Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 5, 1842 Page 1
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THJ T*l. Til.?Ho. 3S0.?Whola Ho. 7.048 rtKW LINK OK LIVKRFOOL TACK KT8 To fail fr* n New York oo the 1&ih, ami Liverpool i,n ike lltk cf tack month, ?Bl M. tBt &L ^fSomNew YV?^, ? , kip ROSCIW, 0%>tain John Coltm*. Mth M irch. Ship SiUOOSS 1^,'U.n E.B.Cobb, *Sth April gs5?^Sw?^[ss;:ssffiiM,r" Know Liviemi. Ship SHSWDANjCnptminK. A. Depeyrter, lith March. ? ip OaRrICK,Captain Wm.Skjddj, Utk April. Ohm R(J?C1U9, Captain John Collius Ulh May. Ship fctuDONS, Captain E. H.Cobb, 13Ui June. These ship, are all of the first cla*i,upwHrili of iocoton*,bu!Ii la the city of New York, with inch improvements aa combiu? reatepeed with uaunal comfort for passengers. F.eery ears (n*b-eu taken in the arrangement of their acconnijOilations. The phec of passage hence i* $100, for which ample store* will be attrridea. "fhe** ships are commanded by experienced maeten. who will make every exertion to Kit* general aatixiac tioo. If either the ctptaine or owmen ofihr* ah f* will be rrapoimi ?-a-cv them, unieis re Ml>f?rni^l' iTa? wularbilteol ImdiuKare uro^UtKer^to*-. The (hip* ol till* line Will hereafter go irmed, a?<l thwrpecu i?reou?t*uction giveelhem ?ecuritynot',toaeeaetd by anyotUe* bWi:?ll?f "?r. *0rfle'.BK,."cKllPn'r1i?o. M Sooth at.,New York, orto WM. fc JAS. VROWN k Co., Liverpool. Latter* by the pot bete will be charged lit ctuta pcreinglv to cent* per Otiuoe. nd uewr*p*prr* I cent each. 11H FUR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA ANBwfcW YORK LINE OK PACKETS m M m. & For the bt<t*r aarominoddtion orithtiiper*, it t* intended to I despatch aahip from thit pvrl ou thr HI. 5th, tOth.lSlh.8Utb Mtd'25th of each mouth, evuimrncing the l*th October, and teootiounag until ?ay, who* regular day* will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and dump ointment* will be prevented during the summer months. Th* Sllowmg shinevilt commence this ai range meat >Ship YAZOO,Capt. Israeli. Bliip Ot'-ONEE, < a?t. Jackson ShipMlSSfSSIrPl.teipt. liiHiard. Shm LOU1SVILIJfe/Capt. Hunt. SkipSHAKSPF.ARC, Cant. Miner Skip ?ASTON;Capt Latham. Skip HENTSVILOE, ?apt. Mumf, td. 9>ip OCMULUEK, Capt Leantl. Ship NASHVILLE, Cant. Dick in*, o. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cant. Mu'.ford. These ship* were all built in the city of New York, expressly for packet*, arc of * light draft ol water, have recently been a w|y coppered and put in splendid oncer, with accommodation* for pfksengers unequalled tor co<niei t. They are roinmauded by expencuced maatera, who will maae every exertion togtve mot rid satisfaction. . They will at .it time* be towed up and down tltc Miaaiiaippi by ateambonta Neither the ownera or captain* ofibase ship* will he reaponaiMe for jewelry, bullion.preciou i a tear*.silver, orpin ted ware,or for any letter*, parcel or package, aeat by or put o board *f them, unlea* regular lull* of lading are taken for tucsuinv, and therein* thereon eioeeteed For freight or passage,apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. It South St..or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New OTloan*,who will promptly forward all good* to hi* addrct*. The shiptof thi* line are warranted to *ail uunctu-dly a* ad' V?rticed, and great care will be taken to hare the good* correct It measured. ml .flkW XOtthA.Nu flhWAltk. Far* ratiuead to M cants. From th* foot of CourtUndt street, New Tork, (Every day?Ssnday* excepted.) Leave* New York. Leave Newark Atl A. M. At I P.M. At 8 -A. M. At ly P.M. ' 11 do 4 do ? do 3| do 4| do 18* do 6 do ? do 10 do ON 9UNDAY8. From the foot vt Liberty street. Leave New York. Leave Newark. At > A M.and II P.M. At l P. M. and to P.M. NEW YORK, EUZABETHTOWN, RAH WAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From the foot of Liberty tract.daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At * A. M. At Tl A. M. 41 P. M. I ? ? SOMKRVILLK stags* counsel wkh thess lmes each way. Rare between New York and Bomervills, 50 ceote. Do do New B rune wick, 75 emu. Rah way. SOeenia. Eliaabethtowo, 96 eenta. The fare in the T) A. M. train from New Branaw.ek, and 41 PM. train from New York, hae been reduced between New York and New Brunawick to M cents. " and Rah way t? 87) " The Poiladelpkia mailUne ymaa through NawBnmawiek for New York svsry evening at I o'clock. On Sunoayaths Ti A.M. trip from New Brunawick ia omitPassengers who procure their tiehata at the save a fairy tick*{gratis. Tiekataareroeeiredby theeoudoctos ?It on the day when nurchaaed. febll tn' From PHII-ADELPtnA. ria THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freight* fortheWiat and South will he forwn'ded daily from the tranapoctation office of the Company, No. t Dock at Wharf, Philadelphia. ..... . . Merchant* are respectfully informed that, all good* consigned to the company will be forwarded with the utmott diapateh to any point we?t or south. j, h reight reach*i Baltimore the sams dry it .care* Phiia4clpbii. The mail line for th? we*t ?nd aouth leavea Dorlr atreet daily at half-paat ail o'clock A.M. by ateambeat ROBERT MORRIS. passengers will reich Baltimore at t o'clock, two hour* previous to the departure of ihc train* for the southwest. kW. L. A8HMEAD,Agent. Philadelphia, March 8. 1847. inltlin ' RAILROAD NOTH fc. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. JMLffiDflkifi NEW BRUNSWICKAND NEW YORK. PPHE NEW JERSEY Rai'road and Transportation I'om1 pany have ratablithed a Knight Line between New Rruniwick and New York, which tbey intend to ruu peimanently. Leaving New Brunswick at 5 AM. daily. (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty atreet. New York, a 3 P.M. To country dealers and merchants the above line Is very desirable for the speedy aud cheap conveyance of mercluinditr of every description, and more particularly lo Drovers and Dealers ui Live Slock, who eau have 150 head of cattle eonvevel between New Brunawick aud New >ork, the same day-, w he never required. The rates Tor the transportation of cattle, hemes, mules, keep, h^gs, Icc..and all other kind i of merchandise are very low , never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subjected to any extra Charge in croiaiug ths North River. The Compauv have fir ted up a large storehouse at New Brunawick adjlining tne Railroad Depot, which will always be open for the reception of merchandise. Passenger*, purchasing th-ir tickets at the ticket office*, willreceive ferry tickets gratis. ml4 3m* OTlCE?Ou and after April 1st, 1847, the commutation X^l fare in the cars of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, between New >orU and the various places rra thelineof the railroad, has been reduced (incljJing ferry) to 475 per annum, and 450 for aia moulhi. mIS lni' fSUIGHT AND PAkgAOE I'd PIiinBvno. BINGHAM'S LINE. The propria tors of Bingham's Traoaporlatien Line to Pittsburg. rive notice to the Merchants of New York, and all other person* supping to the West, that their line is now inactive operation. rjoous cousienra 10 innn \ur ??ui m gu in uieir hne.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owner* or shippers of good*, destined for the Western State*, wlio tare no agent or eoiuignee !^t Piftshnrg, will please consign their g?nd* to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to shipping all *uch consignments npthout delay All good* should be marked distinctly on each package BINGHAM'S LINK. For rates of freight, which are a* low as any other line. Apply to WM. TYSON, Agent. No S West street. opposite Pier No. 8. N. R. .V B,?Passenger* forwarded to P.tUburg and Pottsville, very day, Sunday* excepted. Refer to R, Crook#, American Fur Co.; S. T. Nieoll, Front street; llitlp*. Dodge U Co. Fulton stree.t; Suydam, Sage fc C o Wm.Rankin. Duryee It Co . Newark- ml 3m I " " STATfcN IBLAnu sKkm. Foot of Whitehall ?tr?et ATKN lMLANDK-R, S^t"Br?i*t^Tor SAMSON,Captain Duval, will run as follow* until further notice ueavra Platen Island Leaves Whitehall At I o'clock a m. At t o'clock a.m. "10 M " "11 " " " I ' F-M " 3 " P. w, " 8 t " " " " M " <1 " " " H " " N. B. All goods shipprd are required to be particularly larked and are at the ri?k of the owners thereof. nt NEWARK AND NEW YORK. _ Fare Only I3| Cents AMI _ . TV splrndid and commodioo* steamer GmontEOrfmr "ASSAM , Captain Jclin OafTy, being com ? [ aid elegantly refitted, will commence her regular trip* Icr th# season, on Thursday, March 10th ? Waving as follows:? ' Foot of Bsrc!ay st .New York Centre Market, Newark 10 o clock, A. M. y j o'clock. A. M. ? , In'clock. P.M. if o'clock, P.M. Freight of every description esrrte I at very reduced rates ri (5** T. rOWKLL It CO 8 LINK. ? JMM gg| FOR NKWBUROH, landing it CALD ^^a^SkWKLL'S, WKST POINT AND COLD aCaBLsPWNG-Th, steamboat HIOHLANDKR Capt. Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren street hew Yerh,every Monday. Ttvi winy and Hatnrdav afternoon's It 4 o'clock. Returning the High.atioer will .vewburgh very Monday morning at I o'clock, an i J uesday and Friday afternoon at *o'clock. For freigh* or pass age,apply to the Captain nn board. N. B. Al i baggage and freight of everv description, bank Mils orspectt, put on board this boat, must be at the risk of the wners thereof,unlet* a hill oflading orrcceipti*signed for ttssun f"2' aPiti.Mi ahkamikmenT. sIVVIAI FOR SHRKWSBURY and RF.D BANK UnagCMr?du and after Saturday. March 13, 1st J, the 3KwawMOK>8tcamer OSI HIS.Captain Allaire, will leave New York every Tuesday. Thursday.and Saturday, at 8 #' clo k.A. M. Returning, leave Red Bank every Monday at o'clock, and Tuesday and Thursday at 18 o'clock, noon. W5 tm' _ ALL the newspaper*^daily and weekly, m vgacinesTan I pen"R odicals, are for sal* et the Hudvon Street New* I ffl'r 1*41 Hudson street.near B.rrow?t. ma*tw* ' t~> OAL.?The subscriber oFers lor sale, at rntacred or ices' r the tiest Pcarb Orchard. Red Ash Co*J.of the Biaken Egg ?id Nu sixes. Lou to ml purchasers, tree of carttg* .Yard o. I Hester four toon from ( he ton . n GEORGE THOMSON. I E NE" N] CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL KlIRGEOIV, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, : NEW YORK. LITETTTOAT ASSOCIATION, < FOR THE MANUFACTURE OE . FRANC tS PATMNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, OPPOgIT* mn ___ CITY HOTEL. artificial tljlth. off thr or ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyr.) 'Having lately lo?t tw i bicuafldati teeth, 1 called on Mr Levctt to srtp.ily iheirplaoa ?!th artificial oue*. and it, atford* int mucn pleaiure to testily to hiv skill and ability AM a Drntist; indeed, I hive i ever seen tstlh tiled and lined with more ?irctneia, and at the aatne time wilh In* painful pre* ure on the g imi. 1 cheerfully rtcnmmend that gentleman to the eineeial noliee of the medical pri fusion, aa well aa to the public, feeling satisiied from my own ei|>erieTice that they may confidently rely on hi* skill in hi* pro'eaaion. (Signed) GRANVILLE ft. PATTISON, M D. P-o feasor of Anatomy, University of New Ycrk. February I3t! , 1811. The original can he ?een at Mr. Levetl'* 260 Broadway, ttr.ner.of W?rren atreet ml* 1 <n* BANKRUPT LAW. fENTLKMliN wishing to be duchffrgcd from iheir debt*. under thia law. are inrited to call on W. 8K1DMORE, Attorney at Law,75 N**aiu atreet. All other kind* of law buaiucaa alio attended to. Chargea moderate. fin 2-n* BOOK BINDING AND PAPER RULING. H IRELAND. No. i?0 Nassau atreet, having an entire new stockof Binding Toola and Kulmg Machinery, o( the latCR* .in 1 moat appioved patterua, ia now prepared to execute all orders in the meat durable and handaome mourner. Merchants Arrount Book* and all other kindsof Blank work ruled and bound to any pattern, in a style that ia warranted t give r at olfaction. Any work ordered can be done iu the English mode if required, aa H. 1. ha* had long cxpci ience in both methods. FOR SALE?Two ?eeond baud Copperplate Presies. Apply askhove. ml 8 I in carpeting, carpeting. ri'HE Mihecribtr* have received a new a>dtresh *lorlr of J. goods for the "Spring Trade," consisting ot Brio sell Three Ply,superfine, fi ic, common, hall an 1 stair Carpeting. Kuff*, Maiuiiif, fcngmn ana /linincan wu v>iumi, uom a iu 8<J ftet in width, containing the lateit and meat fashionable j atterue atwi colors the market afford*, which they offer to the puolic at the lowest" Cash Prices " Persons wishing to purchase, would uo well to .call and ex* amine our stock previous to purchasing. ? WfiffB St MANNING.458 Pearl st, uu81 rn* 3d Carpet 8tore trom Ohithum NOTICE TO BUYERS OE CABINET FURNITURE. rpHE subscriber would invite the atteution of thoie wish1 ing to purchase articles in the above business, to hie establishment, where ie to be fouud a rich assortment of Rote wood and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patlenia. ome of which are not to be found elaewherc, beiug entirely original. Alto, handtome rich gilt Cornices for windows, Poles and Rings ; together with Damasks, Galloons and Tassel*. and every article attached to curtains, whioh will be made in the lateet style front pattern* lately received. N. B. Particular attention paid to the fi.ting up of Ottomant, Fire Screens, and other fancy article*, with embroid errd tape*try. WASHINGTON MEEK9. dtS-Sm >15 Broadway. n?vt th. Hospital WIGS AND SDALfS. THE LARGEST, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTMENT, VBE TO IE FOUftD AT A. C. BARRY'S, ltd Broadway, corner of Liberty Vtreet, up itair*. YV1GS aa l Sealr*. upon the beautifying and goMamcr sysvv tem. approximating the nearest of any yet manufactured t* the natural bead of hair?first premium. Also, mauufactur ed from ladies' and gentlemen's hair, not less than two inches long, necklace i, bracelet*, earing*, watch guard*, rings, and hair work ol every description. ml* lm* CARPETING, CARPETING. rpHE Subscriber U now opening hi* Spring assortment of J- Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply, superfine and fine Ingrain; in assortment not surpassed fa this city for variety of styles, figures, fee. These goods hate been ordered eipressly for the Spring trade. The greatest ta-e has bee" obrerved inmakiig selections ol such gooes as cso be coLfideotly tecommcuded for durability and permanency of C?A?ls?.a large assortment of the different kinds of Hall and Stair Carietmg. Tuftrd door Hugs. Door Ma'.s, fee. Also a han lime asjortment of Painted Floor Cloths, all "'Families about purchasing 'stir of th* above described good, are respectfully invited to c^L ^ m!8 1m* T? Eaal Proadwav.71 Div'sinn-si. CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. THE Suhacrib-r is now opening hi* Spring supp'y ol HARDWARE k CUTLER* , received perlate arrivals, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general assortment of Domestic Goods, whieh he is prepared to offer at the very LOW E8T CASH PRICES. The attention uf Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, fee., is solicited to sn elimination of his stock and Driers as h? is confident they will find it to their inters t to tavor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVK, 210 Greenwich corner Barclay, New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Also?a complete assortment oliMechsnica Tools. Jamrs Strews. &r. it* 3m' WATCHES & JEWELRY VERY LOW. THE subscriber lis sdlirg alt discriplions of gold and silver Watches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, kc vs. fee . at retail, lower than at any other place in th- city. Gold Watches as low as 3> to kidolla s each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watehci are warranted to keep g ,0 I nine, oe the money leturaed. Watches and Clocks repaired in the l? s miuae\ and warranted, at much less than the us J |l prices, hy oae of ill finest workmen in the city. G. C ALLEN I ipurter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale arid' retail. 3 > Wall street, up amirs. in 6 I in* SEBRINC'S CORDIAL. i Mhii aTIn V?A? thi? iz a verr r.amu on rnmiilainl in I the present day, whaterertends to alltvule it is of public nn;orance. For the information of those affected with it, we publish Iht following recommendations of a Restorative Cordial for its e ire:? C, C. Sr.BRiao, Dssn Sir At vour request, I hare nan ined the medicines of which T our Cerdia! i- composed. and hare no hesitation in - m i' - th <t they are of the best class of tonics; and in the manner prepared by you, will prove highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many oth?rdiseases ofgeueral debility. Venn, kc. P PRATT, vV D. No. 98 Liberty street. I eoncur 1.1 the above recommendilion of Dr. Pratt. '1110MA8 BOYD, M. D? No 891 Fourth street. Sabring's Restorative Cordial is sold at 198 Fulton street, at >1 per bottle. Mt 1 m* DR. JOSEPH EVANS. G R ANI) RESTORATIVE SYRU P, For ths eureefreery form of Disesss arising from THK IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD, CAUSED by the vital otgvs becoming deranged and erfrebled by hereditary complaints, and eihauttion of the system, and other disesses, via Scr fnla or King's Evil. T mors snd swellings in the neck, second irj sy mot nms < f 8j phi lis, cr the constitu' innal form of the Venertal Diverse, Utters, ulcerated sore Thrsal Pilate, kc. Ulcers on the Mhins. and other partsi l thr body. Diseases of the bones, pains, swellices, and ulceration of the boats, swellings of the loints, white swellings, he-. Cancers, cutaneous er skin diseas i, salt rheum, rirgworm. scsly erujitioDS. leprosy, itch, srald h-ad, pimpies. cracking a id tmartirg of the skin, tetter, and all kmts of sores Longstanding andl.e'ctoforr incurable fever sorei; rheumatism, gout, liver eomplaint, and alt diseases eaused by an improper use of mercury, local and constitutional debih y or weakness, gonorrhat i.gleet leucorrhce? or whites, gravel or when the system has been ethrusted by se cret teniuslily in youth, intempe snce, long standi' g debilitating dise.t-s, lorg residence in Southern climates, snd other debili tattug causes. litis tovaluable mtdicinchas been employed by the proprietor in an eitenaisepriva te and hospital prartice, both in F.nro i-au I Am-rie f ?r the last f irty years during which time he has cured over .1090 patients, who wrr* sllheted with some of the meat loathaeme snd destructive f irms of d sease. many of whom are now living, and ready to teatify to the efficacy of this medicii r. Itrures h> giving tone to the nerris, ethi eral itig the spirits, rt gnlat iug ihe circulation, iti vigors tins and each irg the vital O' g ins to a nit iral snd healthy actioa' and tnus rati- tog all impurities -o be expelled from the system, and crc alios the aecretion nt perfectly pure an I healthy blood. Price *1 lerbottle. Korrate only at the Private Reti le nee No. 4 fT lire< iwich lirttl, t so door* above l anal aireot. mil li? AlettuMlMb I*a1M flMli, for Bs?u.y, Economy, Darnbiliiy. kr? rourii') advantage! nver every oiher vylrm of Painting, a* it if free Iroro *11 uupleaaant *m?li, retaining *11 it * brilliancy of coior, and i? applied in much let* ume than Oil Painting. It i* well adapted for wall*, ceiling*, or any infide work, churchei,public building), and decorative work in by JOSEPH PEARSON. No. 4*8 Broadway, ear of Broome itreet. New York.who will give febeat rrferrnee, anil all information re?p?rltng lh* ?ime. Won promptly eg cut rd bv applying aa abovr. either in the city or country. mllm* nuKMll'M RA/i lR 5"f RtlP? Eirat Premium wa* awgriji ad by the American Inantnte, at th?1at* ? well at each nreeeediwg Kair, to tirorge Saupdera, 163 Broadway, for lh. beat Raior Strop. The Melaiic Tablet, invented by Gi Hamuli ra ha* beenretahlifhrd for the laet tweatv-ffr* reata and certincated by the firat pent I- men oflhe country. It pro duce* a thin and emooth edge on n witn more certainty than it can be donr on a hone in a tenth part nf the time, withoni the oae of oil or water?which any peraon eaa prove by bringing i dull raror a hating it put ui ordrron one of lite Tablet*. 163 Broid alt Im* L'LOKILIA h U.NDff?T uivu Bean an t Southern Truat, T bought at N. BISTARK'H, ... . _ 13 Wall atreet ,,,Vm,*? State* Bank notea Illtnoia do, Michigan, Indiana, Illmnia Scrip, b .tight and anld. ml3* t> K.Kt. I N IRONOaBTTNO 4?t.ouaiat ing ofTra we*, fender* and aummer on amtrnta, ot vnperior manufacture, to cloaa a conanrnment, at vary low , , . OELRiCHS k KRUOKR, mJlm 41 Broad atrret. M rniii.. h VTi?i'*! No. It lliianrit. near t hathainat still afford* relief to the afflicted of bot^t tei " arf."*7 ** **WV. with the utmoat toon.lenc*. in the won.1 rata. of datlrat* diaeaae. mercurial affedion*. and lh* nomenma aymptom* ariamg from thia diaeaae. frne Dr.C i ttleiuitc ptMlict lur Ihe Inteight jrtan ia thia particular brw.h of the pcolvaavm, guarantee* , aaCe, apecd-y and eff-ctir* cure to all peraon* who apply to him. lLea.t caara Mired I* a few day* without th* ate of aacrcury. or aay other di/ieroua mediDcine No interrrpiion from burisoaa or alteration in lh* mode of living. All whoae caaaa hue* tires pro sjs^ar'jashsi.T^sarate?attendance from 7 in th* morning natff ItataSm. Of fteelS Puaaait, maim* W YO EW YORK. TUESDAY M< PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK. MON9. MALLAN A SONS, Surgeon Dentiata, No. N 37-i Broadway, and at London and Paria inform tha Public of New Yoik, and lt? vicinity, that in coaaequence p if their very extensive practice, they have, at length, r heen induced to open a Permanent Establishment, where they may be consulted at No. 37-J Broadway betweeu Franklin and White streets, in all casca appertaining to Bl their profession, in which they have been so sucessful, nl in consequence of their celebrated discoveries and im- h< provements in the art ot Dentistry. a'1 Mous. Mdlluu returns thanks lor the very liberal pat ?* ronagc he has received, and continues to receive, par ticularly to the Medical professiou of Pfciw York, for w Ihuir Liml rM.Amm?n.l.luinl uii.l litvnT.StiDS MoUS. M.*S improvement in Dentristy. CELEBRATED MINERAL m FOB CI FILLING DECAYED TEETH! C1 Mens. M. continnvs to rcitoro decayed Teeth, however ^ large or small the cavity ; making a (tump into a sound y Tootli, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the natural cortex vi or enamel of the Tooth. They never break or become looae?they have no un- _ natural gloss?are firmly fixed without wire* or Uga- ( ture??no bulky aubitaticp in the month?and in eveiy particular resemble the adjoining Teeth, in conformity I of shape an.l mlnutwit shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of Mastication aril Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and etfectually lustciud,arising cither from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon asnrnand scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES. ( Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled to an tiounce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of j ' the first families of the United States, consisting of the rJ first Merchants, Medical prafession, Clergy and private 1 Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of _ Mons M.'s celebrated Mineral in preference to any ether ! to they have ever tried, and, in their opinn best that | overcame undertheir notice. His other improvements hneed no comment. ^ INVALIDS Rl Attendedliy Mons. MalUn, Junr., at their own Establishment. li THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC hi are particularly in vit-d to pay Moni Mallan a visit, to G see the specimens of bis now discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIAL?. c? Mona Mallan: yuebec.May (th.lltl. t" 11 a 111* * -riBr i * I Teeth which you made fur ine, I cannot do ) ou leas justice than to 1 acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction- 1 beg to i anythey answcrevery purpoaeof aalicatiou and Articulation h equal to thoae placed by theh ttJa of nature. Tlicy ao cluacly p reaemhle the uatural ones iu the minuteat shade of color and a ahape, that they we not ti accrued aa bring art iflaial by the clo- L aeat ohaertera. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed a; teeth, lean give a decider opinion of ita valuable qualities. d You may uac thia letter in any way you think proper,for the ti benefit ofthe public and youraelf. tl I ain.dearair,your* truly, b TilOS. FARtjUES, Manuel Carmelat. h To Mona. Mallan, Surgeon Deutiat. 873 Broadway, n Thia gentleman ia known at 139 Broadway,and at Trime c Ward biting't. K ? tl MON8. MALLAN, S72 Breadway. 1 SIR?I feelit a pleasure to be able to offer you my teatimony d in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During tny late reaulence in Parte I called at vour establishment tuthe Rue Una- !< tiglione,ami hariug had aome teeth tilled with your mineral, ] can oiiiy aay that I have had every reaann to be aatiefied with i ita utility and value,end neverin theleaat degree etperienced any inconvenience or "tqury from ita effecta in any manner whatever.?During my viait to Mona. Mallan I aaw aaveral r teatimoniala ofthe highest character, all eipreaaing the fullcat confidence in ita great benefit ond value. Aa far a* l am en- o abledto judge,1 conatdered it then,and Will consider it. to be the beat preparation of the kinei ever ofllieo to the public. 1 b am, air .respectfully .yourobedientaervapt. ' VANBUROH LIVINGSTON. v 816 Oreenwichatreet,nearKort(iauaevoort. t New York,May 31.1641. Mona. MALLAN b SONi, Surgeon Dentiata. may be eon- u aulted daily at 373 Broadway between Franklin aud White ata. eaat aide. m33 lm' E SPRING FASHIONS. 1 rrHE subscriber deairee the attention of strangers and otkera e J- to kta laige aud eitenaive aaaottment ofatocka, acarfa, o cravats. ready made linen and mualtn ahirta. pocket kerchiefa; aillt, merino, and ambawool ahirta ami drawera; suspenders, r gloves, hosiery, be. be. It ia the intentioo ef the aubacriber to it pay particular attention in selecting the moat chaate and faah b tunable patterns of acarfa and cravat* Uia aaaorlment will al- tl waya be fruod varied and eitenaire. The subscriber continues the manufacture of hiace ebrated Elastic Slocka * Gentlemen ft may depend ou being suited by calling at the o'd establishment b 341 Broadway, between Murray street and Pat k Place. at mi* lm* PARSKLLS. agent tor J A eat*. dPCfwt REwaRD !! i.HOSs'a sPEt.lFit; mlXi i'MK p' pdVrVJ for the carrot delicate diseases. W* give no loig tl quaqkiah recommendations to dec ive the public. If the medicine does not aiwak for itself no one shall apeak for it. Uu- h obj ct itto notily wlierv it can be had.and that the proprietor b' chall-ngrs a aingle e?se of recent d.seaae to be brought in which the tniature does not elfeet a rapid cure, under a torfci- ci tureof$500 V'oraale at Dr W. Milnoi'*, druggist, 1P2 Br iadway. New York; J. Jones. N. R. comer of Uhesnut and C 7lh street, Philadelphia; Joa. M. Smit'i. 138 Washington at., ' Boston: Roberta b Atk na in, corner *f H mover and Market tl street, Baltimore; A. B. Grossman, Canal street, New Or- tl leans. *1 1 MADAME COSTELLO. [ rr*HE FEMALE MONTHLY PILL it acknowledgtd by 6 1 the first rhysicians it the United States aa the very brat medicine that ladies laboring under a suppression of their natural illness can take, aud they very seldom fail to P relirve when taken according to the directions Those who L call for them will be supplied with her circular, containing 11 ample direction*, and all the precaution* necessary to be ob- c< served in their use. N. B ?The married, under aome circumstances, must abstain from the ir use for reasons coutaiucd in the direct too*. Allcoinmuiicatioua aud letiers must be post paid. B N*34 Liapenard street. m34 lm' /-tHINA, GLASS AND EARTHEN WAKE.?A list oI VP prices of China, Glass, be.,aoid by R. SIMPSON, 8 Astor f House. Broadway, who keeps the beat articles, and tells r cheaper thanany otner house in the United States. ^ FRENCH STONE WARE, V Porcelain. Blue or Whit*. ^ Plates 1st aize perdoz $l 94 H oo (S do si do 1 74 88 f" CO 3d do 1 36 75 J. do 4th do 1 37 S3 ' do 5th do 84 37 ? Cover Dish. 1 44 75 ?l Sauce Tureen and Stand, 1 00 75 TcaCupa and Saucers,per T, do*. 34 pi. 1 ?9 * Pitrhera 1st size, 1 75 59 If do 3d do 1 37 wi I ir do 3d do 1 13 SS ei do 4lh do n IS j* do 8th do 33 I f? do 6th do 60 Chocolatei,Ut*i*eperdi 3 75 H 00 3d do 3 35 o< do Id do 3 TS h< Tea., ? ? { ' Flag C up*. W SlTue Ware, Dining Service, 112 p'ece* 13 00 French or Poicelain tea !?. 86 pieca* I 00 * CUT OLA88. Octagon ii?he?, beat quality, I inch, pr pair I 00 do a) do do I 50 J. do do 1* do do 4 oo dl Decanter*, the ret oft Irom 5 50 w Gre-n Hock GlMiei, per do?. 3 35 oi Cut Wineefrom 1 50 per down ui Cut Fluted Tumbler* 3 OO do <>( Lemonade*, handled, 8 85 do re Hou*ekerper?, take caredhl* lilt, and make your purch**er* cl at 9 /W'or Home; the evrihg you will make by *o doing rauit ; be visible to all upon reading the above. re Table Cutlery?Thin i* alio the cheapett *tore f >t fiue Ta- ih;hry,,o,?t.?r^?RfiiMMoN|A,|(irH?,|?. * FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. H AMONG the many and ?,'i(,u* C oemeticv that are offered r, to the public f >r b'au'ilyiug the compleiioo, and remor- I t| ing *vrry eruption from the face, none can be *n eoulilently |i retnm,rend.d a*Churrh'e Vegetable Lolitn It imp*eta a delicate *m <o hnea* to the comp eamn, and eff-rtualljr removta ol pimple*, blotches, tar, freckle*, ringw irinr, and all o.her cuta- T recti* eruption* and dine- lorations ^ I'ric* 75 cent* per bottle?apli at Chu-ch * Diipessary, 188 lt Bowery,corneref ffpti igatriet. ... oi Agent*? K. W. Bull, Hartford; C. & N. W. 3iramo *, Pine, Corner of Fourth str*et, Diilad.lphia; Charle* Steaue, Pough- tli ire;wi*. m8l tm* ! a MEDICAL AID. ALL thoae in need of medieal aid of a certain description, % boul J w ithout fai obtain a copy of a little book entitl-d g< lh? Ru nc-n. w ith engravitu*. Thin little work wa* written i al and published by I)r. Gregory. in 1839; in 1841, he published a n? econd editir n. with many valu?hl* improrements and alter*- B Hon*; a id in 1843, it ha* hern alill more improved and enlarged. ~ The wigta* ing* ate beautifully done, and are aecompamed wuh > niiable eiplaiiatory remark* The author i? now in attentive J: city prartiee at M Mott*treet nearly oppositetheetone church. 8 fin having kirn conetaatly engaged in combalting di*ea*r* of e< thischaracter lor many year* pad, enables lum to treat hij *ub- ? ject not only theoretical y hut practically correct. The patient a here guided in the elm.tiou of rrnieiliee, according to Hie respective aire umatancee and condition of the raie. The plan of F' the bonk > to *how the ordinary *y niplome occurring lu com- , mon cam. with the heat method of rure It then *howe what ' other aymptoma may and dofrequently happen, with appropriate treatment and remedies to be adoaited in cm* these bad " ymp'oma should occur. The p>ire ol the book it 59 cents. to Dr. Gregory takra this opportunity lo re-nark, that he is '1 eery frvijnently applied to u?drr circumstances where the > a tient (erineto he lulfering which lead him into the belief that ?' he haseome litt e remaine of the complaint still left, which " howe ileelf ocea?ionally. Such eia?? as three frequently , ' prove to he attended with itrirtnre ; of this foot, a* well a* the n.tureof ae'ricture, the patient had no idea, noiwithntanding " the symptom* may have ended a long time, and a Stricture ' had teen in prof ree* eeveral mouthe Doctor Gregory goaran- *( teee a tpeedy and permanent cure The Doctor'* residence i* *' not a drug rtore.bnt i* a private dwelling liouit. well proeided fur theeonremeuce of patirnt*. The book may aleobe had at I c< Mr King's ituf*. 53 Fulton street, corner of Cliff, at the T, t ime price l)r. Gregory w ill be found at home at all hours of ihe fay aud evenn g. el Patient* re* ilicg any distance from the city may eomtnii- F ui ate by letter (always post-paid) with Dr O, and hie ad- i n vice be ebtainrd. and where a clear description at the case ia giv.a. ooverivga *nit?kl<-fee, ih* pro(ier remedies will be for i waided to order, anil aucce** alwty * guaranlei d, where the I whole lyjiplom* ludeirromstinceiarc set forjh. m9 lm" Havana s kg a n s -r etfik < i it si f: V.mY broadway ! and 311 Bowery, formerly kepi by Mr. P. Mono*, hege leave to inform the amokirg public that they will alwaye find, at ki* ?torr?. a well *e|erted aaeortmra- of the ftneat brands nl ' ? Mav.m aud Principe HF'.G AltS at wholesale and retail; and if a lire! rate artirle and fr.endiy treatment can insure en* " hi.;*-* lo rereire a laige .live of it. mN lm* , w i ih l () i ii *1 rra, One Paw gom IfMtMht. in.. i |j ti.iderahtllrei-e.vr Two Dollar* reward and ao question* aakad Apply to ii it,-is im* Mr df'.!.? rcaink.Wall *t.. Office No.f i a pil'l f'ool. ? til wiiiihuy ine cuminon trash offered to 1 jj o them inet-ad of huyi-ig the genuine Shnman'* Lozenge*. _ ni i ii- i only be toolerl out of their money, but most likel, out of (heir health. There is nolning like hherrwan'e Lozen- ,y gee forte Hgh cold, lieadaehe, or palpi alien of the hevrt a* n, well worme inrhlldrea The Doctor's office is at l*t Naa- ? tan itreet, New Vorh; f si* a street. Boston; I Ledger , lr, Building*, Philadelphia; prank Taylor, wmhogtvn, a| i (r RK I ORNING, APRIL 5, 184 t/HAMl'lON WIS MAKER. EW AND ELEGANT IMPROVEMENT IN THE MANUFACTURE OF TOUPEES. ill ALON. at l Broadway,nppiei'c St. Paul'e Church, U the lire to i Ir.ilui'r m New V ork the AMAZON TOUPEE, :inga dcw invention of Ihr eubicriber. Theee Toupeea are ai'e without ana pa bandeor tntallic fprlnji; they fit on the adbr an eiiiircly urweoutrnance?they ditplay (lie forehead d temples to any height?thry are ai eajy to put on ail off a hat?there ii r.ot a part civ of eter 1. iron or braee in them? eepiiugsare a new invei n n. bring intde otpure GOLD to event rurtingnr round ng This ie aeon.taring proof to old ig wear ere of their merit. Ai a WIG AND SCALP ikrr, PHALO.VS qualification* are well known and appreated lie ha* proved hunrelf to be decidedly the beet in the tv. Tine i* a fact which every wig maker know* A convincing proof, if any were wasting, a* the opinion of iree of the okieat ai d heat mdree in the orofeeaion in New ork cau testily. The miblie e:ui now judge from the PREMIUMS. z. the eil?er medal laet year, and the first premium this, varded by the American lualitute, who ia or u not the beat 'ig maker in N wYork" atl 3RB A M ?CREAM?CREAM. S'ill theTitiel widely teem With praise of Kiet'a Vtrhena Cream? The ftiie<t Having Co i polled known, Kri'tritnrr has clearly shown. 'Tie ao skil'ully prepared Toaoften e'en the roighe.t beard, '1 hat a dull razor'a edge bestows A ktcnneaa that the iharptst knows. ' fx pure, and p'easant, choice and cheap? Will in tvery climate keep? Makes it a pleasing t <ak to shave, And will both friHaand IroulU save. Prepared and sold V y C H RING, 53 Pulton street; Basil,He.iaiU'v, .1,11 tr.'i Dro'dtvay. m'll lm" OTHK BALD AN1 )GREY HiS A DED?JONES' f OIL OP CORAL C1RCAASIA. I HOSE whose hor ia falling out, turning grey, or haa ceaiI jMwing, an article is here (.ffired you at a reasonable price remember it i? not puffed?and it will do all itif represented > do Read this? I certify that inr hair waa falling out faat; lcombed out indlula daily. at<!eiuce I hoeeused two battles of Jonea'Oil r ('-oral Ctrcaaaia, it baa unite atopped falling out, and ta row i: g faat and d irk. W. TOMKINd. ft King at. Tbia will give light, red or grey hair a fine dark look, an I in me caii'e it to grow dark from the roots. Among others who ire used this and certify ia J.K. Power,grocei, Brooklyn; J. lilbert. jeweller. 3 I avenue Sol.I by T. JONES, atguof the American Ragle, R1?uulssi nu are careful of the number you'll be chanted with a junlerfelt? 8-3 Chatham street. Price 3 5 and 8 shillings a olllr? three sizta. 139 Kalton strest,Brookl)u,ia agent. mSOlm* _ jAltt OIL.?There ia no Oil in toe world thai Can So go d A or bad to the hair. Kvoiy body known thlt when tie air is burned it wi'l grov again as good as ever .All the owdera for dying the hair are nolhiug but a mixture of lime nd lithrage, aiidthehor ia not dyed, but literally buiued. i.uids for dying the hair are compositions of caaat.c and pints, that burns in the a tine way an the powders, and dout ye the hair, and the hair will grow no mttter how many rues it ia burn-d: and every b .dv kio'.vs also, iliat w hen as head ia full of d indruff, I lie hair begins to turn grey, and ddnrsa follows, /ram ?n einerieucc of twenty years, being air cutter,hod hwing ihe opportunity of examining a great lany heads, (and bluekneads) I hare made inysell a great ompori'ion kujwu a* " Pastor's Hair Oil. cr Compound '.aarutial Oil of Amonds," for dearoying dandruff, preventing lie hair from coming out and turning grey. This inimitable lair Oil will m-ke the hair grow well, no matter how much andruffor soreness is on tlienead. For sale, wholesale and retail, at A. Pastor's. Hair rutter, IS Oreenwich street. New Yoilt. Trice SO cents a bottle. in'iSjnO . iTKlKEK'rf HAY ON (Hh HLOOM1NGDALE ROAD. nIK subscriber, haring leased the above establishment, respectfully informs his friends and the public that he will pen lor the summer, 011 Saturday neat,April tat. To those (ersona who have once visited this romantic and eautiful place it is nredbsa to speak in its praise, and those rhohave never se n it may b> convinced by a single visit that ii naturally beautiful and picture que scenery it is unsurpassd by any spot ou the island of Manhattan. Striker's Bay is tit miles from the City Hall, on the Bloomngdale Road. The house is siiuate on the ma-gin of the Hud ou river, along the hanks of which the garden and pleasure rounds esleod a rousiderable distance, the walks wincing hrough a beautiful grove of locust trees. During the past winter manp improvements hsve been made n the premises?the road leading to the house has been whimd and graded, lie ihrr eipenaenor Itbor having been iparrd in rder to render tins a deservedly favorite summer resort The stock of wines and liquors has been selected (without rgard to coil) by an eiperienced si d competent ju 'ge The :e creams, the e af- ctiousry.and all other re'reshmcnls wili e of the very first quality, and the charges as moderate as lose of say other respectable establishment. The garden and orchaeds are well supplied with llowcre and uiteot every description, so that viutors wis ting to obtain augur1*, or baskets of truit, iu their eeveral seasoni,c*n be ipptied. V w the accommodative of those pt rsons who for health or leisure ride early, breakfast will be provided from ttilit ia ir morning. Die comfort aud ennvenicnceof ladies visitii g this house will espe ially studied,and civility and attention may always i rtiied on. Htagra start every hoar from No. 80 Bowerv.and passengers an alight at the gate. W. COKUYN. mS7 tm JTEf.L PK.Nd?From the cclebra'ed manufactory of Joseph Oillott, of Birmingham.?The high reputation of veee pene has induced many u-(trior makers to imitate them, Hereby injuring the |well ear .ed leputa ion of J iteph Uillott. 'be Pub'ic are requeued to be particular from whom ihey 11 re base. Thegenuine may be known by <heir euperior quality, and y Uie style of putting up. A constant supply for sale by ROBERT PAHDOW, ma* lm' _ _ MjMaideu Lane. ^On 'F.?Consignees of'ne following good#7 per ship N TAROLINrA, from Livtrpool, (consigned to order) re rrquisted local!, pay their freight,aud attend to the re >ipt ot their goods,viz:? B 70, 72 3 cases of Merchandise 17 t trnes do S 84 I case do in diamond 84 88 S do do W 403 I do do OLOVKR Si McMURRAY. mil 100 Pine street. { Rtl-Vt 8 000 to I I'.i.ool t.ri o! trail Harden Weed*, in all Die choicest species and varieties, for sale, ill quantities to ill mir, h*a. rs.:.I BriJirr..can's permanent (staOLismnrnt. rnr. erofmthst. and Bro id a ay. Also," The Young Gardener's slant," conlalnicg the results of his 23 years practice in '< w York. As this work has been honored by Die award of Gold Medal, from the American Instilu'e, which lustituon, and lie New York Slav Agricullural Society, having so awarded eerrral copies as premiums for superior specimens ["garden products, lurther couumut is deemed unnecessary. m9 lis' t ALSOM1N P. rA I NT.?The Kalsonnne faint hanog bean V aeveriiy leat'd in this city dnriug the winter months, is pntrutete can recommend it with renewed confidence to le public. The numerous specimens of Kalsooiine faint how listing in New York, renders an enume ation of its ad >utages superfluous ; among the most prominent are the Mowing. Kalsonnne Colors are mi re permanent, more luminous and pet able to the eye than oil colors. They are applied without easlolling any offensive smell or injurious effect upon :alth. and drying in a few hours. Kalsomine naint may, if -operly applied, be washed when soiled, according to direcuns in lliseircular. Orders received and punctually attended to at the KALSOMINE PAINT DEPOT, feb 3? Im* 3St Broadway, corner Hm. AANUKItK or toss ol hair is cause J,by a lauguiu was' structcdcirculatinn iu the small blood vessels which supy the scalp and hair with nourishment, in consequence of nich the pecspiratiun becomes thick and clammy, and driee i the suriace, forming a crust called dandruff, w inch clogs ithepcrcsof ll>c skin, and by its pressure against the roots the hair prevents it from reciivii g siitfiricnt nonrtehu < nt I > tain vitality The hair iheuhecomes harsh and ujplra.aut, rai gee color and Telle off. This uaneellhi affection is very wcdily end effectually cu-ed by Ja ne's Hair Tonic which vives .he dormaut i>nwers of tne surface vessels, removes ie dandruff, and produces a tiewand healthy growih of hair i supply the loss of the old; and hairiness is presented or reoved where it already exists The following rrrtifirate is selected, which sufficiently ovesit* evtracrdinarv virtues? Mes?n. A. B k Sands:?Gentlemen sn act of justice to uu r.n I Dr. Jayne I send you this certific ate to infonn you of ie iovsluatile henefit my wife has receive! from the use of r. Jsyne's Hair Tonic. She lost not only her eniire head ' hair, but her eyebrows also and afrer trying various :hrr remedies, with no benefit, she used Dr. Jayne's Hair otiir She used two bottles before we ceiild discover ie hair bad s'artrd. and commrncii g with the third it arled to grow out finely.end in a few weeks hsr head and pebrovre verr covered with a third growth or fise black hair, tter than She bed los'. I think it was entirely prodnced by ir use of the Tonic, and would re :oinmend it to ell who need similar remedy. Truly yours. JOHN N. JACKSON. Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne, 29 South Id Arret. Priee I So'd at whcleiale and retail by A. B St I). SANDS,drugpts. 79 Kulton. corner of G >ld street, slid 100 p ulton street; la J sold by Abraham B. Sands JcCo.,No 373 Broadway, cor r of Chamber street; David Sands He Co., No. 77. East roadway ml2 I n' ?ALT KHIL'M RINGWORM TETTER,BARBER'S ? I TCH AND SCABIES ? HAYNKh'A LOTION AND YRCP is the only rsmedy which is certain to cure the above imp'.aints-harm less in its operation, but certain in its affects the Lotioa healing quickly, and the Syrup purify iug speedily. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL?Dr. Ooodwell's Deter at and Tills u?v-r fail to cure a reeent case of disease in 49 >uil. if use I isdirecled Try them, all ye afil.etei- they e free from mercury. Price SO certs each. THE To iTHACHK CONQUERS D-Jamsen's Extract. re'ieva IU n r miouici i itni?/u minf neirroi !li?? >oth. ?nd pr*?cnt? decay if the tooth i? filled immediately. rie> 50 ceuti. FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS?From M. Bindelocqne " Sr?nce?curtain. ?.fe a ad speedy in the cur* of all cuci litre nature ha* become obstructed. They cure in a few iv*. Price 75 ceni? per prckajre. OlLBKRT'it ANT I lUXlOUi F.VM|LY PII.LS-For lerel ef of all eomp'aints produced by coalite habits. auch i h'adache, hearihuni.aour atomach, dizziness, ai d lost of ipetite. they haee been u?*d with more auccetathan any pill rer befnra off-red to the public. Price 21crn's perboi. Sold wlieleaa'e and retail by K. M. GUION: 127 Bowery, i mcr of Gra il afreet. m2t lm* MUCNCH ARTIFICIAL rLOWEKH, and Mslarale for ' Kloriat*.?BRtJN, LAROSIF.RK ?t CO., Il? William Ireet, haaejuat recentd. by the Haere packet*, Aryo and rancoia 1st. and offer for sale? 300 Boies French Artificial Flowers, comprising a yeteral asaertmeut of the moat faihionabla tlowira worn id Paris. ? . SO# Doz*u Pink Saucers, anil able fi r fl?wer nrakerf, war ranloiof the first quality. . ,, I# Cas-a Materials for Mori ta. ?iz:?pacers, muslin, float liika, wires, leans, bud?. bin-sows, olises. A* Ae. This establishment'a constantly receiemy the new styla* rflowors as they appear in Paris. ,...11 tl. .. a l)*alers will find it to their adisr.taye tocall. The stock isitenaire thr prices modern'*, and erery article selected Hh theyrea'esi care. ,m" Jt.AlibM.I. O OAK f -I aHi.1^11 of.\T. founded iu lain st 102 Wa erslrest. 5 doors shore < alherioe marks!, t* only ea aMi.hmrnt ot the ki-d in the d Stales, con nuet to supply the Niey. the America^. Russian. and Sptn h war sleamers?has surplied all the Race Boats and t.lub oa s for the last four y* -r??hM now ?" Wryrat assorteni of Oars, Sweep# and Sculls e?er collected inone pltr*. N B. The Branch Oar, on the North Rieer tide, is lot up, and re inner. 1 1 402 Water street and as I aaee all e ezp n.?e of o ? stors. I will sell miuyh rheaper to thate ho come from iho North Riser side to pay thtm f r taeir Dublh Rare Boats. ClubBeat* Oars atd Sculls sold ?# per I nt Iras than last year. *2 m* IER A 2. FASHION A HI.K TAlUtKINb ESTABLISH MENT. At tiik fashionable tailoring k>ta BL1SHMENT, 108 Betkinui etreel.near Pearl UeiitUnun who are now or form rly luic hern paying entra vagaot price* for their clothing. are aaaured tuat I hay need do o u<> more, aa the tuba' riber v. ill guirai lee to all who patroiuae him, a haml-oint fit, a faahionable atyle arid eicallr.ut llialeiiala, al the lollowi:i|t in 'derate jnicea? Sup.Weot of Eng. Wool dyed, brack, blue, or greeu dreaa coata. gift in (3d. I'.o.ta, double nulled do black, plat 1, and fancy caaa., $6 to $* SO. Vrala?Fine eaahinere,aa'io,and all kiada, $1 to f5. f oata made and 'rimmed in a au|ierior mauu' r, troin $7 to gWOtWaU, ?.,.0 to *3; rau?,?,A0toj?)ikN r? ApptfTT'Nfi. Xrr vy ijlxi & x xav m w w CHEAPEST IN THE CITY. fONF.S tk MARCY, 101 Bow ery, New Yoik. "re now re" reiving their apriug eitpplr of Carpri i ig, Oil Clotlm. Window Shadrt.Diuggrft, H?xrth Knur, i)o?r Mate, Table and Piano Covert, Stair Rodt Sir Oic. Among their good, arc nuny new ami rich pvtlrrue of Knp Iiall ami Aineiican iniiiulacture, which cannot be exceeded for betu'.y, quality and clieunn ?i in the city. Pi remix about for.i.luug ilitirUouaca arr invir?d to cite ua a rill. 1 F. JtlNE?, 04 lm* L. MARCY. DOY?J? CL01HiN0~4.HlLDR?N>l? CLOTHING-A TJ rrry largr .ma i uncut?Very good quality?Very cheap? OP*.O A. II jY I" 8t CO.. No 14 dowery, would r-a ect'ullir info-in their pat one ana the public genrp,lly. that tnry hare again beru making exteuvive preparation* for '.he tyring and Hammer trade, ami have Dow on h out a much larger atam tmrnt of boya'aud chiidren't r o'liiug than thry htvetv.r before had. The public are iuviied to ra l and examine their go< ill, particular rrferrucc to quality and price. Teruia caah. If If* ANDERSON'S POLISHING PASTE AND PLATE POWDER. New Yorlc, Jan 4,1840. We have tried the Foliehing Patte made by Vr. Auderaoo, and find it to be gupenor to any thing w-- have ?v? r uteil. BOARDMAN St IIAKT, ? liurln g Slip. Manufactuiera of Britiiuuia Ware, New York, Jan. 10,1814. We have tried the Patte and Plate Powder made aud gold by Mr. T. Autlerton, and take ure iu recommending them. COL8.MAN ?e STETSON, Aal. r Houae. New York. Jan. 44 1844. We hare uaed Mr. Andtraon'a Poliehiug l'aate and Plate Powder,and find them very excellent for clcanit g nlver and tiller plated ware. BALL, TOMPKINS Si BLACK. Late .Vlarquind tk Co., IBt Broadway. Nt w York, March t. 1844. We h are need Wm. Anderam'a Polithing Patte and Plate I Powder for cleaning tilver and other kinda of ware,and can recommend it with confidence to the public. THOMPSON & FISHER, 371 Pearl itreet Brooklyn, Feb. 14, 1844. I hove u?e,l Mr. Wm. Anderion'a Polithing Paste for trlver, braaa, and lilrer plated ware, and find it to be a firat rate arti tie. ROBERT K. STOKY. Saddle and Harucat Maker. Korea'* wholetale and retail, forexporlaticn,at manufacturere'price*. by CHAS. H. RING,53 Fulton etreet.eomer Cliff. Alto, by Bwaactt, 614 Broadway, one door above Bleecker tret: Onion, corner Grand and Bowery; Coddington, corner Hndaon and Spring; Wanda*. TV Ktat Broadway ml8 :m* oi'EAM ENfilNriof 4 hoito power lor tale. Cau be aecn inoprrttioo at 418 Hourt in it aJlw* IMPORTANT TO CONSUMPTIVES. NEW YORK, September41 it, 1841. To Dr C. H. RingSir; Aeyou heveveqtieated ma logive you an tccouni of how your " Elixirof Lile''acl*d in my rate, I cheerfully com ply for the benefit of other#. 1 have had* cough erery winter till Im( winter, n*ittierone llnni nor the other seemed to gi . relief, end I wu gradually waatingaivay?hiring to relinuu'my bueineet. In thiiftate I w ee persuaded by my friend Mr. Peck to try your Eluir of Lift and before I hail Cuiehed the bottle, I wae not only cured of my cough, pain in the cheat, night a wcale, but able to resume business ; and find inyeelf so rapidly improving (bat my friends art astouiahed, expecting to hear of my death, inatead of xeeiitg me get active and robust. I coneider myaell ind ebted to you lor the earing of my life, and any one aituated at I war. may call on PrtTK.Il N HELMS. ,13 Thompson St. Prepared and for aale by C.H. KINO, 53 Fulton, cor. Cliff. m!9 lm* HUTcHLNlio' SltMlU II uiITimIS n a certain cure for Uyepepeia,assisting digeetion, weakuest, nervous iaeaaea, U'ght eweata, Sic. Sir?I have in the course of my practice preacribed your stomach bittere and fouud them a moat erti ,-ient remedv in eaaea of indigestio n, acidity and debility ol the -digestive organs. I by no means class it among the q nek medicines ol the day, but one which wilt eoafei a great bl.s.iug cn many of ...I i.i ering fellow beings. P. J BRADY. M. D. 330 Broome at. The follawiiig is from Dr K, O. Ludlow. *34 Broadway?I have used your Bitters in cases of impaired digestion, w hen vegetabli touics were indiapcunnttle, with a b-mii -ial result. The article* of which it is composed nre very judiciously com jned, and I have no doubt will prove; service ible iu the cases for which yon have rccoin nended it. Yours, tic. EDWARD O. LUDLOW. Certificates of inary persons cured can be iren at the drug store 150 Bowery,comer of Broome, where the above is sold only in thie city, and Mrs llif a, 139 Fulton street, Brook Ivn Price large bo tiles $1; small 50 cenis. n 99 lm* TO CARPENTERS, BUILDERS, tec. [U9T pyBLISHED,?The Modern'Builder's Guide, con<> taming eighty -seven copp-r plates, with full explanations. (Mmard Deleter, Architect ) This work should be in the hands of every builder in the country. It contains on tcru r .le irealise on Hand and Stair Railing, a branch which hai heretofore been but imperfectly notice .1 in oilier works. Its publication has b.en al ended with great expense Jt is handsomely hound in quarto, and is respectfully offered to the public, wholesale and retail, bv the ubliaher, WILLIAM D. SMITH, Architect, Portrait and Card Engraver, 180 Broadway, third story. For sale a fewOil Steuea, suitable for Engravers, Dentists. Jewellers, ho. mil Im* A PROBLEM AND the way to solve it. Why do the unitatoii of my Tablet Kamr Strop allow me to carry off the pr-rimum medal and diploma, from the American Institute, year alter ye r, Without even submitting their own for tria: I O ye of tender cliius and tough beards, answer the above by brmgiug a dull p*ir of Kafirs, auil test for yourselves lie truths cl the certili ca'esef the moit srieu ific gentlemen in the country, vii: Professor Oriscom, Dr. Mo't, Gen. J." Tillmadgr and others. O SAUNDEKH.sole inventor and manufacturer of the metal lie Tablet Raxor Strop, with lour sides, 163 Broadway. m99 I m* ^ RING'S COUGH CANDY I Hrt 'egret of confidence placed in this Vegetable Cough Candy by a majority of our physicians, ought to inspire the like inthe <r ind of every sceptic, who perhaps is so Irom having been deceived by some article that promised ever, thing ami performed nothing. Won <1 phjatciana recommend an ?r ticlr they did not place implicit reliance in It- vlrluc-? Would clergymen and other public apeakere apeak publicly of ilj delightful relief, in lubricating the air paa-arra end firing the yoke a mamfeat inordinate rolnnie I In tine, would everybody whohaa tried it (n atrenunualy promulgate it* Tirljer, had not the almoet miraculoua effecla of ita powerful agency been aeeu I Prepared and mid. who ee lie and retail, lor exportation, by C. H RINO.BS Fulton atr?et. corner of Cliff. m 19 tin* T~TEVr<Tl7E!-LKRi H Ki*.?10 tOOviry ftae targe and hea tnf A-t flmyrni and (Jrrtnau l.e-ch a, feir aale rery 'ea-onable, whole-ale and retail, or earefi lljr applied by WM Wa THDI'S, t he j>iat and Pharmar.ntiat, Apolheeariei' Hall, 30 Catharine M OKIDLITZ AND SODA rOWDF.KS-Warranted very auperirr artic'ea to what are generally aold. put up expreaaIr for family ure. For aale, wholeaale aud retail, by WMWA I'KOOS, C hernial and Pharmacutiat, Apothecanea' Hall, 30 Catharine at. m?o im* ri He. TKL'B RIcllKS Of LIKK IS HKALTH-'phe * only genuine Taylor'a Balaam of Liverwort from the eole propei'tor at HO 1 Spring never been known to fail in curing the moat alarming aytnptoinr of Conaumpiion and Lieer Complaint We hare certificate* from hundred a of inoat reapeetahle ptraona. certifying to the aurpriaing relief they h ere received iu ujmg the article fremiti Spring street Owing to the aaeertiona of counttrfi itera, the following aworn facta la now puhliahed? City of Brooklyn, Kinga County, aa:?K. Townaend being duly aworn. depoiea and aaya that he ia peraonally at- piainled with the proprietor of Dr.Taylor'# Balaam of Liverwort, and doea rert fy from hia own knowledge that the only prraon now living, who prepared thia medicine at 37. Bowery, and la the aole proprietor, render and traaavrla buaineaa at ill Spring at reel, and tnaiuraciurea the genuine Ba earn of Liverwort at that place, fro.n the only original reeiiie in-oaten-e. F- TOW.VSKND. Sworn before me thia 17th Jan lkti, S.ALPHKUS SMITH. Com of De-da. I certify from my own peraon-l knowledge lint the above alatemtnta in rtgard to the ownerehip, tit are It in. S Al-PHKUS SMITH. Beware of Coonterfeita, aa the gr?at ijueatfon oflife or death may depend upon having the genuine mediciDe, made . wit. ? (Itij itiif hi )!! ^nrinai atrttt. Agenla ?Redoing 8 Htateatreel Breton: 31 Main elreet.and 79 r uIIod street, Brooklyn; 116 ami 94* Broadatrrvt, NewPrice?Large bottle# *7, neat eite ft, a d smaller size 60 cent*. ma'i im' nOOMI'S PtfKM MKIM.I.H r .Mh! BOuf IV MKKI.S ?The mb rriler bega levre to luform lli^ publie t!i?t he ha# commenced to manufacture and irll booU with this raluable invention, whiehouly uicds to be known to be universally adopted The follow innate eorne or Hi* many advantage, it poeaeatea ?T|Vt?-The elatlicily addf to the durability of the boot one,hjd^Itip*he? nomore neit# on the pavement than a slipper The Wiplcaavnt clinking poiac of the iron heel* i? obviated 3d?It pre ecu boot* fioin running down at the tide or b*ttn?Ittelatticitrenable. one to walk witn much leaf fatigue, the heel givi g a natural spring at each step. |ih?ltdnea not cut and tear carpett,like the iron or nailed heel. In order to bring thia imi roveme, t within the reach of all, the aubeenber haa concluded to put them at the lame price, of the common kecli. Boot* of every quality and deecriptiou, wholraale and retail, at the old itanil. ... H. NKWKLL, 144 ( Ifitli^m i(rfet f LA I MM., lOeftANAl. STMM T "near < HI HlTT ?Now in well known in thia etty (orrery many great and rilreordiuary curea he haa tie-formed, in all ofdeli caleditraee, even after all ether remedies have failed,'atil! rontinuee to beeontulled hy the aBLeted of both aetee. Hit mode of treatment i- too well known to require commends lion, h: ring hren in the practice for 90 yrare. in the first boa tun. ol K ranee. and tea year* In ihia city, ren.oring all pern liar diaeaae. with auceeaa and draialeh, aul without the aid e ther of Mereurv or Balaam. FYrvniH itfli.-le-l with : rotrar led and dep:oiakle i atea ueed not despair of a eomideie re Co v-ry.hy applying to Dorter 1- mri I, who offer* to fiie patrena 1 ? aure guarantee or no charge. At home until 9 P. M . and rharge moderate mtim Ul'iiAK MK K*f'. Premium t < rri and Pump a m- t' e- ti ? geia 1' bl? and rare (lower aeedt. K'g iah graea fur liwna. K *90 . gr-en and hot| hutiae plant, dah'ia root#, tiger n iwtra, tube roe >. fiu t nd orn imen'al tree, ahruhbeiy of all a-nda.rnoB ry birda gold fi.h and glohea, wholes.Ie *eid retail, "n thmo.t rei.onable term-, St NIBI-O k Dt.NLAP"t*. No. 9J9 Broadway, and at their nirtery, eertier of ith Avenue and 119th ttreet.Hnrleto. mtllm ????ggfc LD. Wm two cnti llurtlui <1 ICorrafpoudrtice ol the Hrr-.iM | Hartford, Match JS, IS|2 UMMRDifi in Hurlfoid?Ttmptranct ? Moialt? Rr~ drand .Milkr.riim Cunvrnturn. I De ar Be.i*ett? i I take the li-erle ?/ --J ? * .j .n>uiiik uik c more 10 you I and your- the compliment* of the season, Sec , hop- I mg to lind your health in a state of perfect sound- I net*, and your mind, a* ever, unimpaired by the I arduous duties of a life devoted to usefulness to I your fellow men, and 1 xerting an ii tluence upon I aocietv never to be forgotten. 1 send to yon, dear I Bennett, because of (tie immense circulation of I your truly valuable and well conducted paper, the I only one in your great Gotham worthy of notice? I the only independent intelligencer in oureonntry. I Tliete ha-ii' thing of iinpoitanc'- come of!" her? I since the 22d February, which yi ur corresponden I very ualaiily pictured, and which, ao far aa my I kttowledg extends, was intended as Ins great mas- I terpiece of scurrility and falsehood?not one iota I ef truth in all his long studied article appeared, ex I cept that some of theladies did really wear ,nnica. | How wouderfnl ! I Religion, Bennett, is down?that is to say, we | want the Rev. Mr. Knapp here to "start the I breez-." There ba-1 been an itinerant among us I for a lew evenings, but temperance being of more I importance, it drew the great mass of the fairer I portion of the city, and the gallants "followed ar- I ter " The poor man waa forced to leave without a I sin-Ic mark of his labor to tellhia story. I The " Ionic" is all the go here, at present. Thte I society has been in existence about six weeks; last I Friday evening was tlmir last meeting. About S I s'elHI I entered the ball, and all that can be ima- I gined of wit and beauty hnd assembled to chase I way the idle hours of an eveni 'g In the innocent I amusement of a dance. Th " light fantastic toe" I told tlie purity of motive which actuated the be- I enabled company. None wished to appear con- I spicuoua ; no " pouting in the corner, or but lit- I tie, was seen ; all were gay and happy. Among I them, as particulmly worthy of noiicc, ho h as ac- I compllahrd dinners and |l|t*fvl iii appearauce, I might he noticed Miss N , who trips it with the I air and grace of u nymph, and add" new charms to I the accomplifhed art. Mm II was somewhat I retired in her manner this evening, though for 1 grace and ease upon the floor she is seldom surpass- I ed in any circle of dancer*. Her modest manners I are indicative of a disposition unequalled by many I of those around her. Miss M . tro, with rney I cheeks aud an eye betokening witchery, showed I herself to advantage. I Tho "cheat,"or "coquette," in the corner set, I was very handsomely "done up" by Misa , I in light ailk, who played her part in admirable I style?ease, beauty aud wit, with a handsome lace, I "not soon to be forgotten," charatUrized her ap- I pearance. I There were others particularly deserving, but I who arc too numerous to mentiou at present; they I hall have their turn soon. | Miller's grand Convention comes of on Tuesday; I it is to he in session one week, when it is (apposed I they will fix the day, hour, aud the nainute, of the 1 millenium's dawn Should anything of imparlance I be decided upon I will let yon Know; all are looking I forward in anxious expectations to the event. It 1 id rumored among the knowing ones that there is to be a division of property, provided the Milleritea decide upon next year as the time for this event. Solomon P. S ?I understand that Imly has not agreed to the division of property, however the milleniutn folks may decide. John M. Nile?, too, consent! not. s? Saratoga Springe. [Correspondence of the Herald.| Saratoga Sp?tnos, March 22, 1842Alcthodist Fair?Uaplixt Fair?Fancy Bait?Ttiopcrance, tire. James Gordon Bbknett : ? It was expected your correspondent in this village would hare kept you advised of the movements of its elite. But as we are not sustained in this opinion by the appearance of) your paper, I will endeavor to give it* numerous reader* some idea of the doings at Saratoga in the absence of company. The Methodist Fair, held at Congress 1 [all, came off Feb. 25, and wa* well attended. An unusually large portion of the fair sex graced the lnrge aud spacious saloon, throwing their angelic glances at the beaux in attendance, many of whom left the fairy scene lighter in purse, if not in heait th in when they entered it. The Post Ollire was a source of general amusement, as every individual waa sore to be informed by some oflicious friend that his or her letter was waiting in the office, and further that the interesting post Mistress would d> liver the same accoraspanied by the most fascinating smiles for the smal ixn of 12^ cents The directors of the Fair permitted those who felt disposed, to write, seul, direct and drop in the office as many letters aa they pleased; eonsequi ntly, while, most of them were complimentary, others went far to prove that the writer, conscious of being nnknown, considered the present a fair opportunity for offering wholesome advice to those whose follies had rendered them notorious. Many of the ladies received ironical letters, complimenting them on their chaste judgment and good sense, very gentle, obliging and scu-aenying Uisposiion in conderrending to Tavor (heir friends with their social visit* and assisting to kill the tedious winter hour*, notwithstanding their household duties and husband* r? quired their pretence at home. Several young gent enien werealio called upon to travel in the straight and virtaou* path, thereby obviating the necessity there would otherwise lie of creating a society for the advancement of Moral Reform, which, though it might be beneficial at first, is very certain eventually to b." diiected by whimsical grannies and plted old maids, who, with iheir ignorance, hvpocrisy, bigotry, superstition and msliciou* slander*, seldom fail to prove, a curse to any placo tbey chance to favor with their re.-idence The Baptists have also ha ) a fair at Congress Hall, unsurpassed for novelties, wit, beauty, native talent, rosy cl.eeks, ruby lips, sparkling eyes, and fairy forms, by any ever held in this vi llap. Bv the byr there wa? sorov prnt-peit of our being able to chroncle an atlair of hor.or between two of our young bloods a short time since. The case I beI eve is substant.alli a* follow* Some epistolary correspondence had taken place which Mr. P- did not approve of, and expressed himself in strong language to that effect, consequently he received n note signed TV. r< questing the satisfaction due fromoi.e gentleman to another. And further requesting hm to direct his communications to hi* friend (.'apt B of ihe guards, which Mr. P. declined doing, inasmuch as Mr. W. was not a gentleman, and there the matter rests There was to have been a grand " Fancy Pres Ball" at the li ail road House, but a burlesque ticke' was giit up by some wag put a noietu* on the affair to the great mortification of the landlord and amusemi nt of nearly nil other*. I regret to inform you that the temperance cause having reached its zenith is now on the wane ? The democrats art quarrelling about the propriety, or rather policy of nominating a temperance ticket to bu supported at the ensuing Charter Election ? It is slso rumored that Deacon D is about to esta niish a t. mpernnce paper, (he objcet of which will bi to ad Vance the temperance cauae and mar?b?l It follower*i in <?ne *nlid phalanx, which, r<*ardIcaa of politic il faction* shall m?r? steadily onwnrd, crushing all oppnsitinn until the preient f>olitical parties are rooted aud dispersed and oar egialativc hall* and place* of public tiust are filled by men arxiotis to promote the public weal and not olely d< terinincd upon theirown personal aggrandisement. There are many item* which I mint deferuntil *nmc future day, hat I will not lo?e the prrMat npportnnitv of siring our warm hearted and hot headed Post \Iasfer ample credit for the aeble disintere?tediir?? will which he *o clearly point* ont and eoBCluaieely prove* tb<* propriety ofremoving nuf Pesf Offie .from if a prraent highly eligible and plea-ant situation to an obscure cellar beneath the American Hotel. Your*, Roll!* Mtwrnox* or War?We have before ua four iron belle, due '?p in Independence Square, a few il iys ainee, l?v the gardener Rome yeare since, tw i? niece of ordnance waa found near the same sp?v iCach hall was found single, and nbout one load ol irape in ench spot It may be supposed that the lttar were buried ia canvas, and were designed for he pieces mentioned. It i* conjectured that the pi'cea and ammunition were buried either by the Americans on the entry of the British, or by thBnttah on leaving the city. Jttfl

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