Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1842 Page 1
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TH I. Til.?**. 36S.?Wholt ?030. NfcW LINK OK LIVKKPOO^ PACK KTS I ?:i V?w Vork on the *5th, au-1 Lirtrpool ou iht llth ! cf tack wtonth, ^YaowNxw yoTk^ Skip ROSCIU8. Captain John ColKaa. Mtk MwHi Ship UDDON&CuUll E. B. Cohb, Mth April Hhi;i SHERIl>ANvCapt.unJ . A. Deoeyeur, UtU May. 8hk>UARIUCK, Cw>Um Win. Skiddy,a?tk June. Kbom Liriirmi. tip SHERIDAN,Captain E. A. Depcyeter, l?th Muck. ShiT OARRIC K,Captain Win. Shiddy, nth April. Ship ROACH'S, Captain John Collina, 13th May. Bhip SIDDON8. Captain E. B.Cobb, 13th June. Theae etupe are all of I he lint claea, upwarda of I ooo toni.b'iRl la the city of New York, with euch improvementa aa combine f-eat epred with umiaual comfoit for paaeengere. Every care hiabeeu taken iu the arrangemeut of their accommodation!. The pnce of paaeagehence ix Hoo, for which ample etoree will be provided. Three ahipr are commanded by experienced maatfra, who will make evary exertion t? give general aatiaiac Neither the captaina orowuere oflheae ahipa will be reaponai Me for any lette^i. percent or pecYigeaaeut by then, unleaa re ate billa of lading are signed thrrrfor. The ahipa ol thia liue will hereafter go armed, and their peen iar eonatniction givea them security notpoaeeaaed by any other ? South at.. New York, or to ^ WM. 4c JA8. BROWN k to., Lfremwl. Lettera by the parkete will be charged w{ ceuta pereingle beet: 40 rents per ounce, and uewepapere I erntrach. mt KOR NEW ORLEANS "'""'ft AND NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS ~m' ~rn ML ML Tor the latter accommodalion of shippers, it is intended to despatch aahip from lliis port on the let, 5th, loth. 15th, auth an4 month, commencing the loth October, and continuing until May, when regular day* will be appointed lot the remainder of the year, whereby rreat delayi and diaap poiatmenls will be prevented dunnj (he summer mootiit. The following ehipa will commenre thif arrangemiat Ship lAZOO.Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt Jaekeon Ship MISSISSIPPI. Capt. Ililliard. ShipLOmSVILLK,Capt. Hunt. ShipSHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner. Ship OASTOV. Capt Latham. Ship HKNT9VILLE, ??pt. Mumford. Ship OCMULUEK. Capt Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Kuight. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Muiford. Three ehipe were all built in the eity of New York, expressly for packets, are of a light draft of water, hara recently been Mwhr coppered and put iu apleudid order, with accommodations for pfasengers anc<inalied for co nfort. They are commanded by experienced master*, who will make every exertion to gipe general satisfaction. . They will at all times b* towed up and down tire Mississippi by steambosts. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsi& fur jewelry,bullion.prceious stones, silver, orplatwd ware, or any tetters, parcel or package, aent by or put q ' board ef them, unless regular bills of lading arc takan for U? aunt, and the value thereon eiwrO for freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS kCO.K South at.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orlsnns.who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The ships of this line are warranted to aail punctually a* ad] *?rtieed, and greatcarc will ba taken to have the goods correct iv measured. mf NSW YORK AND NEWARK.. WMMB War* redarad to SS cants. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York(Every day?Mondays excepted.) . -V-- Vikrir. Leave Newark AttAM. At I P.?. At I A.M. At n P.M. II do 4 do (do 31 do 4| do Id do ( do T do it do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty etreet. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At ( A M.aad U P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NEW KORK, SL.IZA BETKTOWN. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. - Faro reduced. Froa the foot of Liberty etrcet.daflT. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At ( A.M. At n A.M. 41P.M. 1 P. M. SOMEKV1LLE a tacea connect with tbeee lioeeeach way. Fare between N?w York and *om?rvilU. 50 cente. Do do Now Bnaawtok, 71 cento. Rakway, 50 cente. Elaaabetblown, 35 cente. The fkre in the T| A. M. train from New Brunawiek, and 41 FM. train froa New York, liae been reduced between New York and New Brunawiek to 50 cente. " and Rakway te ni " The Pnitadelphiaaailtrae paeeee through Newfir una wick for Now York every evening at (o'clock. OnBundayatho Tl A.M. trip froa New Brunawiek if omitted. Paaoeogera who procure ihelr ticket! at the ceive aferry ticketyratie. Tickoteare received by the conductor ante on the day when ourebaeed. febu Ita* '5^/oSIKOR From PHllJi DEI. PHIA. via THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freight I for the Wnl and inuth "ill be forwarded daily from the traaipcrtatiun c ffice of Um Company, No. 1 Dock at Merchant! art reepeetfnlly informed that all good* cocligued to the company a til be forwarded with the utmoit difpatch to any point weet or ennUi. ... Freight reachei Baltimore the i?me dry it leatrt Philae'nail line for th -weet and truth leavee Dork etreet dtilv at half-pait til o'clock A.M. by ileambeat ROBERT MORRIS. t'aatengert will retch Baltimore at 1 o'clock, two hourt trevioua to the departure of the tmiua for the touthwett. K .W. L. ASHMEAD.Agrat. rhiladelphia. March g. ISM. tnlt la RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FRK1UHT LINE. tMft NEIY BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. rpHS NEWJEKRr.Y Kai'road and Tranaportalion Com1 paay hare ettablithed a Frtight Lute betweeu New RrtiMwick and New York, which they intend to run pei manet tly. Lor ma New Bnmawick at g A M. daily, (Sundaye excepted) and the foot of Liberty atreet. New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealert and meichautt the aboee line It eery delirable for the tpeedy and cheap conveyance of merchaadiae of every deacriplton. and more perticularly to Iirotera and - Dealera in Lite Slock, who cau have 150 head of cattle coneeyei between New Btuntwick end New k ork, the eanie day, wheat eer re Quired. 1 he ratee ror the (raraportation of cattle, hwreee, mulct, th'.cp, hogt, kc.,and all other kind* of mercli udite are very low. aevrr i xceeding at< an,boat price*. Merchandite aent by thit line ia uot tuhj-cled to any extra charge in erotting the North River. The L'nmpani hare firtcd up * .large ttorrhouie at New Bruntwick adj lining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaye beopea for the reception of merchandiee. Patteiigert, purchaaing ihtir ticket! at Ihe ti-ket ofllcet, willrecetee ferry ticket! gratia. ml! 3m* ,\j OTI I E - Ouandafier Apnl ^Ut, I ??, the jemnmutation I arc ID Ul? cir? w. *<?? ??? nmiiunu tuu a i suaportatiou Company. betveen Niw k ork and the various places on the line of the railroad, has been reduced (iuclud ins ferry) to (73 per annum, and (50 for six months, mil lm* FMPICHT INS passagk to 1*11' 1 g. ^ BURG. IN Oil AM'8 LINE. TSs proprietors of Blnsl ui's Transportati'n Line to Pittstiorf. *ire notice to the Merchants cf New York, anil all other pcrsoea stippit g to the West, that their line is no* ia active S,* rati on. Goods consign 1 to thi in (or sent to goto their ne ) will be forwarded ?itS deepalch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who late no agent or consignee apt Pittsburg, will please consign their ckkIs to William Bingham Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all such consignments without delay. All roodi shon'd be marked distinctly on each packs** BINGHAM'S LINE. For rates of freight, wh-ch are as low as anr o'herline. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent, No SWeatatreet 0,'posite Pier No. S. N. U. V B.?Pasaengers forwarded to r.llaburg and Pot'sville, every lUy.Sundaia exct pled. Reler to R, Crooks, American Fur Co.: S. T. Nieoll, Frout atraet; Phalrw. Dodge Sc I Jo. F Iton street; Suydam, Igtekt's.; Wm. Rankin, Duryec A Co . Newark' mt Sin STATIN ISLAND FIRM IT. Foot of Whitehall street. T6 steamer 8TATBN ISLANDER or SAMSON wiU ran a follows until further notica :? Leaves Staten Island Leave* WhiUhal! At 8 o clock e* At 8 o clotk *jt. "18 ~ "II " " " l| ?.? ? n ? ?.*. N. B. AN froodi ?hipp*d *-e retired to be particular!? narked mad are tt thi rwk of the owner* th?r?ol 01 nlwark and new Toirk: Kara Only lt| ( tot*. n, J'1' and enmmo&hm ateamer e2SL|J3lFAHAAIt,Cipt>io J"hn OafT)" bring cninJM and elegantly refitted. wi'le imnm# her regular mpe frr the season, on 1 hurxLy, March 10th,? leneiog ss follows:? Fool ol Barclay at .New York Centre Maiket, Newark. H o'clock. A. M. ri o'clock, A. M. 4 o'clock, P.M. . . , 1| o'clock. P. M. V'rtifkl ofeytry description camel at eery rrdicrd ratea. n rtw* f POWELL fc CQ.'g LINK. Mr! ^ POR NEWBURUH, landing at CALD /JS??^&WELL'*, WKRT rOINTXXD COLD ?K256C3|LHPRI.NU-The steambost HIGHLANDER Capt. Robert Wardrop, will leare the Toot ef Warren atroet hew York,seery Monday. TV i wlay an<l Saturday afternoon's t 4 o'clock. Hetaruing. the Hitrti. aiioer will ic??e ,asw burgh eery Monday morning at I o'clock, inu Tuesday and Krtdiy gfVruoon at I o'clock, for freigrh' or passage,apply to the Captain an board. N. B. Al baggage and freight of erery deecriytiwn, bank totfla nrlDfftf. out on boat tit hia boat, nuat h* at the riak of tit* ownees theraof. unless bill of lading orreeeiptii aigoed for 1raeeeae WW 8PKINO ARIt ANi HE MS NT. JM?| FOR RIIRF.WABURT and FF.D BANK. ?od after Saturday,Marih IS, 184>, th? VCZyBCeK. Ateatrer O? I RIB .Captain Atlaira, will leire Raw York every Tueadny, Thursday. and Saturday, at ? clo k. A. M. Returning, leave Red Bank every Monday at I o'clock, ami Tuesday and Thursday at IS o'clock, noon. -4MQ aML ^TaTL LI >X For ALBAivY, and inter fl?-rt. i pja mediatt places. aa far as I be ice uenntta, the SC^jK^BLitttnilwil I'TIOA, i'apt A F1 flehulta. wi'l |ea*a the (not of fourttandt ft ran, THIS to'cloca.Friday. Marah 4th. For freight or (aaaaee, apply on board, or lo FKTKR C. 8CRULTZ. at the Omee an the wharf. TNe ateamoat TELKOHAPH will Uave for Albany an gat M-day Afternoon, March Mb, at I o'clock. mi E NE NE CHARLES S. ROWELL, BKSTAL SlIHOKOV, N*. II CHAMBERS STREET. NEW-YORK. mil im* LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATJJNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE m\2 CITY HOTEL. GREAT BARGAINS IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, NEW CAV PET STORE, 440 PEARL STREET. DESPF.CTFULLY make it kno*n to tfceir friend* rod the TV public, th-tl they have juit <-|Kved an eitrntire aaeortmeut of Eugluh, llruaatla .Thite Ply, lugrain and Vencti-u CarpeF^loor Oil Cloth, from a to 21 feet at ide. Uruugcl'i Bailee,Tufted aid other Ri'pe.Matta, Table and riauo cover*, i rausparent winnow shadra, logemer with every article in tlie trade, too Mimemua to ineu ion. Wr chOfecge romped'ion is to price,qu?lily and |>atl*rne. A call ie aoliciud before purchasing. N. B.?The pub ic wi.l be fully satiafi-d that thii ia the cheapeit caih carpet atoie in >he cny. J.H LOCNSBEFY fc CO., jGSjlw* <40 Pearl etreet. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OS THIt wntiru 01ATMOSP1IERIC PRESSURE (Coy jr.) Havii.g lately I oat tw j bicuapidati teeth. I called on Mr Levitt to supply th*ir placi a with artificial onra. an J it *' forda me much pleasure to teatify to hi* akili aud ability aa a Daunt; iudeed, I hare ever aeen teeth llaed and fitted with more exactoe.a, and at the aame time with has painful prtaaure on the guim. 1 cheerfully r> commend that gentleman to the eanecial notice of the medical profession. ae well ae to ,be public, feeling aatiaiied from my own evperieuce that they may confidently rely on hia ekill iuhie prof cation. (Signed) GRANVILLE 8. PATTISON, M D, Professor of Anatomy, University of Naie Yerk. February 13(1 .1841. The original can be teen at Mr. LeveU't 343 Broadway, corner of Warren atreet mlt 1-n* BANKRUPT LAW. P EMTLKMEN wishing to be discharged from their dehta, tT under thii law. are inrited to call on W. 8KIDMOHE, Attorney at Law,T5 Naaiau etreet. All other kiude of law buaineaa alio attended to. Charges moderate. fiO 3m* THE BEST \VIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. rHALON,lata of Chatham Square, naw of 814 Eioadway' haa again taken the 8rat rremium for the beatspeenaen of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were wasting, that native ingenuity ia appreciated before foreign boaeting and humbag, aa the opinion of tbrea of the oldeat and beat jndgea in the profeeeion in New York can teatify. The pubfic can now judge from the premiuiua, via. the ailver medal laat year, and (he firit premium this, awarded by the American lcatitute. who ie or it not the beet Wig maker. K. Phalon respectfully invitee all judgee and WgArera to examine hit premium impro red Goaeamer Wig, which, fur aurpaMing elegance, claee re eemblancc to nature and beauty of mechanical structure, may be regarded as one of the graataat master pieces of art aval produced in tlie world. If. B.?Thia aplendid wag weighs little ovar half an eunco. OHightest evar known. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phalon'seelebratod ANTI DANDRUFF, for romoving tha dander completely from the head, and a tbor ough cleaner of the auiface and hair of the head, but leaves gloeay and silky appearance to the HAIR. Observe, nose ia genuine units* aigued by me in ink. EDWARD PHALON. Applied ?n the prqpntea for SS cent a. el lm* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. iSoNisaau street, having anentirenew ateckof Binding Toola and Ruling Machinery, of the latest and moat apptoved patterns, ia now prepared to execute all orders in the most durable and haodaome manner. Merchants Account Books and all other kinds ef Blank work ruled and bound to any pattern, tn a style that is warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done iu the.English mode if required, aa H. 1. haa hid long expci ieuce in both methods. KOK SALE?Two lecood hand Copperplate Preiaer. Apply ?? above. ml8 Im CARPETING, CARPETING. rpHK rubeci ib.era have received a new a-dtreeh atock of X goode foi th* Hpriag Trade," eonaia'ieg of Bru'aela Three Ply,?u|er:iae, fine, common, hall an 1 aiair Carpeting, Ruga, Mailing, E.iglteh and American Oil Clothe, from 1 to 10 feet in width, containing the lateat and moat f.ahionable I atterna and eolrra the martlet alTordt, which thejr offer to the public at the low eat " Caah Pricee " Peraona wiabing to purchaae. would do well to .call .and tiamite ouratock prevwua to purchasing. WEBBk MAN.VINO.tM Pearl at, mil ltn* ?'t Carpet Store trom Chatham. NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rpHK aubaeriber would invite the attention of Ihoee wiahX ing to purchaae articlea in the above buetorae, to hia eatabliahtnent, where ia to be found a tieh aaaortment of Roaewe"d and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other palterna, aome of which are not to be found elacwhere, being entirely original. Alan, handaome rich gilt (aornicea for windowa, Polea and Hinga ; together with Damaaka, Oalloona and Taaaela. and every article attached to curtaine, which will be made io the lateat atyle from patteraa lately received. N R. Particular attention pai I to the fi tic* up of Ottomane, Fire Screen*, and oilier fancy articlea, with cmbroid arrd ta?c?try. WASHINGTON MEEK8, dll-Cin Id* Broadway, neil the Hoeprtal. WIGS AND SUALPS.' THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, VRE TO BE rOVKD AT A. C. BARRY'S, I4C Broadway, corner of I iberty ftreet, up alair/. WIG9 aa 1 Beafpa, upon tne beautifying and goasamr r ayatem, approximating the neareat of any yet manufactured 1* the natural head ol hair?firat premium. Alao. mn ufactur ed from ladiea' and gentltmen'a hair, not leaa than two mchva long, necklace-, braceleia. earingi, watch guarda, ringa, and hair work ol every Ueactiptmn. ml* im" CARPETING, CARPETIING. rPHE Subecriber ia now owning h:? Spnng aaaortment of X Carpeting, cone ia ting of Hi uavele, three ply, aufei fine and 8ne Ingrain, an aaaortutnt nit erryave'd in thi* city for variety of eylra, figurre, Ac. Theae goode have been ordered etpreael^ for ttie 8,.ring trade. The gievtrat ca e hae I bet* owned id inani' e *elictintisof iucn gooca n? can be cabt'rlcatly , eccmmcnded far durability and permanency of colodikc, _ AUo.a larje a.?a>r' ment cf the diUerenl kinds of Hall and Stair Car] eting Tufted door Ruga. Door Ma's, Ice, Also a han a >me rasortmeat of Tainted Floor Clotha, all rainlliea about purchsainj anT of the above described goods vie reCpcclfully invited to call. " CHAtlLKS HICKS, biH lm* TO East Broadwav.Tl Diaaiot-jl. CHEAT HARDWAKE STOKE: rrllE Subscriber la now "pen.iig lii* Spring su.pv of 1 HARDWARE !c CL'TLERV, received parlate amvals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. 1 ogeiher witha general afaortment or Domeatic Ooorle. whirh he is prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The atleution sf Country Merchanfa, Builder*, Cabinet Makers, lie., ie solicited to an examination of hiaatockand price aa h? ia confident they will And it to their intrret to tavorhim with aeall. aLVREI) F. LAGRAVK, 110 Greenwich eorni r Barclay, New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete aMortment ot .'Mechanics Tools. James Screwa, he. ma 3m* TSoaL : COAL!: SELLING OFF aT"CWF^TiU rVal \j Peach Orchard, Red Aah of all aixea. VarnSOf Waahing top atreet, near Hpnng. <183 3m* D-R uLlVd "till continue# to treat lecret diseases ol ill kinds, with unrivalled skill and surpassing judgment, which I a? enabled him to effect a speedy and permantnt cure, even of those caves which hare beeu aggravated by the pernicious and nauseatirg uae uf mereurr, balaam ca| aria, rpirita of nitre.' fce.. and all euch disag ceable and undermining medi ci aa, which 'en la to enervate and destroy the coaaliliition. Hia medicine ia mild aDd will not disagree with the moat faa ticioua and delicate conatitution?hia k ieiic'1 red drop ia now Wtll kuiwn for i's eatraoidina'jr virtue#, in curing the moat nnsious M.d deplorable caaea. Term# moderate?evil at .(8 Weat Bro.ulwa; . i.ear't at feet. all ! ' 1/ALSOMINK P \l\TlN'(i. for Bean y, Economy, DuraIV biliiy, ke.?poateaaea advantages erer erery oihersytem of Painting, aa it ia tree from all unpleasant amell, retaioingall it# trilliaucy ofcoior, and ia applied in much leaa > tine than Oil Painting. it ia well adapted (or Welia, ceilinga, or anr innds work; chnrchea,public building# and decorative woik in general. Applied bjr J08K.TH PEARSON, No. 13# Broadway, r#r. o( Broome alieet. New York, who will give tie beat reference, and all information reapecling the tame. Wora promptly executed by applying aa above, either iu ike city or country . mklm* OKEMIUM Ka2()R tt I'RllP?Kir.l Pri miun war awards' td by the American fMtitat*, at the 11 le ?s well aa each preeeedirg Fair, to Oeorge Saundera, l?3 Broadway, for the best Rvior Strop. The Metatic Tablet, invented by O. Saunders, hae breneetabliahed for the laat tweut>-flre yean and certificated by the flit grntlemeu ofthe Country. It pro' urea a thin ar.d smooth edge on a razor With more certainty than it can be done o? a hone in a tenth part ef the time, without the uae of oil or water?which any person cat prove TJ ^"Kln* * I! r???r a having it put in order on nne of the Tablets I?3 Broad mil In.' K' if? ^ lo A ^UNUS-l'?u? B#aa and Snathern Trust, a bought at N. hISTARE'H, - . ... 13 Wall sheet nt^u";.t,ucr jst,:.11"0" *? ??? . BV.II I.I N I HON t ASflM'M-l <mig inf ntf of I ntur- f.mtcr. and aummer oa.???. of ??5U ef? a coDjigiimcot, at tery low ,h_ ' OaXlliCHS It KRUOKR, JS~*!L , __ 41 Broad afreet. MtUlCAL OARU-Ui. ('Ooi-it, i^ X/iinDe iit~~n It Chatham at-atill afforda rel-af to the evicted of bodt?? e? Ha may be ?!*?/ ennttiKrd. with tha utmoat coSdanif to the worst eaaea of denrata diaaaaaa. mercurial ifTectimu' ud tha numerioue ymtitoma anaing from thia diaaaaa L',,T? Dr. Ca ertenaire practice for tha laat tight yeara ia thianirii eular hcuacb of tha pcotceeiou, C'lnrtntroe a eafe, etmadir and effort ire tya to all t-creooa who apply to hiaa. Roreat cured ia a law day* without the na* of mercury, or aay other faatteroue me.ltocioe. No iuterr?|Mioa from htiainaaa, or el tared oa ta tha aioda of lirut*. All whoaa caaaa hare haan pro tractad or anrarated by malUealairot. may amity with tha nfliSoot roaAaeaca of beutf effectually cured. Terau nndi rata?at I and an ee from T m the mnmaag unlri It at naaht. Oftea iff DaaaaaC MUa* W YC W YORK. THURSDAY I i PRIVATE CURE] TNOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC LOUltSIt, No.l-Eor 1' the prompt cure of C?p or trooore^uea, (ilecta, and all olher welhrul dMchargra. aud hie SpeuSc Courae. No. 2, lor Ike complete eradicaliou, and permanent cure of rmiareal dieraer. without e>|io?>ire, incourentrnre, or lore of time. Each cnurae i? enclosed in a neat tin caae. comprising every medicine, w. ah, and rcipiaile.erer rruuired either for internal orertemal nee; and whether the case be recent or old, a cuie la guaranteed, if ueed aa directed. Each package alio con aine Dr. Jordan's private trertiae,called the Monitor, wlc.e in 11 lull directions, with a plain diecription of the nature ty mptomr, coneeiiaencee and treatment ol aecret which le added much ealunblt information. uaelul liiute, and important adrice?rrmowug all the difficulties of eelf treatment. The nrice of Monitor ia firty centa ; one dollar aeul poet paid, will meurc ita reception. Tta courses No. I aud 9, aieeach S3, an I guaranteed?nd-nirab'r d< signed for rrai deo'e ia the country, In tug complete, compact, icoarrnieut aud efficient. Poet paid leilere covering the amount, hare piompt attenlion. Hold lor itie proprietor, only at Dreg Store. It .Mariou a tree t. ercotid door below I' aecoud block caa nf Broadway. Mariou afreet u a direct coutiuuition of Centre. ml4 Ira* AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE D LADIES. It A. C. CtSTLE, Dentiat. 297 Broadway. New York, ba? a I'a'te for b ling decayed teeth, wliuli, while it ia perleei y liarmlrei iu Maciunpoaition, i an be pot into the mo>t tender tooth, w ith which it becomes compact! d into one solid body, maintaining it* original appearance and uaea without any pun whataorfer. Tie mort pain'ul tooth eau be tlui preeerrd The numrrous Ueii.nooial* from ladiea in the tiret eorieiv apeakeulScieully as to I.a elTi :acy. Dr A. h.C. maerta artifi rial Teeth without liga uree on ihe principle of atmcaplicnc prra3ure. guar-uteed to withatond ihi elfecta of a b lioua acid atomaeh. and free Irom fueled odeia. Toollnche "'ilia, one nf which put in the tooth will elf-ct a ra-ical cure. Dr. A C. C. refcia aa to hia profeaan ail am 11 to Dr. K.U- J oh nor, rrtalJrul of lie Medic tl Society, Le Cb?{ T slier Dob A Cabfron da la Barca, Spanish Amb ma lor. Mr Sr?ughton, Spanish Coneiit, Ker. Mr. Lyell. Rev. Mr. Kiasr.ia, Ihe Profeaaora of the Uuircrty of the Cillrge of I'hyaieiaua aud Suie-ona of New Vork. DEAKNESS? Dra Caaile k Kdwarda, Annate, attend to trery diseaae incidental to the human ear. Aecueiic Dropa? Sure rurefor deifuear, paiua. uoiaee.or hard wax in the ear. Do-.s not common sense Mica 111 IIIMI e xl'hc TORaTION it the nut natural ?< well w tttVctual treat in arresting toil curing Piituiona-y Ui<e*ae< ? Ueaaon aya yet. bccau.r Ohgiru Don it either immtdutely "r retnultly the c ,u?e of lull* ' malum or Caurrhil Vetera, producing croup consumption, and atwcrttiaol the Itinga, pain and I r- una of the throat, trra?t. tidet, or shoulder*. broachltit, eecitiug mucuut and perulent ?ecre.i?n. thereby clogging up the lunge, to as lu it ore or Iraa iin|iede both rtepiratlon and the free ciiculatiuo of the blood, rautir.g difficulty o( breaihing anJ asthma. i Irnr ay, hoarseuesa, and Iota of voice, rfro|ay of the heart and cheat, rupture of blood vraeela, and bleed bg from th - throat and lougt. and aprtin^of blood Tort more this ebatructinn. l.otn vehich all thete alarmitig an I daiigerour dieeaaet originate, and to produce a radical cure, nothing tin ever been found equal to JaYNE'S EXPECTOkant. It ttauda unrivalled?it elande pre-eminent?try it, and yoa will be toned to acknowledge that ita rirtuee have not, nor cannot be ov* r- ated ; that -e si-mil* far abore and beyond the rearh of competition : that it in the only reasooab>, ttie only n ral and the only <ruly nu.C's-lul meth d of arteatiug and diaeaere of the pulmonary orgius Sold in New York at wholesale and retail, hy A Sande. Druggists, No*. 79 and 100 Kultou ; David Ha- d? t. . N >. 77 Eait Broadway ; a B. Sande It Co., No. S73 Ri oadway. inl 7 ImDRS. SARGEANT AND MALLESON, T)HY81CIANS and Si -one from I oudou and Parte, a it t constant attendance ihroujhi ut the day. at llitir 89 Cedar atrei t.aecoad door from Broadway, an! , un ulted with the atricteat confidence in all caaei of . n oical or aurgicsl character. Dra Ha'geant and Malleaon have had moit eit tuuiliea or obtaiuing ?ud perfecting a thorough knowledge of their profeaaion, havingheeu in *c> lor aeeeral yaare, both in Englaud and Frauce. " wen United States; aleo attended for a number of yeara the pitalain London and Paria, a udied and obtained their diploi. under Sir Beuj unin Brodie and the firat phyiiciana in Eug laade N.B. A aelect aaaortmet t of perfumery, and the moat approved patent medicinea. mlO Ita' "doctor BE L L . TAOCTOR BELL devotee his pergonal attention (daily ontil U if. M.) to the ramotralof private diacaeei in every Stags All gufftrvng under protracted cases,annav ated or ti'giinnniui F treated by iaeiperiencedorprrfrndrdpractitionere; thoae la boring under the de? tractive affects of mercury or quack aoa trams, and all who suspect the remaine of diaeaee lurking in the gyatera, may coneult Dr. B. always with aguarantsoof rere.arf Ptraona contemplating marriage, who have been the vr> itctiftf delicate4i*e*Ma,may eoMuit or. vtiiwiui honorable eosMiici. Po?T paid Iftteri,describing thftcftw ofptrfooir ?diflUnoe,htPt hii prompt ftttt&tion. Dr.B.'s treatment biy? tpoftftftlo nipieioB,ftftl it well known te be lift and pcrmn PriraU oltu 4 COUBTLANDT STRKBT. twa 4son from Broadway. a?Tf r\ANDR(TFF or Ion ol hair earned kby a languid or 00LJ itruetrd circulation in the itnall blood vessels w hith aupdly the aealp and lub with eoerhl m"u?. in cowiiunn of which the perspiration becomes thick aod clammy, and driei on the luriace. forming a crust called dandruff, wmch clogs up the perca of the akin, and by ita pressure against the roo'.a ol tire hair prevrnte it from receiving mfficiettt nourishment to retain vitality The htir thenbecomes h irvh and unpleasant, clta eel color and fall* off. Ihia uoiietllhy affection ii eery ipet(lily tud effectually cuied by Jayne'* Hair Tonic, whioti revives .he dormant powera of the eorface vessel <. remueea the dandruff, and |<roducea a new and healthy gruw h of hair to auptt'y the l.-sa of the old; and baldneii is prerentedor removed where it alresdy exist! The following certificate if (elected, which inflLisntly proreitta extraordinary vinuei? Meure. A. B. A Sands:?Gentlemen. At an act of juetlce to you and Dr. Jayne, I aend you thia cei tfi:ate to iuform you of ttie invaluable benefit my wife haj received from the u?e of Dr Jayue'a Hiir Tonic. She I oat not only her entire head if hair, but her eyebrowi alio and after trying Balm of Cclumbia and varioua other rcmedira, with no benefi:, the uacd Dr. Jsyae's Hair Tonic, fche uaed two hottlea before we c< uld discover the hair had atarted. and comaientii ( with the third it acarted to grow out finely, and iu a I'ew weeks her head aud oyebrOWi we-e covered with a third grjwth of fiae I lack h lir, belter than ahr It d loa'. 1 think it waa entirely prodntedby the uae of the Tonic, and would rt:ommend it to all who need a similar remedy. Truly youra. JOHN N. JAGKSON. Prepared only by Dr. D. Jiyne, 98 South Matrret. Price $1. Sold at whole tale and retaH by A. B AD. 4AN 1)8,druggrpta.Tt Kulion. cornor ofOald street, and 100 fulton atieet; alio aold by Abraham B. Sands A Co., No 873 Broadway, cornrr of Chamber street; David Sande A Co., No. 77. Kast Broadway^ ml? I at* DR. ALLEN'S BALSAM. Ofi' Horehound, Liverwart and Pleuiiav Hoot, for Coughs. (Jclda, Conauinpuou aid L(r?r,Vtffi<pUiut.?Coaiumphoo iia disease often aecreily Turkijr n ih< avatta for \ty* before llirre ia the leet oomplaint oi Ihe lung". And in ihu tage it can be rur>d aa effectually, and aa crrtainly aa any other disease. Let not perrons delay tie use ol med'cine until their'uuge are sensibly affected, but indue season reaort tn l>r. Al en'a Balaam of Lt*erwort?thia medicine hat proved even the " Conqueror off hysiciaiia," for which all mankind will hare abundantcsuie to nleaa the hand ol Providence ? More than I CO Physicians inthiacity now uae thia medicine in their practice. LIVER COMPLAINT CITRED.-Dr. APea-Lear Sir I have uaed youi Balaam of Horehound, Liverwort and Pleu riay Ho t 10 my prac'iee Tor tome monlha pas*, and from the wonderful effect it has had. I am fully a.tiafied that it poaaeaiea very aupenor virtura in Ihe cure of Liver f'omp aiut anu Woneumptiou. Ida atrong! y recora nend it to the public and the faculty. Reapectfully, J. O. Kile HARD SON, M.D Hudson. August t. 1841, WHOOPINti COUGH.?This diaeare ia 'prevailing very extensively , and ia awecping iff many little onra, with very few dava illneaa. Parent! should remember that Dr. Allen's Balaam of Liverwort ia the only infallible remedy, and has saved thousands of lives daring tevinyeert. Sold by W. A. Taylor, wholesale agrut, 88 Barclay al ; E.M. Union. 187 Bowery, eornernf Ori-nd alreet ; Dr. Hart, corner rf Broadway and Chamber! itreet ; J. O. pay,at Milnor'a Drug Store, cornerof Broadway and John street. mis tin* _ DR. HO K N E /CONTINUES to he eonsuHedeoofideqiially at hia office No. V-/ 7( Murray afreet. Stramgrraarereape.jtfullyappriied that Dr.Home being legally bred to the Medical profession ia the city of London has been a I nrartical member or the laid faculty of physic for II years, fo the las'. <1 in the city of New York. Hie practice from being general, he confines toe particular branch of medicine, which engages hie profound attention. Hie experience ie very rgreat?hie success asntoniahing. He cautinna the unfortunate against ti e uae of mercury ; thousands are annually mercurialiaed out of life ; recent affections, are, without mercury, eitinguished is a few day*. See your caeeeerailicated.uotpafched up. The lea-Dad Dr Buchan,emphatically obeervea? Married |>eraone, and persona about to be married,should be particularly cautioae of those affect tone ; whata dreadful inheritance toLranemil to ponl,fler?on? afflicted with protracted and deplorable cases, need not despair of a complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Home. A residence of 3( years in New York city, has eatabliahed Doctor Home's character as a man of sterling honor, and based on real respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to his patrons a sure gua ranter. Dr. Home's offices are numerous, and patients never come in contact. Attendance until ntneo'clock in the sssning. NOTICE. tVJ- THOMAS O. HORNE. son of the late Dr George T Home,respectfully apprises ths public that he continues his fathers mnst successful practice at hit establishment. No. Tt Murray stieet.iind may be coneulted daily uutll ? o'clock, P. M- Sundays excepted. tn4 Im* MEDICAL AID. ALL. those in need of medical aid of a certain description, should without fai obtain a ropy of a little book entitled the Ru icon, with engravints. This little work was written ami published by Dr. Gregory, in IBSS; in IStl. he published a second editun. with many taluible improvements and alterations; a d in 1342, it has been still more improved and enlarged. The auravings are heaatifu I; done, and are accompanied wnb suitafB explanatory remarks 'I he author it now in cxteiititr city practice at 34 Mott street Dearly opposite the stone church. His having kicn constantly engsg-d in corabsttiug diseases of this character for many years past, enables him to treat nil subject oot only theoretical y bul practically correct. The patient it here guided ill the selection of remedies, according to the re D-elite cirrumstancrs and condition of the rase. The plan of tne book is to show the ordinary symptoms occurring in common cases, with the best method of sure It then shows what other symptoms inay and dofrrrjueutly hapten, with appropriate treatment and remedies to be adopted in case these bad symptoms should occur. The p. ice of the book is 80 cents. Dr. Gregory takes this opportunity to remark, that he is very frrqneDtly applied to under circumstances where the pa tie nt seems I > he luffenng which lead him into the brief that I,, k.aa. ,n> lilt e remains cf the comp'aint still l< fl, which ahoea itaelf oecaaionilly. Hnrh lil'( ? Ihrae frcquriilly jroe# to b? attended withitricturc ; of thi* lac', u well a* Ihe nature of a atricture, the patient had ni idea, no withatanding the aymptomi may hare rxiated a Ion* time, and a Urictuic lia/t teen in prof reaa aeecral moDtha Doctor Oeegory gnartnteea a apeedy and pMminmt cure The Doetor'aleiifence ia not a drop alore.hut ia aprirate dwelling houte, well proridaj for the convenience ofpnti'nte. The booh mar alaobe had al Mr Kiag'a atore, S3 hulton atraet, corner or Cliff, at ihe aame price Dr. <Jr>gory will be found at home at all houia of the r ay and areniig. Patient* r*a dlrg any diatanre from the rity may eoinmat ui -at* by letter (alway* pott-paid) with Dr <>, and hi* adrise bo obtained, and where a clear deeeripti >n el the eeae ia girea. eoreri>g a amiable fee, the proper rcaediee will be for Waid'J to ordar, and aueeeea alwa/a guaranie<d, where ihe whole tyei.tan andeirromat <n*wa are aet fonh. m? lin* L^U)(rR-ir? birrele leper ft. a Flour, new l-ndiag from * (hip Loaiaa, from New Oriean*, foraale by K. K. COLLIVfl fc CO _mtl t? Houth Hireet^ If'ORN? bMaacftaCora.cow landing frumThip Lauua, frtm ^ New Oritnaa, (pr m|? by JL K. COLLINS k CO. * H ffendbst, IRK I CORNING, MARCH 24, 1 PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT^ IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN k 8ON8, Surgeon DenttiU, No. 371 Broadway, and at London and Pari* .niorm tha t'UDiiCO! New Yoi k, and its vicinity, that to consequence of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 371 Broudway between Kraukliu aud White streets, in all caaea appertaining to their profession, in which they have been so sttcessfol, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art ol Dentistry. Mons. Mallan returns thanks for the very Hberal pet rouage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth, however largeor small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or , a sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are (irmly lined without wires or llga tures?no balky substance in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity ol shape aa 1 minutest shade of color, fitosd Irom one to a com,-lete sat, U|ion the abovu imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of MtfSticstion ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,urising either from the ' use of medicines or unv other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sun and scientific method. TO THE Pl'BLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mdlton is happy in bring enabled to an- < uounce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of | the first families ol the United S'ates, consisting cf tha first Merchants, Medical pralettion, Cleigy and private Citizens, to whom lie can refer as to the superiority of I Mons. M.'s celebiatad Mineral iu preference to any sther ! > they have ever tr ie<), am', in th< ir opinion, the best that evercameundertheir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attended by Mont. Mallan, Juur., at their own Etta- I hlishineut. ^ 1 nr. r.-ivubi i AiiL? l are particularly inv it?d to pay Mone MalUn aviait, to ee the apecimena of his new disco veiiei in Dentiatry. TESTIMONIALS. Mono Mall-in: Quebec, May 6th,IStl. Dr nr.-Afterhtiving tried the Artiticial Teeth which yon ule tor me, 1 cannot do j ou less Justice th.iu to i ,ekn Ige wilh pleasure my entire aatisfactea. I beg to ; s.iytiiej . . o Tevery inirt?eeof asiicatioa and Articulation | eijnal to tlioM placed lit tlirli tn la of nature. They no cloeely { !< in the minutest shade of colurand ! ,at the) m-uot lucemed as being artifiaial by theclo- ! a, erveri- l our < cle'rated invention for tilling deeaytd ten ui Kivr ,t dec nice opinion of ita valuable ,|u*liliei. . You may use thislvlter in any way you thmf proper,for the I beuetil ol the public aud yourself. lam dearsir, youra truly, TH08. r AKtJltKst, ManuelCarmelit. To Mona. Mallaa, Burgeon Uentiat. i7i Broadway, This itentleinau i* known at 131 Broadw ay, and at Trim* Ward Scltiug'i. MON9. MALLAN, 37'i Broadway. ' SIR?I feelitapleaaure to be able to offer you my tcatimony ! ir half Of your celebrated mineral. During my lata re in 1'aria ! called at vour establishment in tha Rue Caa- I ,ud having had some letih nited with your mineral, I say that T have had every reaaon to l>e aatiafied with | y aud value, end never in the least degree etperienced whatever.?Durum my *i?it to Moua Mallan I law several testimonials of the highest character, all eapreaairig the fullest confidence in ita great benefit oud value. As far as I am enabled to judge, I countered it then,:uid Will eouaiderit, to be the beat preparation of the kina ever ofll'ied to the public 1 am,air,respectfully, yourubedient .errant. m.M? VANBUROH LIVINGSTON, I Greenwichetreel,near Kort O'auieroort. New York,Mav ?l. litl. uu"- ; Mom. .MALLAN It SON4, Surgeon Dentists, may be c ,n- ' suited daily at S72 Broadway between Franklin and Wlut' 1 its., east side. n M im'tD SPRING FASHIONS. "I rIK aubacriber deairea the attention if alraugera and otbera ' lo hia laige and cateiuife assortment f atocka acarfa crania r-ady made licen and mualin ahirtr, pocket ke'rchisfi' ailk, merino, ltd ambawool shirt* and draw em; auapendera' ' glovea. hoaierr,fcc. fcc. .1: ia the intentionof the aubacriber to pay pellicular attention in aelecting the moat chaate and faah unable patterna of acaila ?nJ crania Hiaaaaortment will al waya be ft uod varied and eitenaire. The aubacriber continuea I Ihe manuiacture of hi? celebrated Elastic Stock* Gentlemen may depend on bring suited by cellng at the old catabliahment a*i BiMadway, between Aiurray atieei and Talk I1ace i ml* tin* r*i(lllLLS, WMI f?- a Aeale. SWAN'S A'l'.VU laflihK It Soli A k'U UN I Alii" U 8. LETTERS PATENT. NOT. 3J. 1838 ' MANUFACTURED BY SWAN k WKLLH UKLOUI8TH ROCHESTER, N Y-The all,.,Viol, of Drug. ' gille.aud reudera "I Bode Water, ia solicited toll". I uaefut ton ocooometl Ritbitihite I r the eipenaivt compli. cated, aud trouhlraome ap[ aratua heretofore in i The Advantage* of t? e Aimo?? hcric Fountain over the old iveth*d. are the economy cf r? Appti alts, in e original cost to the f>urch*a<r being Icm than oue quarter that oflh- old I K* u?t lio iU simplicity o couatructiou teiig tuch, that any one of ordinary capacity out readily undeiaU-od i't operation , an I raan?f**ment, the trifluiff *sp?ii?e of materialc for anpnlv iogit together ?ith the fin. I) amount of labor acquired and if* compac' form. * j Il ii now in ui? in various parts or the L'mlrd Stat-a, Cans I das and wi?l India*. and,as in>y be aeru from cerrtfiaua id the hiw'a of agent*. g:ve en lie aatiaractiuo. UrurKeiti .pdothtra, in th-Southern Stale*, and the Wctt i Imliea, will find thia Fountain particularly rda( ?-d to their ! cliuia't, aa thesyiupa will not ferment or injure id the warmcat aeaaniia. b ull< tie lor putting up the KounCio*. preparing the 1 different varietica uf ar lupa. he , accompany e tch Koraalab] Una. D.C ggeihatf til Peart atrret; K. Lie.e I 7 Liheity street, up stairs: Lawrence. Keeae k Co., 171 Mai dm Lane; Robin* n it Ward, 143 Maiden Lao*; II ladley, Phelpa It Co., 143 Water atreet. ml'i tut nrUlYTOV-raiutuiitin Wat.rColor-MARTIN HOMER1 VILLK Profeisorof Pa nting, gnet lesson* to puplla in Figure Landscape and Flower i'aiutiog.on the inoat approved priMCiplea. Address SCI Broadway, betweru Hpring and Broom atrceta, where apacimeoa may be aeen and term* obtained. Water cilor Paintui*a on view and for aale, which the public areiDTited to iuapeiL Si ientific pualieatioi a embellished. Viawa, flowers, auJ other object! 'painted from nature. n l> 1 wrod St ltw * MADAME RESTELLr T7EMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and reaidcnca I4H Or.en " wich atreet, (between Cortlandt and Liberty atreeta.) where aha can be consulted with the strictest confidence on all complaint* incident to tha female frame Madame Heatell'a eipericnce and knowledge in the trmi men! of obstinate casea of female irregularity, stoppage or aup preaaion. kc, ta such as to require but a few days for eertaic relief and perfect recovery. Ladte* desiring proper med ieal attendance during confinement or other indisposition will be accommodated during such time with private and re apetlable board. " l'reventi*e Powders'* for marned ladies whose delicate or pracarioua health forbids a too rapid increase of family, will be tent by mail to any part of the United Stales. Price a package. All letter* (poet paid) addressed to toi IOT. N. Y.dty.'will be received. Boston Office No. 7 Kssei et. the eily. whose health would not admit of travelling, t\at aha would devote her personal alleodauee upon them id any part I of the United Sta'.ea within reasonable distunes, fit dfcwlm* _ COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. ( \WIWO to the Celebrity, efficacy and invariable success Si O Madame i'. retail's fimale VoDthly Pilla in all eaaea ol j irregularity, suppression, or stoppage of thoae functions ol nafure up>n wluih the health or every female depebda,ainea | their introdnct ion iatn the United Staler, now about four ye are. ' counterfeit* aud imitatuiue are eoutiuually attempted to be paltned off for the yenaine. Cheap common rills arepurohs I sed at twelve eeata a boa, put up in different boxes. and called "female Monthly Pille."with tha object of at 1 ling, if poeaibia at one dollar, f emalea are therefore cautioned against these attempta to iai|i<>ae upon them. It is sufficient here Instate . that all female Monthly Pilla are eounterlcita, eieept thoae ; sold at Madame Keateli Principal Office, 148 Greenwich at i New Vork. and No. 7 Essex street, Boetra. Price f 1. Madame Result's signature is written on the cover of eaet I bo x. N B. The married,under some circumstances, must abstain from their use for reaacoacontained in Uiedirectiouj. OH dhwlm* TO MARRIED LADIES. \-tAtfAMK ftKSTf.CL'H PREVENTIVE POWDER*. Ivl These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted in f.uro|w, but frame Mi particular, for upwards of th<rty years, as well as hy thourands in this country, as being the only mild, iVr and efficacinoi remedy for married ladies whose health forbids a loo rapid increase of family. Madame Rest ill, as is well know n, was for thirthy years female Physician in the tw o principal female Hospitals it Europe?those of Vienua aud Paris?where latored by hei Sreat experience and "ppoctuuiti?e. she attaiued that eels my ta those great discorerirv in medical atienrt so ape cially adapted to the ferna'e frame lor which her meJIciues now aland unrivalled, as well ra this country aa in Europe. Hei acquaintance with I he physiology anil anatomy of tha female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health o: married fenialrs, scarce in the meridian of life, aud the const quent rapid and often apparently inetplicalde cansea whmf consign mi.ny a fond mother to a premature grace? to theit true source?to arrive at a knowledge of the primary cause* oI indiiMuil urn,-I j'.lv nl irt.rrnd I, in:ilre_which. I? 1808,ltd to the diacovery of her celebrated "Prtrenlire Pow dece." Their adoption haa been the mean of pre. errin* no' the health, but even the life of many an affectionate wtf? and food mother. The adrertiaer feeling the importance of thi? ouhieet, ana etirnaimK the rael benefit* reenlttftg to thoueanda by then iloptina, would nioet leapectfally arouaa the attruti'.n of the tarried, by all that they hold near and drar.t .t/eoncidcra Oon. La it not wiae an I virtuoua to prevent i r ll ?to which VI are tubjrtt, by aimple and healthy meani within our control 1 d'.rery diaiiaeaionete, virtuoua, and enlightened mind will on heeitatiriftty aaaner in the altinnative. Thi# w all that Ma dam* lleatell recomir.ruda cr ever rcrommendrd. \nr* "" dollar* a package, aceompanied with full a id particular dirre tinne The# can ba fo. w arded by mail to any part of tha Uni i ted ttfalea All lettrra murl be peat paid, and addrreeed tc MADAM K HfcHTKI.I., Kemale rlivairian. Prinr ipal office. 149 ?Jrren^irh afreet, N?w V<??k. Qi?t houra from f A- M to?ftVlWPM: jjjgjgg Qjjjgg No. T RlHl ?t m qwi?, , TO PAriCK VANUrAt TUKb.HH-The Whecrtbvray.r notice that Meaara Howa h Uodjford, of Woreetler,Mate, | bava appointed them tkcir agente. end araprepared to fumirfaat iqort notice, upon the moel reaaouable term#. t o.jrdru.iar aid Cylander Machinee,with dra or eteam dryera.nnd ainoy ne ehiaea to viae paper in tha webao )t leavee the dry ere. Alee avary kind vf Mar binary appertaining to the manufur'urv ef eaper, which in point of worhmaeehip and (mA m net aurp? (ran other eetabhahmenl in Una country. A lew number III low in operation in many ef tha beat HNlb,U whom refer, or a will berfren forall mrliciilare. wilt ?vf nG*B k BROOKS Paper Warahonoe, MUkw 81 MhertTetraet IOHN Me< ABE k cO^TTvIEtLTui .NTt^oTFTCK J aa Naaaan at. Rarnecvrae? Hoe. M. H. Orinatll, H. Bravoert, Eoij., W. i irriof, Prof. Keswick, 1 IERA 842. i A M niTDQniW'NJ POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York. Ju 8, llti. We Jure tried the Polishing Paste wade by Mr. Anderson, and find it to be eupenorto anything we luveever used. BOARDMAN k HART, Burlii g Slip. Manufacturers oi' Brit, uma Ware, New York. Jan. to, ispj We hsre tried the Paste an-' Plate Powder mad<- aud sold byMr. T. Anderson, and take pleasure in recommending iliem. a COLtCMAN k STETSON, Aslor House. New York. Jan. it 1813. We have used Mr. Anderson's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder, end find them eery cicelleut for cleat it g stletr and silver plated ware. BALL. TOMPKINS k BLACK, Late Manjuaud It Co., 181 Broadway. Ni w York, March 1. 18l?. We hart used Wm. Acdersvn's Polishing Paste and Plate Powder for cleaning silver and other kinds of ware,and can recommend it with cotifideLce to the public. THOMPSON b FISHER, >71 Pearl street Brooklyn, Feb. It, ISdeg. I h .rensed Mr. Wm. Anderson's Polishing Paste fur >river, brats, and silver plated ware, aud liadit to o- a fir-it rate arti cle. ROBF.KT E. STORY. Saddle aud Harneas Maker. Fnrsa'e wholesale and retail, forexjortation,at manufacturers'prices. by < HA9. H. RINO.SJ Fulton street, corner Cliff. Alto, by BeiMitt, lit Biosdvvay-, one dour shove Bleeder s'lret; Onion, corner Urand and Bowery; Coddinglon, corner lludenn end Spring: Kinds', 77 Kset Broadway. ml? In' FAVVCETT'S NF.W AND ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT FOR FASHIONABLE HAIR CUTTING AND LA1)1 En' HAIR DRESSING. 281 Broadway, upstairs, between Cliauibe rs aud Reade sts, IS uow open for business, where will be fouud among other novelties, THE INVISIBLE WIGS or itenuemeu * real mioa 01 nair. dciuk 'lie laceac anil great* eat improvement iu tlie mai ufac'ure of Wigs and Inlpti and the aub'crilier it happy in beiug the fir?t> to introduce them here. Tli?y diaplay the forehead ai d temple* to any height, a point in wig makirg uerer before attained. They are composed of ventilating or goviamer work. They filouthe head by a mechanical connivance entirely new. They ate put on iu a moment? they 'immediately adapt tkeiurlves to the count*. mu.ce, and at once become part pino patcel ol the living man. i&- loop y the addreaa, 285 Broadway, u/ atair* Price* to anil the timee. ml6 tw* " MARCH OF INTELLECT. GREAT atridi* have bren mid* throughout the world in Steam and aim lit every- branch of agriculture and in the general acience*?then why not theaame iu the healing art. It caunot be the Medical faculty are too narrow in iu Jed, far even they recommend Ring'* Vegetable Cough Candy in all affection* of the luugi, and when they rxprea* thrmselrea, aiy thvy fee noreaaou why auch a pleaaant,pure, and palatable article, ahuuld not ce ip*e tke many numcroua preparation* ikat have been uatd for ye?ra, meiely b-cuuae Galen, Cicero, Ue Medici*. and other writer*, epeak of auch and auch inedicioei. No, no, Ring'a Candy ia a modern inveutiou, and toon re ierea, check* and cure*, aad cannot be prevented from it* onward cuurae by the eDvy and J-hIi u y of a few illiterate Prepared and aold by C.H RING, 6* Kulton atreet, corner of Cliff, and aold by moat drurgiata. mit im* CARDS, BILL-HEADS, &C. CHEAPER THAN EVER. IVORY SURFACE CARDS, of faperiar manufacture I printed and furuiahed at the following REDUCED PRICES : 1 to Ca rdi, 50 cento. 300 do $1 oo 500 do |l 25 1000 do f? 00 CamraouCardial leer price*. Circular*, Ei'lheadi, N olice*. Poatirg and Show Bi|lt, and every deicripi ton of printing evecuted at ahnrt notice, on aa rent'nabfe term* a* any eitabliihment in the city. VISITING CARDS?A viaifing card I late engraved and CO enamelled card* printed for Ft 50, equal to any in thia city Perlumcra, Manufacture/!!, aad Druggtfta' Label* conataatly on hand. BROWNSON It CO., m23 1m* 00 Ovid ?t,uetr Fulton. J AST P. CLAPHAM, CHEMIST, DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY, No. 188 Canal atreet, near Hudaon, I NFORM8 liia friend* and the public that he haa opened the I above atom, with a'choice and well-eelected atock of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, MEDICINES. PERFUMERY, ami a great variety of family article* uniilly aold by the trade. In the dupenaing department, particular attention will be paid, having been iccuftrincd to compounding riiyiiciana' Preacriptioua and Medicine* gen-rally, for the laat aiiteen jrcdii, in one of the ommrrcidllowrii in iiuil in Ihi* city. He ha* c.-nfideLce inaoliciting a ahare of pub'ic upport, plxlginghimadfthat every < > ng aent < ut of hi* atcre ha'l be of the fir*t quality .and pcepored under ha own iuipection,' r a peraon fuify competent,by which mrana he hope* to aecure that patronage he now re?i>ectfully*. Importir uf EngLah chemical*, pickle*, aaurra and ipicei, ftue aele tiainglaa*, Italian macaroni, vermicetla, arrow root, he .wax and aperm candle*, pure erin nil for table aud passage lamp*, perfumery and faucy article*, he. Medicine* prepared with accura- y auddc,patch at any hour of the night. Soda, Soidlitzand Saratoga Water*, he. Cupping, Blee -ing and Tenth Drawing. m23 tw* RINGlSCOUGH CANDY I HE degree of confidence placed in thi* Vegetable Cough Candy by a majority of our phy*ici?nt, ought toiuapir* the like in the mind of every icoptic, who perhap* i* 10 from and performed nothing.. w mi d phyaieiana recommend an article they did not plnee implicit reiiaiioe in Ite virtue,. I Would clergt men and o ner pubi c epeakere (peak publicly of ita delicti ful r>lief, iu lubricating the aie paaaatea and giving the voice a mauiicai inordiukte volume? In una, would every body whohaa tiled it ao alrrnumialy promulgate ita virtjea, hadnotihe aim oat miraculoua effrcla of ita poweiful agency been aeeb I Prepared and aold who'eaile and retail, for exportation, by C. II RING 53 Fulton ?tr?et. corner of Cliff tnl9iia* COAL AND COLDS. rpHK. extreme mildneaa of the weather of late, although it A may have prove d dtiaaUulM in aouie decree to the coal trade haaby no nvana diminial.ed the caeaof COUUHS AND COLDS. Many are now lick^inlhia ci^-^l'rrmi^iha^i^iii acquired by The great remedy of the day ie PEASE'S HOAHHOUND CANDY, which'hae acquired an enviable celebrity lor ita invariable efficacy in the cure of ALL CLASHES OF PULMONARY AFFECTIONS. It ii known by ite fruita?ita good woika tealily for iP?it (lirits? nnlv Itv (hp vinortlinarv rnr?? ' "* IT IIA8~ ACCOMPLISHED. Fold wholeaale ami retail at 45 Diviahui at, QCh F.?eh envelope of the fteouioe Horehound Candy la aigued John Teaae k Son, 45 Dmiion itreet. AGENTS. Ruahtou k Aapinwall, No. 10 Aator Houae, 110 Broadway, and 10 William at. Hart. 278 Broadway; Walah, S8S B-midway: Smith. 233 Greenwich at ; Chaatcrjr, Itoj Bower} ; Brointuah k Young. No. Ill Varickal; Agnew 300 lludaon alrret; (Iwen, No. J Smh Avenue; Wilaou k Co. coiner of Hubert k Greenwich atreet; A. Pa?or, 185 Oreerwich at; Moreton. corner of Elm ?od "rand at; Lewar, corner Church and Chamber al; Handa. 79 Fulton at, and corner of Broadway and Humbert at; Buah, 8t ilen lalaud, liaya, 138 Fulton atreet. B ooklya; Hawla k CO., No. 57 State at, Albany ; Durall, 233 Broad at,, Newark, N. J. ftfJ- AH lettera noil-paid will be punrtnally attended to. J. PEASE k SON,45 Ditiaiou at. N B?Country Merchanta wtrhing Peaai'a rtor-hound Cardy, can obtain it at tlie mat ufacturera, at the loweat nricea by ending an order to any Merchant in tkia city, with wb m they have dealing!. rr2l RING'S VERBENA CREAM AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. THE true teat of the eatuirile merit! of Ring'a Verhena Cream ia fully borne out by the firal premium diploma being eg un awarded by It e judgra at the American luatitute h air held at Nihlo'f. The longer lliia celebrated ahavit g amp ia known, and the more eiteoaively circulated it haabcome, a-rma only to corbrm tbe flattering and uoaolieited teatimoniala it haa received from all pirta of America and Europe. In ' 1 aL? .nnatantli' : nora lair.ct ala>tctir il ia a mirca 1,1 nrnii/l aatiafaeiion that the proprietor haa acrompiiahcd what thouaatula have bean for j tara attempting, m?n 'Finolirat Americanabating ?o?p "which, loreaae, comfort, anil economy, canuot be tnrpaatrd either at home or abroad. [From tlx lie raid.] Hhaviog?Ring'a Verbena Cream for ahaving. ia a moat capital article It can be had at S3 Fulton alreet. We hare Irnd it and found it very ruperior. It aoftena the beard and mahra the operation aa gentle aa monetizing. | From the Boat on Traveller? April. ISM | Vr.riti?r* I mam.?Thia new ghavng r. mmind ia now all the ra^e. ai well emotg t.nioriel profraaora >a among thoae who prefer to gather their own diurnal eropa. The barbent aay that a pot of it I acta twice aa lot g aa the aao e ijurnI tity of an'ither awponaciona pr? paration; wnile thoie whoeaee I their aitnence declare that with the Verbena Cr-nn. a dull razor willinaure a amoother face than moat of the old aoipa with a a harp eteel; brai lea it ia fragr nt to the aenae.aoftennig to the akin, a great deelro) er of f'ethlaa For aale wtoleaale and retail by C. H. llINO, Ch miel and Dmggiat. 51 Fultanatreet. N.V.. n!b. b< w are of unbl inliin* mutational aud obierre the wntieo aienalnre of C. II H'rgnnearh mil tin* SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. rt<HK " American Magic Mtiture" haa bee* hailed aa one of i the grealaat diacorenea 01 the preaant age, and aa long aa ' medical aci'uceriitta. will he roniilered he moat invaluable iliacotery for diaeaaea of the urina-r paaaagea. aa well aa the kidney a and bladder. I la rlfrctaare ahao'uiely effectual in performing a radical eura in ? aho't time, while the ardi ary rentedice take ere? m.mtlia! One d?ae cannot fail to enliat the h?aitaliag and oerr delicate in ite laror. and nut of .he hundreda that hare put iheir faith in it. not oue haa been diaapoointid n<>r dieeovrred while nan g it?it haa aately conveyed all beyond thepalecfauepieion. The " Migic Miiture" haa longatood unrivalled, and haa w itt atood the glittering imagery ?o immpouely and ao uhii'iiiaualy dieplayed by a host bt nnpr i.eiyled imitaIn g quark*. whuee only aim haa been to dupe and drceive the r fortunate Hold by appoi..tu ent it Hing*a drug atore, 53 Fillaa atreet c ir. t.liff. mil | m' SKBRINC'S CORDIAL: 1NDIUF.S I I ON.?Aa thia 11 a very comr> on complaint, in the prea?nt day, whaterer ten ia to a'leviate it i, of public in por'anee For the information of thoae allectrd with it, we publtah the foPowmg re com me n-titioaa cf a Hratoraure ( r.rilitl for it* . C. i>. rri*?. IC* <| . , Dr.AH Kir At tout 1 htttrnmittd c?Df4 of wkirK y O'lf Orml i? eornpoi**. md ht?? n? he<?? lion in a tying Ih Ihry ?rt of the h??l el??? of l"i>"*' JJ the manner pieynred br you. will pro.e hwhlr 1,1 10 Dy.pep.ia, *i.?l roanr othir duwaao. ^ p. Y?ur?, fcc. m Ll^tyllrf,,. I eoneur ?the .bote ""-^^bV.Vu M P ., No Wl Fourth ?mV , Sabring'. Root>rat.?. Cordial <a .old at IW Kul?on^r?l. at f I per bolllr. -? / <ORN ?100 .at k> BOW laadiac from ahip Cmiiia. ol Naw ; ^ ?rl?*' Ur ,x!, bT KISflAM. ITOMEICO.. I .1..1I Wdtr HwV LD. I'.-flf PrtM Vw? C*aii otrit Kike in Columbus, Geo ?Tliere was a laie? lire null au extensive loss of property in Columbus, on the lbth in*t. It is impossible to give ihe amount of the loss which the city has suffered hv this conflagration? probably not far from #100,000. 1 h? principal sufferers, he fur as ascertained, are the following : Col. S. Jonea, Mr. Ayrea, Mr. Margrave*, Messrs Locke, Amna, Creij/hion,Sherwood, Well* At lludgins, Mctlougb &. llrews, Moore At llodget, Kitea At. Illges, Mr Abbott, KoUhii au At Choate, Mmwell At Hilling, Mulford fc Ad ail)'. Some few of the above were inured partially, and perhaps one or two of ihem entirely. Navigation in IVhnsvlvania -The Harrisbarg Reporter of the 18th iust. says?"The Susquehannu M at a fine stage of water tor getting the products of its borders to the sea hi ard. Vast quuntities of t.ruber, lumber, shingles, coal, Ate have have passed thin place vvithm the last few days,and prices range lower than for several years past. The trade o-i the canal is increasing every day, notwithstanding ita early opening took those " who follow it" by lurpr se. _ Mu.itaiiv Movement?The Charles Wirgm&m arrived at New Orleans on the Dth inst from Cedar Keys, K. F., with the following i ffeers aad companies of the 6th irgiment U. S. Inlautry, on tbeir way to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. OrvicKKs? Wm Hoffman, Major 6th Infantry; 0 McCormick', Assistant Surgeon U. SA.;G L>orr, Captain 6th Infantiy; A Cady, Captain, Sixth infantry; S llandiii ksou, First Lieutenant 6th Infantry; J D Bacon, 2d Lieut, do; FF Flint, 2d Lieut r * ? * " . . ? . - _ ?? ? ? nrevei M Lirut. do. companies a, H and K, consist jar of on? hundred and ninety-one men. Mexicaji Items.?A new tariff Jaw end cu?(rn? house regu atious had been agreed on by the Mexican cimmissirnere appointed for that purpose, and would soon be published. Nearly all ihe Mexican cabinet hare resigned, The loss o| Gen. Torneil is a blow to .Santa Anna. Gen. Valencia has been lemortd, on pretence of his being engaged in a ecnppiraey. It was lountl that he would be shot. Santa Anna has issued an order forbidding the payment of oil debts by the National Treasury, except the English claim, and what is called the tobucco fund. More Locomotives roREusori.?The Baptist Mezick, which is about to sail from I'hiladelpkift for Antwerp, w ill take out four of Norris'e celebrated locomotive engines and other machinery, the invoice of which amounts to $3S,000 These engines are part of aPrussian order for the Berlin and Frankfort railway. | I Another Tornado.?By a letter from Napo'eon, Aikan a , wc learn that town bat been recently visited by a severe tornado, which nccai-ionod much damage. A large two stoiy brick dwelling, owned by Ilyan Sr. Waldren, was copletely demolished. The wharf boat at the upper landing, kept by Symonds k Grear, had all above its decks swept away. Tka roof of the Napoleon Hotel, occupied by Starr k Skiel, and owned by Ryan k Waldron, was alio blown away. Some light planks whieh were piled up in front o( the ware house of Ryan tfc. WaldroD, were blown about like so much silk paper. Several small houses were injured and destroyed, but singular to relate, notwithstanding this fierce strife of the elements took place at about half past two o'clock A. M. not a single life was lost. The wind at the time was blowing up and down the river, and caused the river to be tnueh agitated. Home Squadron.?The Ganges, at Boston, pas" ed on the 19th iiut. latitude 41 20, longitude 6t>^, the frigate ' Columbia, from Boston, steering E. 8 E. TO arORTdMEN ?Valuable Worts,just rectivtdby the subscriber. M ,. , . . ? The Sportsmen'f Repository; a cfhighlf Luished engravings, representing the Horse and the Dot, on? telwm? "ttiitisb Field Sport-.s?embraeirg Practical Instruct ions in Shooiing, Hunting, Courtiug, Cochins, h i.hiue, kc as. I ^IVe Field?Book; or Sports aad Pastimes of the British 1 Islanca. with i>l -les, I vol cloth. . , PltrceKgan's Bonk of Sports, and Mirror of Life, with nunaer.ine rnsr.TiiKt, 8?<> boards. . TheKciJanl the tiiui. beinstwo treatises on Angliug, and Bboiiinc, with p'ntea, Htno cloth. The Shooter's Companion, by T. B. Johniou, wi'.h aplendus cue raving*, tamo, bound. How to Buy n llorir I neat volume, 12mo. cloili. EDMUND BALDWIN, iim Broadway. mOT Steod Mil 2Ph Is 8Sth* _ A PPulNlfcU Cii v AOkl.NTS.-Th. fotlowjnj eatabA liahmentf hare been appointed to sell LLIKF.HIIOH n THHUIPHKHOUS, OR MEDICATED COMPOl ND. for the Human Hair ? Mrs. Hotblacb, Curl Store. Broadway. King. Bo. keellrr, Fulton street. J B ?odd, Urirsut. Broadway, eornrr of Bl-eker. Wm. Mill or. Drugs at. Broadway corn-r of John at. Mesare. Field It Miller, Druggiet., Third Arenue corner ol "Hsrviaoa. Broadway corner of Grand at. J. Jones, Hair Dresser. Fultcna reel, Brooklyn ... And ol the nuentornnd proprietor. Professor C lirenugh, at his rooms. U07 Brosdwar, corner of Fulton si. Priee $1 per b file. All o'.hers are counterfeit, m 13 eod( t ?? . FTAVASA?MrtH WF.WTS BOARUINl. HULHE I? I H removed to thet'nlle San Pedro, Noti" eufrente da Isi Ma hint." By this Utter direction the building u knownito All aoaimen.coicniiiro, pirncn w<t mm uih ui mi uiu?i cuuapi:uoui points of the lily. The extensive alteration* and repair* upon thif hbuee having been completed, Mri, W. has the satisfaction of offering to it range re viiiling Havana, an eatabliabinent far super tor in it* location to any thing of the kind ever before knot** 1a the city. It ia aituate direcilv "win the Bay. and command* an itenaire eiewtf the entire harbor, with the adjacent country,, own*, eillaee*. kc.' (Xf- Paaaeugera tor Havana miist obtain a paeap-'rt from, or >nc verified by. a Spanish <'oneul, which,on arrival, i* taken by the boarding ulitre re to the (iovrrnmeai Houee, where, in sonlormity therewith, a permit to lend with baggage, kc ha* to be proetired by some reeident of the piece. Tareoua deetroui of going to Mre. Weet'a houee, will plena* bear in mind that thif aerviee will be promptly rendered them by the Clerk who viaite all veeaeli With passengers. ae Hon. <e Ihey enter the harbor. Havana. Dee.M. 1S41. ngteod ln> HOBfc'tt PAt KNl .vThTTALTc sITrUt KXTKMtllJN UlNINfJ TA BLKS?These Tablee are deeidedly *uperior to all other Kateneion Dining Tablee that hive evet been made, and are therefore recommended te public alien tion. The difficulty attending tnoae of former construction in opening and shutting. ia wellknown, and haa do -e much lo limit their use: but all thoee difficulties hive k ; n remedied in ths Patent Titles, as the elides herein used nave mi tallic eennectiona of a particular construction, and are not liable to mn heavy on account of the alternate swelling and shrinking of the wood, in d imp and dry weather. Tliovr tables atwaya run eaev,whether they be placed in the hottest parlour, wliere the wood frequently warpe, or in a damp place, and arc therefore to be revommunded also fir the use ot steambo il??they are besides a more etdeudtd ami more durable article than any before mamific urrd?are made in aJI deeirable forms and pat tern*. ?D(I Ml uny imp; II r?'|iiirru The (>ur>lie it respectfully invited to rail at the vvareroow of the lutucribrr. No. )40 ft rind. corner of Kim street,in the new large building ol the New Vork fublic School Society where the ar:icle may be eiam iied. ? infoil* ' I1. linDK . I i TMMBMI I'OK TtlhV. H. UKV i)0< K, BKOOKLYN'. i healed Fr i?nela Will be received ?t the office of Um Nary Agent, New Vork, unlil Hie lit d?T el April, for furaishtgat the U. ?. N?*y Yard, Brooklyn, the following litnbo Mank for Ik* fnuHdatioin of the Drjr f)-rk. vie 1*00 iprmr pilri of leiuth varviug 'rom 21 toll f?el?to e??r If, on I le.a than V Iwl , ?nd to bo not loo. thaa 11 '.ad to eeerwte *11"'1 ,a inch" in diameter, 4 feet from Ike butt, eielu.iee ol the berk. 1,000 luteil loot white pise timber, foot square for floor timj ,9^00*lineal fret while pine do, 1 foot by I foot 3 inchea squarefor lleir limber*. 141.000 feel board measure of 3 inch white pine plank for floor inf. feel hoard measure of t inch yellow pine plank for aheet peliuk. AH the aho*e timber and plank to be of perfectly found aod Itirahlc quality. The apruce pilea to be aa ?tmight aa ran be procured, and in all reaperte prepared for sharpening and driving. The white |?ii? timber to be free from ehtkes and largocnota?to be aawed (freight and square edged to tlx iliu.snaiona abort |iven, and of tha following length*, an: one half ol each lot to be in alicka 23.31.90 and 31 feel long. The remain ag half ol each lot ia etn I a It, 37. 40 and t3 feet I >ng,?thw lumber of lineal feit of eat h tonpih to he nearly the sane. The white pine plank to he entirely fr?e from Urge knots? tqaaere rdged?ia fenglha of 31. 34, V. 30. liorM feet?toaro race not leaf ihan 27 feet, and in widtka Irum 10 to IS. to aro Me not Inu than IX T^e Tallow pine plank to be airtight and aquare cjged, auitabla for dt itiok aa aheet ; iliug in length* er II or 9* laet, ami n aridth from II to 11 inehea?to arirap no. Iraa than 111* the#. All the abort timber and plank to b? dalirarak on aurh wharf >r wharf* within the Nary Yartlaa may ha designated by tha Knjiaur of lha Uly Dork aubjert to tha inspection and approval of aurh person aa he map aelect. i'hr pilra to he nrliy red ta aurh quantities and at aurh timra telnpea the lal day of July and the ISthday of October an nay be requited by the Nary Agent, he (inn* not leaa than I areata notice. The white pine timber to be delirered between the tat day if September ai.d Jltl day of Oc'oher, and _ The whita and yellow piae plank between tha I at October end Both November. .l The artpoeale will atate the price per atirk for the palre-? >ercahie Font for the white piae limber, and per foul board measure, for the 3and! pine plank. . The richt i? reaerred to aaei<n leer1 than the whole quantity tf each kmJ of Umber to any one.bidder?end ellera will be eeeirod for anr portion of eitherkiad. rrofio*tlj lo >adonM, for Tinfc?r, for Dry 'jf.^AgenTi Jlftt. Naw York, Jai . Id, IMX. ^ MOBtRTC. WKTMORK, Ntry Agent JI ItawtAlat . /^tOAL YARO FO l,r.A8K.-THe Clinton l^oal Yard. No. I 1ST Monroe aire t, with OIRce, Stable, and lha Yard meed The -d?erli?er will alirml daily at II o'clock, A. M at AY II,I.IA.WS * FKUOUAON'S comer ol Madmen and Jefferaoa lire elf. ml eod tw_*_ T'Hf. TKF.TH?The TEETH?The neat mineral teeth iaaerted frcai a aintle tooth to an entire net, with hit!# or no pain. Looee leeth aecurely fattened: carton# leeth nlled; ulcerated rntaor terth attracted; leothaeke cured, and the beat idiifaafh ?oAl L?l)r Ru.kir. gs Murray alrret. It era e??h; cwarfra modrr.t'a All nparalaooa warrant*!, ml# rod I V ntt. DATIU L. ROOtKA. haa ntamd to tha tt f, afl? r*a<aan?d Kxa profa wtaul baauaasa it M I road w a* ml lm*

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