lilt to cam fit with the flare grav-tag rowilruf T? With raepect to the West Indies, the protection necessary would be very small, provided yon allowed them to Sit their supplies witheat imposing any datise upon oee supplies, and if yon allowed them to get wages paid labor wheraver they could get it cheapest. Mr. JEwast. Is not it to be apprehended, that any interference with the freedom of trade, even upon a moral principle, may possibly recoil upon oarsolvee 1 All interference with the general freedom ol trade is to be reprehended, and it haa always affacted not only morals, but ths prosperity of those countries. Even if we draw a distinction between free-labor and slave labor sugar, It would aot ultimate!; succeed 1 It will never succeed; no commerce can flourish as it ahould if you eboke upiti natural channels. This question,that free labor oculd not aompete with slave labor,'wai established to tho satisfaction of government What, then, la the result 1 The slavery of l)i? blacks la the British possesaloas, waa abolished, and Ja> male a and tba ath* r islands rained. Of eeurse, It was deteraiiaad to ruin the Spanish Islands, In order ta restore the supremacy of the British Islands. Spado weakly submitted to tho right of search, and a mined -trr*irlr aion waa established at Havana. At our latest dates, wa had the startling annauncamant that Eagland had dsmanded af Spain that the slaves of Cuba should pass In review before the British officers, and all these imported since. 1S90, should be discharged!! Such are the demands mads by that rapacious government, while her own troops are murdering and rebbiug tha inofTsnsiva Chinese, because the* will ?? kn? aninn rr?iiA anb/ecta. What are the United Steteo to empecUf they do not refloat at the throohold the fir it atap toward* on croachment on that anivereel Independence and equality which la the drat prlnclplo of our laatitntiona. No demand, ruggertion or raqneat of England, ahould be taken timply of itaelf, hnt alway a in eonneetion with that general ferocity and rapacity with which ona inaolent demand ia invariably followed by another. The African trade which now aaaount* to $1,000,000 annually, would, If properly cherlahod, eoon become one of the greater! importance. Lot bwt the right ad aeoreh la the roaaotett degree bo prranted. or allowed, aad it paaaoa into the haWdoef BritonfTorever. It la not enoagh that the right la not acceded to. It ia rrquiaite that the practice (honld h? canted to aoaae at one*. laltf at tiao auk ?? . tsooo S. Y. *o Hrt<5?** *** V ? "" ?i Ufc d? bl* ! 340# a. ' da 54 IW 'J* $? fl! J, nOOoIllimia Bond#, ^ |*i *?! i? , ?B ??, 3 0# do do ' } ! do L I?l RK ? 30*4 la Uaua #'g do 1*1 * j* j}? H .?{ ??* doD.llar 1*1 100 do d# *? ?oo0 So do 1*1 1*0 do * mia ?? S ?> * Bank Amer.e* M ISO do ft ?l* ?? 3.i do Na?i*aal Bank *4 *4* Jo do b*0- Ml M do Dal* Hod 4*1 *?odo *? " fin j? do DO SO do d> ?10 M ?<o do *01 IOO do do 1-30 *31 r, L^naro.' L.OSIU 9*2 100 do 00 bit S3 5* do OlioL aadT 46 5# do Pater-oaBR aiu 41 ( 10 do CtntoD )"! SO do do ?10 45| I " do tt?ha?k. 47 Mdo do .1* 44} j M do do nw 44} B?ood Board. 40 aha Del It Hod *40 *i 100 eho Del It Hud Urn *5 ] ,0 do do 90 SO do L Lai Kll 5.} j Brighton Cattle Market. 1 Mo*?*v. March 13-?At market, 386 beef cattle and 3*0 ] IW1UV, WVinCBjij iw UWI Uiivyju. n Pajcci?Beet Cattle?List weeks prices for a like \ quality were herdljr sustained. Mush better cattle than i usual were at market. We noticed a small number ef t choice cattle taken at $6. We quote first quality $6,50; < second quality 4,75 a $5; third quality $5,74 a $4 50. SHctr?We nctlced sales at f3.2i, 3,50 a y3; also lota at $4,4 60, $5. I Swine?A lot of large hogs 4c for sews and 5c for barrows; lots to peddle 4c for sows and 5c for barrows. At retail from 4} to 6c. a Marrledt ' On the 16th inst. by the Rev. William K. fltopford. J Mr. Eaw-AaD Pigmm to Miss Miav Ann Sntdib, all of this city. I Died I On Thursday morning, 17th inst. Mrs. Milt Lswsow, formerly of Newburgb, Orange county, iu the 63d yeer ef her age, after a long and protracted illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, in the full hope of a blessed immortality. The Auburn and Newburghpe- ' pars will please copy the above. Her friends and acquaintance are respectfully Invited to attend her funeral this afternoon this day at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her aon-in-law, James Kerney. 16 Essex street, and hy request ef her son. Robert Lawsoa, i the New York Lodge NojlO I. O. of O. Y. are reapectfnlly 1 iu riled to atteod. On Thursday morning, 17th inst. JaMssALraao Ruttea. in the 31st year of his age. The friends of the family, also those of his brother, D. P. Rutxer. are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, i from hit late residence, 13*1 Delancey street, this afternoon at 4 o'clock. On Thursday, 17th inat. after a short illness, A. Duffy, in the 60;h year of her age. ' His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend hii funeral, at hi* lute residence, 79 Orange street, at 4 o'clock. ' On Thuridey morning, 17th iaat. in the Mth year of hei age. Mrs. Jabe Major, relict of the late Henry Major, of this city. Her funeral will take place on Sunday next, at half paat4P. M. from her late residence, 71 Mercor street. On Wednesday afternoon, aftera short illness, Harbict, wife of William Henderson. On Thursday, 17th inst. Mrs. Leah, widow of Nicholas Morris, Esq. in tue 83d year of her age. Her friends and those of her grand-son, Nicholas Moore, and the Fire Department in guneral, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral on Sunday, 90th last, from her late residenee, 134 Forsyth street, at half past 1 o'clock P. M. Foreign Importations. Liverpool?'Shin Europe (reported yeaterdav)?a pkis Oriffin k Pullman?1 M L Samuel?1 Richardson It Wat mo? itD Oakey It sons?5 J Khodra-3 Wihou It Vosburgh? 1SH Sholdoa fc en? IS Wa ker. Brother*?<S '< Pattisoo It co?13 Freeland k Hoffman?IS Anthony It Mahnney?IS J Leffe"??I H Andrews?? H N Hen-on k co?5 E Gilbert?S With!.Sturgos It Shaw?8 Wunell, Woodkco? 9JO T Garner?3J fe WalSor k sons?I Vanwagermnt k Tut ker?8 C E Bill. Clmt kan? 1 Roche. Brothers k co?91 J Uihnn k eo?38 Smith, Thurg or kco? 6 Laff*n fc B? dmond?S S T Joors k co?l J H Wright? 71U Harder?4 Stone kco?4 J W Will amr?1| J k J Stuart? 3033 bas iion P erson It co?4 iky* W H It J Miller?8 Sheldon, thelps k co?3 J w Miichel'?I Walsh k Melon??I Reid k Sprague?2 Wood ksoo?7 H Jessop?t Keerier k co?II Richardson k Watson?8 M R whijney k co?3 Pic1'son fc co, of I bile? 4 W U Ball fc co?1 J J Woodhead? 1 U W Sword*?18 Sands Foafcco?l J Mortimrr?3 Patoa fc Stewart?3 E Hunt ?i Ludwtgfc Ooldtmidt?10 Hutchingson k Tiffany?l O B Dorr?8 Ricnards. Bassells fc eo?a T Hunt fc co?38 J McCall k co?8494 basSOO b'l's iron Egleatou fc Battel It?3 J En-i? J Napier?3 Smith, Wright kco?3 J W Trout?1 Young. Smith k co?1 Ward, sill fit Hvanan?7 Fellows k Wads worth?3 Kennedy fc Way?1 Crisps kco? 1 J Wyeth? l Kennedy. Barary fc Wray ?1 logoid br k to?1 Reete k Hill?3 W Barton? 1 ? Gilbert?7 Halsted, Haines kco? l Fiald k Thompson?as Stone kco?38 A Miuhellk eo?4 S Alley ksoo?I Hal;in k Sander?8 Palmer k Roosevelt?I Burnham k Baldwin?I W Dickson?t R Pardow?4 Watts k Roaenrraa'.x? 1 F It D Latlirop?IW B Band?1 W Whitesmith? 3C Adshe<d-3AW Spies?4Packhamk Hutchinson?I Lewis kco?I B M Eoersk eo?8 Richardseu k Watson?4 C M J Smith kco?1 Bickaou, Wrightk co?13 CIA.k C L Kreisoo?S I Hudson?1 Smith, Thurgar kco?6 D Oakley fc aoo?18 N Smith, of New Haven ?I L sheldoakcu?48 W Whitehead?10 aarilaOH Abeei?1 pfcge D Haddeu kco?1 E BUddart. of Boatoo-3 B L Whailwrighl?1 A L 8 odder!?l w rt Carey?17 Bird, Gilliian k eo co?I H Baylia?18 Mall Brothei e?7 etonekco?l Meronella k Bayne?lOelaloo Lord fc co?23 D Hidden k aou?It C H Ruim I?1 Waiauuk Wildcburoc, of Phila?3 J M Knight, of do?U Nerinekco?tO uton Ho g-?kco?3 W k J Morneon keo?It K Ok H Rnoaevelt?31 Humphreya-cC Albany?33 J B fcj Ball?! A 8 L?urou??14 login k bcott?4 W BBeud?13 W Whitewiighl k co?4 J Kobiuaoa?4 ft. Hunt?I Co?lkerak co?1 Hacer>lum k Jooti?5 Woo J k W ilaon, of Phila?I J Campbell?I J Spencer?8 Wight, Sturgea k Shaw?I H C Tobjae?l H Leffmank co? 1 J A Newbold? 1 R Pardow?88 J Oihon It co?8 H Furma.i k co?l Hollm k Sander 8 K S Schfeeingtr?80 tone coai lot9 baga aalt C H Ma ahaJi?47 eaaat IS belao 103 oxe? 17 s take 20 tooa iron to order. Maiaoi-ax?BrgBaron? UChlidi 1 box >ugarAymarfcco? 30 hhdaauxar to oruer. GcataMa?Brig Grand Turk?231 hhde 3 bbla augar sohhda mollis* to A Mavo. St Doxmoo?achr Roaarlo? SM logo mahcfan. 1541 piece* fuetic 703de lienu arilk 030 do logwood 131 huLa Obbl* gna 0 tea bouey 0 bbla do A C tLiaaiere k co. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF raw YORK, MARCH IB, IMS. anr? I 9 sni tin 4 aoir aara I S7 iaiaawma 3 Oeputnre of Mo Atlnntln Iteaaen, rnoM emolakd. pnoM amebic*. Columbia, Judkina Mar. 4 April 1 O. Weatern, H"aken April 9 ? * ? * 33 Caledonia, Lotl Aprils . ...Xay I Bnlanuia Mril 13 May le \cadaa, Ryrie--; May 4 June 1 O.Weateru, Hoaken May 91 June It Colun.bia, Jndkiua May It June It Caledonia, Lot! June 4 July 9 Britannia June II July 13 Acadia, Ryrie July I Aug. 1 0 Wealern. Hoaken July I Aug. 4 1 The mail iteamer Dec, Oram, ia ibe next due from the Weet P??k?u u Arri??. Pwkiu to Deport. Lnnoow. Loireon. Toronto, On?woW. Feb 1 Hendriok Mario AT!"**1" r- t . OnUrio, Brtdiah, April 1 SiddnDi. Cobb, Feb. if LifKirooi. L in bridge, Bart to vr, Feb. if N. America. Lowber, Mar if ZAtS J.a i* * KM BnlliiMre.Ftti.tki Jttil! , turu. IlKooc. JobnatOO, Feb 11 Burgundy, Wotten, To |Up Marten, We thai) rater it a faror, if enptniat of veeaela arriving here, will tiro to Commodore Ramrtt.of our newt eoboooere, a report ol the ihipping left at'e> port wlMttoa the. tailed, the retteli tpoken on their pntaagt, aad a bat of thotr cargo. Commodore Battel! will board them immediately se their arrival. We will reciprocate the fnvor ia any way. Oleareti Ship Probut, Sumner. Cantoo, Wa B Wntmore ?Bark* Halt, Duubir. Havana; r Ho, (Swedith) Oberg. Hampton Reada, Boorman, Jnhnatov fcCo ?Brigt Hrrmao (Hamb ) Hotter, Hamburg, W Wtitaer; Peruvian. Wateoa Ragged Uland. Ja Aeamitb k Le?da; Wm Crawford, Mean*. 8t Marya, Oa.dodo; Haider, Fiitrer, Gardiner, Me.dodo; Motet, Lor,httd. Charter ton; Sterling, Hami'ton, Barannih.?Ketch Comat. (Br) Darrell, Dtrrcll. M Ano', Bar. Ja. R W tfeedbam ? ?ehra Helen Gray, Bart?yi. Witminrton. NC. Badger k Perk; Wm Bueh, Kogera, Rich mood: Phenii, Brown, tjavaonah; Flat be Baxter, Barton, Philadelphia. ttHiad. Bark Mareella. Haakill. to daya from Palermo, fruit, kr. to Lewi race k Robiaoon. Le.'t ahip Veaper, for Mew York, la 7 dark Ellen, Cropland, from Trinidad de Coha, March}, with ! IK hhdo molaaeee *} botaa tttgar ?o Ch at-rlain k Poai ert ? Left wuktMarri:a Perkiaa.Ida: Fr-nklio. ditg; brigt Alpiae, OmtIIp. Ann Svnilh. ' oHpllX. Dinlnmi. nulnnp* anil rkbplka Hammond, 14c; echea Science, anj John Hill, do. Brig Grand Turk, Henlon (of Provtlrnce) It daya from Gnaycna, PR auger, t? A Mayo. l.ef Feb M barkt Toulon, Rich, for frlVork, Mar 10; Paotlf a, Molthrop feat NHaven, do, bng? *eml N Ooit.O'ev.NYork.dn; Rowland, Adnata, doilo; K C Fiaher, Fiaher.d i do; Henrr, Gaels, do. aoon; Jaaa * dc Carth<frna. Keller do do; Laura. Dunham, do. it daya, Idt at Joboa; Cnraetie. Patton. winearfo; fcufene, Drink water, juat art; tcbra Fairptay.for Norfolk,Mar It; Malvina, forChartao ton. do. Behr fuaan, Maalar, eailad the day before for May'^Britishtrie Chilton. daya from Turtle Iataad, urfch tOOObnahela aall to mna'r-. Left b m Henry P Sumner Moroof Baltimore. Brit H arr L 9waa. Benjamin, of Ffnw Haven, aailed f >r N w "rleana Mar 4. Br?g Barah Lovrtt of St Aa, drew* NB aailed for Baltimore ?rh Brie Mariner, freeman, of and for Liverpool Ms aailed fma? Si Thomae Feb It. Brie Baron. Blunt,?a dave (rain Meyagoex, PR. a agar, to A Mitchell. Vaaee leitbrfor reported. Brie Tremoot, Kellv. It daya from Bermuda, in hallaat. to W \lf rav.-nport nn,Lm,tf Port#- j "VritWi mic'Durimm. Rudolf, froea Bl Kitu.and H daya 1m StThomaa with tttt bbla aalt to J Godet. Behr Harriet Smith, Smith. I# daya from ?} , too oranfito Patar Btlen. Veaeelt left reported by the Htl*tChr'hoeeria,* daya from Clt/ol St Dotainr\ ?hewany. ti A C Rcaaiere k Co Left brig Curlew, iota Mfltwith, or Halifat?Dapt B and three man dead, the WPfcf mala and one boy had been rtry rich; the Vetlel iaUfhar.e of the aecond mate Bii| RibertR'ntt, (probably tM Ready Rhino) ?? to a?il aoon for Liverpool. Left no American Trawl. Behrltaae Franklin Brown. It day* IVoia Mayan its, ?un?i and coirre to p Harmony Left brine Hiberaia.for New Yor'n, ' %; "'W New Haven, Beit da*, bod el here not recollected, t in lant lal it 49, loo tt M, a poke ahio Mason, from Haotnn for nann. flchr Salem, Mol!ow,34oy?ft'omRi?hii?o?d,withrotl>tollw McKr Thill, Crowsll. IS ii>i Tram Oeorgstowa, flour, ts I flchr AoaD, BoJoU, t days from Norfolk, with o/ IW flchr Cothorioo Amiok, Tool, from Philodsl Ai*. mdse, to th? DIUtll, Poot Boy, Oroy, 7 dors from floiem, w Ah ths flchr Moil. Loring, 3 Joys from Bos'.oa, ?|(|| mdse, to ths Bohr Wonkioco, Nickcrson, S Joy* from Boston witbmdsr, to ths mostrr. _ BsUw. Two brie*, otitoown. Mori** Corroc OrrtcB o-. TH|| bhoos Islaudbb, I Ar* Hsrold. tfsvth. frtm N*/? ,k for'prtirldfia**; Osctr, Pr?0hy.To'i??o?lo.*',iY<.rk flvlr I, lldrn \fwht\t 0<* on; Om Cobb, W lodiss, Ursor, NY orb. | Wissiml Rword. . . ...?, I flOKOflosoH 'ivtsOvWiidrd with shofool, bumd to N?w I York, wm tops orsso T?'S?b*T okfl?ol?,o? w hmnc The crew took t >'he b.<?>, and l-oden on the be* h.? The rear* I wdl be lowed into ihe inlet and righted. *Hie Srr.r tee I'HiLLirr, of Boa'on, f'ttit Ferwhatn bound to Havana. m ballast. wae wrecked en K"yal Ialaod Kacf. oa the Mil ult in a aever* fate. Some of tne material* aavad.? CeolaiaanH crew arrived at N??eau, NP. ou the >Sth ult. _ Bat i tomiiTik. Lawry.of Boaton, from Onnaivr*, with a earfoof mahogany and hidee, nut into Naeeau. NP Indialreaa. harme sprung a Irak in a (ale. ?he had been discharged, and found ?o damaged ae not lobe worth reoamuK Salvage awarded by the f.hainher of ('omnircr, tlHt. lien: Klihhi th, William*, of Now York, from NOr'uw forCadix, ?i'h a load of stare*. put iuto Nassau, NP on IhcSil imt. l-aki e badly. Wja diarharf'tig at lha la?t accounts.? The wffck'r* arrr awarded *400 for lhair aerrier* 8cwa Hrnar Cor*, trout rhil.dc'phia for H?lira*. with a cargo of 888 !>bl* aail SO half hhla wheat and rye llour, 2T8 hblf corn m?l, 50 krra butter, and loo kefi lard, lanaihore at Cheliojtie Pi iul. u> ar Una l.arhtr, oo Wcdeeiday night, end became ? Intel wreck; 500 bb!# of h-r cargo were taved.? [Yarmouth, N*. paper. 4th inat. Bainix anir Ciiwkd Titocc, of Alloway.wa* peaied br C-ipt Obit. near the b?r iu the SW channel of the Miarhaippi, >n heaolh ult. ats "leek, rn in a r-ry disabled condition ? rbe mti'D mast and afterr*nng entirely awept away.hung in rreat disorder abaft, a d overboard. A ateamboat boiler, burat in the riaiblr aurfue*.lay acenaa ibe forrcaatlai the ateamboat Fanthrrlny slnn'fide.soundanduui-jured. The noocluaionof "apt Clift and hli pnssrng -rs, wm that the rareat explosion of i rleam tow boa' had oeenaiiUi'd the disaster? that the Panther ad gone alongside to utf ie-J aasialaoee and that ibe probability aaa. a aerimia Inaa of life had attended it, which indeed was endered ail but certain, by ti eir havieg observed uereens ashore ingaged aa if iu the bnriaf of the dead.-[Bait.paper. Whalemen. Su ik'n Jau 30, lat 28, Ion 32, i'btbe, for Nantucket, 58 day na Talcuahana. Spaken. Arnron, from Matanzu for Beaton, 8th mat South Shoal N II mi na. Diail'hl.'roni Portsmouth for VIut.nia. i devout. 14th inat at 41, loo < 19. . - ? -- t'asilda. from Wircaniet for Matanxas, 14th iait Ctpo Coo VW 4 mile*. Charlotte, from Portland (Vir Mltwio, 14th iaft. Roht Bownr, from Bio de Janeiro for Anno la, Africa, Jan *1, 019* 90 8, loo S3 90. Neptune, of KmUd. frrm T io do Janeiro for N Orleans, Feb 14, lot 9, (aappoeed N) l?u 37 43. Porelgn Porta. Yahmovtm, NH. Mar 4-Arr Constant, Henaeoo, NYorh. Htviit, Mar4?Arr Norma. NYorh. Pant, Feb IT?In port. Loader, for Boaton, lor 19; Deponito, jn flalrm.juit a-r. Marvniivm, Feb 10? In P?r*. Boaer. ftn Salsa. Ckaka. Frb 1?In port. Riekti. fin Salem. Buenos Arwi.J.n 8? In port. Marion, Weeks, for NYorh, l?th; Smyrna, Day,do91 rt; Hardiuo. Lir.daty.do4o: Emulous, Mgrnafa do, une; Vieriin, for Boaton. Id(; Cadet, for Boaton. inon; Rnaaian. Boston, Idg; Frnnhlin, from do, une: America, for Philadelphia: Madonna, do, Idg; Arctic, for B ''imore; Molacaha, for Harana, nac; Fountain, at,d Delta, fm ulouceetor. do, Frm rtTamrnaa, Feb 7?In port, n Swedish barh for NYorh, ria Santa Cruz, next da v. OnaTava.Tenenffr.Jau 17?In port. Hiram, Waterman,of and fm NYorh. fat Co*st of Afoea JStli. Cowee. Jan 29?8ld Cootor. (fm Havrr) "arana. MaoiLLa, Nor I?lu port. Naples, and Rusnell, for Booton, Idg; Jesaore, Putnam, NYorh, do. United Statoi PnrM. Peari.ann. Mar 14?At Napo'eon, Harana: Sherer. Hiehs, Thomaaiou for NYorh; W W Wyer, Norfolk. Sid Don Juan; Enroy: Ague., Kt Thomas: Su.aa Jane. Cuba. Arr 134b,Van rturrn, Lubrr for Richmond; Oianrille, Thomaston far New Y?eh: Wm Wallace, do do owu'i He id, Mar 8?P.a??d out to ?e?. a b?'k aunpeaed tha Al bama. fm Camden for NOrleana Bid 9h. Rio Oraade, and St Palnrh, Buckoport Passed through. Hero, Luce, Thomaston for NYork PonTvMovi h, Mar 19?Cld Curlew, Hamilton, NYork. Bid 19th. Dinnlln. Salem, Mar 16?Arr Northumberland. Para Boston. Mar 16 ?Arr Lucaa. Charleston: St Clond. Mobi'e. Telegraphed. ?* Inia.BoultHe, NYork. Signal for a bark *ad 3 brigf. Cld Coacnrd, Trie,te. with her Batavia cargo: York, Maianzai; America, do; Patladio, (-*ic) Palermo; Neptune, Trinidad; Ba'haw. NOrliant; Fancy, Howee. NYork; Argo, Kali*, do. Arr I5ih. Falco, Bn-noa Ayret; M'Lrllan, Oardenae; Areo.Teneriffe-. Koroma Waehinttou NC. N aw Bedford Mar 14?Sid Ocean, (iotlenhurr. Hvannia, Mar 11?In port, Po?tb y, Gray.Salem for NYork; Joy, (euppoeed) Gage, [do for Mobile. Hlo Pcquot, Lovell, for NYork. TakrasLii* Covx, Mar II?Arr Wm It Heory. Thomaetoa for NYork, Abbott Lawreuce, Meeker, Boitoa fordo; Trio, Nieke-aon, do do. Holmk* Hole. Mar 14?Arr Daniel Francii, Boaton for Norfolk; Brilliant, Buckeport for Baltimore; Senator, Rappahannock for Boaton; Lapwing, Boaton for Rappahannock; Wm Penn, vtachiae for NYork; Mary It Elizabeth, do do; Booker, Buckaport for Philadelphia; Fellowship, Booth bay for Richmood: North Star, Bath for Savannah Albano haa been got off without damage. ISih?Sid Alhano. Paaeed bp to the eaetward, a bark and* beige. | p m?The weatern bound reeeele am getting under weigh EnoaBTOWie, MarlP?Sid H *l'en, NYork, PkorioERca, Mar IS?Cld Wilder P Walker, Matanaia.? Wind SW. Nokwicm, Mar 14?Arr L A da ma, Hareaa, NYork; BruoaUe, Urge?, do. I*HiLaDr.LrHU, M?r IT?Arr Wyoming. Boetoo. Cld Cheater. N Or lean#; Oak, Boaton. Ruby, do; Ed? Blake,Bangor, Baltimore, Mar II?Arr Col Howard. Rio; Angola, Palermo: Ocean, Boaton; Mary Wilke. Matanxae; Jamea Power. Na??au NP; Atlee, Salem: Oriria, (a) Turner, NYork. Cld Marine. Boaton; Coiith, Matanxae; Commerce, Porta Rico; Maria, NYork. At-PxaKDRia, Mar 14?Arr Albion, Bray, NYork; Cobaaaet, Sayrg, do; ,Baker, do; abrigantine, bound up, from Eaatport. Faf dcricrsbubo Mar 14?Arr Camlino, NYork; Atlantic, do Cld Thomaa, Newbury; ort; Brutue, Boaton; Cottage, Halifax. Richmond. Mar 14?Bid Elisabeth,Beaaton, NYork. Cld Attica*. Liverpool. ~~ PORTUGUESE" FEMALE PILLS. rpHESIC far-famed and c< lebrated pills, from Portugal, aw X we perceive, to be obtained in this Conakry. See adrarweatwJ nn the laot mduaeaor fourth nnce. fe4tm*ia 930 REWAHD. STOLF.N, from on board the eteamboat Swallow, on her wwv from New York lo Albany, a email Carpet Big, marked L. Brown, containing about three doxen ever-pointed gold pane, in caeca, and 3 do*, without caeet; two gold caaew? one with n atone eet in the head?both ergine turned. Meo, Ave eitver caaee with peueile?all etamped Brown. Aleo, a eilvar model with my name engraved no it?(a p rami urn from the American Inatitnte)?togaiher wi k Ho in money. The above reward wil I be giren for the detection of the thief and recoverv cf the nmixrtr. N B ?All dealer* *r? cminoed not to forthut the tbo re pan*. M no travelling agent ia authorised toiell them. LEVI BROWN, mIT *** ___ Brookh-ti, M?rrh IB. IMC QF35A R9 ?To-uight tlx S|MHi?h Houae will be opto in O M Broadway, 'wi'h a tplendid aaaortmeat of tha beat imported Havana and Principe 8rg <re. and two now Brand a. exclusively Tor thia h. uac; D< n Quijota and wacniagton branda, and a freah luprlv of the Hygienic paunta. An eMganlcoffee ana liquor D.raa wili be j lined to tha e?tabliehmrat. m'B It* tl/QEW?, WORMd? Doctor L B. Flaming'a Medicated ?v Worm Caodr. for the total txtermioatioa of Worme.? Thia Candy will efftet the total extermination if Iheae ?i r:iii, that are ao annoying to all agea. n?d produeaa ao much iatreaa and ao many deaiha among children Thia comp >und i both safe and pleaeant. No lanulv ahould be without it. Symptoma of Worma. lichneaa of lite itomacb, eomiling, diaagreeabla breath,aripea. I oaenea*. a welling of the bowela, faint neta. Ion thing of food, or a voraeioua ap elite, dry couch, Ate. grinding of the teeth while aa cap, pi king the neae, kc. For eale aleo hy 1. COVERT, 111 Naiatu treat, aole agent for tha proprietor. mil lw* cOLoReD Man - ho can produce good eity raiereucea, weula a ai'uat ion u Porter in a public hone, or Steamboat. He ha* been ten teera in that eipaaity. Apply at Huloou'aoffice. MOi Pearl at, must* WgONMOTH BANK NOTES at Fraehold, New Jeraey". lu M? ?mi?tioa,are red?e j\ci by No. 30 wJ^9?^Vork. tfnderl'e at onr prr e?nt d'e-otinl?oeer fat par, nil im rpHK Adc-itieera (now the Ann of Pehureman it IMmar) X but wboae preaent eagagemenla will rertre on the tat Anril, ladrairaoc of obtaiai g any raapectable employment, where he mar recetee a fair though moderata comma ration foe hie arreieet. He ia fully competent to take charge of a eltof booka by danble entry, having been tngng?d Therein for about It yaure, and for hit central buiioeea qualiAcatioaa thiMttal chaifft". "^N irfer to Mram. Lane It Mtngan, Nj. 121 Broad itfWtl N. Miuremao. I berry (licet; or BdiuramoiiHaUlrd,of the Arm of ?. k a. Halctead, No, 14 ^Communication* will raceivt att> ni ion, if directed to WILLIAM PALMER. mUttia* No |Tg Cherry at. rntcNDEH CHINK? Any gantleoaa may be inmantly ra1 li?ved from all pain durum the operation of abavkag, by applying hie ram to tha metall'e Tablet Raxor Strap, invented brO Saundare, whichrupanledra thanacataity of ahooe, and by which tha moat unakilfiil can alwaya produce aa keen andemrothao edge aa tha rnaor could ky any pe noibility eikibte under ihemoal experienced hand. It ia tha only effectual meena by which lha art of man hna vat davtaed forgiving to every man ao opportunity of raiting hu ranrta macron wim i"e aim* cart'iniy u ht cm mend a pen to iuit Kia own hand, which any p?ran will be ahowa by bringing adull raxor, and?without any charge?having it in order on one of the Tablet*. Thie Strop haa been in n*? for the laat twenty Br* year*, Baring which (iota it* proprietor haa received certificate* of it* grant utililv froaa rnmeof the moat ici'atificgrntlrmro in the country. Tho decided auperiority of thi* article a bote Ml ether* i* well endortad bv the American laatituie. having the arm jum at th* late a* welt a* each preceding fair, whea exhibi'edforcompetitioo. __ mt?| i? n?RCNCH MILLINERY ARTICLE*.?? ft. sTkxN.jE r offer, for rale an extensive aaforimeatof the firat qmdity French Artificial blower*, new pattern*, eeleeted by hiowclf ia Can*, comprising hnochco, wreath*, cap Rower*, hat trimaiia**. Ac.: alao a fall assortment of rmtenn'a, iacindiag tiuir article required by Howar maker* fKa?k pattern hat*. II m hat tilk*. and tha aoreltle*of tha Pan* market, will be received by every H ivre packet Tha above good* are for rale at reasonable and uniform price*, bp E. 6- STRANGE, ml**ttna* I*3 W.Iker a'reet. r\H7 DATn>"XrKZRSi?EiTSno retnrnodio the ei'v, Mad Lr ratumad bio pcofaaaiooal buaiooa* at Ml Broadway. T^RkH7K4 CaHBV?t>r L. L> t'loa'ag** Q.ahev t J Balm C?ndr.?Thi* C?ad ia a cartiuo, aafe and apoedy car* for Oltrrhaaa and all Bowal Compacts- 1 h-a aarquailed t'oropound poaaaaae* all th* virtue* of the Qu her Balm.vAiieh h*a long been uaed among the Quikcrs fir tha above compiaiata, and i* wi hoot doubt the aaaioat infallible of aay thing that can be produced ; it haa been reduced to th* tiMr form for convenience mbe. Nothing can rieel i? It la perfecUy raft, b. inq purely vegeiabla. Cortifteatec amy beaem hp eilliai on Mr. Covert, lit Ni wanitrct, note I gent for ihdprwpnotor. mt? le' pOVERTS BALM OF L'Fr ?t'ou medaciuc ia aunt V woaden in caring tho** afflicted withe >ugha.cold*, brnccMtw, 4> apepaia, ?nd all d'.MJ*** I'adiug to couaum^tina. *a tbouaaadacaa testify. 1 hv*c ?m et> d with the above ntatod ''ti'Cr brill dq to call oa Me. Cotcrt. at bin ftca far 'V bale afhta nindieine. Ill Vaa*au airect, N?w kffft, where aay aaaabor of teatimoniala maybe *etD- Alao, for asie at IM ?V ateraleeot : no Broadway ; |o A*t< r Hotter ; II Willi m Ireet; II and IM Fulloa 'treat i TT1 Broadway , *13 tad TT1 Broadway ; li, ltoj aid IIS Bowery; kl Diviaioa atraot. Mth im> CARPETING, CARPETI-vG. THH Snbncriber ia bow owning his 8pr.?w aaaortment of 1 CalMffng, con*iatingof Braaatla, three ply. an.wtSn* and (Ue Tnark'n; an aaeortrrent not arrpawd in thi* -tip for .f i rln. ft hi re*, fee. Thwr (?>di hare brea or. dereiine6>n"| infe. TH? cr??test ne Ht? b?*n obfcnrtd in mtki % selections of such too,,* as cm b? eo fideot1? . *commctidrd ftr durability aid perwitneocy of C?j8s?.ifi?f ? ln^Hjneot *>( til different k'ndi of Htll tad Stair CaricUdf Ttfird dour Huft. Door M?*s, Ire, Alio a babe mm Mjortmtat of fainted Fioor Cloths, all * rt\V+ tHout purth'tini 'anr of the ib.ire de*crib?d *** " ""Ud l?cHAPLE8 HICKS. mi? im> 74 Ehet Broadway 71 Di"tlr?.?t. NCMBCTT POUITTWIK ?Us-DO' T RT-iafr.W TER- A? on ul. it lit* "U eetahlinhed Peck S'ip Di-pee airy-eobtiLuta o adm'meier In the lick and eore, and to t * tnd to tliem aucli rpe'dy ?nd ??lut?ry re lef. a? an ru I, rnllr lilt, and tegular medical eda :ntion a>) e*?? nil-IIy ?0kl>le him Doatnr Car.eater i? a licentiate of the New York St<ta Me dual Socie'l, and obtained hi. diptiinre iu thi, the yen laif, eitaedb' the l*mce'ed John R. 1. Rnio, VI. D.,?a I'rr aidant?mature the ,illy mm!ion of ? certain Or-eh import! wknaotiftre the public that l.a i? ih* "only lankily <|<ii)HI a ad eriieing Encutanian in thin rity"'!!! Oh. th? e ul Hipm era4aa ?a I Si at Patrick What a pity I Dr. C. h?a M ?? c a admirably a> ranged for the eeereey and c-av'Sience ol p. 'lente. ?ka ran aayer aom> in contact llflka open aatil h*|i i?iat utae in the treeing. Chargra rraron .hie, iud ihe e-n# donre and petrouig! ol' a diaerruiig public muet raapactfally aoiieitad by Iheit abedkat, bumble aa ml. at* l?* DR, CARPENTER. TUIT.Ow.-p.Ha.ujj" W*t,rC?l?r-M*KT?N *OwKH' VILL? Frnfettor <>r P? niiof. iiv?4 |e**oi to pupil* i? ' Laixkcape and Flower Paiatiof.oo the moat ?p,r->?ed pi mci idee. Adore** f.t Broadway. between Bprin^ aud Broe 10 alreel*. where apscl'mene may bi **en and f'rraa nb'ai-ied. Water cilor Painting! on view a?<l tor aale. wh'eh the pub lie are invited to iuepet t * ieulific pu die <tu? a euibelltehed. View*, flower*, aiad .the' ohjec * patattd fr moalure. n If twroil Si llw* "BOOK BINDING AND PaI'KK RULING T T IRELAND. No.'-SON tie.iu efreet. ItarioK an'ntirenew II ilockof UiudiDK T-olr aud Killing Machinery, o( the luteal and aoatapwoicd [iitteriti, i* ? ?? p>ci?i*d lo cceeute all order* iu the meat dur%b e aud handsome innnaa*. Mer-hauta Account Book* and all other kind* itf Blank work ruled and b tund to any pattern. in a atvle that ia ??' nalod t give aatiafectimi. Any work ordered can be done in he English mode if re luirrd.a* H. J hi* hsdlong wxpeiience io both method*. FOK BALE?Two aeeoad hxnd Copp'rplaU Preiaef. Apply aa abore. oil8 tin NO. 4 Prtc'K 8'.IP T~|R CARPtNTEK continue* to be eouaolted, aa ua?at, at LJ bi? old e*tabli*lied office. 4 Peck alio, in all tkoae delica'e eompl icated, or neglected ik*ea*ra, which have baffled the kill ?f tboie incompetent, or le*t eiperieceed inauch caaea.? The Peek Slip Uiapeoaary, ml9 11* DOCTOR CARPENTER. AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE D LADIES

R- A. t. CASTLE. Denti-t. 987 Broadway, New Turk, haa a Paate for rilling decs', ed teeth, which, while it ia perfectly harn.lrea in it* com . iei?ion, can be pot into the mnrt lender tooth, with which it become* compact) il n'? one *olid bony, mainteimog He original appearance ami u?t? without any pun whatsoever. Tie moet pain'ul tooth ean be thui preaeriil The numerous testimonial* from ladira in the fi'it eorieiy spenk sufficiently aa to iia efficacy. Dr. A C.C. iuaerta mtifi cial Toelh without liga urea on the principle of atmcephciic pre?3are, guaranteed to withstond the etfecta of a b lioue aeid stomach. and reo from fated odera. Tooth tche rilla. one of which out in the tooth will < ff-ct a r*> ic?l cut*. Dr. A C. C. refer* as to his professional (kill to Dr. f.U- Johisou, PresMeul of .he Medic .1 Society, Le Ck?valier Dob a CaM?ron d? la Burcsi, Spanish *tnb??a<.>r. Mr. 8teugkton, Spanish Consul. R?t Mr Lvell Kc*. Mr. Kisaam, lha Profcaaora of tha Uoiverty of the Culisga of Phykiciaoa and Su'geotu of New vork. DEAK.VP.84?Dra Castle k Edwards, Annate, attend to aeery disease incidental tothc human ear. Atnusiic Drop*? Bur* cure for deafueso, pains, noixn.or hard wax in tha ear. mlt in* . . . . Office of the Consulate O'ueral of tha Empire ) of Braxil, in the United 8to?r*. j Nr.w Yoan,March IS. 1142. JN puraninee to a circular tecsieed from my Government, - I hereby ask* tt ki own to all whom it may concern, that His Imperial Mvj-aty has tsken into hie hith consideration, the subject of Enitsration, and will facilitate aud promote the introduction of industrious tnd free Uhonrtri into tha Empire. I am therefor* directed to aire pssaoorta, free ol charfte, to all person* of g >od and industrious hshita, who may wish to settle iu Brunt and who ire uot iu circumstance* to par tha raguler fee therefor. Pasepoilewil also be siren iu the same manner by the Vice Consult in Bust >a, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Richmotd. Charlsston, and New OrSD>* LAIZ HENRIMUE EKRR1K.RA D'AQUIAR, mlTttia- Acting Con.ul Genera I NO. 4 PECK SLlPi^Doct-r Carpenter continues to be eonsultad as I is old ettab i-hed office, No. t Peck slip, in all those complicitcd or neglected diseases, which kaar haffitd the skill oftb-ae incompetent or leu tipcrienccd is euch cases. Tks Peck slip Dispensary. mid It* DOCTOR CARPENTER. QHiEVV88l'fftr"OYSTER* -I ant phased ta he able to O inform my customer*, that I hare for aale. 'he tint tot of the teal BOUH HI VERS, and 1 lo recom.umd them to the public. THOS. DOWNING, mlT iwia g Brosd a'reef. D TORaTION ia the m>?t natunl as well as effectual asent in arresting and curing Paln.onay Diie>sca I Reason taps yea, beeau-e Onauu tion ts either immediately or re* motely the eiuaeof I ilta-r mstion or Catarrh il EeTtrs, producing croup consumption, and aVcrai'i ol the lungs, pain and r, uesa of the throat, breast, side*, or ahouldera, bronchitis, exciting mucous and peruleut sacre ion, thereby clogging up lb* lungs, so as lo n ore or lea* impede both respiration and the free circulation of tha blood, causing difficulty of brtaihing and asthma, pleurisy, hoarseness, and loss of voice, dro|*yof the lieari and chist, rupture of b ood vesae'a, aud bleeding from the throat and lungs and spi;tiif of blood Tortmora this obstruction Torn which all these alarming ant dangerous diseases originate, and to p'nduee a radical cure, HA NT ivwuu ujun IV VAX ilCi JiAiLt 1 u* It ataiada unrivalled?it stands pre-*mioent?try it, and yon Will be forced to acknuwirdg? that its vii lues hive not, nor cannot bo ovt r ated ; that 'j auuil* Tar above and beyond the reach of competition; that it u the only reasonable, the only natural and the only truly men ful inetlnd of art eating and curing diaeaaea of the pulmonary urgaua gold in New York at whoieaale and retail, by A. B. k D. Band*. Druggists, Nos. 79 and 100 Fulton ; uavid Sa'da k Co., N ?. 77 East Broadway ; A. B. Sands k Co , Mo. 373 Broadway. mi7 lm? 117 ANTED?A room about iret square, or aay IS VV by 30 feat, in the neighborhood of the Bowery, between Walker and Broome etier e Any person having auch an one may probably hear of aicuintby addressi. g ALM, office of the Herald, atating location, rent. ke. mid TNFoKvtATIOM WANTfeii>-A youug man by tne name I ofC. HERNDON.of amallat'ture and of light hair, left thiacity about thelfth or 18tn of February, ISts.forlheaoutk, Any information aa to where he can be adiireaaed by letter.hia preaeDtreaidence and cceupation, will be anitably rewarded by addreaaing boa ttt lower Poet Office. mid Si* 1?LOUR ?810 bbla superfine Fluur, now landing irom ilup " Orlcnaa.footof Piae street, for a lr bv E. K. COLLINS k CO. ml7 3tia 3d South at. PROM 8 00e to td.OOOIba ot fr-sh (tardrn teens, lu ail lha " eboieeat ape .lea and varietira, for aale, in quant itiea to auit pun h iaeri,at Bridgp.aan's p*rm? nent tRbiivn**i(*ot, cornerollSthat and Brotdaay. Also." The Young Gardener's Aaa aiani," containing the reaulta of hia 83 veara praetiee in New YoHl. Aa thia work haa been honored by the award of a Gold Medal, from the American IneiHu'a, which inatilutioo, and tke N? York State Agncultur&l Society, having alao awarded aareral copies aa premiumetor aupcriorapecimeaa ef garden products. further couiin- ut ii deemed uaneceiaary. ml In' XyftDICATrD VAY0R BATHs. 31 Courilaudt strict, eaIV L tabliohed 1838?Scarlet fever, colds, inflammatory and chronic rh enred in a few <aya by the use of T. P. Carroll's Medicated Vapor Batha. Openlromsii o clock in the mnrniog till nine o'cfock at night, hulphur Batha require ona hou.a previous notice. Portable Bains sent to any port of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing Tub* and Hip Batha for biro. Hi ii SWAN'S ATMOdPHEK.1'-. ScltA FuUN IAIN, U S. LETTERS PATENT. NO / Si. 1188. MANUFACTURED BV SWAN k WELL*. DRUG M GUTfl. ROCHESTER. N Y.-Tha attention of Drugyt?tf,and other Soda Water, is soliciUd to thie uecful and economic il substitute I r the txpenme, complicated,^ troublesome apparatus heretofore m use. mi. .J^..a._> af da . Alaatne koa^n l\Hwl.i. .... tk. .IJ hod, are tha rcooomy of in Appai atu*,tne original root to the burchewr being le? then ooe quarter that oflht old Foiantaia it* simplicity o construction beirg aueh, (bat any ooe ol ordinary capacity can readily umfrrauod in operation and nenrg-ment. the triflio* '*p?-ii*e of mairriala for aupplylagit toaetber witn the am.11 amount of labor laquirtd, and In compact form. , It i* now in nae in rarioua porta of the United Stat**. Canada* and Waal Indian, aad.a* m?y be eetn from ccrrfficate* in the hen-i* oC?gent?. g ve en iie aatiafaelion. Drurge> to -aid oth- ra, in the Southern Stale*, and the We?t Indie*, will find thi* Koumain peilicularly adapted to their clia>a e, aathaayiup* will not ferment or injur* in the warm ft HUODf. Full direction* for putting up tlie Fountain*, preparing tha different varietia* of ** iup*. lie , see unpauy each Foraalcbi Oao. D C gteehall ?l (Vert street; F. Li**?l, T Liberty etreet, up (taire; Lawrence, Ke**e It Co., lg| Maiden Lane: Robinc-a It Ward, 143 Maiden Lane; H >*dl*y, Phalp* It Co.. 148 Water etreet. nil |m Another suspension advantages of CASH PATMENTS.-Thalooe known *ign of the Guide* Fleece h ia baen remorcd from the corner of Fulton and Nemu, end ia now impended orer the i-cw *tor* of CHA8. COX, No. It Nassau etreet, (I d*ora a hue* Maiden lane,) where he will he moat happy n> rctr luch of hia friend* aad euetnmera a* m y favor him with a call; hi* old alack ha* bean disposed of at auetioo in onlartoglee ptaea to hia p rear at otirafv now. large, end varied assortment of apriag goode, elected from the London and Pari* market*, and comprising Um <j?* rd moat feahiannbl* of Clotna, Cawimerra, Vcatrnge, he. he ? Hi# purchma* having bamnmade evelueivtly for euh, be ia en*bled toaeil at greatly reduced prire* on that golden ayetem, whack ha* an long aarvmced hiutaelf and cuetomtri of the im mar adeaatefaa dcaired therefiwm. From the ceoh paylac cimmanatv ha aolieita a continuance of thoa* fevoraao kindly baalowed during hia long career ef ^PuT" Naval aad Military Uaitonna, Ladiea' Riding Habit*, kc. he.,mad' in superior style. Mr Inbaock continue* to aient in the cutting department. mil Iwialwm DR. ALLEN'S BALSAM! ft? Hovahonnd. yrarnerl and Pleurie* Knot, for Cough*. U Colds, Consumption aad Liver Camplaint.?Coaiumptioo ia a diieaae often eecreily Inrbi-ig n the at stem for rear* before lhar* i* the le - at oomplmoi oi the lung*. And in thi* stag* it can be curt d aa elfccliiellv. and as crteiolr a* any other disease. Let aot per-one delay tkc u?e ol medfeina ualal their lumt* are eeoeiblv affected, bnt in dur season resort to n- an.,.'. B.Unm of Liverwort?thi* medicine hat proved cm th? " Conqueror of rt?> aieiana" for which all mankind will have abundant Ceu re lo oleee the hind of Providence ? More than Iff Fhyetciane in thia city bow uea thia medicine in Iheir LIVER COMPLAINT rtTRED-Dr. Allen-Dear Bir I bar* need J oei Balaam of Horebounil. Liverwort and Pleu riay Ho I ia my prnc ice for mm (ha p<?>, and from the wonderful eff, ct it haa bad. I am Ailljr etufi'd that it poe. Hi>? eery euperior nriuei ia the cure of Lirer Comp aint aau foneu nptum. I do atroocly rccom arodit to the public awl the Faculty. Iteepectfullr. J. D. RICHARDSON, M,D W H'"i rEv^Tc'd ?Thia (licence i> (prevailing eery riteaeivvly, and ia a woe pine iff manr little one*. with eery few daea ill near. Pareate ehould remember that Dr. A Ilen'a Balaam of Liverwort ia the only infallible remedy, and haa aae.d thou<anda of I era daring aeernye-re. Sold by W. A. Tailor, wh leaale agent, IS Barclay at ; E M. Onion. 1ST Bowery, eoraercf (Jreni etraet ; Dr Hart, earner of Broadway and Chamberr afreet ; J. O. Bay, at Milnnr'e Drug Store, corner of Braadway and John atreet-d ml I tm* PIANO FORTES AND MUSIC. A TWILL'S MUSIf! ESTABLISHMENT-The propriaTV. tarofihiaraUbl ah men invitee tha attention of the nen eieal world to tha cite naive Catalogue of New and Faahionable MUSIC, coo- tantly publiahinc. Onhia tahlee can b found all the ataadard Muaieal Camp* itiotu of the greal maalere of Europe and America ;?every deacr pti. n ofTiealiae on Thorough Baea. Harmony, Htogiog and Fingering. Muaieal Ovammaia and Elementary Work* o<eeery muatcianefany diatincti n. Every day adda to the already large collection of new and popular Soogi, Marchea. Walti?a. Daneea. Rndoo. Varia tinae, Quad illw. fcr, ke , many of which cannot be found at the01 Keratoma aho-ittown Tha alyla of i ub'iihisg mu'ic at thia Fatal iahmert. ia well kaowo to It be muaieal eommuoiry to be aupenor to any other etore in the country, ail tlie muaic being printed from elegantly engraved metallic p alee ; the title pegee cmbaUmfacd with Weauh^at li hographic vigorttee, many ol wbi h are tnrtefully "tKc price of Mwtaft a( one hall ihe old ralta, ?*d aa low aa I "^T-'^enew mnaiTC' printed on beaii'.iful Tinted Paper, *nd highly perfumed. The price ia lire aame >a abnv_e: Al Wim w dtrjatantly-receiving aopenor I tano Fortea Hub^r^thThe </r^i*T Action, uir_ fliAik Pi Hie# Jbic. imMviof m?t?t fifhaon f pT ifi ' wilh tiblf) um! billow corn<rrd fronta, vciiMru) . tlmtstiijpul aeiollfl i !! *hkch ?re wam?m n mSSa^nf^mtch material a. and ao well aeaaoned. aa to aUnd the wUt ?? .Vvndmata and ran he retnmed if ??? defer I u - i } i V iaitrlm--'-.- Price from fl? to $700. Piam. . a.?i?t aapbiM Mtiertii. lo torrc#poo4 wiln fimoi of Hoce r OH Pi?o? . n ,.j k Ftmoo* tor Mlr rrry fknp. TH<r>ub?crib?r hanrg fbUrfail hi* mTitr4 .|m>x ?t>4 eiumm u> (it* i ml k ckll trior* |urchaai^i| r >l)y-??tili|iw(1 t?* gruUk, ul Mbmc Mat la ?*t /art of ** >r ATW1LL'* Mll?ICJf.<*TABLISHME^lT. (ftirw y the Ooldm Lort \ Ml wfca ill br**6i*aj, mm M. Ttal'iCkarefc. Friday. Atlhl o'clokk.iv ili? eal* room*, Fateoeirr ?ale of choice rloiru K, dry g*od?. fancy article*. ewr'ry,cutlery guae. hardwire hoeiery tod article* pledged. Alto, J >|>lrnefd gold ixtoot if rer wotchee. The invoice coet < f the wearing apparel, which eeiu'afa of uuineroua garment* of all dccri;tloue, amuti'e to 3>)M dollar? Alto, 3 large invoice* of dry yocde, clothing f or y good* end j welry, M demijohn* o' wine. So beam r idle*. IS Dotea chocolate, aud nuuit mu* other enrioua article*. SATURDAY At I0| o'rloek, in the eat* roome. The entire furniture of two funilira aivu g ui> housekeeping; elao, acabinet maker', atock of enperior c'ty mole fumi'uie; alao. * try choice lot of aecond hand furniture by tirtue of a mortgage. Ale >, a large lot of originally superior furniture, damaged by atotagc andcartage. Itoid hv virtue of atnorigage. MONDAY. At ltd o'clock, iu the salerooms. La'Ce eale of sofas inahogmy chairs, ockere. ottoman*, lie?Will be enld witboue reierve, 37 epleudil euahina and epriog ee teofae,rarioua etylee: tnfa bed* ipriug aeat rock jog rhaire, oitoinaue, ilivane. French roui h>-*, French and Grecian parlor chair*. Sic. ; alio, Fr uch brdi trade and eome other furaiture. Pianoforte*?At III o'clock. Are splendid Pianolorte*. TUESDAY. At 10' o .loci, >i 28 rue street, - Sp'rndid Household "'umtture, t latr kc. TUESDAY. M(h ilint. Furniture Sale?At 10 o'clock will br (old, the elegant furaiture <oi. uined in the hoii*e,*53 Broadway, to cloae the eaate of I he late David (> ehain, Eaq AUCTION NO fit E?Eatvnaive and va uablc sale ?.| dry good*.of all deacripitnna: clothe. ca-mineree, vetting*, lioeoe, lawns, hosiery. tilkf. rthhens, lcree kc. thi? day at tot o'clock,in the large room* 30 Add and Its Fulton it. Abo, groceries, 12 demi jnhni wine, apeim cacdlet, chocolate. (Oat*, perfumery ,kc. mid THOMAS BEL*., Auctioneer. A l)CTIO.\ NOTlC?-',l?e attentive ta e o elegant ??it cond hand and new Furniture , of all deecri) tione, by virtue of a mortgage, aud from families removing. to take niece od the larg* room a 3i Add and 115 Fultou atrret, will he found deaerviug particular aticnil n. m!8 2t THOB. BELL, Auctioneer. VlflLKlSS k KOLLlN 8 will ?ell one thousand green and " hothouse p'anta,at Nib'n's O r ten. on Wednee lay, ll h {nit., at ISO clock, A. M . of the following, kiiida.vie: roft, in vases; Cbin ee Axelea'e.iu aorta; Geranitiine; Cineraria'*; H-lintropre; Vab'na'a; Caatue Callaa; Ericas; Fuchsia*; Malabar Vioca; Dahlia*; T beroeet; lube 11 a and other grape viu?e; Trumpet Cr'epe-a; n?w yrl'.ow Harrison Rnee*. to gc her with eeveral hand cut livatore aud a fanning mill. They will ready for inspection o 1 Tuesday afternoon. m!3 jgjt FOR ALBANY, and Intertnedtatcplace* Cl, u.iHiiliJn ?8* ?The ?p endid. low preaiure Steamboat ^ "tof 'y aWftfi r>ur r-.p,..;., \ McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt atreet, thi* (Friday,) afternoon, March 18th, at five o'clock. N. B ? l'hio boat ha* .been fitted up with elegant Slate Room*. nail) It ^ovnwt 0m PEOPLE'S LINETF6R ALBANY and &|XJW?lrJa interim diale place*, daily at five o'clock, P M F"* M f"- the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty threat* 'I he comtnodiou* ROCHESTER. Cept. St. John, leave* aa above, to-morrow (Saturday)jafleriioon, at five o'clock. The NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trueadell, leave* at above, th'e (Friday) afternoon, at five o'clock. The above boals are new and substantia', furnished with elegant State Room*, and forapoed and accommodation* are unrivalled ou the Hudson. For poaiage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, mis at the office on th- Wharf. mMS- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Latiiainna and Nrw JNVWYork Line?Rrgulvr Packet of toth Much?The WSSb feat aailiug pecket buk, APTIiORt*E, Cantilu Blake, will tail a* ebore. For freight or paaaage,having ipleudid furniahed nccommodationa,apply on board, foot of Maiden Ian-, or to E. K. COLLkNh k CO. M South et. Great care will be taken to have the goode by thii line correctly meneured. Poutirely no|cooJe received after,Saturday, the ltth metant. Agent in New Orleana. Ja*. E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goode to hie addreea. The pocket ehip LOUISA, ICaot Mulford, will eucoeed the Aptnorp, and tail the let April, her regular day m!7 JvE^- Flirt MARSEiuLES?Regular Paceet.?The |M*V ahip MINERVA, Capt. Wtnalow, will eail m the Whlat of April The aubeeribera purooae dtepatrhing a Ship punctually on the tat day of each month diriog the year lor Mareeillea. Goode eciat U the au <acriberaf?r f rwn ding will bediepatched free of a y other than the charge* actually incurred upon thrm. The Shipe have very comfortahle cabin accommodati?na. For freight or paaaagr, anplr to feOYD It HINCKF.N, Agent*. mt a Tontine Building. ega* FOR NEW ORLEANS ? I'o hail poi<ti**ly on tflVPW the 30th inaiant.?The aplend.d faat aailing packet MwUpihip HILaH, Captain II iamoud,will aail aa above, her regular day. For i aaaage m cabin, eeeond coin or ateerage, having auperior accommodation*, apply to ml* It JOHN HERDVTAN, (t South at. ana, link Oh LiVvKMim. Purrr?_ ( S^^Regulitr Packet of It h of March.? lV c-lebraied nKraiiMiliv. packet (hip NORTH AMERICA, ?pt. AlfredB. Lobar, will aail poaitirely on Saturday, tba ifth inatant, kar regular day. The accommodation* and advantage* thia line afford* for cabin, 3d cabin and ateerage paaMUgera, are well known tot be unequalled by try other. Fur term* af paaaaga apply on board, foot of Bcekman vtreet. or lo _ ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. St Fulton at. next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B?Ttaa North America will tail from Liverpool on the Tth of May. Peraona tending for their (rtend*,can hare them brought put In her or in any of the ahipa eompriaing the old line, ending bom there punctually ou the J'h and ttth of arery month. For poaaag* apply to ilia aubacriber*. a* above. mi for L.ufKKpOrtL?n ew Line?i.?e>it?r Packet e#JwWol2,lh March?Theaplendid parketahip RO^f'lUS. jUKiCaptain John Collin* of 1100 tuna, will aail aa above, oar regular day. Forfreight orpaaeaga during accommodation* ner. nailed fbi jjlradoror comfort .apply on board, at Orleana wbarl Tooted Wall at.,or to . , , E. K.COLLINh k Cti.SIBowbatriat. Price of Damage $lou. The pocket chip HDDONB, Captain C. B. Cobb of ION |0M^ will aucceed the Roaciua, andaait 35 h April, bar rcguPttvengera may rely upon the ahipa of thia line aailmg punetuaiiy aa adrertiaad. m!7 rdf- FOR LONDON?Packet of the au li March.? tfMWThc aplrndid feat aai int packet iliip, HKNDRICK 4WMB*HUD80N, Capt. Morgan, aei'.a poaitirely aa above. nrrTagular day. Hating hantvomc accommodation* for cabin, record cabin aad ataerrgepaaeengera. who will be taken on moderate tetma, if early application akould be made on board, or to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 Sooth at. or 43 Peck clip, Th*Heodiick Hudeoaleatea London on the 7 h ol May. prraenting a fhrorable opportunity te prraona wiahint to aeiid lor their friend*, arrangement* for which can be made, and draft* ftirriahed to thoa* wiihing to remit money, to prepare thrir friend* forth* vayage, which are payable, ia all th* nriurinal town* of the United Kingdom, bv irnlvinr u above. - - ? -)jiT-3| FOU LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 8#tK MJfV March?The aptenpH Packet Ship ROSCIUP, hKK C? tain Col ino, will be despatched for Liverpool ai above, her regular day. Her accommodations for Cabin, econd Cabia nnd Steerage Paeeen era are uneurpaucd by any ijp afloat. For paee ?ge apply to JOHN HERDM AN, 61 South street. If. Peerage from any part of Orrat Britain and Ireland, ria Liverpoal, ner weekly m>portuoities.eanat all timee beescured,and Drafts furnish* d for anv amount. payable throttghout the United Kingdom, bv applying *a a bore. m o NEW LlNE UK LIVERPOOL, I'AtK'.i |H^ Packet of the Mlh March ?Vhe splendid wellittti known, iaet aailiag, packet ship KOSCIUS, (1160 tone burthen] Captain John Collim, will tail punctually an above, bar regular day. Theshipaol thialme are all 1C0? lone burthen and upwarda, and their accommodatioaa foreebin, eecood cabin end eteerage Panengern it in well known, are enperior to any otaer luee of Packetr. Pernoun wishing to aecurr berths would do well to make early application onboard foot of Wall etreet, or to WTk J. T. TAPUCOTT. 48 Peck flip, or 48 South etreet Per tone desirous of sending for their friends to come o ut from the ole country, can hart them brought out in the Iteaeiue. or any of the regular line, on rerv reaeonable terms, and thoeo wishing to remit money to their frieida. can hare drafte for any amount, payable on d< maud, in ail the pi incipal to woe of Oitat Britain and Ireland, by applying ae abort. mil Custom Horir, New Vote, i Collector's Office, March (,1844. S NOTICE.?Proposals will be recti red tt Ihia office until IN Saturday, the Mth March instant. for furnhbing the follow ii* quantity of oil for the uee of the Light Houaee in tbie dietriet.rii}? 4,810 Gallons of Spermaceti Strained Oil, for Summer uee. sjol Owllone Winter I'retee I (til. from head matter. Th/eaidoil to be gauged by the United Statee (Hugere, at the tia?a of delivery, and to be delivered to the Superintendent ofLlg lit Houaee, aa he may require. in iron bound casks, no id exceed 80 gxlloae exch. The oil ia to be tritd aud tested before peyment ia made therefor. EDWARD CURTIS. dhll Collector, FAAMAOED 'UN?KM Boaee Tin Plate, oi ranoue sixes i-f I/C end X, for side veiy cheap, if applied for immediately by T. J. SEIXAS.aia Wa or itrwet. Who h*e also for sale, German Silver, Sheet Brass, Block Tin, Pig Lead, OldgCo; per. Brass and Coapositioa, oe accom I modeling a-fra*. m> twin 11A IK IIuTTWOANU SHAVlNtT, Park How ? ll p. PUS8KDU. from Italy, rrapacliiiily miorma the public. that he ha* MlarR-d hia old aud wall known Rmporinui of Faelion, and. eaar willing to accommodate the public. haa,' in eeuformily *witH the timet, reduced lo one half the priea of hair cutting. . Hharina.ei eenla; Hair Curling, ttl centa; Hair! utt mg, It! ecnta. Wirt, Tjupeea, Rcal|i, made in the moat nnithrd atyle, at reduced prieci. Alto any artieie of the toilette, to gratify the tno<t faetidioua tae e, at eery reaaonable ratea. Rtaora act It) ceuta; razora honed and round (S et nte. The public are iBTIted to call aii* hidte foe thema'lraa. mil at' P. PirmtDU. IT Perk Row. |U8T Pl BI.l8Htb.-The Moderi.rBuildrrt'Ouide, eom J laming eighty eereu copy r fcla'aa. with full (MinardLcfeeer. Aiehitecl ) Thia work J^?'dJ* '? handa ofeyery builder in th? country. It eontama en term rita.ireatiee on Hand andi'iS !uhar worha heretofore been but letperiaetly ijofice it in.oihtr "<** 1* KXw.ll-? WILLIAMO^MITH. mm*. Foraala a few Oil Slenea, anitable for fcagmTera, Dealt. It, fa wain era. he. Dr i iT.l V K atill continue. to treat arc re I diteaM-a <> *u kiada. with namaJbdI ahlll and aurpnaaio* judgment which haa enablad him In afaet a apeedy and prrmaneat car ercnof tboae eneea wlueh bnra been aggraraUd by tha r ieioaa and nauaaatibg uae of rr.ercnrr, balaam cai ana. ap ' ofaitre he . and all aneh diaagreeabla aad undrrmitiiog *r eito*. which MM to enervate ana destroy the eonati ^ Hit medieiue i? mild mid will not dtaayree with the m tietaNaaddaHdaieeooatitutioB?Sia Frene t red dron ' well knawn for ?l? **tr*otdio?ry virti***, is curia ' * ?? niioua aad dopiotrable r**ca. Terma moderate? a the "no Wr*t Broadway, near",l.a?*l atrret *'" "J FAWCETT'S MF.VF AND ELEGANT F.BTABI PO* FASHIONABLE HAl* CUT" l .d., r Hair DreMiaf.Qtl Broadway, up at* "V/K. ber* and Read* Itreetl, i? now open for ^^^ifeTrfVltiBLF WJGS ' tlw kW?- .. l.apwr In be ^ ^ fir>,*0 1B,fod?c, ,he hera. TVy dtrrlay Ine foreh ^ ud t?My heipht. point in wig otakinfl ntrar > y>>r? attained. They ?re o >rpn id of t wtJattof ft *<* ? ?' oo th' h~d by inrehihlcaleonttirapee ? They are pat ?n la to .meat?that imaw* <r<|- ./tp, ihem.eltra to ihe rount. naeee. aad at oaeab' .orne part and parcel of the II*'"?""" W * drama, IN Broadway, uy atalra. rricaa v I a nt the tinwa. 17yLWlwA fUSDH ?Uaaoa B-i ad UA ?" Tnu W**Ua 'X N. eUTARK'd. llWellM. Mirhtf .a Itlinoia aad Indiai.? Herip and AMI# Btoe ha too?h and aotd I'm ted Slate* aad lUinot* Bank N?U? Ut aat*. 19 M* H ' HAKK I'HKATRK. MH. ABBOTT S BENEFIT, nils ETENINU Mum l*-TV Dertortnoom will <*mIMIW Wllh THE RIVALS. Sir Aatouy Abaelute, Mr. rhippeoAftl* >rr??, FUatda keulkUnd, AbUll Ctjitaii Ahaolute, V^MUUjr Lvdia Lau(uiah. Mi? (J. ChAifhpx. Afl?r whirh ?< A LADY AND UENTLfiSBlN. A Cautlcmiin, Mr Mitchell A Laid)-, MreTuum A Landlady, Mr?.Harry A Voice, Mr. Utlkft To conclude with THE CRITIC. Puff, Abbntl | Ho'cr. CUrhc Don Firo'o, Placidr I Tilburino. Mr*. Va non Ailimeeloa?Boeea Jl ; Pit SO eouta : UalLry 'iS canto. CHATHAM THEATHB THIS EVENING, March 18th The performance wil commence with FAUSTl 8. Ij'*;0'' , , Seftou | Pa'itlue Hie'd Mephiatoplnlfi, Johneou | Count Ctauora. Herbert Uueetu MmTlorne r ii it UNFINISHED*IJENI'lEMAN. Bill Downey, Seftou | Frielt Flainet. HieM uUV , Alee Thome. KNIGHT AND*THE WOOD DEMON y KuuUl , ?,v^oW"0 I Hetbert L.?ol>ne Mri Thome* ft?*?* SSssBts JtMl Mtierst*, fit itv; uiliirr lit Jk Ii*. C??rt^?nriMf n nreei?elv aiTOMKLL*! OMniprc Tfllcjf THIS IVKMNO March ,h ?Th. perfonn^Tj' will ' omiueurcwith wwa ABMOUKUMN VKV YORE. Or. the DctiI'. Diary. Eamndene Mitchell | Alhert Blank, Edwin Mn Blank, MrajTimm Aftor n hkh ^ w CINDfcKtfcLLA. ""Bag?" Efclt?w ?n*r wbi~h M"T~ THE MARRIED BACHELOR, Or Matter anil Man. Sir Charlei Conrtall, Edwin | I'rues, Barixr To conclude with CHAOS IS COME AOAIN. Col. Ckaot, Ntckineoi | Jack Buncr, Ho recti la Tottenham, iG.aham Harrii, Mm Singleton Admiaetow?Drene circle Mcente. Upper boaae tli centa 111 ctati. Private boxes fti ^ eoeeopan at wrw Certain rieeeat balfpnet greenAMbHltAA Ml!|l|.C ttt, ^ Corner Broadway and Ann it rtel. Under the MaoaremeDtofVlr. P. T. Raenum nVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK ?Com' -Ea men-10* Monday. March It. ? r. HARRINGTON, the juatlycelt braird cngjeal VENTRILOQUIST and MAGI CI AN. wll I DeriOrnieH brfo'e COWiIed KUilirnca nthU?ilv io 183d. ore nundred and fitly lite coiwecu<ir? nifh'i. ie ao rfged itel) 'orouc week only. YANZOO, lite Chineee Juggler, who performancea fftoaich ell beholden, will reman thu week au-f lo longer The fplendid model of the CITY OF" DUBLIN, will pu?iti?ely he r.-nrnved after Sr. Pa rwk> Dae. the irth of M.rch. FaLLS OF Nl *GARA with p*?| water: AN1MAI. M AGNKTI8M ou a child thrcevenro eld; LiA petite cereto, I lie teanliftil dancer: ALBINO i.ady: Fancy GLASS BLOWING: Grand Cocmorama; and SOOIOO -urioiitief. A fplendid day performanco | lakei place every Wedneeduy and Baturoae afternoon. Admittance U the whole id ccnta-children half price J ? " " I MR. F. MEYER modt reepectfully anno-.mctf to hi* frienda and 'he pub ic, that he willgtve a fraud Vocal and lueiririnental CnDCrrt, at tin Fraiikliu, or Gciman Theatre, on rrv day, the'.iih ef March, on winch occasion Sigtior DE DEGNIS <ud Mr. TIMM have, in the kindeet manner, their aereicec. Ala? Madame Hang, Mra. flulipe. Mr. Wicgere, Mr- Kura. Mr. (telle, Mr. Bufchler, Mom. Ktugel.Herr Groenee.Jt, and Mr. Meyer. Mcaart, Kura and Krug'l will preaide at the Piano. The Or healra will be eompraed of about It of the firet ar> tir.e in ihecity. Leader Mr. W1KGKRS. FROOHAMME. PakT I. ' Overture?Of the grand Opera Maeaniellc, with full Oreheetiw Auher Aria?From the celebrated Opera. Titus, Moiar', Niireiumalnorh in Lrbtu ? - Horr Sell* Scuff?Die Grab tier Li'be, with Piano accom pat imeat, ai d V10' oucello obligato br Mr Oroeoevelt ' Kerr Kara Grand Scene, from the opera of Aampa, Herold, with full hand Mr F. Meyer The favorite Aria, Largo al factotum, fron the erlebi ett il opera, II Barbiere di 8ivialia. Kotiioi, Sic. de Begin* Ballad?"Waere wilt thou meet me Lo?? . Mre. Philip* Grand Duetto, trom Maeaaniello, AuSer?Viel edlcr iat Tod- Mraar*. Merer It Sell* Finale?(?r?ni Quartetlo Spohr, by Metare. Meyer, Stile, Buechler andKura. Pact JL Overture of the freed opera II daroiere di Bivifull Orcheetra Boeeiai Aria?Dae Alpenhora, with Plane accompaniment and Horn obligato Madm. Haaar Grand Trio far,Piano, Violin and VLIeacello, by Meeara. Timm, Wirgere and Oreenevelt Reineaer Variation for the Harp, with full ortlicatra aee lapaniment Madm. Has* OraLd CavHtuia (rom the celebrated opera La O aaa Ladrn?Hoaaini Mr*. Philip* Favorite Alia?" My boyhood'* home," from the trend opera Amitie?Rook Mr. F. Meyer The Grand Duetto?All' Idea di quel utefella, from the opera II Barbiere di Sitif ia, Reaaiai. Mrttra idle k Meyer Boxca $1, gad 50 cent*, PitlSceata. Doore open at sev*u, the concert to commence precisely at eicht. mia ira Mihtakv anu civi<: ball.?tim irirdi aa^l Ball ef tbc Jefferson Guards will take p'ace at H Apollo 8 dona, on Monday evening. March II. ISM The en l-brated Jefferson hraae Band baa been engaged fur the oeeaaion. The Boor will be under (he management of an r (limit Commuter, who will endeavor to make thiione of the moot eg erable balls Tickrta of admieaion at fi, can be pmenr d of the following gentlemen, composiug the Committee of airangraaewU^J Caft. J Wallis. Ho Fulton street. Licit Kut it maier It* Charch a tree t, " Reh'irch, Ml Canal atreet. " weiaman, M7 Broome at -ret, Berg. Obrrlander. Ml Walker at real. H Notten. 17 Uayardatreet, Oerp. Baumer 111 Leonard atreet. Mr. Leweck, 1U Kooaevelt atreet Mr H Clauaep, 110 Broome atreet; rail#1* 'I'HK RAlNlKI have the hooor tea antiounre to Tfceir I friends and the public in cenrtal. that they will give a Grand Vocal Concert, at the New Yerk Society Library, on Kf irtay evening Miich II. IMS. whee Uiey will appear in their native co'tutor, of'he Tyrol.aud ling a variety if New Song* end Duetts. and Melodies of the Atpe' , _ Tit hale M ernte. to be had at the Muatc Storee. aad at the derr. Concert to oommeaee at hall-past eeren o'clock. mlTttis' , HKATRE?"41r. Akbott'sBeacBt.?Mr. aMuTT moat I respectfully announces that hie benefit wilt take place on Friday neat, March Idlh, on wbien oecvaon Mr. Mitchell and Mra. Tinms, of the Olympic Tteatra. hare politely volww leered their arrvtcea. The performances will conriat W Sheridan's cIscmc comedv of THE RIVALS, revived with tha ancient costumes, new scenery, decorations, aad the following powerful cast?8* Aulhony, Mr. Chippendale ; Acrta,' Mr. HiCide; Van Ik land, Mr. Ahbott; Captain Absolute, Mr. Wbeatley ; Sir Lucius, Mr. Frederick*; David. Mr. Williams; Mm Cuidiaaan; Join. Mice I. Owhi on; Lucy Mn.VtrMi, Alter which the new drum* of A LADY AND OENTLBMAN in * p'tuKor poiition. the two eharactere by Mr Mitch <11 and Mra.Timoia. To conclude with the 2J act of THE rw|Tir-f'off Mr. abbot* mia m SGU Ori DriiiL?Pun ' It*- HreL>lt,P UP t life. UftATRESSED OPEBAT1VK8 OF SCOTLAND?[Poet poard to tne Uth itat.J?A boll will b? gieen ia Tammany Hail, on Friday firet, the 1Mb mat ant. in aid of toe IWode for the relief of the Diitreeaed Ojersliree in He oil and. The foL lowing gentlemen bare been nominated aianagow, .pad they pledge ihemMlrea that no eiertione will be wanunjito uaae [hie Ball one of the moat agreeable or In* reason. Hobert 8han> V. Clirebagb, T. Shepherd A. Caaieroa Red MeLeod J. O. Cumouag J. O. Clement Jamea Curr J no. Morriaon A- P. Format Jao. Allan, Jamea Linen Wtn. Sluart^h Walter Leggtl* It ia coaalSereJunSeceaeaJy to urge the rllime tbu upon the public generally. The orgeary of the c? ScLhw-e calla for the eitrciae of our leueeolcnce u bow t <*a ntnknown. arY amly* The order of Dancing aceordiag to Progreenme. Mr. J. Paauta haa fenerouely rolunterred hi' ricea in dlreetirg the iloor.' lyninnbme^Mr W. Wallac'i excelleat Bead hti been . , ore Alton. in#-* TwilMfpvMi will ptom*BMU ilht room. , 4l t aire preeioueto the eommaacemeat and di ylaymg aationaC aha of deaeu* "H tba loLrmAa-. Door* euru at T. and dancing will comr . 1b!!h?2?r?!? ?232g*iZ i to brhad of U. ?I" ?? lh? 8o?1' ,ah journal - i*cToT7 ; T??i?ny H??- r * tthTfcP* * GVMNAr - I pistol g allert. i VitSHRH TTIUNON ra.<wctf?lW fklU\Trt * 'W Yorb, tW they haae" ^ K&W^dft^wVT I iR!TL*et?*W?e A4r,r.rJ.r ?^d con^Ute^T JL I arr?:-M .^f *>bs?^tz5?!5? sg g&s?5r ..w"25hk.,^^ jfci? i ? ?r<|U'ra ?'i?t F?or> **ree*. ?t Mm* I N wwf? t" ?J! tm lioni *r* bow ** Elm, tt??ry, and Whit* etr?? 4 aoacrefa ^b aireel eutrar ready for detirenr at No. ! Bout! , aorT&ootr ALAo r -to m Dover (tract. H ih*? krcI niin 10 Uraclitee. to be on thnr rward where H An wo lor ane, aaeereral habere here put H up to Ihair wm- ^B * (ate. wno ?rt not t'|iH *"T ? the corfrrCB ^B .k?raV ad idea, no podlern or oonemiaaaoaere f we cent nut bp ^B .ingreaaltona fnreuetoiarre m7 P jt' |wd endtw CRS7 SaRGE A N f and" MALLESON, jIIYRlCIANb and Bnrgeone from Londw , ?nd Piwie. art ?a ^B C rnoa'ant attendance il.mnthont Itwdr ,T. at their o?<*. ^B ( Cedar atroel.eeeoed door from Brnadwt f. and aar he eon- ^B aolud with the (tnelret confidence in all ace of either a aeoicul or furgictl ?. u.e Harr??tandMal'eeoohirehad re wt eiteoeiTeoeper- ^B ' tnoilwe of obtaiuin* end perfenuna tip ,rnn*h awl practical itn knowledae of their prafeaeion, hern*'* ea in nt ft re pratUee li ?7eV?%l yeara, both in Ynfand anj# ?nr?>MjrejUTSo _ >o. itmitmA nuim: bIia h* * i** mbrr of rmn tw m? I#" niUU in London and Pari#, n'l^wd and J bUio?d Ch-ir diplo**** ? iimterRir Injuua Brodie and the 1 rot P*> " ?? band ri iN J a aotert aaonrtmer t of perfw /nerr, ?*?? moot ?P .too Hont meSmom. ??J? >'" PRIVATE ( ;UKK. TVXiTOR JORDAN'S SPECIF |C UOURy.Ns.l-Pnr " L" ihrpnimpt rure ?f<-<?9 JT " >o?fn.h<*i. Ule.te, anil oil ' ?ilw^ wuhml d?.chirf ?. and h* itpociBc C nroe. No. H. I*?r " ihr roinpieie .radicalnn, and l? rami rat ??rr of ron- col wnhoot rwwenre, wicoo rentenrr, or laiao of tii?e. i rk^iiin?if'?,'#'" "J '? Caen.<nn.pH.iof o?rr? if- nwiiirinr. waah. and rrq iiorte, of er rrauired either for internal m r.i.mol nets, and whether tiv caoefce raoent or old. a cat di . , mrontred if uned ao direa ted. Karli pick ire ?le.> coo a am. I?f. JnnUd'e pnowte tre.S on,called the M .mil nr. wfce-o. a mi.full direction., Willi a lilt la dieeriptioa of the nature a i m.'ti.atd, eonoeqaecrr# and treatment of aeeref Mioraaeo^o n which io added moth T.luabl a (affirmation, nooful hint., apd t .inp rt nt a all the diSruiiiea ofeejl'ueat..i nt The twice of Moniio ,r hi 6'tjr a.oOa; one ilollar edht p.i't paid, will tneure ita ree tptirm. Tie c?i ?> Mi. I aaf f, e each 91. anl tinman to-d?admirably de?i~tie4 for noi ii'a -ii the country. Win* coiojilete, eoannaet, feoayeoiqp! ml t-.n ien- Poet paid t ttrra en.eriaf the .entrant, Kaor itaUealira Sold** thepeoprjetor,only at Orf *? (, i n v|4rinB atraet.aerood ? jot below rii'ice.oernm! Mork eaa'. i Broadway. Marina tolrret ia I direct of ^^B i .(lilt, |di( km*

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