Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 20, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 20, 1842 Page 1
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1 TH T?l. TU^-lg, 364 ?Wtoli 303 ), Vtw LINK OK LIVICRPOOA. PACKKT8 To Mil Croat Nc# York on ttw *5th, *uii Liverpool on the llln ??4 ualL a Mm m Faow New York. . , r 8hie RO8CIU0, Captain John Cotlin*. tfth March. 8Up MPDON&CuiUin E B. Cobb, *5th April Skip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyote*. asih May. ShipOAKKlCK, Cai.laiti Win. hknidy, lath Jul*. From Lirraroet.. Up SHERIDAN,Captain K. A. Deneyater, 15th March. Ship (JAJIRICK,Captain Win. Skidd), 11th April. Ship ROSCIU8, CaptaiuJohn Collina. 13th May. hip 81DDONS, Captain E. B.Cobb, nth Junr. Tbeeeehipe are all of the firat clart, upwards of iooo torn,built M the city of New York,witli each improvement* aa combine great epeed with uaueoal comfort for pHsarnpera. K.rcry c-ira 'kaa been t aken in the arraiiKemen t of the tr accommodatioaa. The priceof paaaaaehcnce ia itt)0,for which ample atoiei will be mrided. Theae ahipa are commanded by experienced inaaten. who will tnake crery exertion to give general aaliauc Neither i? eaptaina or ownen oftheae ahipa will be reeponai Me for any lettera, parcel*or packageetent by tkeu, unleoe re jralar bit la of lading are ?ikwJ therefor. The ahipa ol thialiue will hereafter go armed, aad theirpeen iareooatrni lion givea them accunty notpoeaeoaed by any other kntaeaaeU of war. vs... .i..w?.t-?,-u WM It JAS. BROWN k fco? L.rerp^ol Lettera by the packeU will be charged I8t cent, per eimrD . ahaat: to eenU per ounce, and newepapera 1 rent each. mt KUH NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF FACKETS m m m m For ike better accommodation of ehippere, it ij iotrn.lrd to deapalch aahip from thia jiort on thelat.tth, 10th. 15th, loth -..J lRHv of each month, commencing the 10th October, and continuing until M?y, when regular day* will be appointed lot the remainder of lite year, whereby treat delayi and diaap Bioffmenta will be prevented durio?' (He maimer month*. Tin llowing aliips will commence thu arrangenuat hip YAZOO, Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. I apt. Jackson Ship MISSlSSIPPLCapt. Hrltiard. Ship LOIMSVILLE, Cant. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner. Ship UASTON.Cnpt. Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLR, ?apt. Mumford. Ship OCMULOEK, Capt I.eavitl. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS,Capt. Kuiglil. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mulford. Theie ahipa were all built in the city of New York, ezprrnly for packet*, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been well coppered and pot in stileudid order, with accommodation* fer pMaeuger* unequalled for c? nfort. They are eommaaiied hp experienced masters, who will make every exertion to gene general satisfaction. They will at all time* ba towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owner! or captain* of theie ahipe will be response bt* (or jewelry, bullion,precious stoues, silver, or plated ware, or lor My lettera, parcel or package, acnt by or put e * board of tana, unlee* regular billa of lading are taken for toe tame, and the value thereon ef For freight or uaee age. apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO M South ?t.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agenl in New Ovieeoo.who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The ahipe of thi* line are warranted to sail punctually as ad| vertiaed, and great care will be taken to have uie good correct tor m roamed. mS .nit KOkUk AWd NEWARK. CMfca \a*1 Tl Fart refluend to MS cants. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York(Every day?Sunday $ excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave Newark Att A. M. Att P.M. At 9 A.M. At it P.M. It do 4 do (do 31 do 4( do 10i do S do T do 13 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty etreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At ( A M.aadjt P.M. At 1 P. M. and io P.M. NEW KORK, El.IZABETHTOWN, KAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. ji* 11.? rpdktcs^ From the foot of Liberty atroet.dailT. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A.M. At Tt A.M. 41 F. M. 1 P. M. SOMERV1LLE stage* connect with thaae 1-nta each way. F?re between New York and SomerviUe. S8 cents. Do do Now Brawwiok, Tt aenta. Her way, Meant*. Ekthbetbiown, 23 een'*. The fare in t^a Tt A. M. train from New Branewitk, and t| PM. train from New York, has been reduced between New YorMnd New Branewick to M cento. and Rah way U *T| ** The Pniladelphia mail I in* pmN through NowBi uni with Tor Now York eveey evening at I o'clock. Tithe Tt A.M. trip from Naur Bniuawiek ia cmit? Puaengrra who procure their ticket* at the ticket office,re Carre a ferry ticketgratia. Ticketaare received bp theconduetof aelvoa the day when purchased. febll ! * .aTBrSFREIGHTS FOR THE WE^T ANXJ SOU 1H, From PHI LA DELPHJA via '""iKVKS "' BALTI' Freight* yd Booth will be for vr (led drily from tJie transportation iffice ef the Company, No. 1 Hock at TPW Philadelphia , . .. . Merchants are reaprctfullr informed that all goods eoc igard to the company vm all be forwarded with the utmoat dispatch to any point wet oraonth. Freight reachci Baltimore the nmi dry it leave* Philadelphia The wail line for lh' west end south leave* Do V etreet dsHv^at^haJf-past six o'clock A.M. by it earnbeat ROBERT Passenger* will raich Baltimore at o'clock, two lioura previousto the departure of the train* for the southwest. W. L. A8HMEAD, A gent. Philadelphia, March*. IHt. wit lm RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. MMLOBB-flhuSA NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK rrHE NEW JERSbY Rai'rnad and Transportation t-'omi. pany have eatablifh'd a Fr.iglit Line between New Rrunswick and New York, which they intend to run peimaoeatly. Laeviog New Brunswick at t A M. daily, (Sunday* excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, at 3 P.M. To countiy dealers aud merchant* the above line la very da sirable for the speedy and cheap conveyance of merchandiae of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealam in Lift Stock, who can hava ISO head of cattle conveyed between New Btuoawick and New 1 ork, the sauie day, wheat ver required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, keep, hogs, Ac., and all othar kindi of merchifediac arc very low, nevn stria,boat price*. Merchandise sent by this linen not subjected to any extra charge in crossing the Nortn River. The Company have firted up a large atorehouae at New Brunswick adjoining Uie Railroad Depot, which will always he open for the reception of merchandise. Passengers, purchasing their tickets at the tieket office*, willreeeav* ferry tickets gratia. mil 3m* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITrgBURG. BINGHAM'S LINE. The proprietors of Bingham's Transports lain Lin* to Pittsburg. gi?e notice to the Merchants of New Yotk, and all other person* s ipt-itg to the West, that their line is now in active Oiaiatton. (food* consigned to them (or seat to go in their Hits.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of good*, destined for the Western Btatee, who lave no agent or consignee al Pituhnrg. will -J.?- e,_i... II..;P In PVill&m who win attend to ihipt'ing all (uch eonaignmenta without WW. All food i ahould be narked diitiuctlr on each package binuRams line. For ratea of freight, which are aa low aa anr other line. Aptdy to VtM. TVSON, Ageut, No 8Weat atreet Oi iH.aite Pier No. a, n. H. N. B,?Peaaengera forwarded to P.Ualurg and Pot'arille, ovary day,Sundays excepted. Refer to K, Crookr, American Far Co.: I. T. Nieoll, Front itmt . I help*, Dodge St Co. Fulton atreet; Suydam, Rage fcC'o.j Wm. Rankin, Dnryee It Co .Newark' ml 3m STATEN ISLAND FERRY. tfSfcCJ Foot of Whitehall atreet "SeTeeSr^TATKN ISLANDER or 8ASTsONniII run aa followa until further uotiea Laarea Staten (aland Lcceee Whitehall At a o'clock a.M. At o'clock a.*. "I# ' "II 14 * * U M F M " 9f " * M. * M " I" N. B. A'l gooda ahippad are required to be particularly marked and are at the rack of the ownra thereof. ol_ _ Fare Only I ft Conta. oMQdlI _ The acileadid and commodioaa ateaaaer ^kpwJMa^yaPA98A1C, Captain John Oatfy, being com^BimdBBaK.plet> It and elegantly refitted, wit I commence Mr regular tppe f?r the aeaaon, on Thursday, March 10th,? Jfoeiog aa followa:? Footol Barclayat .New York Centra Market, Newark. ? o clock, a. M. T? o'dock, a. m. . 4 o'clock. P. M. i( o'clock P. M. ? F description Carrie 1 at rtry re'daced rate*. will !far? the fo<. t of Warren atreet Now York, rrery Monday. Tlri ?Jay and Satwdno aftenoon'i -nt g o'cWk- Hwh.aUr ariti^T.' Pr.fprtft' V ramaga.applytntkoCaMain on board. Jf.M. Al i kognage and Trmrtt of ererr description, bank Oatta orapecia, tui on board this boat.muolbe at the riakof the oarnora "\ereof,unless a bill oflading orrecaiptis signed (or afceaam* sPftlNO ARRANOEMent: M n K OR SHREWSBURY and RED BANK. OZHfli-Ol 1*4 after Saturday, Mirth It, 1(41, th* SE5NQE. Steamer OSIRIS .Captain Allure. will lcit? Raw York retry Tneeday, Thursday .and Saturday, ll ? ?k) k. A M. Heitirniaf, leaaa Red Bank retry Monday at ? o'dcrk.end Tuccday and Thureday at It o'clock, boob. H ?* MAlt LME k'OR ALBANY, and tatrr mediate plarro, M for aa the tea l-roita, ?he SE5Bfcsa S?,Atii!f-A?KTOoi.wa o'clock.Knday. March 4th. ? JSpfi! 'iBSSfc.-SW-.te''" " <" The (tram oct TF.LK.tJAAPH will I acre Tor Albany on taBrtay Aflornooa, March (th, at s o'clock. m4 ~Mtt W* LOHMM?NekoTtrffiSTK~5liircS-Thc lrr>nt cow parkrt chip HENDRKK HUDSON, AMNkl afr'ain Morten, will bo daapctchad for London aa Boer.herragalarday. Ha rimcaaarlor actoanmodettone for E NE N DR. ALLEN'S BALSAM. OF Hnrehound, Civet wort find Fl?uri?f hoot, for Coughs, Colds, Consumption and I ivet Complaint ?Consumption i? a disease often secretly lurking u the svatcm for years before there id the le^it oomplaiot of the lungs. And in thif l*Kr becund y effectually, and ae c? rUnly as any other disease* Let not per -one delay tbe use ol medicine until their'uu;:* are sensibly affected, but indue season retort to Dr. Allen's Bals-im of Larerwort?thin medicine has proved even the Cooqueior of iTay sician#," for which all rnankiud will have abundant CJU*e to oless the h^nd of Providence? More than ltd) Physicians in this city now use this medicine in their practice. LIVER COMPLMNT riTRED-Dr. APea-Dear Sir I have used j out Balsam of Horehound. Liverwort and Pt*u rijy Rodin my pracice fjr ?ouie m >nths pis', and from the wonderful eff?ct it ha* bai, I am fully s-tisfted that it possesses very superior virtues iu the cure of Liver Ump aint ami b'onsu nptioa. I do strougty rccom r.cud it to the public and the Kacultv. R?m-cir.iiir. J. D. RICHARDSON, M.D Hudson. Augtsat l, ibm. WHOOPING COUGH ?1Thia i-'iif ? ? ii'prevailing very extensively, and ia awerping t-ff m mv onea. with very few da'a illu-ar. fareata should leairmber that Or. AIleu'a Balaam of Lirtrwort ia the only infallible remedy, aad li ra eared Ihuu-ande ol I.are daring ten a ya ra. Sold by VV A. Ta> lor, wh leaale agent, ?8 Barclay at ; E. M. Gnicn, 127 Bowery. eorutrcf G.'en I afreet ; Or Hart, corner of Broadway and Chambers atreet ; J. O. ft ay, at Milnor'e Drug 8' ore, comer of Broadway and John atrrct. | ml5 In* DOe.8 NOT COMMON SENSE u.cU ua thai EXrfcC TORaTION ia tne m -at natural a? well aa effectual agent iu arreting and caring Pnl.i.ona y Di-evara ? He 'aim raya yea, beeau-e Ohatru tion ia either immrdutely or remotely the c me of ljtlai mation or Catur.hal ft'erere, producing croap consumption, and absceaa'i ol tha lungs, pain and a riticaaof the throat, brenrt, aider, or ahnul lent, bronchitis, exciting muci ua and perulent rccre.ioia. thereby clogging up the lungs, ao aa to n ore or le?a impede both reapiratisu and the free ciculati.n of the blood, raiuiig difficulty of brra.hiiig and asthma, t ltnr'sy, hoarseness, and foes of mire, dro|ay of the heari and cheat, rupture of b'ood verse's, and tdeed.rg from th- throat and lung* and ayi'ting of blood Torimore this obstruction I out which all theae alarming an J dangerous diseases originate, and to p>o luce a radical cure, nothing has ever been fouud equal to JAY.XE'8 EXPECTOKANT. It atauda uurirall.-d?it stands pre- mincut?try it, and you will be forced to acLnowledg - that lie rirtuea have not.uor cannot be or-ri,aled ; that 'i sUuds far above and beyond the reach of competition ; that it is the only reaaouab'e, the only natural and ihe only ruly au cea ful ninth d of arresting and curiug disease! of thr pulmonary urgaue Bold in New York at wholesale and retail, hy A. B. St D. Stuide. Druggists, Nue. 79 and 11*0 ft'uitou ; Dai id 9a- ds St Co., N j. 77 E tat Broadway ; A B. Sauda St C o , No. 273 Broadway. m!7 tm' DRS. SARGEANf AND MALLESON, PHYSICIANS and furgeons from I oudou and Paris. ara ia f constant attei dance lhrou(h> ut the day, at tlitir office, 89 Cedar atreet.aecoad door from Broadway, and may be eouaulted with the atricteat confidence in all caaea ol cither a mecieal or aurgical character. Dra Sargeaatand Maiteaon hare had moat attentive opportunities'?! obtaining and perfecting a thorough aud practical knowledge of their profession, having been in achre [rattier lor several years, both in ft ng'ai.d and France, aa well aa the United Mates; also attended for a number of years the Hospitals in Londouand Paris, a ndied and obtained their diplomaa under Sir Btnj tnun Brodic and the first phyatciana in Eug land. N.B. A aelect assortment of perfumery, and the most approved patent medicinea. mlo tm' PRIVATE CURE. f?OCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COUR9F.No 1-For C thr prompt cure of C? p or Oouerrt oer, Gleeta, ai d all other wethral di-chirgee, and his 9pe> ific C urve, No. 2, lor the complete eradication, and permai eat care of veeieieai disetse, without exposure, iucuuvenieure, or loaa of time. Each courae ia encloatd in \ neat tin case, comprising tvery meuicinc, Fein, anil req unit, cttr rrou ree euner lor internal or external use; and wlirlhtr ihe Mtln recent or old. a cure it guaran'red, if used as directed. Each pack iff alio coo aiua Dr. Jordan's private trettise.c died the Monitor, where, ia if full directions, with a plain difcription of the nature eymplomv, coneeqnences and treatment of secret' which i* added much valuable information, rueful hintf, and imp..rUnt advice?removing all the difficnl'iea of enlflieatmeiit. The mice of Monitor ii fily centa ; one dollar rent poat paid, will nvure i'a reception. Tie ctirri No. I and t, are each $3. an I guaranteed?admirably designed lor reei den'a in the coiutry, being complete, compact, 'convenient and efficient Poet paid leIters covering tlie amount, hive prompt attenlio'i. Sold for the proprietor, only at Dr"g Store, If Marion atrcet.aecond door below Pnncf.seeond Mock eaet of Broadway. Marion atreet if a direct aontiturlion of Centre. wit lm' AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE D LADIES. R A. C. CASTLE, Dentiat. 1ST Broadway, New Tork, has a Paste for tiding decayed teeth, whirlr, while it ia perfee'ry harmless in iu com-vaiUon, can be pot into the moat tender tooth, with which it becomes compacted mto oie solid body, m nutria.rig its original appearance and uae* without any p un whatsoever. Tie nioet painful tooth can be tl ui presertd The numerous testimonials from ladiea in the first society speak sufficiently as to i.srflirucy. Dr.A C.C. inserts artin cial Teeth without ligi urea ou the principle of atmcepherie prva?ure, guarsnteed 10 withstood Ihe effect! of ab lious acid stomach, and rre I rem fir ted odrra, Tocth tehe "Ilia, ons of which put in the troth will eff-ct a ra ical cure. Dr. A. C. C. refera ?e to hie profession *1 anil I to Dr. I.U. Johnson, Prraldent of ,he Medic >1 Society, Le Chevalier Don A Caldrroa de la Bares, Spanish Amb??a|or, Mr. Sioughtoo, Spanish Consul. Rtv Mr Lyell. Rev. Mr. Risar.m, the Profeaaora of the I'niverty <f the College of fbyairiana 4 SiiiasotM of New vork. DEAFNESS?Drs Casile k F.dwarde, AuriaU, attend to every disease incidental lathe human ear. Aenuetic DropsSure rare for deafueer, pains, noises, or hard wax in the ear. ml 7 tin* lAANDRifEF or loss of hair Is canned by a languid orobLr etructed circulation in the small blood veaaels w hich eupdly the scalp and hair with nonrisl men', in consequence of which Ihe perspiration becomes thick and clammy, and dries on the eunace, forming a crust called dandrnff. which clogs upthejpercs of ibe skin, and by its pressure againet the root* of the hair prevents it from receiving sufficient no'iriehmi nt to retain iitality The hair then becomes h?r?h and unpleasant, changes color and falls off This uaueallhy affection ia very speedily and effectually cu-ed by Jaync'e Hair Tonic, whicn revives die dormant powers of the surface vraseli. removes ihe dandruff, and [yoduces a newsnd healthy grow.h of hair to supp'y the loss of the old; and baldness is prevented or removed where it already exists The following eertificete is selected, which snAciantly proves its extraordinary virtue*? Messrs. A. B. fc Sanaa:?Gentlemen. As an act of justice to .... ... ia. i.... i .....i ?,. >%; :c..i. #? ;-r .... .e the mvaluable teu?fit iny wife has received from llie use of Dr J.yne's H*iv Tonic. She lost not only her entire heed of heir, but her eyebrows also end after try iny Belm of Columbia end various other remedies, with no bent fit. the used Dr. Jaync's Heir Tonic. She need two boIIlee before we cruld discorer the heir had darted, and commenvii g with the third it started to grow oui finely, end in a few weeks her head and oyebrowa re>e covered with a third growth of flee bl tck hair, better than she hid loe>. I think it was entirely prodneedby the use of the Tonic, and would recommend it te all who need a timilur remedy. Truly rours. JOHN N. JACK SON. Prepared only by Or. D.Jsvne, 39 South Id street. Price ft. Su'd at wholeiale ?nd retail by A. B 81D. SANDS,drug* gipte. 79 Fulton, corner of Oild street, end 100 Fulton street; also sold by Abraham B. Sanda It Co., No 373 Broadway, corner of Chamber strast; David Sends It Co., No. 77, Kail Broad way a?13 lar D R. H 0 R N E ptONTlNUESto be coneulledconfidentielly at kin office No. v tb Murray street. Btrangeraare respectfully apprisedthat Dr.Homo beinglegally bred to the Medical Drofeeeion in the city of London has been a practical member of the acid faculty of phyeie for 49 years, fo the last 31 in the city of New York. His practice from beiag general, he confines to a particalar branch of medicine, which enrages his profound attention. His eiperienoo in very great?his success ashtonishing. He cautions the unfortunate against the nse of mercury ; thousands are annually mercurialised out of Ufa ; recent affections, are, without mercury, extinguished in few days, See your caseseradicated,not retched np. The leaned Dr Bnchan.emphetically obeerreo?"Married persons, and persons about to be married.should be particularly cautions of those affections ; whata dreadful inheritance totraneaut to poo''Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable eaaaa. need not deepairofa complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Home. A residence of 3B years in New York city, has established Doctor Hone's character aa a men of sterling honor, and based on foal respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to his patrons a sure gun rantee. Dr. Home's offices are nnmerons, and patients never come in contact. Attendance until nine o'clock in the evening N OT1CE. ay- THOMAS O. HORNK, ton of the laU Dr. Oeotga T.Honie.respectfully apprises the public that he conttnnes his father's most successful practice et his establishment. No. 78 Murray street, and may be cocaultcd daily until f o'clock, P. M? Sundays excepted. mt In* DOCTOR BELL. fbOCTOR BELL devote* hie personal attention (daily until Lr | p. M.) to thcremovmlof private diseaneois evavy Km All Buffering under protracted cases .aggravated or uieweaomnl !y treated by inexperienced orprftrndei)practitioner* ; tkooele boring under the see tractive effects of mercury er quack una trams, tad all who suspect the remain* of diooaoolunsagia tko system, may eoneult Dr. 1. always with a gnanatee of rwaOa Persons contemplating marriage, who have keep the seh &W deliejUdtooaJ.a.mayoouonTt 2r. Bell with LmcreM* eouffldeuce. Poet rain letters,deeertbing the eaae ef paeuouoet a distance, hav t his prompt attention. Dr.B.'s trsutaaeut aevst etposesto suspicion,and is well known to be safe and pcrsaa n- rrieata tfleN 4 COURTLANDT ITI1IT. twa doors(torn Broadway. mTla' MEDICAL AID. ALL those in need of medical aid of a certain drocriptioa. I should withoat r?i obtain a copy of a little book entitled the R? neon. with engraviaia. This little work wao written and published by Dr. Gregory, in 1631, in 1841, bo published a ecooo edili? n. will, many taluible improremeata aad altera- ' Hone; aid ia 1848, it h?e been Itill more Improeed aad enlarged. The engravings ate beautifully done, aad are accompanied wijfi suitable tvplanatonr remarks. The anlhor ie now la eitOMife city practice at 34 Molt itreet. nearly opposite the etoae church. Hie baring b> cu romtantly engaged in combatting diaeaeee of thie character for many years peat, enable* him to treat hiaaabjectnotonly theoretical y but practically correct. The patient ia here guided in the (election of rewedirf, according to the respective cirrumotancea and coaditioa of thie caae. The plea of Uie bookia to show tliaordjpar symptom* occurring in eoinmou caaea, with the beat method of cura. It then shows what other eymptoma may and dofrequently happen, with appropriate treatment and ramadiea to ba adopted in eane then* bad aymptom* abould occur. 'I he pi ice of the booh ia 54 cent*. . Dr. Oragorr takea thin opportunity to reaiark. that ha ia rerjr frequently applied to nnder circumstances where the pa l tent sarins to be i altering which lead him into the belief that he heaaome litt'e remain# of the complaint still left, which shona itself occasionally. Buch ena'a as th>ee frequently pro** to be attended with stricture : of thin fad, an well as thie nature of a a'ricturr,the patient had no idea, not withetandinf the ?yn\ptomi may have eaiatrd a I any time, end a tincture Mdleen tnprogreM aereral month# Doctor Gregory guaran teea a tpeedy and permanent cure. The Doctor1* reiidence it not ai drag ?tore, but ie a private dwelling houit, well provided for the convenience ofpeti-nte. The book mar altobe had at Mr. King e atnre, S] hulton etreet, corner or Cliff, at the ?*me mice Dr. Orrgorjr n ill be found at home at aill houra of the day and evawh g n.r?,'JTI*i r^?'7,i*"r ^"teaee from the city may commitr -^he /h^ilj *&** .. with Dr O. and hia ad ?ivl? rowii Ul .' .!?? S r" V'"r deaerlption of the caae ia SIvdid to7rdL '** ,hf reamdian will be for .^_^.?rd>T' _y,d 'uceeoe alwa; a guaranteed, where the rSSSSSS artificial teeth uaed. by Dr. Buatkey, eWrraTttoTt caah^eoajpjm moderate, iff oparnUwwSXtuJ*" m W V 0 EW YORK, SUNDAY Mi I CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL SURGEON, M.. II r M A M R V. B 3 ITRERT. NEW-YORK. "GREAT MMI# IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, NEW CAT* PET STORE, <40 TEARL STREET. Q ESPF.CTEULLY makeit kno?D to their friends'nd the ? public, that they have just opened an extern ire assort weut of Kugli.h Brussels , Three I'ly, Iugraiu aud Veueti.ii Carpeting. h loor Oil Clqih, from 3 to 34 feet w iile. Oriiv g'l'e Baix-s, Tultrd *?d oiker Ri pe.Matte, Table and Piano < overs, Transparent Wiudiw Shades, together with every article in the trade, too numerous to men ion. We eh t'enge competition -* to price, quality aud iali?r,> A call i* enlirittd befrre purchasing. N. B.?The pubic will be fjly sstisfi.d that thU is the cheap 'Sl cash carpet store in ihe ciy J.H LOUNSBERY k CO . irt3 9w* Ml Pearl elraet. THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON.Iate of Chatham Square, user of 311 Fioadway' has again taken the lirst Premium for the kee t of WIGS AND SCALPS?, A CONVINCING proof. If toy were wanting, that native ingenuity is appreciated before foreign boasting and humbug. aa the opinion of three of Ihe oMeet and beet judges in the proleetiou in New York can teelilr. The public can now judge from the premiums, vir. the eilerr in'dai last vear, and the tint premium thie, awarded by the American Institute, who ie or is not the best Wig maker. Pi. Phalou respectfully mvifpi nil i'lHifpi iitiii wi>Rp*ra to mvnmino kin nrrfninn imnro red Gossamer Wig, which, for surpassing elegance, close re semblance to Mature and beauty of me> ' anieal structure. may he regarded as one of the greatest raLiter pieces of art erei produced in the world. N. B ?This splendid wag weighs little over half * eenee, Uk lightest erer known. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phalon'scelebrated ANTI DANDRUFF, for removing the dander completely from the head, and a tbor eugh cleaner ?f the surtace and hair if the head, but leaves glossy aud silky appearance to the H IIH. Observe, none is genuine unless signed by me in ink. EDWARD PHALON. Applied on th? for as cents. _ _ n t la* BOOK BINDING and paper ruling H IRELAND, No. 'SuNatsau street, having an entire new stock of Binding Tools and Ruling Machinery. ol the latcetand most apptorej patterns, is now ptcparrd lu execute nil orders ia the meet durable end handsome mnoser. Merchants Account Books and all other kinds of Blank work ruledan l bound to any pattern, in a style that is warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in Ihe.Kiiglisn mode if required, as H. I. h is had long xpti iencs iu both methods. FOR SALE?Two second band Copperplate Presse*. Apply as above. mitt la BEWARE. ~ We have found upon inquiry that of late some persons hare been telling a medicated candy done up I in packages similar, 'ft ough not exactly" like our own and persons who have been afflicted with coughs, Ac have pun based this counterfeit article, suppeeing it to be the gmuins Pease k Son's Compound Extract ol Horehound. Wa can only^aya to such shopkeeper! they are TAMPERING WITH THE HEALTH and lives ol their fellow men, lor the purpoee of realixisg greater profits from the sale ol the spurious article. We INFORM THE PUBLIC ofthisfaet,that they msv be more cautious in future where they purchase. And when they who have fpuichased this spurious candy havs returned it, tbey have refused to refund the money tyj- T die Particular Notice. -Ob as each package ef the genuine Horck vund Candy bears upon the printed l .bel au EAGLE SUPPORTING THE AMERICAN FLAG, on which is inscribed the .word Pease, right and left are two rignettrs. vix: THE GOOD SAMARITAN AND HERCULES SLAVINO THE HVDRA. The whole beats Hie fee uimle of J. rcue at Son. Countcrfeiter* dare uot imitate thie. J. PEASE It RON. 45 Division it. EVIDENCE OF ? HE EKFlCAt Y OW PEASE'S COMPOUND HOREHOUND CANDY. Ja!Vt.'*RTM,lH48. TO MESSRS J PRASE It BON-Dsar Sin though I hare not the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with you, 1 think it due to you to bear my humble testimony in favor of the efficacy of your invaluable Compound Clarified Eaience of Horehound Candy. I had taken nn unuveully violent cold, which tffl eted and oppressed my breast verv much Havisg roar candy recentuieudei to me by n friend, I made bat a partial uie of ii, bui foundit no Valuable in relietiagmy breast by producing an euy and copioua yellow expectorat'oa, that contrary to all my previous fear*. I find myself rabidly re CO vering amidst the noit arduous la boil of my office. Youre respectfully, JOHN C.LYON. Paetorofthe Methodist Epii'optl Church York, Pa. N. B.?Her. Mr .Lyon delivered a aermon at Allen iiraet M. E. Church aome (three Sabbathe prerious to the aheve da'a. 3 he Pastor of the above church wee an eye witness ef the peculiar cfllcacy of our Hnreh und Candy. I J. PEASE A SON,41 Division it. Of?- Pedlars snc Confectioners are not appointed A--nt? Eich envelope of tlie Genuine Pease's Hoarnound Candy ia siRced J. Pease k Son, 45 Division at. of whom it can be oh tiined, wholesale and retail. Country ante.a punctually attended to. Terms invariably Caih. All letters must be post-paid. AOENT8. Ruahtou fc Aapinwall, 110 Broadway, If Aator House, and II William st. Thompson, cor Fulton and William its. Bands, 711 ulton at., and Granite Buildings, cor. of Brosd war and Chambers st; over No 3 Snth Avenue. The foil 'wing are our State areola Mr G W Keddiug, No. 8 State st, Boston. Maaa. MrOB Zieber, So. 07 Dock st, ftuladclpnia, Pa. RawlsStCo 57 State at Albany. Mr J Robertson, No. 110 Baltimore st, Baltimore. Md. Messrs Duboise kUo. Mobile, Ala. Messrs J V Car as A Co. No. 10 Exchange Place. New Or Rev MrDuvall. 990 Broad at, Newark, N J. Mr W N Htldeman. Louisville, Ky. _Mr Piercer Teller. Detroit. Mich. m'O |\f R K. MEE6, lately from burope, Professor of the art ol 1,1 Arm* in its highest branches, gires instruction* in Fe ncing, and in the nte of the straight, crooked and Turkish Sabre, Hunting Knife, Musket and Bayonet, Staff, and erary species of weapons. For particulars, enquire at 505 Pearl afreet mil lm* CARPETING, CARPETING. rPHE Subscriber is now opening his Spring assortment of x Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply, snpeifioe and n* Ingram; an assortment nit at-rpmaaed in ikis city for variety of f'ylea, figures, he. Theae good* have been ordered eipreaely for the Spring trade. The greatest cu e has bee" observed in mahi. g selections ol such gooes as can be confidently .ecommcndej far durability and permanency of colors, he. Also-a large as* rr'ment of the different kind* of Halt and Stair Caneting. Tufted door Ruga. Door Ma a. Ice, Also a han s ime ; *iortmeul of Tainted Floor Cloths, all width*. ... , , Families about purchasing anv of tha above dercribed goods are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS. ml8 lm* 74 East Broadway,71 Divlaion-it. f^R. OLIVE atill continue* to treat secret direase* ol all L> kinds, with unrivalltd skill and surpaasine judgment, whick hn< enabled him to effect a speedy and permanent cure, even of those easea which have been aggravated by the pernicious and nauseating use of mercury, balsam cay avia, spi:' .a of nitre,* kc., and all auch disagreeable aud undermiuiug medt ci sa, which 'enda to enervate and destroy the constitution. Hi* mediciue is mild and will not disagree with the moat fastieion* and delicate constitution?hit French red drop i* now well hutwn for i'a extraordinary virtue*, iu curing the moat noxious and deplorable cases. Terms moderate?till at ill West Broadway. bear'Canal street ml* lm' l/ALSUMINE TAINTING, for Beau y. Economy, DuraIV bili'y, fce.?possesses advantages over every other sytem of Fainting, as it it fret from all unpleasant smell, retaining all its brilliancy of coior, and is applied in much leea >imethan Oil Paining. it ia well adapted for walla, ceilings, or anr inaids work; churches,public buildiugs, and decorative work in

general. Aiiplied by JOSEPH PEARSON, No. 4S< Broadway, csr. of Broome street. New Toik. who will give is* beat n Terence, and all information respecting lb* same. Work promptly executed by applying as above, either in the eily or country. mil in* rpO BREWER" AND DISlILbEHH.-l'tie subeenbera 1 offer for sale all that vahiaWe property, situated iu Auburn, and known as Watson and Son's Brewery and Distillery,witk a Dwelling Houas, outbuildings, machinery and Bitures eon nscted therewith. Said property consists or about two acrsa Hand, lying on the south aid* of th* Owaseo river ia said rillacs; a batch dwelling house, a dwelling house, a distillery capable of distilling IS* bushels of grain per day, a large sod eoavenisnl brtawy and malt ken**, with two kilaa II feet square, atyi a > . storage for M.000 bushel* of grain, a ban sbsds, stasis o* v* ! or too hogs, and an otBce situTted thereon Connected with ti.s dsstiDery and brewery there is a steam engfoe of V) horse po wsr with two twlladcis?ample machinery f? grind um, and a luperior rectify fug establishment, containing one of John Wright*! patent alcohol copper stilts. T*hs whole estatdishmeat ia of a superior kind, well finished and convenient in all its arrangements, situated in a rich and ' ' ! eeoim ffMwidff fflflfllfff. II IIAV in KABHlUfff nrtUt II haefcm Wome amrMary I* atM lb* iirnt in en?*; ">? W the dee. -ee of H. Watoou. il will be diejpoeed oTat a be > gaia Oae third of the purchase money will be required oe the delivery of the deed, eod the belaece may be left oe boed tad eertrai for t Una of year* if deeired. For refeneee laquirt at ft. Leilch'a, Td Hudeoa (treat New York, or of the sabMribera in Auburn N.T. GEORGE E. l.kitch, dl* la* ? ?m watsoV. pUKNt11'M RAZOR ? f HOP?First Prrmium waeanard' ed by the Aogericaa Institute, at th* lata well at each reeeeedieg Fair, to George Saunders, 1*3 Broadway, tor the beet Bator Strop. The Metalie Tablet, inreaud by OBounders. hae beeneetabliahed lor the laot twenty-lire reais and certificated by the first gentl-mea ofthe country, ft pro' lace* a thin and (mooth edga on a razor with more certainty than it can be don* on a hone, iaa tenth part of the tine, without the nee of oil or water? whiah any peraoa caa prose by bringing dull-razor a hating it put in order on one of the Tableta, 1(3 Broad ml in' t?i.,ortba frL'nds?Uuion Bias and Southern Timet, f bought at ff. ?ISTARK'S, 13 Well atreet United Slate* Bank Bote*. IIIinnie do, Michigan, Indiana, III-nok Scrip, b nght and laid. ml.1* DERHN ifiONCA ITINaS?Oonaiatin, offralSi.faiSS; U ami trimmer on amenta, of anperior manufacture, to cloea a consignment, at rery low rr;c?(. by OELRlCHS k KRUGF.R, m3lm* 41 Broad atreet. MEDICAL CARD ?Urn. Coorza, No. H Uuanest, mom "A Chatham et.. etill afford* raliaf to the afflicted of both aai at. He mar be alwar* cpnaulted. with the utmoet ronfidano*, m the worst east* of dancata diaeaoee, merconal affections and the nomeriou* (ymptoaia arising (mm thie diaaaae. From Dr. C*i eztenaire practice for ihe last eight year* in Ikia peeUcalar braueh of the prefaeaion, gwanteoa a aofe, speedy and ?Recti re cure to all paTMM who apply to him. Keeeot caeca eared in a faw day* without the n*e of mercury, or any ntiier dangaroaa medincina. No interruption from bu*ioen*. or alteration in the mad* of living. All whotc aaeea here been protamatad or aggraraUd by malfeatmimt, mar am>Ty with the umaaet laaddiari of being eferlually cured. Term* mode rate?attendance from T la the morning nstrt 19 at night. OffealS DaaaeiC pullna* >RK I ORNING, MARCH 20, IS 'rtlE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES AL EXANDER HOUSTON,M D., PVBlilSHED EVERY SATURDAY. Tke want of a weekly Journal, devoted to the advancement of Medicaland Surgical Science,iireflective of local, individual, or party internals, and established on a bread and permanent basis, has bean long felt by the profession iu this country. Tosupply thi? aeiidtratvm is tne object of the present undertaking. The Nr.* foax Lisccr will be conducted ou principles somewhat simi lar to thoae which li .ve it u so successfully adopted in the management of several Eurcpean publications,of a kindred character, and acknowledged utility, it wilt be entirely independtlit of any particular ait of men,and will uniformly endeavor to advance, by every legitimate means within its reach, the great interests of the en,i ncntly useful and elevated profession, in whose service it will be engaged. When the proprietors state that this periodical will give permanent record to the really valuable results of tue accumulated expericucu and observation of the thousands of practitioners scattered overthe w idely extended held of the United States, and will pi est ut to them in the manner best adapted for practical utility, Lriel analyses of the labors ef dutingeishrd medical writers in Europe and this country, they conceive that these considerations alone will he found sufficient to gain for the contemplated work all the patronage which they can deiire. In order to be more explicit,however,the following outline ofthe plan of the publication is submitted. The contents of eachhumber of the periodical will be comprised under the following,heads:? I. Brief ana piquant Reviews of new Medical Books, Pei lodicois, Lectures,and current Medical Literature in general. II. OsiorvsL Co*tsibutio*s from distinguished membt i s of the profession. III. The- Mr uico chiaur'iiral Retorter, including notices of the cases at the Surgical Cliniqvn, the Hospt I tils, and in private practice-, with selections lroni the j European Journals. IV. Eouaaial. DeriRTMrriT. V. Foaxiox isd llosritic Phovkssiovil ? e I Such is the ground w ork ollhe pluuou wiiiah this National Medicji Journal w ill be cuuductod ; and on the ' canying out of thl< plan with 1'aitLfulnesa and zeal,the , proprietors repose w ith, they trust, a not presumptuous confide lice, tbeii hopes of luture and lull success. The Lancet wilt consist of sixteen pages, 8vo., double columns ; it will oe published every Saturday, and forward! d to all parts of the Union with the strictest punc tuality and despatch. Tfrms?Three dollars per annum, paid in advance. Books,pamphlets, plates, Sic., for review, and all communications relative to the editorial department, to be addressed to the editor at the ottice of the Lancet. Subscriptions and advertisements to be forwarded to the puDlisher, James Ciorden Bennett, at the office of the Lancet, 21 Aim street. New Yolk. up .>u.AiiLECTURES Professor Mott's Lectures on Surgery, No XIL Hjpe8rophy of the Nose, ITS 4 Lypomatous Tumor,' 179 Natal Pslypl 179 REVIEW*. Observations on the Cure of Strabismus, wi'h Engravings. By Alfred V. Post, M D , one of the Surgeons of the New York Hospital, Ac lsj Treatise en Strabismus, or Squinting, and the new mode of treatment. Illustrated by Engravings and Cases. By John H Dix, M D., Member of the Massachusetts Medical Society 183 The Climate of the Uuited Status and its Endemic Inluencea. Based chiefly on the Records of the Medical Department sad Adjutant's Office, U.S. Army. By Samuel Forry, M. D 184 Human Physiology for the use of Elementary Schools. By Charles A. Lee, M. D., late Proleslor of Materia Medics and Medical Jurisprudence in the University of the City of New York 135 The Piinciples of Diagnosis. By Marshall Hall, M. I).,F. R. S. L. and E. etc 18* The American Medical Library and Intelligencer. By Kobley Duugliscn, M.D 186 Observations on Apparent Death, from Suffocation by Hanging or Drowning, Choke D imp, he. Sue. with Directions for using the Resuscitating Apparatus, invented by the author. By Edwaid ur.iM,n? ?r rv>u p,,t.aa, v V Member of the Uiyai College of Burgeons in Lowdon.... 1M cJfeui'iirtTitk'i. Two Cases cf Spinal Curvature, with remirks. By Dr. Richard S. Kiesam. With an Eograring 179 A Pichycological and Literary Phenomenon ISO Dr. Mott and M. Quurin 186 Druggists' Prices 1 86 EDITORIAL Df.fARTMr.VT. '-The British and Foreign Medical Review?Its gross Injustice towards Dr. Marshall Hill, Dr. Stewart, of New York, and others 199 MKDIi'O-CHIRl ROH.AL RiroRTER. Crosby street Clinique 197 A brief Sketch of the Philadelphia Dispensary and notes of some of the casts treated by Dr.Jas Bryan, laie Professor of Surgery and Madical Jurisprudence in the Medical College of Vermont, attending physician and surgeon lor the northeastean district in the above Institution 197 Professor James Conquest Cross, on the 'Sedative Action of Calomel,' . 197 The Structure of the Human Placenta. By John Dalrvmple, Esq , Assistant Surgeon to tho London Ophthalmic Infirmary 189 Teeth of the first Dentition 199 Treatments! Pneumonia. By Dr. Watson, Lecturer on tho Practice of Medicine in King's College, London 199 Acupuncture of the Heart in Apparent Death. Bjr Dr. A. Carraro 189 Treatment of Tape Worm. B/ Dr. Wawruch, Profeieor of the Practure of Medicine in the University of Vienna 190 rams iko i.fTtLLiocRcc. Liberality of the Stuy vesant inatitute School to quacks, 190 Columbia College, Washington, D. C 190 The Grave Yards of London, and their Effects, 191 The Commencements University of New York 191 College : physicians and surgeons, N. York,.. 199 Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 199 Antommarchi's Anatomical Plates 191 To Correspondents 199 Weekly Report of Interments 19-1 Adtkstuwo Tumi. One square, one insertion f 1 50 Each additional insertion 1 00 Per annum 15 00 One column, one insertion 10 00 Eich additional insertion 8 00 Per Annum 50 00 New Yoa*: Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. -11 Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNtTT. Agents tor the Now York Lancet. The following is a list of the Agents for the Lancet, where subscriptions will be received, and single num bora are found lor solo regnuriy every ween, Beaton George W. Redding. Baltimore W. Taylor. Philadelphia O B Zieber. Woahington, D. C O. B. Zieber k Co. Buffalo .NY T. 8. Hawk* New Haven,Conn D.C. Mitchell. Hartford, Conn Benj. Newbuay, Albany, N. T G. Jonee. , 4 Troy, N. Y Levi WRlard. Lamiugburgh, N. Y, Thee. P. Riaharda. Water ford, N. Y ....JR. Newark, N. J D- Smith. Pateraon, N.J Matthew Dongkarty. Worceater, Meat 8. Thonajpoon. Norwich, Conn Morgan 8afford. Rocheatcr.N Y L. Moore. New Orlenna John F. Cnrna k'Co. St. Lonia, Me R. J. Woodward. Charl> aton Amoa Heed. Middietewn S.Dickinaon. Hndaen, N.Y George Clare. Sevannah, 8. A. Helmaa. Mobile, Ala. John F. Cnrna k Co. Ponghkeepaia Levi Smith. Trenton J.Raunalev. PitUburgh, Pa R O. Brrford. Louiavifle. Ky Mr. A. Haldemaa. Cincinnati, O C. Tobey. 1 Wheeling, J " Thompeen k Co. , Now I.andon Conn L. L- Sperry. NtVMrl Wm. A. Fry. CananAagiia. Maaara. H. D Hayt fc Co. 1 The Laoaat i? M p*r?nnum in advance?or A) c?nt? par tingle number. Limit Orna* 91 Am ituit. /~iURKD KOR ONE DQLLA* ?Heh it the eAeaey of C Dr ThoTiat'e Upacifle MN, 'hat l{y?j art wimnld te feel ? permanent tad .paady enrt in all dteiaaa of eat clay The ti*ualilM euceeee they have met with la the moat <9F calt etaea, at oece gt?e them a elaiJh to IheetUntloa of all thoee who may teed the nt* of a umilar medieine. Far tale I tTJ BroaAwey, for. Chamber ?t.; 7* rod la* halloa ee .TT fcaat Broadway i Byrne, MBowtry. Prior ?i. fU-lfc IER A 142. Ltiltrt from Draxll. [Corre;pon4tnc< of the HeratJ ] Rio ne Janeiro, Jan. nt jgjo. Ttm morning the young Emperor of Brazil, attended by the Minuter if State, the Minister of Fi* nance, and several other distinguished officials of the Empire,visited the U. S- ship Delaware, and was re ceivea wun an me ceremouy Becoming tne tmperiul visitor. At ten o'clock he proceeded from the arsenal into hie barge, accompanied by his suite, and evas followed by three other barges containing the principal officers of the government. They proceeded down the harbor, while the fortress and national vessels simultaneously roared frcm their iron mouths, and enveloped the harbor in a cloud of smoke. Upon his return, they boarded the ship, which was beautifully decorated with tlags, and made a more grand display than I have ever seen upon any similar occasion. The national ensign tloated gracefully from the peak, and the Brazilian tiag ornamented the staff of the main, while the shrouds and rigging were decorated with hundreds of signal tUgs and banners, arranged with beautiful eth'ct. The-*yankee tars were stationed upon the yards, and dressed in their neat and cleanly uniform, presented an appearance as any body of j men could nave done. Upon the Emperor's stepping u;on deck, the band struck up a national air, and all the American vessels, except the Delaware, fired a salute of 21 guns. The company sited every part of the ship; partook of a collation, and after remaining 011 boaru about an hoar, It ft, when > the Delaware gave a national salute in her very best j style. Jucgiug from the expressions of the Lmperor and his ministers, the visit was highly gratifying j to them. The neainefs, discipline, and order, appa- I rent in the most minute details of every department, 1 elicited the expression of their admiration, and his Msj-sty seemed to appreciate the frunk and cordial J welcome with which he was greeted by the coin- ' modore and officers of the squadron. Such visits of courtesy and friendship go tar to ensure a con- j tinuance of the good feeling which I am pleased to ' find at present exis s between the two governments, and which I hope may long continue. The selection of Commodore Morris for the command of this station, (although but temporary,) 1 consider one c f die most judicious that could have been made, and he , has euteied upon its duties with an activity and promptness woithy his reputation. The whole squadron will leave here in company next week, and proceed to Montevideo. The design ot sailing in company, is to exercise the officers and men in tleet duty, and to enable the Commudore to ascertain, from actual observation, the rela- i live capabilities of the different ships, not only lor t sailing, but nautical operations generally. Ii will no doubt be of bentfit, to both officers and men, to have some of that practical information of their pto- I tension which can ony te acquired by fl-et duty. CINCINNATI!*. Rio Janeiro, Jaauary 19,1912. The Marriage of the American Minitter't Daughter, j 4*c.? The iMditt Die tees, <$'C?The Loan from I England?Commerce, $-c. lu my 1a*11 promised to present for the benefit of the fair reader* of the Herald, a few note* re!atire to the grand " Hare up" at the American minis- ! ter'a, upon the occaiion of the marriage of his dis- I tinguished daughter to a merchant at Montevideo, j In our plain repabl.can .country, tuch an occur- | ha* not all " the pomp and circumstance of ; show," which they manage to invest it here, and | which readers it the subject of conversation for a month alter. God preserve uspoorbacheiora from downright insanity, after such a bewilderment. I do not know whether it was the excitement of the occasion, or the crowded company, which caused such an oppressive feeling; perhaps bothcombiaed; but I ana sure that even uow, instead of making my letter intelligible, 1 find myself ia the aet of I sketching some bewitching face, which has impressed its features upon that organ, which 8am Slick says " is the tendercst part of human natur." | If any of my fair readers are so uncharitable as to expect this letter to contain the smallest essence of reasonable seute, I can only inform them, that it is a commodity 1 have not at my disposal upon this occasion,and lam sure they will sympathize in my affliction. 1 he bride? w-ft-e-n ! at the Indians say?what eyes, sparkling with all the lustre of the brilliant and ligtitir.g up a countenance which teemed the very' pert< nification of beauty and happiness. 1 know not whether it wat their brightness which produced the flame, but certainly, the whole company were thrown into great consternation upon discovering the fair one's bridal veil in flames, not figuratively, but literally in a blaze, and it was some time before the confusion which it occasioned was allayed. And then the white mow-like dress, rich in beauty, but mat in fashion, giving an enchantment to the graceful figure which no studied display of jewelry could have have produced, and impressing iha mind with the truth, that loveliness j " when unadorned is adorned the most." The grocm, a gentlemanly looking man of retired man ner, and but little grace of carriage, looked round the company with evident delight, and turning to his handsome bride seemed to say?*'poor bachelors, I pity you." God know* we deserve to be pitted. 1 design returning forthwith to the United States, and to the first pretty countrywoman 1 meat that looka aa if she could ditpenae with the for, mality of a long courtship, I'll pop the question, for I'll be a bachelor no loager, to be the shall for all the jibes and jokes of every company 1 enter. Fool that 1 was, oaly fancy it?a bachelor, yes, a confirmed bachelor, attending the wedding c f a prettyjgirl. It's worse (ban madness?it is as bad as an idiot visiting Bedlam to reason upon mental philosophy?I'll get married?the long and short of the matter is, I'll get married, if I can. 1 am not exactly aufait at describing, in technical terms, ladies' dresses, and must therefore be pardoned by my fair readers for stating in general erms that the fashion upon such occasionshere is for the bride to be habited in a plain white satin, without oraament, except a naat frill around tba upper part ef the dress and a corresponding one around the sleeves, which a:e short, so as to display to ad vantage a handsome arm. A deep edging ef Brazilian lace flows loosely from the sleeve and gives a nchaess to the satin gown, while a pearl terona encircling the forehead,forms the only heed attire, except what nature has so profusely he frttsrrwl The* irnnfle?m#?n'a Artaftim* anvuaaei) ?a me to be of the fashion of onr grandfather*, tho lower drei* being tight and terminating in a bandage of satin ribbon drawn tight round the ancle, while the coat eonsisted of bine c!oth, ornamented with gilt bnttona. Numerous officers of onr nary, embracing the commodore, the commanders, several ef the lieutenants and midshipmen in fail dress,had a lively and rich appearance and materially aided in the display. mThe groom and his fair lady took passage for Montevideo in the Amsritan barque Pioneer, which sailed on the 27th,and 1 trust that long years of happiness may be their portion, with just sufficient of the cares and troubles of life to give a relish and seasoning to its enjoyments. The failure in the Brazilian government to negotiate a loan in England te meet the deficit in the Treasury for the past year, ha* occasioned some uneasiness, and the Minister of Finance requested the principal merchants and capitalists to attend a matting to devise means to relieve the present wants oftbeempire. At this cealerence he desired their epinion as to the best course of nroceeding sons not to embarrass the opeiations or commerce by a derangement in the currency. 1 stated in n previous number that tuis currency was composed of a paper issue of the government, and is the only circulation. It is formed of notes of tae mil reis up to five hundred mil reis, and they are not redeemed except by the substitution ot new for old when mutilated. It seemed to be the concurrine opinion that iheemiiHion ef an additional amount o? j paper would depreciate the value of that now in circulation, and anight materially embarra** the ' | operations of trade. An effort was made to ascer- , tain how far capitalists would be disposed to aid t the government by loan, and proposals invited, I 1 but they were only accepted to a very limited amount. It was then determined bv the Minister to issue Exchequer bills to relieve the necessities t of the Treasury, and as a temporary expedient no- a til some other measures could be devised. In n t months these Treasury notes must be redeemed, t end the result will be sn additional issne of paper a money. The result all sen anticipate, and it has a had aa effect already apoa the eurreaejr Exchange r< oa Lend on two weehe slace, waa at 82 d. per the r mil reia, and to-day it ia 2?4 d., showing strrsat He A preeiation in anticipation of ooming dimeaitiee. fa With the resource* of Mraail. and its I ' commercial advantages, a skilful Issaeisr w uld & LD. rr>MVw*C?ta fitd uodifli ulty iu relieving it Irom iU enibirruiroent*, and placing it a finances in the most tlouiialiiug condition, but in the mode in which its affairs Mre managed, year after year, only adds to the pecuniary difficulties of government uutil a erisis muit incritably occur. An effort is making to increase the revenue from the customs, and as this is a matter iu which our merchants have a deep interest, I will communicate some facts, and the mode i faction in such cases. in American vessel arrived three days ago, with an assorted cargo,of which a eonaiderable portion was tea The duty npon this article had been fixed at twenty p,.r cent. The ahip entered as usual nnd the merchant was astcniahcd after the tea had been lauded at the custom house, upon being inI formed that it would be cbatged a duty of fifty-t vs per cent instead of twenty. Thia waa the first intim: tion eur merchants had of the change, and it is so contrary to the established usages of all intelligent governments to vest a discretionary power of so delicate a nature, in the hands of a government officer, that this ... ... - * ?i?pncauon oi it has excited much discontent among the merchants. '1 he export duty on specie has heretofore been two per cent., and great quantities bar* bee* smuggled. ^ been reduced to oue half per cent*, and for the first time government hat received a duty upon it, ?n the filing of the English packet lut week, so thai they are convinced oi th# correct policy in this instance. The same remarks apply to the importation of watches, jewelery, and uicnsils of gold and silver, which have been smuggled in immense quantities. The duty on the importation of iheee articlea has bten redtccd from live to oue and a half per cent. Foreign powder exported to A'rica pays a duty of 20 per centThe Chamber of Deputies came to a determination succeeding the imperial decree of the 20th of November,,in order to cover the deficit in the treasury to authorise the executive tutliority to establish another tariff so soon as the treaty with England expiree, which is upon the Oth of Nov next. The duties will then be arranged so as to allow a wide range of discretionary power, and will be the minimum iwo per cent and the maximum 60 per cent. I will write ycu more fully on this subject hereafter. Our commercial treaty with Braeil has expired, and w-e arc now only trading upon sufferance, and subject to the caprice of the government authorities here. Surely this state of things should not continue. Let those intcies'ed look to it. CiscixnxTOS. Hartford. I Correspondence of the Herald.1 H.iaTroRD, Feb. -8,1842. Editor HcialdDEAR SIR? Last Wednesday evening the celebrated J ohm Brewn, known as tke author of the popular work called Mary, in 26 volumes, held forth to the assembled multitude at the Washingtun Temperance Society. The house waa crowded to suffocation ea tkia occasion. Tht meeting being called to order by tbe President, (who made a few remark*, and introduced Mr. Brown to tbe Society, as one of the Reformer*, and that the Society would now listen to him,) Mr. B. arose and after a few salutation* of the hand, and bowing of tbe head, addreaacd the audience ia the following languageI uted to drink, ui my wife uted to jaw me about it. What do you getdrrnk for 1 *aid {the ; what do'you jaw ma for 1 said I. So we agreed, and made a firm bar. gain that I would not drink and the would not acold For three long dayt we held on firm?no, drinking nor scolding ; but on the' third evening, being in company with tome good fellows, I took a horn, and when that was down, 1 right eff wanted ano~ ther,) and in a very short time I found myself about '* how fare you ; with twenty horns safo anl snugly in my breadbasket; (tremendous laughter ) By and by it got to be time to do home ; but, aa you may well suppose, I dreaded to meet my wife like tbe tooth ache, (laughter ) However, go 1 must; and bo, 1 ttaggrtd along, hoping to find my w ife abed, (laughter.) When 1 retched the liouec, 1 found it still lighted, and through the window 1 taw rny wite up and wuiiiog for me.? (Laughter ) Thinks I, 1 can't go in yet: bat I must wait till the goes to bed ; to there 1 stood half freezing in the cold rain two hours, (tremendous laughter) At last she Wrnt to bod, and I crept in at the back door, stumbling over pails and chairs, but finally tuceeded in getting to bed without disturbing her, (laughter ;) but after dozing a while,! awoke and found myself at dry as a fish, (laughter ;)you know, brethren, how dry we all used to be in tbe nighr, after we'd bad a spree, (tremendous laughter.) My wife always knew what was the matter with me, when I got up in tbe right to drink cold water, (laughter.) Ihard* Ir dared to get up, for fear of my wife : bat my thirst was greater than 1 could bear, (laughter ;) so out I cruwled, and gropea very softly after the water pan, tia?;,Bter ;) t ut no water waa there, (laughter ;) I then fe.t round in the dark, on the table* and shelve#, for tomething to cool my burn,ng thirst, (tremendous laughter ;) aocn j found a tin pan full of liquid something ; 1 aeized and put it to id) mouth, and took a long and hearty draught ?the 1 quor at the tame time running out at eaek aide of my mouth, down my cheeka, (tremendoua laughter ;) and *o 1 thought the liquor tatted odd, and nt that inatant it flaahed on my recollection that I had fixed eome poiaon a few day* before to kill rata with, (tremendoua laughter for fire minutes.) Ilorrer-atrui k, I atood?my hair atanding on endit waa death to scream out, for my wife would jaw ma if ahe waked, (laughing and atampiag ;) and aurely it.would be death to bold atill ; but eeream 1 must, and acreain I did, (Kiotoua laughter.)? " What waa in that pan 1" " You are dry, are you V (aid she. " What waa ia thia pat 1" abouted I, (till louder " " What make* you dry 1" screamed ahe. " What waa in thia pan 1" Tailed 1. in a perfect egoar ol lear." "What pan1'r"Wby, the paa on the shelf." " Oh, you bruta, you bare drinked up all my starch- (Tremendoua laughter for fire minutes, and criea of order from the caairmaa ) The next morning my shirt collar waa pastsd fast to my neck and cheeks, end it took bm|f am hoar to clears it off. Here Mr. Brown'sat dawa amid the cheer* of the whole Society. Yoar'a, H. J. Zodiacal Liear.?Very distinct exhibitions of this celestial phenomenon were witnessed erery clear evenire last week, in our western ifltr iiuct. At present they ere interrupted by the boob; and the interruption will continue until after that planet's full, on the 26th iact., after which the zodiacal light Bay again he observed. This light, which resembles that of the tail ef a comet, appears in the form of a cone, having its base below the horizon, and its apex, at present, near the Pleiades, or "seven stare/' in the constellation Taurus. It will become continually less, both ia hrillianeyland dimensions, from this time to near the end ef May, when it will be no longer visible, until it shall again re-appear before the snn, in the eastern sky, in October next. The intensity of the zodiacal light veric s much, in different years : the present is a favorable one for its observance. In these latitudes this light appears about the first of October, before the snn in the east; in December it is seen both before the sua in the eaet, and after it in the west; while at this season of the year,it is visible in the west, oaly. Its cause is wholly unexplained, ft was first observed by Cassiui, in 1765. and its regular annua! return since that time, has been noted It was formerly supposed to be the sun's atmosphere, but Laplace has demonstrated that such atmosphere cannot extend even te the orbit of Mercury, while the zodiacal light extends beyond the orbit of the earth It is generally supposed, by A streamers, to pertain to some unknown body, revolving round the sun. Bankrupt Lint. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK Aadrew O Norwood. New York, ?o bo declared bankrupt April 28; Aignrttii J?K*?r id J???ee I Varick, do* tpril 19; ThomaaD I.oo, do; John J Moaher,; Andrew SEiaher.New York,do, ffn Bcmiaa, Hiuiaink, do. Jkktkkioh Coli.kok Bcnrtr.?The building*, |iirary, furniture, .Vc ol I his institution, aitaated bout fifty mil-a hbr re (be city, have brea barnt to he (rmnad. Thenffieera in their .taxiety to arreet he prorroaa of the flamee, loat a I their effects. and any of the students saved ao hing but what waa bom their persoaa. The coat of the huildiags waa rpnrted by the trustees at $ 1:2 398 IS; the librny aoat (18,710; the chemical laboratory waa worth 1,000; ao that the whala loaa will not p.obakly ill below 9100,000. The iasarance aa the baildi*a ia atated at ?*2,000 ?Arte Orltam Btd fki? fhrcA 8.