Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1842 Page 3
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Lp O S TSCR IPT. Fbr our usual Souli.ern Corrtipondtnet, <$-(" , by (hi* momtHx't Mai/, are ft urth p igt. g a i . i ? (ft/- CHATHAM THEATHE ? The auperior attraction! offered to-night cenaiat of Uli melo drama of the Warlock of the Glen, the flrat act of Mob tho Outlaw the amusing farce of tho Two Gregortes, and the Orand Egyptian Spectacle of the Kirth<iuake John Sefton appear* aa Jemmy Twitchpr in Frauoe, and aa Gregory in the farce, aided by Mr. Hield, IMr?. Thorne, and Mm Meatayer (?- ARRIVAL OK LUKU aSHBURTON?Thii mom important peraon arrived laat evening in the frigate Warapite. He it a man of aixty, rather atapid. but With a keen black eye, that looka nearly through one. With auch paragraph! aathiathe papera will teem a few daya hence. In the meantime, while we have apace and opportunity letua rate that Peter'a Lozengea are the flneat remediea in tkia world fur bad breatha, dyapepvia, cougha, colda, worrai, headache and low apirita, and that kia Vegetable Pilla are the beat general family medieine that haa ever been discovered. Further particular!, may be learned at 439 Broadway, l&O and 330 Bowery, 416 Hudaon and310 Chatham atreet, New York, and at 90 North Sixth atreet, Philadelphia. It la probable that Lord Aahburton cornea leaa to thia country to aettle matter! at ieaue between America and England than to take home aaupply of Peters' Lozengea to Queen Victoria MORBY MARKET. Thursday, (Sarah M-?, P. V. No material change waa manifest in the stock market to-day. Prices di>i not materially vary. Harlem fell!; Kuw York State 5J's improved J. Sale* of Alabama 6 per cent were made at 50; United State* Treasury note* 3^,a 4j; kill* on Philadelphia | discount. The broker* are to day very cantioua of thebillso the Chantauque, the Lyon*, and the City Bank ef Rochester. The two last named are generally refused. About four weeks since the New York American, the Commercial, and the Kxpresa published the fallowing: There have been rumors afloat for the last two day* unfavorable to two or three bank* out of the city. We are assured by one of the Bank Commissioner* that such reports have no foundation whatever, and that the banks alluded to are prosecuting their ordinary buSineas entirely free from embarrassment. Since this veracious notice, the Clinton County Bank has stopped, and the above named inatitutions are tottering. The sale of teas advertised for to-day progressed, notwithstanding the arrival of late news. Many of the lots offered were withdrawn. The details will be found uuJsr thp hnaH nf " ftsls nf Trails " The Bank Commissioners, who, for aomo time pait have been overhauling the ooncerna of the Farmers' fiaak of Canton, have appointed Meat ra. Jaa. D. Brown E. P. Grant, and O. T. Browning, receivera. The following ia an extract from the apeech of Mr Hatch in the Ohio Legialature, on the aubject of the State debt Mr. Hatch aaid he could refer to a aectioninthe act alluded to, by the gentleman from Cuyahoga, which provided that the State should not borrow for canal purpos?o a greater amo iut than $<00,000. Atpreaent the entire power of managing the atecka was vested in irresponsible hands. One of Ike Fund Commitiionert A ad taken a four to England, and left in the kandt of Ike Baringe one million of the stocks af thie State, for them to sell on some conditions; what they were he did not know. The Comaiasionera had rendered no account of the amount told under (Ait arrangement, and there was now remaining in the possession of said English house, a large portion oi our six per cent stocks, notwithstanding there were good Teaaoaa for believing it to be insolvent. The charge here made ia now undergoing investigation and facta developed as far warrant the assertion. A sort of inquest has been held within a short time at the Bank of the United States in this city, on the assets of the Philadelphia United States Bank, which were assigned to secure certain post notes and depositee last year. These assets consist in some degree of the notes mf solvent houses in this city, and they changed hands foranominal value, to comply with the forms of law in aueh caseo?the prices thus given, in no wise affecting the credit or the standing ef the makers of the paper, some of whioh is far better than any of the obligations of the bank itself, although there also annear on the list as debts the names ef mercenary Wall street editors, who were subsidized by the bank to do its bidding. The manufacturers, who in a republic are essentially the aristocratic class, are using their utmost efforts to procure the imposition of burdens upon the masses, under the deceptive title of "protective duties,"for the especial benefit of the manufacturing few. In our article of jesterday, we attempted to show that a tariff failed to exclude foreign goods under a borrowing system, and fluctuating curreacy. The horrible distress existing in England, growing directly out of her protective system, fails to convince the manufacturing ariatocracts here of tho ruinous tendency of the system, because they^ike the landed aristocracy of England are blinded by their own individual interests. In Great Bri 'tain the class most protected is the agricultural, because the proprietor* in that interest are aaeetly the titled, oligarchy who make ths laws. In this country the only class that has ever been protected is the manufacturing, and that forms the aristocracy of the United States. The whole number of inhabitsnts in the United .States is 17.000,000, and according to the census tables 4*0,000 of them are employed in manufacturing, being as -1 to V> of the population, and this one person asks the other 3d consent to be taxediSO per ct.on every thing they -wear, in order to make him rioh, and he taxes his ingenuity to prove'to tbem that it is to their benefit to do it. The tame aystean ia aJopted fir force in England. An enormous duty ia laid upon grain and bread, beoauae the I landed proprietora aay they cannot compete with the American farmera in ita production. The American manufacturer* want foreigu good* taxed, becaute they aay they cannot compete with Engliah manufacturer*. In England the bread tax of the ariitocraey ia laid by brute force, and it* operation ia thui deacribed in an influential London paper " Several baker* in the neighborhood of Hammeramith.atickler* againat the Corn Lawa, have adopted an excellent plan ahewing the poor how their sufferings are increaaed by the accursed and enormoua tax which is put upon bread, iu order to support the aristocracy in luxury, and enable the government to keep hordes of soldiers to stifle the wailing* of hunger and distreea, and compel the needy to bear all the ills which press upon them without openly manifesting their discontent. In the shep-windowB alluded to, the baker* exhibit a bill to this effect" Sold heie?Bread (the alb. loaf.) 6d tax on the same, 3^d so that a person may well be discontented when he knows that he has paid 8$d for a lump of bread, 3}d of which go to the support of the Duke of Buckingham, and the acre lords. Every baker in En gland ought to adopt the plan, as the surest mean* of working a speedy alteration. In Mr. Heme's tract, the effects of taxation and prohibition upon a widow and her two boys, under ten ) ears of age, are shown : t'vr the Tax d I d. t. d. I. i. 8ix 4lb loarea at B 4 0 being a for the breai 1 I It lb butler 10 1 Oj - 4 II " butter 0 IJ 1 lb. lunar 7 0 7 " 0 if " (U(ir 0 Si i 07 . 5a. tea 0 0 71 " 4{ " tea 0 ?j ox meat 8 a 0 "30 M meat 3 0 7 pint* beer 3 13 "0 10) " beer 0 SJ It S ST 4 10 The operation of the protective system here described is the same in reapect to every article to which it ia ap plied. It takes directly out of the pockets of the conj sumers of the article, and puts it into those of the producers. In England, in order to pay this enormous tazto the ariitocracy, every article must be pre tected. All these protections entering into the cost of manufacturing, hava destroyed the power of England to compeie with foreign nations. Hence that distress which oompelled Lord Lansdowne, at a late date, to lay btfore Parliament a petition from the manufacturers of Man-chriter for the abolition of all protection ! The distress o the masses growing out of the high price of bread has overturned one ministry, and forced concessions from the landed proprietors, although not to the extent which is wanted. The following ia the new syatem of dnlies, as compared with the old Wsfcwrvca thi atxihg* eaica or Wiskiv, madf er ano r*:aLtsHBD in tnb Mamsan aauoiacD av Law, shall be. Fri>postd A'leil CoUimal 111* at. Sliding Sit dm* State. Scale I'nder 61S. ? lu? sd Mi 8d 61 i sod under Bis ? II a 35 S 111 "51 ? 1 1 34 ? 63a " 54 ? >18 0 / 33 8 44 "54 Si ) ) 33 8 5Sf " SI 4s 17 t 31 8 60s " 87 3a II o 30 8 871 " .81 -a* IS 31 3 no ? I gta " ? ? 18 0 37 8 10* " 8t ? 18 t 28 8 ID " ii ? it a vi ? S3a " 6J ? II 51 S Ul " 14 ? ! S3 7 III " #5 ? 8 * Si 8 $8e " 88 ? 7 I II 8 Ml " 87 1 ? 1 SO 8 87l " 88 J - 0> 1? 8 88i " 88 7 - J 18 8 Ml "70 ? S 8 |3 8 701 "71 ? I 8 I# 8 710 " 73 - J 8 8 8 7SJ " 73 ? 8 0 1 8 7M and upwards ? 10 10 By this scale the price of bread in England will tie in usual yean reduced in some degree. It will no doubt improve the demand for American grata, bat it will foTce it through the colonial markets, to encourage transportation in Kngllah bottom*. Tkio operation of the law seema already to hare alarmed the Canadians, who hare petitioned the home government for an increased duty on produce imported from the State*. They say the influx of wheat from that quarter ia ruining the farmers of Canada. The operation of the new law will doubtl?M benefit the American trade in|eotne degree. The redaction ef the tariff u virtually yieliiag the great principle tli. t pnlMttrt (Mm are raiMM to the maaa of o?nam, and cannot la the preeent stage a( the world be perse rered in. At our latest dates ths price of dear, In band, was 47s.; the duty 1M?making 44s. per bbL Under the new scale, the duty would have been Oa. Sd. per bbl.? making a difference of $9 per bbl in American flour.? The operation would have been that the American ship per would have got f 1 more, and the British consumer have purchased at $1 per bbl. leas, which would have been the cause|of increased duties for the>eit sis weeks. The sliding scale will probably be done away with altogether in a short time by the force of public opinion, alaa at the Stock Birluuigt. MSOO NY Si'e.lSSl 74 15 do do S30 11 40S0 _de #Y 1SS1 SI at do de ?3 M 8000 Ohio 9 0, 18(0 110 54 25 do do 901 000 do 55 34 do do 90 1000 do 5'?. 1840 88 40 do U 8 Bank 4J iooo Alabama S't 60/ 50 5 do lTliea k tichaa 134 2000lllioou boudo 171 38 do nhurn k Roch 04 1000 do 17, 74 do Mohawk RK ?30 47} 3000 Indiana Dol. Bondj 19, 40 do do 48 90 *ho M?ch Book 49 24 do do 481 10 do Bkof Com (iciiii) S( 14 do Harlem RR 75 do Del k Hud 81* (5( do Loos Iolond RR 53 0 do do 8*1 44 do Patereon (0d 45; 34 do do SOd 87} 34 do do Md 45; 34 do do (3 97} l*cood Board. 400 itu Loci III RR (10 53 40 do b]0 53} 34 do 43} 3.0 do (10 53 100 do (15 53 3?0 do 53 300 do lit 52 1M do (30 51} Stat* of Trad*. A aala of Teat took place to-day, with the following reaulta. Tenni.noteo at aix month*, payable in New Tork, to be made tatitfactory to the teller!. Htior. 35 cUetU 83} (3 cheeU ? Yowho H*toa. 103hf eheete 83 (903 withdraw*) 38 do 83} 341 cheala 8} 31 de 83 88 . do 41 38 do 81 47hfehe(U 41 17 do 80} 73 cktlte 40, 54 do ?? *>4 hfeheeU 40 T rt0 M) (SMeheiU and 133 hf do,r.fJg do 14 ferad at tama price aud so do OS withdraw*) 39 cheats x ?'l J" hrcir" <? j, wiihdr*w?) H. S"'tkS" !? mfiKS" " (l do 42 (745 withdraw*) Hvsoir 8*iw. . . . llcheiU 4? It do and St hf do 45 16 do 46) 15 do 40) 43 do 49 36 d? 46 10 do 47 30 do #0 10 do 40) M do S4| g do 46 71 do 96 Ovnrowan. lOkfchtstS ' 66 167 do 43 ts do 46) 86 Itlb bia 64 64 do 47 '60 do S3) 16 do 46) (415 do withdrawn) 37 do ,44 iMraauL. 86 hf cheaU 40 SO 1 do 43? 14 do 45) 100 13lbbl? 63| do 45 3M do 53 34 do .. 44) NlNfiTOMO POCCHOHO. 10 hf chesto 45 (371 withdrawn) Souchooo. 13 I3lb bxi 68 Cohooc. It hf cheaU 41 lt4 do 40 Corn Trade. The fiour market ia in bettor condition now. Prices are firm, and aalea of canal haea bean made at >6.37J a ?. _ V. .1 Brighton Cattle Market. March 31.?At market *10 Beef Cattle, 30 pair* Work inrOxen, 13 Cow* and Calve*,430 Sheep, and 1300 Swine30 Beet Cattle unsold. Price*?Beef Cattle?We quote to correspond with last week, viz : a few choice Cattle at $0. First quality $5 60 a A 73) second quality 94 73 a 3 33) third quality 94 a 4 50. Working Oxen?We noticed th* following salaa, viz. $63. TO, 73 and 90. Cow* and Calves?Sale* at $90,33,96 and 30. Sheep?Lot* were sold at $973, $3, $4, $4 50 and 5. Swine?Lots to peddle 3{ a 4c for Saws, and 4| a 3c far Barrow*. At retail from 4| to 60. Harried. On Wednesday evening, the 33d, by tha Rev. Mr. Chase, Mr. Hiram Ahum to Miss Alios 8. Patch in, both of this city. On the 30th instant, by the Rev. B. C. Phelps, Mr. Mason C.Hill, of 8tonington,Conn., to Miss Mart Ann Williams, of the same niace. DIM. Yesterday morning, March 34th. after a brief illnsss, Mrs. Mart Jane, wife of William F.Dullager, in the 34th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of the family, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her mother, Mrs. Jane T. Rice, No. 9 Murray street. Suddenly, on Wednesday evening, 33d inst., Sophia, relict of the late JohnRicnardsoa. in the 73d vear of her Paw*ngeri Arrived. Havana?Sclir Axil?Thomas Oilman!*. Esq , Mr* fames Cr ik. of NYork; John Browir, Philadelphia. Bermuda?Bri? Heiald? Captain Hawley Jala of shipL?wia Can. wrecked on the rocka "ff Bermuda. Savannah?Brig Exact?William Johoaon aad lady, Horace Amea, John McCaffrey?49 in tha steerage. Foreign Importations. Castor?Ship Delhi? (rtepnrleJ in yesterday'a Herald)?37 hf chts S0( catty bxa imp-ami 93 hf chta pouehong ISM do young hyson 91 do 139ehta hyaeo 165 do hyson akin 335 do souchong 38 hf do StScattv bis gunpowder 1781 mats caasiaWm Appleton k co?94 chta 35S hi do voting hyaon 9 bis ink 9 do sweetmeats 19 do mdse 1 case silk 9 do gingi r A A Low?1 ba 300 hi cheats souchong 31 do hyson 30 >9lb catty bis souchong lOeanniater bxa imperial to do gunpowder 143 chta 90S hf do young hyson 1 t>kt plaster pieces 9 pea bamboo I hi pointings 390 bxa 10 casks ginger sweet meats 199 tubs joy 30 cases white pongees 3 do silk hdkfa 3 do satis 9 do china ware 4 do m lie OtinnHl. Minturn k co?170 hf chta young hyson 30 catty bis pouehong 33 do imperial 33 do gunpowder H P Oxnard?10 catty bxa thf chts hyson 1 seta eheis nun 3 ca fans 4 do ware I do silk and grass cloth 7 bkts mdse 1 neat bkta 1 ca bird cages 9 rolls matting 1 broom 9 tuba mdse F H Delano?173 chts 40 hf do hyson I49hf do 19 chts young hyaon 10caunister boxes imperial 19 do gunpowder Uriunell, Minturn kec?67 hf chta gunpowder 14 do imperial 40 do pouehong 9 eaees silk goods < k W Welsh?433 hf chts 143 c his young hyaou Talbot, Olrphant k eo?44 chta 384 bf do youug hyaon 8 Ruiiell?13 pkca black tea J Mor R B Forbes?II 14b bxa pouehong Uleaaoa k Smiih?307 t xs fans Wm Pratt k co? 300 bdts rattan 13 cases silk E Stoddard?balanca of cargo to order. Domestic Importations. Savannah?Bng Exact?M casks rice Bolton, Fox k Living ton?19 hf do J 8 81 epter- 34 bales cotton A G Miller?93C Bars tow k i'ope- 53 Truesdcll k Moore?34 J Wood?113 8 Broueon?13 A W Spies?79 H W k 8 Hills?197 ts arder?9 kegs lard 18 bbls flour McL'oun Sherman k co. "" MARITIME HERALD PORT OF new YORK, MARCH as, 184a sun risks 5 54 moo* BETS i 3 Km sets 9 9 I man water 748 Dapartnra off tha Atlantlo Itaamari. FROM raOLASD. FROM AMERICA. Columbia, Juilkios Mar. 4 April 3 G. Western, Hoakea April 9 April 99 Caledonis, Lott Aprils May | Britannia April 19 May 19 Acadia, Ryrie May 4 June l G. Weatrrn, Hosken May 31 June 19 Columbia, Judkina May 19 ... June 19 Caledonia, Lott June 4 July 9 Britannia June It July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July 5 Aug. 1 G Wealern. Hosken July 9 Aug. 4 The mail ateamer Dee, Orum, if the neat duefrom the West Indies. Packata to Arrive. Packets to Depart. London. LoiiDon. Weilminaler. Moore, Feb. 17 Ontario, Bradish. April 1 Montieal, Tinker, Feb 30 Toronto, Atwosa, April 10 LIIttRPOOL. LIVERPOOL. New York, Cropper, Feb. 8 Roicius, Collins, Mar 34 filJJ < ' 1.,. P.L I.' ,f 1? . ... nauucui. vuuu, n? 10 i r_?ujuyv, marinau, ziprn i C.iebriJge, Baratow, I Hi'?t NtTK I Burgundy. Wolten, Mar. 96 Baltimore. Knack, Jan. It I Ba'timore. Fucek, Arril I Rhone. Johnatnu, _ Feb 11 Kmerald.Jlojee^ *Pr,L? To gHIp Mnalrra, We ahull eiteem It a faror. if captain* of reairl* arnrinf hare, will fire to Commodore Baaaett.of our uew* echoo'ier*. a report ol the ahipping left at Ike port whence they aailed, the renel* apoken on their paaaag*, and a hat of their cargo. Commodore Dam-tt will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the faror in any way. Glaarad. Ship* Roacina, Collin*. Liverpool, R K Collin* k Co; Adi rondack, Mallett. do, (i T Trimble: Btephani. (Hamh) Flor. Hanibunt. Schmidt k Balchen ?Bark K fen, Couphnd, Trinidad de Cuba, ChaateWia k Ponrert.?Bnga Adna, Sherman. St John*. NF. Nramithfc Leeda; Kdward, Bulkier, Charleston ? Dutch galliot Mentor, Boon, Rotterdam, L P De Lotr k Co ? Schra Ida. (Br) Howard, R? Barta and a market via > arinoath, I NS. T Wi.,niett; Kagle. Orantham, Jackaonnlle, Fla; Mary Rliaa, Bailey.Kdenton.NC. Aitlttd. Packet ahip Villede Lron, RtoJdard. from Havre, Feb 1th, wi'h milae lo C Boltoo, K i k Ltvingaton. Off Bkrnegil.aaw a bark with lot* of m in-'.otmaat, bound in. Briltikahip Beaovtri*., 57 day* from Otaagow, coal aud iron, to A Kuna T.h ult. let 41 to, loa n M.apoke aliip, of Puihu'y, from Liverpool for Mobil{_ Mlh ult. Ivt 14 3U, Ion 41 It. in a gale, rained away fore lopmaat h?ad, main topgallant m?*t kc. Britnh prig lleraM, II day* from Bermnda. in billaat, to J kOLiuria. Behr Delaware, t day* from MYorh for Cubi. went on the rock* off Bermuda, tth mot. but w*? got off and taken into 8t (leorgr* leaking lOtlatrokea per hour. Brig Saml N Cro t, Uray. IS day* from O tayaina, PR augar. fc^ to maater. f _ | unj n aaya irom saTinnai, cotton and net, lo Bturfra It CI' artnaa. Brig Laura, Duuhtrn, 16 Java from, PR.. |loMDepeyater k Whitmarah, with SM hhda augar and 106 eaaka mo I'lltl to B Da lartit fc Co Brig rioneer.96 dirt from Motile. "chr A?i?, Weodell, from tlarma. March 13 h, with S00 0M oraLKU 60 hag. canary wed to Cropaey k Oilmartin: a quantity of haianaa to ihe captain. Forali.t of eeatela left aee new. column.. It;h iint. off Marmarock, apoke hrij Oaz.lle, of Portland: lt?th, Cape Halt, raa tearing WBW, 9 mile., .poke ong r.milr.of New York?wi.Ked to be reported; Ith.wa. b ardeil hy aehr Mercy k Hope, from Richmord for Newl.ury Ikjv t"ri,'^"p?V. ,,f>r Tuacalooaa, from Kir hmond for . ?' . .'I Put into Delaware Breakwater on the u 'y*' ?' ' remained there ??houn-left at the Breakwater, tchra Merey k Hope, and Tuacalooaa, and about iOO aail of eea eia, principally coaetera. Scbr America, 14 day. from PertoCabello. Belew, Ona ahip, four brigi. tHnarnl Racerd. Pteaara ro* Kraorr ?The Roanua, for Lirerpool, and U?>(iindy, (or Harre, will oil nut Satarday. Their letter big are at <iilpin'?, la the Kichangr. OKTiiaao ?The S'ibkepeare, Tor Liverpool, and Hendtick liudeoa, for [.ondor. Their letter bape remain at Gilpin V i he Etrhanje. Brno Ratmoic?A pereoa re.rreei.tiii fi mielf |ee the cook 01 brig Ka? mood, of J KomaatoiveMppet m Baitiin re on a lit* trip there, Iiae err in tint eit in a reaarl wbie.i h o a rhort ran frrm TKomai on, mad atalaa that toe iUemou <1 Capt Lerenoalor,tailed from T raccn'lv for 'N-w O I an* ana wh.? a little 8 K of tteorye'e Bark, on Tueaca- 01 Tnutday laat. wan etmek by iu<ldenr g ia>l ;<?d both m car led away, nareiaR h-r fo spring aleak at t*ie ' m i tini*. whichwither lima ?u4 aha took lira ) k? ah in auoeeehu aotta, SkiMaa. from New 0rle?na for Boatoo. fail ? wit- Kr aoon after, wheu C pt L wiehed to ibando the brig, bat Capt H. _ dv-aed him t? a'ajr on bo .ad. and aeo aoaaa of hie me *n aaaiatincalki g Ihi rtaial'a eck a*ama. fce. to emotner 'he fit taking liar in tow, th wind being fair, carried he' rto Thomattnn oo Friday or 8a'ur<lay laat, where the br'g waa auuk on the (lata.?[Boatoo courier.Cnitad Matai Partt. Ccarr, Mar 1*?Ait Andrew Ring.Philadelphia. FaaKcroBT. Mar it?t|<l Emily, Burkaport. to load with ice. Paieed upI7'h, Balkan. NYork. Sid llih, Pallaa, Baltimore Arr TBIh, Ttmoree, Matanxaa. f ??t MariiiAt, Mar IS?Sid Ann, and JKliza Hupper, for N York. PoBTLaoD. Mar W?<"ld Samuel. Cuba; Orb, Tiinidad. Owi.'a Mar IT?Arr Pearl. Thomaeton for NYork.? Paaaed by, two b'laa. euppoaed the Btlkan, from New York for Frankfort, aad the Albeno, do for Camden. NrwavBTronr, Mar tt?Arr Thomai. Kredericksharg. Oiwrurii, Mar IB?Ait Clariont Georgetown SC. Boaron, MarU?Arr Marine. Baltimore. Below, Cecelia, Bmvrua. Cld looia. Eartport; Oecar. NYotk; Wolcott, do; A n nue,g<i. nrrna. uoiunni, nurinm. 1 he I- CIIW 11 I ill the IIOW etorni. end etruck on the reef near the Upper Middle. It wee not supposed that she had tueUiued ant damage, but oa arrie nc at the wharf her pampe were aounded, and the ! waa fcuud to hare fire fret water in her hold?by itarting both Cimpa, howeter. the leak waa reduced aomewhat. and ahe mar i freed to night She baa whiakey and pork id the lower hold Homes Hole, Mar IS?Arr Sherer, Thomealou for Work; Mariv Frederickaborg for Beaton; tiea Arnold, Boaton for Salem NJ; ffa Wallace, Thomaaton for NYoik; Van Barer, St George for do. Sid 30th, Ihe abire. Arr Pandora, Elizabeth < ity lor Boaten. Paaaed by, Sophronia, for Boaton. Slat? Wir.d NNE. In port. Pandora. Wabzham, Mar 20? Arr Monitor, NYork. Eoo?aiawie,Mar It?No arrirels. PaoriDEMcz, Mar 2S?Arr Rleoii, NYork. Below, Mechanic. NCarolina. Sid Malaga, and Poland. Fhiladki fhia, Mar 11?Arr India, Gibraltar and Leghorn; Growler,NOrlcna; Win I Walaon, NYork; Banker, Bucko port. Old Woodland#, Halifax; Elliott, Boaton; Mary How ard NBedford. Baltimore, Mar 33?Arr Alcenua.Cardenaa. Cld Potomac, Harre. eld Waraaw, Harana; Paoli, Bremen Richmond, Mar SI?Arr forptiae, Rhode laland; Narraganaett. Boatou PORTUtfUESE FEMALE PILLS. rPUESE far-famed and cilebrated piUa. from Portugal, ar a we pereeiva, to Ihe obtained in thie country See adeertia anient m the hat aotamaof fourth page. fcllmta PACKET SHIP ROS' H'S. FOR LI VERPdOL?Paa arngera will pleaae be on board the ateimboat Herculea, at Whitehall, to-morrow morning, SSth inaL. at 13 o'clock, let which time the ateainboat will take the aliip to ara. Letter bega will cloae at the uaual placet, at half-paat u o'clock. ms? It T^ft CASKS BLEACHING POWDEk#, of Boyd-k 1U\J Soa'a manufacture, now landing from ahipa Eiapreaa and Sorereign, for tale in lota ta tuit FER38E k BROOKS, miS II Libert? at. -- W wi*h*n to apprentice him to a reepecuble Matter Mechanic. The boy i( amart, and hae receired a good plain education. For particular* please apply at IS Pearl (treet. mt> QUOAll.BEET. Premium ("era and Pumpkin*, freeh r?getakJ ble and rare flower leedi. English (rat* for lawn*, St.000 green and hoi'house plants, dahlia roots, tiger tlnwere, tub* ro*et, fruit end nrnamenlal tree*, shrubbery of all kind*, canary birdi, sold fieh and ylobe*. wholeeal* and retail, on the noet reieouable term*, at NIoLO It DUNLAP'8, No. 670 Broadway, and at their nur*ery, corner ol tth Avenue and tilth street, Harlem. mtl Im* cTLTdNDID-PLOWIIKING?HhKUBfiEkV KftUIT S TREES, ?c. at Auctioo.-JOHN B. UI.OVKR 177 Pearl etreet, will (ell at Auction, thi* day. at 17 o'clock, a very choice a**ortment of flowering ahrabbery, fruit tree*, lie., conaietin* in part of yellow double Japan flower, ro*? of Sharon, blue flowering amerpha? white, red, buff and yellow honey .mckle?European fragrant lyriugo? whre. nine, red and bluah pwooiee?Mahekahina Roie?a beautiful climber, etc lie. lie Also, apples, pear*, peachet, plumb*, apricot, nectarin. m75 it* OUiJND AND WHITE TEETH-The beat ariic a iu use for cleansing, preserving, and beantifying the teeth, i* Peinea'* Orris Tooth Paste. It improves the color of the lipeandeume. and imparts a grateful sweetness to th* breath? Price 50 cents. Bsauty of Compleiion?The best rosmetic for removing tan. freckles sunburn and Dealing pimple* and eruptions ?f the skin, is Ike Tabletle of Pssrl aud Alabaster. Try it, ladies, and be convince I?Price 76 cents. S Id only at E. M Onion's, 1*7 Bowery, corner of Grand, lit and 778 Broadway. 114 Cansl st. mhss im* TTNlVEHflirV ifTfi" NEW 1 U ?The Surgical Clinique of the Medicar Department of the University of New York^ will be opened for the purpoee ofgiting advice and performing surgical operations, gratmtouily, on Saturday neat, the 36th iostant, at 13 o'clock M.? The object of Ihie inetituti in if to afford relief to thoee who are suffering under eurgical diseases, and who ee circuinatanceawill not permit them to pay for the eerricea of a surgeon. It ie under the direction of Dr Valentine Mott and Dr. Granville Sharp Pattieon. The former gentlemen takee charge of the Clinique from the let of October till the let of February, and the latter from the let of February till the let of October. 'aliente who may be deeiroue to receive the bent file of the Clinique are requeeted to attend at the College Buildinge, 669 Broadway, on the Salu-dave, at U o'clock A. M., that their caeee m ty be regietered before the commenct ment of the Clinique at iso'elock. By order of the Medical Facuity of the Uaiveraity of New York. uih3S3t JOHN N. DRAPER, Secretary ALT RHEUM. King Worm, Tetter, darner's Itch, and Scabies ? Ring'a Lotion and Syrup ie the only remedy which ie certain to cure the above complaiuta?harmleee inite operation, but certain inita effacte?the Lotion healing quickly. and the Bvriippurifiis epeedily. Price $1 THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Ooedwell'e Detergent and Pilla never fail to cure a recent caae of dieeaee in 49 hourt, if uaed aadirected. Try them, all ye afl-etei? they are free from mercury. Price SO cents each. THE TOOTHACHE CONQUERED?Iomao'e Eatraet. It relieves in five miuutee after application to the neiveo> the tooth, and preventa decay if the tooth ie filled immediately. '"FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS?From M. Bvndelocque, of France?cortain, safe and speedy in the cure of all cases where nature haabeeu stopped in ite effects They cure in a few day s. Price 75 cents per parkage. GILBERT'S ANTI BILLIOU8 FAMjLY PILLS-For >>. i -r -r -ii - J r.. mi.iv ?ibi? pruuuceo oy endive habile, each ai h-adacha, hear. burn. aour atumach, duzineta. and Inaant app? tile, they have been ueed with more auccees than any till eter betora off-red to the public. Price Itceuta perboi. Sold wheleeale and retail by O. N. QUION; W Bovreey, cirner of Grand etrtel. n il im* tT-O LADIES AND I>ESTLEME>-1 HE PERSIAN * SOAP?la alwaya rfflcacioue in remov n* frecklra, dar put*, reduce*. and erupliona o' the akin. Thia Soap impar to th- akin a anfi and telicaie texture reaembln g the blendia of t> e lily with the rove. Price 5# ceuie. PIMPLE* BLOTCHES. kc.-Sir Aetley Cooper'* Lotion invariably aar.retde in removing pimplea or blolchee from the lace and ehia.of the moat ipveeratr nature, oflouc 'ending. Price 60 ernta. Sold by E. N OUIOM, 137 Bowery.cor if Grand at; 18# Bioadway. aud 77 Eaat Broadway. ?? la* TO THOSE IVHO WOULD HAVE A FIXE HEAD OF HAIR. WE aee that J edge Edward*, of PliiladeMhia, a man over aeventy veara of age, the top of whoa- head vu aa bald a* the palm of one a hand, iwo month'* ainee. haa now fine dark hair growing faat, from the uae ef Jonea' Oil of Coral Clrcaaaia ATrw York Trihunt. Jan. 1841 ~ A young gentleman, a Iriend f oura, living in Bleeekar elreei. aud well known in Wall atreet, waa attacked with (ever?the lia'r on the top of hie head waa dried off?the aidea were covered with red. rutty, dry hair, filled with dandruffhe haa now a beautiful head of hair, from ihe uae of Jonea' Oil of (.'oral Circaaaiu "?Sew York iun, Dtcrmbtr. 1841. Thia ia told at 88?(If you we not careful ol the right number you willbe ehea'cd)?83Chatham atreet,at the ai.n ofthe American Eagle, Pric* only three, f|v* or right ahiliinga? three aiata. wtSal* M i. THOMAS k CO., COMMISSION A NO AUC. TION MERCHANTS, 31 BROADWAY, ALBANY.?Liberal ideaLcea made on all manufactured gooda.mercliandiae and property of every deeeriptlou intended far either Dublicor pri.mte aale. p REFERENCES. Meaara. Eraatn* Corning k Co., Albany. Kutua 11. King k ( a, do L-wia Benedict k Co. da Webb k Doutlia*, do Jare.l L. Rathbonr. Enj, do John Townaend. Eaq do it.....ii v...-th ... a>> John Thoma*. fc*q. do Metar*. M. S. Liucoin kCo Boaton. Thorn** W Olcolt. K?ij. Pr??'l Ear IcMrch.Bk Alb'y. A.D. Patchin, Eaq.,Ca?h'r N.Y Suit c?.k. da Watt* Sherman, K?q , Cath'r Albany City Bk. di Thro. Olcott, Eiq ., Caah'r Canal Hi nk, da 8.K Stow. E?q. Caali'i Troy City Troy mi 5 1 meodia* MADAME COSTELLO. MABAMK KOSTELLO, Female Phyfician. itilt conti our* to treat with a*toui*hiog aucce**, all diaea.e* peeuliar to female*. Supptertion, irregularity, *h*truction. kr oy whatever cauac producod,can be removed by Madame U. in a very abort lima. Madame C.'? medical eatabliahment harIOC"uifdrrgone thorough repair* and alteration* lor the better accommodation of her uumcrou* patient*, aheim w prepared to receive laJie* on the point of confinement, or tha e who wiih to be treated for obstruction of Ibofr monthly period.? Madame C can be eonauKed at her reaid^nce. 34 Liepenard it, ?t all time*, and with the ?tricle?t regard to eecreay. All communication* and letter* ?iu*t be i o*t paid. mt3 1 iw* MADAME COSTELLO. THE FEMALE MONTHLY TILL i* acknowledged by the fieat Phyeician* in the United State* a* the very heat medicine that ladie* laboring under a luptiretaioti of their natural illui** can take, and they very *eldom fail to relieve wnen tak< n according to the direction* Thoee who call for them will be supplied with her circular, containing ample nirectioi*. and all tlie precaution* Decenary to be ol? erred in their nae. ,N. B ?The married, under *omc rirenmaianee*. mint abMniu from ihrtr u?e for reason* contained in the direction*, /all communication* and letter* muat be pott paid. No 34 l.ixnenard ?4reet. _ mgg 1m* 30 ODD YEARS nc F.XPbHIICNCh in the ili-nlific practice of curing cer- | UIQ aixeuei, navn luiiiiicd ur u/\l h.,l, hi .lo.ivn n* calalrret, to eradicate thoae diaeue* in qucatlon, whether new,old. or Inveterate, in lea < Hun half trie time rmiluyej by thei nmmoti doctor*, who poifon their patient* with mercury, cc ivy, nitre, cnbebajfcr. N. B ?stranger* ar* appruad that Dr L. i* a regular phjr*iciau of the medcal facti'iy of Pan*, alio graduated in the U. (Atit'e.Je can be proud by hi* diploma*. alt lm' CTKAMBOAT MKETIM > - By virtue of a crumtitation O in a iib*cri|'tioa for eetabliahint a Morning Daily Htaam Boat between the village of Stamford. Ccna. aid the city of New York, touching ar the in'ermedtate tend' . place* we hereby sire notice to the ub*crib*r* * asjd'nrot-cL ll'.nt a general miattmofaaii eubic-tben Will be holden at the Mage rtotueiniaid Stamford. on liieaoay,th*?fth inst. March, at 1* o'clock, in the forenoon, for WIMrpOM of hearing the reper'of the Committee on aiibacritdion*, and tranaai ting all necrtairy buaiaea* to carry into effect the object and deaign of aaid aubacribera,in relation to aaid Stamford rout*. New York, March 11, ISIS. Thecilo.-e Davenport, H J Sanf rd. Thorn** A. Mead, H K Bktlding, W'ui L Hiaedale, Dae id Harmon, Cliaa \V Sniilia, M liolmea, (feo J Smith, Edwin Hn*(, \Vm H. Hoyt, David H Hoyt. Rotwelt Hoyt, Jaitei T Elli* Saada ueely, Jame* Burling, Wm Hoyt, 3d John T Uilchrut. Iraac tiuiuiard.i :ar. AlnanderK F.nnU, Janet H Minor, ThomM Cox, Haraiial Clot*. Ceo Cue Ahraham Mead, Alex Bank*. Jim-i H. Heyt. Newbury DannpoA, William T Baker, J 'Waterman, J D W*rr*n, C Foster. Hlaworth Foi, (Ho W Smith, K.ben Keed, Doctor Darenv-ort, Da?i? Ixiekwood, Wbi Horlen, SB Proto.t, 'Geo Prorott, J B Frrria. Henrr Peek, II A Mitchell, J H reck, Kdward ilill, John Morrill, H <J < ncjr thai!, K ( Hidden. Uaar R Jewup. J Voorkeea, A Hubb-rd k. Co. T f I.j on l!?aj? R Morgan, J J Mare-tall, mtt ** fF.NTKhVII.I.V. ' 0?UHK I I A 8WEICPSTAKK8 will c?i?< off over the above eourae, A thie day. March S3th. wt three o'clock, mile lieate, heal 1 ia S under the aaddle. The fo'lowing are the cntriea : Win. Wheelaiil'e h g Hector. J Woidrufft'a b g. Brandywinr Wm. Martin'e g. g. Fourth ol'July. mio 11* TO SEGAR SMOKKRS tup nnrtT ermn nppnT SPANISH HOUSE, *256 BROADWAY. rpHE MONEY will be returned to all persona who A purehiac at thie atore, if they are not aatialie 1 with the quality of the articlaa. Thie offer ie made by the atroug contiden-e derived from the excellency of every eegar that ie of fared for aale in the above establishment. The entire etoek haa been choien with (real care, and ie, without doubt, the moet splendid that h?e ever been offered to the New York publie. Exelttfive of the great and uoparalclled variety of he best brands of Havana and Principe, there ia a large lot of PRIME NORIEGA8 and NORMA8, that have been manufactured in Havanarapreeely for thie eatabiiahment. and they are guaranteed to be of auperinr quality and flavor to any heretofore imported into thie market. In the accommodation of those gentlemen who prefer to emoke at leiaure and in retirement, a neat Bar Room haa been opened in the rear of the above ertabliahment, which, it ia hoped, will give aatiafaetinn to ali who viait it. A TO BKOAR DEALERS Ik HOTEL KEEPEhl. For ealeat the Spanish Home, usa Broadway .a larg-ylot of Havana Segara, at the very low rate* of $|t, aadlflfiSO. Theae Sep are hating been conaigued to the Spanish H viae, by the maufaeturerain Havana, with eapreaaordara to sell them immediaiely, are,for thie re. aeon, now offered at the above low pricr*. Thairquality ; hardly inferior to the beat Normaa, and iher are all ea'itled to debenture. m03 1 w* NOTICE.?Conaignrea of the following goods. per ihin TAROLINTA, from Liverpool, (ronaigned to order) are requnted to call, pay their freight, and attend to the receipt ol their goods, viz:? B 70, 78 3 eaiea of Merchandiae IT 1 trnta do 8 M 1 eaae do B in diamond 84 IN 5 do do W 403 t do do GLOVER V MeMURRAY. _mW 100 Pine atreet. NTOTICE TO TILOTS AND MASTERS OK VES. ' 8eLS.?In accordince with Rev. Statutes. |Ch?p. XIV. notice ia hereby given that the Quarantine Lawa apply to the following veeiela? 1. All veggelg from it Foreign Port, having forty or more paggengerg. or oo board ol which,during the voyage or wtiilat at the port of depart ore, iiv pcr?-?n *' all hare beenaick, arming between the Aral day of April aud tiie firat day of Norember ia any year. a. All vrnela art iving between the thirty-firat day of May, and tha iiiteemh dty of October In any year, from any place, in the ordiuary ptiaage from which they mint paaa to the aouth of Cape Henlopen.a 3 All reaaela from any i lace (including; inland*) in Alia, Africa, or the Mediterranean, or from either of the Wrel India, Bahama, Bermuda, or Weetern IglaniU, or from any place in America, in the ordinary paraage from which they mutt paaa Bouthof Qeorai*. arriving between the iretday or April and the firat day of Norember inany year. d. All riaaelt from any place where yellow, billioua malignant, or other pei'Heutiul or infeetioua ferer exiited at tne time of their departure. <>r on board of which during the voyage any eate of any aueh ferer ahall hare occurred, arming between the firat day of April and the firat day of Norimberiu any year. 5. All reaaela which, if they had arrived direct from their port of departure, would hare been ineladrd in the fourth claee that ahull arrive at any place in the United Stain, Britiah North America, and proceed thence ta the port of New York batween the firat day of June aud the firat day of October in any year, t. fcrery reaael arriving in the port of New York coaat wia after the (rat day of luje, which hag been to the Welt Indie or America, aouth of Georgia ahall be aitbject to th- game regulatioDf aa are imroaed oo each veeiela under aimilar cir cumatanced, that hare arrived direct at the port of Ntw York. A. SID >EY DOANK, A M M. D. n at tApl Health Olfieer of Port of New York. NnIVERSAKY NO t ICE-HOPE TOTaL ABsTI NENCE RELIEF SOCIETY.-At a meeting of the tneinbera of the Hope Total Abatinenee Relief Society, convened at the Hope Hull on the 13J day of March inat , George J. Duryee waa e* lied to the chair, and John J Doryee appointed Secretary. The call of the meeting by John C Coachman Grand Marahal, having bet n read and approved, the oommiltee ofarraniementa reported that they had engaged a gplenuid banner for theaociety, to be paintrd by Mr Haunington: alto that thay had engaged the celebrated Columbian kraae banc. Ike Sic., which report, on motion, wu unanimously adopted On m ition, Re*i Wed, That the constitutional, pledgrd, and j avenile member* or thi* society meet at the Hofie Hall on 'i'nendsy morning next, the 29lh init at eight o'clock, for the pnrpote ot forming in line aud joining with the other Temperance Societies that day, in celebrating I he firit annirereauy of the temperance cauae in thi* city. On motion, Reno Wed, That the proceeding* or thi* meet it g bepublubed in the New York Herald end the 8un. mtt It* Byoid r. JOHN T. DURYBK. Bec'y. 'I'D TFAcHFHS Aral) ttOAKUI.NU, SCHOOLS.?A l young man lately a?*i*tant Teach-r ef Elocution and Engliah Rinding, in one of .the moat public eeminariee in Heotland, wiehea to devote a few hotm each day, to the teaching of that branch of education. Addree* J C. B. at thi* office. nt93 3t' fiOVlhltT'si b.iLAl OK Lift?Tnis medicine i* doing wonder* iu curing those afflicted with cough*,cold*, bronchitis, dyspepsia, and all disease* leading to consumption, thousands cau testify. Thoae afflicted with the above named diicaaea will do well to call on Mr-Covert, it hi* office for Ihe tale of hi* medicine, 131 Nasiau street, New *ork, whete any number of tcftimoaiali maybe *een- Alio, for aale at 142 Water afreet; 110 Broadway ; 10 Aetor Houie ; M William *treet ',7* and 100 Fulton street; 776 Broadway ; *41 and 771 Broadway ; 63, 140) and 188 Bowery ; 89 Diriiion atreet. m!8 lw' C' 8 ooo to u.OOOIb* ot Ireah Warden Beetle, in ail the r choiceat nieeiee and varietiei, for tale, in auantitien to uit pure hai*r*,?t Bridgeoian'* permanent tatnblifhwient, co-nerol 18thit. and Broadway. Al*o," The Youug Gardener's Ass-slant," containing the roanlle of hie M rear* practice in New York. A* thi* work ha* betn honored by the award of Hold Medal, from the American Inatitute, which inititutlon, and tie New York State Agricultural Society, leaving al*o awarded eeveral copiea aa premium* lor superior specimen* of aararn product*, further comment i* desmed unnecessary. m* lm* N TltE UUite, UK S l'rtH-'i Ulxr-?ii i* ioo?i uuioriu^ nute in thi* complaint that many peraone have a striclure who are jjpt in the leant aw are of it. The common notion ia,that eo long aa the urine rasse* in a tolerable' 'ream,there cannot be a stricture. But thie u far from true. A etrieture may, and often doe*, exiet foe month*, and even year*, without Elacing any striking ch mge In this reepect. Wheu a atricarriv** at that degree ofl?arrewuee* m sensibly to impede I* a icriou* malady indeed. The olqeet et thoae remerhe however. is to prevent thi* state, and to attach it at e time when it is easily aud perfectly removed. But there ait other circumstance* beeidc* it* efleet upon the urine by whict a alrictur* may be known, or. at least, strongly suspected, and though these art numerous, there are two which are very common and very easily judged of, and the** shall be mentioned Known that itricturea a raw from long continued and bad If k reeled Oonorrhda. Now, wheneeer thie diaeaae continues over man)' weelta, eepecially if in the early period aajr of the biaetad neetruroe of the day were taken, there ia juet and proper /round to euepee' * etrieture. The neat ie moat remarkable?it u the effect a etrieture haa upon the mind and eiM-ite. Thie ie a fact that may be tho roughly relied on. Indeed the author never saw a eeae nt sine lure, (and he aeee many every day,) to which the patient did not, more or leee, complain of hie loee of mental energy?that he was not eo eapahle of business ai formerly. The reaeen of thta, however, ia clearly ehown in tna " Pn>,u _ little volume noticed in another column of thie paper, and to which the reader ia referred, not only for knowledge of tine disease, but on every other connected with thiasubject. UK. RALPH futthcr btgi to add. that ha may be consulted personally a* hie reeideaee. No. 88 Greenwich etrect, at any hour ; aoa mourn any vc III uoum mm w me eiineucc 01 una juetK, especially after perusing hie little votame, he will, Aithout expenee or the least pain. explain and assure hint whether he hare or not. Let it only be remembered that, if he re ally haa a etricture, not ail the medicine in the world, alone, will ever cure it. n M 1m* rpHt PHI V A'l'fc 'l'Kt/Vi'J8fc.-l'lin ta a little xoiuine on 1 eertaii diaeaaea in which the beat and moat convenient mesne of cure are dated in the plHineat possible mannei. It alao srowt the reaaon why theee maladiea ao frequently continue on from mouth to month, tine tired, and terminate M length in other and permanent complaiatt. Indeed, ao oue can read this little book without teeing at once their true and real nature. and auto the riek and danger of trusting them to ignorant and boat ting people. Wi'h a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of confi dence in what lie hue advanced on the cure ofthoee diseases, the au Jior thiuke it proper her* to gne a aiuude etatemeut of the means and opponumtiei bs himaall haa had of forming Jutland clear opunoneon thia subject. He therefore kegs tt state, that besides hi* rank aa graduate of Edinburgh, and member of the London C-ottoge.he. he h?* been watching theee dieeaeee, both in Hospital and city practice tor more than thirty years, and haa published two editioaa of a workexpreaely on them. Alao. that he has letlere of commendation from the moet eminent phyeiiaina in Europe to the mot* eminent in America, aa Sir Aetley Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr. Physick,if Philadelphia, and others, and which uiay be teen by any one. And farther, that he hae the privilege of referring to almost every physician of eminence ia thie city. Tlwee are circum etancei which afford the highest satisfaction to every one, especially to thoae who are annoua to obtain the beat advice.? The price of tbe book ia $1. Dr Ralph ia consulted st his residence,M Greenwichetraet, at any hour, and haa distinct and eeparate apartment* for tlioae who have to wait a little. Communicatioua by poet are faithfully replied to. nrtllm* x~ri"n7Y PICKLES, ui i?ekig-s to suit customers J ,^VJw,UUU ? Assorted Pickles, 7'alsiip,, Pre seivss, and English Mustard, of a suuerinr quality and lowSrice; Cider in I White Vmerar.hy thr gallon or b irr?l; Sour [rout by the banelorkeg; Preeerved Meats. Soupr, Oyetere, howls, Milk, Sic. war anted -.okrrp any length ot time and in uny climate, excellent for ahin stores, as they afford a ere it luxury at a reasonable price; tJroun'J Coffee. warranted pure; Walnut, Mushroom and Tomatto Catsup, by the gallon or do "n. B,?Large s nr Picklej, for grocers, by WtLLS A MILLER, Wholesale aid Retail Warehouse* for Pirkles. lit Water nr>23 3m" *** r com iircei. HAVANA 8EOAH8.? OILSE Y. Ml tlroauwey ana 3It Bowery. Crmerly kept by Mr. P. Muuoa. Iiera 1 rave to inform the anokir.g public that they will alwaya fi id, at hie itorea. a well Itctr.i a?ortin?? of the fi eat branda of Havana and Principe HEfiAUS at wholeaaleand retail; and if a lit at rate article a .d friendly treatment can inaure diatom, he hi pea to receive a laige aliara of it. mtt im' MlRACt'LOVS CURE OF RHEUMATISM. NEWARK, December*! 1^41.?Dr. Itinj!?Dear Sir:?You will t>l-??e to eacuae my not aniwcringyou in relatieu to the certificate.yinng an account of my almnat miraculout leetorement to life ?a it were. I waa i? unexpectedly reatored, hat it appeared more like a dream than re.lity, not only to mytelf but to my fnenda I can ninri yii yon have t e pray era of one whaee liteia dear to him Situated ami ny friend t errr kind ami dear, an i a fatniy who look to him for >u port, and who al?o j >io in pcatae to you. and their tSod, for hie unapeikable mtrcy in apannf mi-at true time Anyilun* that la in my power to da. whieh will ha of benefit to you, auch at giving an account of my (utTering in a certificate, that yen mighi pubtiah io the world, aa it la witneaaed by my frienda, who have pot their name a to thii letter. Wete it ta my power to pay tenfold the price you charged. I wcutd wiMingly do it; but I have hecn?:ck io long that my pecuniary ineanihac ekhawed. It ia nverth'ie aioea I waa attacked with what our doctor cailed he Inflamma ory Mheumatiam. by whien I waa let a complete e ipple, harm* loet the na- of my Inrbe. which fell away moat frightfully, < laahfipg oaefrom all work, and had it not neen for a few hnrdred if.llara lhad aaved when la work I and my family weuld hare been io lb* wofthouee. So you. and I h pe the i ublie, willree how^njh I owe you for once more being able to earn my daily bread; and tha i three boltlea of your Elitir.whieli you ?ent ma f r? a dollar*; a?"d.ton;iderioi{ it tra'y the E ni'of l-'f'- ' V" ,t'' liie grtaUit rerpect and gralltodd, J ^W'aTd^oWc a Cliff. - ... UHKtU-?n.,;i f 'h ilj/r 1J kerV. totiitr **rrnna Pirw " * ? #q ? r ?k:]|iB*-*oJ "??*? fro<" ,h' Hot-f-trjr It. /Tk X jUfc ()< ' M vVtl 4 .V; ?&:.? >? raau of * ?IIP?IH? ?r '/ ii l? nit ?i? ' r III- ' >* "U " POUSSE St BROOK*. Bigj It Liberty ? . tulM S*1M. ** TMOUAMMJU^. ~ (n?f (l/ToiM Jim anal ll7DtMWlr??<i.) KKlDAY. At l?i o'clock, at ihe Mir room*. Will be continued and clored, the Ml* of ifilendid clothe eaaaimerei.Tretinre. S package! clothing. a rarietrof ???? able dry goodi, a large lot of auperior noJiery, ihirt cellure aui|eLiln, lie. Alio, a large lot nf gooda. pledged orrr one year. Alio, a Urge additional lot if eaunoabledry goodi,?eaera millinery, inrlndiig rich and fashionable; a large lot of clothe and eaaiiincreiof the moat anterior itualily. I caM traahi for ? axroi.rmg so doz napkin*, do do auperflne dainaak table Alao.a large lotof ml?rellan?? <a - ic'ce <te. SATURDAY. At 10* o'clock. >11h** sale room*. | Elegant horuituir?An ei'ensive aud valuable variety of choice srcouil hand and new furui'urr. ! all drsc-iptiona. AUa. a splendid assortment of rich laiiu sofa lounge .chair, and pUtMUMTin,moat beautiful covera. Also, a splendid assortment of elegant household furniture, removed from Brooklyn fo' ronverience of a lie. MONDAY. At 101 o'cUck, at thaiale rooms. Counting House Drabs. Hafas, Piano Forte*, Sic.?Elegant counting house iltaks.l writirg tables f various descriptiohs. ?i first rate sofas. If rocking chairs, ludoseu mahogany Hud maple parlor chairs. THURSDAY. 9Th mat. Furniture Sale?At 10 o'clock will be told, the elegant furniture contained in the house, 1S3 Broadway, to close the estate of the late David Graham, Esq. TUESDAY, April 5th. At 101 o'clock, at No. 3Krauklyn at. Elegant furniture A UC'TION NO I'lCE.?Splendid EnrniturC-Oii 'I uesday. 2\. at No.753 Broadway, will be "sold the elegant furniihre to cl?? the estate of the late David Graham, Esq.. comprising 1st ll" parlor furniture, viz nchlBrusseis carpets audrugs to mat-h, rosewood mid mahogany tables, oltomans, damask covered divans, large French plate pier glasses rich damask curtains, sofas, mautle, lustra lamps and clocks, valuable riiuo forte plated ware. See : numerous bedrooms with the usual elegant furniture, French and other bedsteads, first rate Iiair matuasses. leaner fecili bedding. toil l stands, marble top until stai tin, plain and dopant dressing bureaus, chair*, table*, sofas, secretaries, wardiobes, looking gI uses. curtain*, rosewood stands,conversation and soft table*, cabinets, library book cases, lie Also, basement furui'ure, aid-board, dining tables, rhairs, carpets, he. A val table assortment of kilchen utensils, and numerous other hotisekrepin; articles, all of (be brst description, made ts order, and taken excellent care of. Order of tale 10 commence with the furniture of the bed rooms then the par'nrs, last the basement and kitchen. There is a hue hall laulliorn oil cloth, side tables and mats, and excellent atair carpets included The furniture can be seeu early oh the day of sale. mat 5'in?^ _ THQit. Bk.l.L, Auctioae-r. A UCTIvJN NOTICE.?Sale of Cloths, Carsitrerrs, Veitings. ar d l)n Goods generally .in lots to suit purchesera, this day at 10| o'clo .k, in thelargt rooms, 3d Ann street and 115 Fulton street. Also, stock of millinery, silks, satins, linens, damask table cloths, cia'li, stair covers,3 pachage* hosiery,ado suspenders, pledged artichs he. mag THOS. BELL. Auctioneer. AL'tTION NOTICE ? Extensive sale of choice furniture, of all descriptions, Brussels carpets, rugs, he., on Saturday at lOi o'clock, at tbe large rooms, 3d Ann and 115 Fulton streets. _mx8at THOS. BELL, Auctioneer, aMQ ngiTPEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY and hpi3anr interimdiate places, daily at five o'clock, P ^CXdLM., frim the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. The commodious steamboat R^CH'STER, Cspt. St. John, leaves aa above, thta day (Friday) afternoon, at five o'clock. The SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. Braniard, leavea aa above, to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, at five o'clock. The South America direct without landing at intermediate placea. T he above boate are new anil euhatantia', furnished with e'egant State Rooms, and lorap-ed and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson. For paaiace or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. S0HULTZ, m25 at the office oq (he Wharf. lajf fASSAtvK FOR LIVERPOOL?UnitedILins^tfMSWlst (April.?The tplendid fast failing parket ship JmbB6?TAK< (LINTA, Capt Smith, will sail positively as above, and has au;erior accommodations for a limited number of passenger*. _ For passage, apply on board, toot of Hue a'raet, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 4? South at or 43 Peck Slip. Persons wishing to send for their friends san have them i brought out in the regular packets sailm* w?ekly from Livi rpool. and those about to remit money can have drafts payable in all the principal towns of (Treat Britain and Irelind, , by-applying as above. mil , VOR LONDON?racket ol the 1st April?The I MVW superior fast sailing packet ship ONTARIO, Csp- i VBLiain Beadiih, will sail ss above, her regular day.? This (hip's accommodations for cabin, 3d cabin and steerage ] passengers, are superb, and berths can he secured on moderate , terms, by applying on board pier east side of Maiden Lane, , *rU> GLOVER k McMURRAY, , 100 fine etreet. corner of Sonth. P. P.?Persons wishing to tend lor their frience residing in the old country, can hara theggjuought out by the above ship, or any of the regular pasks n|^t*Pplyiug ns above (it by let<sr post paid.) ?lt gsaa FOR MtvBlLE.? To sail poiitively on ftatur- , day. the ??th instant.?The superior new ship ATAflUKhANTA, Captain James Hart, will tail as above, J her regular day. ... Can handsomely accommodate a limited nnmber of cabin, eecond cabiu and eteerege very moderate rates, if early application is made to the Ciptain onboard, foot of * Pin? dlreet, or to I n mgl JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 8onth?t, h ..msw- OLD Ll.Nf. Of LlVtltrUOL rALKETf.? I J J^j^Heeular Packet of lit of April?Fhe epleudid , jKflyupackrt ahip EUROPE, Capt Edward B Marihall, ' will tail poaitivcly on Miday, thi lit April, kir regular j " f'he accommodation* ard adeintagri in thii line Tor cabin, ' ?d cabin and ateerag* paaaangera, ar* well known to be taperior to any other. For terma af paaaaga apply on board, foot of Beekman 1 street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO. < U Fulton at. neat door to tlia Fulton Bank. i Teraona drairaiii of *end>ng to the old country for their i frianda can make the ueeeaaary .arrangement to haee th'in ' brought ou*. m the Europe, aailiug'Ifr m Liverpool on the > l?th ol M 'v. or in any of the packet! of tlia Old Line, aailu g i tro there punctually on the 7th and I9tli of crery mouth.? For ply aa above, or to ] JAMES B. HOCI1E, 14 O>ree Piaxxaa. i mat Liverpool. | , a"a- .NEW LiNE oK nlValtruiii. rAOa'.ls- 1 JMk. Tacket of the 2Hh March ?The anleiulid. well- ' (UjaiL known, last aailirg, picket ahip K08< IUS, (ltoO tona burthen] Cui>tain Jo'iu Lollina, will aail punctually aa above, her regular day 'i'heehiiwol thielme are all I COOtons burthen and upwarda, and their accommodation* for cabin, aeroud cabin audatrrrage Pa*>eagrr* it ia well kuowu.aie aupermr to any other line ol PaetKla. Peraona wishing to arerre bertha, would do well to make early application onboard foot of Wall atrcet, or to ' W.k J. T. TAPSCOTT. i 43 Peck alip, or 4# South atrcet. Periena deairore of ecudirg for their friend* to coine o ut from the old country, can have them brought out in the R<?ciua, or any of the regular line, on very reasonable terma, and thoae wiahing to remit n oney to their frieeda, can haee dralta for any amonnt. payable on di maud, in all the principal towna of Gitat Britain and Ireland by apply mg ai above. m13 mi- KPH NEW OKLKA.NS?Loeuaiana and .New JVmWYork Line?Regular Packet of lit April?The SBSftftb faei aniling packet ahip LOUISA, Captain Mulford, will aail aa above. For freight or paasage,having epleudid furnished accommodation*.apply ou board, foot of Wall atrret orto _ E. K. COLLINS k.CO. M South at. Mrentcare win oe iucu 10 nave hic goou* uy una line correctly meafured. Agent in New Orleane Jan. E. Woodruff, who will prompt" ' ly forward all good* to hia addrcM The packet ship LOUISVILLE, Capt Hu-it. will iuc 1 cerd the Louiaa, anil eail the loih April, lier regular day. ndl FOR >T A KSEicLES? Heguler Packet.?Toe tJH^^berk NASHUA, Capt. Perry, will eail on the jMEKalft of April. 'Ine eubecribera purpoee diepntehing a Ship punctually on . the tat day of each month Hiring the year tor Maraeillea. dooda lent ta the au wenbeis for f. rwa ding will he diepatched tree of any other than the charge* actually iueurred upon them. The Ship* have very comfortable cabin accommoda- , |M For freight or paaarge, applv to BOYD k HINCKF.N, Agenti. nl t Tontine Building. F< IK LI V Kit POOL?New Line?Hegiilar Packet ^ J%^^ol2ith March?The aplendid packet (hip ROSClUt). J JmUKb Captain John Collma of 1100 tona, will eail u aboee, ntr regular day. 1 Forfrrightorpaneage.havingaecomraodatione me^nalled for . nleodor or comfort .apply on board, at Orient!! wharf .font of Wall et.,or to c COLLINS k CO. MSnnthftrnnt Price of flOw. The packet ehip SIt)DONS,Captain C. B. Cobb of looo . tona. will aucceed the Koaciua. and aail 94 k April, her regu- | '^Paer'cngerimay rely upon tliethipaof thif line failing punc- j tunlly a? advcrtned. n.17 rf r FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Tacket of the 25th ' JJ?^y March?The nplrnpid Packet Ship R08CIUF. nNUBiw c? .tain Col in*, will lie di?pitch?d for Livrrp'oi ni above, lier regular day. Her acr nnmodatione for Cabin, ecrnd Cabin and Steerage Pa?ie:i ere are unaurpaeird by any e lip afloat. For paia ge apply to JOHN HERDM AN, (I South ttrreL N. B ? Pafaage from unr part of (irrat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, per weekly ?iypnrtunitie?.can at all limrtbefecnred.and Draft! furnirh-d (or anv amount, payable thr< u>hout the United Kingdom, bv applying ae above. m 0 UTiffar 'I'ii fa-t uM Mr. a me Si..i.?, i n^f A new and splendid Boarding House. called the Boston i<n+ Home, will accommodate about two hundred Boarderf, a few rods from Ihe Patilinu Ppring. i Apply at C. Haisenbultle.M Cedar, or Franklin Hott, Ha raloga Sprisga. in It I m* COPY OF A TESTIMONIAL FROM THF, CK KBRATKD IX'CTOR NELSON- I THE ORIGINAL MAY BE BEEN AT s:a BROAD- i WAY ' Mont. Mallan. km?Thr cement with which you l\l'ed the decayed teeth ' of two of my friends fully attawered the purpoit for ? hlch it ? was applied,and gare the gie?te?t satisfaction. ' The apecinteni nfartifirial teeth, planted oa gold rnmshiclde t from a range of three or four teeth up to a complete act for e both itwa, which I hatreaeen r<>" eeecute, are on a lerel with the iiicheat order of dental aubalituticn now known, either < Iters or in Karofe. I am youra iru'r, ' ROBERT NELSON,M.D. March 15. IftX 41 Br.nkliu street. t To Moos. Matxaw k Horn, Horeeoti Dentist. Hi Broadway. m?8 I mia* I triTOM Hni'ir, Nirw Yon*. ? I'ollertor'a Office, March I.IIH. J NOTICE-PropMala Will be rtceit ed at this (flicc until Saturday. the *>ih March instant for farntehing tlte following quantity of oil for the uee of tbe Light Houses m this 4 sfo'VtaYl' ne of Spermaceti Hlrained Oil, for S-immtr uae. iw O.l'ona Winter I'r.aae I Oil, from h-ad matter. The said nil 10 " bV the United States Dangers, at the time of delivery, and to be deltrered to the Huperintradaet of L'ght Hotteee, as he may require^ in iron bound raaks. no' to exceed JO gallons each. I he oil is to be tried and tested Kmfnr?! payment is made therefor. P V EDWARD CURTIS. ry.f t* H Collector Pi RTVF lUMir NHTIfy -Tkaanka. ..I I trrcd into ptrtni-ri'iip in tV rlotfting bniiotM, un .IrrtV n-mrol DONN'LLY k UOWNK?,?t No. 13 t>U?,t, N'W York. N- B ?A anortmrnf of itimnvtr clothing, wiide us thiilprmg, will kc ioM rhcip for euh. PETER DONNELLEY, WILLIAM DOWNES. TV wHferiVrhnin crn nlcimin in thr well-known holier of K J. (.mint k Co. fir neirljr eight gtir*, *u.l u will " attainted with th? miuiificturing of clothing hotli fir toe a ...i. i 111..1 ii. i i il.. ..-1....... ..( iii. . ntTchenU eeloi ?re lo the h?bit of hnrii.n their clothioc m?di ?p, logive him ? r <11. All foo<Ucut ni l m*4r in the beetmi1 urrmd warranted to fit. PBTKR DO.SNKLI I mint* \\J ANTKD.-A V011 nc Mm, to tube er.yte ! ?"? '?' , '? Library A Lbrrnl conipemntioo t?iT be giren A. I t lit Nwmnwtl. "* ' /SftRN-IWnnrhinow ItsOinf from ?h'P L-one. ?i i ^ Or for . ,le by fc r 0tf ?MM N,.n?Mer?tfrM. IMUtatKII. rii,_ " ITEMING, Marrh tS?The :*rCrrr?nre whi coal- i ... . in?nc w?h Honivul! i' OL.'-'i? A>.U, WOI LO.NOT n??pL;i,!*' (-Jjil'lfI Ujo Octtrio WhrtCeT i Do.H,,|,p hrederic.a | TrtppaoH fl.cije \ H) poll la K ( lUihinin. AJW wkick I i />^i i. CHARL^B O >IALLF.Y, r 0 V , Wheatljr | C-pt Clark* ?' S Cu.ha.Hi Adwiiftm.?Bo?e. ft ; fit SO eeotji : Gallery ?S meIi CHATHAM TIIKATKK THIS EVENING. March ?-The performie. WU comm^bcf with THE WAR I OCR OK THE GLEN. .? M^na. Mr H.elU | AJtl*. MroTbor.o M4n"' After which. Herbert wutID jiip, uu I LAW Jltramy TwitcHrr Sri ton | Mohb A,.th. Mr. BUke 8UV,U Beatrice Mie.Me.Uyer. After winch TWO OREGORIES, Urrfory Sefton t John Bull w ,ii Kauchette Mrelhoree. To conclade with THE EARTHQUAKE. Galrette Hie.'d | OrrTio. Sterna Air the Mm Meetayer. oiei Ntiauit. knd Id tiereU, rit it? ,u?Uer71M ^jre-.npen ?t ?l: rleee et T> procieeiy THtf KSSSfW OLYMPIC THBATRB. THIS EVENING Merck IS The performance wil) eoainenoc with Jo., BTARS AT THE ASTOR. 0 . Henicaetie | Apollo flditche* JuU0 . MreTimm AfUr which Orcc.. RI(iUET, WITH the tuft. ""V&ta.T ' l'riuc' cilrconclude with Prince Pereeverance D E K E L L A. H?_j. . Ninadid, Mr. HorwbaetW Cinderella ^jdwin JSzigsssSit *- "?~"-..aSsr "P*" tteeeee U.irtain ci.? (t halfpaat AMBKICAN ISCgEPB, Corner Broadway and Ann strut. JL,nJ??r ll,s Manayrmrut of Mr. P. T R.m.^ 17VERY DAY AND EVENING THISWEYK - ?_ ? mcubuqi iuvuuay. maien M. I M Manager haa fDKxiMi. for one week. it company of INDIAN VVAHBIOHs and their S<^UAW?. who will eihibit their peri liar Dior. ?nd cetemonieg, iLugtralive ot their telig.ouj ritea, sotwi gtitioun, & c i worth it) and thankggiving, wedding dance ; rorthonlm lavine the lire of Captain Smith : the murder of. vie* McCrea, and variout intereating INDIA * PANTOMIMES; He haa alio engaged, for a ihort period, Mr. WINCHKLL, the unrivalled, numoroua, and laughter provoking COMIC OROLLKRIsT. who ig ftmmti for hie drinleat.ooa ol French Dutch, high and Vankee ccceotricitieg Mrg. PHILLIPS, the popular vocaltgf, ia ergsged. NIAGARA FALLS with real water; PNEUMATIC RAILROAD; ALHlNU LADE; FANCY GLASS BLOWING, Grand Cogmorema, and 5oe,roo curioeitiea, Aenlendid day performance takra place every Wednegday and Saturday afternoon. Admittance to the whole <6 etnta?children half price. FIRST APPEARANCE OF MR CHARLES 13RAHAM AT NEW YORK. MR. BRAHAM hag the honor to announce, that he will give a Concert at the S.ciety Librtry room*, corner of Broadway and Leonard atreet, on Thnraday evening, the 3tgt inetaut, when hie eon Mr. Charleg Braham will make hie firet appearance in thucty.RooRAMME PaaT 1. Seng?The Lut Wordg of Marmion, Dr.Clarke, Mr. Braham Song?" My Bojhood'g Ho e," Rooke Mr. C. Braham Socg?" William Tell," Braham Mr. Braham Song?" Sally in our Alley,'' Carey Mr. Braham Duet?' Alia Well,*1 Braham- -Mr. Brahemtnd Mr.C. Braham Song?" I've avom he ahall not pariah." Mr. Braham?(tfom the opera of Maaaauiello Braham. Part II. Song?" When I beheld the anchor weighed, Mr C.'nhui Sorg?Bin* Bonnet oeer the Border," Mr. Brahmin Song?" ll'Inuotent," , Mr. Braiuun Bong?'* 'J he Lede of the Villege," Mr. C. Braliam Song?" The Plooghmaa tu oed Sailor Dibdin Grend Brigand Sccua from Maiini'llo?" Proudly and wide my efandard die*." Ticket! 9l, childrt'D half'pricr, to be had at any ofthe pruttipiimuaic atoret, or at the door od the evening of the eoa:rrt. Doora opened at aeteu, aad the Concert to commence at mlt-p'ei *>vrn o'clock. ey 1 'rtfc. BAl.MLltrt have the not or 10 announce tbat they will 1 eire a Grand Vocal Concert, at the Kutgcr'a Ioatitute, oa Friday evening, March 35. 1842, when they will eing a ?n iety of new conge, and appear in their naational aummer :r?tume of the Tyrol. .. , Tiek-.ta SO be had at the Muaic Store*, aad al the loor. ..... Concert to commence at eight o clcck mfi4 ?t* |Y/f ADkMOlsELLlJ nOPHIK MELIZKT beta reepectfal LV1 |y to anneune* to her friend* ar.d the publie that preriona o her return to Philadelphia, the intend* logivea VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. it the City Hotel, on Wednesday the Mlh inalaat, on which iccaaion Sign >r De Bigun, Mr. Timaa, and other eminent ar> lata will af*Mt. .... . f Particular! will ehortlv be announced. mat r , ukanu a.nm)al r .\hiui fids Ball ) Mr. P. AND HIS DAUGHTER have the honor to anluunce to their friend! and the Dtiblie. thai their annual Jt(. libition Ball will take place on Monday earning, the 38th at dutch, when a great variety of new and t eauiifal dancee will lelbrought forward to between 30 and 80. hor further part*.ulare ee tulle and future kdverturmeaU. Ticket* foradmiaeien $1. to admit a gentleman and two adiea; extra ladiea ticket! S0(eM*?can he obtained at Gothic Hall, or at Mr P.'e reaideuce. 307 Bowery. mat at FULLER'S GrYMiNASIUM. r) THOSE WHO VALUE HEALTH.?The Oytnna ium, 305 Greene atreet, near Blrecker, ie now open laily In addition to the regular exrrctere of the Ormaalium, there *re attached lor rxercier and ainutemcnt, a Bowing Alley, Quoit Ground, Pirtol Target, with a large open pare for runuiug and juiming, aud other out-door >ierei**? el ieh render tlua eatabliat ineut aa a gynmatinm, auperiorta 'ornUemen mhacrihing Uaee the priril- ge of eiereinir.g at the Jranch Gymna?ium,3# Ann at, where there u every implement .ncra?/ r U UIUU? Kenrii R *1??. *>y an eminent rr#re?tor, at ?nch time m to suit ipplieanta. in iccotiwe with the tioDCf. Term* of yearly inKnrrt ration hare been v?due?d to fit. II#83 J lvioTIau inmkui;nvE, kkcitk aTTVITaSD TEMPKRATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitant! of the i?mqm^ eitiea and toran* of Nevr Yotk. Pei.nay Wania, ConneKcut. Rhode m,"^Sur'H ER'TO'nano, * ' Th'juetly celebrated and naturally endowed Mefempeyehoiian, whoae eatraorcinarv peiaonificaiion of the (inome, iJhe Babboon. Kly, kc . baa been the delight of the world, annouacta tint ilia hie intention, during the coming Mm over moutha, lo via it the abore ntatee with hia Co'ieeuia. A fac iinile of Krancoma, Rotunda Olj mpiee in the Champa d* Klyiee at Pane, and n aplcnoid Baud of Mueic, with a auft irnt number of artielee to make the entcrtaimneut aupenor to uivth'ng yet offered. To conaiet of a Metemreychoriaii Baziar flight of fanar. :?lted the GNOME Fi.Y, in which Bigaor HERVTO MANO will euihody THtt UNOME! 'i HE BABBOON THE KLV !! A MAN! ! ! Meeytham, the Qui rn of the Peria Mad. Herri* Naao To be fallowed try A MUSICAL OLIO ! onaiating of Pianoforte Beri'atioua by Madame HERVIO NA> O. I?Orand Soaato in B J N. Hummel J?C.oncerio Stock in b' C M. Von Weber J?Giaud Kanta<ia i n the National Aire, (>ud Sare the King end Kule Britannia 8. Thai berg Wiih full Urcheatral Accompaniment!. To conclude with an Hie'oiical Dieplay of the diatrraeioff adeenturea attending the Shipwreck of Perowee, with tharaeterietic |>ainiiug aid miiefc. in which t iguor Hereto Naao Will JWIOUMf ine Btowov, Ormh* the Indian >1??d- M .dm Hemo Naoo, 4\ |5 ?Peranns deairoua of m**lnn( lummtr arrangement* an learn particulan by applying (port to the acderiicnrtl. *t the Brunch Hwtil, ? Bovr.ry, Mw Y?.l mil imia* HKRVIO MA NO. M R K MEEB, latrly Irr.ra Europe, Professor of the Miff Arm* branches. Sires instruct ion >ia Ke trine ?n<l in Ihr g? of thr straichn cooked nnd Turkish labre, Hunting Kiaifc, Musket am) Bayonet, SUIT, and every o?ciei ofweepona. ? , For nar^iralini. enquire *^50S Pearl ?tree?. mil lm* GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. l/TESSRS HUDSON k OTTIONON respectfully in -VI form the gentlemen of Nrw York, that tk?r have fittre it. a GYMNASIUM at thr rornrr 01 t hambers slrert and )roadway and it is now r^wn for thr retention of visitors. The institution is of H e lirst order, and complete in every erpect for the purpose of Athletic Etercises. Honrriny Lessons Rivrn dsily. Terms moderate Open dty and ?tsdM. ml lm r?T a xm rtntlfT'no ri/vr^w rv^ivij^ MUSIC. ATWILL'3 MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT.?Tha proprietor of line fUbl ilimrn' invitee the attention of the ma liral world to the eit'neire Catalogue if New and KaehioaubW MUSIC,cone taut I y publuhmg. On hi. table* ran b found an the etandard Muaieal f onpo' itiou. of the ere at muliri ?f Europe and America evtrr deecrptim of Treatiee on Thorough Bar. Harmony. 9 hull and Fingering. Mimic.I Grammar! and Elementary Work* of every mtuneian ?f any diatiucti' n. Everyday add. to the already large collection of now and popular Soiik., Marthea. Waltzea. Danaei. R ndoa. Vsna Liona, Quedi illee. Ac Ac, many of which cannot be found at Ihc other atorea about town] The atyle of i uViihn g muric at this F.atab'iehmer.t. i* well (Down to ft he mimical community to he auperior to any other itore in the country, ail tilt uauaic being printed from elegantly ngraved metallic pater; the title {agree embelltehei witk eauti'ul lithographic vignettee, many of whi :h ar ?tajtelulljr >olored. The price of Mueie ie at one if the old raue,'and aa low m :an be obtained et.ewhere, ttj- The new mua'c ie printed on beautifel Tinted Taper, ind highly perfumed. The price ie the .ante ae above. ATWILt. ie eouatantly receiving eupertor Piano Forte, nanulartured evpreaalv tor ha. eai.Dlwiui.u' of varioua pattern. of ItoaewiKid anil Mahogany, with the Graud Action, Harp Stop, Metallic Plate., Ac. emoracinrtna latret faahioo t>f furniture, with tablet and hallow cornered front., veneered lege, and Grecian acrolla ; all of which are warranted en ho made of euch matenale, and ao well aea?med. u to it and tba teat of every rlimate. i nd can he returned if anr defoet id (omul in the hiatrumenta. Price from $160 to $T0d. Piano Stoolc of varioua p.tleme, to correrpoad witn f"i uoe of Roiewood and Mahogany. Ac Old Pianoataken in eichange. Seroud hrnil P?anoe for aale very cheap. The eubrcribrr tiavicg enlarged hie eeteblnhmeot. tfl.'t* 11 rang ere and citizen, to gire I un a cull belore furchaatuc eUe where. ... . .? {fQf- Catalogue*given grain, and Munc ieut to anr f. r. oa the city. ATW,j , .s %]{ a|( ESTABLISHMENT,' , al fn. rjoUnd tun) m? i? * ini'H-o'.i1?>V<'"n>-?r Vl ' I'lri-H ANOTMKH AirsPk.NMO.V ! ! ADVANI AOM (IK ' ASH PAYMKNTS-Ih? low known !*<> O A d-o Fleece h i* been remored from the corner of r ultou a^d Na?mi, and ia now suepeanted orer the ?*ew ilor^ oi C'fiAS. CO/t, No. 61 ittfil i street, (3 door* above MaiJett lane,) where he will he moef happy b? st'lT *och of Ml ffteanfe and riiitorseri <? in y favor .hnn with a rail, ina old s'ock ha# h^eo disponed of a' aiic'ion in order to g-re p|are to* i? present entirely new, 'arre. and mated assort ineot of ?r rig good*, salecleo from the Lood'D and Pat i# mmk'h, anJc mft'Hinf he fifitat moat f-tfhinnakle of Clothe, Ceneianrr a, V?.tiogs,**. 6te. Hi* pufrh t*e* havu-g beew made evrluaivtly for rash. he i# enabled 10 sell al greatly rrdured pnc#e on tha* goldm which has so long ectvinrrd hifoself and ciutomerf of ibr in flense advantage* dented therefvwm. From 'he c**h p?v iitg c immunity he solicit* a ccnfinn>n er ?f fho<e favor* 10 luridly bestowed during hie long career ef 'NTH. Natal and Military Uniform*. Lfcdte*' KlJing H?h< a, h).he. mad* in aufwrior style. Mr Dabcoek continues to una' in Hit cutting depar'ire#t? mil 1 wig J- afc

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