Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1842 Page 3
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^ostscriptT QO- For our usual Southern Correspondence, \c.. by this morning's Mail, see fourth page. J. G. Bidiiiit, Esq Q(p- Suppose a man heels over heaJ in debt, with) recorded mortgage ti|>on all hi* mock in trade, white lead, linseed oil, (pintsof turpentine, window glass ,ks together with all his household turniture, should havi great itching to be an Alderman ?and, suppose he sub cribes twenty live dollars to promote his own election as Alderman, and should, contrary to a II past esperiencc actually pay his subscription. Quest?Who suffers , the would tie Alderman 01 his creditors? A Vons isrruiiLi. (fCJ- FRANKLIN THEATRE is doing a great mys teriou* business, giving away prises of h?e dollars ant 92,50 to a large amount. About 20 prises were distrihu ted last night, and a good bill of entertainment into thi bargain. OJ~ AMERICAN MU3EU M.?That Oipsey Girl I really an astonishing creature. The way she tells past present and future events, is a wonder,and after hearin) her, it is no matter of surprise that in past ages, then were so many believers iu Astrology. This is positively the last week of Winchcll, the comic drollerist, Mrs Benson, and Ls Petite Celeste, are rapturously anplaudei in their sodcs and dances. The performances this weel are unusually rich and interesting. (Kp- ROCKWELL It TURNER'S Great Americai Olympiad, combining more talent and variety than wai ever before concentrated in one establishment, willtx under the necessity of leaving the city on Monday next consequently those who have not witnessed the perform anoes of this wonderful troupe, will only have two mor< opportunities this season. To night T. V. Turner, tht paragon of equestrians, is to take his benefit. There never was his equal seen in the principal set which he ride*. Norm, It i? true, riues wun OI mucu grace, aw. even make* a finer appearance in the arena, bat cannot perform the daring feats of hi* great rival Turner. Ths tatooed man and the corpsef vaulters and posturers, ar< also important features in this unrivalled company.? They cannot fail of exciting an immense sensaiioi wherever they travel. Qtj- STEAM ?This ii the age of Steam! We no only sail with, but against the wind and tide,by Steam? we ride by Steam?our articles of wearing apparel art manufactured by Steam?our timber is sawed by steam and last, though not least. Disease, in all its varieties, ii cured by the use of Sherman's celebrated Lozenges.witt as much rapidity and certainty, as Steam performs allthi purposes for which it is used. 106 Nassau street is Dr. Sherman's warehouse? Agenti 8 State street, Boston, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Phifadel phi a. Arcblraedean Screw. . OCT- N OTICE is hereby given, that the underaignet has oeen appointed sole agent for the United States o America, of Smith's Patent Archimedean Screw Propel ler, and is prepared to contract for licenses to use thi same. Any information on this subject may be had o him at 54 Pine street. RUSSELL STUROIS. N'etv York, March 1,1842. al Im City Despatch Post. 46 William street. PsiNcirAi. Office - Letters deposited before half pas 8, half past 19, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent ou for delivery at 9, 1 and 4 o'clock. Branch Offices ?Letters deposited before 7,11 and : O'clock, will be sent out tor delivery at 9,1 and 4 o'clock ALEX. M.OREIO Agent. MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, April 0?6 P. If. The keen sighted, shrewed. and long nosed brokers o Wall itrest, who can smell a c mi or at any distance, an jutt begining to understand the practical effect! of repu diation. They have nearly discovered that when a Stat solemnly declares that it will never pay its outstandini bligations, that those obligations are worth nothing In fact, to such a pitch has tho issue of paper promise arrived, that speculators aud stockjobbers have reallj looked upon paper as an intrinsic equivalent for laboi or property. A literary mountebank that writes letter from Washington for an evening paper, has the follow ing " I don't know much more about money matters thai John Tyler does about the Constitution; but it saems to me that it would be just as proper for Congress to autho ri/.e the purchase of iron lor the Navy at a certain prici below its actual value, as to authorize the purchase o msney (for that is what I take a loan to be) on similai terms. When the Navy Board want iron, they adver tise for proposals and give the eontract to the lowes bidder, and that is exactly the plan of this Loan Bill''. This paragraph the astate editor glorifies over as i perfect prodigy of aa illustration. It strikes us tha when the Navy or any other department contracts foi goods, the seller of the goods expects to receive an cqui valent, viz : money, gold and silver. When the govern ment wants money, the lender gets not an equivalent but a promise, and the price is proportioned to the valui of that promise, which varies according to circumstancs Indiana government promises, the brokers have *? ? ? ered, are worth nothing. Ohio promises are;Worth 5( cents on the dollar. New York promises 80 cenu.Whatarsthe federal government promises worth afte the Legislature have solemnly refused to appropriati the land revenues to fulfill them ? We recently alluded to an exploded corner in Lon| Island Railroad. The board this morning appointed i committee to examine the matter. It appears that ai association of gentlemen placed in the hands of brokers money to.the amount of $38,000, in order te make pur chases of the stock. The former President of a free banl to be the Treasurer for the Association. The faithlesi broker, as fast as the stock csme into his hands, on sc count of his principals, resold it through another brokei on his own account, with the view of replacing it a1 lower prices. The consequence was that the stock feL on the hands of the parties, and they got out an injunc tion to Drevent his navinsr awsv thnir monpr for to reeelVe, a great deal of which waa on hii own ac count. The principal*, who appear to have acted very honorable in the matter, made an indirect proportion tc fettle, by allowing thoie who had itoclt pledged to with draw and cancel the contract*, and to pay the other* 6( cent* on the dollar. Thi* arrangement depending upor the recovery'of the fund* from the broker. The committee of tha board i* now looking into the matter. The aales were very amall to-day, and price* did not vary much. The market wa* a little more firm?Long Iiland fell Delaware ft Hudion Indiana 6'* {, Her lem roae I; Mohawk 1 per cent; New York State 6 * 1964, 1 per cent. Sale* of bill* on Philadelphia J; Cincinnati 64. A tea aale took pi ice to-day, the particular* of which will be found below. Price* *howed some falling otl from thoie current at the]la*t aale. On the 8th of,February last we publiaheJ a comparative table of the manufacture* of Lowell, Masiachuietti, far the year* 1840 and 184 2, showing the increaae. We hare since been nut in poisetiion of authentic statistics for 1833, which we now tmbody in the table a* follow* St* ri>Tic* or Mis rictuin iv Lowell, AU*t . 1833, 1839 AIVD I8*t 1840. Jan 1849 Jan 194-3. hu Jm IRS3 Cap-tal (lock. 5,450,000 10,500,004 10 500,coo 5,050,000 Namber ef mill*. It 38 34 II Do apindlei, ST,400 168.044 19-3 478 94,178 Do 'oem*, 9,494 5,183 8 018 9,524 Do yard# male per week, 697,090 1,140.450 1,433 410 738,450 Bale* coUoa do 847 908 1 14* 518 lb*. Of wool do ? 370 300 457,080 ? Yard* of dyed and printed, 165,000 243.000 480,000 115,000 Y ?rd* of eloth'per annum, ?? 014,000 58 963 400 73 953,400 37,509,400 lb* rntton used pr annum, 13.237 635 19 255.600 28,764,000 18.536,373 Average wage* pr month, ? 160 000 170,000 ? Hauda employed, 5 730 7 058 9.717 3,987 Starch a*ed |<er annum, lb*. ? 60 800.000 ? Flour, do. bbl*. ? 3,000 4 000 ? Charroal, per ann. bufhel, ? . 500,(CO 809 000 ? Other work* em ploy capital, ? 300,000 500 000 ? Do do ham!*, ? 300 500 ? Tni* enormou* increase, which is Do per cent in capital, yaft* of cloth produced, and raw cotton consumed, has taken place since the compromue tariff went into operation, ihowing that in Lowell alone there wnia greater iropulae given to manufacture in the nine yean of a decreasing tariil', than in the 17 years from 1916 tc to 1933 It is also remarkable] that a large proportion o! this increase took place in the two years from 1940 tc 1949, a period of the lowe*t tariff, aud afterthc entire explotion of the National Bank. These are incontrovertible facts as regards Lowell. It might have been object ed that thi* i* a lection only, and dependant upon local cauia* for the rapid development of induitry. Fortu nately,however, the frequent agitation of the tariff queo ticn drawa from the manfacturera themaelve* thoie facta which prove without poitibility of contradiction, tha! they flourifh mo?t in a ?ea*on of low currency and ? low dutiea. A convention was, held at New York ii October, 1931,to take into coniiJeration the aubjact oi the taritf- The itatietic* of particular manufacture! given by the committee* of that convention, were conii dered of high authority and relied upon by all partiea.? The recent I'nited State?iCen*ua,,taken for IH40, embrn cea a nw of facta, which, compared with the report o tho?e committee*, thow inconteitibly the progre** o manufactures. These we propose to inveftigate. anr have (elected for our purpo*e to-day the cotton manu fact urea. The eommittee of the convention gave minute detail of tha manfacture of thi* article for 1931, in thefollowin) States t?the New England Statea, New York, New Jer aey. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Yirgini*, and Maryland The leading item* of lhi* report w# have compared witl the same Item* for the aame State* from the cenau* r* tunw:? Cottoh MAN'-niTim or tmi Ubit*o Utatm I* 18.1 tIB 1110. 1811. 1848. Iter Capital, 40 614 984 47.814,301 7 , Number of factories, "* *** ?n 1J5 Do spindle*. 1.348,503 3.137.3* 880,814 V;^,?m.ClO,hO"UUP'?0,481..00 3.8,188,039 183, 868, 139 '^"auntm?" U*eJ 77,737,318 133,853,130 45,085,994 Vklw of manufaet. S6.C00.04a 44,980 143 18,380 143 Hands employed. 83.148 88,837 Ain't u age* paid, 10,284,914 11 151858 857,913 ThU table gives 8n increase of business never equalled in the history of any manufacture in any age, notwithitanding that the number of yarda produced increaaed seventy-five per cent, the number of hands employed inr creased scarcely twelve per cent, owing to the improvement in machinery, which enables the " Cotton Lords" to double their production with very litte increase of I manual labor. We may now look back at the imports| tion of cotton goodi iato the United States since 1830. We have no account of the imports of cotton goods prior to that year, although the tariff oflBlfi.was constructed 1 with a view to their special protection. The imports are l' as fallows up to 1341 s Imports or Cuttom MAiei'PACTvars isto thv Unitkd r I4t ATES 1831 TO 1841. L 1831, $7,789 514 1931, $18,190,331 I 1833, 10 681,918 1933, 10,399 453 . 1833, 8 969,483 1833, 13,383.609 L 1834, 5.157 687 1834. 10,145.391 1H'V l? 50S.SK 1839, 15.387,885 i 1926, 3,348 034 1839, 17,879.187 i 1927. 3,515 153 1837, 11,153.841 fc 1814. 10,989 330 1838 , 6.5 >8.330 I 1915. 8 361 017 1831, 14,691 397 ( 1930, 7,831,316 1840, 6 604,484 t The tariff of 1916, which continued iU operation* until ' 1924, wii enacted chiefly to protect those coarse cotton* which then composed the bulk of American manufacture I from fimilar fabrioc made in the East Indiei. Through J all the period which elapted up to 1834, that object was o not obtained. Since the last named year, American coarae cottons, under the compromise act, hsve not only sup- 1 planted English goods of a similar description in the East } Indies, but can bo sold at a profit in Manchester, in spite 2 of all the protection of the British Government. The j tatilfof 1818 fixed a duty eftwenty-five per cent ad valo- [ rum, on a cost not to be deemed less than twenty five . cents per yard. This was called the ' minimum" price. . In 1825 the rate was raised. In 1828 the tsritf was revised I and the minimum price was raited to thirty-five centsper ' yard. The excitement treated by this outrageous tariff i caused the compromise of 1833,by which manufactures of r cotton were to pay twenty-five per cent ad valorum, dyed, printed and stained to be valued at thirty cents. ( If we examine the above table of imports, we find that at \ | every period of an agitation of the tariff the imports were crowded in to obtain the advantage which the increated i price under the tariff would afford. This was the caie f In 187) 1407 anil laOa In 1470 nn.l 147 1 Ik. innnriinl ' cotton manufacture! waa let! than in 1943, and in apite of 1 the reduced tariff, the importa of cotton goodi in the ( three yeari ending 1841,were lei! than in the three jrcaie ofenormoui tariff dutiee, ending in 1831, ai follow! 1 t Groaa unperti, 1838. ""29, '30, 37.9tO.5t3 I t Do do. 1838, 'it, '40, 37,196,311 j laci-eaae, $475 638 The following ehowt the average import! for the above three yeari, the amount manufactured according to the ' ! above table, and the population of the. United Sta tea at each period tiierage imp. Manufacture/. Papulation f 1833, 9,073 534 96 000.000 13,866,930. 1840, 9,931 070 45,000.000 17,064,566 e lucreaie, 158,546 19,000,000 1,195,616 e Here then we have reiulta. The import! under a decreasing tariff, and low tariff, hare not increaaed, while ] the home manufacture! have increaaed seventy-five per i cent, although the population haa Increased but 33} per i , oeat. What would the manufacturer! have more than this? But further, the above table of manufacture! ahowi , that with the increaie of the manufacture there in 1 ? but very little increaie in the employment given to the operative!, the increaied production aa well as the re} duced price* of thoie product! being cauaed almoat en- 1 i tirely by the improvement! in machinery. The only , advantage that tho agricultural aud induitrioua claaiea j of thii country derive from thia itate of thing! ii, that machine! can produce goodi at a lower price; - but thoie machine! consume no flour?the demand for ( produce ia not increaaed by the improved epeed of the 1 ( ipindleor theloom, and if the lole advantage of low pri- ' ( cea ia to be done away with by the interpoiition of a j r high tariff, the farmer! will have nothing left to them i but to return to their home-made linaey wooliey, and ' protect themielvei againat the reatrictive policy of the j manufacturer!. 9 I SalM at the Stock Buhanga. 8 *1060 NYork 6t, 1861 741 SO aha Mohawk KR 451 ' 3701) W'-ter Loan, 1870 77 190 de H*r|junH.R 7i looo Indiana Bier"-* Dd' wwaoLlaTRK 46 ' - aimu do Dollar do 191 400 tlo bow 49 ! > 1000 do 19 300 do 63 49 1 ahr Bk of NYork 99 100 do 498 . In do State B mk 68 354) do alO 48 r 60 do Del k Hud *15 911 35 do lllinoia Baak 5 10 do 931 35 do 7 e 75 do Cautoa *10 181 Seconal Board ? 60 aha Mehaawk RR b7 46 35 aha Mohawk at 15 46 \ 8 85 do t5 46 35 do at 15 46 >35 do a80 45 J 35 do 13 4SJ , 35 do bl9 46 35 do a3 46 35 do at 15 46 State of Trade * The market! generally are heavy, and but little doing. A Tea aale took piece with the followingreeulte. Terma 1 ? Notea at aix montha, payable in thia city, to be made aatiafactory to aaUera. Htton. j " 90 half cheata, 70c 85 cheat*, 471 t 9a do 6Si 87 do 4.51 | , 30 do 56 41 do 434 ' II chcaia, 49 Yovwo Hvaoi*. I '8 cheata, 68c 30 half cheata, 9371 | 1 40 do 681 25 chcaU, 37| 1 34 do 63 30 do 36 53 do 47 39 do 35 ' 76 half cheata, 47 54 half cheata, 35 < 51 do 45 334 do 34) ' 78 do 44 53 do 34 1 . 73 do 43 58 cheata, 33 60 do 431 49 half cheata, 33 1 SO do 59 309 do 37 I 8 do 34 OvsrowDra. 1 14 cheat*, 49 80 eaaea, ea 19 Sib can. 76 1 IMPFIIUL. I 10 caaee, 9'b canni itera, 19) 10 do do 65) 1 t POWCHOSO. I 300 half cheat*, 45 90 lll>bovei, SO MeiiLLA INDICO. Terma?1 cue, Sldaya; 9 or 4. 4 moa.; over 4,1 moa. . 1 cue, 76c 1 caae, 59 1 1 1 do 75 6 do 58 1 1 do 79 3 do 57 1 do 71 3 da 56 2 do <81 do 55 1 do <3 7 do 54 . 1 do fO 1 do <3 Mar r 1?<1. j On Tue?day evening,6th in?t. by the Rev. J M Forbei. ! Mr. Arthur \V. Garavdan to Mil* Janet C. Hoffman,all ( of thia city. < On Sunday, 3d init. by the Rev. Edward Francr, Mr. 5 Charlei Jiaimf.rson, ol I'ort Cheater, N. V., to Mrs.Han- { nah Slater, of thia city. ' Died OnWedneaday morning, 6th inat. of a lingering ill- * neaa, Amelia, daughter ol John and Harriett Smith,aged two years, two menthaand eighteen day a. n Thefriendaof the family are reapeclfullv invited to o attend the funeral, to-morrow afternoon, without further t invitation, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of hia lather, , 6 Marion at. . On Tuesday evening, 5th inst. Lewis K Storms, father r of the Commiisary Oeneral, in the 73d year of hia age. The family and hia friends, and thosu of hia son, are n respectfully invited to attend hia funeral, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, 44 Green at, j> On Tuesday evening, 6th inat. Mart, wife of John L. Brower, in the 60th year of hia age. The relatives an<: friends of the family are invitidto / attend her funeral on Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock from 389 Washington at. 8 On Tueadiy, 6th inat.after a short illness of inflammation ol the lungs, Korcrt F. Patrick, ton of Wm. H and ^ Mary Aon Patrick, aged 6 years. p Funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, irom the residence of his father, 610 OranJ at. between Cannon and Lewis streets. t On Tuesday morning, 6th inat. of scarlet fever, at 44 Barrow street, F.dmvnr, only sen of Samuel R. Throck- ti morton, aged 5 years. j i On Monday, 4th inst of consumption, Sarah Abra- ? h\m4, second daughter of the late Joseph W. Abra- 1 hams. . 1 At Albany, on MonJry evening. 4th inat. a' the Recto- T i rv of St. Peter's Church. Aiui, adopted daughter of the r Rev. Dr. Potter, of Union Colli ge. . At Jamaica Plains, near Boston, suddenly, on Satur- 1 ' day, the Rev. Oaenoa Whunev,pastor of the id Coagre- r gational Church, aged 38 years. h Passenger* Arrlveil. ,s I Canton?Ship Hsnnib d?Frederic W Reese, Philadelphia; ti Alfr d P Edwards. Hrary L Nuvdam. NYork , Lirrarooi.?Ship Echo?Mr Hartley an 1 Isdy, ?ad 370 in the n ste-rage. 1 Ha> re?Bark Ls reronsr ? E Hartley. Mr Bousard. f t Prrnamri co?Ship Jos Slarbuoh. at Holmes Hole?Captain * . Mitchell, of bng Inei, of New York, and Capt Gardner, of the ' |. brig Volant. ^ 1 Foreign Importations. i r .Canton?Ship hininbal?II,1M pk?? teas 1350 bigs I igar 65 p-C'il< Japan wood rrsn malt caeaia 500 hoves mdse Wm 9 We;. > I more?415 pkgs te?f < hevre preserres Suydara. S?pr k co?105 i I'kfe lets t bit (J H >yt?84 pints teas J R Wilmer?3 bis John p 11 irnis?3 Talbm, Olynhant h co?U Moore 8e Harper?1 C S Minium?t A Wycboff-iss rolls matting B F Whitr-ie rs "J. ? . !** ;"? F w Reese?I do mdse S Wet more?348 do -63 bills do 41 bases silks 8 do sliells I do coral 78 pkgs Iras to f order. , LiTEsrpoL?Ship Echo?32<o bars iroo O B Morewood k ca ~'1 Harris?33 Harvey k Mhee-700 Cooley k Smith | -II Wood, Johnson k. Buml-<l?3 l? M Wilson k co-46 Biuns [1 "IStjld h oa?5 C P Ptate-Sl A Mumlbrd?770 do 377 kdls ,ren W Chauneev-? | kgs Vnde rhill k eo-ll Phelps, Dodge k ro?I Bird. Oillilan k eo?7 O .Meyer k sou?300 pieces iron , Woolser A WooUey-ai pkgs HP 7h* mao-43 RE Alcock ?3 C tartlidge-l J Meyer-Jo Smallyk eo-3 J WE Cald ! . more?38 HaideJbu g. Day k eo?a Warren k Hart?3 Reed k ! ? SireV'r?3 Oikeys k Tn-jmas?34 d> icao bricks R M Sher- ! mm* e*?3 pkgs Burnek Iullleck?11 ban 43 bit 1 ck C Curli-bdy?1C0 louapig iron 301 cris 4 eks let < pkgs 7 cs capper 4 { bt to order. i Bai men?Bark Constilulioa?311 b*? l<4 pieces bwnrinc 9060 ! de.niy.hns 00 bs Oelriehs k Itmger?4 bis ?Irinnell, Minium k co?tl E fcT Poppe?<5b 1873 demjaa Hanehen It Uakart?70 . J 1 bw T ck< 1 be to ordor. 1 MARITIME HERALD. 1 PORT OP new WORK, APRIL IHL ?!? 5 St I MOOR BUM I >3 47R ?IT? 14 IBIOB WATIR II Otptrtut of en* AtlBBtl* FROM r.NOI.ARO. FROM AMERICA. 3. writtni, Hoakea April ] April 38 Srttamiia, Hewitt April 5 May 1 -'aledonia, I.oil April 19 May II \eadia, Ryrie May < June I 3. Wretero, Hoeken May 31 June II Columbia, Judkiua May II June II Jritanuia, Hewitt June 4 July 3 aleilouiA. Lott June II July IT kcadia, Ryrie July 8 Aug. 1 3. Weatern. Hoaken July I Aug. I To gblp Alaiterai i We ahall eateem it a favor, it captain* or Teeacia arming I tare, will give to Commodore Baaaett.of eur newa achoonera, | i report ol the flopping left at Ike port wheuce they failed, he veftcle apoken ou their paraage, aud a hat of their cargo-ommodore Baaartt will board them immediately on their urrival. We will reciprocate the favor ru auy way. Olaand. Ship* Nirolaa Bavin, (Ri>eeian) Uolatein, St Peterabura, E . ifdler, Helleapont, Ellie, Havana, Spolford, Tilealon It Co.? Jarfca Naahua, (packet) Perry, Mar.rilira, Boyd k Flinckeu; , aidore, Hnrirger, Mataczaa. K IJ Thuratnn ? Bnga Sabine, Flrndell Vera Cilia, Neainith k Lr-di; Durham, (Brl Rulolph, -ialilai, R W Newman; Herald, (Bri Wadaon, do GkJL.auie; Oawego, Yatea. Waldoboro, M*. Brett It Voat^ Sarah Jrowu, Norton, Mobile, Slurpee It Clea'man; Virginia, Talwt, Port Leou and St Mnrka, J Norton k Co; L>aur?. Duuham MOrleana, 1 Klwell; Elector, Packard, St Marya.Oa; lude end.ner. Wieu Ph,I..1.1,1... _u.u_ u u u ._ on; Page, Niekeraon, do; Anfi, Cheney, Newburyport, R P tuck; kJizabeth, Bea?too, I'eteraburg. I ArrlTMl. Ship !Ia>nihal,Sco't. 111 dave froia Cauloti, tea*.eilka, fce ! 0 Win S Wctmnre. Left at Whampoa Die 1 3. ahir* Niantie, lepburn, fm N York, wig canto; Lueouia, Barlow, do, in want 1 freight; b.rk Cynthia, John-on. Sa'em. In the Hirer, bound ip, ahipi Mary Rlleu, Sweet laud. Boatoti; Coromaudo, Seudler, do. At Maeao.enift Oacar, Kyre, New York; Clarendon, itoddard. fan Boaten, for NYork, iu Keb; Henry Pratt, Roger*, I 'hiladelphia, una; India, Nott, Boeton lor Singapore; brig Ca- < 'uga, Biuil. NYork lor Lima. Saw in the Strait* of <fa*pee, < )ec?4, akip lantha, atanding to the eaatward. March as, lat 117 I ,1 N. lo . 69 it W apoke bark Ka ry. T day* fm I'rorincetown, < vhaling; 86th, lat 1110, Inn 66 60 (poke achr Odeon, 8 day* fm tl York for Potto Hiro. Veeaeln a' Manilla Nor 36, hipel'hai i 'erkina, (Irarea, of Salem, for NYork; Caroline, Fabin, Boa- | oofor New York; Kmae'ae.Cutter, Boa on; Polly Wicliham, < ilaaon. do; Hteiglitx Hunt, do. Ship Kcho, Bill, from Lirerpool, Feb If, mdae, to Glorer k lle.Mu'ray. I4ih ult. from lat 4t 30, Ion 45 87 to lou 50, eaw arge iiuautitiea o( ice, at one time orer 800 iceberea were in ight; was ?urrounded by it for 18 liour*. under ihort tail. i Fretch bark La Perouae, La Orud,78diyt from Havre, with nil-c, to Boyd fc Hincken. j Bremen bark Cooatitutiou, Thormann, 107 data from Bremen, < m'ae. to Oelricha 8i Kruger. Feb 24, lat 46 8. Ion 33 44, aaw ihip llcckall.of Boa tun: Mar I, lat 44 IT loa 38 4 Humphries, >f Bait'more, for Bremen; Hill lat 41 SI, Ion 44 49, a Prussian >ark. bright aide, with loaa ol main maat, standing eaa ward; 1 llat, lat 40 31, lou 86 27, aaw an American frigate; April ' II 40,lou 67 12, ahipLydia,of Salem, 4 daya fin Boaton. 8 patenters. , , Britiah brig Chalcedony, Toye, I day a from Halifax, with a argoof ice to Soulak Whitney. Schr Autartie.Thaupson, H days from Turki lilaud, with I iooo bushels aalt to maater. Left no Amarican .cassia. Brig p'arraa was wracked on oac of the iilanla about the 33d tali.? feasel a total loaa?aaila and riggiug eared. SchrSamt Applaton, Nickeraon, 3 day a from Boaton, mdie, :o E Lewie Schr Cambridge, Hall, 4 da) a from Boaton, with mds*, to the naater, Schr Compliance, Lot eland, 3 daya from Boaton, with mdae, to maater. Schr Saml Applrlon. Nickeraon, from Boaton, with mdae, to naater. Bohr FairlV Id, Burr, 4 daya from Salem, Maaa. with mdie, to maater Schr lol'. Small, from Eaatport, with p'aater.toP 1 Neviui k Son Schr Reliere, durnham, S daya from Olouceatcr, with fiah, to maiter. MOW. One abip, thr e kriga. Marine Correspondence. OrricE op thi Hhode Iiu.tor.K, I tfevrport. April 4, 1843. > Arr lat, Ind.peudanee, Fall Hirer lor NVork. Arr 2d, Alabama, New hern NC. for Boaton?Thuraday laat, Dtf Block Island, loa' mainsail.andieceived other carnage?put in for rejwira; Mosea Eddv, NVork for Providence; Glide, and Amity, Providence for NVork. Returned, Suaan. sailed heace 31st for Richmond, and laat foremaat same day in the N W gale,off Block laland. Arr 4th,Baifiue, Slsuington fir B.ngor; Olirer, Boston for Albany; Statesman. Marblihead forNYoik; Erie, Belfast for Philadelphia; Kliz i, Philadelphia for Lubrc; Prudence, Norf'dk for Middletown Ct; Bride, rrorincetown for NCamlina; wm Tell, Proridenca for Middltlowu NC; Arentl.York Hirer for Beaton. Sailed, Ti;er, Lafmrge, Increase, Magnet. Vermout, and Zephyr, NYork; Auguatua, Fredericksburg; Madawaaka, Stooioglon; MaaaaaoiC Tecumaeh, and h'aiikee.N York. Schr Clyde, Seara. of Boatou, team New Bedford for NYork, n ballast, went ashore iu the gale of Thursday night laat,ou 3oat Island, near the Breakwater, wh>re the remained till Saturday afternoon, when she was got off without much dumige. She will goon the railways fur repairs. Otntral Rutin, Packet ship InDErr.rmrtrcr,Holdredge, forLirirpool, will isil to day. Her letter baga are at Gilpin's, m the Ex* hangs. Si hi Beitj Bioelow, Baxter,from Boaton for NYork, put Qto Hymnmsld iust with aaila split, and loaa of anchors and lack load of molasaea, having been ashore at Mtuntnoy Point, n the severe gale aad snow stotm ot Thuraday last. 8chu Wlaxirco ?T?a Wankinco, Nicker on, Irom NYork i or Lynn, was seen ot Friday, ashore on Moaomoy, Cape i Jod, uy (.'apt Gray, of the Post Boy, at Salem from NYork. Her aaila were unbent and they were discharging her cargo ot i he beach. The Tost Boy had severe weather in the Vineyard jounil on Thuraday, and lost boa. I ? ? sn#??uor<?. iium csew uriani, ?tui ?.i? ossenvitc, or vviugito,.. Mm itvm bmiod Kir mcnrfliind, hiu<- in coutact on Bamrday evaning, between IJeorges Island ind the Narrowa, at Beaton. The Charlotte waa (truck on her juarter about tea feet Irotn the taffrail: her quarter and counter wereatove, her mainsail torn to piccea, main li :om and naff jroki-n a id otuerdam ce aualained. in a'l to the amount of iboul$1030. She has returned to Boaton for rrprira. The Gibraltar loat bnhitay, lliog Jibboorn, cutwat r, and was otherwise injured in her bows Had the collision taken place it sea. the Charlotte would probably Derer have been got back to port. Whalemen, Holmei Hole, April 2?Arr Phebe, Pacific Ocean Spoke off Gallipagoe Island Srpt J. Congress, Kant. 9V) bbls; 4th, rrcsideat, do.tMO; 9th, Fabius, do, TOO; 12?h. Enterprise, do, 250: Beni Tucker, NB 950; Oeo porter, do, 1050- list, Brandt, do, 1)0; James Monroe, KH. 400. Atril 3-Ait Jos Starbuck, Pacific Ocean. Reports spoke and heard from a Payta, Oct 8, Isaac How land, Ml. 2430; 18th, Ocean, To.SOO: Alto, KH- 450; l.exington, Nant,7o0; Mercury, NB. 50; Bept 17, Washington, Nant 700; Oct 18 Parker, NB 1800; Kabiua, Nant 14 mos, 700; Nov 13, at Talcahuana, Charles k Henry, Nant. 180; 89th. trident,NB. 1400; Dec 0, Orion, Nant. clean;apoke Jan 13,1st 38 8, Ion 52 30, lujalWareham, ISO ep?captain reported tie Abrolhia tleet, rery low. ('apt Downs, late of ship Miles,of Warren,air at Pernambuco Feb I7lh. in a P< rtugurse bark, with s?0 hblsol the Miles'oil. The bark would be under the necessity of discharging at K. as she iiad a rung a leak, and had 14 Inches of water iu her hold on her arrival there. Spoken. Massachusetts, from New Orleans for Bbston, Mirch 30, lat 13 SO, Ion 93 40. Qjinnebaug, 34 days fm Matanzas for Hamburg, March 8, lat >0, Ion 13 45. Thames, from Boston for Mobile, March 35, lal 38, Ion 74. foreign Porta. Rio dz Janeiro, Feb 13?lo port, Richmnn I, line; Commerce, from Piiila lelphia for New Uriea-ia. loading; hydia Ann. for Philadelphia, Idg; John A Kobb (.'oast of Afri;a, do; R H Douilais.from Baltimore, line, re fran juea. with ier cargo on board; Margairt Hupg. fm do do; V. Is. fm Richmond, uisg; Mootezuma, fin do.disg; Atlila, fm Bt John. United States Porta. PoniiAtvn, April 4?Below, Napoleon, fm St Thomas. Arr Id, Ma/nolia. Baltimore. Arr 3d, Rapid, Dter Isle for N York. | ker below, in Hog Island Roans, May Flower. Tncmaaton fur NVork. I PoiiTsatofTH. April 3?Arr Caroline k Mary, Mobile. ] Nv.wnravroRT, April 4?Arr Effort. Baltimore. Sstr.H Apr'1'?Arr Post Boy, NVork; 3d. Delaware, do. | Did Angeretl*. NYork. Bid Mar 31. Fairfield, do. I Boston. April 5?Arr Calumet, Canton; Maadirin, NOrlns. j \ topsail achr of about 60 tons burthen, with amain topmast , ind jibboom is aahnre on the BE side of Lovell's Island. CM | Vermany, Havana; Mary, ( Br) Kingston Jam; OUa. (new, of ; hit port, 333 tons) Havana; Iris. Matanzis; Geo Baolliel 1, N Orleans. Arr 4th, Angelo, Cardiff. Cougaree,Charlestoo; Jno )dlin, NOrlraus; Mary Bt.n'nn, Baltimore; Dnisills, Cursrsa thult?,'eftuo A ins. Kim j Knight. Attakapasfor Portsm'th; , ?liza Maria, Bath NC; Honcr. N\ork. Arr 3?l,Paud.>ra, Eli ieth City. t Hvannis. April 3?In pjrt, Merida, Cienfu-gos for Bo?tsu; r-ecian, NYork fordoHoi.mts Hole. April 2?Arr Gordon, Norfo k far Bostan; th, llrnry, NYork for Portland; Ireland, Boston for Washingon INC. Taarsi nts Cose. April 2?Arr Columbia. Bostcn for Ballilore. with I aa of anchor ant stern boat, in riding out the gale f Thursday li ght, between Nautuckit light and lighboat; Vtoi. Boston for NYork ; Brilliant, from Darien. I nuinioav, April I?Arr Justice, Watchman, and Frseman i J or* lor 1 homaston; Cordelia, l'o I411 Ronton, and oil aid 2d. r> port 2i, Albatroaa, for Nantucket. Utlow, a schr bound Ml. WooD'a IIoi.k, AprtH?Arr Ann, from Salmi SJ. for Ken bec. Fall Ritkr, April 2?Arr Wankinco. Baltimore; a low deck erm brig. from NCarolma. witliloaa of part of de k load?per pa the Helen, fm Wilmington NC. PHii.tDKLrHiA, April ??4rr Henj Krtnklin. Boston; Maruia, Bucksport. Cld llrlea MeLeod.Montevideo and Bucncs [Tree; Henrietta, Neuritaa; Hy | h. Itoalori Bcmimorf. April 4?Arr Fabiua, Rio; Maria, NewBedford Id Palmetto, llalifav. Itli HHovo, April 4?Cld Bachelor. Cowea. Norfolk, April 1 - Arr Adri -n. Franklin La: Amain)?, New 'ork. In Hampton Roada, Luciada Hnow, Thor acton; for 'rederickeburg. Cld Saratng , Madeira PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS PHF.SK far-lamed an, c. lebrat-d pule. from Portugal, an a I we perceive to be obtained in tbu country bee advar- j emeul on the laet enh.mnnf fnurtn [age. fetlm'ia J NFUHU \ III IN JSV AN F h (?. I Aloe VkOlaid, olherwise O'Ha' a.formerly of Dublin, w ho rame from that city to lew Yon in the aliip Uuhli i Packet,in July. 142* Her huv- r >and, William O'Ha-a b mg now de-ad, ahe, or thoae poeaee ug any information if her, maj hear of acrnethirig toner ad- h anlage by apply i(.e to k ?7 |? GEORGE MeBRlPE, R-J Cedar at k Af ANTED?A young, h'althy and rripectabe woman' " wih a I retb breast of milk, withea to take in a child of j eepectableparenti to nurer. '1 he advettiier baa recently loat er child of ail weeka old. Good and competent refarenre . an e given, at it*_ f JITI'A'I Itl.N WAN TEU AS STEWARDESS- By a n youog woman, on board a ateaniboat or any of the pa-acts n Europe. Addreaa M. C. at 54 Henry ?t 1* V"|||V PHK.MU'M-Tee I N11 v.HI' It I' CTi B I. E INK. ! JieJV/W whieh K. M Bar tell evhibiard at the Fair of the .| American Institute, New York, 1141, with an offer of *500 to ny one who should eetracl it (rum paper, and which reteired be gold medal of the Inatitute, ran he had by calling en the draara. Rawdon. Wright 5c Hatch, banknote engravers, 44 . .]?r-hanta' Ktchange. Order* from any part of the I "ruon, poet paid, through the . ihove named licuae, will be promptly altendedto. Writing made with tbu ink w ill ramrin um liinged :ie long . ii piper will endure, and ia eiceeduigly valuable .ibnve all la- v lellible iuka now in use, ol which we here any knowledge. , JOHN TURKEY. M.D? " ProfeaRor of Cbymiairy, Icc. in the College of i I'hvaiciant and Surgeons. N V", JAMES R CHILTON. M D, _ Practical Chj imet. JOHN A. WARDEH, M D.. Profeaaorof Chymictry and Mineralogy , aTlm* Cincinnati College, Ohio KNCHIRIDION MEDICI M.-Th undtraigncd. a regular practitioner of medicioe in the City of Ntw York, mem>er of the Sledical Institution of the State tad County, hav og, duneg the laat eight ye era. accomplished a grent auiuber o >t wonderful and aur wieiafceurei in every variety of long v ilendiug disrate,, offera hia attendaner and medicines without barge,until the patient has feirly teat.d the medicine intkvee f liaeaaeo. The advanced age (beingower 50 yean,) and long b vperience of Dr. Bolomon Heine, n a guarantee that the rub t ie;will not be deceived. He will be louud till the lit of May. b 442, at Ike cornrr of Canal street and Broadway, and after hetin Keed treet,near Broadway. " Niai utile eat quod agimue. wane eat gloria nottrn, Na'ura iinat, medicua curat morbua. 1 ? ! ' SOLOMON HEINE, M. D. [INDEPEN DENTTIKMOORATI^RKFTBL^ CAN NOMINATION. The People'* Candidate. FOR M AVON, THOMAS O'CONNOR. THE KREMLIN. Ill BWO AD WAY, corner of Tha?es street?This splen* 9 estah'ijhment is uow open for the reccjOiou of I lie public. havieg been fitted up ? ad elegant retort for gentlemen desirous of spending a few hours ??f leisure in the prsc* tics of healthful etercises. and agreeable retaiatioua from bu uva* |>ui?uiui. * wo BfpHrmr ir.tiuun* "Tr niira up an uimaru room* and bowling alleys. The first contains four very stiperiorUblei, ui<i lh? sr.- -nd four excellent alleys Karli iv loon has thradeautage of a fiue light aniplrny of ro'un, aud is furnished iu the must superior st] le indeed, no (mine nor ripense have been spared to place Tbe Kremlin upou a footing, in point of attrarliana. of the most uivttisg respeetabilily. The proprietors, in inviting gentlemen to viait their ?Ubliehmmt.Drg to assure them that especial regard will be had to their accommodation, and noetpeuar w ill be snared to rise satisfaction, and make them perfectly "at home." BEN WILSON, formerly propiielorof the Meutgomery Hall, Montgomery, Ala. (JEO. A. THOMAS, late book keeper at the Astor Home. TO BE LET?The store lit Broadway, adjoining Trinity church vard.suitable for any business, nil favorably known u an old and popular stand Also, twelve or fourteen furnished apartments.for single gentlemen, which will he let by the ni'inlh or otherwise. There ] is a dining s tloon upon the European plan, attache ! with The Kremlin, w here meals will be served at all hours. aT i? PI A NO FORTES. ; COUTHKKN DEALERS and purchasers generally will find it to their advantage to calf and examine a choice as ortment of the above article, comprixing a variety oft and 6< octaves, of rONtttl aud mahogauy, with grand action, scroll . finds, and every modern improvement. These inetramcnle are warranted to be equal to any iu the city, aid will be sold st the lowest possible prices for cash, at the manufactory, tf 1 West Fourteenth strert. betwe-n Fifth and Sixth avenues. N. B ?Piano Fortes for Hire?A good assortment of piano fortes for birr at tlie manufactory. aT 3in BOOKS O.N HERALDKY-T BBOWN, Stone Seal i ngraver, has removed to 133 Broadway, opposite the Park? Cfoatssf Arms, Crests, ciphers, emblematical subj-cls, St:., engraved on stone, lad ire' seals, pencil cases, signet rings, Sic., engraved with coats of arms, r oltor s. or any other device? 1 Stones cut for hugs, sells, fcc. forwarded in a letter with c nts >farme. Coats of arms found and painted for slatted glass windows, >r carriages, and forwarded to any part of the United States; jriee twodollarr aud upwards. Uooki of Heraldry kept with ipwarde of too 000 names. ay 31* TO BOAT,MEN. IT/ANTED?Beach Paving Stone of the liril quality. Ap?" ply No. S3 Norfolk street. a7 1m* r|H) LET?The upper part of a house, cunsis'nig of twu bed A toonis and twosittiug rooms, basement sod cellar, with a tood cistern of water, to iteelf. Enquire of H. PEIRCEY, 141 Division si., spirit lamp i tore. a4 3l* THE CANTON TEA COMPANY offer for sale at 1*1 I Chatham street. New York, the cheapest and most genuine Teas in tbe world in any quantity not less than fourouncrs. If any artic'e purchased at their establishment should not give full satisfaction, it is requested that they be brought back?the mom y will be returned. a? 1 tn* RtWtlVAL -r. W.tnuj k SON hare removed to 91 Front itreet, corner of Oourerneur'a LaDe, where they have foraale a eelcct atork of Wlnea of every description, iu inantitiea to suit purchaaera. Dealers who have orders for wines, which it is not an object for th -m to keep on hand, will he furnithed at fmill profits, and with articles put up in the be t manaer. The attention of those who sell or use fine o'.d Madeira, Sherry or Port, h*. are innted to their stock in wood and glass, much of which is really old and estra. 16 3t* SPY GL ASS LOST. ON SUNDAY LAST, between Caml stroet and the Battery, the west aiJe of Broadway. The finder willbeliberally rewarded by leaving it at this office. at 3t* S are selling off their entire stock ol dry goods, at aud less than cost. All therefore who are in want of dry goods, can obtain them of us much less than at any other place in the city, is it is our object to sell our entire stock before the first of May. NOTICE?The copartnership heretofore exiating under the firm of SHARP It FERGUSON, is this day dissolvtd by mulnal consent. All those having claims against said fi m are requested to present the same for payment, and all indebted tomake payment of the came to eitker of the undersigned, 88 Hudson street. New York, April Ith, 1812. ROBERT SHARP. a52W JAMES FERGUSON. GREAT FIRE IN NEW ORLEANS. EXTRACT from the New Orleane Picayune.?\Ye saw one of WILDER'S SALAMANDER SAFKSyeiterday taken from the ruins of the itore occupied by J. Vv. Stanton 8c Co The books end papers it contained were in as pirfect a state of preservation as they would have hceu had there Lot been afire within ten squares of them. The ordeal through which they h id passed was not* slight one. The oil and can dies iu the store of Stanton k Co. mad.- about at comfortable a fire aa we deeire to aee.?[N. O. Picayune, 17th March. The above aafa was aold bv the subscriber to Thomas P. Staiilon, merchant, No. 134 Front at., for hia house in New Orleana; and haa proved of immense value to the owners. A general aeanriment, at prices ranging from $80 to $309, on hand, and for sale hv SILAS C. HERRING, No 139 Water it. The only authoiised ageut for the sale of Wilder'* Patent Salaman4er Safe*. at tw SPLENDID CARPETS. CHEAP FOR CASH. T H LOUNSBl'RY k CO., 440 Pearl street, having made J large additions to their new slock of carpets and oil cloths, invite the attention of the public t > tbe same, and they are now ready forexlnbition, and will be disposed of at great bargains to all who take advantage of the present low prices Their sew patterns are superiortoany previously offered. Those ia want ol a good article, for little money, will please call on J,H LOUNBBEBY fc.CO , al Iw* 440 Pearl street CHEAPEST CARPET STORE TN THK UNITED STATES, No. 99 Bowery.?ANDKR i SON k UOBBt*. having made extensive alterations in their establishment, now offer to the public the cheapest assortment of evrry description of Carpeting ever before offered inthiseity. Tho carpets having all been purchased at low prices for cash, < gables them to aril from its to 30 per cent lower than any other (tore in the United States. N. B.? 25 U00 yards carpe'iog, warranted all wool, 3i.Sd. per yard. 35.DOO do do, warranted fine wool,4s. per yard. 30,UC0 do do, extra fine, Ss. per yard. 20 0*0 do superfine carpeting. 6s. per yard. 25,000 do three ply cvrpetiug, from 9s 6d. to 12s. do. 4,00) do lulled hearth rug, (3 50 ANDERSON & DOBBS, Ni, 19 Bowery, thr first store above Hester st. N.B.?Just received six entirely new private i alters, which caunot be found in any other store in this city, as Iw* No. 99 Bowery. COAL AND COLDS: THE extreme mildness of the weather of late, although it may have proved diaastrous in aorae degree to the coal trade, haaby no m*ana diminished the cases of COUGHS AND COLDS. Many are now sick in this city from disorders acquired hy SLIGHT EXPOSURE. Tht great remedy of the day is PEASE'S HOAllHOUND CANDY, which*haa scijuired aa euviable celebrity tor ita iurariable efficacy in the cure of ALL CLASSES OF TULMONARY AFFECTIONS. It is known hy its fruits?ita good works testify for it?it thrives only by the extraordinary, curas ir HAS ACCOMPLISHED. Sold wholeaale and retail at 45 Diviaiou at, QrJ- Each eavelope of the genuine Horehound Candy is signed John Pease k Son, 45 Dirinonstreet. AGENTS. Rushton k Aspinwall, No. 10 Astor Hsuae, no Broadway, sad 66 William at. Hart, 278 Broadway; Walsh. 395 Broadway; Smith, 233 Greenwich St.; Chaslery, 1401 Bowery ; Bromhush k Young, No. Ill Varick et; Aguew 300 Hudson street; Owen, No. 3 Sixth Avenue; Wilson k llo. cornerof Hubert k Greenwich itreet; A. Pnkor, 165 Greenwich it; Moreton. corner of Elm and 4 rand at; lie war, comer Church and Chamber at; Sands. 79 Fulton it, and corner of Broadway and Chambers it; Busli. Stiten Island, Hays. 139 Fallon strict. B'ooklya; liawle k CO., No.57 State st, Albany; Duvall, 23] Broad it,, Newark, N. J. rty- All letters post-paid will be punctnally attended to. J. PEASE*. SON,41 Division at. N B ?Country Merchants wishing Pease's liorehound Cat ly, cao obtain it at the manufacturers, st the lowest prices, by lending au order to any Merchant ia this city, with wh in hey have dealinp. m2l " l ake phync early?medicine cornea too late, When the disease becomes inveterate." RECOMMENDED by the Faculty-VANCE'S ANT1 IV BILIOUS FAMILY APERIENT PILLS-By long iperience these pills have been proved by thousands to be ihebeet andsafest Family Medicine hitherto discovered. At dl seasons of the year they will !>e found very valuable to alt rho wish to secure themselves again t sitkn>ss They are dike sale lor children as I rany periodof life, and ragwl no sira attenticn to diet or to clotliiug, bilious and fiver com laiuta, dysprpsia or indigestion, nervous diseases, sick headiche, *.nd iu fact all diseases arising from an impure state of he bi >od, or a disordered state of thr stomach or bowels, are peedily removed by taking them They prevent scurry, cosireness and its cousrqutnces?therefore seafaring mrn should ever be without tliem. Time or climate affects them not. Two rr three doses will convince the patient of their ealuary effects, for the etomach will readily regain its strength, i healthy staleol the liver and bowels will speedily lake place .nil renewed health ani1 vigoi of body ami mind will be the cer ain result. Their virtues, iD fact, may be summed up?as a nrdirine which atrengthrns the feeble and consolidates the nuscles of the strong, and will be found of infinite Value to fenales of all ages (if taken according to the directions), who rish to be secure Iremsickness. Trice 25 and So cent a per hoi. for sue. wnoiesr i? una re ail, 07 wm. wiuon, a pomearies'Hall. It Cat! ariu* street; Smith, corner of l< ullota and Valerate, Nowili. 1(7 Bowtry , Balyroee, druggist. Fulton t. ttreoklyn. ni3l lin* RING'S VERBENA CREAM. AGAIN TRIUMPHANT. rllK true teat of the exquisite merit! of Ring'* Verbena Cr am 1* fully birue out by the firit premium diploma eing ay tin awarded by It e judges at the America* Inatitute air nel'l at Nihlo'i. The longtr tbii celebr iled shaving soip ia do*n. and the more eiten?i?ely circulated it haa become, una only to confirm the Haltering and unaolicitcd tealimoniI* it baa recrivad from all part# of America and Europe. In ecd, the constantly increasing demand ia a aource of proud atiafac'ion that the proprietor baa accomplished whit thouand* hare been for jeiri attempting, en:?an 'Kmolient American ahai in( aoap." which, tor ease, comfort, and cconoty,cannot be surpassed either at home or abroad. (From the Herald.J Shaving?Ring's Verbena ('reamfor shaving, ia a moat capiil article It can be had at 53 Fulton street VVe hate Iried t anil found it eery inperior. It softens the beard and makes 1 he operation as gentle as magnetising. I From the Boston Traveller? April, 1810.1 VmnxiA Or am?This new Hhiving Compound i? now I II the ra^e. ai well amorg tonsorial profeaaors as among I hose who prefer to leather their own diurnal crops. The bar- 1 era aay that a pot of it lasts twice as long aa the same quanity of another aoponacioua preparation; while those who sare < lieir sunencr declare that with the Verbena Crum. a dull < aror will insure a smoother fare than most of the old snips 1 nth a sharp steel; b-sides it is fragr <nt to the sense, softenng to the skiu. a (real destroyer of freckles For sale wholesale and retail by C. It. KINO, Clumist and Iriwgiat. S3 Kultoustreet. N.Y. N.B. Beware of unblushing imitations; and obteres the d rritten sitn I'lire of C. H K-nyoneach mgl 1 in" . COPV HF A TESTIMONIAL 'ROM THE CELEBRATED DOCTOR NELBON- c THE ORIGINAL. MAV BE BEEN AT 97? BROAD b WAV. Muds. Millao. , , , ,. : 81*?The cement with which you filled the decayed teeth t f two of rny friends fully auswered the purpose for which H u rae applied,and give (he gre ileal satisfaction. The spec imcns ofartrficul teeth. planted on (old (umshie'.Os e row a ranee of three or four teeth up to t complete set for * oth iiws. which I ha?e seen you sescute. ere 00 a lesel with t he highest order of dentni subeiilutui now known, either rtor in Eurof e. . ... < I am yours Iru'r, t ROBERT NELBON.M.D. Marsh IS. lit#- _ tl Frank'ui sireet I ro Mone. Mail** * *?. Burgeon Dentist,I7i?r??lwtr. mUlmv* AMlltl Itltfl. BIT THOMAS BELL ( HierttNot.VtJhxn and! II FuUotutrtiU.) THURSDAY. At 29 hktilrcrt. Kjegmat furniture ol a gentleman giving up housekeeping, in* eluding finest mahogany, rosewood parlor a ad dm* iug room furu?lure in all its varieties; ths solas, chair# lie, are first rate; rich damask eurtaine, looking classes. heau.iAil ro?*w.?od piano forte, dinner and tea setts of best china, tab's cutlery, glass ware,500 ox ste,linf fashionable pattern lea and coffee ?eite, si?oons,lic. Also^kitchen uten*i's, stove*.and all iu the fiuestorder, FRIDAY, At 10j o'clock, in the 5ale* Ro< m, A fine assortment of c'oths,casnmeres, votings. seasonable nry goods, clothing, farcy awd pledged articles, splendid guus, diamond pins, London guas kcc. To Buililn??At 3i o'clock, at the font of loth itreet, dry dock, a quantity of Connecticut brown Hone?ftep*. block*, l<*, facia, aahlcr, he. By i)id?r of \V A. Farmer, executor. A lao, a large additional lot of choice aeaiouable dry goody, clothing. he Alan, in the aale* room,an invoice of table enrori, damaak table lineu, eight aplenditl watehe*. and other choice arlie'lea SATURDAY. At 10) o'clock. <u the Sale* Room. Evtenaive aale of anltudid furniture cf all h acriptiona? Such an avaortmmt ia rarrly met with. _ riano forte* at 10 oVIork preciiely?Eight moat beatiful piano forlea by the brat maker*. It ia uoaeceaaary tit a ay more than that thia aale ?ill tornpriae alu.oat every article U'eful and valuable in houaekeepiiir. MONDAY. At 10} o'clock, at tkr aale room*. Extra Bale?Without Reaerv*?Sofa#. chair*. French bedIteada, upholaterer'a atock,furniture, table aud bed linen?The following valuable article*, riz?10 pair foot bench** ami ottoman*. 16 very fine ?<iaa, 3 *ofa beifa, 10 dozen mahogany and maple chairs, 10 Fren li and other bediteada, lOrockiLg and tewing chair*, an rot ire aicck of ruperior hair inatreaae*, heat leather heda, bolateraand pillow*, palliaaier* and aol'a pillow a, quantity ol labia and bed liuen, quilt#, blanket*, counterpane i. Ike. AUCTION NOTICE?Sale of handaome furnilare of all deacriptioua.ou Tuea lay, at 10, o'clock, at tht coruer of Blercker and Hainmoud at* -7ti THOMAS BELL, Auctio_ r. Auction noticb-rikll * arculariub wdi aell tliia inornine al 10o'clitck,at the Auction Room. 304 Broadway, comer of Duane atreet, new and aerond hand furnilure, canaiating of mahog any aidrbovrd*. tabha. chaira. Ottoman*. bedateada, looking gl***r*. toilet table* with marbl* topa.aofaa, he. Alao, caepetirg, bed* a> d bedding, clock*, mantle and other lamp*, aud a variety of oilier article*. luthe Evening, at 7 o'clock, a aplendid collection of Hayward'* Ergliah Eogr.vicg*, line and mezotint, both colored auil plain?worthy the attention cf the trade. I* FARE AATD FREIGHT REDUCEDESQE -ly wpjii itKtHILAR MAIL LINK FOR f'HO Vl DENtTfc j\NI> BOSTON, via 8TON1NOTON AND NEWPORT, conpoaed of tha follow og auperior (learner*, running in connection with the ktouiogtou and Providence, and Boalou aud Providence Hai'roada? MASBACHUBETTS.Capt .Comatock. RHODE ISLAND.Capt.Thayer. NARRAOANBETT.Capt.Woolaey. MOHEOAN,Capi. Yandirbilt On* of which will leave New York daily, Sundayaexceptad renin pier No. I North River. Battery 5 o'clock. P M FaretoBOaton f:i 00 Deck paaaage 5-q ir, do Providenca <i oo do do 1 bo Arrangement. Tha NARRAOANSKT,on Monday*,Wedneadaytand Fri day*,for atoniugtoa. Tha MASSACHUSETTS,on Tueaday*. Thuradaya.and Saturday a. for Moningtou. Paanengeraon the arrival of theitaamera'ntStonington, may take the Railroad Cart aud proecetLtmme,'lately to Providence and Boaton. Fright taken at thefollowing much reduced rate*:? To Boaton, on good* weighing forty po in'a or upward* to the cubic loot, at *5 50 |icr ton, and on mtaiurement goods T ccnU per foot To Providence, on measurement good* 5 crate per cubic foot, aud specific irticlea ae per tariff to tie obtained at office 33 Broadway. a>3l ?m aj-TfAPI It'-1 l lr> FOR ALBANK and ^a iotermidiale places, daily at five o'cloch, P Tr un the Pier between Courttaudt aud Liberty elrerte. The SOUTH AMKRICA, Capt. Brauiard, learee ae above, this (Thuraday) afternoon, at five o'leoek. The commodious eteamboat IIOCHESTKR. Capt. St. Jobu, leavea ae above to-morrow (Friday) afternoon, at five o'clock. The Rochester direct without landing at intermediate placee. The above boats are new and euhetantia1, furnished wilh e'egant State Rooms, and forepied and accommodations are unrivalled ou the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, _a7 at the office on the Wharf. a*ae FOR NEW t)HLEANrS?Louisiana aud New t?9|^VYorb Liue?Posilirely First Rrgular Packet?To JWfipCiaail 10th April?Thefast sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt, will positively sail ai above, her regular day. For freight or passage.having splendid furnished accommodations, apply on board, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 6? South at. Positively no goods received after Saturday evening, the 9th instant. Ureal care will be taken to have the goods by this line correctly mraeured. Agent In New Orleans. Jas. E.Woodruff, who will prompt' ly forward all goods to his address. The pack-t ship HUN rSVILLE, Captain MumforJ .will eucceed the Louisville, and sail the 30th April, her regular day. a7 FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet jM^^otgSth April?The splendid packet ship SIDDON8, j&MiMfa Captain C. B. Hobb, of 1000 tona, will aail as above, her regularday. fforf reight or passage .havingaccommodatiuus unequalled for giaodoror comfort .apply on board, at Orleans wharf .foot of Wallet..orto ^ ^ COLLINg fc CO. 5? South.trsst Price of pareage fisu. The paeart ship SHERIDAN, Captain Drpeyster, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Siddotti, aud aail 35ih .tiny, her regular day. Paeeengers may rely upon the shipa of thia liue aailiag punctuailv as advertiaed. a7 For LI VEKI'OOL?Regular packet orihe Tt a*lffw April?The spl-udid fast sailing regular packet ship JS^PfelNDEPENDENCE,captain H.ildridge, wi.laail lor the above port on her rrgHlar day. This ship's accommodations for eibiu, secuud cabin, end steerage passengers are nut surpassed by any packet in port,and berths can be secured on moderate Urine, by applying on board, at piereaitiide of Maiden lane,or to ULOVKH k McMUKRAY, 100 l ine it. corner Mouth. P.9?Orsons wishing to send for their friends reeking in the old country can have litem brought out by the above tu perb ship, or any < f the regular line of packet!, by applying as above, if by letter post paid. The above will be succeed id by the packet ship Virginian. captain Allen, and sails on the 13 h April m29 OLD L.INK OhTITVEKPOOL PACKET!*.rfnWW Regular Packet of 19,h of April?The splendid KJfiBCnew packet ship NEW VOHK, burthen I loo tons. l"apt. Thos. B. Cropper, will sail positively on Tuesday, ths 19tn April, her rtgularday. The accommodations aud advantages in this line for cabin, 3d cabin and aterrage pasatngers, are well known to be superior to any other. Kor terms ol passage apply on board, foot of Bcekman street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. k? r, K i It on st nei t door t.) the Kultno bank t Hlf BALTIMORE KKUM HAVKE-Coimigneea~wTll EJ please trnu their permits on board,at pit r 4 Nil. All goods not permitted by the (th iost., will be sent to the public stores. A TO LET, together or separately, the stoic and basement 28 Ann str-el, recently occupied by the Episcopal Sunday School I'm,in at a depository anil book store, for which purpose it is well a aptnl; the store is large and rouvenient, and from i s situation, well ralcul-t-d foraniiot'r or book binder, or at a paper warthouie. Apply to Hud(,<n 9c itmith. 119 Fulton at. s7lw* COUNTY TAVERN AND hTOBE 'l'tl L.KTAl Chelsea, Staten Island the tavern an I store known as the Chelsea Landing House The steamboat Karilan.from the foot of Barclay street, stops ,1 ai ly at the dock in front of the house It is an improving neighborhood, and is a desirable atand forauy person competent to keep a respectable tavern aud general gnu an store. Possession on 1st of May. Apply to CARY It CO. 90Pin*st. a7 2?" JACOB TRAVIS, Jr..Chelsea. s I. Millinery uoods-john m keeled, as john street, Dear Nassau, has recently received an taleniive assortment of millinery articles'adrpted to the spring trade.? Miilineri are invited to call and esamine. The stock will be replenished on the arrival of every pacget. a3 ft' At Alll) 'I'll THE II1 Ml. I1 ?The stilts Tiber, iintuits' turerof Day, Newell and Day's celebrated Patent Bank Lock takes this mett.odcfaitiuaintiogthe Public, tint be lias aotoorized Mr. Hrory U. Jones of Newark, N. J., to be sola agent for the sale of said Locke in the United Stales. Imlindu i's. and Officers of Banks at a distance, wishing to avail themselves ' f the greatest security in the World, will have an opportunity, as Mr. Jones designs visiting most of the prin. cij al cities in the Union, for the purpose of eilubitirg the su. prrior advantages of thes-Locks over all others, claiming to 1 e of rhaoseatt'e character, and also to counteract a prejudice, if any etiata. which certain individuals, who arc traversing the country, are trying to create against th? character of Mr. Jones, .and also against the high rrpuUtion of I line L'rka I therelore certify that Mr. Jones is a in nit of itit.g iljr ami truth. JOHN DAY, Lock Maniifactnrrr, a2 1wia' 589 Broadway. New York. WHO WANTS A BEAUTIFUL CIEAR T COMPLEXION f HIS ii not addressed to ladies only, but gentlemen too. To he brief, jron areaesured tint freek eg. pimples, blotches. sunburn, tan. innrnhe ?, or any disfiguration of theskin, are removed by the Italian chemical soap; dark, thick, sunburnt or yellowskiu,change to a healthy clear hne after ming thin. The public are particularly requested to notify that is no puffed nostrum, but tke invention of M. Italian physirian. The New York Herald of March ga, ISiJ, sat a?" An Italian hae lately foimed aaoap of the wild herba of nia country that will change the color of thick, dark, yellow or eun burnt skin to a healthy clearness; cure eruptions of akin,such as rait rheum, scurry, lie. We are told by two |iersons who have need this, lhat it ia excellent, and we advise all to try it, Thiaismldhy T.JONE8, at the aign of the American Katie. M?mind Ihe right number.or you'll be cheated?M t hathamatreet. Price So cents a cake. 131 Fulton st, Brooklyn, is an agent. in 30 i m' WIIXIAM hkarnT OfM BOWKRY. between Prince and Sprir g strict*, offers for gal* the following dry ?<>t>di. Iate'y rfc*i?ed:? French, English and domeelic calicos, mourning and second mourning, light thiols and aingla colors; superfile 4 4 French printed mualioa, small chtntg figures; tine 4-4 pltid K?rl?ton ginghatrs. mourning and light colors; plain and satin stuped HkSc blue blk silks; I'git col d lining silks ami watered bat lihbnnt: fine blk mourning a ,d[light col d muslin de lainee. ladies' fancy and gentlemen ? blk silk cravais. I idles'and gcnilemen's plarn andhemstiched linen cam* b icndk fa; ladies *Ld gentlemen's light col'tf kid gloves; blk nik long e hawls; sunshades and misses parasols , hi,.g I iwnt; liirdiryi diapers; blk and brown linens; twilled, Btlrsis*and Marseilles skirls; thirling muslins; blk and white cotton hose, he Ice.; ?lru>ed, plain and corded cambric; jaconet, book, kwiaa, anull and Tarlatan muslint; R shop's lawns, Cambric Innitirs, he. he. Also on hand, bk bombnin g, blk chaly, fig I Kolienaes, rape*. green barege, naravo's. and a general assortment ol <?her goods, all of which are offered generally, at lowest narkct prices. Vnt'orm pri es?no aSntement. m30 Im" A MOTHER SUSPENSION ' ADVANTAGES OF ' ASH PAYMENTS,?The long known sign of the fid en rleere hu been removed from the corner of Fulton and ,Wj. ' now suspended over the new store of f'HAH UA, No. <1 Nassau atreet, (I doors shove Maiden lane,' i here he will be most happy <h si it such of hit friends *cl uatomer* sa may I ivor him with s call; his old stock hm een disposed of at auction in nrdertogive place to his present "rely new, large, ami varied assortment of spring goods r eeled from Ihe Loudon awl Paris rnaikels, ami comprising he finest and most faahi mable ef Cloths, Csssimeres, Vesi ngs, he fcc. His purchases having been made delusively for cash, he ii tabled lo sell at greatly reduced prices on that golden system 'hich has so long convinced luwise'f and cisgtoniers of Ihe ua n*nne advantages derived therefrom. Fre.mihe cash pat ing community he solicits a renin""" if those favor* so kindly bestowed during his lung career or N?'lT' Naval and Military Uniforms. Ladses' Hiding Habits kc. ho, asad* In superior style. , Mr. Bakooch continues to assist in the |w* NaWM. HA UK. THIATBB. THIS EVENING April T?The performance will commence with a w r? WK3T END. H.r Wm Dateiitry, Mr. Pl-.ri.le ? . I>rcy Ardent, W R Blake t ?rl ol Btaituiore, i la. k | Rup, I-, I li.pprn.Ule t.*"yi,Y .D,v*0P?>,t, Mi?i ('.kHimu Norah Oxouner. Mim 8 CuaLuita ? O ?*OUCU.|H BkUUAKV OPERA.) C apt. Macueatli, "MrP-amon Pearhuro, 1- laher | Locket, I hippeiwiale Polly, Mm Km^ht A.liio?i.?>?Boiee 51 ; P.t ',o ( <? . <.<ilrr, j.reiita CHATHAM TIIKATKK. THIS EVENING, April 7?The performance will cotnmcnew wifh WEUGH, HERE'S A GO. Rip LaHtiu*. Ilr, lltt Krui'r., L Meattyer | Melpomene. Mr* Blake After which THE SHOEMAKER OK TOULOUSE Jacob Oriel, Mr J H Scott Henry, Mr Hield | Adelaide, Mie* MestaTer Margaret, Mr* Thorue To conclude with JIM CROW IN LONDON. Mr Jame* Crow. Mr Rice ere* Iteeata ;ltf and Id tieraM, Pit IM ; (Hilary lit Drereopenat (t; Curtainriiaa at Tf praciaajy MITCIIKIX a OLYMPIC THBAVU THIS EVENING April 7.?The performanea will cowmewcw with CINDERELLA. Priuce Peraeverance H< rncaalle Nidanid, Edwin Lollipop' Nirkeinon | CinJerell*. Mr* Timaa After which ONE HUNDRED AND TWOTiiilip (Jarhoia Mitchell | Pieire Horoeaatlw Lotuee Mr* Tina To coDclnde with MUS. NttRMER. Polonj-, Mr. Edwin | Klaiue Mr Erecord Mre. Norincr, Mr* Tinm Admiatioa? Urea* circle Mcenta. Upper hoiae at eenta IM cent*. Private boar* |L Door* open eteerea Curtain rieaa at halfpaat aereoK11ANKL.IN THKATKK. ' Uloriona Sucre.e of the Prize Syitem. THIS EVENING, Aiwil7. For Ibc benefit ?t Mr. WHITI-OCti On which oeraaiouhe will present Ida IrienHa. the audience,, with aa mall)' five dollar piece* a* uere are fiflieain the boa**, and aa many twenty shilling piece* aa there are lifliea in the pit. Mr. YVhillnck takea thia opportunity of informing hi* frienda and the public that thia nen? tit i* preeioua to hta departure for the Court of Bt. Domingo, aa tint halo* player to the King. Matter Diamond, Mr. Turner Mr Welden, Sir. B. William* La Petite Klealer. Mr. Leelie And the Green Mountain Boy, hare kindly volunteered their valuable aid on thia eccaaiou. Bmea 35 centa?Pit ta| centa. Dooraoiienat 7?performante to begin at 7i. I* AlflKKICAN jnihKt n, Corner Broatliray and Ann street. Under the Management of Mr. P. T. Barnua Every day and evening this week -Con* nirnciug Monday, April t.?Mr. WINCHELL, the Comic Drolleriat, will play hia celebrated laughab e ii-ce entitled OLD AND YOUNG NICK, with apecimena of VENTRILOQUISM. Alan hia laughable character* of CHATHAM STREET AUCTIONEER; BETTY MADAGAIN, th* I rich itineiaul: the YANKEE,green from downeMt, lie. Ac. The MYSTERIOUS GIPSY GIRL in her wonderful performance*. Mra. PENSON, the popular vocaliat from the late Natu nal Theatie. FALLS OF NIAGARA, with real water Pneumatic Railroad; Alhino Lady; Fancy Glaaa It lowing; Onnd C camnnma; and five hundred thcuaand curioaitiea. LA PETITE CELESTE, will dance the Cracovienne, La Bay adere, and other dance*. Aaplrndid day performance takea plac* every Wadaaedty aud Saturday afternoon. Admittance t? the whole 33 centa?children half price. PKXEE'8 NEw YORR Ml'SEtll AdR. HARRINGTON, the renowned and unrivalled Ven1VL trilc<]tiifI,*td aiugularly g|lted magician, for fiva nighty only. Miaa Carolina Rubrna. theaweet little duet and aolo acme. tier, relative of the great Uubena. Mr. Auatian, the diverting, merry, queer comic linger. Duet*. Soloa, Ventriloquiem, Legerdermain, and wonderful Fl) ing Machine, in the lecture room every eremog thia week Meaineretic'Kxperuiiaut* every Day and Evening by Mr. Peale. SPLENDID DAY PERFORMANCE every Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock P.M. Thr Largeat aud Rareat collection* in the world, of Ori giual Portraits t f diatiuguiehed American worthie* Dai;i Eniir.oTvrr. Likcmiluh takea in the moat aeiantiie manner, and at moderate price*. Admittance to the whole 35 centa; children half price. ni3S Im GRAND CONCERT. MR. WM. H. OAKLF.Y baa the honor to announce t*hia Iriruca and the pub'ie, that he will give a Graud Vocal and Initruinrnta' Concert, at the Broadway Tabernacle, Ml Thursday eveuiig, April 7th. Aaaiated by the followingeananent talent:? a, Herin Thorbeck. the celebrated rianiat,of Hanover,Gennnuy, will make hia lira! aspearanee in Ihi* country. Luuia Wiegerv.the celebrated vipliuiat. H. Tlmrbeckaud L. Wieger* will perform a grand coneectanteduet. Mr. W. II. Oakley w ill ring aome of hi* moat (kvorit* aoOff*. Mr. R. Muuaon aud Mr. Benutt hare kindly voluntoorod t* asaiat ou 'hia eccaaion. The choruaea will be auatained by the choir of the Broad, way Tabernacle, under thedireetionnf Mr. Geo Andrew*. PROGRAMME. P*KT I. I. Dalmatia. Piajer. 3. Overture. 3. < horua?Glory to God in thr higheat Hallwir 4. Solo? In Native Worth?by Mr. Oaklay Hay den 5 Chorua?O. what beauty Lord appear* Mozart 6. Solo?Conaider the Lillita?by Mr. Munaon 1 opliff 7. Chorus?O. aing to Jehovah German 8. Solo?Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep? By Mr. Oakley H. P. Knight 9. Storm Rondo for the piano forte?H Thirback D. Stilwell 10. Duet?David and Ool.ah?Meaara. Beanet and Oakley Neukaaman 11. Chorua?So He Cometh ilayden Part it. 1. Duet?H. Thorbeck and L. Wtigrea grand variation* coucertante for piano fort* and jriolin^ 3. Solo?Comfort ve ray People?by Mr. Oakley 3. ("horua?Now rltvate the Sign f Judah Harden 4 Solo?Hi ly. Holy Lord?by Mr. Munaon Hand*! 5. Seuterce?Holy ia the Lord German 6 Solo?The old Beaton?by Mr. Bennct Huaart 7. Chorua?O, how loroly ia Ziou Mozart 8. Dutt?The Mraarnger Bird?by two young ladiea Miaa Brown* 9. Chorua?Hark, what mean thoae holy voice* German Id. So'o?Sound the Trumpet in Jtruaaiem?by Mr. Oakley Iliminel 10. f horua-Glory he to God on High Mozart N. B.?In order to give good effect to the aoloa and chorua** they will be accompanied by apowerlulorcheatra. I Profeaaor Al.era will preside at the piano forteand organ. I Ticket* SOrent \ to aduirt areotleman and liny, may nehaj ai trie music unrei, hkmi ai me aoor on ine evening of perform ? ?<? ?ir vUVt KXHIBI Tl NU, nt the loot of Duane ind Httd 1U1 L' North Kirer, NERO, the great Giant Uull, known to b? the Irrgra'. in Aineilca?now fiac ycan old. Thi* uobl* animal am rnmcd by namel Bueki county . Pa. Th a bull atauda 17 huiida high, l* 12 fret in length, 10 feet > girth, 5 feet in depth. and hia weight 4 500 pound*. Alan, a Cull with Three l.'ga. now two yeara old. She ia deficient of one fore leg; and having been calved ao, reader* her one of the grratevt curioaitiea in the world. At vlie name place, a large Sea Dog caught in the North 1Uerr, may be aeen alive. Adiniaaion 12; rmta. allw*' TO THE MUSICAL WOULD [V CONSEQUENCE of the inc relied demand for the Mn1 lical Album, lately publiahed by Signor de Begun, haa pleasure in annouacrig a aeeond edition of the CARCXNET? which will be iiaurd on SalurJay next, ?th April The new efition will be aplendidlv bound, and id other reaped* aupenorto the former, but there being no portrait, thi price will be reduced to fire dollara. Alao, the a arm- plainly bound lor four dollar*. To he bad at the rraidrnreof Beguia, 341 Broadway* and of adraara Mlodarl, Woiceatrr k Bunham. No. Sit Bioad way. _a7 at end' MORA la, INSTRUCTIVE, RECREATIVE AND TEMPERATE AMUSEMENTS. NOTICE?To the inhabitanla of the prinri;al citiea and town* oI New York. Penny Iraiiia. < 'onnenieut. Hhod* faland, Maaaachuaeita. New Itampahire. Maine, kc. kc. SIGNOR HERVlo NANO, Thtjuafly celebrated and naturally endowed Mrtempaychoaian. whoar extraordinary |rer*oiiiliralion of thr Gnome, the Babboon. Fly, kc., haa been the delight ef the world, aeuuunria tint it i* hia intention, during the coming rammer moulha, to xiait the above Htatca with hia Cofiieum. A fee aimile of Franronn, Rotunda Olj mpira in the Champed* Klyaee at I'ana, and a splenelid Band of .Muaie, with a ** cient number of arlivtea tJ make the entertainment auperioe 10 any thmg yet offered. To coiiaiat of a Metempeychoaian Bannr flight or fnM*. called the U.NOME ELY, tn which Bignor HERVfO NANO willemhody THR UNO VIE f THE BABBOON A MAN!! !! Mteyeham, the Queen of the Perm Mad. Heme Nana To be fallowed by A MUSICAL OLIO!! conaiating of Pianoforte fjeetialroea by Madame HERVIO 1?Grand Sonatoiu ? -J- N Hiunmel 2?Concerto Stuck in h " U M VooWeonr a?Gmnd KanfMiaob fh* National Aira, God Have tl>r King and flule Britannia 8. Thalberg \\*i'Ii lull Orrhritnl Accompaniment*. To conclude with an II n'orieal Diaplay cf the riietrennieg adventure* atteuding the hhipw reek ol Pvroiue. with chnrnc teriatie painiin* euu muiic. III wmcn eijuor ncrtio naw I will neraonate th faitblul Bibboo, (frah.the Indian .V?'d M idm llfrvio Nut, I N B.?Perantie deairoua of making ?nmm?r arrangements (vn learn particular* by applyinn, (poat paid) to the undar irned. ?t lli* Branch lintel, M Bowery. New York. | oil imii" HK.RVIQ NANO. Mil. K. Mr.ts, i ni r iy | r ('in M>ru|i?, fioirneor ol I no artet Arms in itahigheat branches, aire* ioatrnctinna in Eenci g. and in the ??? of the atraicht. crooked and Turkish Sabre. Hunting Knilc, Mnaket and Bayonet, SUIT, and rrarf aper lea ol weapon*. Iinr tar iruUra. enquire at SOS Pearl atreel. ml I lm* GYMNASIUM. ~ PISTOL GALLERY. MESSRS HUDSON V OTTIONON respectfully ia form Ihe geutleinrn of Nrw York, that they hare ntto lip a OYMNAMIJM at the ronier of t l.amberr atreet mi Broadway, and it ia now r^ien for the reception of riaitow. T):e n ati'ntjoii l?of the foot er-ter, and complete in eeeCT ect lor the purpose ol Athletic Liemae*. Siarring Leatona giren daily. irirt moilern'e Open day and evening. al In FULLER'S GYMNASIUM. TO THOSE WHO VALUE HEALTH.?Th* Uyran*aium, su5 Oreene aireel, near Bleecker. ia now open daily. Ill addition I Ihe rfK"'?r eiertiae. o. the aium. there are .ttwbed foreaerciae aod amiueme nL* Bowl* ma Alley Quoit Oroiind, Ptalol Target, with a lar** open *p*'* for ruSalnf ?od Gunning. and other which rrnd'r thii ocUMi^mwit. ? ir> wnwiair. Npertarl^ 'oriTemen , hare the priril.f*of t?mia irflajtU. b.ancli (iymna.ium. S? Ann?t. where there ?"** > tmplimeBt 01, e..are for ill-door rrercia* Sparring faiifh' aa laual? Pearl, e aire I r aa eminent rrafeaenr, at auch time aa toarilt l ohr.M. in i rcordan e with the time.. Term, of yearly .^rnpt'on have I,-en redone d to ?I0. t.,M ?W_ tlf % NTEh'?Tee liienda of;a yoona lad, about 14 yawra. \V wieben lo apprr itic- him to a reapecUhla .Vaater Menu! 'I tie bo> I# a marl, a>d baa received a good plain eduI ration hor particular* pleaae applyiat 12 Trarl street. WASTKD ? B> a avotl'mva ard hia^ivdy-an iiui' .ruiihrd pallor and bed room, with u?* nfakireben. in anm* pri rate atrerl wrat of Br adway, and not high-r than Uaaat at. \ lii* addreaeed to H K.L., at -hie rIBce etvinx term,, he will meel with attention. Reference* rarhengec. ill w IJXiJBaTOE ON LONDON -Bill* m erchane# M . tfc LL< is.T daya, or at *i*ht. m Meter* Preeeott.Oio'e. AiiuiA Co., Uauker*. Londen.for tale at all timefby Aoche BROTHER*iro,31>42 Mtit daor o th? t ulioft 04 uu

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