Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1842 Page 3
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0 S A S C K IP lT" (0- For our %uual Southern Corrttpondtntt, tfC , by thu morning'* Mail, tee f< urth pig*. Hohhibi <: MuhUlh At*i> Pakhicide.?A murder wu yesterday committed in Byroa, which, for it* cold blooded atrocity, n aimo?t unparalleled. A omag man by the name of Benjamin T. White, Baring, for eereral year* pact, had a grudge agaimt hi* father, on aeouut of not being put in potiejfioa of a poition of property, determined to satiate his revengeful f-eling* by murdering both hi* father and step-mother, White came up to the house ae his parent we* entering ihedwor; he took hold of hi* coat collar, pulled him about *o as to face him, took out a pistol from hi* pocket, and shot him through, just under the shoulder. He then threw him down, and commenced beating him with the butt ol the pistol The step-mother immediately ran to the assistance of her husband, and had the presence of miud to reach down and pick up the pistol (which bad fallen in the affray,) and cat rising up, when she perceived the murderm drawing another front his pocket which he aimed at her; and she only escaped her husband's fate by throwing ap {her arm and diverting the aim of the pistol, which was fired, bat without effect. The young man then made for the woods, bat was pursued by a number of citiz-ns, and arrested in three or foar hours. In speaking of the murder 10 one of his captors, he said, " 1 don't know whether I killed ths old man or not; but 1 meant to?I took good aim." I have seen a letter written to his father last winter, which abounds in more abusive, outrage ous and impious lauguage, than 1 ever saw condensed into an equal space. He closes the letter with this " So fare ye well for the present, you contemptible old iackass, and spawn of an adder." White is safely lodged in our miserable and rieketty eld jail.?Bataout iV Y.. Timet, March 17. Pom x rot's Express Orricx.?This office has bees removed to No. 5 Exchange street, on the basement floor of the Exchange building A door, leading into the office, has been opened on the left f the hall leading from Broadway to the Post Office. We cannot suffer this opportunity to pass without repeating our acknowledgments to Pomeroy At Co. for n-wepapers from the West in advance of the mail, or without reminding our citizens of the facilities afforded by this express for the transmission of packages, samples, bank notes, Jtc., and the convenient transaction of business with their Western customers.?Albany Daily Ad eer-torr, 1March 18. From Havana ?The schr Ann 'A. Parker ar rived yesterday from Havana, having left on the 9th inst. The paper contains no news. The schr- Leonids* arrived yesterday. Her carSo of Rice ha* been sold at l(ty rials. If we have ut few arrivals from your port and Charleston for one day* to come, I ltave "ao doubt Riee will go ap again to l?i rial*. Exchange on London, GO day*, l?i a 11 prem.; New York, par a 4 die; Boston 1 a 2 da. Freight*.?There ba* been mucb activity during the paat week, at our quotation*. Also, several arrival* of good frieghling vea*el*, with fair prospects. Bat little doing to the United States. The following are the ratesl: $1 a $14 per bex sugar; 4 rial* per bag coffee; 2|a 3 per hhd molasses. 09- CHATHAM THEATRE ?The performance* of the week commence a* usual with novelties in the production of three new pieces, never hitherto presented to the patrons of this theatre, and one of them Abelard and Hsloise, never hitherto acted in America. The superb dramatic spectacle of the Earthquake, with new end gergeous scenery, ingenious machinery, andsppropri ate costume, combines with these attractions a story of grant interest, and many admirable comie aituatien*. The unrivalled John Sefton also appears in anew character, well adapted to hia comic powers, in a new vaudeville, entitled He's not a Miss. AMERICAN MUSEVM.-No sooner did Barnum hear of the arrival in town of a company of Indian warriors and their squaws, than he engaged them to perform at the Museum, although h* had already engaged an extraordinary attraction in the person of the versatile and amusing comic drollerist, Winchell. This double attraction will not fail to draw immense crowda to thia establishment, the lecture room of which is to be enlarged in a day or two,to accommodate the multitudes which congregate here day and night. Mrs. Phillips, the accomplished vocalist is also engaged. There will, as usual, be a day performance on Wednesday afternoon next. SOME MEN WRITE to keep up an excitement and place all their hopes on inducing men to act under it. If we judge by the fulsome and disgusting trash they offer, we must suppose that thay have set down mankind tor fools, and go in themselves to sea how much they can make out ef roily ana ignorance. We are not yet prepared to think the mats of men fools. We wish to appeal to sensible men ealy, end if we cannot con viuce me men intelligent clam-s that what we say are facta, and no fancy, ani auch at they muit admit them, however reluctantly, then let them rat ns down for dnncea. We have ne time nor room to diaprore thi oriea, and w we eeme at once to facta. At 71 Maiden lane in thia city, we know a Mr.Dalley, who haa invented a aalve that operates apparently with aa much certainty and rapidity, in curing all burn*, acalda and aorea, and taking out all pain and smarting, aa the aacred mandate of our Lord and Maater (we aay it reverently) when he commanded the lame to riae and walk. Now if thia ia ao it ia worth attention, and if not ao, we will conaent to be kicked out of thecommunity. Sasaya Mr. Dalley.? N. i'. Courier end Enquirer. 0(7-THE PUBLIC IS INFORMED that the only and genuine composition fir preventing the lots of hair, for preventing its becoming grey, and radically curing dinoaae of the scalp?a compoiition recommended by all phyaioiana who have analysed it?is to he obtained at Orandjean't Office, No. 1 Aator Home, Barclay street, New York. Purchasers throughout the country, in order to be assured of the genuineness of the article, should see that in every bottle the words " Orandjean'a Composition for the Hair," are stamped on the glan, and each bottle will be accompanied by n pamphlet, to which will beafflxed the proper signature of the proprietor. A ORANDJEAN. NcwYoaa, January 2. 5(7-MRS. COSTENBADER has been from infancy moat painfully afflicted with headache?ao much so that at time* her eye* became Axed ami colored. She had the headache at all time*, but sometimes more dreadfully than at other*. She ha*consulted many of the beat physician* here and at Philadelphia hut without any permanent relief whatever,tlll she has now taken Dr. Spoha'a Headache Remedy, to be had only at 71 Maiden lane, and become quite well. Of this she can convince any one who will call on her at No 47 street. JOHN COSTENBADER. 0(7-13 MONFY THE ROOT OF" ALL EVIL 7? Money, according to the philosopher*, is the root of all ovil. We, however, do not think so, because with money?and a very small quantity of it?one may purchase Peters'Lozenges, which cure headaches,worms,coughs, colds,sea sickness, heartache, low spirits, and dyspepsia better and in much less time than any medicines heretofore discovered, and which may be had st Dr. Peters' principal offices. 4A9 Broadway,and 00 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Agents, Ring, corner of Fulton and Cliff. 310Chatham. 140 and 130 Bowery, and 410 Hudson. 0(7- SLAVERY ABOLISHED.?Now Jersey is row free, and her citizrns aro no longer imprisoned for the horrid crime of being poor. Much credit la duo to Col. Scott, of Somerset, for Lis indefatigable efforts to g*t the former ltw repealeJ. In fact, Col. 8. or his constituents owe all the credit to Dr Sherman, of 106 Nassau street, for since he sent him a box of his Camphor Lozenges, ho has been a giant iu his efforts to serve the cause of humanity. <W- HAYS' LINlMEN~T~_A certsin cure for the following distressing complaints, established at New York and used in our principal hospitals, and bypminrnt medical men. with rk? ???-- ' ? * ly) in the following comiJainta : For the File* Tightnesa of the cheat, es I I Far all Dropay ^ m 11 v in children Tender Feet Foul Ulcera ot the lers. or Sore Throat by Caccera or other fungus aorea, how Ulcera ever obatinate or long Croup standing I Whooping Cough Fresh Wounds I Scald Head Chilblains, he. kc. I I Tha Pit-as.?The price (|1) Is refunded to any person I who will uie a bottle of Hays' Liniment for the Tile*, to I be found only at 71 Maiden lane, and return the empty I bottle witheut being cured Theie are the positive or dera of the proprio'or to the agents; and out of many hundred* told in a few weeks.not one hat been nntneI ceaaful. II JfCH OLOHIIxJK/S BALM OF COLUMBIA FOR THE HA.IU?Its positive qualities areas follows? 1st?For infanta, keeping the head free from acurf, and I causing a luxuriant growth of hair. I Od?Far ladies after cliild birt!-:, restoring the akin to I its usual atrangth and firmness, and preventing the full ing out of the hair. Id?For any person recovering from Buy debility, the iam"'ff-ct ia produced. I 4th?If ?*? in infancy till a good growth ia atarted. it may be preserved by atteutioa to the lateat period of I life. 6th-It frees the head from daadnatF, strengthens the I roots, impsrta health snd vigor to the circulation, and I prevents the hair from changing color or getting grey. <jth?it causes the hair to curl beautifully when done up in it overnight. No lady's toilet should be made without it. I 7th ?Children who have by any ni?s?i contracted verI min in the head, are immediately an-1 permanently curI ed of then by its use. It is infallible. To be found only I St 71 Maiden lane. | Mnesrv I Sunday, JIareh 20?6 I*. 51. I The Oa'ikill bank having given notice that they ii I tendel applying to the legUUture for a reduction of I eepital, 'o the ?*t? r,t of f 2* 000, amne of the atockholderi I have published a atrong rrmonatrance again*! the rednc. I tion. The probability ii that the capital of allthe Banki I will tinJergo a aevrre reduction, iti/ent re/rtif. I The progreaa of p inlcatioa that hot b<v?n going on in I Philadelphia, nuat no w be undergone in the other lovtb I ern citiea, according to the degree in which th<>h.n I followed the Philadelphia policy. In Baltimore it ha? already begun. The Citixen'a Bank haa rompromiic and aevernlothera arc tottering. Ther it no way now i to dodge the return to a specie currency. The Roil Hue order* which were twitted in oil ihape* in order to make them current, at length toll to fifty centt on the dolltr, and the City Council repealed the act authorising their to be taken in payment of debts. This, of course, wa? a death blow and the Rail Road will now probably refute to receive them for tella, then will there be no resource for the holders but to fund them. The sound Banks will piy specie, and the others mutt go into liquidation, probably five or aiz out of the eleven will wind up. The following it a table of the leading features of the Bank* in January last, as compared with the previous year Bass* or MaarLtirn, Javraav, 1841, a* CoMraaco with JaJl'aRT, ISIS. 1441. 1442. Farmers' fc Planter*' 7?><w?*. Spteit. hum. Sprcit . Bauk (Baltimoir) 7*1474 10o.Hl 710 s?7 111,807 Franhli* Bank 4.4 SIS 46,160 ? ? Commercial li Parma. 331 8io itos s SSI 381 107 S8| VV etlcrn Bank *71 (04 101.33* 4*4,176 S3 3iu Marine Bank 330,871 (9 464 303 MO 78,Si4 L UIOU Bank 1,407,8*7 US 130 018,311 46141 iUreh?nl? 2,046,4*1 287,453 2.22*,*** 264 374 Bank of Baltimore 1.644,433 *16,404 1,400,138 2*4*29 Mechanic* 7*7.333 S324* 604.100 ISO 301 Cbeiaptake S68 2'5 43.473 643,633 24 610 Farmer* k Merchant*' 460 434 44,030 467,8** 60 131 Cilia*as Bank 3M,;s? 41,044 331,041 45,817 10 341,3*3 1,131,5*0 8,7*0 184 1,28?,785 P > a. m , , Cir~ D*p- (ir- Drp~ batmFra'li PUni*Mi icaaiA tfiflnlf 1JJM73 DM I Franklin 2*0,389 1037H ? ? Com fc Farmer* 87,8*1 217 08* MMI 177.14* W estcm 135.4?> II,ISO 34,Mi 11,8*4 Marine 73,780 144 015 M,*I0 111.117 Cnion 348,0*1 331 30* 104 531 175,781 Merchant# 100.87 5 333,177 178.314 305,1*3 Bank of Baltimore 1M,773 55* 30* 171,^5 510,387 Mechanic* 187.335 330 ISO 117 415 3*8.157 Chesapeake 153 815 1*? >34 83,416 101.411 Fanners fc Merchant* 80 481 41.105 *5,184 35,041 ci.iztn* 81,445 41 337 13,0*5 50,(73 1.78(,*M 247133* 1,188,83* 1,084,707 These aggregate* furniih the following re*ult 1840. 1841. 1*42. Deo. Loam 11.737.3*1 10,5414*8 8,788,184 1,7*1 178 Specie 1,038,7*3 1.131.6(0 1,138,785 ? Circulation 1 1*4.807 1 7?* ?M 1,18*43* *17 1(0 Depoate* 1,(14,958 3,573 828 1*91,707 478,118 The finance committee of the Legislature proposed questions to the several bank*, inquiring "if they were ready to resume, if not, to assign their reason* therefor." The result of the answer* wa* a* follow* Ready and anxioue to Ready but not Neither ready retume. willing. nor willing. Farm. k Planter, Commercial k Farmer*', Marine B'k. Merchants' Western Bank, Uuion ' Mechanics, Bank of Baltimore, Chesapeake Far. f Mer. Citizens. The Citizen* Bank, a* we have seen,is already down,and others are about to follow, and will leave to the sound henh" ths smallKut liAalthv Hmieaia which mult herecf. ter be don* by Bank*. In Virginia there i* yet no definite movement toward retainption, but the progreta of event* in the other itate* will then leave no alternative. Many of the bank* of Virginia have made no return of their affair* thi* year. The following are the aggregate leading featurea of all the bank* up to January let., 1842, a* compared with the former year Bank* or Vibgihia. Jaw. 1843. Jan 1841. Jan 1841 Increase Decrease. Lot** 15,493 UT 15,994,36* 503.243 ? Specie 9.118,791 9,349 832 ? <8,759 Cireulal ion 6,852465 7.006,697 153,*13 ? Depoiite* 9,754,630 3,134 000 379,170 ? Capital 103483.833 10,350.897 67.264 ? Thi* table give* the fact that Bank* of Virginia have in a let* degree prepared for reiumption than have thoie of either Baltimore or Philadelphia. The reaion of that mUcenduet may be found in the fact that the State own* about half the capital, a* i? evident from the following official table:? Statement or Bane Stock hbld bt the Commonwealth vr Vibgifoa, J ah. 1, 1849. Literary Fund Int. CtnVfi To shs in In ithat Bonkt. Fund Improve't proper each bank Shares. Shane. Shares. Jan. 1, '42 Bank of Virginia 2,191 8,385 8.350 13,75* Far. Bk of Virginia 1,054 3.505 6,050 8.109 Bank of the Valley *3 1,039 3,700 4 830 Northwestern Bank 500 314 4,000 4,814 Mer't* It Meth'? Bk - 905 - 305 hxchangt Baak ? 994 8,488 8.713 3,7*7 13671 24,488 41,93* At $100 per (hare, $4,193,600. Thi* investment of the State will probably be a total loa*, like that of Alabama in her bank*, and the moment 1* rapidly approaching when the fearful truth will prove the death warreot of the gambling poliliciona. At New Orleana, we find the earn* general feature*. The Merchant*' Bank had exploded at our lateit date*, having refused to redeem the check* drawn upon it by she Commercial Bank of Natchez. It aeem* to be admitted that the bank at Natchez, had deposited tone $130,000 with Mr. Yoike'? bank, to take up thtae checks, but that, theae fund* have been otherwiie appropriated. The amount out wa**aid to be about $250,000. The bank* which have rejected the State bank law, are the Bank of Louisiana, the Union, the Canal, the Merchant'*, the Uity, the Exchange, the Orleeni, the Atchafalaya, the Commercial, and Oae Light. They have probably ere thii, been proceeded against by the Attorney General. Mr. Story, President of the Bank of Louisiana, it ie stated,ha* reaigned. The following wu the etate of the currency :? Specie. Standard. Sight Exchange on New York, par. Bankable Fund*, 4j to 5J per cent <li?. Municipal do 5 to 7 do Orlean* Bank do 25 to 80 do Atchafalayado do 95 to SO do Improvement do do 25 to 30 do Blue back Check* of Com. Bk of Natchez, on the Mercta Bk 95 to 3# do Exchange Bank 40 to 50 do The bank* that have accepted the law, are bound to re' ceive the note* of all other* that have accepted it. The Improvement U one of theie, and yet her note* are at a hvavy discount. There i* no way t} regulate the currency. but by unconditional enforcement of apecie pay ment* by each and all the bank*. The matter will then regulate iticlf:? lu Ohio, tbw work of liquidation ia going ok rapidly. The receiver* of the Franklin Bank of Colombo*, have published a notice, that they will receive the obligation* of the bank in payment of note* diacounted by it. They atate a* follow* They find all *uch bill* and note* to come under that clat*, which authorize* them to extend payment by receiving instalment* of 20 per cent every ninety day*. Those who wish to avail themselves of this extension, must make application to the receivers, and file the written assent of the indorser* or securities with the cashier, paying at the same time 90 percent of the amount due. On all case* where this ia not done, auit* will be commenced by the first oourt after such bills and note* are at maturity?and *0, when there is a failure in any subsequent case, to meet promptly the instalment of 20 per cent every ninety days. The outstanding circulation on the 5th March, was $302,903. This universal and forced redaction of all bank facilities in all sections of the country, is severely felt in thia city and Boston, among those merchant* that were injudicious enough to extend their country business during the past year. The remittances due the merchants of this city ar* not forthcoming,and the city obligations el these merchant* cannot in consequence be met. The heavy failures that have taken place in Boston, ar* mostly owing to the circumstance, that large quantities of western paper has come back protested ; on* large house that ha* gone down, received upwards of $100,000 under protest. The large manufacturing houses are, howevert it appears, yet in a very sound etate, aa<l their paper ia the moat deairable in State atreet, yet *o wary are the banks of accommodation paper, that aouthern draft* even when drawn against produce known to be in atore, eannot be done, if there ia the leaat taint of kiting attached to any of the partiee. Thia ia the true policy. The atate of the aarkcta now forcibly oxplaina the operation of the banking system The good* of the eait areooldtothe weat and south, in exchange for bank credita of thoac section* and not in exchange for their preduce. Hence when the Banka fail, although the crop* arc more abundant than ever, the eaatern dealer* cannot get pay. Thia ayatem suit be reveried, and when payment depend* only on the cropa,the merchant* will get their pay, no matter what become* of the bank*. State of Trade. The market* are exceedingly dull, and theproapect for the apring bnaineaa a very gloomy one. Stock* are large, price* low, and but little chance of a commensurate demand. Antra.? During the week about iOO barrel* of Tot* have been disposed of for export and for home uae. Of the former SO barrel* were sold at and M barrels at a trifle lea*. In Pearla the only transaction i* a lot of St barrels at ts SO, at which they are in demand. Cot tow.?The market ha* been uasettlod during the week. Since the reception of the news per the Acadia, mere naa Dten more dupoaition on tbe pert ol bolder* to effect aalei, and the rate* are about J of a cent lewer than on thi* day week. The aalna of the week amounted to 0240 bale*, of which 4400 wore Upland and Florida at 4 a 91 cent* ; 1200 Mo bile at 5} a f>j, and 040 New Orlean* at b a 10 cent*. The arrival* were 3421 bale*. We quote Ne.? Orlean* fair 9| a9|gnod fair 10 a 10* cent*. Alabama, fair 9 to 9}. Upland. fair good and Inetja 9| cent*. Flour aho Gnaiiv ?The demand tar flour ha* been good for all description*, and the aelee large. Several thonaand barrel* of Southern hare been aold for ahipment to Newfoundland, and the London market, the latter on hip'* account, far went ef heavy freight only, at *0,*7| for good Georgetown, and aome Baltimore city at *4,74, in all about 0000 barrel*. The aalee ot Wretern Canal, from 0,000 to 7,000 barrel* at *0 I0| a *0.34, for F.aetern order* and city trad* : no Canal flour now to be had abort of the latUr rata. The Itmind for Ohio 1* al*o good. Flat hoop* are acarce and hehl at$0 44 Round hoop* sell freely at *da*0,l3|, according t* quality. R) e if up to 66 cent*, with few Bale* and but little here. Corn i* not plenty. Atalaof 1900huakela Jaraoy, round yellow, and prime, waa made at 0l| cent*. Of Wheat there n but little in market, dale* have Ue?*u made ai )l M, and one transaction of 1000 bushels Illinois, from second hands, is reported at $1 Si, under* that afford no criterion to judge of the state of the mi: ket. * Foreign Markets, Kinostow, Jm , Fro. 24 ?Kcora.?The market is in a more healthy state, and prices have advanced since our last. A sale was made ot 1000 barrels at SSa, small sales at 34a?400 barrels New Orleans at 34*. Since then Uti barrels at Si, and 100 at 30s. duty 0s per barrel. Cos.* Must.?The only transaction was 150 barrels at ?s. Bubad?Crackers are very scarce anl none remain in llrat hand*. Pilot Bread is held at 22s. per 115 lba. Bi tTaa.?Sales af 1-200 firkins foreign at 104-Ad., and 200 do American at 03- 44. Buyers hold off for a decline In price. Laid ? Receipts of American very large and the urmiutt hiduca. oairs 01 luuriur si * ,vna.,iuu jw prime, at 4 4-34. CtRDLii ? Sale* of 900 boxes at 8j to 94. Pons.?The duty haa been altered and the supplies hare been large. Ha lea of 1200 barrels New Orleana at 80s. a Ma. fld. Coax ?Sale* at 7i. per two bnahel bag. Eirmxusi ? Colonial Billa, 90 dajs, J prem. Htnat, March 3.?Coffee, ltt quality, 8-4 a 11; 2d and 3d do, 0-4 a 01 Sugars, half white and half brown, 3}, 7} a 3-9 ; white alone,7 a lOr ; brown alone, 3} a 4r ; yellow, 4j a 3} ; Molasses,per keg of 3} gall, lr ; Honey, per gall. 3r ; Segars, 8 a id ; Boards, Portland White Pine, 23 a 24; other Eastern ports, 33 a 20; Pitch Pine, 18 a 30 1 Hoops' 30 a 34 ; Shingles, 3 a 3; bhd. Shooks, with heading, 0r a 01; sugar box Shooks, 6 a 7r; Beans, white, 4 a 6r, Beer, Nos. 1 and 3, prime and mess, 0 a 07; Butter, American, yellow, 8 a 201 Candles, mould, 13 a 14 ; do. sperm, 33 a 39 , Cheese. American, 0 a 8; Codfish, per box of 30 lbs. 1 3 ; Klour, Philadelphia and Baltimore, 15; New Orleans, 13-4 a 13 0; Hams, Eastern, 8 aS; New Orleans 6 a8; Herrings per box, 3; Lard Eastern, 7 a 10 ; New Orleans, 0 a 0-4 ; Mackerel, No. S, 0 a 0-4 ; Pork, Eastern mess and New Orleans, 10 a 10 ; do. Clear, 1-4 ; Potatoes, 1 a 1-9 ; Rice, 4 7 ; floap, j ellow 5 a 9. ? in ?? Married, Last erening, by Elder Wm. Parkinson, Mr. S. Alls* (Cordonier pourles Dames, 70 Lispenard street) to Mrs. Menu Dawsox, of New York. Died. On the morning of the 90th,of consumption, F.i.a.tnon, wife of Thomai Swale, aged 49 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 3 o'clock thia afternoon, from No. 9 Walker atreet. Paaaangan Arrived, Chiiiliitii-Brig Charleston?Jamea Barr, lady, three chilJren and servant; C Stebbina, >1 L Bradford?and 2 in the steerageDomestic Importations. Ciisslxiton? Brig Charleston?123 balea cotton Smith. Milta It co?102 J Jeaaerette?11 tea rice KM Dcmill?108 Victor It Duck wits. OtoaocTowN, SC? Brig Fanny Coit?121 bales eotts H Coit fc co?187 Laffau It Redmond?280 Smith, Mails kco?14 Sackett a Brothirs?40 A Aveiill'lc co?28 do S cka rice Sprague it Robinson?i ck wax Lock It Carter. MARITIME HEKALIX fDIlT OK MKW YORK, MARCH SI, 1849 tun 6 58, Moon 9 48 acw iiti llanonwatra 2 38 Oepartare of tire Atlantic Steamers. raOM KMOLtMD. PROM lUKIICi. Columbia, Judkint Mar. 4 April 1 O. Western, lioekea April 2 April 28 Caledonia, Lotl April 5 May 1 Britannia April 18 May M Aeadia, Ryrie May 4 June 1 U. Western, Hoaken May 91 June It Columbia, Judkiaa May 18 ..-June II Caledonia, Lott June 4 July 2 Britannia June 18 July it Acadia, Ryrie July 5 Aug. 1 O Western, Hosken July 8 Aug. 4 The mail steamer Dee, Oram, ia the next due from the West Indies. To ghlp Masters, We (hall esteem it a faTor. if captains of teasels arming here, will give to Commodore Basset1,of our new* schooners, j a retort ot the ehippiog left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, and a list of their cargo. Commodore Bassrtt will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. Arrived. lark Lion. Skelfteld, 33 days from Apalachicola, cotton snd staves, to master, 10th iuet. 1st 35, Ion 64 SO,spoke thip Mount i Vernon, It days fin Boston for NOrleans. 1 Brig Florida, Ciocker, 30 days frota Apalachieola, with 43S bales c>Uon to Pest Ac Phillips, sod others. IrigCharleaton, Belcher, 6 days from Charleston, cotton, to Bprague Ac Robinson. Brig Fanny Ceil, Baker.0 days from Georgetown, SC. cotton, to H Coil Ac Co. Sailed in company with schr Brutus, for New York. Schr Two Brothers, Richardson, 4 days from Washington, NC. naral stores. Schr Anacoudn, Haskell, t days from Washington, NC. naval stores, to master. Schr Homer, Chamberlain, A dsys from Boston, mdse, to E J Herrick. General Record. Letteb Bags ?Packet ehipe Shalcapeare, for Liverpool, and HenAnck Hudson, for London, will sail today. Their letter bags are at Gilpin's, in the Eichuige. Spoken. America, from Boston for, March IT, lat tl SO Ion 63 80. Condor, from Havre for Ilavant, March 4,'off the Moru Castle. Oelleye, <> reported, probib'y the Osella. from St Johns EK. 'or NYoik, with loes of deck load?March 13, lat 33, Ion 77. Admittance, no da' 33 19, Ion 71 43 Nile, Surinam for Boston, Marco 0. lat 30, Ion 67. Pore Iff n Porte. Triividad nE C'.'ia, Feb ST?In por', Clarissa Perkins, Perkins, for Nrw York, Ida; Fr.nklin. disg; Cairo, une; Alpine, Gaxrlle. Ann Smith, Cordelia. Diploma, Oulnare, and Charles Hammond, Ida; Science, and John Hill, do; Eliza, lor Philadelphia, Ida; Falcon for , do. Cir.vri'F.GOS, Feb 90 -In port, Vrrida for Boston 3 d?; Sarah w ijliams, fin do, arr 33th; Sarah Lotus, fm Wilmington; Iowa, fm Trinidad. Turks Iiciso, Mart?In port, Berj L Swan, lor New Orleane, 1 or 3; II P Sumner, arr 3d fm St Thomas. Sid >1, Petrel, for Alexandria; May, St Bice. United States Porte. MaCHias.MarS?Sid Marr, NYrk; Franklin,Calais, to load for Philadelphia Arr 0lh, Splendid, of Warren, . Sid 13th, Hanr ak, NYork: I4'h, Martha, Boston;; Su, Mar IS?Arr Garden, Harmon, N York. Cld Ilovana, - Par i and a mkt ii ,../,. vv--t. a ? a_i < ? ? .m-n-w ftujfll, IHIKIJ; DOrilrHIV. MalanTCS; Renidp NYprk. Cld Marathon, Charleston. Baltic, New Or leans: Virginia, Alutndri*; Colombo Baltimore; Berj Franklin, Philadelphia; Mary Frances. Krrdrricktburg; Headrifl, Richmond; Niagara, Albany. Arr lS'li, Mary, Bristol Eng; Openango, Cirnfuegrs; Compliance, NYork. Fairfield, fro in NYork,came into the bay j eatrrday afternoon, put her pilot <M board the Hebago. and proceeded for Gardiner. Holmes Hoi.b Mar IT?Sid Dusky Bally, .Work for Baatoo Arr Elizabeth. Salem far Philadelphia; Charlotte, Savannah for Boaton; Iranhoe, Philadelphia for Newbury port; Farorita, NYork for Wei fleet Hid ll*h, Elizabeth. Convoy, and Favorite Id port 10 a m, Charlotte, and Ivauhoe. Baltimore, Mar la? Arr Ei n>p e, n York. Cld Fran'ei Jane, St Johns PR; k ch , NYork Hid Herald, AmaterJam; Coriolaaut, London; Corinth, Matanzas Richmond, Mar 1?? Arr Arenz?menfi, Boeton; Oiarlee Pitman, Near York, t Id Kmtlin* Peterioo, NYork; Sid 17th, Ann Eliza, NYork. ''iiaRictTon, Mar IS?Arr NarratanaO, Havre; Moon, N Yoik; Patmoo. Now London Arr ISth.Waiiaw, Havre. Canton, NewYorkjHsraelii.Beaton; remmiuid, probably Commaquid, NYo'k. Cld Aakus, Bremen; Safeguard, Liverpool.? Hid Fanny, Lirerpool: George, New York; Howell, Weet Indiee. Arr ISth, Calhoun, NYork: Fo-tuna, (Dan) Lieboo; Klida Jane, Turke liland f-r Wilmington, leaky; Potomac, Thoinaeton. Sid Leonore, Coronet, Jane, and Constitution, Lirerpoo'- Birmingham. Havre: Roger Sherman, do; Jupiter, do; Calk line. Berry, NYork; Grand Conde, Caeo; Neptune, London. | SavaNHtH, MarlJ?'-Id Cleoetratu*, Glaajow: Kicel, New York; V.lhella.New Bedford. Arr Ellen Brooke, Liverpool; i Aucuate, NYork; Eliza, (Br) Newcaitle Eng. ArrMth, Planet. (Br) Turks Island. Mou'le, Mari?CId D C Wilson, New York Arr Superb, Barbadoea; Neptune, Portland; Mary Kimball, Thomaeto*. Ntw Orleans, Mar 7?CM Arkanaae. Nrw Tntk; Panurge, Havre; Copernicus. Bremen; Nes'or. Liverpool; Prirera# Louife, Hamburg; Britiah America. Glasgow; Re pub ic, Apalacho o?|a; Oneco, NYork. Arr Alfred, NYork; Henry; Niagara, Hull; Fauny, Liverpool. Canton, fm Wiacasset, isat an hor at tka Fort. PORTUtSUKSK FEMALE PILLS. rIF.SE far-lamed ano celebrated pal Is. from Portugal, an wa perceive, to *b# obtained in this country He, advtrtiaeme'U on the laat eolnmnof fnui th rag* fri I m*if dhOA RfeWAhD will be paid at ISt Smith street, for tlie ?BOY/ recovery of ?H? Cluuke etolen from No.? College place, on the Mtn of February laet mat ttia* MECHANICS' INSTII UTA LECTURE ?l his Kreoinc, (Monday) March at. at the New York Society Libriry. Profeeaor J. W. Draptr.on Heat, commcncieg at eigh o'clock, and on Wednesday evening, the aid, at No. Is Chamber street, Albert Brisbane, Etij will leeiiire on Association and Attractive Industry, commencing at the fame lime. Tiekets admit'ing a lady and gentleman to each, as can's. mat It* T^HE RAINER0 have the honor to announce that they will A give a Grand Vocal Concert, et the Society Library, on Tuesday evening, March W. ISta, when they will appear in their native cnatumt of the Tyrol, and aing some of their moot popular pieces. Ticket* SO cents, to he had at the Mua'c Stores, and at tho door. Conceit to commence ft eigh'o < I cl^ mat It* \\TH AT'?ad baviele tills jif Whe it, 'now landing Irom VV shin Louiea, from New Greats and for sale by E. K. COLLINS A GO. n g I M Sou'h it. T?LOUflL^?7i barrels superi.c Flour, new landing from r ship 1 . .una. from New Orleans, lor sale by I K. a ( o. nil M *?lb Street. CORN.?MS aaebeCorv bow leading IromThip Leuita, Irom New Orleana, for tale by K. K. COLLINS It CO. mat H CORNT^KM eaten DOW lauding irom a hi 1> Louiee ul Hew Orleaur, for (ale by KISS AM, STONE fc CO., mil 14 \V,|er alrxt. RING'S VERBENA CRKAM AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. ?The true te?t of the riquitite merila of Hintj'a Verbena Cr tin it fu>ly b>rue o?l by the first premium diploma Imiug ag tiu awarded by the judge# at the Amerieta Ibatilate Kair held at Niblo'a. The long-r Ihii calibrated aliasing amp ia known, and the more eilenai?cl/ circulated it liaeb-eome, a erne only to eotfirm th? ft iitermg and unaslicited leatiinoniala it haa received from all parte of America and Europe. Indeed, the ronatantly increaaiDg demaud ia a aouree of prond aatiafantion that the proprietor haa aciompheb-d what I boaaanda hare been for jeari attempting, ntn 'Kiaulieat Americanahariog aoap''which, foresee, c laafort. and economy,cannot bt turpaai'd either at home or abroad. [From the Htrsld.J Sharing?Ring'* Veabeui Cream for sharing, ia a moat cepltalarticle It can be had at 53 Fulton at raft. We hare Irti-d it ?ud feund it rery superior. It eoftene the teerd and make# (he operation aa gentle aa m.guetiling [From the Boatoa Irareller?April, IIM | Vranrt* Caaaat.?Thia new Sluring Compound ia ndrr all the rage, at well amotg tonconal ?? among thoec who prefer to gather their own diurnal crnpe. Tit- bother.! aay that a pot of it laata twirr , kg j; gg the aame i|u*n. l-tr of another teponarimie preparation; while tho-e who aave their aiaieace declare that with the Veibi aa Crn-m. * dull near will iotnre a amoothrr face then mi,at of the old eoapa with aehtrn ateel; breifee it ia freer ul to the reuse, aolteniag to th- earn. a great dratroyar offrerklra For tde wholeaale and retail by C. H. KING, Lh mill and l>"lgjgiel. 11 Knltoaatraef, N.F. N.B Beware of uubl tailing imitatinna; ?nl-ob><rve 'he written pitnifttrf of C.H. King on each. mi, ia.' rrht penny magazine-new skkies-v. l.i' The firet relume of thia valuable t'luat rated work l?i j in bean r.ceived. A teculiar feature of ?bii " Now Berite," eonaiata ia the ru plementary number of each moitli. which rotit dm ? 'till die eriptiun or own* Manufactory with uuav rr-ua illustration Alan. "Tha Penny Mtfti'tt," N. S, for December, 1 ti continuing among many other inirrratiwt eu'j-cta?' The Tower of London." with a aplindid il lo*'ration. ae it aip?arcd at the Ureal Eire on tha night of th- 30th of Oe'ober laat? A Day at aCoich Kectory," with a view of the Coachmakrr'e Lolt. tha Workmen, Ac. lie Thia part eomplelea the volnm? for KMl. Pnrtiee wirhiog to receive the volune for lsti, wil. pleate forward theiroamea to 'he imimrter. EDMUND BALDWIN. mat lleod atat tl.l It Mlh* lor Broadway. COAL AND COLDS. rIE ealreme mildneaa of the weather of late, although it may have proved diaaatrnua in aome degree to the coal trade, hea by no D>*nna diminiahed the c>e*aof COUOHS AND COLDH. Many ara now aick inthia eitv from dianrdrta acquired by SLlUtlT EXPOSURE. The great remedy of the day it pease's hoarhound candy, . wmcii lists acquired an tui iiblr celetirity lor iu invanauie tlficacy in the curcof _ ALL CLASSES OF PULMONARY AFFECTIONS.. It is known by iti fruiU?it* good woiki ttilify for it?it thritej only by the tilinordioary. cure* IT HAS ACCOMPLISHED. Sold wholesale and retail at 41 Division st, . (Kf" Etch envelop* of the genuine Horehound Candy I* ijuid John Feaat It Son, 13 Diuiion street. ? . . AGENTS ? , Kushton A Aspinwall, No. 10 A*tor House, 110 Broadway, and >6 William ?t Hart, 478 Broadway; Walsh, 395 B'aadway; Smith. 433 Greenwich *t.; Chaslery, Ho; Bower) ; Broutluth ?t Young. No.'111 Varicket; Ay new 30* Hudson street; Owen, No. S Siath Avenue; Wilson A Co. corner of Hubert A Greenwich street; A. Pador. ISS Greenwich at; Mortton. corner of Elm and ''rand at; liswar, corner Ctiuich and Chamber at; Sanda, VI Fulton at, and corner of Broadway and Chambers at; Bush. Stiten Island, Haya, 138 Fallen street. B ooklyc; Kawls kt,o? No. 57 State it.Aloan/; Duvall, 438 Broad at,, Newark, N. J. OCh All lettera post-paid will be punctnally attended to. J. PEASE A SON,48 Division st. N B.?Cooatey Merchant* wishing Pease's rloreliound Cai dy, caa obtain it at the manufacturers, et the lowest price* by sending au orJcr to any Merchant iu this city, with wh in they h?v? dentins*. n 21 HOPE GROWS FrtOM INWARD FAITH. wife had taken a severe eold, which finally Occam* sealed upon hsr in tuch a manner that iullvuimationnf the lungs eusued. accnmpaniid with rattling in th* throat, that she waa co side red danyerou ly ill and given up by tworminent physicians; but haviug heard of your Compound Horehoaua Candy spokeu of in th* highest terms, I

concluded to purchase some iu order 'o give it a trial, and I kui happy to say it was the means of restoring her to perfect health. WM. VANDEWATER, Corner o' 48th street and 3i Avenue, To Messrs. J. Teasb A Son 45 Division at. Niw Rochkllr. Feb. tvth, 1814. Mrnr, .1 Pi i.r ki _CJ.?ll...-...... Uj h. afflicted for three month* with a severe couch, in ? > much that fetre were entertained of hia becoming afflicted with that moral enemy of ihi human rac.?the Consumption?but upon making use ol Horehonad Canity, he wa? at once restored to perfect health. I hsv< also used it myself, and hare no hesititionin recotnmtndtog tto those suffering under such affliotions. If you consider the abovt worthy, I have no objeo Uun to your publishing it. Toure. P. E. GALLAUDET. P- 8.?1 am a maikrt wagoner, and when in the city stop at Matihswa* Hotel,SI Bowery. Mr. Matthew* will cmruborate the abovestatement. Sold wholrssle aad re,ail, by J. Peas* It Sou, 41 Division street. Agents. Mr U W Redding. No. 8 State st, Boeten, Mas*. MrO B Zieber,.So. 87Dock st, Philadelphia. Pa. Messrs J F Cuius K Co. No. II Exchange Place. New Or uui.ll Rawls It Co 87Statest Albany. Ar J Robertson, No. 110 Baltimore st, Baltimore, Md Foley. Cincinnati. mil CRE \M ?CREAM?CREAM. Still the Cities widely teem With praise of Rinv's Verbena Cream? The Aneit Shtvirg Compound known. Experience kas clearly shown. 'Tia so skiMully prepared To soften e'en the rot gheit beard. That a dull raior's edge bestows A kienaess that the sharpest knows. 'fie pure, and p'easant, choice and cheapWill in rrei-y climate keepMakes it a p easing task to shavt, And will both time aril trouble tart. Prepared and sold by C. H. RING, S3 Kultoa street; Bas sett,814 Broadway, and 459 Pro id way. mat lm* CROL1US' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT, 400 WATER STREET, rovn neons vast or Catharine uuiit, BUILDER ofthe Sultan if Muscat's Pleasure Bars*, the Wave. Gazelle, Victoria, A'lantic, Wakona. Itc. Also, th* Ann of Peekskill, Washington of I'o ugh keeps is, Duchess of Hyde Park, Sylph and Wave of Mobile, Geo. Stewart of Louisville, Itc. mat lm* ' ANOTOMICAL and PATHOLOGICAL DRAWING. rtll. WESTMACOTT adopts this mode of informing the C Medical Profession in general, that he purposes devoting^ a considerable portion of his time to ihe deiineaHF.ALTHY AND MORBID SPECIMENS. Dr. W.lias for a long psnod devoted his attentiou to these branches in Edinburgh and Paris, and for upwards of eight ) ears in this city. Th* following gentlemen, with many others, are acguaintidtwith the accuracy of Dr. W.'s Drawing and CoVakntiae Molt, M. D. Gunamg 8. Bedford, M. D. All. Sierens.M. D. Win. Retinoid. M. D. John W. Francis, M. D. Floyd T. Ferris. M. D. John C Cheeseman, M D. John Watson, M. D. G. Sharpc Pattiaon, M. D. Rhinelnnder. M. D. J. Kearney R <gera, M. D. Saml. M. Elliott, M. D. Alfred C. Post, M. D. James A. Houston, M. D. Alban Goldsmith. M. D. Dr. Wsstmscott's office hours arc from to A. M. till S P. M . when numerous sp cimrns can be seen. Men ical students, Ike. iustiucled m thtse departments on I Tuesdays mI Thursday*. Terms?For single pupils (20 pir quarter. " Classei, II " Office 281 Broadway, entraice in Warren it. m2l It* SjrOTICE TO PILOTS AND MA8TERH UK VEN. at 8ELS.?In accord tnce with Rev. Statutes, |Ch?p. XIV. notice is benbrsieen that the Uusrmntine !..? .-..i- .i following teee-la? 1. All rriaela from * Foreign Fort, baring forty or m ->re paiaengere. or on board oi which,during the royage or whilnt at the port of departure, an? paramo at all hart been tick, arririog between the fiiel day of April and tire first day of Norunbrria anv year. 8. All resMisarririrg between the thirty-firat day of May, and the aiateentb d ,y of Oetaba' in any year, from any place, intheonliuary pitta;e from which they muet pane to the tooth of Cape Henlopen. 3 All Tetania from any | lace (includir g ialanda) in Aaia, Africa, or lha Mediterranean, or Irom eitner rf the Writ India, Bahama, Bertnuia, br Weatern Ialanda, or from any place in America, in the ordinary passage front which they muat paaa South ol Georgia, arnriug between the final day of April and the firat day of Norrmber in nay year. I. All riaiele from auy place where yellow, billloua malignant, or other peetileutial or infectious freer existed at tne time of their departure, <-r on board of which during the royage any ea?e of any inch ferer ehall hare occurred, arriving between the firat day of April an I the Grit day of Nor t mber in any year. 5. All reaaela which, if thry had arrivrd direct from their porlof departu-e, would hari beeo included in the fourth claaa that ahallarrira at any place in the (Juited Mites, British North America, and proceed thence la the port of New York between the firat day of June and the firat day of October in any year. t. Krery reaeel arriring in ihr port of New Vorb coartwie aflerthe n at day of Juio, which haa been to the Weit Indie or America,* aath of ffeorgia ehall be aubject to the aame re ealatioaa aa are tm oaed on aach reaaela tind-r limilar circumstances, that hare arrived tlirect at the port of New Yoik. A. SIDMEV OOANE. A M M. D. n 91 tApl Health Officer of Fort of New York. YOU ARE REQUESTED TO READ THE FOLLOWING. I? ROM J. 9 BAKER. Ka<i.K. H. 9.1.. Fellow of the Roy al Sei-utific Inititu ion ilia Royal Scientific Initi'utionhao been farored with a eprcimenof Junta'Oil of Corel Cireaavie, for the purpose of tcaiing ita rtcommeuded gia'itiee. and report* ta followi:? "We hare minnie y examined and teitcd Joo'a' Oil of O ami Circaaoiau and fiad that itconeiata of comp-nnde decidedly favorable |.,r nourishing, eof en-nr, sauting growth, eurii.g dan-It ulT, and giring a dark appearance to ihe hair. being the ijualiiira iroet recomnendrd b> Mr Joaee, which thie eoeiny find perfectly true, and in virtue thereof award Mr. Jonet the above teitimnnial." Signed J. 8. BAKER, F. R. 8. I. Port' an atreet. Portmao Suuare, London. Thia it aold at tU? unleea you are careful or the right num ber you't be cheated??t Chatham atrerL Price nly 3. * or I ahillipfa a bottle. Beware of counterfeit!. AgenU?1(7 Division street-and la* Fultonatrrj,! Rrrofcltfi, ?n, ni SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. THE " American Magic Mttiire" hu been hailed u one of the greateet diecorertea of the prregnt 'age, and ai long aa medical acience r uata, will be cnaaidrrtd iha matt in* tillable diacovery for dweaaaa of tha urinary paaaagca. aa wall aa Iha kidaaye and bladder. Ill affaelaara abao'utely effectual in per forming a radical cure ia a abort time, a hile tha ardi iarr remediea take aran mouthe! Oaa done cannot fail 10 rnlial the liaeilat tag and orar deliea'a ia ita faror, and out of ihr hundreda that hare put their faith in it. not one haa been disappointed nor diacorerad while ueingit?it hnaaalrly conveyed all beyond the pal* of auepicion. The " Magic Mir lure'' haa longatood tieriralled. and haa withatood the guttering imagery e? pnmpoutly and ao ubiquitously displayed by n hoitol unprincipled imitntug qnackt. whoae only aim hu been to dupe and deceira the unfortunate Sold by appoi tii.eot at King's drug atore, (3 Fulton atreet cor. Cliff. mil lm' | Wfro WANTS A CLKAK CO.VlPLKXIUN 1 I'll E Italian Chemical Soap u a preparation of the wild barb i of Italy made ia the convenient form ofaoap?it quickly clears the akin of pimples, freeklaa, aalt rheum, tan. aunhurn, morphew. and after uaing thia peraona are aurpmed at tha change in their countenance. All yellow and unhealthy app?ar*aces hire disappeared, and Hi ita place ia a elaar healthy countenance. Ilia much uted by the Italian monke.aod ia cmifidant'iy reeommeed d to the public, tad inraty no one will poaaeaa that disgusting defaeir of male or female beauty when anaitnple a remedy ia eold bv Jon*a, aign of ?h< American Kag'e. ft, mind ihr right number, *J Chatham atreet. Pr ce lOeenta a cake. mil It* OtialS, WOIIMS ?Doctor L. b. Fleming's Mcdicaleil I WormCandr. for the total irterminatiou of WormaThwCaady will ?|T. ct the total eitermiuetioit if theac r. rmi i. that are ao annoying to all agea. a> d producaa ao much diatrcaa and ao many dent he am ing children. Thia camp <uud is both safe and ideas int. No lamilv should be withoii' it. Hv u of Wiirnu, aickneee of Ilia atomach, romiiing, die.agreeable breath,gripes. I xiaenrai, awelling of the bowrlr, fnintnera. loathing of food, or a voracioua id etite. dry eo-igh, fita, grinding of the teeth while aa eep, pt-nieg die mae, lie. For sale also by 1. COVERT, III Nassau atrea*, aole ?gent for tha proprietor. mil l?' p"ROM i Ofc to lO.tMMlba ot fresh Oarden tiee^a, in ail the v Taricuri, lur aaif, in i|uuuiiei iu Bridrpunn'i [MrmmMDt ffUbliftimeut, eo-wroillthlt and BroM<?iy. Alto," Tht Young (Jardenrr't Am tUnf," containing the result! of his 82 rears pnetin in York. At thii work hat been honored by the award of < aiiold Medal. from the American Intttiu'e, which institu- l lion, god tie New York Stste Agricultural Society, havin* ? alto awarded peroral copies m premium# for superior trecioioat ' of garden products, fui thereon, in* at ia deemed unnecessary. : mt I m* _ I MKBlcAttb VAfOB Lmartl.adt atreal, ?- ! taMi.hcd IS?I? ?e?rlet fc?cr, cold., i.fl.aim.lor) *iid 1 chronic rh uiniliiB.hcT r?d in ?fi? t?yibf lh?uMnf T. r. I arn ll'< Mcdicatad r*por Op.n from?t* o clock i in the morning till niu. o'clock at night. JcWw Bilhi riil'iire on. hour, prc.iona notice. Pori4kl? B?lh. cnt In any I part of tha city or Brooklyn. Bathing Tub# aod Mtp Bathe i for hire. m" ># f\w. datiu L. jmxjich*, hoa rewrwodia Uw cut, and V rotwaad hi. profaaaioaal baaiarea at m Broadway ml lai* M\DAMk BKAUCXHu re. p. itfatly iny?nn*thc lad?< f Near Voch. mmI it. tiehiity, that har Bprix opcnii g of newly imported ftiri# Miliacrj- wll. take p ac* ou Ttnir.da), ltih lai'aat. at M7 Broadway, one doer from Kraaklinii. mlflt* I ifTHOHuTlEpu tIWsrss MvM Jirm *ndili Asfo??#r?If.) Monday. At 10} o'clock, in ti c salerooms. La'le nale of toUi, mahojruf chair#, oekftf, nttomu'. kc-^ Will be a?dd without rerervs, J7 snleudiJ cushion spring *? t scfcs, various sty'ci; sofa beds fprtuf seat ro* k i^SC <hairs, oitomans, divans. French cou? lies, French ?tiJ <*recian parlor chairs. Sit. ; also, Fr.uch bedsteads and s^mr other fumture Pianoforte*-? %t Ilk o'clock, five spTeudid PUnotor'ef. A4 -nnre iu|fih I iaoo foiles, and a lot of goodsecond hand furniture. Al-c.. a tiae lot of ??co>d-h%ud furniture, eaith which the sale will commence. TUESDAY. ?. .... Af ,0-? ?'^k,at-.9 Piue ?tre?t, Pp endid Household r iirnttare, I1?te. kr. A? 10, o'clock, at the sale rooma. ?'ar*e sale of d^y g.oi's, cloth*. cassimcres, vestiags. 300 articles clot han<r. 4 trunks secondhand jewelry, fancy iltdged art clas, and'3splendid watches Also, 300 van's we-t ef JLi-glmd Miperttu* b'oadc'oth, a miiuiiiiv fliiu icr*m? maun; >ug yamt eatiiQiia ma vest pitter?, tri mninga.hoeicry. eurptodtre Ike. Alio, 10 bote* wine. 3u Jo cnudlee, 30 d* chocolate, Sic. Atao. 30 piece* Buffalo clullii, T pi area lint w)iit? >?tia etri(>e liuen drilling. St piece* loug lata, 100 (ioi electing*. jodui glove* Alan, tu'peo.leei and fancy article*, 3 apteuded patent later watcher, kc. WEDNESDAY. Extenaive and splendid aale of new and recondhaud furniture f all description*. AI?o, the balance atoekof choice furnilura, by tiituaof a mnr'gare. Alto. 90 lira! rate sofaa, 15 rocking chaira, 0 doz parlor Jo; 3 tola bed4. THURSDAY. ??lh mat. Furniture Sale? At 10 o'clock will be aold, the rlegant furdilute contained in the hoi:re,"53 Broadway, to cloae ilia relate of the late Darid Graham. Esq TUESDAY, April 5th At 10) o'clock, at No 3 Frankly n at. Elegant furniture. A UCTlON^NOTTfE.?The aaleof e lutble luruiture will be continued ou Monday, including 10 apleudid piano forte, 30 aofaa, chaira, French hetla'eada kc.. at 10| o'clock, au the large roo na, SI Ann and 115 Fulton atr>eta. m 19 91 THOS. BE I.E. Audi-uner. VT O i l E.?Honaeh.dd hurnuure at V>. lit Tiiumtaiii atr el-RIELL k AKCULAR'UH will aell on Wed nc*Jay morning,33d ioat? at io o'clock. all th* furniture contained in the houae No. 133 Tlmmpann atreet, consisting of irg'ain three ply carpi a, i it cloth*, tnahagany chain, aoiaa, pianoforte, ch tndelabraa, lamiw, wardro tea. bureaus, looking glaaaea bed-lead* beds. and tedding, toge'ber wltn a good aeaortmant ol kitchen furnitor* and utensil*, with which the aale wi.l commence. Tha abwe furniture h in been in tue but a abort titne.ia of good quality, well made, and worthy the attention of housekeepers. Sale poeitire. n,30 Jtia* FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New iJMVkYork Line?R-gulir Packet of let April?The Wtt?a faat nailing packet ahip LOUISA, Captain Mul ford, will aail aa above For freight or paaaage.having splendid furniehed atcommodationa,apply on board, foot of Avail atreat or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 5? South at. Grant care will be taken to have the gooda by thie line cor rectiy meaeured. Agent in New Orleans. Ja* K. Woodruff, who will proanptlv Icewael all em.tiia to hu lilitrrai The packet ?hip LOUISVILLE, Capt Hunt, will iue ceed the Louisa, and (ail the loik April, her regular dep. intt -%Wf> A PEOPLE'S LliNE f.OH A-HAMr *i..l ,n?JL..Ji interim diate placet, daily at lire o'clock, P SLJICdLM., fniu the Pier between Courtlandt aud Liberty ttreeta. The comnodioua ateainboat R^CH '".STER. Tapt. St. John, leave* aj above, thia (Monday) afternoon, at fire o'clock. The SOUTH AMERICA, ('apt. Bramard, leavea ai above, on Tueeday afternoon, at Ave o'clock. The above boat* are new and lubetantia', ftirnirhed with elegant State Rooms, and I'orepeed and accommodation* are unriv.illed on the Hudeon. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to ^ P. ( '. SCHULTZ, mi! at the office on the Wharf, rw' -| TOW I NO?t he new steamboat J.itUU Af- ?BELL, Captun Hichard Vatee. built eiSri, i ttrTflr prtssjy for the purpose of fowiog vessels in and out of the li irbor, i* now prepared to do a* at the iliorteat Order* received at the office of W. N.kT. M. Dougherty, No. 7S South etreet, cor. Maiden Lan*' N. B.?All pereona are forbid Uniting any one on account of the above Boat or owner*. mil 3t* ? eaf. FOR MARSEILLES?Regular Packet.?The bark NASHUA, Capt. Perry, will *ail on the ?DLl*t Of April. The *ub*crihera purnoae dispatching a Ship punctually on the 1*t day of each month dicing the year lor Marseille!. Mood* sent t* the iu icribers for f rwaidina will be di*pstcited free of a< y other than the charges actually incnr red upon them. The Shipe have very computable cabin accommodations. , . For freight or P-^spplvto mi I Tontine Building. FOR lIVEHPOOL-N*w Line-Keguler Packet hHBWoliith March?The eplendid packet ship R090IU8. jMWKn Captain .ohn Collina of 1100 tone, will sail ae above, ner regularday. Forfreaghtorpaaeage.tiavingaecommodatione unequalled for splendor or comfort .apply on board, at Or I ran* wharf Jo* t of t# E. K.COLLINS fcCO.II Southetreet Price of pa'eace $100. The packet snip PlDDONS,Captain C. B. Cobb of 1000 tone, will succeed the Rosciue, andaail 15tk April, her regular day. Passengers may rely upon theehipeofthia line aailiag punctnallv as advertised. m!7 aAJF- FOlt LiVkTRfOOL?Regular Packet of the 5$th XI U TU. -..1- I D..L.1 CI.. nnjnm nan i'??ni?. ... >|ri?tiuni i wki -?mp nuot-iur, MBSmmm Ci -tain Col ins, will be dtipitched for Liverp ol aa above, lier regular day. H?r ace mmidationa Tor Cabin, aecnnd Cabin ana $Mra|c Puirn tri are uniurpaiatd by any s ip alloat. For paaa>R* apply to JOHN HERDMAN, It South atreet. N. B ?Paaaage from any part of Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, per weekly opportumtiea.eanat all limn beeecurrd, ami Dralta furuuh'd for anp amount, payable through. out the United Kingdom, by applying aa whore. m 0 aff- Miff LINE OF lalVKRfUUL I'AbKaJS. Hfb Packet of the tUh March.?The eulendid. wellAGUL known, faat nailing, packet ahip ROSCIUS, (11CO ton* burthen] Captain John Collina, will aail punctually aa above, her regular day. The ihip* ol lain line art all 1000 tone burthen and upward*, and their aecnmmndationa for cabin, second cabin and steerage PaWenger* it ia well known, are auperior te any other line ol Packet*. Peranne wiahing to secure bertha, would do well to make early application ou hoard fort of Wall atreet, or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. 43 Peck alip, or 41 South atreet. Peraon* desirova of aer.ding for their frienda to come o ut from the old country, can have them brought out in the Riaciua.oranyof the regular line, on vrrtr rraeeuable terma. and thoee wishing to remit money to their Trie-de. can have draft* for any amount, payable on d< mand. in all the principal towne of Britain an J Ireland by applying aa above. mil GREAT WESTERN EXPRESS FOR ALBANY, TROY, BUFFALO AND MONTREAL. MESSRS. IIARMJKN k CO., having made arrange enl? with the People*' Lin* cf Steamboat*, reaprclfully in form the public thai they are prepared to rrceive Pureete,package*, apecie, bank note*, lie .for Albanv. daily, where they intcraecl with Peu'.eroy'a Wart*rn Express fir Buffalo and intermediate place*, and with Jacob'* Expreaa lor Monirral. 'J hay hive an office filled up eicluaively for their own uae oa the main dick of each b at, coutaiuing an iron aafe, ami pccompinied by a special meerengrr. whoie berth ia in the office, for lit* purpose of a ifety and security to money and valuable parcel*, and theeeeommoda'ioa of th'ir natron* They a ao m-ke up au Kvprea* for Letter*, which r.loae* at No 3 Wall atreet at 4| o'clock, P. M .thereby giving the huainaa* rommuaity ilie ;dvantage of mailing letter* are hour and a half later than at tr.a General Poat Office, and alau if an immediate delivery on their arrival. Parcela and letter! r ctittd at 3 Wa'l street until 4} o'clock, P. M , and on hoard until the moment of alerting. Office in Albany, 13 Exchange: office iu Troy. 348 River at.; effice in New York, 1 Wall at. _m?o tm HARNDKN fc CO. DISSOLUTION ?The m.pertoerahip Which heretofore eiiated under firm of A. V. H. Webb fc Co , wa? dioolved by mutual conaent in December lait, when I lelired from the concern, and aicee which have had no in'ereit in the buainru nor management of ita affaire. nW? A. V. H. WEBB T K.KCilEn?The pubfie ia reapcctluily informed that Alex L Rona fc Co . hive jnet received laige <|<iantitiea of healthy Sweeduh Leecher. which they off r for aale at a very low Drite. wholeaale ana r< tail, at their office, 478 Broadway. V into K* . A. HOUX u CO />LAHIFf?TD SYIlUFs AMD SUGAR HoUfcE MOw LASnES.ofa auperior quality. for fatally uae, for tale low, at the lugar refinery, 38 Leonard at. n w at* CoaTOM Hove*, New Yon a. I Collector'! Office, March 1,1813. | NOTICE.?Propaeala will be received at thia i ffiee until Saturday, the 38lh March nut ant, foe farnwhirg the following quantity of oil for the uaa of the Light Houaea in thia diatriet.vic? 4 ato (iallona of Spermaceti Strained Oil, for Summer uae. 2,305 GJIoua Winter I'reaaa I Oil, from head matter. The aaid oil to be gauged by the United State* Ganger*, at the time of delivery, and to be delivered to the Superintendent of Light Houaea, aa lie may require, in iron bound catka. no to exceed 30galloo?each. The oil ia to be tried and Icated before payment ia madt therefor. EDWARD CURTIS. n > te 3d Collector. r-O-PAfcTNEKSHlP NOTICE.?The aubecribera have en V-/ tered into pirtnerehip in the genera' clothing huiineii, undorlhe n-meol DONNELLY fc DOWNEtj,at No. 13 Cedar at. New York. N. 11 ? A handenme aeeortment of aummer elothing, made up thiaaprug, will be auld cheap for c?ah. PETER DONNELLEY, WILLIAM DOWMES. The anbacriber haa been mleaman in the well known houae of K J.Conant fc Co. for nearly aight yeara, and it well acquainted with the manufacturing of elothing both for the Mouth aud Weat. Ha would aolieit the patronage of Ihoee mrrchauta who are in the habit of having their clotbiug made up, toaive him a cell. All gooda cut and made in the beat manner and warranted to fit. PETER DONNELLY. ml* _____ AAONMOTH BANK NOTES at Freehold, Mew Jeraey a-vl ntw emueion.are redie ned by _ 11 HASKELL. No. 30 Wall . .New York. UnderI'e at one per e<nt dieeount?over *at par. m!8lm VTOTICK?Paanover Brend ?nd Mml f?r tha etuoiog Pan 1' lover fir tho Kim, II'iij, nH Whit* alreet cnngrcga lion*, in now niHir for delivery ?t No. IM South cor. Dorn reet, entrance in Dover afreet. ALSO. Cau'ion to laraelitra. to be on their gnard wktn they purchaae, iimihiI bakera have pit it u > m thoir wisdow? foreJe, who art not e?g)gtd for any of the cougrega tiom ; and atao, no pedlara or mmmiaaionera are aent out by ilieae cr ng resit i nt tor < imtimera. niT I ft* I w J null w TilAllHHfK* < * NI) V ? Dr. 1. D firming'* Quaker I J |)atB <;?ud,.?Thit C>n<l.' it a certain, aafe aod tpo-dy cure fur Dlarrhmi and all Bowel CnmpiataU- lha utw. luulled Compound p.iaaea?e? all the virtue* of the Qu iter Balm, which h ? long heen iwed among the Qiitbtr* lha above complaint*, and i* without doubt the aeareat infallible of any thing that can be produced ; it hat been reduced to the randy form for eonveuienee aake. Nothing can eicl i'. It i* perfectly aafe, briny purely vegetable. Cortificatea may beaeen by calling on Mr. Covert, 111 Naaaau itreM, to e agei t for the proprietor. ml* I*' CovK.Krs BTEM Ot-' LlKK-tma medicine it dwmt wondera in curing thoae afflicted with r lugiia.colde. broichiti*. daapepaia, oitd all diaaaaea leading to eoneiimpliau. at Ibonatad*can teatifv. 1 bene afflicted with the above naive'1 iiaaaaen will do well to call on Mr. Covert at hit ffice f.?r be aale of hit medicine ill Naaean aireel. New turh.wSait my nnaiber of teatimoniala maybe aeeu- Alto, for >tir m 141 VVateratreet : 1 'I road way ; It Attnr llonae ; aa Willi in itrret ; 70 and 100 Knlton etreet ; 771 Broadway . t>tdmd";i Broadway ; <1, 140) atnl 104 Bowrry ; 10 Divitiou atreei. mil lw' rl Mlt:HIO/*N LAND UW.ahKa.-lini t? r ine > i llll are now due, and eh< uld be paid ia Ih.l 'late ?? afore the |nt day of April ueil, ao aa to aive the eiprnte ? Jelitiijiieney intereat. In Tun- nrat,a*<l< of latet will be held. from which t-er will be no redemption Non-retwleut rntnera ?i I are ih r.eaaity of i 'mediate atlmtlonof their taiea, ke., other i Iheir Itada will b |n?t lo iham. Tti I redeemed from Ut ailen, deida ree -r> ? i tu-l every dateriplion of ageney atlenrad to in 'he ?'* ' Michigm, lllinoii, Dni". Mtatouri, Arbtnata. Itr. v Ttorth Aaneficto Land Agency, eatibliahed in '' Walatreet. ? i UJt? Br.cceee r to V. >I> " t*AKE 'tfr.ii'H*. THIS EVLSINO, Marcb 31?Tt.? ocrf< rnianc* wnl romiue"< ? *> "li THk" TEMPEST. Trooper" B-ri j | Aloi.*.i ' Urke nirimlitj Mm Pritehiro | Steohnno Euh?r l iiucul ) f'lacM- | Krrdin.nd f'? trioa UoriuJx Mi.* 8 Cuiiuitn. Afl.r whi. h CHAKCKf O'MALLEY Charle* O'Malley. Wlinflj | Tcji'H-inmrrai/ Clark* Cocy <'"<1 \li? 8 Cnthman A'lrnumon?Bum fl ; Pit SO ccm? : (lillrrv 3* C>1< CHATHAM THEATHK THIS EVENING, M?r.-h mi -T'n performance m I com MMe with AfiELAKu a.?D HElOISE. Abelard Hirld | Ma\nnilliai] Sifloi* Heloinj Jin TWue After which. ONE HOt-R Oh A 'OlDIKH'S LITE, Price Pretty-wan Sefloii | Ei x.lltu Ilittd Mr* Put:) in.n Mr* Blaike To conclude with THE EARTHQUAKE. I1KIU | UILIIUI J <Jl DlUB Altthe Mi'm Meeiaj ec "? HcMti ; J ml MlimMi Pit it# ; t?au?rr i* llmrtorcnat ??: Curtainriaaa at 71 praciaelT _ VITTIIRIX'I OLYMPIC THKATH? THIS EVENING Marck si. The performance will com metre with ... HERf ULE9. Uranite Nickineou | Captain Darling t'Amia Lwi?'? Mia* singleton . Aft^r which ? ? 1 IN Uk-nKLLA. Pr"N'1nP.d7d"'rlnfr Wr HorahaMi. Cinderella Jlra Timm After whirh o- v . Richard no iii. tuohard. Mitchell-Henry King. NickemM r!il?Ann-. n Miee Roberta Lh?I) ( jurUlh Mum 8iug!?tan. T o conclude with M R 8 Nor >1 E R Polonr. Mr Edwin IVIaeua. Mr Baker Mr* Normer. Mn Titnm Adiimaion?Dreaa circle lOcenti. Upper be it, a cenia III centi. Private boxee SI eaecenm. iioore open eteerae Gnriain rieea at halfpaat ,eve?ANKH1CAN ItlUgKUM. ' Corner Broadway and Ann itruL Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Parauai T^VERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEtK-Oom JCe aiencimr Monday. March It. The Manager ha, tr.e.t-a. <nr ..... ?..i . ,.r I VIII a v Wiuum.. T their R4^UAW8, who wilf exhibit their pect liar Dane and ceiemomee, il uatrative of tht ir religicua titer, aupei atitioua. Sic ; worthir and lhankag wedding dance,; Pocahentae raring the life or Captain Smith ; the murder of .< taa McCrei, and rarinui lutereatinit INDIA a PASTOMIMKS; He hu alio engaged, fur a ahcrt period, Mr WINCHELL. the unriralinl, humoroua, aid laayhter nr<.coking COMIC llROLLKRIsT. wlm la ISmiui forhiadruileationaol French Dutch, iiiah and Vankee eecrutricitica Mrr. PHILLIPS, the popular rocaliat, ia engaged. NIAGARA FALLS with real water; PNKUMATIC RAILROAD; ALBINO LAi>Y; FANCY ULAI8 BLOWING, Grand Cuamorttna, and soa.t oo curmaitiea. Aaplendid day performance takea place every Wcdoeedaj* and Haturaar afternoon. Admittance to the w hole OS cruta?children half price. QOCIKTY CIBRARY.-G. H. HILL. Comedian, hanar O returued from hie tout hern tour, will have the honor or deliver ma a Lec ore on the maiibere. cuatoma, reeuliantira. Sic. of the New Knglaudeia, at the Society Library, Wedi.eadav ere> in*..March SJ. I8t3. Mr. Hill will introduce a great number of chara*teriatic anecdote*, imitationa. Ac. They hare met the approral ol the meet refined audiencei in Europe and America. Gentlemen'! tickata. 60 cenla each; ladiea' ticket!. 83 Cenla each, to he hid at the Society Library only. (tCh Doora open at a quarter before 7. Lecture to e m-' meucr at half-part 7 o'clock. m9l 31" moral, instructive, rkckkattve and temperate amusements. NOTICE?To the lohabitanta of the priuci[?] eitiea and townt of New York, PenueyIrania, Connecticut. Rn >de laland. Mieiachuar'ta. New Hamtrahire. Maine. Ac. Ac. s1gnor hervio nano, The juatly celebrated and naturally endowed Meteatpa] Chilian, whoae extraordinary pereonificatioa of the Gnome, the Babboon. Fly, Ac . haa been the delight of the world, announcra tint it ia hia mtrntion, during the coming rummer mouth*, to vmt the above State* with hi* LVueum. A lee imiie of Fran corn*, Rotunda. Olj mi>ica in the Champ* d' Klytee at Parie, and a epltndid Baud of Muaic, with a auffieient number of arti'tee V make the entertainment iuperlor to any thing yet offered. TO couant of a Metemptrchoeian Baiaar flight of fancy, celled the GNOME FLY, in which Biguor HERVIU NANO will embody THR GNOME! THE BABBOON ! THE FLY !!! A MAN!! '! Meryi ham. the Quern of the Peri* Mad. Herria Naao To he followed by A MUSICAL OLIO!! con*i*tipg of Pianoforte Recitation* by Madame HERVJO NAP O. I?Grand Soaato in B J. N. Hummel 8?Concerto Stuck in F C M. Von Weber 3?Grand Faiilaeia en the Natinm.I Aire, God Save the King and *ule Britannia 8. Thai berg With full Orchestral Accompaniment*. To conclude with au Hm'orical Display cf the dietreuing adventure* attending the Shipwreck of Perouae, with characteristic painting and muitc. in wlvieh bignor Hervio Nana will personate the faithful Bibboo, Oiah, the Indian Maid M olm Herein Naao. N.B ? Perron* dciirru* of making lummer arrangementa ean Irarn particular! bv applying, (poit paid) to the under igned, at the Branch Hotel, 3* Bowery, New Yoik. mil lmU* HKRVIO NANO MR K. MEEbf, laitly from Europe, Professor of the ?rt of Arm* in it* higheit*, give* inatruetion* in Fe firing, and in the u? of the straight, ciooked and Turkiala Sabre, Hunting Knife, Musket anil Bayonet, Staff, and every eprciee of weapons. FornartirnUr*. enquire atgoit Pearl mil tin' GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. VfKHSRH HUDSON fc OTTIONON respectfully ia "I form the gentlemen of New York, ihit they have fitted up a GYMNASIUM at the corner oi Chamber* ?treat aad Broadway, and it i* now opi n for the reception of visitor*. The it atimtinn i* of the Aral order, and complete in every respect for the purpoee or Athletic Liereise*. Spa*ring Lesions given daily. Term* modernte Open day aad evening. ml m* "I \AUUKRH PoTVPE - fTie Kul?crib?i > h?ve juit tectnt4 1J and off r for ale* complete a**nrtment of Daguerreotype Plate* of eioelleut Quality, achromatic lento, together With hypo tulphile ol aoda. ai.d the new accelerating imbalance*, inch a? chloride of gold, chloride of iodine, bromine, and ni truction* a* to the manner of miug them L. d BlNNSE St CO. m!9 5'ia* _ S4 Maid-n lane, n atain. Office of the Couiulale General of the Empire > of Brazil, in (he United State*. y Ngw York, March is. h4x f.V purru ,nce to a circular leceired from my Government, - I hereby make it kiown to all whom it may concern, that Hi* Imperial Maj-aty haa taken into hi* hirh eon?iiera!icn, the (ub)ert of Emigration, and will facilitate aud promote itie introduction of indualriou* and free laboarer* into tke Emfire, I am therefore directed to gir* paeaport*, frae of charge, 0 allperioneof good and induetriou* habit*, who m iy ni.h to icttle iu BrarH. aud wt.o are not in ciremnatancea to par the regultr fee therefor. Taaapoi t? wpl alto be giren in the am* maimer by the Vice Omul* in Bo,ton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Norfolk, Hicbmoid. Charl?*ton, and Sew Of l?an*. LAI/ HENRIQUE FERIllEtlA D'AQUIAR. ml7 Slit __ Afliag Con.ul General OHKEWSbUllV OYS'I K^t -i am pfraeed i be able to I O inform my ciutomer*. that I hare tor *ale. 'he firet lot of the leal SOL'H RIVERS, and I Jo recommend thein to thn public. .TIIOS. DOWNING. ml? |wi? S Broad ctreet. L'HE N(.H MILnlNKiKk AkriCLEU ?E B. ?TR ASTUET c offer* fur file an eiti naive aafortment of the 6rat quality French Artificial blower*, new pattern*. *r|ected by hiaaelf in Pari*, comnriaing bunchea, wreath*, cap flower*, hat trimming*. See ; alio a full eaeortmenl of materia'*, mending every artirle reputed by flower maker*. Fiench pattern bat*, fine Kat*i!k*. and the novel tie* of thm Pari* market, w ill be received byeeery Havre packet. The abore good* are for aale at reaeonahle an I uniform price*.by E. B. STRANGE. m|g <1 iin* _ l$:i Walkere'reet. A AG I ?i e.K .->U nFi. > oiU .> ! I aIh.NiAIo.s t)f CASH PAYMENTS.?The long known mgn ?r th- Golden Fleece h ii been remorcd from the corner of Fulton and Naenu, and i* now *n*pended over the i?w (tore of CHAS. COX, No. (1 Saltan etreet, (2 door* above Maiden lane,) where he will be moat happy to ?UIT *uch of hi* friend* and cuitoruer* a* m *y favor him with a call; hi* old iNn-li ha* been di*po*ed of at auction in order to give place to hie ;reeeat entirely new. large, and varied anortinenl of wring good*. elected from the London and Pane marken, and ennp'i* ug the fineat and mut fealiionable af Cloth*, Caaaiaier *, V eatimn. ma purchases having bran made evcliuuvfly lor eiah. he enabled lo (ell at greatly reduced price* on the' golden ayitem, which ha* eo long eonvloceil himself aid customer, of the IB mrnae adrautages derived thrrefrrin Prom lh? c?*n paving community lie solicits a (?u'i ni>nw of those ftvorsso kindly beatowed during hi* lung career of buainraa. N. B. Naval and Military Uniform*, Ladiea' Hiding HvbiUg kc. kc.,niadr in *n|>erinrftyle. Mr Babcock coutinuea to a*aiat in t!ie cutting department. mil I wia awe PIANO FORTES AND MUSIC. A TWILL'S MUSI' ESTABLISHMENT-The propriga tor of thi* >?t?bl *hmen invite* the at ten'Ion of the tau ieal world to the extrnair* Catalogue of New and Kaahioiuble MUSIC, cMitaully publishing Onto* tahlei can h found all the atandard Musical Compo aition* of the great mxater* rf Europe and America every deacr-ptivu of Tteatiaa on Thorough Bar*, Harmony Singing and Kingeriug. Muaical Oeammara and Elementary Work* ofrrery muatrian if any di*tiucti- n. Everyday add. loth* already large rolLction of ne" atd popular Snogs, Marrlte*. Wallr.??. Dai *?a. R ndos V ,ria lion*. Quad ill**, kc kc , many of which cannot beloindat the other atorea ahout town; Tha style of i uli'ithiig ni'taic at thi* Estab'ishmert, is w?'l known tokhe musical eommusiity to be auperior to any other store in the country, ail the inuaic being priutrd from elegantly engraved metallic pates; the >itle page, embellish.I with beautiful li kographic vignrttea, many of will :h are tastefully colored. The price of Muaic i* at one halt the old rale*, and as ow a* can he obtained elsewhere. BQt* The new mnjir i? printed on heau'iful Tinted Taper, and highly perfumed. Th? price i* the same a* *b"'e. AT WILl, i* constantly receiving superior Piano Kortee manufactured rxpressi) lor hi* mutOlpoun-w: of ran,ill* pattern, of Rosewood and Mahogany, with the GnoJ Action, Harp Stop, Metal hi Plat**, k<\ tmnrneing tne lairs! lachein of furniture, wi'h tablet am) hallow rorn?red fronts, veneered leg", and Grecian ncrolU ; *11 of which arc warrantd to * mad* of JMich material*, and ho well tcMottcd, am to ?r*tnl tha t?nt of tvary rli?n?te, nod rio b* r?mn??d if jotmfi in ! e inatrirnwnU. Price from $150 to $70? ,no HtnoU of r*r?ou? pattern*, to corre#poiid wiin Piano* c.f ffoitwood tod Mihofr? OH Piano* t?h?n in k hang* llecoiid hand Piano* for * ! very cb*nj?. The ?wUcnb?r hnviig c it Urged hi# * ? * ho ei " ? 'ransrtr* an* nirt'ns to give Mm a c*H brmre iwetmug ***(??"C<i>||lf f?? rrati#, and Vnor tent to nnr p f of th'C,,r ATWILL'S MI''HO ESTABLISHMENT, I firm f thr ( oUtn /.pre) m? .Li' Ml *'"lw*1:P?" '' 1 U"K it-a, in tcracl. LJ* the ffllO*MU Hiondr# and aloooo Cwmnfoe ix* I* VmiMr Ki??i*U?. ?.? K.rry *r:J Iff ?"d?d KMOO t'ofiirrt.? Kio&d* loo t?w r?nrti'to and Triciieoo,rlomj*, ?r.J 1 d ul brand*, j O.Wi Of othnf br-n<l?. 4?>i u Prii?ttp??, nil rotit'H l? d-t??i!'ir? T|,| Both fl?T?n, H*.?i M"'? l?n Botra Ol?i I'.lmnii M rraan ?-<"? U' \ N I h.l)-A m Min'.ei, ? I ? I 1 * ? hy 20 f*?l. in lb' iiawhbrrbnv'l of ?ha b >? rr 9-????n VV-lh*r a?<l B'O'im* ! ?? Any vrrinu htvirt ' "Hi aiay i-ii#nMy H?*r of * (mailt by aJilrwai. ? .H> ( ?T tb?- atat:nglo<-?tii?,r*nt, *?