Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1842 Page 3
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OO- ?T. PETER'S CHURCH, BARCLAY STREET. ?On next Sunday evening, Apiil 3 !. a course of Lwures, explanatory of the Catholic doctrines, will b* commenced in this church. The object of theee lecture* is to impart instruction to the member* of oar owu creed, and to afford tooth rs an opportunity of learning oa what ground* our tenets and discipline are established. Service will commence at seven o'clock. Arc lit merit-on Screw. CK7- NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned has been appointed sola agent for the United States ol America, of Smith's Patent Archimedean Screw Projiel ler, and is prepared 'o contract for licenses to use the tame. Any information on this subject may be had ul him at 54 Pine street. RUSSELL STUROIS. New York, March 1, ISH. al 1m City Despatch Poet. 46 William stssst. Principal Office - Letters deposited before half past P hall past 1*4. and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1 and 4 o'clock. Branch Officfs.?Letters deposited before 7,11 and 1 o'clock, will be sent out lor delivery at 9, I and 4 o'clock ALEX. M.UREIO Agent. CUT-"WE WERE SO DISTURBED LAST SUNDAY by several persons who were almost constantly coughing, that we could hear but little of the discourse of our clergyman. Today we recommend all who are thus liabl- to annoy the audience to take some of Shermtn** Cough Lozenges with them, lhey are sold at Rush ton A Aspin wall's three stores ; Sand's, 373 Bowery; 77 East Broadway, and 189 Bowery. MONKY MARKET Saturday, April 9-0 P. M. The talei at the Stork Board have not been large today, but rate* have generally improved. Illinois 6 ? J; Delaware It Hudson lj; Long Island 1; Mohawk 1 per cent; New York State ft's J; tales of bills on Philadelphia par. . A proposition in the Philadelphia Legislature, to levy a tax of one mill, in order to raise the sum $1,340,000 for State purpose*, was lost 43 to 36. The loan bill it appears hat passed the House of Repre tentative*. The bail at it now stand*authorise* the loan of $13,000,000 for twenty years, with the privilege of $6,000 000 if the Prerident require* it, making $17,040,000 to be put upon the market without the appropriation of one dollar to m;et either principal or interest. Of course such a stock could not be negotiated at any rea' sonable rate, and therefore the Secretary i* authorized to sell it for whatever he can get. This ruinous step has been taken against the express desire of the President, to appropriate the revenues o( the public lands to the redemption of the debt ; every motion to tlfect this was crushed by the domination ef faction in the national councils, and the credit of the United States and its mercantile character may be considered effectually damned. The government has no prospect of any revenue whatever during the present year, and will go behind hand to the full amount of its expenditures which will not be less than $36,000,000. The present debt is $30,000,400, which will be diminished by the absorption of the Treasury notes for tha customs $10,000,000, leaving the debt at tho expiration of the year if no extra expenditures are incurred, at least $36,000 000, bearing $3,160,400 annual interest. If then through the operation of the tariff the revenue for the succeeding year is even (raised to the level of expenditures, nothing will remaiu for the payment or the interest, or the creation of a sinking fund; a resort to borrowing will be the only alternative, and a fearfully rapid accumulation of debt, the inevitable result?a debt too, for which no equivalent is to be received. This prospect of affsirs will prevent the stock from being sold, unlets at very low prices. In Europe it cannot be sold at all, without some specific pledge. There is now upon the market but little more than 66.000 000 of United State* stock, and the highl it price offered for it i* 90 or 10 per cent discount. The mw stock pnt upon the market Without pledge or guarantee, will not bring 80, if indeed it oould be told at all-, but we will auppote it can be aold at 80. In that caae, for an iaaue of $17,000,000 the people will receive but $13 600,000 at an annual charge of $1,0*10,000. Thi* ia giving a bonua of $3,400000 for the money, equal to the land revenue* for two year*, according to the receipt* of the lait year. Now the recommendation of the President wa* simply that the land revenue* should te pledged, a* of yore,for the payment of the interest on the lean,in which case the stock could at onee be negotiated at par, 'making a clear sav >ng of3,400,000 to Treasury. There are now no visible means for the paymentofthe government interest, bowever good the will may be, and amidst the universal discredit, it is in vain to expect capitalists to take such risks The State of New York wants money, and ahe has taken the proper course to get it?that is, to convince lenders that she has not only the ability but the will to pay. She has levied and pledged a tax to meit her interest?her eredit is now above suspicion, and very far above that of the federal government, and ?yet the discredit arising out of the depreciation of the United States stocks may prevent her stock from rising. States, Corporations, and individuals in the remotest channels * of trade, will feel the paralysing effect of the disgrace of the federal government. It is impossible for the travellers at the base to escape the avalanche that is thundering from the summit of the mountain. The money wasted and thrown away out of the National Treasury cannot be supplied by import duties, for the reason that in the presout low state of the currency here, any material increase in the tariff will become protective, and diminish the revenue. It will be with the utmost skill in the adjustment of the tariff, with a view only to producing the greatest amount of revenue that ?ufli:ieut can be obtained to meet the most economical scale of current expenditure, and the late refusal to appropriate any fund to meet the interest and principal of the loan created is, on the part of the Clay faction, an unequivocal avowal of the doctrine of repudiated *. ! They have created a debt, and peremptorily refuse to appropriate any thing to meet It. What can the most ultrarepudiators do more than this T His policy is backed by the high tariff men, whose desire is to squander money, in order that the tariff majr^ be raised, but in this they defeat their own object, because when the revenue becomes really deficient, it becomes indispensable to encourage the greatest import of foreign goods, at the highest revenue duty, if the duties are so high as to become protective, they must be reduced in order that the revenue may be increased, and the line between the protective and revenue duty fluctuate* with the currency. The people at large suffer both ways? they must pay the revenue tax, and if the duty is protective, they must pay exorbitant prices to home manufacturers. In this country the consumers of manufactures far outnumber the producers, and it ia the duty of a republican government to legislate for the benefit of the consumers. The pica of retaliation ia unwise, inasmuch as our own people suffer more than foreigners under it; its operation wai long ago thus described by the immortal Dr Franklinie" Suppose a eountrj X with three manufactures, ss cloth,silk, iron, supplying three other countries, A, B,C, but is desirous of increasing the rent, and raising tbe price of cloth, in favor of her own clothier*. In orjer to do this, she forbids the importation of foreign cloth* from A. A in return, forbid* silks from X. Then th* silk weavers complain of a decay oftrade. And X to content than forbid* silks from B. B in return forbids iron ware frem X Then th* iroa worker* complain of decay, and X forbids the importation of iron from C. C. in re turn, forbid< cloth* from X What ii rot by all three prohibition*' Aniwer?All four And their common itock of the etij jymrnUaud convenience* of life diminithed." Thi* develop** the principle of retalittion, which may alto b: illmtrated by a homely maxim, " cutting olf our own note to apite the face." Sales at tu* Stock Cichanca. 11 too N Y 4'*, 18*1 61 ltfli* D?l it Ilud astt'OO do do (ft 2 > do in 1300 to 5**, 185* 771 SOO do *30 *3 mow ill $}'*,??! 71 25 do nw *i MM do , do 7*1 25 d* *4 3000 Illiuou B ndj 15 25 ?h> Carmen-Loan, 1* lOOOdo d* u I"l 5 do f 9 Bauk 3 *oeo Indiana 3oud* 18 ? do Ohio Life kTiuat 1$ 3*'00 5? '*1 5 do Cauton 171 000 do alO 18 So do Mohawk 44 5 ?l?i Ban of A mere* *u .50 do b'O 45 I.h. Del k Hod H t " 110 <}" |?0 .hi L 1*1 RR in* 4* is do (i* *i i*w a, t30 75 do 93 32* do 50 25 do 'J 1*5 do bio 5*1 100 do *1* 21 332 do 4* 25 do *10 *3 oconet Board. 1'Oihilanldil.d 010 42( II ah* Mohawk *15 441 10 do M*>h?wk to loo do Lour laUad S3 ro g'> d* do *20 45 100 no do 50 25 do do *|0 Mf State of Trade. A*h**?Siace our la?t. 49 bbla Pot* hare been taken for riport at ?4 25: and 90 do at a fraataon above that price. We cannot learn that there it any thing doing in Tearl*. Coiren?The maikft ii heavy. We notice vale* of Brazil,at 7f a Oi cent*; Laguavr* 9. with tome at 91; 230 Java. I of a II; J00 Sumatra,9}; 250 Cuba,*} a 9, all 4 mot; and 4d0 St. Domingo, 7 Ct*. rath. Cottow?Thoroceat unfavorable advice* from abroad have induced buy era Cor export to require a fill further reduction in prieez, to which holder* do not? cm wil ling to accedo. The Uan*action?, which have been at about previou* rate*, embrace 1000 bain Upland and Florida *t 44 a S< cent*; tof Mobile 0 a 900 New Or laan*. 4] a9J, and 41 TexM 7|, anort price?making a total forth* week of 5400 bale*. Sua***?Price* continue very lotr. We notice eule* of taMthhda. Porto Rico *t 4 *44 eeate, inelnd-ng 10 very prime at ; 400 New Orleene, 14 a 4; 45 St C-cix Si a 9J; 1M bbla. wkNe Brotil **0 beset brown Harr* na 4 a 4f; 1M white do 7 a a, all 4 month*, and 4# hhd* tId crop Porta JUeo far oapoet,on term* not made public DIM. On the ad instant, after a lingering illness, with Chritiau fortitude and reiigntioD, Bt'un, wife of Wlllianr* Taylor, aged 53 yesrs. #w Her friends and acquaintances, also the f. lends of ber sons, Wm. Tat lor, jun.. Jonah N. Clark and Johnsoi Oillen; also of h?r brothers, Andrew and John Hvei are res]tectfally invited to attend her funeral this afternoon, at half-past four o'clock, at No. 243 Delancy St. On Fiiday. 1st lost, after a protracted illness, Mr Jo mi Booth, ir. in the 43d yearof h s age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, his late residence in Eleventh street, near Broadway. The remains will bett'ken to the Green wich Cemetery for interment The personal acquaintsrces of the deceased, and all others belonging to the Indepindaut Order of Odd Fellows, of the Columbia Lodge of 1 O. of O. F. are respectfully in vited to attend. On Friday. 1st inst. Mrs. Fakut Littlifield, in the 76th y-ar of her age. The triends of tne family, aad also those of her son-in- t law, Captain Bamuel Bourne, arc invited to attend her ' funeral, frem her late residence. 62 Hudson street, this 1 day at 4 o'clock P M. without further invitation. ( On Saturday morning, 10th inst.at81 East Broadway, Mri. F.UMOti Baitsh, aged 2d. The friends are respectfully Invited to attend her fu- ' neral, this afternoon, at half past 2, when her remains will be carried to the Welch Church, 369 Broome st. . On Kridav mo mine I ? inat after a kinvprinr illnpftfl. borne by her with Christian fortitude and resignation. Sophia Av wood, wife of Mortimer De Motte. and daughter of Nathan and Sophia Jackson, in the 3Mh year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family, as also those of herfather, are respectfully invited to attend her fune ral, frcm hi. residence in Fourteenth atreet. corner of Third avenue,on Sunday alttrnoon, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation. On Friday. 1st inst. Franco Saltonstall, infant daughter of Thomas M Baare.agcd 16 months. The friend* of her father, end the family, are invited to attend her fanera),ou Monday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence,corner of Avenue B and Tenth street. On FriJay afternoon, after a short illness, Mrs. Sarah Patau, aged 78 year*. Passengers Arrived. Lordoiv?Ptcket snip Wei'mi ater?Oeo Potter, of L )id>n, Oee Woodioffe, NY?rk?44 iu the steerage. Liverpool?Packet ship New York?H Shaw, and 1*4 in tha aletr-tge. Liverpool?Packet ship Westchester?John Gi!lis snJ lady, and St iu i he .teerait*. Havana?Brig Ohio?Men s Weat, Madigtn, and Ash- man. < Porto Oarvllo?Brig Pednti?C Kxitoa. I Attakapas?Biig Frai cis Ashby?Captain Benia and lady, ? Cspt Almey. I t j Foreign Importation*. I London?Sliiu Westmiastier?i bVa N L Oriawold?SJSO j hars'iron Davis k Bracks?1 chrst Kodwell k Dodirr-I case r Ilev J Biownbe?1 GBOroaet?l C M Wh-atlry, k'sij?1 J ' Cudlip? 1 W Knsiell?< J Gihunk co?1 8 I Koala b eo? 1 ! Ntviks k Co? I Bowcn. Joais k co? 1 Joaea k Wateiburj ? 1 1 Blunt k co?iBi'ber, Brnthtra k eo?< A Meaarj? 1J Mar ton keo?t hot Harndeu k co?1 Goodhue & co?I cue W A ? Coimic?43 boxes 2 bales 14 cases 3 casks Dodge, Counting . fc co?JO pun< 4*o' s G A.Moorewaud?3 yka OM Harwood J ?3cues Clsik, Wej m?n b co? tea 1 pkg Heascher 4 Guk- ' hart?3 cases Oar. y b Hart?1 Palon k Sir wart?3 D Appletonk cc?3 E Baldwin?to G S Soien b co?I bos 5 ca es R Man'in k eo?2 chests I b?x 3 cssri Wilacn k Browu? SAB Stewartk co?101 J Horaelay?icases Hose k Owen?6 W C Liltl?13 T Ur.mnthal fc co? I Haberihaw k Junes? n Lewis b F-airmaa?2 bales J fcl btvwart b e??8 Parsons St ? co?3 lasksGlius- n k Smith?3 oses G C Thorbura? 6 aiilii l box O Ahreu'eldt b co? (cheats 1 box E Fiedler?100 b?gs . 33 chests H I. 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Hataia?Brig Ohio?26 bxi su;ar Ch??teliiti It Ponveit?103 hhds Mj-soult Thompson?0 cs eegars L Bassnie?800 qr Has do Wichelh mseu It Aciill'ss?157 bnxts do J B Lasala?23bbls 71 bxs tvg<r 1 i kg tobacco S b sweetmeats Goodhue It to?It do segars Donne?4 do G D Wist?I box sweet metis M Madt|?. MsrASZAi?Hsrk Ovandc?328 I hds sugar 40 do miliar r? 5 tea honev Nesmitk St Leeds?to hhds sugar K Btetena fa son?lu d i 180 bxs d? J J Tayh r? 43 tes 5 hbls honey Spoffotd, Tilextonfa eo?;o hhds i'mar to order. Mai tossr?Brig Cato'ine?265 bills t kins 913 bbls oil 57 hides 4 d i hoar /kins 197 hags If chests K .bis almonds 2l>0 pigs tin Hswlandlt Aapinwall. Domestic Importations. ArsLArHtcoLA?Brig Wm Taylor?II bales eoitta Martin Steo?S OOeorge Collin?-80 Jas Holford?36 O K Miltbv?|i Mailland, Kennedy fa n?13 Wolfe, Bishop fa eo?130 John H Talman?If Slurg s h Clearmao Arnir hii-i'La ? Bug Ann Eliza?231 bales cotton E D Hurlbut faro?2ii Palmer V K'lhun.?40 Boorman. John Ion facie? 19 do W H Starr?22 Suii'h, Mills fa c )?100 feet lumber Nesm th fa Let do James Drummon1?087 bales eollnn 20 3o deet skins 128 12OOU feet lutaber Huberts It Williams? to too feet ?l? Woodlutrv?43 logs cedar J Vvn Cleef?3 be J H Hart? C D Lrs'e- ?95 bales cotton II do ikins L Kuopn an ?3 kegs I W ilson. facw tlaLKa.xs?Bark Citizen?9061 bbls floor RCrcok-40 haleo c t un Petkiut, II /pkins It Win e? 63 casks wine Ft ch fa eo. New Oslkaivs?Brig Clarissa?120 casks molasses De Peyster fa Whitmarsh?186 hhds sugar D Hart?400 bb's pork ti order. MARITIME HERALD PORT OV WF.W lOBK, APRIL 3, 1849. srx 41 j noon bisks 2 | - - - Is i 2 59 Oopartaro of th? Atlantic luanm. raoa rnalakd. from imf*in G. Weft' rn. Iloakra April S April tt Britannia. He? itt April S Mir I Cal-d. ?i?, l.otl April It May || Acadia, Kyrw- M?jr 4 Jnae | G. Wnlirr, Hneken May II June It Columbia, Jiidkiiii May It Jum It Britannie, Hewitt June 4 July t . Caledonia. Lott June It July IT Ac*dit?, K; ne July t Aug. | , G. Weateru. Hoiken Jnly t Auf. 4 i To Ship Martrn. We ah ill eafrrm il a favor, il captaina of reaarla arriviny h-rr. wdl tire to Commidnre Biaaelt.of our newa art oonera, araiNirlol the ahippiiif left at the port whence Ihey aailid, < the vraar'a i;mhrn on Ihrir pa??kr. and a hat of their car**. i Commodore Baraet! mil hoard ihem immediately on their I arrival. We will reciprocate the furor in any way. i CI ear ml. Alii-a faria, Hoffman. Jl tlrrdaoi. T F I mint*: K.mroa iBieni.a) Teeklenherf, Bremen, Nolte'iua * Parenatedt ? Briya Cortia, Abbott. Bnuth America, J I'eterafcCt; Henry Letd', llu phrry, hir/ed III >rd Nramilk 4t I.eedi; Krauc a Amy. P-rk Havana, <lL Meecb'm: Rami SO* t, Gray, Bath, i Me. AJaoph Chauncey; Odeon. Nickcrton. B4 lohnr, NK lame Mead, tttudley, Darken, Gm. RM Uemill. F annv Con, Baker, Ge?'?etown, sC; Cornelia. Pat- ' if.ft-' J-latll ? B?hra William*, (iale, jtanyor. Kimball fc*b. Uon. Oaclaralinn. I.inlrr do. I PBuek; BaJem. Mai- ! w.V 55''a? fil'.Maaat Peni.Oilchrial.Calaia; Alkeit.Davi*. r<i Iliad; Fnai.Hgaii.llo.tMi Mail. Lou. y. do: Pamelm. R A ,fV2?U*lJ*m>JlofV' Richmond-. Ann D. ?v, ?w , -W.WZsri5ite.V-MTdii/af ! tptta left' ' Zr'*7|r^ >*" ai t -e'o a (he W hmnd to tl ia I Ea. ,l.?.d a Nto, 41 mile, dia- < taat, pnaaad a aumbrr of quarter caaka and li e* of who * ?stf ?,)uiu j .ssxi's 3:Xiti'&&rc!?'?cr,<i'?zzi large qmotiimi of iee on the tana. Packet al.ip Wetuh atir. Karri*, from I imnaal l>k 4 mdt-.loB Hichard*. K?>T. * ?t. Ion II. tgCTS'c&i if I Dnthory M dara ftomVtlpRqlt* Silt HaMyKM m,. ' an, of PtiBtdtlpjui. Ml orai board (tag the eathaad, aW a at p Irowu. d?* imi W. blow i- g a fair ai tb? lime. 19lW. ?* T A'nbam*. of Button, fUi ding K The W ha* eipcnerctd ? n- timet mo of wrmrly gain durii t thep.eaeg*. Bah Oreado. N'choU, 13 day a from Matanaa*. molae?ei, kr. 10 Neemi'h k Le:d* Baik Orpray, Gay lord S3 day from NawOrle anr, Willi 40 0*0 uaBoni m..!a?fm Co J Taylor, lolh u!l. off Key W**l,ipo>? ling b raokliD. 40 hnura f. um Haraua for Portland HanahuiK bark Berth , (Mr ?5 day* from Hu d? Jaualro r ffr* and Llder. 'o N D Carliile. Bark Cilirru. Barktr, IS day* frtm New Orleaiu,tolloa 'o Bart tow k Pope. Bng Pcdraxa. |{>itrliin?nn. I* dayf from PortoCahello. wilr. 1761 biff c ffre f *i ri hidra Pica not indigo to P HerraO?)'k I'n. I rfl kaik Arila, B >krr, wig r-aago, fcliii Com Warring Ion.'iatobrll do; John. <' ffin. to fail n?il d >y. No dalr, lal *144 Ion 72 41, fp-ke blig Police 10 daiifroui Porio Rico for Bofion. tin. Chio Veaey, IS dan from Haraua, awgar,ke. toordar Ver??l? 'eft before reported Brig Fraiiria Aahby, Randall. II da (from Atlakepra. wi n IS; lihdf 450hb'? ni lit if lo PrrkkSayre. Hailed i co.w|th aihra Cora, for, and Emily. forrortfmoiilli Leftfchr llari n t. for Portfinouili, fo?an. S4ib ult. lat 45 I*. ho"*?, aw a Ivge (tram fhi.i. fteering 8*E. ruppoeed to be Brltieh; 15th. lat 47 54 li'I TS 30. (poke brig Oulnarr * day* fm Trinidad 4* Cuba for NYork: enme day, balk Nautilua, I dayafm Mala) z f for HI Te'erfburg. Bng Wot Taylor, hoev, 16 daya from Ar-al>ehic*la. cotton, :o "Itiigea k Clearman 31.t nit. la'37 S3 l*n 74. pa*aed bark Ann La uiaa.of NYo k, at- n< ing to the ronthw*rJ. Bng Junior. Brown, from M?i tr. uiro. and 13 dayf from St 1'hom.a, wtnr? ?h- |>ut I lu diatiru, with hidea, lixir, 8 c. to nil ?r. l-lt n' t recoil, cted Brig Catiline, Hill. 43 daya from Maxigan. hi-lea, akiu*. fcr. n lluwland Hi A*piuw?ll. Left no Aincricnn vaaaela in ;ort. Biic M J >'<JoF. 11 dava Iron Matanzv. with 346caakawir. i?ei to F O Thu-vton. Saibd in co. with bark Ovaudo, for hew York. Leu bug Tarq-iin, for New Y'ork, next day, anil jthe a. Brig Betaey, Burnham, 8 .liva from Savannah. lumber, for JieNavyYai*. Brig 'am-a Drammocd, Woodbury, SO daya from Fenaacola, c' order Brie Ann Klin, Malmr, from At alarhicola, and 7 daya from iey Wee', cotton, to F. D Hut lint k t'n. Brig CUii???. WaHa. uj daya frjm New Orleana. n??'aaaea, o maaler. Off Satd Key, apoke bark MamUrin, fm NOileana or Boaton. fchr Cohiai't, 8 ara. ( daya from Georgetown, fliur, to W Ik C Hitchcock. Sclir Rival, Clark, 5 daya from Norfolk, naval atorea, kc. to dart k Co. BchrMary Wilka.Uoff, I daya from Baltimore, with flour, o mailer SchrConatitulian, Smith. 4 daya from Aleaabdria,witk flour o mailer. Sihr Maryland, Law eon, 3 d ya from Pnowhill, with corn 0 maatrr. Below. One alup, u.known. Marine Correspondence. 8t Thomia. March 17. Reportof A ahiyping in port and recent departure.: -Louie, NYork.diag: Beboi?, fm Guadeloupe for Juayama, aai'ed 16 h; Calcutta, fin Barbailoea. wtg frt; Genl Stark, do do; Bunker Hill, from New Haven, via ilie lalan.'f, liag: Zealand,fin Antigua leaking frt; Pacific fin Philadelphia or Pouce,di?g; Thooea, fm Bei badoea, wlgfrt; Primroae, (?) oaail na eruiae in two day a-put in f rauppliea 8 month* out. oat overboard C" W Coleman, aged 14 yean; Caledonia, (w) ml in in diatraaa in a leaky etale, coademicd and aold; Kri*. in M rhlehead. dieg; Violi, Gloueeater do; AHiguash, Baibil.iea.wt* frt; Ontario, fin Belfaat. i'lit ?rr, tr\ ing the market; turan.Triuidad. do. aeek>a| fr ; Adriatic, fin Boaton. aold caroof ire, c 'p'ain trying to cloae aa'ea <>l th* bri'; CUri'D, (a) Vil'iama, fin NYerk for Havana.tail d 13th; I hipeila. fm and or St' roil, bronchi over paaaengere ud tailed the earae day; .lewellyn. fm Guadatouie for Wilmington NC aaile l 13th in allait; Ileleu Maiie, -weetaer, from Demarar.i for Ouiyaina. ailed 15th, t< lead Tor NYnrh; ( baa L Voir. Ada na. j ut ait ram Trinidad, for frt; Joi.u Dunlap, Hiliaid, from Boatun, juat nived. General Record. Packct ?mr Emerald, Howe, for Havi-t, will anil to. 1 or row. Her letter bags are at Gilpiu'a Newa Rooma, in the '.xchanga. Smrrtno at Boitom.?Arrival a during the month o 1 air h, 1813.? Shipa. Barka. Briga. 8c* re. Stoopa. Total, 'oaatwiae. 9 38 37 303 14 391 'oreign, 13 M 45 36 0 >4 Of the foreign arrivala, 1 bark 1 brig and 14 tchra were Bri ah 7 1 harlt Relaitu Clearincee: Ships. Baiks. Schra. Stoop*. Total, 'oaa wise, 17 3i *0 II* S *14 foreign, ( 13 It 17 0 58 Of the foreign c'eerancea. l brig wu Sicilian; 1 briglDau#h: I brig Bremen; and 8 schra British. Th-Royal Mail Steamer Unicorn clear'd and Bailed on the at, ai il <eturned on the llih with the pasaengers brought to ialifai by the Acadia?cleared and tailed again on the 15th mil returned to tint port on the 97th wilh the naaaerger* ol the Columbia, that ateamer has iug atopped at Halifax to repair laraagra The United Stairs frigate Co'uabia aailrd on he 4 h on a mia aloi g shore, the sloop Juhn Adam* ou* the 8th for the Irazi1 ataliou Savali U H brie Dull bin. on a cruise, all well, was tpoktn Stth ult. n lat 37 is, ton 74 1*. I*otlc? to Mariner*. A Shoal nra* Antigua. W I?Cart New bold diacorered I ilioal to wiudwird ef Antigua, in It 43 N lat, and5* 8 W Ion ^aet Nexamined the ahoal aa carefully aa circumstance a would rermit.and dereribea it to be about 900 feet long and 80 feet side with 3 fathoms water in the ctnlre, but much shallower in th: e igee.?[nt Vinceut Q,z. Whalemen. Helvetia. Gardner, with 3050 bS'a whale and 440 ap oil, waa it Rio de Janei o, Feb 8 to aail in 8 day a for NYork. Spoken. Penaag, from China for Liverpool, December 31, lat 38 S, taK York, 3 daya from Boatcn for Mataaxaa, Match 31, lat 38, on 71. Foralgn Porta. Rio dc Janf.ibo, Feb8?Sid Sagamore, Covet of Africa. In >ort, Whitmme, fin Riehmrn ; Commerce, for New Urleana; _ydi* Ann. for Philadelphia. Idg: John A Robb, Coast of Africa, do; It II Douelaaa. from Ballimoie. unc. is franjuea, with icr cargo on board; Margaret Hugg fm do do; Z D, fm Richn> ml, dine; Kahiua. of and for Baltiacre. 3 da; Mootexuma, fin lo.disg; Attila, foa St John. United Statea Porta. DaMaM cotta, Mar 18?Sid Avo'a, NOrleana; Flora, do; lid, faleitine. Mobile; 37tb, Cuba H i*ana; Lucy Ann. NOrleaua?all with ice. ]u port 38th,Den Jnan and knroy.ldg ice for Charleston. PoaTi.AiiD.Mar 31?Arr Monument, Matanzaa; Daria, Camdcin for NYork. Boston April I?Arr Susan B ker, Orland Me. for Alexandria, with ice. Below, Alhambra. Liverpool: Brighton. C IcuttaOct 17; Velaaco,Havana. < Id Pandora,0<u?nea; Argo. (Hamburg! Ons'avo, Tenerlffe; Wm Schroder, Newburynorl; Aeor?, Ihil dalphia; Nile. NYoik. Arr Mar 31, Peiiujt,New Yoik. _ .. Holmh Hoi.k, Mir 30?Arr Calumet, Canton Tor Boston; Hi Ian, Hang r for NYork; Inr re-rne, Thnmaiion for do. 3'at -Baited the abere,except Calumet, which remain* at lathi* outing. Paorioxrcx, Mar SI?Below, Grand Tu NYoik. Sid l.aurtl, Ma'anxaa; Mechanic, Litlle Rirrr NC; Midas,an-1 Jaa L Long, NYork. Philipx! rim, April 1?Cld >V m Ptnn. Boatcn; Compeer, 5t John NF; Sarah Ant. V York; Mary, N Bed forr# Baltimore, Mar 31?B lew, Lcda, Rio. Cld Pacific, New York; Sarah Miller,do ALKiaieDaiA. Mar 30?Arr Statira, Bath; Alahama. Apala hicola; John JLrnery, Bath; St Helena, Bucksporl Me; Curi GcoauETOwn, DC. Marts?Arr Virginia, Boston; Vietrry. Work. Richmomd. Marts?Arr Powhatan, NYork. Cld 30th, Pownlin. Btcmen. Wii.mii?cstoi?, NC Marts?Arr Sarah Ann Gloucester; D Dufiil. Martin'gun Heuty Lie. New Yo'k; Ald?riraa Bunion; A bion, (Br) A ntigua; Lewellyu, Guadeloupe; Huaan Lrdwig. Thomxaton; Mecliauic, St Luci<; Helen Gray, John Kairfield, tod Wm Hart, NYoik; Sar h Ann, New Hirer. Cld Maria J Lit tile. Point Petre; II mnah. Touce; Repeater, Geo It Wm, and Ino, NYork. SaraewAH, Marts?\rr Ncrth Slar, Bath; Phen'x. NYork. Cld Caini la, Apaleclncola. Sid John Bectley, (British) Lierrpocl. Danirtf, Mar tl?8ld New Jeraey. Brown, NYork. AraLacHicoLA. M.r IS?Arr 17lh, Kureii King, Kingalon Ja. Cld Itth, Auu Elixa, New Yurk; Itlh, Marianne, do. ISth. Win Ti> I .r, do; 17tit Le >n; Portland do; ISth, Jamea Edward. Lire-pol l; Hitsoo. do. Mouinr.. Mat Ul?Cld Bclma. Smilh. NY- rk. Naw Orlfars, Mar til? C'd 8, utli C r.ilina, Lirerponl; Ocean, Co kaudamkt; Ocmnlgee, N York;; Ville de Peris. Marie; Ontario, toi'on; Adeline k Elixi do; Kulalie, Maiseilles; Du-dem. Halifax; Virgiuia Anto'nctle. Vera Cruz A-r Qezellt, Baltimore; Two Marys,Chirlrston. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. THESE far-lamed ami e< lebrated pills, from Portugal, as* i we perceirt, to be obtained in this country See adrwrliaeinenl on t ha last eolniounf fourth |iag?. f't lot "la CHEAPEST CARPET STORE IN THE UNITF.D STATES, No SS Bowery ?ANDF.R 1 8?N It HOBBt. harin< mtde extenaire alteiaitons in their estabiir lime, t, now < ffer tr the yuhlie the cheapest as ortmenl of erery deaenptinn of Carpeting erer before offered inthiscity. Tho car|iet< hnring all been t nret aaed at low prices for cash, > nables them ?- sell from ? te 33 per oent lowrr than snv other store in the United Stater. N. B.?SS 000 yards csrpe iog, warranted all wool, 3s Id. ;er yard. 3V#o* do do, warranted fins woo', 4s per yard. KO.IMIO do do, eilra fine, Sr per yard. 30 sao doanpeifi ie carpel ing. Sr. per yard, ss.ono do th<ee ply orpetiug from Ss 6,1. to 12a. do. 4,00 J do lulled hearth rue, $3 50 ANDERSON k DO BBS. N >. ? Bowery, the Oral store ahore Urate rat. N B.?Jurt rereired six entirely new prirate ; altera, which cannot b; found in any oil rr itore in this city. t3lw* No. SS Bowery. WD LIAM Hr.ARN, ,)Q j BOWERY, between Prinre and Spring strict*, tffera French, r'.nRlnh and domestic ca'iros. mourning and r>cotjd inouroinx. liylit thiuhz and tinkle color#; euperR it 4 4 F'each pi infad minima. (rial I ehinlz fi,-iirer; Tiee ? * ;d?id F.*r!atou yiuchame. meurnai and light eoior#; plain a'.d III ill sniped h'kfc blue hill silks; l*g I col'd lininf silks and wa'errd hat ithknna: fine blk mouraiaf a d light col'd miuli'i d? lames, ladies' fan y and gentian ?n'? hik ailk carat#, I .diet'and grnil'inrn's plain and heonnti-hed 'iota canh ic hdkfs; ladies'a, d griitlem*n?# light col'd kid g'ores; blk si'k lotg >hawl<; sun shade* and m?u parasols; In ig laarna; b riltcyt diners; blk and brown li?ct??; twillrd, Slltiirs and Marseilles ?kir s;(tii-tiii? muslins: blk and whit# eottouhese, kc kc.; i tru ed, plain and corded cambric; jtrnwet. book, i*wi##, mull ami Tarlatan muslins; Jd shop's lawn*, Cambric dimni<?, ke kc A'sj on h-nd. bk l>>mVain a, blk chaly. bird Eolieiusrs. crapca, gr?cu barege. nara*o a. ?i.d a uentril aafortmrnt i?f nth* r goods. all of which are offered geaeril'y, at the low cat in oket pricca Un otmpii'c#?no a'vatemcst. _ m3i>lm" BOYS' CLOT H| NO?CHILDREN'S CLQTHINO?A Ti-ry large as# iriment?Very good nasi itr?Very cheat? IIKO A. IIilY I' k CO , No Id downy, would r?# ecthilly info-m Ihcir pat ona and ihc public generally. that tnay hare Main b#*n makitid citenaire prcparationa far th> spring and lainmar trail# and hare now on Wand a mm l> larger aaaorlmcnt if hoys'and children's r/othing than they Uarccrrr before had. The puhlac are invited to ra I and runint iheirgo'ds, ni li particularccferyncc to quality and prior. Tarmi caah. rl Ian* ILt.l^K'tY tit) lUS?JOH V M HEELER*. 3d John trrrt. car Xuhii, hia recentlr received an titensire lesnrtn rnt of mi'ltorry arlic|cn'ad pmi to ISe spring trade ? Mii'mer# are I'rited torall a id cranio#. The atock will br irpleuuhtd on the arrival of every pactk nit* SMITH'S HARTFOKD AND SPRINGFIELD EXPRESS. THE MIBRCRIBEH would respectfully anaoaaac to hia Iriendi and ths ptilAicthat h* haa made arraagrracn's to transport pacing**, bundle* be res ample cro'?. Waudr notes' kc. Pack^ra will al?o W?eeri?#d?t theoflice No 7 Wal'at. >tw York, and forwarded to Hartford. Hpringfield Middle 10?n. New Brit'on. Karmiofon. WMIingforj, Midd'sser. l|a<hlam and Kaet Uaddatn Mscidam, North Hamnion (Ireei.i Id Hull*nd Berlin,Lima, Kant, and a! thaprincipal towne ,r the CooDrclieit Hirer. 1 h* subs-tiber or hi* afent w-1 r.natantly arcompany and h?rc the tcluaire ca*# aMcuitody tfhi# paekage# and will he respnne b!e for thryooda iaordrsumdfot it, loeeby fire and prrtlofthe a?a r rented. AMOB BMITH, Piofyieta#*. ? , . , 7 Wall treat. RsriBBwrM ?H.Baajar fc' o . D. Apple took t,o , Kobn.oa ffttlt Co . B Kelly, f Thonipsoa. A. A dame k Co. Bifae Baiiih, CriawoU k Co., New York; Raaoal B. Wamer, low?ri trv*ywry, Odbbm M?rjh,U. W/Taytob, fhifadalhia. ^ \\T A N T k. D?A? boardrra, two. gentlemen auJ Ih'ir wtrei. " , clan, twnor three tingle gentlemen To imd of biiiww habita, who dim id the city. it 1a adelight'ul place ol let decee, aifnr beauty of litualimi and :.u-( country ?i'. CO re qui.lie to be rai not be urpa-e-d. for lirai. which ?re rcaauoablc, apply to Meg. I. B Mwi'h ceutre hou?c lit l?? Mock, exactly oppoci*c Watrit *, iu l*i urt ilirrl, South Brooklyn, not n ore than fire minutra wa'k from the Booth Berry. >3 8* o i'kam hhfil ni.iit t horee poerr lor eele- Lo. bt nee k in operation at tit Pcutn ?t. >> >W* At AKI) TO T**E I'll Bl.l' ?Tli'.*'0 ? rhrr in? ufa'tarcrof Day, Newrll and l)?y'c -elrbrited Palrol Bauh Dork taVec thia method rf a< <|unini ing the public, tli it he haa antnoriird Mr Henry t'.J ne-a of Newark. N. J., lo be rol ayrnl lor the ?<lpof acid l.orkc in the United Sta'eg. Io?liTnlu Or. ana t iflicerc of Hankc at a diitan e. w ghi: y to aeatl bemcelrca f the ye-raleat eettrily in the World will have in PtMiortanily, m Mr. Jonei decigna ricitine tm at <>f the ptiu. fit al ci:iea i.i the Union, fw the purpoac ' f eiliihitn y the cu. Mlior cdrantayre of thea-Lo'ka over ell othera, ii/iimimk to he of rha-iee ib e ejiarac'cr. and al?n to coiinUract a prejudice, if any evicti. wl i-h certain indir duela, ? ho are tiarerciuy the cuimtry. ?te (eying ?o create igsinit tit chirac'er of Mr. June*, . ni , le i *gainct the high re|iut .tiou ol thect. l.orkc I therefore Ctrl.fy that Mr. Jotiei ic a man ol int-y ilf end tiu'h. JOHN DAT, Lock Manufecturrr. aklwia* 589 Broadway New York. UtCHANOi. ON LONDON ? Bil'aof eiehann M M 3". 15,7 dttya, or at tight, on M'C?n Precoit G.ore, Anieik Co., Bankerc, Looo'on liir cale at a l tonea hy K'JCHd BKOTHKKH A CO 31 Fulton at., ?" Nev'door o the Fulton Bank. r t) nun nnT T JN o jr. ^nivnuiiL i3 OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS A HE wtll kuowu to he eurntially neeravary at tliia act am ax ol IH* vea-, when the avatem r* quires aa auxiliary to throw < ff the caticle accumulated during winter, and which, by reuiAiuincou the aurfact of t)?e aki?*, produces cjtaueous diataus. cold#, rheiima iam,?c rlet fever. &tc Ac?:. They are in oyeiati iu, at U5 Ciurtlandt street, from 6 o'clock in the morning I'll 9 o'clock at night. Sul kur Baths Mature one hour's notice. Portable Vaixwr Baths sent to auv put of jhs city, or Brooklyn. Bithing Tuba aud Hip Baths for hire- a2 1 W SPLENDID CARPETS. CHEAP FOK CASH. I II. LOUNSBURY It CO.. IllPml street, baring made y la ge additions t > their or * s ock o: c uprls and oil cloths, iuTiti Ik* attention of the public t the same and they are now read, for exhibition, and will be dispiaed of at great bargains to all who take advantage of the present low prie< a. Their new patterna are tuperio-to an>* previously offered. Tliuae in want ol a good article, lor little money, wilt plea?e call oa J, H L0UN8BEBY k CO., ?11 w* IM Pearl street. COfT OF A TESTIMONIAL F"OM THE CE F.BHATRD DOCTOR NEL'IINTHK ORIGINAL MAY BE BERN AT 9Ti BROAD way Mom Mallao. Bib?The cement with which yeg filled the decayed teeth of twoof my liteud*fully auawered the purpose for which ft vu applied, and gave the greatest aatitl'acti.n. The specimens nl tee.b. planted on gold gumsbielda fiom a range of three or four teeth up to a complete act for both 4?wa, which I have aeen you evernte, are on a level with the highest order of deutal aubititutiin now known, either hen or m Europe. 1 am year* iru'v. ROBERT NELSON,M.D. Marak U. ISO. 41 Franklin street To Hon#. Millar k So.,., Surgeon Drtibnt. av, Broadway. to 13 ltnia* JDk. JOSEPH EVANS, URAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the cure of every form of Disease arming from THE IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD, CAUSEU by the vital o'gtra becoming d.rang-d and enfeebled by hereditary coinplai.tta, and exkaustina of the yatem, and other dis-sata, via Scr< Inla or King'i Evil.T mora and awelli'iga tu the utck. second try >' mntomaef By phi Itn, cr the consul u'ioual form of the Veyerial Diaei ar, Ufct rs. ulcerated aore Threat Pilate, kc. I'lcera on the tthius. ana other partsil the body. Diaexa.a ofth, bouia, MmIfob ices, and u'ceraliot a or the bonra, awcllinge ot the k'inls, white awellmga. kr-, Cancels, <r akin diseacs. aalt rheum, ringworm, acaly eruption*, leprosy. itch, acald h ad, pimpiea, cracking aud ?m irtu g of the ?kni, tetter, mid all kinta ofaorra LoLgatandiug andiicetnlorc insurable fever aorea; rlieumatiam, gout, liver complaint, and nil diiea*ta eauaa.l by an improper uae of no retry, local aud constitutional debil' y or weakness, gonurrhie t. gleet Imcorrl u? t or whitea, gravel, kc.. or when the ays'em lias been eiliniated by secret sensuality in youth, intemne ancr, loug standi g debilitating diae a a, l.u g i essence in boutberncllrnatei, and other debilt tating causes. This invaluable mrdicine has been tmyloyed by the proprietor in an f*t?pei?et>rivale and hospital practice, both in Europ-aunAm ric fir the laat forty year# during which lime he haicured o?erSOOU patieuta, who were * Illicit 4 with tome of the meat loathsome and destructive l inns of d araae. many of whom ate uvw living, and ready to testify to the efficacy of this medicine Retires hj givirgtone to the nervs, eahi erat ing the spirits, rigulalii'g the circulation, invigorating and exciting the vital org Alia to * natural and healthy act iou'and inua cauatigall impuruies 10 be expelled (rointhe syatem, and creating the accretion of perfectly pure anl healthy blood, i Price $11*r bottle. Vor sale only at the Private Residence No. .ryOreeawich, too doors above Canal street, mil 1m CJilP BALTIMORE FROM HAVRE?Conaignee* will ^ please semi their perniitaon pirr 4 NR. All goods not permitted by the lih iuat., will be lent In the public atorts. TO MARRIED LAD1EJS. Madame kestell's preventive powders These invaluable Puwdtrs have been universally adopted in Europe, but France In psrticiaUr, fur upward* of thirty rear*, a* well a* by thouiand* in (hi* country, a* being the only mild, eafe and efficacious remedy for married ladies whom health forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Hastily a*it well known, was for thirthy yean Cemale Plij aician in the two priucipal Female Huepitals u crop*?those of Vienna and Paris? where labored by be) great experience and opportunities, she attained that eel# brity in thoie great discoveries in medical science so sps cialfy adapted to the female fr?->e (or which her medicinal now stand unrivalled, as well m his country as in Europe. He* acquaintance with the phyeiolo, anatomy of the ftmah frame, enabled her?by tracing Uie decline and ifl health Ol married females, scarce in the meridian of life, and the cons* queni rapid and often apparently inexplicable caueea whiet conaign m <ny a fond mother to a premature grave?to then true soere*?to arrive at a knowlrdge of the primary causes ol female indiaiioaitiona?especially of married (cmties?which, ii MOB, led to the discovery ol her celebrated "Preventive Pow ders." Their adopticu has been the means 1 f preserving ooi Only the health, but avsn the lift of many an anectionate wifi and fond mother. The advertiser Deling the importance of this subject, ans ttimatiug the vast benefit* reanllibg to thousands by then iloption, would most respectfully arouse the attention of thv tarried, by all that tr.ey hold near and dear.t < it. considers fiou. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent 1? il ito which w? are subject, by sun pis and hsalthy means within our control ' Every dispKriionatc, virtuous, and en'ightencd mind will up hesitatingly answer in the sffirmalivs. Trie* fivt dollars a pack tgs, accompanied with lull aud particular dins tien*. They can be fo. warded by mail to any part of the Uiu tnd State* Alt letter* must b* post paid, and addrvssed t< MADAME RE9TELL,Female Pnysician. Principal office. H8 (Jreenwtch street. New Voik. (mice hours from A. M tolo'clkP M. Boston sfflce No. T K.ssrs st. n.30 .Wrwin* MXIJAME KESTELL, T7EMALK PHYSICIAN. Office and reatdenc* 148 Or. en r wich street, (between Cortlandt and Liberty (treat#,) whsre she can be coueullcd with the elncUst confidant* onsH complaints incident to the female frame Madams Rested'* esperienre and knowledge in the treat mcut of obstinate caiee of female irregularity, stoppage or sup preasion, fee, it euch as to require but a few days for eertaix relief and perfect recovery. Ladies desiring proper raed ICS I attendance during confinement or other indisposition will b# accommodated during such time with privats and re ?lilin Iw.aed. " Preventive I'owdrre'* for inarrtad ladiet whose delicate or laracariou* health forbid* a too r*?|oil increase of family, will be tent bv mail to any pan of the Uuited rttatas Pries it a rackags. All tstlera (post paid) addressed to "Wi 188. N. Y. city,' wail he received. Co.ion Office No 7 F.aaei at. N B.?Malame Result would inform ladies residing oat ol the city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that aha wonld deioleiier personal attendance upon them in any pan of the United Htatea within reasonable distance, pit* dfcwlm* COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. OWING to the celebrity, efficacy anJ invariable auceasa 01 Madame Keatell'a Female Month,ly PHIa in all case* ol irregularity, suppression, or ateppage of thoee function* ol nature upon wtuch the health ot every female depends,aiaea their introduction into the United State*, now about four year*, counterfeit* and imitations are continually attempted to b* palmed oK for the genuine. Cheap common pall* art purcha sed at twelve ceats a boa, put up in different boaen. aud calls* "Female Monthly Pills.''with the object of selling, if possible at one dollar Females ars therefor* cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It it sufficient here ts stau that sit Female Monthly Pills are counterfeit*, except those told at Ms J aire Restell'a Principal Office, 148 Greenwich st New York, uni No. 7 Kaaea street, Bostoa. Pi ice (I. Madame Restell's signature is written on tb* cover *f as el box. Tby ran be ue-d by the married or single,by following the I direction* eucloaed in side of r r.h box. in 30 dkwim' RING'S VERBENA CREAM AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. Til?, true teat of the exquisite merits of Ring's Verbena Cr am is fnllv borne out by the first premium diploma being again awarded by ite judge* el the American Institute Kair held at Niblo'a. The longer this celebrated shaving sotp is known, and the more extensively circulated it has b come, a-errs only to confirm th- Haltering ano unaolicited testimonials it ha* recr ived from all parti of America and Pump*, lo deed, the ronstautly incrraaing demand ia a source of proad satisfaction thst the proprietor baa acr ompliehed whit thousand* have been for j ears attempting. *?:?>* 'Pmolirat American abating soap " which, lor ease, comfort, and economy,cannot be surpassed either at home or t-brssd. [From the Herald.J Bhaviog?Ring's Vrrhena Cream for shaving, is a most capital ar'iele It can be had at S3 Fulton street. We have tried it and feuud it very superior. It softrns the beard and makes the operation a* gentle aa magnetising. | From the Boston frUTetle*?April. 1843.] Vkobxva CariM?This aewr Whirirg Compound ia now all the rage, ai well aniotg tonsorial professors aa among those who p'efer to gathrr I heir own diurnal cmp*. The barbers say that a pot of it last* twice aa long aa the same quintity ol aopon iciou# pre pi.rat ion; wnile lho?e who lave their sixrenee declare that with the Verbena I ream, a dull mtor will insure a smoother fare thin moat of the old aoapa w ith aahirn steel; b-aidrs it is frtgr >nt to the Seuae, eoltening to lh? skin, a great destroyer of freckle* 5* I.... I . I. _ .I. ?,. 11 I? i' u muo r-u . a r "r v. i? ni.iM, ? u mm ana DiugL'itt 63 f ultoi atreet, N.Y. N.B. Beware of uiibl'w'iing imitation*; anil nbitrft the written a |.iiat II re of (J. H. Hl?fi?mll. Ml (01* SRBRING'S CORDIAL. CNDIOKSTION,?Ai thia h ? rerjr comn on complaint, in the preeent day. whtterar teiiJa to *11. rtsile it Dof public im^i.r ?nee Ko. the inforaa'ion of thoee affected with if, we publiah the foH owing recommeii Jalmna of * Rcatoratire Cardial for ite t ire C. Sanaise. I!i| Dtit Si* At Tour reiyueat, I hat* e**m ined the medieinre of WMcb i u''r Cordial le romp wed, nnd here no limitation iu ?tying that they are of the beetcl?ra?f toniei; end in the maimer preia-ed i.r yen, will proee highly beneficial io Dyapepaia, andenany other duewei ofgenera) debility. Yeun, ke. r PRATT, M. D. No ?S Liber.y Oirtet. I concur ? the ah see recommend ?tion of Dr. Pratt THOMAS BOYD. M. D., ,\o 991 Kimrlh ftreet. Aabriag'i Brntoratiee Cordial in rid at Hi Ku'ton l per bottle. m?lei*_ RING'S COUGH CANDY i *&&; the like in the ?.iud of ererv ??" baring berndeci??d by enjae article that promteeaerer. thing and nerformed nothing Woe d phyaaciana ranotnmend an ar 1 KHd iip implied rejieue* UJte ratine. T Wo.ld J eleaarmiD and O'Gr public apejafcere epoak publicly ef ita de I li, "ful relief, m l.ifYlrating U>e airtwmaee. and gimng the rok* a Mii'iK innrrfmat* aoluaaaT In Hot, woaJJ rj* * body who hae tried it " etrennmrntp prr.mnlg.te iU mrteee had net the aleioet ir.iraculoua electa ef Ha powerful agency Hemmed and fold wbe'eeilt and retail, foe C. iTMlSO.n Fulton rtntt, toner of Cliff. all )|> luUM BmSmm. BT THOMAR BILL. MkrxAM Mafinimllli PuM?nttr*?tl.) MOND \T. At l*j o'clock. i>t Ik* Mile room*. B? (.'tulofor?Ereloal*'**l* *f raloable *nt?s. naakofw liaira, pillar a* i iotoII table*, Praerh bej*t*n?i<. couohea, o> diraat, look IB* iliaur* and rotmlng h<M< fnraitwr* T*i? a* I a will anaipriw * >* of ih* oioat tnprrior article* a I the aboao (Aaraetrr nfared f*r fear*. Bale peremptory. A!**, the rutire atoek of an *pholete:er, including Euuxrookrat ml* artiolt* ' ibe line. , t ^ AI?o, two trull*. ftr*t r?<? -hU >nJ ted liueu.t TUE8DKT. At lb' o'clock. at the N.i11 rocia*. 8n endid parl*r. b< d room an I dr, w in* ro^m fumitor*. all modal* orier; lhec*r{r(*. cBilaio*, looknu; KUaaea, mauile ornament*, he, *re aupauor; a A.* piano fnrla, *ploud>I pai*tii R<. marble lop pirr nod* table*. * aupcrtor hall atove. French bfd*t*ad<. hod*. haddiag, in rMa to ' barrio*, ckina.guu* to I platid war- kitchen uteuaila he. WEDNESDAY. At ibi o'?!nrk, at th* aale rot in*. Splendid furniture ofn'l ' rriptinn*. THURSDAY. At 1? Fik?*tr*et. r.leynnt fnrnitnre of a g, ntlt loan kit in* up hoiiaekeeping, includinu Hnett mahot a*\ . m*? wnmi iiarlnr a ..I .!*? . ;.... . furui'ure in all iu varieties; the *ofes, ehairr. fcc, are first rate; rich duwask curtains, lor kiugrleaa'*, beau ifnlro*rw oil piano forte, dinner and lejinti* i fbert china, table cutlery, gla?a ware.300 < z I'.e.lmg ftahUnable pattern tea and coffee letts, lie. Alio, kite hen utcmi'i, ?ti"?. vd all in the fineat order, Friday. At 11} o'clock, in the Palri Itoi m. A fine *e?ortn?cnt of c'otha. caecimeree, reeling*. eevaonable dry gnod*. clot1 iiur. far cy and pledged kitich*. apleudid gune, diamond I'iur, Loudon gnr.a Itc. To Bailde a?At 31 o'clock, at 'he fo*l of 10th rtreet. dry dock.aiiu n'ity of Coumcticut brown i-loi.e?e'ejia. black*, post*, flag*, facia, ashler, kc. By order of W. A. Farmer, i?eculor. SATURDAY. At 10> o'clock, u the Sa'ea Room. Fttenaive ialr ol apleudid furniture i f <11 ileacriptione. AT AUCTION?Urape Vine*. Shade Tre<a, Engli.h Uooarbery Buahee. & .. ire? Will be ?ol<t. thia day. at It o'alock, aajo Isabella tirape Vinea, from two to aereu yaara old. Also.a la ge lot of ahade trees,euch aa far ortvervrten tree*, the tree ol'heaven. lie Sale positive?forceh. The vinea are moatly l-abrlla, and warranted aa per catalogues, which is now reidy at the auction room. al 4t* AUCTION NOTICE.?BK.NJ. MOONKV will aell on Monday, April lib, at to u'c'ock. at 317 Uratid street, the entile stock ul a cabinet manifactory. The furniture la cuttom made, and warranted of th beat material. a3 It* FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. l>o?ed of the following auperior steamers, ruiiningin conaeelion with the dtonhurtoa and Providence, nod Boston and Prorideuce RaP roads? MASSACHUSETTS,Capt Coma lock. RHODE ISLAND.Capt.Thayer. NAKRAtJANSETT.Capt. Woolscy. MOHKOAN,Cap\ Vanderbilt One of which will leave New York daily, Similar eeirepfed fwini pier No. 1 North llivrr. Hatteey I' i o'clock. P M Fare toBo?ta-i $3 ?o De:kpi*>age $4 55 do I'rotidenca 3 00 do do I Ml Jlrrangrmmt. The RHODE ISLAND,on Mondays, Wedueadayt and Friday*,(or -toning tan. I'ha MASSACHUSETTS,on Tueadaya. Thuradaya.and Saturday a. for atoning ton. Passengers on thearriralof the s teamers'at Stoningten. msy take the Railroad Care and proceed immediately to Providence and Boston, and for the acc imincdalion of peracua trarelli>g between \ew York aid Newport, the eteauiboat tnuia will stop at Wickford I bug enough tu leave and receive pariergtra. h sight taken atthefollowiug much reduced ratea:? To Boston, on good* weighing foity poem's or ii| ward* to thrcubic foot, at $6 50per ton, and on intwaremeut gjoda 7 cents per foot. To rroridonce, on measurement good* S cents par cubic foot, and ap-eific art cle article* * per tariff to be obtained at office ftt Broadway, mSI 6m oVn A PEOPLE'S LINE FOH AlBAM and JtTwp7|J> intermi diale place*, daily at Ave o'clock, P JL-JTr M., fi jm the Pier botweeu Court kaudt and Liberty streets. The cominoiUotu steamboat ROCHESTER. Cart St. John, leave* a* above I bis (Saturday) afternoon, at fire e'leock. The SOUTH AMERICA. Capt Braniard, leaves as above, to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at Ire o'clock. The South Ameiica direct without landing at intermediate places. 'the above boats are new and substantia', fumi,hed with e'egant State Room*, and forap ed ai d aicominodaliou are unrivalled on the Hudron. ror passage or ircigtil, apply on bowl, or to P. e. BOHULTZ, ?t at ttie office on fhe Wliaif. H'H t Iu k.Rt UOL.? Wf gular Commercial Line. hflKvW The splendid well known packet ?h'p. MEMPHIS, AMbl'iu'ii'i Kuiglit, having lately arrived from Liverpool in a eery abort |?n p, will meet with quick despatch lor the above p rt. Tkil (hipoffrra an excellent conveyance for cabin, 2d cabin and^teerage passengers, w ho will be taken al moderate rate*. Apply to tne Cat taiu on board tbe al ip at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to JOHN HERDMAN. (1 South st. N.B.?Tbe above ship will be'succeeded by ihe splewid new packet alii? Samuel Hicks, CapL Thomas C. Bunker wh'cn reasel kas ussurpaseed accommodation f< r passengers. Those wishing losend I' r tlirir friends, residing in (irrst Britainsud Irelssd, can srail thein-elvia of having ilum br ught out by either of be nbove ships, or any ship ef tkr hue. aud drafla can aiso be furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applying as vbove a2 TAPdCOTT'S GENERAL,TA8SAGE CTFFICE. 43 PECK SLIP, NEVV YORK, idy. THE subscribers be* to inform their friends snd the public!list they hate removed their (jeneral OfJHIbfl.e Inns It South street, to 43 Keck slip, (llicirold stand) where they continue to make arrsngt inents for the bringing out of pass)ugers from al! pails ol Eoglaud, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on Ihe moat reasonable terns, and also give diafts. payable on demand, a I Uie nation.I and Pre vineial Bank of Ireland and branches, Sank of Scotland a d brace lira, bf tiara. J nines Bait, So' fc Co , tankers. London, and Exchange and Viscount Ba- k Liver o >1. woich are paiJ in all tbe principal towns ol (Jreat Britain and Irtlaud Vor particulars apply fif > lettc [Mist ia'd)to W. It J. T. TAPSCOT'P, 43 Peck slip, corner of S uth st , New York.V N. B.?W & J T. T. have a?ueces.,iou of fi at < lass put keti ssi ing to London. Liveruco1, New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah and Gnat las too. regal ally every wstk. as it HAVRE PA I KKTS.-Tl.e ship BALTIMORE. aflWWCapt. Uun<, will tske Ihe turn of Ihe sh p Emerald. JHBBkan'I sail on ihe 8rh inst. BOY I) fc HINCKEN.Agrn's, 12 9 Tontine Building. oC|a FOR NEW ORLEANS?Loaieiana and New ^HSWYork Line?Regular Packet of loth April?The WmaSmL fast sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, will will sail as above. For freight or passage,having splendid furnished accommodations, spidy on board, foot of wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO. SI South st. Great care will he taken to have the goods by this line correctly measured. Ageat in New Orleans. Jas. K. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to bis address The packet ship HUN TSVILLE, Captain Mum'orJ .will succeed the Louisville, and sail the 2Vth Ayril, her regular day. ? at sS>. TO HAVANA,?The last sailing enppere I ichr JHWW MARIA. Wendell, master, (late ol tbe Ails) wiM JfiKBCposilively sail on Wednesday neit. Eur passage onlyaip'y o A. W.WRLDEN, a| S3 Pine street. K"R NEW QltLS.ANJ?Tatkei ol the 4tnApril. |H9y?The sup#tier,well known packet ship 81'. MAHY, apt. KotUr, will be deapalcl.rd aaabove. Cabin, seroad rabin, and steerage passengers. ran be sUgantl) acron inodated at a rocdeiale rate. A, id v on board ebip. at fool of Wall street, to JOHN HEKDMAN. nil g| B?tfcstWH. idKtv Killl LI VEKPOOL?Regular packet of ibr 7lh iHIW April?The splendid fast sailing regular packet ship 4?AbINOEPENUr'.NCE, captain lloldndge, wi'l sail lor the above port on her regular day. This ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers are not surpassed by any picket in port,and berths can be secured on moderate terms, by applying on board, at pier east -ide of Maiden lane, or to IJlOVEK it Mr MURRAY. 100 Pine at. corner South. P.8?Perncs wishing to tend for their friends resi .ing in the old country can have them brought out by tbe above su perb ship, or any . f'he regular line of packets, by applying aaabove, if by letter poet paid. The above will be sneered id by the packet ship Virginian, captain A Men, snd sails ou he |i h April m29 SSa- k'OR LONDON ?Packet ..I tlie io b April.?The lH^ipl:odiil packet ship TORONTO, Captain Oris^HHKbWoIc). will sail as above, her regular dav. Eor passage in cabin, second csbin or steerage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, or to the office of mil J HERDM aN.SI South st. jtfJP- FOR LONDON'?Packet of the fgth April.JJjMfy Tl.r splendid rai'mg packet ship, TORONTO, aHbri|>l. Oris wold, sails positively as above mr regular 7" W.fc J.T. TAPSOOTT. 43 Peck (lip, or 49 Houlh street. Perrons desirous of sending for their friends to come n u! from ihe old country,can have tbern brought out in the To ronto. or any of the regular line, ou very reasonable terms, and those wishing to irmit money to their frie da, can have drills for any amount, pay able on <U maud, in all the tit iacipul towns of Great Britain aud Ireland by applying as above, mil jmm FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular P.nkVi .mlk nlaul, ?tv,. .?l...l..l ..... t-e .1... OIIIIVIIVO AOL Captain 'ij. B. HuV>b, oif'lluo to'na, wTll'Vaii an abova, ner regular day. Forfrrightorpaeaayeiiarinyaceorumodatione unequalled fai inludoror eomfort api Ijr on board,at Orleaaa wharf.footol Wall at.,or to E. K .COLLINS k CO. It South*troat. Price of pa aaae $tou. The pneaet chin r HF.RIDAN, Captain Pr pryatir, of 1000 tona, Will aucceed the Biddntw, ami'sail 35 b AS of, her .rrpular day. faaarngrra may rely upon the ahipa of tlii* line lailiay Irunctuaily a* adrrrtiard. m?* TO LET?'! lit latgr two atoiy Si n?? So. 5* WTile atreet, (I'lh door from Broadway, writ tide, Praira ion may be had on the 14th iua'. *> *'* Vt OTl' K ?i litirra |i r ha- | ir V il? i. > 1 a| I Barf rtl, i.a from Lirerponl .will | >a?e ?-nd their prrmrta on I. >*rd at (not of Hrrtor atrert. F.K , or In the r Hire of the eabaenber,'a all rood* not per mil rd in fire d?T?/*" ? ? y ~ went to the public. atcrta. JOHN HE HUMAN, ,1 tl South rtri, t PAfKKI' NH11* a. I.? ?t' / w v li.l.K, Iri.m New Orlean* i? diachantina at Orlean* Wharf, loot oi Wall tree'. Conawoera will p.raae attend to the receiptor their good* immediately. o 'to 1JACK El w 1111 1 " N ' I l.l-f frrtn >> w I >r le-aoa |* I diarharfm* *' Or lean a Wharf toot of Wall afreet ( on tanew* will pteaae attend to the ncei,* of Iheirjgnndt imme. diatelv "*<* >. ) -| III.MAS A . (1 , . OV1 Mln-ION Ajiu Arr M. TION MKUCJIANTS. 31 BKOADWAY, ALBANV.?Libeial adra-ie* inadr on all maoufai lured cooda, merrhandur and property of e?ery description intruded for either public or pri-ata Meaara. Eraatua Coming It Co., Albany. Kulua II Ki"r It Co, do Lrwi* Brprilict k Co. do Webb k Di>uil*ta, |do Jared C. Halhbone. Esq, do John Townacoa, Ekj dbi Itiiaeell Vo-syth, Eaq. do John 1 Woman, Faq. <lo Me aura. M. S. Lineom kCo. Boat on. ThnmaoW Olrntt. Eaq. Pr?*"t Ear kMerh.BbiAlb'y. A.D. Patehin, Eaq ,Caah'r V Y Stale Bank. d? Watt* Shrtman. . Caah'r Albany City Bk. do Then. Olcctt. , Caah'r Canwt Bank. do S.K Stow, Eaq. Caah'r Troy City Bank, TroynWI tmendia* MO TICK ? 1 he I'oOerau 4, at nuiinitiee ol Ike no* d-l Aldermen. will uteri *?. h yaranna a* ha?- b-eu 4i#Un aaed by the lata ooaflajralioa in the Tenth and Siath Ward/, a' 1 lie Frit! Hotel, corner of Kldridge and Brocm atreet. or Vlnuriuy neat, the ttk inat. at 10 o'eloef AM, for th* P" www af eoquruag into Ike aittat ol their looeeo and preaent iemueitiee. FACo'Erri'i-K, fefefI,m.Mr.oN. April I, I Mi. I CHATHAM TH RATHR. HONDAY fcVKNINO, April 4 ? "rt>t peifewijiir- w I mmBHDtt with 8ARCU1HAI.U8. < nugrr iilu?, Mr ? c? Cbtrlo#, L Mejteyer | Siwau, Mil lie-bnt ^ftrr nlach . T,I?J8H()tMAIClR?'' TOI LOI SIl Jieob OJet NrJRArott Henrr, Mr Hield | AioWe, MunMritajer Marfirr!, Ml. 1 borne To ewchUt With . PKPJfVASH UIABLE. Boo? *qu?#h Dioblo, Mr Hire Fprrce Pmk, t M. m.ytr |, y? BI?Ae xtiei IMUlMt H? ??l tiers 10, l it lttKl*Jl*rr lit Door# open tt <|; CurUiuri### it T? pretmlr NITCHKU/I UiiVflCK TUKAlkV " MONDAY EVENINCi April 4 ?Tl,e performance wtj; COII. metre# with THE K.NCJ'a UAHDENKB. r hernlier de Bu##|- MrHornesi*M* QilocharJ Mr Unburn | Mod Onlochora, Mr# Momod AH-r nbicb ONE HUNDRED AND TWO Puilip G rboie Ml chell I Pieire HorneaaUe Louiie Mr* Tisii Alrr which xhcuahd no irr. Richard, Mitchell?Henry Kinv. Niikemef Sally Ann. Miae Roberta I. dy CourUll, Hw Singleton. To eooclude with CHAOS IS COMK AGAIN. Col.CWaoa, Niekinaoa | Jack Bnuce, Hornc-elJe Tottenham, Oralan Harm. Mita Singleton Admueion? Drtu ruck Meeut*. Upper bo ice m mm lit ceuti. Private borea H Daora ooen ii i?tm> I attain riaaa at half pact aever AUKliVc A Si m I SKI M. ~~ " Corvrt Broattxray un,I Aim strut. Under Ike Management of Mr. P. t. Barwum 17 VERY DAY AND K.VKNINu THIH WKiK -ionCr utrnriug Moutlay, April 4.?Mr. WINCHELL. the Comic Drolleriat, will play hia eelrbrateil latiahab e ii're entitled OLD ANT) YOUNG NICK, with apenineua ol ventriLOQUISM. Ala.,hie laughable detract,re eft'HATHAM STREET AUCTIONEER; BETTY MADAGA1N. the Inali i'iiKran'; the YANK KK, gr?eri froin duWDeii* lie. Ac. The M Y9TFRIOUS r(iiPSY tilHL iu her wt,nderful perfoimaocea Mr. BENSON, the popiUr voraliat fiotn . he late Nation tl 1 heatrr. I ALL* OP NIAGARA, with real water Pneumatic Railroad; All.,no Lady: Kaucy .Glaaa Blowing; Grand Coamnramn; and lit e litiudi td thouaanil curioaitiea. Aapleudid day performance take a place every Wetloeaday and Saturday afternoon. Admittance t? the wlude Vi cent*? children half price pbaiie'r Nw.'W YllltK MlihtM DAY AND EVENING EXHIBITIONS commrnct on Mtaiday. 38lh ol March. Mr. lUltaiacTti*. the jnetly celt briled Ventriloquiet and Vagicim and Mr. K t?: it * it i>. the laughter loving Comic Singer, are both engag'd tor a ah,,rt |>e 10J. SPLENDID DaV PERFORMANCE every Wedneaday ami Saturday, at 3 o'clock P M. Meatbrretic EiperimruU by Mr. Peale. The Largeat and Rarcat rnllrctiona in Ihr world, of Ori giual Portrait a ?f dialirguirlKil Arncriean worthira Giand Coamerama, Farcy Glaaa Blow ing;a Million of en rioaitira obtained at it, m- uae tipenee, aud gathered together from all yarta ef the Globe. Dttit t *Hr.ttTvrK, taken in the moet actentiie maimer, and at moderate pric, a. Admittance to the whole SS ceuta; children haif price. ,l?lm iViit. .1. A. KYLK'N CONCERT. " AT the Apollo Saloon, Monti ty evei.iag April 4th. 184S on which octaaiou the following eminent tab u'will appear: Madainc Otto. Mra Hardwire Mra Prge. Mr. Koeaowaki, Mr. Alper, Mr Aupick Mr. Goad n, Mr. De Janou.Vr J. AKj le, Mr.Timin, and Mr Walla. (vmateur ) ilr. Tiniin will prtnJ' at the piano furte. progkamm*:. r tar i. Grind Trio?Three tlutea?Mr. Golden, Kyle and Walla, .... GabrieUky Aria?II aoave a be! tc ntruto? Mra Fardwick, Pacini Serenade? Kor guitar ami piano?>lr. De Jauou and Tnum, , , Kuffuey Song?When the morcing frrat dawca?Mra. Page? From 'he opera of Ant In. Rooke Fanlseia?Plain Forte?Mr. Koaeowalti?On aire firm the Huguenole, Thaller* Aria?ll bracrio mi , cor ijuaic?Madame Otto, Nieoliin 5010 Flutr?I hr. gnao a v, anrirni Iriah melody. with rarrhtion*. firat 'ime?Mr. Kyle, Clicton Song?My motlirr dear?Mra I'agr, Lorar Bong (by tl airt)?The three agia of lott?Mr. A Phillip*, _ E- J- Loder Tart it. Oral rl Duetf?Wirhhrillhuil forte for lour baud ?Mraera Timm aud Alper. Hets Solo?Cornet a Piatou?Mr. Aupick, on a favorite Sw'iae National Air?Madame Otio. Blnm Boric?I h?e u?bt,dv new?Mra. Haidwicb? Worda by Ilia Etlriek thepberd. Scotch bp,at,It Song?Accoinpar ledby hrmaelf on the giitar-Mr.lfe Janoo, 5011 Flu'e?Mr. Kylf?Con-poaid tvprta-lr for thia c< nreri by George Loder, Erg , on the fa,oritt aira. The Angela Wh,?|rerai dRory O'.Vtoo e, Louer Song?Merrily po?a the mill-Mr*. I agr?Frcin aonga of the boudo.r. Grand Aria?Madame OtU?hrrm the 0|.,a of Zaubrr Flote.(Wy particular de ) >?o*art Madame Otto had the bouor of the German opera, la.t aei ron u \ ic toria end Prince AlbertFioale G e?The Chough anJ Cr .td;me Otto, Mra. Hardwick. Mr . Page, ra. Phillip e, Kyle,ieui'>r and junior, Biehop Tickcta (I each,or fam'ly ' ta. ar milting a crntl man and two lauree. Ft 60. To I <t the atorea, and of Mr. J A. Kyle, at Forty tj t. Concert to commence at 8 o 11- ' Vull oa'tirii'oie in future arty, r irt- nienta. ?2 it /iPr.n'tMi I F 1 HE CIMcirS?nt.wrrv" Amphitheatre? U Uod-f Uiritia.?gt merit of Meaara H Hock? e IK Turner ? A Double Crmpany?The f llowinr arc an ong thr member* tj. B. Tururr H Rockwell, T. V. Tume-,0. R. Stone, Mrs. Oom ii, <*jr eijuestnan. A New Bugle Bend. the only one in (be U. 8. BnicafO cents? rit 36. Doors qej II I) i,'clock. Peifonnan'e io commence at 7*. r'e efnrma* e? ??rird e?*err eccnit g. mt9 lw* UKA.iiA 1 lo HEADINGS AND CKLEHRAYED imitations. MISS CLARENDON ha> the honor of a?.? ouncing to her frimda end the cilin n* of New York, that akc will girn a aecend aenes ol Drametic Readings. at the New Yrrk Society Library, Broadway.on Monday t venule, Arill t.igtj ' PROGRAMME. I'm i i. Bel* edr ra.from Otway 'a Iregr.dy ot Venice Preserved Uthel'o. Detdemuna and lago, (rout SU.krpeeit'a Moor of Venice lulian St Pierre, from Sheridan Know lea' Play of The Wife. Hamlet, hum 8h .k?i?area 1'regedy of name. Pam ii. Pauline, from Sir E. L Bulwer'a P.'ay cfThe Lady of Lyons. Claude Velnotte, " " " MercJtio, from Shakapearc'a Tragedy ol Homeo and Juliet. I'anr in. Ju'ia.from Knowlea'Play cl toe Hunchback. Clifford, * u " Br niro and Juliet, from Shakapearc'a Tragedy of that name Km hilica, frtm Sir K. L. Bulwti'a celebrated Day ofKichi lien. Taar ir. Celebrated Imita'iona r f the principal and original characters aa auilan ed at Ihe Park Theatie. New y oik, in the newt and pot ular comtdy of London A a uranae. Te -forinance to eoiririence at * o'cloek precisely. *r* .a. ( aa *n he h 'iol Ihe door al 41 iviUKai., IMsl KUu i ivt;, KhtJit NATIVE AND TKMPI:RATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICfc?To th* inhabitant* of lb* prinripil citi-? and town* of New Voik. Pel .nay Wama, Connecticut Rhode lalaud. Ma*aarhii*?it*. N> w Itairiahire Maine, lie. Vic. SlGNOll HERVIO NaNO, I'll-juatly celetratid and naturally endowd Mrtempaycboatari, whoar extraordinary |irr*nnif!c*tiou of the Gnome. the Bubboon. Ely, he . ha* been the delight of the world, ai?uoiiacra I hit it i* hie intention, dorirg the coming temtner month*, to viait the above Htate* with, hi* Coliaeum. A fae tiinile of Franroni*. Rotunda, Olj m| irn in the Champ* d' Klyiee at Pari*, nod a a.Jvnrid Baud of Mu*ir, witii a itlScieut number of artntei U make tlie entertainment aupertor to any ih:ng yet offered. To cooiiit of a Melemriychonan Faxaar flight of faaor, cited the O.NOME FLY, in which Bijaor HERVIO NANO will embody TIIR (JNOME ! THK BABBOON ! AK? 1 Ht FLY !! A MAN! ! !! ^ Meeytbam, the Queen of the Perm Mad. Herrta Nana To be fallowed by A MIMICAL OLIO!! conaiatisg of Pianoforte Recitation* by Madame HERYIO NAPO. 1?Orand Soaato in B J. N. Hummel t?Concerto Stuck in K C M. Von Weber 1?Giand K*nt**i* on the National Air*, liid Save tbe King and Bute Britannia 8. Tnalber^ With full Orchetlial Arci.mpnniarenta. To conclude xvtlh an H la'nncal Dtaplay i f the diatreaaiag lileenture* attending the Shipwreck ol P. rcuae with rharaeteriitie painting aid inuaic. in which tiyxor Herfio Nano will per?onate th faithful Bibboo, Orlh, the Indian Maid M .din 11-rem .Vino. N B -perecti* draircna of m-knig nimna r arrangemento can learn particular* by apply" II (poit paid) to the ruder igneil, it the Branch H'.lel, Jt Bewery, N?w Yjjk. . mil I mi.' hEBVIO NANO. MR. K. MK.K8. lately In m Etrcpe. fWe**or of in* aatol Arm* initafifehrat hnn he*. give* ma traction* in riacing and in th* nee of tfce rtraight. riookrd and Turhinh Sabre, Hunting Knife, Mu?ket and Bayonet, Staff, and eT?ry peclea ol weapon*. f or iiar ieoler*. enquire ?I1M Pearlgtfeet mil lm* 1 ' GYMNASIUM. I PISTOL GALLERY. MESSRS HUDSON k OTTIGNON respectfully in form Ihepentlemrn of New \erk, that they have fitted up a GYMNASIUM at the corner oft harnfceru street and Broadway, and it i? now r pen for the re< e t on of viaitor*. The iratitutii n i* rf tie fi'a* t Gee. M>d complete in every re?p?ct for the j urwae of Aitiletic Lxerciaee. Sparring Leaann* given daily. Ttrina moderate Open diy and evening. a: lm* FULLER'S GYM v.ASIUM. rpo THOSE WHO VALUB IIBSLTH.?The Oj mo* A aiiuu, 8U5 Greene atreet, near B'rtcUer, ia aow op*o daily. In addition to the r'g'iUr '*'rch a of the Gvmna aiHm. there are attxrl 11| |oe exercute a-.1 amueement. a Rowling Alley, tjinnt Ground, I idol Tatg. f. with a large (|pen 'pare fo> running and j unping, and oilier t ot-dorr ;taetti#e* wl ich render Itua e*tabli?hmcu'.. ?a a gytrn .m m, superior to all other*. Gentlemen tn'-acriling hare ihe ptiril geof evercitirg at thu Branch Gy mnaeium it Aon at. wimre tn? r- iae eery impieaaeut neeeanary for hi-door ex?'*?#e Spvrrine tanfht aa umal? hearing at** by anvmii.eot Profvaacr, at avrh ftae >* toautt .i| pliennt* m rerorilniw r with the tjj if. Term* of yearly (iih*eriplion have tweu redoci d la Jil P. mUSO* i pLATKOMM H ALL?O e of Dal*-* i?tral Plai/nno * Scalee in exrelltut oidir, hat tr g neeu m uae but .i win mot,til*. Kill b' aol'l ai it D.irg i|" ahiii > w. k j. r. TArscoTT. mil ?.t feck Blip A.NOTm.H t?r???'kN-ION ' ADVAIVl'AOKS Of < -ash cavmtmr(1,-1 h. i * iwwa i?i ?f ik <m dm Flrercbia ramotlil flnm llie rori>?r of rultoaaod Vaaam.Kltd la Mttwmrftl otrr ihr M? '<*? ( P^"v< "X, No. fl N.nau .<rr.f, 1 d-ora khurj MiMrn Jaaa,} "here bo arl'l bo ml bam > 'VIT M? h of Ml fri-ori* *ad ru'tomori n m*? fttor Inn ? "> ? eallsMa old alack )*a b*fn diaixttrd rf ?l ?ar?ii ordtrtogit pl?M to hla K'aiwt caliralT iww. I art*. aJ tarl'd muhmtut of K-rm, couda. oltrltd from 'br I. l?o and r.n- ro.u k'U, and com^i i*<ig fh? no??i and aiaai fcahiiaablc ?f ( lotba. laaaimrra V-at"Tl'iaVorrhKaKI hatinc *>"8 rtrlvairily (or rcali. lie la -a.b'rd in aril at *rc?llf rrducrd pniaa en tha'goldta aytlaaa wkioi. baa an long cofiaiaffil Maocrll and cuiU.iioia >( lit iai tt-mf ttl'tnlff drairrd tlMrafaaia Futm ih? cook y?l inc ohkxhkj.iIy h? folicila * cnnlntaaota d <hm* Atari ao kindly braUittrd daring baa long carte-f >? ai ?aa. I h B. Naral and Military Uaifortna, Libra' HIJii* ll-bi'a, I k. ki , aaadr m aapanor aty la. Mr Babauck saataaara u> aaaiat a tbr auftiag drpaifmaat. mM I ?i? ? "?? AMfn, at raaattaa.?.? ?i?a-^> ?a?w nad double action Harp, with all the iairat irapior.aimir far Harpa ftpairad,aitbaagad. t-d far aala by J. F. BROWNE, He- ( inuiktr LonSaa aad .V?w Vrrk. ?l audit* " ^

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