Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1842 Page 1
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TH 1. T1U?370. WkoU 804* HEW LINK O* LIVERPOOL PACKET8 To tall from New York outm i&ih, ami Liverpool on ihe ltth if tach ?BL JBk l ?om new * oan. , Ship ROSCItJS. Captain JolmC olfku.Hth March. Hhifi SIDDON'S.r*i.uiii E. B . Cobb, *th April. ^bij. 9HERIDAN.Captain K. A ?e|*yvur, itfU. Maf. Ship(JARRICK, Captain Win. hki<iJy,i6th Jul*. p aoM Liverpool. vio SHERIDAN, CaptninJC March. Ship Q\RRit K.,t.api?in " ?. Ship RJSCIUS, Captain John Colluu. l?th May. Ship 81DDONS, Captain E. B.Cobb, llth June. These ahipa are all of the first class, upward* of I aoo tons.boMt fn the city of New York, with such improvements aa combine great with unusual comfoit for passengers. Ever}' car# has been taken tu the arrangement of their accommodations. The nnctof pa?st*eh?nr? is flOO, for which ample atores will be provided. These ahipa are commanded by experienced masters. who will make every exertion to give general eaUaiac "pfeither the raptaine or owners ofthese ahipa wiil be respond Ms for any letters, parcels or packagessenl by tbem, unless re gular bills of lading arstwiud therefor. The slupe ol tliuline will hereafter go armed, and thetrpecu iarconstruction gireatbam aerurity notpoaseased by any other hut v excels of war. for ,1 South at.. New York, or to WM It JAS. BROWN h to., Liverpool Letters by the packets will be charged lit cents per single heat: so rents oer ounce, ud newspapers I cent each. int ~~ ~ rOH NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NKW YORK LINK OK PACKETS m. m. m. m for the better accommodation of ship)>era, it is intended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, loth. 13th, auth ?nd26th of eaeh month. Commencing the loth October, and Ciootinmns; until M <y, when rexular days will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and dieap rointmcuts will b? prevented during the summer months. Tns aollowitiu shi>s will commence this arraugesitnt Ship YAZOO,Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Capt Jackson Ship MISSISSIPPlTcapt. Hiltiard. Ship LOUISVILLE, (.apt. Hunt. SbipSHAKSPEARR, Capt. Miner Ship OASTON. Capt Latham. Ship HVNT8VILLE. fapt. Mumf id. Ship OCMULtiEE, Capt l.eavitl. fillip NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickiuu r. Ship MEMPHIS.Capt. Kaixht. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. These ships were all built in the ei.'r of New York, expressJy for packets, are of a light draft of water, have recently been Isewly coppered and put in splendid ore ?r, with accommodations far (Maeagers unequalled for en nior t. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will m.'ae every exertion to five general aafistaction. They will at ttimes be towed up and down th# Mississippi by steamboat* nwmri or caiiiaius ofthese ships will be responni hU forj?welry, bullion jprec?o?is * ton a. lurer, or plated ware, or to? MV Utter., parcel or package, . Dt by or put 'board of {Son, imless regular bill* oflading are taken for Ue same, and <hs Talus thereon ei*?ese?d Foefreight oruee.?k cp |fg<mth it.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Ajeniin New Orleans,who will promptly forw ard all goods to hisi address. Tlx ships of thie tine ere warrauted to sail nunctujMy as ad! rertiaed, and great care will be taken to hare the goodi correct lv measured. ~ Ell? a. NEW VOllh ANI) NEWAKJt. -6@Bj?S^&A Fare rtdnced to U cants. From the foot of Courdandt street. New YorkLeered Newark Alt A.M. At? PAL Att A.M. At it P.M. " * l'? t } f T do It do ON SUNDAY?. 4 From the foot o< Liberty street. a. fnlSjft. A. frWJX?, r M. ^wn^Mtf.|A.ATM^raiaAHWAV AND Fare re i> iced. From the foot of Liberty street.^r^ Leave New York. Leaee New Braarwiek. At J.fM At f r. ": 80MKRVILLE eUseeeonneet with tone lrnee eachi way. Fare between NewYork aadSomereille, 50 cents, no do New Bnmswtek, T5 cents. Rah way, 50een'? Rliiabelhtown, 25 centa. Tha Tar* in the T| A. M. train from Naw Brunawick, and 4{ T M. train from Nua York, haa been reduced between Naw York and New Brunswick to to cents" and Ra'iway t? ITJ " The PrulaUlphiam ilti .a passesthroughNawBrunawiek for Naw Yorker try evening at?o'clock. On Banaayatha Tt A.M. trip from Naw Brvnawick ia omitPasrengers who proeara their tickata at the csire a ferry tieketgretia. Tiekataararaeairadby thaeonduetor anlv oa the day when purchased febl' 1m* FREIGHTS FOR TWE V*E?T AND SOU TH. From PHI Mi DKLPHIA. ria THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights for I he W??t and Sooth will be forwa-de<l daily 'from the tranaportatiun office af the Company, No. I Duck at Wharf. Philadelphia. Mevrkvnta are reapeetfi>My informed that, all goods consigned to the cotnpwny will be forwarded with the utmojt dispatch to any point weat or eonth. ,, Freight reachet Baltimore the aama dry it feares Philadelphia. The mail line for Hi1* weat rod aouth learea Do'V atreet dailv at half-paat an o'clock A.M. by ateambeat ROBERT MORRIS. i'aaarrigera will reich Baltimore at 2 o'clock, two houra rreriou* to the departure of the treins for the er.u'hwrat. ,W. L. ASHMEAD, Agrnt. Philadelphia. March ?, 1842. uita I m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. TH?" NEWJEKBr.V Rai road ?nd Transportation P?mpany lav* mUbli.hed t Knight Lint between New Rrtiuswick and New Yoik, rhichlaey iultud to run peimnLeeving New tiro Bewick at 5 AM. daily, (Sundtr* excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, a'8 P.M. To couniry dealer* and m?rch*nt* the above line I* very dr. irable for the speedy end cheap conveyance of merchaodiie of every description. and more particularly lo Droreie nud .Dralere in Live Stock,who can have ISO head of cattle conveyel bctwrrn New Brunswick end New York, the same day, wheat ver rr quired. The rate* tor the trao*portation of cattle, hate*, mule*, akeep, hogs, lie., and all other kindt of mcrchtkdiac are very low, oevr.r exceeding steamboat price*. Merehandiae *ent by thi* line Knot subjcctsd to any extra charge iu crossing ib* North River. The I ompant have fi-ted up a large storehouse at New . Brunswick adjoining toe Railroad Depot, which will alway* be open for the reception of merchant! i?e. Passenpem, pu-chasing their ticket* at the ticket office*, will rretire ferry liekfisgrat is. ml4 3m* OTICE,?Ou and after April let, 1842, the comniuiation i." fare ia the ear* of the New Jeney Railroad and Transportation Company, between New York and the various place* on the line of the railroad, ha* been reduced (including ferry) to $75 per annum, and $50 for eix mouths. FRKICJHT HID PASSAGE TO PIT 18BVRO. BINGHAM'S L I N F.. The proprietor! of Blnuhatn'a Tronaportatim Line to Pittiburg, (ire notice to the Mrrchanta of New York, and all other pereoct i tipping to the JVe?t, that their line ia now la active operation . Gnoda cotiiiionl to them (or acnt to go in their hoe.) will be forwarded with deapatrh. Ownem or ahipnera of good*, detlined for Ihe Weelern Btatee, who I a?e no agrot or eonetgttre n/i Pfttahurg, will coLat?n their g??de to William Bingham. Pitteburg, who wih attend to ehipping nil toch comigumente without delar All goodi ihould be marked dietinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINK. For rate* of freight, which are aa low aj any other line. Apply to VTM. TV BON, Agent. No 8 We.t afreet Oi poeit* Pier No. 3. N. R. N. B,?Pareeogem forwarded to P.tteburg and fotierille, every day, Sunday! reeepied. _ __ Brfer to H, C'rookr, American Fur Co. j S. T. Nicoll, {root etrirt; Pheltw, Bodge h Co. Fulton etreet; fltirdane, ??t It Co.; Win nankin, Duryee kCo . Newark' mi 3m ST A TEN ISLANDYKHHV. ^ftQeFoolof Whitehall 'flSSnKflj'ATrN IBLANDRR or SAMSON wiFl mn > followi until further notica Loam Suten Itlaad Leave! Whitehall At t o'clock a w. At o'clock am. "IB " "11 " t? " F.?. " H " Ml. * ? " " i " N. B. AB goodi chipped are required to he particularly ^wtiad aad are at the rt?k of the ownrre thereof _?t NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Fare Only 131 Cent!. I _ The eplendid and commodiotw itramer QZjjjfcUS* PASSAIC. Captain John (JalTy. being enm^BCvHuHLplcUIv aad elegantly refitted, wi'l commence her regular tripe fcr the aeaeon, on Thnraday, March I0:h,? leaving aa follow!:? Footot Berehyit .New Terk Centre Market. Newark. 1! o'clock, A. M. 71 o'clock, A. M. ? o'clock, r. M. , I ( o'clock, P. M. Freight of every deecription Carrie 1 at very reduced rate!, in #?' T roWfcLL h CQ.*8 LINE. .MM gtrn K)H NKWBUROH, Uidiuff at CALD &JL?U3?wklls, wtnT foWAVD corn y " vr? ?mnv(i_Ti.. rte*rr,h?M HIGHLANDER Curt, Robert Wardrop, will U*f# th? foirt of Warren alrcet Ylaw Yc-k. ortry Monday. Tlei ?day and Saturday aftrruo/m't at t o'clock Rr.tiirt?iin:.tlic H*h, a/wer wilj ? ?? .aevbt jjh ?T?ry Moulay morning at I o'clock. lueadayand Friday aftarnooo at ? o'clock. ."or fi tub' or psuetme.npply to the Captain an hoard. X. B A! ibajrjne* and freight of e?ecr ileacriptinn, henk killt or?, [111! <>u boardthia hoat,mnat be attlac riakof t(.? ow:i?-ra thereof.unleod a bill oflaUmg nrrecei; lideipced for 'j if a _ - M&* OfMI .at* AHIIANOHMKNT. FOR 8HKEVVABURY an) h F.D BANK ^ 11* ?On and after Saturday. M*r< It 13, 184), the OSI HIS.(".opium All ?i e. wfl leare ,Siw York erery Tut s.lay, Thuradar, atxl SH'.urrtsay, at 8 #' -Jo k. A SI. Reluming, lenre Red Baik ev-ry Monday at o'clock, and Tueaday and Thuraday at It o'clock, noon, ok *a' Ai.i. II. . ??| a;. n. daily aud wc-kly m<E>r.iiua, and ren odicila, arc for aald t the Hndeon Street Newi t (fi-e, W4| Hu 'an atradt.ncar Barrow at. irS9l ?* /""iOa!..?J'h# Mit-ecrlierorfen tor eale, at red acred , lha but Perth L'rchard, R d Aah Coal,of the M oleu. K.*g ind Nil a./re Lota to adit puichaaere.lree ot oartage Yird Nd. ? Ileite* etreet, four ddnri I'rom Clirtnn. ml lm* GKORtiK TH0M805. E NE t l i * i == CHARLES S.ROWELL, uHn i-Aii 8vnu>un, N . II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. ill la* LIFE BOAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATUNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICA N MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOIITK mit CITY HOTELARTIFICIAL TEETH. Olt THR PHllfClPLr. or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE # (Copr.) Htvirg la'ely lo?* tw > bicuivid*ti teeth, I called on Mr Lcti it to snpiily iheir plac* with artificial one*. a??J it affords me much plemeure to teatity to hi* akili and ability hi a Uautiat; indeed, I htve cfer aeeu teeth flaed and ntted with more * xactue&s. and at the aame time wilh l?aa painful prealure on llie gumi. . , . , 1 cheerfully recommend that gentleman to the eaoecial no lice of the medical prwfcaaiou, a. w?ll aa to .he puolie, feeling atislied from my own experience that they may coundently rely on hi* akill iohia profession. (Bijtned) GRAN VlLLK ?. P\TTISO!f, MD, Professor of Anatomy, Unireraity of Naw Yerk. February ISt' . 1S41. The original cau toe aean at Mr. Levett'd 960 Broadway, comer.of W*rren street ml* 1 o* BANKRUPT LAW. PESTLEMEN wishing to b< discharge.! from their debt*. VT under this law. are invited to call on W. 8KIDMOKE. Attorney at Law,T5 Nuiiu street. All other kind* of law bueince* aleo attended to. t'hargee moderate. fiO tin' BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. '30 Nassau street, having an entire new stockof Binding Tool* and Kul.U|[ Machinery, ol the latent aud moat appiorsd patterns, i< now prepared to execute all order* iu the meat durab'e and handsome innnnrr. Mrrrhaut* Account Book* and all oilier kiud*of Blank work ruled and bound t? my pattern, in n ?tyle tliat i* warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in the Englisn mode if required,** H. 1 ha* liadloug txpeiieuce in bath method*. KOK SALE?Two *eeond hand Copperplate Preue*. Apply a* above. mill Im CARPETING, CARPETING. THE aubaenber* hare recrired a new a-dlresk stork of good* lor the "Spring Trade," consisting ol Brussels Th-ee I'ly, superfine. fiae, common, hall an I *iair Carpeliug. Rugs, Maitin, , English and American Oil Cloth*, from !l to *0 feet in width, containing the lateat aud most fashionable I atterun and color* the market alfor-l*, which they offer to the puilie at the lowest'? Caah Prieee " Pereona wishing to purchase, would do well to call and eiamite ouratock prenin, to purcha?int. WEBB at MANNING.4!R Pearl at, mil I m* Id Carpet Btove trow Chatham NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. rpHB subscriber would iavite the attention of those wishi lug to purchase article* in th* above business, to hi* e* tablislrmeut, where is to be fouud a rioh assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of French and olher pattern*, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely original. Aleo, handsome rich rilt Mornieee for window*, Pole* aud Rings ; together w ith Uamaska, Ualloonx anil Tusels. and every article attached to curtains, which will b* made in the lateat styl* from pattern* lately reoeived. N. B. PartienJar attention pei.l to the filing up of Ottoa a*0" dlHoi tlf Broadway. ?^vt tH# HmwuI. "WIGS AND SUA LPS. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, VKX TO M FOUND AT A. C BARRY'S, MS Broadway, corner of Liberty atreet, up atairi. VtrlO1* aat 8eatp?, upon the beautifying and goaaaintr aya? ? tcm, approximating the nearest of any yet manufactured to the natural head of hair?firat premium.>.ufaetur td from ladiea' and gentlemen'a Hair, not leaa than two inchea loag, neeklacet, braceleta. earmga, watch guarda, rings, and hair work ol erery Octcription. ml!) im' CAKPETING, UARPETHNG. rPHE Subscriber ia now opening hie Spring aasortment of -!> Carpeting, consisting of Biitaael*, three ply, eujeifme and fiue Ingrain; an assortment not snrpasaid in thia city for variety of a'ylea, figures, tic. Theae goods hare been ordered expressly for the Spring trade. The gieeteat ca't haa tire- observed in making aelcctiouaol auch gooca aa can be confidently ,ecommended for durability and permanency of C?AUo-alar*eaaair)m?nt of the different kinds of Hall and Stait Car] eting Tufted door Hugs. Door Ma's. fcc, Alao a haa ine assortment of Taiuted Kioor Cloth*, all widths Families ahout mirehaaint'any of the above dercubed good* are respectfully invited to cull. K CHARLES HICKS, mlS lm* 7t Ei?t Broadway,71 Dir aion-at. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE" ri'HE Hubserib-r ia now opening hia Spring aupp'y ol * n /\ IV u *r apfj k t/ti i ubni, iccvitcu prrux irrivus, fr >m Birm ingham and Sheffield. Together with a general atinrtmeut of D oroeatic Goods. whi-h lie is prepared to offer at the very LOWEST CASH TRICES. The attention cf Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, ice., is solicited to as elimination of hi* slock and prices as h- is confident they will Hud it to their inters t to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, St# Greenwich comer Barclay, New York. A regahr supply of KaLL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ot Mechanics Tools, James Screws, fcc. ma 3m WATCHES & JEWELRY" VERY LOW. THE suhterifer is '* lling all discripiiors of gold and silTcr Watehrs, gold ar.d eilvrr pencils, go'd chains, keys. Ac , at rrtiiClowmlianat any other alatem the city. Gold Watihrs as low rs 31 to 40dolia-s each. Watches aad Jewelry rscha-ig*<l or b-u;l,t. AH W.ttehci are warranted to keep e >od time, or tie moje^ leluraed. Wa'ehes and Clocks repaired in the b-s' mmueijaud warranted, at much less than the usui' prices, by one otih* litest workmen in the city-. G. C. ALLEN 1 -porter of Watches tud Jewelry, wholesale ar.dl retail. 31 Wall street, ap stairs. in tlm' TO SEGAR SMOKERS THE GREAT SEGAR DETOT. SPANISH HOUSE, 256 BROADWAY. ci-HE MONEY will bs returned to all persons who 1 purchase at this store, if they are not satisfied with the nullity of ths articles This offer is made by the strong conliden e derived from tho escelleacy of every scgar that is offered for sale in the above establishment. The entire stock hss been chosen with great cart, and is, without doub\tha most splendio that hseevsrbern offered to the New York bublie. Kscluaive of the great and unpkralclled variety of ihe best branns of Havana and Principe, there ia a large lot i f PRIME NORIEGAS aad NORMAS, that have bten meanfactured in Havanaespitesly fo- this estsbiishment, and they are guaranteed to be of superior quality and flavor to any heretofore imported into this market. In the accommodation of those gentlemen who prefer to smoke at leisure and In retirement, a neat BvrRoom has been ope-ed in the rear of the above establishment, which, it is honed will give satisfaction to all who visit it. PX,0 SMJAR DEALERS A HOTEL KEEPERS. For sale at th- Spanish Houte.SSt Broadway. a large lot of H.vaus Segnri, at <hs very low rates of $1>, and (1630. These Sri are having been consigned to the Spacisii House, by the mauf -cturrrs in Havana, with eipreas orders to tell Ihem immedia ely, are.for ?hi? reason. Bow ollrreri at the above low price*. Th-ir cjualiti ishardly inferior to the beat Norma*, are all ea itled todibeuturc. nil |w* H. KAFAF.L. Proprietor. FIRE PR' lOF BOuK SAFES ! ! ! WILDER* PATtNT R \LAMANpEK SAFK-T1.ii safe hat be?n frequently exposed to intense heat in Iti-ning hitiMit.ft furnaces. Sic.. and ha* never failed to p.-iserve the content*, anil wan the only 01* which atood the teat at the trial fool of W all street, ae'rrporied by the following Committee of reapcctable Merchant* WADSWORTH St SMITH, BAI-DWIN Si CO. MINTCHN k CO. CHARLKS H. MARSHALL. This safe can only be had at the Iron S ire Store ?l SILAS O. HERRI NO. 139 Witerit. N.B.?Sres of other maker*?some of which ate made in imitation of WiidcrS Fat?t, (oraal* nt half price. ir.98 9w ATTDW^AKL aND .cloth PAPER . UaY~kE 500 tUam* If by 94 IPO Re a ma 94 by 36 350 * 90 by 30 100 81 by 40 900 " ?l by 90 ISO " M by SO ISO " 19 by 88 100 ' 84 by 40 50 Ream 40 by 48 For *ale in lots to anit purchasers, by PERSSK k BROOKS, m9? Pepar Warebonae. 41 _i.iberty at. K~ albumins. P/iINTiSO, lor Beau y. Economy, Dura bili'y, ke.?possesses advantages ever every other tytem of Painting, aa it I* free from all unpleasant amelf, retaining all ita brilliancy of color, and ia applied m much less ime than Oil Pawling, it i* wall adapted f<y wills, ceilings, or any inndc work; churches,public buildiaga, and decorative woik in Applied by JOSEPH PEARSON, No. 488 Broadway, car of Broome street New Yotk. who will give toe beat reference, and all inl.irm.tmu rtapecting lh? lame. Won promptly exrent rd by apt I, mg aa above, either in the city or country. maim* Phf..MIC vi KaZOR 8 TROP-Fint Premium waaawarded by the American Institute, at thr lata as well aa each rrecodieg K nr. lo t Jeorge Saunders. 143 Brozdway, for th net Itiixor Strop. The Metaiic Tablet, invented by O' Haucd, rs, h a been eatahliahcd for the hat twraU-ive veaia' and eertim ated by the first gentlemen oflbe country. It nro duces a thin and <0100111 edge on a raror w.tb more certainty than it can lie .tone on a hone iaa tenth part af the time, without (he use vf oil or water?which any peram can prove by briugng a dull rasor a hating tt prt in orderon one of 'lie Tahle.. 11 B-o.d mlg lm* jL' lo Kill A iu;<D5-1'dim bi aa an i Snnihern 'lrust, T broghtal N. SlSTARv.'S, IJ Wall t treet .United States B ,_rk noteal Illinois d >, Mickip .n, Indiana, in null reiji, n mrm tineei't. _ _ n.i.<n BUT.! N IH O N ? A STlNO e?I '?n>atstin? of fr* mm.feadera, '* anl mil m*f onarrmta,of np'rinr mdllithlltil? a 1 ?err >.MMlCBg k <ritof.R, mS 1m* <1 Brood iWt. \4 kBiCAL, < Altu ?Ua. Coomo, No. lii Duane at.. ueai I'l Chatham H. Mill afford* rcl.ef to tho aflli<-led of both M? *t. He may be a. ware consulted, with the utmo?l emfiuenc. . ,-n tVi- >or?td?Mi nf dcflra** tirireml i'. trd the aomertoue ayiupt iiBa ari.iitiz Irom Ihia diieeer. KrOm Dr. C'a eatemirr yrieiire for the ittl .-ipM yea re ii Ihie pattienlar breach of the pr?fee??e?, ici4rw'>? * ai>Ce. eyeeJr eoO 'irtr.iirt ft'' to ell lereone who apply to lura He <?l e-e ,-irred ie a few daya without the o*r of mer.-ury. or aay athei I runoin medineine. No ntcrrepuon (rem buaineee, or altei-tym in the mode of linMg. All whnee raa? bare beep pro *t?M or aayraraUul bjr toalja if I>1 war appijr with lb. nfriSdat eoubdriKe of aelnf tBhr.tajJly cared. Terms mode ,?>?_,ttrolenre fro-n 7 111 the mori'.ot natd 0 ? iu*W. Office U Draw ita W Yfl NEW YORK, FRIDAY ft. PERMANENT ESTABLISH VlENT. IN NEW YOIIK. MONS. MALI,AN It BONK, surgeon Dentists, No. 371 Broadway, and at London and Paris .lUorm tha Public of New York, and its vicinity, that in conference of their very extensive practice, they have, at length, been induced to open a Perm merit Establishment, where they may be conaulted at No. 37*1 Broadway between Kranklin arid White streets, in all cases appertaining te their profeaaien, in which they have been ao stscasaful, in conaegnence of their celebrated diacovcriea aud improvements in the art ol Dentistry. Mona. Mullan returns thanks lor the very liberal pat rouage he hui received, aud continues to receive, par in H14II} iu iuo meuu tti pruu iBiuu ui new i v*?i ,v? tkoir kind recommendations, ond advocating Mona. M.'s improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mona M. continues to restoro decuye<S Teeth, however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose? they have no unnatural gloss? are lirmly fixed without wires or llga tares?no bulky substance iu tho month?ami in every particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape an 1 mi.-iutvst shade of color. Placed irora oue to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,at iting either from the use ol' medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of tho first families of the United States, consisting of the first Merchants, Medical prafession, Clergy and private Citizens. to whom he can refer aa to the superiority of Mona. M.'s celebratad Minersl in preference to any ether they have ever tried, and, in their opini* a,tH i best that overcame under their notice. His other lutpiovements need no comment. INVALIDS Attended by Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC arepvrticularly invited to pay Mona Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: vluebee.May Sth.1841. Dear Sir,?Afterharing tried the Artificial Teeth which you made for me, 1 eanuot do jou less justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. 1 beg to say they answerevery purpose of astication and Articulation equal to those placed by thehauds of nature. They ao closely resemble the natural onea in the minutest shade of color and shape,that they are not liseeined as being artifiaial b> theclosest observers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed You may use this letter in any way you thiul proper, for the benefit of the public and yourself. I am.deartir.yours truly, THOS. pARqi'ttv Manuel Carmelit. To Mone. Mallan, Surgeon Dentut. >72 Broadway, This gentleman is known at lit Broadway .and at Trims Ward h King's. MONB. MALLAN, 3TI Broadway. SIR?I feelita'pleasure to be able to offer you my testimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. Daring my late residence in Taris I called at vour establishment ia the Rue Caatiglione, and having had some teeth tilled with your mineral, 1 can oiMy say that I hare had sverv reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, end never in (he least degree experienced any inconvenience or injury from it* effects in any manner whatever.?During my visit to Mons. Mallan I saw several testimonials of the highest character, all expressing the fullest confidence in its great bea.-flt ond value. As far aa I am enabled to j udge.l considered it then,and still cousiderit. to be the best preparation of the kiua ever offered to the public. I am,sir .respectfully, your obedient servant. VANBUKGH LIVINGSTON, IK Greenwich street, us ar Fort Gameroort. New York,May 21,1MI. Mons. MALLAN (t SON 9, Burgeon Dentists, may be c onsulted daily at 37> Broadway bstween Franklin and While sis..east tide. n>23 lm*^> SPKUNtf FASlilU.NS. rpIIE stlbscriber desires tke attention of strangers and other* 1 10 hi* large *ud extenaire assortment of alockx. scarfs, cravats rraly made linen and muslin (hirte.pocket kerchieft; ilk, merino, and amtwwool shift* and drawer*; suspenders, gloves, hosiery, kc. kc It is the intentionof the subtcriber to i>ay particular alter tioa in selecting the most chaste and fash lonable patterns of scarfs and crarat* Hit assortment will always be fi und rarird and extensire. The subecno rcontinues the manufacture of hisce'sbrated Elastic Slocks. Gentlemen may depend on being suited by calling at the o'd establishment 941 Broadway, between Murray street and Pa'k Place. ml* tin* P4R4ELLS, agent for J Agate. SWAN'.-* ATMOSPHERIC iSoDA FuUNlAl.N, U S. LETTERS PATENT. NO If. Id. 1638. MANUFAC Pl'RED BY SWAN k WF.LLf, DRUGGISTS. ROCHESTER, N T-The attention of Druggilts,and other render* ?l Soda Water, is aoliciled to thia useful and ecnnnmeil aubstitute I-r the *i;eushe, complicated, anil troubleaoma apparatus heretofore to use. The advantages of tie Atmospheric Ko-jd hiu orer the old n-e'lixl. are the economy ofi's Apparatus, toe orig nal coat to the huichas-r being less than one quarter that of the old Fi usilsin its eimplicity n constnictioo beirg such, that any one ol ordinary capacity can readily nndsisUiid i*s operation an I nanr g merit, the trifling expense of material* for supply iagit together <*itt, the small amount of labor lequired, and i's emupac' form. It is now in use in rariou* part* of the United State*, Canada* and West India*, and,** m y be seen from in the han 'i of agents. g;ve en ire satisfaction. Drurge ts sod other*, in the Southern States, rnd the West Indirs, will find this Fountain parttcul, rlj' adapted to their c'iu.a e, as thesymps will not ferment or injure in the warmest season J. Full d reelhnsfor putting up the Fountains, preparing the different varieties of sy iup*. lie , accompany each Forsalebj Gen. D.c ggeshall. Pit fearl street; F. Liese 7 Liberty st ert, up stairs; Lawrence, Keesek Co., lit Maiden Lane; Kobmsui It Ward, 143 Maiden Lane; Huadley, Phelps k Co.. Hi Water street. mlilin TO MARRIED LADIES. Madame uestell's pks.ventivk powdeks. These invaluable Powders hare been universally adopted in Europe, but France hi particular, for upwards of thirty years, a* well as bv thousand* in this country, as being this only mild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies whose health forbids a too rapid increase of family. .Madame Restrll, ast* well know*, was for thirthy rears female Physician in the two principal Ketnale Hospitals it Europe?those cf Vienna and Pari*?where labored by hat great erperieuce and opportunities, she attained that eel* Prity IB thorr great discorcries in medical icience to *p* eially adapted to the feirta's Cram* for which her medictnar now stand unnralled, a* well in thi* country a* in Europe. Hot acquaintance with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and iil health ot married females, scarce in the meridian of life, and th* eon** quent rapid and often apparently incaplieabl* causes wl.ict consign in my a fund mother to a premature grave?to then trie source?to arrive at a knowledge of the primary cans** ot feuia'e indisiiositions?especially of married female*?which, is ftms.lcd to the dwcuTiry of her celebrate! "P.-evsntiv* Tow ders." Their adoption has been Ihs mentis: ""preserving not only the health, but eren th* lif* of many an affectionate wifs and fond mother. > The ndrertiser feeling the importaae* of this subject, an* stimatiug t*s raft benefits rtanlting to thousands by tlisij ' JOJJIIOH, Wll-Jin nun rew^liunj !<?? m? mcuuwu UT ii.1 tarried, by all that tney bold near and dcar.l mconaidera riou. If it not wi?c and nrtuoue to prefect-1 il tto which wr are aubjret, by airople and healthy mean* within oar octroi 1 Erery diepamicnate, Tirtuoua, and enlightened mind will an haaitatiualy aaiwer in the affirmatire. Price fire dollara a package. accompanied with full aud particular dir. a tieaa. Thay can be lioi warded by mail to any |mrt of the Uni ted Htatee All lettera mint ba po?t paid, aad add retted U MADAME REBTKLL,FemaleYnytieian. Principal ntftr-. 141 (erernwich atreat. Naw Voik. Office houra Ironi I A. M tolo'elkP. M. Boaton office No. TEaan at. m30-tfcwiii.* m ala me restell, FX.MALiS I'llVSM I W Office and reri-lrnee MS (ir>fb wich atreet. (bctwrrn Cortlandt and Liberty ttrerta.) where the ein he cooauliad with the atricteat eooudance on all complaint* incident to the frmala frame Madame Keetell'a eaperieace and knowledge in the treat meat of obetinate caaea of female irregularity . atoping- or aup prew ion. Ire, la fiich aa to require but a few day* for errUw r*li?f aad perfect recorery. Laditt dee'ring proper mad i'-wt attendance during confinement or other iu4u|ioeitjoo will be accommodated during auch time with prirate auJ re apociable board. "Fremiti*# Powdera" for marred ladiei whoee delicate or precarioua health forbida a ton rapid increenc of family, will be aent by i. ail to any part at Uie Untied riUlee Price M a package. All latUra (peat paid) addraaiad to 'tan lis, N. T. eity.' w ill ha receired. Bor'.on Office No. T Kaaer at. N. B?MaJame Hrfttl would inform ladiaa reeiding onto! the city.whoae health would not admit af trarellmg. that ah? would derote her i>eraonal attendance Upon them in any pari of the United Htatee within reaeonahl a dtalanoa. p. 30 dkwlm* counterfeit. female monthly pills. nWPIO to the eele'.rity, efficacy and inrarithlt tucrrat o. ar MaJame ('retell'* Female Monthly Pilte in all caaea ol irregularity, auppreeeion, or atoppag* of thoac fuuctioni ol nature upon which the health of terry female depende. ainc their intrndurtloa into the United Htatee, now about fouryrura coimtrrfrite and nrilatiouf are routinuallv attempted te r.. palmed oil for the gen nine. Cheap common pi lla are purcha cd at twelrc ceata a boa, put up iu differ ceil oorea. and caller ikcmnlt Mniithlr Pilla." with the abirct of arllme. if nota.hU I one dollar Keeialee are therefore eautioo'd aaaiiut then attempt! to impoee npoa them. It ia euffieieat here ta ctaU Out all K.-male Monthly Pitta are coimt-rleita, eicrpt ti,oe? mid at Madame Keateti'e Principal 9Mca. MM Greenwich ?t New York, ind No. T Kaeesalrtct. Boatoa. Price St. M edema Heatall'a afouatwa ie wciMea oa Itaa eorer ef caet Dot Th~y ran be ne-d hy the marri'd or ainirlt. hy fnllownft !he dirertione enrloi'd metde of eeeli h >*. ai30 dkwlui* T) t'A I'h l> . I AM JPAcTT; RiCith ?'t he aunacrioen jit retire thet kaeetre Howr k <Joddard,af Wort eater, Maati hay - e.ppoiated them tacir agcaU,and are prepared to furms'n at i^.iitnotite.u-onthe reoatreaaocable te-me. Konri'rm.-Ti.d r:>iea'ler k'tethmea, with fire or a team dryera,and aim.? '-v c'liatatoaiie :?iperin the web aa it Ifarea the d-yen. Alia crirr Hn<! ef Mnrhinery appertaining to the manufacture of Oa. par. which in point of workiaauliip and fiiMi if not etirpacaff by itf other??Uhh?hment in thta country. A larpe anmSar !? ! iw in operation in many of the beat milfa,lu 'whom rcrertiaa will ha ENan for ail parUculara. rtasSii k BBOOXS.rkrerWarelionaa, rt.'.t* *t Mbertyatraei IP GOl'LARD, Kmnt elrret. IM. np-ilhin. offer for aale J? tie lallowiiiR HKliAH!11S0 #n? Rcgaliaa. Hiordaa and Matherry. 250.CO9 Common use Mi amli'y itiotxhu, i^ath n, ar. I'H-., u id ad brande SO.fM t one re j ltirrda If,oat Cenonet and Trabaeoe, Noriega, and Inynuid id liranda. 3 of ether bread* 60.IKO Priooipoa, all refilled la d? heatara CO Petri Karato Sweet Meute. I'D Bern 'He i:?^>m?ii M rteaa Wfoc it In LIU I' ? :) I ?: a .it err a. Ha' i'.ii ' > 11 Mr I-r |T?? finder ah ill oceif Tare Dollarj rewird. and a? gurettoiia ariiad. Ap/y t? irtC ltn* Rlr DKLAPLAINT., t! Walt ?tn QfSoe No. I. > R K I IORNING, APRIL 1 I84S CilAMPiON WIG MAKER. NEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN 'Fill/ VI A VITLVi/'TlTD L' i iL< Ti W'Dl.'L'O i ii 11 ur au iuiiii v-t ivj i a ntio. PII\LON, sit Dr >al*af.opp'wi'i St. Paul's Church, it the lire to i tr ducr ia Vew Y J'k the AMAZON TOUPEE, Bring a new iuvi ntiuu of the stibtcriber. Thdie Toupees are m?> without sua;*. haodt or ni .talln- i|ir n j*; li ey fit on the head h i an entirely new cuntriv.iuce?they tut Uy *l?? forehead anil triniilee to any height?ihry are ai easy to nut on ? 11 off ke a hat?there it not h art rl of ?tc?l. irnurrbraee iulhein? thespiiag* arc a new inret n n. b'ing mule ot puse OOLU to Iirevent rui tine or corroding. Thu ie aton lining |i.out to old wig wean re ol their merit. Aea WIG AND SCALP mak?r, I'll AI.O.V9 qualifications are well kii'Wn and nppreciaud lie h te proved hiinerlf to he decidedly the beet in the city. Ttueiea fact which every wig maker knows A tout mcirg proof, if any were wasting, as the opinion of three ol the o -dr at and beet indgee in the proleaaiao in New Y'ork can testily. The puh'ic can n >w judge froui the PREMIUMS. via. the silver medal last year, and the first premium this, awarded by the American Institute, who is or ts not the best WigmahrrinN wjfnrk- m2S_ CRK A ?VI --CREAM?CREAM. Still the''itira widely term With praise of Kind's f'erbenj Cream? The tineit hhtvtrg Co i pouid known, Kxi trienet has clearly shown. '1 is s i ikil'ully prepared To snliss e'en the ml ghe.t lieard, 1 hat a dull razor's edge b'rtows A krennrse that the sAutpttt knows. ' I h pnre. atd pleasant, choice and cheapWill to rifr-p climate keep? M ikes it a ii-easing task m shave, And will both time ami tmuhU live. Prepared and sold by C. H RING. Si button street; Basrlt.Sti Ur udway, and IM Bro dwav. mat tin* to thebald andgltey h?! a ued-joneb' rp OIL f>K CORAL t IH(A-?S!.A. I -l HUMS whore hair ia failing nut, turning girjr, or Imt craved growing, tn article ia l-rrc i flVrcd you at a re'toneble price ?remrmbrr it ia net puffed?and it will do all itia represented to do Head tliu? Icrrtit'y that my bair wa? fal'ing out faat; I combed out btD'llu'a daily, aid ( 1 ho"euied two bottlei of Joute'Oil of Coral Circaaaia, it haa unite (topped falling out, and i* growii g faat aud dark. W. TOMKl.Ve, r? King at. Tliif will give I'ght, red or grey hair a fine daik look, an I in time cau-e it to grow dark from the root*. Among otlicra who have ueed thia aud certify i( J F. Pow er.g.-ocei, Br. oklyti; J. Gilbert, jeweller. 3d avenue Sold b, T. JONES, aiguof the American Eagle, 82?unlrai you are careful of the tigut number toii'll he cli??ted with a counlerfei t?82 Chatham (tract. Price 3 5 and 8 rtnllinge k bottle? t brer mice. 138 Falton (treat. It rook I > n, ia agent. tndO tin* IEECHES?LEECHES.?to too rrry fine 'a'ge and health? a Sinyrtiiand U: rma i Le'rhee. for Bale very ?eaaonable, ] whole-ale and retail, er earefrlly applied by WM WA | Tilt ll'S, t he . iat and Pharmaeuliat, Apotli cariei' tlall, 38 Catharine it OEIDLITZ AND SODA POWDERS-Warranted rery euperior ar'ic r( to what are gen*rally aold. pat up expreaa. ly for family u?. For (ale, wholra-1- aud retail, by WMWa i ROC'S, L'heaiiit and Pharmacutiat, Apolhecariea' Hall, 38('athiiin*(t. m38tm> WHO WAX 18 A BKAUTIFUL CLEAR T COMPLEXION ? HI' ia not addreaaed to ladieaonly. bat gentlemen too. To b?brief, vou ireaiaured that freek ea, pimplea,blotchea. (unburn, tan iiinriihe?, or any difftjuraiiuu of theakio. are removed by he Italian chemical aoap; dark, thick, (unburst or yellow akin,change to a healthy cl;nr hoe altrti-itig th'a. The public arc particularly irqueated to notify that k do puffed uuatrum, hut Ike invention of M. Veaprim, an Italian pkyatrtart. 'I h; New York Herald of M <rcS 33, 18 3, aava?' An Ital,?n ha< lately foimedaaoip of the wil l herba of Ira comin lliat will ch.tnue the color of thick, dirk, sallow or ,n . burnt tkiu to a healthy eleameat; cure eruptione of ikin,eneli i m nail rheum, acurvy, Ice. We are IoI?I by two pe-tuna wno 1 have Hard thia, that it U excellent. and We advue all to try it, | Thia ii aold by T JONKB, at the aim of the American fcni le, S3?mind the right number.or you'll be cheated?83 Chelhamatreet. Trice So ceute a cake. 133 Fulton at, Brooalyn. ia au a?ent. in30 lm" HATH Ult,.?There la uo tjn in lue wuritl that cau uu *o .0 or bad tu the hair, Kvery body known that when the hnir 'a burned it will grow again a< rood aaerrr All the powdtn for dyin* the hair are unfiling but a miilure of lime and lithrage, and the hair if not dyed, hut literally burned. I Li.uida for dying ine hair are couipoaitioaa of cauaiic and apirita, that burnt in the mine way aa the powdere, and dye the hair, and the hair will grew no milter how many timea it ia burned: aul every btd> k owe alto, lint when the head if full of dandruff, the hair beg ma to turn grey, and baldnrra Ibilowi. Krom in eiperience ottwrnty yrara, being bair cutler, and having th* opportunity of examining a gieat many hernia, (and blockncade) I have made mytelfa great i' com >oei ion kn^wu aa " Paauar'a Hair Oil. or Compound Racuttal Oil of Amoiida." fordrareying dandraff, preventing the hair from coming out and turning gray. Tlii? inimitable Ilair Oil will m,ke the hair grow well, au matter how much dandruff or aoccuere ia on the head. ; Kor ia!e, wvoleaala and retail, at A. Paftor'a. Hair rutter, I 185 Oreenwich etreet,New Y'oik. Fiice SO eenta a bottle, i inC8 I in* I STRIKER'S BAY ON THE BLOOMLNGDALE , . ROAD. rpHE tub crib?r, narrng lreeed the above eatabliahment, reI J. apeetfully iiil.rroia hit f'rienda and the public that be will open lor the rummer, on Saturday next, April lit. To thoae (erectii who have ouce Tinted Uiia romautic and i beautiful place it la i.eedl'ia to apeak in ita praiae, and thoaa who have never re u it may b - convinced by a tingle vieit tk it ! i:i n itunelly be tutiful and piclaie que ternary I: ia uuaurpaited by ,ny ?pnt on the ial ind of Manhattan. Hlrilif-r'. lUv ia lit mil?>a from liift Liiv Hall, on IK# PJnnm. i K.l .1. K pa I. The house issiuvte on the ma'gin of I he Hint sun river, along lite hanks of which the garden and pleasure gr. units extend a considerable distance, the walks wuiciig thr. aph a bcaut'f.i'R'ot e of Incus! fiees. During lie past winter many improvementshave beeu made on tliepieiniws?the read leading t>>the home liasbeso wid?lied ai d graded, ne ther expense nor lebrr having beeu i pared iu order to reoi'tr th.s a deservedly favorite sunnier resort The stock of alius and liquors has been selected (without rigard to cost) by en experienced ai.dcompetent .iu'ge Toe ice, die e mf? ctionarj'.and all other re'reanutenle wili he of the tery lint qualite, and the eh irges as moderate as those of any otlur iesi>eetable eitablishmenL Thega'dtn ;u d orcha-ds are will supplied wilh flowers and fnri's 01 every description, to that vi.itors wisung to obtain b-uqur ts, or bi tkcui of ilieir scvsral seasons,can be iup|di?d. k >r th.e acommodation of th we p? rsuns who for health or | pleasure ride eaily, breakfast will lie provided I roin tlillg io the morning. The comfort and enn'enienteof 1 edits visitirg this house wiil lie rspe tally s uditd,ami civility and attention may always be rr lied on. htasrs start ercry hour from No 30 Bowerr, ai d pvs*eii;rrs can alight at 111'.' gate. Vv. COItB YN. iti37 i m - CTKKL PENS?From the celebrated manufactory of Jo1 sepli tiillott, of Birn:ingh tin ? The high r> potation of three pens bar induced many inferior makers to imitate them, thereby ii.juriug theiwell ear..ed reputa ion of J ,srph (Jillott. The Pub ic are req usted to be particular from wlum they purchase. . The genuine may bt katwu by 'heir supenor quality, and by the style of put'inp up. A constant supply fur sale by MOBMir f'AHDOW, IT!31 lm* " Maiden tjvne. I ATO fl 'K.?Conncnres of the following goods, per thin TAROI.IN fA, from Liverpool, (consigned tu orJ?r} ar?rtq i?strd to Call, pay their freight, and attend to the receipt ot their goods, vis:? 11 TO. 72 1 caret of Merchandise 17 trnra da S (1 1 eaee do B in di.itn?nd 84 as 6 do do W 401 I do do (1LOVCK St McMURRAY. I m99 100 Pine street. F'ROM 8 00o to lo.ooolh? of freah Harden fleeda, in all the choicest species and varieties. Tor aale, in quantities lo nil purr Bridge,nan's permanent establishment, eo'| nerol 18th it. and Brosdoay. Also, " The Young Hardener's Ass <ant," containing the reenha of his 9? Tears practice in I New York. As this work has been honored by the aw aid of ! aUold Medal, from the American lu?titu<e, which institution and tie New York State Agriculiural Society, having also awatdtd several conies as premiums lor superiursprciiiieue ' of garden products. further comment n desmrd unnecessary. tn9 I m" KALSOM I.Mt I'AINX.?'I hrtvaleomiiie rami having uteu severely tested in this city dnring the winter months, j the patentees ran recommend it with rrrrwcl confidence to ! the public. The numerous specimens of Kalsrimioe Paint sow ' rutting in New York, renders an cnume atina of its ad ventages superfluous ; among the most prwminant are the following Kaisomine Colors are mt re permanent, more luminous and ajteeahle to the eye thvn oil colors. They are applied without occasioning any offensive smell or injurious (fleet up-.n health, and drying in a few hours. Kaisomine paint may, if j properly applied, be washed when soiled, according to directions in iheeircutar. I Orders received and punctually attends I to at the ! KALSOMINK PAl.Nl' DfcPOT, ; frb 97 8m* 364 Broadway, corner Franklin. ANuRLTK or loss ol hair is caused .by a isnguiu or ob ritcled circulation in the small blood resaels which snpI dly the acalp and hair wr.lh nouns' men', in eoosequsmes of i which the jiersptration becomes thick and rlsmmv, and tines on the surtace. forming a crust called dandruff which clogs up lit" prves of tl-eshin, and by its pressure sgainrt the roots of the hair nerve nts it from receiving sufficient nourishment to rrtatn vitality The hair then becomes hart h and unpleasant. I eiaat ce* color end falls off 1 his unseillhy affection is very per(lily -ad effrrH illy cu ed by Jaync's Hair Tonic., which rerivre .he dormant powers of tne surface vrsselr. removes the dacdiuff, sud products a new and healthy gruw.h of hair to rupt>'y llie.l tss of the old: and baldness is prevented or removed where it already 'lists The following certificate is selected, which snfll-j?n<|y prove* if* estrarrdinary virtues? Messrs. A. B. k Sands:? OeBll*meB. .J^s an act of justice to you end Itr. Jay ue, I send yott this certificate to inform you of the invaluable benefit my wife has received from the use of i t;r J <y e's Hair Tonic. She loet not only her entire head of i hair, Vnt her eyebrows alio and aftertrying Bairn of Colum ' bin ti'iH <;< :o?? other rrmetiire. with no Denrfi!. ?h? iu<<1 Mr J.iyu.'i Hair Tnnie. fehe need two boll lee before we eeuld itiei over the heir had alerted, end commentitg with the third ' it marled to (row otit finely, and in a few weete her head and > !>,one weir marred wilha thrd growth ol li e black hue better than ahr h id loe\ 1 think it wee entirely produced by the utr ot the Tonic, and would recommend it to all who need 1 aeimilartcmrdy. Truly youre. JOHN N JACKSON. Piejrared only hy Dr. D. Jayne, M Month Id etreel Price $1 Mo'dat wholetaleand retnl by A. B It D ?,vNU8.dro(':i|.ta,79 Fulton. corner of Gold elreet. >l<I 100 . uit .n atrref; <l 11 nob! r.y Abraham B Ma tide fct'i.,No 273 Bioadway, ror1 rr r of Chamber itrcet; Devid Saudi It Co., No. 77. Kaet Bi ivdww elili Vv II LIAM HHiARN: OA/1 BOW hRY, Prince and itreeff, ' fft rg x*VJ t lor ?!* ih? following ?1 ry gorHa't, 'rr ?eed:? Krtr,c\ KuokVim)) ami rlomntir cn'icoe cembri* d.mitr*. rmitirBinj ?mJ rtconj mourning. light thirili and ing.'c rokrr; ?q peifi w 4 4 French nrinfH rrtnlmi, im.ill chi.i? * w orw; , I I pi till K'Hiton gr :'?aii . *n > irrtn r^.uid light c ;i<? ki u> I Hi"1 aatiu *:M,tfd h!ue b! wk fid i ; i g n j ? '<1 watered lint iibbo'1: fine l>lk no t m| a d I14I.1 ti.l'il miitlin d- la'rea; Indira" fan )? ami cfMlm- u'l Mk -ilk o Tad; I .Jicj' and geBlltman'atdiin aodticmaii-hed lot .1 can, b ichdhfr: I eir? a d crutlemen'i I ghi col'a ?i; u Iut r a; b!k ai'k lot g ?liaula; ian akadei aid miiaea pnrea 'a; lit itr I writ", ! birdfjt diitrre; St I k and limwn lirena; tallied, corded and M ir ?ill-i iltirii jahirlind mnalioa: blk and nhite rotlon hue', I kc kc.i i tilocd, plain and corded rambnr. jicn't- b t k. hwi?a, it, 1111 anl Tarlel n irtuali.w. I! ?h<V.< favrit lie. See A'a t on h id. bk bifnbrain a. blk ebaly. Il^ 1 Koliei i? i, er*l?i. trrc;i butgr. naraao'a. >nd a general aeaortmi nt id 'ith r am .la. all of nl.iehare offend g-jrr Hp it tne lotr at I matkrt price*. ? LVi oirnp'iCM?no a al*:r.?a;, n.30lm" IE > fm Washington. [L'orrrri osdtneeof the IWrsId 1 W a? hi p. qtoif, March , 1642. The Birth .Xight Asmmbly. The last of the assemblies happening on the anniversary, the occasion, and the unusual large turn out, made it the most magnificent ball of the season i/be splendid dancing saloon w. re a brighter appearance than ever from the combined lustre of new lijhfs, and the dazzling throng o' brilliant women. The meit fastidious taste would have here found its standard for beauty in the company present. It being the last ball, no one remained away. The tickets had been disposed of the day before, for all Congress seemed disposed to join the festivity. At nine o'clock the doors of the dressing rooms were thrown open, and the ladies, with their escorts streamed into the ball room, the music playing an inspiring march. The distinguished senator from Pennsylvania walked with Miss M , of Tennessee?the Secretary of State and family? Mr- Prestoa and lady?Mr. Woodbury and lady? General Jcssup and family?the Hon. Mr. Gran-a gf r and family?Mr. and Mrs. Rives?Mr. Evar.s I {? : i.. vl - i vi.- T...I?. u. uuu iuiuiij?irii. nuu iui?. %f iiu^u v/?iuu?.vir. Bradley und family?Mr. Senator Fulton and family?General Jones and family?Colonel Totten and family?Com. Keanon and ladies were anion; those of the cntrte company at the time. The quadrilles were formed immediately? " Whin Music arose with its voluptuous swell, Sod eyi s look'd lovo to eyes that sneku again, And all went merry as a marriage Bell." During the first dance, Mr. Clay and a number cf senators mads their appearance, the former making himself as agreeable as the youngest gallant, and looking all smiles and content. He promenaded at one time with Madame Buonaparte, the celebrated beauty of other days, and who even now commands the respect and atteation due to one so celebrated. Mr. Bodiseo and his beautiful lady were there; and Mr. Bacouit, French Mini.-ter, Mr. Lrmegs, lklgian charge, Mr. Norden, with most of the gentlemen of the foreign legations. As for the belles, i lie re were many bright partieular stars. No State had less than one?and soaae had nearly a dozen.? Look with us at the centre cotillion: see what k cluster of briyht figures, and what rich and tasteful dressing. That lady with dark,, rich eyes and bright bandeau, with a bouquet in her hand, is Miss B from Halifax, Virginia, the greatest belle south of the Potomac. I heard a Congressman remark:? " Shu walk< in beauty like the night, *Miil cloudless rlim. s and starry skies? And all that's b? it of dark and bright, Meet in her aspect and her eyes." The young fairy over the way, vi*a vis, surrounded by gallants, is a lady of tho same name, of lighter mood and softer airs : u Her name it floating in the airIt rings through wood and valley,? llur praise is sounded every where ; The gay and charming Sally." There is Mi?s G- sf Northern New York, a b illiant belle. Miss S of Washington, and Mine E of Maine, Mis* D of Louisiana, Miss P of Cincinuati, Miss B of Mississippi, tike Misses S of Salem, and From flie banks of Delawsre, More than one gay Bayadtre. Miss R of Philadelphia, daacing with Senator S of Arkansas. The Misers B of Alexandria Miss F of Baltimore, and Miss W of Monument Square Miss R ef St. Louis and Miss B of Va. Mies S form the President's and Miss W of Lexiugton. The orchestra is now playing the Pottillion for a waltz?the c rele is iulland the many tw inkling feet carcetouch the floor.?the waltzing ia incomparable. The Miaaes 8? of Baltimore ; Miss G and Miss C and Miss P ?ef Wash nvlnn Mini' nl N,* Vn.b-M>, l? nf Avoudale, and other*, all matchless in motion and grace. The lady on the arm of the Hon. Mr Johnson U Mrs.C , of Viigiuia, the grand daughter of Fatrick Henry, a belle of ufew years back, who once held among her captive knights, the hero of San Jacinto. It it easier to conquer an aimy sometime a, than gain a lady's hand. Seme women's cyet are more than a park of artdlery. The lacy in white, with Senator Harrow, it Mits A?1?, of Richmond, lately from Europe. A friei.d of mine met ber at the Eg!sn? on tournament, where the shone the fairest of our countrywomen. The young lady of svlphlike form and gossamer dress,is Mi?? N , of Philadelphia; the lady dancing with Mr. Cushiiig is Mrs. Judge II?and visa vis, is the Hon. Mr Ilubhard, with one of the belles of tha tenon. Mi ? W , of New llampthire, and there is Mrs. and Mirs II , of Ua'timore, and the handsome Mr S anhope McClelland, all survivors of the "Ville de Leon." Thv supper room baa been open some hour?, and many a lair one has tipped an ice cream. Mr. Speaker White, I thank you for that hook. Proflit, take care of yourself, for here comes Bolts, looking for the guard. Sprigg?why a'nt you dancing ? Come Tumlri/I, it's time to go. On Stanley, oa. Good night, Mr. Siltonstall Good night, Mr. Moorehead. It wsa Iod^; after the Cinderella hour when the company retired?many, no doubt, wishing the night was longer. Any description ?f eo brilliant a party would be imperpect without a] sketch of tome of the drcete?, which it it now impossible to give, at two o'clock in the morning. '?'Tin over?the lights are all dying, Thecoachet all driving sway ? And many a fairone is sighing, And many a false ona is gsy. The hearts that wercthroobing with pleasure, The eyelids that longed for repase; The beetis that wero dreaming of treasure, Tho girls that wore dreaming of brans. And beauty counts over her numbeu, Of conquests as home ward she drives, While some have gone home to their slumbers, And 10ms hnvo g>ne home to their wives.' float o [Correspondence of the Herald.] BoaTow, March 30,1812 Religion?Theatres and Museums?British Steamers \ J. G. BaMfBrr, Esq.: ? There is at this time not much to excite particular attention in Boston. The excitement on religious subjects still continued unabated, and many arc weekly added to the church militant, of inch at shall be savtd. Thia|]excitrraent ia not eonfined to eldis .or acet. The Un ire realists have quite a revival among their; people, and the Rev. Mr Skinner baptised, by immersion, several of the people of his baloved Aock on the Inst Sabbath ? This ia, however, only aa an offset to the Baptists, who have been doing an excellent business in the baptismal line. E.der Him *, of the Chardon st. chapel, continues to pnrsne the even tenor of his way, fully persuaded that the world must come to a dead halt some time in 1843. If such do not prove to be the fact, the Elder, and all his followers must turn infidels and heathen. The Tremont Theatre is doings so-so-ish sort of a business?the National a good business, and the little Olympic Saloon gets along finely. Mrs Mcader perform at the 'a>ter. Lore is at the Bo*, ton Museum, and Md'lle Aurtnl, with her great ancles and legs, and La I'etite Cerito at Harrington's. We are in need of a revival in the Theatre line here, and no mistake. But don't send us any more large ancle*, unit-as you minn to turfeit in 'he Unicorn ateamer leave* for Halifax, with the Colombia's paracngers lor Liverpool on Saturday The number o! pa?*enge? will be amall, a* p noma who pniieia a tithe of common icnie will prefers New York packet ?hip t<> a stcimcr under cinvasa ! I beli. ve there are no vcriela in the world equal to jonrpii ke!a. A steomer when she ii kop! a* clean a? the Yanknre keep :h< m. i* bad enough, but an Kngliah tteainer ia almost intnler.v b'e. There i< a uteainer which run* be ween thi* port and St John, N B., which ie?emh|e* nothing >o much at a huje block <f I'icti u coal. She i? nothing but filth from stem to stern. If any thing worth writing about should ctcf turn up in thi* city of notion*, I will drop you line For the present good bye L. I Dvtno von Love.?Among the wonder* of tha time* we find it recorded, say* the Na*h*ille Whig, that a certain " l)r. Conyer* di?*ccted a per??n ?vbo died for love in London, and found an inaprea- I *,on of a lady'a face upon hi* heart." Thi* brat* | a-.imal magoeti-tr. . L D. ?T7* rnea two CoMI Militamv 1mi?,Li.KiKM'i: - l*i lulaniry ?A Uetaelini'Mit t>f Mix at lftdinea were tnhave sailed from New York on Tue?day la*?,r r Nr w Orleans", to fill up the companies of thie rijriment. Officer* accompanying Ihedetcehoiru!. Lieutenant* O. VV. F. Wood, i-t Infantry, and S Stanabury, if the Ordnance; Assistant Surgeon* VV. H. Van liuren and \V. Sevcly. Company C. Captain Lamottr.wore to ledvu Jrif-rsnn Barracka about the middle of March lor Fi.rt Crawford. lith Infantry ?Capta>n M E- Merrilland lot. J,t. II II Mcl'hail have been detailed for general recruiting teivice tith Infantry The firit brttalion, consisting of 3i>l troops from Cedar Key?, Kant Florida, under the eominand of Lieut. Col. G. Li omie, were landed et Jefferson Barracka on the 10th inat. They are companies II, C, D, E and F. Officers? Lieut. Col. G Loomta, command ng; J. Helper, adjutant; E. A Ogden, ass't quarter master; T- C. Madison, ain't aurreon; Capt J. D 8e?ri?bt commanding company F; Capt Wm HolTman, commanding company I); lat Lieutenant J 11 S- Todd, nss't com tnb; Id Lteut. W. H. TWalUrr; M Lieut L ('. Easton, commanding company IV; 2d Lt J. B. Emory; 2<l Lt E. H Fitzgerald; 2d Lt. K II. Garnet; Bvt. 2d Lt. A. II. Nelson ; also Capt. Brown, Lieut*. Moaroe, Lovell. Edea 1 W-a uuu TTrimore. Movements ok Tmoors.?Companies g and H of llrgiiiieut U. S. Artillery, arrived at Fort Morgan, Mobile Point, las', week, from Cedar Keys, Florida. The following is a lint of the officers:? Lieut. J. M K-ichutn, C< nunanding ; and Lieuts. .1 L It hi km, H B. Judd.Wm T. Sherman, G W. Ayres, and S L. Fish; and Au'l. Surgeon W. E. Fulwood. . Companies E, I, and K of the same regiment, arrived from the same point, about a week since, at Fort Pickens, Pensacoiu, under command of Lieut. Col. W. (idles. Officers attached, are Capt. MBurke; Lieuts. \VT Frozer, B Brain;, J. F. Reynolds. H B. Field, and W. a. Brown, Adj't. We understand that tliey are intended to garrison theee forts permanently.?Mobile Journal, March 21. | Naval Intelligence?Orders.?March 18(h, Lieut. E M Vail, leave for one year from the departure of the frigate Braadywine. now in the Mediterranean, to the U. S. 16tb, Mid. J H. SomervilleandK II Scovrll, orders to biig Dolphin revoked, that vessel having laile.I prior to their receipt. 1'Jlh, P. Mid S. J. Shipley, ship Yandalia, Noifolk. 21st, Commanders. Champlin,command of rendezvous, Buffalo, N. Y. Lisut. T. T. Craven csmmiiinl of recciviag vessel, do. Lieut J. WSwift, rendesvoua, do Muster T. Btownell, rendezvous, do Mid. E H. Scovell, steamer Miss uri, New York 22d, Lt. G. W. Chapman, det'd from rendezvous. Philadelphia Appointments ?By and with the advice and consent of the Senate Ph tin* Knvusules, to he a Chaplain from March 14,1842, Henry W. Queen, of D. C to be a second Lieutenant in (he Marine corps, from March 14, 1812. Hesiunatio.v.?March 22.?John Miller, acting boatswain. Lieut E. R. Rone has been reatojed to dnty. Naval ?Our correspondent at Singapore, writes under date of December 7ih, that the frigate Constellation. and sloop of war Boston, were m port, all well, and making ready to go up to China. Great Rise ok the Westeew WAT?as.?A gen tlcman who arrived in town last eveniog, from the Upper Mississippi, and who left St. Louis on tb? 18th, informs us that the Ohio from the month up to Padncah, \v?j more swollen than at any period since the great flood of 1832, and that tha country i n the Kentucky side, was completely flooded. Caito ia Illinois v as also under water, especially the upper part of the town. The principal freshets .cere from the Tennessee, the Cum be a land and the At Evansville, above these rivers, the flood was falling on thu lSth- A vast amount of property ha* b-en destroyed In many instances, the inhabitants on the Kentucky shore, had their flat boats moored close to their houses, la which they had placed their cattle and furniture, intending to move < fl? in case the flood should risn still higher. Hut as the Upper Mt-sissippi had only swollen eight feet, it was thought that the danger was passing away. Our informant states that the back water fr?>m the Ohio was forced 25 miles up the Mississippi Our friend entered the Ohio on the 17th, and iirct experienced a fall at Evans* ville, Indiana, where the fieshet had risen from 30 to 35 feet. As far as heard from, no lives had been lost. The lower part of Padncah was inundated, and the inhabitants were living in the upperstortea 111 incir nimirs w:i pun ing i nmue uDoul thirty miles up the Ohio, a skill came off with an anxious enquirer on board He was dreadfully alarmed, and in a mice of p.;nic he exclaimed, " is the Mississippi rising V* His wife and family were observed in the distance, ail anxiety and apprehension, as to the results tf the Alk-like mission. The joy of tha father may be imagined when he hrard cheering intelligence ? PhiLul. Inq Alarch 29. On.rnviTiots i.t Little Kivkk.?We perceive that the boinl of public works will be required to remove the obstructions to the navigation of Liule River, from its mouth, where it enters lllack River, to the junction of its two branches, culled the Dog; en [iioi.ia nnu inc untuur, ana up me last named stream three or four milee, to the firvt high lands on the east side of said stream, to the site selected aa n place for a town, and up the Dogdemopia as far aa the state road h auing to Natchitoches orosses the same. Such ;s the re tdtnz of the act, and we cannot hut add that the benefits of this improvement will be of immense advantage to the ciltzena ot that portion of couutry, and an improvement that should have been mode lorg ago. Icr is Cislnt?The 'J\rronto Herald of ths 14th, the /Ai/i'/i II /iig of the 15th, aid the Kingston Chronicl; of the 1*? h March wera received to day, tbc last of these siys the ica in the bay has hecome rotten and unsafe, and three lives had been Inst in different parts, by bieaking through. On board the schooners and steam boats every preparation was making for availing themselves of the earliest opportunity of resuming the navigation of the lake. Stkamrk Ovkida Burst ?We learn from the river that the steamboat Oneida was burned to the water's edge on the 23J lust, near Letart Falls.? The fire occurred in open day, but made such rapid progress that tho passengers had barely time to escape, some with less of baggage. No lives were lobt, but the boat and cargo were destroyed.? Lin annua u'.iztur. Westeux R Mi.nn.tns.?The railroad Irom Meredoria, on llie Illinois river, to Sprifig/ield, lllioi is, a distance cfsixty mil's, is fiui-hed and in operation. Travellers now pnss between .St. Ixiuis and Springfield in less than twenty four hours. De\tii iv Liohtxii*'! ? Th?ra was a serera thunderstorm 'n Norfolk on Friday evening. The lightning struck the schooner Tsxxs.and killed one of the crew, Swain llildrstli, ef Case May. The schooner C'ohaniiett of Kings on, (Ma-s ) was also struck, I. ?mg her foretopmast, and sustaining slight ii'j-ry in her foremast. The G. had jast been brought up from the b ach at Cape Henry, ham g gone ashore in November last. Pi'-ron Co\r. Thade.?A latter from Pietnu, of i oc-iit date, says " the miners have again gone to woik, and we have a p ospcr.t of supplying (be foreign demand to almost any extent, during the en-uing season." Svicinr. "r a Mi'hiiehch?Jsmei Sweeney, who was arraigned at Woodstock, Vt , in December, for tne murder < f his wife, and wh ne trial was postponed uiit I June, on a -count of his ill health, was, on Tuesday mornin > last, found suspended by a handkerchief 10 the grate in the cell of h s prison, dead It- took every precaution to make j 1119 worK cnccni ii, naving rinc j nia mnam wnn paper, aid bi.nrd a h .ndkerchtef close round h ? face to prevent the *ibil11y o| m ik;ng a noi.?e A WiiAr.n-? A fin* bit of whale ?port came off yesterday morning nrar the entrance of our harbor off the south aide o: Cuttyhnnk ledge The pilot boat Snperior slatted a young whale, and after a bruit chase the animal surrendered to bis capture, ami pioved to be a line specimrnof the cachelot or up rmaccti aperies, a otif fif een f^et inhnfth,? "just big enotijliffor n show." We undentaail that I lie product ?f oil w II be abnui live barrels? yf n n Jfurd M,rc ry,^f<iir,',S'> I'HEtowicso.a.?Thi Oaark, (Axk> K.?of the 5'i i<J?un\ st tha.t during a very (lev-rc lttfq-o tn thi' o-.-ir-.-d on the prrreding rimr d ir. in /if-tfi -Id, Dub corn y a ball of tc I'e'j, wliieli u i.'li b t i . ul rttid aixt/poii .da i iv'kk"ool. oitrty.i, 1:0*1. aki.o*t-to m he.. i j ipialiff, es-ef.iti* tnwrreii m *l?e |.oo|.j??t iicurdp' ililp iHtmpbli from Liverpool, and for ??le hr a n to ? nKttnvt i\ si ""ith > ~1 *>I.I> b'OII.- ll nil e.ior qn lity, m '..ui?< ' ) S " * ex ! h ' a ( ?r rtetitid" mr A'?o. eoperior tin foil, r >r sale l?r RiriHrO.t k A?Pt V tVALI,. st* ?? William strict.

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