Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1842 Page 1
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TH TaUTDiHI*. 37t.-WlivUHa.904S !?KW LINK OF L.IVKRPOOC PACKKT8 To (all train New York od the XSih, *u?l Liverpool on lh? lith of cock wionlht A ? ^ A ^TeomNEW WEE^ Ship ROSCIl'S, Captaio John Coliioa.t?th March. Ship SIDDON'S, Captain E. B. Cobb, ?th April Ship 8HER1UAN,Captain R. A. Dep.yater,?Sth May ShipUARRJCK, Captain Wm. Shiddy,?lk Jiu*. kaon livketool. KSHBITDAN.Capuiu K. A. Drjcj-EtEr, l?th March. GAKRICK, Captain Win. bkiddy, 13th April. Ship ROACH'S, Captain lohu Colliua. 13th May. Shin 8IDUONS, Captain t. B. Cobb, 13th June. Theaeahipa are all of the fir.t clam,iipwarda of IU00tom.bufll <fn the city o? New York, with audi improvements aa combine mat apeeil with uaueual comfort for paaeemccra. Eyary cera haa been taken in the arraiigeinentofqieiraccemmodationa. The once of passage lieac. c le tltM),for which ample etorre will be . nroTiJeJ TSieae ahipa are commanded bp experienced master*, who will make every exertion to giva general aatuiac Neither th? eaptaina or owner? of I heae ahipa will be reapooai tie for any laltem, parcels or packages sent by them, ualcaa ra ?-iUr billa ol lading are signed thejyfor. The ships ol thialiue will herealler go armed, aad tbearpecn i atmrtian eivea them security notpoaseaaed by any other bit vessel's ef w:iV. FOI^l0cferL^P?^0. N Smith rt. New Yorfc.orto WM. h JA8 BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter! by the packet# will be charged 12; ceaU persinglr sheet: SO cents per ounce. nd newspapers 1 cent etch. nt FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK I.INE OF PACKETS m M.m. m For the better accommodation of shippers, it ia intended to dtapatch a ship from tliie port ou the 1st, 6th, loth.15th, SOtb andPiolh of each mouth, cum me icing the IOth October, and eoQtunuug until May, when rezular daps will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and dieap Dointitieuts will b? prerentrd during (he summer months. The following shi/s will cominenre Hue arrangemtBt >Ship rA/OO.Capt.Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Ospt. Jackson Blip MlSSISSII'Pl.Capt. Milliard. Mup LOUI8VILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner Ship GASTON. Cant Latham. SCpHUNTSVILLE, Capt. Mumf. td. Ship OCMUltlEK. Capt l.eavitt. Ship NASHVILLE,Capt. Dickmet d. Ship MEMPHIS. Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA. Capt. Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressty for parkets. are of a light draft of water, hare recently been mewly coppered and pat in solenoid oner, with accommodations for pBtengers unequalled for contort. They are commanded by experienced inastenr, who will man every exertion to fire general eatislaction. They will at ili times be towed up and down the Miseieeippi by iteamboats Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsi>le for jewelry, bullion.precious s tones,silver, orplated ware, or for say letters,parcel or package, lent by or put o 'board of thesa, unless regular bills of lading ars taken Tortus sains, and ths value thereon eirvatnl Fee freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. II South St.,er . JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agtnl ik New Orieiae, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. Ths ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad] vertissd, and grsatcare will be taken to hare the goods correct ! measured. m< .NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Fart reitBced to U cents. From the foot of Courtlandt street, New York(Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New York. ? ? ? Leav^ Newark ^ ^ Att A M. Atsr.m. m.. ?. 11 do 4 do do si do 4| do lot do < do T do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Liberty street. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At t A M.sad 4) P.M. At 1 P. M. and 10 P.M. *NEW IORK, KJ.IZABETHTOWN, RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 41P.M. AtvfF^ 80 MKRYILLEI tares eocneet with these Lacs each way. Fare betweea New York and Somerrille. So cents. Do do Now Brawwiok, 7j cents. Rah way, SO cents. EJitabethtow n, 2S cents. The fart in the T| A. M. train from New Bronswiak, and |{ PM. train from New York, has been reduced betweea New York and New Brunswick to 40 cents. " and Kahway ts ITJ " The Pniladelphia mrilliue passes through NewBiuaswick for New York every evening at t o'eleck. ^ Oa Sundays the H A.M. tripfrom New Brunswick is omitPassengers who precurs their tickets at the tickstofiee.reOsive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketsarerscaivadby theconductor onlv on the day when purchased. febtl tin* From PHILADELPHIA, vis THE PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights fortheWtst and South will be forwrded dvily SMraMtmrtalijn cflier ef the Company, No. I Docket Merchants are respectfully informed that all Roods cocsifuvd to the company ?ill be forwarded with the utmost tivnstrh to snv point west or south. j . Freight reaehei Baltimore the same dry it <eaves Philadelphia. Tbc trail line for the west and south leaves Do- W street dailyat half-put sii o'clock A.M. by ataambeat kOBEKT era will reich Baltimore at t o'clock, two hours I previous to the departure of the trains far the southwest. ^ ,W. L. ABHMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia, March ?. 1848- ml? I m RAILROAD NOTirc. MARKET AND FKE1UHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW YORK. rpH? NEWJEH8S.Y Railroad and Transportation Com1 yany have caUblhhed s Freight Line between New Rrunswick and New York, which they intend to run pet ma Leaving New Brunswick at ( A M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty street.New York. a'. 3 P.M. To country dealers and meichanta the above line U very daairable Tor the epeedy aud cheap conveyance of merchandise of every deicription, and more particularly to Drover* and Dealers in Live Stock.who can have 150 head of cattle eonvryel between New Brunswick end New Y ork, the same day, whetwrer required. The rates Tor the transportation of cattle, harses. mules, sheep, hoys, lie..and all other kind? of merchandise are very low, sever exceeding steamhoatprnes. Merchandise sent by this line is not subjected to tny extra charge in crossing th? North River. Ths Coaapaav have fi-ted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always be open for the reception of merchandise. Passengers, purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. mlt Vm* V] OTTCE,?On and after April 1st, 1843, the commutation lv fare ia the cars of ths New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Coaipiay, between New > ork and the various places oo the line of the railroad, haa been reduced (includn* ferry) to $75 per annum, and $50 for six moalhe. mis lm' FREIGHT AND HASSAOIC TO PITTSBURG. BINGHAM'S LINK. The propelstors of Bingham's TratuporUtien Line to Pittsburg. give notice lo the Merchants of New York, and all other persons slipping to the VYest, that their line is now ia active operation . Goods consume.I to thrm (or sent to go in their liar.! will be forwarded withdespetch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who 1 art no agent or consignee qt Pittsburg, will plesre consign their x?ods to William Bingham Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all such consignments washout R|n. All goods should he marked distinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINK. For rates of freight, which are as tow as any other line. Apply to WAL TYSON. Agent, No 8 West street opposite Pier Ns. 1. N. R. N. B.?Paesengrrx forwarded to P.lUburg and Pot'aville, every day, Sundays excepled. Refer to M, Crookv, American Far Co. ; S. T. Nieotl, Front street; rhelpe. Dodge It Co. Fulton street; Suydam, Sage It Co.; Win. Kanktn. Duryee t Co .Newark' ml 3m 8TATKN ISLAND FKRRlr Foot of Whitehall street. ffe3Cn!e^TATEN ISLAND KR or SA^SONwiii run m follow! until further notion iHf'M Btatn I timid Laaraa Whitehall At ? o'clock am. At ? o'clock am. ! - w I! M ?' : ?? ,v ? *- - h - p.*. 4 44 5 44 ? N. B. AH gooda chipped tro required to be particularly narked and ere ?t l..e rick of the ownere thereof p| NEWARK AND NEW YORK _ _ Conu. o . o Ji .tf'eod'H and cooimodiouo .leaner OW ' A?.'A't.. Ciptin John (Jany. being eotn1 ifl^l l*U X *?* 'Inttntlr refitted, wfrl f,z. >er regular tripe f<r Uie iccton, on Tl.urtday, Merck loth ? raving m foliowi:? rootolBirelayit.New York Centre Mirkot, Newark 10 o clock,A. M. Tl o'clock, A. M. ?e clock, r.M. l{ o'clock. P. M. Freight ofertry iletcription earne I at eery reduced ratea. j(/ KOR hNV!wBU%(?HL'hiding at CALD .apt. H Wardrop, will leaeo the fold of Warren atreet eaw York, awry Monday. T:ei ?day and Saturday afternoon'a tto'ejock. Retaruinf, the High, ander will *>> .aawburgk wry Monday morning atdn'cleck, ana Tueoday and knday Aernoon at (o'clock. for freifh* crpettage.apply to thaCaptain on board. Jf. B. Al i baggagt aad freight of aearr deocnytion, bank iliaor ape cm. nut on board thia WiaL mual bo at the nek of the waora t.ieroof , tin lea a bill oft aiding orrecaiptiaaignod for , mm kt'HINU AMKA.NUKMY.NT. e?TIM K>Il SHREWSBURY and FKD BANK. 'le?e'e',,RedyiBank 'rVery Vloodt'l^t oNdock, and Tueaday and Thuraday at IS o'clock, moil rXXThe nownpnpara, fcTy and wiifcTy. mutxiat add nSTIt&zsJcjS'czsr*-A "-s;5^ . U . * . ' i? ,m,J FureWera.trea of cartage fS .# ? Heater atpeet, four door* trow ("I,e|on J GEOROJC THOMSON, E NE" N CHARLES S. ROVVELL, DENTAL SCRUEON, 1 No. II CHAMBERS STREET, -1 NEW YORK. ^ LIFE B OAT ASSOCIATION, .1 FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF ' FRANCIS PATUNT LIFE BOATS. Jj AMERICAN MOULDING r company. * WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOIITK II mta CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. on THR PHlSClPl.K or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE Ii (? orr ) ' 1 Having lately lost tw > bicusjndati teeth. I called on Mr ti I.erett to iheir placi* with artificial ones, anj it ?( 0 fords me much pleasure to testily to hi- skill and ability as a Dmtiit; iuileed, I have ever seen teeth tleed and nited with more > taclue^a, and at the name time with ItM painful preaa are on thegumi. " 1 cheerfully rrcommend that gentleman to the eeneeia! no- pi lice of the medical profession, a* well aa to ibe public, t'eelini! ol satisfied from my own experience that they may cuufideuily tc rely on hia skill in hie profession. r (Signed) n GRANVILLE H. PATT180T M D. P" P-ofes?nr of Aualomy, Unireraity of New Yerh. February lSt: . IPI1. at The original can be aeea at Mr. Lerett's 260 Broadway, Ul corner of tVirren street "If I "* BANKRUPT LAW. " GENTLEMEN wishing to be discharged from their debta under tliia law. are tufiied to call on W. SKIDMORK Attorney at Law, 75 Neat iu etreet. All other kinds of law 111 buaiaess aleo attends ! to. Charges mudcrate. fin o-n' tb BOOK BINDING ? AND PAPER RULING. jt H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau street, having an entire new e, stockof Binding Tools and Machinery, of the latest and most aptitored pittenia, ia now prepared to execute all orders in the most durabia and handsome mnnuer. Merchants Account Books and all other aii.ds of Blank A work ruled and bound to any pattern, iu a style that is war- b] ranted t gire satisfaction. Any wink ordered can be done iu the Euglish mode if required,as H. 1 has had long expeiience a| is both methoJs. FOK SALE?Two secondhand Copp-trplate Presses. A^ ' ply as above. ml8 1m CARPETING, CARPETING. w eyHE subscribers hare received a new a?d Ireih stock of >"' 1 goods for the ' Apring Trade," consisting ol B ruse Is a< Three Ply, superfine, Hue, common, hall an I stair Carpeting. 11 Rugs, Maitiny, English and American Oil Cloths, ftom 8 to 20 feet in width, coutaioiug the latest and rnsst fashionable r? I atterns and colors the market affords, which they offer to the ' public at the 1 iwest" Cash Prices " ** Persons wishing to purchate. would do well to .call and ex- ta amine ourstock previous to purchasing WEdBk MANNING.492 Pearl st, b< ulllm' 34 C'srp?l Stoi-e trom Chatham MOTinR TO BITVWRS fll? 1 CABINET FURNITURE. v rpHIC subecriber would invite the attention of thoee wish1 iug to purchase articlesSu the shove biuioes*, to hie establishment. where U to be fouud a rieli assortment of Rom- ,t wand and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterM. ,j tome of which are not to be found elsewhere, bciug entirely tj original. Alio, handaome rich gilt Cornices for windows, Cl Poles and Ringi; together w it h Damasks, Gal loom and Tmtela, and erery article attached to curt aim, which will be al made in the lateit atyle fro n pattern! lately received. _ N. B. Particular attention paid to the fi.tiog up of Otto- ?. mam, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroid ,, ered tapestry. WASHINGTON MEEK9. ' dll-lin H? Broadway, next tbo "j WIGS AND sJUALFS. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, THE TO EE FOUnD AT A. C. BARRY'S, < It* Broadway, comer of Liberty etreet, up stair*. WIGS aal Sea'pe, upon the beautifying and gossamer sys* * tem, approximating the nearest of any yet manufactured H Is the natural head of hmr?first premium. Also.mauufactur J ed from ladies' and gentlemen's hair, not less than two inehes cr long, ueeklace., bracelela, earing*,watch guards, rings, and si hair work ol every description. roll im* g' CARPETING, UAKPETUNG. THE Subscriber is now opening his Spring assortment of ?J. a Carpeting, consisting of Biusvels, three ply, supei tine and m fine Ingrain; an assortment nut surpassed in this city fur ,,, variety of s'y'.rs, figures, the. These goods have beeu ordered expressly for the Spring trade. The greatest ei'e has ? bes* observed in roahii g selection* of such goods as can be <?; confidently 1 ecommeuded for durability and permanency of .V colois, Ac, 1" Also.* large assortment of the different hind* of Hall and '{' Staii Cari etuif. Tufted door Rugs- Doov Mve, he, of Also a nan', some assortment of Tainted r loor Cloths, nil C>1 widtlis- * Families about purchasing'any of the above described 'u good, are respectfully invited to ca}lA|iLEg ^ B m 18 1m* 7* F.ast Broadwav.71 Div'sion-st. B CHEAP HARDWARE STORE lTHE Subse.rib-r is now npening his flpring supply of 1 HARDWARE A CUTLER*, received per late arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Tiwether with a general as- H sortment of D omeetic Good*, which he is prepared to offer at J the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. be The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabins! th Makers, Ac., 11 iolicitcd to an examination of hit stock and re prices, as h* is confidsnt llisy will tud it to their inteeetto ci favor hint with a call. ALFRED F. LAORaVE, ai 310 Greenwich corner Barclay, New York. ?' A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ol:Mechanics Tools, fame* Screws, he. a3lm? WATCHES & JEWELRY f VERY LOW. H THE subscriber lis 's-lliig all descriptions of gold and silver cl 1 Watchrs, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, teve, Ac , at retail, lower than at aay other place in the city. Gold Watches sa low as 3D to 40 dolia-e each. Watches and Jewelry si- PI changed or b night. All Watches are warranted to kssp good lime, or tne moae* letumed. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best m inner, and warranted, at much lees than l auA nrire*. hv one of ihi fi 'est workineu in the city. G. iTalUBTN I 'ip-irter of Watchea aud Jewelry, wholeialc C and) retail. 3) Wallatreet. up itaira. m 2 Im" 8, TO SEGAR SMOKERS THE OKEAT 8EOAR DEPOT. ri SPANISH HOUSE, 25? BROADWAY. q'HE MONEY will b? returned to all peraoua who 1 purchase at thia (tore, if they are not satisfied with the q' ality of the articles. Thia offer ia made by the strong coafidtn e derived from the excellency of every segar that ia of C fared for (ale in the above retabliahanent. The entire stock has been cnoien with great care, and ia, without doub', the mod splendid that hre ever been offered to the New York pub- T lie. Exclusive of the great and uaparalclled variety of.he K beat brands of Havana and Principe, there ia a large lot of 8 PRIME NORIEGAS and NOKMAH, that have been maun- K fac!tired in Havanaripreealy fo- thia eetabnahmeat, and they are guaranteed to be of eopcrior quality and flavor to any O heretofore imported into thia market. In the accommodation of those gentlemen who prefer to amoke at leuure and in retirement, neat Bar Room haa been d opejed in the rear of the above ertabliahmeut, which, it ia O boned, will give catiefactinn to all who viait it. C "to svoar dealers It hotel keepers. Eoraaleat ihe Spatiiih Home, 232 Broadway,a large lotof l Havana Segarc, at 'ha very low ratea of *t v, and $18 30. Theea Septra hating been coneigned to the Special) at the maufar.turrra in Havana, with expraaaorders to toll them b< immedia'rly. are, for tlu? reaeon. now offered at the above low prices. Their quality it hardly inferior to the brat Normaa, bl and >l,evare all en itled todebenture. ntt lw* R. RAFAEL. Proprietor. j FIRITPRI ?OF BOi )K SAFES ! ! ! f WILDER'8 PATa-NT SALAMANDER SAKE-Thia I eafr hav been frequently exposed to in'enee heat in burn- f ing building furnerea. Re., and hae never failed to prteerve ihe " contrnti, and wa* Ihe only o: e which etood the teet at the jv trial foot of W all street, ae'rr ported by the following Com- " mitUe of rveptctable Mc-cnante pi WADSWORTH k SMITH, n BALDWIN k CO. MINTUKN k CO. D CHARLES H. MARSHALL. Thia aafe can only be had at ihe Iron Safe Stora of c SILAS C. HERRI NO. k , , , 130 Water it. N. B.?S?re( of other makers?some of which ate made in imitation of Wilder'f Patent, forfait at half price. m2S iw HAKWAjtE ANb .CLOTH 1'AftR jL'bT HE- J 500 Remus II by 34 K0 Reams 24 by 3d 1' JSO * 20 by 30 100 - l) by 40 200 " 21 by 22 ISO M M by M , 110 " ?2 by H 100 " M by 41 \ 50 Ream 40 by 42 Fo? (ale in Iota to (Hit i Mrchasere, by rEKSHE k BROOKS. I m9? Paper Warehouse, it Liberty at. g I/ALSO.MINE PAINTING, for faau y, Keonoaty, Dura- > IV bili'y, kc.?poeveeaea advantages ever every other.sytrae n of Painting, aa it i< tree from ill unpleasant imrll, retaining all a ita brilliancy of coior, and ia applied in much leaa 'Ime than t! Oil Painting, it i# well adapted for walla, eeilmga, or any in- n ide work; churchea,public buildinga, and decorative worn in o general. _ a Applied by JOSEPH PEARSON. No. 422 Broadway, ear a of Broome atreet. New Yotk. who will girt the beat reference, and all information rvepeeting the fame. Wore promptly ex- v col ad br apply mg aa above, aithar in the city or country. t ml I m* h lilt K.VilC >1 RAZOR S I'Rl ?P? Pint Trrminm wan aw ard I ed by the American Inatilute. at Ihe lata aa well aa each P proceedieg Kair, to George Sanndere. I?3 Broadway, for th " beet Razor Strop. The Mttalia Tablet, invented by O. ! -?i? LICS , .i i. .u.j c... >v. i?? ..I..., n 4 Mrtid'Hfil hy ih? lint irat^nei oflkf tomlry. ft pro dncet athin ?nd fmooth ed"* on a raeor with more certainty , than it can b? <lon? 01 a hone in a tenth part at the time. ^ without the uae of oil or w^ler?whieh an* peraon eaa prore * bp bringing a dull rator a having it put in order oo one of the Tablet. m Broad *11 la' FLORIDA p l!M>8? lrnion Bant and Boat hem Truet, t r bought at N. PlSTARIt'S. i II Wall etieet I (Jailed Slate* Rank note*. Ktlnola do, Michigan, Indiana, , lll-non Serip. b aght and old. mil* ? pr.RI.IVIii6Mi;ASTlSffd-i;?iiit?tin|?iTr?**i7?nd?Ti, i D and rummer on.amenta, o' euperior manufacture, to cloee J a consignment, at very low tree*, by . oKLRiCHS k RRUORR, mi 1m* It Broad atreet. | \A f\BlCAL CARtl?On. I'ownn, No. 11 Uuan* at.. neat il iVl Chatham ?t., etill afford* relief to the afflicted ?f bath an ti t*. He mar be iIPW" ronnullad, with the utaoat aonAdeaee, 1 In die wortt eae?* of deTlrnt* dtaeaaee. aaeronrial affection*, 1 and the nntrerioue ajrmptnine arieiaf from Miia diMaae. FVom , Dr. Ci* practice lor the lasteiaht yean in tW* parti- ? en ar branch of 0<* profe**>*n, guarantee* a itkitwd; and frelive tore I* til peraon* who apply I* him Recent aaaet , eared in a few day# without lb. tweed merrawyor any effter ? Iwmerotai medtneine. No mUrr.phea hem kimtaai*. er aha- ? raltoe in 0>e mode at linu*. All whoa* on*** haa* bee* ar? ? to??d or jH??2Shr\?l. 5 !S-*tt?hdanc* front 7 in the morning ?Mff lOntaigh*. Ot J 6c*l* DmmA w rc EW YORK. SUNDAY ] PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YOIIK. VyfOSS. MALLAN k SON8, Surgeon Dentlata, No .VX J7J Broadway, and at London and Tafia ibformth. ablicof New Yoik.and iU vicinity, that in coi?M*iaenc<! f their very extensive practice, they have, it length een induced to open a Term men* EatabliabmenL, when hey may be coniulted at No. 37-J Broadway between 'ranklin and White atreeti, in all caiea appertaining t? heir profeaaieu, in which they have been to aneeeaml a conaequence of their celebrated diacoveriee and in' rovementaintheart ot D ant i. try. Mons. Mallan returni thanki for the very liberal pat onage he baa received, and coutiuuei to receive, par icularly to the Medical profeiiion of New York, ioi teir kind recommendation!, and advocating Mona. M.'i nwrovenieut iu Oantriity. CELEBRATED MINERAL roH FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mom M. continnrs to rcstoru decayed Teeth, howorai irgeor small thecavity ; making a stump into a aount 'ootb, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful ) positive. matching in point of color, the natural cortel r enamel of the Tooth. They nevwr break or became loose?they have no iW' aturul gloss?are lirmly tixi d without wires or lira ires?no balky substance in the month?and in evrigt articular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in confoimitw r shape and minutest shade of color. Placed from onl > a complete Set, upon the above imprrved and scioni* e principle, they are guaianteed to answer every ptgr> ?se ol Mastication ard Articulation. LOObE TEETH curely and alTectually Insti lled,arising either from Hie e of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES splaced tijion a sure and scientitic method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mellon is happy in being enabled to anaunce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of le first families of the Usited Sates, consisting of the rst Merchants, Medical prafestinn, Clergy and private itizena. to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Ions M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any other ley hare ever tried, and, in their opini 'B,t't t best that rercame underi heir notice. His other iiapiovcmmts eed no comment. INVALIDS fended by Mons. Mallan, J oar., at their own Estaliahment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC re particularly invited to pay Mons. Mallan a visit, to ie the spccimt ns of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Ions Mallan: Muebec, May Ith,1141. Dear Sir,?Afterhaving tried the Artificial Teeth which ou made for me, I cannot do you less Justice than la iknowledge with pleasure my entire eatisueti-a. I beg to ly they auavverevery purposeof uslication audArlieuiation lual to those placed by thehai Is of nature. They so closely isemble the natural ones in the minutest shade of color and lape.that they are not liscerned as being artificial by thecloist observers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed teth, I can give a decider opinion of its valuable qualities. You may usethislrlterin any wayyou think proper, for tlx snefit of the public and yourself. 1 am.deartir.yours truly, THOS. FARQUEs, Manuel Carmelst. 'o Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Dentist. 173 Broadway, This gentleman is known at lit Broadway,ana at Trial Vard k King's. MON8? MALLAN, JT3 Broadway. SIR?I feelit a pleasure to be able to offer you my teatimqp] i behalf of your celebrated mineral. During iny tats re idence in Paris ! called at vour establishment in the Rue Cns gliore, and having had some leetb hlled with your mineral,, an ou'ly say that I have had every reason to be satisfied witl s utility aud value, end neverin the least degree experience* ny inconvenience or injury from its effrcts in any manuri rhatever.?During my visit to Mons. Mallan I saw svvera istimonials of the highest character, all eipressiug the f idles sufidtDce in its great benefit ond value. As far as I am en bled to judge,! conaulered it then,and ytill confident, to b< ? beat preparation of the kinei ever offered to the public, m.air ,re*peetfully, yourobrdicnt trrvart. VANBUHGH LIVINGSTON. SIC Greenwich tlreet.ueai KorlUaiiaeroort. New York,May J], 1841. Moni. M ALLAN It SON4, Surgeon Pentiafa, may he c <n ilted daily at 373 Broadway between Frauklin and Whit. a..e**t aide. trl3 tin" SPRING FASHIONS. THE aubtcriber deeiree I he attention < f atraiyer* and othen I to hia luge anJ exteu.ire asaortment ot atocke, acarfa, arala. ready made linen and muelln eliirte. pocket kerchieft; Ik, merino, and ambewool thirte and drawer*; tutptndera, otet.licaiery.fcc Clc. Ii U the intention of the antMcribcr to ly particular attention in aeltcting the moit chatte and faah nahle patterni of acarli and era rata Mil a.aortment will al aya be ftund varied and eiutwi?e. Ti e ubtcrth'r continue* e manufacture of hiace ebrated Elastic Stuck*" Gentlemen ay depeed on being euited by call'uc at the o'd eitab|iahment I Broadway, between Murray afreet and Paik Place, mil tm* PARCKLLA, agent far I Agate. CftA REtVAKD!! LROSa'A sPfcoiFtC .vilXlUnE fjyjy) for thecureof delic.te dieeaaca. Wa Kite no loig lac'atah rtcommeudatione tod>c ire the t ublic. Ifthe mediae doea not apr nk for iteelf no one eh .11 apeak for it. Ouj ct it to uotily whert it can be had. and thttthe proprietor all ngta a rmgle c>ae of reccut d.aeaae to be biought in hich the mixture doe* not efTeet a rapid cure, under a torfeireof^JOO Portale at Or. W Miluni'a, druRflit, IB] roadway. New York; J. Jonea, N E. corner of Chc*?ut aud hatreet, Phi'adelphi'; Joa M. Sm th. 138 Waahington at., oaton: Robert* It Aik nam, corner of Hcuotcr and Market reel, Baltimore; A. B. (Jroasman, Canal atreet, New Or ana. e| MADAME COSTELLO. r?HE FEMALE MONTHLY PIbL it aekoowledgad by I- the firtt Physician* i t tlie United Statea aa the very 'at mediciue that ladir* laboring under a auporeaaion ol leirtalural illneaa can take, and they very seldom fail tu licet when taken according to the direction* Thoae who ill for them will be supplied with her circular, coutaiuing nple direction*, and ail the precaution* necessary to be ob TTCUUI men UK. N. B.?Tt.e married, under aoine ciroumetancea, mint abaiu from lb* ir me for reaaona mutaiued in the direct ion*. Allconunuoieetioni and tettera muit be poet paid. No. 31 Liateuard atrewt. m?S I m" NHINA, GLASS AND KAHTHKN WARK.-A liat ol J pncea of China, Glaaa, fcc.,aoid br H. SIMPSON, I Aatoi ouae. Broad war, who keepa the beat articlea, and aelli >eaper tlnu a .y other hotue in the Unit'4 States ^ FRENCH STONE WARE, Porcelain. Blue or White, ate* 1st aixe pardon ft M ft oo do tl da I 74 84 Co Id da t M 78 fo Ilk do I 37 03 do 5'h do M 37 near Uiah, 1 44 78 luce Turean and Stand, t 00 78 ea t'npa and Seucara.par doa.Mpa. I 80 itchera, tat life, 1 78 SO da td da 1 37 37 do td do 1 13 9S do 4th da 78 IS do 6ih do 83 do 4th do So hocolate i, let aire per dz 3 78 4o 3d do 3 78 do 3d do 9 78 eaa, 1 SO gl Cupa, 37 lone Ware, Dining Serriee,ll3 piecea 11 00 reneh orfcng. Poicelain tea a'ta, ttpircca 4 04 CUT OLASB. clagon diahea, beat quality, I inch, pr pair 3 00 do d> do do 3 84 do do 10 do do 4 00 rcantera, the ret of 4 from 8 80 re'U Hock Ulaaaea, per dot. 3 38 utWiaeafrom 1 su per dozer ul Fluted Tumbler* 3 00 do rmouadea, handled, 3 35 do Htmjekrrnera, take car* thin liat. and make your pn-rhaaeri : nJta'or Hume; the aavihg you will make by ao uoing mual : risible to all upon re?'tinf the nbere. Table Cutlery? Thia i< alao the cheapeat atore for fice Tj le Cutlery,tu aeta or doirna. mlSlin* R- SIMPSON. 8 Aator Huuec. r()R THE FACE AN J) ts KIN. I MONO the many and vi'joui Coemetici that ire offered V in the public fir b an'ifyiti* the eomplenon, ?Lit rimor ig 'rrry eruption Irnm the fece, none can be ao cnuAlentlj comTiend?faa Chinch'e Vegetable Lolim It impi-ta a de rateimo hnrn to the tompeii.n, and effrctiul.y remorei im.ilra. hlotehre, tan, frciklia, ringwjnai, anil all o her euta roue eruptioui and due. Imationa Price 75 centa per bottle?aoU it Chu-ch Dlipenaary, |8e owrrr.eomeref Spring atriet. Agenta? E. W. Bull, Hartford; C. fc N. V. tiamo a. Pine truer of Fourth alreet, Philad Iphia; Charlej Stranr. rough et|?i?. m3* Ira" MEDICAL AID. \LL thoee in need of medical aid of a certain deacription hould without fai obtain a copy of a tittle book entitln he Ha ucnn, with rngrarmea. Thu litile work waa writtei ud p'iMiihed by Dr. Gregory, in 1834; in 1441, ha published i eeond editiin. with many ealuihle improTementa and altera iona; a d in 1843, it h?? been till I more improrril and enlarged "he eigrariaca are beautifu'ly dune, and are accompanied will nitahte riphnetorv remarka The author i? now in eite ruin ity practice at 34 Mottalreet nearly oppomtetlieatone church lie having k, rn eonatantly engaged in combatting diaeaara o hie character for many f are pi at.enab'ra him to Irrat nil anb mt not only theoretical y but practically correct. Thcpatieni here |iiide< in the (election of remediea, according to Uie re peetire eircumatancea >uH condition of the can*. The plan 01 he hookia to *how tue ordinary aymptoina occurring in com on eaaei, wuh tho beat method of rure It then ahowa wbm theraymptom* mar and dofrtqueiitly happen, with apprnpri te treatment and reinediea to be adopted in cane three bat ynp'onn ebould occur. The p. ice of the book ia 5* centa. Dr. Gregory takca thia opportunity to remark, that he it try frequently applied to under ?irrumetarcee where the pa tent eetmelobf (uttering which lead htm into the belief thai e haa ('me liltr rrmatna of the complaint at ill left, whicl how* ilaelf orraaionally. Hueh c i?m aa theae fraqoentl) rove to be attended with etrictoie ; of thin feci, aa well aa tin alure of a itricture, the patient had no idea, noiwithatandinf he eymptomi may hare exiated a long time, and a atrirtun <ad leen in prjpreae aereral moutha Doctor Gregory guaran ree a *p<rdy and permanent cure The Doctor*! leaidcnce u tot a drug atore.but ia aprirate dwelling houa-. well prondat or theecwreaienre of patient*. The book maj afeobt had a air King'a atoaa, S3 t niton atreet, corner of Cliff, at thi ame price Dr. Gregory will be found at hoaac at all hour if the day an) < venii.g Patient* redding any dietenee from the city may commit li alt b/letter (alwaye poet-paid) with Br. G. and hie ad i:e be obtained, and where a clear deeeriptioa at the cage n ,til. eorcriag a euiublr fee, the proper remedial will be for raided to order, and aticeena alwaye euerante.d, where thi rholeey nptoma andcireamatenceeare aat forth. m? Im* [IAVANA SKIiAKS ?Pk'.TKft OIL&KY.Md Broadway ll vjm! Jli Bowery, formerly kept by Mr. P. Monoe. Iwgi rare to mform the empking public that the* will alwaye hud t hie (lore*, a well aelerted aeaortmea of the Steal brand* o lanoa nnd Principe 8KGARB at wholetalaand retail; aa< r a foal rile article and friendly treatment can meure cue ?.a,he bepee to rereire a large alter* of it all in' oiV?Qa T7 k Mima. t>ac Pair Gold gpaafortaa. Thi .1 I idee ah til reemre Twa Dollar* reward, and aoqaeahoni akad Apply to >?* Im' Mr. PKL K PI.AjNK. *? Wall at. Oflaee .Vl \TB'L FOOD ? All wfiobuy tha common traah offered It * them inet-ad of buying the genuine Pheimtn'e L.tmgea ii'1 a"! only be fooled not of their money. bn< moet likely nt of limit health. Thai* it aotaing liae hheimaa'e Lnsen ta.forac ugh.eold, headaehe. or palpi alma ofihe heart, ai 'ell aa worm* inrhlldrrn. 1 he Dortor** ofllr* ia at IM Na> A atrert. New York; ? 8t* e alretl Boatnn; S Ledgei utldtnga, I'h.laJelplua; p'rtutk Taylor, Waahtngt.n, *1 IRK ] MORNING, APRIL 3, I IN i'litt t'UHK OK 8T?l?;Tl>K->-ll le tnO't uaiorti O nrte in ihU complaint that inauy pereoaa have airi< lure who nr* upt in the i * a> t iwiri of it. The common aotm in, that ao loin a* the uriue |'u*i iu a tolerable reara,!lo-r ' renoot be a nocture But Una u far froji tree. Aetrctur I may, and often doe*, tiiit for mouUia. aud even yean, wlthnu , producing any striking change in I'tii rerpect. Whan a etri< , lure arrives at that degree ?l uarrewueel u ecusibly t? imped the la a eei ioue malady indeed. The object af I hoe remarks huwetsr. i? to prevent thie elate, and to olut iI at time when it i< eaeily and perfectly removed. But there an , other circumetancea beiidee in effect upon the urtiie by whiel * stricture may be kuowu. or, at leant, lire ugly suspected, am though time areatiinemue. tliere are two which art rcry com m w aud very eaeily judged of, and there shall be aienttooet Tns first of these circumstances relates to time. It is wai hDOWD that stricture* arts* from lung continued sail badly Created Gouorrhda Now, wheuevrr line dbeige ooutinur, over many wests, especially it in the early period any of tb< boasted nostrums of the Jay were Ukeu, there ia just and pre per ground to suspect * etrictnre. The next ia imiet remarkable?it 11 the effect a etneture hai upon 'he tniud and sni ita. fine i* a tact that may be tho roughly teltcd on. Indeed the author never ?? w a cue ?l elne . ture, (and he sec* tnuuy every day.) in which the patient Ju 1 not. wore or teea, complain or hie Iota of r.iruta! energy?thai r he was not ao capable of biiemcaa ae formerly. Ttje re aeon o l thie, however, ia clearly ahoven in hie " Pri...? . lit lie volume noticed in another column of thin paper, ami ti winch the raider ie referred, not outy f >r knowlailge of thii disease, but on every other Coiiuectnd with this subject. DM- KAlPH futther begs to aJd. thai ha way he coosultei personally a* hie reside uca. No. 88 Uieruwum atrast, at an] hour ; and ehould any be in doubt aa to the existence of thii I disease, eapacially after perusing hie little volume, he will without npeuee or the leapt p4ig. explain ami ensure htm whe ther he have or not. Let It omy M rc me inhered that, tf he r* ally has a etriatura, not all the medKtaa In the world, alone will ever cure it. a U lm* VyOOL-m.uuu lbs Sheared South Amertcau w ooi.euiteot' I v* Ssttineis Klanucl, tic. 30 upu Ibt. do dodo. xuitab'e l?r Garpets, for (ill in lot* to suit purchaser*, by till. MAN, SMALL k CO. mil Iw* 11 Kerrv street 1000 |'KHAMS DWl'bLIC I AP WRAPPING PA &t.u Ream Cap Wripti.ig Paper. 10jo " Double frown 500 " ('raven Wr loving ' fur sale by I'KltssK at BROOKS, 1 mM St Libirtyet. LUCTRa cordial. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. IT isnuw barely three ye ira eiuee the general ititn dectii n oi ' I the LucinaCordial into the L'nitaJ tfta'rs, end tu that re haa nut only spread its ua- fulnru iliroogh-ut thii h'tni'l'hcre, and suataiii J tliev.vt re| nt .tioii wlich ithal previoualy ai.piired in Kirope. Int lot* alio added to tlie rt n.wnnf it* illnatrtou* inventor b the uuriralled power* it hai beeu discovered to Miraeca in the rure of incipient totiaumr t on. J lie knowledge I ta wonderful intloruca m relevant v and inv'gi.rxti.'g the human fran c, first suggested the idea ot uaibg it in Ml way; mid the result ie tint a medietna hat beeu added to the c italnjuc for the cure ofinripiint catieump tiou, which place* ihe itueaai. w ith due precaution, under thi control oflhe patient It is ecaecely uiccsery at this perioc i to recemmeud the Lecita Ooidial, as *u a'I-sufficient remedy l iu caves if Gleet, b'lnur Albus. difficult or paiuful incus'rua tiun ,lue ml im nee of Urine, nud all dueacea arising from deliil I Italian of the system, whire an i"'iil *e, or a restorative ii wan'ed; a* throughout he United States it haa taken pieoe I 1 dei ce of ill other m'dicinein such casee, end leaves noihius . fui ther to he hoped for; its cures being speedy, per'rit, perms I. | nmt, and effected wi'hvut pain or treuble. Should there how | ever be any peeaon laboring under the above complaints, whi are uuiii u ui til lis ann. vt univcrvany irrifu meriu,i irc>)iBinend it to them with all confidence, and on my own persousi rti[H>u(ibility. feeling ???u eJ it they give it the required trial, i that heal h to the afflicted partita. and gratefulness to l)r. Mag in, will b* the re?"!t IJut an if alt i the caie in Europe, ti e immense American regulation of the Luciua Cordial, ii p incipally bated on its thoroughly investigated, indur bitan e.a?d generally admitted power to euable f mail a, who had beeu coatideitd oairea, to bear offspring; and to restore etiilepowert in males whrn reduced to utter aed apparently 1 ho-ielegt prot'ration, to perfect health aud activity. Wheal i first received the American ageucy of tne Lurina Cordial, | from Dr Maguin, notwit' standiug i't Itlgmt loreignceleb-ir tr, and the great amouut of re>|>eetable let'imany that ac1 eompanied it. I drclined conin.iltiig mytclf iadividnally; t bygiviiig anv prrtoual assume I iu Ihete particulaii; but now, after th- enormnm tale of upwards of one hundred i thousand bniil -a. noupled wi h the receipti of certificatri j an I testimonials ini.-ii neralile, aud murli knowledge founded ou pertonal observation, I can ii-dictita-ingly warrant it at fartaceediugmy most sanguine ho,>e*,or even live idu-trioui inventor's promises, in the fii'filintut of the most important endsfnr which Itis reconuneuile-1, aud has hecoae so justly and i ntr-trially popular. To tie as explicit at possible, 1 rt p-at. aud hold myself personally retpoiisil'l: for the assumption, that theLuei in oiitisl. c..u invigorate the viiie powers umales.aiid make them focuudvnt, where nature hat been defieitu', oi when they hare been protested by ariiticial (Beaut; aa I also that it cm produce that state oftke system in i females, who had been previ listy uu'ruiiful, and imagined barren, which will enable lliem t> bear children. I n gret 1 that 1 hare to speak so plainly, on such raeccdiug'rdelieate, hut feel called upon to do so, lett it might be misunderstood, a id a* a full guarantee for the great reap msibility which I lure cheer.uily assumed. Wi.h letli.qt ofsi iere grantu le for the -x'eisive patronage which, as I he a;tut ol tne cucisa Cordial, hvs o?? i heated up n me iu this country 1 rcmai thefub'ics' very obedient humble te-ra't, JOriN VVl.bT&ivS HOhDhftWKLL. M D fr'ee $3 per t-ottl For sals at 489 B'ovuway, N?wYorj an-' 90 N ir h Sixth strict. Plnl <1 l-diiv ?u?i t m* d rT h o r n e ptONTIICUESto be eonsuHcdconfidentially at his office No v 78 Murray street. Btrangereare respectfully apprizedthat Dr.Horns beinglegall] bred to the Medical profession in the city of London has been i practical member of the said faculty of physic fos II years, fo the last 98 in the city of New York. His practice from beiu g? neral.he confines to a particular branch of medicine, which en gages his profound attention. His experience it very VT**?hi success aahtouishing. He cautions the unfortunate against th | use of mercury ; thousands are annually mercurialised out c life ; recent affections,are, without mercury, extinguished in fewdmyL Bee your caseseradicntsd,not patched up. The lea.-] sd Dr Bach an, emphatically observes?''Married persons, an persons about to be married,should be particularly cautions ( those affections ; whata dreadful inheritance totransuittopoi ^Pe'ctons afflicted with protracted and deplorable eases, Dead no despair oft complete recovery, by applying to Dr. Horns. J residence of If years in New York city, hot established Docto Home's character as a maa of sterling honor, and based on res respectability and skill. Dr. H. offers to hit patrons asuregui rantee. Dr. Home's offices arc numerous, and patiests neve come in contact. Attendance ntiiil mueo'clock in the evtnins NOTICE. rtfj- THOMAS O. HORNE, ion of the liti Dr. Gtoig, T. Horne-reipectfully apnriae* the public thut he continue I hii father i moit auecfaarul practice at hii eilibliiltmeut. No r T8 Murray ilteet. and may be conauited daily until 9 o'clock I P. M.. SundaT* ciccptcd. en4 tin' rpHE Di-SEhVliil) CKLe.BR! TV of Taj lor'i Balaam i? 1 Liverwort, made at 3*5 Bowery. < laal luperctdiug al other lh:ng? in curing cougha eolda, (titling of blood, and al diieaiea el thaehe*'. long* and liver. Niue y?are hav it been tried, ard with the moit uuboimdei uc -eia, which h>* rauted it to he lo much counterleiled The pereon who advert.?ri Dr. Taylor'i Balsam of Liver wort in Spring atrert. at firit under anonymous initial*, am afterward* vV W Taylor, and ag:t n u W llf I hayer. ha net now, nor never did have any connection with the origiua and genuine Tayloi'i Baliam of Liverw rt, which ti ocl made by the proprietor, at Hi Bowery. Buy in iku city onl; at 375 Bowery AaTHMA CURED?"I have i IT red from the efire!* o Aithma along time, and uied every medicine I rould obtain to it| rure in tan, until I ured Dr Taj lor'i BaLain ofLivetwoi at 371 Bowery?thi* inediciio eared tr e MRS. St. RUTON, 31S Lauren it " f|{?- BEWARE OS" A BASE COUN TEh ? HIT.-Oe the tiue and genuine at the old office, 373 Bowr y.and you ar afe. Agentv?Mr. Hayi only, 13* Full?u itreet. Brooklyn; H Rawla k Co , Albany, U. B. Z cb ir, Philadelphia; 8. Powel fc Co..3d Cotxhlll. Bolton. m37 rpHE PRIVATE TREAT.ISE.-Tliii li a little volume oi 1 certain diataaci in which the belt and mmt convenien meant of cur* arc itated ia the plaineat pouible maunet. I alio ihow* the ration why then nialadir* io frequently eon tinue on from month to month,uuciired, and terminate at leogtl in other and permanent complaint!. Indeed, no one can rem 1 thi* little book without iceing at once their true and real na tare, and aiio the riik and danger of truitiug them to ignoran and boaiting people. I With a view, however, to obtain a rational degree of coafl ' deuce in what he ha* advanced on the cure of thoie due a* el. th author Ihitiki it proper here to give a ample atatement of th, meant aod opportuBitie* hi himiall hai had of forming juit am dear opinion* on thil subject. He tlwrefore begi to itate, (ha beaiJei hi* rank ai graduate of Edinburgh, and member of ih, London College, kc he h*a hero watcliii g theie diieaiea. botl in iloapital and city practice tor more than thirty yean, am | ha* published two edition* of a work eipre**ly on them. Alac that he ha* lettera of commendation from th* moat emiueii physician* in Europe to the mod eminent in America, a* Si Aitley Cooper to Dr. Mott of New York and Dr. Phyaick.o . Philadelphia, and other*, and which may b* iten by any ou* And further, that h? ha* the privilege of referring to alino* , every p'n eician of eminence in thia city. Theae are eircum i 1 atancea which afford the highrit satisfaction to every one, e* penally to thoae r.ho are antiou* lo obtain lb* beat advie*.T he price cf iim book i* Si. ' Dr lialph i* ronaulted at hi* residence.88 Oreenwich?tr*el at any hour, and ha* diatinct and arparate apartment* for thorn who have ta wait a little. Couununieatioiaa by poat ar* faith fullr replied to. mt3 In' j PRIVATE CURE. i riOCTOR JORDAN'S SPECIFIC COURSE, No i-Fo I 1 J the prompt cure of C?p or (Joonrrhoea, Oleetf, and al other wtlhral di.charge*. and hi* Srecific (h.urae. No. a, to th* complete eradication, atd permai ent cure of venerea i disease, without eapotnre, inconvenience, or Inn of time ! Each cnurae i* eticloaed in < neat tin caae, eompriaiug even . I medicine, wrah, and req mite, ever required either for interna f ! oreiternal ti?e; and whether the ea??be recent or old, a tur - I i* guaranteed, if naed aa directed. Each package also eon t taina Dr. Jordau'*private treitiae.called the Monitor, wter? ia ia full direction*, with a plain ducription of the naturi f aymptoma, coiiarqaeuce* and treatment of aecret disease*;! which i* added much valuable information, uaeful hint*, an t important advice?removing alj the difficult!** of *elf Heal ment. The price of Monitor i* fifty cent* ; one dollar aeii I | poat paid, will i nvur* it* reception. Tie emu*** No. | and 1 are each S3. *n' guaranteed?admirably deaigned for real I | ilea'* ia the country, being complete, compact, )convenieii and effieienv Po?t paid letter* covering the amount, hav t I prompt attention. Sold for the paoprietor, only at Drog Store i 69 Marion atrcet. rood do.irbelow Pnnce.aeeoml block eai > i of Broadway. Marion flreel ia a direct continuition n ? i Onlrf. 1 ml 4 1 m* KNCHIRIDION MttplcUM.-fhe under* g ltd, a regul i practitioner of medicine in the City ?f New York, meir ber of the Medical luatilutinne of the State ud County, hai icf. during the laat eight ye ire, accompliihrd a K" >' numbe of wonderful end attrpriaing curee 10 every variety of leu landing ilieraeev, offera h'a atteudaner ard mrdieinre withoa charge, until the Patient hae fairly teated the mril cine in tkvi diaeaeee. The advanced age,(being ovir SO yrarv.) and Ion evrerrnce of Dr. Solomon Heine, le a guarantee that the rul lie will not be deceived? He will be found till the let of Maj IgW. at the eornrr of Canal atreet and BroaJway, nod ifti that in Keedatree I, near Broadway. " Niai utile eat ijuod agimu*. vaua eat gloria noilra, Na.ur eaaat, tnedicua curat mortua." ,, _ mi im" SOLOMON HKISK V D WH<> WAN IN A HKM'tlKI'l. CLKAK T complexion t _ HIS ia not addreaaed to ladiee only, but .7" j I b? brief, you areavturfd that frrt* ! 1 mP1J ''Lc' ' burn, Ian, mortihew, or any diafijnrjtion of lbeek.ia. ar. rcr moved by he fialian aheaaicai aoap; dark. th.-k. , ' vfllnwakin rhiBft to a hfiHhjr cliar hoe my I th, tahlia* Ire r r! l/ rtjarl f l#a'lf*t*d tO notify thlt II llO ptlfT Italian ha* lately foiii*edaeo?p of lb# wild herb* of n*a e*un? > trv tin* will ck^ng* th# color of thick, dirk, yt.low/.rmj l tarntilrmto alieaHhy eleartf**; rure of tbintuel f ^/xh AinM rtirrf fcc are laid hytwr petont we? W?vc iN#d tbit. ikat it if ?*cellen?. mod w aiWu>? all to try it i I hit il told br T at tba i?o of the American Kv ile aj?mind 'he right ntnn,,*r.or yon I' he cheitrd?'a? Chat r Ham etveet PilenSueentl c ?he, 1 It rultva *t, Brooklyn. it an agent. ir.3t)tm* SERA 13. ' cHAMPlON WIG iVlAKfcK. " NEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IX ; THE MANUFACTURE UK TOUPEES. 1 DHYLON, tilt Broadway,oppoei'e St. Paul't Church, ia lite I ti;e to ii tr iduce ia Mew Vo'k the I AMAZON TOUPEE, r Being a uew invention of lite eubrcriber. The?e Toinwee ?re mai'e without unapt Dande or m-tallie epr'iije; U ry fit on the j hcudkv anentirely uew contrivance?they c leplay the foretwa I autl templet to any height?they are a* rai> to put ou an I off 1 a* a hat?there ii not a aert rle ofetetl ironnrhraee inthem? the tpiiuge are new inveLimu, bong m-de "i pun tiOLU to I prevent rioting or rot Tliifitacou iu.iug p.ool' to old wig wearer* of their merit A* a ! WIG AND SCALP maker, PHALO.V8 qu .liftcalioae are well ku"wu and appre, ciated He hae proved hiin.elf to be decidedly the beet in the city. Tine it a fact which every wig m.ker Uuowa A convincing proof, if any were wasting, at the opinion of I three of the O/deit and beat judgra in the pruleeaiea in New York cau lentil v. The public cud now judge from the I PREMIUMS. vie. the eilver medal laet year, aud the firet j re in in in Hue. i twarded by the American luetitute, who ie or it uot the beet , Wig maker ui N w YoA n.85 , CRtl\VI ?CREAM?CREAM. Still thef'itiee widely le?m v? iin praise 01 nint ? V crocus f resoi? , The finest f Itivit g Co i pound kuowu, ?it><n>nn Hal cln:l)i shown. 'ill ?o akil'ully prepared Tosoften t'tD the roi ghrst heard. That a dull razor's edve b?etows i A kteuuesa that the sharpttt knows. ' I m pure, and p'raaaut, choice and cheap? , Will in .every climate keep? Make* it a pieaaing taak to shave, And will both tine and hroul'tr a ive. Prepared and sold by C. H. ill N U, 53 Fulton at reel; Ba? rtt.fllt Br.iadway, and 459 Droidway. in21 Im* TO THKHALD ANDGREYHEAI'Lid-JONES' 'P OIL OK CORAL CIRCAt<SI.4. d HOSE whoae hair i? falling out, turning grey, or hat ceaied growing, an article la here offered you at a re.amiable price ?remember it ia not |<uffed?and it will do all it it repreaeuted to do Read tins? 1 certify that my hair waa falling out fait; I combed out h initio's daily, at it aince I hove used two bottles of Jouea' Oil of Coral Ctrcaaaia, it haa unite atopped falling out, and la grow ii g faat and dark. W. TOMK1NA, ft King at. t Thin will give l'ght, red or grey hair a hue dm k look, and in lime came it to grow dark from the rooti. Among olhrra who have used thia aud certify ia J. K. Power,g 'ocei, Brtoklyu; J, Gilbert.jeweller 31 svrntie fold by T. JONKS, eiguof the American Kagle.Sl?unless you are careful of the tight number you'll be cheated with a couutarfelt?M Chatham alreet. Price 3 5 and 9 shillings a bottle?three sizes. Kalton atreet, Brook IJ n,ia agent. BM It* HA IR OIL.?There ia no Oil iu the world that can do good or bad to the hair. F.veiy body kuowa that when tie hair a burned it wi'l grow again aa good aa erer All the powders for dyin.: the hair are nothing out a miilure of lime and lithrage, aud the hair ia not dyad, but li rrally burned. Li .un's for dyiug the hair aie couipoa it in us of cauatic end apirita. that bunia in the s-stnc way aa the powdcru, and duut dye the hair, aud the hair will grow no matter how muny liases it ia burned : and every b dv kiowa ulao, that when the head ia full of d indruff, tin hair begins to turn grey, and b-ildnesi follow*. Krom in experience oft went* yeara, being I hair cutter, and having the opportunity of ezainiuinca great many heada, (and blockhead.) I have made myeelT a great rom,x>si>ion. known aa "Paaior'a Hair Oil. or Compound Kae'utial Oil of Amouds," fordearoying dandruff, preventing the hair from coming out and turning grey. This inimitable Hair Oil will make the hair grow matter how much dnndiuff or soreness ia on the head For aale, wholesale and retail, at A. Paaior'a. Hair Cutter, IK Greenwich atroct, New Yotk. Price SO centa a bottle. mag l m* STRIKER'S HAY ON IHh RLOUMINGUALE ROAD. rIK sub eribf a, having leased the nhove eatabliahment, ae pect fully lufurma hia frienda and lha yublictliat ha will open for theaummer,on Saturday uent, April 1-t. To thoaa peraona who have oace visited It-is romantic and beautiful place it iabeedhaa lo apeak iu ila piaiae, and thnae who have never ae-o it may b convinced by a aingle viait that hi naturally beautiful and pic' ure que fernery i: iu uuaurpaaatd by any arot on the is) md of Manhattan. Hlriker's Bay iaaie nnlea from the City Hall, on the Bloomiigdile Road. The house ia aim ite on the uia-gin of the Hud aon river, alorg the baoka of which the garden and p'raai re gr> uuda ritaud a couaidarable diatance, the walka wincit-g through a beautiful grove of loeual treea. During ihe pact winter many improvemeDtahavebevn made on the premiaea?the road leading to the liou-e h is been widened and graded, neither ezpenaenor labor having ba?n ipared in order to render tine a deters o ily favorite summer resort The stock of wince and liqunra haa been selected (without rigaid to coat) by an ezpeiienced and competent judge Toe ice creams, the e >nf? ctionary,and all other rerrtahm-n.'j will be of th* very brat gualitv. and the charges as moderate as those of any other respectable establishment. The garden mil orcha'da are well supplied with Cowers and fruits01 every description, ?o that ei itora winning to obtain bnuqnats, or baakets of their acveral seasons,can be 1 T* th accommodation or those pi riona who for health or pleweore ride early, hawakfaai will be provided Iroie ( till* in the morning. The comfort and ccnveniincr of Indira siairtrg thi? houae will , be especially aludied,and civility and aUsuliou may alwaya be relied on. t triages atari every hour from No.30 Bowcrv, and passengers a tan alight at the gate. W. COKBYN. u?g7 I m " TKKL PKNtf? Kioiii the cileorairil Manufactory ol do1 aeph dial lot t, of Birmingham.?The high r potation of three pens hat induesd mar.y interior makers to imitate tin m, t therehy injuring the Iwell earned reputa ioj of J aeph Oillntt. '* The Puy.icare requested to be particular from whom they purchase. Jj Thegenuine may be known Ky 'Weir rup tior ({iiality, and ? by Uta style of putting up. A cunalant supply for aale by |f ROBERT f'AKUOW. ^ mil im? M Maiden Line. 1 \] G I'l'tE.?<"migDiea of me Inlln* ng g. oil a, peFThiiu ^ TAROLINTA, from Liverpool, (consigned to order) - are requiated to call, pay their freight, and attend to the rej ceipt ul tl?ir goods, vis:? . B 70, 72 3 caret of Men haudire . IT I truer do , 8 case do B ia diamond 84 88 do do . W 403 I do do , GLOVER Sc McMURRAY. mW ICO Tine street. !, t'Klld's ooo to te.oonlha ol freah Garde,i Seeds, in all the " choicest specie* and varieties, for sale, in quantities to suit pun haaera.kt Bridge oiiu'a permanent i n'abljehwient, cor| neroMSthat. and Broadway. Also," Toe Young Hardener's I Asa slant," containing the reaulta of hie 11 Tears pr. rtiee in Nrw York. As this work has been honored by the award of j a Gold Medal, from the American lualitu'e, which institution, and tie New York. State Agricultural Society, having also awarded aereral conies a* premiums for superior ?i ecitnens il of garden pro Jucts. further commrul ia deemed unuecrstary. a ihIIb' J ir aLHOMiNIk PAINT.?TheKaieoniiue faint having been t rv reverely tested in this city dttting the winter months, f the patentees can recommend it with renewed confidence to the publie. The numerous specimcna of Kalaomine Paint now f dialing in New York, reuders an enume alion of its ad r vintages superfluous ; among the moat prominent are the followirg Kalaomine Color* are m<re permanent.more luminous and agreeable to I lie eye than oil colors They arc applied without occasioning any offensive smell or injurious effect upon n health, and drying in a few hours. Kalaomine paint tray, if properly applied, he washed when soiled, according to direc> Hone in the circular. I Orders received sad pimrtiialiy attended to at the KALSOMINK PAIN T OKPOT, feb it lm? 3S4 Broadway, corner Kranhlin. J I \ANpRI'KF or Iocs ol hair te i-iueed ?by a languto or ob! U atructed circulation in the small blood vessel* w hitli rupdly the ecalp and hair with nourial mon', in couarquence of [ which the perspiration become, thirk ami clammr, and dries J on the suriate, forming a crust called daridrnff which rings uptheprrcsof the akin, aud by its pressure against the roots ol the Itair prevent, it from receivicg eulficient nnuriahinent to retain vitality The hnir then becomes harsh and unpleasant. thai *11 color "nuMMi uu. .....J............ ......... ,, " ?j*<Uily end cffictaiiilly cuied by Jay nc'a Hair Tonic. which revive* .lie dormant power* of the rnrface vreaeli, remove* ! llie dandruff, and produce* a new and healthy growih of hair : to iiupp'y the I t** of the old; and b.?:dueaa i* prevented or re' moved where it already ' ?i*t* : The followirg certificate if (elected, which enfficivntly ) prove* it* e*traordinary vietner? Meaare. A. B. k Sanila:? Gentlemen. an act of jurttce to . you and Dr. Jayne, I eend you thi* certificate to iuform you of ' the invaluable benefit my wife ha* received Ironi the uie of ( Dr. Jayiie'* Hair l'onic. She loat not only her entire head cf hair, hut her ryebrowe alao, and after tiling varioua | other remediea, with no bentfit, the mud Dr. Jayur'j flair Tonic, fche uaed two bottle* before we cruld diacover L the hair had alartrd. aud commencing with the third it a.artcd to grow out finely.aud iu a few week* her lie id and oyebrowa weir covered with a third gro wth ol lie black hair, better than ah'had loe . I think it wa* entirely prodnted by J the nee of the Tonic, and would recommend il to all who need h a aimilarremedy. Truly your*, JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr. D. Javne, 3* South M afreet. Price fit So'dat wholeialeand retail by A. B It D SANDS,dniggipta 71 Kulton. corner of Odd atreet, and too Kulton atreet; , alao aold by Abraham B. Sanda kilo,,No 173 Bioadway, corI D?r of Chamber atreet; David Sanda k Co., No 77. Kaat . Broadway irlJImj QALf fcheu.vt ftino worm tut i kk. bakicr* i> ITCH AND SCABIF.S ?RAYNEk'J lotion AND f 8VRUP it (hi only nmedy which if certain to cure tlie ibo?t J complaint#? harmlepf in iff operat/nn, but certain in iff *fl>cti e ?the l.otion healing quickly. and the Byruprurnjing apreuny. 1". THE V'BUTH WILL THEVAIL-Ur. Ooedweire Deteri geot and Pilli neeer fail to cure a recrnt ca?e ofd'saaiein tt o hourt. if uie I aadirected Try them, all ye aflhetel- they d are free from mercury. Price SO cert earnt THK TO jTHA' HK CON?l Mtr.D-Janiaer, t Extract, it It re'terei in fire minutea after .pylicat.on to the oeiee ,,i the I, tooth, and prerenta decay if the tooth fllted immediale'y it ^KKMALK*'MONTHLY TILLS?Krom M. B indalocqut c of France?cortain. ?-fe aad aperdy to the cure of all caaea t, where nature haa become obstructed. They cura in .few If li'LB^RT'V ANflVIu.H)t;S KAV |LY PI LLS-Kor the rel ef of all eomp'ainta produced by coalite habile. a.ich a< hendncha, heartburn,oour ifnmaeh, dixxinrsa, atnl .' aooetite. they Hare been need with more aucceia than any t ill c> cr beror* offered to the public. Price tt centa per boa. Bold wheleaala aid retail by E. M. OUION: |g7 Bow.ry, ' earner of Orard street. njt lm' ' PHKNCH AI^IKR'IAL FLOWERS, ""d Matar'atf for r florists-HRUN, LA ROSIER J. k CO., IIS William etreet. hare jual rccfired, by the Haere packets, Argo and ? Krancoia tat. and offer for salt ? ' 1000 Boaea breach ArtiAnal b lowers, compriamg a lateral r aiaertment oftha moat fatl.h.liable flow.ra worn io Parla. soo Dot en Pink Bancera, auitabla for flower n akera, war raateaaf the ft rat quality. 10 CaaeaMfcteiiala fnrrlori t?, a|x:?j? er?, mu.lin, flo.a ailka, wiret,IraTia, buda hlnernwa, olirca. kr kr. Thit eatahliabmeiit >? eonatantly raeeiriDg the new at) Irr > of flnworn aa they appear tu Paria. D'alrre will find it to their clientage t < ,1' The I* eitensiee theprlcea inodera'e, and eytry article with the fea'ett care. mai.n* I) b. Alt i AI, L'S OAt KMASI-lrlleti t fiMdid i ' iS?a,?t toq Wa'er atreet. t dnort akoee j'l'hrri'f inirk.i. i he only liehmeat ol the ki d iu the L'mt d Slater, c.>?tinoea to auiidy the N ,ry, the fi meriea Ruui-n a r1 Si in i it mr in wri?n?a ?u pli?i " th- 11 * I' " I ' ' I ! a a fnr thelaet four )e rt?and haa imw the hrv .i h j ' tt cat of Oar?, ad Sculls erte col'rcted ino e p ??? I ' N. B. The Bru ch <>ar Sf. ra, on the .TorHi Rir?r, i? I ah'it up. and rrinoee' 11 too Water atreet ; and ae I a .re it I the cap n ea of o .e at ire. I will aall enough cheat er to llm a I wi.o cmnr from lh? Nagth Riter aid- to rev llwrn | ttmiblh Hrre Boat*, 7 Beats Oar* a I S ulla told > t't icut I'.M th?il?ityar. Mint LD, I l Vwg Ctlli I IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. I Ntw YOHK. September SIC. IMI TuDr C il. King ? fir; Aeyou li..rr re.jueaied n. logire you an aecoaan of how your' Kluirof Lite"acted in my caee, I cheerfully crm- H ply lor tnr hem lit o' othcn. 1 hare bed a conyh every wiuter H mreeirnil i rare, and alwaya got relief from aimp'e herb lea* H till lael ?inter, untlw one thiuir nor the other eeemed to ki . relief, mtd I waa gradually waetiuf away?baring to relicon iny buiinear. Inthiertaiel ? ?a pereuadad by my friend Mr. H IVck to try your tlmr of Life aud before I had fluiehed the H Iottie , I wu not only cured uf my cough, pain iu the cheat. H uighlewta-a Iml able to renunr loi.ine.t ; and find myaelf 10 H rapidly improving lataij friendeareaatoniabed, eipertipg to H bear a) my death instead ot ceeiag me yet active and robuet. I H conaider inyarlf u d it>te<l to > ou for the earing of my life, nnd H any one situated as I war. my nil on H riTtH N HH.VS. 13 Thompson St. Pre jared and for sale hy < H KIMi,5J Kullou, cur. Cliff. ailtlin* HU li-llintra' Sl'tivlAt il otl'l'r.MH la a certain cure I for Dyaprpeia. assisting Uiy:e?11on. wrakuear, nervoue iicaace, night aweata. iu. Sir?I iiavein the courae of my pract'c#iir??rr.k..i - m*rn miters and found them a inoet elticient remedy iu "111 of iu.liv.tiou, acidity nnd debility ol the digestive organs. I by no ineau* class it am hi* the qnck medicines ot the day, but nae which will cooler a great bl> sung cd many of ering Icllow beings. P- J BR VDY, M. D 330 Broome it. . 1 Bf loll iwing ii from L)r K. O. Ludlow. 134 Broadway?[ have used your Bill era in rases of impaired digrstiua, when - ' vegeta Ii tunica were indispeusunle. with a beneficial remit. The ar iclti ol' which it in cenjoied are vary Judiciously i com. oned. and I hare m>doubt will prove lerricerble iu the cases for which yon have recem minded il. ^ Yours. ice. EDWARD G. LUDLOW. Certificate! i f uiaey persons cured can he ireu at the drug * lore 1 So Bowery,rorner of Broome, where the above ii void ; only int ia l ily, and VIn lli| 13? Fulton itreet, Brooklvn fnce large bottler $1: airall 50 cenia. m'J9 lip* j to carpenters, builders, itc. IU9T PUBLISHED,?1 lie Modern Builder1! Ouide, cooJ tammr erfehty eeveu eopp- r plates, wi:h full eiplanauouj. (Minard Lilever. Architect ) This work ihould be in the handa of every builder iu the country. It contain! an nccu rite.ireatue on Hand and Stair Raring, a branch which hat heretofore been but imperfectly noticed in oilier worka. It* publication hai been at'ended with great expenie It ia hand omely bound in quarto, and ia nspsctlully offered to the public, wholesale and retail, bv the > ubiislier, WILLIAM D. SMITH, Architect, Portrait and Card Engraver, ISO Broadway, Inird itorj. Foraale a few Oil Stenca, mutable for Engravers, Dentists, Jewtllera. kc._ mil lm* UNPARaLEIJ.EH cheapness. At the fashionable tailoring establishment, I OS Beekman airett.nrar Tearl. Gentlsin<u who are uow or formerly have been paying extravagant prices for their clothing, are assured that they need do ao no mure, as the subscriber will guirantee to all who patrouise hint, a handomr At, a fashionable style and aicsllent materials, at the following m. derate pricesSup. West of Eug. Wool dyed, black, blue, or gresn dress costs, (tttuVri. Pants, double milled do black, plaid, and fancy cass., f? to ^Vests?Fine cashmere, sa'in,and all kinds, 91 to %s. ( oats mads and 'rimmed iu a superior manner, Irom $7 to *1S? 10 * rin"' WS'0j?,lHN MOFFAT. aTroblem AND the way to solve it. Why do the imitators of my Tablet Kax ir Strop allow me to carry off the pn mium medal aad diploma, from the American Institute, year alter ye r. without even submi.tiiig theirownfor tna I O ye of tender ichiuaand toug'i beards, answer the above by briugug a dull p ir of Razors, aud lest for yourselves he truths t f the certffieates of the moit scien iAe gentlemen in the country, vi?: Professor Griscom, Dr. Mo't.Gen. J.. Tjl'madge and others. tl SAUNDERS.sole inventor aud manufacturer of the metali7_ I., 1. d . h..?^ ?.ii. i..... ...I... i?i ??J m3t In,* ' T REC HIL 8? LKEl/HKM.?10 100 vrry fine laige anAh#iltliy IJ gmyruud Oertnai U'chti. far sale very rriMDiblr. wholesale and retail, cr earefvlly applied by WM Wa TUliUS, l he-ist and Pharmaeatist, Apothecaries'Hall, 3< Catharine at VJE1DLITZ AND SODA POWDERS?Warranted very O superior true ra to what are g? n-rally told, pat up expressly for faoiily use. Kor sale, wholesale audretail, by WMW A I KO U 8, C hernial and rharmacutiat, Apothecaries' Hall, jSCatharinrat. mH |B? 't He. I'Kl'K Rlt'HfcS Or' LIKE IS HEALTH-The ' only genuine Taylor's Balaam of Liverwort from the aole projui' tor at 211 Sprit g atreet,haa never been haown to fail in curii g the moat alarming symptoms of Consumption and Liver Comvlaiut. We have certificates from hundreds of most respectable persons, certifying to the surprising relief they have reee.ved in uung the article from 211 Spring street. Owing to the assertions of couaterftiters, the following sworn farts is now published? Oily of Brooklyn, Kings County, as:?E. Townsend being du'y sworn, deposes and says that he is personally acquainted with the proprietor of Dr.Taylor'e Balsam of Liverwort, and does f?it'fy Com his own kuowlc'ge that the only person now living, who prepared Ihis medicine at 375 Bowery, and is the sole proprietor, resides nail transects business at 211 Spring a'reet, and mai ufactares the genuine Ba'ssin of Li- I vtrwurt st that place, fi out the only original reeips in exiatsars. K. TOWNSEND. Sworn before me this 17th Jsn 1812. 8. A ETHEL'S SMITH, Com ofDerds. I crrtify from my own personal knowledge that the above atalrin.uta in riganl to the ownership, he. aretrus. , 8. AI.PHh.rh SMITH. Br ware of Counterfeits, as tha great question eflife or death may depend u|on having the genuine mcdjcins, msdo only in this city St 2tl Spnug street. Agents?lledeiug 8 Stats street B?stou; 31 Maiu street.and T? Fulton street, Brooklyn; 118 and 218 Droadstrret, Newuk. Trice?Large bottles $2, neit site (I,and smallersize S3 crnts. m28im* t)U<iLK'S PATENT Mt.'lALLlt; ELASTIC BOoT IV HEELS.?The sub-cn* er begs 1e?reto inform thr public, that ha has commenced to manuf-cture and sell books with this valuable invention, whichouly uttds to be known 10 he universally adopted The following a*s some of the many advantages it possestss over every other kind lot?'The elasticity adds to the durability of tks boot ouethird. , 2d?It irakss no more noise on the Ihsn a slipper. The auplessant clinking noise of the iron heels is obviated. 3d?D prevents boots fiorn running down at the aids or burk. Un? Its elasticity enables one to walk witn much less fatigue, the heel givi g a natural spring at each step. 5th?It does not cut and tear carpets, like the iron or nailed heels. In order to krii g this improvement within the reach of all, the subscriber has concluded to put them at the same price* of the common keels. Boots of every quality and description, wholesale and retail, at the old stand. H. NEWELL. mtlm* 144 f Ititham street. rtTTUATKEL. 101, CanAI. Al'MitT, near CkURtff. LJ ?Now ,o well kuown in this city lor very many grvat and extraordinary cures he has pe.-foimed. in all rases ofdelicste disease, even after all other remedies havt failed," si in continues to be consulted by the afflicted of both sexes. His mode of treatment i' too well known to require commendation, hi ving been in the practice for 20 years, in lbs first kospltats of Erance. and ten years in this efty, remoring all peca linr diseases with success and despatch, and without the aid either of Mereary or Balsam. Person* afflicted with protracted and dtplotabfe rases need not despair of a complete reco try, by ai?pl> '? t0 Doctor Laurel, who offers to nig potrouo a suae giMroatoe or no charge. At home antH ( P. M- and charge moderate. ml ,m* 7YAR87TWKr.PS AND SCLTlCS?Notion is hereby gTT U en, that I have discontinued the branch oar establislinienL in West street. North River side, aid do all my business at iny old Oar Establishment. 402 Water street, and aa I save all the espeases of one store. I wiMsell Oars, Sweeps, and Sculls enough (header to pay for coming from any part of the city IO inc w?r ritisniiRuuiciu, iv* ?? ??.?: ?uwi, ine uwuri auvvv ttlhariiie market. JOHN A. PEAR8ALL. m< Im* THE TEETH?The TEETH?The beet mineral teeth in ei ted from aainele tooth to an entire let, with little or no pain. Looae teeth aerurely fastened; ranone teeth tilled; ulrer.trd rutaor teeth eatrarted; toothache cured and the beet artificial teeth uaed, by Dr. Buakey. 35 Murray atraet. Term eaah; coargea moderate. All operationa warranted, inte cod 1 re* H~ OBK'8 PATEN P METAL1C SLIDE EXTENSION DININO TABLES-Theae Tablre are decidedly auperior to all other Kstenaion Dining Tablea that hare erer Keen made, and are therefore recommended ts public alien Hon. The difficulty attending tnoee of fcrmer eonatruetion in opening and ehuttiiif, la well known, and liae dr -;emueh to limit their uee: but all thoae difficultita have ' n remedied in lha Patent TaMee, aa the alidea herein uartt n a re metallic connections of a particular eonatruetion. and are not liable to rnnheavy no account of the alternate?welling and shrinking of the wood, in damp and dry weather. Thoae tables always run aaay,whether they be placed in the hotteet parlour, where the wood frequently warpa. or in a damp place, and are therefore to be re.ouiinri.drd alro f.rthe use of atearnbo.U-lhey are besides a more splendid and mot* durable article than any brfort m?eufke*ure4?are msd? m til Jrtimble form* anil p%Curut. ?od of any l?ng?h rrqinrfd. Tb? public ia respectfully invited to call at the Wirerooa of theaubaenber. NO MO (irand. corner of Elm street, in the new large building of thf New York Public School Society where the aricle may beeiamintd. _ m?99tend* ' T. 1IOBE. Patenlee. UaTa.NA?MK?..WEST'S cOAkuiMU HOl'SK ia tt removed to the ( alia Ban Pedro, Na. 1" enfrente de U Ma;hini." By thia latter direction the building ia known to all boatmen.roar hm?n, porters Ac., aa one of the moat conaptcuoue pointi of the rtty. The evtanaiva alterationa and repair* upon thre houae having been completed. Mra. W. haa the aatia action of offering to itrangere viaiting Havana. an eatab'iahinent faraaperior in it* location to any thing of the kind evar before knowa ia the eily. It ia situate directly wemn the Bay. and commanda an vatenaire viewc f lha entire haroor.with the adjacent country, own. villages, Ac.' Qiy- Passengers lorHavana must oh'aiu a pa.eyirrt from, or jnc verified by, a Spanish Couaul, which,on arrival, ia taken by the boarding officer* to the Oovenime*t llouaa, where, in conformity therewith. permit to land with bagg wge, Ac. haa lobe procured by aome reaideut of the place. Persons neuron, of going to Mo Weit'i bouar, will Please if the t'lrrk who virile all veeeele with ptsatwgrre, ae uol la they enter the harbor. Havana, lien. U IM1 uNrn.: In' npo MILLlNrRH Ai>u |?K l AlaJ R^-l ItMtr.HK k k Br'.lll.T, 10 William etrrrt <>lfer? for aale, at very to* pride a aplendid areortment ol Kreneh .Millinrry (Jo-da, r.n niltn c ol the neweat i nil n< at f.iehi tiahlr it\ I- oI Mtraw Bounrte, Ar iScial Klotcra- Hibbone Milke. Terlataner kc. Dralrra arc Invited to examine the eeme before i orchacng Ire where. 'PUR NATI ItK <'r UKAMiKKtir* Pll.f.S-BenyaI min Brandrelh'e Pillaare in their niture eimilar to the vegetable* uard by man lor food. 1 hey arc ?ubyecl to the earn* d'g- at ion in paeriog from tie rtomarh to the lotrcfinee. They are paced into the circulation which nnpo'c. whereby the UI-OOD tl r we out .1* IV|TI HIT III I NT I'll tb? h.tirfU Thrr UP01' ?\ *"* IBlpirt* lie- ?.f lite btnl) n iu b a w ?un?r Ibal lh#ir eOBflctl purifierhy r-recreran e.r wi?. with, at do..b remove or grre'ly relieve etrry ruaUdy . cole a t lo t*-e 1,11 oaucyrtrm. I hie h?* been pro ted in i.nn.. nl.t're htetaaeer, and i? eot.flrmei by the eiidencc r.f thot"l J.''u hat to be genuine mtiat have via rig,.hirer upon it? two ?no,I each laOrl?one feature heing B-r j imn, Braarfreth nil n,# other B- -randrelh. M I>. The it ft * >1 DRKTH flLI.H f,re eo!d at Dr BrandreiL'e principal I tSce, No. Ml Broadway, between Park Piece and tlarra ilfi I ?l>" -t hie retail < Hi ea gtt Bowei y ? ! , vt I H i 'unit "tree* near f anal. f liutrre.1 eeording to act of Ccngraef, by n Br. oh, in i'.? rev i?4j. in ihe Clerh'ec lh : orthe Southern l>lc?ie? of N.wYerk^ t A > t r. H.?11 e Iileioie Ol a young lad. ijouui Hyeeri V wi.h'nto atip'enlie* him to a re?pert,be v.?.'er '1' e' .i|i:. T'yt boy i# am ?rt, n ,d haa rec?tred? goo.1 nla.a re ? c ,tm i K ir port cu'-tri r'et** apply *t II . earletreet. UiJJ t /

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