Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1842 Page 3
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J1MN - a MAUILIi* . Thiindty, March 31?6 P. ItTin Hock market ha* been heavy, and prier*genera'ly gave way. Long I-land 1} ; Mohawk | ; American Exchange Bank 1 per cent ; lilinoia 61 ; Ohio 6 * 1J ; Delaware and H'idfon role 1( , Indiana 6'* J. Uuitid State* 6 per cent* were quoted at 90 a 87, ten per cent discount being all that is olfertd lor the securities of the Federal government, leaving six pi>r cent interest ? Bills on Philadelphia J ti J. A*. Boston, yesterday, sal.-s of $0000 Massachusetts A jier cent stock payable in 19iT, coupons attached, sold et auetiou at 86} per oent. These Philadelphia papers that one year tiaee were astonished at the wisdom, sagacity, and public spirit ol the Legislature of that State in pasiiog the law author i sing the emission of the " relief notes," are now full of ?) mpethy for the mercantile community, whose business has been ruined by those very note*- Those notes are the chief circulation in the interior,and are received by dealers in pay moot of their debt#. tFheu the dealers come te the city to pay their debts, they find that the paper they held la nearly valueless. They can therefore neither purchase goods nor make payments. The result is an utter stagus'-iun of all business. The saino difficulties, to a greater or lea* extent, prevail in all aectiona of the country, and unless the d-alera insist en payment in specie , they 'will be ruined. It is in vain to say that they can get no other. They hid far better tlUe Doming mil) irreaeemuuie j>a{>vi, uuu wucu uuw they refuse it, the farmer* will refuse it for produce.? This simple determination will at once give them good fund*, and should be promptly taken. To morrow the quarterly interest of the State and city of New York falls due, and will donbtles be paid to the last farthing. Also that of the Federal gorernmeut?pait of the Massachusetts and Maryland sterling interest also falls due. These dividends will throw a little mom y t pon the market for investments. The defalcation of the ?ollcctor of the city revenues will have no influence up on the payment of the interest due on the City debt, payable to morrow,at the Comptroller's office. In the Harrisburg Legislature, yesterday, the bill for the payment of the domestic creditors of the State in 6 per cent State stock?stopping all the extensions?discharging all the engineers in tha State service but one, and prohibiting the issue of the remainder of the 4th of May issue, passed by vote of 3d to 3*2, aud was leiitto the Senate. The A per cent atock i* telling at 32 cti. on the dollar. On the 8th of February last, we published the report of the Indiana Committee of Way* and Means, in which the impoaaibility of paying the state debt was announced That report was carried to England by tho George Washington, and of coursa was copied from this paper into all the leading English journals, and produced ilt natural effect upon the market, and defeated the schemes of stockjobbers. Their ire was consequently excited in a high degree, as may be seen in the following eitract from a letter, published in the Courier and Enquirer, from Ha correspondent ia London, who ia a highly re- I tpectable clerk in a money changet 'a oitice. It is thought that business would have been considers, bly better, In American securities, and that the abun dance of money would have brought forward specula tort, in consequence of the depressed prices?but the continued arrival of misrepresentations, fabrications and alanders in the American journals, causaS sa great a discredit to the principles of the nation, that capital MWDecome unwilling to Interfere with propertiua of inch a kind. Amongst these st>rtes il that scarcely intelligible fact M reed in the r^ew York Herald and copied thence into lithe E^gitah Journals, which >o eagerly seize up m Tir* Opportunity of blackening the republican character, about the SUte of Indiana, which ia now here ranked amongat the repudiating States. These fabrications and slanders referred to were aim ply the official report referred to. We mention this merely to show the malevolent feeling which exists among papers in tko interest of certain parties against the dis semination of truth. The pregress of the debate in England on the corn question is undoubtedly one of very great interest to the mercantile interests of this country. The greatest objection which has heretofore existed against the corn laws of England has been the fact that the duty ia a flue tuating one, and therefore has made the trade in corn ro speculative in its character as to forbid the possibility of merchants of character engaging ia it. The scalo of Sir Bebert Peel, which we published last week, does indeed lower the rates, but leaves tha main objection atill un ached, and their appears little probability frem the arge majority in favor of the ministerial plan, that a fixed duty can be adopted. More than two thirds were in favor of moveable rates. A great discussion Is going on In the English journals a# to the comparative itf.cts which the sliding lew would have, a? compared with fixed duty, upon the trade with the United State*. Many contend that the fixed duties woald be better, and ether* the reverse. The evidence of thoie Merchant* actually engaged in the trade gee* to ihow that it cannot be carried on under a tlidiag scale,and they adduce fact* which are conclusive on tho subject. The discussion, however, shows clearly the important fact that the re* strictionsou the bread .trade cannot be continued. Tha' a free interchange of the com medities of the old world for the produce of the new, tnavt soon take place. The desperate struggle# ef the aristocrats only put off the time. Lord John Russell proposed a flted duty of 84 per quarter?the duty on Canadian wheat to remain 61. with the transit duty of 8s. The Canadians arc making great efforts to erect mills, in order to grind American wheat W the Eoglish market. The following official report of the exports of wheat and flour from Canada to Great Bri tain will show the ismnnnse progress which the trade is making in that quarter Exports or Flora a.-jd Wheat from Canada to Gseat flaiTAR*. Aloer. Wktm t. 1811 bbls. 033,378 bush 45u 69. equil to bbls. 928,393 1040 * yH.Xet " 141*31 " 3-37,147 Increase, 639,817 8(M,SS3 001,346 Here is an increase of -300 'par cent in the export of breadstuff* tr >m the Canada* to Great Britain during the past year. The increase has been far greater in Hour than in wheat, for the reason that uaUer the existing law, the proportion fiaed between a barrel of flour and a quarter of wheat it Id quarters of whf at to 39 barrels oi flour; the miliars ?ay thot 13 quarters of wheat will not equal U barrel* of flour ; consequently there i* a premium in fhvor of foreign flour. Twenty barrel*oi flour weigh 3 930 lb* ; a bushel of average wheat weighs 60 lbs., which will produce often a* much a* M lb*, of seconds flour, or 46 lb*, of fine flour; therefore, Id quarter*, or 94 bushels, will produce of fiae flour 4,384 lb*. In farther elucidation of this subject the following calculation 1*given, b??e.l upon the assumption that wheat i* worth 48s. par quarter at any port in the Uni'ed State* :? Twelve quarter* of wheat at 36s, ?31 13 0 Freight,6s. 3 0 0 Insurance 30* per cent, 0 7 6 Duty when wheat is 69*., 7 16 0 Coat of 33.04 barrels of flour, not including grinding, X33 16 6 Now for.the importation of flour? 23j64 barrels of flour, except grinding, 31 13 0 Freight 3*, 3 6 0 Insurance. 0 7 6 Duty on 39.44 barrels,at 7i.9d. 8 10 9 I'woi of tO AX kua.?la rwos.^1 moU/IUs* fll IA I ?Being a difference in favor of thu BritiiU siller of 1'. 9J., or If. 8d. per quarter, and if wa allow him to be entitled to the nac protection aa other manufacturer!,viz: on unenumereted article! 20 per coot, mppoie hi* charge for (rinding to he lot. per quarter, the rery higho?t rate Oo. 81. per quarter. Now an English country miller will grind tor it. dd. per q iarter-j^Suiely thif if protection enough. Tha probability if that tho^scale of Sir Robert Peel will permit of the yearly import of abont a? much wheat of baa been lahen out of bond during the lavt three yeaia ofacarcity. Th.a haa become necessary from the fact that manufacturing haa been pushed to inch extent in England that the production of the soil if not sufficient for the support of the inhabitants, and a yearly supply of food from abroad has become absolutely necessary, and that in average years to an extent equal to that imported .luring the past lew years. Those importations have produced a drain of coin suffi:ient to shake the paper avstem of F.noland and ronvtilaa tha _..u If tboMimportation* arc to oiuit be done in a mannerth at will allow of the export of good* in return, nit end of coin. The trade iau*t become to regular that jt can be entered into by reputable merchant* at *afe and lucrative. Now we apprehend thia cannot be done under a iliding acale, an I for rtaton* w hich may be illustrated by facta laid down by Mr. Cripp* of the Nottingham deleg tion, at an inteivirw with Sir Robert Prel, being ?ome Iranaaction* of hia own. It w a*, that In May laat year, Meier* Brown, Shipley It Cj. told on hi* ac* count ?,?4t bbl*. of dour, the duty on which amounted to ?1,7JO. The flour waa a regular remittance in the course of trade, and could not be held. Had it been held until September, the duty would have been ?6iO only. In Oc'ober the duty woul 1 have been ?4,119, in December ?6,133. If order* hod been given for the flour to ar. rive in Angtnt on iprcnlatMn and thioughecoutrary win ! the rratel had been delayed a few week*,a hairy lot* wanld hat* been experienced. Thia cue we th^nk I clearly iilurtratea the imptobability of establiabing an) J I "<ul?! I rada uuiirr a aiHima acair. Il M true thai uu > i Mr PmI'i bill th? lot* wmilj have been leaa, but the uucertainty would remain tha aamo. aim at tlM Btaek Bxckaat*. *16.000 N. V. ?'*. l?S3 TT 33 Dal * MldtiU Aim 91 TI-JODO Ohio (.'*, 1930 an S3 do ?3U 9 1, Sih O do *10 S3 10 Loni laland laa 9-3 tlKMlllinoi* booJj *60 141 40 Utica It Srlieu 1-21 4000 do IS 143 Mohawk MR 45' 4000 d? 14i S3 do I'30 IS 51000 ludiaua *lg bjDll* 17 J 100 do 46 4000 do 17] S> do j b30 4 3j 4000 I-d. dol. boadl 172 73 di 43 9000 <] *60 I6j S3 do 1)5 4 4 60 0 do iiw 17} 30 Ilailrm Rll 7} 7000 do 17J 130 do i30 71 33 M r Ki Bai.k SO 630 Loug Island UK 60 cuu o. i.on ,< i, to i<>? do l. >v nu 2> do iscjip1 114 6# do b?U 5"J SO do 841 M do ??( lO.AmKi Bi'k OS SO o 49 SO Del It Hudson >30 10 1 00 do 1 SO SO 20 do 440 00 IPO Palermo RR 4?. 20 do IIS >1 0J Sloaioctou Hi 40 no 92 Second Board. 20 Mohawk RR 40 10 13 20 do 40 00 Lom lsl-nd 491 SO do LOO 404 20 do 4?j 20 Drl fcFuJ 13 83| 20 OrU k Hu 'son t3 9 j Brighton Cattle Market. March 39.?At marxet S30 Beaf Cattle, 20 pair* Working Oxen, IS Cowl and Calm, 320 Sheep, and 820 Swine. Prices?Beef Cattle? We quote to correipond with last week, via : a few choice Cattle at $6. Fust quality $5 50 a S 76; second quality $4 75 a 6 26; third quality $4 a 4 50. Working Oxen?$70 78, and 00. Cows and Calves?Sales it $20,25,29 and 20. Sheep -Prices not made known. Swiue?Lots to peddle 3} a 4c for Sows, and 4j a 5c for Barrow*. A lot large Barrows 4Jc. At retail from 4J to 6c. Mar* lad. Or Thursday afternoon, the Slit ult. by the Rev. Mr. MeeRcn, Mr. William u. diu.ishwhum.ii, ?uju ter of William Covert, Esq. of Bushwick, Kings County, L I. At the Calvary Church, in Brooklyn, L I. on the SOih initant, by the Rev. Wm. Lowi*, Mr. Edmunb J. Rl'li.mi, of Saratoga Springs, N. Y., to Mill Anna R. Sroon h. ol the farmer place. At Rhinebeck, on Wednesday morning, 30th initant, by Rev. Dr. Hotton, Roniov Killv, of thu citv, to Mies Arietta Arka, daughter of George Hotton, Eiq of the former place. Died. Suddenly, on the 30th init. Mra. Eliia Nilholjor, wife of Alfred Nicholson, aged 25 yean. The friendi of the family and thoie of her father, John Tliompieu and of her brother, Major Thompeoa, are re ipectfully iavited, without further invitation to attend tue funeral from her late reiidence, 115 Varick street, near Broome, thii afternoon, lit instant, at 3 o'clock. On Thuraday, March 31, after a short, but painful illness, Mri. Mart Bibtwhistli, in the 46th year of her eg.\ relict of John Birtwhiitle, and daughter of Jonas Booth,ien. Her remains will he taken from her late residence, 52 Eldrtngc street and interred in the Greenwood Ceme'.r> on Friday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. The friendi ol the family are respectfully invited to attend. On the 30th instant, after a lingering illness, Israel Corsc. in the74tth year of his age. On the 30th initant, Maroaikt Amebia, aged 5 months, daughter of Benj. Wood. jr. On the 29th initant, Maboabrt Auouita, daughter of Richard and Maria Polhamus, in the 6:h year of her age. On the 2t:h instant, Thomas, son of Joseph B. and Sarah Ann Brewater, aged 3 years. On the 29ih instantt oft lingering illness, GcOiqe Kittlemar, in the 35th year of his age. Qa Tuesday, 29th instant, Miss Ark Em i lire Botd, *Oa the loth Instant, of a painful and lingering Hint ss, Johr Abdabiesr, aged 72 year*. At Union College, Schenectada, on the 29th instant, Harrietts, wife of Prof. John Austin Yetee. She died in full triumph of redeeming faith. At Hartford, Ct Mart Read, aged 46, daughter of the late Rev. Peter Read, of Ludlow. Vt. Putenfen Arrived. HaTawa?Ship Crittovi) Colon?W H McLslle*, W P Win chtiter, Capt H N 1'tuicll Boston; Jimn Veaderpsol. Jun , CaptW HTroub, NYorfci T R Wiae. Vv.ri(niiiia-, A Siliam, Chaa Bracanioter, German) ; W LabaeL Tobaaeo; O A Thorn on, Ireland; roetor Pare* Harar.e; Pedro Castano.ilo. Foreign Importation a. Trieste?Brig Roroeiuo? 40 eaaea How laud k Aspir wall? 191 bl? hemp 391 re brinratone TT b!a Ram 111 d >currant* 60 Iixj filer 1809 <irum? rail * SB <ali 2 cks cream tartar It ci ip-irgea 13 do mdee !*, umilth?S bar Weshalhaweu k Achillea?6 I>Ih K Cotme'te?t M Paliick 9 willow baikela W Tate 1S?: i cream tartar 3 kzil c. metre 14 bia 3 bla mdee 499 bla raga to order. HavaSa?Sk'pCriatnTal Coloo?1087 bxi augar a quantity of old cacraii Spoffoid, Tileaton k eo?TT baa augar K Peck & co ?74 do Chaatelaia k Ponrert?M bai aegara Benaon k Fiah?I-o do M da Pugo?ao bxr do B F Oowron?t bis 2 bblx mdae W 1' Winchester?28 >gt c .tfee 1* F Youngs 10 firka butter J H Fioby?38 kgi buliar 60 bxa cheese K (J Head?200 bfcla oranges Aekcrly k Acker? 1 traak H Ball 3 bn 2 bblamdae W H Traub?I bblx md<e TR Wiae?1 box G A Thousun?1 box to on'er. At ci'iifa?Barque Binney?1282 Canters brimston-, 6 half pipes,, 313 bags ltnteid, 1630 ti-.x-s lemons 3903 do oiaogea b Broome?110 qr cask* wiae Lawreccik Kobm son MARITIME HERALD. I'OKT OK NKW VOIIH, APRIL 1, 1843 sun Rites 6 44 full noon o sun sari .... ....... irlaisiwATri er 3 Uapartura of tha Atlantis Btsamsn. rxeM xnULano. from amkrica. Colombia, Judkina ?? Apn? 2 G. West* rn, Hoakea - April April 28 Britannia, Hewitt- April May 1 Ctlsdoaia, Lott April 12 May 12 \csdia, Ryrie May 4 June l G. Western, Hoakea May 21 June 16 Columbia, Judkiaa May 12 June If Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia. Lott June 12 July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July S Aug. 1 G Wea'ern. Hosten July 2 Aug. _4_ To ghtp Masters, We shall esteem it a favor, if eaptama of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore Bnesett,of out news tel ooners, s report ol the shipping left at the port wl.euce they taihd, the vessels spoken on their passage, and a hit of their cargo. Commodore Baasett will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate tha favor iu any way. Otaarad. Ships Emera'd. Hows, diarre, Wm Whitlork. jr; Knroie. Marsball,l,iver|ool,C'H Marahgll; Calia,Thatcher. Savan nah. Mcott k Morrell; 'i'arolinta. Smith,Liverpool, M L k G Uiia wold; Mary Frances,Hubt-ard, Mobile, Stu>ge? k Clear man?Barques Bev a, Brigga. Genoa and Leghorn, S IV L iris; Lagrange, Porter, Mrmtiah, Dunham k V inmn. Juan J de Carleaeua, Kailar, Machias? Brigs Levant. VVibjier, St Mary's (Ho, Neamith k Leeds; Bremen brig Vesta, < aturmole, Bretmn, Oelrichs k Kiugtr?Schrs Francis 'thorn s. lacoba. Ballim*r?; Aid Hyuian Totter, Newbern.N A I ii lie, Hickman, Alexandria, Georgetiwu, aud Washington, t> C. Railed. Ship Atlntic,Hart, for Mcbile. Aiiim. Ship Criatoval Co'oa, Smith, 19 days frrm Havvna, (o Sjv.fford, TileitankCo. Hldiu company with ship Hamburg lor H imburx* Birq ic Biuney .Paine, <0 days from Mesaina, with fruit to S Broome. Brig M-ibican, Lee, 15 days from St John",PR, with 31 hda sugar 39caakl mnlwes 8 tone fustic, to 8 W Lewie; 109 I. he's tugir Alaop k Chancy. left biiga Gen Vlarion, Bliftins. for New iotk.Idy.; Bourne, Bertleli, of Philadrl; liia ('in-, .Mary, Gi I do; Mississippi,of Bath, for Philadelphia, Itlg; hobt Ad ima, Lebanon, of Matt ipoisel, uuc; Peru, Whilroau, ol Marblehead^ilo Sid in co with bug Water Witch, Lebaron, of and for Baltimore. Brig Km press. ,lrom Attakvpaa, with ship limber. Biig Borodino, Chas ,60 dayg fiom Trieste, to J (> W.irJ? caryo to Eugene Dutilth. Sid from Trieste Itlh J nc. Lett barque Aral hues, Baxter, to load for Niw York. Spoke, 6th Ffh. off the weal end of Scicily. ship London, of P aleir, from tt.e coait of Sumatra UOdayi, forfrieate; at the Out ol Gibraltar, 13ih Veb brig Harriet. ofProride c , from Charlraton r.>r Maraeillea 32 d?ja out; tune litre, eicfungrfl ai|(n?le with barque K?una leadore, bout.d in. Snip '1 ing r, Milad 7 d.ija pratiaua far Pi Y->rk. SclirSj'lrndtd Frrmar, 3 dayt iro.ii Ma.bias withlumbir to Brett It Voee. BthrCherlcePeltman.Townaenil Y uginia, with wood. Kchr aleieniria, Briton, Altxauori*. muu lu Mur.ri Ik C Intromit. Behr Lucretia, Wade, Laatporl, with plaalar, to Ntleou it Brown. ilthr Pilot,Puland, Labra. with platter to Brett It Vote. Helir Keuown, Lotcll, Boston, with moUii a to r. it J Ur rrirk S<lirO*ar, Baker, Boaton, with merchant!iae, to SW Lnnia. ?thr A M Hale, Chair, Boaton. with mdzr. Fehr Baltimore, Wogloa, da>a from Petersburg, with flour to J Hunter. Schr Virginian, Bedell, from Norfolk, with mtlie to Stur B-i k ( learntan. Schr Direct, Brigga.trom Baltimore, with mdsaUiJkN Brier-. S'br Naaaau, Dearborn, Richmond,* ilh flour to Alien & Tueon. Schr Talma, Jnaon, Georgetown. wtth floor to W It it C Hirehccek. Schr Julia, Wilmington. N C, Bard atorea. hchr Ciodrralla, Crowi II. Bnatoo. mitix. Schr Kck', Robi mor>, Balnmorr, flour. Schr Krample, Hun turn, Maehiaa, laiber. Hchr Ann, Uwrne. Mailiibo, lumoer. Bclir txelioe. Fall Hirer. 8? lir Splendid, Warknm. Schr lliidoon, , Baltimore, flour. Barge I Stark and Michigan. Philadelphia. Below. U S brig UolpSir. oa Sunday laat. 3 n i'ca c;ut cf Menlepen. by the pilot boat Commerce? all wall. Mwrlne Corrwoponttenc-e. Oerica or ihi Hhook lanaiepra ) Newport, March at, larz ( March*, aid Richmond, and Annlea, N*w York; Hunan. Alexandria; Ce) Ion. New Ynik. 17lh?Ware. lion ll.rnirh tor Nrw lojodon; krancea. Dighlou for FiC'krirliih.,rg ? H'ldann from New Bedford lor Protidel.ce; Meridian, tew York lor Fall ilwtr M.h?Baltimore. trnm Philadelphia lor I roeideate, Eiaelrna.F Mixer for Fredenckabi riWhalemen. Mairh IS. lat M >3, lou TS, wai acta Bearer, of HiiJeon, landing MC. wken. P?ck-tiehipi Biliimore, Futjk. from Harrc, F.btth, w 1 h Wind'N W blowiiag gala. ftMlga Poru. Si*i:*rnar, D?eea^i7.b? No American .raatia in port. Mt J<ih*?, >1 B. MiKHlb- Adeartiaed, KUalia, Smn I, fir N York. lorua a* a regular packet. II a? a a a, Marl.?to porta, abi.a Amor P?lt?a, ?rr IMn, fin Boetnn; Hwrtrara, do, (to; Jtaot Calder, Ma; lUar, (I s Si?llar, do, Hrmah'io MUty. do; Finland. do; Br ntre. J<>. V. loll, d"; Bur ah, tola; Mary Hmith, do, T ciiut, d-i; Mrr; Kraoci? do; Mima,do; Alert*. do; Nathaniel Hoofe! f ml ' orehtrttr; hark* Uallilro dch*, Ma* do: Roup e, d?J; iti. i hat a, arris h fin Boetoa; Bronte , f.,r Hamburg t .on, I r Srth lint freight rr eharaer; brtga .>.?!? mora for M . > veiling freight; Amcrici, dciig; Albert, to; llari.- r , fm Wimiugtiin; Kot, fnr Baecu* roan, Hiusin A itarah d "! v.. Lima, f r Con en aoon; Ark freight or ibartci. IL it. t.l,. d-chg; Catherine. arr lath ibi t>arle*oe; k lb?. air It li r.? fret de: C-; Kmprnono, are Itlh fai NUrle-n-; ach'? I e. pont, d*<"hg: Wariior, arr trth fm Cba le.'oa, luO.ern, liichg; Ai'a'Hta, air Itlbfia Mobil*; Seniu.olr, tar Ci.aru ?i ti Caltad Itataa fana. rnimtm, Marts M?Cli Pruretnta, Metaiiaa.nth, Marj, f ubi. i ". tHMot-m, Aiaick *??.vrr Uieco, /in New Vnik ! < Hirb rOrui. ^VJJL ?-*rr M.liix., Rirer Oimb *. Afrir*.a?tl ^!i. i a ' ?'n,lT"'?n, f-r N?w Y.ik aod?te; KatMrew. n-c. Ne.'VVr ' vA0*"* "lh ioft, lit 31 43,!?? 48 4#' Km" nw !>ew \ ork f' r Mar4r%jbo. M*ffhl?<h-8!?l *voU New Orle?w; k ?o"J. ToVr; i?.TrV?w,:L:"- i\r " w;i,'DoaJu,n &Ll4 bo.tob M,r. h m -Arr. Talent, Mareeillen. Pilwmo- !.?> Vm iTf, i.'!1" '""'k rf "" mdder ?o that la nuith '? "!! err Iter. Lucntn. Mobile; G.du?ie, Mobile. 1.1.1 ?'u Ltl!'?!l,u"- Left un Am On Uie '# rb . - rV-'r f ^hn*l, jell iu with t kreit poiti*n of a w c 'k . *? '? , rUnl, limb, re, r-i ? ?bi"b? h*?"h *!!....? k'r*W*r??i lycaekeol brandy; ^JowinB h??*r. j i iT i" ul' ?' 'nem ui>. Cordelia, 'I rtnt'ler. 10 b met. LeO Jranklin, for Borton.l.lg; CUrin.a PerkiM,for N .tJ?ii r?4}'* American, dree; Oi, wlK ,c *'?u uare l g; Dirlom,, forNY rk, do; Ann Hiniili. ler NHaren. i : , " C<>1 yue- Al| ine e-i'ed J day. bi for for Boston, e w her lttlr off Caie 8?i Ant >mo: John Hill eeil'd 3 da>? b='"re u J011 P,'*e ISth. Ut *23 is, Ion 94?the mate had di u l^e u,Kht prcvioua. aod nearly all dir. haudj had been ftrk, bat wr* on 'ni' recovery; 231,1*1 3320, Ion 73 29. epoke V?U* o, nHrkBwW, 3htoj. Havaus; Tattler. HI J"?e. hi. namuaii. tor ii <vre, uuc; llommD, inr uoiioii. uo Tallrfmd. (!hirl?(og: reru. Ihilad; ttuiatll, do; Wnftll? TriniJrd; Hcrild, XOrlemia; Orient. Chatleetoo; Davia Cr< ek, Dal; T? man.City Creek. N '; Cornelia, NY ?r?Telegraphed, Mentpelier, MOrle-m. Cld. Duxmny. M?'?m; Or.ind It'and, StJago de ('aba; Aatarer. Pnilaa; Ueetidr, .Work; McUououeli, do; B'lii Bin-low. do. Will?-Are, Al inin NOrltMiu; Kil > , Hinsh nn. Win Senrodtr, Mayafura, 13th nut. Le t. NihmakanU. for N York, 15 da; MaJealW. J?* do, Idii; Marahall, for Nil tm,4; A'ford. wl*; Hraxdiau, lar , IdK, Brtarv fc J-ur, wta: trrandir di?e: Oeo Henry,do, S k. for New York, 10 daya; Siiaiq, ^ New Ycc*. 4 daya; (Jail nt Marv fur Baltimore. 3data; Wit]it, ?0,t' elf, k'UeuPrrkiaa. d ; O.ranl of Saco, do; Leader. do; UafjurR do; Keturn. do; W?rtha. dor Aliaia, do, Bailed'? ro wit i interna for New York; St Tkorna , 'or do. SpOh* on Sjnday noon I ape Cod NW ?0 m let; Victoria, lieu * '"' New Or e ot. Uaik Sarah, Koriar. Ma intra ; , rl f-aliilo, Ayalachirola, apoke 15th, Ut S4 04 Ion 81 5#. I'?. ,PI NOrlca-a lor Haltiaiirr; Areali, Peroambuco iSlhult Le It, Jonea,for NYnrk, 10 da; Tremold,for Philadelphia, 0 only Am Tearelt; (Jranxilfe, 44 dr fna Halifax,juit arr; IUrra??ehet, Ait Caret.Tth iotl. Left, Sophia,tor ihYoik; Slant, WW. k'at.L Hiriit, Marches?Arr Meiidiao. N York. .,u_, PaoriDBKCK. Mir2l -Arr Saral, Walrt, SaTapnah; Adama. Philadelphia; Ba'limore, do; Yorti; Kcnolntion, Ko" J lJ L ur*'. Mat mi a. Sid Hero, Albany; Champion, NYork. . KaLMotTH.Mar 37-Arr faai.c Jackaon, (harleatcn; Jo.? n Nor <dk; itnth?Harriot, Charlea'oii. , ? , . r,_ ^ TAIPAI'LII ( OTK. Mil fll-Arr HI ll?l#r.a fm BurklDOn W Aienudrm; ?J-john Haudcuck. drove ashore but g it off next day without ds nict, SSlh-Tkonite Cutis. Im TobaiC'J, 1?' il0.": 940,r fin n '"'on for NYuik; A. M Hale, d do; r if Hi 1 111 C.mdeafar NYork; Iudei, lm Staten UUuil fcrVVel fleet. t. ^ *1, "' P*.'RD, Marsh 21?Arr Eliza Nicbo', T"h !al?lphi?; dener Me* 25Maty Howard, PhUad-diUiia for OaiMattafoii?.t r. Mar as?Sid Edward. Atlea'ic Ocean . t-D"WT0??' ?*-Arr lieu y.Ply mouth, (NC) far Bua toti; til ow, Washington, (NC) for boat n; IN dora. M"brtft City. NC) for do; 26th?Delaware, fm Ptrladilphia for Lostun. In port, the a Sore. I'int.iDri.i-MU. Maicli 31 ? Ay-J W Cater. fm New York; Go, R bjrj, Teneriffc; IMm, Boa'on; I'.iul Jou?s, bi* I'vleaut 22 I mat < IT t apr Kloi, spoke Mary Elizab:th, 12 d?y? fm New Orleaaa, b uud to Gibraltar ajd Maiscillea Art S atrra, Rio Grand M'd inco with 9t-rliug for Boston. Left rrb 1st, Mermaid, from Coast of Africa, for Hoetoo, loading, to sail in aniir thiar ays; Opelou aa, fin and f r Baltimore |p SO days, disehg * eh 113. lat 12 3o lull 3?, taw N<-le. of Baltimore. bound 8. Arr J Kujling. New York; Iticha d Rush, fin I rovjdeuce; Klixabeth * Mebeeea, Atb.u;; Elizahe li, Salem; New Jersey. Albany. Cld A'plio.iio. (Danish) St Jph" r R; Peurl, Bostou; Grecian, Boston ; Comet, Xiw Baltim ore. March 30?Arr Uuion, Ponce; Felrnelto (Br), Bern uda; Uallaut Mary, Mayaturt; Ellis 4i William, 8to uinglou. Old Maiianue, Bremen; Tarry Not, l).'?nd Caillou, La; Vrarer. N York. Ai.ExiKohiA, March 23-Ait Ciio, Obirg, New York; Vic'; Larkin, Boston. kKEOKHcaaauao, Mrtch 2d?Air Mary Kretires, Boston. Sid Planet, Bain March 27?Arr Energy. May ague x, Weymouth, i \ cork. Arr20 h, Daniel Kraocii. Boa'ou; Mai Rower, *>o; Eunice, Newbury port. Bid Spy. New York. I hxrlkstotv March 23-Arr Amnli\ (R?) NYoik, V sper. New London; cl'd Marion, (Br) Antwer ; She rbro'.ke ( R|) Liverpool; Veata, (Pan) K.cmkurf ; Ame iea, OUi;i w; Trcnio , Amsterdam; Dimi-n. NY'oik; aid O oigitna, d >;, Boston; 23 th, I ca. Nortnof Eu-tpe; O n Harri?on. OKORocTowr., B.C. March 23-Art Ann Clark, St Thorns; Rochamhraf., flew York; 2tth, Hafryon. do. Cld 25lh, Aun, St. 1 honing; Rariiet, New Y?ik; Detroit, do. Moulin, March 20?t.ld'Edinburgh, Liverpo'; Elizabeth Dei,r^,???, do; Chevalier, Boston; Jmlii, Marseille,; Ara Edw.o?, New Voek; Cieiccn Boston; Mozart, Providence. Cld Slit. Carroll of Carrolllon, Liverp ol; Mary Thilita. NYoik; Alwrda, New Vatic. Arr William Goddwd, Boslon; Laurel, Char leaton, via Pensacala. SxraRaH, Mar 23?Cl'd, John Benlley, (Br) Liverpool; K>ancu,(Br) o. Air? Sterling, New York, Cerns, do; Camilla, do; Thilura, do; Romnloua, Bo ton. Sl'd, 20?Betsey, New York; N'; Auf nets, do NkwOrleaw*. Marth tt'.n?Cld Wathington. Liverrco1; Clyde, Cidir; Joliu Bull, Liverpool, Boatonian. Boston; Ma7 ppa.liar*font; Cit't'n. Marseilles, Callao. New York.? At* Slat. D n rark, Lirtr|iool; Auburn. Naw York; Oe ince, Near Yoik; Diadem,Havre; Mcza't, Havre; Howard, Bottoi ; Soldi.a,Boston; Pirdonnet, New York; Serene, Blode Jaiitiro; Neptine, en: HeroofAcre, Liverpool; Mestenger, do; lutiepid, Port iuPrinee.W% FOURTEENTH WAKu! IT) (remendoia me, ling of the Drmocra'ie RrpuV.iean A K.|, r on ol the 14th Waid.hcld pur uaut to a c I1 of the Krgxlar Nom aatingCt remittee, at the house of Johu Heaney, . so Mrrmce aireti, on TT wn toav erring, Mnrch BOih John M Bloodgood. E?q., woe appointed Chairman, Jothua C. Kerr atd Chare* Campbell Seeretarrr. The call of the meeting havtag been read and approved, the Nominating Committee reported the fot'owirg ticket* f r the approral of the n eeling, the nam-a having been lubmittcd to the met tine ee| arattly, they were unaaimoujly adept'd;? For Ald> man. ABRAHAM B. DAVH. For AiiiiUot JAMES M. MILLER. For Af*"f*nr>. FRANCIS OIL MORE. JAMEB BARD. For Collrc or. JOHN D. SPADER For Conetablce JOHN D. 8TKPHEN90V. CHARLES DE hHAYS O ' motion, the followhg committee wa* appointed o draft reeo'iitione rit: L. Langiou. M. Oafhey, J. Duffe. JohaCol lisge, J. Rvan, who repirted the lol owu.f, which,en mo'.ion were i nani mmialy adepted? Wherear, The paeillanimoui and.deeeptirr Report of t i Py? Bald Ci>na:i?ati?e Cl'q ie of :hi? WarJ. under the cui-< <?f Ileg lar Nomination* hare a'aeit-d wli.t n h iLi*'or con eu entDimoeiat will credit. That they would attemit to deciirt Dimocrary with an eu ogium on the nn lt anu quli cain eo lher*<*ndidat*#. wa* to be e*pecl*J?hut thai 'her filled in their nrfrioii* atiem: I to t?j ne the Elector* u trident from the fact, th t lajiucaiide our wo:thy and laeMaJ n.wi/voralin A affialanl A l.larn.i n >?- ? ... -tl - 4 hri ik * iluale charge ?C?imi him, and aub.fitute in hii place he name of Rotert Berkley, renegade, a cotnerrative, win drarrted oar rrincipl'i in the hoar olne<d?In thoee who midhl doubt ihe raliditt #T thiacharge.are referred to the ''Timet and Star," . f Feb. lfth. 1S41. where they will fi id ? |ii* of tin Coiiirrrathr O. n*ral Committee pel lohed, of whi.h hen ? neuiher.frota the 14th Ward.?sod whereao thia ailly 'vcuie that it waj neeeaoary to lop off our worthy Amcaor. Frucii Oilmore, w ithou? girirg aaolitvry rraeonf "-ao donr,i? q ul? ' inracterialic, verifying thr old adage, * Bird: ot a fe, iher Rrtolrod, That the honaat Democracy of 'he<ld 14th, can not he cajoled leto th? aupport of the f?yc (nn-ervatir< t ichet. headed Inaea It Baraley, al hvt'gh tm oraed hy Ad .m B'atltcdge.ol the celebrati d Talliaadze uolnri'iy, tiej-oli: ica < h'ee player. and 1 ob >j rider. Dr Haahroaik, and Lamb?rl Suyda-n. federal White Surra of Iflit. We moat chetrful y handth'm ore lo their ally, Coroner Aicher, fur a political ante mort-m < taminatiou. Rrro led. That we tdei'genuraelrra to give eur undivided anpputt to tl:e"gula'ly Nomioa rd Ti-het, hejd>d B Davit for Alderman, and Jnmee M. Miller f r Artiatant Alderman, At dallhoiigh the Democracy of the 14th Ward woncepr r,d the r glitrf par'ici, ad ig in I tie eviction of a c itdidate for Mayer, by the cowardly and iiuaillaaiinouadrria uuol <' e Convention at T. mm any Hall: yet we cannot lie deterred fromvot'tg for >he Candidate wlooe nomination will be?pp.;ved by the D m cracy of thia tlty. Knotted, That we approve the Democratic Dill nr w befor the Senate of thia Stale; for au alteration in t ie Public 8' huol Sy?t?m r.f thie citr, and it the Conaervatire clique of thie Wnrd wit peraiet n mahing that queitioua rally lag pout in order todtftrtet Ik* Democratic party, we aie wiliiop tomcat then ,ii W e h; ve alweya done, to defeat the eneuiej of L'etnocratiip in iplre. Kern red. That the ailly aai'rtiona of the would be dicttior? of line Ward that the Iriah party au deter,ninet to *rlect *i ln?h Ticket. i? in good keeping wrh all their p ofe*. coot, a irick reeortid Co. to ceceire. Whilit thcmie'vea placed c n Hie head < f th> ir Ticket, the name of a man wko ia out i en lii d with the n atltutooe of the Ci.uut y two yean ? Thank trod he iv o?t luth. Oncol o i, ike folio ' 10( CiMilhe wan appyintrd lo mrit a I uh-Ceu mi tie. from (he UcueraJ Committee ou an invitation rtc need from (hat body, via. John M Blotdguod, L. Langton, M (iafney, T. Daiy, T Duffy. n. ?n'red, J lut lite nrceeidiazi oflhia Meeting be pubN.hed in ihe ,Ncw t ta E.enicg foal andCommercial Tranacrnd The rn-e it coating given three he art j cheers Tor the whclr Tick'l.a j/ururti. JOHN M ELOODOOOD, Cliauinin, 0?.HntA> IVv/rHe. L. i Pecretariea. SPLENDID CARPETS. CH -./VP FOll CASH T H. I.OTJN9BUKY k CO. 410 Pearl afreet, hieing made > la-ge .old-liana to their new a or-lt o carprK and nil cloth., invite (he alt# nti id of the public t Iterator ant they are now ready forieb hitiio. and n I be diep *cl nf at |trrat bam on. to all who take advantage of the prevent lo^ iric a 'i heir new patirrua ere ruperio-loany previoiivU ?ff.-ed Thoie in want oi a good article , for little m n./, will pteaae call on J.H LOUN9BEPY A CO.. a|lw* 440 Pr ? i <ir> rt HARP?, at 3*5 Brn dwav.?A it elegant aid tine to- il double action Harp, with all ti a I itvat improvi mrule, for a tr. Harpa iroaircd,ei>.hat!grd,a"d for aalt by J F. BROW Kit Ham maker. I.< ad?o aad New York. at eod.H' NOfl< K ? ( onagoeev per baniue Hibrri*. ''ait. Bar iril, from Ltvrri-ool, will pleaee a?ad their permita on bianlal f<wt i-f Itector aire*', KR , or to the < Ore of ihetu ember,: i all rooda n-t rrr . itted to five da; a mint una voir keatnt lo the I ?tli: More a. JOHN HKKDMAN, 01 South atrert. f^OWHTANTLY ON HAND, a la-ge ?nor:ucnt of lab1 ' i -cable ready a ade bocta, at purr I varying fr? m two del|a>a fifty rent* toaiv dollare; halfboola, gaitera.ih Ma.pump.. >liue ..lie lie , at eqrialy I w prirra ' JOIIVL. WaTKINS, 111 Fulton at. a! J n* BftwefB_Na.??ii end Dutch NtiftTHElt.w UjvfENffAKY ? lb# ejaM it am ug i i the Northe-n D ayaaaary will be held thia -vennie. a' hrlf paa* T oVIrrh in the Diepenaary Building, c.iruei of VVa vrrl Tiaca od Chrialophvr atrvet. The annuil .-eportwill be read, tad an .lection held r the ro?iimg year. ^By urd r. TOWNSEND IUBRI?, See'./. APKT/VOOI. ? All who buy the cTrnnt o tr.ah ?Hirrno them mat'ad of buyinc the genuine HMtrnWi L? z-nrra, wi U t oo'y t? fooled ou' of their money, but mnii l,k*ly nut of their iie.lth. Ti er* ie Doming tin* Siberian,'a I,rzm e Wte "?li. CI.IJ. I.eadache. or palpi'(linn f'h* lie ft aa well * wrruta inelill !<*>. 1'be Uoetct'a c-Ace m at IM Net ..III .treat, Ve* York; R Bte e alreat. Boat-in; 1 Le !e?r I! nMu.(< I'hiUJelphia; Kreoli Taylor. Waalit i?l u, al t; O'lr.ltiN I.KI'IKK ?Atil4 for Hv?r oof. oy ClT" NtllU'S Koyil Mail Reamer of the So April, r me >t Ilarn ' ii A 'o'l Kzprree OAee, on Friday, April lat, at r| o'el>m f. M. u.rt ii If AHNDKN ft ro CO FT OF A TBsTI VIONIAL f 10 4 TIIK < K -KRR V I KD DOT-TOR NKLRO\_ T'O' OHIUINaL. MAY IB Sfcf.N AT an BROADWAY Mona. Madam. -ie? The tiaral with wMch ynm lU'ed the decayed te?th Of too ot my fiirnda fully aaawrrri the porpoi* r.r ? hacti it arte appli-d, and gave the Rteateel eatiafacli-n Tha apecirrea. farti6ei?l tee-h planted ou gnld ronuhie'aa fro* ? niur of three or four teeth up to a complete aet f r hotn i< we, which I Inieirea you eeerute, art e>i a level with UI'hi.beat order or deotal aubr niutit a now boo* n, eitlier here or in Kuropo. I am youra truly, ROBKJtT NBLflON, M.D. March U, 1R4*. 44 * rank la .treet To Maaa MoLta it (tooa. Burgeon DeoUat, 171 Broadway. Imia" PORTUGUESE FEMALE FILLS. rfKde. i it-i tan ad ??<, e. lebratad utlu. i rata fortugal. ?n we aerteive. to be obtained ia thw eauutrv *?? w'-etae-netd or the taat columnar fourth lap. fa4 li*i? \P\'KH I ldh.Mb.rb i .?Should ibit marl lit e?e ail tir Napoleon Knight, ah) it it rrreamrd ia or w?al*tily 'ratat'i % through ihe Sttlr of A l?'aui t. lit mil coufcr agre. t boot br wr ting to hi* mother, who hu u.t heard Iroai him the u iddle of January. Aajr paraou knowing w here the Decor it, will. Hy aMroaicf t not* '? Mra. kuigl.t. No. 1 8 Ntatau a tree I, New Yorfc, alienate the aiilTmngt o a do cout itle parent. The laat leiter receited from turn wai dtttd I t'b Ja a try.and from Vlou'ginoery, A'abcna. The Habile aud Mon'goinety paper* ye requited to inaert the abort, and ocud Iheir bille to Mra. Knight, coruer of N ? tiu and tterkm miU. mV if r|'ll-: HtlN'KUS'i ONuKRI', at the K.ig.ra' it atiiu'r, I will take placr iu Fridav ereuing, Anril I, HU, when ttr eril ntwpie-eem I be brought oui by theia. Ti :?eti 50 eetila. to be bad at ihe uiua.c atorea, abd at the door. < 'ourrrt to COMflMMt at 8 o'clock. n '' J * I EECIftS?LEECHES. ASUPPI.Y of Uncalled healthy 8 vediah Leechea lhat ?il I bite quirk con.lau'ly onhind, it J for a ale by the bundled cr d teu, or applied by a competent t<rr-oo. DAVID BAND? fc CO., Druggieta SQd Apothecariea. nasi Ira 77 E**t Broadway oorirr M>rk-t HE MAtiH' VIIX IT RE?A rrrlaiu, aale nnd the ' ape'dy remedy erer diecorered for th? permuu nt and effectual cure of a certain delicate diaeaae. Ita opertliou ta Jtu perreplib e; d ea not irqnira the allgh'rat confinement or alterationof diet, b.rtrage Or ,nerci<e; neither df-ea itdiaigreo with the atom teh u <r ciuae any offeuater tine II to the brralli, aa mediciaeaol Hue kind invariably do; ami thru there wi>l be no danger of any return of the complaint, aa but ton often ha; t eaa fioin thar mcdicinra, whieh nnlv p'taaeasing a local action, merely aup; reaa the romptaial for ali re, willicbt iradlha'ing it fit m the conalitution. and ?n undergoing n little more latigue than ordinary, all the ay npioma return aa at ftrat.t-nd then aie at luat conaleained tohava recourae to the American Magic Mialure aa the only cure. Erery body will aee the piopnety of firat making uae of tVia truly rreat remedy. Sold by appointment at C. I! RING'S Drug Store. 53 Fulton at cor. Cliff. N. B.?Equally adapted tn both aeiea. m3l SMifcltw* REMITTANtTfc* |U ENGLAND. K- l,A>U oil SCOTLAND -Draft* from ?l. ?u. ?3, ?5, *10, ?|S,

to ?l < 00 and upwaida, or in autna to auit, payable at aigkt or at aittv dap a. at the ollnwiag placea in England Ireland. Scotlaud, Wain, Krace and Germany. ran alwaya b- ohiained of __ im ' 9. J. 8YLVE jl'ER, n w nu mreei, * u ijj oroauway. ENGLAND. BiadforJ Huddtrstti Id Rtimeey HI rkbtiro Heoiton Ramsgote BariirUple Hfiae >i, be Rugby Bath linwich Hugely Rirming'iaui Kr.areaboroucli Ripon Bristol Kmgtbidge nh-ITirld Podifrd Kingston Seiby Bara rd Castle Kikham Settle Hrthim K lutaford Sl.rewsfurr Budgeud London Rhe.itoa Mallet Boston Livrrpool Spv|.ling Bromyard Leicester Southampton Bury Kt Edmonds L?el? South Molton Beverly Lancaster Stockton Cheater Leomiater Rtokctley Croy land Ledbury Tlurvk Chetteria Litchfield Tornugton Chipping Sodbory Long Sutton Teigutno-ith ' lulli-uh.m Lnwes'offr Taui worth Duncaster Manchester Tiverton Darlington Melton tftversione j' Mirihfitli Woodbri 'ce Devunport March Whittleaea Durtley Newport Warn EMUr. ?V^,'ic,, w? riugton U'nceiter 0 tkhauiptoii Whuerburch Hul Oswestry Wi.bcach Halcaworth Pr-ston Woree-ter Hay Peterborough Wo", ton Hereford Ftymonth Wotton, F.Jge 11 art i. pool i'ortsea York Holbeach Fcntetaet Yarmouth IRELAND. Atiilone, Duiga?w,. Mnnayhnm, frmagti, Dungarven, Mulloin, eHkst, Dublin Nloneytncre, ?U?n?. Dangarvon, Nenngh, Bambndge, Fnuukillea, New Hum, Rallynitna, Lent, Omegh, Boudon, K anise trthy, Psrsoostown, Bally shannon, be.moy, R iscotn.mou, Halhiuaaloe, flalway, _ Roacrta, Boyle, Dowupnrick, Slieo. Cork, Kilkenny, Stmbiue, Clomnel, Kiliuah, Thurlaa, Coltraine, Limerick. t lyperury, Cavan, Londonderry, Tralee, Cootehill, I.urgan, Tuani, Carrirk on Suir Longlbrd, Tallow, Cashel, Loughrea, Wat* rfjrd, Charltvi'Jc, Mitchels?own, Weaford, Caa'.lebir, Moat# Youglial. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Oreenoek. Dundee, Ghnow, Mnntruee wales. Aberystwyth Cowbridge Machynleth Ami neb Cardiff Mold Bo?er Dolgetly Portmadoc Bala Holywell Pwllheli Breccn Llandoverry FRANCE. Paris, Havte. GERMANY. Hamburg, Bremen, _ Frankfort, Persona having to remit to the-r friend* can alwaya rely on tneir ordrra attended to, the following packet after receipt of remittance. The bighteat rate will be allowed for Bill* on any of the above placet. n.Jl 3lawlin " Take phytic early?medicine comet too late, " When the d sease become* inveterate." Recommended by the raeuitr-Vance's anti BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS?By lone cperience thene pi I It bar* been proved by thousands to be hebrst andtafeat Family Medicine hithertoditeoirred. At ill teatoua cf the year they will be found very valuable to all rho with to tecure themarlvee again-t nickn at Thay are Jike ill', forchildrea a* fi ranv period of life, and rei|uire no aua attention to dirt or to clothing, biliou* and fiver com(laiuta, dyspepsia or indigestion, nervous diseases, tick headache, acd iu fact all diseases arwing from an impure state of ilte blind, or a disordered itala of the stomach or bowels are speedily removed by taking them. They prevent aeurvy. cotUveueta and ito couaenneoi-a?therefore seafaring nr-nihou.d never be withont them. Time or clienate affects them not. Two rr three doses will convince the patient of their Miliary effects, for the stomach will readily regaiuits ttriu tb a hea'tliv sUteof the liver and bowels will speedily take place anil renewed health and vigoi of body and mind wRI be the cer I ikiurtauu. * n?:?? ?nw?? ,M U'*J aoromra up?an a medicine which itrePiflheni the feeble *ud consolidate! the mu?cl*t cf the ?tronc,and will be found of infinite v lue to femaid of all ages (if taken according to the direction*), who . wishtJ be recure frcmsiekuess. Price!? nod 50 cenl per boa. For rale, wholeif le and re mil, by Win. Watson, Apothe! eariee' Hal!, M Cell arine street- Smith, corner of Fulton and , Water sta; NowlU. 117 Bower*, ; Balgrorr, druggist, FtiKon at. Broomvn. wf Ini* rj Ht fl iwerv Faaki'ioab'n Millinery Lstrbli-luneut aud 1 Che pest Ladies' Boi nst Store in New York, d> flowery, i bet ween walker i n I 4es erst*. M HS. F. A. BOWN tenders hsr grateful thai ks to her numerous patrens, >nd the ladies of New Y'ork generally, and wishes to inform them that her first opening of French Spring i Fashions will hi on Saturday, April * I. Ida, when abe will b slcaaed to see all hero'd customer* again, i Southern aitl poultry milintr* will at thisstors.hare suopror unity of se.ri g a luge assortment, aad at a price contineni mi rate with the times. i The fashio"*receiTid monthly. m30 31" mAN i'KD? Pan nets and Purchaters far one or two of W the best Vic'ualling,Oyiter.aad Liquor Saloons, in the City of New York Locations in the very heart o( this city. < Also one l?rge Public H. use, with two howling s tie. s ati I ached. Has birea occupied by one person for orer si* j sari, i ami can be proitd ihst lie hss clearrd in s id business uier *IJ 000 ill gco.l money in that I me?now wishing to retire irom I lie business. Th ? location down town. Another tscnl lent public house, with ball looms aud looms for public m etinga an l the hue of rooms orer pays the rent t-y far. 11 ? heei. kept by one person for twelre y-ai?; now wishing to retue. One or t*o eicellent e tabliahmci Is in Broadway of giiinlar Icnda. By calling ou the tubrcriber. you fail to be aciotnmoJrted with hiuioett eery cr.eip. Capitrl re uuireil?from $11)0 to $iM0 For further and mtiilaelory info, mati m, pie-re to call in the Bane incut, No. 17 I ark Mow, u o>r the BoMr'lXerr. inM 3:* ROMAN EYE BALSAM FOR WEAK AND INFLAMED EVES, THIS BALSAM it a preterit tino of on* of the meat celrbratrd oeculitti, hti been a long time, in use. an ! it cot fi deui ly recommended to the public at the beat at d timet tucif.-fill rah* crcr ured for inflammatory diteueenf tht eye. In cater where the eyelidt ire eery much inflamed, or the ball nf the eve thnklr corered with blrwxt, it uto nlieno hbe ina cic. and rtmoTti all appearance of dircaee tfter two or thiee "^TpTd.mness of sight c lilted by filed at'en I ion la minute object, or by long erix-ture to aatrong light, and in the wet karat or partial lose fa.ght from rcktn art-Id age it it a ture reitnrer. an-1 rhould be ufd by .-,11 who find .heir eye tight failing without any apparent dia> tue. Thie 15 daam hat rtatored tigb*. in many inalancet where #!",t TOTAL BLINDNESS, earned by riccttn e iaflunination. h d <tilted for yrart. Intliinmatioii mil tutenett canted by blowt. enntiitionr, or troundt na the eye, or by eltruieout boditt of an irritating nature introduced under iheejeli''e,ia rrry toon rt inured by the a-, plica-iouof the Halram. One trial will convince the rr ?l lut rcduloue of itt aatoniebtng efRc?ej . Cut upm jart with full direcliunt fur na< Trice 371 een't. Fur talc, whoiesa e and mail, by DAVID SAND3 It CO., 77 h,Hit ttio-dwav. ctru. r of Market at. Anl.l aitc b? A, B ft U. 8>ndt. 7? and IC( Kullou timet*, and bF A U. F :nttftCo.,27? Broadway, turner ol Clnmbert alieet. New 1 oik. mIOlm W Uf.LS.-lo hmi'iiu witk R" Stata'ra {t.h?p. XIV. notice ia l errj?7given that Um Quarantine Law* a|>ply to ihe folJcwin;; vetarli? _ 1. All vtavelj from a Foreign Pod, havingfotfy or m >re paaerogeie, or on board ol which,during the voyage or whilat itt the port of departure, aav per??n at ail hare beenairk.arrivir g between the drat tl?j* of April and the fint day of No*^mb?r ia anr year. i. All rrarela arrivitg batwaaa the thirty-firat day of May, and 'lie miteenth d ,y of October ia any year, from any place, to th? ordinary pnaa^e from which they tnuat pan lo the aouth of Cape Hrolopr a. ... - I All veaeela from any t lace (tnrhtdpg ular-da) in Aria, I Africa, or the Vedit'rrauean, or from either rf the Writ Ini dia Bahum >, B?rm'i. t. or Wentern Itlnnda. o-from any plar e in An??rir?, iu the rriiuare para Iroci which they irii<t pa* Soutltoi lieorgin, nnivitig heinceuttie km dry ol Aptil and I he drat dry ol Nwrrtaber in aay ytar. 4. All v<atolr from any place whete yallow. billiom malignant. or other p> I'iVtitial nr infective fetrar,!*' the lime of their departUi e.'Ton board of which dtirit g the my. age auy ca e of any inch fever ahall hare occur'ed, arm it g brtweentlir flrat day of April anl the flrat day of Not' mbr r m any year 5. All verarlt which. If they had arrived direct from their portnfrlepartii e, would have beaa included in the fourth cl ra that rhall arrive at env place in the United Stataa, Britirh Noith Amer-ea. andproe'ed thence ta the p>rt of Ntw Vork br.tweer tie Ant day of June and the firrt day of October in any year. Iverjr veaeel arriving In the port of New York eoarf ,< ia afterthe h at day of Jure, whirh hat been to the Writ la die or America, a >uth of tlrorgiaahall he athject to th- ratne te aulrli.-naaa are itn.oaed ou aucS vretele undt r aimi'ar <ircumaUucea, that have arrived direct at (he port of New York A. 810 kEJ UOANK. A M M. D. all IA pi IleaUh OlBcer of Port rf New York. l,A ? FllKvi rhCALK..?O a ol Uilr't |? eat l it,i. rot I bcalea in 'lfelWat order, Mvlrg been lu uet bat a f.-w mot.tha, will be fold at abjrgiin. Apply lo w. k j. r. taps jo rr, m8l M'VebHli;). rpt t Hlil'.' Hl'lLDKka ?liter a'a rveok. Waal fbealer.? I for ?al?. iwnly large While Ork t're-re, ?ittub.e f.>r Kip hu'Hii'C. For lara-i apply to Br'31 KT TH')?. r- TAVt.OR pann}'!. tOAL-3? lour. flr-i qujtfy j"" riceiv d j?.i ihip Mib.rit, froai Lirerpoo'.aud for eale by Iii3l J(>HN HERDMA.V. ! Southed. TjACKSt HmIP I.Ot'lsVlLLE. from New Or Oene i? ' HieCi^rgirg at Ofleana Wherf, hot of Wall trer'. Pen i(D" (will p rut ?ltrnd t? the reeeiplof Iheir g >ede inir.ediiUly. in'i>. pXcki-.T i?Hll* U(JM taoiij^K. '" ?'>? J? I I (lieclnrging m Orlean? wharf, foot of W > I atrort. I onWrtlwiT/iut Jfleal toll" ocnjl of llinr grnili nrrr.idiatelv ' 41 r)H Tb.XA'.? frt?o?i? id itk eu> Ol !> ? *or?, 4HU i.tt7 rinify liaem(fnen li ami inferi ?|j in T'lu. and wh . m * dreire 11 forward mncey or g?o<t? to the aid o' their fri. In may bar? ?h? opt ortumly o lj M .i Wy on application fo ' i. 11 p HOWKB. Com,J |W Teiae, "H,t No. 7J Wall(trrft. I AHllu S*1M. ?T THOMAS BULL. (Bi?rt? Hott* jtnn end 111 Aait ens tresis.) FRIDAY . Al lot o'tlork at the s<le roomsSale of valuable dry goods, clothing, fancy and pledge goods. Alao, 110 yardstu rr I.ondon and West of Kngland cloth rase>oier*a and testings, i < lots to anil [ urchasrrs Also, 6 splendid walchea. 4 diamond tuns, rings, cha'ns, triosets, t guns. 3 irunka jwil clothing aid a rariety oi'ralu.hl ?. taken cut of ibe bauds ot pa wabr. k?re. HATUHDAY. At I0| o'clock, at th? sale room a Pphaduland Filename dale ?l"Furuitors?Witliont rese'tc a inoat Tito ,btr ami un .?.llv I...... . ,i, ?rik. ..a.... .. I hand aud Ben furniture,of all tl*-."milium. MONDAY At It} oVIork. *1 |Vr ul? room*. By Catalogue?Evclurire e.l< of valuable wif.ia. mating <nv chair*, pillar an ' ir oil tablea, French bedatrad*, coiiflie*. o?t untie, >lir>Dt, looking gl mtt uuti iouuIii g liukM luruituriTim .lr will lomprii" un ? of ?lie moat auprrior irtlcki I the above ibarectrroffered fir yeara Hale yereinpti ry. AUCTlO v OTIi F. ?Thie Day, *nraphi e foreaered oiu mc ? WM. H. JONES mil aell at lna atn ?ire arte if farhiunalile furniture of a gentleman gaing to lit Kui Uroadwai. near M< nig unery atreei. au< l> gout rueewo< il Senphme. made inth:aeity, after the Kigliih at) !e, r.f the eery fmeat lone aiid 61 tab, and auparior to p.ul'T orgaua lor aat red inu.ic. ?1 It' Ut;'l'ION NO 1ICE ? Adieiutalr a'or'a Sale of Plau ? il A Hi u ?750 . p'eoiliil greau houaa p aula. c muri lag mill) uew nriitii-a monthly roaea, * liite luoaa. Kuaarll a e n lege, enbena, heliotrope. geranium*, callaa. my-tie,<, he ni l be a Idatau'Uon tliin day aft, o'doeli, at Uothii Hall, 3:4 flroajwa) , by order of adioiiii?tratnr. Peter Par, tieicaacd. JOHN B. (JLO VKR, Auct'r, Hit* 177.1'eai I atrael 'mm WSfL\'t Lift* ^OR ALBANY and b??iutermi diate piarea daily at flee o'clock, P jR M Jr. M., friin tha Pier bctnccu CuurlUudt an J Liberty a'reeta. i lie SOUTH AMERICA. Cant. Braniard, If area aa above, t'/.ia (Friday) afternoon, at five o clock the cuinmndiiiua ateaoiboat ROCHESTER. Capt. St. J ilta. learta aaabove ts-raorrow (Saturday) afiernoou. at fire o'le. ck. The South Auieiic* direct without lauding at intermediate aluaa 'the whore boats are new and aiibetantia1, funnelled with t'egant State Room*. and foraged and accommodation* arc unrivalled ou the Hudeon. For postage or freight, apply ou b >ard, or to P. fi. 8CHULTZ, tl at the office on (he Wharf. ( .MW) 091 FOR ALBANY and inter mediate [ 1 icee? &. W/rJe?Tlie splendid, low prea>ure Stennbaot 5l_iiSLS. SWALLOW .Captain A McLean, w.ll leave to n'onow ( a'urday) alt< rti"on. April a I, at five o'clock, from the ?t. am boat t ier, foot ofC'curtiandtaireet N. B.?This boit has been filled up with elegant StaUrooma. tl fake aNETfkilIuh r reduced. at llEOULAR .MAIL LINK FOR PltOViDEM E AM) BOSTON, ria 8TO.V1NGTON AND NEWPORT, compoaed of the following auprrior steamers, running in connection with the Itouington and Providence, and Boetou and Providence Kai'roads? MASSACHUSETTS.CaPt Conutock RHODE ISLAND.Capt.Thayer. NAHRAUANSETT.Capt.Woolaey. MOHEOAN,*lap . Vandcrbilt I One of which will leave New York daily, Sundayseacepted . er ni pier No. 1 North Hirer. Battery 4 o'clock . P M Fare to BOito i $3 00 De-h p<aiage $a S5 do I'io-iJcucs 3 oo do do I 50 *Srrtngmcnl. The RHODE ISLAND,ou MonJ?yI, Wednesday* and Friday!,for ?toiiit>gton. The MASS\CHUSETTS,cm Tuesdays. Thuradays,and Saturdays, lor -Mouington. Passcngcrr on the arriralof thcateameralatStoningtm, nuy take the Railroad tiare and proceed unmediataly to Provident r and Bolton, amJ (or the accommodation of pert una travelli' a between >ew York ard Newport, the atcainhoat irunawiti top at Wickforo ihuc enough to leave ana receive patiei gtte. height taken allhefullowiui: much reduced rates:? To Boatoo, 01. roo<I> weighing forty po ud? or u;wards to the cubic foot, at (5 50 per ton, and on mtasuremcut g .ods 7 renin per foot. To Providence. op measurement gocda 5 cento par cubic foot, aud ap1 cificnrt.cle articled aa par tariff ta be ibUiued at t_flice 89 Broadway. m3l dm adf FOR NKW OKLKAM?Louiaiaua and Sew JCWVYork Line?Regular Packet of lat April?The JS?Jgb fart tailing packet ahip LOUISA, Captain Leavitv, will n-iil aa above. For freight or paaaage.having splendid furniahad accommcdaLoua,apply on board, foot of Wail afreet, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. M South at. Paareugcn will p'raae b' on Ninrd, a? Orleans wharf, foot cf Willatreet line day, at 3 o'clock, at which time the steamboat Herculea will take the eliip to tea. Shipper* will plaaaeacud in their bills ia'ing early thiadey. (ireateare will be taken to have the goada by lliia lina cor rec-tly measured. Agent in New Orleana.Jaa. IC. Woodruff, who will promptly lor ward alt gooda to hia addri aa _ The packet ahip LOUISVILLE, Capt Hunt, will auc ceed the Louisa, and aail the 10th April,her regular day. at Igr TO IIA VAN A,?The laal sailing coppered rclir JjWWMAKlA, VVeudell, master, (late ol the Ann) will mflbiioailivel; aail on Wednesday mat. Fcr passage only app'y ' A. W. WKLBEN, ?l 38 rme street. FA88AOE P'OK LI VKRPi OL?United Line?JtWPWut April.?'The iplcndid fast tailing packet ahip jHM&TAR'tLINTA, Cupi Smith, will sail noeitirely aa ahore^nd hia jtu, crior accommodations for a limited number of passenger*. For pass ace, appfc' on board, loot of Tire a'reet. or to 1 W.kJ.T. TAP8COTT, 48 Si nth at or 43 Peck Sim. Persona wishing to send for their fnesda can hare them brought out in the regular packets Bailing wiekly from Livirpool and those about to remit money can have drafts payable la all the principal towua of Ureal Britain ani lrel md, by applying aa above. O . - ? P*BSa(?E FOR NEW OHLKANS AND /Wk 1 FX AS ?Regular packet 1st April?The aplend d juUfaetaailiug pack't ahip LOUISA, Captain.VulfirJ, will tail at shore, her regular day. The ship* of ihis line sail every lire days, affording to persona about to visit Ttva* a moat desirable conveyance, as the accommodation* lor cabin, second cabin, aad stcei age paaaeugera.are of ilie first order, aud fit ed up with ever, c nveniiuce. For passage apply on board, foot of Wall it, or to 1 " 11 W. It J T. TAPSLOTT. 41 ttouiheireet, or 43 Peck ?:ip. The packet sli p Arkanias auec. eda the Louisa and sails 5th April- m 3i igf FUK LuNUt)> ? racket <>t iht loth A Til ? <MfV The splendid f??lisi ine i?cket ship, TORONTO SuShmm^*^-Uihwold,sails positively as above ner leguUr W kJ.T. TAPST.OTT 43 Peck (lip, or 4? South etreet. Permm drsirom of (ending for their friend* to come > ut from the old country,can have the in brought out in the To rnuto or auy of the regular line, on rerv reasonable ttrme. and thoie wishing to remit money to their frie d*. can hare draft( for any amount, payable on diinand.iu all the piinciiatl town* of O.rat Britain and Ireland by applyingai above. mSI H)R LONDON?Packet ol the I( h ApriL?The afWV ri'l'f'liJ packet ahip 1 OltON'I O, Captain UrnMwiLwnlil.aill fail a* above, her regular day. For pas cage in cabiu. eecond cahio or steerage, having excellent aecomn odatione, apply on board, or to the office or mat J HKKIJMA.N. ?i South at. Ki'K M.W OltLr AN8 ? Packet of the 4(hApii>. kt:#Tb -The ?!'pe?ar.well known packet ship HI1. MahY, ffi rifi ' T* boater, will be deapntclied aeabove. Cabin. iec< 111] cabin, and steerage iiaesenyere. can be elegantly accorx modeled at a moderate rate. AipJv on board aliip. at foot of Wall afreet, to JOHN HKKDMAN. mil ri South etrret. I'AbSAUK FOR MVfcRPOOI*?Pa^et ufof dFJtffV April.?A splendid fait failing packet (hip will bf JBSoCa'evpatched for the above port, and exit poiitively ? above, hertegular day. Ilaiiag haniLorue acrommodationx for cabin, eecond cabin and vteeragr p mfup ra, who will be taken on moderate terme, if early application el.ould be ir ade no board, or to w. k j. t. tapscott, m30 4* Southsl. or 43 Tack alip. Ianw FOR LONDON?Packet of the I at Aptil?The dHpjPV eupcrior laet vailing packet ehip ONTARIO, CapJWUKa'a'a Beadiah, will fail ae ah ire, her regular day.? This ehip'a accommodation! for rabin, fd cabin and lteerage neaumaxorra bra all ark nnrt knrlKl ran ha ao> iirt A aii m/val.. Urjn*,*by appfying ou board pier east bide of Maiden Lane, 0t 10 OI.OTER ft McMUKh AY, 100 Puie ttreet. corner oi South. P.P.?rcn na wiahing to a*ud lor il.eir friend reeling in (he old country. cad hive them brought out by (he ab .ve ?hip. or auv of the rrgular | acke a, by tppl) ing ai above (il by liter poet paid.) 'arfiir OLD LINK Ob LIVERPOOL Falkkta.dfiKfW (tegular Packet of lit of April?the ejlendid RUMKlpacket ikip EUROPE, Capt Edward G Marihall, will aail p?ailively on friday, the lit April, ker regular day. The accommodation! and advantage* ia thia leae for cabin, ad cabin and eteerage paaaeagera, are well known to be aoperior to aay other. ... . Kor ol pan age apply on board, foot of Eeekman etreel, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS ft CO. SI Fullon at. nest door to tha Fulton Bank. rerroDI deairaua of fending to the old country for their frit ode can nnk? the ceceaavry arrengnnent to have lh-m brought oiii in the Kuro|?, m Liverpool on the Hth of M iv, er m any of the pocket* of the Old Line, anting fro ? tl.ere lunclually on the Tth and ttth of erery mouth.? For t'rmS. ?| oly ? above, or to mil JAMKH B.HOCHK.H (l.utt Piasan. Liverpool. Jt/nt- FOR MARSEILLES? Regular Packet.?The a#*?a bark NASHUA, Capt. Parry, will aail on the MElit of April. Ttie aubecribera purpoee diapntehiag a Ship punctually on the tat day of each month d iring the year tor Maraeiltea. Ooodt aeut ta the *u ecriherafurf rwa: din* will bediapatrhed tree of a y other than the ehargea actually incurred up >n them. The Bhipe have very comfortable cabin acaornm >di thai a. For freight or i aae-re, applv to BOYD ft HiSCKEN. Aymta. ml t Tontine Building. FOR LTv ffvtP1 t?>L--Rrgular parkrt of K< till It?Jnf v April-Th- apl*i:did flat aviliog regular pveket ?hip *ft?t?lNDErK.NDENCK. captain Holdridge.wi I ami lor the above port ou her regu'ar day. 'Ihiaahip'e areoinmodatioui for cabin, atcond cibiD. ndat?erafe poaiene'ra are n"t arpaa ed by uny :> rk?t in port,and bertha c in be termed ou moderate l?rina, by applying on hoard. at pier e*?t'tde c.f Maiden lane, or to (JL0VEK j Me MURRAY. Ido Piaeat. corner Pou'h r.T?r?WO??wi?l,ii.K '''r,r II K n the old Country cui hare 'hf? bfoofhI oat by the abore .u pirli it.ip. or any f lie reguUr line of packet*, by apply a. above, if by letter post paid. , The abore will ve.ucc cdid by the packet .hip Virginian, captain Allen, nud sail* in he h April n J9_ ' _ K.Mt i,l VK itrt'OL ?New Liue ? IteuuUi Ta. l et JI?Koti?lb April?The .(lend id i*?ek?t .hip KlUDONS, >ff8r c- B Hobb, ot 1100 loua. will tail p .bore, aer regularday. Jforf r? igh I or pinnace .naringaceomnadationa uaMnniled fat ijeodor or comfort .aypjy on board, at Orleans wharf .foot o< wall?t.,#rto r n .COLLIN8 kCO 51 Booth.treat Trice of pa*.ate JIMi. The pa<k?l .nip * HKRIDAN. Captain Depey.tir, of Itoa tor>?. will .ucceed the ? iddoiw, and; .ail *J8 h May, bar regu. 'p.weuyert may rely upon the .hip. of thia line lailiag do p tmlv w a^rtftfed. w. v? /ad T(TiT.T-S hou?c to tt at Uoeetiii. ?ay, brnokl) n, fife T c ti aiuiii* twelve room., p.ntrve., ? uh bouee ; n i fiUfible. vvitb 11 X* garden The IllOW ii br.nli'u Iy i i it. a <d, i haded with I vje forest treet, a id ceinm ind. a bean'iful and ii inhetiiie'vd view of the Bay. Stitrn Uland, New v ik Jtc l'h* bnutc atid R.nund. are in evcetlrnt ord* r Rent * A. I quire ..I R MAHTIN k CO . -it J.J, i O-.N. w Yoth. * tw*en N*?? in uid Broedw.y, Tollhouse foot tf fl ue .'feci or ou tli*. pit mi*:.. Divta ct liom either fer'ie. ab..i.' ? mil l Aim a h int'fu'Catl'Ce, vitn ted at <? wanu. Bay. cnnl. g an r* o-??, with a good gvrdeo m firat nit uJir H??' too. at ?' A?ta -Ahr.. ? T.iv ?toca sad, iidether > a fiv* > ??r? lea.e Irani the l.t n( Mar pen. > ' "" " ' . tabli.h* I rati ( at d lodging heme, .iiu.ted in He ?' way.tnl now in | tlielte.1 any i? tlie city I ' e a e at pre.*lit Iwrn'ytwo Rood be?*?, and the lodgn S ' I a i i?; tli* r* ut. The trim, will be nude ?*.)' ? I it.m lie v i. r' ii ill ed if final .eeurity l? five. Al.o, the .loch and fitturea of a trunk .lore, id the Mr k'orKetbcr p'rt'caler. inquire at the ofi. ?. <ll Broadw.j, corner Liapeuard at. T.MO . P,"K thkatrk, ^ "* EYENIN'O April I ?Tl ? psrfermaacc wiil roam-n<? wtlh j p? ~ ,HK SCHOOL. KOR SCANDAL. L?djr Ttti'*' Mr flaaid. | CraMrc. |P.ah?? I.ndy SatrrwtU. Mri"VThttaU? To eorrludt with rf?$. vir^r lnucalo 1 UcmU i Frrdinaod Ptaraoo .. . DorinJ* Mia* S. CtfaLmaa. Admixiori?Boi"? fl ; p,t bo uuli : UaMory 98 cent*. CHATHAM THKATUE THIS EVENING, April I?Th? performance wJJ coman oca wittl SIR GILES OVERREACH. 8 r Gilra Orrrrtach Scott | Wtlbora H, ;a Meigartt MiaaMaatayer After winch Muter Diamond and Mr. Whitloek will appear ,n their n-e-o celabrated negro citratagaLza*. After whtth 'twasT: Dtlorra* Hit Id | .Yur.ot y,? .... Georgette Clarrillc Misa Meatayer To conclud* with NO SONG NO SuTPEH. Robin t tcviiu | Crop Hall Margaret!* Mr# T home Sort* ??c?oi? ,?d and Id tievaM t Pit IM fUailory it* Liioraopca at It; Curtain riaaa at Tt precisely. iTtiKKLL'll OLYMPIC THEATtt?. THIS EVENING April I -Tii* |?rf?muc? will coainenee with CHAOS 18 (DM AGAIN. ('ol.Mnoa, Xirkinaou | Jack Bunce, Horn coat la Tottenham, Onkia, Ms* Singleton After which ONE HI NDRKu AND TWO. Pnilip G. rlioia Mi cheli | Pieire Hornrastte Louiaa Mr* Tlnaa After wliioh 1143 Mr Cnnrmle* Mi chell | Mr Alleyn Clark Fancy Mr* Tints To rnoclude with Tilt TWO OKkKNS. Jemmy Green Horucaatle | k'aui r Mi** Singlets* Admission?Dreat circle Meenta. C;<p?r boiaa a* ceaiw ttt cent*. Priiate botes H Doors upon alaaraa Curuin rirsa at half past arresFKALh.'8~HlbVv VOHK IlClhl'M. DAY AND KVKNING EXHIBITIONS commence o? Monday, Ueth ol M rch. Mr. IlARHin?rn5. Ilieiiatlv eeh brateil Ventriloquist aaA VaRieitn. "nil Mr. Kvraaao, the lai phtvr luring (Zemin Singer, nrr both engaip-dlor a ahnrt pc iod. SPLENDID 1>AY PERFORMANCE erery Weitneadaw and Saturday. at 3 o'clock P M. Meiinereiic Experiments by Mr. Peale. The l.'iiitft and Rartat rollertioaa in Die world, of Ori giual I'.irlrain < I dil li-]t uali'd American worthies Cotmniama, baccy Glare Blowing; a Million of en rio?ltir> ob'hinrd at i inrnee cipcuse, and gathered together from all parts of the Globe. IDaatcaaKOTrrK LtagriKisB* taken in the nnst sciintiSg maimer, and at moderate trie. a. Ainnitlanrr to tha whole 15 cectt; children hail price. mas Im | A.iatoinGAA iitl Ntl'ia, " Corner BrooJ;ray and Ann street. Under the Mi n.xf:emr'ut of Mr. P. T. |tnua UVKRY DAY AND r.VEMWO THIS WEEK ?Coa Ea m> ti'-iue Monday, March >4. The Manager haaereatplea jure in anii'iincui# an rniiaaeircut with the M YhTETtluUS tliPSY tilltL fn m tVilt.hira ccuuty, P.ualund whoee mgderful Unowte'ze in vxrloua ?c lit era enabTi hrrto FORE TELL FUTURE EVEN 1*8 with incredible accuracy, fch* will apparently lie coucealeiliu a (lobe only one foot Indianatrr. from the centre of which the will proiluc - her wonderful ?; eoim-ns of mnaic, vocal p?w<r?.lie, which it ie impi atiblo to draci ibe Mir ii undou' lrd y ihe arrateet woi der in Amer iea She cm h? rcuaulted Dl'KINti THE DAY or in the evening Mr Wl N't'HELL.the drolitriet, will rppeer in trieh. Dul< Ii, Freui h and Yankee ihaiaclrre in l ie admirable nlav of OLD AND Y OUNO Nit K, in wh ch h? which he will exhibit ration! rperimi ne ol V K.NT Rl LOQl'ISM. Mr. (> T. BllOIH. whoee eomicaoiRa and duette hare drawn fo'th unireiaal applauae rugaged; elan Mre. PHILLIPS .the acromnliahed rocalieL Albino Lai j, Fancy ( Uai Blowing. tiiand(,'oimonuns, Niagara Fall#,and500.008 curioaitie*. Arplendid day peiformance takre place every Wedaeednjf and haiuraay afternoon. Admittance tu the whole 15 cenla?children half price. OPEN 'NH t F'XlIE" CIH t jUS? flowery "A mphrtbeatre? Uider the maniigriii'nt of Meatra H. Hock we III Turner ?A Double Ccmpauy?The f Howie# are among the member* ol the rotnoa-y?Jol n <io tin. t' e unnralled qucelr ao clown; N. B.'t ururr II Rockwell, T. V. Turne-.O. R. Stone. Mra. Oom'n, ady rquritiian. A New Bugle Band, the only one m the U. H. Bote* tocanta?r it 15. Doora uyew at Of t'clock. Peiformanre to coimnrnce at 7|. I'. rUmv-rr r irird ererv arentrg. mSOlw* DKaoiAHL rkadiNGS AND cELEBft ATP0& f .era I 'I* A HP f /Wfi IIl'i I I A 1 iv/iio. th/IlSS CLARENDON hat the honor of aiuouncing to h?r IVx fritude and the eltiaens of hew York, that the will tiro a second iiriei of Dramatic Keunta, at the New Ytrfc Society Library, Broadway.or A'*'' ?.! ? Part 1. Bel' edera,from Otwaj'? Irngsdy ol Venice Preferred. Oth? I'o. L'tedrnioua ami I"Ro, from Blukaneare'a Moor of Venice , Julian St Pierre, from Sheridan Knowlea' Play of The Wife. Ilainlct, from Shikapraie'a Trsgedy of that name. tart 11. Pat line, from SirK. L. Bulwer'a ITsy ofThe Ladv orLyoei. CDudc Melnotte. * , Meic Jtio, from Hbakspesrr a Tragedy of Borneo and Juliet. Part hi. Julia,from Knowlea'Play cl tne Hunchback. Clifford, " , " t . "* H. m?o and Juliet, from Shakapeare's Tragedy of that name. Richiliea, from Sir K. L. Bulwer'e celebrated Play ofB:clu lieu. Part it. Celebrated Imitationa rf the mineiptl and original rharaetrro as sustained at the Park Chester. New koik, in the new and popular comedy of London Aa urenee. frrmance to commence at o'eloek precisely. 1 k> U 50 rente. 'o be h'd at the door. al it UA->1 t hanck-Last night SOt IKTY LIBBAHY.?Hili'a Last Lectai* ?Q. H HILL, comedian, baa the please re to announce 'hat ha will bar* the honor of detiiermc his last lecture on the Mincers, Habits, Customs, kc . ef the N'W Englandem, at the Society Library, th aetei iug.Ajril 1,1?4B. Mr Hill will also girt a iiumberof his celebrated nrwimitnlioi a.auerdotra, iitoilea. he . as tiven by him belnre the most refined audiences in <he United States and Kuro|?, and (By pa tieular dtaira) will perform a favorita Scotch melody on the llute. (h-ntlemeu'ltieketi,50 ennta each?Ladiea tickets, M cents e*l)r"or? open at a quarter before T?Lecture to commence at half past 7 o'clock. *j * .. .. . .... ?t n? seretiul ofweather. Editor* ami gentlemen e. untried with the (uhlie pre**, tie rrstx-cthilly mailed to attend. En 11 will, with hie ladire, bo admitted on le.itine h e ad reeeel the door. O < I her day eeeniig a lecture at flrouklyn. al 11* MORALHNST RUCTlVE, RECREATIVE A TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE-To the inhabitants of the pcincipwl eitiee and loani ol New York, I'cuuy Iraria. Conner licul. 1thode Island, Maieacliuae'te. New llamrehire. Maine, lie. he. S1GNOU HERVIO NANO, Th? justly celebrated and naturally endowed Metempoyel^ aiau, whose eltraftrdinmrr personification of the Gnome, I Re B.bhoon. Fly, fcc . haa ber.u the delight of the world, annnuaeia iliit il is hie lutenlion, during the coning summon mouths, to titit the abuse Htates with his Co'ioenn. A fka simile t.f Framtonis, Rotunda Olympics la the Chnrape d* Klyiee at I'arie, and a splendid Band of Mueic, with a lafr cient number of artntea to make the entertainment superior to any lb ng yet offered. To coneiat of a Melemneychoaiati Bazaar flight of fansr, Cited tbr (1NOMK FLY, in which 8iguor HERVfO NANO will embody TI1R GNOME ! THF. BABBOOM ! ! THE FLY !!! A MAN! : :! M*tr< ham, the Qn'rn of the Peris > Mad. Her lie Nano To be fellow ad by A MUSICAL OLIO ! .? coneiiling of Tiauoforte lie-iialioitS by Madame HERVIO NAN O. I?Ortnd Soaalo in B J. N. Hummel a?< onceito fituck in K C M. Voo Weber 3?G. Kantaoaui the National A ire, God Save the King i nd l< ule Britannia- S. Thai berg With lull Onhratml Accompaniments. To conelude with an Hif'oiicnl Display if the diftreaaing adv-uiuren attending the Shipwreck ol I'm see with eharacterielic painting ai.d inueie. in winch 1 tyaor Herno Nano will personate the faithlul Btbboo, Grab, the Kdian Maid M .dm Herein Nano, N U ? Persons desiien# nf making lannnr arrangements rsn Irani pariirulats by applying (|oat paid) to the anderaign'd. at the Branch Hotel, M lit. wiry, New Ymk. mH I m la* hf.rvio nano. /"sONCLKT ?Mr. J. A K Yt-TT, professor of the flute, re V> aprctltilly ammiireg tnhiafr? !?) . and theimW.e, th-1 he will rite I. iii annual Concert, at I lie Aroll i Saloon, ?n Monday errnirr tint, April 4th. ?n which occmiob the following mum! tuf? n* will appear: Madame Otto. Mr?. Hardwick. Mr? Page, Mr. Koaaowaki, Mr. Twnm, Mr. Alpcr. Mr Annick, M' Dr 11' on, (ytntar.) and Mr Walt*.(amateur ) Mr. ThUI will prriidr at ilir frrle. Tuketa >1 rarh. or faai'ly tickrta. Bilmiltit'K a r ml'man and twa lad tea, H M. To bi had it I lie it. u ic alorrs, and of Mr. J A. Kyle. 41 Fotgjtll a reel. 4'onceti to eomm?nre at 8 o clock. Full particular* I'lfuture a (Terti?>m*Hte. mil Jt* H. K. mahs. foUly I" m Ei rope, frnlt?or if ihe artoi Anna mitahfcheat branch**. ?iera inatrnclknaa ta Fa tarn ir, i ud in the u?e of tLe alraicht, Ciooktd and Tnrklah Sabre, llnutinK Knife, Muaket and Bayonet, 8Uff, and every lie rira ol wrap.,ua. For rnr'trrlint rr.|inre at .CM Peatl atreet. nil I ta * GYMNA Si UM" * PISTOL GALLERY. MKkBRA Hl'OSON h OTTKINON rewpeetfolly in form ih* arnllrmeti of .New York, that ther hate ktun up a (iVM NAhUJ VI at the corner of Chambera atreet and broad-var. am) it ie tow > p*n for the retention of Tie (to re. The ireti' nlion la of U t fira! ? and complete m *rerk reepeit for the pnrpoae of Athletic Liereieea. Sia-nnp Leeiiotui girenda.ty. Terme mmlerntg. Op*n dij and eegwlnf. ml Id* KULLEK'S GYMNASIUM." TO THOM; WHO VALUE HKALTH.-Tk. Ojmaa* alum, 205 (Irteue alrr't, near B'rfeker. la rrw open daily. In addition to the npilar rurciaea of live liymna aiu'r, there are alticl rd for tiercia* atd an.nai meot. i Bowing Allej, Qu ?it (hound, PiiA,.l Tupt, with a large open pa r foi run iing and jumping, end o'her < ut-door tietciaen wi ich rendt r thia eaiabliaiimiwt, aa a pymnitium, inferior to all ulhera (J< nlfemen rnt-ecrihing l?..Te the piiril ge of rterrhirg at thn Br ani h (iy winaatiiT' 2? A an at. w'? e Ihrre letrory imptrmrnt rexeeaaiy for in-door raotaMe. Sparring taught aa ueoal? Feti'Mg olaa, by anea.iuent I'tafn-eor, at aurh limeagtoeukt appllcauta. in tcco-dan e with ti e ti nea. Terme of yr-nrfjr DOS ION HlfcLLANY OK LITERATURE ANR O k AH III OX, for April, UU, i? i>uMUhtaftnd forwtl' r; ton iroLiiietorf. _ .... F.mhe'liahmenti. Tli* H!? iili Ride?on fngi kB 4?**l. Tl,e Injury do to T'>* Kaehioni d? do < noted*. The Old K??li?h Dramati*'*. The" ><? OerTB.nofHoRot.r, r ? on -he or. ol the MerUteruiiar. Th? t hi?0 lTlci?h ;<; ? "? "'?* ? *'* ' I >l'th*n?''ou lt> lemeti#**1 Copyright. /?**r? for!H. W. llunlln*lon'? ??-h S i*,w' u t Mm c? Rouunr*? By J. N. Hummel To rni-fl for ?n<mtn in advene*, o* ?J eeuta p?i ;iu t>?r. Rrx'^uJf. Bo'lrr A Oo , 117 Neinu alraet, NrwIiA 10 I s, !,.,ol 'reel. Bin ton. " . OAKS, rWv.h.r? A.IU a? uuL\-r?.> ? < *".? aid en.lhtt I have di*e?ntiniied ih* branch oar eatab ??? in Weat atrr*t. North River a d*. m! do ?ll my hm-n* ? ? my old Oar EntaW.ahiretit. 4?e Wa'er alraet.and ? I ??? Ml ti* nmiHiol o?? atoro, I will?rll Oorv, Bvreei*. *o ! Mta 'uo ioli ilmajkvr t<> i?*y for enmirut from bbjt pert "l ?* ,< t?T to'the Our KataMUhinMit, 40? TTeUv ***"*' *.'\"?Em[ i'? i.atharine market. JOHN A. rfcAK AkU at lift"

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