Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1842 Page 1
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TH T?l. TII.-ls. 379.?Whole 3047 NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL.rACKKTS nil frmNtw York oo tlie SBtb, and Liverpool on the ltth cfeacS montSt ft j riDM Nxw Yoan. 8tu- HOSCIL'H. Captain JohuColliue.aBth March. Biui' STODON&Cablaut E. B. Cobb, *?th Aprd. oni'i SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. De|?eyeter,2Sth May. 9Mi. GARRICK, 6art*ta Wm. Hk.ddy, *th June. ' t bom Livnxroei.. Shii SHERIDAN,Captain F. A. B?njiIw,JIb March. Imp OARUICK. dap taut W.n.Rk jdd^ I Itb April. Ill-in R(7?C!U9, Captain John < ollini. llth May. SuS SI D DON9, Captain E. B.Cobb, lMh Jtnx. Three ehire are all of lite lira! claae, up wards of 1000tone,built in the city of New York, with inch improvement! ae combine erreat rpeed with imusua) eomfort for pasee-usere. Every care haebeeu taken in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The DTiee of paeeagebtaee i* >100, for which ample alorea w01 be provided. Three iliipe are commanded by experienced malum. who will make every exertion to (pre general eatutac ^Neither the eaptaina or owiien oftheee ehipa will be reeponai ble for any letter-, parcel* or packagreecut by them, unleee re ?liar bille ol ladiiip are eicnr.1 therefor. Theehipeol thie line will hereafter go armed, aad theerpecu iareouetruction give* them security uolpoeacaeed by any other tatveaeeU of war. ' E?K.cfi LlR's'Ii 'cS. ?? Sooth et.. New York, or to WM. k JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter! by the packet! will be charged 1JJ cente pereingle aheet: 10 cent! per ounce, nd newepapere 1 cent each. mt roll NEW UHCEANS erammANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS ' Ok Mk m rortheb tier accommodation of shippers, it isintsnded to I despatch a ship from thii port on the let, 5th, 10th, 15th, 30th ouwtilh of each mouth, eo-nmeiciug liie loth October, and continuing uutil Mjy, wheu regular days w ill be appointrd foi the-remainder of the year, whereby treat delays and disap point incuts will be prevented during the summer month*. The follow lilt shies will commence this arrange me at Ship YAiCOO.Capt.Corurll. Sl.ip OCONEE. Capt. Jackson Ship MISSI9SIPPl,Capt. Milliard. Skip LOUISVILLE, Cant. Hunt. Ship SHAKSTEAItK, Capt. Miner Ship UA9TO.N. Oast Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, bapt. Mumf. rd. Ship OCMULUEE, l-apt Learitl. Ship NASHVILLE,Caut. Dickmsc n. Ship MEM PHIS, Capt. Knight. Uiip LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. These ship* were all built in the city of New York, expressly for packets are of a light draft ol water, h?.ve recently been jjewJy coppered and put in spleudid on. er, with accommodations fer passengers auciiualled for co ntort. They are commanded by experienced matters, who will maae every exertion to give ceneial satisfaction. They will at ill times be towed up and own Hie Mississippi by ateamboats Neither the owners or captains oftheseships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion,precious stones, silver, or plated ware, or for any letters,parcel or package, sent by or put board af them, unlrss regular bills of lading ara taken fortnesame, and the value thereon enr-esre* for freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. ? South St.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, A?enl in New Orleans,Who Willjiroinptly forward all goods to Ins address. The ships of this liue are warranted to sail punctually as ad] xrertiaed, and greatcare will be taken to hare the goods correct It measured. _ ml ,KEW YORK AND NEWARK.. smmtm rsdacsd to U esnti, From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York(Every day? Sundays excepted.) 1 ?-Vv- York. Leavi Newark At! A.M. At 9 P.M. At 8 A. M. At H P.M. II do 4 do *o do 4| do 18t do 6 do 7 do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. From th? foot ol Liberty etreet. A, A. friS."aft r M. -HtWW. =y4,?'5?ARAmViY AND Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty a treat,daily. I core New York. Leave New Brtinewiek. At 9 A.M. At T? A.M. 41 P.M. 1 P.M. SOMERv ILLE a tagea connect with theie lmea each way. Fare between New York and Sotnerville, 60 ceota. Do do Now Bnaaawidk, 75 cento. Rah way, 50 cento. Eiixabethlown, 35 cento. The fare in the 7} A. M.train from New Brnnawick, and 4J PM. train from New York, hae been reduced between New York and New Brunawick to 60 cento. " and Rahway to 87| " The Philadelphia nmltiae peaeea through NowBrunawiek for New York erery evening at I o'clock. Oo Sunday a the 71 A.M. trip from Now Brunawick ia omitPiaienirtre who procure their ticketaat the a ferry ticketgratia. Tiekrtaara received ky tbecondncto* oale on the day when purehaaed. febll ?w* FREIGHTS FOR THE~WEST AND SOUIH, From PHILADELPHIA. ?<? THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freighta fortheWial and South will be forwarded daily from the traniporlotion office of tha Company, No. I Dock at Wharf, Philadelphia. Meichauta are reepectfnlly iaformed lhat all good* connigned to the company will be forwarded wi th the utmojt diaratrh to any point weft or aouth. /. Freight reaehei Baltimore the aime dry it 'htm Pliiladclphi*. The mail line for (he weat and aouth learea Do'k atreet dailv at half-peat ail o'clock A.M. by aleambeat ROBERT MORRIS. Paaaeugera will reteh Baltimore at 8 o'clock, two houra previous to the departure of the Irvine for the aouth weat. lW. L. A8HMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia, MercbS. I9H. mlt 1 m RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NE1V \~ORK. CPHE NEWJERSfcY Railroad and Transportation ComJ. pony have eetabliahed a Freight Line between New Rruntw.ckand New York, which they intend to run petmaneatly. Le*viay New Brunawick at 5 A M. daily, (Sundaya excepted) and the foot of Liberty elieet.New York, a' 3 P.M. To country dealera and matchanle tha above line la very doairable for the apeedy auil cheap conveyance of merchandiae of every deacription, and more particularly to DroTera and Dealera in Live Stock, who can have 150 head of cattle conveyel between New Brunawick end New York, the aatneday, wheat ver required. The ratra Tor the transportation of cattle, horaea, mulef, keep, toga. kc.,nnd all oilier kindi of merchandiae are very low, never exceeding iteamboatpricen. Merchandiae aeul by thia line unot aubjecled to any extra charge in croaaing the North River. The Companr have fieted up a large atorehotiae at New Brunawick adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will alwaya be open for th* reception of merchandiae. Paaaei.frera. pu-chajing their ticketa at the tieket officea, willreceue ferry ticketa gratia. ; ml4 3m* VIOTIOE.?On and after April let. tsal, the commutation lv fare ia the cara of the New Jereey Railroad and Traimportation Company, between New York and the varieua placea ou the line of the railroad, haa been reduced (includ' tog ferry) to (76 per annum, and $80 for ail mouths. m!5 In.* FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. BINGHAM'S LINK. TKm nvAfwtgiAM ftf Rintrhnm't TranjMrtBtien Lin? in Pitta. burg, givs notice tothe Merchants of New York, and all other persons siippirg to the West, that their line n uow in active operation. Goods consigned to thrm (or ?ent to go in their hiw.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or ahipoeri of good*, destined for the Western States, who I are uo agent or consignee ^t Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Birgham. Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all such consignments without j|Lr. All goods should be marked distinctly on each package IIINGHAM'8 LINE. For rates offreigh', which areas low as any other line. Apply to W.M. TYSON, Agent, No 8 West street opposite Pier No. a, N. R. N- B.?Passengers forwarded to r.ttsburg and Pot'eville, erery day, Sunday* excepted. Refer to R, Crooks, American Fur Co.: S. T. Nicoll, Front street: Phelps. Dodge It Co. Fulton street: Suydam, Sage h to.. Wm. Rankin. Duryee A Co .Newaik- ms 3m island ferry. Foot of Whitehall street . ^^SsSSSfrATKN ISLANDER or SAMSON will run as follows until further notica:? Lsaree Statcn Island Leases Whitehall At t o'clock i n. At o'clock a.m. "tt " " "it " " U " ? ** 4 " "| * Is'. B- All goods shij^ed are required to be particularly marked and are at the risk of the owners thereof. ol newark and new york Fare Only Iff Cents. oMMa 0* The splendid and commodious steamer PASSAIC, C.plain John Uaffy, being comSC3|fc*.pleDly and elegantly refitted, will enmmenea her regular trips for the season, on Thursday, March 10th,? leaving as follows:Foot of Bsrelsyst .New York Centre Market, Newark. 10 o'clock, A. M. T4 o'clock,A. M. 4 o'clock, P.M. . ,l| o'clock, P.M. Frsigl.t ofevsry description time 1 at Ttry reduced rates. w Hw' T. POWELL fc CO 8 LINE. ^ FOR NEWBURUH, landing at CALD WELL'S, WEST POINT AND COLD 9C9EK?rRlNti-Ths steamboat HIGHLANDER CasiL Robert Wardron, will lent# tha fo<ii cf Warren street IWwYsrh. rrery Monday. Ttri 'day and Saturday afternoon's I 4 o'clock. Reterning,the Highlander will mie .vewburah Msry Monday morning at I o'clock, anu Tuesday and Friday gibmoon at I o'clock. . ? Vorfretapi' or paasags. apply to the Captain onboard. M. B. At i baggage and freight of evsrr description, bank gdlls ortpecis, put on board this boat, must be at the risk of ths SSisri thsraof,unless a bill oHading orraesiptisaigued for Insms hi BPHI NO ARft ANOE ME N T . mn 0m FOR SHREWSBURY sad RED BANK. ClUSf-Oi and after Saturday,Msrth II. ISO, ths SESHuK-Stsuner OSIRIS,Captain Allaire, will leave Hew York every Tuesday, Thursday .and Saturday, at S a'sleek, A. M. Returning, leave Red Bank every Monday at #.o cluck, and Tuesday and Thursday at 11 o'clock, noon. of In' ^ A L L Ihe newspapers, daily and weekly, nugaain-s. ami periTV odicale, are for aale St the Hudson Street News t Aire, Mh Hu-'s'io strest.near Barrow st. mtt I a' /n oalc-TIm snbseriiwr offers for sal^ at swdaered mm t the best Pcash Orchard, Red Ash fW.ofthe B.ek-n and Nu sites. Lots tosnit purchasers, (res of eartags. TYarJ pis. s Hester street, four doom from Clinton. a) la* GEORGE THOMSON. V E NE N CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL SURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. _ _ ml 3 lm* LIFE I! OAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OK FRANCIS PATH NT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE mil CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OX THE PKlMClPLK OE ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyj-.) flaring la'elv lout tw > biru?;<idati teeth, I called oo'Mr Levett to iiipuiy their plana w ith artificial oum. and it atforda inemiich pleuure to leetily to hi> ekill and ability aa a Dentin; indeed, I hare ever aeti) teeth tl?td and filled with more lactueea, and at the lame time with Itaa painful prca ure on the luni. I cheerfully recommend that gentleanaa to tba eaoecial notier of the medical profeaejon, a. wall aa to ibe public, fee Imp: aatianed from my own experience that they may confidently reiy on nn nniii iu nu |?r?ipwiuu. ORA^NKL'ZE 8 PATTISON. M D. Profeeaor of Anatomy, University of New Yerk. February I3t! . 184 2. The original can he Ktl at Mr. Levett's 380 Broadway, corner,of VYirreu street mH l-n" bankrupt law. f1 ENTLEMEN wishing to be discharged from iheir debts VT under thia law.are indited to callouW. SKIDMOKE, Attorney at Law,75 Nassau street. All other kinds of law business also attended to. Charges moderate. fib Vf* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. i20Nassau street, havicg an entire new stock of Binding Tools and ttulug Machinery, of the latest and most approved patterns, is uow prepared to execute all orders in the most durable and handsome maimer. Merchants Account Books uud all other kiudsaf Blank work ruled and bound to auy pattern, in a style that is warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done iu the English mode if required, as H. 1 had long experience in both methods. FOK SALE?Two secondhand Copp-rplate Preises. Apply as above. ml8 1 m carpeting, carpeting. rpHK subscriber hare received a new a?d Iresh stock of i- goods for the " rtpring Trade," consisting ol Brussels Three Ply, superfine, fine, cominou, hall aal atatr Carpeting, Rugs, Mai tine., English and Amrrieau Oil Cloths, from 3 to 30 feet iu width, containing the latest aud mast fashionable patterns and color* the market affords, which they offer to the puhlic at the lowest" Cash Prices " Persons wishing to purchase, w ould do well to .call and examine ourstock previous to purchasing. WEBB & MANNING.4? Pearl st, uililm* 3d Carpet Store Irom Chatham. "notice to buyeks ue cabinet furniture. vpHE subscriber would invite the attention of those wish1 tug te purchase articles in tlie above business, to his establishment, where i? to be found a rieh assortment of Rosewood and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, being entirely original. Alto, handsome rich gilt Cornices fur windows, Poles and Rings -, together w ,th Damasks, Oalloous snd Tassels, and every article attached te curtains, which will be tnade in the latest style from patterns lately received. N. B. Particular attentiou pail to the fi.tiug up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroidered tapestry. WASHINGTON MEF.KS, dIS-Sm 115 Broadway, nest the Hospital. "wigs and scalps. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, Y RE TO BE FOUND AT a. c. barry's, 148 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up ttairv. TTTIOS and Sealin, upon the beautifying and gossamer sys* * tem, approximating the nearest or any yet manufactured te the natural head of hair?first premium. ufactur ed iron ladies' and gentfenu-D * hair, not less llian two inches long, uetklacer, bracelets, earings, watch guards, rings, and hair work of erery description. ml? in* CARPETING, CARPETING. rpHK Subscriber is now opening his Spring assortment of Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply, superfine and fine Ingrain; an assortment not surpassed in this city for variety of styles, figures, tic. These goods have been ordered expressly lor the Spring trade. The greatest care has been observed inmakug se lections ol such goods as can be confidently .ecommcUded for durability and permaneucy of colors, Itc, Aleo.alarge assortment of the different kinds of Hall and Stair Cart etmg Tufied door Rugs. Door Mais, tic. Also a han.some assortment of Painted Floor Clotlis, all widths. Families about purchasing any of the above described goods are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, m!8 lm* 74 East Broadway,Tt Div'lioo-st. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rr>HE Subscriber is now opening his Spring suyp'y ol 1 HARDWARE It CUTLER*, received perlsle arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general assortment of Domestic G iods. which he is prspartd to offer at the very LOWEST CASH TRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Ac., is solicited to an elimination of his stock and pricrs. as h? is confident they will find it to their ioterst to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 110 Greenwich corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CIJT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment ol Mechanics Tools, James Screws, he. ml 3m* WATCHES & JEWELRY VERY LOW. T'HR s ibicriberds s'llirg all d> adoptions of gold and silver -L Watchra. gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, lie , at retail, lower than at any other place in the city. Gold Watches as low RS 3) to to dollars each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or li night. All Watches are warranted to keep good lime, or the mooey returned. Watches and Cloeka repaired in the best m inuer, anil warranted, at much less than (he l sua' prices, by oue of ihr finest workmen iu the city. G. C.ALLEN I nporter of Watches aud Jewelry, wholesale and' retail. 30 Wall street, up elajrs._ mlllm* _ SEBfflNTTS CORDIAL. INDIGESTION.?As this is a very cmn on complaint, in the present day, whiterer tends to alltvrale it is of public im;or>anre For the information of thoee affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Restorative Cordial for itscrre:? C. C. SEPaivo, Esq Di m Sir At vour request, I hire exam ined the medicines of which your Cardial is composed, and have no hesitation in saying thst they are of the best class of tonics; and in the mauner prepared by you, will prove highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many other diseases of general debility. Yours, he. r PRATT, M. D. No. M Liberty street. I concur inthe above recommendstion of Dr. Praft. concur iu u. THOMAB BOYD. M. D., No. 391 Fourth street Sabriug's Restorative Cordial is sold at 193 Fulton street, at $1 per bottle. ">37 lm* DR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the cure nf erery form of Disease arising from THE IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD. CAUSKUbythe vital organs becoming deranged and enfeebled by hereditary complaints, and exhaustion of the rslein. and other diseases, viz Bcrefhla or King's Evil.T roori unci nwcllinga in the neck secondary aymnttoma i f 8) phi lis, cr the cnuatiiu' ional form of the Veaerial Ditcisr, Ulcira. ulcerated aore Threat Pilate, lie. Ulsers on the nhins. ami other partat t the bod y. Diaeaaet of the bono, paina, aeellinga, aid ulcerations uf the Loan, swelling* ol the toiala, while awell'ti|i, he-, Canrera, catanecua or akin diaeas-i. aalt rheum, rinitworm, scvly eruptioua. leprosy. itch, scald head, pimpiea, cracking ?ud am irtipgofthcakin. tetter, and ill kiMe of aorta Longstanding andnerrtqfore incurable fever j aorra, rlieumatiam, gout, live- complaint, and all diaeaara tanaad by an improper use of mercury, local and conatitutional I detwli y or weakneea, (onerrhott gleet leueorrhce i orwlntea. 1 gravel, lie., or when the aya'em hag been eilivnsted by aecret aeniuility in youth, intemne ance, loog atandiig debilitating due; i a, lot g reaidence in Southern climatea, and other debili tiling eauava. Tinainvaluablamedicinehaa been employed by the proprietor in an extenaiveprivate and hospital practice, both in Europe and Amrrici for the laat forty yean, during which time he ha' cured over 5000 palieata, who were afflicted with torn of the meat loalhseme and destructive forma of diaaaae. man) of whom are mw living, and ready to tealify to the efficacy of thiamedirinc Itcurea fcy giving tone to the neiria, erhilerat log the apirita, regulating the circulation, invigorating nodesciting the vital oigvnalo a natural and healthy action' and tnua caiuiLg ili irapuruiea to erpelled from the system, end creating the accretion of perfectly pure and healthy blood. Price ft per bottle. Voraale only at the Private Raeidc nee No. ttyOrerawich aircet, two doora above Canal a treat. lailln TzXlBuMTSK PaINTINO. for B#au:y, teonomyTTJnraIV bility. kc.?poaeraaea advantages ever every oiher.oytem of Painting, aa it n free from all unpleasant smell. rvUiniog.ll ita brilliancy ofeoior, and i. applied in much less nme than Oil Faintnf. itia well adapted for Willi, reilmp, or any idaide work; churchei,public building*, and Jecoratire work in ''Xpiphad by J09KPH PEARSON. No. 4M Broadway, eor. of Broome atreet. New York, who will give the beat rrferenea, and a]l information rvvpectlng the aame. Wort promptly egtented by applying aa above, eltbar in the city or country. rnjtm* DttEMll >1 Ha/<?K 8 TRtil'?Kirat IV-miem wavawar-Sr rd by the American Inaiitutv, at the lata ao well at each praeeediog Pair, to (Jcorge Maunder., 183 Broadway, for th . beat llaaor Strop. The MeUlic Tablet, invented by li. Saunders, haa been established for the laat twenty-Art reata aad certificated by the firat gentlemen oflhe coantry. It pro ducet v thin and amooth edga on a raior with mora certainty than it can he done on a hone in a tenth part of the timr, withont the nae of oil or water?whieh any pertoa can prove by bringing a dull razor a having it pnt M order on one of the Tablet, 1(3 Broad all In' VLOHIllA k UMlIB?Uniou Bank and Southern Trust, T bought at N. SISTARK'S, ... . _ II Wall atrret United Statao Bank notao. Illinoia do, Michigan, Indiana, III-noia Scrip, h mght and sold. mil* II E RH N IK ti N C A 8TIN OA?Constat lug of Tra mea, fetxJermi andeiiavmeron.anianU.of tiiperinr maanfacliire, to clone a consignment, at vary low i reca. by OcXlllCHS A KRtTORR, w?'.w tt Brood street. m ssteti ea. He may be alwurs consulted. with the utmost MeuTtf1. is the worst canto of dafleato diaiaam. mercurial aSccLona' and the nnmenoon symptoms arising from thia disease. Prom' Dr. C'a n tensive practice (qr the Inst eight years in UiinparUaular branch of the prof-eaves, guarantees a safe, swede and effective care to all persons who apply In him. Aweetdwa. cured ta a few days withont the ana of an tan ,. or any o2w mie?attendance from T u> tb? mortung an Ml II gt mght. 0* |go m Dim* ft, mum* w ro EW YORK. MONDAY M permanent establishment. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN fc SONS, Snrgeon Dentists, N*. Ill Broadway, and at London and Paris .nlorm the Public of New Yoik. and its vicinity, that inconsequence of their eery extensive practice, they have, at leDgth, been induced to open a Perminent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 37i Broadway between Franklin and White streets, in all cases appertaining to their profession, in which they have been so strcessful, in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and improvements in the art of Dentistry. Mons. Mullen returns thanks for thewery liberal pat ronage he has received, and continues to receive, par ticnlarly to the Medical profession of New York, for their kind recommendations,and advocating Mons. M.'s improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL FOB FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mons. m. continues to restore decayet Teeth, however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth,instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in |>oint of color, the natural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become loose?they have no unnatural gloss?are (irmly tixrd without wires or ligatures? no balky substance ia the month?and in every particular reaemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape anj minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upou the above imprrved and scienti pone of Mastication and Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fasteue.l,arising either from the WOf medicines 01 any other came. ARTIFICIAL PALATES ronlaced upon atureami a>ci? ntiflc method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled ta announce that by the kind consent of Tnreo Hundred of the first families of the UniteJ States, consisting of the tirat Merchants, Medical profession, Clergy and privata Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of Mont M.'s celebratad Mineral in preference to any fcther they have ever tried, and, in their opiui*B,t'i4 best that evercame uuderthuir notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS At'endedby Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Esta- | bliihment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons. Mallan a visit, to ] soe the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: (Juebee.May 8th.1841. Dear Sir,?Aflerhaving tried tha 'leeth which , you made for me, 1 cariuot do you less justice than to . acknowledge with pleasure my entire salisfaetioa. I beg to say they answerevery purpose of asiicatioa md Articulation equal to those placed by tliehan Is of nature. They so closely ] resemble the natural ones in the minutest shade of color and 1 shape,that they are not liscerned as being artificial by theelo- I sest observers. Your celebrated inveulioa for filling decayed { teeth, 1 can give adecidei1 opinion of its valuable qualities. You may use this letter in any way you think proper,for the ; benefit of the public aud yourself. 1 am.dearsir,yours truly, THOS. FAHqUES, Manuel Carmelst. 1 To Mons. Mallan, Burgeon Dentist. 372 Broadway, This gentleman is known at 131 Broadway,and at Trima Ward k. king's. MONS? MALLAN, ST8 Broadway. SIR?I feelitapleasure to be able to offsryou my teatimony in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my lata residence in Paris I called at vour establishment iu the Rue Castiglione, and having had some teeth filled with your mineral, I can oiity say that I have had every reason to be satisfied with its utility and value, cod never in the least degree ezperienced any inconvenieuce or injury from its effects in any mauuer whatever.?During iny visit to Mons. Mallan 1 saw ssveral testimonials ofthe highest character, all expressing the fullest confidence in its great benefit ond value. As far as I am en- | abled to judge, 1 considered it tjicn.and villi consider it. to be the best preparation of the kina ever offiieu to the publie. I am,sir,respectfully, yourobedientserv ant. VANBUKOH LIVINGSTON. 811 Greenwichslreet,utar ForlUansevoort. New York.May ai.1841. Mons. MALLAN k SON J, Surgeon Dentists, may be consulted daily at 378 Broadway betwetn Franklin and While its..east side. ni23lm* SPRING FASHIONS. rpHE subscriber desires the attention of strangers and others A to his large and extensive assortment of stocks, scarfs, cravats, ready made lineu and muslin shirts, pocket kerchiefs; silk, merino, and 'ambewoot shirts and drawers; suspenders, I gloves, hosiery, kc. kc. It is the intention ef the subscriber to pay particular attention in selecting the most chaste and fash innable patterns of scarli and cravats. Wis assortment will always be fcund varied and extensive. The subscriber continues the manufacture of hisce'ebratcd Elastic Stocks' Gentlemen may depend on bring suited by calling at the u'd establishment 241 Broadway, between Murray street and Paik Place. mis lm* PARSELLS. agent far J Agate. t??x<u\ reward:: CHOS&'S specific MIXIUWE pcJVJVJ for thecureof delicate diseases. We give no lorg quackish recommendations to die ive the public. If the medicine does not apeak for itself uo one shall speak for it. Our ohj ct is to notily where it can be had,and that the proprietor chall Dg?s a single case of recent d.sease to be brought in which the mixtu -e does not effeet a rapid enrr, under a forfeiture of J.SCO Portals at Dr. W. Milnoi'a, druggist, 1W Brandway, New York; J.Jones, N. E corner of Chesuut and 7tb street, Philadelphia; Jos. M. Sui t". 133 Washington St., Boston. Roberts k Atk ns in, corner sf Hanover and Market street, Baltimore; A. B. Crcsamau, Canal street, New Or- j leans. at MADAME COSTELLO. rpHE FEMALE MONTHLY PILL ii acknowledged by 1 the first Phvelciane in the Unitid State* a* the eery beat mtd.cine that ladie* laboring under a euppressiou of their natural illneai can take, and they rery seldom fail to reiierc when taken accordiug to the direction* Those who call for them will be supplied with her circular, containing ample direction*, and all the precaution* neceeeary to be ob(creed in their use. . , N. B.?The married, under *ome circumstance*, muit abstain from their u?e for reason* contained in the direct iom. AII communication* and letters must be poet paid. No 34 Lieprnard atreet. m25 lm CHINA, OLAS9 AND EAKTHEN WAKE.?A list ol priceeof China, Glass. fcc.,soid by K. SIMPSON. 8 Aitor House, Broadway, who keep* the beet articles, and aell* cheater than a'^y otner house in the United States. ^ FRENCH STONEWARE. Porcelain. Blur or White. Platte let lite per dor ft *4 >1 00 do 3d do I 74 88 CO Id do 1 00 75 do 4th do 1 37 53 do 5th do Of 37 Coeer Di*h, 1 *0 75 Sauce Tureen and Stand, 1 00 <5 TeaCups and Saucer*,per dor, 84 p*. 100 Pitcher*, 1*4 eire, t 75 ) do 8d de 1 37 * do 3d do 1 18 85 do 4th do 73 10 do 5th do 53 do 6th do 5" Chocolatei, 1st ?ire per dr 3 73 do aJ do 3 at do 3d do 3 75 Teas. ? l&n Cups, " Sioue Ware, Dining Setwice, 113 piece* 13 00 French or Eng. Poi celam^le* ^ ^jO'cee t 00 Octagon dishes,best quality.* inch, pr pair 3 00 8 do da # do do 8 so do do 1* do do 4 00 Decanters, th? set of 4 from 5 50 Uretn Hock Olasses, per do*. 3 83 Cut Wine* from I 50 per dr.ten Cut Fluted TumMem 3 00 do Lemonades, handled, ...... , 4 u Housekeepers, take care 4his list, and make your purchasers at 8-Astor Route; the sarihg you will make by ao doing must be ^sible to all upon reading the above. Table Cutlery?This is also the cheapest stor* for Cue Tsblm,3U.m?'>"tl0rd?"",a SIMPSON.8 Aetor Hon... FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. A MONO the many and Tarious Cosmetic? that are offered Ih? ras.Klis. r.r K an'ifriii* the rfimnlpiion. acd reinnr ing 'tery eruption from the face. none can be ?o confidently recommend.d a* Church'* Vegetable Lotion It impart* a delicate em-'O hnrss to the comp exion, and effectually remorei pirn plea, blotches. tan, freckle*, rmgwormj, and all o her cutsreoiu erupt ione and due Im at i nn Price 75 eenta per bottle?eold at Chu-ch's Diapeasary, 188 Bowerr, corner of Spring etreet. Agent*? K. W. Bull, Hertford; C. & N. W. Simmo a. Pine, timer of Fourth (tract, Philad Iphia; Charles Steanr. Poughkee(.*ie. __ mjl lm* MEDICAL AID. ALL those in need of medical aid of a pertain description, should without fai obtain a copy of a little book entitled the Ruiicou. with eugravioga. Tina little work waa written and published by Dr. Gregory, in 1838; in I Ml, he publiehed a econd edition.with many vaiuihle improtemeni* and alterafiour, aid in 184?, it has been (till more improred and enlarged. The ecigraving* are heautifaily done, and are accompanied with auitaole explanatory rrrmarka. The author ia now in extendie city prmetica at It Mottnlreet.nearly oppoaitethe (tone church. HiaWaring b.en coiiatanll)- engagrd in combatting diaeaac* o( thia character for many (ear* paat, enable* him to treat ainabjnet not only theoretical1)' bnt practically correct. The patient 1 in here guided in the selection of remedies, according to the reapectire aircumatancea and condition of the cine. The plan of the booh in to ahow the ordinary aymptoin* occurring in common ennea. with thn heat method nf core. It then ahewa what other ay mptoma may and dolrequeatly happen, with appropriate treatment and remedies to be adopted in caae theae bad I symptom* should occur. The pt ire or the hook it SO cent*. Dr. Gregory takes thin opportunity to remark, that he in ' aery frequently applied to under rireumstaaces where the patient aecmflo be tulfcring which lead him into the be'iefthat he haaaome lilt e remain# of the complaint (till left, which shows itself occasionally. Mnch cane* an these frequently proit tn be attended with stricture ; of this fact, an wall an the . nature of a stricture, the patient had no idea, not withstanding | the symptoms may hareaiiateda long time, and a stricture 1 had been in progress neeeral months Doctor Gregory guarantees a speedy and permanent cure. The Doctor's leeidencr ia nota drug store.but ia a private d walling hnm\ well provided for the eoneenience of patients. THs book mar also be had at Mr. King's store, SI pulton street, comer or Cliff, at tha same price Dr. Gregory will be found at home at aill hours ofthe day and evening. Patients residing any distance from the city may tommauirate by letter (always post-paid) with Dr. O, and liia adrice be obtained, and where a clear description nf the caae is glean, aoeerieg a suitable fee, the proper remedies will be for warded to ordar. and* always guaranteed, where the whol'ay mptoma andcircmnatancaa arc set forth. ml In' HAVANA RK'OARB -PCTOTGILIBKY. SM Broadway and 311 Bowery, formerly kept by Mr. P. Murine hega j leave to inform the smoking public that they will always find, at kia stores, a well selected asnortmea'. of the k .cat brands of Havana and rrincipa 8KGARS at wholesale and retail; and if a IWst rate article and friendly treatment can iueure cua 1 torn, he hopes to receive a large share of it. mat lm' ; LtTrTf?O i IT ib March, One Pair Gold W peel?I as. The j ioder all*11 re reive Two Dollar! reward, and no question* asked. Apply to mil lm* Mr DEL tPLAlNE. 18 Wall at . OIBee No. 8. I A PAlL~T OOL.?All who buy I he common trash offered to A them iost-qd of buying the genuine Sherman's Loxengea. wi'l not onfy he fooled out of their mosey, but moat likely i ont of thew health. There ia notaing like She tin en's Loses- i gas for a e ugh. sold, headache, or palpitation of the heart, as : wen an worms 10 children. 1 he Doctor's office u at IM Nna nu Street New York; 8 Atq;* street Boetoa. I Lodger ! Buddings, Philadelphia; frank Taylor, Waakwgttn, ?1 ' RK I [ORNING, APRIL 4, 1S4< CHAMPION WIG MAKER. NEW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE ?>F TOUPEES. DHAl.OV.2M Broadway, oppni'e 9t. Paul's Church, is the V lire'to iulrnduce in New k ork the AMAZON TOUPEE, Being a new invention of the eubicriber. Theee Toupees are mule without euape bamle or metallic jpri?ga; ll ey fit ou the head by ?u entirely new coutrivauce? they diaplay tlie forehead aud t?ini>lre to any height?they are hi raiy to nut ou a 11 off ae a hat?there ii not a oart rU of efetl. ironr r bran in them? thsapuuas arc a new nnei ii. u, b< in; m ile ol pure GOLl) to prevent rutting or corroding. Thieieacon incmg proof to old wig wearers of their merit Ae a WIG AND SCALP invker, PHALON'3 qu.lrficetion* are well known and appreciated lie has proved huiifelf to be decidedly the beet iu the dhr. Thirties fact which every wig maker know* Acouviiicing proof, if any were wasting, ae the opinion of three ol the o.dret and beat iudare in the nroterieiou in New York can testify. The public can una judge from the , . PREMIUMS, via. the silver medal lasi year, and the first premium this, warded by the American Institute, who is or is not the best Wig maker in N w York n ji 'CUE *M---?REA\I---CREA\1. Still the Cities widely term With praise nf Kins s Verhtna Cream? The finest Sinvtug Co i pound known, | Experience Sai clearly shown. 'Tis so skil'ully prepared To soften e'en the rot ghe.t beard. 1 hat a dull razor's edge brstows A ktcnuess that the <Aaiy>rs( knows. ' l is pure, and pleasant, choice and cheapWill iu everD climate keepMakes it a pleasing task to shave, And will both time ami trouble tire. Prepared and sold by C. H. KINO, Sj Fulton street; Basel!. 614 Br railway, and S5B Brvdway. mtl lm' 1^TlTl71TvT7l I A N I Hi It P. V iTri v I >KD-J U\l.S' cp ^ OIL OK COIML CIRCASSIA. t HOSE whose hair is falling out. turning grey, or has ceased growing, an article is here i If, rid you at a reasonable price ?remember itis not puffed?and it will do all it ie represented to do Read this? I certify that mv hatr was falling out fast; I combed out hanilluls daily, aid siuce I ho? e used two bit tics of Joins'Oil of Coral Ctrcassia, it has ijuile stopped falling out, aud is growit g fas t aud dark. W. TOM KIN J, (l King ft. This will gire l-ght, red or grey hair a tine dark look, ant in iine cause it lo grow dark from the roots Among others who have used this and certify is J. F. Power,grocer, Brooklyn; J. Gilbert, jeweller. 31 avenue Bold b, T. JONES, stguof the American Eagle, 82?unless you are careful of the right number you'll be cheateS with a counterfeit?82 Chatham street. Price 3. S and 8 shillings bottle?three sic, s. 139 Faltou street, Brookly n,is agent, in30 tm' 0 AI It, OIL.?There ts uu Oil in toe world mat can On go id FT or bad to the hair. Cveiy body knows that when tr.e hair ? burned it wi'l grow again as good as ever All the powder* for dying the hstr are nothing but a nmture of lime and lithrage, and the hair is not dyed( hut literally burned. Li.utdt for dying the loir ate compositions of caustic and spirits, that burns in the same way as the powders, and donl dye the hair, and the hair will grew no matter how many timet it ie burned: aud every b.di k owe also, that when the head it full of d tndruff, the hair begins to turn grey, and b.Illness follows. From <n experience oftwenty years,being liair cutter, and baring the opportunity of ezainiuing a great many head*, (and blockhead.) I hare made myself a great romyoei inti. known at "Pastor's Hair Oil. or Compound Eierutial Oil of Amonds," fordesroying dandruff, preventing the hairfrom coming out aud turning grey. This inimitable Hair Oil will m-ke the hair grow well, no matter how much dandruff or soreness is ou the head. For sale, wholesale and retail, at A. Pastor's, Hair Cutter, 1M Greenwich street, New Yoik. Price So cents a bottle. m?8 lm* STRIKER'S HAY ON THh BLOOMING DALE 110ADTHE tub-criber, having leased the above establishment, re1 an?rtfnllv iufnrini hia fri*>ii<1a ais.1 (It* ViiiKli/* <l>al Iu vi ill OTAri?^"-'0V'St-rdV,rneii, AmfuT b?Iut,fiuuK",0^yJSi h,v,eonct ttiii romantic at.<l w"bVUK?!ua!!' p"uraDd ,h?? in naturally beautifulandniriui T.Vi y* ,I"R, T"lt lh<t ed8t?.Ky',pBl 0n th* i,Und ?f M.4att\T,err '' " uueurjraeaHHPI,, rr g aid 'e^d N?? h?" "l??ed (without frthUoV??.rVli?nr,u7i' .Tth.'t" H''?"* Wi,h flowt ?nd Tb^fhif jUriD? "'""'i1 ^"??U >oa Sf1J i"nh" O PnTJ' SMSSr?.. b. particular^ ftoirt? Aql w'SMSwas trt rrXla' KOBKRl' t-ARDOWV ikTAcipb ?:? ? Wiiden Lane. N TAlidL!NIvf"*f?oa!'|mii>,"(foM**ued' V"? " " j?:.:::::::.' J gg ?*??** Bin diamond 84 '? *.!!!." 5jj? W t do Jo m9a OLOVEH k Mc MURRAY. U~,,,l . ?.? ?? 100 rioeetreef. isrzjsshsiiss wK 'SHSuSiiKJiE^ in New Vork. wB. ??u?. fcXS",*- UDOa' th* mo#t PronuMW^ *, ocraaioninf any offeaaire unell or ioWou. . ffi^ ^?Ul Order* reccited and Punctually attended to at th. r a?._. K ALSO MINK PAINT DKPOT IAvMu'IT 1 3?t Broadway, corner Kranh ll. dly the .calp and hair nouriahm^? m foLT, "th ,u^c winch tha perepiration hccoiaei thick and' elammv aVIrfVi' on the atiriat*, forming a emit called ilaridmfr , ^nei "Pfht pare. of the ?kin. and C,<*? ?etir,h;!urir*n4i" 1from,r"'^,L? "?ci??t s uihS.'St! retain vitality The hair then becomea har*h am! uut.1. . char ge! color and MU off. Thi? nnne^lthv LJfVrt ? ut' and effect-ally cured by Jayne'e ^r To.ic llH re?i?ea .lie dormant power* of the anrface ,ch lb. dandruff, and produce* a new and healthy"* w' "oThaS to auppiy tlie imi 01 inf. 010; anu u<:unrsi yreTcuiea or removed where it already e*id? The following certificate 11 (elected, which *tifA.i.nlly proves iti ratraoidinarv virtual? Me?ir*. A. B. k Sand*:?Gentlemen an act of juillce to you and Dr. Jayne, I lend you thil certificate to inform you of the inealuahle benefit my wife hue received from the uie of Dr. Jayue'e Hair Tonic. She loat not only her entire head of hair, but her eyebrow* alao. and after trying eariou* other remediee, with no benefit. *he uaed Dr. Javnt'e Hair Tonic, hh* uaed two botllea before we ceukl diecover the hair had ilarted. and ronimenciig with the third it e.arted to (trow out finely, and in a few weeka her head and nyebrowe were covered with a third growth of flee black hair, better than ahe had loat. I think it wu entirely produced by llie use of the Tonic, and would rt:ommcnd it to all who ueed .'im'U"T4Tyyonre, JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr.D. Jayne, M South Id direct. Price $1. Hold at wtioleiale aad retell by A. BAD SANDS.drug. gipU.Tf Fulton. cornerol Odd afreet. and lOOKnlton atrrer; alao aold by Abraham B. 8ande kCo.,No 97S Bioadway, coru?r of t'hamber atreel; Darid Sand* k Co., No. 77. P.ajt Broadway mljlti* cjALf RHEifSTBIND WORM;uaRBcR's S ITCH AND SCABIES-RAYNKK'd LOTION AND SYRUP if the only rraaedy which ie certain la cure the ahoee complaint#-haraaleaa in ita operation, but certain in ita e ff.eta ?the Lotion healing quickly. and the Syrup purifying apeedily. Tl't" TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Uoedwell'e Deterseal io<i Pill* never fail to cure a recent eaj? or riseM* in 40 Court. if ??? I isdirecled Try them, all ye afflietei- they are free from mercury. Priee 50 rente rack THE TOOTHACHE CONQUERED?lnnmea'c E.tract It re'ievea in five minute* after application to the net ve of the tooth. ?nd prevent! decay if the tooth is filled immediately. P EEMA LE MONTHLY PILLS?From M. Bindalocqo* of Vranee?cortain. aafe and a peed y in the core af all eaeee whtre nature haa become obstructed. They cure in a few dat e. Price 71 centi per tiackajn. GILBERT'S ANTIBILLIOUS FAM]LY PILLS-For the ral ef of ail ounp'ainta produced by eoalire habit*. auch aih'adacba, heartburn, a our itomarh,*, and tonent appetite, they have been uaed with more anccetm than any pill ever before offered to the public. Price ia cent* per boz. Sold wheleeale and retail by E. M. GUI ON; 197 Bowery, earner of Graadatreet. _ mtwjm* F~HENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, and Materiel* far Florida.?BRUN, LAROHIKRK k CO., Ill William atreet, havainat recetred, by the Harre packet*, Argo and Francoia lat, aad offar for aate? Itioo Bote* French ArtiAcial Hnwera, eompriaing a general raartment ofth* moat fathkmabl* Itowira worn io 500 Do?*n*Pink Saaeera, mutable for flower maker*, war rantedef the flrat quality. 10 race* Material* forPlori-U. ?iz:-par*re, moelia, flnaa ilk*, wirea.lenTte, bud?. blwioma. olive*.ke kc. Thie e?taoki*b?n*nt t* condanlly receiving the aew it) le* of flowori a* they appear in Pari*. Dealer* will And it to their adnata** "" 'J- The lUwb iaeiteneiv* th* price* moderate, and every article elected wRh thegraaGatcare. witim ,,l>kiaii 1 IIAlt i a Ml.lilt ' r. v I I .1 in P 18 i! at 109 w. ?r etreet. ?ore ...thefta, mark. I. the only ra abli.hment ol the k.vd in the Umt d SUde, eonuie on i) e? Niry. I lie Amervaf, Kuaewa ?-v\ Span I." war ?l?ar ?r??h*. *u;ydie! all the Race Boat* and (Tub Boa .for the Nat four T? h" ? Wat merriment of Oar?. Sweep# and Senile erar eollectad more plae* N B The Branch Oar St^rr, on the North Rierr am, la I hut up, and remorat to tog water *trn*t ;*od a* I ear* all I the UP naef of ow alore.l will *etl enough e haaper to tbor a I who come from th" North River *id> to pay them fwthei- I Iroublh Race Boat*. C.uhBeata.Oajp ?i <t Scull* (old A* per " cent liia than >Mt Jtu. *3 Ik* IER A 2. IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. VEW YORK. September 91 at, 1941 ToDr C. H. Ring ? Lti Sir; Aeyou hat e reuuoated m-togive you au nccouui ul how your " Elmrof Lite" act*d in my easr, 1 cheerfully c< ui ply for tne benefit of othera. 1 h ive hud a rough every winter lor aeveral year*, and always got relirf Irom simple herb teen nil last whiter,MlfcirMII hi u : nor the other termed to {i relirf, and I waj gradutlly waiting away?having to rrlimi i my buaiueai. In line atate I w-tf persuade! hy my fritud Mr. 1'rck to try your Elilir of Life aud before I had fiuiahcd the lellle, I wu not only cured of my cough, pom iu the che?l, night swell's, but able to rreumr bu.iutse ; ai d find myaelf to rapidly improving ml my friende are attotiMird, expecting I" lirarol my draih,instead of seeing me gel oc'ivr and robust I consider myself ind ibtcd to you for the saviug of my life, and any one situated a* 1 war, may call on Piil'K.R N HKLW*. ISThompaon St. Prepared and fortale by C.H. RINti,53 Kultou, cor tinfT. in 19 Im* ML' Ft lll.sirs' SlOllAi.U ul t l ouo 1s t Certain , ,,,e * L lor Dyspepsia. assisting digestion, weeklies), nertous erases, loghl sweats. Sic. Sir?1 have iu the courie of my practice pregcrihed yourelomai'li bitlera aud foond Ihrms most t llisisu'l r. m?lt. ... ..... I of indigestio u, anility and debility of the digestive organ* I by iii> meant class it among the .[tack medicines oftiir day, but one which will confer a great bli tsiug cn many of i cring fellow beings. P. j BU VOY. M. D. 330 Broome it. The loll iwiny i? from Dr K, (i. Lu How ?3t Hr>adway ?I have lined your Hit) era in cases of iai|iaired dictation, when vegetabj tonics were indispensable, w lib a Icm fuual rraalt The ariclts ol'which it ia com noted are very judiciously confined. and I have no doubt will prove- serviceible 111 the ca?es for which you have rccoiii nended il. Youri,tie. EDWARD (i LUDLOW. Csrtilicate* of niary pertout cured cau be aten at the drug store 150 Bowery,corner of Broome, where the above ia ?old only in t lit city, and VIra Una. 139 Kit I ton street, Ifrooklvn Price Iarge bottles $1; email 5u cents, m jD I n.~ TO CARPENTERS. BUILDERS, tec. TI'ST PUBLISHED,?The Modern Builders fJuide, con " taininr eighty seven copp?r plates, with full eiplaiiauona Oliuard Lefever, Architect ) This work should be in the hands of every builder in the country. It contains on aceu r tie.treatise ou Hand and Stair Hailing, a branch which hai heretofore been but imperfectly noticed in oiher works. Its publication has been al euded u ilh great eipruse It is handaomeiy hound in quarto, and ia riap-ctlnlly offered lo the pablic, w holesale and retail, bv the ubliaher, WILLIAM D. SMITH. Architect, Portrait and Card Engraver, ISO Broadway, third alorr. For sale a few Oil Stones, suitable lor Engravers, I)euti?ts. Jewellers, ktc. mil I in' ~ A PROBLEM AND the way to solve it. Why do the umtatoii of my Tablet Kaz >r Strop allow me lo carry off the pa miutn iredal and diploma, from the American Institute, year alter ye r, without even tubini.ting their own for tria. ! O ye of tender chins and toug'i beards, answer the above by brinci. g a dull p ir uf llaz irs, and test f<?r yourselves he truths cl the ctrtHi cares ef the moit scieii-ilie grntleineu iu III! country, viz: Professor Griseom, Dr. Mott, Geu. J.t Tallinadge and others. Ci S VUNDERB.sole mrentor and manufacturer of tne metal lie. Tablet Razor Strop, with lour sides, 163 Broadway. m3? lm* RING'S COUGH CAN]JY a BE 'egret of confnlence placed in this Vegetable Cough ' Candy by a majority of our physiciaut, ought to inspire the like in the cind of every sceptic, who perhaps is so from having been deceived hy some article that promised ever, thing and performed nothing- Won d physicians recommend an article they did not pluee implicit reliance in Its virtues I Would elergt men and other pithl.c speakers speak publicly of it, de> Iightful relief, in lubricating the ur passages and giving the voice a manifest inordinate volume! lu hue, would errry body who has tried it *o strenuously proumlg.ffe its virtues, had uot the almoet miraculoue effects of its powerful agency been seen! Prepared aul (old. who'estle and retail, C H. RING 88 Fulton street. corner of Cliff mi 9 im' T EKCHKS?CRElHES.?10 too very line large aoit hcaitli, La Smyrna and German Leeches. for sale very 'rasuiiable, whole*ale and retail, or earefelly applied by W.M \Va TROU8, I haoiet and Pharmacutist, Apothecaries'Hall, 36 Catharine at VJ EIDLITZ AND SCDA POWDERS?Warranted very kJ superior irtie'ea to what are ginerally sold, put up expressly for family use. Eur sale, wholesale aud retail, by IVMWA1 ROUS. Chemist and Pharmacutist, Apothecaries' Hall. 36 Catharine at. map I m* fI iih: TKiTei nicHta oi?; limc js ii he only ffcuaioe TarUrs Baltam or Lirerwort from the ao|e proprietor at 911 Spring atreet. has uever bern known to fail iu curing the most alarming symptoms oi Conaumpiion and Liver Complaint. We have certificates from hundreds of moat respectable peraons. certify!!* to the surprising relief they have received in using the article from art Spring street Owing to ills assertion! of - counteroffers, the following sworn facta is now published? City of Brooklyn, Kings County , ??:?K. Townartrd being duly sworn, deposes and says that he it personally acquainted with the proprietor of Dr.Taylor a Balaam of Liverwort, and does cert.fy from hie own knowledge that the only person now litiog, who prepared thii medicine at 37> Bowery, and is the sole proprietor, resides and transacts bu,inrsj at jqi Spring atreet, and manufac'.urea the genuine Bu.'sain of Liverwort at that place, from the only original rrripe in fxistenre. E. TOWXiuho, Sworn before me this 1'lh Jan 1849. B.ALPHEUS SMITH. Com I certify from my own persons! knowledge lhat the above state menls in regard to the ownerslup, Ike are tin*. S. ALi'ilhl'S SMITH. Beware of Counterfeits, aa the great question of life or death may depend upon having the genuiue medicine, made ouly in this city at 941 Bpnug street. Agents?Rede in*. 8 Stete street Breton; 31 Main street.and 79 Kullou street, Brooklyn; 116 and 948 Uroadstrret, Newark . Price?Large bottles $9, next size |l,and sin tils r aire so cents. m9S Im* ] nofla.M'ff PATENT MLI'aLLh. M.Astn, tiOui IV HEF.L3.-The .ub-cril er brgs leave to inform thF public, llnff he has commenced to manufaciure and sell books with this valuable invention, which only needs to te known to he universally adopted. The followinge*e some orthe many advaatages it possesses over every other kind let?The elasticity adds to the durability of Ihe boot one- I third. , Sd?It makes nomore nsiee on the pavrmrnt than a slipper. The nupleasant clinking none of the i-on heele it obviated. 3.1?It prevent* boots fiom running down st the side or 4tn?Its elasticity enable* one to walk witn much leas fatigue, the heel givi g a natural spring at each etrp. Slh?It does not cut and tear carpets,like the iron or nailrd herls In order to bring this improvemei I wiihm the reach of all. the subscriber has concluded to put them at the eame prices ofthe eoinm >n heels Boots of every quality and description, wholesale and retail, at the old stand. H. NEWELL, m91m* 144 ClSilliam street. p-vR. LaUkEL, 103? CANAL H P MEET. uear CHURCH. xJ ?Now so well known in this city tor very many great and extraordinary cures he has performed, in all rarer r>f\delieate disease, even after all ether remedies have tailed, still continues to be consulted by the affl.cted of both sexrs. His mode of treatment i- ton well known to require commentla. tiou.hwVing been in the practice for SO years, in the first hoepita's of France, and ten years In this rfty, removing all preu liar disease* with success aud dispatch, ?u.l without the aid either of Mercnry or Balaam. Person* afflicted with protracted and da plmable rases need not despair of a complete rrco vi ry,by applying to Doctsr Laurel, who offers to nis patrons s sure guarantee or no charge. At home until 9 " ".. and charge moderate ml im* TTAKSj tWEEPli AND SCULLS.?Nouce la hereby givv / en,that I hive diaenntinued the branch oar establishment in West street. North River i>de. si d do all my business at my old Oar Establishment. 409 Water street.and as I save all the ripetssei of one etore, I will sell Oars, Sweeps, au J Sculls enough cheaper to piy for coming from any part ofthe city to'the Oar Establishment, 403 Water street, five doors above Catharine market. JOHN A. I'EARSALL. mt Im* TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAME KESTELL'S PREVENTIVE TOWDKKS 11KII iniiriMnn ??? '? mjji UI1ITC1 mi/ aovpn in Europe, but Kranee in particular, for upward* of tlurt) years, as well si by thousands in tin* country, a* hring the only mild, *afe and efficacinu* remedy for married ladies wheat health forbid* a too rapid increase of family. Madame Reetell, a* if well koowe, ?>* for thirthy yean Female i'hyaician in the two principal Female HoepiUla it Europe?thoee of Vienna aeid Pari*?where laeored by hei great experience and opportnmtiee, the attained that cele hrity in those great dieeoTeriee in medical ecience eo epe cially adapted to Lhe fema'e frame lor which her medicitiei now eland unriralled, aa well in that country aa in Kuropa. Hat acquaintance with the phymolopy a id anatomy of the femalt Vame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ifl health ol married femalea. scarce in the meridian of life, and the cones quen! rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes wind consign many a fond mother to a premature graxe?ta then trie source?to arrixe at a knowledge of the rrtwiary cans'I ol female indisposition*?especially of Hiarned fern ilea?which, ix Woe. led to the diacoxery ol her celebrated T.-exxntire Pot* deri." Their adoption ha* been the mean*) fpreeerxhig no* only the health, but <x?a the life of many an affectionate wife and fond mother. . . The advertiser feeling the importance of this subject, an* timating the tart benefit* resulting to thousand* by theii tioptkm, would moat respectfully arouse the *1 tention of thi tarried, by all that they hold near and dear.t ificoustder* fion. I* it not wise ana xirtuou* to prexent - x il *to which w< are enbject, by timplound healthy means within our control * Kerry dispassionate, xirtooua, and enlightened mind will un haeiUtmciy answer in the affirmatire. Price fir* dollars apaceage, accompanied with full and particular direa tiona. They can ba foi warded by mail to any part of the Urn ted Htales All loltara must ba poet paid, and addreaeed tr MADAME RKBTEIX,Female Pnysieian. I rtncipai office Its Ortenwieh street. New k oik. Office hours fromitA. M to # o'tik P. M. Boston office No. T React *t. m 30 H fcwi rr. MADAME RESTELL, HEMALK PHYSICIAN. rtfMcftM MS Gr. relief eiid perfect recaxerr. Ladies desiring proper road Il ii To it wit i during eonftoemeul or other tniiaposittoa ?ll iiSoSmodeted during curb time wHh pnxuta atnd re ZeetiMe beard. " Praxentiaa Powders" for married India* whn~ or pr?c?no?i hoftltn forbidi i ton r*pi?l inrrpitM of family will be e?ot k? row! lo%Dy pan of the UnNod S(o(o? Asa"- ~ Boston Olfice No. T Eaeex it. N B ? Madneae Reetell would inform ladiaa residing out d the city, whoa# health would not admit of trnxclling, ihat eh* wontd dexot* her pereoaal attendance upon them in any part of the United fttatea within reasonable distance, mSCdfewIm* COUNTERFEIT. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. f\WlNO to th* relehrily, efficacy and inxariablo snccaeo o. v ' Madame Res tail's Female Monthly Pitl* ia all eatce o* irregularity, eupp'raeion. or stoppage of those fancHone ? nature upon which the health of every female drpende.siBe. 'heirintroduction into the United Plates, now about four year* nuntarfeit* and imitation* are ronthmaMv attempted to be palmed off far lha ganutna. ('heap common nils art parch* it.! at twelxa crntr a box. put up in different beat*. and calls* "Kemala Monthly Tills,"with lha object of selling, if possible .lone dollar Females are therefore cautioned against theee i tempts to impose upon them. It is sufficient here ta aid* hat dlVmaU Monthly Pule are wytrrlaiU.execpt thy wild al Madams Hostel l'e Pnne.pal Wffice. ><V/Y. New York, and No t Essex .treat, fcwtoa. Mealjl. Madam* Ra*tail's signature is written on lha eoxer at ** ^h-y can be ue-d by the married or .ingle. direction* enclosed Wilde ofseek box. ?* l? 1 XD. J. J Wm *w? Casta t iihi jN H, VV I VJKK iiAxNUET. EDITED BVJAMES ALEXANDEU HOUSTON,M. D., CONTENTS OF NO. XIV. (.ccmtiDr. Hall's l.wturts on th Physiology, and Diseases anl Deraugeuieis ol the Nervous System, No. 11. The Physiology of the Nervous System.?[Continued.] 209 Professor Moll's Lectures on Surgery , No XIV. Malignant Sarcoma of the Posteiior Nares and Fauces.? [Contiiim d ] 319 Enlargement of the Tonsils 311 V Course of Lectuies on Diseases ol the Chest, Percession, and Auscultation. By John A. Swett, m n Lecture I.?General Anatomy of the Heart?It* position, and manner in wbicn it nkeptinaitu ? Proper mode of m.ktog poat mortem examinations?Weight and Measurement of tke Heart 211 uniwi. On Regimen and Longevity ; Comprising Materia Alimontaria,National Dietetic Usages, aDri the Influence of Civilisation on Health and the Duration of Life. By John Bell, M.D 213 The Naturalist'* Library; containing Scientific and Popular Description* of Man, ({uudi upedi, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects. Edited by A. A. Oould, A.M 21fc Hydratics; or Manual of the Water Cure. Campiled and translated Iron the Writing* of Munde, Herschell, Ike., hy Francis (ira-ter 218 Stricturos on the Report of the Physician* in attendance in the case of the late W. II. Harrison President of the United States. By J. A. Gallup, of Woodstock 218 Clinical Lectures. By Robert J. Grave*. M D., M R. I l.A. Professor of the Institutes of Medicine in the | School of Physic, Trinity College, Dublin, kc... . 218 Extracts from a Lecture on Insanity. By C. B. Coventry, M.D 217 Annual Announcement of the Medical Department of Transylvania University. For the Session 1841?2 217 EDITORIAL DErABTMEKT. New York Deaf and Dumb Institution 217 Surgical Cliniipie of the Stuyvesant Institute School '213 MEDico-CHiaranicAL asroRTE*. Crosby street Cliniipie 213 Btuyvesnnt Institute Clinique '219 Successful Extirpation ol a Tumor from the Submaxillary Region. By Dr. llobt. Nelson, of New York...: '219 Hepatic Congestion?Diagnosis?Treatment. From Dr. C. J. B. Williams'Clinical Lecture* 220 Remark* on the Uterine Supporter. By William Harris, M.D , of Philadelphia 220 On the advantages of Keeping the Umbilical Cord whole for some short time ufter Birth. By M. Baudelocque 221 rseudo-Strangulations of Hernia. By M Malaigne 221 Action of Hydrocyanic Acid, kc. on the Eve. Bv A. | Turnbull, M.D 831 The use ol the Actual Cnutsry in rrocidentia Uteri. By J Adair Lawrie, M l)., Surgeon,Glasgow Royal Infirmary 233 rial hid ixTiuinmrii. On the Injuries to Health occasioned by Breathing Impure Air in Close Apartments. By Di. Klmore 333 Resolution passed by the Comitia Minora ol'the Medical Society of the City and County of New York 334 Singular Care of Abortion 224 Roy al College of Surgeons in London 234 Microscopic Observations 234 Wtnflkly Report of Interments 224 New Yoaa: Printed and Published for the Proprietors, at the Lancet Office, No. 21 Ann Street,by JAMES GOORDN BENNETT. Kelwiow among the Indians.?The Rev. R. R. Roberta, Bishop of the Methodiat Episcopal Church and the Rev. E. R Ames, Corresponding Secretary of the. Missionary Society of the same Church, are now on a visit to the Choctaw, Creek and Cherokee countries. The latter spent the last Saturday and | Sabbath in our town, while the former waited for liirn at Fort Smith. Mr. A. occupied our pulpit in two discourses on Sabbath day, and had crowded audiences, all of whom listened to his superior logic, Ins commanding eloquence, and convincing discourses, with the most deferential respect. The object of Bishop Roberta and Mr. Ames, in visiting the lodian country, is to consult the Indiana en the propriety ol establishing manual labor echoola among th -m?schools for the promotion ol letters, and learning the boys agriculture, or some u-etul art, aa the parents shall direct. This Society has also made con.-iderable progress among the tribes north of us, lying particularly on the Kanzas river. They have a school only two miles from the Missouri line, at which Shawnees, l'otawatainite, Kiekaj ooe, a few Usages, and some others, are being taught with great success The Society has already expended exceeding fifteen thousand dollars in the erection of buildings, and have about one hundred and fifty scholars at their school.? Van Buren, ( Ark ) Intelligencer. Duci. t oi Love.? Extract.of a Utter from Geneva in the Rochester Evening Post, ef the 31st ult.:? A disgraceful affair took place last Wednesday between Messrs. Iiill and Gregory, It appears that G. waited upon a lady home last Sunday erening from the Dutch Church Hill also wanted to see her home; he became angry with G., and challenged him to fight a duel w ith pistels! upon which G. accepted the challenge. They met on Wednesday at the Brewery on the beach of the Luke, precisely at four o'clock. The seconds were chosen, and the ground measured; the pistols were loaded by the seconds, and handed to them. They fired?but neither tell. The seconds reloaded, and the duelliets fired, but all the shooting was without effect, as the seconds leaded only with powder and wadding! This affair, ridiculous as it ii shameful, is rendered more remarkable by the statement that one of the combatants is a theological etudant, and the second of the other was a bishop's son! British Army in Canada.?The following are the intended stations of Regiments serving in Canada, for the year 1842 :? Riviere du Loup, Temiscouaia, and Madawa-ka, ? Left wing of th<-68th Regiment. Quebec?Brigade of iiuard* Three River* and Nicole!?Left wing of Royal Canadian Rifles. Sorel?Head Quarters and Right Wing of the 68.h Regiment. Chambly?King's Dragoon Guards and the 56th Regiment Montreal and St. Hcleas? Head Quarters of Royal Canadian Rifles. 43d Regiment. 70th do. 71st do. Head Quarters of the 7th Hussare. Laprairie?Squadron ofthe7ih Hussars, and Head Quarters and Right Wing 74ih Regiment St. Johns? 85 Regiment. Isle aux Noix? l^eft wing 74lh Regiment. Kinsgton?23d Regiment Thrao Companies 93J Regiment, and one Troop Kins'* Dragoon Guards. Toronto?HSd Regiment. Tee Head Quarters and Three Companies of the 93d Regiment. London and St. Thomas?1st Royal Regiment, and HDtb Regiment Drumroondville? 67th Regiment Amherstburgh?14th Regiment. Escape raox Phison.?The Detroit Free Press gives the particulars of the escape of fourteen convicts from the State Prison at Jackson One of the number named Stewart dug through hii cell, get potseasion of the keys, rcleaaed thirteen ol his I companions, disarmed the guard, and escaped, eleven in a body one way, three another The eitirens turned out, caught' the eleven ; of the other three, Uray, Hawkins and Newman, nothing had been heard when t he cats la It Jackson. One of the convicts, (i. \V Norton, preferring death to recapture, resisted until he was shot , another was badly wounded, aa was also one of the pursuers, W. Videto, a member of the Legislature, who was badly though not mortally beaten. CernT Horse sun Jail to let i* Couth*? Coumv !?The Circuit Court for the county of Cortland, Judge Motely presiding, rommineed and ended its session in Homer oo Monday last There waa not a single cans* on the calendar, nor a cm* [ plaint laid before the < irand Jury. The county has a population of over thirty thousand. Movcmvts is Machihabv.? The proprietors of i ne of the largest, and best Known iron works on the Hudson river have recently announced their determination to remove their works into some of the coal districts of Pennsylvania. This single establishment will, it is said, augment the trade of I Ivsnia from S30l?,?M to *.*?.?? annually, and give emp'ryment directly or indirectly to some .Jt*? individual .? Pittsburgh Adroratt Cava thai* Tauit r.?The Canada papers are ditCasting the expediency . f imposing a doty on American wheat and flour importsd into Canada. Pnblic opinion appears to be divided on the question. I The wheat growing districts of Canada demand p otec ion. he*sea about the Iudiaus.?The Arkansas Intelligenser of the 11th ultimo, published in the town of Tsn Hnren, in copying the letter of Mr Pnariss relntive to n contemplated Grand Council of the western tribes of Indians f<?r the purpona of entering iato a confederation, treats it as a story having no foundation wha.ever tmth

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