Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1842 Page 4
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p o s T s c ii i p t. Washington. ,lc:rniMu.iBi? <>l Hi? Herald.] \v , iNc.rt > , Mar. h'th, l*t?. B?Mt( Lsnl t?hi?u<-ton -Course of tl?? Whigs, ?W The . .r.r isisrsa ot the Senate this mornin.g I v sulci h public interest. Alter the presents ts .on o( memorials, Ac., Mr. M 4*01 m, on leave, ro'4 .ed * i? authori*? ihe Secretary ol 'he Navy 10 contract lor building certain war steamers: which *m read twice snd ret'-rr-ii v the t. iimui-. lee ss Nsvsl Affairs Mr Par.roa, from me SMMHM Military Aft U ra, reported tar a h . :< -a M two new regi meats, ami l<< orgam ? >.r, - > t ii'T*''aitiiiery. lie I . w it.hout amendment Ihe b .. Ii at- -'1 >e : ' 'l Gommissiry General ?*??>. - Thi* - "if i'lh-e to wfctch Mr. Tfw.n w a* *i>i a-id th;s action of the Senate a. our ; ' i ' v t >< ' ng upon his nomination >a > .< men ? piaintcd with the aubject . + u u tie abolished Without injuri? ?. mg he pulmc intereat; still if it is desired ii ge uoi Mr Tyaos without incurring the rrspona ? ify ol voting against hia noniinalion, this is the n etcssvrnieai mode of sccompiiahing the object Mr Pas*.**, fr?m ihe Comm.ttee oa the Judicia-y. to which the subject had been referred, reper'ed a bdl to authorise the Secretary of the Treasury to make arrangements,or compromise with any ol the sureties of Samuel Swartwout, late collee tee ot ibe customs tor the port of New York ; which was mad. sad ordersd to s second readme. Mr At t.t * ask>-(I the Senate to take up his reso lu' ?os, cutting on the H rfUry (" the Treasury for i .it irmatiou as to the ? H ct ol the distribution act TV resolstion was taken up and read as fol I?w? ll*s>l?od. That th* Ueoretaryof the TroMury be diMOiai to inform thv ftusat* tt toon M practicable, whe I thee. hM Opinion tae < <>? rnmrnt can, in the pretest nl|'t' I < it? it. it?ii> t>e . trri-d on uithjut ei'Uer racallog to ita arrvice the revenue derived from the aalev of the p !' (amain tn ! * hie h, by en exiatiiig net to tet oport tor Jiatribution to the Statan, or ? ithout 4i awing fn-m thr peooli in a-Mitioa to tneir pretent taxes,an amount ,ialtethat r< venue, and in cotiseayi-nuool ?ti diatrihution. by meant of overeating the teaeo now le-vied U|?a them to theform el tariff duet,or h impoamg a at* and dirrrt tax upon them,or by borro? iof upon their credit, in the fotm of direct loont,or of Treoanry aotei to he pent eventuolly out of their labor and property And it in hit opinion, the (foveru m- ot cannot he to carried oo w ithoot Ihnt r< calling the ta el roveoue, or increasing the taxaa or the leaua to an omouat e^ual to thtt revn ue, and in Oouaequence of iti d -int'i'i -ii then which of Ihvti altvrnativi t will, in hit pmioti. ho the moat aooomn at to the people?the recall of that reveouo, the taxea, or the leant Alto, that he ho directed to lay hetore the Henat* the eatimatra and the rroaont upon which auch hia apiuiout may be found d .Mr RiMimovrd on the 21st Unitary, to strike c -t all nftcr the word "resolved" with view to innrrt the following ? That the Secretory of the Treaaury he directed to report to the Sinatr. by what meant aJi<|uata provinon Can betl be mad- for meeting the necettary expend! iureo of the Oevernmiut. in the pretent condition of the country tut nutliag hie plane thereior in detail, with J eoiimatea of the probable product ot each tourer of tuplb propot. ! aii.l, ?U" to what eitent retr< nchmenti i-i the varioua branchoa of the pot lie expenditure are Ilk- lyto a rite from theceetitiou or bminution of charge! on 'he Trratwry now emitting or miv he further erti-ctod. by a w lae . ronomy, adapted alik< to the want! and retourcaa of the tiovernmanl. The amendment w?? adopted by a vote n| -?5 f0 IK and the resolution waa sgresd to The loan bill was taken up and diecui-iwd by Mr I.vane and Mr. Wright, until the Senate adjourned. Iwrd Ash burton waited upon the Secretary of Statu thir- morntn*. and to-morrow he is to rail upon the President to present hi* otlicial letter from Quoen Victoria. The indiscreet letter ot Mr- Clay to the North Carolintana haa contributed towidrn the breaoh between the whigs it Congress and the President, and it in now both fatal and final Aa a party the whigu in Congress will never support the Administration A portion of them, coming front the Harttern and Middle States, deprecate the prevent condition of ulVairs, and it left to act independently, would cheerfnlly co operate with the Kieoutive in currying on the Government; but the Clay flag ia fairly afloat, and the action of the jmrtv must confurin to his wishes. It is doubtful whether one third of the wings in {the liouoe hewitily concur in the Clay movument, hut this portion comprise oomr of the m vat active, determined and persevering men in the eountry, and from present appearances, they will control a majority of Congress They were obviously worsted in the recent political discussion ? > n ? ?.11 L. oa me loan Ulll, out Hill mil unr HU imiucuvr uu their future condact. I The violent opposition of the Clay men, mu-t n! Cfuraepreclude the idea of appointing any if tins class ta office hereafter, and it will perhaps be nenewary for the President, in justice to luni-elt und his friends, to remo\e n j>orlion <>l ilioae who are now occupying places under (he government lie :s> responsible for the manner n whi-h the public .it fairs are admimatered, and he must have in n in oftice who will not use their intlurnre sgun-t hiai riorne of the subordinates in the New V'T* Cuxtoni Hsuae, will probably tiad it tor their advantage to sever their connexion with the Clay claba, as curly aa practicable. Their interference in party po'itics, has already attracted the bead of the department having the supervision ol (he Curtcm*. and as it is expressly prohibited by the President's circular, he may perhaps leelcalled upon to interpose and arrest it. The appointment of a sen of Mr Hugh Maxwell, as Secretary of Legation to the Court oi St. Peterrburgh, is a striking evidence ot the liberal and kindly feelings of the l'rrsident. Mr Maxwell, the la* 'her, spoke of Mr Tyler. at the Exchange mcctiar, in terms of mueh harehnrw, but a matter of ill.- mr. weighs nothing when the public interest i* at *take Honae of Representative!! ? Application for AM to defend Grorgls sgslnsl llir t nlted States Troope?Governor Duly I)r Lsrrt* nor?Lord .\atibnrton A Singular application was ma.le to thr liousr of ll,v prcsentulives this moruitig, being neither more nor ! ? tdaa an application for authority for ths (?otetnor >1 Georgia to employ the militia of that State at the rapt use of ths Fodrral Covernment, for the protection of its in habitants against the troops of the Toilet states -phia was the effect of the eppl.cation, though the lesolution submitted by Mr. Bltck merely propose ! the appoint, anent of a special committee to " take into co.iti It j atieu the insufficiency of protection artist.led to the people of the State of Georgia and thur property b> the t inted States troope stationej open the line din ting Georgia from the territory of .FloriJa?the outrages taiJ to hs?, been committed by the troeps on the persons an J props rty f tue Oeorgiena an J the rapediency an I propriety of eu thorising the Governor of the State to mplo y such nn litis force as would be sufficient to protect the j < pie of Georgia, resident near the Florida line fi-on Iri'iau in r "4,An an.l Ia aiitViAMM Cti.'L tli-/*a t ' . 1. ! . . of the Federal Treasury. Thla it a strange Hate of things. and at Mr. Black obwrral, will e?toin?li th whole co :etry. He made the plain, tmequivwcaMe, and intelligible charge, that the United Stat, t troope station e<l on the line dividing Ueoigia from Florida, instead vi protecting the people of (ivorgia from the assaults o( the eivagetwho lurk about the t'ktfmohea Swamp, are themselves plundering, and maurauJiny, and murdering t he eery people w hom they v. era tent to ' (< uf Yi? terday the Haute laid aaldti the urdrra of the lay, that 1he membert might have tim. to it.d ilge i ;i am a' eur .11 CUttion,'but they ret led today to allow the i if. . to lie impended ftr th. re'ej-.o, a. Mr Bla.-k'i I resolution, notwithstanding itt ,> 0,?t, aad et in* nec. tally. Tha ltan.e r . a ? ommittee uf the whole tit,: , > | ? , h aideration of the Civil and Piplon \ ' ill. The motion to atrik. c . . ' # U ( workmen at the Oahlonrgi t rti hmu.t, wa. ?..gati . | after much disc ission, and th . > the clauae mahinf aa appropnatio.i lo; ti.e ... ?? ? , the Territory ot wiskonm T t fa ta . ... which occupied much o: the day rheimme , , . ml thodiaoussion wat a motion tna atnka out the approptiafion, atdth hi c. tk ground that Governor Doty wa-? t mi . '. g man, and at tuch ought not to be ppc tad I y t ? g . ? eminent. Some ol the chaif i ag iuat the >. were, that he had converei tc hit e*? or a target v. f money that had been appaoprie' .| lymngi ? the use "of the Territory, tor whi 'ih t at rl i n:count, aatting the L' gitla'ire aad ita lawt at I. a that when tuita were commt n-e.l i a ?t him h? Mill purptwo of eluding juttice, removed the 'g ? h? *t to try the cate, aad nut o. e of nit o? ;i c r. :, ? en th bench : further that ne removed th? sbeiift a I pr0i. eu ting attorney for the ?.in places with hit own c renin ret and the pai it crimes?tv at he had vivla'o 1 th la a ol ( or f r. >t. ? . ieh in sanctioning the ettablithmenf of a hank la that'? ri tory declared that it ahanld not go Into 01 ration ur I $ I oii.uOO in specie was paid in,hy giving falao cor t that the requisite amount u at pai l, when in ac-the turn received w at only ?T oou , and like wife that he thea pr c ured aatlg nmenlt of the dock in hit own nam- at mi naged the bank at known And Mr Mi dell in the aim pi city of hit guileless heart would treat Hover- or I'o'y at a criminal for thea* thing,. <n 1 d.priT- him o 'hpoor pittance wk c'l the government atforia, be mut have been at blind at the mole not to hive ?e. n that ? ? vernor Doty wet but taking in .I. v a>?,i iltl ,nj>( g the pipe-layer, and flnan.iei. i ... , era. and that instead of m-rtyr.lom be t to lr Orni.ed in hard cider melo-ti t Th Ooveroor In inhibited an heroic daring which will alono , re.. ve Ji.* name for the admiraUoi.|au 1 emulation of j uteri-y i ? it the ancestors ol posterity should lease my thing 11 behind them whereon the emullt#r? of a Doty can 11 oi>erate. Mr Mcrgan, bless bis innocent aoul, cor.tidered the confirmation of the appointmeat by the <T Senate, a? in truth furnishing a clean bill of health 1 !_a sort of ,|iiaratitine operation?and ccntirmation. Jel too by the Senate, which confirmed an Alexander f?' Powell 'h* Consulate of Rio de Janeiro. But Mr ?{ Adams afforded stronger conaolatian. He auumed it (ii oi a settled principle, that, admitting the facts to be as tp stated by Mr. Medell, yea, worse still', if bis crimes were capital crimes, his faults and trices, and crimes did not attect his salary so long as he remained in office, and therefore thai the course pursued was erroneous; im- fr< peachment or an address to the President for his remo us val being the only remedies. To this, however, Mr. C. an J. Ingersoll did not subscribe; he thought it monstrous that they should vote a salary to an infamous and de- m' graded man, or that they should address the Executive cap in hand for his removal, when the Executive might ca tell the collective wisdom of the nation that he should tli not be guided by their desires, impeachment, he deemed, * would ba useless and unprofitable?hut there were only !j JO members found willing to support the motion, and Go 'lr vernor Doty 'a salary is therefore safe. di The committee next briefly discussed a motion made by Mr. Levy, to increase that item ofthe appropriation 77 for the territory of Florida, which proposes to give $77.1J5lor compensation ofthe msmbersof the Terri'oiial *. I t. ?') i r,iu\ K..t .n?,nl h? kept in the Home, the committee rule, and an adjourn- ] meat in agreed to. Da. LmaKER continued hit lerture to-night on the 9team Navies ef England and the United 8tate?, and on the subject of Water Spouts and the firmament, to an in- "* creaaed audience. These lecturer have now become "J immrnnlv p jj ular and desi rvedly to. |,j Lord Ashburton paid a visit to the Secretary of State this morning at the Department of State and to morrow co he will deliver his credentials to the President of the hii United States. The arrival ol Lord Ashburton in Wash- ?* iagtnn has been followed by the arrival of the officers of the Warspite down to the buy middies who have enliven- -p ed this usually dull eity by strange vagaries from the moment fhey reached it. They have evidently a refined penchmnt for aristocratic amusements, a la the Marquis of Waterford. Hack driving in a way both singularly v wild and furious, with the established jehu forced to as- |n ume the place of the passenger inside has astonish* d the Ui dust of the avenue to night. Like good sailors they per- p, sisted in keeping command of the "the deck" how dangerous soever the passage might be, but there were j* sharks alias beaka hovering around anxious to secure 1 them as prey and it is not improbable that during the uextfew days some carnalities may require recording * rs Baltimore. '' [Correspondence of the Herald ] Bai.timork, April 0,1842. Mr EotTOR I, It was decided yesterday in the United States District Court, by bis Honor Judge Heath, on the application of William 11. Saugtton, an applicant for the benefit of the Bankrupt Law, (the said Sangston having been in jail) that the Court had no authority under the bankrupt law to release hint from prison. He wss accordingly remanded to jail to await the relenting of his g>od-Ueartedcreditor. I should have stated that he was brought out on a writ of habeas corpus, to make the ap- ] plication. a Going to ace the Warspite, se< mi to be all the rage ? Steamboat excursions are already advertised for that purpose, and 1 have no doubt but thousands will embrace the opportunity of witnessing the British frigate before he leaves. Whether this vessel has brought good or bad tidings to the government, one thing is cert?in, she will ** make capital for those who own or charter steamboats. " Oui City Council, after a lout; and arduous session, and afler having joined in a sumptuous corporation sup|w r, adjourned yesterday tint <he. ? A small fire occurred last night which burnt a frame n tun Mine on the noint near St. Patrick's Church. H Virginia Bank Notes are getting a shade better?I J quote Ih.-m to day at 8 a 9j discount. Exchangeon New Vork and Beaton par a J dia. Philadelphia ia worth a ? mall premium. % Klour continue! dull at >d,.'?0: aome sales of red wheat have taken plare at$l,2-.\ which ia an improvement. t" Tkia ia a delightful morning?the weather could hard * ly be made more agreeable. Youts, Kodkhuk. Philadelphia. ? (Correspondence of the Herald.] Pit iladi. i.riiia, April 6, 1842. I' S. Hank Frauds? Hnmltj Iitwflcpmtntx, and the ]\ (torrrnor? Suspicions, Surmises and /numerations. f? Dua liaaart? The doinga and diacloaurea going forward at Harris ,n burg, in relation to the accuaationa of bribery of the or legi-laturc of ItMO, by the United States Bank and certain ^ prominent politician! connect* d with it, are exciting thu pa liaelieat Interest here, and threatens, if fully and honestly cj( carried out, to implicate aoma of the most prominent dig- th nitariea of the State? perhaps the very highest. Mr. cf Handy, you know, ia in the hands of a legislative com. _ mittee oi investigation, aa a aort of State's evidence?a "i resolution, having all the solemnity of a law, having ?" been passed, authorizing the Attorney Oeneral to enter ? a nolle prosequi on any prosecution against him, that S may grow out of his telling tho whole truth. Ia a word, he is one of a gang of offenders that the Common wealth ho ia willing to pardon for the sake of reaching others, !jV which can only be done through a revelation of their iniquities by one of the conspirators themselves. Pre- rv vioua tothis immunity, Mr. Handy refused to give utter- th anco to what he knvw, shielding himself under that |j{ fi-atuivof the constitution which excuses a man from ci initiating himself. In thisstate of atf nrs, and while the oommittee, which f is wholly independent of the Executive, is progressing V with the examination with closed doors, ihe Co- g? verr.or ' leirns circumstances" which give him c? good reason to believe that certain let'ers exist in Jv the hands of individuals, amenable to the process of tho ,7 tew*Which implicate himsel!, and forthwith he ilarts t|J up. sends iuto the l.i gislaturo a message in which, ns p., w ith a view of silencing the witness, he very distinctly M w ithlraws the pardon allot Jed through the resolution N hireling the Attorney C.ueial to enter a nolle pro- rl' ' ill The movement of the Coventor, to sav the least, is <tl wholly gratuitous, and the threat which is directed ? against Mr. Handy,the witness, is well calculated to exrite the worst suspicions as to his motives. The investi- gatiou is in the buinls of a power equal, if not superior, Jy to that of the Executive, and should not, therefore, have or been interler d with. It lias long and lrequently be* n intimated that theOoVImor was impinnrrly connected ed with a certain ft*' OtH) which escaped from the United ! States Bank Dolicaoy. tbernfore, should have prompt ed him to r< main aun t, and permit the examination to tak' the coutse that the Legislature might think most pj proper If he i? innoc nt it could be easily established witkl nt l.i? voluntary interference. It is not likely lhat tha < ommittee w ool ! have condemned him unheard, or presented articles of impeachment without first ' allowI... .. t._ k.n, I U.J ? a tee li? n v ithout l,i rmi{ all the facta, it WOUld then bn?? been time enough lor the Governor to volunteer. TWwiHi the Governor u here generally view- rr e.f in th? moil reprehi naihle light, an J 1 learn fre ra liar- 1 int.urg that the maaaage waa met in the Houae by the th errrrat ceMtirr of both whigaanj democrata. 1,1 V"'ir?, Aithoht. fl W hile a dense crowd wti a**riiiti|cd on hoard the eteatrrr Ivman yreterday to witnemthe departure, hi ,>t ih?- \eptane with volunteers for Texan, a upar j f? ,1 from the hurri-an* deck ol the boat upon the A head of one of the hand*, who Was standing upon the guard, and ao minted tiltit that there wan no hope i? ot hn t.urvu ng?A' O Ttullrtin, Mai 2K. J? ar A Med cal Beard haa been ordered to convene in 1*?, indrlplna on the 2nd of .May next for iheexami- = nation ot Ax-iMant burgeon* for promotion and of L candidates tor aptiointinent in the Medical ftafl of _j the Artnv. The Board is composed of Surgeon T- I i. Mower, President; Surgeon H A. Stinaecke V v sustant Surg- on ' M Cut ler, member*. , I .-a Ti to - 1 he ?inni packet Neptune departed latl evening for < Inhesion, with, ai we are At i I'nrturd, two or three hundred passengers, mostly emigrants to the new Hrpubli l<? r d> par'ure J."1 utii of eoasiderab e t urinsity and ex- tri itciio rit In her assorted cargo, wera several 0,1 hear y article-nf variant calibre, hcaidea acme of oar surplus produce, Missouri leaj, Ac Sit.? .> O llbiltH. ,Ver* if C ?et o in "The i o en. e ( \!a ) 1 iac t'e saye a tUi t?oat in attempt.n? to pan the Muscle ^'loaia, (is the 7:h in*'. r?a aga n?t a raft aad sunk- ,m V , no o nrd, tw?!. ..r ilnr'ers in nun >sr, perish- . Il ? < t?i.l? kiol i?k. f.? ? I.' .- (N J Vim***" TV rtv? r wot ??ry fuH and awitt 'i"hr ? ? iirr <M ill* !?> ? r* u?- i I < ???!>?> a pilot, and at'.i Iitpt' d to paw IU* auoala t>y Mlb*ii>? a l?oat JWt , kfad c Nam ?The I V ed > at'?*l? ? ;> of ar ? ntirio, ** ?rr,\ <1 a?i rveniaf. MB aaihorrd b*l?w th- pota' jn, "?o M-tdonl do *r mrr aav of oar pationai irio*l?, that tl?* arrival of n a aloop of oar ?? 'jii to an ejux-h * i* orjetrd, w? ai>d<-r?tan J. to i oaiay t? n 1" , othimhi t? Vera Croa ??.V i*r1. IhtHtita, Mmrrit >. ?O v ' IN' a?. I fa.l- I ?l. l"? ( ' . ..? . H o .1 i "* jr I'.r III -< I \ I i \ I AI N, f, M, . l,.N| NUf U iv.? < * K n ?mn k WMI? UKiii ? ' ? 1 " -i. . s i i...-?,<i>"f rr* - . .i. . i. H.J i. n . .*".1 li* w" ' " ' i?ai e fjjj "J* "r**" > I II fcn m lot 1/?,.." * '? >..u. .?Mtiti??M . V .* '.~I |? . ' ' * r? . - i.\ ' ' - -4-" ~ "txxsnrstiS2 D * "> , . > *1,1 o. r " . i. i , 4 * . ?. Mllui)! ym . ?< . I.IMV M IU M'HM M *' ruil .1 rerti >*for f Hiiaa O Ok r ?<M?I mitnu Ik. i "? n I < to. . . k. w -an ?.| ' ' . . i It** I ?. . . I I I , . . II lierti i?*l. -*ar *1 .ar... I kiwi . 1 I.u Lw K ' . a a * nj *.4*. La ti ... . ri.Hjr I ? III H Il?f Ilml atltla UfftSu??a.?w i?* ?hear.? Vaia lama Waal *.,UM. ' f*i t>.it ?* ?la..i a. MMMtto HaVaa l^i ivHI. fa HV I lalHlUiiuipiiiWtn.l; till-MA* IV4LL a' O It *? II f?r? ?ir?.i , 10MAN EVE BALSAM for wi;ak and inflamkd kyf'HIS BALSAM if * i-reeernitioa W OM ?f the .. . < bratcd ocaaliat i. baa baaa Iom time to aaa. aad u na4 utIy reeommeatied to the |*ibtie ka tlx toff ai : m at tful iilir d?r uitd for iftiaaittry 4141Mot Cssea where the e> r i h <r? sen the eve thickly entered with blaod it (rif alexwl l-be ?.< and reinoree all ?f|ll?lkl> of totut efter 1 wo r r 1 I'llCktlODf. IN DIMNESS OF SIGHT uaed by filed atteaUoa to miuute abyerle. or by lenftiiei ,0 aitrong light, and to the unkwff or iwrtial to?i t ght >a> t'ckoiff or old age it u a cure reeiorrr. aim should be d hy all who hod their aye tight failing with 'it any a||ei t diaemee. Thia Balaam hat reatored light ta many tutaaera e'ort ?J TOTAL BLINDNESS uied by cxceaairc 11II iminaiioo, h d < iiftrd for ye era In imitation >ad torruraa cauard by bluwa, eoatonoaa. or lunula ou the aye. or by citraueout bodiaa ol aa g 11a re introduced under the tyrlida, if reiy toon mm ??d by tne llicaiiouof the Balaam. Oa? trial will cuu<iace the in at rreduloua of itj aaloniahlDg efficacy . I'ut ?|> lajaia with I ill recliona for uae Frke 31| cattta. Koraale, whoieaa'a and mail, by DAVID SANDS k ( O., East Bioadway, ccrner of Nlarkelat. Sold alao by A. B k II. 8 uda. 7b aud UV Fulton atreets ,d by A B. b>udakCo., U7J Broadw ay, curoer ol t hamhara reel, New York. at? I at HOPE GKOVVS FKOM INWARD FAITH. lir.nti imh-.?i? wile nw uarn > *?mu, t illy became abated upon K?r in auch a manner thai inflim atiou of the lungs eoauert, accompanied win rattling 10 the irolt, that she was considered dangerou ly ill aad gitem;.> '(WOamlaet phyaieiaua; but hating heard i f j our Commud Horthoutid Candy apokeu of iu the higheat terms. i included t? purchaaeaome in erder'o give it a trial, and i 11 happy to say it wai the uieana of restoring her tu perfect :iJth WM. VANDEWATER, Comer of Stth atreet aud 3d At roue, o Meiara. J. Pfabe A Men. 45 Dieiatou at. Nicw Roi hkllh. Fab. 17th, 1842. Mraara J. Pr.aar. A Son.?Gentlemen:?My am had b<tu Pitted for three mouths with a sctsre cough, m si much lat feara were entertained of hia becoming alPicted with that oral eueiny of ilia human rac.?the Couauinption? but upon akiug oae ol Horehonnd Candy, he w a> at once restored to erlrct health. I hav> alao ua?d it myself, and hare no healktion in recoinmeudiug it to thnae tuffrriug under audi af utioua. If you consider the above worthy, 1 hate no objee on to your publishing it. Yours. P. E. GALLAUDET. p. A.?I am amaiket wagoner, aud when iu the city atop at latihewa'Hotel,21 Bowery. Mr. Mattl.ewa will enirobnite the above atatemcut Bold wholeaale aud retail, by J. raxe A Son, 45 Division street. Agents. Mr O W Redding. No. 8 State at, Boaten, Maaa. Mr l? B Zieber, No. 87 Dock at, Philadelphia. Pa. Mraara J F Curna A Co. No. 11 Exchange Place, New Orane. Lb Raw la A Co 57 State ft. Albany, itr J ILibertaon, No. 110 Baltimora ft, Baltimore, Md Foley. Cincinnati. mil THE LAKUEST THE CHEAPEST, AND BEST ASSORTMENT OF WIGS AND SCALPS ana to be porno a* V. CLIREHUGH'S, Ift BROADWAY, ENTRANCE IN FULTON 8T. 1HK many attempts that are daily makiugto imitate theae L celebrated wire and acalpa, are juat an many proofa of a high character they have attained, and the estimation they e held in by the trade. But the public will obaerve thatC. is a original inaaer in thie country of THE VENTILATING AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS, WITHOUT METALLIC SPRINGS, id that all others are out feeble attempts at imitation,wantIt the geniue to divine or direct the priucipte on which they a made to fit, aud the (kill aud practice to execute. All wearers and connoiiseurs are invited to iuaract hia HEADS OF HAIll, hich for elegance, lightness, and durability may be classed nong the first productions of modern art. In their manufaere they differ from all others made here. The hair if singly serted.and so equally distributed as to appear just issuing bin the skin: they cover no more of the brow thai the natural tir does, aud having no metallic spring, all disagreeable press ia ..hviatrd Kori southern climate thev are inestimable dig only 1 oi.wetpht. Senator*, members of Congresg, and gentlemen from every nrlrrof thsmuutry, who are bow wearing C.'a wige,ean be fssred to. ... 'be prieee will be found to euit the eircumetaucee of all i?l? fREAT WESTERN EXPRESS FOR ALBANY, TROY, BUFFALO AND MONTREAL. AES8R8. HARNDEN A CO., hiving made arrange"ente t with the Peoplea' Line of Steamboats, respectfully incm the public thit they are prepared to receive parcels,pack;es. epecie, bank uotca, lie., for Albany, daily, where they inreect with Pemeroy'a Western Express for Buff do and interediale placer, and with Jacob'e F.ijssesa for Montreal. They have an office filled up exclusively for their own use i the main deck of each boat, containing an iron eafe, and acinipanied by a special messenger, whose berth is in the office, r the purpose ol safety and security to money and valuable reels, and the accommodation of th'irpatrons. They also make up en Express Mail for Letters, which uses at No. 3 Wall street, at 4) o'clock, P. M , thereby giving e business community the adrant&gs of mailing letters sue ur and a hall later than at the General Post Office, and also an immediate delivery on Iheir arrival. Parcels and letter* received at 3 Wall street until 4} o'clock, M , and on board until the moment of starting. Office in Albany, IS Exchange; office in Troy,238 River St.; tee iu New York, 8 Wallst. mgo im HARNDEN It CO. UPERFINE DRESS COATS, or the SERT Q1TJX I.ITT. th as to workmanship sad materials.for TWENTY-FOUR OLLARS; also Pantaloons Tea DeUara, at PHiLlfi' Cash liloring establishment, 145 Broadway. N. B ?The above garmeu's are guaranteed to be equal te ery respect to thoee made by the moet expensive houses In c city This is no empty guarantee, but ooc that the adver wr pledges himscll to fulfil. Garments of'secondary quaC pruporMouablv lower. < il* MARCH OF INTELLECT. vREAT strides have been made throughout the world in I" Steam and almost every brauch of agriculture and in the neral sciences?then why not the same in the healing art. It moot be the Medical bacuity ire too narrow minded, far en ihey recommend Ring's Vegetable Cnugh Candy in all afctions of the lungs, and when they express themselves, sny ey see no reason why such a pleasant,pure, and palatable ar:lc, should not ec ipse the many numerous preparations that i?r been used for years, merely because Galen, Cicero, De edlcis. and other writers, speak of such and such medicines, o, no, Ring's Candy is a modern iuventiou, and soon re ieres, ecks and cures, and cannot be prevented Iro.n its onward urse by th'envy and j?alou-y cr a few illiterate Prepared d soldoy C. H. RING, 83 Fulton street, corner of Cliff, and 'd by most druggists. _ inUHm* LEECHES?LEECHES. ~ stiri t.? 01 iar?e*izeu neauny s sreutsn L,eecne? mat wn i i- kite quick constantly on hand, and for tale by the huudred dozen, or applied by a competent person. DAVID SANDS fc CO., Druegiit* and Apothecaries. n31 lm 77 East Broadway corner Market. REMOVAL. HILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT la removed from 145 Broadway to No.7 Astor Home. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. iruienta of a moat Elegant and Fashionable kind at a saving ol 50 per cent for cash. M1E advertiser deems it unnecessary to resort to the hackneyed system of giving a list ol nominal price*, presuming at the length of time he has been established, together with e eitensive patrenage bestowed on him, will prove a tulfi ut voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage of ins connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Kupe. he confidently asserts,that he caa furnish clothes which, (ompsrisoa. will be found lower than any other houte maug up the beat descriptions of gentlemeu's dress, ll 'i 8. PHILLIPS. 7 Astor House. Broadway. JOTICK-DKY OOODS-BKOVVN & I itqUHAKf " respectfully notify their country friends and euitome-s, o dealers and families generally, that thev have rrmoveel mi No. 50 l ath trine street, to that solenoid establishment, I (Jrand street, lately occupiid by W. Vann, where they e daily receiving large <iuantities of new goids from aucin, which will be offered at a small advance. at lw' 991 Grand street. lANNKU t'OAL?SO tons, tiret quality, Just received per > ship Siberia fiom Liverpoo'.and for sale by mil JOHN HEU1)M\N. 61 South ?t. IvEKPUOL ORRf.L COAL AbLOAI-70 best ' quality, carefully lowered in the hold, just received per ip Memphis from Liverpool, and for sale by inat JOHN HKRDMAN.6I South st. FIRE PROOF BOOK SAFES ! ! ! IMLPF.K'S PATfcNT StLAMANIIEU SAKE ?This V ssfe has bern frequently >X|H>scd to inleuse beat in turnI building furnaces. Sic., and has never failed to pri ?erve the ntrut*. and was the only o^e which itood the test a! the at fool of Wall street, as'repcrted by the following Coinittee of respectable Merchants WAPSWORTH k SMITH, BALDWIN V CO. MINTL'KN k CO. CHARLES H. MARSHALL. Tliie safe can only be had at the Iron Safe Store of SILAS C. HF.Rltl \T, 139 W.tlrrat. V. r.?Sa^re nf other mnkrra?aome of which ate n ade id tan >11 , f Wild. r". Patent, (nraale at half price. mac iw TOTICK ? Cuneignrea per barque Siberia, (.'apt. Bardrtt, ' ftnm l,irrrp?ol, ? ill plea?e m ud their |>erniitj on board at ?t ( Hector atreet. KK., or to the office of the sutiacriber,ra (oola not permitted in fire daya mint nnavoii' ably heaent the public alorea. JOHN HK.RDMAN, 11 61 South atreet. iOI.I.KCTIoS'S.? The Subacnbera will collect Notea, ' I>ref?e. Acceptance*, Cert ificatre of Depoeite, itc (through ra?r? H.rnden V ('0 f?om N. Y. to Albany) upon any of following ylarea and guarantee returna to the cityi of tie York in from tix to right iagt. I'lirn. ("lraudjiyua, Pyrucuae, Rocheater, Aiibiiru, Ba'avia, tieaera, Buffalo. Rvrmrctt: Kraa tenia ( orbing, Thomaa W. Olcolt.AI any. PttMKItOY f? ( O. t Wall atreet. New York, I Corner State and Market eta, Albany. 1 - -IMPORTANT TO MfcKl UANTSand 51 \ 1 ,.i!..r? ?ii lni| I. Itera to Kncland hy the ROYAL MAIL ' fAVK.HK flam Boaton. Meaara. Harudeu k Co. would ' i?rti illy aneu.jtice that they do guarantee that all leltera >nrJ ai their '*> e, Vo. 9 Wall atreet. New York, up tc ri) priii 'ial 1 Ihe urpariure of the boat from Uoaton 1 iw p1 1 ed in the h'.ugliah mail 00 hoard the ateamer be 1 ? # f e .lie, ewe id caee of arcideiH or deienti in to the 1 ? d Uileaa the delay ah ill be uiore than twea 1 Iaur tenure o'er the ordinary rimuma time. . B Meaera If h Lc. would aleo gire notice to then 1 n U and ilea |uiblic that they do out give the above aaau we * ithoui ?- wer to fulfil tlx aame. _ ? HVRVItV.N Ik ro. |dS4>|.l Tlt'N OfCOPARTNERSHIP1?i?? ciwart- i We re i|> her. >4..fore mating imder tke name nf liL'HLBUT i O . w ihwday dlaaolved by mutual couaateP^ ^ AMOS SMITH. few V. et Keb IMk, ltd. IOTII & ?Tha I. aiaitf will he mo'1 nurd by HL'RLBUT (> . at the eld aland T Wall atreet, New York, audit -e< II n tfnrd I'rnn , where all parkagra in net be dihot k Co '$ ttari." fit iRnwtki ANU .CLOTH FAPfcR jl'sT RE t K.iVKO 6" ll by 14 |(0 Ream* 24 hy 30 *00 to hy 00 100 by 40 0 " tl hy 00 IK* " M by M 40 * n by M 100 " ?? bf 40 51 Ream 40 by 40 ' ' aie . 1 ? . a?,1 i?r>ha*era. by 1 PRMIffK k BROOKS. 1 0t? ajwr Warehonat, 41 Liberty ft. HARDWARE. CUTLERY, GUNS, slc. AW PPI?S k CO, are sow ouaaiuc their ?iTin< assort iim nt ?ha MWwiac kiui'e of ( ode i'd are determined a> I t? M udarsold by "? how* w the trad*. T?a Kaitae ' k hop*, Woetruholm* k Crook's Taaufarture. fable T utletjr. Hnsera Razors. Kdea anil o'a Jai ?ana I Wam. sad U soak Ron's Britaunts Wire# srat palfres. fat I Metal Tea Kettles an.I Rauee Pans, turned and eaaiaellsd. Khali Hardwares si tarry description, las IS i*? to linn : took ble barrel liana. fr in ft to ea>-U losatrf'e " " at to >12 " tt Rinaa " ?T to $50 ' IMS pair Pistols " 11 to f 20 pair. *00 Ri'la Baria's (4r$t rata) ?li asch. Hoosmith's ot iterials of all an.ds.ror altering auJ tnaaufictannoauiM iramr hat#. pottder flask*. percussion enp?,*c. tic. 1 *| rtjmik'l 4riidr? yf ?%er\ A|<?t U ilk* sate of Alien s iWlf-c. i kroif and Rerolving IW|t Wian ?he rrrn'ff modern impr ?* ment 10 firr arms? uds witt. iue use of out hand ? ??V and ntf Im ^t?. >? mm' WWTV. Tf^TTT-rw hast aritc a in use > '..r r'rin.ina. iarsari'11*. aad beautl'Yiac Hie teeth, is rf.lM ?' OKHIK TOOTH PARTE- It impioieatbe color f Or MU aodiuma and iiti|?rta a grateful sweetuesato the breath?Pent SS casts Bf.UT* OP M?VH.KXION-The Wet nosiretic for ran. jt isg tan (rrcklss sunburn asd healing inipples Hud erup ti< is ..I I!?e skin is 1 ha Tablalla of Paarl and Alabaster. Tr> ii I..I r? >u I U > nntiuctPrice tuts S Id only *i Em ?i viu?.?u? H7 luwery, corner 01 vnuu, i? Br >ail?a\ . H4 ( uil (. ml.35 In** T" LADIKB AND ftRVTtEMKN?1 HtT fEHalAN I SOAff-Is always' caninue in reraor ng frecklrs, nark rfiJirtH. ?U'I rru(i*i<'U of tke skin. This 8oap imparls lo the kiu a tuft slid stirs'* tss'uis rss*mb>i: K lilt bltudiug of ti t I si v <*ilh the ro*t furs H rciits flNtrtK* ON 1 HK. k"A< E, BLOTCHKS, Ar.-SirAst i- r's Loliou mt yMMM4 in remonug pimples or blotches fi is the ftce ami taio. of ths most tree cr<te rs turs. nr loaf .' auding frtc? 5* cents, Bold hj K. M (JL'ION, 117 ll isrr) .comer vl Grand si; let Un.uJtay soil 77 East Brssisty n.88 la* MiftAOULOirn CURE OF RHEUMATISM. \f EWARK. December II l#4l ?Dr. Hing ?Deat Sir:?You i-N ?||| pl.asr to tscus* my not au*wertng you in relation lo tl.r rrrtilicalr.gteiug as sccouot of my a'lnost miraculous restorement to lite at it were. I was > uoeipectcdly restored, that it appeared mors like s dream tlian rs li'y, not only to myself nut t>> my fitends I ran a-turr r?u Mu hair t e pray ers of oiis wh?sr It'* i< dear to him Situated among fneudt

ever kind and dear, au t a l uiuiy who look lo him for eupport, sad ? M ?l?o Jdiu lu praise to you. ar:d I lie ir lio-l f >r lui uns|?akat>lr niirry m S| arui( uis at tow tune Any thin* that is mm) power to do. which will he of benefit to you, such as git In| an account sf my luffermg in a certificate, thai you ought publish 10 the world, ss it tswitniesed by my friends, who hare put their nainr to thii letter. Were it in my power to pay t<ul<>ld the price you charged. I would willingly do it; but I have hem sick so Uug that my pecuniary means hare erhr ustrd. It is or er thrr e yen's since I wee attacked with what our doctor called he Intlainma nry Kht umatiem, by which I was left a complete c.'ipnlr, hinug 'oat the use of my limba, w liich fell away most frightfully, disabling one from all work; and had it net hern for a few hundred dollars I had saved when la work I and ray family would hare been in the workhouse. So you. and I hope the public, will see how much I owe you for odcc more being able to earn my daily bread; and that by three bottles ofycur Klirir. which you sent me for ire dollars. and, couudering it truly the "kliitir of Life," I am. w ith the greatest rerpcct and gratitude, jour liumbersetvaut BENJ. C. JACOBUS. Witnesses?Hannah Jacob**, William K. Dean frepared and sold by C. H. RING, 53 Kullou street corner Cliff. lui* - DKS. SARGEAN1' AND MALLESON, PHYSICIANS and Burgeons from Loudon and farts, are is X constant attendance throughout the day, at their office, 69 Cedar atrei t.aecosd door from Broadway, ami may be con guiiru wiiii nir Pirnicai tuuuutuic m ?ii tuca ui ciuirr a me deal or surgical character. Urn S&rgeaut and Mai tenon hav# had mot extensive opportunities of obtaiuing and perfecting* thorough aud practical knowledge of their profetiinn, having heeu iu active practice for several year*, both in Kite and and France, ai writ aa the United State#; alao attended for a number of years the Hoapitala in London aud Paria, studied and obtaioej Ihrtr diplomaa ui.ih r Sir Btnjuniu Brodle and the firat physicians iu ringN.B. A aelect aaanrtinect of perfumery, and the moat approved patent medicinea. mil) lis* DR. ALLEN'S BALSAM. OK Horehound, Liverwort and Pleuriav hoot, for Coughs, Cold#, Conaumptinu and Liver Complaint.?Conlumption is a disease often secretly lurkiog in the system for years before there is the le#at oomplatnt of the lungs. And 111 this stage it can be cured as effectually and as cirtainly at any other disease. Let not persons delay the use ot medicine uutil their 'uugs are seusibly affected, but in due leason resort to Or. Alleu's Balaam of Liverwort?this medicine has proved even the " Conqueror of Physicians," for which all mankind will have abundant cauie to tilesa the hand ol Providence.? More than 100 Physicians in this city now use this medicine ia their practice. LIVER COMPLAINT CURED.?Dr. Allen-Dear Sir I have used yom Balsam of Horehound, Liverwort and Pleu risyRoiliu my practice for tome mouths past, and from the wonderful effict it has had, I am fully satisfied that it possesses very superior virtues iu the cure of Lirer Comp aiut auu Consumption. I do strongly recom nend it to the public and the Kacultr. Respectfully, J.D.RICHARDSON, M.D. Hudson. August 1,1841, WHOOPING COUGH.?This disease is'prevailing very extensively, and is sweeping off many little ones, with very few tiara illness. Parents should remember that Dr. Allen's Balsam of Liverwort is the only infallible remedy, and has sawd thousands of lives daring seven years. Sold by W. A. Taylor, wholesale agent, 88 Barclay at ; E.M. Guion, 1J7 Bowery, corner of Orand street ; Dr. Hart, corner of Broadway and Chambers street ; J. O. Kay,at Miluor's Drug Store, corner of Broadway and John (tract., inlg 1 m* MEDICATED CANDIES. "P\R. FLEMING'S WORM CANDY is undeniably the J-' most perieclly adapted to the total extermination of Worms in old aud young, of any thing of the kind ever prepared. Children like it, and it warrant.d vegitable and perfectly-safe iu its effects. His niARKHCKA CANDY, prepared from his oehMfd Quaker naim, is said to do wonders mail bowel complaints lu dia'hoea. attendant on tha laat stage of consumption, it is most soothing and aalutary. It is pleasant, safe and certain. lli# CATHARTIC CANDY certainly opeua a new era in medical compounds- For cleansing and invigorating the atomachand bowel*, removing obstructed hu nora, for eostireoeef,bilioua habit*,cold", fever,jaundice, headache, and indeed in all cases where jhyaic is needed, this candy ia not surpassed ?beshies. it is as pleasant o take ss peppermii.t candy. His DINNER CANDY, lor costiveness. indigestion, distress after eating, heartburn, Ike. , Sic., is recommended as me ol ths beat stomachics and touica uow in use. And then it is 10 haudy and safe. The rar-dly increasing sale* and popularity of theie pleasant candies prove their utility. COVERT'S BAI.M OF LIVE, for all affections of the lungs nod wiadpipe.dysp pais, he. Ike. ia an unequalled remedy read the following:? Mr.C?v?rt:? Sir?1 have received much ben-fit from the uae ol your Balm of Life in removing the paius about the ehest.occisioued by dyspepsia .and especially in strengthening my raice. 1 cannot aay that my health tayet fully restored, but am ureatly improving. THEODORE TAYLuR, jr.. ,N York, Feb. 14, 1842. 14S Naa'au alreet. Said wholraale and retail bv J. COVERT, 131 Naaaau afreet. A'ao by S. J. Stewart,Ts Fulton at, Brooklyn. mS8 im* DOCTOR FAWCKTT, Member of the royal college of suruf.ons of London and Edinburgh. and of the Medical College of Philadelphia, cuutinea hia practice to a aelect branch of the protfeWlOE. " Nocetempt* doloce voluptoa." Dr. F ia encouraged by the urPorin auceeaa attending hia mode of treatment in the cure of venereal. gleets, strictures, arminal weakioss, and mercurial affection*, together with all those other bad ay mptoma which undermine the cenatitution and lay tt e foundation of premature deeay either from maltreatment or any other cauae. In such nersoDi the appetite m generally defective, and the reliah for life almoat subdued, ilia mode of treitment ia universally admired, hia medicinea being pleisaut to the taale and aaaell, gently agtriogee the fibres of (tie stomach, and givea that proper tenaity what a good digestion requires. Hia treatiae on constitutional or nsrvru* debility, affords ?ery eitenaive obiervationa on aexual debility, leminal wraknesa.aod im|ioteney, brought on by deluaive habits, all its attendant symptomi phvsiologiea'ly explxinrd. Thia'work can be obtained at bis office, 196 Fulton alreet, where the Doctor can ba consulted at all hours of the day and night. Letters (postpaid) will receive immediate attention. mt lm* SPRING FASHIONS. The subscriber desires the attention of strangers and othen to hia large and extenaire assortment of stocks, scarfs, cravats ready made linen and muslin shirts.pocket kerchieft: ailk.mrrmo. and ambtwool shirts and drawers; suspenders gloiea. hosiery.tac.he. It ia the iutettionof the aubscrihert > pay particular aitentiou in selecting the most chaste aud fash lonablr pittema of acarfa and cravats. Mia aaaortinent w ill ?| ways be ft uud ?aried and eitenaive. The aubacriorr continue] the manufacture of hiacelebrated Elastic Stock*. Gentlemen may depend on being suited by calliug at the old establishment 241 Broadway, between Murray street and Paik Dace. _inl9 lm* PAKSF.LL*. agent for J Agate. DAGCERREOTYPE?12 Dsgaerrewtpya apparatus com plete. aigt new Pattern, 400 Branch Pistes 6 Aromatic Lenses 50 Bottles Hypovelphils of Soda 24 Bottles Choride of Gold Chrome, Chloride of Iodine, Tripoli, and aM kinds of Chs tnicals couc-rning the Daguerreotype, ju?t received by Packet ship vrant ois 1st, and for sale oy ARi'AULT fc CO. in* lm' 46 Broad street.up staiJs. DO'r.S NOT COMMON SENSE teach us thai KXiEc". TORATION is the most natural as well as effectual agent in arresting and curing Pulmonary Diseases I Reason says yes. because Obstikiction is either immediately or remotely Iheciuseof Ir.llarrmution or Catarrhal Fevers, producing croup, con*.nnpiioit, and abscesses ol ths lungs, pain and s r. lifts ol the throat, breast, sides, or shoulders, bronchitis, exciting mucous and peruleut secreiiois, thrreby clogging up the lutigs. so as to n ore or Iras impede both respiration and the free cuculation of tht blood, causing difficulty ol breathing and asthma, pleurisy, boaiseness, and loss of voice, dro|syot the heart and rh< st, rupture of blood vessels, and bleeding from 111 throat aud lungs, and spi tting of blood Torrmove this obstruction. Com which all these alarming an I dangerous diseases originate, and to produce a radical cure, nolhiojt has ever been found equal to JAYnE'8 EXPECTO KANT. It stands unrivalled?it stands pre-eminent?try it, and you will be inrced to acknowledge that it? virtues hat* not, nor cannot be oi i rtsled ; that ?t st*ud? far above and beyond the rearh of competition ; that it iathe only reaaonable, the only natural and the only truly smcesifid nielli.d of artcsting and tunug diseases of the pulinouary organs. Sold in New York at wholesale and retail, hy A. B Si D. Sands. Druggists, No*. It and IH Fulton ; David Sards V t o., N j. 77 Last Uioadway ; A B. Sands Si Co , .No. S73 Broadway. ml7 lm* DOG TOR BELL. TNOCTOR EELL devotes hia persons I attention (daily until L' If, M.) to the removal of private diseases in every sis.-i Alt suffering uu Jer protracted cases,aggravated or ULsuenssfo y treated by iueiperiencrd orprrfendrrfpractitioners ; those!* soring under the destructive effects cf mercury or quack 001 ruins, and all who snurect the remains of disease lurking in the iritrm. may eousult Dr. B. always with a guarantee of rure. (gj-- Persona contemplating marriage, who have bees thesus eels of delicatediseasee.may consult i'r. Bell with honorable toulideuce. Pos r rain letters, describing the case of parsons s idistancc.have Ins proinpi attention. Dr.B's treatment neve, icposesto suspicion .ami is wallkaownto be safe and perm* lent. 0(7- Trieste offices 4 COURTLANDT STRKHT. two Ivors from iJro .d .vay rn7 lm" AN IMPORTANT OlSt 'OV f.RY FOR THE n LADIES. R A. C. CASTLE, Dentist, W Broadway, New York, has a P istr for tilling decayed teeth, whil !i. white it is perfeetiy hsrnvlr*? in its composition, can be put into the moat tender tooth, w ith which it becomes coinpscti d into ove solid body, mvinteining iti original appearance and uses without any pun whatsoever. Tie most painful tooth van bn lhu? preserve! The numerous testimonials from ladies in the first society siie^k sufficiently at to its i fficacy. Dr.A.C.C. inserts silih rial Teeth without liga'nres on the principle of atmrspheiir pressure, guaranteed to wiuietond the effects of ab.liousacid stomach and irve from fated odera. Tooth whe Tills, on* of which put in the tooth will effect a r? ical cur* Dr. A. C. C. refsra as trUus professional skill to Dr. K.U- Johnson, President ef ihe Medical Society1, LeCh* v alier Don a t vldernn de la Bare*. Spanish Ambassador, Mr Stodghtoa, Sp.v;,ish Consul, Rev. Mr LtvII. Rev.Mr. Kiseam. the Protessors of the Univerty cf the College of Physician* and Burgeons of New York. DEAK.NK8S?Drs. Castle h Edwards, Aurists, attend to tvery disease incidental to the human ear. Acoustic Drops? Sure care for dekfnee*, pains, n< bard wax in the ear. 17 ! t HOUSE TO LET OB LEASE, at 8?ratogn Springs ("> IH A new and splendid Boarding House, called the Boston U MB Home, will accommodate about two hundred Boardere, a few roda from the Pavilion spring. m Apply at C. Hai?eubuttle,99 Cedar, or frranklin Hoyt, Sa ratnga Sprirfca. m2l 1i* BTUttKiTTU LET.-1 he two lour I lory brie* ftfn? Stores. No. S and T New street, two doors Irom Wall MjMI .i~i ...a opposite the public store uow erecting T The three atory briek Store, No. ? Pike tlip, on the cast Jside, tdjoimt g I'herry street. _ _ HOUnES TO LET?The three story brick house, No. 31 * Wall street, between Broadway and Church street. Ti.e new four story brick house, M Fourteenth street, between the fifih and siatli Aveunes. The twn story House, No 73 (iold street, near Brekman. now occupied by M Miles Hitchcock. "7 FOB SALE?Three Lots on Broadway,near Utiooiguare; J{ one Lot on Eighteenth street, 97 feet I'rnnt?ei^ht Lois ou ., Seventh Avenue, beiweeu Twenty -eighth and Twenty-ninth stree's. Apply to D spaa 1st' Mr. DKLAPLA1NE. 68 Wall sL, Office No. 9. K TO LEASE,on favorable terms?'Die splendid proper- t) ty known ss the Shakspeare Hotel, aituate at the cornerol Willi ,ni and Uuane streets, New Fork. To a peraoo of respectability, capable of conducting ai eatablishineut of the kind, a better opportunity of making n fortune seldom o If era. The house in replel e with every nece?t <r> fix- e, ture, and is loo well kuowu to ejlarge rn its capabilities (jt (( business. For further particulars apply to the ubscriber, f( w ; " 18 ,n? P1*8""* WtvujJ#ui auu <u me LIT"fnlie I iij2? lm* robert anderson mlL .' .'-g'u^A^t)K-N AND NURSERIES at e 8H1NG?I'rince * catalogue 0f ihii tiltb uli ti ii? uient.ilic most eileusive in the Union, with the reduced v prices. may be obtained (rati* at the cilice, No To Naieau St., crnf Dayton it Newman, corner of Kulton and Nassau ata.? Also. I'riuce's three Treatises on Horticulture, on Emits, and on the Vine, for tale at abov*, and no where tlse. Orders left at 70 Nassau street, or in post office, will meet prompt attention, and a lib' ral discount i< made on all large amounts. The om iment I trees ere Irom I welve tc twenty feet high, and suitable for streets. Sic., aud the fruit trees ate also of the largest site, and suitable for immediate bearing. i- in-iiiiig. April 4, 1841. a5 31" b r\ THREE DOLLAR HATS?SPKINtJ FASHION. n, ySA'i ? The most splrudid article; ever offered to the public?El-gaut Short Nap Moleskiu at the low p'iceof$3; also au article at $i So, euual iu durability and lustre to thost sold by other Hatters at $3. H GEO. P. H. BROWN,Practical Hatter, ' mil lm* 14( Canal street. p.< j^a "(iE.N CLEMEN'S IMPORTED EKENCfi i' ?SB>^|AND NATIVE CALF BOOTS, Walking ? Sh ies andrumps of the latest fashion, and of the best finish, IJ per ceui cheapest iu the city. Boots $1,75 to $1 and J2.S0 iter pair. Warranted good boys' boots at your own prices ? * Men's shoes from 75 cents to $1 per pair; boys' shoes 50 cents Ji to73 cents: ladies', misses'aud children's French gaiters, slippers. tirs and walking shoes, of all colors and six-a, of the la- r list fashion, warranted good. C til and see for yourselves, befor* purchasing,at 42 <-anal street, corner of Bioidway, snd '' 20? Uenal street. [ N. B. A complete stock of boots aud shoes of evcy variety j" is kept coust intly ou hand at Uie above stores, ana for sale " wholesale aud retail. f, all in' J. WALKER. ^ DRESS BOOTS-LATEST FRENCH I STVLF..?Th- subscriber makes to order Boots si of the above description, of the finest quality of F retch calf skin, aud iu the latest! yle, and at very reasonable prices.? ~ Gentlemen who have been in the habit i f paiiu* extravagant prices for interior articles sre requested to ca'l and be couviuc ed Ilia' his prices are from ten to twenty per cent below oilier \ atore i in the neighborhood. Drawings being taken of the feet, ,i and a p ir of lasts kept for each customer, there is uo difficulty ,i in ge tbig a handsome yet tasy fit. < onstautly on hand, a large assortment of fashionable ready . made boots, at prices vaiy ing I'rem T W O DOLLARS FIFTY CENTS TO SIX DOLLARS; half boots, gaiters, shoes, pumps, tliprers, kc. Sec., at equally I w ericas 1 ^ JOH N L. WaTKINS.IM Fulton St., al 3ji* Between Nassau and Dutch *ts. | CROL1US' , BOAT ESTABLISHMENT, too WATER STREET. o focr doors east of catharine market, ci BUILDER ofthe Sultan ' f Mu-cefe Pleasure Bargs, the f! Wave, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona. kc. Also, ti the Ann of Peekakill, Washington of I'oughkeepsie, Duchess a of Hyde Park, Sylph and Waveof Mobile, Geo. Stewart of n i Louisville, Sec. mm lm* V hats! hats! hats !! t BROWN k co.'fl One price Hat Store, wholesale and re- al tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where Pj fashion, beauty, duiability and economy are congiiucd to 81 adorn the head. 5' The proprietors hare the pleasure now to offer in addition ?! to their recently improved short napped hat, a new atyle, the " imitation of bearer, whichso closely resembles that of all furs P the moat costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily c.' perceived. Price three dollars. We stricHy adhere to the " one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very " super.or hat for the pries charged In presenting thesa hats to " the public the proprietors think they have reached the ultima- ai turn ol beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. mA 3m* " carl king: 5 The well-4nown and celebrated Millinery and Ladiei Straw Hat manufacturer t-? her m jealy the I QUEEN OF ENGLAND, p respeetfnlly begs leave to annnuaqr to the Ladiea that he b haa on hand a moat tplendid and fashionable aaaortment of ti Ladiei Straw and Silk Hale. The Straw Hata art inauufac- w tured to a moat fascinating and becoming shape, called at THE EI-LSLER COTTAGE/ with Gipaey (idea and a Swiaa Flare around the front. The a braid* thete Hate ere'made of ia of the moat elegant patterns, it the Albert atraw inpartkularas patroniaad by tl QUEEN VICTORIA. A The ailk department it conducted by the moat ingenious and n taety mtllinera not to be e<iualled. The ?ilka are of ttie nevreet etyle. fresh imported. Trimming and Flowera to eorrea- at pond, Those who wieh to coorinc* themselves may call at M No. SO Canal near Broadway, aud 17 Dieieion atreeta. N N. B.?Hit Pa-is Ribbona and French Flowera, are of the ai lateat etyle. audctn be purchased at either of hie eatabliah- fii meat*, at wholesale and letail on reaeonable term*. aa8 Im* w SUCCESS GUARANTEED TO ALL. I rpHE " American Magic Mixture" haa been hailed aa oae of ti 1 the greateat discoveries oi the present age, and aa long ae a) medical acience exiete, will be cesaidered the most invaluable ni discovery for diaeaaea of the urinary paaaagea. aa well aa the y; L> M .tfceiaare ab.olutetr effeotual in per- ? forming a radical cure in a abort time, while the orniuai/ ,.L. ? diea take even month*! One doae cannot fail to enliat the heaifating and over delicate in ita faror, and cut of >he hundred* Cl that have put their faith in it, not one haa been disappointed -J nor diacovered while uaingit?it has safely conveyed at)beyond the pale of suspicion. The " Magic Mixture" haa losgatood un- 7 rivalled, and haa withftood the glittering imagery ao pompously f, and so ubiquitously displayed by a host ol unprincipled imita- ting quacks, whoae only aim haa been to dupe and deceive the unfortunate Sold l>y appointineut at Hing'a drug alore, S3 Fulton street cor. Clin. mil Im* J CARDS, BILL-HEADS, &C. r CHEAPER THAN EVER. IVORY SURFACE CARDS, of superior manufacture " 1 m luted and foraiahed at the following B REDUCED PRICES : f lOOCirds, 50 cents. '! 300 do $1 oo 1 500 do fl 25 , 1000 do *2 00 9 Common Cards at less prices. ' Circulars, Billheads, Notices, Posting aud Show Billa, and 11 every description of printing executed at short notice, on aa rea?' nabte terms aa any catabliihment in the city. VfSITI.NG CARDS ? \ visitiug card plate engraved and 50 eu.imelkd cards printed fur $1 50, rqual to any in this city. PrrlumA, Manufacturers, and Druggists' Labels constantly on hand. BROWNSON ?t CO., m23 lm* _ 66 Gold at,near Fulton. BOOK BINDING" , AND PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau street, having an entire new i atockof Binding Tools aud Ruling Machinery, of the i latest and moat approved pattern!, ia now prepared to execute I all orders in the moat durable and handsome mnnaer. i Merchants Account Books and all other kinds of Blank I work ruled and bound to any pattern, in a atyle that ia warranted t give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done in the.English mode if required, aa H. I. haa had long experience in both methods. FOR SALE?Two secondhand Copperplate Presses. Apply as above. ml8 Im CARPETING, CARPETING. J THE subscribers bars received a new aad fresh atockof } X goods lor the "Spring Trade," consisting ol Brussels ; Three Ply,superfine, fiue, common, hall and stair Carpeting, ' Rugs. Maitiny. English and American Oil Cloths, from 2 to I 20 feet in width, containing the lateat aud most fashionable ' I atterna and color* Ike market affords, which they offer to the J pullic at the lowest" Cash Prices " 1 Persons wishing to purchase, would do wall to .call and examine ourstock previmt* to purchasing. 11 WEBB k MANNING.459 Pesrl st, a ml3 1 m* 3d Carpet Store Irom Chatham. ' WIGS AND SCALPS. THE LARGEST, THK CHEAPEST AND BEST b ASSORTMENT, V*E TO BE FOU.ID AT A. C. BARRY'S, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty etreet. up stairs. TIT 1GA aad fiealps. upon toe beautifying aud gossamer sys' tein. approximating the nearest of any yet manufactured to the natural head of hair?first premium Also, manufactur 1 rd from ladies'and grnth men's hair, not less than two inches || long, necklace , bracelets, earmgs, watch guards, rings, and f, | nair worn 01 every ?c*cnpiimi. miy im ,? 1 I OltA A(M1 HIKLKH. hi package* to *uit cuitomere I it J t^UU,UuU ? Aeeorted fif?lfi,i'?tni(i. Hmch. Pre- n crvee.and Knglieh Muetard, of euLwrior quality and low- It knc?: Older and White Vinegar, by thr gallon or birrel; Sour <1 >out by the bartel or keg; Pre*ereed Meat*, Soup#, Oyster*, h Fowl*, Milk. (ce. war-anted o keep auy length of time ami in nny climate. e*??ll?nl for ahip store* aa they afford a gre it luxury at a reaaouab1* price; (iroiuid < .ffee, warranted purr; Walnut, Muiliroom ami Tomato ( ateup, by the gallon or do ten. 1 N. B,?l.arg. a *e Pickle*, f.,' grocer*, by J WKLLS fc MILLkU. Whole*.le ami Retail r. Warehouse* for Pi kle*. 1(1 Water It man am* ?"UI ji > K-ont rlreet p! I\ imii Wi?itTH wvt - m> jr.Wk.LRV. ? ?5><J v' ,VJUU Plated, Japan and (i.rfnanbilrerWare.C utlrry. I: Pa?te Stone*. Watch tllaeie*, he . re . If-re.l for aale fur J* eaih.or *ppro**d eknrt pa?? r. at *ueh puce* th-l person* ' requiring tl.eabore mentio^eil *. <xl< ? old .lo w. II lo callere pur. bluing on S J. NKtBTADT k BARMtTP. r] mil. 1 in' IN,. W M lid- n l?i ' BRK Alt ? BI1K A I' ? B It KA fl ?A t i ll.MKIt-l ... w 11. kery, corner Second itreet and Bowery, 4| pound* for a stii'.iinar?and nude from the beet *u|witiue flour?try it. mtt l?i* |j 1? r, t N' ll Mlllb S I ('Iff -ile. ,'tM. 'Iter. impee-.reof 1 lad|.*Keeueh Stho hi I dealer* in ladle*', gentlemen*. mi**e* boy'*, and ei.itdriu'* laney and *ta|l* boo'*, ?l.o#*, ? An ea'enaire and raluable iMcrtmrat a|waj*<B l.and, war ranted of the flrit quality. TljTTLfc It HATWARD. So (*? Broadway. N. B ?Southern and Weitern'hant* lawant of I.. V real Kreochehoea, or the m..*t hehioaaHe made ol American r ,1, p. w i'lliul h I- il. ir '?ant age local!. ? nnv ? ill.OR* -The lot lowing eU re .1 . , adapted either for Oil ur kal*omi?e, for talc at | 184 Broadway, corner of h ranklia? Waebed Blue Black*, Real Indian Red. Super Chineee Blue, Super Purpl* Brown. " Kmerald Oreen. Madder l.akee, P Brurnw ck Oreen. Verioiliioa, Saioa Oreen. < hrtmie*. Turkey Umbre, Ochre*, fce., he. To Pnuler* and Kngrat*r* -Ftankfar. and klugkeh Black*, " rerv superior, for (ale at f?b BT Im* ?4 Broedway. come* rraakUa. , UTAHD'S \TIOETABLtt H AIR Oil. -Thi. Teg. tab! Hair Oilpo* N ? aeivae* the peculiar p-opeity to long eo-nht f. r IB .flier cilf, but sought to 1 aiu, U g a i.e* xroall. of hair = on head*totally bald *0 great are .te propert.e* which it readily impart* to the rcol* of th? heir, tb*t it r? quire* but a enort time to ptojuee a new grnwh. an I few application! lo cheek tint fading of the hair, which au aft* a occure, eapeeially aftrrneknra* It pre lent* the hair (rum turning gray, an 4 when it begina to turn may be eatily c' crked and re*t ire.I lo ill aatmal beauty. " by *11 lying the oil The ml give* an agreeable iragranee. and ?B il preferable to any other lor pcrfuinu g. curling, and g I wet eg ! the hair. Number* of certificate* can be area where it lefiareale. *t I4T Bowery and M Ha play el. wW lb' , I)'.. I ft t > V 1 ..0 I..II. hp.i ? .Ml pa. I ..I I I.e ? *.. oi ?>... t Llart*. dailyl ipecled from l,i??yo<i|. E?r M OLOV? k MeMl RRAT. " n.M ivoVin* *1 ,corb?t ea Bcath. ?? -1 Celebrated eye water. DR. J. FRANCIS. oculist. No 10 BARCLAY STREET, WITHIN TWO DOOH8 OK THE A8TOR HOUSE. 118 preparation have in almoat every luataoc. effected Mtouuhimi curea id all inflammatory dieeueee of the Eye, eakuraa of eight. lie,, and in many can* believed ta be mirable, a. M.ull, " I eertify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about is yaan of ie waa brought to my liouae lent tall, apparently blind. Ha 'tiled on me to-day. and atatei that he haa been the patient of r J Kraueii, who.' treatment baa been the meaaa, under od. of recovering h.a.igh. AMEB Ma eetorof St. Oeorge'a t'hurcf. Beekmau at, March t.lg4X? " I waa nearly bliud for twelve yearn with nebula, eoeerin. ie eiaht and 1 am now irrfertly reatoreoby Dr. J.Francia. leaigm, an MaKTHA BllOWN.177Foravthelreet.-v " I certify to the ..t>ove being a true statement. O. BENEDICT, l'astorof the Stanton it. Church." " I was neatly blind Tor twenty yeari, with a Cataract in trhcye. Surgical aid w u* rr.orted to without any good ef ct; but from the u?e of Ltr. Kranris'wouderlul preparation >r that diseasejTiy eight ? perfectly restored. HESTER JOHNH)N,l? South it. New York." " We the undersigned. have witncised the astonishing effiaey of Or. Francis'iirei arution for disease* of the Eve, unesitaiiagly recomntfd tin in to the notice of the public a* aluable remedies. DUNCAN DUNBAR,Pastor of McDougal street Church, New York. B.'H CONE, Paitorof the Pint Bat tie! Church.1 JOHN PECK, Agtntol the Home Misiiou Society: JACOB BROUNER. I'a.toref the Nerlli Baptist Gharch.| JOSEPH ANDKaOE, Roman .Catuolic rrieit of St. Pcter'a Church, Numeroua certificates can he eeeu at tl e Office. N, B ?Prepared and sold onl? by Dr. J. KKANCIS, No. IS arclty street, New York. Of?" Artificial Eyea inserted, eqlal in appearance to thn atural. in> tmdhw TO THE PUBLIC. PHE tubferiber having completed and p.tin opentiiD hi* n?wJy 'aVc?^ Cotton and Hay Pre**, offer* to*ell ordia* Me of rreasea for any part f the United BUtei, or to negoate lor the tie of the piatcnt right for toy aectiou of tho )uulryea?t of the Alleghany mount-tins. A press may bo :eniu ope ationdtl y, between the hours of land II A. M. t the cov ner of Avenue C sud 5th street. On mispress ihs uwer of lour men will press a bale ol cotton to the density of wetty live pound* to the cub:c.foot, lu one or two minute#? lereby superseding the uscessiiy of conu>re*aiog thes ime, it reat costasd evpenae, Ht the idace of shipmen'. Tlw v&mtr I two men is sulficteut lor pressing hty to the density of twen; pounds to the cubic foot in the tame time. The press HI cry sanple in its construction, not liable to get out ol reptir lid oc9|iies a space of about three by seven feet on the floor. i perfectly portable, and will he sold at lea# thai ooe fourth art of the coatofauy other pr?ss of equal power now so use. iquire of the subscriber, at the office of J Prentiss. No 13 Pali street, between the h^urs of is and 9 o'clock,or of I*. W. his machine shop, corner ot Kivingtoo and Lewi# trcets. Letters postpaid will meet immediate attention. n?9 dlu?* P UAKDINICR. DENTISTRY. " XTM, THORN, DENTIST. oicitslhc attention of those 'V who wear Artificial Teeth, and thos? wiio my reijuir. iem. to hia method fcf supplying the Maxillary family, m. lie Teeth. Kuowiug that there is a disagreeable t??te in tha lonih of thoae who indulge in acid*. resulting Irom the artios 1? the acid on the (Jold Plate. In all ease* that admit of it, b. laerta teelhifrom one to a c.niplete ?et, without aauif one p%f icle of metal of any description. 84 Chamber* street. > Ire* ULIVE till continue* to treat ercret di*ea*e* ol all J kinds, with unrivalled *bill and surpassing judgment, ihich ha* enabled him to a ?i>cedy aud p< rmanent ture, venof those case* which have breu aggravated by the prriciou* and nauseating use nf mercury, b.laam ea| avia, spirit# f nitre,' kc., and all such disagreeable and undermining medlii ee, which tend* to enervate and de.troy the constitution, lie medicine ie mild and will not dieayiM with the moet fascious and delicate constitution?hi* rieuc i red drop i( aow reII known for its extraoidiaary virtue*, in curing the most oxioue and deplorable cases. Terms moderate?call at iM Yest Broadway, liear'Uamtl at-eeC ml( In* - Company now offer 400 barrel* <1 Poudrette for vale. imI re daily preparing both Urate and Fotidre'tc. II tire weather rorev favorable, they rxpect to have a latge supply in thn ring. Tbi* company have no connection with any other incern, and the Toudretre they offer ii warranted more than 3 per cent better than what hen been made in New 1 oik. and iey have lha evidence of farmer* aud practical chemiata to rove it. This company alone make Urate. TI.ey have disDvtred a new and greatly improved irocn* in making Pouretle, although O'Ueh mare expensive. They do not now take use of "Raw Pert, Turf, or Meadow Mud," uor of Ireet manure, nor moulding saud from the fouudries, nor thn shea from hard oal, as articles at' compound, or say other tateml that is not in iUelf a valuable manure The company ave determined to make an article which the farmers and aide tiers can have no reasonable ground to complain of, and ley thetebp hope to establish aud perpetuate its character. TfcRMs?Cash ou delivery, for Poudrette 40 cents s buskvl. Irate SO cents. Cost of a barrel 80 ceula, and cartage. Any erson wanting a few barrets, may hive the same delivered on oard an> vessel in New York at 9< t barrel, each barrel con lining four bushels struck measure, free ol cartage (a barrel ill not contain four bushels heaped measure as pretended by >me). One of the great benefits in using these manures is theeea amy with which they can be applied : one boy will do moro I one day than two men with a team carting out manure in tree days. Farmers and gardeners who have tried these ma* ures say tha. one bushel of Poudrette is < qua! to a load of barn ard manure. These manures may be had of Mr. Jnrobtis, on the Hackeaick Bridge, New Jersey; of Messrs. Milwell It Dey, No. IS Fulton street, Brooklyn, < r at the office of the company, lo. 43 Liberty street, New York. Letters by mail, peat paLd, idresaed to r,Tke Lodi Manufacturing Co., box 808, Post OP ee. New York." will be forthwith attended lo. aud p-rsotw tshuig to secure manures at a given time, may giva orders in trance and the company will reserve them. mC lmd* NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. ^R. A. O HULL, NO. 4 VESEY STREET, A9TOR J HOUSE. NEW YORK.?Persons afflicted with n?ires may rely upon the best instrumental aid the world fords on application at his oftce,4 Vesey street,New York, r to either or his numerous stents in the chief towns of the 'niti-d Statei. Patients must he careful to examine the back id of Dr. Hnll'j Trusses, to see that they are endorsed by *. li-u "-'-t-ni None other are.eenuilie or to hero* td on ai good. Children under t wet re y?%rs unirersally jred without further expense than the cost ol the Truss, 'he radictk cure has been under the progressive practical i nproveinen for more than twenty years past in Dr. Hull's 'rues Office, and is now brought lo a state of unrivalled perrchon. ml 5 1m* IMPORTANT X> MARRIED LADIES! DR HULL'S ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. pHI9 apparatus uniformly cures falling of the womb, sad rox moves many weaknesses incideut to the married sta'c. It i applied as an article of drers; any lady can fit hersolf without course to a surgeon,on reading the pamphlet written by Dr. lull, accompanying each instrument,which will be Mntbv mail ree of charge, to any part ol the. country, to persons requesting lie same by letter. Dr. Hull has, at the request of several re pcctable physicians, tied up a room exclusively for ladies, having separate entranc rum the business department, where a lady is in cocstsnt at* rndance, to apply Trusses and Supporters to female patients. AMOS O. HULL It CO. mis lm* . No. 4 Vesry st. Astor House. GEN^UINF n r\H g 4 T T1 JP JClVi AiiJti MONTHLY PILLS. MADAME COSTELLO'8 PEMALK MONTHLY PILL ii acknowledged by the first V Physicians in the United State* a* the very belt medicine that lartiss laboring tinder a suppression of tneir naturef illneu can take, and they very seldom fail to relieve when taken according to the direction* Those who call for then* will beiuppliedwi h hercircular,containing amplediiectione, and all the precaution* necessary to be observed In their ui*. Advice gratia Office 34 Lispetiard streetm23)m* abernethy's botanical. pills. r ET the unfortunate rest assured, that there i* no exaggeLi ration in asserting these pills to be a speedy and radical :ure for Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Jrritationof Kidneys, Ike. They vere for several years prescribed by the celebrated Abernehy, mall stages of the above diseases. In the first stages one >ox is usually sufficient to effect a cure in a few days. In long mtracted chronic stages, obstinate gleets be. they are equally certain having'cured hundreds who had been taking other mediines for months,which tended more to destroy the sonstiiutiOQ haatocure the disease. They never leave the parts subject 0 the troublesome weakness which so frequently occur alter ismg other medic'ue*. Tliey hare no unpleasant taste orsmeil; ny one lakiiig'them might frequent the most refined society vilhoul having their misfortune* suspected. They are com*>*ed entir. ly of vegetable ingredient*, which invigorate th* ystetn generally. For *ale only in New York,by wm. Waton, Apothecarie*' Hall,36 Catherine street, and in Brooklyn y Blagrove.druggist. Fulton street. mil 1 m* J. P. CARROLL'S OLD ESTABLISHED MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS A HF. will known to be essentially necersary at this lesson of the year, when the system requires an auxiliary to irow off tne cuticle accumulated during winter, and which, r remaining on the surface of the skin, produces cjtanenas tseairs. colds, rheumatism, scarlet fever, be be. They are 1 n; ei all >i>. at 25 Courtlandt street, from 6 o'clock iu the loruing till 9 o'clock at night. Sulliur Uaths require one our's notice. Portable Vapour Baths sent to any put of it city, or Brooklyn. Bathing Tubs and Hip Baths for watches & jewelry ~ VERY LOW. I'HE subscriber lis Vllig all description* of gold and silver Watches, gold andsilver pencils, go d chains,te> ?, be., at tail,lower ihsn at stiy other nlsceiu tb- city. Gold Watches i low as 31 to 41 dol'a s each. Watches anil Jewelry eXlauged or baught. All Walchci are warranted to keep o I time, or tne moe~ leluraed. Wa'clies and Clocks retired in the bes* m muer, and warrantrd, at much lets thkn ,e u? i?' prices, by one o| ill- fi iest workmen in the ci.y. G. . ALLEN I uporter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale - I Wall street, up stairs. m tin* I'HE TRunits and supi outf.ko of dr. tiulx^r I inventi >a continue .to receive my decided preference.? ortwenty years ptivt I hare rmplor ed the Trusses of Pr. Iu.I witti success Tne ?ii|>port?r was invented in I&31 by .s l>o<tnr. with my advice and amrohuiiou?and I am happy i say. that it i* extensively adopted in Europe as well as ill SiinH. VALENTINE MOTT.MD. N"??J nra. July 1.1X1. ml? i?>* PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS, Wi.'T'P A^n >T ! DE BCJL'DELOQI'E, M. D., LI*U<*N, PORTVOA1 I 1*HE tcienlific cembioetioo of mfrrilienl* ol which theio lit If are hi* einade lh?m the wouder aud h.'oii.icn of the world T>w ?r? known all over Eumr? to lo e raly prtpwratHio irtr discovered that ha* proved meant!y certain inprodurnif the monthly tome. 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