Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1842 Page 3
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"p O S 1 S c K I f T. Qr>- For our usual Southern Correspondence, tft-, by this morning's Mail, set fourth page. Mobile R\ce* U,i tbe *Jth u.staut Joekey Club Purse J300-2 mile hen.*. D- Myers' b h Turn Djy, by Bertrand: d im by Virginia, 4 y o, loo lt>?. 1 3 3 1 Thomas Watson's b m Maria Colli* r, by Collier: dam by QsllJlin: 5 y o. 107 lbs 4 3 13 C. Casan igh's b c pilot, by Wild Bill: dam by Oscar: 4 y o, 100 lbs 3 1 3 3 CJeul. Mooi's bf Klmli. by Plutoff: dam by Mucklejohu: 4 y o. 97 lbs 3 dir. Time 3 36?3 63?3 39 ? 4,6. The second race though only for mile heats was full ol intere-l, the favurate being emphatically "no wliere." We hare no rao.-n for comments. Sweetslake* for 3 year old? #300 entrance, $100 forfeit. Mile heats. R H. Harrison's b c Sleepy John, by John Dawson, out of Solly Dillon, r6 lbs 3 1 1 A. Robinson s b f, by Imp Pnsm: dam by Tom Tougn, w mi t * i L. Cock'* b 7 Donna Viola, by Imp Luzborougli * dim bv Toiison, 83 lbs. . > , 3 3 dis ? Time 1 VI - I .&J- 1 57. CHATHAM THEATRE-This establishment last evening, presented hii irray of beauty and fashion seldom . bin the walls of a theatre. Each piece wus received with unbounded applause. The new drama of Abelard lleloisu, is repeated to night, together with the admired farce of the Widow's Victim, jn which John Setton sustains three diflerent characters?and the successful drama of the Falls of Niagara. . to- COUGHS are still prevalent among those who havu not used Sherman's Couth Lozenges. The success attending the Doctors m dicincs is really astonishing ?Who ever heard of curing u cough or a cold in one or two days uutrl Dr. S'? Lozeuges were ottered to the public ? Wholesale and retail warehouse at 106 Nassau str eet; 8 State street, Bit-tori ; 3 L-dger Buildings, Philadelphia, and Frank Taylor's, Washington City. WINCHELL the unrivalled laughter-provoking, side- breaking humorist, kept the audience in a continual roar of laughter last night at the American Museum ? His diversified entertainments are to be repeated to-night. His representations of the Michigan hosier, the self-wise orator, the thick patel Dutchman, and the shrewd, wide awake and dart-devil Yankee are unprecedented. The company of Indiun chiefs and their squaws perform a variety of dances and pantomimes, dressed in their native costume. Such attractions combined with all tho curiosities collected in the Museum for twenty-five cents, are worthy the patronge of all Classes. Too much cannot be said in favor of the neatness and good order which characterize this jiopHiar place of resort. A day performance to-morrow al'tt rnoon. OOP- A CHILD WITH THREE HEADS ? By the lai account! the great lion of the uay at Amsterdam, in Holland, was a child with three heads, the faces looking outwards, like those of Janus. This is certainly a great prodigy. But we have a greater prodigy in this country ?namely, Peter's Lozenges, which cure sea-sickness, Dyspepsia, Headaches, Coughs, Colds, Worms, Low Spirits, Nausea, Ac., with as much certkinty as eating roast beef cures hunger. Talking of these things, it may be as well to state that they are to be had at 4.r>9 Broadway, 1-50 and 33d Bowery, 416 Hudson and 310 Chatham streets. New York, and at 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. But on the contrary, the child with three heads is only to be seen at Amsterdam, in Holland. {K7-JKACTS WORTH KNOWING.-A positive stay for tue hair faiiiug out?or to restore it in bald places. A certain cure ler all rheumatism and swelled limbsno exception. A certain and positive cure for the Piles in all cases. A warranted cure lor all Bruises, Scalds and other ores, and sore eyes. A positive cure for the Salt Rheum. '-'A beautiful Dye for the Hair -will not colar the skin. Warranted. A certain cure for Corns. I' Each of these to be bad at 71 Maiden Line, and such proofs of these facts as will convince all who will call or send for them, gratis. The public may rest assured there is no fancy in these assertions. The following is to be iound at 71 Maiden Lane in this city:? [For the Journal of Commerce.] Trot, Feb. 13,1843. Mr. Editor?I have seen of late much written in your f j|>n iuivito w i/auo) itiHgicii ruu Liirsmor, ana a lew day* since I noticed a certificate concerning the little girl Emma Davis. Being myself a mother, and having known many cases of the efficacy of this salve, one particularly In my own family, in which my precious child was saved from much torture and disfiguration? my feelings strongly prompt me to urge parents of children to lay aside prejudice and use this ointment in cases of accident by fire, or on any injury where there is inflammation. Should the humane mother he less wise in the generation than those of the brutes of the field ? Shall she allow prejudice,that mean and sneaking thing, to warp her judgment where the good of her offspring is at stake? Do not the sheep, the dove, and other timid creatures forsake the natural fearlessness of their na turns and become bold in defanoe of their young ? and shall we, the soothers of men, formed after the image of their Maker, suffer anything to deter us from doing that which is right, even should a doctor stand by and prescribe a different treatment? I answer dauntlessly foi my own sex?No. Should a beloved child of mine become severely burnt I should immediately say this salve shall be used, and this alone. I apologize, Mr. Editor, for writing so much, hut my feelings have been my dictates, and they must be my excuse. Yours respectfully, A Mother. tO- JUSTLY CELEBRATED GRANDJEAN'S COMPOSITIONS, now used daily by more than 60,000 people. No. 1 Barclay street, New York. Every one can try free of charge. ? MOSSY MARKET. Monday, March ?l-0 P. M. The stock market has exhibited the usual features to day, and prices hive generally given way. Indiana 6's fell } per cent; Illinois 6*1 J; Ohio 0's J; Harlem j; Mohawk j; Long Island 2 per cent; Delaware and Hudson j percent. Sales of bills on Philadelphia J |; United States Treasury Notes lj s SJ discount ; sales at 2J discount. The resumption in Philadelphia goes on well so far, and, with a firm determination to persevere, on the part of the Banks, will no doubt be successfully carried out. The bill imposing a tax of one mill on every $1 valuation of taxable property in the State, has passed the ..,-wv v, tiao iiC|tiitnure ujr a vole 91 00 TO 37. This bill will no doubt become a la w, and, according to the estimate*, will yield $609,000 per annum; a cum which, with economy, will meet all the want* of the State. The moral influence of the imposition and eollrr- 1 tion of a tew. at a time like thil, will no doubt 1 manse effect, aud will again place th e credit of t - late in the front rank. Every exertion i* uced, and every misrepresentation made, by the Clay faction, not only to destroy the credit of the country, but to prevent any action for relief. The Courier and Enquirer is daily occupied in this laudable occupation. A few days since it contained the following j paragraph in relation to the proposed exchequer ia suesj The consequence of this roust be to greatly lessen the t circulation ot the banks if not entirely to break them down. The amount of notes issued by the Exchequer | would not, clearly, he suflicient without the aid of the j notes of the banks, to supply the wants ef the country ; and independent of the rain that mu^t accrue to thousands by the failure of the numerous banks now in good i credit, the amount of circulating medium would be di- ' minished to an extent which would be poorly compensated by the safety that would be insured to the Individ- . nal holders of the specie notes. I This paragraph is the progeny of a desire to combine the bank iofluence against the bill, as well as an utter ignorance of the practical operation of the issues. The Claypro/tl of a National Bank, with credit issues, would inevstaly break down the banks, because such a circu- , lation would come in competition with that of the bank*t drive it in, and ruin the most profitable part of their bu- j sines*. On the other hand, the dollar fir dollar issues of the exchequer would not come in competition with, but would become the bssis of the bank issue*. Theexche. quer issues would in every respect be the equivalent for specia, sod would be rutained as such by the banks as basis, instead of the precious metals. According to the last report the hank* held about $3 >,000,000 of specie. If $10 COO.000 of this should find its way iuto the exchequer, in addition to $IQ.OOo,iioo more now boarded up, an equivalent of $40,POO 000 of bills would be issued, of which $10,000,000 or fli-OO1 iiOO would betaken up in the exchanges, and the balance return to the banks, to becomo the sub stratum of their issues, in the same manner hi in mi unia m mr Dim oi England are the baaia of the private ami joiot stock iaauea. The perfect facility of I exchange off'Trd by the rxchrquer would strengthen and support the ba ika, and make a legitiaiate buaiaeta I more aafe and profitable. I The banking affaire in New Orleana have reached a 1 criaia. Those hauka that rrJ"Cted the new law in relation to b i nk iug were cloud by the Sheriff on the Oh imt , via : the Atcliafalaya, the Orleana, and the E* change. The President of ..the former, Mr. Brcedlove, as j al*o, Mr. Yorke, of the Exchange, reaigncd, and the i pay ing teller of one nf the banka aheconded, leaving a d filietcy of near fltoono in hia acconnta, the over drafta tf himtilf and frienda. When the Kachange , Bmk wa? rlosi d hy the Sheriff, the asaets found were-? 'j Specie, 94 (115 Notes of 0.her Bank* 3,010 1 a.sti { ?and ft is stated the not'a of the bank in eircalation ex. C cd f 6.10,000. The MerCiianta' haa utterly'falled. The Improvem-nl B ink hn? p titio. ed for a apecial law to go into liquids ( tlo.l. Ther mining hauka that have not accepted the 1 law , at the City. I'mon, Louis.ana, Canal atd Commer , ial. Suit! had been comir.euci d igaiust ?U these, and probably ere this they ere closed. This would leave the following banks in operation, viz:? Cap paid up. Cap paid up t'arrollton 1,949 350 Consolidated '3,398,000 c'itiz-m enssser On Bank 1,854 4 >5 Louisiana 6tate 1,939,040 Mechanic* k Tra. I,9i8 39J $14,994,909 4gsr?eir?te capital of the banks rloseJ and proceedid again it 34,710 312 Total banking capital paid up $41,711,214 This amount was distributed as follows :? Dec. 1837. Jan 18(0. Held in Kurope 20.725 08(1 5 165 loo " I ther States 0 945,710 7,773.473 " Louisiana 12.273,042 58,809,119 39.943,831 41,737 091 The following is a table of the capital of all the banks, designating those to which State bonds were issued, and the amounts so issued :? Bane Capital or New Orleans. ? _ Capitol. Barnes of Banks. Nomi'l Paidup. Slutr Builds Iss'd N. O 1 H.h Hk.Co. 4 000 000 3 999 750 ? ? Car. RR. % Bk. Co. 2 100 900 I *49 340 ? ? Citizen.' Bk.of La 12,OOU00t 7,088.984 8,000,000 5pr.ct. Cliy Bk ofN O- 2 000.000 4,000,000 ? ? Com I Pk of N. O. 3.000 ooo 3,000000 ? ? Coi'snlidsted Ass'u 2 398,000 t.398,000 2,004 000 5 pr ct. Ka. k Bank'g Co. 2,"00 000 969.263 ? ? is Lietitk Bk Co. 6 000 100 1 844,455 ? ? cnppotfc Bank'g Co. 2,o?o roo 1.551 998 ? ? Bank of Co imaua 4,000.900 9,997,960 1 800,000 5 pr ct. Loin tana Stat" Bk 2,000 000 1,938,040 ? ? Mech'a'kTra Built 2000000 1.098 390 150,000 5 pr. ct. Mnvha-1.'b?uk 1,000,000 1,000 000 ? ? Bauk of Orleans S'O.ono 424,700 ? ? Union b? of Louis'a 7.000 000 7.000 000 T.000.000 5 pr. ct. AtchaSla>a Bank 2,100 000 788 990 ? ? Total 53,899 000 41,959,784 $18,954,000 The following ii a detailed statement or the bonds issued by the State to the banks and corporations :? Bo.nda Issued by State or Louisia.ra. it*nk ,1mount Payable Object ?f htue H'htre held. L?ui>iaua 6U0 ouo 1H39 pa> m't ot si'k. in busepe. Do 600 ooa 144S ' " Do S?0.000 1844 " Cnna'iiUtrd l,ro4 000 1849 in aid. " Mtcli'a k Tra's 150 000 1853 payrn't of si'k. Union Bank 1,750 oto 1844 in aid. Do 1,780,000 1147 " " Do 1,750 000 1860 H " Do 1,750,000 1652 ? " Citizens' 1.6U0 009 1850 " ' Do 1,600,000 1859 " " Do I 600 000 1868 " Da 1 600 000 1877 " 44 Do 1,600 000 1886 " N.O. Prt'gCo. 50,000 1855 foratoek. " N.O.IcNus. KR 200,000 1847 to aid. unknown 19,304 000 Tko aggregate loans and discounts, with the protested paper held at different periods, was as follows:? Dec 1837. Dec. 1939. Jim. 1840 Jan. 1842 Total loans 52,40\152 45,5'?8,5S8 46,391.266 39.756 341 Protested paper 3,888 279 8,110 518 4.609,332 6 340,230 The condition of the assets may be best judged from the fact that during the pressure from February, 1837, to December, 1838 there were protested $11,748,061 of pa. per; of that 1 387,618 was pail, and $7,239,925 wo? renewed for perioda varying from six months to eight years. The balance. $3,110,618, remained in suspense. Probably there is now one half of the assets renewed and renewable paper, and cannot be realized. If, then, these banks are obliged to close up, the question of State responsibility and taxation must inevitably come upt and as has been seen iu the case of the correspondence between Peters and Governor Roman in relation, to the railroad bonds, it is likely to be one of difficulty. Alabama is tottering on the ssme precipice, and will soon go down. In the caseof the New Orleans banks, the guarantee of the mortgages of the stockholders to secure the bonds amounts to very little. That property received its value mostly from the paper inflation of which it was | the basis. Sales at the Stock Kichang*. $600 Ohio 61>, I860 58 900 d> btO 62', 2000 do do Mi 850 do thw 52) 3000 do do Mi 100 do >10 82i 2000 do do s30 55) 1200 do 82 8000 do do 87} loo Stonii frton 11 1C06 Illinois bonds 181 115 Canton Co If 2000 do IS) IB Mohawk HB 48) 5000 Indiana it's hood* I8t 25 do 49 2000 do dollar da atkw 19) 25 do sthw 49 6000 to flhw 19) 15 do 481 1000 do sthw 19) IS do sthw 481 2000 do nth w 19 15 do 46) 40 ?has Chemical Bank 81 190 Htrlem RR ?30 7 J 250 Karmeri' Loan 21 1(0 do ilO 8 105 Ohio L'fe Ik True! 46 100 do 93 8 1678 Long laland BR 52) 15 do 8 Second Board. 25 Long Is'aad RR 52) 25 Del k Hud thw 90) lioo do 910 52] Cattle Market. Beeves are a little higher this week, but we notice no change in (boep or cowt. There were the uoual number of beef cattle, a lee* number of sheep, and an increased supply of cows and calves. All the mutton was sold, but not all tbe beef. The prices for beeves ranged Irom $4,50 to $7,3-5 a hundred weight, for cows and calves from $20 to $38, and, sheep from $2 to $5 50 each. Harried. On Sunday evening, 20th inst.,by the Rev. John Lindsey, Mr. Roncar L. Tcanuac to Miss Elisabeth Par* *?, both of this city. * la Church, on Sunday evening, 30th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Haidenbergh, Mr. Henry Lamt to Miss Emua M. Doi glam, daughter of the late Francis Douglass, of New Orleans. Died. Last evening, of consumption, Cornelius H. Govtsbcboeb, Principal of the Oramraar School attached to Co. jmbia College, aged -23 years. He lived and died to the entire satisfaction of hie bereaved parents and fiends. The friends and relatives of the family are invited to attend the funeral on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock, irom me nouie 01 ate latowr, jonn u. uottmerger, is Chamber* (treet. On Sunday morning at 2 o'clock, F.leakor, wife of Thomai Swuil. The friendi and acquaintance of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral thia afternaon at 3 o'clock, from No. 3 Walker at. On the 31 it init., of conaumption, Matilda, wife of Trrailwell Lewii, aged 34 yean The friandi and acquaintance! of the family, and thoae of her brother! Eiward and William Wilhelm, are re apeatfnlly invited to attend her funeral thl* afurnoon at 4 o'clock, from the reaidence of her brother in-law, Jacob H. Gumble, 49 Mott it., without further invitation. Weekly Report or Interment* la the City and County of New York, from the 13th day of March. IH13, to the llth day of March, 1843. 31 Men?39 Women?17 Boyi?30 Girla. Toaai ISO. Diseases?Apoplexy 4; Asthma 0; Aaphyiy I; Absceea I; Bleeding 0; Bleeding Irom atomaeh 0; Bleeding from lunga 0. Burned onesided 0, < asualtiee 1; Cholera inlantum 1; Choleia MorbusO; Cancer 0, Colic 0; Conaumption 83; Convulsions 9; Croup or Hivee 5; Debility II; Delirium tremene 1; Diabetes o. Diarrhoea 0; Death from PoiaonO; Dropay 4; Dropsy iu head 6; Dropsy in the cheat 8; Drowned 0; Dyeentery 0; r.ryeipelaa 1; Epilepsy 0: Fever 1, do. acarlet 10; do typhoid 5; do. peurperal 8; do. remittenl 3; do.bilious 1; do.inflammatory 0; do intermittent 1; Gravel 1; Hip DiaeaaeO; Intemperance 8; Inflammation I; do. ol liver 4; da of womb 0; do. of brain 3; do. of lomach 1; do of cheat 4; do. of lunga 10; do. of bowels! I; do of throat 1; Jaundice 0, Killed or murdered 0; Locked Jaw 9; Luea VeneraO; Mortifications; Malformation I; Marasmus I; MeasleaO; Old age 3; Organic disease of heart I; Palsy 0; Rheumatism I; Spinal disease I; ScirrhusO; Suicide I; Sprue I; Small Pox B; Scrofula 4; Teething'4; Tumor o. Unknown I. Ulceration of throat 1; Ulcere 0; Varioloid 1; Whooping Cough 4; Worrae t. Ansa?Of 1 year and under. 30; betweenl and 8, 14;8 and I, 18; t and 10 3 ; 10 and 80.7; 30 and 30. 81; 30 and 40, 80; 40 and W. II; 50 and 40, 8,(0 and 70, 8;70and 80,4; 80and 30.0; 00and 100. 0; 100 and upwards.0; unknown. 0 Placei op nativitv?United Stated 11. Ireland 31; F.ngland 7; Scotland8, Switzerland 0;France 0; Holland0, British Poelessions. N. A. 0; Wrst Indies 0; Portugal 0; Germany 3; Sweden 0; Wales l: AlricaO; SpainO; Russia I; Italy 1; S America 0; Unknown 3 From?Alms House. Bellerue, 4; Hospital 8; Fever Hospital 0; Penitentiary Hoi; Hal 1, Blackwell's l-lai.d 4; Sina'l Po* Hospital 3; City Hosp t.l 8; New Jersey 3; West Chester i; Long Island i; colored Persons 11. WILLIAM A. WALTERS, City Inspector. City IrepeMor'e Office, Msreh 10, 1813. Lattst AfiTleea acctycd at niu ivkw to?* huald omca. Africa Feb 13 Madias Msr. 80 Ani Ceyee Feb. 10 Manilla Nor. 4 AnUcua Dec. 18 MonUrideo Jan 19 Bombay Nov. I Msranleam Feb 10 Bermuda Mar. 1 Mayaguir. T. R Feb 1? Burnett Ajrrea Jaa. IS Maracuho Jin. 17 BaUia Feb. 2 Matamoraa Dee. 1 Belixr.Hon Krb. 28 Neuritaa Feb. 4 Bart.adoea Jan- SI Oahn, B. 1. Noe. 4 Bogota Dee. ! Parii Feb. II BerWt Feb. SO Port an Prim Mar. I Curacoa Feb SI Para Feb. 17 Cienfaagoa Feb. 17 Penvamhnco Feb 10 rarthageu* Jin. SI Panama Juua II 1'ararcaa Jan. 11 Rio 4? Janeiro Jan SS l liara July 1 Singapore Oct. S4 i: Jluo .Nor. 4 Sydney, NSW Aug. II Calcutta Dec. II St. Helena Jan. IS Fayal J ?a. II St. Tlmraaa Feb 27 UfbraJtar Feb. 2 St. BarU Jan. I liuayama, P. R Feb. 2.1 St. Jago de Cuba - . Feb. 25 liontiroa -Jan. is St. John*, P. K F?b II Ualveatou F'iIi. 13 St. Croil F?0. 13 Harre Feb. II St. Martha Jin 25 lUrana .Mar. I Surinam .....Feb, IS Halifai Mar. 7 Tam|iie.o F>b. 17 leramie Jan. 27 Tobaato Dec. SI K ingot on, Ja. F< b. SI Turka laland Fib. I London Feb 18 Trinid id de Ouba Mar. 2 Lieyrpool Feb. i9 Vera Crtu Feb. 7 La tJuayra Feb. 12 Valparaiso Dec. I K-Uaa Jan. 1 Tncalan K?b. 1 Macao bn SS Ziatihw Oct. 91 Paueii(era Arrived, naaLKiToa?Ship Ca harinc?M PinVrtnn, lady and child; r'?st > King.bury, Kobl F Hunt J(J BeOell, .k . . omta, J R V? It, Mm Mary Ann 1 hompaon?20 n lb*(leer ige Foreign Importations. MeL?fi??B?rk Harmony?2 hbda eherry wine 200 ae cmke 17j?I f d? iffa^?2r. ?V -* ?i! <n b " 200 ,,f d? I * U' bii til l.r do iocoqr do riliiu. 7U bit blooma 200 do lemoiu P li r soi y ft f;o. Sark Ouatar Waaa-8013 ouiutli jaril'a 15 bul# It I * atmuudo Boorm in. John*in ken (?i ?r?m ?Brig K C Fi.ber?80 l,hd? nigir B Do Foreat It *o 108 doMnhdamala at* I .Hot It Le Barbier-ll demij .linn lay wiler J hompaon A Adama v Domeatlr Importation a. f '?r. a I mtoo?Ship Catharine? 55 tea 50 hf do rice Caff an It Rejoin d?43te? H S I.eeerieh?50 P.iirier A Frerra?aa Hryar.i h v| i i land?*0 bill i ci.itan <5 Col'int?30 Fab?r It Bi.rwiih? 10 emi'h. Mil a A 'O? 117 J Jeani.ereit It co?211 nigh A Hey t'eker- I C T t.iiaber?25 pkga N Lock wood?I L M Wiley? I B .rue, liar ea A CO. MARITIME H-ERALL). 'OUT OF NEW YORK. MAUI II '44, 1844. I'M IBM s 58 MOO* Hit 8 ' !? ??.T? 11 nai ? * (Japartur* ortha Allen tin ttaimiri. from RNOLaFn. FROM amssica. Columbia, Juilkina Mar 4 Aprrt I Q Weetrrn, lloakea April '2 April 28 Caledonia, Loll April 5 Mar I Britannia April 18 May 14 kcarlia, Ryne May 4 June 1 O. VVealrrii, Hosken May 21 June If Colombia, Judkina May 18 Juoe It Caledonia, 1.oil June 4 July 2 Britannia -June If July IT Acadia, Ryrir July 5 At*. 1 0 Weaiern. tloakcn July 9 At*. 4 Thr mail steamer Dot, Oruin, il the ne<t due from the West lodiea. Pai katito Arrive. Patkatltu Depart. i.nnoon. Loianon. Toronto, Griswold, Frb I Ontario, Kridieh, April 1 Weilmiuater, Moore, Feb. 17 Toronto, Griswold, April 10 iivrrpooi. i.ivr.Rrooi,. New York, Cropper, Keb. 8 Rorciua. Collina, Mar 25 tjnl hue Cobo, Feb. If Lurope, Marshall, April 1 C tabaidge, Baritow, Feb. 19 hivrr. hitrc Burgundy. Woltea. Mar. 21 Baltimore. Fiu-ck, Jui. 19 Ba I more. Ku ick, April I Rhone. Johnatou, Feb 2 Kmerald, Howe, April 8 To Ship >1 net era. We ahall rateem it a favor, if captaina of rejaele arriving herr, wilt g re to Co inn i lore Uaasett.uf our uewa achoonera, a report ol the shipping lefl at She port whence they aailtd, thr veeie'a spoken on th-ir passage, and a Itat of their cargo, Commodore Brsartt will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor iu any way. Olaarad. Ship Anton, Barkman, Charleston. Geo Button.?Balk Apthorp, Blake, New Oi leaf*, K K Collina Ik Co.?Briga New Or Irana Aldrn, Bermuda, R S Tucker; Sciota, (Br) Caldwell Nea f iiindl.ind, O ft J dune; M idiaon, Bu'kley, Savann.h ? Weymouth, Couch, It chiiunJ. Arrl van. Ship Catharine, Berry, Sdiyi from Charleston, cotton, to G Button. Bark Hirmouy, Maroduck, from Malaga. Jan 28, fruit and w re, to t lUrinouy Ik Co Left brigi Globe, Beecher, for I'alrirao. 3 da; P.tdang, Howard, for Montevideo. 10. lfth inst. 1 it 40 36, Ion 8830,(Poke bark Feme.from Portamoulh for Mo bile, 2da?a out. The H. has had heavy galea from the wattward uearly the whole pass ge; on the IllhanJ 12ih ioar. eipe rieuced a dreadful g Ir and heavy auow atorm from NW. SweJiah btrk Gualaf Waaa. Arfridaon, 33 day* from 8l Croii, Canary Island', barilla, tic. to Moorman Johnson St Co Bailed iu co. with achr , lor N York. Lett no American vesae's. Brig Rib cca C Fraher. Fiaber, 13 daya from Ouavama, PR sugar, to muter. Lert brigi Wst.oa, Douuelly, ana Fritncea Klleu. Berry, wig cargo?and others before reported. British b ig Ami, Luivett, 14 days from Tuiks Island, with 7003 bo-he-Is salt to G Ik J l.aurie. Left brig , of Baltimore, just arr from Barbaduea, the only American vessel. Brig George, L urr, 5 da>* from Charleston, cotton, to Gio i Bulaley. ' unit . iniuu.g u<}i irora r rruricarr, ua. wim own feel lire Oik. la A Feu.on. Sohr Challenge, Park, 5 daye from Wilmington, NC. with 15#i) bbl? tuiprn inr to Woorfliull It Miuturn. Hailed in co. with brig Barfi r.tinffin lor 8(oui?gton 8. iir baml K Paynter, Holland, Irom Hit re de Grace, iron to Caswell It Mureock * 8chr Two Brother*, Richardson, from Washington, NC. naval itorea, to Mi'chell St Co. Schr Boston, Bradley, 4 days from Madiion, with mdie, to the matter. bchrJoteph, Bourne, 3 days from Norloik,wi:b corn, to the muter. I Below. One (hif, two brige. General Record. i PacatT iHir HertDkics Hudson, for London ii detained until to-day. Her letter bagi are at Gilpin's, and will cloee at 1 It o'clock thii morning. British si hr KsicRALn, which was cut through by the ice, and sunk in th- Nort i ltiver on tie 7th of January, has been raised. She is nearly- a uew schooner. Ship Eaipkror.?We see it slated iu the New Orleans Bulletin of the 11th inst th.t the Lmperor,from Boston for Havana, before reported, will ne a tout loss, togither with part ef her cargo. The captain and part of the crew, and some ol' the cargo were taken off by s hr gantine li.,un to Franklin, La.? The captaiu remained at Franklin to dispose of the cargo saved; tlirr e ol the sh'p's crew arrived ut New Orleans iu the steamer Osage Valley. Sciir Esther St Sarah, of O -eeubtnk, which was eapeixed in a squall on the I t'.h mat was fallen in with on the 18th, eight milei Let Uaruegat, by the New Jersey pilotb ?at Commerce, and towed to this city. Her crew reached the shore in the boat. The cargo,charcoal, had b .eu washed out, and koth tier masts lost. Ship SryriiEK Phillips, lost on her pasir.g- from Boston to Havana,was insured in Uorton for $34,100 nhe hadaqujnlily of empty hhds, which writ insured for $1080. Rraii Forrester.?'The cargo and moat of the freight money of .he Forrester of Hampdeu, condemned at Nassau, were insured in B Hon to th? amount of upward of $80110. Bark Aiioria ?The Norfolk Herald contains a inscription of the pieces . f wreck fallen in with by Capt Robinson, whs arrived at tlist port a few days ago It is probably part of the I wreck of bark Astoria, of Portland, Capt Mitchell, from New 1 Orleans 'or New York, which struck on Round Shall, south of ape Hatleras, on ihs night of the 28tli Jan, and shortly after j sunk in about SO feet water. The captain, nasseugers and crew were taken off at the time and carried into Norfolk. Whalemen, Stoninqton, Mar 19?Arr Thos Willitms. of Btoniogton, ! few y-ml .mei u ilk "it.Ass hhl. --I - - 1 ?-I... u iti iiii, 43v >(>. aponc i>or iio /lrmata, NL.2400 wh. 'I he Aroiata apoke the d-y previous, Ocn Williama.NL tOOwhlOOsp. Spoke Nov It, Helvetia, Hudion, 2000 wh 300 apt, Warren, of Warren, 2000 wh 200?p.? '1 he Warren reports at Peter, Nov 3, wauling one whale. Spoken. llnllybmh,of Neweaatle Me. S daye frn Savannah for Mar ' Unique. Caroline,Richaend for Bremen, March It. Foreign Port*. Havana, Mar ??In port, Mogul, Norma, r Colon, RapH, FiuLud, and Alia, liom NVork, Kamohuu Roy,undCoctirco, Una ion; Suaan k Sarah, A rano,aud Helleapont, Wilmington; Hamburg, fm B^th.ldg for Kusaia; Jain, a Calder, fin LiverpV, Suaan, and Pacific, New Orleans; Delia, from To aaco fer New Or Lena. United Stat** Port*. Hartford, Mar It?Cld J Brirk,Philadelphia. Nkw Raw:*, Mar It?Arr Pauihra, Porto Kico. PHiLincirHia, Mar 2t?Arr Florence, NOrleana; America, Buenua Ajree, He arietta, Boideaux; Pearl, ttoaton; WmPenn, do; Compeer, Eaatporl; Jeaae M Juatice, Atukapaa; Margaret Trey nor, St John NB, Lagrange, Kichinood. C.d Ku.aell, Boat in. FncDERirRanoRii. Mar 18?Arr Ffqoiraauz, Hatvcat, Mary Clark, and Henr>, NVork. NohFolu, Mar 17?Arr Mary Jane, NVork; Rival, Milan- i zaa. In Hampton Road*, Alice, from N York, bound up James Hiver. Arr l?th, Charles. Plym >ulh; Gtrland, Connecticut ? Below, bound tip.fRival, fm Mala' zaa lu Hamptou Koada, i Athena, from Jamea River bound to Gl,sg>w. Sid Francia Stanton, Baltimore; fin Hampton Hoar's, H W Tyler, Cowre Cld Canton. Wirt Indiee The Arctic, l?,und to Baltimore, wna apoken yeaterday off the Capea, by the pilot boat Virh.mi*oto*, NC. Mar It?Arr Belle, New York; Hero, do; I i Julia, do; C E I horn do; Tioga, do; M <ine, Pro, ideuce. i;|J i New,York, Bo?l a; Dunmore, Harbor island, Flizibeth, IIiva- I na; Helen, Fall River; Challenge, Olivia Brickell, Julia, and C Thoru. N York:Uiorge, Portland. v* amino ron, ,\I . .Mar 9-Arr Anaconda. NYorh; Bedford, do; Two Biothera, do; Tima, I. harh ati.n; Wo'ga. dn; ltih, 1 Samaritan, Unlade phu; Mai la, N?w York; Drxter. do; ' Cid I2lh, Bar li 3t Abigail, NYoik; Two Brother*, do; 15th. Wolca, Dnalon: Bedford do; Waahtugt in, W 1 idira; I It h. Anaconda, NYoik; Chatham, Boated; Martha M Fowle, ! NYorh. I CH vRLkiToi*. Mar 17?Ait Carthage, rnrtrmnuth; Char'ra, 1 NY ork; Thorn, Kali Ririr. Cld lantou, On f of Meiico. Sid Telle) nuid. Boaton < A raLtcHicoi.a. Mar 5?Arr K?b 2t, Lore, Havana; jt'h, 1 Mary It Susan, Havana, Ann Klira. N York;'Mar I, Britannia, 1 NYoik, Lyooa, Havre; 3d, Daun'l-a', ; ttli,Harbinger. N'York Cld Feb 26.Pioneer, Mobile; ssih, Uncut, NewYorh; Mary Phillipt, Mobile; Caliaio, Boaton; Mar I, Andrew Scott, ' Liverpool; 2d. Caa.iian, Nf)r!e at; 31. Trnnrtaee. Mobile. In 1 |?ort, H -rbii ger, Im .\York, diag; B it.aoia fm do,up for Lie- I erp.vol; Robert laaaca, lor Liverpool, idg; Dautitleaa, (Br) from 1 d i.diag; Roar, for do.hlg; Jam a llWI,do4d| Vene'la. (Br) do do; Havre, wtg; G euJoi etr, for do. Idg; France* J Ann, d j do, Allio'h, do d , Mary li Sunn, frnna Havana, wig: ' Marianna, up lor Nfnrk; a?aee, for Tri'ate. Idg, Ann, j wig; Champion, for Liverpool, Idg; Cumberland, fm do, di?g; Virginia,Mobile, wtg; Robert Watt, lor Liveipoel.lag; Auu s Kli* i, from N York, dug; Win Ta> lor, do, wtg; Mary Penmll, for da, Idg; Portland, dodo; Leonora, do do; Caro'iue fc Plait, 1 fm do, wig; Klixtbt in, (Br) fm PaDla Martha, do; Robt Burna. ' fm Liverpool, dog; Kitaun, (Br) for de, Idg; J 11 Cheney, wtg; ' Hobomok, fm Providence. ' MoniLr. 3'ar It?( Id laaac Newton. Liverpool; Cornelia,do; Lady of the Lake,Havana. Art O \V Hall. Cedar Keya. Cld (th.Kllen Bryaoo.for Livcrpcol. Air Commerce, from Provi- 1 dence. < New OaLr.Au. Mar 8?Cld Hewe. NYoik; Venice, Roelon; Choctaw, do Cld loth. Tower, N York Arr Mount V.ruon, ' Boaton; Da.uaacua, Havrr, via Sarannah; Wm Tell, M???'0?; Plato.I. harleaton; Tirquin, Camden; Lu inda. Liverpool, Tutcawilla. Cedar Ke,e; Charlea Wirgman, do; Wm Bryan, Vera r Crur. At anchor at the Fort,Caapian. 1 ruurtaee, and Rebecca one ahipatthe Eugliah Turn. PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS } fPHKSK far-famed and C lebrated pilla. from Portugal, aw ( 1 we perceive, te!be obtained in thia conutry See adrcr- i tiaeraenl ?i, the laal i olmwtmf fourth page. fe? im'ia Ffta.NCTT CO I AYoPTs ?Tiie Balance ol a choice lot re- I ' ceived perehip Kmtrald, from Htrrr, Cr eale low, in v quantitiea to aeit piirchaa? ra. d Ai'plv on hoard *t I'irr 13, Kaat River n,32 21* 'j H A V A N A SM i Utfi ?PM Kit OILSKY. 588 dnudw-y, " I and 31| Bowery, formerly krpt by Vtr. P. Muuoe. lege * leave to inform th* a.nnkirg public that they will alwaya fi ,d. at hia atorra, a n ell aelirte.i aaaortmen of the ft- eat bnuida of and Principe BK<J\RS at wholeaale and rttail; and , if a lit at rate article and friendly treatment can iDiore cue torn, he hppee to receive a large ahare of it. mr2 'in* * rpo SPORTSMEN ?Valuable Wurre, jutt r?c ived b, the ' 1 lubaenher. < The Sporlaman'e Repvaitnry .a a?nea cf highly finthed h engrsainge, representing the florae anil the Hog, aaluine to, board*. British Field Spirt'i? emhratirg Practical Instructions r in Shaoiiog. Huniug. Courting, Cocking, kiihiiix, lie lie. by Scott I toI.Bto. n Tne Field Book; or Sporta and I'aetiiaei of the Britiih d lelan> a. with pi lee, I sol cloth. k rirrceKiu i Bookol Siorte, end Mirror of Life, with nu- fi cDgrariegt, Rvo hoerdi. d The Kod in I ine Uuu, b-id* two Ireatiaee on Angling, to ) li Shooing, with p'a'ee. Urn irlolb tl The hhooter'a Companion, by 1'. B. Johneon, with splendid n rig aainga, Iimo, bound. l| HOW I.I Buy a llunr I nrat solum-, Han. rloili. r K, 11M IN U BALDWIN, 102 Broadway. a mil Iteod Sid ? h It Ml IT ti HARDWARE. CUTLERY, lil'NS, &c k AW. SPIKS It CO, ere now opening thrir spring aeao-t- I a meut of the fo'lowng kinda of goods a d aie dctermin- \ ed not to be nndereoid by a?y houae in ihc Ira1*. -j PenKnireaol Hodfrf Si Bon; Wna'enholme li Crook'a n manufacture, Tabl- Cnt'ery. Hciasra. Hflora. K.Ira and g Toola Japinned Warra, anl P i 10A Boi.'a Hntaonie Wa-ea ? newiatt?rn?. Pal* M't il Tea Keithsand Bauee Paua, tinned and enamelled; Shelf Har lwar*? 01 every deaeription. ^ now i* rmr hid ire stock: f, apo double birrn tiuua. from %t <o |33 each fi 501 m f e " " ft 10 |lt u too Hitlea $1 to M# f mutt pal* Patula " 41 to fjo nir. 200 Hill* B ine'a (fiml -at') *tl ?*k. I Oiiiiamitli'. m.Wr.ale ci' all ah.iU.f'>r alteriaf andmaDafac |U Mil JMM. Il?m. Ixgi. pow Jcr llaaka, prrmnoi ripi, kr. ke. . Hpnrtamaa'e aa.teleeof tterj Target j\ ? Ay*al f >r the aa'e i?f Allen a S. If-corkiof and R?rnliin( ^ Pmnl, luioi; iheareeiea' ino lern impr >*? m. tit ioln> trm(? ' can be ducharced in Uiree aseondi, with I lis ua? of on* hind ' only- wholcaal* and n.aii. wtl n >' ffO viILiTn* k-? ami itKiaiZr.n?aun.uc.Ki' k 01 1 BEKJLY,vO Williira atreel off era fur tale, at ?ery low pri e? a ipUuAiJ affortmciit ol Kie i. h Millinery Ui d?, rrn I lain r of ih* t.ewrat I nil naoai |?aki nab c atyI a ol Straw Honm la. Ar ifi< int Eloera. Ribbon* hilki, T'rlalawi, k c' llml-ra arc InnltJ to eiamue the aam? bt for* |uirhi* n? 'i e'a wkrrc. mOil'Cx:* " 'j'O i.i. in f - IMfnon will and nitiuca ||| in* Heieo I 1 mry ?idll'r Room, Na. 1 pow. ry, c?rn?r of Dirialoti , atr??t, will be aolil cheap, aa Ik* preaent owner ia goimg la intic.'i.i the couutry. Apply oa the premie** wS2 lwd" . JOH> BPANOLAT. ,j UTaNTIlD.-T. e of a yornsi lad. about H ?o?PP'<-ntio- liini > a rrapeclab'i Maete* *Jr cltanie. The bny i? .mart, auJliu munilt goodidaiueducation. Kor I'lrt.cuUra p eaat apsdy atIt Pearl alreet. now NO i I K. ?( oin>i*u< ea ol >le fnll.A'ng gonde. |>er lhil> TABOLINTA, from Liverpool, (rnnaigned to order) are ii qui alrd to call, i ay their freight, aud atttud to the re cciptot tliajr tronJa, ?i?: ? 11 7v, 74 3 rare* of Mert haudiie 17 Life do * S f4 I t ie to B in diamond 84 Hi 5 do do W 403 I dn " d-i ULOVKH St MeVrBRAY. M 100 Tine itrtrt. 1.)|||| Kl.ftiANT PLANTS AT AW' - HON ?1 hia s '*' day. at 77 Cn I atrr-t. will be aold at Auction, a ?|den l d collection of Green Houaa I I enta. a'l iu I'l ?? - rem l>tiaiii( an cxlcoaive aeeqrtmcnt of Mont ly Koaea. f'.allaa I ictna . Salt ia. Hplendiua Japonic'. Orange Myrtle, Leinon Tree., (Jeraniuma, Hinrfc Jelly, Heliotri pe, Yellow K >ae, Stc. 4tc. Alao 1000 Paach Treta. JOHN B. ULOVKR. niMlt* A'ici iopaer. A N Adjourned Meeting of tha Mrri Uanta, Ship Maatcra, and otlu'ra.will he held at the Mhakanearr Hotel, corni r VV i It im eoJ Puane atrerta. on Wedueaday evenirg, at hall liaat aeven n'.Lu-l M I. By Order. (Signed) CHARLES BARTL1NG. intj at* Chairm'UINDIAN* HONDA W \N TK1) to Ml an order. Fifteen ' Indiana Sterling. or Dollar BonJa, of the following dale* mil uuoibeni : ? Da'ed 1833 from No. 1 to 100 1831 from No. 1 to SoO 5 percent " 1835 from No. i to lilt do " 1838 from No. 1 to 3388 do " 1857 from No. |40i le 1830 do " " from '' iWltoShiiO do " ' from " 3901 to 2310 do " 1638 from " 3533 to 3553 do ? ' fr??, ? | i.1nn?tN M. Rothiclnld, from 1 to 100? J fc 8oo enar<,T,4. " 1839 from " l to 140 5 per out " " from " 301 to 311 do " " from " 401 to 440 do ' from " 1 to *94 8 per rent N. SIBTURK. No. 18 Well ?t. N. B ? $5000 State Bank lllinoie wanted, at 50 ceute on the dollar. n 31 It herring's cordial. INDIliKB 11 UN.?A? thie ia a very comu on complaint, in the preerut day, winterer lend* to alleviate it ,i< of public importance Ko. the information of thoee affected with it, we publiah the following reeonnnriidatioua of a Realorative Cord al for ila c .re C. ? '. S? >roc. If > a Daan Sik At tour te.jueet, 1 bave etin? ined the mrdiciuea of wiiHli v o,Tr ' wrdia1 n compoeeit. and haveno he ntaliou iu eiyiug lli <t (hey are of the beet el ire of lonicf; and in the manner prepared bv you, will prove highly beutficial iu Dyepepaia, and many other diteaaei ofgcucal drhility. Yvura, kc. P PRATT, M. D. No. 98 Lib*rty etreet. I concur ia the above recommrnd?lion of Dr. Pratt 1IIOMA9 BOYD, M. D., ho t?l Fourth ftreet Sabring'e Reit irative Cori'ial ia a ild at 191 Fu'lou a'rret, at (1 p r bottle. hi3! Im" HEW ARD ? ii i be pml at tsli South elreet, for the jP*Jv/ rec.jrery of the Clnaka alolrn from No. 3 College Place, on I lie 38: h of Fthrn iry lait m3l 9tia* WII fA I*'?34 baerele lllieoie Wheal, 'now lauding iroin ahip Luuua, from New Or eai.a. and for eale hv K. K. COLLINS Ik. CO. B.j ] 58 Sou'h ?t. ring's VERBENA" CREAM again TRIUMPH a kit 1'IIIC tru-teat of the tiijtiiaite inerita of H nig'a Verb?na Cr am ia fully borne out by the firat premium iploma being vgiiu awaru?d bv it e judgra at the American lintita'r Kairlield at INiblo'e. Ttie loop- r thic crltbroted ahavii g an ?p ia known, and lite wire rvteuaively circulated it baa b come, a-em* only to cortirm tb< It ittering and uuaolirited teatimoniala it haa received from all parti of America and Furop'*. Indeed, the i onatantly incrr*aiDg deiaa'd in a aottrce ol proud aatufaciion that the proprietor haa act oinpli-hd whit thouaanda have been for j e?ra attempting, viz :?.'n 'Kuiolnut Ameiicanabating aoap "which, loreaae, c unfurl, and economy,can not be aurpaaeed either at home or abroad. [From the Herald.) 8'aati tg?King'a Verben i Cream Ibr abating, i* a moat capital article It cau be had at S3 Fulton atreet. We hate Irud it and found it tery etiperior. It aofte m the beard and makea the operation ea gi-ntlr aa magncliziog. (From the Boalou i rateller?April. >840.1 Vkriuna Ckiazi.?Tnia new dheviog C<im ound ia now all the ra;e. a< well amai g lonaorial profca?ora aa among thoie who prefer to gather their nwu diurnal cropa. The barber .1 aay that a pot of it laata twice aa long ai the aame qutntitvol anotnerenponvcioue pr> paration: wnile tbo e who tare Ihcir nineoce declare that with the Verbena ('r-un, a dull razor will iuaure a am wither f-ce than m <at cf the old aeapa with aeharp atrel; b-aidea it ia fragr-nt 11 the ecuse,lofteuinp to th- akin, a great deatroyer of frecklra Koraale wholesale a id retail by C. H. KINO, Ch miat and Diuggut, 53 Fulton a-reet. N.Y. N.B. Beware of unbl >ahing imitations; and obacrve the written a-gnVure of C. H Kiog on each mil I rn* rr>HK PiCNNY MAGAZINE?NKW SKRIES-Vot-.If The firat volume ol thia valuable lUuatruled work haa jual kaan A peculiar feature of *hi* " New Series," consists in the supplementary Dumber of ?ach molth. wh'cn eont in* a 'uU del eription or some Manufactory with uumrcus if mirations. Alio. " The Peuny MaRarre," N. 8, for Decrmbcr, 1C4I, containing among many other interesting lu j cu?' The Tower of London." with a splendid illit.'ratinn, a* it appeared It the Great Fire on the Myht of th' 30thof Oc ober last?"A Day alat'oich Factory," with a riew of the Coachmakec's Lot!. the Workmen, kc ke Thia part completes the volume IbrlStl. Tartiea wishing to receive the volu ue for 1812, will ideate forward thiir names to 'lie iin.mrler. EDMUND BALDWIN, 81 Steod gist >3d fc 83. h* 108 Broadway. COAL AND COLDS. rIE ea'reme mildness of the weather of late, although it may ha*e proved di.astrous in some degree to the Coal trade, hasby no m ans diminished the c s-s of COUGHS AND COLDS. Many are now sick in tins citv from disoiiltis acquired bar 8LIOKT EXPOSURE. The crest remedy of the day is r EASE'S HOAKHOUND CANDY, wkieh"haa acquired au enviable celebrity lor its invaritblt iflicacy in the cure of ALL CLAStt;* OF PULMON \RY AFFECTIONS.. Ii is knowu by its fruits?its good woika testily for it?it thrives only by the ?itraordinary. cures IT HAS ACCOMPLISHED. Sold wholesale snd rettil at 41 Division it, . 3(7" E c'i envelope of the genuine Horehound Candy is signed John Petit & Son, 45 Divioon street. _ . AGENTS Rushton k Asninwall, No. lit As tor House, 110 Broadway, and it Will ism at. Hart. 878 Broadway: Walsh. 995 B naJway; Smith. 353 Orseuwiil St.; Chaatery, no; Bowiri ; Brombush tc Young. No. Ill Varick Aguew 300 Hudson street; Owen, S". 3 Sillh Avenue. Wilson St I o. corner of Hubert It Greenwich street; A. Pat>r, 185 Greenwich St; Moretoa. corner of Klin and -r*ud at: Lcwar, comer Chu.-ch and Chambers!; Sands, 73 Fulton St. and corner of Broadway and Chambers it , Both St iteu I?1 md, Havs, 158 Fnllon s'reet. B ooklya; Hawls St ?yO,t No 57 Stale tt, Albany; Dnvall, 254 Broad St.. HewiTK, 1. J. fa?- AU kttrn post-paid will (x p"n-lm'ly at'md'dto. J. PKASh h SON,43 Division it. N B?Country Mfiehiuu ?i>hiii|! Prwr'i Hor-houndCariy, caa obtain it at ihe mai.uliclurrra, vt Ihe lowest prices by tending order to my Merchant iu this city, with wh m Lhey have dealings. aryt NOTICB TO TILOTS AND MASTfcHS OK VKS8F.L.S.?In accord intc with Rer. htatu'.ea, ,Ch-p XIV. no'ioe ia her? byyivea that the Quarantine Laws apply to the following veaarla? I. All vestrla from a Foreign Port, hiving forty or in ire paviengeis, or on board ol which, during the toy aye or whi'at t the port of departure, ??? pert ni a all have beeusiek.arritit g between the full day of April and the lira I day of Norrmb*ria anv >r?r. S. All vea-elaarrivii y between the thirty-first day of May, mil the d y ul tlctobe -n any year, from any place, 10 th-ordinary pttaaie froui which they muat pan lo the ninth of Cepe Henlopcn. 3 All vessel# from any i lace (includir y islands) in Aaia. *trie?. or ih? Ved terraucan, or frwneitner rf the Weal Inha. Bahama, B rinu ii. orWea'eru lilamU, or from any place 11 America, in I he ordinary pa#a#ye Irom which they meet our? Mouth ol Gcoryii. arriving between the fir#t day of Apiil tad the lira' d<->- of November in any year 4- All vis<tl# from any place where yellow, billioue maliylaut, oroiher pea i'eiiliil or infeetioua fever rii-trdat tne ime of their depart u e. -run bo ird of which during the vuy lye any ra<e of an> a ich fever shall have occtir-ed, arriving let Weeuthe first day of Apiil an I the firit day of Novi niber in iny y ear I. All vr?a la which, if tliey had arrived direct from their jortofdeparture, would have beeu included in the foarth rltas hat shall arrive at anv place in the United St'ira, British North, and proceed thence to the p irt of New York >rtweei ti.c tiratday uf June and the first day of October in inv year. t Kvery vessel arriving ia the port of New Vorh roa?twis ifterthe n at day of In ir, which has b?en to the West Ir dte ?r A mcrii a, a <utli of ieoryia shall be subject to th* same rtlulvti iuaaa are im oaed on aach vessels uud< r similar cir umatancea, that have arrived direct at the port of New Yoik. A SID a Kir DOAVK. A V M. D. njt tApl He.Iih OHIcr of Port , f New York. rOU ARE REQUESTED TO RSAD~THE rOLLOWINO. PROM J. S B?K".R, Kaq.F. 14. S. I.. Fellow of the Roy T at Sri utific I' aliiu ion the It-'yal Moienli-e lotli'ui"0 haa b*eu favor-d with a aprcin enof Jones'Oil of ( oral reastia, 'or ?li- uurpoae ol teanny its ttcommended qoali tea. a id reports -a follows:? 'We have minu'r y evamined and teat'd Jones' Oil of Cjral iiraaaia, :-nd fu d that itroiiaista uf -J>mii d-ri.ledlv f? orab'e f.r '.uriahing. inf tn u., ciuiii<( growth, curirg >nuff, surf fri*in^ a c'? rk appearai.ce to i!> h ir, b*iiig the Hali'.ea i oat reeom i i i.iKd b, Mr Jonea. talttch lt>M rcie'y id oerrec.tly true, and n, rirtu; thereof award Mr. Jone? the bore leaniniuiel " Signed J. S. BAKKH, F. R. ft. I. Port an ?trert. Porltra-e Square Ludoa Thiaia (old a* 81?utile.>a you are rarel'ul of the right ntun eriou'i beehcalf- W Chatham atre? t. Price 'nljrj. a or 8 i ill,era a b->i-le. Il-waie.if e. unteif'ita. Agenia?1(7 I)i?i1.1, at rof t, ai,.| ' 37 Kil t .!, era- , Dr. iklyn. mSI 31* SUCCESS (ill A RAN TEED" TO ALL. rH K " American M->gic M r'nre" hta been hailed aa r ur of the g-ealeat diaroteriea oi the pre.em age, and s*a long aa tediral acieoceexnta. will be emii Itn d lie ntort tuv lunble i<co*erv lor rit<eiaea of the urii a-y i leaiagea. -? well aa Hie idneya at,d bladder III eff-rlt are aben'uteiy eff ctnal in per>r rnnar a rail, rat cife in >ho-t lime, whil. the arli brr reineiea take e?e t month*! O e d -ee eann .l uil to tnliat the h-.iI'tag an I ne.r d llcate in tla lavor. and . ut of hi hut lia*e put their fa|ih in it not one hae been diaapuoinl'd or dtlcOTered while liml.g it?it baa K elt eotiYi y. d all beyond irpa'eufau neinn 1 he " M gie Vtilturu" ha* Inugelooel unit a led. an. I h ta v> ill ato< d the sintering im tgerji i pomj>ou-ly ml en ttbiq li oualy <ti*t.1 a} w?l by a hoalol nipi t jtt, led im i'tail, g q liar ke, who eonly aim l. ut been to du| < an I d'Ceire the ni..r.unale Sold ly appot to cut at ltiug'a drug more. 6$ 'alloa atreet cnf. Lltn. ill ii* \7t)K'tH WdkVd ?DaatarL.H, flaattn|'? Me?iieare3 '* Wormf'tnd , f r lb ; lot<1 <lterminali.a of VV irine ? 'hie Tandy will* If ct the total alter win alton if there r. r> i i, that are ao an ..n tog t > ell agee. *.d produeea ao much alrraean I a > many dea ha am .lift *1 ilnren Tntariirp und t both eafe an I ul> aa etil No anilvphotld be wtthau it. (Hyrr.plj'na of tV..rraa aic'.oeaa of 'lie ato narh, roeii ine, iaagrreeh|.'bre ilh, gripea I nae -ea Dwelling ui Ihebowrl', iimne.a loathingof ibod, or a rorerniMnp clile. ilryeo lrh, te. grinding of the la-t t w h'l ae < ap. pi bat the a ee. fcr 'or a tie .lathy I. bOVtilir, III Neaam etnw, ("le ig-al w Ihe propriet ?r. m * ^Ri I td S O'Jb to o OV'I < oi r an i; ' o- n ' rhoieeat ape iei ati'l Tirieti a, for eale in q ianiitira lo .It pue. h .a* ra t H tdce.wta'a permanent ?aian'ianinent, en . erol tB-.hat. and llroid ?ay Alao - Ihe Young Hardener a tea t ant," t-on'ai It g the rrrnlia of hia St ' ear. priclire in lew York. A( Ihia w ii k ha a ben ho. wed b? the award of Oo'd Medal, from the \inertran Ina Hue ah rh and lie Vew York Stan AgnCullu-'J 7eri#ly. baring laoawaid'd aeeeral tepiee aa pr?iniuinalor auperi .r?|.. une?. f trden peolaote. m ta d<. tr.ett unneoeaairy. * tnf 1m* \l vRRHOCr C tNOV ? I" l. u k* ICHI i-x'f *l> I J liilo*- odr.?TKm L?na ? * rtr'nin, ?*f? aa<t l> r?n. f.r Dl?rrtafttau4 all Bowrl Lomp arU- Th? un?. ,, ,t|?a.| t uml p NftlM Mil |||? virtue* of ?h* W'i #k >r ..In ,???ii<-i n?? !"'>? n*?? ?? 'l *"* "Ml <''?< 'h*r? f .t ih? I ruiniiUiala, an-' " ilh ml lUubl ih*n??r)Mi I'iftlliMr I t?t ihiaf lhat c in r? prod icej ; i? h n Hi-en rrdu -a.) to ?h? I t'l> Crm for c.iu?rnirn?r aaka Notlnn( ran ?ir I i> I II ID perfectly ?al? h.ini purity trg,lib'r CortiGnU* I ?|bi <--n by r illiDi 1)0 Mr. Uortrt, III N.,??an Krart, ?olr | |r:.tforthepr?priel?r. ?pill lw' 4k THOMAS ?I.I-L. (SiorriWn 11 -5?.ri and 11? FfllnfUlrtlU. > TUESDAY. At IOi o'clock,at \9 Pike atrt et. Hp', ndid liouaet.r.ld furcitnre, I'litr. Inc. Al 10; < '. Inek, at the ?'|c room*. Larre ?ale of dry gvoc a, cloth'. Cl*.-imer*(, letting* 300 ar title* rlothutv t trunk* leeond hand jewelry, fancy pledged art flea, anil Vet lerilitl wat eke* Alao, 300 yardi ?mI ?l hie'and ruperflne broadcloth, ' rr nit ant* anil length* to auil; Etojarila aatliuet* and ?e?t patlei ?, trimming*,hosiery, *u> printer* fcc. Alio, ?o boic* wire, 20 do candle*, 10it->chorola'e, fce. Alao. 30 pitce* clotha, 7 piece* hue white Matin etiit* linen drilling, 20 piece* l< nu lawn, 100 doz atockiupa SOtioz glove*. Alio, tu*pe>tileei and fancy article*, 2 ;>'ended patent lever walclie*, kr. WEDNESDAY. Kileniit e ?nl iplerdidaalc of Lew and frond hand rurmture if all description*. Alio, the balance aloikof chaice furniture, by tinueof a mortgage. uii nn aeias, li rocking chain, 8 do* patter do; 1 sola beds. THURSDAY. Sale of sofas, chairs. r (tomans, divan*.pianoforte*. and other valuable ar.iclra in the housekeeping .line, at It. o'clock in the tale room*. THURSDAY. ?9.h nut. Furailnrr Sale?At 10 o'clock will be told, the elegant furniture contained in the hoi.te, 753 Broadway, to cloae llie e?Ute of the late Dat id < ' -wham. K*i| 1 UC8DAY, April 5th At 10) o'clock, at So 3Krauklynit. Elegant furnilure. A UCl loN NUTICK,?I tie tele of Uloth? i Turning. D.y it Goods, Fancy Ar'iclit Watches, Pledged (.iuoda \c., to | take place 'hit day, in the large room*, 33 A' u an J US Fulton ttrertt, will be found worthy particlar attention _t*23 THOVIA8 BELL. Auct. AUCTION' ;'K.-RIKLL Ik AHCULaKII :s ?,'| tell Tliin Morning, at 19 o'clock, at the aujtioD room. 8l>< Broadway , corner Du?ne street, win-t. li.j ore, regart, Ore consisting of old Madeira, Sherry and Port, iu catet and by the demijohn, W Keidrii k St Co., Bunker Hill ai d other ehuice hrar.dt?Champiigne Light, Hi Ju'ien, other Claret. French Cordial, assorted; Preterve*, Abty ulhe, Braudy and (Jin, by theieatk aud is d> uvjol nt, &c Alto, 3 pipes Swan Gin, to which the attention of hotei kcrpera and dealer* are invited. Alto, a choice lot of imported Havana. Pi incite. Pelon and other brand*?Srgars, old and liue, betid'* a variety of other article*. mtglt* NOT TT K.?HorseTinh! Fumiiure at No. Ii3 TTuuni<?oi street?WELL St AKCULAItiUS will aell on Wed netday morning,23d iint., at lo -'clock, all the furniture contained iu the house No. 132 Thompson street, consisting of irgiain three ply carpi s, oil cIoiIh, inalmgauy chairs, tolas, pianoforte,rhmd-labras, lamps. wiul'o>ti. bureaus, looking glasies btd'ltads beds, aud heddiug, together witn a good assortment ot kitchen furniture and utensils, with which the talc wi I commence Trie ah ive furniture Ins been iu use but a short of good ijiality, well tnide, and worthy the attention ufho'Uiekee|rr*. Sale positive. rt.20 Jtis* PEi H'l.K'S LINK FOIl ALBANY-and bcsSBa1 iutrrun dinte places. daily at live o'clock, P w? B ff M., frnn the Pier between Courtlaudt and Liberty streets. 'I he SOUTH AMF.RICA, Capt. Broniard, leave* as above, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at live o'clock 'the commodious steamboat WCH .8TKR, C?pt. St. John, leaves as above, to-morrow (Wrdueadavi ?i live o'clock. The above boat* are new aud substantia', furnished with s'egaut Slate Room*, and forsp ed and accommodations are unr'Valled on the Hiidmni. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. G. 8CHULTZ, m21 at the office on the Wharf. FOR ALBANY ami Intermediate placet fie^r-rys-S*?The tp eudid. low pressure Steamboat nT, BaJa.SWALLOW Captain A. McLean, will leave thia (Tuesday.) afternoon, March 22, at five o'clock, from the iteamboat Pier, foot of Conrilatiut atreet. N. 11 ? Thia boat hai leen fitted u,i with elegant State r oo int. ni23 .QO*ei ~ i i () IV l.N't t?The I'w Steamboat JACOB igr.?- jj* BELL, Capt uu Kicbard Vales, built cs11 Mr Ir prrssly for the puipn.e <>f towiilt vess ilt in and cut of the hubor, ii nuwp e. arcd to do is at the shortest notice. Orders received at the otfieeof W. N.&T. M. Dougherty, No. 75 South atreet, cor. Maiden Laue N. B.?All persons arc lotbivl tiuitiug any one on account of the above Boat ornwnerg ui21 3i* ft"1 :NtVV UKLkAM- Louisiana and New JJWWYork Line?R'gulir Packet of lit April?The flUeZL fast tailing packet (hip LOUISA, Captain Mulford, will tail at above. For freight or passage,having splendid famished accommodations, apply on board, foot of wall street or to E. K. COLLINS ?c CO. 55 South St. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this line cos reclly measured. Agent in New Orleans. Jas. K. Woodruff, who will promptly lorward all goods to his address The packet ship LOUISVILLE, Cant Hunt, will sue ceed the Louisa, and tail the 10th April,her regular day. in?l rjjis- FOR M AKSEiuLES?Regular Packet.?The kBjfl&fcbcrk NASHUA, Capt. Petry, will sail on the jBQJilit of April. The subscribers purpose dispatching a Ship punctually on the 1st diy of each month d iring the year tor Marseilles. Goods sent te the su -scribersfor f rwa ding will be dispatched free of a y other than the charges actually incurred upon n._ tkI oi.i... ....... ??f? ?A:- v* ti'iuii.' """ """r" c?iu accoininoUHKm freight or panic, apply tn BOYD k HIVCKEN, Agent., -5 _? 9 Tontine Building. J8L nlS'ibW'VulltiPOLr!iVr LV"*-^'"?r Packet ol d 'tn March The aplcudtd packet ehip R08CIU8. JHWMk Captain J ol.n Colline of noo tone, will sail ae above, ner regular day. .Meingaeeommodationi uaeeaaUed for wX?t orto T 0n board'%t Orlema wharf^oot of _. ? K-COLLINS fc CO.II Boutbetreet Price of na'taee $lou. The packet .hipif IIDDON8, Captain C. B. Cobb of 1000 larday CCC* and aail 35th April, her reguPaerengere may rely upon theahipa ofthia line sail, or nunctBiily aianvrrlufq. ml 7 ffja E'Oft LlV a. ItrOOL?Regular Parket or~thelnth March-The iplenpid Packet 81,ip ROSClUb, mmmSrn Lvtaio Col in., will be deep itched for Lirerp ol aa aboee, her regular day. Her arc m,m >datioua for Cat,in aecond Cabie and Steerage Paaaen era are unaurpaeatd by auv a up afloat, f or paaa ge apply to 1,1 MR P r J<5H,} South atreet. N B ?Paeeage from any part of Great Britain and Ireland ria Liverpool, per weekly opportumties.can at all tiinn be aeeured, ano Draft* furoiah-d lor any amount, payable throughOUt the Uoite l Kingdom, by applvine a> above. m 5 tfij' rsEW LiNK ui>' t,IVKHI'uul PACK 7T? fffBV Packet of the ??th March ?The aplendid. well ? ?, "own. faat aailiog, packet aliip K08CIUS (nao toneburlheu] Captain John Colline, will aail punctually aa above, her regular day. ' Theihipa ol thia line are all I COO lona burthen and UDwarila and their aeeommadatinu^hin PaSiengera it i? well liDown, are superior t? any other line of Packet*. Persona wishing to aecure bertha, would do well to make early application onboard foot of Wall street, or to W.fcJ-f.TAPiCOTT. 43 Peck slip, or 4t South street. Persons desirora of rai ding for their friends to come o ut from I he old country, cau have them brought out in the Roreius. or any of the regu'ar line, on very reasonable terms, anil those wishing to temit money to their frioda, can hare drafts for any amount, payable on dr maud, in all the principal towns of ( Britain and Ireland by applying as above, mil jyr TO MKHCHANft aNu OTil hits.-For sale MR a Farm ofOOU acna of etcellent land. The buildings P'H are all in tacrllent order, having been recently repaired and p*iiit?d. The situation,commanding arirwofthr country for SO milrs around, has a variety of fruits, and is attogether a very eligible and inriting reiidrnce for a genteel family ; only aboat 30 miles from the city, stages pass daily, would be told at a bargain Half cash aud half merchandise, or half cash and h-.lf cn bond and mortgag . Also, a farm to let or to be worked r n sharer, of the satre description aud same distance 'rom New fork. A sober, industrious colored man and wife would nol b: ot jected to. Apply at ?7 Greenwich sin et. New York. jn39 ttood* LINN.K V.N IJO ANlC;OARDKN aud jpM|NUK8KRIK8 ?The new Cn aloguea, with very re ^AL^dui-ed, can be obtained grain, sttheclBrerf the Agent, No 70 Nassau street, and all oiders 'per mail, will receive immeditte attention. WM R. FRINCF.. Flushing, March 10, 1842 mM 3t | (JO) T)()01I.OST?On Sunday afternoon laat, in or uear 't#Q Spring street, a large Setter Dog. color white, wtlh ft TV some l? rge yellow spots, his head and ears yellow, face sp 'ttrd yellow aud whi'e, large tail, had a leather collar , on. answers lo th? name of Bo*. A reward of $S will be paid to briug him to No. 131 tolh , (treat. tn22 3t* GK'EAT"WKvSTERN EXFRKSS ; FOR ALBANY, TROY, BI'FFALO AND MONTREAL. | VfEMRIl IIAR*DEN k CO.. having made arrange- enta * with the Peoplea' Line cf Hteamboata, rea;iect'iilly in form til- rubli - ttial they are lirepar?il to receive parcele.pickagra.apecia.h-iilt notea. tic .for Alb.u .daily, wheie they interaert with Pmneroy'a We-tern Kipreaa for Buff,In and intermediate placer, an Wilh Jacob'# Kipreea tor Mon'real. "I hey have an offi* filled up eicluai?ely for their own nae on the main dr ck ol each b at. continuing nn iron aafe, and arcnmpmed hy aapecial inea'rjg. r. wlioae berth ia in the office, for the r>'rp ae of a <lety and aeturiiy to money and valuable parcel#, and the accommodation cf tn?ir natrona They a'ao make up au Etprcaa Mail for Letter#, which cloaca at No 3 Wall afreet, at 41 o'clock, P. M , thereby giving the huaincaa community ihc advantage of inai ing letteraeic hour and a hall later tiian at the tieneral Poat Office, and alao if an immediatedelivery on their arrival. Parcrla and letlera r reived at 3 Wail rtreet until 4j o'clock, T. M , and on board until the moment of atarting. Office ia Albany, 12 Kvrhange; office in Troy.218 River at.; office hi New Y?rk, a Wall at. mio lan HARNDEN It CO._ Cuaroii Hovic. Niw Yoaa, < Collector'a Offi e, March ?, ISM. S NOTICE.?Propaeala will be rrcened at ihia < ffire until , Saturday, the 26th March luataut. foe formatting the fol- , lowing quantity of oil for ihcuac of the Light Mouaea iu tin* , diatrict.vit:? ( 4 (ia Oallnna of Spermaceti Strained Oil, for Summer tut. 2,306 (i?iloua Winter I'reeae I Oil, from In ad matter. . The aaul oil to be gauged by the United Stale# tiaugern, at ( the lime of delivery, and to ht drliirred to ihe Superiuti lid- , ant of Light Hniteee. aa he may require, in iron hound caaka. no lo eicced 30 gallonaeach. The oil it to betri.d and levied | before payment made l'""r?rKDWARD CLRTn> >mlt? 2? Collector, | (YTaRTNLRSHIP NOTIi P. ? I iii- auha- nbera hat een i tered inU pvrti-ernKio in the ge?aea' HotMac hnaineai, we derthe n-me?i UONNf-LbY k OOVV Nr,d,at No.liUadar i at. N< w York. , , , . N B? \ handeome aaaortmen' or trimmer clothing, mada i no tbiatpnr g. will be aold cheap for e oh. op iLiaapri g, pK y>R DONNELLfcY. Wll 1,1AM UOW.NKS. The aubrcriber htai ern aaleamau in the well-known houae of K J. t ntiaiil Ik Co for nearly eight yeara, and p well acquainted wi'h Ihe manufarturiug of c.othirg loth fir Uie iwiu h and Weal lie ^would_ aolirjt 'hi patronage of tSo^? ?i m ? ? .... ....... ... .. .iin t'.ir cioiuin* tnaclr up, loaivt luin dcall. All (ooatcut m l nul m ihe beat uianwrnid warranted lo fit. PKTkR UONNKL.LY. mil it' Bl'fcd and Meal for ibe cimuiuk Tut torer fit the Kim. II'nty. and Whit? itreet ?i'.*rffa !i' oi. ?rr low riadjr for drliwy at No 1M South cor. Doeet i tirrri, eutiaiKr n l)..t<-r atrert ALSO, f'au ii.n to Iaraeliitt. lobe ou their guard when th'-y porrbaor, saaearral ha1t?n hare p it i u.> tit their win ' dowt for a?lr, who are not e.g j?d for aayef the<nnfre|a tiona ; ai.d a'ao, no pc'lart or ii.mmia.ioiieri we aenl out hy 'lieae rnnrretatl' n? f<-r ril?l'tn> r? n>7 H'* I w d end I w UliV lrT'S UAL.M OK i. r, i i. uiedlwoe it do in ' wonden in euriiut tent, afflict, d vnthr iiigha.cnldt. hrn J < hilia, d'. epepaia, and all diaaatea leading to c ioaum. tini. aa thouaanda can teatii y. 1 bote afflict. d with the abote ma.a . dia??a?? will do well to ea'l On Mr. f orert at hit . <fi." f. > I h? tale nl hia medicine tat Naaaan a reel. .New tork. rhrir ?ny number of tralimeniala maybe te.n- Alto, for tale ai Ma W aler ttrret: I m H roadway ; t? Aalcr llmiee ; >* ? -tree! ; 7| and |0S Kulton afreet , T7? B-oailway , M3 i?d . .1 Broadway ; 13, H0| acd III Bowery ; P? Pit ition atrett mt? |w? - Q H H K W ft? u K Y O V S K K ? - I a m |d.a.i 4 I be aoTe to Inform my, that I bar# lor tae. 'hdiwl'J' > he ?cat HOI. II H1VKKR, and I Jo rec. n w?d lk? ? " ? pUS,'<l iTHOS BO^NINO. ATlwfc 1 | r I J I' 11 A V I ii i. Kl/OMia. i... . . "i . I to iff "'V -"I LJ reaunaeJ bit proftatioaml biwieea. at 33d 3road?a) J < 3 In' 11 hark thrathk. I I'M EVENING, Majeh 2*i?The performance will eonmmce with A HUE WOULD AND "HE WOULD NOT. , 'oiJVIanuel t'hippenJale I Don Octeeio Wlirallc; Di a i tulip Kreilericat | Trappanti Placule Hj-poliu V m Cuohmia Alter which FISCAL AGENT. ~m f'hriatopher Bryan P'endr I Ju line Siaipkin* CliAe belli Fuller | D"?liltle Bellamy Penelope Stirk Mn W'li'iller. AitwUeion?Bo'ra F' ; P'l rente Oallrrv S< rente. chatham tiiwi \*?' THIS EVENING, March SIJ?The performance will c"mmeuie wi'h ABELARD AND HKLOI8K. ahclar.l Hie'j i Mawinillian Helton Hrltiie A!rj Theme After which. the widow's victim. I urn i mm Helton i Mr Twitter Hie Jane Chittrrly Mn TEorne To conclude with FALLS OF CLYDE. ? . Edward Enfield tlirld I Liudley .. M?l?)>? Ellea Enfield Midi MriUyer aim tKiau .k and Id tiara?!, Pit H? io?it?ry lat Dmnina ?t (l: Curtain riaea at Ti_cr*el??l* ?. " 'TTIIKI-L'S OLYMPIC TIIEATRV. THIS EVENING Marc', The performance will commence ?ilh CINDERELLA. Prince Peraeverance Mr. Fornbaatle N madid, Edwin C mdcrella >li a Timm After wlii' h THE HUMPBACK. tVily Walter* Mitchell | L om t itto'd Horiicaatle Mr?Waltera Mm SiurMon To conclude w tin R1QUET, WITH THE TUFT. Green Morn. Graltam | Pimce ltiquet, Horncaatle Fairy TlngToei. La Ptlita Create Admiation? Dreea circle (Ocenti. Upper buiei M cvula HI centi. Private boxre H Poor* Open itaareb Curtain riillal hair mi; aevreAMERICAII Ml'gRCDI, Corner Broaiiway an'! Ann tirttt. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Hirnum Every day and evening this wekk-co? inrucine Monday. Match 14. 'I he Manager ha? eneaecd. lor our wrek. a company of INDIAN VvARHIOrtb ana their fK^UAW S, who wilt eih;hit the ir pet i liar Dann a awl ceteinoinea, il'uetrative of thtir telic ou? ilea, aunei (titioue, &c ; worahio anil thankag w<dil rig dance i; Pocahontaa ravine the life of Captain Smith ; the murder of fc iw McCret, aad rariout intercatin* INDIAx PANTOMIMES; He liai alaoretraced,for a ih< rt period, Mr WINCHELL, tin- unrivalled, hinnnrouf, and laughter or' vokiug COMIC DKOLI.EKIsT. who u famniii for li ? drinl-ationa of French Dutch, [rich and Vankee eccentricitiea Mr?. PHILLIPS, the popular voraliat, ia engaged. NIAGARA PALLS with real water; PNEUMATIC HAIUIOAD; ALBINO LADY; FANCY GLASS BLOWING, Grand Ccamordina, and : oi, to rui loaitiea. Aai lendid day performance takea place every Wcdneaday and Haniroav afternoon. Admittance to the whole 25 ccnta? children half price. iJOCIeTy lABUARY.-G. H. HILL. Comedian h..J? I' letururd irom hl? ?<iull.rrn tour, will have thr honor o? deliviuig a Lerureon thr in in era. cuatn.i e, peculiarities, tie. of the New Knglaure.s, at the 8ocie ty Libia'y, Wedureday eve1 in#. March 31. IKri. Mr. Mill will introduce a (fr- at number cf rhara-tera'ic amcdotea, imitation*, Sir They hare met the approval ol the moat r< fined atuli-ucet in Kurope un<l America. (Sentlemru'a ticket!. 60 rente each; lad in' tirketi. 33 cent* each, to he It ol at the Sotiety Library only. W7" Door! open at a quarter before 7. Lecture to comroence at hnlf pani 7 o'clock. m2l St* MOItAL. INSTRUCTIVE, RECREATIVE ANB TEMFE R AT E AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE ?To the inhabitant! of the principal citiei and town* of New Yoik, Tei.niylv.iuia, Conne.-iicut Ktu>de lalaud. Mtsiachiii-tta. New 1lanw?hire Maiue. lie. Ike. S1GNOK HERVIO NANO, The juitly celebrated and naturally endow, d Meiempeycho. man. wl.o*. extraordinary iierioninralion of the Gnomr, the Babboon. l-'ly, (kc . iia* been the delight of the world, *11nounr.a th it it ia hie lutention, during the cimtng rummer month*, to vi*it the above Stater with hia Co'iieum. A fac iinile ofFrancook, Rotunda 01)Bjdea iu the Champed' Klytee at I'aria, and a aplrndid Baud of Mufic, with a auflicient number of artiitei ta make the entertainment aupertor to say th ng yet offered. To coiiiiilt of a Mrtempcyrhoriau Ba/.tar flight of fancy, raited the GNOME ELY, in which Big.ior HERVIO NANO will embody THK GNOME '. THE BABBOON '. ! THE KLY!!! A MAN I I !! Mceyiham, the Qu.en of the T'erii - - Mad. Hervie Nano To be followed by A MUSICAL OLIO ! conaiiting of Tianoforte Keitalioua by Madame HERVIO NANO. I?Grand Soeato in 0 J. N. Hummel 3?Concerto Stuck in K ; <3 M. Von Weber 3?Giand Fanta?iacn the National Aire, God Save the King ?nd bu'e Britannia 8. Thalberg With full Orcheatral Accompauiircnta. To conclude with an Hin'oticnl Display . I the dittreraing adventures attending the Shipwreck of I'ctouar with characterivic pain'iug and muaic, in which tignor Hervio Nano will iiersonate the faithful Bibboo, Orah, the ludian Maid M idm Hervio Nano, N.B? rereona deiiroua of making aumm.r arrangement* ean learn particular! by applying. (pogt p. id) to the uuderaigned, at the Branch Hotel, 38 Bowery. New Yoik. mil lmi.' HERVIO NAN(L_ rjirlK RAINER"* have thebnoerto announce thit they will 1 give a Grand Vocal Concert, at the Society Library, on Tuesday evening, March 33. 1843, when they will appear in their native coetumc of the Tyrol, and ling aoine of their most popular pi'rea. TicketViO cent*, to be had at the Muse stores, and at the door. ... Concert to commrnre at eight o clccfc ir31 31* A1? K. M8.ES, lately from Europe, frufeeeor of the art of 1 "1 Arm* iu it* highest branches, gives instruction! in fencing. anil in Die uae of the (freight, crookid ami Turkish Sabre, Hinting Knife, Nluaket and Bayonet, Staff, and every aperies ol weapons. Vor oar'iriilara enquire at BUS Pearl (treet. ml I lm* GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MK.HSRH HUDSON k OTTIONON respertlnlly is form the gentlemen of New York, tint they hive tilts a upa GYMNASIUM at the corner 01 I.bombers street and Broadway, and it it now open for the receM-on of visitors. The inatitution it of the firtt enter. and complete in every reipect for the purpcte of Atliletic Licrciact. Sparring Lertoni given daily. T< riot modrrnte <)|m-ii day and evening ml lm* I VAGI' hllM KUT VI'K.?The biib? rubers i .ve j>j? t rrreived f ' and off r for tale a complete aatorlment of Daguerreotype Dates of eicellent Quality, achromatic lentrt, together with hypio tulphite ol tod*, and tlie new arrrlrreting tuhalaneet, tuch at chlorideol" gold, chloride of iodine, hroininr. and in itructioua aa to the manner of uting iheni L. d. BINNRE k CO. .' sim it* il Maid-u lane, nvttaira. Office of the Gonsulale (ieneral of the Empire 1 of Brazil, in the United States, j New Yoaa. March IS, lata. JN pursuance to a circular received from my Government. - I hereby make it lit own to all whom it mnv concern, that Ilia Imperial Mejvaty hat taken into hit high rouaideration, the iubjcctof Kmlgretion, and will facilitate and promote the introduction of indutlnoiu tnd fret laboareri into the Empire. I am therefore directed to give paiapnrtt. free ol charge, to allperseusof g >od and induitrioua habita. who may wmh to aettle in and who are not in circamatancea to pay the regul ir fee therefor. Passports wi I alto he riven in the tame manner hy the Vice Consuls inB.ot iu. Philadelphia, Ralatmore, Norfolk, Hichmocd. Chatleaton, and New Or leant. . LAfZ HENRIQUE FERRIKRA DAQUIAR, mlTStw- Actingf on.'iT General l?HKNCH MILLINERY ARTICLES.?E B. STR A NGE r offer, foraale an eatrnaive aafortmcnt of the first quality French Arlilicial h lowers, new patterns, atlected by himarlif in Pari*, comprising hunches, wrrafhs. raptlowert. hat trimminga. kr ; also a full aeaortment of miterii'a, including tvery article required by flower makers. French pattern hats, ti-ie hut silka. and the novelties oftkn Paris market, will br received hy every Havre packet. The above goods are for tale at reasonable and uniform E. B. STRANGE. mil St ins* I *.< Walker street. Another suspension i advantages or '' ASH PAYMENTS.?The long kjmwn sign of the OoL den Fleece has hern temovrd Irom the < ?mer of Fulton and Nassiu.and is nowsutpeuded over the tew store of ( HAS. UOX, No. SI Nassnu street, (3 doora above Maiden lane,) there he will br moat happy So rt'lT such of his fuenila and customers is m y favor hnn with a call; hie old stock has been disposed of at auction in order to give place to his present entirely new, large, mid varied assortment of rf'nng goods, elected from Hit London and Pari* maikrti and comprising the fiuest and most fashionable ef Cloths, Cavsimrr'S, His purcliasrs having been made erelusircly lor resh. he enabled to sell at greatly reduced prices on tha* gohlim system, which has so long convinrrd himself and cuetomcrv of the isa mrtiar advantages derat ed thrrrfrain Fro in :he cash pap tug c immunity he eolicita a rcniinuinoe of those ftvorsso kindly bestowed during his long career of business. N. B. Naval and Military Uniforms, Ladies' It lding Habits, kc. kc , made in superior style. Mr Babcock cootieura to aeiiat in tlie cutting department. _ ml3 1 wis 3w?s PIANO FORTES AND MUSIC. * TWILL'S MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT ?Th? propria /V tor of this >st?hl thrnen' invites the attention of tie mo ileal Wi.rldlo the catenate# Catalogue of New and b ashionablv VII SIC, constantly (aihlithitig On his tables can b found all the standard Musical Compo litluns of the air at masters of Europe and Anetici every I'srrptn li of Treatise on Thorough Bars. Hatmogy, Ringing it'*I fingering. Musical Grammait and Elemt ntary Works >t every mnsicinn ?fsny distinrti. n. Every day adds lothe already large eoll-rti. a of new snJ -optil-r Ronga, Marches. Waltzes. Uaus-e. R ndos, \ aria ,i< ne, tfu drillss Ike (kc , many of which t :.i-not be found at the oilier stores shout (ownj The style of i uhlivhir g music at this EatabTshmri t, is well inowu to (the musical community (3 be iu|irvrr to any other (tore in the ertiutry, ail the miuue being printed I'rr.m elegantly ttigra'ed metallic pates; the title paces embellished with beautiful ii h 'graphic vignette*, many of wbi h arc tastefully coloi ed. The price of Music is at one half the old rates and as low as can he oh aincrl el?< where. fa J' The new minor is printed on hesntifal Tinted Paprr, and Highly pcrfum-d. The pries i? the same ." above. A 1' W ILL in coni?tRTitljr r*ceiTinjf jnif*rn>r Fori*# H m^ri'iUr tiir^d erpr^nplv for ins mmbiwu in?f of rariou# Urn* of ItoR< v*' ml Rtiu MaliogMi>( with t) (ii"\nd Hair Metallic lYiltl, kc. cmnmrtne Um hu#l ferKioo of furnii'irr, with fRblrf and hallow c jrw rrd front*. ?*nirrrd # and Grecian scroll* ; all of wlihh are warranted rn bs ^R inadr of such material s. and so veeil seasoned, ar hi .land ths last of every rlimale. and ran be returned if ?uv defrct is fntir.rl iu lie instrument*. Price from HIO to g"v#. Itano Rtoola of lar'ous patterns, to correspond with l'.aiios ol Hi*twrod acd Mahogany, kr Gl I rianoa taken in e*'hvuge. Rceon l h-nd I'ltnot for iale very co*sp. , The auhacribsr barn g enlarged his eatsb'LhflKSt. IDvilea rranu"r* arm cinrrus to gtvs t im a rail betors turchssing "fT-TaUlogursgivsnrratie, and Music sent to SUV part cf U-cct'y. .muriLL'S Ml hlU ERTABLIBHMRNT. A 1 ( S,,m o/fVr (.../r?eu Lyre ) mSwRei* yni hr.mlwat . i.?-ar Mt. Paul'sf'tnrrh. KGOULAKD, Front street, IPt. vp-?t*ua, offer forii'v Ihe l. llow nig fjegans' ? ISS.Oto Kegafiss, Rlotes* tnd Mathrrry. itj,vi>0 Cusnmow size llistvkty Uiuiidas. IIatb'rry, tnd ligeiuiidad brands. *#.(00 Gongretu Hlooaia. lo i.oso C .nonis and Tnbueos, Noriega, acd fjjenmdad brands. .1 (',000 Ol otlier hrsmla. SOPI'C Prf-ripes, all entitled to debenture Hoves Havana Sweet Meats, li.o It >ves Otn I bateau XT-eeeaii Wine sntlus I v.lllt'ATa.D VAPrtH B ATH4. 44 Courtl.,ndt street, eo. 'I r vSI i - tied leu* ?#rsrlei fever.colds, lotlamm tori "hi! HOir . lb uinaliam. L c i d in s few <sj J hy the use of T. I "TollV Medicated Vapor Bath* Oprn tromahi o clock i tin morning till nine o'clock a! night. Pu'phur Btlh* r*. -ue In Ut a previniia notice. P "tahlv BilhsseDt tu any <rf I the city or Brooklyn. Bai'iingTubs ami Hip Batlm r bu s. ?UI h

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