Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1842 Page 1
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T H i. TiL-a*. 3sa.?wiaou *?. ?05O. MtW LINE Or LIVERPOOL PACKETS I To nilfrem New York on the tath, and Liverpool on the lit* I of each mont^ Ml &. TTomniw yobb^ Ship ROSCIUS, Captain lohn CoRine. 3Sth March. Ship 81DDONS, Caul am K. H.Cobb, jtfth April. Bhip SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deu*i eter, i6th May. Ship UARR1CK, I wlam Win. Hkid3y,?th June. Fkoh LivrareeL. Ship SHERIDAN,Captain F. A. Depeyeter, llth Mirth. Ship OARRK'K, Captain Win. Skiddy, llth April. Ship ROSCIUS, < *,,t ,.u JoUn Collina. 13th May. Ship SIDDONS,Captain R. S.Cobb, 13th June. Tlieaethipe are allot' the 6 rM clan, up ward* of 1000tons,built lm the city of New York, with snrh unpniTefnentj at combine treaUueed with imusual toafort for MMftVft* Kyary care CMbrrDtakruinthc arrangement of their accommodation*. Th? Brie* of paesatteheae* i* SlR),f?r which ample More* will be provided SnuM|l M commanded by experienced innate r?, who will make eeery eiertiuu to (ire general eatufac Neither the captain* er ovwn oflheee ehipe will be reiponai We for any leHteee, parrel* or incka/reseut by tbem, uoleee re ikreoDftruclion give# them eecunty aotpoeeeeeed by any other but veasel* of wmr. & M South at.. New York, or to WM. It JAS. 5ROWN It CO., Liverpool. Lettere by the packet* will be charged IS| ceiil* per liaglf Sheet: iOeentaperoiinee. nd newspapers 1 cent earh. ml ~ rOK NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS 4k m For the'jetter accoininodation or shippers, it i* intended to aakio from thia port oo the let, Slh.lOlh. 15th, 2Utb end '251h of each month, commencing the loin uclooer, auo continuing uutil May, whea regular day* will be appointed foi the remainder of the year, whereby great delaye and duap Ciintmenta will be preeented during the auinmer uioullis. The Mowing shire will eooimenee thu arrange mint Ship YAZOO. Capt. Cornell. Ship OCONEE. ( apt. Jackson Ship MISStSSIPPLCayt. Hitliard. Ship LOU49VILLK, capt. Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Cant. Miner. Ship GASTON. Cast Latham. ShipHUNTSVlLLE, eapt. Mumf rd. Ship OCMULGEE. Capt LearitC Ship NASHVILLE, ('apt. Dickinst s. Ship MEMPHIS. CaptTXnight. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. These ships were all built in theeity of New York, expressly for packeta, are of a light draft ot water, have recently been Mwly coppered and put inspleudidorcrr, with accommodation* rar passenger* aue<iualled for comfort. They are commanded hy experienced masters, who will man erary exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at ill time* ba towed up and down tlie Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owner* or captain* oftheaeahipa will be responsible forjewelry,bulUon.precimij stones,silrer, orplated w are,or lor any letter*, parcel or package, aant by or put o 'board ef them, unleaa regular bill* of lading ar* taken fortneiame, and the value thereon Maoareii For freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS ft CO. II South ft.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in N*W Orlrana, who will promptly forward all goods to hie address. The ship* of this liue arc warranted to sail punctually as ad! vertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correct |y measured. m( rvE"W YOHK AND HAVRE PACAEXh. (SECOND UNEA JSl M. M. M The ship* of this line will liere after leave NewYork on. the lot and Havre on the tgth of each month as follows: ?eaa New York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, 1st March ( 16th April Cairt. 1st July < ltth Aagust James Funck. i lit November ( 16th December Ship BALTIMORE. 1st April ( ltth May Cart. 1.1st Augnat < ltth September Edward Funk. i 1st December I ltth January Ship UT1CA, l 1st May < Nth June Capt. < 1st ifcptember < ltth October fiwPk Hewitt. 1st January f ltth February Naw ship ST.NICOLAS,! 1st June t ltth Jnly Capt. t lot October < ltth November J. B.Pell. (lit February f ltth March The accommodation! of these ship* are not surpassed, com toning all that may be required for comforL Tke price of cabin passage ia $100, Passengers will be supplied with every requisite, with the exceptiou of wines and liquors. Goods intended for those vessels will be forwarded by the uboeribert. free from any other than the expenses actuahyi neurred on them. For freight or passage apply to BOYD * HINCKEN, Agents, si I Tontine Bulrainga. .NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Bart reduesd to esnu. From the foot of Courtlapdtitrttt, New YorkL~.iItete8"*" "'favt Newark At* A M. At t P.M. At *i A.M. At I) P.M 11 do 4 do I do if do ?l do l?t do t do T ?# in gn street Leave New York. Leave Newark. - * ? --1 uTIl 11 i P M. and 10 P.M. ?WAi6fCiy^?HT^N^ftWAY AND Van reduced. Free th? foot of Liberty street.dailr. Leave Now Took. Leave Now Brunnvick. At A. M. At T? A. M. BOMEBTILLK stage* connect witb thooc I roes each way. Fan bet ween Now York aad Sooaervills, Bo cent*. Do do Now Branowiok, 7S cnto. Rat war. SO canto. ^hofuo'inUMTJ A. M.tiainfrom Now Branowiok, and 4| f M train from Now York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brunewick to SO cento. " and Rahway ta 17) " The Fniladelphiomaillbie pa<e?e through NowBrunewick for New York ereir evening etto'eleck. OnBunoayatho T) A.M. Uipfrom Now Brunswick io omititC Passengers who procure their tickets at the tieketoflee.rosave afarry tiekatgrati*. Tickotsareroccivedby theconductor qoIt on the dav when purchased febll lm? THE PHILADELPHIA. WILMINGTON. AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. Freights for the W??t and South will be forwarded daily from the transportation ..See cf the Company, No. t Dock it Wharf, Philadelphia. ...... Merchant! are respectfully- informed that all goods consigned to the company mil he forwarded with the utmoit dispatch to any point weat or aouth. /, h reight reachea Baltimore the aame dry it .earea riuladrltWo. The mail line for the writ ?ud aouth learca Dork atreet a.;ie -.1 half-peat aix o'clock A.M. by ateambeat ROBERT IfotoXlT . .... Parteofieia will retch Baltimore at 9 o'clock, two houn rrctibiu to the departure of the trains for the aouth weat. W. L. A8HMEAD, Agent. Philadelphia. March8. tlta. aillm RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NEW BRUNSWICK AND NEW IT)/? A' rpHE NEW JERSE Y Rai road aad Transportation Com1 pany hare eatabliah-d a Knight Line between New Brunewick and New York, which they intend to run pennyjjeitly. Leaving New Brunswick at 5 AM. daily, (8undaya excepted) and the foot of Liberty Street. New York, a: 3 P.M. To country dealera and merchant* the above line la very desirable for the apecdy and cheap conveyance of merehandiae of er try description. and more particularly to Drovers aud Dralera in Live Stock, who can have ISO bead of cattle convey el between New Btumwick aud New York, the aame day, whtmver required. , , The ratta Tor the transportation of cattle, harrta, mulea, ah'cp, hofta, lu:.. and all other ktndi of merihaiidise arc very low. never exceeding attain boat prices. Merchandise aenlTry thialineunot subjected to any extra chaije in croaeing the North River. Tne Company have Be ltd up a large storehouse at Naw Brunswick adjoining the Hailruad Depot, which will always beopea for the reception of merchandise. I'aiseiigers, purchasing ihtir tickets at the tr.lret office*, willreccive ferry tickets gralis. ml?3m' TV OTT?*TT-Ou and after A|nl 1st. SSI, the commutation J.N fare in the cars of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company, between Naw York and the various places ou thaliueuf the railroad, hat been reduced (iucludj eg ferry) to <75 per annum, aud $50 for ail mouths. mil lm* VREIOHT AND l'ASS\GU TO PITTSBURG. IIiNllll AM'3 LINE. TSe Ppev" ^tpra of Blntham'a Traneportatisn Line to Pittsburg. gjre^iottee to the Men hauls of New York, and all other persona aviAmigto the Writ, that their line ta i on in active operation, Honda coiiaiened to them (or aent to go m their line.) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods. deatined for the Weatern States, who I ate no ageut or consigner at Pittsburg, will pltaae consign their g*oda to William Birgham, Pituhurg, who will attend to shipping ill auch eoiuignmrnta nathoot B/n( flAM'S1 LINt* distinctly on each package For ratea offretght, whichinre ae low aa anv oilier line. Apt ly to WM. TVSON, Agent, No 0 Weal atreet. _ ? _. j opposite Pier N?. 8. N. R. y. B.?Paaaengera forwarded to r.tuburg and rottatille, every day, Sundaj a aiccp'ed. Refer to K, Crooks, American For Co. ; S. T. Nicoll - roll itreel; Phelrn, l)od?e k Co. Fulton atreet; Buydam,' Mate fcCo.j Wra. Maabtii, Dnryee fcf.o .Newark- ml 3m ' 7 8TaYeN iblanu mem v. Fool ?f Whitehall street. '^^^SSme^sTTATEV ISLANDER, ^^TTlSlSlTor SAMSON, Captain Dural, will run aj lollowa until further notice. LoaraaStaten Island Levees Whitehall At o'clock a m. At o'clock a.m. "19 * "11 u "i "p.m. - a "p.m. " ' " " Jt " " " ?i " " " ft " " N. B. Ali gooda ehipoed are required to be particularly marked and are at the ri?k of the ownera thereof. of NI f-TvT' otT a J^!,? M | ODLA N D E H Copt. Robert Wardrop, will leaea the foot of Warren atreet Row V oek.ceofjr Monday. Thre adoy and Saturday afternoon's at 4 o'ejook. Betaruiog.the llioh.aooer will .vawdti.irgh aeery Mem day morning at I o'clock, aau 1 ucoday and Friday aftomooo at I o'clock, ror fretoh' or passage, apply to thoCopUia onboard. N. B. At i baggage and freight of eeery dcoeriptien, bonk m'le or ape eve, oat oa board thia boot, moat be at tho risk of the owaapa tasraaf.ualeag a biU of lading orteceipuaeimaod for an E NE' ni = CHARLES S. ROWELL, DENTAL SURGEON, No. II CHAMBERS STREET, NEW YORK. It 1?* LIFE B OAT ASSOCIATION, FOR THE MANUFACTURE OF FRANCIS PATHNT LIFE BOATS. AMERICAN MOULDING COMPANY. WAREHOUSE 112 BROADWAY, 0PP08ITB mil CITY HOTEL. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. 01* TUB PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE (Coyy!) Haviug lately loet tw > bicuapidati teeth, I called nn Mr Levitt to aupply iheir place with artificial onea, and it elforda me much pleaaure to leetlfy to hia akili and ability as a Dititiet; indeed, I have i tTcr eeen teeth lived and tilled with more avactueaa, and at the lame time wilh leaf painful preeaure on the gumi. I cheerfully racommrnd that gentleman to the eanccial notice of the medical profeeaiou. a. wall aa to ibe public, ferling alialted from my own experience that they may confidently rely on h:j (kill in hia prufeaaion. (Signed) GRANVILLE S. PATTISOV, M D. Profeaeor of Anatomy, Uuireraity of New Yerk. February Utt . 1840. The original can be aeen at Mr. Lerett'a MO Broadway, comer.of Warren atreet mlSl.n* bankrupt Law. f~i ENTLEMEN wishing to be discharged from iheir debte, U under this law. are invited to call on W. 8KIDMOHE, Attorney at Law, Tft Nassau street. All other kinds of law business also attended to. Charges moderate. fiO 8m' NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. T^HE subscriber would invite the attention of those wishi iii? to purchase articles in the above bumnesa, to his establishment, where is to be fouud a neh assortment of Hostwend and Mahogany Furniture, of French and other patterns, some of which are not to be found elsewhere, beiug entirely original. Also, haudsome rich gilt Cornices for windows. Poles and Rings ; together w ith Uamasks, Walloons and Tassels, and every article attached te curtains, which wiil be made in the latest style from patterns lately received. n B. Particular attentiou paid to the futiug up of Ottomans, Fire Screens, and other fancy articles, with embroidered tapestry. Washington MKEK?, dlS-?m >15 Broadway, neat the Hospital. CARPETING, UARPETIMG. tyHE Subscriber it now opening his Spring assortment of J- Carpeting, consisting of Brussels, three ply, ?n(ei tine and fine Ingrain; an assortment not sDrpataid in this city for variety of styles, figures, lie. These goods have been ordered expressly for the Spring trade. The gieitest me has been observed in makii g selections ol such gooos as can be confidently lecommended for durability and permanency of colors, Ike, Also.a large asaorlment of the different kinds of Hall and Stair Cart eting. Tufied door Rugs. Door Mam, Ac, Also a hanisome asiortment of Paiuted Floor Cloths, all widths. _ Families about purchasing'any of the above described goods are respectfully invited to call. CHARLES HICKS, ml8 Im* 76 East Broadway,71 Div'sion-st. CHEAP-HARDWARE STORE. rpHE Subscriber is now opening his Spring eupp'y ol 1 HARDWARE A CUTLLRV, received perlate airivais, from Birmingham and Sheffield. Together with a general atsortmeut of Domestic Goods, which he is prepartd to offer at the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Ac., is solicited to sn examination of his stock and E b? is confident they will find it to their interftto vor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 910 Greenwich corner Barclay, New Vork. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coopers Glue. Alio?a complete assortment ol'Mechanics Tools, James Screws, he. m9 1m* nnnnTXTrtirt nrtnrtT * -r SH.J5KHMJT S UUJVLUAXf. INDIGESTION.?A* thif ii a very eomn on complaiut, in the present day, whatever tends to allvviate it is of public imjortauee. For the information of those affected with it, we publish the following recommendations of a Reatoratire Cordial for its e ire C. C. Si.bring, k?q.:? Dear Sia At tout request, 1 hare examined the medicines of which Tour Cordial is composed, and hare no hesitation in saying that they are of the best class of tonics: and in the manner prepared bv you, will prore highly beneficial in Dyspepsia, and many other diseases ofgeneral debility. Yeurs, lie. T. PRATT, m. D. No. M Liberty street. I concur in the abore recommendstion of Dr. Pratt. THOMAS BOYD, M. D., No. 891 Fourth street. o..i, .silts Cordial is sold at IK Fulton street, at >1 per bottle. mys imDR. JOSEPH EVANS, GRAND RESTORATIVE SYRUP, For the cure vfer?ry form of Dissuer arieine from THE IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD, /"CAUSED by the rital oigais becvinirg drrang-d and enY-/ feebled by hereditary complaints, and eiliausiion of the system, and other dissaiti, rix. Scrofnla or King's Evil. T mors and swellings in the neck secondary symptoms < f Si phi lis, or the conatilu ional form of the Veaerial Disease, Ulcers, ulcerated sore Threat Palate. Ac. Ulcere on the whine. and other parts< I the body. Diaeaaes of the bon>a, peine, swelling*, sad ulcerstlois of the hoars, swellings ol the ioints, white swellings, Ac-, Cancers, enlane cue or akin diseases, salt rheum, ringworm scaly eruptions, leprosy, itch, scald head, pimpiea, cracking aud smarting of the skin, tetter, and all kinss of sores Long standing and! e'etofore insurable feter sorea; rheumatism, gout, liver complaint, and all diaeaaes eausert by an improper use of mercury, local and constitutional drink y or weakness, gon.irrhce i. gleet leucorrhm or whites, gravel. Ac., orwhen the system has been eihausted by secret seniualilv in youth, iutempe ance, long standii g debilitating dis?>s?e, lo, g residence in Southern climates, and other debili tating causes. This invaluable m'dieine has been employed by the proprietor iu au extciisi' e private ai d hospital practice, both in Kurope and Am frier lor the lae! forty ycare, during which time he has cured o? er 5000 patients, who were afflicted with tome of the most loathsome and destructive f irms of d erate, many cf whein are now living, and ready to testify to the efficacy of this medicine. It cures by giving tone to the nerves, exhi'erat ing the spirits, r< gulat iug the circulation, invigorating and exciting the tital oigmsio a natural and healthy actiou" aud tons causing alt impurities ' o be tspelled Irorn the system, and creating the secretion of perfectly pure and healthy blood. Price ft ter bottle. For sale only at the Private Reside nee No. 4?Tt>r<eswich air.ct, two doors above Canal street. mil 3ni 30 ODD YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the scientific practice of curing certain diseases, have enabled Dr. LAUREL, of No. I03("aiai street t? eradlcste tnote diseases in question, whether new.old, or Inveterate, in less thin half the time employed by theiommon doctors, who poison their patients with mercury, cat ivy, nitre, cnbebs,Ac. . X. B.?Strangers are apprised that Dr. L. it a regular phyan Clan ofthe med cal facu'tr of Paris, also graduated in {be U. States, as can be proved by hit diplomat. mil lot* PRIVATE CURE. Doctor Jordan's specific course,No.i-For the prompt cure of C?p or Gonorrhoea, Gleets, and all other wethraf disrhirges, and his Specific Course, No. 8, tor the complete eradication, and permai ent cure of venereal disease, without exposure, inconvenience, or loss ol time. Each course is enclosed in a nest tin case, comprising every medicine, wash, and rrq unite, ever required either for internal or external use; and w hether the caevhe recent or old. a cure it guaran'eed, if used as directed. Each package also contains Dr. Jordan's privets treatise.called the Monitor, where, in is full directions, with a plain discription of the nature symptoms, cousrqaeiicat and treatment of secret disrases;to which is added much valuable information, useful hints, and important advice?remnvng all the difficulties ofarlflieat ment. The mice of Monitor it fifty cents ; one dollar seut post paid, will insure its reception. tit con-sea No. t and 8, are each $3, and guaranteed?admirably designed lor rrsi denla m the conutry, bring complete, compact, ^convenient and efficient. Pott paid letters covering the amount, have prompt attention. Sold for the pxoprietor, only at Drug Store, ?9 Marion street.second door below Pnr.ce,second block east of Broadway. Marion street is a direct continurtion of ml 4 1 m* PUKMIl'M KAZoR 3 rit.ii'-Kir.( PrTmium wai aw ended by the Anrriun Inaiitute, et the Ule ? well ae earh rrecenlieg Keir, to Oeorge Saunderv, 163 Broadway, (or th . belt Karon Strop. The Metalic Tablet, invented by lii Hamuli re, hu beeneatabtl.hed for the leet twenty-fire yearn and certificated by the firet grntl-men of the country, ft pro ducea a thin end emooth edge on a razor with more certainty than it ran be done on a hone in a tenth part of the time, without theueeof oil or water?which my pereoe caa proee by brin|!i!>k * dull razor a Inning it put iu order on one of the 'i ablet*. 163 Broad ml2 Im* F-'LOkFUA f U.nDH?L'uiou B.aa an t Southern Truef, bought at N. BISTARtu'S. 13 Wall etreet United Statee Bank notee. Illlnot. do, Michigan, Indiana, III noie S<rip, h light ?ni!e?M. ml3* rji E It 1,1 N IK O SV A H T (N ff H?Cone let ing oTTra me*. lender*, T) and aummrr ort amenta, ol eup'iior manufacture, to cloee .con.,gument,at..rylowvrc^Lb^cHB fc KRUOKR, m3lm' U Broad atrcet. KUirAL t. ARl>? Da. t.ooera. No.12 Duaur at . neu Chatham at., eult afford* relief to the afflicted of both eea ee. He may be alwava coueulted, with the utinoat confidence, in the worat c??*? of delicate diaeaaee. mercurial affection*, and the nuinenoua aymptoma atiaing from thia di*ea?*. From Dr. c'e eztenaier practice for the laat eight ycare iu thia p'.rticular brunch of the proleaaion, guarun'eea a aate, apeedy and effective cure lo all peraon* who aptdy lo him. Keren! caaea cured ib a faw daye without the Me of mercury.,or any other daageroue medincine No inte rrvpiion from bueineae, or alteration in the mode of living. All whoae catea have been protracted or aggravated by maltxeatment, may aw'ly with the ufmoat confidence of being effectually carta. Term* mode rate?attendance Irom T iu the morning until lOatnighl. Offrelt Diinneet. mil re* NEWARK AND NEW YORK. Fare Only lf| Centa. aM9 03k The aplrndid and cnmtnodioua ateamrr PASSAIC, Captain John Oaffy, being com ? W^JE-i lrtr Iv aad elegantly refitted, wi'l commence ner regular iripa for tin aeaann, on Thurtday, March 10th,? leaving a* follow*:? boot of Barclay at .New York Ceatra Market, Newark. 10 o'eloek, A. M. Ti o'eloch.A. M. .. . p-il 1} o'clock, T. M. m'ww* r <,M('riP"on Carrie 1 at very reduced ratea. SMI NO AkRANOEME.Nf. V*qa *OR SHREWSBURY and KF.D BANK. #1. *Urc h 12. Iff, the m!ir Allairt, will le*re New York rrerv Tuetdtf Thni^dav and Saturday, at 8 ?. cio'k.A. M. RftirniDg, lear* Had Bank v#?ir viL-j.. I o'clock* and Tucaday and Thursday at ia o'clock, no?n w tin __ ngneeawillpleMe attend to Ihe rectiH or their goodi imme dutalr an IJACKK T hHlf HI DIJON S. FROM I.I V KM I < >( >1,?< nl X *ignee* by Una ahip will plea.* .end their penrnta on board at Orl'an* wharf, loot of Wall afreet, immediately. All goad* aot permitted in five daya muat unavoidably be tent lo th? | vblic (tor*. Ml W YO :w YORK, THURSDAY I PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT. IN NEW YORK. MONS. MALLAN fc SON8, Surgeon Dentiats, No. 37-2 Broadway, and at London and raria .nlorm th.i Public of New York, and ita vicinity, that in consequence of their very extensive practice, they hare, at length, been induced to open a Permanent Eatabliahment, where they may be consulted at No. 37J Broadway between Franklin and White atreeta, in all caaea appertaining to their profeaaion, in which they have been ao anceaaful, in conacqnence of their celebrated diacoveriea and improvements in the art of Dentiatry. Mona. Mallan returna thanka for the very liberal pat ronagc he haa receive,!, and continues to receive, par Ocularly to the Medical profeaaion of New York, (or thvir kind recommendations, and advocating Mona. M.'a improvement in Dentriaty. CELEBRATED MINERAL roa FILLING DECAYED TEETH! Mona. M. continnea to reatore decayed Teeth,however large or small the cavity ; making a stump into a sound Tooth, instantly curing the Tooth, however painful or sensitive, matching in point of color, the aatural cortex or enamel of the Tooth. i Boy never nreiK or Become ioo?e?mry mm uv unnatural gloss?are firmly fl*ed without wire* or ligature*?no balky lubatance iu the month?and in every particular reiemhle the adjoining Teeth, in conformity of shape nn.l minutest shade of color. Placed from one to a complete set, upon the above imprrved and scientific principle, they are guaranteed to answer every purpose of MasticatioD ard Articulation. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually fastened,arising either from the use of medicines or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL TALATE9 replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO THE PUBLIC OK THE UNITED STATE9. Monsieur Mallon is happy in being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of Three Hundred of , the first families of the United States, consisting of the ' first Merchants, Medical profession, Clergy and private i Citizens, to whom he can refer as to the superiority of | Mons. M.'s celebratad Mineral in preference to any ether ; they have over trieJ, and, in their opinn B,t've best that | ever came under their notice. His other improvements need no comment. INVALIDS Attendedby Mons. Mallan, Junr., at their own Establishment. THE FACULTY AND PUBLIC are particularly invited to pay Mons Mallan a visit, to see the specimens of his new discoveries in Dentistry. TESTIMONIALS. Mons Mallan: (Quebec.May (th.1841. Dear Sir,?Afterharing tried the Artificial Teeth which you inade for mt, 1 cauuot do jou lees justice than to acknowledge with pleasure my entire satisfaction. I beg to ay they anawererery purposeof astieatioti and Articulation to those placed by thehands of nature. They 10 closely reirmble the natural ones in the minutest shade of Color and I ah i| r.that they are not-lisceriied as being artificial b) theclo- | seat observers. Your celebrated invention for filling decayed 1 teeth, I can give adecider opinion of its valuable qualities. | You may use this letter in any way you thuik proper,for the < benefit of the public aud yourself. 1 am.dearsir,yours truly, THUS. FARqUES, Manuel Carmelst. To Mons. Mallan, Surgeon Deutiet. 97-i Broadway, Thisgeutleinanit known at 13t Broadway,ana at Trime , Ward biking's. MONlT MALLAN, 3T1 Broadway. SIR?I feelita'pleasure to be able to offer you my testimony i in behalf of your celebrated mineral. During my late re- ' idence in Paris I called at vour establishment in the Rue Cas- I tiglione,and having had some teetbnlled with your mineral, 1 can oiiiy say that I have had every reason to be satisfied with itsutilityand value,end neverin the I east degree experienced anv inconvenience or iniurv from ite effect* in any manner whaltver.?During my visit to Mona. Mallan 1 saw stverai testimonial* of the highest character, all eapressitig the fulleat confidence in ita great benefit onil value. A*far.a* I am enabled to judge,! considered it then,anil vtill consider it. to be the beat preparation of the kinii ever oflliea to the publia. 1 am,sir,respectfully, yourobedientaervart. VANBURGH LIVINGSTON. 816 Greenwichatreet,near Fort Gauaevoort. New York.May 31.1641. Mnna. M ALLAN & SON 8, Surgeon Deotiata, may be O'jD(ulted daily at 373 Broadway betweeu Franklin aud Whit ?ta..eaat aiae. m33 lm' TO CARPENTERS, BUILDERS, Ate. TlTST PyB LI SHED,?The Modern Builder'* Guide, con- j " taming eighty aeven copper tdatea, with full evplanationa. | (Minard Lefever. Architect) Thia work ahould be in the i hands of every builder in the country. It cootama on accu i rite.treatise on Hand aud Stair Railing, a branch which ha heretofore been but imperfectly notice d in other work*. Ita publication haa been attended with great ripenae It ia hand omely bound iu quarto, and ia napcctfnlly offered to the public, wholesale and retail, by the ubhaher. WILLIAM D. iiMITH, Architect, Portrait and Card Engraver, 180 Broadway, third story. 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She testified to having made out a bill against Lowerre for board on the d7th oTSi j>t., and presented it to him. He was then walking on crutches, having broken his leg on the 4>.h June. Mrs. Lark was next called. She moved into the house in Clinton street; saw Mrs. Tallmadge take an axe, and try to break in the cistern a day or tws before she left; the paper in the front room was also torn elf, and that in the garret bedrooms disfigured; supposed Mrs. T. to have caused it; believed Mr. 1'allmado built a cistern, as her husband who is a carman. " rid" the brick for him. Knows Jane Willets; she lived in my house in Stanton siren seven mounts Deiore (be went to < union iirrei; I have no great opinion of her myself; (he ia a widow, ami ha) her mother ami heraon living with her; I would not believe her under oath. [Every one thought thia a plumper. Niule naked witnen ifihe thought that Mra. Willeta would believe her under oath. She replied that she didn't know. There waa some sharp shooting on the occa-ion.J Wsi Sto*> briu'ii sworn.?Was a clerk for Mr. Dewy at 10 Peck Slip; 1 frequently aaw Mra. Tallmadge there, and at timea in conversation with Lowerre; ahe waa uniformly angry with him; ahe waa there two or thiee times alter Mr. Lowerre left; knew Mr. Loworre to have walked on crutches, and he didn't lay thtm by till December or January. By Ns<ilc?Mrs. T. was always angry with Lowerre, because he would not give up her clothes; he told me that be had no clothes belonging to her; he tolJ her that he didn't want to have anything to do with bar Mra. Tallmadge left two or three letters with me for Lowerre; she told me the contents ofene; it waa Lowerre ahe waa mad at, not me (alaugh); 1 never read the contents. By Jiolmks?Lowerre w as not iu the store when she left the letters, but received them. Johx M. Lowikkk (defendant) aworn?[This witness evinced a good deal of trepidation, and began kissing the book before the oath had '-eeii administered.] Recollects the letters; there were only two, and they were deslioyed, By C oi-rt?Destroyed at the time ' i thought they I were of no service.Stoxehhidge recalled?In handing one of the letters tome, Mrs. Tallmadge said (he accused Luweri e in it of having bad connection with her, and said if he would give up tne clothes, she wouldn't say anything about it. [The manner of this witness created bursts of laughter among the thronged audience. Ilia confusion, added to the naturcof his testimony, was irresistible ] By Na-ile?She said she wanted to get some clothing to cover their ' futuie expectations ''andthat it belonged to Loweire; I do not know when she wai confined. Mr Macomuer recalled?This witness said the previous day that he bad roomed with Lowerre all the time in Chambers and Hold streets. He now corrected himself by stating that defendant went froms Chamber street to Pick slip, and it was some weeks before he rejoined him in tfoId street. Dr.Csnric.NTKii sworn?Kept at Peck slip, near No. 10, Could see on looking into the othce from the frontdoor whether any one was fitting there or not. Stake bridge recalled by Court?[The Judge stated that there had been some excitement while this witness delivered his testimony, and he would like to ask him a few questions.] The letter waa left by Mr*. Tallmadge some time in the month of September. She told me the contents ol it. She said she had sent the little gil l,and Lowerre paid no attention to it, but she thought be would attend to that. She told me of her situation, and accused Mr. Lowerre. and said if ho gave un the clothes she would sty nothing about it. Shn said her child was Lowerre's. It was evident that she was in the family way. She appeared to be in a good deal of trouble. I gave the letter to Lowerre, but be did not open it in my presence. She never left any letter after that. 1 never told Lowerre what she said. She was confined, 1 was told,in the following Deo?mber By Holjif.s?She came there the morning that thefHr. niture was to be sold. She knew of one lot that had been sent to Chatham square for that purpoie. The goods were taken away in two or three different lots. By Naolk?I never saw any of her children's clothe*. Sha appealed to be in trouble. Her appearance waa such that there could be no secret in regard to her situation. The officer who served the distress warrant was then called. He stated that he took two bureaus, the drawers of which were locked, a trunk, two bedsteads, carpets, picturos, and other articles, and carried them to reck slip. The distress warrant was discharged by Lowerre three er four dsvs afterwards, who stated that he hud agreed with Tallmadge to that elfwct. The latter met him aince and demurred. Mrs. Tallmadge made great opposition to our taking the fur. lilttiiv, at"! I wn? ? toll keiI would com mit her if she did uol desist. I think the furniture would not have sold for more than the debt and costs. Mrs. Charlotte Williams sworn.?Keeps a boarding house at 470 Grand street. Mr*. Tallmadge and hertwo little girls, Louisa and Eltnira. boarded with me. Catharine Sullivan nl.o boarded there. The latter ia eveiy v ay respectable, and was brought up by the owner of the house I occupy. 1 have confidence in her, and would freely believe what she said. Such is her reputation among her friends. I knew of a stir being made at Lowerre's coming to the house. It was In cold weather, not long after Mrs. Tallmadge came there. I del net see him myself, but heard of it from my lister- Mrs T waa confined in December last, and left fn February. II. r littlegirls are ralher interesting. By Holmes?I know that Mrs. Tallmadge vl been sick in the spring, but as I told you th? oiher . ?v ? hen you was at my niuse, I could not tell eiactly ? h? n She was sick for about two weeks ol inflammatory rheumatism. I never heard but one person who said that you could not depend on what Mrs. Tallmadga said. She often spoke ef Mr. Lowerre as a particular ftieud of hers, and said he talkod of coming to board with m>-. She laid two or three times that she expected kim to call upon her, and askt d me to send him to her bed room. 1 objected. I told her there was the dining room, w here he could receive her company. Sho answered that he was a particular friend, and it could make no difference. There was but one bed in the room in which she and her children slept; Mr. Tallmadge has been at the house, but never, to my knowleJge, in private; he paid their boarJ. When Mrs. Tallmadge was .ick with inflammatory rheumatism. I sent far him, and, by my request, he went into her bed room, which was the only time I ever knew him to be there, and was the first of m> ever seeing him. Mrs. T. was in much distress ; 1 asked him to get some medicine for her, which he did. and left in about an hour, but did xot call again. When I wanted money, I would aradfor Mr. T. He met Mr?. Tallmadge. at such times in the dining room. Hu was very fond of his childrt n. and would call occasionally, fsav six times in all) itay in the dining room, end auk me to send for them'. He always treated his wife very coolly, and never asked for her, which was greatly increased after he heard of her situation : I never knew him to stay in the hei se all night. Mrs. Tallmadge does not hoard with me now ; I told her to leave my house about a week alder her confinement : I did not want them there, and finally senttho children down to tlttir fathers store. In about two hours, Mr. Tallmacge came up and paid tbe-ir board. When Mrs. T. got well sho went some whore else to heard, accompanied by a young woman named Hannah. She wasat mv house last Saturday' , I told her of all I hail seen and heard here on Saturday ; I did so because I thought she would fee! as much interested as any one I know. Mrs. T was also at my house to-day, to get my sister and'my self to come as witnesses. Dr. Johx U. M'Ewix [a firm, strong-hearing man] sworn ?Have been the family physician of Mr. TallmaJge ; the assertion that I had heen locked up with Mrs. Tallmadge is false; I never was ; when sue had inflammatory rheumatism in January or February, 1911, Dr. Whiting attended her, and I was requested to call ; so#n afterwards I left taw n, aud called upon her again when I returned; I found her convalescent and never went afterwards ; she had been most afflicted with the inflammatory rheumatism in her right shoulder. [Here the Doctor underwent an examination as to how long it would be before a man could go about after his leg twmg broken ; also as to the practicability of the positions described by Ty ler in reference to Mr. Lo ararrc and Mrs. T. in the office at reck slip.] Msar Wixshili. sworn.?Is the sister of Mrs. Williams: Catherine Sullivan boarded in the home, at the time Mrs.Tallmadge diJ; she it a respectable girl, and worthy of belief under oath; the informed mo one night, betw een twelve and one o'clock, as I was going up stairs, that Mr. Lowarre was in Mis. Tallmadge's room. I went to the door anJ found it locked; 1 heard a man's voice; I went again and tried the door, but nobody came, so I went into my own room, adjoining Mrs. T's; I still heard a man's voice in her room. Silt not so loud as before: I went to bed and to sleep. Next morning I informed my sister of whst had occurred: the children were in the hat-it of going to bed directly after tea; it was before the holidays, when Mr. Lowerre came there. Several other witness; s testified to having teen the defendant out late at night; teeing him one evening with Mrs. Tallmadge?observing him going'round the corners from the Bowery, after a certain kind of ladies? seeing him late and early in Clinton street, where he has six houses? ccmplsintsmade at his taking Mrs. Tallma Ige'sdrawers with the clothes in, and bis replying that ,lii. left them locked anil it washer own fsult?the distress of Mrs. T. it bting deprived of them?Loweria ii) in* lie hid got them apart and h* meant to keep them 10. ni they could not live together; Mra. Lane contradicted in relation to Mm. Willete, to whom ahe had given an excellent eh a ract' r; Tyler's character prove d by ?? ver el to be *n<-xe< ptionable, and hie word and oath wor thy ofimplirit belief; Mr. Week* testifying that tureeni were placed on a itand in frontof the lower pane* in the office window, to that a pvnon sitting down wonld have to rile in order to lee any one coming in the store; Lowerre telling Mr. Huffener of the Marine Court, that.Mri. T.llmadge w at a pretty little woman, too good for Tallmadge, and he wonld take pay far the furniture * * ' * * * Scciu-. With a viawoftke character of Tallmadge, as described by a witncai, we cloie. Ma. Adams, sworn ?Knows Mr. Tallmedge ; have known him for twelve years ; was in partnership with him for about a year at 1H3 (hand street; he koeps findings, sbo< makers' tools, fc?.; he was deranged inconsequence of the di(Acuities with bis wife, to whom his attachment was very strong , I have been afraid oftentimca that ha wonld destroy himself ; his troubles have had a very seriouaeffect on his business ; 1 have watched him for fear he would do himself harm; I have gone to his plsce at Id o'clock at night and founi him aitUng and crying,and have taken him round to prevent him making away with himsolf- Ha had hired a house to go to house [ERA 12. ke.-ping, but stie made sumt eicus.i and did not) 1 gone to hi. place fifty tim> s for fear he would injure himself; hia wife came to his store once; it had a (treat effect U]M>n hint ; 1 have heard Lowerre. speak of Tallmadge; he spoke very highly of him ; 1 have seen Tallmadge and his wife when they were to housekeeping, when tkev seemed very comlortahle : 1 hava heard they differed a little occasionally ; she is quick tempered, but he mild and amiable; I fully believe ha had never assoei ated with his wife since they broke tip in 1*40; he would never entertain a suspicion against her till her appear ance rendered disbelief impossible ; I have arsisted him in his business,so that he has been enabled to keep along be maixtaiushis children. Other evidence, was ottered, but of no great moment. The jury went down in a body and examined the oltire at Peck slip. At half past Id o'clock, Tuesday night, the case was adjourned ta this (Thursday 1 afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Albany. I Correspondence of the Herald.) A i.B\r?v, Tuesday, April 5, lf'-lU. a . <1.. .i.. -i~ . a. Im....IU.. in the Legislature become proportion nil, as is always the case when real business is done ? Nothing has been done in the House to day, but the passing of bills, with the tedious monotony of calling the yeas aud nays every ten minutes. This is rendered necessary, however, on account of the great number of bills to be acted on. The calendar had another purging this morning, but there arc many bills on it which will not be reached this session. So much time has already been wasted in idle,unprofitable discussion, that it must be apparent that evening as well as afternoon sittings will be necessary to get through the bills even that have been ordered to a third reading. A message waj received this morning from the Governor, announcing that he had aigned the bill for one day elections, so it is therefore now a lawThis act, being extremely voluminous in its de. tails, not withstanding the searching examination and discussion bad on it in committee of the whole, contains, as might be expected, some defects, but these aro trifling in comparison with the great benefits that must result from its passage. The important principle of a one day eleetion throughout the State, has been secured, and the enactment of this law,therefore, cannot but be considered as one of the most beneficial and important measures of the session. A message was also raceived from the Governor laying before the House the resolutions adopted by the State of Maine, relative to the public lands and the distribution law. The aet for the more equal distribution of the literature fund came up for a third reading It repeals the law appropriating this fund in equal parts to ea*h of the eight Senate districts, and diviaes it among the various academies of the State, according to the number of their scholars. Strenuous exertions were made by Messra. Grout and Townsand to prevent its passage, but to no purpose, as the bill was passed The bill dieeussed a day or two since, in relation to the support of foreign poor in the county of Kings, had its third reading, and Mr. D. R. F. Jones proceed-d to show the injustice and even injury that would br done to the city of New York by the passage of this law, and argued at length against its passage. The SPEAkcr, as Mr. Grout rose to speak on the subject, announced the reception of a communication from the Senate, stating that they had passed a number of bills and requesting tbe eonourreace of the House therein. Mr. Grout resumed his remarks, to show tbe injustice that would be done to the city of New York, and continued until cut off by the hous of two, and the House adjourned without taking question. Afternoon Session.?The House resolved itself into a committee of the whole, Mr. Dana in the chair, on Mr. Loorais' bill to reduce the fees of county Clerks and Surrogates, n? which a great deal of discussion ensued. In IWO, tbe Legislature abused the lawyers by cutting down their fees, and now in retaliation, the lawyers want to carry out the principle to the county clerks and surrogates. Two wrongs cannot make a right. The House had not got through with the discussion when this letter is closed. In the Senate the day was occupied in the third reading of bilbi. The following bills were passed : ? For the relief of the Seaman's Fund Society?releases the society from a debt to the State of Sl'VHk) ; Mr. Maclay's bill in relation to elactions in the city o( New York; to incorporate tho Mutual Insurance Company in the city of New York; teamend the law in relation to suits against foreign corporations; to amend tbe charter of the Washington Marine Insurance Company?reduces the amount of capital stock, and changes the name to the Washington Mutual Insurance Company ; to incorporate the New York Mutual Insurance Company ; to incorporate the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company; to amend the charter of the Householders'Mutual Insurance Company; also a bill appropriating $26,(MM) for the completion of the geological survey, and providing for the distribution of the results ; also an act to compel transfer agents of foreign corporations to exhibit lists o stockholders. f The Charter Election in this city comes off on Tuesday. Roth parties have now their candidates for the Mayoralty in the field, and strongmen they are too. On the part of the whigs Mr. James Stevenson, a very popular man, wno has heretofore filled the station, has been nominated. The democrats have nominated Dr. Barent P. Straats, also a vrry popular and much respected man, and Mithal a very active and ardent politician. As to the result, it is extremely doubtful, though I am inclined tothink that the whigs will succeed from various reasons. The most prominent of these is, the fact of the movements of a set of men in this city who have become dissatisfied with some appointments that have recently been made. The resolutions they have had adopted in some of the wards, though breathing tbe warmest devotion to democracy, anu all that, are just the ones calculated to throw cold water on the exertions of their friends. There has undoubtedly been great abuse manifested in the matter of some of these appointments, but it must be evident that it is not the fault of the city politicians, and hence tbe impropriety ol any manifestation oiuucausiaciion on ineocca ion of an election purely local. It i? due to the men who hare been prominent in thin matter, however, to etate, that they are moat active and earnest in their exertions to seenre the success of the democratic candidates. Cave Ur.ciscAR. Finr. i.t Ciiari.i stow*, IV.II ?A mobt destructive fire took place in Charlestown, N. II., on Thursday nght last. It commenced in the old Jail, and m reported to have been caused by one of the prisoners The fire commenced at 11 o'clock, an * in its progress destroyed the old Jail and Court house,a brick store, and the stables and sheds belonging to the Hassnm Tavern, a tiddler's shop, and the hotel and out buildings of J. Snow, the Congregational church containing a valuable organ, all the sheds contiguous to the ehnrch, and a new barn. Amount ol loss estimated from twenty to thir'y thousand dollars ? I lt<Ikiit'i Fa'.U daulUIgwaMarbLc?A quarry ol Hird's Kye Marble has been d'scovered near Iowa city, licit bears a nolith equt.l to the finest Italian- Specimens have necn taken to St- Louis, where they have been set in gold for breast pins. ______ Thriving CorxTv^S'. Clair county, Michigan, contains 935 iqu re miles, or square acres.? Its assessed value in ISV>, was $'& "> 9'< In _lclO it was #1,001,270. The population is l.hl<>, being an increase ot 211 per cent during the three years previous to 1*11 The qiian-ity ot grain rai ed was doubled in the two years previous to 1*10, w hen it was estimated nt 7*. <**). The poultry last year was valued at ijji1,112, and tha clip of wool at #19dt ? The export ot lumber for the last six y-ars lias averaged from #350,000 to #375,000. The export of fish, during the same time, has averaged #30,000 a y?r Another Peraitlter The Tallahaise Star informs u? 'hat Peter W. Cantier, Jr. U. Sta'ea Marshal for the Apalachiei-la Pistrict. late editor ofthe?t Joseph Timee, and Speaker of the lloaae of Kepreaentatirei of the Territory of Florida, has decamped to Texas, with 70 negroes belonging to the Union I lank, and #15,000 of Uacle Sam's money, besides divert unknown amounts collected for individuals in his official capacity. He wai accompanied by hia father, the Rev. P. W. Gautier, a divine of forty yeara standing. Mississippi Rivr.a ?The New Orleana Picayune of the 25th ult. aaya?The river continues unusually high, but ha* made no farther riae antlici ent to awaken alarm. Oar Levaes are firm,and the Biibatmetion oftke wbarvea every way aub<tanti?l While there ie no risk of mischief, we don't fcare | how long the river keeps up. ? T 1,D. Mm Two Cents Antral fiom ll>? liorilt r?.More about Heg*n ? Hognn Dlwliir^td. Hy the northern mail yesterday, we received the following additional intelligence relative to ilogan, the McLeod No. 2:? (Correspondence of the Herald.) Rochester, April 4, 1842. dear bf.!v5ktt? Theexarnination of J. Sheridan Hogan was this day resumed, bnt nothing new was elicited, and the examination was shortly brought to a close. The Police Justice will niake his decision to-morrow morning. _ I1oi.mii spent the Sabbath in jail, and occupied himself very pleasantly in reading Lord lloliagbroke's Works. He is quite a handsome, tall, anil slender man, an 1 wrote yon before, with thin, com* fireaseii features, and beautiful, dark, curling nngets. Ilia manner is much more quiet acd subdued than it was when he was lirst arrested. It ia now said that he came here to visit a youug lady, residing some seven or eiijht mi'es from the city, in the country, for whom he has had a penchant of some years itending, lie had been hrre belore on similar visits, and l>r. Theller, it seems,rightly con_i.. i..j .i? - - i iuuru uiui us mere was a petticoat in the bustnesp, he would soon he here again This fact has brought all our lair girls out in the advocacy of the prisoner, nnd rven our sober citizens do not now impute to him so greate a dtsire to lionize his vanity. He will no doubt be held by the magistrate on the charge, and aent to Lock port for indictment and trial. Tl?ia is a result which our best citizens seriously regret, as they cannot conceive what good can come Irotn a trial of llogan, whether he be really guilty or not. But how a trial is to be avoided cannot well be seen, especially as the charge ie amply proved, and prima facie even from his own lips. And, again, if Congress should attempt to extricate the President and the Ca'/iae? from their embarrasment bv such a law as was proposed when llogan was fir.-t arrested, the constitutionality of such n law is more than doubled, and if Governor Seward's objections are adopted by the empire State, what can save her from an attitude of nullification 1 JVbm verrons: ain.ii va It mornle .' We are at the beginning of a new seties of troubles, grave farces, diplomatic correspondences, and execuiivo messages. What a wonderful age we live in I Yours truly, D.T. ICorrcipoDdeDceof the Herald.] , Rochester, April 4,1S42. Ma. Editor? You will have seen by our newspapers, that John Sheridan llogan, as he is called, has been foolhardy enough, after his escape at Lockport. to come to this place, and get again apprehended as a participator in the Caroline outrage. The gentleman, nevertheless of the deep disgust which he said he felt for the atmosphere of the Lockport jail, seems determined to try the effects of six or twelve months further residence in it, or some other on the frontier. According to the gossip of the day, there is a lady in theca*e,and like a fearless Caroline Knight, he will rather beard the lion in his den, than forego tor longer than a fortnight, the pleasure of a glimpse at her beautiful face. Truly, Mr. John Sheridan Hogan is a brave and a bold youih, and if the ladv's smiles repay him tor such devoted gallantry, wW will gainaay the fact, that he ia a chevalier ol wonderful promise?a very Quixoite in embryo. No doubt the gentleman exuec's to get lionized too? his euphonious name on the lips o? every one, and himself made the subject of another controversy as regards the law of nations in his particular case Some asses are fond of hearing themselves bray, and other animals next if kin to them, are willing to have their names resound throughout the earth even if their neck should stretch lor it. Like the madman who burned the temple of old, they .will have notoriety at every hazard. Mr lohn Sheridan llogan seems to be one of this stamp- I mean no offence to the gentlemen, but histoid enermble carries irrefutable conviction of this fact. You cannot imagine what a beauty he makes of himself; possessed of a very gentlemanly figure, he is not satisfied that he shonld be noticed fur this; but he must make himself supremely odd, if not supremely ridiculous, by the fashion iu which h? wears his hair. 1 think iic iiium nave uuieu me copy irom me picture oi Ciaverhouse which is give# in one of the Edition" ol Old Mortality. Indeed, if it were not for the numenuonables he wears "his gender to some folks might appear doubtful." With an exceedingly rfleininate face? not eren down upon it?his hair is parted in front, and at the crown, with most especial care ; and curled all round in beautiful pipe-stalk curls full six inches in length. Some inviduous people Fay it is naturally it be he manages to make it a most beautiful brown, glossy and sparkling. I should say whatever might be the value of his head, the hair that surmounts it is worth full twenty dollars. He is really an exquisite of the first water, and no doubt he feels, that he makes the heart of every lady who looks upon him play pitty patty. It is said he is twenty sight years old, hut he certainly shows as if he had not yet escaped his teens. That he has I not escaped the wisdom of teenship, his conduct in the present instance is sufficient proof. Tnere seems at present little doubt of his committal for participation in the Caroline affair. The character o( the evidence that will warrant this is twofold?his own declarations, after the event, and his Utters, written since his first apprehension That he has courted his fate is self-evident, and therefore he receives little sympathy from our eoberininded citizens In lact, they are mad enough, to think that at this particular moment hi? folly, love of notoriety,or love of the ladies, should make him come here to swell the difficulties that already threaten to let slip the dogs of war. It is impossible to believe that Great Britain will submit to another McLeod ordeal, or suffer her citizens, who mayhave business in the Stater, to be taken up and committed to jail, on the complaint of being Caroline burners- If such a thing is to go on, where will it, or when will it end 1 Lord Ashburton will be ordered to look to it, you may depend In truth it would seem thnt our relations with England were becoming a Gordion knot that the sword alone can untie In spite of every care that can be had, every duy only reveals some new difficulty, as if the God" themselves had so ordered it. Except a considerable share of indignation at MrJohs Sheridan Hogan, and those who caused hi* apprehension, there exists no excitement among our citizens. The majority of theni do not believe that the fellow had any thing to do with the Schlosser burine.-s ; but they judge this more from his youthful appearance than aught else. If there is any truth in bumps, he has pluck enough to make one in a more bold undertaking; and it is well known that the greatest of fops are some times the bravvst of men. . The lawyers who delend him, tried every quirk and turn their trade would permit to get quit of the business at the outset, and although the police magistrate had every inclination to aid them, they could not find a loop hole at which to creep out of iu Bo the examination had to be gone into. Only three witnesses were examined on Saturday, two proved the fact of the murder of Durfee, anil one II g in's connection with it on his own admissions. The case stands adjourned until Monday, but it is thought the evidence will not all be go? through with before Tuesday night The lawyers debate every inch, and spend a deal of time in small talk. Some of them no doubt .think, it is a rare ' chaace to come in for a thare of fame along with Hogan. I shall keep my letter open until Monday evening's mail, when it I cannot give you the result, I shall proluly be able to fotm a more correct opinion ol ir At three o'clock to-day, Monday, the investigation and pleadirgs on the case were finished. 1 have waited until within a few minutes of the time tic mail i" made up, to send you the verdict. Th justices, however, seem m no great haste to rend* r it. All are of optnon that Master Hogan will be dismissed to his lady-love for whom he has thrice jeopardised his precious person- Th-- universal feeling h<*re i" adverse to any farther action on the Caroline matter, and as far as Hogan is concerned, his apprehension in, by almost every bodv, condemned While I write, a gentleman has just stepped into my office, und informed me that Hogan has been discharged. There is no doubt ol the fact, suppose. AH I can say is, if he came here for solom ty, he ought, at all events, to get his so.p lock" C"l !?U > >" B-rch.rJ are *>io? give V'j "ii hi . the glorious work of conversion rhey have or will convert all the rogue# and bankrupt* of Ho? Chester. Voura, IXtmbiedvms. Ohio Rivan ?At Cincinnatti, on the ?)th nlf . the river was falling fn?t, bat the navigation wae till Kood for ?teamboata of middling claaa. Niw? raoaa Florida.?The St. Auguatiae Herald of the 36.h ult , atatea that the naval force under the command of Lieut McLaughlin, wa? concentrated at Key Hiacaae Col Harney had arrived there, in improved health.

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