Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 23, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 23, 1842 Page 1
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TH T?l. TH.?307.?WUol? * . ?033 NEW LINE U? LIVERPOOL PACKETS To KiU from New Vork oo th? 15th, and Liverpool on the llth c f rat A munth. & M A FeoJofrw YOHTT" Shir ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 15th March. HKtn SIDDONS.Captain E. B. Cobb, loin April iL"; SHERIDAN. Captaini r a-ww., BhinUAHRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy,?8lU June. Khom LivrnrueL. Kip SHERIDAN,Captain K. A Dewtyster, l?lh March. Ship O \RRICK, Captain *' l Awil. BKiii ROSCIUS,Captain John t olluu. isth May. hip SIDDONS. Caplaiu E. B.Cobb, I 3th June. Thesestupe ere all.if the liretclass, upward* of lOOOtons,built UUecity of New York,with inch improvements u combine great eyed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care inborn taken in the arrangement oft heir accommodations The nrtee of paMagehence is Kiou. tor which ample itoreo will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to (ire general sausfac U?leither the eaptaine or owuere ofthere ihipe will be rrsponsi hie for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unit*# re liar belli of ladniL' are signed therefor. The ihipe ol this line will hereafter go armed, aad their peeu iar construction gives them security nolposscascd oy any other batveaeela of war. for freight or passage.apply to E.K. COLLINS k CO. M South ?t .New York, or to *PS WM. it JAS. BROWN k ^O., Lire "iol Letter! by thepackets will be charged 1JJ ceutr per single gbe*t: 50 rente per ounce, anil newspapers I cent each. mi KOHNEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS ^ )j||v KoMn^better acytmmouTtion o^hippere. it i^ntenoed to despatch aehip from thit port on the let. 5th, loth. 15th, -doth and 15th of each month, com me icing the loth October, and continuing ttulil May, wheu regular daya will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disap pointmeuta will be prevented during the tumiaer months. The Hello wing ships will commence this arrangement hip rAZOO. Cant. Cornell. Ship OCONEE, t apt. Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPI,Cant. Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. hip SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner. Sain GASTON. Capt Latham. BhipHUNTSVlLLE, ?apt. .Humtora. Ship OCMULUEE, Capt Learnt. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickiuaon. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt Kuigkt. Ship LOUISA, ?3apt. Muiford. Thcee ehipe were *11 built iu the eity of New York, expreeely for packeta, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been Mw|r coppered and put iu rpleudid order, with accommodation* for pteeengera nueijualled for comfort. They are commanded experienced niaater*. who will make erery exertion to gfye I general aatialaction. They will at all timea be towed up and down tlie Mieaintippi by eteainboata. Neitlierthe ownere or captain* oftheaeahipa will be reaponaiMe foe jewelry,bullion.precioua atonea.ailver, or plated ware, or for any leltera,parcel or package, aent by or put e - board of them, unleae regular lull* of lading are taken fortueaaine, and the value tbe'enn ?xa~?eed . For freight oroaaxaee.apply to E. K. COLLINS It CO. II South tf.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New OrteMI, who will promptly forward all goodeto hia ad.lreaa. The ehipe of thia line art- warrauteJ toaail punctually aaad| Tertifed, and great carl will be taken to have tne good* correct ly mcaeurcd. ml NEW YORK AND NEWARK. jtiti Parr radurad to *1 centa. From the foot of Courtlandtetreet, New York(Every day?Sunday a excepted.) Leavea Now York. Leave Newark Atl A- M. At? P.M. At B A.M. At It P.M. 11 do 4 do do 3| do 41 do i#t uo u oo 7 ds 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the feot of Liberty street. Leave New York. Leeve Newark. At * A M.and 41 P.M. At 1 P. M. end to P M. new kork klizabethtown, RAHWAY and new brunswick, fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At ? A. M. At Tl A. M. 41P.M. 1 p.m. BOMKRV1LLE (taxes eonnect with these lints each way. Fare between New York and SomerviUe, 50 cents. Do do Now Brawwiek, 75 cento. Rafcway, SOcenls. E-szabeuitown, 35 cents. The fare in the Tl A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 4{ PM. train from New York,ha* been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to 14 cento. " and Kaliway ts 171 " The Pniladelphia meilline passes through NewBrnnswick for New York erery evening at lo'cleck. On Sundays the 7) A.M. trip from New Brunswick ie omitted Passengers who procure their tickets at ths tieketoflce.roovave a ferry ticketgrmtis. Ticketsare received by theeonduelor entr on the day when purchased. febt l 3m* aTSrSFREIGHTS lOR THF. WK.4T AND SOUIH, From PHIL.1DELPHM via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights for the West and South will be forwa ded daily from the traneportstion cflce of the Company, No. I Dock it Wharf. Philadelphia. Merchants are respectfully informed that all goods consignrd to the company will be forwarded with the utmost dispatch to any point weft or south. Freight reaches Baltimore the lame dry it leaves Philadelphia. The mail line for the west and ecuth leaves Do b street dailv^half-past six o'clock A M. by steam be at ROBERT >1U Ml 10. paaaengera will re?rh Baltimore at 8 o'clock, two houri nrtvicua to the departure of tke teaine f?r the >outhwnt. .W. L. ASHMEAD, Ag.nt. Philadelphia, March 8, 1848. mlg I m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. MMh |ME NEW BRUNSIWCK AND NEW YORK T'HE NEW JERSh.Y Rui road and TraiuportaCon < nm1 piny I.ate eatabliehed a Knight Line between New Rrunawick and New York, which ttiey intend to run peimaLe-vina New drunawick at 5 AM. diily, (Sundira excepted) and thefi>otof Liberty atreet.New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealera and meichanta the above hue la very dotirable for the apeedy and cheap conveyance of merchaadi<e of every dcecripltuii. and more particularly to Drovera and Dr ale-v in Live Slock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyel between New Brunswick and New k oik, the aameday, wbemver required. The ratea for the traraportation of cattle, haraea. mtilea, ab'ep, hoga, Ac.. and all other kind; of mcrchtadiae are very low. never exceeding ate am boat price* Merchandiac aent by thin line ianot (objected to any eilra chance in creating the N ?rtb Hiter. The Coinpanv have firtrd up a -large atorehcuae at New Brunawick adj lining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaya be open for the reception of merchandiae. Paaeengera. purchaaing thur tickela at the ti-.ket offlrra, willreceive ferry ticketa gratia. IP OTlf:?T.-do and after April lat, ike-i, toe commutation La fare in the cara of the New Jeraey Itailroad and Traiaportatinn Company, between New b ork and the varioua placet on the line of the railroad, haa been reduced (inc.lud ing ferry) to $75 per annum, and $5} for til montlia. ml 5 1 in* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. *py?e- BSfQ jfcPaSl BINGHAM'S LINE. The prerrietora of Blnchiim'e Trmap irtrli, n Line to Pittaburg. tire not ice to the M< of New York, and all other peraoca aiippihg to the Weil, that their line la now inactive operation Good* coniLned to them (or aent to go in their line ) will be forwarded withdeapatch. Uwuera or ahipnera of good a. devtined for the Weatern Statea, who ?ave no agent or eon- gn*e a,t PiAabnrg. will plr.iae conaigu their g"nda to William Bingham, Pitteburg. who will attend to chipping all a tic li conaiguiucnla without delay All goodi ahould he marked ilatiuctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ratea of freight, which are aa low aa anv other line Apply to VtM. TYSON, Agent, No SWcetelreet o; incite Pier No. 8, N. R y B.?Paaaengrra forwarded to P.tlahurg and I'ot'aville, every day, Kuuduj a excepted. Refer to H, Crook*. American Fur Co.: 9 T. Nicoll, Front(trail; ' he Ire, Dodg- A U). Fulton atreet; Suydam, Bate It Co.; Wm.Rtukm, Duryee kCo .Newaik' m6 3ni oinic.ii iDUAiiy r j^ivni. Fool of Whitehall itrect The ateanlrr 8TATKN ISLANDER or 8AMSON Till run hi folio* t until further notica .? LtaToa Staten lalaad Learee Whitehall At I o'clock* x. At I o'clock a.m. "? " " "I " U ' f.M " ?? * r. K. * 4 " " 6 " N. B. All gooda ihipped are rM'itred to be particularly nr. ?H") an! nr?* At r.?k of th* ownert thereof. of NKU'AKK AND MKW YOllK Fare Only IS) lent* aMA Afll Ti1* . P^pM ???> eommodiooe ateamer bMMpn1 , . aptain John Oaffy, being roroAmBJLpi,'t' If aud elegantly relitt.d, m'l cjmmence her retular tripe ftr the leaion, ou Thuriday, March 10th,? letney aa followa:? Foot ol Barclayat .NewYoik Cea're Maikei, Newark. I# o'clock. A. M. Tl o'clock,A. M. 4 o'clock, P.M. I j o'clock. P. M. Freight of ertry detcriptiou Carrie 1 at eery reduced ratea. m H?' T. rOWKI.Lkl O'S LINK Foil NEWBUROH, landing at CALD 4iJM^3pWF,LI/S, WEST POINT AND COLO XSK3E.SPRINO?Tha,at HIGHLANDER Capt. Ro.iert Wardrop, wilt leave the foot of Warren alreet haw York,every Monday, Tin vjay and Saturday afternoou'a t 4o'clock. Re taming, the High, a'lJor will ie?t .aewburgb aeery Monday morning at I o'clock, ami 'i uoaday and Friday aternooa at I o'clock. For freigb* or paeaagr,apply to the Captain an board. Jf. B. A' , baggage anil Trright of arery dercrigtion, bank kill* orapecta. put on board thit boa'., moat be at the riak of tha ownera thereof,unleae a bill of'.adiug orrecaiptiaaigned for ha line in!? SPUING AHK4MiE.ME.NT. aMQAI FOR SHREWSBURY ?nl RED BANK. BpjKjMf ? Ou and alirr San. r.lay , M ?r, I, I I ? I ', Steamer 081 R18 .Captain Allure, will leivr New York cverv Ttieeday. Tlmreday, and Kaiurday, at S ' clo k. A. M. Heiurning, leaee Red Bank erery Monday at I o'clock, and Tueeday and Thuraday at 13 o'clock, noon. od ten* .MQ sm '1AII. 1.1 VE Mirt ALBANY, and wiler W1 aaadiate idacee. aa far aa the ice per oite, the 3E?*c*-?t*??rbo<t l TIC A, Capt A H Acholic, wi'l leave the foot of Conrtlandt atrect, THIS AFTERNOON, at |c'flora,Friday. Ma,eh 4th. For freight or | aaeatn apply on hoard, or to PETER C. IfNl'LTZ, at the OfBce on l!,e wharf. The i tea? oat TELEGRAPH wil1 leart for Albany oo ftturdty Afternoon, Much 5th, at t o'clock. ml E NE NEW CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL St'RGKON, No. U CHAMBERS STREET, NEWYQRK. E> 13 lm* LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATENT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, n PPft 8 IT F bi5 CITY HOTEL. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, i NEW CAV PET STORE, 440 PEARL STREET. DESPECTFL'LLY make it kro?n to tbeir friend nil the TV public, that they haviji;?t npi-ued an extensive itteorl ni ,-nt ofEngli h, Bruneij ,Tlirte Ply, Ingrain and VevctL.u Carpeting. Floor Oil Cloth, from 1 to 44 feet * ide. Drugget'a B.i:re?, Tultrd tad other Riigi.Mattf, Table and Piano Covert, Transparent Window Shadei, together with every article in the trade, too humero<ie to men'iou. W? ch.l'eoge comtwliiion at lo priie,quility and (aliens. A call it tolieiled before purchasing. N. B.?The pubic tail be fully i.tiefii d that this is the cheap;it cath carpet itore in .lie ci y J,H LOUNSBERY & CO. m!32w* 440 Pearl atreet ARTIFICIAL TEETH. os Tint Pitt.Nc.Pi.E or ATMOSPHERIC TIIESSURE (Coyy.) Having lately lot' tw > bicue ndati t?eth, 1 called on Mr. Levelt to tup;dr ilieir placit with artificial ours, an.l it a'fordt me much pleasure to testily to hi tkilk and ability at a D mUtt; indeed, i have ' ever tctn teelh fixed and filed with ? ?.,a .I ,U? I ...... ill. I. a. ?ai,,C. ,1 ..... ure on Ihe gum >. ' I cheerfully recommend lh?t gentleman to llie rsnecial no- 1 lice of Ihe medical profession, a. well to ike puolio. feeling ' satisfied from my own esperieuee that they may confideuily 1 rely on hin skill iu his pro'es.ion. (Sigued) GRANVILLE 8. PtTTISON. M D. P-ofessor of Anatomy, University of Ne* Vtrlt. 1 February 13ti , 1842. The ori|(iiial can he seen at Mr. Levett's !60 Brosdany, coruer.of Wirren street ailSlm* BANKRUPT LAW. (** ENTLEME.N wishing to be discharged from ih?ir debts, IT under this law. are invited to call on W. 8KIDMORE, Attorney at Law,75 Nassiu street. All other kiuds of law business also attended to. Charges moilerste. f 10 3in* "THE BES T WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. PHALON.Iate of Chatham Square, new of 114 Btoadway' has again taken the first Premium for the bestspeeimen of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were wanting, that native ingenuity is appreciated before foreign boasting and humbug, as the opinion of three of the oldest aud best judges in the profession in New York can testify. The public can now judge from the premiums, viz. the silver medal last year, and ,.u,..i..i i ii.. a who ii or ii uot the beat Wig maker. K. Phalon respectfully invite* ill judge* and wgireri to examine hit premium impro ved Gossamer Wig, which, for surpassing elegance, close re euiblance to nature and beauty or mechanical etrueture, may be regarded ae one of the greateat maater pieces ol art erer produced in the world. N. B.?Thia splendid wig weighs little orer half an arnica, tMftighteai ever know n. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phalon's celebrated ANTI DANDRUFF, for removing the dander completely, from the head, and a thor ugh cleauer uf the aurface and hair r,f the head, but leavea gloaay and ailky appearance to the II AIR. Obaerve, none ia genuine unleae aigued by me in ink. EDWARD PHALON. Applied on the premises for 85 cents- n ? tin* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING H IRELAND, No. '20 Nassau street, having an entire new , a'.ockof Binding Tool* and Machinery, of the lateatanil most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute all orders in the most durab'c and haudsome manner. Merchants Account Books and all other kiudi ef Blank work ruled and I sny pattern, in a style that is warnnled t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in the.Kugliah mode if required,as H. I has hsdlong expeiience in both methods. FOR SALE?Two second hand Copperplate Preises. Apply as above. ml8 |m CARPETING, CARPETING. THE subscribe-* hive rec?ivcd a new a-d Irish stock of goods I'm th t " 8-pnii* Trade," cousistirg ol Bru'Sela Three Ply,am erSae. fiue, common, hiU an J stair Carpeting. Rugs, Maitinp, E iglitli aid American Oil Clutl s, fiom 2 to 20 feet iu width, c uitahing the latest and moit fast.iouable patterns and coh ra the market affords, which they offer to the puilic at the I meat " Cash Trices " Persons wishing lo purchase, w ould do we'll to .call and txaroue ourstock previous to purcliaaing. WEbB Ik MANNING.452 Pearl it, U12lm* Id Carpel Btoee irowi ''hotham . NOTICE TO RUVERtS OF CABINET FURNITURE. n'HK subserilfr would invite the attention of those wish1 ing to purch tae articles*in the above business, to his establishment, where is to be fouud a rie'i assortment of Rosewood and Mahogauy Furniture, of French auri other patterns, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely original. Alto, handsome rich gilt Cornices for windows, roies aun mugs ; ti geuier wnn uiiouii, uauoon* luu i assets. ud every article attached to curtain*, which will be made in the lateet etyle from [latterm lately received. N B. Particular attention pai I to the fi tine up of Ottomans, Kire Screen*, aud oilier fancy article*, with emhroid ered ta|>e*try. WASHINGTON MEEK*. <i16 6in US RroadwaT. nevt the Hnsni'al WIGS A ND SUA LPS. THE LARGEST. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, me to be at A. C. BARRY'S, 14* Broadway, corner of Liberty (treet, up (tairr. \\7lG* ant Seafie, upon tne bejulifyiug and goatami r sys tern, appruxiintting the ncareit (I any yet manufactured le the natural iiead of hair?first premium. Also. ma. ufactur ed from iadieu' and gentlemen's hair, not lee* than two inchra I long, neehlarei, braeeleta. earing*, watch guard*, rings, and hair work ol every ileecriptiin. in I mm* CARPETING, CARPETING. ffHE 8ub*cnber i* now npeniug h:? Spnuz assortment of * Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, thre; ply, superfine and fine Ingrain; an asaortmtnt not surpassed in this city for variety of styles, figures, Itc. These goods have been ordered expressly lor the Spriag trade. The greatest ca e has beet observed in maltn g ?elections ol such goods as cao be confidently ecommendej for durability and permanency of f Also , a large ars ir'ment of the different kinds of Hall and Staii Car| elihg Tolled door lings. Door Ma;s, Stc. Alto a hao some assortment ol Paiuted Kioor Cloths, all widths. ... , . , , about purchasing anr of the above described good, are respectfulfy mailed to? ml8 lm* _ 71 Kast Broadway,71 Divsmn-st. CHEAP hardware store. ri*HK Suhs'rib-r is no* "penmg his Spring tu;p'y of I HARDWARE It CUTLK.K*. received perlate atrirals, from Birmingham and Sheffi-dd. Together with a grneral assortment of P uinestic (h ods whiehhe it prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The dlteutiof, ef Country .Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Stc., i* solicited to an elimination of his stock and nrlhrC II 14 t Oil (i tl P\\ t lW#V Will tilld it tf) tll?ir lilt* I J t I n !?> or In in with a call. ALKRKI> V. LAORAVK. 910 Greenwich corner Barclay. >(? Vork. a reguLr mpFly ?f KaLL RIVER CUT NAIL!*, and CoorerS Glue. Alio?a complete an irtmtnt o| Mechanics Tow. JiMM Hum, Sir. ma3nr nUMT'. iGaL1' CELLING Ok'F aTCOST-Th.Tiai O Peach Orchard. Red Ailiof all sixes. YarJfOt Washington street, near Spring. ^ d93 3m* DR. OLIVE lull continues to treat secret diseases ol all kin Is, with unrivalled si ill and surpassing judgment, which I a- enabled him to rtfert a speedy and permanent cure, even of those raiei which have b?en aggravated by the pernirioua ami uauarnlirg use of mercury. baliam ca( aria, spirits of nitre.'ho., and all inch dieagieeable and undertint,ice medi ci'ei, which'enJi to eoirsatr and destroy llie constitution His medicine i? mild Hid will n it disagree with the molt faj tieioua and delicate eonititution? hi? Frcnc i red drop is now well known for ri extraoidmary virtues, la curing the moit notioui and deplorable c isee Terms moderate? ealI at ,?9 \S'. -i Uroadw i.eart anal stecet. Mlt It* KALSOMlNE PAINTING. lor Beau y. k.conomy, Du.-abili'y. 4tc.?post ras- advantagi s ever every oilier sytt m of Painting, as it is free from al I un.deaiiiit smell, retaining all its brilliancy of color, and is applied in much less ime than Oil Paint ng. It it well adapted for walls, reiliugs, or any inside work; churches,public buildings, rnd dec irative work in ffeucrnl. Applied by JOSEPH PEARSON, No. 4?9 Broadway, csr. of Broome street New York, who wi11 give t e best ri feeence, sad al1 inle rm dion respecting lbs same. promptly executed by api lying as above, either ia the city or country . m3lm* _______________________ Fltfc.MlL'>1 RAZOR rt PffuP-kirst I'rtmiusn si- awarded by the American Institute, it the Isle as well as each preceedisg Fair, to George Saunders. 163 Broadway, for the best Raxor Strop. The Metalic Tablet, invented by U. Saunders, bas brenestablished for the last twenty-live yeais and certificated by the first gentlemen ofths country. It pro' duces a thin sod smooth edge on a raxor with more certainty than it can be done on s hone m a tenth part of the time, without the use of oil or water?which sny person cas prove by bringing a dull raxor a hating it put in order on one of llie Tablets. I S3 B ro ill m!9 |m" ULdniiA ^UNDS?l iiiou Bona ant Southern Trust, 1 bought at N. SISTARfc'S, t, _ . UWall street vaiKu .'Hin niui note* 11: lrioi* <1 >. Michigan. Indiana, llluutB fcrlt, b ught and aold. ml3* nRKI.IN IkGM.AH rINOV?C onaiatnigoTFra r.ei.fen.lera, wHiummirorummti.ol anperior manufacture, to clo** a couiigiimeiit, at vary low i rcca, bv OKLUiCHH It KRUUKK. tn3 Im* li Br.wl Unit. Mt'.Ol* AL. l Afil>?Un. Coon*, .'io. I'i liuaueat. oeai Chatham at.,dill afford* rtliaf to thr amirtrd of b.oto art ra. He may be tlwiri epnaultrd. with the utmoat roiab<lrnrr. in thr woral e>*e* of defteat* diaraaea nireoriil aff-Uioni aod the nnmrrioua aympto*** arming from tht* diataar. From Ur.C't ntrneier praetiee for the laai right year* la thiapirti cular branch of In* profraaioa, guarantee* a aafe, M-rrdy and rtfriiiT*C0'?lo *n pemua who apply to kim. Reem'e**e* cured m a few d^y< without thr nt- of mercury. or aay olhar taagerou* maffincint. No iDtrrr?puoa from biiei.,.**, or allr rail n 111 th* modr of linn/ All whoa* fwi hare bran pro irartod or aggravated by maltreatment, mar and? with thr tiOnoal raubdrnre of beiog effectually cured Term* mod* n>t*?attendance from 7 a tht aontOW ?Kd l?ala*ht. Ofhc*U Dubii?|t> W ?0 ' \7fYD1Z WI?TYWT7*!n A V 1 V/iViV, ?? JJi/ll ljui/ii. 1 PRIVATE CURE. Doctor Jordan's specific coUR??;,No i-For the prompt cur* of C?p or IroiiorrhrEa, Gleets, li d all other welhral discharges, and his 8i*i ilic Course. No. 3, lor it?e complete eradication, and permanent care of venereal litveae, without exposure, inconvenience, or loss of time. Each course is enclosed in * neat tin case. comprising eiery medicine, wash, and requisite, ever required either for internal or external u?e; and whether the esse bs recent or old. a cure a uuaraulted, if used aa directed. Each package also con'aias Dr. Jordan's private treatise,called the Monitor, wlere in iafnil direction#, with a plain discripti.m of the nature ) inptomr, coiiarqarncra and treatment ol secret Miaeasei;to which is added much valuable iulorination, useful hints, aud important advice?re moving all the dtfficul lea of self treatment. The orice of Monitor is fi'tv cents; one dolUr sent post paid, w ill rusure its reception. T is cou's s No. I and 8, are each (3, an I cuaranteeJ?admirably dtsipued (or resi deals in the cO'intrp, brio? complete, compact, 'cr-nvenitul and efficient Post paid letters coveriog lite amount, have prompt attention. Sold for the pxo, rielor, only at Dr"|? Store, 59 Mari lu street,aeroud door lielovv Prince,second block e-is* f Broa-lway. Maiiou street is a direct eontinuitioii of Lent re. ml 4 lm* AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR i'liE D ladies. r a. C. C-ahtle, Deutirt. 197 Broadway. New Vork, ia? a Paste for filling decay eo teeth, whith. while it is perfee'ij" lurm has in its composition, t an be put into the most tender lontli, w itli which it becomes coinpmcti d into use solid boc'y, in eiuUimng its original appears; -oe and usr s without ai y p tin whatsorver. T e most painful tooth ean be thin prrserrd The numerous testi noma's from ladies iu Ilia first sor ieiv ipeak sufficiently as to its r ffi :acy. Dr., inserts artifi ial Teeth without liga urer ou the principle rf atmciidieiic pres3ure, guaranteed to withstood llie elfccts of ab lious acid itomarh.and ree Irom fw'ed odc-rs Tooth iche rills, one of which put iu the tooth will effect a Dr. K. U Jolm'Oii, Presl leul of lie Medic il Society. Le Ch)J ratier Do? A Ca'deroo de Is Bares, 8.'aiu*h Ambiasador, Mr Stoughton, Spanish Consul, Kit. Mr Lvell. Kit. Mr. Ki'SKin, lie Professors of the Uuirerty of the Colli ge of Physicians u:d Suig-on* of New *ork. DEArNK.88? Dn Cattle it Edwards, Aurists, attend to svery ditrate in idental t"the htiinHn ear. Ac ustic Drops? Sure nirelor d? .fue??, pvius. uouei.or hard wax in the ear. ml" Im* Py(>-.8 NOT COMMON SENSE teach ua that KXt'Kr 1J TOKaTION it the moat natural aa well aa eftictual icent in arresting arid curinj Puhrona-y Diaenaea I Keason lays jea. became Obs:iU".tio:i ta either immediately ?r remotely the cviieof 1 itlaimitiou or Catarrhal Eevers. produ: I tig croup conaamptiou. and ahscrasiaol the lungs, pain and I r urea ul the throat, hreaat, aide*, or thuuldere, bronchltia, veiling muct ua and peruleut aecre.iova. thereby clogging up lie luuga, to aa to tr ore or teat ini|iede both rcapiratiou and the Free circulation of the blood, eauait g difficulty of brraihing snd aathma, t, hoarseness, and loss of roiee, Hro|ay of I lie heart and ch< at, lupture of blood vessels, and lleid.og from lli- throat at.d long* and spi'.tii.g of blood Ton inure I his obstruction. I.orn wl.icli all tlieae alarming au I dangerous disease* nrigiuate, and to produce a radical cure, nothing Ima ever bte:i found equal to JAYNt'S EXPECTOKANi. It ataiula iinriralled?it atanda pre-'mineut?try it, and yon will he ioreed to arkiiawhdgi that its virtues have not, nor cannot be ov- r at.d ; that a utaud* far above and beyond the re ich of competition : that it ia the only reasonable, tlie only natural and the only'ruly eii.cti lul meth.d of arresting and curing dierusm ot the pulmonary organs Sold in New York at wholesale and retail, by A. B. St D. Sands. Druggist*, Not. 79 and 100 Ku'tou ; David Sa-d? 8t Co., N i. 77 K tat Broadway ; A B. Sands St Co., No. 973 Broad-.vay. ml7 l m* DRS. SARGEANT AND MALLESON, PHYSICIANS and Surgeons front Loudon and Paris, are ir. tons'ant attendance throughout the day. at their office, 89 Cedar at re) t.secosd door from Broadway, and mav be consult) d with the strictest confidence in all cases of either a me meal or surgical character. Dis Sargeaatand Mai'eson have had moat eitens)re npportuaitiea of obtaining and perfecting a thorough and practical knowledge of their profession, having been in acHee practice tor several years, both in England and France, as well as the United States; also attended for a number of years the Hospitals tu London and Tans, s udied and obtained their di| lomas under Sir Btujinun Brcxlie and the first physicians in Eug N.B. A selsct assortment of peifumery, and the most approved patent medicines. mlO Ira* DOCTOR BELL. nOCTOR BELL devotes bis personal attention (daily ontit LJ i p. M ) to theremovalof printtiliMutiis every (tui All suffering under protracted ca?es,wnrtavsted or unsuccessful f treated by inexperienced orprrfmirdpraetitiontra; thoneln bonny under the destructive effects, of mercury or quack nos trume.ud all who suspect the remains of disease lurking ia the Titers, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee of curs.OCJ Persons contemplating marriage, who hare bcea the tvS tects of delicate diseases, may consult Sr. Bell with honorable confidence. Foit raiDletters.describingthecsse ofpersobee a distance, hare his prompt attention. Ur.B.'s treatment aeeoi exposssto suspicion,and is well known to be safe and perma **0(7- Prnrats oBcsr ? COURTLANDT STREET, two doorsfrom Broadway. mTIm* I \ ANURl' FF or lose of hair is cause! Iby a lauguiu or ob 1 * structetf circulation in the small blood vessels which supdly the scalp and hair with noiiruhmcn*, in consequence of wliich III* perspiration becomes thick nod clammy, and ti icj on the suriace, forming a crust called dandrnff, w h'cli clogs up the pores of the skin, and by its pressure against the roola of (he hair urevmts it from receiving sutTicinnt nouriabu cut to retain vitality The Irtir llicubecomes Irarrli and unpleasant, chvgrs color and falls off. This uunevlthy affect ion is vtry ?|te?dily Hid effectually cu e! by Jayne's tlair Toaic. whicti revives .he dormant powers of the surface vessels, removes lite dandruff, and produces a new anil healthy growth of hair lo supu'y the loss of the old; and baldness is prevented or removed w here it already lists .... _ The following certinciU u selected, which snffLsautly proves its extraordinary virtuet ? Messrs. A. B. k Sands;?Gentlemen. As au act of justice to you and Dr. Jayne, 1 send you this certificate to inform you of the invaluable bcuifit iny wife has received from the use of Dr Jtyne's Hair Tonic. She lost not only h*r entire head of hair, but her eyebrows also and after trying Balm of Columbia and vs'iout other remedies, with no benefit, clis used Dr. Jayne's Hair Tonic. She used two bottles before we c-uld discorer the hair had s'arted. and commenci-.g w ith the third it started to grow out finely.and ma few weeks her head and oyebrows were covered with a third growth of liae black hair, better than she hid loi . I think it was entirely produced by the use of the Tonic, and would re :ommeud it to all who uccd a similar remedy. Truly yonrv. JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, M South Sd street. Price $1. wold at wholesale and ret id by A. B k D. 1ANUS, riruggiyts. 79 Fulton, corner of (.1 tld street, end 100 p ulton street; also sold by Abraham B. Sands kilo.,No J73 Bioadway. corner of Chamber street; David S??ds k Co., JSo. 77, East Broadway iwlSIm' DR. ALLEY'S BALSAM. OF 11 irehound, Lirerwort and Pleurisv Hoot, for Coughs. I sldS, Consumption aad l.iver Complaint. ?I oniumption >. disease often secretly lurklis n the system for years lie fore there i* the oomplaini ol the lung'. And id thil *t:-g? it ran be rur? J ai effectually, and u c< rtainly a* auy other diieaie. Let not pc rmna delay the uie ol medicine hutil their 'unci are naihlv affected, but in due leaaou reiort t'. Dr. Al'eu'i Balsam of Liverwort?thil medicine hai proved eveu the " Conqueror of fit) ticiani," fur which all mankind will have abundantcvuie to bleu the hand ol Providruce.? More than 100 Phyaiciani in ll.ucity now u?e thil medicine in their practice. LIVER COMPLAINT CURED -Dr. Alleo-Dear Sir I have used yo n Balaam of Horehound. Liverwort and I'l'ii riiy Ro it in my prac'iee for ao.iie month* pii'.and from the wonderful effect it h?l had. 1 ain fully latufied that it pr e ?>ie* very ni[ierior virtue* in the cure of Liver ( ump saint aui t'r.nvujiptiua. Ida (trougly recom uend it to the public and the Vacuity. Respectfully, J. D. RICHARDSON, M.D Hudion. Annuel t. 1811, WHOOPINO ( OL'IIH ?Thil diivaie ii 'prevailing very attentively, and i? iweeping off many little onei, with very few davi illneii. Parent* should lenu mlier that Dr. Allen'* Bal'am of Liverwort i* the only inlallible remedy, and hai laved thousand* of livei daring leven yeari. Sold by VV. A. Taylor, wh Iriale agent, 88 Barclay it ; KM. tiuion, t'i7 Bowery, corner of Orand itreet ; Dr. Ilart, comer of Broadwiy and Chambeet itreet ; J. O. hay,at Milnor'i Drug Store, corner of Broadway and John itreet. mis In' D R. H O R N E /CONTINUES to be comuhedconfidentially at hia office No. V 7g Murray atreet. 8trangennrereapettfiillyapprir.edlhat Dr.Horne beinglegally bred to the Medical nrofeaaion in the city of London hai been a practical member or the laid faculty of phyaie for IS yean, fo the tail 36 in the city of New York. Hit practice from being general. he confinea to a particular branch of medicine, which engagea hii profound attention. Hia experience it very'great?hw iucccii aahtoniahing. Hecautionithe unfortunate againat tha uve of mercury ; thoui tndi are Mentally taercnri iliied nut of life ; recent affection*. are, without mercury, extingoiihrd in a few day*. See your caieieradicated.not p/tchco up. The learned Dr Buchan,emphatically obnervea?'Married pernoiii, and Knomabout to be married.ahould be particularly cautiona of oie affection! ; whit a dreadful iuherftauc* totraniuiit to poaPerioni afflicted with protracted and deplorable caaea, need not deipair of a complete rerovey, by apply ing to Dr. Horue. A residence of 36 yeari in New York city, haa eitahlnhed Doctor Horne'i character ai a man of iterliug honor, and baaed on raaf rcapectabilit) and ikill. Dr. H. offeri to hu patroni aiure guarantee Dr HorneT oflleea arc nmnerou*. and imtjenti never eome in contact. Attendance until maeo'clock in the ivemng. NOTICE. KJ' THOMAS O. HORNK. ion of the lati Dr. George T Horne.reipectfully appriiri the puhlic that hecontinuii hi* father I meit lueceiifulpractice at hie eiUbluhmeM, No 78 Murray itrcet.aiiu may oe ctmsuieu o.?n> uuui 9 o cidck, P. M.. Sundty cicepted. m4 1m* MEDICAL AID. ~ AL.L thoae ia need of medical aid of ? certain drerription, hou!d without f?i obtain a copy of a little book enf itl-il lh-llu-iron, with engrariasa. Thi? litll? work wan writtrn and puhlulied by Dr. Gregory. io 1839; in 1841, he ptiMialied a second editu n. with many valuitile improvement a and alterations; a id in 1344, il h?a hern Hill more improved and enlarged. The engraving! arebeautiful)- done, and are accompanied wilh unable evplaralory rmnarka 1 lie author ia now in eitenrive city prartice at 34 Mott alreel, nearlr oppoeite the atone church. Ilia hai mg been constantly engaged in comba ling diaeaaea ol thia character for mniy years past,enables him to treat Mi aoh jecinotonly theoretical y but practically correct. The patient ia here guided in the aelection of remediea, according to the reap clive cirMimatanrea and conditicn of the i aae. The plan of the hook ia to ahow tiie ordinary armptoma occurring in common caaea, wi'h the beat method of cure It then ahowa w hat other ay mptoma may and do frequent I y happen, wilh appropriate treatment an I remediea to be adopted in caae theae bad ymp'oma abmild occur. The p: ice of the booh ia 30 centa. Dr. Gregory takea (hit opportunity to remark, that he it very frequently applied to under cireumatancea where Die pa Kent aeema to be i tillering w h;ch lead him into the belief that hr ha*a ine litt e remaina of the compiaiDt Mill left, which ahowa itaelf occaaionally. Hitch cva?a aa lh-ae frequently prove to be attended witli stricture ; of thia lac', aa wall aa the natureof aatricture,the patient had n> idea, noi withvtandiug the aymptomi may hare eiiated a long time, and a atrii ture l.aldeen inprotreaateveralmontha Doctor Gregory gnaranleea a ap- edy and permanent cure. The Doetor'a residence m not a drug (tore.but ii aprivate dwelling hour-, well prorided f >r the eonvenience of path nta. The hook may alto (h had at Vlr King'a atnre, S3 kulton itreet, corner of Cliff, at the game price Dr. Gregory will be found at home at all houn of the day and leaning. Patianu rea ding any diatinca from the city may eommai. M ate by latter (nlwaya poat-paid) with Dr (J. and liia adi i?r be obtained. and where a clear deaiription at the crae it I mem. covering a anil able fee, th- proper re-nedies willl-e for warded to order, and ?uce?e* alwajf RMarantred, where the wholeey?nptomi ?pd r ircimatincea are ift forth. mt lm' L't3UiC-JH b?rr?K I?pcr H e Flour, N* Uadiug from I .h0L?i..,rf? N.w Orin?,, J.rMU k ro mgi H Mouth rTOHN.-0M ttekpCorn, uew lnuding fro??l?lp Loui.o, from ^ ' Xtm Orl??B?, for mle br K K. COLLINS * CO. P* ? SvuUiit, RK I MORNING, MARCH 23, Krw Orleans. I (Correspondence of the Herald.) New Or leaks, March 12, 1S42. 7'At Bonking Crisis in .Veto Orleans?Stale of Things ? TheatricalsDear Berkett? As you often say, the crisis is approaching in this, the "Crescent City." The,new bank law is now in full force, and the frauds so long carried on and so long concealed, are about to be brought to light.? The Attorney General has already closed the doors of five of the banks, viz , the Orleans, Atchafalaya, Merchants' Exchange, ai d Improvement, while the board of currency lias notified five others that they toowiUbe immediately proceeded against if they do not at once accept of the new law : in the mean time their notes are refused by the banks that have accepted the bill. The sheriff, in taking an account of the assets of the Exchange Bank, found about $4,500 in specie and $4000 in notes of other banks to meet a circulation of $000,000 This bank has always been under the control of Edward of the owners of the Merchants' Bank, aad from | which he obta:ned a large portion of the amount requir< d to pay the United States Bank for the putchase, but the Exchange notes being now rendered uselear. Our 1 g stature, not admiring Mr. Yorke's mode of tiaanou ring, h? (Yorke,) and his friend, Minturn, in order, if possible, to sustain their Biddle j characters were obliged to part with the banking house of the Merchant*' Btnk, and the splendid mansion adjoining, of ihe President Minturn, for $50,000, being one-fouith ot their lirst cost. Thi? amount dtrl not, however, last ihem long, ard as a ' last retort to save their individual credit, they made us*- of th" funds belonging to the C- inniercial Bank | < f Natchez, to the amount of $l.*i0,00(1 Thi* 1110- | ney had been deposited by the Na'cluz l'ank to meet their notes, made payable at the Merchants' B ink: the coaseoiierc-* is, their issues have been j dishonoied?the Merchants' Bank being [to use its ( cashier's own language] "completely bursted up." The cashier of the Natcliez liaiik has publifhed a card, in which he says, arrangements will be at . once made for the payment of tht ir notes. We have not yet heard what are the ass-ts of the other I eonceins, but, from t'neir recent condnc',it is feared i th'-y nje not much better < <V Mr Breedloiv, the prcident of the Atcha'hlava. has resigned; it is j said he has helped himself freely, and bee i very j liberal to the financiers, M. and Y., and fearing an ! expose of the aflkirs, while he held the reins, has j withdrawn A large deficit has bten discovered in , the accounts of the teller of this bank, th? amount of which has not yet been ascertained. It is * iid to be large. The only difference between bank pre sidentsand bank clerks is, that the former financier within the law, while the latter go rather beyond h t line. This was not the case with the presidents Minturn and York? when they used the funds of th? Natchez Bank. It is thought about eight of our banks will be able to hold out; the other eight will be put into immediate liquidation. The rat* of discount on repudiated paper varies to day from 50 to 1 75 percent discount: this is an awful state of af- I fair?, and although there has been no manifestations : as yet, of any thing like mob law, still it could j scarcely be wondered at. when we sec the widow and laborer soopevly and shamefully cheated. Both our theatres aie doing a lair business?at the Sin Carlas we have th" opera, and at the American Fanny Fitz is drawing crowds. Klsel jr is still in the Havana ; 6tie has taken the Tacon theatre lor a number of nights to lighten the loea sustained by the manager during her engagement. The Spaniards appear to have lost all taste for the graceful danseaae. Our hotels ate full of strangers, most of whom have little else to do than walk the streets or lounge about the bar rooms. The wea'her is getting very warm; iced jalaps, are plenty. Our ball season is , over, and it being L?nt,most of our beautiful Creole girls (being of the Catholic pen-uasion) refrain from all raeties. We have just heard that James H. Caldwell has been nominated by Ciptain Tyler as superintendent of cur mint Mr. C. is a popular tnan, and 1 have no doubt the appointment will give general sanptacii-- v..? jjear fr,jm a..a|n jn a few days. 1 ours, 2. Pensneola. U. S. Ship Warses, > Pexsacola, March 3, 1842 J y<ival InUl/izence?Society at Pentacola DEAR BERRRTT We arrived here on the lit and found the .Mace donian wait^g us, most anxiously. Wc tsuched at St Thomas and Port au Prince on our way out. Wc had a most dreadful time of it in the Gulf; had to scud three days, Captain and First Lieutenant in watch and watch?tuch a set we have, and such a time! The Levant came into port yesterday?she had quite bad weather?she is new from St. Johns, where she went some three or four weeks ago, to obtain remuneration for a vessel they detained there. The town was blockaded by the Levant, and all that Captain T. Could get was a thousand dollars in money, two hundred ox hides, three bundred sheep, and a hogshead of wine. We are now filling up, and as soon as finished we .11 .< I.iaiit S i, to leaii to the hvmenisl altar on the 20th of next month the amiable and interesting Clarissa, daughter ?f Major J. W. of this port. After the ceremony they leave to spend the honey moon in Cuba. Wc have a most pleasant and agreeable society in the Nivy Yard-among the ladies are Mrs. W. daughter of the late Col. A of Washington City, a mast eitimab'e lady; M rs F. and 8- wives of Lieutenants; Mrs. M of M.; Mrs. C. M. D , and the lovely and intere-ting Misces Furry th and Judy Fountlerey; and last, though not least, is Mrs, Commander H , a Baltimore lady, and b it very lately from that city. I hare seen many a worse place than the Yard of Pensaco'a All the above ladies arc hospitable, kind and very interesting. BufTnlo. (Correspondence of the Herald.] Buffalo, March 18, 1812. Opening of Ijike ^Cavitation?Fint f TraUiir? Trade ? Frontier Trout/ire?Fashion. Dear Bew.vett? After a long and unavoidable delay, I am again enabled to inform you of matters and things in these parts. A long and dreary winter is jnst past, and we ere enjoying beautiful spring weather?the sreather is delightful, and our streets in fine order; the ladies (God bless their souls) turn out in great numbers to proroinade our magnificent Main street ?which will comparo with any other in the I'nion f?r extent anil excellence of buildings Lake Erie is so much clear of ice that navigation may be said to be resumed, t a o steamb ats having already made their way to our harbor from the west. Nothing can be done.however, until the canal opens. Everything promises well for a good business the coming season ?Large quantities of produee await the general opening of navigation, t lh? virinni noints n-e.t to he Ir^ninnrtril to market. Here and hereabout* money matters are in a rery squally condition ?Mon< y is scarce, and those having capital are cautious. Ve.y little western money is purchased, and what is, at a ruinous discount. Late news from Europe created much excitement on the frontier Affairs generally are astumiog a serious aspect; all seem to think war inevitable, and the majority hail the prospect with d-light ? indeed the mass here are greatly in favor of a war, and are not much particular whichever of the various questions in dispute causes it. Your paper of the 13th instant, contains about the carrest view of the Creole case and is so considered here. It is with satisfaction and pleasure that I inform von that the Herald is now to be found upon the files ef the Young Men's Association Reading Room, and much are the members benefited th> rebv. I only wonder that it has not before been there, Th* fashionable reason is, in a measure, closed ; some few balls yet to come off"; and some small "sociab es" nightly coming off. St. Patrick's day was remembered in n rery snitable mnnner bv our Irish pojinlation. The teetotalers, or I woald say, the Irish teetotal sbstience association, partook of a dinner, conduct-d on cold water principle*, at Huff'* Hotel, while the anti's did likewise at the mansion. Hutiness of course continues dull, and the bankrupt list increasing. ' E*if IER A 1842. Albany. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Antsy, March 21, 1H12. The Si'cakb* has returned and resumed th. chair this morning. He has been detained at home lor some time, owing to sickness in his family. Mr. O'Sulliva!* remarked that by the reading of the minutes, he perceived he stood in the situation of contumacious contempt. He certainly did not wish to remain in that position, and if any explana. lion on his pari could relieve him from it, he would be happy to make it. He then remarked that he was suddenly called on important business to Washington, and had availed himself of the old time-honored custom of asking leave of absence after it had been taken, tfcc. Mr. Taylor then submitted a resolution that Mr. O'S be excused. After some discussion the resolution was adopted, and ^r. O'Sullivan relieved from his uncomfortable situation. A petition was presented for the incorporation of the Atlas Insurance Company, and from the Steward and Cook's Marine llenevolent Society. The report of the New York Chemical Bank, was received and ordered printed, as wa* a report from the Comptroller, covering a correspondence with the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, and the New York and E-ie Kail Koad- A resolution was received from the Senate to the effect, that both houses will go into joint ballot on Tuesday next, at twelve o'clock, for the purpose of appointing a Hegent of the ITniversity in the place of Washington Irving. The question then occurred on the final passage of the bill in relation to the New York Public Schools Mr Ii G. Baldwin meved to lay the question on the table until to-morrow, at twelve o'clock, in order to allow a committee appointed by a public meeting in the city of New York, an opportunity to be heard. Mr. Maclav hoped this motion would not prevail. I [? was not saiir-fied that this committee were authorized to act in behalf of the people of New York, the reports and accounts he had received, authorized him to believe that they were not. Mr 1). S. Which i- moved the recommitment of the bill to the committee on public schools and colleges, with instructions. Mr. W.'s objection to the bill, was that it did not go far enough. He believed that the citizens of New York, were prepared to agree with the views of the Governor iu trltnto, fee. fee. Mr- Grout remarked that he felt himself impelled to give the reasons which should influence his vote on this bill. It will be recollected (said Mr. G.) that when this question was first brought before the House, he submitted a proposition to change the Executive officers of the Public School Society, leaving its laws and system in the hands of new trustees to be elected in the wards It was proposed to elect six trustees in ench ward, for three years, one-third going out each year alternately, on whom should devolve the duties and powers of the present officers. This proposed to bring the present system home to the besoms of the people, in such a manner ascould not fail to satisfy tnem This proposition has been submitted *o some of the principal men of the Public School Society, and rejected by them, with, however, the expression of a preference of it over other propositions. This seomt d to him as though they diu not intend to submit to any alteration in the system Why, he wcnld a*-k were they created if not as a public corporation for public purposes, to educate the children of the people for weal or wo, and did they not know that the tide of public opinion was setting against them, and that it was safer to meet the danger half way than to bufFitthe storm? They must therefore undoubtedly submit to the will of the people. Thers was no escape from it. Besides it was for their interest so to do, especially if they preferred this plan?it would tend especially to popularise their system, as it would make it responsible to the people, and at the same time preserve ! the main features of the system, with which they appeared (and perhaps justly so) to be much in love. 1 It waB said thai there was h strong public feeling | exis ing in the city of New York against this bill, and that there had been a^reat public meeting held | of thfs puLiic'tfernonmration ' "Sir" G. then noticed I i the accounts in the ditlerent newspapers of the meeting, See , and contended that the meeting was a failure. Mr. Sevmou*, who raised a point of order, whether after the vote of Saturday it was in order to debate this question. He thought that question should be tuken. The C'iiaih decided that as on Saturday night, on the occasion of the proceedings to which the gentleman alluded, there was no quorum present, they wete not binding on the House, and that therefore Mr. Grout wcb in order Mr. Humphrey then mooted another point of order, and after some conversation Mr Wright attempted to resume his remarks, but was called to order by Mr- Swac'.thamer, and directed by the chair to take hi* seat. The vote being about to be taken on the proposition to recommit, Mr O'Suli.ivaR remarked in explanation of his vote, that if the motion had been tnude at any other time than now, when it would have the e fleet of retarding the bill, he would never recorded his vote against it. The motion to recommit was loet. Mr. Lawrexce asked the unanimous consent of the House to submit an addition to the 10th section, providing that the public monies should be appropriated according to the number of scholars attend; ing each school. It was objected to. He then pro| posed to recommit the bill with instructions to make j this amendment, and report instanter. Mr E. G. Baldwi.y moved to amend the inI structions to the committee, to further amend the I bill, so that no religious doctrine of sectarian character shall be taught, or in any way inculcated in i nnv of the schools. far- Davis remarked that lie supposed tins queglion was not debateable, but it' it was he woald like to know what reason the gentleman had in attempting to make the city of New York an exception in this particular. The amendment was adopted, but the whole proposition lost. Mr. (laoor th^n resumed his remarks. This meeting was called to preserve the schools Irom destruction?this was a fall irwue. Mr. G. then ailed :d to the newspaper reports, the Herald, Arc to show the character of th ; meeting,and that of the pet pl* | composing it; there wage as many opposed to the i proceedings as there were in favor of it It (said I Air. < I.) there was really so much danger m this bill I as appeared to be apprehended by gentlemen, is it | to be supposed that so little interest would be ex, pressed where so much was felt. The Journal of | Commerce puts down the number in attendance at | " about live thousand," and adds that " it wis obvious that a laage number of them were persons opposed tot ho object of the meeting," which would seem to be confirmed by the fact that the meeting ! broke up in alarm alter half on hour's ses-ion. And i is there any evidence in all this of hostility to the bill now before the House 1 or that demands that it i should be submitted to the people ? I think not ' And I shall, therefore go for it as the heat hill that 1 ran he go' through this L-gislaturr Hut, sir, said Mr. G., if gentlemen will tarn lothe Ilih resolution, pa-sed at this meeting, they will see it declared that " a more eflici* nt popular con'rol would be acceptable to the citizens of New York " Now, sir, this is precisely what is proposed to be done by the kill now under consideration. It is charged a ho. that it will he sectarian in ita operation- Hut, sir, I apprehend it will be necessary to show that it is sectarian in the country (which none will believe) before it can be shown that the name system so far as it goes, would assume a sectarian character in the city of New York. Neither will it levy taxes upon individual wards un? quully, as has beeii alleged ; as there must be a general tax laid by the Hoard of Supervisors for all school;purpa?es, and ihe Public School Society, after the passage of this bill may still continue to control and manuge their schools, as they ever have done, without any material let or hindrance. The gentleman from Washington (Mr. D. 8. Wright) lias undertaken t.? "In, ill, I, i mu#> It unit hia njrtv under the imnreu Hon that the Governor was the author of this menHire. Sir, (waid Mr. G ) hac the gentleman forgot i ten that the Governor has changed hi* ground erveral liriirp, and that he would have had " the children of foreigner*, instruct# d by teacher5 api eking 'became language with themaelvee. and profrwing I the ?ame faith V' But I w ill not follow the gentleman : the game ia not worth the candle. Mr. G. concluded hi* r-marka by app-aling to the Ilouie to thi* bill; that the public peace and cr?:ie'inf- i demand the Hettloinenf ot thia question. Not thai he apprehended any violence or outrage?far from it. But it would be a bone of contention between both partiea and all partiea, until itwaa finally nettled. After Mr Ghoct had finiahed, the qneationwne taken on the final oa??age ot the bill, and it wt? i paised. Meaara. E. G. Baldwi* and Tttciia in the negative. A numbef of JocaJ a?d unimportant LD. ... ! wit Prica Two Ctntk t? lis h reived ibeir final action, and the llotu-e adjourned. Arrt.KxooN S?.*?k.!* ?The hstue in committee i,l the whole, Mr Homphhev ta the chair, took upMr. > Sullivan's bill to abolish capital jtunishnient. Mr S. entered into a lont?. able and elc quent ar/rum support ot his bill, which he had not euaeluotd when this letter is closed. loe Senate, were occupied in the consideration I'.! & dechon law The principal subject ... -...---...u, ? me becuon crtimng what should constitute a resit'ence. Cave Ulciscaa* Preventive Police?Ho. 3. It is also thowu by the committee, ihut the olHj tern of the Folic- receive their pay and emoluments in proportion Withe number and character of the ntlence? committed?"The more crimes the more money?thtir incidental profit* are reward* and money for compounding <11.1,0, 'i'he stimulus of a large reward for the stolen property, aud a blight one tor ibe thief, of course tccures only the property, and the thiel is left at large to steal again ; sure that if he steal but little, he will not be woith the trouble of pursuing to eoav.ctior, and if he steal much, the ivtcked prize will enable liiiu to buy out the law. The wonder is, thut snch a system should ever have been supposed to present crime. It is not in human nature that man should seek to destroy his own living "* * *. "The mtu enmposing'the night watch, are not even sworn to their duty. They cannot be practiced, and are of ceuiae unskilled iu watching the movements sf crime." The system of supplying the watch with men who are rendered incapable of performing their trust by the laborious occupations < f the day,, is another of the defects of the present organization. Not long since, one of these guardians of the night, was found engaged in robbing a store of the very property which he was appointed to protect. The present system with all its evils and defects, costs the city yearly about four hundred thousand dollars, and the committee are of opinion, that the plan proposed may not cOi>t so much to the treasury, while in their language it will save hundred* of thousands to the citizens in preventing crimes', and introducing a more wholesome ' * t'" laws, and a mere general morality ; it will help tf? give that feeling of safety and confidence, (th?t trustful repose and reliance upon good order, which springing Irom good liws, well administered, is above all price in the estimation of those who lore the enjnymeuts of social life. Acting on the principle, that prevention is better than cure, and that punishment should be u?ed oily lor reformation and protection, the committee propose to increai nlatgely the raugisteral force,to mak* the criminal courts more accessible, and to unit* in one body of men, all the functions of firemen, watchmen and policemen. They arc to be men of unexceptionable character, and are to be seiee'ed as far as may be, from the prrsent incumbents. "They are to spsad tbeir whole time in the prevention and extinction of fires, and the prcventicn and punishment of offences against the laws, and are to be paid from the city treasury." Promotion, increase of pay, and extra compensation, are added as incitements to vigilance. An important feature in the plan, ia the proposal for a rendezvous at twelve station houses in as many districts of the city, which station houses are to be court boosce, watch-houses, look out itations.enginehousee, and keeper's dwellings'and lodging rooms; included in the plan, is the erection of anew court for the trial of petty be calltd the Police Court, to be always open ; it enlarges the powers i.nd add* to the efficiency of the Assistant Justices' Courts, and increases the num.her of magistrate* by adding six Assistant Justices to the Assistant Aldermen, thereby presenting a magisterial bedy. which iaalways accessible, and eminently calcalated to exert a salutary ii.flucnee upon society The practice of discriminating in regard to individuals, charged with similar otTencfs, of discharging then* witn or without bail, or before witnesses can appear, while citizens in the humbler walks of life are obliged to suffer the full penalty of the law, is a circumstance which, giving the he to our profession of eqoal rights, brines the admitiisf ra'inn of iuatice into coo tempt. To prevent in future such acts of manifest injustice, it is provided that no one arrested, shall un ler any circumstances, be discharged at any other place than the court room; no one before hi* name, offence and bail, nr discharge, shall be enUWNitf ftanuW!!M&hMlsN o'clock in the morning. It is conceived, that this would tend greatly to prevent the commission of offences, by depriving the lawless of the protection now to often extended to them l>y wealth, p<veition, or other influence. Rtronyi. [To be continued.] ^NOERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York, Jan 8,1842. We have tried the Polishing Paste inailr by Mr. Anderson,, and bud il to be superior to snything we hire ever usert. BOARDMAN Si MART, 8 Curling Slip, Manufactuters of Britannia Ware. New York, J in. 10, tilt. We have tried the Paste snl Plate Powder nude -and aotd by Mr. T. Anderson, ami take wleam e in recommending them. w) COLEMAN Ik STETSON, Astir House. New York Jsn SI 181'J. We hare used Mr. Anderson's Polishing Paste anil Plate Powder, and find them very escellent for iletaii y silver aasl silver plated ware. BALL, TOVirKINH k BLACK. Late Merquind k Co., lit Broadway Nt w York. March I. 1842. We have used Wm. Atderam's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder for cleaning silver and other kinds of ware,sod c.ui recommend it with confi let or In Ih- public. THOMPSON k HSI1ER. 371 Pearl street Brooklyn, Feb. 14,184* I have need Mr. Wm Anderson's Polishing Paste for irfver. brass and silver plated ware, and ftndit toJ>e a first rale article ROBERT E. STORY Paddle and Harness Maker. rorumi' vnoi* ?.e nun m?u, n?iriixMi?i.vH,?turert' yricr*. bv ('HAS. H. KINO,53 Fulton Mrttl,corner Cliff. Alto. by ItaMctt, 614 BfOMway. on? d >or above Bieecfcrr reel; Onion, corner Grand nod Bowery; Cnddinjton, corner ilodeontuid Hpriag; Btnde 77 Lkit Bruadwiy, i..i*:nr FA WC KIT'S NKW AND KLKOANr EST A B 1.I8HMENT FOR FASHIONABLE HAIR t.UTTINO AN1? LADIE*' IIAIR DRESSING. 18J Broadway, up ataire. between Ch?ml?re an I Reade ?|e, J 8 now o|kd lor buniuera, where will be found amonic other THE INVISIBLE WIGS or Ocntletnrn'i ical Head* of Hair bciri* lite lairet anil yreuteat improvement in the m i iifar'nrr of Wi|T? and Rraip#' and tilt eub'cribe i? nappy in brine the f?->*' lo introduce i heu? here. Th-y dieplay the forehead twftftnpWt t any beinhf,* point in wik making urvcr before atturi'd Thtrrn e?. mooted nl r.niifati-jr or (oiwkr work They fit oa"he httd by* mechanical rnii'iivatice entirely net*. They ? ? put "" ? m >ment?they'iineiedietely adapt tFen.eleen to the connte. nater, and at once become part .ami petrel ol Hie lie i*|( wan. (jr?- Copy the addr?e?, 2P> Broad iv.y, u/ at nr< Price* to nil ihe Iimre. Writ fee* REMOVAL. PHILLIPS* CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT ll reit.oYfd from HS Brordway to No.T Aati.i Houii ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. iiarmrnta of a moe'. Elegant and b aahi'inable kind at a aaunc ol So (irr rent for cieh. tTHIK advertiier ilitema i> inner eer.iry to rerort lo iIkIiiiI * n> > ed a\.tern of tie nig a lilt of noiiiinal pricea perrumitac that llir Irriylb > f titer he liu been eaUhlienra. to., ther witfi th? rtteueirc patr-nige beetowd mi lute will p ' a nth rirnt vnirhrt fir lii? i'tpabilitire. Tb ..?.> giv it' ntag- "I being eonnre'rd wi h au eatnuire cloth eatabtirbmeat in lie ri i r he ronftd ntly aaerr e,tb it be ca i fu-uieh i lolbr i which. on com part# >n eeifl he fonnd oerer than any other h u?e in? king up the beat dchcripn n,a l pt'.||r m.dux JI i 8. I'HIM.II'S 7 V v I , r Hum. B-adwa. MARCH OF INTELLECT. P RKAT mrid'a have bteu mid* throughout the world a? Steam and aim >?t * very hrwnc'i of wjtrirnlf rir r in th* fteneial iciencr<?then ?Ni .mi tii - ttwie hi inr hciiiiin ?> .. cannot lie the Medical hacntty ire loo narrow minded, fee ?tcu they rerommeod Ruu'a Vegetable Cttifh l and) mail atI'ctiona of tlie lunga, and when they tipreit ll rmirltn, M)T th-y aee no reaeon why euch a pl?mant, pur- and palatable ?r title, atl'/U'rl not tc ipee tire many t utneroua pfeparrtione tlrat l>??e heen need for yean, merely Iruauer (Jain., t'ireto. Ue Metlicl*. anil oilier writer*, >p-ak of euch and ?ocli medirinen .No, no, Ring'* t iandy tr a to. drrn invention, and aeou re itvea. checka and curee. and rami it Ne prevented Iro H? otiwanf roorar hy Iheeni v and j?li II I if a f. w illiierati. I repared end aold by C H RI.Nli, S3 fullon etrrrl. corner of i riff and ao'd hi mo?t il'u.'inie. mlt tin* RIMiSCORiH CANDY i Ht: -egr" of confidm** rlw> ?'i *' > epHftSf* Covgf, < aodyfy %m*^rtyot our phytic i n\ ought toinwi.r^ th# lit* in fh' mind of *rrr) tCcijMir, *ho i?rh*|* it ao fr. n? h <? mg b'-rn dec ifeil ?*? *rtlcl* that proifciito ater thin* and perform '! ik thing WCn <1 phfttrutit r^cotmn'ti<l an ar ticjl# th*y did n it H*?r implirit rH?sn,i?* in it? fir'ti*-? W< nM r if hrt |rtibl.< wk. ilura tpoak i ul,in l>of it* U , t i "i t? Ini nratnig th* tir immcm mil cuing i> yt'lte 4 'TV-OIIC* ' lU rdl't'lf ti?!iun*? III hiif, wo.ild tVfTV body whohc* triw! it to mr*mi itly ur? nn-lir tf?-tft ?n f i^t I had not lh* almott miraculout rffrrtt ol itt |??%%*rful agrr*V t rm Prepared Mid fold whoVmlr an 1 retail, for e tporlalkm, bf ( II RI Ntl S3 V'ulfori ilr?*t rortfr of f*l? 19*. rnlPlm" fOHN Met ABK It CO.7* TnYELLH.S .N? h.^ofTTT;r. ti n SfbjBufi at R> rrarn i ?(lots. M. H. Orionel1. H. Biernort. Kaq.. W. rviol Prnf Heawieb JWfWp rl* lALB-Otraii rayrra ra, tot ?wh, n No i? >o street It) lua* t

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