Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 4, 1842 Page 3
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??- ^=555=55?!H55H5?*E5?e?55HBH5HBthen opened the door again, and in a milder tone, said?'*Yon have taken all my f'irnitnrc, you mean?something?the nail), I could not dislie guish what. He aaiwered, "<>h never mind, 1 mean to make you my wife yet." Comt? I do not think that the whole time they were in the attic wa* Italian hour; 1 do not knew whether Mr. Lowerre is a marriid manor not t The Counsel siid he is n?t, and never had been. J By Xacle- 1 never heard any other conversation between Lowerre and Mre Tallmadge; one evening I was coming from church, and thought 1 saw VIr?. T. and Mr. L to-etber, but cannot say positively it was them. By Holmes?1 an certain the conversation I heard wis on the day the furniture was taken; it was oa a Saturday; the conversation, nt first, was in an ansrry tone of voice on her part; after he said, " Worn in, what are vou doing 1" she said, ' I w. 11 let you know whnt I am doing." When ia her bed room the did not appear to be talking to him, but to her little girl, who was crying; you can hear very plain between th-- attics of the two houses; 1 saw Mrs. Tallmadge endeavoring to cavo in the cistern before leaving; did net see her cut off the leaders, or the tops of the cistern broken it' [Mr. Nagle objected to such questions, but Mr. Holmes insisted, to show the state of feeling. The Court observed that be saw the counsel for defend ant was attempting to show a conspiracy betweea the husband and wife, and on that account the questions coul-.l be asked.] There were two cisterns in tho yard, and I understood that Mr. Talimadge had built one of them. Catherine Sullivan -a pretty sweet sixteen" gill?Knows Mr Lowerre end Mrs Tallmadge; boarded in the house with latter, which I left aboal five months ago? it was 47o Grand street,' kept by Mrs. Williams; Mr-Tallmadge did not board there; saw Mr Lowerre there two or three times of evenings; they came in together one evening, and went up to her room; I cannot tell how long they staid there; 1 went up to the room and ;tried to get in. but the door was locked ; Lowerre was in there; there was no noise; 1 did cot knock at the door; it was between 9 and 10 o'clock in the evening, and soon after she came there, which was in September of last year; Mr Tallmadge has a shop in Grand street; the children hoarded in the hous?-t nnd were in the room where Mr. L. and Mrs. T. were locked,iu; the weather was not very waim nor very cold. By Holmes?I do not know where Mrs. T. lives now; she only stayed there five or sixiweeks; there were several married ladies boarded thers, and their husbands also, all bat Mr Tallmadge; have seen Mr. Tallmadge in his 'stere, but did not go thereto see him. 1 knew Mr Lowerre; Mre. Tallmadge aaid it was him, and spoke of thing* belonging to her be had athia store; Mrs. Tallmadge did not tell me what he caaae there for; 1 do not Know what my business is; 1 have got some business; my business is dress-making; 1 board at 202 Rivington straet, with Mrs. Stillwell The Court then adjourned to Monday next (thts day). Chatham Theatre.?J m Crow Rice m&kea his appearance to-night at the Chatham in two of hie moat popular characters. The new play of the Shoemaker of Toulouse is also to be produced- Mrs. Thome, Messrs. Scott and Hield, take the principal parts- This is a cast which would warrant a full house independently of the exciting interest of the new piece, which is of a class that has proved highly popular"Ha! Sonerll with a White Beard I" CtT" This graceless appendage of the ungrateful daughter ef Lear, had, perhaps, no existence, save in the diseased imagination of her distracted father ; though, in this pelat, the very ingenious commentators havo singularly enough lsft us in profound doubt. Be that as it may, the moat gallant gentlemen of the age cannot bat admit that, on the fair facca of the gentler aex too frequently is seen an approach to what delicacy alone forbids to denominate by the significant name of " beard." "It is too true an evil." Wnerc cheek* are made for kisses, it is the very refinement of cruelty to allow their smoothness and their sheeu, to be obscured beneath the encroachment of so merciless en enemy, while that potent exterminatorGOURAUD'S POUBRE SUBTILE is at hand to rid the face of its detested assailant. To be had at the old established office, 07 Walker street, one from Broadway, and547 Broadway?$1 per bottle. QQ- CHATHA.M THEATRE ?Rico, the original Jim Crow, having returned trom a successful tour thro' the South and West, makes his firet appearance to night at the Chatham, ia two of his celebrated character*, viz : Ginger Blue in the Mummy, and Bone Squash, in the extravaganza of that name. J. R. Scett and the entire company also appear in a new drama of great interest, now performed lor the first time, with new and gorgeous snonsry and appointment*, entitled the Shoemaker of Toulouse, or lbs Avenger of Hamblt Life. The houss will doubtless be crowded to excess. OtJ- AMERICAN MUSEUM.?The manager has finally been obliged to enlarge bis saloon where the performance* take place, in order to accommodate the immense audiences which congregate here. The fact ia, since this establishment changed owners,it has gradually been gaining ground in popular favor, and the liberality manifested by the management in providing noveltiss for the public, has established this as the popular place of resort for e>fizena anil atraogers. Winchell is re enrsirpit knl ??? fV-r-w-l all of bis best ehararlrrs T.? retita"c k~itean2TMrs"p<ibk.on art alio engaged. The mysterious Gipsy Girl will t0 Mtonish the vialtori, and thia immeaae building will Con?'nu* le be crowded te iti utmoit capacity day and night. 0(7- PEALE'3 MUSEUM.?Thil fltibllihment.without any apparent effort, haa taken a high ataud in the school of legitimate amusement. The array of beauty nightly eaaembled in the lecture hall puta ua in mind of the palmiest day a of Niblo. Wu aee by the advertisenent that Mr. Harrington, the Ventriloquiat aad Magician. ia re-engaged lor five nighta longer, and two new ongated?the first a Miaa Carolena Rubena, a relative of the great Rubena, who, by the by, the manager aaya he diacovered by mere accident. She ia a new candidate for the plaudita of the muaical wo. Id?another creature, we suppose, to wound the hearta of the young faahionablea of Broadway. The other ia a comic linger, and we believe never appeared before a New York audi ence. 00- CIRCUS FOR ANOTHER WEEK.?The great rnn to witnesa the eatraordinary performance! of Rockwell and Turner'! equestrian corps, haa influenced the managera to hold up lor e week longer, in order that all may have an opportunity of gratifying their familial, previous to iti departure, with witnessing the astoniihing feata of thia unrivalli-d company. To-night Rockwell, the aoul and master apirit of the concern,takea hit benefit, and appear! in hia claaaic and elegant act of horsemanship ol Mercury, inhibiting during hia s plendid performance, all the change* ot Proteua with an ad. dreaa and execution moerior to any thing of the kind ever witnessed. T. V. Turner. N. B. Turner, Oscar Stone, and all the reat, are likuwiae to evert themselves on the occasion. Rockwell deserves, and if we mistake not, will receive abumber. U. B. Baio Bone, Navt Yaea, New Yoan, > April 1st, I84i.i v OQh AT A MEETING OF THE OFFICERS OF THE United States brig Boxer, lying at the Nary Yard, New Yark, it was unanimously Resolved, That we deeply sympathise with the bereaved family oithe late Lt. John Carrol), who was universally beloved in private life, and who bid fair to be an ornament te the aervlce of his country. Resolved. That out of respect to the memory of the deceased, the officers of thia vessel will wear crape on the left arm for thirty day*. And be it further Revolve.], That the proceedings of this meeting, signed by the officers of tnis vessel,be transmitted 10 the femily of the dr ceased, end be published in the Army end Navy V rronicle, and the Washington Intelligencer, of Washington, D.C., and the paper* of this city. _ Signed 04CAR BULLUS, Lt Comd'g. 3 A. RUBS, Lieut W. L. RINGGOLD, AcUg. Master. J. HUN flNOTON, As?. Burg. FREDERICK STEVENS, Purser. AARON K. HUGHES, Mid. W W. ROBERTS, U. N. T ARNOLD. MKENZlE BEVERLY " CHAHi... I 1,1.1 3, Cspt's Clk. J. W. WARING, Master's Mate. (XT' MRS MILLER OUTDONE ?We have just seen anarticle of Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco which bidi fair to obtain a largo share of the patronage of the uaera ofthil luxury in tbia c?tv. indeed, unleaa the old manufacturers bestir themselves and improve their several specimens. It will certainly drive them out of the Held. The article we spak. of la called the "Honey Daw Fine tot," and ia brought intomnket by Mr. John Anderaon, favorably known to the nnMic u? the first to open a atore in thia city for the exclueivo Dale f the imported Cigars Wefreilyiisk ou. opinion of the great tnpenority ef thia article over all utbera at preaent iu uae, and invite the examination of othera ia aupport of itMr. Anderaon, in addition to lua establishment at Ns. 3 Wall street. hat op-ned a large wholesale atore at the comer of Wall and Pearl atreota. OCT NO COUOHINO IN CHURCH YESTERDAY? they had taken our advice and uvd bhetman'a Cough Loiengss, which entirely prevented it. They are great things for couch*, roldi, whooping cough, consumption and aathma The Doctor'^ ottice i? at 10# Nastan street, and agents'# State afreet Bo?ton ; 4 Maiden lane, Albany, and S Ledger Building*. Philadelphia. [fiom the Journal of Commerce ] Q&- RHEUMATISM.? We feel authorised toeall the attention af the public to some remedlea for thia eicrucrating complaint that have proved of moit extraordina ry etticary, and particularly *o, as the liberal proprietor give (hem to the poor, great unmix ra of whom are applying for them. It seems from the descriptions we nave heard, that the effects are so decided as to inspire a confi dence ia the uaer of a mast uncommon kind, and that aftar a commencement they cannot he persuaded to relinciuiah the use. The cause of the diaeaie seems to be eradieatod from tko system by some drops they take, called the India* Vegetable El sir, while the pains are at oneo dispersed by the externai uie of the Hewee' Nerve and Bone Liniment. The Druggists,Comstocb a Co ,71 Maiden lane, sell these remedies at wholesale?but have contented to sell single packages to these able to pay,or to preaent them to inch if they doobt their effects, and leave it entirely to their consciences aa to remuneration after they try them, and to git < them to the indigent in hopes to aid tbeii mite in thn relief of human snfferiny. They are prepared by a scientific physician, and we ad vise thsir general use in rates of contracted cords or iimbr, and all rheumatism, particularly chronic. POS T S C R I P T. For our usual Southern Correspondence, .J-e., iy (Aw morning's Mail, mu fourth pagt To the Public. (K7- THE MEMBERS OK CHATHAM ENGINE CO. No. 3 with it to be distinctly understood that th>aiianlt committed last evening cn two of the member! of Engine Company No 33, in front of the houses occti pied by the Express Hate and Chatham Engine Comp's. waa committed by peiaona with whom the membera of thia company do not associate, and without their knowledge or participation in any reaped. FRANKLIN LOCUIILIN, Foreman. GEO. W. ETANS, Secretary. Affecting Scene ait the Fire 0(Jb William fEU' V. a poor ellow about twenty, waa very ill and unable to be got ont?the ilamea caught hia hair (it wli beautiful hrer) and burnt it olT. The poor fellow tells ua that Jones,with hia usual generosity, sent him a tottle of Jones' Oil of Coral Circaisia, which hat caused bit burnt hair to assume a beautiful look, and in this short time to grow fast and dark. This article of Jones's if really most capital?several who have used it tell us that it cures dandruff, cansea light, red or grey hair to look dark, and in time maku it grow dark ; prevent hair falling out and nonriah it?And it it sold at the reasonable price of 3, 6 or S shillings a bottlo by Jonea, sign of the American Eagle, S3, mind 83 Chatham street. Try thia once. The Italian Chemical Soap, so famous for all eruptions of the akin is sold there too. Archimedean Screw. (Xf- NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned has neen appointed sole agent for the United States of America, of Smith's Patent Archimedean Screw Propeller, and is prepared to contract for licenses to use the same. Any information on thia subject may be bad of him at 31 Pine street. RUSSELL STURGIS. New York, March 1,1412. al 1m City Despatch Post. 46 William street. Principal OrricK - Letters deposited before half past 8 half past 12, and half past 3 o'clock, will be seat out for delivery at 9, 1 and 4 o'clock. Branch Offices.?Letters deposited before 7, 11 and 2 o'clock, will be sent oat lor delivery at 9, 1 and 4 o'clock. ALEX". M.OKE1G Agent. HOMEY NARKBTi " Sunday, April 3?0 P. M. We yesterday alluded to the loan bill, which has passed the lower house of the National Legislature. The following is a synopsis of the bill Synopsis of a Bill to extend the Loan or 1841, and an addition or $5,000,000 thereto. Sec. 1. Provides that the tine for obtaining the loan ol I8tl. shall be extends I one year from the passage of this act. Sec. 2- Provide* that so much of the loan obtained hereafter shall be redeemable at the will of the Secretary, according to agreement, at any time from six months to not exceeding twenty year*. Six months no tice to be given. Sec 3. Provides that the certificates shall be in the form of bonds or transferable by delivery, instead of being assignable on the books. Sec 4. Repeals the second section of tho act of 1341, and provides that the stock mty be sold st the highest bid after proposals have been advertised a reasonable tine. Sec. & Appropriates so much of the customs receipts as will be ncossary to the payment of the interest and the redemption of the principal. Sr.c.6. Provides that the Secretary of the Treasury shall leport at the uext session, the amount of money borrowed, with the proposal* oubmitted, distinguishing those accented from those rejected. Sec.7. Provides that all ths provisions of the act of 1841, not hereby repealed or amended, shall remain in full force. Sec. 8. Provides that th* President may, if in his opinion it is necessary, borrow an additional sum of (6,MU,000. according to the provisions of this act. Sec 9. Provides that all Treasury notes which are due and not paid, or shall (all due and remain unpaid, shall bear interest of 6 per cent until they are redeemed. Those that fell due and wera unpaid before the 6th of March, 1812, ahull bear interest (rem that day. The interest to cease at sixty days notice, and ths interest to be paid at the Treaaury ?eim annually, viz. on lit January and lit July, of each year. The termi of thii loan differ from thoie of the act cf 1841 in two particular!, viz : that it may be iold below par, and that initead of the faith of the government being pledged generally for iti redemption, there is a ipeciflc pledge of a portion of the customs for iti redemption. It virtually- increases the debt of the U. Statei $10,000 000, and according to the itemi heretofore published by us from a late report ofthe Secretary the existing debt will be $10,000,000 on the first proximo. The new loan if negotiated, will increase the amount to $13,000,000, bearing an annual charge of $1,930,000. The intereat on $17,000,600, amounting to $1,010,000, is to be paid out of tho customs before any other payments. The interest on the $13 000,000 of Treasury notes is to be paid from the same source, but is not specifically provided for. Let us now look at the re sources ofthe government for the last few years, with the probabilities for the present year IU'WIt.iss EircsDiTVsi or the United States. _ . . . 1880. 1840 1811. Customs, first three quarters, 18,938,883 18 888 884 10 847 887 Lands, 8,417 38 8 8.830 317 1,101,083 Miscellaneous, 138,300 77,880 0-J 891 Bank debts, 13<0,888 1 380,000 713,177 Treasury notes, 3,887478 8,<40,000 7,881 630 fenn.n, ? ? 3,338 046 JLsiuastcf, fourth q urter, 5,700 COO 8.800,000 6.048.08S Total receipts, 63 780,840 8,637,703 30,410,107 JBalsaet ie Treu'/, Jan. 0, '3.404,801 3,348.748 887 848 Total means. >8417,810 ?8.3?l,5t3 31 387,5U Ktp.nditure>, civil, foreign, aeval, mi'itsry, and mulllaaeous, 33.081.438 S3,043.858 33,033,070 Balance, 1,186 884 1,500,851 637,887 Thii return ohowed a deficit of $$-17,867. The Secretary estimated the public revenue for 184-1 at $19,673,440, after paying tha deficit at the cloae of the year. The expenditures, including the redemption of $7,000 O00o; Treasury notes, were estimated at $33,791,010; leaving a deficit of $14,318,670. To meet thii deficiency, the Secretary recommended three project*, one of which was to extend the time of redemption for the balance ofthe $1-1,000,000 loan, in order to raiae money on it ;te re-issue $6,000,000 of Treasury notes, and to raiae $6,000,000 more by increasing the duties. Two of these recommendations have boen acted upon, and the tariff question Is atill to be decided. It appears then that the revenue from tho customs in 1811 was $17,790,000, including the receipts of the foarth quarter after the tariff law of the extra itlsion went into operation. The imports giving that amount of custom* revenue were much lar gcr than the general health of business warranted, and a large proportion have been unsaleable and are re-exported, entitled to debemiure. The state of the country is now such as to warrant the belief that the import* for the year will at it* cloae be found to have been very much le?a than during the paat year, and the general average of the dutie* will probably, up ta June nest, not much exceed the percentage of lait y tar. The import* fur the year ending September, 1811, were about $130,000,000. The dutie* for the tame peiiod were 14, 647,637, or an average on th* whole of 11.36 per cent. The import* for the year ending in Sept. 1643, will pro bably fall hort of $100,000,000, but if we a**ume that they will equal that amount and yield an average of 16 per cent, there will be $13,000,109 from that quarter. Of thia $7 000 000 was c*timatedt> come in up to th* l*t of the current year, under the influence of large import* and the operation of the new tarifl. There will then bo $6,000 000 to come in up to Oct. 1849, and perhap* $4,000,. 000 in the fourth qnarter, making the cuatoma for the current year $13,000,000. From the land*, according to preient appearance, there will be no receipt*?from the bank* nothing?of legitimate revenne there i* then but $13 000.000? eut of thi* 1* to be paid $3,000,000 for intereat, a* above, and lay 3 per cent for (inking fund, $640,coo There will then remain $0,360,000, of which will be paid iu depreciated Treaaury note* aay $7,000 000which is the amount that falla due within the year, aceording to the Secretary'* report. The receipt* at the cuatom houve thu* far have been altogether in that me diura. There will then remain $3,M0 000 of caah to meet $3k,791,000, which i* the amount oi the e?timat*d expen diture*, minu* the Treatury not** falling due. Againat thi* ia to be placed the lait i**ue of $8,000,000 of Treasury I notea and the new loan of $13,000,000, which make $17, 00-1,000, leaving at ill a deticltof $d,43l,000, to which muat b added 10 per cent for probable Ion on the loan, being $1,300,000, making $7,611,000. Thii mm cannot be railed from an inereaae of the tariff in the prcaent year, and muat be provided for, If at all, by a further loan. In the ancceeding year there will be atill aeveral million! of deficiency. In fact it reao'.vea itaelf into thia. The current expenaea of the government are tatimated at $3?,000,000, to which mnat be added the interrat and unking fund en debt, of at leait $40,000,060, which will be a yearly charge of near $6,000,000, making the enrrent expend', turea $38 000,000, and there la no aonrca cf revenue but the cnatoma. The qneation then ia, can $'36,000,000 annually be raited from the cuitemi T We think not II the importa ahould be $100,000,000, it wonld require an avtrnge of >0 par cent to produce 1?, a rata which waul I become protective, and dimiaith the revenue in the pre tent elate of the currency. The following ia a table of the amount of dutiable import! and the euatom receip a iathoyeara 1436, 1839, I860:? .Irrroct mi toUhmpt Tot imp thule'.leiwp. .In t of Jut. .Ivprrrl J? 1434. lM.ftt.U.lS 47,00# 0O0 63.404 *40 44 I )B 3 i?ja. iia.71-,404 swioaooo ia.isa.Moo 30^ u,s 1834. 117.141540 IS,Ml M0 40.348,4*3 63,4 14.4 The year I860 waa one of a very full currency, w hen prict a were fair and bank credit! eaaily procured,(under ' auch cixaumitancet an average of leaa than 34 per cent I duties produced import* much laigt r thau the countrj could pay for, md revulsion fallowed. In the present year, the state ofthecurrency and b inking alTtirt i? lh? eery reverie from it* condition in 1839, ind although the lubes have approached the lowest point of the oompro mite tariff,the import! are exceedingly mall, but not only do not find buyers, hut are re exported. There is no protpect hut that the currency of the whole country, will lor a leriei of yeara to come, be quite aa near a specie baaia aa it now ia. If then in a year of very full currency like that of 1838, when the import! were $147,000,000, the cuatoaaa averaged short of 84 percent on thu dutiable gooda, an.l short of 13 per cent on the groaa imports, how ia it possible to expect to raise bd arernge of 2.3 per cent on the grosa impaits in a period of specie currency t Even iu that year of wild inflation, 1829, the duties amounted to but 24,1 per cent of the dutia' ble impoits, bearing the saana proportion aa in 1839' The probabilities are.that under the dear currency, duties will not amount to more than an average of 12 per ct. upon an import of $109 000.000, consequently that under thr nri'ffpnt nrranffampnt iKn rn*<?vi..n mna$ f-.ll nmuma* ? , 1 .".....e ?? ' ?"- ni'Ltly short upward* of $16 000 000 per annum. Died On Saturday, 31 intt. Richard CaJtrre, in the 09th year of hif agr. The relative! and friends of the family arerequiated to attend hit funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, fiom the reaidence of hit ton, Jno. Caatiee, A3 NorthMoore street, without further invitation. On Saturday, 3d inst. cf consumption, Patrice Gbeoi;, in the 331 yearof hit age. His friends and acquaintances, and those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 277 Adams st. grooklyn. UUit Advices 1ECXIVED AT THE NEW TMI HEKALB OFriC*. Africa Feb 13 Madtxt Mar. M Aux Cayes- Mar. 7 Manilla Nov. 9 Aolicui Dec. IS Montevideo Jail. '44 Bombay - Nov. 1 Maranham Feb. 10 Batavia Nov. 3 Mataux.u Mar. IS Bermuda Mar. 1 May agues, P. R Mar 15 Buenos Ayrea Jan. 26 Maracaibo Jan. 17 Bahia Feb. 1 Mat..moras Dec. 1 Belite.Hon Feb. 26 Netivilas Feb. 4 Barbadoea Mar. H Oahu, S. 1. Dec 15 Bogota Dec. 19 Pnria Mir. 2 Berbice Feb. 20 Tortau Prints Mar. 2 Curacoa Ftb. 26 Para I<eb. 17 Cieufuegos- May 7 Pernf-.inhnio-* Feb 26 Carthugena y -Jtu. 2< Panama June 18 Caraocaa I - Jin. 11 Rio de Janeiro. Fib 6 Chagrea July 1 Singapore Dec. 6 Calluu Nor. 4 Sydney, NSW Aug. 11 CalctiHa Jan. ii St. Helena Fen. to Fayal Ftb. 4 St. Thomas Mar 16 Gibraltar Feb. 2 St. Barts Jan. I tiuayaina, P. K Mar. 14 St. Jago de Cuba M it. 12 Gouaivas Mar. 2 St. Johns, P. K Mar. 16 Galveston Mar. 21 St. Croix Mar. 9 Havre Mar. t St. Martha Jtu 25 Havaua Mar. 17 Surinam Feb 24 Halifax Mar. 26 Tampico r?b 17 J (remit JaH. 27 Tobasco Feb. 25 Kingston, Ja. Mar. 12 Turks Island Mtr. 4 Loudon "Mar. 3 Triaidad de Cuba* Mar. 10 Liverpool Mar. 4 Vera Crux Mar. 6 U (iuiyra Mar. 5 Valparaiso Dec. I Luna Jan. 1 Yucatan Fib. 1 Macao Dec. 1 Zanzibar Dec. 18 Pasicngeri Arrived. Trieite?Ship Tioga?James R Caskie. of Virgini . CHABLXiroN?ShipCalhoaa?John (J Lota, H Tier?7 ia the ateerage. St Mauri?Brig A Hammond?John Bat tell, B Phian, lady and 3 chinren. Okoroktowh, 8C?Baig Mary?Mis* E Clark, of Philadelphia; Mr Jacob. PMiengcrs Sailed. Halifax?Steamer Unicorn, fiom Beaton?John Mackie, Henry A Ciaue, Mr* Ja-oba. Mra Smith. For Kagland: Rev Dr T. eg; Cap! Or. ham, Briliib Army; J Tvulmau, lady and 3 daughtirs; Jas A Dickion.Thoa Dunn. Foreign importations. Trieste?Ship Tioga?80 bis so bbls 21 rks Barclay k Lit ingston?too )>? steel Law renee, Murray k Iogate?10 ca ruins Wichtltiaus'u k Achtlis? S00 bags lumac K Dutilh-26 cas S2 csJ Goddard?S00 bniesaleti Fiber k Bierwrr'h?I bb!a C W Vcr*?rk?4 bai fossils andsh lis T Witicn?1S91 bales rigs 21 bbla 2 co indie to order. Trinidad dk Coat?Brig Chao Hanmond-10 hdo no] mil 700 bio sonar Chvatelain k Pom re rt. Trinidad de Cuba?Brig GuUars?291 hbde molasses 336 do tuga- Miatr* Chaslelain k Ponve-t?2j do molasses lo the master. Domestic Importations. New Orleans?Brig La Grange?600 bble pork NT Hobbaid kl.heusrj?38 K Lowrie-40 V bla clover seed R Irvin? 38 do pork R Lo wrte? 650 do 214 do flour 11 bales w ool 687 bide* to order. Poet Leon?Ship Southport?481 bales cotton Hnlbruok, Nelson k co?U A W Spies kco?8 Murray k L an man?18 G Collin.?16 Hillyerk Bush?30 Briggsfc Methew?I cut It L Man Ian 4?27 balei cotton Bolton. Koi k Livingston?60 Smith, Mills k co?18 Center k co?113 Waring fcsou?121 J Mel?7 J D Diasosway k Bros?108 do St hides 6 skins to order. St Manas?Bng a Hammond?68 bales cotton Center kco ?233 doitolbrook, Nelfo 1 kco?8 do ? J Danford?17 Waring k soi. Charleston?Ship Calh >ui?60 tcs rice i hlid honey 8 Leveric.i?2 bales cotton dogbee k KnreWud?66 Sackeit k Bros? #2 Smith, Millc k c i?las tee rice Masters, Markoe k co? UI4 Lallan k Hedmot-d?I pkg A C Koseiere k co?1 A Adolpbus? 2 bble I box mdee Sprague, Robiuson k cs?1 boi indie CP Cariaias. UxoasnTowie, SC?Brig Detroit?78 bile* A Averill k co? 166 Laffm k Redmond?281 Smith, Mills k CO? t Post k Phillips?223 H Coil k co. Georgetown, sc?Biig Mary?32 bales cotton ii Coitkco ?326 Siflilh, Mills k co?164 LaSsu k He?mon.i?169 Sprague k Robinson?SI Tavlor k Rich -12 Pp ifford k Tileston?21 J P Marvin?24 pkgs 2 bbls to order MARITIME HERALD. PORT OK raw YORK, APRIL 4, 18411. SUNRISES 6 40 | MOOR &IIES 8 SUNSETS ... ... ...... 6 20 | EI*M WATER 3 34 Dspartars of Us* Atlantic Mtaamsri. mots england. raon imesica. G. Western, Hoaken April 2 April 28 Britsnuia , Hewitt Aprils May 1 Caledonia. Lotl April It May 16 Acadi.i, Ryrie .May 4 June l G.Western, Hosken May 21 June 16 Columbia, Judkius May 18 ... June 18 Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott -June It July 17 Acadia, Ryrie July 5 Aug. 1 G. Western. Hoeken July 3 Aug. 4 Packet* to Arrive. I Par.ksU te Uspsrt. raoM roRTSMopTH. roa roRT.MOPTH St. Jamri. Sebor, Feb 33 I Toronto, Atwo?d, April 10 Muntreal, Tinker, Mar. 1 I Wcatminsler, Moore. April 20 raost uvtarooL | roa liter root.. Siillons. Ccbn, Feb. 16 I Indepcndence.Hold.'idgr, Ap.7 Caaabridg-, Barstow, Feb. 21 I Virginian. Allen, April 13 no?c(e,Huttlesou, Feb 25 I New York,Cropper, April 18 rauM havst i n.r ma via. Utica. H.wiit, Frb. 16 | Ba'timure, Funck, April 8 Albany, Wata.ib. Feb 21 i Rh ine, Johnilen April 16 "deUraj6e,B*rrowa--Mar. i I V de Lyon,Sir dJard-.Ai rtl 24 To glalp Maitrrsi We shall esteem it a favor, if captaini of vessela arriving here, will give to Comm idore Baseett.of eur nerve echooiier*. a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vesecls spoken on their ptrsage, and a list of their cargo. Commodore Baseett will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the faror in any way. Arrived. Ship Tioga, Harding, from Triesie, Jan 4, Malta Feb 4, passed Oioralttr 14th, mdee, lo matter. Feb 14, tichioged signal, with bark Frame Isadora, of Button,bonud int. O.bra'tar ? ltllh ulL lat 8J -at. Ion 7.5 tfokr hrll (Ir.a.i r.n? Mflrloao, fur Portsmouth, NH. 31 37, lot 71 10. eichangeil* with ? ehi.i allowing a blu* ting with a white ball. iJ mat. ?j milea SW or Cape Henlopen, ??w two steam eliipe. steering 8 The Tioga eapenrocei eery had weatner in the Gulf <>l Venice, where aha encountered aaeeera bora, and on the 7th January ware compelled to throw oeerboard about 10 tone ol cargo. Ship Mariano#, Diillire. 17 daya iroui Apalarhtrela, with 877 balea cotton 1*3 hidea 314 deertkioa 'o Poat it Phillips. 93 h ult. lat 97 *8. Ion 78 47 saw brig Mary William', of Boston; 3d mat. lat 38 8, Ion 71 37, paiaed two steam rhipa aire iug to the aouth. Ship Calhoun, Myers, 3( daya from Chuleaton, cotton, to tiao mi1 ton. Ship Sou hyort. Herb* e',15 days from Port Lejn, Fla cotton, to Geo Bulkier, lpuienger. Shi j Grorgiaua, Brhin, 8 daya from Charleston, in b liait, to H'ckiher It Coaler. Brig Charlaa Hamoond, Talbot, 33 diya from Triaidad de Cub I, sugar and molaa<ea. to Brett k Vote. Lett, 13 th ulL bark Claiiaii P? rkina lor.NTork. neit day: Franklin, di'g; briga Ann Smith Craftr, for NYork, 3 dn; Diploma, Fly, for ; American, diss; echra Falcon, Moore, for NYork 3 da; Cairo, Mean*. far Boston, do; Julia. Mantin, j-ut arr. 15 hull, off Cape AnUnio, apoke brig Coeheco, of Boaton, from lltranu f?r Catraeto Brig Uulaare, Tinker. 18 days from Trinidad de Cuba, augar aid molaaaea, to Chistclaiu k ronetrt. Vetaeta left before repoited. Brig Detroit, Anderaon. 8 daya from Georgetown. SC. cotton, toHCntkCo. Siiled >n eo. with ache Harriet, for NYork. Left briga Juno, Idg; Ann, for Si Tbomaa and a market, with lumber. Bremen brig Bremen daya from St Thomar. lb balla.t, to He.'chen It Unkart. Brig Fidelia, Small, 8o daya from Kingtlae, Ja. in bullae', to BAymarkCo. 93 paaaengera. Left ichr Co'umbia, from Philadelphia. Brig La Grange, Baratow, from Naw Orlaana, March I, and SW Peas 8th, te-rk. ke to B Hicbarda ao< h ult. lat 31. Ion 83 15, spoke whaliug b'Ht Pbrnia, ol Fruriacetown, 14 day* out, clean; IIat,aaw ship Lady Se tt, tiJ spoke acbr John Cubafor Boa ton, 3 till, lat 37, Ion 71 ]a. a.oka biig Are'uiua.fin Trinidad for Boaton; 3Sih, lat 3830, Ion 71, apoke achr Union, of and for B >alon fin MaUnr la. Brig Alfrnl Hammond. Spear, 13 daya from ?t Marka, cotton, to W W I'ratl. 33d ult oil Sand Key, spuka achr l'hos Pratt, fm Jamaica I r Washington Brig Spy, Gerard . 3 daya from Ncwbern. NC. lumh r ami na Tal atnrea, to M Piatt 3d inai. off Kgg Harbor, yaaaed ateam ahip? Minaiarippi and Miaaouri, the Miaaiaaippi about lire milea &hc<- <1# B.ig Mary,?, * day a from Georgetown, SC cotton, to A Aierill. hai'edinro acUra bird ue, lor Nsutuket, arid Wand.ip - ?ao, for Full Hirer. Brig Bt lie My are, 3 diy a from Newhern, NC. naral atorta, to Powllkt Mills. Brig Victor. Umrhswi, 3 dij a from Baltimora, floor, kc.tu the '"Jjchr Purreyor, Treworgy, 18 daya Irom Ponce, PR auga-, to K I" Buck. Left ichr MsttapoLelt, for New Bedford iwn; three masted achr George of F.llaworlh. Idg 17th nil. lat 38 18 Ion 87 48,io a NK gale Inat deck load oi 83 hhda rum oeerbo'ard. store bulwarks and galley, enrritd away gaffr, and siutainedcthor damage. A ? Srhr Harriat 8 myn from (rrorgetown, cotton, to Sprague k Robinson. Schr Vesper, Smith,4 days from Baltimore, mdst, to tha "fiV op Mariner, Nathan, 13 d tya from Key Wei t, cot ton, lo mister. Bcltrsv. One brig, unknown. Utnaral Ret or I. Parar.r rut* Emerii.o, Howe, fir H?rrr, will aail (o day. Her latter hags are at Gilpin's N?wa Rooms, in the Raehange, and will elnsa at II o'claek. Notice to Mnrfncrs. Winalow Lewie, Kr-j tfe well known conirerlor for I uihiing light h'uir'a in the failed mates, contradict lh" report m rt la I >n to tlia light house 't 8t M?rka He says the light h uee has b*en taken down, Dul the light la still nhib'ted upoi a em horary et'iclure. in he eame manner IhM it was in tke light to ate. The new light will be lighted April 38. Wit airmen. Pnenn ol Proeneelowu, 11 day* rut, clean, wa* poken S0*>) ult. lit it. Ion P2 IS. Spoken. York, S dipt from Boa ton Tor M.lutu, 3*. !oa 71. L) B Heeler, of Tbom*?too 7 day* from Al< xamlria for Brraty ia, Match |(, lat ?2, Ion?7 30. Korclirn Ports. ?t NB. March H?(id Marry Jane, fnr Philadelphia , Palm, do. rnltwl States Porta. L'nat , Mar 24?Kid Abigail, (iaoryelown; tTth. Andrew Hinp. Baltimore; Brilliant. NYork Brhr IWnnt*, of bnrry. parted bath cabin aud droer *?h >re in Weat t^liodd)* Bay, Jllh uial?will br pot off without material damage. Pattaroht Mart*?SIo Rnht Treat,Martinie*. Bath Martt-Arr Haider.Ylitner,NYork: *?.h, Bordeau*. Malaria*, SOth. Empire, NYork. Below, Prompt, fm Bolton (or Pitlatou, to load ice. roRTLAMi. A|iril I?Arr Margate t, NYork. 81<i Clio, Cuba; IVnaaCola Motto.and Mary. PoRTtMoi rH Mar 31?Arr Lincola, Altakapaa?'at 2# ? Ian 8i 7, leit iu w lib part of a at reek tui-aoacd to br n brig All th* rrrirla before rrptd below. aM ilii< inoruirg OurvcrtTrR. Mar as?Sid S C Phillip*. Kennebec; 31at. IU tricar, NYork ani Philadelphia ? > ' !* April 2?Arr A Ir.Miiihra. Lierrnnnl: Turk. Philad*'. I phis: UaUrr. Havana; Ptqoot NYnrk "Ivlrgrnphed.t adini's; Rienr.i Bunals'or a barh ant a brig. CU Unicrn, (?) Hallfax ;Pilot.G;oo?in 1 Lighor; C vnoture, Amstcrdam; Ontario, f irama; L'kiu. ( harlt aion; t hath u? . Baltimore; New York, B*th; Vin'age. Alhawr; Kri-nd, NYork; Victor, do. Arr tit, B'ishtoc.Calcu'ta: VeUsco. Havaua New Bci roup, April 1?Arr Mechanic, Philadilphu. Knnimowi. Mar 28?Sid Corro, fr m New Y- rk for Tho" a aatrn. Hoi.aire Hoi k Mar 30?Arr Cil' inet, Canton for Boeton? Saeeed Aujier Jan to. Ja?a Head No* 21; Hj Ian. (p obably iilkan) Bang r for N York; Thomaa'on fordo. 3iat ?Suited the alnve, except Calumet, which remains at It this morning. Bn.i H nr, April t??rr Leila. Hi"; Prince de Join?ill?, Haval a ("Id Petri I, (rr) Livi riiool NS: Pm-yark, Hath Me; Dnvir. Boston; Celumbia, New York; \Vm Wilaon. d >; Pliebe Kim. do. Sid Sally Miller, N York; Denmark, Bath; Dover, Bo'ton. Rioiimokb, Mar 30?Cld Powhaltan, Bremen. 8ld Slet, Wave, Boaton; Eunice, N'whuryaort. ("Haai.iaeoa, Mar q?-sld Couali nok, (Br) Lirernool: SlierI b oek?.(Br) d a; Maria Ant wi m; W?lliug'on.L?i.doo; Knterpriie.St Johu NB; Veeia. Kluehing; Treutnn, Aina'erdain? Arr 30th. Covington, Baltimore; Ilopc. Malanxis ("Id Jamre Perkins.Haare; Potoinar. Providence; Vra.'cil Park. NLoi don; K H Wa'eon do. Sid Calhoun, N Yoik; Moon,do; Lawrence, St Ma k>. Saras ah. Mar j9?Cld O B Lamar, NYork. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS

THESE far-famrd ana otebrated mill, from Portugal, aw we perceiva. to be obtaiued io l nil country Set advertisement on th? last rnluyitinf fourth peg-. frtlm'ia Mil BRAHAM h?a ttr Ili- honor Io anoouncr that he will give a CONCERT, at the Society Library, on Wednesday, Apiil fh, and in con <queue* of the tl tteriag recrptionhr met with,hi* son. Mr. Cha-lrs Braliam, will make his second appearai ce. Mies Ai guatu Blown, ore ridel of Dr. Col's church. Brooklyn, will -aaant. Fantasia, from the opera of Der Krieschutx, Mies Augusta B-own. Song, from Hindrl's Airs and G rlatea, as now performing at Drory Lane. London. First timei.i New Yo-k?Reeitalive?Hie hideous Lose. Air?Loveammds tlie Alarm?Mr llraliam. Sang?My Boyhood's Home?from the Opera of Ainilie Mr. Char'ee in. Pong?William Tell- Braham, Mr.Hraham. Duett?AI 'a Well?Mr. Braham ai d Mr Charlee Braham, Braham. Song, first time in New York?The Ploughman turned Sailor?Dibdin, Mr Braham Declain itory Song, from the Opera of Mas-.nitllo, Braham, Mr. Braham. Song?Time, Time?from the Nymph of the Orotto?Mr. Charles Braham. Grand Brigand Sccns, from the Opera of Kri Diaeolo?Anber?Mr. Braham. T'-e American and English National Banquet, Mits Augusta Brown. Song?The Lad* of the Viliage?DibrUu?Mr. Charlea Brakm Song, from Love in a Villege?W* all Lore a pretty Girl under the Roec?Mr. Braham. So g?The Bar of Bitcay?Mr. Braham Ticket* $1 each?to be had at the principal inuaic (tore*. I'oncrt to commence at 8 o'clock at 3t " CHEAT FIRKIN NEW ORLEANS. EXTRAC r from the New Orleane Piiayane.?We taw ene rf WILDEK'S SALAMANDER SAFES yettcrday taken from the ruina of the itore occupied hy J. W. Stanton k Co The buoki and piper* it eintmiied were in a? perfect a etiteof preaereation ? tliey would h*T* leeuhid theie uot been a fire within ten iqairee of then. The ordeal Ihrmgh which they hid ptaeed wae not a alight one. The oil and can d e i in the etore of Stan'oa k Co m adj about aa mmfoi table a tire aa wo dee re to aee.?[N. O. Picayune, 17th Marc i. The above cafe waa aold by the eabicriker to Thomaa P. StantoJ, merchant. No 134 Front at., for kia hc.ttae in New 1/rlraui; and haa provtdof iinmenac ealnr lo the ownera. A general aaaornnent, at price* ranging from MO to *3J0, on band, and for aale bv SILAS C. HERRING, No. 138 Water at. Theonly authoriacd agent for the calc of Wilder'* Patent Salaman 'erSafe*._ at tw BULWERs NEW NOVEL?Z ANONI for l?| CENTS PER COPV?Thi* p mular novel will he iaeued aod for eile th e morning, at the office of the New World. 30 Ann at, in one dou ilc'1'iarlo number ef 33 page*?Price ONE SHILLING?ten cupiea for on* dollar. Sfgl* ropiealn wrapper* lor the mail* can be had at tha couuter. Everybody will buy capiea t* aand to their Jrieudj in the country, tn* portage brirg but 2 or 3 ceul*. Newim-n aud boya rapplied at (8 per konndred, I he regu'ar price oi the New World. Call t-rly at It* INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC RE-UBLICAN OKf NKRAL COMMITTEE?The memhera of tlna committre are rrqueat>d to meet at St. Juhu'a Hall, thia evrning at t o'clock, for the puipore of nominiliog a candidate for Vieyor, and of lak'ug auch meaaurea aa may be proper to effect the m< rt p>ifret orgauir. <ti in of our party, ue. threigh the dilay ol lcglllalive otherrciuurca eaneara to be left. PfclER DUFKT, Chairman. FpMrieD S. Di kbt.Secretarr. nt It* fashion Able iaikoking ESTABLISHMENT. AT THE FASHIONABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 108 Beekman street, near Pearl- Gentlemen who are now or formerly bar* been paying extra vagant price* for their clothing, are aaauret! Hut Uiey need do en no more, ae the aubecriber wilt gut run fee to afl who patroniac hita, a hand.ome fit, a faahionahle alyle and excellent material*, at the folio wiug moderate price*? Sup. Weat of Eng. Wool-dyed, black, blue,or green dree* coxic, $13 lo iw Pants, double milled do black. plaid, end Ciney ctee.. St to $8 so. Vcell?Fine cashmere,satin, and all kinds, $1 to $5. f o?U made and trimmed in superior manntr, Irom f7 to $8,50; Veitf, $1,50 to Wi Pants,St,50to $i. It lin* JOHN MOFFAT. "CARPETING, &C."~ CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. TONES It MARCY, 101 Bowery, New York. are now rew reiving their spring mpply of Ctrpcli-ig, Oil Cloth*. Window Shade*,Diuggeit, Hearth Ruga, l)u?r Mat*, Table and Piano Cover*, SUir Rod*. Itc ke. Amonit their good* are many new and rick pattern* of English and American manufacture, which canuot be exceeded for beauty. quality and cbeapnrie in the city. Pirsuns about fur. Khing their bouses are iavil'd to give u* a cell. I.k.jones, a4]m* __ L. MARCY. Another suspension : advantages or CASH PAYMENTS.?The long known sign of the Qui den Fleece h,i been temorrd from the comer of Fulton and Xa>*au, and i* now ?u*|<ended over the new (tore of CHAS. COX, So. El Naliau street, (S d">on above Maiden lane,) where he will be moat happy tu rt'ir auch of kl* friend* ana customer* at m'>'favor him with a call; hi* old nock ha* been disposed of at auction in order lo give place to hi* present entirely new, large, and varied ataurlmrut of spring good*, selected from the London and Pari* market*, and comprising the line*t and moat f oduxuable *f Cloths, Lasjuner'S, Vesting*, lie. fce. His purchases having bees made exclusively fur cash, he i* enabled lo *ell at greatly reduced prices on that golden syatem which ha* so long convinced himself and c us to uurf of the in ante advantages derived therefrom. From the cash p?v nrg c uiununity be rolicila a continaance of those favors so kindly bestowed during hit long careers! business. n. B. Naval and Military Uniforms, Ladies' Riding Habits, kc. ke , made in supenarstyle. Mr Baboock continues to assist in the cutting department. ml 8 I wis 3w?s COPY of a TEM 1 vtonlal from the ce .ebhatkd doctor nelsonthe original may be been at 372 broadway. Mons. Mallaa. die?The cement with which you ftPed the decayed teeth Of two of my frtcuds fully answered the purpose fur which it was applied,and gave the gieitest satiafacti-n. The specimen* efartificul teeth, planted on gold gumskieldt fiosn a rang* of three or four teeth up to a complete set for bothjiws which! have aeeu you evecute, arsons level with the hie heat order of dental subslitutita now known, either lieri or in Europe. I am yours tru'v. ROBERT NELSON,M.D. Marth Is. 1843. ** Krtnklia street To Mons. Malls* k Bows, Surgeon Dentist.871 Broadway. ml3 1 mis* C~HIP BALTl MOKE FRoM~HTaVkE?Coceianeee will Is pi .use sen J their permits nn board, at pier 4 NR. All goods not permitted by the 8th iust., will be sent Is the public stores. "CHEAPEST CARPET STORE TN THE UNITED STATES. No. 89 Bowery.-ANDER 1 SON k DOBBS, havinj in<de extensive iltetation* in their cslsb'iihmeLt, now i ffer tj the public the th apest ax ortmeiituf rvery description of Carpeting ever before offered in this city. The carpets baring alf been purchased at low price* for cash, uables them lft sell from 35 le 30 per cent lowir than any oilier store iu the United Stile*. N. B ?33 000 yard* carpe iug, warranted all woel, 3e 8J. per yard. st.ooe do do, warranted nut wool,4t per yard. IO.oco do d i, extra fiue, .4* per yard. 3d u*d do superfine carpeting. 8a per yard. S3.0UU do th ee ply c irpeting. from 8* 6 1. to 13s. do. 4.Ill)} do tolled hearth rug, $.? to ANDERSON k DOBBS.Nr. 19 Bowery, it.r firdt atnrfift'wivii IHaii-r el N B.?J"?t rereived ai? entirely new private | altera, which rami. i k- leu id id toy oil er Hare in thia city. e3;W* No. ?? Boaery B~ OYS' < t.OTH|NG?C HILDREN'S CLOTHINC-A very larga aaa-iriment?Very good <yi?l il|? Vtry iheto? OtO A. IU)Y t' k CO., No 14 flowery, would rei.iectJuIJy inform I heir pal on and the public geii-r.l'y. that they- have gain been making eiteoaive preparation! for 'lie iprlng and (Minn>er trade. and have now on h unl a math larger aaeor I menl of boy a' aud children*! nothing than tney haveertr before had. The public are invited to ca I and re.mine theirgo< d?, wi h particular reference to quality and price, i ermi c??b. . at it* ... MILLINERY UO IDA-JOHN M KKICL-.H, 31 Johj It reel, near Naaaau, h?a recently received an eeljenalvt aeeortn ent of millinery articlr-i'ad .pteil ?ine eprinf trade. Mill mere are Invited to call nndeiemi ue. The etock will be replenished en the arrival of every p?eMl THOMAA *<<>.? OMlVu?^nW'iY DAL^A . TION MKRCHANTS. ?l BKOAOWA Y. ALBA NY.-Liheral adraceerfmade on all ",*""^n," ndeiTiiiTtier cbandue and property of erery deecrtptioo intend.* |or either pubheor pniate ?l,'B,j.l.Reii| M. ??essts Lewi. Beoedic k Ce. d* Webb k Dough if. do dared L Ralhbohe.RiQ. do J -ho Towner*. Bueevll I ornyth. Klip do John Thiol!!. Kd? do vu (> M. H. Lincoln fc* o. Bovton. Thon.11 WOleotl. Re,. Prea't Far kM?< h B'?IA l.'j. A D. Patch n. Req ,Ga?h r N Y Ml air Rank d> Witt! Sheimtia, r.ei, t aeh'r Albany City Bk. do Then. Olcctt, ftiij .CiiVr Catwl Bank. do 8.K Stow, Erj CaoVr Troy lity Benk. Troy mil tTmodli* Uf A NTKB ?Ti.e fiieudi ot a young tail, about Mjeere, ' wi?h?n lo apprentice him ?o a reepeeukte Matter Machant. Th- bay n (mart, aad ha! received a good plain edacatioi. For particular! P'.eaae app'y at 11 Pearl ttreet. I hM .1 * ? ilMMl IM. IT THOMAS SELL. > Horn X jtm Ann and I It P\tMonitrttd?.) fclt.Mlvl. At Itj e'eloct. it I1 ? mile r inme. Rv C'nleliittie ? F itlxnr ?.) ?f ? ^ I a.Mc tnakogw cliairi, pil'er 111 I * oil Inbl* t. F. ruch ke.Uleade. couekra, eitorn i??, dimat. lookl?2 il >iKi an I <<1 u'u g ..tote fernilnrr Tm? at-le will aontpriw e >11"' ( il.? lunet anperinr arti'.lce < f tlie abore itlKllir offered fir year*. Hale peremptory. A'eo, the entire etoca ofau npholelc'cr, ueluding uwittrcu firet rate artiaiea > the line. , Al-o, two trunk- firat rale tnhle an-l bad liuta.' TUE9DKY. At 10) o'clock. ?t (tie * ilc rnomi. Siilcndid porlor, tied room cu t ilrm ii.k room furnilnre. all mnde to order; thecarielg. curt, in , looking gl-?ec?, rx.uiii' oruameute. ke . are euperior; h liie piano lerle, eplaud"! punting-. warble lop pier and o lr- tablea a auperior li -11 ?tore, K reach li, bed*. hiding m top, ehiia.iiaM end plated w ar* kit t en ?it? uiiln, Sic. WEDNESDAY. At I0i o'clock, m the aalerotme. Splendid furniture ofa I il??crip*iein. THUn-tUAY. At 19 Pike aire-1. Elegant furniture ol ii g< ntleman gmag up liouat keeping. Including fineet mel ngtwy. Mm wood pnilor anldr*?iiig man .u.u.iUiv .M all I la IRIITVICI, III* m II an, CH4IP t*C , nrll rite: ricli da-null curl sine, locking claejea, beau iful roeewoo I piano fort', dinner ami til nlU < I'beet china, table citile-v, glass ware,500og ate.ling fashionable pattern lea and colf< e Helta, epione,ite. Alaojkitcb.-n utensile, ?t<??e?. and all in the finest order, FRIDAY. Atli, o'clock, iu the Fain Uoi in. A line aarnrtir.eut ofc'ntha cai>imere?, vraticga araaonabte dry g >oda. dot1 int. farcy and pledged aitklia splendid guns, diamond piu>, London guns tic. To Bnilde a?Ai 31 o'clock, at 'he fot of 10th itiret, dry deck, a iju nitty of Connecticut browu > tone-s cpe. blacks, posts, liege, I'acia aitil r.tco. By uider of W. A. Farnirr, eiecutor. SATURDAY, At 101 o'clock, nthe Se'ea Boom. Kitenaive aalr of aiilrndnl forotiinc I .11 d. o- ij tinta AUCTION NOl'lt fc?111 P.I.I. V AKI I I. .1 It IU B wTTl ell tl ia aioi nine at 10o'clock, at tie Auction Ko< m, ?04 Broadwa>, corner of Duane treat. Jewelry. Watchea, kr. A Iriui'some invoice of F.nglish Jewelry anil W'atihra. Alan. letter paper by the ream urease, plain and tu'rd; clothing: cutler! MM MNj c'ucka; eases; candle braa laapi; table linen, Sic , beaidea a variety of u.iacellaueous atticlea. Alao, bird cagea, matket and other bnktts, with which the | sale will commence. at It FARE AND FilKIGHT REDUC'EI h flW regular mail ljnkfou l'hovidk$.'ck~A.nd bu8ton, Tia stoninuton and newport. eompoaed of the following^uperior ateamera, running in connection with the Atonineton and Providence, and iloetou and Providence KaProada? MASSACHUSETTS,Capt.Comstook. RHODE ISLAND.Capt.Thayer. NARRAtlANHKTT.Capt. Woolaey. M OH KUAN, Cap-. V and, rlu 11 One of which will leave Ntw York daily, Hundayee icepted f'om pier No. l North River. Battecy I' .1 o'clock p M Fare to Boats l $3 0U De:kpia>age $9 05 do Pro'ilence -3 uo do do 1 so ?4rranftminl. The NARRAUANSET.ou Mondays,Wednesdayeand Fri days,for -toinngton. I hai MASSACHUSETTS, on Tueadaya. Thursdays. and saiuruay*. lor "uniugtou. I'uaeugere on the arrival of the* learner* atStoningtm'. may take the Railroad Cam and proceed imincJ.ately to Providence mil Boetou, and for the arcomim datiou of peruana travel!!"! betwern >ew York aid Newport, the ateainbnat traina will atop at Wickford I bug enough to leave aud receive paiceigere. height takeu at the following much reducedratei:? To Boaton, on good* weighing forty poind* or ugwarde to threuhic foot, at $5 SOper ton, and on nieaaureineui g.?od? 7 cento per foot. To rrovidewee, op r.eaiureinrnt pood* S rent! per cubic foot, and ?ycificart cle article* aa ptr tariff to be obtained at office M Broadwy\ m3l Im VP PEOPLE'S LINK FOR AlBaNV and interiordiate placet, daily at five o'clock, P m * " " r tlie Pier between Courtlaudt and Liberty elreet*. The com-nodioue ateamhoat R1CHESTEB. Cart. St. John, leaver aa above iliia (Mouday) afternoon, at five o'leork. The SOUTH AMEBIC A. Capt Rraniard. leave* ne above, tc-moro* (Tucaday) afternoon, at five o'clock. The Rocheater direct without landing at intermediate place*. 'J he above boat are new and aukvtantia', fumuhrd with alegant Hate Kooma, and lorap-ed and accommodation* are unrivalled on the Hudeon. For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, at at the office ou fke Wharf. , lynev mFOK ALBANY and Intermediate placer?* ?.rK, ,-jw The aplendiil. and low prnaure ateamboat *** -WtT .ufiiinw McLean, will leava thie aftiraoon. April 4th, att o'clock, from the ateainboat pier foot of Courllandt ?t. N. B.?Tkia bolt haa been fitted up with ehgant etaterooma _ It TAPSOOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE. 43 PECK KLIP, NEW YORK. HJ. THE auba:ribera beg to inform their friende and ajnffw the public that they hare removed their Ueneral OfdSiptofi e Irnm 41 Hoath itreet, to 43 I'eck tlip, (their old aiaid) where they continue to make arrange incnte for the bringing out of pva*?ngera from all put* of England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. on the moat rtaaoritble tern a, aud ala > five draft*, payable on demand, at the ,national and Provincial lauk of Ireland and branchci,Bank nf Scotland a d branch**, Vrasra Jain-a Ball, Boa It Co , bankera. London, aud and i-counl Ba?k Liver oil. wnicli are paid iu all the pruicipel lowua ol Great Britain and Inland For particular* apply (if r.y telle' poet pa d) to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, M Peck tliy, corner of S uth at , New York. N. B.?W. k J. T. T. have a aucceaiiou of flit clean packeta (ailing to London, Liverpool,New Orleana, Mobile, Sevannahand Cliarlaeton.regularly every weik. a4 It JiO- FOR L1V LRI'OOL.?Btguiar Hummer, ial Line. tnfWThe eplrndid well known packat chip. MEMPHIS. JMBtmCapt ain Kuiglit, harii g lately arrived from Liverpool. in a very (hurt pataage, w ill meet n itli nuick detpatch (or the above Pfrt. Thie (hip oUrr* anexcellaut conveyance for cabin, 3d cabin and.ateerage paaaeugera, wh< w I be taken al moderate ratee. Apply to the Captaiu on bon d '.he al.ip at Crleaua wharf, foot ofwallatreet, or to JOHN HEUDMAN. II Bouthet. NB.?The above ahip will be aucceeded by tli* apleWid new packet .ship Samuel Hick*, Capt. Thnma* C. Bunker whicli vessel has unsurpassed accommodation for passengers. Those wishing >o sold f r their friends, lesiding m Great Britaiuaud Ireland, emu avail them elves of having them hr< u r it out by either of the abort ships, or auy ship af the hue. ami drafts can also be furnished, pay abl* throughout the United hiugdom, by applying as >bov* aa HAVht fAl KKTH.-l'r.ethip BXltTVoHK. niCf. Hun', will take the turu of ihe ?h p Emerald, JHHKaand sail ou the Srh mat. BOiD It HINCKEN, Ag?o'?. >8 * Tontine Building. S3E FOR NEW OHLKANS?Loeilaiiioa and Sew York Lint?Regular Packet of 10th April?The flESMe fast sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, will will nil as above. For freight or paenge,having sideudid furniebed accommodations, apply on board, foot of wall street or to E. K. COLLLNb It CO. H South St. Great care will betaken to have fee goods by Uiii hue correctly measured. AgentlnXew Orleans. Jas. E. Woodruff, who will prompt* ly forward all goods to his address The packet ship HUN I'SVILLE, Captain Mtim'ord .will succeed the Louisville, and sail the Mill April, her regular day. a ?1 aM* TO HAVANA,-The last railing coppered ichr tH^MAKIA, Wendell, master, (late of tneAais) will jmbpositively sail on Wednesday nevt. For passage only at ply ' e A. W. WELBEN, at S3 Puis street. FoK Nr.W OHLe.ANH ? ParSel 1,1 Hie SttiAtwtl. ?The tttprrier.wrll known packet ship SI'. M AKY, JKUifeCapt. Foster, will be despatched aaahove. Cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, can be elegantly accom modated at a rnodeiate rate. Atply on hoard foot of Wall street, to JOHN HKRDMAN. mil 41 South street. AM* FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular packet o? .he 7ik liMWApril-The spl-ndid fast sailing regular patkt t ship JUpKalXDErK.NLK.VCE, captain Holdri Ige, wi'l sail lor the above port on her regular day. This ship's accommodations for cabin, second cabin, mil steerage passengers are not surpasved by auy picket in port,and berths c in be secured ou niodetate terms, by applying ou board, at pier ea<t iide of Maiden lane, or to GLOVEK it ,\lcMURRAY, 100 Pine it. corner South. P.S?Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the old country can have them brought nut by the above eu perb ship, cr any f ihe regular liue of packet*, by apply tng as above, if by letter yioet paid. The above will oe succeed id by the packet ship Virginian, captain Allen, and sails on he H h April no "AM* M)l< L () N DO N?Parke I if th- in b April.-The iMfysplendid packet ship TORONTO, Captain GruJBBCnvrold.will sail as above, her tegular day. For passage in cabiu, second cahiu or steerage, having exes Item accommodations, apply on board, or to the office of m3l J HKRDMAN. (I South ?t. am* FOR LONDON?Packet of the loth April.? The splendid fast sailing packet ship, TORONTO, JHHKsCapt. Gfiiwold,sails positively as above ner. tegular ' W. k J.T.TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck slip, or 4t Bouth street. Tenons drsiroi ' of sending for their friends to come., ut from the old country, can have them brought out in the To ronto, or any of the regular line, nu very reasonable terms, and those wishing to icmit money to their frte dv, can have draft* Tor any amount. payable on & maud. iu all thr i<riMrij-u! town* of Great Britain and Ireland by aiplyiny a* abort. It XJiam- FOR I.IVF.K POOL?New lone -K^ lUr I- kM ottslh April?Tho apleudtd parke'ahip 8lt?D<>Nl4, tdUnB&CtrUiu C. B. Hobb, of 1 loo (on*. Will tail M above, nor regular day. . 7orfretg)itorpaa*a|r?.h?TWf*eeominodation* na*^aul?-1 rot iLdaudor or eomfort .apply on board, at Orleana wharf.foot of St.,or to k k .COLLINB It CO 5* Southitr**!. Tlirimcf*t'If!u*MIKIt IDAN.Captain De peyeter.of 100? too*, will succeed tbt Siddon*, and. tall W a Mn/, her ,> '""paatVnge rs may rely upon the?hip*of this line tailing Ifunc I tuaJly aaatlTertiaed. """ PACKtrimrrn S I ">VILI.b., lr>.in \f* Orleans u duehtreuut ?t Oilean* Wharf, loot of Wall street. Cooeigne** will plea.e attend to therein,'! of their igxtdt immediately , "? W'AN'Tb P? boarder*, two f?nt|ein?n and their Wires; aito. twoor three *tny # gentlemen. To men of bnaine.a habit*, who dme in the city, it n a delightful plac* of ten dance, at for heaaty of ailu ttion and pii-e country air, an* to h<alth, it cannot be d. Fur Urea*, which are reatonable, apply to Mf*. I. B. Smith centre Hon* in Ihe block, tnctly oppottt* Warren |t, m C< urt atreci, South Brooklyn, not more than fire aninutea wa'h from the South Ferry ?l :t A CARD TO Trffc PUBLIC?Tlie sube-nber, laanufac tnrerof l)ay, Newell and Dyy'a -.*tebratrd Patent Bank Lock la'tea this method of acttumn'i ig Ihe put-lie. th.t ha ht? aatno'itfd Mr. Henry (J Jane* of New irk, j., to be toll spent lor th* edr of said Locka in the L'uit- i 81 >tat. ludifidu tie. and Oni 'era of Banka a' a di,t .11 e. w toil g to avail ihem.elve* < f thr greatest lecurity in th- World. w-j| h.t* an npxHi'inity, a* Mr Jones designs viaitmf mcatoflha prm. 1 i| al ciiiea iu the Union, If Ihe purpose ' I" e.liioit r.g the au. Mffor adt ui.t <K?a ,.f thea I. t'kt orer all nlhrre, rlaiming to te of cha-iteab e rhwacte-.aod ah>o tu coniitaract a preyn/it *, if any raiila. whi h certain indie du It, who arc 114 raising Id coiiutry. ate t'yinj to crew* afiitut th character or Mr. Jnnca, ami nit > eyaintt thr htah repnl .li toof theia L ck# I 1 here lor* cert.I y that Mr. Jon#. ia a man o< tut' g i'.y and truth. JOHN DAY". Lock Manufacturer, atlwia* SS* Broadway, Now Vera SPLENDID CARPETS. CHEAP FOR CASH. , . I H I.OUNSBl'RV A CO.. 4l*Prarl street, hanof wade J large addition* t j their new * ock o' carprt* and oil ci<> lie, iorita (ha attenlivn of the pub'le t > the .ante and livfTarenow ready focahibttion. and w.ll be diap wed of at great lareaia* to all who take adwntaj' of the trreent low prie a Tin It a?w uatietni art mptrio-to any pf ?iou?l J onrren Thoa* in want ot a good article, foe little money, will pleaae c%"?* J.H LOUNSBF.FY A CO. allw' 440 Teael atreet PA' Ktf SHIP b LOUISVILLE. Irom New Orieaue : diic lareiag at Orleune Wharf, loot of Wall atree1. ( 1 0 uoe,-" will p rate .Itend t? tne receiplof tbair poode imn a lintoly. 8f ?? . i a xaua.Uti. f?AI< K Til KATRK, ri!18 ETEaNINO, Airfl I?THe oarf?n?ar#c will toniaw1 EVERY ONE HA" HIS VAULT. Sir Robert, MrWKBIakr a !u' Chipp-oda c I Plm'ul, W H WiHumg C.ptl-Wiu, Vrcdericki I Haruiouy, Kietier Ledy Eleanor Pl-cid, Mia Uutliman To mer Indr with BEGGARS' OPERA Cgpt. Maclieatii, Mr Pr*-eon i'eachunt, H wher I Locket, ( hipi>cud>le Polly, Mra Knight Adiiimeion?Bmee H ; P"t M Clbli : G?ll< ry 'j.5 cente. CHATHAM THEATHK. THIS EVENING, April ?-Tbe perfonwance will comnruct with SARCOPHAGUS. < ?i?k< r Blur. MrRce Charier, L .Meiliyer | Susan, Mil Heibeit AIfr wluefc THE SHOEMAKER or TOULOl'SE. J ico'j Odet, Mr J H Scott Henry, Mr Ilield | Adelaide, MisaMeataier Margaret, lire'1 heme To conclude with BONE KVll'ASH LIABLE. toge iiianir, Mr Rice Spruce i'nik, C Molipr | JumIIi, Mr* Blake ??im Hcisicm ana laneriit, rit If) (Gallery iff Maori nix-n *t Si; Curtain rises at T) precisely rt ? r< H Klel^'H OLinPIC TURA'fATHIS KYiiNINUApril 4?The |*rU)rmioc< wfll coomefici with TICK KING'S GARDENER. rheraVr JrBuaey Mr Horncastle Galocliard klr Gralum | Mad Galochard. Mr? Moiiep Ati>r winch OISK HUNDRED AND TWO. Pnilip G. rlois Mi chell | 1'ieire Hnroeutie Loiuse Mri Timm Alter which nil HARD NO III Richard, Mitchell?Henry Kin*. NicfcaMM Sail f Ann, Mm? HoT?rt* Lady (.'curtail, Him Binglaloo To conclude with CHAOS IS COME AGAIN. '"ol.Chaos, Nickiasou | Jack Buncr, Horncaatl* Tottenham, Graham Hariii, Mill Singleton Admission?Drass circle iscents. Upper boxes M cents lit cent*. Prixate boxes *?l>oors open at seven Curtain rises at halfpaat sevenAnKRicAN ni'?Kiini, Ccrnir Broadway and Ann tlrrtt. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Bartmtn T7 VERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEI K?Bom J mruciu* Monday, April (.?Mr. WINI'HELL, the Comic Dmllerist, will play his celebrated Dughab c ri-ce entitled OI.D AND YOUNG Nil K, with specimens ul VKNTKILOUUI8M. Also hie laughable characters of CHATHAM STREET AUCTIONEER; BETTY MADAGAI.N. the Irish i'intran1; the YANKEE, preen from downees', he. Ac. The MYSTERIOUS GIPSY GIRL in her wonderful per foiunucce Mr. BENSON, the popular vocalist from the late National Theatre. FALLS OF NIAGARA, with/real water riieinnalic Railroad; Allono Lady: Fancy <ulasa Blowing; Grand (.'(unior.unH, and live huudred thousind curioaiiies. Asplendid day rciformancc takes place every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. In the whole ?5 rt-nli-children half price PitAUE'S NEW YOIIK MUSICCM. MR. IIAUIUNOTON, the icunwued and unrivalled Ventrilcqiiiit.aad sin|u!erl; tilted magician, lor live nights \lias Carolina Rubens, the sweet little duct ami solo song?lcr. relative of the great Raltena. Mr. Austian. the divert inn, merry, queer comic sinter. Duets,Solos, Ventriloquism, Legeidermaia, slid Wosdriful Fit in* Machine, iu ih- lertare room every evening this week. Meanierctic|Eii>erintents tvery Dsy and Evening by Mr. . . wri.r.rvviu un i un.HA.M L every w edneiday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock P M. The I.ardent nod Harcit collectioni in the world, of Ori Kiuxl Portraitaef dialioguiahrd Amctiaan worthira. Oaui KRHroTTPK LiKt.RF.asKi taken iu the moat scientific manner, and at moderate inch. Admittance to lite whole 35 ten It; children haif price. n 3d Im FMl-v.NM.IN TntATRK will be re-<>|>eued thie ev r n iDg, under the management ot" the f >rmer pr.ze system. Fifty | pritee wi I be giveu away?right quarter eag'ni, fi e half eaalea, and the mutineer in jiwrlry. ei'ver watch, he. Master Diainiul and Mr. Wtmloek will dance, aug and p'ay all their popu ar extravaganzas; Mr. Welden.tliegreateat uecroix ancer in the world, will aatouish himself; Mr. B. Williama will dance the Cowrhoaker; Mr. H'nlic -ill enchant on the accord inn; and Mr. Noahen'e bard will play many of their celebrated piecte. Botes 35 crnts. pit 13) cents. Doors open at 7, performance to commence at 7j. ad It* THE KAINKKH raaprrtfullr announce that ihey will hare the I ono? to fire a grand Vocal Concert, at the Society Library, on Tueeday Evening, April 5th, 1*4?. when they Will rpiaa'in their cotiime, end Finn a variety of new suuga. Tickets So ceotr, to be obtained at (he usual placee, and at III' door. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock. ad at* MK.J A. KYLE'ri CONCERT. AT the Apollo Saloon, Mondiy evening. April dth. 1843. on which occasion the fo'lowing eminent talrn' will appear: Madame Otto, Mra Hardwick Mra. hje, Mr. Koaaowski, Mr. Alier, Mr Aupick Mr. Goad n, Mr. IJe Jinou.Mr J. A. Kyle, Mr. Timtn, and Mr. Walla, (amateur.) Mr. Tiain will preaidr at the piano luru, PROGRAMME. r?T i. Grand Trio?Three flutea?Mr. Ootden, Kyle and Wall a, Oabritlaky Aria? II aoave e bel acnteuto? Mra Hardwick, Pacini Serenade? Fcr guitar and piano?Mr. Da J anon and Timm, Kuffney Song?w he n the morning Aral dawna?Mra. Page? From ilia opera of Am. ha, Rook* Fantaaia?Piaco Forte?Mr. Koaaowaki?On aira In in tlie Huguenots. Thalberg Aim? ll braccio miacocquire?Madame Otto, Nicoliu 5010 Flute? (. lircg ancient Irish msloly, with variationa, fi'nt lime?Mr. Kyle, Clinton Song?My mother dear?Mra Page, Lover Snug (ny d?airr)?'1 he three ngea of love?Mr. A Phillips, _ JC. J. Loder Part ii. Grard Duett?Wi.h brilliant variations, piano foite foi four hand ?Meaara Timm aud Alper, Hern Solo?Cornet a Piatou?Mr. Aupick, on a favorite air, Swin National Air?Madame Otio. Blum Sony?I haan?body new?Mra. Haidwich? Wordi by the Kttrick bhepherd, Scotch Syp.n eh Soijg?Accompli led by hunaelf on ike guitar?Mr. De Janw\ ? , , 5011 Flu'e? Mr. Kylt?Compear d exprrcly for ilua concert by George Loder. Esq , ou the favoritt alra. The Angel'aWhiaper and Rory O'Moo e, Loier Hon??Merrily gora the null?Mm. rage?From aoiiga of the boudoir. Grand Aria?Madame Quo?Fro? the cpeia of Zaulur Flote, (by particular desire.) Moanrt Madame Olio had the honor of tinging thuaon* at tin German opera, la.t se.ton, before Queen Vic toria and Priace Albert Ficale Chough ?nl Crow?Madame Otto, Mra. Haidwiek. Mr-. Page, Meaara. Phillipa. Kyle.resi-r and junior, ... Biahop Tiiketa bl each, or family ticketa. admitting a gentleman and two ladies S3 50 To be had it Ibe muiic atorea, and f M. I A Umlw 41 LVvnt ll real Conceit to comment-e at 8 o'clock.* I Fuil |Mift?ciil?T? infiiturc H^Tfrtu# 12 3t 'dramatic readings and celebrated Imitations. MISS CLARENDON Iiha the honor of am ouncmg to btr frieada and the eitixrn* of New Yntk, that ehc will fire I e'Cond Mr in of Dramatic Headings, at the New Yc-rk Society Library, Broadway^on^lo^da^reuing, April 4,114a. Par r i. Breeders, from Otway'* tragedy of Vesica Preferred. (Jthcllo, Derdemona aud lego. from Shxkaoaors a Moor of Vaults. Julian St Pierre, frcm Sheridan Knowlea' Play of The Wirt, flamlet, from Shikapcarr'e T rayed y of that name. Part ii. Pauline, from Sir E. L. Uulwer's Play cf The Lady of Lyons. Cbude Melaotte. - Mercatio, from Hhaksreare'a Tragedy of Romeo aad Juliet. Part hi. Julia, from Kaowlei'Play it the Hunchback. Clifford, " " " Rumen and Ju'irt. from Shuhrneare'e Tragedy of that name, Hictiiliea, from Sir E. L. Buiwer'a celebrated Play ofKichi. lieu. Part it. Celebrated ImiU'ioaa rf the principal and original characters as auataii rd at the Park Theatre. New t ork. in Uk new and po; ular comedy of Lc ndon A a u ranee. Pe formanee to commence at t o'clork precuely. Ti -keta 5? ceiita,'o bt h'd at the donr_ Rl 4t MORAL. INSTRUCTIVE. RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitant* "f the peiueiiel ntiao and town, of New York. reinaylwanie, I mineeiieut Khodo liland MaiaarhuRe'ta. Nrw H?mr*hire. Maine, Re. he. 8IGNOR HERV'IO NANO, Thejuatly celebrated and taturaily endowed Melempeychp(ian, whriw extraordinary jwraonifcatioa of the Oooms. lK* Hahboon. Fly. fcc . hat been the delight af tho world, aauouncei lli it it ia hie mtenlioa, during the coming RRR? monthe, to rieit the shore States with Lie Coliseum. A fa* mile of Franeonia, Rotunda Ol) muc* in th? Champa d' Klriee at Pari a. and a a.deiKlid Band ol Musk, with a laAcieut number of artietaa tomake the entertainment aupanor I* ** ? o^'m!/.Vof e'vieiempeyrhoiiau Bar.anr flight of faMY. celled (he tJNOMfc FLY, in which Bigaor HtlOnO n'ano will euikody_ thk onomk: THK BAEBOON! ! THE ELY !! I a man :: Mecjrrtiam, Ike Queen of tk* Peria - Mad. Herri* |i?o To be fallowed by A MUSICAL OLIO ! ! confuting of Pianoforte Kccitatiou* br Madam* HERVIO na^o. Suiatii in B J. N. Humta?i ??Concerto Stock in ? C M. Von Webar i?(j and h antaata on th* National A ir*t Oud Stare the King and Hule Britannia S. ThaJberg With full Ortheitral Arcotnpuiiaienl*. To conclude with nn Hia'oncil Outlay i f th* ditwif idvniurti attending llie Shipwreck of r>ron?r. with charaeterialic palming and innate. in which kignor Hereto Nino will |><rnoii*t* vh faithful Bibboo, Or*h, th* I-dun Maid M .dm H?rrio Niw, N B ? Prmoiit drfirouf of in king infinur arrange me rig em learn panicutar* by applying. (t oat iMid) fo the undertign*d. ?t the Branch Hotel, M Bowery, New Y?rk. A mllMmin' MKMVIU NANO. Mil. K. MUM, lately from Lump*. Prcitf*<>r of t n? artof Arrni in itihighett branch**, girr* tt^trnctione in K*nci?g nu'l in th* u*? of th* airtight. cic>>k >1 and Turhifh Sabre, Hunting Knife, Mufktt and Bayonet, Staff, and erary up*Cl*f of weapoo*. , k'or nr irnlir* anquir* af SfS Pearl afreet ml I 1* gymnasium. pistol gallery. Messrs hudson a otjiunon ~?"treuri5. form ih? gentlemen of New fork, thif they liwr Mlf^ up a GYMNASIUM at th* rortwr ol ? lumber* atrot ami Broad ? *?. m l it ia now open for the rrce; t on of rtattnrp. Th* InatVntMa la of rrJtr'1^,.fTnp * u ** ** rtspect for th# friirpoo* of AiMetit LitrtiMl. ft itcsr fuller's gymvasium. to 1 HUME WHO VALUE HKALTH.-TUe Oymna I amm. <>? Green* alr**t, near B'eerker, ia now opra dailr. In addition to th# regular neroaea of th* Urnaan arum. Iker* are attached lor eaercia* and aniutement, a Bowlimi Xlley. Muoit Ground, Piatol Targ-t. wnh a large npea ip-i-e for running nod jumping, and oilwr out-door r i ere we# wi.icb render thin aauMiahineot. at a gymnuiuni. aii|>enorto all uiliera. Gentlemen auheerihing Ware the priril-geof evercc it a nl th* Hran< h A act at. wh*-a there u ererjr implement -*? e??*i y for m-door eatrcwe Spamnf tnnghi ? ueual? 'ein.ii g alio, bg am eminent Prnfeaaor, at anch lime t* toanit I>I>Ik-?uu. tn neeordaeir* with the li.nea. Trrma of rearly tweet at inn here h**n **dn*edto ate. maafw* PLATKOKM SCALE.?0?? of Dal*'a patent Pin lorrn Scale*, in eireflent otder, Iraritl heno iniuai but a f.-w moo hr. will be .old .1 a bargain^ A^ly m TAps|.(>TT nil Altl' , 41 **3 lll-W" a, ?.? lit f !.?? aaO ,, I lO *d duu ?l* actioo Harp with all th* late?t improvementr, for Her.w repaired, eae.hanged. n*d for aal* by J. V BROWNE, Harjf-naker, Londan and .New York. al eodlt*