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March 25, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH 1. Tll^Ia. 9 -WktU 3037. .WW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKET* To aaD fram Naw York on lh? Uth. tod Lirarpool oa tha llth a'aocA aaonM, & Jfo Jtb ^aosaNaw . Skip RO8CIU8, Captain JohnCotkna?*? Ship BIDDONR.CapiHin E B Cobl., a?thi AgR. Ship SHERIDAN. C?pu.a, E. A. U?pay?t?r,S?lh May. SkioOARRlCli, Cat>iau> Wm. HkxUy.Htta J ana. ' From Livaaraat.. as S!^^vdtt-^A8k&:riu:'AM.iUrek 2M" ft A W.&EmEJ 2.7;. b^^S wt i. stores will b. KSTiStJ W>?? >Hi>>? " commanded by eaperienced maa^wbowiil make awry eaertion to pii general aabalac '^SuyJoi th^iMwiUb??^r?g? armed, and thairpeeu instruction girea them aecunly not poaeeaeed by any other Letter* by the packete will ba charged raj eeuta peraiugl# heat: W eeaUparouace. end newepapera 1 cent eath. ml LOUISIANA jSbS^WWTSKI^nI or TACfKTB J||> J> |S 4 roWStoTter aceoImmlKtioo oHhipIEra, it Jinteuded to deepatch a ehip from thia port oa the 1st. Stly toth, 15th, lotb aaTdSth of each month, commencing the 10th Oelobar, f~oio?>..o until M'y, when regular daye will be appointed foi the nemainJer ol the year, "wliereby great delaya arid dump oointbienta will be prerented during the auiniaer naoatla. The following ahipa will commence ttna arrangemeat :? Ship YAZOO, Cent. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt J*thiol . Ship MlSSlSSirPlXajt. Hilliard. Ship LOIMSVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SHAK8PEARE, Capt. Miner. ol:L A/'MITI diW k\ I .ant l.sSVllt. Ship NASHVILLE', Capt. Dichineon. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt "SuwKt. SkiD LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. Tut ebioa were aft built iu the eity of New York, e?preeelyforpackeU. are of a litrht draft of water, hare recent fa been newly coppered and put in evleudid order, with accommodation! for ?een*ere unequalled lor eomfort. They are commanded & experienced matter*. who will make erery eiertton to glee menl ntUfactien.. They will at all Umea be towed up and down the MU?ii?ipP*by iieaniboat*. Neither the owner* or caiitami of thee* ehipe will be reeponeible for jewelry, bulKop jireeion s * tonei, ail rer, or plated ware, or for lay fatten, par eel or package, aent by or put e - board of them, unlee* regular bill* of lading are taken fortneeome, and the value thereon ean-eaeed Fortnight orfcC0 M flouth . ,.)0r JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orlewa, who will promptly forward all roodii to his addreae. The ehipe of thie Hue are warranted to aail punctaioly aa ad! rartiied and great can will be takeu to here the goods correct fa mcaound. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. f are reduced to *8 canto. From the foot of Courtlandtetreet, New York(Erery day?SendayeeicepUd.) LeareeNew York. Lean Newark At! A. M. At! P.Mr. At 8 A. m. At I* P.M. II do 4 do 8, do 8f do 4| do 18| do 8 do T do 18 do ON SUNDAYS. From tha foot ol Liberty etreet. ? Leave New York. u?? newar*. At * A M.tad 44 P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. NRWkORK, EUZABETHTOWN, RAH WAY AN? NEW BRUNSWICK. From the foot of Liberty atreet.daijy. i Uire New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At I A.M. At Tl A.M. 41 P. If. I P. M. BOMERVILLE ebttea connect with theae linea each way. Kw* between N?w York and Sorajrville. <0 centa. Do do New Bnmawiek, T? era la. Rah way, 40 centa. EMmbetntown, S3 centa. The fare in the T) A. M. train from New Bnmawiek, and 41 Pll. train from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Bnmawiek to 40 centa. " and Rahway to (Ti " The PoBadelphia mnitime paaeeethroughNewBrunewiek for New York every evening at to'cleck. Oo Sunday a the Tj A.M. trip from New Bnmawiek ia omitPaeaeogere who preenre their ticketaat the ticketoilce.reonive a ferry ticketyratia. Tickataare received by tbecocductor ante en the day when ourchaaed. fell l la* ?ie ? 'H' balti - - - - * a?4i_ ?til l-- r 1_J Freight! lor the w??i anu ???,, .... ?c ^ ^ ^S^tranepjortjitnB cfflce of the Company, No. I Dock it Merchant! are reepectfelly iaformed (hat all goode conaigaed to the company will be forwarded with the u ton oat dieratch to any point weat or aooth. Freight reacliea Baltimore the aame dry it leavca Phila4?lA|aT The trail line for th' weetvnd oouth leavee Do< k atreet dailv at half-paat an o'clock A M. by a team beat HO BERT MORRIS. Ptaae^era will reich Baltimore at 1 o'clock, two houra pravieua to thx departure of the I'tine f-r the acuthweat. ^ ^ .W. L. ABHMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia, Ma. Hit mHlm HAli-.tO.' D NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. mil eocagi iffl NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK rrH? NEWJKRSfcY Rai'road and Trmeportation tYmX pony hare eatabliahed a Knight Line between New Rru^awick and New York, which they intend to run perma" Lea'vinr New Brnnawick at AM. dailtr, (Sundaya excepted) and the foot of Liberty atieet. New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealera ami m vie haute tha above line la aery doairabie for the apeedy and cheap conveyance of merchandiie of every deaeriptiou. and more particularly to Drover* and Dialer* in Live Stock, v, ha cau hare ISO head of cattle conveyed between New Biuuawick and New hork, the aame day, when* ver required. Tha ratea for the traraportation of cattle, hn'reg, raulee, abetp, hoge, Ac., and all other kind! of menhmdiae are very low, nevea exceeding at< ar.boat pricea. Merchandiae aent by thia line n not aubjectad to any extra charge in crotaiug the North River. The Compan* have A-ti d up a-large atnrehouae at New Brunawick adjoining tne Kailruad Depot, which will aluaye be open for the receptiou of mere hand tee. Paaaengera. pu'cl aetug thtir ticktta at the ticket ofllcra, will receive ferry ticketa gr.itla. mil 3m* \1 OTICE,?On and after April lat, 184-2, the commutation fare in tha car* of the New Jeraey Railroad and Traueportation Company, between New kork and the varioue placei on the line of the railroad, hae been reduced (including ferry) to $75 |erannum, and $50 for ail moulha. mis tin* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITF8BVRO. v-yfr^-jmiuwwV ^iTLiJr ifliU?aBas BINOHAH'I LIME. The protmletore ol Blaghom'a Tranaportati-n Lin* to Tittiburg, |i<( notice to the Merchaotaof New York, am) all olhtr peraona a opt mg to the Weal, that their line ia now ia active operation. Uooda conaijned to them (or aent to go in (heir Hoe.) will be forwarded with drapttch. Owuera or ahipcera or gooda. detlined for the Weatern Stalea, who I are no agent or eonaignee *,1 Pittahorg, will pleate conaian their g-ode to William Bingham. Pittaburg, who will attend to shipping all auch couaignmenta without dally All good* ihou'd he marked d atinclly on each package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ratea of freight, which are u low aa any other line. Apply to WM. TkSON, Agent, No 9 Weat street oTpoaiU Pier No. ?. N. R. M. B.?Paaaengert forwarded to P ttaburg and Tot'iTille, eery day, Sunday a etopted. Refer to It.Crooka, American Fur Co.: S T. Nicoll, Front atrert: Phelge, Dodge h Co. Knllon atreet; Suydam, ci^r w n.. r? in IMIKIII. Klirjeraii n.illWM' HI ?! STATEN ISLAND FKKR1T._^ Fool of Whitehall ISLANDER or SAMSON will mo ? follow* until further aotica :? Letre* Stolen Liliunl Lwii Whitehall At ( o'clock a.m. At i o'el?:k a.m. "11 " " 11 " i( " r.M " H " " ? " 14 t * N. B. All food* ehipTied ore required lo be particularly mrtid mil *r? ?t 'he r^h of the nwrnere thereof. ol * NEWARK AND NEW YORK. _ Fore Only 111 Cento. jMQ /OSF Th- ?iJrei!H Mil) com mod Mine oteemer ^'mJp PA9SAM , Cep'.atu Ji hn Oalfy, being cmnjB^ZBS-K.rlrtfly e>d elegantly related, will cammrnce her regular 'ripe f< r the aeaaeo, on Tliuriday, March 10th,? letrioc a* follow a:? Foot ol Borclny ?t .New York Centre Market, Newark. 10 o'clock, A. M. 71 o'cleek, A.M. 4 o'clock. P. M. l( o'clock. P. M. Freight ofeTtry description eerrie I at eery reduced rate*. t?W* T. fOWELL k (JO 'S LINE. ^S&?2* W'KLL H. * wEST ' Ki I NT ' V U COLU 2B3H3E,8FRINO?The steamboat HIGHLANDER C'apt. Robert Wardrop, wiU leoe* the loot of Warren etreet hew York, every Monday. Tlri ?Jay and Saturday afternoon'e t 4 o'clock. Returning,the Htati,nwr will ? >* .aewhurgh arory Monday morning at!o'clock, ana i'ueedayand Friday afternoon at I o'clock. . _ rorfreifh'orn??"l(?.?PFlF fboard. t N. B. At i biai|< and freight of eterti deacrirtior, bank bBWorapacia.puroaboardtkiaboat.muitbe atthe riakof tha mart thereof,unltaa a bill of lading orraeaiptii eigned for ibaaa? "M SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Mi FOR SHREWSBURY and RF.T) BANK. ?Oa and after Saturday, March 12, IMA, th? 3BE3BOK.-Steamer OfllRIS.Captain Allaire, wi'l leara New York rrrry Tueedny. Thnraday, and Saturday, at I alo-k. A. M. Reiitrnmg, lean Red Bank ererr Monday at o'clock, and Tuaaday nod Thuraday at 18 o'clock, nooa. i LARIFIED STRUTS AND HUG Alt HoUsF, V1(? * c LASiES of a tu.ierior Quality, for family line, far rale low, at the augar reftne'ry, 28 Leonard at n 28 It' loHN MoCABfc k i\u*k InTKLLiOLNt fcUFTPT J MNaaaaoat. Rerannrrrre?Hon. M. H. Qrinacll, H. Beeroort. Rag , W. lit mg, Prof. Rente iefc. yB La' BSBBBBSSSSEEEBSBSBBBHBaBSeSBES E NE N CHARLES S. ROVVELL, DE1TAL gURQKOIV, N?. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW-YORK. <? ! * LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PAT1NT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE aia CITY HOTEL. GllEAT BARGAINS IN CARPETS. J. H. LOUNSBERY & CO, NEW CAVPET STORE, 440 PEARL STREET. DK8PF.CT FULLY make it known to Ibeir friendi ?ad the IV public, ihatthty h^vjuit npeaed an eatentive assortment of English, Brussels,Tluree Ply, Ingrain and Venetian Carpeting. Floor Oil Cloth, from S to St feet* ide. Drugget's Baiie?,Tutted and other Rugs. Malta, Table and Pruio Covers, Transparent Window Shades, together with every article in the trade, too umaroui to tuenion. W? challenge competition an la price,quality and putltrua. A call iooolieiud before purchasing. N. B.?The pub ic wi.l be fu'ly satisfied that thia if the r.heapstl caah carpet ftore in the city. J,H LOUNSBERY It CO , 113 Jw* 440 Pearl itreet~ ARTIFICIAL TEETH. 014 TH* PRIWClPLr or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyy.) Having lately loat tw > bicuspidati teeth. I called on.Mr Lcvett to aupply their placta with artificial ones, and it affords ma much pleaiure to testily to hi, skill and ability at a DantJit; indeed, I have > ever seen teeth tleed and fi ted with more ixactnesa, and at the same time willt It painful pressure ou the rum*. I cheerfully rrcomuiend that gentleman to the earecia) notice of the medical profession, aa Well aa to ike public, feeling atiatied from my own eaperience that they may confidently rely on hie skill in his profession. (Signed) GRANVILLE 8. PATTISOW. M D. Professor of Anatomy, University of New Yerk. February 1311 , 1841. The original can be seen at Mr. Levett's 9<0 Brotdwiy, eorner.of Wirren street nilfllin' .i a >THIAU?i,h I . e.r BAIN iAJttl/ f 1 LAW. GENTLEMEN wishing to be discharged from I heir debts, under this lew. ere turned to call ou W SKIDMORE, Attorney at Law, 78 Naaaau atreet. All other kinda of law business atao attended to. Charge* moderate. 110 9in* THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORK. fHALON.Iate of Chatham Square, new of 914 Hioadway' haa again taken the lirat Premium for the be? tepee, men of WIGS AND SCALPS. A CONVINCING proof, if any were wanting, that native ingenuity ia appreciated before foreign boasting and humbug, an the opinion of three of the oldeat and heat jndgea in the proleaaion in New York can teatiir. The pubHe can now judge from the premiums, via. the silver medal laet rear, and (be first premium thia, awarded by the American Institute, who ia or ia not the beat Wig maher. E. Phaloo respectfully inritea all judgea and wearers to examine hie premium ire pro end Goeaamer Wig, which, far eurpaaaing elegance, cieee re aeablance to nature ud beauty of meohanicaT atructure, may be regarded aa one of the greatest master pieces of art trer produced in the world. . B.?Thia splendid vaig weighs little over half an ounea, tMightest axar known. Manufacturer and proprietor of Phalon'aeelebrntod ANTI DANDRUFF, for rtmoving th? dander completely from the head, nad a thor ouehcleauer of the urfoce anH hair c.f the hesd hut IsatM gloaey and iilky appearance to the H A)R. Obeerre, dom n genuine unleM signed by me in ink. ...... . . EDWARD PHALON. Applied en the preyniset for as cent*. ml lm* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. 130 Naseau elreet, having an entire new . i lock of Blading Tool* and Ruling Machinery, of the lateetand moot approved pattern*, i* now prepared to execute all order* in the meet durable and handsome Dimmer. Merchant* Account Book* and all other kiuda ef Blank work ruled and bound te any pattern, in a style that is war* ranted t grve (atiafection. Any work ordered can be don* in the English mode if required,a* H. 1. ha* hadlong txpeiienc* in both method*. FOR SALE?Two secondhand Copperplate Prenee. Apply * above. mlllm CARPETING, CARPETING. THE lubicriber* hare receired a new *?dtresh stock of A goods lor the "Spring Trad*," consisting of Bru'iels Three Ply, interline, fine, common, hall and stair Carpeting. Rugs, Mertinrr, English and American Oil Cloths, from X to 30 feet in width, containing the lateat aud most fashionable I atterns and eolcr* the market affords, which they offer to the public at the I meet" Cash Price* " Persons wishing to purchase, would do well to,call Mid examine ourstock previmie to purchasing. WEBB St MANNING, <92 Fesri ft, If In 3d Carpet Store from Chatham. NOTICE TO BIT V HUM Ow CABINET FURNflTURE. rpHE aubaerlher would inrite the attention of thoee wiab1 tog to pure he* e article* in the abore buatneaa, to hie e?tablishment, where ie to be fouud a rieh assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other pattern*, one of which are uot to be found elaewhere, being entirely original. Aleo, handsome rioh gilt liornicee for Window*, Pole* and Ring* ; together w lib Damasks, Galloons and Tassels. anderery article attached t* curtains, whioh will be made in the latest style from pattern* lately received. N.B. Particular attention paid to the biting up of Ottomans, FireBcreens, and other fancy articles, wiih embroid ered tapestry. WASHINGTON MECKS, dt?-*m 116 Broadway, neat the Hospital. WIGS AND SUAITPST THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, VRE TO BI FOUND AT A. C. BARRY'S, lt? Broadway, corner of I ibertv street, up stair*. Vy IOS an! Scalps, upon the beautifying and gossamer syi? * tern, approximating the nearest of any yet manufactured te the natural head of hair?first premium. AI?o. maoufactur ed from ladies' and gentlemen's hair, not lest than twa inchra long, necklace), bracele't. earn,ge, watch guards, ring*, aud hair work ot every description. ml* nu* CARPETING, CARPETING. T'HE Subscriber is now imening hi Spnn; asaortment of Carpeting, consiating of Bruasell, three ply, snpeifine and Sne Ingrain; an asaortment not snrpassed in this city for variety of 'yles, (inures, lie. These gojd* hare been ordered eiprrasiy for the 9,iring trade. The sierlrat ra-e In, bee* observed in maki g selections ol such goods u e*a be confidently lecommcuaed for durability and permanency ef colot*> kc, Alto, a large assortment of the different kind* of Hall and Staii Carj eting Tufted door Rug*. Door Mvi, lie. Alto a ban some ?**ortm*ut of Tainted Kloor Cloth*, all width*. ... ? , . , Famile* about purchasing any or the above dcieribed good* are respectfully invited to eall. K CHARLES HICKS, mil lm* 71 E*?t Broad way, 71 Di*'*iou-*t. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Subacrib'r i* now opening hi* Spring ?u[p'y of HARDWARE k CUTLERt , received per late arrival*, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general a* sort me ut of f) omr*tic Uooda. which he ia prepared to offer at thevtry LOWEST CASH TRICES. The attention ef Country Merchant*, Builder*, Cabinet Maker*, ke., I* eolieited to *n rumination of hi* atoch and price* an h* i* confident they will dud it to their inter* t tn favor him with * call. ALFRED F. LAdRAVK, 310 Oreenwith corner Barrlay, New York. A regular *upply el FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooper* (Hue. A l*o?a complete anaortment ol Mtcheuic* Tool*. J am e* Screw*, kc. ml 3m' notL: l6aL!! sELlIn'O oh'P ATCoST-Th? real Teach Orchard. Red Ash of all use*. Yarc 104 Wathington itreet.ncar Spring. d<3 )m" JAR ul.TYK ntall rontinue* to treat *erret disease* -ol *11 L7 kind*, with unrivalled akill and surpiaamg judgment, which th enabled him to effect a speedy and permanent cure, even thole case* wInch have been aggravated by the pernicious and nauseating use of mrrrnrr. baliam cay avia. spirit* of nitre.'ke., and all aueh disagreeable and uadermii.iug medi ei'e*. which fend* to enervate and destroy the constitution. Hie medicine i* mild and will not disagree with the most fa* ticioi,* and delicate constitution?hi* Frenc-i red drop is now wrllku?wn for i'? evtraoidinar* virtaee. ? rnri-- <k. ?? noxioue ?ad deplorable caeca Ttrma moil rate?aajYal", M Wut Broadway. near t anal street. mil |m? KALSuMTnE POINTING, forBenu.^Tlfeonom r,t>urability, advantages evar every other ijrirn of Paiutrig. a* it li free from all uapleanawt email, retaining all ita brilliancy of coior, and ia applied in moeh leoa ime than Oil Painting, it it well ad a; Inl for walla, ceilinu, or any in ide work; cburchca,public buildingt, and ilccoratira work in gene nil. Applied by JOSEPH PEARSON. No. Ml Broadway, cor. of Broome atreet. New York, who wiM give fe b< at reference, and all informationreapecting the lame. Wore promptly executed by applying aa above, either in the city or country. ail I m* PHh.Ull'M KaZOR o rktlP?Eiret Priaaium wna awarded by the American Inaiilute, at (he lata aa well aa aach proceeding Fair, to tiaoigc Saunder*. 1X3 Broadway, fnr th beat Raior Strop. The Metaiie Tablet, invented by (J. Saundrra, haa been retabliehed fur the laat twenty-Ave yearn, and certificated by the firat genll'men oft he country. It pro dncea athin anil aiaooth edge on a rator with m ire rertaiuty than it eaa be done <* a hone ia a tenth part of the time, without I he uae of oil or water?* hich any pere >a caa prove by bringing a dull raxor a hating it put ui order on one ol the Tableta. 1?3 Broad _ mU 1m* U'LUHIbA FUND9?Union Bang and Scd'hern Truet, r bought at N. SISTARfc'S, IS Wall atreet United Statea Bank note*, lllinoia do, Michigan, Indiana, IIFnoit Scrip, b ught andnoid. ml8* nK.RLTN' I KON t AS njffj.4?t oneialmg o'fra r.-?,frnilrr?, " and auminer nrtemente, ol auparior manufacture, to doee , , ^StfLKlCHS k KRTTOER, mj im? ?l Broad iiwtt. VI EUH AL CARD?Da. to^rea, No. It UtffM, near iVl Chatham ?t. (till afford* rain I to the electedof both Ml ??. He may he al wave tpiieuhcJ, with the utmoot rooffdener. m the worel run of defeate dioeaaM. mereurtel atfcrtjniw, and the nnmerimw ayraptowie arm of from thio diaeaao. From Dr. ('"a eitmaire practice lor the laat eifkt jroara la tha partieater braueh of the profeeaiott. fiartoteeo a eele, ?roed.y and ,ffr-r<ire cure to all (irraooe who epfdjr to '** Rectal imn eared ta a few day* without the oae of taereawy Or aay other taaaarotm medinrin* No n?t?rr?peiee from httaaneaa, or alt? ration to the made of liria*. All whnet aaaoa hau beta pro ss? zjssz?it?att?i rata?attondaace from T m the caeentni tlllapl. Offtoe M Duancit. ,**1** W YO EW YORK. FRIDAY MO] PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN h SONS, Srsrgeon Dentiats, Ne. 37'i Broadway, and at Loudon and Paria .ntorm the Public of New Yotk.and itsncinity, that in consequence I their eery extensive practice, they hare, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Eftabliahment, where they may be consulted at No. 37J Broadway between Franklin aud White itreeta, in all caaei appertaining to their nrofesai?u. in which they hare beeu so sncessful, in consequence of their celebrated diicoverie* and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Modi. Mallan return* thanks for the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mona. M.'t improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mon*. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth, however large or small the cavity \ makings stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are (irmly fixed without wires or llga tures?no balky substance in the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity oi snape am minutest snaaeoi color, riacea irom one to complete let, upon the nbova imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose ot Mastication ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sum and scientific rae'hod. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mellon is happy in being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of j the first families of the United States, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafession, Clergy and private | Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of I Mons. M.'s celebratad Mineral in preference to any ather j they have ever tried, and, in their opinion, the best that i ever came under their notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Atlendedby Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Esta- | bliahment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to I see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: Maebee, May lth,1841. Dear Sir,?Afterhaving tried the Arcilicial Teeth which ; you made for me, 1 canuot do you lest Justice than to I acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to say they answer every purpose of aaticatioa and Articulation . equal to those placed by thehanJs of nature. They so closely 1 resemble the uaturaloues in the minutest shade of color and shape,that they we uot lnceined as being artificial by thecloseit observers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, lean give adtcidel opinion of its valuable qualities. You may use this letter ill any way you thiol proper, for ths benefit of the public and yourself, lam.dearsir^your* truly, THOS. FAKQUKs, Manuel Carmelit. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist. 17] Broadway, This gentleman u known at II* Broadway, and at Prims Ward k king's. MONS? MALLAN, ITS Broadway. SIR?I feel it a pleasure to be able to offer you my testimony , in behalf of your celebrated miners!. During my lata residence in Pans ! called at voor establishment in the Rue Castiglione, and having had some teetbhlled with your mineral, 1 can oihy say that I have had every reaaon to be satisfied with I its utility and value, end never in the I east degree eiperienced any inconvenience or injury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mons. Mallan I saw several testimonials of ths highest character, all expressing the fullest confidence in its great benefit ond rnluc. As far as 1 am enabled to judge,I considered it then, and still consider it. to be the best preparation of the kinel ever oHlied to the public. I am,sir,respectfully,yourobedienBUerVoao,.uVfNoaToN 111 Greenwich street,near FcrlGausevoort. iniw ior*,.TUT *1,1011. Mon?. MALLAN k RON 9, Surgeon Deutiat*, may be c meulttd daily at ITS Broadway between Franklin and Whit* ?t?..eaat aide. m33 im*W SPRING FASHIONS. rpHE (ubfcriberdeeirei the attention of itraugeri and other* J- to hi* large and extenaive aaeortment of etoeki, acarfa, craeata. ready made linen and mutiln ihirtt, pocket kerehiafi; ilk, merino, and 'am be wool ihirta and drawer*; aueptndtre, glove*, hoeirry.kc. Itc. It ia the intention of the aubecribtr to nay naiticnlar attention ia (electing the moot cheat# and laih lonable pattern* of acarfi and cravat*. Hi* aaaortment will al waya be ft und varied and ettenaire. Theaubacribcr continue* the manufacture of kiaceitbraitd Elaetic Stock*. OentUmen may drpeodon being luited by calling at the o'd e*tab|i?hment Ml Broadway, between Murray atreet and Park Place, ml* to' PARSELL8, agent far J Agate. SWAN'S ATMOSPHERIC SuDA FOUNTAIN, U 8. LETTERS PATENT. NO P. Jd. IMS. A/rANUKACTUBED BY 8WAN It WELLS, DRUOJVl G18T8, ROCHESTER, N Y -The attentiou of Drugpiatr.knd other Teadera of Soda Water, ia solicited to this uaeful and tconom eil aabititute (">r the expenaiv*, complicated, and troubletome apparatua heretofore id tee. The advantage* of tf e Aimoii heric Fountain over the old roe'lied, are the economy of He Appai atna, tiie original coat to the t>urchaa>r being leaa than one quarter that otihe old Fountain iU simplicity o' conatruetiou beiig auch, thatauy one o( ordinary capacity can readily undeiatand i'a operation an I nanag'ment. the trifling expense of material* for aupplyiiigit together with the imall amount of labor lequired, and ii* compact form. It i* now in uae in various parte of the United Stat**, Canada* and Weat India*, and,a* ro?y be eecn from certificate* in the hand* of agent*, give en iie aatiafaction. Drurge-ta rod other*, in the Southern State*, and the Weat Indiei, will find Uu* Fountain paiticularly adapted to their clima'e, a* thesyiupe will not ferment or injure m tbe warm eat *caaona. Full direeti< n* for putting up the Fountain*, preparing the different varieties of ay iupe. Ike , accompany each Forsalc by Ueo. D.C-ggeihall. 431 Pearl atreet; F. Li ere 7 Liberty atreet, up itaira: Lawrence, Keeee k Co., Ill Maiden Lane: Kobiuevn k Ward, 143 Maiden Lane; Hoadlcy, Phelp* k Co., 143 Water atreet. ml3 I m MADAME KESTELL," UKMAL& PHYSICIAN. Office and residence 14S Or?*a " wich (tract, (between Cortlandt and Liberty atreet*.} where ehe can be conaulted with th* atnctaat confidence on alt complaint* incident to the female frame Madame Reatell'a experience and knowledge in th* treat merit of obetinatecaaes of female irregularity, (towage or eup preeeioD. fcc, ie auch aa to require out-a few daya for certain relief and perfect recorery. Ladiea deeiring proper med ical attendance during confinement or other iMiepoaition will be accommodated during each time with private and re apectabl* board. "Preventive Powder*" for married lediet whose delicate or precarioue health forbid* a too rapid incraaae of family, will b* aeut by mail to any pari of th* Unit ad State* Price f% a package. Ail let ten (poet paid) addraaaad to ^ot vs. is. i.niy, >ri w rrciini. Bnnlnn Office No. 7 F.nci at. N B.?Ma lame Real all would inform ladiea reeiding oat of the rity, whoaa health would not admit of travelling, that ab< wonld devote her pataonal atteodanca upon them iu any pari of tha United Slate* williin reaaouable dutance, mil dkwtm* COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. r\WINO to the celebrity, efficacy and invariable aucceaa o> v' Madame Keatell'e Female Monthly Pill* in all caeca ol irregularity, anppreaaion, or etoppag* of thoae functiona ol nature npnn which the health of every female dependa, since their introduction into the United Stale*,now about four years counterfeits and imitation! arc continually attempted to be palmed off for the genuine. Cheap common mile ire nurohi end at twelve cent* a boa, pot up in different bene*. end called "Female Monthly Pilla,"with the object of atlliug. if poeeible at one dollar. Female* are therefor* cautioned agaiuet thee* attempt! to impoee upon them. It it eulfieient here to aula that all Fema'e Monthly Pit I* are counterfeit*, eacept thoae old at Madame Heatetl e Principal Office, 148 Greenwich at New York, and No. T Eaaca atreet, Boeton. Trice St. Madame KeateU'a aiguatur* ia wratten on the cover ef eaet box. N B. The married, under aofie eircamataae en, neuetabetaie from their uee for reaaona contained ia the direction*. ml8 dltwlm* TO MARRIED LADIES. T\ifADAMK RESTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS, ivl Three invaluable Powder* have been univereally adopted I in Europe, but France in particular, for upward* of thirty year*, a* well la by thousand* in line country, as being Uie only mild, aafe and eltcaciou* remedy for married ladiea whoae health forbid* a too rapid increaee of family. Madam* Raatell, nam well known, wae for thirthy yean 1 Female Phyaician in the two princi|?J Female Hoepital* ia ' Europe?thoae of Vienna and Pane?where Inrored by het Eat experieuce and opportunitiea, che attained that cele tr in thoae great discoveries ia medical ecienc* eo ep* i eiallv adattrd to the fema'e frame for which her medic mm I now aland unrivalled, u well in (Kie country aa in Europe, flu acquaintance with the phj-eiology and uatimy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and if) health ot married femalra, acarce in the meridian of life, and the conae queot rapid and often apparently inexplicable cauaee wluet eenaifn many a fond mother to a premature grare?te then true aource?to arriee ?t a knowledge of the nrianiry caoaea of female mdiepoeitaooa?eapecially of married femalce?which, ia Mot, lad to the diacorery of her cetabrated "'Preventive Pow dera " Their adoption haa been the meaaa of piece i vhig not only the health, but even the life of many an affectionate wife ami fond mother. The adrertjaer freltng the importance of thia auhiact, em. ttimatiug the rial beneftta reeulting to thoueande ?y their tlcptkm, would moat reepcetfally aroooa the attention of the tarried, by ail that they hold near and dear.t mcotiaidert 6on. la it not wiee ami eirtuoHj to prereut; r il ato which wa arooehject, hy aim pie and healthy meaae within enr eontrol 1 Krery dmpaeaienate, rirtuoue, and enlightened mind will un hemutmriy anewer in the affirmative. Thie ia ell that Ma , damo flaotell recemmenda cr eeer recommended. Price fire 1 dollar* jlpsekage, eeeoiapaaied with full a ad particular diree tiena They ran be fbi warded by mail to any pert of the Uw aa tiS?RTriJs. ^s.Tfnasi'att Ml Greenwich etreet, New Vcnk. Office horn from A. M I to * o'elk P M. Boeton office No. 1 K.aeexet. mUdfcwla.* TO PAPKfl MANGKACTUKERft ?The ^h.^ 1 ? not*"! that Mmm Howe* Uo<Mar4,of Wore?rt?v, mL* appoiiiUd Umu iftctr ?*?nt4,*n?l ir< prtpmd to furniohH qort notice, upon the mail rtaaonabie te rm*. Fourdrinior and Cy leader Machine*. with fire or tteam dry en. tad ? ?" * ?. thine* to wxe P*r>er I* the wab u it l?*n tha dryer*. Alt* WT kind af Machinery appertaining lo the maundaeture of t?. par. *With of ' wortaaaahip tad fimeti a* not eurpaawd by any other e?abh*hmen> in thi* counter. A laroe nnmber ?n alow in onerrtion m many af the boat Thorn rotate'? will ba green for all particular*. ntAM* k BROOKB,Fap*rWarohoata, mUcw ?1 Liberty ateoet E GOULARD, Front .treat, 100, np-ilaira, offer for a*It the fallawtac OF.tMRH? 150.00* Hegtliaa, Kiondaa and Mulberry. 360,000 Common aite le quality Hiondaa, Malherry, and legeuuida-l brand* 60,000 Ceagreto Kioada.

100,0*0 Cauonia and Traboeoa, Noriega, aa,d lnreowdad brand*. I 3 0,000 Of other brand*. , 60.000 Priaeipea, all entitled to debenture 00 Bate* Havana Sweat Meat*. I 100 Bare# Ola Chateau Mtrraaa Wine a4 l* pOR^ALC,?perm** faywjitia) tar oaah, at Xa^M Uo!^ J ' RK I FINING, MARCH 25. 184 ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New York. Jin ,1842. We hare tried the PolUhinK Paate made by Mr. Aiidcroou, anil filial it to be lupenor to auythiiiK ?' lure err r metf. BOA-HUMAN k 11AKT, Rurtic| Slip. klanutjcturen of ISriUuiua Waie, . New York,Jan. 10,18??. We haye tried the Paate in I Plate Powder mad* and aold by Mr. T. Anderaon, and take ytcaaure inreronunendiDK them, w COL&MAN U STKTHON, Aitnr Home. ... . . New York, Jul st IBM We hare uaed Mr Andtnon'e Polialnuy Piute and Mate Powder, and find them eery ticelUnt for cleaniig ailrer and luver piairu wire. BALL, TOMPKINS b BLACK, Lite Marquaud it Co., 181 Broadway. N?w York, March I. 1843. "f hue used Wm. Anders tn's Polishing Pule ud Plate Powder for cleaning eilver and other kind* of wan,and call recomnicud it with cokfidetce to the pub'tc. THOMPSON b FISHER. 371 Pearlalreet Brooklyn, Feb. 14,1842. I h',ve used Mr. Wm Anderson's Pol iehing Paste lor irlirr, bra?>, and silver plated ware, and And it to oe a lirnt rate arti elo. ROBERT E. hTOKV Saddle and Harnen Maker. Koraale wholeiale and retail, forriportatioh,at manufacturers' price*. by ( HAS. H RING, S3 Fulton a tree t, corner Cliff. Alro, by Bmuett, 64 4 Broadway. one dour shore Bleecker I'leet; Guinn, corner Grand and Bowery; Coddiugton, corner lluilaou and Spring; banc's", 77 K.ait Broadway. mlSlm* MARCH OF INTELLECT. GREAT sirid-s have been made throughout the world in Steam and almnat every branch of agriculture and in the general aciencea?tlian whv not the aatne in the healing art. It cannot be the Medical Faculty ere too narrow miaded, for even they recommend King'a Vegetable Ccugn Candy in all affections ?C the lunge, and when they express tbeunelvei, a?y they aee no reason why auch a pi asant, pure, and palatable article. should not ?c ipse the many .umerous preparations that ha"e been used for years, merely because Oalen, Cicero, De Medici*, aud other writers, >peak of auch and such medicines. No, no, Ring's Candy is a modern invention, and aeon re ievea, checks and cures, sad cannot be prevented lio.a its onward course by the envy niid jrali u y of aftw illiterate Prepared and sold by C. II RING, 53 Fulton street, corner of Cliff, and sold by most drurgiata. mil Im* CARDS, BILL-HEADS, &C. CHEAPER THAN EVER. IVORY SURFACE CARDS, of superior manufacture A printed and furnished at ihefollowinz REDUCED PRICES : ICO Cards, 80 cents. 300 do ft to 500 do ft 25 1100 do H 00 Common Cards at less prices. Circulars, Billheads, i\ otices. Posting and Show Bills, and ersry description of printing rvecuted at abort notice, on as raw* nable terms as any establiihmeut iu the city. VISITING CARDS?4 visiting card plate engraved and 50 enaoiellsd cards printed for $1 59, equal to any in this city Perfumers, Manufacturers, and Druggists' Labels constantly on hand. BROWNSON b CO., mti im* 58 Gold at. near Fulton JAS. P. CLAPHAM, CHEMIST. DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY, No. 188 ('anal street, near Hudaoa, INFORMS hit friend* and the uuhlic that he hu opened the 1 above (tare, with a choice aud well-ielected atock of DRUGS, CHE.M1CAL8, MEDICINES. PERFUMERY, aud a (teat variety of family article! tt< uvlly told by the trade. Iu the Unpenning department, particular attention will be raid, having been aeeuetemed to eomiieunding rhyiietana' escriptiout and Medicine* gen' rally, for the laat tixteen year*, in one of the targrat commercial townv iu Eng'and anil iu ttaii city. He hat c .nfidei.ce inaoliciting aahare of pub'ic tupoert, pRdgiug hiui?< If that every III ng tent. utofhti ttore ahull be of the firat quality, and prepared under hit own tion,'r apertun fu fy which meant he hope* to tecure that patreaatehe now retpec.tfully folic ill. Iinporti r of Englith cheHiiralt, pick let, aaucet and tpieet, line aele tiiiuglaat, Italian macaroni, vermicelli, arrow root. Ice .wax and a perm candle*, pure a *nn oil for table aud pat age lampt, perfumery and fancr article*, kc. Medicine* prepared with accuracy and despatch at any hour of the night Soda, Soidlitx and Saratoga Water*, ke. Cupping, Blee one and Tcoth Draw ing. n>23 tw* KING'S COUGH CANDY I Hit degree of confidence placed in thia Vegetable Cough Candy by a majority of oar phyiicunt, ought to inapire the like in the mind of erery tceptic, who perhapa it *o from hiring been deceived t>y aoine article that proaaiaad ever, thing and Derformed unthine. Won d nliraieian* recommend an ar tide they did not plaee implicit rehauoe in itv virtue. I Would clergymen end o'her publ.e apeakera apeak publicly of ita delirli Iful relief, in lubricating the air inuufi and giving the Toite a oiiaifea* inordinate volumeT Id line, would every body who hu tiled it ao (irvnunua'y promulgate i*e virtuee, had sot the almoet miraculoua effrcte of ila powerful agency been ieeu? Prepared and aold. who'eaile and retail, for exportation, by C.H RING S3 Kullon etr?et. corner of t'lifT. miaiu.* COAL AND COLDS. 'T'HE extreme tnildneaaof the weather of late, although it X may have proved dieaatruuv in eome degree to U.e coal trade, hat by no m ana dimiciaheil the en of COUGHS AND COLDS. Many are now tick in tlnf city from dianrdtrt acquired by SLIGHT EXPOSURE. Tha great remedy of the aay ia TEASE'S HOAHHOUND CANDY, whichliaa acquired an enviable celebrity lor IU invariable (Aeaey in the cure of ALL CLASSES OF PULMONARY AFFECTIONS. It ia known br ila fruite?ita good woika tcati'y for it?it thrivea only by the xtraordinary, curea IT HAS ACCOMPLISHED. Sold wholeaale and letail at 41 Divla'ou at, , E - eh envelope, of the gruuiue Herehound Candy ia I igncd John Peaae it Sou, 44 Dm.ton a tree t. AGENTS. Ruahtou k Aapinwall, No. 10 Aator Houae, 110 Broadway, and -8 William at. Hart, 278 Broadway; Walah, 385 Broadway; Smith, 233 Greeuwirh at ; Chaatery, 140} Bowery ; Brombiuh k Young. No. Ill Vanck <; Agnew 3oo HuJaon atrret; Owen, No. 3 Sixth Avenue; Wilgno Si Co. corner of Hubert k Greenwich trert: A. I'xtor. 185 Greenwich it; Moreton. corner of Kim nod 3r*ml *1; Dewar, corner Church and Chamber al; 8?nda. ft Fulton at, aod corner of Rroailwiy and Chamber* at; Bneh, ft .ten |?Und, Haya, 139 Knlton atreet. B ooklyv ; Kiwli k t o.. No. 57 State at, Albany; Durall, 33i Broad at,, N?w?rli.N. J. fir?- All lettera poet-paid will be ptinctnally attended to. J. PKASKh 8l)N,41 Dmeion at. N B?Country Merchanta wishing Peaae'a riorebound Cardy, can obtain it at the manufacturera, at the loweat pricea by aendiDK an order to any Merchant in tkia city, with wh m they have dealinga. ir'tl RING'S VERBENA CREAM AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. rIK trua teat of lha eiqiiirite merita of Ring'a Verbena Criani ia fully borne out by the firat premium diploma being ?gtin awarded ly- It t judgra at th- American luatitute Fair held at Niblo'a. The longer this celebrated ahivit g a? ip ia known, and the more exteoaieely circulated it baa li come, aeema only to confirm the flattering and uoaolicited teatiinoniala ithaa received from all parte of America and Kurope. Indeed, the ronatantly increaaing demand ia a aource of proud aatiafaction that the proprietor haa acr ompliihed whttthouaauda hart been for jeara attempting, viz:?an 'Kmolicut American abaving aoap." w hich, for eaae, comfort, and economy, cannot be aurpaaved either at home or abroad. [From the Herald.J Shaving?Hing'a Verbena Cr-'am for abaving. ia a moat eaplUl article. It can be hail at 53 Fulton atreet. We have Irn-d it and found it very niperior. It aotteni the beard and mukea the operation aa gentle aa magnetizing. |From the Boston Traveller?April. IM1.| Ve*hcna Cnaaai.?Thia new Shaving Compound ia now all the rage, at well amoig (onaorial profeaaora aa among thoae who prefer to gather their own diurnal crop*. The barbrra aay that a pot of it laata twice aa lorg aa the aau>e qimility of anolhar aoponacioua preparation; wnile tho.e whoeave I heir aiapence declare that with the Verbena Cream. a dull razor will inaure a smoother face than m^at of the old aoapa wiin it mil) kuei; Dfii'iee u la imcr-ini to I'll wnat, eoiiruioi to th< alio, a greatdeatroyer ot freehire For aula wlolreale and retail by C. II. KING, Ch miat and Druegiat. S3 Fultonalreet, N.Y. N.B. Beware of aobl railing imitationa; and obrerve (he written ai^nature of C. II. King on each. _ m9l 1 m* SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. THE " American Magic Mialure" haa been hailed aa one of the grealeet diecoreriee ol the preennl 'age, and an long at medical acienceeiuta, will he ceaaidrred'he moat invaluable discovery for di?eaaea of the iiiinarv paaaagee. >a well aa the Icidneya and bladder. Ita etfectaare ahaolotely effectual in performing a radical cure in a abort tim", while the erdn ary retntdiea tube even month*! Ore doer cannot fail to enliat the heaitatine and orcr delicate in ita favor, and cut of the liundreda that liave put their faith in it. not one haa been diaaDnointed nor diacorered while uaingil?it haa aately conveyed all beyond thepaleofeu picinu. 7 lie " M?gic Miiture" haa lougatood unrivalled, and ha* w itt etood the glittriing imagery eo pompoudy and an uiiiiuitoualy displayed by a boatol unprincipled inulating .piackv, whoie only aim hia hern to dupe and deceive the unfortunate Sold hv gppoii.tii.eut at Kiug'a dnig atore. S3 Kulton ?trr< I nor. Cliff. m9l lm* SEBRING'S CORDIAL" INDIGESTION.?Aa thia u a very c.oinn on complaint, in the prrarnt day, whatever tend* to alleviate it it of public importance l or the information of thoee affectrd with it, we publMh the following recommendaticrie of a Reetorative Oordial for ita c <re C. C. 8?:nait<?, Eiq Dgaa Hir At rour reoueat.l have nana ioed the meJicinea of which your Cardial f* compoaed. and have no herfation in aaying that they are of the beat clave of tunica: ard in the mauner prejmred bv you, will prove highly beuefleial in Dyffpepita, and many other diaeaaei of general deb'lity. Veura, fcc. T I'RATT, M. D. No. >8 Liberty atreet. I concur lathe above recommendation of Or. I'raft. THOMAS BOYL), M. D., No 981 Fourth alreet Sabring'* Rettiralive Cordial Uaold at l?i Kultoo atreet, at St per bottle. milim' GREAT WESTERN EXPRESS I; FOR ALBANY, TROY, BUFFALO AND | MONTREAL. ' \AK8SRB. HARNDKN It CO., having made arrange ' enia I "A with the IVoj.Im' of Hieamhoaia, ir apoct'uJIjr in- t form the public that Ihey are prepared In rareiee noiea, lie .(or Albany. daily, what e thejr in- ' leraect with P#o.?nj ' We.tera Kipr-aa f>r Buffalo M inter- I medial* plerea, and with Jacob'* Kiprraa lor Monireal. , 'I hey hire an office filled up eieluai'elr for their own tier ?n ihe main d.ek of each b >*?, containing an iron aafe and accon pained bp aepeeial mr?irnger. who** berth u luute office, t for ihe ol a iff ty and aaeuriir lo money and rani.hi* pxnele, and the -<ccommodal 10a i f in;- irralrona. They a'ao m?k? up *n f-'P'ea* Mail for Letter*. whrh cloaca at No. 3 Wall afreet. at 4| o'.Iock, I M, thereby gitng t the buemeaa eominutity ine .d rani age or mailing letterfeie i honr and a halt later at the Oeneral Paat Office, and alto ?f ?q immediate deliver)' oa ilieir *m\V* Car. eta and Irltert rec*ir*d at S Wa'l .treet until 4| o'tkcV, I P. M . and oa board unlit Ihe moment <>f aUrttag. i Office la Albany, It Kichange; . ffiee in Troy.ttt River at.; ! >fflce in New York, 3 Wail it. I ffiW Iffi HARNDEN k CO. I IER A 2. PreventlTe Police?No. 4. The next point to whir h we shall invite attention id the abuse ot the writ of habea? corpus. Thisgre^t | safeguard against oppression has been ino-t shamefully prostituted to the basest purposes. Offenders I against the laws are often suffered to escape with unpuimy, provioea omy mat mcy are poases^ea ?I the requisite cunning, shrewdness and duplicity ? It is therefore proposed to depiive Judges at Chambers of the power to take bail and leave it to the Courts alone. The taking ot bail at present being so entirely a mere formality, that although bonds to the amount of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars are forfeited annually, and not a single dollar comes into the treasuryCrimes are frequently committed, but the offen dergoes unwhipt of justice, because of the delay and loss of time experienced by our citireas in lodging a complaint and appearing against the accused. Great encouragement is thus offered to those who entering upon their abandoned career, and finding escape so easy, imagine that they have a privilege to pilfer ana rob, lintilBome horrid deed rouses the community to indict summary punishment on the criminal with a feeling that impropeily partakes ol vengeance and retaliation. A day police by becoming familiar wiih the haunts ot vice; by being armed w;th the authority which that of a magistrate always inspires, and being always at haud as a witness of violations of the law, would materially diminish crime and would tend greatly to protect our citi | /.ens and the vast number of stringers who visit our metropolis. | in order to eradicate the almost universal cause of all crime, and to co-operate, as far as possible with the great movement of the age in suppressing intemperance, it is proposed to deprive the Mayor and the Alderman and Assistants ot the privilege of granting licences and to rttpose this power in the Judge of the District Police Court, who from his office will be best calculated to know the wants of his district, and from his position will be larthsr removed from the operation of influences at variance with the public interest. Eight hundred able bodied men are to be permanently employed as executive officers of the Police Department. On them will devolve the duties of day patrol, night watch and hrernen. The constant and unremitted attention to these objects, the certainty ot pay and of rewards for extra services, and the skill thus acquired, will renter them a most efficient body who may be depended upon in every emergency, and will forever put an end to the jealousies, brawls and disgraceful riots which so often occur in ihe rtennrtmeril. Btmiu r(To be jcontinued ) Albany. ICorrtipondence of the Herald.1 AlUanv, Tuesday March 22, 1842. In the Assembly this morning, after (he reception of petitions, the reports of the standing committees were received, and Mr. Swackii a her reported complete the bill in relation to the New York Criminal Courts After the further reception of reports, the bill came up on motion of Mr. Swackhamer for its third reading. Mr E G. Baldwin oppssed the bill mainly on the ground that it was a party measure, and uncalled for by the people. Mr. Swackiiamer denied that the bill sought to be repealed possessed the confidence of the people. The bill, he contended, was one of a batch of special acts passed for the purpose of securing political ascendancy in the city of New York, end ought therefore to he repealed, if there was no other objection; but the bill itaelf was an unconstitutional act, having passed by a majority vote, while it is declared in at the aAaent of two third* shall k? ?. ce?sary to pat* inch a bill. Tha provisions of the bill, too, were unconstitutional. To tbow what confidence the people had in the Court, Mr. S. propoied toread an indictment of this Court (the one against J. G. Bennett, reciting the celebrated libel) but Mr. D. S Wright objected, and Mr S proceeded to thow that the Couit wu in the opiuioa of the friends* of thoae who paaaed the bill, and from the character of the judgea, a ridiculoua Court, not calculated to inapire the confidence of the public, and the law authorizing the Court ahould therefore be repealed. Mr. Smith called to order on the ground that the character of Judge Lynch waa not a proper aubject of remark on the question of the passage of the bill. The Chair decided againat the point of order raised by Mr S., and Mr. Bwackhamer proceeded to recite certain occaaiona on which the habeas corpus* wajabiued by Judge Lynch, an J mentioned a c ise in whieh an indiridual waa brought before Justiee Mataali on a charge of robbery, committed, and bail refuaed, who afterward* was liberated by a habeas corpus from Judge L . and bail taken from an indiridual who, a short time after we* himaell convicted of robbery. He argned that the bill should be repealed, and hoped that the Kxecutire would not veto this bill, but if he did, the popular indignation would visit upon him and hi* friend* as deep a destruction aa was denounced by ibe prophet Daniel, upon the pipdayiag inhabitant* of liabvlon. Mr. E. G. B.u-hwin remarked that a certain individual had published in hispapet certain article* casting ridicule on the Conrt, and calculated to brine it into contempt. For tbis he was indicted, but the amiable qualities of Judge Noah, who did not wish to see a fellow citizen incarcerated in prison on charges of so frivolous and trifling a nature, prompted him to attempt to free htm from the ehargee against him. Mr. B. pronounced quite u eulogy on Judge Noah. He remarked that geatletleman had taken considerable peine in endeavoring to show the unconstitutionality of the set now songht to be repealed, and had bad even gone back so far as the times of George III. to show this. Mr. B. did not profess to be acquainted with the legal matters, but he believed that the bill was not unconstitmional. lie was not acquainted with the judges, and did not stand here to defend them, all he knew of them was by common reputation, and their characters stood as high a* any gentlemen in New York. He thought it ill comported with propriety, for gentlemen en this floorto iinpngn them. After some further debate, the question was taken on the tinal passage oi the bill, and it passed, ayes 75, nays 27. A number of two third bills were then finally disposed of, among which were the bills to increase the payments on the shares of tho New York Society Library, to incorporate the Carvers and rinildera* Benevolent Society of the citv of New York, and the bill to incorporate the Firemen's Insurance Co. This has been a very bu-y day. A lew more spent in the same manner will clear the calendar, The large attendance in the House was taken ndrentage of to secure action on the twothird bills. ArTEHKoon Session.?Tha committee of the whole, Mr. Taylor in the chair, again took up the People's Resolutions. Mr. resumed his remarks in opposition te the resolutions,and was followed by General Dix in support of them in a most able argumentative and conclusive speech of considerable length The committee then rose and reported the resolutions as amended te the House. The same committee of the whole had under consideration, the bill in relation to State Prisons. Mr. Locxwoon, of Westchester, addressed the house in opposition to the bill at length, but withoat concluding, gave way to a resolution to ri-<e and report, and the House adjourned. The Hon. Ei.v Moore, is to lecture to-night in the Assembly Chamber. He will hare a crowded auditory. In the Senate, the Tax Bill, which waa yeaterday made the special order for to-day, was on motion of Mr Fosrta, laid over until to-morrow, when it I will have precedence over all other basiness. Mr. Hnao endeavored to hare his resolutions in favor of a protective tariff considered, but failed. The remainder of the day was spent in discussing the one day election law. This subject would appear to be likely to prove n interminable a source of d? bate here, aa it did in the Hons.*, when it will be rec llected, more than a week wue occupied on it. I omitted to notice the report made by Mr Cramkr yeaterday, from the majority of the committee r>n Public Lands, on the subject of the distribution r?f the proceed* of the aalea of Publie Land* It propose* that the State of New York, after the eximple of other Demoeratie State., ahall refute the no n tea aria iota from thia aoaree appropriated a* her ihare. Mr Pratt, Irom the minority ofthecomnit'ea, ra de a report in opposition to thia riew loth reporca worn ordered printed, end to t>e itched together The icntimmiie of the report, , rill no donbt, be adopted, a* the expression ol the 'oice of New York. Cavc Ulch^ac [ _________ | Florida Trooh ?Three hnndred and fifty-ene mops from Cedar Keys. (Kaai F'orida.) *0<*'*r j he command of Lirnt Oof. O. Loomia, were lead- a td at Jefferson Tlarr. eka, St. Louis, on the 10th r nst. Tho late honr at whieh the boeta reached the ending prevented us from naeerta nisg prr*j**'S? ( >ut we undcrataad they are companies B, I , , >nd F, o! the Oth raiment ef iefantry. LD. PtIm Vw* C?nt? TUo Oppressor* of the Poor. In that i4r*?u/i Knnl? ? ? given Where holy men inspired by keaveu Have wrot* Ood'i high behett, I? stamped in character* divine, Where goodness and Ilia mercy thine, " The poor are ever bleat.*' To them it Paradiae decreed : Hit choicest blessings are their meed, For them laid up in atore. But item amd fierce the writing atanda 'Gainst such ai break hia great commands. That dare to rob the poor. Accursed are all who hurt, oppreaa The widaw , poor, or fatherless ; For they are " men of blood." They i nter no celestial gate*, Nor hair the h'.aven that await* The holy and the good. Now matk them well, l>oth duke and lord. These say ingi of the sacred word ; For you they most imply. Ye roh bia people in diatrasa, 'Ti? ye that make their little, leas ; Ye make them sooner die Ye tax, ye take, yo atint their food ; Tia thia that make* you " men of hlood Forth!* ye are accursed ; ' O haste '. repeal your demon law*, Lest, on your head*, that are their, God'a righteous anger bunt! | Bankrupt SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK Geo. Southwlck, tanner, Kingston. to be declared bankrupt May 34 Demon C. Stone, axe maker, Wanaring, Agril 35 David Abbey, Jr. weighmaster, Rondout, 30 Gilbert Brewster, clerk, New York, 04 Geo. Richmond, do do 35 Leon Lewenberg, optician, do 36 Jaa. Amiet, salesman, Brooklyn, 36 Joaeph King, New York, 36 Samuel P. Swain, clerk, do 36 Game at tub Kast.?An o;ter, which measured 4 feet 9 inches in length, wu shot in Cranston, R. I. on Thursday last It ia the first one ever known to have been killed in that town. The Bangor Whig saya that moose and venison have been scarce ia that market this season, on account of the small quantity of snow in the vicinity. Upon the Al!aaash, however, the Indians have killed several moose and many deer, and the lumbermen have been feasting in fine style. Two quarters of meoee meat were purchased there for seventy-five cents. 1n?ian Boxes in Boston ?A correspondent of the Post says that in the digging up of the old Head estate, at the corner of Treinont and Boylston streets, on Saturday, the laborers found a human skeleton racliniag on one arm, supposed to bare beemthat of an Indian. Munificent ?Paul Beck, Esq. an old and wealthy merchant of Philadelphia, has presented to the Pennsylvania Academy ot Fine Arts his entire collection of paintings, valued at 40 to #50,000 Three ot the painting* alone cost $12,0000 TAPBCOTT GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, FOR PASSAGE FROM AND REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IT/ELAND. By the New and United Line* of Liveipool Packet*. SlffdC" The aubacribera be* to iaforn their trend* and the tH^public, that they continue to make arraugemen* far iHltaiiii bringing out of passenger* on very favorable term*, front all part* of England, Ireland, and Scotiai d and Wale*, in first ela*? American packet chip*, commanded bj tlEricnced captain*, ami will sailfrom Lirerpool erery m day* roughout the year 1843. MM Thankful for the I iberal patronage they havehitherto receired. the aubeeribar* hope by their continuing to faiAl promptly, and with aatiafaction, all their engagement*, and by the riten ire arrangement* Lhr y hav* made in their business, to retain that popularity they bare hitherto enjoyed. Pernoaa rending for their Iriritda may rely that I he aama a,tenlion will be paid to the comfort of pasatngera which ha* invariably been extended to all where paaaage* hate been engaged at thia office, and in all cue* when thote aent for decline cowing, the paaaage mouey will be refunded to the parties who paid it here, without any deduction Thoae wiaking to tend money to their friend*, can be tupplied with draft*ataight.payable on demand, in all the principal town* of the United Kingdom, and at the following oanka, tillIn England?Messrs. Jauic* Bult, Son k Co., Banker*, London; Exchange and i'i*couiit Bank, Lirerpool. In Inland?The National and FrorinciaJ Bank* and Brauchr*. In Scotland?The Bank of Scotland and Brsinrhr* HHB The auheeribcra hare alio a regular succession of lirat laaa packet*, anting to London three time* every month, to Liter pool fire timet, 10 New Orleans aix time*, to Mobile. Savannah and Charleitou weekly, by which paaaage* at all time* aecureit on very favorable term*. The public will pirate take nnlicethat the on'yahi;* i umbo* 11 g the new line of Li|erpool packet* arc? The Rnacius, Collin*, The Sheridan, Depeyater, Siddnas.Cohb, Garnck, Skidd). The United Line of Liverpool Packet* are? The Rochester. Woodhouae, Tn# We?;che?ler,FerTi?. Scotland, Kobiasou, Tirolinta, Smith, Southerner,Palmer, Ilibeinia. Wil*oa. Republic, Thompeon, . Carroll of Carrolllon. (Cornelia, French, Hudson, Prge, Sfakapere, Miner, Creat Britain, Prcu*. Memphis. Knight; Hottinguer.Urabtar-. New Ysrk, Niren, Pan hia, (food main. >n, Taibat,Storey. Brooklyn Richard* >tt. Diadem, Uaratow, Ocean. WiUard N Carolina. Lrummond, N. Piddle, Trueiran, Lancaahire. Lyoa. Eutaw, Rocket!. Th* above (hip* are too well known to require cummeut. The aubicriber* truat that with their superior arrangen.rnts for the aceummitionofprrsons wiahing to lend for their friruda, or who v?i?h to r? mit (hem money, thoae about making such engagement* will not lail loobaerve the advantage* hare offered them. For further particular*, apply (if by let'er poet paid) to W. Ik J. t. TAPBCOTT, 4* South atrret. rati and 43 Peck ?l_p. PRIVATE CURE" pvOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSV.No.I-For Lf the prompt cure of C?p or Gouorrhcea, Glrct*. and alt other wethral diwh irgea, and hi* 8|>erific Course, No. 1, lor the complete eradication, and permanent cure of ven-tral disease, without exposure, incoureutence, or Ion* of time. Each course is enclosed in a neat tin cave.comprising every medicine, wash, and rr<| unite, ere- required cither for internal or external u*e; and whether the era-be recent or old, a c*r? i* guaranteed, if used a* directed. Each package al* > COOtaiin Dr. Jordan'* private Ire line, called the Monitor, w! rie. in in full direction*, with a plain dtacription of the nature ay mptomr, consequence* and treatment of cecret which I* added much valuable information, useful hinta, and important advice?r*mn tng all the difficulties of self treatment Th* price of MontFor i* flfly cent* ; one dollar rent port paid, will rnaure lie reception. Tie con tea No. ] nod J, are each $3. an I guaranteed?admirably deeiyned fur rrai ilen1 a la the country, being complete, compact, 'convenient prompt attention. Sold for the proprietor, only at Drug Store, #9 Marion atreet.ieeond door below Prince, aeccud block eaat ol'Broalway. Marion alrett u a direct continuition of Centre. mU lm' AN IMPORTANT DISCOVERY FOR THE D ladies. R A. C. CASTLE, Drntiet. 247 Broadway, New York, Hm a Paele for filling derayrii teeth who li, while it ii perfectly harinleaa in ith compontion, can be put into the moat truder tooth, witli which it brcointa compact) d into one aolid body, maintaining He original appearance and uaca without any pun whataoreer. T'e moat painful tooth ran be 11 u< preerrrd '1 he runir roua Ultimo mala from ladica in the firat aoi iety speukautficieiitly aa to iia < llicacy. Dr A C.c. inaerta artificial Teeth without liga'uree on th* principle of atmcapheiic prea3ure, guaranteed to withatond the rffecta of a b liooj acid atnmach. and 'ree liom fueled ndera. Toollnche rill?, one of which put in the tooth will elf-el a ra. ieal cure Dr. AC.'" relera aa to hia profeaaional akill to Dr b . U' Johntnn, Pr?al lent of ih? Medical Society. Le tiho tralier Don A (i.ild?ron de la llarra, Spaimh Amb aaaadnr, Mr Stmighton, Spaniah Conaul, H< e. .Mr La ell. Re?. Mr. Ki'aem, the Profeaaora of the Uuirerty of the College of Phy* ciana and Smgeona of New Vork. DEAKNESS?Dr? Caatle k Kdwarda, Annate. atterd to eeery diar aae in* idental to the human car. Aenuatie Dropa? Sure i urefir deafutaa, paint, uoifea,or hard wax in the ear. ml7 lm* DO-iS NOT COMMON SENSE teach na thai EXPECTORATION ia the mitt natural aa well aa efTrctual went in arrrating and curing Pulmonary Diaeaaea I Ue .aon j)f je?, be-aure f)ha>iu< tion ia either immediately or remotely the c .uaeof Lilian matiou or Catarrhal Kerera, producing croup conanmption. and abaceaara ol the lunga, pain and a r. neaa of lh? lhn>-t, breaat. aide#, or ihouldera, bronchitis eicitiug rnucuoe and perulent aecrciaaa, thareby clogging up ihe nihil", in an lu ti ore or lent impede both rr epiration in l im free ciiculaliau of the blood, riiuue difficulty of brea.bin* and aethina, j lenray, hoaraeneea, and Iota of voire, dr<<iay of the hear' and ch>al, rupture of blood veaiela, and bl>?diOf{ from thr throat and Innga. and l; t.ting of blood Tor?move Ihia obatruction, Coin which all theae alartning an I dahgermii dtaevara originate, and to produce a radical cure, nothing haa eycr bean found tqual to JAY.NK'8 KXPM'TOKAN'T. It alanda unrivalled?it alanda pre-eminenl?try if. anJ yon will be forced to acknowledge that ila rirtnea hara not, no* canaot be OTtnated ; that <i alanda far above and beyond the reach of competition ; that it iathe oaly reaaonable, the only im'oral and the ooljr truly- au:cea<fbl meth d of arreating an J curuig diaeaaea of the pulm?Dary orgaua Hold in New York at wholeaale and retail, by A. B V D. Handa. Druggiatc, Noa. 79 and 190 Kulton j David Hard* fc l a, N i. 77 Eaat Broadway ; A B. Handa Si Co , No. 973 Broadoof. ml7 trf DR. H 0 R N E QONTlNUEStoba eonauhedconftdantially at bia o* :e No. fttraageraare reapectfullyapprliedthaf Dr.Horne being leeally brad tothe Medical or, .fraaion in the city of London haa a a practical member of the aaid facility of phyaie ? the la>t 19 in the city of New York. Urn luwclieifnmlaeiaa ge5gfisa6s.11. s'iv'-ssssais.1"s j u_-_.?k?i,r?Ur obaervea?'"Married peraona and ed Dr B?han.emrha''rnHyho^ ^ -#rtieuiIlriyFS|S5oM of R^utiSoMi what a dreadful inheritance totraoamil to po?"pemona afflicted with protracted and deplorable canea, need not a.^I^rVlra applying to Dr. Horse A nee'denceofM ytara in New York city, hae tiUbliahed Doctor tuU.."^eliar?r?r aa a man of aterlmg hosor, and baaed on real m^Ubiiity lid ah ill. Dr. H offera to hia patrona a eurv gun antee Dr. Horne'a offlcea art uameroua. ami patieuta .wver luiaaia coataet. Auaadanceuntil maao'clock ia the evening. NOTICE. ft*. THOMAS ?. HORNK. aos of the lata Dr. Georya r Home.reapeetfully nppriaea tha public that |?e con' anea ia lather'a Biaat (uccraeful practice at hie eetaMiahn'et t. No. i Marr.r at'eet. and may be eonanlted daily uoCil M. ffljhjday cimptat ?? "" "iORN ?MflaaahaCuri. now landing fromahiyi Deuba, f m Maw ferae* by^ R co|Ji|JW ? co ^ fS South ik.

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