Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1842 Page 3
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paying points is that the ured^nable bill* of oth? r I States continue to eircnlata there/ In Illinois ss but one bank, esists, and probably that will go down. In InJiana the Stata bath is required to pay part of its hills. The balance forms tho circuit'ing medium of Ohio, and tha surrounding Statas, but will soon caaso to eaist. In Virginia, tha time of rasunp ion has boon put off to November. Tha worst state of things ovists, however, at New Orleans and Mobile, and is disooverable in the following table of rates at those places Rites or ficmsui at Mobile > MiwOintri Miihilt, Afar t 4, ISti. JfarrAlt. till. S. OrUmit. Bills on V.ngland, at Sods- 2193 Maltf S i? Bil's on France, at to days, ?,?n 4f (0*4,11 5,in-S.17 Bills o, New York, at to davs. 11 IS ti*t li?9t lis do at 30 days,) 15 7*7i 5 Oo do at ||days, IS h7i*? ~~ Dj do at 5 days, ltf .1 Sf ? 8>*4 Do do at aigl l, 1*1 ^17 (1st ? Specie, 17-11 list 7*8 The progress of resumption causes a steady drain of the precious metals on New York and the east, and it is sotting steadily toward those districts where it is most In demand for circulating medium. In State atocki price* continue ateadily to fall, and the apply on the market aeem toiucreaae. The followirg ia a table of preaent ratea faicKi or Liadino STocaa in imi Naw Yoaa Knitt. irmkmw* Rmlt. able. .flu*. *0. Dec. 31. Jlpt il 1 I'tilted Stat**, Si IMI lOOalOOi ??i*?7 ?o a ?? B" " 1841 ? *71**91 to a *7 New York StaU, 18*0 lVOaloof S*i?b7| 80 a 85 81 ? *11 *2 78(877 7*Ja 78 - 5 1**5 (Sa*6 85 aS? 85 a *0 " 14 6 184* (3 a*5 88 aS( 88 a *0 '* " 8 18*7 *3 a*5 85 *88 85 a *0 * 8 1850 tl a(3 83 a8* 78 a 7* * " I 1885 88 *87 78J877 77 a 77j " - I 1858 88 *8*1 7*1*77 771 a - " " *1 18** 75 877 70 878 - a " " City 8 fire 8*1*881 77 *7* 77 a 78 ** 8 water 84|a86t 7???7Tt 77 a 78 " " " bouJs ? 1 y? ?r ? moo is a37 Kail Brook Ira City, < SO '' lOOalOS bS ?80 to a IS Pennsylvania, 5 ? 7t *80 37 aS8 3*2 a 33 Ohio. X50 34 ?? 13 a7t 53 a 531 ISSt *4 atS 73 aT3 53 a S3 ? 1868 34 a95 73 a73 5*2 a 53 ? 18ft 34 at5 73 a73 53 a 53 " 185* Ml <85 50 a70 ? a ? Kentucky, 5?54 a83 T* a73 57 a 70 " 6 bond* ?'* ? a? ?a? ?a ? Alabama, dollar, 5 1856 ? a? 40 *50 50 a ? Arkansas, 5 36 y ears 53 aS3 37 a43 ? a ? Indiana, iter ing, 5 ? 55 a57 13 <35 17;a 171 11 dollar. 5 ? 55*55* 18*al3t 171*17) Illinois, sterliur, 8 1550 ? a? ? a? ? a? " collar, bit loan, 8 1*87 54 * 581 131*20 3* a 33 " starling. 8 1878 ?a? ? a? 14 a 141 ? dollar, 8 1870 tSaSS} 131*131 l(|a 30 Del k Uu4*on,bonds. * 4 years,108.1081 BSalco to a 33 Bank of Co~mmt.-"?* NT. ?aS8 87 aST* 83 a 70 N. V. L. and Trust * d. l?>?* >?? >|? f'J!! Farmers'Loan and Trust, 58 a80 '9 a 2? Ohio Lifs and Trust, 78 a77 *l aS*2 45 a ? Bank of Unitad States. ? al7 31a 31 31 a 3 Camden and Amboy Railroad, ? a? ? a? ? a? Bui too and Pmridtnce, 33 at31 30 atl 83 a ? N. J. R. R. fc Transportation Co. 77 a78l 73la73j *4 a 811 Mohawk andHudiou Railroad, 5s a58j 61[*511 43 a 44 UticaaadScheuectady, " 135 al37 123al3*l 130 al33 Syracuse and Utica w 130 ai31 105a 108 alio Auburn and Syracuse " ?alOO 80 a 841 *1 s83 Rochester " 187 alio 38 alOO 93 a97 N. T.Oas Light Co. 117 a!30 lllallS lOOaltO Merchants' kachange Co. ?a 37 33 a 341 15 a *20 The prospect of any change in the character of the Stock market has beeu much overshadowed by the refusal of Congress, under the influence of faction, to appropriate the proceeds of the public lands to the redemption the loan which mutt be contractfdto meet the necessities of the federal government That loan coming upon the market without any specific fund for its redemption, will be a cause of discredit that will crush all alike. No atockt can sustain thamuelvp* wliiU th* fp.lprnl trn. vernmeat ii in discredit. t The loan of the extra aesaion haa not been negotiated, becauie there waa no means aet apart for ita redemption. The Treasury notes are at a heavy discount,because of the improbability of their being promptly redeomi d. The only manner in which they are auatained at all, ia by the demand for dutiea. In thia diaaat roue atate < f thinga party faction haa ao far predominated in the national Congreaa, aa to cauae a decided vote againat appropriating any thing for the redemption o the delta prepared to be created. Thia can proceed from no other motive than that of a determination to diagrace the Government, in order to reach the popularity of ita executive. At the extra aeaaion the power of Mi- Clay waa acknowledged by all, and on hia nod alone depended the action of Coagreaa. He prevented debate, and forced through mcaaarea by the aole exerciae of hia will. Thoae meaanrea were all approved by the exeoutive and became lawa, with the exception of a moat iniquitoua Bank bill, which the President, by the mere exercise of common honesty, vttotd At the present Session how has that power of Mr. Clay, which was ao omnipotent at the called aesaion, beeu exeiciaed 7 Not openly to forward the prosperity of the country, but covertly to bring it into diagrace. The people have, howeTer, too, keen a perception of the origin of evil to attribute it to the wrong quarter. The country must probably remain in ita disgraceful oondltion until the people thunder through the ballot-boxes to its rescue, and to the aupport of the Chief Magistrate. In the meantime therein no prospect to the fanner, the mechanic, the merchant, or the capitalists, but low prices, idleness, stagnation 01 trade, and depreciation of property. The experience thus acquired,will, doubtless, cause them to purge their legislative halls of political gamblers and unprincipled speculator, Axles xt the Stock Bichaaga, $1000 ** Y S'a's 51'a. tell 74 74 d 431 $1000 Oh:? a's, 1870 sal iS-> Bank of Com (scrip) 83 17,000 do 511 80 do 85) 1000 do bit 53 15 Delaware fc. Hudson 931 JOOt do ,'stO 51 75 do 93 8000 Illinois bonds 14j It do 92 i 3000 iadianadoi ,ond? 171 15 do slw 9t 1000 do (>90 17 80 do 91 < 10 000 do S30 17 60 do -92 3o00 do 171 35 do 92) 8 Nortl Riff.r Ba k 70 45 do 93 50 Merchants' BxB.Dk 80 10 Long Island Ins Co. 83 100 Pate s n KU saodLi 45 75 Harlem RK 7) 150 do 44) 15 do 7 50 do b30 461 700 Long Island Kit 49 19 Aabrrn kRoch RK 9 1 350 de h30 40) 50 do 44 135 do ,bl5 49. 100 de (30 43) 160 do 48, 10 do 431 100 do 48{ 50 do >15 431 Socontl Board. as .iion??i ta is as uo <3 15 Long Inland 4H| 200 Lour Island s3 is SO Mohawk |3 43 50 Mohawk 130 43 50 Long Island 442 <0 do |43i 25 Mohawk 4S 25 do l?0 44 25 do II II do 44 200Lorg Island S3 4* 20 do 130 444 ITS MchsWk 43 25 Loof Island 43 State of Trade The following silt of Teu loo's place to-day at prices a little improved from those of the tstsslei Ts n.s?Motes it 7 uiou lu, payab's in th . city of New Tor*, to be Bade satisfactory to the tellers. Yot'.to Hrsow. 2hf ehasls 55 149 do 51 1> do so 10 do sol '? do 79 22 do SO 10 do 77 40 do 491 50 do 71 100 do 48 ** do 75J |o do 481 '0 do TO 81 do 45 10 do 69 Hi do [431 4? do 67 10 do 40 ?? ?J? 88 113 do wilhJrawn 31 do 14 48 do 30 |45 do 9l 1M do 38 51 do (2) 25 do 371 ID di 18|| 105 do 37 129 do 81 . 20 so 181 181 do 601 UO do V 8 do 89 (1823 hf do withdrawn) 38 ao 661 3 th iU 59 3 do 59 25 do Sal 25 do 57J 48 do 57 40 do 57 24 do Sal 85 do 55) 15 ao 44 20 do 91 Htioh Saisr. 33 eh?its 37) , :-9 clieits jol 281 do withdrawn 65 Uo withdrawn n... ? I half cheats 57 9 <|0 47 91O do withdrawn 1, dp ? * 487 I Sib DM * jj 4?t w labia so ixrr.RUL. t s hftht?u ?? > ? ,*? .,. 58 3, do ?H 3!0 lUb baa withdrawn f 7i do l?H iuj?:b pn 56) !00 |lib bu ?M 97 de withdrawn 170 dj 57 NlRCVORll PotTHORS. it hf the* ti 49 5?8 l.f eh atl ?t 40 do til 50 uo 41 10 do 4?j SOVCHORO 40 hfch't'n 9t 91 cVeatf 47) 43 do 47 10 hf* 183 che?ti Yii.hlrawr 359 do 45 CnRuntT. as cheata 40 no wiihirawn Caana?37C0 mata at 17c p?rlb Corn Traaale Thii market li not very active. Salea continue to h< maJe, however, to lonn- extent, and at pricea which in dicate some Armneaa. Wo iftve tbe qnotationa :? Pucis c? neFaD.Tvrra. Oeneaee Klour, 16 >a Northern lire, 91 Ohio Flour, 8 0S Southern Oati, 4-; Georgetown Flour, < no O tioCoru, M Wheat. 170 St utlWTU C rn, St J ..lie ?|TrSI> HI lie HO icnv.ty in any of the markoti in the country. Thl* mirki t ii a fair criterion of all. In Baltimoro th?rc|i* no changn in Howar>l it reel Flour. We continue to quotu go d ilandir j brand* al (5,50 from atorea.with a l.mi' 1 demand nalv. The wa ron price i* (5,37J. NotniunctionainCltyMilla Flour Holder* generally aak (> ?> No Wheat arriving.Prime red* w ould command (1,10 a (1,15. Sale*on the 30th ult. of yellow Corn at 55c. and of white at 55 aM: A lot of 1100 buthcl* Peun*y Iv tnia Oat' waa *olJ y eater day at 44 eta. Mil. Oat* ar.>cnr'h4l a 4*1 ct*. Clover, aee'' i* very dull. We. quot? good prime at (I a (4,50 very small salea. \t CharleaWin^on the :# h. Flour waa dull and remain e l without demand. Th> re h;'d been only one arnv, 1 ol Corn and Peai from North Carolina, w hich aold atptkti not tran*|>ired. In Philadelphia on the 30th, tha general price or TYnn a j lrania flour, of good brand', waa (5 50 per libit 450 l'b'a of B.'aodvwtne were ?otd on fliturdnyat *5 81J f?r > x port. About 5000 huahela prime Pmn'a wheat ha I b tor milling, at ldOc par bullish The receipt* of Com hi e moilera'e , we quote Rontht rn flat yellow at 05: ; whitt do 51c ; Southern Oata 44c. ????^ Sales at Baltimore Flour in Savannah ware made ui the Jflth at |7 36 ca?h Corn <u aalling at Mi eta. The current price far eupvrflae Floar a* Mobile on tb< 3hi ult. waa$6M. ilblots ofa few barralr.Haiti of fine f 6 #ij. Store prices of superfine fd 76 a 97. Tneyrecant heavy arrivalv of corn canted a alight decline. Salet at auction 4Sc., bat it helJ an the wharf at flOo by the quantity From atore, in email lota, and by the dray load, 111 a Wc. OataMc. . We learn from the Weat that the quantity of bread atulTatorcil therrit imrarnae, and that much of it it going to Canada. According to the Chicago American, there are about 100,000 buahelaef Wheat now awaiting the opening of navigation at that pl.iee. The quantity of flour now atored along the harbor at Buffalo ia 19 300 bbla. Alnut one third of the stock now there haa been purchaaed, and will go to Canada at toon at navigation p-rmita. At t* the aalea they were merely nominal on the 38th ult., aay 96 for auperiiue and $4 Tor fine. Intelligence of the growing crops in all parta of the country ia in the higheat favorable. We hear from every quarter that the wneat flelda never appearrd better io the tpring than they now do. Tha winter has not injured them more than common, though it haa been unusually open. The heavy raina that have fallen aince the froat waaoutof tha ground, have had the effect to settle the earth closely around the; roots ofthe wheat ?o aa to protact them from cold winda or spring frosts. The general opinion ia that there ia at leaat one third more acrea of wheat in the ground thia veer than there waa laat. Cotton Trade. The market in thia city haa of late exhibited no new feat a rea. Previous la the arrival of the Columbia it waa inactive. After the receipt of the newe by her, it became a little more animated,but ia again become languid, and pricea are drooping. At the South, in the apecie paying diatricta, ai Georgia and South Carolina, the marketa are dull, and pricea ahow a diapoaition to give way. At the extreme South, however, at Mobile and New Orleana, the market waa aotive at our lateat datee; at the former city the terrible condition of the currency cauaedagreat deaireon the part of all bolder* of Bank funda to turn them into cotton aa fast aa possible. At the latter city the demand waa very active, mostly from English and French buyers, with some demand for the better grades from the Northern manufacturers The following is a table of the stock, sales, pricea and remarks at the different porta : Stocks, Silks, asd Prices or Cottor roa the viii raavnut to date. Sloehi Soles. Pritet. lUmaiki N. Orl's, Ms eh 20, mssftt 2i.:oo S|?i3 firm. Mobile. " 20, 92,703 16000 a 10 Apa'achicola, 11, 21238 4,488 " Augusta.Geo 24, 24,2-9 057 3|?7j decline jut. Sa anualt, 26, 18 181 4.J? 4t.8{ ft in. Charlea on, 26, 8,606 8,831 5*81 failing. N.York, April 1, ? 3.500 5ia*i The following is a tabla of pricea, Liverpool classification, at the different potts at the lateat dates: A' Oiit. Mulilt. .Jv/tssfu. SanmnsA. Charlnton Ord nary, *,4-i *->6t 3i?4t *1*6 5 6) .Vliddlug, 7.(71 7 (<8 Sat) <)aC| 7?7( " f*ir, 81 (81 8|>* ? 7?7i 8*8* Fair. 9*410 91*10 i|.7t 71*8 8,a8* ttoidfai-, 19|aiv| uoae. 7|ill { >{> * Ciuod k fair, 13M5 aon*. 8* 8| Bout.' 9) The following table show* the receipt*, dock*, and export* in the Uuited State*, aa compared with last year:? UacKirTi axd KxroaTf or Cotton in thi T'nittd Statu* To Datb, 1841 1843. Incr. Dfcr. BeTeipU, 1,1*4,34* 1.335,388 71,353 ? t*p. to (4. B. 3*6 381 510,106 143.755 ? " France, 133.034 334,8*1 101.8*7 ? " othe. port*, 49,343 **,074 10,733 ? Sock, 444,340 3*7 109 ? 81,131 The receipt* thu* far, it appear*, are in excel* of those of lad year, but ahort of those the previous one. If for the remainder of the year one-half aa much iB received a* during the lame period in lS40,the crop will reach 170,030 bale*. Provision Market. All kind* of proviaion* are down a little lower. Money i* acarce and economy progreue* to faat thattlbe butcher* and huckder* find themtelve* compelled to reduce, their price*. Meat* are at least fire per cent lower now than they were two week* ago. foreign jnnrKtu, Matarzas, March 19.?Sugars?Havana white, 7 a 7* ; brown do, 4 a 3} ; Muscovado 3} a 3} ; Puerto Rico 3 a 7. Coffee?Cuba 9} a 10 ; Puerto Rico 10 a 11 ; Brazil a 9} ; San Domingo 7} a 7}; Java 10} all}; Rice 9} a 3}. The stock o( Sugar has been augmented considerably, owing to the numerous cargoes that have arrived this and the past week; prices in consequence have declintd a shade; tha following are the sales:?37 hhds. Santa Cruz, new crop, 7} a 8} ; 130 old crop 6 a 7 ; 300 Porto Ri?o 6} a 6| ; 70 do inferior 3 a 4} ; 330 New Orleans 4} a 3 ; 600 Dozes Havana brown 4} a 4} ; 900 w hite 7} a 7} ; 110 hhds. New Orleans, at public sale, 4} a 6, at 3 and 4 months. Coffee?Sales moderate, without alteration in prices. 430 bags Cuba 9} a 9|; 300 Laguira 9} a 10; S90 Rio Janeiro 8} a9; 330 Java 10} a 11}; 300 Sumatra 9|,4 mos: 300 San Domingo 7}. Molasses?During the week the sales have been hea vv without alteration Id prices?the sales have been 4WJ hhds New Orleans at 30} a 31; 1330 bbls in lots at 31 a 33; 110 hhds Porto Rico 34 a 34}; 110 Cien Fugos, and three cargoes of 1378 hhds and 30 tierces Havana and Matanzas at 16}, 4 months. Provisions?Puces have been sustained, notwithstanding operations have h ..-n small?Mass Beef at 6, prime 6; Purl,?eMS .prima {. BzkflAouk.*, juaucu I "You no doubt will be surJiristd at the short passages your vessels have made here ately, (iu twelve days.) I received your favors this morning, per brig N. Stanley, Captain Rue?and the schr Alliquash, Kilborn, arrived about an hour after. The brigCarraccas, Wheeler, arrived on the 4th, and sailed to day for Laguay ra. The Norris Stanley sailed on houi alter hrr arrival, for St. Thomas. American provisions are still very plentiful. Flour ii going at $8 30 to (9 per bbl ; Corn Meal $3 73 a $4 pet bbl; Corn (3 33 per bag " lanM. On Tuesday, 39:U March, by the Rev. Mr. B' llows Josh Nickersop, Jr. of Chatham, Cape Cod, Mass. tc Laura, daughter of Mr. Henry Hart of this city. Died On Friday evening. 31st inst, after a lingering illness Charlzs F. CeuunAcr, in the 61st year of his age. His relatives aad friends are respeetfolly invited to at tend his funeral on Sunday, 4 P. M. from his resdence, 31 Chatham street. On Thursday evening, the 31st of March Catharine wife of James M'Caughey, aged 33years. Her friends and acquaintances aae invited to attend hei funeral this afternoon, from her late residence, 313 lies* ter street, at half pas So'clock. Oa Friday, 1st iuat, Maria, eldest daughter of F.dward and Susan Banker, in the IS'.h year of her age. The relative* and friend* of the Umily are respect fully invited to attend ner funeral on Sunday afternoon, at half past four o'clock, from her late residence 3<J5 Tear) steet. On Friday morning, lit init., after a lingering and painful illness, horn by her with Christian tortitude and resignation. Sophia Attwood, wife of Mortimer de Motte and youngest daughter of Nathan and Sophia Jackson in the 25th year of her age. The relative* and friend* cf the family, as also thos< of her father, are respectfully invited to attend her func ralfrom his residence in 14th street, corner ot 3J Avenue on Sunday 31 init., at four o'clock, without further Invi tation. At Brooklyn, on Thursday, 31st ult, Joh* Slysiou* youngest child of Seymour L. and Mary J. Husted,age< 2 monthsLstsit Advices KKCZIVKD AT TH* 1**W TOCV HERALD ornci. Africa - FeW 13 Madi AS Mar. ? AuiCayes Mar. 7 Manilla Nov. Autixua Dec. U Moaterideo Jan 8 Bombay -Nov. I Maranliam Fth. |i RtUiiu Not. 3 Matnnxji i Bermuda Mar. 1 Mayaguez, P. R Mar. 11 Buenos Ayret Jan. 3t Maracaibo Jan. 1' Bahia Feb. a Matamoraa Dec. Belize. Hon Feb. St Neuvitae Feb. Uarbadoea Mar. S Oahn, 8. 1. Dec 11 Bogota Dec- ! Pant M?r. Berbice Feb. 30 Port au Print x Mar. Curaeoa Feb St Para I?cb. 1' Cieufuegoi May 7 Penuunbnco Feb Si Carthagena y Jan. SI Panama June II Cararcaa (-Jan. tl Rio de Janeiro Ftli. Chagree July 1 Singapore Dec. Callao Nor. 4 Sydney, NSW Aug. 1 Calcutta**** Jan. It St. Helena Feb. |i Fayal Feb. 4 St. Thomat Mar. II Uioraltar F'eb. 9 St. Barta Jan. (Juayama.P.R Mar. 14 St. J ago de Cuba Mar. ll Uonairee Mar. 9 St. Johns, P. R Mar. 1; Oalvestea Mar. 31 St. Croix Mar. Harre Mar. I St. Martha Jan. 3 Havana Mar. IT Surinam Feb. 3 Halifax Mar 30 Tampico F*b I' Jerrmie * Jan. 37 Tobascn Feb. 91 Kingston, Ja. Feb 37 Turks Island Mar. Louden Mar S Trinidad de Cuba- Mar. H Rverpool Mar. 4 VeraCrnx Mar. i La (Juayra Mar. 5 Valparaiso Dec. Lima Jan. I Yucatan Ki b. Macau Dee. 1 Zanzibar Dec. II Poasenger* Arrlx ctl. Havay.?Packet ship Baltimore?A O Begner, Philadelphia Hauce fyr, Switzerland, and It in steerage. S?ra*l??H?Snip Newark?Mr? T (f Merwin, Mra S W Wiglu, .?ir? M Uelony, Mas'er? W end K Delony. Mr?tn N?w home ami Campb- II, Mr C Pitcher and; Mr C O toi ai.d ludy ; Capt E Sainton, Mr F Beeler, and S3 in (he steer IgP, eiriXjuM-Brig Augusta?O J Smith, ldy an I child.. Knigkley, H smith, R Duff, U Duff, Wm Saragr. and S3 hi thi at< era,e. CitanLZSTon?liig Dlinoc?Messrs W Latham, A P Hayue J <*> neaorook?R Mittoon J H Ltuncr, H Y Davit, C M Bootl P Chapman, 10 m steers, e. Foreign Importation*. liavac?Pack* t ship Balliesrr ? Splgs Wright, RtuTreat S Shaw?3Cnibi'S. Davis kco?47 Wm B Dra|er-7 J t: II \r< k co?1 Lewis k Fair oan ?I k Owe ?] Smuh k Sum tier?? (Jaidere-. Colby It CO?4 O K k J B Ktgli.h?7 F (luj I net k co?3 la J Wyelh? Ilomcr k co??11 h Seld..| I k to?3 O B Ooor?9 C Hunt keo 9 A T Stewarl k ro? I A i Baibe.? 3 C B Slra-ger? L Madliaid?3 r Wllllimi k C;i II E Fabnrquit'e k co? 33 A L Froth?IS O Heo nbergkee I ?16 Lorschigli k Weeend. nek 8 E Hen? 1 Ke'tlrrk en?I Fo h<rd k I3C hav? I C Verio?I C Valentine?5 E July?J E.ieler k F->lty? 3 H Etcher 14 J M Oppe it i*m b co?It F Oebhs'd kro?3 H Bodmrr?3Paul, Smith k Acdreal ? o Malrsiuc, IJouidkdo? S a. Hermerlu g?I A Barbcr-3 H Fil.h S F Culiiatd 14 Hei ?m k ro 1 Bey lard J* une?I llrake ken?1 Bail y fc Kite her?38 H Wal rr?13 Derai tints V B izand? I C Cottl r? I M beer?|C Pfriffer?I J M Harper?I E IJuh >is? t A Knlk i k co? I C T Lusci rr?I llarnsuu k i o? S B U 11 ertii'S k co?3 C Aliereufi Itte?S A H Kuhuat irn?S I. Redamo?4 R Jaffrey k en?a L Delmnt'e?I J Ke?d S rn?I A Tlmrrprekeu kc -l Ondlv e k co 1 F B Rhode* k eo 1 Chwrlaw k I.(invert?I .1 Broke at c ???I F Meile, k c ?37 ll Hi win?< p.e. t, w Rni.a. i n,, i., .. t, r:.. in?I J U nUid-1 I1 Kouiilh-I J VV Holbcrtnn? 4 J<- Mil li-r-4 Wurkur* k l)*mirr?J RdwtriU k S todd?r?l?I I dun* ?u lhliro-l A E tt?r'.iir?8? C lltinl?I O rloo.L da Si r ' ? 3 Win MrKflci-4 I. fj I'Ui hmiilt fc co?3 K l)r<-n;>i' I ? J I' A Bricthmiri k rti?r?I J"?lil?iin*rr k H n?*' cu?3 J < ufnp it er?S H 11 J A Void n k c.r?4 I ti?nw U T?\ lor?I L?wi? k Mi.f?l J 1) Writh ?i J Nd.iei - 5 Unifoml ri nthlM k ro? 3 Bailey. W*>d k r.o? 7 J Lid I' ?14 T r?y?! 1 k CO?I H rmcrlmff k Chdrton?5 Boutiyrid k rv-rnt -? J irqti'lin k A'l ?n?7 F Hnrdiquin?I R <4r m-el? JMi|B*BkM?4 C t*i kdiiux k ?c?1 J w p i????IT H Hut ii I'll ? II K B?ro*\ ?1| Mnlmtfcl k Bmiih ?I Win -i 1 ?!K A l'?u* mii.d-S J Baumana?4 J Hajjcrly kskin?n O" ter k L??inbaidkn?10 Btlchcl k Drdy?r?? ' L?chi*j? k Kauche?11 F. lUmwd It Linrgue?6 D? Khia It Moor*?18 F C? t.iset?? 4 K Ablcuk co ?( Wm Drive?1 Dodge, Cum rniug k *? ? 3 AHame. Print k ec?11 Krnkird k Haitaa?I M'?? L Pl.t'? I I. J Levy k ro? 4 H L>*na?ia?e?4 V A Lobr* ??< Klut Pillirurt?| A Deerme?10O C Thorbura?IB E Korean**?I Godfrey, Weber ke?? ( H Dufold? U 'ova' Frree?ItP Marray-^CerTiil kKleaiif?II Moran klrlm ? 1 Berard Mnadoar?111 Br urban. Koopfc eo?11 Morfta fc Mouiaiot? l F A Ur|-n<>?1 K Lawaoa fcco? I Bhiw.Dlikt k ro?l J E Nitcbi?i H lugcrtol?1 H Seybert?I MaAlliikf k?-l BaMin fc Sander?iltl Gu.llirt?IS Bcrcean fcHuech? 3 F X Merer?I Gonboa'e? 8 Pcdre k Lire'iaore?I M?riaifc Schtffer?I Fr lloar.Wmlrwi rth k co?3 RkH Height k et? 4 L' nde -w od.Trteril k Cuiliiufi aud Styrr, Lamaoti k co? I Victor Bi-hop? 4 rown?eiMl, Shan le?? k ro ?l Real fc Taylor?t B D? La Horner* k ca?I J Mortimer k rn- 1 T D-i.njr?1 H Babrd?I D C Foater-10 G Hairier?| fc Walker?3 A R Then.paon?14 Wai Bcuj-mni k co? i .Ntrniv St co?llSpier. Chrial k eo?I J? j) Wiinatp# k ca?I A Puller#..u k co? 1 Habiha* k Joaea?1 C Dnuclet?50 1 affre k Melb* rr?II S?ml Coekrau?7 H Cher olet k c??14 T V'?,*uiine?18 TKkll Mahler?8 J J Woodherd?1 Clarke, W*\ m <n k co?0 Auberooa k Morel k co? 3 Brrri fc Kccte?too to order. Mrrrouar, P. R.?Brit iiiberaia?188 libdraurrr 33 do ?o la<rrr a C Koaaiere kco??34 do aufar Meyerk Stricken?40 hlidit bblr mulaaiea lo matter. Doraeatlc Importations. Sr*ti?iAH?Ship Newark?105 lea rice Mernman k Bcoard ? (4 d J B Smith-! Hatlland, Kee# k co 100 blr cotton A Ricl arda?86 Smith. Mille kco?101 do Prinlee k Rover#?83 Baralow k Pope 53 V Collin. 1 bti I Ibl Smith, Wright k co Savaw-ah ?Brig A itarta?1(<0 brief cotton Bogart k Kneelard-117 do W M Clark?17 do <4 Collinr?43 HoS Bronaen? 190(10 1/ onoiim ? rnnf-11 u?i a nurcn ? lio -* ncc J JB Siritli? tcs honey W Burger?106 do order. (*!Iahl> tr-it?nng Dimo-?luud k??s rusius *prsgue Robiosoufcco?bales cotton J Jpmqih tie &c co-66 Siniih, Mills 8c co?i J J Sbsptrr? 3 J 8 Jones?67 K Johnston?1 bbl 81 bis Drt'irduer?1 \ Gaumg* ? I K J Ku >??l GR Choi well. MARITIME HERALD. """ PORT OF KKW IORK, APRIL 4, 1849. l-l* Hllll | IS ' TVLL MOOR I ]t mi iit? ............( >7 I 1 i5 Oaprrtura of tk? Atlantis Btaamsrs. raoM r.TOLkfo. riou iwrnct. G. Weaf.rn, Hashes April a April M Britannia, Hewitt April 5 Map I Caledonia, Loll April It Map If Iroiii, Rprie Map 4 June I G.Weetern, Hnakcn Map 31 June l( Columbia, Judkini Map It June It Britannia, Hewitt Inae 4 ...Julp 3 Caledonia. Loll lune It Julp 17 Acadia, Rjne Julp t At*. I GVCeatern.Ho.keD Julp t Au||. 4 Parfcatsto Arrlwa. I ParkatltoDanarl. FROM P0RT1M0UTH. ran r HTlUaiTH VVeitmu??t*r. Moore, Feb. IT J Toronto, Atwowd, April 10 St. J.mce. Sebor, Feb S3 I Weetn initer, Moore, April 3t from Liraaro^t I for Li?rap"o . New Voek, Cropper, Keb. 8 [ Independence. Holdridpe, Ap.7 Sid Irna. Cobb, Feb. 14 I Vircinius. Allen, April 13 Cltnbrida'-Baf'tow. Feb. 31 I New York,Cropper, April 19 FROM HAFRR | FUR HAVBR. Uliea. H-witt. Feb. If Ra'limsre. Funck, unc Albany, Wate ,n. Feb 34 Rhone, Johnatun, April II S de Gtaair.Bar1*0**' 'Mar. I 1 V de Lyon,Stoddard .A| ril 34 To Ship Masters, We ahall eateem it a f*?or. if eaptaina of reetela arriving here, will give to Commodore Baaaett.of eur newa ael oouer*, a rejvort of the ahippiop left at the port whence they saw a, the apoken on their paMAg*. and a list of tkcir earpo. Commodore BaxtU will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the faror in any way. OlauM. Shipa Emily. Cr?n?, St Croig, C Morgan, Loniaa. Leavitt, New Orleana, E K Collina It Co? Baika Lagrang*, Porter, 8avarpah, Geo; Lennida, (8w) Weatium, Autwerp. Boorman, Johnatnn k Co; F.mpreaa, (Br) Scoit, London. J H Brabnard ?Briga Fiaridt Bl meo.Pederaon, Belize Hon . B Blanco; Wm Neilann Mnrtia. Port an Prince, Sheld ne k Ferria; Pioneer, Smith, Mobile: Henry, Grrti. Portland. I 1 Labaw k Co?Skhr Aku'I, Gray, St Johiu , NF, Foalerk Nickeraou. AXIIVWle Pi cket ah'P Ballinore, Fuock, from Havre, Jan 13. and Fal mouth. Fibfl'h, with m 'ae to Bovdk Hinkin Prom lat 44 SO to 49 JO, and long 45 30 to Ion 49 30, paaard 150 largr end many email ialai da of ie* Lai 44 00. lou 48 30. pawed a field of ire eilendina nor*h and >onih a? far aa could be aeen from the nwt head wih no Clearwater to (he weatward, ihe wind leing aouth weat waa compelle I to a'and tothe aou'hward and eaatward all d ?y before clearing the i*? t" the aouthwa*d. Waa four daya amm |> the ire From 13 li Feb to 18th of March nothing but atrong wraterly r?l?a. 8hijN?wa k.Merwin. ( daya from Sarannah, with cotton to Dunham k Dimnn. Bug Duron, Rubinaoo. 5 daya from Charleston, with cotton to Dunham k Dimon. Brig Hiberuia, , IT daya from Ponce, PR, with augarto oritrr. Brig Augu ta, Sherwood,10 daya from Savannah, with cotton. Sehr Alpine. Walker, 94 dayafiom Franklin, La, with lire ??k for the nary yard. 100 bbla mnlaaae to the muter. On li at Wedueaday right, in beating up run aahore on Governor'! laland; abe will he got off without dam ge. I aSchr Emma, Cole, 3 daya from Baltimore, with mda* to Johoii.n k Lowden Schr Rocheaier. Vyae, 3 daya from Baltimore, with mdae to J k N Briggi Below. racket ahip New York.Cmpper, from Liverpool.Feb 8 with mdae to C H Marshall and Goodhue kCo. Nailed. Packet abipa Europe, for Liverpool; Louiaa, New Orleana, and otheri. Marina Correspondence. I Rhode liLanngn Orricg. I Niwport. R. /.. Mar. 30th, 1849.1 j\tt i aniiR, vv iimmgioo irr nior>. im 1 arpaunn hut*. Left Wilming'on, loth, c .rgo aoft turpentine; on tlie Uth met a h?ary gale off Cape Hatteraaa. ahipp'd (tea and lott deck load, tot bbl? turpentine; w?? blown off the coast it d sailed but t He ou the pataage, having laid too the moat of the ti<ne, wind ahead and heavy; |rft Tarpaulin Core yesterday. Ze pbvr, Franklin, W|te. and Gen Warren, all fm Th ?ma?ton for NYn'k; Induatry, Trnto for do; "amuel, Salem do; Hera'd, Bcatou do; Suaan, do Richmood; Rutea, do NYurk; Marquis, I Buctuport for llnlad; Lion, Boa'on for do. General Rcroraf. Brio Bf.tskt, Coomb*, from Havana for Boato*-, put into 1 G'ouceater on Wedneadav. having ahipped a heavy tta about 8 dava ainee, which atove camhnoae houte. Ice and haa had no fire on board ainee. Spoke 21th b;rk Avola, Davie, Irnm Noblehoro'for NOrleaoj?reported having paaa-d brig 'alvio.lbefore reported abandoned) the day befote, her aaila tljriug and vraarl upright. Schh W?l Hrnrt. at Edgartown. from NYark for Boalon, , on'heereninc of 35th.(truck on a rock off Apple Tree Point, uear Fiaher'a Island in a equal. the achr goingBknnta. She leaka badly, and will have to diacharge part of hur cargo. Ship Anna Lirrrv, anchored, in Five Fathom Hole, on Thursday 1 -at,the ahip Anna Liffey. nf Dundee, Lt le.f>nl,:, ver ool bound to N York, out 56 da, with one hundred and rrrenty lour paaaer gen, in want of water and preriaiooe; which hiring been aupplird. aheaailed on Sundry morning, on her deaI fined voyage- Several of the paeaenrere remairrd behind to take up their teaidenee in theae Island*; they are pjinei;i*lly oe <ple acquainted with farming a id field work.?Btrmutla Oat . Mar 15. tscHR Deiawiri, Grafton, 8 daya fm N York, arrived at St. Genrgea. Bermuda, on the 7lh inat. leaky, Having atnick on I he rveka io the N W of ilieae lalanda, on the previnui night. The U wa> btuod to Cuba, aud ia laden with provisions; aha muat le I hove out. Spoken. Bangor, from New Orlt ana for Maracillea, 15th, lat (4 30, , lo 80 30 Hupe.frcm New York for Cape ile Ver,'a, 37ik u'.t, lat 39 I lou 73 t Witdea P Walkrr, from Providence for Mata*zaa, 30 h, lat 39 | lon7J|. Vandalia, from W Iminglon, bound to St Dominzo, ltlli invt. lat 31 53 N, Ion (7 93 W. > Ithcdene Dhu. Mobile for Providence, March 19. off Tortc1 ?% ., a t.. .. .. ... . oiar, uam icr saunnan, Tiarr.n xi, is miira norilh 01 i Hat: trail Foreign Porta. M?T*at*?, Mar 18? In port, Tmntrlaoe, fin Frantfoit. Mr ' w?nt aahnre in a Norter and was diichargtd (iardicer. for frt or charter: Zaida, wtg; Cronatadt, (town, Idg; Buay,tor Warrtn; ' liutcu; for Bangor 2 d<: Tonguin, ready; Po. < Idg; Algougnin, do; Hazard, wig; Mara Hill, for Bait. Idg; Uni 1 ou for Bnrtnn ready. Sid M Jnya, N York. Maitllil, E?hg?Jo port.Maiyland, for Sandwich, neat day. (.'apt N.well probably left tha M previouj to htr trip to Maxatlan. Harar., Ma't ?In port. St Leon, for New Orlrana, loop. Si-ritaM, Feb 81-1 n por1, Tallinaitje, of Portland,one; only Am kikI. nun toots. Mar 8?In port,Trinidad, for N Karen, nne Kisoiiom. Jam pr? r to Mar87?In port. O'Kellv, ilate Crctkrri who waa Inatrrrrboard three daya out) Bait. St ThoMai, Mar 18?A rr Parigc, Plulad St Jaoo, Mar 18?Arr O n Salem, arSth; oth'ri aa before. Onltwl State* Pore*. PonTLtnn. Mar 88?Lid Marx, Matanxo; Motto, II itana; Tangier, Bait. Signalled, Mo lument. PoRTiMOt'Tii Mar 30?Arr below. 9uaan Baker, Frankfort, for Al"?arnlria; Ca'po. Norfolk (orPortsmouth SaLrM, Mar 30?Arr Mary Helen. 8t Jago; Angeretta, New York; Huby,Plulad for Boaton. Bid Challenge, fin NYoikfor I'rnipect OutvtcrrtR. Mar8??Arr Niger. Surinam. 3o?Ton. Mar 31?A rr Emporium. LaeilrlT; Ware. Rocbrlle; Claremont. NOrlrana; t'.liaa Thnmai, Havana. Cld 8 A Ap PI?ton. NYork Ar'Ulh, Montpelie. Vrwbijrtfort. Mar 38?Arr Merey fc Hopo, Norfolk. Ed<;aiitow.?, Mar 27?Arr Win Henrjr, N York far Boaton. In coming out ,#f N London at ruck a reek iff Fiaher'i irland whi!e going 8 knot?. etOTe off cutwater, atrm, part of keel? meat di'g. Arr 88th. Llueoln. Attak paa for Portie-outh; Mar !S ey k Hope, Norfolk far Nkwlturyport. Sid 28th, Ucdeunled, ? NVetk. 7 11m Mr Holf, War aT?Arr Virfinik. fm Buxton for Fttll I River; M?r<joia. and Pa aaci In. Buek'pirt for , Pilot I u I kiic fnrNYork; Katie. Boa'on for Ynrfc River; Ta',|tiil. do I) for Look I?ltnd. Arr Hflth, (J'orge, Wavhmgtou lor I'm Chiii) ; S Drtv, Waahinrton, NCfordo. Ait i?th, Ruby, Philad for I Borfoo. and r'i??in? ? iih ihethove. I TanrarLi* Coir. Mar 97?Ar- Yankee, Wilmington for N 3 York, with Ion of <1 -ek lo d, ard much injured in aaila ai.d riggirg; Ella, frtl Boat > for Philail Air i8ih. Ocean, Ho.ton lor NY' rk; A M Hale, do for do; Cinderella, do for do; lirra'd;<l<) lor f at,arbor. , F?i mouth, Mar ?T?Arr Joaeph, Norfolk. Arr Uih. Hamil. Conrleeton. r Pnovinenc*. Mar 30?Arr Mary. Ba Umore; Jane Hall, i linnrnao. Mar 31? Cld Loi?. Philad, Leaoder, NYor'a; Tri loo, do; 1) apateb. do: Tnd' Klisarktt CiTT.Mar M-Arr Wm T Bryant, Tunla 1?t I'lti.ADi rill*, April!? *rr_ Por| owe. NYnrk. Cld Leone, Naulea auu Palermo; K 1) Wol'a. (J?nn ; Chi-f 8a<,8t John. NB ?ia Kaatport; Pliebr B-ater II.llfai, N9. Bai.tiMukc, March M-Air Water Witch, HI Johra PIC, 13th luatant?aailtd in company with Mohican, for New York. Left Oen Marion,(or New York. Ida; Mar/, wailiig r iryo; I'e u, f r Bettor, Id*. Thorn va H Benton, Ponct, P K?lift | Matm lia for New Haven, to aail IS h iu?t; For real, fo- New , . York, m a lew day*; Orerintn, dirclt; Adeline, do; J II Slovene, for New Yort, to anil 2lal inat, and aeveral othe-it r ?t known. An Iroec egm, Arectoo, II, h in*'; Strat grr, MavaItuer. P H; Tn , New Orleaot; Kagl-, roac, I' II; El r.t . Mereerole,Onnyara, PR?lelt, from 81 Tl o:na? fjr Havre; k nr roe, ft on Port and for NewY'ora; M>rinlii. ft I i ioil. aid Feb M,h, Tutor (Dan), from 8t Cro ? for \r? , York; tjeonr-, from Wilmington, uoc; Franrri K|l?n, from Ht Tliomaafor New York; Wataon.dodr; Martha Kiutniw, , Irom 8t Thomar lor Baltimjre; I Scant, (mm St Th inn fir , Nee York, Ureela, do do; Nauron, from and for N York; i (Kne'a.'rom Wilminrlon, uor; Colu nbia, fiom Kt Thontaa lor Niwb ryp -rt. A'alanta, New Bedfotp; .Mi r.'lr. (r III N i (I ?ru ?ia >e? Y ork; Lady M antn/ton, Mobile; palue, Hue'ep< rt, Me; da* I e do. Below, Viryini>. New.,ort, W la-. M M triaiine, Bremen; Jatnea Power, for Najaau; Ve i e , N' w V rk ar..,'. U..? 1..II rg.iTUr Tml.M, .I S., ll.l, B nion ArrMth, Kmpira, NYoik At flei?eU'a IVint?'V,n ttiiren. Tin I t.o n atoi , t>d i > Kiehinitnl In II >m iton K.,di? U-k nay.fin Jaiiiea itirarbl to NOrlr n?. 9 d, A pphi t, VV In e?: Tipoeean *, frn NUfleaoa bd loBalt.wae ?t .-nclior ? n t H >ria Shoe thin naornin* Robert Morria, fin Jim ftit er ml I NOr'eima, went to aen on Saturday li?i. |' ion,,. I r H'tre; t'.? harm- f ,r Antwerp went to j-a le.lnila .nn.i He if for Mobi d, thin morning, all fin U?lt. A Dutch link 'in AI x u? r a, nt?o went to ?e*. j r.Him I.IIOX, Vnr M? Xrr Anion. NYotkiOak II w.?, Rio. K.r i;oe, Mat nr. a. Arr 16 h, Grauite, NLo Kl*.n; l.?- i* ty NVork. till Ann H?H, l,i?arpo?.|; Co- garer, Boil,. , 1 hi 0 Cnl loon, WInilie?; Hercidee, Arr iSS. A -'ine (tjw ) > York; ^London Cld Marron, Ame rp; -I" In i. k, Lnerpool; Vtetn, K.ruaourg; Amine, Q> og iw; Trenton Ainelerdrin. Or ittuniowir, SC., Mar 26?91J Mary, aid Wmidopaaro,for 1 .Work. Mobile Mirll-CU Mrtaker, Liverpool: O*Hmiob; M>r> Kimball, K?hnuu.d, Handy, ft York ArrMary, Liverpool New Ob hm Mar t3-Cld Swanton. Liverpool: Plato, Porianouth and a mkt; Koluai, C oaten Arr Walpole. Boetoa. J4"' N York. L? o, Lire pen!; Jwephioe. Ihtl.U, 0 A'a*. N York: Jo1 n < ?ar?er. Belfaal. M*; Ctepian. Apalarhi*"?' ''ambridyr. Muiini: Mary Ana, Nataau; Voltaire, Tho maatoa. PORT1TOUESK FEMALE KILLS*. THEJIt far-lined aio olihratcd nil la. from Portugal, w a wt perceive, to b? obtained in thia country Bra ad earheemeal on tha laal columuoi fourth page. frtlia'ia NO f ICE ?The Underaigned, aConiaiittee of the Hoard <>f Allrrtneu. will meet audi perenna aa hare bten itietrraaed bv the late conflagration in the Tenth and Silth Wardt, at the Fritx Hotel, corner of E'dintge and Brotm atreet, on Mondar nrtt. the 4th inat, at 10 o'clock. A.M , for the purl>oar cf einiir.iig into the extent ol their and prevent leceaaitiei. fraisaiTtre. FRCDERIt K R. LEE,

ROBERT JONES, CORNELIUS B. TIMPSON. April 1,1841. at it SI M IK P. H e IIAI.-V*. lUPBTni will dp nvppy toeee nta frifhd< ??H acqo tin'ancre at Striker'e Buy to-day, In part-he of crlil tuuclieon and aclaaaof punch, between the hour* nf 3 u<l l,P. M. ?It* rPHIS Day PUBLISHED?'The Amcrir*11 rrnrinl* of the A .Varch numb-re of he following magariuef, viz? Duhlic Univere it Magazine *1 per annnin BUck Magaziot, ft " Mrlraixi itan M?g?ziur, ft 44 Bentley'p Mixed any, fi " J M. MASON,Publiaher, BwmrnlRnoma.rgr Pine and Br idwiy. To Let?Two I ,rge and coirmoiliaiu lofte. li quire at the republication oflice. aS U' TO THE H'l l)i KHOLDKRS OK THK. ILLINOIS ' LAND COMPAN Y?An adj jurnrd mee'irtglof the flockbnldcre of the Illiuoia Laud Company will take place at fva 'clock, oa the 12 hof April, at the Aator II me. to reeeire the reiiort of the committee appointed t? prepare apian for the dirtiihiiiion of the landed property of th* Aipociation to their rerpeetive itockholdarp. _ , , . _ A. HAMILTON, Chairman. Frederick Taylor. Secretary. n2ltt IM PORT A NT TO OWNERS <OK HOR?K8, fcC. 41 ? JOHN WILLIAMS, Veterinary Su-geon. rej tndl'Appecifully i ifurma hit t umcroiw friend* and the pub--J^_.i..|ic, that he continuea practicing aurvearfullr on the different diteaaep incidental to that noble animal the horee. at h't old eitablie- d Veterinary Kit ih! the fighu of the (ii'den Hofe. No 32) Broome ?t,afcw door* eaatof the Bowery. New York. Mr. William, inthaakiiie lupnamrroui fii*adefortkeirkind patronage during a j-erind nf twelve yeara in liii ex entirebupine p inthipciiy; take* th e opportunity ef informing them he hap couaHerably improved hip inflrinarr. ant hap titled up a number of convinieut rojtny Oround Floor StatU for pick Horace which will be ttUcnd'd to with hia niual care, punc'uality and attrnlion. The fvet ol Mr Williauta heing regularly educated and brought up tu the profesaion in the armiee of both England and kranre and hating had murh e?|*ri?iice if a autlicjent gurantee that thoae entrut t>ng htm with the care nt their horaer.mav relyupon ihe utmof tiakill andattrntiou being paid tnTthem. Mr. William' wuul I aleo (MM tohijfrtrnda the adv ui'agei to be dtrivrd from employing liirn tulhc examiuatlOU of Htir^PG fiiroilo lim lirtiffi ap-aa nffarw<4 tra K.altv ll>? I urr.haser and the teller, and his act n rate knowledge rf the perfect fiiriaat'nu of the Horse caunot but prove beoefic<al. Mr. William's Infirmary it at No. 131 > hrrstie ttreet, where he it alwayt to be louud and consulted, and where Horses committed to hit care will hare the full benefit of hit cart aud long eiperi: uce. Hit charges are moderate and tunable to the timet. at) 11* SMITH'S HARTFORD AND SPRINGFIELD EXPRESS. rl,Hft SUBSCRIBER would ret|iectfullir announce to hit a Irietidt and the publicjliat he hat made arrangements to transport packages, buudlet. bnxet, tample eoc't. bank notet' he. Pack.g et will alto be received at the office No. T Walltt, New York, and forwarded to Hartford. Springfield. Middletown. New Britton, Farmington, W?llingforJ, Middlesex, Haddam aud Ksst Haddam Meridim, North Hainptou. Hi II int. Berlin.Lime, Esaex, and al' the principal towna on"1* Connecticut Hirer. Tin tubtriiber or hit agent will constantly accompany and have the i xcluaivr care and custody of hit packages.and will be retpona hie for tliegoodt iuordectiuedfor it, lots by fire and peril oft he seanieplcd., AMOS SMITH, Proprietort, 7 Wall ttreet. Rr.rv aaei:e? ?R.Sanyer k Co , D. Apple ton It Co . Robinson, fratt Ik Co , S Kelly, I Thoiii|iton. A. Adams St Co., Silas K.Smith, Critwold It Co., New Tork; Samuel B.Warner, Howard Crorptey, Oi'jb >ui Mareh.G. W. Tayton, fliiladel pliia. aa iw PEAKS ALL'S OAK EsvTa B LloH dE N'T, founded in 1833,at 103 Wa'er s'rrct, 5 doors above 'atherire market, the only ea.ablishinent ot the kiad in the United States, continues to supply the Navy, the A merits', Russian, aud Spanith war tteaurrs? hat implied all the Race Beats and Club Boa t for the last four ye.rt?and hat now the Urg'tt assortmrut of Oars, Sweeps anil Sculls ever collected In one place. N. B. The Oar Store, on the North River tide, it shut up, and removes t > 103 Water atre<t; aud at I save all the eiptu.e* of oue store. I will ttll enough cheaper to those who come from the North River tide to pay thtin f >r tneir Irotihlh. Race Boats, CiubBeats,Oari aid Sculls toldBO per cent lite thiu la<t year. a'3 tin* A CARD TO THE PUBLIC?The mubfriber. ma.ufarturerof Day, Newell snd Day's celebrated Paten' Bank Lock l aker this inetbod cf ati|uainl log the public, tint he hat autno'ized Vr. Henry C Jmei of Nevvtrlt.N. J., lo be sole agent fur thr sale of trid Locks la the United Stales. Individual, and Officers of Banks at a distance, wit'iii g *n avail hcinselvet i f the greatest security in the World, will have tn cp, ort unity, as Mr. Jodisdesigns visiting rarstofilie prin. eii al cities i.i the Um> n," f?' the purpose f exhibit-.i g the su. Drrior advantages of thes - Lurks over til others, cltiming to te of changeable character, acd also to counteract a prejudice, if any cxitli. which certain iudiv.dusl'. who are t raver emit the couutry. are trying to create agamic th- character of Mr. Jones, end dsn against the high reput itionol ilicse Locks I therefore certify that Mr. Jones is a man ot in'ig'ity and truth. JOHN DAY, Lock Manufaeturir, all wis* 589 Broad way^New York. F'OUND? A un til P?cket Book was left in tins office on Thursday. March 31 Tke owner can li-vr it by calling, proving prr)|irrtv. and pav ing for lliit vdvrrlisrmrnt. 11* D RAP ISO Iri El. A IJ ? Drafts at light toaoyamouut can at all times ? obtained (rom the subs.rihrrs, d swn direct on th i Royal B nk ot Ireland. Dublin, whie i art | aid free of discnual, or any chtrge whatever, in every town throughout Ireland. Apple lo R K HE BROTHERS k CO .35 Fulton St., nt Neat door to the Fu ton Bank. livXt^HANtJE ON LONDON ? Bin of?xchamre at *0. 30, Pi 13.7 days, or at sight, on Mi sert. Preseolt (J.ore, Ames k Co., Bankers, London fir sale at ail times by R'dCHfc BROTHERS k CO. S3 Fulton at.. "*S at IS'**' door ot>ir Kulton Bank '. MtOtCAL CABD.-Dr, luover 11 eOMWlWd professionally at hie office Strangers arc apprised that Dr. O. gra dualel in hia profession in Philaie'p'ua, aud it lint entitled to he reckoned among the mi disaac doctor!, medical puffer a and pretrndera Hia medicine a are not diaagreeahle to he taken, but cenain and 4 luck iu fleeting a cure. H a eitenaive eiperienerd aud cloae attention to tliia branch ?f practice, ha re giren him decided adrautagea over the general practitioner. Separate entrance* aud separate oflic-a. Frirate entraane 3d door from the Vluieum, in No. a Ann itreet Lamp at the inner door in earning.' a8 It* to merchant tailors: rPHK London Spring fashions for 1842. publiahed by J. 8 1 Peele, London, audT Oh*er, New York, hara arrived per Columbia steamer, and will be ready Tor delirery on Monday irioruiig.lhe 4th ineL. at 1 he atore of JAS. A. GALLEY St CO., .No.sSouth Wiliiain atreet, op.soeile Delm"tnc r'a or can lie obtain-d 011 application to Tboa. (hirer, 1(7 U'Oidway. N. B ? J A ti Ik o, hues always on lriad, at their store, 1 Urge aaaortutcut ofinerchan'a tailora goods, ol everyd ernp11011 a31t? J. P. CARROLL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS ARE well known to be eeaeiitially nececscry at thia re. aon of the year, when the alktem requiree an auxiliary ? throw eff the caticle accumulated during winter, and which, by remaining011 the a irface of ihe akin, producer cutaneous diacaeia. colda, rtiruma'iem.rcerlet ferer, Icc (to. '1 hey re in oieiatim, at 33 Ourllandt atreet. from (o'clock in the morning till t o'clock at uurht. Sulphur balba tiquire one hour's notice. Portable Vapour Batha scat to any put of the city, or Brooklyn. Bithirg Tuba and Hip Batha fur hire. 13 1 w splendid carpets. CHEAP FOR CASH. T H. LOTJNSBURY 1c CO.. 4(0 Tear! atreet, haring made ? large additions to their new a'ook ot carpets and oil clotha, incite the attention of the pnhue t tbc same, and they are now rradr for exhibition, and will be diap <aed wf at great bargains to all who lake adrsntage of the 1 recent low pricra. Their new patterns arc superiorto any prerioualy offered. Those in want 01 a good artielr, for little money, will please call on J.H LOUN8BEFY fc CO., allw' 440 Pearl street, HARP.', at y-5 Bro dwnv.?A rery elegitt tad line tonrd double action Ha-p, with all the latest improvements, for a ile. Harpu repaired, fa-hanged, a~d for sale by J F.BROWNE, Uuee. - I _J M.' V ..L . loss COP. OK A TESIIviOMAI. FROM THE CE EBRATED DOCTOR NF.L'ON? THE ORIGINAL MAY BE BEEN AT 373 BROADWAY. Mom. Moll in. Sib?The cetre il with which you fifed Ihe derayrd teeth of two of my friends fully ?u*w*red the pur)>ose for which it wm applied, tod the gie.te.t satisfaction The apeeuaeaa ofxrtifirnl tew ti planted on gold mmshifloa from a range of three or four teeth up to a complete aet for both jaws, which I he** aeen yau err cute, are an a lerel with the hiaheat order of dental aubatilutiin now known, either here or in Europe. I am ynre trn'r. ROBERT NKLBO.V, M.D. March I?. 1349. 41 Franklin aireet To Mona. .VIali.** A Bona, Burgeon Drntiat.371 Broadway- mS3 tmia* B-QSTOV N ISCKLLANY OF I.ITERAUKK AND FASHION, lor April,1811, u publiahed aud foraale by the pr priet ra. Emballiahmanla. The Sl.ieli Rule?an engraving on steel. The Irojuny do do Tne Faahioni Conteotr. TlieOld PrtmaUa'n. To en Kakle-A Sonnet. The King 'a Bride?I- rom the German o' Hoffman. Mu.ic?Veapr r? on the ahor- nl the Medirttrtn-xn. The'I hree Sleigh Hides?with .n engraving on ateel. The Itti) lirv?eugMVtog on ateel. Liter.ry Notices Mathewa'Sperrh on Copyright. Cecil a Pe? r. Lanmati'a Kaaay for cummer Hctira. Mnn'.tncfnn'a Bt < k of Faith. Mua e?Romania?By J. N. Hummel. Te-m<?$t per en ium in adeance, or 15 cents per number. Brxdbuay, Coder A Co, 137 Nasstu etieet, New York. tlO Sc.her, 1 eteeet. Boe'on. mvi THE MAGIC Ml* i UltE?A nruu, aa;e ,?.,| tll, moat ai>'rd) r?mrdy ever discovervd for tha p-roien nt ami elfe.ttuxl cure of e certain delcatr disrate. Ita operation ta im(terceplih'e; d ra not ie>)nire the ? Ig ileet ronfio-ment or alrrration of diet, bevarag* or nerci.e; nrither g< ea itdia.treo with the atom ich.nor Cause ant oil-our- .inrll t? the breath, ax medicines ol this kind invariably do; and tin u there w Hi he no danger of any return of the rompl not, aa but too often lia| rena tiom .ih'r medici-ica, which uulv p isaeaaiiig a local ac , hod, mereiy fu^r- ? me compiaioi lor a u r.c, * iii.cbt erAd:ba'ing it from the c n4ti'uti. ii. and on und< rgoipj: a link more fatigue thin ordinary, all fhe ay npioma relnri * at firal. and thru are a' l.wt conii'^m'J to rave recourse to the Amrrrau M Kit 4ii 'i ft mm th? only curt, titrj bo4y will M? I f | pinprietv of tirjt m ik 1114 tier. of t'.M tru v irrrat rt rn-dy. Sold b, appointment at C. H. RINOM Diof Store | M p id (Oft hi ? <. r. liff. N. B.?Fq it ly a.lantfd to both ** **. toil JttuiM DHES8 BOOTS-L %TE8 T FRENCH S'l YLFj.?Th ?iib?crib*r makr* to ordr r Boot* of tlift above ilcicflp ion, of the fl-ieit Q'nltty of Frerch calf pVm, aud in th' iMfRl yk, a ?d at wy reaaoraSfe price* ? Hen* Ifrem w hi h v* heru in the habit ? f pa . ine eitrarvg tn prire* for inferior art ic'i 1 art rttij'ifatedtoca'l ard l>^ convinced tha biip*ice? ar1 fr m ten to twenty p-r re t below other ?tnrei in the neff hh rhoi d f)rt?inea leirg Inkt?oftH*feet, a p if /1 I**'* k?pt for earh rti?om<r, there la no d Arult > 11 fc t ng ih%ad*omc y?t ?a*y fit. t out mtfy 00 band, a Inge &.J1? fik!5#?!Ji\ ir i(J? hoctf. nt pri^irvjrinjfr?m 1 vt O DOLLARS FIFTY CKNTS TO SIX DOLLlltth la.f boot#, (titer*, thou, ihrte *. Re at 1 qual'i I w nice# .pu*p,?i|fciv wJls ? vvaTKINs, In Fulton at, ' a!3 n* Uet eeen Nanau and Dutch tu. * AMtlM UiM. : BY THOMAS BFXL. dWr<?N>< Uituanaill? Aedfentlr ??<*.) SATURDAY. At 10, o'clock,at the aele room a. ftpleodidand Kitrnaiee Sale of Fai-ailure-?Wi Ik,at reeereu a nmt raloeble end no- anally lor*- oolr ml Ike clxocaa aaon, I baud and ocw furuitare.of oil d'errtutioM. MONO\Y At 10) o'clock, at tv oolo room*. Br C'nltloaue?Rielweiee o?lo of raloable *oCi*. mahogar tliairt, piilnran Itcoil tablet. Freuch bedetaod', eouohew, at li'iaeu. diraaO. looking cl >**en aad rouotug hutuc larniture Thin a,It will tomprie- tairo of the moat aeperior artitlca i f the aboea <4art*'er idferrd for yearn Kale peremptory. Alio, the entire atocfe of at ucholale. er, including LUUitrooi trat rale artiolra >u tbe Alto, two trunk- firat ra'e table and bed liuen. TUE9DKY. At 10) o'clock, at the anlc roeoi Splendid parlor, b<d room and drawing ro-m furniture. all nanda to orter; the carpel*, cwrtaioe, looking gl.iaiee. mantle ornament*, kr , are ruperii r; a ftoe ptano lortc, tplemlul puintiegt. marble top pier anil enlre tablet, a tuperinr nell itore. h reach bidelead-. bedt. b-dJieg, m-rble to,i*, china.giata aud plated w re. kitrheo uituailt, kc. WEDNESDAY. At 10) o'clock, at the aaleroi uit. Splendid furniture ofa'l Htteripliona. MB THURSDAY. At 0? Fikectreet. Elegant furnilnre of a g< ntlrmau gmug up boufekefping, including fineat irakofany, l one wood parlor aid dra* iug innia furniture in all its ranelia*; tha tolat, chair*, Ac, are first rate; rich da na?k curlaiue, lockingilaan a, beau iful ruaew ood ^..V ...W. .~UT. !< ni>a < inn mini, muie cutlery, glasa war#,800) i alerliug fcabianable pattern lea and ciffre taita, pioBi.iic. AI?o, kitchen utrnai'e,'d all in (he fine, i order. fction NOTICE ?riklc It ar( uLAHII'd ?ni teli t. ii mmi g, at 10, o'clock, at the Auctn.ii Know 301 Broadway, eer. Onaae atrrel, (variety ol Mwce lianeotia Articiea, cona a'ii g of glasawaie, rmlaiy, damaak table clniha. diaper*, drilling > uaprndrra, window ihadea and cuiUina. tap* a, linen bnaoina, riot long <>f ? annua dtacriptiuns, together with a variety of other artie'e*. Alao, French andUeruinncologne,roapa,perfumery,aui roer hale kc. Also, t aaaea auprrior letter paper. THI3 EVENING, At 7 o'clock, at the Auetiou Room, Painting*. engrariig*. mnaic, hooka, kc ?a fine collection of piintinga. mezzotint and fue engraving*, which can tei cammed previous to ante. Alao. iaatram'Dtil muaie, comprising Inoa, ilurtta, ijuartella. eoni posed by Wranrtky, l># Cabs, l eitter, Mozart, Haydn, 1'ieytl, J B ("ranee, John tttrua-, and otlie a, to which the alteo'.l.n if Ike urt are iuvilrd A io, boika ol vari .ua description*, both ancient and modi rm__^ all it AT AUC riON?Wrape Vinri, Miaile Treea, English Goosebery Buahea.icc. ic - Will be aoM. thia day, at II o'clock, 2030 Isabel.a (irape Viaea, from two to aeveu yeara old. AI io, a la ge lot of ahade treaa, ancli aa fur or ivergneu treea, the tree ol'heaven, he. Maleimeitive?forc.ah, Tbc vinea are innatly Isabella, aud warranted aa per catalogues. which la new ready at the auction room. ?i at* Auction no tick.?benj. mouney win aaii on. Monday, Apiil 4tb, at 10 u'clock. at 377 Grand street, the iitir* toi?liii<a ivaKiiwi ??a?aa.. r.?tn..< C : a?- ? torn niadr, and warranted of the beat material. al Jt* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. jjVTl MAIL LINKToKHHu"UEMT!ANT5 BOSTON, via STONINOTON AND NKWrORT. corapoaed of tn* (ollowmg tupcrior atrauiera, ruuuiur in connrclion with the Ktoniugton and Providence, and Boaton and Provideucc Ral'roada? MASSACHUSETTS,Capt.Comatoek. RHODE ISLAND.CaplThayer. NAHKAUANSETT.Capl. Wonliay. MOHEOAN.Cap . Vandirbill Ona of which will leave New York daily, Sunday leieepted fawn pier No. t North River. Battery 4 o'clock, P M Fare toBOatoa $3 00 De.:k paaaagt $4 98 do I'rov ideuca 3 UO do do 1 30 Arrangrmmt. Tht RHODE ISLAND,on Moudaya, Wedneadaya and Fridaya, for -toniiigtou. The MASSACHUSETTS,on Tueadnya. Tkueedayt.aud Saturday a. for "oinnetou. Paaaenuera on the arrival of theateamerr atStonineten. nay take the Railroad Cara and proceed unmet1.ately to Providenee end Boaton, and for the accommodation of peraeaa lrevelii"K betwern New York aid Newport, the eteamboat traina wifi atop at Wickford I hue tnougk to leave and receive paraergar*. height taken atthrfollowiug aiiich reaucrdratea:? To Boaton, on gnoda weighing forty poun-ia or upward* to the cubic foot, at $5 50 per ton, and on mtaaarement g loda T cent* per foot. To Frovidenee. on mraiurrmrnt grade 5 cent* per cubic foot, and ap' cific art cle article* aa per tariff to be i btained at oftco 33 Broad way. _ aaSt (in FOR ALBANY and ntrimediate placea? ?L?ftty,V^jv?The apleudid, low prea-ure SUambaot ^ aw*' i "IP ' ** pit.iw \ McLean, will leave thi* (Saturday) alti rn'.on. April 31, at Ave o'clock, from the at-amboat t'icr. foot of Coot tlaudtai reel N. B.?Thia boat ha* been fitted up with elegant Staterooaa. '3 0gt PEOPLE'S LINE (UK ALiBANk and ** intrrin> dtate ptacee, daily at five o'clock, P KJLM., fr )tn the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty atreet* The commodioui ateamboat i ROCHESTER.^ Cat-t. St. aonu, it*"" ? ?uu" 'im v caiuruay ) aiveruoou, Hi live oicorK. The SOUTH AMERICA, Capt Braniard, leaves as above, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at live o'clock. Hie South America direct without landtag at intermediHte placaa. 'the above boat* tre new and substantia', furuuhrd with e'rgant State Rooms, and forip ed ai.d ateomnodaliona are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. G. 8CHULTZ, | ax at the office on (he Wharf. aa**- K??R t-I" e KfUUL.? tvigular l-oimneri ial Line. JgMVThe >|i|emli<l well known pnrktt th'p, MEMPHIS. JPwBbt'aplain Knight, having lately arrived from Lift!pool in a very ahort par avge, will meet with quick despatch lor the above p- rt. Thia ahipotfns an excellent conveyance for cabin, 3d cabin and,ateerage paaarugera, who.will be taken at u.oderaie ratea. Apply to toe Chi tain on board Uieahip at Crlaaua wharf, foot of Wall atrret, or to JOHN HERDVAN, (1 Houthat. N.B.?The above ahip w ill be auccreded by thafaplen id new picket slip Sarrurl Hicka, Capt Thoniaa C. duiker wh'ctneiael ha* uiisurpaajed accommodation for paaeengera. Thoar wiahirg 10 set d f r their friends, residing m I treat Britain aud Ireland, can avail thcmielvia of having them bt< ugt.t out by either of .he above ships, or any ahip af the line, and drafla can aiao be furuial.ed, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applyiuR aa bove a? TAPrCt ) TT'N (IKNKRAle I'ASSAIih OFKlOh. 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. ||g- THE subscribers beg to iuforin their frieuda and the public that they have removed their Uenrral OfMMHmlt:e Irom 49 South atrett, to 43 reck klip, (their old aiaod) where they contiuue to make arrangi inrnta for the bringing out of p'laarngrra from all pailaoi Kugland, Ireland, Scotland aud Wales, on the moat reasonable terns, and ala>> give drafts, payahlcon dtrnand, at the Nitionil and Pri vincial Bank cf Ireland and brauchea, Bank of Scotland a d brauvhea, Messrs Jain ea Bait, So i k Co, bankers. Condon, and Exchange aud ikcount Da k Liver ov|. wfcicli are paid in all the principal towua ol Ureal Britain and Irclaud Kor particulars apply (if ey lette* post panl) to W. It J. T. TAP3COTT. 43 Pack alip, corner ol S uth at , New Yurk.JV N. B.?W. A J. T. T. have a rucceaaion of fi'al class peiketv sailing to London,', New Orleans, Mobila, Savannah and Charleston.rrgulaify every week. ail It HAVKE PACKETS.?The ahip BalTI MORE, lC)9k Capt. Uun*. will take the torn of lhe ah p Emerald, JEjaKtand sail on ihc 8rh mat. BOYD A HINCKEN,Agen'v, ii 9 Tontine Building. aaat KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana awl. New i urk I.ini-? K.guUr I'arkrt of lOlh April?i ho WmL rut tailing paikrt ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Muni, will will sail ka above. For freicht or pass age,haying tideudid furnished ureommodabotu.ap; i on board, loot of Wall street. or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. U South at. Great tare will be taken to have the goods by line hue correctly measured. Agrat in New Orleana.Jaa. K. Woodruff, who will prompt" ly torward all goods to his address X)ie packet ship IIUN P8VILLE, Captain Mum'or J will succeed the Louisville, and sail the 20th April,her regular day. eg alk TO HAV ANA,?The last tailing coppered > clir MARIA, Wendell, master, (late of the Avis) will JPSBh positively sail on Wednesday neit. For passage only apply ta A. VV. WKLUEN, at >3 Pine street KI (KNEW OULP.ANa? racket ol toe eiiiAoiii. lffllJy ?The superior, well known packet ship 81". M Alt V, jix&Ab''apt. Foster, will be despatched aaabovt. Cabin, second cabin, and steerage paaseiigrra. can be elegantly accommodated at a moderate rate. Aipiy on hoard ship, at Toot or Wallatreet, to JOHN HEKDMAW. m3l (I South atreet. gjjf- FOR LI V F.KPHOL?Regular packet of ihr 7lh JrJrrW April?The spl-Ddid fast tailing regular packet ship Jll^lblNURPKNUKNCC, captain Hnldri.lge, will sail lor (he asore port on her regular day. 1 hit ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin, tud steerage passenger* are not surpassed by any packet in port,and berths cm be tecuird on moderate t'rms, by applying on board, at pier east > id* of Maiden lane, or to OLOVEK k Mc MURRAY, 100 Pine at. corner South. P. 8-?Perioni wishing to send for their friends resiuing in the old country can base them brought out by the above eu pcrb ship, or any < f he regular line of packeti, by apply ing as abuse, if by letter post paid. The abose will Desuccetdid by the packet ship Virginian. captain Al'rn. and sails oo he II h April. m2? Mt" FOR "LONDON-Packet ol the 10 h April.-The kCS^Wsplendid packet chip '1 ORONTO, Captain Orb JBnKsWold.will tail as aboee. her tegular day. For pas age in ratnu, aecunu c?Ma or ateerage, having eieellent accommoiationa, apply ou board. or In the office of *?< J II Kit DM AN. 61 Aouih at. fig Klin LuNDOV?PartM Of the loth A t..~ MJFaVThe aplrinltn fa?t raiina packet al.ip, TORONTO fcCapt.Oiia* old,aula poaitively uitoientr irgular W fc I. T. TAPSCOTT. 13 Peck alip, or 41 Mouth I reef. Perron* detirona of rending for their frirnde lo roanr o ut from fhe old country,can hare Ihtm brought nut in the To rnnto or any of the rrgu'ar line, on vrrv reaaeuable lerme. anil thoee * iahirg 'o remit ironey to thrir Trie <te, eai hare draltt for any inn uut. i arable on d- man J, in all ihr pt lanjal town* Bntain and Ireland by applying u above. at K<IK I.iv k'.rpooi.?New tmr-Keg ilar racket JrTTWolWi April?The rplcmlid paikrtihip flUDO.N*. C. D. Hobl>, of 1100 toua, will .ail an aboee, ner regular day. ^orfreightorpaaaacr .haeingaceonifnodatinni nae^iiajled fot ij^oidoror comfort?apply od bo?rd,*iOrlract^tharf.footof wallit.,ort? p;, g COLLINS A CO ? South*treat. The%a^?uVhf,*'<HV.RIDAN.faplein Hepeyrti r, of I COO tons, will iucceed lh? and* mil WW .vlny, her lr*t u? '*Pa?retigera may rely upon theahipaof thi* line aailing |pm,e. lually a* advertwed. roJO SHiri/ii rr.ioio. kkiJm mvvh-vn Il-*ae rend the'r permltaon hoard,al pier 4 NR. Allgo. ila net prrrnittfd by tlir lin mat , v? ill be arm to the public itorc*. it NOT IT K -I * II''" per tranpir fin-riv. 4.a. I. Her- etf, from LiftrM 'I. will petw n I UttirptraiUi on b urd at foot of Rt?( if ?'m ? Kfl m '} oAcio( 11 mhMnbcr > mII rood# n*?t per "itttd in urt dnj * musf tirM?oi('?l?y We?tiit [ fo tht pablh floret. JWHN MIC HUM AN, I 01 Tallinn r?'I I T. M.M KKT SHIH MM rSVIuLK.. \>v? Urlt il 1 diach?rj(iriK at Orleane Wharf, (.wit ot Watt etrret. *?flfirea will p eaee altehJ tj the receiptor their ynode mint ili <t> ly. ^ >Llt pATtf>*11(1' III I .N l"rtV from vrw tlrleaae ir I iliarharKiiy t O'teini Wharf, loot of Wa'l etre't. (on trtitea wi!| plea?e atten I to the of their min?ilietrlT. ? KOR 'AL.C ?Tneetoek end tii'mer, together wnh ?W a fi?r ye?r? It ? from the 1 at ol M ay nr?t. of en < < Villi retabliehe I rati y at d I xirim h <ue?, attuned in way,ami now doing the lieu bueiueaa .if aiv la the city. Th'' * e at pre ?nt twenty-two good hei'e, and the loit|iny tn< > 'han pa) ih? r> lit The tenn? Will he wd? eaay, ae | art . i io money i< rii) Hied if good eerurity i< yirtii. Alan, the etock and fiiturea of a trunk atore, id the ilu Kor Mother p'lt cultri inquire at die rae'.inge ?(Bee. 4.1 ( Binjuie.), coruer Lxpeoard at. 'fcl . ' "* H<uK THKATBR, TH1B EYENINO Ar*il 1?The t*rf<naauoe will cxnnwu* , , WHAT WILL THE WORLD SAY ? J^rJ Norwo'd, Brir'i | Hon Tf.arlo Norwuld CUrk t-?pi TnrrajluSl. I'l .ciJ* | l'y? Harry. Abbot MinDeVarr, Miu S Cuahmau Lady Norwold. Mrc Wheitiey After which iir.u.i BROTH V It AM 0 SISTER. P?Jv Rj?r?on I Don Chn?tOT?| Chi' nen.1- te 40 . .. riacidc | Bariato BowiS "* * ~ mim s. Cuahman To ooMlute who .... ( kbonhmiotontholouos Artmn'on?B"ie? ?| , p,( so ?lU . (Jallery ajMntt CHATHAM THBATKK THIS EVENINO, April a?The will wiih .. .. fIZAKRO. %% Xiteiho Tte r? Aft.rwtud, M'?M..taya, Waaler Diamond and Mr. Whitlock will appear in their uwo celebrated negro extravagu^a * To COD lM4l? With Itlt BUMUf.UN Of PARIS Pierre ilie'd | Michael Madclon m.. tl There* tan* HiuliiM and Id tiara M, Pit lti eGaUery i?k * Dco.-aonrn tt ?; Curtain riaea at T| prtcaaaly fPTCIIKLLH OLYMPIC TWATRT " THIS EVENING April2 ?The performance will commence with MISCHIEF MAKING. H.uryOcecrai* CI. ike | Nickolaa Graham Madam* Mauuctte Mre T.miu ... A?'r which , n i #i , 0>,E M NDREU AND TWO. Louiie"4 M' Lhel1 1 r',ire Mfj ^orncaaU. After which .... . 1M2 Mr tnunuilre Mitchell | Mr Alleyn Clark y ? Mra Tun at To roDclude with w D ,. w THE HAPPY MAN. Rain Riuti, Mr. Graham. Ski hi, Mr. Bamett. Ko-Ket, Mill 11Utile lull Admiaaioa-Drea* circle M tenia, u^ar bore# 8* cants. Ik cent*. Priiat* boiea J|. Doom opeu itaeiaa CurUin riiea at halPpaat irceaVKAhfg ?fcW VOhK mriint'M. * r)AY AND EVENING EXHIBITIONS comm?ca on JC Monday, 28th ol M. rch. " Mr. HaRRlKUTO*. the juatly calibrated Ventriloquiat and V agitiaii. end Mr. EveriM), ihe laughter loving Cemia Siugrr. are both ro|tagrd lor a ehort pe-iod. SPI.END'D DA If PER FORMANCE every Wedoewlay and Saturday, at 3 o clock P M. Meetni relic Kiperimeute by .Mr. Prate. The Laic*"' ami R?til collections iu Ihr world, of On gihal Portraits cl do li guuhe .1 American worlhii ? Grand < 'n .inoram^, K airy Glass Blowing.a Million of cvl riositics obtained at iu inrnse expense, suel gathered lugethst from all parts vf the Globe. Dim i.KRKoTvrr. LiKKNr.sstt taken in the most scieutdit manner, and at moderate i r.oa. Admittance to tlie whole 15 eel tf; children haif peace. I ntt I in AitlibKlbAlt fflttiklDA, * Corner Itroaiixoau and Ann itrut. Under the Management of.Vr. P. T. ft a mom Every day and evening this week-co?! menciug Monday, March 3D. * he Manager hascreat idea sure iu aun-'une-ing an engagement with the MYSTERIOUS (ill'S Y G1KL from Wilt>Tiire touuly, I" ugland. whose wonderful knnwlp'geiu rarioua sciences enablri her to FORE TELL KUTUHE EVEN 1'S with incredible accuracy, bhs will appareudy lie concealed in a globe cnlv one foot in diameter, from the centre of which she will produce her wonderful specim ns of muaic, vocal pawera. ke . ? Inch it is impossible to describe She is undoubted y I he greatest wonder in Amer ica. She can be consulted DURING THE DAY or in the evening Mr WINCHKLL,<h? ilrollerist, will appear in Irish. Dutch, Krem h and Yankee character* iu his admirable play of OLD AND YOUNU Nil K. in wh ch ht which he will exhibit variolic epecimeos nl VENTIULUMUISM. Mr. (>. T. BOO 111, whose anmicaoig* and duetts ham drawn forth uaiv-rsal iog?ged;aieo Mia PHILLIPS, the cco mUished vocalist. Albino Lai y. Fancy Glass Blowing. (J ran I Coamorama, Niagara Falls, and &UQ 004 curioaities. Asplrndid d> 7 p* formance take* place every Wedneaday and Saturoar aftaaaisou. a rliwiian/ e ts to- whole M rents? ehililrrn half prioe. MR. J. A. KYlaE 6 CONCERT: AT the /.|olio Saloon, Monday evening. April 4th. 1842. on which iccatinu the follow-in* eminent talent will appear: Madame Olio. Mrs HarJwick Mrs. I ear, Mr. Kossewski, Mr. Alper, Mr Aupirk Mr. Goad n. Me. De Janon, Vr J. A. K' le, M r. Tiinm, aud Mr Watts, (amateur ) Mr. Titan, will I ART 1. Grand Trio?Three llutei?Mr. Oosdrn, Kyle and Watts. Gabrwlaky Aria?II soave e bel e< nte nto?Mrs. Hardwick, ,Pacnu Seirnade? Kcr guitar and piano?Mr. De Janou and Timm, , ... ? Kuffney Song?When Hi-morning drat dawns?Mrs. Tage? From the oi ers of Am lie, Rooko Fantasia?l'iai,? Forte?Mr. h jssow ski?On airs from the Huguenots. Thalberf Ana?II btaccio inucotiiuitt?Madame Otto, Nieolina SoloFlute?4 anritnt Irish melody, with variations.first eiliac?Mr. K)ls, Clinton Song-My ronthrr dear?Mrs Page, Lorer Song (by d"aire)?The three ages of lore?Mr. A Phillips, ? * J Lo,ltr Part ii. OraK.d Duett?Wiih hri!li?a % trillion*. l itM forte for four btud.?Messrs Timm aud Alper, Her* Solik?Cornet a Piston?Mr. Aupitk, on a favorite Swrma National Air?Madame Otto. Bong?1 h?s u?body now?Mrs.Haidwick?Words by the Ettrick Shepherd, ,, . ScoUH 8p.n?hH. ng?\cc- inpa leJ by himself on the gn tar?Mr.De J an en. Soi l Flute-Mr. Kyle?romposed eipres-ly for till* Concert oy U'rair iiU?ir, c?.| , mii inr I..Ml ite lira. The Angel'f W Ipaper aril ttory O'Moo a, Lofer Song?Merril* goea the mill?Mra. I age?From aunga o( the boudoir, ftr nd Ana?Madame Oltr?From the opera of /. i bi r Klote,(by iwrticular ileetre,) Moaait Madame Otto had the honor of ail giiig thiraorr at the (Jermao opara, la.t aeicon, before Queen Vkturia and Prince Albert Fi :al? O e'?The Chough and Crow?Madame Of. to, Mra Hardwick Mr . Page, M-iara. Phillipa, Kyle,! eai r ami junior, Biahop Ticket! tl each, or f itirly tirkrU. admitting a gcntl ana* and two ladira. %i Hi). To he had at the n uiic atoret, au4 of Mr. J A. Kyle, el Foray tl. a reel, t'oi.ceri to ci tuim nee at 8 o'clock. Full pailiru iiifiitnre aiivrrtipi m?nt?. rj j'? OI'r.S'INii t'V 1 IIK t IHl I f ? hi vi ere Ain phi theatre? Under the management of Mr.aia H Hoek<?e lit Turner ?A Double Company?The f llow ing ere the aMmbcrg nl the roiiipany'?Johu tin ain.t1 e unriv.lled rqueatran clown; ,k B. Turner H Rockwell, T. V. l'urne*,O. R.Stone, Mra. Goran, ai'y ripieatitan. A ISew Bugle Band, the only one in the U. S Boiea fOceuta? i it 25. Doori uye, at ly o'clock. Performati*e to commence at 7|. performance rcried eeerv a?ening. mlin' DHAIMA 1 I (J HEADING* AND CKLEHRATEB imitations. MISS CLARENDON hap the honor of aaaouncing to her frirnda and the ritiaent of New York, t'natphe will giro a pecond aciira of Dramatic lleadmga. at the New York Society Library, Broadway. on^.Monday turning, A|>ril 4,1842. Par r i. Brlredera.from Otway'? tragedy of Venice Preferred. Othello. Deademona and lago, from Mhakrpcare'a Moor of Verier Julino St Pierre, frcm Sheridan Knowlca' Play of The Wife. Hamlet, fiom Shikereaie'#4Tregrdy of that name. Part ii. Pauline, from Sir E. L. Bulwcr'a PiayofTha Lady ofLyoca. Cternai Mrlnottr. ' . Meicutio, liom Shakepe ire'p Tragedy ol Borneo and Juliet. r*nT HI. Jolia.from Know'ei'PUy tl trie Hunchback. Clifford. K' wm and Ju'iet. from Shakppeare'p Tragedy of Ibatnamr. Ri< hilien, from Sir E. L Bulwei'e celebrated Hay of R:chi lieu. r*iu tv. Celebrated Iiritaijope rfthe j??iriciy.<1 and original charai ten ar pmtaiced at the Park Theati*. Mew lork, in the new and poj ular comedy of Condon t? ur?a?r. reifnnniute to commence at 8 o'clock preciacly. T k?lr 50 rente. (> be h-d .1 the door. al It MORAL. 1NSTRUCTIVE. RECK KAl'IVfi AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitant of ehe i-ncijwl citiee and Iopiu of New Yotk. Penny Irani*, Connecticut. Rhode laland. MaeaarhupeMe. N> w llairiihiie. Maine, kc. he. N1GNOK HERVIO NANO, The juptly celebrated and naturally endowed Mr'ewpeyeholiaii. wlioae extraordinary iwraoutfcation of the Gnome, tile BabLoon. Fly^ kc . hax been the delight of the world, anDouarep 'hit ilia hia iutentioa, duiing the comity rummer moutha, to *nit the above Stale* with hia l.o'iaeum. A fee riinila of Kranrnma, Rotunda Ol) mpica in the Champa d' Klyiee at Parti, awl a a.ilendid Baud of Vntir, with a eufteient nnmberof artiitea U make the entertainment euperior to any thny yet offered. To coopiat of a Meiemrayrhoeian Barter flight of fancy, called the (I.NOME FLY, in which fllgnor HERVJO NANO will embody THR GNOME! THE BABBOO ! I THE FLY!!! A MAN!!!! Meeyrham, the Qui en of the I'eria Mad. Heme Naa? To be followed by a mubh'al ! r ronaietinc of riatoforte Re-itatiom by Madame HERVIO NA> O. I?Grand Senato in B " J. N . Hummel I?l oncerio Stuck in k '" ' M. Vuq Webb* 3?f J.and Kanla'ia on the Nnli"n?l Aire, God Save Ibr Kinr ?nl Pule Krilaiinia S. Thai berg tViih full (Jrcheplral Arcompaaimrnta. | To rnnciiMir wnn an >. kit ukktifi^ tdvhturnattending Shipwreck ol I'noun with character iatic rain'in* inu"e- ,n *h?ch t igi.or Hereto Ntio I will jiereocale rh failhlnl, Oiah, the li.dnn Maid- M .dm Herein Nano, | N B. ? renione draiioue <.r mrk'tig lumrr.r arrnnirmrrta ran learn panir.ilata by ai living (,a>at p.i I) to the u-jdrrI alrned. ?l the Branch Hol.l, M Hnw.ry, N?w Yink. | in hkI.1 tii-nvm vivn. Mil. I\. ..! I. J...!'., I.ou. Kliwaliat Amu tuitalachcil brauch'a. eirea u atrurttmx id Yenning. mikI in Mir ? ? of the airtight, ei.ok-d and Turkiah H.ih'r. iluutmi: Kuile, Muaket and Bayontt, Staff ami rtrrf apr< it* '>1 wrepoiia. Yor i ntr'ienLre enquire ? Sn.A F?ar! e'r?e-, mil 1 an* GYMNASIUM. PISTOL GALLERY. MESHRS HUDSON (t OTTIONOV re.per!lolly ,n form the arnthni'D of .New Y"rk, ihit they hare fitted up a GYMNASIUM at th* r.mrr 01 haiabere afreet aM Broadway, ami ii iannw ^aaforllir mr ilmnef rieHore. The iijiliiu'imi u of ti e drat and complete to ererj r??p?it for Ihr leirpope of Athletic i.xereiaea. Sparring l.eeaoua yteen daily. T? nna m< drrute <>j en day and erenmr. ml lm* FULLER'S GYMNASIUM. TO THoHK WHO VALUK HB4LTH.-T!* Ojrmnimum, 'i05 (Jrtrnt Rlrfd, ? *r B'tecWer, i* aow ope* Uilv". hi uhlition In the r*jctilnr titrewt of fh* Orraoa ium, thcr* ?rr wttvihpd M?p ^Ti-'w* a .'! v?niMMineOt. * B"*l i.g Alley, Qamt drowtri. I hrfl. wfh * lirft opt* ip< e fot mlining 4ii?l j iui| iriff, *in\ 0'l#*r ouf-MOr >mt?iftC *)>ich reuikrthi* JUt?Iuhm*.*tit ? gywn **ium. mperiorto a 11 other ii .. . . . . . Gentlemen fii^eorihing IwiTe fh? pi ?v?I psofMWCifi'f *1 aha Branch Gymnaeium,** Aan.t. wr.e a ih. r. werery iinpirwat r, r.aa.y for in door reer?i.e aparrmy laneht aa umal? Yetirk K ilao, hy an ratine ,1 fW'Mor. .1 auch time u to eoit apfdicanfe. in acrn-.lnn e a ith ".e t" re. T.rma of > e,rly auhaenption hare been reduce.1 In >ir. m?? OAkw, rivr'.rn n.ri/ l, '.-.r?i*- I. ,e-i>ti> gieer ihet I hare'liecnnliiioeil ihe nr*m-h okr rat .bnahnirr.t in Weal atrerl. North H.err e df, aid do all my h or0-o? a? m>- old Oar Eatehliahn?nt. IM ? a'er atrret.ard aa I all hj etoraaranf .me aloia. I ?|i| ?'! 'fara. Sweep, an *< ,;? -i.,.u! 11Leaner I" pay Ii r . mine Ir on any p.rt of im city o'lhe f>.ir Eatahliahnieot, i?i W a'er r'rrrt firr doota aticrt ;d i.rine maraal. JOHN A PEAR?ALL. ml lin'l P.. I r I !? >1 i.l i/;| I a mi i i. . . -i-?|.? in ?ic Hull nnl'r, i.nvn g V*.i in uj b'lt i '?*, lull tie ?oll ntnlMTiii;.. Apt ly in W. str. TArscorj, m;i IJ Ptik 8.1.