Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1842 Page 3
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sermon, ehoosin< for his text Jlsaiah, chapter 65, ud MM 1ft " Whereat theu (tllidiag te Jeru aalen and the Jewe) has beea foreakan ud hated, so, that ao man went through thee, I will aaahc thee aa eternal excellency, a joy ef many geasretiona " The tendency of the right rev. prelate's diaeoarae was to show that, although Jerusalem hadendared, and might still endure, much suffer I in the fulfilment of inspired prepheey, nevertheiess brighter days wersat hand. India, The following are some further particulars of the attack upon the Jellalabad, and the dispersion of the enemy; The troops in the town had heen for seme time actively employed, having been surrounded by the enemv. who varied from 8,000 to 5,000 mea, in their diff-rent attacks, all within a compass of four miles. Oa the 14th of December they eamedown in force to the number of S,000, close to the fort. 300 men of thn 13th, the name number of the 35th, t wo companies ef Sappers, two guns of Captain Oldfield, and a squadron of the 5th cavalry, under Lieutenant maya*. ??? y?? Colonel Montrath, and drove them back with heavy loss. "Wie troopers behaved very well, aa did also the Sappers After this alfdir, tkey only appeared in small bodies ? and, from under the shelter which the numerous forts around ?fl>?rded, continued to fi e on our sentinels both day and nifht From the 12th of November the troops had bo*n employed in working oa the defences. The day they eatared Jeiiaiabad from Gundamuck the cantonments had been burnt by the eneiny, and now barracks were in progress of erection, (hough the work was proceeding but slowly. On the 1st of December the enemy presented themselves clove up to the gates, to the number of 4,000, but were ([uicjily repulsed with the lees of ItO mm, among whom were ine chief and two MolUhs, the trumpeters and encouragers of the rebels. The enemjr had recently been joined by a powerful tribe, inhabitants of Khybar, whi?e dislike, however, was so decided to Capt. Abbot's guns, that they precipitately retreated, not to appear again. Capt. Burn, whose corps deserted, had joined the garrison at Jeiiaiabad. The Janb&z had also gone off, and by way of employing themselves, had burned Gundaranck. Capt. Gerrard had been wounded in the neck, ns had also been Capt. Wade of her majesty's 13th, the latter slightly. The defenses of toe fort were nsnch dilapidated The ammusition sa 1 to have been dispatched by Gen. Avitabile had not rrivru. 11 wasrrponrn mm uicy wnc uui ?u wo?. of supplies at Cabul. Our troops had heard of the marcn of the 53d, 60th, and 64th Regiments of Native InfantryWe have reason to believe that the_ dispatches received from the Indian Government give a worse account of the state of efl'airs in Afghanistan than the private letters- The courage of the troops at Cabul was daunted by the fearful odds around them, and overtures had been made for capitulation ; but it seems that the terms demanded by the native chiefs were nothing short of the surrender of Shah Sojah himself, and the abandonment of the guns of the British army- To accede to these conditions would be to expose the amy to the almost eertaia violation of them. The artill-ry is the last resource which compensates for tiie d^parity of numbers ; and without it nothing can be foreseen but a mas snore of the troops?London Sun. China. The Earl of Ha-dwicke at Calcutta front China, (Macao,) where she left the 1st of December. No news except the reported capture of Hang-ichou-foo. All bustle at Calcutta, embarking troops for China j 16 transports engaged, 11,000 tons. Foreign Markets. London Monet Maeeet, March 3.?The premium oa gold at Paris is 10) per mille, which, at the English Mint prime of ?t 17s. 10)1. per ounce for standard gold, giros an exohaageof 3o 41 J, and the exchange at Psrtaon London at short beiug 33 57), it followa that gold ia O.St per cent, dearer in London man in Paris. Br adricea from Hamburgh the price of gold is 431) pr. mark, which, at the English Mint price of ?3 17s. 10)d. peroancs tor standard gold, gives an exchange ol 13 8), and the exchange at Hamburgh on London it short being 13 9},it followa that gold is 0.03 per cent, dsarer in London than in Hamburgh. Money continues abundant, without exhibiting any prognostic of a reverse during this month, which is usually the heaviest in the quarter. The English funds have been flat to-day, having recedel ) per cent from the higbeat price of yesterday. This is attributed to reue wed rumors of our government having received private dispatches from the QovernorGeneral of India, more satisfactory than those already Sublished. It is also feared that Sir R. Peel's answers t the questinn put relative to the French possessions in lgisrsmsy tend to irritate France, which ic already so very susceptible on the slave trade treaty. The opening price of Consols for the Account was S9) to J, from whioh they fell to 89). Tdo present quotations nra:? Consols for Money, 89) to J; do for the Account, 991 to #. The following is a copy of the petition from the American Chamber of Commerce, at Liverpool, to the House of Commons,oa the subject of tha Corn laws:? " The petition of the merchants ofthe American Chamber of Commerce for the port of Liverpool trading witntne united states 01 America, " Humbly aheweth,?That your petitioners, who are very extensively engaged in commerce with the United State* of America, beg respectfully, but earnestly, to represent the great importance of the trade between that oountry and Great Britain, which if sufficiently (evidenced by Parliamentary and Congreaaional returna. " That the whole amount of imports from the United States into Great Britain is paid far by exports, the chief vslue of which is derived from the labor, industry, and skill ofoor fellow-country men. "That experience baa shown, that the only limit to the demand far our manufactures in the United States is their ability te pay for them in the productions of their soil. "That sound policy requires that every possible facility should be given to such important customers,by which the produce of their country may bo exchanged for the iuduatry of our own. " That the United States of America labor under great ditadvantagee as compared with the neighboring countries of Europe, in respect to tho trade in wheat and fliur occasioned by the working of the sliding seals of duties, which operates to the prejudice of every country in proportion to its distance, and that she is not, in fact, but only nominally, placed on the footing of tha most favored nations. "That a moderate fixed duty on wheat and flour would most materially benefit the trade between the two coantri-s and lead to an extension of the exports of onr industry. -Thatthe domestic manufactures of the United States hava greatly increased during the last lew years, wbirh we, in great part, attribute to our own restrictive policy. "That the whole subj ct of the tariff is on the eve of being taken up and discussed in CoDgress, when it is to be feared that, unless we r?lax our system, retaliatory measures may be adopted. "Thatthe present time, wheu a measure is under tho consideration oi your Hmorahle House for an alteration in the Corn Laws, is matt tavorable for the introduction of such modifications at may tend to increase our trade with the United States of America, and by the enactment of which the double purpose may be effected of conciliating their friendly feelings and advancing the interests ot onr commerce and manufactures, i ? Tour petitioners therefore pray, that your Honorable House will substitute n fixed duty for the sliding-scalr, as most conducive to the benefit of commerce generally, and aspecially as res, ccts the trade with the United State* of America : but that, in any event, such a measure may be devised, either by extending the time fer taking the averages, or by allowing a longer period { during which duty shall be charged on the shipments I from America, or otherwise, as may place the trade with that country oa as favourable a footing as that with more neighbouring cauntriis. u And your petitioners will ever prsy, Sec. "THOMAS TODD, President." Livf.aroOL Cottov Market, March J.?The improvement in the appearance o! th<- market at the close of last week continued only through Monday?the accounts of Tuesday'* market at Manchester, being still nmatufactary, hat aincc produced a dulue** here, and ve clone without any improvrm< nt in prices?3400 bales af kinda being the silea of the day, making for the five day a of the week 21304 balea, of which S(>eculators have taken 1300 Sural and IOOU American, and exporters 1040 American an 1440 Sin at. Balea?130 Sea Island 10 a It. 4000 Upland 4ja(ij, 7000 New Orleana 4j a 7, 3C00 Alabama and Mobile4f a Livkbtool Cottoiv Maaaar, Feb. 24?The import during the wet k his been targe, but no variation baa occurred, at laaat not anch a one aa haa led to any change in prices of American Cotton, excopting ia the low descriptions, which are lather declining. The aame do aire to aell still contintK*, and the quantity on sale ia constantly too gieat for the d mand, but the very low ratea new prevailing hardly admit of further fall, and notwitmtanding the disposition to make sale* at pretent quotation*, holdeis teem dacided upon not further giving way- The advices from ihe interior are (till un'avora hie, and to remedy the evil #f over production, which ia comp'ained af, some parties are again laid to be reporting to short tiiaa. The low prices o7 the raw material and the abundance ef mint) mutt howevar tend to bring every thing Into a ratiifaetory state. The notica issued by the bank of Kngland yesterday reducing the rate of interest to four per cent; it in itself a valuable indication, and promises to be of gr< at advantage. It is now three years Since discounts hav.- been obtainable at that establishment uud< r five p-r cent, and ia the interval higher ratea than this hare bem charged Brazils und Egyptians eontinuedull and without alteration. Sura's in regular demand. The sales of the week fwith isufl h?t-? ? ? -- 1 - attaly market) amount to 33,1m baga, including itX'O American on (peculation, an.I 3400 American and 300 Surat for export. The quotation*, according to the etandard now edoptt d t > 'he broker*' Aaaociation, are, fair Upland* *|d, fair Nlobllea C| I, and fair Oilraui a{ 1 per lk. The import of the week ia 43 t-66 bale*. Price* Sea lalan.l and Urorgia ?J a I4|d ; Stained do i| a T|; Upland do 4| a ttj ; Mobile 4} ad j New Oileani Liverpool Coin tachtan, March 4.? #< have no material change to re|><.rt in the atate of the wheat trn te. Good uting aamplea of foreign continue to find moderate retail demand, and the inlet made during the week hare bean at about formei price*. Oata have been dull anJ all aecondary q'l.diiiea offering on lower term*. Malt and Barley have been held at former price*, tint the demand for both h<a teen very confined A modrrate quantity of Kgyp'ian Deana haa bean retailed duting the week at 29i. per qimr'er. The demand for boiling peaa ii rather Increeamg. The oatnfkel trade haa been very much depr. m l, and the price haa given way about li. per lead, without inducing the dealer* to increaae their purahaaca. Thern h*< In en no material change iu the ralue of choice barrel flour. Irialt Hour continue* very difficult to move. laOti berrele of Weitern Canal flour in bond hare been told at id*, per barrel, which ia tl* only trauaactton under lock reported thia week, rkero haa boon inquiry for wheat, bat no eotunl ealea. At ear Market this day, there waa a full attendance of (be town trade, and a good many diatant millere, and they aupplied theaaaelvea with wheat to a very fair extent, at a deolinu ef Id. to 3d. per buahel freai the pricea of thia day week. Oata were very dull, and fall Id. per buahel lower. There were aevnral preeeing aellera of aatmeal.and good common qualitiea might nave bun bad at-lit. ad. per load, and the beat aaaa plea at 34a. id, which ia lull la 6J. per load beiew the currency of laat Tueaday, American flour waa (VI. to la per barrel, and Iriah la. per aack lower,and the demand waa quite in retail. No traaaactiona under lock were reported. SraTa or Tbadb. Miwchcotib.?The languid appearance of our market for the laat two or three weeka waa ao manifeet to all that we almoat deepened (or the apriag trade, and began te thiuk that we had been wrong in oar eonjeeturra wnen we saia w? nrnevea mil ms new (sovernineni and the Bank of Bugland would aat in concert, and andvaver, by some means, to give an impetus to trade. We are rejoiced to be enabled to announce the fact, that the Bank has consented to reduce the rate of discount to four per cent, which will make money easy, and in the present depressed stale oftrade aad scarcity of money, nave a rery seasonable and good t-ffeet upon the seminarcial interest. Stocks are now comparatively light, and the season of tha year has arrived when more will bdone. and many merchants confess that they hare large conditional orders to buy when things are settled. We see no probability of goods being lower that now money is easier. It would net surprise ns to learn that nutfee tBrers were askiDg an advance, which, we hope tnd believe, thay will obtain as soon as the agitation is over; and people are made acquainted with tha measures ol the new Government. Wa are not and never were, admiters of either a Whig or Tory government, but we will at once confess that, though tno promises of the present government may be fow, leas thoy cannot do lor the trading interest than the last; it was only at the eleventh hoar, when they knew it was impossible any longer to retain power, that thay suggested any remedy for our manifold complaints. Te-day we have had more inquiry for cloth, and prices are without alteration. Power-loom priaters may be quoted, Mi 97-inch,4s 9d. to *s. to 1 jd ; and 7i's, a?. ljd. to *a. 7jd. Domestics, we era glad to laarn, are rather better to sell ?Advertiser, oi Saturday. Bolton.?The trade here still labors under severs da TMIIOI. LOUmai |Mlc> am III Ammm IICIUUU luau woj bite b?an for ton* weeks put. The demand for flue muslins and quillings i? on the deolino, and many of the quilt weavers have bean ?UM to submit to anothar aarioua reduction of wages. Cotton yarns hare received o improvement during the laat fortnight. Spinners are constantly endeiToring to diacorer aone aew applicatioB of Machinery to taka the place of manual labor, and thia,connected with ihe small number of hours of those who ar| employed are allowed to work, la constantly spreading destitution and misery amongst the laboring classes. Liicestbi ?The demand is very limited, susd the news from America, by the last steamer, announcing the failure of the bank*, will hare a tendency to limit business still more. No change haa taken plaae In material. Maaufacturera are acting with great cautian, and, wefanr, tha want of employment wilt be felt for soma time. Lrans.?We are happy to havo it in omr power to report a considerable im pror ement in the demand for woolIan sloths at the market* during th* past week. Ho w far it msy hare baen owing to the division of last week on the subject of the corn laws, we pretend not to aay, but the fact it incontostible, that, immediately afterwaidt a number of London and other country buyers arrived in Leeds, who havo bought largely of all descriptions of goods suitable for the spring trade. As might be expected, the effect has beea felt in the Place Halls, where a much Lrg-r butineas than of late has been dene, especially on Saturday j but hitherto there haa been no material improvement in price. Oue gentleman aaaurea us that more cloth was delivered from the White Cleth Hall, on Tuesday, than had b?*u sold on any three or lour Hatri C?TT?n Miiiit,Fen 38, 1843 ?Owing to the limited period intervening between the date of ear last circular and the preeent one. there haa been very little cope far any important business in our markat, but cea ideringthe ahort lapee of time, the transaction* upon the whole have been to a fair extent, aa well for consumption as far transit. But the demand that ha* been manifested, may ia a great measure be attributed to the amount of Cetton brought lorward, in cons nuence of the recent large arrival*, and to the desire evinced by i holders in general ta realise promptly. Thadownwaid tendency noticed at the opening of last week, has therefore increased, and a decline off. 9 he* taken plaro in ordinary and inferior American descriptions, whilst superior qualities, from their continued scarcity, still maintain their ground, and are even a shade higher. With regard to the intelligence from our manufacturing districts, there is nothing of a novel feature, and the state of trad* is at present satisfactory; but the accounts from England are of an adverse character, and rather calculated to cast a gloom over the mereantil* community, than to hold out prespaets of an immediate improvement. The imports of Cotton sinoe the commence sent of this month, nave been ratkar heavy, and amount to 47,326 bales, and the outgoings to 34^29 bale*. Balks from 33d'to 33th February?3,3M bales New Orleans, duty paid f. 83 a 101.30?1,343 do Mobile do f6? a 39?1,783 d* Upland do, f 60 a 87. Asks*.?Oar stock being very small, and hohleai having high pretensions, nothing has been done in American Ashes, and eur quotations therefore remain at f.33 a 30 for Potash, and f.60 for fearlasb, per 90 kil, duty (f3,33) paid. Risk? Owing to the recent large arrivals from the United States, Carolina Rice ha* given way, and prime lots are now obtainable at f29?84 tierces importedfioin Savannah, realised f 2.1.90 per 93 kil, duty (M 37}) P1"'- The Carolina, from Charleston, came in with 433 tierces. Wnuisass.- Nothing haa been done in Whalebone this week, our market being bare oi American produce, the nominal price of which is quoted at f 1 93 per J kil ,duty paid. Mabskillus, 12th Feb.?Cotton remaiaod very calm, and the sales limited ta a few parcel* Louisiana at a inning decline, mmei ?i uaies ordinary oaronna (Old at 83} If. Jumel remained neglected, and notwithstanding the expected lateuesi of thia year's craps, we do not p?ro ire the least symptoms of a reaction in that article. HiUivan, Feb. 3d.?There had not been much doing in coffee, owing to the expectation of fresh supplies, I,KB hags Braxilsold at 8to4fash; 400 St. Domingo at 3-J to 4} sch; and 400 Havana a ft* 'o 6 J sch. In raw sugar the transactions had been limited, but refined was still in demand. A few small parcels of Carolina rice had found buyers, and a lot of Bcagal. In cocoa there was no change. A bargain or two has been made ia piramto, but pepper was quiet. Malaga oil was lower. St. Domingo tobacco had been sold at 6 to S sch. Holders of hides were firm, but the prices being high, business was restrioted. Amstkrdam?Oi the 33th ultimo the auction of Buenos Ayras Hides was but thinly attended. Only a few lots were disposed of. 3.000 diy as well as salted found buyers before and after the auction, at about the same prices they were valued at, so that the whole of this imlactation which consisted of 6000 hides, is now cleared olf, the dried at 33 to 43}, and the salted at 33 cents. The Tobacco salr* ot the weeh were confined ta 114 hhds ofMsryland. Amwaar.?On the 331 ultimo 81 hhds Kentucky Tobseco, 49 hhds Virgins,end 130 zerooua Havana leaves wera brought to the hammer, and knonked dawn, the formir at 33 to 36:; Virginia at 33 to 39. and the latter at 61 to 101c. In all other artclrs nothing occurred. RaTTKSDiM, Feb. 16.?By Ant-hand transaction were to-day disposed of 34 hhds Msrj laad Tobacco, ax Heruid, 33 ditto, ex Lisette, 64 ditto, ex Paole, all importad in 1841 at 31} ta 31} cents, and yeiterday 40 hhds, ex local. 36 kkdm aasr I i sat t is ail and -17 KhHl oW U^f.mava nn.l M pier, or which price* were not generally known. St. PcTi.asnuac, Feb. 4?Since the lit instant, our sales were composed of 18,000 poods of Kasaan Potashes a', ails to, to he paid in advance, and 9000 poods at 33 4 7 s ro, with 3 6-7 s ro per beikowatz deposit both deliverable in May ; S90 poods yellow Been* Was (Podtop) at 14 4-7 s ro per pood, ca?h and 774 hoses white Havana Biijtar at 7 1 7 a ro per pood, the duty to he paid on the spot, and the remainder in lour months from the 1st of March. Superior Court. Before Judge Kent. The case of 'JTiornt* va. /fell, reported yesterday, turned apon a question of law, in which it Wui contended that the lettar of guarantee was parahi ant to every thing cite, aid entitled the plaintiff-. to a rerJict, even admitting that the endorsement was a forgery, it being the province of d>feadant to ascertain that point pravioua to giving such. A verdict waa given far plaintiff, as s ated. exceptions were taken, and the case will probably be eariied to the Supreme Court. B.m't (or/(?t Sophie'd C?jc?rt to-nigl t at the City Hotel. GO*-AMERICAN MUSEUM?The splendid array of attraction* provided h-re thia w?ek, keep the place crowded day and nigh'. Ths O.ysey girl,who ha* hitherto been in ill health, will bo on hand to day and astonish the visitors with her miraculou* power*. WinchaU' the Comic Drollorist, T. O. Booth, the Comic Singer, and Mr* Phi 1 p?, 'he |>opular vocaliat, make out a ueh and splendid un'.eiiainment. There i* to be a day performance thia afternoon, commencing at throe o'clock, for the aceommo istion of lamiliet, children and alran g rr, who cannot conveniently attend in the evening. fry- PEALE'S MUSEUM?There ere more thinga in heaven aud earth than are dreamt ef in thy philosophy Mrreutio, laya Hamlet?and so aay we. Those who wish to satisfy tbemsrlvee of the truth of Mesmerism, we aay the tiuth, lor we have seen and know, should attend the day exhibitions at this favorite institution. Hannington, the greatest ventriloquivt on record, ia, we are pleased to see, to give a grand display of his imitation!, magic Mights end surprising ventriloquist power thi* alternoon at S o'clock, as well as evening. By the bj one of Everard'* comic songs ia worth the piice of adminion. &J- ROBKWF.LL AND TURNER'S MAGNIFICENT TRAVELLING JCIKCUS i* drawiug treraexlously at th* Bowery Th??tre. Ntjoleon Turnar, the Adonis of the troupe, and hi* hrothor Tim, the invincitile horseman, both tide this evening. Besides the reckless and frightful horsi m jnshin of Oirar Stone, as the Comanche Indian, (4 win kecpi the holier in a continual roar with bit n?v< r failing merriment aa<l thrice'old johea The vaulting. tumbling, dancing, poaturlng, evt ry thing done by Ihie inimitable corpe, goe? beyond any thing ever witueaied. They travel next week. Xf- THE HOUSE UK HKFUUE^- The Hospital far the Poor, and all Pnblic School! or other Ina'itutient ia thia city who will apply at the office 71 Maiden lane ah -11 have a aupply of a lalra that ia a perfect antidote in flea mintiteo to Diirm and aealda. and whether to pay the coat o' it ar not, ahall reft entirely in the breaat af the diree tara ot inch ioatltntiona, after eeeing ita rfTectr. It ahall be given in all actual cam ralhar than intanae luffering or death of an unfortunate mortal ahould occur, and that death can happen from a hum when thia ia uaod at fliat, eema ta be nearly impomible, nalroe the vital parti are deitroyad. Tkii may aoem etraugo, bnt it la no leaa true, ai hundredithat hit e now taatad it, will teatify in the warmeit termi. We know of no article diaeavared that aver gave tech univeraal latiafaction and pleaaura t<' hla doei to tk? aatoniihed bekoldeia af ita aiTaota.? Thu ia troa, and thehonaral highly raapactabla men pledged to that elf e.t. it ia Mr UiTley'i Pain Extractor. A* T" Cenricj ana Rvjuir'r, P 0 S T S C K I P T. (J^- For our usual Southern Cot ' tepondenct, 4*-, >y tkie wiornmg's Mail, tee fourth page. QQ- CHATHAM THEATRE ?The moral and effec li?u plajr of the Six Degreea of Crime, having been rerived with ell iU origins! beautiei,i( performed to-night, Mr Hieldappearing for th" lirat time aa Julio Dormilljr, Mr. Thome aa Michael, C. Muatayer aa Charlea, and Mra. Thome aa Louiae. Previous to the drama, Mr. Jil. Scott appeara in hia popular charaeterof Macbeth, in which part he standi unequalled. Diamond and Whillock, the amuaing delienatora of Btbiopian neculiariliea alae appear in aeveral original aoaga and dances MR. COTTER ?Our readera we are aura will ragret that thia gentleman haa hia laat Ball of the Sea on it the Oothic Hall thu evening previous to its metamorphosis for Theatrical adaptation. Who will let the opportunity paa* to attend this festival end revel tor the last time amnlst the classic beauties of that old familiar hall? There are tales and reminiscences of this eelebrated plate and accomplished director yet to be told at some more convenient time, which will make all those regret who shall read them, that they neglected to witness its closing revelries. We shall be there if only ts listen to the new and thrilling music spoken of. " The Tex i an Hurrah for the Halls of the Montezuraas." There is a guarantee in the nanus of ths committee alone, that it will be a splendid affair and consequently a good Beusht to Mr. tfotter.? The admission is only a dollar TH ? PROPRIETORS have seen all sorts of nostrums dressed up in catch-penny and penny a line stories to attract the foolish?but they are determined to go only upon statementsol' faets about ih f >1 owing remedy, and if they cannot make them strong enough to convince men of good sense?they shall regret it lor two reasons, and as not making so much money would be charged by ths world as the first?they will solemnly assert that the alleviation of human suffering is not the least. To convince those who judge others to be governed by selfish motives and to extend its benefits and relieve distress, they give it daily to great numbers of the poor without charge. Two MxMer.asor Coisobkis, who have for vears been cripple* and in the muscle* of the aeck and shoulders? which are the most difficult of all to effect by internal remediea?are now using with the moat surprising effect the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Nerve aud Bone Liniment, Irean 71 Maiden lane. There are alto a great number of catea of the moat extraordinary kind in thia city of chronia rheumatism and contracted limb* and corda that are cared and being cured rapidly, which we are knowing to and think it our duty to atata them.?ATcw Yoik Journal?f Commerce. 07- HEADACHE AND PALPITATION cured in five minntoa by Sherman'* Camphor Lozenge*. The very best article* in uae for all nervoua diseases, seaaicknaaa, ho.?Allot Sherman'a Lozenges are juat what they are orackcd up to be. We have tried them, and know and adviae our reader* who have a cold or cough to go at once to lOd Nassau atreet and get a box. Our Philadelphia reader* will find them at No, I Ledger Building, and ear Albany reader* 4 Maiden Lane. Do mot be Impoaeal upon. WE, THE SUBSCRIBERS,certify that we have or aeen naed a mixture called Jaynei' Hair Tonic, and found it of no aarvice as a tonic, or to atay the hair, bat on the contrary, causing it to fall out more rapidly and filling the hair with grease, alkali and dandruff? We have each since seen used or uted the true Balm of Columbia, from 71 Maiden Lane, which staid the hair, directly caused it to thicken up rapidly and to carl beautifully, and kept it entirely free of dandruff. The Balm is more than four time* the quantity for the aame price, and has tha strangest testimonial* we have ever seen for any article,?and we recommend ita use to all. We hare been induced to give these facts by seeing an attack in one of the advertisements of Jay neon the Balm ol Columbia. OILMAN ROBERTSON, E. FAKRIN. DANIEL WHEN, CHARLES CANNON, A. P. HICKMAN, O. T. TAYLOR. The Question Settled as to the Proprietor* ship of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. (H7-IF A MAN CAN BE FOUND who doubts the following affidavits from miay of the oldest sad best firms and individuals in this city, then human testimoi y is of i o vail With every honest man, the Liverwort question will now be finally and fully settlid. Ci'/y and Ctunlyof Nttr T*rk, $i. D. Mitchell, of Mi Bowery, in said city, bei ag duly sworn, deposes that deponent carries on the printing business, and for the last nine years, deponent has printed all the wrapper and labels of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, for Frederick A. Thayer. Said Thayer lived during that time at 37* Bowery, till his death in Decernber, 1841, sad said Thayer was the only person who paid deponent for said printing, until his death, since which his widow has paid deponent. Deponent kae w said Frederick A. Thayer to be the ONLY proprietor of said medicine during his life time, and now knows his widow, M. E. Thayer, to be the sole proprietor, and te live at *7* Bowery, whare ownership of said medicine has always been, and now remains. Deponent knows that it is owing, certainly, to the unwearied persevering business Vabits and promptitude of the late F. A Thayer, that the knowledge of said medicine has been se extensively circulated through every sre'ion of the Union, and the demand for it so eticienily promoted. A certificate, with depjnent's name, has been one Wm. W. Thayer, without deponent's knowledge or consent, which is only true so iar as relates to deponent's knowing W. W.Thayer, a Sail Wo.ff. Thayer.or his mother,sister, or brotherin-law, or any one now claiming said medicine at *41 Spring street, never, to deponent's knowledge, had any right or any thing to do with it, and deponent fully believes that the only genuine of said meiiicine is new, as sliuAva ran I v In hit nhtsinAil at 'A7 k Hfl vi>rr. Deponent hat n? interest in the above medicine, but is induced to give this affidavit to uid the rights of the widow and the fatherless. DANIEL MITCHELL. Sworn this 14th day of Feb. 1S43 before me, JA3. II. KEI.LAM, Comm'rof Deeds. Deponent* have read the atfi lavit of Daniel Mitchell, so far as it relates to F. A. Thayer having been during his life time the sole proprietor of Taylor's Balsam ol Liverwort, and bavjrjr made the dent ind for it; and so far as it relates to M E- Thayer, bis widow, now being the sole proprietor of said medicine, and living at 37a Bowery, end know it to batrue. Wm.W. Clay, of the firm Was. R. Thurston, of the of J. kW. Pinfold J- Co. firm of Uaydock, Corlies Druggists, 4 Fletcher tt. 4' Thurston, Druggists, Abraham B Sands, of the 24 Liberty st. firm of A. B k D. Sands, Oirdon J L 'eds,of the firm corner ei Broadway and of Levda k Thayer,DrugChambers it. iti'ts, 127 Maiden lane. James Crumble, Druggist, N \V. Badeau, Druggist, 303 Bowery, corner 4 h 26? Bowery, street. A B Shaw, Druggist, 112 8 L. Hatchings, Druggist, Water st. 130 Bawery, coi ner of A L Comstoch, of the firm Broemest. of Comstock k Teylrr, Walter B. Townaend, firm Druggists,aoruer B,relay of J. k W. B. Town send, and Washington. Druggists, US Beekmsu at. corner Water. S worn ueiore mc ian i?v.u inn lata u?y i-i run. 1ea i GEO. Y. GILBERT, Cttnm'r of Deed*. Tin aubacriber* bare loi many year* paat alwaya aolJ the Taylor'* tf Liveiwort, made by K. A. Thay r, who we believe to be the brat maker of the lame, and woo brat introduced it into general uae.and we atillcontinue to aupply ouraeive* with that made at 37* Bowery, which we believe to ne made from the original receipt. RUSH TON V ASriNWALL, Wholesale Druggists, do William at. Swurh to by Jamea 9 Aapin wall, of the firm of It kA. IIAVILAND, KEESE k CO Wholesale Druggist*,?dMaiden lane. Bwern to by Jamea C. llavilaud. COilSTOCK k CO, Whokaale l)i uggiita, 71 Maiden lane. Sworn by L. S. Curatlock. Sworn before me thia la'.h of Feb. uary, I Oil. 0BO. Y. OIL BERT, Comm'rof Deeds. The aubacriber hat lor a number of yeara told Taylor'a Balaam 01 Liverwoit,manufactured at 37* Bowery, and believe* it to be tbe genuine article Brat introduced under that name, and mil manufactured at the above place. GEO. 8. W. MABEE At the liouteef William*, M .bee, f Clapp, Wholesale Druggists, 98 Maiden lane. Sworn befoie me thia ltth day of Feb. fttij. GEO. Y. GILBERT, Comm'i of Deed*. The aubacriber hat for a number uf year* aoldthe article called lir. Taylor'* of Liverwort, and alwaya faund reedy h'ale far that prepared at 375 Bowery, by Mr. f. A i'hayer, and now by bis widow,M. E. i'hayer, which he believe! to be the only genuine article. A. B. SHAW, Druggiat, 113 Water atreet. Sworn before me thia la'.h day of Feb. 1943. GEO. Y GILBERT, Comm'rof Deoda. City and Oaun'y *} Nrw Stephen B. Hutching* of laid city, being duly aworn, depoaeih that he became acquainted with Frederick A. Thayer aeout nine yeara ego, and lor about eight yeaia previeui to hia death, he and the de]>onrut were ou the moot Ultimate termi ami conatantly in the habitof Tinting each other, and lrom what ho ohaeived during hia vkita at 37* BoWerv. and from reneated coiiveraalKini had with said Frederick, in relation to Dr. Tay lot's Balsam of Liverwort, he. deponent, alway I believed Krrde lick A. Thayer in? inventor of sua sole piuprietor of aid oimlicii.o; and the deponent further seiili, that he ia lha aeueg exeeutor to the last will and testament ol the aid k'riderirlt A. Ttiuycr, ar J aa fir aa ha has oxamined into tho affairs of aai.l estate, he cannot putceivo that any patsoa whatever had an/ connection with him in ihe mauul'acturc and tale of the aforesaid medicine. 8. B. HUrCHiNUS. Sworn before me this IMh day of Keb 1811. MORRIS M DAVIDSON, Comm'r of Deeds. It ma/ ha recollected ihat, a > ear or more ainca, a apeciotn attempt was made to deprive the proprietor of Taylors BiUain of Liverwort, at 374 Bowery, of his meoiciiio, aad make people believe it was removed to Chambare Street. This was so fully expesrd by tne press, several of whom took the pains to look into tha feats, and castigated severely, in their editaiials, the persons engaged in the attempt Some of the same persons who figured in afll avits lie., in those attempts, have low started another equally reprehensible and desperate irapos ure, in trying to make the public believe that they hava tha Balsam of Liverwort in Spring street. Let no one be deaeived?tho true Ualtam of Liverwort is only to ho feund at 374 Bowery. Tae public must not tail to observe, that the whole concern, in getting up the attempt in Spring street, is the saws ir l?t Ihe famjui rrplidrd one at 3J Chambers at. Read nasul the extracts frem affidavits of these tame people made and then published ta aastain that concern. Remember, that Mary I,. Thayer, on* of the tweareis, it now, and WAS THKN, the wifeol said Wilson, who s new lotsted at 341 Spring street. Here are the affidavits of tha?e persons, now at -41 Spring street. L?t them read (Cop .) . (Copy ) ' bapoarnt also placed And deponent further ia the hands of said W J laysthat no prnon name' Burritt, with the comet t Geo. Taylor had ever any and oo-operation of Geo. concern, agency, intereet Taylor, M. D., whose name or right in the abuva named the medicine bears, and receipt," [Taylor's Balsam for a valuable coasldera- of Liverwort 1 ate. ate. tion to aaid Taylor, a full JAMES WILSON, power of attorney, irrevo- Sworn the 15th day of cable from the aaid George May, 1M0, before as. Taylor, M. D., to Wm. J. H.HBNT. Barritt, etc. tts. Commissioner of Deeds." JAMES WIL8CN. Sworn before me the 25th Auril 1-un D. P INORAHAM. Associate Judge of .V. York Cmoi Pleas.'' Now for the wife and daughter : ? "And deponont further says, that the affidavit of Dr. i. Wilson, in relation to this article, from her boat knowledge and belief, ia true in all its parts !! Signed, MARY L THAYER, 541 Spring at. Sworn 55d Map. 1?40. before RICHARD READ, Coa'r of Deads. Which Joes she mean ?f her husband's affidavits t? tke two are exactly opposed to each ether in so many wards :!! Next the mother-in-law, Mary Thayer, 541 Spring at, ' Has read the affidrritof Dr. James Wilson,iu relation ta Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. The circumstances set forth are facta within the knowledge of this deponent and are etrictly true." Signed, MARY THAYER, 541 Spring at. Sworn before the same Commissioner as her daughter. Which does she mean af her son-in-law's oaths 1 One exaotly contradicts the other ! Now far the son?W. W. Tkaver swan:? " ArutAii deponent farther saith, that he hat read the affidavit of hia mother in relation to the original anther(hip and object of the first production of thu medicine, nad the line it in all and every particular, to the belt ef hit knowledge and belief, etrictly true." Signed, MT. W. THAYER,241 Spring at. Sworn 90th May 1*40, before W. WRIOHT, Comm'a of Droda. Which doei he meaathat hit mother'i a wearing it true of hit brother-in-law'a oathi?that one it falte it telf evident on the face of it! ! 1 City and ('aunty of New York, it. Frederick A. Thtyer being duly (worn, depotet and tayt that Jamet Wilten who hat made an aflidavit that he (Wilton) framed the recipe for Dr. Tay lor't Balsam of Liverwort, did not make or invent the reeipe by which laid article it made, and that taid Wilton never madeor knew how to make, and doea not know how to make. Dr. Tay lor't Baltam of Liverwort?at it bat been made for nearly tevea yeart paat at the proprietor'! office 3T4 Bowery. Deponent further tayt, he made a butineti arrangement with George Taylor, M. D., now deceased, before he ever taw or heard ef taid Jamea Wilson; and that taid Wilton never wat interested in the proflta or tale of the Baltam of Liverwort?Deponent further aays Wilton hat never made any demand or claim whatever en deponent for any share of profits arising from the tale of taid Baltam of Liverwort, nor hat he ever complained to or told taid deponent, that suoh profits were not properly appropriated. Deponent further tayt, that he has been for seven yeatt the tole proprietor of Dr. Tay lor't Balaam of Liverwort, and hat made at kit own expense, thu whole demand for laid medicine, for the truth ef which he refers to nearly all the druggist! and moat of the proprietors of aewapapert, and to those persons who have purchased the line during that time. Deponent further tayt,that wiium me pail wren, inn Jiori wiit?a munieuuepunentV titter Mary L. Thayer expreisly againat, the wiihra and content of thif deponent, and hat not yet (that hit wife'* affidavit may hare effect) publithed the marriage. Deponent thai account! for Wilton't wife and mother in-law hollering hie (Wilton't) affidavit, the more at aaid Mary L. Thayer, now (Wilton,) and her mother, MaryThaytr, reaidod in Vermont at the time ofdepcnent'a arrangement with Dr. George Taylor; and comequently knew not the facta. Deponent rcgreti tadly the neceaiity of thai appearing before the puhlio in a family coatroreriy : it ihoutd ever be tacred?but it hat plainly been forced upon him by the publication of theie caluraniout affidavit*. Signed, F. A THAYER. Sworn before rae thiitiOih day of May, 1840. 9. B HUTCHINOS.Cemm'rof Deeda. Thit affidavit it conclutire, and wat called for only when thit unjutt crutade againtt tharighttof the proprietor exceeded all bonda of reaton and decency. UNPARALLELED BA9ENEIS !?The pertont at 341 Spring itreet, who are making to deaperate an attempt on Taylor't Balaam of Liverwort, have had the outrageoua batenett to take an article from the Sun, written expreatly by the Editor of that paper in favor of the rigktt of the oaly true office at 876 Bowery, aad alter the pbrateology ao at to make the whale appear at if written in favor of 841 Spring atreet, while it wat directly ugainat it, and have had it publithed in the Courier and Enquirer of February 13th, at an advertiaement. They have alto itolea many of the oertiflcatet that were addreiaed by benelitted individual! to Mr. V. A. Thayer, 376 Bowery (and the original manuteripta are now there to be teen) and altered them to make thorn appear at if given for 341 Spring atreet, which it abto lutely FALSE. That far their malignant feelingt are thown by the following V I hereby certify that W. W. Thayer, 341 Spring atreet, called on me twice, and detirod me to take the agency of hi* Balaam of Liverwort. Thit I declined doing, laying that I ihouhi still continue to toll the genuine from >76 Bowery. He then aaid, that eould he not aellhit,he would Jo that which would hill the Bale of all, at be mnit make tomething out of it. Signid, M. HAYS, 1S? Fulton at, Brooklyn. Feb. 10th. 1841 DR TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT ? The Proprietor.371 Bowery, has jait leen with lurprise in the Jersey City Advrrti?*r, communication from W. W. Thayer, 341 Spring at. which ii calculated to deceive the ignorant. The public in general are too well acquainted with the genuine tojbe deceived by inch advertiiemeata. He aaya it ia denied that he, W. W. Thayer, was the brother of F. A Thayer. This he kno we is not true. The day after the burial of the late proprietor F A. Thayer, an aanonymoua advertisement appealed, which was followed by others: and finally W. W.Thayer came out in his own namo.wnir.h called forth the following reply : The present proprietor at 374 Bowery, did think that sufficient had been said to satisfy the public that no person bad any right or claim to the genuine recipe, which was left by herdecessed husband, for tha benefit of herself and infantchillren. W.W. Thayer,tha brother of the deceased, advertises In one of last Saturday 'a papers which rendered it necessary that the widow should again reply. Shortly after the decease ef the proprietor an advt rtiscment appeared?'-The brother o( V. A O." and again "The brother of F. A. P." and again W. W. Taylor, aad finally, Wm. W. Thayer-all emanatii g from -141 Spring street,-and lastly, says he was associated with his brother at 374 Bowery. It is positively denied that the brother of the proprietor ever bad any eennection with said establishment. Aboat four years ago he opened astore34l Spring street and advertised "Dr. Roger'* Balsam of Liverwort." About two years ago, be took pHit, and sepported an establishment, 3,J Chambers street, and thev claimed to be the proprietors of Dr. Taylor'* Balsam af Liverwort. This place was soon closed. It ii a fact, and they cannot contradict it,that at the lima the Balaam of Liverwort first came before the public. Win. W. Thayer, waa about fourteen yrara of "gf' MO\KV MARKKT. Turtday, March '49-0 P. ?. TheCa.umbii hat at length arrived. Her news i* not however, of a very important character, with the exception of the aspect ot political atfaira, growing out of the ri fusal of France to ratify the treaty of the right af search, which is arsuming a very important character, Commercial affairs are rather more gleomy than at the date of our last. The exchange! are indoed in favor of London, and gold ii (lowing slowly into the bank. The umiuat at the latest dates was, however, but ?6 000 000, which is higher than it hat been for three years, notwithstanding the most strenuous efforts of the bank to iucreasa the stock. The export trade of the country had net increased, and the favorable stite of tho exchanger may be ascribed solely to the appreciated state of the currency, a* compared with that of the continent.-*The bank had, however, published the following notice : ? Tho Governor and Company of the Bank of Engt land are ready, until further notice, to receive applies' tions for loans, upon the deposite of approved lulls of exchange, not having more than six months to i un, exchequer bills auJ East India heads; su'lt loans to be repaid on or before the 30th April next, with interest at the rate of four per cent per annum, and to be for sums net less than ?2000 each. " February '14, 1841.'' This notice, reducing the rate of interest to four per cent, one p> r c? nt lets than has been the case for two or throe years, iu the face of the stagnation of the foreign markets for British good*, end the evident fact from the existing rote of interest, ont of doorr, that the volume of the currency is now sufficiently large to answer all the purposes of trade, grows out of the desire of the minis try to stimulate, by any means,the trade of the country, in order to counteract, in some degree, the almost overwhelming indignation which their courae on the corn question haa occasioned. If such is reslly theobjeot, as charged, it m ist only serve to heighten the distress, because the increase of the currency roust tend to raise the money price of food, while the demand for labor, depending upon the foreign market* for Britiah goods, Cannot he stimulated. The operation will be, therefore, only to raiao the pTice of food upon the already starring operatives. The hopes of manufacturers are, notwithstanding their experience, still amused with the ides of a revival of demand in this country for their manufacture*. These idea* are engendered by the faliehool* puouaned on nota aidea of the Atlantic, by iniereaioa partiea. who ah'it their eye* to the real ftate of attaint, which ia that of an approach to a apecia atandard, an.I ronaequcntly of an almoat prohibition of foreign import*, eten under the 2d per cent duty. Thia fact ia eai- I dent in the anortnona quaotitiea of good* that are offering in out market, at half tha eoet of Imj-ortation. without a'.taming buyer*. The good* now hera will, to a groat eiported. entitled to .!< Vrilurp, and tnpply ath?r foreign market* with goa?l", and diminiih the do manlia Kogtend for tboae quartm. In ordertoahow tha rninou* atate of tha trade in Kegland, we publiah the followuag table of the expoita of all cotton goed? from th 1."r'-l King lum for lHp) and is II, from Burnt' Ciiaaic ) *.?ro?ii or Cotton Uoooa >(u? UftKiT Boitai".. 1110 I (41. lfct Vtm >.? . 107,45(.ST( lb# 115 805,403 8.7U8.007 ? Cv?r? llirt##, 7,?78,70? lb* 4.015 100 2 03# io? ? 0.0|,. ", i . 54.480 jri# 71,(0# tl ,817 ? kjui'ti #, Ud ribo, It .*a iclj J'3J,620 31.?J# ? 1.?wu# hdH ltaol. 218.859 yds (901 ? Ml ,75# !: K d, '3*3.471 148 yd# 370 748 775 70.<77.l?i ? <- licoco pit #, 301.(4# 03# yd# 311,144 487 M.IM.4I8 ? i, " 4 I 05 47J yd# 55.M8.13# (0UI?,t?3 ? hTiiT0 f-V l,77(.(#lyd# 1.459 (03 84 781 ? "??#J##?<0 1 H3.ll 1 - 643,4(4 Shawl# l.i fg.kc. 377.071 vdo 414.948 77,797 9?lik.?oa, 453 931 yd# 349.014 1 03,007 ? T Li 8.769.104 yd# 7.019 843 ? 1,130 508 r?Jfc'. iw fc i. 107 531 ,'371 yd. 111 138 031 3.504.804 ? 'k i J 157,105 yd# 81.550 ? 8?.556 1>#M #k, fcdu'. 19.144 jd 7,100 - 11,754 U'.'iV. k".1?'^C- 70'fc,U y? 71 043 308 sh twl# hdkf#. Sc- 127,3.7 dl l 38 797 - 3* 500 kohUu#, Sir. 54 304 do# 49 831 15 337 ? Ho#i?fF, 447 103 d,# 437,987 _ 9.311 l.OI,g *' AlJ?.23l ?119 833 ? 19 438 juisgivesa vast increase in tuv quantity of expoits. The following table gives the comparative declared value: ? Declares V a li* v. or Esforts from thk Uritbo Kirudom to Jan. 1841 alt* Jan 181? Manufactuirs. 1841. 1814. Incr. Liter. Co tuu m*nf4Clar?s, 17,887,3.0 16,209,241 ? 1,318.0*8 I'etton Vara, 308 7,081 340 181,030 ? F.artheawarv, 573.184 890 77? 17 588 ? IJUaa. 417.179 411, .71 4,893 ? H -r-lwar<fc cutlery. 1 349,137 1.805.191 07 8 044 ? mtoulaciuna, S 396 088 3,358 030 40 973 ? Lineay.rn, 810.878 9)9 840 147.974 ? Bilk niAiiurae ures, 792,>48 788,088 ? 8.580 Bugar reftued, 448,893 547,834 8,941 ? Woollen y*ra, 453 957 489,941 38 987 ? Wool lea, manufac. 5 307,863 5,787,544 459 891 ? 38,151,430 38,046,673 From this it appears that notwithstanding the great increase in quantity of Cotton manafact?re? export edi the actual value haa diminlahed 6 per cent. In Colton Yarn the increase in quantity was 7 percent. The eg* giegate value remaining the fame. This was (the declared value at the place of export. At the place of tale scarcely half of those values hat been obtained. What then aaast be the state of that protected manufacture 7 The preset vation of a sound currency in this country will be a death blow to the English manufacturers, unless American produce can be taken in exchange without duty. And tven in that case they can scarcely compete with our own manufacturers. The operation of the present UriH' upon the imports of English Prints is as follows : Cesv to IssrsRT Taixra into thk United States, 34 td?. IIV 94 INCMCi. id a. d s. d. i. d Coslp rp'we, **w 10,0 14 0 21,0 3\s Duty pe-yd. 4,19 4,53 4 94 5,19 Do in sterling, 2 97 2,46 2 07 9.80 FreigM. lie.due ptr et. 99) 33) 32) 39) Cost IS import rur rla. 14,60 18,98 27,01 30,9? Do sterling price, 18.8 23,11 33,10 38.11 Do percent, 85 71 63 58) This is the result of the tariff as it stands, which is 28 per cent ad valorem on an assumed value of 33 oents per yard. AfterJuneit will beStper cent on the tame arbitrary value, which it will be seen above is equal on the low qualities to t>6 per ceut actual protection to tha American manufactures. If this is increased in the present dear state of the currency it will become prohibi1 and destroy all hope of revenue from that source.? These facts show how illusive is the hope of an improved state of trade in England. The mere fact that money is plenty amounts to nothing. When goods are very low and trade dead, money must of course be plenty if the volume of the currency is ever so small. The plentiousness of money in England cannot restore speculation in this country, and without (peculation the people will buy no mora than they can pay fen which will confine the demand to our own manufacture* In American stock* there was very little doing. Quotation* were nominally a* follow*:?Indianaaterling j fire*,31; Ulinoi* sixes 30; New York fires, ISM, 77; Ohio sixes, 73; Pennsylvania fires, 47i; United Btates Bank share*, 1. In another column will be found the memorial to Par Lament of the Liverpool merchants connected with the American trade, on the subject of the Corn Law*. The Board of Brokers i* certainly afflicted with some monomania. The less business they do the more thay | increase their expense*. A short time since, in humble imitation of the Clay policy,they disided their surplus re- j renue, their ordinary receipts then, in consequence of * r ,..11 ??T T? ' iuvuci?/ v* "uwui?, <v" VM *v V*"VM/ 4 tbil, ala Clay, they hare increased their expenditures.? \ They have heretofore occupied a room every way luited J to their business. la it were transacted the immense | operations of 1936?after tho great flre, when its worthy president swallowed and disgorged a thousand shares at a sitting. The very walls bear evidence of I tho golden age of stock operations. In all that time tho { rent has been $900 per annum. They did not think of increasing their expense when that sum did not represent j the coaamission of an hour's business. Now when it will represent the gross transactions of the day almost* ' they have hired a new room in the Exchange at a rent 1 of $1600 per annum, and have laid out $1000 in upholste. j ry, in the vain attempt to prevent the echo of their own voices. If they pursue this course they will soon Aud themselves repeating the classic stanza which Mr. Clay lately Incorporated in his speech, in application to their divided spoils. The sales of the Board to-day were very small, at a general fall in prices. Illinois6's fell 1 per cent; In' diauaft's,}; Long Island MahuwkJ. Bank of Com' more*,full stock, fell a per cent from the last salt s ? Tkis is the effect of mixing politic* with banking . Sales #( bills on Philadelphia, 1 din. The only measure towards really " relieving the people,"'and restoring credit and conAdence, which haa yet , been adopted, is that of the psasage of the tax and Anance I bill* of the State of New York. This movement amidst tho universal dishonor and bankruptcy, lifts the credit oi the state far above cavil, and makeait the nucleua 1 around which our mrrcanlili prosper.ty must recon- ' struct itself. This poaition should have he?n assumed by the federal government at t'ue extra session ; but the contemptible intrigues of unprincipled men sought rather, to " make commodity of Jtheir diseases," to fill the pockets of the spccalative few, at the expense of the in dustrious many, than to bestow the greatest good upon the greatest number. It is true that those who have empty houses on their hands may ofject to the tax, but they must remember that the enormous rents that have been and are still demanded, have driven occupants to last room, and rents must fall immensely before all the housta can again be taken up. gale* at th* 8IOCK Kirnsng* 10J0 Ohio *'*,185# 51 5 Bank o. Coin..?*u I, 70 f juoo Illinois bonds 18 25 Del fc Hadnn 00 lO-.O do inw 16| S5 to 8?] 5000 do 31 1* t6 Mohawk . ? laj euoo do 16 650 Lour Island I'.K 51 sooo do 16i 50 do 51] 6O00 Indianabond* IT] 350 do 5it 5000 do *thw 171 ,50 do I.I 3!) 3000 do bOO 17; I lOPatcreou "R 45 5000 do alw 17] 8000 Indn ua bead* ?3 17] 3004 do >60 17 Second Board 05 Mohawk 41 50 do 18 51 j 60 Long Nltnd Itn >10 5U 50 do 51J State of Trade. Wo extract from the Kngliah paper* tbo following tateneat. The following ia the oiKci-il account of the conenmptisnof lliw Sagarin the United Kingdom for the lait ] three years 1*3*. 1*40 Ihil. OfB.P. id Ameriea, (Wl. 2,789818 2.44*530 2.274,462 Of MatlrltlUi. 589,1*4 0 *3 248 724 772 Kasl Indi of I P 477 6*4 SI8.630 1.0** *0 Komfaofall sort*, 51 2,441 257 Total, 3^67 J37 3 COtt>63 4.M5.MI Id this mtrket thii morning Ashes was quiet.' The Dew a by the steamer had no perceptible effect upon the Cotton Market thi* morning. Flour has not altered much?Genesee aalll at f 6,50 ; 100 harrela New Orleans brought M 111 Georgetown ii held at $0; Philadelphia, Brandy wine and Baltimore, $3*7} a ; Troy $0.I1| , I Jrraei Rye 3 *0; North River do 3 J3; Corn Meal 9,97) a 3 1JJ; *000 bnahelaCorn from New Orleana were taken I to go East at A3 a50 centa, weight; 30 1 bit Poirl Aahea of this year's intprction, for export, at A,A0, and 10 000 gallona Whale Oil at 37) centa per gallon. Foreign Market*. Iltiim>t| March 10.?Cjnfidering the sra?on of the year there la very little doing ia Sugara ; aoaie purchaser of aaiddliog quality hare, howerer, lieen mede at 4 and 3 riala ; and a few veaarla hare been chartered at A'9 17a. a ?3 per ton lor Cowea and a market, and la. a loa. additional for the Baltic. In Coffee no alteratioa \|0 laaaet, 1 rial perkeg. Exchange on London, * a 10 per cent prem ; New Vork and Beaton, 2) a 3 per cent dia. The cargo of Rice per ?chr ?? aold at It), and that n, r brig at 10) rials. Wo hare two other caigooa in port tinaold. M?Tier??, March 13. ?Market without change sinco our last datea. CorfVe of fair quality 7. No Rice in lii at bands, bnt we do not suppose that more than 10) rials could be obtained for a cargo if It should arrlrc. Harriott, n the 28'h Inst. by the Rer. Dr. Tne.kcr, J. Wai lacr NksMITH. of tbii city, to Mart W., daughter of Joseph *!union, Esq. of Proridence, R. I. Died i neanay, inc win intiam, in inn il?! year 01 n?r opr. Mn. Haaan fluiuni, wile of Jjhn Hnlnran. The (Oienlaand aequaint.-incr* of the family are rr rpertfully invited fo atlrnl the funeral thii altcrnooa, it 4 o'clock, from her late rraldeacr, 93 Anthony itreet. OintMl ImI af or a lingering illneaa. which the t>ore with exemplary patience, Lotria* Ann lae Cow niir, joungrat daughter of Samuel anil Elira Cawdrey. Fmm ngere AvtIwmi. I lUiriMl-htlie at'arnfhire ColaaMe and t'liieone-E'r HaVaa?Hon Rami f'nnerl hoe Hooatno Mr and Mra O ? Hand, Me-ara Croahy. H ?Vler, T A Lolwa. Akir. > orraj *anball Loni'ilorrck, N I fnrjia I *4olaon, Mr AHino-a, K L Jti-ratf A'b >n Wm Bay do,, K F.aiunraih.? A I. b Stephen Rhu'a. Mn'ann, Caaiallaw. H <- , acn.'i woll Loo. H J ,} ?, iH Vk W I t orckia.T W '.aiaWeer, 1) Melliaa. ?*r Jno H?nS A MOibeon, J C KKkaoad, Tattle Ha**r 9ram H? lal lor bo* ou? tun J lucluau, O AkIuImui. U ruu??J and fa.ail,, J C*bw- T CltUiid. H'luUr. H. n v T lei iJIdy.jtllwinintii.rnU.T'' Ki?a??r MK?Br?.y Oil *e?._T T .lw.,.b,\V K Ncwmtu lieu McKfilir. i Liug"v Iid.C V Ward. Mo ail. a-brig ( Uirn-Hr M R?w*. Foreign I in |Ktrt?l l<xia PtLnnna?9hii> V?*ptr?1TM ?nla briiutlon* U j>ip*? Sou ariuc It c>al?r< cora ?.?>u ? ? ?< luruttork IS70 lift a unite lufld* liinead 960 Jo walnutp'ito CinrU 'Ml cl* loane* a lour IOOt>ul?ui?Bi 107* do oral jr? l.? < I juiIm i lain k Ponre't. AatiaaTouii. 8. A ? Bi;k c ro'iut?MHHI Uidta, 9*00 horn* Orlricka A Krugt r?3t0uLulr? B ivuiu It I'o (il iUMt. PR ?Bii|l< uruelia?M i.tula ttigar B Or Korea! k ' >?111 ck* Bolawc* kU ckwitb?? tirrcci do to older. WW BO imi* iririJoni, Mataoo*i>4? Br K lode eudeacc?17? bale. r-4?.>n J tiihio ? i* <1*. 14 de beir, 4 bble fu i A l4|*OtLi?i?Blip Huehee ??I7 bbl? po?b S8 Brian? 04 do llour J llirka?4 ce ?dec F Blaag k e.?i?4 rj Brualeinu K. op k co?it bli Je M Teller?1 pk|t Houghton k Sheiler?4 do \ A Center k eo?J# b? heoip 111 do rult..n Ne?bo!il k. rrulu-D bble ey rep Waldok. Tbomee fc ?>--40 do heme Bruehk co?4oo lieu rill kife Mid W H k H4. Httibe"J* T 444 bbUlardU 1! Field? III eredo 8 Willume fc co?It kg. & bble ered e Blown, 117 ble pork Id order. . ? w ()kL.?4i4i.?Ship klieati?(reported u? jreeterdey iH reld) ?JSk.i eeike cern. lid do whenl, (0 bble Bo. IdBe* eeed. a belea leather*,'g41 hid'i J Hantr?Wekd Id P Keodfc Brother*?kig. laid. Babcoek k CO? 74 bile po'k, IT keg# lard O Uouglee?IS eke flux eerd. b*2 bble dnj peeehee, otrw-K e. lloekt ?uo bale* col ton. 8|>offoed, T i fleet oo Ik co?IH bble |.irk. J Macy k eoii-SHO bble molaeeed, ?o?roiiu Johneton k co?i tou old iron. I act old michineejr, J W Bmker?? bele cleeer ?.?1. Uowee k I erey-70 do pork, W k 1 JeWO? 275 do flour. Ke W Duul urn it $?n~l4 bit rart*? A Ktlltr ? CO?300 bble flour, 330 hi XOOjbbl* puk, to Ofder.. MflM * MomII?Nhip bale# coiloo?H Wilee?d (IreMiwajr. Henry k co-SBuckk ro? 44 Dane k Pidl-lllA Brigge?bs Unite k co?33 A Avenll-t* J.Lee? Idd J D Fride ?lit < i W lirelwnght? itoionriltr Mobil#.?Brig Lliairet?I bbl be.ewe., Wmeteor V'e'e keo? I do emieoti haiue. J N (' rkiue?s tie indzr, k. D Harlbut k cia? 17 balee rotten. C k K Waldo? tea Hn n..~.?k | c^?3$ do J H Talinuj?34 do 1 fit W Tow utend? do K L Muiilaad?17 do vrdrr. C?t lutok?Brig Tyh?e,(reportedio yeateiday' Herald) ?2 IN cullou Bugbre St KnreU.d?1 ihroaomeirr Hadfrrfc feck?SCO hidea J St (i Bruoaa St ro?326 *>.! > leattwrC McLeuph?8 crttrij C Kremrut?33 hull a K J Daaforth?50 biro J It Taylor?loo cotton J Jrannerelte St ci.?M Doll nee Maater?' Murk ra it co MARITIME HKBALD POUT OF SKW kORK, MARCH 30~1842. m 5 47 rt'LL MOOR II wit HTI 13 I WATT* Ilia Dopartar* of tb? Atlantic lUaatan. moM raon ikllKt. Columbia, Judkina Mar. 4 April t O. Weatrrn, Hnikea April 9 April !M Caledonia, Lot! Aprils Mar I Uritauui* April It May 14 Acadia, Rjrrie May 4 June I CJ. Weateru, Hoeken May 31 June l( Columbia, Judkiaa May 1C June It Caledonia, Loll Jnue 4 July t Britannia Juue It July 17 Acadia, Ryne July 5 Aug. 1 O Woeieru. Hoakeu July I Aug. 4 raikeuto Arrlya. Packtlita Depart. rORTtMOBTH. r.RTaKOOTM WoalmiuM er. Moure, Feb. 17 Ontario, Br,dun. April 1 St. Jamra, Sebor, Feb SO Toronto, Atwooa, April 19 UTtnrooL. Livcarooi.. New York, Cropper, Feb. 8 fcurope, Marahalt, April t SiddoUR. Cobb, Feb. 18 InOepeadence, Hold ridge, Ap.7 Cambridge, Raratow, Feb. 19 Virgiaiue, Allen. April IP m??h Htm, Baltimore. Knack, Ba'timore, Funck, April I Rhone, Johimtou. Ftb S Fine raid, Howe, April 8 Uliea Hewitt, Feb II Rhone, Johuaton, April tt Albany, Wation. Fek 31 Villede Lyau,Stoddard, Ap. 13 To glilp Maatera. We ahall eater in it a faror, it eaptaina Of reaacla arnriag ' here, will fire to Commodore Baaaett.of eur he wo acl oooera, a report ol the ahipjung left at Hm port wbcaco thay aaili 4, the veiaela apokeu on tlieir pataage, aad a hat of tbrir cargo. (.'WHiiiiuu'Tc v<wii win vwini uicai mamitivij on unr arrival. We will reciprocate the favor ia any way. Gleand. Barka Lvoa, Hkifield, Haraoe. Neemith, Leedj It Co; Ah Louisa. Clifford. Vera Craz, P A Hargoua?Brige k. realise. Uou-'tl. Ponce, PR., T Lord; Daniel. (Brem) Weinke, Bremea lie Charleeloa, Nolteniue Si P?veu?tedt; Grand Turk. Joatin. Prcrirlf lire, Beither Ik Peck?Schre Olivia Backatl, Hiekvi, Ricliiaour; Celtile, Joliuion, Baltimore; Lynchburg, Mathia, Richmond. Anrlvad. Ship Hughee, Burr, 17 daya from New Orleaaa, wath cotloa, to L Dunham. Ship Ve per Silvester, <1 daya from Palermo, with aadae to Chamberlain & Lawrence. Ship C'ahan ba. Smith. 90 d?) a front Mobile, with cotton, to Crn'er&Co Off Cfjee Florida,a oka birk Mobile fur Boston. Brig Caro'iue, Freeman, 16 daye from Aagaatoria, South America, with h ilea lo Oelricke a Kroger. 18th, lot ST. loo 76. ipoke brig >ialere,of ..ud for I'hilad, 44 daya from Rio Grande. Brig A the. Frtcuitu, fin Naguabo, P R, via Mayeguei, BR, with n ear. Sic. lo mi, er Lett. N bark 4'haae, Waat, wbal r, of NBed'ord.3.0 bbla eperm oil; brig J L Dursnd, Newjnrn, uuc; eclir wage, Calhell for Guayama, lo load. 3>th. lat 38 10, Iun73 90,apoke biij Caehler, fin Ntw Bettford lor WUV) ins ion. Brig Orleat-a. ,of Ttomaatou, 18 daya from Now Orleans, w tth moiaiaes to maetir. Brig lDde|iendeiicr, Wa> ne, 34 daya from Matagorda.(Teiaa) with lo I he in after- Mar I,lat 88 33. loo 86 40, a puke ? hale hark Brunette,of Kalinonth, 18 msntha from U State*, bound on a ciui.e. Brig Uoruelii, Pa'ten. IS daya from Guayami, PR., wtthau|ir tuibe in after. Lilt b ugs Prancee Klleu, Berry,fir NVoHi, nth: Wat i n, fordo do; do; Oactnm, for do, Idg; 1 dr. .lo fla.tnia Tt a P Rnalllll ll'llf ' tallll IXlt poo.. _ ??w?? N..p lilan b ig Villa da Napoli, II daye froui Naples, with rrnit.Kc lu L Pam.iiii twig' hairee, Uoanr, 18 days from Mobile, with coltoo, ta E D Hurlbnlt fc Co. gBrscnr Princess Augusta, , 7 day* from Halites, with '''ic'hr Cbauncy. Nichols, Virginia, vtithoyatara. Sihr Man*, Hjpk'U?, B.Uiuiere, with ml r la Johnson It Luwdru. Below. One bark and S brigs. Notice to Narlneri, Shosl lit Boston Hstiaoa.?On the 4 h iiut, the bark Belli struck on a leCgt near lire Lower Middle Wround, aadssstaii ail coiuiiler.lile 'I his al.oal is not laid down is any of our courts, a id ita position la indicated by no buoy ' alt .curb the b' 8 11. senile Cutler Humiitoo, struck upon it seviral )'r ars wo. Captain ttturgisi.of the HaiailtsuJiaa recently tiaimutd this shoal?which consists of a ledge if ru< k.. attending abjut nr hun-lrid leet east aud wen?on which ihare sre about sit feel of water at low iidea. It Ilea about use huailred fal""wi? ? u hsoutli-wei t from Ike Lri tar Buev ra I ho Lower Middle. tath' r eeassis hare rercnlly struck upon this 1 dgc. A echr from ike 8-.uili went on 10 it oil the II1I1 mat. and sustained, tonic d mage; aud 1 he lurk Coluu bia, while coining up the barber I isi eet nil g a ruck upon (he ltdge, and r.-cetrtd msati damage ?[ Bosiou Mer Journal. fleneral Kerord, Sc iir rr.itu, Cnhoon, from Philadelphia for Halifac. cargo of l>?er, I'trk, kc. went ashore at Cape Sable 18 h instant?eapscted to be gut olf. Shit br-OTHWP, Hobinsou, at Liverpool from New York, lost sails, kc on the i>a?i ge. ... 8mr (ir.v, WiiiiiiiMos.rnu h. from New Orleans at Lis -rpool. ou the I'Jin Feb.. 1111st 41 Ion 24. saw a birk with loaa of m-imnasl and deens washed nut, and on the lib, lat IV Ion 14, aaw thewirckot alirig, but a Inavy gale blowing on both occasious, waa unable to board either Tenet I. smr ll A tusk. Career. Ire ni Apalachicola. at LitrrpooLoa the 15th k< It in l?l -It It'll 1.1 20, .oardrd Ike bark h.imi, of *wt from Newport, bouud tu Button, in a muling atalc, tod toefc off tha crew. .. Bam (it.o IIkmit ?f Portland, lost at Montevideo, wae in?nred in Uoalon f. r S'dJiO ... ? Bam Cai.rin. of Oloacreter, abandoned lo South Chtfaal, wsu luaured at t>. for J.ut'U. Caigo iuiuml in Boiloa foe $<600 Whalemen. At Mat'1, Sept 3? Llbe. of roughkeepair, with 100 ?;ein? and 1 jUU whale o.l. Spoken. Washington, from Plnlad l| his f< r Calcutta. Dee 10 la, tat If 9, Ion 10 l'. Lncsu.of and for N Bedford, with 1610 bbla oil, Jaa SO, off Cape (i Hid Hope. Rio Or n le. from Wilmington for Porto Eico, lJih iuot. Nolle, f.r New Orleu.i<,3uth inttait. rcn lai> Porta, Liti.bp.iol, Feb. lo?Arr.O'n Waahington; Mutineer.?t ,ud J t Caoipb.-ll. NOrlr* ; Hoht A Park'-. S.reanah; p.), Wbiin-y. do; tOib. Ld Prikine, NO'lraua; Mrrrhani, and Troy .Ch.rle.toa; B Ajrmar. A| aUehicola, Slat, W?| i g on. 9-atara; Pallaa; tfvroti; Dalnialiv, NOrlrane: Hrarj- Stialton, .Mobile, i'albot, do; Sarah, Savannah; sod, Mareball, Balliuioie;'.<>)i. Hochrllr, Clmrleatun; Dcnbortoa, V.obilr, iiih. O-wego, Batau.idi; Moiiongahtla, f'lulad; sltb, 8 arwa. NSi lt?n?;|t >o Waabington. NYoik;Oea Parkhill, do; 97th, (ifcU.'oh.d i; Adar,;#. NOileane; I hvrrrtcu. karat nah,SOlh. Scotland, N York; Colombo, H \ mnah; Ma<ch I. laabella, B.ltiini r?; Sd, H<ii c, 9?v Luah; Waited State*. NTirfc; Octal iua, NOrleani; 3d. Lanark. Mobile Fib S3, The AltegUan)", bouad (o I'lul.drlpbia, In. | nt tack leak); U, The kler.ej . bod ,p to New Yolk (out 50 dare) bat pat back with >?t eprutg,rudder damaged. and lea* ol butwarbe, Sc., having bore upSin inet from l"ii si; 37, Ik* Gaa Parkhill, tm New Yoik, got iu co?t ct tine morning in tba rirer wide . r\ _ r*r...l . I !. * hf.U niAP bSil ' ' b m itore in: March Th Lrdia, from 1 lieat*, and U.? W'iib ugton.rm New York.gotm contact tbw mono g in th? rirf : lb' former I* ' mittnir.iut; (be latter ilipticd anchora auJ einin' Bid It'll, M. r> Kingiland. N York, NortliDmif r?, do;2t) h, tli orgi -na, dw; 9it Hampden; Comiirtnd On, on. Jo; < luibam. Charl< (too, Clittoa and (J imnrtege, New Tor i (latlcroff Cork 2?h); 131, J Cumraiag, NOrlaaaa; M?dforc. do; Kraufil Itejan, mobile; alio, Vrrian, B?:ou, Notint g elar reported lid up to Mar. h 3. Id Km SI, Dtaealiou, InOiIkix S3.1, Bro. k yr, NYork;ittli, KCicr e and Holder Itrrdm, do; B Baldwin, Phial; 1'aiijuiu, .\Orlnni, fftf, Monanon, Mobile K Audtrioi, Wilmington: Tracer, Now Orl'im; t(tl), Taincncnd, dp; Kmbletn a York; Una W rnirk, Boiton; Camera. B I imora Atralaucl.,-, Vi rgint* ;2t?th, P..wnitan. New Yoik: l.eodei aud Abbott l.orJ. NOrle-oa. Mam i 1 Knnp a.-, NYork. 2d. Vern?) , Mobile; M. Mwumebt NYoiW; UapaMi no k. NOrlraei, Krankiia. lUtraaaKeb. 23<l, ru' for IJg. Mouth rner for N link; Mary Ballard, ll.T 04. 94llt, Oberli i N ion. sttli, II.nnver and Pioneer, r ew Orient ; K ibaioi.d. Boato ; 2C'h, Pottami u it, N Yolk, 2fth. lombur, tad St. Lnwr ute, do Mar 1. Hottinguer. N Vt rk; Hei r jr Bhrliou, Baltimore; J (i < t it-r. N Orhua; Jd. buttu K Howoll, do; k.'i Whitqev N York; i I, Sbendan, dot* rueaaee, N Urltai; Kmnklin, II iTaua,(rr| oriel cleared i.ttir day ) Limno*, Krb 23?tint inwitdi, Mediator, for NYork; 24tb, J no, Baltira.'rr. Oratriend. Marl?Sid U dire. Tiolad; 2d Metienger, Boatm ; K.b 27. Minetra, Cher ! r. Ui at.. Mar 2-A-r .Mnierea, l,<?dati for ( barlntoa. Sid lit Mont'tal. NYork, (and put ioto Margate 9 I, with Ion of anchor and ebnin ) Cowct Kebdt?Arr I h'ok'irrtrr, Sarrnnah PoBIrMoUIH Keb22-Arr Heroine, C'harleetnn for llo.'efdtin Bt J tio'i, l.ondeu (end d 21d lor nYorb I l)o?EH Krb 27 ?Off, Cntharnri. In NY'rkfor lire men. Dantmov Tit. Keb 25?Off. Baltimore for Bjemoa. Sal I'liNlt. Keb 20-1 HI. r rne.l. flu Char'MlonliirHa'i* Umita., Keb M?Sid Kj'erprite, NYork: ??J. hmet, HKTti T"aa?trr Keb IK aud I) -Sid An.rlo, Charlrftod; Wlh Bj rta MV /rk _ . r ?a. A rtiimiK b It? ArrCrto.'f, Brifinttor i ?ni?r? .11 ma II1I1, Aijc. oii". Mobile. Miw o?r. l^bil-AlJ Nrpfiwr. NYorfc. MH fib I"?Arr lBI??i?. .N Yif k onh iWkj raept I e*biior?.Feb II?""I law*. Kitkilocin, for . ?*nn. h. Cirri. K?k n ? Arr !-* ? Jn, N rroint .8pri,? iir 4 A?? R'i h: UJ' Huron. Mo inn: N*<i,k Miiho 'rba - ' r Mi' h clii!J, NYo k ( Frb r-Thr Strtli Adii, which lid fm L?ik Hot it all fir Mi it In* I"1 ?< * h ?ir? no tor I h iaIK lai M,U.u II, loit Im fort-mi t, ml 00 i.n It-h bor Pmi 'OIOll,ll< (' .??, btbfl? It it'"' LirrrtiOol, (o rf;orl*J-wno Ijfuvtv rio ibiiMt fiir.NYork.) Hitman Krlilt-Arr A him '.11 KCrlraar: aitt.b'rni r -k? ink rir I Mi *|?(, NY.rt; h unt I Wrbatrr. Chartittoa li b. Kara 8 1 *, IIi'iik t ?n?v ra k'tb tl?Arr Son, N Yerk; Vtit 11*. 1'I r m K rktli IT ?A r r l b .r'ntnli, I barlr-I'in 8 il It li M M.itr. tt.ll Air Ml, It tin. Kn AnittlDtll. t rb 11 ? A - r Cbirnii Prleraburj; Olir. Br hkli > rlrilford; IT h Waruakotlr. Jo; Itlk, ? o?r llil <?, N 1 >;k; M h f'tb' l.i?l<, Jo. 1 Mil . k eb |??Arr < '0 inlla'ion, B?.l, M I, J011 IJntt.u, Jhh Sum, Chirleilou

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