Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1842 Page 1
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T II 1. TU.-lo. 300 ?Wkoli Km. 2034 NK.W LINK Oh LI V KKPOOi.. PACKETS. To nil from New York on t:>? SSlb, a?4 Liverpool on la? llth of each month. ?^ agg anr t?aS*Si* SOU*. Ship ROSCtUS, Captain John Collin*. ?5th March. Ship AII)l)OS$.C4nuiu K. 3. Cobb, *j5th April Ship 8HKKIDAN, Cap! till K. A. I)epe> aler, .'.5th May. Ship (JAHRICK, Contain Win. Skiddy, i?Mk Jane, b ROM I.ivraroaL. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depey*ter, llth March. Ship OARRICK,Captain VVm Skiddy, 13th April. Ship ROScH'S, Captain Jehu Collin*. 13th May. Ship SlDDONS, Captain E. B.Cobb, I3lh June. Theieihipa are all of the lirnt c!a*?,upward* of 1 OUOton*,built fa the city of N? w York, with surli improvement* u combine Kat*peed with unurual comfort for paraenger*. Re cry cart been takeniu the -arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of paMage hence la fciuo. lor which ample itoree will be provided. TJieee ehipe are commanded by experienced ro.i*. tfra, who will make erery exertion to give general eatufac uon. Neither the captain* or owner* uflheee ehipa will be retpoau Me for any ietuga, parcel* or pack present by them, unit** re gular bill* of ladipp are signed therefor. The*hip?ol tine line will hereafter go armed, and their peeu iar construction give* them eecurily notpoaaceeed by any other fcnteeael* of war. 51 South *t,.N.w York or to WM. k JAM BROWN k to., L. ver^l Letter* by tliep?M?i?wiii ? ? iheet BOr.rntuprroiiiicf. and newspaper* 1 cent each. ml (OH NEW OKL.KA.NH ~ LOUISIANA ANJ> NKW YORK LINE OF PACKETS m m. For the better accommodation of shu.jtera, it in intended to daepatrh athip from thie |.ort on the 1st, Slli, 10th. 15th, SUth end 451 h of each month. commencing the 10th October, and continuing until M<y, wheu regular daya will be appoiuted lot the remainder of the. year, whereby great delaya and diaap pointmenta will h* prevented during the eummer month*. l'h? following ahipa will commence tluj arrangement Ship rAZOO.Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE, '.apt. Jatkem Shin MI9SISSI PPl.Capt. I tilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. HunL Ship 8HAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner. Ship GASTON. Cant Latham. Ship HUNTS VILLE, Capt. Alnmford. Ship OCMULUEK, Capt Learnt. Ship NASHVILLE,Cant. Dicknmon. Ship MEMPHIS,Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA. Capt. Mn ford. Theae ahipa were all huilt in the city of New York, erpreaaly for packet*. are of a light draft of water, hare recently been newly coppered and put in apleudid order, with accommodation! for pUaengere yiie.pialled lor co nfort. They are commanded A who will make every exertion to tftst wy ci|Ki icuui u ? Senera! (atufaction. They will *1 all time* be towed up and ; own tlvc Miawio?ii>pi by steamboat*. Neither the owner* or captains of theec ship* will be responsible focjewelry.bullion.preeious s tonrs, silver, or plated ware, or far any letter*, parrel or package, sent by or put o board of Diem, unleu regular bill* oflading are taken fortneeamc, and 1 the value thermo eTv?-??eed For freight or passage.apply to K. K. COLLINS fc CO. S? South or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Ageni in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his addreti. The ship* of thi* line are warranted to sail punctueMy a* ad] vertiied, and great care wilt be taken to have the goods correct I* measured. uw NEW YORK AND NEWARK.. far* redured to VIS cents. From the foot of Courtlandt street, NewYcrk(Every day?Sunday*excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave Newark At* A. M. At a P.M. At 8 A.M. At l( P M. II do 1 do f do 3| do 4| do 1*| do 6 do T d* 18 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At ? A M.and 4* P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NEW KOltK EufTABETHTOWN. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty vtreet.daily. Un New York. Leave New Brunswick. At A. M. At 7t A. m. 41P.M. I F-M. SOMKRVILLE stags* eonnact with th??? luKicith way. Fare between N?w York and Somerrille, 50 tent*. Do do New Brunawiek, ts i-dk. Rati way, socenta. F. (txabetktowo, U5 cent*. The fan in tie 7) A. M. train from Naw Brnnawick, and 4) P M. train front New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brnnawick to so centa. " and Rahway ta r) " Tke Poiladelpkia mat I line i>*??ea through NewBr una wick for New Yark erery ereninp at t o'clock. On Bandar* tha Ti A. M. trip from New Brunawiek i* omitted. Passenger* who procure thrtr ticket* at tha ticketoOee.rooeire a ferry tieketgruti*. TickeS rare received hy theonduetor onfe on the day when purchased febll Sm* FREIGHT SPOK TW?TW 'lT~ANU SUL'TH, Frnm PHTLJWEr.PHM rie THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILKUAD COMPANY. Freight* fur the Wiat end ?4outh will be forwa ded daily from the transportation c flier of the Company, No. t Dock at Wnarf, Philadelphia Merchant* are respectfully iu formed that all good* consigned to tha company will be forwarded with the utmost dispatch to any point weft or south Freight reaehei Baltimore the same dry it leave* Philadelphia. The wail line for the west end aouth learea Do b street daily at half-past six o'clock A.M. by a I earn be at ROBERT MORRIS. Passengers will reich Baltimore at g o'clock, two kours previous to the departure of the l - -ius f-r the southwest. ,W. L. ASHMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia, March*. 1844. all im RAILRO ' D NOTI' E. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NEIY BRUNSWICK AND NEIV YORK THE NEWJERSe.V Rai ?nd Transportation t'omp?r.y hare cstablirhrd t Knight Line between New Rruuswick and New York, which tnsy intend to run peimanettly. Loving New Brunswick at 5 A M. daily, (Sundays excepted; and the foot of Liberty street. New York, a 3 P.M. To counttT dealer* and me chant* the above line le eery de firible for the nieedy and cheap conveyance of merchandise of every d-scription. anil more nsrllculurly to Droveri and Dealer* in Live Slock. who can have ISO head or cattle conveyed between Ne v Brunswick and New k ork, the same day, whenever required. , The rate tor ihe transportation of cattle, horves, mules, beep, hrga, Ice... and all olner Xind? of merthifcdu: are very low, never exceed ne steamboat prices. Merchandise lent by this liue u not anbj:cted to any extra charge in crossing th" N >rtn River. The Compsnr have fi ltd up a-large stvrehouse at Now Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always beopen for the rec-ption or merchauc'ise. Passeitpera, purchasing th ir tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. ml? 3.w* Ttj OTR'E.?On and afier April let, ms-2. the commutation A* fare in the cars of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, between New > ork and the various places on the line of the rulroad, has been reduced (includ irw ferry) to (75 per annum, and (So lor six months. 181m? FRK1UHT AND PASSAGE TO PITT8BU AG. fc, vWiTiEl jAuyl HSiktfV -^zSSardiSEE jfHeL BINGHAM'* LINE. The proprietors of Bluaham's Transpo-tatien Liae to Pittsburg, give notice lothe .Merrhants of Ne v York, aud alt other persons ( lipping to the Wesi, that their line is i.ow ia active operation Goods consi.ned to them (or sent to go ia their hue.) w ill be forwarded with l?spatch Owners or shippers of goods, d'slined for the Western States, who lave no agent or roo?ignee a4t Pittsburg, will pletse consign their geoc's to William Birgbam, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping *11 such consignments without aS foodr shou'd be marked distinctly on each package BINUllAM'8 LINE. For ratss of freight, which -re as low as anv other line. A paly to WM. TYSON, Agent, No 8 West street Oi posits Pier No. 3. N. R. N B.?Passengers forwarded to P.ttalurg and Pot'sville, every day, Suudajs rsccpled. Refer to It, t rook*. American Fur Co. : S. T. Nieoll, Front street; Phelps, Dodge It Co. Fulton street; Suydam, SngsfcCo.; Wa. Rankin. Duryee t Co . Newark' mS 3m _ BTATEN ISLAND KERRY. ^^yn^StFoolofWhitehslI tract.dma33sfiS* ^SSame^TATKN ISLANDER or 8AMSO?lwiii run ? follows until further notica Lsavss Htatsai Island Leaves Whitehall At 8 o'clock sia. At (o'clock LM. ! " "11 - <i .. n v.m. m 4 " ? I * N. B. AH good* ahipped arc required to be particularly marked ?d at the ri?h or the ownere thereof. ol sewxkitants new tork. Fare Onlv lit Centa. >MM aM _ Th* aplendid aud commodiow (Iramer ^g^^flaPASHAK . ( apia.n Jchn Gaffy, bciog comaCSCR-H'1' 'Y *"* 'l?-l?n'ly rerttled. writ cmnrnci Mr regular tripa l> r the aeaaou, ou Thuraday, March 10th,? ?aei?tc aa followa*? roatot Barrlayal .New York Oar re Market, Newark. 10 o'clock, A. M. T1 o'elock, A. M. 4 o'clock, P. M. II o'clock. P M. Freight oferery deacription carrte I at eerjr reducrd ratea. M?' . T. TOWfcLL A CO 'SLINlt. 5B23H3tsPRIN??-The iteaw.hoat HIGHLANDER Card. Robert Wardrop, will lenre the foot of Warren etreol Dew Vork. erery Mouday, Th i *diy and 8:.lurdav alternooa'i kt 4 o'clock. Returning. thr High. a:i?.er will icaee ,>et?bunti geary Monday mormon at o'elock. an i lueedayand *today aftarnooa at I o'clock. For freieh" or paaaage, apply to Che Captain en hoard. N. B. Al > baggage and freight of erery deacription, bent (A eripecie, put on board ihia boat, mnat Da at the ri/k of th4 rwaaaa II iraor nalrn a bill ofl.idmg orrtcaiptiaaigtied foi DeNM ? 8PK1NU cKH angemf.NT. tm n am for SHREWSBURY and BED BANK A?JW r da ? Oa a id ?li? 'i'i,ri?y. Mar' h It, 1441, thi -Steamer 0*U?iS.Captain Allaire, will lean few Totk crrrT Tor a day, Thuraday. and Saturday at 9 a' cluck. A M. flr'urning, liai? Red Bank errry Monday a I o'elock, and Tuaaday and ThuraJay at IS o'elock, noon, oi in" ^M) aT STSTUTTN K. FOR ALftANV, and biter mediate plarra, aa far aa the ice permita, thi eBeaE-iteeiriboat VT1CA. apt A H Srhultt.wi' Cat tba loot of Courtlandt atreat, THIS AFTKR.NOOk al 'clock,Fiiday. Mareh 4th. For freight or peerage^ apply on hoard, or to PF.TF.R C CHUI.TZ, at thr OfSee ?n the wharf. The itcamoat TILFORA PH wdl leare for Albany or fgturtiar A/lernoon. March Kb, at I o'clock. at E NE NE CHARLES S. ItOWELL, I DEN TAL St'lUiROK, No. II CH AMBK11S STREET, NEW-YORK. ml 3lm'_ j LIFE R OAT ASSOCIATION, FOIl THE MANUFACTURE OF j FRANCIS PATH NT LIFE MOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, j OPPOSITE [ n-,12 CITY HOTEL. S ARSAPA RILL A SYRUP, AND SARSAPAKILLA PILLS, AS PREPARED HT OTTO ROTTON, M. D. OLD Br Tilt AGENT JOHN DOYLE, 1',I>okselle?, 1M BKOAPWAY. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, NEW CA?PET STORE, 4(0 PKARL STriKKT. T5 KSPF.CTFULLY'm ike it kuo ?n to their friends'nd the Xv publie, th it tliey hive ji'?t opened an rs tens ire ..MO'imrut oX hugli.h, Brume!. .Time Ply, Ingrain and Venetian Carpch^oor Oil ('loth, from 2 to 21 (eetv ide. Dru.gel's Bates,Tutted and other Ki'CJ.Mitt?, T.hle and Piano Coveis, Transparent Wiudowr Shades, together with ererv article in the trade, too numerous to ineu ton \V? ch.lfenge comtattiiion as to price, quality and i alien.. A rail ia solteited oefore purr liurin;. N. B.?The pub in wi;| be fu ly s?ti?fi-d that this is the cheapest cob carpet slote in .he ci.y J.H LOL'NSBKRY St CO . ralJSw* 4(0 Pearl ?trect. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (C?yy.). Ilarit'E lately lost tw i biooa .iditi teeth. I called ou Mr Lerett to supply ih'ir placts w|ih artificial ones, anJ it a'fords memurh pleasure to te.liiy to In. skill and ability as a 11 .nlist; indeed, I h ire . t rer seen teeth (Led and D ied with more iactne-s. and at the same time w ills lias painful pressure ou the gum I. I cheerfully recommend that gentleman to the especial no llie OI ine mettle.i proif gsiou. .1 > wtu in to ,hc jiu^hi.. i?h.^ ?aii?tied from i?y own eaiierieuce that they may coLndtmly rely oil hi* (kill in hi* protrusion. (Sinned) GHAN V1LLE 9 PATTI90N. M D. P-ofeteoi- of Anatomy, University of New Verk. February l Jt! ,1841. The original can be seen at Mr. Leretl'* 380 Broadway, eoraer.of W.rren gtreet ?I1I o* BANKRUPT LAW. GENTLEMEN wuhing to be dtstharged from their debt*, under thi* law, are mviird to call on W. BKIDMOKK. Attorney at Law,75 Nauiu atrecL All other kind* of law buainese alio atleudr J lo. Charge* moderate. flOSm* THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON.late of Chatham Square, now of 314 Fioadway' ha* again taken the first Premium for the beitnpecimen of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were wanting, that native sa. ingenuity is appreciated nciore loreign Doaauus aim numbag, u the opinion o three of the otdeet end beet judge* in the profession in New York cen testify. The public cen now judge from the premiume. viz. the eilver medal laat year, and the first premium thi*, awarded by the Ameneao Inetitute, who i* or is not the belt Wig maker. K. Phalou reapectfally invite* all judge* and wearers to eiamine hie premium iapro red Gossamer Wig, which, for surpassing elegance, cloae re semblance to nature and beauty of mechanical atructure. may be regarded as one of the greateat malter piece* of art ever produced in the world. ft. B.?Tin* aplmdid nag weigh* little over half an eanea, tflNiehteat ever known. Olanufacturer and proprietor of Ititlon'ieelebraUd ANTI DANDRUFF, for removing the dauder completely from the head, and a thor ough cleaner of the aurface and hair cf the head, but leave* g!o?ay and ailky appearance to the H AIR. Observe, noae i* genuine unleaa signed by me in ink. EDWARD PHALON. Applied on the pnewiee* for 85 cent*. nllm* BOOK BINDING AND PU'Ett RULING! H IRELAND, No. 'Su Nassau street, having an entire new tlockof Binding T ol* aud Ruling Machinery, of the lareit and moat approved pattern*, i* now prepared to execute all order! iu the moai durable and handsome manner. Merchant* Account Book* and all other kinds of Blank work ruledand bnucd to any pattern, iu a ityle that is warranted t give *ati*f"ctinn. Any wotk ordered can be dene in the Eugliah mode if required.a* H. I. hs* hadlong txpriience id both method*. FOR SALE?Two aecondhand Copperplate Presses. Apply aa above. mis tm CARPE 1'ING, CARPETING. fPlIE aulac ibi * have received a new a?dlre?h atock of i. gnoda foi til* '* "Spring Trade," coDaiating ol Bru'iela Three Ply,ai |erAne. fine, cu iimon, hall and atair Carpeting. Ruge, Maitiiu, F. g'lah and American Oil Clothe, from t to 20 feet in * idth. c .iilai iing the lateat and most fashionable patterua and enlt ra the market afford#, which they offer to the mi.lie at 1 tie I iMCll " (Jllll t'rices " Persons wishing to purchase. would do well to .call and eiiniie ourstock nr.:u >m? to purchaaior. WEbB It MANNING. 452 Pearl ?t, wli I m" 31t.'arpet Store irom Chatham . NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. 'T'HK subscriber would invite the attention of lho?? wish1 inf to purr hue articlei in the above bueioen, to hie establishment, where i< to he (ouud a neh aeeorlment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, eome of which are not to be found elsewhere, btiug entirely original. Aleo, handsome rich gilt Kornicse for windowe, Poire and Hinge ; tofit icr with Damasks, Galloons and Taeeels, and every article attached to curtains, which will bo made in the latest style frum patterns lately received. N. B. Particular attention pai i to the Siting up of Ottomans, Fire Scree na. and other fancy articles with rmbroid seed tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEKA, dlS-Sm >15 Broadway, nest the Hospital WIGS AND SUA LPS. TIIF. LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT. V*E TO BE roUjlD AT A. C. BARRY'S, MS Broadway, corner of Liberty Kreet, up atair'. TIMOS and Seatpa. upon the beautifying and gosaamer ?> ? ? r tem, approximating the nearest of aoy yet manufactured to the uatural head ui hair?first premium. ufactur i-?l from udiet' and genii- men's hair, not lees tlian two inches long, necklaces bracelet*. earu gi, watch guards, rings, and hair work ol every description. mil in* CARPETING, CARPETINGr rPHE Subscriber is now opening his Spnng assortment of Carpetiug, cousisn.ig of B; iis els, three ply, supeifme and fine Ingram: an assortment n it anrpaaxd in this city for variety of a ytee, fi.nrrs, kc. These goods hare been ordered repressly lor ii'.r Spring trace. The gicete*'. ca.e has bee" observed in maki g seuctiousol such goods as c?n be coohdeotly ecotnmeniied fur durability aod permanency of colots, ke. Also.alnrge ae?ir'm-nt rf the differrnt kinds of Hall and Stait Car) etmg Tofird door Hugs. Ooor Ma's, ke. Also a han s >me i ?,orim?nt of Painted Fluor Cloths, all widths. Families about piiirh-smj any of the above dercribed roods are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, mia 1m" 7fi F.aal Broadway ti Uiv'sior at. Dal : coal :: wfc|,uno off at4 Cob 1 ?Tne real Peach Orchard. Red Ashol ail aizea. Yarufot Warhiugton atreet, near Spring. da.i 3m* RToLIVE "till continues to treat aeerct diaeaaea ol all kinds, with tinrirs'ltd skill and surpassing judgment, which I a- enable, Inm to elf el a apeedy and permanent cure, erenof thoie rasea which hare been aggravated by the yerniciour and naus'ati g oat of ire rcurr, bslaam eaj avia, apirita of nitre.'kc , and all sir h dieag eeabte and undermining medi ri ee, which 'enia to enervate and destroy the eoneiitution. Hia medicine ia mild aad will not disagree with the moat fas tieioua and de'iea'r cot etitntion?hia Frene * red drop ia now well known for i'a eitrao'dinary rirtuea, in curing the meat noiioua and deplorabl i-ijea Terma moderate?aall at M KALHoMIN t. V 1 Inr B??u f, Kcooomjr, Dura biKtjr. kc? po?*eaa a adi-aotagea eeer every oiher.eytrm at Painting aa it ia free from alt iinpleaaant amrll, retaining all ita brilliancy of coior, and ia app'ied in much lena >im? than Oil Paint U|. .1 ia Mill adapted (or willa, c dmga, or any inaide work; church-a,public iildmga and decorative worn in '^Applied by J0SRPH PKARSON, No. 48* Broadway, rar of Broom'etieet N' w Voik. who will girr tie brat reference, i and all inf. rm iiion rrap'Ctin* the aame. Wora promptly eitculad by apply ing an aboTe. either in ihe city or country, ml i m" PBK.Vt II" M K.\/' >11 o f K' 11' - Pi rat Pr miumau awarded by the A'O'H. an ln? ilut?, at the lata ? well aa each proceeding Kair. to Unorge f4.un.lera. 163 Broadway, for the beat Rar.or Strop. Tie Metalic Tablet, inrented by CJBaondera, haa b'en< e .bitched for the laat tweutp-five yeara and certificated by tin lira' gentlemen oflhe country. It pen' dueee a thin a nl rnut i ?-t<e on l ryror with irnrc eertaiut j than it can he done oo a hone iu a tenth part of the lime, without Ihe uae of ,atI or w.le ?which .ny p?ra in eta prove T 'JTuWj' * dull ranor * tnt-mg it put u> order on one;of ! I?>wh-V,M" ?*d- mil la' . ULOmOA KI'NDs?L'nun il.iiK ,.n I Southern TruaL, T bought it N. SlSTARh.'S, h a ? 1 a a a n . 11 VV^II itffft [ P ? I Illmou &J9 Michi^An, Indiana, 1 Ithnoo l*< rip. b tight >ii.| a 1 . B VnrfNJ AS^' N<^*<Sfrtnet.jWdYri^ 3 "W'T,-" ?'?xi^ior moiuiaciure, 10 cioiit 1 coniiRtimrot, *t >?ry low ir-r?? hr , , . 0*:LtllCH* k KRUOK.R. "3i"L_ T . , ?? Broad etrret. ' Mr;-i".iAL ':AKV, i'".* oo"?> No.ii uinunii.Mu , i.TA ) hvtiicr ?l , 11 .d relief to the afflicted of 1-olTi eei M il* may W alw ,ri trotted, with the otmoet cotflMencr, , mOn wonir,,.. o( I ... d,,,,-# n>reuri*l affection, and Ih* eomenow eyi u t' an arieiaj from thie dIKaf Ur.C iteD-if | r^ci' f >r ihe lifiriglit y?ara ta (Km oartieuUr branch of Ui> |.r - ion, riai-tntee* * aafe, inr^i ?~d eRnetirecuret.i all penrn i who apply fo him Me.-rnl 'ure , cured ia a few dap without the nee of otwrrnry. or any other . laayrrow mcdii ,ui N> nt< i 'i noo from tmeineee, or ahoralMia in tli? m vU >.f In i7. \il whoae cw. here b ?n pro treated or Herniated by natfreVment. mar apufy with the uhaV enoitdence n tu ing < fftctuelly cured. Term# mode , rat#?atimdanc fro-, 7 i: the rt;/n?iuw o?H LOataifrirt. Of ctw DitautiU all a* W YO iW YORK, TUESDAY M< THE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M. D., PlBUgUKD EVERY SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO.jXII. LICTV1U< Piofe?*or Mott'e Lecture* on Surgery, No XIL Hypertrophy of the Noie 179 ' , 1 i -o " L.y pumaious > Nasal Polypi 179 IETKWI, Observations on the Cure of Strabismus, with Engravings By Alfred C. Pott, M D , one of the Surgeons of the New York Hospital, he 192 Treatise on S'.rabinnus, or Squinting, and the new mode of treatment. Illustrated by Engravings andCasrs. By John H. Din, M D.,'Memberofthe Massachusetts Medical Society 133 The Climate of the Unitod Sates and its Endemic Influences. Based chielly on the HecorJa of the Medical Department aad Adjutant's Office, U. S. Army. By Samuel Forry, M. D 181 Human Physiology for the use of Elementary Schools. By Charles A. Lee, M. D., late ProtYs nor of Materia Medics and Medical Jurisprudence in the University of the City of New York 185 The Piinciples of Diagnosis. By Marshall Hall, M. U , r. R S L. and E. etc 134 The American Medical Library and Intelligencer. By Robley Dunglissn, M.D 198 Observations on Apparent Death, fiom Suffocation by Hinging or Drowning, Choke, he he. with Directions for using the Resuscitating Ap .... : ...j ??.. u., a ; Welchman. of Cold Spiirg, Putnam Co. N Y., Member of the ll>yal College of Surgeeni in London 136 ; COMMVNICATIOKI. Two Cases of Spinal Curvature, with rcmirks. By Dr. Kichard S. Kiosam. With an Engraving 178 A 1'ichycolegical and Literary Phenomenon 130 Dr. Molt and M. Gderin ItsO | DruggifU' Prices 136 F.DI roRIAL Dl.f ARTMC3T. "The British and Foreign Medical Review ?Its gross Injustice towards Dr. Marshall Hall, Dr. Stewart, of New York, and others 166 Mr.DICO-CHIRl'RXICAL SKPOSTKS. Crosby street Clinique 187 A brief Sketch of the Philadelphia Dispensary and notes of some of the cases trentid by Dr.Jas Bryan, Isle Professor of Surgery and Medical Jurisprudence in the Medical College of Vermont, attending physician and surgeon lor the northeastean district in the above Institution 187 Professor James Conquest Cross, on the 'Sedative Action of Calomel.' 187 The Structure of the Human Placenta. By John Dairy it pie, E?q , Assistant Surgeon to the London Ophthalmic Infirmary IPS Teeth of the first Dentition 189 Treatmentof Pneumonia. By Dr. Watson, Lecturer on the Practice of Medicine in King's College, London 189 Acupuncture of the Heart in Apparent Death. By Dr. A. Carraro 199 Treatment of Tape Worm. By Dr. Wawruch, Professor of the Practure of Medicine in the University of Vienna 190 ITEMS AND INTELLIGENCE. Liberality of the Stuyvesant Institute School to Quacks 190 Columbia College, Washington, D. C 190 The Qiave Yards of London, and their Eifacts 191 The Commencements University of New York 191 Collegeo' physicians and surgeons, N. York,. . 191 Jrfferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 19-1 Antommarchi's Anatomical Plates 191 To Correspondents 191 Weekly Report of Interments 191 Adtkrtismo Terms. " ?- ; ? I Ml un? rq?sirtuiiciuDciiiwii . - Each additional insertion 1 00 Per annum 16 00 One column, one insertion 10 00 Etch additional insertion 6 00 Per Annum 60 00 Nsw York : Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 21 Ann Street,by JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PRIVATE CURE. ptOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC t.OPRSV.No l-For J ' thr prompt cure of <3?p or (Jooerr-?i, Gleets, and all other welhral ditch ltgrs. and his Spa. ific Course. No. 2, lor the complete eradication, aid p rtnai ent cure of ecn-real disease. wnl,out eiposnre, inconvenience, or lots of time. 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The following _i? translated from the " Diario del Uobiernu de la Republics Mexicans," tne nine ai organ of the prevent administration of that country Its importance induces ui to give it at once to our readers, without previous remark, in order that they may more readily appreciate the state of feeling ivhicn actuate* the executive authorities of the Mexican government towards the Texiau interests, and especially towards the prisoners of the late Santa Fe expedition : Mexico, Feb. 20, 1812. The two following letters have been recently received by his Excellency the President of the Republic?the one from James Hamilton, General, of the United States, and Agent of Texaa, and the other from Mr Bernard E Bee, Texian Chief, holding propcity in the United States. We give also, iu stqucnce. thu answer to each of those, wh ch hi* Excellency has vouchsaf d to communicate, in order that our readers and the entire republic may learn how fur presumption and audacity have carried away the usurpers of onr territory, since, already by alUrnatetliieats and premises, they attempt to drive us Mexicans to a renunciat on i f onr rights, and to the abandonment of a ter ritory which they I ave seized upuR like bandits, at a lime when our domestic distuibances unfoitui ately disabled us from defending our frontiers ? But the accompanying answers will sufficiently and in'iat p-rsnade them they will never obtain tranquil png csson of that which never belonged to them, end i* still the property of the Mexican nation We may add to what the worthy chief cf our Republic had *o patriotically expressed, if the present generation by tome fatality be uuable to rcronquer the territory, our sons or our gr.uidtons will accomplish this victory ; for nations have a long life, anj those who know their power and their rights will never submit to dishonor and infamy. Nrw Oni r ma, D ."C. 27, 1941. " Mo?t EiTKKMrD Sir?The present position ol' Mexico requires wisdom and firmness ; you possess hoth these qualities in a high degree, and w ill exercire t' cm for the i/eutlit of your country ; 'herefore 1 am glad to see you atllieheadof Mexican ulfsiri. The expedition ol Santa Ke affords you au opportunity to discuss again the question of Tsxn?a dltlirult question, u hich sliould be disposed ol us soon us porsible. Aifiits cannot remain in their present position. It is necessary to make choice between pence and wor. You are lully aware of tho advantages to ho derived from the former, and the evils which must result from the latter. Never will you be able to conquer Texas. except (to use your own esprea ion) in deh.mce of the United States and of the la as of nations. All the inhabitants of the Valley of the Mis sissippi will march upon Texas?they ere familiar with Are arms ami their vim is certain. Thosands of them will pass the Sabine as soon as they hear Texas is in vnded; the knot should then be at once cut, as I tolJ Gen Victoria at th< interview which I bud with him at VeraCruz. I do not enleitain the slightest doubt of your determination, when I reflect upon the knowledge of the facts which you possess, ond the experience you have acquired during jrour voyage through a part of the U niti d Siates. My pi incipal object in addressing to you this letter is, to speak of the prisoners taken in the expedition to Santa Ke. I lirmly believe that you have oldered them to be well treated, and I have given public assurance that such would be your course in the matter. Would not the present be a good opportunity to aubmit the whole qualion of Texas to the decisiou of your go vernment ? If you think that the mediation of the United Statesorof England would ex trci*e a beneficial influence, you may rely upon its being tendered as soon as you will communicate to mo (confidentially) your ideas upon the measure. Please answer ma as toon as possible. I recemmend the prisoners tc your care. I entertain friendly relations with many of them. The object of the Santa Ke expedition was never made known to me at Washington; and I know of it only from what appeared in the public prints. I remain, sir, with great respec'. Sir. BARNAUL) E. BEE. T.Ul.rv^ll.n^v rim S.ntaAnna President ol the R-puhlic of Mexico. [Axswcx ] " Pauck ok th' Or.n. Gov't ok Mhico, ) February 6th, 1S43. ) Mr. Biikud E. Bkk : Mr Dit< Hir? 1 have received with pleasure your letter of the 37th of last December, written from New Orleans , because I remember the noble and generous actions which your kindness exerted in my behalf, during my ?tay in Texas, and my voyage to the United States. 1 would rejoice were fate to graut me an apportunity of reciprocating in feiaon the kind attentions which yon rainibsted to me, ik a gentli man who esteems properly the respect due to great misfortune suffered for a noble cause. Would to God that our relations could be enclosed within these limits,that I might manifest to you, without restriction or embarrat'ment, my just grntitnde. " But in the letti r to which I refer, yon lay, not before General Santa Anna, but befoiethu President of the great Mexican R>puhlic,the quvrtion of Texas, ungrateful in its recollections, important in its results, anil wor thy of tixing the entire attention of the man who preside! over the destinies of a great nation. Too surely to give it the consideration to u hich its gravity entitles it, both wisdom and decision are eminently necessary ; and f ou who generously grant me the one and the other, ikewiseknow that I fully appreciate how important to Mexico is the preservation ol Texas, and how weighty are the consequences which would result frnm theabaudonment of our lights to this territory, actuated by an infamous and reprehensible cowardice. " The Expedition of Sante Fe recently vanquished by a generous i Hurt of that city, has brought confirmation to the suspicions and fears which I had long since conceived of the nmhitious designs entertained by the usurpers of the Mexican territory. Hardly had they eommenced to enjoy the tranquillity and real granted to them by an imbecile and careless administration, which neglected to put into action the dements of power, abouadiDg io the Mexican republic, than they had pass ed beyond their first limits and convene] themselves into coquerors of territories never included uudsr the name o! Texas This act?as urjast as it is scandalous, has confirmed the ancient conv iction that the separation of Texas, tho creation there of an independent government and the abandonment of the rights of Mexico, would occasion our ruin and disgrace, and make to disappear from the surface of the country which we have conquered with our valor and cur blood, the valiant race who so foolishly thinks itself villified and degraded. Mishap may overtake a people ignorant of its destines ; but the nation who forsees the entire extent of her danger, with the consciousness of her rights, her dignity and her resources, is enabled to resist misfortune or retard her overthrow by the exercise of her energies and her constancy. Suc h is the use of decision ; and you may rely upon finding that of the Mexicans unanimous to defend their honor, and I will exaust the energies of my soul to give new nrooifl mat me gionoun iianuaru ui my tuuuiry Khali not tieoutraged unavenged. ' To the tumultuous (tumultunria) population of tho valley efthe Mississippi, with which you permit yourself to threaten me, w? will oppose the population of our ralley s and our mountains, ol our towua and our large citiea, that ia an aggregate population of eight million* of inhabitant!, who form a nation by ao many titl, s respectable. I am &Ntounde<l that you should announce to me no openly (siri emboz,) the hostility of a people friendly to Mexico, ami bound to|us by relation*, whoie intimacy would forbid ?uch aggressions The civilized world will not learn without tcandal, that the inhabitants ol the United States, infringing their own laws, and viol iting the most sacred international rights, support for a second time, a usurpation which they have commenced, and constantly supported, abusing and mocking the generosity with w iiich the Mexicans bestowed upon their country men rich aud coveted lauds, and invited them to erjoy the benefit of tin ir institutions. If Mexico should receive such hostility from those, who call themselves her frienda, she will treat them as enemirs in the Held of battle, she will repel force with force, and she will appeal to the judgment of the Universe upon such an aggression, as unjust as it would be violent. " Likaevery philanthropic man, I appreciate the blessings of pence, and 1 admit that war has its disasters, its vicissitudes anJ its dangers?but a peace bought at tho expense of the dignity of a nation, is nn inadmissible r.eece, ar.d to it we must prefer war, which may save our honor, whatevermay be the results it may entail upon us. I fully appreciate the j roblematic condition of Texas ; anil have before me the entire aerie* of ita conNMWk I believe war to !? necessary, I believe It tone a measure indispensable to the salvation of Mexico, and that her government will net faithfuily perform her duties, if she does not strain her resources to the utmost boldly to enforce* full confesaion ofher justice. " You ha*e yourself seen, that an unexpected and surpt ising freak of fortune alone prevented the total ruin of the remains ol the Texan army, which had already lost th* greater part of the territory depending upon its defence. Still greater efforts, than those attempted at that period, can still be made and shall be, for I have the will aud the power sutlicient, which God and the Mexican people have given mo to establish solidly the honor ol the nation 1 govern. " lithe mediation of the governments of Great Britain and the United States, hod far its object any reasonable adjustment in w hich were not compromised the incont< stible rights ofthe nation to a territory usurped under the nnrre of an independent nation, 1 would not refute to admit it, aa well on account of my reaped for thea* governme nt?, in from a lu< consideration ot the intereat* of humanity ; but if tbil principle i( to be brought into quaMion, we Mexican* prefer the toil* of war, MtiaOd that we have not provoked it j and we will appeal to the Supr? me Judge of the aerial world, to aupnort thejurtiee of our cauae by a triumph which will not pervert tothe op|T< aai in and extermination of Texae. " Th<- prifonera from Santa Fe hara been trcatrd according to tlio uaagr* in cuaea of pii??n?r*of war; for aa *uch humanity r< quire* ua to conaidcr th> m, without however diaregarding prudent mi aaorei ?f aecority. I hat c oiden il the youiha, Van Ni???nd Coomb*, to ho placed in ahaolute liberty, through roniideralion for the ri iprctal !? fi.miliea in the l/'uiteJ Siatea to which they Iwlene. and to give teaiJmouv that the Mexican government known how to temper the ?rverity of ita jnatice by meaaiirr* of lenity and eommiaacration. " From Mr S?mj<i Hou'ton, frr m yourtelf, and from two or three more Te? ana, I have received many kind alt. niionr. Ho fit my delicate dulioa aa chial of the ni ?i-.n " ill permit m , I shall bu moat happy aa a piivate | individual, gratefully to n-pay them u? whatever mi* IERA 842. fortune incuuatent tatc may pi t'i ale lor them. You, air i are fully able to appreciate the extent cf my oblige-, tiom : you kuow m> prraonal character, and 1 flatter inyiell' you will accept the aiuoera j roU-atulieiia with which I repeat mytelf, "Your obedient servant, [Signed] ANTONIO LOI'fcZ DK SANTA ANNA." (Confidential.) " liaitd 13 11 of January, I it:, on boar J tin strain, i Forth ou iis voyage lawwu Havana an J New Oi leant, from England. To hit Excellency General Santa Anna, President of the Mexican K public. "Sin.?Although lam a citi/i n of the United Statei, the government oi Texea hat commissioned me to obtain the recognition of it* InJepeu louce by the European poweis, und to transact certain'ti<cal operation*, for whose successful termination I am now returning to Texas to obtain the ratifieatiou el its government. ' 1 am induced to take thiattep, no', from any fear that Mexico should break hostilities with the government or people of Texat; I take the liberty of proposing to your Excellency (if j ou think it continent with the houor und interests of Mexico) that u treaty oi peace and limitation should bo entered into w ith Texas, upon the basis ol an indemnification of live millions of dollars, which 1 can place in London, for this object, within three weeks alter receipt of the agreement, together with two hundred thousand doll srs, which w ill bv secretly placed at the disposal of the agents of the M xican Governi mi nt " if your Excellency desires peace at this price, ad | dress to me your answer at Now Oi leans, under cover of the English Consul, by return of the steamer. "1 am, sir, with the greatest consideration, " Your very obedient servant, (Signed) "J. HAMILTON." " To his Excellency General Santa Anna.'' i " Your Excellency may addiess yourlctteis to General James Hamilton?1 have written with great haste, in order not to lose the present opportunity. Your Excellency will have the goodness, if you answer this letter, to do it in English, in order to avoid thu translation of a confidential letter, in which character 1 will consider your answer." 1 [Answer] " Falack oi tiik Govkrnmint or MkXico, 1 Febiuuiy ls.b. In-t'i. I | Ma. J. Hamilton: ] Mr Dear Sis,?Mr. Tackcnham, minister of her Bri- < . tannic Muj'ity, placed in my Uiiiuls indue time, your i | letter of the IS n ol laat Jauuary, vvluch hud reached j ' him by the steamer Forth, and I at present urkuow- . ledge its receipts alter the delay required by the grave , manor en w hich it treats. | " A letter written without previous acquaintance ' i with me, ei.her official or personal, by a man whose i very- acts stamp him an enemy of my country, could i | not fail to surpiise me; and the more so, from the want < ol tact and delicacy with which certain propositions are ( ' addressed to una who knows how much is due to his i , eminent position, and to his own dignity and honor. ' You hare placed me, sir, under the necessity of being j very explicit and severe, because I cannot cousent that j 1 you and the parti/ana of your cause, should deceive ' j themselves concerning the final resolution ol Mrxico > ' in the question ot" Texas, uor can I omit the expression I . ol the profound disgust which you have excited in me, i by so i ndely coming forward, to propose to me the sale , | of Texai, and the acquisition of an iniamy. "You commence by acknowledging yourself a eitiJ /.en of the United Siaiea, and at the same time ogeuttf t ' Texai, for the recognition of its independence, by the I European powers, and lor the well known and uuortanate negotiations for loam. Ido not conceive how you I can preierve the title ot citizen of a nation at peace, barI mony and friindihip with Mexico, while at the tame time, you endeavor to do her all the harm in your power, j andtocutolT Irom Ui r a part ol her teriitory, by meant which you have employed with un it singular ui t vi'.y. > This species ot impuilruce with which you r< present : yourself as a citizen of the United States, excites vivid j recollections that your country m> n first comnv need the , war; introduced disorder into Texas and atiil maintain it, in scandalous violation of the treaties which should, in good faith, unite the two uatioiu. But leaving this esaminatiou to the criticism of the civilized world, j which is ignorant neither of ike origin, nor the tendeii- ' cies of the usurpation tf l'evas, I will quickly show I you, that you are mistaken, and th it too, gieatly, in sup I posing Mexico deficient either in thestreugth or the will to maintain her iucontt siible rights. j " We have fully weighed iha actual and the possible | value of the territory of Texas, the advantage accruing 1 to Mexico by retaining it iu possession, and still more . the precarious situation to which s'.e would find Hbrself re luced, were she to permit a colossustoarisa within her j own limits always ready to advance ami covetous to ob lain nnui ar n i, III inn 11 he th? tllte title Ol theft Bnd USUT ! pit ion ; but even were the soil of I'cxo.i a mere desert I of sand, unproductive sate ol thorns to wound the foot j I ot the traveller, this plain useless, sterile and unjroduc live,should be defended with energy and constancy, , under the conviction, that the possession of a right im; poses upon a nation thu necessity ol net er abandoning ' I it with shame an 1 disgrace to her name. If} oil ate acI quainted with the sta'istics ol Mexico, you cannot be J ignorant of its population and its wealth; and if yiu , ' have read history,fyou will remember that the race I which now peoples the American continent, is the some, which on so many memorable occasions, has given sig ' nal proofs not only of constauey, but rven of obstinacy in defencaof their lands, their hearths aud their national individuality. ' " Kleven years of a bloody and mortal strife, to con quer.our independence, will serve pirp lually to prove ! tnat strong passions agitate our heaits, and netre our ?rm> in a great clitis ; and this very prolonged series of | civil wars, has formed here a populjtim as warlike as they are patient, aud eminently capable of action under all the stimulants of glory, when controlled by a government which respects its?l',and enforces resjtectfor the people, whose welfare isconfidtd to it. You must clearly remember that in tha beginning of 1938, Texas { found herself su> jugated, and that only a freak of fortune, the unexpected conduct of the general, who sue- i ceeded, me in the command, withdrawing improperly i the Mexican army, and other causes which, evi n at pre- ' sent,appear incomprehensible,aiinulltd the immense and definite results of the rapid succession of victories gain- , ril by this same army, under ray ordets and direction. Urrhter and more pow erful < Hurts than those 'an still he made, and, sir, you must not duubt, that they will be made, for to the knowledge cf m> duties, I unite a consciousness ef the power aud the resourci s at my contiol. One of the moat grave aad vehement charger, preferred by the nation against the government which has just disappeared from olhce, was the apathy and onminal neglect with which it conducted the att'iirs of Texas, and I am not the man who will incur so juat a reproach, or will sanction by silence, or inactivity, one ol the most scandaletis robberies of the piesent century. ' Keeling a* I do, all the merit anil importance of Texas, all the basis of my country's rights, and the imponderable results of their renunciation, I can never contribute to the recognition of her fatnl independence, 1 will cay morejnevir will I permit any one to dare do that which the nation will not sanction , and he, whoever he may be, shall be considered aud published as a i traitor to the rights, the name, and the glory of Mexico. | ' Your proposals of five millions of dollars for the re- , 1 nuncia'ion of Texas, is a miscalculation, and an act of audacity ; permit me, air. to add to you, that your offer i j oiiwo aunareumvuBHiiu v..v of the government of Mexico, i. an insult and infamy { unworthy of a gentleman. I " Perhaps have yon ventured upon thii imprudence ' yielding to the illu.ion that my return to power gave i some probability to the hope of an arrangement, favora- i j bin to Texas; il .uch wa. vour opinion, you, like many j other., have been deceived, for 1 h ive changed neither j : my conviction, nor my resolutions, nor am I bound by any pledge or promiau whatever, that could give plausibility to . unjust a suspicion. 1 promisrd in Texas, be' neath the rifle, of the tumultuary (tumultario.)noldier., who .urrounded me, that I would procure a hearing for 1 their commissioner, from my government, and would exercise my influence to prevent fir the time being a fa| tnl struggle : and this promise, whose oljct was to si cure, without molestation, the retreat which the Mexi can army had already commenced,and which I learned with the greatest sorrow from General Wall, naturally remained without effect, fiom my sad consideration as pr.soner; becausethe aggressions of the Texi.ns removed even the possibility of lightening the evils of war, ' and because tbey failed themselves, in their premises, the* annulh d the resolutions of him whom they called their cabinet,they cauacd me violently to disembark from the schooner Invincible; and abandoned me to the excited passions of one hundred and thirty recruits just arrived from New Orleans. I was exposed to the gaze and I the intultaof this undisciplined soldiery; many of the prisoners of (Joliad, who were among the most excited i were immediately charged with my custody; projects ] I to murder me in some barbarous manner succeeded one In annlhsr. I eras handcuffed to an irox bar for mora than fifty days, an?i on the 30th of June I was ordered to i march out to b? shot, on the same spot where Fannin and hit man were eiecuted. Thia wicked plan was frua. trated, thanks to the kind offices of SiepBon Austin Mow that you announce to me your Intention to p*oceed to Texas, you may in the theatre itself of my sufferings, verify circumstantially and minutely the cruel, unworthy and inhuman treatment to which I became the bu t after the aominal agreement of the Mth of May. In these I did not compromise myself, nor could I mote than as a private Individual, to m ike representations to my government; but even thia weak and isolated agreement ir lo*t its validity so soon as they commenced to treat ma as in former davs it was customary to treat slaves in the regions of Barnary 1 send with this letter the pretest which, on the Oih of the same June, 1 directed in the port of Veleaco to Mr. David O Burnet, who acted then as President of the so called Republic Read it, slr.wi'h ont prtjudica and in cool blood, and confess tbet, to the i I very enemies who were so aniioiia for my death,I openly threw the accusation of infl l.-lity and Inconsistency; and i proved to them that my plidges had bei-n annulled entirely bv their own fault. ''Messrs. E. Austin and Aamuel Houston saved my life; they alleviated my lot as for as was possible to them; thvy mwifs mi mi onjici 01 mnr coni|iHi?ioii aim mux jrmnj mnnly rommiMrration. Mr. H Kitten diftinguiahed him *11 by obtaining for me my liberty, without requiring fiom me any retritution. How gr-at are my obligatiani lor ti.i? act ! Ever will I be grateful for nciion* no worthy of Chriatiana anJ Muaibl* men. f.ver w ill f atrire to reward them, tinder all (xMMble contingenciea. I will 1 publiah their deedi to their honor and praite; ; fir inch acta invariably aecttre the aympathy and i admiration of the whole human family. But even thrae , consideration! cannot hind me down to act with lukrwarmnaaa in the affairof the great nation which f govern mora particularly when they involve her majjr intareata. The Mexican army haa again taken a poaltionof ' otf'anri, and ehe will not vary her attiluda till ah# plan** , her Kagle standard on the banhi of theBahine. I "Circunaatancca with whioh I auppoae yon well ae LD. -aaag FUm Two C?nll piaiuted, h?vo contrifiut. d to maintain the atfdir* of Texas in their tialu </uj: and the list Vt? xican ndminist if Ion did neither ? hat it could or should have done, t> mole>t, at least those whom their apathy and carelessness com mod of thrir dtfiiiltive salitv. Then (ml low?il an appearance of prosperity, which deceives the peculators of some nations and even their government*; but time ha* rt moved these deceits, *Dd thing* appear now us they actually exist, unadorned by the prismatic colors of novelty. You havejust returned from a circuit of Europe, and' I refer to yourself for confirmation of these truths. ' In a different point of view, the question of Texas in volves anothercf the <T|vateht im|K>ttance to the cause of humanity?that ol slavery. Mexico who has given the pohle and illustrious example of renouncing to the increase of her wealth, and even to the cultivation of her fields, that she may not see them fatten* J with the s w est, th e blood stnl the tears if the African race, willsnot retrocede in this course; and her efforts to recover a usurped territory will he fclersed by all those who sincerely esteem the natural and impresctiliable lights of the human species. "Texas might yet find great advantages bp covering herself anew with the Mexican flag. You, sir. who possess the talents of a statesman, think seriously <f this step, which is applauded by philosophy; and if by ita triumph you should be convinced, you may rely upon the facilities which offer you,and the I friendly consideration of vour fthmllsHt rt?n??i ' ANTONIO LOPKZ DE SAN l'A ANNA.'' Fire at Watervillb?Fraud Detkcteh ? The new (tore built lad summer, and owned by I'ags nnd Ddj, in Watervills, wa( cotuuniid by fireou the morning of the lot in?t. Circumstances of a >ery suspicious nature led to the belief that it was sot on fire by the occupaut, Benj imin F Smith, whose character had prerioualy suffered from various acts o| dishonesty, not to say ciime, and he was accordingly examined Hnd committed. From the examination, it appeared that during the mnntlk of January he procured two polit ies if insurance jpo i his goods to the amount of $-1,200, and that at no time since the first of that month had the value nf his goods exceeded #2,1( 0. Lea-ning (hat these policies were void, he surrendered them, and procured another in the Albany Insurance Company of 3'2,800, which arrived on Saturday previous tethe lire. It also appeared that ho bud secured most of lais valuable goods, one box and four barrels of which had since been found, three of the barrels had been secreted in a barn at D anaville, and cne in a stable in this village. Numerous other eir* c^instances, amounting to almo-t positive evidence :>f his guilt, wete developed during the examinalion, and uot a lisp of testimony was offered in his favor. The prisoner is a young man, very respectably ;ouueci?d, and fortunately without a family, but flis progress in crime for tbe last two months has merged the sympathy which might otherwise have hern felt for him in indignation and crested a ur.i rcreul da-ire (hat he may be visited with the justice lue hi* Crimea.? L'lirti Gax- 19/A Lard Suit.?Aw interesting suit wai tried at the late term of the Chuutauque Circuit. It waa in act of ejectment brought by John Duer, Morns Robinson, and William H. Seward, against George Handy, of the town of Hanover,in which it became necessary for the pla.ntiffs to show ti le to the lauds in question This was done by the exhibition ?f twen'y seven Legislative acts treaties with Indiau?, and deeds from individuals and companies, commencing with 'he act passed by the Legislature of this State in 1741, appointing commissioners to meet commissioners on th-part of Massachusetts; the convention of these commissioners; the resolution of Massachusetts in 91 appointing a committee with power to aeli to Samuel Ogden; his release to Morris; the various deeds by which the litle vested ia the " Holland Land Company," and st last their deed to the plaintiffs. The suit involved the whole question of title to lands An the Holland Purchase, respecting which there has been so much dispute. The West field Messenger says it was prnvtd on the part of the defendant that he hart been in possession of th* premises twenty two years this month. On cioee examination it appeared that the defendant purchaed the right of another individual, who had (he land in question " booked" to hiin at the land office in Niayvill** many years ago The Jury, without leaving their seats, found * verdict for the plaintiffs.?Bvffulo t'ommrrcial Adnrtiier. UANuHl KK or iiss 01 i.sir n < ?useil bj a lauicum or obstructed circulation in the small blond vessels which fupilly the scalp ami Is sir with nnutiO m-u1, ia consequence of wturh the perspiration becomes ti irk aud clammr. and driee on the suriace, forming a rr.iet called rtandraff. which clogs upttie pores of the skin, and liy its i rresure agamst the roota of tilt hair lirevtute it Irom rect iving aufh< lent nourishment to retain vitality 'Ihr hur ihi'iibrcoiorh h'rnh ^nduiiplraiaut, color and f-llv off This iiiiueellhy afftriion is eery speedily cud effectually cu e l by Jav tie's llair Tosic. which revives .lie dormant tmwera of the ror'uce v-asela. removes the dandruff, and produces a t ea and healthy grow h of hair to aupu y the loai of the old; and baldurja ia prevented or removed where it already >lists The following 'ertific <te iv aelrcted, which snAciantly proveaiis eUranrdinary virtue- ? Messrs. A. B. It Sanda:?Giulh men Aa aa act of juallte to you and Dr. Jayne, I aettd yon t.iis crt O at. (n you of the invaluable benefit my wife haa received from the uae of Dr. Jayue'a Hair Tonic. She loat not only her entire head of liair, but her ryebrowa alao and after trying Balm of Columbia and various other remedies, with no benefit, the uaed Dr. Jayue'a Hair Tonic, bhe uaed two hottlea before we eruld Jiacover the hair had alarted. and rommrnuii g with the third it started to grow out A irly.and i t i few weevs her head and vyebrows were covered wiih a Ih rd growth ol fi e bitch hair, better than ahr h id loa . I think it war eiili-ely- produced by the uae of the Touic. and would recommend it to all who need a aimiUriemrdv. Truly youra. JOHN N JAKKSON. Piepared only by Dr D. Jayne. 99 South Id etreet. Priee $1 Sold it whole tale and ret >1 by A. B III) hANDS.druggiptv 79 Kill ton. corner of Ii hi etreet, and 100 Kulton street; also sold by Abraham B. Bauds, No 973 Bi oadway, corner of Chamber street; David Sanda Si Co., No. 77, Kaat Broadway _ all t -n* I)R. ALLEN'S B ALSAM; OK II irehoiind, liverwort and Pleuriav Hoot, for Coughs, Colds, Coiiau nptiou and ' iver Complaint ?Convumptioo ia a disease often secretly lurhi jg n the svstem for yeart before there ia the l- et complaint of the lunga. And in this stage it c in be curtd aa effectually. and aa c rtainlr aa any other dia-ca-. Let not |>?r una delay tha use ol medicine until their 'unga are sensibly affected, but in due season resort to Dr. At ri/ri Bali ?m of L??erwort?ttiif medicine hat proved rv**n the < oixpieror of Fhv irisnw," for which all mankiud ? .11 U .sa aKiinil Jill n 1 I s In l.lass fks k a nil nl Prnitilsnra More than 100 Phyaitiana in Il ia city bow um (hi? medicine iu ttinr practice. LIVER COMPLAINT M'RKD.-Dr. Allen-Dear Sir I hare u.ed youi Balaam of Ho-rhound. I.irrrwort and Pleu nay Ro 'I iu iny (T ic I e for mine m ml ha pta'. :ind frooi tlte wonderful rff. cl it hue ha I, I mn fully a I ?li-'l that il pn? etera tery auperior virtual in the cure ol Lirer I umpaiut tun t'onau option. I dj alrong'y recom neod it to Hie public tud the h acuity. Rcapectfullr, J. D. RICHARDSON. M D. Hudaon. Auguet I. 1841, WHOOPISQ t'OUOH ?Thi. <lia? ale it 'prevailing eery 'itetiMVely . and ia arret ping ?ITm*tiV liMle onra, with eery few dava illneat. laical. aliould rtnmb?r that Dr. Atlen'a Baleatn of Lietrwort ia th>-nnl] nittllible remedy unl baa fared thoutauda of lieea daring .run ye ra. Sold by W. A. Tailor, wh l-aale agent, 88 Barclay at; K. M. Uuion, IS7 Bowery eoruerof Oran I atreet ; Drllirf, comer of Broadway aud Chamber) ttreei , J. O. Kay,at Milnor'a Drug Slore, coruer of Broadway and John atrect.J ml5 I m* _ DR. HO R iN K CONTINUKSto be eonaultedconfidentially at hi* o?ce Nat. 7* Murray atreet. Straageraare reapeclfully appriaedlliat Ur. Home being legally bred to the Medical profraaion in the city of London haa been a practical member of the aaid faculty of phyaic for M yean, fh the laat II in the city of .New York. lit* practice from beiug onfmea to a particular branch of medicine, which engager hia profound attention Hia eipertence it very 'great?hia force.* aahlonialung. Hecautionatlie unfortunate againet tie uteof mercury ; thoua ind. are annually leercurialixed out of life ; recent afftcUona.are. without mercury. ettinguiahed in a few dayL See your i tree, eradicated, not putrhru up. The lea-laid Dr Burhan.emphatically ol.eerree?'"Manicd penon., and peraoua about to be married.ahould lie particularly cautioun of [hoae affecta>na ; what a dreadful inbertUuce totrauamit to poaPerioua artlictedwith protracted and deplorable caaea, nerd not ieapairnfa complete recovery, by applying to Dr Home. A rcvidrtice of M yeara in New York city , baa eatabliabed Doctor Horne'a character aa a man of at> rliug honor, and haaed on real reaper lability and ak ill. Dr. H.i-ffrra to hiapatrona aaureguarantee Ur Horne'a officer are ii'imrroua, and patieuta never come in contact. Atleadanre until uiaeo'clock ia the cream* notice. Qf?- THOMAS O. HORNK, arm of the late Dr. George T. Home,reapeclfully aptirtara the public th t he confitinee hia father e meet aureca.ful practice at hia e>iatladimert. No 78 Murray etieet.and may be coueulted caily until ? o'clock. P. M . Saodaya eareptrd mr tm* MEDICAL AID. ALL tSoee in oe^d of medical aid of a C'-Mttn description, ahould without f*i oh* %in a copy of a li'tle book entitlta the Hu 'icon, whh enfmvlaM. Thi? filele work wu written and published by Dr. (jfegory. in IH39; in I84I, he published a second editicn. with m-?nv *alu M* improve men** and *Iters liona, a ?d in I Ml, it h?? hern mill more imi?ro*ed and enlnry^dThe engravings a?e bevatifu ly done and are accompanied w iih suitable eipUnntorv rmn^rks I'he au*b? r i? now in ei?f?; l?e City practice at 34 Mottstrect nearly npposittths alone < huifh. Hie baring k en co?n?t?"tty mg?p d in enmha ting diecae^e of thiecharacler lor many y.era p.aLenable. him to t^at Mien#" jeclnot only theoretical y hut pr rue .llv r.-rrec'. Joe pro lent It here guided in the arte liou of i> mrfliea, arc -reJerf 1 the r ,n i.i?;cirrumatencea andcu d.tb n of -be , ?,e fhe_ plan of tfie hook ia to .how the ordinary .) r?r'? " 'li* w, what mo. r.wa. W.J, .he beat Otlitr m > . - d ru. at* treatment ... remedia. n h ad ^ ^ % ?o tymp'om. .hoi" J "'-ft ', r in irmrt. th i' he it Dr Urffrtf u ^ u*der < irenmet 11- * v*htie the t??9*rf If *f}.tfrri, r wh i ?i > J hill ?ntO the ?>r l*f |h*t ?ifut ^ h<. c ompt^int *t*11 l?ft, which 1*: ii?'r ??.h" I > "??h ,h ? r.'q.ituir in H- -lUadrd w I I?lr . t rr ; f f thw I ?rr, i. wall m fi>? 't?ir.n'Iitiriclurr.lhe Miitut h.!ii n > ule*. wi'hutKtiiiuHE ^ -Tnr.?nmT'"?) ?< ' ? - ?? . ="" ? it. |..V|MII mpr*MM???" ? mcuthf !><wior Orrgory tatr '} I','. ?"? P-"" Th- On-t ,r'. i 1-nrr ? nni a di-un ?li?i*.but it a private ilwelliuf hi>u> . well pr "tided f, r Ihteinitenie"'-" of pitim, The bonh m-v ".I""'* h<" j. Ku?'i tort. 61 hitlmn etrret. r.ftrn-r of I'hT at tame pfict ')r Orrgory ailibi I aid at h< mr .it all lie- ? ?f the day and tteeh t PatitnU rtaidirg ?nf dialentr (mm Iht rity m >y commieiii-ate by latter (J way a poat.,?M) with Pr O .rrf I... adri:? be obtained. and *H*r# * clear dee n t***? y the re coreritf * ftiUble fee, th- |>rap*r r<* w''. r_ Vk. ererded to order, end ueeee# alwe: KnarjiHe-d. wherr whoi'tr aptMU aadCATComjteoceeart eet foctm. ?f L*

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