Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1842, Page 1

March 27, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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* ... ssaseaeaaa TH ' 'I i.="i I. V1L-M. . U - -WktU ?0? #. 5i? linx o? Li*r.?ruo?. fack T" "~ T. * *IHI .? rn v..- L.>?n ?a ik< llth * * Ik* *0?CU'?. leAa ' .jfcw ?rt>Mvcfc. aj8?H3K^^S^^ si"" ?_..n< < *kTo't?i*t It* March. C? y\W?V /.'to"** W? NMP. I Mil April. tar * *?' '' '1' -? *? ' '; ? . us M.j ?.7f Cn?i??rf#? ' ?? ?* - ?? *. ?? ?> j??? 1Wh.1I l I 7?? Aral. la*. .??!. .( >M|?ubull Itttorii) ? ' >*w Y?h "'IS i.'imir '-run u rotobiM ' ? |iaaa.?e?rt. fcury itra |HMM'?hal*IN> ?rrM*.mn.l .flt.r.r Tke pnea tlMUnlw .. Bite I " wto. . Iltr.1 will be pr*' ,*?i )>i?iMiiiri <<u??i.J'4 >y 'rptn.mtd au tor*, wke will toubt a!?T ?""??? *?' i?a?rai uaanc Vr.An ihrtoptaiaa to "Wte? of'Sate .Sr. wtfl to Mjaw btafor*** idtow.!*** ? ? raaht?*MtBi ?r ta??. dM?i< litoWiN WlaRar* ?HtoATWr^f > T% atop* I thialia* wutte-raefto. ( <rwl tad Iter r par a IwtaMtotoi|?mU?unf) tat? ito.a?nl by mj attar fc?W by tto uwkto wi'l to cK.i t?d u rtai, jaiIJ)(:, My V 16 t"i'? f.i in.! tow.pap#.. I ?.nt ?v h al ~ fl'Ht * * ()K?iA>? k#U/?lA>A AM) V^W VOKh UNA OK PA?KKT? jflfe K .Jffb Jft YeHsHtetrr io??n'!^*ra II I* ?*Uh a chip from (tea port oti tto Irt.kth. lath.ltth, ?uth !4Jlh of tarh it'itl'i maatwiia Um loth Deleter tad roatioainji uaiil Ma.*1*" rrrul.r day. aa?!l to if)wtto lot I to tonuuaArr ul ito j?ar. rSmto (rati Jalap. ul dw.j MtoiMtti will to rrrrretrd Jurat.' (to Miaucr aaatto. Tta follow 102 rhiie wtft ceenwrar. Ito. vlU|tMtl pv fhr rAZoy,< yi hip Q< nVRk i a, i. Jtthaoa kipMISBIBtoPPM apt ll.!t.?rd. KipLQT'48vTl.l/.,? ?; ? H i?l fhipBHAKOTTARK'.. t .pt M.?er. Kip OABTt'N.Gapt hip NASHVILLE, t'apt Du hiuaoa. Mrtp MEM PHIS, Capt. *b?I.i. hip LOT IB A, (apt Malford. Ttoac itop* werr all built in Ih* oty of S>? York. ii|ii nat | ly for parkcta tr? of a light J raft of water, hara kaaa towlr tappartd and pal >a ndrudid order, with ar< uina.odalir.ia far pBatagara ato<|?all*4 for coafort. Thry ar* rowitaaadaj by eipmcwced maat*ra>who will atak* rrtry airrtioa (opto racrtl oarlofactioa. Ttor will at all tiatoa to towed up ato own the Mi.tiH.ppi by ataAatoaia Neither ito owner, or citou.n. oflh?*r?hip? will to reepoaaiklaforirwrlry,bulli<>nd>rr?V'U* loert .ilrrr, or plated !?r ""T^tUfiapyt^cf MTk4|tr. aeat by or pwf # -board of regular bilU of lading ar? taken for U?tame, and "Forfrwtht or w?i|i. ?itIj to *7k. COLLINS fc CO M South a* JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Ageal tn Now (Maawmwho Will promptly forward allgoodjto hie TSt ahipaof thia line are warranted lo tail rtuctaaOy at ad' eertaaed, and grant cara will ha taken to hat* Mm |to4 correct It wtawirod. m? NEW YORK AND NCWAU. WWH Vara rodoctd to > conto. From tha foot of CourtUpdt atroot. Now ToriN..?. All AM. All P.M. Alt A.M. At to P.M. U do 4 da t do S| do 4| do Id da t da r da io da ON SUNDAYS. From tha foot at Liberty atroot. Loar* Now York. LnaeeNewerk. At I A m. model P.M. At 1 P. m. aad to p.M. NEW YORK, KUKA^BKTHT^WN,^RAHWAY AND j From the foot*ofLihertretroet.4aiJT. Leave New Yoth. Loaoo Now Brunawick. A' I'TF SO.UERYlLLEaUfeo connect wkktheae Imeaearh wagr. Faro bctwacD Now York aad Somervilla,. . 5a tenia. Do do Now JBnwawiak, 71 croia. Rah way, so eon: a. E'ifibifhlnTTn, U ctitf. Tha faro in tha T\ A. M. train fro* Now Bronawiok, aad 4| PM. train (row Now York, haa been reduced between Now York and New Brunawick to to cento. , " andRahwayte HI " Tha Pniladalphia ami lime paaoee thro ach NowBiuaowick for Naw York retry tToaiac at (o'clock. ^OaSudayatko 71 A.M. tripfrow New Brunawick m omit Pa?tengeri who procure their ticketeat tha tiekotoMee.roeodre a (brry tick# (gratia. TickeCnareracelvedby tbeeonduetor onlTon tha day when purchaaed. _ ft bit In' gs^-a- SBflB f^eioffls kbr the wt:^f"anITbouru. From PHILADELPHIA vi* the philadelphia. wilmington. and baltimore railroad company. Freighta for the W?it and South wilt be forwaided dvily from the tranaportation tflier of the Company, No. I Dock el Wharf, Philadelphia. Merchanta are reopectfally informed that all goode eonaigord to the company* ill be forwarded with the utaioet dirpateh to any point woit or aonth. h reight reacheo Baltimore the nmi dry it learci Philadelphia. The wail line for Hie w re trad aonth leaTee d<v b atrert dailv at half-part ail o'clock a.m. by iloaaibeat ROBERT M ORRIS. i'aaaengera will re?ch Baltimore at ? o'clock, two houra previoua to the departure oflhe traina fir theeouthwtai. u ,W. L. A8HMEAD, A g-ot. Philadelphia, March8, 1844. mis tin RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. rpHE NEW JKRkfcY Railroad and Transportation I tinJ 1*117 have ntibliihed Kn ight Line between New Rrnniwick and New York, which they intend to tun peinuLe?ving New brunswick at 5 AM. dailv, (Bmidaya excepted) and the foot of Liberty etieet, New York, a'3 P.M. To country dealers and moichants the hbore line Is rery desirable for the speedy and cheap conrtrauee of merchandise of erery description, and more particularly to Uroieis and Dealers in Lire Stock.who can hare ISO head of cattle conveyed between New Btuuawick and New hork, the same da) , wheat rer required. 1 he rates tor the transportation of cattle, herres, mules, sheer, hoys, lie., and all other kindt of mrrthiadise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. McrcieaiHlise sent by this line is not subjected to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Compant have lifted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will Llways be open for the reception of merchandise. Passengers, purchasing their tickets at the ticket otfres, xv.llr.rhttf lorrr iratia. in!4.)m* TO OTJCE,?On uiafier Apnl lat, IM8. the commutation A* farcin the car* of the New Jeraey Railroad and Tiaoa portation Company, between New y ork and (lie rtrinua place* on the use of the railroad, haa been reduced (includ ing ferry) to 175 per annum, and f 59 for aii mouiha. mli tin' FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. BINGHAM'S LINE. The proprietor* of Blnchain'a Traniporlatien Line to Pittaburg, gire notice to the Mirth aula of New Yoih. and all oilier peraona atimiing to the Weat.that their line la now ta aetire operation. Good* cou*icu<-J to them (or aent to go in their line.) will be forwarded witlideapatch. Owner* or ahipnere of gooda. deaiined for the WeaUrn State*, who I ave no agent or eonaieuee i^t Pitteburg, will pleaae conaian their gaoda to William Bingham. Pitiehurg. who will attend to (hipping all auch couaignmente without delay. AJI goodi ahon'd be marked diatinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINE. For rate* of freight, which are aa low aa mr oilier line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent, No SWeatalreel o-. tn aile Pier No. 8, N It -N B.?Paaaengera forwarded to P tlalurg and Pot'aeille, erary day, Siiodaj a eacrpted. Refer to II, Crook*, American Fur Co.: S. T. Nicoll. Front tlreel; fhelp*. Dodge k Co. Fulton ati-?et; Suvdam. Sage lit o.; Win, ttaiikln. Dtirjerfcl o Newaik" ml in 8TATEN ISLAND t-EKIt*. CBA*-* of Whitehall ttreet.^SQ^Jp Th^uSe^TTATEN ISLANDER or SAMSON will run a* follow* tin*il further uotiea :? Lntn Btateo lalaad Leave* Whitehall At (o'clockA.M. At o'clock A.M. "It " "II " " " li " r.M " H " f.M. " 4 " " ? " N. B. All good* (hipped *re required to be particularly marked and are ?( the ri?k of the owner* thereof ol NEWARK AND NEW YORK Kare Only li) Lent*. m*M mM The (pleiidil and eomntodiou* ateamer g_Jtln'i at* P A S3 All., f- aptain John (taffy, be in* com9|_3ME3llk|det>lr and elegantly rehtled. wt'l commence her reiular trip* ftr the **a*on. 6u Tkuraday, Mart b loth,? loaviaK a* follow*:? Foot ol Barclay *t .New York Centre Market, Newark. 10 o'clock. A. M. *1 o'clock,A. M. 4 o'clock. P. M. 1| o'clock. P. M. Freight of every deteription Carrie 1 at very reduced rate*. _m WW* _ T. rOWKLL k CO.'B LINK. FOR NEWBL'ROH. landing at CALD d^^H^&WELL'B. west point and cold QflE^HOfeSPRlNO?^The ateamhoat HIGHLANDER Uapt. IUJOCIT vrarorop, win leare mi iouici ?T arren lir?[ flew York, tyery Monday. Tlri *day ?n<i Saturday lAirnomi'a at 4 o'clock. Returning .the Higti.aiider will icere .aewburgli emery Monday morning at ( o'clock, nan i'ueaday and Friday rUrnoon at (o'clock. For freigh" or paaeage,apply to the Captain an board. K. B At i baggage ana freight of erery deeeriptioi), back ilia orapeeie. puton board thia boat, moat o? at the riek of tl.a wnera thereof,unlet# a bill oflading orracaiptiaiigued for gbaaata ? SPRING ARRANGEMENT, fl 0gI FOR SHREWSBURY and BED BANK Cjnp3P-Oi and after Saturday, Mtrih ta. ISO, tlia wCpnaKeBtiancr OSIRIS,Captain Allaire, will Iron New York '**11 Tueeday. Thnrtday, and Saturday, et fl e'do k. A. M. Returning, Icare Red Bank every Monday at o'clock, ana Tueeday and Thuradey at 13 o'clock, noon. o3 ?m* pLARiriED SYRUPS AND 8UOAR HOUSE VtTvv LASiES of a anpenor oua?ily, for tamily uee, for ?al? low, at the eugar reHac-'T, M Leonard ?t. n.?0 It* JOHN MCCaii: rtaTrATErtrorsrcE OFTTCE J M NaciMi it. RKFKBuactn? Hon. M. H. Cirina?ll, M. Breroort, lu?<i.. W lrrmg, Trot. JUnnkk. fit lm' E NE NJ charles s. rowell, DENTAL SURGEON, N?. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW-YORK. mil lm* life boat association; rnaa tut i\itrrirtitov nr run i n?| Ji/ rA^iwiu< ur FRANCIS PATHNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAUL HOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE m:$ CITY HOTEL ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OK THl PRlSClPLF nr ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Co>-y.) Hating U'rlr lo.i tw? bicua.-iditi teeth, I called on Mr to ?jw ly ihrir plana with artificial ouee, aoj it atforda ntt much pit aaurc to tretify to hi. (kill Mid ability aa a Datitiat. indeed. I hate'<tar eecn teeth tlaed Had fi-.trd with ore ?inetdom. and at tba ansa time with ltaa painful prea?' oa the gumi I inttrfui!) rri'immcnd that geutleai in to the tet>e:ial noti ' of the medical prwfta.ioo, a. w.ll aa to ifce public, fueling r,??. own .vnarimee that the* uiav confidently rely oa hi* ekiil'in hit prafeeaioe. (Signed) URANVILLK R PATT1SOV, M D. Frufaur of Aoklamv, Univeraity of New Yerk. fnrhruery 13U . 184J. Th* original can We ?eea at Mr. Level!'* MO Broadway, corner of W?rren *1reet BANKRUPT LAW. GENTLEMEN wishing to be discharged from their debts, under th it lew. ere iutiled to cell oa W. SKIDMORE, Allermj at Lnw,7t Nassau elreeL All other kind* of law buaioeo* aleo att< uJed to. 1'hargen moderate. flO am* THE BEST WIG MAKER IN NEW YORE. PHALON,lata of Chatham Square, aew of 311 Bioadway' haa again taken the Ant Premium for the beittpcciiuen of WIGS AND SCALPS. ACONTINCINO proof. If any were wasting, that natir* ingenuity la appreciated before foreign bo eating aud humbag, aa the opinion ef three of the oldeat and beat judge* ia the proleaaeoD in New York can testify. The public can now judge from the premium*, nt. the silver medal latt year, and (he 6rat premium thee, awarded by the Amencau institute, who is or it not the beat Wig maker. K. Phalon ralpectfally antra all judge* and wjarera to caamiue hit premium iupro rod Goeaamer Wig, which, for *urpaa*iug elegance, clcia re eembtaace to nature and beauty of anaehauicar structure, may We regarded aa una of the greatett laaater ptacea ol art arm produced in tha world. N. B ?Thu aplendid mtg weigh* little orer half an aanea, dhlighlrit e* *rknown. Mauulneturr r and proprietor of Phalon'acelebratod ANTI DANDRUFF, for removing the daadereomplettly from the head, and a that ough ?leaner ef theaurfhee tad hair of tha haad, but laovas glossy and ailky appearance to the HAIH. Observe, none u genuine untoaa aigurd by me in ink. EDWARD PHALON. Applied an the pegpieee far ft rent*. n 1 Its' BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING _ IJ I AC' un.^u, n u > w ?inxi, na? iuk muir u?w It. ?ioek of Blading Tool* ant Ruling Maihinery, of th< latest ted most approved patterns, ia now prepared to execute all orderi is the meet dumb'* and handsome manner. Merchant* Account Book* and all other kiuda af Blank work ruled and bound te any pattern, in a atria that ia warranted t give eatiefaelioa. Anr work ordered eaa be done in tlie.Eagliah mode if required,** ii. I baa had long rxpaiience in both methoda. FOR BALK? Twa anoadband Copperplate Preiaee. Appljr aa abate. ml8 tm carpeting, carpeting. THE eubeciibere hire recrired a new and iraah atock of I gooda for the " Spring Trade," consisting of Bru'eeli Three PI) , au|crdua dee. coauwaa. ball and atair Carpeting. Ruga. Mai tin*. English and American Oil Clotta, from t to >0 feet in width, routining the lateat and moat faahionable I attrrna and colore the mark el afford*, which they afar to the pu Vlic at the lowaat" Cash Pricea " Frrxoaa wiahing to purchaxe. would do well to call and examine ouretock prtxaoua to purchasing. WEbHk.MA.VNINO.493 Pearl it. 1||m* i.l Carpel Store iniai Chatham. notice to buyers ok cabinet furniture. fpHK aubacrtber would lor ite the attention of thoee wiahI nig ta purchase articlea'iu the abote bumocea. lo ina eetabliehmrat, where ie to be found a lieh aeeortmrnt of Roeewend and Mahogauy Furniture, of French and other pelxerna, tome vf which are uot lo be found eleewhere, being entirely original. Ale", hamlaome rich gilt (iorweea for wmdowa, Polee and Ringi . together w Hh Damasks, tiulloona and Taeaela, and a*erg article attacked ta curtaiaa, which will be made ia the latea* elyle from patterae lately received. N b. Particular attention pain ta the biting up of Ottoman*, Fire Bcreaaa. and other fancy articles, with rmbroid ared tapaetry. WASHINGTON MEEK*, die eia 111 Brndwae. next fbr Hospital wkis and sualks. thk largest, thk cheapest and best assortment, vhk to be roirnii at a. c. barry's, 144 Broadway, corner of I ibertr street, ap atairf. WIGS aad heafpa, upoa the humifying and goeeamer eystem. approximating the nearest of any vet manufactured ta Ike uatural head a( hair?first rrtmium. Also, uiaiufactur ed from ladiee' and gentlemen'* hair, not l*?* tlmu two inches long, necklace?, bracelets, earmgt, watch guards, riage, and hair work ol retry ae?ciiption. mil la' cakket1nu, (jakpetinut rPHE Siiharnbrr ia now (Tuning hie Spring assortment of A Carpeting, consisting arBriie?e|*. three ply, tu^atfioe and hue Ingrain; an aaeortnmt mi arrpaxaed in thia city for variety of s'rlei, fi.urr*. kr These go>d* hare turn ordered rtptraaly for lb? B. ring trace. The gieatrat ra't has beet obeerved ia maki g aeiertaona ol such grove aa eaa be eot Silently . ecotnmrnded far durability aad permaarney of color*, Ac. AJeo.a large are >rtmmt nf the different kind* of Hall and Stait Canning Tilled door Huge. Door Mat*. Ite, Also a liaD'a >me aetoitmenl of Painted Kioor Cloths, all widths. Families about mirehactif of the aboe* dercribed goods are respectfully inxitcd lo call. CHAULKS IIICK8, ml> Im* Tk F.xet Broadway,l^Mhxieiou-st. cheap hardware stork THE Hulwcrlb'r ie now opening hi* Spring aupp'y of HARUWA RF. k CUTLER t. rereircd per late airitala. from Birmingham and Sheffield. Tognher with a general a* eortmrut nf Domestic (I ml#, which he ia pre part d lo offer at tlirxrry LOWEST CASH PRICES. The atteution ef Country Merrban'e, Builders, Cabinet Makers, fcc.. solicited to an examination of histtorkand prices aa h* ia confident they will riud it to their interat to lnorhim withseall ALFRED K LAGHAVE. 118 Greenwich conn r Bend ir. New York. A ragular eiippl) #1 FALL RIVER CUT NAIL*, and Conner* Glue. Also?a complete assortment ol Mtrhanica Tool*. Jams* Screw,, fcc. ml in' watches & ie w k i. r \ very low THE subscriberd? citing all d<arripilnnacf golJand ailrer Wateh.e, gold andaitxer i>encila. gold rhaiii# ley*. ktr . at ret*!1.lower than at say other plat'in tke rity. Gold Walt lie* allow as 3) to tsdola s each Wslch.a aad Jewelry i>. changed or b'ught. All W.trkei are warranted lo keep gaol time, or It* now- le'uraed Wa'rhn and ? locks repaired in th> bear mmixer, and warranted, at moth lee* th?* the i .ual price*, by one of ih fi <eet workmen in Hie city. <1. C. Al.LEN I .porter of Walchre and Jawelry, whntriali .ml! -tail, fo Wall street .praps tn tin' Fire PR<?OF K? K >akiw" UriLDEK'S TATr NT S4LAMANDEK SAFE ?Tine eafe bae been frri)tuutly < apoeed to intense heat is turu iug building furnace*. he and has neeer failed Id pr. aeree 'he contents, aud was the only me which stood tte lest a> the trial fool of Wall aires'. en!r?pntird hy Ike fallowing (*r w inittee of respectable Me.rhanU Wadhwohtii It SMITH. IIA 1.1 >?? I > K ?I MINTl'KN fc i O. , . CHAKLfcBH MAKSJIAI.L Till* wf* olIj- b* hul kl ;br Inn H*f? ntorr of PltAS C HBRMINU. *f. n.?of otl.?r m?k?n ?om* of *b rb"?i? ?> ">n ofWiwn ht?>< *'t?*i?- ?t ? , (..r,r# mm* J J A Hl> Wa R t. a S U <LOTH fA r F R ~ IN 1 KI too Kr ma 10 by 94 110 Rooms 94 by M I?# w 1')' i? " t, ho as 900 91 ?> SO Its " M by M 110 ?t by 1 l?0 M by " III Ilaom 4* by lo b'.if nair lu | ' i I " ' I rKlMbi; fe RHoOR*. B>i? wsrobons,. ?|J.ihSfay si KXLlioSlIM- r*lVYlS??. 'or Hr... ) lro,,? |,.rj bili'y. tu -|OSM?OI o4*otto#rs ottr *?*ry mbsr syl* m of Painting < t' >4 I'" I ? ?' ' US I riHlbl.c v "I ' ' '' "t I 1 I" " or 1 trot ?? If Oil P?lliiinf II 14 wrll ? : ?|l' ' 1 r ? I 4. ro.liuy. .,r.:iy lid* work, cburchiuti i ? . I. ji onlfir mini ton is "Aj'l'ird by l??V ! H f? M!-OV V. 4? Br ... of Broom* ?lir?l Nr? \ .?b. "I.o ? II air. |> s*t' I. , , , u?! *1. informal..m rri^iliu < i.o* W..?* |.>..?i| I , <t on.ti?l i.j an I, us u *( ".? r m i.'sii) ml I m\ . ttbbWll V, II i/. ill ? i it. . - r.lfrm F ?d by the Amrriraa ln#ti >>t?. at th?l.i# # ??l| a# ?< t> Crniliil Fur. lo(>f'n? *>i rl"i 1 ii .1 . i. .r i I Rarer Btn.p 'I I.* VWtalic Tab?et, mreatoU by U tUuidrr#l ha# !,'rar#l.>'lnt.ed t- - Hi' iui i?r?i #?? ( , ,, and iwrtineated by ll?? hmt #eaMl?n>?o of ib? c.uotry ,i p.. dure# a thin in 1M1 el#? i#> a razor w i?b mir? i-.rt mat. (hail It CM b? dour .be. . . . u. la j ?rl ml lk> inn. without lh? u?? of oil or wat#r?ohioS toy pro r .. ( , ?? by brinyiry a dull rator a hat in# it pot dtrkrim r.. ,| In# Tablet#. I? >rai< mi \mni.OHlDA ?t'>D?-L m.w fan# to# ?-.?l.rro frmai r boud.1 ot N hlKT .**?.> II ?|ie?l failed itatr# Bank ?"<? ll #> Miihii.n I 111-niM# Scrip, b uyht and > <1# i BKRLfV IR()NIAItTIN(l4-< ' wot###' Iroor. fro#?r. mad ai miner oreto.rola. #' a-vrw manufacture. to cloo. cotuicumrat, ot ?#ry low ire*#. I I OIILH.CHB k KBI ?.? B _mSlm* IlKraliirt'i {TiiDlUAL CABO ?Lta biwn a, 7Jo it Hiian #t. mbi '1 Chatham #L. atili adird# rtl'.l to eor aHlicled of both art ?a. H# may b# ilwut conaullrj. with thr utm ?( rmilwi .s Ihr wont caaaa of dewrate da#ea?e? mrrrunal ikii?i? and thr nnmenou# ymptnaa# armir.y Iron thw lanoi fori Dr. C'? rtlraaira practice lor the la#e mat yoar# ta Uh# part, calm branch of the prof-t#?no. |';?r.ol?r a ##? ipord# aod afrriire cur# to all peraeo# who apply t" bim Barrwt +*.. cored la a few day# without th- oar of marrary ?r uy oe*e> 1 aimer on# mediorioc Mo tofrrt .|ai?a from baoemwa. or ait* ration ta the mode of lieutr AH wnoar '-# # bo?? bra# pro tntcmd or a?ra?aled by maltreatm#mt. amy apply >wb th. aftnXrt ooaAdeurt of brio# ffrrlaalty aorrd T'rma mad. rat#?attendance from T w the itorwm #a?d II at na^e Of Ac#MD#M#K, MM 9S5SS=SS5&=99BSe^ W YO iW YCilK. SUNDAY MC PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. I\ NEW YORK. "VfONg. MALLAN k SONS, Snrgton Dentists, No ItX 373 Broadway, and at London and Paria inform the Public of New York, and iu vicinity, that in consequence f their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open s Permanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 373 Broadway between Franklin aud White streets, in all cases appertaining to their profession, in which they have been so sucessful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Mons. Mallan returns thanks for the very liberal pat rouage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for thoir kind recommendations,and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement in Dentriaty. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mom. M. contiunes to restore decayed Teeth, however largeor small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. Their never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloas?are iirmly fixed without wires or ligatures? no balky substance in the mouth?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape and minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the abovp imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or an r other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a euro and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Maiion 11 nappy in nemg cnwucu i? nounce that hy the kind content of Xnree Hundred of the Ar?t familica of the United States, consisting of tha first Merchants, Medical profession, Clergy and private Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mons. M.'s celebratad Mineral in preference to any other they have ever tried, and, in their opinion, the best that evercame undertheir notice. Hit other imptovementa need no comment. INVALIDS At'ended by Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Ettabliahment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Maiian a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: Maebec.May tth.tltl. Dtar Sir,?After having tried the Arti&cial Teeth which you made for me, I cannot do you less justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I bee to say they answer every purpose of astiratioK ami Articulation equal to those placed by thehania of nature. They to closely resemble tlie natural ones in the minutest shade of color and shape, that they are notJt seemed as being art iftaial by the closest observers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, 1 can give adecideS opinion of its valuable qualities. You uiay use this letter in any wayyou thiuf proper, for the benefit of the public and yourself. lam.denrsir.yourt truly, THUS. KAR^UES, Manuel Csrmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Snrgeon Dentist. 379 Broadway, This gentleman w known at 131 Broadway,and at Prime Ward It King's. MONS* MALLAN. 379Broadway. HIR?I fcelit a nleasure to be able to offer yon my teetimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During iny late residence in Pari* ! called at your establishment m the Rue Cantiglione, ami haviiig had some teeth tilled with your mineral, 1 can o.iy aay that I hare had every reaaon to hie satisfied with ita utility and value, and never in the leaat degree experienced aay inconvenience or "tyurjr from ita effect* in any manner whatever.?During my vj?t to Mona. Mallan I aaw atverul teatimoniala of the highest character, all expreaaiag the fullaat confidence in ita great benefit ond value. Aa far aa I am enabled to judge, I coaaidered it then,and Mill eouaidcrit, to be the beat preparation of the kin* ever ofllied to the pnblie. 1 am,air .reapectfully, your obedient servant. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. 811 Greenwich a treet,near Kort Gauaevoort. New York,May 81,1841. Mona. MALLAN k BONA, Surgeon Dentiata, may be e .insulted daily at IT! Broadway between Franklin and White at*..ea*t aide. ip? lin's SPRING FASHIONS. FT*HE aubacriberdeaire* the attention cf atrangera and other* 1 to kia large and extenaive assortment of atocka. acarfa, cravats. ready made linen and mueltn ahirt*.pocket kerchieft-, i ailk, merino, and 'ambewool aliirta and drawer*; suspenders, glovea, hoaiery, Ike. Ike. It ia the intention ef the aubacriber to pay particular attention in aeleciiug the moat chute and faah ionaalc pattern* of acarfa and cravat* Mia assortment will at waya be ft und varied and extenaive. The auhacrioer continue* the manufacture of liia ce ebrated Elutie Stock*. Gentlemen may depend ou being auited by calling at the old catab|iahmeat 941 Broadway, between Murray atreet and Park Place. ml* Ira' PARSKLLS. agent far J Agate. SWAN'8 8uUA FuUN LAIN. U. 8. LETTERS PATENT. NOV. 3d. 1838. I AffANUFACTURED BY SWAN k WELLS. DRUG- ' JVl GISTS. ROCHESTER, N.Y.?The attention ofDrugg ate, ami other veudera of Soda Water, i* aolicited to thin and aconomietl aubatitule l-r the expenaiva, complicatrd. and troublesome apparatus heretofore in use. The advantage! of tie Atmoii lier.c h oun tain over the old n eili ed.are the economy or iU Appai atui, tne original coat to the purchamr being leaa than one quarter that of the old Fountain iU simplicity o; corutruction beirg eucb, that any one ol ordinary capacity can readily undriatand i?i operation and nam gemenl, the trifling expense of material! for aupplyingit together with the imall amount of labor inquired, and lie compact form. It ia now in uae in Tarioni parte of the United Statea, Canadaa and Want Indiaa. and.aa mi y be eeen from cernficatea in the handa of aaeuta.gire en'ire aatiafactiou. Drurgc?ta ?nd otli-ra, in the Southern Statea. and the IVcat Indira, will find thie Konntain particularly adapted to their elimae, aa theeyiupe will not ferment or injure in the warmeat eeaeone. Full d>raali< na for putting up the Fountain!, preparing the different earieliea of ay lupa, tic , accompany each. For aalc by Ueo. D. C ggeihall. tat Pearl atreet; K. Liere 7 Liberty afreet, up ataire: Lawrence, Keeee It Co., Ill Mai dm Lane; Kobma-n It Ward, 143 Maiden Lane; Hoadley, Phelpa It Co., HI Water atreet. ml3lm COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. f\WlMO to the eetal.rity, efficacy and invariable aueceaa ot vs Madame F.eatell'a Female Monthly Pilla in all caaaa ol irregularity, a'ippreaaion, or itoppnge of thoaa function! ol nature up hi which the health of every female depend!, ainea their introduction the United about fouryanra countarfaiH and imitationa are continually attempted ta be palmed off lor the genuine. Cheap common rtlla art pureha ad at twelve ceata a boi, put up in different boxea. and caller "Female Monthly Pilla," with the object of felling, if poaeibie at one dollar Fcmalea are therefore cautioued agaiuat theaa attempt! to impoac uw.u them. It ia auffieient hare ta atata that all Female Monthly Pilla are countrrfaita, cicept thoae old at Ma lame Heatetl a I'nncipal ? )ffice, 140 Greenwich at Mew York, and No. T he?ei atieat, B?aton. Price $1. Madame Heatell'a aignature ia written on the cover ef aact hot. N B. Thamamed,underaomtcircumatancea.muatabataia from their net for rcaaonacontained ia the diractiona. mlldhwlm* TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAMF. HKSTKLL'S PKKVENTIVB POWDKR8. Thrae invaluable Powdrre have been unit eraally adopted in Kurope, but I rente m paitirular, for upwarda of thirty ytara. aa well aa by thouaaudain thia coimtrv, aa being the only mild, aafe andrffirarioue remedy for married ladieawhoar he^ilit forknle a leo rapid lucreaae ol family. Madame Keatell, aa ia well known, waa for thirthy yann Female Pff^eiciau in the two principal Female Huapitale it K rope?ihoee ol Vienna will Parte?wtiera lavored by hai great experience and npportuuitiea, ahe attained that celo prut in tiiute greai dMCOvtriev in medical acicnca ?o apa rially ada|ted |o ihef.mae frame tor which tier medicine! now at and unrivalled. aa well m thia country aa in K.urope. Haf arqtmniiiiee with I lie phyaiology and anatomy of the femaU frame, enabled Iter?by tracing llie decline anJ if) haalth of marned lematee. ararca in the nieraltan of life, and the couaa M it rapid and lieu api?trnily iiieiplirable cauaea wkict itieign in >ny a fund mother to a premature grave?to theii true eouree?to arrive dt a knowledge of the primary cauaaa of ? l-o?v. ? , a. oannoi ia!lf r*f marri mA fnmilan -tlhifh iff line. led l<> tli* duH..?rry ol tier celebrated "f -e rant l re torn dera " 1 heir adoption li?e be. u the Bicara: " iireeeretng not 'inlr tSe health but even the life of n:ii)' an affectionate wile a ad load mother The advert leer fee hay the importance of thie ribtect, ene tfuoatiaa the teat heaehu ree?liih( to thouamde by tli -ir tt?i4ena, Wuiid moat reepectfelly arouee the attention of the earned, b) all that tr ey hold near and dear.t I'leoiieidera riutt 11 It not true an I nrtuone to prereut t e il (to which we are ee^ret. r \ eimi leaad heellhy mrane within ear control 1 h Very diet<*eei<Miatr. vlrtiioue. and enlightened mind will un I e t a1 ine r aaewer in Hie atbraialiee. Thw wall that Ma dame he.tell re. ammeiHla cr # er reeoaameudad. Price fire dotiara e package, accnnianieJ With full and particular direction* Tney . ... I e In w .rde I by mill to any (.art of the I'm ted atltee Alllett.r* Bluet be leeet paid, and addreaeed tc * '' X V r. Itr ?TM 1,1 m?!e atrial) I rmr ipal offce. It* i.reeevir- elreet. New Vrab. Office houra Irnra f A. M leto.ibP M a.wton ofiMo Na. T It?ea at. miadfcwm.* MADAM K KKSTKLL, HKMAtt I tl% KM I \ N (litre and rechleocc lt? (ir'er. r eieh alreet. (between Cartlaadt and Liueitv etreelej where the can be coueulled with the atrKteal toubdenta ob%H or mi taint* ineideet to (be female frame Malime Hee'elt'e ei|e>ierti aid bnowledya in I he treat meal of ebetiaale raee# of female irregularity. atoipege or rip peeeaaeu. be ee aatdi aa le require out a lea day* for certaie relief aad perfect reeotery. Ladiee dee. ring proper med M atteadanie during con "'ccarut ?>r other luflupcut.nn wit' be er coin modeled during e< - h time with private and re rpectable beard " Preeeatire Pewder*r for marred ladiei ort.eee deticefe or feerariette health forbid* a too rapt'1 laereiee f family, wi'l be teat bt nail tc any part of the Tutted rttatee Pnae fa a package All leiie-r u-aei peed) addreaeod to Va IN. Hi. ?.???. ?Wl| BO ro<?!? ?. I !,-< Oil' >? t Kaaoa at S B ? Valam* P.c.ll would inform t?4i?a r*?i4mf col Of ,!th W"'il4 wot admit of travrllinp. aha 1 wo* 14 4"m< i ?r poraonal aii*ii4anr? ?p..o tttoai i* any par' W ?* < ni'*4 Htoloa wiibaai raaooubia 4>alaao*. I mii4A*im* . rpO TArXK MAM bAI H iU-HB.? 1 ho Mftaenoora |t?~ 1 aalmlhtl Uwr? lluwa fc lAoOdud, of WortaaUr. MmOi Ma app*aai*4 thaw Mwir ?nu tad ara proporod to famiahal awl ?.>u?o. ownaUm m.wl rtaaooaMr t.rma FoaiMriatar tad rv>a?4ar MfViaaa.with Bra or atooan 4ryra o?4 amac ay 4bl*aamnawialki wak a* it l?u?a Ika irym AWa W*l haaMt of M arfcmon aptwrtmuiaa to Ik* maoufaetura of paaaa, w4w*fc ta paw at ad waraiaaaahip and ftaaafc m aat auryaaaa4 bl tap alAar aWabhiBmn.i in Ihia avibltt A lanpt i.nanoar aaa atoaaia aaatati aataut -I ti.t boa' Bulla, to whoa roforai. a 4Mb* _______ II Libaatratnai KOfir LARD, Final ?i -a< t/IM. ap itaira. offrr for aala lb* follow tap ?M i AH pIMMO Rafaltap Ra?o4ra an t Mathrrrf Ma aoa < ..aawo* ait* la' ouala'p Manw4aa Malbaiif, a*4 la?a*aaa4*4 br in4a ?o aaa I rapiria Mtoaaa IM.IM Uaaaoo a*4 T r .lo?o, Noriafa. lafonai dmfkrSm. 14 aoa Of MImw braaia MM fnariM, all tatitlod ta 4obo?laro aa loaoa Ha'atilawi Mraia Iaa bun (Na l-habaa M.iftaa Woa at tM pHi Ta|?a,^aap ft aaA, at~No^t UwlJ j RK I IRNING, MARCH 27. 18 ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New Y?ft. im * i??t W? ban tn?d tlx FJxbut r?ol? m?4* bjr Vr Audertuk kod Aud it to bt iMxrtor to ?i Oiikc w? Ka?? ???r uum* BOAKDMAN k II AKT.k lurhi l ?l?p. Mu'iIm t jr?r< of JnUum Wmiw, Now York. J*?. It. ISM. W? hare tried the Pull an I Plata Powdae mad* aed e? Id b)r Mr. T. Audereou, and lake ^liaun rocoaMeeudiaf ikem COLCMAN k STfcTSOtf, Aatof Houaa. New Y'erk, Jaa. tt Idtl We have ui'd Mr AtxLra'Mi'a Poliahiaf Paaia and Hal' Powder,and find than nrj' ncllml for tleacu | ailaar aat filter plated wara. BALL, TOMPKINS l> BLAt K,

Lata Manjuiiid kCe., Iti Broadway ~ N. w York. Marrb I. 1*11. WeUaaa uacd Woo. AixiaraMi'a Pi liahiag Par le aad P. ate Pow der for cleaning ailaar and other kiuJe of warr.aud can recommend u with coulUetoe 10 ih' |wiklt' THOMPSON k Y1SIIKR. St 1 Pearl atraat Brooklyn, Kab. It, ItM I hire uaad Mr. Wm Andaraon'a Pnliehmg Paaia tor iHaer. brara, and ailvar plated ware, and Audit t?J? a hrat rat' art i cle. ROBERT E. STORY Saddle and Harueea Maker. Koraala wholesale and retail, foreiportatice,at nauufecturera'pricof. by - - HAS. H. R!NO,51 Folton treet.aoroar lilt Also, oy tmssttr, IM n'0?u?ay. onr oi?r eimee I'iKt; Union, comer Grind and Bowery; C?>di.ii?glou, turner Hudion mid Spring-, Sands', 77 East Bionnwe*. nitilin* "march op LSfTfiLLKu rr GREAT strtd>* hire been Died* throughout -ths world in Steam and aim >at trery branch of agriculture and la the general sciences?thnn w hy not the eaine in the healing art. It cannot be the Medical Faculty ?re too narrow minded, far eren they rerommend King'* Vegetable Ot ugn Candy iu all atfrctione of the lungs, and when they eapreee themselves. e<y they nee no reaaou why inch a yleuant, pure, and palatable article, shi uld not tc ipee the in tny numerous preparations th it ha?e been used far years, meiely brealise Galen, Ciceio, L)e Medicls. and other writers, epeak of such and such mediciurs. No, oo, Ring's Candy is a modern inrentmn. and toon rr irvee, checks and cures, and cannot be prevented Iro n its onward course by theenry and j*?li 11 y of a few 1 lite rati. Prepared snd eold by C H RING, 53 Fulton atrect, corner of CiiIf, and sold by most druggists. mlttlni* CARDS, BILL-HEADS, &C. CHEAPER THA.X EVER. TVORY SURFACE CARDS, of euperior ni*uu.ractu:e i printed and furnished at the following REDUCED PRICES : ICoCrrds, 50 cents. 390 do *1 00 500 do *t 85 1000 do . tt 00 Common Cards nt less prices. ' Circulars, Billheads, Notices, Poetii g and Show Bills, and reee-nahle terms at any eitabliihment in the city. VfSlIMNO (.Alius ?A visiting card [ late ergreved and SO enamelled carda printed for $1 So. equal to any in ihiscity Perfumera, Manufacture!*, and Druggijt<' L'bsl* couiUstly on hand. BROWN80N It CO, mS3 Im* SO Oold at. near Knltnn ~7AS. P. CLAPHAM, CHEMIST. DRUGGIST AND APOTHECARY, No. 1HS Canal etreet, near Hudson, INFORMS hi* friends and the public that he hat opened the shore atore. with a choice and weM-eelected stuck of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, MEDICINES. PERFUMERY, and a great variety of family articles usually sold by the trade. In the dispensing department, particular attention will be paid, having been aecuatrmed to compounding Physicians' Prescriptions and Medicines getrrally, for the last sixteen years, in one of the largest commercial towar iu England and in this city. He lias confidence inaolicitiug n (litre of publi c supper I. pltdging himself that every III DR at nt rut of Ma a tore shall be of the fint quali'y.and prepared uuder h-a owniuapec lion, er a persou fu'ly competent,by which means he hipes to secure that patrenace he now rea[>?clfully solicits. Importi r of English chemicals, pickles, sauces and spices, fine tele t isinglass. Italian macaroni, veimicella. arrow root, lie , wax and sperm candles, purn s erm oil for table and passage lamps, perfumery aud fancy articles, kc. I Medicines prepared with accural y auddcipatch at any hour of the night. Soda, aoidlitz and Saratoga Waters, fce. Cupping. Blee una; ard Tee th Drawing. ml' lw* RING'S COUGH CANDY I HE degree of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough Candy by a majority of onr physicirna, ought to inspire i the like iu the mind of every sceptic, who perhaps ia so from having been deceived by some article that prumitsd ever, thing : and |>rrformed nothing. Won d physicians recommend an article they did not [dace implicit reliance in It* virtue* ? Would clergymen and o'her pubfe epeakers apeak publicly of its delightful rtlief, in lubricating the air oaeaaeca and giving the voice a manifest inordinate volume? In fine, would every body who ha* tried it a<rtnu?us!y promulgate iU virtuea, haduotihe almost miraculoua effects of ita powerful agency been ecen? Prepared and eold. whole* tie and retail, for exportation, by I C. H RINti. 53 Fnllon str?et. corner of I'll IT. in I? I iu * ' COAL AND COLDS. 't'he extreme mildness of the weather of late, although it 1 I may have proved disastrous in eome degree to the coal trade has by uo m-acs diminished the cssienf I COUGHS AND COLD*. : Many are now tick iiithie city from diaoiilnt acquired by slio.vt exposure. The great eemedv of the day ie PEASE'S HOAKHOUND CANDY, whieh'hae acquired an enviable celebrity lor Ita invariable ?lti?,cy in the cure of all classes of pulmonary affections. It ie known by ita fnnta?iia good woika teatily for it?it thrura only by the extraordinary, curca I r H AH ACCOMPLISHED. Sold wholesale and retail at Si Diviaion at, . {SH~ E ch envelope of the genuine Horeliound Candy ia aixued John Pease Sou, IS Division alreet. AOENTS. Ruahton It Aapinwall, No. lb Aator Houaa, llo Broadway, and 86 William at. Hart. 178 Broadway; Walah, 395 Braadway; Smith, 133 Greenwich at ; Chaatrry, linj dower?; Brombuah * Young, No. 111 Vanck at: Ague w 30# Hudson at reel; Owen, No. 3 Sixth Avenue; Wilaon St Co. corner of Hubert It Greenwich street; A. Pador, 163 Greenwich at; Moreton, corner of Elm and ''rand at; Dewar, corner Chuicli and Chamber at; Sands. 79 Fultou at. aud corner of Broadway and Chambers at; Buali. Sliteu lalaud, Hays, 189 Fnltou afreet. B ooklya ; Rawls it co.. No.67 Stale at, Alban, ; Duvall, 333 Broad at,, Newark, N. J. nrf- AH letter* poit-paid will be pnncinully attended to. ^ J. PEASE h BON,ft Division at. N B ?Country Merchants wishing Pcaae'a llorehi und ''at dy, can obtain it at the mar ufacturere, at the lowest price* by sending au order to any Merchant in this city, with wh n they have dealings. roll e. ,ei I TVS r? rin XT S CO n I I a a A KlINljr ? VJiKBJtiiNA UltJLAlYL AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. ^T'lIK true tent of the ex<iui*ite merits of Ring'* Vrrbena 1 Cream ia fully borne out by the firat premium diploma lieiug ;>g?in awarded hv tfe judgea lit the American Iiutitute Kairdield at Nililo'*. The lonft'r Ihia celebrated aharing aoap u known, and the more eitauaircly circulated it haaWcmnr, remi only to eorlirm th* flattering and unaolicited teatimoiiiale it has receiv?l from all parte of America and Kuropt. Indeed, the rouetantly increaaitiy demand ie a eource of proud eatiefaction that the proprietor hae acrompliehed what thouaaode hare been for yeare attempting. ruaa 'Kniolient American ahar iug aoap " which, lor eaae, comfort, and economy,cannot be aurpaaeed either at home or abroad. [From tliellerald.J Shaving?Ring'a Verbena ("ream for aharing. ie a moet eajiiUl article. It can he had at 53 Fulton alreet. We hare tried it and found it rery eiiperior. It aoftene the beard aud tnakee the operation aa gentle at magnetizing. | F rom the Boalou TraTelle.-?April, 1810. | Vkrboa Cr?am.?Thia new Shaving Compound ia now all the ra^e, aa well a mm g tontorial profeaaora aa among thoae who prefer to gather their own diurnal crop*. The barbf ri nay that a pot ol it laata twice aa long aa the eame (MBtity ol another aaponaciouj preparation; while thoae who rare thair airience declare that with tha Verbena Cream. a dull razor will inaure a (moodier fare then inoat of the old aoapa with aaharo iteel; brai lea it ia fragrant to the feuae, aoftcniug to th? ill in. a grrat dealroyar of frecklea For aale wholeaale and retail by C. II. KING, Ch miat and Druggist. 13 Kultoii street, [N.r._ N.B. Beware of unblushing imitations; and observe (he written signature oft'. 11. King on each. mill l m* SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. '[ HPI " American Magic Miiture" has been hailed aa one of J (he greatest discoveries o! the present 'age, and aa long aa medical acienceetiala, will he caaaiderril'he moat invaluable discovery for disease* of the urinary passages. ?* well as the kidneys and bladder. Ita rlTcctaare absolutely ffectual in per forintiig a radical cii'eiu a short time, whilrthe erdi ary reiardira tafe even montha' One dnae cannot fail to enliat the hesifating and ov< r delicate in ita favor, nnd nut of the hundred, that have put their faith in it. not one haa been disappointed nor discovered while lining it?it has lately conveyed all beyond the paic of snpicion. The " Magic Mixture" haa longatood unrivalled.and haa withatoid the glittering imagery 10 pompously andao ubi'ioitoualy displayed by a hoat nl unprincipled imitatil g ipiacke, whore only aim has Iteen to dope and deceive the nnforunate Hold by appointment at King'a drug store. S3 Kulton street cor.j^liff. mfl tin* SEBRING'S CORDIAL: ' iNDIOKSTfON.?A? this is a very enmr on complaint, in | I the present day, winterer lends to allrviate it is of public importance Kor the information of thoae affected with it, I we publish the foHowirig recommendations of a Restorative 1 Cordial for its C. C. 8? aaivo, Ktit :? Pas* Hi* -?At your rentlcst, I haveevani ined the medicines of whir h V our Cardial is composed, and have no hesita] tion in s tying (hit they are of the beet class of tonics; and in ) the mauner prepaied ny you. Will prove highly benefi lal in Dyspepsia, and many other diseases of general debility. Yeura, Ise. T PRATT, M. D. No. 98 Liberty atrrrt. I coocnr m the above recommendation of Dr. Pratt THOMAS BOYD, M. D? No 991 Kourth street, i Habr ng's Keatorativa Cordial is sold at I9i Fulton atreat, at 1 a- i?.1- mil lm* 191 ptr ?t?, GREAT WESTERN' EXPRESS FOR ALBANY, TIt< ?Y, BUFFALO AND MONTREAL. MKSSKH. IIAKNDK.N St CO.. litTint! mad, arr me' . ail with ili? Ftoplu' Lino of Btfinboalii r*iptclrally in bra Uh pull: that Mfitnr' ttwtlw pit.'..park- I t y<r mm, fc "It nnln. It. , for Albany. daily. wh.r. th.y in- I I., ?.ct With Pom.roy'a W..l?rn Ki|ir. h fir Buffalo ami iat.rm.diat? placa, and with Jacob'. E?pi*a* l??r Montreal. 1 t ry ha*, an oflSt. rtll.d up rffliai'.ly for their own n?. on ih. ir.aln drt k ofraehbnat, coulainnitan iron .aft. and ?clifd b v lfp#f'al mrp'^upr'r. who^r r?#rth i? in thr ofTirt, for thr ptirpof. n( .tfrlr and aatindir to money and valuable, and theaccorninodajion of th' ir patron. Th?r a an malt. up an hiprena Mail for LclUri, whit h rlm.aal Not Wall ?tr.*l. at 4f o -lock, P. M . tl,.r?hy III. buaio.M enmmuaitjr th? advantage of mailinf lett.raan. I,our and a hall later than at th?t?.o.ral Poat (JIB.., and al.o ?f >n Mnm.diat.d.lirary ? 'nelp ?mnl. .nd rraaiaed at 3 W.i'l ,|rr.t ,;nfi| y, o'rlock r M . and on board until lh? of atartn*. ' 11 dir. 10 Albany. Hit' l>an*., 'flic, id Troy an Ki*.r at a., in \?w York, I Wall at. im BAANDEN It CO. . *. . % IERA 42. hUr * NOT COMMON St.NSC Ua. lt u? that KXfKC T'lKVI'ION it the mat natural at well a* effectual 4*ent m arrealing and curing I'ulmona'y Dieeaaea I tteunou <l t )ti, became Oliairu. tiuu K either immediately or remotely thec.u*eof lutla.r-nitlioti or Catarrhal Ftrer*, producing roup ccaeMutption, and *b?ce?*.? ol the long*, paiu a>i?i ? rrwtea of the Ihruat, bre'.tat, aide*, or shoulder*, broarhliia rcitiag aurout and peruloot tecretioaa, thereby dogging up the luuga, ao ao lu n ore or leaa impede both r?apiratinn and the Tree ri'Culatwu of the blood, enticing difficulty ol breathing end aaUima. pleurisy, hoaisrite**. and loaa ol' roiee, dro|ay ol U.' hrert anJ, rapture of blood teasels, and bleeding (You. th< throat and lung*. and spi'-tinjof blood Tortnaora I hia abet ruction foin which all theae alarming an 1 daugcruu* diaeaaea orientate, and to produce a radical cure, uothuji baa eter been found equal to JAY.Nfc'it JlXPKCTOIt atauda ttbrirailed?it stand* pre-eminaot?try it, aud yoa will be torred to acknowledge that ito rirluea hare not, uor cannot be Ji-r aled ; that W aland* far aboi c and beyond the reach of cnai|*lition : thai it ia the only reaaonable, (lie only natural an 1 the only truly en:cra-ful meth d of arresting and curing diaraeea of the pulmonary orgtu* Hold in New York at wholeaale and retail. I>y A. B.k D. rtamla Druggists. Not. 7? and 100 Fulton ; Uarid Sand* 1c Co., N i. 77 Cast Iltoadway ; A B. Sand* h Co , No. 373 Broadway. ml7 lm* r\ A / T it ii u ii> I a V W I yj XV W r- Li Li. PvOCTOK BELL devoteehiepersonal attention(daily until I'tl' M ) to the removal of private disease# in every stage .111 anffsruig under protracted cmmmiii aled or uLauct laafu, V treated by iaiiMii?iC(ilormI>iMUi!|irulitiaMn ; Omaab boring under the destructive effects of mercury or quack no. truina,*nd all whoauapacl lh* remain* of disease lurking an (La are -w. may couaull Dr B. al way a with a guarantee of rareai> Perron* contemplating marriage^ who haee beax tbe a*b act. of delicate diseases, may consult >r. Bell with honorahl* ecnf.deiiee Poar raiu latters,describing Disease ofpemonsa a distance,have hi* prompt attention. Dr.B.'a treatment cerei eipoeeato aoapicaoa.and i* well known to be aaf* and pcrma Private alee* 4 COURTLANDT STREBT. two d m>refr.mb Broadway m7 lm* an Important discovery for the O LADIES. R A. CASTLE, Deulut. 247 Broadway, New York, ha* a Prate for ti ling decayed teeth, which, while it ia perfectly harn hea in ita rom|>oailion, can be pot into the moat tender t.-ntli. w ilh which it becoinra compacted into oae aolid body, iiiunteining ita original appearance and uaea without any pain whalaoerer. Tie moot painful tooth can be thui preeertd Tlir ouni- roua testimonial* from ladiea in Ilie lirat society apeakenfltrieuily aa lo na?Hilary. Dr. A.C.C. iuaerta artin cial Teeth without liga.u^ee on the principle of atmcapheiic preaJure, guarlnteed to withatnnd the effect! of a b lioua acid stomach. and ree from fated odera. 1'iKthiche ''ilia, out of which put in the tooth will effect a radical cum. Dr. A C. C rrlera a# to Ins professional akill to Dr. P. I!- J. Inaon, Prrahleul of ilie Medic <1 Society, Le Che i alier Don A (' ilderon de la Barca, Spanish Ambisea.lnr, Mr SiHuglitoa, Spanish Con ml. Rtr. Mr Lyell. Rev. Mr. Kiaaam, the Professors of the Univerty of the College of I'hyaiciaua and Suigrons of New York. DEAFNESS? Dra Caaile fc Edward*, Auriata, attend to ereiy diaraae incidental tothc human ear. Aeouatic Drops? Sure cure f?r detfutae, paiua, ooiaea.or hard wax in the ear. m!7 lm* TO SEGAR SMOKERS THE OnEAT SEGAR DEPOT. SPANISH HOUSE, 25? BROADWAY. r|*HE MONEY will be returned to all peraona who 1 purehaae at Grain atore, if tliaj are not aatiafied with tbe l' ality nlfie article* Thia offer ia made by the atrong cont-.den e derived fmm the excellency of everr aegar that i* of. fored for aale in the abote eatabliahment. The entire atock haa been chosen with great care, and ia, without doubt, the moat anlaodid that ha* ever been offered to the New York bublie. Kxcluaive of the great and unparalclled variety of the beat hrau'l* of Havana an t Principe, there ia a large lot of PRIME NORIEGAS and NORMAS, that have been nawifailure* in Havanarxpreaaly fo* thia eatabiiahmeut. and ihey are gmr-nleed to be of anterior quality and flavor to any heretofore imported into thia markat. lo the accommodation of tl oae gentleman who prefer to amoke at leiaure and in retirement, a neat Bar Room haa beeu opeaed in the rear of the above eatabliahment, which, it ia honed, will give satisfaction loali whoviait it. TO SEGAR DEALERS k HOTEL KEEPERS. For aaleat the Spaniah Houae, 25* Broadway, a large lotof Herein Segara, at the very low rate* of $P, and $14 50. The** Sef ara hiring Keen consigned to the Spanish House, by the maufeeturera in Havana, with express order# to sell them immedia'ely, are.for this reason, now offered al the abovelow prices. Their quality ia hardly inferior to the beat Norma*, and ihev are all en'itled to debenture mtl 1 w* COPY OF A TESTIMONIAL FROM THE CE F.BRA TED DOf'TOK NELSON? THE ORIGINAL MAY BE SEEN AT 372 BROADWAY. Mona. Mallao. Sir?The cement with which yon filled tbe decayed tcetk or two of my friende fatly anawered the purpoae Iter which it waa applied, and gave I lie greateat aatiafactiuu. The epecimcne < f*rtifi:u! teeih planted on goldrnmahielda from a range of three or four teeth up to I complete act for both jawe, which I have eeeu you eeerute, are on a level with the htgheetorder of denial aubttilatian now known, either hers or in Europe. I am youra truly, ROBERT NELSON.M.D. March 13 1843. 41 f ranklin eireet. To Mone. VUi.t-iu fc Pone, Surgeon Den tie 1.3T3 Broadway. m23 lmie* QUtiAlC BEET. Premium Cora and Puvpkme, fre?h vegenT 0 ble adt rare llowtreeede, Knglieh graae for lawne, 50,000 grten and hot. Iiouae plauta dahlia roou, tiger riiwere, tube roeei, fiuit i nd ornamental trete, ahrubbery of all k'lide,canary biidi told fieh aud globee, wboUeale and retail, on the muet reiaouable ierni?,al MdLO k DUNLAP'N, No. 57t Broadway, and at their nureery, corner ol 8th Avenue and 118th etrert. Hatlem. i?33 lea* 1 Onii (UW^ PICKLK8, inpackagee toeuit cuatomern 1 ,aeUVJ,UVJU ?Aeeorted fienlee, t'.ateup, Saucea, Preaervee, and Engliah Muetard, of a auuerior quality and lowprice; Cider ant White Vmeitar, by the galluu or b irret; Sour Kiout by the hanel or keg: I'rceerved Meat*. Soupe, Oyatere, Kuwle, Milk, ke. war-anted .o keep any length ol time and in nuy climate, excellent fur emii atort? a? they afford agreat laxury at a reaeouable price; lirouod Coffee, warranted pure; in-i-- a?...i ?'.i t.:?i ..ii?.. j.. " ?iu?' , Muaiaivvm om*? * ' 'Kl ?J ?"?? ?I ? MB. N. B Lvrgr a M ricklr?, fur grocer*, by WELLS k MILLER, Wholeaale and Retail Warehunjea for Ti klea. Ill Water ml! 3m' end lllKront atrcet. SALT RHfcU>i King VCorm. Tettar, ,u?rt>er'fllch. and Pc ibiea ?Kayn'a Lotion and 8>ruo it the only remedy which iatcrtaiu to cure ilic abore cotnpIaiuU-harmle< f inita operaton, but rrrtaiu in ill i IT cli?the Lotion healing piickly. and the 8yrnp purify ing apeedily. Pi ice ft. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Ooadwell'e Deters gent and Pilla never Tail to cure a recent cale of diaeaae in 18 liourt, if uae I directed Try them, all ye aflLete t-they are free frcin mercury. Pric- 80 reota each. THE|TO iTHALHE CONtdl'ERr.U-JaoiaeVa Extract. It re'iavea in fire nunutee after applicalion to the rerva of the tooth, and prerenta decay if the tooth ii filled immediately. Pric? 50 ceut?. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS-Frrtn M. B uidelocque, cf France? cor tain, cafe and a peed r in the cure of all caaea where nature hai become obalructcd. They cure in a few daye. Price 75 cente per package. GILBERT'S ANTl-BlLLlbUS KAM|LY PILLS-Kor therel ef of all eomp'ainta produced by coitire habita. inch aa li<adacl>e, lieariliurn.aour atomach, dir/.ineea, and looenl appetite. they have been need with more auecetethan any pill ever tie or J ofTered to Live public. Price 05 cm ' perboi. Sold wheleeale and retail by E. M. OUION; 127 Bowery, r.rnrr of Grar datreet. rr2l Im' MADAME COSTELLO. t^HE FEMALE MONTHLY PILL ii acknowleilged by I tL. ? --? DLv.iaibna am dHa ITnitol Klnfefl 21 llie VBPV I belt medicine that ladies laboring under a uporeafion or Ihtir natural ilint** MB lake, and they very seldom Tail to reliere when taken according to the directions Thoae who call for them will be supplied with her circular, containing ample direction!, and all lite precaution* nec?*aar>' to be ob erred in tlieir use. fa. B.?The married, under aomr circumstance*, mutt abstain from their ute lor rraarui* rontaiued in the direction*. All communications and letter! uiuat be port paid. No. 34 Liapenard atrret. m?4 Im THE PKJVATK TKEAT.ISK ?I'M* laaliltle nilurue on certain diataaea in which the brat and in oat conrcuiet.1 means of curt are stated in the plainest poaaibla mannei. It alaoihows the reason why these maladiee so frequently cootinue on from month to month,uucured, and terminate at length in other and permanent eomplaiu'a. Indeed, no rne ean reed ihi* little book without aeeing at once thair true and real na tvre, and ai?o tiie risk and danger of trusting thru to ignorant and boasting people. With a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of eoaA deoce in what he liaa advanced on lb* curt of those diseases, the author tliiuk* i'. proper here to give a ample italement of tha means and opportunities he himwll has had of lonaing just and clear npinious on this subject, lie llserefore beg* t" state, that besides hi* rank a* graduate of Edinburgh, and member of the London College,(kc. he h?* been walchioZ these diseases, both in Hospital and city practice lor more thau thirty years, and ha* published in > editions of a work etpresaly on them. Also, that he ha* letters of commeudation from the most cuuneat phytiuan* in Europe to the roost eminent in Amerirs. a* Sir A eil?v Cooper to Dr Mott of New York and Dr. Ptiyaiek, of Philadelphia, and others, and winch may be aven by any one And further, that lie baa the jinvilege of referring to almost every phj aiciati of evniuence in thia eity. These are stream itancea whidh afford the highest satis I action to every one, e> pecially to those who are aniious te obUtn tiie beat adtic*.? The price of the book ie $1. Dr llalph is consulted at hi* residence.M Greenwichstreet, et any hour, and has distinct and separate apartments fur iho* who have te wait a little. Communications by post ere lailt fully replied la ai*I ! * PRIVATE CERE. rvOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC cOURntf.No i-For theprompt cure of C?p or Ooiorrnoi, (ilwll, ? d all other wethral duch and hi* Spe* < <.ur?e. No. mr ? the complete eradicaiiou, atd prrmat ent run of 'jiimhI disefisf, without cipoinrc,, or lo?? of time. Kach couriie i? enclosed in t neat tin rate, rninpriaing every . 1 1 ps-mnred either for internal or external u.emid whether the cm. he rerent or o'd cure i. guaranteed, if uard a. directed, hjcli pech??# aianrnii fain* Dr. JorAan'i prirat. treaii.e.railed (lie Munitor. wheie in ij I'll I direction., with a ohm ion of th. nature eonaeaMBce. and trratmeut ol .erret Mi.???ea;lo wlnrh I. added meet" r-lu?l>!? information. u.efulI hint., and hnnnrtint adTice?reninviiiC all the difficulty. of aalf treatment The o( Momfor i. fifty eeuU ; one dollar .em no." paid. Will rmure il* rerejdion. Tie No I and t, aie each %3 ?"' tuaranteed? tdmirah ? diaifned lor reat ilenl. .a (he country, being complete, compact, Iconrmieut and frficien*. I'o.l P*id lelter. cohering the amount, haae prompt ettrnlion Bold for ihe pioprietor, only at Drug Btnra, ( Marion .trert.iacond d'M>r below l'iirjce.aecnnit block ea.t of Broadway. Marion ttreet ia a direct continuation of l M.I re. wit lm* DR. HORNE COiNTirfUKBtobe eonauHedconfxWntially at hi. office No TS Murray .treat. Htruagerrare re.pectfully apprixedthatl)r Horne bemglegally bred to the Medical orofenaiou in the city of London ha. been a practical member of the .aid faculty of for t? yean, fo thelaat M in the city of New York. Hi. practice frutn being g? oeral, he conmira to a particular uraurn <>i meau-ine, wmeh en * hie profound attention. Hie nj>erienre ta trery "jreat ? hi* tieceaa aelitonuhinf. He eautionatlie unfortunate ?ironel tee [ Me of mercury ; thouamda are anuually mereurialiac.l nut of life; patent affe.rtiooa, are, without mercury, eitintpuahed in a rwdtyi See yonr r.aaenerodicated,not notched up. Tlie Ian-aid l)r Buchaii,emphatically obnerree? Married pernou, mid Ernoiiaabout to be married.ahonld be particularly taufione of nae alfeetiona ; what* dreadful inheritance toiranaiait to ran tarity." P'raone afllirted.eith protracted and deplorable raaea need net leapair of a rnmplete recoeery, by applying to Dr. Horne. A reaideneeof 3* yeara in New York city, baa catabliahed Doctor Horne'a character aa a maa of aterliua honor, and baaed oa root respectability and akill. Dr.H.ofTera to hiapatmna aeureyu# rantee. Dr. Horne'a offirea art nuiweroua, and patient* neear eoae hi contact. Attendance until ntnoo'eloek in the teantnp .NOTICt. , _ _ nj- THOMAS O. HORNK. aon of the late Dr Oeoe*. r Home.reapeetfully aprriaee the public that he coatinur* I hi* father'a maat auceeaafulpractice at hia eaiabliahmant. pto. I Tt Murray atieet.aDd may be conialted daily until o clock, jf. >I.,^uadaya ticrpted- ?4 ' LD. PrlM Vm Otau 1 HE NEW YORK LANCET. EDITED BY JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON,M D., PIBI.I8HKD EVERY SATURDAY. CONTENTS OF NO. XIIILECTURE*. l)r. Hull* L< cturtt on the Physiology, and Die*a*es an J Deraugt uinti at the Nervoue Sjitem, No. 1. The Physiology of the Nereou* Bjitwe 19J Professor Mott's Lecture* on Surgery,No XIII. Condroma 290 Malignaut Sarcoma ot the Posteiior Noroo and Faucci 190 atvirws. Eighth Annuel Report ot the Superintendent of the State Lunatic Asylum, \foreester, Mtu. The Cauiei of luiunity 19V Animal Magnetism; or, the Irish Piophet in the 17th Century 197 The Climate of the United State* and it* Endemic Influences. Based chiefly on the Record* or the Medical Department aad Adjutant's Office, U.S. Army. By Samuel Forry, M.D (Second Notice] Chief Source* and K.lfuct* o! Endemic Influence* 2Bt The Select Medical Library (New term) and Builetin of Medical 8cience.'*Edited by John Bell^ M. D. Lecturer on Materia Medicu, kc. kc ' 200 Zoological Contribution*. By S. 8. HaMeman, Member of the Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia. No. 1.?February, 184:2. An acbount of some hitherto unnoticed ipeciea of the genus Hydrachna. Muller ctw* A Valedictory Lecture, delireied by John W, Draper, M. D., Professor of Chemiatry in the University ot the City of Now York 201 Lecture on tho Classification and Diagnosis of Diseases of the Skin. By H. D Bulkely, M. D. 101 kditoeial. department. dpriiig Course of Lectut es at the College of Physicisus and Surgeons 201" Correction lot Proceedings of the Physiological Temperance Society of the Medical Institute of Louisville '10b tlCBIt O-CIIIRI-RI1ILAL EKPOETER. Crosby street Clinique Jfl-J Second Report of the Medical Missionary Society in China 103 Case of Purpura Hemorrhagica?Clinical Remaiks by Dr. Todd 103 Remarks on Renal Dropsy. By Dr. Clendiuning l')3 Kflteacy of Opium Injections in Cases of Nervous Excitement 104 On the Chorda Dorsalis. By Martin Barry, M. D. F. R S , L. and F. 204 New Plessar and I'lessimeter. By John Burue, M. D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician to the Westminster and Magdalen Hospitals, Ac 305 Lapis Divinus in Otorrhea. By Mr. Curtis, Surgeon to the London Royal Infirmary for Diaeaaea of the Ear 206 On Vaccinution and Small Pox. By Qeorge Gregory, M. D., Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and Physician to the Small Pox and Vaccination Hospital, St. Pancras JOB Treatment ot Acute Rheumatism with large doses of Nitrate of Potsss 306 9 On Dislocation of the Crystalline Lens. By John I Walker, Esq., Surgeon, Manchester, Eng 207 ITEMS AND INTV.LUIOENCC. Causes of Sudden Death in England and Wales. Be! ing extracts from Mr. Fan's letter to the Regis| trar General 207 Louisville Medical Institute 90S I The Parotid Oland 206 To Correspondents 206 Weekly Report of I nterments 206 Advcrtiikvo Teems. One square, one insertion % 1 6ft Each additional iuaertion 1 00 Per annum 16 06 One columa, one insertion 10 00 Each additional insertion 6 00 Per Annum 60 00 New York : Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Ofiice, No. 21 Ann Street,by JAMES OOORDN BENNETT. OARS, 6 WEEPS AND SCULLS.?Notice is hereby given, that I hare discontinued the branch oar establishment ia Weet street, North River side, aid do all my busineia at my old Oar Eatablubmeut. 402 Walerstreet.and as I save all the espenars ol one itoce, I will sell Oars, Sweeps, aud Scullt enough cheaper t? pay for coming from any part of the city tot the Oar Establishment, SOU Wsler street, five doors above Catharine market. JOHN A. rEAUSALL. 4 tin* T'HINA, GLASS AND EARTHEN WAKE?A list ol c prices ol China, Glass, Re., soul by R. SIMPSON, 8 Astor House, Broadway, who ke* ps the bast articles, and sella cheaoerthacauy otnrr house in the United States. ^ ' FRENCH RTONF. WARE ...... . Porcelaiu. Blue er White. ' Plate* lit iixe per dor f I 94 $1 uo do al d? 1 74 88 do td do 1 56 75 ' do 4 ill do 1 37 63 do SI h do 69 37 Coter Diih, i 44 7j fUuee Tureen end SUnd, 1 00 75 TeaCupeand S.ucerj.per do?, *4 pe. i 50 Pitcher*, 1(4 iixe, 1 73 50 do U do 1 37 57 do Sd do 1 IS SB do 4lli do 75 15 do Soh do *3 do Itli do 50 Chocolate#, 1(1 (ire per dr. 3 75 do ad do 3 as do 3d do 2 75 Tea*. 1 50 Kkk Cum. >7 Stone Were, Dining Service, 112 piece. 13 oC K ranch or Kug Poiceluin te? aeti,29 pncre 4 ut, CUT GLASS. Octagon diahe*. be*t Quality, 6 inch, pr pair 3 OC do d) do do 1 SO do do It do do 4 00 Decanter*, the i et of 4 from t 5u Urern Hock Ulaeaei, per do*. 3 35 Cut Wiue? from 1 so per doiea ? ... K-lnt.H Tumbler. 3 Ol, ' XJ , Lemonade*, handled, vi ?5 do HoueekecDcra. take care thialut, and make jrour purchaaera at B Aator Home; the *avihg j on will make by ao doing mutt be viaib'e to all upoa reading (he above. Table Cutlery?'I'hia I* aleo the cheap**! atore Tor fine Table Cutlery, in acta or dozen*. ml3 1 m* R. B/MPflO.V.B Aator Hnuae. QUOKH'B PATENT METALLIC KLASTic iOoT IV HKELfl?The luh.cril er beg* lei,re Io inform thb* public, that he ha* commenced to manufacture and aell boota with thie valuable invention, w hich only need* to be known to he nnivrraally adopted The following a-e nine of the miny adraatagea it poaacaaea over every other kind lit?The elaalicity add* to the durabili ty of the boot ocethird. td?Itmakei no more nniae on the pavimint than ailipper. The un|ilea*aLt clinking none of the lion heela la obviated. M?It pievrtiia boot* from running down at the aid* or back. tin? It* elaa'ieity enable* one to walk wito much lea* fatigue. the heel givi g a natural -.ring at eachatep. ?th?It doea not cut and toar cartel*, like the iron or na lie J heela In order to bring thu improvemet t within the reach of all, the anh? rih?r ha- concluded to put Ihem at the unt pncea of the eoinim.o keela Boot* of every ijuaiiiy and diacriptiou, wholciale ar.d retad, at Ilia old ataud. H NEWELL. m? Im* 144 ClMhare atroef. TMtKN?ll A HI I Kit III. KLOWKKS. and Material* for r FlortfU-HHl N. LAROSIRHK U CO., lit William treet, haiejnat received. by the llarre packet*, Argo and Kraucui* let. ?ad offer for el* ? looo Boir< K reach \rtil|ci?l k lower*, comprising a general * - rtinrul of fh* mnat laahiouablt llowvrs Worn in Pant. WO U<"'B I'mk Sierere, amiable f r flower makcrv, w?rthe flrei juililjr. to rear* Material* f..r r lornI*. ?i/'?i?p?ra, mualia, Hoe* alike, wire*. I**"**, bml* Uimhir a, lie. Tk? le'itinLu oit > r .ui'telly reieiiici ike now it) lit of A. wore *aib?) ?j'| ear n> Pari*. Dealer* well hull at lo their niitntif* total). Tb* I tork ueilriHlo. *h* prlre* maderaa, and eeerjr article (elected w if i ll>* yr*a'e?t car*. m( m* DOCTOR FAWCETT, MKV r ' f -I, HMV \L roLUF.OK of *UR4JKO*? ofl.oado- en4 Edinburgh, and e>f the Medical < <>|l*f* r.f Phil*a*l(Aia. eikleae* bio piartica lo a aeler f breach of lie piefiMW. ' .Noe*t ax (ilk dolor* e< leipt v* " I>r K la ??C(.or?te.l by the aafeni earceaa afl*itdia( hi* mod* of tr*klin*iif ta I'.* cur* of wurrial, |l*ela. airn ' ire*, eemiaal ankwn. aad io?e' oriel aff-clioM, together with ,11 U.oe* other bad oin* wl.ii b oodeinMb* the renetttntioei. and lay tl * foaadating of peeiwainr* 4eeay either from nut treetmenl 01 any other i nee In , i, (ore le lb* *|>t<et>te i? gaaeraliy delirt ire aud lb* r*l , h r life ilmnef *i,l im el. Ilia mode of Ire iimeal i* nairereally admired, hie mfde-itr* being (dtiaanf la lh* !**! end email. gently ajtrMiCee the (,< re* >1 lh* elomerb, and glees that prayar tri.eity what a gwod dtgeatiotl reo ire*. Ili*lr*eli*< *a eo< elilalioua) or nervnti* liability. afford* irry i aleaene nharreatmn* m miciI df Hat It % . erimnal aad ltr|?if*ary bmugki on by deIngire habile, ell Hi alleadent eyinytome pkifielif a ? 1) #?plained "I he^work cna lie ntduaed al W >.mre, |M r'oftro elreal. where the Doetor < aa bw rotwulled al all koara or lha day and ani l Letter* (poai paid) w dl rmeiea immediate attention _ AleVtlM lO a. 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