Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1842 Page 1
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TH Y?I. Til.?3H.?Wktte>a.MM. NEW LINK OK UVKKTOOi- PACKETS To ?ail freoi New York on the tlih, anil Lirerpwol ou the 11th JA ? A gJtL TtekViw Bher ROSCrVS, Certain John Colhne. **th March. Ship SIDDOSS.CantHin E. B.Cokh. *?th April. Rhit, HH Kill DAN Caulaui h . A. Depej ilrr.Uth May. EuAma,<;?l Wm. MtidSy, ??h Jan.. ^ F?o?f Lmrmrnni.. ? " ?i-f a lUnnraAar.iiih Mat eh. I 8hi{!aAKRrCK<c:"'l>u"n " SkidJy.lktb AprU. I Ship RoScrLrS, Captain John Collm*. l*th May. Sh? VlDDONS. Captain K B. Cobb. 13* June. These ahifwarv allof the (ir?tclaaavupwardaof lOOOtona.btalt liuurtiy or Sew York,with audi waproveanauu u com bio* neat apeed with unuaual comfort lor paaacngera. Every care CjS takrniu the arrangement of th?-.raccommodatioa* The I nice of jwn'agehence tattoo, for which ample atores will ba H irovhied. Threeahipa are commanded bp experienced maa Wa. wkowtll make every excruon to give general saUafac I **SeiCher the captaina or owaera oftheae ahipa will be reepoaai Ma forany lettey, parceleor tuakaffea tent by them, unleae rt oojar b*la ol lading are awned therefor. The thip* ol thialiue will hereafter go armed, aad their pecn iareooatruction givaathem aecunty notpoeoeoacd by any other feotTcaaela of war. CO. il Sooth at . Sew York, or to WM. k IAS. BROWN k to., Liverpool Letter* by the packeta will be charged IS* cenU per augia *eet: tOcenU nrroiiDCe. anil newapaper* I cent each. mt ~ roll NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NKW YORK LINE OY PACKETS I # f Yorthc better accommodation ol ahippera, it ia intended to deapatch aahip from Una port oo the tat. ith, loth. 15th. 90th endflSlh of each month, commencing the loth October, and continuing until kuy, when regular day a will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and dtaap aointmeut* will be prevented during the aummer mootha. Th* lb I to wing ahiae will commence tin* arrangement H Ship YAZOO. Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE, t apt J.,ck*on Ship MISSISSIPPI,Capt. IliHixrd. Skip LOUISVILLE.t apt. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner. Ship UASTON. Cant. Latham. Mhin HHNTSVlLLEj ?apt. Mumford. Skip OCMULOEE, Capl Lwmi. Ship NASHVILLE, C?pt. Diekuuor. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mulford. Their hi pi were all built 111 the city of New York, axpreaaIjr for packeta, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been B*wly coppered and pot in ipteudid order, with accommodation* far paaiengera auequalled for comfort. They are commanded by eapenenced miuters, who will make erery eiertion to glee general ntialaction. They will at all time* be towed up and down the Mitiiauppiby steamboat*. Neither the owner* or captain* ofthe*e*hip* will be re?pon*iK* for jewelry .bullion jreeioui atone*, ail rer. or plated ware, or r any lattera,parcel or package, aeut by or put ? board af lh*m, unlea* regular bill* of lading are taken fortnaatuae, and file eatii* thereon eweetau i or freight or paiaage, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. II Sonth *t.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in N?w Oyleana, who will promptly forward all good* to hi* addreaa. The anipe of thia line are warranted to anil punct?u/ly a* ad| eertued, and great care will be taken to hare the good* correct fe meanured. mt NEW YORK ANO NEWARK. TTBIfTfflteniiffli Vara reduced to ?? cent*. From the foot of Courtlandt (treet, New York(Erery day-SundayaeiceiKed.) Leave* New York. Leava Newark AtlA. M. At 3 P.M. At I A.M. At 1) P.M. 11 do 4 do I do 3i do 4| do l*t do e do T da It da ON SUNDAYS. From the feot ol Liberty itreet. Leave New York. Leete Newark. At 1 A M.and44 P.M. At 1 P. M. and to P.M. NEW YORK, EL.IZABETHTQWN. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From the foot of Liberty atreet.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brtmarwiek. At I A. M. At Tt A. M. 41P.M. 1 P.M. SOMER vlLLE atageeconnect with theae line* eack way. Fare between New York and Somerville, >0 cent*. Do do Now Brnaawiek, TS crot*. Rah way, Meant*. E icabethtown, 25 cent*. Th* far* in the Tt A. M. train from New Brunawiak, and 4| T M. train from New York, ba* been reduced between New York and New Bruniwiek te M cent*. " and Railway to tTt " The PaBadelpkiamaiilme paaaea through NowBrwuwiek for New York erery evening at t o'clock. OuSundaytthe Tt A. M. trip from Naw Bruagwiek ia omitted Paaiengera who procnr* their tiekete at tha tick* tofllc*.receive aferry ticketgratia. Ticketaareraeeivedby theconduetor onlv aa th* day when purcha?ed. f?bll ?m* er%s- tmm FREIGHTS FOR THE WE^T AND SOU t'H, From PHIf~1 DELPHM pit THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freight* for the W<*t and South will be forwarded daily from the transportation office af tha Company, No. I Dock at Wharf. Philadelphia. Merchant* are reapectfully informed that all good* consigned to the company will be forwarded with the utmoit dispatch to any point weet or aouth. Freight reachei Baltimore the aame dry it learea Philadelphia. , . Tie nail line for th-weatand aooth learea Do-b atreet dailr at half-past ail o'clock A.M. by ateambcat ROBERT MORRIS. passengers will reich Baltimore at t o'clock, two houra l-reriou* to the departure of the trains for the southwest. 1 tW. L. A8HMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia, Mareh 8. 1848. all tin RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. MM ASM AHHI JHySKiRElEEL XEIV BRUKSlVtCJC AND NEIV YORK. rpHE NEW JER^f-V Itai road and Transportation ?'om1 pany hare e?tabl -hi d a Freight Line between New Rrunawick and New Vork, which they intend to mn pcimaLe vini New brum wick at 8 AM. daily, (Sundays eioepted) and the foot of Liberty aireet. New York, a s P.M. To couniry dealers and mo chant* the above line la very tie L1 ?? 'c J- ?J -t ~ ?r siraoir iur mc >i*tu, ?. of every description. and mot nHrliculirly lo Drovers and Dialers in Lit* Stock, who cm hare ISO head of cattle eonTtyeJ between New Biaruwick and New 1 oik, the same day, wlieuieer required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, heraea, mules, shtcp, hues, he.,and all other kindi of merchandise are rerjr low, never exceeding sliamlioat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subjected to any extra chaise >" crossing 'hr N.irtti River. The Cumpant hare fi'ted up a large storehouse at New Brunewick adjoining tne Raitruad Depot, which will always be open for the reception of merchandise, raseengen, purchasing ibtir ticketa at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. mlt 3m* 1 V] OTICE?On and after April 1st, 1841, the commutation AN fare in the ears of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, bet* ecu New kork and the various places on the line of the railroad, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to $73 per annum, and $30 for six months. ml5 ini* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PIl'TSBllRG. BFH? fiStiKB BINUH AM'8 LINE. TV prooriatora of Blngham'a Traniportatian Line to Pittaburg, five notice to the Merchants of New York, nod all ether perron* atiptung to the Weal, that their line ta no* ta active operation. Good* coum/ned to them (or aent to go in their Bse.) will be forwarded withdeapatch. Owntra or ahipoera of goods. dettioed fcr the Weatern States, who tare no agent or eoeaignee a,t PfTUburg. will plcaae coaavn their *?cida to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who wit) attend to ahippiag all auch cooaignmeota Wthout delay. All gpodi should be marked distinctly on each package Bl^tlnAM 8 LINE. For rifea of freight, which are aa low aa any other line. Apply to WM. T1T80N, Agent. No sWratatreet. opposite Pier No. 8, N. R N B,?Passenger* forwarded to r.ttebarg and rot'arille, eery day, Honda)a eirrpied. Refer to R, Crocks, American Fur Co.; I. T. Nicoll, Front street; rhelra. Dodge Ik Co. Fulton atraet; Buydaia, Page It Co.; Wa. Rankin. Duryee It Co .Newatk' ml 3m _ BTATKN ISLAND FKiUtki ~ Foot of Whitehall *treet^j2Sj^^?3? l^nteSe^TATEN ISLANDER or SAMSON wiU run n followa until further notica Leases States lalaad Leayea Whitehall At elock a it. At o'aloak a*. ! ' " "11 " ? f .. -?t 4 " " 4 " ?S. B. AK food* ehipped are required to be parlicalarly marfcrd aad ere at the rnk of the owaer* thereal. oi NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Fui Only 1*4 t est* ^1 The l and eoatnodion* (teener g^KLjSaPASSAIl , Captain Jehu Oaffy. bemg com ICjJItjK-rl'1' If ' d ?'rit*ntly r-fitt<tl. wiM eminence her regular trip* f?r the aenaon, on Thursday, March l*th,? IMIIAC AM follow ?' FwHrt B.rel*r ?t.New York Cea'r* Market, Newark. 10 o'clock, A. V f o clack, A. M. ( o'clock, P. M. l{o'clock. H. M. kreight of retry deecription c.irrtel at very reduced rate*. m tow* r XTPOWKLL * CO 8 LINE. ^ ROR NKWBURUH. landiniat CALD d2?^3?WKLL'8, WEST POINTANO COLD Sr^HCEsPHlNt^The team boat HIOHLANDKB cVpt. Robert Wardrop, will leave the r<*A of Warrrn ilreet 1^*. Tfa.. ?.!a? ?nA RatwriUw ,rt?re./wm' t 4 6'rlock Rel?rtimg,t(i* Hiah. uiJer will iwi ?eewbi?gli arery Monday moraine at I o'clock, anu imnUruJ Ifnday gfUrnooa at a o'clock. , _ . , For fratgh* or paaaage,apply to theCaptaia oaboard. N. B. Al i bunt**' ??i<I freight of crcrv deoeeiytion, bonk Mil orepeeie, 011(011 board thii bm^nuilN at tho riak of tba nrnera thereof,unleaa a bill of lading orraoaiptie aigned (or ttaait "B* 8PMI.NO AhRANOfeMf-NT m Ml ~g| FOR SI't'F.WSBURY an! RF.D BANK. an liar Saturday, Maroti It, istt, the 9EZ3B^E-8leame.r JHKI8.Captain Allaire, trill Inrr New York ererr Tueeday. Thuraday .and Raturday, at a do k. A M. Heiurniog, lear* Red Bank *?ery Monday at g o'clock, and Tueaday and Thuraday at I* o'clock, noon. KlARIFIED BTRUl-H ANb fcOoAR H0U0K VToV ' LAS >RH of a anperior duality, for laaily oao, Ureal* low, at the aagar rr*n*ry, OT Leonard it. mga ?t* ' OAL-?The enbecritirr otera lor laTa, at redacaid prune. L ih* beat Pcaeb Or hard, R?d Aak Coal,of tko Biahao.Rgg and Nu ah*?. Lou loiwit yurehaotre.froe ofanrtaga Tod No. I fleeter attc', four dojra from I ft*ton. vl i?' . .1 - OtORWii THOMSON. * I V E NE NE\ CHARLES S. ROWELL, DKJITAL SURGEON, N . II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW-YORK. LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOIt THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATINT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE j?B CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. osc the principle or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Copy.) _ Hiring lately lost tw i bicusyidati teeth, I called on Mr Levrtt to their placts wi'.b artificial ones. aoJ it itfordi mi much plena re to testily ' bU sbill nil ability is a Dmtiit; indeed, 1 hiye ' ever seeu teeth tiled and ivied with mors ?nctne.i, and it the sime time wilh Iris painful preslure on the lumi. I cheerfully recommend thit gentlemen to the ripe?nu notire oi l he medical profession. la w.ll is to ibe public, feeling silittied from lay own experience that they may confidently rely on hts skill in hit profession. a<Swrt> a ?ATTi?nv Mn Profoaaor of Anatomy, University of New Yerk. February 13U , 1841. The original can be aeeu at Mr. Levatl'a 260 Broadway, oorner.of W trreu atreet minim' BANKRUPT LAW. GENTLEMEN within* to be discharged from iheir debu, under thia law. are invited to call on W. 8KIDMORE, Attorney at Law, 75 Naeaau atreet. All other kind* of law buaineae alio atteude.1 to. Charges moderate. fio am* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING H IRELAND, No. t20Na**au atreet, hating anentirenew atockof Binding Tool* and Ruling Machinery, of the lateat and moat approved pattern*, ia now prepared to execute all ordera in the meat durab'e and handaome manner. Merchant* Account Booka and all other, kiuda *f Blank work ruled and bound to any pattern, in a ityle that ie warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in tke.Kuglieh tnode if required,a* H. 1 baa hadlong expedience in both method*. FOR SALE?Two second hand Copperplate Fresaea. Apply aa above. mt8 Im CARPETING, CARPETING. THE aubacnbera have received a uew a-dtreah atoek of gooda lor the " Spring Trade," consisting ol Bru'acla Three Fly, auperfiue. fiue, coinmou, hall and atair Carpeting, Ruga. Mai tins, English and American Oil Cloth*, from 2 to 20 feet in width,.containing the lateat and moat faahionable pattern* and color* the market affords, which they offer to the puklic at the I >west" Caih Pricea " Peraona wiabing to purchase, would do well to .call .and exaraite ouratockprevious to purchasing. WEBB k MANNING. 4SB Pearl st, ml21 m* 3d L'vrpet Store iruoi Chitham. NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rpHK aobaoriber would invite the attention of thoee wiah1 ing to pure hue articlea'in the above buetoeee, to hie eetablietrmeut, where ia to be fouud a rieh aaaortraeat of Roaewood sum! Mahogany Furniture, or French and other patterna, aome of which are not to be found elaewhere, being entirely original. Alao, haudaome rich gilt (eoraicea for windowa, Pofea and Ringa ; together w ilk Damaake, Oalloona and Teaeela. and every article attached to curtaina, which will be made in the lateat atyle from pattern* lately recoivcd. N B. Particular attention paid to the itting up of Ottomane, Fire Screen*, and ether fancy article*, with embroidered tapeatry. WASHINGTON MKEKS, die-em US Broadway, net! the WIGS AND SUA LFS THE LARGEST, THE C EAPEST AND BEST A8SOR1 \T, THE TO BE F< \T) AT A. C .RY'S, MS Broadway, corner of I rty atreet, up ataire. WiOS aai Sealpa, upon thr itifying and goaaamrr ayatem, approximating thr it of any yet manufactured te the natural head of hair?i mium. Aleo.mauufactur ed from ladita'and gentlrmeu'ii i i r, not Icae than two inchea long, Dcctiaceoraceieu. vmcn guiroi, nogs, ana hair work of every 4e?cripiiop. ml 9 tin* CARPETING, CARPETING. '"PHE Subscriber ii now opening hit Spring assortment of Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply, an pet fine nod fine Ingrain; an assortment nut torpaMtd in thin eity for variety of e'yle*, figures, he. These goods hare been ordered eipresely for the Spring trade. The greatest care has bee" observed inmakiig selections ol such gooes as e?n be confidently . ecoaamended for durability and permanency-'of colors, he. Also.a large assortment of ths different k'nds of Hall and Stair CarretiDR Tufted door Huge. Door Ma-s, kc. Also a bancs > ?? assortment of Paiuted Fioor Cloths, all widths. ... , , . , Fannies about purchasing 'anr of the tbove described coods are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS. mlg lm* 76 East Broadway,7t Div'sion-st. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Subscriber is now npenuiR his Spring supply of HARDWARE k CUTLKKk. received per late arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general assortment of Domestic GnoJs. whieh he is prepared to oVer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention ef Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, kc., is solicited to an examination of bis stock and prices. as he is confident they will dud it to their interst to farorhiin with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE. 910 Greenwich corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a Complete assortment of (Mechanics Tools, James Screws, kc. m9 3in* WATCHES & JEWELRYVERY LOW. rPHE subscriber 'is a 1'irp all drsenptions of gold and silver A Watches, gold andsilverpencils, go'd chains, teya.kc , at retail, lower than at any other place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 3) to 43 dolla s each. Watches aad Jewelry exchanged er b ught. All Watches are warranted to keep g oJ lime, or tne mote^ ictu-ned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the brs m inner, and warranted, at much less than the uiH 0 prices, by one of th - (L>eet workmen in the city. O. C. ALL.EN I iprrtrr of WMgi and Jewelry, wholesale and) -rtail. 3) Wall street, up sMr*. rn 8 lm* TO SEGAR SMOKERS THE GREAT 8EGAR DEPOT. SPANISH HOUSE, '25S BROADWAY. THE MONEY Will b? returned lo >11 peraout who pi rchaae >t ibis store, if thay are not satisfied with the quality "I tha article* Thia offer i* wade by the atrong confcden e derived from the excellency of eveir aegar that ia offored for aale in the above establishment. The entire atoek haa been choarn with great cart, and n, without doubt, the moat splendid that haa erer been offered to the New York publie. Excluaire of the great and unparalclled variety of ihe heat brand# of Havana an l Principe, tber* ia a large lot of PRIME NORIEGA* and NOKMAS, that hare been manufactured in Havana expressly fo- thia eatabiiahment, and they are guaranteed to be of superior quality and flavor to any heretofore imported into thia market. In the accommodation of tloae gentleman who prefer to amoke at letaure and in retirement, a neat Bar Room ha* been opeaed in the rear of the above eatabliahment, which, it ia honed, will give aatiafaclion to all whoviait it. TO 9EOAR DEALERS It HOTEL KEEPERS. For aaleat the Spauiah Hou?e, SJi Broadway, a large lot of Havana Segara, at the very low rate* of $|t aad >16 BO. Theae Seyar*having been conaigned to the Spaaiah Home, by tha maufaeturerain Havana, with expreaaordera to aell them immediately, are, for thia reason. now offered at the above low price*. Theirijuahty ia hardly inferior t* the beat Norma*, andthav are all ea atled to debenture. tali I w* H. RAFAEL. Proprietor. KIKE PROOF IIOCK SAFES!!! WILT'ER'S PATfcNT SALAMANDER SAFE?Thia aafe haa been frequently rxposed ta intense heat in burning building furnaces, tee., and haa never failed to preserve the content*, and was the only o e which stood the test at the trial foot af Wall street, unreported by tha following Committee of respectable Meichant* WADSWORTH A SMITH. BALDWIN k CO. UIVTI'UM h /-/-h CHARLES H. MARSHALL. ThU tafe can only be had at the Iroa Safe Store of SILAS ?. HERRING, N.B.?Sare? of other inakrrt?come of which are made in imitation of Wildcr't Palaul, loreale at half price. in ft 3 w Hakuwahk a S d ^CITJTH fAJhiR el'sT HECKIVED too Kramt II by ft 100 Ilea ma ft by 34 364 ' SO by 30 101 " at by to 200 " si by 25 151 31 by at l&t " h by aa ioo " at by to So Ream tt by t8 For tale in lota to tint punhaaem, by PERSmE ft BROOKS, mQ* __ Paper Warehcaiee. II Liberty tL_ trAlifuMlist PaINTINO, for Beaaiy, Icaoaomy, Dura M bility, he.?potaeat't adraataaet erer erery other tylein of Painting, at it it free from all aapletaaat tmell, retaining all itt briHtaney of coior, and it applied in much I eta >i me than Oil Paint ng Itia well adapted for Wallt, Ooflintm, or any intide work; eharchet,public buildingt. and decorative work in "J^Had JOTETH PEARSON, No. W Broadway, cor ot Broome itreet New York, who will fire Webeet reference, and all information respecting the tame. Wort promptly eitouted by apply ing at abore, either in the city or country, _?Slu/ P KB Ml Cm RAZOR S TROP-Firit Premium wee awarded by the American lottitule, at the late aa well oo each praeeeitirg Fair, to George Saunden. IM Broadway, for th boat Raaor Strop. The Metaiie Tabict, mrented by O. Saaadera, bar been eetabliehed for tho latt twenty-lira rente ad oortiirate.l by the firat gentlemen of the eeantry. It pro dooeeatbiu anil cmoitli ed^e on a raeor with more certainty man ii (an or none nv a aoae ta a toota part ei tae time, withnat the iu<ef oil or water?whiah u; peraoa oaa prove bp an nan.g a Wall rnaor a having it pat aa order on one of *Ha Tablrta. H3 Br mil mil Im* yrUItlUA KUiNffs?L'uioa Baaa and Soalliern Treat, T benghl at N. SISTARK'M, ... .. 1J Wall a trret Carted Statra Bink noire Illlooia da, Michigan, Indiana, lll'iwiia 9enp, a iBtht and ( ill*. ml J* RERUN IKOM< A8TINO t?( ooeietingaf fra?et,frndera, and an aimer onamenti. ol anperior manufacture, to cloae a conaigumeat, at very low iT'cva, bp OELKICHB k KRUOKR, ">3 1 m" H Broad atreaL \l f.DlCAL CARD?Ui! t^ooraa, Na. II Dunne at. ocai Chatham et.. (till afforda relief to the afllieted of both ni ra. He map be a)ware eonaultad, "lib tba ataaaat confidence, m tier went caaea of delicate daeeaaaa. eaaitaiml affectieai, aad the aamerioua epinptonm ariamg fraaa Hue diaeaee. Erom Dr. C'e ertnwivr practice for the I eat right paare ia thie partienter branch of the profeeauta, gaaraateaa a nk, ipiedp aad -ffwetrve earr to all i'r*'iu "ho apply lata Hwrel eaiee aawad ia a few dape witboat tba aee at maroorp. or aap aetvrr I eaaei oaa eaedinriiw. No interrnpaiaa kaaa tame nee, at alteration ia flee made of living. All wbnoe aaaaa boot baaa proae sjEPV&rxzstisi t&tt ratv attend an or from T m the mormBf octal It at Bight. Of AeeM Doaaert Hla* w ro V YORK. WEDNESDAY j PERMANENT E->TAKLISHM.ENT. j IN NEW YURN. MONS. MALL AN Ik. 8ON8, Surgeon Dentists, No. 373 Broadway, and at London and Pari* inform tha Public of New York. and ita vicinity, that in consequence of their aery extensive practice, they hare, at length, been induced to op?n a Permanent Establishment, where they may be coniulted at No. 373 Broadway between Franklin and White street*, in all casus appertaining to their profeaaien, in which they hare been so sucessful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Mons. Mallan returns thanks lor the very liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive. ]>ar ticularly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations, and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement iu Duutristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. M. continues to restore decayed Teeth,however large or small the cavity ; malting a stump into a sound , Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or enaitive. matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or became loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are firmly fixed without wires or ligatures?no bulky substance iu the month?and in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape and mixutsst shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above iinprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed touuswer every purpose of Mastication ard Ar'iculation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or an y other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATE8 replaced upon a sura and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mellon ia bannv in being enabled to an uounce that by the kind content of Three Hundred of j the firtt families of the United Siatt i. consisting of the ! first Merchant!, Medical prafetiion, Clergy and private ] Citizcna, to whom he can refer at to the superiority of ; Mona M.'i celebrated Mineral in preferrne? to any ether I they have ever tried, and, in their opini' B,th best that [ evercame under their notice. Hit other improvements 1 need no comment. INVALIDS At'endedby Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: (tuebea.May Sth.liU. DearSir,?Afterhavinq tried the Artificial Teeth which you mule for me, I cauuot do >ou less Justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my eotire satisfaction. I teg to saythey answererery purpose of asticatiou and Articulation equal to those placed by thehauds of uature. They so closely resemble the natural ones in the miuuirst shade of color and shape,that they are not litcerned as being artificial by the do est observers Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teeth, I can give aderide-' opinion of its valuable qualities. You may use tnie letter in any way you thiol proper, for the benefit of the public and yourself. I am.dearsir.yours truly, THOS. 1 ARtJl'i.S, Manuel Carmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Burgeon Deutiet. 17'i Broadway, _This gentleman is known at lit Broadway,anu at Trims Ward thing'.. MONS. MALLAN, S7i Broadway. SIR?1 feelit a pleasure to be able tu ofleryou my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my lata residence in Parte I called at your establishment in the Rue Castiglione.aud having had some teeth tilled with your mineral^ I can o?'ly say that I have had every reason to bis satisfied with its utility and value, and never in the least degree etperieneed any inconvenience or <ojury from its effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mona. Mallan I saw stverai 1 testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest i confidence in Ha great benefit nod value. As far as I am en- I abled to judge,! considered it than,and still consider it, to be the best preparation of the kin* ever offbied to the publia. 1 j am, sir, respectfully, yourobedieiitsej-vapt. . VANBUKUH L.JVI.HUSTON. I 81* Oreenwichatreet.near ForlUanaeroort. New York,May 81,1*41. Mom. MALLAN k SONJ, Surgeon Dentiala. may be eonaulted daily at 378 Broadway between franklin and While : all tiat aide. m83 lm*8i ! SPRING FASHIONS. rpHE aubacriber deairea tke attention cf atraucen and otkera A i? kia large and extenaira aaaortment of atocka, acarfa, crarala ready made linen and mualln ahirta, pocket kerchieft; ailk, merino, and 'ambewoot ahirta anddrawera; auaptndert, gloiea. hoaiery.&c. kc. It ia the intentionef the aubacriber to pay paiticular attention in aelcctiug the moat chaate and faah lonable pattema of acarfa and crarala Mia aaaortment will al wayabeftund rarird and exlenaire. The aubacriber continued the manufacture ef hiace'ebrated Elaatie Slocka. Uentlamen may depcod on being auited by calling at tha old eatab|iahment 841 Broadway, between Murray atrert and Paik Place, mie 1m* PARBELL'4, agent for J. Agate. SWAN'S ATMOSPHKK.1U StjUA foINIAIN, ' MANUU "I CilSTS, ROCHESTER, N Y.-The attention of Drug, gift*,and oilier Teud'ra of Soda Water, ia aolicitrd to thia ( uaetul una economical autMUtute t?r the eipenaiva, complicntril, and trnubleiome apparatus heretofore m via. The advantage or tit Atmoaihtrw Fountain over the old ree'ltod.are the economy ofi*? Appelates, trie original coat to the (nirchaitr being leae than one (MMrtM of the old Fountain it* limplicity of conitruction bei-g auch, that any one ol ordinary capacity can readily undrieUnd it? operation an I (lanag-ment. the trifling eipenae of materiala lor aupply- . iugit together will, the traallamouut of labor icquired, and im compact form. , It it now in uac iu rarioua part# of the United Statin. Canada# and Wrat India#, and, a* rary he accn from cernlicale# in tlie han 'a of agent', give en ire latiefaclioD. Drurge>t# nd oth'n, in the Southern Statee, end the Weat Indie#, will find thia Fountain particularly adapted to their clima'f, a# tkeiyiup# will not ferment or injure in the warmeel seasons. Full direeticn# for putting up the Fountain!, preparing the different varietiea of #y tup#, fee , accompany each Foraalebj Ueo. D.Cnggeahall.Ill dearl afreet; F. Liere 7Liberty atreet, up alaira: Lawrence, Kee#eIt Co., 171 Mai dm Lane: Kobiriavu It Ward, 143 Maiden Lane; H-iadley, I Phclpe fc Co., tl? Water atreet. mia Im TO MARRIED LADIES. TUADAMK RESTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. l?l Thi>i? invaluable Powdtri have been universalis dnfeiffi in Europe, but Krooce In particular, Tor upwards of thirt) yeara, as well a* by thousands in this country, as being the only mild, fare and efficacious remedy for married ladies whoa* health forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restsll, as is well know.ii, was for thirthy yean female Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals it Europe?those of Vienna and Paris?where labored by hei great experience and opportunities, she attained that eels brity in those great diacoreriee in medical acience so spe eialfy adapted to the female frame for which her medicines now stand unrirallsd, as well in this country as in Europe. Hat acquaintance with ihe physiology and anatomy of the femals frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health ol married female*, scarce in the meridian of life, and the cons* quent rapid and often apparently inexplicable cause* which consign nuny a fund mother to a premature grare?t* then true source?to arrire dt a knowledge of the primary cause* of female indispoaitions?especially of married female*?which, is MOP, ltd to the discorery of her celebrated "rrersntire Pow dera." Their adoption ha* been the meaas* f preserrmg no! only the health, but ersn lb* life of many an aflectionata wifa and fond mother. -. The adrertiaer feeling the importance of this subject, and Stimitiug the rest benefits reeoltihg to thousands by then adoption, would mow respectfully arouse the attention of ths tarried, by nil that tney hold near and dear.t < mcoueidara on. la it not wise and rirtuon* to prevent; r il sto which wa are subject, by eimpl* and healthy mean* within our control ' Every dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind will no hesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price fra dellars apneaege, accompnnicd with full and particular dint tions. They can be foi warded by mail to any part of the Urn ted State*. All letttra must b* post paid, and addrrsssd tc MADAME RK8TKLL, female Physician. Principal offies. IW wrrruwicu aifvvi, new iuir. vrincv noun I rum * a> .o to 8 o'elk P. M. Boaton oAca No. 7 Keaex at. m9tdkwlm* ivrnHHETTESTEELT PKMALK PHYSICIAN. OlSeo and reoiHrnoe 148 Orvoo " *u4i afreet, (between Certlandt and Liberty atrcrti.] where aha can be eoaouited with the atnetoot eoaMence aoaU complamla incident to the female frame Madame Kaetaira experience and knowledge in the treat ment of obetinateeaaee of female irregularity, atovpage or aup preeeion. Itc, te eueh ae to require botw few daye for certain relief and perfect recovery. Ladiea deeinng proper mad ical attendance during confinement or other iDdiepoeitioa. will bd acoommodated during euch time with private and re pert able board. " Preventive Powdeye'" for married I ad tee whoee delicate or precarioue health-forbide a too rapnl iocreaee of family, will be vent by mail to any part of the United rtiatea Price M a package. AM letter* (poet paid) addreetad to "Wi 1*8. N. Y.rlty.'wdilbe received. Rot too Office No. T Keeex it. N B ? Madame Rrefell would inform ladiee reeiding out of the city, whoee health would ant admit of travrlling, that the would devote her perineal attendance upon them m any pari of the United State* within renewable dieUaoe, mMdkWlm* COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY I PILLS. OWING to the eelebrity, eflloacy and invariabla re teem at Madame MeateU'e Krmale Monthly FIAle ia all eaaee of irrvaulerity. eappreaeioo. or xteppage of thoee fanetione of 1 nature upon which the health of every female depeade, einoe their intrgdaetioa iato the Uaited Statao,bow about (our yeara eounterfeita and imiiatioeo are ceotiauaMy attempted to b* palmed off for the geaaiao. Cheap coiaieaa pile are pureha and at twelve acato a box, pat n* ia different bene*. aad eaMed "Kernel* Monthly Pill*," with tha ebjeet of aellkag. If poeeibi*. at one dollar Female* are therefore eautioued againat thee* attempt* to imp*** upoa thorn. It i* eufhaieet her* t* list* that aii Female Monthly PRfc era counterfoil*, except thoo* eold at Madam* HoatM* a Prumtpol Met. Its Greenwich at New York, aad No. 7 Kooex itreet, Bootoa. Price gl. Madam* aeotelfi eignetnr* ia written on Mm cover of eaot box. Tb-y caa be aoed by tb* marri?d or aingle, by following the dirertioneearloecd laaid* of each bex. mStdkwlm* fpSTAPBH MANUKACTUKttHS?Thoedhaaliewjir JL nowoo thai Meaari Howek Goddaad.of WortooOor.Mmoi hart appotadod them thcar ?ge*4e, aad art prepared to fainbiri qort notice, upon the moot reaeonable terma. Foerdriaier anf ; Cylender Machine*, with Ore or *4mm dryer*, and tiriag ap I ahinaa to *** paper in the web a* it leave* the dryer*. Ala* every land ef Machinery appertaining to the menofeetuv* of p? ' r, which in poiot of worhmaaohip aad fmeh i* not inrpaaaad any other eriabftahmeut in thia oountrr. A lino Dumber a** PIRSffi k BROOKS,PaperWarnhaaN, RUN *1 Lrberty.t^M C OOVLARD, Front itreet. in. aa-itaira. offer la* aale CJ. the follnwiat AF.OARP? IM.dd* Rrgaiiaa. Riondaa and Matbnrrj- 1 M.lto Tnaffdo Kionrf* IM,*M Canon* and Trahaacoa, Nariraa, and kna* dad bran da. l^.MO Of albar baaada M.m I'riaeipaa, all eatiHad to d'Water* 'M laiw Havana Iveat Mania. l#d Inire Old Cbalane Maraaan W?r a4 lai T/^J?May. Otoa fur Paid analaalan. tV , ndcraballrriaire TwaUallara reward, and aaaaaaWaaa aakad. Ap,dy to MdlDt' Mr. DKLATLAI.NK, M Wail at, OAce H+ 9. RK I MUKJNIINij, MAKfJxl 3U, ?m. 111 UM.LU. 1 $ttrei!*"t.t1 Jinn and 1 It Pultun* IrttU.) WEDNESDAY. ?)ih mat. At the Sale* Room. Conaii'ing ol the en'ire furinture of two fareiliea giving up houeekeeiiug end including almoel every article elegant and ueefulio iheline. Alio?Lampe, China, Crockery. Glare aid Hated Ware. The rich invoice of beautiful eatuu, damaek, ottoman, tofa, couch. (1 iv ?ii and chair cohere. Sale perempory. Aleo?Three large looting (lhatee, aud a *erv handaome ilrcr mounted tea *?rei-e. TUESDAY, April ?th. At I Si o'clock, at A o 3 Krauklv n it. Elegant furniture, coneiatiug of elegant BruiseU and other carpe'a, daaiaek curlaini. Krciich plate pier glaaaee, m rble top and other ta"lef. ipleudul aofea and chairl to match, divana et dining tabl.e, plaiu and drraaiug runau*. iaudaome bed room furniture. Eugliah oil cloth, laui|>a. kitchen utenaila and other chcict houae keeping article*, all in hue order. The hiuae i < email, but every article ia of the beat description, and all made lor the owner. 17REXH SIC LY ORANGES AND LEMONS-MlV" TURN it CO.. wi I aell tine day, at I0| o'clock,on pierll Eaet River, mi botealraah Sicily Orange*. 1100 <1* dido Lemon*, in pr'tne order, cargo of ahipYeaper, in a abort paaaage from .-icily, mSOlt* J. R. MINTURN, Auctioneer CTTTlMNtOSI Aure.^Sr,: PURNITURK?JACOB 8. PL AT T, ~w iff *e 11 ihil .lay, at ' |If*iiIrrfc at No. 475 Grand atreet, near iha jnnctioaof Kait Broadway. a large aarortmenl ef houaeho'd furniture,of a gentleman gisiug up houaekatpiag, MtHlitilf of tafled aeat aol'aa, wnrdr<bee, pier glaaaea, pier tabl-i, mahogany pillow and rliair aud timing table*, e rltd ma, le and other cli?irt, mantle clock, niaut'e orn?."?riil?,plated catdlc.Lit.kf,anufTera at d traja.eariicti.horeeui. French anil utl * bedateadi. feathrr bcdi, niattraffei, t cdf i g. waahatandf, ailrrr plated ware, tea traya. crockery war*, lable cillery,kc. tie , together with lite kitchen furnitun, wi h whi h the aalc will eonimrnc. Mil* RIKlL it ARfUL aRIUS will |aell, thit morning at ten Iv o'clock, at the auction room, 304 Broadway, corner Duane aire t dry gnode. rlwthing, li witrv. he... couaiatiug-i wool dynl black and oth.r brondtlolha. liu-u di per, dama-k tab'* clotha, a car fa, ribbona hj the box hosiery, drilling, hiihfa.anapenden .linen and c >tton tape*, he. A ao, a rariety of nothing and Olhcrar'iclea. Thin rvi aiutr. at 7o'clrek. Book* a.d Eugrawng*?A beautiful collerl ion of mexotiut and line eimravii g?, beaidee a varirty ofpiiutiug., Aleo, au iuroire of beok*. hoth ancient and modern, among whieli are many raiuablc^workf. mf(> it* AUC t ION NOTICK ?The aa'e of rea'ly ealuable furn'niture of all description en Wr In aday. in th-large riKuai. S3 Anu and IIS Fnltou, will be lound dee raing attention. Alan, aame time .03 moat beautiful aatiu damaak covera f.irao'aa, ollomaua. dii ana chaiia, leuugta, kc , und numeroua other apleudid goofs. ni39 St THOMAS BF.LL. A"Ctioneer. ^ UCTIO.N NOT^ h ?Bale of excellent household fcr -? iiiiu r, on A ii.irauay, a. .so iu? urn uroauwav, a I I g 1 o'clock. The house ii email, but every article is of the be<t de.crip'iora ail'* made to on er. The carpets *r* nearly new; the cabint t Tun iture first rate. 1 he rale will with the kiicuen trusila. n.iS 3t THOMAS BELL, Auctioneer. g| ~~^ja PEOPLE'S LINK FOR ALBANV sad -??. "t*iTiid* iotrrrmdiaie place*, d.uly at tire o'clock, P *i ITy the Pier between Conrtlandt and Liberty sirert*. 1 he SOUTH AMKKICA, Cant. Braniard, leave* a* abore, thi* (Wednesday) afteruoor, at five oVInck. The commodious steamboat ROCHESTER. Uapt. 9t. John, leaves a* above tc-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at fiv* 'lock. The Soa'h America direct without landing at intermediate places. The above boat* are new and substantia', furuiihrd with s'egant Stat* Rooms, and loriptd ar.d accommodation* are unrivalled on the Hudson. For pass are or freight, apply on board, or to P C. 8CHULTZ, m3* at the oSce on thr^ Wharf. PAertAUE FOR LIVERPOOL.?taebat lit of eJJWy April.?A (nlendid faat sailing jacket ship wilt be JV<mA&'e*patched fjrthe above pott, and sail positively at above, her regular day. Haling handsome accommodations ror cabin, second cabin and steerage p-aaengcrs. who snl he taken on modrrne terms, if early application should be made no hoard, o' to W k J T. TAP9C0TT, 90 40 South it. or 43 Peek clip, FOR lIVEKTiiQi/?Sew Line?RegularTactet lH|K of 33th April?The iplendid packet ehip H1DDON8, tfittb Captain C. B. Hobb, of 1100 ton*, will sail a* above, ner regular dar. Vnrfresghtorpaaaage Jaavinraccominodation* uaefaaDed foe nteeador or comfort, apply oa board, at Orleaat wharf Jo* t of Wall it.,or to E. K .COLLINS k CO 56 South*tr**t. Price of pa'aafe fiou. The packit ehip eHERIDAN. Captain nep?yetrr, ef 1000 tons, will aacceed the Siddonj, audi sail 06tk Mny,ker regular day. PhkoitvaMmitf pp!t tinnn iKoobim nflhto !?? oili?? tuaily aa advertiaed._ mst ff? FOR (NLW OHCEANV-LOUUIUI ion New JHPWYork Lint?Regular racket of 1st April?The MtML faat tailing packet ahip LOUISA, Captain LeaTit', will tail at abose For freight or passage .having tj-lcudid fumitlied accommodations. apply on board, foot of Wall ttreet or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. S? SouthtL Great tare will ba taken to hate the good* bjr thii line cor recti) OHMrrd. Agent iu New Orleans. Jat. E. WoodruF, who win prompt' ly toward all go?dt t? hir address The packet ahip LOUISVILLE, Cart Hunt will ?uc ceed the Letusa, anil tail the 10th April, bar regular day. gt XdHfr FOR LI tt ERPO->L?Regular packet of >h<-7tU dPJ?V April?Thespl-iidid fa?t tailing regular picket thin flKpClNDEPEVOENCE. captain Hnldrilge, will tail lor the ahovt port on her regular day. 'I hit thip't accommodatiom for cabio, second cabin. <ud steerage passengers are not surpassed by any pveket iu |>ort,and berths c in be rectirrd on inoueiate termj, by applying on board, at pier eait ride of Maiden lane,or to GjOVEtt It Me MURRAY. 100 Pine it. corner South. P.3?Persirs wishing to send fjr their friends resii.iig iu the old country can hate ' hein brought ont by the above superb stop, or anv - f he regular li-ie of packett, by applying at above, if by letter poet paid. The ahore will ae mccecd .d by the packet ship Virginian, captain Allen, and sails on h? 13 h April _m39 aAjs foTSTX-O.^DoS?Packet of the tit Annl-The superior fatt sailing packet ahip StNTARIO, Cap4HM$.laiu Beadieh. will tail aa above, her regular day.? This ship's accoinmodai i?nt for rabin. 3d cabin and steerage passeegers. are superb aud berths ran he aei urrd on modeme termi, by applying unboard pier cast tide of Maiden Lane, or to GLOVER & McMUfth AY, 100 Pure street, corner ol Snath. F. S.?Prrs-ns wishing to send for tl.eir frieuct ra iding in the old enuntrr. can have them brought out by lh? ab vre snip, or any of the regular packc a, by applying at above (it by let'er pott paid.) 0)34 gfr OLD UNI Ok LTVfcRPOOT, PACKETSaflfV^p Regular Packet of lit of April?the splendid MJUmmpacket skip EUROPE, Capt Edward O Marshall, will tail positively on ftiday, th* lit April, her regular fhe aceommodaliont and advantage! in this line for cabin, 3d cabin stud steerage paaacagera, are well kuown to be superior to any other. For terms of passage apply on board, foot of Bee km an ttreet, or U) _ _ ' ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. SlFnltonst. neitdoor to the Fulton Bank. Perrons drtireut of tending to the old country for their friendtcan ruake the neeettary arrsngtment to have them brought "a', in the Europe, tailiug'^fr in Liverpool on the t?th of Mar. or in any of the pocket* or the Old Line, catling from there punctually on the ?th and ltth of erery mouth.? For trrind.aaply ? alioee, or 10 JAMES B. ROCHE, 14 Gaiee Piaazae, m?4 Liverpool. kok M aKsEioLES? Krguiar Picket.?The iFWk bark NASHUA, Cnpt. Perry, da ill Mil on the jjhmAhlit of April. The ribecriben put-pone dirpatrhine n Ship punctually on the tit day of each month dinug the year tor Marieillea. Ooodi (cut te the lu acribera for ft rwa< din* will be diapatched free of a y other than the chargea actually incurred upon them. The Shipa hare rery comfortable cabin ac torn mod* tiuna. For freight or paeiarc. apple to k0TD k HINCKEN. Agenta. ml B Tontine Building. PACKET SHIP HUVPSVILI.E, from"New Orleaaa if A diaeharging ?t Orleant Wharf, loot of Wall afreet. Con(igtieea willpleaac atteuJ to the recei jt of their good i immediately _ nil A'l't) Lt.ASE/m firorable termi?The apirndid property known aa the Shakapeare Hotel, aituate at the corner of Willi .m and Iluane atreeta. New Fork. To a peraoo of reaper lability capable of conducting an eatabliahment of the kind, a bitt-r opportnuity of making a fortune aeldom oKera. The hm c i? replete witheeery neceeeary fitture, and ia too wel I known to enlarge on Hi capabilities fer bunncii. For further ptrlioulari apply to the lubacriber, *t n ia the preaent occupant and owner of the premifea mM 1 m* KtlBERT ANDERSON. w To LET?The two atnry modern buiit britb honae HV Ne. >03 Hoaat n etieet,- now occupied by Bella MoXULranyt.-. Th'e honre hie marble mautela, mahogany donra, finiehed attic and haaemcnt. Rent moderate. Apply to J. M. POST, 101 Amity at. WAIsTET) To HThK-A three atorj Inmiatied HI) home in tne lower pari f the city, it muat be below altlei I ?,imel ?ie.-?t On? in I hambtr at, Barely at. Park Place or 8. ate at, n-ftr the Battery, would be pie.erred. A liberal rent will be gieen Adder e* I. O ,boi 34 lTjm? r P at OUce^ _ mid at* an TURKS Til L?,f.-TS twnlT-nr a lory brick R3 Storei, N >. S and " New nriet. two doom from VV ,11 MHI an,! oppoai'ethe public (tore dow arreting The three atory brirk Store, No. ? l'ike blip, on ike eaet aide, sdjniMic ' hrrry airert. HnUsEi TO t.KT?Tke threeatory brick hnaae, No. 14 WrtU (trret, hetweeo Biondway and t'hureh atraet. The hew four atory brick koiut.Sfi Fourteenth atreet, belwrea the tftb and eiub Axnti. 't he two etnrr Haaaa. No 73 (iold atreet, hmr B?< kman, now occupied by M Milaa Hitchcock. FOR HALF.?Three Lota on Br oadway, near Ueioaaquare; one Lot on Kighteeuth atraet. 97 feet trout?ehiht Lo a on Seraath Aeanue, beiwi-eaTwenly-eightb and Twenty-ninth etrrete Apply to Blm* Mr.nri-kFI,AINK.?s W,Hat. Oflleo No ?. BOOKKEEPING. THE COUNTINO ROOMS of C.C. MARSH, M Cedar atraet continue ojwn fro-n 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. lor the reart tiou of Me'chati'a \od othrra who may wieh to acqaira a pmn-r know ledge of Bookkeeping. Mr MAKBH'H Room- are not now aa full aa they hare been darirg the winter, and a mora faeortble opportunity ia now offered in conaequrnce. There ate no Claaaea in Mr M 'a method of teaching; each pupil (raping a art of Booka in the rno?i pracliaal nunnrr, aaeirailatuig *a near ne poeeible to real buaineaa. Prxpectuaea may he h td at tin- llooma. m9S i" A NOTlll'lt SIM'KNMON ' ' ADVANI AUk-S Of -cV CA9H rAY.MKNT9.-The l ui known eiga of the Ool dan Fleer, hea been tenoeed from the earner of F uttan and Naaean. and ia now (impended orer the t ew (lore ol CMAS. COX, No. ?l atreet, (3 d ?or? abort Maiden lane.) where be will he moat hapi>y h> arif aueh af kie manwa an. ea-toraer* -a m y fa for hi? with a call; hie old^alack haa been diapoaed of anetioa in ordertegree pjeae tohie praaent entirely new, large, and rwded aaaorlmaol * aolaaled from (he l.oodon and Paria ?"het?, and compile.ay I he Aneat and moat fmhwaabla af Clothe, C neewnareo, Tma TS^iSJ^sk^^ ? *-fT ??.?' < "T V^-" - L*W RUW? a-* ; ?*t - :u? .ou^43M. . IER A n J 1342. MKMawfik P4HK THKCrHK, THIS EVENING. Mwh JO-Tl.e DcrfonwuMe wul comaieac with Tilt CARNIVAL AT NAI'LEB. Count ManfirJi, Kredrricki I CountC?-a nza, Chippendale Kurt r?|U, Wlieatlry | Benedetto. Clarke Nina, ktisf ('int. man Aurora di Coaenza, Mr* Kuiylit To roDcIta'r witS CHARLEo O'VI ALLEY 9> George DaahwM oxl, Barry | CbarleoO'Malley, Wheatl) Lucy L)a?hw. od, Miae M < u?'?i?au Donna Inez Silriera, Mr?. I'ritchard Admiaaion?Boim ft ; rit ?0 oentt : Gall err ts rente. CHATHAM THEATKK. TH19 EVENING, March 30?The parformauea will commence^ with. DIAl/BE'in. Macbeth Scott | Macduff liicUl L idy Macbeth Mr* Blaike After which Muter Diamond and Mr. Wnitlock will appear iu their u*gro celebrated negro extraviganza*. To conclude with SIX DEGREES OF CRIME. Julie Dormilly Hteld | Michael Thorn* Lome Mr* Thome lliai HKiti'Jd and Id tier* ti, Pitlli$paU?r} lit Dm-*op?n at It: Curtain riee* ?t 7j precuely ITCHBLL'il OLYMPIC THKATBh THIS EVENING March 30?The performance will corineoce with THE TWO GREENS; Jemmy Green Homcaetl* | Fani y Miia Singlet.n Aft-r which ONE HUNDRED AND TWOPhilip G rboia Mi cliall I 1'ieire Horneaatle Louue Mra Tiiam ARer which A LADY AND A GENTLEMAN Iu a Peculiarly Ptrpleiiug Predicament. To conclude wltn THE HAPPY MAN. Ram Ru*ti, Mr. Graham. Ski hi, Mr. Barnett. Ko-Ket, Mia* Siugleton Admueion?Drew* circle IJceute. Lpper bote* af cent*, ill cent*. Private boxei It. Doon open etaevea Curtain riaef at lialfpaat nereaP (BALK'S NEW YOKK MUSKUM! DAY AND EVENING EXHIBITIONS commence on Monday, tWth ol M <rch. Mr. Harrimo roir, thejuetly celebrated Ventriloquiet and Vagiciin. and Mr. Eti. aaiu>, the laughter luring Cemic Singer, are both engaged for a ehort peuod. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE erery Wedneeday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock I* M. Mtemeretic Experiment* by Mr. Peal*. The Largeet aud itareet eolleetioui in the world, of Original Portrait* *f diati' guiahed American worthir* Orand Coemarama, I" awry Glare Blowing; a Million of curioeitiee obtained at iu mrnee txpeiue, aud gathered together from all warte ut the Gluhe. lj agv f.hheott pk LtaicNKMEi taken in the mint acieutiflc cnt-nutr. and at in< drntte t rie I. Admittance to the whole 35 centa; children haif price. 35 loi AAtiCHICAN Ml'gKlHI, " Corner Broadway and Ann Mtreet. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Baroua T7VF.RY D AY AND EVENING THIS WKEK.-Ooal Xa mencitig Monday, Much 95. The Manager hae treat plea urein annut.eiug an engagement with the MYsTr RIOUS OiPlY GIHL from Wift.ntrecounty, England who<e wondrrlul knowlr ze in verioua acieuuee enables her to FORETELL FUTURE EVEN TS with incredible accuracy. Mie wilt apparently be concealed in a ft lobe only one foot in diameter, frJin the centre of which ehe will produco her wonderful ?; e.:iin?na rf music. vocal p?wera. lie , which it ia impossible to deecribc She is undoubtedly the greatest woider in Arasr ica She can h? consulted DURING THE DAY or in the evening. Mr. WINUHELL.ths drolleriat, will appear in Irish, Dutch, F'reni h and Yankee charactera in hia admirable play or OLD AND YOUNG NICK, in wh:ch hi which he will citiihit tirhui apecimena nl VENTRILOQUISM. Mr. G. T. BOOTH. whoaa ecmic songs and duett* hate drawn forth unireraal applanee heie, ia engaged; alao Mra. I'HILLII'R, the accomplished vocalist. Aloiuo Lai y, Fancy Glaaa Blowing, Grand Coamorama, Niagara Fall a, and 560,000 curioaitita. Asplrndid day performance takes place every Wedneeday and Saturnay afternoon. Admittance te the whole 95 centa?children half price. /"VPEN'NU t'F THE CIRCUS? Bowery Amphitheatre? yJ Under the mansgtmeat of Me era H Kock'e Ik Turner ?A Double Company?The f-llowiugare among the inembera of the cimpany? John Go ain. tlr uunrallrd rijueatrai clown; N.B. Turner, H Rockwell, T. V. Turue-,0. R. Stone, Mra. Gore n, .ady 1 queitrian. . A New Bugle Band, the only one in the U. H. BniHlOeenti? it 95. Dtiori iidtj it tl o'tliu-k P. w... . U't to commence at 7(. Performance varied every evening. mailw* fTRST APPEARANCE OF MR. CHARLES BRAHAM IN NEW YORK. MR. BRAHAM hu the honor to announce, that hit Goboert will he give aat the Svciety Library on lh' 31bt of March when hie aon Mr. Charlei Braham will make liu firat appearance la Uiie city. Tabt I. Bone?The List Word* of Marmion, Dr. Clarke WhiiOeld . Mr. Braham Song?" My Boyhood'* Ho. e," from the Opera of Amalie Mr. C. Braham Bong?" Willisin Tel!." Braham ilr. Braham Hay den'* Canzonet," My Mother bid* me btaie my Hair," Mr. Braham Duet?' All* Well," Br.iham- -Mr. Braham and Mr.C. Braham Song?(trom the oi<era of Maseaniello. Braham?" 1 ve tworu he ahall not perLh," , Mr. Braham Part It. Sens?" WhenlheVeld the auclior weighed," Balfe Mr C.Erahara Grand Brigand Scrna fr< m the Oopera of Fra Lriavolo, Anber,. Vr. Braham Song?'" The Lade of the Village," Dindin Mr. C. Braham Song?'The Landlady'a Little Daughter." traualated from the Oe rmun. by the Her S. Dwight Mr. Braham The Picture Song, from the opera of tbeDeviL Bridge, llrahatn Mr. Braham Mr. Haytrr, the celebrated organist el Botton.will preeide at t'iaoo Forte in eereral of the pie, ee. Ticket* St. children halfpric , twbe had at any ofthe jirin cip I miiai* dorr*, or at tlie door on the evening of the con. cert. Boor* opened at tereo,aud the Concert to commence at halt-past *??en o'clock. eias MADEMOIiF.l.LF. SOPHIE MELIZET'* LAST AP" I'E k KANCfc IN NEW YORK. MLLE MELIZET brge rripeclfully to announce to her friends aid I lie public thnt (he will give a VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, at the City Hotel, on Wedueeday the 30th inetant. Vocal and instrumental performer*?Mr* Edward Loder, Rignir De Brun t, Mrirrt, Tiuim, Aupick,Uroenevell, VViegrr. Cauta, and Ernat. * ' PROGRAMME. I'aht i. Trio Coneeitantc?Meter*. Timro. piano forte; Wiegrr. violin; Or enevel'. vio incello, Reeiger Ana with variation*?M' le Meliaet?Sal rare idi Jel Padra?From Ipermeatra, Saldoni Tenia, with variation upon the Spaniih air Label, f?r guitaraolo?Mr. Cuupa. _ Coupa Scrna and Aria?Ah perfidiotperguiro?Mr*. Edward Loder, Beethoven Duetto Buffo?Nella cm* devi wero?M'lle. Melizet and Sip nor De Begnu, G.-nerab Bolo, cornet a piston?Sur l'air cisti diva?Mou* Aupirk, Bellini Terzetto?lo diioae net g??tiro?M'lle. Melizet, Mr*, hignor De Begnia?From the favorite opera It Far.aticoperlaMuiica, FinrovantiJ Psnr it. Ballad?Oh, ca?t that ihsdow?M'lle. Melizet, T. Moore Fantaaia?r lu-e?Mr. Ernat, Bohm Ncapolit n Tarsnlella?Uia la Luua e in mezzolo more, Bignor De Brgni*. Rosaioi Aria?Se Romeo i uccite ?in fitflio? M i!o. Mcllixet, Lelljuo OOng?A I nr I Jf nr?D ui?l J?mtiti? From Obaioo, Weber Duetto?Duuqne in ton?From 11 Barbiere, M'lle. Melizet ana Signor Dr Began, Hn<eii>i Solo, eernet > ietnii?M?n?. Auf-ick, Dti idb (jraori Aria?Marino Kaliero? M*l!c. Melizet, (firat lime,) Don'zetti Ticaet* $1 earh. To be had at the principal muaic atorea aurf at the t.ily Hotel. ... Concert to eommerire at R n clock preeiaely _n?M 3t MORAL. INSTRUCTIVE, RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitant* of the principal citie* and town* of New York, Peniwy Ivania, (Onueriicut Itbod* la laml. Maa?arhu?*tt*. New ltauipahire. Maine, he. he. SICNOR HERVlo NANO, Thejnatly celebrated and naturally endowed Metempaychn aian.whoee eitr tordinare peraonification of the (knorae. the Babboon. Kly, he . ha* been the delight of the world, an nounreaihit ilia hi* intention, during the coming aomme* month*, to *i?it the above Htate* with hi* Uo'iaeum. A far . . r a.-. MI. |'L. .1' Elyree at Pan*. .hkI i Band of Muaie, with a ?*tf>rieut rnmber of art><tea to make the entertainment luperior w uv th'Dff yet offered To ckuiii of a Veiemnaycboaian Banar flight of fanay, oiled 'he GNOME KLY, in which Rigour HKRVld NANO will rmhodv THE GNOME! THE BABBOOM ! ! THE FLY !I! A MAN !! !! Meeyihnm, the Qu en of the Peru Mad. Herri* Naio To be (allowed by A MUSICAL OLfO ! ! canaialipg of Piauolort* K*-itatioua by Madame HERVIO NA.>0. I?Grand Ronato in B J. N. HwrnmnJ ??Concerto Ktor.k in F ; C M. Yoo Wrbar 9? Giaiid Knntaeiaoa tb* National Air*, God Rate ll.c Km? end Itule Britannia- B. Tbaibaag With full Urrhmlral Ari*m;j?u?mrntJ. To conclude with aa Hia'ariaal Diaplay vt the dtatreaaim adrenture* attending tha Shipwrack ol Paroaaa with ebaiwateriatie rwiDfWK aad naiwie. ui whaeh bigaar Harrio Naao will peraonate the faithlal Bibboo. Orah, the Indian Maid- M Am ll-m* Ngmo, N B ?Peraina druran# *f making aammr arramgamanta eaa learn nariiealar* by applying (f'at paid) la alie aadaaBn"*h MR. K. mklfl. lately from Euroj.a, FltAaiar of tk* art of Arm* ? it* Mflhert braathw.aire* la.trucliom. m Kan... and in 'he ?ee of the atr-aght caookad and Turkmh Sabrr. Hunting KnUa. Moakat ami Bayonet, Staff, and arary neri<a of waeyuaw For tar iruWra enijnire at Kid Pearl atrae*. mil |m? GYMNASIUM. * PISTOL GALLERY. MKRARH HUDSON A OTTIGNON raapaatfWlly in form tha gentlemen #f New York, that they have Httaa ap a GYMNASIUM at tha earner of t'hambeaa atoeat aad Brood way, and it ia bow apen for the rrae. tion af riaatarg. Tbr Miati'n'ioa ia of the Brat order, aod complete ia every rerp-et for the purpnae af Athletic Laarciaea. Hca- nog Leaaona giran daily. 1 FFtVlff m ifipnitF Oimji All' ruaJ arming ml 1m* "PULLER'S GYMNASIUM. TO THOSE WHO VALUE HEALTH -Tb* Oyaoa ' luia. (lmn? alratt. a tar BVtakar. it mm oft lailir. In addition to tbo rrfaiar rttrtiw of tb? (If** in*. Ih?r* are atUrbad foraiaraiaa and tuiwnadt, Bowl '*>* AlUy, Qoo.t Oraawd, Pwlol Tai??t, wiib langa o^a paar for manias and laapanf, and oibnr t-daor \ trrtvt* wVieS raodrr Ikb wuklahaal m a (faiMia, ?>?rt?r ? all otbera Oantlamaa fnbanrilwna bam tba pnTil' ft "fnaaiai at ? Anaat. wkara tbara w?Ttrr ladf1 tftmmty fmr aa-doar i?an 8pama? taatbt aa , *tmt?% alaa. bj aa aauaaat IWaaaar, al mtab baa aa to tadiaanta. bi iMorban wilb tba lian. Ttrmt at T?**1 wannpaioa b??? bmn r?d?a?d w >l? P<>R SAJUE?'J-?a ai Tnp*?,?baa?< foe etab, U>la^? LD. frlM ?>? . ! ROMAN EYE BALSAM FOR WEAK ANL> INFLAMED EVErlMllH MA l 8A M ia a prstCliptiou of one of the rncst cele 1 bratcd occuliiti, ha* beeu u long lime id use, *nd u ? ,lU Jmily rrrommruOetl to the public ai the h??t ai <1 moet ?uc revtful salve ever uae?l for inflammatory di-etsee of the eye. In ca*e? where the >-elide are eery muchinflamed, or the ball of the eye thickly covered with blood, it acts almost like mairic hi u reinovea all appearance of disease after two or three applications. IN DiMNKSS OF SIGHT ecuaed by fiivd at'em ion to minute objee'f, or by long rat* aure lo aatmag light ami jo ikr wttkneti or partial loat >1 * flit Irom i<cbii'?a arcld ?ge it it a ture reatoter aixi ihcu'obe by nil who lind .h? ir ay? tight I ailing without any appar eutdii<aae. Tliia Balaam haa realored light in many inttaacea where a!* moat TOTAL BLINDNESS. ctuaed by riceaaiee imflaminatiou, h d mated for jenra. In fUnunatiou *ad aoieoeta canaid by blowa, eontntion*. or woandt "U 'be eye, or bp ea'r.n not bmlietol an irritatug naiure mtrodueed under the eyrlu'i. it very toon removd by the application i-f the Balaam. Oa? trial will convmce the moet mrredolout o( tit aetoniahiig eflic cy rut upiuiaia with Cull diracliora far aae Price I7J ecu'a. |for aale, whoieaa e ai d r.-iail bv n A vi n a ? - 77 Kaat Bioadwav, ceruer ol Marteld Hold ?)?o bv A. B Je U. S ud*. 7S and 1 co Fulton atr- et* and by A B. S?nd? Ik. t o., 273 Broadway, Co. Mr ol Chamber* atrcet. New Ymb. _____ __ i?3u (U, CHAMMON WIG MAKER." NEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE OF TOUPEES. PHALON, 214 Broadway,oop *i'e St. Paul"* Church. i* the fin to it tr.-duce New Yorb II ic AMAZON TOUPEE, Being a new iLTrntlou of the fukicrjher. Theae Toupeea are made without anapa. baud*or m-tallic apr u;a: tlry fit on theheadbi tn entirely new coutrivance?they diaplay the forehead and temple* to any height?they are ai eaiy to put on aa I ofl at a hat?there ii no' a onrt-el- of ateel. imner hra?? in them? the apiing* are ? aaw inreuii. n. b? tag made ol pure GOLD to prevent rudingnr corroding Thin ii aeon iuciug p. oof to old ?ig wearrra of tbetr unent. A* a WIG AND SCALP maker, PHALON'B qualification* are well ku'Wuan'J ?fpre ciated. lie ha* proved h lone If to be decidedly the bed in the citv. Taitiia fact which every w ig maker know* A couviacing proof, if any were wanting, aa the opinion of three of the oldeat and beat judge* in the proleaeiou itx New York can teitify. The pubhc can n >w judge from the PREMtUMS. via. the ailver medal laat year, and the firit premium thi*. awarded by the American Inatitule, who ia or i* nut the best Wig maker in N w York' n.?5 CaONGERT.-Mr. J. A. KYLE reipectfuliy" auuounce* to > hi* friend* ?i.d the public, I hat ne will gite hi* annua i Concert, at tha Apollo Coacert Room*, M< ndav eve mug neat, April 4th. i which * ccaaion he will be aiaiatcd by all the diitinguirhed talent iaihecity. (Teatlemen'a ticket* $t?ladie?'tlcket? 50 eent?. To be h-d tfM'Uri At will. Howell It Jaquei, W m. Duboi*, Joltcy. and O r. J. A. Kyle,41 Forayth It. Full parlicol -r* in tut are advertiiemen'*. n ?o It Tjt/ASHINtilTSNrANNIVERtiARY FESTIVAL AT W CENTRE MARKET HALL.-T) efri.nd* of temjeranee, and the public generally, are informed that thedecora ion* will remiin throughout the day, which the public are invited t* eall and examine, a* well a* to par tike of a eolation, wkich will be on the table from 7 A.M. till 2 P. M Admittance *4^ ent*o___^____^_______ m30}U* iTaDIEB LOOK TO YOUR TEETH ?All *liote who la ha-e neglected Ih-ir teeth ou arcount of'he oxorb taut charge* of the d nlia'i generally. ia thi* city* cm now have them akil fullytoperateil upon for lea* thau half the mual charre*, by ca'lingonI)r.BROWN li.-oi b oadway, above Chamber atteet n xt to Wa"hi"gtoii Halt. Txana. B at Teeth on gold plat*,4 F3 DO to 3 4f Kill.nn wi h fine gold, 0 75 to 1 25 t.ieauu-g or n eing, ft 00 (o 8 00 Beat do onpirot , ? 50 i? a 0. Filling wuh erment or a'lrer, 0 50 to I 00 Eztrai ting with !<? than half the usual paij, 0 JC N. B Alloperation! warranted,or no chsrgt made. map It* T'tl'BLIN VNIVEMBITV MAt'A/l -K?'l'he following . "noa e*ment appear*in the March number ofthia Magi tine, the American region rf which will he publithed on Satnrday, April 8d, containing "Our Me*a"fr m Ita commrucrmcut aa tar aa haa alresd . a|ipear*d:? "The putluhera of the Dub1 in Univeitily Mug- tine hare the p eaaure to inform the fr'carta and iippiirtrra of that jnirail. that they hate completed arrangementa with Mr LeTer,f Hairy Lortrquer) by which he undertaken lilt iditorahip of the Magi zine, raeerring for ita page* the publica'iou of "Jaik Hinton " and other tales by the same author." "Mr. Lever will al*o contribute largely and tieluairely t> each umrber of the migar.ine, Ikemantg'ment ofwhich under hu auapirei, will commence with the April number " J. M. MA8?.V, ftitsl aher. B laemeut Koumi, cor Pine and Bniadw ir. Blackwood and Metropolitan Magsz'a'i.and Bootley's Maceliac J- reeeired per Columbia, are in preaj and will b.- publuli'd eh-rtly. n 30 If npHF B-iwery Fashionable Millinery Establishment and A Cbe-prat Ladies' Bornet Store in New York, 84: Bowery, between Walker kn.t teeter at*. MbH. F. A. BUWN teodrm her int?ful thai ka to her qlmeroup mtrena, lid the ladies of New York RCDerillr, |j(! win he* to luform them lhat her firat noeriinc of French aprtug Faahious will b? on H?tnrd*y, A| ril 21.1943, when ahe will U r" ~ iv vw ?i. ..v oiv i uvtuuicr* wiiq . Houihrrn and country milmera will at Ihiialore.hare au<H yoriuuity nf aeti g a U rge aaaortn< !. aad lit a price con-m -j inrate wuh the timet. The fathio"t rcccircd monthly. m30 3t* TO THE BALD AND GREY HEADED-JONES* ep OIL OK ( OK AL CIR('A*SIA. 1 HOSE wlioae liMir in falling out. turning giry. or hat n . e<l growing, id article ia here clfrred you at a re aonuble pr <? ?rrmemberitia nat puffed?aud it will do all itU retreaeiuci to do Bead tkia? I certify thai mr hair wai falling r ut fait; I comix d out liaiidlnla daily, aad lit re I ho> e uird two bottlei of Jouta' Oil of Coral Circaaaia, it haa unite etopped falling out, and U growirg faat and dark. W. TOMKINf, It King at. Thia will fire light, red or gray hair a fine dark look, and in time caure it to grow dark from the roota. Among otliera who liar' uai d thia and certify ia J. F. Tower, grocer, Brooklyn, J . Oilt'rif, jewelh t 3dav,eue Mold b, T. JONES. aiguof the American F.aglr, 8??unlaaa yen ata careftn r.f the rigid number you'll ba cheated with a con iterfe; t?Hi I liatham afreet. Price 3 5 and 8 ahilhaga a bottle?three a reel. 1 SB Kalton atreet, IS rook I) n, ia agent. n 3d 1 in* _ ti i.r.'i"; Kk bAUS for Liverpool^ ny ( I " NARO'B Itoyal Mail Steamernf the til April, cloae at Harnden St ilo'a r.i;r ia Office, on Friday, Ayrnt tat, at M o'clock, P. M. HI. HARNPKN It CO P.M KKT SHIT' l.Ol'IS VICLF., Ironi New Oilcana ia diechargiug at Qrleana Wharf, foot ot Wall atreet. Con airneeaaill p eaae attend to the receipt of their gooda immediately. m;?. WANTED?A ttartuar with a capital ol f3oo to aaaiat.iw produciog a Perpetual Motion. Hatiafarfory information willbcgircn Add-eta at tlila "(Bee to C F K man at' W II MAM HKAMV, Jut bowery, bfleeiu Prince auif Spring atraela, i.ffera for aale the following dry good*, lately ree-ired French, Eugliih and domeatie calicoa mourniog and aecond mourning, light ihinla aud aingle colnra; go a a I." 1. A II a a 4-4 nlaid Karlaton g inghama. mourning and light colore; plait, and latin ilnped blue nlack figd ailka; lig .1 col'd lining aiikand watered hat ifbbown; fine b.k tnoir.iag a d light < : mualin d? laiora; ladifa' fan< y and gcnllern u'a blk ailk eraraUi I idiei'and gentlemen'* plain and hrn ?'i. lied men cam b icndkfa; Indira a.,d gentlr men'a I ghi col'd kidglovet; Mk lllk lo-grhawla; au lahadea aad iniaaea paraaola; long lawn*, b rdae)e di?pera; blk and brown linena; twilled, corded anfi Marseille* *kirtt;ibirting mualira; blk and white cottonhore kr kc.; itiioed, plain and corded cambric; jaconet, bank. Hwiaa, mu.l and Tar I?tin muaiiua, U ahoy a lawn*; cambri: dimitiM. kc. kc A'ao on hand. bk bombaun a, blk eh tly. figd Kolienat-a crapea, grrcu barege, naraao'l. and a general aaiortment ol th'r giMida, all o( which are offered teoer I'y, at loweat market pricea. Uoi rmpeitee?no abatement. mSO Im* FOR TKX A?.?Peraona in the ritv of New York, and in vi cinity having f-ienda ai d iateivita n Ttaaa, and who in ? detire to forward mot ev or gooda to the aid o' iheirfrie da may hart Ui? eppnrluaitr o do to .afely on application to J H PROWKB/'mi'iK rTeiu, mM HI' No. T? Wallatreel. ADVERTISEMENT?Should t' i? inert tie eye r,f U Nepolro* Knight, *> h i it i. preeumrd it <t war lately travel tag Ihruujjlt th- ft .to of Alaimmv, he will eot.frr a great born br *r'l"U to hi* mother, who li.ant heard Irom him tiuae the tfciddln of J unary. Any peraon knowiug where tie Dectorie, will, by addrraeing a not* to Mro. Knight. No. tit Naaeau atreet, N-w York, alleviate the atiffrrtaga o adircou olate t art lit Ti e leaf letter rree red from htm wee dated 17th /at it n jr. and from Mon gemery, A'abtma m3>at* TO" iHI ' Bl'ltl'ltk* ?I hrog'a >ecA. Wiat I neater ? Kor aalr.iwtn.y large Wtnte Oak Treea, ault'he f hip building. F"r trrnaa apply to ati?i? THOrt c TAYLOR I KKCHM?I I II110 fhhrrry Am large and health r IJ hurrn<and (rarinaa Loerhe., for aale ra.y 'raaonahlwhelwelr an t retail, or ea'afrlly aj nRed by WM Wa. TRlll S, lie -eat end I'aarma ntut, A|?thc'aaiiei'llall, ( ethariae at OLIDLfTZ AMI SODA POWDKRR ?Warranted terj t-J ar'ia e? In what are p. nerally told, put up eipr'.a If far 'ami'.? a>? For aale. whr.'.raale and retail. by WV WA. t ItOKS t hen tat and Phaiin. culiat, Apolheaariea' Ha! 3d' _ pIRt AKhii /(5d ft.f Ah?Tlie adrr rtiaer I at for aaie t. * l>etee.t eel Acock, ag repeati g Putol, which can be durhag ed an tiraaa in rvpal anereaaion, aimply by pullina the triager A men arined with a p>ir of three piato'e, w. aid be ?i|u i| to t <1 aea aim armr d with the common "Ti'l aoaaa new prejrctile pener ihall ta di covered, U.ra piaml uaiet be ayrpeaeed " Allpeeeone intrx awdin the cvturof T?eia?, are tnvtred t tall btid aaamiuatue article J. (1 BOLEN. lOt Broadway mJtlt* brtween Wall and Purr >U - I 7*7. A v, t-l.vil' OOCIETY LIBRARY ?dfili'a Laat Lectnre ?U. H HILL. oe median, haa iha pleaearr to rntiouncr ihat ha will bare hhe hoanrof detierri'g: hia laat lecture on the Manner#, Habi'r f 'txtoaM. Aa . ef the New Kbg'aidert, at the Society Library. Una vti iaa. March M, teak. . . Mr Hill will alao gira a naatber of hia celebrated ' tioaa. anecdote#, aloiiac. %e . at f iveu by hlta belore the mi a re teed aadienca* in he United Htatea end Europe G* Mia men'#lieheta,M ceata each?Ladica Uekate. W crti.a **t>! ore apea at a a^ tar tar before T-Lednre to ommeote v# half part T o'clock , W,[h' u.r r.kli. pre... a.? rraprelfall* In alfnod. Each will, with bu ladiee, hadmitted aa leifin* b>( ad raaa ?t lb* door. Oj Tfcr i ImI"? ?t lliMiklj-D _ miavt COPY OF A TESTIMONIAL inobf THE rn r. DBA TED DOCTOR NELBONTHE OHIOI.VAL MAY BE BEEN AT BTB BROAD WAY Mom VU1I Bib?ntr ortient with which yen flMwA the d??ayed teelb of iwo of mr uiwirnl llw pwpoit for which it was applied,tad paee the poiiMt aatiifacti-a The epaciaeae ofartiAaial teeth planted oa notd tamehi <i< a ranee of three or foar teeth up to a eooiplete aet f ' uth uei, whiah I h*?e aoan pen reteate, are an a lefel an me hitheet order ot dental iahalitutun now kaowa. eilhre bare or in Europe ' * rS0BElfr MELBOTM.D. Maeah U ll? ** Kraaktm .ireet To Mom Mili.ii Ii Hum. Snrfeon I?entj#l,3Ta Broadway. a?83 laata

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