Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Mart 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Mart 1842 Page 3
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Court refused the iuie?Mating, that if the application weald lie at all, it muit be at the instance of the asslgni e. That the petitioner having been declared a bankrt pt, all hii tighta in property had paaied from him into the aaaignee. But the court fuither it timated that the at- | aignee must take the property auhject to all lawful Lieut ?of which character the liens accruing to landlords | under the laws of the Stite were considered. It has, J however, been decided by Daniel Webster that where i the State laws come in collision with those of the fed- J oral government, tho latter are always paramount. The warrantsef the landlords under this decision must give way. The message of the President to both Houses ef Coc-gresaii an important document. It is clear, irompt a.rd energetic. It points ;out the only sound policy by whioh " After briiflv ia? uaiin 01 ioe union may no icm?..-. summing up the event* of the past year he allude* to the la*t iiiue of Treasury Note* authori?ed, eubject te the eoidition that they should not be ia*ued below par. Thi* a* a aerious matter now that the note* are at four and fire per cent discount in all the leading cities. lie then proceeds to name that the deficiency is not only great but a permanent one, and one which requires an efficient and permanent remedy, which is to be attained net only) by reducing the espenditurea to the greatest praetioable |extent, but by increasing the tariff abase 20 per cent the level of the compromise; of the necessity of this measure there is no manner of doubt. This neces- ' aity renders the distribution act inoperative by the I terms of its enactment. The President then strongly | advises the pledging of the proceeds of the public land to the object to which they have been appropriated since the foundation of the government, vit., the redemption of the public debt. That debt already exists and is a dead weight upon the market, and hangs like a j incu bus upon the treasury, destroying it* revenues. The proposition of the President is simply to put that debt in train of liquidation, and to provide for future expenditures sufficiently to avoid an increase of the debt. The debt is composed of Treasury notes outstanding. These have been receivable for public dues, but have never had any specific fund appropriated to the payment either ?f principal or interest; the $12,000,000 loan of the extra Session which was put upon the market by the Clay faction, amidst a'storm of discredit and of repudiation of State debta, without means|of redemption of any sort, and of course but a imall part of it could be negeciated, and that at a heavy discount, and last there ia the deAcitto be provided for $3 254,086. These may be summed up as followi United States Debt. Treasury note* outstanding March 1st $8,639,159 " " to be issued 2,663.003 Deficit per report 3,-254.686 Funded debt 5,320,000 $19,766,939 The Treasury notes and funded debt are at a discount of 6 per cent. The only revenues of the Government now are the customs. These yielded last year $12,000,000 and this year will probably be short of $10,009,000. The expenditure will be at least $26,000,000. Now the outstanding Treasury notes being at a discount will be absorbed by the customs, and leave the Government without one dollar of revenue to meet $26,000,000 of expense. The reason that Government credit is at a discount, while seme bank stocks in this city are at a premium, is that no means are provided to redeem the existing debt. If the present outstanding Treasury notes are absorbed by thejcustoms, $06,000^000 must be borrowed in some other way forthe currant year. To meet even the interest on this loan not a dollar of revenue exists. The land has been given away and the customs are absorbed by the Treasury notes already in exiatence. No credit can exist under such circumstances, and the dishonor of the Federal Government will not only ruin the State credit, what little remains, But win cram Danas, corporations and individuals alike, as surely as will repudiation in tke western States destroy the mercantile credit This overwhelming torrent of discredit and disaster is, by a paltry faction in Congress, attempted to be counterbalanced by dividing a little land among twenty-six States every year. Can anything exoeed the absurd folly of sueh child's play 7 On the other hand what is the proposition of the Pre. sident 7 It is to fund this depreciated debt in a stock bearing interest, to which character and stability is to be given by the appropriation of the public lands to pay . the interest and to form a sinking fund for its extinguishment. Sach a stock would, independent of other questions, command a premium even iuthe present state of the market. This will provide for the Treasury notes and leavi the customs unencumbered. The receipts will b? good money and the amount to be increased bv an increase of the tariff as much as it will bear, so as not to discourage imports which would diminish its amount. The expenditures are then to be brought down to the compass of the receipts, or to use an old and homely maxim, ''to cut the coat according to the cloth." Let any man capable of taking care of his own business ask himself, if this is not the common sense method of . meeting the present difficulties, which receive their importance only from the attempts of partizans to make them worse in order te further their petty schemes There it, however, another matter which ears heavily upon the credit of the Oovernment. It it the movements ofytraitorous disorganizes] which are of a nature to aaake capitalists tremble for the stability ef the Oovernment. When a* man like Mr. Oiddings gets up in his place in the national councils and proposes resolutions, the import of which is that the national Oovernment cannot protect the individual States in their reserved rights, and that there is no law to protect the white portion of the.SouthernStates against having their throats cut by the black portion of those States, and such resolutions are baaked by a fair proportion of the members present, the capitalist msy| well pause, when making investments af property, which he means to leave to his ahildren aud consider whether trusting such a Oovernment is the safest investment he can make. Ha turna his attention to rati estate, and coasi ders whether the land which cannot burn up or blow away is nat better, even at a leu annual interest, than the promisesofa Oovernment composed of such volcanic materials. The avowsl of the resolutions by Mr. Oiddings may have come within the line of his duty to his constituents, and as such he was not amenable to the censure of the House, but the fact that a large constituency entertain the principles avowed in(his resolutions only makes t the matter far more serious in its nature, more especially when taken in connection with the fact that the same principles arc threatened to be forced upon the whole country by the arms of Briton. Already our southern neighbor Texas has beeu invaded Tor the avowed object of suppressing black slavery. The money to furnish forth the invasion has been furnished by England. The Mexicans bear English arms, and, as In the case of the volnn'eor regiments which went to Spain a few years since, English troops, stirred up by those English sboli .tienists who so vigorously opposed General Hamilton n his negotiations in Europe, will soon bebackingtb^ Mexican invaders. The clouds are indeed lowering around us, and it is.indeed time for the friends of the Republic to be vigilant |and to support tho Executive as one an. Corn Trade. We have intelligence from Rochester to the 3Mh in' slant. The wheat growing in the Oanessee qalley generally is spoken of, by some citizens of Rochester who have lately traveracd the country, a* preaenting a very pionnlsing appearance. The price of wheat in Rochester is from 109 to 113 cents per bushel. Considerable quantities art beginning to And their way to market, now that the road* are becoming passable. Some extensive contrasts are made Jor delivery soon, at 113 cents. A decline of a shilling on abtrrelof Asur made on a sale of 300 barrels yesterday?$s. Died On tba 37th instant, Gcoaoe Cshill, in the 48th year of his sge. His funeral will take nlace this - v.i# ?. J o'clock, from hit lata reti lence, W3 Cedar itrnt H<? frienJi tnd ac<iotiQtancea are reapectfully invited to attend. At Georgetown, on the J4th Inttant, after a lingering and paiuful licknest, Ri< hard Jartaa OrrLrr, Kiki t.'ni-ted ftatrt Coniul for Mayagurz. Porto Rico, and ton of the Uto David Ollley, E?q. of Smyrna, A?ia. JJAt Philadelphia, on the 221 inttant, Mm. F.LiitetTH Ciiroll Tuctre, relict of the late Dr. A. B. Tucaca, and grand daughter of the late Chariot Carroll, of Carrollton. Oa Sunday, 37th init of scarlet fever, CoatvaLicf, only child of Cornelim L. and Catherine C. Hope, aged one year and three da) t. The friends of the fa nily and of Mr. John V. Tiljoo. are retpectfnlly requested to attend the luneral thit afternoon, at } pait 4 o'clock, from M Chatham atreet. Paanngtw Arrived. Oai.?:? v??Ship Arkantaw?Captain Chue and daughter. I* e of thip .Vetheitlei Mia Vhnih Mm I'araona- Mr? IXmubridge, Mr De Vaux and IS in the eteer'gr New Omuii?Sh'P 31 Mary?Siadime MtVilal, Mm 8t Vital or Mexico; Mm L MeOomb. and 3d in tlieatrerag? Nr.w Oai.rana?ship l.oniettlla?A N L)ouglaae, of Arkacaaa; Henry Smith, of N York; rtobt A Johuaon, and 13 in the *'New Oat-nasa?Ship Huntaeil'a?P W Kennedy, Eaq and lady; Pooler and lady, Ri? H B f'roaa. R H Doughty. CrtanLiaTos?Ship Sult- u?Mn M Beieher, Dr A T fc Hit-, ton, t>r A H Honoad, / U Piinee. Wm Joata.K H Jonea, Jamea. Grant, J O Huddle and child, i? in the steerage. SaraeitixaH-Brig Ex -el?Miaa Palmer. Meaart A Renwick, C Lancdoa.U Tinlin, G Alden, 8 B Weal. C H Wagner, H CoTmm. M 9 rhillipa, J W Lacy, P 8 Doroett, and to in the 1 steerage. Ponr Laos?Brig Slatlra?Meaara 1 O VVeeka. 9 Green T. True, A 8 8 8 Ole, of Port Leon; Meaara H Booth, W O Dewey, J Etan?,of Key Wcet. Foreign Importations. LirraroeL?Ship Laucaahirc? SO bags t casks f bkla G W Shield*?it es Nana* k co?tit erl? B A Mumford 8 cks H ilincklay 413 bar* 319 bdls iroa Wrlmoir V cc?I bl* Smith f-ursar Jk > ?I r?k Ki???m Horee k en? M ck* OMeterlt MS?1H J Wataon?13e? H Ward k eo-6 W T Crook-H rk* Casieros k Brand?t bl* Tooksr, Mead k co?lit els M Ckaup cay k co?18 ck. * ca 10 anvil* Kei nedy k Wir-M eki 1 b) I bgs Raid. Sprsguek ca?34 cks I ca R Ilatnck k co?78 ck*8 8pr? a bkis 48 aovile 18 b-lla pane 83 do apsde* Walsh k Mallor??'87 ck* I bkt R Corning?10 bla Van Aradal* k co?5 bkla 36 cks I* anvils *h*ldnn k fnrli s?37 cks B W Hinckanan?30 cks I eoTownsond, Sayre k co?3 e* 4 bl* J Coanah?T bla 8 Dmi*. iun-444 mils euetl ir. u 438 bis tin plats* Phelps. Dodge kco? J bla J Kobinson k co?I30crala* to a atercki I kaloou 1 pump II tons coal to ooo lire bricks 60o aaeka salt 8 Tliompaon?37 rka I bkla II bd's pant Oakley, Loosusfcio?6 cks I bkt 30 Ivjts Denntatun k Diattro?-13 cks 1 crate 5 bkU Corntug k cu. AlbariT?63 *?k# 9 ca 10 *nrtla 7 r luina 1 bile order. Lit t areOL?Br lurk AoU'lilly?7Scaaka paint JBO lone lug iron J Tiadtla k ro?8 balea Stone k co? 482 aacheealt) R?) burn?im hhile SO ta rotten atane A Hurat? HO tone coal 1 caee indie New bold k Craft? a PUS IJenuieon?210 lone emit * Thcmpaon?212 blocka tin, caaea, 85 crates, T bhda ta order. bark Helena?58 barrela aulphur, 58 boxea claaa ware. 18 balea corka, 125 boira ca|era, 148 do olirea, 31) do anchovea, 102 do pickles, 3r0 do, 100 casks 70 >}r do.25 bla wins ; J Mitchell 480 baaketa, 50 boxea oil, 8 cxrka; Mxena k Thomsons boxea; H BohJen 3 caaka oil. 1 box liuit: Dclmonico k Brothers boxea picklee; ? Beger 44 eaake madders; J Lee ISO balee; Sekmidl k Andrea | Scaake; Beylardsa b ier; J RiiletSM; Wielcliaueen k Achelee0 balea2caaea; Bruatlaia 1; Cook I; Krai; E Basinger I; A Begoden Ha boxea picklei;PH Renald k Ce I box; O R Felix 111 boxea ICO bags ahuaxae, 25 caaka aulpliur, 25 balea nun, l box; Fitch k Co 20 balea cork. 800 boxea eaap. ICO bla brimatone, 20 aeioona indigo, || boxea 1 balea2 bla mdxe, 12 boxea aiace, 500doaul[>hur to order. ., Ui'ATiMi?Brig Henrt?? caaka 18balea molaaaea, 82 hhda rugae u bble do J LaLaw?12 hhda sagar J C Wetmore? 23 do Meyer fc Stucken ? 30 hhda 3 able do 21 aaika molaaaea to order. ., Power, PR-Brig Zotoff-180 hhda 8 bbla augar, 110 tiereea J bbla molaaaea R P Buck. . . ? NacviTae?Brig Amanda?250 hhda molaaaea 48 tea honey 50 tone fuetic 200,000 segara Holt k Owen. . Poeto Cabkllo? Brig Albert?878 bga coffee It tone lignum tile 134 hide* U Whitaker?150 crrousa luuigo uni?. Domestic Importations. New Ori.eahs?Ship Aikunw?iKI'di tobacco Cournon? ill l<h|a hum and laid Lee, Daton a Miller?-Itthhd*i auger 131 bbla mol-sara C P Leaverich?( ck* nadae b uchell kCuaniughain?#7 lihds auger 2 Jo tobacco Goodhue k co?300 bb a flour Havens k co?lit Roger* fc H-llnm?13 bbla Pork 1 do laid E K Collin*?2 bales cotton C U Koadiek?1 bleslnna J G Gaitbwaite? 1 caae O W Traadwell?712 Ml lead Salter* 8t co? 91 bbla mulaaae* Ty all k Campbell?<8 bla cotton llorteii It Speyer? 1(7 bbla molaaaa* H Southroayd k co?300 bbla Hour 20 hhd* augar SO bbla molaaat* W Harriaou?2bbl. augar M k B Millen?l ble <1 Krcmberg k co?12 bla cotton Vandtrwort k Hay wood?176 bbla pork 17 kega lard Kiaaam, Stone k co?220 bbla molaaaea Roberta k William*?1 caae Everett ksBattelle? llcka'hama 1070 bbla flour taorder. Naw Orleans?Ship St Mary?88 bale* cotton H Waldo k c ? 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Nr.w Orleans ?Ship Slumlord?1(3 piga lead 636 bbla flour B H Kield?73fhhda anger Robert k Widiaina?*0 hhda tonacco 20 bale* cotton 2 baa Sorague Robinson k Co?11 hhda lobaceo 226 baa caudle* 10 half bhl tongue* R L Maitland kCo?55 bbla molaaaea iVlecher k Shaw?18 cuaka clover aeed (5 baa caudlea SO kega lard W k J Jamea? 60 bbla biaudy K C Steven* k Son* 7 ?bls oil 100 kega lard Durie k Greacon?3 hhda tobacco Geo Mohr?S balea cottoa J J Crieeok Co?5 bbla augar J S Bryan k I o?( bxa tobacco 1 bi 8 bbla sugar (J W Moorewood k Co? 1 bx 3 Irrtks R Hawkina-2 bbla sausages I Cohen?l bx Laurence k Ketae?279 pig* lead Jaa McCullocb?733 sacks corn Peter Mefua?3 cases Geo W Tredwell?6 bbla 5 hairdo 12 qr do C t il James C Mullock?IS eaaea hat* J M Alden? 97 b ilea cotton A C Estea? 21 tee fli< aeed 8 bbla oil Brigga k Malher? 220 bxa candle* Ja* Bovd k Co?591 bbla flour H k J B Murray? 181 bbla Hour 3 tea hams 2 bbla molaaaea 1 bbl auger Clark We) aourkCo?285 hide* A Soutbmayd k Son 12 bales cottoa Wolfek Bishop?Scaaks Ray nor k Pond?1 caeca Win ilaviaou?I bx I map I buudle Gray k Tiebault?1 bxe J at Jeanant? I31|bbl? clover seed Jameson III Sandfcrd?1 bbl beam D Mellville Ik Co- 4 cases I Ml Septimius Crooks?IS bal-s 1 bx P Fox Si Polbrmus?2 bb a 1 keg J While?1 bx Neustadt Si Barrett? 2 bbls 2 half do 1 do syrup Robl Doughty?t bx Barker It bro? 24 bit soup A Currigan?20 bols flour Laurence Hill?1258 sacks core J K Millbank ai Co?25 casks M Vaster St Co?31i bags coffet S bxs 6 hhds 2 bbls 51 bdls copper 24 bides ISO bbls flour order is tw Oblkahs?Ship Louist lie?too pigs lead Pbelps, Dodge It co?229 B H Field?360 T ,J Seixu?90 bal*? eotte'i O'umway Henry li 00?68 tosseed J F Butterwerth?40 Wbis mo esses Fr'aUk Campbell?23 ba?s skies 86 hides J Heed? I hlii sugar E K Collies?2 Siurges It co?10 brls L Low?3S4 R Kiogsland?9 bales cotton 8m th Si Young?U H Draper, jr ?200 kegs laid D U k W joois?300 nigs ie*d Hoffman x Bailey?2 bhdsrl St J B Mur-ay?I cask J It K 1'owiuend?5 brls molasses Bayner Si Pond?1 bx Smith, Wright Si co?i8 packs skins A N Douglai??8 bxs H 8* da -2 Hecksch?rk coster? II skins A H Brake?1291 pigs lead B rH Field?5 hhds tobacco oewbold X Craft?91 brlsinolas.e Southmayd k Bon ?I sugar Wmtmore fc Roee?2 cases J Boyle?19 Mallard 18 do hams West St Brigham?1 Lindley Nico soa?590 brls flour 11 Oevins It 9 n-7a moUeses Win E Meeker?1 berfPHarmonySt co?I box F Berley?157 brls flour L Hill?801 pork 192 wh?st 192bears Price, rnabitt Si Alloa-Tt hams O W Edwarks?140 bales *0 ton J Jeamesett Si co?995 kegs lard 9 cs Philipk Eytinge?68 cs7 hhd augu 10 bskts IS bis wins, orMobile?Brig Cohansey?68 bales Holbrook, Nelson Si co? 30 C X F Waldo?U0H Coit Si co?17 eoili rcpe W McCermack?2 bis M Wauer?193 bols hides Green Bibbin Si c t?25 bales cotton O Martin?II boxte Newton Si Hains-21 bales cotton to order. Mobile?Srhr D C Wison?25 bales Faber St Bierwith? 31 H Waldo?91 O Binner. A raLacmcoLa?Ship Uncas? 245 balsa cotton James Holfred?60 do Doorman, Johnston Si co?9 do F. D Huilbut Ik co ?100 do Crugh Si Heydirkeu?198 80 Smith, Wells Si Co?294 do Henry Cojt It Co?37 do L W Moore Si co?S boxes 11 baskets Oleott X McKiesen Si co?St bales cotton to order Savannah?Ship Ce'ia?24 bales Creighton Si Wilson?100 bxs89cheits M A Mackay?7 bales Perkins. Hopkins ken?18 BHFinlay?2 J P bwasne?1 bx W Fuller?199 bales C BarstonXPope?S T VacArthur?48 balea Trusdala k M#>rs? 99 Begirt k Kuoolaad?108 tiercca rice J T Chapter?100 J 8 Lathrop?lOCarrellen?iSO bales to order. SaTanieaH?Brig Hxcel?110 bales cotton Wm Hariman? 89L 8 Bhaptet?44 Silas BrswsOL?53 H Coit Si Co?59 B F Dawson?16 Geo Collins?299 C Beratow k Pope?45 tea rice HogankMiln?58 bbls beefC J-rluon. 1 HARLtsTO.-e?Ship Su'tou?2 es Morriaon 8t |Levy?14 Wright. 8<urgca( & Shaw-1 W-llialt Vale?1 U DUodlrey8 c? N lie Levy?91 tiered rice Sprague St Rebereou? 1 bi J L Murter? 8 tk* rice Jfi H Kimball?09 bale* cotton Smith,Milca fcco?99 J Jeannerett?45 baga fea'hera Dcmming, Buckley k co?SS t ke rice 3 era tea tn order. Uaaicie?Brig Teier DemiII?409 bale* H Coitlcco?117 Earl, Totter 4c Co'lin*?SO A S Marvin. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF NEW YORK, MARCH i)8, 1849 ? - - - -?- ?- ? in "i a ices 5 so full Moon 9 33 W!i IITI I lOlateiwmi 0 64 Uepertwro of ttim Atlantic Itoamen. raoN fnolakd. raoat amnrc*. Columbia, Judkina Mar. 4 April 3 O. Weatrrn, lloalcen April 3 April 38 Caledonia, Loll April 5 May 1 Britanuia April 18 May 10 Acadia, Eyrie May 4 June l O. Weatern, Hnaken May 31 June 10 Columbia, Judkiu* May 10 June 10 Caledonia, Lott June 4 July 3 Britannia June 10 July IT Acadia, Eyrie July 5 Aug. 1 0 Weataru. Hoeken July 0 Aug. 4 The mail (learner Dee, Orum, ia the ceit due from the Weil Indiee. Puketota Arrlyo. 1 Packet a to Depart. Loienon. I LOitnon. Weitmina'er. Moore, Feb. IT | Ontario, Bradiah, April 1 Moutreal, Tinker, Feb SO | Toronto, Atwoed, April 10 LivKnroot.. LtvsarooL. New York, Cropper, Feb. 8 | Rosciuo, Collin*, Mar 38 Siddcnn,, Feb. 15 j Europe, Marahall, April I Cmbridge, Baretow, Feb. 19 I ncoi. # **!>? I Ba timore. Fuock, Atrill Baltimore. Fuack, Jan. 19 | Emerald, Howe, Aprils Rhone, Johnaton, Feb 3 I Rhone, Johnatun, April 14 To ghlp Naattrai We ahall rateem it a favor, if captain* of veaaele arriving 1 _ui .. ' ~ ,1 ? u ,r .... .... ?i ii report ol Ihe (hipping left at the port whence they aailrd, the vi'srell )poken on their partage, and ? lot of 'heir car*". Commodore B<*??tt will board then* immecbatrlr on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any way. ArrlTwa. Ship Larcaahire, Lyon. 41 dayi from Liverpool, to Taylor It Merrell, freight and SJ eteeraae paaaenareea to 8 Thompeon The Lancaahire haa had acontiouition of weaterlyljalel during the paaaage, by whichahe haa lovt hercutwater, rail, lie. Feb let. lal 47 14, Ion It, raaaed claae by a brig water loggi d, with NewcaatleoQ h-r at rn. and appeared to have been recently run into,a> hrraaila w.ta left art and a hole in herrpiaitrr Feb It. lat 49 DO, Ion 31 40, lo?t overboard a teaman, aged about 20, and hy letter! found in hi) potieaaion aarertained hi) name to be ThomaaCrowe, a native of Paaeage Weet, near Cork, where h a paienta now rraide. Ship Ark->naaw, Denai), 27 dayi fiom New Orleant, with cotton aad pork to Wm Nelaon. Ship Unra*, Latham, It daya from Apalachicola, with,cotton to K D Hurihutt It eo. Shin 8t Mary, Foater, from New Crlcana, to JohuaouSt Lowdon. LeP the Raron the trh luat. Ship Lnuiaville. Hunt, from New Orleana and 14 day) from the halite, to E K Coilina A co. March 21, tarn. I at 30 '0 Ion a large iteamahip (landing South,mppoaed the CI) de, for Havana. Shi Huntaviile, MumforJ, 19 daya from New Orleana, to K K Colliui fc Co. Maeeh 20. Double .Heated Shot K?ya S S W IS mi'ea.apobe ahip PI atitia. of Bath. Mar22,latlt 14, Inn 99 34 .apoke bark T artar, of Boaton. 7 daya from Mobile. Sailed in robark Citizen. KhipCelia, I'hateher, tdaj a from Savannah, with cotton to Br'.tt & Morrell. Ship Sutton, tlery. 4 daya from Charlaatoo, with mdae to O Button. Br bark Amaliffr, Le, all.from Liverpool via Bermuda 14 d>ya, with mdz* to tioodhue keo. 137ateeraga paaaengere. Hwediih bark H-lena. 0?trand*r. $8 daya from Maraeillea with m-ae to J Mitchell k Co. Match ITth, lat 34 54, loo (4, ap^ke ahip Neva, r| NYork, 4d-ya ftom Charlnetoti. Bark Condor. Ward, 14 daya from St Croix, with nun and augarto Alaopk Chauory. Left briga William, Thatcher, of Philad, diag. Chlpo'a. for St Thomaa, nit day. Sweediah nrig Julit, Trena n 55 daya from Rio Janairo.with SltS bagi coffee to order Veaaelalvlt before rt ported. Brit Z itofT, Bray of Nantucket, 16 daya from Ponca, Pit, with motaaaea to R P Burk. Brig Excel. Ladi nlOd.ya from Saranndi, to Sturgea k CleaJtr. tn. The *icel h a been 7daja north of Cape fleutop*n. cantinual h"avy we ither from north and raatward. Brig Augu da. Leach,14 daya from Matauiaa, with 314 hltda molaieaa to T K Left baika Sirah, Koaltr.for Breton nit day; TdrerLa, Hewea, wg frt; Talma, W ioaon, taken up; Ztida, White, wtc; briga Sw aa Boy Blaiadell. Europe, taken up; New Rrgland, Audrnae. Providence,aoon; Buav. Smith do Idg; Pa nail. vorton, NYork, do; Algomiuin, Williama,' do, to; Alwiida Talman. at Cardenae. Idg. Brig Cohunaey, Moore, It daya from Mobile, with cotton ,kc to matter. Brig Virginia. Talbot, 17 d ya frt>m St Marke. with cotton to mwater Lift ahi,? Souinport, for NYork, ia 10 daya. Brig Henry, Oerti 34 day a from Oua yam a. PR, with molaa aea to J Labaw Veaaelaleft hefo e rejrorted. Brig Ku'tia, Drtnkwaler, 14 di from tionivea, St Dnmingo, with 54 lonlnxh gaoy, 10 tona logwood to Neamith O Lteda, Lap briga Ida. Tayior, for Ho#toj,S0 da ; (Jen wiarion, Vg. N i.ork, "p lo K'eo, Cotrel, Boaton. IS; achrn Arcat, York, td'g Iliilad; United Statea, Preach, Ntw York, idg; fcinery, C?rf (trig Albert, from Puerto Cnbello, to Oeo Whittaker. Le.ft v euc * mien pcnr -im-rica, Anutrmn, lor r* lora near o ay; ro America-. March |?, apoke aehr Faii-play, lat SB. Ion 73 11. for Norfolk.? di fm Otiayemma, PR Brig A'atira. Babbi ge, it dayarroin Port l.eon ?ia Key Wnt w;thi80 bilea colli n to Crater k to, and II do O W Jone>. Brig IJar.clle Watethoitar, of Portland.II day a from Trinilad de Cuba with 400 hhd< *t tea nuilarara to P Harmony It Co Left bark Cl?r?aaa. Perhine for N York, 4 daya: b <g< Ar turaa.for Boaton, 4daya; Chl'a Hammond, do, I,and othrra before reported. Brig Prler Demi'l, Lewia.7 daya fr.-m Darirn, wilh enttan to R M DeraillBrig Amanda, Arery, 14 daya from Neimtaa, with molaaeea' to Brett ll Voar Left no Americana 8eW Caribean, Allm.SO dayt from New Orleaal. with ISO1 tibda augarto M JanvinliCo LeMOaail of reaie!a it the 9 W Paaa, outward bound. Schr D C Wi ?oo, Benjamin, 1? days from Mobile, with c?ttop to naaUr. Feb 14th, Ut '.? jo, loa 84. ipoke bnrk Gulmer 5 days from Mobile for Boiton. The brigs Mary BiUVy, em led for N York 6 is before; Cohanusey t> Cbaiere, d?y before for 31 York. Schr Tuscarora. Smack, 10 day i frrm Richmond, with lobar co lo Ai'en V Pauoo, Below. Packet ship New York, Crepper, from Liverpool, 8ih ulfc, with radze lo O H Marshall and Goodhue fc Co. Alio, I ship 3 briga?Wind W. General Record. Packet Shis Roicirt. for Liverpool, will sail thii morning. Her Utter bagi willcloae at Uilpiu'i, in the Lichauge, ?t halt paat 11 o'clock. Foreign Porta. Po*i-?, PR. Mtn-th 11?In port?Barquei M.gnolia, Ida; Mary Ann, unc; b-iga John H Stephana, Id*for NYork; T H Bentmi. Wilxm. Baltimore,7 dye; Foreat. Varina, NYork. 1# dy?; Union,Mitchell, Baltimore, 2 dye; Wa?hin*ton,Truro, due*; Blaek Hawk, B etoa, Idg; rehra Kefir, 8i Teller, Baltimore, 4 dye; Arkaneae, Treat, Baltimore, t dye: Henry. (Joogioge, Baltimore 10 dye; Aurora, Cheer, not rold. United States Porte. BaTH, Mar It?Arr Angelina, Philad. lOlh?Cld France* Louiea.Cuba 16th?Cld Clinton, Havana. THoMaeToa. Mar 17?Arr Oen Wayne, NYork. Bid 18lh, Ludwig, NQrleana; Mary Ctle, Mobil*, tiet?Arr Moahr{ ?n. Luscc, Mar 20?tld Teian. and Sue an & fane, NYork. KuiiaBTon, Marti?Arr Denmark, Long lalaad for Boeton; Meteor, Delaware fordo; Ricnaeond, and Aatillea, Thomaeton for NYork. 24th?Sid Richmond, and Aulillre. In port, the oth*re, and Richard Taylor. I'oBTLajen. Mar 26?Xrr Rapid, Mataniae; !4tb, Boeton, Lukec for NYork. Boeron, Mar26?Cld Windaor, Harona; Tutbo, do; Larch, Jacmel; Suwarrow. NOrleane; Lion, PhiLd; Viaacherr. Albanj; Wm T King. NYork. 24 k?Arr Maria, Fredertckaburg. TBaLTtafoaE, Mar 26?Cld Pandora, Monlego Bay, Ja ; Ocla la. Newport, R|. Nojkolb, Mar 22? Arr May Flower, Boeton; Belle, New port.for Petersburg. In Hampton Road*, a bark, and bria Corinth, fm Ba'timorr.ontward boand. 23d?Arr Holten.NYork; (JllllilineL Bnetnn nkf) Keen Belini>4> Thnmaa HenKea Qnetnn Tor Baltimore; Purdy, NYork, had been xrhore; Aiwiu, N York; Sua,do; Tetzer. Benton; Ellia k William, Stouington; Metropolis, Norwich; Fellowship, Booth Bey. At Seawelra Point. Alexandria, fm Alexandria, and Hudeon, fm Baltimore, bound lo N York. There wera about SO aail of coaatera at Seaweli's Point and neighboring auch'-rage thu morning, wind (reah from NNK. The ship, nark and orig Corinth, reported yeateiday in Hampton Roida.havt gone to vet. Wavhinqton. NC.,Mar20?Arr Hopewell, NBedford; Myare, NYork. Thornae Wyuns,NYork. Alexandria, Mar >8?Arr Archibald Oracle,NOrleana Richmond, Mar24?Air Alabama, Franklin, La. Sid Chl'a Pitm-n Nkork; Superb, do. 23d?Arr Wm Buck, NYork. Sid, do. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. TMIESE far-famed and celebrated palls, from Portugal, ar 1 we perceive, tolbe obtained in this country See advertisement on the tail tolnmi,of fourth page. fet tm'ia LOST?Oa 27ih March, One Pair (Sold Spectacles. The finder shall receive Two Dollar! reward and nn questions asksd. Apply to mta im* Mr. DKLAPLAINK, 68 Wall at.. Office No. 2. Losr. ON Thursday, between the corner of East Broadway and Market, and the corner of Delancy and Ridge atreeta. a Sittern for worsted work, repreaenting a full fignreof aepani'l ng and a bird. The piece wat uufiniahed, and the finder will confer a favor, and be auitably rewarded, by leaving it at 11 EastBroadway^ m2T 3t WANTED?A partner with a capital of $soo to aaaial in " producing a Perpetual Motion. Sntafactory information will be given. Address at thla office lo C.F.K. m28 3t* YUAN TED?As Boarders, two gentlemen and their wired; vv alao two or threeaingle gentlemen?To men of buiineai hab;ts, win dine in the city, it i? a delightful place of residence. an for h?auty of situation a"d pure country air, ?o requisite to health, it cannot be surpassed. For terms, which re reasonable, apply to Mrj. I. B. 'Smith, centre house iu the block, exactly opposite Warren at, in Court atieet, South Brooklyn, not more Ikan tire minutes walk from the South Kerry^ m27 3t? ^"OTICK ?The Co-A-rtneraiiip hcreto'ore existing nnder i- ' the firm of Hoyt k Weed, is thie day dieaolved by mutual content. The leather business will hereafter be conducted by Y B. HOYT, at 37 Ferry atreet, who will fettle the basinets of the firm. m2l 11* TEilPBRANrE ANNIVERSARY?HOPE TOTAL 1 ABSTINENCB RELIEF SOCIETY-Membere (con titutional and pledged) will pleese meet at the Hall Tuesday morning.29 h inat .at 0 o'clock to join ra the proeetaioa of the day. Badge* can be had at the Hall at any time, or of the committee Junior* belonging to the aociety will meet earlier to make arrangement* for carrying the banner* and flag*. The featival in theevening willcoaamence at halfpaat eeren o'clock; the room elegantly decorated, and the entertainmenta at' the evening will be iutt rape reed with muaic, addreaaeafrom papula* peakera.o'le*. fcc. The table* will be amply (implied with the t hoice?t article* of th* market (inc'uding coffee). Ticket* M cent*; tnadaiitoDagrntlemanaiidlady.Wcenta; onegentltman and Cau be had at the Hall, or of tbe following Committee. James Cook. SI Cedaraireet. T. A. Wood ruff. 130 Elizabeth at, or iii Grand atraat Geo. Pkelpa, 17* Kaat Broadway. Henry Eldrrd, Stable office, Broadway, corner Oiand at. | fil bert Bay ton, 410 Grant atreet.or mt82t*_ J. C. COACHMAN.Grand Marahal. Grand temperance juBiLEr-.-The w??hwig. loniaua, Temperance Fire Engine and Hon Cnmpanier, Junior and other Temp* ranee Societies. that intend jaiuing in theOrend TemperancePrecession,to-morrow, thettth inat, to celebrate the Anniversary o' the Day that made them Free and Independent from the tyranny of King Alcohol, em be applied with BADGES and KOSETT8, suitable Tor the oceaaioD and the aociety they repr.eient. Gen lemea will p eiee leare their erdera at early ae poaeible, to-day. VAL.EN 11 .a E, Kngrarer and Printer, No.HO Williametreet. Q&- Temperance Medals, kc mat It* FIRST APPEARANCE OF MR. CHARTES BRAHAM IN NEW YORK. MK. BRAHAM haa the honor to announce, that hie Concert will be |i?e aat the Society Library oa the Slat of March when hie ion Mr. Charlei Braham will make hie firat appearance In thie city. Song?The List Worda of fitrnion, Dr. Clarke )Fhii0eld Mr. Brahana Song?" My Boyhood'a Ho . e," from the Opera of Amalie Mr. C. Braham Sony?" William Tell," Braham Mr. Braham Ha) deu'e Cai.conet, "My Mother bide me baid my Ilair."- ' Mr. Braham Ouet?' Alia We.I," Brabant- -Mr. Braham and Mr. C. Braham Song?tiro,n the opera of Maasaniello. Braham?' I re enoru he ehail not pt leh," Mr. Braham Pitt II. SoDir?When I bet eld the anchor weighed," BMie Mr.C.l'nkam Grand Brig no Scrna fr< m thr Oupiri of bra IjuvoIo Auber,- Vr. Braham Song?' The Lade of to* Villag?," Dibtlin Mr. C. Braham Soig?'The Lrudlad>'e l.ntle Daochirr." translated from ilir () reuii bribe lire S. Dwiglit Mr. Braham The Picture Song, from the opera of the DenU Bridge. Braham Mr. Braham Mr. Hayter, the celebrated organiat of Boalon, wil' prende at Piano Korte in aereral of the pie. ei. Ticketa $1, children half price, to be had at any nfike principal music stores, or at the door on the erening of the c ucert. Boora opened at seven, aud the Concert to commence at halt-pa?'??ren o'clock. COTHIU HALL MH. J. PAHKK.R ha* the honor to aauource to hi* friendi aid the pnblic, trial hie Annual Exhibition BALL will take place on Monday Eytuiug. ,u?rch 2S, whet Lumber ol danot will be broutnt forward, aj foliowa 1?A Grand M rch, Entrance of all the Pnpila 2?Introductory Dance, Strathtpey and Real Stepa, by upwards of to young ladle* and gentlentn. I?Hmtif, By a Mita I? Hornpipe, By a Mutter s? Pat de Troia from Aladdin, By 3 young Miaeea 6?Natal Hornpipe. By 3 Maetera 7?P?a de Ueiia de Village By a Mm and Matter 8?Pulunaiea Dcnce, By T yr nog Ladiea 9?Colli ge Hornpipe, B> a .VIatter 1C?Pa* eeul, from the ballet of Flora, By a Mite II?T> n Icon Dnertuetnent, By 3 young Ladiea 12?Highland Kline. By a Mita II?Hornpipe, By I Maaiera 11?The spamahDanee of La Gitana, _ By 2 Ladiea Accompany ing themaelroa on t'ne C liliuetta. 15?Hornpipe, By a Mita 16?Shawl Dance, By COyiung Ladiei 17?In which will be iotroiuced a So'o, By a.Miaa And Paa de Dem, By 2 young Ladiea 18?I'aade Matelot By a Ma ter 12?The an ch adanerd Paa Deux Sly rien By a young Lady and Gentleman 20?Grand Waltl, By 36 or <0 Ladiee and M>aiei 21?Kiaher'eHornpipe, By a Matter 22? Cracasieune, By a ) ounar Lady 23?Scotch Daace, H ghland Laaaie, By a Mitt 24 ?El Jaleo de X-ret. By Miaa Parker 25?Grand Natal Ballet By opwardtof to.ndj) Mait-re and M it tea, who will go through a varieiy of characteristic figures. T> conclude with the Marchca of Hail Columbia V aukee Doodle, an I the Tar'a Delight. Ticketa $l, admitting a Gentleman and two L'diea. Extra ladiet' ticket 5 J eenta, to he had at the Hall, or at Mr Pi residence. 207 Bowcrr. m-pa it* MEDICATED CANDIES DR. FLEMING'S WORM CANDY i* undeniably Ihe mint peneclly adapted to the total exterminati ?n of Worm* in old and youag, ol aey thing of (he kind ever prepa eJ. Children like it, and it 11 Warrant dvegitable and perlectly aafe IB ita effect#. Hi* DiARItHCEA CANDY, prepared from hia celebrated Quaker Balm, ia and to do wonder* in all bowel cmn| Unite. In dia'hoi a. attendant ou the laat atage of eonai.mptiou, it la iri'iet aeottnng and aalutary. It ia plena ant, aafe aid cert,in. Hit CATHARTIC C ANDY certainly ope lie a new era in medical compound*- For eieanfing and invigorating the atomaehand bowel*. removing ohatructed hu nora, lor co, Weeneia, bilto, a habita, cold*, faver.j mint ice, headache, and indeed in all eavea where jhyaic ia needed, thia candy i* not aurp. aard ?beaiee*. it ia ua pleaaani o take ?a peppermint caudy. Hi* DINNER CANDY, for cottiveueaa, indignation, dietreaa after eating, lie trtburn, kc . Itc , ia reeoinmeyded aa Ji.e ot the heat atomacliica and tonwa now in uae. And then it ia an handy and aafe. '1 he rap.dly iaereaaing aalea and po.ularity of theie pleatpnt earn! ce prove their utility. COVERT'S BALM Ob LIVE, for all aff-ctione of the lung* and wi ilpipe.dyip pii i,kc. he, i* an unequalled remedy read the f>-l ooing:? M k. Covear ?ia?I have reoeived much hen-fit from the uae ot your BalmofLife i.iremoving 'lie pain, ;hont ih* cheat,otcaaioned hy dj apepaia. and ripeeially in strengthening my vaice. I caunot a ay that my health layet fullv icitorel, but am greatly improvng THEODORE TAYLUn,jr., N fork, Feb. 14, |itf9. 143 N'aaeau alreet. Said" wboleaa'e and retail bv J.i OVERT, 131 Naaaau atreet. A'ao hy S. J Btowar'.Tg Fulton at . Brooalyn. n.M In' HAIR OIL.?There i* uo On in toe world thaicau do good ,r bid to the hair. Kva,y body knowa that whea tre hair a burned it will grow again a* good a* ever All the pnwd-rn for dying tha hair are nothing but a milture of lime j and lithrage, and the heir ia not dyed, but li'.erally liu-nert.* for dying in* hhir are coiopoeitiuna of cauatic an?) I enirita. that burn* iu th* a line way aa the powder*, and ilont d'ye the hair, and Ihe hair will grew nj matter how many timet it it burned : and eeery b dj kiowe alto, that when the he?l it full of dandruff, ihr hair, begirt to turn grey, and Imbluett followt. Kroin <n experience oftwenty yeart, being hair cutter,and baring the opportunity of eiai?iuinga ureal many headt, (and blockhead.) I hare made myteir a great com ioti ion kuuwn at "Patior'a Hair Oil. or Compound Eat- utial Oil of Amonda," fordetroying dandruff, preernting Ihe hair from tomiug out and turning grey. Thit inimitable II iir Oil will make the hair grow well, uo mailer how much dandiuffor toreLett it on Ihe need. for tale, w loletale and retail, at A. Pattor't. Hair Cutter, 16} Oreenwieh ttreet. New Yoi k. Trice 50 crnta a bottle, intt lot* DOCTOR CARPENTER, N O. 4 PECK SLIP.?Doctor Carpenter continue! lo be rnoa ilted at l.itold ettabiiahed office, No. 4 Perk lip. in all thote compile itrd or neglected diteaaee, whirh h.rr ba filed the tkill nftbrae Incompetent or let* ciperieaced in tuehcaaea. The Pick tlip Diegentary. nut 3t* DOCTOR CARPENTER NO I DIE.?CoMlgncnt ot Hie following gooue. i*r .hip TAROLINTA, from Lieirpool, (rontigned to order) are ri qu< tied to call, pay their freight, and attend to the receipt ol their (ondt.riz:? 11 70, It 3 e^tet c f Merthaadua IT trait do S 01- I c?te do Bin diamond 81 OS S do do W 40J I do do OLOVER Ji McMURRAV. 1 icM 100 Pine it reel. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, GUNS, Ac. AW. 8 PI KM k Co, HI mo Mr opening their (twin* imo'V meut of the following kinds of goods aed ere determined not to be undersold by any houec in ihe trade. Pro Knives ot Hudeere St 801:1; Woetrnholmi It Crook's manufaeture, Table Cutlery. Sciss- ra. Rami*. k'dea and Tools. Japauned Wares, and D.soufit Son's Britannia Wares new patterns, Patt Metal Tea Kcttleaand Sauce Pane, tinned and.enamelled; Shell'Hardwares of every description, now in rosr ano in syncs ' too double barrel liuns, from $ to $30 each SOD single " " $'1 to $18 " SOO Rifles " $T to $50 " 90"0 pair Pistol* " $ I to $30 pair. 000 Rifle Banc's (first rate) $l| each. Ounamith's materials of alt*,for altering and manufacturing gun*. (fame bags, powder flasks, prrcussion capo, Ac. Ac. Sportsman's article* of every variety. Agent for the sale of Allen's Self-cocking and Revolving Pistol, being the greatest modern inipr >vement in fire armican be diaenareed in three seconds, with the use of one hand I oai?~w"0i<*a'e re. an. "" QTEEL PENS?From the celebrated inauulaclori yi Ji> ' erph tiillolt, of Biru ingham ?'The high rrpulatton of i hue pene liu Injured many inferior makera to imitate them, thereby injuring the |well earned reputa ion "f J >eeph (lillott. The Public are requested to be particular from whom lliey purchaae. Thr genuine may be known by 'heir eupnior quality, and by the ?tyle of putting up. A ^BDOU^ mgg Im* 91 Mainden Lae. iOOO PK^14 DOUBLI? CAP WKAPrlNO rA5oa Ream Cap Wrapping Paper. 1000 " Double Crown " 500 " Crown Wrapping ' forealeby PERSsE k BROOKS, mtt (l Lib trty at. OuUNll AND WHITE TEETH-Tke beaFVifcTin uee SJ for cleanaing, preferring, and beautifying the teeth, ia Peinea'a Orria Tooth Paate. It improvea the color of the lip* and gume, and imparta a grateful aweetueaa to the breath? Price 50 c*nta. BEAUT V OF COMPLEXION?The heat eoametie for restoring tan. frecklea aunhurn and nealing pimplee anderup tiona ef the akin, ia the Tablette of Pearl anil Alabaater. Try it, ladiea. and be convince I?Price 95 eenta. S Id only at E. M. Guion'a, 107 Bowery, corner of Grand, ISO and 078 Broadway, 114 Canal at. mhos Im* " MIRACULOUS CURE OF RHEUMATISM. NEWARK, December 31 1841.?Dr. Ring.?Deal Sir:?You will olvaae to eieuae my not aa<wering you jo relation to the certificate, giving an account of my alinoat miraculoua re that it appeared mora like* drram than ret lity, not only to myself, but to my friends I can aiaurv you you hare t re prayera of one whuae life ii dear to him. situated among frieuda erer kind aud dear, auu a family who look to him for support, and who also join in praiae to you. aud their fled. for hia uuapeakable mercy in sparing me at tnia time Anything that ia in my power to do. which will be of benefit to you, auch aa giving; an account of iny ruffrring- in a certificate, that you might puhlianio the world, aa it ia witneaaed by my frienda, who have put their nanus to thin letter. Were it in my power to pay tenfold the price you charged, I would.willingly do it; but I hare beeuaick ao long that my pecuniary mcana have exhausted. It iaover three yeai aince f waa attacked with wkat our doctor called he Iuilamma ory Rheumatism, by which I waa left a complete cripple, harmg 'oat the uae of my lunba, which fell away nroit frigntful'y, disabling one from all work; and had it not been for a few hundred dollars lhadaaved when In work I and my family weuld have been in the workliouae. 80 you. and 1 hope the public, will ace how much 1 awa you for ouce more being able to earn my daily bread; and that by three bottlee of your Elixir, which you aent me for Ave dollara; and. coneidering it truly the "Elixir of Life," I nm, w ith the grcateet reaped and gratitude, yonr humber aervaut. BENJ. C. JACOBU8. WHneaaca?Ha' nah Jacnl-a*. William F. Dean Prepared and aold by C. H. KINO, S3 Fulton atreet corner Cliff. m23 1m' Madame costello. MADAME fiOSPELLO. Female Phyaician. atlll centi nuea to treat with aatoniahing aucceaa, all diaeaiea peculiar to females. Snppieraion, irregularity, ebetruclion. Ac. oy whatever catiee produced, can be removed by Madame C. in ajery ahort time. Madame C.'s nirdical establishment having udtlergone thorough repaira and alterationa for the better accommoditiou of her numereua patienta. ahe ian iw Prepared to receive ladiea on the point of confinement, or thote who wiah to be treated for obatrucuon of their monthly period.? Madame C. can be eonau|ted at her reaidence, 34 Liapenard at, at all timet, and with the atricteat regard to aecreay. All communicatiooa and .letters must be peet paid. m25 lm' TO THOSE IVHO WOULD HAVE A. ElME HEAD OE HAIR. TJS7"E see that Judge Edwarda, of Philadellhi*, a man over * * seventy years of age, the top of whose head waa aa ha'd aa the palm of one's hand, two month's since, has now fine dark hair growing fast, from the uae of Jones' Oil of Coral Clrcaaaia Sew York Tribune, Jan. 1841' A yoiug gentleman, a Irieod -f ours, living in Bleecker rtrer:, ami well knowu in Wall street, was attacked with fever?the hair on the top ol his head wae dried off?the sides were covered with red, rusty, dry hair, tilled with dandruffhe has now a beautiful head of hair, Irom the use of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia "?New Yvrk fun, December, 1841. This is sold at 89?(if you are not careful of the right number you will be eheated)?82 Chatham street, at the sisnoflhe American Eagle, Price only three, five or eight shillingsthree sixes. m?S3t* rfO LADIK8 AND nENTLEMEN-THE PERSIAN a SOAP?Is always efficacious in remov:n( freckles, dark spots, reduces, and eruptions of the skin. This Soap impar to the akin a soft and r elicvc tenure resemblug the blendin ti e lily with the rote. Price 50 cents PIMPLE*. BLOTCHE8, Stc.?Sir Astley Cooper's Lo tion iuvariably succeeds in removing pimples or blotches from the face aud akin,of the most inve erate nature, or long standing. Price 50 cents. Sold by E. M. UUION, 1J7 Bow cry.cor of Grand at; 180 Broadway and T7 East Broadway. "^DRS. SARGEANT AND MALLESON, T)HYSICIANS and Surgeons from l.ondou and Paris, are in I constant atteidance throu(hout tlie day, at their office, 88 Cedar street.eecoed door from Brosdway. and may be con tailed with the etrieteit confidence in all caseeof either a mecical or eurgical character. ... Dm Sargemat and Malleson have had moat evtenuve opportunities of obtaining and perfecting a thorough and practical knowledge of their profeeeion, having been in active oractice for several yeare, both in England and France, as well as the United States: alto attended for a number of vein the Hoi. pitali to London and Paris, '.udied and obtained Ihsir diplomas under Sir Benjtinin Brodie and the Grit physicians in r'.ug lind. N.B. A select aiiortment of perfumery, and the moit approved patent medicine?: mlo 1m* riOVfchf'S OF LIFIfi?This medicine le dome v> wondera in curiae those afflicted with coughs,colde. brocchitis, dyspepsia, and all diteaiee leading to consumption, ae thoueandf can testify. I haee afflicted with the above named diseases will do well to call oa Mr. Covert, at hie office for lie eilr of hia medicine, 131 Naeiau etreet. New fork, where any mi nbrr of testimonials maybe eeen- Alio, for sale at 14 i Water etreet : 110 I!road way ; 10 Alter Houee ; 81 William etreet ; 7? tud 100 Fulton street ;77? Broadway ; 643 and 771 Bioadway ; 63. HOj and 198 Bowrry ; 81 Divieioii street, in i 9 I * ' 1?*H' lM Souo to n on il'>? ol fresh liardiui seed*, in all the ck'wwi si-'iee and varieties, for sale, in quantities lo unit pun haters,r.t Br. Ijp .n in's permanent establishment, eornerofl8iket. ami Gio ol *ay. Also." The Young Gardener's Ais s'aut," contsining he rsiulli of hii OT Tear* practise in N> w York. A* this has been honored by the award of a Gold Medal, from the American Institute, wh'ch institution, and tte Naw Vork Sls'e Agricultural Society, having also awarded several copies aa premiuma for superior(pecimeni of garden products, further comment i* deemed unnecessary, mi In' | -v ANURtT FF or loaa ol hair is causediby a lauguiu or onIJ atructed circulation in the small blood vessels which tupdlv the acalp and hair with uourial men', in consequence of wnicli the perspiration becomes thick and clammy, and dnei on the auruce, forming a rruit called dandruff, which cloga tiplhe pores of the akin, and by its pressure against the roots ol the hair prevents it from receiving sufficient nourishrneatto retain vitality The hair ihenbecomes harrh and unpleasant, change! color and fell* off. Thia uunealthy affection is very speedily nod effectually cu ed by Jayne'a Hair Tonic, which revives -he dormant powers of the surface vrsacli, removes the dandruff, and produces a Dew and healthy growth of hair to supply the Isss of ths old; and baldness is prevented or removed where it already nis'a _ The following rertificate is selected, which snffkiantly proves its estraoidiairy vietuei ? Mrmrv. A. B. tc Sauds:?Gentlemen. As an act of justice to you hu'J Dr. Jayae, I aeud you this certificate to iaform you of the iuraluable benefit my wife has rcceired from ihe uae of Ur Jaync's Hair Tonic. She lo?t not only her entire head of hair, hut her eyebrows also. and trying Balm of Columbia anil various other remedtea, with no benefit. (he uaed Dr. Jayne'a Hair Tonic. She uied two bottlea before we culd ducoTer the hair had e'arted. and commrncit g with the third it marled to grow out fiuely. and in a few weeka hei head aud oyebrowa were covered with a third growth Of fiae bl ick hair, better than (he had loe". I think it wee eulirely produced by the uae of the Tonic, and would re tommend it to all who need a eimilar remedy. Truly yonra, JOHN N. JAGKSON. Pieoared only by Dr. D. Jayne, 31 South >d afreet. Price $1 So'd at wholeiale and ret-H by A. B It D 4ANl)S,druggipti.79 Fulton, corner of O ild atreet, and 100 Fulton afreel; ala.i ?o!d by Abraham B. Sands It Co.. No 373 Broad way, eorio r of Chamber atreet; Darid Sande It Co., No. 77. Eaat Broadway. _ gll DR: ALLEN'S BALSAM. OF Horehound, Lirerwort and Pleuriav Hoot, for Coughs. Colda, Consumption and er Complaiut. ?Contumphon ia a diaeaae often eccretly lurking in Ihe ayatem for yeare before there ie the le*at complaint o( the lung*. Aud in thia at age it can be cnrtd aa effectually and aa c. rtainly aa any other diaeaae. Let not prreona delay Ike uae ot medicine until I heir lunge are eeneibly effected, but indue eaaeon retort to Dr. Allen's Balaam of Lrrerwort?this medicine hat proved even the " Cmupirror of I'lijaiciana," for which all mankiod will hare abundant cauee to bleaa the hand of Prcrideuce.? More than too 1'hyeitlane in Ihta city now uae tkie mediciae in their practice. LIVER COMPLAINT CURED.?Dr. Allen-Dear Sir I hare uaed yout Balaam of Horehound, Lirerwort and Plett riay Root in my prac'ire for roine month* prat, and from the wonderful effict it ha* had. I am fully mtisAed that it p< * area very superior rirtuei in the cure of Lirer (Jump aint ami t'onrumptiua. I do atrocgly recommend it to the public and the Faculty. neepectfully. J. D. RICHARDSON, M.D Hudson. August 1.1841, wHOIiPIKt) COUGH.?'Thia diaeaae if 'prevailing Tery eiteneirely,and ie aweeping aff many little onee, with Tery few clave illneee. ferrate ehould lemrmber that Dr. Allen'e Balaam of Lirerwort ii the only infallible remedy, and hat aar-d thouiaude of litre during eerrnyeere. Hold by W. A. Taj lor, win leeale agent, 8g Barclay at ; E M. Guion. 137 Bowery corner of Grand atreet ; Dr. Hart, co-iier of Broadway and Chambers atreet ; J. O. fay,at Milnor's Drug Store, corner of Broadway and John atreet. mis Im* _ rj'O SiHlP BUILDERS?Fltuhiog, Long Ie land.?Fur ?ale, I about Thirty I.oruat Treea. good aouud timber, and may be cut to any lengths to iuitpurchasers, and particularly w ell adapted for Ship Builders. Aiplj te Patrick Darcey, head Gardner, ft Orore House, Fiu'hinf. opposite Dr Shr dcr's metitn'e. n>3* 3t* STKIkEirs HAY < >N I UK HLO(>Ml\'<;i>AI r. ROAD. THK aut^eribrr, having Iruen the above eatabliahment, rerpectfnlly inform* hi* friend* and (lie public that he Will oprn tor theaumtner, on Sateruay nrat, April l?t. To (hove yeraona who have once viaited tin romantic and I,dutiful place it ia i.vedl-aa to apeak in ill prater, and thnee who have never ae-n it may be convinced by a aiugle vuit tint in naturally beautiful and pic'ure que accntry it i* uuvurpaaaed by any apot on the ialind of Mauha!t<in. Wtriker'r Bay la aii milre from the t.'ity Hall, on the Bloomi< Rdale Road. The t ouae ia aiuate on the ma'(in of the Hud on river, along the bauka of which the garden aDd pleasure grr nnd# eitend a conaiderahle diatancr, the walk* wimin* thronch a beautiful grove of Inciut tree*. _.u Duitng'hr paat winter many improvement*have beromade on the premia?a?the road leading t" the hou;e haa been ed and graded, ne Ihrr eiiemrnor labor having been ?pared in order to render Ih'i adeaerve lly favorite lummer riao't The atork cf ainea and liquor* hw been tthe'ed (wttlw ut ngard to coat) by rn etperirnecdI ai d competent j * ... iee er. am* Hie e'af. ct.on.ry, and all o ber re reanmenta win be of the very flnt qualitr.and the ehai*** ? mod.rafe aa thore of any other reapeetable eatahllahwant H0Wfrl .n,i The garden and oreha-da are well l"*"* "V*: friritaoi every deieription. *o that J'"' . leM,1|lt t in t), hauu tela, or btaketa of Irvj.l. tli?W aiViril ? *?,? be UaJ K^rlhe aoenmmndtlinii <.f Ih je pin n? who for health or rid* early. break fait will be pro* lied from (tint in 'Th?eo'mfor! aodcon'entm'f<fl diet eiiitii?thie will' be r?prria||jr eiudied, auc' (i> ililf ?ud attention may alwaja' b? rrlird oo. ft?f? -i ?t?rl etery >i?ur from N'j iJ B iwerr, and piMen > ri ran alight at the file \V lOltBIN m37 ID SB^sssssaisasasasssBsaaass^^ AMUM MM. BY THOMAS BELL. (#l#r??/fo?lt.*nnaiUn?/W*# MONDAY. ? At 10) o'clock, hi llieaale rnoma. < ou'itiB.' Houae Ue?ka, S?f?a, Piano Kortea. fcc.?Klafsil couulicg house desk#, 3 writirg tAbies f various deaeriptioti# 12 nrtt rate sot*#, 16 rocking chair#, 10 Uoseu mahogany i'i*J tnaple ??rlor chatra. Alao. an entire conng uneat -f rvtraauperfi a cloths, e*a->i - - ?- until ?i. urn rur .tour rj ahirta.auapendrra, variiu* drygooda, lo'liing iu 1 11rry ami aod fancy artielra. A lao Sc ara linen dam'ak labia elntha.napkiua, kr kc. The piano Gr'ea vrd a .f- a wi I ba hold 11 the Ann at a'.ora, and will be arret ged - ?i-? aTUESDAY, 3?lh mat. r urniture Sale? At 10 o'clock will be lotd, the elegant furniture contained in the home 763 Broadway, to cloae the ea- ' late of tha late David Graham, KanWEDNESDAY. toth inet. At the Shire Room. f'oaaUMng 0/ the en'ire ore of two fatrilie* giving u; houee keei iug t nd including alrnoel every article elegant auo uaeful in ihe line. , Alan?Lampe, China, Ctockery, Glare aid Plated Ware. The rich invoice of beautifui eattin, damaek. ottoman, aola, couch, divau and chair eovera. Hale tierernp ory. Aleo?Three large looking glaeaee, aud a very haniaouu ailver mounted tea aervi'e. TUE8DAY, April 5th. At 10) o'clock, at No. 3 Frankly n at. Elegant furniture. nlF.LL and A RCtTL. ARIU S will aril thia morning et 10 Cv o'clock at the Auclion room,304 Broadway.eornerDuaae at, a large and hrautiful aaaortment of watcbra ead Kugliah jewi Iry, coBaietingof gold and ailver lever and lrpine watehea. logetherwritk an invoice of fine jwelry. of which Ihe ealewill coinuience. Tn? trade are reepectfully invited Alaoone warranted lire proof aafa will be eold atllo'eleck without r??rrve. n il It* UcX'lUN NtlTICE?Sale of counting houae deaka and other furniture: teven ap'endid piano fortea; an entire invoice of fine London elotha caaaimera, reatingv. drilliDga. hoaieiy, tkc. in Ilia large rcoma, tl.ia day, at If) o'clock, at 32 Ann audllS Fult net. _uwo THOS. BELL. Auct._ \ UCT'ON i- O I'lCE.?Seleof tllotha, Cafaimvr a. Cloth>Dg, aeraomblc Dry On?da. Fancy rrticlee, Furniture, ? ofar,apleudid Pi*no Tortee Sic. on 10) o'c'cck; in the U'gc aal a room*, 3] Ann and lis Fulton etreeta. Tt?r THOMao BELL. An-1_ AUCTION NO t ICF. ? Splnu1 iTFurniture?-OnTuaaday. at No VII Rnkla... .-Ill 1? ?II V- .1 * r to cl"'e estate of ihe late David Graham, Esq. comprising lit, the parlor lurniture, viz richI Brussels carpet* andrugs to match, rosewood and mahogvny tables, ottoman*. damask corereddiTiin*, large French pTa'e pier glasses, rich damask curtain'. sofas, uiantle, lustre l.m|* and clock*, raluable forte, plated ware. Ike.; numerous bed r soma with the usualelegant furniture, French and other bedsteads. first rate hair mittraases feather bed*, bedding, toilet itanda. inarble top wash itacds, plain and elegant dressing bureaus, chair*, table*, sofa*, secretaries, wardtcbes, looking gl uses, curtain*, rosewood stauds.conrersatiun aud soft table*, cabinets, library book case*, kc Also, basement furniture, sideboard, dining tables, chain, carpets, Ike. A ral table assortment of kilchen utensils, and numerous other housekeeping article*, all of the best description, made te order, and taken excellent care of. Order of rale to commence with the furniture of the bed rooma.thea the parlors, last the basement aud kitchen. There is a line hall lanthorn oil cloth, side tables and mats, and excellent stair carpets included The furniture can be seen early on the day of sale. inlMStuu* THOH. BELL. Auctioneer. .%SU| KOK ALBANY and intermediate places? d,?3*?The splendid, low pressure Steambaot V tU HE.SWALLOW,Captain A. McLean, wtll leave this (Monday) afternoon, March Mth, at five o'clock, from ike stiamboat I'ier. foot of Cou. tlandi street N. B.?This boat has been fitted up with elegant Ptats rooms. mUS mn fKOPLtt'a LINE FOR AbBANlr and Cy intermrdiate places, daily at fire o'clock, P TB wnrnr M.,frjm the i'ier between Courtlandt aud Liberty slrerta. The SOUTH AMERICA, ("apt. Braniard, leaves as above, this (Monday) afternoon, at fire o'clock. 1 he commodioua ateanboat ROCHESTER, Capt. St. John, leavea aa above to-morrow (Tueaday) afternoon, at five o'clock. Th? South America direct without landing at intermediate place*. The abore boat* are new and aubetantia1, furniehrd with c'eitant State Rooms, and forapeed and accommodationa are unrivalled on the Hudfon. For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, m28 at the office on the Wharf. x*P- NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS.ifVffW Packet of the 28ill March.?The aplendid. wellJUIL known, faat aailiog. packet ship KOSCIUS, (1180 tone burthen] Captain Jnho ICollina, being detain*d on account of the weather, (Will aail on Monday, March 28th. The ihipa of thia line are all 1C00 torn burthen and upwarda, and their accommodationa for cabin, eetoud cabin and ateerage Paeiengrra it ia well known, are auperior to any other line of Packete. Peraona wiahiug to aeeure bertha, would do well to make early application ou board, foot of Wall atreet, or to W. k J- T. TAPSOOTT. 48 Peck alip, or 18 South atreet. Peranna deairoua of lending for their frienda to come o ut from (he old country, can have them brought out in the Roe< ciua.oranyof the regular line, on verv reaeenable terma, and llioie winking to remit money to their Trie da, can have draita for any amount, payable on dimand, in all the principal town* of Gieat Britain and Ireland, by applying aa above. m27 rtBf- FOR NEW ORLEANS?Couuiaua and New ifS^WYork Lin*?Regular Packet of tat April?The JVmmms iui sailing pacsei amp luuisa, L.apiain jmuiford, will tail u above. For freight or passage,having splendid furnished accommodation!. apply onboard, foot of Wall atreet. or to ^ E. K. COLLbNB It CO. St South ?t. Great care wilt be taken to have the good* by thia line cor rectly meaaured. Agent in New Orleans, Jas. E.Woodruff, who will prompt* ly lor ward all good! to hii address The packet ihip LOUISVILLE, Capt Hunt, will iuc ceed the Louifa, and fail the 10th April, her regular day. mS7 PASSAGE FOR LlVfcKPxOL?United (Line?' JWWlst April.?The iplentlid fait sailing packet ship JBttfeTAROLINTA, Capt. Smith, will sail positively as above, and has suierior accommodations for a limited number of passenger*. For passage, apply on board,loot of Tine street, or to ^ W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 South at er 43 Peck Slip. Pernons wishing to send for their frieuds ean have them bro'ight out in the regular packets sailing wtekly from Liv< rponl, and tboae about to remit money can have drafts payable in all the principal towns of Gnat Britain aud Ireland, by applying as above. m'ta nJJg- FOR LlVs.KrOOL?Regular Packet 01 the -iBtn |H9l March?The splenpid Packet Ship HOSCIUH. jKmBm Cf tain Col'ins, will be desp itched far Livei-|>.)ai as above, having been unavoidably detained by bad weather.? Her acc- mmodations for Cabin, second Cabin and Steerage Fasten era are unsurpassed by any ship afloat. For pass ge spply to JOHN HERD MAN, il South (tKeL N. B.-Passage from ny part of Great Britain and Ireland, | via Liverpoel, per weekly opportumties.can at all times be secured, and Drafts furnish-d for sur amount, payable thrrughout the United Kingdom, by applying as shove. mag ??& FOR LIVKKFOOL?New Line ? Itegular Facket stTTOtof isth April?The splendid packet ship 8IDDONB, jUuBCn Captain |C. B. Hobb, of 1100 tons, will sail as above, bar regular day. Forfreight or passage .having accommodations unequalled fot ssleodoror comfort .apply on board, at Orleans wharf .foot of Wall st.,or to E. K .COLLINS k CO. S< Southstrssl. Price of paisage JlOo. The paefcit ship * HERIDAN. Captain Depeyitcr, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Siddous, and) sail 25'h Mny,her regular day. Fancuger* may rely upon the ships of thia line sailing'punctually as advertised. nil |4? FOR LONDON?Fackct of the 1st April-The guprnor ji?t laihng packet ^hip WNTARIO,^ t?n> Tbi^mip'i f?r cabin ad cabin ami steerage paeaeege ri, are superb, and bertha can be set arrd on moderate terms, by applying on board pier eaat aide of Maiden Lane, or to GLOVER It McMlTRh AY, 100 Fine atreet.cornern< Soath. P. S.?Pera'.na wishing to send for their frien<i? re idirg in the old country. can bare them brn,,Kht out by the above snip, or any of the regular packe a, by'applying aa above (il by letter poat paid.) mat rnmjr- OLD LINE Ob LIVERPOOL PACRETb.kCltvW Regular Packet of lit of April? 1'he a|lendid JESbL packet ahin EUROPE, Capt. Edward 0 Marshall, will aail positively on biiday, lbs lit April, ker regular ?he accommodations and advantages in thia liae for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passangrrs, are well known to be superior to any olber. ... - _ , For terms sf passage apply on board, foot of Beekman atreet, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. Si Fultop at. next door to the Kultoo Bank. Tenons deairsua of sending to the old country fir their friends can rn ike the necessary arrangement to have them brought out in the Europe, sailing';fr in Liverpool on the 19th of May, or id any of the packets of the Old Line, sailing fro n there punctually cn the 7th and 19th of every mouth.? For tirmB.eiply aa above, or to JAMES B. ROCHE, 14 Goree Piaxxas, m24 _ Liverpool. run MAtisRiULtB-ntduiir reeaei.?im JW^bark NAHIIUA, Capt. Terrjr, will tail on the JhHbLi*1 of April. The eubecribere purnoee diepatehing a Ship punctually on the let day of each month d inng the year lor Marneillee. Ooode eeiit te the eu -ecrihere for f rwaiduta will bediepatched free of a'y other than the charges actually incurred npon them. The Ship* hare very comfortable cabin accommoda tiros. For freight or paaaage apnlv to kOYU k HISCKEN. Agent*. ip3 t Tontine Building. tee WANTED TO HIKE?A three etory furaiehed Ben home in tne lower part of the city. It iniiet be below JUlJLLeonard e'red. One in Chamber at, Barely et, failc Place or Si ate at. near the Battery, would be preferred. A liberal rent will be given. Add re aa L. O . l>oi 31 Upper Poet Office. tnV3t* A.* STORES TO LET.?The two four alory brick flVafg Ftoree, No. 6 and T New street, two doora from Wall Juj*L?treet and opposite the public store now erecting The three atory briek Store, No. ? Tike ilip, on the eaat aide, idjninii g Cherry etreet. .... ?T -. HOUaKS TO LET ?The three atory brick houae, No. 34 Wall atrcet, hctween Broadway and Church afreet. Tne new four atory brick house, M Fourteenth atreel, betwMn the fifth and aivtli Avenaea. 1 lie two atory.Howe, No. 71 Gold etreet. near Beekman, now occupied by VI Miles Hitchcock. Fok SALE?Three Lola on Broadway,near Unoncjuare; one Lot on Eighteenth atrcet. ?7 feet Trent-eight Lo'a on Seventh Avenue, between Twenty-eighth aod Twenty-ninth mwVnV,>ELAM.AINK. (a Wall at., Office No. 9. STRAYED on iheidtli inatant from the Globe tUte), a White Poin'er Dug, with a yellow spel on hie cheek; had on a collar with theownerentme engraved thereon. Any tier,on returning the aame wi|l be auitably rewarded, "" F-BLANCAKD. M J. THOMAS It COj COMMISSION AND AUC. TION MERCHANTS, 31 BROADWAY, ALBA ?,-y ?Liberal advaccea made oa all manufactured goods, merchaiidiae and property of every description intended for either r.ubltcor pritate Bale. 1 REFERENCES. Meaara. Eraatua Corning It Co., Albany. Hiifua H. King It Co, do Lewie Benedict It Co. do Webb It Doocl*ie, Jgo JareJ L. Hathhone, Ka<], do John Towns-nd, Eft do Uuaaell Forsyth, Eat) do John Thomaa, Esq. do Me ear*. M. S. Lincuin It Co. Boelon. ThornmW Otn.u, Esq. Iraa't Far ItMeth.Bk Alb'y. A ti i'.i .i. v. . r.-i.-. s. v ii. k Watte Witrono. Km , Caeh'r Albany City Bk. do I ikjo.Olult. Sii),( aah'r ("anal Dank. do I H.K Stow, he<]. i,a?li'r Troy I it>- Bank, Troy rr'4li lrneodia* IIAVANA 8KMAKS -rfcTKK (ilLSI-.V. 4?? Crnadwey and 3t| Bow?tt, formerly kept by Mr. p. Mtinoa. besa leave to inform the amokinf public that they will alwaye fird at hie etnrra, a well > I rtM ewiMmra' of the fi-re' hranda ol Har-iia .irl Principe Mk,< I Ml1* at wlinleaata and i*tail; and || a fiiat rate artlrl* and frirndiy treatment can inane# < ^ia 1 >m, he hupee tn receive a taitre ehare >if it tmK In." 'I'O l,KT, a tiirea aiory Hi me i,i I e-a .our. i.e e I ' an eligible aituition for a Doaidinf Kouae. or private reaidenie. M | Poaaeaaioa iinmrdtItaly. *if required. R?nt f3<3 Applv i I Ptck Slip. ?l* 1 MHIDU. I'M K ATK K~ "rf7 THIS EVENING, Morjh W -T ? oerfurn aiioe v% m1 cqu ? ... m-uc* with r .M r THECAHMVI. Al' NAPLES. CouatMufiedi, H r*d?rici i | C,.unt <:< u*?, Chu>P*odale hoite?ju?. WScattey | Benedetto, l.'Urke Mua Cult mail Aurora di (.oieiiza, Mr? Kuuiht A f er which a K!U?!X'AI' Pl'Tl'OLRRI. Compoitd of Oreifurr. Ctorua. 8. tim.fcc And the l.l #it di>-.i>ul#ir acme of * THE BOARDING 81 HOOL Mr*. UradaMp. Mn. Whaallrjr I Mu< Bric.. Mn Vernoa Mia. RUHr Mr. Kai.'lif I Vl.aa Mil# vi;.. u r. i Mr. Wiliuma. ' To Cooeludae with THE TEMPF.HT. I'n-irrro Barry j AIomo < larke Kit polito Mr* Plitcliard | Stenhauo Fiaher rriuculo Placidr I Ferdinand Pcareos Dorind* Mir* S.CuhmiD, A dm in ion?Both* >1 ; P 1 5* cent* : G*Hcrr S3 cent* CHATHAM THKATHK. THIS EVENING, March Si?The performance will eowiI settee withl THE MUHT HAG. Darty Logan Seftou | Kerju* HicM Jeunia Logan Mim M**tayer After which. , tl_ THE TWO QUEENS. Magnus Lol.b Selton | Kollcr Steves* Mary cd Denmark Mr*Thoroc Master Diamond and Mr. Whitlock will an**r id their Dtgr* celebrated negro eitravaKinzas. After winch ? . . THE GOL6EN EAKMER. Jimmy, i wucner, John Serum | Golden Farmer, Thomtm Elicabeth Mill Meatayer To conclude with THE INCENDIARY. Jemmy Muggleby S? ftou | Arthur M< rru HttM Mary Mill MeeUyer iMN ilciDU ,?d Ud Idtieratt, Pit ltd ,Uallary ltd Dotaopcn at II; Curtain riaea ?t T> ureeiaely MITCH KLL'S OLYMPIC THKATRK THIS EVENING March 21 -The performance wfl cean inenrr with THE TWO FIGAROS. Count A'maviva Edw in I Senior Senbleroa Mitchell Suranua Miaa Singleton Aft'r which l? 12. Mr. Crummlca Mitchell j Mr. Alleyn Claik Fancy Mire Timm To conclude with CIN D E R E L L A. Prince Peraeverance Mr. ^tombaatto Niuadid, F.dwin Cinderella Mra Timm Admiaaion?Dreaa circle Mcanta. Upper boiea 2* cania ltd cent*. Private boiea H Dooraooen ataevea Curtain riaraat half naat aevcaPliALl'S N hiW VOHK MUifctTNT * piAY AND EVENING EXHIBITIONS commence om U Monday, 28th ol March. Mr. Harri.votiin, the- juatly celebrated Veutrilorjiint and Magician, and Mr. Kvimim, ihe laughter loving Cemae Singer, are both eugaged for a abort pe< lod. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wedneadny and Saturday, at 3 o'clock P M. Meamcretic Eiperunenta by Mr. Peale. The Largeat and Rareat collection* in the world, of Original Portrait* ef diati?gui*hcd Ameriean wortliiea Grand Co.morama, fancy Glare Blowing;* Million of eorioaitie* obtained at in mruae eipenae, and gathered together from all parte of the Olobe. D*i;t vBHKOTYra LiKKNEiaca taken in the moat acicntiftc manner,and at moderate pncia. Admittance to the whole 25 centa; children haif price. n.25 lm AMERICAN npgEcn, y^ainn cioaoiroj aim Sinn ttrttl. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Rarnum "FVERY DAY AND ^EVENING THIS WEEK?Com D mencing Monday, Mai eh 38. The Manager haa (real pleaaurein anm uncjug an engagement with the MYSTERIOUS GIPSY GIRL from Wilubire county, England. whoae wonderful knowledge in various arieiicei enables her to FORETELL FUTURE EVENTS with incredibleaccuracy. She will apparently be cocceatrdin a globe only one font in diameter, from the centre of which alie will produce her wonderful specimen* of muaic, vocal power*. lie., which it ia impossible to describe She ia undoubtedly theyreatect wonder ia Amer ica. She can he ronaulted DURING THE DAY or in the evening Mr. W1NOHELL, Iba drolleriat, will appear in Irish, Dutch, Fremli and Yankee charactera in hia adaairable play of OLD AND YOUNG Nit K, in wheh ho which he will ethibit varinui apeeimena ol VENTRILOQUISM. Mr. G. T. BOOl'H. whoae ccmic songs and duetts hat? drawn forth univeraal applauae here, ia engaged; alao Mr a. PHILLIPS, the accomplished vocalist. Albino Lacy. Finer Glasa Blowing, Grand Coamorama, Niagara Falia, and 500,00B cilaioaitiea. Aaplendid day performance Ukca place every Wednesday and Saturnav afternoon. Admittance to the whole 35 centa? children half prion. j\/f ADKMOISELFE SOPHIE MElTZET beta reepeclAd c'A ly to announce to her frienda and the public That previoas to her return to Philadelphia, the intend* to give a VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. at the Citv Hotel, on Wedneaday the 30tli instant, on whiofi occaaion Mia Kdward Lodir, Signvr De Beams, Messrs, Timm.Aupik, Groenevelt, Wirger, Caupa, and Croat will Hat Particulars will ehtrlly he anneuncad. mlS 'I'Hi. HaIneKo will give a Grand Vocal Concert at the A New York Soc ety Library, on Tursday Evening, March 29in. i irkeii to cents, vo oe ruu ai me otuiic stores, sua st the door. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. m2S2t\ . "EMRST ANNIVERSARY OK THE WASHINGTON r TEMPERANCE BENEVOLENT SOCIRTY OP THE CITY OF NEW YORK, will be celebrated in thin city on Tueedav (he 99th March, inataut The Eveninc! Kir.Kcuti will take place at the firoadwajr Tabernacle, en wuith eccaaion the Hon. Theodore Krelinghnvaon, Wm. H. Barrell, E?q , Salem Duicher, En|- and other reBllemen will a Idrea the aeaembly. TICKETS ror admienoB al It) cenie each, can be obtained of the Preaidente of the different Tern eracce Societiei ; of Mr. Lebbeiu Chapman, 48 Wall etreet, in the Truit'a Eire hotirarre Co.; of Mr. Sylveeter, 111 Kut Broadway, and at ihe following book etoret, ?ixMr Hay wood*, (9 Or via ton trert ; Oavton kSaaton, 89 Naiiaau meet; Atwill'e Mueie Store,201 kroadway ; Wiley Si Putnam, 161 Broadway ; farrill St Co., 109 Broadway : J. Leatitr, 14 John etreet ; Fanahaw, 148 Na'iau atrer t; Kayrtora, 79 Bowery, and on Tueadav all day at the door of the TaamtVACLK. Doore open at 7 o'clock. (aJ- 1'iea'denta ol Socretiea will pleaae call on Mr. Chapman. 48 Wall atrert, for their lickela. mil 3tia* Wliblhl l LIBRARY.?Vankee Hrli'e Third Lecture.?Cf O H HILL, comedian, reaprcifi'lly tnnouncea that he will deliver hi# third lecture on the Maunera, Habita, Cuatoma, Stc. of the New EtiRlandera, at the Society Library, on Monday evei'in?. March 98,1849. Mr. Hill will alio give a number of hia celebrated new imitatir iia?relate aomr o' hia moat popular Yankee atoriea, and (by particular draire) will perform a lavorite Scotch melody on the flute. , . ....... Gentlemen'# tickela,SO cent# each?Ladtea ticket#, 95 cent* each. Doftra open at a quarter before 7?Lecture to committee at half pant 7 o'clock No poetpouement on account of weather. mt73t* moral. instkuctivetrecrkative atto temperate amusements. VTOTICE ?To the inhabitant* of the principal citie* and i" town# of New York, Per naylvama, Connecticut, Khoda I.laud. Maasachuaeita. New Hamprhirr. Maine, 1c. 4cc. SIGNOR hervio nano, Th?jn?tly celebrated and naturally enJowed Melempeyehonan, whoae extraordinary perfonification of the Gnome, thn Rahboon. Fly, lie , haa been the delight of the wr.rld. an uouacis lint it i? hn intention, during the coming swmmeg months, to ri?it the ahore State* with hi* Coliseum. A fee (imile of Franconia, Rotunda, Olj mpica in the Champ* 4* Klyieeat Part*. mid a a.ilrudid Baud of Nluiic, with a igftctent number of artiste* to make the cntertainineut (uperior to any thing yet offertd. l'o conatit of a VJetemp*ycho*iau Bartar flight of fanar, cited the GNOME FLY, in which Signor HfcRVIO NANO will emhoilT THR GNOME! 1 HE BABBOOV; THE FLY! ! A MAN!! !! Meeyiham, th* Quren of thnTrris Mad. Herri* Nana To be fallowed by A MUSICAL OLIO ! remitting of Pianoforte Recitation* by Madam* HERVIO NAS O. I?Grand Rosato in B J. N. Hummel 8?Concerto Stuck in K C M. Von Web** 3?Giand Fantasia on the National Air*, God Sare the King s?d Hule Britannia 8. Thai here With full Orcheitral Accompaniment*. To conclude with au Hit'otical Display of the distreasigg ad?*ntures attending the Shipwreck ol Peroiue. with ihancteriatic panning and music, in which feigtior Harrio Nmm will personate the faithful Bibboo, Orah. the Lilian Maid M idm Herri* Nino, N B ? Pereon* dcinou* of making iiiinnnr arrangements can learn particular* ty applying (po*t pud) to tlie underesigned, at the Branch Hotel, 3d Bowery. New Vmk. in 19 lmia' HEBVIO WAWk Mil. K. MKK8, lately In in h.'.rnpe, ProfeMor of the artof Arm* in it* highest branches, give* instructions in Ft ucing, and in the use of the straight, crookfd and Turkish Sabre, Hunting Knife, Musket and Bayonet, SUIT, and irsry specie* of weapon*. For particular*. at lio.s Pesi I street. ml 11B* GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. 1UIC98R8 HUDSON Si OTTICINQN reepectfnllr it 1Y1 form the geniirmen of Sew York, thit they ha?e fititf np a OTMNAfilWM at the corner of ( hambem ttreet mm Broadway, and it if now open for the reception of iiitor*. The institution it of the fint ar?er, and complete in e?ery reapett for the purpoee of Athletic Liercieet. sparring Leaaooe gifen daily Terma mode rote Oprn dip and eveninf. pal \m* FULLER'S GYMNASIUM. TO THOSE WHO VALUE HEALTH.-TU* Oymna * num. 30S wreenc aircei, near nieecxer, 11 k? open daily. In addition to the regular eiertiaee of the Urmmfr ioui, there are alt act rd lortierciie anil amuaemeut. a Bowling Alley, Qimit Oronnil, Piatol Target, with a large ope* ?I?are for running and jitui|inf, and other out-door ^eierciaea wl.irh render tlii* eitallial.ment, a* a gymtixaium, aiiperiortn all othera Gentlemen aubacribing hare the pririhge of eierciaitg at thn Branch Gymnasium, tig Ann at, where thrre ia every implement recently for in-door exerciae. Sparring taught aa uaual? Fenriig alio, by an eminent Prefraaor, at auch time aa to auit applicant*, in iccordani c with the timae. Term. of yearly subscription hare been reduced to $10. nitU aw* PIANO FORTESAND MUSIC. A TWILL'3 MU8I< KSTABUSHMKNT.?Thepropriefa tor of thia ratabl ahmen' itiritea the attention of the ma iieal world to tba extensive Catalogue if New and F nhionaMa MUSIC, constantly |Hihlivhi?g Onhia tablea can b-fonnd all the atandard Mnaical romp*' aitioui of the great muti ri > I Forope and America ersry description of Treaties on Thorongh Bare, Harmony, Singing and Fingering. Muaical Grammars and Klemrntary Work* oferery mnaician r f any dial lucti n. .... j Every day add" mthe already large collection of new and popular Songa, Marches. Waltzes. Daneea. Kondoa, Vaian tiuna, Qiiailritlea. Ac Ac , many of which cannot be foiind at the other stores a'.<oul town- , .. The atylc of i ubliihing mueic at thia Fetab lehment i< well known toltba muaical community la be lupenor 'o ?r tj" atore in the country, ait the mueie being | rinled^m eleaauu* engrared melallie p ate. . the title pngOO en.kaf'-.Ked wWg beautiful lithographic i ifcni ttea, many of whl b ar?.aaUlully e?The<priee of M. aic i. at one II the old rate., ai d a. !ow aa can be obtainedelaewhere. k>,..?;r?l Tir,t?d n... . fffT- The new music I* printed an t??aufilal I mted taper, indloxhli I>erfum-il. The price .a the.ame aa above. a llwi'. . V. ,n,i.t?ntlv receiving superior I'taiio > orteo manuflii lured evpreeelv lor tea Mutljiiiiwi.' of varion* patIcrninr Rotewnod and Mahogany, wath the Grind Action, Harp "top, Metallic kc. emoracmr iim lat.ct faction fnaflalture, with tablet and I allow cornered front*, wneered It-ri, in^Oroiin irrnlll ; all of which are warranted ?o ho ide of fiicH njlwi'dl, and to well aaoned. aa to atuid the tent of every climate, cud ran be relumed if am* ileleet i# Ioimo in He immanent*. Trice from *150 to $?oo Plaao stool* af varioua pattern*, to torreepand witn Piano* ol Roee?cod a d Old Piatioa taken in exchange, ftteoad hand Piano* ail. very rheap. '['be aubaenber bavlrg enlarged hi* t atahliehmei t. 'liedt# 'rai.erre and ritiirr.e to give him * call brlore ; ore" aw g >lee where. , CK7~ ^eUlogn given gratia, and Muck tent to at ? p rt C be city. AJWILL'S MllflO RATABLIR+fMh NT.t (Sign of the Golitn f.yre.) *)9 wVi i* uui Broadw ay, rear St Paul'a t hnv h.

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